Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1845 Page 3
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mouths Id the j??r. Tlie summer travel over thia rosd h very great, auJ the laituer it exttnds into th* inte rior, the greater will be the travel, both lor bueinaae udi! iileii iiH. This Cotnpsny will, without doobt, be ?uthirned by the Legislature now hi ceatiniM ^ ii road to Albany. A charter of that hind (ranted to la company, moat prevent any rival Company from building .1 road on the same route. The HarUm Company U <v? about twenty-five miiea already ronatrncted, and IB active operation,ond there ia capital sufficient ready at any moment to be paid in to c >rry the toad to Albany. The N v au 1 Albany Railroad Company will net do much mora than report about end agitata the matter every ?e??ion of the Legislature. New ntnri may be brought lot ward, new arrangement* may be mada, and edditiorw' I capital applied lor to enatire the completion of the root, but there h-is already been ao much time wasted in these II "rlim nui ie* by this company, that we have abandoned all hope of anythirg being done under that charter. We do not hesitate to basert mat t a railroad ia ever complet ! od he? wen the city of New York and Albany, on the east ' "ido of the Hudson river, it will bo constructed by the Har lem Railroad company. The receipts for the transportation of passengers and nmchandis<- on the Columbia and Philadelphia Railroad from Nov 30h, 1844, to April 1st, 1846, were ao follow*:? Philadelphia and Columbia Hailboad. Railway. M- Power. Total. Ain't as per Itat report... SI3.S07 53 19,235 18 32,1(2 71 I Do lb .March, 1841 IJ.ilO 99 10.212 35 29,C#3 3( Whole Amount sinca Nov. 30, 1144 822,218 52 29,487 53 81,506 05 Some of the returns which havo been published being detective, we annex a table giving the t^eial reports o! the receipts from cuatama at thia port forme first quarter, ending aist ol March, lor the past throe years:? Whence raoM Customs?Poar or New Yobk. 184 ? 1844. 1815. JAU'ia'v' $548 016 1,876,615 - l,<*77,969 Kebrrury 491,216 2,168,100 1,347,416 Mircl 636.596 1,691.524 1,575,680 Total $1,676,858 $5,737,243 $4,601,105 This table shows tbst the greatest tailing off in the re c.eipta fio*n customs was in February; the decrease that ; toon h compared with the corresponding mon h lost year I heiuv $1-31644. The total decrease for the quarter being $1 136 138. The importations this season have been nearly hs 1. tg- as for i he aamet'me lost year; while the duties have Isl'cnoif nbout twenty per cent, the importations have "tily diminished about seven per cent. To have brought nboutthis state ot things, the average rate of duty upon the import* must have been very much reduoed The imuoriHt ions of free goods the first [quaiter thia year were much 1 irgrrthan for the same quarter last year, but the in crease was not sufficient to have made ao wide adiffereuce in tbe duties. The average rate af duty ia annually da creaiing, and *in time a reduction to a revenue standard must br- made. The finances of Mississippi, according to a special re l-nit mode by the nuditnr of the State to tha Governor, dated Match 18, 1845 appear to be in a much belter coo dition than anticipa'ed. The receipts and expenditures of *be State Treasury from Jan 1st, 1844, to March 1st, 1846, a period otiourteen mouths, were as follows:? Finance* or Mississtrri^ Amount received into Treasury for the csllendir year I8t4 $347,757 80 dmount received into Treasury January 2. l-ebruary, 1845 108,363 37 (etc* " $456,181 17 Amount of warrants issued upon the 'l'rrasu-y f r the tear 1844 $867,621 18 Am't of warr Aits issuid upon the Trea sury duriLg Jan. and FeO., 1845 38,030 50 305,651 60 Btlsnce in favor of receipts. Mar. 1. '45.. $150,469 57 Re eil'ts r om Mar. 1 to Mar. 18, '45.... $163,767 14 Expenditures " " '45.... 18,105 82 145,661 32 balane* in favor of receipts. Mar. 18, '45. $296,130 89 Ouislk warrants Jan. 1, '44, not funded. $168,6<T 80 " funded. 831,879 63 " " " issued since Jan. 1, 1811 914,162 80 Ou'stau'liue old and new, on Jaa. 1, '44. $6i4,043 43 AinoU"t o1 rrc-ipts over ezpaudilnres to Marih 18, 1845 296.130 89 Outstanding March 18, 1845 $317,912 54 It will be seen by the above that the snm of three hundred and seventeen thousand nine hundred and twelve dollar* and fifty-four cents, remains out atarrliog in old warrants, except perhaps a small amount of naw warrants, which hav# not been presented at the office of the Treasury. The Auditor's report shows that about $80,000 is still to be received from tax coiltctors ol th* taxes of 1848 and 1844. In the Auditor's report there are items of expenditures which appear tor the year 1844, amounting to $118,600, which will not come upon the Trta-ury this year. Borne of these items were appropriations tot the legislature, for locating lands, advertising sales for taxes, fcs. It is confidently anticipated that the outstanding warrants of the State,will bo redeemed in the courae of another year. After the lit of November next the bill reducing the salaries of the State officers, judicial and executive, will take effect, when the annual expenditure* of the State will be much reduced. The reportotthe S ate Treasurer will be is sued from that department in e few days, when a more p?rf.cts> uopsis of the condition of the State finances will be in .do public. Lai go sums of old warrants have been paid to the Treasurer by the commissioners of the sinking and seminary funds Warrants amounting to $47,000 are rcpmed'?to be in the vaults of tbe Planters' Bank at Na'cbiz in account ot tbe sinking fund. The public indebtedness of Miiilssippi amount* in the aggregate to $7,000 000. of which only $3,600 000 was the direct debt ot the State,[leaving a balance of fO.oOO.OOO as the indirect debt ef the Statu The internet upon thia in direct debt would annually amount to more than the ag pr-'cate annuel receipts into the Treasury. The direct deb: is very small, and the linking lund accumulating wi 1 ultimately protect that amount of tha public indebt edness. Old Stock Exehang*. $15800 Krnta-ky 6's b60 181 50 Farmers Trust b60 38? ' S56MI Prim 5 s 73V 50 do 3*H Sl.S;ii0 do sS0 73k 50 do b30 3Sk S.Vnuo do 73k 300 do 38X S'noo do h30 73X 480 Morris Canal 32 $5600 do bl2m*74 372 East Boston Co UK 75 ?hi Bsnk Com, scrip 98 50 F.rie RR 28 5a l) 8 Baak 7k 50 L Island RR 76K 1C0 do a30 7 K 500 do *30 76 50 do *60 7K 350 do 76 SfO do slims 6 500 do 75K 100 do 8K 50 do b30 76 838 do 8 150 Stoningtea RR >30 39 50 do 8K 25 do 39 50 Vicksbtirg Bk s30 to 50 do *10 39^ Raoond Board, boo (IK 50 v orris Canal 32V b:iu to 25 V icksburg UK 39k 100 do U 29K 50 do 11 b30 30 50 U B Bank 7K b3u 30 50 do 1* b30 30 12 do 8 76K 50 Nor 8i Wor 69K 150 * d7>""" 10 25 do __ S9k its do *60 10 50 Nor k Wor RR saw 88k 775 do I?K ?5 do 68k 160 do 10k 75 do 68K 25 Canton Co 4">7i 85 do 68K 75 .N A ru t 14 25 do 50 K> *ding RR 51k 200 do 150 WilmiLgtoa RR 100 Stonington RR 50 do 50 do 75 Erie RR 25 do 2.5 do 150 do 50 Long Island New Stock Bxohangs. 135 shs U 8 Bank c 7 25 shs Vicksburg Bk *3 19 186 do b3 7K 85 do sow 9} 50 do ?10 7 25 do sI0 9) 50 do c 7 V 50 ao bnw 10 5:1 do c 7)j 50 Morris Caaal i30 32 50 do C 8 75 do 82 50 do 7K 1*0 Farmsrs' Trust e 383. 58 do bMSK 5# do nliVi 50 do bt 8 50 do 38) 75 do si 7V 100 do b3 365 2.5 do b3 7X 60 E Boston Co b3 14) 425 Vicksbarg Bk c 10 125 do t3 14) 50 do bnw 10k 85 do *19 14) 50 do b] ItK 150 Long Island RR *30 76 180 do b3 18V 50 do 76 200 do e 10K 25 Stonington RR b3 39' 75 do c 10? 25 do *3 39) 5<i do S310k 25 do sS 39' 25 do sit 105a 25 Nor 81 Wor snw 68) 25 do s30 9 k 25 do 68) 23 do >3 9M 50 do 168) 100 do c 9X 25 do c 68) do *60 ? 25 Staste of Trade. Aihbi?The market this morning was very dull. Hold er) were firm in their demand*. Pots, new and old, are steady at $8 08} a $4; Pearls $4 60 a $4 63} Cotton?The disposition 10 purchase continues, and the sales to-day uin. uat to 8600 bales. Several parcels were taken on speculation. H?r?common qualities of North river bale sell as wanted, at 30 a 85c; Prime at 87} a 40. Tbe demand ia very modnate, and principally tor shipment. The re ceipt* are quite Urge. Psovisions ? We have no alteration to report in quota tions or articles under this head. The speculation in Po.k ha* nearlv ceased. Whisk it?Drudge cask* are very inactive, but firm at 93c.. Western and Prison narreU are held at 34 a 24}c. Both description* are very dull. Tkas-.W Auction ?Terms?Notes at six months, pay able in 'hecny ol New York, to be made satisfactory to the srllers Hyson 29 hf chests 74 eta, 61 do 71, S chests 66}, 35 hf Chests 6(1, 14 do 66, 19 cnests 63, 6 6066, 30 do With drawn. in- 49 half chests 76$, 19 do 72, 6do 691, da 64 63 (!o 674 16 do 56 10 do bo, 44 do 64, 22 do 631 66 da 53, 15 do 61 fl do 61}, 34 do 60}, 10 do 491, 18 do 49, do 48, 30 do 47, 89 do 461, 36 do 46. 