Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 83-Wllolo No. 4043. NEW YORK. TUESDAY MORNING. MARCH 25, 1845. Met Two Conta. THE NEW YORK HERALD aookkoate circulation THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. the GREATEST IN rtlE WORLD To tka Public. I ilE ?s hW VOKK HKRAL D?Daily Nrwipow~t>vb* lulled every day ol tiie year except New Yen . Day and fourth KSr "" C0PT-W r!?p" aa r n m?postage* X'"'' WEEKLY HERALD?published eve. , HatnrdaV **. P?' "OPT. or $1 tl per aaai-u-poet 8jjes pata, ensh in ad vance. ?ADVERTISERS ere informed that the circulrtio if the Sr,dA?'r':xT",RTY-?vK thousand "1"'.?. ? ,K li Circulation of my paper in thi city Stes& ft ssiar-""11-????5 JAMES CORDON BENNETT aoeaiCToa or thk Hkrild Establishment, North west corner of f niton and Nassau street*. CHOICE annual flower seeds ~ j&tit,, 11r n"r1 '"1?"" h'? friends and the'old Ni? '?<? Conservatory, that he ha. receiv 2teo.rf hTo,vv^^fcran,?TXoed Ch?'Ce for^l^p?iw/ir-^ ,J ,ap,rb v""tie.arenow ready H,u?imniidii?snlendid show flowers of all colors He hi'Mil thug I ncafii, l>Ptu&us Gnibsmii tup mivaji * ?V "?r d0Se,r,'A?f * b' ?? ovr^orange ?d cK^""" Portulacca Sjilendem and Theluiionii. mixed?V>rv dwarf I brilliant crimioti and rosy crimson dowers dwarf, ty of colors, suitable for training. lie * rane I Mignonette?Sweet .rented abyssin'ian. i...;sXmS; uSi ".is? **?- ?* ?? "V? ? ?i?e Nol mo itnplicifolia?Showy blue trailiug flower zebr.a, tnew)-Whi2s with KSm blotch ?d 'iropaeoluni Pelegrinum or Canary Bird Elnw.^_R??.;c-i CatC?lWrJ u/Wt?J "PP9"" l>"e ? canary bird. ^3^?sSSSSS3&&vt It-ens Coronoria, or Large White Rocket Candvtuft white su? hracteatum album, ^w^ElS showy Calleopsis, Atkinsocia, Drummondii, FJegaas be a kind, mixed?P lowers brilliaut. of cream, golden andd'arb ?.i i * blotched, .tnned and spotted with crimson d"kred coloI,? Packages coii-uuing 56 vaiieties for $2; JOO varieties U. Vegptabl* rkediot (hi growth of '844. Cm,.^\U^C' yl"oSi.?dow.'1U ,heAlthy P1,U,U '? ?Pwer ? in the tiouVilV b??dy in"5e0,.'Si0?n *" ??W "nder euU"* b o?. -a.. ?i.i? ?.* *. ms^??ssrisii JMI kARM FOR SALE-Price $I500-Cgntaining 18 IP^icres, ? beautiful and healthy situation. two miles l'rom ?waaktiie railroad depot at the city of New liruuiwirk New J-rsev on the old ro?d to .Philadelphia, o" the premi^ i?a go, d house two bares, crib, be , sod a vaiietv of fruit ire.?-! For lurther tuforrrating inqui e of Mr. R. DERMOTT adjoin ,B*d'?,l'l??.orof FETEn C. CORTELYuU Type'Found be'to let York' If n?l ,old bjr 1,5 o^Apiil will - ' mh20 8t?m SSt ni0,? ,S)LtrA FARM?situated at lalip, Suffolk L f. *<l{ptiiing Smithtown. Said Farm contains ac-e?, 30 of which 11 Wood; the remaining 52 acre* are in a state ol good cutivation. There are two Houses andah? two good wells of water on Urn farm; siwge ba^wTth rmge house nnu stabljug for eight horses; an icehouse- a good large garden, enclosed in a picket fence, fruit trees? be ,V e '"formation may be obtained at No. 13 flleecker stn et, a few doora west from Broadway. Half toe purchasa money ear remain on mortgage |m?? TO LET. ~~ AT FORDHAM, WESTCHESTER CO , N Y. ,v Tu uh ?"d convenient Cottage, formerly occupied ? "?jdeu. end Fruit Tree/ of very oescrli.Uon, ^djoining-.ituared^withffmo mhrSe Johu'- The nTwYoA 2nd Applyats^Pearfstreet!York 1 ini^.^- ^ i ^ FARM S OR SALE?Consiating of ?h-~ ? w*, '"Cludiug a suitable quantity of conveniently eakaitlittil ult meuoe, being itie northerly pan of htrat mi'i-r C anout Mushing landing, and half a mile from l ollege rumt landing, and bordering for .omedia tanc* on h iushuig Bay, embracing most deiira&e locations for 'Uutry seats with water pririliges. It has oo ita lanre coitiure houi?, a teuniit house, large bar J, 8tc., aT>o3 iJwdiK DlaSP M II? ^0m,,,,"?.PirO UCfinl lboutJ30? banela of ..pnlis an .SJ 'O^'f.well watered, and has te.eral liting ? .l,J ^ near the dwelling Uowardi of 40 wiTof^i^?huT?ain.r,(>?,nB *ronnd- ?Qd will cut about N - y '.?y4 >?*ri aa?i 5 acres are covered with thrifty lo cuit treoj. 1 he whole premtsis are of the richest ratural soil fourth of'rhH*1/1."'!' UO n,an,ue? "?d. ?f it more than oue^ dr ff , , il quauuty to produce the finest erops The mluui-e the*whole "FoeretT^ ^ u?aU """? ? ? manure urn whole, f <>r terms aud other particulars inquire of fu *??! mbove f>arm will be exchanged for Zproperty in ihM?.cW Y?'k' of 10 1X01 vya A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?Situated Iq^Bin tlie town of Pelham.Westciiester Couuly, bordering on ^*m.'he village ol Eaat Chester, about 16 diiIm from New 4" o?MUnatfoTZiUfiSu'trire J J2,. lVk a P,R?e 11 dutifully situated, commanding a view ofihe Sound and aurroanding country. !? will be sol! te^sTir?sna?^usil?fEs 11 8 Lot! of Oronnd, by 100, on the easterly side of the 11 h \ v-?ne between 37t<. auo Mth strretT fM lm'rc A splendid, superior, and very valuable SPgai1 ARM of too Seres, rich Isnd, s handjome House, excel 01 l^.CM jod outbuild lugs, mills and machinery for atwiug. gTmdiug kc. nbout 8<T8 choice Peach Trees, and a ?a ' ""?i from Mom.t"wu~n NewVA f?i * '* ? ri^T ,fom *9W b ori; a healthy aud deliaht ful .Itu.t.on Price pmO; hslf can remain^ a/or wrll b?ex oH\dr',!' Part lo' citv P'jrr-y Cost overSl.,000. aww IV /h "rZL W'r n'w Cottage, Barns, heucea. be.: about pTicuU?i,^y\aodj0'mnBthe ab0ve ^YLST0fffU" $IS00 or $?000 on a Houre ^.d*Lot ^of B?"/"? ~d. 7 Per cent. mh? lm*ec D' ^LBTON' M *Ifc. M?,n TO SECRET SOCIETIES. TO LEI?brora 1st May next, the large Room in the ui per story of house corner of East Broadway and Cs tEvrm. street, litres! up for a lodgV^toovT Cm ^ aein lars eu(mireol> SP#2*h^iV ^ farther partieu MHrnnm-. * Catharine street, or of J.HeCHT, ss Kerry street fc, lm?m i1U. HTATEN ISLAND?Those two jjyj splr ndid VILLAS, situated at Sylvaton Terrece, com iNlBLma-.duig a beantiful view of the Bay and Ocean?each H< use having a Stntile, Coach. Ice and Bathing Honsa. The -.Ski "" ,n ? '"Parlor atyle with every convenience, each house having mora than seven acres of la> d. Apply to in vr ? i . J D' pHICLIP8 b CO , a i . i 3 *J ,1n,eI1 L*ne, corner of Water street, S/. Y Also to Let? I he Three Story B.ick House 45 Stanton street Enquire as above. tnh!6 lm-"c FOR SALE OR TO LET?A gord Dwelling Ii.iM ,"l'U?el Baru, Outhour^s, be., with about two acies of JJBLl.-nd, sru;te in Uie village of Jamaica, L.L, with a good soi ply of fruit trees, flowers, be. One half of the pur chiwe money- can remain on houd nad mor gage WlHl)U|!',KYCatfo^ klnVHotel',or of HENRY wtiUL.- e. Y, at the Mmhing ' aviuon. mln3 Ira*!!! TU LET?uue 01 i lie moil (billable country raiiden ' cei on this island, situate withia half hours ride of ihe m c JiJUl.'ity Hall, consisting of a spacious and convenient dwel liug, wuh stable and other outhouses attached, with a large gaiileii, containing every variety of fruit, aand oniamental tieea and ahr <bbeiy. I'or particulars enquire in 23d (treat, first house east of Sd avenue. mh!3 la* re MM TO LiiT UK LEASE, in St. John's Hall, two large Rooms ou the icond and third stories of the building, Lailiii.miilv adapted for the u e of avsnciations, or aa ar um, ira for military compinies?the 'third Com|*uy i\at>onal O'Mrdauow occupying the fourth ou leasees an armory. Thoae Wishing to hire for audi purpoan* ahould avail themselves of th* opportu i? y and tecure them,aa they are desirable from their local ion, and tue facility of ingress aud egreta. Terms made anon n and rooms aeen. by applying at the bar of the Hall, from "j Km., to 10 o'clock A. M. uutil , ? . mhlOim'rc THOMAS A LYNCH. b! OV1.ES on the sixth avenue. TO LET? b'onr three itny ind attic Brick Houses ' wiih Rons underneath. on the easterly side of the dill n ocjinr, between 12th aud 13ih streets, with sliding doors, in..1.1.. mantels, Ctoton w?ter, kc. suitable for respectable U inil i a hi morhr.te circumstances. All of Ihe above Stores are etcellent stands for busibeii, and are uitahle for dry guod> and fancy goods, ladies' shoe stores, Churn and earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millioery, confec tionary, Ike. The Stores with tile front basement room will be ren ed separate from th-de-eiling part, if required, there being coveied areas in front, for fuel, kc. m23 ti ll. WINTER, 16 Wall street. KUH SALE, OH TO LEASE?That well known Kactory, with IS lots of ground, situate at Harlem, on 4th avenue 1 railroad), between 128th and i29thsts ? 