Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Nisan 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Nisan 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD Mo. I04~ WboU do. ?W4, THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES CORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Erery day. Price a cenU per copy *' -6 Per annum?payable in advance terrsEMtNTs"-?^"~ C?N0 01 *"kto'" "?cM wuk?i t,%". mJIwuS? or communication!, by mail, addreaaed rate?SMaBrkiisS? JAMES GORDON BENNETT P?OMIUTCa 0?- THE Naw Yoaa Hcbald Eitabluhmbnt, rsoHhwert c?mpr of Fulton and Nawm rtn-eto. ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD~ __ Ur 1? ICh, No 50 Courtland Street. ?SSBSSb ThI^kTw^^!0 ^.W'OHANTS. WSr J i "Ubtcriberi, Sole A*?nu in NewJHH^ York, for forwarding paataugers hv ? '""d cl"?? ear. frim Albauv to Buff do are Mihbled t? trnd them per Peopled :? '?aiiv, and th*uce, i^-r railroad ifllh,#. to Al ?5.9.'; Au"uru, *3.36; *A ^""ae, ?ft?r ihe lith m.tant, all bagnagtonthe Kailrold*U e^5r"y Lakf?, at the )owq?t rat??. Ttie subscribers wrSu^ii ST1*' ai'e recogn!wd\l the office'at Alban^ T,CKKTS * Sole Agu Albany It B^ff.Vo^ffii"?,^ CM| N>w York, 8th April. 184}. M Conr^'ft fro^phila oelph9/a*toLbaltmore tfs&dvioRRR I wt swl* AFTERNOON AND NIGHT LINES Through by Rail Road ,? S" ^VV. Fate 93 00. JMtt I rir,?'f'']V(-:l>e depot, corner ?f lTh ai d T1 aJTe t "?treer. d'l ), at 4 o c ? ck, P. M..and daily (eicept Sunday I at 10^4 P* M., or on the arriv .1 of th- train from >ew York fa.ienVer. leaving - ew \ orU at ij, p. M for ^il .delphia'cu. re"hSa? soatfr;;^^w?ruTf,k^^bu^.ayiirhh^t^rrt WWH-X r&teTtlt!1"' Phi'adelrhia. Faia to Atent, M R rM* l? ? i , Wo. 7 Wall, or 6 Wn?r. itwti. " -Freight taken ft 3 cents pgr 100 lbs. m2i lm?rc NEW YORK AND HARLEM R WLHOAL) CO. AhmAi 8UMMER ARRANGEMENT .EkS? "d Monday, April uth. 'Wi the can will run t% folio w. :? Kail (or L*av; City Hall for I m* City Hall /orkv'He, H r'cm For.tham and Wil- for Wh.tePiam. and Alom?i?nna. llama' Bridge. 7 00 A M 7 m A' M' 5 00 A.M. I !" 71 ? 2 Oil P M ? <W KM JH ' ? 00 2 00 P.M. 10 01) 3 30 1 00 P. M. S 00 2 00 3 00 J 20 41 30 5 00 5 30 6 "0 7 00 k*"? Morri.iaaia Leave William*' Leave* White AK."h3? for Bndljfor Plain, lor 7 ?? ^ I City Hall. 7 0 A. M. 7 15 A. M. 7 10 A. M. ? ,?>0 ? '? <? * 10 P. M. IV ? 10 00 ? 40 u 00 5 00 * 00 P. M i 40 3 00 4 00 5 20 i 30 6 00 6 30 7 30 V 00 i 10 tJc1tvFHlll'tatTlTi*pWM ^^bite Plain, at 7 A.M., and uie nui at l 41 r. m., for the present. all lmm &T?LA AL?A NLv Vinfc? steamboats FOR tBF7 ALB ANY?Daily, 8nnday? neepted.tbronah ,? , flr duvet, al:6 o'clock, P. M.?From the Pi?r he t*eea < -ourtlandt and Liberty street. The "Uamboat KNICKERBOCKER. Capt. A. Hoaghton at C o'c?od|0n Mo,,d,jr' Wedne?Uy, and Friday aftamoon.,' The Strain boat ROCHE8TER, Captain R. O. C rotten den o'clock*.** 0U ?* TkoMday and Saturday afternoon, at 6 ?Ai'rfisSiiSai"4*" . Pat'engen taking tba above linea will arrive in Alban* Ea?*mor W?te W 'b? mornin? of Can for thl Freight uken at moderate rate.. w^u^AtS/^tefeS^ *E2f thu ,iBe' schyi/HtX^tetete^ ^ ?f ^ EVENING LINE DIRECT, at 6 P.M., i ^*L.?**?.R ALBANY AND IRbY?Daily ^ttifen0Ih,h^. ,pply on b04r<1 or w C- ^kK, buVR CHANGED SEnEKiSE^jsSsaf alJec woodhull u MINTURN8. 1 . , _ ?7 Sooth at. y 'l ? NK^ QRLEAN S?Loaiaiaaa and New JEHXt^ W^UfriSlVL',*cfc?t-To Sail pacT^TTiii ARVUM. Cart W Srnid. o.i the above, her tvgn'ar day ' poaitively mi| ?ck.? 8I"P SEA, Captain itdwards, will poaitiveJr .ail .u above, her irgular day. ??aiiiveiy Her acc mmcdatioo. for cahiu, aecond cabin, and ??*>?. BUM? era, air very ?apenor. Thoae wiahing to eecore b^f! Sho 10 " Wly ?PL'icftion on board, foot of f',ck 10 W. k J. T. TAt-SCO I T, -!L 76 South atreet, cor. Maiden (ane. KOR NEW OHLKAN8. ? Louisiana ana IJtw ? York Line?Regular Picket, to sail I6|h ins(-1 he fwt ssiling picket ahip A RVUM.Capt. W. Amuh, v> ill aail a? shove, her r> gu^ar day tor freight or pa* aayv, n.viug handi'iine farnithed nccommouAtioiii, Apply on boa il, at Origan* wharf, font of Wall aueei, or to E K. COLLINS fc CO., J6 Sooth at. Positively no go?.d? rroeived on borrd after 'ue*day eve din*. nth inat Agem IU New Orlean* Mm i. HULulN k WtMiDuUKK, who will promptly forward all goods to their gddrer.a ??_ NEW LINE or PACKETS FOR LIVER POOL? Packet of the Hit April?The aplendid aiid __if*?o ite pocket alup LlVEhPOOt., 1100 tona bur tl*M|? J-Eiindge, will Mil on Monday, April 2lat, her {'p e idnf< of ihii line being all 1100 ton* and upward*, perxon* shop: to rmb.irk fur the old coantry, will not fail lo aee the ad viKiKea to be denv d from aelecting this Line in (reference to nay ? ther aa their gr* .t c tp icily renders them everv w iy mora comfortable at d convenient (ban ships of a small class, and fie if accoinmodntioa? for c&Hiu, second cahm and t'verage uu* seniirr . it is <aell known. are superior to those of*ny other line of paik-(a. Persona wiahiug to tecare berths should not fail to make. early application on bja d, foot of Harlki. g .slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCorT At their Oeneral Prsaige Office, - (2m Ti Sooth street, corker of Maiden lane. Pit BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OK LIVER, &VPOOL PACKET8.-KOR LIVERPOOL.-Only ??ltemilar Packet of the 16th of April. > magnificent and celebrated tat sailing farorite packet ?hip NEW YOhK, burthen lOM t<>na Thos. B Cropper con mAi. 'er, will aail positively on Wednesday the Itih April Huviog unaurpaseed accommodations fir Cabin, Id ) abin, and Met rage faoengers those r? turning to the old coantry, or te d ng for (lieir friends, will find it td their interests and com fort to telect this an' quailed line of packet*. Kor crine of iiassage. and to secure the beat berths, early api liration shovla be made on board, foot of Beekman st, or to the auhscribera, ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO.. t i*i t"iltun street, next door to the Knlton Bank, New York. a 10 6trc WANTED?A Ship to load for a Southern Port. Apply lo K. K. COLLINS k CO., tt Soath st. ai AltOHlTliCTUHIS FHED SCHMIDT kegs leave to inform his friends and the jublir, that he liaa removed his office from 19! Broad-ay to II \V II atrret, where persona desirous of haildiag are invited to ew'iiie a aelfCtion oi original and tasteful desifns, I mm (he Cot'age apwtrdi to the extensive Villa or Mansion, iu all (he Virions styles of architect!"