Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD Vol. *1., No. 03?Whole No. 4055. NEW YORK. FRIDAY MORNING. APRIL 4, 1845. Prleo Two ContK THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORIJ). To th? Publl*. THE NEW YOHK HERALD? Daily Newspaper?Dub liihed every day of the rw escept New Yeei . Day and Fonrth ?f July. Price 5 centa per eop7?or $7 26 per an' on?pottage* paid?caah m advance. THK. WEEKLY HERALD?published eye., Haturdar norning?price Sid cents pet copy, or $1 13 per aau.ui?post ages paid, caali in advance. ADVERTISERS arc informed that the circnlatio . if the Herald ii over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing feat It ha$ the largest circulation of any paper tn (Air city, or the tomld^nd, it, therefore, the heel channel for business nseu in the cfcy or country. Prieea moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinda executed at the mott moderate price gad in tlie moat eleguut iiyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, *mor?iKToa or thi Hcralo Estahlihimkisy, Northwest corner of Kulton and Noxaan itreetf. ^St STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Eeotof Whitehall Htreet. <>u and after Monday, March 17th, the Uoala will rou aa fol low., until farther notice:? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND: I, 10, nod 12 A M.: _| ?nd 5 P M LEAVE NEW YORK : o and II, A. M.t 1. 3M, and 6, P. M. N. B.?All frn-ghi at the risk of the ownera thereof, inhllrc UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR BALTIMORE. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Via Chester, Wilmington, Elkton, Havre de Grace, ke. FARE REDUCED. On and after MONDAY next, Mtrch24th, the can will leave the dep >t, corner of Eleventh and Market atreeta, as f.Uowa:? DAILY, at 4 P. M. " " (except Handera) at I0)j P. M. Or on the arrival of the 5 P. M. train Trout New York, FARE THREE DOLLARS [t"7*"The above are the only linea that connect with thoaa leaving Baltimore for the South and Weat. WHEELING ANB PITTSBURGH. Ticketa through to Wheeling or Pittsburgh can be procured t the llennt. Paaaengera for Pittsburgh take the steamboat at Brownsville. [C7" Western Paaaengera leaving New York at S P.M., can tale the Line that Leaves Philtdelphia at 10K P.M., and arrive, in Baltimore in time for the cars leaving at 7 A.M. for the Weat. Kaie to Wheeling, $11?Pittsburgh, $12, Returning, the ears leave Baltimore at 9 A.M. and 8 P.M. Freight Passenger Train, PARE FIFTY CENTS. A Passenger Car will be attached to the Freight Train, leav ing the Depot at 5 P. M. Fare 50 centf. Paaaengera by this Line rill arrive in Baltimore at an early hour next morning. Freight to Baltimore. DRY GOODS. 12H cents per 100 lbs. GROCERIES, kc. 10 cents tier 100 lbs. Freights received and forwarded daily (except Sundays) from the Depot, coraer of Uthand Market streets, and delived in Bal timoie at an hour than by any other line G.H. HUDDELL. Agent. Phila. it?- For any information respecting the above Lines, apply to GEO. r FISHER, Agent, No. 7 Wall, or 6 West streets. FOR BALTIMORE. 7 1-S? O'CLOCK, A. M ?F ARTE $9. CITIZENS' UNION LINE. VIA NEW CASTLE k FRENCHTOWN RAILROAD. This route, acknowledged to be the most pleasant _!,e:w*en Philadelphia ana Baltimore, will be open .far travel on MONDAY next, March 24th. . ? ? The unrivalled and favorite i-eamboat ROBERT MOKr: IS, Captain Dougl-ta, having been put in thorough or der, will take her place ou .his end of the Line, and the swift and splendid st-atnboat CONSTITUTION, Capt. Chnytor, on tlw Baltimore end . ... On and after MONDAY next. March ?4th. (he steamboat ROBERT MORRIS wil leave Dock_street wharf daily, (except Sunday, at 7S o'c'oi k. A. M. for New Castle, wheie passengers will take tin- cars (kaowu to be the most comfortable in the country) for Fieri iitnwu, and there take the steamboat CONSTITUTION for Baltimore, arriving iu time to (and the only line that dees) connrct with the Lines leaving Baltimore iu the afternoon for tli - S inlh and in from 4 to 6 hours in advance of any other line. The Lines leave Baltimore for Philadelphia daily, except Sun days, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Breakfrsi and Dili aura provided on board the Boats. hare to Chester or Newcastle 25 centa. hare tu Baltimore $2 00 WflEr.Lfv'G AND PITTSBURGH. Tirketa through to Wheeling and Pittabnrgh can ba procured on the nost. irli2i lut*rc G. H. HUDDELL, Agent. M NEW YtJUK, SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN. BELVIDEREi AND E AS TON.?Leave the ~r . i f""r "f Cuurlland atroet daily, buuiU>i excepted, at 9 iiVlnckTA M., by Railroad from Jersey City to Morris town thence bv post-coaches through Mrndham, Chester, Ger man Villey, Schooler's Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Cal den Wash-ngton, to Belrideie and F.nston. Fors'ars, apply to J.Hill, at the Commercial Hotel. 73 Court land street. N B ? Extras furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to Chart a 1 nluath. at Morristown. m4 Im'in "NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Direet sfrom the pier at the foot of ( ourtlandt it ? .The low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. H. Squire, This Kv?iag, at (o'clock, Friday, April 4th, 1845. For passage or freight, apply ou board, or to C. CLARK, at th* office ou die wharf. Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. Freight mast be put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company will not be rns|ioasible for losses. a4 rc PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOR ? ALBAN Y?Daily, Sundays excepted,through .direct, at 6 o'clock, P. M.?From the Pier be tween l onrtl..udt anil Liberty streets. The Steamboat ROCHESTER. Cspu;n R. G. Crnttenden, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, and Fsiday afternoons, ai 6 o'clock The Me* m boat KNICKKRBOKKK, Captain A. Houghton, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and sCurday afternoons at 6 o'clock. I At 5 o'eloek. P. M., Landing at intermediate places s?fr m the foot of Bar-lay street The steamboat SOU 1'H AMF.RICA, Captain M. H. Truea drll.nn vlnuday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The .Meamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Willi >mH. Peek, on Tues.lay, 1 hursday and Satorday afternoons, at 5 o'clk. Passengers taking the above lines will arrive in Albany ii ample time to take the morning train of Cars for the Ess or VV est. The Boits are new and substantial, are furnished with new and > leg nil state rooms, and for speed and accommodations sue tknri tailed on the llndson. Freight t-ken at moderate rates. Ali persons are for id trusting any of the boats of this line, wnhout a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Bchul x, at the office ou the Wharf. a2rc *.-*?> age STEAMER 'VILL'AM HEABHOOK AT W^g*3*!>HIVA' K 8ALK?Tii? snjierior Veered, m,1 ? . Built by Ja:nea Marsh k Son, of this place, bnM mat rial-, iu tlie siiin'o of 1*39, is now ottered at pri vwv ale, and 11 no dispo ei of in ha', way. will positively be sold i n I ursday, the t7.h April at public anctiou, to tha highea bidder. She -resort 13? fee. keel, 142 feet on d?ck, 24 feei 2 inches hull, - f-wt 2 inch.