Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD ?X. XI., Ho. U3~Whol? No. 44IST. NEW YORK. SUNDAY MORNING. APRIL 6, 1845. Prtc? Two UnH. E NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. HE GREATEST iff THE WORLD. To Ux? Public. : NEW YORK 11 ERALD? Daily Newspaper?och ?very day ol the year except New feat Day end fourth Price I ceuti per copy?or |7 M per M'tn?portage* uh in advance. ; WEEKLY HERALD?published ere., ItartrdxJ X?price 6\< cents per copy, or fl IS per ui ra?post id, euh in advance. 'EHTI8KR8 are informed that the eirenlKio . if the is oxer THIRTY-riVE THOUSAND, and increaaiai !( *ru Ihr lariat circulation of any paper t? (At. city, world, and. it, therefore, 'he beet channel for busineee the cMy or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. NTINU of all kinds execn&d at the most moderate pries, the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, paor?iKToa op rat Hcbald Establishmxrt, Northwest corner of K niton and Nassan streets. STATEN ISLAND ferry. ''oot of Whitehall Street, and after Monday, March I7ih, the Boala will ran aa fol ium! further notice:? LEAVE 8TATKN ISLAND: S, 19, and 12 A M.: 1 and 3PM LEAVE NEW YORK : , 9 and II, A. M.: 1. J>?, and 6, P. M I.?All freight at the risk of the owners thereof. mhWrc UNITED SPATES MAIL LINE FOR BALTIMORE THROUGH IN SiX HOURS. ADELPHIA. WILMINGTON A>-D BALTIMORE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. I Chester, Wilmington, Elkton, Havre de Grace, Itc. FARE KEDUt-ED. n<1 after MONDAY uext, Marcli24,h, the ears will leave M, corner o- Eleventh and Market streets, as follows:? AILY, at 4 P. M. (except Sundays) at UK P M. >n the arrival of the 3 P. M. train from New York, FjIRE three dollars The above are the only lines that connect with thoee ; Baltimore for the South pd West WHEELING ANB PITTSBURGH. teta through to Wheeling or Pittsburgh can be procured I'enot. Passengers for Pittsburgh take the steamboat at I'vlle. Wenern Pas?euverv leaving New York at 3 P.M., can ie L>ne tha- Leaves Philadelphia at 103ft P.M., and arrive timore iu rime for,he ears leaving at 7 A.M. for the Writ to Whreliug, S13?Pittsburgh Sit, ? ruing, the cart leave Bali-more at 9 A.M. and ? P.M.' Freight Passenger Train, FAKE FIFTY CENTS, at veneer Car will be attached to the Freight Train, leav e Depot at 5 P M. ban- 30 cent*. Passengers by this Line nive iu Bnltimore at an ealy hour i.ext morning. Freight to Baltimore, Y GOODS 123S cents p-r luO lbs. Di. 10 cents per lOo lbs. slits rece ved and forwarded daily (except Sundays) from ipot. corner of 11th and Msraet streets, and delived iu Bal at an hour than bv any other line G. 11 HUDDe LL, Agent Phila. for any information respecting the above Lines, apply to GEO. P FISHER, Aleut, No. 7 Wall, or 0 West streets. FOR BALTIMORE. T 1-8 O'CLOCK, A. Bl ? F ARK $8. CITIZENS' UNION LINE. NEWCASTLE k FRENCHTOW.N RAILROAD. This route, acknowledged to be the moat pleasant ?'-e;w?-n Philadelphia and Baltimore, will be open [fer travel ou MONDAY next, March 24ih Trie unrivalled and favorites earn boat HOBERT 9, Captain Doughss, having been pui in thorougn or ill talc liei place ou i his end of the Line, and the swift and id st-amboat CONSTITUTION, Capt. Chaytor, on tha Ifl eg On and alter MONDAY rest, March 14th. ?2*=53p'hr > team boat ROBERT MOsKIS will leave _aL_C_ Dock street wharf daily (except Sunday, at :<o* k M for New Castle, where passengers will take r? (known to he the most eomfortab e in th- country) for htown, aud there ake the steamboat CON8TITU1 'ON Limine, arriving in time to (and the only line that di es) ct with the Lines leaving Baltimore in the afternoon for u h and in from 4 to t hoars iu advance of any ot' er line. Liues leave Baltimore for Philadelphia daily, except oun at 7 o'clock, A. M. and Dm ers provided on board the Boats. Fare to Cheater v Newcastle 73 cents. bare in Balumom *2 00 WHKr.LfVO AND PITTSBURGH, kets through to Wheeling and Pittsbu gn can be procured boat. II lm*rc Q H. HUDPELL. Agent. NEW Yt?KK. SCMOOLEY's MOUNTAIN BELVlDERE, AND EASl'ON.?Lea-e the, , font of Courlland street daily, ftnuo .,? . accpu-u, C7A vi , by Railroad from Jersey ? ity to Morns them e by post-coaches through M- itdliam, Chestrr, Oer alley Schooley's Mountain. Anderson Town, Port Cal .ITasliingtoii, to Belyideie and Eastnu fs a is, apply to J.HOI, at the Commercial Hotel. 79 Court I ? Extras furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to a' ulna tn. at Moriiaiowu. m4 lm*m PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOR > ALBANY?Daily, Sn. dtps esci-pud,through sdireet, u6 o'clock, l'. M.?Fioin the Pier be ll n^i and L-berti streets e Snamboat ROCHES! EH, Captain R O. Crut'endrn, leave ou Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, 'clock e teamboat KNICKKRBOKER, Captain A. Hoaghtou, f ve on Tteaday, Thursday and etgurdiy afte, uovu at 6 Bl .1 o'clock. P. M.. Lmdiug at intermediate placea fr m lot of Bar lay a'reet r rteaioboai SOU i H AMERIC A, Captain M. H Truee on vlonuay, Wednesday, Friday, and Snnday afleruoona, 'clock. t -itramboat COLUMBIA, Capuin Willi m H. Pe k, ou lay, I huraday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clk. leugert takiug the above lima will arrive in Albany a .las times tea tn If I. till! aNAMiiHar l*ni? f I'om f-1 ? ?I,. i,de time to take the morning train of Can for (be ?ir West. Boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new leg-ml state rooms, and lor speed and accommodations are ailed on the Hudson, iglu tikrn at moderate rates. persons aie for id irusung any of the boats of this line, ' l written order from the Captains or Agents. passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. i whut. , at ihe office ou the Wharf. aire EW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE OF 8 I EAMBOATS FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Direet? ? from the sieamboat pier foot of i ouitiandl at. .The sieamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. H. mi leave ihe foot of Courtlandl atieet on Tuesdays, ?days and Satu days, at 6 o'clock, P. M. e s'earnboat EMPIRE. Captain K.B Macy,will leave the jf Court land t un et every Monday, Wednesday and Fri at S o'. lock, P. M. r passage or freight, apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at Ihce on the wharf. ignt must be pnt in charge of the Freight Agsnt, or the pauy will not be responsible for losses. sire FOR NEW ORLEANS-P sitively fint and on Iv Regular Packet?Louisiana and New. York Line? jlteguiar Packet ?f 6th iust?The new and very supe . aet ship SHaNUNOA, Captain Patton, will sail as . h-t regular day. freight or passage, having splendid Hnrniilied accomsno us, applyon board, at Orleans w hart, foot of Wall at., or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 76 Month si itively no goods received on board after ihie, Saturday, .ng, iih April. r.iti in New Orleans. Messrs. Hullin k Woodruff, who promptly forward all goods to their address. ai h ? FOR LONDON?Packet of the ltih of April.? The picket snip WESTMINSTER, CaptainTink r will iKisitively sail as above, her regular day. s. i. ckei ships for Liverpool :? ,? ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, will posi sail on the 16' h Apiil d t ir pacset ahip SIDD0N8, Captain Cobb, on the Mth r passage, the shove ships having nnsnrpaissd aecommo >ns iu cabin and steerage, apply to JOHN HERDMAN, ? I Sooth street. ~ FOR LIVERPOOL.?Hrgnlar Packet of the llth of A'ril?I he well known, splendid, first class, last & .ailing Picket Slop ASH BURTON, C.ptnin Henry ifi I _ . I iiosiiively ssil ae above, ug innst splendid and elegant accommodations for ea seeinid c bin and st erage passengi rs, persons wishing to .cure be. ths in the above iraguifirent Packet,should k or secure venn, ?? um ,uu? n.r.... application ou board, loot of Maiden Laue, or to the sub JOdfcPH McMURHAY, IM Pine street, comer of "oath. ? hove will be succeeded ny the new and handsome Pack' IIP HENRY CLaY, Captain Nye, to sail ou 8th May. ss LO >DON LINE OF PACKETS-Packet of the fiPk l"tb April?The last sailiug Packet Ship WEST ?bill * ITU, < aptiin llove v, will sail ve, her regular day. r sccomin. da'ioa lor cabin, second cabin, and steerage pai ns, are vary superior, r.arly anplicatiou should be made W It J 1 lAl'f O i'T, 78 hoath it, cor. Maiden .ane a?