Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEWYORK HERA n v-NEW YORK. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 12, 1845. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BBNNBTT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price a cent* per copy ?$7 2l> per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Erery Saturday?Price ?i ceMi per copy?$3 13} centi per annum?payable in adranoe. advertisements at the uaaal price*?always caah in advance. PRINTING of all ltlnda executed with beauty and despatch. Cr?- All letter* or communication*, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or tin; pottage will be deluded from the tubacriptioit money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaerttiETOK or the New Yobk Hkralp Establishment, Northwest earner of F"ltnn and Nacunu street*. ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD OFFICE, No 50 Courtiand Street. NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. ?ffifnMk The Subscribers, Sole A*ents in New^^^^HC JEJSjdRfl York, for forwarditig passengers by if _Kj9r coud chss can from Albany to U'iffilo, JtJLZ are aanbled (? send them per People'* Liue Steamboats to Al tany, and th?ne*. Per railroad, to Utica, for $2,OA ; Syracuse, $?,9?; Auburn, $'J,36; Rochester, $4 61; Buffalo, $5,50. Chil dren from 2"to 12 yean old. at half prie-; under t yean free;and after the 15th instant, all baggagn ou the Railroad is entirely free. All information aa to different rout's given gratis, and pas sengers forwarded to every port ou Lake Ontario and upper Likes, at the lowest rates. The subscribers wonld call parti cular attention to the fact that THEIR TICKETS ONLY arc recognised at tlie office at Albany. W'>I.FSt RICKEHS, Sole A(ts Albany k Buffalo Itailroad, 3d class can. No. 59 Couitlandt street. Nsw Yoik, 8th April, 1X5. i9 lm*ee united states mail lines FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. MORNING LINE-By steamer ROBT. ? MOllRIS, which leaves Dock street wharf -'ally <n.ud-ys excepted) at 7>4 A.M. for Newcastle, and thence by railroad to Frenchtown, and steamer CON ? I lTUTI' ?N to Baltimore The above is tne only line that connects with the lines for the South and West the sime afternoon. Fare $2 00. AFTERNOON AND NIGHT LINES. Through ly Rail Road in Six Hourt. Face $3 00. The ca's Ifave the depot, corner of l>ch aid Market streets, d ii y, at 4 o?cl< ck, P. tVI., and daily (except Sunday) at 10X P? M., or ou the arrival of the train from New York. Passengers leaving New York at P- M., for Philadelphia, cw reach Bal timore next morning in ample time for any line leaving for the South or West. Tickets c-in bi procu red at the Depot, or on board the Bo it at Dock street wharf, Philadelphia. Fare to Whteli' g, (13 ; to Pittsburg $12. A l'tts.euwei L'sr wilt be attached to the Freight Train, which loves the Dtpot daily (except Sundays) at S o'clock, P. M. and Hrrivrs >n Baltimore early next morning. Fare 50 cents. R y-^For farther particulars apply to GEO. P FISHER, Agent, No. 7 Wall, or6 West streets. N. B.?Freight taken at 5 cents per 100 lbs. in21 lm'rc NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Un and after Monday, April 14th, follows WW, 1845, the can will run ss follows lka~ (~tv t-'.vl I'r Leav- City Hallfor Leave City Hall Yorkville, Harlem Fordham and Wil- for White Plains, and Morrisianua. Hams' Bridge. 7 00 A. M. 6 M A. M. r. 00 A. M. 10 00 7 00 7 00 2 00 P. M. S 00 10 00 4 00 9 00 2 00 F. M. 10 00 S >0 1 0? P. M. 5 00 2 00 3 00 3 M 4 30 5 00 5 30 6 3D 7 ?0 _ . Leave Morrisiania Leave Williams' Leave Whits and Harlem for Bridge for Plains for ?:ity Hall. CitvHall City Hall. 7 40 A. M. 7 15 A. M. 7 10 A. M. 8 00 7 40 10 10 9 (>? 10 40 > 10 P. M. II'OO > 40 5 10 11 00 5 00 2 00 I'. M 5 40 3 00 4 00 i 20 5 30 6 ?0 ? 6 30 7 30 8 I'O The Freight Train will leave White Flains at 7 A. M , and tl?< itv Hill at 1 45 P. M., for the pieseut a!2 1mm PEOPLE'S LINK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY?Daily, Sundays excepted,through .direct, at 6 o'clock, P. M.?From th* Pier he twreu t.ouitlnidt and Liberty street*. The t-t*amboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. Houghton, will letv** on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon*, at A o'clock Tlif St< auiboat ROCHK8TEK, Captain R. G. Cruttenden, Will If 've oa Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon* at 6 o'clock. t . At 4 o'clock, P. M., Landing at intermedial* place* :?from the foot of Barclay (tract The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoon*, at 4 o'clock. The iteamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Trusa drll, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon*, at 5 o'rlk Passenger* taking the above line* will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the morning train of Car* for the East or ".Ve*t. Freight tak en at moderate rate*. All i>er*on* are forMd muting any of the boat* of thi* line, without a written order from the Captain* or Agent*. Kor iiatsage or freight, apply on board the boat*, or to P. C. Schul z, at the office on the Wharf. a7re EVENING LINE DIRECT, at C P.M., FOR ALBANY AND TROY?Daily (8unday* excepted) from the Steam Boat *?" foot of Conrtlandt atreet.?The Steam Boat EMPIRE, C art'in R. B Macy. will leave the foot of Courilandt street, every Monday, (Vedneiday ana Friday at 6 o'clock. I The Steam Boat ALBANY, Capt. A. H. Squire, will leave th* foot of Cqnrtlandt street every Tneiday, Thursday and Sa turday *t 8 o'clock. P.M. 1 For Passage or Freight, apply on board or to C. CLARK, at th? office on the wharf. ali MORN1NO LINK AT 7 O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY, TROY, and interme diate landing*, from the iteamboat pic at the f->"' of Barclay itr.'et. Leave* New York at Seven o'clock. A.M., Tuesday, Thuriday and Saturday?and Troy si* o'c'ock, A.M?Albany ?t seven o'clock, A.M., Moudav, Wednesday, and Friday. Breakfast and Dinner on board the Beat. ? The i-ew low-pressure steamboat TKOY, Captain A. Gor ham, Saturday Morning, April Uth, at seven o clock. Notice?All Goods Freight, Baggage Bank Bills, Snecie. or Hitv other kind of property, t?keu, shipped, or put on board this Boat most be at the risk of tte owners of sach Good*, Freight, tannage, kc , . , For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at tha office on the wharf. all 2t HOUR CHANGED On and after Tuesday, the ljth iastant, the steamboats KMP1HE and ALBANY will frr Albany and Troy, at 7 o'clock, P.M. instead of 6, a* heretofore, from th* Steamboat Pier, foot of CourilanUt street. *13 Itm F i HI GLASGOW?The fin* f**t sail inn coppered