Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAL Vol. XI., Ho. OH?Wbolt Ho. 4000 NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY MORNING. APRIL 0, 1845. Pric? Two nuiU. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD-Everjr day. Price 3 cents per copy ?$7 36 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6J ceuta per copy?$3 13j oenti per anuum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. (KJ- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or thu pottage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, raeraiKTOa of the New Yoke Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streuta E. LIPPOLD&CO (No. 103 William Stkekt, uenr John,) FOR SALE the folio wins Goods, of their owu im portations, by lite ruck.ire, or in lou ro suit purchasers .? REAL bEHLl > ZEPHYR WORSTED AND GERMAN TAPESTRY WORSTED1*, Beit nunufaciure and moitextensive aisortmout. C ANY ASM. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Worsted, Gold and Silver, of all widths nod sites. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Of ail Makers end Numbers. CHEN I LI E, For working and Ornamroul Trimming, plain and shaded; Flower Chcuiile, tic SILKS. Tlain shaded, and Chinee, Sticks ard Spools; Twist, Floss, do. FRINGES. Silk, Worsted and Cotton, of tlis latest styles. GIMPS. , Gimp Cords, jngreU v-.riety. GOLD AND SILVER CORDS, AND BRAIDS, TAS t-ELS be STKFL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, Fane 'f iiciiniiigs, Steel and Jet Buttons, tlaii Tius, be. OILF.D 811 KB, Assoited Colors. PERFORATED PAPER. CORDSAND TASSh LS, Biuids, Tares, Bindings, Galloons, be. al 1 m ?in TO MERCHANTS V 1 S I T, I N G NEW YORK CITY D. M. PEYSER, OO JOHN STREET, (BETWKLN WII 1.1AM AND NASSAU STREETS,) N4iW yoRK IMPORTER OF GERMAN AND* FRENCH FANCY I GOODS, . OiSeri for sale, by the package or ro suit customers, at the most rehsoutihle terms, WORSTEDS., , ^ . ?r . Zephyr, German, and Tapisserie Chice and Ombre Worsteds. SILK8. Floss, Twisted, Plain and Shaded Silks, in Sticks and Spool*. CHENILLES. . Embroidery, Flower and Trimming CheuiUa. PATTERNS. . Berlin Embroidery Patterns, a most splendid selection CANVASS. Frehch and German Cantos* for Epibroidery, or Cotton, Worsted, Imitation of Silk, and Silk, Silver and Gold, of all widths. BEADS. . . _ . Gold, Silver, Steel, and Glass Beads and Bugles NEEDLES. Embroidery Needles, Steel, Wooden, Ivory, Ebany, and Whale, bone Kuitliog and Crochet Needles. EMBROIDERIES. , I All kinds of commenced aod finished, suchas Suspenders, Shoes and Ottomans, be., be. FANCY GOODS. _ All kinds of Farii Fancy Good#, auch aa Partes and Furie Trimming*. Head < 'mainents. Bracelets, H*ir Pins, Combs.| i &c : Neck I ices, Gold and Hilver Braids, Tinsel Cords, and Silver Bullion Tassels, FRENCH MILITARY iRIM-. MINGS.bc. . Wire Goods, such as Baskets, Watch Holders, be., be. German Rustic Willow Chairs, Baskets, Work-Tables, and Softs, be. OILED SILKS. . ? . Oiled Silks, different colors, the best branch FRINGES. . , Fringes, Cords, Gimps, Tassels, all colon and qualities, im ported and domestic (of his own manufacture.) fli 8tbW3m*rc NEW YORK~ ALBANY AND TROY LINE OF STEAMBOATS, FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Direct sfrom the pier at the foot of < ou it Unit it ? 11 low pressure steamboat EMPIRE, I apt. R H i>iacy, thu Eveuiug at 6 o'clock, Wednesday, April 9th, For pas-?4^e or freight, apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at the oQU'ft u? the wharf. F?rigbt i?k n on the most reasonable terms. Freight ??*im he put in charge ol the Freight Agent, or the Conu<anv will not be rupo?il>!i for lo?8t? *9 re ! PKOTLE'S line STEAMBOATS FOR I ALB AN Y?Daily. Suud iy> eicrptad,through direct, alb o'cloca, P. M.?hiviii li.s Pier be twee.' i ourll unit and Liberty streets The steamboat KNICHk RBUCKER, Capt. A. llonghtu, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, and Friday alttraoous, ^The'Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R G. Cruttenden. will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at 6 ? At 4 o'clock, P. M., Landing at intermediate place* from the loot of Barclay street The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, ^he'steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Trues drll, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, utio'clk .,, Passengers taking the above line* will, arri'* in Albany in ample time to take the morning tram of Cars lor the E*- or West. Freight taken at moderate rates. . . ..... All persons are l'or~ id trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For assnge or freight, applv ou board the boats, or to r. C. Bchul i, st ilie office ou the Wharf. *'fe FOR LO N DON?Packet of the 10th of April.? tAfkrW packet Ship WESTMINSTER, Captain liak SmHb-'L will positively sail as above, her regular ilsy. k P us. packet ships for Liverpool? .? The packet ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, will posi tively sail on the ICih April , A d ton packet ship BlDDONS, Captain Cobb, on the *th 01 passage, the above ship* having unsurpassed accommo datiou. iucabin scd.teerage, apply^^ Hjjhd,MAN* I 45 Tf. 61 South street "YallTdNEOF LlVe.RPGOL PA' KKTS . Packet of the Uih of April-The , ew and elegant ?Beirut cl-is* packet *hip WATERLOO, C apt. VV. 11. Ai ew, vill potitiftly ?ail a? above, her regular day. lliviu*; very superior a c comm. dationslor c;ibiu,wc')iiu caoiu iivel ?ieen?e passetirefi, persou* about to embaTk, Wi*l fina this Rplei ill'. ? hip to be b tuoil desirable conveyance. The ate*loo will sail again Irom Liverpool on the 36th of May. 'il?? who are draiiObi of seudiujl for tMijr relative! or ffe.idi, cau have ihein brought out in fhii splendid packet. K. r b u? ? r from Liverpool, early application should be mod* t j the subscriber. ? Bfl .. JOSEPH Mc.MURRAY, uitzrrc 100 Pii??? R(reet.corneT ol South street. ~Tr7Z LO VDGN LINE OF P\< KETS-Packel: of the 1*1 Anril -The fart s. Packet Ship WE8T .ltniHfc ill 'SlER, i Spuiu Horty, will sail u sb'.ve. her regular day. Pier accommodation lor cabin, second cabin, and steerage pae srng is, are very superior. Early at plication should w made to W.AJ T TAPSCOTT, u ,6 Somh st. cor. Maiden itoe ~UVEKPtjT7L,"LINE OF rXTKETS-Packet of he Mih Ap il?The splendia fa.1 sailing and lavonte il'aclut Ship SKA, Cupula r dwards, will positively ......-oow, harnguLr day. lie. ice mu'i dallO is for cabin, second cabin, and stesrsse pass .. e-a, are verj snperior. Th wi.hing to secure berths should i o uil to make roily api licatiou ou hoard, loot of Pick blip, or to W. k J ? . I'ArSi,Oi l. J. c 76 South itie- l, e .r Msideu lane. {PSnj'i R. h Macy, thu AVE* FOH LIVERPOOL?The suimior fast sailing J*3V hip SK V, Capt Edaards, will invet with desiatcli jKMlkLf 'i <h" > ;. >rt For p ss i.e, ha. mg escelieut ac SlrTrr lou, to J.HErD IAN 6lb?Uvhst. .. a-iog. from Live-pool, cau as .snsl, be s*? u.rd st a ?etv tn?d rs ? r-i e, by the iftcLet ships sailing ? wy ure day's, run drafts supplied for ?nv snmunt, payable tarou.lionl '_he Uuii'd Kni.' Oiu ou ap"lic 'tvii es alwive. "" PaLKET FUR MaRSI.IleLER-'lo Sol hrst May-Ill-bsi que Ml BUG U111, CspWm Sylvester Fur fieight oi Besonfr. apply to OJ CHAMHERLAlN A PHELPS, orto BOYD k H1NCKEN. Agents. PACKETS rOR HAVRE?Second Line? lhe UT u| ? ? ... *T. ship UTICA, F. Hewitt, .osiei, will sail on the let of M BOYD It IIINCH EN, Agent*, No 9, Tontine Buildings. 2! Vv 11.1' WANTED?A ehip trTT"*dlora 8oulh-rn Port. Apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO., i6 South st. si "FOR NEW ORLEANS - Louisiana and New .Yoik Lice?Regular Packet, to sail 161 h inst ?lhe .