- LIVERPOOL LINE OF PACKETS-Packet ?f JW'lie Hlh Ap il?1'I he aplendin fast celling and lavorite Kll'ackel Ship SKA, ( aptaiu kd wards, will positively . aiiovr, her Kgnlar day - acC'min< datious lor cabin, second cabin, and steerage s, are very superior. Th ise wishing to secure beiths ? Id not fail P> make eatly application on board, foot of l>ek ...ItJ r.TaiscoiT. 76 South street, cor. Maiden lane. STAR LINK OK LIVERPOOL PA' KET8 IjfV Packet of ibe llth of April?The i ew and el-gant iBKalirst class packet ship WA TERLOO, ' apt. W ti. ?, ill posit vely sail as above, her rrgnlar day. viug very stipe* lot accomm dations lor cabin,second cabin ?leervge passengers p rsons snout to embark, will find pleiidut ? hip to be a most desirable cnvai ance he VV aterloo will >ail again from L v> ipool ou the Stlh of '1 b se who are drsiious of sending for their r< lativrs or ids, can have them brought out in this splendid packet. ,sr passage to or from Liverpool, early application shonld nail* to the subscriber. JOSEPH McMURRAY, I rre l#0 Pine str*ei,eoriaer of Ssiulh street. & PASSAGE FROM OAL WAY, DIHECT TO Nr.vV YORK?The sup rior, fast sailing British Brig VICTORIA, will sail from (Jalway on the 1st In, off rs an excellent opportunity to persons wishing to lor meii friends, residing iu ihal ran of Lelaud, precluding rniibl-and ? xpeuse ol g iing Pi iverpool to embark. Con s fur p a age, whic will be at a in. drr .tr rale, mn>l be r prrvinus to ihi- 31st inst., in Oid*r to be in for the ?r r f'lie Istof All ll, from B su n.n . further par.teulars, applet ifjiy bttr, post paid) to |,2l rrc. JOH - Hr.KnM N, 61 *out? street. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line?The ship U TIC A, F. Hewitt, Master, will sail on the 1st ' *UT' BOYD fc HI NCR EN, Agents, No t. Tontine Buildings. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line The ship BALTIMORE, Ed sard Fenk, muter, will be letnneri until th* 6th of April. BOYD It HINCKKN, Agents, ? Tontine Buildings. NEW SEEDS. THE 8UB8CR1BF.R8 have Itcrired byitnmtt Cambria and shin Vorthuinb-rland, all th- new ana choice aunusl, bieo Pj *"r J*''1""!1' Flower Seeds, with figured i Ltes of manv of tU^m, in order t"jt' out ciisiomrrs and the public may select wi'h facility aurh o thev may be |>tra?SJ with . s\r also ojlfer V . , a ( I'iswaoa nit|i ? n an g^ici in^in in or nr*? packag**, each of which will cortain ? * tiTal kUcIf '? tame ol the most beautiful kiLU* as low as tl.ey can be pur chsseil else where. We hare also a |.-r?? st??ck 'f the most choice v^et-ti>le ?nd Grass Seeds, together **i?h a larpe assort meisi of P'iu.t and Ornamental Trees and *h'ubb iy, Given Huv? and fteibacron* pht< ts of every description, lor sale on the lowrsi terms, end all warranted as re resented. Those in Want will please call and Judge for themselves, at the new Seed stoie and Conservatory of DUNLAP & CARMAN, ?41w*e? 1 . . 636 Broadway. COACH MAYING. T^HE NOTICE?Prcctic* makes Perfect?The subscriber 1 having devoted himself fop the last twenty years, entirely ?o the Co ich M*k ng business, in >- It its various branches, he feels fully satisfied hat h is able to give every satisfdC.ion in any styie of Ca.riages that may be ordered. Reference rat br given in any part of the city as it Tngards his work AM kinds of Carriages done up and repaired in ihte best manner. Light Wagons and Carriages constantly on hand, for sale. Second hand Wagons taken iu 'gehaiige for new ones or others. C. BAUCALOW, 157 Fourth street, a|?4 2w * rc n ar 6th avenue. CONGRESS COLLAR. BEAUTY <*F STYLE and elegance of fl"ish unequalled bafore.?Our new style | >f Co'l.n, which hate long been wauiiog, a<e now is-utd. and are to he louud 't the manulactu ? er'a only, at the old stand ol MAHSHALL'S only Trey fhirt Depot. 90Ch*ih'in streat, New York. All oiders should be sent *? the earlieit dale, a, this pattern will in ail probability ree'ilntioi'iza any-tyle ever b> fore got np in this market. Re old stand of Marshall's. 90 Chatham street, N. m-mb-r, sr. the t . Y. N i second price, on anycoi.sideration. N. B.?We h-ve also mai.uf ctured a large quantity of those new.iyle 47 Pleat Shirts, which cannot be luaad in the city. As the ? leats are all sowed down, it will obriate the difficulty iu i 0"in* them. ao4 im*ec MRS. CARROLL'S MEDIOaTlD VAPOUR BATHS, 390 Broadway. JV/TAN Y Oerson, hare heard of the emeaey of Mis. Carroll's Vapour Baths as a remedy for ana as a present! ve of f olds, influ- nras. rheumatic affecti- ns, lie Ac. Although its bene fits in iuch ca-es en" apt b- overrated, it shonld not be foigot ten >1 at t-s a luxury* the Vapour Bath is univaisally preferred to ev-ry oth?r mode . f bathing Many are d-terred from trying it from theerroneoos idea of its being a formidable operation at tended with incone- uenee in 'he administering?No bath can b* more limple. safe and pleasant than l'a Vapour Bath as g r n at - ra. Carroll's estahl shmant. Some, contrary to the principle* of phy?ioloev nd common aenae imagine that there is d nger of taking cold after a ba-h: the circulation by the ef fect of the ba h if red-re i more active and 'h ? akin is better en ab ed to resist the influauce of he atmospaere? hence the idea ol citchinc cold afer a, is absurn. Open from ait in the morning till 9 at night. Portable Baths sent to any part of Sulphur Baths requite one hour's notice. *?*'lha'fiatha will be removed 1st of May to 194 Fulton street. s4 lm rrc .iEOLTAN PIANOFORTES. M'UNNS k CLARK having purchased the patent right for !?' " Coleman's iEoli-n Attachment to the Pianoforte,"Tor the entire United Stat i, (excepting Massachusetts ) aim* nnce to the public, that hey a>e now pregiared to supply Pianofortes with this tin rovemem atiach-d, or to attach the same to any modem madehorix intal Pianoforte*. In regard to the durabili ty of this inveution. N k C. are prepared to aatitfy the most prejudiced mind, their own critical examination and experi mhnia wairant ihem in the as.ertion, that the "ASoliau" will remain in tune in auy climate, and it Will not be affected by remain In tune in any elitnate, and it will not be affected by trauaiiions of -im -sphere. The most satisfactory warrantee Is given with each insi-ument. T- e public are inVited t - examine the " jEolian Pianofortes" at their Wire-room, Mo 240 Bmadway, opposi e the Park, where also may be found au assortment of b, #X ai d 7 octave Piano fortes, both in rosewood and mahogany cisas. m2? 6m*rc M INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO. IN WRIGHT, Professor of Music, informs his friends aud the public in general, that he has made arrangements for triviuc instructions on the Piano Force His style of im parting instruction is perfectly simnle and easy, and is not sur passed, if equalled, by any other style at present taught, com bining all the grace and elegance of execution capable of being Imparled on that instrument. He has already turned out several very proficient scholars, and the public will be satisfied as to his abilities on giving him 41 trial. His terms are reasonable, aud we advise all those in want of a teachei to embrace the op tmrtunity now offered. Terms, and all other infoimation, made known on application at 172 Grand, corner of Mulberry street. mh2* lm*rrc LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 149 and 181 Broadway, corner of Liberty at. t-PHIS ES t ABLHHMENT. founded the st of December, 1- 1813, as a public store for the sale of every descripti?ii of Staple and Fmey Goods, will be enlarged the 1st of May neat. The subscriber having rrnb d the upper pait of ih buildirg, 151 Broadwar, will pui in comp'eie repair and fit up in a magni ficent maimer, two large galleries, where the traders) mtnufar turers aud ,mp irlar-, will taxable to obtain ata cheap rent, a fine iurcrs ana imp trier", win ucyiDie u> uuiaiu nm ciirap icuu a iiue and convenient store; and the ladies and gentlemen a splendid place of retort aud a publ-c aud fashions- Te promenade. MRS. H SHANKi.AND, L)agu-rriau Artist, has already rented the front part of the two galleries as a Daguerreotype Sa loon. where she will continue as before, to give the most perfect likeness for ONE DOLLAR, includieg (he best kind of Mor-co Case or Frame. Several Couuteis to let, with glass casea?enquire in the Bnxaar. T. A AKTAULT. mhl7 lm*m daguerredtype. TOHN ROACH, t'pticisu. 