Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1845 Page 3
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the part ten years nearly doubled. notwithitanding which th* bank capital and bank movement of the State hat wit Inn the past few yeats been reduced about fifty per cent. We annex a table showing the bsnk movement ot the State at several periods within the p*$t ten yeais. Hams Movement *r Houih (aiotaiu. Leans.' Specie. ('ire Dtp. tR 17, Jan 18 H99 S3* 1,664,786 7.223,616 5,048 477 IRIS, Oct .. .16,106,8116 1 608,537 3,008,511 1,7 2,745 1844, March... 5 367,545 908 1J5 2,939,220 ?,08M1I lSl., March... 5,955,7611 1,1*8,318 2.350 364 3,224,884 'I he discounts on the 1st of March, 1846, were $12 944, I>7(| Uss than in Januaiy, 1837, the specie on hand $464 4tfx lt?? ; ||,? circulation $4,873 312. and the deposit* >2 823 788 less. Notw 1 hetanding this immense decrease in the opei atinna ot the bark a, prices for tba principal staples of South Carolina buve not experienced a vary great change. The supply of any article ot course regu late* the price,more than banking facilities do, and wese* wb-le the greatest revolutions have been going on in banks and in banking ?>stems, prices for our principal staples have only fluctuated from tinaa to time in accord ance with the supply and demand. The legislature* ol several States, have this fast winter, passed laws incress irg the hanking capital ot the State. The new bank* these bills will bring into existence wi'l exert a very great ii flucuce on business motteis, and serve to de stroy the existing state ot commercial altaii-i, and pro duce an inflated slate of business, endangering the exis tence of commeiclal systems, which have been so successful and which have been tbo principal pio ducers of the prosperity that now rests upon every de partment of trade aDd commerce. The commercial com munities of South Carolina are in a much more prospe rous condition, under the restricted banking system oithe state, than when the hanks were so much inflated and extended in their operation*. They realize prices equal ly as remunerating, and find an abundance oi the citcubiting medium The rate of interest is much lower now than it was then, and there ia a greater and more equal diatributian of property. The citizens of Ohio are destined to again experience mms of the evils of an infla ted hanking system. The new banking law of that State, provi Ins for the enmhli-bmeut of banks having capitals amounting to $6 400.000, under the name of branches of the State Bunk of Ohio, and free hanks with CBpital to an unlimited amount. The present hanking capital of Ohio is sullicieutly largo to conduct the bu?.mess ot the State s ifely tmd profitably, aud any increase will only derange the existing laws of trado and produce au unhealthy, tin natural, illegitimate state ef things. A gradual extension of the movements of the banks now in existence, in ac cordance with the steady increase in business, would be desirable and ni r-rsiary, but a giaat and sudden increase iu the business oi banking in any State, cannot bnt be at tended with very disastrous results. The Franklin Bank of Cincinnati, has declared a divi dend of five p :r cent. New York stockholder* may re ceive the dividend at the Bank of America. 'i he Legislature of Pennsylvania has passed, snd the (iovernor has signed, a bill extending the charter of the i urum- tcial Bank of Philadelphia. The individual liabi lity clause has been inserted in the charter. we annex tables showing the operations of the several mints of the United States in 1844, and the aggregate coinage for 1844, compared with previous years, it will bo reen that the coinage of 1843 was much larger than thci<-?|previou3, and the year following. The coinage i?f lwl t Was nearly double in value that of 1842. Coinage op hik United States. 1791 to Gold. Silver. Copper. Tot Coin. 1Vo. Pieces. 1812. .*20.182,721 55,017,184 932,501 86,331,409 253,865,336 1812... 1,831,170 2,332 750 23,833 4,190,754 11,743,157 1843... 8,(08,797 3 834,750 24,783 11,967,830 14,640,582 1841-\ 5,498,230 23,987 7,087,767 9,051,831 CE&. $14,553,918 63,420,234 1,004,607 110,177,760 294,300,905 The coinage fell off in 1644 94,280,0?3, or about thirty per cent. The deposits and coinage at each mint during the year 1644 were as nncexed? Deposits! at Each Mint, 1144 Total geld and (rohl. Silver. silver. 4 barlotte, N. C ?g>67.3;3 ? 167,340 U.ililtiiiega, (ia 479,791 ? 479,791 New Orleans 3,003,176 1.259 928 4,263,104 Philadelphia 1,732,811 1,015,504 2,748,375 $5,383,129 2,275,192 7,658,621 Coinage at Each Mint, 1844. Gold Silver Copper- ATo. Total valor value, value, pieces. Value Charlotte. N. C. $117,210 ? ? 35,753 147,210 Irihto- egii, Ga., 488,600 ? ? 106,314 488,600 New Orleans, 3,010,000 1,198.500 ? 3,448,300 4,208.500 rhilaaelphia, 1,782 420 1,037,050 23,987 5,461,967 2,843,457 $5,428,230 3.235,550 23,987 9,031,634 7,687,767 The coinage at the principal mint amounted to $2,843, 457; compiising $1,782,420 in gold, $1,037,080 in silver. utid $23,987 in copper ceins, and compooed of 6,461,907 piece >. The depositee of gold, within the year, amounted to $1 732,811 ; anu those of ailver to $1,016,664. At the New Orleans branch mint, the coinage amount ed to $4,208,660; comprising $8,010,088 in gold, and $1 196.500 in si.ver coin*, and composed of 3.448 300 piec ?*'. The deposit** for coinage amounted to $8,003,176 111 gold, and $1,2.59,928 in silver. The blanch mint at Dahlonega received, during the your, depositee of gold to th* value oi $479,794, and it* coinage amounted to $488,600 ; composed of 83,982 half caeb ', acd 17,332 quarter eagles Th* brunch mint at Charlotte had received depositee of gold (o the value of $167,343, and executed coinage to the amount of $147,210 ; when, on the &7th of July, the ope rations wore arrested bv the occurrence of a fire, which destroyed the mint building, and a great part of the ma chinery. Old Stock Bxchangs, $2100 NY city 5's '58 100 50 shs L Island RR $2200(1 Ohio 6's '6? 97% 100 do $101)0 Indiana Bds 35 100 do $8000 Petin 5's 75V 25 Wilmington RR *5000 do ?30 75% 100 do 50 ah* Bk Cam, scrip 96% 200 do 20 City Bank 109 100 do 150 Vir ksbu rg Rank 6% 100 do HO Fanners'Trust 38% 50 do 100 do tt year 37% 50 do 50 Canton Co 46% 100 do 50 Morris Canal 32% 75 Stonington RR V) ViiiUavra jlii. 1)30 G4 50 do I V) Enn UK 31% 525 Norlk Wore RR 75 Houaatoni* 1(R 31 50 do 51) lleaduiK Kit 50 75 do 50 do a30 49% Second Boards 25 Stonington RR 40% 850 L Island RR 76% 111 do s3 4> % 75 Erie KR *3 31 25 Nor k Wore RR tw 69% 25 do bS St ay dv 69% 75 Moriii Canal 32% New Stock Exchange. I?0 shs Vicksbnrg Bk e 6% 50 do ?3 6% aO do l>3 6% 50 do ~-L7 2) do 25 Farmers' Trust 25 do 50 do 50 do 25 Vlnrris Canal 50 E Boston Co 25 blouiiigtou RR 25 do 85 shs Erie RR blO 31% 50 do 31% 50 do e 31% 50 L Island KR blO 77% 50 do 77 25 do 76% 75 do 76% 50 Nor fk Wore tw 70 25 do a3 69% 175 do C 69% 50 do blO 69% 25 do tW 69% .Stat* of Trad*. Ashes?Our last quotation* are (till maintained, with out any change in the demand. Pearls are slightly im proving, and we quote $4 60 a $4 GlJ Cottoh?There is very lhtle inquiry this morning, and prices remain without the slightest change. Opratois were busy this morning making up their despatches for the packet, and the sales were merely nominal. Coal?The coal trade by railroad up to Thursday eve ning last, was'k rem Schuylkill Haven, tons ....6,390 II rottsville 3,396 13 9 6?6 03 Ter last Report 7l|736 68 81,433 71 By the Canal from Pottsville 3 671 07 tons. Hat?The receipts of this article more than supplies the demand. SpU-s are made for city consumption at 36 a 40c. Whiskey?We have no alteration to make in our quo tations lor this article. Drudge casks are ceiling as want ed at 33c. Western and Prison barrels we quote at 34 a 34 Je New York Cattle Market, March 81.?At market 630 Beef Cattle, 699 from the South, 809 Sheep and Lambs and 130 Cows and Calves. Prices for Beef Cattle not so good es last week. We quote $6 a $0 AO, with a few at $7. Unsold, 360 head. Cows and Calves we continue at $14 a $35 to $39 ? all token Sheep are in good demand at $1 75 to $4 60, es in quality. All at matket taken. Hay is seP'ng at 69 to 63}, and brisk. Corn Trade. There is a better demand tor Fionr in this market ? Throughout last week, however, the inquiry was small. Prices remained unchanged, and they will probable con tinue to range near the present rates for sometime. Ge nesee is quoted at $4 76 a $4 81} ; Brandy wioe, $4 76 ; Alexandria, $4 66} ; Rye Flour, $3 ii $3 36, and superior at $3 60 a >3 76. Corn Meal, Jersey brand, $3 50; Bran dy wine, $3 tiJj. There is very little Wheat otiering. Sales have been made at 04 a 100c Rye ranges irom 69 to 70c. Barley a?c Nor.hern Oats 30 a 31c. Corn, of c'l soits, is quoted at 47 a 49c?It is wanted for distillation. We annex the extreme quotations here and elsewhere, at Ihe latest accounts :? Prices or BbeadsITefs. Markets. Bhh. Flour. Bus tVbeat. Bus. Corn. New Y.irk. Mar. 29.... $4 6ti*4.4 81 94 alOtl 47a49 Nt ? 