Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI.. Ho. Ml-Whol* Ho. 403*. NEW YORK. SUNDAY MORNING. MARCH 23. 1845. Prle* Two Conta. THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To ttia Public. THE NEW YOHK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?uuh lished every day of the year except New Yea. . Day and Fonrth of July. Price > cent, pet copy?or $7 M per am nm?postages paid?caah in sdvanee THE WEEKLY HERALD?pnbliihed eye ? Katurdxk morning?pncr 6* crota per copy, or ?) 11 par ana.-m?port age. i>a>d, caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circnlatio . if the Herald it oyer THIKTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and imitating faat U hae the largest circulation of any payer in thi. city, or the world, and. it, therefore, 'he belt channel for butinen men in the city or country. Price, moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinde execoted at the moat moderate price, gad in the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. paoraiEToa or the Herald Kstapl'jumxkt Northweat comer of Fallon and Naiaan streets. CHOICE FLOWER SEEDS ?The aub.crihera have lately received from England, Frauce and Germany a mot' va ied and beau iful uaonment of Flower See-Ja, saved the la?t w-a-uin bv lire moat eminent florisi* of Europe? theChina Aster a- d Te i W,ek Stock Oillia, of Germany, the Double Balsamints of Fro i:e, and of ihe London collection of th-ae three aliow v ad tavorne annu la, (tome of which a-e ex ceedingly expensive,) are unrivalled and these now offered are they, wi I be w&rraured a. represented The following assortment of Annual Flower Seed- ere now ready for d'l I very, in a sealed packet, price SI ;?twrlveva rietier of really al.nwy andchoi-e aorta, all of which aregrnwth of 1814. Direcrious for culture within the packet?may. how ev-rbepiovvn iinme'iate.y in fram-a? V.ay in open air. Superb German Qu-'led t'hoi-. Aaie.s 24 varieties; mixed Clintoni4 Pu'clrella?beautiful b'ue Flowers; dwarf and .ne'ty. super. German Ten Week Stock Oillis 40 aorta mixed, Lupiuna Nanaa ?dwarf?flowers p qfu?e'y all summer, iu an oval, circle, or other bed?bright lilac; Annual D u'-le China Pink, very showy, c ve scent: Portal cca Thenuloriei, brilliant aci'let, when pa ?plained from ch- a. ed not in a bed by itself, will be a mass . f flowers from June until November; Phlox Dtummondii -6 v.fir i a. m red?some scarlet. This is a very drsnah'e an nual, shou d Ire rultnatedby itself, same as the Portulscca; Loaza Auiantiece?free runner, with aingnlar star-shiped orang* flowers, very showy; snyerb Pari. Double Bal<a iniri-a?12 sorts mixed, flowers very double and curiously spor ted with nltc, scarlet and crim<ou pu.tde ; Mixed Pe'uinas, 12 varirt.'es?from a Loudon col'rctioi;; Celosia or Cockscombs, 24 varieti-s mi ed, some yellow, white, orang* and crimson, MolnpeGraiidiflora a showy ac irlet flower ol the " Lava er?" sleeps?p?r; ot which are white; Nemonphylra Insignia Ma jor, beautiful blue attractive flower, twiceRhe size of "Nem-in ?ignis." Also, every variety of Biennial and Perennial Flower Seeds attainable, lur-which see thejrenenl catalogue 1 M Th IHBURNki O 15 John at. O" Early Prince Albert ar.d Early Cedo Nnlli Peas, 5# era. per quart tires" are unsurpassed for lint Early I'eas?may be ?own immedi .tely. mhJO 3t*m Cl OtOE ANNUAL FLOWLR SEEDS. I i e subscriber bega to inform his friend* and the 'old tr im of Niblo'a late Conservatory, that he has recaiy icI, per Vict iria, from Loudon, at. extensive and choice collection f new blower Seeds, all warrant d genuine. The follow i g package of 2e au, erb varieties are now ready for rale?priee SI.? Phlox Diuu-.moudii?apleiidid show flowers of all colors. Hclnzsnthua Priea'ii, Returns, Giaiiimii, Ac mixed)?curi ous wtus* flowers, of white, yellow, orange and ciimsou Por'ulacr.a Snleoden* and t'htlussoaii, mixed?Very dwarf, bri.l ant crimseu and rosy rrimaou flowers. Choice He 'itse.ise?Seed from choice prize flowers. ?barton a t urea? Golden yellow doner. Pnuble Pari* Hal-nms?Num rou. clu icekinds mixed. Doubled luilled Gorman A-lers?20 ? mixed I'rt.iui Kosen, tvrai.diflora, :'hoanicea, 1 Bloekii new varie ty.) Ac. mixed?Very showy, flowers profusely, in great vari? ty of colors, suitable tor muuim-.- Ac. JVlignouMit?(sweet arcuh-d abinautian. La ii. ua f.'ruiaah. n?ii?Six colors on one stem, vigorous growth forming alm?s'. a tree. N: uiophiU lusigmi. Giandiflara, phasyliidct new variety? N-ar blue flowers with white centre. Nolauo atripiicifolia?Showy blue trailing flower. Ma va xobria, : new)?White with geranium blotch and stripe. Tropceolurn Pelegrinum or Canary Bird Flower?Beautiful cnt aud lriuged flowers, app-ars like ? canary bi d. G-'Ut-n tan Week stock?*5 auperk varieties mixed. Auao.dlis Indies? Unique flowers, star shape.', color a rich Ch u-*e. blue, with curious and beautifal golden anthers in the cent e Iberia Corooorin, or Large Wiiite Rocket Candytuft. Helechrysum bracieaium album, (nt w)?Elegant showy Ca leoiixis, Atkinsonia, Dtummondii, Elegans, Ac , 5 kinds mixed ?r loot-is brilliant, of cream, golden and dark red oolois, bio.die I, striped and spotted with cumsou. Pa< k.'tes cou.uiuiug 56 varieties for $2; 1M varieties (4. Vegetable S eilsol the growth of '844. A large collectio i oi tin ' healthy Plants in flower are in thu Conservatory window. Bouquets at d Flowers always on nanJ N V DAHLIAS?A fine collection are now under cultiva tion; plants will be ready in due season. Orileis attended to with promptness, and thankfnllv received by JOHN RGM1MSON, (La'e of Nibl .'s Conserv .tory,) mhlt lmrc 562 Broadway (observe) cor. Prince st mnm FARM T'> LET tIR FOR bALk:, c intaiuiug about WHiH acres, on Juniper Swamp road, Newtown, 3)g miles jaJdirom VV illiamsburgh ferry, witli a good farm-house, btrn, new well, Ac.; plenty of assorted fruit; in a health* aitusiiou. scenery rom tunc, and adjoining two lurupike roads. Those who aie iu want cf audi a place wil seldom me*t such an off. Enquire of J. O DONOHUE, 234 Front st N Yo k, ou- door from Peck slip. mhtO Jt'ec Wg FARM FOR SALE?Price $1500?'wKUtainiug 18 JSIxI'crfs. . beautiful ami healihy situation, two miles from ^J^tue ra Iroa.t depot at th* city of New Bruu'wick. New J.rse., on the old road 'o Ph ladelphia. On the premises art a go. d hous- two bores, ciib, Ac , aad a varietv of fruri trees ? For further i> formating inquire of >lr R. DERMOTT, adjoin ing tl e place, or of PETEt. C. CORTELYOU, Type Found er, 13 (lumber st, N-w York. If uot sold by Is of April will be to let mh2b 8t* m FOR SALE?A FARM?Situated at Islip, Suffolk Ml r Utv SAUL?I KcHp'ouuty, L 1 , adjoining -mtthtown. Said Farmcontaina JEZsj ncei; 30 of whi. " Jiich is Wooa; the remaining 52acreaare in a state of good cu tivauon. There are two Houses, and also two good wells of water oa the farm; a large barn with car riage house and stabling for eight; an ice house; a good large garden, enclosed iu a picket fence, fruit trees, Ac., Ac. Any further iufoimatiou may be obtained at No 83 Bleecker street a few doors west from Broadway. Half toe purchase mrm-v ee remain on mortvau* flIS Im*m ? A SUPERIOR FARM FOR SALE?Consisting of 100 acies, including a su table quautity of couveuirutly ?ituaud salt meadow, being the northerly part of >tral tou's Nick, about 1)( miles from Flushing lauding, and half a mile from I ollege Point lauding, and bord-uug lor some dis " ~ ' stirabie I tauce ou r lushing Bay, embracing most desirable locations lor c uutry seats with water priviliges. It lias ou ita large cottage hue a teuant house, large barn, Ac , a good lauding place, aud an orci.ard producing about 306 birds of apples an nudly It is w?II watered, and has several ltviug spriius of the best quality near the dwelling Upwards of 40 acres are la.d down in mowing ground and will cot about 80 tons of hiy this year ami 5 acres are covered with thrifty lo cust trees. The whole premists are of the richest i-atural soil, so ore i f it r-quiring no manure, and none of it more than one fourth of the uau ,1 quantity to produce the finest crops. The dr.ft lodg ug on theprem set with the salt grass, is sufficient to manure the whole. For terms and other pa, ticulars, inquire of PL Vl'T 8TRATT4IN, Flushiug, Long Island, or of O H. WINTER, 16 Wallstrret, New York. N. B.?The above Farm will be exchanged for ^property in the city of New York, or 56 per cent may remain on mortgage. mUI5 2w*ec ?