Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1845, Page 3

March 24, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Poarlg. Tho advices from Europe have, hid; a favorable effect on this article. Stock on hand, March 2!, IMS. V irstsort Pots, libit 4,005 First sort i'rarls, bbli.,. 4,733 Second ilti 267 Second do.......* 276 Third do 117 Third do 84 Condemned do.119 Condemned do.......* 9 Total 4,'08 Total 4,108 Pots, bbli 4.SU8 Peel's 5,102 Total 9.610 Bhkadsti/i ?-8. -1 here is a little be tier demand to day, hut prices am without change, Genesee $4 78 a 4 Si/ , Rye letches 68/ cents a burliel. Provisions ? Ohio Pork is in very fjirdc-mand, but pri ces am much unsettled. We quote sales of old Ohio Mess at $li 37/ a fill Ml, do prune at $8 87) n 8 60, New Ohio pruneseiis nt $10 64) a II 00; do Mess $12 60 a 13.? Beef is in moderate request, and wo quote Country mid City Mess at $7 76 a 8 00; Lard is active and aalea of bids. ? o some extent have been made at 7/ a 7Jc; hers at 7) a 7/c, some at 82. Butter is improving in demand, and irood Western dairysells at ID a I2)c; Cheese is also active and sales at boxes line have been made at 7) a 8c Real Estate at Auction?House anu lot No. 9 Bedford street, corner of Downing street $3 300 Louse ol lot E. side of 7th avenue, between 27th nnd 28th streets, 111 years unexpired, groundfrent $3? per annum. Lot 24 2 3 by 104 teet 610 Foreign fllarket*. Havana, March 10 ?Nothing whatever doing in Su gars except for Spain ui 7) a 11). and 0) to 13) re, with an upward tendency, on account cf tho extreme short crop. It is now well settled that the Sugar crop will not exceed one-third ol the last-, and that the crop ol colfe? it not over one tenth of tho last?of course every boilv is poor. Since our last the schooner Empire has airived from your port, with a small cargo of Kice, which will probably have to he stored Since the 20lh uit., when the duty carno on, 11 cargoes, with 28H0 tierces and 123U bags havo arrived, besides 3 cargoes, with 722 tierces and 413 hags which came, cleared and sailed for New Orleans. Three car goes sold on the 8th >-t 9) r?.; there remains six cargoes unsold. In Molasses there is great firmness; now held at 8) rs. St Thomas, March 6 ?We lparn from Captain Young that pitch pine lumber was selling at Barbadoes on the 1st a: $23 per thousand, and at St Thomas on the 6th at $26 Busiuess at both places was very dull married. In this city, on the 23d instant, by Rev. Wm. S Balclt, Mr. Bbadvohd Bi.anchard, to Miss Carolina Kendall, tf I Boston, Mass. Died, On Saturday, the 22d instant, Miss Mary Millet, in tlje 31st year of her age. The members and friends of the family are invited to yttend the funeral, from the residence of her brother, Wm. millet. No. 329 Rrondurnv this nfternnnn nl 91 r,vl?,.lr 'lAillet, No. 329 Broadway, this afternoon, at 3) o'clock Suddenly, on the 221 instant, William Olives, eged four years and five months. The friends are requested to attend his funeral,from his late residence No. It Suffolk street, at 9 o'clock Monday morning. His remains will lie token to Hempstead. On Buturday morning the 221 instant, Caroline, wife of Joseph Kavonagh. aged 35 yenrs. The friends of the family, and those ct her lather, Philip Stuckey, are invited to attend her funeral Irom 48 Hamil ton street, at 3 o'clock, on Monday afternoon, the 24'h in stant At Jersey City, on Saturday moining, the 221 instant, Jchn Arthur, youngest child of Frederick and Bridget Boyes, aged eighteen months and sixteen days. Passengers Arrived. 7- Livervool?Pscket ship Liverpool?John E Ward, Cap'sin Daul Plulbrook, Miss Charlotte Btedman?and 239 in the steer age. I Livervool?Packet ship New York?J Patent, of Canada; Capt Heuney, 81st Kegt, do; H Boyd. J G Porter, Ireland?92 in the ?t? erage. I Havre?Packet ship Silvie de Grasse?G Boyle, A Isnard, of New York; A Gordon, ftaren Island?34 in the steerage. Charleston?khip Sutton?Mrs G Harrington, N Clark, G Lockwoml, H K Council, E B Pmi'li, U Boggs, Mr Hymer, Mr Jepba?22 in the ste-rag". Georgetown, SC?Sloop V Bukelevv?J P Scliieu. F F'ra xier Col Gsiiey, C Forrest. Foreign Importation*. Livervool?Ship Liverpool?4 pkg S T Jones Si co?3 P.ram hall St Aberuelhy?23 David Haddeu Stsou?3 Bird, Gillilan St CO?25 John Nicholson?42 John Gihon?1 Thomas Goodwin? 7 tiussel St Mvrsh?I Adams St CO?12 Butterfield Bros St co?6 Dvnl Oakey & sons?30 Wetmore St co?4 Hasluck h eo?l Jno Van Neat?I W St J T Tapscolt?26 Stone St co? 60 B A Mum ford?I C N 8 Kosevelr?II Wm Whitewright?3 C A St G F Everson?I H Baylis? 9 Wight, Bturges St Slitw?4 Barclay Si Livingston?l Henwick St "praguc?29 Tooker, Mi ad St co?152 ITnd rhil1 St cv? 2 Wm F|shei?2 Paton St 8tewait?I J W Har ris? 7 .1 V U Wvkoff?3 B-idne'l, Cushion St co?I F Walker? 1 T A Oram?1 Fellows St Scliell?1 J A Newbould?2 J Reese St son?7 Jai Mct'a'l St co?3 B R Lominis St co?It W B Bend ?II O B tloffman St Bros?6 8 T Jones St co?29 Thompson St Parish?7 Smith, Thuranr St co?88 Thos Hill?4 A Gray?148 J 8 Wirth?20 Andw Mitchell St co?4 Edw Bannister?7 R M Leckie?I F Leech?5 W Whitewight?17 MeKeeltco?4 W N Pevmoor? 1 Halstead St Hash?680 bars iron Kcneys, Brees* St Samptnn-2 nkgs Nevins St co?It Bates St Coates?14 8 T Jones?1 D A Com'tock?3 H Stevens ?11 Paton St Stuart?I Wm Stevens?1 Cleveland St Mason?5 Little, Alden 8tco?8 II Farntim St co?9 Tucker. Coo|<er St co?I T Lowndes?7 Thos Reynolds?I Freehnd, Stuart St co?I Ches W Kales?5 Hall Bros 8tco?I H H Ca*e? 1 E W I'rmberton?10 Sep Crcokrs? 2 Naylor Stco?1 John Watson?I J A IVtrie?17 Wolfe St Gil lespie?4 L At'erbury jr St co?1 Mrrritt Fly St co?2 W Watt ?2 White St Morgan?17 Hunt Bn-6 A Robeson St sons?1 J Siwwforth?7 Reed St t-prague?3 Sheldon, Phelps St co?1 R Kingsl nd St co?2 Be'knap St WvrkofT?9 Corning, Homer St co?1 Deunistouu St Disbrow?4 Walsh St Mallory?1 W Bar lou?1 Towuseud. Hayre It co?1 Kennedy. Bragan St co?4 L Benedict St co?3 F Tomes St son?4 Cornell Brothers?2 J It T Wnodhvad?17 Sands Fuller Si co?7 Ths Firth St co?14 St me & co? '6 Basse! St Marsh?11 Kessler St co?1 Lord St Taylor? I H Tobias?I J D W \ ckoff? I J St J Chamberlain?1 Mackie St Levirrtt? 1 M Armstrong St sons?I E 1' Hever?2 E H Jacot ?9 J M Miller 8t co?I Kissam St Wa'ker?I Tiffany, Young St Ell's?3 C B Couant St co?1 Merritt, Ely St co?1 Ski. Holmes?I Jas A Faruum?I A Jourueay jr?1 J St I Coe?1 W II Ilorsimsn St sons?5 C H Kellogg St co?1 Fellows, W?ds woith St eo?l W II Smith Stco?I Jas Leffsrts?4 L J Wyeth ?2 J T Dulan St son?1 McKee Stco?4 W 8loane?2 Peabody, Itiggs St co?C \l 11 Andrea?6 L C Caiter St co?1 Wight, Sturges St Shaw?1 A W Parsons?I Cripps St co?CO Hastiugs St co? 1 B L Franklin?1 Tracy, Allen St co?5 R N Tinsrn St c ?I M Kudsdali?3 Garner 8t co?4 Bulkley It Clsllin?2 W W Chester St co? 288 Edw J Thomas?3 Edw Marshall?3 A F Engrave?2 Tl ill It brother?I lluer St Norris-4 J Warren?I T DoIaii Stjii'ii?1 Geo Stoiliard?3 Warren St Steele?1 Manner ?t Ha?;s?2 Thompson St Drake?3 R V K Schuyler?I Ura|>er ms coal Woouhull St Min 4t Richards?2 AL Salvpad?100 tous t turns?200 do pig iron sundry pkgs to ordrr. Livervool?Ship New York?5 pltgs I) Madden 8t son?1 C A 8c G K Everson?9 Hutchinson St Tiffany?6 8 T Jones St co ?32 John Gihon St cn?10 Richardson St Wa'son?2 Hecatn Bum?10 Barclay St Livingston? 6 W Itnphael?10 Wm Hutcli '?i>n -1 J Horsey?I A R Mnen?104 E F Sanderson?60 Henry Jevsnji-6 11 KArnuin St Co?5 Burritt St Johnston?210 W Mead ?89 Naylor St co?'00 ingots copper 693 bxs tin Phelps, D..dge St co?9- t*ns iron Tisd-le St Burden?153 bars do Eggleston St liattelle?361 pkgs G H Ball?1 Deiinistoan St Disbrow?2 Van Antwerp St tlubbeli?5 Sneldon, l'helps St co?I Wm Barten?3 Green St Crainer? 2 J C Heartt Bri s?1 11 Andrew?2 Win W Chester St co?7 Thompson St Gale?1 Morn St Baker?2nT B M a he,-?3 las McCa'l St co?I H Owen?6 Paion St Stewart?3 J W MitcheU St co-^3 G.-o Hastings St co?J3 J Gihon?7 W J -Miller?4 F Tomes St s n?31 e-ands,Fuller St co?4 R S Si anton ?I White, Lewis St co-ll Bird, Glllilan St co-4 W M Titus 7"? i , Armiitrony to son?1 GilTetpie & Studwrll?1 J Hu l?on? 6 J Girseil St cc?27 A MitchsllSt co?3 W 11 Carv St co? 29 H 84 vy lis?t I Van War'?6 J A Newbould?2 Locke St Caiter?I Fiancis, Field St Francis?12 Gilbeit 4a Donaldson?II Q St W L Morton?7 Ileum Bros?2 Etone St < o?2 W B B-nd?2 Jos Coop r?1 Ch'ttenden St Bliss?I E U Htrauge Stco?3 H Faruum ?2 W W ,tt?2 Men itt, Ely St Co?.1 limit Bros?I Firelaud, 8tuart St co? I Join Alexander? 