Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., Mo. 104-WhoU Mo. 4086 , NEW YORK. TUESDAY MORNiJVG. APRIL IS, 1846. Mm *wo Coats.' THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 1 cent* per cepy ?$7 ib per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price cei.ti per copy?$3 id] cents per ann am?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices? always cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and despatch. lSQ- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be po"t paid, or the pottage will be deluded from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, preraietoa or thb Nkw Yokk Herald Establishment, Northwest csrneer of Fulton and Nassau strets. ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD OFFICE, No. 50 courtland Street* ??- NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. The Subscriber, Sole A??ots in new^^^^bt jhphcg York, for forwarding puieniim bv se-j^h^hl - w cond clam cars from Albany to bnffilo.^lqez areeu?b!ed te Mud tliem per People's Liue Strain boat* to al hany, auil th'nce, per railroad, to Utica, for >2,06 ; Syracuse, $2,92; Auburn, $3,36; Rochester, ^4.61; Buffalo, $5,50. Chil dren front 2 to 12 Tears old, ac hall pric?; under 2 years free;atid after the 15th instant, all baggagaon the Railroad is entirely fri p. All information ts to different rout's given gratis, and pas senger! forwarded to every port on Lake Ontario and upper Likes, at the lowest rates. The subscribers would call parti cular attention ti> the fact lhat THEIR TICKETS ONLY are recognized at the office at Albany. W"cffc KICKERS, Sole Agts Albany U Buffalo Railroad, 3d class car*. No. 59 Courtlandt street. New York, 8th A|iril, 1815. ?9 im'ee NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO HUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after Monday, April 14th, 1845, the cars vt ill run cs follows :? Le.ive C ty Hull lor l.rav City Hall for Leav* City Hall Vorkville. ll..r!em Fordham and Wil- foi Whit* I'laini. [ uud Morrisi*nna. linns' Bridge. 7 00 A M. 6 01) A. M. ? 00 A. M. 10 00 (? 7 00 7 CO 2 00 P. M. 8 00 1* 00 5 00 9 00 3 00 P. M. 10 00 3 30 E'? 1 00 P. M. 5 00 2 00 3 00 3 30 i 4 30 5 00 1 30 6 30 Leave Moirisiania Leave Williams' white and Harlem for Bridge for Plains for City Hall. citvhall City Hall. 7 40 A. M. 7 15 A. M. 7 10 A. M. 8 00 7 40 18 10 i !? 00 10 40 3 10 P. M. 10*00 3 40 5 10 1100 5 00 2 00 P. M 5 40 3 00 4 00 5 20 5 30 C u0 b 3u 7 30 8 00 The kreieht Train will leave White Plains at 7 A. M , and thecitv Hall at 1 45 P. M., for the present- a!2 1mm WANTED-A STEAM TUG BOAT? of about sight foot stroke,36 to 43 inch cylinder ?suitable to be engaged to tow between N?w York dial albmy. Applicati'-ns to be made on board of the R L. Stevens, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. a 15 3t*rc ~ u?i an MORNING LINE FOR ALBANY and ^l^jk^^saintermwliate Places.?The steamboat UTICA. xzsbcilcapt. it. W. Carman, leaves the Pier font of baiciay -t.eet inorth'side,)v>n Monday, wedtesday and Friday mornirg, *t seven o'clock. ..... Leaves Albany for New York and intermediate landng, on Tuesday. Thnisday and Saturday Morning, at seven o'clock. Forp 'sta^e or freight, apply on board, or to P.C. schulta, at the office on the wharf. at4 tfee NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE, At 7 o'clock, P. M. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, ?(Sundays excepted) from the Steam Boat .wrtsb^bbrier, foot of Courtlandt street.?The Steam Boat h vil'IKE, Capuin R. B. Macy, will leave the loot of CourtlauJt street, every Monday, Wednesday aad Friday afler ternoous, at 7 o'clock. . The Sieam Beat ALBANY, Cspt. A H. Squire, will leave the footorcourtlaadt street every Tuesday, Thursday and Sa turday afternoons, at 7 o'clock, P.M. Passengers by the above boats will arrive at Albany and Troy in a'?ple time to take the cars going east or west. Freight taken it reduced rates. _ For Passage or Freight, apply on board or to C. clark, at th? office on the wharf. aplmfrc M?l l PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOR ALB AN V?Daily, Sunday sexoepted, through 3Bw3K3E><lirrct. at 7 o'clock, P. M?From the Pier be tween lourtUndt and Liberty streets. {. The Steamboat KN1CKKRBOCKEH, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock TK? Steamboat HOUHK8TKR, Captiin R. G. Crnttenden. will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ermines at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock, P. M ? Landing at intermediate place* :?from the foot of Barclay afreet. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Troea dell, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday alVri.cous, at 5 o'clock. Tlie Ht?uiboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Feck, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at S o'clock. Passengers taking the above lines will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the morning train of Cars for the East or West. Kreight taken at moderate rates. All i<ersons are forbid trusting any ol' the boats of this line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. Kor passage or freight, apply ou board the beau, or to P. C. Schulix, at the office on the Wharf. alirc ??X~ KOR GLASGOW?The line fast sailing coppered mHhPW Barque ALABAMA, C E. Kanlett, master, ISO tons jHMflfis-xirtlu-n, will sail in a few days, having most of her c*ri;o engaged Kor (night, of bulk of ?0 bales cotton, apply to mister ou board, west side of Burling Slip, or t<> WOODHULL k M1NTURNS. alS ec 87 South St. |f? LONDON PACKET?Packet of the ZOth April MHfW'llwii'lradid and fast sailing packet shin 1OKON ?HfaTO, Capt. G. Tucker, will positively sail as above, her r--> ular day. Persons about to embuk for the old country, should not fail to make euly application to W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT, 76 South street, apl3tc corner Maiden lane. KOR GLASGOW?First Packet, to sail on the MHmV 19th April?The fine fast sailing coppered bark ALA JHSMbbUAMA, Capt. C E. Ranlett, will positively sail as ho.,?? (laving handsome accommodations for a few cabin and secowlcaoin i*ss?ngers, those sbout to proceed to Scotland should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Bur liner slip* or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT. 76 South street. apllec corner Maiden lane KOK NEW ORLEANS ? Louisiana and New MW^Vork Line?Positively First Regular Packet, to tail JmUUm-n Wednesday, 18th inst.?The elegant fast sailing packet smp AKVUM, Capt. W. Smith, will positively sail as >l"?ve, Iter regular day. For IVeight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall sireei, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South it. I'asiriigers will please be on board, ?t Orlean's wliaif loot of Witll itrwt, t'i-inorrow (Wednesday) morning, 16th instant, at 12 o'clock, at which time the ship will sail. IT/-Positively uo goods received on board after this, Tuesday ev aing, ISth inst Ageuis in New Orleans Messrs. HULL1N It WOODRUFF, wbowill promptly foiward all goods to their address, aliec FORLIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 18th WCjP-J^-0' Ajril?The well known, splendid, first class, last jSttaMs^ailiiig Packet Ship AHHBURTON, Captnin Henry Hultirstun, will imsiiively sail as above. Havmg most splendid and elegant accommodations for ea bin, second cabiu. aud stxerage passengers, persons wishing to emba>k or secure berths in the above magnificent Packet.ahonld make applicstioj on hoard, foot of Maiden Lane, or to the sub scriber, . JOHKI'H McMURKaY, 100 Pine street, comer of South. The abor? will be succeeded by the new and handsome Pack et Ship HKNKY CLAY, (Captain Nye, ro sail on Gth May. < 1- rc nia- KOK NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New wHWWYork Lino? Positively first Regular Packct?To Sail JHmMwoo Wednesday, 16th instant?'The elegant list sailing pail, i snip ARVUM, Cart. W. Smith, will positively sai| ou the above, her icgnlar day. Kor freight or passage, having splendid furnished eeeommo du'Kins, ppr'y on board, at Orleans whsrf, foot of Wall St.,oi to E. K. COLLINS It CO., M Couth St. Positively no goods received on board after 'luesday, evening, litis April. Agents in New Orl?was, Messis. Hull in k Woodruff, who wVII i"'"ipilv forward all goods to their address sit tor , ?ALL, oh old line ok liver {f**> COL PACKETS.?KOR LIVERPOOL.