Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD Vol. XI., Ho. 09-Wtaolo Ho. 4WI. NEW YORK. THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 10. 1845. Prku .Two CootK THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNBTT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD ?Every dijr. Price 2 cent! per copy ?$7 J6 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 8) cento per copy?$3 12) ecnta per annum?payable in advance. ADV ERT13EMENT8 at the usual prices?always cash in aiivnncn. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. {&?- All lot*err. or communications, by mail, addressed to the eetsbiirhmont, must be port paid, or the portage wili be deducted from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaeraiBTOa of the New Yoaa Herald Establishment, Northn-ert carrrrof F 'Ron and Nassau streets ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD OFFICE, No 50 Coiarl.imnel Street. , NOTICE 10 IMMIGRANTS. I the Suhvc'ibe*. Sole A*eoto in NewJ York, 'or forwarding inttugrri bv se-J ?*.? coad cIim ore from Albany to are ru*b'e>l to send tliem per I'aoplr't Line Steamboats to Al ban.", Kurl th new, i?r railroad, to Utrca, for S2.0O ; Hyr.cuve $i.??; Auburn, S3,Mi Locheiter, 84 61; Buffalo, 84.50. Chil di.ii f'oui 2 to 12 rears old, at halfpric*; under 2 yean free mud free' wataut, all b.iggags ou the Railroad ia entirely All information ..* to different rout'* riven rrati*, and pas senges for * arced to every port on Lake Ontario and upper Lak??, at the lowest rat-;*. The subscribers woald eall parti enl.r attauti .a to the tact that THEIR TICKETS ONLY are recognized atthe office at Albany. ?^?l? Aft* Albany A Buffalo Railroad, 2d clasa cars. SwffiL No. 69 Courtlandt atreet. New York, 8th Apnl, 1WS. a9 lm*re NEW YOMK.SCHOOLEY'B,^^ MOUNTAIN. BELVIDKReMMC. AND EASTON.?Leave the JfcJBESS* Lourtlaud ?treet daily, Sunday .eactpird, at 9 u clock, AM., by Railroad from Jersey City to Morris town then, e by post-coaAes through Mindham, Chester, tier man Valley, Schooler's Mountai., Anderson Town, Port Cal den Wasmngioii, to Belyideie and Eastern For sat*. uppiy to J.HI), at the Commercial Hotel. 75 Court land ntflwt. ?N U.-Extras furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to Churl * ' >n Loath. at Momatown. m4 lm*m _ STAT EN ISLAND FERRY. b oot of Whitehall Street, On and after Monday, Match 17th, the Boats will run as fol lows, until further notice? LEAVE STATKN ISLAND: S, 10, and 12 A V.: 2 and 5, P M LEAVE NEW YORit: 9 and 11, A. M.t 1, JM, and 6, P.M. N. B.?All freight tit the risk of the owners thereof, mhltrc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE OF STEAMBOATS. FOR ALBANYAND TROY-Direct sfrom the pier at the foot of < ouitlaudt st.? i. ....The low pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Capt rL d. Macy, tins Evening at 6 o'clock, Wednesday, April 9th, Korpessa.* or freight, apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at the omen ou the wharf. Freight luE n ou the mort reasonable term*. H> got mustyhe put in charge of the Ereight Agent, or the Company will not he responsible for lo**e?. *9 rc ~ PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS KOR ? ALBANY?Daily, Sundays excepted, through ^direct, at 6 o'clock, P. M.?From the Pier be twee* i ourrlimit and Liberty streets. The "teamhost KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave tu Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, a. 6 o'clock '('lie St-amboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Cruttendea, will I.Mve on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons at 6 o'clock. At i o'clock, P. M., Landing at intermediate places from the loot of Ban-lay street The Sieamheat COLOMBIA. Captain Wm. H. Peek, will leave en Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Truew dell, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Setnrday afternoons, at 7 o'clk . Passengers taking the above lines will arrive in Albany in time to take the morning train of Cars for the Ec. or V< c*t. * might at moderate rates. A il persons oiP for id trusting any or tbe boats of this line, w.( houi a v ri(ten order from the Captains or Agents. roi !.ar.? cr freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Seoul i, ui tlie office on the Wharf. a7rc E?R LONDON-Ptckef ofthe 10th of April.? die packet ship WESTMINSTER, Captain Turk cr. will positively sail as above, her regular day. W f t it i ships for Liverpool ?v.e pat et ship NEW k ORK, Captain Cropper, will posi tiv 1; srulen (he 16'h April A d the ship BlDDOixS, Captain Cobb, ou the 26th * or pass one. the above ships having unsurpassed accommo dation* in cabin as d steerage, apply to .. , JOHN HEKDMAN, !!?? w ; Sr South strecL SI^All LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS? ? racket of ihe 11th of April?The i.ew and elegant _ilir?t do** pacEet *hip WA TERLOO, Capt. W. H. . -. lb posit vely sail as above, her regular day. Having very supenor accommudatious for cabin, second cabin *'"* i-teerjge passengers, persons shout to embsirk, will find tins aplerdia rlop to be a most desirable conveyance. J I" Water""; will sail again from L.vrrpool on the Mth of May. who are d, si. on* of sen ding for their relatives or *?" 1 tlu itwin brought out in this spleudid packet. r.r p*?,itge to <-r irom Liverpool, early applicatiou should be made to the subscriber. JOSEPH MeMURRAY, __n 1 100 Pin* ?tteet.corncr of Emith ?treet FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of 20th April *1 he splendid, first-class, fast sailing) packet ship ?a UlRONTO, Capt. Tinker, will positively sail .as ?n- ? . net resulsr nay. Il.n iug mo.t superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin *uu steerage passengers, prrsoav wishing to embark or scenre verths, should make early* application to the subscriber JOSEfH MeMURRAY. i?9re 190 Tine street, corner of South. . ? LONDON LINE OF P AC KETS? Packet ofthe bf it V loin April ?The last sailing Packet Ship WEST Jirrl'itiewMl * Sd EK, Captain Hevey, will positively sail as sb ve. her regular day. ner iici-nmmodaiion for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pas sengers, are very superior. Early application sheald be made fo W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, *5 'C 76 South st, cor. Maiden mne. lLIVERPOOI LINE OF PACKETS-Paeket of j ? 'ft* Htf. Ap il?; The splendid fast sailing and favorite ?at icket Ship SEA, Captain Edwards, will positively i KTiovt, her legnlar day ller scc for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pass- n ers, are very superior. Thoee wishing to secure berths shouid not tail to wake early sprlicstioa on board, foot of Peek Slip, <>r to W.kJ. T.TAlSCOiT. _?3 r?-' "8 Bonth street. Cor. Maiden lane. F R OLANGOW?The fine fast sailing coppered ? ALABAMA. C E Kanlett, mane', 280 tons jmMHObi urthvu, will sail m a few days, having most ?f her Car,.o ? h-anrd For freight, of buU of 260 balm cotton, apply 10 III - er ..U board, or C? WOODHCLL It MINTUKnS. ,9*c 87 South st. JiL .PACKET FOR MARSEILLES?To sail first H?ralP barque MISSOURI, Captain Sylvester iMMteEir freight or pttvsge, apply to CHAMHKRLAIN It THELPS, or to *1 BOYD It H1NCKEN. Agents. PACKETS FOR HAVKE-Second Line -The ?K^UTICA, F. Hewitt, Master, will soil on the 1st BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, ___ No. 9, Tontine Buildings Apiy :t coUIn^ |_a4 ki-ilfc. i^^i LI,Xf ^RP.?rL^??Hetulnt Packet of the 18th p(J^S><)f Ajril? 1 he well known,splendid, fine cites. Ihat Mfm Picket Slup ASH BURTON, Ciptnin Henry will poemvely sail as above. Hav -ng most spleudid and elegant e.eeommodation* for ea bin seroudc.bin and steerage passeagsrt. persons wishing to e no* k or senarc be. the in lite above maguificent Packet.shoald in k* .-.pplicsiioa ou board, loot of Maiden I .Hue, or to tne sub ecrifr, JOffiCPH McMURKAY, 100 l*ioe street, corner of South, i'h ? shove will be succeeded by the new and handsome Pack el Bhip UENit Y CLAY, Captain Nye, to sail on 6tli May. PASSAGE FROM OALWAY, DIRECT 1*9 NEW iORK?The tniierior, faat tailing Brittih Hug VICTORIA, will Mil from (Jnlway on the lit Ol iVirty. 'J'lii . off run excellent opportunity to penoni wuhing to Mm) for their friends, reiidiug in tliet part of livlann, precluding the inoiblr suit e?