Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1845 Page 3
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of do. diiR; Lagrange, Tata, do dj; Mermaid, Man hall, of lain, do. John, of C in ilea forUt i homes. MAVant Ei, P. It , March 8?In port. Panchita, Gray, wtg; Hus.pieh.nuali, Moulthrop, lor New Haven, III 2 dais; B ack Hi?k, Fristfe, Ho, Ida; redraza, Hutchinson, l'or Geuoa, do; Freighet, Blum-hard. wtgcariro; Msdii.l, dug; Pizarro. Drink water^ forf.Nrw York, soon; Drltwtie, Park. wig cargo. Sid K l Fisher, Tlioiupsuu, New Havru, Eleanor, Jones, Pluladel )>hia. Home Ports. CiiTimt, March 15?Sid Oroutes. Crockett. Sable Bank. I-navitroRT. March 15?Arr Brilliant, Kidder, N York. Be low, M iriner. Staple* do. I'liaruas. March 27?Arr Condor, Gerts. New York; Gen Stark, La gthorri Knstpott for Providence; Policy, Heed, and Willi uu, Pireous, N York; Helsu Gray, Irons, Lubec for Phi ladelphia; E D Peters, Holmes; Eliza llupper Ames, and \Vm Peini. F '.ter, Mathias for N Yoik; Perseverance, Bolan, k rank fort for do Newbi'Byport, March 27?Arr China. Small. Richmond; Go Abend. Chase, and Peru, Cheney, Norfolk. Hid May, Den ins kastport; Vulture, Alexandria. Danvers, March 27?Arr Victorii. Allen, N York. Sal.em, Match 27?Cld Tigiis, Fisk, Alrica. , , Boston, March 28?ArrLapland. Simpson; Natchez, Lmd say, and Elnrence, Decker, NOrleuus; Ilzaide; HuHinalon, and Bostoa, Nickerson, Mo.die; Sulla, Bangs, Philadelphia; Two Sisters, itichardaou, Lubec tor do, |>ut in leaky and pumps cliolA-d; Piesident. Hich. Wilmington. NC. < Id Joiupuu, (new. Ol' Boston, 496 tous) Blackler, canton; Mount Veruou, (of Beth, late of New York) Gieen, Calcutta;Jkmucin. Wells Copenhagen and a market; Caroline, '1 homas Gibraltar; Jacob St ry. Hur '. Auz Cayes; John Parker, (new, of Boston, 391 35 95ihs tous) Comings. Savauiiah; Geo 4i " illiatn, M'Gralh, Wilmington, N' ; Bold Kuuuer, Hwasey, F.lizabefhCity, NC; Viola Atwood, Fte erick.bure; Boudd Btook, II ggius Nor folk, City Point aud Kichiooud; Halem, luckarmau. Pluladel phi'; Pi ibV Baiter, Crowell; and Uiica, Bearne, NYork. KdiiaItowi, March >6- Sid, the ressela before reported. In poit 27ih, whaling b ig Vesta, to sail 28th. PHti.ann.eMia, ".larch 28?A'r Monsoon, Coleman, Hto lliche Spanish Main. Left no Americau vessels. The M has expnr.enc-G a continuation of head winds during the passage, and wa. 10 days North of Cap* Hattera*. Baltimork. Mirch 28?Arr Ab gail, 1 i boat's, Charleston; James, Wo-d. Portland A|.I tooaia. Mar* 27?Arr Queen, Eldndge, Baltimore.? Sid lien L'e, lobuson, NHavtu. Hichmond. March 28?Arr Pet2 Ritter, Derricksou, Nor folk. Sid Tbos Ireland, Somes, aud T wo Marys, Sandy, New York. Ar ih- bar, l'ailhian, Irom New Oileaus; Manchester, Worth, NYork. , , Charikston, March 26?Arr Tatkinn, Williams, Liverpool; Thetis, [Br] White. Ichibnr; Larch, Abbott, N York; Jaiius, II-non. Havana; k mpire, Lawson, do?the Merchant, of New York, hence, had arr.ved?H Walker, for NYork, sld same day ?left. Alice Ann l'endersrast, foi Baltimore, abt 21 th inst lu the offing, John Bariug, Michaels, from Liverpool?has been on soundings for the last 8 days Cld Tremnut, Taylor, Autwerp; Avon [Br] Doane. Glasgow; Tower, Leslie,W Indies; Patriot, Giee .l iw, Wilmington, NC. Savannah, M ? r. h 2.5?Arr Baltic, Allen; Patmos.TowEsend. and Virgiuia, Hall, New V ork. Cld Jaa & Mary Sinnott. I Br] Conner, Liv-rpool; Augusta,Sherwood, NewYork; Am Eagle. -Young, Philadelphia, sld Clinton, Lyou, and Peter Denull, Lewis NYork; Zeuobia. Baltimore. Mont' e. March 22?Cld Sazouy, Scndder, and Tartar, lias sell. liovMo. New OmLEAivs, Msrch 28?Arr Isaac Alletton, Torrey, Liv erpool; Euphrasia, Buntin, Philadelphia; Nancy W Stev-iis, Stevens, Baltimore; Muskingum, Wells, Cincinnati. Cld Ta merlane, [B-l McKeuzie, Glasgow; Lacy Ann, Snow, NYork; luwpnld i O'f) moell, Dans, Charlast m; Luna, [Mex] Alomia, Campty.oy; F A Brown, Wcstbrook, Havana. By Last Night's Soothero Mail. Philadelphia, March 29?Ait Eagle, Fullertnn, NOrleans; King, Cook, Tauumu; H Wescolt, Vauce, New Bedford; Mary ' lik, Wilkioi, Salem, Man. Cld Lochiel, Lufkiu, Cape Haytien. Baltimore, March 28?Arr Jai W Paige, Taylor, Boston; Marilia Washington, Ciomwell, Turks Island IJth insi?left no Americana: Kirkwood, Martin, New Orleaus?experienced eery rough weather, on the 18ih, when off Cape Henry, was blown on to lat 26 78, lnu 70 30, hnlwarks slightly damaged. Cld Chi Sila. Mel onuan, Mobile via 9t Augustine; Cadet, Harriman, ue It .port. S'd Whig, Phillips, Km Janeiro. Norfolk, March 27?Arr Poutiac, Burditt, Turks Island? exiwnei csd very he>vy weather, and ou the night of the 17th inst. was kuockod down on her beam ends, sut away the main mast, Inst sails and rigging attached, decks swept of everything, water CA'ks, 8tc?bulwarks stove, cargo shifted, and sustained 0 her damage. Also arr, Samuel. Stoddard, Boston for Rich mond; K-dwing, Sleeper NOrleans. VVilsiitroTots, NC. March 19?Arr Tancrede, [Fr] Cberon, NVork; 22d, Boundary, Shackleford, Ouadalou|te. Cld 21st, Win Purriugtoi, Brown, Mariegalaute: 24th, David Uuffell, Williams, New York; 26th, Sirion, [Brl Canu, St John, NB; Kupert, Curtis, Martinique; Baltic, Moultou, Guadaloujie; Partridge, Doughty, New Loudon: Frances Loaisa, Soule, Pair Haven, Mass; Lagrtiige, Drew, St Thomas. TI7HARF IN BBO 'KLYN, opposite Walt it., TO LET' vv with a front of 150 I'eot ou the Kiver, and about 160 feet deep on each side. It is eovtred with sheds, having been occu pied for the storage ef naval stores. Apply to lONNELE k HALL, earner of Pearl m30 3tis*ec and Beekman streets. 1 OST-1N NEW YORK OR BKOOKKLYN, on Friday, J-4 2'st March, a CARD CASK, containing a PENKNIFE, ar.d SILVER FORK, both having pearl handles; and ou the handle of the Fork being engraved, July, 1836. Any person who will return them to the subscriber, at 813 Water sueet, N. Y. will be suitably rewardsd, and will greatly oblige J m29 3f m J. i ACKAsERRY. T OST? Oil Tuesday last, in Prince street, between the Cs Li tholic Cathedral and Metcsr street, a Gold Btacelet, in the lormot a Snake. A liberal reward will be paid to the finder, by applying to A. P. MONTANT. in29 3t*re 64 Exchange Place. DIAMOND PIN LOST?Lost, on Wednesday, atNiblo's or i Broadway, a Diamond Breastpin?a single stouese in a scarf pin, with a Gold Ctiain and small Pin attached. A tewaid of $60 will be paid to the persot returning th- same to 2'l Washington l'lire. in28 3f rc W AN 1 ED?A Situation as Traclier in a School, by a lady ?v competent to lake charge of the primary department, in w? ich she has had long cxpenence A line addressed E. P. 1L 191 West 20th street, will meet with immediate attention. m29 3c is TIT ANTED?A situation, by a young man from 8. Middle ? town. Orangeconuty, in the dry g ods basins's, either as clerk or book k a,i r?one who can give the best both of ci y sod country references, as regards character, capacity and ho nes: . A not-addressed D. K..atlhe store of G. Aaderson k t-Io. 4 Wall street, will be thankfully received and immediately nt e.-ded to. mlg3t*rc PACKET SHIP BALTIMORE, from Havre.?Cons gnet will please sead their Permits ou board, t.1 pier No. 4, N R. All go?ds uot re mitted by the 3d prox will be asm to the Pub lie Store. in2S6tec PACKET SHIP SIDDUN8, from Liverpool, is discharging uod?r general order, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall-street.? thwmg.aes will please attend to the receipt of their goods im mediately. m28ec SEIGNETTE BRANDY, Now Landmg-50 hf pires, ? 60 qr. casks aad 60 eighths do, of the old and genuine bra- d of A. Srignette. and of vary superior quality, high proof and tltvor, la .ding frem lliebrig Union, just arrived from Ru chele and for sale by 8. T. NI'-OLL, m28 3lis*ec 67 and 69 Front street. S-CuND HAND CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED?And the highest price given tor all kiuds of cast off Clothing and good second haud Furniture. Persons wishmg to dispose of the same, will do well to call on the tub sciilwr, or aodiess a line through tha Post Office, which will be punctually attended to. B. LEVY, 49Chstham street, N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of grn tleineil l Clothing, cliaap for cash. m29 lm*re _ rOST OFFICE,! New York, March26. 