-I gintfast sailing packet ship aRVIIM, Capt. W. cm, I., n ill sail as above, lirr r. gulsr day- For freight or pas sss*. h vma hands me luniished sccommodsiiotis, apply on boi d. at Orleans wharf, font of Wall straet, or to E K. COLLINS fc CO., M South st. ny Positively no goods rrcsived on bo-rd al'ter i ueiusy sve nine IMh inst Agents in New Orleans Meet s. HULlIN fc WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to their addiest *> FOR SALE OH EXCHANGE, AT LOW PRICE. An excellent Faim M 300 teres in Wteiehtetor county. M -?.miles from this city, on* mil* fiom H K R de|K.t at W ii.ism s Bridge, mansion large and new, Mach bouses, stkhles, shed , laigefsim house, fine fmit. splendid views of sound, Long Island, fcc., very heslthy. Stages pass daily near puWie landing. Immedists possass os. Apply M No 194 East Broad way. LA RUE HALL TO LET. mTHE well known Hall it Grand street, adjoining the Broadwny House, will beunoeenpied two or Oirennuhu the coming yra?. Bocietiea and other Meetings will find .sir adssntag* by examining the above premiso*. riom its central situation sad si w,being H feet square aad bette? veu tihi'i d and lighted, than any other room in the city. OBeri each ach .i ce, that is not met withevery day. Teruia very moderate. Apply at the Broadway House. _ al 3f re TO LET?Cms ofiha most desirable country-re?ul*n | e-s on this island, situate wilhiu half hours rids ol the ,i hv Hall, consisting of s spacious and convenient d wel In,, nib stihle nail otlier outhouses sttsshed, with a large giuWn. containing every variety of fruit, aand ornamental H*** thr I heiy Ii,t | articular! enquire in Wd street, first house east olid l,, nut mh 13 !?*!? TO LET, r.nd imm*divte P wsession Given?'lhe S nir No 97, Hh.RALD BUILDINGS, Nassau street, ^^?wilii I .miiier, Fixtures, Shelves, Gas Lights, Siove and FITHTivc read, for lh? rceeptio.i of suy respectable merchant ?'a|V,'It""djoining Store, No. 99, from th* 1st of Msy next, occupied st present as s hoot and shoe shop, equally complete ?n every lespset. For Inrthsr information, and ii-rms, applica tion made st the dssk of the office ol the H.rsld. satire UNION COURS LONG ISLAND. "THE LATE PROPRIETORS of the BICACON COURSE ? T foaTrotting,respectfully infi rm the Public, who bare so liberally nationued ih m for the last four seasons on t h- Beacon Course, that they, together with Hiram Wooiruff, hire taken the Umou Cqurte for the comicg se .aon for all porpoaea eacei.t toe union uour?c lor the comicg se.snn lor all porpoaea eacept racing. During the aeas?n liberal Puraea will be offered for Trotting, Hurdle Hating and Foot Racing. The following Trotting Stakea and Purse ia offered, to come off the last week in April .? Stake No. 1?Free for horaea nerer trotted for a Purae, mile heata, beat 3 in 5, under the raddle Sub. $100, H F. Stake No 2? bree for horse* never rrotted for a Purae Two Mile heata in karneaa. Sub. $100, R. F. Stake No. 3?Free for horsea never won a Purae, over $'0, Two Mile heata. under the Saddle Sub. $100, 1). F. Stake No. 4?Same aa No. 3, in h?meii Stake No. 5?Two Mile heata under ihe saddle, free for horaea never won a Purae nve* $100 Sub $100, 11 F. Purae $?30, Two Mile heata in barneaa, free for all Trotting horaea. Enlriea for the Stakea and Purae to be made on or before Tueada/, April the 8th, at Green's A Losers, No. 180Chatham street, by 9 P. M., three or more in eacloto make a race. m3(l 10c* rc Neapolitan bonnets" THE UNDER8IONEP, Patentees and Manufnctur PJyfera of the Neapolitan Buunete, reapectfnlly infirm the trade (hat they art now ready to supply the above article of the latest style aud of superior quality, lu to suit purchasers. They warrant that they can alter end clean (lie Bonnet to rp pear equal to new. Buyers are cimtinued against an inferior article of the kind in ihe market. (The genmne article, for which we received the silver medal at fair ol' the American Institute, has our ticket upon it.) Apply to THOMAS VYSE. 172 Hewl street, or at the manufactory of PATT1SQN, NOb A CO., fi8 2tawSui?rc No 23 Oelaney atreet. STRAW GOOD?, <fcc. FLORENCE, BRITISH STRAW, AND LAt E BRAIDS AND BONNETS. of the above of the best fabrics and of tht new -at aud moat fashionable descriptions are constantly importing, and offering for sale on the moat desirable terms, by THOMAS REYNOLDS, mhlS lm*m 167 Pe ,rl am et. ALL fa moa FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, iSrc. LJENRY A KAHN, 73 Libeity street, up atsira. Pave just re O ceivrd and offer for an It a complete das.rtmeiit of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in bnnchee, sprigs and single. Materials for do do, and all kinds of WATER COLORS, for flower manufacturers' use; amor g which is a liquid pink color of very superiorqualitv. Also an invoice of PARIS CAPS, fur Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair Pius, of latest styles; and a lot of splendid Engravings plain and colored. ? mhll 2m*r" FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS LOW1TZ & BECKER, No. 341 John Streets 'AVE Received by the last Havre packeta, Utiea and Argo, ? an elegant assortment of the latest and most fashionable styles of biench Artificial Flowers, which they offer for sa I a? moderate price*. uih20 lra*m H' /inn nnn HAVANA 8EOAKS, imported by M. AN 4UU)UUU UULO, for sale at 27 Liberty street. Among them will be found Cabanas, Do lmneriales, Regalias, Pane IIIV in mil UC IUUUU VDIPIIIU) uw IISIITI iaiv.1, I telis, Cubrey Werner Segars; do small sizes; N; mas, Urraca, San Romau, Delisics, Colnnas, apoleons. Nor nas, Urraca, Ban tiomau, ueiisics, uomnas, Do Penatelas. iou* oth-r brands. Also, Old Tobacco, from the above auu va lous oin-r rranut. ain.oio suoacco, irom me aoove well-known houses, just imported by die Christoph Colon and the Rapid. a3 3m?rrc GENUINE IMPORTED HAVANA SEGAnS. fPHE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale at wholesale and retail ?t the following choice b-andi of Segan; in point of equality there is none superior in this city Ugnez Regalias. Yufeuiudad, do Pauetelas, India, db Small sizes, Palma Celebrads, La FragauSia, Canuues, (for the Sonthcrn Norma, market.) Venus hpetelas, (of various brands.) Cabana, (suitab'e for London Kgulias, do do market.) TmboCos, f'strrlla, do Eeperauza. Noriega, (of superior quality.) Strangers, citizens, and the trade generally, would do well in cilliug and examining this splendid stock of began pierions to purchasing elsewhere, as all the above Segan are genuine Imported Havana*,and contain nothing but Tobacco of the first auubestquality. D. M. HENRIt^UES, m3! Ira* rrc $1 William street. rpHE i- sai WHOLESALE SEGAR EMPORIUM. -E SUBSCRIBERS offer for sale a large assortment of Se gars, made of best selected Havana Tobacco, and having been manufactured six mouths, are now in fine order, and can lie sold 33 per ceut lower than the same qimlity of Imported :yj?ars. Havana Regalia* in 2th* and lOths, Cazadoraa, Washington La Norlhas, Espemnta, La India, Lu tin omjiensa, Jusia Sanz. Principees, FanetAa, Ac. Ac Together with a large assortment of Imitation Began of every quality aud price, for sale m lots to suit purchasei* by mhll lm?ec KENNETH A LAVEKTY, 72 Wall st. fABEK S E G A R FACTORY, T1 Division Street, NEW YORK. '"PHE UNDERSIGNED have establisiied au extensive Segar 1 Factory, at 71 Division strett, New Y ork, under the diire rionof.Ylr. J. VV. hKOW.N, who has been ruivriiiundent of one of the largest Factories iu Havana, for nineteen years. l b- folio wing kinds cl'Segas, mauuf.ictured in 'he Faber He v;ar Factory, and of which a largo stock 11 now ou hand, will lie fruud equal to any Havana Begun 01 corresponding style and age;? Imperial Regalia, Trabucos, Common Size, Regalia, Punetelas, Loudon Size, C as adores, < . ones, Principe, All boxed iu Oe-II ivuna style. The snbseriben have settled tlie Son of their Senior in Hava na, for the sxpresi purj ose of selrcting Tobacco for tlit-ir Facto ry, as also for the purpose of selecting Segnrs suitable for this market They have now on hand, for salt a large stuck of Hai una Se vers, entitled to debenture, of the following brands: La India, YVoodville, La ( ab.jia, Noriago, Fragrnuzia, La Norma, De Move, Cnaiey, Espermza. Lord Byron, Upman, Hiondo, Esculapins, Minerva, La Kami, La Palma, Victoria, Colombia, Dos Hermaros, La Paz, Also, Principe,'be. ,'OAn II. FABKK A CO , 157 Jm*rc No. 1 New str-? t, corner of Wall. SMOKEY CHIMNEYS. GOODWIN'S ROMAN CEMENT CHIMNEY POTS 1X1MH ' TT Anr tmv Br.iT Prfvkrtstivh for Smokvv Chimivkv* Slate Bool's repaired and ?warranted tight. Gothic nndlOrua mental Chimuey I'ou from Drawings. !tc. Kntntn Cen eat, frtih, iu l?t? to init purchasHTi. C-Sii) it ' M WaeiBrsadvsai ? near Ch-rabera street. ? Stawtm'rc MRS. 