Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1845 Page 1
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? 1 ^ THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XX., No. M-WhoU No. MM. NEW YORK. SATURDAY MORNING. APRIL 5. 1845. Moo Two OoatK THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. TO tilt Public. . THE NEW YOHK HERALD?Daily Newspaper^-Bab luhed every day ol the yean except New Yaei a Day and kourlh r< July Price 1 emu pax copy?ox $7 * per u/w??postages paid?ciuh in advance. THK WEEKLY HERALD?published ave.v Saturday morning?price tig casta pec copy, ox$S 13 pex annrm?poet a?'? pcid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fait It hat the lorgeet circulation of any paper tn (Ate city, or tht tout ht^md. it, therefore, the belt channel tor butinett ?ten in the cWy or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds execnted at the most moderate price, ted in the moil elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. *aoraiK-roa or tn> Uiuld Establishment, Northwest corner of Falton and Ntitan itxeets. tfma- aTAT^?'^ANU aasA Koot of White ball Street. On and after Monday, March 17th, the Boars will run at fol low., until further uotire:? LEAVE STATION ISLAND: I, 10, end 13 A M.: 3 and 5. P hi. LEAVE NEW YORk : 9, rnd !1. A. M.: 1. JM. and ?, P. M. N. B.?All freight ar the riwli of the own-re thereof, mhltrc UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR BALTIMORE THROUGH IIS SIX HOURS. PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE ? _ KAIL ROAD COMPANY. Via (. heater, Wilmington, Klktnn, Havre da Grace, Itc. FARE REDUCED. iffWS? il On and after MONDAY next, March 34th, the cart will leave the dep .r, corner o' Eleventh and Market acreeu, aa follows:? DAlLY.att P. M. " (except Mondays) at I0X P.M. Or on the arrival oftha S r. M. train from New York, FARE THREE DOLLARS. , IC?"" The. above are the only 1 inee that connect with thoae leaving Baltimore for the Booth jmd West. WHEELINQ ASWPITTSBUROH. Tick-ta through to Wheeling or Pittsburgh can be procured at the Depot. Paaaengere for Pittsburgh take the iteamboat at Brownsville. O" VVa?taru Passengers laaving New York at 5 P.M., can takr the Lute that Letvra Philadalphia at lok P.M., and arrive in B-ltiin-jiv in rime for the care leaving at 7 A.M. for the Weat. Fa-e to Wheeling, tit?Pitubnrgh. CIS, Returning, tha cert lenve Bait more at 9 A.M. and I P.M.' freight Paiamger Train, FARE FIFTY CENTS. , A Passenger Car will be attached to the Freight Train, leav ing the Depot at 5 P M. Fare 50 oenu. Paaiengera by this Line will arrive >n Baltimore at an early hour next moraine. Freight to Baltimore. DRY GJIODS, 12% cents p-r 100 lbe. GROCERIES, Sus. 10 cenu per 100 lbe. Freight* received aad forwarded daily (except Bnndayi) from the Depot, corner of llih and Maraat streets. and delived tn Bal timuis at an earliar hour than by any other line r^_Bmr, . , G.H. HUDDKLL. Agent. Phila. IL/" r cr any information respecting the above Line*, apply to GEO. P FISHER. Agent, No. 7 Wall, or < Writ streets. FOR BALTIMORE. 7 1-S O'CLOCK, A. H -F ARK $?. CITIZENS' UNION LINE. VIA NEW CASTLE A FRENCHTOWN RAILROAD. ohl^ This rente, acknowledged to be the moat pleasant ^?Sf^jKhetwaen Philadelphia and Baltimore, will Be open JBpiftsLfer travel on MONDAY next, March 34th. . WW The nnrivalied and favorite teamboat ROBERT M'JK lid, Captain Donglisa, having been put in thorough or der, will take her pUc cm this end of the Line, and the swift and sidm^hd tt amboat CONSTITUTION, Capt. Chaytor, on tha Bait more end Oa aad alter MONDAY next, March 34th. ?therteamboat ROBERT MOliRlS will leave l'ork street wharf daily, (exespt Sunday, at 7H o'cio.k, a. M. for New Castle, where passengers will take the cars (known to be the most comfortable in the country) lor Fre? chtown, and there lake the steamboat CONSTITUTION for Baltimore, arriving in time to (and the only line that doet) conurct with the Lino leaving Baltimore in the afternoon for tit S u'h and in from 4 to 6 honre in advance of any other line. The Lines leave Baltimore for Philadelphia daily, except Bun days, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Breakfast aad Dinner* provided on board the BoaU. Fare to Chester * Newcastle 35 cents. bare to Baltimore S3 60 WHEELU1G AND PITTSBURGH. Tickers through to Wheeling and Pitubnrgh can be procured on t he boat. nihil Ini'ic G. H. HUDDELL, Agent. NEW YORK,SCHOOLKY'Mg MOUNTAIN. BELVIDEREi AND EAS TON.?Leave the] ?Jool of Courtlaod street daily, bunUa> a excepted, ?i 9 i. cluck, A M., by Railroad from Jereey City to Morns towa th-nee by poat-coeches through Mendham, Cheater, Uer man V Hay. Schooler's Mouutaiu, Anderson Town, Port Cal den Waahmgtea, to Balvideie and Easton. Fur s not, apply to J .Hill, at tho Commercial Hotel, 73 Court land stiver. N B.?Evtras furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to Ch ji s Uolbath, at Moriiatown. m4 lm*m PEO"Lk'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOR LL h AN Y?Daily, Sundtys excepted,through nect, at 6 o'clock, P. M.?From tha Pier be tw. ? .< mi tl u<it and Liberty streeu. The Steamboat HOC HESTER. Captain R. O. Cruttanden, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, 4 The* teamboat KN1CKERBOKER. Captain A. Houghton, wil1 leave on Tuesday, Thursday and cgurday afternoons at 6 o'clock. I At o'clock, r. M.. Landing at intermediate places :?fr m the loot of Bar'lay street The steamboat SOU I'll AMERICA, Captain M. H Truaa d'll, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afteraooas, at 5 o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Williim H. Peck, oa Ta??iay, 1 huraday aad Saturday afternoons,at 5 o'clk. lVvseugers taking the above tinea will arrive in Albany in (mole time to take the morning train of Cars for the Eas: or U tel. The Bdiu ore new and substantial, are furnished with new end elegant state rooms, aad for speed and aacommodations are aarivemad on the Hndsoa. Freight tiiea at moderate rates. All persons are lor- id inisting any of the boats of this line, wthoet a writtca order from the Captains or Agents. bor tusage or freight, apply ou board the beats, or to P. C. Sabul'X, at the office on the Wharf. a3r~ NeITyORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINK OF STEAMBOATS. FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Direct? from the steamboat pier foot of Couillandt at. -Tlic steamboat SWALLOW. Captain A. H. Bq nre, will leave the foot of Conrtlandt street on Tuesdays, Trtarede-i and Matu days, at C o'clock, P. M. Tha resmboat EMPIRE. Captain K.B. Macy.will leave the foo' uf Con ttlaadl street every Monday, Wedaesday and Fri day, at ? o'clock, P. M. for passage or freight, apply oa board, or to C.CLARK, at tha office on tha wharf. p retglii mutt be put in charge of the Freight Agent, or tha Company will not be responsible for losses. si rc FOR SEW ORLEANS?F..?itirnly first ud on ? lv Regular faeket? Loouiui ud NewiYork Line? BitemiiTar Parkai ef 6rh inst?The new and very supe rior p >>Krt ihip SHANUNOA, Captain Patten, will aaU aa Ubore. h i regular day. . , For fraig'u m passage, harmg splendid Ifurnished aceomuio dauuus, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, root or Wall at., or to fe. K. COLLINS k CO., M Booth at. no arooda received on board aftor this, Saturday, *ven nt., 5tn April. .