Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1845 Page 4
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sending advertisements from hia department to that paper, and ordering the Globe and Intelligence! to copy therefrom. The Globe folks have got riled thereat, and won't cony. The statement of the amount of Treasury Notes outstanding, has been published now two d-iyg ago by the ConsitfMttow, and is not yet copied by the Globe. Blair and Rives are both mad about it, and thete is a rumor that they declared they would not copy Irom the Conititution. Put that alongside ol the fact of their copyiug the list of letters without orders in order to appear to be " organiah" themselves, and then imagine the sort of esteem in which the con cern has been held. The lact that Colonel Gardner, of the city post offioe, required the endorsement of Colonel Benton before he would appoint an applicant to a subordi nate office under him. is very freely commented upon in this city. Old hunkerism is said to be in the ascendant, and it is said that Ritchie is play tag into ihsir hands, while professing to be along side of Mr. Calhoun's friends. Hejss too is said to belong to the old hunkers already.^ And Mr. Polk ia declared to be exceedingly sensitive on the sub ject of the tariff part o! his inaugural, which the free traders say now, is a virtual abandonment of nil his pledges during his political life, and on which iu the south he was supported as a thorough tree trader during the late "cativasa. I believe the free traders of the south and others remaining here, are oraauiz ng a strong opposition, which they will extend all over the country, unless they s?e some signs <>| a change from the present apparent old hunkerism policy. Tnia would probably extend to such a lei gth and be of such power as to bring the whigs in the ascsndant end give Mr. Polk a much more troublesome administration than can well be anticipated. Trouble appears ahesd in every direction. A divided cabinet?the tariff an open qiustii .1?old in the ascendant?the young democraoy dissatisfied?the aouth and ths tree traders discontented and exasperated? the ol'ques all disappointed, except the Van Buren VVright clique, which is obtaining office and power?the Calnoun men threatening to vote agtin*i|Mr. Polk's nominations in|the Senate, un less he change his course and atop proactibing Mr. C's frieuds and appointing old hunkers ? the free trad rs promising to advocate the destruction of the Tariff and Custom Houses and the imposition ot a property tax, to tax real property only, lands, and houses, and negroes, and stocks, and factories, and foundries, and soforth; these preaeut .in aspect most formidable, promising any thing but easy times for the administration. I perceive that the "Nashville Union" is em ployed in combatting the notion advanced by the "Herald" correspondent, that Mr. Polk would be compelled to run a second time,in order to produce union in the parly and to overrule and tread down the various cliques at present existing in the demo cratic party, is not this an evidence that the rea soning of your correspondent was plausible 1 or would it require an attempt at refutation unless it were probable! And had not the "Union" and oth ers better wait lor the result ct things before it con demns that reasoning ! Watch the developments oi the next few months and see in what sort of a pos 'ion Mr. Polk will be 1 The Mr. Harris appointed Charge to Austria is the one late of the "Nashville Union" and not the talented editor of the "Constitution" of this city. Philadelphia. 1 [Correspondence ot the Herald.] Philadelphia, April 4th, 184*. A hurricane is blowing lram the south wed, and the air is filled with clouds of fine dust which has been waited into town from the dry and parched roads ol the country. The sky is at the sane tine clear and worm, and the wind whistles and screams through every chink and cranney ol the houses having the least western exposure, filling the reomt with dust, and driving the inhabitants to their leeward apartments for shelter. We are very much in want of rain, and fears are entertained for the crops in the vieiuity ol the city. The question has been frequently asked, what is Colonel Webb ol the regular army doing in this city? 1 suppose I answer tnat question satisfactorily. The case of Colonel Powell, the celebrated appointee to the consulship it Kio, against tha Courier Enquirer lor libel, pereetra ted I believe in lPMMe, is expected to be trlod as soon as the District Court of tho city and county can be re-organ ized. Ten thousand dollars are the damages demanded. Ovid K. Johnson is Powell's counsel; and, in addition to other counsel learned in is supposed that Webb will be assisted by his fiiend Josiah llondall, Esq. By the way he is one of the most learned and astute lawyers we hive at the bar, and also a whole-souled chivalrous gentleman. It was while in this city attending to this lawsuit, that Webb managed to got mixed up with the re cent dual. It wan not so much in the character ot second tnat the Colonel figured as that of the friend of the older Randall. 1 think if the truth were known, he anticipated the secret wishes of that father, who was of course too proud to let even his host friends witness his agony, and tried to bring the matter to a close with honor to all parties and without danger to any. This, of course, is mere conjac ture, but we have a rieht to draw what inferences we may deem proper from the movements of the parties and the movements and flsal success of the police. The Hon. Thomas M. Pettit, late President Judge of the District court, has declined to accept the commission which rr-appointed him, and has sent aletter to that effect to the Governor. He intends resuming (he practice of the law, which will yield him double or treble the amount of bit salary r.a Judge. Judge Joel Jonas, the former atao elate, wh# was also re-appoiz.ted. will, it is said, accept and continue upon the bench. He is one or the soundest jurists in the Union, a rine scholar, and a most amiable and accomplished g ntleman. The bar are much grieved at losing Judge Pettit, but you cannot conceive the grati fication i hat is manifested at the belief that Judge Jones will remain upon the bench. Public opinion has not yet fix?d upon a successor to the president, b it it is thought that J nei. the oldest associate, will be advanced to that dignity, and the vacancy supplied from the bar of the State. The hopa is expressed that the bar of the city and county will not bo over-looked. Findlsy, the new Judge appoint*! ha the plaoe of Stroud, is, 1 understand, in town making arrangements for a permanent removal from Lan caster. Oirard Bank stock has assumed a position at the board whie makes the operations highly interesting to lookers on. Tin-. ftjrts of those wbo have bought at an advance to k :?'[) up the price are desperate, but it seems that it will p'r-n?r lr. going down to its true worth. It received a tcrrihla b!ow at the first board, but at the second It rallied heavily, and closed at II, being about the same as the closing pticit of yesterday, but a deal more sluggish States-, hive gone down * : while Wilmington, Chesa peake and Delaware Canal, and U 9. Bank, has advanced i h i iat or bids fair to be the next fancy pet of the stock speculators. Wak Department?Washinotoi*, March 81 ? Promo tuna and appointments in the Army of the United States, madp by the President: and by an I with the advice and consent of tho Senate, since the l.t Of January, 1944 ' r*,?""'l>,7,rC"7" jf Engineer t?Second Lieut. Henry W. H .Heck, to be First Liautenant, Jtn. 1, 1845 ? Brev t 31 Lieut. Oastavus W. Smith, to bo 2d Liutenant, Jan.1,1915. ' Fir it H'gtmmt of Dragoone?Second Lieut. Andrew J. 3ml h, to be First Li-utenaut, March 4, 1845. Brevet 3d L eut. Thomas C. Hammond, to be 3d Lieutenant March 4,1945. Brevet 3d Lieut. Rufus logalls, of the 3J Dra goons, to bo 3d Lieutenant, March 31, 1844. Fir,t Regiment of Artillery-Second Lieut- Henry D. Uralton, to be Flut Lieutenant. Feb.24,1845. Btevet2d Lisnt.Aimer Douhleday, of tho *d Artillery, to be 3d Lieu tenant Feh. 34,1845. Ttird Regiment of Artillery?Brevet 2d Lieut. Hschall , Bro*n.i of the 4th Artillery, to bo 3d Lieutenant,March I, 1845, vice Hillhousa, resigned. Eighth Reg ment of Infantry-First Lieutenat James V. Bemioid, to be Captain, March 4,1845, vico Birdsatl, de a^J: Arthur T.Lee, to be First Lieutenent, March 4, 1846 vice Bomford, promoted. Brevet Second Lieut. James Longstreet. of tha 4-h lnfao.ry, to be Second Lieutan mt, March 4,1945, vice LmCpromoted. Jbesfl -Second Lieut. John C. Fremont, of the Corps of Topographical Engineers, to be Captain by brevet, July Si, 1844, far gallant and highly meritorious aervi. oes in iwo expeditions, commanded by himself ? the first to the Rocky Mountains, whioh terminated October 17 1944; and the second beyond those Mountains, wliicfc terminated July 31, 1844." II Appoi.vtmvivt.?Medical Department.-Charles C Keeney, ol Michigan, (late Assistant Surgeon,) to b< A*"istant Surgeon, March 19, 1816 III. Casualties ?Rtiignohom.?Second Lieut. Jobt Hillhouse. It Artiilery, March 1, 1844 Second Lieut Paul O. H?bert, Corps of Engineers, March II, 1846 Se-ond Lieut Armiste.l T. M. Rust, 1st Dragoons, Marcl 1845***' A,*i,uu,t flurff*?n. J*cob A.. Motte, March 14 De?l*i.