'CARROLL'H MEDIC .T;:.D VAROUK BATHS, .ISID Broadway. A/f ANY persons hire heard of the rffi-acy of Mm. Carroll'* h'-l VniKiar Baths as a remedy for and as e. prevaotive of colds, iaflueuias, rheumatic affectit n?, 4tc he. Although its b ne fiu in such cases cannot be overrated, it should not be fount tru that as a luxury the Vapour Bith is universally preferred to ev-ry oth*r mode ? f bathing Many ate d'terred from trying it from threrroneo. s idea of its being a formidable oprntiim at tended with incouv-nience in the admii.iateriog?N > hath can b* more simple, safe and pleasant than t e Vap ur Hatn as Kiw u at "-re. Carroll's establishment. Some, contmr\ to tlie pancipletof phyriolory rnd common sense imagine that there is danger of takiug cold after a bath; the circul tion by the ef fect of the ba h is rendered more active ind h ? slip Is bet r cu abed to resist the influence of ihe atmosp tere- henr.i the idea ot catching cold after a bath, is absurb. Opeu from sit in th* morning till tat night. Portable Baths sent to any part of trie city. Sulphur Baths require one hour's no'ice. lhe'L'aths will be removed 1st of May to 104 Fulton street. eg lm rrc CONGRESS COLLAK. BKAUTY CF 8TYLK and elegance of finish unequalled before.?Our new style of Collars, which have loug I wen ?vairi x, are now it'u-d. and are to be louttd ?t ihr manulactn - ? r's only, at the old stand ot MAUSH ALL'S only Troy bhirt IVpot. 'jOChtih ni street, New York. *11 orders shoold In the earliest date, as this pattern will in all probability revolutt m He ,11 y . tyle ever b>fore got up in this market He member, at ilie old stand of Marshall's. 90 Chatham street, N. Y. N i >nd price, on any consideration. N. B ?We li-ee also manuf cittreil a large quantity of those newttyle 17 I'leat ohirts, which cann t oe toned in tbe city. A* the pleats are all sowed down, it will obvinte the difficulty ;n i oninc th'in. at 4 im'ec Ol'MCEUf JEFFERSON INSURANT!'. Ut< , I No, JJS Wall street, opposite the Kxchange. ) 'PHIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and da" A mage by tiro on goods, wares and merchandire, and also, agiintt loss oy inlano navigation on vessels and th"ir cargoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thorne, Klisha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Auaou Baker, B H. Kobion, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allan Mines Tuck, r, James K. Holmes, John H. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee,v ? 'lhora, Caleb C.Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P, ftige, Eugene Bog irt, JohnC. MeniU, Kobert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNd, President. OlO. T. Horn, Secretary. ni re PORTER, ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, WO. > ANN STKKKT. next door to the American Museum, returns his sincere thank* to his friend* and the public generally, tor the very liberal share of patronage already receiv ed, and hopes by strict attention to business to merit a continu ance. m. , a , t FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter, Newark Cider, Croton Ale, London Brown Stout, . ... and Scotch Ale. Or.lere for shipping atr-nded to with despatch mhflec ...... ...... ti.i -inirii m wun oespacrn ninu-r Ask for Ring's Verbena Cream A ",B '?be no other,! you would eidoy grei eool aillnt1 J1"' a*"I ?Orefort.lnShaving. It is trcomineuu d in lu coufi ante, as being lh? very best Shaving "oip in existence ? I here never was anything tnatapprouchrd it in virtues peculi.t I, lUowu It it now made by the nrigiaal inventor, much i proved both in appearance mid quality. To merrhauts it w ,(lord a heiirr profit lad gltre better satislaciion than any oth TV 7 l 1 V, ? ~ ? ?? ?? tiwnvnuii mail any oini which they can ??II. All are requested to call and see the art c e as now prepared. Tnose who purchase st Itt Broome sir* or 80 Maiden Lane, cannot fail of geitiug the ue plus ultra ? m dern inventions. For sale by lhe inventor, CHaH H. RINO,at *M Broom*street, a* lm*r* between Broadway and Bowery LODGINGS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, AT THE N A 0*8 UK AD No. 3 BaRclat S-rarkT, egAR BroAUV.AV. The Sttbacribet hiring fitted up UAWly fircislieti several rooms ec'iicected with tlos Establishment, solicits a call from his friends ud * public. .JAMBS BYRNES. JAiVltS LAti Y, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO ? . 15* William Street, corner of Ann, New *??, tJ AM always ou hand a select assortment of tin" moatjatluou il *ble ?'-y'e goods to V* found in the market, consisting of CLOTHS?English, French find Ameman, of almost every " C a/sIM E 1U'&^V^lck,t!lM?a^Str1pe,^ Figured and V^sl'V MTS--y/lIV Satins, Marseilles, Cashmeres, AVI ''/lis^f while Matin, fiitnred and plain, rich light silk Velvets, far , for ball , and parties, with a great variety of other goods, I,,,, uumeroiit to particularise, soluble lor every season. Ge.itlemea pntronilting ihis establuhmeni.may rely upon hav ing their garments made op to order tu the best Possible manner; and every satisfaction OS to quality, fit, and worku.ansl.ip .">'-The Lowkst Cash Prick w ll 1* asked, from wl.iah no .eatkmint WIU.BE made; and in Older to insure against bad debts by which some would be obliged to pay mote to make up fir the uon-piyrneiH of others, Ca.ii on Dkuvehv will in all ca*\fs<u,i7baiid, a select esaortmeut of Ready Made < lathing, , Office Coats, funis, Vests, Dress and kroclt Coats, fee., kc., ?t ^ r'Geutlen"?efuritl.!.ing their own good. cat. luvethrmw.J and rimmed it. the b-sr pats'ble manner. <? good fit warranted in all c .set, or .he price of the doodsr-o.rue,!.! at the follow- , i"g prices;? I' tits a. .1 Veau $1,75 to $2, Dress Coats $7 to $10: Frock Coats $8:o?12; other garments tu proportion. tnhlS lm*ec THE CASH I'AILOILING ESTABLldHMEN 1* OF 1 Wm Blttttli!*??<"!> B "niifaro, DtT FULTON STREET, TM THE I'LACK for all those who wislt to sup; ly their ward ! I robe v.iai good fitting garments ..t reasonable Prices- 1 he subscribers can assure their friends aud tee public ths - leyeii let no one surpass them in the tailoring business, 4 Msuds Llie ne it est it le 'h, ueatr-as of their tits cud loivuess of prices, 1 hivlitg^n haiKl a well selected assortment U Clot!.. Uw; meres aud Vetting, of every desirable style. Also, geritleingn. outlUtrng, comprisingevery aiiicle that is usual! y wot n. . We have the confidence that we can please t te most fasti d'u?at pleasure will be User to show our style, of fashion and goods to all those who will favor us with their patronage, lie- j collect the place. 