82 Nassau street. New York, <a ? constantly mannf.cturiug, aud has always on hand, all ar ticles of the tiesi quality aseu in the Dagu rreotype process.? His Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior preparation, and is now in geueral use He has also on naud the Hungarian or i.'rrman Aecelera1 ing Liquor. iuTi Cameras of his ow- manufacture as well as French and G?r inau ones. 'I ha Herman Cameras sold at this establishment will be warranted genuine. Orders from the c.-un ry for any articles used in the art will bepromptlv and cm fully attended 10. m6 lm*rre PLUMB DAGU V. M RI AN GALLERY A.MJ I'HwTO GRAHH1C Dc-POT, 251 Br iadway. corner of Murray st (over Teuuey's Jewelry So re.) sws'd. a the Medal, four first Premiums aud two ' hie- est honors," at the Exhibition at Bos ton, New York and Ph:Tatlrlohia. respectively, lor the best pic tures and ai paratu. ever exhibited Superb likenesses, 01 all sixes, taken in any weather, on satis factor,- terms. mt7 I in ? rc LADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOTYPE INSTITUTE, MRS H SHANKLAND, DAGUERRIAN ARTIST. DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS, including the beet style of Morocco Case or Frame, for one Dollar. Apply at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, or 835 BROADWAY, THIRD STORY, FRONT ROOM, No. 1?opposite the Park Fountain. mhl7 lm*m A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. PRICES REDUCED ! PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESS, combining all the perfee * tions of a painiiuK with the truthfulness of a Daguerreo type, at ,rry reduced prices, hy A. F. Thompson, No. 11 Park now.epposite the ststni Hoase. Operations in al< weather. Instructions in the Art and every requisite for the prosecution of the business fnraishrd. m7 lm*ec ARCHITECTURE. 17RED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends and the r public, that he has removed his office from 192 Broad - ay to lit Wall street, vrhere persons desirous of building are mvitrd to examine a selection oi original and tasteful designs, Irom the Cottage <u>wards to the extensive Villa or Mansion, in all the vurioiis iTyles of architecture; and where he is prepared to lur lush ' lans. Drawings, S|iecificitions, Estimates and Contracts for Buildings of every description,aud superintends th? erection hereof m23 Im*ec BOARDING. MRS. O. (PISH, 135, 137 and 139 Broadway. NEW YORK. The Public and STnanncas visiting the city. a>e respectful ly inform, d that the above p, causes hare teen fitted up in a su perior manner, for the enteitaimneut of Permanent and Trantient Boarder* The location is pleasant and central ro business?the apart ments spacious, light and airy, aud hand.omdy furnished through .i t with new furniture, beds, bedding, ke The table will be abundantly supplied with the best the marketafloids. Transient Board $1 par Day. all lm'rc THUS l 1 Dec NEW YORK HOTEL, TS1 Broadway, Saw York City. I new and spl.ndid establishment opened on the 1st of ? December last, situated in the moat fashionable quarter of the eity, ie now iu fall operation. '1 he entire front on Broad way, betweeu Washington and Waverley Places, has been ar ranged in suits of span mauts, and tarnished in the most tastaial and elegant manner for the accommodation of families and sin g's geutlrm-i , aud ao peine will be spared to render the most perieetsati.factioa 'o all who may favor the house with their patron ga. 't will be conducted on the European and Ameri can systems combined, leaving it optional with persona to lake meals at I able s Ho;e, in private parlors, or a la carta, as may snit their coaveu> The loeati' n of the house, the great number of large and heautilul parlors, the srocious and air)- halls, render it a most drsirahle residence for ihoee visiting the cily either on business or p ensure J H. BiLLlNUS, Proprietor. "?? B. MUM NO f. Restauiateur. HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION D I N I N G T A BL E S, IA/1 l*H METALLIC Si.lDKS, long known as the most durable, convenient and elegant of Extension Tablau maau fanured; warranted to run easy constantly, and nnt to be nIffnBlMi Kv iLmiuiMi nv wirni. ? nf 1 A I . ? / wueimutiy, WIU IHH IU DP affecieu by u.mpuess or warpii.g of the wood. A large assort ment ol choice patterns, suited for private parlors, hotsla,steam boats, fce., together with s general assortment of Cnbinui Fur niture, always ou baud, atihe VVarerooma, No 140 Grand street, corner of Elm, where th* public is respectfrilly invited to call and examine. mrl lm?rc Orricg or thk Norwich k WoRcgsTre R. R. Co. j THK STOCKHOLDERS of ihe Norwich k Worcester ! J. Railroad ' ompany are notified to atiend 11 .Special Meeting . to be hi Id at ihe olt.ce ol toe Company at Norwich on Wed nesday, the 9th day of April next, at !r M., to lake into consi deration the acceptan e of "iu act of the Ci mm nwralth of Massachusetts to . u hmve the Noiwich k vv?rc-st*r Hail road 1.ompany to subscribe to ihe Capital Block of the Wor r k Nashua Railroad Company, and cester k Naahna Railroad Company, and also to act on any questions c nu< cted with the miei-sts of the Company. Bv Oidrr, J. W STOvVELL. Clerk. al (t re BRONZE POWDERS I "f1 bfit uid c he Apr at Br*>i i?, in ill ?h?<Wi and quail t f1?1' *** cooEUntiy imported dire* t fiom ChrmAiiT, end of u.,"i**!T b* LeoPOLD KUH fc Co, , Ii.h2l lin'rc Wtl| York. VV ^APER ??eoe Heams Straw Wrapping; 3000 vv reams Rag,Wrapping; lor sale ny . ? PER88F. k BROOKS, mlm Nn. us and 87 Naaaiu st TIMS' PATENT BOXES. rH?aU?S2PRIKt* PF. PATENT CAI 1 BOXES, would reepeeifully call the attentioa of Rai Road Companies, ud all other* interested with the baildiae u Rail RoadTTars. that they appoiuteTcOR" elTUi KANOOSE, of Jersey Civ, then ageut for the manufaetnrini of ssid boxee. Also, agent for transacting ail Imsiueaa couu_.te< with said patent-right. All communieations directed to him a lereeyCity Iron Foundry, Proprietor*. Jeseey City. Jaauary Tth. 1949. jl lm*rc DHtrot D' EAU DE COLOGNE of JOHN B. FALCO ? dealer in Imitation Precious Stones, Venetian sad Bohe mian Beads, raaey, Glass Buttons, ke., No. 114 William street, Now.York. BlMiritj 7T9* I R.ELA.ND?/nlC/iancwy. ARCHER CI iNftm. Plaintiff; PETER B.._ another U fe dants ? nMMH to the cceren iu ihia ciw, hewing date ihe II h day of November lait, 1 require all iw.ious having cha'gea or incumbrance* affecting th# persooal #<tate of 'AVIE9 MfcA fHKIt, deceased, in the pleading* meniiun*d. .ate of Bush Lane, in the c i.y uf L?. ul n, nercnaut, who died V Ol Li at Jurqu?y, in the County of Down, in or about the lit April, 1840. aad all legatee* or next of kin of >he*>id estaior, to e m in b-fore me at my chamber*. Inn* P;uay, Dublin, on or befoie the Tint day of May ueit, and proceed to prove their debr*, claim their legaciei, and make out iheir kindred, othirwite tliev wil1 be precluded from the beu- fit of the *aid decree*.?Dated thin lat day of February, 1846. EDW'D LITTON. PHILIP LAWLESS, Sole, for the Plaiuiiff. 206 Ot. Brunswick street. ml6 ap8k33 3.* rc MARTELLE St HOLDERMANN, No..37 MAIDEN LANE, N. 7. Ornamental Hair Seam*. Bandeau , and ell kinds ol N. B ? 