-n n depth, and 285 tons, is cop p-r ias rued aii i copier sd up 'o tier d-css, cornier no'ler aud en tice of 70 orar pow-r, manulactar d b> J. r. All sir, ot New York. In ih-irt, si e <? n ?< only well, but exp'nsively found in eser? rrs cf, n ns good si a'w. For anv other inf rni'tion, plea e apply to SArsDIFOi'" HOL' E8, ir24 f 17 An'tion ; a ge, Charleston. S < KOR NEW ORLEANS? Positively first and on SV Iv Regular Packet?Louisiana and Neva York Line? Sb'L guUr Packet of Slh iast?The new and very supe rior p icket snip SHANUNOA, Captain Patton, will sail as above. h-r regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid furnished accommo dtli'ius, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall si., or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 Sontli at. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday even ing. 5th April. A.ents in New Orleans. Meaan. Hullin k Woodruff, who whl promptly forward all goods to their address. The Regular Packet Ship LOUISVILlE, Captain Hunt, will anccred tlw Slisnnngn, and sail 16th iutt. 14 ?uhje.- FOR LI VERI'QOL.?Regular Packet of the 18th wMjaPWof April?The well known, splendid, first class, tut JpMBu>iilinc Picket Slop ASH BURTON, Captain Henry H.iUl siou. wilt posilierly sail as above. most spleudid aud elegant acsommodttioni for ca bin second cabin, and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark or secure berths in the above magmlit enl Packet.should m ike application ou board, loot of Maiuen Lane, or to the sub scriber, JfBfeiPH McMURHAY, 100 Pine street, corner of Snath. Th? above will be succeeded by tb* new and handsome Pack et Ship HENRY CLAY, Captain Nye, to sail on 0th May. ?i3 re LIVERPOOL LINE OF PACKETP-Packet i iMBythe 10th April?The splendid fast tailing rind favorite jmHfpPacket Ship SEA, Captain Edwards, will positively tail as above, her rrgolar day. Iler arc minndatious for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pass-iirera, ?u* rary superior. Those wishing to secure bertha should not lail to reake early application on board, foot of Peek Slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. n;f rc 76 South street, cor. Maiden Ian*. Si'AH LINE OK lIVkRIMOL I'At.KETS? , Packet ofihe llili of April?The i.ew nod elegant __,lir*t cinns'ifcrket ship WATERLOO, Cnpt. W. H. Ai i-u, will ponitivnly Mil m above, her regular day. Ilaviiik rery ?ulienor accommi dations for cabin,aecoad cabin aid aieerrge passengers. peraona about to embark, will find this splendid chip to be a moat deairable conveyance. The Waterloo wilt sail again from Liverpool on the Mth of May. 'J'hcie who are deairoua of lending for their relative* or fai-inta, can have ihetn brought ont in thre aplendid racket. Tor i.aiiage hi or from Liverpool, early application ahonld be made to Uit aubiovibej. JOSEPH McMURRAV, ml'rrc 100 Pine at ret, corner of Month atreet. PASS AO E FROM OALWAV. DIRECT TO NEW VORK?The auperior, faat calling Britiah Brig VICTORIA, will aail from Oalway on the let '"Tina off re an excellent opportunity to tieraona wishing to ?end for their frieuda, residing in that pan of Ireland, precluding the trouble and ripenae of going to I iverpool to embark. Con tract for p uage, which will be at a moderate rale, must be made pn vioua to the 31et inet., in order to be in l,me for the eteamrr of 'he 1st, of April, from Boeton. h or further particular*, apply (if by letter, poet paid) mh2l rrc JOHN HeRDM AN, 61 bontf a LONDON LINE OF rACKETS-Packet of the , totn April.?The faat sailing Packet Ship TORON - l'( I. Captain Tinker, will positively aail aa above, Her'accommodation for cabin, second cabin, and steerage paa ??ngera, are very snperior. Early application ahonld be made t? W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT, *1 rc 7(1 South st, cor. Maiden lane. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line.-The ? ?hip UTIOA, F. Hewitt, Master, will sail on the 1st fVUV' BOYD fc HINCKEN, Agents, No. 9, Tontine Building*. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Sseond Line The ? ?hip BALTIMORE, Edward Fnnk, master, will be detained until the^O^of^Ap-' ?Hike I ward Fnnk, master, will b iMNCKEN, Agents. 9 Tontine Buildings. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND. qr?Ht LATE rROl'ltlETOH8 of the BEACON COURSE A for Trottiug, respectfully inf.rin the Public, who have 10 | liberally netinmsed ilirm for the lut four seasons on iht Beacon Course, that they, together with Hiram Woodruff, hive taken the Uuion Conne for (he cnmirg ser.tnn for all pnrpotes meri t racing. During the aeaann liberal Puraee will be offered fer Trotting, Hurdle Racing and Font Racing. The following Trotting Stakes and l'urse ia offered, to come off the last week in April .? Stake No. 1?Free for horses never trotted for ? Purse, mile heats, best 3 in 5, under the raddle Hub. $100, H F. Stake No 2?kree for horses never trotted for a Purse Two Mile heats in harness. Hub. $100, H- F. Stake No. 3?Free for horses never won a Purse, over $10, Two Mile heats, under the Saddle Hub. $100, H. F. Htake No. 4?Harness No. 1, iu harness. Stake No. 5?Two Mile heats under ilia saddle, free for horses never won a Purse over $100. Sub. $100, H F. Purse $250, Two Mile neats iu harness, free for all Trotting horses. Entries for the Htakes and Purse to be made on or before Tuesday, April the 0th, at Green's k Losses, No. lis Chatham street, by 9 P. M., three or more in each to make a race. m30 llt*oc' E. LIPPOLD&CO (No. 103 William Stekht, near John,) " TAPE8THY' WOKHTEDH,' Best manufacture and most extensive assortment. CAN VA8H. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Worsted, Oold and Silver, of all widths and sizes. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Of all Makers end Numbers. CHENILLE, For working and Ornamental Trimming, plaiu and shaded; Flower Chenille, See. SILKS. Plain and shaded, and Chinee, Sticks and Spools; Twist, Floss, do. FRINGES. Silk, Worsted and Cotton, of the latest styles. GIMPS, And Gimp Cords, in great satiety. GOLD AND SILVER CORDS, AND BRAIDS, TAS fiELH, lie. STEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, Puiae Trimmings, Hteeland Jet Buttons, Hair Tins, he. OILED SILKS, Assorted Colors. PERFORATED PAPER. CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Galloons, Itc. al 1 m ? m JONES'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, INITIATORY COUNTING ROOM, 847 Broadway, corner of Murray st. | THE objectof this Institution it to impart thorough instruction A iu Book-Keeping, Penmanship and Commercial Aricthme tic, and qualify Gentlemen for practical duties of the desk. Private instruction is given if required. [C?~ Members of the Mercantile Library Association are re quested to apply to the Librarian at Clinton Hall, who will famish tickets of admission under the arrangement made with the Committee. IC7"References may be had at the Academy to Bookkeepers, Merchants and Clerks, who have been students during the last nine years. * iCT" For salt, Jones's Principles ana Practice of Bookkeeping, Sto., price 13s. This work is adopted in the first Academie Institutions in this country. It is also republished in England and extensively introduced there. fiH lmeod'ec CARPETING. 