Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1845 Page 3
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Change! of weather and eaUHlag VVh?n, from sudden changes uf atmosphere, the pmplntioi be < lees checked,those hnmors whu-h skoul 1 escape ty the ikm Mill Ij thrown inwardly, and headache, liaises, and sickueee, v it ay and Hidamed ever, sore throat, ' Ullts e. coughs, cou sum t on, pains 111 vari >u? parte of the body, rheumatism, end mif/ill|iyyW' nryptoiae an ?ure to follow. \Vn o''e 1 >diau Vegetable Pills arj a moit delightful medi cine lor e irryius off .11 complaints whjeh airs from catching ?old . e, es.el a'l bad tumors in ?o natural a macu-r that the Deny i? re.t red to hat'to a* if by mrgic, A single tweury-fivr C o b x w II all i give rlief and perseverance will, in a eborr t me, s . Compla ely cleanse the blood and ether fluids i f evcrr ?i 'I of i upantr, that diaeue will li..d no abiding place in the body jLs Uovt"re of Counterfeits.?The public are respeeifully bu rui d that mediciue pa/porting to be improved Indian Pilla in da in New Yort. and sold by varioua storekeepers in th? country, are not the genuine Wright's Indian Vegetable I'll Is The nnlv <ecarilv sgaiott imposition, is to purchase at the oificaiid li-nertl UepoT, No. 28" (ireenwieh sceit, New York, a1 d in nil c am to be particular and ask lor Wright's Indian Yegetible Pi la. N. B?lie ware of all eugar coated {counterfeit Pills. Beal'i Hair Restorative, at his Agency, 07 Walkst it., let store kkom Broadway. Dalley's Naglcal Pain JKxtractor, at hi* only ageucy, 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. Medical Notice.?The Advertisements of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for th.- Suppression of the care of nil diseasesrwill hereafter appear on the fourth page and last column of shie paper. W. 3. RICHARDSON, M. D? Agent. end Consul .ins Hooms of the Cnlleee.M Niuni trre, MUNBY MAHKhT. Wedneidajr, April 0?6 P? M The market ii very heavy to day, and quotations have fallen i ft'from a hall to two per cent. Illinois 6'a declined J p. r cent. Pennsylvania ft'a 3. Farmers' Loan j. Erie Railroad 1. Norwich fc Worcester ( Stonington j. U litates Bauki- Harlem 1} Canton 1. Long Island I] The transactions were very limited, holders give way very reluctantly, and purchasers take hold very cautious ly. The speculation in Vicksburg has nearly ceaaed al though prices are much firmer than any other stock in the list. Operators in this stock lael confident that something will bo made out of the assets of the bank to pay the stockholders a dividend on their investment. Every thing depends upon the course the true, tees pursue in the premises, as a judicious man ogcmvnt of the concern, would wind up ita affairs more profitably than at present appears passible to a oasual ob server. The decline in Pennsylvania 6's to-day, and the large ssb-R were occasioned by the impression, whioh prevails hi Wall street, that the semi annual interest due in Au gust on the debt of 'he State, will not be paid at maturity. The >eceipts into the Treasury, are much smaller than onticpated; the available balance in the State Tress ry on the 1st lu tunt, was but $66,830 18, which, ?h the full receipts for the remaining four month* of the six, recording to the returns for the cor rcsp tiding months last year, without deduoting a siuyli d.illsr for expenses, would not pay the interest on the funded debt of the State. We aunex a statement sbewmg the receipts and expenditures for the four months alludud to above, last veer :? Tskasurt or PcnnsrcTANia?RxcEirrs |and Extendi TURKS 1144 Receipts. Expenses. Ex.Eras. Ex.Reels April $142,4 7 ifc. 143.109 20,692 Mat 199 872 169,276 ... 40 696 June 203 769 177,463 ... 26,2941 I July 201,669 Sgt 299.609 97,940 $747,717 "*799,457 118,632 66,892 747,717 66,832 Eivets expenses over receipts, $61,740 61,740 it will require nearly the whole ef the balance on hand the 1st instant- $86,880?to make upthe deficiency. unless there is some great increase in the receipts. There does not appear to be ihe slightest probability that any of the interest due in August, will be paid at maturity. The 1 treasury was exhausted to pay the interest on ths funded debt cue in Feb., and even alter years of accumulation the amount available was not laige enough to pay the interest on the whole debt in full, notwithstanding which many at that time felt confident that the State of Penn sylvania would never again become delinquent. The present position ef the finanoetoi the state is net at ail favorable to tbe maintenance of its credit. The folio wing semi-annual dividends have been de clared hr the bunks in Portland, Me Canal Banks per | cent, $12 000; Casco bank, I per cent, 0 009; Merchants' bank a j per cent, S.U00; Manufacturers' and Traders' do, 8 per oe it, 3,360; also, $2 per share on Trust Fund. 8 00U; I bank of Per'land 1.60 per share on second Truat Fund. Buik ofCnmhurland. not declared Bank nt Westhrook (Westbrook) 8 per cent. The Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Baltimore has declared v dividend of tbree per cent fer Ihe last half year, pay able on Friday, the ltth inst. The Washington Insurance Company, of Boston, have divid. d to their stockholders aix per cent for the past six months We annex a table elaborately compiled from the Ship ping List, showing the quantity ot certain leading arti cles imported into this district ior the first quarter of each of the past three year* It will be seen that there has bivn a gt est decline in the importation of coffee, cotton, coiit. nee nnd salt,for the quarter ending MarchSlat, 1846 compared with the same quarter last year, while there I baa he. a a large it.crease in the importations of figs, hides iton, It-ad, pimento, raisins, sugar, wines, and woel. The uggiegste value ef the importation, this season, does not dary uvitt-rialiy Irbm the value fer the same time las' > oer. But a very few of the articles imported are inolud id in the annexed table. The fluctuations in the arti cles of importation named above, are not sufficient to mhk't mui h actual alteration in the aggregate value? the variations in the value of the total importation for | a-v s- aion bring principally produced by the quantity of foreign manufactures imported. Any increase of con st.quen'-e in the importation of this port, can he traced to Ike additional amount oi foreign ootton, woollen and silk manufacture* imported. The receipts of auger, fruit, mo lasses, and such- things, are governed mere by the de mand I or consumption than dry geods Imfobts into the Fsrt or New Yore. Jan. I ta Same time Same Man hi, 43. 1814 time '45. Iner, Deer. Braoity.*$ pippa Jd cats, sue bb'a.. 2,271 2 182 89 7 1,160 1,509 *349 4'i-al, tuna 0 454 3,319 3,065 4,'ocoa, b.fs 4,428 2,104 2,324 Cochineal, croons, .. Ci'ff a, casks aud bbls . 108 64 26 33 .. 282 9 U "il Htm 107,165 74,095 33',070 f'otinu. l-ales, 106,493 216,850 143 462 73,388 Da k, bslm 152 42 110 Pi*ces 3,280 1,635 1,585 Earthenware, crates and rvks . 7,276 7,171 7,585 414 Figs, d li ins, he 27,102 56,994 29,892 Oi , pipes . 264 653 199 '454 Ola.e, boxes 228 247 "ii liem,!, bales 5,336 5,338 Tuns ?.. . 7M 66 639 Jlidet, bilea 116 253 *1*37 Member 108,859 165.217 168,398 3,181 ... Iron, bar, ious . 2.356 5,989 3,473 ,,, 2,516 I'ig, tons 1,961 3,472 1,511 Nli-el, hoop. he. bdls. 5.073 5,288 9,447 3.159 ... Indigo, caaes 313 144 ,,, 169 Cerooos 528 290 238 Lead, rigs, Mn'ass s,, 27,899 37,035 14,936 17,938 12,617 ,,, 513*21 Ti raw 1,730 2,502 772 ,,, Barrel 10,718 19,12*1 2,482 ? .. Clin nil, cask* 715 219 14 Boss, and baskets.. . 1,575 6.588 1,031 b'.ihi Fepi-er, bagf .. 1.950 4,648 628 4,020 Pie emo. bags 2,146 5,711 3.565 Raga, balsa 2,447 4,426 1,979 Raisin casks 175 1.950 1,775 Hi set 48,177 57,916 9,739 Drums 947 947 Rica, t ex-ps 12,976 5,391 i",its K-.iin, p-nrheons. .. 65 750 201 49 Nail, bushels 147.912 133,770 111,645 22,125 Nsltperre, bags 495 3,104 2,689 Ntigar, hhds Tierrps . 19,389 15,678 25,246 9,568 87 52 "35 Barrels 1 889 1,953 "64 BOX'S 16 617 1,347 151270 It 4 965 11,226 6,261 Tub cce, hhds 1,297 3,699 1,003 294 Bales and crroona.. . 