1846. > ENGLISH MAIL.?Letter Bags per Mail hummer CAM BHIA, will be closed at the Post Office in Nassau strest ia this city, on Monday, lit- 31at inst. at 46 iniuotes oast 4 o'clock V M The overland pustage of 18X cents on each single letter must he paid. in27 4tre JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM. I\M PLUMB8, DAOUKRRIAN GALLERY AND PHOTO GRAPHIC De-POT, 261 Broadway, comer of Murray st (over Teuney's Jewelry Store,) awarded the Medal, four first Premiums, and two ' highest honors," at the Exhibition at Bos ion, New York and Philadelphia, respectively, lor the beat pic tures ai d apparatus ever exhibited Supeik likeuesaes, oi all sizes, taken in any weather, on satis factory term>. m27 Im'rc WE a*e requested to call the atteation of tbepuulic to the hale of 261 Lots of Valuab'e prop-tty si uated on the 1st and 2d Avmmss 24th. 26th, 88th, 27th and 23th streets, belonging to the i ?rpnrati'in of tiw City of New York, to be sold st auc tion at the Merchants' Exchange on Tuesday next, April 1st, at noon, and to state that Lithug aphic Mips of the Property may be had it the Comptroller's Office, Hall of Records. mh2b:o a: 2 u rc COTTON YARN3. OHO REAMS BLUE PAPER, suitable fordoing up yams, aSUU for sale by J>EH88K k HRoi nx8. mJO ec Nos 66 and 67 Nassau St. UANO?I he cargo ot the ship ohakspeaie, fruui lei as-e, of very superior quality, war-an ed purees imported, for sale in lata to suit pnithsa-rs, by K K. (.OLLINS It CO., 66 South St. E. K.Ck (JO have alio for sale tha best authenticated woiks on Gaano, proving btyond coubt, that it euhacces i8i> value of all craps Irom 30 to 75 per cent beyond itscost, and lor tnarkat gaidening much more, briaging forward vegetables from two to four weuks earlier. 3 cwt is the foil average quaatity usea |er ar n It ia said also to lie preventive against rust, mndew, and the lly in wheat, and the rot in potatoes, uijn ecV GOLD LEAF. nvjIE SUBSCRIBER would inform consnmera and dealen 1 tint it they want a suiwrior article of Gold Leaf, it cau b< had at the laciory 92 W? ade street, in the mar; warranted larg' est size and best quali y. Dentists' Gold Foil at $26 per nance, equal to auy in llie city; warranted. Cnali au tha counter none of time. J. L. WAUnH, mhI3twis*?e Practical Gold Beater MONEY TO LOAN AT NEW YOKK TATTERSALL'S ON NEW AND SECOND-HAND VEHICLES of evwy description and value. CARRIAGE BUILDERS are respectfully solicited to for ward thai - wo k early, at tales have already commenced with spirit, and at ftir rules PUBLIC 8AI.Es of Carriages, Harness, Saddlery, Hones, Ac., evary Monday, commenting at 11 o'clock. GEORGE W. MILLER, Proprietor, mh22 lsvia*rc 446 Broadway. H Ell A~L D 10 ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 283 BROADWAY, N. Y. fpHr. Arms and ( tests of Families, from all parts of Europe; J- can be obtained and splendidly emhlaxoned on Vellum, su iwrior in execution, and equal in Heraldic conectness to the Herald s foliage of London. The genealogies of families ar ranged aed illnmiiis'ed, at moderate charges. The largest and rarest Heraldic and tienealogical collection on the A merman Continent, will b- found at W. A. COLMAN'S, ... , , No. 283 Broadway, N. Y. Where the Genealogy of George Washington. Iirauiifully emhlazviued, may l>* obtained for $1,60 or primed in colors for $1,25. inli20 istftc TO BE SOLD, A STRUNG, well built Barouche Carriage, ia good order, and well adapted for famny use, withor without a double harness. To be semi at Uoulstons Riding School, and Livery HmIiIss. 137 Mercer street. mg frrr O 1'KaM I'OWEIt TlksLET,at 42 Gold street, with light k > and convenient rooms, suitable for any manufacturing uur j>o?e Enquire of HART80IN k LAWTON, mlill Im*-e 4t Gold sir?t. New Verb 4 (L 111 Li>8. TRUNK UOAKDS, ju?t received per schr. ,UUU Wole. lt, end for sale by PEKSSE k BROOKS, 65and 67 Nassau st Also. 2.(910 reams Wrapping Paper, v irmns sizes mMec MAK1ELLE ?C HOLDERMaNN, " No. 37 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. TV/fANUFACTURKHS aud Importers of Ornamental Hair J-vX Work, Wigs, Touprra, Bands, Curls, Seams, Bandeau lfnir, and a new style rf Everlasting Vuna, aud all kindsol Hair Work, wholesale mid retail. 8. B ?The trade supplied ou reasonable terms. 4 lm*-c CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION, T?OR CLEANING AND BEAUTIFYING THE ?()M X I LKXION.?( hutch's Vegetable Lotion will elfectiially remove (ruin tin km in nil ofT<*r??ivt* blotches, (.in, tun liRru and freckles, which detract from beauty and afnircom pit lion. 'I Ms va liable Cosmetic has bf en in extensive me fur tnaui years, and is now considered an ind spei ?.,hle appendage te the todet. S?d.l in bottlss, at 75 cents each, at ISM Bowery, corner ol Hpriug strret m29lm*m ?TO~OAK HEX MANUFACTURERS, &c. <tec. II'.Al) WIRE, of various sixes, luiUhle for weaver's -i weight", Ci natantly ou hand, or made to order,aud for sale by TA'l it AM k BHGTHKRS. mhai lm* rrc 348 Wawr stMet MONTHLY REPOR'TOF THE !*. Y. Medical and Surgical Institute. No.75Chambkiis GASES BUCCEHttkULLY 1 HEATED. 4 ('??< of Midwifery ? ?"}? d-bilitr. arising from 3 A ffeci ion* of th# newt. Jbid halbin.. 2 Of Liver, dn. 2 Scrofula, with ulcers under 7 lull tin Illation of the Eyes. the ears and fleck. 5 Secondary Synhilii. with 1 Erysip.las of the face, ami no re throat and ulcera. twnol" the lege 2 Rheumatism 1 Bleeding from the stomach ( Seminar Wakneas. 4 Diae ?-? of the akin. II Gouo'rhiea. 1 Pin in the back. I Plrmiiy. * I'aioful mnuatruatiou. 9 Primary Chsucrs. 5 Gleet 4 Elimination of the chest to 3 Keteotion of urine. detect disease 2 I ouvumptiou, (incurable.) 3 t'onaiipallOB fi the bowels. 1 F-ver IS Strictu'ea in Urethra cuied 8 Detected. 8 caret of primary without cuttiug or burning affections of th* Lurgs. 1 Case of Gravel. Tlieie are cum that cau 2 Diarrhiex. usually be cured. How iui 1 lulltinuiatiou of ths bladder portaut to be attended in 2 Bleeding from the Lungs, time. SUCCESSFUL SLiKGICAL OPERATIONS (k CURES. Removal of a fifth ? red from the lower jaw. lary linger itrawiug ? ut t (ip.-r.Mi. u . for siiuinliug. transversely fiom the third 1 Operati u for Vistula in Joint of the little finger, Auo. w hich had three perf ct ar- 3 Cum of Piles, ticulations. 1 Polypus re noved from the 1 Caiil.ginous tumor remo- ear of child. v?d from ihe posterior wall 2 Operations for Hydrocele, of the Rectum, as large as 1 Bad injury of the hand ari a hen's egg siug I om the dust of m* 4 Sore I-ge nt long standing. ho ranv ge ting into the 1 Injury of thehead. wound, which is n poi 1 Erysipelas of the legs. sen. though not generally 1 hracturt. knowu. 1 Large piece of boua remo N. B ?Female diaeues attended to The poor aneuded to without any charge, every day, betweeu 3and 4 o'clock. DR. H. BOSTWICK. m3" Imii'ec Attending Snrgeon and Physician. JUS P PUBLISHED. VOKKKSTAL, OH THE LIGHTS OF THE REEF. A ROMANCE OF THE BLUE WATERS. BY J H INGRAHAM. ESQ.. A UTHOR of 'Lafitle," "tjuvilroone," ' Captain Eidd," 8tc. aa ?'iKe 25 cents ALSO. Charm a Blackpobd, or The Adventures of a Student,with a capital llluauati.n, by the same popular author. Price I2H ceuU. ' nd will lie published on Tuesday, Emii.v Man ikii u> or The Gambler's Kate, LostbutnotWon By the author of ? Mysteries < f Boston," wit ? three Illustra tions by the best nrtists in the country. l2H cents. For sale at all BoomBtoies. m30 5lii*rrc BEEBE 8t COSTAR'S FASHION FOR SPRING. 1845. ri CROWN?7 X inches high, 5-16Ji bell, X yeoman, ?? Jpu currs. Tir?>4 oral BBIM?2 5-16 hi inches wide?Ctrl smalt and round, rather ful ler at sides, and tapeiiug off eery line, meeting with a very slight turn at the front and rear. Set?the under part of the brim >4 sloped and inch curved. Basd?9-16 h wide, with buckle. Birtuirro?9 16th inch wide. Feb 21 h, 1845. N. B.?In preaenting to the public and the trade generally the abov detail of the proportion of our spring style, and iu an nouncing it as the fashi n for the entuiug seasou, we beg to stale tint we do so in the full reliance that its intrinsic beauties and positive merits will procure for it the undoubted stamp of public approbation and adoption. A comparison of its distinctively peculiar features with those of some < f the other announcements as the fashion, will it oucesatisfy the public as to the origiuali y of the design, and that all attempts at imitation are but sorry efforts to'deceive them, and to appropriate that to which we have an exclusive claim. m30 4iis*rrc "BRADBROOK'S'? FASHION. PHALON'S FASHION FOR SPRING 1845, FOR HAIR CUTTING WITH CLE.aN BRUSHES FOR EVERY PERSON. _? . , Broadwav Opposite Bt Paul's.) UHALON begs to inform his Customers and the Public thst be is prepared to Cat Hair in the inost appropriate style for ths season, being a decided improvement to the contour of the person, and combining comfort with elegance. ?("Remember, it is Phalou who introduc-d the system of clean brushes, by having a large number, so that n< ne are used ?