Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1845 Page 3
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pt'.cd that tho thrift *1 freight* will b? reluccd u the tup pi)' ol boats increase. It is statml thit coatrscls have al le.uly b?en r.iudv tar the transportation of flour through to ti e W4ter, at rate* varying from fif.y-two to fifty (Wt cents per barrel. Thi* reduction In the freight of flout on the canal, and the reduction ol freight on the river, will make a difference in the ce*t far the trauiportation o' tl ur Irom Burtalo to New Yoik of twenty-four and a halt ctruta per batrel. The co*t last yesr w 11 87J cent* per ban el, and thi* year it will not be above 03 cents,and may not go above 01 cent*. There will bo considerable com p?(i'ion among the forwarder* in the treimportationo: produce from West thi* *eason, and the charge* on all rou'es will be lower than ever before. The value 41 the nipor'i from thi* port, for the Arit twelve day* in April, ha* been a* anncxtd. or Exports?Post or New Yoax. Meichiudize exported in American festal*, from April l?t to 18th, 1046 $988,808 06 Merchandize exported In foreign vessels, frura April 1st to 18th, 1948 148,618 85 Specie <xported (rem April lit to 13 h, ld46, 146.260 00 Total, for twelve daya $1,377,6(16 37 At tbi* rate the experts far the mouth wiU amtuut to more thin throe millions of dollar*, about equal to the value ol the export* for the ssroe month in 1844,and double Hit* value of the expoits for the corresponding month iu 1643 A comparative statenunt of the loreign traJe ol thi port for tl.e first quarter of thla year and fast, shows but very little variation in the value of the import* at.d export*(<f the two period*. Thi subscription to tho Cheshire Railroad, from Fitch burg, Msss., to Bellow's Kail*, Vermont, is progressing vny successfully. In Keene alone, the subscription leached $168,COO, and more than $300 OtlO of the. $600 000 wunted, is secured in the country on tlte line and in the vicinity ot the road. A very gn at inttrest it felt in the success ol thij road, a* it i* the first important link i ) the gieat rond from M ?sJochHsetts to Burlington and Mon ti'al. Tbe subscript on to the Nes'uua and Worceslur II 1, road is rapidiy filling up, and wn >houhl not be sur prised to see a kits cf the stock of bilh 'h<se new road',at en ndvancr in If* than a month Every railroad, manu factnrlrg banking, ?,r a:iy other company incorporated *>> tb- Legislature of Massachusetts, is invariably cm- I tied through and put into active operation at the earliest posiibfu moment. The Legislature of the New England States,every ses sion, p.tss more or less bill*, incorporating manufacturing comjMiniea. Tbe Legislature ol Maine, during the session just clos'd. passed act* incorporating two railroad compa nies, two irun man'factories, and fourteen wooden and cotton manufacturing companies We annex a list of some of the moat important acts passed Acts Pairs av thi Luiiilitvsi or Maine, 1846. To establish lue Atlantic and St. Lawrence RailroaJ Company. To incorporate tho Washington Manufacturing Com pany. To incorporate the Pembroke Iron Works Company. To incorporate the Hallowell Manufacturing Company To incorporate the Poitland iron Manufacturing Com pany. To incorporate the Maine Manufscturing Companr. To incorporate tho Kegar Falls Manntactnrirg Com pany. To incorporate the Westbrock Menufacturing Com pany. To incorporate the St. Albans Woollen Manufacturing Company. To incorporate the Buxton Woollen Manufacturing Company. To incorporate tho Lewiston Falls Cotton-Mill Com pany; ? To i ??.corporate the Wes.nronsett Woollen Manufactur ing Company. To incorporate the 8 an ford Manufacturing Company. Tclincoi^iorate tbe Searsmont Cotton and Woollen Man ufacturing Company. Toinooiporatethe Megunticook Manufacturing Com pany. To incorporate the Milo Manufacturing Company. To incorporate the Androscoggin and Kennebec Rail road Company. To incorporate tbe North Penobscot Manufacturing Company. To tix railroads and railroad property in the State. ? To apportion und aasess on the inhabitants of the State a tax of $161,987.89 for the year 1846. To apportion and assess on the inhabitanta of the State a tix of $203 683 36 for the year 1846. We no donbt every one of these manufacturing companies will be in rctive operation before another see siouof the Legislature of that State. The atock of all companies applying for a charter, in the Eastern States, is usually taken up previous to tho application for incor poration end in many instances companies have been in active operation, before being chartered. At this rate ol increase in the mannfacturing movements of tbe people of the Eastern States, a few years will suffice to atnploy ? very lar^u part of the water power and fl it. ting capital of that section of country. The House bill to increase the revenue of thi State has been taken up in the Senate of Pennsylvania, and se veral amendments made. Instead of a t*x of $200 on bank chute;*, the section (axing private banking has been ko nmended rs to provide that every bitik with ? capital $200,coo shall pay for its charter $900: with a capital abov-i tiwt sum and notlexceeding $400 000, $400; above;ar.d not excMding $600 000, $600; above that and not cxceHi: g $1 ooeroo, $800; o?er $1 000 000, $1,(00. In relation to the tax on Statu stocks and loans, an amend ment lin* been added to the sectioa, providing that the t?x shall not be deducted from the semi-annual payment cf in'erest, when the same la not paid in full. The sec tion taxing theatrical end other exhibitions was so amend ed aa to require overy theatre or circus to obtain a li renss-thoso exhibiting in the city and county of Phila delphia to pav $2''0 par annum; those in tbe county cf Al.ephany $<00; in other counties, $60; and every mena gerie to pay for a license, $40. There is considerable opposition to the Kris Railroad bill, and it is s ated that it cannot pa**, unless some com prom so is made in relation to other bills, and is carried through with (some bill, the passage of which is con s dered by its friends, deubtful. It is s(ated (hat an arr..ngtm Tit between the friends of the (Erie Railroad bill ua t the Oirsid Bank party, may possibly be made, so a* to secure the passage of both. Old Stock Kxclaang*. $10000 NY State 5's, 'SI 101 50 (has L Island BR 72% 100K NV S-me ?? 101 875 do 73 8000 rVnu'a Vs 72 50 do s36 7 J 45000 do 7IK 100 Stoniugton RR b30 31 7 shas Bk America 97k 100 <>o b!5 18 SO Manliatt o Bk 93*5 160 do 37 W 13 B* Com. fu'l 95 i 25 do J7J? 50 Vicksnnrg Bk low: 125 Eric RR bis 21 50 do 10tf 100 do 130 21 432 do 10 25 do >30 27*? 5!) d> >10 9V 25 do b20 22 <25 do 1% 25 Nor Ik Wore >30 67 50 do b20 9X 150 do 67 225 Cant' u Co 43 100 do 50 do 120 41 50 do bll 6'W 50 Monii Canal 31 25 do ii May 67>i Jin do 309f 50 do *30 67* 25 F.ast Button ?30 13 50 do slO 67*t 150 Ma.lem UH 68K jO do ?I5 50 Mohawk till 60(J Sccond Board. (M00 PcnnVt 5'a ?30 71 25 ?his Morris Caual 1000 do 71 >2 75 8 toning ton RR 5* ?h?? Nor and Wore 67 50 do 37 25 do 67 100 L Maud RR 73 ?5 do *7\i 150 Vicksbur* RR 9 150 do 6' fO do 9 25 do al5 07 125 Kri" RR 27), 40 do st5 67 25 Canton Co a30 4JS 50 do , b30 67W 25 do 42V 10 Mech?nica'Hk 107 ? 50 Farmers'Tiust 35^ 50 McuiaCanal J0>f N?W Stock Kxclianfti '50(Sa>U8Bk c 6M 50 shas Vicksburg Bk s3 50 Morns Caual 160 SI V 50 do 25 do c 31 235 do 25 K Boston Co 30 13 75 do 50 Vicksburg Bk ioV^ 125 do 4 II do c 10 75 d2 100 do b3 10 ;o L Island RR 25 <13 blO 10 50 Kri* Rlt CO i'o Uli 25 Nor and Wore V) do b3> 111 25 do 32 > do ? c 75 do 1(0 do 25 do lli do !>H State of Trade. Aiiikb-Tots are in limited demand, but ptico* are firm. We suit quote $4 00}. Pearl* are steady at $4 A6j a 4 M|. Bk.hswax?Prime yellow, ef all descriptions, we quota at 30o. The domni-.d is limited. Bamadstusis?Our quotations lor western flour must now besot Wowr. at $16Sj a 4 76. There ia very little douiR. Cottoi*?Thern was no disposition to operate tc-day. Tiio sales ameunt to doo hales only, a poition to spinners. Trees the um? us the cloto of last week. Hsr?Sales are made as wjntid, at 16 a 40c Pautisiviss?Wc still Quote new mesa at $11 60; new prime at $11; old mesa at $13 76; old prime nt $9 tuj ? There ia a yery moderate request lor bee f, and quotations previously current are Aim Lard is active, und prime it' % :ind h.irrtl we quote at 8 a 8|c Vhiskkt?Drudge casks are helat 23c. Western and pliion barrels nre steady at 94 a 24Jc. Oatti.? Mar* ft, April 14.?At market, liSOboef cattle, (BOO i oro the s;>u:li,) 16> cows and calvis, and 800sheep in?. latn'ie. Psm ? Beef ruttle?1 here is iio cbnrge, and n good! lor the increased (.tiering. We quote $6 a $7. Left orsr. IfO Co?a ani Calves ?The mirket cleared at $15 a $-28 P eep?The market elimrel at $1 7$, $3 40 to $t. H )y?40 a 61} per cwt. for loose. Teas??4t .luction?Imported in the ship Cob.) a Terms? Novsat ail month*. payable in the city of New Yo.k, to be made ? ?tl? factory to the niters. H> son?40 htlf chest* 81 rents per lb: 1C0 boies 121b rach, 51; 30O uo iOU. Yo? g Hyson?44 lifcb its 00; 141 do 69; 19 do66; II do6 K; I t do 65; 40 do 61k: 69 do 61; 20 do C0><; 50 do 60; 67 do 56W; 29 do 6; 2* do 51>?, 28 do 51; 6ldo5l\; 129 do 51; !4ldo53(b;45 ' S0.; 31 do.