3 J W Tow I?14 Kemlrick St co?2 Jas Lefferts?3 B Fleeh?9 Kmsel St .Marsh?I Jas A Far uum?1 Field, Thompson St co?5 L 4'Carter St co?9 Wight Hturges St Shaw?6 John Napier?1 Leonard St Hone?6 A W I'vrsoiis?8 Bu kley St Claidin?I John Falconer?I Cripps St co ?5 C app St Kritnp?4 A Towndry?2 McKee St co?2 G Gibson St co?I (Mlleipie St Stndwell?I Halsteail, llainea St co?5 rev body, Biggs St co?28 Garner St cr?6 Tracey, Allen St co?1 C 8 I In bb oil?J Eaturyer Leon St cc?2 J It I Coe?8 G Hastings ?t W J llucR-6 Van Wageoer St Tui kcr?2 Binns, Halstead St co?3 G o St icy?I L Benedict Itco?1 J C Jackion?I H ys 1 >p St II os?1 J Stewurt?1 Ingoldsby, Hoisscau St co?9 Smith, Wright It co?J John Van Nest?2 Sheldon St Smith?2 W Sini'h St co?I Hvriner St Havs?17 J A St R S Luqneer?3 Wet more St Co?2 II St K S iliggins?1 Shaw St C*rtrr-3 C 11 Kel loeg St co?9 VV Sloane?3 G K L Hyitt?2 S W St F A Miller ?2 11 Andrea?t Steel. Dexter St Bush?79 I Gihon?6,1'aton St Stewart?II Biol, Glllilan St to?1 I C Jackson?95 J W Harris ?7 Bleecki r St Bogart?670 bars iron K-'rneIIrcete St Snmpsioi ?33 pkgs '1'ooker, M- ud St co?6 W Whitewright St Co?6 S T Jouea St co?3 Stone St co?3 Bramlnll St Abernethy?3 U R Liuninis St co?12 -Vllou, lla/toi Stco?1 Harper Bros?I Theop Peck?I Clark St Wes ?I J Falconer?1 Wiley St Putnam?2 J Warren?I Richards, Basset! St Aborn?6 Hall Bros?8 Thos Reynolds?7 Freeland, Stuart St co?28 Strachan St Scott?1 J St J ( hainberlm?I M Armstrong At sons?3 E P Meyer?2 W M Miller St co?21 Osborne 5t Little?17 Halstead St Dash?8 And Gray?2Thompson St Gale-8 llichardton St Watson?19 John Nicholson?28 A M 'J'redwell?67 Ludlow St Washington?3 S Lord?1 chronometer Fellows. Wadsworth St co?120 tons coal 4' 11 Marshall?sundries to order. llavni:??hipHilvir do < Irune?17 packages mill order?2 Bit ii ril V I ?6 'I Cntteuet St i ii?1 K M Davie? 1 Chan Gaync lin? 1 T H"rnuenkcn it I'd?I A C Stewart it Co?I E M Danin 2 G Vmii II ur?3 Bui in St Sunder?5 l)i'rii>min it Boig rd?2 Norris lladien?I Merit. Ely it Co-I Win Prld-2 W VV Thompnon?3 Uonnrain?17 tndi-i?2 Hesnenlirrg % Co?I Proa** it i f ? I G Grnuilaml it 11 mrl?I K Count it Co?7 Far fernet it Dnlof?2 A < Setvar * Cc?2 E M Uitvin?I Havens it I'll?1 I. St I) M-r>n?2 E II Slmme?I Brothers?5 Colvill it K'eniiiiiiu- I W hi!r St Mnry in?1 l.tteerence St Collins?I W W Sl?in St Co?a Mnrtimorr it Gantry?2 Win Caritru* ti t Holbnin ?1 UeeiSr Keene?1 Ely St lliimon?I Chantnc? Hcht- i must it St* I it?1 Little. Aider it Co?3 K Co'l-net St Co?2 Car. lit Antonio?2 C Thomi'ton it Co?I Ollfiwnbtrg St C ?| Samuel I) nvM-r. jr?6 ll Etcher?t5S Roving St White? I oril r?| K It.,It?r St Co?2 order?I John Is I^esiiiilli?2 Sam I Hwkell?4 Leaiy" Siln?i John K llyHe?1 Thiuon. Alai lard St Co?t c H ll'ibMird? I James M Driffield?I lim Oibn in it Co?I A G A Hi, dull it Co?12 N Caff. ?2 K Baker St Co-I Hi'iri it Ki-'o?I It run n d it Co?I A|'|> elon it Co? 1 Earnerl St Berth line?I S Williams?J Caret St Antouin?I Wolf St Kaufnhurv?I K Knnp?| B.iceau it Hum?7 order?250 hkm it ( 'n?I Jackson- 3 Jact.h Sinidy?I Cumming, Maddrii St Co?I l.'aiite St Hons?I Kgarton it Richards?I Hiin'l Unroner jr?1 Hi "in Unboia it Co?i Guarncr St Co-17 order Z?Smith iviu?J ll.iisnl.oit?21'kg.s meiohanlze Little, Aldan St Cnffe?I He-ege. Koop? St Co?3 J arm* Pork St Co?5 G Pemird?15 tin Lna?ac St Unit?i M i|. 7.i*pg (JotircniiCo?3 Yonsara? I 11. ii y I) Ivo noia St Co?2 I' b 1. Delmonico? I St \n lrosl?I; V Hon St Hon?I Draper St Richards?3 Schick nril St T t e?2 Y Cntteuet St Co ?I ?C Wainwiigt?I John Ml. if D Itrn.i..I it Co?I IVninyin it (ioidnlirn?I C Uoi t? 1 (I Hog..? 2 V ? <>tiu*t?3u Mc ruck u St Livingston?2 Wn HrinMe?I I.St Bt mtisitCo?1 , Larosni-u it Co?3(1 Pinsot?| W it Aip iiwall? 20 lleiilturd it Hution?I Soli* Culliard?1 Nicolas \ni.ry?2J..I10 Y Yarish?I K KnSlei ?I Vto'an St laolir.?-7 Y M Hlta?1 Win Brewer?I K Yiiiconl? 1.1 M < )|||* ? h? m-3 Kennu-d it Cy?I Prltingi or it Goldstr in? 2 C. Do n?2 Y Coltinct? I Pavia Hoara-I L it B Curtis?2 W K II Mom., it Co?2 Bo coin it Honk?8 J a Voiain it Co? I W(i Wain ? ri "hi--3 T S Hclilt singe ? 1 E Folder? I AH Thomjiaon?I A Duloamot?I A H Momse?3 A (J I'eckSt Co? 1. E Kanpe?4 Wright, Hi urges. St Hint*?2 Totc'al St Plain?I T H Hi K lix?I Y HI rldon St Co?2 S Ropnutai?in? 6 K Eriu hor 8t D'inli nfin?fi Mail 11 Si Lawaon?2 J C F.rnenpulch?I It in in Hnnk?I Aliloa it Halor?3 Spies, ( Inial St Co?2 II .unit PMvernoc it Co?2 II Winer?I V H 'I Ii rmpaon?2 II Chewolus St Co?I E It 1 it**?3 W I. Ho tl?I Moian St I ioliu-6 Pal mi St Co?I ltrnard St Co?I H Manning?1 K Michel? I Hnuii I'nchran?'S millsioiira McC'itrkoti St Lixinaton? I J I) iiiiio?1 Cliaa Konlaon?21)' ? Vyac?5 A lliiol? I C Knglor ? 3 Joly l-'ro-oa?2 E Fabioqnotta'i KiIj Stco?I C Cotlior?I O lion rni.ort it co?5 Viotor it Achilloj?I Hy Etcher?J K it H It tight kr ?1 Walter l.ungtl .11?1 Uobl Itav?1 C lloltnan St Evom?I (I I'ucolin? I l Im H Gihba?2 II Unfl'l File?10 W H lli.rn'inn' n it co?I Innao VV 111101111 < ? 1 J0I111 P Rice?I P A Bin ?I ('Im l)eiin.'?7 E Fori? 2 Malmar.ol itHniuli?I C. (1 Ihili-ri ?5 W lUeriu If, I'iie it Kar- k?1 ltonard Itcn? 1 J C Allia pitch?7 Jo t' h'rorot?3 Moian St Inoliu?I Alt* Hmillt?2 Chun Ali o told?J O Conne .berg fc co-1 H r nrh't?3 C.>Hin, Brstl lot St ro?I Lino. I.tmi.ui Stco?I'A A Honlor?1 W K Meyei ?2 1.iclia .Imiii, ll irniR St ro-2 E'l'hiytr? 2 T.fftny, Y. unit St b Hi-?2 1' A llr.*l? I Hrnturd St H11'Ion - | J Mugniu St co?I I Diiuy?I Do Cham it Moor.?f Gilbert Fine-- I CVilnl. ?2 Mnilfol It Hold rmm- I Kologg?I M Winiugli nn? I Hai ley tl Klichen?I run t. ii Kayi?I Morau St Inelin?I T A Htcli ? 4 B.i'CoiiU St Ru Ch?2 John Napioi ? 1 Mocko, Plata it 00?5 A I- g.iiix-4 F Dnpro?4 M Brognard Ik ci,?I Cailloui Filn, Solilac it co -0 Payen it co?I O Rozat It co?t I- B llinnto it co?I I.oti co?I E Bomgiige?2 Cacliaiae it l-aiicho ?2 Cetf llrrr Jt Mil ? 2 Hthlcting-r it llonachon?71 Pillot St l.? IUibier-f. F Htoinl.oil?I I, Pillovuyt-1 Moore it Baker?I It Do am en -I M oe G inley?3 F Hoirtfrqnln?1 J Michel? 1 It.. 1 ird St t -'1 \ la-iont-lAH Ward it co?1 O Vdici?I C Hunt St co?1 E Drchatix?aundr pkga to order. Domestic Importations. CHtnuiroN-Ship Sutton?352 balm cotton Hpofford, Tile stun Ik co?75 Smith. Mills It eo?50 Hy Coit It co?66 Post it Phillips?57 Victor It Duckwitx?50 ruin rice Wheeler it Van lleusctioM?2 nkgs Persic St Brooks?I K I'arem'edt?2 L M Welby?2 K M Gardiner?2 Dickenson, Churchill It c>? 1 A V Blake?I J A Spatks ?1 T B Lynch?3 pkgs miLe Townseud St Brother*. Savannah?Schr M M Kh)t??101 b<|e? cotton H L Brigham ?14 K Ik H K Graves?50 Atwater it Mulford ?13,349 feet lum ber Danl Dilu?91 bales to order. MARITIME HERALD. Ship Blasters and Agents. We shall eiteem it a later if Captaina of VeaaaU will live to Rodert Sn.vrv, Capuua of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left r.t the tort whence they aailed, the vessels spoken on their pmaage, a list of their canto, and any foieian ievvspa|a<ra, or news they may hare. Agents and Corns pou lects at horre or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office any Marine Intelligence they may receive. POUT OK NSW YOKK, MAltUU 34. ?0K lilt) 5 55 I mo ok kibes . . 7 27 K it'll t?T? 6 fc5 ' Miew w.fca ......... 9 20 K Arrived. Packet aliip Liverpool, Kldiidge, from Liverpool, Keb 7, with indie, to Woodliull it Miuturna. llai hail nothing but welter ly gales the whole passage. btli iuat. Peter Mansfield fe'l from the jibbooin and was drowned. Packet shin New York, Cropper, from Liveipool, Keb 4, with mdse, to (' H Mnrahall. 5lb iuat. r >1, lat 43 50. Ion 53. sigual izrtl atrain ship Hiueiuia, Hewitt, from Boston for Liverpool. Keb 21, John Walker, seaman, fell from aloft,and was iu.tantly killed. Packet alilp Silvie de Graise, Thompson, from Havre, keb 10, with milse, to Kox it Livingston. Has been 10 days this tide of Nantucket, aud 20 North of the Bauka?haa had a auccraiion of westerly galea during the passage. The 8 de O has .n board 17 steerage pass-ng-ra aud 5 of tin crew of ship Villede Lyon, ' wrecked on the French coavt. Skip Sutton, Galloway,6 days from Char eitou, with cotton, to Geo Sutton Schr Maria M Klots, Warren, 8 days from Savanuah, with cotton, to master ? Schr K S Powell, March, 7 diys from Wilmington, NC.with naval stores, to K S Powell. Schr Jonas Smith, Mills, 8 days from Wilm.ngtou, NC. with naval MOW Schr Alaric, Purnell, 8 days fioin Wilmington, NC with na val stores. Schr Alexandria, Lewis, 5 days from Baltimore, with mdse, to G.?g> r it Mailer. Schr Merchiul, Mathews, 9 days from Polly Landing, with corn, to master. Schr W H Givens, Perry, 6 days from Polly Landing, with corn, to master. Schr Seafoid, Kountain, 5 days from Delaware, with iron, to ma' t-r. Schr Atlas, Walker, 2 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr Mary Ann 8t Caroline, Shropshire, 3 days from Philadel phia, wth mdse, to master. Sloop Vincent Birkelew, Taylor, 8 days from Georgetown. SC. with cettou, rice. he. to Sprague, Robinson 8c Co, W M Newell, K lost head r 18th inst. ?C. Willi cettou, rice, me. to nprague, noDiuson ? i/O, Newell, E Anthony, C A Mahouy. Kxperieneed severe gales, lost head rails aud bulwarks. Left ich Columbia, to sail abont Sailed. Ship Hargrave. Bailey, New Orleans; barque ltapid, Ward, Havana; brigs K P Beck, Sprague, Montevideo; Hyder Ali, St Croix; Vaudalia, New Urlenns; Crusoe, ; schr Texas, W Indies, aud others. BlWcellaneoua Kecord. Packet Suit' Zurich, Johnston, for Havre, will sail to day. Packet Ship Rosen's, Kldridge, for Liverpool, will sail on Wednesday, 26th inst. BARquK Mary Chilton, Corning, for Rio Janeiro, leaves from the foot of Market st. this morning at 10 o'clock. Ship Oconee.?Capt Young, of the John, at Savannah 19th inst. reports that he saw the Oconee, of New Yo'k, ashore ox Stirrup Key on the 11th inst. stripped aud in charge of wreckers, lie also spoke, same day, the Hilton, 3< days from Havre for IN Orleans, with the crew of the Oconee on board. A large ship was seen ashore at the same place on the 1th inst. She must, therefore have been ashore for s -me time. Brio Thos Cutts ?The Jacob 8 Wain, at New Orleans, reports that on the 23d ult. lat 35 33, Ion 69 39, fell in w ith the. wreck of the Thos Cults, (before reported) of Saco, abandoned ?she was loaded with lumber. _ A Wreck?Capt Neal. of the Constitution, at Charleston 19th inst tenor's that oil the 10th inst. lat 25 24, lou.G8 5, passed a wreck, either a brig or a schr, abandoned and stripped of her sails riggiug, anchors, and every moveable nrticlc?she must have bfen boarded by some vessel ai d the crew taken off?sue was lumber loaded. 