*; and where he is prepared to tar nish > laua. Drawings, Specifications, Estimate* and Coatracts for Bnitdinga of every deeerititioa.and saperiateada the?rectlon hen<>f mfl lm*ec yUOAR-M hlida Prime New Orleans, now htdieg fiom O Ship.'Archilens, Pli-r J. North river Knr salejhyl E. K. COLLINS fc CO., at ec M Soath *U?*U fl A DOLLAR SAVED tU l,S A DOLLAR EARNED. JpL GENTLEMEN who m<Ve it a rule lo lay out their money to the beat advantage. are respectfully notified that they can purchase Hats and Csps at ROBERTSON'S PHUCNIX HAT AND CAP JHTABLISHMENT. No. 10] Kultou atreet, between William and Nsssia at*., much cheaper than at auy other eitabliahmeat in the city. An indeli ble adherence to the tvalem or lame aalea, small profi's, and cash on delivery, enables the proprietor to offer the different articlea in his line at the following reducrd rates HATS. First quality Nutria Fur $3 50 Second do 3 Ob Moleskin 260 CAPS. Firat quality men'a and boys' $1 50 Second do do 1 00 Third do do 75 These articlea are not only quite rqual, but in aome respect* (?specially in the atyle of trimming) superior to any in the city. A coinrar son of tt~e ijuilitirs and pres. with those of other establiehmentt, will show a deduction of f I to $l 50 on custo mary prices. All Hats warranted of the moat fashionable Broadway patterns. N.B ? 1'he proprietor's extensive arrangements enoble him to offer very adtantageous bargains to wholesale dealers acd country merclnnts. alO lm?m HATS?SPIUNU FASHION. J. M. TICE & CO. Ho. 9 Bowery, New York. HI ARE now ready to supply their customers with their Jp^Spring Style of Hats, which are etlual, if not superior, in point of elegance, durability, ami economy, to those sold at any other store in thi city. m< lm*m NEW rASHION. rm BLOWN It CO.'8 ONE PRICE STORE, 17? Chat JP^haarsquare, corner of Mott street. Imitation Beaver and Mole Skin Hats, of th? Hprmg Fashion, for the low fixed price of ?3. A large assortment ofCapa, some new patterns, much admired, sold at moderate prices, wholesale and retail. ml lm*m SPRING FASHION. fl WM. BANTA, No. 130 Chatham street, (opposite JP?Chathsm 1 heatre,) and 94 Canal street comer of Wooster street, offers for sale and inspection, a large assortment of Hats and Cape, of the Spring Fashions, at extremely low prim, vix: Nutria Fur Hats, ?S; Superfine Moleskin Silkt Hats, $3; Fine Silk Hats, $3,50. Also, a full askortmeut of Caps, at the lowest city pricee. mhI4 lm*ec SPRING WITH ALL ITS CHARMS. r rpHE SIGN OF THE GOLDEN FISH, 271 Broadway, J- corner of Chambers street. gautlemej will find a most spleudid assortment of the uuder mentioned articles, just re ceived from Paris and London, of the newest fashions, circula ted for th? preset, t and "pproaching season, which he offers at such prices as will eusure the patronage of those who favor h>m withac<ll. Crwats of every vriety, Handkerchiefs Milks, I and Cambric Hemmed, or not Hemmed?J locks and Ties of etery kicd?Collars and Bosoms of all the new styles, forsiand- I ing up or turning over. Gloves?A. very exten>ive arsortmeut; j Hosiery of every description; Uuder Shirts and Drawers for Suriug and Hummer wear, coiitisling of Merino, Silk, Thread, Cotton, and Gauce, or made to older; Kussian Ue'ts, Money B l,?, ?nd Shoulder Bncei, Su>pecders, Umbrellas, Baihiug j C1 v ,Vorul 'it Gowns, Purses, Brushes, and Combs, and in fac every article that is required by a gentleman for an t ntire ou I tfor his wardrobe. . particular attention is paid to the manufacture cf Shirts, of which s splendid assortment will always be found ou hand or made to measure in the best posiible manner. Also, Silk Shuts and Dm wets made to order. N. B ?The Golden Fish will swim from 271 to 207 on the 1st of May. m30 lm*ec FISH HOoKn.ltc.-JOH - COMIOY, 52 Fulton, comer of Cliff street importer of Fish Hooks, also importer aiid manufacturer of Fishing Tackl- in every varietv. City and counirv dealers supplied m small and lane quantities, ou the most liberal terms, and the lowest possible pric a. A larne nssortm-ni of Eastern made flax Fishing Lines, all sixes, at the manufacturer*! prices 400 Bamboos, and 75.000 silk worm gut, of virions qaalit'et, for sale ap4 lm*ec THE FISHING SEASON-HAS COMMENCED "Let those now fish, that never fished before, And those that always fished, now fish the more." . 'T'ROUT TACKLE for the present seasen: also, Tackle for J- all seasons and all kinds or fishing, iu great variety, at the j lowest cash price. Foraale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN J. BROWfc k CO., mhta lm*rc 125 Fulton st-eet. E. JL1PPOL.D& CO (No. 103 William Strkkt, near John,) /"kFFKK V'OK 8ALK the following Goods, of their own im " portations, by the package, or in li.ti to suit purchasen KKAL BERLIN ZEPHYR WORSTED AND GERMAN TAPESTKY WORSTED*, But manufacture anil mosteitensive assortment. CANVASS. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wonted, (iold and Silver, of all width* and sizes. embroideuy PATTERNS, Of all MHliera sud Number*. CHENILLE, Kor working and Ornamental Trimming, plain and shaded; Flower Chenille, kit. silks. Plain and shaded, and Chinee, Sticks and Spool*; Twiit, Flo**, do. FRINGES. Silk, Wonted and Cotton, of the lateit atylea. GIMPS, And Gimp Conla, in great variety. gold AND SILVER COkl)8. AND BRAIDS, TAS gELS, kc steel, gilt, AND SILVER BEADS, Pone Trimming*, Steel and Jet Button*, Hair Tina, Itc. OILED Sll KS, Aaiorted Colon. PERFORATED PAPER. CORDS AND TASSELS, Bnid*, Tape*, Bindings, Galloon*, lie. al lni?m COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. D AVER It doden respectfully inform their friend* and the D public, that they continue to mannlactun Colored Paper and Fancy Paper Boies, in all varieties, at the old stand of the late firm of Blanc It Boden, 74 Fulton corner of Gold street. He is fully