127 Fniton .twej^ MATpH, K8SKN, mhil IniTrc M B- SANFORD. cvENTLlblviEWC; LEFT Oh F W AKDKOBP., the HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Oentlepiej 1 or Kami lies who are desirous of coBTertiAg their leu off *Faml\iMPorr'<icutlrmen quitting the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effryta to dispasoof, much to ih-ir auvanuisre to send for the Suuscriber, who w ill ibend at their residence by appointment^ipjg jry 406 Broadway,'up itaus \ line through tho Post Office, or "?.horwu.e, wil r'cene ?rot,ipt attention. m27Jm?rc_ CJKCOND HAND CLOTHING .AND FURNITURE O WANTED?And the highest price given lor ell kinds or e st off clothing and good second hand Furniture, j"'?""* wishing to dispose of the rame, will do well to call on the sub jctiber, or audies. a line through the Pott Office, ^h'ch will be punctually attended to. ^ Chatham s^L N, V. N B. (Constantly on hand, a aeasouable assortment of gen ileni'u's Clothing, cheap for cash. n>29 lm rc_ NEW YORK HOTEL, 7?1 Broadway, Maw lork City. THIS new and splendid establishment opened on the 1st ol 1 December last, situated in the moat fashionable 'luster of tliecitv is now in full op-rattou. lb* entire fiont on Broad way, between Washington and Waverley Plaee*, htui b ranged tu suit-- of apartments, acd furnished ini the W9" -ml elegant manner for tl.e nccoinmodattou ol lamtltes and im g e geitilemeu, aud no pains will be spared to render the most oeriVctsatijfactionio all who may favor the house with their natron'ay. fawi'I be conducted on the European and Amen C-U^ystems combiued. leaving it optional with person, to mke mtwls at 1'able d'Hote, in private parlors, or a la Carta, a. may *UThe>Iocat?rn of'he lionse, the nJ|mb" heantifnl parlors, the spacious and airy halls, reader it a most a?.rideUt< f0t thJ^H.'B\LtlNO^yp"opriewr ml lm^m B. M ON NOT, Restaurateur. BOARDING. MRS. O. FISH, 1S5, 137 and 189 Broadway, NEW YORK. , . . . The Public and Stranoiibs visiting thecitv. a-e rat|*c"ui |y informed that the above ptemtaes have Leeu fitted up in a su ii.rior maimer, fortlie enteitainmeiit ol Permanent and IVantient Boarders The location is pleasant aud central to business?tbeapau ineuts spacious, light aud airy, aud' handrnm-ly fum shed throuKhout with new furniture, beils, bedding* lne tail e will be abundantly supplied with the b?-st the marUei affoids. Transient Board *l V0' u*y m26 lm-rc SCOTT'S BAZAAR * . J7 Dey street, between Broadway and Greenwich. SANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thinks t > his friands and the ptblie at laiwe, for the liberal aUimort rrceivfd since he opened tho above house, aud hopes, liy the same strict att-ut.ou, to m-nt a continuance thereof. The qualittea ol Ins Ales, i Wines, Liquors, and Mrgsrs, axe toj well known to nead comment 1 ne best Oysters the ma-ket can nnord sc.ved up in everystyle; likewise a larce assortment of refreshments to be h id at all houti, nnttl 12 at night, *UBee?steak?, Welsh Rsrebita, Mutton Chops, Sardiner, Fried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Ham and Eggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached F.gts, 'lea Ik Coffje, Ike. A Rood d nt er of roast aud boiled tn-ats for. tie shilling, every davlrom i 12 to 4 o'clock. Dunliu Btown Stout lalwacs on draught. Femiliea ? applied "with the but Scotch and Irish VVhts , i,key "ooT/Aomi'aToJrtfvVle Perries, at all t.tne. ready-free gra tu for nofhittg ??? RMSIi HOOKS. Stc.-JOHV ^J^rteV^I r ol CI,II street importer, f Hooka, aU^oi. njoner au^ ^uim^d^r"in, plVd"in 'mHl'."nd large quanttii-. on tlw most lilwr.t" erms, and tlia loweil poaatble |s)1 MxV'TthV'mmuLciue^ric?* It Oil amb.osaud^^ OUO sifls worn $ux. of vsriou* qusltt r,w?_?jg PU \ no?I he cargo o'th- ship * ' ikspea e, from l?-A> ?? Ij" I. te espurimeuis in t ncland sod 'His . be. equal ifVt superior in quil.ty to Pe.uvtan, kor a.le t.tloj l-> suit pu,chasers, b. ?_ K_ COLLINM 8l "O., 5? Mouth st. Who hive for s le the b-st auilieutita.ed w-wk on Gu ita a< OLGAR 3j"hhJbT prime New Orleans. Urdu g from sh.,, b Archrlius, I'tom Y k'i'oLlINM^fc CO. 56 South at. Aim l'. e Fu'itituri ? f t am ly re., ov.d f r cun>amei ee o sah*?snpe'h Fr neh mirror, a fine p.iua lorle diersmg kretns '?'JtUotT'llM-M Ills o dock Lhe balance stock of a gro I , r| emitpr.iiui'A ^ ,.,M ? sortmaut of m,ele. m the l.oe ehoice .V'.^aOT Also, nv oiMu; .lie ."i .snti s glsstes. 5 Cimunng hous ? "c l.?. AGENCY FOK THF 3ALE OF BRONZE i uWDhbS. THE subscriber ha. been '<??>*? t...{b?the,n.a..ufs?ure,"f have a large Msoitirr. ?t al .a ay. on land Jf-;' sapssJiMS;?J ?? pense of importation. JlfKETT, Wholesale Agei.!. mJI lm-ec J" " fiii. W CoTT^kf ?rc?. BRONZE POWDERS. .... muv ?Ara* best and cheapest Brirxe, in all shades and quoit re. ? eotrebautiy iulputted djree. fr... Oernvaoj- ?" fc^h2ir.m.?bT t>4 WalVstjeet. New V^orh. GHURAiH'-S VFfiFTARl.E LOTION, FSm Church's VipM^ LoTiom w ilj'Vffec\ually mSy?earB|bRud ^"uovr ctwstdweUw! ^^[gg ^Jwery' taThe toilet. Mid in bottlxs. Rt 75 cents each, at ^Bowery, corearol Spring street ? ? EXANDER'S TK1COBAPHE. A NEW AND INVALUAbU DISCOVERY, being a A Liquid Dye, which inatontaneousK abanges thecojor of the h?, SJT&aSfi? brown or black, .wuvy t? ^a.ror .kin- The superiority of this Dye eou'ism in . . ? mods of ai pfication, and instantaneous effect all ot'ter 0V requiring frnm teu to twelve hours to produce a v , superioa escellence will be appareut to every one upon a stagl "tuKtfmm the ? Philadelphia Daily ?an ''-ALgaAliDka'. Tricobabmb.-The effect ?f the above on the hair i?t?'V" r<>. Uhing. It w it tri-d yesterday in our oSCe, and UM chaoge from itrev to bUck war lnttauUiieou*. , r Eitmetfrom the " Philadelphia Daily b"??; "^' alna our acqusiutanc. s have recently applied hi their hat? ih? nils ble liquid Dye Uuown as Vlrssndrr s 1 rjtohsphe?anew ana vsluable discovery; audit has in no cam (kited desired effect. Immediately after apply ing tt to (pay hair or whiskers, it imparts a beautiful brown oi j'wk CJ_ '. a.h.h. For sale by hushton fa Co. d uggi.u. 110 Broadway , A.piu wall.M Wlfliam street; J >bu.o?, Mo re fa laylorjSI Matdei lane; J. W. Wright fc llo. 2 Ceffer airwt. and of the principal drnutfisU thronghout the IJ. S. or ol wie ag^ut*, R. fa. G. A. WRIGHT, 23 South 4th street, m24 lm?ro Philadelphia. SALT AND FISH STOKE. lA/l BBL8. Salmon, No l.tandt. ^UU too bbls. Blue ktah. " IH uvii. Ml." r la,I. . ?j tn'i Ni?a. I, x, mi?t I ivsack'iel. #00 belt<e to d? ? it'J do No.) Mudud. ,0 fell bbls Ne. 1 Baybrook rfhad 100 bbls I od and Scale Fish. 400 do No. 1 Gib'd H err lag too kegs Dutch do loon ins Smoked lialraoa 140 UitS Soused do >00 do Monno aea I ougae 100 qU? Cod Fish, suitable for anipptag cO* sacks Ashum's 1 alt. 50 half and 50 quarters mess Mackerr 1100 b ikes Digliy Heiiilg 100 quarter barrels ivslino* ZmTmVi10*"nV^N^W^LS ft CO.. II Ley*. Boston. [Cotrespondeuce of the Herald.J Boston, April 7, 1845. The Pure Water War?Detachments to Water town ; ?Native War in the City Government? Widger , vi. Ga{fitld?Loco's tare to Win?Morton gone to j Washington?Williams come back?Queer In- j dians in Town?Ancient mode of Burial ?The So koke method of Marrying? Wontieri of Steam? Cockney Fops, fyc. We are going to have a great fight here in Bos ton, before long, a regular cold water fight. It will be a kind ol a triangular contest, something like the celebrated duel recorded in Peter Simple. In the first place there will be the Long Pond advo cates peppering away iuto the backa of the Charles River advocates; in the second place, the Charles River folks pouring it into the rear of the no water champions; and in the third place the no wateri'es banging away at the Long Pond champions. You m'ght naturally euppoae that the whole question wan settled by the action ol the late Legislature upon the city petition in lavor cl Long Pond. But BO moll thing Our wise law-given in their we ll r charter gave the city government a choice cf L'Uig Pond or Chailes River, and also put in a pro vision that the charter should be accepted bv a mtijority <>i the legist voter* before it should he in force. So you see toe whole matter of water or no water is again to coine up Ik lore the Bostoni ,1-13 "in lowi meeiiug uSsetnbled," and you know enough o( the Yankees to judge that they will also iry to drive the city government to the ? lection.of one. or the other source ol suppiy. Tioh is, ;n Uriel, the ground w oik of the wait i Untile, cl winch the skirmishio < at the outwork^ ure already com mencing the newspapers, fa add a little to the gloriou <onftision into which the whole affair in now t t .vii, the Legislature have also required the i' lit of the town ct Watertown on Ciia.lee ttive , taking the water from that source, and consrquen'ly detachments of 1 tie Boston beligerents will be S'.