-Only JHfiMEaKegular Packet of the 16th of April. ? i." v P^'vm iVk r"' ??"'?t'avorite packet ship N E W VOHK, burthen 1#5Q tons Thos.V Cropper com mauder, will sail positively on Wednesday, the 16th April Haung unsurpassed accommodations Tor Cabin, 3d < shin and Steerage Passengers, those returning to the old country or sending for ths.r Irieuds, will find it to their intereau and com fort to select this uu quailed line of packets. Kor terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early apldicntion should be made on board, foot of Beekman at or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., ' I T> Fulton street, nest door to the Kulton Bank, New York Ual06tro WANTED?A Ship to load for a Southern Port )HK Apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO., M South at. JMmKv all Jackson, Stacey fc Smith, Manufacturers and importeks of ren, rock " n?d I able < utlerr, llaiors, Scissors, Kites, Saws,Tools, and other descriptions of Sheffield Goods? jail Im'm No m ''LATTSTREET.'Up Stoira. QTKAM POWER TO?LET, at U Gold street, with light ? and convenient rooms, suitable for aay manufacturing pur pose Enquire of IIARTHON k LAWTON, mhts lie? re <t Gold street. New \ ork ltOULSTONE'8 RIDING SCHOOL. 137 JIN I) 13? MERCER STREET. J"*" ?? ROULBTONK has the honor to r" ,.n*nd?."d the public in general, that his UW School for lostmetiou in Horsemanship is now own day end rvening, as follows Hours for Gentlemen, from 6 to ( A M _ " Ladies ........ t A. M. to S P. M 1 erms of instruction made known on application to Mr lloulstoua. liAJaa. iaAt "*?'**!. tolP *#?? eountfy several Ana and stylish Saddle Horses, whien ha it authorised la sail at a rea ?onabls price. mMn? n A DOLLAR SAVED f? 11. A,D.? L L A R EARNED. JJL UEnTLEHEN who mike it a role to lay out their money to the beat advantage, are respectfully notified that they can purchase Hau and ( aim at ROBERTSON'S PHfKNIX HAT AND CAP ? ESTABLISHMENT. No. 103 hultnn street, between William and Nasstii , much cheaiwr thin at any other eitabliahmeai in ilr city. Au inflexi ble adherence to the ivrteinof large sal/s, si' nj! I'rofira, and cash on delivery. enables tt"e proprietor 10 offer the different artielea in hit line at the following r<ducr<l rati a ;? HATS. Kirat quality Nntiia Kur S3 M Second do 3 00 Moleskin 2 m CAPS. Kirat quality meu'a and boyt' :ti W Second do do 1 (10 Third do do 75 Theae articles are not only quite rqu i), but in aome respects (especially in the style of trimming) superior to any in the city. Acomrar son of the qualities and pr cea, with those of other establishments, will show a deduction of SI toS1 50 on custo mary prices All Hacs warranted of the moat fashionable Broadway patterns. N.B ?The proprietor's extensive arrangements enable him to offer very adtaiicageous bargains to wholesale dealers and country merchants. alO lm*m HATS?SPRING FASHION. J. M. TICE & CO. No. 9 Bowery, New York. tl ARE now ready to supply their customers with their #^Spring Style of Hats, which are equal, if not superior, in point of elegance, durability, and economy, to those sold at any other store in thi city. mllin*m NEW FASHION. BROWN U CO.'S ONE PRICE STORE, ITS Chat ham square, corner of Mott street. Imitation Beaver and tole Skin Hats, of th? Spring Fashion, for the low fixed price of S3. A large assortment ofCaps, some new patterns, much admired, sold at moderate prioee, wholesale and retail. m? lm?in gpRING FAgHI0N fl WM. BANTA, No. 130 Chatham street, (opposite Chatham Theatre,) and 94 Canal street corner of Wooster street, offers for wale and inapectiou, a large assortment of Hats aud Caps, of the Spring Fashions, at extremely low prices, vix: Nutria Fur Hats, S3; Superfine Moleskin Silk; Hats, S3; Fine Silk Hats, S3,50. Also, a full assortment of Caps, at the lowest city prices. inhU lm?ec SPRING WITH ALL ITS CHARMS. npHE SIGN OF THE GOLDEN FISH, S71 Broadway, 1 *??'?" Chambers street, gentlemen will find a moat rplendid aasornnent of the under mentioned articles, just re ceived from Paris and London, of the newest fashions, calcula ted for th> present and approaching season, which he offers at such prices as will ensure the patronage of those who favor him with a call, Cravats of every vriety, Handkerchiefs. Silks, and Cambric Hemmed, or not Hemmed?Mocks and Ties 01 every kind?Collars and Bosoms of all the new styles, for stand ing up or turning over. Gloves?A very extensive assortment; Hosiery of every description; Under Shirts and Drawer* for Spriug and Summer wear, consisting of Merino, Silk, Thread, Cotton, and Gaaxe, or made to order; Kussian Belu, Money B;lis, and Shoulder Braces, Suutemlers, Umbrellas, Bathing I'*' t,Morning Gowns, Purses, Brushes, and Combs, and iu fic every article that is required by a gentlemau for an entire on I tfor his wardrobe. Particular attention is paid to the manufacture of Shirts, of which a splendid assortment will always be found on hand or made to measure in the best posiible manner. Also, Silk Shuts and Drawers made to order. N. B?The Golden Fish will swim from 271 to 397 on the 1st of May. m30 lm*ec "EMSH HOUKs, fcc.?JOH * CONROY, 91 Fulton, corner " of Cliff street importer of Fish Hooks, also importer and manufacturer of Fishing TackU in every variety. City and country dealers supplied in small and large quantities, ou the most liberal terms, and the lowest possible prices. A large assortment of Eastern made flax Fishing Lines, all sins, at the manufacturer's prices 4(10 Bamboos, and 75,000 silk worm gut, of various qualities, for sale ap4 lm*ec THE FISHING SEASON HAS COMMENCElJ "Let those now fish, that never fished before, And those that always fished, now fish the more." 'pROUT TACKLE for the present season: also. Tackle for L all seasons and all kinds of fishing, iu great variety, at the lowest cash price. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN J. BROWN t CO., mhlt lm*rc 125 Fulton sf*et. E. L1PPOLD& CO (No. 103 William Street, near John,) TAPESTRY WORSTED*. Best manufacture and most extensive aisortment. CANVASS. Cotton, Linen, Bilk, Worsted, Gold and Silver, of all widths and sixes. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Of all Makers snd Numbers. CHENILLE, For working and Ornamental Trimming, plain and shaded; Flower Chenille, Hie. SILK. 8. Plain and shaded, and Chinee, Sticks and Spools; Twist, Floss, do. FRINGES. Bilk, Worsted and Cotton, of the latest styles. GIMPS, And Gimp Cords, in great variety. GOLD AND SILVER COkDS, AND BRAIDS, TAS gELS, lie. 8TEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, Purse Trimmings, Steel and Jet Buttons, Hair Tins, lie. OILED SILKS, Assorted Colors. PERFORATED PAPER. CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Galloons, Sic. al lm?m COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. DAUKR h BO DEN respectfully inform their friends and the u public, thai they continue to maauiacture Colored Paper and Fancy raper Botes, in all VRrietie*, at the old stand of the l ite firm of Blanc k Boaen, 74 Fulton corner of Gold street. He it fully determined to manufactuie a superior article, and to put the prices so as to satisfy his customers. Orders will be punctually attended to. N. B.?A good assortment of Colored fapen and Fancy Paper Boies always on hand. jal? 2m?ec JET AND HORN BUTTONS, f\V all sixes?Bugles, Beads; Hair, Shawl and Breast Fins, v Bracelets, Bead Bags, Hair Ornaments, lie. Daguerreotype Plates and Instruments, French China Vases. Also,.Plain White China. For tale by EDWaKD HEN. Importer, mhiO Im'm 18 and 20 Liberty street. FRENCH CHINA. HE MOV ED TO MO. Of LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) A DAXESME, Importer and Ajn: far Manufacturer*, ha* rV? always on huid a Large atiortmect of dinner anil tea seta, ?a plain whifo and gilt Freach i orc?dain, as well as Dianas ana 0assort I'latas, of all fixes, assorted Dishes, Soup Tnrenal. ;jve*-d Dishes, Salid Fowls, Frail Baskets, Castards aid 4taads. Also, Fancy Tea Bets, sad Rich Decorated Dinner Set*. Also, TSa sad Choeolata Ware, Greek, Freech aad Amsntai Bihe articles an warranted of the boat quality, aad te be a liberal tsrma, aad ia lots to saitiparchassrs. ?11 Ib'm T AMP8V CHANDALIERS, GIRANDOLES, fcc.?The Li aabacribera hare made auch arrangements with the manu facturers, that they will, after the ISth day of March, be leady to eihibit by far the beat aaaortment of Houae Formatting Ooodain the United Slates, at very reduced prices They are now opening a complete aaiortment of entirely new and beautiful gooda, auch u Solar and Lard Lampa and Chanda liera, a great variety of patterna, auitable for private houses, churches, hotels, and steamboats; some new and beantifal Oas and Candle Chandali?is, (Girandoles, Mantel Lights, Brackets, Pendants, Lanterns, kc. A great variety of new style KnglishOoods. received per ship Europe and now opening, inch as line <|uality plated Baskets, Waiters, Castors, Snuffers and Traye, T?a and Coffee Urns, 1 iahes, Ike. Ice. Rich fancy and plain Tea Traya ia variety, fme Table Cutlery in sets and dozens, and every variety of rich cut and '?lain Glassware?in short, almost every article re.