|ieii?e of goisit to l iverpool to etnbsrk. tou tint j for pasmge, ehieh will )?? it ? moderate rite, mull be mole previous to the Hit imt., in oid?r to he in time for the ?(Miner of the III of Ap il.from llinton. Fot fartlier per. JCUlATft. y (if by letter, poet raid) to nihil rrc JOHN HeKuMaN, 61 hontl itreet. FOR NEW ORLEANS ? Loununi end New Yi'k Line?Regular Picket, to nil 16th in?t ?The Mint " ' ? ? JHMKwel'Kintfeit sailing packet ship AKVUM. Capt. W. Biiu'ii, will nil a? above, her regular day. For freight or par ax..* n. Ting hand' me lurni?hed accommodations, apply on boa rt, it Orleans wharf, foot of Wall itnet, or to , E K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South it. y;y- Pontively no goods received on board after i'oeiday tve uiui'. IHh imt Agenti in New Orleans Mettis. HULclN It WOOUKUFb, who will promptly forward all goodi to their addreu. eg m m m. NEW CINE OF PACKETS LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK. . . Rtgitttr Burthen Ship. Captain. tone loni. SE&.f W Edward 8e7 I too LIBERTY P.P.Norton *91 l.ato COR* ELI A K. M. French .. 1046 17.0 MEMPHIS C. H. Coffin "96 1460 H.Lyon 7i>6 1170 TAKOLFNTA J. O. Smith.... 604 1160 REPUBLIC. J.C.Luce 678 1375 GEN 1'aHKHIi.L A. M'Kown... ..074 1150 T her are all ftrst claae New York bnilt ahini.of the choicest end >e*t materia ?, and well uown ai remarkably fast itilers. 'I Mr commas den are men of long eaperieuce and nantieil judtin ut. and well m iu? .n'ed in the trade. The cabim are tilte i ii ? hau l iimely and "immodiously for cabin panengert. Who 1 e loaiid with eretvtlu-'g eicept liquors and winei, and lite r i ? , .in n? ?! it mteen guineas each. The tec nd cabini and ilfa jr* hrlty and airy, and every way adapted to nr., inn ihv coinf irl ai ?. 'rxlth of pauengera at a cheap rate, find in. than ,|? I |iro VWraea, ?cpi hread 'tuffs. i lie a j oi ii.d .tarn f'ailing will be utrietly adhered to.? l'ie ,ill <if 111,.'K'l il'ty till'line OOi. per ton Apply to f icighl of fine gOoda by thie line Ms. per ton Apply to C. OKIMSHA W It Co. It Ooree Piaaaaa, Liverpool. P. *. a a | w)io may with to hare their Inendi cms oni by aay ?fthi >r? named favorite ?hipi can tecnre their paauge, by apt Aug..) SAMUEL THOMPSON, > ' Old Established Passage Mot. 1 a|n Iwrc *77 Pearl tirent. /JTpThI 1 A TURPENTINE?IH bbla. Southern Spim %, land | ni'u lw*gg bV w McCOLL 6 CO. 16 Broad torn. ?>13 lm*ec I.ODOINUS i " NTY-flYE CE - AT THE WAQ HEAD No. 3 Barclay > i hz*J> Broad Tlie Subscriber i Itted up and nswly furnish ? <*l rooms oonnectauwith tins shmeu* solicits a eali from t rsda ai the public. JAMES > NEB. SARACEN'S HEAD. ___ No. 12 Oev street, (adjoining the Franklin hotel.) JOSEPH SMITH, la'e or Worcester, England, liega leave ** mrtsr MaiiAAtfiilltr lit miIstrm lii? frifMiUB Hfld flip Htlb'lC. or.' H SMITH, la'e of Worcester. England. liegs leare most respectfully to iaforin his fneuos and the public, that he haa leased the abore establishment, and fitted it up in a style second to noi e. H-has a'so taken cue to proride the Creature comforts for the inwaid man. . At II o'clock there will always be a sandwich ready, and at any time durintt the day the following article* y all be prepared and screed up in a style suitable to the palate of the most fasti dious epicure:? Beef Steaks?Mutton Chops?Vsal Cutlete?Broiled Ham and Eggs?Frizzled Bacon?Welsh Rarebits?Poached * gits? Sardines?Cold Cuts?Cream Chtege. J. S. will at nil times keep on hand the choicest Winas and Spirits, selected with that taste peculiar to an old and ugperienc e5 wina-bibber; Bottled Porter, Cider, and a sparkling glass of Albany Ale, accompanied with a puis Harana, all of which will be serred on such terms andprioea as will square the mw tw eow*ec HuTiFiTPATENr EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH .METALLIC SLIDES, lonj knownju the most durable, courenieut and elegant of Ekt ~ " durable, courenieut and elegant of Kztension Tables manu factored; warranled to ran easy constantly, and not to be affected by dampness or warping of the wood. A large assort ment of choice p itterns, suited for private parlors, hotels,steam boats, be., together with a general assortment of Cabinet Fur niture, always ou hand, at the Warcroomi, No 140 firand street, corner of Elm, whsre the public is respectfully inrited to call andeaamine. mrl lm*rc STKAW GOODS, Oca. FLORENCE, BRITISH STRAW, AND LACE BRAIDS AND BONNETS. of the abore of the best fabrics and of the newest and moat fashionable descriptions are constantly importing, and offering for sale ou the most desirable terms J>y THOMAS REYNOLDS, mhll lm*m 167 Pearl street. ALL i A mot FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. Arc. IJKNRY b K AH N, 73 Libe. iy street, up stairs, hare just re 11 ceired and offer for sale a complete assortment of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. B bunches, sprig* and single. Materials for do do, and all nds of WATER COLORS, for flower manufacturers' nse; among which is a liquid pink color of rery superior quality Also an iuroiee of PARIS CAPS, for Ladies and Children, of rery rich embroidery; Hair Pins, of latest styles; and a lot of splendid Engravings, plain ana colored. mnll 2m*re FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS LOW1TZ 6c BECKER, No. 34 John Street* XI AVE Receired by the last Harre packets, Utica and Argo, TX an elsgaut assortment of the latest aud most fashionable i> ..l a .nL..L ? l?ix - style* of French Artificial Flowers, which they offer for sa 1 at moderate prices. mh#S lm?m A fin nnn HAVANA SEOARS, imported by M. AN WvjUUU OULO, for sale at 37 Liberty street. Among them will be feuud Cabanas, Do 1 mperiales. Regalias, Pans tolas, Cubrey Werner Began; do small sizss; Napoleous, Nor mas, Urraca, Ban Roman, Delisics, C'olun-u, Do Panatelas, and .various other brands. Also, Old Tobacco, from the above well-knowo houses, just imported by the Christoph Colon and the Rapid. a3 3ra*rrc GENUINE IMPORTED HAVANA SEGAL. S. rPHE SUBSCRIBER offers foi sale at wholesale and retail -L the following choice brands of 8egars; in point of equality there is nose superior in this city Uguez Regalias. Yugeuindad, do Panetelas, India, do Small sizes, Palma Celebrada, La Fragancia, Canones, (for the Southern Norma, market.) Venns Ametelas, (of variotu brands.) Cabana, (suitable for London jbgalja*, do do markec) TrsdnKos, Eitre lla, do Eiperanxa. Noriega, (ofsuperiorquality.) ? Strangers, citizens, aud the trade generally, woald do well in calling and eiamining this splendid stock of Began previous to purchasing elsewhere, as all the above Began are genome " Tobacco oft ImporiedHavanss.and contain nothing but Tobaceo of the fint and best quality. D. M. HENR1QUE3, m3i im* rre SI William street. TH?, WHOLESALE SEGAR EMPORIUM. .i SUBSCRIBERS offer for sales large assortment of Be gan. made of best selected Havana Tobacco, and hating been manufactured siz months, are now in fine order, anu can be sold 33 per cant lower than the same quality of Imported ^fitwina Regalias in 8ths and lOths, Cazadoras, Washington La Noi mas, Esperanza, La ludia, La ILcompensa, Justa Sanz. Priacipeee, Panetma, lie. tic. Together with a large assortment of Imitation Began of every quality and price, for sale in lots to suit pnrchnaers by nihil lm?ec KENNETH fc LAVERTY, 78 Wall St. FABER SF.GAR FACTORY, T1 Division Stmt, NEW YORK. fPHE UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive Segrur A Factory, at 71 Division street. New York, under the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who has been Sniwrintmdeut "f one of the largest Factories in Havnna, for nineteen yean. The following kinds of Began, manufactured in die Fnber Se ine following kinds ot negss, manufactured gar Factory, ana of which a large stock is now on hand, will be found equal to any Havana Segan of correepoi corresponding style and tge:? Imperial Regdlia, Trabncos, Common Size, Regalia, Panetelas, London Size, Caaadoree, Canones, Principe, All boxed in the Havana style. The tubscriben have settled the Bon of their Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of selecting Tobacco lor their Facto ry, as also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for