14th lust, on the Southern edge of the Gulf Stisntn, pussed the mast of a ship or brig with all the rigging attached. ? _ . Naval. The U S frigate Congress, from Annapolis, was at anchor in Lynuhaven Bay on the 21st iust. Whalemen. O trail to. of vew Bedford, 55 daya out, spoken Jan 27, lat 24 40 S, ion 26 53 W. Spoken. Abby Amelia, 11 days from New York for Attakap-s, Mar J, off Hole in the Wall. . An American ship showing a red signal with a white square in it, Keb 12, lat 9 8, Ion 34 38. * Foreign Porta. Cape Mourn-, Africa, Keb 1-No American vessel in port. Monrovia, Jan 11?In port, California, Goldsmith, for lee ward, few days. . n , ... ? Elmina, Africa, about Dec 3?In port. Splendid, Spponer, for leeward. Rhoderic Dhu, Swift; Smithfield, Dnff, and Oregon, Hawes, were to leeward, trading. Heme forte. Nkwburtport, March 21?Cld Edward CoppisU, (new. 250 t0?alem,VMarcli 21?Cld Neumbeag,Upton, Pemambnco and a mkt; Pioueer, Nickerson. Philadelphia. Boston, March 22?ArrPaleMioe, 8tott, Cape Mount. Afiica was within a lew hour, sail of Boston tea days ago, and was blown off the coast; Meridian, Besse, Wareham Sid this fore noon, wind NN W. fresh, Gen Ilariison, for Manilla; Jacob Perkins; Cnwiier. Cld Gen Harrison, Simpson,Manilla; Heu riette. [Aust] Giurinvich, Tiieste via Apalachicola; Strabo, 8h-of, Mstanzaa; Experiment. [Swl Reutercroua, Montevideo and Buenos Avres; Ottoman. Smi.h, Surinam; Sarah Jane, Anderson, Poit au Prince; Cordelia. Snow, 1 rinidad; Camera, Dunbar, Mav&nnali; J as W Paige. Tav lor, Baltimore; Dutchess, Baxier, New Bedford, to load oil for Autwerp; hither, Emery, Philadelphia; Malta, (of Tishury, lata of I Boston) Smith, Holmes Hole; Rambler, Merilhew, Savannah; Pemaqntd, r os sett, Wilmington, NC; Wave, Rogers, Norfolk, City Point and Bicnmond; Vermont, Case, aud Tigress, Lovell, Albauy; "age, Chamberlain, N York. ., _ . Providence, March 21?Are Providence, Brown, and Froor Glass, Ulydei.burg, NYork. Below, achr America.. Cld Ken nebec, Smith, llavna; Pleiadts, Collins, Apalacnicolx. Sid Time. Goalee, Suffolk; Mary, Trefethen, Norfolk. Richmond, Match 21?Arr Liberty. Towusend, Nk oik. Walthall, March 19? Slid Julier, Ferret I, Rio Grande. Charleston, March 19?Arr f.onstitutiou, [Br]^Nta , Be! fast?14th ult. off the Western Islands, parted co witn James Dean, [Br] for Savannah; Tiber, Snow, Boston: Catharine, Berrv, and lleiiry, Look, NYork. bid Promise, I Br] Hume, and S r Henry Pottingrr, [Br] Low, Liverpool; Edward, Bolk |ey. New York; Perseveiance, Baxter, Providence; Hellespont, Dunbai; Mohawk, Weeks; Megunticook, Trim, ar.d Co -el, Bouncy, B?-lon. Cld 20th, Cremona, [Br] Webster, London; Sullivan, Waite, NYork; Fornax. Wilson, NOrleans; Gordon, Cutter, Providence: Zephyr, Wood, West Indies. . Savannah, March 19?cld Standacona, [Br] Scott, Liverp I; Aealia, [Br] McKenzic, do. Sd Laviuia, [Br] Wilson, do; Lancet. Piper, Bo.lon, Cieole, Stannard, NVork New Orleans. March 14?Arr Hudson, Buckman; Jacob S Wain, Rowland, and Mississippi, Hariden. NYork; Osceola, Me-c er. Bio Janeiro; Henry Jerkins, Ligh.bourn, havaunah via Havana. Cld Columbus, Coffin, and Chappeli, Sawyer, Boiton; Independence. [Br] McCappen, I. verpool; John ? rau cis, I Br] Bettv. Ui -raliar; Lady Flora Hastings, [Br] Hosea son, St John, NB, Wabash, Hathaway; Tom Payne, Anderson; Clara, Sikes. and Tangier,King. N Yo.k; Col Howard, 1 rentiss, Baltimore; G W Tate, Smith, Laguna. SmA WANTKD?In the lower put of the city, a two sio fflf ry brick House, with Basement iu front, the Croton Wa 1'iV iii'*r a"d Kitchen Range iu g< od condition. Apply Sraiately. term. , 74 Maiden lone. N. B ? A am*!!.three story House would not be objected to, if in good condition. m24 lt*ec HORSES, CARTS AND HARNESS. FOR SA LE?Twelve Hones, Carts and Harness, lin good order, the same being accustomed to work, .drawing sand and stone. 'J he above will he sold low 383 lor cash, bv applying at the stable of Mr. CARMAN, Fol* klyn, ( " " 1 " ~ " ton street, Brooklyn, ten doors from the Kerry, left hand side. ln24 lt*rc KRON V STREET THEATRE-BALTIMORE, ) RENT, f..r the Spring Season, for Equestrian Perform ances aud Arena Exliihitions. The house is in excellent or der. and may be occupied immediately. Apply f post paid] with real name, to W. E. BURTON, Arch street Thertre. ?n2l 2w Philadelphia. HM) A at PACKET SHIP LIVERPOOL, from Liverpool.?Contig I nees per this ship will please si ml their. Permits on board, at ilw wnt side of Burling slip, wiihnnt delay. All goods uot permitted in live dayi, must b- tent t ? the Public Stores. WOODHULI. It MINTURNS, m!4ec 87 Sonth street. TO CONFECTIONERS. FOR SALE?The 8 ock in Trade and good will of one of the oldest and b-st established Conlectiouaiies in the city, with one year's lease of the premises from the first ot May next, at a moderate rent. To an enterprisiug I onfectioner the above offers an opportunity of prosecuting the business suc cessfully rarely to be met with. For particulars, enquire at 383 Broadway. m2l 3t*ec ALEXANDER'S TR1COBAPHE. ANEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being a liquid Dye. which instantaneously changes the color of the hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injury in the hair or skin. The goat superiority of this l)ye cousins in its easy ?node of applic it on, and instantaneous tllecl?ill other dy mf lg fro teqHiring from teu to twelve hours to produce a y elm ge. lis LU|ierior excelleuce will he apparent to evety one upon a single application. Kxtiact fissus the " Plnlndetphia Daily Sun."?Ai kxavokk's 'I niooHsi'iiK.?'The effect of the above on the hair ia tiuly ai to.ishi g. It w, sin d yesterday in our office, and the clu jg* from grey f.o black was iiislaiiUneous. Extract from the " Philadelphia Daily Foiutn."?Several ef our acqnaintaLCi s have recently applied to their hair the valua ble liquid Dye known as Alexander's 'Tricobaphe?anew and valuable discovery; and it lias in no case fai'rd to produce the desired effect. Immediately ufier npp'ving it to giay hair or w hiskers, it imparts a beautiful brown or b'ack color. For sale by Ru.hton St Co. drnggiots, I in Broadway; Aspio wall, Mi William street: Johnson, Moore St Taylor, 81 Maiden lane; J. VV. Wright St Co. 2 Cedar street, and of the principal druggists throughout the II. S or of sole ag-Mits, 11. St. G. A. WttluHT, 23 South iili street,"*1'" all lw*f0 Philadelphia.^ TEN DOLLARS REWARD. Lt)ST?On Wednesday evening last, a Gold Seal, set with Red Stoi e, a Poialrr Dog with the motto "Fulf ils ad poitem" cut in the stone. The Seal quite new, had uot 1 l-? nu a vrnvis. ???????? i r? | ' ?*' 4U "CW . Iliiu IIUl beau worn. A'so. a Gold I eucil lase set with blood-stone.? The Pencil w is a gift?the donor's name and owner's name ru graved in full on the side. I lie above rewaid will lie paid anil no questions asked, by leaving ihein at llie store of Messrs. Hayes and Robbins, Jewel lers, 207 Broadway. fx. U ?Pawnbrowkrrs are requested to stop the above if of fered?or, if already pawned, to give notice as above. mli2t 2teod*in PAKTN0.ll WainTeD?A respectable man with a cash 1 capital fiom $.00 t< $1000, to take an interest iu a well established starch Manufactory. Forlurther particulars enquire at the bar, corner of Chuhsm street and Tryou's Row. m22 3t* ic \XT ANTED?Boanl for a gentleman and his wife, in a re r rainily. chambers, Barclay _ ay or Warren street pteferred. References exchanged. Address W. B. Herald office. mli2l 3,*m X^ANTP?A Practical Farmer, who has hid several years w ei|ieiience in this country, wish-a a liination as Overseer "of the business tho maii, and ran give on a farm, understanding every blanch of in lghly. Ha is an industrious, steady, single some or ti e moil. respectable lefeieniet in the city . A few Lues addirsted to hARMFB. at ilus office, ot to 2ia 1 hiid s'reet, will he | in ctiisll- attended to. m2J Jt'ee A " 1 1 At 'A v, ir, m the Province ol SrieiiM, knowing how manufacture raw silk, drsirrs a place iu a manufactory 0 thi< km. , cither aa agent or instructor, lie also i>romi*'s to maniifaclnta in thism uutry, without the least difficulty, Silk f 18-20 gram, p .emblmg tlis Italian. And what is still more mportent, he knows how to rear ailk worms with greitsuccevs. 