1 hv isctory is a very substantial t*. story brick building. 40 feet by 200. with a brick carriage hou teaudengine house adjoin in.. The a.rerta and avenues are * 1 gnlated and paved, ami all ass. ssmenta paid The premisesar; in complete order, and rea dy or immediate occupancy. The ame will be sold or leased cheap, orexcharged f.r city prop? ijy 'three fourths of the purchase money cau remain on bo id and mortgage for a long U Apply to C. W. VAN VOORHI H or H. P. MeOOWN.M John wher# a map of the prof arty can he aeen. nth IS lm* m A TO LET?The targe three story and attic Brick dwelling House, situated on the north-easterly corner of Line Seventh Avenue aud Thirteenth street, with a fine gloom, Crotnn water, kitchen ranges, marble mantels, sliding doors, kc., aud in an improving neighborhood. Kent low to a good tenant. Alvo?hour three story and attic Brick Houses, with Stores underneath, on the easterly side of Sixth Avenue, between Twelfth aud Thirteenth slieets, with sliding doors, marble mantels, < ruton water, kc., suitable for mspectable families in crate circumstances. Also?Kive thiee story Brick Honsee, of a similar kind, on the easterly tide of Greenwich Lane or Avenue, near the Eighth .Amine, and opposite the large sqi Brick Hi Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, ou the easterly side or the Eighth Avenue, between 13th ar.d 14th streets, with marble mantels, sliding doors, Oroton water, kc. All of the above Stores are excellent stands for business, and arc suitable for drygoods and fancy-goods, ladies'shoe stores, china and eartheuware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectinuary, kc. The Stores, With the front basement-room, will he rented se parate from tile ihwylhug parts ll required, there being covered areas in front fhrfuet, kc. U. H. WINTER, fit lm*rc 1 14 Wsllg'.reet. ^ 1 S.A.V1 tow EH 11) LET, *l#tt Uold^straat, with light " p*r s IlaM POWER 1U LET, at U Ooi? sireat, wlthligh nd couvsmsnt rooms, suitable for say manufacturing pur Enquire oi i HARTJON k LAW TUN, lit im*oo 42-Oold MM. Now Iark. HATS-SPRING FASHION. J. M. TICE & CO. Wo 9 Bowery, New York. fl AR1C now ready to supply their customer* with their J^k?pring Style of Hats, which ire equal, if uot superior, iu point of elegance, durability, aaii economy, to those sold at any other atore in thia city ml lin'in " NEW rASHlON ft BROWN fc CO.'S ONE PRICK 8TORK. 17? Chat J^khain square, corner of Mott arreet. Imi'at on Bearer and Mole Skin Hala, ofth* spring Fashion, for the low fited price of IS. A larire assortment of Caps, aome new patterns, much admired, sold at moderate prices, wholcaile ana retail, ml lm*m SPRING FASHION, rl WM. BANTA, No. 130 Chatham atreet. (opposite J^kChathem Theatre,) and iM Canal strevt corner of Wooster street, offers for sale and inspection, a Urge assortment of Mats and Caps, of the Boring Fashions, at extremely low prices, rig; Nutria Fur litis,$3: Su|>erfi,ie Moleskin Silkj Hats, $3; Fine Bilk Hats, $2,SO. Alto, a full assortment of Caps, at the lowest City prices. mhU lm*ec "A DOLLAR 8AVKD 18 A DOLLAR EARNED," J* OKN I LEMKN. who make it a rule to lav out fB Jpmtheir money to the beat advantage, are respectfully notified that they can purchase Hats and Cape at ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP E8TABLIBHMENT, No. 10J Fulton street, east side of Broadway, much cheaper than at any other place in the city. An inflexible adherence to the system of laijje sales, small prphts, and cash on delivery, enables the proprietor to offer the different articles iu his line, olio wing reduced rates : _ H ATS. First Quality Nutria Fur 12 50 Second " 300 "?*** CAPRI 25# First Quality mens' and boya |1 50 Second " " 100 Third " " . ............ 75 These articles are not only quite equal, but in some respects (especially in the style of trimming) superior to any in the city. A companion of the qualitiea and prices, with those of other establishments, will snow a deduction of gl to SI 50 ou customary prices. All Hats warranted of the most fashionable Broadway patterns. N.B.?The proprietor's extensive arrangements enable him to offer very advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers and country merchants. m0 lm*m TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS-BOOTS AND SHOES ^ E. JOHNSON (late Wilson it Johnson) has ?on hand, in store 143 Chatham atreet, directly ?opposite the theatre, one of the best assorted stock* of Boots axd Shoes that can be had in the city. Gents Kip, calf. Drain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots aud Shoes, peg'd and sewed, from the Eastern mannfacf ries ; Ladies' Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, lie., of every description A greater variety of Children's Shoes than anv other atom in this city. Gentlemen's fine Gaiters, twenty different kinds. Gents Buckskin Shoes, Sportsmen's, Fishermen's and Seamen's Boots. Store open till It o'clock in the evening, giving country mrr chants an opportunity ofexamiuing the goods at their leisure. mhU lm*re FOR LONDON?Ketulsr Packet of lat April? SafJaJVTlie spleudid, first-clans, fast sailing packet ship SmEbPRINCK ALBERT, Capt. W. 8. Sebor, will post tively sail as above, her regular day. Having most superior and elegant accommodations f< r cabin. sscoud cabin and steerage passengers, pir.oin wishing to em hark shonld make early application ou board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUHR IY. mlltn 100 Pine street, corner of South. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet mSBWto sail the 3Sth of March.?The regular fast sailing MBfaPacket Ship KOSC1US, Captain A. Eldridge,of 1,100 tons, will positively sail as above, her rrgnlar day. For freight or passage, having accommodations aneqnnlled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to ... E. K. COLLINS It CO, 50 South street. Price of Passage, tlM The packet snip Siddons, Captain E. B. Cobb, will sac oe-d <he Roscins, end ? Vth April, her regular dev. IT?" Messrs. E. K Collins It Co. respectfully request the Publish jgjjEi?1 of Th^r'lhic^" Pack" 111' .?*Terlj??" mts not Siddons, Sheridan, and Garrrick 'rT? II.:.~the Roscins, w?tte"veu' mlt ASP- STAR LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS? Packet of llie 11th of April?The new and elegant JB^Kafirat class packet ship WATERLOO, Capt. W. H. Allen, will positively sail as above, her rrgnlar day. Having *-ery superior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and tieerige passengers, persons about to embark, will find this splendid ihip t<> be s most desirable couvaynnce. The Waterloo will sail again from Liverpool on the 26:h of May. Those who are desirous of sending for their relatives or frieuds, can have them brought out in this splendid packet. For nas,age to or from Liverpool, early application shonld be made to the subscriber. ? JOSEPH McMURRAY, m 1 ?rre 100 Pine street,comer of Sonlh street. Ml day. FOR LIVERPOOL.?Htgul<ti Packet of ch? 6th of A*ril?The ?rleudid Packet Ship ASHblJRTON, iH. Huttleatou, master, will sail as above, her regular Slaving very superior ecnommodations for eubiu. seeoud cabin, and steerage passengers, persons about to embark should make early application on board, loot of Maiden Lane, or to JOdEPH McMURRAY, , 100 Pine atraet. coiner of South Tha new and elegant Packet Ship HENRY CLAY, K. Nye, nast'r, will succeed lie* Aehburton, and sail ou the Gth of May. m,4 rrc is ?Lt at S o'clock, A. NEW YORK, SCHOOLEY'S. MOUNTAIN. BELVIDEREl AND EASTON.?Leave thel ? foot of Courlland atreet daily, bunUo,?, xcrpu-u, ?... .1, AVI., by Railroad from Jersey City to Morris town, thence by post-coaches through Mmdham, Cheater, tier man Valley, Schoolev's Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Cal den Washington, to Belvidere and Eaaton. For a at*, apply to J.Hill, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court *N Sk^Kxtraa furnished at the shortcut notice, by applying to Charl * ' ulnath. at Moniatown. m4 Im'm PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOR ? ALBAN Y?From the foot of Courtlandt sL? .At 5 o'clock, P. M., lauding at intermediate places. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Cantain M. H. True* drII, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clk Passengers taking the above line will arri?e in Albany in rime to take the morning train of Cars for llie East or West. The Boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new uid elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. All persons are fori id trusting any of the hosts of this line, without a written order from the Captain or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on buaid tl.e boats, or to P. C. Schnltx, at the office on the Wharf. m?4 UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR BALTIMORE THROUGH IN NIX HOURS. PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE RAIL KOAD COMPANY. Via Cheater, Wilmington, Elkton, Havre de Grace, lie. FAKE REDUCED. flggaca figgaga^faAm On and after MONDAY next, March 24rh, the cars will leave the drp >t, corner o' Eleventh and Market streets, as ft Hows:? UAlLY,at4 P.M. % (except Sundays) at I0X P M. Or on th;amv*l of the 5 T. M. train from New York, FARE THREE DOLLARS. nyThe above are the only lines that connect with those leaving Baltimore for th? 8onth and West. WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH. Tickets through to Wheeling or Pittsburgh can be procured jr pot, Passengers for Pittsburgh take the steamboat at at the Bepot. P.iaseugers I Brownsville. . .. ? . _ , ? ,, Western Pas.envers leaving New York at 5 P.M., can take the Line that Leivet Philadelphia at 10K P.M., and arrive ' [at7 A. ? in Baltimore iu time forihe cars leaving at 7 A.M. for the West. Fare to Wheeling, $13? Pittsburgh. $12. Returning, the cars lewe Baltimore at 9 A.M. and a P.M. Freight Passenger Train, FARE FIFTY CENTS. . , A Pssseugar Car will be attached to the Freight Train, leav ing the Depot at 5 P M. Fare 50 cents. Passengers by tins Line will arrive in Baltimore at an early hour next morning. Freight to Baltimore. DRY GOODS, 12X rents per 100 lbs. GROCERIES, fcc. 10 cents per 100 lbs Freights received and forwarded daily (except Sundays) rrom the Depot, corner of 1 lib and Market streets, and dsltved in Bal timore at an earlier honr than by any other line G. H. hUDDELL, Agent, Phila. [T7" For any information respecting the above Lines, apply to UKO. P FISHER, A?ent, No. 7 Wall, or 6 West streets. ft FOR BALTIMORE. T 1-91 O'CLOCK, A. M -FA KB CITIZENS' UNION LINE VIA NEW CASTLE k FKENCHTOWN KAILKOAD. Thii route, acknowledged to be the moit piemant (between Philadelphia end Baltimore, will be open .fer travel on MONDAY neit, March 24th. ? Tn* unrivalled and favorite ? eamhont ROBERT vH/iv.. I ?>, Captain Dougl<ss, haring been pot in thorough or der, will take her place ou ihiaend of the Line, and the swift and splendid steamboat CONSTITUTION, Capt. Chaytor, on the Baltimore end On and after MONDAY r.ext, March 14th. >ihe steamboat ROBERT MOHKIH will leavr , .Dock street wharf daily, (except Snnday, at , _ cio' k, /a. M. for New Castle, wheie passengers will take ie oars (kuowu to be tl>e most comfortable in th* eouutry) lor Kiercht iwu, and ihere lake the acamboat CON STI'TUTO N lor bahimore, arriving in time to (and the onlv line that does) connect with the Lines leaving Baltimore iu p ? fteruoon for th- South,and in from 4 to ? hoars iu advance ol y oti'er line. The Lines leave Baltimore for Philadelphia dai , except bun days, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Breakfast and Dinrers provided on board the I',, ts. Kare to Chester or Newcastle j cenU. Mn" "vV^ECCCNO ANli'MrVsit liH. Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsbuiu can be procured on the boat. mli2l lm O H. HI DELL. Agent. KRE'GHT TO BALTIMl .IE. Day Ooodi 12K Cests rxa lo? lbs. Orocebixs, Ac. II no. NO TRANSHIPMENT. PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. . The Philadelphia, Wilmington and Salttmonr RiilroadC'o. have made extensive end permanent arranvements to transport freight bet sreen Philadelphia end Baltimore _ ..J?1 V Tuesday next, March >lth, frright for Baltimore; Wheeling, Vs ; Picshurgh, Pa.; Richmond, V ? ; Petersburg, Vs ; or any point south er wast, will be received at the depot, corner Ilth and Market streets, daily, Suudtys excepted, uulil 3 Oil ck r. M., and be delivered at an eailier hour in Baltimore than by any other line _ Goods consigned to tne Subscriber in Philadelphia, will be ferwarded (fmnol cou.misai >n) immediately unsr Balli imore, aud irom thence to any point avuih or west. Special contracts for freight will be made at reduced rates. Shippers will bear In mind that there will be no necessity for inanriug by this line, as there is no risk of damage by water, (?or further information apply to ~ Gl.t) P FISHER, Agent, No. ? Wast straet, oppositejtheil]nioourraiis^ortaiii)u Line. mhIT Iw gbx Depot Ilth and Market atMU,t'Philu. HEMP?27 balsa American Water Hot Hemp, ef very tape nor quliir, landing ex ship Ueauva, from N. Oileans, for ?ale by E.K. COLLINS It cO H SeuUi street LODGINGS TWENTY-FlV* CENTS, T1IE NJIQ'S HEAD No. I Balclav Street, rear BroAD'.VAT. Tho Subscriber having flood up and newly furnished several rooms connected wuh.this ?sbi?|ishu>?ut| ?oliciu a call from TSi friends I ihr public. JAMK? BVRNK3. n23 lin'eo SARAGKN'? HRAU Na. 13 Dev itreet. (adjoining the Hranklin Hotel.) T08EPH SMITH, la'* of Worcester. England big) lew J most ra.iwctfi.ily to inform hi. friend* and the public, that h* ha. leased ihe above embluhinent. and fitted il nu in a siylesecund to uo-.e. hu. a'.o takeu care to provide creature comfort, for the inward man. ... . j . At II o'clock there will alwav. be a ?an d w i c h read V.nndat any tiineduriiix the day the following atfcles v illI bo aud served up in a .tyle suitable to the palate of the tnoat ^ Btwf'sieaki.?Matton Chop.- Ve.l Catlete-Broiled Ham and Kgg.?Erizzled Bacon?Melsh Karebita?Poached egg Sardine.?Cc Id Cuts?Cream Chtese. ??<! J. S. Will at all time, keep on hand the choiceat Winei and Spirit., .elected with that tisis to an old and "I*""*, ed wine-hibber; Bottled Porter. Cider, and a .parkl ng glassor Albany Ale, accompanied with a pure Hayaua, allorwhieh will be .erved en .uch term, and price, a. W'" time*. - il ART WELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, aa3 CheRtnut Street, above seventh street, next to the MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. (37lm?m WILSON'S* HOTEL AND ulNlNG ROOMS, No. 5 Gold street, New York. (LATE THE CALEDONIA). . ? . . a. -fto iuform his friend* op?n the at*?ve uaiued "March, 1845. IJENRY WILSON (of Brooklyn)be? li. and the public generally, that hejmc et'ablishmeut on MONDAY, the The house has been thoroughly repaflwfl and newly furnished in every department, and the very beat of '"'y. liquors, cigars wines, domestic and imported ales and porter An Ordinary will be .erved up every day from 1 to J o clock P. M.; and Refreshments will be furnished at any hour dnnt'g the day and evening. 138 Imje Nfl# YORK HOTEL, Till Broadway, New York City. THIS new and spUndid establishment opened on the 1st ot December last, situated in the most fashionable quarter of the city, i. now in full operation. Th? entire front on Broad way, between Washington and Waverley PjaCW. ha? been ar ranged in suiu of apartments, and furnished in the most tastatui and elegant manner for the accommodation ol farnilie.andiin g"e gentlemen, and no pain, will be .pared to render the rno.t perfect satisfaction to all who may favor the hou,% ^1*. patron <ge. 