Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HER 4 LD Vol. XI., la, llM-WhoU Mm. 4000. NEW YORK. MONDAY MORNING. APRIL 14. 1845/ Pr\M Two C?nM. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 3 cents per copy -V 26 per annum?payable In advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price si ceuU per copy?$3 12} cent* per annam?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?alwaya *??h in advance. PRINTING of all klnda executed with beauty and daapatch. <J&- All lettera or oomaiunicationi, by mail, addreaaed ti the eatabliahment, muat be po?t paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. JAME8 GORDON BENNETT,' PaemiETOa or the New Yoaa Herald Establishment, Northwcat corneer of Fulton find Naaaau strata ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD OFFICE, No so Courtland Street. m NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. The Subscribers. Sole ataii in New York, Tor forwar in J IMMIGRANTS. a. Sole A?ents in rdmg passengers bv om Alnanv to buffdo.^kihc r People's Line S t<* .nboat* u, al ? couO class ear* from are en bled le Bind ihem per i'lopir . lid. ouitnooui to a l Jbany, aod ih*:.ce, ivr railroad, to Utica, for at,a* ; ttyracuse 2,92; Auburn, $3,36; hoche.ter, $4 si; Buffalo, $4,50. chit: nil from 2 to 12 years old. at halfpric*; under 1 years free;and after the 15th instant, all baggag* on the Railroad ia entirely firee. All information aa to different roofs given gratis, and pas sengers forwarded to rvery port on Lake Ontario ard upptr Lak-s, at th? lowest ratta. The subscribers woald call uani cular attention to the'act that THEIR TICKETS ONLY are recognised at the office at Albany. w"lfk KICKERS, Sale AgU Albany fc Buffalo Railroad, Jd class can. n v . ... ... No m CouuUndt street. New York, 8th April, 1815. i9lra*e< UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. MORNING .L'NE-by .turner KOBT. ,w;'ich letvrs Dock street wharf vT1 T t-'iv'v l:?adays excepted) at 7X A M. for thlu?? V to Frenehtown. and steamer CON UllUTl <>to Baltimore ttie above is the only line that connects with th* lines fur the s.uth an! West the si me afternoon. Fare $2 v0. AFTERNOON AND NIGHT LINES. Through by Rail Road in six Hours. Fare 93 oo. The ci's leave the depot, corner >if 1 th at d Market streets, daily, at 4 o'clock, P. vl., and.dvly (except Sunday ? at 10x P. M? or ou the arriv .1 of the traia from >?w York, rasseigers leavingiN'ew VorkattJi P.M.,for rhil .delphia. cut reat h cal tnn?ire i rxt moruii.g in ample uine for any ii..e lf?viug lor tl.e South or West Ticket, c ut b? pr> cn'ed at the D. pot or on bo.rd the hoar at Doek atnet wharf Philadelphia. Kara to Wheeli It, $13 ; to i ittsburg $12. a Paasuiww Car will ue attached to th? Freighr Train, which to*<kes tlie Depot duly (except Sundays) at 5 o'clock, p M. and arrives ?? Baltiuion- eaily next morning. fair 50 cents. u./*"Fur far bar particulars apply to Agent, , No. T Wall, or i We?t ?tm?t?. N. B.- Freight taVen ct 5 aents pe- lfo lbs. mil lni+ic^i new YORK AND H4RLEM RaILROAU CO ?~ SUMMER arrangement ?'U andafte. Mouday, Ipril 14' , 1845, ilia cars will ran ^s follows .? I eave City Halt foi Whit? i'.'a-as. 7 w A 111. 10 00 > tw P. M. S 00 ? City Hall for Vorkvil.e, Harlem Fortlham and wil* and MoiritHuna. liams' Bridge. 8 Ob A. M. 7 00 x 00 'J 00 10 00 1 00 P. M. 2 00 3 00 3 38 4 30 5 00 5 30 ? so 7 (10 I^aaee Morrisiania aiitl Harem for Oily Hall. 7 40 A. M. 8 00 ?> co lo'OO 11 00 a oi P. M i 00 4 00 5 to 5 30 C uo H 30 7 30 8 no liOO A.M. 7 10 18 00 8 00 P. M. 3 30 5 00 Leave Williams' Bridge for City Hill 7 1} A. M. 7 40 10 40 1 40 i 00 S 40 Leave* White Plains lor City Hall. 7 10 A. M. 18 18 i to P. M. 5 10 The Freight Train will leave White Plains at 7 A.M., and the City H.ll at 1 45 P. M., for the present all lmm PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS KOB ?ALBANY?Daily, Hudiyi *xcept*d,throuKh .direct, at 6 o'clock, P. M.?From tht Pier fie tWNri Cotiii)?nat and Liberty street*. The t-teamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Cant. A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wedaeeday, and Friday al'terueons, UK o'clock The Sttanboat ROCHESTER, Captain R O. Cruttenden, will lrtra on Toaaday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons at C o'clock. At i o'clock, P. M., Luding at intenaadiata place* from the foot of Barclay street The Steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wm. H. Perk, will leave on Monday, Wadoeaday, Friday, and Sunday afternoon*, "The?**.nboat SOUTH AMERICA. Captain M. H. Trues dell, will leave on Tuaatlay,Tbnraday and Saturday aftarnoona, at S o'clk. Passenger* taking the above line* will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the moraine train of Can lor Ute Eaal or Wat. Froifht taken tt nodmtc ntn. All person* an forid trusting any of the boats of thu line. Without a written order from the Captain* or Agent*. For passage or freight, apply on buard the boat*, or to P. C. Schnlia, at the olBao on the Whnrf. ?7rc EVENING LINE DIRECT. at? P.M.. FOR ALBANY AND IROY-Daily ?(Sunday* excepted) from the Steam Boat .iier, foot of Conitlandt atreet.?The Steam J .in K.ViPiHE, Capt>in K. B. Macy. will leave the foot of Courtlindt itreet, every Monday, Weaneeday and Friday at ? o'clock. Th ? Steam Boat ALBANY, Capt. A. H. Squire, will leave the foot of Conrtlandt atieet every Tneaday, Thursday and Sa tdHay .it? o'clock. P.M. i For Parage or Freight, apply on board or to C. CLARK, at tha office on the wharf. all HOUR CHANGED On and after Tuesday, the 14th it staut. tha ? steamboat* E.MP1KE and ALBANY will If vr lor Alb .ny and Troy, at 7 o'clock, P.M. in?ti-ad ul't, aa heretofore, from the Steamboat Pier, loot of Courtlandt street alt 3lm F R OLAHOOW? fhe tine fast sailing coppered Haro' e ALABAMA. C K Haul-it, matter, 280 tuns Woi-ilmn will sail in a few days, having most >'f her caj?o ? twil For freight, of bulk cf 260 hale* cottou, apply to muter on board, west side of hurlimr Slip, or t < WOODHULL k MINTURNH. all ee ' 27 South St. g- FOR LIVERPOOL.?Regular Packet ol'the llih ? of A'ril?I'he well known, splendid, first clus, last Packet Ship ASH BURTON, Cjptnin Henry .iiiu, will positively sail vs above. lli.vng most splendid and elegsut acorn modationa for ca bin. second cabin and storage pmwsgrrs, persons wishing to emiii k or secure berth* in the above magnificent Packet .should m>kr application ou board, loot of Maideu Laue. or to the sub scriber, JO?Pri McMURHaY, 100 Pine eueat. corner of ?outh. Tti* above wilt be succeeded by the new aud handsome Pack ethhip HEMlY CLAY, Captain Nye, to sail on 0th May. F'?/< MEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New , Y.