Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1845 Page 3
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93)s lflli Farmers' Tiust 39 71 50 Htouington R R b30 41k 71 50 Fast Boston 13 b:i 71 100 llnrlrm U K 69 b3 71 50 do *61 69 bj 71 50 Long Island Ii3 77 71 50 do b3 77 71 21 Morris Canal 31V 33 25 do b3 31k iii hardly a single article exported toany extent that comes in competition with our own manufacturer*. This fact, in connection with the great balance iu our lavor in our trade with France, makes our intercourse with that conn try very prolitabl -, and very important in advancing our int. rual prosperity. The commerce of Franco with r 11 nations is rapidly in creasing. Wi'h Brazil her trade is very large. In 1943 the dir. nt trj'ie of Fiance with Brazil amounted to 10 >86 000!' 1.1 1S42 i; bad Keen 38 442,0101 The imports iniu Fta ioe.con.iiting cfcoffoe.hi c?,eoiton>ugir?,cocoa, woo l If... are ea'im ne.l at 13 015 OOOt, and the exports to Brazil at 38 I8i OOMf The pro'tections ol the Frei ch soil and manufactures, wliirh in 1841 flgiireil only 13,300 00#!, amounted in 1843 to I8,lft9.000i, showi g an increase of 51,960,000f. The principal articles of export wi re cotton end silk stuff*, skins, wines, paper, woollen cloth, salt, butter, jewellery, mercury, perfumery, linen, he The navigation between|the two countries employed In 1843 193 vessels, measuring 4,093 tons, 107 ol which were French. In 1843 the number had only been 156. Old Stock Exckangs. $1004 Lf KS's, '62 114 225 Morris Cnual 31k KHIOo U HS'i.'S3.conpb3 103k 121 do 3I?, llivo do Irani I' Mil SO do t60 31k MI00 do 103k SO do 31k Soon N V Mate S's, 'SS look 2'.0 Farmers'Trust Mill I N v City 6'i, '70 99H ISO do 11000 Ohio 6V '60 90k 100 do 20 U do b3 93,'i 2S do 4St0 do 97'* SOAubhRochHK toon Illinois spl bill 42k , SO Heading H H lSOOO do 42 SO do 'IS Oil Peuu l's 70 ISO Long Island It 11 s.60 7ti Illticil do ?20 70 300 do 17010 do Sis 76 SO do lOmi do s30 70 Mill do .1000 Indiana Bonds 3S 100 do SO 0 Indiana stg lids 31 SO ill -?'fin Teiiue tree'* 103 ISO Nor h Wore 33 slits Del h Hudson 112 135 do 20 I in Fx B ink 83.k 22 > do Ion C S U.iuk s30 5V 2S do 110 Vieksi urg Bk S30 6>4 75 do 10 rquitalile Ins 83 2S do 50 \ Am I iust It SO do 25 Fast Boston 1V& 25 Stoninaton R R ISO do 13k 300 do 1W? Ene 8 R 32k SO do 100 do 31k 100 do SO Mohawk K R 6>k 175 da 84aconst UoarU, 11 shas N Jersey R 11 75 Nisi h Woie 75 do 'SO do 25 ,lo 25 do U do 25 do 73 Farmers' Trust Nsw Stuck Fxchaiige. SO shaa Farmers' Tr slO 38k 2i Harlem R R 693 100 do c t'SJg SO do U30 70 a? do b'O 30 25 Nor h Wore c 70V 1W do b3 3aV 25 do 71 ,S* ?o sS'l 38>. 50 Htoningtou R R s30 40k loO East Itrston 13k SO do C 41 .'?0 X> Island it R slS 76k 50 Hud h Berk R R 14 fkLcs or Stocks?Boston, Morch 11. .ft Me Broken Board, March 20.?500 E Boston Stock 13; 225 do 3k; 50 do || o S ill uk; 120 do b o 10 ds 13k; SO Nor h Wo, H*ilro?d 711*1 25 Cone. >id R ilroad 71, Ml do 70k; 2 ??t'.*iUsr n Brunch l<ailroad 82'*; 20 Western linlioad 101: 50 d . b o 10 dt 101 M do boldi 101k; 75 do 102 k; 1(5 Rinding Kailr id 23',; So Wilmington HRso 1 m 21k; SO do s o 2 m 21k; S0do21?s ; I .Middles.** Maunf Co 1222 30-100. State or 'I'mtie. Ash**.?Pots are very iuactive at #3 93J for old, and $4 for new. Peorl* are steady at $4 I8j. Be**wax.? Prime yellow sells as wanted at 29^ a '29je. The demand is very moderate. BRcaDiTt'rrs ?There is considerable inactivity in this market We annex the quotations here, and in several other market*. Ma t ki It. Bbl. flour. New Y'lik,March 31.$4 76 a 4 814 Buffalo, March 18. . .4 00 a 4 12} r.inciantti, Murchll. .3 64 a 3 til Rochester, Marchl7. .4 95 a ? N Orleans, March 12.4 06 a 4 12) Albany, March 19.. ? a ? Boston, Marc11 18 . . . ? a ? 8t. Louis, March 10 . .3 60 a 3 021 All transaction* are governed by ate demand. Theie ar* co large sales f>r shipment. Cotton ?To <l*y the demand has been moderate, but hoi lets gcnrrtlly era unite Arm, and are rather advancing their pretensions The sales reported, however, aru small?about 700bales, at steady rates. Hat-Common qualities are in moderate request, and sell at 40 a 46c Prime is dull at 60c The receipt* are indenting daily, and the stock is quite large. Provisions?'There is very little doing in Ohio pork old prune sells at $8 76 a $8 81 j ; do mesa at $11 37 J a $11 60. Beef 1* very dull. Lord is active, and prime keg sells at 7|o. Whuki.t?Drudge casks are dull, and are held at 32c. Western and prison barrels arc Arm at 22) a 2Sjc Itksi. K.statk aT Auction.?House and let 71 Duane st. Lot 26 by J on foct, $3 976. Provision Market. Our different Markets, and the principal Meat shops for the past week have exhibited a voiy fair supply of good Beef, Veal, Mutton and the usual meats. Washing tin market, to day, will show ell" some beef of a superior Buslitli Bushels Wheat. Corn. 46 a 48 85 a 00 45 a 00 93 a 90 ? fl ? ? a ? ? a ? 40 a 41 ? alOO ? a ? ? a ? 49 a 52 611a 71 28 a 30 the wants of imtnedi Oi Veal is so plenty as to he almost a drug, selling by the carcase at 0 cents the pound. We noticed some young, or March Lambs, that were veiy handsome for the season. Pntatoca and vegetable* j,i abundance. Some early Ballad and Radishes at $1 the dozen bunches. Tricks or Provisions. Apples, Mill.... 50 a3 00 Flounders......... 4 a 0 Bet-f, per lb 6 a 8 Honey, new, lb..., 10 a_ 15 T.eef, |>erewt..i..l SO a4 75 Lamb,lb 10 a* 12 Beef, i lined 3 a 7 Lard, lb 6 a 8 Bacon, 4 a 7 Muiiou 3 a 8 I'Ucktidi 6 a ? Onions, bunch.... 3 a 4 B?*ns, bash 5a a *7k Pigeons,dot I 00 al 25 Bailer, fresh,'per lb 14 a 18 Porterhouse Steaks 8 a 12 liulier, firkin,|IW Ik 8 a 12 Pork, lb 4 a 6 Bija, II 8 a 10 Pigs, roasters ? al 00 I elerv, a bunch... 6 a ? Potatoes, bush 37 a 62,, 50 al 25 Perch, lb 6 a ? Cranberries, qrt... It s ? ? a 8 Crabs, dot 12k* 25 6 a 8 Chickens. 37',* 6"k Halmon, smoked... 10 a 20 4_I*iiis, Mill.,.,.,,, 25 i 37*s Btriped lint, lb... 8 a 10 Cnlve's ileail.icc.. 25 s ? Kni|ie, dozen 75 a ? Uabbage, each 3 a 4 Mnuuges ? * 8 Cheew, nnw 6a? Mwe.i Potatoes, bar.3 50a ? Carrots, ? a ? Hh*d, pair 50* 75 ?racks, pair 50 a 75 Turnips, bnsli 25 a 31 1*1* ... 8 a 12 Tripe, lb ? a 4>i Eggs.........11 for 12k Turkic* 1 37 * 3 00 Fresh Cod 4*6 Vaal 8 a iO Philadelphia Cattle Markets Oil-red the present weak, loot) head ol Beet Cattla, ii cluiling 060 liken to New Yoik; 260 Cows and Calv, 3t)0 Swine, and 2600 Sherp, ?time Irom the West. Prices?Beeves All in maiket taken at $6j a $61 tl 10J lbs. i ccordiug to quality. Cows aniUtslvi? dull at $12 a 25. Hwic.r?Hale* at $4j a $6 tho 100 lbs. Fhecp?Maiket overstocked; sate* at $2 a $4J, prin Hay ? Piices cf goo 1 Timothy without change; sab during the week range at 60 a 76c the cwt Htrnw, llj wells at $6 o $0 the 10<> bundles Dleil, In Horn Town, V*., Match 13th, of the palsy, Mr. Ro ukrt Raid,iu the 37th yearol his age, formerly of this city. At Lynn, Norfolk County, Eng , Jan. 4th, 1846, Rich ard R Hunter, aged S3 years. liiteil Datra HKCK1TED AT THI HI* TO** HKftALD OFFICE. Anjier Not. 27 Pw. It Africa Feb. S Maoillt ....Not. 2b Antigua Jan. 7 Mains* ... Jan., 24 Arecibo Not. 2 Mad-ira Dee. 17 Am Cnyes Feb. 14 Manrirint Oct. 29 Augustine Bay May 16 Montevideo Drc. 24 U.atavia Oct. 3! Maracaiho Jau. 21 Bay of Islands, N. Z..Pept. 10 iMantanilla.. Var. I Bermuda Fan. I!) Matanzas Mar. 8 Buenos Ayrei - ? an. 16 Mayaguez Mar. 4 Belize, Hou Feb. II Mstauinras Aus. 27 Barbadoes Feb. 21 Monterey..,. Ore. in Bogota Oct. II Nnsaan, N. P Feb. 2 Bonaire Ore. 16 Nrnvitas Jau. 28 Haiti* Nov. 7 Onltu, B. 1 Nov. 16 Bombay Fee. 16 Para Feb. 12 Cain-Town, C.O.H..Jan. 13 Paris...., Mar. 2 Calcutta 'an. 7 Portan Prince Mar 3 4'artlrnaa Mar. 6 Porto Cabello ..Jan. 8 Onagri*... Jan. 30 Point IVtrr, (Jnad.... Feb. 14 Ciriltuegos Feb. 7 Pernambiico Feb. 16 Cape Haytieu Mar. 2 Panama Jan. 21 Caracoa Feb. 24 Payta Jan. II Caracas Not. 12 Kio Janeiro Jan. IT Cartlingrna Dec. IS Rio Grande, Dec. 21 C impeachy Jan. IS Ban Juan ...Aug. 9 Cotuimbo July 27 Baa Diego Dec. II Callao Dec. 30 Han Krancirco Dec. II Demi-ram Feb. 20 St. Helena Feb. 9 Kaynl lau. 20 St. Thomas Mar. J Gibraltar Ian. 28 St. Jago de Cnba Jan. 31 tlirayama, P. R. Feb. 28 Ht. Johns, P. R Feb. 22 Galveston Feb. 26 St. Crniz Feb. 24 Gonaivea I in. 2' St. Domingo Fill. 6 Gunyiquil April 23 St. lilies........... Dec. * <Jelli|initos Islands... May 4 Surinam Feb. 16 Havre Mar. 1 Singapore Oct. 10 Havana Mar 0 Syiniey, N. 8. W.... Jnne 18 Halifax Mar. 6 Trinidad de Cuba.... Feb. II HnbartTown,V.D.L.Aug. 21 Talcahnana Oct. 30 lale of France Sept. 27 Tahiti July 14 Jeremie Dec 27 Tombec Not. 4 Kingston, Ja ..Feb. 16 Tampico, Jan. 23 Mar. 4 Tnbaaco July 13 l.iirr|aiol Mar. 4 Tobago Jan. 2 La Guayra... Feb. 21 Turlu Island. Feb. 20 Ieignua Jan. 9 Val|iaraiso Dec. I Lima Dec. 21 VeraCrux Mar. I Maxitlrn Dec. 1 Zanzibar Dec. VIA K1TIME HERALD. itloTcmcnti