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March 25, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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York, which is, or may be designated l>y an ordinanea or resolution if the common council ol the aaid city of New \ ork as the " Watch District," to bn applied towards defraying the expenses of watching and guarding such pirt of the said city. Vnd also a further sum not exceed ing one hundred and titty thousand)dollars, by tax on the estates, ieal and personal, if the freeholders and inhst't tantsofand "itu-dtd within that paitof the aaid city and county of New York, wnich is, or may be designated by nn ordinance or resolution of !h? common council of the said city of New York, ,.s the "L-imp Diatricf," to be applird towards di faying the expeuses of lighting such patts of tho said city last meiitioned. The Main Line of internal improvements between Phi ladelphia and Pittsburgh is in active operation, and large quantities ol produce and merchandiie have been trans ported erst uud west. The scale of freights determined uoon by the various transportation companies at Pitts burgh, is generally lower than thn tariff' of changes last year. We annex u table of the scale ol freights, fixed lor this season Fiu.iuiirs to Fittsbuboh? Pei?n?vi.vania State Works?1015. Articles. bait. <t" Philad. N. York. boston. Ashes, per 100 lbs 5? 62% 68% Bacon, Culler, Lc 62% 78 81 75 100 100 Bristesaud Dry Goods 100 137% 145 BasaiiiR, bale rope and bouei... 62% 80 t iottoti .*,.50 70 75 Dear, Beir nnd M. Skins 70 112 112 Fratkers -uid wool 95 140 140 Flour, per barrel 80 100 105 Furs a d Pe ts per 100 lbs 87% 125 137 tilass and hardware 75 100 100 Hemp, hops 62% 80 85 Hides 100 150 150 Lard, and lard oil 62* 78 81 Lead and shot 35 50 50 Lea-her 87* 112 125 Pork, per barrel 125 162 162 Kavsaud teeds. per 100 lbs 70 95 100 Ta'low and cheese 62% 78 81 Tobacco 62>, 78 85 Wheat 50 ? ? Whiskey 62 % 78 81 Window (ilass, per box 50 68 68 Ginseng, per 100 lbs 75 100 106 The above rates include the receipt of produce or deli very ol merchandize on the whatf We annex a table showing the export* of sugar and coffee from ihn principal ports of the West India Islands for 1843 and 1344. Exports ok Sihiar and Cokkkk, mow the Forn Prin ctrAL Ports ok tiii West Indies. 1813. 1844. Sugar. Coffee. Sugar. Coffee. boxes. Arrobe $. boxes. Arrobes. Havana 458.463 768.916 541,921 587/, M Matanxas 457 012 J24.145 312,079 157,731 Mt. Ja*odeCuba.. 39,692 666,396 28,178 539.481 Trinidad 82,373 74,281 1,196 11,320 837,460 1,633,738 886,374 1,296,196 ?a ,Thcro appears to have been a very great decrease in the uggreguto quantity of cofT. a expoited from these paris in 1944. compared with 1843, particularly from Tri nidad The increase in the aggregate quantity of sugar exported, is vary slight. The trade ef Trinidad appears to bo rapidly declining, and the extent ol the productions of the itlnttd rapidly decreasing. This is no doubt iu a great measure to be attributed to the seasons, but in a might degree to the employment of the lab)r ol the place. 'l'be annexed statement ol the commerce of St. Jago de Cuba tor 1844, shows that the principal staples ot the island, find an outlet in tho demand Irom the principal na tions ol the world. These productions being is confined utmost entirely to the latitude of the West ladies. A very large portion of the sugar, tobacco and molasses, export ed irora St. Jago, comes to the United States. The cotton goes to Spain. France takes more coffee than any other nation. Extorts mow St. Jaiio de Cuha kor 1844. Afo Coffee. Sugar. Tobacco. Cot'n. lot's bounds. Boxes. Bales, bales. Hds Engl and. I'owfi.., France.. Trieste.. St. Thomas. Brit. Possessions.., Sundries 2,353,150 19,163 8,461 _ 840 720 800 5,570 3,501 1,668 50,850 48 393,350 ? 4,752,125 924 m 1 2,171.675 5 2,605,850 ? 411 . 16 255,425 ? 993 ? 118,650 ? MM 28,100 551 M MM ? 1,262 362 MM 17 37,050 655 339 69 ? 50 8yia 8t Utica R R 114% 50 L Island li R 76% 50 do >30 76% 100 do 76% 200 do 77 150 do >30 77 200 Stouingtoii R R 41% 50 do 41% 100 do sl2m 40 100 Nor 81 Wore slO 70% 50 do 70% 150 do >30 70% 50 d<> >15 70% 150 do 70% 100 do 70% 100 do kGO 71 50 do 71 Total 13,487.025 28,178 14,130 1,737 Old Stock Exchange, *10000 U s 5's, 1853 103% 15000 U 8 5's, '53 coup 103% 100H0 IJ 8 6'*. '63 6000 Ken ucky 6's 200 i; S Bauk 21 Merchants'Bank 100 Farmers' Trust 50 do 100 do 200 Morris Canal loo do 95 East Boston Co 50 do loo Cauton Co 150 do 25 do 75 Mohawk HR .... _ ? , 50 K.rie 11 it >30 31% 100 RoadiuR R R 50)1 iu .. . . . s'?? 50 Patterson RR 81% 25 Harlem 11 R 69 Second Board. *15000 Penn 5's 76 25 Harlem R R 68% I 7000 Ohio 6's, 186J 98% 100 Farmers' Trait 38% 25 shns Erie It R b30 32 50 Nor St Wore blO 70'? 50 Morris Canal 31% 50 do b3 70% 50 do 31% 25 do b3 70% i 50 do b3 31% 25 do 1)3 70% 100 tlj ' >30 31% 1 New Hteck Exchange. *2000 In J Dol 25 ye ?10 35 50 E Boston Co blO 13% 75 shits Farmers Trt >3 38% 50 do 13% 100 d.) >10 38% inn do bl2m 15 90 do c 38% 25 Long Island R R >30 76 50 do c 38% 50 do 76% ..i Canton Co >10 48% 50 do btw 77 100 do slit 48.% 50 do tw 76% , 100 dn s|0 47% 100 do >20 76% 25 do >3 48 io Heading R R 50% 75 do >10 48 125 Nor lit Wore c 70b 25 do 48% 75 do c 70), 8taste of Trade. Ashls?There is a very fair demand for Pots, and we quote old and new at $3 974 a 3 9JJ nnd $4. Pearls ate improviug, and we quote sales ut $4 26 Some holders ah $4 :?7|. Beeswax.? Sales of prime yellow have been made to some ex'.eut at 29J 3. i;onot ?The enquiry was g>od ti-Jay, and the talus amount to 2000 bales, at steady rate). Holders generally maintain a firm pokitt in, but the market is not so strong its innnt diatuly alter tun receipt ot the new* per a earner. Fish ? Sales of Dry Cod are made at $2 6fty a 2 63{. The demand Is rather moderate. The demand lor Mackerel is not large. Hat.?Common qualities of North river hale sell as wanted at 3d a 40;. The demand is very limited and the ;i r?ipls luge. The salts ate principally fur ship ment. Provisions.? We have no change to make in our quota t-ons lor Pot k or Beef. The demand is still limited. The enquiry for Lard remains active?pime keg sells at 7} a 7J c< nts. Whiskey.? The demand for Drudge casks is improving, we now quote 23c. Western und Ptison barrels arc held lit 24 u 24j c. New York Cattle Market, March 24.?At Market 1250 Bout Cattle, 760 Southern ; 80 Cows and 800 Sheep. In prices of Beef Cattle we note a decline in const- | quence uf large aff'erings, and quote $5 a 8 60 as the rauge tor ietailing sorts, with a few extra at $7. Lelt over 360 head. t 'own and Calves remain as last quoted. Sheep and Lambs in good demand at Ji 7fi a $4 60 Hay plenty, with large sales at 60 a M csnta. Married. Oa Monday the 34th instant, in St. James' Chuich, at Newtown, I.. I , by th? Rev. Mr. Sheldon, Mr. Thomas Warm*, of New York, to Miss Elizabeth W. Lord, eldei t daughter of Samuel Lord, Esq , of Brownhill, near Newtown. Died, On Monday afternoon the 34th instant, Ric-hami J Bnc darick, in his 19th year, who was killed by the explosion ot a hamh shell in Charlton street, near tho coiner of( Hudson. The friends ard relatives ol tho family and those of bis brother David C. Broderick, are particularly invited to attend his funeral trom his late residence, corner of King end Hudson street, on Tuesday altemoon, at half past 4 o'clock, without further invitation. On the 34th instant, of scarlet fever, Elisaukth Maria, daughter of Auguitns and Marium Carman, aged four y< nrs and 9 months. Th relatives end friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, (rum her late residence, No. II Hague street, without further invitation. On Monday the -24th instant, nl short hilt aevere illness, Samuki i. VV Bkcrnfr, in the 39 h year of his age The frit uds and acquaintances of the family, also those ol his brother-.i-law Henry Adams, are respectfully In vited to attend his funeral, this (Tuesday) altemoon, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 391 Cherry street Weekly Report of Deaths In the eitv snd eountv of New York, from the litli dsy of March, 1(4), to the 32(1 day of March 1845. 39 Men?45 Women?65 Boy a?