<tXi 131 do 48; 147 do 47; 9u do ISk'-.V i' -1' 8}'?45; 129 i'o 43; lldo?2; fl d i ~25 'M H* 3i; 4^a.,lo ?lo 37; 177 drf ?Hi.1*; 4(1 do 35'.,; 7li0 ? o Ji;4 canr. rich I i2lb b"*ea 85; 2> Li irt ' u" ,l!hkjii l"0 ,"lh ' willidrnwn. Hyuen hkiu?f0 hr i hNU j7; 20 do56Hi 37 do 55; 47 ch^itf 53; 4fl do ir.'t; d > 40H : 68 do 48;2I do 37; 62do35'i; 71 do 33' 10 do 30; 10 d > 28H; 10 "O 28; 10 do 17. *' ? 1U Twankav?114 lif cbean 46X; US do 46; 100 do MX; ?0 do JO IIII do 2'4; 7M d i a I'lulrawn. (i.i |i i?il?-7 lif c'i ?t? at (t 06; 5dor9'ent>: 15 do 40' 50 I3lli l> ? 1 I i; 1,0 do 4lVt; 2.0 do 41; 2v0 6lli do 45?a'; aiU iiiu anJ 2> IJlli ln,?ei wuhil'dWil. Inili-nal?6 lif 11 e?:? CO; 18 do 70: 5do f9; 200 C!b bai 45; 81 hf ci.> :? .md 427 lilli n ?t a ? itlulrnwr. Bi.iicIi n?- 14 ht i tirXi $1, 10do43)i ; 10 do HI; 90 do 37:10 doaG)i;90 10 S6; 100 do OS; 4 ?:o 3?; M do 28\; 2(0 do 28; 60 do ll; 1(1 hi c rin and 503 131 b bo*e< withJrawu. ' <ila?l3(iu niitii at 19jf ee [? i*i lb Ht *i. p'sTAi r?. It Jtuctitn?* lola ar.iith sid.'of 4let at'fft, brtwii'ii 7lh .mid 8th . Tom s, each 25 by 98j? feet, at $110 eith, $1,610 ? 1^01 north >hU 31th str?ft, between <th mid 9tli evenuet, '?) hy 'Kitj ( #t, $370?l,i.t sou h Sld? 40ili street, bttwe,n 8th and 9ih >*veB lie., 25 by 9?\ fret, $i?J-Lot south side 4*1 ureet, bf iwe i K It luidsih aTeniii a, $r,S5?I.ot norti side f.ime Mre?t, 'ii b .' I01.S Ml, Ijot adjriuiuir, same s it, $570?2 lots on 4i th ilfcet, near lu h tveuua, a; tuu facli, |369. Cotton Market. Nkw Ohi.sans, April 5?Tito market c used altogether in u 'tuulthy tonv, full prices being paid for most dciciic* iioia Tin Irar-aaotions of tho pan w.ek have been abou'ai ;>('0tinleo, neurly the whole of which has been ttken f'^r the F.n(rlii?h mm ki t. We atill retain our quota tioivi, relit iking that the outside quotations are mom go ru roMy pAnl L't-iarJoi. f!i.\ifiriOATiow -Louisiana and Mississippi. -Iateii?r,4] a 6; Orlinary, 6(,a ftj; MiJdiing, M aM Mul HiDg Fair,k$| a#|j Ii'air,7a7>; flood F$tr,Tia7l; flood and Flnr, nominal FerelSP [Corrs?pon4e**? *f the Hw?M ] Mava?ua*, (P R.) April 1.?Our market ii comparative It flatted with every description of American produce with the exoeftion of flour, which is wanted, aud wor'.t |1? Island pioJuce 1? very scarce, and the demand fii exceeds the supply. Prime sugars readily command 3c while an inferior grade is freely taken for Europe at 3jc. Molasses is mueh sought for at 10(110, r ittiout cask From the soaicity of produce many vessels arcwaiHu; freights, which are scarce at low rutes. Married. On Sunday afternoon, 13th intt. at St. Puter'* Church by the R'!V. Charles Constantine I'ise, Mr Michael A Ru?.d, to Miss Maby Ann Jost hunk Pkakson, all ol tin city. On Wednesday evening, B.h inst. by the Rev. Mr Ciirn, Mr. James H [Oat in, to Miss Eliza A Vanieh voohtii, all of thin ci'y. On Sunday, 13th inst. by th? Rev. W. W. Kvtr.i. Sam uel bljoo, to Emkli>e Cauman, both of this city. Died* On Monday, 14th inaf. after a short and sivtro illness James 11 Hill, in the -J3d year of liisege. The frieud* of tho family, the Latayette Fusilier*, and his military friends in general, are respectfully invited tc attend iiis luneral, to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, Irom his late i niience, 13) Fulton street. On SiinHxy evening, H'.h inst. at the residence of bis f ther, St YurkviUe. Ji.hx A. Morrill, E.q aged thirty five j ?*r* and eight months. Tno relalivei andfiiendt ?f the fomlly, alio tiie mem bers of t bo bar, are itspcclfully invited to attend his fu neral, this afternoon at 4) o'clock, from the rcaidence ol Thomas Morroll, corntr vi 21 avonuo and 10th atreet. On Sundny i vening, 13 h inst. after a short illness, Ben jAMirs Oaiims, only son of Benjamin (i and Hanuuh Mtgie, aged 13 months The r la ivia and friends if the family are invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 4J o'clock, Irom 6 Harrison street, without fuither ibvitation. On Sunday, lS'.h inst. in Brooklyn, Margaret, wife of Thomas Miles. Her funeral will take place this afternoon, at 3$ o'clock, troin her late residence. 11 Nassau street. Weekly lie port ot Ueathi In the city and eountv of New York, from the 5th day ol April. 1845, to the 12'lt day of April, 1845. 44 Men?42 WomtL?J9 Boys?51 Oirls.?'Total, 199. diseases. Apoplexy, 1; Bleeding, 4; Bronchitis. 3; Burned, 2; Cancer, 1; Casualties, 4; Cholera morbus, 1; Consumption, 35; Con vulsions, 14: Croup, 10; Congestion of brain, 4; Conaestion of lungs, I; Debility, 2; Delirium tremens, 3; Diarrhoea, I; Drop ay, 3; Dropsy in th? h?ad, 8; Dropsy i i chest, 2; Diowned, 1; Dytenteiy 2; Er?si|elaa, 1: Fever, biliout, I; rever, puer peral, 2; Fever, remittent, 1; fcever, scarlet, 3; frever, typhus, 1; Heart, disease of, 4; Hooping Cough, 5; Inflammation ol brain, 4; Inflammation of bowrls.7; Inflammation of chest, 1; lntlimmation of kidneys, 1; Inflammation of lungs, 15; In flammation of stomach, 3; Inflammation of liver, 1: Infln ecu, 1; Malformation, I; Marasmus, T; Measles, 8; Mortifi caiion, 1; Old ape, 2; Premature buth, I; Pleaiisv, 1; Rlieu matiain, 1; Scrofula, 1; Small pox, 7; Suicide, 1; Ulceration ot throat, 1: Unknown, 5; Varioloid, 6; Worms, 1. Aok?Under 1 year 45; 1 to 2 years 19; 2 to 5, 30; 5 to It, 14; 10 to 20, 8; 20 to 38,23; 30 to 40,24; 40 to 50, 10; 50 to 60, 0: 60 tc TO, 5; 70 to b0, 7; 80 to 90, 2; 90 to 100, 1; ltO and upwards, 2; unknown, 1. Colored persons . 11 ELI LEAV1TT, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office. April 12. 1845. transeiigera Arrived, Mayaguez, P R?Brig Isabel?O W Wylie, of New Ha ven. MATANZEs-Brig Union?Mrs Austin and F C Smalley, Foreign Importation a. Canton?Brig Sarah Abigail?4 boxes T Snowden?2300 chts tea 420 rolls mittine 20C0 mats cassia 335 bags roots 3 pkgs chiaa ware to order. Merina?Brie Lient Peterson?380 cartons brimstone 100 bts raisuis 100 bigs filberts 25 bxs lemons 2090 bxs oranges 5 cs es sence Chamberlain It Phelps. Mayaguez, P R?Brig Isabel?288 hhds sugar 1000 plantaii s t"> Masou It Thompson. Matanzas?Br>g North America?335 hhds 15 trcs 30 bhls to Read St Hoppoek. Matanzas?Brig Union?370 hhds molases to F O Thurs ton, Nkuyitas?Brig Oeorgiana?539 hhds 49 trcs mo!ass s Holt tc Owen. MARITIME HERALD. Shipmasters and Agents. We shall esteem it a if Captains of Vessels will give to Robert Silvev, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shippiug left at tlie port whence they sailed?the vessels spoken on their paisage?a list of their cargo?and any foreign newspapers, or news ihey may have- Agents and Cormioa deuts at home or abroad, will also coufer a fivvr by sending to his office auy Miriue Intelligence they may receive. PORT OF NKW YORK, A PHIL. 15. SUN RISES SUN SETS. .5 25 I MOON SETS .. .6 35 | HIOH WATER 1 24 M 2 23 M Clear Ml. Ship* New England, Lowe'l, New Orleans, Sprague & Ro binson; Anton, Barkman, rlia lestou, G Sutton?Batques S?oi, Astrom. Iinwley, Schmidt & B?lchen; Louisa, <>al\ Balmnoie, 8 r Robinson; (Je rue, Btabella, Naples and Paler mo, L Palmati?Brigs Waud?rrr, Dawson, Halifax, T W.r uett; C iutju, Lrnn, Savannah. Sturgess U Cle.itmin; I har lotte, Titeomb, Wilmington, NC?Schrs Prank, Brittou, Alex andria. DC, S:u Bess It Clrarmin; Tuscarora, Smack, Rich mond Allen h laxsun; Tangier, King, Bermudi, Nesmith k Walsh. ARi radl. Barque Highlander, Ashley. 12 days from Key West, with cottou to oroer. Brig Sarah Abigail. Sherman, from ("anion, Jan It, with t*a, 8tc. to T tMiowdon The Sarah Abiiail, has been to thi north ward ol' the Bermudas lu diva. 8w brig Lient PtieriM. Hamenarberg, 8Q diyi from Merina, witn brimitone. lie, to Chamberlain d Phelps. Brig Isabel, D.ebcrt, 12 daya from Mayagnez, P R, with su gar, he. to Mason It Thorn ps n. brig North America Bradley-, of Machirs, IS days from Ms tanz-s, with molasses to Head U Hoppock. Brig Georgians, Davis, 11 dsysfioin Neuvitat, with molasses to Ho t fc Owen. Left McLeliin, Ore, for New York, uue Idg; Just. <;hiua, wig cargo. Brig Union, Mitchell, 16 days from Matanxas, with sugar,* to F U Thurston Brig Belle. Mvers. 