-Captain Egbert B Birdsall, 8th Infantry, a 8t Augustine Florida, March 4,1844. Firet Lieut. Bte P en H? ( smpbell, |Corp? of Engineers, at Jacksonville Florida. January 1, )14# Dropped ?First Lieut. Jsmes W. Behsumburg, 1st Dra goens March 4, 1845. ? 44<^T,i-rim L'Wt" W11H,m E- Alsqnith, Fsbruarj IV. The officers promoted and appointed will join theli proper stations and companies without delay ; those or wit?1 "nd*r instruvtlons will ret ort by letter to the commanding oflleers of ihelt respective regiments " Reappointment.?Adam D Steuart, re-appointsd Pav mister in tho Army, from the Mth of Janus?;, 194s when his former commission expired Rules of Stocks ut fhllnilelphln? Aran. 4 J(i Wltinington O'l. 1844,78; $4040 Lehigh 8'a, '48 i nof k' a 81*' I'll*'000 *"*?<>* Bonds, 87} 9 .00 < h is A Del 8's, 74; *383 84 Old Annual 4?a, 871; LT.h?? ,A?1y hor'l'9:( Tennessee bond, 88} ?nl 9l.iT' m?Wl22 P J??; *?? do J3*' 800 ?ir*rd K . Ji,^? 2 10*> m " ? BMk, 8}; 11.5 d. uV III ? ?.?7 L S , 6i> 50 Vick?burg Bi. fij; 67. n Lexigh, 15}; too Hjl m 4 do 35}; Pfnn Bk, 26ij; QBOO Union Cuaa! 7 U 8 Bank ha h 7?1?,"(ir'1 ?a' k do b5 11; 901 1J Uouiavt 11#? Bk 7s ; 100 Ch ? < fc Df BLEACHING POWDER 100 ' ,,,K8 Bord'' tor .sleb, J ' RHss.a in. and S7 Nsiug , ir*?t COTTON YARNS ~ 2^''^LVK rAP":^"iJssK iVn0WW? ,nM_!5 Pfos tJ snd S7 N?..a lt. 4,000 W'o?Jtc ?^?o,B.2eA5D8'J"" ,ch' . i- u. N-?sa CHOICE ANNUAL FLOWER'SEEDB. ? ? the sab.mbrr bews CO inform hu friend* and thn old ?sKpatreu. Iif Niblo'* late Conservatory. that he haa receiv rj vieiorin. from Loudon, an exirusivr and choice coH-cnou of new H??" Meeda, all warrant d genuine. The following package of 34 superb varieties are now read; inoudn?splendid *how flower* of all color*. Bchigsathns Prir*ni, Retain*. Grahamii, he. misrd)?cun ou? rvruse flower*, of white, yellow, orange and crimson. I'onalscc* Splendent and Theluseonii, inned?Very dwarf, brill'sul erimiou and rosy crimson flower*. Choice tie rl'eaae? Seed from choice prixe flowers. Sirloni* Aurea?(iolden yellow flowers. Double Pari* Balsam*?Nnmeron* choice kiuds mined, r Doubled Quilled German A?ler??20 varieties mixed Petunia, Rosea, Gnndiflore, Phoanicea, I Bloekii new xarie ty,l he. iniied?Very aliowy. flower* profnaely, in grant varia ty of colon, auitabl* for training, lie. Mignonette?Sweet aceuled abyuinian. Lapiuus Craikihankii?Six colon on one stem, sigorotu growth, forming almoat a tree. Nemophila lmignii. Grandiflora, phasylsidee new variety Neat blue flower* with white centra. Nolan* atriplicifolia?Showy bin* trailing flower. Malra sebria, (new)?Whits with geranium bloteh and ?tripe. '1 ropoKilum Pelegrinn m or Canary Bird Slower?Besmtiful cat and fringed flower*, appears like a canary bird. Geinian Ten Week stock?IS snperb varieties, mixed. Anagallis ludica? Unique flowers, star shaped, colors rich Chinese blue, with curious and beautiful golden anthers in the crutre Deris Corouoria, or Large White Rocket Candytuft. Helechrysum bracteatum album, (uew)?Elegant showy White CaMeopsis, Atkinsnnia, Drummondii, Elegans, lie , J kind* mixed?Flowers brilliant, of cream, golden and dark red colois, blotched, atriped and spotted with enmaon. . . Packages contaiuiug 54 va ieties for $3; 100 varieties $4. Vegetable Seeds ol the growth of '044. . A large collection oi tin ? healthy Plants in flower are in the Conservagory window. B lunuat* and Flower* always on nand. NEW DAHLIAS?A fine collection are now under cultiva tion; plant* will be ready in due season. . Order* attended to with promptness, and thankfullv received kvHna?NN?w JOhN RwfllNSON, (Late of Niblo's Conservatory,) mh!2 Imre 360 Broadway (ob?erve) cor. Priuce ?t. rm j N. GEN IN informs those of Ilia enstomer* who were 30m diss .'pointed : a not r-ceiviiig their Paris Hats, in c uie ciuence of tie loss of the ship Ville de Lyon, that he has a case on bo-rd the Utics,which will be lauded in a day or two, when they will ><* ready for delivery at his store. Those who wish a selection Irom the assortment are an vised to call soon. J. N. GEN1N, at ?t*rc 314 Broadway, opposite St. Paula. HATS-SFR1JSU FA.SH.IOAI. J. M. TICE & CO. IS*. V Bowery, Now York. fS ARE now ready to snpid'y their customera with their r? Spring Style of Huts, which are rqual, if uot superior. in point of elegance, durability, and economy, to those sold at any other store in thi? city mSlm'tn NEW FASHION r* BROWN 8t CO.'S ONE PRICE STORE. 178 Chat J?hain square, comer of Mott street. Imitation Beaver and Mole Skin Hats, ofth? Spring Fashion, for the low fixed price of S3. A large assortment of Caps, some new patterns, much admired, sold at moderate prices, wholesale and retail, in8 I tn * m SPRINCi FASHION. WM. BANTA, No. 134 Chatham street, (opposite ' " Wo d^mChai.ham 'I heatre,) and 94 Canal street corner of Wooater street, offers for sale ana in.pection, a large assortment of Hats aud < laps, of the Spring Kashious. at extremely low prices, vix: Nutria Fur Hats, $3: Superfine Moleskin Silk, Hats, $3; Fine Silk Hats, 83,30. Also, a full assortment of Cape, at the lowest city prices. mhl4 lin'ec A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR EARNE1L" n GEN I LEMEN who make it a rule to lay nut fa their money to the best advantage, are respectfully Jpk notified that they can purchase Hats and Caps at ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX ~ HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, No. 103 Fulton street, cut side of Broadway, much cheaper than at any other place in the city. An indexible adherence to tne system of large sales, small profits,and cash on delivery, enables the proprietor to offer the different articles in his line, at the follow iug reduced rates : HATS. First quality Nntria Fur. $3 SO Second " " 3 00 Moleskin 2 50 CAP8.I First quality mens' and boys fl SO Second " " 1 00 Third " " 75 These articles are not only quite equal, but in some respects (r>q>ecially in the style of trimming) superior to any in the city. A comparison of the qualities end prices, with those of | other establishments, will show a deduction of 31 to SI SO on customary prices. All Hats warranted of the most fashionable B road way^ patterns. N.B.?The proprietor's extensive arrangements enable him to offer very advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers and country merchants. m6 lm*m TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS?BOOTS AND SHOES. J . E. JOHNSON (late Wilson & Johnson) has on hand, in store 142 Chatham street, directly. opposite the theatre, one of the best assorted stocks of Boots ami oots and Mioes that can be had in the. city. Oeuts Kip, calf, drain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots and Shoes, I u u a iik.* aiiu a iiiu ouieu UUU13 HUU ouura. r><?K1d and sewed, from tKe Has tern manufactories ; Ladies' Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, 8li|?s, Ike., of every (inscription. A f'U.TJ.??). UU .U- ..L ...L .l:. Kr*a*er variety of Children's Shoes than any other store in this city. Gentlemen's fine Gaiters, twenty differeut kinds. Gents Buckskin Shoes, Sportsmen's, Fishermen's and Seamen's Boots. Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country mer chants an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure. mhM 1 in* re ROULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, 13T .1ND 139 MERCER STREET. MR. JOHN S KOULSTONK has the honor to inform his friends, and the public in general, that his .School for Instruction in Horsemanship is now open lay i-nd evening, as follows :? Honrs fo' Gentlemen, from 6 to 8 A. M. " " l adies 9 A. M. to 3 P. M Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr. Roulstone. Mr. K. has just received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell st s rea sonable price m2Srrc yy ANTED AT NEW FORK TATTERS ALLS?New and second hand vehicles of every description and value, on which liberal advances will be made if required. Carriage Builders and gentlemen breaking up their Riding Establishments are respeettnlly solicited to tend their vehiclee, Itc. to this place for sale or storage. Public sales of Carriages, Harness, 8?ddlery, Horses, he., every Monday, commencing st 11 o'clock. Tne rales governing tne sale of Horses st tnis establishment have been thorooghly revised, and the proprietor ventures to as sert, that any person who will examine the rales, and attend one or more of the public tiles, at at present conducted, will de cide that the chance, of lair treatment are greater at this, than at any other establishment public or private, in the city. N.B.?Every hone sold at public sale at this establishment, must correspond to the letter, with the description given, or thr money will by returned to the purchaser forthwith. No Horse of a less value than twenty-five dollara will, in any case, be offered at this establishment, except by virtue of an ex ecution, or to close an estate. GEO. W. MILLER, Proprietor, ?8 lm'rrc 446 Broadway. JAMES LACY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO 184 William Street, corner of Ann, RswYcrk, HAS always on hand a select assortment of the mostjathion Able style of goods to be found in the market, consisting of j CLOTHS?English, French and Ameri*an, of almost wary color, from medium quality to the finest. CASSI.VIKRKS?Wool Blacks, Plaids, Stripes, Figured and El-stie, in great variety. VEST I.N OS?Silks, Satins, Marseilles, Cashmeres, Vel vets. itc. Also, white Satin, figured and plain, rich light silk Velvets, fcc., for balls, and parties, with a great variety of other goods, too numerous to particularise, suitable for every season. Gentlemen patronising this establishment.may rely upon hav ing their garments made np to order in the best possible manner; and eveiy satisfaction as to quality, fit, and workmanship given. [?!