|iired for housekeeping, may ia fonnd at tlie snbacribert' thow roomt. WORAM Ic HAUOHWOUl', mhli Im'm 561 Brpadway. WARRANTED THE CHEAPEST A.N D THE BEST IN NEW FORK. J. STOUVENKL fe CO., MANuracTunEni or GLASS AND LAMPS or evkry DcacnirTio*. DESPECTFULLY call the attention of Country Merchants, AV Hotels, Steamboats, Ship Ma*Wit and K imiliet, to our as ?ortmeat.ata great deduction.bein* manufactured by ourselves, and which cannot be surpassed in onality and workmanship, comprising a complete assortment of new patterns of Cut ana [Main Glass Uuandoles, Solar, Lard and Camphine Lnm/'i, Brackets, Candelahras, Hall Lampa and Lanterns, with Rich Cut Glasr. Astral and other Lamps altered to Solar and Lard and re finished equal to new. Olass aad Lamps made to order and to ma'eh any patten. O" Goods loaned for Parties. Factory 29 Oold street. Wholesale and Retail Store No. lehu street, near Broadway. eahU lm*rc. LAMPS, GIRANDOLES. HALL LANTERNS, AND CANDELABRA 9, FOR THE SPRING TRADE: DIET/, BROTH KR & CO , No. IS John street, are manu facturing and kave always on hand, a complete assortment of articles in their line, of the lollowuir descriptions, which they will sell st wholesale or retail, at low prices for cash:? Improved Chemical Oil <md Campheue Lamjw. Solar Lamps, Oilt and Bronzed, in great variety. Cornelius It Co.celebrated rat nt Solar l.ard Lamps. Girandoles, various patterns, gilt, tilvered or bronzed. Suspending Solars, Doric Cami>lieue Lamps, Bracket Solars, Side do do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do do Patent Lard Hand Lam|>s, Hiand do do BritUnia Hand Lamps, Campheue Chandelie Superior Chemical Oil, Pure Sperm Oil, do Campheue. Solar and Lard Oil, do Burning K laid, Refined Whale Oil. mhit Jmd? m SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING PISTOLS. BLUNT Ac SYMS, No. *4 Chatham (treat, A N UFACTURF.RS of the above article have now a com .iu PWp assortment r?idy for the Spring trade, which they of ler at rrancMl pricaa. rhey would inrite th* attention of met chantt aud dealtra to their aasortment, to tht mannfactui* of wnien, thfy hat* paid tonal attention, and from the increated ?*u3 '"*? CU> M" th**> lower than before of Also?Gaas of their own manufacture, as well aaevery vari fty of impofted tinna and imiilemnili, in Quantitiea to aftit pur* r.haaam, at ??Cf???dinglv low prioi 01 fm? m MACkiNE FUR SALH. A MACHINE constructed for cutting, with a plane, large slips of wood for making ro'ind or oval botes, I tor which I urpoaa it haa been for some tima d?antac*otialy n?*d, on ac < onnt of ita rapidity in auttinf. . ia tnpuoaad it mbht be ap tseggr*"*" ''maMSSr" CA9TL.1G UAHDKN ROTUNDA rPHfC Proprietors respectfully luformr the Public, that tha ? .? * named place is in a forward ?t&t* of preparation, and will open m the early part of May, with Italian Oreratic Con c*na. AI?o, Knylish Vocal ana lnstiumental Conctru with fu .l Orchettra ami? horus. The whole under the direction of Mr Bearnes, to whom all >pplicatious for ciik itemeiin most be made, if hy Niter, post paid. at 87 Waller street at Iwrc KOlt WALK A GRAND PI ANO F'oRTE known as one of the moat per fect! f the celebrated manufacture of Ehahd ia Paris.which has already been tried in America durini( the winter tenon 1'he price i* S700, uutead of 81100, which it would coat if it was imported directly from Paris. With the Piano, will be liiveu music by the beat iwcient and modern composers, valued at U?f one huLdred dollara. Apply at MADAME FILLET, 100 Broadway. all lm*rrc INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO. M IN WRIGHT, Professor of Music, informs his frieuda f . a.nJ the public in general, that he lias made arrangements for Ifiviug instructions ou the Piano Forte. His style of im parting instruction is perfectly simple and easy, and is not >ur p<-**eJ, if equalled, by any other style at preieut taught. com bining all the grace and elegance of exeeutiou capable of being imparted on uiat instrument. He has already turned ont several very proficient scholars, and the public will be salistied as to his abilities on giving him a trial. His terms are reasonable, aud we advise all those in want of a teacher to embrace the op portunity now offered. Terms, and all other information, inaue known on appliemtion at 17t Grand, corner of Mulberry street. inl?23 lin*rrc iEOLIAN PIANOFORTES. ^"UNNS It CLARK haviug purchased the patent rightfor "Coleman's .(Eolian Attachment to the Pianoforte," for the entire Uuiled States, (excepting Massachusetts.) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofoitrs with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard to the durabili. ty of this invention. N. St C. are prepared to satisfy the most prejudiced mind, their own critical examination and experi ments wai rant them in the assertion, that the " y?olian" will remniu in tune in any climate, and it will not be affected by transitions of r.tmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is given with each instrument. The public are iuvited to examine the "JEolian Pianoforte*" at their ware-rooin, No 240 Broadway, opposite the Park, where alio may be found an assortment of 6, 6% and 7 octave Piano fortes, both in rosewood and mahogany casas. m2S 6m*re TO BROOKLYN BILLIARD ? LAYERS, CROSSING FULTON FERRY-A very neat Saloon hat V-/ juit been titled up at the United Statei Hotel (entrance nn Wa?r ttrret, joining the bar of the Hotel,) with three first rate Tables, iron Eagle Irames and marble beds?better TableAhan any in thii country, except Ba'aford's old rooms in Ann gpeet, entrance 149 Kulton. Players near Kniton Mirket, and <kmu town.on thecal side, will find the U 8. Hotel (saloon well calculated for their accommodation. The proprietor pledges himself to have it kept rejpectable. F'or exercise only. m3'J Im'm HMIE SOCIAL INSTITUTE, now completed, ready tor A the reception of pupils, is situated iu Shrewsbury, tVee miles from the celubrHt d watering place, four miles from Red liauk, where stcrmeis ply daily from the foot of Fulton ttreet. It is calculated to give a t- uud, piactical education^ qualify the studeut to pursue any butiueis, or enter any class in college? Terms, (>er annum, 9100, including all incidentals, exept beds aud stationery. Wanted?A classical teacher, native of France. Also. _ fern?le. Circulars and iaterview with the teacher may be had at 131 Nass in street. ap 12 lm*m SARACEN'S HEAD. No. 12 Dey street, (adjoining the F'ranklin Hotel.) JOSEPH SMITH, la'e of Worcester, England, begs leave "f most respectfully to inform his friends and the public, that he has leased the above establishment, and fitted it up in a style second to none. He has a'so taken care to provide the creature comforts for the inward mau. At 11 o'clock there will always be a sandwich ready, and at any time during the day the following articles vt ill be prepared Mid served up in a style suitable to the palate of the most fasti dious epicure:? Beef Steaks?Mutton Chons?Veal Cntlete? Broiled