4,3*8 1,434 2,265 Wi es, butts and pipes, 27 49 211 161 ... llh Is and half pities, 197 673 1,296 623 . .. Qturter casks 2,251 5,283 3,032 Indian bhi* ? 663 1.091 426 foxes 3.815 1,122 2A93 2,464 7,044 4,568 ... Th* uilal value of tbe imports into this port for the first qusit'-r of 1848. wua $6,773,464 ; for the first quarter of I I"41. $18 410 47J. and for the first quarter of 1846, $17,314, 684. i'lw imimrtatioii of dutiable geods has incressnl eti-rv year, for tho first quarter oi 1848, the value was $00ti 65-2 same time, iu 1*44, $1,644,173, and in 1846, $3, 36$,69 3. \? it have no doubt but that tbe value of the importation of foreign merchandise into this port for tbe firstj two qnestersof 1846, will lie full as much as for the corrae ponitinc peiiod >n 1644 The rmount of duties receivrd for the fitst week ot April 1846, was little 'more than two hundir<! -housand dollars more than for the s ime week in 1944. The r.ceipts this year being $698,460 against $876 395 list year 'I hi m-pection ef. roduce in the cty of Baltimore for Ihe quarter ending March 31st, 1846 compared with the rarre#|iotu!ing quarter in 1844 and 1848, has not increased vr>y much in any article,while in many there has been a I great decrease. Inspection or Produce. Baltimore?First Quarter, 1143. 1844 and 1845. 18-13 | 844. 1145. Iner. Deer. Floor, wheat, Mils ... 111,765 116,274 86,649 ... 38,625 Fl'-nr, w'eal )$ libit... 3,is# 4,768 4,507 ... Mil Fleer, ne.bhl 1,950 4,357 2,(12 .. 2,245 Flour, rye. H hbls 43 ... 0 6 ... I'ormnp.,1,1 ndt 80 80 153 73 C-ornnieal, bhls, 1,828 6.044 7.051 1 807 Cminn*ai H bh's 138 441 217 ... Tub ccn, Msrj I'd, hda. 1.241 1,389 3,130 1,827 214 Ohio. hhdt. 395 691 718 27 ... Vi'g'n a, h'ids 2 15 25 10 hlnit 211 36 550 5)4 ... 14 1 ... | Nfeiri,' htlt 10 II ] ,,, Be-4. 1-rccS 1.016 559 ... '457 I! ef Mil. 2,579 4.491 009 ... 3-,oj B-ef, k t.' I. 409 860 193 ... M7 ts-f, Vi libit 176 I0S ... ... Kl I* ik. tieire. ... 128 180 Pork, hhl, 1,458 4,480 0,257 1,777 Pork, V hbls 34 190 104 r <k. kblilt 16 18 W, hlitls 382 610 7M 171 Barrels 8,384 10.856 9 744 ... 1,112 Tht felling off in the importations <fi flour and beef the quarter this year, is gsneral, alto ths increase in pork end toheroo. The'vis s great scarab* of (hipping in Baltimore. - From Tuesday, the UtVmtant, to Saturday, there was l ot ship in port. Ve.amKif smaller clataifieatiena are alsi scarce and in dcmand^iarticularly that class usually pngagnd in the West Indtrs and coastwise trade Th? treitc ? f Baltimore d ies not seem te increase so rapidly as ihs. ot ot <er ports The liil'owieg are s few prominent ertlcle* imported from f 'Teigr pi-rta Into the port ol Baltimore forth* quar ttuitiJ.ig March *1 t? Isipurts into Baltimore. 1841. 1844. 1844. toffe*. bn-s 37,484 41,858 23,275 Snaa-, hi di 757 672 2l4 Hogar, tie-ces 4 15 ... Sugar, libit 9 84 14 Suasr, 1.272 246 I Mnls. Pt, Mills 611 1,480 482 | Molasses, li ft 18 Ita 68 | Vi'lsiSPi, bbii 401 103 ? li Hides, ox and raw, uaniber,,, ,, 14,811 50,143 M,7|0 Mnka, mean tal4sd,,, 1,0*0 11 ?B (1000 Ohio 7's ]M SO shut CantouCo s3M5 (NO Ohio 6'a, '## 91)4 100 do m Sooo Ouo'kS's >30 73 50 Hart.iu RR (3 70 S000 do >30 7114 100 do 69L SON do .J0 711)j 1(0 do 69 S000 do 71 SO do 69V 70000 do 72 V ?S Erie RR 29V 3*0. ? do .30 72)2 ISO do - ,30 29 S000 do .30 72 100 do 291 sooo III. awl bond. .30 39 V 2S Utica It Syr RU. luv .fi , mv 2? SJO L lalaod RR 74$ 2S ?i>a? Dk Bute NY StiV 300 do 71 25 Bk Com. full % so <?o .30 74V m ft ?^*2fcp * 130 8^"'0*t0n RJl 30 J Sr L k"7 L " 30n ?'? 38) 60 Vicksbargnk 10 lt'O do b60 31) 199 4? (30 10 ISO do .30 38 S 4? b3 SO go t>3 M fsfl IT H R G I . 10? 100 d? W' 3?) ISO U 8 Bank ? (3 ti). SO do ii|,n?L SO Ohio Lite and Tr 91* 4S0 Nor U Ware RR 68 ' tfui 2?trr11 do b30 6B>o 2 Tnut 5,, i* 4? S S? ? 37)n 25 do 68) M do .10 37 225 Reading RR 51) 4? do blO 37)4 50 do SI) Second Board) 75 shas Morris Canal 31 150 .haa Erie RR .60 28 .4? u ,do ?? 11 40 Nor and Wore b30 68 130 Harlem RR 69)4 so do 07V ?J! w g"S 69 40 Jo 100 Vick.borg QV so do '? u a"1? 931 ,5? L. I aland RR 23 Kesdiug RR 51)2 ISO do '?? BkCom.aenp 96 SO SloningtonRK 25 Erie RR 28V jj do 1?? d? .30 28)2 50 Wilmington RR Now Stock Bxokanga. 125 .ha. U S Bank 6% 100 ihaa Harlem RR b3 70V ? do .3 6)2 50 do C 70) 400 Vickabnrg Bk c 10 SO do 70 75 do low so do _ b3 70 >s do (3 9)2 SO L Island UR 74). 200 do 10'. 50 do 74)8 US Farmers' Xrott 37 7SNoraudWor G8 UU do 36)4 75 do (30 6<X SO do slS 16)2 25 do .3 68 25 E Bo.tOU Co (3 I4 V SO do tw 68 23 do c MV 50 do .30 68 25 Erie KR .3 29V 25 Stoni' gtun blO 38 25 do b3 29V 25 do b3 30 100 do C 29M State of Trade. Asnr.8?Very little doing in pots. We quote (4 for new. Fearls are steady at $4 60 a 4 63}. Baa.wax?Prime, ot all descriptions, sells at80c. BiiaaoaTurra ? No change in either price or demand. Western tour, (4 76; market dull. The Eaaton (Talbot County, Md.) Gazette sayo that the wheat arop presents a very promising appearance. The Williaruaport Banner aaya the graiu eropx of Washington county have never, within reoolleotion, presented as beautiful and flourishing an appearance aa at this time. They bid fair to yield the farmer a plentiful harvest. Cotton?The market continues quiet to-day, aalea be ing in small parcels only, and amounting to 800 bales. Buyers generally prefer waiting until arrival of the steamer, now nearly dne, and holders indisposed to sub mit to lower rates. Hat?Common qualities of North River bale are in moderate request, and sell at 87} a 40c. Provisions?No change to report in articles under this head. Whuxev?Drudge caika are dull at 38c. Western and prison barrels are held at 34 a 34}c, but the demand is li mited. Tsas at Auction?Imported in the ship Montauk. Terms?Notes at 6 mouths, payable in the oity of New York, to be made satisfactory to the sellers. Hyson-30 half chest 84; 3(1 chests 80; 33 half do 79; 88 chests 76}; SO do 66}; 39 do 60}; 148 181b boxes 43; 6d0 do 101b do 43; 100 61b do 47; 100 61b do 47; 100 do 46; 800 do 43}: 9 cases containing 36 131b boxes 96; 324 131b do, and 418 61b do withdrawn. Yousg Hyson?17 half chests 91; 11 do 90; 87 do 81; 76 do 80; 39 do 79; 39 do 77}; 31 do 77; 29 do 761; 128 do 76: 10 d ? 70; 74 do 69}; 39 do 68; 31 do 661; 78 do 60; 69 do 61}; 40 do 61; 33 no 69}; 40doA8}; 147 do 68; 89Sdo67; 136 do 63: 30 do 60; 196do46}; 378 do 46; 90 do 46; 69 do 48}: 180 do 43; 10 do 43; 348 do 41}; 66 do 13; 6 cans con taining 100 13}lb boxes $1; 10do 99 cents; 10 do 93}; 13 do containing 48 13}ib boxes 99; 4 do containing 16 131b boxes 69; Sao containing 33 131b do 68}; 687 half chests withdrawn. Gunpowder?31 hfchest<91; 19 do 80; 33 do 73}; 9 do 69};83 do 65. 13 cans, containing46131b bxs, $1 14; 7 cans containing 2616!b do and 4 contain? 14 161b do (1 01: 60 cana. containing 13 31b do 74: 600 181b boxes and 600 6.b 61; 160 do 40}; 166 hf chests withdrawn Imperial?86 hf chests78; 31 do 74: 34do70}; 14do 68, 80do 64}; 4 cases containing 14 13lb bx. 83; 7 do contain ing 36 131b bxs 80; 60 cases 13 31b cans 69; 600 61b bxs 61}; 690 181bdo 60}; 140 61bdo 42; 63 hf cheats withdrawn. Twankay?30 half chests 6]; 30 do 63}; 186 do 63; 64 do 63}. Hyson Skin?6 bf chests 70; 33 chests 64}; 33 do 63}; 46 do 60; 31 hi do 49; 37 do and 48 Chests 46 : 32 do 46}; 30 do 41}; 146 do 33; 86 do 33}; 174 chests and 10 half ao with drawn. Chusan?100 hf chests 30}; 400 do 39. Powohong?30 ht chests 86; 94jdo 34}; 413 do 34; 110 do 31: 20 do 30; 100 do 38; 100 do 36}; 373 do withdrawn OMong? 83 hf chests 76; 11 chests 66}; 16 hf do 31; 7 cases containing 36 101b boxes, and 4 do 14 101b boxes (100; 100 14}lb boxes 40; 180 half cheats and 348 14}lb boxes, withdrawn. Ningyong?40 hf cheats 36;60 do withdrawn. Brighton Cattle market. ^Araiu 7.?At market, 610 Beel Cattle, 36 pairs working Oxen, 760 Sheep, and 3160 Swine. Paicaa?Beef Cattle?Sales quick at an advance. Extra (6 a $6 36; first quality $6 60 ^a $6 76; second quality $6 26 a $6 60; third (4 76 a $6 Working Oxen?Saba at (65, (72, (80, and (84. Sheep?Bale* from ( (6. A lew cosset wethers at (6 36. Swine?Lots to peddle 4}c for Sows, and 6}c for Bar rows?two lots of large barrows, 6}; Ohio hogs 4) and 6} cents. At retail, 6} s 6}. Married. On Saturday evening, March lit, by the Rev. Iaaac Peck, Drniel H. Beadel, of Buthwick. to Miaa Sarah A. C Oairriv, yoongeat daughter ot Peter Oriflia, Williaaa burgh, L. I. Died, On Wedneaday, 0th inat. at Jeraey City, Mabv Eliza. eldeat daughter of Joseph F. and Harriot Talaon, aged 4 year*, 10 month* and 17 daya. The frienda of the family, and member* of Hudirn Lodge No. 14 of 1. O. of O K. are invited to attend the fu neral, from her father1* residence, South Ninth, near Orove street, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, without further action. Passengers Basiled. Savannah?Barque Isaac Mead?airs P. Woodward, of New York. Foreign Importation*. Rio Jankibo?Barque St Joseph?