\geat* in New Orleans, Meeart Hulhn It Woodruff, who w- I promptly forward all gooda to thair address. ai FOR L.ON DON?Packet of the 10th of April.? ?The packet abip WESTMINSTER, Captain Tink - r will |H>aitiraly aail aa abor?, her regular day. ? rirat packet ahipa for Liverpool :? Tor pacletahip NEW VCTRK, Captain Cropper, will poai tir.'lr aail on (he I6<h April A/d t >c packet ship S1DDON8, Captain Cobb, on the 26th or paaeagr, the abore ahipa haying nnanrpaaaed accommo dationa in cabin and atrerage, apply to JOHN HERDMAN, aJ re <1 South a treat. LIVERPOOL.?Regular Packet of the llth of April?l'he well known, splendid, firat cliaa, hat" iiaiiing Picket Ship AMHBURTON, Captain Henry . in .ton, will positively aail aa abore. Il.i? u* raott epleudid and elegant accommodations for ca bin. aeeond e ibin and atremge paaaeagera, peraona wiahing to einnaik or aeenre beitha in the abore magnificent Packer,should mikr appliCdtiou on board, loot of Maiden Lane, or to the anb acnb.T, JOSEPH McMURHAY, 100 Pine el reel, corner of Month. The above will be ancceeded by the new and handaome Pack- , ft Ship HENRY CLAY, Captain Nye, to aail on 0th May. aire ijflC LONDON LINE OF rACKETS-Packet of the aM^^IOth April ?The last sailing Packet Ship WE8T jHGHevilN8 l'ER. Caputa Horry, will poaitiraly aail as, her regular nay. Err ar. nnmr.di'ioa for aabla,second cahin, and steerage pas aeiigna, ate Ttry anpertor. Early application ahonld be made to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, ai re 70 Month at, cor. Maiden lane Mfj?- LIVERPOOL LINK OF rACKETS-Packet i?f nMI^Vlhe 14th Ap-tl?The splendid fast sailing and farerite aHMb,,'<cket Ship SEA, Captain Edwards, will positively sail >? anore, her rrgnlar day. Her see' mmiidauons fer cabin, second cabin, and steerage pna.ieo ere, an rerysnperior. Those wishing to aeenre bertha should not tail to make early apilication on board, foot of Peck Slip, or to W.fcJ. T.TAI-SCOIT. ad rc 70 South street, cor. Maiden lane. STAR LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS? ? Packet of the llth of April?The new and elegant ?hrat class packat ship WATERLOO, Capt. W. H. ami rb, ? ill poait vtly sail aa above, her rrgnlar day. Having very auperior accommodations for cabin,second cabin ard steerage passengers. p- none shout to embark, will find tJiia splendid ship to be a most desirable conveyance. The Waterloo will aail again from Liverpool on the Mth of May '1 h .ae who are d. airoua of sending for their rrlativea or farnils, can have ihein brought ont in this splendid packet. r'?r nasi age to or from Liverpool, early application ahonld be mada to the subscriber. JOSEPH MnMURRAY, mlirre 100 Pine atreel.eoruor of Month street PASSAGE FROM OALWAY, DIRECT TO NEW kORK?The superior, fast sailing British Brig VICTORIA, will sail from Oalway on the let ot May. This off ra an eicellent opportunity to jieraona wiahing to a. nd for their friends, residing in that part of Ireland, precluding tne ironblr and tipeiiaa of going to 1 irerpool to embark. Con trace for p isiage, which will be at a moderate rate, must be made precious to the Jlet iuat., in order to he in time for the steamer ot the lalof April, from Button. Kit further particulars, apply (if by letter, post paid) to ml.ill nr JOHN HeKuMaN. 61 Koutt street. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Seooml Liue.-The ?h?p iJl ICA, F. Hewitt, .\la?ter, will tail on the lit " "AV BOYD It H1NCKKN, Agents. ? I i No. 9, Tontine Buildings. PACKETJi FOR HAVHE?Second Liue Thi ship BALTIMORE, Edward Funk, master, will be " 'tvined until the Sth of April. BOYD h H1NCKEN, Agent*. ? Ton Una Bail dtaga. UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND. THE LATE PHOPHIKTOK8 of the BKACON COURSE A for Trotting, reep-ctfully inf rm the Public, who have eo liberally pationteed ih- m for the lut four wuuoi no the Beacon Coutee, that they, together with Hiram Woo I ruff, here taken the Union Couree for the comirg eeeeon for all porpoeea except racing. During the eeaacu liberal Purine will be offered far Trotting, Hurdle Racing end Foot Hacing. The following Trotting Stakee and Purie ii offered, to come off the laet week in April Stake No. 1?Free for honee never trotted for a Puree, mile heate. beet 3 in 6, under the raddle. Sab. Slot. H. F. Stake No. 2?V ree for horeee never trotted for a Puree Two Mile heate in harneaa. Sab. flOO, H F. Btake No. 3?Free for horsee never won a Puree, over $60| Two Mile heate. under the Saddle Sub. $100, H. F. Stake No. 4?Sameae No. 3, in herneee. ... Stake No. 5?Two Mile heate under the eaddle, free for horeee never won a Puree ore- SI00. Sub. SIM, H F. _ Puree $360, Two Mile heate in harueee, free for all Trotting horeee. , , . Kntriea for the StaVee and Puree to be made on or before Tueeday, April the Ith, at Oreen'e It Wieeea. No. 1M Chatham etreet, by 0 P. M., three or more in eachRo make a race. E. LIPPOLD& CO (No. 103 Wiiaiam Stekkt, near John,) TAPESTRY WORSTED", Best manufacture and mosteitensive aisortment. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Worsted, .Gold' and Silver, of all widthe embroid?hyipatternb, Of all Makers iud Numbers. CHENILLE, , . For working and Ornamental Trimming, plain end shaded; Flower Chenille, be. SILKS. , , Plain and ihaded, and Chinee, Sticka and Spoola; Twist, Flow, do. FRINGE8. , , Silk, Wonted and Cotton, of the lateat styles. GIMPS, GOLD AN d"! 1 LV^R COh.L)Im/KaIDS, TAS SELS, be. 8TFEL. GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, Parse Trimmings. Steel and Jet Buttons, Hair Tins, ?c. OILED SILKS, Ai?orted Colon. PERFORATED PAPER. CORDS AND TASSELS, . Braid., Tape*, Binding*, Oalloon*, be. al lm.m OPENING OF SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE MA OA SUN DE MODE, BO Cartel itreet. TV/TAD'ME D. BEHRMAN beg. leave to inform her 1YI fri-nds and the pnblie, that .he will open for the season on' Monday next, the Sl.t March, in.l.; wheuihe will exhibit a splendid assortment of ladies' Pans bilk H-tt, last received from Pari., in every variety, and in a ety'e unprecedented Al.o will be exhibited. an entire new style of Lad.iee' Hart, railed " ARTOIS HATS," which, from their peculiar and la dy like style, may rank at pre-eminent. Also, a variety of pure white fancy Strawa, fine double Dnn ?table., Tuscan and spilt Stnwa. Pari. Kibbona and Flowen, of the choicest ityl'i.end in great varieties. _____ *" *w rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, &c. XJENRY b KAHN, 73 Liberty .treat, np stairs, have jnat re XT eeived and offer lor Mile a complete assortmeu t of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in bnnchee, sprigs and single. Material* for do do, and all kind, of WATER COLORS,. . for flower manufacturers' nae; amoag which is a liquid pink color of very superior qualijjj.g Also an invoice of for Ladies and Children, of very rich 'embroidery; Hair Pin*, of latest itylea; and a lot ofiplcndid Engraving., plain and colored. mhll ?m*re CARPETING. ?M Pearl Street, THE Subscribers have just opened the large and spacious 1 CARPET WARE ROOMS, No. 454 Pearl itreet. former ly occupied by Smith. Hewitt b Co.. and are now reedy to of fer the pnblie an entire new stock of Carpeting, bought express ly for the .pring trade, ?ome of which are exceedingly rich, or """S^TsePtS ftBBl&IHK BRUSSELS. Entirely New. II PA K1DM1N8TER THREE PLY, Rick Shading. SUPERFINE FINE AND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING. Of every variety end description. Rugs, Druggets, Table and Piano Covers; Worsted, Tufted md Juts Matt; Oil Cloth*, very heavy and in great varieties, from 1 to 14 feet wide; together with all other articles usually found in the trad*. The public are requested to call and ezaaa in.onr stock before pnre^y.,RgoN fc HuMpHR1(.Yi oilO am*m 454 Pearl street. TO CARPET MANUFACTURERS, &c &c. T EAD WIRE, of various sixes, suitable for weaver's L. weights, constantly rale, mhtl lm?w I44 Water street. JET AND HORN BUTTONS, f\V nil sisee?Bugles, Beads; Hair, Shawl and Breast Pins, VV Bracelets, Bead Bags, Hair Ornaments, be. Daguerreotype Plates and Instruments, French China