77 do and 6 chests 46, 16 hell chest* 441 38 do 44, 30 do 43, 184 do and 16 chests 41^ 199 half do 41 261 do 41}, 109 do 41. 30 do 40}, 180 do do 10}, 9626 halt chtsts and 2U0 18 pound boxes'with drawn. Hi son Rkin?13 obeita 27), 83 do 33, 80 Jo 30}, 136 do 19, 4o do 181, 69 do withdrawn. (tonpowder?6 hall chists *8}, 67 do 41,86 do 40. 360 61b bxs 42} 60 cases 12 31b cans 40. Imperial?20 hf cheats 48}, 86 do 41, 300 6!b bxs 43} 60 cam* 12 lib cans 46. Bouchong?113 clients 33, 26 hf do 21, $3 do 31}, 43 chta 31, 16 hi do 90 1-20 cheats 18}, 20 hall do 17}, 15 do 131, .1.56 d > 13, 330 ChatU 180 three qr do and 104$ hf do with drawn. I'owchong?318hf chests 37}, 1972 withdrawn. Oolong?10 hf chest* 32}, 80 do withdrawn. (>ran*e Pecco?30 hi chests 36], 30 do 36. Kokew?30 hf chesU 93,96 do withdrawn. Provision Market. We saw a lot of fine Veal, equal to Pennsylvania, that was raised near Jamaica, L. I., seventeen calves being dressed and brought to this market by ouefkimer. Fulton Market to day, in addition to iU usnai supply of rare and good beef, and other eatables, will abow to the epicure tlie splendid heifer cow, five years old, that was exhihi e4 at the principal dining room*., Po' l?rv and wil t tins rather scarce. Fi.-h plenty, and North river Shad are selling at $18 to $10 the hundred V.g. 'abtes continue plenty, with early Radishes and 8a lad* Potatoes suit coming from Nova Bcotia, and twenty-eight ton* by a late arrivel from Greenock. Phllatilelpliim Cattle Market. Armi. 3-Beeves-1196 head rflered, or which 100 were fioia Virginia, ond 300 Ohio. Demand gno I and sales at $4 35 a $6 per 100 lb*. 460 driven to New Yorb,abil 76 heid unsold. _ Cows and Celvca -340 off .red?Bale* of Dry Cows at rers $10 a $18; and Milch Cows $14 a $36 1 Wsey Ctlvaa on the wharf at $8 to ? $4 $6 a $ 12t Bprlngi ? toh Bala* of It ftO, and Pennsylvania do, at the yard*, $6 ? $4 60 per 100 iba, lire weight. 8wi?e-4Ml aaareic Ssles of WO at $4 76 a $ 5. Slice,' There were 1160 brought in thU week, and ?price* are steady. The offering WM all taken it|l?> $4 per head, aa in quality. Cotton Market. Naw Oa leaks, March 37.?The cotton market wore a qniet appearance yeeterday, and the ealaa only amount* d u> 3600 bales Price*, howerer, are ftally maintained, ana thie apparent inactirity mtut be ascribed to tha desire oi * welting later adricea irom the other ride, before eagti giig in any extensive operation* Liverpool Classifies (ton- Louiaiana and Miaaieaippi?Infeiior 4 a 4) ordinary 4| a 61, middling 6) a 6), middling fair 6|a?|, (air 6f a 64, pod lair 71 a 7J Mobil*. March 37.?Our cotton market to-day opened very stiffly, hohtera not appearing to ho desirous of telling, and buyers coming forward but slowly. At noon 'he foreign letter* were received, and a very ani mated inquiry prevailed, and about 6000 bale* were sold when (actors relua.d to go on, aud the market closed in a very excited manner. By our quotations it will be seen that the transactions havo all been made at an advance of from ) to } c per lb It will bertmetnhered, however, that fire-eights ofthia advance haa been caused by the late act ot the British Government, which abolishes the duty. A still further advance, however, is anticipated. We quote Liverpool Classification? Interior 4 a 4}. ordinary 6J a 61. middling 6j a 6), middling fair 6} a 0], fair 7 a 7), good fair to fine, nominal. Foreign markets. St. Jauo dc Cubs, March 14.?Good unwashed coffee is in active demand, at Irom $6 to $7); washed and pulped 7) a 13); triage and hall triage 4) a 6, with every prospect ot prices not only being tully sustained, but also of an ad vauce The demand tor Muicovado Sugars is extremely brisk for shipments to France and Spain- none going to the Uuited States. Box Sugars still looking up, and the old cry of short crop proves to be true, at any rata for this region of Cuba. Molasaei very firm at $16 per 106 gallon*. We are almost bare of tobacco ; since my last 3000 bales have been purchased for the Spanish market at $16) and $1$. The coming crop it now suffering se verely from the drought. In American provisions I quote irom transactions?Mesa Beef $10) per bbl: smoked do 6) per 100 Iba; Butter, yellow, 16 per 100 lbs; Candles, tallow, 10's and 12's, lOj per 100 Iba; sperm, long 0'?, 46; Fish, small Cod, 4 per 100 lbs; Haddock, 3) per 100 ibt>; smoked Herring, 96 per box; Mackerel, No 3. 7) per bbl: Flour 13) per bbl; small*Hams 13 a 16 per 100 iba; Lard 16 a 18 per 100 lbs; Oil, whale, 66s per gal; Onion* $3] per bbl; Pork clear, 17 per bbl?mris 16; Potatoes 3] per bblj Rice, 0 3-10 per 100 Iba; Soap, yellow, 7) a 0 do; W. P. Boards, 33 a 36 per M feet; P. P. Lumber, 2o do, Hoops, 46 a60 per 1300; Hbd Shook* and Heads, $1 a $IJ each; Sugar Box Shocks 81c each; White Beans, $4 per 100 lbs; Suvar, white, box 4) a 4); brown, 3) a 3}; Muscovado. 3 a 34; Molasses, including casks, $16 pbr 106 gal; tobaceo 16)a 16). Tw o assorted cargoes of provisions came in yesterday from Boston and Salem, and willfecth fair rates, except lor fish, which is abundant Lard remains scarce, as there la very little in said two cargoaa, and no stock at S resent in the market. Since the lit March the import uties havo been reduced 1) and 3) per cent on valuation; a reduction has also been made in the export duties on 8ugar and Tobacco. JKarrlcd, On Thursday, April 3d, by the Her. Dr. Wm Patton, Mr. J. T. Richardson to Mia* Elizabeth Maim, daugh ter of Dr. James Maira,all of thia city. JDled On Friday evening, April 4tb,of a lingering illneaa, Mra. Catharine Fuhky, widow of Martin Furey, in the Bad year of her age. The frienda and acquaintancea of the family, and thoae of her aona, William, Martin, and Jamea Furey, and thoae of her brother in law, Peter Davy, Esq , are particularly invited to attend her funeral, from her late reaidence, No. 169 Heuatonaireet, on Sunday afternoon, April 6ih, at 4 o'clock. PaiMngara Arrived. Savannah?Brig Sterling?Mra Lord and 3 children, Mill Marquaud, Miaa Fendergast, Mr Roncavelles, Mr Ball?It in theaieeraae. Savannah?Brie Clinton?F Chaiaea, J V I avine. Charleston?Brig Mmea? W Speu-e lady and 2 children, Mrs Knlliflash and 4 children, Mra E Bar wood, Rev M it Saarei, W T Brown, M Kenny, J Hart, C S Way, J Porter, T Conway?6 in the ateerage. Passengers Battled. Veba Croz?Barque Anahnac?General Almonte, lady and danghtrr, Mita Almonte. D McKay,lady and child, 8 Vtnrbide, Mrhoi, W 8 Parrott, M Tenlet, D O Arabi, J N iJoralemon, Jai Stevena, Wm Smith, J D Ramos, J Nichols. Foreign Importations. Amsterdam?Ship Angeliqun?150 ppt ria 2000 alaba tin 145 bkta potatoes Schuchardt, Knvre It co?100 bdla ttael Oetrichi ft Kruger?140 pkgs Dutilh It Conauiery?22 Pfeifer St WII,man? 50 Baring ft Witte?100 Victor It Duckwitz?9 Brns'lem, Koop It co?11 Barber Bros?4 J M Thorburn It co?1 Schuchardt? 300 mill at?ne? McCracken It Livingston?3 ces 3410 b41a wil low 700 bbla soda 2 pipes gin to order. Marseilles? Barque M'ssonri?24 cases W Pehl?5 pkgs G Hessenberg?157 Dutilh k Cousinery?25s Lawrence It Phelps? 15 Burlaw ? Barter?6 Brunohler?42 P A Breith upt It eo?20 J Michel?35 J Angqe?1 Harnden It co?105 Bavilaud, Keraell cn?70 Calcassonnedt Gomez?12 Fletcher, Al- tinder It eo?4 Hunt It Bros?2 J M Beebe It co?50 Baring It Witte?8 Thoa Manerrde?1 Thoa Denny?100 Kichet It co?100 M Boloid?16 G Bernard?21 G l.oevig?200 Wilson It Brown?220 Henrique ?B J Michel?19 Fiedler It eo?7 Male zieuz, Gourd It co?6 J C Piekeragill?62 tons asphalts Marie It Decoppet?sundry pkgs to order. Ou ayama?8chr Patriot?82 hhda angar Meyer It Stucksn?80 F 8 Bchlesinger?29 Dunscomb It Beckwith. Domestic Importations. New Orleans?Barqne Loretta Fish?(Reported yesterday) ?460 hnd* sugar Hpifford, Tileaion It co?33 tcs molasses Dra per It Devlin?82 bbla do to order. Savannah?Brig Sterling?9 bales cotton L H Brightm?34 Gowdy ft Well??11 Jos Wood?155 Cahoone, Kinney It co?89 S Bronson?223 E It R K Graves?10 (> A Wetmore?36 Barst' w k Pope?20 8 Bronson?213 hides 2 bdls dser skins E M Atwater ?sundry pkgs to order. Savannah?Brig Angnata?355 bales cotton E It R R Graves ?321 Barstow 6t Pone?42 H Coit It co?3 Holbrook, Nelson fc co?32 Burrittlt Johnson? 