Ham and Eggs?Frizzled Bacon?Welsh Harcbits?Poached Eggs? bardines?CiId Cuts?Cream Cheese. J. S. will at all times keep ou hand the choicest Wines and Spirits, selected with that taste peculiar to an old and experienc ed wine-bibber; Bottled Porter, Cider, and a sparkling glass of Albany Ale, accompanied with a pure Havana, all of which will be served on such terms and prices as will square with the times. mh9 4w eow*ec TO PUBLIC SOCIETIES, MEMBERS OK THE BAR, MERCHANTS. AND OTHERS. THE Proprietor of WILSON'S HOTEL. DINING I ROOMS, mud CHOP HOUSE, No. 3 Gold ttreet. near Maiden lane, begs to slate that he has cotnfortab'e end well furnished Private Rooms, sniUble for'Committee iVeetings, Arbitrations, Referees, he., which may be procured for such purposes, at a short notice, on extremely liberal terms a 10 u ^NRY WILSON. TO TAILOKS. I^HE Second Edition of Stinemel's celebrated work on cut ting garments of eveiy description in n style of elegance un equalled, is now published and re dy for delivery. Those who d -sire to avail themselves of the great advantage! to be derived from the use of the inilrnction< it contaius, would do well to obtaiu a copy without delay. The book is 12 to 17 inchei square, and contains 17 elegant diagrams of all the various styles ol garments worn at the present day, with full and ample in structions for cutting in an easy and scientific manner. The following are a few of the many highly respectable names who testify to the merits of the books :? 1 he undersigned being practically acquainted with Mr. 8lin< met's Treatise ou Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommend it as a work complet- in its arrangements, and in its rractical application to cutting, superior to any heretofore published, either in Europe or America. P. Henry It Son, Daniel Cutter, Staats (t Banker. Charles Cox, E, W. Tryou k Co., B. F". Horner, James Daily, John Havilan^, J. H. Banker. The above can be obtained of tne author. No. 113 Broadway, New York. a!3 lrn*ec WATCHES !?WATCHES AND JEWELRY -Those ?" who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, he., will find it greatly to their -dvantage to call on the .ubscriber, who it selling all descrip ti ins of the above at retail much lower than any other houae in the arty. Gold Watches as low as 920 and 123 each. Watchea and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches war rented tokyp goed time or the money refunded. Wate ties, and Jewelry repaired in the beat manner and warranted, at much leaa than M* usual prices. * G. C. ALLF-iN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, *13 1m*es iu'".lesai? aud retail. St Wall St.. up stair*. OPENING OF SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE M A O AS1N D E MODE, 50 Canal Street. I'ME D. BEHRM AN begs leave to inform her friends and the public, that he will open for the season on Mon day next, the Slsl March, instant,; when she wiM exhibit a M'leudid assortment of ladies' Paris Silk Hau, just received from Paris iu every variety, and in a style unprecedented. Also will be exhibited, an entire new style of Ladies' Hats, called "ARTOIS HATS," which from tteir peculia and lady like style may rank ai pre-eminent. Also, a variety of pure white fancy Straws, fine double Dun stables, Tuscan and split Straws Paris Ribbons and Flowers, of the choicest styles, and in great varieties. mh2H lm*ec M^d1 MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, No. 37 Haldol Lane, N. Y. MANUKACTUKER8 and iuipoiter* of Ornamental Hair i'A Work, Wigs, Tonim, Bauds, (. urls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, and a new style of Everla*tii.? Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B ?The trade supplied on reasonable lermi. a!3 lm*ec FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LOW1TZ & BECKER, No. 34 John Street. | [ A V E Received by the last Havre packets, Uticaaud Argo, ?I J. an elegant assortment of the latest and most fashionable styles of I" much Artificial Flowers, which they offer for sa I al moderate price*. mhM Im*ai TO THE LADIES. VfAD'ELLE FANNY OODEFROY, 349 Broadway,oppo site the Carlton House will open on Wednesday next, lite 9tti mstan', her Spring Millinery and Ladies article* in general. Alt th? above goids have jast been received by the latest Havre packets. N. B ?M'lle. KANNY OODEFROY ream's :he Ladies not to mistake her house wi.h Mrs. Uodfrey's, from Division street, luely established in Broadway, which has no connec tion whatever with her's. mS lw*m FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, ?fcc. li Liberty street, np stain, have r sale a complete assortment of UENRY k KAHN, 73 Liberty street, op stair*, have just re 11 ceived and offer for sale a complete assortment c ' FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in bunche*, sprigs and single. M itenal* for do Ao, and all kind* of WATER COLORS, for flower manufacturers' use; among which is a liquid pink color of very suiwriorquality. Also an invoice of PARIS CAPS, for Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair Pin*, of latest styles; and a lot of splendid Engravings, plain and colored. nihil 2m*re STKAW GOODS, <&c. FLORENCE, BRITISH STRAW, AND LACE BRAIDS AND BONNETS. A LL of the above of the best fabrics and of th? neweat and -I*, most fashionable description* are constantly importing, and offering for sale on the most desirable terms, by THOMAS REYNOLDS, mlilS lm*m 167 Pearl street, BRONZE POWDERS. H'MIE ?ery best and cheapest Bronte, in all shade* and quali A tie*, are eonnran'iy imported direct from (Germany, and of f. red for sale by LEOPOLD KUH ?t Co . ?nh*l lm*re Wall street. New York. AOF.NCY FOR THE HALE OF BRONZE POWDERS. 'TIIIC subscriber ha* been appointed Wholesale Aftcnt for n X. hnnsn in Europe, who posters the most extraordinary fic.ili li#? for the manufacture of Bronte Powders, by whieh they are cabled to offer the most be*ntifnl and spleaaid Bronnes at Ml p-r cent lower than former prices, and to defy all competition in this article. Their have b?en nsed by the latyi'st consumers in this conntry for upwards of two years, who c >n r?r in recommejidinarUieni a* snperior to any other for brillian cy and durability. The *nb*cri>>er hit* made arrangements to have a large nasortment always on hand, and i* pre|?ir'-d to snp ply importers and dealers with the article, in any quantity, at tli? manutaeturer's price*, thus saving them the trouble anil et r 'nw of importation. J. K. JMCKKTT. Wholesale Agent, ?M lin"ee. flate ltor?lt ik Co.] 91 Water street. CARPETLNO." 454 Peart '1M1E Subscribers have just opened the large au<l spacious A CARPET WARE RUOMD No. 4M Pearl street, former ly occupied by Smith. Hewitt It Co.. and are uow ready to of fer the oublic an entire new stock of Carpeting, bought express ly for the spring trade, some of which are exceedingly rich, of new designs ana color*. Among them my be found? ? NEW SETTS KIDMiNSTER BRUSsELS, Entirely New. II PS. KIDMINSI'ER THREE PLY, iRich Shading. SUPERFINE FINE AND COMMON INORAIN CARPETINO. Of every variety end description. Rug*, Drugget*. Table and I'iano Cover* Worsted, Tntled and Jnte Mats; Oil Cloth*, very heavy and in great varieties, from J to 24 feet wide: together with all other article*usually f>und in the trade. 1 he public are requested to call and exis* in-our stock before purchasing.