/""The Lowest Cash Price will be asked, from which no aBatsmeist will be made; and in order to insure agaiust bad debts, by which some would be obliged to pay more to make up fer the non-payment of others, Cash on Delivery will in all cases be required. Also on haud, a select assortment of Ready Made Clothing, Other Coats, l'ants, Vests, Dress and Frock Conts, Itc., Itc., at reduced prices. Gentlemen furnishing their own goods, can have them made and trimmed in the best possible manner, (a good fit warranted iu all eases, or the price of the goods returned,) st the follow ing prices;?Pants and Vests $1,75 to S3; Dress Coats $7 to $10: frock Coats $0 :o$I2; other garments in proportion mhlO lm'ec THE CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT or Wm. Blattlxlencn, sand M B. Sanford, 1S?T FULTON STREET, PI THE PLACE for all those who wish to supply their ward robe with good fitting garments at reasonable prices. The subscribers can assure their friends and the public that they will let no one surpass them in thr tailoring business, as regards the newest style, the neatness of their tits and lowness of prices, having on hand a well selected usortment of Cloths. Cassi meres and Vestings of every dqsirable style. Also, gentlemens' outlitt ng, comprising every arucle that is nsnally worn. We have the confidence that we can please the moat fasti dious. Great pleasure will be taken to show our styles of fashion and goods to all those who will favor us with their patronage. Re collect the place, 127 Fnlton street. nihil lm*rrc ^MB.^?D88EN' GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE. 'VRE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen A or Families who are desirous of converting their left off wearing apparel into cash Families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will find it musSi to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will aiwud at their residence by appointment. a. . . . ? ft LEVETT, 1 Wall street. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. rnrl lm*rc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT' OFF WARDROBE, THK HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by GruBemea J- or Families who are desirous of eon verting their left off F amilies or Gentlemen quitting the city or chnngieg resi dence, having any superfluous e Acts to dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to eeud for the SaBscriber, who will attend at their neideuoa by appointUMUj^^^^ 4*6 Broadway, np stnira A line through the Port Office, or otherwise, will receit . _ ... ? ,?jreceive prompt attention. m27 lm*re SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED?And the highest price given for all kinds of cut off Clothing and good second hand Furniture. Persons wishing to dispose of thr same, will do well to call on the sub scriber, or address a line through the Post Office, wh'ch will be punctually attended to. B. LEV Y, Chatham street, N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen's Clothing, cheep for cash. mM lm*re DRUGS, itec. 8 Bales t'arclainon Seeds. 10 Cases White Gum Arabic. 2t)t) Ounces pure Otto Rose. 15c0 Ounces Sulphate Quinine. 1 Case Russia Castor. For sale by J, 8. ABP1NWALL. e3 3t*m 86 William street. U?ISH HOOK*, kc.?JOHN CON ROY, 52 Fnlton, corner 4- of Clin street importer of Fish Hooks, also importer and manufacturer ol Fishing Tackle in every rarieti. City and country dealers supplied in small and large quantities, on the Host liberal terms, and the lowest possible prices. A large assortm-nt i.f Eastern made flax Fishing Lines, all sixes, at the m inuficturer's prices 400 Bamboos, and 75,000 silk worm gut, of various qualities, for sile. ap4 Im'ec D HI <>M A p FIXTURES for sale, together with lease of premises, el gibly situated. The store is well established, and the dwelling part might be occupied by a physician with great advantage. The premises are located in a highly respectable neighborhood, at No- 22 Frankfort st. lw'tc rjUANth-lhe cargo ol the ship vhak.pea!., from lcnat VJ Lata experiments in England and this country prove i - ?...yy??uusnu country ; rove he equal, it not superior in quality to Peruvian. For aala in to suit purchasers, by . , . , E- K' COLLINS k CO., 5* South ?t. who have foraale the best authenticated work on Guuo. a4 BLEACHING POWDER ?fY CASKS Boyd's superior Bleaching Powder, landing from wyJ ship Pacific, from Liverpool, and (or sals by PER89E k BROOKS, ?4 ee No*. 86 and C7 Nassau sL SPlUNG WITH ALL ITS CHARMS. THB SIGN OK THE GOLDEN FISH, 371 Broadway, ?I corner of Chambers street, gsntlemea will fiud a iuo?t splendid aasortmeut of llw ana* meutiooed articles, ju>c re ceived from i'aria and London, of the tit-west fashions, calcula ted lor thv preasut and approaching leaaon, which lie offers at audi price, as will eusure the pair nana of those who favor him w nil a c til, CravaU of every v nely. Haudkerchiels Silks, and Cambric Hemmed, or not Hemmed?Stocks and Tie* of every kind?Collars and Bnaome of all the uew atylaa, fora'and iug lip or turning over. Glovea? \ very attentive a-sortmeut; Hoaiery of every description; Under Shirts and Drawera for Spring and Hummer wear, couaiakuia of Merino, Bilk, Thread, (Cotton, and Ganxe, or made to order; Itnaaian Belu, Money B I a. and Shoulder Bracea, Suspenders, Umbrell.a, Bathing f v.Vornieg Uowna, Pnraea, Brushes, and Comba, aad in f .<? every article that la required by a gentleman for an entire on l ifor hia wardrobe. . rticufir attention ia paid to the manufacture of Bhirta. of v< Inch aaplendid aaaortmeot will alwaya be found en hand or made to in-aaure in the beat possible manner. Alao, Bilk bhi'ta and Drawera made to order. N. B?1 lie Golden Kith will awim from 271 to 297 on the let of May. m30 lm*ec IHE FISHING SEASON HAS COMMENCED "Let thoae now fiah, that never fished bafore, And thoae that alwaya Ashed, now fiah the mora." rpROUT TACKLE far the preeent aeaaan: alao, Tackle for ?L all aeaaona and all kinda or Ashing, in graat variety, at the lowaat cash price. For aala, wholesale and retail. by JOHN J. BROWN It CO., mhlt lm*rc 126 Fnlton street. an S3 lm*ec LODGINGS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, AT the naq's head No. S Babclav Stheet, iibab Broabwat. The Subscriber having fitted op and newly famished several rooms connected with this Establishment, solicits a call from hit friends and the public. JAMES BYRNES. f(J LET. AS A DE8IRALK HOUSE m the cen'rt of the Village |ij|W of Jamaica, near tlie Academies. The house is in per XASLfoct order, and can be occupied immediately. Enquire or~~ JAMES T. DENNING, Jamaica, The facilitiea to the city are five times a day, by Stages and Railroad. m30 lw*nc mE A ROOM, OR A ROOM AND BED ROOM, with Breakfast, or Breakfast and Tea. will be wanted about XiMLthe middle of April by a tingle Gentleman in thehonse of a respectable private family, where there are no other board era, in any good location within a mile of the City Hall. Ad dress K. 8. 8. at this office. a3 3t*ec KOK SALE. OH TO LET?A good Dwelling House, Barn, Outhouses, Sic., with about two aciea of Bland, situate in the village of Jamaica, L. I., with a _ supply of fruit trees, flowers, Sic. One half of the pur chase money can remain on bond and mortgage. .Enquire of CALEB WEEKS, Giraffe Hotel, or of HENRY WOOLLKV. at the Flushing Pavilion. mlil2 lm*m JgA TO LET?One of the moat deairable country reaiden pTjW cea on tliia island, aituate within half hours ride of the (LaflLUity Hall, eonaiating of a spacious and convenient d wel ling, with stable and other outhouses attached, with a large garden, containing every variety of fruit, aand ornamental trees and ahrobbery. For particular* enquire in 23d street, first house east of 3d avenue. mhl3 lrn'rcY -UBLwith Counter, Fixtures, Shelves, Gas Lights, Stove and Pipes! Itc ready for the reception of any respectable merchant or tradesman. Also, the adjoining Store, No. 99, from the 1st of May next, occupied at present a* a boot and shoe shop,.equally complete in every respect. For further information, and terms, applica tion can be made at tha desk of the office o( the Herald, at tfrc M TO LET UR LEASE, and posaevsion given immedi ffTjWately?A large, convenient dwelling house, Itc., beauti XjULfully situated on the branch of the East river, about four utiles from the City Hali. The garden contains a variety of excellent Fruit Tree*, Grape Vines, and other Shrubbsrv. to gether with all the necessary Vegetables for a family. Tbere is also a fine privilege for Salt Water Bathing, a good school in the vicinity, 8tc. Enquire of Morgan L. Ogden, at the Naval office. Custom House. al lw*m kafl TO LET OR LEASE, in St. John's Hall, two large PJR Rooms on the serond and third stories of the building, XU^admirably adapted for the n.e of associations, or as ar mories for military companies?the Third Comiiany National Guards now occupying the fourth on lease as an armory. Those wishing to hire for such purposes should avail thumvelves of the opportunity and teenre them, as they are desirable from their location, and the facility of ingress and egress. Terms made ifyi " TO LET, and immediate Possession Given?The S'oreNo. 