1 he same can also furnish to order, seed of silk worms, from the much lenowned Orient*. Addre.s hv letter, post-paid, to X. O B. at this office mhl? Iw (kltwy" re flTEAll POWER TO LET,at 48 Gold street, with light ?' and conn no nt Mrms, stiilab'e for any manufacturing nur pose Enquire ot 11ABT80N Ik LAWfON, mhlt !???? iAOold street. New Fork NEW YORK SPORTSMEN'S CLUB. NEW YORK PORTS ME NV^ CLUB^ 'PHE MEMBERS OK THIS (>Ll If aie hereby notified f that an adjourn-il meeting will 11i it the house of Mr. Sinclair, (the Woodcock,) in noustou stree., near Broadway, litis (Monday) Evening, at 8 o'clock. JAMKS McOaF, hec'yN. Y.I , =. , ?, .. Sportsmen's Club, mzl lt'jc 20 Chambers street. NIBLO'S G8HDKN. ' ] 'HE ENSUING SEASON of this establishment, will com a- uience the last week in May or list week in June. 1845. Ladies and Gentlemen of undoubted talent, may apply by letter, (post paid) addressed to W CHIPPENDALE, Niblo's Gar dens, N?-v York. M"' 'Tth. 1845 mh 17 2wia rre NO'1'lCK.IMliMU'M Ot-fc.ltA. T^HE UNDERSIGNED, respectfully informs his friends and A the public, that he has takeu Palmo'a Opera House for a short period, for the purpose of producing a Series of Legitimate Plays in a style of superior excellence, supported bya poweiful Coini-sny. For a number of years the Legitimate Drama has been depreciated in public esteem?a reformation of its abuses, and the elevatiou of the character of the'a paramount ob ject of the writer. The Drama is coeval with civilization;it pro motes refinement while it is supported bv it?anil so long as the elements of life or the sof'er humanities ol our nature are cheriihed, well couducted Theatres, under favorable circum stances. must succeed. Hcairity of money, commercial embar rassments, oi general prostration of business since the levutsion of I?37, doubtless affected the neasury of each and every theatre in the United States-but men of taste will chrerfullv foiego oth'r luxuries to witness plays written by authors of genius, sustained by artists of talent. 'Tis true there are mauv good and enlightened men who are corscieutiously opposed to theatri cal exhibitions. To these I would say the Drama has long ex isted, and in all probability will continue to exist in every large city. When it is but poorly encouraged, it baa a natural teu deucy to riegene'ate. Indifferent actors usurp the place of good ones, while empty rant and low ribaldiy vitiate the taste, and lower the intellectual standard of the meagre audience. To corj rect those evils let a temple be appropriated for the Drama, worthy ita noble puiroses and high des inies?a temple wh-ie talent, taste, fashion and beanly, mav assemble to hear the eternal truths of nature, delivered with llueut speech and grare ful action?to behold as in a mirror, the mort secret spriugs of human passion?i o see virtue triu mrhrnt and vice crushed?to smile at the quaint humor, and the sparkling wit?the keen sa tire and the withering sarcasm?to admire the well-turned period and the eloquent rh ipsody, the harmonious verse, or nervous prose?to iniug'c their tears with those shed hy suffering h u tnvnity; and ring out their joyous laugh with the wholesome mirth of those whose hearts are litrht with innocence and love: let theseends be attained, nod the Drama becomes a gtea bene factor to civilized man. Such is the character of the Temple intended to be given to Patmo's Opera House. There is no third tier, no place for improper characters, no ardent spirita will he sola in the saloons, and none but t-mper*te anil moral people will be engaged. These are ths views of the undersigned, who earnestly calls upon his fellow citizens to second his efforts in this great work of reform W. DINNEKOKD. P. H.?The Theatre wi 1 opien on Monday, March .71. Per sons applying for engagements mnst govern their conduct by the above hints, or their applications will be useless. Direct Palmo's Opera. mhl9 Iwec ritUKhSaUlt, GRATEFUL for the liberal patrouaae extended to him during the mouth of January last, by the enlightened and talented citi zens of New York, has the honor to announce his return to the city, and that he will deliver a course of Four Lectures, with interesting experiments, at the four following places, on the wonderful and mucn talked of science of ANIMAL MAGNETISM & PHRENOLOGY. Rutgers' Institute, in Madison street, every Tuesday of each week, commencing Tuesday, March 4th. St. Luke's Buildings, corner of Grove and Hudson streets, every Friday of each week, comm-ncing on Friday, Match 7tn. Clinton Hall, every Wednesday of each week .commencing Wednesday, March 5th. American Republican Hall, corner of avenue C and 3d street, every Thursday of each week, commencing Thursday, March 6th. Tickets which will admit a lady and gentleman 25 cents. To commence each evening at half-past 7 o'clock. mI8 lwis*m AKGHl I'EGTUltb. FRED SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends and the public, tbat he haa removed his office from 192 Broad-ay to 18 W-ll street, where persons desirous of building are invited to examine a selection oi original and tasteful designs, Irom the ..........l. ?? .......... \?i . ... m... ,i.? Cottage upwards to the extensive Villa or Mansion, in all the various styles of architecture; and where he is prepared to (Or nish I lana, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and Contrattj for Buildings of every description,and superintends the erection thereof. m23 lm*ec AGENCY KOR THE SALE OK BRONZE POWDERS. fpiIE subscriber has been appointed Wholesale Agent for a A house in Europe, who possess the most extraordinary facili ties for the manufacture of Bronze Powders, by which they are enabled to offer the most beautiful and splenliil Bronzes at 50 per c^ut lower than former prices, and to defy all competition m this article. Their Bronzes have been used by ths largest consumers in this country for upwsrds of two vrars, who c n cur in recommending them as superior to any other for brillian cy and durability. The subscriber has made arrangements to have a large assortment always on hand, and is prepared to su|> ply importers aud_ dealers with the article, in any quintily ouble and the manuiatturer's prices, thus saving them the trouble i peuse of importation. J. H. RICKETT, Wholesale Agent, m23 lm*ec [lam Me zelt & Co.] 91 Water street. GOLD LEAF. '"THE SUBSCRIBER would inform consumers and dealers A that if they want a superior article of Gold Leaf, it cau be had at the lactory 92 Keade street, in the rear; warranted larg est site and beat quality. Dentists' Gold Foil at $26 per ouuee, equal to any in the city; warranted. Cash ou ths counter? none of time. J. L. WAUuH, mhl3 2wis*re Practical Gold Beater BRONZE POIVDERS. rPHE very best and cheapest Breeze, in all shades and quali A ties, are constantly imported direct f'?m Germany, and of fered for sale by LEOPOLD KUH It Co, ? mh2l lm*rc 6>? Wall street. New York. heraldic establishment, NO. 203 BROADWAY, N. Y. rI' H E Arms and Crests of Families, from all parts of Europe; A can be obtained and splendidly emblazoned on Vellum, tu Krior in execution, and equal in Heraldic correctneaa to the erald's College of Loudon. The genealogies of families ar ranged and illniniiia'ed, at moderate charges. 1 he lsrgest and rarest Heraldic and Genealogical collection on the A mermen Continent, will be found at W. A. COLMAN'S, No. 203 Broadway, N. Y. Where the Genealogy of Georee Washington, beautifully emblazoned, may be obtained for $1,50 or primed in colnrs fur $1,25. mli20istfic B* WIGS AND SCALPS. iEAUTIFUL SPECIMENS of the art of Wig making, by 1 Wvl, BaTCHELOK, No. 2 Wall atiret ? *traugeis are particularly invited to rxauvne for themselves, before purchas ing elsewhere. All city residents know that the best Wig sud Tonpee Manufactory in tke world is Batchelor's, No. 2 Wall ?tree.. New York, uea. Broadway. N. B.?Wigs and Scalps cleaned and restored, inside and ont, equal to new. m23 lm*.