Barque ALABAMA, C K. Hanleit, master, 280 ton* '<> rthen, will sail in a few days, having most of her cargo engaged For freight, of bulk of 240 hales cotton, apply to muter on board, west side of Burlin* Slip, OT to WOODHULL It MINTURN8. al?ee 87 8outh st. FOK NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New itlhfc- FOK NEW ORLEAN8?Louisiana and New wrfWYjk Line?Poeilively first Regular Packet?To Sail Wednesday, lsth inst int?The elegant fast sailing pacl. ts up ARVUM, Capt. W. Smith, will positively *ai( on lhe above, her tegu'ar day. For freight or paasage, having splendid famished accommo dations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st., or to IK. K.COLLINSk CO., 56 South st. Positively no goods received ua board after Anesday, avrtnnff, 14th April. . _ Agent* in New Orleans, Messrs Huliin It Woodruff, who wM promptly forward all vrods to their address. *12 la* LIVERPOOL LIN*. OF PAUKETS-Packet of *ffl?V'he l*th Ap-il?Tlie splendid fast sailing aud favorite JMMMb locket Ship SEA, Captain Edwards, will positively *ai' ai ahose, her regular day. ' Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage poss-n era, are verv superior. wishing to secure berths should not fail to make enrly application on board, foot of Peck Slip, or to W.S j. T.TAPSOOTT. a.1 re 76 South street, cor. Maiden lane. Rl OR NEW ORLEANS. ? Louisiana and New folk Line?Regular Packet, to sail ISth inst?The I g.ntfaat sailing packet ship ARVUM, Capt. W. I sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or pas ?age, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on boaid, at Urleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to . - ^ K COLLINS t CO., 48 South st. O-Positively no goods received on bosrtl after Tuesday sve ning, 14th inst Agent* in New Orleans Me** *. HULL1N It WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all good* to their tittiress. al NEW LINE OF PACKETS KOR LIVER . OOL?Packet of th* 21st April?The splendid and ^.^^^faro ite packet ship LIVEHPOOL, 1100 tons bur then. Unlit. J. Eidndge, will aail on Monday, April list, her Wilar day. he ships of this lin* being all 1180 ton* aad upwards, parson* ibuut to ? mbark ft,r the old country, will not fail to *ee the ad rnnuges to be deriv. tl from selecting thi* Line in preference to my < as their greit espjeity renders them every way mora ;oiufortabl* and convenient than ships of * small clau, and heir accommodations for cabin, aocond cabin and ateerage pas *nger?, it i* well known, are superior to those of any other tin* >f packet*. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail o make early application ou Ima d, foot of Burlkirg blip, or to W. It J.T. TAPSCOTT, At their General Passage Office, n 12m 78 South street, corner of Maiden Ian*. CLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKET^.?FOR LIVERPOOL.-Only Heywlar Packet of th* 16th of April. ?.'1V magnificent and celebrated fast sailing (kvorita packet ihip NEVV YO"K, burthen 1048 tons Thoa.V Cropper com jiamler, will sail po*iti?ely on Wednesday, the Ifith April ilavinK unsurpassed accommodations for Cabin, id Cabin, ind Stei'raga Pa-iengers those ntumur to the old country, or ie'.d ng for ihe.r friends, will find it to their interseu and com mit to select this unequalled lin* of packet*. For terms of passage, aud to secure the beet berths, early ipplication should be made on board, foot of Beekman st. or o the subscribers, ROCHE. BROTHERS It CO., 14 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank, New York. a 10 litre. Uj* WANTED?A Ship to load for a Southern Port. MSj^Apvly to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 48 South at. TO BROOKLYN BILLIARD PLAYERS, PR088ING frULTON KERRY?A very ue? Saloon has v-j juit been fitted up at the Uniud States Hotel (entrance on Wft" V1*6'* joining the bar of the Hotel,) with thivedcaC rate Tablet, iron Kagle lratnef and maible beds-better Tableflthau any in this couutry, except Bciaford's old room.'* u Ann dfeeet, entrance 149 Kulton Pl.iyers rear Fulton W.-trl*K, and obwn town, on tKe ea*t tide, will find the U 8. llotel 'oon well calculated for their accommodation. The propiM ru ledges himself t? hare it kept respectable. Kcreieicisr i.i.fy. mW 1m ? m LIFJi PRESERVERS, Of Qoodytar'i Patent Oum Elastic Competition WARRANTED to withstand the greatest ex'.remes of heat and culil, and not to melt or .often in the i.-ami, (the great defect in Preservers made of the cummon rubber preparati n.) ? Alio, a general aiiortmeat of goods manufactured under the above patent, for sale, wh olesale and retail, by * UKOH.UK BEECHER. alO Im'ie 100 Br"' " between Pin> and Wall sts BOARDING. MRS. oT KI8H, 136, 137 and 139 Broadway, NEW YORK. The Public and STBA.-uiKms visiting thecitv. a?e respectful ly informed that the above ptemiaes have been fitted up in a su perior manner, for the entertainment of Permanent and Trmntient Boardert The location is pleasant and central to business?the apart ments spacious, light and airy, and handtomnly furnished throughout with new furniture, beds, bedding, Ice. The table will be abundantly supplied with the best the market affoids. Transient Board $1 par Day. mM tm*rc SCOTT'S BAZAAR 37 Dey street, betwaan Broadway and Ureenwuh. 8ANDS SCOTT returns hit most sincere thanks to his frieuds and the pthlic at latge, for the liberal support received since he ot>ened tho above house, and hores, by the same strict attention, to m-rit a continuance thereof. Tbe qualitiea of his Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Segars, an tos well known to need comment. The best Oysters the market can afford seivrd up in eveyrstyle; likewise a larse assortment of refreshments to be had at all hoars, nntil 12 at night, such as :? Beefsteaks, Welsh Karebita, Mutton Chops, Sardines, Fried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Ham and Eggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached Egts, Tea It Coffee, Ike. A good dinner of roast and boiled meats for one shilling, every day from 11 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout al wars on draught. Families supplied with the best Scotch and Irish VVhii key. No house better supplied with English, Irish, Scotch,Welsh, and citjr pipers?alwaya the lafst news by the steamers. Oood Booms for Private Parties, at all limes ready?free gra tis for nothing a4 lm ac TO THE LADIES A/fAD'ELLE FANNY GODEFROY.349 Broadway,oppo site the Carlton House will open on Wednesday next, the 9th instam, her Spring Millinery and Ladies nrti-le* in general. All the above go -ds hare jmt Wren received by the latest Havre par.keu. N. B ?M'llc. FANNY GODEFHOY