of t*>.e "tcamshlu*. vor.taiers Isave liu'l, Out ? i ."mt'a. Leave .Iter' i 4 ambria, Julkins... ... April 1 GAVerterc, Matthews. .Mar. 29 ...Arrillg April 24 Caledonia, Lntt April 4 ...April 18 May 1 Hi hern in, Kyrie April 19 ...May 2 May 16 Britannia, Hewitt ... .May 4 ...May 18 Jme I G. Western,Matthews. .May 17 ...May 30 June 12 Parkelt to Arrive. I Pnckct* to Soil. Ltvr.arooi. | liver root.. New York, Cropper, St Patrick, Beimunr, 1,1 1 e? pool, P.I Judge, r ru, n I r.u' ope, ruiuci, o|'i. I Bidden ?, Cobb. Feb. II I Ashhurtou, Huttl'ston, Apr. 6 t oluli bits, Cole,_ Feb. 18 I tVaietloo. Allen, Apr. II " .New York, Cropper, Apr. 16 Liverpool. P.liiildge, Apr. 21 Cropper, Feb. 4 I Reaciut. Kldtidge, Mar. 86 Heimuur, Peb. 4 I Indep-nilence. Allen, Mar. 29 P-ldmlge, Feb. 6 P.ti ope, Furber, Apr. 1 Ashhartiin, lluttb.ton, Fe'?.2S H Wlot .ey.Thompsoe, Feb 28 York hire llailey. Mar. I <1 o' West.Woodhunie, Mar 6 Suetul in, t Ornish, II i on i otni TH. Toror lo, l inker, P'eb. 4 Witminster, llnwy, Feb. |i St. J inn s, Mei er, P'rh. 20 HAVRE, Baltimore, P'unclt, Jan 21 Hilvie de Grass*, Fell. 9 U'ica, Hewitt, PVb. 16 Albany, Crawford, Feb. 27 HnlJons, Cobb, Apr. 26 Columbus, Cole, May 1 t OH1 SMOOTH. II. Hudson, Moore, Mar.22 l'i Allien. Hebor, \pr I Toronto, Tinker, Apr. 10 Westmiustrr, Hovey, Apr. 80 HAVRK. Zurich, Johnston, Mar. 24 lliltimnrr. Fuuck, Apr. I Argo, Anthony. Apr. 8, Apr. 18 9l1l|l Dlk4l41,t Slid Ags.itt, ?V.? shall Mteem it RltTor il Captains of Vessels will la llot CRT Bit t*t, Captain ot our Newt Boats, a reprntof t .e shipping lafl at lh? port whsnco they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a lilt ot their cargo, and any foreign papers, or nran they tuny have. Agenu and Corrospon ,: tt ? In., i ur abroad, will also confer a faror by 8eadlnK to t i office any Mama Intelligence they may recetre PORT OP JIJBW YORK, MARCH %'*. .9 97 I MOO* lETi 4 91 M 6 II |0]r Class rrU. Ships Arkansas, Baukrr, New Orleue, Wm NeLou; Har grsve, IJailey, do. Johna"U k l.?sleii.?Barque Rapid, Ward, Havana, M Taylor.?B'ig? Tarquiua, Scott, bi Jago de Cuba, Thompson k Ailnoi, Surah Brown, Norton, Mobile, Sturgea fc Clear mm; Royal Sailor, Young. Nnrfe lit? Sclira Patri t, Nickersou. Rappahannock; Fairfield, Burr. Salem; Horalii Ainea, ' hillip., l'.uutoii, Ma A'sn, ship ( harlrslou Brown ChuUiUu.Oeo Butklpv; briffCtyuKa, B^desl, ApaUcHicoU, Pott fii Pjiilhpfl; tchrt Manclipst-r, Worth, K>chrn< ml. AUeo fit Paitou; Volta, Tutile, P*?i?a<lpli>lua. Win J M K?e fit Co; C I, /dhuak'e. timut. do, N L aVlcCr^adyfit Co; barge Delaware. I res4e, Perth Amboy, oiiwa. Sclir Mary Jane, Powell, from Norfolk, with tlour, to Slur ges k Cl-annau. Sclir Swan, Baker, 4 daya from Berlin, Md. with corn, to unster. Schr Victoria, Harwich, 4 days from Harwich, with fish, to master. Schr Maria Causey, Slubbs, from Providence, with mdse, to rnie'er. Schr Excellent, Smith, 2 days fiom Providence, iu ballast, to master. Below. Que ship and one brig, at anchor outside the bar. Hailed. Shies lloltiiiRuer, Barslry, Liverpoo'; Arkansas. Bunker, mill Union, lint nme, New Orleans; barque Backus, Stotebury, S.ivaiiuah; Josephine, Gray, Antigua; Augusta, Cuiacoa; Mar celjus. West ludies; Mary, lticbardsou, Savannah, and others. Wind N W. Bllscellnucoua Record. Packet Ship H. Hudson. Moore, for London, will sail to day. Brig Androi us.?We stated on Wednesday that on ilie 3d inn. iu 1 -t 39 30, Ion 60 19, was passed the quarter deck and stern frame of a vessel painted blsck w i? h a red streak. 1 his an swers nearer to the description we have of th" Androdus than anything we have yet s-en. That brig sailed from Koclielle on ihe 23d of last September, for this port?Uapt Ritchie comman der. and John R ckers first mate. Salvage ?'n action for salvage in the Brit'sh Admiralty Conrt (gainst tire (Cumberland, of Boston, for services perform ed hy some fishermen in the Channel, during a voyage from Bremen to New Orleaus, in November laat. a salvage of JlSU was decreed, with costs. ?30 hid been previously tendered on the part of toe vessel, and re'uaed. ?00 being demanded. COMMERCE OF THE PoKT OF NtW YoRg, WEEK ENDING March 21, 1849. Clearances. Arrival* Patten No. Tons? No. Tons. grit. American 2i 14 4.3H9 95 Foreign 9 1,221 3 397)? 2 Total 27 7,0!9>a 17 4,70ti>a 97 NaTal .r^?.'?*"1 ?rom Vincents, under date of Jan. 21st, that the U a sloop of war Preble was still et that port, detained by the very severe illness of her officers and crew. H?r sailing master, Win A Henry, and Midsh pman Smith, of Salem, ha3 died.? Cant Freeland had been vary low. but w . waa recovering. Lient Miller had left in the Erie for the United States; Lieut M. was on the sick list. Passed Midshinmau Fox was appointed Sail ing Mailer i<> place of Henry, deceased. One hundred of the crew were sick and on shore; sixteen had died. The Preble weut last fall, during the sick'y season, to Bissau.on the emit of Africa, to relieve the inhabitants from an nttack made on that place by the negroes. The officers and crew of the Preble wer> mostly Northern men, as are all or nearly all thoae who hvve hitherto been ordered to the roast of Afiica by the former Secrets-iea of the Navy, and hence the T<tal illneaa which pros trates so mv y of them. The cruise of the Pieble was consider ed as up. The physicians recommended strongly that her crew should uot again, in their pres-ut feeble slate of health, be ti dered to the coast Orders?March 18.?Pasted Midshipman J N Browne, de tached from U S ship Falmouth. Pensacola; Lieut Sam I Larkiu. to ordinary, at Portsmouth, Nil; Chief Engineer John Faron, Jr sentence of Court Martial remitted from date, and waiting ordeis. Notice to JH*rlnera. St. Nicholas Cat, Yarmouth Roads.?Trinity House, London, Feb 25, 1815.?It having b- en ascertained that a narrow Ridge of Sand has grown up and rxtenils from tha N W end of the Corrou Sand to withiu ona cable's length of the St Nicholas Light Vessel, having on one apot only three fathoms at low water spring tides, notice thereof is hereby given, and that this Corporation has caused the NW Cort.n Buoy to be moved 2-10ths of a mile to the NNK, and the South 8t Ni?ho'as Bea con Buoy 2-10ths of a mile to the N N W, or towards the Light Vessel. The following are the present positions of those buoys, viz:? The North Wee; Corton Buoy (Black) lieu in 3K fathoms. With the Old Church Tower at Yarmouth, touching the North aide of the second Windmill from the Southward on Yarmouth Denes?N hy W. A While House, its width o|ien North of the North Pierhead?NW W St Nicholas Light Vrssel?N k E. Cortou Spit Buoy?S % E. South Scroby Buoy-SE by E * E. 'I'll* South St Nicholas Beacon Buoy (Red)liea in 5 fathoms, With the New Church at Yarmouth, in lino wilh th* Victoria Hotel?N by WXW. The Second Windmill from the South ward at Gorleslou, iu line with the eud of the South Pierhead? NWbyW. St Nicholas Light Vessel-NNW ? W. North Nicholas Buoy?NNK. NvV Corton Buoy?West. South Scroby Buoy?SE i? E. The luner St Nicholas Buoy, striped Red and White, has been takeu away, and will not be replaced. fNote.?The foregoing are compass bearing!, and the depths those of low watrr spring tides. By ord?r, J. Herbert,Secretary. Christiana, Jan. SI.?By a resolution of the 10th inst- hie Majesty has given his consent that? 1. A new coasc light of the first order be erected on Lindanav. 2. That the light on Gunnersbourg and Oave be altered from a Bickering into a fixed light. 3 That the harbor lights ou Hagholma. Steilen, Feitvid, Rodlanger, and Nordn is, be put uuder the direction of the pro per lighthouse authorities. Floating Light in False Bav.?Notice is hereby given that in the course of the ensuiug mouth of January, 1815. a bright revolving light will be exhibited, on board a vessel to be mouied iu l)i fathoms water, ou* ca' It's length due North (by compass) fiom the Roman Rocks in F'lso Bav. The 1 i*ht will consist of four Argand lamps, and is iuteudrd to revolve iu four minutes, showing a Hash e-ch minute A lurlher notice of this light will be given, wiili sailing diiecliuus, wheu the vessel sqall luve been placed at her mooriugs. Whalemen. Catherwood. of Westport 4 mos out. 700 bble ip, was spoken Jan 28, lat 15 15 S, Ion 6 40 W. Spoken. Albert, Marwick, from Mobile for Portsmouth, 18th iust. off C?i>e Auu. Barque , from Philadelphia for Barbadoes, 2d inst. lat 22 N, Ion 58 20. Foreign Port*. Ichirok, Jan 19 ? In port. Oulnue, Chare, and Hy Kneeland, Blackmer, for New Bedford, ldg; Burmah, Davis, for Portland, do; Commerce. Crosby, and Samos, Hnrton, for Boston, do; Argimoii, of St John, NB. from Liverpool, just arr; and about 40U Br vessels. Balkan ha Bay, Jan 14?In port, Canton, Hanson, ldg guano for Boston. Surinam, Feb 16?In port, Amazou, Dabson, and Niger, fieriick, for G.'ouces'er, 10 days; S|iartan, Pousland, for Nick erie, do, to load for