this [ market. They have now on hand, for sale, a largo stock of Havana Be gars, entitled to debenture, of the following brands:? La India, Woodville, La Cabana, Noriago. Kragransia, La Norma, De Moya, Cut rey, Esp-r&uxa. Lord Byron, Upuian, Kioudo, Eaculapina, Minerva, La Kama, La Palma, Victoria, Columbia, Doa Hermanos, La Paz, Also, Principe,Ike JOHN H. FABER. k CO., 1ST tm*re No. 1 New atreet, cumcr of Waill. MRS. (CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS, 395 Broadway ]\ff ANY persona have heard of the efficacy of Mrs. Carroll's | WA Vapour Batha aa a remedy for and as a preventive of colds, inflnentas, rheumatic affections, kc ke. Although its bene fits in such cases cannot be overrated, it should not be forgot ten that as a luxary the Vapoar Bath is universally preferred to evry oth?r mode of bathing Many are deterred from trying it from theerroneocs idea of its being a formidable operatien at tended with inconvenience in ihe administering?No bath can tend _ be more simple, safe and pleasant than the Vapour Bath as i Kivrnat vlrs. Carroll's establishment. Some, contrary to the principles of physiology end common sense imagine that there is danger of taking cola after a bath; the circulation by the ef ofthi feet of the baih is rend-red more active and ihi skiu is better en abed to resist the influence M the etmosp Mi?heno* the idea of cuchint cold af >r a bath, is absurn. Opeu from six in ? the morning till 9 at night. Portable Baths sent to any part cf the city. Sulphur Baths require one hour's notice. *#? The'bstba will be removed 1st of Miy to 184 Fulton street. at lm rre CONGRESS COLLAR. DEAUTY OF STYLE and elegance of finish unequalled D before.?Our new style of Collars, which have long been wanting, are now ismrd, and are to ba louud at the manulactm er's only, at the old stand ol MARSH ALL'S only Troy Shirt Depot, 90 Chatham street, New York. All orders should be sent ai the earliest date, ai this partem will in all probability revolutionixe any ityle ever brfce got up in this marktt. Re member, at the old stand of Marsnaii's. 90 Chatham street, N. Y. No iccoud price, on any consideration. N. B.-We have also inonuf ctnred a large quantity of thoee new style 47 Pleat slum, which caaunt be found in the city. As the pleats ere all sowed down, it will obviate the difficulty In i oning them. apt lm*ec U*J?lOE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO., i No. u Wall street, opposite the Exchange. L rpHI8 COMPANY continue to n sure against loss and da A mage by fire on goods, * area and merchandize, and also, ?gainst loas oy inlanu nsvigntion on vessels end their cargoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Theme, Elisha Rigga, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B. R. Robson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Alien. J loses Tuck, r, Juuie* E. Ho1l_ ohn R. Davison, John P. Moore, JohnH. Lee, y Wm. K. Thorn. Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Worrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene llogart, John C. Merrilt, Robert South. THOMAS W. THORN E. President. Qxo. T. Hon, Secretary. ai rc ARCHITECTURE. PRED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends end the A public, that he has removed bis office from 193 Broadway to 18 Wall street, where persons dasironi of building are invited to examine a selection ol original and tasteful designs, from the Cotugtgypwards to the extensive Villa or Mansion, in all the ioualtyl various stylee of architecture; sad where he is prepared to lap msh flans, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates aud Contracts for Bnildings of every description,and superintends the erection hereof m!3 lm*ec SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING PISTOLS BLUNT & SYMS, No. A# Chatham Itreet, T\ff ANUFACTURERB of the above article have now a com- I i'A plete assortment ready for the Spring trade, which they of fer at reduced prices. They would invite the sttentiou of mer chants and dealers to their assortment, to the manufacture of | which, they hate paidj arsoeal atieuiiou, and froin the increased paautity they are making, can sell them lower man before of Also?Guns of their own manufacture, as well as every vari sty of imported Guns and implements, in quantities to wit pur rhaeers, at exeeedmaly low priees. ft fin" m PORTER, ALE AN D CIDER. _ BOTTLING ESTABLIS! MO. I ANN STREET, next door to the American Museum, ?jy'fis his sincere thanks to his friends and the public ?warmly, for the very liberal share of patronage already receiv ed, and hopes by striet attention to business to merits continu ance. rn.ii a . n. ?F,R9T QUALITY? Philadelphia Poller, Newark Cider, Crotou Ale, London Brown Stout, _ . , . . , and Scotch Ale Orders for shipping alUndwl t? with <top*teh mlillec Ask for Ring's Verbena Cream. A ND take no other.i y u? would eujeytbatgteaieat of all luxn A rias.eeW Slid coirl, (Jhsvii.g. It is recommend d in fu I confidence, as bet ,g lire vary lies I Shaving ,*oip iu esmence ? There never was anything that approached it in rirtnrs peculiar 1, iu ;*n It is now made by the original inventor, much im proved both in appearance and quality. To merchants it will afford a better profit and give better satislacrion than any other which they cw sell. All are requested to call and tee the arti cle as now prepared. Those who purchase at 391 Broome sueet modern inventions. the in ror sale by urn inventor. CHaK H. RING, gt ft* Broome ?treat, e* laa'ts betwew Broadway and Bowery. NEW YORK HOTEL, 191 Broadwajr, New York City. fPHIS new aud splendid establishment iqiened on Die lit of L December last, situated iu the moat fashionable quacjf r of the city, ia now in full operation. Th? eutire trout on Broad way, between Washington and Warerley Placer, has been ar ranged in auiu of apartments, and tarnished in the moat tasteful and elegant manner for the accommodation of families and sin gle gentlemen, and no p?ius wi!l be spared to render the most perlect satisfaction to all who may favor the house with their patron -ye. t will be conducted on tlie European anil Ameri c ui systems combined, leaving it optional with persons to take anenls at Table d'liow, in private parlors, or a la carta, aa may suit their convenience The locsth ii ef lh? house, the great number of large and beautiful parlors, the spociuus and airy halls, render it a moat daaimble residence for those visiting the city eitlier on business or p'casnre. J. H. B i L L1 NQffs Proprietor, mil lm*tn B. MONNOT, Restaurateur. BOARDING, MRS. O. FISH, 135, 137 artel 139 Broadway, NEW YORK. The Public and Strangers visiting thecitv, am respectful ly informed that llic above premises have been fitted up in a su perior manner, for the entertainment of Permanent and Transient Boarders. The location is pleasant aud central to busiuess?the apart uieuu spacious, light and airy, aud hand.oin -ly furnished thronghort with uew furniture, beds, bedding, fcc The table will b-abundantly supplied with Die beat the market affoids. Transient Board $1 per Day. m26 lm*rc SCOTT'S BAZAAR. 