't will be conducted on the European and^ Ameri can .y.tem. combined, leaving it optional with P*??" meal, at Table d'Hoae, in private parlor., or a la carta, a> may .uit their convenience , _r , lrli The location of the house, the great number of large ul beautiful parlor., the .pacioui and airv halls, render it a moat desirable reaideuce for those visiting the city either on bn.ines. or p'eaaure J. H. BILLING!^ Proprietor. mS lm"m B. >1?N NUT. Re.taurateur. HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH ME TALLIC SLIDES, long known a. the most durable, convenient aud elegant of Extension Table, manu factured; warranted to run easy constantly, a?d " be affected iiv dampness or warpicz of the wood. A large a??<)rt meut of choice pattern., .uited for private parlor., ho*l.,tt?mm boata. See., together with a general lusortineut of Cabinet rur nltnra, always on hand, at the Waretoomt.NoUO Grand street, comer of Elm. where the public i. respectfully iimted to call and examine. mrl lm * THE FISHING SEASON HAS COMMENCED. "Let thou now fi?h, that never Allied before, n And those that always tished, now bsh the more. TROUT TACKLE for the present season: alio, Tackle lor I all seasons and all kinds offinhmg, ni great variety, at the lowest cash price. For sale, wholunle co mhl? lm'rc 133 Fulton street. ARCHITECTURE. T7KED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his fnen? wd tto r public, that he has removed hn office from 192 Broadway to 18 Wall street, where persons desirous ol building are lantta to .xamiiie a selection of original and tavteful desigus. 'rem the Cottage upwards to the extensive Villa or Man.'on^n all the various styles of architecture; aud where he is prepared toiln? ? i is hi I lans, Drawings. Specifications, Estimates a"d CoutrarU for Buildings of every descuptioa.and superintends HmerecLon thereof. ln23 "" tc AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF BRONZE POWDERS. THE subscriber has be-u rproinud Wholesale Agent for a 1 house in Europe, who possess the most extraordinary U<Bill ties for the mai.ufvctareof Brouie Powd. rs, by wMch they are enabled to offer the most besuiilul and splted'd Bron? at e# per c-nt lower than former prices, and to in this article. Their Bronzes have been uud by the largest . onsumers in this country for upwards of "I cur in recommending them as superior to any otheT Tor brillian cy and durability. The subscriber has made arrangemeuUto have a large assortment always on bond, ud is prepared to snp ply importers aud dealers with the article, in any ,at the msuuiarturer's piices, thus s&Ting them the trouDle &n4 e* peuse of importation. r ru,ke wholeule Agent. m23 Im*ec [lA<e Kozelt 8c Co.) 91 Water street. BRONZE POWDERS. THE very best and cheapest Brprxe, in all shades and qnsli I ties, are couitautiy imported direct.fromiGmaW.and of fered for sale by LEOPOLD KUH k^Co , ? mh21 I in "re 6% Wall street. New York. h e r a l d i c establishment, NO. 203 BROADWAY. N. Y. THE Arms and Crests of Families, from all Parts of Europe. 1 can be obtained and splendidly emblazoned on Vellum, su perior in execution, and equal in Heraldic correctness to the Herald's College of London. The genealogies of {amil'es t ranged and illuminated, at moderate charges. The biP? ? rarest Heraldic and iienealogical collection on the American Continent, will be found at W. A^COLM ANS^ ^ Where tho Genealogy of George Washington, beautifully emblazoned, may be obtained for $1,5# or printed^nimbus for $1,26. m 1 11 carpeting 454 Pearl Street. THE Subscribers have jost < pen-d the large and spacious 1 ICARI'ET WARE ROOMS, No 454 Pearl ?feet,former-1 i. ICARI'ET WARE KUOM8, No 434 reari sfeec, lormei ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt 8c Co., aud are uow tesdy to of iy occupied uy smiin, newiu ?. v^u. auu r." fer the public an entire new stock ol Carpeting, ly for tne sp.iug trade, tome of which are exceedugly rich, ol ..^ew slosinn. a n rilr*rtlr ru . A mDDff f hpm in V DP I'jUUCl? IV lor me spilUK iraur, suuic whivii "'i ucw deiigm andlcolcri. A.mou? them inv hp Iouua-~ 23 NEW SETTS KIDMINSTER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. It PS. KIDMINSTER.THREE PLV, SUPER*INE FINLAND (!(f\lMON INGRAIN CARPETING. . . Of every variety *nd description. Rugs, Druggets. Table aud i'i^no Cover*; Wor?tel? Tufted and Jnte Mats; Oil Cloths, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide; together with all other articles usually found in the trail*. 1 h* public are requested to call and exam ine our stock before purcha.^.^ N & HUMPHHKYi rn20 2m*m 464 Pearl street. riltSNCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE. FOERARU1N, Commission Merchant, 1} John street, up ? (tain, has just recrivrd on consignmerit,and offers for sale, wholese or tetail, a splendid assortment of the above articles, comprising? Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Sets: Dessert, Tea and Supper Sets; Toifet Sets; sipg'e Cups and Mugs, with mottos; Cologne Bottle Figures; Tele a let* Sets, due., 4tc. Also, plain and neh Cut Glass Decanters. Water Bottles, Celery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tumblers, Goblets, Wines, Astral and Solar Lamp Shades and Globes. Q;7"~0rdt>rs for Cut Glass Ware Gilding and Pair.ting'on China Ware, to match any pattern, executed promptly. US lm*rc Lamps, chandalikhs, girandoles, &c.?The subscribers have made such arrangements with the manu facturers, that they will, after the 12th day of March, be ready to exhibit by far the best assortment of House burnishing Goods iu the United States, at si rery reduc-d prices. They are uow opening a complete assortment of entirely new and b*autiful goods, such as Solar and Lard Lamps and Chanda lirrs, a great variety of patterns, suitable for private houses, churches, hotels, and steamboats; some new and beautiful Gas and Candle Chandaliers, Girandoles, Mantel Lights, Brackets, Pendants, Lanleius,die. A u re it varisty of new style English Goods, received per ship Europe and now opening, such as fine quality plated Baskets, Waiters, Csstors, Snuffers and Trays, Tei and Coffee Urns, I ishes, Ire. die * Rich fancy and plain Tea Trays in great variety, line Table Cutlery in seta and dozens, and every variety of rich cut and Klain Glassware?in short, almost every article required for ousekeepnig, may b.' found at the subscribers' show rooms. WORAM It HAUGHWOUT, mh!5 lm*m Ml Broadway LaMPS, girandoles, hall lanterns, AND OANDELABRAS, FOR THE SPRING TRADE DIETZ, BROTHER It CO , No. 13 John street, are manu facturing am! nave always on hand, a complete assortment of articles in their liue, of the following descriptions, which they will sell at wholesale or retail, at low prices for cash:? Improved Chemical Oil sod Camphene Lamps. Solar Ltmos, Gilt and Pronged, in great variety. "Cornelius A Co.'s" celrbra eil Pat nt Solar Lard Lamps. Girandoles, vari is patterns, gilt.silvared or bronzed. Suspending Solars, Doric Cumnheno Lamps, B acket Solars, SiJe do do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do do Patent Lard Hand Lamps, Stind do do Brittania Hand Lamps, Camphene P. hvndeliers, Superior Chemical Oil, Pure Sierm Oil, do Camphene, Solar and Lard Oil. do Burning Finid, Refined Whale Oil. mhld 3mecW ___________ WARRANTED THE CHEAPEST AND THE BEST IN NEW YORK. J. STOUVENEL & CO., MANirpscTtragns or GLASS AND LAMPS for EVKBT DBScniPTIOK. RESPECTFULLY call the attention of Country Merchants, TV Hotels, Steamboats, Ship Masters and Families, to our as sortment, at a great deduction,being manufactured by ourselves, and which cannot be surpassed in qnality'aud workmanship, comprising a complete assortment of new patterns of Cut and Plain Glass Ui'andolra, Solar, Lard and Camphine Lamps, Brackets, Cand-lahras,Hall Lamps and Lanterns, with Huh