6 days from Wilmington, NC, with naval stores to E 8 Powell. Sid into with Frances Louisa, f?r Wes Indiei; Patriot, Doughty, for New Lonion; Lyilia, for Ha vant. trig Treaty, Titem, 4 days from Baltimore, with coal to the mrster. Br schr Posatell, Rockwell, 21 days from Novo Scotia, with plaiter to F 8 Wood. Schr Raleigh Tripp, from Washington, NC, with naval ?tores. Schr Kichard Tayler, Jameson, from Thomatton, with lime, to the master. Schr Meichmt, Mathews, from Folly Landing, with corn, to the master. Schr Samuel Roberts, Coorent, 4 days from Pilch Landing, with cotton aud naval stons to Williams & Northern. Schr Wrea, Lynch, from Cherry Stone, with mdae, to H T Havens. Schr Lonoy Harrison, Clark, from Folly Landing, with Corn. Schr Hume, Coskling, fron Ner bern, NC.with naval stores to the mast-r Schr Aou Maria, Jon-s, from Newbern, NC, with naval stores. *chr Wanttn, Perry,7 days from GUorgrtmn, with mdse to H McUaw. . Schr Samnei Roberts, Covert, from Edeuton, NC, with na val s'ores. Schr Solomon Rosevelt, Lines, from N'wbern, NC, with na vii I stores. Schr Harriet Smith, Smith, from Newbern, NC, with naval s'ores. '1 he schra Talisman, and Florence, hence, just arr, tt the Mar. Schr Homer, Baker, 4 days from Boaton, with mdse, to the cap sin. Schr Home, Concklia, 8 days from Newbern, NC, with cot ton, to the master. Schr Hichmond, -, 2 days from New Bedford. Schr Eliat Williams, Pest, from New Louilju, wilh granite, bound Ui Philadelphia. Schr Senate, , from New London, wi h granite. Schr Advm.ure, Lewis, from New London, wilh granite, to the master. tcbr Regulnt, Cole, from Wilmington, N C, with naval stoies. Schr Samnei A Appletcn, Niekerson, from Boston, with oil, to thecapuiu. Schr Cornelia, Faolknfr, from Boston, wilh mdse, to J Ste vens Schr Amelia, Tor ey, fioTt Norfolk, with cotlon. Sloop Lady Adtms, Cartwnght, from Ssgharbor, with oil. Below. Brig Clarion, Sactett, from Wilmington, NC. Schr Shawmut, Farrau, from Chaileston. Sailed. Ships Sea, Kdward, Liverpool; Espendola, Barstou, Savsn unh; St Clare, Davis, Cowrs; briss Clinton, Lyon, Savanuah; Harriet, Bermuda; schr Bridgewater, West Innies; A Jrukics, Howes, Savannah. Correspondence of the Herald. Mayaiiuki.P. R,, I, 1845. In port?Effect, Hussey, for Uenoa, Id^; Don Juan, Hanford, New Haten, do; Itahclln, McKte, arr div htfo.r; Freighter, Blanrhard. fi-r e; 3 da; Emily, Perkins, ror New York next day; Trarer, (Jreen, fordo, sens; Anu Smith. Giles, for New Hwen, Idg; Geo Lnyall, Gould, for do, wtg cargo! Citi zen, Kronen, for Boston, lilg; Sal'laui, Stub^s, for London, dn; Jos Goihim, H tchceck, lor Bridget ort. wtg cirgo; Olive Au ger, uuc; Financier, Saueul, do; Uelsware. I'ack, New Voik, uxt day; Declarat on Very do, wtg cargo; Florence, fmilh,do do; Rich rd, Kelly, for t*hilx<lel| hia. lag; Nonpariel, Horner, f r do, dim; Man Hill, McGilverv, uisg; Co grrss, jntt arr I in Bos'.ou; 1'izarro, forNew York, sld 2 ds before. miscellaneous tlecord. The Letter Eags to b? made up at the Exchange Reading Room and Foreign Letter Office, for Chsgres, Panama, anil lha Pacific, will remain open until Tueiday, April 15th, at 6 P. M. Arvivals at Nbw York?From the 1st to the 12th inclu sive. Arrivals No. Tonnage. Passengers. American 13 I5,98i)j 1,978 For.ign 9 I.MJ 12 Total 61 n.iiiX 1,990 Cmurancks. From the 1st to the lith inclusivj. No. Tonnage. American 4> 14.(83'? Foreign 9 l.ff>0 Tola! i3 Banqrr T'SKSit*, arrived at Havana on the 21th Ma-ch, from fuiiairler, hail o i board one of ihe crew at il e American ?liip O'l nil. ell, bound from New York I > New Orleait, whuli shiii lias liee i (?o r porttdi lost on the Berriis. '1 lie cargo has he n sold; th? ship is a total loss. , Asnisr.?A large ship WHI <een ashore on Seal Island, at 4 PM, til inst by steamship Ckinbn.i. at Haluss. Si na Cassira, Eldridge, 01 auil Iroin Boston for ' ? St', with a c irgo of ice, put into Beautert, NC, 1th inst, in diitress, hating on the night of ihe 3d come in contact w lha schr off Ci|K' Uooknut, ?Inch ctrr.ed aw iv the' 's ("oarspiit head, cut water snd larboard bow nil. biie will und r^o lejiairs and proceed on her voyage. Brio A?*r?.-A letter from Capt Vincent, late c.f the h'ig Agate, or-NrW Rtdford, ihe lo?- of whirh vessel has b en be lore h.irny men io ed, staus that llie \ka r parted her chair.s fj.u <lfi?i'? asho-e on lha Isle of Sol, in a hsavy gale on 'lie 'i?th D.n las',andibilgejj in 14 minutes after .t ikiuii; no livis lr<t. She had 69 bbls of nil. which wu atved and, to^eti.ei with oih-r materia ss.ved fromihe 4?n>. k. wos'd be shipped horn- by the bru I anliue.f,.r Boston, about 1st April. SCHR NtarURa, Lovell, from Boston for Albany, and Teles cope, ol Nantucket, went ashore in th. Deep 11 .le, Count, in ? he sa.eof 3d inst, at high water. It is supposed they got off w ithont damns *. Whaleman. The Montano, at Edgsrlown, reports heard from Nov 20 Ca tawba, Nan 600 spt Dec 10. Navigator, do 1600 sp 250 wh.' On 4 oast of I.hill, no date. Condor, laber, Nil 1J0 ? 1000 wh ins, do 750 sp. Spopke Jan 2D, uo lat, lie, Vesimr, Clark, NL' 86 sp: which r rort no date, Japan, Nan 1800 s|>, cruisina; rhra ni, do, alean , Klixabeth, of Salem, foraTahili, to repair dama gsi sustained off Cap* Horn; Keb 9, lat 44 36 B, loa MWTtt ehi'itd liimli njih >*hiling birqus lying too, showing a wiuw signal, with C. in it. Arr a*. Oahu, No* 8. Malar ow, NB, 1300 ip. ta*K*n> ? edilia. from the Isle of Knoct.iii chirfaof captain Corlies lite ina.ter of the shi|> Arabella, or Boston, eoudeinned "t the Is'e of France Captain Brnwu of the 0. died at th? lsl? of Branca on tht 15th J,in?the C. was bound to Ichaboe, Feb lift, off('a|ie Good Hope?by the H^rih Abigail, at t a is port. Car,nau, of N "wburynort, froin Calcutta bound to lioitou, M ir 16. lit 5 S, Inn it W?the Hino. Nimble, of Baltimore, steering 8 E, 7th inst, lat 36, lou 70? by tl e time. Gov Hopkins, fin Briitol for Havana, 7th inst, lat 31 18, lor 71 30?by the I sab-1, at this port, Clara, Coles, of Bangor, blowing flesh did not learn win e bound?by the Ncrrh America, at this port. CiKjiietf. from Baltimore for Demi'rara. 3d iustaut, lat 30. Ion 74 40. Foreign Port*. Havana. Mar h 28?lu port, Abagon, Phiouev, fm Loudon bound to Mobile; Condor, Mayhew; from Philadelphia for Mo bile; Chritfpher Colou, Smith,ftom New Yo-k, anived on the 27th. Ht JoH.t, NB, April 2?Arr Splendid, Shackford, Philadel phia; I'h Lady Flor?. Hastings, S ivaiiu-li. t Id (th, Danube, McNiughroii. New York; 3th, Karne. Matanzai, March :9?lu port, sl-lps St.'g. Ancs Patten. Ynik, Pario, Detroit. Erig'?Americ , I oidelin, Edward Blake, Kllis, Cyclops, Ridcout, Kaleoi e , Uiron, E iz'beth, Kllea,, Cntrman, Neitane, William, Pandora, Oiler, Kranccs, Kschai'(i- I'owl at:an, Bei'ah. Schs C'stneh, t? port, New Englautl. hake Ports. Bi kkai.o, April 12?\rr Gen Scolt, Shook; Indiana, Ruby, mil Kebecea, Alleu, Detroit; I (Jueen, Mating Barcelona; Hei ota. Miner, Cleveland; Barcelona, Travers, Irving. Cld, De wilt Clinton. II ill, Detroit; Harrison, Lud'.ow, Maumee City; Ralph C>ranger. Money, Kairport Cleveland. April 9?A>r Wm Brewster, Moor*, BufTilo Cld, A C Mi'chi'll, Davis; Kugenia, Knowlton, and I Grant, Mallon, Sandusky; Columbia, Sprajte, aud Wm Brewster, Moore, Buffilc. I loin e Porta. Kastport, April 3?Arr Openingo. Johuton, Halifax; Cnly Dauahte', New York: 8th, Matilda, Spitei New Yoik. ? ast Machias, Auril 7?\rr Coroll, New York. Portland, Ai r 1 il?Arr David Pratt, Tarr, Boston. Dela wjie, Troll, and Aineii.a. Crowell, New Yo k; Hole, Moore do for B nig r. 8'd. Portland, Clough, Parto Rico. Portsmouth, April 10?Sid Haditsa, D iy, l-hi'adelphia Salem, -M)ril II?Arr T<iu<ral?, Shu'e, St Thomas; Mary Clark, Wilkius, Philadelphia; E H Herrick, Clarence, and Sa rah, Nick'rson, New York Milton, April 12?Arr Elvira, Knights, Alexandria. Boston, April 13?Arr He her, Port-r, Cau'on, [ Whampoa] .'?n 10. Left, Pioneer, ('lark, for NYoiU. 