1'lie trade supplied on reasonable terms. f24 lm*ee EK. COLLINS Ik CO , in Sooth street, hare on hand, in ? store, which they offer for sale on reasonable terms, via-.? TWINES?300 bale* Uridport Seine, Herring, and Gill Net Twines, comprising a full assortment, from iW to 16 lis.; also, 9 hi. 3 thread Sail Twin*. COPPER?100 cues English Sheathing, manufactured with the greatest care, from the best ore, cumpi isiug a full as sortment, from 14 a 33 ox; also, i case ?ra*i*,s, 34x43 in. and 8K ox. COTTON DUCK?300 bales Ameriean Pilot Duck, extra qua lity, from No. 1 ai. SHEATHING PAPER?SO case* and rolls of the celebrated "Poocock" Adheshive Felt, for ships' bottoms, roofs of houses, lie. SUGAR?100 hhds. primp N Orleans. HEMP?500 bales Misasuri dew rot, superior quality. 37 balea water rot, extra quality. PORK?300 bands Mess. 200 do Prime. SO do Clear. GUANO?50 tons Icbaboe, in hags and barrets. TOBACCO?37 boxes ' Sweeny it Lewis,'' manufactured. mO PHILADELPHIA. February31th, 1845. CHARLES CAMS LOS, ROBERT8JOHN?TO&,}llOBKRT JOHNSTON It CO. STOCK EXCHANGE , AIVD COLLECTION OFFICE, No. 11 South Third St.. orroeiTx to the Mechanic's Bank, Philadelphia. Dealers in Uncurrent Bank Notes, Relief Notes, Gold and Silver Coin, lie. Drafts, Notes and Bills collected with despatch, on favorable terms. Drafts on St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York, Boston, 8te., constantly for salt. All orders for the purchase and tale of United States Govern meut, State. City orIncorporated Co's Loans, and every detent tion of Bank, Insurance, Kail Road and Can tl Cu.'s Stocks,r tended to promptly and with care, at the Board of Broken. REFERENCES William Patton, Jon. Esq., Cashier, Philadelphia. Hcull k Thompson, do Buck k Potter, Morgau, Bnck k Co., _ David 8. Brown k Co. do Eckel, Spangler k Raiguel, do Mercer, Brother k Cb. do (981m*gx NEW IMPORTING HOUSE . of FRKNbll GOODS. 68 LAURENT & BROTHER, BEAVER BTRE'T, have received by the laat packets, a complete assortment of NEW GOODS, which they offer to dealers at the lowest market prices Particular attention is invited to the following description of goods : New and spleudid patterns Mous de Luuies Also new patterns of Balzorine* and Bareges Extra rich Foulard Silk Dressea very rich Cashmere deCols Gallery Shawls New style Mouador and lily Shawls Barege Shawls and Scarfs French Cloths and Cassimeres. tn4 30tis*rrc PATENT AGATE, BUTTONS. THOS. PROSSER, ^TENTEE, 7 Piatt Stresit, New York M"OTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned is the Patentee i-a and Excluaive Owner of the Patent Right for the Porcelain Mutton, commonly known as "Prosser's Patent Agate Button " Letters Patent have been duly granted to nim by th* United mates, te take effect from the39th January 1841. I have caused suits to be commenced iu the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York, for the infringe ment of said Letters Patent, and am prepared to enforce and substantiate my rights under said Patent, to the fullest ex tent of the law. 1 give this public notice to all, thnt I sh .11 pro ceed forthwith, bv suit for damages, and by bill iu equity, fur injunction against all persons infringing upon said Pateut. The Buttons are for sale by me at wholesale only, at my store 7 Piatt street, New York. 133 lm*rc THOMAS PUG88KR WILSON'S HOTEL AND oINING ROOMS, No. S Gold street, New York. (late the Caledonia). LTENRY WILSON (of Brooklyn) begs to inform his friends It and the public generally, that he * " ? ? u"u lug fvuiiv ^cuciaii/j lii .... ,g wdl open the above named evablishment on ONDAY, the luthofMareh, >845. Th* i.oute has beeu thoroughly repai-ed and newly furnished iu evsry department, and the very best of every description < f liquors, cigars wines, domestic and imported ales and rurte, will be provided. An Ordinary will be served up every day frcm 1 to 3 o'clock T. M.; and Refreshments will he funished at any hour duriug the day and eveuiug. f3? Imje F f KtiNCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE GEKARD1N, Commission Merchant, 15 John street, up stairs, has just received on consignment,aad offers for sale, wholese or retail, a spleudid assortment of the above articles, comprising? Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Sets: Dessert, Tea and Supper Sets; Toilet Sets; sing'e Cups and Mugs, with mottos; Cologne Bottle Figures; Tete a lete Sets, 8tc., lie. Also, plain and rich Cut Glass Decanters. Water Bottles, Celery^ Bowls, Freserve Dishes, Tumblers, Goblets, Wines, A.tral and Solar Lamp Shades and Globes. Orders for Cut Glass Ware Gilding and Painting'on China Ware, to match any pattern, executed promptly. ft5 1 m ? rr CONSUMPTION IS CURABLE THOMSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA I NFLAMMA'l'ION of the Mncoui Membranes it the result 01 l some impression made upon them by cold or other causes; hence Chronic Catrrrh, Spitting of Blood, Bronchitis, Asthma ?resulting in CONSUMPTION, Gastrins, diseased Liv rand Kidneys, Palpitation of the Heart, lie. !>rom iuconte.tible evi dence, it is proved that THOMSON'S COMPOUND SY RUP OF TAR AND WOOD N APT HA is a specific in these complaints?allaying irritation, promoting healthy secretions, aud removing the existing cause of disease. Thousands have used it and can oear testimony to its efficacy. Q (TP-FARTHKR PROOF !! \-T\1 Philadelphia, March 1st, 1844 ?I hereby -S certify, that in consequence of re O peated and neglected colds, m i my lungs became se 8 . riously affected, c ? O I; - andfor ? * s 6 * i -JTL- 1 1 * I" 3 w suffered with vio- 9 b* - lent pains in the breast, ? o, ? obstinate cough and diffi- ? < 9 cult expectoration, the aymp- S a O toms daily increasing in violence. to *5 had recourse to various remedies. ?C bv with no avail, until 1 used THOMSON'S O COMPOUND SYRUP OK TAR. which effect- U ed a .permanent curs before I had taken three bottles! E. EVANS, Fayette street, below Arch. Principal Office?Northeast corner of Fifth and Spruce streets. Sold wholesale and retail by the Agents. A. B. BANDS It Co., Druggists, 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street Re tailed also, at 19 Fulton street and 77 East Broadway. Price?SO cents per boitle, or $i per doxen. Hi lm*m NATIONAL HOTEL. No. B Conrtlandt street and 8T Liberty street NEW YORK. Three Doors from Broadway. 'HOTEL fills new HOTEL, will be opened on the Mth inst . whan L the Proprietors will be happy to accommodate their friends and the public with board. The Lodging Ruoms are large and airy, and the internal arrangements such ss cannot fail to please. The location bring in the ca^te of business, it offers induce ments to merchants from other cities and the country, not sur passed by any other House in this city. The Furniture, Beds and Bedding, are all new and made ex pressly for this establishment. Faasilies who wish Parlors and Sleeping Rooms sttached.can be handsomely accommodated The subscribers assure then friends and the public, that no efforts on their part shall be wanting to secure thMnmfort and convenience of iheir guests, and r hile they solicit a share of iheir patronage, they hope, by unceasing attention, to the duties of their vocation, to give en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WkCKOFF It CO. fiT im'rc SUA? WORKS perfumeTy depot. IN ADDITION to our Manufactory, we have opened a Store for the sale of our economical bincy So* pa and all kiade of I'srfntnery, Family Soap, Patent crystalline Candles, tic., fcc. We solicit purchasers to inspect our stock, which we offer on ?he lowest terms. Shippers to the West Indies and South America, are particu larly invited to examine our Crystalliue Caudles. Sales Room No. I Courtlanut stieet, next door to the New National Hotel. JOHNSON, VROOM It FOWLER. fM lin'ee LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. MAYING been awarded the Diploma at the late Fair of the I-L American Institute, for the best i asts, I am piepared to furnish an article of Lasts which cannot bo surpassed in this or any other city in the United Buret. Sole and Upper Leather of all kinds, Black and Colored Mo rocco and Kid Skins, with Deer. Ooat aud Lninb Skin Bind ings. Shoe Threads, Lasting* Galleons, Sheetings. Lineu and Leather Linings, Hoot Cord and Webs, Boot Trees, Hammers, Pincers, Awls aud Tacks, with a full assortment of Shoe a lisuriu. Aff|| BH<I 1 WBB, W > Ml ? Mill BBBUriinPIH 1M makers Tools, of the mo?t approred paueyi?