69 J J Van Allen?31 J P 8wain It co?15 J It 8 Sione?1 boa Barnard, Card It co?1 box mdse to ordar. Savannah?Brig Clinton?165 bales cotton J P Swain It co? 14 W H Bowland?126 Bar*tow It Pope?255 E ft R K Gravee ?151 Burritt It Johnson?70 cks rice De Peyster It Whitmarah ?2 pkgs B Beraheimer?2 Saxton It Week?9 M Wood?sun dry pkgs to order. Charleston?Brig Mosee? 39 bales cotton De Peysttr It Whilmsith?34 J Emeric?3901 hompson It Adams?109 cks G F Anderson?6 carboys 1 box Bayce. Corlies k eo?5 soda font rains E W Knox?2 pkes 8 Moore?25 W G Robinson?I 8 M Blake?2 8 Prwut?8 W R Dupre?1 E M Star?1 J Nathans?1 Clark It West. ~ MARITIME HERALD Shipmaster* and Agents. We ihall esteem it a favor if Captain* of Vessels will give to Robert Silvet, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed?the vettrls spoken on their pa>sage?a list of their cargo?end any foreign newspaperi, or news they may have. Agents and Correspon dents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office any Marine Intelligence they may receive. POUT OF SaiW YORK, A Pit lie 5. Itm kISgS 4 311 MOOR RISES 4 19 M IDE SRTB 8 28 war BR. 7 73 M Cleared. 8hipi Sanil Hicks, Bunker, Liverpool, Hicks It Co; Charle magne. Packard Hamburg, (Schmidt It Balchen; Hilsh, Ham- | ?nond New Orleana. J Elwell It Co; Byion. Hn-sell, Apala chicola. Cook It Smith; Sulliva^ Waite, Charleston, George Bulklcy.?Barques Ann Barney, Mix, Valparaiso, E Bartlett; Louisa. Le?vitt. Nassau, NP. Wm Nelson: Iwnnowna. Bhinn, et Murks, fce. W W Pratt; Rio, Harding, New Haven, Neamilh It Walsh ? Brig Wilton Fnller, Cobh, Savannah, Dunham k Dimon.?Schra Msry Ann. Thomas, Brau'ort, NC; Ann Hy man, To'ten. Newbern, NC; K D Decker, Bimnson,Richmond, N L McCreedy It Co; Harp, Besie, Philadelphia, do.?Barges Raritan, Banders, end Grampus, O Neil, Philadelphia. Brig J Wiltoi, Field, for West Indies, eld 3d. Arrlvwa. Ship Angeliqne, Edwards, 63 days from Amsterdam, with mdse, to Schuchardt. Favre k Co. .... ,i Barque Miisoori, Sylvester, from Mareeilles, Jan 30, aad Gibraltar Feb 20, with mdse, to Lawrence k Phelps. Brig Charloit-, (of Portland) Titcomb, 16 days from Porto Rico, with 291 hhds molasses 8 tcs 5 bbla do 40 hhds sugar to B De Forest k C?. Brig Sterling Hamilton, 8 days from Savannah, with eotton, to Onuham k Dimon. Brig Augusta. Sherwood, 0 days from Savannah,with cotton, to 8tnrges k Clear man. . Brig i liuion, Lyon, 7 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Sturgea k Clearman. Brig Moses, Loveland, 6 days from Charleston, with cotton, to G Bulklcy. 2d intt. off Baroegat, saw huque Edward, hence for Charleston. British brig Wanderer, Davidson, 11 days from Windsor,NS. with plaster, to master. British brig Caledonia, Bnud'ow, 10 days from Arichat, NS. with ISO toua (dialer to J 11 Braine. Schr Patiiet, Gates, f>om Guayama, I'll. March 20, with su gar, to Bratt k Voae Schr Thames, Billings, from Guayama, PR. with 26 hhds 29 bbla sugar 131 hnds 90 tea molas-ea to Chaatslain k Ponveit. B ilishsehr Irene Joyce, 10 days from Arichat. NS. with plaster, to J u Brainr. British ichr Elix .beth. Joyce, 10 days from Arichat. NS. with plaster, to J H Braine. Bek i -ommodore Kearney, Paine. II days from Cedar Keys, with 455btles coit?n to Coe, Anderson k Co. Schr Harriet A Taylor, Holding. 4 days from Washington, NC with nasal stoivs, to Cook k Taylor Schr Frank, B-itron, 5 daya from Georgetown, DC. with flour. loS urges k Clearman. 8. hr Courier, Couch, from Richmond, with flour, to Allen k Paxaon. Schr Ann, Latourctte, 5 daya from Petersburg, with flour, to J Hunter k Co, Schr Pandora, Swift, 4 days from Norfolk, with mdsa, to R McOaw. Schr J W Kempton, Oiborn, from Norfolk, with mdse, to Sturges k Clearmsn. Bchr Chat Henry, Tuunell, 3 days from Indian River, with corn, to J k J Mo mi. Schr Surveyor, Houck, from Philadelphia, with cos!?bound to Providence. Schr King, Cook, 3 daya from Philadelphia, with coal, to the master. Schr Saml M'Dowtll, Wales, from Philadelphia, with mdse, to master. Schr Mary Elizabeth, Barcalow, from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr American Banner, Lee, from Philadelphia, with coal, to mailer, Schr Florida, Coleman, 2 days from Nsw Haven, with mdse, to mssier Sloop Martha k Ellen, Brooks, from Philadelphia, with coal, J to master. Below. ?One ehip, South of the Highlands. Sstllcd. Brit Wilson Fnller, Cobb, Savannah, and others. Oonmiwndones of the Herald. Mhodk Islsndeu Orrict, NKwroat, April 2, 1045. A?r Thame.. Vobilefor Providence; Adelaide, Clocam. r Bedford for N York; Mary, Howlaod* I rofidenre for Baltii Hopo, (fenrs*, do fur York Hirer; Metropolis Htall, do for Adams, Crowed, do fer Philade phia; Perfect, Curtis, Uigl for Norfolk; Geo k Henry, Pre?idrnce for NYorkl Rcgn Hale, de for Albany; Erie, Gibba, NBedford for N York. Miscellaneous Record. PacKEr Ship Independence, Allen, for Liverpool, sail on Monday. Brio Heric*.(an reported) from Uihral'ar for New V went aalioie on Vvedoeaday night about 0 o'? lock, near 0 Harbor Inlet It is thought, should the weather p favorable ?he will be got on withon' snatain ng much dam Smr Moslem, French, from Manilla for New York, wil earno of liernp, sugar, kc. put into Pernambnco shout Mart leaky; would have to discharge and heave oat. Naval. Orders, April 1.?Passed Midshipman f W Colby, rata from the ceast of Afrioa in the IT A store ship Kris en sick t ft, leava three monthi; flailing Muter Michael Clear, leave ) mouth*, siik; l.uuurr 8aail G City, to Navv Yard, Norfolk. Brazos, Cliarleatoa for New Orleeaa, 23d alt. 94 mi lea N W of fortune. TheTrigttex Congress and Columbia are being fitted fbraea aerrica at Norfolk, Va. The frigate Biairdvwins and aloop 8t Louis, of the Eaek India squadron, are now on their return to the Uuited Statea; and it ia very certain that Commodore Biddle will not resciLChinp tu tie Colnmbus 74, for aix montha to come, ao that owliig to the ?mall force employed in the East Indiae, wa aavs not, at lhi? lime, a ahip of war on that atation. Whaleman, Arr at New Bedford 3d inat. Wm Hamilton, Cole, from NW Coast wi'h 4100 tibia wb 320 do ap oil and 40.000 Iba bone (in ? lading 230 bbla ap oil aed 17,000 Iba bone aent home, and 100 bbla ?b oil aold on the royage). Sid (torn Oahu Oct 31, in co with Hector. Martin, Warren, 930 ip. Alan arr, Susan. Howlaud, N W Coaat, Penninbuco Feb 23, with 900 bbla >p KIHldu wh nil and ie.000 Iba bone. Leftal P. iu Out-i Roads, I'luletua, Brewster, of aud for Slooington, full ?no American in port. Alio arr, Geo It Martha, Bmallev, N W Coaat, with 2100 bbla oil, 2*<0 ap, aud 17,COO Iba bene (including 3000 Iba 'old). Spoke No* 10, [at 1 30 8. Ion 138 W, Husau, Russell. Nam. ? bbla, Dec 14, lat 44 30 8, loo 142 30 W, Phociou, Butler. NB, 1000; Jan 27, lat 42 S, Ion 41 30 W, Marcna, Hhe.mau, 811, 1050 wh.? Died on board the <J It M, July 7, 1843, in Mozambique Chan nel, John Smith, teaman, aged about 20, of Daubury, Yt. At 8t Vincent Sept 9, Superior, NL. clean At Bruro No* 30, Ueo Chumplin, Newport, clean. Spokun. Anne k. Julia, Pratt, 10 daya from Boston for St Thomas, 21st nit lat 22. Ion 61 30 Orleans. 3 days from Baltimore, 27th nit lat 27 30, Ion 67 20. Alexander, of Thomaaton. 