(Reported yesterday?J7M hags coIT e 47 logs rosewood J L Philips St co?1040 bags coffee (Jnnnell, Minturn It co. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OF If K W YORK, APRIL. 10. SUN 5 31 I MOON SETS 10 33 E SUN SETS 6 25 I HIOH WATER 10 50 SI Cle?red Ship Waterloo, Allen, Liverpool, R Kermit.?Barques Atlan tic, (Brem) Fortter, Bremen, Meyer It Htucken; Isaac Meat, Brown, Savannah, R M Demill; Cuba, Blanchard. Bangor, Me Nesmith St Walsh?Brigs r eady Khinn, (Br) Cochran, Lon don, T B Winslow; Mohawk, Weeks. Antigua, O Whitaker.? Schrs James Power. Keene, Nassau, NP. Wingman It Newman; Swan, Wilber, Harbor Orace, NF. Slokes It Anthony; M M Fowle Forbes, Washington, NC; Boston, Scout, Philadelphia N L McCready; Mary, Chase, F.sst Mschras, Brett It Vose; W H Turner. Hincklev; Lavinia, Nickerson, and Willis Putnam, Cook, Boston, s W Lewis; Augusts, Brown, New Bedford, C (4 Shepherd.?Sloops New York, McOhiea, and J It H Peck, Peters. Champlain, Low It Dow.?Barge Shark, Stevenson, Philadelphia. Arriwua. Schr Eleanor, Joaes, 3 days from Philadelphia, with mdse, to N L McCmady. Schr Direct, Briggx, from Baltimore, with floor, to J It N Briggs Below. Ship Wabash, Hathaway, from New Orleans, March 13, with coltr n, to Stanton It Frost. Ship SontlqroTt, 'tritfith, from Charleston. Ship Catharine, Berry, from ChArleatou? has been blown off. Two barques, unknown, Shiu Catharine, Berry, Charleston, was boarded by pilot boat New York on the 6th inst. She has not let arrived, having been driven off in the late gale. dialled. Barqne Atlant'C, Ko'iter, Bremen; brigs Science. Herrick, Cubs; Empire, Baxter, ApetachicoU; Uen Wilson, Miner. Mobile; Star, Pittman. Wilmington; Nornen, Stangoard. St I'homas; schr Lyra, Stevens. Be muds, and others. Ship Bru tus, Adams, for Bnenos Ayres, did not sail yesterday at wis reported. .711 ace I Inn eo ua Record. Pacbet Shif Westminster, for London, will sail on Sat urday, 12th inst. Koreiiin Letter Office.?A Letter Bag will be made up at the Eichange Reading Room and Kore'gn Letter Office, (Merchants' Kxchacge,) on Saturday, April 12th, at 6 o'clock P. M , for Chrgres, Panama, and the Pacific. Single Letters 4 I , newspapers 4 cents each. Bain Ji'dson ?Pilot boat Jacob Bell came np last evening from Saudy Hook, and itports brig Jndson, with live stock on board adiorFon the *pit, in a dangerous position, with no pilot on board. Offered him assistance, which he refused. Bain Wm. Crawford.?A letter to the agent of the under writers, dated a: Tnrka Island, 26th of March. states that the Wm Crawford, Anderson, of Surry, Me. struck on the Silver Key reef, niaht of the 24lh, on her passage from St Thomas to Turks U1 run. and the mas'er was compelled to run the b ig on the reef off the East >ide of the island on the 25th, fo' the pre servation of their lives?the brig having upward of five feet water in the hold, with both pumps going at the time. flafel The Princeton arrived at Philadelphia on Tuesday, completing a ran from Norfolk in the v-ry short space of thirty-one hon-s nhe is to receive her gun, and will sail soon for the Uulf of Mtxico. Whalemen. An at New Bedford 7th inst. Gratitude, Stetson, Maui Oct 29. Pernambneo 4th alt. 1100 bblssp 100 do whoil,90?0lbs bjne. Reports nothing new. _ _ ? . Arret Falmonrh, Mass. 4th inst. Wm Penn, reports?Spoke Nrv 14, lat* 14 N.lon 153 W.Saml Robertson, Warner. NB, 1900 sp. At Tahita Dec 21, Jauns, Turner, NB, 2000 wh; Chili, Dexter, do, 2200 wh, both bound on a short cruise to N/ealaurl, and horea. Bid from do same date, Mary, Pitman, Nant, SlO sp, for Coaatof Pern and NW Coast,a'so, Garland,Scraaton, NB, for f 'oast of P.rn snd home, M0 wh 300 s >. Left m port, Timo leon, Plaeket, NB, 150 sp, expected to seil in a short time, cap tain on shore sick: inex, Knox, far Sandwich islands in 3 days. Spoke Jea 9*, off St? ten Land, Henry Astor, 91 days fm Nant, 100 bb s. The Wm Penn put into Tahita Dec 1, leaking from 3 3 to 500 strokes per ti hoars, sad aot per hoar, as, has been re ported. At Rio Janeiro, Fsb M, Com Prable, Ludlow, and fhilip Tabb, to ebb, for homo, same day. A large whale sh-p, reported to be the Hamilton, or Wm Ham ilton, wis wrecked 40 miles North of Hio Graude Bar, previous to Feb II. Spoken. Matilda, of and Tor Eastport from Philadelphia, Ith last, at 4 p m, 36 miles E of Capo May?by pilot boat J M Wattrbnry. Lemuel Peters, of Blarhill, for Halifax, 7th iast. at 3 p m, IS miles K of De aware Liaht Ship?by the same. Zelica. of and for Kastport, from Philadelphia, same tim by the sstas ? .... A deep loa-'sd American shin, standiog towards Rio, signal red with something in it, March I, Cape rno h by N 41 mile#? by We R Joaeph, a? una port Oak, i days bom Boston Cot PhiU<kU4u*?by pilot boat W|{!chm?id, Baft*, 40 day* from Salem for Mozambique, Feb It, lat U B 8, Ion 19 50 W. Kor?l?n Porta- . Kio Jawxiao. F"ek.*8-la port,,Pon?, Graham, from Mad*'? for Coaet of Africa; Wwb.ll. A<Wma. Bancor for d;>. Braa I. Andrew, from Calizftw New York, i ds; WnJgJ. do for NOileuia; Porp-?i?, Libby. fm Africa; * ohape-y. mm, His for NewOrWuae awday; land, from treorgetowa; PlotB-lft. from B?atoa I eruttre La.e Buem a Aym; Adeline. Goodman-on, for N York, to^ Hardy. I homnadn. from London; Wwijp. C^. M* Badger. Elwel . from Boston; Hi.aan fa Mary. W.lah, lylph. 8oow, f'adia; Henry P "umn-r from H .chmond. arr r.hVJanat, of BiUimora. from Live.pool d?; Miimow.4* Brou. from and for Baltimore, aoou. Braxiltero, Williama. lor NHm^ja??Vx,yKeb G-'n poit, Whitmo-e, Braiae, for Mar "Blo PonaoaTcmii of Africa, Jan 21-In port, (late M H Gordon, d^ceaaed), and Dfveieui. (late Geo Gflraou, fcTa?nra'T)e?'II?lapoi "'lucz. Knot,for Sandwich Ulanda. 3 'Marim.*, Dec 14?In port. Merchant, Murphy, for Canton, Idg. (would load at Canton for U 9). Horn* Porta* Bi'CKaroRT, April 8?Arr Lyra, Brewa'er, 8t Thoma*. Uith, April 6?Arr Lion, I alien, Guadeloupe Portland. April 7?Arr Echo. LI I lot, Norfolk, May, Nick erann, Kappahannock; Pocaaaet, KyeTaon, NYork. PoiiTaMOUTH, April 7?Arr Sultana, Freeman. Delaware BaiLi?TRRi. April 7-Arr Victor, ttould, NY ork Boston, April 8-Arr Spartan, Pooaland. Nickerie, Erie, Nickeraon, Jacmel; Gaxelle, Koot, and AtlaaUC. Cook. Nor folk; Lion. Baker, Wilmington. Del; Rubicon, Doane, Da 1 Webater. Lowell: Challenge, Foatsr; Eliz*. Doane; CoinplP ance, Kelly, and ft.llow, Crowell, ? York. Signal (or **>?<?''' and a brig Cld SyliduJe.t'hoaie, Havana;!Highlander,Fmoch, Georgetown. 8C; 'Albion. CLrk.on, Norfolk, City Point and Richmond;Cinderella, t'rowell, and Altaroaha, Luce, NYork. Arr 7tn. Herald, Allen. Baltimore . . .. F all Mivkk, April 7?"Id Hed J-cket Jareia, Hichmond, Monitor, Brown, A'bauy; 8th. LewiaSi icar, Pole, NoifGk. Protidknck. Ap-il 8-Arr Mexico r-oil n, phlUr,,'|Ph(^(1>, Below, a fore and aft ?ehr, and o?e* Lddv, Brown, from I>ew York. PfABt. M P HI lad a LP HI a. Anrii 8?Arr Adams. Crowell P'oridenc Below, Elizabeth. Lane Irpm New Orlee.^ Cld Edward, Dearborn. West Indies; F^gla. Fullerton; O'rt'odc 'i 'dlef, Anrarea. Hallett; Escort, Bryant; Elizabeth. Baker; d-nce, Dow. and Neeia, Kenney, Boaton; Prjuce-e, Ra'kett, anil Copper, Champiou, Proeidenee; Amitv, Ja mau, Albany, Ann Elltabeth, 9omer?. and D M Meaerole, Young, NYoik. By Lut Nilht'i Southern flail. Baltimorx. April B^Arr Cacique, [Biatf ianl K"e' New York for Rio Janeiro, in distress. lhe C left New York about 24th March for Rio Janeiro, and encountered eery heavy iTa of wind from the N G on the 30th and 31st, in one of which nea' the Bermnda Islands. night of Hat. diamja-ed.