^c1i-ap for cash. WARM 199 Spring street, between Greenwich and Washington streets, New Y ofk. N. B.?The Greenwich Line of Stages pass within a block of the store. f!? Ir " WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PICKLING AND PRESERVE WAREHOUSE 'PHE SUBSCRIBERS, of the only origin-1 establishment of * the kind, ofrer to the notice nl onr ? mthern friends, mer chants, and our own city and country irade, the largest and best selected assortment of Fruits ever bc-iore presented to the public Peaches? Malaontunet, Moms' Whites, Honest Johns, Late IjeaUi, lie. Pine Apple*. Raspberries, ApricotU, Strawberries, Egg, and other Plumbs, all possessing in their preservation their natural flavors. Also, Jelly's of the Strawberry, Raspberry, Quisos, sad Pius Apple and Cranberry. Alto Pickles, Catsups, snd Sauces, ef every imaginable de scription, in glsss jars, of every sits, to suit the coaesiKnce ol the purchaser. e purchaser. Also, Pickled and Stewed Oysters, potted fin miiilsghs and warranted to keep ia auy climate. Hotel Keepers, Boarding House Keepers, Uissns, Skip Masters snd Private kamihes, all art igmted tsnall and ex amine the best selected and most beautifnl stock nf the kind *ve, before offered to the .ffi.n^fjh.^^^ N B.?ERhty down fresh Havana Pines, ia BaSeSsvJTor sals. Also. 1880 OysfeTKegt d!9 3m* re b"~ 'n,*r,or ur iuc'c&unl'ii . k CO.. M Bonth sue it. ?j|et*fpea ?f Washington Society. '\Pasxin?Toi1i, February #, 1845 Wers you ever in the Tombs'! I don't riicaft the Tombs in flsrs York, nor tlie tombs of the Capu Ists. I refer to the tombs of the eapitol, in the District of Cslumbis, United States of America. It 1 is a queer plsce?so deep beneath the halls ol legis lation. so dark, so quiel- in favorable far the dis cussion and arrangement ot subjects ot the greatest importance, requiring the greatest confidence ana' secrecy. If you will !tee? going down steeps till you find no steps to go down, then tafntsf right or left, you will see ominous tin signs slicking ou(, labelled with the promising words, "Refreshments, including Oysters in Every Style " Each of these subterranean restaurants keep two largefires b'draing on which is seen roasting and broiling every thing in the world Washington can produce. One man, in his shirt sleeves, stands behind the oyster coun ter; another, in his shirt sleeves, stands behind s liquor counter; while the third ia as busy with his meats, tt bet., as Vulcan was over his anvil whea pressed with jobs, ^n rooms adjoining ore tables spread, around which important parties Oesemble to discuss and settle the affairs of office-seeking be low, while those above ate looking after the affairs r the nation. If the walls of the rooms could 1 ,s?k they could tell some carious stories. It here plans aie concocted, and bargains of the great est consequence are struck. Oongressrtlen descend to this abode to enjoy s social flaw. ">,reat "porters,-and other friends. It is frum this subterranean retreat that members reech lite House with faces much heightened is color, while their gat} is made unsteady, ami their temper as iuflammautfe s- Under Their sight is also affected, probably by the uar2n>*s ol the tombs, end instead ot seeing one Speaker, " they either see two Speakers, or none at all." Others, age-0' obtrude themselves into the House. They preier to aPlt'se tbeniyelves at a Dilltard room tn the avenue, or join .h 5 social earn- of whist by day, and by night stray about in search of the novel and picturesque. To-day, I thought I would descend to the tombs I entered one ot the table rooms, and seated myself ia a dark corner, with a cup of coffee. Adjommg my room wan a merry party, eating and drinking away at ? g"&1 rafe' J-nfi8 8nd other liquors were frequently circulating, following alter, in deep draughts, oysters, aaipc, ?Ut:k? or beefsteaks. They were so happy, ?o much excited with the flow ol spirits, that they neither seemed to see me, or pay the slightest attention to my presence. Tney talked with as much unre serve ae though no one observed their movements. A stout gentleman, with uatinsilk vest, a black rib bou loosely tied around his shirt collar, with black coal and pants to match, had first helped htrnseii to some stewed oysisrs, whsn another man withd very long neck, with a very led nose, whs sal opposite, taking a turn at hia glass of brandy toddv, when bringing it down with a knock on me table, swore that he could not get any ihing either fit to eat or drink in the District. "Sir," siid he, addressing himselt to the stout man, " il you come into my congressional district, in the ^tAte 0( you'll find, sir, we all know hoe to live " " fit, "phed the first man, finishing s ? lass of wine," I'm blowh,if evef I goout ol m) constituency to find anjr thing food We all, in the Siats of ?, know a broiled rabbit trom ?tewed possum, and old Madeira from still burm vhiskey." "What is going on in the House!" en quired the man, who appeared as if all the blood ol his pale lace had taken refuge in the end of hie nose, in order to prove to the world that blood wa? ?ulle'xiani iu him " The devil a bit do I know," returned the stout man," I have cot been inside ol it a whole ailliug since the session began Whib your ranting lawyers are making tools of iliern selves by hard work and long speeches, I take it easy?go down to the billiard room, and play strong rubs with Jim, till tea, and then I promenade tor digestion " "Why, Hon Mr. Jouath&n Fullerton Tnornbank, representative in the 28ih Congress from tbe enlightened district composed of the counties of Perry wig, Sninboue. and Piaaterdown, what will your constituents say io you when you go home!" "Just nothing bm what's clever; 1 made and sent them a splen did speech the other day on annexation, which I had published at full length in Prtrdom't Banner, in llriartown. It has been read b> everybody, and praised from Dan to Beershe bv" " it you were never scarcely in the House, now on sarih, against the hour rule and all, did you manage to make such a long and abb speech!" "Oh, that was very easy; 1 got a chance to say a few words, which 1 do not now recollect. 3oou after I met Hairplat, a kind of reporter, who said to me, 'don'i you want your speech written out, to send home to your constituents!' < ertainly. says 1-1 should like to do so very much. So we came down here to the Tombs, took a drink to * ether, and 1 agreed to pay him about fitly dol i trs if he would w rite one lor me, and put ii throuah the press in pamphlet lorm. No soonei and than done; I am not a living sinner, if hedid'ui ,n a day orsobnug back oneol ihe eblest speechec ui favor ot annexation I ever read. It set my con s' ituents perfectly crazy. It is good for fifty public oarbacuea, insuii' g my re-election fer one or two future congresses " " This is a new idea," said me nian with a red nose, whose name appeared to t?e that of the Hon. K. Hailstone Woodbrush.from the Slate ol , " 1 would like to make ihe ac quaintance of Mr Hairplat; I wish to get him ti write out a smashing speech lor me, against Texas, Oregon, and all, as niy constituents are nearly all wnigs " cau 11 10 & nicety?" *ald Thorn oauk, helping himself to a piece ol beefsteak. " 1 mink 1 hear Hairulat's voice in the next room Hairplat, Hairptai !'