97, HERALD BUILDINGS. Nassau street, ...l.l, L".ul I / 2... I ...l.r. Hi,,,. known and rooms seen, by applying at the bar of the Hall, from 10 o'clock A. M. until 2 P. M., to mhIO Im-rc THOMAS A. LYNCH. TO RENT?ON STATEN 1SLAND?Those two splendid V1LLA8. situated at Bylvaton Terrace, com in.imling a beautiful view of the Bay and Ocean?each _jtuse having a Stable, Coach, Ice and Bathing Honse. The Houses are finished in a superior style with every convenience, each house having more than seven acres ofland. Apply to J. D. PHILLIPS kUU., 133 Maiden Lane, corner of Water street. N. Y. Also to Let? 1 he Three Story Brick House 55 Stanton street Enquire a* above. inhl6 lm'ec STORES ON THE SIXTH AVENUE" BR TO' LET?Four three story and attic Brick Honses t"7w with Stores underneath on the easterly side of the 6th Jiai&avenue. between 12th and 13th strtets, with sliding doors, ma role mantels, Crotou water, tie. suitable for respectable fa milies in moderate circumstances. All of the above Stores are excellent stands for business, and are suable for dry good' and fancy goods, ladies' shoe stores, China and earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, confec tionary, Re. The Stores with the frout basement room will be reu.ed separate from the dwelling part, if required, there being covered areas in front, for fuel, lie m232w*ec O Id. WINTER, 16 Wall street. FOR SALE, OR TO LEASE?1 hat well known Factory, with 16 lots of ground, situate at Harlsm, on ,the 4th avenne (railroad), between 12l(h and i29th at* ? k iory is a very substantial two story brick building, 40 feet by 200, with a brick carriage ho i i e and engine house adjoin ing. The streets and avenues are gnlated and paved, and all asse't.ments paid The premises are in complete order, and rea dy lor immediate occupancy. The ame will be aold or leased cheap, or exchaiged for city property, 'ihree fourths of the purchase money can remain on bo id and mortgage for a long time. Apply to C. W. VAN VOORHI8 or H. P. MeOOWN, 36 John street, where a map of the pro- erty can beieen. _ mh!2 lm* m m FOR SALE?A splendid, superior, and very valudrl* JfCflkhAKM of 100 acres, rich land, a handsome Honse, excel jsA^leut fences and outbuildings, mills and machinery for tawing, grinding, fcc., about tlOO choice Peach Trees, and a va ri ty of other fruit-, 3jd miles from Morristown, in New Jer sey, and hours ride from New Y ork; a healthy and delight ful situation. Price $6000; half can remain on it, or will be ex changed in |?rt for city property. Coat over $1: ,660. Also. 80 acres, with new Cottage, Barns, Fences, kc.; about 4000 Peach Trees; adjoining the above Price $4000. For fall particulars apply to D. F.LSTON, 56 Atlantic street, South Brooklyn. $l500or$2000onaHouse and Lot in the city of Brooklyn, wanted, at 7 per cent. Ample security. Apply immediately to D. ELBTON, 55 Atlantic street, mhll lm*ec South Brooklyn. SCOTT'S BAZAAR i 37 Dey street, between Broadway and Greenwich. SANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks to hia friends and the ptblie. at laige, fo* ihe liberal snppoit rsceiv.d since he opened tho above honre, and hopes, by the same strict Mt-ut.ou, to m-nt a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Alas, Wines, Liqnois, and Segars, are tor well known to nesd comment The best Oysters the market can afford served up in every style; likewise a lane assortment of refreshments to be had st all honis, until 12 at night, snehas :? Beefsteaks, Welsh Rarebits, Mutton I hops, Sardines, Fried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Ham and Fggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached Kg, s, Tea It Coffee, Ic*. A good dinger of roait and boiled meats for one shilling, every dav from 12 to 4 o'elock. Dublin Brown Stout alwavs on draught. Families supplied with the best Scotch and Irish VVhis _ key. No house better supplied with English, Irish, Scotch,Welsh, and city pspers?always the l?t?st news by the steamers. Good Rooms for Private Femes, at all times ready?free gra tis for nothing lm ec EXANDER'S TRICOBAPHE. NEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being a ? Liquid Dye which instantaneously changes the color of the hair to a beautifhl brown or black, without injury to the kairor skin- The great superiority of this Dye consists in its easy mod* of application, and instantaneous ffleet? ill other dyes requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce a y change. La superins excellence will be apparent to every one upon a single Extract from the " Philadelphia Daily Snii."?ALCxaivpin's Tn ico ear he.?The effect of the above on the hair is truly as hoiuhing. It was tried yesterday in our office, and the cliauge from grey to black was instantaneous. _ , Extract from the 1 Philadelphia Daily Forum. Several of j our acquaintances have recently applied to their hair ihe valua ble liquid Dye known aa Alexander's Tricobaphe?a new and valuable discovery; and it hat in nocaa# failed to produce the desired effect. Immediately after applying it to gray hatr or whiakrrs, it imparts a beautiful brown or black color. For sale bv Rtuhton Ik Co. druggists, lift Broadway; Aapin wall, 66 William at eet: J >bnaon, Moore k Taylor, 8l Maiden lane; J. W. Wright k Co. 2 Cedar street; and of the principal druggist* throughout the U. 8. or of sole agents, R. k. G. A. WRIGHT, 23 South 4th street, m1411*10 Philadelphia. ... CORB1TT may be consulted soafldesiiaJly at his Or flee, 16 Duana street, two doors from Chatham. Strangeri respeotfully informed that Dr. Corbitt is a member of ths _ diversity of the City of New York, aad that he has exclusive ly confined his nreettee (Yom being general ro the treatment cl certain classes of diseases, (now over eleven vears in the city ol New York,) which ease this entire attention. The annals o' medicine do notreeords,! nter sncoest than is to be found in his prtctioe. The Doetor cautions the unfortunate against the uaa of mercury.* I ha* ts thoeaan-'v ol' rictims. Recent case* tre in a few days removed entirely from the system. See that yon are judiciously treated by a person legally qualified, and got by pretendera and quncks at there are several of thern in thii city. Persons afflicted with protracted and inveterate case; need aot deepair of being restored to health, by applying to Dr Corbitt. A practice of manv rears has established the Doctor'! reputation (or'skill and respectability. Stricture* rnjage tlu Doctor's profound attsntioo. A medicine may ba had to pre. -eat a e-Itsis disease is see of iia form*. d22 tm*?e TO THE LADIES. UH HULL is OTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTMRR THIS new instrument for he radical cure ol Prolapsut U.ari. or Falling of the Womb, D^. R by external application, superseding the nse lof the okjeeticnal I'esmrr, is confidently re Peorvi mended to the afflicted as the menus of perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of [*rfnrmiag a cure, even uader the moet aggravated eircuinsiaurej. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe as well as in this country. It ii adopted tokhe entire disease of rett&ries, and all other painful snrgieal expedients, in the Lyiag-ia Hospital* of Lon don aad Pint, and is universally reeominended ia Europe by medical men of the highear rank, la this country it ras tamed by the leadinp member* f th* faculties of Colleges aad Hospitals, and bv all the eminwsf p i?ate rrac'itiunars. Rooms have bee* furnished exclusively to: ladies M No. 4 V'nsey street, having t separat.' entmace from the business de Mrtment, where a lady is u constant Mtrndaneo to apply Tr??,?s SS'I Pnriyrtet, Ir, Irnslf p?|ieo>t mil Iru-re UGAK??33 hnds. prime New Orteaus, landing from ship Archeltus, from New Orleans, fur sale by m28 E. K. COLLINS k CO. 58 Sooth st. Also, the Furniture uf a'am ly removed for convenience of sale?superb French mirror, a line pienu forteMressing bureaus, sofas, chairs, kc GROCERIES? At I ll< o'clock, the balanee stock of a gro c r, comprising s geueril assortment of articles in the line? choice wins! te.-n ?i snrs, apices, tobacco, kc. Itc. Alto, bv orderlue ui?rshsl?i sofas, 62 chairs, 1 1 so lung glaasss, 5 counting honss dssks.ikc. s TO MERCHANTS VISITING NEW YORK CITY. I). M. PEYSER, oo JOHN STREET, (SKVWrKI* WILLIAM AMU ISASSSU STKKVTS.) NKW YORK. IMPORTER OK GERMAN AND FRENCH FANCY GOODS, Offers for sale. by the pack?*e or 10 init customers, at th* moat maouable terms, WORSTEDS Zephyr, Herman, and Tapisserie Chine and Ombre Wonted*. SICKS KIo*?, Twitted, Plain and Shaded Silk*, in Stieka and Spool*.