*,-? A COUNTRY RESIDENCY. HOR HALE?Hituatrd WSSt i? the t mo of Pal ham. Weutchester Coouiy, bordering ou ,wdL*.tlie village of East cheater, about 1 ? miles from New York, containing '40 acre* of iand-- ill acre* wood land, ihe balance 90 acres w ia a high at >la of cultivation, with fruit tr.ej of <11 kinds to abundance TWt are two good Dwelling Houaea ou it, recently built, together a ith a large barn, atone hen hou-e, co. ii rib, ate 1 he place ia beautifully aituated, commanding a view of the Sound and surrounding country, it wMI be told low or nehanged for improved city property. Tct farther par ticnhrrs apply at M Want atreet, betweea Carllale and Hector atreeu. Alan, 1 Lota of Uround, >5 br 1?, en the easterly aide of the llih ' Ten lie ? ctw-en 37th aU.cTWih sfreeta. (22 Iro'rc vtu KUK HiLfc?A sp eudid, superior, and vary valuable MjlKAHM of tOO acres, rich laud, a haudaome House ezcrl ^JLuleot figfcet and ontbniidi gs, mills and machinery for lot ing, grinding Ike., about kit choice Peach Trees, and a va ri ty of other f ait; miles from Morrisu.wn, in New J?r sec and tig hours ride Irom .lew V ork; a healthy aud delight ful siiuoiou Price$0000; half can remain on it, or Will ba Hi ch uw d in part for City pr pwrty. Cost oyer $1: ,C00. Also. N -erea, with new Cotiage, Barns, fences, kc : avout 4000 IV.i eh Trees; adjoining the above Price ttuuO for full particulate apply to D.ELSTON, 55 Atlantic street, South Brooklyn. $1500 or $*MC on a Houte aud Lot in the ei'y of Brooklyn, wanted, at 7 per cent Ample security. Apply immediately to D. a-LBTON, 56 Atlantic st eat, iribll 1m*ec Houth Brooklyn. TO CAltPEN l EKB, CHVIR MAKERB, CABINET MAKERS, kc. TO LET?A Row of Brick Lota or Shops, suitable ' for Carp*uter? Chan-maker*. Cabinetmakers k'.,kc ? >?ituaied in li e rear of Watts stiee., betwe ii Varick and mslrevla Posseasiou can be had immvdiaialy Apply at 175 Huson sir at. m!i20 fit.ojwrc TOHKNT-ON HTATEN ISL * N D?Those" two 1 spl.ndid VILLAS, si uated at Svlyaioii Terrace, e.on .mt'.diug a I. lutiftil view ,f the 11 iv and Ocean?sach hiring a Stahlo, Coach. lc? and Nothing House. 'Ihe llou.i isie finished in i -alienor sty 'e with eveiy convenience, rail) Ii use having inoie tbau seven aer-* of It d. Apply to J 1). PHILLIPS k cl> . 1S3 Maid' n Line corner of Water sir- e\ N. Y. A 1st) to Let? he Three Story B ick lionet 55 Sbfitou at.eet. Enquire >~s above. mhl6 lm*ec TiTit "sTTk, ok ToTIi-A gocd DWilling IL.uie, llir ''nihon-es, Ste , with about two seies ol Jmd. si u?te in the filiate of Jsmiica, L. L, with s good wupply ol fimt t ees, flowers, kc. One nslf ol the pur chair mouey cm ren.aio or bond rod mnr gate. Enquire of CALEB WEEKS, Oir fife Hotel,or of HENRY Wl It II.' EV. at th? Mit'hing I'avi'ion. m'n2 lir'm T'O LET?< ine ol 'hemosttl sirahte e< uuiry re ide.i rSw res mi this island, litnate wihm hs>f houri ride of 'he XJa,' .t| Hall, consisting of a spacious and coneenirut dwel |ii.g, a i h stable and other outhouses aitsched, with a large ga den, conwiuug every variety of Iruit, aand oruamrnl-il treea and hrniibeiy bor particulars enquire in 23d street, first house rait of 3d avenue. "thlt lm*rc T<? LET C'R LEASE, in St. J hu's lla'l, two large Rooms on the se-otid and third stories of thr building, ,nlmirahlv adapted for llie u e cf siseciatins, or as ir ni.. i, ? for military ccmp ni's? tne '1 hird Company Nat on-l Omnia now occoHling th I'ouitlion let-a ss an .'rmory. 1 Imsa Wishing to hire for such rur|H>se? should avail tliem'elves of th-op.ottu iiy si d crura ttirin,as they aie desiiahle lr..m iheir locatio. ,i id toe f icil ty rf ingress and egress Trims made mown *od roomi iceii, by applying at the bar of the llall, from 10 >.'c ck A M. until 2 P. M., to mM'i m-rc THOMAS A I.YNCH. b'OH SALE. OR TO LEASE? I hot well known baciory, wtih 16 hits of ground, situate at Harlem, oil he 4-h avenue I railroad), bei eern litlfth and 29th sis? .... . it 'ry is a verysubstantial t - rtury brick building 40 f* t bv T' O wr ill a brick earnagt ho i r itid engine hous-adjoin lli Tne s i . ts aud avenues are | uleted aud paVr d, ail i all ass ssine.iis |nid The premisas ir ? m complete order, and rea dy 'or imirit d air mcuinmcy. The ame w II be sold or leased cheap, or each* ged f r city prop ily 'Ihree fourt1 s of tl.e IHir. baee money csn remain ou bo d aud mortgage for a long "TpplytoC. W. VAN VOORHi 8 or H P. McQOWN.36 John street, where a map of the pro erty can be seen n.hl2 lm* m () TATOKS?500 bushels prime English Potatoes, in rieel lent Older, just reci i red and for sale in lotf toituitporchaeets. w W. K J. X. TArnV'Uri, pYrin 76 South stiwt, cot. Maiden Lane. n p HA TS?SPRING FASHION. J. Nl. TICK & CO. Wo. 0 Bowery, New York, fa .. ARK uow ready to supply their customers wi'h their d^^aprmg Style of Hats, which are equal, if not superior, in point of elegance, durability, aud economy, to those sold at any other store in this eity m8 lm*m _ NKW rASHlON n ? BROWN It CO.'H ONE PRICK STORK. 173 Chat J^shain square, corner or .VIott street. Imitat.on Hearer and Mole Skin Hals, < f th* "-pring Fashion, for the low filed pr ce j ? A aisortinent of Caps, some new patterns, much admired, sold at moderate prices, wholesale and retail. m8lm*m iX SPRING FASHION. ,WM, BANT A, No. 130 Chatham street, ^(o^iposite Cha'ham I hea re,) an t 91 Canal street cor er of wooster street^ offers for sale sua inspection, a 1 ?rg* aas'-rtinent of Hats a>.d < laps, ol rhe Spring F'shi ms, nr extrt ? ? eitremety low prices, vix: Nutria Fur Hals, 03: Superfine Moleskin Silk Hats, 03; Fine Silk Hats, 03 SO. Also, a full assortment of Caps, at the lowest city prices. mhu lm*ec "A DOLLAR 8AVKD 18 A DOLLAR KARNK1L" OEN ILEMENI who make it a rule to lay out ("? their inonev to the best advantage, are respectfully notified that they can purchase Hats and Caps at ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, No. 103 Fnlton street, east side of Broadway, mnch cheaper than at any other place in the city. An inflexible adhererce to tne system of large sales. ?mall profits, and cash on delivery, enables the proprietor to offer the different articles in his line, at the following reduced rates : HATS. First quality Nutria Fur $3 SO Second " " 3 00 Moleskin 3 SO CAPS.! First quality mens' and boys 01 SO Second " 1 00 Third " " 75 These articles are not only quite equal, but in some respects (especially in the style of trimming) rnperior to any in the . city. A comparison of the qualities and prices, with those of | other establishments, will snow a deduction of 01 to 01 SO on customary prices. All Hats warranted of the most fashiouable Broadwayhatterna N.B?The proprietor's extensive arrangements enable him to offer very advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers and country merchants. m6lm*m TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS?BOOTS AND SHOES. E. JOHNSON (late Wilton & Johnson) hat Jon hand, in store 142 I hath im street, diivcilyw^^HVP Foi posite the tleatre, one of the best assorted stuck* of J: Boots aud bhoax that can be had in the city. Geutv Kip, Grain and Seal. Thi*k and Thiu Soled Boots and Shoes, \J T , ?'? 1,1 * anu i in 'I ooien ooots anu anocs, pegd and sewsd, from the Eastern mauuf-et ries ; Ladie r:?i.H R,..I>;h. 'r... Ul:fc.. ?e .I A Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, he., of every description A gr?a er variety of Children's shoes than anv oilier store in this city. G-mtleroen's fine Gaiters, twenty different kinds. Gents Buckskin Shoes, Sportsmen's, Fishermen's and Seaman's Boots. Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country mer chants an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure. mhl4 lm*rc FOR SALE THE NEW BARQUE ARIEL?Dimensions? ,131 feet length, 34 feet oeam, and ahout 9 feethold? icoppei-fasteusd, and has accommodation* for ten past seu?