-rli Lite?Positively fi^t Ranter Packet?To Sill -<?" Wednesday, l'tli instml?TheMM last suing pa.I. t? IP AUVUM l tpt W. Smith, Will positively sail o.i tha above, her iogu:ard*y. Kor t'reiglit oi pa*sa*t, having splendid furnished accommo ds'.iom. apply on board, at Orleans whirt.foolot Wall sr., or to E. K.COLLINS ii CO., 46 South si Positively no goods received usi board after i nesday, ev.i in:. ISth April. ? . . .Vpiiu in New Orleans, Messrs Hullin 4t Woodruff, who wl't iffiirtvlv ?orwurtl ,|l aiiitli to t*?*ir address all M&. ? i.l VKHPOoL Ll.Nf. OF rAt-KETS?Packet , f tin Mth Ao il?The splendid Hut sailing and faronte Packet fhip SF.A, Captain Kdwarda, will (Csltively ... aoovt, her rtifular day Her ace mm. liatious far cahin, second cabin, and si^erage pwn-crs, are very sup rior. Th ??* wwhu.g to secure beiths should not fail u> make etuly up, licatiou on board, Tout of i'?ck Slip, or to V?.kj I'. TAl'St.OIT. ic It $outii street, cur. Maiden line. NEW LINE ?/F PACKETS FOR LIVER , ''O' >L?Packet of the April?Toe splenaid aud -fnoite packet ship L'VEHPOOL, I iOU toi.s bur ke . J. EiUndge, will sail on Mouday, April 21st, her f;g lar 'lay t T' e shirs of this line being all 1100 tons aad up arnrda, pennns abiu to rmbxrlt I'yr tlie rid country, ?ill not fail to see ike *d TWturi'ili) h^ deiiv d from iel-ctinic this iu i .pf?rrn > tj ain t' er a? theirgre>t c>picity lendem ihei rvrrr >y mnr? coiufo isble a< d convsaiiant tlnu snipe o? a small class, ah . their accommodationi fo'c**>.u. se on J enbin ai.d s err iae fae sr-ivt r?, it is *"ell known, are snpenor to th *e . f*..y ottxr line cf peek ts. fe *o< s wi-hing to secure Iwrrpg ?houl.. uut f-n to make early application ouD ?a d, foot of Kurlki k 1 k,, ,,r to W fcJ.T TAPSCO'l'l, At their P-ss <re Otfi'e, a?2m 76 Souih ntreet corner o*- Mmi!> | ,r ?. ULACH BALL. OR OLD LUSl!. OF UVi ?. POOL PACKETS.-VOR ^LlVERPOOL.-O -ly Packet of th* ISth of April. .Tit magulfieent and celebrated list sailing fsvorite packet ?hip NKK YO * K, burthen lO'O tons 'I hoe. B Cropper com mander, will sail positively on WedntiiUy. the Hih April Havink nnturpaaaed accommodations fjr Cabin, 2d ? abiu, and htrcrage ' atsengers ttuw* r> turnun to the old country, or ?e d nit for tlie.r Iriendi, will And it to their internal* and enm furt io select till* on- quailed line of packets. Kor trrms of Dassage. and to secure the beat berths, early apr-lication should be made on hoard, foot of Beekman st, or to the subscribers, HOCHE. BROTHERS Ik CO.. i c niton street, Mil door to the Fulton Bank, New York. 16 aio (itrj P?SAOr FROM OALWAY, DIRECT TO NKW iOKK-TW *np rioT, fajt sailing British Brig VICi'ORIA, will sail from Oalway on the 1st ot ai y. Thi? off-rs en etcellent opiwtunity to persons wishing to seud for I' eir frieuds, residing in tlist part of Ireland, precluding th* trouljlr and < xpens* of going to > iverpool to embark. Con tracis f,.r v saage, whleS will be at a ui'iderate rate, must be m ide I'revtou* to the SUt inst., in oid*r to b<i in time for the ?(earner "f 'lie l*tof April, from Breton. H Tft&uSt's co.. ?Met W South *u stw 4. x A DOLLAR SAVED fB _ I? A DOLLAR EARNED. J*L GENTLEMEN who m'ke it a rale to lay out their money to the best adraatage, are respectfully notified that they can purchase lists and Cap* at ROBERTSON'S PHffiNIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISH ME NT. No. 103 Fnltor street, between Willi*m and Nessiu its . snueh cheaper than at any other e4tablishmeat in the city. An mlleii ble adhereuce to the > VJtem of lane salts, in ?ll i refits. and cash on delivery, enables tve proprietor to <.ffer (tin different srtieles iu his line at the following reduced raus :? HATH. First quality Nutria For $3 50 Second do 3M Moleskin 2 30 CAPS. First quality men's and boys' $1 50 Hfcond do do 1 00 Third do do 75 These articles are not only quite ?quu, but in some respects (especially in t^-e s'yle of triuiuiin*) superior to any in the city. A comparison of ti e qualities m.d pr.cs, with those of other establishments, will show a dcducnou of tl to $< 50 on custn mary pricrs All Hats warranted of the most fashionable Broadway patterns N.B ? l'he proprietor's extensive arrangements enable htm to offer very ad.antaxeous bargains to wholesale dealers and country merchants. alO lm*m Hats?sphijsg fashion J. M TICE & CO. IVo. 9 Bowery, K?w York. I ARE now ready to supply their customers with their kSpriue Style of Hats, which are eifual, if not superior, in point of elegance, durability, and economy, to tlioee sold at any other store in thi. city. ton lm*m NEW t ASH ION. 1 BROWN Si CO.'SONE PRICK STORE, 178 Chal Jpkhain square, corner of Moll stieut. luiiuiioo beaver ai.d Mole Skin Hats, of th* Hpriiyt Kashiou, for the low fixed price offS. A larce assortment of Cap*, some pew patterns, much admired, sola at moderate prices, wholesale and retail, ml lm*m _ SPRING FASHION. street. and Cl. Nutria I- it. IIU., ouHcumr muicBKlu oils nan, ; riDP Silk Hats, M^O. Also, a full aaortment of Caps, at the lowest city prices. mhl? lm'ec SPRING WITH ALL 1T? UHAKMS. THE SIGN OF THE O iLDEN FISH, *71 Broadway, . c?.TPer ?'" 1 himbjrs ?t'eet. griitletne will find a most splendid assortment of 'he uuder nieuuened articles, jus' re ceived frirn Paris and London, of the newest fas"ions, t ted firth prese. t and *puroacliirg aeiaon. which he < ffers iit such prices as will ecsuie thr patr. waur or those v> ho lavor hun with ae II, <t.vats of ?vsry v riety, Handueichiris. Silks, and Cambric Hemmed, or not Heminrd? -toct s and Ties of every kind?Collars and Bosoms of all the uew styles for stand ing up ?r lurniug over. Oloves?v very sxten.ive asortment; H< siery of every ducipiii>nt Uuler shirts and Urawets fot Kpriug and Summer wear, cousistaiig of Meriuo, Silk, Thretd, Cotton, and Gauz?, or made to order; Hus.ian Be u. .Vioucy R-i s.nnd Shoulder Braces, tlu'peiders, Uuibicll*s, Baihii.g t,vorni u U<<wns, Parses. Brushes, and Combs, aud in fie every ? riicle tliu is required by a gentleman for an rutin on I tfor his ward obe. i articular attention is Mid to the manufacture rtf Shirts, of which i spVnd'd assortment will always be found on hand or made to measure in the best pos.ible manner. Also, Silk Shi ts and Drawcs made tn order. N. B?I he Golden Fisk will swim from 271 to 297 on the 1st of May. mJQ lm*ec F'ISfl HOuKi. fcc.?JOI1- CO ?ROY, S3 Fulton, corner of Cliff street imi orter of Fish Hooks, also importer and mvuractuw of Fishing Tachl" in every rariatv. City and 'f?no rv dealers supplied in small and large quantities, on the tin*1 liberal terms, and the loweat i>oesibtr pne s. 1 ? assottm-n'. f Eastern made flax Fishing Lines, ell si'ss, at the manufacturer', pi ices 400 Bamboos, and 75.000 silk wo-in gut, of various qualit'es, for ssle ap4 lm* ec TILE FISHING SEASON-HAS COMMENCED " those now fish, that n?ver fished before, An< those that always lulled, now fish the more." ' I 'llOUT TACKLtt for the preseut season: also, Tackle for ' /ill misons and all kinds of fishing, iu great variety, at the lowest vish price. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN J. BROWKl k CO., uihU lm*re 125 Fulton st eet. E. LIPPOLD&CO (Nu. 103 William Stkkbt, near John,) TAPESTRY WORSTED*. Best manufacture and mont extensive assortment. CANVASS. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Worsted, Gold and Bilver, of all widths and sizes. KM BROIDERY PATTERNS, Of all Makers and Numbers. t HEMLl.E, For working and Ornament*! Trimming, plain and shaded; Flower Chenille, lie. SILKS. Plain and shaded, and Chinee, Sticks and Spools; Twist, Floss, do. FRINGES. Bilk, Worsted and Cotton, ?f the latest styles. GIMPS. And Gimp Cords, in kreat variety. GOLD AND SILVER CORDS, AND BRAIDS, TAS SELS. lie. STEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, Pane Trimmings, Steel and Jet Muttons, Hair rins, Iu. OILED S1I.KS, Assorted Colors. ERFO PERFORATED paper. CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Galloons, lie. ?I Intern COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. DAUKR k BODtN rapeeifully inform thrilIImJi and the u public, that they contiuue to manuiacture Colored Paper and Fancy raper Boxes, in all varietiea, at the old stand of the lata firm of Blanc It Boden, 74 Falton corner of Gold (treat He i< Inllv determined to maunfactuie a superior article, and to t-ut the prices ao ae to satisfy his costomers. Orders will be ponetndly attended to. ? N. B.?A good assortment of Colored I apers and Fancy Paper Boies always on hand. iaSO 2m*ec JET AND HORN BUTTONS, all siaes fliiln, Beads; Hair, Shawl and Breast Pins, ^ Bracelets, Bead Bass, Hair Ornaments, itc. Daguerreotype Plates aud Instruments, hreuch China Vasei Also, Plain W liite China. Kor .ale by EDWaKD HKN. Importer, mh? lm'm H and 30 Liberty street. ~ FRKNCH CHINA. IUCMOVKD TO WO. IB LIBERTY STREET, (VP STAIR?.) A DALKSMI, Importer and A*ent for Maauiaeiarets, ha? !? sh,?ay? on blind a l-i.-ife aseortigect of dinner sad tea seta, a plain white and fill breach I'orceWa, as well as Dinner sue .ieawr. l'lat?s, of ai) tixti, assorted Dishes, boap Turseas, ^oee#d D:ihes, S*hd Bo vis, k'.sit Baskets, Canards ane mmE Alio, Fancy Ten 8e*s, and Rich Le-.crated Diner Set*. <Jio, Tea ttd Chocolate Ware, Greek, Kreach and Americw All the artlclti are waituM of the best quality, and te b* -;ld on liberal ihm, and in lots to ?aitienreuasers.. lit tn-"ae T AMI'S, CHANDALlbRS, GIKANDOLfcH, fcc.-The subscribers hare made such anaufsuieuts with the irauu factuiers, that they will, after the l?th day of March, be leady to exhibit hj far the beet assortment of House Furnishing Goods in the United 8tau>?, at rery reduced prices They are now opening a complete assortment of eniirrly new ana beautiful K'oods, such ss Solar and Lard Limpe and Chat.da liers, a gnat variety of patterns, suitable for private houses, churches, hotels, and steamboats: some uew aud beauiiial lias and Caudle Cnaudaliets, Girandoles, Aiantel Lights, i)rackets, Pendants, Lanterns, tkc. A gre?t variety of new style Knglish Goods leceived rer ship Knrope aud now opening, such as Ane quality plated Baalists, Waiters, Castors, Suuifers and Trays, J'aa and Cuflie Urns, < ishes, ftc. he. Rich fancy and plain Tea Travs in variety, fine Table Cutlery in sets ana dorent and every variety of r>cli cnt ud "lain Glasswate? la short, almost every .nic e req iied for housekeeping, may bo f'uuud at tin- subscribe s' show looms. WOK.iM ll HAUU.l WOU , mh'i lm*m .61 Bn.idway. WAKKAN i'KD THe. A > U l Hs. BlCMi IN NLW YOKK. J. STOUVhNt L & CO., MAorFiCTuacHs or 0 LAS* A > U LAMPS or cvrrt Dticair rion, D IfiePKC TFULL V call lite uttsi.iiou ?f ( oontrv Merchants, " Hotels, Steamboats, Ship blatters and Fimiltee, to o*t as sonaieui.ata great deduction,beioi,'in.~uufa> lured by ourselves, aad which aauuot be *a passed m uaality aad work 111 tushii>, comprising s complete assortment of new patterns of t ut and Plain Glass ^ t>iiaudoles, Sol..r, Lar*i and Caaiphiue Uuiiia, UraCtieis, C'aud Ursa. Hall Lam,s aud Lanterns, with hich ' Hi (Jinx. Astral aud other Laiats altered U> Solar and Lard and reiiuished equal 10 uew. Glass audI Laims made to order and to match any pattern. Goods loaned lor Parties. Ktctory 39 G. Id street. Wholesale and Retail Store No. Lthu street, uear Broadway uihl9 lm*rc LAMPS, GIHANUULES~HALL LANTERNS, AND CANDELAKRAS, FOR I'lIC SPRING TRAtK r\IKTZ, BROl'H KR ft CO , No. 13 John itrert, aremanu Ls factoring and ?ave always on hand, a complete assortment of articles in tneir line, of the descriptions, which rm-y will sell si wholessle or retail, ai low priies lor cash:? improved (Hi and Cain|ihene Lamps. H- it Lain.?, Gilt aud Brouted. in great variety. 'o'aelius k Co. V celebrated rat u( S-olsr L^rd Lamps. Cuuido es, rsri as petterus, gilt, silvered or b<ouzed. ~ I ending Solars, Doric Camj'heue Lampe, aCkeL^Vola B ackeLvVtMan, Side <10 do Molar Cnandeliera, Bracket do do Ta.ent Lard Hand Lampe, Htatid d do Brituma Hand Lamm, Snpirior Chemical Oil, Cami'hen* Chindeliert, Pure S|?rin Oil, 'WJnriur Viwimotl Ull| iuir O^IIII VII, ?4o (Imnpheiif, Solar ud Lard Oil, do Uurtimic Moid, liHioed Whale Oil. "?md? m j*-*T ? .okdlnauv f.kkokts 10 cbtai > hublk; ' A THON AGfel?It is a well kunwu fact iImI the veriest quatkk ti ve obtaiued tNttrousga aud i>roiit hv lying adverti'e m 't?, '.itncttvenames a*,d ?andy *h ivf; but in order to de I tue'.iwt of snclt au exiieniitemeihod 1 i ti'ltug into no tlra, 1. ey Lhi'ge double tue friiean uupreteoaiug ? nder of si 1111 ar mhc e, would dem tud; and ttieu, how ridiculous |. their ?, le'u. ?' e ill spiieoi ihetr m ut specious assertions, humbug .1. i*' h,^h *<"""<?iiig eamee they Aud ilmp!e ?vO'th. 0V?*fjViwfring talent, and uutirlug industry, sup-rieJe tiiem m ih-lavor ot a discriminating public. 1 be latest aud most la ticirus cas- 01 this kind, is a won) lesis IVIlo#, who, t 1. the oi>nuou ptommgaird by Trollone ai.d similar wr res, thai Am-tie.... can be gull,,I br lor. igu'uZ gT ap n sign wI'll V ictiTia'onit a-d (1 :d ng this in.uibcieut to steol the ttd* ?f i-atronix 't> hich reward*.! the ?operior talent ot a 1 eigliboring arti t, c moot mod-rate his wit h, bat e?dea vors'I, rilllly nil Iirri'r tchahle chancier, aud mu down an article fo. the hair railed the J rtcopberaai, winch is etery - ay belter th?n that which he, the worthies, fillow, Itiniself ? 4n| Mute, fenootjl II IS offer ll 10 ti e |.u lie lor 5# rents th? bottle, .nste.dnfCl. Sawney, Sawney, this is a laicdal ?lap; better you had c mtiuued to sii.g yourself into notite than to pit your arrogant piesumi tion efcainal the practical eyidrnee of superior ability. he^American irople.irs not.surli fools as yett!may imagine; all H* n CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. 1., TROTTING. TV/TON D/*Y, April 14th, at > o'clock. P. M., purse $40, mil* iu heats, best 3 to 5, in harneas. H. Woodruff enters b g. William Tell. ? .! !'