454 Pearl Street. ?"PHE Subscribers have jnit opened the large and spacious A CARPET WARE ROOMS. No. 454 Pearl street,former ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt k Co.. and are now ready to of fer the public an entire new stock of Carpeting, bought eipresa ly for the spring trade, tome of which are exceedingly rich, of new designs and'colcra. Among them my be found? 25 NEW SETTS KIDM1NSTER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. II PS. KIDMINSTER THREE PLY, Rick Shading. SUPERFINE FINE AND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETINGL Of every variety end description. Rugs, Druggets, Table and Piano Covers; Worsted, Tufted and Jute Mats; Oil Clothi, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide; together with all other articlasusually found in the trade. The public are requested to call and exam ine our stock before purchasing. PETERSON & HUMPHREY, mao 2on'in 454 Pearl street. TO CARPET MANUFACTURERS, &c &c. T EAD WIRE, of varioua sixes, suitable for weaver'a A-i weights, constantly on hand, or made to order,and for sale, by TATHAM k BROTHERS, mb21 lm?irc 249 Water street JET AND HORN BUTTONS, ("IF all aizee?Bugles, Beads; Hair, Shawl and Breast Pins, Le Bracelets, Brad Bags, Hair Ornaments, lie. Daguerreotype Plates and Instruments, French China Vases. Also, Plain White China. For sale by EDWARD HEN. Importer, mh20 lm'm 11 and 20 Liberty street. COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. , DAUER kRODEN respectfully inform their friends and the D public, that they continue to manulactnre Colored Paper and Fancy ruper Boxes, in all varieties, at the old stand of the late firm of Blanc k Boden, 74 Falcon comer of Gold street. He is fall? determined to manufacture a superior article, and to pit the prices so as to satisfy his euttomeri. Orders will be punctually attended to. __ _ N. B.?A good assortment of Colored Papers and Fancy Pape Boxes always on hand jaM 2m"ee DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, 885 River St. Troy. rPHE Subscriber avails himself of this method of commnni 1 eating to the public the fact that he is now manufacturing fine cat and ainoking Tobacco and Snuff, al 215 River street, Troy, next door to the Fnlton market. Tohacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia. ThieTebacco took the premium at the late Fair. Extra chewing Tobacco. ? wert Virginia; American Smoking Tobacco, manufactured from the leaf: Spaniah do, Turkiah Jo. Snuffs? note acented, No. 1; Maccaboy, American Oentle man, Luodyfool, French Hapee, and Iiiah Blackguard. The above articles are all warranted to be made of the finest qualities of leaf tobacco, and by the most experienced work men. , I Orders directed as above will meet with prompt attention? | the same paius taken as if they were |*rsoually present. O- E. Savage, 254 Fnlton street, and A. A. Samanos, Broadway, Agents for the city of New York. Tiey, Jan. 11,114$. ml lm*ee GENUINE INPORTED HAVANA SEGAR9. fpHE SUBSCRIBER offsrs for sale at wholesale and retail A the following choice b audi of Segars; in point of equality there is none superior in this city :? Uguez Regalias. Yngeiiindad, do Psnetelas, India, do Small sizes, Pslma Celebrada, La Fragancia, Can owe, (for the Southern Norma, market.) Venus Panetelas, (of various brands.) Cabana, (suitable for London Jkgalju, do do market.) TmfadFnt, e strella, do Esperaoza. Noriega, (ofsuperiorquality.) Strangers, citizens, and the trade generally, would do well in calling and examining this splendid stock of Hegars previous to purchasing elsewhere, is all the above Hegars are genuine I mooned Havanas, and contain nothing but Tobacco of the first and best qnslity. D. M. HENKIC1UES, m31 lm rre 51 William street. wholesale segar emporium. gars, made of beat (elected Havana Tobacco, and having bran manufactured six months, are now in fine order, and can be told 31 per cant lower than the same qimlity of Imported Segars. Havana Regalias in Iths and lOtha, Cazadoras, Washington La Normas, Eeperanza, La India, La Kgepmpensa, - - ? ? -- n,?;, r - Juata Saoz. Frinci|ieea, PanetMJkc. fcc. Together with a large assortment of Imitation Segarx of every quality and price, for sale in lots to suit pnrctnuers by mhll lm*ec KENNETH It LAVERTY, 71 Wall st. FABER SEOAR FACTORY, 71 Dlvlaton Strait, NEW YORK. THK UNDERSIGNED hav. establiihed an extensive Segar 1 Factory, at 71 Division street. New York, under the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who haa bran Superintendent of one of the largest Factories in Havana, for nineteen years. The following kinds of Segue, manufactured in die Faber Se gar Factory, ana of which a large stock is now on hand, will be found equal to any Havana Began of corresponding style and age:? Imperial Regalia, Trabucos, Common Site, Regalia, Panetelas, London Site, Casadoree, Canones, Priucipe, __ All boxed in the Havana style. The subscribers have settled the Son of their Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of selecting Tobacco for their Facto ry , as also for the pnrpose of selecting Began suitable for this market. They have now on baud, for sale, a large stock of Havana Be gan. entitled to debenture, of the following breads:? La India, Woodvilla, La Cabana, Noriago, Fragrnnrie, La Norma, De Vloya, Cubrey, Esperanto. Lord Byron, Upman, Riondo, Eaculapius, Minerva, ? La Fama, La Palma, Victoria, Colombia,! Dos Hrrainnoi, La Pax, Alio. Principe,Ike. M JOHN H. FABEk Ik c6.| fJ7 lm*rc No. 1 New street, comer of Wall. SALT BBL8. Salmon, No. 1, 3 and I. 100 bbls. Blue Fish. 1100 bbls Noa. 1,1, and I Vlaekesel. 600 half de de da ?e 1M do No. 1 Messdhad. M half bbls Ne. 1 Saybiook Shad ?00 bbls Cod and Scale Fish. 400 do No. 1 (Jib'd Hemagx 300 kegs Dutch do 400 >000 lbs Smoked Salmon. M0 kiu Soused do M0 do Bounds and Tongues MM qtls Cod Fish, suitable fot 'hipping >00 sacks Ask ton's Salt SO half and M quarters mess Mackerv' OOP boneePigby Herring. t>0 nuastas boreal, Salmon. !m*ec NELSON. WELLS k CO., *1 Dry si. JACKSON, STACEY to SMITH, MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS Of l*en, Pock 1*1 ft and Table CuUervRaxon Bciaeon, Film, Saws,Tools, and other descriptions of Sheffield Goods? jail 3m*m No. 10 PLATT BTHEET, Up Suin. Chains, Gold Pencils. Keys, ke., will And it greatly to their advantage to call on the anhscriber, whe ia selling nil dmcrire uons ol the shore at retail much lower than any other hones in the eity. Gold Watehee ae low as BIO and US each. Watchvu and Jewelry excbunged or bought. All Watehee war ranted to keep goed time or the money rafanded. Watehee, aad Jewelry repaired in the beet manner and warranted, St maeh leas than the onnal prieee. j of Watehee and Jewelry, Mail, M Wall St., up stain. INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANoT^^ M IN WRIGHT, Professor of Mnsie, informs his friend* ? ? mJ the public iu general. that he has made arrangements for giving instructions on the Piano Kortc. Hi* style of im parting instruction it perfectly simple ami easy, and is not sur passed, if equalled, by any other style at prrsent taught, com bining all the grace and elegance of eseeulion capable of-bemg imparted on that instrument. He has already turned out several very proficient scholars, and the public will be satisfied as to his abilities on giving him a trial. His terms are reasonable, and we advise all ihose iu want of a teacher to embrace the op portunity now offered. Terms, and ail other information, made known on application at 172 Grand, corner of Mulberry street. L nh"*?* LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 149 and 191 Broadway, corner of Liberty ats , ^^18 ESTABLISHMENT, founded the 1st of December, ?7 ? g43, jV publr'? ,t?re for, 5ha *fle of description ol Staple and Fancy (Joods, will be enlarged the 1st of May next. The subscriber having rent-d the upper part of the building, 1SL Broadway, will put in complete repair and (it up in a magni ficent manner, two large galleries, where the traders, muiufac turers and importers, wiR bejable to obtain ata cheap rent, a flue and convenient store; and the ladies and gentlemen a splendid place of resort and a public and fashionable promenade. MRS. H SHANKLAND, Doguerrian Artist, has already rented the front part of the two galleries as a Daguerreotype Sa loon, where she will continue as before, to five uie most perfect likeness for .a, a. v , , ONE DOLLAR, ncluding die best kind of Morocco Case or Frame. L! /*"Several Counters to let, with glass cases?enquire in the . T. A. ARTAULT. mhIT lm*m fOHN d consl DAGUERREOTYPE. ROACH, Optician, <2 Nassau street. New York, is constantly manufacturing^ and has si ways on hand, all ar tielesof the best quality used in the Daguerreotype process.? His Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior preparation, and is now in general nae. He has also on hand the Hungarian or German Accelerating Liquor. Cameras of his own manufacture as well as French and Ger man oues. Ths German Cameras told at this establishment will be warrantedgennine. Orders from the country for any articles used in the art will be promptly and carefully attended to. 1116 lm*rrc PFiMPJLSA,9'AN GALLERY AND PHUTO , ORAfHIC DePO I ,251 Broadway, corner of Murray st. (over lenneyt Jewelry Store,)awarded the Medal, four first 1 reimnms, and two ?highest honors," at the Exhibition at Bos ton, hew York aud Philadelphia, respectively, lor the best pic tures and aoparalus ever exhibited. Superb likenesses, of all sixes, taken in any weather, on satis factory terms. mj7 |m?rc LADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOT Y PE INSTITUTE, MRS H. SHANKLAND, DHUUERRIAN ARTIST. TkAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS, inclodtng the best style of Morocco Case or Frame, for . , , ONE DOLLAK. rt__ Apply at the Lafayette Bazaar. 149 Broadway, or 938 BROADWAY, THIRD STORY, FRONT ROOM, No. 1?opposite the Park Fountain. mh!7 lm*m A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. PRICES REDUCED ! pHOTOGRAPH.lC LIKENESS, combining all the perfec 1 tions of a painting, with the truthfulness or a Daguerreo type, at very reduced prices, by A. F. Thompson, No. 11 Park How, apposite ths Astnr Honor. Operations in all weather. Instructions in the Art and every requisite for the prosecution of the business furnished. m7 lm*ec IPREI P Dut ARCHITECTURE. ED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that he has removed his office from 192 Broadway to 18 Wall street, where persqns desirous of building are invited to examine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cottage^giwards to the extensive Villa or Mansion, in ail the variousNklss of architecture; and where he is prepared to fur nish Plans, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and Contracts lor Buildings of every description,and superintends the erection hereof m23 lm*ec BOARDING. MRS. O. PISH, 135, 137 and 139 Broadway, NEW YORK. The Public and Stra.vrkrs visiting thecity. are respectful ly informed that the above premises have been fitted up in a su perior manner, for the entertainment of Permanent and Transient Boarders The location is pleasant and central to business?the apart- I ments spacious, light aud airy, and handtomsly furnished throughout with new furniture, beds, bedding. See. The table will be abundantly supplied with the beat the market affords. Transient Board $1 per Day. m26 lm*rc SARACEN'8 HEAD. No. 12 Dey street, (adjoining the Franklin Hotel.) [OSEPH SMITH, late of Worcester, England, begs "f most sespectfnlly to inform hit friends and the pn leave that he has leased the above establishment, and fitted it up in a | itylesecond to none. He has also taken care to provide the creature comforts for the inward man. At 11 o'clock there will always be a sandwich ready, and at any time during the day the following articles will be prepared and served np in a style suitable to the palate of the most fasti dious epicure:? Beef Steaks?Mutton Chops?Veal Cutlete? Broiled Ham and Eggs?Frizzled Bacon?Welsh Rarebits?Poached Fggs? Sardines?C< Id Cuts?Cream Cheese. J. 8. will at all lima# keep on hand the choicest Wines and Sngriu, .elected with that tsst* peculiar to an old and experienc ed wine-bibber; Bottled Porter, Cider, and a sparkling glass of Albany Ale, accompanied with a pare Havana, all or which will ba served on such terms and prices as will sqnais with the | mh9 4w eow*ec NEW YORK HOTEL, 791 Broadway, Now York City* fPHlS new and splsndid establishment opened on the 1st of i. December last,. situated in the most fashionable quiver of | the city, is now in fall operation. '1 he entire front on Broad way, between Washington and Waverley Places, lias been ar ranged in suits of apartments, and lurnishedin the most tasteful and elegant manner for the accommodation of families and sin gle gentlemen, and no pains will be spared to render the most perfect satisfaction to all who may favor the house with their patronage. It will be conducted on the European and Ameri can systems combined, leaving it optional with persons to take meals at Table d'How, in private parlors, or a la carta, as may suit their convenience The locatirn of the honse, the great number of large and beautiful parlors, the spacious and airy halls, render it a most desirable residence for those visiting the city either on business or pleasure. J. H. BlLLINGA, Proprietor. m8 lm*m B. MONNOT, Restaurateur. HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC SLIDES, long known as the most durable, convenient and elegant of Extension Tables manu factored; warranted to ran easy constantly, and not to be affected by dampness or warping of the wood. A large assort ment of choice patterns, suited lor private parlors, hot*ls,steam boata, Ike., together with a general assortment of Cabinet Fnr- j nilure, always on hand, at lite Warerooms, NoMO Grand street, corner of Elm, where the public is respectfully invited to call and examine. mrl I 111 * rc