-65 Girls.?Total, 204. DISEASES. Apopleey,2; Bleeding, 2; Burned or scalded, 1; Bronchitis,3; l ancer, 2; Casualties, I; Cholera morbus, I; Consumption, 42; Convulsions, 111 Croup, 4; Congestion of brain, 3: Congestion of I itigs, 4; Debility, 3; Delirium tremens, I; Oiirrlsri, 1; Dropsy.:!; Dropsy in the head. 12; Dropsy i t chest, 3; Kever puerperal, 3; rever, scarlet, 5; raver, typhoid. I; Fever, typhus 2; II ait, duetse of, 5; Hooping Cough,3; Inflammation, I; In flammation ol Brain, 3; lull tmmttinu of bowels, 4; liillaininn tiou of chest, t; Inflammation of lumps, 20; liillumma< inn pe ricardium, I; 'nil niiinirmn of stomach, 2; Inflammation of throat, J; Inflammation of liv?r. Lass vri.eraa, 1. Maras. mm, 7; Me isles, 8; Old age, 1; I'alsy, I; i'remiture bilth, t; Hli.iitiiituin, I; Scrofula, I; Small p?i, 11; Teething, t; Tu mor, I; Din ration of s oinich, I; Unknown, 2; Varioloid, 3 Arm?Under t year 51; t to 2 years 26; 2 Pi a, 28; a to 10 7 JO to 20, 8. 20 to 30,21; :ttl to 40. 18; 40to 50, 19;.50 to 60, II; M to 70, 2; 711 t.i 80. 3: 8" to 90, 2; 90 to 100, 1; unknown, 3 1 Colored persons 14 EL! LKAVITT, City Inspector. Citv IrvSPeeror's Office, March 22 1845 t*?sseiigcrs Arrived. LivKtironi.? Packrtship Hiddona?Mr Ward, of Providence; Mr Lepjieriberg, Germany; Rev J A McEvoy?and 214 in the Steerage, Aral aohh-ola?brig Empire?W Hall. Pusengeri Hallod. II avid: ? Packet ship Zurich?Mrs Ilornor, Ferdinand Hnsr.h, of New Voik; John C Motley, S E Spragne John Greene, Mr Knurr, Mr Ahsbahs, It stun; A Boker, Philadelphia; Wm 8 t ii|iihait Baltimore; Mr Denliy, ladv and servant, Masters ' limits, Wythe and Edward Drnbv, Miss Laura IVnby, Vir g I It I *; Dr 8t .liilien Haven't, Charleston; A Melogin, Cuba; Thru tilling, Alesander Young, England; Mr llenois, France; Jacob Kemper, Prussia; Kiigene .lean Ja.|n't, Switzerland; Mr Hohnller. tfermnn Kartlgn Importntloiie. LivRRrooL?Ship SiJdoqs?3 pkgs J Nicholson?7 Wight S urge-St co-4 W H *mith It co?I A Sieele?2 J W Towt St co?1 Cri; ps St c a?2 A J urnRay jc?1 J St I Cog?I Lenntrd St Hon. -3 S Smith?.5 W nlome?2"Fellows 8t Schell ?| Gilbert At Donalds, II ?I W S llorstman? 3 I. W St T A Miller?l C S J InoPvril? I It It F. ster?t A W Parsons?1 Hook St Towns i i.|?6 (! ? \ tr St Marsh I Canfield St Brothers?6 Garner k i i SIhw St t' 'ifr-l Geo n.ufnigsk co? I lly llivlit-6 II \ idr- W--I I' II Kellogg St -? ---I Dickinson St Whiting?ill < nope St Leigh?I A M St \V \ Armstrong?I McKre ken?2 J Leffetts? I Bin Mtm k Smith? 1 Mayer, Lcoit kco?3 J M Oppeuheim & eo? 2 Beardsley k Chalmers?5 L Benedict k co ?32 WTIkKU Melntosh?14 Ihituiti potatoes W Dawson? 100 tons [>iu iron J Schollie'd k sou?114 cbi 215 lidls G B More wood?1 pkg T Peck?1 Way 6t Bro'hers. Hartford?3 Commit. Homer Ik co, Albauv ? 2 Belknap k Wyckoff? i Van Wagener OihonUv??uiiiiwi?jj milium?i 1 UoOanure? 5 I'atou k Stewart? I F T. nice k ?on?1 W barton? 6 Saudi, Fuller kco-S T Fisli-2 J McCall hcn-l J Napier?I HT J one* k co?3 J Iludiou?2 Simth, Thunrar k co?II W G Mitchell?3 Nevius k co?I Chittendeu St Hli?<?1 White k Mors in. Albany?8 liuut k Bros?1 Blin k t I uk?I L Atlai buryjrkco? 2 W 8 Sauud.r*?1345 liars 20 bdls iron 1'ierson k co?9 pkgs J Witherell?8 Wight. Slurits ft Bhaw?2 A W Spies k co? I Cocker k sons?3 Warren k Steele?2 J Van Wart? I L 8 bellows fcSchrll?3 k co?1 AN Martin?2 W W Cheater II co?7 8 T Jones k co?8 Austiu k Spies?8 Bid all, Cushitg k co?3 J K Maurice?8 Burns k Halstead? II W Whitewright?4 Strachan kScott?3 Hall Bros k co?5 Smith. Thuricar k co?4 W N Seymour k co?I K Murray?2 A K l.agrave?1 H iss Brothers k co? 8 Hasluck k co?46 J VI Bruce k sou?91 Stokes, Gilbert k co?2 Halstead k Hush?2 Van Antwerp kco-2 AT Stewart?3 Richardson k Wa'sou?20 'J'ooker, Mead k cc?8 Bird. Gill Ian k co?55 A W Haydnrk k eo?10 J C Jacltsoo?48 \V Cliauucey k co?7 I'atou k Stewart?119 Naylor k co?1320 I'hrlps. Dodge k co? 66 J H Harris?1 Tracy k co?338 Geo Bull?2 Applelon k co? 23 tous liar irou Kggleston k llatlelle?16 do S Crooks?30 do 1) M Wilson k co?3273 copper I hale 28 cases 78 boxes mdse 3 cka to order. Uomeatlc Importations. Nkw Orleans?Ship Bvrou?486 ha s pork 14 hales cotton Perry, Matthews k co? 372bids pork 5l2do lard 1133 do flour 53 do hams I ken lard P I Nevius k sou?13 tcs Small, Williams k co?7>7 hales cotton to order _ i Apai.alhicola?Brig Empire?26 cedArlogs W Barnes?2 hf j chts iea A B Williams?I box J H Talman?I Hyalop k Bros -2 Phelps, Hodge k c ?I J P Meyer?3 pks O k A Wetuiore? 25 bales coiton C.dlomb k lselin?261 Boormsn, Johnston k co ?84 Parmel e k Rogers?38 Lentilhon k co?78 8 Brt nioii?30 Spofford k Tileston?94 O Collins?118 to order. MARITIME HERALD. POHT OF MlliW VOKK, MARCH ?5. itnr aiaxt 5 57 I moss rise) 8 36 e ICR IKTS 6 3 8H1 WATRR 9 33 E Clearest. Ships Lancashire, Lyon, Liverpool, Taylor k Merrill; Eliza beth. Hasty, Savannah, Juo Ogtfru.?Baruue-. Hosalba, Tiltou, Rio Grand1, Everett k Battelle; Carl Wilhelm, (Brem) Schel liug, Bremen, EkT Poppe; fhilena, Forbes, Mobile, hosier k Nickerson ?Brigs Loudon Packet, (Hamb) Haake, Hamburg, Oelrichs k Kroner: Emeline, Sawyer, 8' Marks, kc. E D Hurl hut k Co: Sarah Beutley, Kooptnun, Harien, Ga. Badger k Peck; Coofidence, Bailey, Cardeu a, John El well k Co ?Sclirs Oheron, Kent, Oemerara, Nesmiih k Walsh; Pattella, Cole, Windsor, NC. N L McCready kCo; Hume, Concklin, New hern, NC. M i'latt; Exact, Sturges, Savauriah, Hturg-s k Clear man; Lady Clinton, Cranmer, City Point, N L McCready k Co; Wm Henry, Loper. Philadelphia, do; Powhatlan, Clark, do do; Altamalia, Luer, Boston, J Atkins k Co; Turk.hldridge, do, S W Lewis. Arrlvaa. Packet ship Siddona, Cobb, from Liverpool, Fab 11, with mdse, to E a Collins k Co. 28th ult. lat 44 40, Ion 34 20, board ed the wreck of the Biiiiah brig Kore, of Yarmouth, dismasted and abandoned?appeared to have been in that situation for a Ioiik lime. Ship Byron, Russell, (of Bath) 20 days from New Orleans, with cotton, to Barstow k Pope. Brig Clio, Osgood, 23 days from Cienfuegos, with 31 logs cedar 304 do mahogany 30 hnds molasses 1 bag coffee to Ramon de Zaldo. Left no Americans. Brig Empire, Lewis, 21 days from Apalachicola.with cotton, to Post k i hillips. Schr Comet, Chase, from f lymouth, NC. with corn, kc. to master. Schr Marcia, Smith, from Washington, NC. with naval stores to master. -Schr Myers, Fowler, from Washington, NC. with naval stores, to master. Schr C Slover, Davis, from Newbern, NC. with naval atores, to matter. Schr Colenda, Pew, from Pitt's Lauding, NC. with naval stores, to master. Schr Milliceut, Turner, 5 days from Baltimore, with flour, kc. to master. Schr Vermillion, Seaman, 6 days from Baltimore, with mdse, to maaler. Schr Adrian, Walpole, 2 days from Norfolk, with mdse, to J Hunter. Pilot boat J E Davidson, of NYork, was at Norfolk when the A left. Schr Florence, Caffee, 2 daya from Norfolk, with mdae, to Williams k Noriham. Schr Win Gibbous, Perry, 6 days from Snowhill, with corn, to mister. Schr Ellen. Collins, 3 days from Philadelphia, with eoal, to master. Schr Thorn, W&inwright, from Philadelphia, with sugar, to master. Schr Hom'r, Nickerson, 7 days from Boston, with mdse, to E k J Herrick. Schr E J Muusell, from Virginia. Schr Whig, Hnusemau, Virgiuia. Schr Clotilda, Van Name, Virginia. Schr Atlas, J" Ilia, Virgiuia Schr Henry Lemuel, Cramer, Virginia. Schr Banner, from Viiginia. Below. Packet ship Westminster, Hover, from London and Ports* mouth, Feb II, with mdse, to J Griswold. Brig George, Yates, Irom Charleston. Sailed. Ship Zurich, Johnston, Havre; barque Mary Chilton, Kio Janeiro, and ethers. Correspondence of the Herald. Gkoiiuian Oeeick, Savannah, March 20. Cld Bnbert McWilliam [Br] McDonald, Glasgow; Wilson Fuller, Cobb, NYork. Sid Olive Branch, Hagerdou, Boston; Robert, [Br] Locke, Liverpool. miscellaneous Record. Pacskt Shiv lloscius, Eldridge, for Liverpool, will sail on We lnradsv?to-morrow. Bahuuk John WiNrHRor, Mereen, from Havana for Matan in ballast, to load molassei fur Boston, went ashore on the rocks at Lhe entrance of the harbor of Matauzas, 8th inat. and became a total Ions, the crew with difficulty saving their lives. It had blown fresh juit before she weut a-hore, and the wind suildeuly died assay, leaving the vessel uiini.tuftge.ibie. At last acronu'a nothing hid been aased from the wreck. The .John Wiuthrop was a fine new vess-1 of about 200 Ions, on her sec uud vovage. She was owned by Messrs Judson, Andrews k Co. and was insured at two offices in Bostou for abont S 10,000. New Steam Vessel.?The arrival of the staam vc<?el Vir giuia in oar port, and the mode by which sbe is prope'led, is a new aud important featu e in ocean steim navigation. Tire KroD-lling apparatus of lhe Virginia, is upon the plans invented y E. F. Aldrich, of New Y'ork city, and were put into this vessel as an auxiliary to her sailing. In consequence of the doubu thst existed in the minds of some, as to the speed of the vessel when propelled b^sieam. the first voyage wes made b - fore she was ngged. The Vi'ginia left