> se cond time without cleaning. Every body frrlt the uec-seity of it?aud they Hock to Plialon's Saloon, 214 Brosd*ray, where every attention is paid to the art of HairCuttiug, Wig Ma king. &c. m30 im*m SPRING WITH ALL ITS CHARMS. rpHE SIGN OF THE GOLDEN FISH, 171 Broadway, J- corner of Chambers strest, gsntlemei will fiud a most splendid assortment of the uuder mentioned articles, just re ceived from Paris and Loudon, of the newest fashions. co'cuL t?d for ths present and epproacliing te.vson, which lie offers at such prices as will ensure the patronage of those who favor hiin with a evil, Cravats of every v ricty, Haudlteicliiels, Silks, aud Cambric Hemmed, or not Hemmed?stocks and Ties of every kind?Collars and Bosoms of all th? new stylos, for stand ing up or turning over. Gloves? a very esleusive a'sortment; Hosiery of every desctiptiou; Under Blurts and Drawers for Spriug and Summer wear, cousistiug of Merino, Silk, Tiire?d, Cotton, and Gauze, or made to order; Itussian Belts, Money Pelts, aud Shoulder Braces, Suspenders, Umbrellas, Bathiug Ceps, Mornisg Gowus, Purses, Brushes, and Combs, and in f>ct every article ilia; is required by a gentleman for an rutire outfit for hia wardiobe. _ . Particular attention is paid to the manufacture of Shirts, of | which a splendid assortment will always be found on hand or made to measure in the best possible manner. Also, Silk Shirts and Drawers made to order. N. B ?The Guidon Fish will swim from 271 to 297 on ths 1st of May. m30 lm*ec 1HL FISHING SEASON HAS COMMENCED. "Let those now fish, that never fished before, And those that always fished, now fish the more." cpROUT TACKLE for the present season: also,Tackle for A all seasons and all kiods of lulling, iu great variety, at ills lowest cash price. For sale, wholesale and retai', by JOHN J. BROWN it CO., mhU lm*rc 12^ Fulton sfvet. WANTED AT NEW * OKA TA1 ThK?ALLS- New and second hand vehicles of every description and value, on which liberal advances will be made if required. Carriage Builders and gentlemen breaking up their Ridiog Establishments arc respectfully solicited to aeud their vehicles, Sic. to this place for tale or atorage. Public sales of Carriages, Hsrness. Saddlery, Horses, &?., every Monday, commencing at II o'clock. The rules governing tne sale of Horses at tnia sstablishment have been thoroughly revised, and the i<ropr>elor ventures to as sert, that any person who willexamiue the rules, and attend one or more of the public sales^ as at present conducted, will de cide that the chances of lair treatment are greater at this, than atanr ottter establishment public or private, in the city. N.11?Every horse sold at public sale at this establishment. mast correspond to the leiter, with the description given, or the oner will be returned to the purchaser forthwith. NoHorseof a less value than twenty-five dollars will, in any laAunooii o iiL.nL/. N# 12 Dey street- (adjoining the Franklin Ho T08EPH SMITH, lae of Worcester, England, I " most res|iecifully to inform his friends and t case, be offered at this establishment, except by virtue of an ex ecutiou, or to cluae an ritate. GEO. W. MILLER, Proprietor, pig Im'rrc 446 Broadway. BOARDING. MRS. oT FISH, 135, 137 and 139 Rroadtcay, NEW YORK. The Public and Stuavokks visiting thecity. are respectful ly informrd that the above pienuses have teen fitted up in a su perior mauuer, for the entertainment of Permanent and Trantient Boarder*. The location ii pleasant and central to business?the apart ments spacious, light and airy, aud haud.oinJy Turn,shed throughout with new furniture, beds, bedding, Jfcc The table will b- abundantly supplied with the beet the market affoids. Transient Board $1 par Day. m26 lm*rc SARACEN'S HEAD. otel.) begs leave , the public, that he has leased the above establishment, and fitted it up in a stylesecoud to none. He has a'so taken care to provide the creature comforts for the inwaid mail. At II o'clock there will alwavs be a aandwich ready, and at any time during the day the following articles ? ill be prepared sua served up iu a style suitable to the palate of the most fasti dious epicure;? Beef bleaks?Mutton Chops?Veal Cutlete? Broiled Ham and Eggs?Prizzl-d Bacou? Welsh Rartbita?Poached Eggs? Sardines?Cc Id Cuts?Cream Cheese. J. 8. will at all times keep on hand the choicest Wines and . 8pirita, selected with thst taste peculiar to an old and experienc ed wine-bibber; Bottled Porter, Cider, and a sparkling glass of Albany Ale, accompauied with a pure Havana, allot which will be served on such terms and prices as will square with the times. mh9 4w mw'ec NEW YORK HOTEL, Till Broadway, New York City. fPHIS new and spl.ndid establishment opened on the 1st of I -I December last, situated in the most fashionable quarter of | the city, is now in fall operation. 'J h? entire front ou Broad way, between Washington and Waverley Places, has been ar ranged in anita of apart menu, and turi-ishedin the most tastetul and elegnut manner for tie accommodation of families and sin gle gentlemen, and no pains will be spared to render the most perfect satisfaction to all who may favor the li?use with their patron <ge. It will be conducted ou the European and Ameri can systems combined, leaviug it optional with |>ersons to take meals at Table d'Hov, in private parlors, or a la carta, as may auit their convenience The location of the lionse, the great number of large and beautiful parlors, the tpsciooa and airy halls, render it a most desirable residence for those visiting tne city either on business or pleasure. J. H. BiLLINGS, Proprietor. mg lm*m B. M ON NO P, Resuniateur. HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, TXflTH METALLIC SLIDES, long known as the most vY durable, conveuieut and elegant of Extension Tables msnu factored; warranted to run rosy constantly, aud not to be affected by dampness or warping of the wood. A large assort ment of choice patterns, suited for private parlors, hotels,steam boats, he., together with a general assortment of Cabinet Fur niture, always on hand, at the Warernoms, Nol40 Grand street, corner of Elm, where the public it respectfully invited to call ?uideiamins. tnrl lm*rc gEOLIAN PIANOFORTES. VJTJNNS At CLARK having purchased the patent right for Xv "Coleman's iEollu Attachment to the Pianoforte," for the entire United Stat t, (excepting Maiaachnsetta ) ami/unce to the public, that ihey are now prvpare/l to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or to attach tne aame to any modern made honzontnl Pianofortes. In rrgsrd to the durahih ty of this invention. N. Si C. are prepared to satisfy the most prejudiced mind, their own critical examination and experi ments warrant litem in the assertion, that the " /Eoliau" will remain in tune iu any climate, and it will not be affected by trauaiiions of atmosphere. The most ssinfacaory warranter is given with each instrument. The public are invited i n examine the ,r,nInn Pianofortes" at their wire-room, No 210 Bioadway, opposite the Park, where also may be found an assuilinent of b, and 7 octave Piano fortes, both in rosewood and mahogany cisas. m2?Cm*rc IVATCHK8 Swatches and jewelkv.-ti,os who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, 4 fold Chains, Gold Pencils, Kev?, At'-, will fin? 11 gmatly t? their advantage to call on the sahcr.iiber, who is selling all descrip tions oflhe above at retail miidh loner than any otlo r house iu theeity. Gold Witches as low as $2# and 175 cch. Watches and Jewelry eich.inged or bought All Watches war r meed to keep gowl time or the nu ney refunded. Watches, and Jewelry repaired in the la ?t much less than the usual prices. G. C. ALLEN, ' and Jewelry, repaired in the !*sl ni nuer and warrant-d, the usual prices. ., . 4|JkN, Impostor of Watcl.cs said Jewelry, m4 im*tn W'mlrt Or and retail. 3n Well ?r . m- sisiw Uts v I IjKMIaaN 3 LfcFT OKK W A KUKOlSh. rI'Hh HIUHKHl I'KirKMr.aa bp obtained by Gentlemen , 1 or en in 11 tea who are de?i rout of cou?erting th?ir left off j wearing appurl into cash Families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing rrsi denOfc having any sii|iertlnmis effects to dispose of, will find it to thrlr advantage to send tor the subscriber, who will attain at their residence by appointment. II LKVETT, t Wall street A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. mrl lm*rc HIDES?101 D-V Missouri Hidns, lauding from ship Archrd lans, from Nsw Orleans,.fot sale by . mWec E. I ..COLLINS It C0.(06 South at. NIBLO>* oaroen '"PHE ENSUING SEASON of this establishment, will com * tneiire the last week in Mty or frit week in June. 1945 l.?dir? dud I itn'lem.'ii of undoubted tileut, may apply by letter, ? post paid)addressed to W CHIPPENDALE, Niblo's Gar lens, N?w York. Mdr? 