H. E. WILLARD, AUCTION GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION MERCHANT. Office No. 116 Nassan street, first floor. Nsw York. HE. W. WILL ATTEN D to sales of Honsehold Furniture ? and Merchandise, of all kinds, personally attended to at the residences or stores of persons relinquishing housekeeping or business. Cash Advances made on Kami tare and Merchan dise of every description consigned for sale Sales settled in all c.ises as soon as the goods are sold and delivered Mannfac aflrai turer* and traders con always have accommodation aflvanci oil goods (or private sale. m2 1 rn? ec agency for the sale of BRONZL POWDERS. rPHK subscriber ha* been appointed Wholesale A Kent Tor a a- house in Europe, who poursj the moat extraordinary facili ti?? for the manufacture of Bronze Powders, by which they are enabled to offer the moat beautiful and spletaid Bronzes at 50 |>er cent lower than former prices, and to defy all competition iu this article. Their Bronzes hare been used by the largest consumers in this country for upwards of two years, who c m cur in recommending; them as superior to any other for brillian cy and durability. The subscriber has made arrangements to hare a large assortment alw.fya on hand, and is prepared to sup ply importers and dealers with the article, in any quantity, at able i the manuiaeturer's prices, thus saring them the trouble and ex pense of importation. J. If -AICKETT. Wholesale Agent, m33 lm?ec llaie Kozelt Si Co.] 91 Water street. T<HE a. tiei BRONZE POWDERS .E very beat and cheapest Bronze, in all shades and quali ties, are constantiy imported direct from Germany, and of fered for sale by LEOPOLD KUH Sc Co , Wall street, Nmr York. mh2I lm*rc N?; generally, rd, and no PORTER, ALE AND CIDER. JOHN* J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, . 2 ANN STREET, nsxt door to the American Museum, returns his sincere lhanks to his friends and the public " Ir, for the eery liberal share of patronage already receiv inpes by strict attention to business to merit a conliuu anee. FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Portrr, Newark Cider, Croton AI-, London Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale.' Orders for shipping nltended to with despatch mhOec QIUOAR??33 hhds. prime New Orleans, landing from ship O Arch-Uus, from New Orleans, for sale by ug E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56South st. Also, the Furniture of a family remored for convenience of sale?superb French mirror, a flue piano forte Jdresxtng bureaus, eofaa, chairs, lie. . . , , GROCERIES?At IU< o'clock, the balance stock of a gro or, comprising s geutml a sortment of articles in the line? choice wiues t".u, n-aars, spires, tobacco, kc. Sic. Also, hv ordee o (no oi.rshal-4 sofas, 32 chairs, 3 looking glasses, a coupling house desks, lie _____ FUR THE FILES. TTNI VERBAL COMMENDATION.?From arenr city, L* town and Tillage where Dr. Upham's VEGETABLE PILE ELECTUARY has been introduced, the moslgratify ing intelligence of iu excellent effecu hare been received by the proprietor. In hundreds of instances it has triumphed over cases which were deemed incurable. READ THE FOLLOWING REMARKABLE CASES. A gentleman from Brooklyn, Long Island, after using two ... m .* ?? .. j?Whsu boxes of the Electuary, tin me theTollowing account:?When I obtained the medicine I was suffering severely from an attack of the Piles, and for two months had been afflicted with serere headache, accompanied by a distreesingsensxtion at the stomach. There was a perspiration about the head, but the body, legs and arms were always dry and husky. The medicine removed the Pries, cured the headache and disti - ?v. distress st the stomach, and cre ated a natural perspiration over the whole body, and 1 am now iu better health than I have been for years. . A gentleman who had long been subjected to Piles, suffering intensely from their continuance, informed Mr. Mitohell, 265 Bowery , N. Y., that their dimpled- remciral was effected by the tee of the Venerable Electuary. This individual had teeted all the celebrated external applications, nun beiug attended with but very slight benefit. This Internal Remedy, however, speed ily manifested iu happy adaptation for this complaint, and most satisfactorily convinced the sufferer that Che high reputation which the Electnary has attained is based solely upon the great and lasting benefits attendant upon iu use. This certifies 'hat I used Dr. Upham's Pile Electuary, more than a year ago, for Piles, of which complaint it cured me. 1 still use it wheu occasion requires and prefer it to any other medicine to obviate costiveoese, remove morbid accumulations in the stomach and bowels, and to po -fy ths blood?and idW having used a great variety of medieju^^f Mte_Tc this to be su perior to all others. THOMAS WALL, . . . Groter, No. IT Broad street. New York, March 10,1144. Sold in this city by the proprietor euly, a regnlarlv educated physician, confined to an office practice for the treatment of Chronic Diseases, No. 126 Bowsry. Medical advice i.x rela iou to the above or any offier eomidainucrabs. Price of the Electnsrv .One Dollar. Ramen Clectuary is an Internal Remedy, and lot an ester tion to the above or any offier eomidainuii Price of the Electuary, One Dollar. J./"" Remember that the Electuary is an Internal Remedy, and not aa external applica tion, and sold ONLY at IM Bowery, four doors abore Spring st. OfBee hours from 7 A. M. to ? P. M. JyM tm4Rw*m nilll JM| The subicnb-r b Jf9?l>atrous of. Niblo'i wd^ed, per Victoria, fr coli-cllou cf new Flowe CHOICE ANNUAL FLOWER SEEDS. 'J lie subscrib-r bene to inform hit friend* nod the old "'"I'lliteCoiKemtory, that he ha* rrceiv , from London, an estensiveaud choice - pew Klower Seeds, all warranted genuine. The following package of 23 superb varieties are now ready for sale-price $1.? Phlox Orummnudii?splendid show (lowers of all colors. Schizanthns Priestii, Returns. Grahamii, Ike. i miied)?curi ous rctuse (lowers, of while, yellow, orauge and crimson. 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M., to take into consi deration the acceptance of "an act of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to authntixe the Norwich It Worcester Kail road Company to subscribe to the Capital Stock of the Wor cester It Nashua Railroad Company, and alto to act on any questions connected with the interests of the Company. Bv Order, J. W. 8TO WELL, Clerk. ?litre BLEACHING POWDER. 100 CA8RS Bovi'' "Iwior No*. (6 and (7 Nassau street ? Circuit Court. Before Judge Edmonds. April 3.? Trial oj Tolly Hodine continued?Thirteenth l)ay.