-nt '.o that town to influence the action ot it* citizens in town meeting. Great country, iu ilnding Texas, isn't it I The city government, just a' pr ?sent, is canyin? on a very pretty littl- domestic war ot "li itiveiain" versus whiggery. The Mayor ar.d B ::.rd c: Alder men are all " natives," und the Common Council is mostly whig, with a moderate s(;rir.k!;ng ol locos. Th^re are several ciiy appointments ol some value, which are made by tin joint action of the 'wo branches, the Aldermen by courtesy hav ing the initiative. As a consequence of this, full blooded natives are chosen by the AlJermeu for these rfiices, and the Council non-concur, and choose full blooded whige. tio they keep it up, pnllinr atid hauling like boys at oppos te t uds oi a rope. Just now the Aldermen have chosen a " na- 1 live," yclept Widger, lor superintendent of one ot the bridge.-, nnd the Council hive on their part chosen on. Gaftield. These differences give rise to the most bitter (eelings. which tend more and more to the sundering of the " universal whigpsrty" ot Boston, and out of the w hole scrape the locos must profit, and no mistake. I have little or nothing else to tell you in the way of politics just how Morton has not as yet entered on his duties nt the Custom House, and there is a rumor abroad that he has gone to Wash ington to get the lay of the land there, aud see what will be expected of him when he takes held. Williams, the present Collector, has just returned from his fool's errand to Washington, and blows up his two coffer advisers for sending liirn on as ihey did. It is certain that if Williams had made enquiries in the proper quarter, and in person, before he lelt, insteud of trusting to a band of bot tle-nosed and stupid pimp*, who coined lies to suit him in the absence ol authentic information, he might have learned that he was already superseded, and bv that means have saved a hundred doilais travelling expenses, nnd a hearty iaugh at his ex pense. But th" truth is, the men is such a con summate nss, that he don't know how to act, dm, after all, it is of precioue little im; ortance hove he does act. He is a narr of the scum thrown to the surface by the Tyler tempest daring the last four years, and in thpsc more quiet nnd rational times, will be buffered to sink to ihc bottom ngnii tood lor snuipin, sane, nnd such like fish. There has been a nurr.b-r ol Indians about oir city for some days past, iron thr Eastward, sel ling the fancy articles of their simple manj.-.cture, : uch as b isk< ts, moccasins, and the like They in c covered with brass and ti" ornaments, being nctu I o'.ed by a love or such trifles like the pr* decruEors j of their race. They are Boni" renily handcoine le males among them, and some fine manly turms, but thev all wnn to be imbued with aspiutof spathy or sluggiehners. These Simon Pure "ru - tives" are the descendants and oulv remains of the S ikckes tribe, a division of the Peiiobscots, and inhabit an island in the Penobscot river, opposite called,situated just twelve miles above Bangor. These people, in ancient times, had a .iost singular mode of burial lor their dead, and, indeed, it was practised until quite lately. It was *s follows s? The body of the deceased, after ha v ng undergone the usuai ceremonies and inoanta ti'>ns, was buried by bending down a young tree ntil its roois are turned up, then excavating sut .uent earth to make room for the body, which ?as placed in the cavity, after which the tree is p-rmiued to spring back t? its upright position, thus formingthe grave. There's an idea lor you worth chronicling. There some queer stories told in relation to these people, rtlative as to the manner of choosing their mates, which is said to h-' much ufter the mode adopted by the leathered nib", viz a hut-band and -vile living together fora twelvemonth?the -pring beingthe mat; leg season There's another idea t r your readers. What an age do we live in. A quaint writer has v?mewhere remarked tha* steam has set i's loot upon pastoral I'ie ca effectually us gunpowder upon ? hivulry. We hardly realize the benefits we enjoy through this same agency ot steam The Herald, tor instance, flying Irom your cteam press at 4 ? "clock. A M-, by ihe tame po*'ei of steam is transmiti, d to this city, some- two hundrtd and i i eniy notes, and is n od i>v thousands of the B 'S r. niftns. before tnnset the same day. The Royal Mail line of packets to ihia port cr .a the ocean wnh "he utmost r- gul rity through the same agen cy, bringing important ..ewe trom the whole of Europe. This t,i wa you t k- good care to liRve -,e fir. t haunting ol hi N w York, and through I'm tiger,i y ot c'earn'io *t r.d all over the s'ouih one d .y io advance ol the Wall street pre s. The English aieamriejuet alluded to, whit It nre tiinost we? k!v bnnging over to " ihe S'nes" pi? encers from the old eountry desirous of getting r ?'ink at Brother Jonathan, ?'?mei'inc8 import queer cimens ot liunm: liv TJ.ry ate gent rally lug ih'sknvd gentry,.wit; coats ot a horse-jock' y cm. r-d bats ol a cockney style 1 observed m e a frw t)s since qu>zzing (tie M?rchsnis Exchaiikc iupugh a stick.. g eje-gliea. winch by won it tlul process wa him e t< ntuw it- place at the eye without the aid of 'be. iced. lie wa* 'be b?st specimen of a cockney fop I h tve yet h en. carry ..ig, lik. the test ot tits t lu s, Insbr:.ins;: hi-(K>ck t . and hU accomplishments o.i hie fgriron. Many i f these chann inak" vour c"y a eaii?>.iu muy know them by the eye-glaeu rijr.rcsa'd ; th'y al ways have them somewhere in sight. Heaven help their optics. Gcy Faux. PrnTldtnte. f{'ftrre?pi'"",rr.cs of the Herald.] PnoviDr.ncK, March 7, > 1 o'clock, I' M. J Trial of Nicholas 8. Gordon The Supreme Court of this State was in rcssion tlno morning at 10 o'clock, for the purpose ot com mencing the ?eeond trial of Nicholas S. Gordon, charged with betng un accessory belore the fact to the murder of /, ma&a Sprague, late of Cranston. The first trial of the prisoner, you will recollect, resulted in a disagreement of the jury. At the hour appointed the court-room and galle ry were crowded with spectators Chiel Justice Duitee, nnd Justices Hale, Staples and Brsyion, were on the bench. The counsel for the State, Blake, Attorney General, and Potter ; ni.d the I c tunnel lor the prisoner, h ndgers ol Boston, and lOarpenur, nnd Curty, ol this ettf, were in their | place. Among the spectators I noiiced the Hon. William Sptague, brother ol the deceased, who, from the fact of hia being frequently in conversa tion with the counsel for the State, 1 should judge lelt much interest in the trial. Margaret Gordon, taster ot the prisoner, was also there. She sat by I l ie side of the untortunaU Nicholas the whole