the docas at New Yoik on the I8th, at 3 o'clock P. M., and arrived at Hyannison the 19th. at 6,'s o'clock; distance from New York 242 miles; time 27)4 hours, 2]j hours of which was lost in consequence of h?? viug to diaw ilie fnes aud blow off steam, to make some slight repairs; and the last G2 miles were ruu with oue eusine, the rack shaft arm of the other broke. The neceasary re pairs having been made at Hyannis, the veisel got under way at 6 o'clock P. M. on the 20th, and c ime to anchor at 11 o'clock the same evening, tlree inilei santh of Nauset Light, the wind blowing a strong gale from the uoith; distaccs Irom llyannis 47 miles; lime 5 hours. The gale havieg ia a mei ure subsi ded, tile vessel was got itidrr way at 3)4 o'clock, morning, of ! the 22d, and arrived at Boston at G o'clock P.M.; disteuie72 miles; time ls^a burs, 'gainst a fresh gale and hi-avy res fn ni lire north we.t. The great adv image of Mr. Aldrich'! mode . f propelling verse's for ocean and lake navigation, is its simplici ty. and offering no resistance when there rel is altogether pro prlled by sails; and nlso. it being impossible to throw it out of water in a heavy sea; lhe resistance will always he lire sa ne in rough as in smooth weather. The Virginia ia 130 feet long, 25 leet beam, drawing 9 fiet water this trip, and his two e.ngir es with cylinders 20niches diameie- and 2)4 f*et stroke. The ves sel lays at Commercial wharf.?Boston Adv. March 21. Spoken. Gigs, of Boston, from Charleston for Antwerp, 1st inat lat 43 20, Ion 49 2 A ship steering W, supposed the St Patrick, from Liverpool for N York, lat 42 30, Ion 32. Foreign Porta. Cate Hattien, March 2-dn port, Belize, Dawes, from and for Boston. 10 days,disg; r rie, Wilson, from Wilmington,NC. for Philadelphia, 9 days, do; lEveline. Pope.f'om Wilmington, NC. arr.ved day before, will probably sail to-day tor Port au Home Porta. BccKiroRT, March 15?Sid Gazelle, Htubbi, Norfolk; 16th, Widow Wadman, KiRum, do; IHth. Pallas, Aiken, New York; 19lh, Charles Henry, Harding, Norfolk; Marquis, Giun, New kork. KaarrKFOltr, M ireh JO?Arr Hepiibah, Godfrey, Marliniiiue, Sid Meltina, I'ierce, St Thomaa. Portland, March Jl?Sid American, Francrs Kllen, and Samuel. Boston, March 23?Arr Mary Ann. Brown, Liverpool?aaw yesterday at 5 |> m, off ('.ape Cod, Camera, hence for Savannah; and ai 6 i> in. Gen Harrisou. hence for Manilla. Tire M A haa been 24 Jays W of tve Backs, ami for 10 daya lay to under bare poles; during I he whole vovnge was unable to srtstndding sails. A'so B'r, Manchester, Bosworlh. NOrleans; Dorothea Wilhel mina, [Ham] Reimers, Sslem; Brnokline, Spates, aud Virginia, Keud-ick, Alexsntlria; Mai tin. Barker. B iltimore?'eft Holmes Hole ves'ert!av at 5 p in, and left the Siberia, at anchor; Acorn, llowes, Philadelphia?spoke yesterday off Cape Cold, Braiuerd, fm for Richmond; Sherer, Keller, N York; Iowa, Carney, Cienfnegos; Henry, Hume, Matanzas; David Kisley, Corson. Newborn; Navigator. Pavuttr, Richmond: Viola Atwood, and Peru, Cheney, Norfolk; Ellen, Jacobs, and Delphi. Cook. Rsp pahanunck: Highlander. French, Baltiinoie; Silvia Higbee, Higbee; Wm Wilson, Baker; Glide, Lovell, and Southerner, Kldridge, Philadelphia; Boston, Collins, Greenwich, NJ; 8 A App'eton, Nickerson; October, Baxter; Phebe Bavter, Crowell; Bride, Presley; Victor. Basset; A H Thompson, Wilson; Mail, Nichols, end Waterloo, Btckwilh, New York. Telegraphed. Lewis Briic-. fin Norfolk. Below, a herm brig. Sid 22d,wind N W to W3W. good breeze, Constellation, Hannibal. Camera, Experiment. Ottoman, Strati Jane; and from below, Dr llitth coch; also, at night, Auita, Jax W Paige, Dutchess, Mary Strn ton, Malta, and alaige fleet of coasters; 23d. wind HW to S3W. fresh, Gilbert, Chtistiana, Rambler, lemanuid. Wm Pjit slsl on Friday. March 2(1?Arr Ex io, Philadel|>hia for Bos ton. t>ld 21st, Cadet, Pay. Surinam. Provimcktown, March 19?Schrs Index, end Splendid, boih of and Im Harwich for Boston, went ashore on theback of the Cape last uight?crews sav d. 'I'll* S is badly straiued, and will not probably begot off. The Index ia not so much Injured, and will begot off if the weather proves favorable. Arr Rich mond. N York for Boston. New BEoroRD, March 21?Arr Curlew, Blackwell, Ware ham for N York Providence, March 23?Arr Mary, Howland, Baltimore; R Island, Hull, N York; Emblem, Poller, Philadelphia. Cld Car los. Maurau, Savannah. Sid Kennebec, Smith. Havana; Flora, Mc>eir,for an Eaatern port, to load for West ludies: Pleiades, Collins, Apnlachieola; Saml kt Henry, White, Cherrystone; 8 t: Abbott. Mother, Hithmond. Arr 23d, Manran, Williams, Mobile: J L White, Corson, Panlago, NC; Empire, Dayton, N Yotk Sid Thot Fenner, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, March 23? Arr Jamea fc Edward, Webster, Lirerptml; Eleanor, Collins, Key West; Turk, Whit', Boston, and 3 davs from Hereford Bar; Merchant,! [Br] McLein, St John. NB; L schlel, Luf kin. Cape Haytien; Patriot, Kldidte; C C /.tbritkie, Grant; Jane Henderson, lfinnon; Volta, Tattle; John Mowlett. Tyler; John K Crouch, Tomlln: S McDowell, Vail, and Oneida, Collins, New York; Elisabeth 8t Rebecca, Gi-vn, Albany; Cleopatra, Burroughs, N Haven Norfolk, March 21-ArrJ W Kemrnon, Osborn, and Po mona, Sherman, N Yelk; Empire, Smith, and Metsmora,Paine. Boston, bound up the bay; Columbiana, Poster, Boston. Sid Florence, Caffee, NVoik. ... ? Or.oRsiF.Tows, SC. March Ifi?Arr John Hill, Howe, New York; Hattl-y, Corson, Nai tucket, bound no the Waccamaw; 17th, Adel ide. Pope, Charleston, do; 18th, Hamilton, I'enlleld, NYork. Cld 19th, Columbia, Knapp, tlu; Jona Wainwriglit, Wright, dn. Arai.acmcoi.a. March 13?Arr 10th, Milo.Grrce, Bsston; Hieiizi, Clark. Norfolk; Highlander, Ash by, Key West; Plant er, [Br] Marshall, Bslfaar, 1; I'econic, Wilbur, NYork; lllh, 1 toga, Hsllock, do; Ittli, Cotton Planter, Pratt, do; Aimed*. Rowland, St Marks; 13th, John Brouwer, Sutlou, Boston. Cld 8th, Liberty, Norton. Liverpool; Psiilhea, Lane, and Mariauna, Phillips, NYork; lOlh, Eliza, Talbot, do; 13th, Pallas, Howes I nilailrlphia In port 15th, shirs Cotton Planter, Pratt, for N V ors, Idg; Milo, Grace, from Boston, wtg; Kienzl, t I irk, Nor folk, do; Pocahontas, lligvins, Baltimore, dot Huron, Weeks; Dauntless, IBrl Rogers; Courtenay [llrJ Turner, and Solon, Bui-km in, lor Liverpool, Idg; Gardiner, Brown, Boston, do; Prentice, Hopkins, I in Marseilles, wtg; bar.pres John Brouwer, Sutton, and Gleaner, Smith, for Most,,,,, Idg, Highlander, Ash by; Georgia, Oils, and Globe, llraxier, NYork, do Elizalieth Frith, Pierce, fm Liverpool, wig; Mary Kimball, Gregory, and It..tit Wa ts, Johnson, for do, Idg brigs I'lanfr,(Brl Maishall lor .11, do; I'ecouie, Wilbur, and Uordeaus, Barnes, Providence' do; Aureua, Rowland, from St Msrks.wti; Juno, Norris B> I 7 do; Nancy Jane, Godlrey. tor NOrleans, Idg; star, ( h*,,. I'hiladrlphia do, Natannia, Robkins, N York. do. .'nnu.E, March 17?Air llajali. Bangs, NYork: Llsinartin Ahhey, [Br] llatchins, Irhiboe; Gulnare, Npaldnkg. Thomas ton ( Id Uoadirei, [Be] Muftis. Bre.t; Malabsr, [Rr] Haker; Lochtiho, f Br] 1 ayl r, and vlsry, [llr J Sullivan, Lnerpool; Hape.lW] Grtham. Amsteidim; Havre, Ai.iswortlH Havre', At'ikopaa, Sartrll, II nana. N? w Ori i snj, March li? Arr Ma/.vppa, Milloif t.oi, It in Janeiro; James llav ley, Bishop, and Unstia, Lane, N York; F A Brown, Westbrook. Charleston via Hanoi; Talma, Smith, MaUozsi; brederick. Thompson, Krf West. CId Naw \ oik, (?) Wiitht, ami Juo S McKim. (>) Lewis, Galveston; Alkmar, Funis Boston; Eulilie, I Fr] Sonvestiie, St Pierre; Nahant, i^r'"* Gibraltar; Oeu Hanry,IPaaia, New Vork; Clarissa. Watts, and Susan. Laudermra, Hulnumre; Commerca, [Br] JVsous MoniegoBay; L uiaitna, *ddy, Havana: Veutura, [MrxJ Doraim-/, Cam|ieachy; Eiurlias, Nichols, Charleston; Austin, Perkins, Boston By Luil Night's Southern Mail. - '??'tisrHU, March 21?A r Baltimore. Howes, and Ella, VV he Idea, Boston, krig-ir. Wool scop, and Kobe .Morris, Clark, N Vork. Cld ^Araii fliud, Bai'ey, N Orleans; .Mar a, Boweu, Port an Prince; Echo, Dyr, Perinnibuco; Allele, ?uvle, 8t J ago ?'e Cuba. Bali imork, Mvch 23?Arr Prances ITallet, Sinslley: Maria, LafourcuotatMl Cta apeak*, Post, N I orb; Oodlrey, Kali River. Sid H Coine, Wat's, NOrleius; Oripens, Louff, and Herald, Wadaou, West Indies; Lady Warrington, Nassau, NP; Uuiou, Providence; Rochester, N Vork; Mary, Nr* burypott; Coquette, Demerera. Cld ?eam*u. .Viy ick, Valparaiso and a mkt; Catnarme, Wingnte Rio Janriro a mkt; Robt Mills, Darliug, Savannah: Michigan, Teny. NVn l>. Washikotow, NC Much 17?Arr Elizabeth Ann, Tolson, West Indies; 18th, Henry, Bu't, do. (.Id 