* " Hallo, who's that known me !" said a small, smart looking man. He haa h seen restless eye. and wore a suit not aliogethei Bew.' "Come iu Hanplat, here's a first rate job toi wou thou mauulaciurer of great mm?I'll niskt vou* acquainted with the Hon. Mr. Brush ol th? State oi "Ik " happy to make your ac auatntance," said Hairplat meekly, at the same time bowing "Sit down, sit down Htirplai whal will you dnuk or eat! ask-d the Hon Mr Tnornbank " I'll begin with a linle brandy auo water " replied the mauulaciurer of great men, " and* finish lunch with a dozen stewird," answer ed the man of mental capital ^11 were soon ready. .? vour very good health, gentlemen," said Hair nlat aa he raiaed hit glaaa, seeing hia Hon. friend, had'already tided 10 respond, " Yours in return," laid the two Honorables, drinking all off wiihoat ? opping to breaiht. The Hon Mr Brush said a (tore ssi UK himsell to the reporter, I understand, ?ir vour can write out the most almighty, convin cina overwhelming rp??ch ever seen or read in a christian country, and just as well on one side as 'other-now, my lark, you are juetthe mau l want ?d to tee; 1 ami no great hand at speaking or writing but as strong as iron at thinking 1 mean msav a lew words lo-morrow, just lor an opening, if Icangelachaace; it makes uo odds what it's Ihont. From that email baets, 1 want you to write out a great whig epeech?put in iota at in Texas and Oiegon i speak strong in lavor of Cluy and his policy, and ol whig measures in gen eral-then bring it here and let me see n ? and after making some alterations, I'll it struck ofl in pamphlet lorm, and frank it off .? mv constituents Tuts will make all right wnh hem while 1 can play billiards and do as 1 please ihe rest ol the ssasioe, without setting tisd up in that Hall to say yea and nay I'll be .'ck and ex (?uned from committee and all other dety. That s clearly laul down," said the Hon Mr. Thorn bank filling his glass wuh wine?" I'm lree now to "* * . . TLa .a.em mlk Inr mo nr>t? le tn misK ? . i|ke The main job lor me now is to push hard wuh Pelk sod Dallas for an office, tf thsy want to judge of my wlm in ^ llsliow in "dir." said Hairplst, "I sin a man of few words, what do vou give 1" addreesiug himself to Brush "I'm ditto," replied the latter; "whatdo you askT' " For pruning, attention, 9cc., I ask hfiy dollara. ??Aereed " said the honorable gentlemen. " let us nfve it aa aoon aa possible " After a few more reu ad a el drinking and talking, the whole party roftt* and .. ? ,? I iWll to muting. . How many ways tharc are at making great men in the world ? S H. Riot IN PoaTLAND?Foux Mxn Shot!?a not occurred in Portland last evening, aud four men dauahur and look pr>aae?alou ot the ground, which th y etafued nn'il "boat mdnight, wh.n ?U beicg quiet tu. t narched to barrscks. A Uetsoliment ol the royal Situ iarv wuh a Am! 1 piece, ?u biuugnt out to aiaiibthe au horittel. if u.ceu.ry-Wew Bpmtwick Htrald It la reported about towu that a not occurred on Mon day nicht la?t in Portland, that the military were called ou-, and that they were obliged to fire upon the mob^he lore they could be induced no diapers, jandI thaiw*"?1 men were wounded, seme it waa loared morally W? have ?? yet met with no snthenUc report -Frtirru ten Ltynliif Philadelphia 1 [Cort' ol the Herald 1 Philadelphia, M uch 28th, 184ft Tht Bachelors' Ball-its Beauty and Booty A paper that gum like yours, trom east to west, ought, surely, to record all wonderful undertak ings, and as such we reckon the Bachelors Ball of the 26 h insC ft was truly a most brilliant affair, for there.were assembled the beauty and taahion ot o*r good city, without mentioning the increase we received from other places. The company began to assemble at half-past 9, and continued increasing till 11. It took place iu the Masonic Hall, in a room admirably adapted fr?r that purpose. It was beautifully decorated with digs and wreaths of flowers. Exotics were placed all round the room. The musicians, 16 in num her, occupied the end of the hall, and the floor, being a tine spring one, gave new impulse to the dancers' feet. The supper room opened from the centre, and the table was the most exquisitely or imineaied one I ever remember to have seen. The pyramids of P. >v?ers were beyond description, and the managers who had charge of the table, deserve unbounded credit A .very good arrangement, was leaving the supper room open all the evening, lor the approval of the fkir sex, though supper was not served i*H ope o'clock, when, if I could judge by the z-st with which, they eat, it must have been to their liking A coffee room was next to the sup per room, where chocolate and iteo were served, and I doubt nrt, the scene of many asolt flirtation The twelve managers were distinguished by the blae bow from their button hole, and were select ed trom the aristocracy of the city?they received their guestsnt the entrance with abewitching smile and bow. Among the married Iadtesshonecoii6pi cious Mrs. J. B?? , wiio dancesrthe Polka with great dignity and grace; the peerless Mrs R , whose lips and eyes will serye in Paradise ; the lady i>f the British Minister to Te*a?, Mrs E?; Mrs. C-?beautilul in crimson velvet, attended by Mr C e; the flu!! brilliant Mrs. w. D L?; Mrs. Dr B , attended by the pretty MisbR , from .vl re B d; theflae looking Mfra. S?, of Fourth lstreet, with ner two surpassingly lovely daughters; Mrs. M late ol N J , of theatrical notoriety, (iistingutsned helfelt in the Polka much to the an noyancefof her anstocratii relatives, the J 's ? Among the young ladies, the baltirfJore delegation tormea ast'tking part, with the exception frt Miss ^ n, whose long curls and timid aipesranCe ''?rmrd a contrast to her bolder sisterhood; MissO I) , is, however, a fine stylish looking girl; Mist. H??, remarkable lor enormous size, with a very lovely face, came with Mrs J. B ; Miss K , if Cheenut street, with very unaffected style ol diking ; the brilliant Miss W?-, of Troy, N Y . beautiful rich in youthful loveliness) the tall and M tss Jane McC ; the graceful little Miss W , of Chesnut street, with her devoted Mrs. E. W ; 'he rich Misses F , fair sampleB of Jewesses; 'he sentimental Miss Mary P ; the stately look ing Miss W?with her sister Mrs. McC?; the bewitching lovely lace of Miss H. C was there; also the daughters of the Vice President; i he dark eyed, blooming Mrs B , wile of the Belgian Consul: the aristocratic looking Miss A f ; the Spanish Miss JK , in Mexican dia monds It is invidious to single out beauty, where all is beauty So I will mention no more, but simply s ate all were lovely, all divine. It was kept up nil a late hour, the ladies being unwilling to leave their scene ot triumph Movements ot Travellers. There was not; ov auy means, so great an influx of the travelling community yesterday, as we have uiiherlo reported. We tonne, however, at several ?I the principal, amongst others,the following At he American?Col. Cress, U. ts. A.. F. H Davidge, Wash ington; J. P. Bankhrad, uav\; Morton McMichael, Phila delphia A. Conrad, Pniladelphit; Rufua King, Ala.; W It. Blake, Philadelphia; 9. W. Blake, Bangor, and twenty others. Aaron?J. B. Armstrong, H. B. M. 60th Rifles, Quebec ; R.J Clarke, Boston: Rev. Mr. Shepherd, Boston; Gen. Sam. Van Victen, Albany; W. H. Strong, Geneva; E. C. Pratt, Pniladelphia; J. West, Exchange Hotel, Baltimore; Mr. Whetdon, Albany; Mr. cabele, Tallahassee: Col. Smy the, Miss., and forty others. Citt?t. Cagger, Albany; J. D. Labre, Boston; Win. llirbaidaon, Ireland; J J. Caldcleugh, Dr Penrose, Phi idelphia; Handy Mott; Westchester, and 10others. Fas nklin?John Warren, Grafton, Miss., on route to Europe, Lewis Cooke, Norwich; Wm. M. EUy, North mpton; Mr Kelloon.ef Cleveland; C. 8. Brown, Vs.; B vicClure, Pniladelphia, and twenty others. Olo a r?George Clarke, Hyde; Mr. ReJdell, Bremen ; W. BwHt U. 8. navy. Howard?Meters Thompson, Shaw and Morris, Macon; G'O W. Stanly, Augusta, Hon. David Campbell, Massa chusetts; Dr. Parke, Beaton; Gen. Jno Adam, Lyons; Major Knapp, Canada; E. F Smith, Rochester; Col. J B. Wright, Albany; T. O Brien, Maine ; Judge A. M. Law rence, Columbia co , and