determined to manufacture a superior article, and t-> put the prices so as to satisfy his cnatomen. Orders will be punctually attended to. . , _ _ N. B.?A good assortment of Colored t a pen and Fancy Paper Boies always m hand. )*30 2rn?rc JET AND HORN BUTTONS, AF all sisea?Bugle*, Bead*; Hair, Shawl and Breast Pins, Vy Bracelets, Bead Bags, Hair Ornaments, Itc. Daguerreotype Plates and Instrument*, French Chiua Vase*. Al*o, Plain White Cnina. For sale by EDWARD HEN. Importer, mhSO lm*m 18 and 20 Liberty ?treet FK.fc.NCli CHINA. REMOVED TO MO. 65 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) A DALESME, Importer and Agctt for Manufacturer, has ? alway* on hand a large assortment of dinner and tea sets, In plain whit* and gill French PorcdKia, a* well as Dina*r and l>ess?t Plates, of all sizes, assorted Dishes, Soup Tureens. Coveted Diskea, Salad Bowls, kraut Baskets, Custards and Also, Faaay Tea 8e?e, aad Rich 1- scorned Dinner Sea. Abo, Tea and Chocolat* Wan. Greek, French aad Ameriaaa Alt the article* an wsrranted of the beet saalitr.aad <? k> old ok liberal ta-nn. aad u iou to asittnarchasers. alt ???*? Lamps, chandaliehs, girandoles, itc.-The subscribers hare made such arrangemenU with the manu facturers, that th-y will, after the ltth day of March, be ready to exhibit by far the best assortment of House Furnishing Goods in the United Suites, at rery reduced prices They are now opening a complete assortment of euiir<ly new and beautiful goods, such as Solar aad Lard Lamps and Chaiida lien, a great variety of patterns, suitable for utivale houses, churches, hotels, and steamboats; some new and beautiful Gas ana Candle Chandaliers, Girandoles, Mantel Lights, Bracket*. PeniiaiaU, Liotsrai. be. A grest varisty of new style P'nglisli Goods received rer ship Europe and now opening, such as fine quality plated Baskets, Waitan, Casmn, SuuflVra and Trays, T? and Coffee Urns, Dishes, lie. Itc Rich fancy aad plain Tea Trays in g.Mt variety, fine Table Cutlery in sets and dozens, and every variety of rich cut and Main Glassware?in short, almost every urticle ie<;?ired for housekeeping, may bo found at the subscribers' show rooms. WORAM It HAUGtlWOU I, mh'S lm*m tbt Br xtdway. WA&HANi'UD THE CttfcAPKST AND TH* BMJ3T IN NKW YOKK. J. STOUVLNhL te CO., ManuracTuacaa or a LASH A xS U LAMPS tor STRUT DKicHirrion, D WPECTIfULLY call the sttMiiou of t,ountry Merchants, " Hotels, Steamboats, Ship M .iun and Families, toociu sortment, ?ta great deduction,bem* manufactured by ouraeltss, and which cannot be surpassed 1.1 quality and w >rkmanship. comprising a complete uiutaitul ol new patterns of Cut and Plain Ulass OUandolea, Solir, Lard and Cuiuphiue L.nnjis. Brackets, Cand-labras, Hall Ltm,>s and Lanterns, with Huh Cai Ulasr Astral and othei Lamps altered to Solar aud Lard and retiuished equal to new. Glass and Laims made to order and to match any pattern. [[/?"Ooods loaned lor Parties. Factory ? Oold street. Wholesale and ilrtail Store No. Islin street, near liroadway mhlV lm*re LAMPSToiRANDOLE S, HALL LANTEltNS, AND OANDELaBRAS, FOR THE 8 r HIN O TRADE T"\1ETZ, BROTHER k CO , No. 13 John stre-1, are manu 1J farm ring and i,a?a always 011 hand, a complete assortment ol'articles in their line, of tlie Mlowinr descriptions, which they will sell it wholeaale or retail, at low prices tor cash:? Improved Chemical Oil and Cainphene Lamiw. Solar Lainiis, Oilt Biuuied. in *reai Tariety. "Cornelius fc Co.V' celebraivd Pat ut folar LarJ Lamps., Tan .us patterns, lilt, silTsred or brouzed. Suspending Solars, Doric Camphena Lamps, Bracket Solars, *f?<*e do do Solar Chandelisrs, Bracket do do Patent Lard Hand Lamp*, Stand do do Brittania Hand Lamps, Campnen- Chindeliera, Superior Chemical Oil, Pure Si?rin Oil, do (ami-hfix*, Holir find Lartl Oil, do BurniuR !? Inid, Refined Whale Oil. mhl# Jmd* ae T?*Ti Ki VA 'H'VOHDINAHY EFFORTS TO OBTAlM PUBLIC PATRON AOE?It IS a well known fact ih?t Ha vrnesi quacks have uhtaiuad patronage ;md profit bv lying ?uvefti?e m tits. attractive uamrs, a,.4 garnly ?hnw; but in urdrr to de fray the eost of such au etivnii *4 method i.f itrttiig into no lire, tiiejr charge double the price an iiupreteuding render of si mi ar articles would ilemcud; aud men, how ridiculous i? their spleen, when in spi te of their most specious assertions, humbug adre tisemeots, aud high souudiug names they find limp e wotth, overpowering taUnl, anil untiring inilusny, sup'de.le them in the favor ot a disc,iminaiing public. 1 he latest aud inost lu'licruns cas? ol this kind, is a woitl lesss fellow, who, believing in the opinion promulgated by Trollop* and similar writeis, that Ameiictns ran be gulled bv foreign names, goi up a sign Wilh "Victoria" on it. a, d fiud?g this insufficient to sie.n the tide >1 patronage Y hich rewardej ilie superior Ulent of a 1 eighkoring Hint, c uiiiot mod-rate his wia h, but radev vors to rilltfy au 11 repronclmbla character, and tun dowa an article fo. the hair railed the 1 ricopherom, which is aiary ? ay belter than that which lie, the worthless fellow, himself a lls; bectuie, fnrsou h. it is olfer, d 10 the paMic for Ml cents lh* bottle, instr.d of VI. Sawney, Sawney, tins is a tuicdal M?p; better you had continued to sing yourself into sotica than to pit your arrogant piesumi'tioa against the praciical eTideiu e of anperior ability. '1 ha American people at* not saeh fools as yoa may itnagins all St* r* I LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 149 and 1B1 Broadway, corner of Liberty at* rpHIH ESI ABL1SHMENT. founded the lit of December. A IMJ, as a public store for the tale of every description of Staple and Fancy (Modi, will be enlarged the Uc of May next. The subscriber having rented the upper part of the buildis*, 151 Broadway, will pat in complete repair and fit t?p in a magni ficent manner, two largegalleries, where the trade/*, minuTac turers and importer*, will bejable to obtain at a cheap rent, a fine and convenient (tore; and the ladie* and gentlemen a splendid place of retort and a public and fashionable promenade. MRS. H. SHAN K LAND, Daguerrian Artist, hat already rented the front part of the two galleries at a Daguerreotype 8a !oon, where the will continue at before, to give ilia mote perfect ikeuett for ONE DOLLAR. including (he beat kind of Morocco Case or Frame. ttT7~8eTeral Counters to let, with glass cues?enquire in the Bszaar. T. A. ARTAULT. mhlT lm*m DAGUERREOTYPE. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 82 Nassau street. New York, <t " constantly m&nofacturiDg, and hat always on hand, all ar ticle! of the best quality used in the Daguerreotype process.? Hi* Triple Compound of Bromine it a superior preuuitun, and it now in general ute. He hat alto ou liaurt the Hungarian or German Accelerating Liiuor. Came rat of hit own manufacture at well at French and Ger man onf. The Merman Camera* told at thit ettablithmeut will be warranted genuine. Order* from the country for any article* used in the art will be promptly and carefully attended to. mS lm*rre PLUMB a; DAGUERRIAN OALLERY AND PHOTO GRAPHIC DEPOT, 251 Broadway, corner of Murray it. (over Tenaey't Jewelry Store,) awuded the Medal, four first Premiums, and two ?* highest honor*,? at the Ethibitiou at Boa ton, New York and Philadelphia, respectively, for the best pic turet and apparatus ever exhibited. Superb likenetae*, ot all diet, taken in any weather, on satis factory termt. m27 lm*re LADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOTYPE INSTITUTE, MRb H. SHANKLAND, DAGUERRIAN ARTIST. DAGUERRKOTYPE PORTRAITS, including the bett ttyle of Morocco Caae or Frame, for ONE DOLLAR. Apply at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, or '-135 BROADWAY, THIRD STORY, FRONT ROOM, No. 1?opposite the Park Fountain. mhlT lm*m A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. PRICES REDUCED ! PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESS, combining all the perfee l tions of a painting, with the trutlifulueaa of n Daguerreo type, at ?ery reduced price*, by A. K. Thompson, No. 11 Park Row,epi>o*ite ihe .-istor House. Operation* in all weather. Instructions in the Art and every requuite for the proaecution of the bu*ine*a furnished. mT lm*ec ~ VOiGTLAENDER'S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. A RRANGEMENTS recently made wi'Ji their brother-in law, Mr. Voigtlaender, Vienna, enable the tubtcribert to -sell those Apparatus at reduced price*, vix Largest size Apparatus, with three inch Unset for full iize plates, it $U?. Medium siz*. Apparatus, with two inch lenses for hair size plates, at >78. Small size Apparatus, with one and-a half inch lente* for quarter size plate*, at $50. Oamlt-men smiling remittances in accordance with the above price*, may depeud upon receiving the genuine Vuigtl tender Apparatus, and not a worthless imitated art cle, they having procured the sole ag?ncy for the United Male-. Prates and Chemicals, of their own importation, as well as all other articles connected with their art, for sal ? at lowest market price*. Philadelphia Exchange. W A F. LANGENHEIM. Referring to the above advertisement, tl.e *ub*eriber* inform the Dagoerresn Ar lit* id general thu the ab >ve Apparaussiid of er materialt can be procured to ths stated prices, at. their Da guerrean Attelier, No. 201 Broadwav New York a7 Im'm LANGENHEIM lit BECKERS JAMbS LACY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO 154'William Struct, corner of Ann, RewYork, HAS always ou hand a telect attortment of the nostra ihiou able style of goods to be found in the market, consisting of CLOTHS? English, French and Ameri<an, ol almost every color, from t medium quality to the finest. CASSIMERES? Wool Clacks, Plaids, Stripes, Figured and El'ttic, in great variety VESTINOS?Silks, Satins, Marseilles, Cashmeres, Vel vets. Ike. Also, white Satin, figured tnd plain, rich light silk Velvets, be., for balls, and parties, with a great variety of other goods, too numerous to particularise, sn, table for every fas on. Gentlemen patronizing thit establishment,may rely upon hav ing their garments made up to order in the. best possible manner; anu ev'xi-y satisfaction as to quality, fit, and workmanship given. O^The Lowest Cash Price will be atked, from which n o abatement will IE iitut; and in order to insure against bad debit, by which some would be obliged to pay more to make up for the non-payment of others, Cash on Delivery will in all cases be required. Also on haud, a select assortment of Ready Made Clothing, Office Coau, Pants, Vests, Dress aud Frock Coats, lie., lie., at reduced prices. Geutlemen furnishing their own goods, can have them made and trimmed in the best possible manner, (a good fit warranted in all cue*, or the price of the goods returned,! at the follow ing prices:?Pants and Vests $1,75 to $2; Dress Coats $7 to $10: Frock Coats $? :o $11; other garmeuts in proportion. mhlt lm*ec THE CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT OF Wn. HatthleMcn, and 01. B. Banfard. 147 FULTON STREET, Ft THE PLACE for all those who wish to supply their ward robe with good fitting garments at reasonable prices. The subscribers can assart their friends and the public that they will let no one surpass them in the tailoring business, as regards the newest style, the neatness of their fits and lowness of prices, having on hand a well selected assortment of Cloths, Cassi mem and Vestinps of every desirable style. Also, gentlemens' outfitting, comprising every article that is osaally worn. We hare the confidence that we can please the most fasti dious. Great pleasure will be taken to show oar styles of fashion and goods to all those who will favor us with their patronage. He collect the place, W Fulton street. WM. MATTHIESSEN, mh?l lm*rrc M B. SAN FORD. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WAKDROBE, 'PHE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by UmiIom X or Families whe are desirous of converting their laft off ?veering apparel into cash. Families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing resi ience, harinf any superfluous eftecta to diapoae of, willfind jt much to their advantage to send for the Suascriber, who will attend rt their naideaae by appointment. J. LEV1N8TYN,' 466 Broadway, up stain. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive p.ompt attention. mZ7 lm*rc SECOND HAND CLOlHlNG AND FURNITURE WANTED?And the highest price given for all kinds of cast off Clothing and good second haaa Furniture. 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The Puulic and STKAnncas visiting thecitp. are respectful ly informed that the above piemises have bean fitted up in a su perior manner, for tlie entertainment of Permanent and Transient Boardert. The location is pleasant and central lo business?the apart ment* spacious, light aud airy, and hand>omdy fum'shed throughout with uew furniture, beds, bedding, be The table will be abundantly supplied with the best tlw market affo'da. Transient Hoard fl per Day. mt6 lm*rc SCOTT'S BAZAAR 37 Dev street, between Broadway aud Oreenwi h. SAN US SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks to his friends and the ptblie at large, for the liberal support rrceivid since he opened tho above house, and hopes, by the same strict att-M'on, to m-nt a continuance thereof The qualities of his Ales, Wlues, Liquors, and Segars, arc to > well know II to need comm-nt The best Oysters the ma'ket cm afford served up in trttr sntle; likewise a lane ??oiinient ofrefreshments tobe hid at all hours, until 12 at night, ruch as :? Beelsteaks, Welsh Harcbita, Mutton hops, Sa'dines, Fried Kidm-vs, Cold <'uts, Han and fggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Pofcheii Kg*s, 'leak ( off-e, fee. A good dmierof roasi and boiled meats for one smiling. every dtv from )! to 4 o'clock DiioUaliiown St..ut alnais undrrught. pVflmes mpidied with the b?st Scotch ana Irish vV hiv _ key. 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Together with a large aaaortment of Imitatioa Hegara of evsry quality and price, for aale in lot* to suit purchaser* by nihil lm?ec Kt.NNETH It LAVEuTY, 7? Wall *t FABER SEGaR FACTORY, 71 Olrliloii Street, NEW YOKK. THE UNDERSIONEl) have esublithed nn extensive begar A Kactory, at 71 Diviaion street. New York, under the direc tion of Mr. J. W.BROWN, who has been Superintendent of one of the large*t Kactorie* in Havana, for nineteen year*. The following kind* of Sega*, manufactured m in* Kaber He gar factory, and of winch a large atock u uow on hand, will be lound equal to any Havana Segars of corresponding *tyle aud ago:? Imperial Regalia, Trabucos, Common Sixe, Henalia, Panetelaa, London Sue, C as adore*, Cauoue*, Principe, AH boxed in the Havana ityle. 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OROi 'EkIES?At I1)f o'clork. the balance stock of a gro er, comprising* getiriM a,sort mem of article* in the line? choice wine: t-.u, Honrs, spices, tobacco, he. ke. AI*o. hv otdv a, ine oi*;slial.? sofas, it chair*, t looking glaseea, ? couuiing house desk*. Im. Trial of nicbolu S- Oordon for the Mtardar of Amua 8 pragne. Thursday Afternoon, April 10. William H (JsteNv: - -Saw Nicholas S. Gordon about 6 o'clock on the day of tbe muider; he was going up Westminster street, in this city. Paul , Wheeloch ?Went into Nicholas Oordon'a store early in the winter of 1843, and before the murder; had seen Nicholas before, but was not acquainted with him; he waa talking about hia licenae and Mr. Sprsgne; aaid he would be revenged on Sprague, and teemed angry; he waa t liking to a man I did not know; I htopped only about ten minute*. Giles James waa in Nicholas Oordon'a atore in the (all of 1843, aaked him tor a glass ol brandy; he aaid he had no licenae; aaid Amasa Sprague, a daained Algerine, had prevented hia getting a licenae; but that Amasa Sprague would be out ol the way before another year, and would not be before the town Council of Cr?nston to preveut hia getting a liccnae. he Maid he would have hia revenge if Uod spared hia life. 1 alae called there the last Wednes day ol May; Caleb Arnold waa with me, and called (or brandy; Oordon said he had no licenae, and that il he Bold wi'hour. one, they would prosecute him; saw him at Mat thewson's tavern in thia city, on the night of the murder; he called there with a man he called O'Brien, and inquit ?d tnc time of uight; tome one said Mr. Spiague wax dead; Nicholas said "is it possible !" said it was "impossi ble;" O'Brien said he was glad ol it; Nicholaa aaid he was sorry, and aaid to O'Brien, if you talk so, the people in the house won't like it, and I shall go along; they went out door, and turned up the street. CroMt-txtmintd.?The subject of the murder waa being talked about at the tavern, whan Nicholaa came in; he ap peared sincere when he said he was sorry, and seemed shocked when he learnt Sprague was murdered. i hadk?s Manchester.?I was in Nicholas Gordon's shop early on the Saturday morning before the murder, and asked for something to drink; he said he could not sail it, as he had no license ; Ben Kit came in, and he gave him something from a jug in a tumbler, which 1 took to be new rum ; Nicholas said Sprague had kept kim from getting a license ; and said he would have him out of the wit, or put him out of the way , before next Town Council ; there were several men in the store ; a tall, stout man, and a small men ; they were fooling, and appeared like men who had been drinking ; thay had a gun. Crom-examined.?I have known N. 8. Oordon a good many yesrs; what he said, did not impress me very strongly; he did not enjoin any secrety ol what he said ; f looked upon it only as a complaint against Mr. Sprague'. conouct; I never mistrusted he would ki l Mr Sprague ; he always appeared to be a very inild, peaceable man. Nicholas Shrkevc?Saw Nicholaa Oordon in Septem ber or October, 1843, at a tavern in Warwick ; he atked me when the Council set in the town of Warwick ; told him, not till the second Monday in next month ; b? said lie thought of purchasing a tavern stand at Ciompton Mills; then asked me if William Sprague was in War wick what Amasa Sprague was in Cranston ? said Amasa Sprague ruled tbe town ot Cranston, and prevented him Irom obtaining a licence ; said, Ood damn him, be would come up with him before the year was up. Crosi-namined ?This conversation first occurred to