^nd '^^'aTApril 4-Arr 9t Mark Care. NYork; Socratea, [Br] William., mid Lesinihago, [Br] Perrv. LiTartwo!. Larch, Abbott, Charleston; Brotua. Long, NOrlesns f Id Tjiuma^ f Brl Vaughac, Lieerpool; Zenobia, Remington, and Niebolss Brown, Androi.Provideiife; Baltic. Allen. Boaton,; F .change, Woodbury, Baltimore. 8ld Nelson Village, [Br] Gtllei, Lie rrpool; G B Lamar, and New Jer-ee. N York. PAla<nO'8 OPERA HOB8K Tsjfcrjr CLASS IO SPECTACLE OF ANTIGONE, At^u.^ THKATRE PRICES. vl?:- ? ^ Dress Boxea w cenW Second Circle- cenU. T (1RT On Tueaday eeeniog, iu Broadway, between OruJ T i nod Priuce streets, a Bl ck Lace Veil. The finder will i iiberally ? wudeo! by' leaeing it.t No. 789 Broadway,corn"of | 9th street - THE Stockholders and Creditoia of the Commercial "d Uail I Road Bank of Vicksburg, are requested to House, This Eeeuing, at 8 o clock, o^buainesaolRO^IN*. etO ltrc Acting Assignee C. it R R Bank^ YXr ANTED?By a reapectable young.woman, a situation, tn W do the house wotk of a small private family?ia R good waaheraudironer. Beat of city ref.rcnce. g??u P mm call at 31 Spring atreet. up ataira. a " " ? COUNTER, DESK AND CuUNTER CASE. WANTED?A large sized second hand Counmr, about za feet lone. Al.Ta D ?k and a Glaa. Show Cam for a counter, Addreta "Depot," thia office *'* 1 COOK AND CHAMBERMAID TXfANTED?A Firat rata Cook, who ti thoroughly initiated W in iu rarioua bran-hea. Aim, a middle ^edwomaa aa Chambermaid, either American. produce aatiafactory teetimoniaU.aa to aobrretyand capability, ?nay hear of aitoationa by applying between 9 and 10 A M , at No. 25 Washington Place. P11 fjy ANTED A Young French Woman, to take charge of a Wchild about thr*e years old?at fend to a ladies tot et, dreai hair and sprak the Freuch langnage, as the jfamily may timi Mm Continent duri.g the .umm.r A note addr?.?d u I V. B , at thia offica, will ba attended to. a* 31 J>(" nOARD-A Ladv denrei to obtain a comfortably furnith^d at the I'fflca of this paper. Mlljre Go^temf.ot k?Wl,t 3t"?.r r South at eet TYACkE'i' ship SOUTHERNER?From Liverpool ?la P miw discharging under general weal side Berlins SiiJ jUl k^Vtt Permitted muat be mat to the^Panl.e -tore. ?? ?? nACKET SHIP QUEEN OF THE WEST, from Lteee P..Vm_1. nose discharging under general order, at Ju.ld's Wharf. ' All Uooda not ;wrmitled must be sent to *?'1PJJbllc Store. rp BROWN. STONE SEAL ENGRAVER, 233 B^md I . wav < Dooaite the Park? Coats of Arms. Cr?u. Cypher, ?:.sJ rr.5fisV:;;52L" wi h Howards of 1*0 800 names. *,1D U .lc. LlFfc PRESERVERS, _ Of Oooiyar'i Patent Oum Elaetic Competition WARRANTED to withxland the uroateat ea'remex of neat nnil cold, and not to melt or sullen in the s.rams, (the great defect in P eserrers made of the common rubber Pr*P*'?11 ??) * Aim a general assortment of gooes manufactured under the I'm W, alO lm*rc 100 Broadway, betwe n Pine and Wall stt PAPER. rAD REAMS Tiwne Paper, esso ted colore. t)UU 3 000 do. Wiappingdo. earioua aizea. 6 000 lbs. Straw Boaida. Board*?just received per .chooner Camhrtdge. BROOKE 65 and 67 at. TO PUBLIC SOCIETIES, MKvlBEKS OF" THE BAR MERCHANTS. AND OTHERS. T?HE Proprietor of WILSON'S HOTEL, DINING I ROOMS, and CHOP HOUSE, No 5 Gold rtn-et near Maiden lane, begs to state that he has comforrab'e *nd well furnished Prieate Rooms, snit.nle for Committee Meetings, Arbitrations, Hefeiers fac., which may be procured for aueh purposes, at a abort notieu, on extremely lilieral terms a 10 Rwrc HENRY WIL80N. GOLDSMITH'S WRITING AND BOOK-KEEPING ACADEMY Removed to the new and elegant I.a Purge building?, No 289 Broadway, rorner of Reade et r'REAT REDUCTION OF PRICES roa this MONTH VJ ONLY. Viz II 50 for a full coursf. of lsssox. Claia Hours?Ladies eeery dey at II o'cl ck. A M ?Gent'e men all), A M., mul 3,7, end 8, P M. Setwrate parlo.s for Ladies and others desirous of taking prieate lessons. Ex tract of a letter from th* Hon. John Q. Adams, ex-Presi dent of the Uni'ed States : ' Your 'Gems of Penmanship'ia executed with great elegance, and is smoug the choicest apecimeus of fenmanship that I have eyerseen." F rom the Hon Abbot Lawrence, of Boaton : " Your 'O-uia' contain specimens of he a't superior in point of rxecuiion to any thing of the kind 1 liaee eeer yet seen The new beauties of ths Csligraphic Art you hare presented to the public, cannot but command your aystem to patronage." [F'rom the N. Y. Conner fa Enquirer.] "The ''hirogranhic ait is much more important to mankind than it is generally considered, and Mr. Goldsmith may well claim to be cousizered at its li-ad " [From the New World ] "Mr. Goldsmith has no rival in this couutry as a penman, or as a t*aeher ol his an " -10 lr*rc W ALNU V OIL .VIILI l AKY SUA V INlt SGAP OI'RT ASHING errty other preparation, inti ijiely superior to 17 any Cream of Soap; being |">s?eased of anch a rare emol ient si.bstancc, it produces a iterfect cream lather which will not dry'ou the face, end from its softening pioi^rties rend# s the operation of ahaeirg doubly easy It has he*n u?ed by a large numbe- of th- m at res;iectable eit'/en*. who pronnume it tne best article th?y ever u - d. It it sold at last than half the price of other preteuiions. Prep.rnl on 1 by JOHNSON, VROOM & K'lWLKR, Wholesale Pe'fumeis, No. 3 Courtlandt strent; and told by t' e m it respectable Drnggisu aud Perfumers throughout'lie Uuitrd Stat s. spit lmend*rc DR. LOCO' K,9ir Jamn ? lark. Dr. Ferguson. Dr. Alii ?on, and all the IWdical Fscally, aliongly recommend ed Barry'a Tricopherou? or Patent Medicated t .impound to ore rent baldneis and gray hair, t > restore tha hair ?' uh haa fall-n n ff or become thin, to remove all acutf and dandruff. Take t- e folio wing aa a siwcimen ; Nkw York, March 2,1BI4. Thia it to certify, that I have uaed A. C Batry'a Medicated Compound for the last two month*. The hair at the aidea and back of my head wis Ulling off at the time I firat applied it: i' haa been fully reatoied, being now healthy and rigorona. 'I he top of my haid haa beau hold lor aome yeara put, butainca uxing the rricontiernus, the hair haa c immrnced to grow, and I hree lull confidence in ira final aitccrai. II there are any w ho ?till remain incredulous. yon aie at lih-rty to refer them to me, when they can have ocular demouetration W. SUTTON. The pnh'ic will observe that the oriitinal and genuine it to had only at the Tricopheroea Depot, No. 116 Broadway, corner uf Lihe ty atreet, up atairs. Piice Kilty Cents per bottle, aptn Sfrc COPARTNERSHIP. JOHN O WYMAN, baring aaaic ated with bim Oeo. F.l " mendorf and Da man Derby, will continue the M ERCHANT TAILORING Business, under the naoie and firm of Wyinan, Klmendorf it Derby, at No 225 Broadway?and hiring jn?t re eeivtd from the London and Paria inarketa a large aaaortmeot of the riet eat and moat deiiranle art clea for the Oentl in in'a wardrnh*, reapectfully inrite tue attention of their frienda and the public. JOHN G. WYMAN. OK.O. KLM"NDORK LYMAN DERBY. New York, April lit. 1*12. a9 3t*rc HERALDIC ESTABLISHMENT, NO. MS BROADWAY, N. Y. T H E Arm* end Create of Families, from all parts of Europe; J- can be obtained and splendidly emblazoned on Vellum, an oerior in execution, and equal in Heraldic corrrctneaa to the Herald'a College of London. The genealogies of families ar ranged and illuminated, at moderate charge*. 'J he largest and rarest Heraldic and Genealogical collection on the American Continent, will be found at W. A. COLMAN'S, No. SH>3 Broadway, N. Y. Where the Genealogy of Gee rye Washington, beautifully emblazoned, may be obtained for f 1,M or printed in colors for $1,26 inh20 iatf rc ~ COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES U All EH It DO DEN respectfully inform their friends end the D public, thai they continue to inanuiactura Colored Paper end Fancy Paiwr Bute*. in all varieties, at thepld stand of the late firm of Blanc Ik. Boden, 74 Fulton comer of Gold street. He is fully determmad to maoufacluie a ao|<etior article, and to put the price? to u to ixtixfy hu euztoinen. Order* will be ^y Sj^ A V^woriineat of Colored hkpM?Md.Fji?r rajd AUCTION SALES. TTniJSKHOI.p FURNITURE SALES?E. H.AiTJT>LOW IhiAdty, 'AprilWhTujj: o'cl. cU, at NoJSI h-tweeu Dusue and Pearl, a Urge aaaoitroeiit of Household Fandlan, bf cittlotat .? ..... ?, . S .. . Fridsy April Htk. at I OX o'clock,at N?. - *?e?ie*th at. a few d'.ora west of Uuiou place,elegaut-Hoeathold t arm Tuesday,bA mbl' 1 i'h. at ItK o'tlock, at No. 364 Broadway, Household Furniture?.uLnfe aeaortment. w , Wednesday . Arr l 16 h at 10* o'clock. at No. 4? M eat Wash ington place. elegant ros-wood Furniture ibt ronaot), uiu ThuudJr!CApfiMT*h!1aMO o'clock, at? Liberty l?'