CHENILLES. Embroidery, Flower and Trimming Chenille. PATTERNS. Berlin Embroidery Pa-terns, a moit splendid (election. CANVASS , , French and German Canyatt for Embroidery, of Cotton, Wonted, Imitatiou of Silk, and Silk, Silver and Gold, of all width*. BEADS. Gold, Silver, Steel, and Glut Bead* and Bogle* ? NEEDLES. Embroidery Needle*, Steel, Wooden, Ivory, Ebaay, and Whale bone Knitting and Crochet Needle*. EMBROIDERIES. All kind* of commenced and finished, tucha* Soipenden, Shoe* and Ottomans, kc. he. FANCY ubODS. All kind* of Paris Fancy Goods, inch at Porte* and Porte Trimming*. Head Ornament*. Bracelet*, Hair Pin*, Comb*, he.: Necklace*, Gold and Silver Braids, Tinsel Cord*, and Silver Bullion Tassels, FRENCH MILITARY 1 RIM MI NGS.fcc. Wire Goods, such a* Baskets, Watch Holden, kc., kc. German Rustic Willow Chain. Baskets, Work-Tablet, and Sof s, it*. OILED SILKS. Oiled Silks, difh-eut colors, the best French. FRINGES. Fringes, Cords, G<mps, Tats*!*, all colon and qualities, im ported and domestic (of his own manufacture.) fli 8tkWSm*rc ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. TXTHEKEAS, JOHN JEFFERSON, alia* John Bland, a na * * live of the Pariah of Bethnal Uwu Condon, son of lit* late Mr.Kichard Jefferson, formerly of Brick lanr.Hpital fields, eheete* not Isen h-ard of in E gland, for more than 14 year*, but shortly before,or abont tliiat period, he waa supposed to he either in the Government, Naval or Merchant Bervre of the United State*. He was born in the month of April, 1MM, ao that il he be now alive, he ia ST yean of age. The Inst account* were from himself in the yean ISSO and 1131, the farmer fpm New Yoik, tii* latter from Boatou. His ftniily being most anxious to receive tidings of his being alive, hereby offer a re ward of One Hundred Dollars, on receiving satisfactory evidrnae thereof, or legal proof of his death, and auch reward will ac cordingly be me the undersigued. in Loudon, or through the hands of WILLIAM AS. IN WALL, Conuselloreat-Law, No. 20 Court street, Bostou, to whom all communications are to be addressed. ROBERT BR1TTON. Solicitor, No. 11 Bethnal Green, London. BLondon, January 29th, IMS. fll eodistw lawoetlOwrc H. E. WILLARD, AUCTION GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION MERCHANT. Office No. 116 Nassau street, first floor, New York. HE. W. WILL ATTEND to sales of Household Furniture ? anil Merchandise, of all kinds, penonally attended to at the residences or stores of persons relinquishing housekeeping or basinets. Cash Advances made on Furniture and Merchan dise of every description consigned for sale Salea settled in all case* at soon as the goods are sold and delivered Manufac turers and traders can always have accommodation advances on goods for private sale. rnJ lrn*ec T AMI'S,. CIIANDALIERS, GIRANDOLES, kc.-The H subscribers have made inch arrangements with the manu facturer*, that they will, after the 12th day of March, be ready to exhibit by far the best assortment of House Furnishing Goods in the United States, at at very reduc*d prices. They ate now opening a complete assortment of entirely new and beautiful goods, such as Solar and Lard Lamps and Chanda liers, a great variety of patterns, suitable for private hnuies, churches, hotels, and steamboats; some new ana beuatifnl Gas and Candle Chandalieri, Girandoles, Mantel Lighte, Brackets, Pendants, Lanterns, kc. A gmt variety of new atyle English Goods, received per ship Enrope and now opening, such as fine quality plated Baskets, Waiters, Castors, Sunffert and Trays, Tea and Coffee Urns, Irishes, kc. kc. Rich fancy and plain Tea Trays in great variety ^ fine Table Cutlery in set* and doxent, and every variety of rich cnt and plain Glassware?In short, almost every article required for housekeeping, may be foiled at the subscribers' show rooms. WORAM kHAUOHWOUT, mh!5 Im'm W 561 Broadway PHbNGH CHINA. REMOVED TO MO. 06 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) A. ~ Deuert Plates, of "all sizes, assorted Dishes, Soup Tureens. Coregd Dishes, Salad Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Custards SM SlMid*. Also, Faacy Tea Sets, tad Rich Decorated Dinner Seta. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and Americas shape. All the articles aw warraatsd of ths bast qaality, and te bs -eld oa liberal terms, au ia lots to saitlpurshassr*. (If ans'ea LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, HALL LANTERNS, AND CANDELABRAS, FOR THE SPRING TRADE! TYIETZ, BROTHER k CO , No. 13 John street, aremanu C faeiuriug and Save always on hand, a complete assortment of articles in their lioe, of the following descriptions, which they will sell at wholesale or retail, at low prices for cash:? Improved Chemical Oil and Camphene Lamps. Solar Lamps, Gilt and Bronzed, in great variety. "Cornelias k Co.'s" celebrated Pat nt Solar Lard Lamps. Girandoles, various patterns, gilt, silvered or brouzed. Suspending Solars, Doric Camphene Lamps, Biacket Solars, Hide do do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do do Patent Lard Hand Lamps, Stand do do Brittania Hand Lamp*, Camphene Chandeliers, Superior Chemical Oil, Pure Sperm Oil, do Camphene, Solar and Lard Oil. do Burniug Fluid, Refined Whale Oil. mhl6 3md ec . WARRANTED THE CHEAPEST AND THE BEST IN NKW YORK. , J. STOUVENEL & CO., ManuFacTungM op GLASS AND LAMPS or nvnuv DEscnirviow, D EH PEC rFULLY call the attention of Country Merchants, iv Hotels, Steamboats, Ship Matters and Families, to oar as aoronent.ata great dednction, being manufactured by ourselves, and which cannot be surpassed in quality and workmanship, comprising a complete assortment of new patterns of Cat ana Plain Glass Girandoles, Solar, Lard and Camphjue Lamps, Brackets, Canff-labras,Hall Lamps and Lanterns, with Hieh Cnt Glasr. Astral and other Lamps altered to Solar and Lard ai.d refiuithed equal to new. Glass and Lamps made to order and to match any pattern. Goods leaned for Parties. Factory 29 Gold street. Wholesale and Hetail Store No. 2 John street, near Broadway. rahl9 lm*ro IIPATCHES !?WATCHES AND JEWELRY.?Those ?v who with to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils. Keys, kc., will find it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, whs is selling all descrip tions of the above at re rail ranch lower than any other hsnie is the city. Gold Watches as low as (20 and (2b each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches war ranted to keep goad time or the money refunded. Waiclics, and Jewelry repaired in the best manner and warranted, ?t much less than the naual prices. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, m< im*m Wholesale and retail. 20 Wall at., up stairs. Medical Aid. amongst the yonng, the beauufnl, and the promising ol o land." Respecting the habit above allndfd to, if those wboi_ dulge in this delusive and desolating habit, could be m*d> sensible of the half, or even a tube of the evils to which they are racking with such feaiful certainty, how many, very many, that are now wasting consumptives, would otherwise bear the imprest of pure health and manly vigor. Dr Gregory, 66 Gold sjivt, hn devoted much time and study to this subject. The Doctor now devo'es his whols at tention to the treatment of that class of maladies calbd pnwe whictt also includes those ie?ulti< g from secret h bus? i.di gestion?palpitation of the hcait-t euibl ug of the hind.?diz ziness, or psin of th- head?great netv, us or general debility of b ,dy?great weakness,or impairment of memory?contusion of the intellect, kc. These are a few of the il s a-ising from this hedious practice; bat (hey are those which may be eti-ved by the nee of Dr. Gregory's Invigorating Toni <.ord al It it a remedy that maybe implicitly relied on in all cases of hr for-going-, as alto great genital debility, or colduets of ilie or gans procreation. Price $2 per bottle, or in cue-* of half a dnx*n for (10; and may be sent to any part of the country. Dr. Gregory ia at home, and may be consulted at all hours of the day orevening All interview* p 'rfectly confidential. Le ten must be post paid, and addieased to the Doctru's re sidence. ss above. mhM itrt"rrc FOR THE PILES. TTNIVKRHAL COMMENDATION.?From ever* eitv, JG town and village where Dr. Upham's VEOE1ABLF PILE ELECTUARY has been introduced, um most gratify ing intelligence of its excellent effects have been received by the proprietor. In hundreds of instances it has triumphed over cases which were deemed incurable. READ THE FOLLOWING REMARKABLE CASES. A gentleman from Brooklyn, Long Island, after using two boxes of the Electuary, save me theTollowing account:?When I obtained the medicine I was suffering eererely from an attack of the riles, and for two months had been afflicted with severe headache, accompanied by a distressing sensation at the stomach. There waa a perspiration about theliead, bu- the body, legs and arms were always dry and husky. The medicine removed the Piles, cared the headache and distress at the stomach, and cre ated a natural nerspiration over the whole body, and 1 am now in better health than I have been for years. . A gentleman who had long been inbjected to Piles, suffering intensely from their continuance, informed Mr. Mitchell, 266 Bowery, N. Y., that their complete removal was affected by the use of the Vegetable Electuary. This individual had tested ail the celebrated external applications, eacn being attended with bat very slight benefit. This Internal Remedy, however, speed ily manifested its happy adaptation for this complaint, and moti satisfactorily convinced the sufferer that the high reparation which the Electuary has attained it based solely upon th* great and lasting benefits attendaut upon its use. This certifies lhat I need Dr. Upham's Pile Electuary, more than a year ago, for Pilea, of which complaint it cared me. 1 still nse it when occasion requires and prefer it to anv other medicine to obviate cosureties*, remove morbid accnmnlations in the stomach and Irawela. aad to po :fy the blood?and after having used a great variety of medicine . I belteve this to be su perior to all others. THOMAS WALL, Orofier, No. 27 Broad street. New York, March I#, 1644. Sold in this city by the proprietor only, a regularly educated physician, e.oafined to an office practice for the treatment ol Chronic Diseases, No. 196 Bowery. Medical advice i t rela tion to the above OT any offter complaint* gratis. Price of the Electuary JUne Dollar. KIa Remember that the Electuary is an Internal Remedy, and not an external applica tion, and told ONLY at IN Bowery, four doors abo?