Vases. Also, Plain Wnitt China. For sale bv EDWARD HEN. Importer. mhM lm*m 1? and M Liberty street. ~~ COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. DAUER b BO DEN respectfully inform their fi^d. and the D public.xmlt they continue to manufacture Colored Paper and Fancy Paper Bote*, in all vaneties, at the old stand of ths late firm of Blanc b Bo<len, 74 Fnlton comer of Gold street. Ha is full r determined to manufacture a superior article, and to put the prices so as to satisfy his customers. Order* will be gom^Msortment of Colored taper* and Fancy Jape Bo*ss always on hand *m w DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, BBS Klver St. Troy. THE Subscriber avails himself of this method of eommuw 1 eating to the public the fact that he is now manufactnnng fine cut and smoking Tobacco and Snnn, at 215 River street, Tror. next door to the Fnlton market. , . _ . _ . Tonacco?The celebrated Fency VirguuiL This Tebaceo took the premium et the late Fair. Extra Chewing lobaceo. sweet Virginia; Americen Smoking Tobacco, mannfaetnrad from the leaf: Spanish do, Turkish do. . , 8ntirrs?Rom scented, No. 1; Mwcaboy, Amenran GenUe msn, Lundyfoot, French Rapee, andlnsh Bl*ckguard. The above articles are ell warranted to be made or the baser qualities of leaf tobacco, and by the most experienced work '"(irders directed a* above will meet with prompt attention? B^rj^A?rs^rth'eitTOf GENUINE INPORTED HAVANA 8EGARS. there is none superior in this city Ugne* Regalias. Yngeiiiudad, do Paaetelas, i,4^4' n i u J. do Small sizes, Palme Celebrada, La l1 fuuciAi C&doocS| (for th? ooutMrB Norma. niwkft<) _ . Vanas Panet*lo, (of Tinoui brands.) Cabana, (smtab1# for London do d0 market.) TiUWCOi, lupersuia. NStrawtt?fc"?o?.r"id the trade generally, would do wejl in :tfX'Ud e?nWUn n0,DBSlb H^rIhuIsT mlllmnre 51 William .treet WHOLESALE SEGAR EMPORIUM. THE SUBSCRIBERS offer for sales large amertment of Se 1 gars, made of best selected Havana Tobacco, and having been manufactured six months, are now m fine order .and van be sold 33 per cent lower than the same quality of Imported '"fivrana Regalias is Mis and lOths, Caxadoras, Washington La Normal, Esperanta, La India, La IWompout, Justa San*. Principe**, PaneMk, be. be. Together with * large assortment of Imitation Segara or ertry HSVI ^KEn'nETH b*LA^^KTY/?3^Wdl at. FABEK SEGAR FACTORY, T1 Division Htreat, NEW YORK. , ? THE UNDERSIGNED have esmbliahed an extensive 8egar 1 Factory, at 71 Division street. New York, nnder the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who has been Superintendent of one of the largest Factories in Havana, for nineteen yeuh The following kind* of Sega*, manufactured in me r aber 8e gar Factory, ana of which a large stock ia now on hand, will be found equal to any Havana Began of corresponding style and *** Imperial Regalia, Trabncos, Common Sine, Regalia, nneteldf, London Sue, Casikdoree, , Canones, Principe, All bo?ed in the Havana style. The subscribers have settled the Son of their Senior in Hava na, lor the express purpose of selecting Tobacco for their b nett^ ry, m also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for this ""rhey have now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Havana Be gan. entitled to debenture, of the follow lag brands;? La India, Woodville, La Cabana, Noriago, Fragransia, La Norma, - Cnbrey, Esperanto. Upman, Hiondo, Minerva, La Fama, Victoria, Columbia.1 "ia?N h. 1*7 3m*re No. I New street, comer of Wall. salTaNdTish sTore. Aftf) BBLB Salmon, No. 1,1 and ?. 4UU 1*0 bbl?. Blue Fish. u.i#s? s? 'too hbli Noe. 1, *, and I Maekersl. Odd halfde de de de M hajif b^l^NeTsaybjy'k Bhsd m XlS "SibWlmiagx 300 kegs Dutch do looo lb* Smoked Salmon. 100 kit*Soused do ;mo qtiCrSTfieh" ?mttflefar suiypiM *00 seek* Ashton'? Salt. 3d half and 50 quarter* rtcv* Maekere" 1000 boas* Digby Herriag too quarter barrel* Helms*. Wfl\?ng>iTLSbCO,,?lDey ... JACKSON. STACEY St SMITH, \gANUFACTUReAs AND IMPORTERS of Fen, Pock. M etand Table Cutlery, R"ore, SriMor*, Ftlee,Sews,Tools, "',d.s0.t^.'>re"pti0'"'no. W PLA-rTHTREET. Up Sttlre. PREMIUM HEIFER BEEF. THE CELEBRATED. PREMIUM HEIKER, four run 1 old, mild ahd. feued by Mr. 8. Calkius, Earlville, Chenan go county, (of which die Hon. Daniel Webster, on a recent vi ?it fo the Ball's Head, made mentioa as " being the eery beat he h*1 aeen many cattle is hu day.') after beidk publicly exhibited through the principal stive's of this eityou Monday last, and examined by the beat of judges, confirmed the opinion of Mr. Webiter. This heifer, with auolher equally as great a wonder?which has received the Premium at the gre>t Cattle lair at Poaghkeepaie, for the last three yean, being only four yean old?raised and fatted bv Walter Wakemnn of Dutchess county?pronounced by all who have seen her as ca tered' t**nY r<U,*d in ,hw C0BntrT, is now slangh LTiij'a mw ?muKnirr noai? 01 Hie lutiscrmer. 181 Eldndge strut, on 4 hursdiy and Friday, April Id and 4th. FULTON?^MA,KKK?P0,*m sale, at his old stand, No. 38 *U*ii2N MAKKEI, ontfaturdav. theithinsL up!3t*ec THOMAS M. JENKINS. ,h"? in SStot a th,y maybe",,,lud the S3fe* n>?oy of "" W,'J cor tain mArnZm JriJ* eacn 01 wnicil Will COCt&in some or the most beautiful kinds, as low as they aim be pur chased elsewhere. We have also a Urge stock o^hemost ,'J^rvK?? jn?" ^*hl?geth?r with a large assort it of Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Shrubbery, Green U?t And Hftrhatpmia n antm nf,1., #_* ? M_ __ ment msusv. r.uii ouu wi uauicuuu i Iff I EDO anrUDDery, (irWD ,r.r-aTdHe'baeeoS? I'i*"11 ?tr.?fr description, for sale on the loweat terms, end all warnnifcd at represented. Those in want will please call and judge for themselves, at the new Seed store and Conservatory of DUNLAP It CARMAN, **"*? 133 Broadway. COACH MAKING: TAKE NOTICE?Practice makes Perfect ?Tlie subscriber having devoted himself for the last twenty years, entirely fo the Coach Making business, in all its various branches, he laels fully satisfied hat h- u able to give every satisfaction in any style of Carriages that may be ordered. Reference can be given in any part of the eity as it regards nit work. Ail kind* of Carriages done op and repaired in the best manner. Light Wagons and Carriages constantly on hand, lor sale, second hand Wagons raken in exchange for new ones or others. C. BAUCALOW, 157 Fourth street, ap4 2w*rc mar 6th avenue. CONGRESS COLLAR. V-To? /? STYLE and elegance of finish unequalled before.?Our new style |of Collars,'which have long been wanting, are now isaued, and are to be louud at the manulactui ?? only, at the old atand of MARSHALL'S only Troy bhirt Depot, 90 Chxthtm street, New York. All orders should be > sent at the earliest date, as this pattern will in all probability revolutionize any style ever before got np in thie market. Re member, at the old stand of Marshall's, 90 Chatham atreet, N. i. No second price, on any consideration. N- have also manuf-clured a large quantity of thou aw style 47 Pleat Shirts, which cannot be toucd in the new style 47 Pleat Shirts, which cannot~be found in the city. As the pleats are all sowed down, it will obviate the difficulty in i oning them. ar4 lm*ec MRS. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS, 8D5 Broadway. l\ff ANY persons have heard of the efficacy of Mr?. Carroll's Vapour Baths as a remedy for and as a preventive of colds, influenzas, rheumatic affections, be be. Although its bene fits in such eases cannot be overrated, it should not be forgot ten that at a luxury the Vapour Bath ia universally preferred to every other mode cf bathing. Many are d'trrred from trying it from theerroneoos idea of its being a formidable operation at I iended with iuconv-nieuce in the administering?No bath can be more simple, safe aud pleasant than the Vapour Bath aa given at Vra. Carroll'a eatahl'ihment. Some, contrary to the principles of physiology end common sense imagine that there is danger of taking cold after a bath; the circulation by the ef fect of the bath ia reoderel more active and ih? akin ia better en abled to resist the influence of the atmosphere?hence the idea of catching cold af er a bath, i* absnrb. Open from six in i the morning till 9 at night. Portable Baths sent to any part of | the city. Sulphur Bathi require one hour's notice. Ths'flaths will be removed 1st of May to 184 Fulton atreet. a4 lm rre ./BOLTAN PIANOFORTES. 'VTUNNS k CLARK having purchased the patent right for L> " Coleman's ASolian Attachment to the Pianoforte," Tor the entire United States, (excepting Massachusetts.) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, er to attach the tame to any modern made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard to the darabili ty of this invention. N. b C. are prepared to satisfy the most prejudiced mind, their own critical examination and experi ments warrant them in the assertion, that the " Afioliao" will remain in tune in any climate, and it will not be affected by transitions of atmosphere. The moat aatisfatXory warrantee ia given with each instiumeut. The public are iuvited to examine the " AVilian Pianofortes" at their ware-room. No. 240 Broadway, opposite the Park, where alto may be found an assortment of 6, 6H and 7 octave Piano fortes, both in rosewood and mahogany casaa. m26 6m*rc INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO. M IN WRIGHT, Professor of Music, informs his friends ? and the public in general, that he has made arrangements for giving instrnotiona on the Piano Forte His atyle of im parting instruction ia perfectly simple and easy, and Is not sur- I "" "1, if equalled, by any other style at p passed, if equalled, by any other atyle at present taught, com bining all tne grace and elegance of execution capable of beiog I imparted on that instrument. He has already turnsd out sev.ral very proficient scholar!, and the public will be satisfied as to liii abilities on giving him a trial. His terms are reasonable, aud we advise all those in want of a teacher to embrace the op portunity now offered. Terms, and all other information, made known on application at 172 Grand, comer of Mulberry atreet. mhSS lm*rrc ? LAFAYETTE BAZAAR. 149 and 191 Brooutwav, corner of Liberty ut. rPH18 ESTABLISHMENT, founded the 1st of December, 1143, aa a public store for the sale of every description of Staple and Fancy Goods, will be enlarged the lat of May neut. The ubacriber having rented the upper part of the building, 151 Hroadwuv, will put in complete repair and fit up in a magni ficent manner, two large galleries, where the traders, rainufttc re, will beta!" ' turers and importers, will be|able to obtain at a cheap rent, a fine and convenient store; and the ladies and gentlemen a splendid place of retort and a public and fashionable promenade. MRS. H SHANKLAND, Dagu?rrian Artist, kaa already rented the front part of the two galleries as a Daguerreotype Sa loon. where she will continue as before, to give th. most perfect likeness for ONE DOLLAR, including (he best kind of Morocco Case or Frame. (?/"" Several Counters to let, with glass cases?enquire M the Bazaar. T. A. AKTAULT. mh!7 lm*m DAGUERREOTYPE. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 82 Nassau street. New York, is " constantly manufacturing t and has always on baud, all ar ticles of the beet quality used in the _ Dagur rreotype process.? Hla Triple Compound of Bromine ia a superior preparation, and is now in general use. He baa also on hand the Hungarian or German Accelerating Liquor. Cameras of his own manufacture aa well as French and Ger man ones. The German Cameras told at this establiahmeut will be warranted genuine. Orders from die oou.try fnr snjr articles used in the art will be promptly and car-fully attended to. trie im*sre pLUMBE DAGUEKRIAN GALLERY AND PHOTO GRAPHIC DEPOT, 231 Broadway, corner of Murray ?) (ovar lenney'a Jewelry Store.) awarded the Medal, four fin I remains, and two '* highest honors,'* at the Exhibition at Boi ton, New York and Philadelphia, respectively, lor the best pic tnrea and apparatus erer exhibited. Superb likenesses, of all sixes, taken in any weather, on satii factory terms. ml7 lm*rc LADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOTYPE INSTITUTE, MRS H. SHANKLAND, DAGUERRIAN ARTIST. fkAGUERRKOTYPE PORTRAITS, including the beat T-r style of Morocco Case or Frame, for ONE DOLLAR. Apply at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, or R35 BROADWAY, THIRD ?t6rY, FRONT ROOM, No. 1?opposite the Park Fountain. mhl7 lm*m A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. PRICES REDUCED PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESS, combining all the perfee- I 1 tiona of a painting, with the cruthfnlneea of a I type, at very reduced priee?. bv A V Tb-T-C? .pMberreo "ft*.?PPosita the Actor Honre. ThomP,0?. No. 11 pwk P^t'onof1^^-&Ana?d evmy ARCHITECTURE. TPRED. SCHMIDT bega leave to inform hii friends and the V public, that he has removed hia office from 192 Broadway to 18 Wall street, where persons desirous of building are invited to examine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cottage inwards to the extensive Villa or Mansmn, in all the iKyii * various Rylss of architecture; and where he is prepared to fur nish I'lans, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and Contracts for Buildings of every description.and superintends the erection hereof m23 lm*ec BOARDING. MRS. oTPISH, 135, 187 and 139 Broadway, NEW YORK. The Public and STaaantRs visiting thecitr. are mepectful ly informed that thy above premises have been fitted op ia a su perior manner, for the entertainment of Permanent and Trnntient Boardert The location is pleaaant and mitral lo huaineas?the apart menti spaciona, light and airy, and handtom-ly fnmiahed throughout with new furnitnre, beda, bedding, Sic. The table will be abundantly anpplied with the best the market affords. Tranaient Board ft par Day. m36 lei "re NEW YORK HOTEL, TU Iraadway, New York City. rVHIS new and epleadid aatabliahment opened on the let of A December last, situated in the most fashionable quarter of the eity, la now in Pall operation. '1 he entire front no Broad way, between Washington and Waverley I'lacea, haa been ar ranged in anita ofapartmenta, aod Inrniahed in the moat taatetnl anu elegant manner for the accommodation of familiea and ain gle geutlemen, and no Faina will be ? pared to render the moat perfect aatiafaation to all who may favor the honae with their patron <g*. It will be conducted on the European and Ameri can ayatema combined, leaving it optional with peraona to take meals at Table d How, in private parlora, or a la carta, aa may ?uit their convenience The location of (he lionae, the great number of large and beautiful parlora, the apacioua and airv halla, render it a moat deeirable rraidence for thoae viaiting the cily either on buaineea or p'eaaure. J. H. BlLLINGS, Proprietor. mS Im'rn B. MONNOT, Keiuurateur HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DININGTAB1.ES, UPITH METALLIC SLIDES, long known aa the moat durable, convenient and elegant of Eiteuaion Tablea manu lectured; warranted to run eaay conatanily, aud not to be affected by dampnna or warping of the wood. A large assort ment of choice pattern!, aniteil lor ; rieate parlora, hotels,steam boats, fee., together with a ge.eral aaWHineat of Cabinet Eur nitura, always on hand, at the VV.x. roonia, NoHO Grand street, Corner or Elm, whan the public ia reapectfnlly invited to call and examine. mrl lm*rc ? Orricn or the Norwic h k WoncraTra R H. Co. I ,,,u L BTncnn. M'rch II, lltj. J . 