01111. Mar. 19 3 6(1 el 62W 63Ka 71 26*31 Philadelphia, Mar. 28 4 2.7 n4 62H 90 *100 46*49 li.ilttmore. Mar. 28 . ...4 27 *4 70 97 allS 40a4ti II...ton, Mar. 29 4 02 *6 00 ? a? 49*63 New (trie* 11, Mar. 21... 4 00 ?4 77 ? a? 3'?3S Pittshu'X, M*?. 17 3 37 a3 77 67 a 70 21*28 Mar. 26.. . .1 S3 a* 67 ? a? ?a? 4 70 a4 (0 ? a? Sl)*S2 The accounts from every section of the country repit m ut the growing whent crops to be in a very prosperous condition. The eaily season nukes the fields look as green is ic May in Maryland the late frosts have killed the apricuts, and sevionsiy Injured the peaches ; hut m ain appears well and promising. It was reared that the mild winter would injure the crope in all parts of the Union, hut the season is now so tar advanced that any da mage to the crops is in the (mine. II the weather con tinue favorable this country will exhibit another large yield of (filter American Provisions. The speculative demand lor Pork stUl con tinues. Prices ore changing almost every hour, and they are therefor* merely nominal. Our last quotations can vol be considered current. There ii a very active demand for Lard, end prime keg and barrel sells at 83. Beat is very linn and tlio demand good. Bales tf old Maaa are made si $0 66 a $6 63}; Now do nt $8 60 a $8 62} The decrease in the amount of Pork packed the present sen<on is very clearly shown by the following table from the "New Orleans Current":? Receipts to Feb 19,'44 Fib 19,'46 D?c.'46 Pltlk.bhll 336.673 107 610 138,983 " hi.d? 7 010 4 (137 3.H93 P" lbs in bulk. . .3,894 360 1,476,ini4> 1,419.360 Lard, in bsrreie 07,814 33 473 34,316 " in kegi 330,333 103 03I 183 403 BV.on, ca?ks 13,003 4,399 8,304 " Imtk 378,448 96 700 18^743 The report of the New Orleans market of the 31st inst., gives the lo'lowing information : ? At the close ol our last report the market for barrel Pork tvas in a quiet state at $11 for Mess, and $10 60 for M O, and $9 for prime. On Wednesday a more active de insnd sprung up, psiticulsriy (or Prime, of which descrip tion about 1000 barrel* w ere taken at $9, but we could not learn whether for export or .peculation. The improved demand, the unusually right atock, and favorable ec couuta from the iortb.have induced holder, to advance their rate*. We row quote for Meia $11 36 a $ 11 60, i1 U $10 76 a $11, Pnme $9 36a $9 601 er barrel. Our high .-at figures were generally atked yesterday, and some Inn tied sales effected. We have to notice a limited bUKineen in Beef, and tranaaoiiona are entirely confined to Prime, which is tiken in small parcel* at $7 36 a >7 60 per bar rel. Men ia in very little request, end only retail aaler ere i ffected at $9 60 lor whole, and $6 36 for half barrels. Since our last there ha* lkien an improved demand lor Side* and Shoulders of Bacon, both for shipment to neigh boring porta and on speculation, and price* have improv ed. We quote Side* 6] a 0, Should*r* 41 a 4jjc. Hams have not partaken in the improvement, and continue very dull at6$ a 6}c for uncanvaasrd ; ouvaiwd do and extia cured 11 a 9c per lb. Wo continue without any extensive transaction* in Lard, a* most ot the receipts, which are light for the season, are sent foiward, leaving but feu lots for sale bere, and'hese u.j genet ally hell u> high as to prevent any considerable purchases lor the North ot lor Europe ; consequently the business is con lined al most entirely to the prime qualities tor the Weat ludiee and for home consumption, in which a further slight ad vance has been realized. VVe notice among the principal transactions 136 brls at 7. an Jobbings at 7}c per lb,and the extreme rates'tnav row be quoted at 6$ a 7}c, though we know of none of the lower grades now on sale. Foreign Market*. Canton, Dec. 14 ?The crop of new green teas promi-. sea to be ample lor all demands, nor does there appear any suflieient reason lor the extravagantly high pricrs hith erto demanded and paid for them. Arothev letter says:? The CantoD market has been for a long time in a ruinous state, and sales during the pest six months have been leaving from 36 to 30 per cent loss, and 1 really see do prospect at present of its improving, so long aa shipments continue to be poured in from India to so large on extent, oor until the present heavy stocks in first and second hands ure mu'h reduced. Havana, March 19.?Businesi ia exceasively dull. Su gar is beginning to come in more freely, but the abort cropnists are gaining their point, and pricei accordingly rule high?say 9|| 13 to 11||16 reala. The demand for the Spanish market is the only one that can meet these rates. In Coffee there is nothing doiog? none to be had. Mo lasses lias experienced a mo t extraordinary advance? 4} reals ia asked and occr.ionally obtained tor small lots ; but few touch the article, pursuaded that it must recede. Lard?Stock a little over 0009 keys. Holders tell sparing ly at 11} to 13 reals, and buyera do not seek forlaige lots, because uf thehclldAy*. We thiok this ai.iclewill ad vance before the end of the month. Flour?None in first hands; 170 bbl* per brig T Street, taken at $16, cash Hams are scarce?$8 to $9; cruvesard $13 to $13 Ex change rule* high, in consequence of the scarcity of sei lera?London 13} to 13 per cent premium; New York 3} per cent premium; New Orleans 3} to 4 per cent pre mium. Freight, are excessively dull Many vessels now here which ware takan in Europe at ?3 on speculation, are now offering ?3 6s. This was the last rate made lor Cowea. LI1 est, . On Sunday, March 30th, alter a shirt and aevere ill ness, Ada Augusta Shields, wife of Mr. Chas. Shields aged 21 years and 7 months. The relatives end friends of the family are requested to attend her funeral, on Wednesday (to-morrow) afternoon at 3 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 133 Clinton at, without further invitation. Her remains will be taken to Oreenwood Cemetery for interment. The officers and members of Knickerbocker Lodge, No. 33,1. O. ol O. F. are also invited. On Monday morning, the 31st March, Alktha, relict of the late Captain Mark Lynch, in the 68th year of her age. Her friend, and acquaintances, and those of her sons, George H. E. and Frederick 8. Lynch, also of her sons in law, Christian Metzgarand John It. Ames, e*e requested to attend her funeral, from the residence of her son in law, Captain Ichabod Burgen, 301 Seventh street, on Tuesday afternoon, the 1st of April, at half past 3 o'clock. fl|Oo Sunday afternoon, 30th March, after a abort illness, Sarah Mary Francks, youngest daughter of John A end Katherine Kyle, aged 3 years sud 3 months The friends ot the family, and those of her grandfather, Capt. James Roger*, are respectfully invited to atteod her funeral, on Tuesday alternoon, at half past 4 o'clock, from 41 Forsyth street, without fuither invitation. "Thou art an angel now 1" PHMengers Arrived. Canton?kltiii Cohota?D R Linn, of New Jsrtey. Liverpool?Packet ship Columbus?Mr Bell, and 216 in the steerage. Liverpool?Ship Pseific?J C Savage,W King, S P Sprague, J J Williams?200 in the ?te*rave. Havre?Packet ship Louis Philippe?Richard C Handy, of New York; Catroll t'roxall, Philadelphia; Alexandre Muller, Paris; Charles Strecker,Germany?128 in the steerage. Naisau?Schr James Power?Capt Jackson and Mr Dollard, late of ship Oconee; Capt Baker, late of schr Hudson; J Wood and Mr Aiidenon. New Orleans?Barque Mandarin?W Baldwin, and T Collins. Foreign Importations. Cantor?Ship Cohota?1866 bales Manilla liemp 5172 hfchts 510 121b boxes young hyson lea 237 lif chts 660 51b and 101b ca ty bis gunpowder 92 hi' chts 600 5 and 101b catty bxs imperial 40 hf chts 400 121b bxs hyaon 425 chts 77 hf do hyson skin 696 hf do 50"1 101b catty bxs souchong 114 hf eht? powehong 1253 hf do tvran kay 4 cases young hyson 75 ds mdae N l.kU Griswold?256 vkgs tea 92 do mdse Ceo C Uriswold?91 hf chts young hyson t sale 12 cases 2 bdls mdse D Hepburn, H H Warden?10 pkgs do D Hepburn?1 ease do J C Green. Liverpool?Ship Columbus?50 tons pig iron Mackie b Lev erilt?3756 ban 63 bdls iron J II Ahell?8 pkss Bates b f'oat-s? 5 Richar'son b Wa'son?3 D Callamore?25 Pierce b Kellogg? 34 H Winkley?4 8 T Jones ben?4 Russell b Marsh?20 Her tick b Blunt?3 Nevins b co?2 H Haylis?2 F Tomes b sou?8 Hinds. Fuller b co? 3 J b T Woodhead?1 Tracev b Inrin? 1 Lord b Taylor?28 J Uihon b co?1 W 8 Hammerslev? 1 Rich ards, Bassett b Aborn?12 Humphrey b Lansing?3 Wetmore & en?2 N B Miles?3 A F Lairave?1 Kennedy, braian b co?2 J Whitmore b co?l H Tobias?3 J Nicholson?2 Hyslop Bros? UlaclTweil?5*C*A L Stewart?3Harndeu bco?39 John li hon?to W Bryee?6 J M Miller? I J b J Chamberlain?4 Mackie b Leveritt? 