* tl. Office hours IVomT A. M. to 9 r. M. jytt )mdkw*in EXPRESS OFFICE, Albany, Sept. 1st, 1114. MR. H. DALLEY^-My Dear Sir?With feelings of no ordi 1VX nary pleasure,I address you in relation to ths benefit 1 have received from your invaluable Pain Extractor. Lately, my lit tle daughter, 6 yeara old, had a pitcher of boiling water tamed into her botoin: t er screams were dreadful, to that a crowd in slautly gathered before the house to learn the cause of the terri ble tcirams I tore her clothes asunder, and soon spread on your salve, and she was carried and laid upon a,bed?she was toon relieved from her pain, and says, "Ma, I feel as if 1 conld laugh," and was soon in a sweet sleep She was scalded to a blister from ths top of her shoulder over more than half her chest, and round under her arm. On the shoulder and breast it was very deep, yet from the first hour she complained only when it was dressed. The s re healed rapidly and there is no contraction of the muscles 1 now keep a pot of yonr ointment with linen ever ready at hand, that any one may reach it at any moment in cue of need. And from the signal benefit we have received, could I not oh ram another box, I would not part with the pot I have on hand tor one nuudr. d dollars. With many withes, my dear sir, for your success in the sals of this mighty article, I am truly yonrs, with respect, a, ? ? , . , P- MEROY, N. B ? IT 1 can be of any service to yeu in convi*cing peo ple what they suffer and lose, one and all, by being ignorant of it* mmenlona merits, you are at liberty to refer to me at any time. The above needs no comment. NB?Henry Dalley hu removed his Depot from Albany to 121 Fulton street, (Sun Buildings) New York. Denl'fs and othtra can be supplied. None genuine without the written rifnnttirf of H. Dallf y on oich wrapper or bo*, in rer?r??l co lurffd ink. a| 3td*ltw*rc ~~ HEAD THIS. ~~~ ALL CASKS ia the Surgical and Medical liae. especially those of long standing,can receive advice aad medicine gratis ? "nwnatrb" sir tm*re ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. QOME POOR, MEAN DEVIL, who ii too l??y to work. LJ and too cowardly to go ?a thr high road to rob, nsi }???'? a spurious imitatiou of PETERS' VEGETABLE PILL8, and the above named reward will be promptly paid by the pro prietor. at IK Fulton street, for such information as will su able him to convict, iu * court of^ostice, any |*rsot^or parsons who may hare been guilty of man log and vending the counter feit article lite labels, directions, and boxes are so closely copied, and the signatures such perfect fac similes of the original, that it is very difficult to detect the forgery, but on opeuing the boxes, which contain the puis, ihe decriitlou will be apparent. The counterfeit pilla are composed of soap, aloes, and a variety of drastic substances^they turn black when rubbed in the hand, and emit an odor different from the genuine, while they are not so round, and somewhat lirger. Instead of being a mild and gentle aperient, like Peters' Pills?they are cosmwsed of sub stances calculated to produce inflammation of the bowel*, and aggravate this disease* they are sold to .cure. The scoundrels who have fabricated this base . imitation, seem pi have had no more compunction in endangering the public health, than in robbing a private individual. New York and Philadelphia are flooded with this infamoas eount-rfeit, aud many re-p-<-table druggists have purchased me imitatiou unwitting1 y. and iu good faith of the swindlers who lnwiuf ictured it or of their agents. There are others, however, wh" have purchased the spurious Pills with a full knowledge of the circumstance*?careless if their customers were poison ed, so that they could make an extra profit by buying the dile terious trash uuder the market price of the legitimate article.? This name* of those individuals will at the proper time be held up to the execration of the American public,unleea they prompt ly desist from their uela'iotu course. ,'A* a meant of detecting the imposition, it may be well to state that no quantity under 100 gross of Pktkr'i Vegetable Pills, can be obtained of the proprietoror any of his aulhorix i, for any 'hmg less than Thirty Dollars per grots id u|fotl, .... . ?j... ? -, for inr large tile Pills, and eighteen dollara per grots for the small tixe. Small quantities by the dozen boxes, or from one less than the above named prices by any person legally author "9wc*p!lU*hava now been eleven years before the public aud tiave become established as the most valuable ai?nent me a? ? A U!l Lsata I'/imv. a nls rlinlie diciue in use. As a remedy for Bilipus Complaints, Cholie. Dvspepeia, obstructions in flu.alimentary .Canal, Habitual Coativeness, Summer Complaint in Children. Diarrhoea, Dysen tery, luflainmation of Internum, and all other diseases of the Stomach, Bowels and Secretive organs. Tsey have no rival in the field of Pharmacy. Composed entirely of vegetable guini, juiers aud extracts, tney may betaken by the child ae well as the adult with perfect safety. .... The public will please (axe notiee that hereafter, in order to guard theip against imposition, the written Mgratur* of the pre sent proprietor, M. A. F. harrisou, will appear on the wrapper of every package coutaining one dozen boxes, the counterfeiting of which will be a felony, subjecting the perpetrator to impri souniaui iu the penitentiary. The only autnorixed spent in Philadelphia for the aale of the "genuine''Peter's Vegeuble Pills, is J. B. Murphy, M North Sixth street, and any other person, whether stranger or resident, offering to sell theus in that city at a reduced price, it an im postor engaged iu the doable rascality of cheating the prjprie . r engage. . __ lor and endangering the health of citixeni. '1 he above remark* apply equally to N.York Baltimore, and toother cities?and in conclusion, let if be distinctly understood that any individual in any part of the Union, who shall sell, or attempt to sell tan article purporting to be Peters'1 Vegetable Pills for prices less than those named in this advertisement are swindlers and impostors, aud will be prosecuted as such if de tected by the proprietor or his agent*. Take notice, that the only authorized agents for the sale of Peter*' Vegetable Pill* in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia. Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tsnneiaee, axe George W. Burp and Benjamin Arnold,and a gentleman named Brainerd, in their employ. No other persona than the above named, are authorized to sell Peters' Vegetable Pills in the States mentioned, aud therefore any individual offering to tell the same within those limits, at less than the foregoing Prices is an impostor, and the public are cautioned against him. Principal office for the sale of the genuine Peters Vegetable Pilla, 125 Fulton slreet. New York. m!3 lin?m PERIFOCAL SPECTACLES. THESE LENSES, pronounc ed superior to all others, in nse by lire.Lardner, Patterson, and numeroas other scientific gentle men, are of American invention, and are manufactured only at the new and extensive Optical Works, North Oxford, Mast. Numerous testimonials of their merit can be shown, but as "seeing is'believing," the public are invited to examine and jadM for tnemselvea. They may be found at the wholesale and retail Agency, 182 Broadway, and also at T.'J. Crowen's Bookstore, 623 Broadway. Difficult cases or deficient vision solicited. m27 lm*rc E. It E. 8. BRIGHAM. TO THE MEDICAL FACULTY. WILLIAM H. GOULD ING, SURGICAL INSTRUMENT MANUFACTURER, 37 Chatham street, Facing Chambers street, New York. DESPECTFULLY beg* to inform Members of the Faculty XV that he has removed to the above commodioui location, where, from hit increas*d facilities, he will be able to offer su perior advantages to purchasers, by a choice and #xt?nsi?e as sortment of finely finnhed Surgical and Dental Instruments, Ike. A complete collection of Cutlery in every variety. All kind* of Instruments made to order, or repaired n>27 lm*m DEHTHTRY. XXT E, the undersigned, having had numerous opportunities of ?v examining set* of Artificial Teeth, as i . _ made and adapted to the month by Dr. M. LEVETT, Dentist, corner of Broadway and Warren it, and being folly satisfied that he possesses a re markable tact m the delicate and exact adjustment of both whole and partial sets to the gums, upon an original and ingeni ous application peculiar to htm, of the philosophical principle of Atmospheric Pressure?do therefore, in consideration of duty to the artist, and to the public, cheerfully recommend Mr, Le vett to the patronage of oar citizens. New Vork, 1844. (Signed,) ISAAC J. GREENWOOD, Doctor of Dental Surgery. JOHN NE1LBON, M. D., P. 8 TOWNSEND.M.D. H. McLEAN, M. D., Just published?Observations on the best meene of preserving the Troth, founded on long and very extensive practice, by RL Levetl, Dentist. . Persons who have lost Teeth, will be informed, in this little work of the beat meant for replacement and preservation of those remaining. May be had at some of the principal bookstores in the city and of the author, 260 