'Ml. IKS mhl7 awierre M GRAPE VINE TKI VIMl U AND GAB UENLPIG M rhn 1 ii the proper time to trim Grap* Viues?The ?dhatiubv-rilx'r. I'nun litem ye*r? ripertence iu tlna eouuuy. Hitters lumie I lie wil aire su>sf?ctiou ^ He tl oipuvhly understands the'ayiug oat of City Gsrdeas, urniihvtv the b??r quality mould aud rod*; alio, Trrea, Shtuhs Grape Vines, lie., and for a moderate coin, ensitiou keep* the gadeu in proi?r order all the reason. Aliauthut, Horae chisuut, aud other Street Trees, furnished aud planted. Orders 'eft at the store of J. M Tliorburn b Co., 1} John it., or it the resilience of the tubserilier, corner 22d street and Broidwav, will meet prompt attention. tn30 :ttSi,n Tbr?iwc JAMES VIRTUE. ORNAMENTAL GARDENING. aKay THK SUBSCRIBER attends to laving out Gird*ni, ATOIii'dall kuidi of Garden Work. He has also for ule, a i Jk m general ariortment of Garden aud Greeuhouie 1'lanti of ail tie mnit esteemed rarietiei. Ornamental Snade Tries for streets will be planted in a pro per manner, iu suv part of the city. Also, a select assortment of Grape Vines, of Urge size,which bore abundant last seasou. Bonnets of choice b lowers tastefully pat np any seasou of the year. ... The subscriber kindly solicits the patronage of the ladies and gentlemen of New York aud vicinity. W. LA1KD, Gardener and Florist, 17th street and Uh avenue, Union square. Railroad Cars pass the Garden every live miuutea. iu9 3t*rc - TO LET A DESIHALE HOUSE in the cen'reof the Village of Jamaica, uetr the Academies. The house is iu per fect order, and can he occupied immediately. Enquire . , . JAMES T. DENNING, Jamaica, 1 he facilities to the city are live times a day, bv Mages and Railroad. m30 lw"rrc FURNISHED APARTMENTS. WANTED?Two or thiee Furnished Apartments, from the first of May, suitable for a small family Lo cation within ten minute's walk of the City Hall.? eruis moderate. Addreis X. Y. /. at this office. ui'25 istfrc FOR SALE, a A HOUSE AND LOT iu the city of Newark, situ ated 75 ynrda above the depot of the New Jersey Rail road, iu .Vla-ket strvet?a ve y desirable location for any tieisou having buiiuesa frequently to attend to in New Yotk. The above property will be disposed of on very favorable terms. Also, a Dock on the Passaic Kivar, with a Stone Cotter's Shop thereou, in good order, 45 feat front, 15b fart deep?a good opening for a stone cutter, the Morris Canal being in the rear. Kor further particulars, enquire of m26 6tdbltw?re JOHN WARWICK, 17 John street. KOR SALE?A handsome pair of Black Lairiage (Horses, 16 hands high, kind in single and double .haruess, and sold as the ow<ier has no further ute for their.. If not previously disposed of. they will be snltfljt nub lie auction on Moodiy, 27th i"st. at New Yotk TatterSalls, at 12 o'clock. Kor particulars enquire at N. Y. Tattersalls, 446 Broadway. WAN ('ED, at the above establishment, three Ponies, for boys Also, two ladies' saddle Horsrs?alt of which must be well broken and geulle. m28St*ec GEO. W. MILLER, Proprietor. ROULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, 13T AND 130 MKRCF.R STREET. MR. JOHN 8. ROULSTONE has the honor to linform his friends, and the public in general, that his ^School for Instruction in Horsemanship is now open lay and evening, as follows:? Hours for Gentlemen, from 6 to 8 A. M. " " l.adies 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr. Houlstone. Mr. R. has just received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rea sonable price. m25rtc FOR SALE, Mg- YACHT?The sloop rigged yacht ACTIVE, about kfjrwW 17 tons measurement, centre board, a fine comfortable JKpBfac.thiii, well funushed, well found in rails, rigging, r. In in cable, mooring anchor, Sto. the wh >le in fiue ord-r, aud for s|wed is believed to be unequalled by any other vessel of her live in these waters. Will be sold a bargain, to close interests. Apply to W1LKINS it ROLLINS, m30 It*in 17 Broad street. "BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OK LIVER ? POOL PACKETS.?KOR LIVERPOOL.?Ouly ?lC-galar Packet of the 1st of April. magnificent and celebrated fast sailing favorite packet ship EUROPE, Edward G. Kurber. commander, will positive ly sail on Tuesday, the 1st of April Kor terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekmnn it, or to the subscribers, ROCHE. BROTHERS It CO., 35 Knltou street, next door to the Eullon Bank, New York. m30 c FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS LOWITZ to BECKER, No. 34 John Street, U" AVE Received by the last Harre packets, Utica and Argo, it an elegant aasortment of the latest and moit fashionable styles of h ranch Artificial Flowers, which they offer for sals at moderate prices. mh20 Im*m FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, &c. LTENRY St KAHN, 73 Liberty street, upstairs, have just re it ceived mid offer for sa'e a complete assortment of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, iu bunches, sprigs and single. Materials for do do, and all kinds of WATER COLORS, for flower manufacturers' use; among which is a liquid pink color of very superior quality. Also an invoice of PARIS CAP8, for Ladies and Children, of eery rich embroidery; Hair Pins, of latest styles; and a lot of splendid Engravings, plain aud colored. mhli 2m*r< STRAW GOODS, too. FLORENCE, BRITISH STRAW, AND LACE BRAIDS AND BONNETS. of the above of the best fabrics and of the newest and most fashionable descriptions are constan ly importing, and offering for sale on the most desirahla terms, by THOMAS REYNOLDS, mhlS lm*m 167 Pearl street. ALL ( it mos LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 14U and 151 Broadway, corner of Liberty at, THIS ESI ABLISHMENT. founded the 1st of Deaeasber, 1843, as a public store for the sale of every description of Staple and Fancy Good*, will be enlarged the 1st of May nest. The subscriber having rentrd the upper part of th* building, 151 Broadwav, will put m complete repair and fit tsp in a magni ficent manner, two large galleries, where the traders, minuTac turrrs and importers, will befablr to obtain at a cheap rent, a fine and convenient store; and the ladies and gentlemen a splendid place of resort and^tpnblic and fashionable promenade. MRS. H SHANK LAND, Dagu?rrian Artist, has already TV . .. g*. rented the front parQpPlhe two galleries as a Daguerreotype Si loon, where alia WiTlcoutinue as before, to give Uie most perfect likeness for ONE DOLLAR, includiug the best kind of Morocco Case or Frame. i Ret lT7"Seveial Counters to let, with glass cases?enquire in the Bazaar. T. A. AKTAULT. mh!7 lm* m TORN ?' const DAGUERREOTYPE. ROACH, Optician, 82 Nassau street. New York, is constantly maunfacturinm and has alway s on hand, all ar ticles of the best quality used in the Daguerreotype process.? His Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior preparation, and is now in general nse. He has also ou hand the Hungarian or German Accelerating Liquor. Cameras of his own manufacture as well as French and Ger man ones. The German Cameras sold at thia establiahqient will be warranted genuine. Orders from the coun'ry for any articlas used iu the art will he promptly and car-fully attended to. m6 lm*rrc LADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOTYPE INSTITUTE, MRS H SHANKLAND, DAGUERR1AN ARTIST. Daguerreotype portraits, including the beet style of Morocco Case or Frame, for ONE DOLLAR. Apply at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, or ?35 BROADWAY, THIRD STORY, FRONT ROOM, No. 1?opposite the Park Fountain. mhl7 Im * m A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. PRICES REDUCED ! PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESS, combining all th* perfec 1 tious of a painting, with the truthfulness of a Daguerreo type, at ?ery reduced prices, by A. F. Thompson, No. 11 Park How, opposite the Astot Houae. Iterations in all weather. Instructions in the Art aid every requisite for the prosecution of the business famished. m7 lm*ec BRONZE POWDERS. fPHK very best aud cheapest Brinse, iu all shades and qnali ?*? ties, are constantly imported direct from Germany, and of r,?.i r?, ,.i. i kiiPiii n sriru l , ?' fared for sale by LEOPOLD KUH (k. Co . mh2l lm*rc 6K Wall street. New York. agency for the sale of BRONZE POWDERS. ipiIE subscriber has been appointed Wholesale Agent for a I A house in Europe, who possess the most extraordinary facili ties for the manufacture of Bronze Powders, by which they are enabled to offer the most beautiful and spies did Bronzes at 50 per cnt lower than former prices, and to defy all competition in this article. Their Bronzes have been used by the largest lousumers in this country fur upwirtli of two years, who c US cur iu recommending them as superior to any other for brilhau ?y and durability. The subscriber has made arrangements to lisve a large assortment always ou hand, and is prepared to Sap ply importers and dealers with the article, in any quintiti, at the manuiarturer'spiices, thus laviug them the trouble and Ex pense of importation. J. II. .EICKETT. Wholesale Agent, m23 ltn*ec [late Koxelt & Co.] 91 Water street. 