1 O W Coit?2B Joseph?3 J McCall b co?2 J Falconer b eo?1 Par sons, Canning b co?8 W Whitewright jr b co?7 Austin b Spier?12 Butierfield Bros b co?3 D Oakey b sons?1 W Titus ?4 J Hudson?4 W W Chester b co?16 E Marshall?9 Rogers b Starr?I B H Halsread b co?1 R b V Kiiby?1 J Warren?3 llurlbnt b Howard?4 Locke b Carter?1 J A Newbould?4 Wayb Bros?2 Warrin b S eele?4 R W Leckie?1 Chittenden b Bliss?4 Hnnt Bros?4 L Atterborv jr b co?1 White b Mnr Ssn?1 John Watson?3 Haydock b co?2 Fellows,Van Aradale : co?3 Strachan b Scott?10 Thoi Reynolds?4 T Lowndes?I Hall Bros b co?I K K Alcock?1 K Patrick b co?7 James B Klliman?13 Osborne b Little?2 Pe?body, Riggs b co?I A Jour-esv bco?2 John > ichulson?1 8 Cochran?1 C SchencU ?I VV Mkmith b co?1 Fellows, Wadsworth b co?I L b B CurtispHB?1 Harmerb Hayes?3 J Warren?1 Smith,Wright b co?2 Hnnt, Woodward b Conn?2 W H Cary b co?1 Shel don Smith?3 J A b R 8 Luqueer?2 J Van Nest?2 E Hnnt?4 L Ben-diet 8t co?4 Geo Hastings b co?2 R N Tinson b co?1 Shaw b Carter-^ Williams b Bill?4 Buckley b Clsfl'n?6 H Andrews?2 Tiffany, Young b Ellis?2 Wolfe b Bishop?3 Canfield b Brown?18 O W Swords?3 J V D Wyckcff?40 Ferguson b Walker?19 J A Newbould?8 Tooker, Mead b co ?162 B A Mumlord?1220 cases tin plates 826 ingots copper Phelps, Dodge b co?50 tons coal Chas H Marshall?76 strips 15 cakes copper sundry pkgs to order Domestic Importations. St Marks?Schr J T Bertiue?152 bales cotton Holbrook b Nelson?25 Taylor b Rich?159 Coe, Anderson b co?12 Center b co?26 to order. Apalachicola?Brig Juno?130 bales Cahoone b co?15 Ooodhue b co?15 S Bronson b co?24 Bntler b co?155 Fox b Livingston. ? MARITIME HERALD. Shipmasters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captaios of Vessels will give to Robeut Silvev, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whenee they sailed?the vrtsels spoken on their pessage?a list of their cargo?and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. Agents and Correspon dents ?t home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office any Marine Intelligence they may receive. PUttT OF NIC W YORK, APKIL. 1. Ill 11SB8 ......5 44 I MOOR RISES 2 26 M t.'O 8STI 6 16 ' "??? w.TSS 3 2m Ships Prince Albert, Sebor, London, Urinnell. Mintnrn b Co; Europe, Furber, do, C H Marshall; Sheffield, Sherry, do, E 8 lnnes b Co; Gaston, Coulter, Marseilles, Boyd b Hincken; Auburn, Durfey, New Otleaus, Stanton b Frost; H Allru, Wilson. Ch-rleston, Geo Sutton.?Barque Sehoois, Hopkins. Porto Rico. Bre;t b Vose.?Brigs Cameo, Jarvis, Antwerp, W Wei?s?r; It xcel. Smith, Savannah. Sturges b Clrarman; Low ell, Jarvs, Norfolk. Badger b Peck.?Schts Seaman, Holbrook, Mayagnez. be. 8 W Lewis; Volucco, Taylor, Jacmel, De I'ev ster b Whitmarsh; Ellen, Chapman, St Augustine, Fla. 8 Peck; Cyprus, Wass, Charleston, Badger b Tack; Florence, Caffee, Eden ton, NC. Williams b Northam. ARITM. Ship Cohota, Hepburn, from Canton, Dec 20, and Macao 21st, with teat, be. to N L b G Griswnld. Left in the Straits of Sunrfa, Jan 7, Aldebaran. Webb, from Canton; Dover, Lamson, and O-n Scott, Cunningham, f'Om Manilla?all of slid for Bos ton Feb 9th, 10th and 11th, off Cape of Good Hope, was b* cOmed in co. with Mary Ellen, from Csnton for N York, snd Doke of Bedford, from do, of and for London?the latter short of water, with which we supplied th-m. Feb 7, near the Cape Bank, experienced n hurricane, which blew away some of our sails?the Dnke of Bedford also lost some of hrr's; the hurricane Isstrd about 2 hours, and ended in a gale of 20 minutes from the westward, aud followed by a calm of 3 Hays The Carolina, of Sa'ein had been in eo with the Mary Ellen for todays after thev left the Straits of Snnda. Spoke March 27, 1st 31 55, Ion 71 50, barque Falmouth, from Portland for Matanzas. The C has been 15 days North of 1st 25. Packet shin Columbus, Cole, from Liverpool, Feb 18, with mdse, to C H Marshall. Has been 17 days West of the Grand Banks, and 5 days Wrat of George's Shoals. Packet ship Louis Philippe, Crstnff, from Havre, March 8, with mdse to Fox b Livingston. Made the passage to Grand Bank in 9days?has had 1 ght winds since the 17th. 17th, list 44 15, Ion 52, saw large quantifier of broken iee, alao several ice islands. Ship Duchesse d'Orlesns, Davis, from New York,was boarded by a French pilot boat on the 4th inst. off Htn Point, but had not arrived at Havre on the 8th; also, ship Columbia, from New Oileana?wind having been blowings gale from E8E for seme day*. Ship Pacific, Ludlain, from ILiverpool, March 3, with mdse, to order. Passed Ml* lat 40 15, Ion 65, a ship supposed to be the Courier, herce for .Marseilles Barque Mandarin,Colley, 12 days from New Orleans, with 508 lr ill sugsr HI hairs Cotton to order. Brig JiiiIsoii, Bryson, lrom Havana, March 21, with a return cargo of rice to order. Brig Dnni-an. Gilchrist, 14 days fiom New Orlralis, with 368 hhds sugar to Havens b co; 8?0n gallons molasses to Huberts b Williams, 25tl) inst.. lat. 30 41, Ion. 69, spoke ship Gloucester of Bosiou, from t harlestctl for Mobile Biig Juno, Noriii, 12 days from Apalachieola, with cotton, to A Averill kilo. ? Schr James Tower, Kvsne, 7 day* from Naaaeu, (N P) with 168 buudlra skills, 10 tout dye woods. 31 bale* tobacco. 150 pea mahogany, to order. Left, brigs Diploma, for NYorlt soon ; Timoleon, Jn>t arr. Schr .Mary, Chaae, 15 day* from New Orleans, to Brett b Vote, with 161 hhda sugar 75 bbla molasres Clark b Co. Schr J T Bertine, Browne, from St Marks, via Key West, with cottou, to msster. Sailed from St M. 18th, and put into Key West on the 22d inst. in distress, having been ashore on the Tortuiss for 6 honts, got off without sasislance, with loss of fal * keel and oiher d image In the esse of brig tlayne, which was takcu into Key West after being ashore on the reef, $i200 "jdepsts awarded to the n r?ck?rs, and sh? sailed evening of 2ld for Havana Brigs Satnioo and Billow tld for St Marks same day Spoke on the 20th lat 35 34. long 75 20, echr James rowr, trreen. from Nassau N P. for N York; ps?s-d several "lu^* r,S*ed vessels, st-nding in lur the Highlands a"d Capes Si Arr at Key Weston the morning of 23d. srhr Mary1rri*:ohb*fmr, 15 lUy* from Cape Hrniy, ftslkl h'rcargo fc W^l h ?itnwaih'l'j v* ?rom New Orleans, to Nexmith k WaUh, with 260 hhds sugar io order. Id elirl'm' , u'.Yr"' * A* fr?m Kd*OtOO, NC. With corn anil cotton, to M illiams b Northam mMt'I<,fn ,b' I,'i"ld' 3 d,v" rro,n Vienna, with mdse. to fr(,m Virginia, with tehlSF' UibMn' M h?- Vininia, with iov. Schr American System, K\arson, from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr till Bias, Hewitt, 2 day* from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Exchange, I days from Suffolk, Va. with shingle*, to mailer. Sellr Washington, Mason, 2 day* from Suffolk, with shingles, to master. Selir (Jen Harrison, 'J day* from Indian Hirer, with corn, to master. Schr Volts, Tattle. 3 day* from Philadelphia, with coal, to matter. Ir'ehr U?ion, Cobheck,*10 day* from Eulport, with lath, to Smilh St Boynlon Sehr Tan rout, Clark, 4 day* from Portland, with md*a, to ma*?er. Schr Little Mary. Lord, 4 day* from Portland, with potato**, to master Schr William, Lang, 5 day* froui Portland, w ith potaloe*. to muter. Scnr Effort, S|iear, 6 day* from Thoinulon, with lime, to muter. . Schr Leo, Purae, 6 day* from Thomaslon, with lime, to the mis er. Sclir IWulaior, Parkar, i day* fiom Calais, with lumber, to Smith It Boynlon. Schr Hanger, (day* from Machit*, Me. with spar* and lum ber. to master. Schr American, Crowell, 4 day* from Salem,'.villi mdse, to mai!"r. Schr Lavinia, Nickcrton, 12 day* from Boiton, with mdie, to master. Schr Vermont, Case, 6 day* from Boston, with mdse, to the toast-r, Schr Dusky Sally, Wider, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to matter. Schr Win H Turner, Hinckley, from Boston, with mdse, to master. Sloop Alliance, Cooper, 3 day* from Philadelphia, with ooal, to master. Steam propeller Virginia,'3 dayi from Boston, with mdse, to master. Below. A large ship supposed to be the Queen of the West, Wood house, from Liverpool, March (i-at anchor at the SW Spit. Also, 2 ships outside the Hook, 1 barbae, 3 brig*. fllacella.iieoas Record* Packet Ships Peinck Albert, far Loudon, and Europe, for Liverpool, will sail to-day. Barque Louisa, of New York, from Camperchy, arrived at Havana ou tire 19th March, iu want of men. The. crew had mutinied at C. and were put iu irona Arrivals at New Orleans.?11 lie number of entries at the Custom House, at New Orleans, for the month of Kebruary. 18(5, amounted to 229, to wit: 57 ships. 53 barques, 58 brigs, 61 . schr*?of which 133 were from foreign porta aud 96 coastwise.? The clearances for the same month amounted to 288 vessr Is?of which 185 were coastwiaeand 103 for foreign porta Coasting Trade of Boston ?During the three days ending 29th March, there were sixty-three coastwise clearances. Havel. Orders, March 28?Lieut Thomas M Mix, laaveof absence renewed three months, sick; Masters' Male John Palmer, de tached from duty at Sackatt's Harbor, to Naval Asylum at Phi ladelphia for duty.?