37 Dey street, between Broadway and Greenwich. BANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks to his fri.nds and the ptblfe at large, for the liberal support received since lie opened tho above honse, and hopes, by the same strict attention, to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Me gars, are too well known to uead comm ut. The best Oysters the market can afford . aerved np in every atyle; likewiae a Inrtre assortment of refreshments 'o be | hid at all houra, nutil 12 at night, aurh as Beefsteaks, Welah Rarebita, Mutton ( hops, Sardines, Kried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Ham and Eggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached Kgvs, Tea It Coffee, fcc. A good of roast and boiled meau for one shilling, every dav from 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout always on draught. Families supplied with the best Scotch and Irish Vvhis key. No house better supplied with English, Irish, Scotch, Walsh, and city papers?always the latest news by the steamers. Good Room* for Private Parties, at all timet ready?free gra tia for nothing It" <c TO THE LADIES. __ J'ELLE FANNY UODEFKOY, 319 Broadway, oppo . site the Carlton House will open on Wednesday neit, the 9th instan', her Spring Millinery and Ladies articles in general. All the above gods have jual been received by Die latest Havre packets. N. B-M'lle. FANNY GOOEFROY requests the Ladies not to mistake her hous* wi.h Mrs. Godfrey's, from Division street, litely estsb'i.hed iu Broadway, which has no connec tion whatever with her's. mfi lw*m NOTICE TO THE LADIES. BARENNE St CO., 114 Grand atreet, corner of Broadway, blanch of the house of the i ? uionui u. n'.u-v u, same name. 14 I'lace Vendome Paris, will open Paris Millinery on Thursday,10th of April, jus received by tho Packets Utica aud Louis Philippe, a) lw rc JAMES LACY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO ISA William Street, corner of Ann. New York, LIAS always on hand a select assortment of the tnoiWathioo IX able style of goods to be fouud iu the market, consisting of CLOTHS? EnaLsli, French and Ameriian, of almost every color, from a medium quality to the finest. CA8SIMERE8?Wool Blacks, Plaids, Stripes, Figured and Elsstic. in great variety. VESTINGS?Silks, Satins, Marseilles, Cashmeres, Vel' vets, fcc. Also, whits Satin, figured and plain, rich light silk Velvets, Itc., for balls, and parties, with a great variety of other goods, too numerous to particularise, suitable for every season. Gentleman patronising this eeublishment.may rely upon hav ing their garments made up to order in the best possible manner; and every satisfaction as to quality, fit, and workmanship given. tJ7"The Lowest Cash Price will be asked, from which i*o abatement will be made; and in otder to insure against bad debts, by which some would be obliged to pay more to make up for the non-payment of others, Cash on Delivery will in all cases be required. Also on hand, a select assortment of Ready Made Clothing, Office Coats, Pants, Vests, Dress and Frock Coats, fcc., fcc., at reduced prices. Gentlemen furnishing their own goods, can have them made aud trimmed in the best powble manner, (a good fit warranted >u all cases, or the price of the goods returned J at the follow ing prices:?Pants aud Vests $1,75 to $2; Dress Coats $7 to $10: Frock Coats $t :o $12; other garments in proportion. mhlS lm'ec THE CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT OF Wm. M&tthleaflen, and M. II. Hartford, IS?T FULTON STREET, F) THE PLACE for all those who wish to supply their ward robe with good fitting garments at reasonable prices. The subscribers can assure their friends and the public that they will let no one surpass them in the tailoring business, as regards the newest style. Die ueatnras of their tits and lowuess of prices, having on hand a well selected assortment of Cloths, < assi meres and Veerings of every dssimble s'yle. Also, geutlemens' outfitting, comprisiugevery arwele that is usually worn. We have the confidence that we can please the most fasti dious. Great pleasure will be taken to show our styles of fashion and goads to all those who will favor us with tii-ir patronage. Re collect the place, 127 Fulton street. WM. MATTHIF.88EN, mhtl lm*rrc M B. SANFORD. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, T<HE HIGHEST PRICES caa be obtained by Uenllemei A or Kamiliea whs are desirous of converting their l?ft off searing apparel into cash Families or Gentlemen ouittfug the city or changing rest feamilira or Gentlemen ouittvug the city or changing rasi ience, having any snpetlluous effects to disi ose of, will find it nuch u? their aiivanutgo to send for the Saascrihcr, xho will ?ttend r.t their residence by appointment. J. LKV1N8TYN, 496 Broadway, up stair*. A line through the Post O ice. or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. m27 lm*rc SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED?And the highest price given for all kinds of east off Clothing and good second hand Furniture. Persons ?cribsr*p^jZEZfiftj ?a ?? will on the snb Punctually attended to. 0,1 which will be" tlem'.?''."7M0I,u,Unt'>"on hand, a s?%?kuh*m ,tre?.'N. Y. s Clothing, chtap for cash^^ assortment of gen m29im*rc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE. PIE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen or Families who are deeirona of converting their left oft wearing appin-l into cuh. Families or Gentlemen quitting the eity or changing mi dencr, haying any smerilnoys effects to diipoie of, will find it mnK to their advantage to lend for the subscriber, who will ulsld at their residence by appointment. H LKVETT, ? Wall street. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. mrl Im'rc NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That my disagreement with my former partners, John Christian 8(einicke and Charles F. A. Schirmer, in the partnership coneern oP'D Wil helms," in this city, and branch in the city of Boston, has been arranged to my entire satisfaction?that said partnership has been dissolved with my consent?that I have given them fall and exc nsive power and authority to wind up and settle the business aud affairs of said concern, they having uiken upon themselves to pay all the debts and liabilities thereof New York, April 1th, 181}. gg D. W1LHELMS. s7 lw*rre "CMSH HOOKS, IU.-JOHN CONROY, 63 Fulton, earner P of Cliff street importer of Fish Hooks, alio importer and manufacturer ol FishingTackl* iu every variety. City and eonniry dealers sappliedfin small and large quantities, on the most liberal terms, and the lowest possible prices. A large aasortm-nt of Eastern made flax Fishing Lines, all sisea, at the manufacturer's prices. 400 Bamboos, and 7S.OOO silk worm gut, of various qualities, for sale ap4 lm'ec /GUANO?The esrgo of the ship b hake pea re, from lehabre, O Lata experiments in England and this country prove it to be eqeal, if not superior in qnality to Peruvian. For sale in lou to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS It CO., M South st. Who have for sale the beet antheotieated work on Guano. a4 SUGAR?SJ hhds. prime New Orleans, landing from ship Archelaos, from New Orleans, for sale by mM E. K. COLLINS It CO. M South at. Also, the Fnrnitnre-fa'smdy removed for convenience of sale?snperb Kr ncli mirror, a Ana piano forte,'dreiaing bureaus, solas, chairs, lie GROCERIES?At 11W o'clock the balance stock of a gro c r, comprising s gen?"il a sortmetir of articles in the liu-? choice nines tr-i* ??aers, slices, tobacco, he. fcc. Also, bv o-d-evt ine >i-?hal. 4 sofas, 12 chairs, 3 looking glssera, 1 couutms honse deiks. fce MACHINE FOR WALK. A MACHINE eeeeirneted fur cutting, with a plane, large elipe of wood for making round or oval botes, for which purpese it has been for tome time advantageously used, on ac count of its rapmity iu entting. it is auppoted it might be ap plied to many other trades. It will be sold low if application is made soon, lo CHARLES CLUD1U8, atlw*ue 127 William street. The A hou AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF BRONZE POWDERS. C subscriber hat been appointed Wholesale Agent for a house in Europe, who possess the moat extraordinary facili ties for the manufacture of nroute i'owdviv. by winch they ?re enabled lo offer the most beautiful aud aple. uid at 10 per oeut lower than former prices, aud to defy all competition in this article. Their Bronzes have been used by the largest consumers in this country for upwards of two years, who c n eur in recommending them ss superior to any other for brillian cy and durability. The subscriber has made arrangements te hare a large assortment al wants on hand, and is prepared to sap ply importers and dealers wflh the article, in any quantity, at the raanufaetnrer'aprices, thus saving them the trouble aud ex pense of importation. J. R. K1CKETT. Wholesale Agent, mM lm*cc [late iioxelt k Co.] 91 Water street. BRONZE POWDERS. rpHK very best and cheapest Bra; ze, in all shades and goali * tie*, are eonstantiy imported diie< t horn Germauy, aaA of fered for sale hy LEOPOLD KUH It Co , tnhll lm?rc tH Wall attest. New York. SALT AND FISH STORE. <inn '*2!mn"|No. 1,land I. 4UU 100 hbls. Blue Fish. IMO hbls Noe. 1,1 and ? Mackerel. 600 half do Je do dr SO do No. 1 Vtessidhad. 60 half libit No. 1 KayUrook Shad too bhlt Cod and Scale Kiel) 400 do No. 1 Gib'd Herring . 