ol j ihe forenoon, and look-d tbeverv picture of unef. Nicholas looks pale and catc-woro, or, rather, | irouble-worn. The case was called, nnd the names of about ! ninety jurors wrr? read ; eighty-tour, I heli- ve, an- I ;; vrrr it to their names; of these twenty-tour were 1 regularly drawn jurors, the others were brought in on n tvniM' issued hy the court The prisoner is entitled io twenty peremptory challenges. The indie.tiuint w#t ilien read. It is a very leuglhy document, and the reading ot it occupied . Unost an eternity of tune. 1 have heard it read t Tee tiines bi-torc, aud you may gnppoM I felt > ry much this morning like making n m ; ion to spenee with so stale a ceremony. The frequent > lentiou in it ot poor Jo>.n Gordon's name, brought J i " my mind in all its frtahaeu, that leirtWe hung i ig beetle which I witnessed a hort time siuce in l ie S:ate prison yard. I could see. th* fallows?? (it still hangs there, by the by, wailing tor another victim)?the halter, the sberirf, and poor Gordon, dangling in the air! I shall remember that scene whue lite remains. God gram 1 may never witnesa , nother like it. The indictment read, the work ot" empannelling a jury was commenced. It Wdw not finished ten minutes ago, when I left the court room. It is pro bible, however, that it will be completed betore the court adjourns lor dinner. I shall send you to-moirow what further trans pires, in condensed form. C. W. The Foot U?ce at New Orleans. Ten Miles within the Hour? Gildsrslelvk /Oain a Winner ? I'nis alluir came of!' on ihf :10th nit. over the Metarie Course. The day w?s s Ann as could have been desired, and the turn-out w;.s immense. No inch orov u has ever bet n stiea upon o ,. ce course in the South before. Ol the nine entries lour ? ul came to toe starting post, to wtt :?Gtlderslseve. kil wortb, Archer and the .M.?n in the Mu-k. Pui?. fAOO to "he persons performing tho greatest divance within the hour, provided that at least 9| miles be done?i.ine enti it ? at $o each. They took poaitiou us we have- placed taem, and ul the word went to the woik. Before tkny had leach e.l the firs; turn the Mask had taken the lead, but he did iiOt keep it long, tin trsheve assumed th? irout ra'.k, ?<mt maintained it throughout the race Th Ma k tan bout three-fourths ol a mile, and then incotitiat ntly mix ?t\ d; he was seen no more The fir.t mile w.m rui, in A 30, Gildemiervo being first. Archer second, and hi worth ? long way in the rear TI?e second, third and touith w.-Us were run, each man maintaining tus 1.1 oive pm. nun. when aft: r rrai bingthc i:e:t ng point, Klworths eg gera I, fell, aud was bony* off the i oind. Giblnileev' - ill kept up his ad", making his <m ?s iutxe. 1 nt and ii. dorm tun-. MeaitwUlio Arch . uad bat n giaduu j f illicg bui'k until bo had neoi t .he s and on bias: tit ntiie, 'then O dinhtrv who had g necleai lound.ird o 'ked him on hi seventh mil", (Muwwi him 1 vii. then ? v -tent to , very body thai Awjt". r had i.o cba'ioe in the ? sue, nod iie very w sely hbatiaom d the rontui Gilder si tevo mnlathe leiunning three mi' s slonc, runr>irj; tea ,r.iles it. ot) minutes and o0 aeConda ! ! Hsv.;^ done mot ' ? ban was required iHj miles ;n one hour,) liilderslceve ?vas ot cti i-I-declui.d Uie v ;ter,and rectivi d the purse "l thtiO Hi* w.iS g ni. *<y ih" ir..u,:.ud lot ked almost :<< fresh when he coocludrd es when be started. Tige lot ioAiitig is the summary oi'tho whole race ? Ruiine-g 1,1. Iid. 3d. s(A. wA. Qlhlth.BfA tirA. ltif/? G |<ier?l?ve........ 1 t I I 1 1 I I 1 I A teller 2 2 2 2 2 0 II 0 0 0 KU worth J J 3 3 0 0 (1 0 0 0 " H ii " Bolted. Time 1 ?Ssc... g S S ? Si n ? S S R t Personal Movements. Cyrus Curtis his hern rc-.lcoced Mayor of Hudson _ ,I??rd '? f6,t recovering from the accident which beieal him on board the Swallow. John IL Warland has ceased hii editorial laboiswitli t ? ''hrw Bedford Bulletin." George R Richardson, who Las lor sometime Ailed the office of D, puty Attorney General in Baltimore, fans hern appointed Attorney Genital of the State of Maryland .0 ^[he vac-mcy arising from the reilgnatiou of Jociah f aijby, of Dorchester county. Judge Pettit haa declined tbe re-appointment of Presi dent Judge of the Massachusetts District Court in eon !u-eleDC t!l3 reJucli:,u 01 thc "O'aiy by the L?gi<la ?I'min' nf Worcester, M.vs , h(t3 paid j towiirds th? purchase of territory in rr nrot Li bona, and Misses Waldo, ot the same place, $1 oon mere The Hon. John S. Skinner was in PhUadelpSk on r-i naay. An Ejectment Suit was brought b. fotu the Recorder at H rdsoii, on Saturday la.,t, to .upoisesa M-tlhew N Bur titck.ot 'Taghkamrlc, a tenant on ihu estate ot Robert vrft Livingston E q , ol NV* Vork. The Jury was not ont five minutes ue.lore they rend tied a verdict In favor 01 me pjaiiritiri. James Wfciteker, formerly a merchant of Newark bu4 I. /to some time past has been engaged in agricultural pur II.tint Irouton, hung himself on Monday morning. Mr. Dar.ce, of Iowa, has recently been found d< .ad in a ' house. H is supposed he wua shot by ' 'c ntJou a t 41 ?w'10 'alien a victim to his Varieties. A summary mode of settling tho license question has tu-enadopted by the Corporation of Uur.tsviLe, Alu, who .ye fixed the license lor retailing spirituous liquors, v. i hin one mile ot the couit house, ot $3,600. George Watkina, wlio committed a rope iu Worcester county, a short time since, confesses his real n .me to be bn Roach?that ha lurrmiiy b'c. d in (jrianviUe and <>?!? trieu tor a similar crime m Westfield, el out a'year ..qn. llis youth than raved him from the gallows The St. Augustine HeralJ of the 1st inst., ?jvs :-Mr eodore HinJsdale wet killed hy a shotgun in the har.,U 0 Majar C. Taylor, at Enterprise, on the 22d ult. Major ? xjlor was bailed in thc sum of $9000, by Ju.tee bronson, to await his examination, which was to take on Friday last. Four prisoners made an ingenious escape from the jnil "i Louisville, Ey last week. They to. k the wirta out of their baamn and picked the Jocks with them Mr. Hatch, who haa been on trial at New Orle it s for the murder ot Mr. Jackson of this city, in a bail room hit been acquitted. Henhy McCurrey?Tlits unfortunate man, 1 "nd xml'yand condemned to death for the murder 01 Paul Rcux, was visited in his cell, on Saturday morn 1-"i '86t| Sheriff Traci y, accompanied by F. Pi lkney, Esq , for the purpose of itifoimiiig bim ot the period designated by the Governor for his execution We have heretofore ttated that McCutrey, under the advise m nt and fnstru -tion of the Hev. Mr. Coskery, ol the ?"?thoho Chi rcb, htd given evidence cl his ret'ignation to death: and his demeanor on hearing the r ent ol the day fixed lor his ? xecutitn, gave lurth. r proof ? ' the taet. \V: en told that the visit was for the purpose ot officially informing him of the action ot the Governor signaling a day (or his execution, McCurrey hung his a' .id, cron.'d his hands upon his lap, and sank heavily i- his scat. The wi.rrant *aa read, and Sheriff I'racey b Xing him tei'.lorly hy the hand, remarkt d to ; im that he should not see him again ptohahly, till they should meet as desi/n ted by the war rant, on the 27th June, ad ! vised Lim to prepcre himself, hv davotiou 10 God, tor the occasion; assured him that he would attend to ta< fulfil, ment ol the requirements of the law, in pet son, to obviate ouy unpleasant excitement; end gave him aucb counsel J" h-enme the duty of a merciful and kind minister ol the I?w. During this time, McCurrey raised his head but once, ?