my mind whan 1 heard ot Mr Sprague'* murder ; 1 did not know who Oordon was, when ue talked with me ; 1 in quired and ascertained his name, in less than half un hour atierwards. John Steyisns?Saw N. S. Oordon at Hoyle's tavern, intUiBCity, Monday mjining after the murder; asked bim ahput the murder ; he said the murder had been com mitted ; said he was sorry for it, as the chitf of hia bnsi siness came from the men who worked in Sprague's em ploy saia it would hurt his business; seme one men tioned a pistol or gun had been tound. and the murderer would be detected ; Nicholas said he did not know if he should William Born?Lived near Mr. Sprague's; two years ago saw Nicholas have on a coat, the color uf which re sembled the one in Court; when I first saw this coat after the murder I thought it resembled tha one 1 had seen Nicholas have on ; some one bad just said it was Nick Oordon'a coat, and this might have helped the impression uf resemblance. James Blows-Saw Nicholas on Monday afternoon af ter the murder; 1 had lately came from Fall River; he told me there had been a sad affair in the village: he stated to me where he was on Sunday: !>aid he had not been to see Mr. Sprague: he ashamed to go alone: he also said he felt ashamed to goto the place ot murder alone, hut be intended to go: I thought he looked differently from what he generally did: he held his head down: did'nt look me in the lace. Cion-examined-I kaew that Gordon was auspcct:d, and believed him te be guilty. S. B Cushino?1 mjde the calculation ef the apparent lime of sunset oa the 31st of December, 1843. A* the place where the body was found it would be 4 3Vlock 30 minuUs: at 3pragu?'s house, 4 o'clock 34 minutes: a: Kingston's, 4 o'clock 26 minutes. Amos Pottcr?Saw, Nicholas Oordon in the road near Mr. Knight's house, in Cranston, on the night of t'^e mar dec a tall man was with him: 1 thought he was intoxi cated: he aaid a had aftair has happened out here: lhank Ood I did not help kill bim: I was no: here. Attorney General Dlake here stated that the Govern Mient had no further testimony to introduce. Mr. Potter thereupon procaeded to sum up the Oe vernment evidenc*, and had not concluded at half past 6 o'clock, when trie Court adjourn 3d to meet tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. Fmday Morning, April 11. Mr. Pottkr resumed end concludcd bis opening argu* ment, touching upon all the evidence which had been ir. troducud by the government, and applying it to the charge net forth in the indictment. When he bad concluded, Samuel Curry opened for tbe prisoner, briefly letting forth the propositions which the defendant would attempt to establish, and then proceeded to examine the Prisoner's Witnesses Horatio N. Watkrma* ?Recalled for the prisoner.? Was near by when Do Merritt traced the foot prints to Oardon'i house I did not notice any tracks leading from the house towards Hawkins'Hole; I never heard of any such track till Mr. De Merritt mentioned it here; I don't recollect that Mr. De Merritt spoke of suoh a track on a former trial. I never heard of it till now. Croit^xamintd ? I went to Uordon's | through the or chain; was several rods from De Morritt. Direct ?I was looking for tracks, and had the same op portunity, when near the house, to observe such a track, mat he had. Walter Beattiit ? Went with Rowland Mothewaon to Bag Meadow, with a boot, to see ;tf it would fit the track running towards Gordon's house. This was before any rain had fallen, but cannot recollect on what day it was. We found no track the boot would fit Andrew Brioos.?Went to place of murder on Sunday night and again on Monday morning. Gordon's house u between my huuFo and place oi inuider. I got over the lence S or 6 rods from Gordon's house, and went directly to Hawkins' Hole, aud took the driftway; 4 or 6 persons were with me. This was on Monday morning. I did not notice any track leading from the swamps to Gordon's house. Abst Anfi King. ? Nicholas Gordon boarded in ay house from Sept, lall, to June or Julv, 1842. He had an overcoat when be came to board with me, and bought a new one while he was there. Sho second was the green one now in court,'! think; I never saw him have the blue cue found in swamp; never saw it, till I saw it here. The first, or older coat, bo gave to ir.o when he went away, and it was afterwards cut up. Thinks it was of a dark green color. Cr?M-?xamuud.?The old coat was smooth broadcloth; not shaggy, lice coat found in swamp. Mauoaket Gordon, sister of prisoner.? Came to this country in June, 1813, and staid with Nicholas till No vember. Have seen htm have the green coat frequently, never saw him have the blue coat; never saw it before 1 taw it in Court. We used the back door of the house chiefly; went to the privy from that door. I never heard Nicholas use auy threatening language towards Mr. Sprague. 1 worked with Mr. Btimson, in this city, when the murder was committed; I was at home on Christmas day; John and William were both there. Ki.ler Gordo*, mother of prisoner? Have resided with Nicholas, t.i Cranston, since I came to this country, in June, 1943; the green coat re?embles one b'-longing to Nicholas ; the blue coat I never saw till f saw it in court; I was at home on the day of the murder ; had not been iram home aince Chris'.Rias ; we used the back door ol the house; swept the eirt out of that door, threw the slops out there, and went to privy from that door ; did not see John have a gun on day of murder. Crsss-eiaminsd?Can't say positively that I have seen the gieen coat in the possession of J;>fcn or Nicholas. [A pilr of pantaloons, taken irom Gordon's bou?e. were s'.iown to witness.] Don't know as I ever saw them m the house. Was in the house nil day on Monday attw the murder; there were a good man;- people in the store, but d.d not come into the house ; the officers came in in the evening. Lorry, by permission, read 'he testimony of Professor Caswell, given at a former trial. It set firth that snow fe 1 ti the dopth of seven inches on the U7th December, I8?3, and that no snow ieil after that period, and prior to the time ot murder. Oru