'JAMES LACY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO 154 William Street, corner off Ann , New York, HAS always on hand a select assortment of the most laihion able style of goods tn be found in the market, consisting of CLOTHS?English, French and, of almost every color, from < medium quality to the tiueet. " ' Vool Bis CA8SIMERES? Wool Blacks, Plaids, Stripes, Figured and El-stic, in great variety. VE8TINGS?Silks, Satins, Marseilles, Cashmeres, Vtl vets, Itc. ... Also, white Satin, figured and plain, rich light silk Velvets, lie., for balls, and parties, with a great variety of other goods, loo numerous to particularise, suitable for every season. Gentleman patronizing this esiabhshineut.may rely nimn hav ing their garments made up to order in the best possible manner, and every tatisfaction as to quality, fit, and workmanship given. (C^The LowkstCsih Prick will be asked, from which tso SBATFMEWT WILL BC SISDE; and in o-der to insure against bsd debts, by which tome would be obliged to pay more to make tip | for the non payment of others, CisH otv Dkuvfrv will m all cases he inquired. Also on hand, S telnet assortment of Ready Made Clothing. Office Coats, Pints, Vests, Dress and Frock Coats, lie., he., at | reduced prices. Gentlemen furnishing their own goods, can have them made and trimmed in the heat possible manner, (a good fit warranted IU all cases, or the price of the goods returned.) at the follow ing prices;?Pants aud Vests >1,75 tn $2; Diets Coats $7 to $10. Frock Coats $8 :o$l2; other garments in proportion. mhl6 lm*ec THE CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT OF Wm. Matthlcuun, anil At. B. Ssnfonl, 1X7 FULTON STREET, J8 THE PLACE for all those who wish to supply their ward tie pr 1 robe with good lilting garments at reasonable prices. The subscribers can assure their friends aod the psolic that llrey will let no one surpass them in the tailoring business, as regards the newest style, the neatness of their Ills ?nd lowness of prices, having on hand a well select/d assortment of Cloths, Cassi nteres and Vrstings of every desirable style. Also, geutiemeus' outlitt i.g, coini rising every article that is usually worn. We have the confidence that we can please the most fasti dious Greet pleas-ire will lie taken to show our styles of fashion and goods to all those who will ravor lis with their patronage. He culifct tw place, 117 f* u I ton street. WM. MATTHIK88EN, mh2l lm*rrc M b. SANKOHD. SUGAR 33 hhds prime New Orleans, laadii g from ship Archelans, Irom New Orleans, forssle by mU E K. COLLINS ?i CO. 51 South st. . A Ijo, trie riifnitur#? i* 'am ly removed for cuiiftuiauiA of j sa'e?sii|?rb kr neh mnror, a fins piano forte,'dressing bureaus solas, chairs, Sic GKOCEKI KS?At UK o'clock, the balance stock of a gro e-r, comprising a general sisorini-nl of articles in ths line? choice wines, teas, sugars, si ires, tobacco, Ike Ike. Also, hy order of the Marshsl. 4 sofas, 52 chairs, 3 looking glssses, 5 cosuting hotuc desks, he. AUCTION SALES. _ ? JOHN J. SWIFT, Auctioneer. OTOCK OF ? ?IIOCERIES. Store Fixtures, Leurof Bue* O meot. fcc.-HWIFT It MORGAN will till, oil Mouday, March 3lat. at 10 o'clock, at the atore, 130 Eighth stre-t. 3 dnon part ot Broadway, the euriie Bp ck ami F'n'urva of John H Brnwu It ttrntl.e-s. cnnsiatiiig of ilia f. Bowing articlea, viz J blick waluut Table Counters, 211 fret by 2V[; 18 ln'g? tra aiyl coff. e Cautslers; brass and iron Counter Scales, Weiihla and vtraaarM,,Hnd one of Gerald's Patrut Platform Sci-lea; a lame quantity of Slielviag Cornice, Drawrra, Ice ; together wi'h a part of the retail st?ck of Grocariaa, consisting of Tnaa.boicea, Pratrrvaa, Pii-uiea, Ate, Alao, a large coveiril Boalon Wagon, a spring Hand Wagcn, and a pair of Awning Poa'a and Fizturrs. Alao, a LEaSETur five year*, of til* elegant Baaement Room fronting on 8th stre-t 45 feet by 19 feet in tbe clear, with a sun-cellar attached?i' bring a very eligible place for a gnu'cel refectory and outer aaloou. mJ8 3t*iarc N. B ?J. H. Browu fit Broth-re will continue the wholeaale Grocery Busiuaas at 85 and 87 Br red atreet UUTION NOTICE?Extra Sale Mouday at 10 and a halr o'clock, in the SaleKo.m, II Spruce atreet?Will te eold without reaerte, the remainder of the couaigntneuC of va lutble Paintings, which muat go. Alio, with which ill* aale will commence, the balance atock of Grocerier, Winra, Teea, Liquors, 8tc by order ofaeeignee. A'so. a >me Furniture from Siiunay's avle, and a number of pledged articlea. m30 2*rie THUS BELL, Auctioneer. HOUSEHOLD fTTrNITURK SALES, BY E. II LUDLOW ?t CO.. Office Corner of Broad Stre-t and Exchange Place. rpHURSDAY, April 10th, at 1014 o'clock, at 252 William at. J- a large aaaortment of Furniture. FRIDAY, April 11th, Elegant Furniture m 17lh atreet, near Union Square. WEDNEbDAY, April 16, at 10)4 o'clock, at No. 40 Weat Waahingtou Place, barrow street, splendid rorewocd and other Furuiture. 'THURSDAY, April 17, at 10 o'clock, at 93 Liberty atreet, a large aaaortment of Furniture, Pinnies, Ike. FRIDAY, April 18th, at U o'clock, at No. ? Twenty-Firat afreet, t helaea, near 9th Avenue, Fashionable Furniture, Silver Ware, Ike , Ike. MONDAY, April 28th, at 10)4 o'clock, at 28 Second atreet, (continuation of Bond atrret) elegant Houaehold Furniture Ifr" Civil atteudanta have been secured to attend to the aalea aa ported. Thoae wiahing to aell will have arraugemeuu at tended to on application at their store. No. 23 Broad meet. mh20 2w*rc ~ UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND. ?"PHE LATE PROPRIETORS of the B?;ACON COURSE X for Trotting, rerp-ctful I y inf rm the Public, who have so liberally P&tinmaed ih in for the last four aeaaoua no th* Beacon Course, that they, together with Hiram Woohuff. have taken the Un.ou Course for the comieg ar son for all purposes racing. During the season liberal Purses will be offered far Trotting, Hurdle Racing and Foot Racing. The following Trotting Stakes and Purae is offered, to come off the laat week in April .? Stake No. 1?Free for horses never trotted for ? Purae, mils heata, beat 3 in 5. under the aaddle. Sub. tWO, H F. Staae No 2?Free for horaea never trotted for a Purse Two Mile heats in harness. Sub. $100, U. F. Stake No. 3?Free for horses never won a Purae, over $50, Two Mile heats, under the Saddle. Snb. $100, H. F. Stake No. 4?Same as No. 3, in h*niesa. Stake No. 5?Two Mile haati under the saddle, free for horaea never woo a Pursa ove* $100 Sub. $100, H F. Purse $250, Two Mile heats in f&rueaa, free for all Trotting horaea. Entries for tha Stages and Puraa to ba made on or before Tuesday, April the 8th, at Green's It Losses, No. 188 Chatham atreet. by 9 P. M., three or more in each to make a race. m3b lot'ec BEACON COURSE. t-pHlS COURSE will be fenced, end newly graded, with I X sandy soil, from 9 to 12 'nchea deap, and otherwise iraprov- | ed, ready fora Meeting of Horse Racing, the week following the Races on the Union Course?the races to commence on | Tuesday. Liberal pnrses will ba given FOOT RACE On the Beacon,on Mondty after the races on the Union Course. A liberal Purse will be given for a Foot Race, should the weather permit. Particulars will be given within a few days. m2H*t*ec C. 8. BROWNING, Proprietor. PHILADELPHIA. February 28ih, 1845. ROBEKT*J OHNSTON1, \ ""BERT JOHNSTON It CO. STOCK EXCHANGE AIVD (COLLECTION OFFICE, No. 11 Sooth Thi*d St.. ottoute to thb Mechanic'! Bank, Philadelphia. Dealers in Uucurreut Bank Notes, Relief Notes, Gold and Silver Coin, lie. Drafts, Notes and Bills collected with deapatch, on favorable terms. Drafts on St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York, Boston, itc., constantly for aale. All ordere for the purchase and aale of United States Govern mrut, State, City or Incorporated Co's Loan*, and every deacrir tion ol Bank, Insurance, Rail Road and Canal Co.'s Stocks,r tended to promptly and with care, at the Board of Brokers. REFERENCES William Patton, Jun. Esq., Cashier, Philadelphia. Scnll It Thompson, do Buck It Potter, do Morgan, Buck It Co., do David S. Brown It Co. do Eckel, Smngler At Kaiguel, do Mercer, Brother It Co. do f281m?gz NEW IMPORTING HOUSE OF FRENCH QUODS. LAURENT Ac BROTHER, CO BEAVER STREET, hare received bv the last packets, "vJ a complete assortm>ut of NEW GOODS, which they offer to dealers at the lowest market prices. Particular attention is invited to the following description of goods : New and splendid patterns Mous de Lsines Also sew patterns of B&lzoriues and Bareges Extra rich Foulard Silk Dresses Very rich Cashmere deCols Gallery Shawls New style Mosador and Isly Shawls Barege Shawls and Scarfs French Cloths and Cassimema. tn4 30tis*rrc CARPETING. 454 Pearl Street. T'AE Subscribers hare just opened the large and spacious i ICARPET WARE ROOMS, No. tit Pearl street, former ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt It Co.. and are now leady to of fer the Public an entire uew stock of Carpeting, bought express ly for the spring trade, some of which are exceedingly rich, of new designs and'colrrs. Among them my be found? 