900 kegs Dutch do TOCO II s ttmckrd Helmou ISO Icits Suiisrd dc M0 do Sonndi sad Tongues SOuO qtlt Cod b nb, unliable for shipping itot tacks Asktnrea Salt. M half and 10 qnarten meti Mr .kerv' MM bo see Digby Hrrving. IM qeartre barrels Snimou. Wot tale in lets te suit purchasers, by mM lm'te NELSONTwells k CO., II Our M. Pivrldtno*. [Corre?i>onilence of the Herald.] Protidkncr, R. I, April 8,6 P. M. Trial af Nicholat S Oordon. The empannelliug of a jury lor the trial of Nicholaa 9. Gordon, charged with being acctusory to the murder of Anna Spriguj, wo* concluded yeaterday afternoon. 1 ue names ol the p irsons composing it, are?Isaac Sunn dr r-, foreman, Ebeu z"r Fiak .-, Ara Hawkins, Purilon II Aimingtea, Nathan A Brown, John A. Wood. Adin Bar her, George P. King, Almond O. Whipple, John Potter, 3d Thomas Hill, Jonathan Hill, 3d. These were duly sworn to deal impartially between the pttfluLer and the State, nod than came again toe reading 01 thateverlasting indictment, which occupied the tune up t# about ? o'clock. i'u? cans./ #i th? government was opened by W. H. 0ty^,h0 "PC*8" >?* ^is, as he did in iho case of John and V, lili m Oordon, at the request of the Attorney General Ho r.tavd very briefly the points which the g vornment would ottampt to prove, and the kind of evid nc they would rely upon to prove them. They would show that A in as a Uprague left his nouse in Crans u, at an ut 3 o'eloek, P. M , on Sunday, the 81st day ef idecem >er, IS43, to g) oyer a common foot path to s place about a mile distant, owned by him, and kuown as tha "Carpenter place;" that he was last seen ulive when shout half the distance from his residence to that place about half past S o'clock ; that be was ionnd dead and brutally msuglodst about 4o'olock, only a short distance beyond where ha was seen alive ; that the sliver of a gun-stock and a pistol wers fouDd in the immediate vicini ty of the place of murder: that tracks wuro discovered, leading from the place of murder over a meadow end ucross a pond, known as Dyer's pond, thence over low ground and bv a way partially concealed from view, to the house of Nicholas Gordon These tracks they would prove to have been made by John Gordon's boots, which were found wet on the Mondaynight following the marder They would show that a short distance from Dyer's pond, and close by this track, a gun was found, from the stock ot which the sliver above meutiened had been broken, and would prove this gnn, from several peculiarities, to have belonged to Nicholas 8 Gordon They would show that farther along this track, in the low ground, end among smalltreea and bushes, a coat was found, bloody on the right arm, and with human hair adhering to) it, and that this coat belonged to Nicholas 9. Oordon ; that some pow der was f iund in a pocket of tha coat, exactly cones ponding with some taken from the store of Nicholas the next day; end that a piece ot paper in which the pow der or some shot were wrapped, would be identified ass part of a newspaper to which the prisoner was a subscri ber. They would finally show the existence of the werst leeling between the prisoner and the deceased; that the former had threatened the life oi the latter frequently, and in the presence of his brother John, who committed the murder; that John was dependent upon Nicholaa, who had paid his passage to this country the season be fore the murder was committed; that he frequently wore iheclothesof Nicholas.and that only two days before the murder, he had been teen within a abort distance ef the very apot where it was committed, with the very gun which wos afterwards found in the vicinity, ostensible in the pursuit of game; that the deceased was in the 'fre quent habit of passing over the footpath from his resi d?nee to the "Carpvnter place," and that this fact was well known to the prisoner. Mr. Potter here produced a map of the road or path leading from the house of Amsaa S prague to the place of the murder, and of the country in the vicinity, and occupied the remainder of the time, up to the hour of adjournment, in explaining it to the jury. Ou arriving at the court room this morning, at the hour to which the court had last owning adjourned, I waste ken aback at finding there neither comt, jury, counsel prisoner, wituessei, r,or spectators. The clerk sat alone at his desk, an old mau was wanning hh feet at the stove the candy aD<i apple man was asleep by his box and bask-' et, and a poor dog was whining about the aisles, whether in search of his master or his breakfast, I could not un derstand. I sat down to mnse awhile by the repener'a table, and if possible unravel the mystery of the "empty hexes" about me, when a legal friend came in, who prov ed to me, lieyond a reasonable doubt, that the court, the jury and the counsel had gone to Cranston to look at the grounds in the vicinity or the place of the murder, with the view to a better understanding of the forthcoming evidence I felt more at ease after learning this, and might possibly, for aught that I recollect, have joined the oandy man in a short snooze. At halt past 11, the Court came in, and the trial pre cecded; the first thing in order beJng the examination of OOVERISMtltT WllWlltl. Michael Costellow was the witness sworn. He worked for Mr Bpi-cgue, about hJHienso, at the time ol his death, and saw him alive lonPtme in the course of the 8unday, on which he was muMeied. Ingoing from Mr. 8Prague's house iu Cranston to his own house in Johnson, towards evening of that day, he discovered the body ef Mr. Spragne, nesr the end of a small brides which crosses the stream that divides Cranston from John son. He did not c-ep to recognise It, but hurried on >e the Carpenter place, and informed a man who was draw ing water there of what he had seen. He then went to other piacea, and informed all he met with, that he "had s -en a man on the driftway, near the bridge, in a bad way and advised them to go down." He then returned to where the body tva*. Several persons had arrived the~* an ! Doctor Bowcn arrived soon after. The reason he did not examine the body when he saw it lrst was, he was raid to. There wan much blood about the body, and on the snow where it lay. Cross examined ?Thinks he might have been gone from the body, from the time ho first saw it till he returned tif teen minutes or less. Cannot say whether it was sunset I or not when he returned. Doctor Bower?Was called to the place of murder a little after sunset that cveaiog. The man Costellow saw drawing water waa the ono who informed him. He exa Riinrd the wounds on the head of the deceased, once to s dufy himself and again after the arrival of the Coroner lie described these wounds to the jury ; thinks either of I two of them would have been fatai, alone. One of them I -l ight have been made by a smooth club?another by a m->ie jugged or sharp ins-rum?nt The wound in the arm was examined by Dr. Miller in his presence, alter the body was carried home. Cross il imined ? Found blood oozing from one of the wounds when lie arrived there. Thinks a wound of that character, alter so cold a day, would not bleed long after i: was inflicted; caul say how long it would bleed. Robert Wilio.t?Was Coroner of tha town ot Johnson, and examined the bodv of Mr. Spraguo, at the plaoe where he was murdered. He wasoalled by Doctor Bow en at a quarter before 6 o'clock in the evening. While the Jury wera examining the body, he found a pistol lying near acornrr of the bridge; it was loaded, but.hadbeen snapped. He drew the charge, and presarved it. (The pistol, powder, ball, and wadding, were produced in Court) The wadding was a piece of newspaper, and ap peared to be a Boston newspaper. The Court hern took a recess tiU 8 P.M. This afternoon the Court met aecordingfto adjournment and proceeded with the examination of witnesses. Abrer Sfraoue? Lives about 100 rods southwest of tha place ot murder. The drift way over which Mr. Bprague passed, runs thirty or forty rods from my house; I saw Amssa Sprague on the driit way,going towards Johnson at half-past thrse o'clock on the day of the murder; he was in the frequent habit of passing overthis way, and I sometimes went with him; he went to see to his cattleon the Carpenter place, and walk