requests the Ladies not to mistake her hous> wi;h Mrs. (iodfr'v s, from Division street, litely establiilied in Broadway, which has no connec tion whatever with her's. m6 lw'm NOTICE TO THE LADIES. D ARENNE fcCO., 114 Grand street, corner of Broadway, 0 branch of the home of the same name, 14 Place Vendoum Paris, will open Paris Millinery on Thursday,10th of April, jus received by the Packets Utica and Louis Philippe. a3 lw ic JAMES LAOY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO 194 William Street, corner of Ann. New York, CJ AS always on hand a select assortment of the mos^ai hion G able style of goeds to be fonnd in the market, consisting of CLOTHS?Kosm, French and Ameri'aa, of almost every color, from i medium quality to the finest. CAS3IMERES? Wool Blacks, Plaids, Stripe*, Figured and El'stic, in great variety. VESl'INGS?Silks, Satin*, Marseille*, Cashmeres, Veil vets, lie. Also, white Satin, figured and plrjn, rich light silk Velvets, See., for balls, and parties, with a great variety of other goods, loo numerous to particularise, suitable for every season. Geatlemeu patronizing this establishment,may rely upon hav ing th?. - garments made up to order in the best possible manner; ana e>ny satisfaction as to quality, fit, ana workmanship given. [?7~The Lowest Cash Price will be asked, from which no * iatkmknt will hk madc; and in order to insure against bad debts, hy which some would be obliged to pay more to make up for the non-payment of others, Cash on Delivery will in all cases be required. Also on hand, a select assortment of Ready Made Clothing, Office Coats, Pants, Vesu, Dress and Frock Coats, lie., fcc., at reduced prices. Gentlemen furnishing their own goods, can have them made and trimmed in the best possible manner, (a good fit warranted in all cues, or the price of the goods returned.) at the follow ing prices:?Pants and Vesu $1,73 to $3; Dress Coats fT to $10: Frook Coats $S to 912; other garments in proportion. mh!6 lm*ec THE CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT OF Wm. Bfatthlcnnan, and JL B. Sanford, 1?T FULTON STREET, TS THE PLACE for all thoje who wish to sapply their ward 1 robe with good fitting garments at reasonable prices. The subscribers can assure their friends and the public that they will let no one surpass them in the tailoring business, as regards the newest style, the neatness of their fits and lowness of prices, having on hand a well selected assortment of Cloths, Cassi meres and Vesting* of every deurahle style. Also, geullemens' uatfitting, compnsingevery arable that i* usually worn. We have the confidence that we can please the moat fasti dious. Great pleasure will be token to show our styles of fashion and Kiods to all those who will favor us with their patronage. Re collect the place, 127 Fulton street. WM. MATTHIES8EN, mh21 lm*rrc M B. SANfORD. GENTLEMEN'S i,EFT OFF WAK.DRUBE, -T*HE HIGHEST PRICES caa be obtained by Ueatlemea l or Families who ere dsairons of converting their left off rearing apparel into cash. Families or Gentlemen quitting the eityor changing resi ?nee, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will find it inch to their advantage to see d for the Subscribe?, who will Utad tl their residence by appointment. J. LEV1N8TYN, 466 Broadway, up stair* A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive rrompt attention. ml7 lm*re SltCOND HAND CLOTHING AND FURNITURE 1 WANTED?And the highest price riven for all kinds of cast off Clothing and good second hand Furniture. Persons [ wishing to dispose of the same, will do well to call on the sub scriber, or address a line through the Post Office, which will be punctually attended to. B. LEVY, 49X Chatham street, N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen- | tlemen'sClothing, cheap fur cash. m2? lm*rc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE. 'PRE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen I or Families who are desirous of converting their left off wearing appirel into cash. families ur Uentleiiieii quitting; the city or changing resi denypt having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will find it '"lit the'r advantage to send for the subscriber, who will aim at their residence by appointment. H LEVETT, 1 Wall stmt. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. mrl lm*rc KTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVKN, That my disagreement -Lv with my former partners, John Christian Steinicke and Charles F. A. Schirmer, in the partnership concern oP'U Wil helms," in this city, and branch in the ciiy of Boston, has been arranged to my entire satisfac. ion?that said partnership has been dissolved with my consent?that 1 have given them full and exe'usire power and authority to wind up and settle the business and affairs of sud concern, they having taken upon themselves to pay all the debts and liabilities thereof New York, April ith, 1816. D. W1LHKLMS. a7 lw'rrc QUANO?The cargo of the ship ahakspeara, from Ichab- e, I vjT Late experiments in England and this country prove it to lie equal, if not superior in quality to Peruvian. For sale in lots | to suit parchasers, by E. K. COLLINS It CO., M South st. Who have for sale the best authenticated work on Ouaao. a4 QUGAR?33 hbds. prime New Orleans, landing from ship I U Archelaus, from New Orleans, for sale by m28 p *" ? * Also, the Furniture < sale?superb French mirror, a fine piano forte,'dressing bureaus, j s.jfiu. chairs, Icc GROCERIES? At I1){ o'clock, the balanoa stock of a gro o r, comprising a tfcnml assortment of articles in the line choice wuies t-.u. sc ?nrs, sricee, tobacco, Ito. lie. Also, bv Older*,? Ine ?lirMial,6 sofss, 32 chairs, t looking j glanaae, a couuting house desks, lie MACHINE FOR SALE. A MACHINE constructed for cutting, with a plane, large slips of wood for making r<\ nd or oval boses, for which purpose it has been for some timfi| dvantageously used, on ac count i f its rapidity in cutting. ? is supposed it might be ap plied to many other trade*. ltwi.ibe sold low if application is made soon, to CHARLES ClULMUS, a2 2w*ec 127 W illiam street, AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF BRONZE POWDERS. rpHE subscriber has been sppointed Wholesale Agesit for a 1 house in Knrope, who imssees the most extraordinary facili ties for the mauufjetureof Uronxe Powders, by winch they are enabled to offer the inoit beautifnl and spletdid at 40 per cent lower than former prices, and to defy all competition in this article. Their Brouaes have been used by the largest consumers in this country for npwards of two rears, who con cur in recommending them as snnerior to any other for brillian cy and durability. The subscriber ha* made arrangements to have a large assortment alwiwi on hand, and is prepared to sup ply importers and dealer* with the article, in any quantity, at the manuiaiturer'sprices, thus saving them the tronhle and ex pense of importation. J. II. JUCKETT. Wholesale Agent, m23 lm*ec [laie Koxelt k Co.] 91 Water street. BRONZE POWDERS. rPHR very best and cheapest Briuxe, in all shades and quali ,l tiee, are conatautiy imported dire't from Germany, and of fered for sale by LKOPOLD HUH SCo. mh2l lm?rc IK Wall street. New York. SALT AND FISH STORE. 