-c fOHN BUHDELL, DENTIST, ( corurr of Broad " way aud Chambers street, has returned from the South, to 162 Broadway, corner Frruklin street. P. M ?As h: iutemlv to Mirud only aboit half of each day in hiaolfice, it would bs well for those who may call when be n absent, to leave their names and time cf calling again, and, alto, to be particular in mentioning the given name, in order to pre vent mistakes in relation to the person they wish to see. m23 2lis*ic TO BE SOLD, A STRONG, well built Barouche Carriage, in good order, and well adapted for family use, with or without a double harness. To be seen at Koulatou's Riding School, aud Livery Subles, 137 Mercer street. in8 is frrc MONEY TO LOAN AT NEW YORK TATTERS ALL'S N NEW AND SECOND-HAND VEHICLES of every description ami value. CARKiAGE BUILDERS are respectfully solicited to for ward their work early, as sales have already commenced w ith spirit, ami at f<ir Mh-s PUBLIC SAI.ESof Carriages, Harnm, Saddlery, Horses, 0 &.C., every Monday, com luetic ni^at o'clock GEORGE vV. MILLER, Proprietor, mh22 Iwis'rc 416 Broadway. NEW IMPOttilNG HOUSE OF FKICNCI1 GOODS. LAURENT & BROTHER, CQ BEAVER BTREET, have received by the last packets, "O a complete assortment of NEW OOODS, ?which they offer to dealers at the lowest market prices. Particular attention iiinvited to iliefollowingdescription of kooiIs : New aud splendid patterns Mous de Lames Also sew patterns of Bnlzorines and Bareges Estra rich Foulard Bilk Ureit>s Very rich Cashmere de Cols fiallery Shawls New style Mosador and Isly Shawls B irege Shawls and Scarfs French Cloths and t'assimews. pit 30ti**rrc ENGLISH HARDWARE AT LOW PRICES. WHOLESALE Dealers *ill consult their own iuti restby taking U}> Stairs Prices, be ore closing their purchases. The snhsenher represeim several m uinfacturers, and is enabled to supply merchants from first hands and at First I'rirts. WO gross low prietd Table Cu'le'y, per gloss, tic , Stc Iff cask* superior Mill, Bastard, Taper, lie. Kiles?at the old price*. 12 casks Hravy.Carolinn Hoes, 000 to No. .2?at erst of im portation. 4 casks Hand aud Pannel Ha* s?$', 75 per dolrn. AO nays line Wrought and Horse Nails. Also, Knob and Padlocks, Hooks and Hinges, Trices, Cnrry Combs, Spoons, Latches, bolls, B'dsctews, On;., w itli a com plete assortment of Pocket and 1 able Cullerv, Razors, tkc., Sic. JOHN A. NEWBUULD, 90 John s'r-et, mhSO Tt;sTuThSt*in (Up Snirs ) CARPET I NO. 4A4 Pearl Street. THE Huhsrribers have just npen*d the large aud spacious 1 CARPET WARE lluOMb, No. 451 Petri street, former ly occnpird by Smith, Hewitt it Co.. and am now terdy to of fer the public an rntite new stor k ot t arpetiug, bought el (neat ly for the spiin* trade, some of whit h are en eetlt-gly rich, of new detiyin sidlcolc is. Among them toy he found? 25 NEW SETTS KlUMlNSTER BRUSSELS. Entirely New. 10 P9. KIUMINS I'KR THREE PLY, Rich Shading. SUPERMNE FINK ANu COMMON IN4S11AIN CAKPETINO. Of every variety siid description. Rugs, Druggets, T-hle *ud Piano Covert; Worste I, Tufted and Jut* Mats; Oil < loths, very heavy and tu great vaii-ties, from 2 to 24 feet wide; together with all other articlrsusually found in the trade. '1 he public are requested to call and ea.ain ineonr stock before purchasing.

PETERSON k HUMPHREY, into 2m *m 454 l'earl street. CJ.1JANO?1 he cargo of the ship Hhakspmre, from lrhaboe,ef . v'ry surerior quality, wkrrantetl pure as imported; ror sale in lots to snit purchasers, by KliW. K. COLLINS Ot CO.. At South -treet. E K St ('o. have also for sale the h-st authenticated works on Ouano, proving liejond donht that it enhances lie- valll- of all crops from 50 to 75 ptrcent beyond its cost, and market garden ing much more, bringing forward vegetables from 2 to I weeks rather. 3 cwi is the lull avenge i|tiantily "red per acre. It is sstd also to he a preventive against rust, mildew aud the lly in wheat and rot in potatoes. rr>22 <? REMisV.AL?Ti e unscriber respectfully aun. ttuces to his friends and the im-tlical profession, that lis his tetnov tl his establishment from the old stnad. No. 35S Chatham street, to the commodious store No. 57 opposite Chambrrs s reel, wline will If found a s-leel and eiten-ive sa-ortm- nt of Surgical and l)eutal Instrnmenti. WM. k. UOULDIMC Surgical Instrument Manufacture, nih21 31*in No 57 I hatham strret. POTATOES?5W bushels pritra English Potatoes, in eicet * |, ut older, just received and for sale in Iota to suit purchasers, by W. St J. T. TAPS! OTP, uijtoc 71 Routli stiudi, cor, Mmldan Laue. AUgTlPN~SALEf BXN.IA.MIN MOONKY, Auctioneer. BOATS. HORSE. WAGON, lir ?Mooney k Aaron will ??II, 'liia day at lOVg o'clock, ar f?8 Water afreet. 14 superi or mad* Yaw la, How, Stern anil 8hi|i'a Bout,, manufactured by Mr Salem VVinen. Alao, Oar?. Boat Timber, I Hone, I Wagon, I S.'eigli, 1 ('art, Harness, Saddle, Bridle, See. Alao, foresle or to let, the premitet 498 Water street, rnnninf through to 235 Cherry atreet Kni|uire of H. V. Ryder, 86 N*r aau atreet, or 011 the premise* at the time of aale. Catalogues are now ready. mil lt*ec A. C Til I'TLE, Aeetioueer. r AMOK HALE Ok HAKUWaRK. CUTLERY. HEA Cj VY GOODS, FANCY ARTICLE*. Sic Jacob 8. Plat''? llth Spring Trade Hardware Hale thia aeaaon. will take p'ace tliia dav, at 10 o'e.lock, at the auction loom, 21 Plaltat'eet, "insisting 310 psckages, cue* and lot* of heavy and shelf Hardware; Kreueh. German and American Staple and Fancy O rods?and ia particularly worthy|the attention oT the city and country tr?d- In ? hia ?a'e will be found :? Alan, 5 casks table and sprirg Cutlery, new gooda, juat land ed comprising table and desert Knitres and Forks, pen and |M>ck et I, 2, 3 eud I blade Knives* Razors, Scissors, Shears, Sic.?the whole to be perrinprorily ar id, without reierve. Also, ICO Iota German Gooda, con?istwgof an nuusual varie ty of new aud desirable articles, both stap'e and ornamental. Also, part of the stock of a hotiss unfortunate ia busiues*. Full particulars in cttalogues. Also, a large aasorlment of American Gooda. Alao, 23 cut and ground glass Hall Lauterua. m24 If re HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE SALES, BY E. H. LUDLOW Si CO.. Office Corner of Broad Street and Exchange Place. WEDNESDAY. March 26th, at 10)4 o'clock, Haudsome Furniture, at 191 Madison street, between Rutgers and Jef fersou streets, F'urnitnre, Carpels, Bedding, Sic , Sic. Cata logues at the store the day preriou*. THURSDAY, Aprd 10th, at 10)4 o'clock, at 252 William ?t, a large assortment of Furniture. F'RIDAY, April 18th,at 11 o'clock, at No. ? Twenty-F'iret street, Chelsea, near9th Avenue, Fashionable F urniture, Silver Ware, Sic.. Sir WF.DNE8DAY, April 23d, Elegant F'urniture in 17th street near Union Square. (T7~Ci?il arteudants have been secured to attend to the sales as porters. Those wishiog to sell will have arrangements at tended to on application at their slore, No. 23 Broad st'eat. inh2i> 2w*rc KICHAKD VAN UYkE, Jr., Aucimueer. THE RAIL ROAD DEPOT HOTEL, comer 4th ' Avenue and 86th street.?Anthony J. Bleecker k Co. will 1 ? at anclion oil Thursday, the 27lh day of March next, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the very valuable property on the eaxt side of the 4lh Avenue and south side of 86th street. The ground contains 36 feet on the aveuue and 100 feet on the street, (which street is curbed and regulated aud the assessment paid;) the property is within two blocks of the large Crotou Reservoir. The House is a large two-story attic build ing, with cellar and kitchen under the whole, with shed* on 86th street. The premises are desirable for the purpose of a public house, and are now occupied as such. $1000 or $2000 csn remain on boud aud mortgage, ar 6 per eeut. Psssession will be given on the 1st of May uext. Title indisputable. For terms nd particulars, apply to the Auctioneers, No. 7 Broad street, or j G. NOWLAn, on the.premises, or No. 3 Eleventh street. f29to mr27*m EIGHTH WARD. T'HE Members of the Nominating Committee, on the ticket 1 headed CHARLES P. BROWN for Alderman, are1 re quested to meet 011 Monday evening, March 2tth, at 8 o 287 H11 Iron si reel, near Spring in'<3 2t*ec MR. VANDENHOFF'S LECTURE. MERCANTILE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, CLINTON HALL. 'tueidoy Kxenlng, 25 March, 1813. MR. GEO. VANDENHOFF Will Lfdure, and give READINGS OF SCENES FROM THK ANTIGONE OK SOPHOCLES AND THK LEAR OF' SHAKESPEARE, RK ETCH OF THeVrEEK DRAMA. Jj"To commence at halfpast 7 precisely. Tickets 30 cents. Gentleman and two Ladies $1 Members of the M. L. A. 23 cents, inh22 8tMTu3t*rc THE IRISH IN AMERICA ALFXTURE will be delivered by D. MAJOR, Esq.. Counstllor at Law, 011 the above subject, at Niblo's, on Tuesday F'.vening, the 25th instant, at 7)4 o'cl'ck. Tickets 25 cent", to be had at the door. m22 3t8tMTu*rc Ml J. PARKER'S GRAND ANNUAL EXHIBITION BALL. R. J. PAKKe U has the honor to auuounce '<> his friamll and il a public, that his Annual F'xhibitiou Ball will take place on Faster Monday, tbe 24th March, at Tammany Hall, on which occasion will be brought forward between 20 and 30 dances?several of them arranged to the music Irom the orera of the Bohemian Girl; also the popular Polka Dance will ba danced by a number of different setts. Tickets for admission $1, to admit a and two ladies; extra ladies'tickets to cen's. Mr. P. assures his friends and the public that he will not is-ueont more tickets than can be comfortably accommodated. Tickets can be obtained at Tammany Hall, National Hall, Loveioy's Hotel, and Mr. P.'s,residence, 207 Boweay. mlill 3t*rc /"lOPAKTNERBHIP?The undersigned have this day formed L-r a copartnership under the 6rm of THOMAS BRlLBY fc Co., lor the purpose of dealing in Rice, kc., at No. 128 Front St. THOMAS BRlLBY, JAMES ADAMS New York. March 20, 1845. mh22 3t*m HAKTWELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, $$3 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. 