25 NEW SETTS KIDMlNSTER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. II PS. K1DMINSI'ER THREE PLY, Rich Shading SUPERHNE FINE AND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING. Of every variety ?ud description, lings. Druggets. Table and Piano Covert; Worstel, Tufted aud Jute Mats; Oil Cloths, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide; together with all other articles usually found iu the trade. '1 he public are requested to call and exam ine onr stock before purchasing. PETERSON it HUMPHREY, mJO 2m'm 454 Pearl street. PORTER, ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, ^O. 2 ANN STREET, nsit door to the American Museum, ~ returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public generally, for the very liberal,share of patronage already receiv ed, and hopes by strict attention to business to merit a continu ance. , F1R8T QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter, Newark Cider, Croton Ale, Loudon Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale. Orders for shipping attended to with despatch. mhllee GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, THE HIGHEST PRICES caa be obtained by Gentlemen A or Families whe are desirous of converting their left off wearing apparel into cash. Families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effects to disroae of, will find it ranch to their id vantage to send for the Susecriber, who will attend at their residence by appointment. J. LEV1NSTYN, . 46S Broadway, up itaira. A line through the Post O-Tiee, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. m27 lm*rc JET AND HORN BUTTONS, f~)F all sixes?JIugl's, Bends; Hair, Shawl and BreastPins, _ Bracelets, Bend Bags, Hair Ornaments, lie. Daguerreotype Plates and Instruments, trench China Vases. Also,. Plain White China. For sale by EDWaRD HEN. Importer, mliJI lm*n IS aud 20 Liberty street. PATENT AGATE BUTTONS. THUS PROSSER, PATENTEE, T Piatt Street, New Yorla. M'OTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned is tha Patentee ks and Exclusive Owner of the Patent Right for th? Porcelain Button, commonly known as "Proater's Patent Agate Button." Letiera Patent have been duly granted to him by the United ntalvs, te take effect from the29th January. 1841. 1 have caused suns to be commenced in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York, for the infringe ment of said Letters Patent, and am prepared to euforce and substantiate my rights under said Patent, to the fullest ex trut of the law. 1 give this public notice to all, that I shall pro ceed forthwith, bv snit for damages, and by bill in equity, for injunction against all persons infringing upon said Patent. The Buttons art for sale by me at wholesale only, at my store 7 Plat t street, New York, ft* Im-rc THOMAS PROSSKR. EK. COLLINS Ik CO.,54 South street, have on hand, in ? store, which they offer forsale on reasonable terms, vim:? TWINES?200 bales Hridport Heine, Herring, and Gill Net Twines, comprising a full assortment, from 5K to J6 hs.; also, 9 hs. S thread Sail Twin*. COPPER?100 cases English Sheathing, manufactured with the greatest eaie, from the beet ore, comprising a full as sortment, from 14 a 32 ox; alto, I case Brazieis, 24x48 iu. aud HX ox. COTTON DUCK?200 bales American Pilot Duck, extra qua lity. from No. 1 a 5. SHEATHING PAPER?50 casea and roll? of the celebrated '"Poocock" Adhrshive Felt, for ships' bottoms, roofs of houses, lie. SUOAH?100 hhdt. prime N Orleans. HEMP?500 bale.. Miss, uri dew rot, superior quality. 27 Inlet water rot, extra quality. PORK?200 bands Mess. 200 do Prime. 50 do Clear. GUANO?jo tons Icbahoe, in bags and barrels. TOBACCO?27 boxes ''Sweeny k Lewis,'1 manufactured, ml TEN CENTS PER HUNDRED POUNDS FREIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. PASSAGE *1 50. ERICSSON STEAMBOAT LINE BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. The Ericsson Line will re- mA 'ceite Ereight for Baltimore af sAiul for tha South and YV>*r jEm??BmJEL generally, which they will forward at the low rate of tan reu'i ner 100 Ins. All the freight herstolire forwarded from New York r? Baltimore, his l>eeii carrieo hv this line, and ?hipieri will thf refoft be CAretnl to? coi?if|| and mark their goods to A. Groves, jl, Agent. The Det ot of the Ericsson Line ?? near the freight office of the New York Line, almost crijoimug it. 1 he Boats of this Line will leave the upper side of Lhestnnt ?tfet wharf d ?ily, (eicept Sunday) at 3 o'clock, P. M., or im mediately afer tn-amtal of the i*ew York Line. The accom modations for I'aiieeiiKerfl are eieelleut, berths being pro?ided for them, and every effort will be made to promote their comfort and convenienee Passengers receipted through by thi? Line to Wheeling and Pittsburgh, via Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and National Hold. fjJ^Kare to Wheeling tit?To Pittsburgh $11?Meal* 75 cu. nil Busts compose the Ericsson Htramhoat lone, ami the ar rangements ere ample to forward every pound of freight rv* c*iv?d A GROVES. Jr Agent. March 11th, 1M4. JSo. It South Whams, Fnils. mhll lmis* AMUSEMENTS, PARK THBATKB MONDAY EVENING. March 31. Will be presented. for (he 6'h time on asy stage, Mr?. Mowat'.'a new comedy called K ASH I () N?< ount dr Jolimailie. W. H. 'risp; Col Howard, Dyolt; Gertrude, Miaa (,lan Ellis; bar a phina Tiffany, Miaa Kate Horn. El Bolero, by Miss 8t Clair After winch SOMEBODY ELSE?Hans Moril*. Mr W. H. Crap; Eroeit Waldbury, Dyot'; Herr Flitl'rmau. Crocker; Loniaa Waldbury Mrs Duveuel; Minnie. Mrs Skerrett Buses, lit liar 73 ceuta, 3d Her Ml cents? Pit 50 ceuta?Gallery IS sents. PAL, no's A IIOUMK A CARD.?An Era in Theatrical!.?ALLEN, the Costu ?ner's, Farewell Benefit, on TUESDAY e.VKNINO, April 1st OOS8IN, HILL, FREDERICKS, and a boat of talent have volant, ered. Lectures, Singing, Recitations, and a new Harp ;uin Panto inline, in winch JOHMGOBSIN will appear as CLOWN 1T7" Mil KKKDKHIGK A HARLEQUIN. For pa'ticulara see the amall bills. Ltr"" Bos Book in uow optu. P"7*" Tickets 25 cents in30 It rc M'LLE. PAULINE DKSJARU4NS GRAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT, (OPERA AND BALLET.) At Palmo'n Optra Home, on Monday, the 3Df intt. THK following talented iwrformera have kindly voluuteerad -L their valaamt services, previous to her departure from this cii>Y<Jnora RHSSINA PICO, M'ME. BURKHART, MISS TRAY, HIGNOKINA FELICIA. (6 years old, her 2d and positively last appearanre on the stsge.) SIGNOR SANqUlRICO, SIONOK" RAPET'ri, V.TI U\f SIGN OR ETlENNE, MR. BE AMES, SIGN OR SCONC1A, MR. PH. MAYER. [C?" With full Orchestra?and SIONOR DE BEON1S. PROGRAMME. Part I. 1?Grand Overtaie Full Orchestra. 3?Gr'nd *cena and Roads?"Ombra adoratla aspet ra." from Giuliettaand Romeo,by Madame Burk hvrdt Ziugarelli. 3?Fashionable Polka, iu Ball Room Attire,by Mdlle. De-jardins and Miss Prav. 4?Grand Aria?Araace, from "Srmiramide,"?8ig. _ _ Koaina Pico... - Rossini. 5?Fantasia?for Violin. Scene of "Lucia di Lam mermoor," with Orchestra, by Master Sconcia.. .J. Artot. 6?English Song?Siguora Pico BJtfe. Part II. 1?Grand Gallop, by M'lle. De.jarUns and MiaaiPray. .Mozart. 2?Grand Duo?Irom th grand Opera Buff* of "Don Giovanni," by Signora Pico aud Sig. Saui|uirico. .Mozart 3?Aria?"Prr vrder," from the Opera of "Panama," Mr. Philip Mayer Denizetli. 4?Tha favorite Cricovieuue, by Signom Felicia,only six years of age, ler second aud positively last apiw trance on the stage. Part III. IN FULL DRESSeS A^D COSTUME. 1?Grand Overture?"Barber of Sevillr" Full Orchestra. 2?Grand Srena?"Largota! factotum dellacetta," by SignortDe Beguis Roaaini. 3?Grand Dun?fr< m the Orera Buffa. "L'Eliairs d'Amnre," by Siguora Pico and Big.Sasquirico. .Donizetti. 4?Carnival of Venice?Solo for Violin, with accom paniment of Q.uaitetto, executed by Master Scon cia ?**... Ernat The Polacca will be danced by ""'lie. De'jardins. N. B.?Seats may be aecured everv day, from 9 o'clock A. M. to 5 o'clock P. M. Doors open at 7. Concert to commence before 8 o'clock. Pricei?First Tier and Parquette, $1; 2d Tier, 50 cents; Pri vate Boxes, $6. m30 2tec '"THE 1 LE ANNIVERSARY CONCERT. "WASHINGTON TEMPERANCE BENEVO LENT SOCIETY" will hold their Fourth Anniversary at the Coliseum,450 Broadway, on Monday Evening, list inst., commencing at Bo'clock. Addresses by Rev. W. W. Everts and Alis'r Welsh. Esq. Music, Vocal aud Instrumental? consisting of Solos, Glees. Quartettes and Chorusses, by Fifty Ladies and Gentlemen, whose musical talents are not surpassed in the city, and who have volunteered their valuable services for the occasion. Prayer by Rev. AMZi,CaMr. Tiche's IS cents earh. inhJ8 Jt*ec T? JUNIOR BACHELOR'S ASSOCIATION, IE THIRD ANNUAL SOIREE of this Association . !?"'"