5JM- ^almon^ No. 1,2 and I. MO bbls. Bine Fish 1100 bbls No*. 1,1, im ? Ma*ke*el. 600 half do do do 4? iff do No. 1 Mmi/ M half bbls NoTf WO bbls Cod and Ss 400 do No. 1 GibV 300 kegs Dntch _ WOO lbs Smoked Salmon WO kits Homed do New Orleans, for sale b'y E. K. COLLINS It CO. M South St. irfa.'amily removed for convenience of 400 WO do Ho cads and Toaipue ICW qtls Cod Fish, suitable f>r skiaama tW *acks A*h ton's Salt. 56 half und M quarters mers Mackerr' I 00 boxes Digby Herring <0# quarter barrels Salmon. f .? sale i? Inti to sa c narehaser*. by m?fi Im'ee. Nlr.l.<wW "Vt.r.H fc f!?I PAPER RKAVIB Tissue I'.iper, assotted colon. 2,000 ilo. Wrapping do. various sixes. 6 000 lbs. Straw Boards. 500 ? Printing Taper, all aims | , l.iwo Ills Trunk Boards?Jest received per schooner Aloo, T"" T..? . Aftebhoow, April0 The Court met at 3 o'clock ami tu . P witne*Eo* wa* continued. examination of H. Uiim,?Wa* clerk nf<r n , as. tsuz? ayKSr?Wr.MS TillinohaSt Question v,?^ ,'81 8- Gordon. ml.?Do you know that vou ml i Attorney Oene Gordon on the 7(h of OMobi"i$a ?gUn t0 NlcholM 8. hand writi?ug' o^my'olwk. b??ki the entry ? in the book, whether you ^?uhk,n?W' 'rom 7our the 7th of October? Nicholas 8 Gordon, on m??an? thesam^a^N^bo^u*'s ",3N'?ortoni" ' 'uapoie It charge* against N. Gorton N*8 Gtortn'n show a 1 meaning the aame per?on L?? ' and N ??r<lon, about misspelling hi* name?'.ald r 'P?ke t0 ">e ?tfa 1 of a e, a* it should be ' wrote it with a t in Gorden, abouVthe ywMio'or^Si?110 h With NioholB> about spelling his nam" wroL .^' When he toW me the gun waa sold, that Gordon had I-f?!? knew' when no personal knowledgetmd tt w ?im*' 1 httvo whom the gun was sold- I think if book> ?f ">a person to soner. * 01J> 1 lhlnk11 was sold to the pri utter' NichoU^SoMin0^" of Jdil>-Tusday morning, called coaeehim ; I was DresenMifthi 81?wiff Potter told him that h^ had w ?n? ^, in,Tiewri Nicfao" was in his store on Mondav ? h?J52ni *n that that 0Be ftoreand look mo to &? 'o hi. gU? h?had person* in it: looked for tha 'he "i"6' *n(* foun<l several Youno Moa<un?fmailed Dot flnd three week* before the tnuiiW n F * ?un two or a^ked me to make it ? ihiH, ' Benjamin Waterman and Mr. Stone put a Cmer MVP?'ition ferrul? large; I wedged the ferrule with'J ? w?rffler W8S too r7:?Tl?Ch re*?bl ?* tfiljiaS? Wed?8 ; thi" on Monday evenfng^bout" 6 o'ew?nd JVicho,<u Gordon John Gordon wante'dtnL,?J:lo.Ck' mu* the murder: h>m ; found ? pTi?ntaSu?and 1 7ent with' were wet about as hiah as the ?nlf r were hi< i ihcY gun, but found none saw Xl?.?1 w,e aearcbe<i for a ??.c , noticed a small bra?*^Thi!?drt *WOrd in the sDoke to liim about it, and he aaid h?? ? u0? 5 aomc one 'lay; both doors of the store one nf?v.g0t " on christmai w>th the house, were A,#!'? t5.e,m communicating came away. ? fa,tencJ b7 Nicholas before wf .iw"^SdaTter 55!S '? 8"Gordon out the store; Nicholas a?k^d m5 ^ """""ted John in and who issued the wairant and i i6 ijM* armtoJ tor. mining up stair* 1 ,lnd J JoU him> ""er exl store und kitchen; found only"a bed Tn? bKl?"ea tlie o' her officers, 1 think, were Jith mo. ,a ?hair! two tiom the house that ni^hf. ,?Jj wo took nothing to Mr. Spraguev ffhti weca?ied John and NichcifS d7/"Tsull^y? he a!keddhmMUlK pr?VC wherehe when he wa* arrested in,i inr . ^ twhat t'mo it wa* JrWSi! he came by it ? h? nai<i k ?wo11cd} I asked him how i day.gotinfoxicatad tnH ft,fia^e,n town on Christmas couid prove where he was all dav nn a N!cholM ""id ihe .?aid lie coul I [mre where hi wa. ^fii John ^ town on Sunday, attended ma^s TnV d. he came ??> do not recoUect that he ?a*???n? nt out again; I self. c ne S>ve ?ny other account of him moraing^to wrtrt wlllliamtO?d,0ner,'?.i?0l!,e on Tue?day there were on[rtwo femai? in ?hD Jhe honie Wa? ?h.ut; ther and a neice of Nicholw thpro -"*?' Pn*?n9r'? mo person* round the house and the old \Va " Kre*.t many ? ?, but finally let u* in wt tlZAh l W#li"mM at fastened ; the old lady ?aid NichnlP. w ."X ??r wa* ?r, thinking 1 might ,l i '^rced houae thoroughly before I left^t int ?" "Arched the found two or thrle pUi/i\ J? " 1^ "P ? air* we ?hirt. The -hirt waa hin^2? -! two or three reeti, and a wer# foue droim of blood on n i10 ,??eira' there the vect* had bCd onit HoSnd^th. bed^ ?ae?" percunion caps, some Pockets some fl.nt. One paif it ba??. "nd a wa* wet to the knee* w? 1^,^ .1 !,another pair the chamber, which wa* dan? wi?f,n j blue coat in "tore, some in a oannistnr i iound powder in the P?ir of boot*, quH*? amn in o?? rh' bo,1" f ound ? the boot* into the track *aid to h.?" u . put one ot house and it fitted t.reciselv n. I n ,race'l to the the bottom of the track . T',,nn?' was meally, and by the b?u I l??ked m2m? rf jn the impre**ion made gun, but found none. ($??*?? ik ,he h?u,? for a lie described, and identified thV?T? ihow? th? article* thing menuoned away wMh him ? ?Ught a11 ,hc cl?" h? searche.Hhe'hJuTe^d^Mt!^(Tma' 8haw when M iii'the ZTZt founiTth" ^ ^ 1 could judge. ' Uound it the aame, a* nearly as Gordon's honse,',he ?rticles found at f -uod i? the ve*t, and foond ^vonld 'flt ?' 'fhe balls theawamp; I compared the r hegun f?und in pirori"oif^)"IJ^>"i3X ^i!??n^Cr bel"Mn 'ha two noticed ; rim not Mw Kqoi dtrf ,0/"r a" 1 1 br^u'< alJb,t from K.V. ml the* ^ ' ?<' MMr 8pragie have a thimble and ?nn.J '?,n? " to Mr. Brigg* i0 and Mr. Scott took o piece oFwn?H' h? PJ* ?n the thimble, but aaid the woSw wTt. ^ 0Ul 0.fth80" wonner carried the XZr and ?m?d"l?d.did not flx f he put on the wormer .t)??^!^ N,chol?? Gordon, and ?ha ramrod; I ( ffer.M Mr Moi?!n gr *?ma lhre,d round lor arnkingtho ramrod, but he would halfPenny droit taaminni _ no would'nt take a cent. ?ibant coming here, or aimVthi.'Ji ,n?thing to me poor mir rabfe fool, and can't^H ^*?C n'" ' am ? ;',Jnt know what year it I ro't th ' ?r ciPher- ' I'm a fool, but I tell Oo i'* trnth on/.i "mrod made. Koata.-can you uii ?S. i.i f ,l,aine ,ha and that you got the ramrod mad ' f0?r " *Un 0ordon had ?traps, and biyonJ?