157 lm*m NEW PEED STOKE AND CONSERVATORY?Th subscribers offer for sale as low as ean be purchased else where. a choiee assortment of Iresh Vegetable, F'lower, and Grass Seeds, all of which will be warranted Also, Plants of all kinds at auction prices, Fruit and Orna mental Trees of ererv description. m8 2w*rrc DUNLAr 81 CARMAN. 635 Broadwsr. NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE UNDERSIGNED, Patentees and Manufactnr (Ureis of the Neapolitan Bonnets, respectfully inform the trade that they are now ready to supply the above article of the latest style and of superior quality, in quantities to suit purchasers. They* warrant that they can alter and clean llie Bonnet to ap pear equal to new. Buyers sre cantionej against an inferior article of the kind in the market. (The genuine article, for which we received the silver medal at the last fair of the American Institute, has our ticket upon it.) Apply to THOMAS VYSF'., 172 Pearl street, or at the mannfaciory of PATTISON, NOE & CO., ?fi8 2taw3in*rc No. 25 Delancy street. TO LET?The Four-story Brick Building, No. 83 Anthony streer. It being 90 feet by 26 leet, would be a _ good location lor a Hotel, for Lodge Rooms or for Mili tary Urill Rooms. F'or particulars inquire of D. D. IDFISON, m!8 21 21 3t*tn 49 Anthony street. FARMS AT JAMAICA, (L I.) , FOR SALE. TO LF:T, OR LEASE?Two Farms in the village of Jamaica.containing about 50 seres each, ,or will be let to one p raou, Imth Farms lying c iilignous ... . jli other. They sre situited within a shnrt distance of the Kailro<d, to which th? fronts extend parallel on South street. They are well watered, and divided into arable, pasiureand woodland. On ore F'arm then- is a good two story* Home, Barn, aud other our buildiugs. Oa the other there is a fine site building, overlooking the village. The above Farms are iteaira ble either for tanning or markitiug. the soil being peculiarly adapted fo' raiting e-rlv Vegetables for the New York market; or tliey would answer the purposes of a country seat. For fni* lh*r particulars, apply t > in?4 3t*ec FRANCIS S. BROWN. 14 Pire street. r on L>1 V EHPUOIj?'I he New I me?iu-guiat ? Packet 7lst April?The superior last sailing pack?l .Ship LIVERPOOL. Cant John Eldridge, 1100 tons lU'theo. will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splrndid, large and comfortable ??ate rooms and cabin, apply to the Captain oa board, west side Burling slip, or to WOODHHLL fc MINTURNS. 17 Sonth sireet. Price of Passage. $100. The packet ship Queen of the West, 1200 tons, Captain Phi lip Woodhu use, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on her rernlar day tbe ?lti of May. m2l ec __iKotyular I acket of the 1st of April. .b!n fc*miVi'pt'^-aMdJ:^*bJ*,ld fdIt ?B''"'g favorite packet ship El HOPE, Edward O. Furber, commander, will positive ly sail on Taeiday. the 1st of April j?f i"rm* of. J'eseage, and to secure the best berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekman at, or to the subscribers. ROCHE. BROTHERS fc CO m23ee ne,t d?01, to U'c Fnlton B ink, New York. wm..' (OR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York Line? Pos lively Kirst Regular I'acket to tail on iWe'uesdiy, 26th iuatant.?The elegant, fa?t sailing picket ship OS WKUO, Captain Wood, will positively sail as ahove. her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having handsome furnished accomuio da'ions, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall St., or to K. K. COLLINS It CO., 66 South st. Positively no goods received on board after Tuesday even ing, 26th inst. Agents in New Orleans. Messrs. Hnllin St Woodruff', who will promptly forward all goods to their address. m2:iec PEOPLE'S LINK STEAMBOATS KOR ALB A N Y?Kroin the foot of Courtlandt st.? At 6 o'clock, P. M., landing at intermediate pl-eei. The steamboat COLUMBI A, Captain Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Kriday, and Sunday afternoons, at 6 o'clock. The steamboat SOUTH AMKUICA, Certain M. H. Trnes drII, on Tuesday, 1 hursday and Saturday afternoons, at 6 o'clk. Passengers taking ilie ah, ve line will arrive in Albany in time to take the morning train of Cars for the East of West. The Boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the lindson. All persons are forbid trusting any ol the boetsof this line, without a written order from the ( aptaiti or Agents. Kor passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schulu, at the office ou ilie Wharf. mf4 TEN CENTS PER HUNDRED POUNDS. KREIUHT FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. PASSAGE f I 60. ERICSSON STEAMBOAT LINE BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. aMQ ad The Ericsson Line will re-^^MM /tM & ? *i"iri jjSceivs Kiejght for Baltimore.^?^S ^KawwJKi9LaiHl lor the South and Wrst3E^^HC_aE. geuerallv, which they will forward at the low latr ol ten roes per 100 llis. All the freight hsrvrofore forwarded from New York to Baltimore, lias lieeu carried hv this line, and >hip|ers will therefore he careful to consign and mark their goods to A. Groves, Jr., Agent. The lierot ol the Ericsson Line is uear the freight office ol the New York Line,slinnst adjoining it. 'i he Boats of this I iue will leave the upper side of Chestnut strict saharl"daily, (eicept Sunday) at S o'clock, P. M., or im mediately af er ill ? arrival of the ,vew York Line. The accom modatioua for Paaaengeis are escellent, berths being provided for them, and every effort will be mails to promote their comfort and enuvenietli e. Passengers receipted through by this Line to Whc ling and Pittsburgh, vie Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and National Road. (L/" hate to Wheeling ill?To Pittsburgh til?Meala 26 eta. Six Boats compose the Ericsson Steamboat Line, and the ar rangements are ample to forward every pound of fieight re ceived. A. GROVES. Jr. Agent. March llth, 1646. No. 19South Wharves, Phils, inhIS tmis* EXPRESS PACKET LINE TO PITTSBURG. SQ0L0SD.jftl3 ptr-wfffr Via Pen?a\ Ivania Canal si d Railroads. THROUGH IN %% DAYS. 'I he above line will start on Mondty, the 17th instant. Pas sengers by this route tike the ears from Philadelphia to Hams bu'g, and there en. hark on h isrd of the paekets 111- cars of this Ime are of ihe finest description, and the boals have been thoroughly re-'lted Passengers will find Ihis a most delightful mode of travelling to the Rest. All the fatigue attendant upon stage travelling is avoid-d. and the line natmal sceuety of the ronte affords in dutementa to travellers not found on any other. A. GUMMING. Agent, N. E. corner of sth and Chranur. streets, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, March 10th, 1646. Kor information in this city applv to 11. A KNIHELL. 7 West street, uthil Jweodia'sc N. R , New Yorfc< j AMUSEMENTS. PAKK TIIKATKK. vmsaw- MONDAY EVENING, March 24. Will be presented, (or the Ant lime on any stage, Mrs.Mowati'f new comedy c.lled KASHION-Count de Jolimaitre, W. H ?risp; Col Howard, Dyott; Gertrude, Miai Clara Elli; Sara pniBK 11flany, Miss Rare Horn. A Pas de Danube. by Miss 8t. Clair. To conclude with th- comedy ?of U8ED UP-8ir Char les Colds'ream, Mr Crisp; Lady Chutterbuck, Mri. Dyott. Boies, lit tier 76ceuts, 2d tier 60 ceuu?I'll 60 ceuta?Gallery 26 eenli. BUHTOJI'S i He ATKK-Arrh street, PHILADELPHIA SECOND NIGHT OK T1IK. SEASON. .... MONDAY. March 24, THE HEIR AT LAW?Doctor Paiigh ss. Mr Burton; Die Dowlaa, Mr G Barrett; Zekiel. Mr Burke; Lord Dilbetly Mr Johnston; (.le.ley, Mr? Bu<ke; Caroline, Mils Kirby. Dancing, by Mr G Smith and Miaa Moore. The near d'ama of THE LONE ST AH?Col David Crockett. Mr Slerens; Santa Anna, Mr Paulliu; Lieut Dickinson, Mr Mr Bowers. TUESDAY, a'AKCH 2'th. THE KAKE14 pn 'OKF.S-?'?am Slap. Mr. Burtun; Med ??lM' WrJ,u'J,*; Harrv M'Abam, V, O Bvrreit; Tom KakeweU, Mr Steven.; Sum,ir Mr. Huiiell; Betty liiggius. ui" .. Bmtth; banuy Morlaud, Miai Kirby; Lacy Blazon. Mrs. Uuike. Danci-g by Min E. Moore and Mr G Smith. The new Drama of THE LONE 8TAH?''olnuel David Crockett, Mr. Stevens Sanu Anaa, Mr. 1'aullin ; Liedtecaut Dii-k.-uson Mr Bowera. SIGNOR SANQ UIRIUO'S OK AND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT OPERA AND DANSE, In Kull Dreaaea and Costumes, with KULL OHCHE8TRA. ON MONDAY EVENING NEXT, 2Uh inatant, AT PALMO'S ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE, In Chambers atreet. The following most eminent oerformers have kindly volunteere rheir valuable services on (his occasion:? , S'ONORA PICO, MADAME OTI'O. PAULINE DEHJARDIN'*, and her punil, SIGN^RINA FELICIA, 6 years old. 8IO ANTOGNIN1, SIO RAPETT1. BIG. ETIENNE. Mr H ORONENVELT. Mr. KYLE. Mr. PHILLIP MAYER, Mr. HALOVONSKI. and ? . , , ? 8IGNOR DE BEGN1S. Leader of the Oreheatra SIO. RAPETTI S1G. ETIENNE will preside at the Piano Korte. PROURAMM E. , ? . _ Cowcert?Part I. 1?Grand Orertara full Orchestra 2?Romance?''Una furtiva lagrima," 1'Elisir d' Amoieby Mr .. Donizetti. 3?Grand Duo? 'Convenietze teatrali," by Signora Pico and Sig Sani|uirico Donizetti 1?Orand Cavatina Irom "Somnambula," "Vi rav vtso" by Mr Ph Mayer Bellini 5?Aria Finale from "Belly," "ie Crudele," by IVladaine Otto ... ... ... ,,, ..... Donizetti. 