-rs. Apply to BOYD Ik HINCKEN, m30 3tm 0 Tnutine Building. FOR LONDON?Remlar Packet of 1st April? ? The splendid, first-cla-s, fast satliug packet ship , iPRINCe. ALBERT, Cspt. W. 8. Sebor, will posi tively sail as above, her regular day. Having moat superior aud elegaut accommodation' f. r cabin, sreoud cabin and steerage passengers, P' roil- wiahiiig to em hark should make early application on hoard, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUHR AY. iu2lm tOt) Pine aueet, corner of South. FOR LI VEH POOL?To sail oj'he 24 h Marth .1 he splendid, new and elegant packet ship, JOHN R. iSKIDDY, Wm. Skiddy, master, will positively sail us above. , Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, persons about toembaik should m ke early application onlnarJ, at Pier No.^NorH, h iver^ orto y mITrC 100 Piue street, con er Sonth. PAS9AGF. FROM GAL ?VAY, DIRECT TO |H(k NEW YORK?Tlte aup-rior, fast sailing British Malb Brig VICTORIA, will sail from Oalway on the 1st This off*rs an excellent opportunity to rersone wishing to send for their friends, residing in that pnrt of Ireland, precluding the trouble and rxpense of g >ing to ' ive. pool to embark. C on tracts for || cage, whic'i will be at a m der >te rate, must be made previnns to the 31st inst., in Older to be in lime for the steamer of'he lstof An'm Baton. For further parucuiara. apply (if by lette*. post pa d) to mli3l rrc JOH N He.Ri M AN, 61 couth street. tons, will | eUK LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet .to sail the 36th of March.?The regular fast sailing ?Packet Ship ROSCIUS, Captain A. Eldridgs.of 1,100 I positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, 56 Sonth str.ret. Price of Passage, 0160. ship The packet ship Siddons, Captain E. B. Cobb, will sue ee?'i the Roscins. ?"d ??' "Mb April. h*? regular dav. [T?" Messrs. E. K Collins St Co. respectfully request the 'ublivh Publivh-r* of newspapers, to discontinue all advertise!, euts not in their name of their Liverpool Packets, viz the Hnscius, Siddons, Sheridan, and Oarrrick. To prevent disappointments, no'ice is hereby given, that contracts for passengers can only be made with them. m 14 PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY DAILY? lrnm t'e steam oat pier between iCou'tland ana Liberty itreeis, at 5 o'clock, P. M . lauding at iutermedi<tc places. The steamboat SOU I'll AMERICA, Captain M. H. Truea d*ll, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, Tues day, Thursday and Salurdnv afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Pasiengert taking ihe above line will arrive in Albany in time to take the morning train of Cars for the Blast or West The Boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and lor speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudsan. For passage or fremiti, jqtply on board, or to P. C. Fc'inltz, at the office on the Wharf. mh I7rc NEW >? ' ? 1 MOUNTAIN. BK.I.VinK.KKHWSfc~ffi nn AND K AS TON.?Lea-e theXttBSES 2K3EL?f(><" of Conrtland street daily, auuO>>stsi.> piaa, " ?? . 01 unnriiaiiu street daily, suuoa vsli piaa, at 9 o'r.lork, A M., by Railroad from Jersey I ity to Morris town thence by post-coaches through M-ndnam, Chester, Ger man Valley. School-v's Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Cal den Washington, to Belvide e and Kaston For s ati, apply to J.Hill, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court land street. N B.?Extras furnished at the shortest notice, by applving to charl ? ' I.loath st Mor istown. in4 Im' in For lidLLl.viGRb T 1-4 O'CLOCK, A. M?F ARB 04. CITIZENS' UNION LINE VIA NEW CASTLE & FREN< HTOW.x RAILROAD This route, nckuowledged to be the most pleasant !'reiv>s-u Philadelphia and Baltimote, will be open .far travel on MON DA V next, March 34th. The unrivalled and favorite s eamboal ROBERT MOKtvl ", Captain Douglass, having been pu; ill thorough or der will take her plac- omhiseud of the Line, and the aw ift and splendid st-amboat CONSl'J1U 1'ION, Capt. Chaytor, on llie spies al 1 mure end Qnandafter MONDAY reit. Maich24lh. twk street wliarf daily, lexcept Sunday, nl IS o'cioi k, A. M for New Caatle, whete passengers will take the care (known to be the most cuiiifoitab'e in th- country) for F.erclitown, and ihere .ake the it-am boat CONST I TUT ON tor Ual iraore, arriving iu lime to (aud the only line that dtes) connect with the Line* leaving Baltimore in the afteruoou for th- 8 lU'h.and in from 4 to 6 hour* iu advance of auy ot- er line. The Lines leave Baltimore for Pin adelphia daily, except Sun days, at 7R o'clock, A. M. aud D<u< ers provided on board the Boats. Fare to Chester or Newcastle V5 cents. Fare to Baltimore 02 0U WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH. Tickets through to Wheeling and Tittsbu gn can be procured on ihe boat. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR BALTIMORE THROUGH IN S X HOURS. PHILADELPHIA WILMINGTON AnD BALTIMORE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Via Chester, Wilmington, Elktnn, Havre de Grace, Itc. FARE REUUi-kD. On and afar .HON UAt next, Marco 24 h, the cais will leive the d"p it, corner o Eleventh and Market atreeta, LI f. Hows:? DAILY, at 4 P. M. . _ ? .. " (extent Sundays) at I0X P M. Or on th> arrival of the 6 I' \1. tram fr nn New York, F.iRE HIRER DOLLARS (t^Tlie above are the only lines that connect with thoae avti g leavn g Baltimore for th? to ith and Wr.t WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH Tickets through to Wheeling; or Pittahuigh cin be procure! at thereout. Iissenger. for 1 itt?bur*h take the ateamboat at Brnwny lie. (C7"Weitern Paaenrers leaviuit New York at 5 P.M., can take the L n* tha Le v>a Philsuelph a at 10)4 "-M., and arrive .... . J. . in time Tor ,hr ears leaving at T AM f ir the K.i eto Whet lug, $tj?Pittsburgh. $12, Ketuiuing. the cars letve Bait more at 9 A.M. and I P.M. Frel?lat Pasii ngtr Trnln, FARE KIKTY CENTS. A Passenger Car will lie attached to ihe Freight Train, leav ing the Depot at 5 P M. H are SO cents. P<u?eiigrrs by ttiis Line will airive in Baltimore at an e? ly hour i eit u.nin i.g. Krelght to Baltimore. DKY GOODS, 12H cents p-r 100 lbs. OKU' ERIES, Sic. 10 cents tier ion lbs Oie.nhts rece ved and forwarded daily (except K (todays) from the Depot, corner of Uth and Market atrreta, and .blivedin Bal limine a, an vail er hour than bv any other li. e <4. H. olIDUt LL A rt Phils. ITT"" For any information inspecting the ah. > Lines, apply to ^ tiKU. ? FISDER, Aseut, mh2l |m No. 7 W.ill 6 W est streeta. FRE HUT TO BALTlMfHE. D?v Good. .2)4 ^jsm^.Mi.b.^O.i cs-aixa. lie... no. PH1LADKLPH1 A, WILMINGTON ?ND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. iw&WWfr&Al The rh lalelphia, Wilmington and kaltimoie Kulroad Co. hsvo mrdeexieusiia aid p-'imanent ariamentente to transport freigilt between Philadelphia a il Be tiniorc On anil afier Tuesday ? exl, ilarch 2th, lr. ight for Baltimore; Wheeling. Va ; Pit s' urgn. Pa ; ??ichmotd, V? ; Pe er burg, V-t ; or any point ?< uih ar wen, will b? lecened at tl e, (ornerllih aud Maiket sireeta. daily, Hundiya exrepten, until :t o'.l ck P. M., and be da ivered at anrailie, hour in Ba.tiuiore ihau by any other line tiooda consigned to tne Pnbseriher in Philadelphia, will be fin warded (lieeot eon.missi.rn) immediiteiy unar Bal;i imnre. aud Irniryihence to tnv pou I s uih or west. Miiecial contracts for freight will tie made at reduced rates. Shi, ia*n will b ar in mind that ibere will be oo necesatty f?r insuring bv this line, as there is no risk i f dain ige by water, for further information apply to il-.p. P KISHER, Agent, No. 6 West strwet, opponta the Union Trvnsi<omiion Line. G. H, HUDDElL, Agent, mh!7 Iw gbx Depot tlth assd Iwarkn streets. Phils 'I* WINES?200 aaies Bridrnut Mlln.. from SXIb to M. of the A beit quahty'aud.mannfacture, for sale ni on very reasons lie terms, by ' ?IE-.COlLINb li CO., m7 en 31 Hnmh st. HEMP?J00 bales snpurior Dew Mot. for aale by E. K. COLLINL ft CO., ml?