19th nit. lat 30, 'on 67. Advent, of Richmond, 23th ult. lat 33, Ion 70. FurelgnPoru WHiMroa, Jan 12?In port, Tiger, Cook, for NewYotk, in a few day*; Navigator, Uravea, for do, do, Idg; Bazar, Ki ham, for do, Idg; Avalanche. Murray, Idg, to sail shortly; America, do, to sail about leb I; Lady Adams. Hale, uuc; Merchint. for freight, unc; LooClioo,Crocker, unc; Johu Q Adams, Nickles, from Boston Aug 6. to sail about 2? Hrleoa, deniainiu, from N 1 ork via Valjwraiso, Stc arr at Houg Kong 21th D c. m 53 days fron the Meat Coaat of South America, aud would nil about 25lh lan. for New York. Roi aldmu. Drew, for New York, aid Jan 11, (smee apokeu). Pioneer, Clark, aud Rouble, Proctor, to sail in a few daya. Sarah Abigail will be despatch ed in the course of the mouth; also, Aui-ricau, and Ale csuut GuayaMs, PR. ahont March 20?In port, Massachusetts, Spear,lor l.oudou; vEolus, Haley, from and for New York, April 1st; PlaU), C. ndage, for New York, loading: Carden.s, U ?? ding, waiting cargo; Lincoln, Chase, for Naw York, 28th; J M Clayton, Tucker, fm Portland, just arr. Sid T O Brown Gooding, fur Portland The Plato on her outward passage, on the 17thl)ec. St Oeorge'a Bank bearing NN W 100 miles, saw a new hrig bottom up, supposed to be the Uusdalonpe, fm Port land for Cuba. HaHia, Feb 20?Iu port, Ahnira, Flarel, Philadelphia; Bridg ton, oray, ??, arr Jan 29. Horn* Porta. New BtDroao, April 3?Arr Richmond, Cuahman, NYork; Helen, Perry, do. Fall River, April 1?Arr Hannibal, Parker, Richmond; Excellent. Pike, Norfolk. Providence, April 2?Arr J A Lancaster, Mobile; flutter, Cutter, Charleston?S|toke 36th ult. Statira, from Bath for Wil miugion, NC: 3lxt, Hurd, Thomeston for Richmond?Saw last evening, a full rigged brtg ashore on the bait Hampton Beacli, LI. Also air, Pieaident, Wilbur, Norfolk; Alabama, Nichol son; Volta, Tuttle; Opera, Molt, aud Miami, Tooker, Philadel phia'. Proof Ulais, Blydenurg, NYork. Sid Amelia, Dunbir, Washington, NC; Mary, Howlaud, Baltimore; Adams, Crow ell, Philadelphia. Sid 3d, Gazelle, Allen, Pavaunah. Nf.w Haven, April 3?Sid Pioneer, Corson, Brandy-wine; Two Brnthe a, Anderson; Cleopatra, Burroughs, and Sam I R Smith, Sperry Philadelphia Philadelphia, April 3?Arr W H Gatimer, Banks, Hart ford I Id Oetavia, Smith, Porto Rieo; Lemnel Pe'en, Tie worgy, Halifax; Benj Franklin, Klino; Rodolph, Fliun, and Mary Eliza, Nichols, Boatou: Abbathula, Cram. Portia d; Matilda, Arabs, Eastporc; Caroone B>ker,Friuk; Northamptou, Ellis, and Wm Henry. Loper, New York; Mary 8t, M' Clintock, Hallowell; Holder oorden, Boker,Providence Richmond, April 2?Arr Me alluc, Simonlou, Thomtaton. Sid Or gnu, Corson, NYork. Norfolk, April 1?Arr Cbae Henry, Harding, Bnckaport; Jane, Gilch ist, Thomaaton. Cld Royal Sailor, Young, West Indies, In Hampton Moads, Midas, Beulh.ll, from Baltimore lot Demera'g. Charleston, April 1?Arr N L McCreadv, Somen._ New Orleans. < Id Jas la.kie, Pillabnry, Havre; Dimnn, Kobmaon, NYork. Sid Adela, Watson, a Southern port; W H Tall man, Mai hies, NYork Savannah, March 31?Arr Tamerlane, Theobald, Liverpool; Marv, Richardson, New York; Neptune, Sears, Boston; lixa Warren, Wyman, Bath. Cld Sherbrooke, [Br] Evans, Liver pool. Mo rile. March 27?Arr Growler, Ulmrr, Boston ;gForext, Beala. St Thomas. Cld Charlas, Henderson, nnd Diadem, Barstow, Havre;, NVork; Asia, [Br]Hanna, and Dnnran, [Br] Hendrickson, Liverpool. New Orlevns, March 26?Arr Wm Abrama, [Br] Fisher; StClond. Emerson; Unicorn, Breed; Colcnis, Knight, and 8u?an, [Br] Flood Liverpool; Narrsganseit, Destebecliio; Ru bicon, Thompson, and Meteor, Stevens, Havre; Octavius, Col burn, Bristol, K; Georgians, [Br] Dunn, Mataoxas; Munroe, Watts, Warren. HI; Lawrence, Homani, Kb cstou, Ja; Andw Ring, Curlew, Deraerara; Napoleon, Jordan,ILvaua; Atrevido, [IMev] Sanchez. Campeachy; Nancy Jane Godfrey; Swallow, Shannon, and Magnet. Burgees, Apalacliicola; Native, MatsoD, Galveston; Southerner, Archer, St Thomas. Cld Triton, [Br] Smith, and Thrtit, [BrJ Hall, St John, NB; Tennessee, Wise, Boston. By Last Night's Southern Mail. Philadelphia, April 4?Arr Vanguard, [B ] Card, Wind sor. NS; Essex, Raynes. and Louisa, Hoover, NTnrk; Antares, Hallett, and An'ares, Hellett, Boston; Sophia, [Br] Ntedford, Antigua; John Randolph, Jaqnett, Albany: Oneida, E'tlow; Star, Longhead, and Ironaidas, Morrison, NYork. Cld Patriot, Eldridge, do Baltimobe, April 3?Cld Nassau, Howes, Boston. Bid Co lumbia, Coffin, La Guayra. Norfolk, April 2?Arr Commerce, Dorothy, Boston. In Hampton Roads, Active, Foxwell, from Jam a River for Rio; Garonne, Myera, do for Havre; Abstract, McKennon, Rappa hannock for Boston. Sid Royal Sailor, W Indies. Wilmington, NC. March 31?Arr John Potter, Dowd, Barbudoea. ?poken, Grecian, Benedict. 3 days from Philadelphia for NOrleans. 28th ult. lat 31, Ion 75 30. Foreign Porta. Bahbadoes. Marck 16? In |>ort, Satanic. Carleton, from Philadelphia, disg; Caspian, Anthony^from Wilmington, NC. just nrr; Baltic, a>d So I dan, from Baltimore, disg; Pandora, fm Boatou, do; May Flower, da do; Monheran, from Eastpott. do; Wm Crawford, from Norfolk, do; Archibald Gracie, from Alexandria, do. , NI BLO'S OAH0SH. rPHE ENSUING SEASON of this establishment, will com A tnenee the last week in May or fl-st we-n in Jnna, IMS Ladies and Gentlemen of undoubted talent, may apply by letter, (pos* paid)addressed to W. CHIPPENDALE, Niolot Gar dens. New York. Map 'tih, 1845 mhlTlwisrrc DtV. B. F. BARRETT will deliver his fifueutb Lecture It n at Sabbath (to-morrow) evening in the hew York Socie ty Library building, comer of Broadway and Leonard streets, at 7* o'clork. Si'bject?Hell and the Devil. Seats Free. Should the weather be nnpleasant the Lecture will be postponed. N. B.?Preaching in the same place every Sabbath morning. aS ll*ee TENTH WARD. ATA MEETING OK THE TENTH WARD, held at the Military Hall, Bowery, pursuant to the call of JobH-a k-ll, on Thursday evsninar, April 3d, George Denison war call ed to the Chair and John Van Tine was appointed Secretary. Gn motion the call of the meeting w-s read and acca,'ted. Th? meeting was addressed by Job Haskell. Whereas, the Native party came into power upon having pro mised to m <ke a thorough reform in the Alms House, Prisons, Slreeta, Polire, and in fact every department of the City Go vernment; laves were to be lowered, and ways and means were to be devised to extinguish the debt of twelve mi'liona without a retort to taxing the inhabitant for that purpoae, promises which t' ey never meant to redeem. Taxes ere higher?the effi cacy of the Poliee destroyed. Tney have organized a large body of men called Municipal Police, we believe, for electioneering purposes, to act a? spies nnon. and overawe our citizens, and eat out their tu'?stance. Money haa been vqnande ed upon fa vorites. the rights of citizens violated and trampled upon, and t - cap the climax the atrteta have ben ai I thv as the princi plas of the Native party are obnoxious and disrus'ing: and whereas, it ta the del'berate opinion of this ma'ting that Mayor Harper and the Native Aide men have bean guilty of gross ne glect, if not of a violation of their dutv as matistrataa. andtf cosdnct tendiog to do injn-tiee to the eommnni'y, because their acta have reen solely for the aggrandizement of their Na tive party. And whereas, thrv have exhibited e malicious, vio lent, sectarian, and an ungovernable temper, rendering them un fit for a proper, fair and impartial discharge of the duties of their said offices, therrfo-e be it Resolved, That we will use all honorable means on the Ith ol Apri', in our several wards, to defeat their re-election, end to elect intelligent and honest men to fill their placet, who will act for the many and not for the few. Fevo'ved, That the nomination of William F. Havermeyer meets with our eordial approbation,and we pledge to the Demo cratic party onr undivided aid and exertion* to secure his elec tion, and the whole Democratic ticket. Resolved. That it wss th" understanding at the organisation of the Native party, that thtmovemeat was to correct Munici pal abases only, and that its members should vote with their former paries as to State and National affairs, without being trampled npon by the iron heel of tyranny, for exsretsing that right which alone constitutes s freeman. Resolved, That the Democrats ate absolved from all allegi ance to the Native party, who havo hoisted th* bloody flag of persecution, and have violated every principle of honor and pro mise made to them and to the pnblic. GEORGE DENISON. Chairman. Jotin Vatv Tuve, Secretary. ai It'cc NOTE LOST. A NOTE, drawn by S. T Parton, endorsed by John Psrton, dated Mth March, IMS. $ months, for one handled and five dollars and sixtv-nine cents, was lost yesterday afieruoon. Per sons are requeued to stop the same if off-red for negotiation, as ths payment has been stopped. H. T. PAH I'ON. aS lt*ec Atlantic street, Brooklyn. NOTICE. A MEETING of the Stockbnide sof the Bridgewa'er Cod |i-r Mining ? omp?ey, for the purpose of ehct'Og Directors will beheld St Stelles llnrel, New Brunswick. New Jersey, on th- first Tuesday of May next, between the hours of 12 Ms and 3 P M. JUDAH DOfleON, Sec., B. W. C. M. C. March 29, 1843. a) 3t gbx INFIDELCONVENTION. THOSE in favor of inch a Convention, to be holden in the ?a city of New York on 'he aih of May next. ?re requested to meet at National Hall, Canal street, en Buuday, the 6lh of April, at 3 o'cloek. P. M. al 3t*rc HAVANA SEGARS (LATF. IMPORTATIONS) onn nnn WELL selected havana seoarb, rwvri'jV/v/O of the most approved hrands, vis La Norma, Regalia El Progteso, Lord Btron, San Roman, Dos llermauas, La Lealtad, La Corona, La Aula, and others, too numerous to mention, are offered for tale low. bv sp3 3tit*ec C. F. GHOSHF.IM, 73 Pearl street. /inn nnn HAVANA SEOARS, imported by M. AN fJrUUyUUU OULO, for sale at 27 Liberty street. Ami ng them will be fnnnd Cabanas, Do lmoer>alrs. Regalias, Pane telss, Cubrey Werner Segars; do small siz-a; Napoleons, Nor mas, Urraca, San Roman, Drltsirs, t'olmaa, Do Panatelaa, and va ions oth-r brands. Also, Old Tobacco, from the above well-known honaet, just imported by the Chriatoph Colon and the Rapid. s3 3m*rre OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO., I No M Wall atrert, opposite the Exchange. 