Boston. Home Ports. Bath, March 14?Cld Antares, Hatch, Havana. Portland. March 19?Air Boston, Seabury, and Juno, New York. < id Fiances Ellen. Dyer, Cardenas. Portsmouth, March 15?Arr Franklin, Biyant, New York; 19th, Alhers. Marwick, Mobile. NKwnunrroRT, March 19?Arr Reward, Janvrin, George town. Salem, March 19?Arr Dromo, Pickering, Cayenne, v.?""T?l".' ^'lrch Arr Eli Whitney, Dyer, Favannsli; Ohio, Ellis. Mobile; Grampusv Foster, Surinam; Sarah Jane, Ander son, Port an Prince; Holly Busli. Truody, Cardeuas; Ann, R' inick, do?austaineJ no damage from being ashore on Sculpion L?dge; Pilgrim, Dodge, Ueorg-town, l)C;iAnn Elizt, Frsncir, Philadelphia Cld Sileuus, Ha dy. Cape Hayrien; Monaco, Gould, St Jago; Newark, Merwiu, Mobile; L Baldwin,Ua?sett, Savannah; Mary Star ton. Bearse, and Ocean, Eldridge, Bilti '''O'e; Dr Hitchcock, Ford, Calais, to load for Barbadoes; Win II Turner, Hinckley,Arr 19th, Messenger, Sampson, jchiboe; Eliot, Bakir, Philadelphia, 20:h?Below, Palestine fiom Cr |ie Vlonnt, Coast of Af-ica; and a large topsail sclir ? Emma Isadora remains ou (he Bird Island Hats Telegraphed, Ov.iodo, fin Mobile; Turbo, Apulacliicula Sailed, wind NW, very fresh, Concordia, Newark, E Church II, Silenus, Newcas tle, L Ua'dwriu, and a full riggMl Southern packet brig. Ella aid laat bight. Danl Francis aid on Tuesday night. Taunion, March 14?Arr King, Cook, Richmond, and rep'd sld s.nne Pay for N York: 16th, Ad-laide, Staples, Norfolk; 17th, Hornet, New York. Sld 12,h, Oscar, J Pietce, and Rising Sun, N York. ii ?:w DKuroKD, marcn i??nrr r.grvmet. sawyer, Uarien; Cornelia. Buinpu., NYork. Below, a merchant ship .uppoaed the Florida, Howla?d. fiom lchiboe, which wu off Smdy Hook 18th, and ordered to New Bedford. Sid Sagadaliock, Down*, eav.nuah. IIoimh Uoi.k. March 18?Art Meridian, White, acd Lura na. i'orumnuth for Norfolk; Ceylon, Chapman, and Freeman, Spear. Camden for NYork; Columbia Arey, Frankfort for do; Julia It Martha, Salem lor do; Melville, Kent, F.avtPurt for do; Trader, Ben.ton, Uoiton for do; Stalira, Treble, Bain for Wil mington, NC; Mercy, Smith, Carden'a for Boaton Sid Silvia Higbre, Boaton. 19th?Arr Olive, Jeffrey, Alciantlria for St John, NB; Mor.ait Kent, do lor Beaton^ Shawmut, Ballard, Baltimore for do; Navigator Boyuton, Kichmnnd fordo. Ju. Mvurv, from Salem f< r New Bedford. Bud a full rigged brig I liulit) from the westward, whieh lays wide out. The wind haa blown very freah from the N W aince 2 o'clock this morn ing, and tlie weaiher ia inurh colder lhau we have had for tome time. Siberia, Orieulal, anil Oliutluia, atill rrmain. TaorioglvcK, March 19?Below, I topaiil and 2 fore and aft achra Sll Jo? Ly brand, llogera; Star, Karkett, and Olive, < nraon, Philadelphia; t aled inia, S|ielman, Albany; from be low, New F.nglaiid. Arr 20th, Idea, Kirby, Baltimore; Waah ingtoa, Brown, aud Tecumiah, Childa, >r? Ymk. Below, America, Son "re, Philadelphia; and a cnal loaded aloop A furs and aft aclir a.h >re< n Oaapee Point. At anchor off Dutch lalaud, a light full rigged brg with painted porta. Oflf War wick Neck. Mary, Mowlaml, fm Bal'imore. Sid Sol Koaevelt, i Jn|iue, WaalungtoD. NC; Maltha Waahingtnn, Wood, Nor folk; Kepubliran, Sharp, and Achaah D, Douglaav, Philadel phia. NicwroRT, March 19?Arr C'ledonia, 8|*lmao, Providence for Alhaav; Topic, Cook, do for Waahington, NC: , Ja? Bar eour.Huih, N'olnlk for Dighton;Suavo, Johuaon, Philadelphia for do; Lncy Blake, Bl tke, Cam j*u for Nrw Haven; Caroliue, Freetown Cor Norfolk. BaitioL, March 17?Arr Boaton Wear, Philadelphia. I'liiLanti.rMia, March 21?Oil Penl T Jonea, Crowell Cbiil-aion; Sploudid. Sbackford, Kiatport; Woodiandi. 1 Brl Johnaton, ht J.Jiu Nil; Alabama, Nirkcrasii. Providence; I' H cdall, Smith, Willi. i abut,: On ecu, lteed, New Bcil'oid: W louiig. *omen; TH >r?, Waiuwiight, end A W Cerda, b ndi cott, NYork; Ann e.i.xabeth, 8 >mera, New|>oit; Mary Klita, Shaip, Jeraey City. By Lait Nigkt'i fUialliern Mail. Philadelphia. March tl ?Below, ? hiiqa? md a hrrm brig. I'M (>iet, ISwp?j Brandt, Havana; Acadian, hldridge, Hall* fav, N*. Mai timoiii?, Mtrch W ?I'M Coquett*. [Bf] Hnider, Demrra n; Orlevnv, Long, West Indian; Lady Warnn|ton, 8t#veua, Naamu, NP; Vermillion, Knnm NYork Km iimoii) .March If?Arr BarM'ir, Hot ton, New Orlnor, Courier, CuueH;Ofr(Oi. r?rni#; John Thompson, Oodfruy; A l/t.rii'liu . (fraut, and Lrtiagton, VmnriMrr, New York. Hid HarMseeket, Hopkins. Boaton; Thorn. ( u|?, N Bedford Norfolk, March If? Arr AlCord, Moon, and H I. i'rooUa, I'minork. NYork; Blatk Warrior, t rowell,Yarmouth; Ouecn, Crowdl, Boaton; pilot botfEye, fr?m a rraur?panted last night, on thf Hots* Hhoy, a bat-jri* suppnnrd rha Pa .li, fiom N Vork for Jam* Itiver, ytifurday. out aide tin* cape a brig ?up poacd th* Saltan. Jackson, from Boat n for James Hirer; alto, Pocahontas, Wade, from NYork for Norfolk. CHiRUiTori, March 17?Art A<Umi<',( reamre, NYork; 1 Townae?d, String, Philadelphia. In il ofnru, Mary llair r^rmd, Hotmrr, fm lUraut t Id l.atona, Htmblin, N Bed ford. Hid C arolina. I anew, Boat* n Vlnaii.i, March ?t?Arr I ??? at, L*tham. NYork; (damn of llir Ocrm, [flrj Tilby, London; Hcotia, Leal e, and Ku'lid, [Br] l>avi*oii, Liverpool t Id British America, (HrlPrifeH ard, (ilatfow ; MareiaMHpl Marti, and Amaltea, [Bp | Millet, Havana. New 0*LKA*t, March If?Arr Lawr-nce. lb mans. Kingston ?a ( Id Lapland, Btmpson, Boston; Pallas,[ it) CorrigilL end L*df Coast?hlr [Br I Oafbwl*. L.njul; Kammohnii Hoy, C utta, Ph ladelptiia. Blwallaiiaodi ttword. ( APtirco.?Htramer Jeneai, at Norfolk, reports?On Toea dry evening, about ihrci miles h low the Bodkia. paaaed a vchr o. about 60 tun? on her beam end*, a|>|evird t?? hue Ifrn rrcrtit IV 7I??ifc?1 Bottom palmed gr r ?, I Ink beadb, aud l-ad col orrd drck?; ?*w no i?e ton ? u hoard, b?f toil was mad?' f%ai il ngaidr aud lull ot water. KMPIKK CI.UR rrilF. ('OMMITTKK OF 9KHANtJF.MF.NTS aormnte.1 1 ?':h-m.enng held atSt-Joha'. Hall, on Weduesday even ing, Mtrch Htn, met a' Murphv'v llnute, l,.t | FnS.v> eviiir it i'lumui Smith, ' hairm.u, pretidiag. 'I lie object being the in iking i<f tin '.eccary inn; i. It .11,,, ,| p,,,, Proceviioa ol ill* < lob, on Thuraday evening oeit. Jo.eph Murphy aud Jn.eph t 'ntuell wern appointed at a Finance I om nitte* to collect contribution, and hear an aaihorimiion Irom ha I'rwiident of th* hmpir* Club Three cheer, wee gnen or W, F. llavemT". *'"! 'he meeting admnrue I, THOMAS SMITH < hvirman JAMK8 KF,fc9. Secretary mhM lt*j? NIBLO'S OAKDKK '"THE ENSUING season of this establishment, wiU com * Bene* the Uit week in Mtv or'li st *nK la June. 1845. Lauiei and Gentlemen of undoubted talent, ttiay apply by letter, ?aid) addressed to W CHIPPENDALE. Niblo's Oar tpost l?id) addrv dens, N?w York. Man ''ih III) inhIT 2wls rrr MR VANGtrNrtuFK'n LEG!UKK ME RCA NTILE LIBRARY A SSOCIA TION, CUN I'ON HALL. TaeMtay Bienlng, 'AH Hnrcb, 184S< MR. GEO. VANDENHOFF Will Lecture, itiul give HEADINGS OF SCENES FROM THK ANTIGONE OK SOPHOCLES *ni> thi: LEAH OK SHAKESPEARE, WITH A SKETCH OK THE GREEK DRAMA. 0~To commeuce at half past 7 precisely. Tickets 40 cents. Gentleman and two Ladies SI Members of the M. L. A. 24 cents, mh22 8tMTu3t*r? THE IRISH IN AMERICA LECTURE will be delivered by 1). MAJOR, Esq., Councilor at Law. on the above suliect, at Niblo's, ou Tuesday Evening, the 2.0th instant, at 7>f o'cfuck. Tickets 26 cents, to be bad at the door. iii22 3tStMTu*rc REV. B. K. BARRETT will deliver his Thirteenth Lecture nest Sabbath (to-morrow) evening, in the New York So ciety Library Building, corner of Broadway and Leonard street, at 7>s o'clock. Subject?Tho Employments of Heaven, and the Sonrce cf Angelic Happiness. Seats frre ?Should the weather be unpleasant the Lecture will be postponed, thing at I l reaching at the same place every Sabbath morning. m22 lt*m rPHE TREASURER of the Kire Departm-nt Fund with T much pleasure acknowledges thereraiptof One Hundred Dollars, bv the hinds of George T. Ho|re, Esq., as a duuation from Jefferson Insurance Co Also, Twenty Hollars, being a person-l donation from the Directors of said Company.' JOHN S GILES, Trrasurer K. D. Kund. New York, March 20th, 1815 m22 lt*rc 'DARTNER W ANTED?A respectable matt with a cash f rapital from t < tlOOO, to take an interest iu a well established Starch Manufactory. Kor further particulars enquire at the bar, corner of CI mho in street and Tryou'a Row. in22 3l*tc LOST. BETWEEN Irving Place and Franklin street,, A GOLD BRACELET, ret with Garnet and Pearls; inside the words H. Moss to A. Moss, The finder will greatly oblige the owuer by leaving it at 57 Franklin street, and receive five dollars for their trouble. in22 2t*rc TEN DOLLARS REWARD. LOST?On Wednesday evening last, n Gold Seal, set with Red Cornelian Stone, a Pointer Dog with the motto "Fide lia ad Fonem" cut in the stone. The Seal quite new, had not been worn. Also, a Gold Pencil Case set with blond-stone.? The Pencil wns a gift?the donor's name and owner's name en graved in full ou the side. The above reward will be paid and no questions asked, by leaving thetn at the store of Messrs. Hajes and Robbins, Jewel lers, 207 Broadway. N. B?I'awnbrrrwkers are requested to atop the above if of fered?or, if already pawned, to give uotice as above. inh22 2teod*m WANTED, A MIDDLE AGED PERSON to act as housekeeper, in i large Summer Hotel. None need apply bat those whobav been employed in a similar capacity, who can be well recom t who have . . __ . "1 recom meue'ed f"r and capacity fur the business requited ? Apply a*. 