over the (arm; he went oftenrr on Sunday than on other days. Waltir Bsattie -Visited the plaoe of the murder the Sunday evening after it was committed. Noticed blood on the snow some wey up the hill beyond the bridge. The snow wes disturbed, ae though thare had been a scuffle; the next day he want there egain, and noticed a track leading from the driftway, near where the body was found, te Dyer's pond; followed it. creased the pond, and found the track on the other side; traced it Into a swamp, and lost it; on Tuesday went again te the swamp, in company with several ethers, to search for the track; one ef the men, soen after we got there, sung out he hail found the track; just then David Lawton sung cut " that he had found a coat;" I found a box in the pocket of the coat, enclosed first in a piece of newspaper, with " Mr Dooley, Tipperary," written on it, and then fn a brown p iper wrapper; the coat was an old blue cost, and was bloody on the breast and right sleeve. (Tue coat, cox, paper, kc were brought in and identified by wit ni ss j We carried the coat to Amssa Sprague's house, mid started out again; just then we were toll a gun hid bvn found, and witness went to sop it at the place w lim it was found, near Dyer's pond; the next day he was rgain on the ground, nnd a piece ol the lock of th9 gun was found near the place ol the murder in the anew; it fitted ihn other portion of the lock fbund the day before. Cross eaimined ?Tbero was no track that T noticed eoross Dyer's pond. Frr m the west side I noticed trscks on the on at side and steeied lor them Th-y were much I'rgar than th? first 1 had traced, and lad from the pom! towards Rednay Dysr's house. 1 followed them only s short distance, and than left them and searched for the continuation of the smaller track This we found s lew rods east, and tracad into the Rwamp some 7 or 10 rods [Hera my report mnst close for to-night, as the mail clo*ea in a few momenta ] I More Steamers.?Wf learn trial measures have been taken for the construction of two more s'eam era, tobe used in thia berbor. They will be of the first cl?n?, and are intended for an important route. They will be built in New York, ai the lew steamboat builder* ia thia quarter have ai mueh ai they ean do withoutu <! rtaking to oonatruct them?Bet ton Courier, Jtpul 0. n Mork Factories.?A large building five atoriea high, htta juet been commenced on the Schuylkill, between Gallowklll atreet and the Fairmount Water Woika. 11 ia intended for a print worka. The old wool len factory near Spruce and Aahton atreeta, ia fitting up, and the printing or ailk gooda will be carried on in it ? Phil- paper. The Coal Trade?On Monday, there were thirty-two veaaela loading with ooal at the Reading Rail road Company'* wharvea, on the Delaware at Richmond. Veaaela meat with quick deepatch ?Phil. CAron Jlpril ? New Ri-dford ?The citizens of New Bedford, at their second meeting on the subject, on Monday l ist, again rei-cted the proposed charter of the city, i be vote waa Nay* 727, Yes* 678?majority agaiuat, 160. The charter could only be acceptad by a vote of threc fiftha, KasiT Catch ins in Iowa.?When the snow is on the ground, ascertain a thicket where the rab bit* resort: it keep* the same trail* to travel in. There la a prickly nur in graat abundance-, take a number ofthate and Matter them In the trail, and pn*a ia aura to tread on them of conrae ; the poor thing no laooncr feel* them in her feet, than ah# lie* over on her beck sad aqua*)* for dear life, and ail yon have to do ia to pick her ap. Boston. [CotTMpondt of the Harold.] i'ht Collect orship?Mr, William* and Oov. Morton ? Weather, Sfc. Boston, April 8, 1846. Your intelligent correspondent from this city, ' Guy Faux," having "other hsh to fry" about tuesedays, 1 will undertake to supply his place in t ?e columns of the Herald, occasionally, though I will not promise to make it good either in matter or manner. It is now understood that all the officers in Bos ton, connected with the general government, have been disposed of, and it is lisped that things will soon become settled, and that so far as the spoils art? concerned, we shall have something like per manency and peace for the coming four years.? Mr. Williams, who is still Collector, inasmuch as Gov. Morton has not yet appeared to enter upon his duties, reached homo from a visit to Virginia on Sunday morning, not to Washington, as has been stated. He looks cheerful, and I doubt not it is quite a relief to be rid of the responsibilities and perplexities of the Boston colleciorship. It is said lie has some interest in a lucrative business at the West, to which lie will now turn his attention. It is not positively known on what day Gov. Morton will be inducted into office. Tiie 10th and 15th of the present month arc bothnannd as the appointed time. Mr. P&rrnenter has been acting as naval of ficer for the last two weeks; and to-day Geu. Mc Neal assumes the duties ol Surveyor ol the Port. Hon. Isaac H. Wright, the new Navy agent, is last getting the hang of the "new school house," and promises to make an efficient and popular officer Mr. Wright has very strong claims on the democ racy, and stands first rate with that party, biting a certain few selfish,jealous politicians, who control some of the less important democratic presses in New England. They can do him no harm, as the true cause of their opposition is perfectlyunderstood and properly appreciated. The weather here for the past two weeks has been dreary and uncomfortable enough, owing to the prevalence of raw easterly winds most of the time, which, however, is no very uncommon thing at this season ol the year. Coal fires and outside garments have, of course, been in requisi tion as much as in mid winter. The climate of Boaton.and other eastern places similarly located, is exceedingly trying to the physical constitution. The number of cases of consumption increases very considerably from year to year. Gut Faux, pro tem. New Orleans. [Correspondence of the Her aid. | New Okleans, March 30, 1845. Affairs in General?Acquittal of Hatch?Singular Proceedings?7fie Opera, &>:. fyc. Two events have convulsed in our city .* the news by the Cambria, and the acquittal of F. H. Hatch, accused of murdering Jackson, of yeur city. The first has given a great impulse to our market, hav ing occasioned sales to the amount of 33,500 bales of cotton in three days ; making the total transac tions of the week 52,500 bales, which is unparal leled in our market. Increase in prices i cent in the lower qualities, and 4 cent in the upper ones.? The second event, as you know the affair from its beginning, I will only say that Hatch was insulted, as well as the young lady Miss S., who was dancing with him, and who was the cause of this awful deed. The case was conducted by eight of our first legal gentlemen, four in pro and four in cmtra. The court was al! the time crowd ed to suffocation, and the interest felt in the mat terjwas so great, that fromFriday morning up to Sa turday morning at 4 A.M., as the trial continued all night without intermission, the court was pack ed wiih human bodies. When the verdict of "not guilty" was pronounced by the jury, after an hour of oousuitatioo, a hurrah of approval was uttered by the crowd in court. When Kennedy was fjund guilty there was a hurra of approval too ? The lawyers of the defence, three out of the four, Souies, Gryinea and Masureau, no mean weight either I assure you, were taken by the po I ulacc, and conducted in triumph on their shoul ders, at 5 o'clock in the morning to their houses, st least six or seven squares distance from the court. The verdict was known by all with aston ishment. Hatch's friends remained silent, and others raved mad against it. He inay console him s-lt with knowing that the ladies are in favor ot t, on account of it recurring for the sake of one of ihera. But the Irish are enraged against it, and they are loud as thunder in their curses, for yoa must know that Kennedy is an Irishman, and they publicly say, that now they won't dare to condemn him to be hanged, and that if they try to do it they will rescue him even at the cost of their lives; andl iissure you they may try it, but they will find the wrong customer, as the