? * Daniel Webster. W. Whelan b m. Fashion. Immediately after, sweepstake,' mile heats, belt 3 in 5, in har ness. D. Smith enters sr. g. Bill Harrington. K'l? T bik. g Mill Boy. H.Woodruff" a. g. York. aU ?t?ji JOKLCONKI.IV, Proprietor. CA8T1.K KdtUNllA 'pHE Proprietor! respectfully informs the Public, that th? A above named place is in a forward sun of preparation, and will open in the early put of May, with Italian Orerat?c Con 4,fo? Hingliah Vocal ana lutt umeiital Concert* with fn.I Orchestra aud Chorus. The whole under the direction ?f Mr Beam^j, to whom all applications for engagement* ui"it be made, if by letter, postpaid, at 87 Wilker street al iwrc UROUbRtES FOR PaSSOVER. T'HE I fori nDD Subscriber thankful for past favor*, respectfully in forms his friends and the public, tint lis will open on the tlth of A ril, with a gen'ral assortment of Orreries, for Passs over, at 96 fttharine Street; and he assure' all who may favor him with their orders, lint no exurtious will be spated in suu plying them with articles of the best qu*liiv, at reasonable prices and with punitu lity. Uoods delivered lo any put of thecitvfi*e of expense. L. M. RITTERBAND, ?U 3t*m 98 Cat arin- a' eet. THE TAILOR'S ELECT1CAL REPOSITORY. ' PHIS Work'is a plain English translation of the most popu 1 lar French Works on Txiloring; ad-pied in its style, and more especially in in tecHuical ph aaeologiis to tlie ready use of the tr-de in this country. The diagrams are as num-rous as any one conld wish tlietn. and the ac ties to use them are cnang ed from Kieuch to English calculations. U he figures of fash iouable -os'ume, are selected fr m all the beat issued at Paris, ai d thay are got'eu up hee in a style,nuchas nnthngof the kiud has ever been producad in this country before. Arrange ment* are m*<e, so 'hat the work can be d?li?er?d to subscribers with regularity at or near the beginning of each month. The price is $5 a year, in all c*ses in advance. D. * S G. WILI.IAMS, Editor*, Translators and Publish ers, ISO Nassau St., N. Ya k They continue to publish also, the Tailor's Mag.xice, as us ual. '4 heir Hiring Flare of Costumes, is confessedly the best that hrs ever be-n gott*n up, in this country. 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Naw York, April Jtii, llli. D. WltHEliMS. ?7 lw*m Trial of Nicholas S. Gordon for till Martier of Amu* Sprag??. Friday AftiRrroow, April 11. Allxander Born.-Waa present when the coat was found in the swamp, and witnenad the examination oi it* pockets. There waa a piece of newspaper with a direc tion on it, some powder in u box, and two or three cha.ges of powder in a piece of brown paper. There waa powder in the paper wt:en I taw it-, there ii none in it now; 1 do not know what ho* become of it; I think it waa there whtn I dolivered thu coat to Rowland Matthewison at SpragueV; 1 thought tho writing on the paper was "Don nelly." I know a man by that name; he uiedtn work at Sprag tie's Fikld ? I did not lay during the sitting of the Court, wh?n N. 8. Gordon waa tried the first time, that 1 had stated on oath what I knew nothing about, and Jid not wbut to testify again. I did not aay anything of the kind to any one. Jonathan B. Sissox Waa one of the juror* in tho for mer tiialoi N. 8. Gordon. Mr. De Merritt then testified that ia tracing tort printa towards Gordon's house, lie aaw a track leading ironi the houce, and going southwest ly of the track he had traced; standing at the house, he represented tha tracK going from the to bear to the lelt of the track leading towards the house. He upoke ot no other truck. Ezka Gowkn.?Lives in this city; knows Susan Field: she called at my huuse last fall, just before the first trial of N. 8. Gordon; she said ?Lc had sworu t? that she knew nothing about, agaiuat the Gordons; I advised her to goto Court and make acknowledgment, ahe answered, she shauld keep away, ur be out ot the way by the time of the next trial) she should not go there. (Kodokrs olfered to prove by this witness thot Susan Field wad a common nrostituta; Blake, for government, objected; ajid the Court ruled that the evidence should not be admitteJ. Cross examined.?V havo known Susan Field six or seveu years; my wife was present when she said she had swam to what was not true. 1 mentioned her correla tion to some one in a tew week* after; I thought it she had sworn to what was not tiue, the court ought to kuow it, and 1 told Mr. Curry of it. Direct ratmcd.?Susan Field lays she is a sister of my wite, inj wife says she ia not. Lvdia Gowkk ? Knows Susan Field; the came to my hou*e wi'.h Mia* Parr, and aaid she hao told that in Coun she knew nothing about, and said she did not want to ap pear in Court again. Cross txanintd ?This was last fall, a little before hue kteberry time; Misa Parr told 8usan not to co.i.e to Court again; it she did, she shoutU not stay in her house; 1 ad vised her to or,mi: to Court, and if she had toid what was not true to acknowledge it. 1 then lived in Mr. Angellv home; he came up next morning, and told me i mutt l?ave his house it Susan Field came there; I told him about this conversation of Susan Field; I toid it to others; 1 thought it was not my duty to cow* into the Court House end tell it. John Flkmiwo? Know* Thadeus Manchester;he came into my shop last fail; we were talking about Gordon's guiit; he said he waa in Gordon's shop often, had as gooo chance to hear him make threats as any oce, but never heard him make any ; said he thought the killing ol bprague looked more like a woman scrape than any thing eiHu. Crosi-examintd This was in September last, previous to the first trial of N icbolaa ; 1 was not in tke courthouse when thadeus Manchester testified at the last trial; I never mentioned this conveisation till yesterday, when 1 was present and heard .Manchester give his testimony ; I then mentioned it to John Kingston. William Tatklv?'Was at Uo, den's house day after murder ; I cam? from Johnston side ; got over the fence at Hawkins'hole and went through the field to Gordon's house ; kept a little to the left ot the swamp ; 1 rot over the fence into the Cranston road close to Gordon's house, and wen: into the trout coor; William Downey and I met m the rear ot Gordon's house, and we went into the oianston road together; 1 stopped in Gordon's store till Nicholas and John were arrested. CroMs-examinrii?There was a path leading from Haw kina' Hole to Gordonls, but the last snow had covered it up, and I could not see it; it was near sunset when 1 went to Gordon's ; my boots are No.9 ; cant say whether I woie thick or thin boots that day. William Dowmcy?Went to Gordon's house Monday after murder ; lived then at Dry Brook, about a quarter of u mile irom William Tately ; 1 called on Tately Monday morning, and we want together in the afternoon to the place of murder ; from there we agreed to goto Gordon's store ; I started alone, went across Dyer's pond into his field, and thence up to