PETERSON It HUMPHREY, inao 2m ni 4M Pearl street TO CARPET MANUFACTURERS, tee Ate. IEAD WIRE, of various lice*, suitable for weaver's -4 weight*, constantly on hand, or made to order.aod for sale, |,y TAT HAM It BROTHERS, inhll Im'rrc 141 Water street. paper. rrvn REAMS Ti**ue Paper, assorted colore. UUu a duo do. Wrapping do. various sixes. t. 000 lbs. Straw Boards. I AUo Jm*lb** Trusk Boards?last received per aehooner scorra bazaar street, betwaaa B< aadOrreiaWi h H.'- !"< M'OffMaiM bis MM Si?M<* lhaaks tnltia tnm4? sad list pibitt >t Uic*. fc* nblEnl mwi laeeind s,t>e* be n|?>i mm lipase, ui<l H?|et, tf tiw mum* Mm ( ? Itutot, U> M-ril | fMttMUO U??o( T?w iMlitm t( ItM 4In Wiisrs. Ltqirn, ?4lr|M, M La > well known i**+4 n ewel TW? b ?' U ifern "Uft-fcM CM %m* r4 sa?? 4 uj ui mg s'yle. lifer* ?? ? ? l?t? miohkhi of wfmlmi ?? ? > br 1**4 at all buNii, aaiil II at rwui j h u : ? jMMMte. WTaWi ImlMh Mattoa < K<h*. *? tit i Fried Kid * ?s. I ..Id i .u HmmOiii ??<*? ? <??. i I'd Mtn 4 ? ? s, Iraki ?>?*?, kt i A?>4 4 a>at ol MMl ?>4 k?M ?Bests far cn?s'.iIIib* e??r\ 4ev .1 la 4 ..'clock UaMu. ?; .? ? I? <|* . a 4r tag lit ' with thr Wat Ituitli aad lrw<k h Ihv 1 h*T. No li ills- SSSt ?applied with Krulicti, ImIi, M*?uh W?b' i and city pipers?il?>ys the l?i-st news h, the una es (Jood hmh lor Private Pstites, at all iim eaady?<W? ti tii for nothing at lai *? | T O. of O. F. - NOTIC It. - TW? mtmkmn af I ?? Lodge, No 9, irr requested tu br paectuel ia ila>l ai'-w' , ance uu Tuntliy rii iiii(, Itth u?! .arcnedi ? >?? k h ih purpose of actiLg on the r?> isioa of the t t i. ? ? KU W Mill M Hi II, N '? apM lt*ec EDWIN tl' ITOll.fcf ( 1AI IT1i > \ ?Lut batwaaa the Mtk at Match aad the Ifck ?f V- April, 181 j. I of I, md. drawa by link?a I'aMy.iw W. and eudursed by John 8 Troll widfri'kiel mtt. 4>w 1Kb I li ir' h, I8ti. and M able lilii dais after dale. All I* awwa a** heraby forbid unto, i mug laid mit.K pal i?eei has l?e?i ?i..t pr J .mil li 4f uo use to My tWjNI Ui* oWMt. A liberal (MMM will baaivra to itn- tiudrr ii leftat K FettyV M Maltmmi ?H 3'* m OA HI) W A VI S II - Two ffijilrowa ?'r itea.r<mh ?| eb taiuing a Room mil Board iu small fin, l> la.lhii. a few miDutn walk ol thi* office Ad trees H k K at thu rti.? rtlj 3l>wli TXT ANTED?A Vol K peach WnmM, to tab* riuig* J\ ** child three vrart old, u.d Kind Ui ? l-d.r-t i..i>? ? There ii \ probability of tne family tiaitiug Pun Una lauiwri all tfrc qV? UO ATMKN, ANU OTIiKKM -C.tit* Kuiaa of *ra? rate ilUdlity, Hauled name lively. A poll lu WILLIAM rOBtiAT, aU lin*rc No. 41 Ni^if. Ik ?ifwi i$ U A |Td 1 N O . MRS. O. KI?H, 135, 137 .4H</ 199 Broadtmy, NKW YORK. The Public and St>im;i >i yintiw thecitv. a e rra|?rifal ly informed that the above p "miaea hare leeu tittrd up ia a >a perior manner, for the entertainment ol' Permanent and lYantient R<?irderi The location u pleasant and central I o bomneM?the apan m.-uts spacioua, Ii|{lit and airy, abd liudtom-l, Inimtli'tl throughout with new furniture, bed?, beddmii. kc. The table will be abundantly supplied with the beat the market tfforda. Transient Board $1 per Day. m26 lm*rc HOUSEHOLD FJHN1TUK.E WaNTKD. EITHKK NKW or aeeond litnd, suitable for a Boarding Houae, ai the advertiser hu Just taken a sp-cious, coa '? dious house near Broadway, ana not possessing tumitur* suAi cient to fill the house, woatd like to make arr*iiKem<-?iu w ith some |>erson or persons disposed to relimjuish housr-kietuag. aid receive good and genteel board as payment. Any rommu' nication addressed wilti real name and residence will i-erive prompt atteutiou by Addressing A. B C., Herald office Also,a few genteel boarders warned. al4 It*ra iltQ 000 ^^WAHD?The above reward will be paid for ?jpU)\J\J\J the recovery of the followiug sums of money?ol in proportion to the amount recovered, which wa< stolen from ihe bir?e Clinton of Poughkeeiieie, at the fooiof Murray street, between tliei hours of 3 aud i o'clock, P.M., nn Monday, the 7th of April instaut, or ou th-'.-e to Poughkrtp?ie, vit : $10,000 of the b:lls of the Merchants' Kichauge Bank, New York. $9,297 of the bil's if the Bank of Poughkeepsie. $12,800 of th ? bill? of the Farmers' and Manufacturers' Bar of Poughkeepsie. $59G of the bills of various other Bank'. K. P. BKNJAMIN. Cashier Farmers' and Manufacturers' Bank, PouMlikarpsie. K. NOHTH, Cashier. Bank of roughkeepaie. lnforovition may be given to the Merchuits' Exchai ge Bank, New York. all lw'm NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. rPHK Schuylkill Navigation Company heieby invites Pro[>o A sals from Contractors, for the new work required for the improvement of the navigation. The principal part of the work will be the cons tructiou of a new tier of 'arge lockj thrvughout the line, which will require a large amount of h*avy tne isoury aud carrenter work As it will be vigorously urged to an caily completion, it |>resents a fine opportunity for eue-getic and en terprising contractors. Plans aud a|ecilications may be s< m at the olfic.? of the Company's Engineer's, No 7 Sansom street, Philadelphia, on and after the IMi of April, 1845, and proposils may be addressed to Edward Miller, Civil Engineer, at ttuu place. By order of the Board of Managers. , SOLOMON W. ROBERTS, President. Philadelphia, April ?th. )?4S. a!4 ?l?>c ^O TICE i* hereby given, that Piopotals will be received at ?L? ihe o+ce of the iNew York and Harlem Railroad Company uutil the 10th May next, for the delivery of from One to Three Thousand Cords iiioi quality Virginia line Wood, to be de livered monthly from oue to three hundred cords. WM. 8. CARMAN, apUtomylO Secretary. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OF? WARDROBE, T^HE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Meatlemea A or ramtlies whw are deairotu of converting their lef off ? earing apparel into cash Families or Uentlemen quittiog the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effects to disp?se of, will and it much to their advantage to send for the Suaacriber, who will gttaad tt their reaideiee by appointment. J. LEV1NSTYN, _ 46C Broadway, up (tain. A line through tha Foal Offiea, ot otherwise, will receirs prompt attention. in27 lm*rc WANTED?And the highest price given for all kind* of cutoff Clothing and good second haud Furniture. Persons wishing to dispose of the tame, will do well to call on the sub scriber, or audtess a line through the Post Office, which will be punctually attended to. B. LEVY, 49)? Chath-im street, N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen's! l< ihiun, Cheap for cash. m29 lm*rc GENTLEM EN'S "LEFT OFF WARDROBE. T^RE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Oentleroen A or Families who are desirous of converting their left off wearing apparel into cash. families or iientlemen quitting the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will nnd it uiJSl to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will a:md at their residence by appointment. H LEVETT, 2 Wall street. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. mrl lm*rc CONGRESS COLLAR. DKAU1 i Ub HlVi-K dn] i legaiiC'* ot hauti unequalled D before.?Our new style of Collars, which have long been wanting, are now isiued. and are to be found at the inanolactu< er's only, at the old stand of MARSHALL'S only Troy Shirt Depot. 90 Clmham street, New York. All orders should be seat at the earliest date, as this pattern will in all probability revolution lie any style ever before got up in this market. Re number, at the old stand of Marshall's 90 Chatham street, N. Y. No second price, on any consideration. N. B.?We have also manufictured a large quantity of those new style 47 Pleat Shirts, which cann'it be found in the city. Ai the pleats are all sowed down, it will obviate the difficulty ;u iioning them. ap4 lm?ec OOAOti MAKING. 'PAKE NOTICE?Practice makes Perfect ?The subscribe! J- having devoted himself for the last twenty years, entirely to the Coach Maktug business, in all its various branches, he feels fully satisfied ihat he is able to give every satisfaction in a.iy style of Carnages that may be ordered. Reference can be given in any part of the city as it regards his work. All kinds of Carriage* done np and repaired in the best manner. Light Wagons and Carriages constantly on hand, for sale. Secoua hand wagons taken in exchange for u or others. ap4 2w*rc GENUINE IMPORTED HAVANA SEGAuS THE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale at wholesale and retail J- the following choice brands of Segars; in point of equality there is uone superior in this city :? Uguex Kegalias. Yngeuiudad, do l'auetelas, India, do Small sizes, l'alma Celebrada, La Kragancia, Caaones, (for the Southern Norma, market.) Venus Pauetelas, (of various brands.) Cabana, (suitable for London JbLrgaljas, do do market.) TretmEos, Kstrella, do Ksptranut. Noriega, (of superior quality.) Stranger-", citiieut, and the trade generally, would do well in ealling and examining this splendid stock of Segars previous In purchasing elsewhere, as nil the above Segars are aenuiue'l contain nothing bit Tobacco of 'ne firs' ?