^ I "WV *"? before the m.irder; s?onD^dTnH t,Il ^ord?nL'be "iday uoJce that hi* face was i?ui^i. him' difl not t'ced it if there had been ani h i11 A.* have no coat which I think resembled th^ .'7' he had *n a '-amp; cannot say it wa.Thi^m. C?#t '?Und in ,h" houae fo^'part^orChriMm^l^day ^DidnYd?11 at m7 face wa* brui*ed or * wo lien discover that his Thud (DAT Mearnno, April 10. The court met at nice o'clock, according to appoint ment Duty Gain* tworn?Hn? compared the powder found in the paper in the vett, with that drawn from the piitol; they are prociawly the tame. That found intheboxea ia not ao good. That in tho box feund in the roat ia nearly the tame n? that tnnod in the box in the vett The tmall difference probably a rote from that in ona bus having been a little dam ;>. I have dealt in powder thirty year* JotKPH A. Blake?A deater in powder twelve or four teen yeara, teatlftad to the aame facta itated by Green. Cr?i*examinid ?There ia nothing peculiar in the ap pearancepfthla powder; It U auch m it told here every day. Barro^i Watchman?Reaidml within one hundred rodt of Nicholat Gordon time of the murder. Haw him here what I thought to be a piitol a week or two hrfore thn murder wmcommitted. Saw John Gordon the morning before the murder; wat cloae to him ; did not notico that hia f.we waa bruited. We were in the atore, the thutterH and door wera cloted, and it w*a a little darkiah, but I could too him plainly. Chaiu.ei K Skarlc kept the nrtialet produced In court from the time (hay were round till they were delivered to the therilT; Mr. Hpragne had but one piato), and that waa Colt'a revolving Attt. Gkhmai.?Do you know whether John Gordon know Amaaa Hprague? Akiwii-I frequently patted Gordon'a ttore in compa ny with 8prague, when John waa in the atore; I preaume John knew me,and SpraMUe alao; the night Sprtgue wat murdered, a greit many people came to the houte; near ly all the neighbora were thn>n; neither of the Gurdon'A were there; at the requwt of Sprain ?, I appeared before ? ha Town Council in July, tfl4.t and oppoted Nicholat Gordon't petition for a liceute; the council adjourned to next week, and I preaented a remonstrance drawn by Sprague; Nicholat waa there; the licente waa refuted; the Council met again in Aug?at; Nicholat applied again for a licente; and Mr. gprague being pretent; op poted him; the reaaon he aaaignoJ for oppoting the ii r.ante wut the injuriout effect* it would have upon hit workmen. In'he courao of tho talk, Nicholas taid I no vor had my wagon tilled with ttonea." Mr. Sprague re plied, "Gi ntlemen, that it tlanJer; he and I will nettle it t >mc other tirae." The handa were in the habit ol viaiting Girdon't atore; the ordnrt were that none of tham aheuM go there. Crtit-Acamintd?l think one man waa diaoharged by Hpragne for vititlngaml drinking at Gordon*! ttore Thia waa before the difficulty about the licente. John Gordon waa atmall man; probably not ao tall aa Nicholat. Mr ftprague wat a large, atrong man; would weigh upwarda or aoo poanda. ?vtan fittbo?Know NiOholtt R. Gordon three yeara atore tho aur dor; laat aaw him ia Aagutt, IMA John ssSffSS5!Sis?F''S swamp wai his- he used m n?,^} '?. c found in the time, the dog L?d ^v oH- I hi* "**"? "V0?" k,ts*S&^F?W5 S^Wi-^^^SSiS'Kv'I^MS sms: "a sfiltS" (Trlnitou tonMeWmy3motehd in ?V to go?to ?Ion's and baughi som?th?n*-Tha^Way# ?t,'.pped at ?01' Nicholas wen?the oW colt" I Uon^.tT" ?tb Johu anl 8*4 coat for Nfoholw to V",y in August. 1843 to rot ?nml* #w i Uordou'a store emugb to Le waited .^1 threa<J- stopped juit long Stf much lc*? hoU8ework: Mi" Oarner docs"not in? Mrt>?.hLh^ company: women come In and io out txula'r wa^'l tire'.h 6 "me 33Jo: ' have So par' [ rbis witness may be called a hard case. She was ? au old, rM*ed biie colt Ith? murJ?r- Spoke ot doiTMrtff&o^t "ilt mentioned that the i&SSSsE^&^sw Nicholas was guilty decided ft the belief that muXr, John^ordan to* me V.h? TuMd^ the I nothing about I urder TaVtw pn,0.n,' ,h?th8 knew murder he cam?tS n^i lw on th? ^ of the went home between a aii.f' i nvi i'ln. forenoon; ready, and he went out ?,^T, ? 0??lock; dinnor was not Kingston* went to a tavern anS'S v*tb9t be But< two back,and staid there till they heard of^hi 8nd itb,,U CMne ^?BsassSS?S!,?5S:'>-*. o'clock on Sunday ? alter he hnrth, H between 4 and 6 i>o and my brother and myself wenUo th^f " "hort time' comething to drink -wo rtJ ho<.lT ? tavern and pot any lamp! "J b/otbcr had my broth .r and 1 went over t>HnrT??>!!r ?l mur<ier i Ui till we *ot opposite Mr Snp??f, f^ ? bn Went wi,h John kept on J&*$2?!2f ho^e"" tUmeJ ln' aad bJtar JoMhn.m0,TO,f,teStilied toalJ the f?.s stated by his ?^X^dLr l? v h?H".* boot. ; hi, clothe! we " not wettt hgdi0n, thi<* about half a mile from my housi' ti noticed ; it i* quarters of a mile to Gordon* the taverr>-three ?kiSSiSKJ'asiEnsLa? ?* <>?<?? ?~ -5?ttvttdbS ?&;rs JsasTMSMsssas wards Providence. 7 ?urder;he came from to W?Whomr^? P^de"nWceJ?at'\S?^ o*?in* toward? .wje*-''5S!Ssmwswara sSSs^^^SwwfcSCl.'! thinkalhe must iavo known me^'th* % #t 1-"11?r i was cold and windy ' y ot 1116 MUrder .htok?:Vnwl";td^e iZVb,ron the ponnd.fel- 1 ^'"Xxi;szsL^5rcTz^'s-' gogS ^mSfba'^y^otor" door one day be/are the mtirH *,and'?C Gordon's store 3'one; he tjJdmelT rnVtS^^LSTV1 WU th"? ?('?"? out, and would dischtrre S?. 71 8Pr"*t>e had Sp?pe'.t tha time ; preUy .goon fii lor tot? I saw John Oor nsv^S^aarJss ^^SBKaaaS:'5? s-^^^sssAtsssaa " hZ'^T day; "n>tjt wM th "coagtarJei,i " WM din for ??veMlVMrs^forMh"a m'urdr'''h^'C'l0''i* ??r w -ar a blueis? ?oat .nn i -^ u^ have *:n him PJllar, both overciats- "Se^it f?at,7itIblrelT0t swamp resembles the bluish !L?? ? '.n the ware that ocoacionaliv bf><v>m i* ^ mi*ch. He I coat; alter that he used U ..h? Worf ** *?n wagon; once, when it rained^ I Vfi ,?n in h" ^ave iton ; from the aor.MiponJl-i i L think 1 raw bin be the one I saw ? I us?d to^?M /J .5? '' b,ue C0l,f to wsrai'a -aMws away , saw pfichoh.s next mo^Vifter th^mnJi.r*^ ( rmston street in #Ki. ? #_ u ? . tne murder, on '1'iired of Wmeea,bi?tt$h;Cm^,hre Ve ^ lh?r'e ' Vn inff about it. th?t Ha una j? ij ? #1" "? knew noth nutted,and referred mv ??