* held ou Monday eveniug next, March 31st, at the Apollo Rooms. l'hose gentlemen who have not received their iuvitalions can procure the same by calling upon any one of the Managers, or upon Chas. H. Pine, at the Apollo Rooms. m28 3t?rc PHRENOLOGY AND HUMAN MAGNETISM. PROFESSOR RODOERA proposes to continue his investi gations during the present weak, at Hulger's lustimts, Mad ison slieet, on Tuesday evening; at Clinton llall, Nassau strert, Wedoesnay evening: at Avenue C. aud Third streets, Thurs day evening, and at Grove and Hudson streets, Friday evening. He is hsppy to announce the arrival of Mr and Mrs LOOM IS, from Philadelphia, the )>areoU of Miss MARTHA, who his rend numerous cards, bank notes, newspapers, and told the time correctly by a large number of watches, perfectly bandaged, of eighteen, in tt e different nails in thin seventeen evenings out .. - city, witnessed by thousands of scientific persons, who could uol he deceived. Mr. aud Mys. Loomis have distingnthed them selves as lecturers upon the above-mentioned sciences, and Mrs. Loomis wi'l he present aud lecture upon Phrenology, and m?k? heeuological esaminations. Alter which the Professor will nioguetiae saveral perauus, amoug whom will be Miss Martha autf Majler Oscar, whose wonderful feats of streug n have at toni?hed ihonsands. and will alt-mpt to lift a chair held down by live strong men selected from the audience, while in a mag netic state. Mrs. Lanmis h*s lectured to very large and intelligent an dienc-s in Philadelphia, and many other cities tu different parts of the United States, and can show credential from individuals of the fust standing in society, but deems the following suffi cient :? "The undersigned, citizens of Harrisburg having had the pleasure of listening to a lecture delivered by Mrs. P. CI Loam is, on Threnology anil Animal Magnetism, deem it due to her to ?av thai her acquaintance with thete snhj'cts appears to tie ex tensive and accurate, and her manner of preventing them to a popular audience, unusually happy. We would also sta'e that Iter experiments were attended remarkable success, aud ap I eared to affo'd satisfaction to every ore present. We rocnm Mrs. Loomis to tha patronage of all who wish to procure information oil the snbject of Hir-uo-Maguetism, or to witness the Phenomena connected with mis wonderful a-ifnee. DAVID R. PORTER, Governor, JAMES FLEMING, 8. D. INGRAM, BEN J PARKE, WM. STEWART, L. B. CASE. mh30 cc JOHN WYETH." M. INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO. IN WRIGHT, Professor of Music, informs his friends and the public in general, that he has made arrangements for giving instructions on the Piano Forte. His style of im parting instruction is perfectly simple and easy, and is not sur passed, if equalled, by any other style at present taught, com bining all the grace and elegance of eie-uuou capthle of being imparted ou that instrument. He has already turned out several very proficient scholars, and the public will be satisfied as to his abilities on giving him a trial. His terms are reasonable, and we advise all those in want of a teacher to embrace the op portunity now offered. Terms, and all other infoiination, mane known on application at 172 Grand, corner of Mulberry street. mh2t lm*rrc FRONT STREET THEATRE-BALTIMORE, PO RENT, f?r the Spring Season, for Equestrian Perform * ancesaud Arena Exhibitions. The house is in excellent or ?/v, aud may be occupied immediately. Apply f post paid] with teal name, to W. L. BURTON, Arch street Theatre, Philadelphia. TO BROOKLYN BILLIARD PLAYERS, CROSSING FULTON FERRY?A verv neat Saloon has just been fitted up at the United States Hotel (entrance on Water streer, joining the bar of the Hotel,) with three lira rate Tables, iron Eagle Iraines and marble beds? better TableMban any in this couutry, except Bu-sford'soM roomi in Ann Mm now entrance 149 Fulton Pi.". ? town, on me east side ?'"'ton Market"indlC? calculated for tLSi ' " 611,1 the V 8 Hotel ?l.i <*0"r? '-ajaSfpcasaac- t&SS&ps HARTWELL s WASHINGTON HOUSE, 993 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. m 1m*m NEW BOOKS. JUST PUBL18HED-?The Life of Gen. Francis Marion, ? with an Append x, containing Biographical Notices of Gens Green, Morgan, Picket.s, Sumter, Cols. Washington Lee, De fies, and other distinguished officers ofthe Southern Campaign, during the Amsrican Revolution, by H. N. Moore, with eight Engravings. George Barnwell, or the Merchant's Clerk, with fire illustra tions. '1 he Lover's Forget-Me-Not, and Songs of Beauty, a choice collection of Sentimental, Comic and Temperance Songs, with all the late Negro Melodies. The Economy of Human Life, translated from an Indian manuscript, written by an Ancsnt Bramin. The Lite and Adventures of Hohin Hood, with illustrations. Philadelphia, JOHN B. PERKY, 198 Market street. New York,I NAFIS 81 CORNISH, m28 3t*rc 278 Pearl street. CUSTOM HOUSE. NEW YORK. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE,) A, arch 19th, 18A5. ) ?M"OTI('E?Proposals will be received at this office until 2-v Monday, the rst day of Mai , ? .. March, instant, for furnishing th? following qu unities of Oil for the nse ofthe Light Housrs and Light Boats in this District, under the superintendence of the undersigned. Tlx:? 3,434 Gallons Winter Pressed Oil, from head matter. 3,434 do Spring Spermac'ti Strained Oil The O.l is to he of ih? very best quality, to be gauged by the United States gangers at the time of delivery. andTto be deliver ed to the Superintendent of Light Houses as h* may require. in iron-bound casks not ro exceed thirty gallons each. The OiLis to be thoroughly texted before paymeut is made therefor The proposals handed in will be marked ou the outside " Proposal* for OU." c. P. VAN N?88; mh20 91 fh Collector OPENING OF SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE M AG A S1[N DE MODE, 60 Cartel slreef. D'ME D. BFIIRMAN begs leave to inform h?r ri'uda and the public, that she will open for the season on Monday uext, the 31st March, in?t.; when she will exhibit * spl-iulid assortment of ladi-e' Paiis Silk Il ls, just received from Paris. 111 every variety, and iu a sty'e unprecedro-d Also will be ethib ted, an entire new aiyle of Ladies' Ha'e, railed " ARTOIS 11 A'l 8," which, from their peculiar and la dy-like style, may rank as prs-ranineut. Als >, s variety of pure white fancy Straws, fine double Dun stables, Tuscan aud split Straws. Paris Ribbons and Flowers, of the choicest styl s, and in great varie ies. in28 Iw *rc A ROHITEOTU R E. FRED. SCHMIDT bega leaveto inform his friends and the public, that he has removed his office from 193 Br<>ad -? ay to 18 VVall strert, where persons desirous of building are invited to examine a selection ol original and tastefnI designs, from the Cottage tu<warris to theestensive Villa or Mansion, in all the various ffylss of architectn-e; anil where he is prepared to fnr nish I Isiib, Drawings, SfWtiflettioas, F.stjmatea and Contracts for Buildings of every description,and superintends the erection hereof m23 lm*ec. G LKARY <fc CO.'3 FASHION FOR SPRING, 1846. ENTI.KMKN'S HATH, of our spring Pattern, Will be I ready for tale aud deli very on soil after Friday, the 92th Ingf. N. 8 ? We annonce the abovs at THE FASHION for the ensuing season, md to preclude all possibility of error in the minds ol the public and trade generally, in this city aid else where, as to its origin and distinctively peculiar features, we present th- followiug details of it* proportions, vis:? I'HOWN-IS inches high. 4-18 b. ll at sides, Si bell iu front and rear. % yniman, l? curie. TIP?3-lt> inch oval, the edge rounded off l-:g inch. inches wide all round?Sef, natural enrve?Cuif, BAN D and BINDING?K inch wide The particular set of the brim is unique, and our cnslomers will be served with a style expressly adapted to the character!* tic lealnraa and form of each reaper lively. February 24th, 1843. mhf? IDteod is vc | TMfBACCO?27 botes'hweeny and Lewis 'maunlactutnd To-*| *? hacco, s very superior article, for sale'by ?2 ? . L, K COLLINS fc.CO., M Southst BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL Washington [Correspondence o( the Herald | Washington, March 28,1845 Removals and appointments are blill the order of the day, though they are being made very gra dnally; and the rumors and reports ol removals, tar exceed the number actually made. Matthew St. Clair Clarke has been superseded, as I advised you by Mr. Washington, formerly chief clerk in his office, who has offered the place he has vacated to Mr. W. J. Brown, late M? C from Iridiana ; and I learn that that gentleman has consented to serve his country for the moderate recompense of #2000 per annum, although it was confidently reported that he would reject the offer with disdais, as he was looking for, and ex pecting something much better. Mr. W. B. Lewis, auditor in the War Depart ment, has also received his mittimus, arid hisi post has been supplied byGenerai McOalla, of Kentucky, who was said to be about to be appointed Commis sioner of Indian AflairB That's #30(X> per pay for the persecution he met from the Kentucny Clayites, last fall. . j . . _ Mr. Peter Hagaer, third auditmr in the Treasury Department, is also saidto hav,e4oeenremoved, but no one ib named as lumug been appointed to his office. . . _ , Mr. Ellsworth, commissioner ol patents, is also reported to have been removed, but I believe this lobe premature. Mr. Btdlack, late M. C. from Pennsylvania, is said to be the commissioner that ? tobe. ,, . _ r Mr. Noland has been removed from the post ot commissioner ot public buildiags, and Mr. Sykcf. late M. C. trom New Jewey, has been appointed to his place. The democrats ol the District will now. I suppose, expect to be employed to do the work about the White House, and other public buildings, which Mr. Noland employed wings to do, and thereby riled the aaid democrats conn deReporw are in! circulation that Mr: Miller, the brother-in-law of Ex-President Tyler, whom he ap pointed second assistant postmaster general, and who has just been removed to the third assistant ? place, will have to walk the plank altogether. The Ohio men dont want him to be counted as having one slice of their share of the public plunder at all, at all, and are doing all they can to cause his dis missal We shall see if they will aucoeed. Mr. Blake, commissioner ot the General Land office is also one ot those whom Madame Rumor points out as a subject for the political guillotine.? He will very probably be removed in a short time. Mr. Shields, ot Illinois, is the most prominent can didate mentioned, in connection with this post. Mr. Parker, the chief clerk in the War Depart ment, I believe, also expects hiB tuperudtat very shortly; I have not heard who is likely to succeed hlSome extraordinary reports are rumored about, respecting some transactions during the past twelve months in the Indian Bureau, and in connection with them the removal of T. Hartley Crawford is BDoken of, and Madame Rumor saya hia fate is sealed?his head must go off-though most strenu ous efforts have been made to have him retained. Governor Marcy is said to be about to make some searching investigation relative to matters and things; and folks from Mississippi and Arkansas, say that we may expect to find some extraordinary disclosures. We shall see. There dont seem to be any regular method pur sued in making removals and appointments?hrst there's a blow at the top of the list, next down at the bottom, then again in the middle, now hero and now there, you never know where the next will be. They have not even overlooked the mes sengers with their Argus eyes, for yesterday a co lored man named Nat, who has been a messenger in the Post Office Department for upwards of forty years, having come with the department from Phi ladelphia, was promoted downward, being removed to an inferior station, to make way for some other one for messenger, at $12 ner week. There is ano ther colored man in the War Department, who has always been wise enough to kesp an inferior de partment, though several of the Secretaries have wished to make him chief messenger. He, how ever, refused all ol them, fox he Bald, if he were to take it, he should only rouse up opponenu, who would seek to get him out and themselves in, and he preferred to remain where they would not think of disturbing him. A wise fellow that. The female influence system, to which I alluded in my letter yesiesday, has commenced to devel; ope itself still further. Cave Johnson says ol that time I mentioned, "They took me in once, but they wont do it a second time." 1 opine, however, that if he, wary, cautious, cool and collected as he is, thinks himsell a match for female ingenuity, he will find himself misiakeu?that's all. The-dear creatures are brought up to it. They are educated to " get rouud" the men. And what chance would a poor man creature have in competition with a regularly trained woman! It's nonsense to think ot it; and the game having been once begun, he and all the various heads of departments must make up their minds to see it canted out, and must nerve themselves to meet the entreaties ol women as well aa men. I understand that Mr. Walker, the Secretary of the Treasury, has been attacked by some of the fair sex, on behalf of occupants ol of fices; and to the credit of his gallantry and south ern chivalry, I have to record that in one instance, at least, he yielded to the prayer of the petitioners ?two or three young and pretty ladies. What could the man do?a southerner too?with all their chivalry, &c. when besieged by young and beauti ful ladies, all dissolved in tears, and beseeching him with all the earnestness they could, and using all those persuasive arts which they can bring to bear with such certainty of eflectl Wha' could he do, but grant theiftgirayerl And so he did. This is certainly the legitimate effect of the system ot bringing the women into political contests, to ex ercise their influence there; and if it be legitimate to bring lemale influence to bear to elect a particu lar candidate, it must surely be so to bring it into operation to retain a particular person in office, hurrah for the march of mind, and for female pro gress ' ...... The "organship" isstill in doubt. Many pe*or.s think that Blair will not sellout or retire, but that under the influence of Brtiton, he will demand that the Globe shall be made "the organ, '?with himself as editor, or else threaten the administra tion with its opposition, with all the money power which they have made out of the Congressions printing. Others think that Blair must either re tire, or else a new organ be started, and they ar gue that it need but be known through the country that offers, and "liberal" offers had been made t Blair to purchase him out. and that he had relaser ai d that after he had made his fortune out ot the favors ol the democratic patty, to insure the de struction of whatever little influence the Globe ami Tom Benton ever exercised or possessed, and that on the first indication of their lactiously opposing the administration, they would be read out of the party ; and that there are sufficient opponents ol the Globe in Congress to prevent it getting the printing, and even to give it to ihe Intelligencer it necessary, (ill they could furnish an office ready to tnke it from them, and thus they would effectual ly use up the Glebe. Whatever may be the dispo sition of it, I know that the cabinet have had it anxiously under consideration, and that it proves to be a matter more difficult ot satisfactory adjust ment than even the formation of the cabinet it sell. Every one is on the <jui vive to know every little circumstance which may tend to throw light upon this knotty question, and Irom some things which have occuired, a rumor has got out that Ritchie Jc Heias are to be editors ol a new paper, which is to be started as the "organ, but I think this is all guess. I think it most probable that the Globe will, by some arrangement or other, be installed, and 1 shall not be surprised if (hssatietac tion should be increased in the democratic party by the settlement of this question when it is an nounced Philadelphia. rCorrespoudencs of the Herald. ? rniLADtLrHiA, March 30, 184* The weather i* more like the beginning of June than the going out of March. In fact, it approach** to the ?ultry, and the tree* begin to exhibit it* effect* In the greet) bud* which now appear on their branehe*. The aky la cloudle**, and the only drawback to a perfect en joyuientot the aeason, k* the dint We want acme rain, both to improve appearance* and for the purpoae of ad vancing vegetation. The matter* which moat intereat the public now, are conneoted with our court* of Juitiee. The bill to renew the Diatrict Court baa patied the Legislature, with the aalariea of the judge* reduced to $'J000 per annum. It muat be recollected that our judge* receive no perqui aitoe, and the mm thin awarded to themi* for aerviee* which mtut wholly engro** their time and attention.? Thry can attend to no other bnaineaa, and their whole aalariea are barely sufficient for their lupport. So vou lieiceivc that we in Pennsylvania treat our Judge* pretty much ai men trrat their horaci; we give them Juat enough to eat, to a* to keep them in good woiking con dition. How would the New York judge* like tki* ?y? tem ' *" The attrmpt to legialate Judge Paraona off the bench oi the Common Pleaa, hi* aignally failed, ai al*o the at trmpt to reduce hi* *alary I do hope that tht* itupid middling with the judiciary i* now at an end The Ju tgea ol the Supreme Court were to dav coniult ing together in regard to the caat- ol Samuel Zephon, now under sentence ol death for the murder of Cnlty Tod. In all probability tbry will decide on Monday, and the impre**ion *eem* to gain gronnd that the judgment of the court below will be revei?ed, and that portion oi the act ol aaaembly which allow* two associate judge* of the Quarter Seaeiom to hold a l onrt ol Oyer and Terminer for the trial of capital offence*, declared nnconitiMi tionel Henry Zell, who w*a ahot in the afreet* ol the Northern

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