6?Grand Duo?"I)Marinari," by Siguori Autoguiui , and Sanquirico . Roaaini For the firat time, with full Orchaatra, concerted for thia ocea aion by Signor Milon. , ., Dansk?Part II. 1?The Favorite Tyrolieuue by Signorinn Felicia, her firat aud , *Mt appearance in public. 2?The Cackucha, firat time in America, by M'lle Pauline Degjardin. , , Opera?Part III. In foil Dressea and Costume, frem the First Act of Kosaini's Beautiful Opera Buffo, "The Barber of Seville." 1?Cavatina of ltosina, "Una voce aoco fa" Sig'ra Pico 2?Giand Duo?"Dunque to 8ou"Signora Pico and Big. De Begnis*. 3?The Splendid Aria?"Manca un foglio," Signor Sanuuinco Roaaini. 4?Grand Scene Irom the Opera "Oberon," "Ocean, thou mighty monster," in full Dress and Cos tume, Madame Otto... C. M. Weber. ?Grand Coscerted,D'<o?Clarionet and F'lnte, Mr H. Grouevelt and *(r Kyle 6? Grand Duo from "Matnmooio Secreto," by Sig. De Begais and Sanqoirico Cimaroaa. rncea?Firat Tier ana Parquette, % I?Second Tier, 60 cents Private Boxes 26. N. B.?The Box Office will be open on Thursday morning, 20th instant, and following days, from 9 o'clock to 6 o'clock iv " Mhere seats may be secured. Doors open at 7 o'clock?performanca to commence at a quar ter to E o clock precisely. mh2l rc MR. BROUGH'S ' COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT. THE COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS for con x ducting tie Concert given to , ... , MR. BROUOH, (complimentary to him lor his aervicea upon nil occasions to the charictble and other societies of New York ) beg to an nounce thst it will positively lake place on YVednetday Evening, March 26th, 1845, NIBLO-S CONCERT SALOON. The Committee are hjppy to inform (lie friends of Mr. oroogh, and the public generally, that they have re | ceived from the following eminentariiiti an offer of their yala able >ervices SIONORA KOSINA PICO, MADAME OTTO, MISS MAR TAYLOR. MADAME BURKHART, MR it <? ui. , ,, a JULIA NORTHALU MIC. U. C. HILL. (Leader.) MR. O. LODfcR. MH^BEAMES, (Conductor,) Mlt. (JROENVELT, MR. OTTO, MR. T MAYER. SIO. 8ALMON8KY. Part 1 A"d 8I?' ?EON1S' I Overture?F'ull Band, T,,,1,,!, ___ Duetto-" Santa voce," from the Opera of*" Marino Faliero, ' by Signor SMomonsky and T. Mayer,... Douiz-tti. Ballad? 1 he Siiell is Broken"?Miss Northall A. Lee Song? My Boyheod s Home"?Mr. Brrugh Kooke Cavatisa? O come e vago ainabile," from the Optra of La Prigione di Edimburgo"?Signora Pico Rii Instrumental Duet?" Diologo Brilliaute," Flute and Clarionet?Mr. Kyle and Mr. Groeuyelt Bochsa. Cavatina?Madame Otto _ Neapolitan Tarantella?" Gia la lana in mezzo io ?.?4,Ti."S8,gnor.ft'Se*ui,o ? w.' ?????* Roaaini. Spanish Song? Et Taque ?Signora Tico Blanco. ixr?rWL??T> , aoJ 'erond [aru of the Conrert, Mr E. ?u rv ' ?* l^e Harmonic Attachmeiu" to tne I lanolorte, will j?erform a ( 'once, to on the imtrumeut. _ ... ... ^art u. f?KTi met "im *n hippy throng''?Madame Burkhart, Duetto?From " Tancrede"?Madame Otto and Mi'as lay lor Roaaini. SoBg?" The heart bow'd down"?Mr. Brough, Balfe! Cavatina?Nrll Opera " La Parisina"?Miss North all... ... Donizetti "a *>l'r?n?>- "e" T*KKi<i luaiughier," from Stmiramidr '?Signori Pico Rossini Song? 'Just like Love"?Miss Taylor Ricci ?"The Wolf"?Mr. Bronvh Shield. In conseqnence of the length cl' the Coccert it w-11 commence Pt^.'wly at 7X o'clock 1 irkets $1 e-ch. to be had at th1 mini pieces. m23 41 ~ THE HUTCH1N&ON FAMILY A t KNOWLF.DGINO with gratitude the cordial reception eitended to them on Weduesday evening last, respectfully announce that 'heir second VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT Will take place at NIBOL'S SALOON. On Monday Krenlng, March 24, 1843, Go which occasion they will introduce a programme of the ir most choice productionsard selections both new and old. ' Blow On! Blow On'."?a Pirate's Gl?e. The Mariner Loves o'er the Waters to Roam." ' A Life in the West," wolds by 44. P. Morris. Parting IReouiein." "Slar.of th'Summer Night," a sere inde, music by Baker. Solo?"The May Queen,'" mehidv by Uemjiiter. "Over the Mountain and Over the Moor." Solo and Chorus?"Get off the Track!" a song for emancipation. ?Westward Hp!' "The Pauper's Drive " " Origin of Yankee Doodle. "Old Granite State." 1 ickeia 60 cents each?To be ob'ained at the Music and Book stores on Broadway: at Noa. 199. 201, 2t6, 239, 297, 316,329, 386 , 663?at 134 Bowery, and at No. 1 Fianklin Square. Also at the door of the Saloon on Monday evening. Open at ** to 7 Concert to commence at a )% to 8. m21 3tF8tM*ec M'LLE. PAULINE DESJARDINS. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT. (C'PERA AND BALLET,) 'Jti"?'1 Howe, on Monday, the 31?f twEf. UIORORA KOSI.NA PICO, Prima Donna of the late Italian troupe in tins city, ??nd olh^r eminent aitistrs, b^gs Imvs to luTorm tne patrons of the Italnn Opera, and admirejsand sup porters of the Mnsical A?t< snd Artists, that they will gi>e ?A?rf?r ? Complimentary Concert, with Opera and Ballet, to M lie Desjardins, previous to her departure from this city as above. N. B ?The Boi Office will be opened on Thursday morning. 27ih inslant, and followirg days, from 9 o'clock, A. M., to 6 o clock, I M , where seats may lie secured I rices.?First Tier, 21 00; Second Tier, 60 crnU; Private! Bot-s, $h,00, m)i22 rrc T SIGNOR RAPKTT1 D ESPECTKULLY inform* hi* friends and the public, that tv previous to hi* professional tour, he will give a grand enter taiuineut at Pal urn's, on Saturday, 29th irist combining OPERA AND CONCERT. Sig'r RAPETTI will be aiaiited by the principal artist*, both vocal aud instrumental. DC/*- Particulars in future. m23ec " CONCERT BY THK WARDEN FA M IE Y . rpHK MESSRS. W ARDENS, of Philadelphia, respectfully -I announce tliat they will give their first Vocal Enteuain ment in New York, on Tuesday Evening, 24th Marth, at the Society Library Room, when lliey will mil a selection of thair popular Quart*tt*. which hare elicited the approbation ol the muaiol public of Philadelphia. CONTRALTO?KM ILY. TENOR?EDWARD. BARITONO?DAY ID. BASSO?THOMAS. They wi'l alio sing a number of the most popular Ballads of the day. David will preside at I he Piano Forte. For part culara see programme. Tickets M cents. Ticket* admittir g one gantleman and two ladies,tl m2l 3tKSt?i?ec Grand military, civic and complimen tary SOIREE, will he given bv the friend* of William Wallace, Esq, leader of the calebra'ed Qpadril'e Bind, to lake place at the Apollo Rooms, on Friday Evening, March Jlth IMS. Picket* may be obtaiued of h. H. Blakl-y, '*7 Walker ?tieet ; Military Hall, Bowery ; Hohoken House, cor. Greenwich aud Canal (tree , or of any of the Com* ittee. WM. PALMER, Chairmn. D. O. WaTTort, Ssc'y. mh24 5tn*rc I. O. OF O. F ORATION AND CONCERT. HE INDEPENDENT ORDER OK WOOD FELLOWS, of New York Lodge No. 4. respectfully ben leave to an nounce their first Oration and Concert, at the Tabernacle, March 21th, IMS. for the Benefit of the Widow*'and Orphan* Euud of the Society, on which occasion JAMES T. BRAD Y, Esq., has kindly cons nted to deliver an Oration. The cele brated ANOLEHEA BROTHERS have kindly volunteered their saluihle service*, and will appear in costume and sing a ntunber of thair he*t glees, duetts and solos. PROFESSOR MAXIMILlUNiZUBOFF and PUPIL, a Miaa, I year* of ago, have lead-red their services,and will lie-form on the Pianoforte a Sonale. arranged for four hands by Bethoven. Mr. R. HAM HKI DOE has also kindly consenied to perform an Overture on the Pianoforte. A number of Ladies and,Oentlemen have also volunteered their aid on this occasion, and will.sing some of the most popular Ballads. Admission 25 Cents. Tickets to be procured at the principal Music Stores and at the door on the evening of the Concert, also of the following gentlemen:? General Storms, J. Sherman Brownell, Oideon Ostrander, Tho*. R. Kellinger, B. J. Mnerole, E K Tardy, Jamrs Conner. R. H. Morris, Anil from the follow ing , COMMITTEE OF ARRANoF.MENTS. J. C. Cmlrhmon. James IL-ed, F. K. hVth, (Jeo. Reive*, Jacob (V-vin, Oeo. W. Dawson, O. H. hOlinger, Dr. W. W. Tompkius, Wm B tlaihcr, John Faulkner, Hie, hen Brooker, T. J. W ayne, W 11. Hyatt, W, "azely, Major J. Hopkins, J McKmben, Oeo. Haywood, Thos. Brown, II Bazely, M. Fallen, T. B. Karle, S McCmqkra. J. 8 Magnus*. Dr. J. T Tattle, and Captain Stsphsn Miller, of Brooklyn. mlill Iwin SUGAR?lOOhhdl Trim* NewtOrlr ansS-gar, for tale by E. K. COLLINS k CO But? ec M South strss'i BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL Washington. [Correspondence o( the Hermld.] Washington, March 21,1846. Dismissal of Thomat Lloyd, Surveyor of Baltimore J for Pre tint my a\Fine Hone to the President ? Re moval* and Appointment*?English Newt?As tonishment thereat. An announcement hue been made to-day that Thomas Lloyd, Surveyor of the Port of Baltimore has been dismissed from his post. He was aj? ap pointee of Mr. Tyler's, and it appears that He sent to Mr. Polk a vtry fine handsome horse, as a pre sent, which Mr. Polk returned to him immediately, and ordered Mr. Lloyd to be dismissed for his too irreat kindness. The whole affair has been the sub