-l aeeimdinanJihly to bo breathing forth prayer to Heaven When M. Traeey ,md Mr. Pinkncv were about to h ave, lie raised hlmn-lf up appo?nd eiie? r"ul and told th'TO ha waa ready to men the requirtm uts of the law. Thongh pressed d?w. by r< flections ol ?h? n ode through which he is to pass from time to eternity,?t tttirt bis spir it, staved by divine grace, n.ay p ninin in ?tu!e prepared lor lleavett ? R7 more Chpprr Jir'il 7 I.n M pmkmk Court, Aprti 5 IfM.5 ?'-tuircu : <) rt'trdeir?Motion m n t ctde default, tc ? . rj. m t'^. terms Uu'enpor ?t's |v s ? Motion expono I W. I'lmpktns p.y a i-nui ul muoe- ii '>9 nay*, crthr.t nn ut .schmei.t ia no gtvn el W.a-.ux v.M 2 M-?il.>n it i. c inv ot Jvrt-d to ft?r..l ..v 1 I), 1. xi >;i,?'i ?( I*., .it ? *r s 1 om-toelt, do i'O ' set uimir - at a te Vlin Wit si . ? loi.on or j.i 'z q. m ris. 11 uon Utr, f.ramid tic ? I--S pl.:l, - -1 .111. r - vn,l n v ct ,t- .'smm: P nv.Sir Vicion obaitge vrnu. *?"? 1 b ttr vsUrn ? ah' riff". O ,! 1'rl, G. .Maw.n to p. t .| ? acbhf at l.Jhc. t ll rd 1 ttun rvisi- ' 1 i ?)??? lut.ty . t Chi-mn: ?? .?!-? The Pr 1, ft ?? of ib,. . ,, rrutog < tm?: r. "k - Mou nt techM? ? vinn. ..?r.,cd itii e st*, wili.tnl (.!? jnd r. A '/nit ads SV|.*:..-1--t>ld'~r r.hsolutn thnt plan.tilt tile ?. cm I'v lor ens".?. Htlli talsd' ihs, pss'g.i-e, fc".?Mtit|en to ' * . * proe^cciigt it, n IU t on bind, grant.'! with coA. Bidder ndf Arkroll ?: /??Motion to change veiitt*, fro ltd I.y datanli., Ti i*is viCrugin ct al? Mot'on to oftvet Judgment, lie. granted nv detsult?.Magea it als Conl.y ? .Motion to cli.ngnv,. 1.tie, granted by default. Jn'he m .'tero Haifa'y va Wtl hiiiaon et si Motim expi/to ft' a cortiuinri, qra'df-s ?t.imo vj Fainha-n <t al, do do ?l))ehln?on ads Smith < t ?l -Motion tor Judgment as in 0i nonsuit, granted !?> d'lauit. Buxton sis Carlton, do lo..-Brown8 B.i~ r;ortli. Motion to set aside report of referee, and fur comniisaioo, d-nied wi.h cos's. Same ads dame, do do-.*tf<n.y elrfsts Lso'^lativk Synopsis?1-j Senate?Pt'tiiione wcie present! J (roni the meinbcrBol Bar in Otecgo and Onoitdsga countira, for special terms of the Hunr. me ? 'unit to b ? held at Syracuse; Irom Mechunics e.f Niw York and Brooklyn, tor appropriation* lo thc n'w North cm Slate Prison. Mr. Varian, f -om thc comatitfe. ct: ct? ' ??!?, report! d a bill, on the petiiion ot G W Sta tloi and "Tiers, relative to removing obstruction! in the .Albany It isin, which waa read and laid on the table. Its A sskMDLv this morning, after tbc reception of pMi t.oaa, in accordance with thc rulisofth- Loose, w ent int.) committee of the whole on the general ont r? Three or four ptivnq: bills wete gone t"rough with, when a long di.cnssion arnue on the bill lo inc. rporate the Ante "?an snl Foreign (Baptist) Bible Society perdir.g which the house took a recc.a until haU past three, P. M.?AfAa ? y Allot, April 7. WotiLi.wt aisd Cotton Factory.?Our fellow ci 1'."n< Sc'l'C. Joner, is now crigagetl convtruciing a iar." Woollen and Cotton Factory, ntar his large Saw ^ ul on ?t?h street ard Brown's Race The (nil hue Is . 1 let ait t-* I iroct, l(S) loe' long, and five storieshigb. It p. t > contain lu.uoo snindlts- fi euu for co'.ton an? 4 <NMt tor w.'Ol. The capita! employed will he about $100,000, a P rlivr, ot winch 11 owne 1 by Eastern capitslists. Lis e tlcubted that the Factory will ;,fl')rd employmcn' *o et as. 300 psmnua. Mr. J., we underrtsn 1, has recently ' ited Lowei! Ha is of opinion that the wiitcr poWej of t nctly is much !>"iter adapted for m:< niactti:ietr parpo ? than that ol L'tvoli, and that many ether dvr.nt.^es >r that purpose exiat .nr. th?t aie not loun.l at that place vn have plenty of s?on< tor Factories, while et Luwrl' [hay use brick exclusively, v h'i h costs $10 per l.Oftl laid in thc wall*.?RoeK. Mv., Jipril A Theatrical*, Ac. Mr. Blake, the stage manager ol the 'Valnut aireot Theatre, Philadelphia, came on i^re on Setuiday, pur I on ly to Witness the representation cf Mrs. Mowatt'j i w Cornedj'. Ha Made liberal arrangements with the ithor for its Philadelphia, v tier, ii will I pi a veil lor the fitst time next Monday evening Blake i -!<??? the prrt of Trucnian; Uiichings is cast as tbj Count, Miss Cushman ua tiertiude, Mra Blake as Mrs. 'l itany, VVh-mley as Howard, and Chapman as Snobson. rli6 Philadelphia manac^-r is resolved to produce the play :n a style equal, if possible, to that which the public hare iv.tueii.ed at the Pork. Signor Rape'.ti is at present in Boston, pertly lor roat n I recreation, but he has been persuaded to give a mu - oal entertainment at the Melodeon, in tha course of the l>: ' sent week. Mail. Pico's Conceit in Pbiladelpia, on Monday evening , w is well attended. She was atntted by Banquirico and Master Bconcia. The Infant Sisters arc exhibiting their vocal powers la Mobile. Mr Barnb torminat-d his ergagiment at the Walnut sheet Theatre, Philadelphia, en Monday evening. Pico, Satquirlco, Scorn ia, . id the Hue tun tons, are v iving conceits, till i WMk, at Ptnla lelph't Mis- Garcia had a very large aulionce at her concert o Ssi.nday eve,.,tig, n. boston, u..<l the performances v. ;e highly sutMactory. The Miairj Sloman gave iast concert in Balti mi te on M pi-Jay eveninu aliss Helen Matthews, ol wlnn the Philadelphia papara L ave spoken in high terms us a vocalist, is engaged at the Boston Museum. t he public theatres of Grrmany among their a< cist, ( [in le?s than dj who war*'bom in the lui.ksof Hie nihility, and who wen ic posso'sion ot hand' n-e for mm s previous to th< ir embracing a thcattical career? Tney are as foiluws ; thiee chapei-mosteru pii atetn ac ti is. twi-niy-acveiiaciresscs, luoi stale and eight feMole 'iraers. .nil <ne l.n.u.r In Krturr we have ft,'lie ? bat, hern I pt n > Mi quia* deBeing?,wtnh a r* if tt the V? .?????. now at the (Trench tfcta'r* at St. P ersMirg; bar sister, Mmc Kleury i?*?x-dir.ct<ra?o< lb<> lit u<'i, tfua-rc, ai d p< 11,Hps ?vtiul oiliers who<'oroi cod >i.?i thrms*lvei to possess suihcienl lalret to utow their uoWlRy. The Frksbxt in ihk Niamaka ?Annexed ate l-rfv r pHrticnlftre of ilie Ire shot at the north :? The western mail thi- morning confirmed the news of tl ;? ' is-ster tv hie'. bus taibii upi>n tho countij below the 'nikiof Niaga a, l>j the briakiug up of the ice on Lake K. m Tne depth ol the roe and water is vir ously esti tii cod, by litters tram i.ewiston and the Khfiulo papers, ji thnty to fifty 'vet. One letter, from the Postmaster at vfatM say? that tr.e wuivlionarr ?i ? pt from the t 'ksj Yotirgatow n thariug the same ? and the water ?g (April 4th ) The ?? nut! ? cial Advattt* ti."says thut'be storr'. oiiiih v> s. < (,b.I'ornell and T ; on, ut L a icon, .13 e Kisp ctinp the Gonads i .'ttbeiiv " ...o ". no- paragioph from the ?? i'hroi at Niag. i .t, i ci ! Lave <*? give you. Tne ? t is di'tcil'I hurstidy uu g '1 ho wharf li roinpauy i completely w d d many o the li ., tics supporting it tea thrown down, and a portion c it loud eeverul 1. ot above th- .?v?!. fears * ? i ??' ct inn* , pt r.oinn' hi t most of 'ho company'! v his 1. wotka would he cai I aw y, am. tbo st 'snitrs i . ock namely, the ( i<y <>t t ? i nto, !'? snsi?, and Quean, v. ith several smalieiTci ' v. t. . ????? ? ? id great jeo p my. Happilytbe ddin g h>- ii ' cc the com "?ny's property is confin. '<vi The w :er, last night, rose fn. . usual le viit, and Mr. Krazer, who liv?