*' I aaior ment of Household kuinit*?e? Pictures fkc.t by ca 4 I Friili?"April llih, at 16 o'c'ock, at No. 65 Amity at, House h'Id Furu'ture, by c*taln?ue. . ._s_, Monday. April Hat, at 10* o'clock |at No~Tw?W-?ra? at.. (Chrls*a) near 9th areolae, fashionable rurniture, Silver, Monday|aprid'li'a" af 1#Xo'clock, at No. 15 Whitehall st_.a Urge aw rtroent of cAioet Garniture, fitc , made to order by Nt. Julm &.? amp, bv catalogue. 1 Weduesdiy. April 23d. at JOX o'clock, at No. 65 Amity itm*. a gen* ral assortment of fashionable Houaehold Furniture, TV 24. at 1iX o'clock, at 6J Franklin at.. Houae h 'Id Kuriti ure Sic. Ste __ ? , . Monday. April 28th, at 10X o'clock, at No. 28 Second at., (con tinuation of Bond atreet.) elegant Furniture, by invoice, particulars in time. ...... ... U Personal attention will be given by E. H. Ludlow to Houae hold Ku miltiro tales this Spring. Civil attend una are engaged, and all lha airangeineut necessary will be attended to by the tubtcribert. E. H. LUDLOW Si CO.. alO foil2w?in eornar of Broad atreet and F.vehangc place. a Uc-1 luN Ml 'lV. r.-EL liANl' FUHMTUHE-By A Sn'ffen k Co.?Thia Diy, at 10 o'clock, at'2 Anu atreet, and 115 Pulton stent, a large and excellent a?ori men-or supe^ rior city made fashionable Furuitore-coniprising all lb- la est a d modern pattern*. aud worthy the particular attention of Housekeeper-generally Alt , ha dsome Oil Paintinga, riai o Forto, 4ic For natticnli's see Caul gue. Also, secon liand Furniture from Private Families. Alto, 1 double counting hou.e ll. sk and I Iron Safe. al? lfC uc i l'lp. > OTIC E?TO OROCe HS.?Sale This D?v at I0X o'elock, at the Sale H.nm; It Spruce stre-t. the bs lai o stock of uroctries, removed for convenience at sale Also, Ve micelli Vlaccaroni, Pieklaa,.Catsup, Preserves, ? >i fee, fepiees. Perfumery, su er'or Madeira Wine, Port ana Cliampaigu do Lamps and Tools, one case Hata, and a choice consignment of valuable Paiutines. , . . alO It* in THOS;_BliAJie:_Auctionea^ WM. W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneer. . Sales Room, No- SII4 Hroar/wav, corner of D?a"?u TTOU8E FURNITURE SALE?Thursday, April lSth at IT in o clock, at ti e ihree story house, No. 499 Broadway, near Broome atreet?Caulogue sale of a handsome assortment of furniture?in part, eitenaiou dining table, Brossels and other eerpeta aud ruga, centre lamps. If rga libraryhookea e.sofas, hedstaads, mattrasaes, chairs, French and American, clocka. vases, girandoles, cntiery, p'ated ware, Britannia, fire sets, lie. At 13 o'clock, twenty Oil Paintiuas. by old maatars. Also, an imported Cabinet Piano Forte, coat jOO dollars, omoottone, and warranted in pgffact order. ?? 2tis*ec E. H LUDLOW, Auctioneer. Household furmturb, silver, china and GLASS WARE.?K. H. LUDLOW fcf O., wilI sell at auctiou on Thuisdav. Arnl 10th, at 10 o'clock, at No 252 William stieet, the Furniture contuned in the above house, consisting iu part of mahogany sofas, chairs, bureauu.wurU rohes, dressing tables, dimog, breakfast and tea <l'i , pier tables, uier and mantel glasses, Brussels and ingrain carpets, wiudow curiums, cand luhraa and lamps, French and other bedsfads, iedi, several superior hair inattraaaes, bedding, aiogle and dou h'e waahatand* with crockery to matrh. made to or"e'ic , dinner tea setta, mantel clocka, oil clotha, crockery and glaaa | " All * Si LVER tabl-, tea and desert spoons and forks. I Also, WINf ?14 boaea line Claret wine. . Also, OIL PAINTINOS-A few choice Oil Paintingi.fcc. Jic.?The whole comprising a lull assortment of Household Furniture. Cataloguei r-ady on Tuesday afternoou. at the office of the Auctioneers, 23 Broad atreet, corner of Escliange street. a? 3tl?*m HOUSI5HOL.D FURNITURE SALES, AT AUCTION. THE SUBSCRIBER is grepared ? give prompt attention (this spring) to Sales of Household Furniture, either Stocks of Manufacturers, or ol families breaking up kousekreping.bolk in New York aud at the city of Brooklyn. ran. The above Sales will be under the pellicular direction of Mr. | JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP, who respectfully solicits the orders of all such as may require his services. Application to be made at the Auctiou Room, No. 23 Piatt street corner of Gold. JACOB 8. PLAIT, nshg2 TuThSt 18is*rc Auctioneer. SPLENDID PLANTS AT AUCTION. A LEVY will sell ou Thursday Morning, loth inst.,. at 11 ? o'- lock, at No. 15' B oadway, a firat rate collection of Plants, comprising I'ameleM, Azaliast bourbon, Tea, Moss, and other earietiesof fioe Hoses, Jasmine, Viole'f, Hnodoaen dr nt, with numeroua other fiue Planta. Alao forgardena, stan dard, perpetual aud mois Hoses, with other ornamental Shrubs. ?9,2t*in ___________ Q ALK UF PLANTS AT AUC I ION-By A- Levy-lnteud O ed for ihia day, is posipom d for Thursday, U o'elock, on ac count of the weather, with .an addition of fine currant and gooseberry bushes. *9 " *c ELEOANT BUILDIvO LOTS at private sale, by K. H. LUDLOW & CO ?1 lot on the 5ih avenue, west side, 25 fe t9 by 125 with a lot joining on ISlh street. The adjoinin t lot ou 5th avenue. 25 feet 9 by 100, can alio be had. A lot 50 fret on 5th avenue and 50 feet on Broad way. 119 feet on one aide, 140 on the othe ; 2 lou comer of West Washington Place and Washington Squire, 55 feet ou the Square and 128 feet on SwP?Jc W E. H. LUDLOW kt CO., 23 B oad at. ITAKMS AND COUNTRY SEATS AT PRIVATE i SALE, by E. H. Ludlow fc Co.-A beautiful Farm at Ma^ dison, New Jereey, known as the "Bouillard" Mare, with tw-? hou'ea, one lurui hed, atock farming utensils kc. 1 we farms a 'joiniug the vill ge of Jamaica, L. 1;; 50 ecrei of land v j lining the V.llage i f Saugeities, on the North nver; e farm and buildings at Stuyvrsvnt Landing, about 200 acres; I do at Jam iica, near the bay, 71 acres; 2 on Staten Island, a splendid country residence and farm outhe hut nyer. in West Chester. Aoolv to E. H JjUPLUW kLO., af law8w?ec 23 Broad atreet. ? TO BE SOLD, A STRONG, well builr Barouche Carnage, m good order, A. and well adapted for family rumeta. To be sreuat Roulatou'a Hiding School, and Livery a tables, ir Mercer atreet. ma la 'ire 'I'O SPOH'l'SMEN. kc , kc ?The writer offers an opoortu 1 nity rarely met with, vix: an iuterrst in one of the moat per fect and extensive Slock Farms?s tuste in a country famou for beauty of ?c-nerv. abuncance ot game and h h, and a de light ully healthy climate. It ia well timbyil and wat-red ? There is also abundance of water power,?offering desirable oc cur -lion and residence for an invalid. . .us _:.u 1 he aoil ia of the richest;'he farm is already stocked with sheep, horses f.r breeding, kc . kc. But imp-oremeuts ?e in rapid progress for keening at least ten thoe.and shrep aud otbrr stock in proportion, i he annual expense of ke ping the animals is so low that the profits a e large?breeding ewes giving over sne dollar and a half each, clear profit, per annom The advei tiier wiahmg to be absent pom the place pert of the year, seeks an aireeable companion as a partner in the above in lerests. Should thia meet the eye of such, who has taate for field s> orta and rural pursuits, he may learn farther particulars by addressing, post paid, W 8. Beverley, Hale s Expreaa Ol tice. No 58 W-ll atreet. New York. . 