>nd best qnnli'y. l>. M. HENRIQUES, mSI im* rre 51 William street. Ann (Will HAVANA SEOARS, imported by M. AN* ^V/UjV/V/VJ OULO, for sale at 27 l.iberty street. Among them will he found Cabanas, Dn Imperiales, Regalias, Pane trlas, Cubrey Werner Segars; do small siies; Napol?ou \ .Nor mas, Urraca, San Homsn, Delisics, Colonaa, Do Panatelas, and various other brands. Also, Old Tobacco, from the above well-known house*, jost imported by the Cnristoph Colon aud the Rapid. a3 Im'rrc NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN, Tha' my disagreement with mv lormer partners, John Christian Stewicke and Charles K. A. Schirmrr, in the imrtnership concern ol"D. W il helins," in this city, and branch in the eity of Boston, ha* been arranged to my entire sntisfsc.iou?that said partnership has been dissolved with my eonsent?that I have giveu tlirm lull and exclusive power and authority to wind up and setth the business and affairs of said concern, they having taken upon themselves to pay all the debts and liabilities thereof New York, April ith, 1841 D. WILHELMS. a7 lw*rre URK.S for sale, together w ith lease of I \HUUS A(^D KIXTURK.S A-' premises, eligibly situated. The store is well established, and the dwelling part might be occupied by a physician with great advantage i he premises are located iu a highly respectable neighborhood, Enquire at No. 22 Kranklort st. a4 lw*ec _____ ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAKKTj BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 2 ANN STHEET, next door to the American Museum, returns Ins sireere thank* to his friends and the public tenerally, for the very liberal share of patrouage already receiv ed, and hope* by strict attention to business to merit a continu ance. K1R8T QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter, Newark Cider, Croton Ale, London Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale. Orders for shipping attended to with des|iatch mliMec WINDOW SHADE DEPOT, No. T Spruce street, N. Y. 'PHIS IS tlieonly manufactory of any extent iu the United 1 Slates. The subicriber* offer for sale < r inspection, the most nunieron* and splendid assortment of Shadea; superb and correct lepreaentation* of the most well known public build ings in Europe and this country on hand: work* of art and taate only are got up at thi* establishment. We being both pro fmsional artist*, and well experienced, we profess to (ive satis faction when taroesd with orders. mht lm*ee BAJiTOL It DK MAURY. t ll|r Intelligence I mi Nut i i? i iWi umiM ? ArrLiiann roa (Jim 1 Bg |?u>r<l *ntt? m| baring again veered touud, It .. if . ..o e n-o, .up 11, i .ittoiiritf with parly uiage ? ? IBWe IMiWhl, to *..ii?- a Cieaa aweepot the old > Ser-lwUiti, i .il at ti ami i?r if,, rtMli mi of '.how ? n ait- 'ht ! i|i |, t'ic*l wM, th trirnd* ol t . lew man' ,?H> will Mr , at .Uto oih- ?i !? , ami the ? -tan kirk ill* mw aa account ol rUeir ight ?> ight ? A tiiuai. *c4?rm ol appl* nwn. I>?v. been tr.atla tor aarh . I every agkra m ikegi.tet tb? city <e*?truBi< at, and >??? wti. uarweeoiiiy ba Tha l onnoD I *?teil n tl will ? et M 0?uc K <0 iu<hi. t<> cociidrr a, i 1- at<?aa Ml Deere tk m 1)| UihUh U \ van lata vrower el ia .aid will rt-ceive Ur aft, ? ?( I rty Iwapector, tal.ry gl.jnn The Dr ?a*ah*?eei! iitiorMUt |?|iul<i VWH h?Mmg ibe elBce ef t etewer, i-y kia - eacg} ? t attention ta baikraa, and ike tnorengk awl ?. t-tar lory aumr in which ha made kn awMmllaai-lw y>*Mp<1 ? tie* ami ?u. nnt.n . , ?'<<aeni Tka a^twictMeut will probably !?? Made, ? i will iUKj .-am...-'?!) giv* general Wi>l^ ion Tha ailtea ol t rty Jh?! .-ia. afeuuM ?lwa?? ha lllie-l bjr k regu .. > aauoalail fh>. t??> >er th. oihce ol Kee, er ol the < ') rilaat. a |- *i i.oai' *t ol aj plication* bare been M?le; MMf tfcew ae? Mwrkl fallen. lat> keeper of tb? FltM, Ml it M aakt that ( al |m4M haa |iul in bit t M. Mia lup^.-.t tka iaat ta ua a tklae repot t Or. l>'a * ToutpAtt.a t* aa *| pin- ant lar (be cBkce ef Phyii rtanw Ma 'Ay Pnaoe ta piaee al l>r War ma He ta a Mnaapatte iwiimm, an racaUatit yk)iHIM. aMI almitkl IM|I?U a. *. i j ??< , ate aiatt .1 to II I the of iititu imii) Ha baa iaaa .in- upon t*? city, < *? aaila (natwi if aa ta bia avci. DaiMf al. the time tuat Ur a.i m>( waa < oiaaat be Made ueartr e?i-ry pott hi-rt**e t a.?in 'toe r qwt e! by kna, In ilnaimg biai K >ally ta tke diet Margi ut lua Jattoa, aa it ia diMcult lor I m an l? g. t pk) IK |?M la UoUl ibi t? fat' M> i t-aa a* it ) We ui.willing t > g.?, tl.e l una, and reader tin ??<!?? uahie to ha will! aetere tha lur> and ?ael aa ?1 aaaeaa u> caaaa of aianele<mhl"r and a.urdar ttf ka*i.,g a iktllel atMgaeii M tha 1 rty Pr aan tka Ce ??r ? ill t?e Material, t aidail Ur Me< ie*dy, the tela taiWkbMH, bak kilo n-ttt.l tar Ik appett. a ettf. K or I i> liriai, of l.'te Luoaii Aa)hiM ak'1 raoltaa tary, Dr Hiabaeuah, k? ?i tka Ai lirataa al ike bwlactlk kiril, , tta?1i ativin riatata Ui *ur?a>1 M alaa a caudldate 1 b?ae are alt <i,e a, pin aiavu* thai have leaked eat aa yet. t*?'Ke Ulat Uaa ev tat ?'I'rrn T?* Tueu u?? "?1 mi Hi at Lf aa AaiutiMtnui - It appean that the ' i ppar l m fheiiaan* ha-, e tk?ir Utle ?t?ra a* well a* their - aa lo't?Mt? n iniMr*, tha Lewer Tm, aud that ti?y aoMeiiM ? kata ta pay ptet ? daerlt lar thk.f ib .. i(i-mch A aesll'Maa taated K-iwm Lloyd Oarm. a bi>?rd?r al tha New I tub Motel, appeal t^i at tha poller cillre tht* leefMOf, and at.litre.1 a tOMpMMtt agaiuat a *><ach awMrk i-.aaiej JuaepMee SaMdgro**, atetlkg that ek -vurtiey i igLt he wakt kea.r wnit ker to k bokae in Vi.Uiou) itiert, aad ?tnl t? k*4 a UA krr, rulUug ?p hM paiitkl >oai, Mltbaeociat at wktck were thaty M tMUa, kktl pla'el ihtM ii I i itta p.iiotk Tka diugy o>> at pan too, ol iuu geoilcMkn lei. bta ceuc ti ia the coune o(Ut? kight,a?d p oliaMy k>ing daaguat- d witb her pale I?ceJ (toMpttuiok did Met como tiaek Uu reakMibg hit uiiMeMtieBkblee, tha gettn ma* loMttd htmaeli M.&ka, aud tbo w jatau waa arreiti 1 Uua nMHy by Jjeapha and Jirkaon, and ooMMl.tid Mr Owrnt leaa waa o*M'te U i luataciriMi.i. ait ) Ut ba i better have laid UO hluf at all kbout it. lot hi* roudut t >leea not r* dee ad very Much to hla aradit. an l bedeaereaa ta leaa hu Money. iMitiLt kke lat i tat wiim laiut ?e Kia.-A Mkk i. imt.l Henry Kiirtiowa waa arreated to-day en a chkrgt t i Uavuig MMMMi aa k*aa?M with a butcbet a ku> ? upon U oige N \ oviag on kit ii i tie) b.ght, at agivoety it ore kept by Jobu H IiIimm at Ilk t eJar atieet Vonog and Krierdown had at Me aiuiraut ii, kltd > paahtii V-juiigagkinat the atove, when ujtoit Y murk F u|?ij which K auzed utia bti'c'ttr ? Kolle, which ?aa lying >i;tou J Mrat bench,and Male a lurutii ilab at Voung.? C'.iMnt acetiig 4'bat V Wkial oul, ?tll d bl> arM a* he tiruck, ki.d paitially krirate t the blow, aithokgh tbe kmie ontrreJ the bie?at ol kouug near tha abeulder blade, a ad lufluttl a aoaiiwbat ilangeicai *ooud. Kiadlng biaiM if loiio-1 by Ulmnn he iMModiately turned U|>od ant) madi'at ratal j.epe.rata at buo, but he w :ia prcveuied IroM tkiitg itiM an uijury, b> Ih* byt itaodar*, and imueduit i> alier rati un: Akothkh BitOTMkL Kuaatar ? A weman DkMi-1 Moll L>uch,aliaa Murray, wai artertnl by Siigeant < och tu:ie,olthr M l' .cbargeil With rotthia< IV . .. Maguire, ot So- W Centre atrt et.ot the torn of >3r>o. at uae ot the lictnie l lnotbeU, No. I Lit.le t a'.rt Irett Hhe waa ciminitlod. |V1h Joiith Ofl.n a'a I'anrnaTt ihili at Taottt'm ? Mr. Jofepb ttiuick, militia fcie kklli not, k geniitmkk al ready w?il known iu the ru> tor hu barrtaaitce and ku maoity, kMtuwl thu moitang at tbe Colic>. OIBce, ho <i ing tight by the arM a pool, muciabie. wrti' Ut.1, |?al> . aickly, l.ali tin red boy, about aa largt s a lat ot toap f.fter a day'a tvaabiug, and chatfrrd Iiim with bavir.g bit> kfii witb an tise a portip.i of k pairtitiok o an out, tuml la dawn, untenantable rat bole ol ah u ?, in tht tear ol ill Oak itrcet, Mr, Oulick'* pioiierty, (* bicb ia to be pullad ?:ewn in May,) *lJ eatryiog away a lew chip* to make a lire for hi* poor alck mother, to put her eld und alnggit/. Ii.'ood in cuc'il.ttun, to warm i f! ?bmi.k-'i name, auu keep alive tbe vital tpirk a U w abort hi.ti'9 iouget But what of that! Wbo earea lor property ! Mnat il tbe b 'tiding il worthleaaand uuteuantable, m-d ia to be pulbd down '. Munt not Mr. Oulick'a pi opt rty be t.roUcted 11* ii jt bit worn law i fafiklklj ?n<|?II?hly i>id u.i> thhl ragged lutlu acound^l, with Mm ? 