*? if Booth su -eL M COUNTRY SEAT TO LET-To let for one or |M^mora years, tike beautiful cuutry seat known aa Wood ^dkajawu situated on the Norih River, at foot of Sid street, containing about II acres. '1 he dwelling house is new, having been bnilt last year, and the stable and other buildiugs are in good order. Possession can be gieeu immediately. Eur terms, apply to W. L. CDlflNG, mB 2w*ee 58 Wall street, or 748 Broadway. TO LET. AT FORDHAM. WESTCHESTER CO. N Y. ? A LA ROE and convenient Cottage, formerly occupied iv Ttv Bassford, with a Oardeu. -ml Fruit Trees ol every oescrl' tiou, adjoining?sitnnted within two or three hundred yards of St. iohn'? College. The New York ana Har lem Railroad Cars run to and from New York sis times a day. A|i|>lv at 470 Pearl erreet New York fin lm#e TO SECRET SOCIETIES. TO LE i'?From 1st May nest, the large Room in the upper story of ho?secorner of East Broadway and Ct ?it'_s sun j us ssv-'aoi.viuci ui rjtut ui'iaunay auu vu mBs'^arina street, fitted np lor a lodg* room. Can be seen ?etweeu 2X and 5 o'clock, P. M. For further particu lars enquire of K SPfER.51 Catharine strket, or of J HECHT, W M?. re street ' fiji tm*m B i o l.r.1 ? ihe large three story and attie Brick Dwelling House, situated on the north-easterly corner of the Seventh Avenue and Thirteenth street, with a fine , Croton water, kitchen ranges, marble mantel*, sliding doors, See., and in an improving neighborhood. Rent low to t good tenant. Also?Kour three story and attic Brick Houses, with Stores underneath, on the easterly side of Sixth Avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth stieets, with slidiug doors, marble mantels. Croton water, lie., suitable for esspeclable families in moderate circumstances Also? Five three story Brick Houses, of a similar kind, on the ?asterlyside of Greenwich Lane or Avenue, near the Eighth Avenue, and opposite the large square. Also?The three story Briclt House, with a Store underneath, on the easterly side of the Eighth Avenue, between 13th and 14th streets, with marble mantels, sliding doors, Croton water, See. All of the above Stores are excellent stands for business, and are suitable for drygoods and fancy-goods, ladies' shoe stores, china and mrthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectionary, Ac. The Stores, wjtff tb? front basement-room, will be rented se parate from thefMnmug parts if required, theie being covered areas in (rout flirnfeli lie. G. H WINTER, fll tm*re I 16 Wall ? leet SHAhSPtAKh HO 1 EL, CORNER OP WILLIAM It. DUANE STREETS, N Y JmA THE subscriVer respectfully informs the pnblic that ffkjW he has leased the above establishment, and is now |r .pared to accommodate them with Board and Lodg ng, on r, ry moderate terms, It has been pat in the most thors ign and complete repair, painted and relittrd with additional jew furniture, and he will not, as usual, say wh >t he iuiends to do, but soliciu the travelling community to visit and give him a trial, and judge for themselves, that the establishment under his management is deserving the patronage of the public. The 11 cation bring central to business, offers inducements to mer chants from the countiy [from its retired situatiou] unsurpass ed hy any other house in the city. Terms <1 per day?per week in proportion. The subscriber begs to call the attention of parties that the Assembly Room wi'l be to let to those giving Balls and Con cert for the rrmainiug part of the season, and that the room will shoitly he put iu complete repair, andfit'ed up iu a magni ficent style He further calls the attention of the professional gentlemen of the law,, that his room for arbi rators and referees nas undergone alteration, and that he is ready to accommodate ihem on reaaonabk terms?which will be seen by his regula tion of room hire. N.B.?A select number of permanent boarders will be taken on very moderate terms. m6 2w*rrc MINORD S. THRESHER. WILSON'S HOTEL AND GlNINO ROOMS, No. B Gold street., Hew Yoek. HIlstc thk CSLKDOM*). I ENRY WILSON (of Brooklyn) begs to inform his friends ' and the public generally, that he will cp-u the ab?ve named es'ablishment ou v ON DAY, the loth of March, 1845. Tha hnn.e has been thoroughly repaied aud newly furnished in every department, and the ve.y best of every description 11 liquors cigars wines, domestic and imported ales and porte, will be prov ded. An Urdiuary will be served up every day frrm 1 to 3 o'clock P. M.; and Refreshments will be fu.uished at any hour during the day aud evening. f 2.1 linje NATIONAL HOTEL, No. 5 Court!andt street and 87 Liberty street NEW YORK. Three Doore from Broadway. ""PHIS NEW HOTEL will he opened on the 20th inst .when A the Proprietors will he happy to accommodate their friends tad the public with boird. Th- Lodging R oms are large and nry, aud the internal arrangements suen at cannot fail to please The location bring in the centre of business, it offers induce ments to merchants from other cities aud the country, not sur pas-ed by any other House iu this city. The Furniture Beds and Bedding, are all new and made ex pressly for this establishment. Families who w sh Parlors and Sleeping Rooms> be i andsome'y accommodated The snbscribers assure their friends and the public, that no efforts on their part shall be wanting to secure the comfort and convenience of their guests, and r hile they solicit n share of their patronage, they hope, by uuceastng attention, to the duties of their vocation, to give en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WKCKOKK & CO. f 7 m * re NEW YORK HOTEL, 731 Broadway, New York City. 'PHIS new and splendid establishment rpened on the 1st of A December last, situated in the most fashionable qnar er of the city, is now in full n|>-ratioi. "1 h- entire front on Broad way, between Washington and W'averley P'aces, has been ar ranged iu suits of apartments, ar.d tori ishedin the most taste, ul aud elegant manner tor the accommodation of families and sin ge gentlem*n, and no pains will be spared to render the misi tier ectsatpfaction to all who may favor the h >use with then pa'ron ge. It will be r.oudnctcd on the European and Ameri can systems combiurd, leaving it optional with persons to take mealiat I ulile d'How, >n private parlors, or a la carta, as may suit their The loecti- n of the house, the great number of large auti beautiful parlors, the spacious and airy halls, render it a mos desirable residence for those v.siting the city either on business or p'easure J H. BiLLINGS, Proprietor. mB lm*m B. MONNO I'. Restaurateur. HOBE'.S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC Si IDES, long known as the mos du-able. convenient and etrgaut of Extension Tables manu factured: warranted to run rosy constantly, and nnt to W affected by dampness or warping of the w tod. A large assort mem of choice patterns, suited tor private parlors, hotels,S'eanv llirill U? I.IIUIVC. UM IUS. ausva u sus ) s s v uv |'isi l?a?| iianM?,e wwiii boats, &c.f together with a general a&so'tmeot of Cabinet Kur J.atthe;" uiture, always on hand, at the Wsrerooms, No 140 Grand street corui and i corner of Elm, where the public is respectfully invited to call and examine. "N? mrl lm*rc rh-ENGH CHINA AND GLASS WARE. FGEKARDIN, Commission Merchant, 15 John street, ni ? stairs, has just received on consignment,and offers for sale wholeae or retail, a splendid assortment of the above articles comprising?Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Sets Dessert, Tea and Supper Sets; Toilet Sets; sing'e Cups and Mugs, with mottos; Cologte Bottle Figures; Tete a tece Seu, kc., lie. Also, plain and rich Cut Glass Decanters, Water Bottles, Celery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tumblers, Goblets, Wiues, Sic., &e. Astral and Solar Lamp Shades and Globes. ll77"Orders for Cnt Glass Ware Gilding and Paiating'on China Ware, to match any pattern, executed promptly. (25 lm*rc I L AMI'S,. CHANDAL1EHS, Ol HAN DOLES, be.?The subscribers hive made such ar angemeuta with the manu facturer*, that they will, alter the 12th day of March, be read) to eihibit by far the beat assortment of House burnishing Goods in the United States, at at very reducd prices They