00 Broadway. mh22 2t*m "IXTAN TED?Board for a gentleman and his wife, in a re ** speciable family. Chambers, Barclay or War m street preferred. References exchanged. Address W. B. Herald office, ml,22 3.*m TIT ANTED?A respectable woman to take care of a child W and who can sew aud braid hair well. A French woman would be preferred, as the advertiser intends to travel in Euroi* during the summer. Apply at the desk ol this office for further information. m!7 Iw'jgb A N ITALIAN, lrom the Proviuce ot nrieuza, knowing how TV. to manufacture raw silk, desires a place in n manufactory ot this kind, either as agent or instructor. He also promises to manufacture in this country, without the least difficulty, Bilk of 18-20 grain, resembling the Italian. And what is still mora important, he knows how to rear silk worms with great success. The same can also furnish to order, srsdcf silk worms, from the much lenowned Brienza. Address by letter, post-paid, to X. O B. at this office. mh!9 Iw kltwy?rc "DEMOVAL?Tne Subscriber respectfully announces to his TV friends and the medical profession, thai he haa removed his eatablishment from the old stuad, No. 35X Chatham street, to the commodious store No. 57 opposite Chambers s'reet, where will he found a s'lect and exteuMve assortim nt of Surgical and Dental lnatrnments. WM. R. GOULDING, Surgical Instrument Manufacturer, mh22 3t*m No 57 Chatham strret. /COPARTNERSHIP?Theundcrs'gned have thisdav formed G a copartnership under the firm ol THOMAS BRILBY i Co., for the purpose ol dealing in Rice, Itc., at No. 128 Front St. THOMAS BRILBY, JAMES AD S New York, March 20, 1845. mh22 3t*m THE TOWN UOR THIS DAY coutains the lollowing articles:? " I?The Boast of Heraldry. 2?London Correspondence. 3?Washington's Correspondence. 4?The Drama. 5?James K. Polk in the White Honse. 6?Letters to American Authors. 7?Instructions to the M. P. Squad. 8?Why will ye die ! 9?General Committee on Particular Business. 10?David and His Teini le. 11?Jews Arithmetic?Together with some Miscellaneous Matter. BEAUMONT & CO., lit Nassau street. Wholesale and retail by JUDD it TAYLOR, m22 lt*rc 2 Astor House. MONEY TO LOAN AT NEW YORK TATTEKSALL'S ON NKW AND second-hand VEHICLES of every description and valne. CARRIAGE BUILDERS are respectfully solicited to for ward their work early, as sales have already commenced with spirit, and at fair rates PUBLIC SALES of Carriages, Harness, Saddlery, Horses, Ac., every Monday, commencing at II o'clock. GEORGE VV. MILLER, Proprietor, mh22 1 wit? rc 146 Broadway. AMERICAN EAGLE HORSE SALE ESTABLISHMENT, Chilatlc, Corner of JDelancy > t , New York, One Block East of the Bowery. The undersigned having purchased the snbstantial iBrick Bmlaing lately occopi-d hy the Milleri'e Fra ^^.t^^-teruiiy, (theend ol the world having been indelinitely poaipourd,) begs leave toanuouuee to thtcititens of New York and us vicinity that the above establishment it now oren. His first fublic Auction Sale, which was well a tended and gave great satisfaction, having taken piece' on Thursday, the 6:)i March last, at 11 o'clock A. M., he luipes by strict integrity on Ins part, the rules and regulations lie h?s thought proper to adopt to govern the Aineiican Eagle Horse Sale Establishment, and a faithful application ot them will ram for the concern, a reputation worthy of the first City of the Uni.iu, aud he trusts lliey will be fouud to affoid to the unwary,either buver orseller every cousis'ent or desirable security He respecifully invites a |ieiusal of his Rules, aud thinks iu them will be fouud loine more tale and agreeable thau have hitherto been applied to the business; he particularly invites an inspection of hs establish ment. The Areua is the largest iu the Uuion, aud for light and aircanuot be surpassed?the Carriage Repository is of the same diDieusious, fne from damp and dust?the Livery Department it upon the most approved plan, having avenues between the ranges ol Stalls, the whole length ol the building, with a ceiled Hour above, aud every convenience iliatcould tie desired. A successful career, going on to twenty years, has caused the proprietor ol this establishment to lie well known professionally to ihe citizens of New York, and the advantages accruing to both bujer and teller from his thorough knowledge of the Ve te-inary Art?his exrensire connection aud terfect knowledge of the Horse, added to hit professional advice, cannot bnt beef im mense benefit to those who miy entrust hint with their property, There will b- a regular Public (tale of Hors's, Carnages, W'aJ guns, lie every Thursday, commencing at ll u.cioi It, A. M., ?In iug the year, which will afford great facilities to tuyere and sellers to transact bntinets-aud from the Pioiupt maimer iu which every t ansaclion will be settled/he natters himself that lie will mett with ample patronage from a d turning public. To Country Dealers it is unnecessary lor li ni to s?y one woid of the advantages of his establishment to Itiein. The pro prietor invites thein to esll and examine his extensive premises aud umivalled establishment, which can conveniently accom modate nearly one hundred Horses. A ready sale for their Horses?promptitude in butinesa?and every means a (forded to them througn the extensive connection of the proprietor, must convincs them that it is their psramount interest to patronise the American Eagle Horse Sale Establishment. JOHN WILLIAMS, Pioprietor. ttf/^Saleon the 27ih. tnhg'j It*re Fashion a for spring, is4o. rj THE SUBSCRIBER is now prepared to furnish his Jtfk new style of Gentlemen's Hats, which, iu every particular, will he fonnd fully to sustain the reputation he has heretofore enjoyed in the production of this most essential articled" dress. Wall street, comer Nassau N. B.?FRENCH HATS?A small invoice just received from the manufactory of the celebrated "Muguier," Paris, to which tuc attention of gentlemen is iuvited. fll 1 uThASt islm ? m rpb CARPENTERS, JOINERS,! CAB I NET MAKERS J- and Mill Wrights?A work, designed for the above uamed mechanics, on the principles rf Splayed Work, showing their application to making mill hoppers, boxes with splayed sides, diminished colnmns, pitching plancecrs, pnrlines against raf ters, and the mitreing of certain mouldings, Ac. by W. A. Da vis, architect. Puhlis' ed hy the author, M spring at. For sale by BURGESS, STRINGER A CO. 222 Broadway, aud the principal booksellers in the Uui ed States. Price 25 centi. mh2fl :t *rrc WINDOW oHaDE DLFOr, No 7 Spruce street, N Y. rI',HIS IS the only manufactory of any extent in the United J. States. The subscribers offer lor aale it inspection, the most uuinerons and splendid assortment of Shades; superb and correct representations of the inost well known imblic build ings iu Euroie and this country on hand; works of art aud t itle only are got up at this establishment. We being both pro fessional arftts, aud well experienced, we profess to give satis faction wlien favored with orders. mh9 ltn*ec KAKTOL A DK MAURY. THE GASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT OF Wm. MnttUlcuaaen, and M. B. Sanford, 147 FULTON STREET, Ft TIIE PLACE for all thoie who wish to supply their ward robe with good fitting garments at reasonable prices. The subscribers can assure their friends and the public that they will let no oueturpats them ill the tailoring business, as regards the newest style, the neatness < !' their tits and lowness of prices, having on hand a well selected assortment of Cloths, Cassi ineres aud Yestiogs of every desirable style. Also, geutlemeus' outfitting, eomi nsiog every article that is usually worn. We have the confidence thai we can please the most fasti dious. Great |dess ire will he taken to show our styles of fashion and goods to all those who will favor us w it's their patronage. Re collect the place, 127 Fulton slrfrt. WM. MATTHIKUS8EN. mlill tm*rrc M B. SANFORD UUANO?I'he cargo of thtship Shaks|ieare, from trhaboe.of very ?u|-erior i|itality, whrianted pure as imported: For ?tie in lots to suit purchasers, bv EDW. K. COLLINS A CO.. 56 Sooth r treet. r. K. A Co. have also for sale the best authenticated works on Guano, proving beyond donbt that it enhances the value of all eropa from SO to 75 par cent beyond its cost, and market garden ing rnach more, bringing forward vegetables from 2 tot weeks earner. J cwt la rhelulT average quautity med per acre. It ia said also to be a preventive against rest, mildew and the rty in wli stand rot in iwwatoes. m22>c lO ME fittlJJ, A STRONG, well built Baronche Carriage, in g"cd order, and well adapted for family use,wither without a double lianeis. loreseeost Koulston's Hiding School, and Livery Stables. 