~The Court was crowded us u.iuul with females. Aire. Rkbecca Van Name, (sitter to the prisoner,) resu m-d her piece upon the stand, and crou-exa - iued by Mr Whiting?I was absent lot about two weeks in Ntw Vork; 1 cannot say it my hutbaud left in November; I d ut recollect what time my brother lPtt; when I was in New Vork I was at the house of Dr. Thompson,in Broome meet; 1 went there to be treated as a patient; 1 heard my husband say my brother George had sold his vessel; I re turned home trom Dr. Thompson'son Thursday previous to the Are taking place; Mrs. Bodine was at home during t'ue first week I was at my lather's, and slept with ma every night; we generally went to bed together; Mrs. Bo dine stayed with Emeline cn Thursday night before the fire; I think she stayed also on Friday night; I saw her frequently during the Thursday, Friday ana Satuiday be fore the fire; 1 am not certain if my father went first to bed that night; I dont recollect I aeard any mention of K.nclineou the Sunday before the Are; nothing about aiking her to breakfast; there was something s iid aoout her having the toothache; 1 think Mrs. Bo line said something about it; i dont recollect anything that was said about her coming over to dinner; 1 am positive I saw Emeline swopping oi' the stoop on Sunday morn tug; she was near tha back kitchen door; she had a broom In her hand. [Nurssry- Aftm'c?Here the ?cross-examination of tha j witness on matters introduced in her direct testimony becoming rather dull, some of the ladiea began to yawn, others fell actually asleep, when a little chubby laced baby, who was seated in "Ma's lap,"in a corner ot the Court room, set up a tune in all the varying notes o( the gamut, to the manifest delight of the ladiea, who Uttered away, and the annoyance of the Court?"Little Bob" I still screamed away lustily?''Ma" patted in vain, | and was at last obliged to leave the Court, amid much luughter.] Mr Whiting having put a question to the witness re- I la'ive to the name of the book which the prisoner was reading on the Sunday,and on one or twojother points aot introduced in the witnesses direct testimony, Mr. Graham objected, on tha ground that the opposing Counsel had no right to crass examine on any point tbat dul not arise out ot the direct testimony of the witness.? He proposed to examine on tha direct on the points refer red to. The Oocrt decided adversely. The witness underwent a long cros;-examination on the various points introduced in her direct testimony, when nothing was elicited to show a discrepancy Howard R. Harrison, M. D., eiamioed by Mr. Da Witt?I passed the house of George Houseman on Sun day evening to church ;J on my return between 9 and 10 at night, I met a man carrying a bundle, going towards th# shore from the direction of George Houseman's house; the bundle was tied up in some dark labric; when I first saw him he was abotit 300 feet from the house. In his crate-examination by Mr. Clark he testified?It is not unusual to see persons at that time of night carrying a bundle; it was not a moon light night; there are two Baptist churches in the vicinity; it was about the time their congregations were generally dismissed. Mrs. Mart Housciian examined (yWf. Da Witt.?I am the mother of Mrs. Mary Bodine; her general disposition | i< good. She is very kind; very fond oi children. Ire member she went to New York on Christmas morning, 1843. She had intended to go on Saturday. She put a flannel shirt in a basket on Friday; I nut in a couple of mince pies for my grandson. Mrs. Boaine prepared the meals and did the cooking and baking ; she got ap at her usual hour on Saturday morning, that is, about sun rise, (about 37 minutes after 7.) I let her in that morning ray s' If; she had on her usual dresa. She made an alteration in her dress on Saturday morning. Mrs. Bodine asked Mrs. Vaa Name whether she could not sleep with Mrs. Houseman that night?this conversation took place alter tea and soon alter Mrs. Bodine went over herself. She was dressed as usual; I do not remember if her frock had a pocket in it or not. She came on 8unday morning just as the sun was rising ; she prepared breakfast, dinner and tea; during part of the dav she was also reading, i re member her playing with Mrs. Van|Name's children that day. From the place she aat, George Houseman's house could not be seen Mrs. Bodine is of a cheerful, lively disposition; she was the same that Sunday os she usually was. I did not observe Mrs. Bodine looking out at the end windows in the direction of Mrs. Houseman's house. I did not observetany thing peculiar in her manner on that day ; two small children of Abraham Houseman's oame over that day before dinner. The Court here took the usual recess?when on re as sembling there were present a Iresh secession of fashiona bly dressed ladies. Mrs Houseman's examination returned by Mr. De Witt. ?Mrs. Bodiue slept on Sunday night in the same room with myself and my husband. She did not leave the l ouse that night; I dont sleep sound; I heard no noise in the house that night; I am sure she did not leave the house that night. I saw her on the tollowing morning. I hud about $900 of our own money in the house. Our children were in the habit of leaving money with us when they went away. We used to keep it in a chest. I was the first person at the fire. Coort?What has this to do with the easel Mr. Graham-It is the misfortune ot the prisoner that the opposite oonnsel will have the last word; and he did, on the last occasion, unsparingly assail eld Mra. and Mr. Houseman, and insinuated that they were accessories, either before or after the fact, to this most foul and atro cious murder. Now they wish to put it in as a collate ral issue. * Court?I have allowed too much latitude already in this enquiry, and my conscience smites me for keeping the Jury from their business now a fortnight. So I must not permit counsel to wander from the main issue before Mr. Whiting?I feel we have a right to reply, when 1 have been repeatedly assailed by the opposite counsel al ready, and our motives? Couar?There is no necessity, Mr. Whiting, for your addressing the oonrt. There is nothing now before We have nothing to do with this matter, as I have alrea dy frequently explained. I cannot permit counsel to wander. ITitneee in continuation to Mr. Da Witt?I was the first at the fire; I saw that box (poiDted out) before; it wis not scorched. Cross-examined by Mr. Whiting?I always gave Mrs. Bodine money when she wanted it; she had no wages trom tee; I always gavejher money enough as>he wanted it; lor the six months before the fire, I gave her sum* of J $4, also $6, $7, and $8, jnst as she wanted it; I never kept tin aocount of the amount of money I used to give her.? 1 never authorised her to go and take money without li berty from me; she never asked me for the Iosh ot mo ney; I never heard of her borrowing money from any one else; she sometimes wore an apron; 1 never discover- j el she was pregnant; a few days before my socuGeorge ! went away, he brought over $1000, and a little alter $300 Another effoit was made by the prosecution to get in the collateral issue, in relation to the conduct or Mrs. Houseman at the time of the fire, and what she ssid in re lntiea to the holding of the inquest. The Court again ruled it out. Mr. Whiting intimated that he intended to pat the questions he intended to ask in relation te witness's con duct Mr. Graham repeated they courted enquiry, when Mr. Whiting and his associate briefly consulted. Mr-Dx Witt here rose and protested against the gen tlemen engaged for the prosecution holding consultations so loulasto ne heard across the room?and commenting upon the ruling of the Court. Mr. Whiting?We have a right to consult as we please ?and it gentlemen chose to eavea-drop and overhear con sultation betweencounael, we? Mr. Da Witt?I have only to state that the assertion is | false. Coort?Gentlemen, go on with the esse. Withbsi?