[Constitution. Spoken. Margaret Forbes, Prescott, 12 days from Hit* Janeiro far New O'leeui, Feb 13, lat 17 49 S, Ion 36 32. Kran'e* Birn, [Br] fibm China for Montevideo, Jen 22, Lo bos W by N 20 mile*. Croton, Soullard, from New York for Aralachicola, Mar 22, lat 26 30, Inn 76 10. Hector, for Mobile and,NOrlean>, Mar 22, off Klbow Key. John Minturn, Stark, 18 day* from N*w York for NOrleans, Mar 21, at 5 p m, off Key West. Swea, [Sw] of Oeile. from Jamaica for Cnwes, Mar 23. Callao, (destination, 8tc. not given) Mar 23. Koi-alirn Porta. China, ( Whampoasnd Macao) Dec 21?In port. Pioneer, Clark, from Baltim'>re, unc; Rouble, Proctor; Heber, Porter; Tiger, Cook, and Bazar, Kiltiam. from Boston. do; Navigator. Graves, and Boxer, Robinson, Salem, do; Natchez, Waterman; Avalanche. Murray, snd Ronaldson, Drew, New York, do; Grafton, Gardner, for do, Idg;; Glide, Waterman, for 8 America; Hannah, Cheever, for Sandwich Islands. Havre, March 8?In pott, Clinton, Hartley, of NYork, for NOrleans, same day; John P Harward, Duncan, of Bath, for do, do; Wm T Wheaton, Martin, of Warren, for do, do; Queen Victoria, Ranlett. of NYork, fordo. 15th (or 18th); St Nicolas, Pell, of and for NYork, 16th; James Gray, Carter, of Newbury port, unc in floating dork, repg. Buenos Ayres, Jan 17?In port, John Cadmus, Cammet, for Boston, 4 or 5 days; Shaw, Rea, do, Idg; Izeltn Harrnn, do, 15; Globe, Wotton, for Philadelphia, 10; Jane, Pinckney, for do, 5; Chalcedony, Todd, for Salem, 10; Caroline, Lane, and Mason Barnev, Scott, rlisg; Olinda, Hutchinson, for Salem, 3 or 4; Tweed. Hands unc; Emerald. Babson disg. Off Point India 20th, Niagara, Pearson, from Boston Nov 18. Havana, March 15?Arr Chase, Young. Newport. Halifax, March 20?Arr Kama, Crowell, Philadelphia; 21st, Essex. Hszelgrove, Alexandria. St John, NB. March 21?Arr Danube, Btrry, NOrleans. Cld I 20th, lole, Wooster, Eastport. Home Porta. Frankfort, March 25?Arr Cottage,Arey, and Perseverance, Bolar, NYork: Maine, Babbsge, Richmond. Portland. March 28?Arr Vandalier, Pendleton, Boston.? Sid Gen Stark, Eaaiport for Providence. Gloucester, March 26?Arr Abigail, Wight, Belfast for Philadelphia; 27th. Vistula, Pendleton, lsleboro for Savannah. Salem, March 30?Arr Rosabella, Bailev, Bnenoa Ayres.? Sid Eliza, Perkins, India; Tigris, Tim Pickering, and St He lena. Boston, March 30?Arr Congaree, Weston, Oahn Nov 20? Sid in co with Globe, Doane, for Boston. Off date, si w two barques steering W. Feb 4, 1st 32 41 S, Ion 36 15 W, had a severe BE gale. 23d inst. lat 33 58 N, Ion 66 W, pass ed 4 ship's deck home, from appearance had not been long in 'he water?passed within a quarter of a mile of it, found the top painted lead color?had four windows on a side. 'I he Congaree had been lying to 48 hours previously in a heavy gale from NW to WN W. Also arr, James Calder. Carter, Lirerpool Jan 3? on 16th inst. lat 35, Ion 64, passed the wreck of Tnos Cults, of Saco: Cairo, Chifds, Liverpool; Louisa. Snow, and Ranger, Milliken, Mobile; Sabattis, Cox, Apalachicola; Marcia, Har ward, NOrleans?17th inst. 1st 28 30, Ion 73, had a heavy gale from NW to NNW, which lasted until the 25th, and drove the vessel to the Eastward of ''ape Sable; Shawmut, Biggins, Rio Janeiro; Belize, Dawes, Cape Havtien 12th iost?<left, Erie, Wilson, for Philadelphia, same day ); Calcutta Clark. Havana; Maria Spear, Willii, New Orleans; Lancet, Piper, Savannah; Franklin, Patten, Wilmington. NC; Volant, Hopkins, Rappa hannock; Lnnisa Melissa [Br] Merritt. Dighy?was in contact this morning with the Mozart, hence for Alexandria, stove bul warks, broke rail st-ncheons, parted main rigging, and received other damage; Mary Elizabeth, Cook, Provincetown?Isft, North Sta', fm Baltimore for Bangor, having pat back on acc't of head wind, hid 2Hh, wind N E to E and 8?, thick weather, Wilmington, and anchored in the Roads, and went to sea nezt morning. 20th, wind SW to WSW, moderate, Tonquin, Mt Vernon, Berwick, Brookline, Francis, Beuj Adams, Caroline. Jacob Story, Wm M Rogers; and from the Roads. Medora, N Hooper, D Wilhelmioa, Southerner. Roman, Oriska. Holly Bush and Michigan aid on Friday. Returned, Mozart, for Alexandria, having been in contact at 3 a nv near tjee fcmi ?.?i. Providence, March 29? Art Queen, Smith.Baltimore; Reap er, Sears. Baltimore. Sid Ontario, Smiih. NYork. Cld Ga zelle, Allen, Savannah. Arr 30th, Grand Turk, Porter. Carde uas; Osage, Hall, Savannah; Van Baren, Cole, Charleston.? SldjProvidenee. Brown. NYork. NoaroLa, March 28?Cld Alford, Mason, Jamaica. Sid M'ry, Newport. Clarendon, Ames, from Richmond for Port land, went to sea from Hampton Roads to-day. Oceanus, for Europe, for Europe. is on her way down James River. Washington, NC March 26?Arr Topic, Cook. Boston; 8 llosevelt, Angeline. Providence; Raleigh, Trip, West Indies.? Cld 25th, Martha M Fowle, New York; 25th, A A Taylor, and Star, do. Charleston, March 28?Arr Danl Webster, Watson, Ma tan zas. Savannah, March 27?Arr Princess, [Br] Foy, Dublin; Jnd son, Bryson, Havana. Cld Lucy, Long, Baltimote. Key West, March 20?Art Hayne Trescott, from Charleston for Havana, with a cargo of rice. She has been ashore near C ape Florida, aud was got off with the assistance of ichr Exit, after taking ont about 86 tea rice. She appears uninjured, does not leak; it is likely that the salvage will be paid in money, and the cargo taken in again, and she will proceed in a few days for her destination. AraLSCHtcoLA, March 22?Arr weekending 22d, Cordelia, i Baker, Matanzas; May Flower, Hitchcock, New Orleans; Olof Wyk, Havman, NYork. Cld Star, Chnse, Philadelphia; Juno, Norris, NYork; Nancv Jane, Godfrey, NOrleans; Courtenay, [Br] Turner, Liverpool; Globe, Brazier, NYork. Mobile, March 24?Arr Robt Parker, Dwight, Liverpool; Carmen, [Meg] Pardo, Laguna. New Orleans, March 22?Arr Alabama, Windle. Havana; " ' Fancoan, [Swed] Pyk, Rio Hylas. Enstis, riava Geo Stevens, Cuvhing. Liverpool; Fanco Janeiro; Chester. Vandyke, Philadelphia; oa; Naufo, [Si\] Carrovv, St Jago de Cube; '/"asto, Burclick. Newport. Cld M?rmora, Page, Galveston; Favorite, [Br] Hume, snd Ann Jeffrey, [Br] Broadfoot Liverpool; Oneco, v. Apalachicola; American, Bradford, Amsterdam; Ap . Blake, NYork; Reindeer, Doane, Kingston, Jam; Energy, bee. Savannah; Elizabeth, Lane.Wilmington. N<"; Seaman, I, Charleston; J Cohen jr, McFarlsne, Philadelphia: Mary turry.. . _ .. Drew, Apalachicola; American, Bradford, Amsterdam; Ap thrp. Bli Frisbee, Scull, Cinmiua,, .,i,H j? , ?,v,, , mluiiin. muy Wishington, Lewis, St JAgo de Cuba; John W Smith, Tew Charleston. By Lut Night's Southern Mail. Philadelphia, March 31?Arr Archelans, Crowell, Per nambneo: Sasanavr, Wright. Mobile; Medemseh, Chase, Lir erpool; Cambridge, Chase Messina; Yarmouth, Matthews, N Orleans; John W Cator, Greenlaw, Grand Caillou. Below, Cairo, NOrleans; Statesman, Lubec; Tiger, New York; Porto Kico, Boston. Cld Sar*nak, Tnrley, Liverpool; Alleghany, Shauklaurl, NOrleans; Venus, Sharp, W Indies. Baltimore, March 30?Arr Col Howard, Prentiss; Mary Augusta, Farnham. and Two Marys, Tylee, NOrleans; Erin, Gardner, and Zenobia, Brown, Savannah; T C Mitchell. Kruse, Charleston; Lorrna, Wilson, Portsmouth. Cld 29th, Herald, Pnllen, Rotterdam; Nimble. Shaw, Rio Janei'o; Couchila, (new) llerta, Ma'anzas; Maria. Latourette, NYcrk. Alexandria, March 29?Sid Queen, Eldridge, Antigua. Charleston, March 28?Arr Warsaw, Hawkins, Havre. Spoken. Nicholas Biddle, 29 days from Liverpool for Mobile, Mai 19, lat 24 21, Ion 82 3(1. Ocean, of Providence, 12 dave from Apalachicola for Liver pool. Mar 24, lat 35 15, Ion 6' 50. Crnar de Liou, [Br] Demerara for Liverpool, Mar 7, lat 16 32 N. Ion 59 40. D?nl Frauds, of Provincetown, steering S, Mar 22, lat 35 47, Ion 67. Gipsev, Ponce for Bridgeport, same day. NIBL.O'8 44 A It OK N. fPHE ENSUING 8F.A8GN of this establishment, will com 1 meuce the last week in May or fi'at we-a in June, 1845 Ladies and Gentlemen of undoubted talent, may applv by letter, I post paid) addressed to W. CHIPPENDALE, Niolos Gal ileos, New York. Mart ' Vih, 1845 mhlT twit ree INFORMATION WAN I'M) 0" MR. LOVE, who left New York in 1837 for Toronio, Upper Canada. Any information respecting him or his fa mily will be thankfully received by the subscriber,^ .1 AMES A. H AY h I ELD, al lwdltltw*rc Woodbary, Conn. TIT ANTED? A situation by a man who perfectly understands YY the care of horse., as Groom end Coachman in a gentle man's family. Can give city references, and has no objection to go to r iy part oi the United Starrs. Any communication addressed to T. F. B., care of John H. Macdonal, No. 603 Broadway, immediately at"uded to. al 3t*rc 117 ANTED, by a respecrable Young Woman?A situation as Chambermaid, or to do the g-nersl housework of a small family. Good city references can lie given. Please ap ply at the corner of 29th street and 3d Avenue, yellow house, al It'rc WANTED?By a Young Woman, s situation in a genteel family ss Chambermaid, or to do the general home work Good city rrferencecan be givcu. Mease apply to 82 Kiug at., Basement atory. al li?ec WANTED?A handsomely furnished Bedroom, without Board, for a Gentleman and Lady. Address P. H. at this office. al It* m TO FARMERS. XI7AN I'ED?Fire yming, active, Americans (who nnder ? v stand their business,) to