17th: America, Bar ry, fordo, 12th: Boxer, Kobiuson, for sale; aud others as report ed later. At Macao, so supposed, Glida, Waterman, for South America, wtg orders At Hong Konk, so supposed, Swallow, Kndicott, for Ea?t < 'oast, soon: t'on Juan, Harding, was ou ilit Kau Coast. The Alaericau ship before reputed seen ashore in the Straits of Caspar, waa on t'ulo Lret; ah >ut Dec 1, was seen to net olf and stand South. It waa supposed iu Canton, as well as here, th U she was bound to Chiua. In', was obliged to put away for D itavia. On 8ih iust, lat 37, Ion 67 30. experienced a heavy gale Horn NW On 10th, 10 A vl lat 40 10, Ion 67 38, spoke Niobe, of and from this port for < hnrlestoo: had beeu hove on her bjatn ends in the gala of 8th, shifted her cirgo. tie. *ld on Satnrilty, Parker, Cook?new, 13} tons?of and froin Pro viuce town, to fit for whaling. Nkw Bkpford. April IS?Arr Angnsta, Brown, New York. New Haven, April 12?Arr Two llrother. Ande son. Puila delphia; Warren, Thompson, New York; Hrankllo, "lhomas, do; Celeste, Wnght, Albany. Sid, Kio. Harding, W Indies; Su<qu;hanna, do; Tantivy, Chapman, Albany. Philadelphia, April 14?Arr Ohio, Keyurgom, Boideaux: Anns ll^yno'di, Matthews, Boston: [ NnrwgiAu] Kouv Carl Johan, K rinbc, Bordaanx. Milliuok't, Gordon, WYork: Hi en?i, Stickrey. Santa Crun, Cuba-l-ft no American vesse's: Guv Arnold, Bac m, StJolin. PK?left Kranees Jane, Collin, from Baliimora. discg: iva'.?rwi'ch, Lebron, do do: Amora of Boston, ldg: Lubt>c, from Salem, d'scg, and Cosm< polite, wtg orders: [Nonpareil, Hon er, from Philadelphia, arrived Hd of .vlarih and slu 26th for Mayaguez. Also arr, Samuel Mc DueH, Vail; Caroline, l.o-knait; Commerce, Johnson aud Rival, CItrk, NYork: Silvia. Higbee, Boston: Helen Griy. Brons, Luli'c: Oeorg-.'Bird, NYork?on ilie !) h, carried away miiustay and topmast; put back to repair d image< Norfolk, April 12 ?Arr, Millsville, PattUou, Philadelphia; Vulture, Sma'l, Nevrbuiypor'; Chail's, Woodward, Newport. In Hampton Roads, Pa< h, fm James River, hound to Kuiope. 3th, cld, Warrington, Whittaker, Wlndies; aid, Parthian, Al len, for NOrleins, and othen Charleston, April 10?Art OthelU, Tucker. Iivarpoort; Peter Post, Boston; Kdward BnlkUy, New York. SIJ, Virginia. Wood, Liverpool; Emily, Sherwood, N York; Portlaud, [Brl Stilkrr, Liverpool. C1J. Everg een, Henry, Li verpool; Emetine, (Nichols, Boston. Savannah, April 9.?Ar, Excel, 8mith, NYork Cld, [Br] On-fn Victona, L*?per, Liverpool. I0f<t arr, Mi Whitney, t Br] Dytr, Bo,ton; Itobrrt A Parke, Keuniug, Belfast. lr>l'd; Wilson Knller, Cobb, NYork; Isabella, Clark, Plillad. Sid. Edgar, MtManas, Havre; Lady Kalklaud, Smith, Liveipool; Lard Canterbnry, Bruce, Liverpool; Mar r, Richardson, new York; Philura, Uoine, NYork; Geo rgiana. Currier, do. Mobile, A ptil Arr, Aurora, [Br] Steer, NOrleaus; Hor net, Wtbbfr. do. 5th, clu Portland, Kobiusou, Glasgow; Di mascus, Bliss, llavr ; A(T|(liari. [Br] Black, G.eeuuck: llei mitagr, Kry, NYork; 1'riion, Luce, Boston; Growler, Ulmer, Portland; Acton, Mayhew,N York. Apalachicola, March 29.?Cl'd, Almeda, Howling, for N York; 3ist, Cotton l'lauter, Pratt, NYork; Nataluiis, Bobbins, do; Apri! I t. Hockiogha n, Penhallow, for NewUrleans; 33. Danntlrss, [Br], lor Liverpool; 4th, Metamora, Weeks, for New i rleius:itn, Cro'on. Soollord, for NOrleans. Mirch 29, krr. Jumat'n, Blanuh'id, fm Boston; Crotou, Sonlhid, fm NYork; 3Ut Konohansett, Sears, fm Boston; Oneco, Drew,fin NOrleaus; Russia, Dirrab r, Boston; Waba>h, Talbot, New York; L Copeland, Baker, Bermuda; Ai ril 1st, At<ilaut<. Itay m nd, NYork; Cnmbeiland, Powers, Liverpool; Th s H-eii son, f eatle, Liverpool. In pott, April 5., Hayuas, from NYork. wtg; Unec?, D.ew, for Liverpool, Idg; Konohas*et, Sears, fm Boston, wtc; Atalan a, Raymond, fm NYoik.wtg; Coriolanas, Haihi, for Trieste, ldg ; l<ialt\ C hase,(ienoa, Idn; Element, luruer, fin Bost in. wta; Hrlen Auguita, Keuuy, dn; ilo.1Grace, for Boston, ldg; Hurcn, Weeks, for Liverpool, Idr, Prentice, Hopkins, fcr NYork, Idg; fir Howard Douglas, Outvie, for Liverpool, Idg; Solon, huckman, do; Juuiatta, Blanchard, fr-m Boston, wtg; Busia, Lambert, do: Wabash, Talbot, fm NYork, ldg; Cnmberlaud. [Br] Power, I'm L'pool, wtg; 1 hos Harrison, [Br] te tl-, for Liverpool, ldg; Mary Smith, olancliard, Boston, Idg; J f. Boiinell, Hall,Tor Mar stilles, Idg; Lion, lleury. from NYork wtg; Provilen*e, Viu cent, for Provideuce, ldK; Bating, Brothers, CiO'ker, f>r Bos ton, ldg; Ediuburg, Howlett, from NewYork, wtg; Olof Wjk Hayman, for Boston, ld^; May Kloaer, Hitchcock, fur New York, IHg; Mary Kimball. Gregory, for Liverpool, ldg; Tlaut er, [Br] Mar.hul.for Liverpool, ldg; Ageai rii. Amlivw, Bal timore, Idg; Manhi'tiU, Johnstcn. lor NYork, Idg; Tyfcee, Mc Cormai k, for ^ewYork, 1'adg; Mobile, Bulklry, do; I'i^neer. Ka-rfield, for Kail R ver, Idg; i.ybel*.Eilmands, for Providence, Idg: L Copeland, Baker. Im Bermuda, wig. New Orlkans, April 5?Arr Ellen Broolu, Bainpton, Glas gow; Cherokee. Cushipg, Boston; Kimball. Ingranam, Tho maston; R Bruce, Garduer, Sav^unah via Havana; T Street, McConnell, H*vau<; kranklin Green, Willie, Newport Cld, l.illius, Gilchrist; 1 elos, Lainphter; Taaao, Burdeck;William Browuell New Orleans, Aldeu, Maguet, Buraeas; Sultana, Dennis; Hu Isou, buckinau; New England, Foster; Ave^on, Jordan: N W Stevens, Slevens; Osceola, Prince, a- d Marmion, West, New York; Forest King, Kelly, Charleston; Lord Maid s'oLe, [Br] Taylor, Liverpool; Carolus 8torer, Boston; Kilby, Janvier, Liverpool: Clermont, Trus'ell, Philadelphia; Emily CummiiiKs, Sale, do; (ranges, Wilson, Galveston. Ar . Ro chester, Peabody, Portsmouth, N H; Velasco, Barnes, Monte co Bay. By Last Mil tit's Southern Mail. rim.ADCLrHiA, April 14?Arr Lexington, Wan. Lubec. Bai.Ti.Mon>:, April 14?Arr Wm > rice, Nasou, King.ion, Ja. Cld, Iowa, Thompson. Pernambuco; Onilford, Smith, Boston; Caroline 8c M?ry, Hwgins, Peruamhuco: Victoria, Hudson, Nassau, NP; W.vhmgtuu, (tould, New York; Ann A Parker. B'lghtman, Kali Riv*r. Sid, Victoria, Naes<u, NP; Ueneral Pincknev, Charleston; Caroline fc Mary, higgius, Peruamb'ico ltoe. Dodge, New York. TI7ANTED?By a reij?. table young man, a situation to tra '* vel, with a gentleman < r tmiiily, to any patton theConti neat of Kurope. _ Can prod ice ihs best of e ty leferenra fram those lie li\ed with, for honesty and capability Pleiseapply io h'? rrfsent employer, 366 Broadway. ali li?ec rP() HOLDERS, Bell Hangers, and others connected in the building busineis ?JOHN WEIR, Bell Hunger, manu facturer of Bell Tubing and Bell H.uig-r's materials inl>l respectfully announces that he lias reinored to more commodi ous premises, No. I'!) King street, 3 diors east of Hudson, wlv re lie w ill be attentive, as formerly, to fulfil any orders ol those who iniy houorhim with their patronage N. B.?Silr.-r Plating, Namj and Number Plates. a 13 3t"ec Tils. KIKST ANNIVERSARY OK PIONEER Tr.MPLE i\o. I, of the House Cat renters' Piolectivr Association will be c*le*r?ted at the Broadway Tabernacle, on th* 16th instant, at 7X o'clock. A<i Address will b* delivered bv Dr. Larlneron the Diffusion of Scientific and Useful Knowledge among Mechanics. An Orati >u ty ths Hon Eli Moore, on fne Social, Moral,and Int-llectnal Coudition of the Mechanics in -ociety. The Exercises wHI be interspersed with Music by sererel pooular Voealiits For further particulars, see handbills. Tickets 30 rents, to admit a gentleman and ladiea, may be pro cored at K. Lockwocd's, 411 Broadway; Saxo.i and Miles, 2u8 Broadway; E. Riley k Co.'s, 2S7 Broad *av; Hill's Tool Store, Broadway; Broadway H->use; I'ammi'y Hal: Wood's, cor. Chatham and Uuaue streets; Office ofHhe Evening Po*t; at the door during theeveuing. or of ritherof the COMMITTEE. Wm. A Divis, j Matthias Kelly, Benj tmin Price, W. M. Marten, Jacob A Cole. I M KELLY, Secretary. WM. A. DAVIS, President. >13 2tj.*ec ! W i, are reiiuesteil to call the attention of persons in this cily and vicinity, to the sale bv auction, on the I5lh instant, at the Merchants' Exchange, of the valuable Real Eftate, belong ing to the Coriwiration, Iring on tlieihore of the River betweeu Williamsburg and Astoria. That pnitinn situated im mediately on the bank of the east channel of the East River, haa be n la-dout iu parcels suitable for s't*s for country residences, and far beaoty of situation ia uur<]uall.