% o '?T,denc* when it wa? com hU wouM teUme all about"it hn T" V? kifbt' hl< horse. " ; h? then hurried on with & uiwfrsiiSSr v^tsks ; kin with the how h^u.u^lni,UrrTJwl,en 1 "et 1 me. ' u,ualJy topped and talked with I hi-^thTKh&'KuihUoUmv^!f^'^Whan ' ?? g I thought him in lone wa^nne'et^^hem'u4;' ce^UH3noD."ochk,np. MTi"g ,rriVea',he Conrt took a ? In SupgtMi Court, April 9 ? Boyle adB Boyle ?motion to change venue denied. Comstock et ol. ads. ('agger?motion to set aside verdict, granted with costs The People ex rel Bank of VVrgennea, vs Wil liams, late coroner?motion ex parte lor alternate manda mus, granted. P.ittison ot al vs Adam*, ?hW?motion to let snide rule* entered l'h March lait, denied, with costs. Mageeit al ads Conley ? motion to change vecue, de nied. Atwater et al. ads. the Rochester City Bank, and one ether cause? motion for retaxation of costs, granted. Wo'jstrr inapl'd ads. Burton, exr. lis ? motion to open de fault, !tc., granted, on terms. Wiggins ads. Davis?mo tion to set aside ca. sa., granted, conditionally. Lansing vs. Potter?motion for relaxation of costs?$9,46 struck out of the bill. Sinclair ads. Robinson- mo1 ion to set nild* defanlt, fco., granted, on terms. Keaxler ads. Bas ram?motion to set n?lde default, kc., denied. Walker n Is. Budd, et al, Trustees, lie.?motion to set aside judgment, denied with cests Sproner vs. Frost-motion to xet aside report of k ftraes, ke , denied, with costs. Nicholson ad*. Broei Motion to set aside delault, kc., denied with costs. Lewis vi. Comstock?Motion for u cummission, granted. Waldron, txecntor, Ice. ads Do r- mm, administrator, lie?Motion that plaintiff* pay dr feudant's taxed costs, kc., denied. Reed ts. Morrn ? t al., n id one other cause?Motion that the late Sheriff of at Lawrencc county pay proceeds of sale to plaintiir in the J I cause, denied, with coats. The People ex rel. Chat Held vs. Cooper, Sheriff-Motion ex parte for ao alterna tive mandamus, granted. Harmon ads. Barton-Order, that award be confirmed. The People ex rel. Kirkham, ex'r, lio vs. Cotea et al. com*rs, lie?Motion tor an alter native mandamus, granted, ex parte. Rowland vs Hig hto-Rule far costs against defendant for not moving. Smith vs. Humphrey?Do do do. Baker et al. vs. Wil lams et al.?Do do. Baker et ?l. vs. Baker?Do do do. Patarson vs. Cowing?Do do do. Jones ada. Van Namee et al.?Rule for costs against plaintiff for not moving. Mersernea ads. Johnson?Do do do. In thematterof the application of John W. Jaooba against the Judges ot Dela ware Common Pleas - Rale for costs against said Jacobs for not moving. Court adjourned tint Hie. Lono Island Route to N*w York?The line to New York via Stonington and Long Island Rail road, is for the present suspended. A daily night line will run hereafter to and from New York as follows:? From Bo?ton on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays via H'onington, and on Mondays, Wrdue*ds>s and Fridiys via Newport, and from New York on the opp aite 'ays. Train leaves the Depot of the Boston and Providence Railroad at 4| P. M.? Button Trantcnpt.Jipril 10. Tiik Kire at Troy.?'Th* lose by the lire in Ri ver street is estimated at $4i,000, all covered by insu rance Kerr It Norton wore insured for (90,000; E. T. tiale *17/00; H. k W J Avrrill ?* ft*0, and the three atores destroyed, or Injured tor $1,000 each? total iua ranee $40,*00. Tile AUeghauiou Actors In BnglMd. London, March 5th, 1845. ?***?* I meinnow to give you a dnh of theatricals. Wnen Mr.Hsckett rcached London, he found Mr. L turent in full bla?t, running and making money b / Antigone,' but the weather became severely c >ld and storm)-, which checked the attendance u?on all the theatres. Mr. Liurent proposed to llackett, as his pantomime was worn out and he wished to withdraw it, to play after "Antigone," K ?J1 lW0 of hi' (Hackett's) lighter pieces, ich he consented to do, oh certain terms, nV, ? hlu ??,eilin? in Henry IV, and ? n? win I, cours? of ,en '"guts. Things ? en?u8fl '"f a few nights, but Laurent Srf p'odu,ee Honesty," a rejected and pub lished comedy, becausc he could have it tor no Iv bv hin?1 ltaaul(bor' a,id be furnished, gratuitoua fviunminta^ e*R?n*. with some scenic ap pointments. Antigonel,was then set aside tor a few niShts to do this. The result was fatal to both ? th? . iLu".eBT at the end ol Hacketts tenth M?hi, Laurent suddenly closed, just " four nK ^a poor French'm10 eve|7body- Laurent says hs i^pse frnJi a"d 8'^adB ^rfr-itcd in his tense from the proprietors of Govern Garden- r.i*. oumes that he made his final exit ? a cfounl eu^tool: lbe theatre without a shilling capital, promising one-eighth of each niKlu'd re ceipts Jor rent; and, as report saye, cannot have carried much money out ol it. Ran? '8 dai|y "P?cted to shut also. They h? k 1Lpa>'8 nobod/ he can help it. The houses have been po?r (or a long time but hia pockets are helped by some pickings got by private &WUrni?hed l0certa'n of Ksffi 22 ..uyu a ,ow lllem to mingle behind the s-enes with his meretricious French corpt dt ballet The Sunday Times," twa or three Sundays back I aragraphed the lact, and recommended it to the notice ol the Lord Chamberlain. I he Haymarket is doing well, and has the onlv S ?.?nKV 1"L,0,ndoa w"h the i un ol Bout* Cdult s Old Heads, <fcc., and productions to fol house would be full until May next, else Hackett would have been there, but had hopes that he u :nd u11 that month. He started on t he 4ih lor Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carlisle Dublin ?ar?a1s;cir"w h? wfnh ^addox. ?he had a letter to Kenny Invmg" s^e^he**T?nre?tin her' aad ,rom hii i?uih * son on the 1 unes" newspaper ?nri h* cmic *he^B^d" VX"n(ord' thc utuet 'theatrical critic, ne his doue her great good bv makiiiir th* ?^1 WMifre^ at lii bame theatre in "Oihe'lo" ihe rtetd iiil1" Cusiiman's debut, was cordially greeted, little applauded, called out at the en/ b'11 severely handled by all the r.resL I" ; ISb?cvause the kte Mr Bacuu, (Stephen he way,) and Forrest aud his wife n?v? met at dinner, and Oxentord h?s hi? e S'v-rr s ?ioVrth3r. "? b/?r,e; 1119 pl*'d tunic be'ng too s.iort, liud a luuicroua effect rather )?<?/,? beeuempted to be .xwS;".wuUS2 ?8 sir ?m"" L'JktTS1', *? A p?*25fifi h .A* fi u a- wbtch he suddtnfy flirted hia Piire?acSdU?Ohperflu0!'a aud LlTowed, and from th? t'lme"eilh^r I'Z A-1""" ? .ulk'd" and lauahed it ^gh hearing him Ms 1 sf. Amti & r, *jrs i '-r ? h irned and comical Indian tone " I'll nAr H?ht 8?ner*l call for a Mr Graham'.' who JuyeT' ^Uc 1^3-SSS^' Mi his rv?petitions of "Macbeih " nn.ii ?. m 4 ra" could b, got ready, which waS then^n*?0' dramatists hands tor re-writ.nV Th. h m<! been wretched oinr.0 *i> ? ? n?;usefl h<id heih ?.k?,.!J5 nCe the r*"Petitions ol "Mac sfffst h h,^^,'t ^"o^" ah?;0"L6; period, therefore was obliged lo rll h,? / mised to visit them during'the summer pr? Red River Raft.?By ft letter from Arkan? ,b, just received iu this city, we ieam that on the 16th of Frebruary last the steamboat Col. Harney, commanded by Captain 1 homas More, of Louisville, made her way, unaided, through the rait on Red River. The writer states that?" The boat arrived at the foot of the raft on the 16th, and tound about &lteen hundred yard* of solid raft, and the water at the low stage of from three an<i a half to four ieet; and after hard work for raven day?, succeeded in passing through We were the first boat of th* season, and made the passage without any admittance Iron the United States boat, (the Southwestern,) which did not arrive at the foot oi the raft till we were within one hundred and fifty or two hundred yrrds of the head of it; and the day after her arrival we worked through.? 