2(i(h, Avon, Smith, do. Charleston, Mar:h 21?Arr Carolina, Sherwood, NVork. N IBlsO'S GAKDKN. rPHK ENSUING SEASON of this eatablishmeut, will com X maura Iht last week in May or fi st we-g in June. 1844 Ladies and Geuilemeu of undoubted talent, may apply by ieiter, (post paid)addressed to W CHIPPENDALE, INiblo's Gar dens, N*w Vork. Mar' ''ih, 1845 mhl7 2<*isrrc 'T'ti.e DIN NEK AT THE A8TOK HullSe.. in cel-o.a ?? tion of the Slat Anniversary of theGermau Society of the City of New Votk, will take place to-day, i>t 6 o'clock. Subscribers desirous of seeming seats, will find a plan of the table at ihe Astor House, (his morning, between 9and 18 o'clk. m24 ll*rc THE I BA MEMBERS OK THE NEW YORK BRASS BAND ere requested to errae the name of the undersigned e ?I,l.?flr,c,[ful',,r* *bJ Au^ertisemeuU, as 1 am not a member WillissBand, as they a-e awaie ?hat i joined Lothian's new York Brass Band three months ago. m25 3t*m DANIEL UNDERBILL whohX?ki,aVf^r'^'Pe-Ol'uliy XluSSnEjAU-,giyen m24 2t*rc FURNISHED APARTMENTS. TXT AN IE U? 1 wo ?V tines burnished Apartments, from the v " liratofMay. Location within ten rniuut-'i walk of the City Hall. Terms modeiate. Address X. Y. Z. at this office. TIT ANTS?A Practical Farmer, who has had several years " eiperiruce in this country, wishes a siiuation as Overseer on a farm, understanding every branch of the business tho roughlv. He is an industrious, steady, single man, and can give some of the most respectable references in the city. A few lines addressed to FARMER, at thia office, or to 274 Third street, will be punctually attended to. mJ3 5t*ec AN ITALIAN, Irom the Province of Brienza, knowing how to manufacture raw silk, desires a place in a manufactory oi this kind, either as agent or instructor. He also promises to manufacture in this country, without the least difficulty, Bilk of 18-211 grain, resembling the Italian. And what ia still mora important, he knows how to rear silk worms with greitsaccess. The same can also furnish to order, sredof silk woims, from the much reuowued Brieuza. Address by letter, post-paid, to X. O B. at this office. mh!9 Iw *tltwy*rc PACK1 i .his si Whltehuu!^ which tim* the "?! mor,i'ng, 2t;i|, ;n?r ? ,?e,rcu'et, at same place at o'clock. ^ mils PACKET SHIP 8IDDONS, from Liverpool.?Consignees A- by this ship will nleare have their Permits on board, at Or leaui wharf, foot of Wall street, immediately. All goods not permitted in five days, must immediately be sent to Public Store. m24 PACKET SHIP LIVERPOOL, from Liverpool.?Consig nees per this ship will please send their, Permits on boars, at the west side of Barling slip, wiih-rat delay. All goods not permitted in five days, must b- sent f> the Pablic Stores. WOODHULL & M1NTUKNS, msl'c 87 South street. VIEWS OF THE THAMES TXT" F. BROUGH, 117 Falton street, has received, this day, ,P*I Liverpool, 400 copies of th? splendid Print of the Pa noramic View of the Thames, with the Index or Key, as pub lished by the proprietors of the Illustrated Loudon News Also on hand, several hundred of the cumbers of January and February W. F. B. begs to inform the reiders of the Illustrated Lendnn News, that he leaves New York for London on Saturday next. Any orders for whole sets, or back nninbers, will be puncluilly attended to. m24 Htm NEW BRIGHTON CLASSICAL AND MILITARY ACADEMY. THE SEMI-ANNUAL Elocutionary ai d Military Exercia J- es of the Pupils will take place at Niblo's Saloon, Broad way, on Friday Evening. March 28'h, at 6>i o'clock. Ladies and gentlemen desirous of attending can obtain tick ets of admission, by leaving their names at Messrs. Roe Lock woods', 411 Broadway, on or before Thursday, i he 2T.hiutt. W. H. DUFF, Principal. Should the weather be very unfavo able, a postponement will be made until Monday, the 31st inst. at the same hour. m24 3t*ec kOULSTONE'S riding school, 1ST AND 130 MERCER STREET. MR. JOHN 8. ROULSTONE has the honor to liuform hia friends, and the public in general, that his .School for Instruction in Horsemanship is now open lay i-ud evening, as follows :? Hours for Gentletneu, from 6 to 8 A. M. " " I adies 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Terms of instruction made knowu on application to Mr. Roulstoue. Mr. R. has just received from the couutry several fine aud stylish Saddle Horses, which lie is authorised to sell at a rea sonable price. n.24rrc IRELAND?In Chancery A RUHEK CLINTON, risintiff; PETER BROPHY, and -fz. another. Defendants.?Pursuant to the decree in this case, besting date the I8ih day of November last, 1 require all persons hay ing charges or incumbrances alfecting the personal estate of JAMES MEAreHEK, defeased, in the pleadings meniion*d. late of Bush Lane, in the env of London, merchaur, who died at Jorquiy, in I he County of Down, on or ahnut the 1st April, 1840, aad all legatees or neat of kin of the s?id <e*ta:or, to come in before me at mv chambers. Inns Quay, Dublin, on or before the first day of May next, and proceed to prove then debts, claim their legacies, and make out their kindred, otherwise thev will be precluded from the benefit of the said decrees.?Dated this 1st day of Febiuary, 1844. ED WD LITTON". PHILIP LAWLESS, Sole, for the Plaintiff, 204 Gl Brunswick street. . m24 ap8lt22 3t*rc IVORY TABLE CUTLERY AT GREAT BARGAINS. 1 ?140 do/, ivory Knives aud Forks just received from auc tion, and will be sold in lot* to suit, at $1 40 [erdz worth $2 40 ; Ivory d j, in setts 41 pieces each ; with a great variety ol Table and D. srert Knives and Forks, at 37M cents to St per doz. Also 3000 doz Pocket Knives. Uuzors and Scissors, comprising some fii.egoods, et 40 ceuts to $1 40 per doz. Alto, fancy goods, first quality Cologne a 74 cents per doz, fine Soaps, Pomades, Ike Also, 100 reams fine Letter Paper tt SI 12)g rents per ream. 231 Pearl tt, upstairs. m?4 lt'm GOLD LEAF. cpilE SUBSCRIBER would inform consumers and deale-s 8- rhu il they w ant a superior artxle of Gold Leaf, it can be had at the factory 92 K-adr strcat, in ihe rear; warrantrd larg est size and best quality. Dentists' Gold Foil at $20 |?r ounce, equal to any in the city; warranted. Cash on tha counter? none of time. J. L. WAUoM, mhl3 2wis*n> Practical Geld Bearer TO RE SOLD, A STRONG, well built Barotxhe Carriage, in good order, and well adapted for family use. with or without a double harness. To he seeu at Koulstou's Riding School, and Livery Stables, 137 Mercer street. mOislrrc MONEY TO LOAN AT NEW YORK TATTERSALL'S N NEW AND SECOND-HAND VEHICLES of every description and value. CARRIAGE BUILDERS are respectfully solicited to for ward their work early, as sales have already commenced with spirit, and at fair rates. PUBLIC SALESof Carriages, Harness, Saddlery, Horses, o !ic., evsry Monday, commencin^at l_l_o'clock. GEORGE W. MILLER, Proprietor, mh2l lwis?rc 146 Broadway. NEW 1MPORUNG HOUSE OF FEEHCH GOODS. LAURENT te BROTHER, C.Q BEAVER 8TREKT, have received by the last packets, "(J a complete assortment of NEW GOODS, which they offer to dealers at the lowest market prices. Particular attention is invited to the following description of goods : New and splendid patterns Mous de Lames Also new patterns of Balzorines and Bareges Eitra rich Foulard Silk Dresses Very rich Cashmere de Cols Gallery Shawls New style Mogador and Isly Shawls Barege Shawls and Scarfs French Cloths and Cassimeres tn4 Mtis*rrc ENGLISH HAHHWAKti A I LUW PRICES. WHOLESALE Dealers will comult (heir own interest by taking Up Slain Prices, beiore closing llirir (Wthutl.