woik on a Farm, near, in a healthy and pleasant location. Apply to WILKINS It ROLLINS, al 8t*m 17 bioadsireet. THIS DAY 13 PUBLISHED NUMBER THREE OP MARTIN'S ILLUSTRATED AND DEVOTIONAL FAMILY BIBLE. WITIl NOTES .1ND REFLECTIONS, REV. ALEXANDER FLETCHER. THE PUBLISHER* are daily receiving testimonials from A Clergymen, who sniie in approving the design andrx cu tion of this edition, the more especially r* the not e, by the Rev Alexander Fletcher, are so free from all sectarian bias r* to be generally accei>tabl? to evangelical renders of all dai omi uatious. It only if mains for tha publishers to assure iheir nu merous tnbtcrihers that the typographical and artistic excel lence of this edition will he maintained throughout the entire work. R. MARTIN It CO., a!2t*rc 26 John street. T'OB ACCO? r.boxes Sweeny aad Lewis 'manufactured Te 1 bxcco, a my supanor article, for sale lby i ml E, K-.GQi.LlNi JigCO., 56 8owth st( AUCTION SALES. day Ai>ri| IGth, at o'clock, at No. 40 We>r Washington I laCH, adixuiiig et. Jo*rpn * ? hurch, theelmut Furniture coo tained therein?corsistiug io pari of tl ?? following articles, all of Hmrwo?d inlaid :?J Cabinet Piauo; 2 buffets; Marble top; ' ouclie*; Vulttim; Fault-mis; S?winir Chtirt: Bud.trad*; Satin Curtains; Dressing. Tables; Ma'bla top, (aril Tablet; Centre do; Wardrobe; Mirror Dooisi French Herrrlary, beauti fully inlaid with flowers; Book-atauds; Writing Desks; CI, Ik Curtains, and uumerout small fancy articles ''mall 'I ahlra; Bilk C..... ........,IVia Alto, of Bohemian wood, the only sample of the ki"il in ?he city?one set of Chairs; two Sofas, and ope (.Voire iulaid mar bie top Tabic;; Furniture, covered with rich figured satin; par lor, l>rd-ro< in and lied cumins to match. Also, long pier, man tel, wardrobe and tlre-aing Mirrors; Btusselsand Ingrain Car p t?. Ritas, Sic. Also, Mahogany Furniture; Bedsteads; Ei trntion Tablet, Chaira, Tablet, and al?o Iron Bedtteadt. Alto. Beds, Mauasva, and Bedding?all FTcncli- Alto, green aud gold Dinner I liina; white do; tea do: and oua set Se?re China: a'to bronxu and oriptiln mechanical Lamrs; antiiine Vatet end figured Clocks: alto, col'd Uol .-inian Glass and plain do. Alto, Streuch Plated double goods; also, k're tch Copper Cooking Bat ft-pr and Kitchen Furniture; together with oil" r articles, which will be enumerated by catalogue, which will lie ready the day previout to talc. Alto, at private tale, I Krard doub'e actiou Harp. Alto, 12 beautiful Oil Paintiugt. in rich frames. Personal atte tiou will Im given to Furniture Sales, litis Spring, by E. H. LUDLOW. Oftice corner of Broad st eet and Ex chauge Place. apl 5 9 12 14 15 6tis*m A. C TUTTLE, TJARDWARb. CUTLERY. GERMAN STAPLE AND ' 1 FANCY GOODS ?Jacob 8. Piatt It Co.'s Spring Trade Hardware Bale wiM take place This Day at 10 o'cloek, at the auction room. No 23 Piatt, corner of Gold street, consisting of 3M Packages. Cases aud Lots of freih imparted and desirable Heavy and Shelf Goods. Also, 100 Ion Table snd Pocket Cut lery, comprising an excellent assor.ment Also, 100 lots of German Goods, just landed, and worthy the attention of the city and c- uutry trade. Also, Jspaoy, Carman Silver Ware, Fancy Goods, be. Catalogues uow ready. Teims six months, al I'?rc E. H. LUDI.uW, Auctuiueer. FLOWERING PLANTS? E. H L. St Co. will sell al ih? i sales room. No. 2i Broad stieet, on Wednesday, Apiil2d, at II o'clock, 1500 beautifal (lowering Green Hou-e Plants, in pots, in 'ots of ten each, assorted. Tney will be exhbited and arranged to gieat advantage on the morn-ng of ?a|e. These plants are from private g.vtl houses, and are not forced. Tuoeday, 1$, at ll>4 o'clock, at No. 264 Broadway, Household Furniture, a large assortment, by catalogue. apl 3t*ec WM. W. SHIRLEY, Auction: Sales Room No. 304 Broadway, cor. Duane st. TI7KDNESDAY, April 2d, at 10 o'clock, at store 304 Broad "* way, a <iaenity of good Furnitnre, from familii . . _ lies, a beau tiful lot Parlor Plan's, from a celebra' d nursery. Brussels and Ingrain Carpet. French and other Bedsteads, China and other Tea, Dinner, Coffee and Toilet Pets, Cut Lamps, Sic. Pale po sitive for cash. N. B ? Manufacturers and Housekeepers wishing goods sold, will pleasa call. Ad ran ess made aid immediate lettlenteuts. epl 2t?m As ENGRAVINGS AT AUCTION LEVY will sell on Wednesday evening at 7 o'olock, at No. 151 Broadway,"a large collection of Engravings,plain and colored. One double Counting Home Desk for rale. al lt*m ENGRAVINGS AT AUCTION. LEVY will sell on Wednesday evening, at 7 o'clock precisely, 151 Broadway, a line collection of English Fn gravioga and Colored Prints, without reserve. Also, two sets of Boyrfell'a Shakepave, in perfect order; the last that will be offered at auction, and the lest in his possession. al 2l*m A. FINE PLANTS AT AUCTION. H LEVY will sell, on Tuesday muruing at 11 o'clock, at * 151 Broadway, a large collection of Green House and Parlor Plenre, ctinsis'ing of many varie'iea. In the assortment is some very choire Hoses, and a few Aelanthes Trees. Also, some f esh Garden Seeds, and a quantity of Sagar Beet Seed. m31 2t*ec ELEGANT BUILDING LOTH at private sale, by PL H. LUDLOW & CO ?I lot on the Sih avenue, west side, 25 fe-t 9 by 125. with a lot joiniug on 13th street. The adjoining lot on 5th avenue. 25 feet 9 by 100, can also be had. A lot 50 feet on 5th avrnue rud 50 feet en Broadway. '19 feet ou one tide. 140 on the otlie-; 2 lots corner of West Washington Place and Washington Square, 55 feet on the Square and 128 feet on the street. Apply to api ltaw 3w*ec E. H. LUDLOW k CO., 23 Broad st. T?ARM8 AND COUNTRY SEATS AT PRIVATE " SALE, by E. H. Ludlow 8c Co.?A b?untiful Farm at Ma dison,' New Jersey, known as the "Sonillard" Place, with two home-, one (urni'hed, stock fai.ning utensils, kc. Tws farms adjoining the village of Jamaica, L. I;; 50 acres of laud adjoining the Village of oangerties, on the North river; a farm rid buildings at Stuyvesant Landing, about 200 acres; I do at Jamaica, near tlie bay, 71 acres; 2 ou Bruen Island, a splendid country residence nut farm ou the East river, in West Chester. Apply to E. H LUDLOW fc Co., allaw3w*rc 23 Broad street. AUCTION NOTICE-Salethis Day at lOKo'clocu, at No. II Sprnce street, of a stoek of English ana French Thiead Lncts, Silks, Capes, Hats, Mil". Ladies Dreste-. Silk Cra vats. New Style Ribbons, P'rench worked Collars,Bertha Capes Millinery, Artificial F'lowers, and a thousand other fancy ar ticles. Also, a lot of dry goods, 1000 yards clothes and cassia, eres in lots to suit, head dresses, ruches, tabs kckc.ggkm al it*m THUS. HELL, Auc ioneer. AUCTION NOTICE? Furniture and Housekeeping Jl cles.?On Wednesday, as 1014 o'clock, in the 1 Rooms, 11 Saruce street, will be .sola a first rate astortmc . Arti Large ... s assortment of Furniture from a family giving up housekeeping. Also, a quautity of Bar Room F'ui jiture, marble tablet, large looking glasses, carp Us, sofas, chairs, kc. Also, at usual. without reserve, 2 valuable Piano Fortes, and a most ne'Utiful Seraphiua, nil cloth, rugs, India matting, 35 bedstc.ds, 6 sofas, rocking chairs, kc. By virtue of a mortgage, the valuable collection of Paintings wilt be sold on Thursday, al 2 *m THOS. BKLL. Auct'oneer. HOUSEHOLD FURN11'URK SALLS, BY E. H. LUDLOW &. CO., Office Corner of Broad Street and Exchange Place. rpHUKSDAY, April 10th, at 10)6 o'clock, at 252 William it. -L a large assortment of Furnitnre. FK1DAY, April 11th, Elegant Furniture in 17th xueet, near Union Square. \VEDNk>DAY, April 16, at 10)6 o'clock, at No. 40 Weit Washington Place, Barrow street, splendid rosewood and other Furniture. THURSDAY, April 17, at 10 o'clock, at 93 Liberty street, a larse assortment of Furniture, Pictures, Stc. FRIDAY, April 18th,at 11 o'clock, et No. ? Twenty-First HfVfr near9:h Avenue. Fashionable Fnrniin"- al,~" Mo'niIhV. April 28th, ?t 10)6 o'clock, at 28 Second street, (continuation of Bond street) elegaut Household Furniture 0?"Ci?il attendants have been secured to attend to the sales as porters. Those wishing to sell will have arrangements at tended to on application at their stors, No. 23 Broad street. mh20 2w*rc HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE SALES, AT AUCTION. rpHE SUBSCRIBER is prepared to give prompt attention A (this spring) to Sales of Household Furniture, either Stocks of Manufacturers, or ol families breaking up housekeeping,both ui New York and at the city of Brooklyn. The above Sales will be under the particular direction of Mr. JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP, who respectfully solicits the orders of all such as may require bis services. Application to he made at the Auction Room, No. 23 Piatt street corner of Gold. JACOB 8. PLATT, mh22 TuThSt 10is*re Auctioneer. PACKET SHIP UT1CA, FROM HAVRE.