-d by any contiguoui to the city That portion lying ?u th* East of the turnpike road, ai d adjoining the above, is divid'd into four modera'e sized farms The whole properly is in a high stale of cultivation, and there are several good buildings on the premises. Lithographic maps of the property maybe obtained at the Comptroller's office. No. 3 Hall of Records, Park. fcisty per cent of the purchase money may remain on hood and mortgage, for fire years, with interest at the rate of six pa. cent. Foil warrantee deeds of the property will be given. a7tol3 iarrc <3UO TEMPORE, or Every Thing in Season?Warranted ?3 All I?The IVd'mu Poison and Preventive, snreand sife. Th' FatchouUy Compound for Destroying Moths in furs, tlann Is, upholsrery auil hairs-atiiif, will be fuuad extremely useful, ami hast.een much imnro\ed The R\t I'oisoo, for ?liu?, fields, turns, hotels, warehouses, lie. proves the surest destroyer, and will h* applied for asinall consideia'ion, if snccessl'ul, or nope, if the contrary. The Fly Paper an ? Cockroach Poison, as well as Mouiuita Paper, are too well known. Alio, the Compound Chemical Whale Oil So?p, and the A', tifioal M'uurrs, si'Cti as Sulpnale of Ammmu, Sulphate of Soda, Nitrate of Soda, and Uouedust. For full and s|?cific di rec ions, apply pe.rionally t > Dr. LEWIS FEUCHTWANOER. ap2 dlmeodis'ec 60 Wai'len lane. CENTKKV1LLE OOUKSK, L. 1., TKOTT1NO. WEDNSEDA Y. Arril l?th, at ?o'dock. P. M., purse$W, mile teats, teat 3 in 5, u"der th* saddle. THE EN TRIES. C. Carl, g. g Muloc. D. Bryeu, b'k, m. Coquette H. Woodruff William Tell. C. B-rtin?, Daniel Webster. Immediately after, sweepstake, mite beats, best 3 is 3, in har ness. R. Tnttle, hik.g Mill Boy. C. Bertine, b g Trouble. H. Woodruff, s. sr. York. D. ^Tiith, sr. e Bill Harrington. a 15 2;*K JOEL COMKl.lN, Proprietor. i'AHLK And POOKKT CUTLElty, AND FANCY GOODS. O-AT tJHEVr BARGAINS QAA DO/. Table and Desert Knivrs and ForTis. at 37X rts. 0\J\J to 73 cts. per dox Also, Ivory do, in do7.?. an4 sets f (10 dor. I, I, 3 and 4 l>la<!e Pocket Knive*, Rsr. >rs and Hriators, from M eti to S3 per doz. Also, Indies' Work Bcxes nd Dr'ssiha Cssea,superior Needles, Thimbles, Ouard Chains, Huspenuera, Collars, See. Also, itiOO dor. Hprel Cotton at 6 cts nerdot,Cedar and Hronze Pencils. Sealing Wax, superior Hteel I'eos. Also, a lot o'superior Clocks in warranted order. |nrsv|eat$l,MltoS3. 1 lie above goods will be sold off imme diately in lots to suit, at 231, up stairs, Pearl street, below John str-el. a!3 lt*m OST?At ihe corner ol Orsn l s'reet and Broadway, on Sa turday morning, a Blaak Steel Bag, in which was a Brown Purs*. The finder will be suitably rawanWl if (aft at au Wash iafton stree< aUk'm AUCTION'*SALES. EL?ASET.f'ARWan ani?cItvl'^ArDF rP0N80Tt tTo? -E. H. LUDLOW fc & wmlM ?$3 ? W% 'T?y.^l'n. 10th, at If# o'clock, at No. 40 W??sr Waahiurton tK "J""" !>t Jo;eph'i Church, thaeleitanr Furniture eon !f in part of the following articles all v J?1.*" ?J. *Uno; J Buffets?MwblTinp. * !? r,'./? il*' fauteuils; 8?wing Clnir*: rl.,1, i Table*; Marble lop; Card Tildes' full? "i li ? ^''rror Dooi*t French Secretary, lieauti KmalltSmJT: Hook-atand.; WritiugDeiks; Chairs; ??a J n . ' urta im. and numerous small fancy article* i'v-l?.r J*? WOod' "n'y ??????? of ?l? ki"J ?" the l- ?"*' two Sofas, anil one ('? .tre inlaid mar InJ hill covered with rich figured aatui; par ,1 '-.jjlij a"j T1' ? mttcii. Also, lun< pier, man I. t. K,,/, irr'"D?? V''r"r,; Bru'wliax d Inirain Car r.'uliim T?i! . V i ? !?',og*"}r ^"">itur?: Bedsteads; Ei B*?i *? *oa?L*? Bedsteads. Alan, intl . Brdfliuit?all French. Alao, inn tod also broiiM .n l"11' Wi u' d,ni aud *'"? '"l S"T'? <-'hin?: Jlffuied f ?! * .m'u t1? * *'U|?e Vaaea and French PLied d,? hi' i Uot;e"";," Glf*? and I'lain do. Alao, tew and Ki?d vbl" *ood?i alio? Fre-ch Copper Cooking Bat t?;n I * Uf'Hturt; together with oth- r article*, which K",cu.~:at8d '-V canteen?, which w.ll Ik- reld7the day be^tVCo'i'.'rlf,,^ i!rH?hrfc?'eaCU?n H*rP" A'SO> 12 bv FnTi IUIimw'11 Jwr'"?"to Furn,',"'e Sale*.this Spring, c^ianae l'l,.. L0VV' ??Ce coner of Broad at ret and K? ? "' ? apl 5 9 12 14 15 6tis*m m ? ? V F. C<?LT< >N aTco! " " a, .A . T.H'S day. APKIL U. OHKimV'^uiiVr'J* B'?'eclf'r ???. n?r Broadway, OU;?J- ? fiii-J*w?Jrv, Watch... Clocks, lie such a^rou".* 1 'P* a'iiassortment or line Jewelry, *uch a* gold aud ailver W-i'cties, Mantel anil Boston Clocks r!?-." "p" T<? **?,? to'kt Bp"""', "old BrV,!d..!' 7?d I? I I lBr""t P",,? Finger itincs, tar Dro">s. gold C*" rd l '[ t'/l '"'""iWateh Seala and Keya. oceai leudid S. J. To Jc~5r'y.0of^a,L0,rcS:r W"" " ?'"? iJ^'*uJr,ever ' ',^e mah- Riny Show Ca?e>. Counter Deik Al^oIie^Tuibl.' Hone. ?il Cloth'Stc' C:ataluKu?l?"'ll be ready on the moru " ' ? ?pli It'm A UPTiO^k fcrvn?/'iJ Auctijue?r. ACJ-riON NO IICK? Hardware, Faucy tionda he ? M idll! Iey AT" Wll! thi> d,aKl at 10 "'Cork, at IVo. 91 RriJrf";.1L w' a 5?' of Si,elf Hardware, Whipi KniviU i? l^drL* lia"!warf, P*p?f. 8hoveU. Filra, Tmnka wi la fr ii VUl ry.' ,v2rv Handle aeU, Coffee a ? * i I i '? Sadirons See , 8ic. pav a'dvauc/.00 ?? 8afe'*' in fim part of ??le. to be aold to P(^^BUS5k^C^?xMtt"'IUirPiD,> Thimb1-' ats'u*1^"' pA"ic<,Ut'' Oorier and Erquirer. gLSOANT AND Ash ION AALkTcm wood and Ma wT hV furniture. Valuable Paintiuga, Cabinet of Mineral* Hhelia, Curio.itiea, fcc.-Jacob 8. Matt will aeII to-morrow Wednesday, l(th inannt, at iO o'clock, at No. 78 Clinton Place ^ Ven0?i thf whole of the valuable ro.ewooj and mahogauyParlo" and Cabinet Furuit'*n* rontaiu?*d in said hnue the whole of which waa made by Weeks, Shipman & n..f!r, .nS7'1,0 com1pri4f* A. llirK* and valuable aaaortment of mfful and ornamental furniture. Alio, 1 superior Boston made roiewood Piano Forte. i P<".ntll,*i?A ?elected collection of ancient and Mnil uf'i. Pa'ntniga.compriiiuK the worlta of Kubeua, ".'I, ' o?Dyck, I'urzzetto, brower, Ve rones, and other masters, and (onsiating ol' Scriptual, Fancy 1 P",rtra',t? and iither subjects ' ' f O..J wn 'IfJi ' ?An eitensive Cabinet, containinjr KS'oCrV^lJS?,offitdbea,tna"J,tthi,onU,OJt 4nd Va'Uab1' C?P of^i^ph^'^^aXrt?^^^." 100 . I"' C.a"3' CB'"ainini: 100 iprcimuns of West India ,*late of preaermion, retaining their original Great' Britain. V t0 ** obtaiued '? ti* United Staua or uow ^e'ldIr? aud miy be obtained at thx auction 112HL al52*rc MAG-ASIN JaPOlNAIs! A Hi. PAKKKK, Agent, (from Amsterdam) 69 Uuane st. . between Broadway and him street, begs leave to inform SW'V" l,,at ha? received a most r5 vcton "lAn^'luit ea, conanting of Japan Laeker Jd Jars and Vaae,. Flower Bottle*, Platia, Di.hes Cum and Haacers. original Japan Wooden Lackered Tables rich in aold IfLV?7 ?' 1 ur.* J*"? 8au<??. Ancient Fan* of th? l#th LiAe.Vd Bif l?r Ud.,,Jap4n Poicelajn Table*, and a Japan LtieKeicu Bird Cave, the Kieatcst cuuonty ever seen in this W b collection ihall be .old at pnblic auction, at the,above mentioned ph-ce, by AAH'>N LEVY. Auctioneer on I ueiday, April ?4ih, at 11 o'cluci. A-M , and cin be s^ on 1 UM Jay ne,t, with cataloirne., until the day of sale. llie public are re*p-ctfully invited to call and eiamine this magnificent collection, which is a rare chacce seldom to be m?t apl5to?4?rc 8^EWITHOUr WJimMMRb PRO A 1 2^ " ^i M sel I 'a t\^ctioif'"on ~~ ^',?5da}r> the fist "1st. ( April.) at 12 o'clock atiheMer chants Exchange?.The two brick Houits, of tkree's'orieseach' Kas'r ?f .h!l irtf 8outh,|,,T "f JSth *treet. commencing 66 feet U^ei 5 in!h?Jr'?nU,erW,ih- 'h* Astor leases of th.l!i,rr?h I J!'1 ? 'nth * by 103 feet 3 inches, at a ground rent of S80 each for 63 year*, f'om May, 1141, tach h?B?' 16 feet 9 inches by -8 weiibuilt UsfvMHi!'1?1'15, ,lidi"<f doors and .ub-cellar* were tiuut last year in the best manner, and every wav conveni untitea" fH'rSr?K p"Lm'ia" h* ??^?d *ny day s';hs'ni,?ril? -"tear - "sgznxr L4ROE SALE OK VALUABLE FlIR^'ITlIlill, UPHOLSTERER'S STOCK, HOUSKLEEPINO ARTI V CLES. PI ANO FOUTES.'fcc -lnbouth Brooklyn on Tuesday, Apr.I 15th, I84J, i*. l(i^J o'clock, will be sold the en cVb*nefUtf!^lestock of Mr. tvaus, de?ler and manufacturer of furniture and UphoU e. v Uoods. and will compriie ? mt?CaVnet furniture?Wash Sfands, Toilet Tabbs Bu reaui, r-ainted and m thogtny; Minted and mahogany French I U.'in i*' T? ? ' D,nln?' 4u^rtette, Pier and Centre Ta ("2 !ng'Bl*Se"' and gilt frames; cane se?t ' Pt awe Chair*, with anu do. to match; mahosanv Parlor HockTna ChVi's ,u'd ^fas, iu plash and hair clo.h; F^ntu^Conj\^g.feu"De?ks^lttJ 0th'r?rt,c,e< of Cabin? UjihoUteirOood'-CoBsisting of best hair asd other Mat*. best live geess l-eaiher Bedj, Blaukeu. Ouilt*, Cur tain*. Shades, Ornaments, Cornice*, tassels, Stc. riano H ortrs? I'kree. Hploudid Boston Piano Forte*. prer'iMito ^heTst of May. Stock, Touls, &c., will be .old !^^t:Meo?{hF.?",th# Pr"Di,^,? NdI- ^aTl'nirc1" H<kcoHw'iPJ'l|JOB-1TUliK 5ALE3-E H. LUDLOW Tu*'d?v, Arr l 15th. at liVi o'clock, at No. 261 Bro?dway Household furniture?a large nsaortmeur. ' Wednesday, April I6 h, at IIX o'clock, at No. 40 We*t Wash ISncV;,c'ate?r,MWOOd i'"0ruit0relb' ^"?oO.mir logue. ? * April l?!h, at 10 o'c'ock, at No 8J Amity st. Houw hold Fnrmture, hv catalojiue. ' nit?