Broadway, corner of Warren st. mhU lm'rrc. TEETH! TEETH!! TEETH!!! T5 Cents Only* fPHfi Cheapest Operating Office in the city?Decayed teeth X filled auu ..reserved so as to be useful during life, with the celebrated Mineral Paste, price 75 cts. Troth filled with superior Tin Foil... Mete. Teeth filled with Gold, from 75 cts. to $108 All operations warranted at this office, N. TAYLOR, Snrgeon Dentist, mhlS lm#rc 62 East Broadway T70R T PL! CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION, ___ CLEARING AND BEAUTIFYING THE COM PLEXION.?Church's Vegetable Lotion will effectually remove from the skin all offensive blotches, pimples, tan, sun barn and freckles, which detract from beauty and a fair com plaxion. '1 his valuable Cosmetic has been m extensive use for many yeais, and is now eousidered an indispensable appendage te the toilet. Sold in bottles, at 75 centa each, at 188 Bowery, corner of Spring street. m28 lm*n ABEHNETHY'S BOTANICAL PILLS A RE the moat unrivalled remedy for diseases of a private na si. tare, a positive aud speedy care, without the restriction of diet, or luadiance from business. The many advantages which Abernethy's Pills posters over Balsam Copavia, Cap sules, and other uauieatiug mixtures, cannot iail to give them a decided preference. Besides being eatirely free froin any un pleasant smell, they do not affect the breath or sicken the sto maeh in the least, and may be taken any time in the presence of the most intimate friends, thus ennbliug the patients to care themselves without any fear of suspicion or discovery. They are equally effectual in either sex. in all complainu such as gonorhcea, obstinate gleet, seminal weakness, and all otner dis eases of the urethra and urinary organs. They give tone and rely if i energy to the generative organs, rarely if ever experienced from other medicines. They are composed entirely of vegetable in gredients, which invigorate the system. One box, whicti lasts a week, generally curat. M ny are cured iu two or three day* For sale, wholesale amf.retail. by Wm. Wataen, Apothecaries Hal), 36 Cuthanne street, ana at 127 A.aideu lane. Frier $i per box. They are conveniently sent by post, mi lm*?e TO lilt NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S HYGEAN RENOVATOR. j N til tboM cnt'i whrae manly rigor ia impaired, where the I mental and pltyiical powere are priistratod by an uurertrniue odulgenoe of th? passions, particularly by tkoee solitary and Iretructive habita of early youtn, inducing nocturnal emissions and debility, the flygs&n Renovator will be found an infallible needy. It iwtocw tae organs of reproduction in both mxm, te a healthy action, and remove* in,potency, by infusing new energy into the lytepi. In many inetaneee the effect i> inatae ?anrous. it never fail* to care chronic gleets and whites am" removes sterility, by restoring a healthy uterine action. Refer ences can be givea to many physicians who hare prescribed the Renovator with sneeess in those affections, as also in Dyspep sia, weakness oi the back and loins and nffectione of the nrinaiy organs. Held only at the "Importing Agents,' 2MB Kulton s.raet. New York. Price 12per bottle of 16 ounces, and for warded to all puts of the Union. ,,N. B.?Copious directions accompany each bottle. mH lm+rc JUDGE FOR YOURSELF TJUNTER1AN DISPENSARY, No. S Diriaion street, ee II tablished A. D. 1816, by the present proprietor, for the suc cessful treatment of a disease of a secret nature, and fir the sale of DR. HUNTER'S RED DROP. This medicine is the on ly remedy on earth that can safety be relied on to thoroughly cuna this horrid disease without injury to the constitution,ana without diet or hindrance from business, even when all else have failed. A comprehensive treatise acconroanlm each rial, (with full directum) which is warranted to effectually cure in all cases, no matter how lone standing, or how derply sealed in the system, with less trouble to tne patient, and in a shorter space of time, than any other medicine in the world, or no pay will he taken. Price |1 per rial. m24 lm-ic THORN'O UOiWPOUND EXIKAGt OF COPaIBA AND sarsaparilla, POSSESS a few advantages not enjoyed by any other me t dicine for the cure ef all sexual diseases, and which must, with an enlightened pontic, rei dor it assuredly highly popular, and a desideratum long sought for in the medical world. It needs no confinement or change of diet. In its approved form, that of a paste, it is entirely tasteless, and causes no unpleasant sensation to the patient. It has acquired the utmost fame in almost every part of En rope: it has been examiued, approved of agd sanctioned by the faculty of mediciue, and recommended by the mosteminent of the profession. Prepared by J. B. Thome, chemist, London, and for sale wholesale and retail, by JAMES TARRANT, 266 Greenwich St., _ . _ _ corner of Warren street. AJso, at t Park Row and Ml Broadway, 18S Broadway, SW Broadway coener of Walker at. mhlt lm*ec HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTICE TO nVPTVREn PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with Ruptures MT rely ^ %?r?n the beat instrumental aid the world affords, Ton application at the Office, No. 4 Vetey street, "or to either of the Agents in the principal towns in the United States. Be careful to en amiae the back pad of Hull's Trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr. Hull, ia writing. None are genniaa, or to be relied Upoi as good, without his signature. Many persons have undertaken to vend imitations of Hall's celebrated Trusses, and thousands are imposed upon ia conse quence. Then* imitations cannot be relied upoai they are ntnde bjnuuktlial mechaaici, urd are no better than the ord'ss Rooms hays been fitted up at No. 4 Vwey ?trestvexclnsivety fnr ladies, having a sepasaf entrance firem the business depart meat, whan s female is to constant! nttandsnoe to wsit upon mil imrc THE PRIVATE TREATISE. A LITTLE VOLUME by L?r. RALPH, designed to enable individuals to nndertake successfully and privately the core thfir own complunt-^nd ?J?o to fiw a clear and faithful de scription oiseveral innocentdisoiders that are consiantlymi?taken for venereal, and thus prevent the deceptions that are practised on the ignorant by that unprincipled class of people who infest the city. The author's rank aa graduate of Edinburgh, 8tc.; his letters of introduction from Sir A. Cooper, of London. to Dr. Mott, of this city; Dr. Physic, of Philadelphia, and others, and his permission to refer to almost every physician of eminence in the city, must be considered sufficient ground of confidence in the work. To be had only at 88 Greenwich st. Price ?!.? ft may he seni by post unbound mh2l lin*ec rpo PREVENT THE USE AND ABUSE OK MEKCU * RY* and the dreadful effects ef a secret disease, call and ret the advice of the physician and proprietor of the Huntenan Dispeusary, No. 3 Division street?the greatest remedy and on ly thorough cure that ever was discovered for these tern fie dis eases, is to be obtained at this place only, vii: Doctor Hunter s Bed Drop?cures without injury to the constitution of any res triction in the habits of the patients, in from three te eight days. Full directions and a little treatise on theae diseases, accompany each rial, which if followed, is guaranteed to cure, or no pay taken. Price $1. Beware ot counterfeits. ?nl4 IraTC QTEAM U sad coi ?H convM WPEnquire oh If lm*Mi PO WER TO LET, it 41 Oold streto, with light 8V1nttWffl rmmr TShCEmicCn HUais, BB Cut id ?ILL* InlmilsMs stji.B !| ~ TB 1?N 1 M I XA'B'LK HAIR CUTTER, (Late of the Pearl atreet Haute,) , Ta*es this method of informing hi? friends and the public cane roily, that he Iim fi ted up that light and fleaaant room on the northwest Corner of Pine ami Nauau itreeti, (immediately uuder Bird'a Hat Store.) witha Idegiee ot neatness to suit even the most fistidi root; and where he n now prepared 10 wait on all who mar patronise him in the various hranchee of the 1 onsorial art, in hia utual skilful atyle, at the following moderate TCHMI. Hair Catting 12X ceota Hair Cnrling,..... ,iaH cent* Shampooing 1 " Superior Sharing... ifi '? Whiskers neatly Trimmed 6V4 ceuu. N. B.?All regular cua'.omera can hare, on application, a pri rate Cup and Bruih, without any ixtra charge. m*A lrn'm THE INVISIBLE WIG. OO aloeely reeemblae the real heed of hair that sceptic* and O connoiaienra hare pronounced It in* ~*ott perfect anil ertia ordinary invrutioa of the day. The greet ndrantage of Jtia aorel and unique wig ii its being made wioiout tewing or wearing, which canine its appearances so closely to resemble & natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as to y detection, its textnre being so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all cases of perspiration evaporation is unimpeded, and the great evils of other wigs vntirsly avoided. The sceptic and connoisseur are alike invited to inspect this novel and beau] tifnl Wig, and the peculiar method or fitting the heed, at the manufacturer's, A C. Barry, iff Broadway, corner of Liberty street, up stairs. ml lm*re WIGS AND SCALPS. BEAUTIFUL SPECIMENS of tbeart of Wig making, by WM. BATCHELOit, No. 2 Wall street.?"irnugeri an particularly invited to trainine for ihrniselvaa, before iiardias ing elsewhere. Allctty res'deots k"OW that the best Wig and Tonpee Manufactory in the world is Batchelor's, No. 2 Wall ?tree.. New York, nea.