1 THIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and dr a mage by fir* on goods, warea and merchandise, and also, agiinat loss oy inlana navigation on vessels and their cargoes. DIRECTORS Thomas W. Thane, Elieha Kiggt. Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baser, B R. Kobson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allsu. Moses Tuckrr, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee,I, Wm. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tnms, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Hag*, Kngene Bogart, John C. Merrill, Robert Smith. - THOMAS W. THORNE, President. Gao. T. Horn, Secretary. aj re T<> COUNTRY MERCHANTS,-Brown Sheetings a7d * Shirtings, of every style and width, til the kno't brands, both heavy and fine. Stark Mills, Lawrence C., Indian Head, Cabot A. < htcopre 1). Merrima-k, Exeter's, Unknown's, ke. may be had nt manufacturers' prices, on the se-ond floors of Nos. IR and 20 t edar street, half a block shore Pearl at. Ya'd wide Sheetings, 8 cents,|>er yard Also, Bat a, Wick, Twine, Warp and best Southern Cotton Yarn, iNo 6 to II. and 7 to 12. 1'. tl UNDERBILL. rS It* sc. ^jg and 20 Cadar St. WOOL* TWINE, AND COTTON SEINE DO 10,001) lbs. Wool I wine for fleece tying. 1 80 hales Cotton Seine do assorted sizes. (00 bundles 2 and 3 thread India do ?? -? 70 hales English Sein# assorted, 3, g, g, i. |J, ||, and 38 log,, fot sale by CEBRA It CUMM1NO, al lt*th Pearl street, AUCTION SALES. WATCH KB, Ice ?Jacob *? 8 Platr's regular salt of Gold Mid Silver Watches, . " 8 Plat r'a regular Ml* of Un>d Mid Silver Watches, Jm rl'V, Fain Gooda. Ice . (urd-rtbe direction of John K Vn Antwerp,) will take place This Liny a; ? oVUtci^^Mhe tur cion 100m No 23 PUtt street, coruee of Gold ittWjIlnd w ill ,be fouod deserving the atuwdoo df the Undo, Mid private mdi victuals wishing good time keeper*. Al?<> to FancyDealer*?* amoral ?Oetient of article* in that line. Alio, a general aeaortmeM of TbeOOOdh and Gilt Jewelry, Staple Oooda, Ac. y n5 It* rc A UCTION noticE-HARDWARE.CUTLF.RY KAN A CY GOODS ke ?Mnoney k Airou will mII Thu Day ? U o'el-ek, et No 91 Ma'deo lane, Hardware. Cetley. kc , x Sad Irons, Nipptn, ^hoTtll, (|m(i)ca(irki. Te% Ket'l*?. Turkey 0<l 8tone Copper Kettle*, CJimbleU, Daw*, Filea, En amelled Ware, kc., kc. , Alio. CutJery, vir.Kuisea nod Fork*, Pen and Pocket Koirea, Carviuf Kmee* and Fork*, Razors, Scissors, Shear*, lie., lie. AI*o, Trunk*, riz White and Black Leather, Cenvase and Seal Skin, assorted. Al?o, German and French Fancy Good*. Also, a variety of other goods, for particular* of which *ee Courier ?od Enquirer. Catalotne* ?r* now ready, ad lt*re WM. W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. Sale* Room No. 301 Broadway, comer Daane ?tree'. raalea Room No. 301 Broadway, corner Uaane street, UOI SK KALES AND CON81(1 NMENT8 TO BTOR.E ? SOLICITED ?Tuesday, April Ith, at 10 o'clock, at the auction room a variety sale of good Furniture from familial. 1 THURSD \ V, April 10th, 10 o'clock, at No. 499 Broadway, near Broom* s'reer, catalogue sale 0f a large and haudtome a* sorttn u'? f i'nuje Fmiiiture, kc. TUESDAY, April lith, 10 o'clock, at No. ? Bond itreet, catalogue *al* of an eitenaire a**orttneut of Honae Furniture. *1St*ec Auction notice ?elegant fukniturf?Thi Day at i0t< o'clock, a' No, II Sprnce itrret, will he aold the eutire valuable Furniture of a family giving up honaekeep iog. Alao. 4 (econd hand Sofa*, Sofa Bed, large Looking Glasses, Oil Cloth, L-inpa, Clock, and all descriptions of excellent ar ticle! in the line. Every facility aff >rded fur the disonsition of furniture in the *sle| rooms, and out door wile* faithfully at tended to. THOS. BELL, Auctioneer. a5 It'rc K. H. LUDLOW. Auctioeer. "CLFOANT PARISIAN AND CITY MADE [FONSOT] Sj FRENCH ROSEWOOD |FURNITURE. CHINA, GLASS AND PAIN I'lNGS, all worthy of particular attee tiou.?E. H LLrDLOW it Cb., willae'l at auction on W-d rr dry Ap'i' 16th, at I03i o'clock, at No. 40 Wear Waahiugton Place, adjoiuing St Joseph's Church, theelegant Furniruie con tained therein?comisiing in part of ti e following articles, all of Ko?ewond inl?ij .?I Cabinet Piano; 2 Buffets; Marble top; Couches; Voltaire*; Fauteuih; Sewing Chrirs; Bedatead*; Satiu Curtaiua; Dressing Table*; Marble (op; Card Tablet; Centre do; Wardrobe; Mirror Doors; French Secretary, beauti fully inlaid with flowers; Book-standa; Writing Deska; Chain; Small 'I ahlee; Silk Curtaius. and nnmeroui small fancy article* Also, of Bohemian wood, the only sample oi the kind in the city?one set of Chairs; two Sofas, andone Centre iulaid mar ble top Table; Furniture, covered with rich figured ?atin; par lor, brd-ro< m and bed curtains to match. Also, long pier, man tel, wardrobe and dressing Mirrors; Brussels and Ingrain Car p-it, Rugs. kc. Also, Mahogany Furniture; Bedsteads; Ex tension Tables, Chairs, Tables, and also lrou Bedsteads. Also, Beds, Matnuser, and Bedding?alt French. Also, green and gold Di >ner I hint; white do; tea do; and out set Sevte China; also bronze and ortr.ulu mechanical Lamrs; antique Vases and figured Clocks: also, c<d'd Bohemian Glass and plain do. Also, y reucli Plated double goods; alao, French Copper Cooking Bat tery and Kitchen Furniture; tovether with otrn r articles, which will be enumerated by catalogue, which will be ready the day previous to sale. Alt >, at p-ivite sale, 1 Erard double action Harp. AJso, 12 beautiful Oil Paintings. in rich frames. Personal ntte tinn will b* given to Furniture Seles, this Spring, by E. H. LUDLOW. Office comer of Broad st eet and Ex change Place. apl 5 9 12 14 13 6tis*m VALUABLE OIL pain ITNGS Al' AUG notf. A LEV Y will sell on Saturday evening at 7 o'clnck, at No. ? 151 Broadway, an entire invoice of valuable Paintings re ceived from Florence, and which have not been seen before iu this country. In! the collection are many h ghlv finished pic tures of old masters. Collectors are invitrd to tall-nd view thrm. Now ready for examination. *3 3t*m HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE SALES, AT AUCTION. T'HE SUBSCRIBER is g re pared to give prompt attention (this spring) to Sales of Hnut*hcln Furniture, either 8tocks of Manufacturers, or ot families breaking up housekeeping,both in New York aua at the citv of Brooklyn. The above Salee will be under the particular direction of Mr. JOHN E VAN ANTWERP, who respectfully solicit* the orders of all such as may require bia services. Application to be made at the Auction Room, No. 23 Piatt itreet rnrner of Gold. JACOB 8. PLATT, mh22 TuThSt 10is*re Auctioneer. WANTJCD"*A Nhip lo load for a Southern p?-? Apply to E. K. COIlInSik CO.?MSS3h s? [uS^he h0Q,e 81 u WA^n31^" APARTMENTS. " IB"? cation within ten imoatf'i walk of the Citv flail ? ' mWiufre*'^ Addre" X Y' Z? ? ?? office. ' ^e^.ve,\Ai? PEuuy maddle * nnu IC.VIVTI IV1 AUULb eft THIS celebrated pair of Trotting Horses, well known 1*11. the United Starea aa Heine 1m FAST ?l22LEST THOTT-KS in THE WORLD, both in peif.ct health and condition, will be sold be public auction at the New York Tarieraalla, on Mondiy 7ih April, 13o'clock precisely. For parliealara enquire of OEU. W. MILLER, n3 Stis'ec 448 Broadway. TO BE SOLD, V 8TRONO, well built Barouche Carriage, in good order, V and well adaptrd for family uae, with or without a double harneaa. To be aeeu at Roulaton'a Riding School, and Livery Stahlee, IP Mercer street m? ie fire HERALDIC ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 103 BROADWAY, N. Y. rPHE Arma and Create of Familiea, from all parte of Europe; A can be obtained and splendidly emblazoned on Yellum, au oerior in execution, and equal in Heraldic correctneea to the HraU'i Cql.'eae of London. The genealogies of familiea ar ranged and illamina'ed, at moderate charges. T he largest and rarest Heraldic aud Genealogical collection on the American Continent, will be found at W. A. DOLMAN'S, No. 103 Broadway, N. Y. Where the Genealogy of Oaorga Washington, beautifully emblazoned, may be obtained for $1,30 or printed in colors fot $1,13. mhlO istf rc DISSOLUTION. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between l John H. More and Peter T*W " ' - A John H. Moi iid Peter TvfIr Hlr.l'*j/'tiDg b*t7??n ??? SSBT ?e!f dues and pay all the debts of ihe said firm *H the al 3t*re JOHN H. MORE, " 31 re PETER TYLER. NOTICE TO THE LADIFs" - "V Broadway ** branch of the house of the tame name, )4 Place VendnmL' '"iuery on Thnrstfav. io'h~f A^ilml ^3 1 w^rc " * M,d L??>< PhHippe. J I FLORENCEf BRrnSH?STR A*W' AND LACE a li r hB?AID,S,.AND BONNETS A ~r ?'-thf.abo?T ?f Bett fabric# and of th* newest and offet^Vf^s^e^nt^^ost'dm^re'Te'erm^Vv^ ,mPOrUng' Z i FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWER8 LOWITZ to BECKER, IVo. 34 Jolin Street. "LIAVE Reoeirrd by the lest Harre packets, Utica sad Argo, J J. an elegant assortment of the latest and moat fashionable stylaa of French Artificial Flowers, which thay ofcr for aa 1 at moderate prices mhM Im'm WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No T Spruce street. N. Y. THIS IS the oaly manufactory of any extent in the United A States. The subscriber* offer for sale r r inspection, the most numerous and splendid assortment of Shades; superb and eoT'ect representations of the moat well known public build ings in Europe and this country on hand: works of art and taate only are got up at this establishment. We beiog both pro fessional art'its, and well experienced, we profess to gire satis faction when favored with orders. mh9 lm*ec BARTOL k DE MAURY. A, SEIGNETTE BRANDY, I NOW LANDING. 50 3%p&. ^ ?'.d "d hnmi ofA 50 Eighths do J Se.gaettc. And > f eery superior quality, high proof and flaeor. Landing from brig Union, J ist arrived from Rochelle. at Pier No 11. East river, and foraale by J. T. NlCOLL, h4 3tis*ec (7 and 69 Fruntat. m v iii0iI.TH.LY RErOB TOF THE ' Med'c^ ?nd Snrgltal Institute* I CASES' BUCCESg "lLLY TREATED ? "sssstjitjlr" ??4* i SrtLaftfc.? 'teateyfk-. - 0 *eIT ioal Weak lieu 1 Bleeding from the stomach. "assS^ iSssitfter- - 4 of ch#u 10 3 Retention of urine. 3 the bowels. ? 18 Nrrictnm in Urethra cored g Dr tec ted I rare, of 1 I WnfOra?,?" b?rU,n" "/ th. ' Luc,?. 1 Diarrhma. hi rW u*' SUCCESSFUL SURGICAL OPERATIONS fc CURES. Removal of a fifth ?up-rnume- red from the lower iaw rary fio?*r jmwMi 2 Oiwrition# for mJSJZZ' ' 8^r i-rse ? which had three perf ct ar- 1 Cases of Piles 1 Csril-ginoes tamo, remo- 1 "eafcfehIlA,'*'d f,0m ,h* i -li VKfnou# tamor wmo- ear of child oflhe1? gMr; ,ofrK ;su a hen'# m ? ?'V*rP ?f Band an 4 fore leg, of long standing hn?A?.om ? of T' 1 I ju y of tha head hosanv ge ting into the l E,v..rnl?Tr.hdi._ wou"<!. which is a noi I Krviipela# of ih? i^? wound, which i# a poi 1 h mct?m * 0B*h "ot 1 Large piece of bone remo N. B ? Kemaledieeaae* attended to. The poor attended to without an 3 and 4 o'clock. ui$ ith YfaL'Sy Surgeon ?rd eh, hq., .KE1oVTV^,'MK^^Ihr^?f?,ORZ Attroifi TU BALTIMORE. ERICSSON STEAMBOAf LINE BETWEEN IH1LADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. Mfl 1 lie Ericsson Lin. ..ill - T^ kncsson Line will re Baltimore./ "IE n af ???'h and West! >of 'ne Honth and Wesi^CZ fteuerallyr, which thev will forward at iSm tJl freight office ofthe New York I ini Il?' .**j? L,n' '? ?*" 'I he Boats of this l"n, will Irall'tLTE" ?ir'1,1:, ?IPet wharf.d rily, (except Snnday) at 3 o'cTIe'k P? M mediately af erth* arrival ofthe viw vLb I ? ' -rJ ' or ,m* modation# for Patiirnfrera are eirHlpnt h+rthl'iH*' a0/"* them, and every effort will lw \ ^'^P^vided for and cnnrenien/e. P^.Jer. Wherlmg and National Hoad re fo promote their romfort Pittsburiih *H rr^,t"1 l3,ro??(gh by this Line to I '"""'fkh, via Baltimore and Ohio Hailroad and $',' Men la ? ct. rangement. are amp,a to IbrwsrdI j^EMT-W baiea sapennr Dew Rot. fn, Mil. by ~ llmiaec ^ K ^GuXmkcO., AMUSEMENTS. PAHK THKATKK. SATURDAY EVENING, April i. Will be presented, for rhr 10'h timr on uy stage,Mia. Mowatt'a new comedy, rolled FASHION?Count de JolimMtre. W. H '' risp; Col. Howard, Dyott; Gertrude, Miss Clara Ellis; Cora phiae Tiffany, Miss Kate Horn. El Bolero >?* Miss St. C'air To conclude with UON IC TO TEX AS?Mr. Swellington, MrCri'p; Mr Mildmav, Fisher, Mr> Swellington, Miea Clara Ell<a; Petty, Mn Joies. Itiia, lit tiar 75 cents, Id tiar 50 ceoli?Pit M cents?Gallery 25 acuta 1 t*AL.?0'4 Oi-KMA HOCSbl. ILr W, D1NNEFORD?Sole Lessee?will open the above Huuie for a ?hurt aeon on MONDAY. April 7th. 1045, , With Sophocles'! I'ragedv of ANTIGONE?Choral Muiie Of Mendelssohn, wilh' lit* Drain, Scenery, Properties,' See., ??d a fall Oh >rui and Orchestra. < reoo, (h.uit ol Thrb ?) Mr G VandeuhoE i Antigone, MiaatClaieiideii; 'liormca. Noblra end Eldrai of'1 hebes,sages, Guaidi; Youthi and L tilm. attend ing ill' Quern To conclude with the Farce of MISCHIEF MAKING? Nicholas Dovetail, Mr Harrison; Madame Mauelte, Mrs Her ring. There.ia no Free List to till Thaatra, except the Member! of the Fran. Draii Boxei and Parquette $1?Second Tier 50 canta?Prieati Boxea $6 Doors open at 7?Performance to commence at half-peit 7 o'clock. The Box Book is now open, and placex may be secured. TUESDAY, a Tragedy, with other entertainments. TKKIPliK OP I'llK MUSKS. HEAR THE FOOT OF CANAL STREET. SATaRDAY EVENING, April 5. To commence with an Opening Address, ipoken by (Mrs. Bather land. After which the LOAN OF A LOVER?Peter Spvke, Mr Booth Dipt. Amersfort, Sutherland, Gertiude, Mr> Munop Eroeatiue, Mn Batherland. To be followed by THE VALET DE SHAM-Col. Pep par, Mr A uder.on; L'apt. Trivet,Arnold; MnMarchmont' Mm Frarv, Clipper, Mn Moaiop. During the evening a variety of Songs Dancea. fcc. To conclnd* with A LADY AND GENTLEMAN IN A PECULIARLY PERPLEXING PREDiC'AMKNT?Gen tlemau, Mr. Arnold; Ladv, Mrx. Sutherland. Drvai Circle 50 centi?Parqnetie 21 cent!?Private Boxea $3. BURTON'S THkatrB?Arch gtreet, PHILADELPHIA 8ATURDAY HVE.NING, April 5, PUTNAM. THE IRON SON OF '70-Ueuernl Putnam, Mr Charlai La Fonst; Meaoporainia Jenkins, Burke; Sproota, Johnston; Gen Trvon, Stafford; Talbot, Tlihyer; Kate, Mra Burke. Priaav Putnam, Mrs Altrmns. Dancing by Miaa E Moore. Grattan's Plav of IRELAND'S CUR?E?Edward O'Brien, Mr Stevens; Ma>k Antony Tape. Burke: Major Blakely, Bowers; Corporal Corney, Johnston; Noran O'Dounel, Mis Burke, ' (EXHIBITION ?T"HE GRAND ORIGINAL TABLEAU, painted by F. A Anelli, in New York, on an area of 23 by 19 feet, repre senting a grand catastrophe, THE END OF THE WORLD, (the idea war suggested by a dream,) will be exhibited at the Apollo, 4<0 Broadway, (which is entirely separated from the Concert Room, in the nmr building.) on MONDAY April 7lh, aud on a few successive days, previous to iu removal from the city, Mr. Anelli haviug disposed of it for the present. Exhibition open from 10, A.M., to 10, P. M. Admissiou t5 eon. a-i re GYMNASIUM NOTICE. FNHARLEB O TIGNON would inform his fri'nda and the C aamirers of Gymuaxric Exercises that he ha* taken the Ei tabli-hment in Canal itrret, near Broadway, formeily kept by Mr Rogers, and ha will, on next Monday, open it under new auspices for theaccommndttiou of the public. The establish ment will undergo various alterations and improvements. Gen tlemen wh > have prasinaslv subscribed to the above establish ment and the | ublic generally are invited to call as soon as con venient. at 2t*je SOCIALISM. ROBERT OWEN will open the Franklin Hall, No 175 XV i hatham Square, with Lectures at Dili morning. 