Stunk ?Lived about thirty rods from Gordon's house at time ot murder ; was intim ittly acquainted with Nicholas Gordon ; bad kuown him five or six years ; have seen him wear the green overcoat; never saw the blue one in hU possessieu ; never hea:d him use threatening language against Sprague ; his dog HSed to lay hebind the Couuier ; 1 n<ve hetn behind the couutcr, but never noticed what the dog lay on. Cross-examined?I think Gnrdon kept store in Cranston from two to three years ago last spring, till time of mur der ; be ore that he kept in Knightsville, quarter of a mile distant. Direct returned-1 was frequently in his store at Knights ville ; he always sustained a good reputation ; was a pence-able, quirt man Hbneca Stose.?Have known Nicholas Gordon five or six years ; lived within twenty or thirty rods of him , used to tee htm two or three times a day, generally ; be was a quiet, orJarly,peaceable man : 1 never heard him me any threatening language towards Sprague; I was present whfn Nicholas applied for a li-ense ; did not hear (ioidon threaten Sprague but think Sprague tned threat ening lang.iag"towaMi Gordon ; never saw the blue coa'. in the possession ol Gordon Crttt examined?Think I have seen Nicholas have the green coat; h?ve s ion him have a grc. nisli coat, batter tuan either ot these. Direct ?Never saw Nicholas's do^f lay on a cost. To a Juror ?Never heard Gordon mention Sprague in connection with his 'icensej. Jamas Aldrich.?Was Town Clerk and Clerk of Coun CiUin Craiutou in summer of 1843. It appears by records, Hut 94th Jun <, N S.Gordon applied tor license ohjac tion was made by C. F. 8 -arl? an<l Richard knight, and tlin case was continued till 'Jflth of July. 1 ben Hiwrie aud Kulfht objected, and a petition ofprotest was re chived; the license was refused , application was tlimi made, and the protest or remonstrance wa? permitted to be withdrawn. Before it was withdrawn, Gordon asked for a copy of it; it contained charges against him, Mid h wished to refute them. I promised it to him; he app'ie lor a license afterwards, uud wm opposed by Spray <ir; there is no record of this. Cr ui-ciaminrd.?Licenses were granted to other per sous that year; do not know to whom Nicholas (iordou attributed hi* fsilure to obtain a iicensc. At the Aug utt meetiog. Gordon Raid the remonstrance misrepresented him ; Spragise laid be could prove all t lat there was in the lemouitrance in n court of law; Gordon dented it; Gordon1* license expired in April, and was renewed till July 3d; then It finally expired. Bis councilman were present in July, and the vote retueing to grant the license was unanimous. Never heard any person represent Gordon tu a quarrcisom* man. Until tttuiutd.?Think I heard bpiaguo accuse Gordon with hugging a negro voter; Gordon said, he never hugged a iitgro woman, or had his wagon tilled with stone*, iijrdou's rtsuiurk* belore thij, were o ;Uiei??)d to theCouucil CaLka Aunolo ?Was bt the store of Nicholas Gordon with uilt s Jomts, ou the 1st June, 1643, did not hoar Gaidon mention Mr. Sprague in conntction with hi* license; think James did not talk with Gordon at all; bo and I went in and caiuo out together Ciou-txamuiid ? 1 atvtr told any one that 1 LfcarJ Gor don threaten dprague. Lhnct resumed.?I naked for branJy ; Gordou Mid ho should have had brandy, but lor Mr Sprague. Tlia Court here adj juinu! to meet at 3 o'clock, P. M. Sporting. Ntw Orleans Jockky Cluu Racks, Metairie Course, first day, April 2 ?Proprietor'! Purse #300 ?free for all ages?Louisiana weights?two mile heats. O. DtiBois, (Geo. Crain's) b. c. Marco, by Celestion, dam by Lance?4 y. o [John] 1 1 Y. N. Oliver's (Wm. band's) ch h. Magnate, by Eclipse, dam by Suinpter?6 y. o , . 3 dr. Time, 3:4*1 u Marco was the favorite at -j to 1. He had the inside and went efl? with the lead irom the start, and waa never pass ed, tunning out the aecoud mile in 1:60 Magnate let down after going about a mile and a quarter?not so ut terly , liou ever, as to give up the contest. Alter the heat it waa with difficulty that he could be get to his stable, so severe was his lsmeness. The course was in the finest possible order?attendance good. Second Dav, April 3.?Sweepstakes lor 3 year olds? four subscribers at $200, forfeit $100?Louisiana weights ?two mile heats. J. B Pryoi'a ch. f. La Bacchante, by imp. Giencoe, dam by Btrtrand 1 I Jabn G. Cocks' b. f Fancy, by Woodpecker, dam by Kosciusko, 2 dis. Time, 3:41- 4:03. La Bacchante, who was first favorite, won at her easo. Slow as was the last heat, the winner ran the first mile of it in l:4tt. Th<* Cock-tail Match up for the previous day did not come off, some one paying forfeit. Varieties. Matthew Johnson and Lt wii Dunning, convicted at Raleigh,. .N. C , ol manslaughter, ,in having Inflicted wouudK on an aged man named Joiiah Holloman, of which he died, have been branded with the letter M.and sentenced to niue months' imprisonment eaeh. The steamship New York sailed from New Orleans, on the 3rd,for Galveston, with 100cabin passenger*. 66 steer age passengers, and a lull freight. Some 10 miles out of Cleveland, towards Columbus, (he sleighing was very good. Quite unusual for the 8th of April. The whigs of Princeton iiave elected their whole ticket Major, Recorder, Aldermen, lie. '1 he Ohio Democrat give* the pai ticulars of the disco very of the body of a man partly bur:ed under a log in (he woods, about two miles front Shaneaville, on the 26th ult. The body was < oiisiJerably decayed, and a spa.In was found near by, which it is thougut may lead to the discovery of the murderer. Henry P. 8. Boyle committed suicide a few days since, at Hutsonville, Illinois,by a pistol shot through the brain, causing his death in a tew minutes. The deceased was about M years of age, end a young man of talent. He was the son ot ihe late Cbiil Justice Boy le, of Ken ucky In an address delivered bclcio the members of the rrankiiu Typographical Society on Saturday evening lift,by its President, Mr. Harris, we learned that in Baa ton, there are about 400 journeymen printers (mostly romp-sitoir) about 100 appi entices and two-thlrJers