New Orleans police is not to be trifled with. The Italian Opera is doing a first rate business, The house is nightly filled ; Friday night they played Marino Faliero, a most splendid opera, to a most brilliant and fashionable house. They rime oat perfectly enthusiastic with La Ricciand Tomassi, who had the leading parts in it. La Ilicci is ui my opinion the tavorite, with the Opera going public. Our city is otherwise as quiet as it possibly can be. Sometimes I cannct help laughing, when 1 see in some of your correspondence a fling at our morals, of which they know no more than about die man in the moon. We are the most moral people in the world ; please tell me if you ever heard of a mm. con ,or an elopement in this city; never. I can tell you something about it, as 1 be long to the oldj population, or ancient regime, as the Alleghanians call us. and not a bird ot passage. C. D. F. Varieties. St An oyster (hell in exhibiting in Boston, which if recent ly irom one of the South Pacific Munis. It weigh* 60} lha., and if 39} inches long, and is 30} inches across. Hon. John M. 8nowden,one of the Judges of the Courts of Allegheny county, died suddenly on the 1st instant. A letter from Independence, the most distant town in Missouri towards the west, states that about 8000 em grants will lease that place lor Oregon on thefiratof May. The editor of the 8b Louis American, a Native paper, ha* announoed that he will no longer have any con nexion with it. He!? convinced, heaays, that he cannot, consistently with independence of feoling, conduct the organ oi the majority ot the American Republican party of st. Louis. James Jersey, for some years President of the State Bank of South Carolina, died at Charleston laat week. Dudley Atkins, M. D.,a member efthe Medical Society of New York, and long it* Secretary, died at his residence in Brooklyn.quite suddenly, on Monday afternoon, at the age of 47. He was the son of tha Hon. Dudley Atkins Tyng, of Massachuue.ts. Four Millerites hasc been sent to the house of correc tion for thirty days at Bangor, at vtgabonds; also Samuel Webster,of Exeter, tor thirty, and Daniel Oaken and his two daughters, of Bangor, the former tor fifteen and the latter f r five day*. Gov. Steele, of New Hampshire, oITts $l,nno reward for the murderer or murderers of Mr. Parker at Man chester, to he paid upon conviction n'ftt") for such formation as shall lesd to detection. The row?r<ls now otiered smount to $3,000. The Pennsylvania Appropriation Ril!|allows six hund red dollars this year to convict* leaving the Penitea tiaries, with a view ol assisting tliem io reach their places oi residence, or some desirable place for labor? The design is excellent, and oneh as doe* credit to the Legislature. Great excitemant prevails in what is called tha Half Breed Tract, in Iowa. A lot of settlers hive renea'edly met under arms, in ordsr to prevent the sheriff from sel ling property under a decree of court, in favor of the New Yoi k Company. At many ae CM) men were under arma at the last accounts. Mr. Beth Luther, who took so prominent a part in the ten hour system eome years star* in this city, and more recently a great agitator in Rhode Island, is now an occupant ol' the Waahington pauper Lunatic Aaylua New Joracy. Great oxoitemont exists in Boyle county, Kentucky, in consequence of the djecovery of tha body of Mrs. Parker, who disappears if some weeks ago. it is believed her husband and her sisters have had something to do with her death. Mr. McKnight, Receiver of Public Monies at Duhuqno, Iowa, was robbed while asleep, on Tuesday laat, at the City Hotel, of $80 or $f>o. He had deposited a short tima previous, about $10,080, and he was probably dogged to the hotel by the rogues Two pereone were arrestrd yesterday on suspicion of having been eonneoted with the affair.? Mit$ruri Aeg.,3fifA uit. A powder mill exploded at Eoflald, Cenn , on the Slat, about 10 A.M. One man named Loom is, was killed. This is said to bo the fifth powder mill explosion in that town, within about ten months, including ibe loss of five lives. The extensive coach factory o: J. E Pelamater, in Hudson, was dostioyed by fire on the Hlh inst The amount of property destroy od was upwards ol $13,000 ? knurs nee was effected lo about $ti,0ufl or $7,000 The fhtbers of the town of Rutland tor the preeentyear (the selectmen) are three brothers by the name of Davis. Tha Wifa of Senator Bevier died on tha 30th ult. at Little Rock. Ark. Mrs. B. was a daughter of Col. James, brother to the Hon. Richard M Johnson, lata Vice Pre sident of tha United Mates AUMganla Ctremit Court. Before Judges Nelson nod Belts. Ann. 9.?The Alhegania Circuit Couit, lor the South ?:u District, we* opened toil day, when the new Judge i ad his associate took their place* upon the Bench- A ai go number of the member* of the Bar were in atten Unce. The following memberi of the Grand Jury were railed and aworn :? Thomas Denny, Foreman: Albert Ayrea, William V. ili ady, Danifl D. Briggs, John L Brown, George Carroll, William, Co e?, John Corles, Samuel Dick, John Crom v oil, Arncst Fink, Martin Huffman, Dtake Mill*, Cbarle* W. Millbank, Cornelius Oakley, Jame* Pollock, Albert ; Zubriakie, Robert D. Boyd, Robert H Ludlow, Oeorge Douglass, William S Coe. Juoqk Niuos hereupon delivered the following iharga ii Foreman and Gentlemen of the Grand Inqueat?I iave befoi* me a list truui the calendar of the casea that ? In ought tT :h- notice ol 'he court, which it ia expec "1 will he laid Injure you in the course of the aeaaion. fhey arc very few io number, and in point of character ire amongat trie common and ordinaiy offences occarring in the community. I shall infer irom tlus, that year aee nou w.11 no' ho one of labor, or of great duration Thare nuy, however, be some other casta, which may engage four attention It ia not only right, but it is the duty of ?very citizen in po-satsion rf the knowledge ef any i\me, to present the case for the consideration of the ?rand Jury, with a view to inqu re into, and for the prose rution ol the offenders, if tound guilty. It ii also the ipecial duty of any ol the Grand Jury, in posaaaaion of he knowledge of any off noes sgRinst the iawa ol the Inifed States, to lay he lore his associates all occurences vithin bis knowledge that may be offensive to the public ic .on?to public morals. The organization of your body jives you juiisdiction over all offences occarring in your lutrict ngainst the laws of the United States?you can nslitute inquiry into any that may exist within the imits ; understanding that all these cases can be brought rafore you in the usual way. Three of the casea on the :aiendar, involve the charge of assault with a dangerous weapon, by a master on a seaman on the high seas, on h.vird an American vessel. This is made a telony by io' of Congress, and punishable by tine and imprisonment. The act declares, that" aay person on the high seas, arm at the sea, bay or rivar, on board any vaaael of the United ? at.-s ; or any citizen thereof, with intent to kill, shall u c any dangerous weapon, such person shall be punished t.y flue (not exceeding three thousand dollars,) or im 11 isoument (not exceeding three years.) according to the n dure of the offence." The accused in these cases, are not in custody. It is important, however, il guilty, that an in lirtment should he found, with a view to evade the" sta in'* ol limitations," which fixes the limit to two years liter the coxtmisfion of the offence. Otherwise it would operate as a bar to the finding *f the indictment. 11 the r rson could be apprehended, it would b* no bar. There s mother rase on the list for crts. 1 and unnatural puaish nent, by a master on the high seas; upon a seaman, from uotives ol rcveDge and honed. The act declares that "if iuy master on the high sens, or any waters, should, from ii.lice, hatred, or revenge, or any justifiable cause, be (tulty af cruel and unnatural punishment towards any ie iman,or withhold Irom th*m any suitable food, every inch offender shall he punished b\ fine, and imprison ment according to the nature of the offence." There are two casus involving u charge of perjury. This is also made afelouy punishable by fine and impriaonment. The s ; ot Congress expressly declares " ff any person being a witness on oath, which ia to be taken, shall, by taking ol such au oath knowingly and wrongfully, (wear falsely such oath, he shall be lou'nd guilty of perjury, and find in a sum of fl',000, or imprisonment for a term of five i ears." It declares that, il before any officer the truth of facts contained in the libel are sworn to, the person know ing such to be talse, either in part or entire, be shall be found guilty al perjury. These are all the criminal cases k iiich are before the Court, and all that the Court deem a.