3 after noon, and 7 evening, on Sunday next. Vocal and Instrumen tal Music suitable for the occasion. Persons desirous of know ing what Socialism is will pleas# aiteod. Admission Free. ity The Hall to let several evenings each week?will sent 900 persons. The ' REGENERATOR " O. 8. Murray, Editor, a Week ly Paper .devoted to "Univ-rtal Inquiry, Social Reform, end Perpetual ProgressKiient's and Subscriber* thereto will meet Joseph Gregory, after the above Lectures, on important business connected with the paper. a3 3-*ec DR HcLLlCK'S SELECT LECTURES, IN THF. PHILOSOPHY AND PHYSIOLOGY OFTHE ORIGIN OF LIFE, will be delivered on Tuesday and I Weduesdiy, April 8th and9th, in the Society Libiary Lecture Room, Btoadway. For gentlemen only, at 8 P. M ?doora open ! at 7t$. Admission 50 cents For ladies only, at 3 P.M. Ad mission 35 cants. Doors open at 2)?. Illustrated by the celebrated Aft en Mod-Is of the Maternal Structure, and the Human Being at every stage of dev. lopment A new set, just imported from Ptris, of the. Paternal Structure complete?all falls ?.? and lif-likr; n lendid Paintings; Skele ton; Natural Piep oat ions, lie. These excite the amazement ol all who see them. Numerous audiences, both of ladies and gen tlemen, have listened to these Lectures, and afterwards borne Public testimony to their propriety and great utility. In New York they were repeated 65 times; in Philadelphia, 22 times Ou one occasion over 100 l .dies and 500 gentlemen attended in one dav?th- ladies presenting Dr. H with a splendid present, as a token of their esteem and appr< bation. Strangers only need to be informed that these Lectures are strictly scientific and moral. Dr H.'a stay will be iho-t, owing to his engagements to re turn to Philadelphia. Letters may be addressed P. O Ngw York city. apt 5t*rc TO BROOKLYN BILLIARD PLAYERS, pROSSl NO FULTON FERRY-A verv neat Saloon has vy just been fitted np at the United States Hotel (entrance nn Water street, joining the bar of the Hotel,) with three Ant rate Tables, iron h agle frames and marble beds-better Tables than anv in this country, except Banford's old ronms in Ann Meet entrance 149 Fulton Players rear Fulton M whet, and down town, on the ea>t side, will And the U 8. Hotel Saloon well calculated for their accommodation. The proprietor pledges himself to have it kept respectable. For eiercise only. m2t? lm*m or CENTREVILLE COURSE, TROTTING. ?VfONDAY. April7th. at 3 o'clock, P. M., Pbrse $50. Mile heats best 3 in 6, amler the saddle. The following horses are entered C. Ca-11 enters gr. g Medoc Wm. Smith do b. m Lady Polk. C. H Beitine do b. g Daniel Webster. D Bryant do blk. m Coquette. J. Bridges do s. g. Robin. This is the best betting field of hoises that has come together for Tears Good sport may be eipecred. Tickets will be given oat on the above day for the season, at $4?each of which will admit one person, with his horses aud carriage, to all parts of the Conr e until Sept mber 1st. a?4t?je JOEL CONK.LIN, Proprietor. CITUATION WANTED -A Yoong Man who has been h? engaged in a Dry Uoods Store for the last six years is desi to obtain a sitnatiou as Salesman or arrive Clerk in a Dry rnus L _ Goods Jobhiug House, or in a Wholesale Grocery. Unexcep tionable references giren. Address A. H. E at this office. a5 3t*rc LADY desires to obtain a comfortably famished apart ment in a plain, private family, where there are few or no other boarders References exchanged. Address C. C. C. at the office of this paper, ad lt'ec A SALESMAN WANT ED ?A Young Man thoroughly quali fied to act in that capacity in the Hatail Dry Goods Business msv apply to WILSON St PRYER, a3 3t*rc 31 Carmine street. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a native of Scot land, desirous of re visiting that country, or England, would be hsppy to attach herself to any lady intending to tta vel. in any capacity her aervicea might be required She it ac to children customed to children and can give moat satisfactory references Salary no object. For addreaa pleaae call at office of thia paper, at 4t"ee TO FARMERS. TIT ANTED?Five ynnng, active, Americans (who nnder vv itand their business,) to work i " Farm, near this, city, in a healthy and pleasant location. Apply to W1LKINB k ROLLINS. allt*m 17 Broad street. INFORMATION WANTED OF MR. LOVE, who left New York in 1837 for Toronto, Upper Canada. Any information respecting him or his fa mily will be thankfully received by the subscriber JAMES A. HAYKlfcLD, a' lwdk1tw*re Woodbury, Conn. CHIP SOUTHERNER?From Liverpool.?Consignees per o this vessel will pltase send their permits on board,west side Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL fc Ml\TI KN8, AH goods notjjermitced in five days mnst be sent to thePub 87 South street, _ _ _ ?sent to the Pn lie Store. ' a? ec DACKET /SHIP LIVERPOOL?From Liveri>ool?Is now X discharging under general order, at west side Barling Slip. Goods that are not permitted to day mast be sent to the Pnblic Store. WOODHULL k Ml NTURNS, ?2 ec 87 8ont.h sr-eet. PAcReT 8HIJ 4U?R-N OF THE WEhr, from Livrr f IMiol.?Consignees will pleese send their p-rmits on board, at Jtidd't Wharf, or to the office of th? undeisigued All Goods not permitted within five days will be liable to be sent to the Public Stora. a2 WOODHULL k MI NTURNS, 87 South sr. FRONT STREET THEATRE?BALTIMORE. r) RENT, f-r the Soring Season, for Eqnestiian Perform ances and Arena Exhibitions. The house is in excellent or ? ?, and may be occupied immediately. Apply [ post paid] With leal name, to W. E. BURTON, Arch street Thesire, nt34 Iw Philadelphia. PI?NO FORTE FOR SALE. A HIGHLY FINISHF.D, Octaves, Mahogany, Grand Actim. Metalic Plate, with four Pedals, of the best mate rials, a second hand. Any one can see it at No. 403X Broad way. Price moderate. a3 4t*rc Nl CHEAP MUSIC. EW AND FASHIONABLE MUBIC for the Piano For'e. Guitar, and Flnre, for sa'r at Mrs King's Cheap Book and Music More , III FnHon street, (b tween Bro?dway and Nas sau I at oi ly 1 cents a p>ge, wheie may also be bad Instruction Books for Piano, Guitar, Flute, Violin, kc , at reduced price*. Music bound in a superior manner at 35 per rent cheaper than the usual prices a I 3r F Si M *rc MACHINE FOR SALE MACHINE constructed for rutting, with s place, large slips of wood for making ronnd or oval boxes, for which purposa it has been for some time advantageously n<ed, on ac count of its rapidity in cutting. It is supposed it migh' be ap pli-dfo many other trades. It will he gold low if application is made soon, to CHARLES Ct UOIlTS, a33w*ec 187 Williamsteeet, TO ANY FEMALE IT MAY CONCERN. HE advertiser beir.g aware that several, recently, Have been so fortunate aa to obtain companion* by applying, through A The A BO f the medium ol this paper: and as his acquaintance with thg fr of ihe community is very limited, takes the tame male portion c. . . . method He prefers an American, hetween Ifi and SO, liberally educated respectably connected, her character to aUnd unrival led and it matters not how liberal the is in bar religions views, and to he well qualified to aet a* governess ove* domestic af fair* The app icant is s New Yoiker, 30 years of age, fair sir.e, good appearance, and . ossetses an untarnished reputation as to character, kc. He is in good circnmttanras, and fait prospects ahead and it now dmirona of meeting with a suitable c< mpan ion and counsellor. Those to whom this 1-rrlaint. nerd not be he ba kward on accnnnt of limitel circumstances, sa hit object it not a mercenary one, bn imertrd in all earnestness and since rity, and every communication will he regarded as Confidential, by vddretting MEHCHAN 1', Boyd's Ex press Office 43 Wll mm street, atw te?ee hu'J TLKe ! hUA 1 LEol! huTTbKS !!! THE highest cash p-ioe will be paid for enapey I laret and 4 Rhine Wine Bottles by calling at Ntw street. No 7. aS St*a TRISH OATMEAL?A qnantity of Irish Oatmeal in prime I cotidiiion, in lots to tnilpureharers, forsale by W.k 1 T TAnsOOTT aS ar 7g Boutfttt-i cor Mtfdea Inn*. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL Washington. [I'orrespondencs of the Herald ] Washington, April 2, 1846. tytssttW* asked? Colonel Benton and Frank T\o mat?Both alive at the latest reports?Mrs Linn and the Poet Office af|#t. Louts?Appoint men ts What brings Sidney Breese beck from Illinois, or has he been the re 1 What brings Mr Weller back! Ii Mr Weller a candidate for executive tavorl? Aye, Milord ! What keepe Col. McCaualen, of Ohio, in townl And does Mr. Bagby charge mile age for a supposed journey to Alabama and back and tken back to Alabama again, at the rate o^. ftitty dollars per hundred miles 1 Among his other claims against the Government, has MrJBag by prosecuted this one 1 We esk tor information. Seriously, we shall have, by and by, to haul some of these constitutional gentlemen over the charcoals. We have not told one half that we know ot the derelictions of official functionaries in Washing ton, political hs well as moral derelictions. A gentleman from Frederick, Md , |says it was rumored there yesterday that a duel had been fought in that State betwi-en Ex-Governor Thomas and Col. Benton, and that Thomas, like Gen. Jackson, was shot by the redoubtable Colonel in the arm. Our informant, however, says that the rumor was quashed last evening, by