ue uow op-mug a complete assortment ol' eotiiely new ana b-autiful goods, such as Solar and Lard Lamps and Chards liers, a great variety of patterns, suiraola for private houses, chuichrs. hotels, and ateainboa>s: some new and bvantiful Gas ami Candle Ch.uidili- s, Girandoles, Mantel Lights, brackrts Pendants, Lanterns, be. A g-eit variety of new style E nglish Goods, received rer ship Europe and now opening, such as line quality plated Bislret* Waiters, Csstbrs, Snuffers and Trays, Tea and Coffee Urns, ishes, he. be Kich fsncv and plain Tea Trays in great variety, fine Table Cutlery in sets and doreni and every variety ol' richcnt and plain Olasswaie?in short, almost every article required foi housekeeping, may b' found at th' subscribers' show rooms. WOKAiM & HAUOHWOUT, mhlilm'm SSI Broadway LaMPS, GlK A \DOLhS, HALL. LANTERNS, AND CANDELAllRAS, FOR THE SPRING TI1ADE ETZ, BROTHER b CO , No. 13 John stre-t, are manu facturing and aave always on hand, a complete assortmeni of articles in their lint, of the f. Ilowiur descriptions, which they will sell at is ho'essle or retail, at low pri> es for cash:? Improved Chemical Chi and Uampheue Lampa. S ilar Lam >>s. Gilt and Bronzed. u great variety. "Cornelius b Co.V' celebra ed Pat ul Polar L*r I Lamps. Giraudo'es, vari us patterns, gilt, silvered or bronzed. Suspending Solus, Doric Uampheue Lamps, B acket Solars, Hi 'e do do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do d> Pa rut Lard Hand Lamps, St ,ud do do Brill sum Hand Lamp*, t ampheu' Chandelier*, Suiarior Chemical Oil, Pure S|wrm Oil, .'0 Cauiphene, Solar and Lard Oil, do Burnmg Fluid, Refined Whale Oil. mil IB Jroec W D FRENCH FLINT GLASS WORKS, AT WlLLIAMSBUltOH. L. I. DEPOT 90 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YCRK Mksshs. BEHGKH b WALT-R, known for a long series of years as extensive manufacturers of Watch-Crysials and Eliot Glassware, in the Department .Moselle, France, have the nonor to iuform Glass Dealers Importers of Watches, sad famishing houses geuerally .that they have established a Branch of their tiauitlaciory in this country; and, in order to fulfil to entire satisfaction all commands that might he addressed to the in, have engaged experienced and skitlul workmen, both Kn-uchand English. '1 he beauty of this Glass, the tasteful style of all the asSsi les they manufacture, as well as monersle prices, aud promptitude iu the execution of orders, will, ihe) loudly hope, secure to iheiu a large share of patronage from American and foreign Houses. [S. B?Customers in lbs habit ol tratitmitting orders to thetl house in i'aii',27 I trad is Poissonniere, or their general Depot ol Urysts1 30 Paradis I'oissinmere, Pa. "s, will please forward th'm direst to 90 William s'n?I New Y ork. fl6 lm#ec WARRANTED THE CHEAPEST AND THE BE8I' IN NEW YORK. J STOUVi.NhL to CO., Mintr.i'Tvassi or QLA8* A jV D LAMPS 'or xvray rticsimns. RESPECTFULLY call the stteeiiou ul Country Merchaula, Hotels, Steamboats, Ship Masters and I indies, to o r as ?orlm. nt, ?ta great deduction.being inai ufactuted by ourselves uid w hich cannot be suqussed iu quality and workm .uihip, comprising a complete ti-so-tu ent ot new pa terns i f Cut anu Plain tilass mModule*, (v>l T, Lard end Camphine Lam>e llraci eis, Caud la< Ms, Hall Lamps and Lanterns, with Ml h ut Glass Astral aud other Lamps altered to Solar and Lard and re lout bed equal to new. tilass oid Laini s made to o'drr and to match any pattern. (T7*Goods loaned for Parlies. Fietory 29 Gold street Wholesale and Retail Store N'e. J Julio -tree!, near Bmsdway. inn 19 lm*ic Watches:?watcher and jewelry.?ino*# who wish to purchase Gold or Hilver Watches, Gold CI ains, Gold Pencils. Keys, be., will find it greatly to then nivaut 'ge to call ou the subscriber, who is selliug all descrip tion* ol' tlie above at retail much lower [ban any other house u the city. Gold Winches as low as $20 and 9XS each. Watches ? ej Jewelry "ich.-uiged or bought All Watches war ranted to keep goad tune or the money refunded Wsiehes, .ad lewelry repaired in the Vat manner and warranted tt innch less than the usual prices. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches sad Jewelry, ml 1 m ? in and retail. ? WsITst.. up stain. OecOND HAND CcOTHING AND rURNITCRE ?3 WANTED?And he highest cash price given tors'! kinds ot cast otf clothing aud good secoud-hsnd Furniture. I'ersoi s wishing to dispose of the same, will do well to esll on the sub scriber, or address a line through th# Post Office, which wi1' be punctually attended to. _ B. LEVY. 49H I hatham sireet. N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of geuilo men s Clothing, cheap lor cash. f3? lm*ic Sk.tclM. of Philadelphia Cla,gym.?. ?X"a"X Dur,?T$th. cerlnin^how^ver^ihat hllemftI1 weknow il '? & fr??vs by a0ieg?e?,han * *7 an" was'foun'j : fewysrss jsisx ,:t, &ss IittlePoue an^hbet0U?ht jjimto take chargeofthe. I U? child'vJZSZ", ^ tha'iip^ ?' ?? $" ISS^ta pracliuonVr Or S ' hlifpr<lCf'uor tbat well known pivis. &?ssgxaavsrs. tfklaihB M Wtt8' and 88 an ln(Jucement offered to take him into partnership, guaranteeing to him ?? income of at least butto all these emrea iliedfar?Hm.r.ned ? at"tt,kear- He accordingly ap plied for admiaaion into the aaered eliice to theRt New vl k Lh hWt' uho WdB then Blshop of bere he met with an obstacle which came well nigh ruining his prospects so far as entrance into the ministry was concerned Ii appears that whilst Ducachet was an M D. he had penned an eulogy on Dr. Dykeman, in which he re-, fleeted very severely on the character of a certain physician, (a particular friend of Biahop Hobart's * 1 SStSSr" " Thf.VjyV0 CS" *'m, 'l'r raaucer This led Bishop H. to refuse him ordi lation, and he was compelled to make amilirminn to another Bishop who, after considerable difficul y, agreed to ordain him. The history of thi? .f air will be found in the ? Life of GrUwoM"w,[" ecemlvneThir? ?h ftookl15'n> and Published very ^eceutly. This said Smne has, a fondness lor ra ?ln8mHn qUttrre!s? and 18 uever satisfied until he an manage to raiae a disturbance between the nigh and the low church parties. Dr. Ducachet shortly after his elevation to the priesthood wa' r??n nf M rec,?r ovcr a Parish in the southern sec iion o Mantchiueia He afterwards removed to Norfolk, and was, in October. 1834, appointed to n a present rectorship. His are ot the firm ?.? T\a? ? our cIer?y ca" equal him in the i Uipu ; his gestures are frequent and most of them in place; one ot hia actions in the rostrum w> mu.t condemn, viz: that of pinching the nose ^ habit which the Doctor should speedily cure ? j Stephen's church was built in .n 1822, and was lor a long time the resort of tha St Pnih ?! T?"' rh,? Vave now deserted it for ' Pnd'p s and St. Luke s; the result is that there is plenty of elbow room, aud the average attend ancedoes noi fill one ha'f of the church I ?r summer,whilst the Dr. was absent on a tour through lwLr!,,alW8Kl^ |,r,a,:hfr from . i pulpit. This w?g, observing the de' serted appearance of the church, took ?ot hta toi "the congregation of the dead." Vtce Presiden,' Dallas is one of the vestrymen and attends morning ^rvice with his family. John Hare Powell, Cha, N. Bancker, Professor Hare, the Cadwalladers and Lvanaes, and Markoes, and others of that circle ar? lie owners ot pews in this house of worship The paintings at St. Stephen a are very fine, and all ap J? t,W 8ol"mn?y of the place, except one, s^Inre representation ot a play from Shak' We had forgot to mention that the Dr. is one of he Grand Chaplains ot the Masonic Society, and i tbat he has distinguished himself as the Be viewer of Colemau'a Antiquities," aud the writer r'vSThPtan -T?e '8 H,?hChurch-sal" ry ^2000. The Dr. is for ail feasts and no lasts?he is also exceedingly attentive and kind to the elder y unniurried Indies of his congregation, and by mem much and deservedly beloved Rev William H Odkmikimkr, A. M ?Is the ?on of John W. Odenheuner, originally from Ches er, Delaware county, but more recently ? nercliaut of good standing in this city. Rev Mr. >18 a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, ?nd was a classmate of Richard Newton, the Rec a'tmhio in .kU.ST A<ter con?P'eting his coutse ol uudiee in that Institution, he entered the New York I rotestant Episcopal Seminary, and applied himself w ith great diligence to the study of divini V m ? 