(In continuation te Mr.WniTiaa)?Through out the day Mrs. Bo dine had seme spasms. She had not threatened to do any injury to any person tbat day she? To m Juror?Mm. Bodine might have taken money out of tkecheat; but it would be missed immediately. 4Aiiiiham P. HouiiMAN, (father of the prisoner) wai here placed onjthe atand.? Kaaminrd hy Mr. Da Witt?I am lather to the priaoner?I am seventy-two yeara of age My wife went down and let in Mra. Bedine about aunriaa on Sunday morning?ahe was in our home all the Sunday excepting about lour o'clock, when ahe went over to George's. She aat that day reading, with her feet to the stove?she trimmed my hair that day?ahe read formeou of a doctor'a book?I never knew of any difficulty botween Mra. Bodiae and Emetine Houaeman; they could not lire more agreeably together?1 heard the charge that my 'laughter was Nuepertad of the murder not until after the funeral. IWhwi I aold ray farm, eight or nine yeara ago, I hail eight children,and I gavethem $1000 a piece?f give Mra Bodine $1000 at that time?I oarer aaw two notea given to Waite foe $i00 and $*)0, I dont recollect that I evar aaw them. [Theae notea ware found on Waite'a pre miaea at the time of the aearoh?they were dated the lit November, las* ] I aaw the money belonging to Goorge. Crott-rxominri by Mr Ci.tnx ? My wife kept the key of the cheat; 1 waa not in tha habit of going to that cheat to get money; might have gone sometimes. Otoana Housbmin, in hia examination bv Mr. Dr. Witt ? In the flrat place, 1 had twelve hundred dollar* : I than fetched the money to New York, and got Ave hundred dollar* in specie; when I went down, I took Ave hundred dollars in apecie and Ave hnndred dollar* in bills to my father's, and my mother put it away up stair* ; Mrs Bo dice remarked thut it was a pretty full bag ; she and my wife were always on good terms ; she waa alwaya vary kind to the child ; my wife was in the habit of speaking of her in very kind terms ; Mra. Bodine waa generally of a kind, lively, affectionate disposition; my wife waa consi derably taller than her; I had neon in the habit of keeping my money at my father's for 11 Tea; s , I had three thou sand dollars there at., one time lor four or Ave month* : Mr*. Bodine knew I was in the habit ol leaving my money there ; 1 never 1*ft any money at horre when Ir on a trip, except for expenses of the family : I f of the rumor against Mr* Bodine on Thursday ; 1 cannot state precisely when she A rat beard of it; on examining the front kitchen door alter the Aro. I found the hiagea off and the screws broke, and the door had the appearance of having been struck with an axe ; 1 was the Brat person that found the door bar ; I did not aeo any mark* ol Are or stains upon It. fn kit i roti tmminaiion by Mr. Clssk?I examined the back kitchen door : it* hinges were entirely burnt off ; the door was entirely detached from the building; it also appeared to have baen knocked in with an axe , I don't know what has become of the burned piece of catpet. To tkt '~ou*t?There waa a parson with me when I changed the money; it waa all in 16 cent pieces; Icarriad it down to the fttaten Island boat In a beg below my arm; I dont remember sneaking to any person on my way to the boat; some of the crew of the schooner I command, knew I had it; I left it in charge ot the person * ho saw me change it on tha dock alter leaving the steamboat; af ter transecting some business I returned, and tha monay was deli rated to ma; it never occurred to aa by carrying the bag under my arm. I wa* holding out a temptation to p? u>le to rob me , all thu baud* I ha.I engaged lor my trip ! o Virginia, went and same back with me again,with the ; xception of theperaon who saw me changa the money, whom I left in Virginia. 1 Matilda Hoi am , in her examination by Mr. Dx Witt. J 1 '3? my aunt Emetine on the Sunday morning before Chriitmai; I wa? up at the attic window ot the houae where I live; it waa between 9 and 10 o'clock; 1 went up there to tec the people going to meeting; my aunt waa carrying in wood from the yard whan I aaw her; I knew it waa her from the way ahe walka and the swinging of her arms. Mr. Oraham having iutitr.atad that bii cliant fait rather indiapoied, the Court adjourned to thia forenoon at half pn?t 10 o'clock. Afore iy tkt Rrpntir.?About (thirty witnesses still re main to be exumtned for the defence Boa ton. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Boston, April 2,1S45. Great April Fool Joke?Mayor Davie' Police taken in?Irishmen proscribed from Street Sweeping? ' Queer Customers for Knights of the Broom ? Some thing for Hallett in Prospect?The U. S. Mar shal?New l VFhig Movement?The Herald and the Abolitionists. We are at this moment enjoying most delight ful spring weather here in Boston. Yesterday was the noted April Fool Day, and it wns made the occasion of one of the tallest kind of April Fool hoaxes that I ever saw In the morn ing a paragraph appeared in the Times severely reprehending a proposed bull fight which was to cnme off over the bay at East Boston in the after noon of that day, and under the direction of some Spanish adventurers. The statement had an off hand, plausible air, calculated to suck in the green 0 tes, and, accordingly, in the afternoon, some four to pix hundred of the verdant repaired to the'feiry, a id paid their sixpences to be wafted to the favor ed shore. The grim ferrymen grinned in silence, and "took in" their freight of asses with the most consummate equanimity. But they haw-hawed right out, when they saw a posse <?1 some forty of Mayor Davis' new " native" po 1 cp marching down the wharf, and by their un t inely mirth came near spoiling the joke. They, however, recovered faces, and the spectators, po lice, (fee., went over to the grounds, the former to si-e the fun, and the latter to arrest the parties con cerned. They all had their labor for their pains, and the whole town is at this moment convulsed wi'h the joke. Mayor Davis is carrying out the "native" prin ciple fast and furious in hta official administration. He has begun at the bottom and meanato build up. Accordingly, all the Irishmen in this city that have for years been in the city employ to scrape and sweep the streets, have been deposed and deprived of their wands of office, and in thair stead we now see a corps of tall, raw-boned yankees, 14 just come down," who sweep with their eyes rolling all about the streets, in a perfect maze of wonder. The signs, show windows, "smart folks," and carriages are all so many strange sights to them, ai.d in the earnest contemplation of these novelties, eves, ears and mouth are entirely absorbed. I saw one of these wondering natives stariDg up at the windows the other day while he was flourishing