'rile above offers a favorable opportunity for an Englishmui or Scvtchmvn who ia accustomed to Stock, parucularly sheep. a7 4ti>fc2tWrrc WE are reduce ted to call the attention of persona in this city and Mciu"u, to Resale bv auction, on the IMh matant, at the Merchants' Exchange, of the wtaable ]Real Kjta?;1^00? iuk to the Corp??ration, lying on the ?nor? of the B-ejt *Uftr brtwren Williamtburgaiid Astoria 1 hat potti'?n situated im j mediately on tha bauk of ihe uast. channrl <nfthe Kaat , be. n laid ont in parcels suitable fors?t*s (hr coumry icstdences, aud for beauty of situation is ftneauaUed by any contiguoat to , tt?e city That portion lying ?u the Kut of the turnpike road^ aud adjoiniiig the above, is"divided into four moderate aixed farma The whole property ia m a high atate of cultivation, and there are several good buildings on the premises. Lithographic maps ot lire property may be obtained at tha Comptroller's office. No. 5 Hall of Kecorda, Faik. Sixty per cent of the purchase money may remain on hood and mortgage, for five yean, with iutereat at the rate of six per ?Tull warrantee deeds of the property will be givrn. aTtoUi isrre I QUO TEMPORE, or Every Thing in .Season?Wkrryited, I O All!?The Bedbug Toisou aud Preventive, sore and sale. The Parchoully Compound for Destroving Moths in lurs, flannels, upholstery and hairs-atmv, will be fonud extremely useful, and has been much improved. , The Hat Poiaon, for ships, fields bsrns, hotels, warehouses, kc proves the surest destroyer, and will be applied lor a small ''JIlW'C'rcLw Wh.1.os ..a .h. a. rificial M.nures, such ssSulpnete ofAnimoura.Sulid'aie of Sudds Nitrate of Soda, and Bouedatt. kor fnll and epecinc di rec.ious, apply personally t,>wig FEUCHTWANOER ap2 Imendis'ee 60 Waiden Ik NOU Vr.A VlK'itPARIaiANNES?MADAMGOD KKKY 8c DAUGHTER, PARIS MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT. 4K3 Broadway, J1KW YORK. Ill aoticwg a remark froui a lady bearing a similar uama to Madam Godfrey, Italian' ur lion,.- Ins no connection with lien ?a fact which we are proud to admit?we will leave the tub Ject with this single Mna'k, tint aiuce established in Broad way VK claim the cnalom of the ladiea of this city, when a really imported, aaperior and well made article of Millinery give uathe preference. ?9 2tia*rc THE 1NEW \ (?HK" LKOAL OBSERVER: ~or April? Contain', Art. 1. Donatio mortia causa? II. Plea of inaauity iu c iminal casca I'r*ctic*i. Poiurs?Separate e?tate or married women ; Assignment for benefit of creditors ; Produc tion of leaa o'r title; trim. con. evidence. Hcroma?Chancel lor Walworth's Couit? Kitchen va. Lee. copartnership; i fan cy. Spencer ra. Spencer, dred; eonatrnction. Vice Chancel lor Sandi'o'ds Court?Cram va. Mitchell, fraudulent assign ment; purchase by tgeut. Superior Cou-t, (N H.)?Kittreiige vs. Kaa rson. JUge Parker's celebrated decision, with reference to at'achmenta o r mesne piocesa, prior to bankruptcy?pl< ad ing, he., Ac. Digest of all ihe English re.orta. Published monthly at 41 Ann street, at $3 per annum, in advance SAM'L. OWEN, Editor (TV Country subscribers art requested not to mike auv pay ment to a youth, la t ears of age, cal ing himself a " Tiavslting Age-1"for this work aB 3t*ic INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO. INWRIOHT, Professor of Music, informs his friends , \ 'he I'nblic in general, that he hair made arrangements for giving instructions ou the Piano Forte. His atyle of im parting instruction it perfectly simple and easy, and is not sur passed, if equalled, by any other atyle at present taught, com bining all the itrace and elegance of eierution capable or being imparted on that instrument. He has already turned out several yrry proficient scholars, and the public will be satislied as to hit abilities on giving hira a trial. Hit terms are reasonable, and we advise all those in want of a teacher to embrace the op portunity now offered. Terms, and all other information, made known on application at 171 Grand, corner of Mulberry street. mli2* lm?rrc SOAP WORKS P E R F U M ETY DEPOT. IN ADDITION u> our Manufactory, we hare opened a Store * for the sale ofonr Economical F ancy Soaps and all kinds of Perfumery, Family Soap, Patent Crystalline Candles, lie.. Ac. We solicit purchasers to inspect our stock, which ws offer on the lowest terms. Shippers to tht Wast Indies end South America, are particu larly invited to examine onr Crystalline Caudlee. Sales Room No. I Courtlandt atieet, aeit door to the New National Hotel. JOHNSON, VHOOM A FOWL EH. CH lm*ee ROULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, i3T Jtrrn iao mercer street. ?n MR. JOHN 8. ROULSTONF. has the honor to inform his friends, and the public in general, that hit ( t f v seiuwii for Instruction in Horsemanship is now open day end evening, at follows Honrs for Gentians?, from ..6 to I A. M. " ".ladies 9 A. M. to J P. M Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr. Hon I stone. Mr. R. haa just received from the country several Aae and stylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rea sonable price mtSrrc HORSEtt FOR SALE A BLACK HORSE t ve?rs old, 16 hands high i with a match would make a lirst rat# pair of I oach _ Horses Sold f r Want of use a Bright Blood Bay, thorough bred mare, 4 years old. without spot or blemish. t,n<! wa-vsn ed peifectly sennd and gentle; mi able for a l-,dvs saddle Inirse. Enquire at Brewer's upjier stabl-s, Biesdwsy near 14th at. Also a large farm Wqgon, for two horses.^ all 3ti??rc Uiai-aWM, co.. rntot HBwiIw* AMUSEMENTS. Mkk J'hicatuk. n ? - -v . THURSDAY EVENING. April U. will be presented, for the 16ah time o u %nv sUce Mm Mo war's |.hZ T^L."0M'^KD.lke0|ii,r(u,"trud'' Mi" CUr* j5I-; P'.de Danube bv M;.? St. Clair. . .. lo conclude *nh 'h firei of Pk f sEtte- ?-?<????? el-*.sKSPflrfhSs:; at''?: l" "ef 75 CeuU' ,d tiN 40 M centa?Gallery PAL.MO'8 oi*KKA~Tiousiij TWUkVdVv' L'vrwivn * V? v, W Ul NNKFORD. SjWbi. xSniT1iTO.",nWi: teicttrTh" " M- ? *???'?rSS of HeliHi** i"v9nJltlh" wh?'* "ody of the Choii.tere?I. f'rb blast by fa,. , u'" 10 *????? 3. How happy rhev who "rasir* 6?fsi^^."'/ hour TION?'olfioT- "ffi'h0 THS QUE8" Mj? Biffeu,Mrr Maywood. hrV^.r^peir^B^'Mi5 the Prea.!* 00 L"' W thU Th"tr<- ?"P* *e member, of rJwS?5?Si?e"U~|,it Me"?-8"oDd Circle 2i o'cloek! ?P"> " 7_p?rf"nnance to eomroence at half-pact 7 The Boa Booh i? bow open, and place, may be .erared tkripLk of the ihcses FLOATING THEATRE. AT THE FOOT OF CHAMBER STREET. TheemuJ 4 EVENING. April 10. LnvVT^TS LW,. .comiS'"c; wi,h rh? loan of a VSSgKSS^&aJtg^c?"A ? Lawion* Hrtl w'g Jo^^rahild' ^mcv Vlm T?a?y 6?herlnnd; Polly, Mr. Sutherland; Third night of the GUVTBO FAMILY, who will eire a ... ? Dur'InSfh' >e*r" Pecularina. of ringing and dancing S1r'D?llF5T""n*? va ietyofSoua. DanceTlte vid-SwiL"Tu"SLl e nH""8S SWAINt,, or the Alpine MrJ Sutherland 'hi Il""et"' M? Mowop; Datue Glib, - Dre"^'rcl* i0 eenU^Parquette V> cent.?Prirate Bo.ea S3. fiVHTON'R THICA CHK?Arcli stireet, ~ PHILADELPHIA Th. n J"VR8:>AV EVENING, April 10 NAM-tw'rlV p or"";;1 drami. ??' three ait., of PUT i rin, WELSH GIRL?Sir Owen Griffith., Mr Thaver - Al Bmith;'bora?M?Hen'ai,ei)'>Tid Jone'-Juba/Mr. mtn? a^8,^81 OARDKN ROTUSDA. ^r^ ^ ^ ^LRA^JOMPANV11.aar'' in M.y, fallowiof,C&" iih^lS5w J*'""1 eDga?eme"U "ith the Prime Donne-Signora ROSINA PICO, and S'gopra AMELIA MAJOCCHI YaLtELLINA Primo Tenure?8rg. ANTOONINI. Primo Bar.o?Sir. VALTEI L'NA. Irirao Buffo?Srg. 8ANQU1RICO. wi?h r.n <*>tr" a5d. Director?-our. BEAME8. With full Orchestra and Chorus EnvagtmeDta srr also nend " 5'^th"*rtbU' who? Dam" w.llbe d"ly ,nnoSSd _?? ? exhibition TOLSPiWP ?S,,jINAL TABLEAU, painted by K. Anelli, m New York, oo an area of 23 Lv 19 feet recre ating a grand catastrophe, THE END OK THE WORfn <'?,'&? waa .nreeated by a dream,) i. now and will be exhi Ijr"fc ?&*""VA? Broadway, (which i. entirely .eptra tadlnm the Concert Room, to the .ame building.) for a .hort diapow^ofT*for'the'prtMut. fr?m C'ty" Mr" Ane,,i h""* ^Exhibition open from 10, A. M., to 10. P. M. Admimion 25 T^j^P^^^N^ANDlmingTeSTsiiuMtedTymanylir I'nneew .1 m a '9""*, of Sfuiic, to repeat lh?ir Iirand N^bfo?'S.lon^a?in vf1""1 u Vh'm 00 March the <5th laat, at niDio s Saloon, ?will have the honorto give a Second grand instrumental concert, A LA MUSARD, A,I'/?d ?v abont Profecaon of Muait, On Saturday. Ajvril 12th. 1845, Tiefc-,. ? N'BLO'S SALOON. T rk*r! ^ w^u'j Toib!r0,?m.*DCa? al? o'clock precisely. A.^H?n^.KtVLr?Nte" M"ic (L^rer farth r particulars see small bills. a9 4t#ec _ OTTTGNON'S GYMNASIUM CHAd8rJ;wST1:LaN,ON ?P? ,?lo^ hi. friend. m0dSB?