137 Mercer tlreel. mil is Ore TO CARPET MANUFACTURERS, tec tec. T K.VD WIKE, of various lii/s, Hitubfe for * J might*, constantly onjhand. or ntr de 10 onJfr.and lot sale, by TATHAM A BHOTiIkUS, irh2t Im* rc 249 Water street. WHAtTlNG PAPER.?loa# neatns Straw Wrapping; 30U0 r ams Rig Wrapping; tor sale hy PKKHHK A BROOKS, inii I ? Nos. 65 aud 67 Nassau st STjOAR-100 hhdi I nns- Ne a Orb ana Sugar, f >r sale hv K. K. COLLINS A CO. ?7 ac 56 South street, AUCTION SALES. AUCTION 8AUBOVFIYE HUNDRKDGRKEN-HOIJSE AND PARLOR PLANTS ?pHIS DAY. H*tuid%y,22d of March, by W ILK INS (k ROL * LIN8. at th?ir Halm Room,17 Broad atrrct, bcinir the lariett and finest collection of Plants off-red at auction 'his ?eason ? Also, a choicacollection of Shrubbery, bruit and Ornamental Trees. Gentlemen wishing to fuprly their conservatories, will find this a most favorable opportunity. Every Plant, Shrub or Tree is warranted as represent#d. Trie Green house and Parlor Plants are not forced, and will ire tain their bloom for a great length of time fmh22 lt?m HOUSEHOLD FUK.NITUK.E SALES, AT AUCTION -THE 8UB8CRIBKU i, grepared to give prompt attention MlHiHpritu) to Sain of Hous-hcM Furniture, either Stock* of Manufacturers, or of families breaking ap housekeeping,both in Nrw ? ork and at ilui city of Brooklyn. The above Sain will be nnder the patticular direction of Mr. JOHN K VAN ANTWERP, who respectfully solicits the order, of all lucli as may requite his service*. Application to he mad* at the Auction Room, No. 23 Piatt atreet roruer of Gold. JACOB 8. PLATT, uih22 T uTli"t 10i,*re Auctioneer. _ A C. TUT I LK. Auctioneer, TJ.OLD AND 811,VKK WA'ICHKS?Jacob 8. Piatt will 'J veil This Moriuuir. at 23 Plait atrtrt comer of Gold street, for cash, 100 tiold anil Siirer Watches. of great variety of style anil patterns, full and extra jewelled and worthy the atteuliou of I conutrv as well as city dealers, aud alto individual* wishing a I good iitne;k*e|N>r for private use. N. B ?The Stlo of Watches will commrnce at 10 o'clock, and will be followed by the Fancy Goods aud Jewellety. m22 It* re A. C. TUTTLK. Auctioneer. ?PXTRA FINE GOLD WATCHES,, Silver levers and ?Lt Fancy (Joods.?Jacob 8. Plait's Regular Sale of Jewellery, Watchei, Ike., will take place This Day at 10 o'clock, si the Aucti ii Room, corner of Gold and Piatt stree's. aud consists in part of tine tiold and Silver Watches, Gold Pens, Kiugs and Broaches. Seed and Prarl Beads, Inkstands, .Hall Lauterns, Plated Castors, rlrgant China Flstts, Plated CakrBsskets, Gold and Silver Pencil Cases, elegant Guard Cliaius, aud other rich Fancy Goods. For full particulars, see auction head iu Conritr It Enquirer. 10*2 It'rc AUCi O.a NUJ ICE?The Ksteasive Stie of hxrellenl Se cond-hand Furniture, Tnia Dsy. at I0K o'clock, in the Sale* Room 11 Spruce street, will be found deserting atten tion. Also, same time, a large invoice of Knglish Oil Cloth and Carpeting, India Matting, Rugs, ike. 1 Also, the F-xtuiei of a Store?Counter, Desks, Shelving, Show and Glass Cases, several Counting liuuse Desks, aud a variety of House furnishing Aiticles Also, Turning Lathes, Carpenter'* Tools Circular Saw, Ike. m?2 lt*m THOS UKLI-. Auctioneer HOUSEHOLD FUtCNll UKh SALts, BY E. H LUDLOW It CO., Office Corner of Broad Street aud Exchange Place. TITEDNESDA V. Match 2t>lh, at lu)? o'clock, Handsome ? V Furniture, at 193 Madisou street, between Rutgers and Jef ferson streets, Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Ike , lie. Cata , loguea ai the store the day prerious. THURSDAY, April 10th, at 10>f o'clock,at 233 William it, a large assortment of Furnilure. FRIDAY, April ICth,at 11 o'clock, at No. ? Twenty-Firit street, Chelsea, near9th Avenue, Fashionable Furniture, Silver Ware. Ike.. Ike. WEDNESDAY, April 23d, Elegant Furniture in 17lh street near Union Square. (L/"Civil attendants have been secured to attend to the sales . as porters. Those wishing to sell will have arrangements at tended to on application at their store, No. 23 Broad street. I mh2Q 2w*rc RICHARD VAN IJYKE. Jr., Auctioneer. M THE RAIL ROAD DEPOT HOTEL, corner 4th I tajW Aveiiae and 86th sireet.?Anthony J. Bleecker Ik Co. will Xse&>ell at auction on Thursday, the 27th day of March next, i at i2 o'clock, at llie Merchants' Exchange, ine very valuable pro|ierty on the eaxt side of the 4th Avenue and xouth aide of 86lh street. The ground contains 56 feet on the avenue and 100 i feet on the street, (which street is curbed and regnlated, and the I assessment paid j) the property is within two blocks of the large Crotou Reservoir. The House is a large two-story attic build ing, with cellar and kitchen uuder me whole, with slicda on 86th street. The premises are desirable for the purpose of a , public house, and are now occupied as such. $1000 or $2000 can remain on bond and mortgage, at 6 per cent. Possession wall be given on the 1st of May next. Title indixpntable. For term* ! and particular*, apply to the Auctioneers, No.7 Broad street, 0* to (i. NOWLAN, on the premises, or No. 1 Eleventh street. I f20to mr27?m BLACK BALL. OK OLD LINE OF LIVER WtfffyPOOL PACKETS.?FOR LIVERPOOL.-Only ABmBfaKegalar Packet of the lit of April. '1 he magnificent and celebrate fast sailing favorite packet ship EUROPE, Edward O. Furlier, commander, will positive ly sail on Tuesday, the 1st of April Having unsurpassed accommodations for c&biu, 2d cabin aud steerage passeugers.those returning to the eld country,or seudiu{ for their friends,will find it to their iirtereat and comfort to selrci this unequalled liue of packets. For terms of Passage, and to secure the best berths, early application shonld be made on board, foot of Beekman at, oi to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik CO., 25 F ulton street, next door to trie Fallon Bank, New York. m22 MTO LET?The Store 375 Broadway, fitted up last yeat f >r a fancy,dry goods store, with larg* plate glassshowwin dows mahogany awing Coore, large mi rort, counters, desk, gas fix'uies, lie. The fixtures belong to the store, and will be let with it. The store is 90 leet deep, and has* large cellar underneath. Possession immediately if deiired. Apply to W. B. MOFFAT, m22 3t*rc 335 Bioadway. HOUSES TO LET?On the F.iurlh Avenue, between r 25th.and 26lh streets. Also, in 25ih stre-t Rent $300. L There houses are now in progress of erection and will idy for the reception of tenants on the lllh of April. They ate th ee story, modem-built, brick dwellings, containing twelve rootns, handsomely finished, with most of the modem improvements, marble mantels, grates, folding doors, Croton water, &c. '1 hey can he reached in twenty minutes from the , City IIill. the Railroad cars pass every free minutes Aptly to 1). EVANS, 16 City Hall plate, or at his residence F< urth Ave lue, tliiid house from 24th street, where the j atteru house can he viewed. N. B.?Also, a first rate stand for a Grocery or Drugstore, on the corner of 26Ji street and Fourth Avenue. mh22 3t*rc STORE WANTED. In or near Pearl street, between Wall and Fulton streets. ?The first and second Roots, or first Roor and cellar, would answer. Address box 1551, listing location, terms, lie. m2l 3t*ec a TO LET?The Cottage, Barn, Orchard, Inc., belong ing to Dr. Mott, at Bloomingdale. Possession imtns diately. Aiaa, the the Three Story Brick House, No. 5 Albany street. Wanted to Hire?A woman waiter, French preferred. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock, to ml* 3tit*rc S. B. HUTCH IN OS, 36 John st. M SHADE ORNAMENTAL TREES, for Streets? raiQc'hiueve Altanthiis of large and hsndtome growth, will be J^plantrd out iu a proper in inter in auy part of the city. The Alinnthus ii of rapid grow.h, free from iuiecta end |ier fectly liaidy. Vv.Nl. LAIRD, Gstdener aud Florit, 17th street, tnh21 3t*ec East of 4th avenue. Union square. HERALDIC ESTABLISHM ENT, NO. 203 BROADWAY, N. Y. rt'HK Arms and Crestsof Families, from all parts of Europe; A can be obtained and splendidly emblazoned on Vellum, su perior in execution, and equal in Heraltlic correctness to the Herald's College of London. The genealogies of families ar ranged and illnmina ed, at moderate charges. '1 lie largest and rates' Heraldic and Genealogical collection on theAmrrkcau Continent, will b- fonud at W. A. COLMAN74, No. 203 Broadway, N. Y. Where the Genealogy of George Washington, beautifully emblazoned, may be obtaiued for $1,50 or printed in coleis for $1,25. mh30 3tis m HARTWELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 333 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. 