**'10 OC't' St *t0'e 21 Br04d ,tr<et. Household Fur Monrtay, Apri! Jl.t at 10X o'clock, at No - Twenty-first St.. (< helsea), uj-ar 9ih avenue, fashionable Furniture, Silver *c , by dialogue. Montlai, April flit, ar I OX o'clock, at No. >5 Whitehall it a te&TZrSV.#f ' -,Mt lIurni,ure' kc ? made to orJer by ^t. John St Camp, by catalogue Tuesday Apri! ffd, at 10 o'clock, at No. 29 Fifth avenue, near Ninth siree', elegant Rosewood Alahogany Furniture, Mir rors, flu. ate. Weluesdiy, April f3d. at 1#W o'clock, at No. 6J Atrity *treet, a gen'ral ataoitment of lashionable Household Furniture ... fy CjUlofie. ^pril ,3d,at !?X o'clock, at No. 267 Writ fl.t a'.. rear 9'n avenue, (Chelsea,) faihionablo Mahogauy Furni tni?. I arjiets. Mirrors. Piano, &c. l^Air|.?lP,il 2.4^' " farcify street, crnerof Col ':d,??' acr; ? 10 o'cluck,,splendid Ko.ewood and Mahc ga iy Furniture, Mirror., rich Silk Curtain., Milton Cai pert, rsunii % Piano, ate 3tc ^?hofd^'re'Ve!?'Cl0Ck'"" "o? Friday, April flth,at N.r 4 Plate street, elegant Furniture, ifei ? p'"1 i >' Glisi, Silk Damask Curtains, (-bickering Piano, Ike., (kc 5" 28 Second st.. (con 'm"ZiS.,,le't',,1,,Ut furniture, by invoice. i *? vivuinio iif ii? |J|11? attention will be civen bv E H. LfDt.ow to Hon.e 1^,1 .M .T" ,A lh,? SPfniT Civil attend mts are engaged, ard all the arraugement neceainry will he attended to by the '??bn IJJT," . e? ?. H. LUDLOW k CO.. ?neol2w?rn corner of B mad .treet aid Eichanue pbi?. tir.uHtit ?. KoLLINB, Aucii"n>rr. Fashionable cabinet fukmiturk?wiikins u Rollius will ?ell nt auction, oa Wedneiday, April 16th,at 10 o'clock, a? 444 Broadway, the entire afck of new and fash ionable mankfiCture, made by B Hutch, No 445 Broadway, in consequence < f removal to a new ?tors,?made in the Best mau ner, nnd consisting of a choice rariety of modern Furniture of tin' moit approved patents, rctewood and mahogany Sofas, < 'hair*. Table*. Book l aic, Mofa Table*, Dining, Tea, etc.: Card Tablet, Pico, etc; Centre Table* with black and white marble tor*; Kaay Cnairs. ltockera, I'ier and Mece** Divan*, Ottoman*, Fiench Bedstead*, Hair Mattrasscs, tic., 4tc., com ptisiugeveie kind ol Hr.asehrtd hurni'ura. t- Catalogues may be had at the office of the auctioneer, No. 17 Broad itreet. a!5 tii??m BV hNirFKN St CO. AUCTION NOTICF.?Excellent Fkrnitkre-This Day) at #9 B weiy, the Furniture of a genteel boarding honse, com Sri*ing ths u*nal assortment for housekeepers generally. 'I he iedt and Bedding an' in excellent keeping, a* alto the other Furniture. C^n oe examined bv catalogue from Lalf-past 1 till the hour < f tale. alj lt*m WM W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. Sa'rt Rnnm, AV 304 BrmHway, corner of Duane ft. THIS DAY, Tuesday, April IJth, at 10 o'c'o-k, at the auc 1 i jn room, a lot of r nruiture left at hrnte rale. A l*n, various other article*, Bedstead*, mahogany Chairs. rl>a Tr yt, Briunuit Ware, Solar Lamp*, China Tea and Toi let Stts, sets of elegant Lamps, Mod.-lt ot f?hips and Unildngs, u?. At private sal?, 13 Oil Paintings, by old masters. an lt*rc PAINTINU8 AT AUCTIONtjW received from Ant werp?A. Levy will fell on Wedi evening, at T o'clock, at N'V I'l Bro'dway, ru old fashioned invoice ol Oil Pointings,^n?t received from Antwerp. Dealers, sricaUlora and coniioissenrs will ha.e a fair ehancn for speculation. Male peremptory. all St'm OPLFNDID PLANTS AT AUCTION?A. LEVY will U *cll on Taesdav m-ming, at II o'clock, at 151 Broadway, n first rate collection of Fine Plants vix: I spl?udid rhododn ron* in bloom, axaliav, rose* i.fall toru, jeianrnes.helithropes, violet*) with nutneri.u* other varieties. Also, for the Osnlen, a fine collection of stanard, iierje'ual, m is*,ami other varieties of choice sorts, pomegranates,and other ornamental shrubs. AI?o, a large lot of Carnations and Picoties, the finest collec tion in the United States, comprising upwards of 5W vaiieties. _al!3t*m_ _ rilli OS EAT PIUK AT "NATIONAL HALL, BROOKLYN. DH. HAINES of the Nation ?l Hall, in Fulton itreet, ? Brooklyn, inform* hii friends and the public generally, that he has re-?pen?d hi* preiri*"*, and is sgaiu prepared to sop ply hit cnttoiners with th-best Wint*. Lhimois, nl*J Segais, that can be procured in tne market. D. II H. tak*s tliii opportunity t-> return thaukifor the liher al patronage he has he etofoie loceivcd, and he hopes to merita coutiniMnce of public favcr. DAVID H. HAINES. n^7".VH8. PRE8T, leasee of the la'e Log Cabin and the prr mi*e* adj'iining, having lot nt the fire a number of articles, which were taken away for s vfe keeping, will thank th se p?r icns having any goods belongicg to her, to irtutn them forth with. ai5 3t*rc PATENTS, SPECIFICATIONS AND DRAWINGS. PHK Drawing* may ba l<thographed withoutadditipnal < *? ' pense. Inventors would find it much to their adv triage to call on ihe subscriber, and oVtai'i hnndeds of copies of their in vention*, at the prices usually paid for duplicates EDWARD JONES, ap!5 gm*m 1IB Fulton street, N. V , Ban Buildings. THE I arrest and most choice Stock of DINNER WAKE in tnis city, arrived at the Uluu and China Saloon, No. 590 Broadway. Also, a large stock of Toilet Ware d*ily expected. Ileinoving on the 1st of May to No. 661 Broadway, under tke Stuyvaaact laatitut*. THOS. BILL8LAND, s 15 3t*rh Proprietor 2000 aww"flsu!rt isssw4''" aUm V> and IT Nassau street AMUSEMENTS. PAKK THKATHE Second appearance of Mr. Aiiraoi. TUE9DA* EVENINO. April 14, Will be preseuted the play of the LADY OF LYONS? Claude M?luottc. Mr Anerson, P.eauscaut, (Heming; Colonel 0>nu, Chipiwiicilf; Piuliw, Miu Clin Ellia. La ( rncoT BOue, by Mm Hi. I lair. To conclude with the in*lo-draoiaof HUBERT M ACAIRE ?Robert Macaire, W ii crisp; Jaqura Strop, Skerrett; Meiia. Mr* Abbott Uoxea, In tier 75 emu, 2d tier 50 centa?Pit M cents?Gallery I (Scents. Doors epen at 7 o'cluck, curtiiu rue precisely at half patt 7 o'clock. paiTmo'S opkhThwuhST I ( Ie??*e W. DINNKFORD. | The Lei aiv lina great pleaaure in anuounciu^ lint h? n now eo. allied to admit ih' public at the following prices:? Dress Boxes aud Pamue'te 50 centa? Second (Circle '?> c*uu? Private Ho*, a ??. Three last Niuhts of Sophocles' Tregedy of ANTIGONE. Re-eui; igement Ur (ice nights of Mr. O? Vandenliolf, afur wli eh Antigoie will poiiiirrli' be wi'Mrawn. In coaaeq'if nee of the f thuaidatir appl tuse which greeted'the P'lform'iicea ofl.ial c vetiiis, bv a crowded and faahiouable an dirnce, the same performance wilt be Krjiealtd '1 hit Evening. TUESDAY EVENING, April 15th. 1845, will be rre a*ured. (eighth time iu America,) the Truiedv of ANTI GONE?Cr-on, (King of Theb a) Mr G Vandeuhoff; Anti gnne, Miss Clarendon To cnc ude with Bulwer's ce'ebated Play of the LADY Ob LYONS?Claude .nenoue, Mr Vandenhoff; Pauline, Miia Clamidor. , . ill-re it uo Free List to this 1 lie tre, except Ihe members of | th? Press. Doors open at 7? Performance to commence positively at , I hall-past 7 o'clock | The Box Book is now open, and places may be secured. BURTON'S THIS ATRK?Arefc ?treat, PHILADELPHIA. TUE3DAY KVENINO, April 15. A new Cnn.rdietta?IHE PENN Y-A-LINEH?Herculrs Cri'is, our own Reporter, Mr. Burton; Mrs. ' risis, Mr?. W. H Hmito; Lonely,(Mr. Johnicn ; Tifuie, Miss Kirby; Caram bolea, Mr. Thayer. The successful burlesque, called THE BOHEA MAN'S HAL '.?Miatrr Haruleim, Mr. Johusou; Tnady. Mr. Burke; Hcopincongh Mr. Bowe ? ; Floorstain. Mr. Bussed; Ailmc, Mr*. VV H. Smith; Mrs. Uueen.Mr. Stevens | The extravaganza of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST?Sir Aldgate 1 nmp. Mr. Burtou; Beauty, lMrs. Burke; Queen of (loses, Mina Kjrby. KXKIBITION rpHE ORAND ORIGINAL TABLEAU, painted by F. 1 Anelli. in New York, on an area ol 23 by 19 feet, lycre senting a grand catastrophe, THE > ND OK THE WORLD, (ihe idea was suggested ny a dream,) is now and will be exhl bitedat the Apollo, 410 Broadway, (which is eutirely separa ted fnm ihs Concert Room, iu the same building. I for a short time, previous to its removal from the city. Mr. Antlli having disposed of it for the present. Exhibition open from 10, A. M., to 10, P.M. Admission 25 entt CHINESE MAGICIAN. TV/fONDAY EVENINO. April Hth. at the Apollo Saloon. iVl 410 Broadway. YE WANG will give a variety of Ma gicil Feats, of which the following >ra some:? Shong-too-tiini; Hatr hffeg Birds. Ning-Soong or Card Steeple. H?h noo or... breaks of a Billet of Wood. Ool-On^> ? cr Unarmed Balls. Ling-Tsing-Noo or...... Wizard's Fe^st. To conclude with the deception of the Chinese Wizard, and Cutting off a Man's Head! Tickets of admission 50 cents. Childreu, accompanying parents or guardians, half-price. Doors open at a quarter just 7, performance at 8 o'clock. a!3 ttis'fc A CARD. '"PHE FRIENDS OF MADAME OTTO are requested to | meet at the Astor House, on Tuesday Evening, April 15th, at 8 o'clock, to mike preliminary finaugenients for the I COMPIMENTARY CONCERT ] about to b? given to that lady. al3 3t*rc NEW YORK. SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY. Incorporated May 1st, 1829. F conformity with the by-laws of this Society, the Annual Election fjr the choice of officers for the ensuing year will be held at the Society's Hall in Broadway, on Tuesday evening, 15th iustant. at 8 o'clock. By or<*er, apl2 3tis*rc H. MEIUGS, Secretary. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. > THIRD SEASON. 1144-45. rpHE Fourth and Last Concert of the Season, will take place A at the Ap.illo Rooms, on Saturday,.April 19th To com I menre at 8 o clock, prreiarlr. " * hv annlvinff to nenre at s ociock, iirrcim, Subscribers can obtain their extra Tickets, by ap. I Mestra Scharfenterg St Luis. No. 351 flro dway, ou and before Apiil I8tli By' rder. I all isto!9th*m WM. SCH ARFENBKHO, Sec'y. TUESDAY, APRIL 15. I DR. HOLL1CK WILL Commence his Second Co?r?e of Select Lectures, ou I ?V THE ORIGIN OF LIFE; For (Jeiitlem?n only? H'ustrated by the ce'eorxted fileeu mo I de'a of the N-tfrnal Struc'ure and the Hu&an Being, at every stage ofdevelopem-n", Ike . ''so, the new model*, uow, for the first time exhibited, of ihe Paternal Structure !! Paintitgs, Ns tur;l Preparation*, lie , & , et Fkanklin Hall, two doors be low the Tradesmen's Bank, Cha'ham Squire. This large nud contmodious H'll has been beautifulIr fitted up and ftcorated expressly for th? purpose A large platform will be arranged to that 11 may se* the models diaplayed. To be be continued .ind completed on Thursday and Friday, April 17 and II. Doors open at Lectu e to commence at 8. Ad mission, JO cents, tingle Lecture; or, $1 for a Ticket to the three, if tak?n the first evniug. No one can be admitted to the | Lecture ou Friday, wh.i has not been to the previous Lectures ; the subject will be announced on Thursdav. | The Lectures to Lsdiks oklt, at 3 in the afternoons of the i sttnedavi Admission, :5 cents. Doors open at a'2 4frc . COLMAN'S GALLERY OF OIL PAINTINGS AND Literary Exhibition, No. 7(13 Broidway.?Jus; added to the Exhibition, a very beautiful Picture by G. Cole?m size about 6 ft 4?being a Landscape view in Cumberland, England, filled in with a wonderful group of Cattle, which have received the finishing touches of Thomas Sidney Coo)>er, of Londou, with whom Mr. Cole studied. It was vilued iu the Exhibition in London at 400 guineas This is probably the most delightful effrtrt of art which has been exhibited here in many yeirs. To see which, and about 200 Gil Paintings, I IK cents only is charged. Entrance through the Rook Store, where no charge is made, nor to the extensive Prist Room, where Engravings of every variety may be had, at reduced prices. N. fi.?Mr. Cnlman. wishing to close up the Book Depart ment of hit establishment, offers bargaius to purchasers. a!2 tf rc OTTIGNON'S GYMNASIUM. pHAS. F. OTTIGNON respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has recently taken the large and com i inodiout rooms, Nos. 15, 17, and 19 Canal street, near Broad way, (formerly occupied by J. P. Roger*.) which have been thoroughly cleaned, and fitted up in a manner that cannot fail | to give satisfaction to the most fastidious. Connected with the Gymnasium, is the SrARRi*<i Room, where Mr. O. is always retdy personally to give instructions in (he noble Art of Self Defence, and he will likewiae state that his pupils enjoy the reputation of being the most skilful amateur apaners in the city. Wrestling ttnght by Mr. Wm. Price, who will warrant any pnnil perfect, after a eours* of initrnction Fencing t tught by an experienced professor. Mr. O. would respectfully inform those papils who have formerly exercised at this Gymnasium, and whose terms have not already expired, that satisfactory arrangements for the continuation of their unexpired time, will be roads by calling | on him at the rooms, in Canal street, which will be open from sunrise until 18 o'clock. P M. I Mr. O. would also state that the Gymnasium and Pistol Gal lery, corner of Broadway and Chamber streets, will be open un | til further notice. s9 lmje SOCIETY LIBRARY. /CONSUMPTION CURABLE.-Dr. ROSE, of Philadel V phia, who fir uversl yean hit most ?uccf??fnlly practiced tlx " Chrono Thermal System of Medicine' will deliver hii ?e csud Lecture, at th* Society Library, ion Wednesday Evening, April isth. To commenee at 8 o'clock. Tick *ts tifty cents. a!3 4t*ee. the FIFTY-NINTH ANNIVERSARY DINNER of 1 the sr. OEOROE'SSl'CIETY of New York, will take place at the Astor House ou i he 23d imt. Ticket*, the number of which i? limited, aw b ?? had of the stewards. J. R. WALTER, 296 Broadway. WM.HINDHAUHH.l Veaey st.Aitor Honn. F. DIAPKR.3I Wall street. EDWARD WALKER, 114 Fulton, and ?fit!) dh 121Naasaa itreet. w JAMES BECK & CO., 390 BROADWAY, ILL OPEN ON MONDAY MORNING, the richest as sortment of Silks. Silks Damaa Pekin Silks Doriaenere Dainas Moirr " D'Amante I'ekin Broche " Mogad?ro Po-:t de Sol Amoir " Jardrnieie Af.-icaine " Chanti'ly Algeiienne " 'sly Damas Blane " Mnzurke Dam is Rayiera " Oda'isqae Pekin Chinois " Ki:n?s.s Morie Bsytders " Plain Pon de Sen PeUin Moire " Black Watered yd. wide C^uadriUe Cameliou " 40 in. Taffetw, high lustre Pekin Cashmere " 36 in. Parisienue do. do. Quadrilli- Arc en Ceil " Monrning Silk* tuaniuise " Plain blk k wht. chan'bl Foulards. Paris minted Fcn'ards India Foulards, changeable " Plain do. " " Broche " Mourning do. " " Mourning. Housselin De Laine. Rich Pirii primed Monsaelin Small pattern Striped, for chil li* Laine dren Rich Ombre, shaded Snitll Figaros do da. If'Ai'fr. lUur, Pink, Cherry, IaIoc and Scarlrl Merino and Mousielin de Lames /lunigrt, Jacnnrtt, lialzorinn, Or/fandiet, Cumhrict, Mottslin d" Soi, Crapr d'. CMrte, Mcuilin dr Sot, iM/timee. Shawls. Scarfs. Algetim Crape de < >'n? M-roeii;" Keharpes Mogadon " ? >rno Embroidered Silk Embroidered Silk 'V-arp-s Taglioni " Cashmere Isly Barags A Palmre Satin rUid do " Crepe de Chine Milk Cravats, Uanfrrs, Irapemiesen,or MADAME PAYEN'S >'ARIs EMBROIDERIES. Rich Embroidered Pr"??e? Kich Emb'd Pelerine Mi"y Collars Johanniaa Pelerine Cardoville Delicia " Fiwella ?' Martt-lly " Abigail " Balticla " Marjnise " /arah " Rachel " Coade " Rigolert* " d'Albranles Ctnerons OfOrselte " Msry Smart " Lav^nbaliere Shawls 1'rode* en Sotar'e Ouimpes a I'Evaqnet Scar's " " ?Revere Mantelets Regolet" '.'smb. Hdkfs Br odes So"?>-'? Maatelet Venet'en " " Zamna Manchea Molierf " " a Anglaise '? Medicis , n Lettrea " I'crauiies " ' a Ecnsson Wadding Dresses. Th<ead l.a<< Dreaae- Aleo?on etnb'd Mnslin Dref??a Embroidered Silk d? Point d'Arm ,ji?,.?4? Very wide Thread Flonnre* BLACK AND WHITE. Parasols and Sun Shades. Ombrelles Douavieire Onabrelles Amerieainti f'o Ch.noin-a Do >"srqui?? Po Anglaiser. Do Otai.e Belts, Bnckles. Sashes, fee. Narrow Shaded l>elts Bnckles, Pairs, Gold Do Kaney l>o Steel Do Tlaid Do Argentees Ai.r.t aidKII'i r**is Minr. Ui.o<rsof the moat rtthtrcht Color), Piiulrmt (.'hint, L>tm Clam, Hou tont ttrrvetr. I he above with a grea variety of aovelties and haiinsome Goods, will be fouud to be superior to any linos ever before of fered in this city, having been ielecte.1 br ?s in I sris, with great care, and which we now offer at a small ad.ance, either wholf sale or retail, a. No. 3W Broadwajr. ap!2 His re GROCERIES FOR THE PASSOVER MIM1U. LUTHER li HAMPTON, M Csnal street, re spectfnlly invite the members ol the different ( orirega tiims, to aa insrecnon ol the fresh stor k ol Hrocerie. iu.table for 'he ap|>r..achio? Festival, which will h? opened this dsv and eoatiaa* to until uw in> nuMovar al5 ?t*rc if? I ii T BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL Important from Wuhlngton, I Correspondence ol the Herald ] Washington, April 13, 1845. IVar witU Merit u?Rumor ofMexico having Seiz ed on -American Property?Extra Session of Con Kress?Disrussions in the Cabinet?"Colum bus" ordered to hike Alex. // Lverelt to China? Reports respecting New York Appointments?Coi lector, Post Master, Marshal and Naval Officer? The Benton Vun Jluren-lVright Clique?Mr. Dix and Mr. O'Sullivan, flrc ?Senator Dix to reside in Washington as Agent for the New York Clii/ue?Stage Proprietors1 arul the Post Mastt> General and the Mailt?The Collectorship at Alexandria?The "Globe" and its "Organtsh" Appearanct. There hub been a rumor prevalent throughout this city all day, to the effect that Mexico had either declared wat against