'I'hu itiamboat Frontier came up in company with the Government boat, andtollowed tin through with Mine aid irom the latter. The boat employed hy the Oovernment belongs to the same person who owned (Learner Frontier. We ate informed heretbut the Frontier is to be paid by the United S'ntes for working though the raft, a talk that had already been performed by the Col Harney. The commander of the latter. Capt. More, neithcrasks nor ex pect*, aijwe understand, any compensation lor the ad venturous taak h i boat has performed hut it i* certainly due te hiot that the credit oi being tne first to woik his way unaided, through so difficult a barrier, once suppos ed to be absolutely impassable,should he given tolhim,?nd not to those who did but follow in his wake. Not many men would have had the resolution to make the attempt, anil fewer atlll would have shown the rkill and perse verance neccaaary to success ^?Xntumnl IntrU. Firk in the Mountain* ? We learn Irnm tlir Frederick Examiner that the mount-mis tu that vieinity have ,been on fire for several days past. The lower portion, near the city, (some five or six mile* dis tant) was txtinguUbed in the earlv portion of this week, after having destroyed several houses and con sumed a vast amount of timber. The upper part of the fire seems to be about ten miles further on the Mountain, and I* sti.l raging. About six thousand acrea have been swept. Fire in Baltimore County ?We learn that gn at destruction hns taken place in the neighbor hood of Cockeysville,Baltimore county,by the.burning of the woods Several thousand acres of wood land, the property of Samuel Worthtngtan, David Ryder, Miss t 'harlotte Owings,and others,were burnt over on Monday and Tuesday, destroying a lanro quantity of weed, fencing, lie?Baltimon Patriot, April 10. t'lRB in Providence ?The Koiindry, Helorgin# to the Fall River Iron Works Go , whs destroyed by Aratyeaterdayi morning. The Foundrv was 180 feet long, and M wide. It wa? Insure 4 f >r ItitiW at M-e Cft - tribuuon ofHce $fiW0, n 'he O tgia ? *2000. Pto vMsnss JennMi, April 10. City Intelligence Lower Police, April 11 ?Oband Likmt-Officer* Oil Hays and William H Stephens arretted three blacka Robert Milage, George Mason and Sally Maaon. f< r stealing five pieces of silk, worth $100, from the (tore of J. J. Rick art! ?on, of 170 Spring street, on the 6th of March- They came into the store pretending that they wanted to buy, and alter they left, the good* were mis sed. They were ull committed. ficirociiT iKiittTtD bt a Lady?At an auction sale ii. Beach street this morning, Mrs Satan Birch, of No. 37 Bowery, obseived a man tindeavoriag to insert his fingers in the pockets of sev eral ladies who were present nt '.he sale. From his respectable appearance she coold not at first persuade herself that lit; w< s doing so with any ? vu design; at last she saw bim insert the fingers of feu <i licate right hand into the pocket of a lady named Mrs. Caroline Clark, of 13} Spring strmt. the immediately teized him and accused him of being a pickpocket. He was immedintely detained by Home gentleman who were ti ere, and rttcers Hays au?i Welsh pasting at the time, were c?iled in and took the fellow, who gave bis name ia James Williams, to the Tomb*. Stealing a Tbunk and Clotmino ?James Betts was a-rested and committal for stealing n trunk containing clothing, valued at $-23, from Edwara Gleaion, of M South street Illehal Voting ?William Hurlay was last night ar rested by M. P. Evans, for a misdemeanor in voting ia two districts of the 4th ward, at the recent election. He waa held to bail. Upper Collee.a-Apaii. II.? Burglary and Qranb Laucknv ?Two boys, namad James Doiaa and Timothy Delaney, were arreaied and committed for burglariously ei.tering the Ward School No. 4, on the night of the 4tn of April, and burning a quantity of school book*, and utoiling books and mathematical instruments. Some of the property was recovered from the boys. Perjury.?A man named James Van Ward was arrested on a charge ot perjury, in swearing at the third district cl the fftn ward, at the last (.lection, that his name was J 'mes Lawrsnce Van Ward, when he had previously v ted at the third district of the 8th ward, as James Van Wart He was held to bail in the sum of $1M0. Coroner's Oflee ? Aran 11??Sudden Death.?The Coruner held an inquest upon the body of John McOloin, of the 6th ward, 36 years of age, who died last night in a fi. produced by intemperance. Another?The Coroner alio held an inquest at the h use of Ex Aid. West, No 214 West 14th street, apon tho tv. !y of Wat. Downs, a black man, 33 years of age, who died last night from disease of the heart Verdict ac cordingly. Special Neaslona. B fore the Recorder and Aldermen Emmans and Deree. April 11.?1 Husband.?A tolerably good looking man, dtcently dressed, answering to the name of Isaac Allen, was placed at the bar on a charge of maltreating hit wife ? w ho was swern. Rkcobdkk?How may times has he struck you, Mrs. Allen? Mrs. Allkn?Oh! sir, it would be almost impossible to t-11 how bad ho does?he beat me and my children. We are all of us afraid of our lives. Ho has struck me, oh! muny a hundred times and oftener, and often if 1 had net fled, he would killed me. Q.?Does he do any thing to support you 1 A.?Oh! no sir, nothing at all to support as. Q?How long has this bean going on? A?For about twenty years, sir,?ull twenty years. Counsel!# Fay?This woman doesn't swear, your hon or. that she was struck at all. Clicke?Oh! yvs, sir?a hundred times. Mrs Allen?Yes, sir, indeed; and my body is oovered with scars from head to foot. Coumim.i.or?There's do evidence, sir, and we can piave that this defondant is an honest, respectable nan, and works hard at his trade as a shoemaker. KecoRDEa? Oh! Mr. Fay, he has been before us for It orer and over again. Mrs Allen?On Wednesday he struck me, and took up ? bench and w?uld have struck me with it if my son, who is twenty years old, hadnt prevented bim. Fay?If the Court please, witnesses are here for the de fendant, Mr. Patrick. Mr. Patrice called and swern. Kay?Are you a neighbor? Patrick?Not exactly?he lives in Division street and I live in Brooklyn, lwork for Mr. Fox, with Allen, and w hen he was in prison I went down to see Mrs. Alien at Hi" request ot Mr Fox, to get her to withdraw the com print, and let liim out again, that he might go to work, i'.d Mrs Allen, she said to me. says she, Mr. Fox is a two f.iced man, for he has promised to assist me if I'd put Isaic up, but now he has turned agin me. Mrs. Allen?I never said any such thing, sir. He ciirae off the Island about November last. Mr. Patrick?She says sir that if he will keep away from her, that she wan?