ject1 of much comment, and there are different opinions expressed about it, for seme think that the horse was offered as a bribe, to induce Mr. Polk to keep him in office, and that, therefore, he is served quite right in being turned out of office while others thiuk that perhaps the man only want - ed to testify his gratification at the success of the democratic candidate, and that it is too bad to turn him out for so doing. Mr. Polk has acted very promptly in this matter, and on the whole his conduct is generally approved of, though manv think it;is a hard case for Tom Lloyd. Office hold ers must beware how they attempt to approach Mr. Polk in this way ; there's no saying how Mr. Ty ler might have received such an offer, but Mr. Polk is a different sort of a man altogether. ' Rumors have been floating about to-day that Mr. Blake, the Comicsionerof the General Land Office, had been removed, and that Mr. Shields of Illinois, had been appointed in his place. The report, how ever, is betore its time. There is little doubt but that Mr. Blake will be removed, and very nrobablv Mr. Shields will be appointed in hisrlace.butthc are events which are in the womb of the future Removals have not yet commenced. The Pret. dent aBd his Cabinet are having councils to deter mine upon their ground and mode of action, but they intend to be very cautious, and only go to work gradually, taking their time about it and matters and things in general, The English news which arrived here to-day has astonished every body. They hardly know what to make of it, and can hardly believe their own eyes. Instead of meeting with savage attacks upon the policy of the United States, as respects the an nexation of Texas, there is not a word to be found on that subject, and Oregon is hardly mentioned or referred to at all. Some think that this is only a sign that Great Britain is about to induce, or has succeeded in inducing France to join her in protest - ing against annexation, and that because she is quiet, she is not therefore asleep, nor has she given up her intentions, but is working in secret, in order the more effectually to prevent, if possible, the ad dition of Texas to this Union. Others think that Great Britain, seeing that the people of the United States are determined to annex Texas, has with drawn her opposition, and will let the measure be quietly consummated ; but that, in the meantime, she is increasing her navy and strengthening her self to take possession of Oregon. Tne free trade budget of Sir Robert Peel has, however, astonished them yet more. They are perfectly astounded. Such a fell swoop, eb 480 articles to be swept from the tariff at once, a repeal of the duties on cotton, glass, staves, lard oil, furniture woods, and a num ber of other articles of American produce, and the reduction ol the sugar dutits,?tliey lift up their hands and their eves in astonishment! This is considered as the first great step in free trade, and as sure to lead, in the course of two or three years, to the abolition of the corn laws and the equaliza tion of the duties on sugar; in fact, it is regarded as the commencement of a new era, which is to impart new prosperity to Great Britain, by unshack ling commerce entirely, and raising revenue ?s it ought to be raised?by direct taxation. The Eng lishmen about here are predicting wonders which are to happen to John Bull, and promising lor iheir country the realization of the millenium dirt Washington, March 22,1 Removals and Apj>ointments?Minister to En ' ?Qreat Britain and Annexation?Lieut. . berg. Affairs here possess very little interest at present. The President and his cabinet have not yet deter mined anything about removals or appointments; everything being in statu quo, and beyond the guessing and reports and surmises of the office seekers, nothing is known as to what they intend to do. Every one expects a great many removals, and seems to expect they will be soon made, but none can give any reason why they expect this, except that they " ought to be removed," and therefore " they will be removed." I have learned, upon very good authority, that Mr. Everett will come home from England, and that as John C. Calhoun declined that mission, it has been, or will be tendered to Mr. Elmore, i f South Carolina, and he wiil undoubtedly be our next Minister to the Court of St James, where he will well and ably represent this nation. You will perceive that the Constitution of lat night is of the opinion which 1 mentioned in m last letter'as being entertained hereby some,namel . that Great Britain has not relinquished her design or desires to prevent annexation, but that she will yield the right of search to France, to induce that nation to join her in her attempt to prevent the ac complishment of this measure. A short time will, however, show this. I perceive that the Coum'r states that the Senate J perceive mat tne uoumrr states mat me senate has declared the restorai ? of Lieut. Schomberg to his rank by President /ler was unconstitution al. I have been furnished with the following facts in relation to this affair. Lieut. S. was under pe culiar circumstances oblictd to tender his resigna tion. He did eo on the 5th June, 183B, to take ef fect on the 31st October following He was then at Fort Des Moines, and his lesignation was re ceived at the War Department, on the 23d June, and recommended by Maior General Macomb to bp accepted, to take effect on the 31st July, 1836 ? General Macomb having a son in the eame regi ment, would be advanced a step if Lieut 18. left the service. Against this alteration of his resigna tion Lieut. S. protested, and said if his resignation were not accepted as he tendered it, he would not resign at all. On the 28ih June, 1836, the President issued a general order, which contained the follow ing clause : "All officers now absent, with u view of retiring Irorn the service, whose resignations have been permitted to take effect at some pros pective date, are hereby notified that if they deei* to continue in the service, by reporting tor dnv the Adjutant General within three months, joining theircorps their resignations may be t - celled." This was dated five days alter the recep tion at the War Department of the resignation, and Lieut. S. complied with its terms in less than three weeks, and nine days belore the time arbitrarily fixed for his resignation had arrived, r.nd he was the only officer of many who did so. On ther-p re presentations. President Tyler restored Lieuten-.nt Schomberg to his rank, and ordered him to be placed at the head of Lieutenants in the ar my list, and the Senate as above stated, has declared this act to be unconstitutional The influences which have been brought to bear, to produce this effect in the Senate, and subse quently to give it publicity, with injurious com ments, are various and singular. Lewis Cass was the Secretary of War who altered the date of the resianaiion. This H Benton is the bosom friend of Col. Kearney, who is the commanding officer of Lieut. S.'s regiment, and his enemy ; and Gen. Scott is influenced by ihe Colonel, anil by ihe tact that the Lieutenant is a democrat, and does not think hint a great man, even as an officer, while Scott is also a bosom friend of Crittenden, who ih likewise a warm friend of Webb and King of the Courier, and, to crown all, Lieut Schomberg was the ffieud of the unfortunate Cilley, and did not speak in favor of Webb in that unfortunate affair; and add to this, that Lieut. Schomberg was active during the last Congress in enlightening members of Congress uncertain points connected with Gen. Scott and the commuua of the army, and there is a pretty complicated combination of causes why he should be destroyed if possible, and jusiice de nied to liirn; even w'hen most evidently supported by undeniable Hnd incontestible proof. Laeut Schomberg it, I understand, about to publish a lull statement ot his case, and to show how hardly and unjustly he has been dealt by. THILADKLPHIA. Kebruary Sfch, 1(4). ROBKKT8JOHn5tO&, i JOHNSTON ft CO. STOCK EXCHANGE AND COLLECTION OFFICE, No. II South Third St , orrostTE to the Mechapik'? Bun, FHii.APr.LrHi>. Dealer* in lucarrrnt Bank No ten. Relief Note*, Ooltl and Silver Coin, kc. Drafts, Notes and Bills collected with despntch, on favorable terms Drafts on St. Lovis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York, Hoslon, he., constantlv for sale. All orders for the purchase and sale of United States Govern ment, Ht.ite. City or Incorporated ( o's Loans, and every detcrr tion ol Bans, Insurance, Hail Road and Canal Co.'s Stocks,' tended to promptly anil with cure, at the Board of Brokers HKKKRRNCKS iVitliam Tattoo, Jon. Esq, Cashier, Philadelphia, bcull h Thompson, do Buck h Totter, do Vtonrso, Buck h Co., do David S Brown h Co. do Eckel, Bpsngler h Raignel, do Mercer, Brother h Co. do fM I m ? gs VyRAPriNO PAI'KR.-BOIO Beams Straw Wrapping; " rrams Rag Wripping; for sale hv Pr.RSttfc k BROOKH, ushlT Not. 16and IT Nassau (t jooa

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