7aa uerT ""bibed his h'gh church views, and before he ltfl it was sndlv afflicted wuh New mania aud Puseytsm. In 1837, through the influ ence of his near relative, the Biahop of Michigan he was appointed to the Rectorship of St Paul's' Detroit, but he did not continue with this congre gation more than a year or two. for as soon as the p 'y ?LSt F7ra "!TI,ed h,m to the assistant Rectorship of that ancient parish, he left St Paul's Detroit, and came to Philadelphia. Ceitatnly ihi.' wasi not robbing Peter to pay Paul. The Rector it thai time was the Rev. Wrn. H Delancey, D.D. n 1941, Dr. D. was unanimously elected to ths Episcopate of Western New York,aud was incon sequence obliged to resign his charge and remove hither; Mr i> succeeded him, obtaining thereby a salary of 93000, to say nothing ol the fat fees and ?erquisttea which would swell :t up to. at lean 94000. As a preacher, Priest Odenheimer is much idrnired ; he delivers his sermons in a chaste and agreeable style, and his language is so plain, that hJnJThL"1 k t ,n ,he cpun?r?'8atio'> can compre bend htm; his favorite theme is church govern nent, and he handles this subject in n masterly nauner; he is, perhaps, the most consistent h gh churchman in Philadelphia?strict to the letter in carrying out the rubrics, even so tar as to have laily mauns and vespers The congregation are ondlv attached to him, and favor him in most all lis views, nor do they attempt to check him u> mme of his uliraisms ; the only difficulty that has ??ccurred between him and the veBtry, has been is relation placing a cross on the epire. Priest O was the first Protestant clerical in this coumry to introduce the wearing of the caasock in public - it |<said by some that he wears it at the r< quest' ot | Dr. Pusev, which ih not unlikely. The Willmgs -timses. Sergeants, Norrises. Lewises, Smiths. In' (, Hiddiop, McCalls, and others ot the aristo jacy, attend service at St Peter's, at the corner ol nne and 1 hird streets, and some of them, like the rnartsees of old, are to b- seen in the highest v-ats of the Synagogue. The eccentric Benny C. wiicocka,holds a prominent pew in the middle <t?le; hetsihcaante tudividutl who became so enraptured with the performances of ihe "divine canny,' that he presented her with a magnificent thawi, valued at 91000 To ntone for this sin, he 'resented a chime ot eight bells to the vesiry of St Peter's. The pew holders at this Church arc noted for their impoliteness to atrangers, whom they compel to ait in some uncontforiable pews in the corners uncushioned and full of mutilated prayer books' or else to stand during th? service. The oulv ex' ceptton is F. Uumey Smith, K.-q , who is noted for 'us courtesy to strangers; he occupies the large family pew norih of the chancel,anJ we advise sn loumera here who may chauca to visit St Peter's io apply lor Mr S 's pew. The ladies of St Peter's are very iiduatriously employed dunug the week in making surplices lor destitute parishes. The Directress of this Society is the beautiful and accomplished Mies Ts v the st?p daughter of Dr. M y, 0f Arch street! RHvoLirnoN in Iciiahok.? It would seem from th* British patera, that there has been a revolution in the Island of Iohaboe, the guano place. We must i ay mat in all our acquaintance with revolutionary history, ? renin Sou h America, which "teems wi<h n volution i-veiy hour," we rt member no fvent ot this kind, an.I foi such motive*. A revolution in 1 *haboe muat b? upon grouids never belore taken tor inch a purpoie. Mail Faimjrfs?A genth nun recently from the Ninth, gave us yesttrdnv some little inxighi into the enure of the numerous mall failure* with which wo are annoyeJ. T'tvrlilng South by the mail line, he '0?k passage at Wilmington on the mail stesmer for Charleston ; before or shortly alter leaving Wilmington, ai plication tvaa to?he cptain to tak> a brig in tow ! Alter considerable haggling, a bargain wai stunk, the master ot the hng agreed to pay |7ft tor towage, and ?he J was accordingly raa<'? faat to the steamer In crossing th<- bsi the brig grounded, and fur six or eight horn* the boat wared for the riaing of the tide to take her off! When this occurred, the boat proceeded with her tow, hut the conatquence was that the mail steame- arrived nt Charleston some eight hours behind her time! The railroad tisin had deprrted hour* before, end thus the I'ni'i 1 At lies mail w is detuned J4 hours, anil the whole mercsniiie community sou'h ot Charleston were deprived if their rmreipon.lence ! This is but a solitary Instance which has come to light, and we record it for ihc ?enet t f tne successor ot Wick'ilf *, to whom we shall taki cars to sand this paper ? V. O. Tropic Man h 14 A Whoi.ibai.k Work?Eight or ten member* of the family of Jeaso Glover, near Fulton, in Louiaisna, bava been poisoned recently. Four of his negroes snd one child ol Mr. O hsve died. Two other obillren arc dangerously ill and not expected to survive. A negro bat hem arrested on suspicion of having poisoned vhe family. New Oriean* [Goriorpocdence of the Herald J New Orleans, March 12,1B45. Shocking Weather?Mud and Muttc ? The St. Charlet?Trade and Theatrical!?Succ tit of the Opera?Borghete?The Seguing?Sunn Bell Rin gers, ire. Dakr Bennett - Forty eight hours ago we were revelling in all the heat and glorious sunshine of summer, and now we sit huddled over a crackling and blazipg fire of pine wood, aud feel chilly even here, llain, rain, rain?incessant rain day and night, and dullness holding empire over all. Except in London,I never saw such a splendid specimen of suicidal weather, j The streets are deserted, the stores empty, the. gut ers full, trade at a stand, cabs never on the stand, and the only hour that a man can be said to live a all, is from 3 to 4, t e. during dinner at the ft. I Charles-there the damp misty atmosphere is changed to the savory steam of turtle and soup; instead of the eternal splash and splosh ot the gutters, one hears the cheerful pop, pop, pop ot the corks, Hiedsiech, Star, or Cltquot; instead ol the rushing waters on their onward course, we | quietly discuss our second course leisurely and in ?eace, listening to the gently gurgling stream ot claret as it falls babbling into one s glass, and mingles musically with the hum and murmur ot I ">cial chat, sustained by the three or tour hundred diners at this, magnificent table d hole, among whom are ihe inhabitants ot all parts ot the globe, and as many languages are spoken, as was ever he tid in the tower ot Babel. The annexation of Texas created little excite ment here, but 1 am told, that many mercantile firms are making preparations for carrying on busi ness to a large extent in the newly annexed state. No doubt it will give rise to many speculations; but it will require considerable time to render Texas a profitable field ol legitimate trade. Business of every kind is dull here, especially during this wretched weather, so there is little to alk of except ihe amusements. Among them, tne I-alian Opera ranks first of course. They played I Puriiani three times last week to *?od, but not .treat business, say an average ot #400 per night Borghese is quite a favorite here, but not the pet lane was in New York. Perozzi is well known here, and takes his proper rank, that is an ordinarily .tood tenor, bui by no means an efficient primo t-i ?r. Nor is Tomasi valued at more than tiis worth, a good tecondo bano. Still Orleanois re ceive and support ihent tolerably we 1,because ihey 1 are the only trou,? likely to be here tor some | iin"*, and any troupe is better than none, to an audience who are lovers of music. On Monday evenrng the opera ot Behsario was I produced with good ettect. to a house which could 1 not amount to less than #500, allowing tor the nu merous orders and large pany of clacqueurs, who really earned their money, lor ihey were most en thusiastic in their plaudits Madame Ricci was