- , i. moved his f uiily oi.d furniture to a place < .m ail the goods v. "a taken from the company's u arc-iicuso wtthout da ni ge This morning the water has fallen to about its ' c. 1 level. So compact jv the ico that persons have croaa '' i i -nee to Youngstow n ujun it, and last night a bonfire ?' s lighted twenty loot above tlie surface of tbe water, 0 .'tud v-ry spot whert the " Chiol Jurtice Koliiaset," was uojrcd ibe pr-viousday. The " Chiet Justice" came ov< r y esterday but w as unable to enter the harbor, and chorvJoit the 'ott The violence ol the gale, however, -non drove her off, and she relumed to Toronto without is Ming either passengers or mails Ic koGhampiain is open from Burlington to Chimney r. int and through to 8l. Johns. ' he St. Lnwrenoe is open irom Montreal to Lsprairie. a d the papers of Wednesday wore looking for a general aking up of the river. EOULSTONE'8 RIDING SCHOOL, 137 .1ND 13t> MERCER STREET, ?ry . MR. JOHN 8 ROULSTONK has thehoaorto .oform ins lends, and the public in uroeraj, that his ^School for lustruction in Hcrsemanship is uow open levei,i it, asfoll'va Hours la Oentleu'cu, from < to I A. M. " " I edic? A. M. to S P. M >um of '.artnicticr. made known on application to Mr. F oltHiue. sl. K received from the courfry several fine and 1 > lisli Ijailuo- Horses, which he i: uuih"rued ta seli at a rea si'io lile price ui2irrc A'OLliYN 1MANOFOHTES. N' C.NNS it CL ARK Imving pmrhasril the patent right for i-v " Cotemri.', Ah'lieu Ati cb, em to'fe l'i uiof-rtelor ths ire 1 u.'rd 8l't's. (?ic?].ti:ig VassMchuselts ) a,.u, un<e to il ? poSiiC, that hey ale now pra|>si>u to su|i|>ly Pmi -f it*s i this improvement atiach-d, or to attach 'tw same tc any ?iern made hoMzottal I' .mcforlcs. In regard n tlw dorubili. ty T this iuvertion. St G. ai* prepand to aatisly the most pojudiceil muni, their own critical esamiiia'irn andaaynri " its w .iiraut tliem in the aitertinii, ibat the " AColian" will \ osin in nine iu any cliniav, and it wij no' be afftcteil by r isiiio-scf Ktm> sph-re. Tne most satiila<aory wrrr-:i .w is -? with "acli inatiamaut. i'he pablie are invited i" rxamir. tie "rEoiiii Pnnofor'-a" v their wire-room, No 210 ".oadway, oppovi ?? the Pa U, where >1 i may be fi.autl au nsa, rtmeut of 6. t.S ai.d 7 ocrav- ' laao f. - i l oth i'i rosewood and m.iboginy ciaas. i"2"6m*ic INs l RUCTION ON THE PTaTNOT A y IN V' R'GHT, Professor of Mnsie, informs his friends J ? ? and the public ill general, that he has made t.rruifemenu it living instructions on the Piano Korte. His style of im p . tug injunction is iierfictiy simple and easv, a,.d <s not sur ed, if equalled, by any otner style at preset t caught, com <i| nit all tti" grace nod elegance of eieeutum capable of being ill), irted on that instrument. He has already turned oat several o !/ pr ificitnt scholars, and the public will be satisfied as to ibilitiaa Ott fjviae Vim a trial. His terms are -I'uouable, <ii I we advise all 'hose in want of a teacher to embrace the oie I' tuuiiy uow offered. Terms, and all other information, made . wii on application at 172 Grand, comer of Mulberry street, t:like lm*ric i COACH MAKING. rl1\KK NOTICE?Practice milin Perfect?The anbacriber J 'saving devoted hiinaelf for th? laat twenty yeara, entirely ?'* ? J'oirh Makint; huainrat. in all it> various brauehea. he fe?'i fully aatiaAed hath is able to cite every satiifacnon in h atyie of C? riagea that may be ordered. Inference ra be given in any |>ut of the city at it regards hi work. All kinds of Carriage* done up end repaired in ihe ?:t umaiin*r. Light Wagona ar.ilCarnage caca'anily on hand, f;>i aale. Second hand Wagona taken in ttnhauge for new onea i.rothe s. C. BAKCALOW, 157 Fourth street, p4 2w*rc n'arbtn avenue. WINDOW SHADE DEPOTj No. 7 Spruce atrert, N. V. PHIS IS the only mannfaetury of any client in the United ' Stntea. Tba unbaetibera offer for aa'e .r inrpeetion, the larnumeronf and iplendid aaanrtmeiit of Shadra: anterij and :or ? ct repmnntatior* of the moat well known pnbite build nit * in Europe and tliia country on hand; wr rka rf art ard r. e only art* got up at tliia establishment We being both pro fe.< coital art au, tud well esp-rieuccu, v.e profeM to give f it tion when fart re I with order-.. tnh> lm*ec BAKTOL fc DK MAURY. J \ Ki'OT !>' K VI/ UK. i rjl.T UN I. of JOHN B. FALCO". I detier in Imitation Precou* Sr >uea, Venetian and Bohe i inn Beeda, eancy (Haas In'.tcua, tic , No 214 WilLum etieei. N*,v i'n It f2 laaeod#-e# CHOICK ANNUAL FLOWER SEEDS. i jm be mhierih r bepa to inform hit friend*. and the old ,t 4#|0ir na of Nibl"'a a e ?'nt.trrt .it ry, that lie ban rrieiv *4ke<l, por Vict ria, Iroin Li ndoo, an ritrt.aire ad choice ?i c ion f; c v blower p_eeila all warrant d gentrine ii. fnllnv. i. t pa k g? of 23 .u,e.b taiietiea ate row ready for ? lie?|" icr 11 .? Iilo* Utun ini.ndii?ap'endiil thow tlowera of all eo'i r?. Sch /. iitb i? I'. ie? ii Ittiu u?, Urahnniii, &c noted}?cnri 0 piii. flow era, i I w bite, yellow, orange >mii crjotaou. t'nitnlae* a S 1. ile.iaanil Thelametnii, miied?Very dwarf, b-illiant wirm n and ruti riimsoi, flower*. Clu. or M nitre t?Sradftom ciaoiaa prized i?u> ? r. i i / mi <i? lib n yellow ?lowera h.u"'- I'l'i, Ban ima?INnm ronach ci kinda mixed onn! 1 <2ni I d U irrian turn- }'<? ? tr ri o r, ??! i v ii Koa-a, Iirai.dillont, finrnirea. 'IMockii new varim ? fcr miaed?Very ahowy .flowera iroluwly, great varin iv of eoloia iuiiable for iraining, ko. , Hgooueit ? i weel aerated abvMt* ian. ( ruiMtianki.-Sn colcia on one, ngoroua 41 ?? tie. fn'tnp g .1 !u.a* t *i?r. " miphilt liirignii, U audifi .ta, pha?'.loid'*t new variety? N ii blue ritiwe with whit* centre. Nolan* atrip!ioifolia? Hhowf bine trailing flower 'la va tebrm, (geW)?YVhtla with geranium blotch luid atr!| ". t ? ineolnm reiegnanm or Canary Bi-d rto w er?Beagtifnl erir ar .i r, .?,fe?| f|,-r rp-ara line a canary bird, t bps man'fen We k Stock?'5?**ierkv rie*v-t miyed. \tnv llivlud r-s?lli,i<pio flowra. star tbaped roloraneh r;h ear blfo, wi h ecrioul and beautiful golden onlhira in the renlie. i eria Crewnofie, ? r Cary> White Rocket Cardytttft. i '"leohrytum bmct'aturn n hnm, (n w |? t bvim showy w1 i;e. ? sdeopaia, Atkinaoitia, Drnmnaadti, Klegana fcr , 5 kmda n toil?Flowrera brilliant, of cr >m. {t< bleu au J dark red colore, I' itched, alriped utd l|WR'd with Crimeon. f'.icknflei containing 5b ?a letiee for t2; 100 lUiettee $4. Vegetable b edaot the growth of '*14 V large collection ot tin ? healthy Item* iu fl .wer art in the ConaerraArr window. IbnioucU and Klowen alwaya on osnJ * i?W DAHLIAS?A fin* eollecnon am .tow nnder cnltiva tt< n. pi aula w ill be ready in due aeaaon. 'In'eig ats.ended to with proinptiirsa ami thankfully received By JOhN KHBINBON, (Late of Niblr>'a Coneerritory,) iiilili .mrc 'd* Broadway (ooaeree) cor. Pnu-e at. St'LLNDIL) ANU SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE FOR THE OKOWTII AM- RESTORATION, TO BEAUTIFY, DHEB8, CLEAN ANU BOFTr.N THE rfllMAN HAIR, And otherwiae improve and teaider it a Splendid Oraamant to both aeaea, FOR THE L"W PRICK O"-' THREE HHILLINOS. Ii FA I) e ll '? we aell three ahilling bottlea, that von may know V iMi ia not one of the hair humbuga of the day at $1 Wr 1 \|iect von to buy it mon than onca, aa we warrant it to poaeeas the following qnalitiea:? It will force the hair to erow on aav pirt where naunr intended hair 'o grow. atop it falling off, cure Si urf or Dandruff, and make light, red or grey hai- grow dark, r . I- dreaaing the pair aofl utd anky, nnthirg eaceeda wr It ie in deed. Uie moat economical, yet anterior article made Tor the b*if. It ia che.tiier than tin traah called hair oila and a will hi ep the h or in order with one application twice aa loug aa any ot er atlii b made. . , , , wthl price 2, 4 or 4 shilling! a hnttlm-nt tbeargn ot theAme 111 I gir. cti 'I..tin a-rei't New York; l? Hnitonatreet, w 4.1 1 St.te atree,, lloaton; 3 Ledger Baildtnga. Phtla . >i. o d Denne, l.toacwny. Aloany. mhir tm?ec BLEACHING POWDER. (PS ti(\ V YSKS I "id' 'uperior Bleaching I'owder, landing Trent OU (hip t nriii . from Livern-ol. anil for aMe^hv ^ ^ a< M Noa. *3 iv>.d *) .vaaanu a(.

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