1 bta claaa. Mil tka mnmh aad jttraaila Mi tiuiick, oMMhfi I)i 1 tufey not jeer at and revile kitn t ertaibly ttiey did. And .Vir. tiulick mint be protected ! JuiUco Drinker will sse that juitice u done, tttep back, little boy?atop beck, aud lend Ibr ball Akd the little boy did maud back, and he did find bail without any diiheulty, and went hla way r.j icing Coronet's Ofltee?April 14.?Miuhchok Hi u h i or a Mothib i tulu bv imh Lom or a Chilo?1 be t oroner WM CtlMlUl morning to h*M at, H <|uiwt .11 N j. 871 Washington ?wt, upon the body ol Mn Lbia Vanderbilt, wu? ol Cornailiuii Vandeibilt, ? native if ltockland County, ol this ctat?, 34 year* of age, who committed suicide Ihil morning t>v cutting her throat with a razor The cauaea which led to tbu melam hoi) a d ra?h act are of a pecuiiaily touching *ud??!>'? 1 in.; character. About bine months ago, the only child vl \li. Vandeibilt, of whom the was nr) fond. <lied, an I tbi mother wan nearly diiiracud by the afflicting tveot ?\bjut a nionth ago sh? eudeavored to commit suicide by taking laulunum, and *aid that since her child's death, ulie was ta auch a state that she ha t 1.0 deitie to lire 8rice that time, however, sin had partiall) ncoveied ber spirits, and appeared more chetrlul, and jeaterdaj 1 odd w.i it- d ou: with in 1 l.u : and i'hiamor..ttig, i.hoo' 5o'clock the got up lrom bo', intjrn.uig Imu butbaiid mat she wu> going to attend to her washing. and w?ot in.o a room opening,out of the bed room Mr I.aMn after 1*11 ii;to a done Horn which lie aw^ker.vd about tit o'clock, and hearing (10 noise, lie got up ar.d w< nt tail* tlie next raorn, win re to hu honor iir diK or rod an ul lortunate wife with her throat cut aimoit iron, tar to ear, lying ujiou the AMr wtluring in blood, bar bead r? Ming ever the aide ol tha cradle ia which the sin J to rock the cluld to whom aha w...? HO much attached. A pl>>>H iai. was summoned by tba distracted kolMf nRm|M creature wui quite dead Ou luoku g tbacriii te, ? razor waa found,,with which, of ca>ui/-e, sb? nuit have committed this p. elancboly and drpior?lm.- ac' Her hut baud had previously takao his rasor, and carriea it about with him in hia coat pocket, leaung ? hi- migh' do tierseii some injury, and sht: discovered it, and miisi t.ava taken it out alter she got up, as the c ise was tound in tba pock et Verdict, "Suicide while laboring under derangt mt nt ol mind " Tebbiulk AsdiWLT ? I'mohible Deal m ? List night .. Iracas occurrcd in oneoi thoao licensed broihels 01. tt;< Five Points, kept by Cornelius Noonan, No. M Orangf street, which will probably reault in the death tt one 1 I ihi-partu s U sppeara that an InlaMoua wtna, naued Catharine Welch, alios J?cox, (whesr hti?t>and is now in the State Prison) recently cam,! ol! the Inland, and lmm> diately to >k up her abode at .N'oon^n'a, ai d that a woman uauieil Milm r alias Brown, iliat Billy Btutcu, a woman o'equally infamous character, 11U0 lite,I Uitni, and altM in the open gairet, Jacox occ"eying a 1MB >?(.. mug .mo the attic. Some quarrel had cccuired last night bet wren Jacox and BHiy Button, an 1 tome time during tb< night the latter person went to the i>ed ol Jacex. Bad dragged hi r out by the hair ol her bead, and al'ar cob, nutting a violent assault upon ber, jumped upou he. body, inflicting such severe internal injuria* that >ha wiU pro bably die in a few hours alter the writing ot this aitirla, and before it ia published. The < otoner held an mortem examination upon a viaw ol the body ol the 11. .fured woman, and she deposed to lb" muttwr* abo^r stated. Getter* 1 beeetona. Before the Recorder, and Aldt <????" f nawi au t Bnntlng Jon?i 11 CitiLLirs, District Attorney, odimler ? Afril 14.? Srnleni e.?Kr?MiTick Oetater '?aa sai.' ner.t to the City Prison lor one m"*tth, l*r k- -plug a disorder ? house in the first ward. Nolle ftiwfiri-il the eeat if flamaon ?sirwoa'Sef, indicted for a lorgerj in the Second oegree, ??"H*j,t ? was entered 011 motion cf tne District Alt?in> < Tualof IVilli'ita I hit , \ ' "i'i ' I ca*t * " resumed, and alter < xammiiig several Wautaaa ? charactar, Mr. Jordan 101 thedef?nr?, and Mr fhiU'r* |,>r the prosecution, summed up the ? in thf eaae ta the jury, alter winch the 1 o"rt took a rtcaaa till ??!?*?? o'clock thia Morning, when th>- Hvrordoi will charge tb* Jury. Ijong Trial?The ease of Joaeph C Ashlej , lei lorgary and |>ar)ury will be taken up to-morrow, (T???day,> mi1 will probably continue for a wuek. Superior Court. Before a Kuit Bench. April 14- l>?.cisioi<it?KtUoft va Afann. Motion lor con* denied, without coats Olirtr Slate et. alt. vs. Peter Fergufn Judgment at firmed " Ordered that the 74th rule of thia Court be amended by adding thereto?' And a motion may be made to atnlta out a demurrer aa frivolous, in like manner aa a Involous or false plea.' " M Palmer and Mary Dean V?. Frederick Roan. Judg nient reversed John J Royd vs. Mexamler Rtdehnck - I ertioia. 1 lrom Marine Court. Judgment affirmed. Nemietta Lahler vs. Jamet L. Ihot - Demurrer - Judg meut for dehndsnt on demurrer, with liberty to plaintiff to reply, on payment of coata, within ten days notic* ol this rule. V. S? Circuit Coutt. Tyler Jtip.untmeni ?Mr. Gardner, brother-in law to ex r 11 sident I'ylnr, has been appointed Cleikin the office, by Judge Nelson, vice Mr. Metcalf resigned. Fieb at New Hakifokd, Of.?The cotton fac tory of Smitha & Brown, at New llnrtford Centre, waa burnt to the grouiid on Kria?> m< ruing, alto a glial mill adjoining The whole ptopetiy wan insured. Common Council. Boabo of Ald^kmkm?Lait Evening?Aid Shetl'elin in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting having been r ad and approved, various petitions were praaented and appropriately referred. Curnmunitahoni ?A communication waa received from ll i Hua. Mayor Hatper, nominating a Mr. Ball, aa amu mnipal police olticer.?Confirmed. llrporii?The cummitiee on streets reported infivor of II ggiui( a space four feet wide through the southerly ii I'walk ol I larkson street, between Washington and Wtai ktieeU. In tavor of letting curb and gutter atonei ?i <1 gravelling it 'pace 30 leet wide in 23d at. fom 8d Ave ? i. it- to K Kiver. Of extending Le Roy and Burton street*, l) H<'guiaiiug and setting curb and gutter stones and K >v< lnug 2Mb street from 9th to 10th Avenues. la favor o! tilting cub and gutter stones and opening 30th street from Broadway to 61 li Avenue. Adverse to paving 20th ?tre t, l>?twteu Jsh street und 6th and 7th Avenue. The ('oiiimitteu on lloads and Canals reported in favor ol constructing newer in 14th street, between Bowery and 3d avenue In lavor ol constructing sewer in 24tn ?tr el, Irom 4 It to Madison avenues. The t'omoii'tee on Assessments reported in Caver of r vision ol assessment lor drain in Oreenwich street from B?rcl.iy to Vesey. Also in lavor of confirming the a? s. istnent lor a sewer or drain in Cedar street, all of which wort adopted. T\r ElUcut Claim ?The Special Joint Committee on the eiaim ol Kllicott It Brothers, reported in favor of mi ing them t teir claim ol $10,000 for loss on City Stock. L .i.l on the table *{ Hroad Hint -During the evening a funny acene oc curred in the Board much to the edification of all. The Mlfsr eli ct, Mr Hivemeyer, came into the chamber in company with ex Alderman Brown, and was introduced t? several of the members of the Board, several ol whom I- it their seats, and quite a collection were standing to g tber upon t ie right of the Speaker's chair, chatting in a . und -r tone upon matters and things in general. Al l. Dicai*?t>v, of the 10th ward?I mov? the Board ad j urn, Mr. ('resident. (Sensation and a pau e.) I don't ? ? i quorum iir??ent, sir. I'assiut *t?I believe there is a quorum, sir ! Mi 11 ? uooVing towards the group collected round r H )-l don't se?