Gordon's house ; Tately went an other way, and we came together near the house; got over the tence within three or four feet of it; passed very near Gordon's back door: we went into Gordon's, and were there till 0 o'clock ; 1 had on thin bcots. Cron^xamintd? When John Gordon was tried William Tately was a witness, and when he came home, he told mc Jehn Garden had boon oonvictcd lor my tracks: I c sine in and told Curry and Carpenter that I made the tracks; I was summoned at the first trial of Nicholas Gor don, but was very stormy and t got hero too late. Wahben Kino?Keeps ;i tavern in Cranston ; the Kings tons and John Oordon were at my house on the evening of toe murder; were there between sunset and dark ; they stepped long enough to drink twice ; saw Nicholas at his store d*or morning after the murder ; he cam* into the city with me ; we broke an axle tree coming im ; we lelt the wagon by the road and kept into the city with the horse , we stopped on Christian Hill (in the city) and got a wagon ; we then went to T. Almy's store, then to Frenohvilie to a shooting match,and got home a1 out noon; have known N. 8. Gordon 7 or d years ; soon after he loat his license had a talk with him about it; never heaid him mention apt-ague's name in connection with it; we conversed about it two or three times : do not know why the council retused to grant Gordon a license ; never saw the blue coal, found in swamp ; have aeen the green one in the possession of Nicholas ; be used to hire Hadley's wagon when ho rode; 1 have rode with him several times ; 1 have no doubt that I never saw Gordon have the blue coat. J. B. Bisson, re called.?Susan Field was not present when culled at the first trial ot N. S. Gordon. Bujmew had to be suspended ou account of her absence, lor about a quarter of a day. Joa W iLaua?Heard Nicholaa Gordon apeak of the loaa of his license in December, 1S43 ; lie had complained ot me for selling without a license ; aaid he had loat his 1 cense through the means of " the party," aud he meant 10 injure " the party." He did no! mention Mr. Spragut's iumo ; he gave ai one rejsou for prosecuting me, that a man got drunk at my place, and he had to bear the blame ot it. Jkbsmiah CiaraifTEa ? Hare knowu Nicholas Gordon about fcignt years , never heard any one say unything against him; he always sustained the reputation of a peaceable man. Maboabict Gordon, re called.?'The fence at the back door ot Nicholas's doer is the same now as it was iu 1943. Patrick Hasbins.?Saw John Gordon the Thursday be tore tae maider at my Dry brook; he had a gun wi.u hioi, and a bird in his hand; he leit his gun in my,and weut out to print works; my wile sat the guu into the closet; when became bacsL, we sat down to din ner, and 1 noticed and icm.irktd that his lace was bruised; 1 examined the gun with the idea ol buying it; he a.ud It w?s his broihei'sguu, and he would not sou it, but wound lend it to me lor a lew days; he said it waa the ouly gun Nicholas had; it wasa h*il stocked gun, percussion luek, putly eras* and partly steel tummed; it was not a nfl-. Ciom-tcamirud ?1 owned a rule once ; it hal a thick barrel; this gun had a thui barrel; am not much acquain ted with guns; there weie only two [ ucts ot bra.s n mis guu; 1 have mentioned these tacts to people trequeut ly, out never described it patticularly; 1 have nad a glimpse ol the guu louad in the swamp, but do not know whemer it is me guu which Jehu had at my house; John l>ad once lent ma this gun five or six weeks before, aud 1 kept it two or three weeks. Could have described the gun beloru Jahn brvugnt it to my house last time (Wit ness was suowu the guu lound in swamp ) This is not tne guu John had, this has got biass ta two places, where i hat uad iron I. tmming?; the barrel is thicker than of lha,. guu, and me sunk is lighter colored Court adjourned until Saturday morning. Saturday Mobninq, April 1-1. Catmkbink Haxkirs'sworn-Is wile ol John riaskins. John Goruon was at iny house and dined on Thursday keloie the murder ; had a gun with him ; went out and lelt the gun; 1 was afraid my little girl would get it and so 1 put it away; think it was a naif-stocked guu', the stock was dam mahogany colored. J <hu'? IdC, was bruisea, aud we r>marked it: he said he drank too much uu Cnrutinas night snu lell down. (Wituess whi sliowu the gun luund in awamp) Tins is not the gun John had, it had leaa biasa on it lu?n this. Bb*j.?min Hunt -Have been acquainted with Nicholas (tordou S y eim. Never he <id any tiling s.iid against him; have neard him speak of losing his license, but never heaid hiss uae any threatening language towaids Mr. gprague. John Kingston?Has heard prisoner speaking of losing his licenan, k? said he did not biame Sprague, but story teilara aud his own country men; ihink I have hetrd hnn of it more than ouce, but nevei heard him thi eaten Mr. Sprague. William Kinoston? Ha* hrard prisoner speak of losing his license; be said he blamed his own Oountrymen as much and more than he did Sprague Thia was some time in tna tail. Never heard prisoner threaten Mr. Sprague. Gkn Thomas F. Cabvintkr?Knowa Benjamin Water man. (Known generally as Ben Kit.) I whs in Waiter 8. Iturgiss'a tlftce durii g the time el' the first ttlsl of prisoner. Ben. Kil came in and wanted ne to bring an action against William Sprague, lor rt prog tin had pro n.iied him a dollar and a jacket for testifying .gainst the pti?oii?r; said he had testified )u*t aa Mr. Sprague wanted mm to, but Mprague had not paid him accoidii.gto agree ment. Crass txamintd -I an not oounsel for prisoner, and wsa not at his tormer trial, except to aMist in empanelling the jury. I was counsel for John and William Gordon. 1 think Ben Kit. was as sober when he came to me aa I ever saw him. I had then, and have now the idea that money and clothe* bad been promised to Ben. Kit JimMUH Baooot?Have been acquainted with pri tuner since |M7; have seen him aa often as twice a w.ek since I8.W. Hia leputation for a peaceable, quiet man, has been uniformly good. He spoke to me about losing his licnse, and attributed it to his own countryman, wno had signed a remonstrance against hi* application. He did not use any harsh or threatening language towaids Mr Mprague Never aaw any ol the Goidon's have the coat lound in swamp; have seen Nicholaa have the gicen coat. Croirtxamintif?I saw John Gordon on the morning of the muider; did not notice that he had a black eye. John u'Bbibn?I was g-iunlng on Mr Dyer's land on tne alternooii of the murder ; saw a man near Dyer's bridge: tho river runs butween Hpragu.'s and Daniel Dyei's the mln was on Dyer's side ot the river: ha stooa close to the tence, and dodged behind awhile oak tree, when he raw 1 waa noticing him. I told De Mettitt and Waterman of this on Tuesday alter, and showed them the track* where the man stood. It *U pretty well along in the afternoon when I saw the