Cut Glue. Astral and other Lamps altered to Solar aud Lard aad rctinished equal to new. Glass and Lamps made to order and to match any pattern. QT7" Goods leaned for Parties. Facte UOR 1 T the sctory 22 Gold street. Wholesale and Rstail Store Ne. S Jehu street, near Broadway. rnulK lm*rc TO CONFECTIONERS. SALE?The Sock in Trade and good will of one of (lie oldest and b*st established Confection,ities in Ihecit,, Willi oue pear's lease of the i remises fiom (lie firstol May Hi lt, at a moderate rent. To sir enterprising t onfectioner, the above off. rs an opportunity of prosecuting the business suc cessfully rarely to be met with. For particulars, enquire at J1I3 Broadway, m24 3t*ec ~ WIGS AND SCALPS. BEAUTIFUL SPECIMENS of the art of Wig making, by W ?l. BATCHELOK, No. 2 Walt street ?Mr.uigers are particularly invited to examine for themselves, before purchas ing els?wliere. All City residents kuow that the best Wig and Toupee Mmufaclory up. the world is Batchelor'i, No. 2 Wail sire/., New York, net. Broadway. N. 0.? Wigs and Scalps cleaned and restored, inside and oat, egnal to new. nUt lra'ce a ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD II/HEKEAS, JOHN JEFFERSON, alia* John Bland, n? v v tire of the Parish cf B-tliual Green. London, wu of the late Mr.Uiehard Jeffrrson, formerly of?*rieklane?8pit*l fields,cheese- , monger,decrtsed,ha* not been heard ofin E '!*lsnd, for more than \ U yeari. bntahortly befoie.or about that period, hewu ?*PP***<|| to oe either in the Government, Naval or Merchant Service of the United Statea He was born in the month of April, 1808, so that if he be now alive, lie is 37 years of age. The last accounts were from himself in the yens 1830 and 1831, the former from New Fo.k, the Utter from Boston. His family being moat ansious to receive tidings of his being alive, hereby offer a re ward of One Hundred Dollars, on receiving satisfactory evidence ????street, Boston, to whom alf communications are to be addressed. ROBERT BRITTON, Solicitor, No. 18 Bethnal Green, London. London. January 29th, 1845. 022 eodistw InwoutlOwre daguerreotype. JOHN ROACH, (rptici-u, 82 Nassau street, New York, 's J constantly manufacturing, and has always on hand, all ar ticles of the best quality used in the Daguerreotype process.? His Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior preparation, and is now in general use. He has also on hand the Hungarian or fJerman Accelerating Liqnor. Cameras of his own manufacture as well as French end Ger man ones. The German Cameras sold at this establishment will be warranted genuine. Orders from the coun'ry for any articles used in the art will lie promptly and car fully attended to. m6 I m * rrc uAG U ERREOTTPE GENERAL BURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. THK SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype A Artists, that they have considerably enlarged llieir connec tions throughout the Union, the West Indies, South America and Europe. Tkey have also made arrangements to be supplied with every new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately received a large supply of Voigtlsender's celebrated' Cameras, consisting of three different sixee, for the sale of which they are appointed Agents. Also, a supply of beat Elates and Chemicals, either for Daguerreotype or Calotype, nade to their especial order. Cases ofall sizes, the best Polishing Snbstsnees, and ererv oilier article used for the Daguerreotype, Loustautly on hand. 1. sir long connection with tho Daguer reotype Art and their saec is in taking pictures, may serve as a recommendation and reliance. Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering articles from any pan of the above named countries, may depend epon a prompt and satisfactory execution of tfyeir oresrs. Their prices are cash. Price* Current and information may be obtained by addressing (post-paid) to H. St F LANUENHEIM, f!3 ini*ec Exchange Building, Philadelphia. LADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOTYPE INSTITUTE, MRS H. SHANKLAND, DAGUF. RRIAN ARTIST. DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS, including the best style of Morocco Case or Frame, for ONE DOLLAR. Apply at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, or ?435 BROADWAY, THIRD STORY, FRONT ROOM, No. 1?opposite the Park Fountain. mh!7 lm*m A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. PRICES REDUCED ! PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESS, combining all the perfrc 1 tionsofa painting, with the truthfulness of a Daguerrvo type, at very reduced prices, by A. F. Thompson, No. 11 Park Row,opposite ths Astor House. Operations in al' weather. Instructions in the Art and every requisite for the prosecution of the business famished. m7 lm*ec PORTER. ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFFS BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, M"0. 2 ANN STREET, next door to the American Mnsenm, L~ returns his sincere inanka to his friends and the public generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already receiv ed, and hopes by strict attention to bnsinest to merit a coutinu anee.U? FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter, Newark Cider, Croton Ale, London Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale. Orders for shipping attended to with despatch. mlillee CUSTOM HOUSE. NEW YORK. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, \ _______ March 19th, 1845. I VTOl ICE?Proposals will be received at this office until Fv Monday, the 3lit day of March, instant, for famishing the following quantities of Oil for the use of the Light Henses and Light boats in this Diitrict, under the superintendence of the undersigned, viz:? 3.434 Gallons Winter Pressed Oil, from head matter. 3,434 do Spring Spermaceti Strained Oil The Oil is to be of the very best quality, to be gauged by the at the time of delivery, andtobe deliver United States gaugers i # ed to the Superintendent of Light Houses as he may require, in iron-bound casks not ro exceed thirty gallons each. The Oil is to be thoroughly tested before payment is made therefor. The proposals handed in will be marked on the outside "Propotalt for Oil." ? C. P. VAN NESS; mh20 9t f h Collector. H. E. W1LLARD, AUCTION GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, Office No. 116 Nassau street, first floor. New York. E. W. WILL ATTEND to sales of Household Furniture 1 and Merchandise, of all kinds, personally attended to at the residences or stores of persons relinquishing housekeeping or business. Cash Advances made on b uraiture and Merchan dise of every description consigned for tale Bales settled it all cases as sooa as the goods are sold and delivered Manufac turers and traders can always have accommodation advances on goods lor private sale. m2 lm*ec H. FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO HO. 65 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) 4 DALESMK, linporuraud Agent for Maaufac:nrers, h*t a . always on hand a large assortment of dinner and tea sets, t plaia white and gilt French Poicelaia, as well as Dinner aid 'esirtt Plates, of sll sizes, amr'ad Dishes, Sonp Turemt, J.)ve?d Dishes, Baled Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Custards and lands. Also, Fane/ Tet Sots, and Rich Decorated Diauer Set* Are-"', T?a aid Chocolate Ware. Greek, F reach and Amexr.ts hapo. All the articles art warranted ? toe bast gatiiiy, as* u e* ild oa libersi tsreu. tad in lota la suitlpcrahasers. .It Xre'e* FABER SEGAR FACTORY, 71 Division Street, NEW YORK. THHE UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive Segar 1 Factory, at 71 Division street, New York, nnder the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BHUWN, who has been Superintendent of one of the largest Factories iu Havana, for nineteen yean The following kinds of Segas, manufactured in idle Faber Be gat Factory, aud of which a large stock is now on hand, will be tound equal to any Havana Seg.irs of corresponding style and ige:? Imperial Regalia, Trabucca, Common Site, Regalia, Panetelas, London Size, Caaadores, Cauones, Principe, All boxed in the Havana style. The snbscribers have settled the Son of their Senior in Hava na, for the si press purpose of selecting Tobacco for their Facto ry, as also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for this market. 