The subscriber represents several manufacturers, and it enabled to supply merchanta from first hands anil at First Prices. 7(10 gross low priced Table Cmlery, per grots, Ike., be 10 catkt tu|>erior Mill, Bait&rd, Taper, See. Files? at the old price!. 12 tanks Heaey.Carolina Hoes, 000 to No. .2?at cost of im portation. 4 caiks Hand and Pannel Haws?$5,7J per doit n. AO oaes fine Wrought nnd Horse Nails. Also, Kuob and Padlocks, Hooks ami Hinges, Traces, Curry C inbs, Mpoous, Larches, Holts. H>d>crews, be., with a com plete assortment of I'ocket and 'J able Cntlerv, Haxnrs, sc., be. JOHN A. NEWBDULD, 90 John str-et, mhJO 7t'tTuTh8t*m (Up Biairs ) G CEARY ite CO.'IS FASHION FOR SPRING, 1815. ENTLKMKN'8 HATH, of our i-pring latiern, will be reidy for sale and delivery on and after Krletny, tile 38th Inst* N. B.?We annouce the above at THE FASHION far the ensuing season, and to preclude all possibility of irrorinthe minds of the public and trade generally, in this cityand else where, as to its origin and distinctively |?culiar features, we preseut the following details of its proportions, vix:? CHOWN?inchef high, 4-16 bell at sites, H bell in front and rear,% yeoman, Mcurve. _ TIP?J-16 inch oval, tne edge rounded off 1-'6 iucli. BKIM?I)* inchst wide all round?Set, natural curve?Curl, wide. BAND and BINDING?K inch wide The particular set of the brim it unique, and our customers will be seired with a style eipreaily adapted to the il.arscteris tic leaturetand form of each respectively. Feb uarv 24tS. IH15. mh!2 lOtend is rc I want to he khsi id CtST. | 1,1*?? and luiva my Itmr C ul in i THr HILL'S IniiaiUbls Stlls ', , M , <]>AB L E HAIR CUTTER, (Lute of the Pearl street House,) Takes this method of informing his friends and the puhlic generally, that he lias ti trd up tint light and pleasant room on the northwest Corner of I'ine and Nassau streets, mediately under Bird's Hat Store,) with a lee of nratneas to suit even the most fastidi ous ; snd where he ii now prepared to wait on all who may patronise him in the various branches of the Tonsorial ait, in his usual skilful st\ le, at the following moderats ? TRHMS, Hair Cutting,.. ,,?< I2ldcents Hair Curling,...... I2K cents Shampooing llrU " Superior Shaving .. . Si1 * " v, "s'fi"* "V'y 'i limmed cent*. N. 15 ?All r>gulsr cus'nmeis can have, oil application, a pri vale * up and Brush, without any rstra charge. m2i lm?m FASHIONS FOR SPRING, 1SI5. n THE SUBSCRIBER is now prepared to liirniali his new style of (Jenlleineu t Hats, which, ia every particular, will be found fully to suitain the reputation he has heretofore ? njoyed in the production of this most essential article ol dress. AMIUON, Wall street, corner Nassau N. B.?FRENCH HATH?A small invoice just received from t e manufactory of the celebrated "Mugnier," Paris, to which lue attention of gentlemen is invited. Ill I uThfcStiilm ? in qVlRITS TURPK.NTIv K-100 bbls. South-? Sp.rli, land O ul, for site by m'JJ iw'rc Mc' OLL b CO. 9) Broad j'leet. SI li.VK?190 hhtll PrimejNfWttMlc.ti'.sbuggr ft.r sale by E. K.JJ'JLLInS b CO . oD ec :? Bouui street, AUCTION SALES. AKM ENGRAVINGS AT AUCTION A ARON LEVY will sell, on Wednesday Evening. at 7 ?fa- o'clock pieitisely, at 151 Broadway, a fine collection of Buiimaa4 other Engravings. ijafiy1 or io Iota <?j *uit the t^adc. Also two sets BoyileH's folio Shikspeire, m p-ifect or der. Pa'e without rrserve. T he present offers a rare clia ee to dealers and others ni?5 2l*in AUCTION NOTICE-Stock of a Merchant Tailor?Will be sold. This Dav at 10X o'clotk, in 'he auction room No. II Spruce street, the balance? f the Stock of a Merchant Tailor, consisting of 2)0(iarmeuts of .he beat materials, made up inth moslfashionable manner, lor customers. Also, tin continuation,) the large stock of Dry Goods, CI iths. Ccisinistes. Veilings, Calicoes, Delaines. Alpacca*, silk and cambric Hdkfs. lie. continned from Friday*! sale m25 lt*m THOMAS BELL, Auctioneer. HOUSEHOLD FIJKNITURG SALES, BY E. H. LUDLOW It CO., Other Corner of Broad Street and Exchange Place. XITEDNESDAY, March 26th, at I0>, o'clock. Handsome " Furniture, at 193 Madisnu street, between Rutgers and Jef ferson streets, Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, lie , lie. Cata logues at the store the day pretrious. THURSDAY, April 10th, at 10)(J o'clock, at 252 William at, a large assortment of Furniture. FRIDAY, April II o'clock, at No. ? Twenty-First street, Chelsea, near 0th Avenue, Fashionable Furniture, Silver Ware. fcc.. lie WEDNESDAY, April 23d, Elegant Furniture iu 17th street near Union Square. lLr~Civ 11 attendants have been secured to attend to the sales as porters. Those wishing to sell will have arrangetneuta at tended to on application at their store. No. 23 Broad street. mh2? 2w?rc household furniture sales, AT AUCTION T'HE,SUBSCRIBER is grr pared to give prompt attention I this spring) to Sales of Hnus*hM-i Furniture, either Stocks of Manufacturers, or ol families breaking up housekeeping,both in New York and at the citv of Brooklyn. Ths above Sales will be under the particular direction of Mr. JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP, who respectfully solicits the orders of all such at may require his services. Application to be made at the Auction Room, No. 23 I'latt street corner of Gold. JACOB 8. PLATT, mh22 TuThSt 10ia*rc Auctioneer. RICHARD VAN DYKE, Jr., Aucttoueer. THE RAIL ROAD DEPOT HOTEL, corner 4th ' Avenue aud (6th street.?Anthony J. Bl-ecker k Co. will ^MMbsell at auction on Thursday, the 27th day of March next, at 12 o clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the very valuable proi<erty on the east side of the 4th Avenue aud south aide of 86lh street. The ground contains 50 feet on the avenue and 100 feet on the street, (which atreet it curbed and regulated, and the assessment paid',) th- property is within two blocks of the large Crotou Reservoir. The House is a large two-story attic build ing, with cellar and kitchen under the whole, with sheila on 86th stxeet. The premises are desirable for the purpose of a pnblic house, snd are now occupied as such. $1000 or $2000 can remain on bond and mortgage, at 6 per rent. Possession will be given on the 1st of May next. Title indisputable. For terms ana particulars, apply to the Auctionrers, No. 7 Broad street, or to G. NOWLAn, on the.premises, or No. 3 Eleventh street. I20to mr27*tn RED HOUSE PLEASURE GROUNDS. GREAT FOOT RACE, for a Purse of S3), to come off 911 Wetlnetday, 26th March, at 4 o'clock?Five Miles?$20 to tke first man out?$10 to the next best man?for which the fol lowing are entered nig are entered Wm. Barlow, of Williamsburgh. R. Christian, of New York. C. Nevill, of Thitd avenue. C. Donovan, do M. Cavangh, do Louii Meyer. New York. Ambrose Jack son, do Thos. Howlan, do If the weather proves unfavorable, the next fair dav. Price of admittance, 25 cents for vehicles-, foot passengers, 12H cents. tn25 2t* m PROFESSOR HOOOER4, GRATEFUL for the liberal patronas.e extended to him during the month of January last, by the enlightened and talented citi zens of New York, has the honor to atinntince his return to the city, aud that he will deliver a course of Four Lectures, with interesting experiments, at the four following places, on the wonderful and mncn talked of scienceoi ANIMAL MAGNETISM & PHRENOLOGY. Rutgers' Institute, in Madison street, every Tuesday of each week, commencing Tuesday, March 4tn. St Luke's Buildings, corner of Grove aud Hudson streets, every Fridav of eaeh week, commencing on Friday, March 7tn. Clinton Hall, every Wednesday of each week .commencing Wednesday, March 5th. American Republican Hall, corner of avenne C and 3d atreet, every Thursday of each week, commencing Thursday, March 6th. Tickets which will'admita lady aud gentleman 25 cents. To commence each evening at half-past 7 o'clock. m25 4tis*m A'w ROBERT OWEN IV1LL DELIVER A COURSE OF THREE LECTURES P THE MINERVA ROOMS, late Conceit Hall, Broad way. on Wednesday, Thunday, and Friday, March 26th, 27lh, and 21th. explanatory of hi 1 discoveriei regarding the ne cessity for, and the incalculable aovautages to all of, an entire change in principle and practice, 01 a Ke-urgani/.atiou of Soci ety, through every Department of Lire. 1 ickets for the Course, Ml reuu?Siugle Tickats 25 cents? Ladiea free. Doors open a*. 7?Lectures to commence at half past 7 o'clock. Tickets to lie had at the Sun, Tribune and Herald offu-ei; at Mr. Ross's, 58 Chitham street; and Mr. Morrisou's.'corner of I livthain and Roosevelt streets m25 ttis*rc MR. VANDENHOFF'S LECTURE MERCANTILE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, CLINTON HALL. Tuesday Kxenlng, 23 march, 1845. MR. GEO. VANDENHOFF Will I Act we, and give READINGS OF SCENES FROM THK ANTIGONE OF SOPHOCLES AND THF, LEAR OF SHAKESPEARE, SKETCH OF THE "At E K K DRAMA. (T?-To commence at half-past 7 precisely. Tickets 50 cents. Gentleman and two Ladies SI Members of the M. L.A. 25 cents, in!i22 8tMTu3t?rc THE IRISH IN AMERICA. A LECTURE will be delivered by D. M 4JOR, Esq., Uounnllor at Law, on the above subject, at Niblo's, ou Tuesday Evening, the S5th instant, at o'clock. Tickets 26 centa, to be had at the door. m22 3t8tMTo*rc EVV SEED STORE AND CONSERVATORY-Th subscribers offer for tale aa low as ran be purchaaed else wlierr, a chore aaaoitineut of Ireah Vegetable, Flower, and Grass Seeds, all of which will be warranted Also, Plants of all kinds at auction prices, Fruit and Urua mental Trees of everv description. ink 2w?rrc DIJNLAP Si CARMAN. 