to the printing business, 76 gir/a engaged in type-at eking, end abcu: lOOjourneyinen and boys on press woik, and other laboia in a priming c flice, making nearly 1000 per sons actually engaged in tlie printing business in the nty of Boston. The Tw? lfth Annual Repott of tho Managers of the Pennsylvania Institution lor the Instruction uf the Blind, t,us been published. The number of pupils is greater tiien over before reported, amounting to 67,of which St me males, and34 females. The French immigration into this country ia laid, by very good authority, to be greatur than that from any o,her European county, Germany and Ireland alone ex cepted. Louisiana is said to have 75,000 to 100,M0: Mia touri 40,000; Michigan 40,000; New Yerk 80,000. and the el her state* oO 000 This doea not include the great num : it who this country liom Canada during the re tent rebellion. The house or Jacob Piatt, of Cedar Brook, Monmouth c >., New Jersey, washurnt a taw days since, .nd on* of the children coniumtd. The Inquirer says the mother hid gone out tor a abort time, leaving the infant on the bed, and a imall child in the room; the child took a can die, aud accidentally sot Ore to the bei. Samuel Thomas, who shot Henry Glover, at Snowhill, the 30th of January last, was convicted of mur d"riathestcondit?-gree, cu Wednesday evenicg, and w as sentenced to be imprisoned in the penitentiary tor eighteen years. A party of gentlemen lelt New Orleans on the ?rd but. o:i boaid the New Yoik for Texas, whither they proceed lor a short pleasure excursion upon the praines and for L t.ftdlo hunting. They can scaicely encounter the hard si.ips and hszaids which marked the aanta Fe expedition, sis 1 yet the journey proposed it sufficiently extensive to euaure iammarity with the wildcat praiiia life and prairie spurts. We can only wish for allot then a delighuol ex cursion, and an early return to their friends. The legislature of Maine closed their deliberations on tho 8th inat. A man named Twig, was recently tarred and feathered and put into a canoe without oars, ?t Point Coupee, La , fur having committed an atrocious offence. The Powhatan cotton factory, near Baltimore, has been purchased lor the sum of $64,000. rho powder mill of J P. Garesche. near Wilmington. D laware, was blown tip on Thursday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, killing one man and wounding two or three others. It is supposed that near 8000 pounds of powder w.-re destroyed rhe Richmond Skit states that a lady was poisoned in New Kent, Va., on Friday, by a colored girl about 14 y van of age. The fatal drug was sifted upon soma turnip tons, served up for dinner, of which the unfortunate vic tim partook freely. A physician was called in as soon as possible, but it was found unavailing to aave her, and tho died in great agony in a short time. On Thursday night, the engine and Are freight car?, were precipitated from the Baltimore Railroad Into the Su nuehanna from the Havre de Grace atation. Three of th^ cars were laden with freight of various kinds ; one contained carriages and the other iron. Moat of the goods h?v?i been recovered. No peiaon injured. The accident wis caused by the engine breaking, by which the care rmi backward into the rfttr.?PMUd Bnquirtr. 1'he Whirling Timet of WedneKday says?We learn from passengers in the western stage, that a very des tructive. Are was raging in Zanerrille on Monday, when th > stage left. It commenced on Third street, and had i consumed about a iquare and half when the last stage left at 4 o'clock, P M. But it was thought to have been got ii:i tcr. We learn with serious regret that one or two iiv <js were lost during the Are. The iron staamer Loper, built in Philadelphia, for the Di.mal Swamp Canal, has made har flrat trip,and is found admirably adapted to the trade. She has attached to her muchinery a aorn aheller screen, capable of shelling and screening at the rate el 600 bushelsper hour. The Danville,Pa.,Intelligencer"states that thoMontour ,1, ?n Company at that place have just added to their ex tensive woiks a largo loumlry for making heavy castinga, hii.1 that thay have determine I to erect another lurnace this ?en?on, of extraordinary capacity. The new ralliag mill i? nearly completed. This is probably the most ex tc.isive iron making concern in the country. The fuel uted is anthracite coal There ai-e in Alleghania M? blaat ftirnaoea, pro ducing 4** 000 ton* of pig iron ; 941 hlaomeries, forges, r illing toills k"., yieldtoy; 161,600 tons bar, hoop, and "boiler and other renglit iren ; *0 000 tone blooms, iil 400tons earnings, such a* machinery, stove plate*, i.niiow wate. lis. Tho consumption ot iron in Alia gNania in the crude state, la estimated at *43.000 000 per a .nam nearly equal to the whole value of raw ootton produced in AUeghania at present prices. Acoord !../ to Mr. Virlet, France, ?woden, Russia, and all the ci/lined powers on the continent, only proi1 cw J 70') 000 tona per annum The quantity of lron J, to o Alleghamia lnl?44, was 99,471 tons, valtted at $1,481,499 ?V singular theft was perpetrated in N*tch>?, Miasis sippi. A fellow named *roil(r, was fonnd In pMsmioa . " i ?n.i a nf??rrt htilODCiDf tO I ICDtWOiiD Ol tDBt ? * h0"*' "d * .nested p?"a.)."d in aW mcnt that the place, and when closely preaeed, admitted VSJkSffTSTaU * had hjr betting on the PiVaWential i SSKiSftS '??? " i?'? .n.ivsii of the sobjecU of work* published in Eng t \nI h ? past y ar, eihiblts the following proper ;n*ooj. anf religious work, generally. *<4 , M.',v Biography, and Geology, 187 ; Oeogiaphy. voy ? . ',| travel', 111 ; Nntural Sciences 147 : Medicine, ' . iu.h nee, 91 ; Poetry andthe Fine Arts, Arc hi - I, eture. ?J0 i t laasiaa, Logic, Dictiouarla. jjo ; Miscellaneous, 173; Kction, 360, Political, I'OPBRY -Tlie Scotch journals aiate, that con veratona tt> popery in that whleh is attract nuiierous ?f late, and one in p?rtic Brewster ? ngmuch iticntion ^^n^in't^d tothVWthVf f lV.?Uy, rharw with unlng a , nanism, an,^I the 1Ooc^t rhs?* ? rtr<wa to held i .pioper 1 haj opinions Ihe Doc as i:rp^. is^umtm r""?,ou' ieci,D?"9cot Isnd.