1'hey have now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Harana Se gars. entitled to debenture, of the following brands:? La India, Woodville, La Cabana, Noriago, Fragranzia, La Norma, De Moya, Cnbrey, Espernnza. Lord Byton, IJpmau, Kiondo, Escnlapius, Miuerva, La Fama, La Palma, Victoria, Colombia,' Dos Hrrtnanos, La Paz, Also. Principe,'lie. JOHN H. FABF.k It CO., f27 3m* m No. 1 New street, comer of Wall. R Ml'UK IU M. THE SUB9CRI Be, KS offer for (ilea large assortment of 8e 1 gars, made of best selected Havana Tobacco, and having been manufactured ail montha, are now in fine order, and can be tola 33 per cent lower than the nine quality of Imported -fegars. Havana Kegaliaa in Itha and lOthi, Cazadorea, Washington La Normas, Ksperauza, La ludia, La Kecompenaa, Juata Sauz. Principeee, i'anetela, Ac. Ac fogeiher with a large assortment of Imitatioa Segara of every iuality and price, for tale in lots to suit purchasers by nihil lm*ec KENNETH It LAVERTY, 71 Wall st. "THE I ? cat DALLY'B TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, #85 tUver St. Troy. Subscriber avails himself of this method of communi cating to the public the fact that he is now manufactnring line cut and smoking Tobacco and Snuff, at 286 River street,! Troy, nut door to the Kultun market. ' Tobacco?The celebrated Kancy Virginia. This Tobacco took the premium at the late Kair. Extra shewing Tobacco, iweet Virginia; American Smoking Tobacco, manufactured from the leaf: Spanish do, Turkish do. Srrt'pps?Rose scented, No. 1; Maccaboy, American Uentle inau, Lundyfool, Krench Ha|?e, and liish Blackguard. The above articles are all warranted to be made of the finest inalities of leaf tobacco, aud by the most experienced work men. Orders directed as above will meet with prompt attention? the same pains token as if they were personally present. ITT- E. Savage, JJ4 Fulton street, and A. A. Samanos, Broadway, Agents for the eity of New York. Troy, Jan. IS, iS4A. ml lra*ee CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! NK/EKIKL, SJ Nassan street, opposite th* Herald Build ? nigs, respectfully invi'es the attention ol Ins friends and :hepnblic generally, to the following cboie- ''igats, ;ast re lie I'i'viit, Hr>i^iniivs it' nfas iuiiifiv i<i|| a :eived by late arrivals from Havana Recalias ot Terrors Tanetelas of various Albania, ormnds, brands, Knickerbocker Norms, Principe?, l.a Kloriudu, Vugennid-iri, Itiondn, Kstrelias, Espersnza, Natioleonea, Lara. La India, Noriegas, Lord Byrona. The above Segars are gnaraut-ed asyenuinenod imported, and J>e trade are invited to call and examine them. N. B.?Orders from abroad will lie strictly attended t<. flT lm*re SOAP. WORKS AIVO PERFUMERY DEPOT. IN ADDITION to our Manufactory, we have opened a Store for the sale of our Economical Fancy Sos|>t and all kinds of Perfumery, Family Soap, Patent Crystalline Candles, fcc., he. We solicit purchasers to inspect our stock, which ws offer on the lowest terms. Shippers to the West Indies and Mouth America, are particu larly invited to examine our Crystalline Candles. Sales Room No. S Courtlandt street, next door to the New National Hotel. JOHN8UN, VROOM h FOWLER. (14 lm*ec DAUK1 D publ COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. Ell It BODEN respectfully inform their friends and the public-that they continue to manuiactnre Colored Paper and Fancy Paper Boiea. in all varieties, st the old stand of the late firm of Blanc ll Boden, 74 Fulton corner of Uold stm t He it tally determined to manufacture a superior srticle, and to put the prices to at to satisfy his customers. Orders will be punctually attended to. N. B.?A good assortment of Colored 1 spertaud Fancy Pape Boies always on hand. jalO tin*ec LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. HAVINO been awarded the Diploma at the late Fair ol the American luatiluie, for the liest Lasts, I am prepared to furnish an article of Lasts which cannot be.snrpaeaed in this or any other city in the United States. Sole and Upper Leather of all kinds, Black and Colored Mo rorco and Kid Skins, with Deer,tioal and Lamb Skin Bind ings, Shoe Threads, Castings Galleons, Sheetings, Linen and LeatVr Linings, Boot Cora and Wrhs, Boot Trees, Hammers, Awls and Tacks, with s full assortment of Shoe makers'Tools, of the nioit y1 *3 Spring strret, between Greenwich and Washington streets, New Vork, _ N. B.?lhs Urisuwiah Line *f Stages pass within* block ft theater* A* Rough jand Tumble Fight Between Mike Ward and Young Crib, for SHOO?Wild QooM Chaae?the Knowing Onei Taken In?Activity of the Authorities whey all was over. for some weeks past there has been considerable "xeitemont un.ocs ths fancy, relative to a fight that was to come of! between the above named men, md it was thought by many that a rood display of science would take place on the occasion, as both ? he men were brought up in the best school in Eng"4 land, from whence they had recently arrived. It was not known until a late hour on Sunday eve ning the whereabouts it would come otF, when word waa given that the men were at the King's 'Bounty Hotel, in Williamaburg, and that they wngp. leave th>-re ab ut half past three for the ii-laof action. Upon this being known, many im mediately went over to Williamsburg, where they took up their quarters for the night, while numbers of others cross d the river in open boats between two and three o'clock in the morning. About four o'clock some fifty or a hundred persons had assem bled on the outside of the King's County Hotel, and shortly alter the doors were opened, when gin cock-tails, brandy slings, &c., became in great re quisition. Ward made his appearance, and was re ceived by hisfriends with great enthusiasm,looking in fine condition, and in evident good spirits, and quite sanguine of success. He was shortly after wards followed into the room by young Crib, who, to appearance, was not behind his opponent in health or spirits. Both the men, according to their looks, size, weight, and make, appeared to be nveiy . qood match, and the hopes were high that it would | be an out and out affair. The word waa then given for Newtown Bridge, and the stakeholder led the way at a pretty quick pace, followed by about a hundred persons. They kept at it through fields and ditches, over hedges and stone walls, for upwards of an hour and a half, but could not find the desired spot or the comba tants. The word was then passed that they were <>n the wrong scent, and immediately the whole party proceeded to retrace their steps with impre cations both loud and deep. Upon nearing the Cedar Wood, about half a mile from Peck Slip Ferry, their ears were assailed by loud shouts, ana upon going into a field just at the back of the wood, the astonishment was great to find the combatants had just finished the contest in the presence of some thirty individuals. Shortly after the departure of the greater num ber of the , would-be spectators, the principals, with about a dozen friends, repaired to the spot mentioned, and strippi d for the contest. Both men looked in first rate order, but there was evi dently no proper arrangements for a manly and uonest light?no time keeper?no seconds? come five or six giving their services at a time in that capacity; no ropes, or any ?f the usual requisites that ure necessary on such occasions ? t was just such a display as may be frequently met ?vith in the streets of this city ; all was contusion vorse contounded, so as to prevent the taking oi lay regular uotes; nor did those more immediate ly concerned with it The ground was most un suited?a stubble field, abounding with large j tones. About the second round, Ward brought the first blood by a blow well planted between the eyes of Crib. It was now evident by the conduct >f those present, that Crib was not to win by any means, and it now became evident this was the reason that his friends and those of who were de-1 itrous of seeing, and would have maintained a | rood and honest fight, were led out of the way by filse direction. The affair, at the commencement I at the third round, became a regular rough and I tumble matter : it Ward was ready, time was call ed by a halt a dozen voices. Crib was picked from 'he ground and actually pushed by some half a