> nothing at all to de with him, a'.d we'll do that sir. We'ilgive security before we go. Mr Fay said there was no evidence that she was ?'ruck, but it was very oft?n the c ise that people in that line of life, do get cross with each other, and take up b< nches; and it appears in this instance to be a conspi r -y on the part of this woman snd others to put this u : ortunate man outoftheway. The Court asked Mrs. Allan it she was willing to for gi ? bim, ifhe would leave her, and not molest ner any in re, and as she said ail she wanted was to be relieved from his brutality, the court-concluded to suspend sen tence, and accordingly discharged'he accused. Stealing an Alderman's Boots.?A black fellow, ivmed Isaac Townsend, was accused of stealing Alder nmi Caleb 8. Wot dhull's boot*. The Recordtr ashed tti ? prisoner if he did not know the* gross impropriety of s nir.g an Alderman'a boots, to which he replied that 1: did not steal them, but they were given him by ano ts> rl. d. Justice Merritt swore that the boy had admit ti d tho theft. The court accordingly sentenced bim to th' ee mor.ths imprisonment In the penitentiary. Court of Oyer and Terminer, B lore Judge Edmonds and Aldermen Winship and Dick inson. A raiL 11?Casr of Kltm ? The ICourt was occupied in tr j mg the question of the alleged insanity ol the prisoner K> -m, chaiged w ith the murder of the female in the tu' urba of the city, in Decemter iast. Drs. Eatle, Smith, Tilton and others were examined for the prisoner. The ease stands adjourned. Common Plesuu Before Judge Daly. \pbil il ? Jam?\ Hamilton vs. Lent 4' inters?Action rf tiaspaaa to recover damages for personal i?juries re c-ired, in a collision between the pcities; and also for ccmpcnsation for iDiury done plaintiffs wagon on the n. cation. A Wedged carelessness was pleaded fur the de fenc j. Verdict lor d< fendant. f he March term has closed. Alleglianla Circuit Court. Before fudges Betta and Nelson. ArRiL 11.? United Statu vs. Samuel Ijtrmi.?Action to r.vov*r amount ot penalty tor smuggling goods- The jury found a verdict for defendant?the smuggling not be - ing fully proved. General Seaalona. Bt fore the Recorder and Aldermen Drake and Emmans. Jonas B Phillips District Attorney ad iiWeniat. April 11. - Trial of Davit continued?This case occupied the .'.Mention of the court and jurv the whole of the day? and some little progress was made inthecasa. Mr. Jor 1pii exerciaed ail bis peculiar talent in the croes-exaMina llon, and badgered some of tho witnesses to the greet iiiiusrmnnt ol all present. The evidence for the proaecu tion will piobaly close to-morrow, (Saturday ) Affaihb in the Lkoislatukk, Jcc ?The Hooan to-day performed the luneral eolemnlties over the constitutional amendments-three out of the five having b< en reject ?d. rhe first amendment proposing to add to the number of tin judges of the Supreme Court, was rejected by a vote of h>cs61, nays f>6- not two thirds. The majority was tii i 1e up by the democrats present. The minority con st vts of tho whigs. The " natives" present voted in the n?i<ntive. Fne next amendment, proposing to add to the number o' tho ClariCelkr*, was rtjected by a rote of 6-1 a yea to tri nay.'-not two third*. The democrata voted in the ottirniative The wh if a in the negative The " native*" pi '*ent voted 10 the neg*'ive. The next amendment, aboliililng the property qualifl - c.t'ion wh* adopt d hy a vote of 111 to A I'ha next amendment was the ?tate <>bt and liability resolution* ?better known a* the " people'* resolution*." It sva? rejected by a votn of aye* M, nay* At. The da rn ,crM* voted In the atfl.matire The whig* and imoat of the " native" member* present vot"d in the negative. I he next and laat amendment, prohibiting the nnonl 01 offlccn without oauao, v*x adopted? ayea IN, nitya 8. \u ittempt wo* m ?de to r"*n*itate them, bnt a motion to reronifder one ot them b tug rejected by a vote of M to tfi the fat*'' of the ri-Jicted r. solutions may be considered a>*t'lrd Ti.c bill lor the convention cornea up to-mor rc w The report rt th? Atton ay Oenetal, in aoiwer to the r 'olutfon<>f tae Home, inquiring whether or not, in hia oi'i.iion. the bill authorising the New York atd Brie li n'.wityron pnny to construct anyportion of their road In r. nnsy Ivania, lcqnlrti g ? rote o( tw o thirda of the mam b n cl. eied to the Hous\ was received today. I give you the conclusion'; he ha* coane to. V?n will perceive tl .it he has extended hi* inquiriea to the mode propoeed fjr releasing tho Mtato loans to the company, for he tnva Int. Th" ftlt? ration* ol tho ronto of the railroad, in the mtnner pi ope *ed in tin; joint resolution*, rt quire the sa lt m ol two-thirds ot ihe raembera elected 'id. That the bill submitted to him contain* povialona "continue, Miter and renew" the body corporate called 'the N. Y Rnd Erie Railway Company," and there fere renuirea auch assent -, and 3rd That the bill make* a donation to the company at three millions ot dollar*, and therefore appropriate* that amount of he public ironk'i " trr local and private pur posea," and require* *uch aa*ent by two third*. The Ht uati ws* principally occupied in <eadlrg bill* a thirl time. The bill amending the charter ef the Fire man's Insurance Company, in your city waa rejected A re* )iutioii wa* offered, railing a committee ot investi gation in relation to th? lota of the Swallow. It lie* over i ntil to mortow. I do not think the Senate will move in ft. although 'otoething ought to be done. A pariylol ge-aheau met in'end building a amall ateamer 0 i Saratoga Lake, to ply thereon during the coMia* sum mer They wre in treaty far an e gine, and the timber ia all i a-dy to he put up into frame. 1'nptain P. M. Bromley, C iptfcin Flower*, Kill* Bnker, K?q , and aome other* v hose namea I do not now remember, aflt among tha 1 rojectora. Willlom T>itfl?ld,committedatiteide by hang!t.;? h m ?e f npoi. an t} i - li- t . > a ? s . ?'oi Ti ? it 1 ? rt <y wt, Ht. waa believed to b? ilterlng from mama ? petu.

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