8T<EKHOI,DhRS of the Norwich Si Wnrceater ^',1?*./"'"Paev ore notified to attend a Special Meeting to Iw helaat the office of the Company at Norwich on Wed nesday, the *h day of April next, at I P. M., to take into consi deration the acceptance of "an ant of the Commonwealth of Maaaachn.rtta toauihitite the Norwich It VV0rc-ater Rail road Company to aubieribe to (he Capital Stock of the Wor reater h Naahna Railroad Company.'' and alan to act on any questions connected with the intereate of the Comoanv I Br Order, J W. 8TO WELL*Clark. ! a3 It re BRONZE POWDERB cPHK very beet and cheapest Bronte, in all ahndaa and qnali A ties, are conatantiy imported direct from Uermaay. and of fered for sale by LEOPOLD KUH k Co.. mhll lm're ?X Wall ? treat. New York. Circuit Court. Avril 4. _-r, ?ef21J.Vd|f# E<luond?. D ai- ' The CrJi!."till tH V ??^,n' continued Fourteenth room ikie Lm2il "iU'htV "me"- TArfLadirs-Thecouit LrowT?' T,M crowded ?. u.u.l, with ladle? msmmm w. 8*ecial Law rot the Trial. f?c^tTu^ttl 6d ,ku.tttUntioa of the court to tho taut*. next continue in seision on Tuesday matter""1 *" gl8d mjr ,Mentl<m h" to the osar^^arasfitstaB.'s Joot?URT_Ver7 W,U'1 ,htU ,end 10 Albany on the aub H' O"*** Hou.eman recalled-TestiAed the roads house " t00k home th? mon0y to his mother'* Mitas Matilda Kobe* testiAcd the law her aunt on the Sunday morning preceding the Are. I . ? ?"0CH E- Cam' ??mined by Mr. De Witt-I went to Mi-. Houseman's hon.e at the time of tho laat trial, I went to M|m Rorke'a father'* home, and looked out of the window; I reeogniied younelf (Mr De Witn h* W?H" C.wl'upDUtCh Wliddle (daughter )' The window was Croes-examined hy Mr. Whiting.-I looked out and I cannot distinctly say if the window wa* up or down it ii now *o long aince it occurred. a Jom?Cv?eryTem!ly0ttld di'tln*uUh betwe? ? ?<? and Mr. Gbaham here called orer a li?t ofwitneiie* for the Richmond rmm^ ?h* ?f thBm ?>"r?rcd, the Coroner of Richmond County being amongst the number. ? ?X7nTxL?.'*?bl,'Mr v? ?? ss isssy^asiir """? m~ Mr. Writing objected to this teitimony He Mnu^ *1 that In a. mucU the witn^MiMM.Uld.Cke ^SKS's'.K.fs^rs: c"Mr.fe:?4as?10 ?"""< r?<<>?? i?'Lhi!.iC0,;.*T.Lr8'JerTed '? deci*ion, leaving the que.tion in relation to the declaration of Mil* Rorke open. The witne** here withdrew. William Richard.on examined-,hi Mr. Graham?1 real ded on 8taten Island at the time oi the burning ? I nn? live in the 31 Avenue. I remember the time o/tfie fire ? I re.ided about half a mile from the house of George' l^rSdTudw ?%*" C0.T:DK b?"1'' ?bout dusk, and 1 ob served a lady and gentlcmin near the house, in the front yard, in conversation, walking toward* the front ? she returned to go to tbe house, and tho gentleman went oward. the gate; but did not go out oftheMte Th! lady had neither a ?hawl nor bonnet on. The man had a Spanish cloak on and a glazed cap. The man'* heiaht 1 could not exactly tell-Ee mm be about fl? felt ten- he Z:y,h'?UrnKata;. ! W" ?ome time after be fore the Coroner's jury. I was subpoenaed to attend ? a constable brought a carriage for me. I saw a carriage pass me on the road afterwards, in the same direction m which I wa* going; this occurred about sun down Cross-examined hy Mr.Clarke?I was riding in a walk , I was not acquainted with Mr. Houseman; I ??d on the' former tnsi what I state now; I did not state that thu man had a hat on at the last trial; Ihe femlle had no ha "" she was dressed m a black calico dress, as far as I can ie' chli^7 n5ar oorneroftb? house; the house was closed up; 1 saw no door or window open; 1 did not see 1'J". gate' 'PM,e(I house before" ?7.It\ looked sideways ; 1 looked for about five mi ?,km' on that occasion; I did not take notes of the trial 7th. Coroner's notes were here put in and objected to as proof 1 dont remember S^L Thf.sssfiAf^jrss'""""" ,b?M"" >?? ..JMKyE.r4"'4 "it" > "?p?=h The Court overruled, and held that a variation in a JTo'tbThrid ETSffiES" lon* * of time, could Witness wltlldrawn ,r?Und far '"P^chment. 'Jr sk'V BnTL"-Tettifi*d she was present on the SflSTSUWjS cles, as well as the box, over to old Mrs. Honseman'a^m that uight; she also took the bed; hoard no screaming'on i tft' was at the home the day after the Are and ,0Tkoi?rnwCHe0' " that hE bloodon. "Dd TOWfr. WHITflfG ? Th? box W&fl not worm aft ike ?*i in The*pwr ?l mlik nod n0,r|y ?PP??"? Mrs Houseman ^ . day^^oVseeher^o-Uce that she was there on Satur I Tut Ladies.?The hour of recess having arrival e,. prisoner rose to retire, when several ladies" n th^vhdnH. 1 ot the door rose to view the prisoner vicinity Court?I wonld remark that those _u indulge in the cruel and unb^omin^nrioJItv w^h would induce them to rise and gaze in the face Tf th? ^ *K? ^ Tae question In relation to the admissibility ofevidenr. to show that certain declarations were made by some of ?!iWi! L?flMi?'w . * to corroborate their atatementu which has already boen (referred to and left open lor ar' fnment, was sgiin taken up. open 10r *r ^"'.JWhitin,, opposed the introduction of such testimo. "T'f relation to the declarations'MUs 10 M ,?UC'1 fL? witness was not impeachod such a course could not be adopted. "upeacned, Mr, De Witt?If they do not impeach, they imnnta ? h?H5n}'t1" much ?? tn? witness Is bonnd hy Um 0f cS i sta^entTih1' w? imputed ,h,t lh? b>d fabri with a yiew to rescue one, in whose I tho"rime o7murder. ,gn0mi^ I Mr. CLABxa-We do not Impute. such'^TetTh'^^^^hrrh'avT^T iB>PatP mind on the subject: I shall allSw that in reSttei "o'mTm 1,1 ' ?0t lb,t lB re,ati?? 'O to tS' to the Coroner's notes. Now, having disposed of thlE Mr Til We^8n P^^ with the teXony Mr. Graham ?There is another in relation to th? racter of old Mr. and Mra. Houseman'! know Ihat ^onT" fmnnting *' m8,nt# tielr teatimony, by imputing to them some connexion with this hni^iKi. Cnm':J{ ,be trial wa> ln tb*>r own connly we n^d ni! neceasm-y. "ou ' b"? W?? b?r? *SEL2S 'Vf*- If th#ir ???ti"ony ?7i! i wo1ui'1 h? * different thing; but when it U not. it is quite a different matter. Peter G Van Pelt waa here produced. In hia evsmi raily T general character of Mra. Bodine's fa wftne??erih.?hlHlhllad thK* (la?l,,io,,. ?od a number of dischar|id s'ibpmnaed aa to that point,wore HotAoa W. Baldwins examined hy Mr. Du Witt?I am now in the police ; my place of buaineaa on Chriitmaa Ww" 1th? corn?r of Canal aod Reade streets ? I was to m *i?r?,!Tr ' * ** 7"tch WM 8n that d?T presented to me lor the purpos of raising money, (wa'ch shown 1 ?t was aim,l,r to this with an eagle cn the ficu of it Tthi* lice is very uncommon, cannot say that this ia the same watch It was s man who brought the watch hi wa* about Are feet aix inches high, about 36 or 40 years S* ' ' have seen Mr. Wai*e when I was at the nrisnn on Htaten Island, and only that his complexioa was a lit tle more Aond and his whisker, came Jsrlher 7own on his face, I should say that Waite wa* the man. *"? was about II o'clock on Christmas morning 1 don t recollect tho maker's name ? I remtm her seeing the word brothers in the watch offered in me (on examination, tho Mime wonl WMtoumlAthe watch produced.) In hi. onma-ex.mln.tiin by Mr Clark I .L.IrrV Wa,,t a a,or* i 1 that tho chaoed work on m7.f! ,:r?o:yr th*n the ine n?w p^uced. occurred bLwlirr?PrB',"e,e,<--Theconversation I..e7 r dV**rru?i m* 011 -Sunday morn ?!L. h?'cr?>M-?*aminatlon by Mr. Whiting?I think d.7?,re-.mIL0 C.1^k ; ' am a "at8r tho prisoner -1 ionl remember to have talked to her about this. Ssiitr B. Freeman testified ?1 carried to WaiiM** him iS!.7%r.nH ?' 