636 Broadway. TO LET, at Moderate Rates?The two story brick House 24 Barrow street, or Weit Washington Place, be ,lween the 6tli avenue and Washout in square. The hou e will be rut in complete order, papered and painted, and ret ted to a good t-uant at $310 per anuum Also, the princinal part of the modern three story and attic brck Hou*e 116 Hammond street, consisting of 10 good looms. Inuitries, closets aud clothes presses, with an eacelleut basemeul [itchen, all newly p.tiute'l, and in complete order. Possesion mav be han immediately. Kent $220 Apply on the premises, or to LAMBERT 811V DAM, ui26 3t*m 46 Wall street. ""FARMS at JAMAICA, (L. I.) M FOR SALE. TO LET, OR LEASK-Two Farms in the village of Jamaica, containing about60 acres each, or will be let to one person, both Farms lyingc nligiioiis to e-cli other. They are situsted w ithin a short distance of the Railroad, to which the fronts extend parallel on South street. They are well watered, aud divided into arable, pasture and woodland. On one Farm there is a good two story House, Barn, and other out buildings. Oa the other there is a line site building, overlnokii g the Tillage. The above Farms are desira ble. either for fanning or marketing, the soil being peculiarly adapted for raisinge?rlv Tegetables for the New Vork market; or they would answer the purposes of a country seat. For fui th*r particulars, apply t > in2) 3t ?cc hHANCIS S. BROWN. 14 Pire street. DI..HK BALL., till UbU LI.VI, Oh LIVMV POOL PACKETS.?FOR LIVERPOOL.?Only (Regular Packet of the 1st of April. I'he magnificent and celebrated fast sailing favorite packet ship EUROPE, Edward O. Futber, commander, will positive ly sail ou Tuesday, the 1st of April For terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekmau st, or to the subscribers, ROCHE. BROTHERS Ik CO., 36 Fultou street, neat door to the Fulton Bank, New York. miJec FOR NEW OR LEANS-Louisiana aud New MjJrXV York Line -Poa-tively First Regular Packet to sail on JBttMaWe-lnesday, 26th instant.?The elegant, fast sailing packet ship OSWEGO, Captain Wood, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome famished accommo dations, apply ou hoard, at Orlenus wharf, foot of Wall st., or to E. K. COLLINS & CO.. 66 South st. Positively no goods received on board after Tueaday even ing, 2.6th inst. Agents iu New Orleans. Messrs. Ilullin St Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to th*ir addrear. m23ec FoiTLlVERPOOL?First Packet Ship-The ship ?drtjN. ROSC1US, Captain Eldridge, will positively sail on aHfiUsthc 2U'h March, ami the rhip EUROPE, Capt. Fur ber, on thv 1st April. hor iiassigc, having excellent accommodations, for cabin ami steerage, rpply to JOHN HER DM AN, 61 South st. N. B?Passtige from Oreat Britnin and Ireland, vis Liver pool, | er hist class packet ships, sailing weekly. Person de sirous of encaging passage for their friends, residing in Great Britain and Ireland, should not fail to embrace this favorable, opportunity, per British mail steamer Cambria, ia ling irom Boston ou the 1st April. Draft* to any amount can, a? usual, he furnished, payable at all the principal Banking institutions, on application as above. m2.6 STEAMER WILL'AM 8EABKOOKAT ? PRIVATE SALE.?Tris superior Vermel, ^ built by Jatnes Marsh Ik Son, of this place nl the best mat rial*, in the turn ??r of lsS7, is now ottered at pri va ? tale, aud if not dispo ej of in ha', way will positively lie sold. ? n P'ursday, the i7ih Air.l. at public auction, to th? highest bidder. She ir*a ur's 13 ? fee keel, 142 feet Ou d ck, 24 feel 2 inches hull, ? feet 2 iuch -s in depth, asd 28.6 t ns, is co| ? per las ened and coppe *d up io h*r d c.vs, copper hn ler and en s me cf 70 horse powr, inannlactar d by J. P. -viler, ol vew York. In short, she's n >i only well br t exp'ns ve'y found in ever--r.'t -c:, a-d as groi *? u w. Koran* tlher iuf .rmvtion, plea*e apply t? SArxDIM)"" HOLvE8 ti-21 fn 17 Au tion 1 a ge NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TR<Ty LIN> FOR ALBANY AND T ROY?Direct? ? from the pier at the foot of ( ouitlaudt st ? .The low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. II Squire, This Evening, at 6 o'clock, Tuesday, March 26th, 1846. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at the office on the wharf. Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. Freight must he put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company will not be responsible for lossea. m?6 rc TEN CENT" PER HUNDRED POUNDS^ FREIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. PAS8AOE f 1 60. ERICSSON STEAMBOAT LINE BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. 48) The Ericsson Line will re- ? ad Jssd*cejee Freight for Baltimore.g^-~-E*w?,.r ?** SLJUL I for the Son'h and \Ve.r general I v, which they will forward at the low tale of leu reu's per 100 lha. All the freight harstofure forwarded from New y?ra to Baltimore, has treen carried by this line, aud shippers w ill therefore he careful to consign ami mark their goods to A. Groies, Jr., Agent. The Dei ol ol the Ericsson Line is near the freight office ol the New York L'ne, almost adjoining it. The Boats of this I. inc will leave the up|ier side of Chestnut stoet wharf daily, (except Sunday) at 3 o'clock, P. M., or im mediately af er th* arrival of the rxew York Line. The accom modations for Passengers are etrellent, berths being provided lor them, ami every effort will he made to promote their comfort and c mvenien'e. Passengers receipted through by this lone to Wher ling and Piltabnrgh, via Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and National Road. it /"Fare to Wheeling $17?To Pittsburgh $11?Meals $S cts. His Boats compote the Ericsson Steamboat Line, and the sr. rargi'tnenis die amplt to forw ard even pound of freight rp crjivd. A. GROVES, Jr. Agent, March Ittli, 1840. M ttmB Whatvra, rnilfc * mhi8 lwi?' oa, AMUSEMENTS. PAM K TIIKATHK ur-iii. TUBE DAY EVENING, March 25, ri , ? ?' "UHI de Jolimailre, W H. ,?nSJT:* m* V you; Miit Clara Ellis; Fern phiua I iffany, Miu Ks'e Hum. .La Cncovieune hy Miu St. . 'lair. BANn?"Slu'l/"itfcn^ r"ct BORROWING A HU8 'J amsla, Mi* Sa/rre'u"' M' Untti Uuck"?'u' 25 c"uu' Utt,"7i c""*' 2d "?'M?uU-Pit 50 cents-Gallery BURTON'S THKA I RB-Arch street, (iti PHILADELPHIA 1HIBDN1UHT OK THE SEASON. THE HAltfc-.aiy^rDAV, MARCH 2 (h NofcM M^n trt ,{?BL8.V-ia,n 8,??- Mr- Ned ii.L.i II ? Ha'rvr M?rkham, Mr. O Barrett: Tom Mm WU,H'? t?,?Mi-8n"ur. Mr" ""?"?II: Betty riiggin? bi?ooWm" bX; Uauy Mor,,"d' M'" Ki*r< '"V Ua,T.;j,,M,r:.!;;rrr,'iudMr ?8mUh J H?nrh(Anii81^URT' ".l""*1 Crockett, Mr. Stevens; Bowers I aullin ; Lieutenant Dickenson, Mr. MR. BR OUGH 'IT COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT THK COMMITTEE OK ARRANGEMENTS forcon ?t ducting the Concert given to .. mr. brouoh. (coinpiiineiiiary to him for Ida aervicea upon all occasions to the charitable and other societies of New York ) hex to an ??ounce that it will positively take place on IVednettlay Evening, March 26th, 1845, NJBLO'S CONCERT SALOON, the Committee are happy to inform tlie frienda of Mr. Bronah, and the public geui r.lly, that they have re ceived Iroin the following eminent artists an offer of their valu able >ervicei :? SIONORA ROSINA PICO. MADAME OITO. MISS MAR TAYLOR. MADAME BUHKHART, Mil. U. C. HILL, (Leaded)"88 JUUA ^HTHALL. MR. O. LODfck. (Con doctor.) Mil. K VL K, MR. OROKNVELT. MR. OTTO, MR. T. MAYER, SIO. SALMoNhKY. And SIO. DE iEONIS. Overture?Kull Band, , "J. ' D"et'???'?al,'a vocefrom the Ure'ra oV" Ylir'iuo Kaliero, by Hignor SelotPonsky aril T. Mayer, Donizetti Ballad?* I he Spell is Brnken"-Mis. Northill.., . ALee Souk? My Boyh:od a Home"?Mr. Brr.ugli Rooke Cavatma? O come e vago amabile," fiom the Opera of La I riKionc dt Edtinburro"? Signora Pico Ricci Instrumental line!-" Diologo Jrilliaute," Flute and ** Clarionet?Mr. Kyle and Mr. Uroeuvelt Bochsa. Cavatiua?Madame Otto . Neapolitan Tarantella?"Gia la iuna iu mezzo l'j mare ? Siguor De Begins Rossini Spantali Song?"EiTaqne"?Signora Pico \ Blanco iv iiTui1.!. ""t anu second parti of the Concert, Mr E. ,y ALKEK, the Patentee of the " Harmonic Attachment" to the Pianoforte, will perform a Conceito on the instrument, u l- Part II. Song? 1 met him in the happy throne"?Madame ourkhart, i., D?fUo-Erom "Tancrede"?Madame Otto and Miss laylor Rnoini Song?" The heart bow'd down"?Mr. Brough.. .Balfe.' Cavatma?Nell Opera "La Pariaina"?Mm North Cavatiua Soprano?" Bell raggio lusinghier," from Semiramide'? Signori Pico Rnatini. Song? Just like Love"?Miss Taylor Ricci Soog_"The Wolf"?Mr. Brourh............ ... Sh&ld In consequenceof the length ol the Concert it will commence precisely at 7)< o'clock. 