man. To * Juhoh?The man 1 aaw waa a good sized man. James Stbatton?Lived ia Johnston near place ol mur der. Haw a man near Djei's bridge, with a gun in hi* handon afternoon ol murder; he stopped there fifteen or twenty minutea; then catnu tow aid* my house, (topped again, and then came tanher. At thia time I saw John O'Brien; the man api>earcd to *ee him and turned back to the buahaa by the aiaa of the bridge; am very ture he had h gun; he was tallerand much larger than John Gordon. It wanted aDout a quarter of lour o'clock when 1 lust law him. Cron txamimd?I never said the man wore a blue coat, he had on a dark coat; I do not know what color i; was. To the Coubt?The man was going towards the place of murder when I last saw hiaa. Roiiiti Stbatton?la wile of James Strattoc; mw the ?nan near Dyer's bridge. (Her testimony was substan tially the same as that of Jumes.) The last time 1 saw him he was going along by a * one wall towards the placeof murder; about 10 minutes Uterwards heard the report ol a gun: the man waa much larger than John Gor don ; some time alter wards we heard at the murder. Fhancm McLaughlin?Lived next house to Stratton's; saw the man near Oyer's bridge, afternoon of murder; cannot aay whether he had a gun; beard the report ot a gun fifteen minutes afterwards; it waa before sunset when I saw him: he waa a man about middle site, larger and taller than John Gordon; 1 am about liv? feet six lnchee high; John Gordon was about live feet lour inch es; the man 1 saw was taller thuu I um. Jeremiah Bagoot-- Knew John Gordon; he waa not quite so tall as Nicholas; Nicholaa ia about Ave feet live inches. O i is Stoke?Testified that John Gordon was not taller, if aa tall as Nicholas. IVleu Hkadley?Has known Nicholaa uordon five or iix years; lived a portion of the time within a few loda of him; have heard him apeak of losing bis licenae; he said Sprague headed a lemonatrance against him; never beatd him use threatening language against Sprague; GorJon used to have my wagon about three times in a lortnight; never saw him have the coat found in the swamp; Nicho laa didnt seem to care much about his license; said he didn't koow as he would then take one out, if the Coun cil should oiler it to him. Edwabd Kino?Saw Nicholaa Gordon night of murder on High street in this city; 1 was going towards Cranston and he o vol took me; Michael O'Brien waa with him; we went iato a tavern, und heard of murder; Nicholaa said if it was tsue it was a bad job for him and his mother, or it was iroai ^rogue's woiks he got hU living; O'Brien said he hoped he was shot and every other AJgerii.e; Ni cholas toldO'Brien when we got out doors that he was an ill minded man to wish a man who hirid so many men, ?itad Nicholas appeared as though he had beeu drink ing some; there was nothing else unusual in his appear ance. William Case?Have heard Nicholas Gordon speak of ioosing his lictnte several tinfes ; he said h i would have revenge the next election ; this waa a shwrt time before the murder. Cross-txamintd ? Up. said at next election, or nent town aiietiug ; 1 lived about two miles from Gordon; tbink he said Mr. Spiague opposed him ; did not steir. to care much . bju. the license then Anoakw Bainas?Had a conversation with prisoner at the election of councilmen in 1&43 ; he wanted me to vote a paiticular ticket, because it the other ticket was sucoesatul, he would not have a license. ? Cross-examined?l put the thimble on a ramrod lor Ben Ivit; Ben awti it was lor Nicholas Gordon. JuH.t P. K.nowlks?Nicholas G. Gordon consulted me .is an attorney, in Uie summer of 104.1 ; he <;aid he had ap plie l lor " license, aud had been '>,>[>oaed bya iccmoml wnich contained slanderous allegations ; be demanded proof oi the allegations, i.nd it was refused ; he had &*lud ? or a copy ol the memoiial and been prooiiMd it but the memorial had h' en withdrtwn belore le c?u d obtain it ; he wanted to obtain legal rtdiess. Cruti rxamined -He also wanted to know if he could cbtain legal redress for threats used ugaiust him by Atnasa Spiague in the council room. David Law ion?Went to bog meadow, where the tracks mn said to >>e, ou t uesday afternoon alter the murder ; carried John Gordon's boot, t ut could not find any particu lar track, the ground was so much covered witu tracks. The prisoner's counsel here announced that, they want ed to call but one other witness, and he was not now present. Attorney General Blnkd consented that the ab sent witness might testily at any lu.uie stage of the trial. The Court then took a recess till 3 o'clock, P. M , when the Government wiii offer rehuttn g trfc'im*ny. Saturday ArTtariooit, April 1-?. Pelkg Headlet?recalled by prisoner?Went to (/lace of murder on Monday morning alter it was committed ? Two others were wnh me. We turned across the field noar Goidon's house, and went across the field to llaw luua' h le. 1 saw no tracks in the field. Crotnxamitud?i'hinka he should have noticed il there there had betn any tracks in the field. RKBUTTING TCtTIMONT. William Si-raouk? 1 never promise* Ben Waterman or Una Kit, an; money or clothe* tor testifying at a fotmer trial. 1 never (aid a word to him about his testimony lrom beginning to end. He was summoned at the suggestion ol (.usonui's counsel, on i he trial ol John and William Gor don. I did not think him a competent witness. Albert C. -1 advised as counsel for the go vernment on a lormer ttial, that Ben Kit should be called as a witness. He waa represented as incompetent by some one; and 1 examined him ueiore he came into Court. Waltsk Ukattie?1 saw the contents ot the coat pocket iu a lew minuiea alter it waa lound. There was no pow der in the brown paper. Cftt-txamintd?1 stated at the examination in the jail, thai 1 took lite articles out ol the pockU. '1 hsdkus Manchlstkh?I heard the testimony of John Fleming yesterday. 1 never stated to him tneu what he testified to. Never told him or any one that 1 had never beard Gordon threaten ispraguo. Never saw Gordon's dog lay ou a coat iu his store. John M- Shiw-Kiowj Patrick Has kins and wife. I committed him to the watch house on the 6th of October, 1MX (This was offered to show that Haskins* testimony waa not true He had stated that he had left the city and lived at Dry brook.) MATHkWr* VLOa?Knows Fatrick Haskins, knows very little a bo at his general reputation for truth and veracity. Thinks he moved to Dry brook in November or Decem ber, ia4J. Mitiv Martin?Resides in Waluut street, in Providence, Patrick Ha<kins ami wile lived iu same street, before they moved to Dry brook. 