the arrival of 1 homos, in his own proper person, in Frederick, safe and sound. The trial of this gentleman for slander and datamation, comes cfl at the next term ot our Circuit Court, in June next, when it is understood mat the Ex-Governor, who is an able pleader, will stand up like St. Paul, Fenuimore Cooper and Mike Walsh, in his own defence. His trial will be one ot the most interesting, if not superceded by more summary proceedings, that has been held in this District for years-from the nature of the case?the character and standing of the plaintiff and defendants?and from the number and high position of the witnesses that will be summoned on the occasion, pro and con. The friends of Mrs. Linn, widow of the late ex cellent Senator Dr. Linn, is a candidate for the post office at St. Louis. We are sorry to be in tormed by Mrs N?rm?n that Col. Benton is op posed to Mrs. Linn's appointment as postmistress, on the ground that she is a "soft," while the Co lonel is known|to beja "hard,"and at the very head of that faction of the democratic party in Missouri. All that we know of Mrs. Linn, (who being a can didate for* public favor becomes subject to public criticism,) is, that she is a most interesting, intel ligent and amiable woman; and that Colonel Ben ton is too hard in resisting her appointment, be cause she is a soft, (and we would'nt give a fig for a woman who were any thing else,) that he might be ashamed of himeell in opposing her claim, it he does oppose it, and ought to use his best exertions in support of the claim ot the engaging and merito rious widow. Several subordinates removed from the post of fice to-day, and others reported as being removed Irom the Treasury. Ex-Gov. Bartley of Ohio, (a democrat,) son oi Gnvemer Bartley, a whig, is appointed District Attorney for Ohio; and Mr. Robinson, editor of the Jjancaster Eagle, went off some days ago with his commission in his pocket, as Uni ted States District Marshal lor the State of Ohio. Dr. Eastman, late editor ot a democra tic paper in Knoxville, was appointed to a thousand dollar clerkship in the General Post Office; also, Mr. Russell, a plain farmer lrom Tennessee ? Hurrah tor Tenneasee. .Why, even our friend Harriman, a late whig editor in Tennessee, may stand a chance for an office. Only let him hail from Tennessee. Coalman. Washington, April 3,1845. Mr. Buchanan gone Home for hit Nieces, fyc.?Mr. Bancroft not telurned?No Cabinet Council? Rumored appointment of U. S. District Attorney at Baltimore?Cruel Joke perpetrated on Offi-t Seekers and Holders?Made April Fools of? The " Organthip"settled?Ritchie and Hitss to have the Olobe?The Conditions?The Constitution and the Olobe?Colonel Gardner, the Pott Office and Colonel Benton?Old Hunkeritm up?Mr. Polk and the Tariff, and the Free Tradert?Opposition being organized to the Administration?The DiJ . ficulliet of the Administration?The Nashfnde Union and the Herald Correspondent? Chargt to Austria. Mr. Buchanan' having left the city to escort bis nieces and his housekeeper to this city, to take charge of his domestic economy and ar rangements in the houseu which lie is said) to have hiied for Bix months only, and Mr. Bancroft being not yet returned to Washington from "tiii visit north lor his family, Cabinet Councils have been in abeyance, and the remaining heada of de partments have had a little more time to attend to the pressing requirements of office-seekers, who, like the insatiate daughters of the horse leech, are continually crying "give," "give!" No further appointments have therefore, yet been made, unless I except a rumor which states that on Monday last the Cabinet agreed uf on the nomination of Mr. Marshall, of Baltimore, for United States District Attorney, in place ofZ. Col lins Lee, the appointee of Mr. Tyler, whose term would not otherwise expire until September. Mr. L?e was a Harrison whig during the campaign of 1840, of the very tallest sort, but subsequently was a good Tyler man. and was one of the ac companying suite with John Tyler,on his memora ble procession to Bunker Hill?he is also a rela tive orMr. Gales, of the " National Intelligencer," and therefore he has got to walk Spanish imme diately, if not sootier. There are also rumors that some other appointments for Baltimore were agreed upon at the same Cabinet meeting, but 1 have not learned what they are. A cruel joke was penetrated upon the "office seeking fraternity," and also upon a number of the Departmental Clerks on the first of April. On that day quite a Dumber ot the latter, particularly those in the bureaus which have new chiefs, on repair ing to their offices in the morning, found lying up on their decks a small neatly folded note addressed to them, un opening them with fear and trembling, they found the note to consist of a polite, yet un mistakable intimation, that their services were not required any longer. Forthwith they were seized with consternation dire, particularly such as were not overburdened with funds, and had not been overly prudent in the disbursement of their salaries. As soon as the poor recipients could re cover sufficient presence ot mind, thev repaired to their chiefs room, with pale and anxious counte nances and trembling limbs, to asceriain the cause, the reason, the why and wherefore, of their dis missal; and there learned the tact, of whic|ti they had previously been perfectly oblivious, that it was "all-fool's day." Their lear was then turned to indignation, and dire were their threatening of what they would do and what they wouldn't do, if they only could find out their tormentor. Flaying would have been mercy to the torments they would have inflicted upon him; if they only knew htm, wooldn't he catch it, oh no ! not at all, aaid these sanguinary individuals?only let them catch him, that wss nil! The "office seekem" were served out in a differ ent style. Each one who was known, or imagined to he seeking an office, received a very polite note, s gned R. J. Walker, Secretary of the Treasury, requesting the individual addressed, to call at the Tieasury department to see the Hon. Secretary.o.i important business,on the following morning. Am. was there not a gathering 1 Each one came there armed with his note of invitation, with his exper tation roused to its highest pitch, withasmtlir face, and anxiety and care banished from the thoughts, their only trouble being the difficulty ut. der which they were laboring as to whether they should accept the office which was "going" to oe tendered to ihrir acceptance. Such was the state ol their feelings before admittance to an audience wnh the worthy Secretary of the Treasury. How different atterwaide! Curses not only "deep," but nl.?o "loud," were neither few nor far between.? Brows covered with portentious frowns?scowling looks?clenched hands und compressed lips, and angry tread, all told the tale?the.y were not anly disappointed but deceived, be-fooled, aid April fools at that. I guess the perpetrator of that joke was a happy man that he was not known?there was the boiling hot wrath of the Southerner, who would have cased his bowie knife instanter ia his carcase, and the cool calculating Northerner, who would have refined in his cruelty,and watch ed the agonies of his tormented victim, while the dashing western man would have hugged him?oh, what a precious squeeze he would have given htm! 'Twas well indeed for htm that he had preserved hta incognito. " The oraanship," I understand, is settled. Rit chie and Heiss are to purchase the Globe. No mistake about it. It seems queer, however, that Blair, alter his boasting that no one was able to buy htm out, should retire so willingly, and thi skeptics will not believe but that he has retained a large interest in the concern, wtyle Ritchie ai Heiss ore to be editors for the present. Ritchie, i am informed, accepted on condition that he was to have his own way in fighting the tariff". What stuff"! He won't be able to satisfy the southern men that there is to be any alteration in the tariff while Mr. Buchanan is premier. It is said here, that he wont even be able to get the printing ot more than one branch of Congress.and that he will make a failure of his government organ in short order, for his power exists not out of V irginia. The Constitution looked very " organish" two or,three days past Mr Walker has evidently* friendly loaning towards it, as may b? seen by hi?

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