-cesaary to give you specially in the charge. The law requires there should tie sixteen members to constitute an ng.nization; and that iD finding a bill, twelve should loncur If you require any instructions or advice in the Its harge of your duties, you can always resort to the 5:strict Attorney or the Court. You can new, gentleman, rtire. The Court here proceeded te hear argument caaaa. In Cbanaery. Before the Vice Chancellor. Decisions.?April 9 ?Henry W ft al. Trustees tfc v s Isaac Gib ton ti ?l?This suit involves the question a: title to the lee ol a io; of land. The object of the bill la to "stabliah the complainants' right in equity aa trustees to the soil or fee of the lot, and te have the premises pre t . ted from waste by the acta of the defendants, in raising ih j water of a pond beyond a certain specified height ana Bvrt flowing and washing away the soil?at the same time the complainants admit the lot in question to be subject to it mer or casement in favor of defendants. Decree, dis m'ssing bill, and the parties respectively to bear their ?wn cos'.s. Catharine Jackton vs. Ileniy M. Jackton.?Decree, di. rorce a vinculo wi'h costs. Sarah Crawford vs. William Crawford?Order?That :hu exceptions on both rides, taken to the repott of the M aster, stand oliowed. John FanUdmmage, <J-c. vs. Augustus Hon Jlmmagt, A'c ?Motion dulled with costs io be fxed. William Cancb ft al. surviving assignees of Eliakim lo'rkwood, vs. John F. Velaplane, surviving Excr. oj Itaac Claron, dtceassd ? Order, denying the motion, with costs to lie taxed. Jame? A. Spillett vs. Phillip English ? Kxception to the muster's repor< allowed, with eeits to be taxed. Henry W. Warner VS Murray Hoffman et al?In this esc the Court made a decree directing Mr. Hoffman to p >y to the complainant ao much of the surplus in hi* h inds as would place the debt of the complainant at pro r. to with the debt of the other defendants, each party to p?y their own coat*. Superior Court. * run. 9.?James Gordon Bennett plaintiff in error, v*. 7haideus Sanford and Samuel F IViUon. defendantt in er ror ?In this cause an action wai brought in the court be lt"? bj Thaddeus Sanford and Samuel F. Wilson against J tmea Gordon Bennett, to recover the amount of au ad rc tisement for the sale of the Herald establishment, al 1'ited to have been published iu the Mobile Re fitter and Journal in the year 1843. The couditioni wete, that the n i vertisement should be inserted for one waek in a con spicuous place, and the attention of capitalists directed to it by a notice in the editorial columns. On the trial, the pi untiffs produced one advertisement cut from their pa p.-r and parol testimony to prove that it had been insartnd six times in a conspicuous piece in their columns. They also produced carol evidence to prove that the attention ot capitalists had been directed to the advertisement by a n tice in the oditorial columns. This evidence was ob jected to, on the part of tha defendant, us bring inadmissi blu. First, because secondary evidence could aot be given to preve that the Mobile JLegioter and Journal eon tamed an' advertisement for the sale of the New York He >ald establishment, the paper itself being the best ovi dence of the fact, and as it was, at the time, the property ol the plaintiff* and iu their |iossession, they ought to b ve produced it. Second, because secondary evidence could not be given to prove the contents of an editorial a tide contained in tlM Mobile Register and Journal the p-per itself being at tbe time m the possession ol and un der the control of the plaintiff's, who ought to have pro dnced it to speak for <ts? If. The objections, however, w re overruled and the decision excepted to, and the case is now brought twfori this Court bp writ of certiorari to ?? laiu its opinion on the two points which wore thus ! . lieJ iu the Court below. We have examined them and c jnsidored them both carefully and deliberately, and the r suit i-., that we have b^cn compelled to corns to the r. nclusion that the objections are wall Uhen. We say compelled, for although the pattins may have published tins advertisement, yet they have failed to prove its pub lication by that evidence which the law requires, and as ti>? authorities are so strong and so conclusive upon this subject we have nowthar alternative but to obey thorn. We. therelote, reverse the judgment of the Court below with costs. Benjamin Galbraith. attorney for plaintiff la error ; Nelson Chase, attorney for defendant in error. Before Judge Jenes. Aran. 9th.?Eastman, Fonda] <fr Co. t>i Edward Grif fit be-?In this case, a firm of the name of Taylor fc Thom son having become indebted to defendant, delivered te h m certain lulls lor collection, for the purpose ot extin guishing tbadebt. Defendant applied the proceeds as in structad, and for thr surplus in either bills or money. Taylor h Thomson gave an order to the plaintiffs, who now hring suit to recover. Deiendant moved for a i on suit oa the ground that the order was never aeceptad by de'endant, that any parole or promise to pey was void, and that the action ought to have been brought in tha nene otTaylorand Thomson. Motion denied. Defence then set up was that while the surplas money was in bis hands, ii was attached at the instance of a Theodort Bo gnra, for a debt o l'nj lor It Thomsons. Verdict for plain tiff $4fft, subject to the epinion of the Ceart.with liW-ty to bring the ?ame i?to a bill of exceptions, or enter a non suit Mr. Ikiebody for plaintiff^C. Raw ton and Jamas T ? ady far defendant. J:t Sup?kmk Cttim, April 7.?While ads. Nina. Order entered by stipulation?for a struck jury in IM* suttee Rosecraus defendant in error r. is Douglass ,i sintiff in error. Metion to quasi writ ef error, granted, wuh costs Yeaple dsfandant in enor ad? Ysndtmsik. |r., plaintiff in error, do do. do Bell a Is. (tell, adminis trator, he Motion to open tha 'nation made in ibis cause, decided ai February special term last, granted, and that the motion he brought on ?t next sp-ciai term, with leave to serve lurther paper* Smith eral.vs Aitkin, ad ministrator, kc. Mo'fon that nlsii<fl? recover their costs of suit out ot the pro|>erty of the intestate, granted Bui roughs Vi Van Valkenb'urgli Motion to refer granted. Aldrich ads Howland Order absolute that plaintiff flle Security for costs. Knowlson et al vs. Sweet et al. Motion ex parte, to restrain defendant from committing waste, granted. Hunt, survivor, ada Hamilton Motion for Judgment, as incase of nonsuit, granted, unless plain tiff stipulate, costs to abida the event. Dkstw'otivk Fiue at Towanda.?Intelligence has been received ol a fire in Towanda, Pa , on Monday lost, whieh destroyed several valuable buildings. The Are broke out in the tuagle Hotel, whieh was entirely consumed, together with alt the buildings on tbe north lud south, ito the value of about $lAOno Tbe whole iquare Wist ot Main street, and between Poplar and State, i> oue heap of i ulna. The buddings moatly belonged to tha Towanda Bank. C. L. Ward and J. i'.lliott also auf I. red severely, Fikks is Jersey?Wf learn trom Cumberland county, that the firep which for several daya last ? eek were <1"?ointing the pine wood a, had bean arrested by the rain on Sunday The damage sustain?-' is im mense, in ttie destruction of thousands ot acrea " tine timber, which a quartet of a century will not repair. The drought in that part of the state has been unexampled at this season for many yeura. From the loss of great quen t ties of pine wood already out und corded for our mur ket, we shall be likely to he partial sharers In the cala mity nrxt gntuasn ? Phil .1m Afril ?

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