-Consignees A will plessescnd their permit-on board at Pier No 4, North river. Goods not permitr rd by the 4th inst. will be sent to the Public Store al Itrc PAt.KKT SHIP OASl'ON, FOR MARSEILLES?The passengers will embark at Tier No. 13, East net, at 12 o'clock precisely, This Day, The Lstter Bags will closest the usual places at 11)6 o'clock, al rc PACKET SHU' SIDDONS, from Liverpool, is discharging under gen-ral order at Orleans Wharl, foot of Vs'l steert. Consigners will please attend to the receipt of their goods im mediately. al PACKET SHIP BALTIMORE, from Havre.?Cons gne-s will please send thuir Permits on board, at pier No. 4, N R. All good* not re mitted by the 3d prox will be sent to the Pnb lie Store. m28 6tec HERALDIC ESTABLISHMENT", NO. 203 BROADWAY, N. Y. fPHE Arms and Crests of Families, from all parts of Europe; A can be obtained and splendidly emblazoned on Vellum, su Srior in axeculiou, and equal in Heraldic correctness to the erald's College of London. The genealogies of families ar ranged and illuminated, at moderate charges. The largest and larest Heraldic and Genealogical collection on the American Continent, will be found at W. A. COLMAN'S, No. 283 Broadway, N. Y. Where the Genealogy of George Washington, beautifully emblazoned, may be obtained for $1,38 or primed in colors for $1,25. ml>20 istfrc ENGLISH HARDWARE AT LOW PRICES. YI7HOLE8ALE Dealers will consult their own interest by "v taking Up Slain Prices, before closing their purchases. The subscriber represents several manufacturers, ami ia euabled to supply merchants from first hand- and at First Prices. 7410 gross low priced Table Cutlery, $5)6 per gross, Ike., Sic 10 casks superior Mill, Bastard, Taper, he. Files?al the old prices. 12 easks Heavy .Carolina Hoes, 000 to No. 2?at cost of im portation. 4 caslu Hand and Paunel Saws?$5,75 per dozen. 50 nags fine Wrought and Horse Nails. Also, Knob and Fadlocks, Hooka and Hinges, Traces, Curry Cnmba, Spoons, Latches, Bulla, Brdscrewa, Sic., with a com plete assortment of Pocket and Table Cntlerv. Razors, Ac., See. JOHN A. NEWBOULD. 90 John street, mh2Q 7tisTuTh8l?m (Up Stairs ) TO BE BOLD, A STRONG, well hnilt Barouche Carriage, in good order, aud well adapted for family use, with or without a double harness. To be seen at Hop'sum's Riding School, and Lively Stables. 137 Mercer street m? is frre TO LET UK LEASE, and iiosaeision given imm>di ' aiely?A large, convenient dwelling house. Sic., h-auti -.fHilv situated ou die branch of th? East river, about four tnilea from the t :ity Hali. The garden contaius a variety of excellent Fruit Trees. Grape Vines, and other Hhrnbbsrv, to gether with all the necessary Vegetables for a family. There is also a fine privilege for Halt Wa'-r Bathing, a good school in the vicinity, Sic. Enquire of Morgan L. Ugden, at the Naval office, Cnstom House. al lw*m ? TO LET?1'hs lower part of the modern hnilt house, No. 80(betw n I hatch aud Broadway,) Reade street The s-cond floor being occupied by a small family, without children, it wnnld lie found to be a comfortable resi dence for a respectable family. To a goodliensnt, with satisfactory! references, the rent will be low. al 3t*rh FURNISHED APARTMENTS. WANTED?Two or three Furnished Apartments, from the first of May, suitable for a small family. Lo cation within ten minute's walk of the City Hall.? erms moderate. Address X. Y. /. at this office. m25 istfrc GRAPE VINE TRIMMING AND GARDENING, jKAfcTlie present it the proper time to trim Grape Vines.?'The ^Jkmniil'irribor. from fifteen years experience in this country, 11 titers himse'f he wil give satisfaction He thoroughly understands the laying out of City Gardens, fnmithea the best quality mould and tons; also. Trees, Shrubs, (ira;* Vines, lie., and for a moderate i oin] eusitiou keeps the garden in proper order all the season. Alianthus, Horse Chesnut, and other Street Trers, furnished and plauted. Orders left at the store of J. M. Thorbnrn Ik Co., 15 John st., or at the residence of the subscriber, corner 22d street and Broadway, will meet prompt attention. m30 3tSnnT6iT*isec JAWK8 VIRTUE. BEEBE & COftTAR'S FASHION FOR SPRING, 1S45. ft CROWN?7)6 inches high, 5-IStlt ball, % yeaman, J6 Jgfc enrve. Tip?oval Bmw?2 3-16'h inches wid^enrl small and round, rather ful ler at sides, and tapering off very fine, meeting with a very slight turn at the front and rear. Sat?the under part ol the brim )6 s'opeil and % inch curved. * Bam>?9-16 h inches wide, with buckle. Hmnirrn?9 16th inch wide Feb 24 li, 1815. N. B.?In presenting to the public and the trade ganemlly the ahov - detail of in proportion of our spring etyle, and In an nouncing it as the faahi n for the rnaning season, we beg to state that we do so iu the fall telianca tint its intrinsic beauties and positive merits will procure for il the nndonbted stamp of public approbation and adoption. A comparison of its distinctively peculiar featnrvs with those of soma of the other announcements as the fashion, will at one satisfy the public as to the origiuali y of the design, aud that all attempts at imitation are hnt sorry efforts to'deceive them, aud to appropriate that to which we have an exclusive claim. ra38 4(is*rrc AMUSEMENTS, PAUK THKATKK TUESDAY EVENING, April I. . Will be peetruted, for tin* 8'b tune on My sti-ae, Mrs. Miiwitj i urw comedy, calh-d FASHION?Count <le Joliinaitre. W. H ? risp; ?'ill. Howard. Dyolt; (intrude, Mis* Gitre Kiln; Ser* phiua Tiffany, Mis- Kair Horn, f'.l Boleio, by Mis, St Clair. After which SOMEBODY ELSE?Hint Moritx. Mr W. H. <-ri?p; Ernest Waldbury, Dyot'; llerr Flitternnui. Crocker; I.ouite Waldbury, Mrs. Duveurl; Minnie Mrs Skerrett Boies, 1st tier 74cents, 2d tier 10 ceuts?Pit 40ceuts?Gallery 24 cents. PAIiHO'S UPKHA llOUSK. MH. W. D1NNEFORD respectrulh announces th?t, having takeu a Ivuse of the above named Theslr?, lie will OL'eu it ou ?MONDAY, Arnl 7, 1845, witli a serits of Dramatic Representations, whicli shall be, id every r'?| ect. worthy of public pat'onrge. The first larfornu 'ire which he will have the honor of produ ciuir will be the Classic Tragedy of ANTIGONE, (TtecAe/ tf'iruerc of the ticuius of Bopliocle-^) which lias been iec-ived with the most extraordiii'ry enthi'si'sm in the cities of Berlin, Patis and London: adapted to the English Stape by W. bartho lomew, 8 sti , the Cho al .Music, bv Muudets*nnn. .To produce this gre-t creation ol the Tragic Muse, with clas sic effect, t! e hr^te will b; constructed after the model ol a Grecian 't heatre; rnd the scene, cosluinrs, groupings, tic., will be m perfect k-ep ng. Thu Lessf is happy to snuounce tliat he has secured tlia co Oferutiou and assistance of MH. G. VANDENHOFK. as Stage Director ; under who*e su'ieriiileudanco this classic Drama will be produced, and who will sutia'ii tlie character of Creou. The Musical Direction will lie is the hands of MR. GEORGE CODER, with an efficient Orchestra, and powerful Chorus, capable of girieg full effect to Mendelssohn a subliir - music. The characters will be tilled by a Selected Company; and uo eipeuau will be spared in puttiug the Drama worthily on the Btage. mil rc BUHTON'M THKA I KE-A r chutreet, PHILADELPHIA. TUESDAY EVENING, April let r" " Dickens'l?at work, Dram nised in 3 *ets of MAR 1'IN CHUZ ZLEWIT?Momague?Tigg. Mr. O. Barrett; Jonas Chu/.zl* wit, Stevens; Master Bailey, Burke; Martin, Bowers; Mis Sarah Gunp, the Nurse, .Burton; Mrs. Betsey prig, John ?ton; Mercv, Miss Kirby; Msrv, Mrs. Burke. Dauciug bv Miss E. Moore at.d Mr. G. Smith To conclude with the last new Drama of THE LONE STAR ?Colonel Crockett, Mr- Stevens; Bigelow, Burke; Mrs. Dickenson, Mrs. Burke. FIELD'S MUSICAL. FESTIVAL. TVffH. C. D FIELD hes the honor to announce that he will ?l-vl give a Miscellaneous Musical Festival, in the BHOAD WAV TABERN Ai'LE, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 2, 1844. Part 1st?Consisting of Social and Patriotic nonga. Hounds, 8tc . will be executed by a select Juvenile Choir of 240 Per formers. Part 2d?Comrrising Songs of the Prisons, Patriotic, So cial and Comic Glees, will be luxtained by a Glee Choir of 40 Performers. Mr. W. L. RK8TON, Piauiat. Tickets 24 cents each?May b? lial at Firth Hi Hall, 239 Broadway; Price's Muaic St re, 302 Hudson street; Einbre/'s Music Store, 134 Bowery ; and at the Door. Commence at half-|iast7. precisely. al 2fm TEMPLE OF THE MUSES. ?"PHIS SPLENDID ESTABLISHMENT, about which so A much hes been said and published, commonly called the Floating Theatre, will open with a powerful cast, to-morrow, (Wednesday) evening, near the foot of Canal street. She will be brilliantly lighted with Gas, made ou board,and surmounted with the largest Drummoud Light ever made. Particulars to morrow. al It*in LADY PHRENOLOGIST. "PROFESSOR RODOERS, encouraged by his wonderful P success in thu defeat of Mil. DURANT and others, and fully determined not to give up unt I the lest skeptic is convinced, proposes to continue his investigations in HUMAN MAGNETISM during the present weak, at Rutrer's Institute, Madison sheet, oil Tuesday evening; ut CLINTON HALL, Nassau street, Wedoesnay eve ning ; at Avenue C. and Third streets, Thursday eve ning, and at Grove and Hudson streets, Friday eveninr. He