dozen peraous who were acting as seconds to I turn at a time, on to his opponent without wiping lis face or any thing else. Frequently,as the game, ? (tor fight it could not be called,) proceeded, was | 'rib seen to wipe the blood from his face himself. Before the end ? f the icnth round, if such they could be called, there was the greatest uproar.? No order or regularity?all was helter skelter, and thus it continued for about au hour and seven minutes, during which time some 23 rounds, or attempts at such, were fought, when the seconds of Crib gave up . the contest, much against Bie wishes of the combatant, but no doubt they were desirous of doing so by the urv that was raised at this time of " the officers are coming;" but those who were taken tor officers, were only the approach of the party rho had been sent on the wrong track. Cnb, at I die termination, appeared very much punish ed about the head, nor was Ward less so about the body, and, from the heavings of his chest, and his protruded, discolored tongue, it was evident j mat he could not have stood the contest much longer?while the former was quite free from all these significant appearances. Ward was taken | off the gronnd by his Iriends, while Crib was | left almost alone, without his clothes, nearly blind, tested on a stone fence, at the mercy of the minis ters of the law, or any thing else that might befal aim. Thus ended one of the most disgracef ul affairs of he kind that ever took place in this or any other country, and which, for the credit of the P. R., and the community generally, it is to hoped will never take place again. If these affairs cannot be got up with some degree of decency and fairness, they had far better be left a'one?tor certain it is, that no respectable person will be seen at them, or j be connected with them in any shape, and the manly art of self-defence will sink into obscurity, leaving the field open to the cowardly bowie kride and the dirk. Among those present on the occa-1 oton, wore observed some of the M. P.'s ot this I city; also, the officers of the Sheriff ot King's ?ounty?some said the Sheriri hiniselt?the latter tiding the contusion, by calling out most lustily on those ^resent to keep the peace, but did not further interfere But they made themselves more busy ifterwards, by threatening to arrest persons who were not present at the light at all, and went so far as to talk of stopping the bout in which nio^i of those who went over to see the affair, but did not do so, were returning,?but none ol them had ? he spirit to "bell the ?at." Board of Supervisor*. March 24?This Board hold a special meeting, His donor the Mayor in the chair The miniiu'i of the last meeting were read. Mayor.-I presume, gentlemen, that you approveOt the minutes, aa you must be satisfied of their correctness, when you putt no attention to the reading. (Laughtar.) Che minutes, therefore, stand approved. Bills?A communication was received irom the Comp troller with a number ot bills A bill of $43 60, for the pay ofjurois' expenses at Tammany Hsil, during the trial ol James Eager ter murder, waa put in and allowed. Reporta ? Adveru - to relieving personal tax oi John M. Chestar, 3d ward ; Lucius E. Ciatk, do; Lewis Wiley, do ; William Waters, do ; f. H Mulvary, do ; Ahraham II Durycti, 7th. In favor of reducing tax of J. Ashly, ?ilh ward; Kobeit Echeld, 6th} W. W. Miles, 13th j fames Ferguson, 9th ; George H. Harmers, 3d ; Charles Gaylord, 13th ; Trustees of Welsh Baptist Chutch ; D P, Kearling, 3d ; John 1. Baldwin, 16th ; W. B. Hcolt, 3d t'homus O'Kieliy, 17lh ; George Deforest, 6th; N. B. lliggins, 3d ; Sarah A. Hynds, Edward Cook, Joseph Roorback, Utb; Dudley 8elden and Gtorge Benthy, Washington Place and Mercer street. Fam;r$' I<oan and Tru$t Cttnpany?Report ?In favor of remitting the personal tax of the above company $776,006 30, on thuir nominal capital. Mr. BHiarrxLix moved to let tne r->prut lie ort the table. Mr. Hsisaoocx seconded the motion. Theuompenv imposed on the public by pretending to have a capital which they had no pretension to. Th>- Rscordkr opposed thB motion. Many meu-'nanU ol the oity were similarly ciicuinstanced?they had ? character that might be valued at one hundred thousand dollars, while they perhaps had not a cash capital to the amount ot $20,000 Keport adopted Ayes 3, Noes 7 . The Board adjourned over to next Monday at 6 ?*rl?',k Board of Kdncssilon March 24.? School Law ? The Bitle.? This Board met last evening, when the committee on laws reported in la vor ol making some amendments thereto. Mr. Allkn proposed a substitute tor the report, embra cing amendments which he considered would have a saln tarj effect upon the public schools, and moved them as a ubstitute for the resoiutioos proposed at the last meeting. Mr Bkidmork seconded the motion. It was incumbent on them to resort to this measure, as it wss au important step for the bent fit of the rising generation. Mr. Nicoll replied on the part of the committee, and was followed by Mr. Rich, who took occasion to insinuite that it was in contemplation lo exclude the Bible lrom the cimmon chools after the election. Mr. Allen replied in support of hia metion to substh tute the amendments offered by him, for those contained iq the report ot the committee The object of Mr. A-'s amendments was to get rid of the trustees ol the pub ic ?chools, and also the inspectors, and place the power they now possess In the hands ot the commissionpis. It wss moved to lay the amendments offered by Mr. Allen on the table. nrrie l?ayes 16, noes 11 A motion to print the report an 1 resolutions was then nade and carried?ayes 17?noes 9 The Board adjourned U. 8. District Attorney'* Office. Mr. Marbury returns to the ofiioe as clerk to Mr. But ler, aud Mr. Barrett and Mr. Uaiber are retain*! The arrangement will give much satufsction. as the two iat ter gentlemen, during their stay in the office, have given mucn sallslaotioit, fi. m their comtcoua discharge ut thi public duties that devolve upon them. Common Co an ell inU^Cfaai,'. AU>"J"W -MarCb a7-AH ^ohitffelin Th? minute* of the laat mating having b.en read and ?' w,te Ntw Police Men Resignations?A manage waa re emT'n i1" t"" H?uor tbe Mayor, nominating Garrett t ?,li i iV, 7'CBJ,o n 8weet> re?igned-Jam?* u Ciark rtirTih.^' ifr^' rwitrned-Cenllmed. Hia Honor nou tied the Board that he had aigned and approved aundr* eao.ution*. Ordered oo file. Sixth and nth Ward Schools-A communication waa received ircm the Board of education, aaking ap propriations tor FchooJa in the above wards r^..C,0^?UD^*Uo?Wd' ncxived from the clerk of the County Court, informing the Board that the Ccuntr Court had removed Job Haskell. (What a pleaaing piece ..I satire form narmfted the cleik to indulge in?tS in iomed 1ki-7j "CtS th#r bad ,hen,*tl? P?" Papers frsyi the Jiasi giants.?A number cf Daners rssrm 'h*00"" fx??rd.and wereconcurwd!n. nepurtaI ho Commute eon Finance lepoittd in favor h?UelPa'r,ck f:urr8u ,he 'uin 01 ^ ? l^rdv andOAlll,C0ulr''Ct-kdop,B ' The <??mittee on the riimn n# ?!Hou".? pwaanted a report in relation to ^.r?'th ot the Alma Houae, in re fit- ?pphcation 10 tbe Lf,K"l?ure for the puaege of a law altering the powera of the Comnuaaionrra ?!v li)*# m ?.* b'nd out children in neighbors* States,and to extend the time of holding office fe? ?5 ^ommiaaionera, and providing that one ahall go out each A resolution accompanied the report, aaking for the paaaage of the law. After a long and hot debate the re port waa adopted. Election Polls?Oil motion,the election polla of the 11th t0 eld '? tbe ^Mowing pieces : lat diatrict, ?217 Stanton street; 2d dia. 68 Houston; 3d dis. 260 Second SlTvlmueD16 AVtDUe D i6tb di< 90 Lew?< fllh d?- No irir??Kb dl,,,r1'Lh.wur(1' ?' 