very favorably received, and well deserved to be so; but the determination, of a very evidently packed party, to applaud every passage she sang, whs somewhat too palpable, and tended to mar her -fioris rather than aid hersuccess^ Toman us Belt -ario, was tolerable?no more. Borghese's rote is aot so well adapted to her as many inhere, but she received enthusiastic plaudits, and a shower ot bouquets The opera is well put on the stage, and , the chorus, though small in numbers, perfect and | passably good. The orchestra, 30 in number, led by La Manna is good, but not excellent. Tne j next opera is to be Lucrecia Borgia. So much lor the Italians. . , . , .. . r The Bohemian Girl nas proved a decided lailure, and is wiihdrawu. This has been caused not by the want of merit in the piece itself, (though, by the way, it is a musical melodrama, rather than an opera) but by the shamefully imperlect state ol the choruoeH, and miserable style in which the ac nou ot business of the piece wae done. In all my theatrical experience, 1 never saw anything more impotent, lame and unfinished, than the gelling up of pieces in the American theatres here ; and this with so instructive and excellent an example be torr the eyes of ine mantigriiieni ns is bflutdtd by ihe French theatre in this city. The Seguiti troupe conclude a most unprofitable engagement here on Saturday, and go to Mobile, ? hence to Charleston, and will reach New fork On* Bull announced his last concert prior to his departure tor Europe, las', night, at the American Theatre, but it was postponed because the orctus tra positively refused to play tor him } 1 know not. But I do not think he grfeved much for I saw him dancing gaily with a leading belle at the soirei at the Si Charlts, on Monday night. (M dU, ihat the French company wil visit New York next summer Will iliey not be welcome . The Bell Ringers have been playing at Vicks burg, Natchez, and Baton Rouge, during the past week, and have been as eminently successful as usual. Corbyu, their manager, is here completing his arrai'gemenis loi a trip to Havana with them I have no doubt they will reap a rich harvest thete (or many Habaneros who heard them here were delighted with their performance, and strongly urged them to cross the Gull Stream to the sunny Island ot Cuba. ? Who ' From Jamaica and thk Pacific ?By the Law rence, seven dsvsfrom Kingston to New Orleans, ,ve have the Jamaica Morning Journal, ol the "'The* local news from Jamaica and other neighboring I island* of little intereft. Kingston wa? th' *c.?Le ol reneral festivity, in consequence ot the hospitalities ex tended to the Governor* of two of the Wurdwart Islands -Col Sir Charles Kitzroy and Sir Henry McLeod. We ?mv" previously announced that they were to meet there to fix upon the *ite of a penal settlement tor Great Britain s poai. at ion t ?i'hin and contiguous to the Gull We learn that Col. McDonald lata Governor of Sierra Leone has b. en appointed Lieut. Governor of Dominica The'new slave trade, carried on under the ettronsge af the Britiah O ivvrnment aenni to flourish apace, not ouly among the iGands ot the West Indie., but on the main I Und possesions of England. A considerableportion, we observe, of a l*te Jamaica Journal, i? occupied in the dit cuaaion of the question whether the Legislative Assembly acted wisely In limiting the number of Hill Coolies, (that i?, bond laborers Irom India.) to be introduced into iitmaicit, by way of experiment to two thousand ; while another issue of the same paper notices with much relish the arrival a; Britiah Guiana of an "immigration trans port" charter, d by half a dozen gentlemen of Sierra Leone with the large cargo ol 348 "emigrants The ,?tr< duct ion of the ' Hill Coolie* ?into Jamaica, would n uct seem to be but the shifting of the scene of the Gave trad" from Africa to India, and the filling up at Sierra Leone of " ?migration tranapoits with a Truman cargo only another ."mofor loading " slave ? schooners - the change ol scne and the char ge of name alike.bcing for the purpose of t.gahzing, under the patronage of a nowerfml state, a traffic which under other circumstance, i* held to be piracy, and hunted down by consent of the WThe overlaid mail from the Pacific had ?rnvedi-io fhagre. bringing dates to the 16th January. The U nigfte Savannah, the arrival of which at the Sandwich Islands we noticed two days srnce. as also the sloop War r. n was on the Pecflc coast on the 14th of January, and expected at Lima in a month Hon. John A Bryan U. 8 CAttr* d'Jlfftireito Peru, and Mr. Crump, U 8 CAare, to Cmli were at Ch-gres The lollowrng is a Hat of the vessels of war in the Pa" fl on theil.Vh Jarusry viz^ 1mmcan: Savannah, 60 guns; War en. 24; Levon JO. S-rark U; Belief, 6. AVrncV-Urai te, 60; Triumphant JO; B -i-u'.a J4; Phaeton. 4; Eusone, 64; Chart#, 64; Ambus -i <!<?'->r Fntlieh" Collingwood, 60; Thaiia, 4'J, America. M Fifguart 4Ji Modest, 20, Talbot. 'J?; Caryalo.t, *8; English stesmera, Ccmotan and Salamander Steamboat Explosion and Loss op Life ?We have brfi>re us h copy <t h letter from Mr. Wig gins, bonidirg oMrer ef 'he t us torn House to the roller tor At thii port, giving the details of a dreadful explosion that occurred on the tow boat Pilot. Captain Enmn, on the 10th inat. At noon the Pilot wee in 1he art of going alongside tho brig Pioneer, bound up when all her boilers gave way with a terrible concussion. So violent was the explosion that a part of the boat was thrown into the air with such forco as to rarry away the topgallant msst and foretopgallaut yard of tno Pioneer and otherwise injure her. The Tilot is a con plete wieck. The pilots at the B dize, immediately alter the accident, sent their whale and pile' boa's to the ?cene of distress. By this disaster Wm. B Pagan, the first engineer, was killed in an in stent; Wm Webster, branch pilot, who was on board the btig and Wm rteily,second erglneer were badly In i'lre'; therap'ain ol the Pilot, three dick hand', and four firemen slightly hint; and three persons, Mr Dsvla (iter rsman), Mr Berry, otid another, missing Mr Wig gir.s inh ra, from the nature of the wounds inflicted by the explosion, that there was very little water in the boilers .it the time of the catastrophe Captain Brown and several o'hera were thrown c ft the vassal by the con etission. but were picked up by the crew of the brig. Phe engimer killed waa on duty at the time ?If. O. Pie. March 14. Anntrcmov of a <1irl ?A girl, under 14 years >f uge, nim*d Strati If Harritsnr, was enticed from her paten's, in the city. on Sucday last, by a >oung nru named Isaac Sutton Ho took her to Laurence's arem, on St. Paul street, and sent for his lather i nd u Oieol'tQsm pretended to be a magistrate, an init' d the couple i , matrimony He then tnoktbegu) t) his father's, and pess'd 'he night with her a- his wite The nsx'day, on complaint of the parinta.thc two But. ona. fath'T and une'e, wsio arrester), and after an exam lation br fore the po>ice magistrate, both were committee to await their trial. The young man made biaeaoape and haa not yet been found He is laid to have a legally m irried wif* residing in one of the 'djoinmg counties. The girl, flnding herself imposed ujion, returned to her parents.?Kochuter\Dtmocrat. Theatrical and Ulualaal Some excellent Ireata are in .tore for the admirer* of tbeatiicals and mu*ic. To:monow evening will be brought out at the Park, Mr*. Mowatt'i new comedy #f "Fashion," which ha* excited to much attention and cu riosity in the fathionib.'e and literary world. i on'?" ,anJ.e. eTen'D?f' Sigr. Sanquirico'i Concert i comes oil at Palmo'i Theatre, in whicn all the mu.ical h 81pre?-nt in the city and its neighbor hood are to lend their aid. ??~be Hutchinson Family, also, ditplay'their power* the teijdiiigVeD1"* a' N'bl0'"' *brch W'U be well worth at pldiii,i0n,.t? 'he #bove. " the Independent Order of Good Fellows have a gland dm,lay at the Tabernacle 'ration, mu*ic, and instrumental per/oruitnce of a first rati, dt acription, 1* the order of the evtning. evening the Warden Family diaplar their musical abilitiei, and they are well worthy oi hearing. ^t^erlchea'of the^^on!