- Broadway , N. B ?Wigs and Seal [is chant d and restored, inside and out, rqna Itn new. m23 lp*eo PHALON'S FAS^W^fo!'! SPRING If46. FOR hair cutting WITH CLE \N BRUSHES FOR EVERY PERSON. nul, o-J*14 ??OADWAT .Opnoli aPt Unl's.) UHA.LUN !)??? ro inform iiu (-uatomurs and ths Public that * no 11 prepared tiCul Hsii in ths most appropriate style for the te&foii. being- a decided improvement to the contour oi the P?J?iit and comfoit with elegance liemembfr, it is Phalon who introduced the system of clean brushes, by having a large number, to that nrne are used se cond time without cleaning. Kverr body J tilt the nec.ssif y of it?and they finch to Phaloii a Haloon, 214 Bro?d*vay, where every attention 11 paid to the art of liair Cutting, Wig i>ix *in*. 4cc. miO im?m SPLENDID AND SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE FOR ? -THE GROWTH AND RESTORATION, TO BEAUTIF Y, DREb^, (JLE^AN^AN^U SOFTEN THE And otherwise improve and rewire it a Splendid Ornament to tJP/WESF L?^ PRiCK.OF^HUEE SHILLINGS. . R '-ADER ! we sell three shilling bottlea. that von mar knotW 11 this it not on* of the hair humbnira of the day at $1. Ws buy it mo* than once, u we warrant it to oosieaa the follow mg qualitiesI twill force the hair to grow on any nrTrewinw3ded.haF I? *ro7i??P11 Tallinn off, care Scurf or Dandruff, and make light, red or grey hair grow dark. ?nHnnrff^'"f ,^"r ,ofl an1d ,llkY. "othing eiceedf thif. It ia h.;. I. i 3k 'eoBomical, yet superior article made for the rican Eagle, 82 Chatham street. New York; I TO (-"niton .treet. denffih 7Md P^IT ttTSr B of ton; 3 Ledger Building., Fhila oepnm, and Peaae, Hrondway, Albany. mhU lra?ec a those without children, aprocreative elixircordial. wpuiiya VI IW GJUSMBW Ol ID COPT Die ItmiltV Of barrenness, (except-indeed in cases of malfornuuios, whicaare J*?;) . The invariable and univereaJ aucouu of nil i.'Z u- J ' '? ?TerP, in"aaee, of producing that ttate ol ?aalth which results in the wile becoming blesaed a. a mother, who for year* pined fn child 1m. lonalinss, ha. fully established the fact, that what u usually termed barrauwi is curable by th* dm of the Precreaave Elixir Cordial. It is infalliabie in '-5: i" ,aud invariable success i. its recommcnda hefatne of this wonderfulEHxir Cordial i. well eat* Mished. A tale of more than fifty thoound bottles and pack ***? ?? ?affjeient evidence of ita excellence and the eatimatica m which it laheld. Jt u pleannt and agreeable to the uittt. The undersigned ia the only authorired agent k this country. Price $2 a bottle. For the convenience of those residing out of the city, the ia gradient* composing the Elixir Cordial are put up in pi ckagea fartransmiision by mail, with full direction for preprnig. Price of package S5, making three bottlea. All letter, must bo postpaid, and directed to Dr. f. MKLVKAU, boxfl224. N. York city. J LB.?Ladit* calling for th?" Elixir" wiilbewakdra by y in attendance. f28 Hn?D?tWrli Medical Advice. "PJOCTOK LAJVLEKT it still confidentially consulted, at big Af old office. 69 CJold street, between Kulton and Beekman^on all1 diseases of a delicate nature; his treatment being mild and judicious, requires neither mercury, restraint in dS*, or hin drance from business pursuits. Hecent cases cured in 9 or 4 JeBILITY, NERVOUS OR CONSTITUTIONAL, arising from a too frequent indulgence of the passion* of indis creet youth, and thereby canning nightly .miosiona, and event ually confirmed impotency, engage the Dr.". strictest attention, his object being to restore the system, mentally and bodily, to that Itatr of vigor nature originally designed. STRICTURES, a disease frequently existing without the patient being the least aware, sometimes canard by Bud-treat ment of uninitiated medical pretenders, and somttimes by the ?eglsctof the parties themselves, ore, by the Dr. releocually curd, without pain or inconvenience, lire Doctor being one of the few qualified advertising Sur mhll la*rc 1M EPICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE?Cit.zsns and Strantns can obtain medical aud sunric^idvice at No 1 Mott street, for any of the many diseases that may afflict the human system, which are not bevou J medical aid. All diseases will be treated with candor and integrity rat tn* rrc PORTUGUESE FEMALE PIcLa, INVENTED A-rb FHKFARHD IT of the world. They are known ail over Europe so be ene only preparation ever discovered that has proved invariably cer tain. The directions are translated into English, and are enveloped round with the ami of the Importer, stamped. Each box ecn tains the signature 0f M. de Bondeloqae, and tb> English <!. reetions have the signature of Dr. F. MKLVEAU, euTioriud agent IVir the Continent, of America, They transmitted by mail to any part of the Ueitid Stare*.. Bold by Dr. F. MKLVEAUT agent and importer in. the United States. Office, jja Liberty street, near Greenwich treset. Fn?' $S.?half boxes, M- No half boxes sent by mait. Hold u Boston, at ? Salem tTrel Letter* directed to Dr. F. Melveaa, box 1224. New York, will m-et with immeilMe -tten tion. Ail letters muit be post paid. mrl leidfclw're C7-READ THE FOLLOWING^! ADVERTISEMENTS} OP THB| OOLLS?S Medicine and Pharmacv 95 Hassau Street. MEDICAL ADVICE THf MEMBERM1OKATl,lh? NEVV VOKK COLLEO A or Medicine and Pharmacy, ettcibU$hcd for Ik* mil V*"*? ?f tontinne to direct their particular attention to all diseases of a pnvata nature, and eaa eon ndenuy promise to persons requiring me*teal treatment, a safe and permanent cure, without injury to the constitution or confinement from business. Invalids are particularly ran netted to make application to the Collsg" on the first appearance of thOM diseases, as a vast amount ol suffering and time may be thus avoided. One of rha members ol the College, for many years connected with the principal hospital in Europe for the cttreol those complaints,attends for ermsultilion dafly frosu ? A- m. to 7 F. M. 11J^rS^<ra??o'l?4SfSSEtr??. all medicines requisite to perform a radical care, by stating tiiS case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of contraction ud^treatmnut reccreed elsewhere, if auy, and eucloeis* $5, post OonntltiiUonwI LHiiiiitjr Cured. barrenness f unless depending on mai-formation.) Hmgle bottles |1 such; cases of hall a doxea $6; earafnlly pecked and sect to all pans of the Union. * ??? , Velpeau'n Hpreclllc Fill*. WOR tht rodieol cure iff fonorrkt, gleet, seminal tmueion*. a and all uioct purulent diacharges ftom the urethra. 'Three Pill*, the reault oi twenty yean experience ir the Hospital da Id.arite m Puis, are pronounced by their celebrated inventor. i*rclessor Velpean, ai aa infallible remedy for all diaeuaau of the urethra. They effeel a cure in a much shorter time than auv othai remedy, without l? ctmg the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or conflnemec' fro n business. Trice. $1 per box. Rlcord'g Alterative mixture, ROR the permanent cure of primary or tccondory eyykilie, A yeneren ulcere, nodes, or any complaint produced by an mjn dieious hfo! mrrcorr,or umkilfsi wiedisal irescmeot. Ail per sons snaptetinH s ?eBeresl Piint n*m<tiniaj| in their system shoald us. Bits Powerful purifier without delay, as no mreon can consi der himself safe after hnvipg the venereal Sanaae, without thorongbly cleansing the system with this justly celebrated altmtlrs. Sold in single bottles at ft each, in enses of half donaa at til carefully packed and rent to all parts of the Union. Concentrated kixtract of bsrsaparllla, Ctan. tlx n and Sascafras, THE NEW vgrk college or ,.J g,n3Myl ????blished for tlw suppression of qaacksry. This rehned and highly concsrtrated e*tract, poa thr Punfrmg qualities and cureuve power* oftbe cJ0l>fi'>?tly recommended bv the College aa ia 5iIL??Ti5^ijr extract of Sarsaparilla at present before fro public, and may b? relied on aa a ceiiain remedy lor all Til *n "*P?re state ef the blood, aneh ac .nng-worm, blowhre or pimple*, nloers, P*'""** bo,", or joinu, nods*, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated UHL'r ' ^M crseass arising from tba secondary effects of ?WW* ?' ?o I'ljudisious ass of mercury. Bold is single Bottles, at...... T?cenu sasbl ? kegsrenf half a d?Mag betUre SI 50 , . .onndoxen " ..... ?W J-.**1 forwarded to all parts of the Usioa. Ji. B.-A ?ery liberal disrornc to whol?<sale parchasevs 4'Pre W. H. HHiHAHDMOOi. M. P.. Aneat. MADAME RE9TELL. " Offles and residenes, 141 Orese irtlandt and Liberty streeta, wiisra strietest confidence on complaint* iiciiKnn 10 mc ibdirib iwbb* Nonce-All- kturs (postpaid) sddraued to box 2.3M. New York. Boston Office. No. 7 Keeex street. N. B.?Madame REHTELL would inform Isdie* oat of the city, wboae health would not admit of travelliig. that the would devote her personal attendance upon them in any part or rha United States within reasonable distance aJ Im dAw*rc H/BLIBHED DAILY BY J ARBS UO K DO 3 H t? N N M ?? T N W CORNER FULTON AND NAHnAU Ml'RKETB Trew N?w \ nut Hvusld-A D?.iy Paper, issued ever* gemiajs of th? week?price rwo ckwts per Cooatry Bubseriirers fnrnishe.l at th* same rata, for ary tieciffc period. renJ.>"'W"e* '* "'*****? No P*?*r wa* .?)??, psiiTs-i Tut Wev.ulv HrUALO? Issued every Saturday morning at ten o clock?price six and a quAUTxa ciists per copy?fur nished to country subscribers at $3 24 per annum m advance or at the same rate for any speeiiied ;?riod. CoaggtroHncRTS are raqnaated to address their letires u> J amis Ooaooe BiniTTjmMii<?iuf Fdltoi and all let