is happy to announce the arrival of Mr aud Mrs LOOMIS, from Philadelphia, the parents of Miss MARTHA, who has reed numerous cards, bank notes, newspapers, aud told the time correctly by a large number of watches, |erfectly bandaged, seventeen evenings out of eithteea, m t' e different halls in this city, witnessed by thousands of scientific i<er?ous, who could not be deceived Mr. and Mrs. Loomis have distiiigmhed them selves as lecturers u|kiii the above-mentiored sciences, and Mrs. Loomia wi'l be present and lecture upon Phrenology, and make i hreuological examinations. After which the Professor will magnetise s veral persons, among whom will be Miss Martha and Muster Oscar, wh"se wonderful feats of streng n have ai touished thousands and will att-mpt to lift a chair held down by five strong msu selected from the audience, while in a mag netic st'te. Mrs. LOOMIS h*s lectured to very large and intelligent au diences io Philadelphia, and many oilier cities in different parts of the United States, aud can show credeutia a from individuals of the first standing iu society, but deems the following suffi cient ;? "The undersigned, citizens of Harrisburg having had the pleasure of listening to a lecture delirr red by Mrs. S.C. Lootnis, on Phrenology and Animal Magnetism, deem it due to her to sav thai her acquaintance with there subj-cta appears to be ex tensive and accurate, and her manner of presenting them to a popular audience, unusually happy- We would also sta'e that her experiments were attended with remarkable success, and ap peared to afford satisfaction to crery one present. Wc recom mend Mre. Loomis to the patronage of all who wish to procure information on the subject of (hr-no-Mastnetitin, or to witness the Phenomena connected with t-is wonderful science. DAVID R. PORTER, Governor, JAMES FLEMING, 8. 1). INGRAM, BENJ PARKE. WM STEWART, L. B. CASE, mh30 ec JOHN" WYETH."! ROGER'S GYMNASIUM. VrOTICK ?The undersigned take* this method of informing As h>s subscribers and Inends that he intends 01 -uinxa GYM NA9IUM on Broadway in the course of a few weeks. Those of hit Pupils whose terms have not ret expired will hive the time lost made up to them there. He will be plee?ed to meet them at his Kooms in Canal street, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings of this week, when he will give any further explanation or information that may be desired. JAMES P ROGERS. New York, April 1, 1845. al lt*rc CENTUEVILLE COURSE, TROTTING^ A PURSE OF FIFTY DOLLARS will be given. Mile heats, best 3 in 5, under the saddle. Free for horses that never won a purse over 155. To com* off over the absve Course on Monday. April 7ih, at 3 o'clock, P. M. To close Thursday, April 3d. by 9 o'clock, P. M , at Jon?s'Secood Ward Hotel; 3 or mo a to m^ke a race. The Track has been scraped and relied, and is in excell-nt order. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. at 3t?ja UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND. fPHE LATE PROPRIETORS of the BEACON COURSE A forTrott-ng, respectfully inform the Public, who have so liberally paponised (h-in for the last four seasons on the Beacon Course, that they, together with Hiram Woolruff, have taken the Union Course for the comirg se-son for all purposes except racing. During the season liberal Purses will be offered far Trotting, Hurdle Racing and Font Racing. The following Trotting Stakes and Purse is offered, to come off the last week in April .? Stake No. 1?Free for hors-s never trotted for a Purse, mile heats, best 3 in 5, under the raddle. Snb. $100, H F. Staae No 2? hree for horses never trotted for a Purse Two Mile hears in harness. Suh. $100, H F. Stake No. 3?Free for horses never won a Pnrse, over $10, Two Mile heats, under th* Saddle Snb. $100, H. F. Stake No. 4?Same as No. 3, in h?rness. Stake No. 5?Two Mile heats under the saddle, free for horses never won a Purse over $100 Suh. $100, H F. Purse $250, Two Mile heats in harness, free for all Trotting horses. Entries for the Stabes and Purse to be made on or before Tuesday, April the 8th, at Green's fc Losses, No. 188Chatham street, by 9 P. Al., three or more in each to make a race. m30 l?t*ec JUST RECEIVED, AT THg| NOCVEASTK9 PAKISIENNKS PARIS MILLINERY ESTABUS ME NT, 4*43 Broadway, TWO CASES of Ladles Straw and Silk Hats, of the latest A styles. unsurpassed for mm end workmanship in the City, which are part.culatly recommended to the attention of the Ladies. Will be Opened on Wkdnesdav next, 2d April. m3l 2t*rrc JUST PUBLISHED. FORRK8T AL, OR THE LIGHTS OF THE RF.KF. A ROMANCE OF THE BLUE WATERS, BY J H. INGRAHA.M, ESQ., A UTHOR of "Lafitte," "Quadroone,"' ' Captain Kidd,"k(> fx Price 25 cents. A I.SO. Charles Blackeorii, or Thv Adventures of a Student.wills a capital Illustration, by the same popular author. Price 12** cents And will he published on Tuesday, Emily Manspield or The Gambler's Fate, Lost but notWon By the anchor of "Mysteries of Boston," wits three Illuatra tions by the best artists in the country. 12X cents. For sale at all Book Stores. m30 5tis*rrc MONTHLY REFOR TOF THE N, Y< Medical sanrt Rurglral Institutes * No. 75Ckamrvrs Street. CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. 4 Cases of Midwifery. 4 Oreat debility, arising from 3 Affections of the Heart. bad habits. 2 Of Liver, do. 2 Scrofula, with nlce-s under 7 Inilxmmation of the Eyes. the oars and neck. 5 Secondary Syphilis, with I Eryt p-lat of the face, and sote throat anil ulcers. two of the legs. 2 Rheumatism. 1 Ble*ding from the stomach. 8 Seminal Weakness. 4 Diaesse* of the akin. 11 Gonorrhma. 2 Pain in the back. 1 Pleurisy. 9 Painful menstruation. 9 Primary Chancre. 5 Gleet. 4 Examination of the cheat to 3 Retention of urine. detect disease. 2 Consumption, (incurable.) 3 t'onsnpatioa of the bowels. I Fever. 16 Strictures in Urethra cured 8 Detected. 8 cases of primary without cutting or burning affection* of tlw Longs. 1 Cast-of Gravel. Tliete are rises that cau 2 Diarrhnsx. usually lie currd. How im 1 lotlammstinu of tlie bladder inirtant to be attended in 2 Bleeding from the Lungs. I ime. SUCCESSFUL SURGICAL OPERATIONS k CURES. Removal of a fifth suprrnume- ved from the lower jaw. rary finger grawiug out 2 Operations for siininting. vsr transversely from the third 1 Ooeration for Vistula in joint of the little duger, Alio, which had three perftct ar- 3 Cases of Piles, ticnlations. 1 Polypus removed from the 1 Caril'ginous tumor remo- ear of child. ved from the posterior wall 2 Operations for Hydrocele, of the Rrcitim, at large as 1 Bail injaiy of the hum) ari a hen's egg. sing I om the dust of ma 4 "ore l? gs of longstanding. hogaiiy ge'ting into the I Irjnry of tliehead. wound, whic i it a poi I Erysipelas of the legs. son. though not generally I Fracture. known. 1 Large piece of hone remo N. B?Female diseases attended to. The poor attended to withont any charge, every day, hetwi 3 and 4 o'clock. Dr. (f BOSTWft K, m30 Imis'ec Attending Surgeon and Physician HTHARF IN BKOOKLYN, opposite WaII st , TO LET " with a front of 150 feet on the Hirer, and about 150 feet deen on each side. It is covered with theda, havisg been occn pied for the storage of naval stores Apply to TONNKLE k HALL. corner of Ptiuri in30 3iu* fc find IWkmMi ttrt*u "by the southern mail Washington. I Correspondence of the Herald ) Washimiton, March 30, 1845. The rtvisiting of Spring?'Ihe iVetes? 'the Cabinet ?Progressive Innovations of Reform intke Dish t but ion of the Spoilt?Rules propositi or adopted? The Organ? Blair Botc-itringed?Peter Hugner and bis relatives in office?CafHain Tyler engaged in the fishing business?T. L. Smith overruled in spite of Col. Benton?The Democracy of Wash ington calling for help, &c. A more beautiful day than we have now in the Federal Metropolis, never gladdened the shirtless savages ol the Feejee Islands. The atmosphere, the sunlight, the warm clouds around the nm of the horizon, make the climate as luxuriously en joyable as a mint-julep in harvest time. But, what's the news 1 Take a chair and let us talk over the news of the day?agreed. Well, the cabinet is a sterling cabinet?a busi ness cabinet?a wide-a-wake, enterprising cabinet, and President Polk has, indeed, proved himself a muster cabinet maker. For only examine a mo ment the ootential regulations introduced or about to be estaolished in the distribution of the " two dollars a dav and roast beef" ol the Treasury. 1st. The territorial offices to be filled by men from the Territories in which such offices are or may be ?the importation system from Washington and the Stales to be abolished and overruled where it is in force. 