thirty Ave others. Wavrslv?Jno. Green, b . C. O O. S.; R. J. Wood, New Orleans; Francis Lawton, Newport; Capt. Romt r, H.A D. Varieties. Judge Wilkin* ha* been arraigned before the Sena'eoi Michigan for contemptof that body, in causing oca of it* numbers to be arristtd When brought to the bar, the Judge denied the jurisdiction of the Senate, and rafused to tespond to the charges. The case hod nut been decided at the latest dale. Three old revolutionists died last week in Maine.? They were named, Jonathan Alice, Amos Adams, and Levi Flint, i'he first was aged 100 years, the second 68, .lid the third 88. A venerable trio. In one of hia late feuilletons in the Journal do Dehan MS Jules Janin states that there is carefully pitserved in the archives ot the Theatre Francais, a note couched as fol lows:?"The door keeper of the theatre is ri quested to i.lmitmy ft iend, Bonaparte, to my box. (Signed) Talma " Eight Alavea were told in Savannah, on the 3d tilr., to satiety a moitgage ft. fa- ism d out of Mcintosh 8uperiui Court, in lavor of the Boaid of Directors of tho Theolo <irsl Seminary of the Synod oi South Carolina end Georgia. Naw Yofk Lioim.ativk Summary ?In the Se nate?A memorial wan presented Irom E. Driggs, nspector ot pot and peatl ashes in the city of New York, against the bill riduc ng the fees of inspection, a motion o print which was tefu-ed; several from New York and Broi kl) a, lot an appropriation to the new State Prison, in lavoi of authorising theCorpoiatien of New Yoik to ? stand the water piivileges On motion tbe Northern State Prison bill was madethe special o>der for Monday next. The bill hu horning the construction of a rail road Irom the G<eat Lakes to Lake Chsmplain, was then ? aken up Amendments similar to those offered yrster day and ?he day before, to the New Yoik m d Albany, and Syracuse and Oswego bills, were offered and debated until the hour of adjournment. In the Hocsa?Mr. Crain, from tbe select committee of eight, to which was rrLrred his hill ' recommending a convention of the people in ISta " and who were directed to report the hill- submittod the bill, accomuanied by a report in explanation and defence of it, which he said was his own. no other member of the committee an lentil g to it. The report having been read Mr. C moveu to make the bill the special order for Friday next, ind lor every day theieatier until dispose I of Mr. Comsteck, from too ram* sommittee, submitted a brt? f r. pori sta'ing that himself, Saver, fierce, and McKey, to the sff ot that they reported the bill in obedience to in structions, without expressing any opinion thereon, and reserving the right hereafter to submit their views in writ ?ng. Mr Bailey stated that he had not been able to ex amine the report, owing to his Illness, and that he might a-sent to it Mr Wheeler atnted that as his till 'or a con vrntion had gone to another committee, he preferred to fallow hia i ill Objections were made by Drown, Leo, and othera, that to make tbe bill a special order before the constitutional amendments were disposed of, would he to give a cognovit that they were to be defeated. Mr. Grain replied that he had designated Friday in order that the subject of a convention might rot come up until the con stiiutional amendments should be Anally acted on. The bill was mad* a special order, ?s moved by Mr Crain, ayes 89. noes id On motion of Mr Chtise, fifteen times the usual number of the report and bill were ordered to be printed The bill submits the question of a convention at the next general election?the delegates to be elected (if the decision of the people be favoiahle) on the first Tues day in April,"1946-the convention to meet on the last Monday in Mav following Among the bills passed, were these?to amend the chatter of the Harlem Railrond Com psny, (aye* 96, noes 6 ;) authorizing the New York and Erie railroad Compcny to construct a branch road to Newburgh, (ayes 91. no-i8.) to incorporate the Prison Vssocistion nf New Yoik, (aye* 91. noes 6,) to puniah Seduction and Adultery as (.rimes ; and to prevent betting on elections. The House then took a racess ? Albany ?''*?s. Affairs is Canada.?The following statement show the bills bsfure ihe Assembly during the past s>a?ion. and the final decisions thereon : ? Bills introduced (of which 49 wore Ministerial, or in troduced by members ol tbe Administration) 193 OI these, thera were r.Jected or dropped in the As sembly 70 Passed by the Assembly 163 Of those psaaed hy tha Assembly, there were rejected by the Council 3 Am-'nded by the Council, so as ta csuse their re jection by the Assembly S r.issed both Houses 114 163 Of those passed both Houses, there reeeived the Ray al Assent 107 And ware reserved 7 114 ?Mmtrml HtrmU, March 31. CI re alt Court, Before Judge Edmonds. Arhii. b.?Trial af Pally bodine- Pift tenth Day?The ? Hurt met at the usual hour. Mr. Obaham. at the aittiug of the Court, made a motion ou the part ol the prisoner, Baking authority from the Court to produce none of the witnea*ea who had been i-xamined before the Coroner'a Jury. They left constrain ed to make buch u motion, Irom the tact ot their being compelled to attach several witneaaea whose teatimony wouid, therelore, be reluetantly given; and in order to place on record the testimony of thoaa witnesses, some of whom would prove the fact of Mrs. Houseman's being alive on the Sunday,' and others having smoked in the house ou the Sunday. This coarse they felt necessary to pursue, as they eeuld not trust witnesses whom they were compelled to Httaeh, ?s strictly as their own wit He moved that the Court direct the Iksrif to bring forward Samuel Jacques, Htaekiah Boyce, and Samuel J Couley. Left open The Court bete diiected the attention of Connial to the question which was left open for argument on laat evening, in relation to the declarations of Mrs House man after the lire, on the subject of the deposit of $1000, belonging to her son George Mr. Clash contended they had a right to put in testi mony on (his point, the place ol deposit o> these $1000? the taking which they allege as a motive lor the murder, and therefore it formt d a materiel part of the iasue belore 'he ( ourt, though mtrcduced collaterally. Mr. Whitiro followed, and contended they had a right to contradict alflrmative testimony. When a witness tea ifl-sto a group ot facts they had a right to rebut a par t cular point in order to show a discrepancy. Mr. Di-Witt herehanded in "Cowan and Hill's" notea on Pniilips' Evidence, 3d vol pp.27*? 6 in which it was ruled in a case uiialagous to the present, adverse to the position assumed by coenael for the prosecution Mr. Whitiro further argued in support ol the position assumed by the prosecution, and submitted their views to tha aonaideration of the Court. The Coubt ruled adversely. Mr. Class ?The testimony of Mrs Houseman goes in . (feet to piove an aftli- und are we i ot entitled to put in i' stimony to disprove it? Coubt ?The whole theory of the case since the com mence mrnt of the trial goes to show that this murder waa cimmitted on Saturday night; and what, therefore, can be (he object ol introducing testimony on this point ? Mr. Clsbe ?Mrs. Houseman stated in her direct testi mony that Mrs. Bodins did not leave the house on Sun day ; and we mean to show that she stated the contrary e el er White, to whom she declared that Mrs. Bodin'e went over on Sunday to ask Kmeline to diDner. We pio p isc to question Mra. Houseman herself on the subject. The Coubt allowed the prosecution to produce Mis. Houseman, who was recalled to the stand and testiSed, 'hut "she did not tell elder White that the prisoner went ov?.r to ask Kmeline to dine on the Sunday/' To a Juror.?Nothing was said ta Mrs Bodine by the family", to induce (her to think she was suspeated of the murdar Elder White reeall-d ?Testiied ha was present, and h?i a conversation with Mrs. Houseman. She said, she left bar end took an early braaktaat on Sunday morning about 6 o cloth, as ai?e wanted to go to tha city. Another question was, whether euy of the lamily saw Mrs. Houae mm on the Sunday 7 She itated, that Mrs Bodine went down there at dmaer or ted timv to ask her up to either .I .Hoar or tea, and she atated th? h?rs Bodine went to the window and looked in as the shutid? w,t open, and saw the beds all laid up, aud also saw the carpet laid up j and she believed she went to Van Pelt's ta spe,id the day. Mr. Clark ? 