the United States, or had taken step* which must be received in the light of acta of war, buch as the confiscation of American properly within her borders, seizures ot vessels, merchanoise, tec. I have not, however, been able to trace this rumor to any authentic source, so that I cannot state that it is a reliable rumor. There has been just time enough for the news of the passage of the resolutions by the Se nate, to reach Mexico, and a reply to be received here, but it is certain there is no news in the New Orleans papers which reached here last night, though letters might have arrived after they had gone to press, and come on here by the same mail. Meanwhile speculations are very rife as to the course of events, if this rumor should turn out to be true. Many suppose that an extra session of Congress will be immediately convened, and it this be so the whole country will be thrown into a state of confusion. The States of Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, In diana and Maryland, have not yet elected their re preventatives to Congrets, and if a special session should be called, they mutt either go unrepresent ed, or hold special elections, and in many of them the Governor would have to call a special session ot the State Legislature to enable him to order & special election for Congress. Thus the whole country would be thrown into a state of turmoil and confusion, the end of which can be hardly foreseen. The cabinet has held some long ses sions lately, and some persons suppose that the dis cussions therein have related to the subject of our relations with Mexico. A day or two must deter mine whether there be any truth in the rumor of war with Mexico or not. I learn that the Alleghanian man of war Colum bus has been ordered to Bail for China, and her officers have been directed to report themselves on board on the 25th inst. It is to carry out Mr. Eve rett, the Alleghanian commissioner to China, who is to be the bearer of the copy of the ratified treaty with the Chinese Emperor. Mr. Cushing is still in this city, attendisg to the perfecting of all the pa pers and documents connected therewith, and the preparation of the copies which Mr. Everett is to carry with him. I am informed that two copies are to be sent to the Chinese Emperor, one in the Chinese characters, and the other in the English characters, and both copies are to be on beautiful silk. The Columbus is a 74-??un ship, and will be the largest Alleghanian man-of-war which has yet visited the Chinese seas. There are mariy reports in circulation respecting the various federal ?>ffices in New York, to obtain possession of which all sorts of efforts are being made. For the Collectorship Robert H. Morris, late Mayor, and Mr Coddington are named, and, in deed, some persona say that one, and others that the other, of these gentlemen has been appointed. For the Post Office Robert H. Morris and Moses O. Leonard, ex-M.C. are the individuals spoken of . For the Marshalship, Mr. Scott or Mr. Niven are said to be the most likely candidates, and Levi D. Slamm and Ganaevoort Melville will, as it is said, have to be content with nil I learu also that Michael Hoffman, the old Ad miral as he is called, will very probably be appoint ed naval officer in New York by Mr. Polk. They were members together in Congress for a series of years, and both intimate friends and advisers of old Hickory, and the ola Admiral was for several years at the head of the naval committee, and his appointment would, therefore, be very appropriate. He is besides a sterling member of the " young democracie," and a man of fine talents and abili ties, and his nomination would be very accepta ble. As for the other nominations, 1 cannot say much respecting them or whether they are even probable or not, but 1 do not think they are very improbable, as the tendency of things here seems to indicate that President Polk will narrow down his admin istration into a clique, which will be none of the old cliques, but a new one?a Polk clique. These rumors, therefore, are not ao improbable as they would appear, while at the same time as Senator Dix, Mr. O'Sullivan, and others of the Albany Re gency clique are here in fall torce ; these reports may be the production ot their fertile brains as a means to accomplish their ends. They are strain ing every nerve to turn out the present incumbents and have their own clique established in their places. I learn that Senator Dix,of N.Y., intend*to make hi a residence in this city. He has, as lam informed, tak^n a house, intending permanetly to dwell here- When it is recollected that thia gentleman was formerly diligently employed in writing for the Albany Argus? that he istne special representative of the Benton-Van-Buren-Wright clique?ihct Rives, of the Globe, made a visit to Albany, and immediately alter Dix made hiB appearance in Washington?his apj earance, and taking up his residence here, bear a very significant rsj ect, and no one will be at a loss to believe that he will be here to take special care ol the Van-Buren-Wright interests, ana perhaps to edit, ( sub rota) or to write lor, the " organ" that is to be. By the way, I may mention that the name of new the bantling is subject of great solicitude to the Cabinet, where it has Ween frequently discussed. Henry E. Kiell, ex-candidate for Assistant Aluerman of the Sixth Ward, and ex-in ?pector of the Customs under Collector Van Ness, has made his appearance here, with the rest of the tribe of which O'Sullivan is one of the heads, and it is presumable he wants to be reinstated, or to re ceive some adequate office as a reward for being dismissed from the New York Custom House. .You* verrons. The slage proprietors, I understand, are to wait u,?>n C ivc Johnson to-morrow, and lay their case before him and receive his decision. They say that their cmc is one of great hardshin, indeed, and | that the Post-master General will be bound, fci common justice, to accede to their requests If he should be obstinate, they say the mails will be thrown into almost irretrievable confusion, for, as 1 understand, they will form a combination to de cline taking any contracts whatever, unless their terms are acceded to. I perceive, by the Globe of yesterday, that Mr. Gieen, late Deputy, has been appointed Collector at Alexandria, in place of Mr. Brent, deceased? ?nd not Mr. Langtry. The Globe also says that Mr. Lanstry had not been appoin'ed?it wss only about to t>e offered to him- This is all stuff. Mr. Langtry was decided upon for that office, and that in opposition to the almost -jnanimous wish of the democrats of the city, and the administration find ing that Mr. Langtry would not go down, (by the way. he is an Irishman by birth, and, though he resided in the District some years, he has bwi twenty-eight years in Tennessee since,) revoked the p.ppotntment?but would not then appoint the man that the democrats of Alexandria had recom mended, and so fell back upon Mr. Green, whom th^y chose ss a stop gap. So we go. In the Globe there also appear two articlee which look decidedly "organiBh," and are very strongly confirmatory ofthe statements of the bargain lor the transfer to Ritchie, lleiss and Donelson having t?-en completed, and that it ia immediately to be turned over to them. These articles are the an nouncement of Lieut. Hunt's dismissal, and a de fence of the appointment of Isaac H. Wright, in Boston, from the attacks of the Worcester Palla dium. This latter article l?->ars every evidence that can be required of its official origin, so that there cannot be the slightest doubt about the mat ter. Those, too, who are conversant with such matters nver that these two articles are the produc tion of the pen of George Bancroft, Secretary of the Navy, as they state that they are acquainted with his style, and thence they deduce the proba bility that he will write articles, from time to time, lor the n<-w organ, so as to raise its character and tone. .Vow perrons. John For, F. R. S. Washington, 12th April, 1848 Mr. Rttchie?J he Organ?Inventory of th>- Globe Furnituie?Prospectus of the Neic Organ?Inde pendence? Maditonian?John Jones redivivus? Rev. T. Fitk and Mesmerism?Operations to Se cure Public Printing ?Stage Proprietors?7he Ntw Postage Lav?The Old law ? The Post ponement to l?t July?Cave Johnson and the Pre sident?Mr. Pit, Senator from New York?Dis missal of Lieut. Hurst from the Navy for Fight ing a Duel. It has been exacted for some days here that Mr. Rttchie would very shortly make his appea*

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