2 All the notoiious, irredeemable, self-complacent, subservient or pliable, obstinate or flexibly servile whtgs, to be turned over to the care ol the great whig party?marked on|tbe|back "this side up with care." 3. Every man who has been in office for a term of eight years,' or longer, to be rotated out without distinction ol party. Upon this last grand repub lican innovation, the Cabinet, it is said, were yes terday in sersion till a late hour of the night, and though at this time we are not informed of the adoption of the eight year limitation, yet we know it would meet the approbation of the whole coun try, if adopted. The general impression inclines to the conclusion that the Cabinet have adopted, or will, undoubtedly adopt, this excellent rotatoi/ regulation. The "Organ." however, was the main question of yesterday's consultations of Polk and his ministers. No definite conclusion report ed, except that Blair will, in no contingency, ! honored with the official function of editor of tl - official paper. He is not the man. His money has made him a little too dictatorial longer to be trusted. A new press will be established, and its influence will be found to be ad wholesome to the old sores, among cliques, factions, and individuals, as healing to the sores, so long kept open by the probing knife of Blair, as Oldridge's Bairn ot Co lumbia, or Pease's Hoarhound and Dogfennel Candy. But, respecting the eight year regulation ofrotatioR. We ineist, if it be apolied, that it shall be inexorable, and that even Peter Hagner, third auditor, and his seventeen relatives in office, shall abide (by therule. And we would suggent another rule, to wit, that no man, not even the heads of the departments, shall be permitted to have simultaneously more lhan seventeen rela tives in office under Executive appointment, and for a restriction of the President himself to fil ty two relatives, allowing two for each State in the Union. We believe Captain Tyler never knew the extent ot bis family connexions till last sum mer, when he discovered that they numbered a force equal to Falstafl's regiment, and would, per haps, have been as unlucky in the end, if not so considerately promoted, elevated, and provided lor as they were by the worthy captain. [Item?The last intelligence from Williamsburg is, that Captain Tyler is seining the James River for his summer supply of fish. It is said that the gambols and high jumps of several sturgeon caught napping by the Captain's fishermen the other oay, caused infinite diversion to Mrs. Tyler, who de clared the scene a most beautiful snort.] JF Col Benton has failed to save 1. L. simith,Reg ister of the Treasury. Coneuquinily, even with Benton's inlluenc?,appears not to availmuch where the party prejudices and opinions of the obnoxious incumbent, cry aloud to spare not. Ransom H. Gillett, (if we mistake not,) of York State, sup plies the place of Smith. The Democratic Associations of Washington, who distributed several millions of documents last summer all over the land, surpassing the industry of Willis Green and his confederates?demand that in the distribution of offices,these same Wash ington locotocos shall not be overlooked. And we now tell Captain Polk, and we are talking to htm as to a friend, and as no sycophant ever talks, that unless these Associations of this District at" at tended to, there will be a furs raited around his ears, which will give him more trouble than a lit tle. They only ask for Sengstack in the p'.sce of Svkes, and Towles in the place ot old Major Dade, of the Penitentiary, and one or two petty Clerk ships, for the thousands of dollars which they Bpent lost summer. We ask no favor with these men; but we protest against ex members ot Congress fit ling all the fat offices in Washington. Yours, truly, Mr. Fot. Philadelphia. [Correspondence o( the Herald.] Philadelphia, March ?29, 1946 Spring Weather?Cat. Webb and Gen Green. The weather is fine?the streets are fall of the most lovely and glorious ladies in Christendom. It imparts fresh vigor to the most emaciated, to take a stroll down Chrsnnt street. How does it happen that for the last two months, Col' Webb ot the regular army, is so often in this eity i Not a week elapses, without seeing that distingushed hero o' "mahogany stock''renown, landing down at Head's Man sion House. It is rumored that he comes on here, to attend a snit for libel brought against him by Colonel I'owell. General Doff Gieen is soon to be hero. Philadelphia, March 31, ISAi. The weather for the last three days has been mild an* pleasant. the power of the sun seems to have been increased, and but for the masses of clouds which float across the sky, the heat would be as uucomfortable as midsummer. We have had through the course of the day the slightest and briefest imaginable sprinkling of rain not enough to begin to lay the dust which is csrried by the southeast wind in clouds through the air, filling every chink and cranney of our houses, and the eyes and nos trils of pedestrians. The draught has accumulated great quantities ef dust, and I fear is doing serious damage to vegetation. The most interesting portion of news is that connected with our Courts. The Supreme Bench is divided on the question ot a nesting the judgment of the Quarter Ser sions in the cr?e of Samuel Zephon.and have ordered a r< argument. I have already laid this case before the readers of the Herald, and l deem it only necessary now to say that Zvphon was convicted of murder, and is under sentence of death. A Writ of Error haa in the meantime been taken to the Supreme Court, on grounds stated in a former letter, and the execution must again, as it has twice before, be respited till the same be determined. It is said thut t .vo out of the five judges are for reversing the judgment, two are a 'ittle in doubt and incline for a reversal, while the other was sitting at niti print during the first argument, and of course did not hear tne case ? The latter therefore is to be called in, and a new argt ment heard before a full bench. Judges Pet tit and Jones have been re-appointed t bench of the District Conrt, which has just been rcn~w ed by the Legislature; but Judge Stroud has been ss u. ? ceremoniously as it was unexpectedly, thrown overboard, to make room for Mr. Findlay, of Lancaster county, and a brother-in-law of Governor Sbunk. Thia has excited a great deal of dissatisfaction among the bar. They re gard it as another importation from the oonntry, and they are Justly incensed at being so repeatedly overlooked, and at strangers being promoted over their heads. They believe there is legal talent sufficient among them to fill the highest judicial stations, and begin to believe that to tie a member of the Philadelphia bar, is a complete bar to all legal promotion. It is rumored to-day that Judgea Pettit and Jonea will not accept the re-appointment, bath on account of the cavalier treatment received by tbeir late energetic asiociate, and because ot the inadequacy ol the salary attached to the office. Mr. Findlay, who is nominated in place of Judge Stroud, la a son of the late Governor Findlay. r-There >a qui'e a revival among theatricals, and the ma iiagers of the different establishments have commenced the campaisn in earueat. Booth appears at the Walnut tc-uight; Welau briaga out Mazoppa at the same time at the Olvmpic or National Circus ; Burton at the Arch Street, produces Martin Chuzzlewit and conclude* with the Ethiopian traveratie of " Otello," thus rivaling the Ethiopian Opera at the Cheanut Street. Thia latter company supply the frequenters of their esta blishment with considerable smueemeut. The mere anncuncement ol the performances, however, show that Burten and Welch are the most jndirious of all our managers, for their entertainments are ot a mingled character, lumish more variety, and consequently they must hereafter, as they do now, transact tho greatest amount of thoatrical business. It does one's heatt good to see ths improvement mani. nifeated among our stock companies. The wretched, brutal traah, (1 speak of the quality of theaators.) which occtmnd the boards a short timo since, seem to have been expelled or driven into their appropriate spheres, the "supegangi."and their plac-s supplied by gentlemen of sotoe education, who have made the drama their profes sion and their study. It is cheering to fee such persons as Mr. anl Mrs. Thayer once more upon the stsge, and it gives hopes of a revival of the character of the histrionic profei-tion. 1 believe that the most fruitful cause ol the drams being descried by the people, haa been that It was first deserted hv those who alone were fit to bo its repre tentative*. The mass I of playgoers possess fsste and judgment, and are net willing to have their feelings hurt and their dignity intuited by the strutting, bellowing, vulgar cariacaturea upon acting with which the stage has been disgraced for the last ten years. Rumors about our appointments are again floating ? Madame rumor appears to havo an unlimited power of appointment and removal To-day Henry Horn Is the Collector of the Port, and Andrew Miller is the Post Ma? ter. These rumors make quite a sensation among ifte political circle* 1 hesr no rumor* about the Mar*b?*hip of thia District?a pretty conclusive evidence the* tke pre

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