157 lm* m F.UMBK DAGUKHH1AN GALLERY AND PHOTU ORAPHIC DEPOT, 251 Broadway, corner of Momy ?t , (ever Terii-y's Jiwelry store,) awarded the Medal, lour first Premiums, aud two "highest honors," atth* Exhibition at Bos ton, New York and Philadelphia, respectively, fur best pictures and apparatus ever exhibited. Superb Likenesses .of ail sizes taken, in any wrather, on satisfactory terms. mhU 4tis*m GOLD LEAK. rPHE SUBSCRIBER would inform consnmers and dealers I that it they want a superior article of Oold Leaf, it can be had at the lactory 92 tirade street, in ihe rear; warranted larg est size and best iiualiiy. Dentists' Oold Koil at *2l> per ounce, winal to any in the city; warranted. Cash en the counter? none of time. J. L. WAUoH, mhl3 2wis*re Practical Oold Beater BRONZE POWDERS. rPHE very heat and cheapest Brirze, in all shades and (jnali 1 ties, are constantly imported direct from Ovrmar.v, and of fered for sale by LEOPOLD KUH 8i Co, mli'21 1m*rc fila' Wall street. New York. WOOL ?HEaKERS AND WOOL PICKERS. WILL find steady employment by applying np town,corner of Ooverneur Slip and South street. m21 3t*rc FOR 8ALE-A~BARGAIN. FOUR BILLIARD TABLES FOR SALE ARD ROOM TO LET. TWO of Bassford's and two of Peon's Tables, in good order, with fixtures, will be told a baigaiu, aud ihe rooms may be had on a lease. Apply on the premises, 214 Broadway, of M. PHELAN. or of Mr. K. B. TUTTLE, mh20tfm 38 Merchants' Exchange. NEW IMPORTING HOUSE OF FRENCH GOODS. LAURENT fe BROTHER, CO BEAVER STREET, have received by the last packets, OA-) a complete assorlm-nt of NEW GOODS, which they offer to dealers at the lowest market prices Particular attention is invited to the following description of goods : New and splendid patterns Mous de Lames Alto new patterns of Baigorines and Bareges Extra rich Foulard Silk Drerses Very rich Cashmere de Cola Oallerv Shawls New style Mogador and Isly Shawls B ilege Shawls aud Scarfs French Cloths and Casaiineres. pi4 2tlri?*rrc express packet line to pittsburo. -@66L0Bfi.B2fl J*. l 'U'l' f^TiwaP Via Pennsylvania Canal ard Railroads. THROUGH IN 3X DAYS. 1 he shore line will start on Mond .y, ihe 17th instant. Pas sengers by this route take the cars from Philadelphia to llarris bu'|{, and there en.bark on board of the packets The cars of this line are of the fluent description, and the boats hive been thoroughly lelhtrd. Passengers will find this a most delightful mode of travrllirg Uitlif Writ. All the latigueattendant upon stage travelling is avoided, and the fine nalmal scenery of ihe ronte affords in durements to travellers not found on any other. A. CUMMINO Agent, N.E, corner of 4th and Chesnut streets, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, March 10th, 1845. For information in this city applv to B. A. KN18ELL. 7 West street, mhlI 2weodis*ec N. R., New York. TEN CENT* PER HUNDRED POUNDS. FREIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. PASSAGE $1 50. ericbson steamboat line between PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. gBfQA'L The Ericiinn Line willre-^MWk wg dm . reive Freight for Baltimore C^-? SwwwiHUKaond for the Son<h and WeatSEMalKwXe generally, which rhey will forward at the low taie of ten rents fTimlin. All the freight heretofore forwarded from New ? >rk to Baltimore, has been carried by this line, and >hip|ers will therefore be careful to consign and mark their goods to A. Groves, Jr., Agent. The Depot ol the Kriciaon Line is near the freight office ol the New York L'ue, almost adjoining it. 'I he Boats of this I ine will leave the upper sid? of Chestnut ilpet wharf dailv, (rxcept Sunday) at 3 o'clock, P. M , or im medtafely af er ih* arrival of lire >ew York Line. The accorn m dationa for Paaaengeis are earellent, hertha being provided for them, ai d every effort will be made to promote their comfort nnd <? nvenieqre. Paasrngera receipted through by this Line to Wheeling and Pittsburgh, via Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and Nations! Road. ir f Fare to Wheeling fit?'To Pittsburgh *11?Meals 25 cu. Six Boats compos# the Ericsson Steamboat Line, and the ar rangements am ample to forward evrry pound of freight re dived. A- GROVES, Jr. Agent. . March lltli, I81j. No. 19 South Wharves, HoL. mhl8 luiis AMUSEMENTS. RA14.K THKATHK. SATURDAY EVENING. March 12. W_1IM(. Will b? presented tlie Comedy uf OLD HEADS k YOU No HEARTS?Lord Charles Roebuck. Mr Dyutt; Lady Alice Hawthorn, Miaa Clara El I it. A New Medley Dance, by Miss St. Clair. To conclude with the new Play entitled GREFN BUSHE.B, or a Huodred Year. Ayo, with new music, .cenery. dresses, nronertie. and decorations-Connor O'hemiedy. M{; Dvoa, George, iiasry ; Miams, Mi.? Clara Ellis; (Jeraldine, Mrs ABoxes, lit tier 75cenw, 2d tier 50 centa?Pit 50 ceuts?Gallery 15 cenu. ?? NOTICE?PALJUO's OflCKA. not lorj?raurav ? " - . rpHE UNDERSIGNED, respectfully inform, his ft lends and i the public, that lie liaa taken Pal mo's Opera House for ? ?hort period, for the purpose of producing a Series of Legitimate Play, in a atyle of titperior excellence, supported by a powerful Comrauy. For a number of year, tne Legitimate Drama has beer depreciated in public cteem?a reformation of iu ibum, and the elevation of the character of the Stage, is a paramount ob ject o' the writer. The Drama i. coeeal witn ci*iJi**tiou;it pro mote. refiueinent while it i. aupporled by it?and ?<> long a. the 1 element, of life or the softer humanitie. ol our nature are cherished, well couducted Theatre., under favorable circnm .tancea, inu.t aucceed. Scarcity of mciiey, commercial embar rasamenli, or general provtrsliuu of buaireaa sincei the revulsion of 1*37, doubtless affected the tjeaaury of each and every theatre in the United States?but meu of lane will cheerfully forego othrr luxuries to witrem play, writleu hy author, of genius, bu.t.ined hy arli.ta of lilent. 'Ti? true there are many good and eniighteued U". who are opposed to theatri cal eahibitious. To tlieia 1 would .ay ll e Drainahaa long ex isted and in all probability will continue to mat in every large city. When it i? but poorly encouraged, it has a natural teu deucy to degeue ale. ludifferent actora usurp the place of good nrea. while empty raut aud low ribaldry vitiate the taste, aud lowrr the intellectual ataudard of tie meag'e audience. To corj reel those evils let a temple be approptisted for the Drama, worthy iu noble puipoaea and high des-ini?s?a temple where t-.lent, taate, fashion and beauty, rnnv aaarmble to hear the eternal trutha of nature, delivered Willi fluent speech and gra e ful action?to behold aa in a mirror, the mort secret springs human p?ssion?'o see virtue triumphant and vice crashed?to ?mile ai the quaint humor, and the sparkling wit the kren sa tire and the withering sarcasm?toedmire the well-turned l'J|d" aud the eloquent rhipsody, the harmoniousi veref, o' prnse?to ming'e iheir tears with llioac shed by h tu rn tnitT; snii ring ont their joyons laugh with the wholesome inirth of those whose be ait. are light with innocence and love, let these ends be attained, and the Drama become.i a factor to civilized man. Such it the character of the Temple intended to be given to Palmo'a Opera Home.. I here is no third tier, no place for improper character., no ardent spirit, will be ?old in the saloous. and noue but temperate and moral people will be engaged. These are the view, of the undersigned, who earnestly call, upon his fellow citizen, to second hi. efforts in this great work of reform. W. DINNEfORD. V. 8.?The Theatre wi 1 open on Monday, March 11. rer sons applying for engagements mmt govern their conduct by the above hints, or their applications will b* useless Direct Palmes Opera. ?"hl9 Iwec " SIGMOID SANbiU lltlUO'N GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT OPERA AND DANSE, . In Full Dfesses and with FULL ORUHKSTRA. t . ON MONDAY EVENING NEXT'', 21th m.tant, AT PALMO'S ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE, In Chamber, street. The following most emineut performer, have kindly volunteer* their valuable services oni ??'* "fcaa'on SIGNOKA PICO, MADAME OlIO, PAULINE DE8JARDINH, and her putul, 8IGNOR1NA FELICIA. 6 years "Id. 8IG ANTOGNINI, SIGR^ETTI. BIG. ETIENNE. Mr H ORONKNVELT, Mr. KYLE. Mr. PHILLIP MAYER, Mr. SALOVONSKI. and 8IONOK DE BEON1S. Leader of the Orcheatra............... RAI ET11. 81G. ETIENNE will preside at the Piano Porte. PROGRAMME. Concert?Part 1. 1?Grand Overture... ... ........ ... v ^Orcheatra. 2?Romance?"Una furtiva hgrima, 1 Llixir U- . . Amoie by Mr Salmonski .. -. - ? - ? ? Domtctti. J?Grand Dun?"Convemeiizs teatrali, by Signora Pico and Big Sanquirieo.. ...... ?? ? ? ? Donixetti. 