>10Tie^HK?(ffr*5^Jri'*cl0^3 Ole fiu.l gave hi* last concert in New; Orleans n.. viou* to hi. departure lor Europe. on the 14th toSt* P The Seguin* and Air brazsr, have been deing well in ^"thiucft^on^htrlflth^nit tern,in8te ^ pretty good house* in New Orlean* ? on^hrmTin the Mobile theatre, ended on .he loth instant, but waa immediately renewed h>* benefit drew the mo.t crowded hou.e ol (he J^on' Louufs iil^an^ Cincinnati1 *<'erl " ^ Wt 8t ^ fo' Cifv^thl'r?.w n.1 Kloatj,n* Theatre recently built in thi* State- ^ i .n* are expre.ily lei bidden in that state, ytt we do not see why a manager has not th? ri*k# rina'hf* hJi?fmb0at '?ad ?' in,? *my ol the harbfr* bel1 for PMienger*, take on board all that have a SLv out M?*' "1 then put 0ut int0 dee'' water, come to play out hi* performance* at lea, and then take hi. an' well" 10 terfa firm# B?ftin Th? thing ibould work ? h^ j^ntp?'l,f Piano Forte- *hich *?brc. the player I R*ce^d7rT? "or,S? a composition tour whole tone*. ! Frenchv? i?tiou.t,Cei1 * Ch'?n'C'ed " 8 ?c,ni ,, ^' Barton, the eminent llutiat, and Mad. H*mmer>knld orHhe mCJf?U" ,lle-,r farewo1'concert in Mobile night" Fr?Dt ,treet ',fceatr*' ?timer#,cJo*ad on Saturday adXl .PSinn:uritt,bUrg- HU 'ingin? ? ??h have BiSw?r'm!^MPrr 1? m"rdkr ? Some men nave singular mode a <f showing their love and at tachment to their wives,-but it seem, to ... ,k?, , -h*.clearest exhibition* of oddityTn thi. SSSjSSH 10'*> 8 CI? word to hi. W?e"ortodo ?i obliging [biug?after having a.iisted her in aettirr WMrhi.WwoM ^hn|tolrP W,!", into,he woo ihome. a* was hi* wont, to brine in an arm full of woo' While ?n however he calied to hi. wife to come iAt^tbewcmdhou e as a hen had got into the well, and he wished her m.u ance to get it ont. Alter making some little effort hJ ZTrSu* t,be b1?ke'.in 'he hope that the fowl wou7d?hw . "tduced to cling to the rope or bucket, he CHlled to her .o see what she could do. She accordingly took hold nf he tope he at the time standirg at thf win 'le.. ,7-' "h*WB? '?"?thing ov.r the curb. be. without uw h.o r?V??rd,.Ca'I?ht berby 'be feet and plunged her < ver \ ln '.be well?which is not tar from 94 fee <-??? Wh? ?.C0BI!'8 Mp"ilUa four feet of the plan >m - When .he went into the water, she did not let i of he IhS"?MW?Vflown,tbe '?igth of it. and thfi ram op he rope and got out of the water i ik kLP feet upon the atone, and screamed fo heli? iavei^?h4,er ,hfD *? a lj8b' (the one which they &?d n?Ii. t kP j0" beu "be went into th Wall) and aext took a board and undertook to jam br< dawn So .he water She .aid. "Lorenzo, for Oori* ??ke din? murder me and be replied, " J wont n H* th?m mt the curb, and let himself down so m to pu? iu on which*,rh'g,> Bnd Tiedi? '""h ber feet "m the .tone on which they were placpd Now she clenched r..? h?ia he erlt"ho?d?an'' hy his he,p railed beraelf *o that SISksHSF" m arr^ '?bouTi't ear "j'ate^notVar limn'f&'ani wTyear*^f 'he youngest about nine mo"h. rick wa* arrested ,f?e ?U0(t characters, p, ollowing.^nd i* yet ar'arge*' TroT ZTZ'Tt: " app^r" t0 b- ?""* ?< the most d,\\Zr?! ? old blooded transactions of which we have ever heard' b or some weeks before he had been very bnsv in collect' ',7gfinlbhi1.bUt h" 'carcp,y been know7,0 p8y ,u ony bill presented. No doubt i. felt that the /ournii hM b8en lon* Premeditated.-^u4wm Ohio Rivfr ?At Piitsburgh, on Tuesday there w ? e nine feet water in the channel. UC8aay' ,n?e A' Wheeling on Wedne*day,the Ohio river had 11 fet of water m the channel-f.lling mt ?but<fa"*ng,Bti' ?D Mond,T',he riTer wa* *tUl very high hnfih w'.?.V~"Ge2rge G'eHn> c?mm iited to the Pitta a? , xistence7n fh ^ofi.0 vaSrancF, Put ? termination to ?u xistence on the 19th nst., by severing the arteries of Hrn> while laboring under mania paiu. A r ?.'r LKT~The Store J7i Broadway, fitted up last veB ...T , ' af,<lir)'.dng.iodsstore,with larg? platr *Iasaahowwia ^ilKdow. mahogauy awing ooors, l^rg? VomSS A iiii nki fi;'urf.".l.kc- T'" f"tobelong ? 5w .torn" *? ZS?h^t'4-l^TAI.O,' rn 25tUhrtbt^V"ni(,^,t$>?0n ol,l',,f,llor in progre.* of erection and wdi v for i hp rrceptiou of 'enants on the 14th of April Th#?v I e m ee .toty, m.Kleru-hudt. brick dwelling, eon,aiaiSI iAAlo?,00m*' d.omely fini.bed, wiih Dion of" the mndein foldink d?or*. Croton . l it u ,k w7 ? !r in twenty minnie. from the I I VA NS uB! n? n" 'T,r> fii" mu nl" Api ly to Vrc !,,. ,i ? ^ J HallpWe, or at hi. residence F. nrth can be viewed ?twt. "here the (litem houa* ? ~A,,o. n fitt rate .tand for a G-ocery or Drng Store ?n the comer of 26 h .tree and Founh Av-nue. m!'K 3t*re ' STORE WANTED. MIn or nesr Pearl ? rrrt, br tweeu Wall ud Fulton streets. The first and second fl ors, or first floor and crllar, would answer. Addrrta box IMS, stating loeitiou, ? rrm., ho. n.2l 2t*ec (IHNAMKNTAL TREES, for Streets? 111 Almiiihus of Isrg' and handsome growth, will ba Awl'l int-d out in a proper m mi er iu any pa t of tbr city. The Alianthux ii of rapid grow,h, free from insects end por lectly hardy. WM. LAIRD, Gardener and Florist, 17th street. mh2l 3t*ec East of 4th avenue, Union square I HE CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT or Wm. Dlatthlenawn, and 171 B. Sanford, 147 FULTON STREET, IS THE PLACE for all ihoie who wish to supply their ward I robe with good fitting garments at reasonable prices. Tha nbiciibers can aaaurr their friends and tha pob'ic that rhav will l?t no ona surpass tham iu tha tailoring hnsiuraa, aa regards i ha newest sty le, ilia neatnesa < f I heir tits and lowue,a of pricaa, having on hand a wall select* d assortment of Cloths, ' assi ineres and Vrsiinpsof every d'airnbb siyle Alao, geutlemrna' ulfittng, coini ria i gevery aricle that la usually worn We h??e the confidence that we can plaaae the moat faati dions Great pleasure w I' be taken to show oar styles of fashion and y i ds to all thoaawhow'il favor ua with their patronage. Kr c dlect tha place, 127 Fulton street. VV M. M\TTHim8EN, 3 mhtl lm*rrc M B? SANFORD. I HIL vDELPlliA. February 2?Ui, 1Mb it OB EKT^JOHN STO?f,1 ""BERT JOHNSTON k CO. STOCK EXCHANGE A!S|> COLLECTION OFFICE, no. 11 South Thisd St . orrostTg to thb Mechanic's Bang, Philadelphia. Dealers m Uncnrraut Bank Notes, Relief Notes, Gold and near Coin, kc. Drafia, Notes and Bills collected with despatch, on favoimbls ? rmi Drafts on St. Lonia, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New '? ork, Boston, kc., constantly for sale. Alt orders for the purchase and sale of United States Go vara neat. State. City or Incorporated Co s I o&..s, and every deacrp ion ol Bank, Insnrance, Hail Road and Canal 1 a.'a Mocks, t ? ndtd to promptly and with care, at the Board of Broken. REFERENCES William Patton, .fun. Esq., Cashier, Philadelphia, be ii II It Thompson, do Buck k Poller, do Morgan, Buck k Co., do David H. Brown k Co. dc Eckel, raimnaler At Uaignel, do Mercer, Brothrr k Co. do fa?tm?g< WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PICKLING AND PRESERVE WAREHOUSE. I'HE SI BM MILIEUS. of the only origin* I satahlishmeat of I the ku d. offer to the notice of our southern friends, mar lanta, and onr own city and country trade, the largaat and bast , lected assort ineut of Fruits evat before presented to the public, .icli*??Malaastnries, M*?rria' Whites, Honest Johns, Late enth, kc Pine Applet. Raspherri-s, Apricotts, Ntrawbarries, . t and other Plumbs, all possessing in their preservation their llural flavors. Also, Jelly a of the Strawberry, Raspberry, Quiaee, and Pi as \pple and Cranberry. Also Pickles. Cstanpa, and Sauces, nf every i assessable de 'iption, in glass jars, of every sir*-. to suit the coavsaaasiea of ><? purchaser. . _ .. Also, Pickled and Stewed Oysters, potted for npoMMlM. and . arrauteal to keep in any climate. Hotel Keepers, Boarding House Keepers, Hfoagm, Ship 'asters and Pnvve Families, all are invited laWUadei iniue the bast selected and rnosi beautiful stookaf ghe kind ?ver before offered to the attention of the pnhlie, "T CiOKHOW k VINCEBPT. ii Coartlanw t'ren. IN B.?Eighty d.ixan fresh Havana Pines, ia goe* o?r, for ?ale. AJeo.lW# Oyster Kegs. d!9 3m*rg