^WM,NM|t5|^,"udCT9tl^anafli treet'mi* "Broad* way, (formerly occapied by J. P. Roger.,) which hare ?>en thornnghly cleaned,eud fitted njp in a manner that cannot fail GyimT.Ifnm "'\Z? a th' mo,t 7ut|diou.. Connected with the ? I? SrAaniirn Room, where Mr. O. ia alwav. Deftmee'ud ha w'n'T'lr "u.truct'on. in the noble Art of 8-If zi'"*r^- r &WI".llk?'? 'lata that ht. pupils enjoy the city. "W11 ahilfnl amateur apanera in the JfftaaW1 by Mr" WeM" P?lc?- "ho will warrant any p-ll ^ ' W a course of instruction rencing taught by an experienced profe.aor, L - i - rcapeetfully inform tho?e pnpil. wha have SWr^TU'ohl?*^ ?yi?r|am' "d 5K= t?rrn, have ?nnrile utiTlt??lMk. PM^ ,treet' W'U be 01"B lrom i J|h' B* woo'd alio itate that the Gymna.inm and Piatol Oal LADY PHRENOLOGIST. ~~ P?d frel ??ftlT^r.,..*n^00|r**ed By.hi. wonderful .ncee.., sod Ifennr full v determined not to give op until the I,i*r *?>. sonsble man i. cony., c-d of the truth of Humw CJairvova ce, Pnniivxafion. (Uc., &c . proposes ti coutinue hi? fcewugaiion, in HUMAN U AGnETISM, durmgXi prwot mn.k; Vt^q?^u^tn ^id^t/enfnV Sd H?dTon ^T. Fridi^ghl!"^ aud at Or0T? rjlf pkf1uViPLL" au?ounc''.rriyal of Mr. and Mr?. Loomia !T?i?k- ll*d*'Ph'?. the parent, of Miu Martha. Mr?. Loomi. ZikVoki. ! *sch ereninp and lecture on Phenology and afflrrsiW* M 'HEOROAN8p.rVOirh.-J E vurdoch, tenc! "if . Elocution, will give a lecture, as ab>>ve, illustraied ?>v Head ing. and Recitation., at the Society Library, on Thuradav Eve il! 'h,10*'*!''? . Solecfed pantaer. will beg'yea from Shak fromthePl fkw ic k" l^fpenid ?th" "0'U-al*?- humorou. .ketche. toL? hid rtetheVoVr.''Uarter btf?W 8?Vl0ck- Ticket? ? cent.: tlmuchinal!! Wi" h* repfa,ed at Rutger'? Inttitu'e on# Friday, I EH, 296 B'nadwasr. DIAPKB^m w*if'' Vm?>' " A.tor Honaa. f. U'AI'ER. 32 Wall atreet. afit23dh fcDVVAR" TALKER, in Fnlton. m.d a6"7dh l2INa.??u ?tr#?t. M; AUTri TO LET AT MODERATE RENTS-The two ' story brick House No. 24 Rsrrow street, will be put in _ ,c implet- order, psne'ed and painted, at $13(1 per year. Alio, ih* |>rincipal part ? f the modern thtea itory brick home No. 125 Hammond atreet, near Greenwith atreer, it good room*. W'th kitchen, pantr ea andclrset, all newly pain ed, large yard and row in complete order. Posaession of the prin cipal part m?y be t'ken at once. To a rerterl privite fam ly, the tent will be $220. Apply to LAMBERT 8UYDAM, 45 Wall atreet. alOSt*m HOUSE AND LOT FOR SaLE?1he H. use and Lot, No. 73 Na?? in atreet, Brooklyn, for sale. 1 he t>ro ,|ierty is aituat- d in one of the inoit respectable neighbor hnoda of Bioi k)i?n; ia in the centre of a fuhioii.ble > lid ele ?ran ly constructed block of buildings; and ia not more thin five minutes wt|k from the Folton or Catherine Perries. Terms wili be made easy. For farther pariical <rs, apply to HENR* WILSON, Proprietor of Wilsou'a Hi tel. 5 Gold street, alt 2wrc New York/1 WANTED ?Wanted to hire from the first of May, two Rooms and two Bed-rooms, with th? requisites for ,for fuel, Jk:., in a two story house, not oyer a inile from ... city Hall. Went notto eneed $P0. Address J. K., Herald Office. a9 je FURNISHED APARTMENTS. WANTED?Two or three Furnished Apartments, from the first of May, an itablo for a small family. Lo cation within fen minute'* walk of the City Halls? >rtns moderate. Address X. Y. Z. at thia office. m>5 iatfrc % A DOLLAR PAVED fW 18 A DOLLAR EARNED. GENTLEMEN who make it a rule to lay out their money to the beat advantage, are reapecifalty notified that they can purchaie IIms nnd Caps at ROBERTSON'S PHtENIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISH VIENT, No. It] Knlton atreet, between Willism and Naaaau tta., much cheaper than at aav other establishment iu the city. An lUflen ble adherence to the system of large sales, sn ail profits, and cash on delivery euahlea the proprietor to offer the different articles iu hit line at the follow inn reduced rates :? HATS. First quality Nutria Fur $3 50 Second do 3 on Moleskin 2 50 CAPS. First nudity men's and boys' $1 50 Peond do do 1 00 Third do do 75 These articles are not only quite equal, hut in some respect* (especially in the s'yle of trimming) superior to any in the city. A com car ton of thequdities ana pres. with those of other establishments, will show a dednriion of $1 lot A* on mam mary prices All Hats warranted of the moat faahiouable Broadway pattern. , N B ? t he proprietor's eitenm re arrangements enable him to offer very ad.antageous bargains to wholesale dealers and conniry meichints. *10 lm*m UP- BLACK BALL, UK OLD LINE Ob LIVbH JSfWPOOL PACKETS.?FOR 1.1 VK.RPOOL?Only flpMfaKeguiar Packet of the IRth of April. fcThe magnificent and celebrated last sailing favorite packet snip NEW YOHK, burthen 10M) tons Thos.B. Cropper com mander, will sail positively on Wednesday the l?th April Having iinin'psssrd accommodations tor Cabin, Id I ahin, and Steerage Passengers those rtturninr to the old country, or ?ending for their friends, will And it to their intevesla and com fort to select thia an-quailed line of pscksta. For terms of liassage, and to secure the best berths, early apidication should be made on board, foot of Beekman at, or to the ttibscribtrs, ROCHE, BROTHERS k. CO.. 35 Fulton atreet, neat door to the Fulton Bank, New York. a!06tre TEN CENTS PER HUNDRED POUNDS. FREIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. PASSAGE $1 50. ERICSSON STEAMBOAT LINE BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. The Ericsson Line will rw. 'oeive Freight for Baltimore.^ -and for the South and Wmi: generally, which they will forward at the low rate of ten eenta net 100 lbs. All the freight li?r*to|pn forwarded from New York to Baltimore, has been carried by ' York to Baltimore, has Men cameo bv this line, and shipper* will therefore be careful to consign and mark tlwir good* to A. aves, Jr., Agent. The Depot or the Ericsson Line ia near ihe [M office or the New York Line.almoet adjoining it. The Boeta of this Line will Imtm the upper side of Chestnut street wharf doily, (escept Sunday) at t o'clock, P M.orim mediataly af er the arrival of the New York Line. The accoin uiodations for Passengers ave atcellent, berths being pros nb-J for them, and every effort will be made to promo.e their comfort and convenience. Passengers receipted through bv this Line to Wheeling and Pittsburgh, via Baltimore and Ohio Kailroadaud National Road. lLr^Fare to Whncling $I$?To Pittsburgh $11?Meals 15 cU. His Boau compose the Ericsson Steamboat Line, and the ar rangemant* ar* ample to forward every ponnd of freight re ceived. A. GROVES, Jr. Agent. March IHh, 1145. No. !<> Sonth Wharvee, Phil* mhlt Imn* vJ TEAM POWER TOaLKT. at 41 <?old street, withhgl.l SLrvjars'?"~ "TOfsoS mh\l lm??c (I GoUnkrse* NewfTark. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL Wuklnftm. [CorresponSsaceof the Herald. | WASHiMoroN, April 7,1945. The Ajipointmtntt?Newtpapert in the Capital? Their Patronage-The State Department?Itt * Ctmru?Collector Van Nat. It it) at' old but a my true adage, that a storm is usually succeeded by a calm. This appeirs to nave been the case aa retards the political tempest which prevailed here last week, when several pro minent individuals were overthrown by it. Of a sudden, however, it seems to have cleared away, and during the past few days our political horizon has presented an unusually calm and serene as pect. How long it may remain so, in a climate so precarious as this, it is not for my short sighted vis sion to foresee; amongst the office seekers, how ever, a good deal of speculation has been caused by this Budden suspension of the decapitating power, and they are somewhat disposed to view it as an unfavorable augury to their hopes^gmTas an evidence of a non prescriptive disposition on the part of the President. 