- more thun two or three members in their piscra, sir. T\t Kuttrrn Strameru Jlgain? Aid. Miller called up for lit the ninety ninth time, the report ot the Committee t u Wharves aod Piers, repealing tho ordinance refusing graui the esclusive use ol piers westward of Market ,? to the steamboats navigating the East River and Hound. Aid. Jscbson opposed the report During the reading ? rei.ort, AMeiman Devoe got up and walked to il ird< the door. viderman Osiss.-1 hope the Alderman of the 17th is !? >t going, sir. Alderman Dsvob ?Only going to the other boatd, sir. I *s got a liltle business there. (Soon alter the exit of ii - AlJeiman, Alderman Jackson entered and took his ?..<t i When the ayes and noes were called for, Alder man Dbvok inquired m hat the question was. Alderman Dicbinsoi?rising vary red and indignant.? T .o Alderman ought to know what it ia?he*a bean oat a l.iutin up Bialms and a letch ia on 'em in here, and hi>? ue asks what the question is. A Herman Db'ok ?'Tne Alderman that asserts that, as < ris ? hat is lalse. (Excitement ) Al m Wicbinbob ?It isn't lalse?you left the Board .1, i sent >i-. members here to vote, and the President c< lied you hack D^vea -laajr it is lalse, the President did not call me Ditsi^toi I gtitsi I can see as well as any body else, I. or no lalse I'll answer that 'ere outside. v IM | DavOs I > ? in lavor ol this report, and ?uM hare voted lur a , bat as ,t has been called up ? i.en bh atwrt were absent, I shall vote against it. The i |?rt was then aiopted, ai d soon after, at 10 o'clock, ere I.- mg no quorum present, the Board stood ad journed. Bosau o? Assure* IS?This Board also met last eve i i :g, the President in (he Chair i lie mu ut>srf the last meeting were read and approved. ' 'aaaswisiws from ikt A communication waa i .. i??d I obi thi .Major a|i| i?iVinLol sundry resolutions an 1 appoir tments ttraf md Ihtmh.? Krom the institution ol the Deal and D .mu, asking ceitain aid Refe. red. Kum inhatntants, in tavor ol paving 16th street be iv en aJ and ad avenues. Alan 17th atreet, between 2d .-<1 Si av< rues I- i'-ni O 8. Muker, asking relief from assessment. rioat J?mea Millet, 11th ward, askiug tor correction ol a ?>s?mei.t Hrjtont udapifi la lavor of paving Jfth street, be tween 0th a id Madison kvenuea. In tavor ol paving 3a:h stitet, between 4th avenue and 1) "omingdaie road. In lavor ol grading v# k street, between 4th and 6th avecase. In iavor ol conatiucting a sewer between Last lMh street and Srd avenue. la lavor ol buildiag a sewer in Broad street. Mi JiHMvi nxivt i to lay ilie report on the table. ' II 4SI) DppOM-d. Mr. Johnson was ol opuuon that there were innuaaera Ii. difficulties in the wij ; analteiauon at thia season of yeat would be injurious to the public iatereeta. Mr. CsauoB uiiowed in favor ol laying the report on !h? table ior the prtsviit , lie nad no objection to the im I nivement ; tut the present time was ill-suited for the purpose. Mr. Johnson withdrew hia motion, and moved to amend I y iLubatituung the month ol July, when the ordinance -1.-.ii go into t II, ci Mr t MaBLii a was in svor of laying on tho table lor t.'.e i resent The question was taken on the motion as amended, and curued unaniseoualy /'aperi /rasa th* Bouiii ? Report Irom < oaamittee on V Kitngi in favor ot the introduction of a law to M* p ?ve the pi term system ol wharfage at the docks. Cea < i rred in. ( Tkt htarif ?t -IhkIusIi Klrri ? At this stage of the pro r ndiugt thne waa au iBimense itsth ot members ol the boat 1 elect, who enUiedtba room and took their placaa i' the gallery, no dtuht with a vi. w to receive tnsttuc t ns as to ttie ? an net olrenlucting business of the Board. 1 ue meaibe s ol Use ailnc iity stemed to enjoy the matter a i.ood deal J nr|-'ii in HTVI VI i l ?!?-1lining ? I'Wir ID JCIWIVI ?t i ci i, Mwtw l>i*ialon a lid lha t.ait n?ir. tWNU Motid , j,y UD ti,i tabie. Loat. Tkt report w?? adopted ?ayra ? uoe? I. lu i i?oi ol regulating ?s i ?treat, between 4Ut and 7th ?vi>du?i t ci.cutrod in I 7>f May-r Kltri -Th? Mayor elect bars entered thi roum, eocuaipaiiM d by n Aaaiatant Alderman Brown, aa1 ?jt ui uai< in rumkiii with Mnin Hear;, < "i lirh .ii. i l>i\ v. r, alti r ? Inch be retlied. He mi a t ifoufti berried. lull biondrd ceaMcrat, el tba true re. |>< bite id ttMbf.j Oidinatice, ewenoiut the ? I'.m nbtokel'l Act," and an Kc' in relation o junk ibapt Here, aj appu; ueni..ei,u lot aaarwamenla war* taken up and cutiknl A com mimical tun ?a> reerteed bom tba titreM Caa Bi leaion t-r, priUtung egmi ?* tla |nnml tyMemoIre I <?in* tbe ranitfe way ? la thlt city ? Helen ad Ke.olo ton, antbouiing IKreat I omaitaatoner ta cauae the at t>em t a.ial ?ttre to ? bafal atreM, la be opened Holer ii d MeearnI paper* from the Heard ware concatred in HMnrtia ef btri l.agi ear to 1Mb March all., roof or r<d in. Altar dkocair g ol m> or i?ip? itai.t papew from tba it ard, the team al A>awta?U iu)?wm4 our tart Utr water in the r vrr haa made ilarll ? t-hanhel ttimugh the ice. i IKK riildratl; hoped thai the whole dosage MM by Ute h< aeieel MB thai baa beam known Ul tl>? region aiu?a 1-iT m uu* aa?< nameri Tba t banoal through ? htcb the wat.r ftowa ra about haH way a*'roaa tba mat, 0 both -i lea lha ire Mill Ilea a b>a?> aiaaaea lha injury eawaed to bar <eck cwnpaa) 'a wot ha ta < endued to tba ? ban, and ta mart mare bawled than waa a til.t b. iiat.d III feet the lea* ? aatained w ill net ranee mom onyawae tba* t be c*M at tbe aMaraUema * ktch tba v iap?ii > prevteaaiy prepeaad ta ilrrt daring the praeowt a .mm*t. At raaatou lha Usage haa bean ceaaidaf able, tbawgk af?a their M ia leaa tba* what might haae been a. Kip tod (roaa the tart al lha water ha rug rtaoa oat |r -? thaw l> leet Tba towel abort awl atara heaaa. a fetch ware ?? bare be?a .Ii?pa?i* e< ibw day al aartiaa. w ra tetalle <???? rated. te the Oatr baaae waa a large IqiratMy '?'??afiit t* Mr WiUjaai Waaiid, at r llatHa,ul whir-h teaer?| berrela were -it hat eat Had ? ?it or 'imaged ta- laa* ta taa -aw Nm a bant *' ??. it a I*, rwa-aia-t t h??eh?e la e? eagar > iln^Mg to Mr b irhpatrv h at < b?t^?wa. awd aia? or hat gaada ? hirh were retail* la*? A ?lor?h^?ae talttgNf ta Mr l?"aal, at < - ?? aa atwrh laaaagad ao ta ho b- ?a*?i ?i A large ??<M?h Soaae arracSa?tla tba ttaaa bwrracha waa tItr0ara aa ita ittr owd t? cbwaw?-y tawllal Mwa The taa wfi-ar wharaoa are V iM^ad to ha oea?. tataly 4aa ti?yaa. ibowgh iha tart ca- M he aa< Ttairrd I rata the r "?wlaata?ftka ra M?H waoartag that*, at the apa* laheTa^w they ataeu f>> haraa aa.t Kelwugaag la Mr t iuli?'Mk I rata mi lha Ke i? the Ammrtem atdo. al an rleaai -on ad tar la mhN at awe the ??trior a m$ the near 1 ha -tear barret ha and a ear alkar bwthtaga aa ike tat l? era nearly anhaaitat. ha< tha wrwry 4aae ta Ihaa raw LtK yet ba aarerlaiar d AlMMlMthit a'taiiad M *aMUaa ra ana at tbtee I nWiagt, M waa aiawptad by aa atd g' atiawaa at tha M<aMoi K iiami. who wn*w urged la reawva la a pMea at ?a rty wl.en the aatar waa rarihf rlylli d "Na, Hat will talur car* at mur and my ihn ga Mr ?a?, aa teiaaiylod t'j hia Uanl>a a, ileu- .a?) vaali. rightly 'hiakiag thai I ratldeare acta rry luauatneata, eeh apaa hMwarit tha duty ut brtaaiag away tha aid aaaa awd hta ' lbiag? ? n b ar. Happily tba 1-aalat haa mi aa naaa that wa hoar ad li'tt attiwM with laaaet lit At Lawralau. twa aiilaa. aoaaral Mara lima, awd whartaaupaii whKh I hay ware built awd the grwrar> part M ? <>iu*ll ? temhon hotel war* tatally daMrayed Aiiaiber rmll (t.iarha) Mnhat Jaw a lha riaat ?et with a a ilar lata Al Vouugatawn tha I?nga M Mara haaaea awd what tea bat been groat Tha ale a at ar at tha " Waahiagto Milia * waa lUiiMKl by tha praaawo at tha M, awd a itaaaiMy at ? itir laMagM. Wa caaaol lat o> a gaaaa aa le tho laaa iw (tillara whMh tha ")aar haa caaawd aa lha neat bat war a ita.Muuth ami tha (Jueeu?t?u laptda, bwt H wuM taitaal la n any tboutanda /Vlagera Clrerdrb, JH? Clrcalt laart. Brlor. Judge Wlitard Arm 14 - Tbia I aurt ?aa ai*aa-l ta day. whaw Jadga W'lllard to?h hw place upa? tha Baarh Ml lha rwaM M Judge Kdtnonda, wb? baa gane aw clrcuM la hiag. - AftTr dia|.aMn? ^ tawil ad^nra.d l*?ri Tot|?- | itU-tH, . t if)| t M \ .<ki U U|

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