46 Grand street; Brat die vwl ?Zrna? .Uf* a Broadway; fifth diatrict, 10th of ?awx Mmkrn ?op?i??tendent ef Streets, rear Inspectors of Elections-ty resolution, David Vender. Inspector of 4th district of 9th ward; Charles W. Houghton, of 3d dietrict 14ih ward; Andrew ? hompson 4th diatrict 17th ward; Solomon Rooaevelt and Viliiam Lowden, 2d diatrict llth ward; Charlea C Tal bot and John C. 8 pence, 3d district; Daniel T. Wendell ?iid Wuliam Bennett, 4th diatrict; Jonathan Joyce and hr,rP- 8:ablury 6tb dietrict; La ban C. Stiiea, Nehe ini h Miller, and Jos K Steers, 6th diatrict. Proposed Alteration of the City Charter?The President ftcred the following resolution: Tnat a Special Commit ? <: be appointed to ascertain the propri.ty of obtaininr uch an alteration in the City Charter aa will preterite toe ejection ol the members of the Board ot Aldermen for hree years, one third being elected each year, and the 'J >ard of Assistants being elected every year, assimilatinr u other respect* to the State Senate and Assembly. And "Port "P?n ?>? propriety of paying the members ?t the Common Council hereafter to be elected a suitable ?ompenaation for their services Laid on the table Down upon the News Boys.?The. President offered the 'Allowing resolutionThat the Committee ou Laws c quire and report whether the laws of the State or char ?r authorizes the corporation officers to prevent the cry ug and sole ol newspaper! on the Sabbath day, and also v hat is the appropriate remedy of ft&id offence. Adopted. Some little other business waa dans ef very little iu> i-rtance, and the Board, at hall past ten o'clock, stood ad. j .urned?eeveiii pf the members having eloped, thus aving the Board wi'.hoG? a quorum. The President gave notice that he should call a special meeting on Wednesday. Boaan of Assistants.?This Board did not meet last . vening, the Board ol Education having met in their . partmenti. I U. *4. Marshall'* O/Bce Aireit March 24?William Johnson, a ship car* (.tiller, was arrested ou a charge of perjury, and bound ?verin a sum ot 61000, The offence charged, it is aileg d,woa commitwd by tho priaouer in swearing that he waa owed $200 lor wages by tbe ship Delaware. Common Pleaa. Before Judge Inentham Mabcr 24-Cornelius O. Voorhets vs. Michael Finv. .an. Action ol ttespass on the case. Plaintiff keeps a J li ?ry stable, and on the 6th day ef .-uly last, d.t, ?Jsnt tired two horses and two wagons from a Wm Brr Jy.who odd charge of plaintiff * establishment at the ime, for ? hich he paid $6, and agreed to return them t! .t night, ;tt from Card- na,iess or some other cause, ot 9 of the wa? ,ona was upset, awheel smash, d, the axle tree of the .'her was injured, and the horses likewise .1.tiered. To ecover damages the present action is now hi ought. For : ience it was sa up that one oiihe hors.s iun ofl end in .deavoring to restrain him, the wagon waa broke, in ?gard to the other wagon (hat it wa? net through tbe " treleaaneas ot tho driver, but from unavoidable circum* -uuces. Verdict for plaintiff $123 Affairs in Albany.?The correspondent of Li? ugston he Oo. gives the following information. , , , . Albany, March 23, 1846. I have not much Legislative news to impart to ,ou. Ihe House wus engaged almost the entire ? ay upon a special order, authorizing the connec ion ot the Daneville slip and basin with the Gene ve Valley Canal. Ihe facts ot this case are brief ,r i C8eA When the conatruction cf the Genesee vallev Canal waa authorized, in 1836, a side cut was dir.cltd to be made Irom the trunk of the ca ;il towards the village ot Daneville. This side cut was made through ihe property of Mr. Senator ?aulkner, and torminatea ut .his mill race. The (?habitants of Daneville want the canal extended to lie village. In this ihey are opposed by the Sena or.aud a person, who was pointed out to me as hia -gent, was actively engaged on the floor of the House yesterday, in opposition to the bill. Last -estion a bill passed the House, authorizing the connection ot the slip and basin with the canal at Oaosville, but it whs lost in the Senate. Whar onnection Ssnatcr Fauikner hud with its defeat, I irn not certain, but 1 believe thut the bill reached he Senate so late in the session, thut an objection raised against its bciug read twice on ihe tame Jay, by Senator f , proved fatal to the bill, and it ned The D,u;8ville folks, incensed at these i ro seedinga, wrongfully took the law into their own lands, broke down the bank of the canal, let the '?vuter into the slip and basin, and were guilty ot niier unjustifiable acts. Among&r ih- parties pro nineni in this transaction were, I believe, the bi> ciicauis lor the act of the Legislature. They were indicted by the Stute nuihoruits, ai.d (hoec mdict nents are still pending. The applicants for the presold IhW are residents of Dansviile, but they are uoi ihe persons applying last year. The opponents o the bill urge why a should not pass, the conduct if Ihe.Dansvfllepeople in the omrage upon the State works. This, it epp.ars to me, might have some lorce, were ihe inhabitants ol Drtnsviile alone interested in the construction of this small 'eciioii ot the canal Besides ihis, let the aw fake its course and punish its violaiere; thai is 3 question, it appears to me, thai legislation has .milling to do with, u defeat ol the application ?u ihai giound alone would be: unjust and improper tint ilie Dansvil/e people are not aloneintereMed in ihe constructor! ot this work. The whole section ol country situated on the Canaseraga creek, one >1 ihe most fertile section.' ol the tMaie, trading at Dtnsville, the largest unincorporated village- iu ? tstern New York, is interested and ask lor its construction. 1 fear it is doomed to be made a .?any loot-ball, and ihe interests of the feiate lost aigni 01. Mr. Wheklsr, of your city, introduced some Jays since a bill to amend tne laws regulating Common School Education in New York City. L'he principal provision* of the bill were as fol lows i? l?t ?All Teachers in the Common Schools to be educa ted in the State 'id ?The Bible to be rend fit the opening of the School act: day. 8d ?The Bo..ks to ho used in the Schools to be alike. 4'.h ?To regn&te the mode of lirenatLfj teaoher* Ath ?The hapervieor.i to hare tho oentrol of nil real tuttite pnrcho' td for ? chool purposes Trie Commute reported the Hill back to the House yest-rday. with ?? recommendation that pro visions 'at and 2d be rejected. The bill goes on the genera! crdert. .Mr M"iutTBON repnr'"d a h'll regulating fare on io State railways. It pitta the rntn art tare on the trw'u Itneo m t'ir"e cents per mile. Me said that the stock holders of pome of the companies wished to put it en low n? cents; the committee howev er thought proper to limit the rate to three cent*, ka' ing it to the House t? extend or reduce it, or make the rate applicable to other roads. The T/icrnee hill which pawed the House was re commuted in the Senate yesterday, on motion of Senator Jones, with instructions to strike New York from the bill. Aunexedare the amendments to the bill to sup press licentiousness, ottered by Mr. Fenn, in the Assembly, and were ihe cause, or a part of the cause, ot the disgraceful scene that was enacted in that body IhbI week. Wt. Kvery man wbo shall si dace or beget with child any female, under ihe promise 01 marriage, or lalae pre tences, thall, on conviction, bo punished by lmpriton rjent in the blate Prison or County Jail, lor a term of year* not txcerding five nor leas than three, but the de ferdant may on trial plead in bar hia substquent marriage Willi the seduced. 'id K.very person who shall inveigle, entice, or taka auny any female under the age of twenty one year* fiom her father, mother, guardian, or other person wiih whom the may retide or be, tor the purpose of prostitution or concubinage, and every peine n who shall aid, abet, or aasiat them, shall upon conviction, be nunisbid by im prisonment in a Slatn Prison or County Jail not Jeta than one, nor more than time years. Jd F.very married man who shall abandon hia family, for the purpose ol living illicitly with, or having Illicit connection with a wo nan, and every married woman wliw shall abandon her lamily for the purpose ot living illicitly with, or having illicit conniriien with a mar., th ill, upon conviction, he nunlahed by imprisonment in a St ?>'? Pnsen 9t' O'in'y JeilVnK moie than three, nor [ It ?< :han two >*aia.