018 d,,M,?ron ten Mind. I told him that Mra. Ho-.soman and child were dead By Mr Whitino ?1 receiyod the intelligence from mv brother in law, who at the aame time S Waite acquainted with the cir. umstance!^ Silas Dr Gbout ? In hia examination by Mr De Witt Bier^ r '?'T buaJ?8aa ,bout Christmas, 1843, at Tuesdsv to JhZJ Z a^'.00 ",nd Alb8rt com? down on ruMday, to where the 8tat?n Island boat atarts from hometime after the boat had gone ' Ores examined by Mr. Writino?I had known Mr* Asbaham Houseman,examined byMr w i .m . i cnarging Mra. Bodme with the death 01 Mrs u rThT(mSi?| 0?dnr!2^0t wh?th*r it waa b,-for? or af-' ter the nineral, I do not know when my sifter first heard of thv rumor; I have left monev at mw fl1? when I left the Island; I have Uft abovJ #600 It I tinae "! know of my brother's 'genondly^V SXt^S*} MrMDc?Wft.4Mi J>r*C8d ??,the ,tand- ?nd ?>*<nined by Mr i)f* Wit I am a Counsellor at law and in thai i neCrtVhor,!".^8 b,tl't of reading* rioS.1 wriUn?. [letters shown]. I have no hesitation in savin?(Hm a,rt?i ! writTog1*'' WhlCk th* ?PP?a't8 P??y ?He*? to be thing, is j Creet examined hy Mr. Clare?? think I oan see the crossing of th, letter T., It ft. fainter ?h? tLZd? Te j VfrMJi.D-^,TT. 1" pl,cH o? ?he stand end examined by ' Mr. U.AHAM-I am a Counsellor at law; I am familiar | v.ith rarioui kind* of hand writing; the [letter shown,] I examined the word v?ry minutely with a magnifying pies*; 1 have no heeitatien in saying the word is "wri t ng"; I a in also acquainted with the hand writing of Mrs 11 idine. By Mr. Whitiiso?I read partof the letter produced. James P. CaaricNTEii?I am a lawyer; have no doubt t <at the word in question is " writiug." Crate examined by Mr. Whitiiso ? 1 do not know whether ]>e Witt.Oraham, or myself, have the best eyes?(ae then ? ndeavored to decipher the letter with indifferent suc cess.) Charles Encombe was then placed on the stand, and testified, that he did not know Mrs. Bodine on Christmas dry, 1848; she bqpughla basket to be repaired; he did not s *e her, being in the back shop. (A baakst was here shown.) 1 do not identify the basket. CoaisELius B. Abcmeb, M.D., examined Ay Mr DeWitt ?I am a physician; extravasation of blood is not an impro bable sign of injury before death; on certain indications that the blow had been indicted before death, a yellowish mark would appear round the wound, if ire be applied to the head of a person, and a wound inflicted after death has ensued, although the fire woe still burning, would cause an appearance around the wound similar to extra vasation. There are cast's upon record in which extra vasation has ensued after death. Guy, as an authority, is highly spoken of " Beck's Medioal Jurisprudence" is the best extant. [This witness underwent a long cross-examination by Mr. Whiting in relation to to the usual symptoms produced on the human body af'er burning by fire, strangulation, and on various technical points in relation to extravasa tion ot blood, the usual effects of strangulation, drown ing, and violent death.] The case for the detence here closed, with the excep tion of the testimony of Waite and two other witnesses, who have been attache d. REBUTTINQ CASE. The Rev. Mr. White produced and sworn?examined by Mr. Clark?1 am pastor of the Baptist'Church on the Island; I haaa conversation with old Mrs. Houseman; 1 was at her house the day after the fire; Mrs. Houseman stated to me what hour on Sunday morning Mrs. Bodine returned to breakfast. Question objected to by Mr. Graham. The Coubt enquired if Mr. Clark had any other ques tions to ask. Mr. Clark?I hove two others growing out of this. Did Mrs. Houseman say auything about Mrs. Bodine's going over to call Emeline to dinner? and another, did she say she knew where the $1,000 belonging to George was? Witness?8he said that Mrs. Bodine returned about five o'clock from Emetine's on the Sunday morning, for the purpose of getting an early breakfast to go to New York. The admissibility of the question was reserved for argument, when^the Court adjourned over. Common Pleare. Before Judge Ingraham. Afril 4?Margaret Holden",vt. Alfred Wilton?Action f it siarder. It appeared the p.aintiff had been tome time in the employ of defendant, but had left while the latter was in the country. Some time lent fall defendant called with an ofllcer at a house where plaintiff bad resided for sometime, and enquired if she was staying there. On be ing answered in the negative, he asked to be shown her trunk, which he broke open, alleging as a reason that it contained two overcoats which belonged to him On search being made, however, the clothes could not be found, but a broken ring was discovered, which defend ant alleged belonged to him. He also stated to another party that plaintiff had stole the ring. She now brings action to recover damages. De'endaut moved for a non suit on the ground that the charge preferred against him "" " itablisheo. " had not been suficiently established. This was overruled by the Court, and the Jury rendered a verdict in favor of the plaintiff of $25 damages sad 6 cents costs Robert Bailey vt Peter Van Jit dale-This action WSl brought to recover the amount of an acceptance made by the defendant, dated 3fat October last, payable 90 days af ter date, for $350 IS. 14 appeared the plaintifl'keeps a coal yard, and had been in the habit of dealing with a Mr. Mott, who procured defendant's endorsement as a securi ty to the plaintiff The cash not being forthcoming when the bill became due, plaintiff retired it himself, and po w brings suit for recovery. It was set up for defence that when the bill became due, another bill lor $330 was given to plaintiff for the purpose of taking it up; that this bill was actually discounted and the proceeds retained to co ver some old balance of Mq)t'a. Verdict for plaintiff, $97 damages, being the difference between the two notes. David Mannert Wm Runht vt. Francit Blank?This was an action brought to recover on an award of arbitra tors. Defence set up was that the award was not signed bv all the arbitrators at the time specified in the bond.? Verdict for plaintiff, $309 63 debt, and $37 34 damages. Court of Oyer end Terminer. Aran. 4.?Murder Catei.?The trial of William Jones for murder, which had been fixed for the 14th instant, has been indefinitely postponed. It will take place alter Judge Edmonds returns from the Circuit. The issue dt lunatico ' imjturendo, in the case of Klemm, indiot -d for the murder of the woman in the suburbs of the city, will also be tried belore a jury not until alter the return oi Judge Edmondf from Circuit. Board .of Supervisors. This Board met last evening for about ten minutes. His Honor the Mayor in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and ap | proved. A fe " petitions were received asking relief frcm per sonal tax, and were referrel. Petition of Mary Berry for remission of tax. Of C. V. Spencet for relief from tax. Bill of Sheriff Jones for $1703 18, from July 1844 to I January 1843?retorted. Rapartt?Adverse to petitions for correction of tax of? H. E Weillard, 5th ward; Alfred D. E. Baker, 6th do; Ja I cob Perkins, 10th do; Thomas W. Wood, 7th do : J. O. Fendi, do; W D. Waddington, 15th ward. Reportt Adopted ?In favor of granting petition of Me thodist E Church, lor correction of tax; of Qeorge Fried man, Mrs. Cbeesborough, Moses Cox. John Ferguson, Francis Gilvey, Dr. Bhindlin and Samuel E Finch. The Board adjourned sine die. New York Legislative Summary.?In the Senate petitions were presented, from citizens of New York, and from prisoners on Blackwell's Island, and inmatrs of the city prison, in favor ol the license Bill; several for and against the excise bill; trom Columbia county, against releasing the lien on the New York and EMe railroad, except on certain condi'ions ; remonstrance ol the President of the Lodr Island railroad company, against being compelled to fence their road. Mr. Jones succeeded in getting the New York and Albany railroad hill the special order for Bstu'day next. Mr Foliom gave the same direction to the excise bill for Wednesday next, and for every succeeding day until disposed of. The Senate held an Executive session. Adjourned. In the Haute.?This being one ol the days of the week assigned tor the consideration of the general orders, the House went into committee of the whole on the Senate bill to Increase the capital of the common school fund.? T he amendment proposed by the committee on colleges, academies, kc. for supplying the deficiency in the lund tear lor appropriated last year lor the support of the normal school. The bill was discussed until the hour for taking a recess?several amendments being offered to the com mittee's proposition? and to the Senate bill?one proposed to strike out the olauee providing the $*4,060, (which is the basis of the appropriation) shall be received only as a deposits, to be repaid to the United States when called for?which amendment was negatived. Another to li mit the appropriation to the school to five years, which was adopted. Another, to make provision for teachers' departments in acade nies, was lost. A motion to limit the appropriation to the school, to supply only the defi ciency in the original appropriation, was adopted; but be fore the committee had gone through the bill, the hour of two having arrived, the housetoo* a reaesa. At twelve o'clock, the special order?discriminating tolls?was postponed, in order to continue the debate on the pending bill?Albany Argus .lpril .'I. In Supreme Court.?April 2.?Anderson ads. Cowton. Motion to open or set aside default, &c.; denied, with costs. Van Benschoten imp'd ads.) Rusk. Motion to set aside judgment and execution, denied.? Smith vs. Frizell, et al. Motion to amend writ ol re plevin, granted, on terma Shumway vs. Shumway. Motion ordered to stand over to next special term Bank of Buffalo vs. SarTin, et al. Motion to have satisfaction of Judgt entered in this cause, gmnted, by default Wal dton at al. ads. Dyckman Motion for judgment as in It stipulate case of nonsuit, granted, unlets plaintiff stipulate and nay costs. Wright ads Sturtevent, do. do. do. Mil lar vt. Miller, et al, ex'rs., kc. Motion to strike out defendant's plea of payment, denied with costs. Kathern, et al ads Nellis; motion to refer, granted. Nellit ads Kathorn, et al.; motion to change venue, granted, by default. Wheeler vs. Bouton; motion to dlschsige plain till from imprisonment, granted, by default Malloy vs Th? Eaa' River Mutual Ins. Co ; appeal fiom decision ol Circuit Judge ol 1st Circuit, affirmed, with costs. Sweet et ul. ads. Welling, et al ; motion to change ventie, de. nied, with costs Hooker ads Clay; motion that plaintiff file security for costs, granted, bv default; Hooker a<ls. Clay motion to change venue, granted, by default. Van Slyck, sheriff, ads. Howell, et al.; rule entered by coa st nt, to change the venue. An application for Mandamus to Common council ol New York to raise moneys for schools ol fith ward, granted, alternative. Colvard ads. Van Rensselaer, et al., executors, kc;; motion that defen dant recover costs of suit as taxed, kc , granted, with coals, by default. La Grange ads La Grange, et al , ex ecutors, kc ; rule entered by consent to relur this cause. Keycs et al. vs Seymour et al.; motion by defendant to set aside default.kc., granted, on terms. The People ex. rel. Mackey et al vs. Hart.: motion to correct judgment re cord, granted, by delimit Brown vs. Howard; motion to r tier, granted. Field, imp'd ads. Undet wood; order that defendant have 10 day to nuke out papers to apply tor an order to stay nroceeeit gs, kc.?Albany Arguj. From the Society Islands.?We have a letter containing advices from Tahiti to the 28d of No vember. Five Frenoh vessels of war were at Tahiti, together with several guard vessels, and the strictest martial law prevailed. The natives generally n mained in arms in the mountains. The French were erecting numerous fortifications. The dwelling houses of the natives and loreignsrs, without distinction, had been seixed by the French and appropriated aa hospital* for the sick and wounded. It waa reported that a battle had been fought, in whieh the French sustained a loss of 66 killed, and the natives about 100 AH the munition* of war and other supplies were strictly prohibited trom being landed, and the coast was strictly guarded to prevent any infrac tion of this order.?Ntto Bedford Mercury. Ohio River ?At Wheeling, on Tuesday, th were 8 feet of water in the channel of the River. Pittsburgh, the same day, the River had 7 fact of wats the channel City Intelligence Upper Police ?Friday.?Grand Larsrnt.?Two boys, named Henry King and Edward Odell, were arrett ed and committed yaateraay, far stealing $38 from Dr. E. lush, No. 8 3d avenue. The boya entered the Docter'a ?hop in hia absence, and opened a cheat wherein the as uoy waa deposited. Lower Police.?Anxious to Yora?Foaoaar.?The most curious rase came up at the police thia morning, be fore Justice Merritt, showing the groat deaire that some persons have to vote, ana what length they will go far iha purpose of baring a voiea in tho election. A Ger man, named Henry StofTsns, of vary reapeotablo appear ance, waa arreated on a charge of forgery, in having al tered a certain certificate of the clerk of the Conrt of Common Pleas. The paper was mads out in April, lfidd, and was a declaration of fitoffana' intent to become a citi zen of the United States, as soon as ha was entitled to hia papers, which would be in three years from data. Ho ) esterday applied to the Marine Court for hia naturalisa tion papera, and presented hi* certified declaration, dated 1848. It was at onoa perceived that the twa had been al tered from a leur, and on sending for the record, it waa found to be the eaae. Under the Statute thia ia forgery, and a State prison offence. ? waa held to bail in the eum of $1000, to appear for trial. Wm. M. Price, Eag., hia counaal, eontended that there waa no forgery, inaamnch na the Supreme Court had deeidad that toe clerk of tho court of Common Pleaa, had no right to give a certificate in each cases, er receive the declarations. As the matter baa boon taken tetha Court of Errors, Justice M. acted under precedent in holding the accused to bail. BuaoLaav.?The dwelliag house of Michael O. Farrell in Power street, between State and fichemerhora, waa burglarioualy entered last evening, and robbed of a con siderable amount of clothing. No arreat. Tub Grand Juror's Pocket Boos.?Mr. J. G. Utter, notified the reporter to day that the information which he hid received, that hia packet book had been found, was false. He has neither seen the book or the contents, and thera ia very little probability that he will. Will the keeper of the Penitentiary be kind enough to look again among hia subjects? Infamous Conduct or an M. P.?Aa two gentlemen were passing up Leonard street thia afternoon, ona of them wu violently seized by a stout red-faced individual in a blue coat, who immediately turned up his collar and < x posed the letters I embroidered upon it. The gentleaaan had the greatest difficulty in persuading the M. P. that the ordinance did not empower them to arreat a citizen who was walking qnietly along the street. Ha advised the force however to scatter themselves about a little more, and not hover about their itation-houae so much like birds of prey. Nothing at tho Coroner'a Office to-day worthy of notice, except the Deputy. Theatricals, die. The Newark JiivtrtUer of Thursday says, 'peaking of the