1 understand the Court will i?ot allow us to put the question in relation to the money. Couar.?That is ruled out. WiTNkst to Mr Clare.?My congregation are at dif'e rant pans of the island. Some ot them are fifteen mi nutes eany at church ; and most of them fifteen minutes too late ?(Loud laughter.) Mr. Var Pelt corroborated, in part, the statement of eider White in relation te the conversation with Mrs. Houseman. Mrs Shot will testified that Mra. Houseman told her the prisoner left the house of deeeased at five o'clock. Jacob Hatfield, jr., testified that he had a conversa tion w.Th Mrs. Houseman, in which the told him that Mra. Bodine left the house of George Houseman at about five o'clock on Monday morning. io Mr De Witt?Ictftmy hand on the night of the fire. Mr Graham here intimated that the prisoner ielt rather unwell, and asked the indulgence of the Court, that she might be allowed to retire for a lew minutes. Granted. Abraham E. Millar.?After this witness' name had been calltd, the Court took a recess at half past one o'clock uutii half-past three, in eonstquence <tf the con tinued indisposition ot the prisoner. Evkriru Session. Abraham E. Miller testified lo having seen the bo* dies on the night ol the fire, lying in the kitchen; that he assisted in carrying them out; the limb* were vary much contracted; they lay with the faces towards tha back door; discovered a piece ol black silk touiid tha lelt arm oi the mother. In his rross-txamination hy Mr. Graham?The body of the mother was bent, nearly forming the appearance of a hoop; it was straightened by placing on weights. Jour B. Simpson?This witness wasplacrd ou the stand to show that irom the year 1834, nearly up to the time oi th i arrest ot the prisoner, she had been in the habit at pledging articles ot trifling valun, with witness?object e 1 to on thegpart of deleuce After some disc union, it waa admitted as original testimony, with libtrty to the other putty to xebut if they thought proper His evidence showed that prisoner had een in the habit ot pledging articles some ten or eleven years ago, under the name of Massey. To Mr. Di Witt?People very often pledge under anonymous names. Li wis J. Bridcemar?Testified that he was a member of the Coronet's Jury ; that he looked from the middle gar ret window ot Mrs. Rorke's house fur the purpose of see ing it he could diat.nguish a person at the house of it urge Houiemsn; the result waa that I could not distin guish a white perten from a black. To Mr. Graham?It waa soon after dinner; It was a f?w days after the discovery of the fire; if en intimate friend ' h id a peculiar awing in the arm, he might possibly be identified. The testimony of Mary Bcibare, as taken at the last ti ial, waa then read, to the t IF.-ct that she saw a parson at the house of the deceased in n datk dross, which she thought resembled her, about five o'clock in the after noon In her crass examination she testified that she had to look through the limos of a cherry tree, and had only a aide view. Johr Udall? Testified that ha did not know the pri r mer at the bar?would not know her if he saw her. Proaecution here rested Johr Burbare?Testified that he lived opposite the house ot the dcceastd: saw a woman which I thougbtto bo her standing on the stoop the Sunday before Cnrist mas To Mr. Whitiro?She went into thp house. To Mr. Graham-I believe I waa related to the de ceased: I did not know It until I was told To Mr Whitiro ?Knowing that Mrs Houseman staid there, I thought it must be her; J did not observe what kind of dress she had on; I saw Mrs Bodine next morn lug: Leo not think now that it was the deceased 1 saw on the stoop. To a Juror?1 am positive the female I saw went in at the door. Eliza Arr Booire, daughter of the priioncr, in her ex uminaucn by Mr. Graham?I remember my mchrr hav ing money about a fortnight before Christmas, 1S4S; she s-nt me up to the bureau for one dollar and in her pock et book I lound a $10 note, four or five $3 notea, and three cr lour $5 notes. To Mr. Clares? It was in the drawer next the upper one ; it waa quite a small pocket book ; I went to ihe store wi' h this dollar and purchased a ribbon lor my hat. Johr Thomiur testified I remember stating before tha Coron-r's jury that it waa Mrs. Burbatik that said donl break open the door. To Mr. Whitiro?I supposed it waa her, becauae I aaw her looking out of ihe window. The case hat closed with the exception of the testimony oi Mrs. Lisk. Conniel will sum up on to morrow. The Court adjourned ov?r to Monday. Common Plena B.lore a full Bench. AmiL A ? Dacinotg?Margate I Holdrn vs. .1 If red Wil ton.?This wan an appeal trnm a Jtpfg<s' order denying a motion lor judgment of nonsuit with costs to abide the ? vent Tin- plaintiff's eonnsi l was present, ready to take en inquest, but defendant's counsel being absent, suffered another cause to come on, which, owing to the lateness ol the day, precluded the cause from being called a second time. The C nr. are ef opinion that every plaintiff ought to take an inquest, altlioagh hla;opponsut was ab sent; and that the Judge at Chambers made a proper de cision, and that the defendant onght net in any view to n-k for costs against the plsintiff, but thst the plaintiff onght to hare costs lor resisting -itch a motion This ap ical is, therefore, dismissed with >7 costs, to abide the event. Affa'rs its Nkw IfhttNbWK-R?The Assembly ?l New Brunswick have presented an address to His F.teellency the Lieut. Governor, praying that two days' company drill ol the militia forces, may for the pre aent year tie ili.pentvd with. The same Legislature has granted Iff IWOI. for the improvement of the rea-ts?and with the view of encouraging parochial schools, have granted pecuniary aid to upwards ol SI teachers, besides the usual educational grants. The Bishops' Fund, in New Brunswick, amounts to ff.OBffl 4s. IQd. Bloody Affray nbak Fort Gibson?We have been inlormed that, on Tnrediiy night last, a bloody fcffray occurred at a small cabin near F.irt (iihson. It-eems that a number of persons were at this cabin, where illicit treffic in whiskey is carried on, drinking and onroueing. Among others were William Nicholson, a mixed blooded Cherokee, and eight or ten of the United Busies aoldie-s sta-ion-d at Oibaon. Nicholson, it is said, after mnny t flints, succeeded tn provoking a difficulty with the soldiers, and in the affray which toilowed, killed onu ol th>m on the spot, anil stabbed two others-one, it is supposed moitslly, Nicholson succeeded In making his escape Siuce the foregoing was in type, we have another ver s.on of the sff. ay, which occurred at a " frolic" in the im mediHtt vicinity of the tort. According to this version, t'lere were present fllteen or twenty soldiers, some of whom crratrd a n tarrel with Nicholson on account of some previous dith-ulty between them. The soldlhra, most ol them, having crowded Into the house, and com P etely blocked up the door, niado an assault upon Nicholson, who retreat) d into one corner of the house, lie was there beset by the assailants- ouc of them, at tempting to knock htm dawn with a club, he killed in i'a ill s by stabbing him with a butcher's knife Oihers tlx it attacked htm. when he wounded three ol them and made his escape The wounds of two of the soldier* are slight, hut those of the other mortal A command, we understand, he* been despatched in pursuit ol Nicholson. ? CAsrefce* ?Advortr, MerrA IS

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