1 went to live in Walnut street the 7th ot August 1843, they moved to Dry brouk about 4 or * *? i-eks uiterwards. Susan Filld?I never told Mr. Goweit or Mrs. Oowen that 1 had sworn to what was not tiue ; 1 told them 1 was Cuming to next Court, they told nio it 1 did 1 should be put down, oud that 1 had made tuemies by testify lug be lire. 1 told them I could not die but once, and I would c iiue. i'ne reason 1 did not appear when called at a for mer trial, was, that 1 had been threatened that it I did come,I should be put down and my testimony snowu to be false. ,j|Joh!? H. G:uld?Knows Mrs Oowen; she waa tin jail lion U4th August to 3rd September, 1&14. ?i Damil K. ihafkk?Saw the ]>ockets of the coat exa mined, alter it was earned to Mr. Spiague's. There was uo powder in the br wn paper. Chablls F. Skarlk?Heaid a conversation between Strattou and Wm. Sprague soon atu r the murder. Strat tou told Sprague the man he saw at Dyer's bridge had on a broad brimmed hat and blue flock coat, said he waa a short man. In another conversation, he said the man had on a blue ooat, but he could not reooHect anything further. The rebutting testimony he r>closad, and the Corn taa journed till Monday morning at 0o'clock, when the pleas ot counsel will be heard. Liqislativk Summary?April 12?In Senate, pe tiiiuua were prcauueU oi citizena ol the 9ih ward, el New York, lor the pusttge of the license law. Iu the House Mr. T. K. Lee reported a bill to amend the New Yoik |>olice act. Mr. Harris h?d leave to introduce a bill iniendtd as a substitute loi the bill a bridge over lue HuJson at Albany, which waa laid on the tabic to h. printed. Aluong tue bills paaseu weie these: ?For the more tqual distribution ol the Literature Fund? (dis tnbuang tue fund according to the number ol classical Senuia s, ins lead ol by Senate districts)?relative to toe electron and trrmsel oltice ol assessors and commnsioneis ol high-says; to sanction ceitaiu nguiations ot the cor poration oi New Yorn; and surrogate's ctflce in the caun ty ol Ulitet; to provide lor paying the expense ot preser Mug order and eutorciLg tlie law iu (he counties ol Dula waie and Ulster; to prevent the lacing and trotting ol Lories ou the s teels and avenues in tae city ana County oi New Yoik. (i his bill was heretofc/ie rijected, out on ino ion o .Mr. Jobes, m as r. consider ul io un>, and pa>sed 17 to 40.) Among the bills rend a third time, was the hill illative ta tue folic*'ol thucity ol New ioik, (providing that tlie adoptio ol tbe bill of last ytar, which had not Luen put in lorce by the present common council, should le.niain sunj.ct to tne approval oi the In-coanBg city ad uniiistratiod,) which waa arretted ou lta tiual t a-tage by Mr Morrison, and laid on the table Mr. Wheolet subse quently railed a question ol piivilege, stating that be kiit *4 nothing about the bill, had never been consulted by tue Chan man oi Ui? judiciaiy comawue. ,i.or had the com initteo been culled together with to it. Mr. T. K. I,?? explained Ihe cnoumstarces under which tbe bill was t?ported - saying that it waa repotted with the essent ol a in.ijjiily ol UlMMBitlM.MM though the commit tea hud nut Be-n regularly called ti gather, yet th?t uvtk ing was more common than tor c omuutnes to report bills in that way. Altar considerable couveisation.the bill was r aom muted The house then adjourned.?Albany Arc**, April It. Coihfi.aquation tN OisMal Swamp?The Dia iii.ti Swum 18 on lire ; and the dry weatlu r, ol which we have had an uncommonly long season, having absorbed anJ evaporated the water ami reduced the spongy oaiitb aad its incumbent c >at ol decayed Vegetation to tue oobsistcncy ol tinder, tho fire rages luiiously. It com m> nc?l on the high land in the vicinity ol the Disniul Swam LandC'ompsnyVdup?t,neur Hullo.k nnd,d< scsnding lino tne swam, swept along both sides ol their canai to Laka Diummnnd, destroying all their ihitigles and a urge quantity ol fire wsod belonging to individuals It crossed th ? line oi the rauioad at h p.uec wlie e there wue semi* hall ? dozen Cords ol wood put tip by thi- road's fil's, ia the consuming ot which, a sulttciem hiattsai c.-eaud to communicate the Are to tin* Mil* ol tl?> rai ioa l, ?li ch would have been confidently n Jured but tor the ? unely atrival ol the cars, when ilie tutu's cf the tiain K'to woik and extinguished the Are i he It: u is still t 'gmg, a id it is imp 'saibie to estitii?tt! tbe umeuutoi 'linage it m.iy cause hi the destri - tion ol lunihar, fire Av?<l, and timber ?Norfolk h*raid Ohio Rivkk.?At Whc iing, on Thu.?dayt ilure were livf ie? t cf wai? r in the cliatinel ; tdlln.g ? At Pi.tsburg, on Tuesday afternoon, the river had lour lect of water in the ahaunel. Boston. [Corrwpondiuc# of the Heraiil l lioaxo.v, April 12,184ft. A pro tem Humbug? The "Native" Warning ? Steamhoit Ruing?Button Athenaeum?Mann rhutttli Horticultural Society?Mort Splendid Buildingt?A Wonder in the Botton Market? The Tea 'lVade?Funny Theatrical Expedition? New York Circut?Hitlory of Botton, tfC. The recent victory of American patriotism over bigotted nativeium in your city ia hailed here as a glorious sign that the spirit ot liberality and tolera tion still beams bright in the great Empire city oi Alltghauia. The bigots among us groan uloud at U.o result, lor tliey see in it tbe hand-writing on tho Willi, which burns upon their minds the solemn warning, mine, merit, tekel upliartin? Nativcu, na tives, your jig's up. li your new city government behaves well, and dont cut up the wicked shines for which Gotham has hitherto been famous the world wide.'i Harper und the other canting bigots, who would draff the Bible at the tail of their car through the kennels of political warfare, will have been tflectually dumped into the oool of oblivion, which his muddy streets so well emblematise. The l?rs of the steamer Swallow causes consi derable remark here, though I have as yet heard oi no Boatuinaii who is among the missing. Iam inclined to think that there must be great blame somewhere in relation to this heavy calamity, and hope it may It ail 10 more care in the running of the boats upon the Hudson. Any traveller who has been over the rout knows that there is scarce ly a trip made without racing with one boat or another to the eminent risk of human life. Say a word to them upon this subject, Mr. Editor. They fear the scourge that you sometimes apply to their deserving backs. In scanning the city improvements here, the other day, my attention was arrested by the demo lition of certain old buildings in Tremont street, which are to give place to a magnificent stone Hiructure for the Boston Athei a-urn. This is a wealthy society, which possesses a very large li brary, a fine collection ot statuary, pictures,shells, coins, mineral specimens, &c.; has a superior reading room for mbscribersi, where, all the daily ?aud periodical journals and magazines of any note in this and other countries, are to be tound, and lull bound tiles of a'l the principal papers in the union from the earliest dates. The site ou Tre mont btreet, where the new building is to be erect ed, is within n stone's throw of the Tremont House, and has been purchaeed at a high figure, wur a fund subscribed for