1 icketa >1 eeeh. to be had at th? usual placeg. m23 ft CONGERT BY THt5 WARDEN FAMILY. '"PHE MESSRS. W ARDENS, of Philadelphia, respectfully 1 announce that they will give their tint Vocal Entertain ment in New York, on Tuesday Evening, 25th March, at the society Library Room, when ihev will sing a selection of their popular Qaartetts. which have elicited the approbation of the musical public of Philadelphia. CONTRALTO?EM ILY. TENOR?EDWARD. BAK1TONO?DAVID. T, ? ? . BASSO-THOMAS. J ney wj'I also ling a number of the most popular Ballads of the day. David will preside at the Piano Korte. ror pirtcuiar* see prog rain me. ladies^t 1* Cel1"' Tickets admitting one gantleman aud two Cnr-YOK a LETTER PRESENTED TO THE WAR THtiR,rV1gVl:5foPN -ADELI'"IA' AND N0W "* pamily of Philadelphia; which for the beautiful diveis ty of their style and eiecutiou, are calculated to eniure the warmeat approbation and patronage of the Musical public. B- C. Cross, Leader Philharmonic Society. "?}.A Cuunington, Director of Music, Wa'nut street Theatre. B Standbridge, Prof. Music, Organist, 1st Unitari an Church. W. E. W. Darley Onranist St. Luke's Church, Philad. George Kinpstey, Proff Music, Philad. Charles O Borhek, Organist St. Peter's Ohnrch, Philad. C. 1 lot. Music Publisher fi.i Loud, Piaaoforte Manufacturer. Tlioi. Sully, Arti-t. B'E^i^i^esella, Violincellist Solo to the King of 8ar A. F. Dos Santos, Organist of St Joseph's, and late Or ganist or St. Augustine's Church, Philsd. Ben. Cross, Orgsnisr of St. Mary's Chnrch. m25 Jarv"' Pro If. Music, Organist of the Epiphany. SIGNOR RAPETTI 1J ESPECTFULLY informs his friends aud the public, that previous to his professional tour, he will give a g'aud enter tainment at Palmo's, ou Saturday, 29th imt combining ? . 2.PERA AND CONCERT. B'C. RAPETTI will he assisted by SIGNORA ROSINA TICO, MADAM OTTO, MADLLE. DESJARDINS, SIGNOR SANQlllHicO, w-.h run l AND SIGNOR DE BEONIS. ?xj n ' Orchestra and Chorus. o'clorJr""8eaU "ldy ** ,?cureJ e?y JaV. from 9 o'clock to 5 Prices?First Tier and l'ar<iuette, $1; Secoud Tier, 50 cents m25rc THIKI) NIGIIT IN NEW YORK" a,J"EHUTCH1NS?N8 AT PALMO'S. NNOUNCK ih it their third Vocal Concert will tnke - place at 1 m PALMO'8 OPKHAv HOU8K, SS W.?,0NP-?AY KVENINO, March 2tith, 1845. when i have, the honor of preseotiuK. some of their old productions, as also s me new. Se , M.'h'i?ai,d McGreygor?s Oatheriiig." a fvvnrite ? ?i f- s9*~ fjiow Storm"?"Ezcelsior"?" Westward Ho" SI, ln n..i^'*ira- i<0?kJ"*'r'" th? by Henry John -?'vie ?t "Get off the Track" '? I.?,v. C O " * We've Koam d over Mountains"? Grave of Bonaparte"?"Old Granite State." fcc. be. I ickeis 50 cents each?To lie ob amed at the Music and Book ??r7??V/"a?wiy?i,U Nos. 199, 201. 2.5, 239.295.297 , 315,329, JCI .18j, 562?at US Bowery, and at No. 1 hranulin Square. Also at the door of the Saloon on Monday evening. Open at Ja to 7 Concert to commence at a >4 to 8. m25 2tis* rc , M'LLK. PAULINE DESJARDINS. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCf^RT, (OPERA AND BALLET,) At Palmn ? Opera Hmuc, on Monday, the 31if intt. CJIGRORA ROBIN A PICO, Prima Douua of the late Italian V, trouiie in this citv, snd other eminent aitistps, begs lesva to inform the patrons of the Italian 0|?ra and admireis and suii portera of the Musical Arts and Artists, that they will give 11 Complimentary Concert, with Opera and Ballet, to M lie Ursjardins, previous to her departure from this clival above. N. B ?The Box Office will be oi<ened ou Thursday morning, 27th instant, and following days, from 9 o'clock, A. M., to 5 o clock, P M , where seats may be secured Pnces.?rnit Tier, ?100; Second Tier, 50 ernts; Pnvate *' ?6 00' mh22 rrc G tarv hmip'Jv RVi'i J5,YIC and COMPL1MEN^?\- ? w,c" ^ 8,Tribv rri'Dd? of Will,am Wallace, Esq, leader of the celebra'ed Quvdril'e Bind, to ?7h m??* % ApnUo Rooms, on Friday Evening, March 28th 1015. lickets may be obtam'd of V. H Blakley, 167 t ?* V1"1 i 5?' fy Hill, Bowery ; HoboVen Home, cor. Greenwich and Canal otree , or of any of the Committee, n i, w WM. PALMER, Chairm?n. D.G. WATToa.Sse'y. mh24 5tu*rc 1. O. OF G. F. ORATION AND CONCKRT. THE INDEPENDENT ORDER OF GOOD FELLOWS, ?I of New York Lodge No. I, respectfully beg leave to an nounce their tint Oration nnd Concert, at tne Tabernacle, March 24th, 1815. for the Benefit of the Widowa' and Orphans Fund of the Society, on which occasion JAMES T. BRAD Y, Esq , has kindly cons nted to deliver an Oration. The cele brated ANOLE8EA BROTHERS have kindly volunteered their valuable services, and will appear in costume and sing a number of their best glees, duetts and solos. PROFESSOR MAXIMILlONiZUBOFF and PUPIL, a Miss, I years of age, have tendered their services,and will pe lorm on the Pianoforte a Situate. arranged for four hands by Bethoveu Mr. K HAM Bill DOB has also kindly consented to perforin an Overture on the Pianoforte. A number of Ladies and.Oentlrmen have also volunteered their aid on this occasion, and will sing some of the most popular Ballads. Admission 36 Cents. Tickets to he procured at the ptincipal Music Stores and at the door on the evening of the Concert, also ol the following gentlemen:? (feneral Storms. J Sherman Brownell, Gideon Ostrauder, Tims. It. Bellinger, B. J. Me.erole, E. F Purdy, James Conner, K. H. Morris, " And from the following COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. J C Coachmon, James Reed, F. F. Smith, Geo. Relyes, Jacob CKdvni, Geo. W. Dawson, O. H. lulling nger, Dr. W. W. Tompkius, Wm. B Baibcr, John Faulkner, Stephen Brooker, T. J. Wayne, W H. Hyatt, . W. Basely, Major J. Hopkins, J McKibben, Geo. Haywood, Thov. Brown, H. Bazely, M. Fallen, T. B. Earle, S McCracken, a. ii* f.nnr, ivicviaLiirii. J. S Magnnss, Dr. J T. Tattle, and Captain Stephen Miller, of Brooklyn, mhlt Iwm THE DRAMA, THE OPERA, AND THE BALLET MUSIC U UANI INO TAUGHT FREE OF CHARGE MR. ST. LUKE, who is shortly about to open a place of am 'semert in the city, to he called "St. Luke's Academy," wishes to enter into amo ed arrangements wnh a certain num ber of Ladies snd Gentlrmen, whj are desirous of being brought forward as Vvcalisls and Dsncers in the higher wa'ks of Opera and Ballet ; he proposes to instruct th-m free ol cliargr, snd a? an rqaivalentto receive their services for a s?a trd |ienod, at the termination of wlrch they wi'l lie placed on an equality (according to their ability) wihtheolh-r mem ben of hia establishment. Mr. St. Lake may be seen at Palmo's Opera House every morning between the hours of !t and 10. ml6 lt*m COMPLIMENTARY BALL. A COMPLIMENTARY BALL will be given to NAPIER LOTHIAN, Conductor of the New York Brass Band, hr his friends, at Tammany Hall, on Wednesday Evening, March 30th, IMS. Cowmittce or ARnaancMRivTs. Thomas M. Jenkins, William Denman, John Rvkrr, Jr. John Colgae John Ca land, Charles W. AtV ood, I harles Kent, James Bteeia, William Matwell, Morton Faiichild. H. O. Cook, Bartholomew Ihirdv, Aleiander Forbes. Fi ona Manager. Richard White. JOHN H. 1'LUMK, Chaitmait. Edward II. Plymk, Treasurer. JoserH T. Sws.kt, Secretary. '1 iekets can be obtained of eithe' of the above Committee, at Tammany Hall, or at the Door on the evening of the Ball. Ticket* $1 inhntoWeod n*re FRONT STREET THEATRE BALTIMORE r"PO RENT, f rthr S. r ng Seas m, for Kqnestiian Orforww l ancs and Arena Kshibitions Tne house is in eye Rent or ilei. and may be occupied immediately. Apply | pom paid ] w illy real name, to IV. L BURTON. Arcli street Theme. inJt Jw rn., Philadelphia BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Washisgton, March 23, 1845. Difficulties in the Cabinet?The Hun for the Next Presidency?Offit t-Seekers? The Guillotine in tht Slate Department?Wlw is to be the Crgan ? Symptom* of discord in Mr. Polk'a cabinet be gin already to manifest themselves, owing, it is said, to the efforts of the Secretary of State, who is an old aspirant for the Presidential chair, to place in office, particularly in the State of Pennsylvania, to which he claims the sole right of giving direc tion, hiB particular friends and favorites. The old and leading democrats of the Keystone State, have centred upon Henry Horn, Eeq. of Philadelphia, as a successor to Calvin Blythe, the present Collector of that port; and Mr. Buchanan, who has a voice in deciding in such selections, by virtue of his office as a member of Mr Polk's cabinet, to whom he submits the names of all ap plicants for a share of the spoils, contends for the appointment of another. 