Concert on the previous evening?"Mr. Beam** pre sidca at the piano, the only instrument introduced at Coaoert, with remarkable tact and tasta, manifesting throughout the nicest discrimination, and tha youthful Miss Northall won golden opinions, and was enthusiasti relly encored by the crowded aesembly in her last song. Sariquirieo surpassed himself; his rare comic humor and admirable singing delighted, and at times convulsed the house with laughter. He made a decided hit and is sura ot a cordial greeting hereafter. But what shall we say oi the Queen of Song?the inimitable, the peerless Picof* And then launches forth in her praise with a stanza from one of the posts. Mr. Kyle, the eminet fluteist, was pro vented from being present in consequence of serious in diipo>ition of one of his family. The Orphean Family gave their last coaoert in Rich mond, Va , on the 1st instant. The Misses Sloman had another crowded room on Tues day last in Baltimore. It is rumored thst Mr. and Mrs. H loman intend for the future to reside in that city. Net ry likely. The Misses Macnmber, who are called positive female P iganini's on the Violin, are engaged by Mr. Peale, Mu seum, Baltimore. They are proclaimed to be very fair specimens of Concert and Instrumental Performer*. Mr. and Mrs. Koop ere In Louisville. In a letter to the editor of the Journal from Cincinnati, the writer saya : "He is considered the Paginiai of that instrument. His ludv, Mademoiselle da Ooni, is equally celebrated for her l?-tformance on the guitar." There has been recently exhibited in Raleigh, N. C. a child, who will not be eight years of age untilJuly next fl'id who weighs 177 lbs !? more then the celebrated Da ni' 1 Lambert weighed at the same age. He measures round the waist 45 inches-round the hips 47-the thighs 2d--the knees 19-neck J7J? end his height is 4 feet 61 in ches ! In the developement oi his mind and in hie man nors, he has all the childish simplicity of ordinary lada ef his age, and ia pleased with what usually da lights children. It looks odd to see such a lump of flesh, chucklirg over a new toy, or a colored marble, but a mo ment'# examination will satisfy any ona, that ha is the mere child he seems te be. Ills name is Jasper Jackson ; he is a nativs of Orange County, and is the son ot poor but very respectable parents. Sporting. Metarir Cot'rsk, New Orleans?The Ossat Pacing Match.?We copy the following para graphs from the "Picayune" of the 27th ult.s? A match for $1000 a aide?two mile heats, in harness. D. Heinsohn's ch. g. James K. Polk, (Albert Conk lin j j Geo. Crain'ech. g. Tippecanoe. (Prank Chase) .V." t 2 Time?6.18?? 31. There was a large attendanee to see the result of this ine match yesterday. The winner was the favorite at o to one before tha start, and we are constrained to say that he won handily, although Tippeoanoe came through tue first mile at each heat in 3 *0, ahead. Jim was evi dently trailing through all the first mile of the first heat; h." then mada play, and won at his ease. The second heat was mere interesting. Tha Presi dent** namesake led for the fi?-*t qaartar, whan ke broke op, and a gap of forty yards was made upon him. This he made up ingoings mile further; but wkan on the beck stretch he broke.egein, end loet at least seveaty-five yards. However, he subsequently struck into such a lick ai cannot be beaten, and entered the quarter stretch home, leading He made * burst of speed m doing this, which was indeed remarkable, and most distressing to tli a crowd of mourn en, and came out an eaay winner. The Great Match retwse* Perrons ass Fa.hiss? We now learn definitely that the great matok between these favorite nags, has been made te come off on Tuee day, the 30th of .way next. It ie for $96,000 e side, $5000 forfeit, (our mile heats, to be run en the Union Course, L. J. It will, we think, i rove the most exciting race yet ran in America. The adds in the betting here are at present iu favor of Fashion, et the rate ef about 4 to 8 V artetie*. Hon Edward Robinson declines being any longer a candidate tor Governor ot Maine. The whig, of the State will bold a convention, in the course of next summer to nominate another candidate. Miss Jane Van Tleet editi tho "Star of Freedom," e lib erty paper at b.ilee, Michigan. ^ A cotton factory is about to be established at HuntsviUe Oi fifty four boys recently convicted in and about Bes. tun ot larceny, forty six were naws toy. Gov. Pratt has appointed the 27th oi June, as the dav for the execution of Henry McCurry, found guiltv bv the Baltimore City Court, of the murder of Pibl ftoux of Georgia, while temporarily stopping in Baltimore. It ia c*(imated in the most approved works on political economy by English writers, tiat the inc reused "powers of production crested by machinery, in England alone 1/^?* 4|rae oi a century, exceed the un aided manual labor of four hundred millions ef men The death ?fO?. Charles R Floyd, is announced la the Sevenaah Georgian of the 37th uit. i he peach trees at Camden, opposite Philsdalnhia were in blossom on Monday' mormng Cura.nt gooseberry trees in full leaf Mom. Silverman, a printer of Straebnrgh, has forward ed to the Academy of Science* et Pane a specimen ef printing in colors by ? new process. These impressions **y* the inventor, as tbey come from the prase, need no retouching, and although printed In twelve different eelors, are all from a single plate, and printed at one sfrefce. No particulars oi the process ere given. Anti-Rintirm at thk Wkbt ?We learn that jireat excitsmeut prevails in the Half Breed tract in Iowa. The settlers met laet Saturday t* re-take car 5 other property carries off hy a claimant under the decree in favor oi the New York Comneiv They were dispersed by the Sheriff, but they agreed to moeteg.'n f. Jay, et* o'clock, A.' M . un/er^? to take forcible possession of the removed property and they threatened to burn the house et M7. 'iuJd one of the proprietor* of the Company The sheriff had orter ed out ?niarmed posse of BOO men to prevent any dietnr bnnee. The excitement wee so great on Sunday night a* to cense It to be leered that e bloody .ffr? may happen at the meeting to be heM to-day-Sr. Luit hTlh&S Anti-Rxnt in Delaware ? l he Delaware "(Jg. 7.ette, of April 2, atatee that four of the prisoners taken by under sheriff Steele and hi* posse have been examined and committed to jell, on the charge ot being Brmed and disguised and engaged in the affray at Roxburv in March lest. Five others, including a chief known a* Blue Beard, were arrested on a charge of riot, in the same place in February lest, and their examination is atill pending. Several of the indicted have come in and given bail to await a trial. A ? pee ml term of the Sessions has been authorized by the Legislature, to commenee on the 31st inat., with power to oqjourn, from time to time till the 34th lay The "Gazette' speaks of the arrival of arm* (or the protection of thojail, and mentions the indications oi a better state of public sentiment in the county. Mows ?'tkamroaw Wanted?The Rochester, Ivi.pire, .south America, Express and rlT-?._*-t.oul.doo*t !*'' morning, end leave sgain this evening for New York. The fare on thee* boats is very accommodating to tho?f? who proforohoop travailing. if u passenger cannot afford to pay fifty cents he can go ibr one shilling. Steam ,a working wonders ?.lliany .hlui. Mork pp the Over-plow ?The Albany Ar^nt of Thursday, says:? The water le very high?over the wharves?caused bo "oubt by the melting ot the snow at the head-waters oi the Hndeon. The warm weather of the last few dsys ha* t -ken off the snow in the high land* of Warren county much earlier then usual '

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