his b oom, and in the midst of his occupation he was run over by a " crack team" and knocked down Tile fellow picked himself up, possessed himself of his broom, and then bestowed himself in the mid dle of the street, with legs apart, to take a delib erate survey of the receding vehicle, which had Ui.set him 44 Gosh," says he, at last, 441 never see such a queer gim-crack of a shay as that afore ? v.'onder what the chap payed tor it T' But the 44 natives" will soon get their bellies full ol sights,, and then perhaps, they will do better. The last political news that has come to town is. that B. F Hallett can be Collector at New Bedford it he will take it, und if not, that he may go in as U. 8 Marshal for thia District, in place of Isaac P. Barnes, the recent appointee of Captain Tvler. Knowing no alternative, Hallett will pro bably spurn the tormer and put in for the latter.? Rams is a great man, and the relative of great men. He may have to give place to B F., an old er and an abler "soldier," but the struggle to shake him off will be one of the most momentous con tests that ha^yet occurred in Mr.Polk'sadministra tion. The consequences would be remote and im portant; so much so that the most confident might doubt?the boldest hesitate. The whig party proper in this State, at least so fur as its representatives in the city indicate, are preparing t<# make an union de bonis nun, with the abolitionists, and thus recruit sufficiently to repair ? he damage which the "native" movement is like ly 10 do their ranks. I think the policy suicidal, so far as the whigs are concerned, for they will have to give every thing to their new allies, and will get but little in return. There are a few old women of the most determined kind, people into whom have entered the sonls of Cromwell, Robespierre, and such like cattle, who direct the energies of the abolition party, and nothing pleases them but the perfume of a live ne gro; to such as these the haugnty whig party of the O d Bay State must bow down, and make just such icims as the aforesaid old women choose to impose. These terms will be hard enough, for the abolitionists do not seek the alliance, ana the whigs make all the advances. What the result will be, 1 cannot tell you as yet, but perhaps the election of one ot those grannies as Governor, whose especial business will be to 44 kick up a fusa in general" with the slave holding States. For my own part, I hope that there will be found enough sensible and patriotic whigs to bolt from any such arrangement, and thereby save the State from shame and disgrace, and prevent the most se rious danger which threatens the permanency of the Union. The abolition party, without doing one particle of good to the slave, are doing more to destroy the Union than all tne nullifiers of South Carolina, 01 Burr conspirators ever aimed at in their palmiest days I like the course which the Hi raid has pursued towards them, and all good men mutt applaud your sagacity and patriotism in casting aside the mawkish pretences of humanity, sod rrobmg this malignant movement to its bottom. Continue to do se, and be assured, the effect in thia quarter at leRst, is most salutary The Herald haa a great influence here on account of its independ ent position, and what it says is heeded far more than the interested lucubrations of the dull, lum bering, corrupt party press. Guy Faux. Iw Sum km k Court, April lit?Sptcial Term ? Mr. Chief Justice Brouson presiding ?The six tint fallowing motions were decided by Mr. Justice Beardsley?having been held over frem March special term :?Hardenburgh deft, in error, ada Culley. plaintiff in error?Motion to quash tho writ of error, denied with out coats. Van Ness, jr. vs. > ichola et al? Motion for a perpetual stay of execution, denied with coata. Hugenin vs. Granger? Motion to set aside the judgment of non suit, he. entered by deft, in this cause, denied with coata. Cummings aJs Cook?An order that delta, default for not pleading be set aside, and that the >d count in plaintiff* amended declaration he struck out. Deft, to have ltdevo to plead, no costs to either party. Cain delt in error,ads. Wheeler et al. plff in error?Motion to quash the writ of error, he. in this cause, denied without costs, Same, ads. bkidmore, Pig, in error?Do do do. In the matter of at tachment vs Matthews, non resident debtor?Rule by consent, that all proceeding* in thi* matter by the true teos be vacated, and the trustee* discharged, he. Oibba vs. Whitney?Motion for asseasment of damages before circuit Judge, granted by default. Todd ads. Seward? Motion to change venue, deniod. Pease ads. Bryant?Mo tion for judgment, as in case of nonsuit, granted, by de fault. Atiadalc ads. Hall?Do do do. Rowley ads. Law rence? Motion.for judgment of non proa, grantod, by do fault. Pease ads. Bradt and two other oanseo? Motion for .judgment as in case of nonsuit in aach cause, granted unless plffh. stipulate and pay coata. Cole adsltyder? Motion for judnmento! non pios. granted, by default, Cooke vs Rich?Rule by stipulation, to va catc rule at last August ap. tarm, and that the judgment *f nonsuit beset aside and a new trial granted, he. In the mattar of A. 1). Russell on tho complaint of (i. B. Heag| motion that Ruasell deliver up certain papers, he. in this causa; ordered that it be referred to Hallatt, clerk, to as certain It any and what amount 1* dueRuasell for coat and fees, he. Kingman etal ada Strong, receiver,he.?motion to change venue, granted, by default- Ryder vs Kdmunds ?motion ex parte, to appoint commissioners to admeasure ?lower he. granted. Howard, exr. he vs Caldwell?mo tion ex parte to vacate pltf*.judgment, grantod. Sherman ads Follet- motion for Judgment as in e*ae of nonsuit, granted, with cost*. Terry et al vs Drew et al?rale by consent to refer to a sole referee Ingeraoll ada D. Mott? motion to cancel and discharge judgment, granted, by de lauit. Tripp ads Cofflng, prest. he.?motion for judgment as in case of nansuit, granted by default Alexander ada stoddart?motion to rater, granted. Merrtt, exr. he. ads Corn wall?motion to refar, granted. Northrop vs Wright ?motion that plff tin security for coetsjranied, absolute, l ow. 11 ads I.ane?motion to change venua, granted,|by default, /ones ads Schertnerhorn etal and one other cause ?motion to mitigate bail, he. denied, with coats. Th* p.-ople ox rel. Johnson va Tho Marine Court New York -motion for delaultl to dofta to be antarod, and that a peremptory writ of mandamua issue, granted, by default. McChasney et al vs Arnold et al?rule by eoasent, that delta. motion to sot aside sheriff's return, na denied with coata. Mr. Bravo, of the Commercial Heeding Rooms, Wow Orleans, is about to Com lb an #e * weekly publication, to be know a at " TV New Orleene Cttf i Rspertsr, Mer, untile I'riet Current end ffkiff*?? U*" , "JWJ kas the In dustry to make sueh a paper useful. It wim be under the editorial conduct of Mr. L. Heyliger. Thie will doubt 1 Ms be a valuable work, every way worthy ef tho apirited proprietor and talented editor.

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