the purpose, by some, of our public spirited citizens, it is very large, covering more than 18,000 square feet, and ac cording to appearances, n building will be placed tliere worthy of the location, and of the objects t(? which it is to be devoted. t would also mention, enpastant, that the Massachusetts Horticultural Society have just finished a most beautiful granite hall in School street, where their exhibitions cf fiuits and flowers are to be held. The hall is one <?! classic ijeauty, of great extent, and being light ed entirely Ironi the dome, a most rich and mel low light will be shed upon the offerings that Flo ra find Pomona may send to glad the eyes and liekle the plates ol " the upper ten thousand" of the Athens of Alleghama. Yesterday there was quite n novelty took place in the Boston market, it being nothing more nor less than the public sale of an entire cargo ot teas. For a long time past, all the Canton ships belonging to Yankeedom nave been sent to New York, as 'he best market for tales, and the event above chronicled was so rare a one, that it has excited considerable crowing bore. The teas were knocked i ll to dealers, and at fair prices; and the story is, how that the Heber's cargo, to arrive soon, will b? sold here in the same way. It is curious that Mich an insignificant event should moke such a mighty talk in State street; but tb*n, you see, the ending of Canton vessels to New Yoik lias been a h re epot with the Boatoniane, ind they look upon una as the commencement oi ti new era. I doubt ir.; for 1 can see epeciai causes why one, or even : vo cargoes ot Ukj, should be tnapped up here just o'tw at suction, and which wilt not operate per manently. One ot these causes is the fever thai hus tor some time past prevailed here in the tea ii trket, which has caused some rise in prices; and tbe other is the general furor for speculating in tt odsjust now. Sugar has ali been grabbed, first by speculators, and then by dealers; coffee the si.iie ; ditto molasses; and why not leas 1 These c uses, as I say, are but temporary, and when they m hside, cargoes cf teas, whi ther belonging to P mtou or Philadelphia house*, will just as natu rally go to the great commercial depot of Allegha ma. New Yoik, as water finds its level. Nous venom. A racy affair came oft at the Melodeon on Wednesday evening, on whicn occasion a play was performed designed to show the bad effects resulting from capital punishment. At the rising of the curtain, quite a large and respectable audience had assembled, prepared, by the large show bill that had been posted about town, and the very neat manner in which the artist had done the mechani cal part of the business, to see something pretty K >od; but, oh, ye gods and little fishes ], such a u.irlesque ! It was a real Shales affair. Every one pr-seui got his money's worth, and no mistake. Oiie ot the females did up a pathetic scene of leave taking of her husband hs he was about going to execution so much to the life as to cause a regular burst ot laughter?a real Simon Pure roar?which she conceived lo be applause, and so want through "uytug it on" all the;richer. The play has since. b<*en repeated twice, and draws tremendous hou S' ?, o.viiin ro the unmitigated drollery of the whole allair. The actors are mostly green 'uns, and they uie the only peiscns in the house who take the thing serious. As to amusements, the National is still going ahead in a small way; the Museum is doing rather the best business The Circus company which h..ils Irom your city, a:.d is known tts the New Y"ik Circus has wintered here. It has actually coined money tince iutstay. It is a strong compa ny, and embraces in its corps the celebrated Herr Otto Motty, and that wonderful little French drum mer Mons. Cassimir. There are also two mem b< rs o! tins company, Messrs. Franklin and Cham pion, who can accomplish the miraculous teat ol a double summerbel! These two men, it 1 am right ly inlormed, are the only gyinnaststs in the coun try who can perform the teat. The stud ot hotses is very complete, and is unrivalled in spirit and bt-auty. S. N. Dickenson & Co., the great printing house in this city, are about to publish a magnificent his tory ot tlu- city ot Boston, complete in one impeiial octavo volume,illustrated by numerous engravings oi public builamps, sites, &c. The publishers pro mise that the volume tliuli present a specimen ot Hi** art of engraving and printing, superior to any iliiug evtr published in this country, unci equal to ai.y no:k published in Europe. 'the public look v. lth some curiosity lor the work, ns it is to be ln>m the pen ot a learned and scientific individual, v<liowill do the matter lull justice. There are many queer things in Boston, well worth jotting down lor future reterrnce, and itB early history is rich in incident, calculated to gratify the curiosity oi ttic cit ol to-duy. The book will be a great c;.rd. Guy Faux. Mkktino of Old Soldiers.?Simeon Sanlord, ?>t Litchfield, Conn , a Revolutionary veteran ot 70, lately invited tUo Revolutions!} solJieri oi his negh Ui.lioo.. to uu eiiteitsinnirnt. Five veterans w< r* pie ?ent, the aggregate of who** ages was 414. Djoiel Lam sou, M years old, who was at the bame of Buiiksr liiii, suite a speech, and the patriotic company entertained r ich other with nvmy anecdote* luJ reminiscences o f the aveuliul days ol their esily Duuuood. AKer so i. .nresting and social lateieliSDgu l! friendly feeling, ? -e oi<l cijl'liers shook bands ni'd parted, most likely to se? each other's face* i o mure IIomw ids ? An artray occurred on the 5th mat in Oraugiliurglt.S. C., which resulted in the death oi Daniel J. Siniihekart. Mr. 8 attacked John Waid, \\ ubout proTinatoo, knocked Umi dowa and almost elioked him N-lure tie v. as pulled olt by Janvs Wslker ? He made u mcond attack, and again knucktd Ward >:uwu. Ward is sn snail ctteminate man, sitdinoflVn , iic Alter this, Watd took up lux gun aid ?Urt*d ), nifwards Smithebart parsutd him shout one bundled yards, when Ward w?ru?4 him not to approucb.? >v nd retreated still limber from him, when HmMhtliari rusfaed on him. Wsrd fired when he o<tme wi^ five I uoas and 8. received iL? contests ol the gnu in his truest, and 'til dead A Jury was ?mpauiielkd, and they r. timed a vtidict of Jaitihablu homicide, snd Ward was ri leased. Appointments for K hodk Isi.and.?Burring - ti n Anthony litis been appointed Muiahal ol the IMktrx t ot RJi-.u.. Isisud, in plsce et 8 Ivester Hsruliotn, ii wired Mr Anthony ??> elected Rhet.ff cl Piuti Mice uunty unritr Di?rr's constitution. >siter8 liuig has oe-n appointed DUtiint Attorn* y lor th<-District oi Hao.m Island, in place of RicbatdW. (i.aeoe removed. Ilizekian Wil aid, the new collector cf this poit, war ii Mnuator tiom Providence iinlei Don's Constitution. ^ J'randeHce Journal, Jip if 14

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