1 am not- inclined, for many reasons, to entertain this belief, but am disposed to think that it is owing to the brief absence of two of the members of the cabinet, Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Bancroft, the latter ot whom returned yester day to his post, and the former is expected to mor row; after that, noui verront. It is very probable, that in the course of the next week the foreign appointments will be taken up and partly disposed of. Ouly two ot our diplomats will be permitted to hold over; these exceptions are Mr King at Paris and Mr. Irwin at Copenha gen; the laner is the brother in law oi Mr. Walker. The Maditonian on Saturday passed^into new purchased hinds, it having been purchased by Theophilus Fisk and J. E. Dow, Esqs. These gentlemen both possess talent, and we have no doubt that under their auspices it will be most ably conducted. It will, of course, support with ail its strength the pre sent administration, and will unquestionably re ceive its full share of governmental patronage. They have been advised to change its name to the Jaekeonian, which doubtlew would he a most popular name and one that would be well enter tained by the host of admirers of the venerated sage of the Hermitage now about to paaa away from amongst us The notion that Mr. Buchanan is about to leave the State Department either for St. James', or the Supreme Bench, is altogether ideal; that he may, ia the course of time, see fit to do so, I have no doubt; at this moment there are very important in terests before the country, and until these are set tled he will remain where he is. Nc Secretary ever shared more largely tbe confidence of the great party now in the ascendant than this gentle man, and I feel assured that all parties will be sa tisfied with the course of action and policy that will be carried out by h m in the settlement of the several important and delicate negotiations which are at present pending. It is very generally thought that, as Aaron Vail, Esq has declined the Chief Clerkship of the State Department, Mr. Buchanan will invite Mr. Markoe, now at the head of the Di plomatic Bureau, to this position. This gentleman is extensively known both at home and abroad as the able corresponding secretary of the National Institute, and it would be extremely gratifying to his numerous friends to hear of his elevation to any position whereby his sphere of usefulness could be enlarged. Your Collector, Gov. Van Ness, I am much afraid, will have, sooner or later, to yield his place, as there is a most powerful combination working to overthrow him. It is notimprobable that a foreign mist-ion will be tendered him in lieu of the office he now holds. The Commissioner of the Patent Of fice, Mr Ellsworth, will shortly have leave to re sign his place, to make way for a distinguished and popular democrat from Pennsylvania, Gen. Ham mond. formerly a member of Congress. More hereafter. S. H. Wabhinoton, April 8,1845. The Globe and. iti new Proprietor*?Different Feel - ingfor Rivet and Blair?The Benton Clique Hi miliated?The Miuourian?Blair, Benton, and Ritchie. The necessary steps for the transfer of the. Globe to its new proprietors, Messrs. Ritchie Heiss & Donelson, are being rapidly taken, and everything betokens the speedy accomplishment of the requisite preliminaries to the first appearance of the new organ. Mr. Blair has leased his town house, I understand, to Mr. Bancroft, the Secretary of the Navy, since he received the gentle intima> tion that he was no longer to be the official mu sic grinder, which I detailed in my letter of yes terday. Mr. Rives, also, I under* tand, contem plates having his residence (owned r.y himself) adjoining the Globe office, and it will very proba bly be leased to one of the incoming firm. Rives is right Iglad to get rid of the trouble and bother of being connected with the Globe. He is a rich man from his share of the profits of the public printing, and being himself of a very different na ture from his "handsome" partner, he is one of the most popular men in the district, having always been one of the foremost to aid those in distress, and being of a generous and hospitable disposition. Everyone pp?sks of him with commendation, and he has the good wishes of all ranks and conditions, while for Blair there is not a single tongue wagged except to exult in his overthrow. He has been so pitiless, so rHthless, so utterly merriless, and n> such an unforgiving, exterminating nature, that ! has not a single friend to stand by him?all re.sic over his downfall, and many are the helping hands in this community which would only be lifted to give him an additional shove down wards. Like all tyrants, he was feared, but never loved, and now those upon whom he has trampled, wag their tongues, and point the finger of scorn at him, and the detestation which is now openly ex pressed is the most general of any feeling which nas ever been exhibited here. Even those who pretended to be his friends while he appeared to have any chance of being retained in power, now openly express their gratification at his decapita tion. There is one circumstance which makes the overthrow ol Blair and the installation of Ritchie peculiarly humiliating to the Benton clique. Tho organ of Colonel Benton in St Louis, which sup ported him through thick and thin during the late canvass, is the Miuourian This paper was established and has been kept in existence by means of Blair's money, and although nominally edited by a General Van Antwerp, immortalized by Shad Penn, of the St. Lome Reporter, as Van Squirt, yet a great many of the articles which ap peared in it from time to time daring the late can vass, were written by Blair's son iand by Benton. After Benton's opposition to the treaty of Annexa tion in the Senate, which caused its defeat, the dropping of Mr. Van Buren by the Baltimore Con vention, and the nomination of Mr.Polk, Mr.Ben ton became almost rabid from disappointment, and immediately began through the columns oi the Miuourian, to attack Mr. Ritchie, who had recommended, or at least appeared to recom mend, the dropping of Mr. Van Buren, and who had so heartily seconded the nomination of Mr. Polk These attacks in the Miuourian were reiterated with great violence on ? v*ry op portunity. Mr. Ritchie was stigmatised with va rious epithets, and among oth-r things he was very emphatically told he was in ins dotage, dec The fact of this Miuourian having been supported by Blair's money, and of his son's having written for it, have been well known to Mr. Polk, and Mr. Benton's course has been very closely watched, and all the efforts he made to defeat the democratic party carefully noted. These cansesarc supposed to have had great influence cn the President's mind in determining him to eschew Blair as his official mu sician altogether, and the humiliation of the Ben ton clique is moat complete, in Blair being suc ceeded by Ritchie, the very man whom they have argued was in his dotage, on account of the stand he took for Texas, and in favor of Polk's election in place of Van Buren. What next! How will the new organ succsedl Will Ritchie or Heise be capable of conducting a paper lor the whole countryl Ritchie may do>in Virginia, and Heiss in Tennessee, but have they comprehensiveners, talent, and general know ledge enough to make a paper acceptable to the whole democraciel I doubt it. I fear they will, like Blnir, with lesa savageness, but more twad dling, narrow their party down to a clique. Who is to be the new Kitchen Cabinet 1 I will watch and pray for the benefit of the readers of ths Herald. ____________ Philadelphia 1 Correspondence of the Herald.] Pnn.ADBi.eMiA, April #, IMA. Well done, New York. She hse proved herself the m?<t enlightened and republican olty in Alhegania, if not in the world. It is impossible to conceive, without wit nesting, much less to describe, tho intense anxiety wit' which all parties awaited the news of the result of yetir municipal election. The wharf at Walnut street exhib, ted a dense mass of human beings for sn hour previous to the arrival of ths two o'clock line, sad the office of ZsJ. ' or, your enterprising agent, and the adjacent premises in J foot walks, were thronged by crowd* of people, eager lor ? copy of the Hu mId 1 will her* observe, en peeteel, that the public repose more confidence in the HeraWi accounts, than iu those of any other paper, and consequently It arts inquired af - tsr in ell direction* and its returns, and ths sloqusnt end pMssophic remarks by whlab they wars prefhosd, to

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