01 Mr. Horn, or lus qualifications for the post of honor for which he has bean named by his friends of Philadelphia, 1 shall say nothing either pro or con. Suffice it to remark, ttiat he has always been a sound democrat, and is a man and a merchant of Market street, of great respectability, far. H. was once in Congress from the city of Philadelphia, and would hkvebeen returned again by his friends, had not circumstances of an unexpected nature suddenly arisen at the time he was there, to place power in the hands of the whig party. This small potato business of heads of departments, who are ambitious of reaching the highest post of honor that the nation can confer, planting friends in fat and influential places, with a view to their own ulterior benefit, is not what the country expects of them at this early period of a new administration. Should such little great men persevere in a policy of this sort for even but a short time, an explosion in the cabinet must inevitably ensue, and all the hopes and blessing of repose and prosperity, pro mised by the prudent and wise debut in power of President Polk, will be lost ere he has time to de velope the primary steps for bringing them about. Let us, therefore, have no President making for two vearsto come, at least within the four walls of the White House ; but let the people to whom the business of electing a successor to James K. Polk properly beloBgs, select their own candidate for that place, when the proper time for doing so shall have come. 1 have been credibly informed that Silas Wright and Mr. Calhoun have already made up their minds to be independent candidates in 1848 One to be a northern, the other a southern candidate, for the purpose of bringing the election of Presi dent into the House of Representatives. This yot may rely upon as a fact. The party proper, of which these two stars are among its foremost and fiercest in their race for power, already aee that they will not be content to come in on equal terms before the national convention with others who possess a larger share of the popular confidence. Mr. Calhoun, in the south, has to contend against the Van Buren and abolition interest at the north ; and Silas Wright, or Silent Wright, as 1 shall christen him, in not uttering a syllable on the Texas question, cannot secure for himself a single State south of Mason and Dixon's line. So that you see, from these considerations, as it were in prospective, the total impossibility of harmonixirg those two antagonistic interests, without either electing Wright and'Calhoun Presidents, or joint occupants of the White House, which is impossi ble, or of throwing both overboard at once, ere they sow the seeds of dissolution in their party. Hence, the democratic party should denounce any attempt at bringing it into the shambles for sale, where it would certainly be if exhibited on the arena of the House of Representatives. I shall watch the movements of the wire workers of both parties, viz: thewhigBand democrats, and advise you, from time to time, of them. The collectorehip of your city is in want of an incumbent, G-ov. C. P. Van Ness being in a stale of abeyance. The place has been already tender ed, it is said, to Mr. Flagg, of Albany, and df clined. This, however, is rumor. Four extra clerks were dismissed from the State Department yesterday. Their names are Fletch -r Bingham, Kepple, and Stubbs?the three first Bre wings, the last named is a democrat. A gentleman named Hutter, formerly the editor of a German paper at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has been appointed to a desk in the same depart ment. Other chauges are in contemplation, but I have not ascertained to a certainty who or what they are. The official has not as yet been announced. It is in as dark a cloud as the Cabinet was in a week before the inauguration. The Globe is pressing very hard for the job, but the quid nunc* think that it will not be precisely what itwants. The Modi simian will most probably give up the ghost next week, as the Madisonian. but whether it is to take another shape alter it shall have come out of the chrysalis state in which it is now, and live for a short or long period afterwards, 1 cannot tell so long beforehand. The hones of our friend " John Junes" are occasionally elated and depressed, in proportion as the Globe appears saucy or sour at the Executive procrastination in announcing his preference for one among the three democratic presses here. His intentions, however, on this subject, are thought to be in favor of establishing a paper having no connexion with either, by which means lie would avoid the clashing ot cliques and coteries, whom he would not succeed in pleasing, were he to adopt either of those presses as his peotesfS. The Cabinet was in sest - n yesterday for a long time. It has met oftener v, uhin the last fortnight than Cabinets have been known to do on former occasions within the same period. No one knows what they are at, and no one is foolish enough to believe that their timp is taken up with the various applications in the hands of the President for office. Mr. Polk has made?so the wise ones ot the party say?bad selections in Marcy, Gou!d, and Wet niore, and it is said that, in consequence of the dissatisfaction which they have given, particularly the two last, he is willing to revoke them, when ever sufficient evidence of it is laid before him. Nous Vkreo.ns. P. S.?Amos Kendall goes into ihe City Post Office to-morrow morning, in place of Dr. Jones, the present Postmaster. Washington, March "23, 1845. A Chapter upon tlu Loaves and the Fishes, and their Progressive ttiul Prospective Distribution, Carefully compiled from the best Authorities. This is a great day in Washington lor eating eggs and going to church; hut as our religion con sists neither in tasting, nor gormandising, nor ma king long prayers, nor tolerating long sermons, we have concluded to stay at home and write you a letter. The city looks as if it had been depopulated by pestilence or (amine, so scanty is the population, contrasted with the myriads that flocked in with the advent of the administration, and for a week or two thereafter. As all eyes are bent upon the distribution of the spoils, we give the latest intelligence atloat apper taining to the loaves and fishes. Colonel Samut 1 Medary, of Ohio, will accept no subordinate office undpr the administration, nor indeed any office, as the office of the Ohio Statesman yields him men honor, influence and profit, than any office in th hands of Capt. Polk could possibly do. Col. Mr' dary, however, is here on a visit of a few days, to take an observation. Ohio will, we are assured, eet one, perhaps two. of the offices of assistants to Cave Johnson, and Hon. Wm. Medill, of the 27th Congress, and Gen. Hunt, of the Maumee coun ity, are considered the most prominent and promi sing candidates, though John Brough, late audi tor of ihe State of Ohio, brings a strong influ ence in his favor. Je-se E.Dow, the polite door keeper of the House, and associated with the Post Office Department under Mr. Van Huron's adminis tration, is mentioned in the current speculations as certain of an assistantship under the P. M. G.? However, April will make many openings besides the opening of the flowers. Dr. Duucan 's still Willi us, and they say that he is looking out, like Napoleon, for the invasion of Russia, [ftsm. There is not a better existing statue of Dan u'Connell than Dr. Duncan. Chang and Eng bear not a closer resemblance to each other than Dsn and the Doctor.] Disney, of Cin cinnati, is also a candidate for St. Petersburg. From the importance of the State of Ohio, in the federal representation, it is thought that the afore mentioned offices will fall to her share. Indiana is grumbling?Virginia is grumbling New Hampshire is grumbling?Pennsylvania is grumbling, and last and least. South Carolina is grumbling. Hut South Carolina will be quieted a little for the present, by the retention #f M Campbell at Havjna. Indiana must have hi up thin for that 1900 majority?Pennsylvania is m o be bluffed off with a tariff of 77 per cent upon cold iron. She wants an office or two and must have them, and we see that Mr Buchanan, from Severn' removals yesterday, is beginning to sttr the dumplings. Hut of all the grumblers, the most impatient are our own city democratic associations They are quite out of humor. After sending off documents, and holding meetings here in the District, and erect ing htckoiy polls here, where not a solitary vote could he east on etthpr side?and after electing Polk bytliusi: means, as our friends verily belie > > they did, they are ready to cry " treason," that t!i" guillotining has not commenced t>79 oflices in the several departments here, and 500, for we have

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