4?Grand Cavatina Irom "Somnambula, Vi rav- ... . viso-'byMrPhMayer... ... ... Bellln' 5?Aria Finale from ''Belly," "te Crudele." by . Madame Otto ... ...... .... Domxetti. 6?Grand Dao?"l|Marinan," by.Stgnori Antognini . RoM-ni For'the first1linuT, w ith full Orches tra, concerted for this occa sion by Signor Milon. Dan.e?P?ut II. . , 1?'The Favorite Tyrolienne by Sigiionnn Felicia, her nrst and last app-arance in public. 1?The Cackucha, first time in Amtnca, by Mile raulint Desjardin. Opera?Part III. In foil Dresses snd Costume, from the h irst Act or Rossini's Beautiful Opera Buffo, The Barber of Seville " A: ?.*? 1?Cavatina of llo?ina, "Una voce suco fa Sig ra Pico 2?Grand Duo?'"Dunque io Son" Signora Pico and Sig. De Begnic v.'.' Vi? "* J?1 he Splendid Aria?"Menca un foglio," Siguor Sauouirico .. ? ? ? ? Ko.aini. 4?Grand 8crn? from the Opera Oberon, Ocean, thou mighty monster," in full Drew and Co?- _ tume, Madame Otto. ?????? ?A" M- ww 5?Grand Concerted Duo?Clarionet and Hate, Mr H. Grouevelt and Mr Kyle .... ? ??Grand Duo from "Matnmonio Secreto," by Sig. De Begnis and Sanauirico "I1""""' Pricee?r'ir?t Tier sua Paiquette, SI?Secoud 1 ler, j0 cents? FrfJ.aB.?'The ikix Office will be open on Thursday moniing, 20th instant, and following diys, from 9 o clock to 5 o clock ?vtu luawiiii nisw swiiv.. >?? ? -.r-i - - - P. M,, where seats may be secured. Doors open st 7 o'clock?performance to commence at a quar ter to 8 o'clock precisely. mhll rc GRAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT, IUPERA AND BALLET,) TO M'LLE. PAULINE DESJARDINS, jit Palmo'i Oi icra House, on IMonday, the 3III inst. O IGRORA ROSIN A PICO, Prima Donna of the late Italian O troupe in this city, and other emiuent attistes, begs leave to inform tne I'atrons of the 1 talnn 0['era, and admiieis and snp porters of the Musical Arts and Artists, that they wi give a Farewell Complimentary Concert, with Opera and Ballet, to M'lle Drsjardin*, previous to her departure from this city as 8 N* B ?The Bo* Office will be opened on Thursday morning. 27th instant, and following days, from o clock, A. M., to 5 o'clock, r M , where seats may he secured Tier, $1.00; secoud lier, 50 csnts; Private Box-. 5b 00, >nl>22 rrc THE HUTCH1X&ON FAMILY i nr. nuii/UJiveviT * AT***r. . A CKNOWLEDOING with gratitude the cordial reception -fa. extemled to them on Wednesday evening last, respectfully announce that'heir second _ , VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT Will take place at . NIBOL'S SALOON, On Monday Kvenlng, March 84, 184.V On which occasion they will introduce a programme of thvir most choice productions and selertions. both new and old. ?' Blow On! Blow On'."?a Pirate's Olre. The Mariner I oves o'er the Waters to Ivoam. 1 ne viaiiiier i-ovps o cr mc i . " A Life in tha West," wo.ds by G. P. Morris... n " PartingIReuaiem.'' MStar?of th-bummer Night, &neje nade, music by Baker. Solo?"The May Quren,| melody by lemnaier. "Over the Mountain and Over the Moor. naue, music oy nsirt. ouiu? sue Dempster. "Over the Mountain and Over the Moor. nolo aud Chorus?"Get off the Track!" a song for emancipation. ? Wrstward Ho!" "The Paul er's Drive " ?'Ocigin of Yankee Doodle." "Old Grauite Stat-." , Tickets 50 ceuta each-To he obtained at the Mutic and Book stores on Broadway: at Nos. 199, 201, 2f5, 239,197 , 315,329, 3*i, 385, 563?at 134 Bowery, and at No. 1 hranklin Square. Also at the door of the Saloon on Monday .evening. Ope" at a to 7 Concert to commence a: a X to 8. m21 3tpst.M ec MR. BROUGH'S COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT rTMlE COMMITTEE of Arrangements for conducting the ?L Concert given to Mr. Brough, (complimentary to him for his services ui>on all (cessions to the cnaritnhle snd other so cieties ol New York,) beg to announce that it will positively take place on Wednesday evening, 26lh March, at JNiblo's Con cert saloon. 81GNORA R. PICO has kindly delayed her departure for Boston, to give her valuable aid on the occasion. The Committee are happy to inform the hriends of Mr. Brough and the Musical public generally, that they have re ceived from the following eminent artists an offer of their valuable service s:? SIGNORA R08INA PICO, MADAME OTTO. MISS MARY TAYLOR, MAU L BUBKHARDT. MISS JULIA NORTHALL, MR. U C HILL, MR. O. LOUEK, MH. BEAME8, (Conductor,) MY. kyl\:' MR GROENVELT, MR. T. MAYER. SIO. 8ALMON8KEY, 8c SIO. DE BEGNIS. ^7"Programme on Friday next. In consequence of lit*'ength of th* Pe fnrmances. the Con cert will commence piecisely at halfpaat seven. Tickets to be had at the music stores, aud of the committee. H7*Tinhrt? One Dollar each. mh2u 3tm CONCERT BY THIS IV A R I) E N FA MIL V . rPHE MESSRS. WARDENS,of Philadelphia, reipectfully J- announce that they will give their fieat Vocal Entertain ment in New York, on Tuesday Evening, 23eh March, at the Society Library Room, when they will ting a selection of their popular Unirtetta, which have elicited the approbation o( the musical public of Philadelphia. CONTRALTO-EMILY. TENOR?EDWARD. BARITONO?DAVID. ? ... BASSO-THOMAS. They will also ling a nttmlier of the most popular Ballads of the day. David will preside stlhe Piano Forte. For particulatesee programme. Tickets Jo cents. Tickets admitting onegantleman and two ladiejJM. m2l 3tF8t.VJ#ee I. O. OF G. F. ORATION AND CONCERT. THE INDEPENDENT ORDER OF OOOD FELLOWS, of New Yoik Lodge No. 4, respectlnlly beg leave to an noutce I heir first Oration and Concert, at the Tabernacle, March 24th, IMS. for the Benrlit of the Widows'and Orphans Fund' f the Society, on wnich >cc?sion JAM ES T. BRA D Y, Esc] , lias kindly cons tiled to deliver an Oration. The cele brated ANOLESEA BROTHERS hate kindly volunteered their valu ihle services, and will appear in costume and siug a number of their best glees, duetts sod solos. PROFESSOR M AXIM ILIO.N ZUBOFK and PUPIL, a Miaa, ? years of age, have leadtnd their services,and w. 11 if form on the Piauofirte a Sooate arranged for four hands by Uelhoven. Mr. R. HAM BRIDGE baa also kindly consented to perform an Overturn on the Pianoforte. A number of Ladirs aud,Gentlemen have also volunteered iheir aid on this occasion, and will sing some of the most popular Ballads. Admission 23 Cents. Tickets to he procured at the principal Music Stores and at the door on the evening of the Coucert, also ol the following gentlemen :? General Storms. J. Sherman Brownell, Gideon Ustmnuer, Tons. It. Kellinger, B. J. Meserole, E. K Pnrdy, James Cooaar, R. H. Morris, And from the following COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. J. C. t'oachmon, James Reed, K. F. Smith, Geo. Krfvu., , _ Jacob Colvin, Geo. W. irawsoB. O. H. Kellinger, Dr. W. W. Tompkins, Wm. B Baihcr, John Fsnlkner, Stephen Brooker, T.J.Wayne, W H. Hyatt, W. Barely, Major J. Hopkins, J. MeKibben, Geo. Haywood, Tho?. Brown, H. Basely, M. Fallen, T. B. Earle, S. McCracken. J. 8 Msgnnss, Dr. J. T. Tattle, ana Captain Stephen Miller, of Brooklyn. mh18 I wm PHOFtfiHBOH HODGKHI, GRATEFUL for the liberal patronage extended to him dnring the month of January last, by the enlightened and talented citt xeiii of New York, has the honor to aunounce his return to the city, Slid that he will deliver a course of Four Lectures, with interesting rxperiments, at the four following places, "u the wonderful anil mucn talked of scienceol ANIMAL MAGNETISM & PHRENOLOGY. Rutgers' Institute, in Madison street, every Tuesday of each week, commenr ing Pneadsy, March 4th. St Luke's Buildings, corner of Grove and Hudson streets, every Fiiday of each week, commencing on Friday, Match 7ih. Clinton Hall, every Wednesday or each week .commencing Wednesday, March 5lh. American Hepnblican Hall, corner of avenue C and 3d street, every Thunday of each week, commencing Thursday, March 6th. Tickets whieh will admit a lady and gentleman 23 centi. To commence each evening at half-put 7 o'clock. mil 1 wis* m Vi LEAK PORK?30 bits veiy superior Extra t :le.,r forn, IM4 L packing?For sale b\ EDW. COLLINS k < <> gntwn 34 South street. BVTHE SOUTHERN "MAIL Washington. [Correspondence of tha Herald ] Washington. auth March, 1845 Adjournment of the Senate-Removal,, Expect ed Texas? Removal of Injunction of Secrecy by the Senate-Vie ResUutinns-Course of the Texunt in Relation Thsrtto-Newi from England Ex peeled?Mew York Press and the " Herald"? Su periority of the Latter in obtaining Information -Opinions Thereon ?McN\ulty?Senator Benton and Ex-Gov. Thomas. The Senate adjourned to-day at about ball past 12 o'clock, after having confirmed the nomination of Mr. Bush aa Consul to Hong Kong, in place of Wm. ShaJer; and General Gould lor Marshal ol I he Northern District of New York in place of J. H. I renties; this being all the business they had before them. The President and his Cabinet will now have some little respite, and be able to look about theni a little. They have held daily councils Polk "IT.! d,Hyarier ",e inauguration, and Mr 1 oik Bays that lie is surprised that they have been ?h Li?n!I,ai 80 ma,ny appointments, with ao few objections being made, as he would not have been astonished if theSenate had rejected a greater num a intTiT oe n 10 uct 8Uch great ha8,e 'hat "!J U ?u,U,n a,icam*H to sure that the best persons had been chosen We shall now soon see whS rem?m h10"8 inveterate office-hunters vvno remain her*. are going to be aratifipri f?r abZtTseVlh' Mr .r?lk a"d lhe nretaries'are about to set the guillotine in motion, and decapi tate a whole host of unlucky office-holders, ?..i appeaf.e that the Senate has removed the in junction of secresy irons the vote on lhe resolution advising the 1 resident that they thought he ought to take the latter alternative presented in the reso lutions providing for the anoecation of Texas. It will be seen that, ol the members present, all the drrr V'l aKa|i>8'lhe resolution, and one ? k i ^ J?hnBont of La.; ail the remainder of the whiga voting agaiost it. and a was laid on the table by a vote of 23 to 20. ] have been informed that another resolution was proposed, from which the injunction of secresy has not been removed SSfiffif? L Pr?8ldent to know what stej?8 Mr! received onlv?.nvr?la,1Ve t0 the8e rea?lutions,which receivea only six or seven votes. The Texas mon are very much gratified at this vote, as they^s" bill " as!taia "fr?1 c?,nd5mnaUon " Benton's vi is r I .k ' an(l ,howiD8 that when they d. j?r the "compromise" they knew and ex^ SdHthey were votm8 <or th? resolutions but wanted an excuse to vote for them in such a wav ?h. d8** 'back to the Hou?c, and afford to the democrats there who had voted against them rnrH^r.hUni,y changing iheir position and re cording their votes in favor of annexation. The' seems to be no doubt entertained by any perse now lbat Texas will accept the terms offeri in those resolutions, and come into the Union o .OTt aDd that Lbe peop,e 0< Texaa will u U U?.lonL Wlth a perfect looseness, before which all the scheming of politicians and diplomatists will he swept to the winds. opiDlon .18 conhdently entertained by many persons here that not only will the con d n ions of the resolutions be accepted, but that they tmtaiSi ?y compli<"d wuh, a State consul ijf .k f?rmed? and congressmen and senators elect ed thereunder and sent to Washington to take their seats at the next session, and if so the Senate will consist of 58,members instead of 82; the addition aLdTiff ?iv?',h?0,,f W1" proba,>,y be a,l democrats, and will give the democratic party a good working rice?ffiD vpr ?dent ?'!be three senators in abey ance brum \ irginia, Indiana, and Tennessee and supposing that they should be all whigs. Considerable interest is felt and expressed here nn ,h character of the next news from England on the subject of annexation, and the arrival of the steamer of the 4th inst., is looked for with some impatience, as not only the Queen's speech on thu opening ?f Parliament, butthe debars in Parha A u,.,nHre/X'!eCie torefer 10 this important topic. A good deal of intemperate language, and high f??"^'"8 wor^ds and phrases, seems to be antici know ti' 1S| !lk.ewise supposed that when iht y Th? A d 18 one .they willjust/'let tt alone The Americans generally ihink that Great Brit, has quite enough to do at home to prevent her l.?iW ?r to pr<7enl annexation, if she find cannot do it any other way The lact that the New York press is just beem ninir io find out that Mr. Heywood was the author tf.wHSfcbi,"' r1"' r.c,;? siderahll ?.yka fortai?ht 81?ce, has excited con siderable remark here, and is udduced by everv fffrmo8. aD? ei Vroo< eP ,kr accuracy of your in ' aDiU ,he,8UPcnonty of your facilities lor of the ^rX y?fp ,corrcc,t information. The file o the Herald, at Coleman's, is daily crowded with 'k n tbL.e 'a"'8, ttnd mo8t autheu hiit^fTh' Bnd ey Hay theK don'1 kn?w how it is, hut if there s any news stirring your paper is >uri mentmn1|hbe,kre the ?lhuer8' and thc/ihey will mention the above and other instances. They also K?iJ1fh'Df5imallon you 8ave ,hat T??8 had firK. Pom- k Senate again, and which, when it hltwf Sfi- r j1" Llbe columns of the Herald, was mok nn fhie ' 5h 1 heard of Senators who I ,^ ,kP the paper on'hat meting, and, after read '? Well ?anCi"Unr' observed to another Senator. 'ire?-f? kn ' a,nt 11 orange that Bennett always whUt ?m?? h * We ake do"1R* Jt doa'' matter what it is, he's sure to have it." These, and rr hands tbem> are to he heard continually on all nnmr'.hMcNulty'8 trial ia'1 und"stand. postponed until the ensuing term ot the Court. There was a rumor about to-day that he had settled up. and lhat coii?qutmlyl a nolle prosscqui would be entered in u~ k1"' on en<Iu,ry.1 hnd that this is not the hi L j has not paid up the deficiency yet, though he may do so belore his trial comes on. Senator Benton, I lecrn, has instituted a crimi Mirvr/nHCU|t,0n. kKf'n8t e*-u?vornor Thomas, of whiel h' h rc'ation to the publication which he has made respecting Ins wile and her rela oi/'Vn uV This promises to open "u> wbole concern, and subject it all to ihe legal researches which are so diligently prosecuted re^8fn,Ca9e8 of lhl9 klnd" What will be the result of it remains to be seen. Adjournment of Senate Appointment*?Office Seekers?Mr. Dallas, tfc fir. Washinoton, March 20, 1845. The Senate adjourned tine die to day at about half past 12 o'clock, P. M., after confirming a per son named Gould as marshal of the Northern Dis trict of New York, and another named Bushe, aa consul to Hong Kong, in the place of Prentiss and Shaler, whom they rejected yesterday for the places. The Senate would have adjourned yester day if it had not been that they wished to uflord the President an opportunity to day oi filling the vacancies above named. Now that the Senate has adjourned,the scramble for office will shortly begin, and, as I nm well-informed on this head, a thorough reformation in all the departments of government, both here and elsewhere,will be made, but without regard to the dictation of either cliques or cabals in any quarter of the country. There are a very few office-hunters here now, except a few from New York and Philadelphia, but, I suppose, that those gentlemen will return to their rerpective homes by the evening train of cars, as they must have found out ere this, that personal application (or office to President Polk, has very little tfleet upon him ? This, for some lime yet, is as it should be. I have just learned, from what 1 consider good authority, that Vanbrugh Livingston, of your city, is to receive the consulate at Rio Janeiro It said that lie came here fortified with the recoi niendation of nearly hII the sachems of old Tar many, as well as with those ot all the leading im of his party in New York. Independent tfl thetc considerations, his personal and family character have done much in making a favorable impression upon the mind ol the President in his favor. He is iu every way well qualified both by experience and education, to direct the commercial interests of this country at Rio. Another of your leading men is also here. I mean Edmund 8. Derry, Esq., the l>eau ideal or embodiment of the "young democracie." 1 don't suppose he is looking tor office, as it sometimes happens a few men come here occasionally who want nothing like spoils. Tom Lloya, Surveyor of the port of Baltimore, committed some days ago a most egregious faux ;?*, which, it is probable, will cost him his office. He sent the Presideut a horse worth $500 as a present, but as soon as the President discovered the donor to be an office-holder, he ordered the ani mal to he relumed to the place from whence it came. Tylerism wont go down at the White House "no how you can fix it." Dr. Miller,second assistant Postmaster General, and brother-iu law to Mr.Tyler.wiIl have to give way to Wm. Medtll, Krq , of Lancaster county, Ohio. 1 have been informed that the cause ot Prentiss' rejection by the Senate, was that he and Edward Curtis had bet on the re sult ot the late Presidential election, and th. Prentiss withdrew his money from the b k where the stakes were deposited, as soon as he found that Curtis was the winner. I do notofcoure give you this on any other authority than mother rumor.. You have received, before th s, a copy of tho House report upon the Z ibriskie chso, and a pretty piece of an exposl o| Executive figuring it present. Where was Udpt.Tyler's proverbial good sense when he suffered himself to be used by the member" of his central commuter for such base purposes 1? There is something else of a like character now on the tapes, which, when brought out, as it most cer tainly will be, will form an excellent appendix to Col Zabrifktf's case. It is said that Sam'l Over* shine and J. Washington Tyson, received a coo.

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