Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1845 Page 4
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ance in the city of Washington, and ttke charge ?t the Globt to grind out official mumc. It i8, .owever, now pretty well ascertained that he will not come here until alter the Virginia election has thech ?l??eAf Th, W^a hence,when he will assume Mav 5*2 Th w0rgfn' Vury I,rob*bly on the 1st May next. This day liaa been net apart for taking Zl*ZTyn?,l le?lock 1U the Glob* to ?4?) Sim " TK? 18 estimated at from $30,000 yi?PM Tbia sam however, does not ui.lude which Vu!!. p,<?f u0t the Congremonul Globt, diaooserf W detained by Mr. Blair to be nr,.tit occasion may riae, to make as large ' . , ttS P0|?ible. This portion of the stock is will ,h 8??e P61"80118 'o be valued at #100.000, and ni. 'i i , 1 make a very handsome addition to M 8,a,lrea^y ltu*e fortune. Mr. Ritchie, I am informed, is now engaged in Vvritln8 a prnspectus for the "new organ," which will be sent on to Washington for publication by mr. Heiss, probably in the course of the next week h will probably contain much soft sawder und talk much of independence of <liuws and as' P'ranis tor the Presidency, Jcc. Ace This how <-ver will be all for buncombe, "is a moral im poas'bil'ty lor a paper in Washington to have an independent existence. They cau't live wnhorn government patronage, and they can't get That na 3 7llh?!ut being in the hands or unde? he SSi^ESSBH i H at ol government. Why there's nm tendVojSv know, for' fen?of oN denend for Ih ir u varl0U8 eliguet upon which they ex mtw ii ho lit iU Verr e?l8,ence ; for they cannot ot ?cvciom!n actual or prospective possession th/m .nTt patronage. Take that away from tnem, and they die at once. onlv tVh lLpr?pn?,orVl[ 'beMaditonian seem not on y to h ive purchased the materials and lurniiure of that office, but ltd columns show ample evidence 'he amueemeutf of^the?public T'-TohnJ1' ,0 wairuITthe09!1 ConV,lct(^. While wewere?be! t! vr? transfer of khe Maduonwn rom John Jones rlnne^ ?hl vv,th ad.litionr,! freshness and rsx7[seTp"v,ri?? l?1rH Horn "! ^w, 0mp08;:d of ,he ancient M.bscri , 81i>ime o,(KH) m number, to the defunct Frnnmi ? ^ r> s^Lie^f^sssMi subscribers^ imm .h? J awaking these 3,000 ?? HItTs s. Ais, ii"e?f irib" ?s'? they calculate will o Madison,an. This addition they boast of poreefainV M? ^lrfultttlon which tiou of any paner lu lhl ii,'. ? . ?he ,'ar;?c8t circula of 11ai?vui Uala ofe n S0rt iIQI? a ,ar?e n,"?h" whinh fh ' . ixiilm kind to the Buonort v*nich these non-payifii* subsrrihHrK i/iv* ; v'fu ' n l?brillS any grist to his mill Congress. The meVbere dect'^.^^^XTh ?' mvaJmblyVbisi?eriWfay ?D any'80U of business, a? they rJn ber^)CainUiatl0n thatcun be n'?d? *?that ments for\h 1 rememb?ed that the advertise und'er Jhe Master'Generalj time the Ne'w'podt'iKe'l'/6!0'1' nTi* 'he mean go into6 ojieraUon on ^?Z wasUo8neD 078 aj'-'oiat-' Postmaster" GeneraI He greas and yet hinfirm 9'i ,he new bi,l Con he given out ^ ad been adv^ru8cd would Th? luui^ under the operation of the new law wiihoutlany referent ?? /J?a"in "?e time required iSrtSMi ?assssrf it-i,.!,.!':;'" '?>?? 'hem with whill th, S'" Tl, "~k <!"" h??"? nun, probably, on many of ihe old routes, will be conveyed in a buggy or wagon with n single horse. As this touches the pock cis of these proprietors of stages, &c., and presents iui apparently hard case, they have determined to appoint a Committee Irom their Dumber, who are to wait tin the Postmaster General ur.d represent I the state oi their affairs, the loss which will be , consequent to all, and the ruin which they say will fall upon many ot their number if the provisions of the new law be carried into effect at once, and to request him to postpone the operation of this law iimil the meeting of the next Congress. If Cave Johusou refuse to accede to their requests, then they intend to wait upon the President and make a similar request of him, and if he refuse, then they will go home full ot boiling hot wrath and indigna tion, and, an they aay, ihey will revolutionize the wnole po.iuc il complexion of the northern and eastern Stales. I feel very well convinced that all these sttorts oi the contractors will be in vain. Cave Johnson, with moat of the Southern members of Congress, opposed the bill in the House ol Representatives, on the ground ol tins very provision, which they alleged would break up many of the stage accom niod tious afforded to the South, by the support which the proprietors received from the Post Office contracts, thun at the time contending lor the prin ciple that ihe poatllfe of letters ought to pay lor the eus'aining ol stage accommodation for travel lers. When the friends of the bill postponed the operation of the bill until the l^t ot July, Cave Johuson, in company with the Southern members, believed that it wa.4 done lor the "erv purpose Of hav ing til- contracts, wh'ch are about to be given out, entered into under operation ot the old law, which would ihus secure the north and east all the bene fits of the oltJ law a* relates to the support ot siage accommodation for the next four yearp. wlule at the same time they enjoyed the reduction of the rates of postage as made in the new bill; and th? coiun t:. lor ine'-'mull whicn would "Vi-n out later would come under the operation ci the new law, and the South would thus suffer all the disad vantages while the North would obtain all the advantages of both the old and the new law. With ihese viewsCave Johnson wan determined that so far as he was concerned there should be. "equal and exact justice to every man," and he theref ore issued ttie announcement that the new law should operate on all contracts, including those which the North ern and Eastern supporters thought they had ex empted Irom its operation. Under these circum stances 1 think, therefore, I hwzird very little, in ssying that the Committee of these stage proprie tors will find all their labor to be in vain, and ihe provisions ol the law will be strictly carried out. 1 stated in my list of Senators who ha 1 received ill- constructive travelling money awarded by vice President Dallas, that Mr. Dtx, of New York S:*ie, had received it as well as Mr. Dickinson.? Ltiis is a mistake which 1 desire to correct. Mr. Dia Iiiis not received it?lurther, he tins refused to leceive it. Justice to all. J learn that the cabinet had to-day under consi deration the case ol Lieutenant Stephen Decatur tlurst, of the Alleghanian Navy, who had been re i> irtert by his commanding officer, (of the squad ron on the coast of Africa, I believe,) lor inviting a challenge from a midshipman of the same equail ron, then accepting it, and then shooting him through both legs. The Lieut, having just urrived home, was culled upon by the Secretary ol the '?ivy lor his defence, which he sent to the Depart ment, and it having been submitted to the cabinet, thev have decided he should be instantly "dismis sed" Irom the Navy, and the President has there in ordered his diNmiMal The other combatant, a>.d i vo inidsnipmen who acted as seconds, have uot yet returned to Allegkania. When they do, their caafy will be taken up and dealt with as they deserve. This prompt action of President PoIk and the adminlatration will be highly approved by the nation, and will do mote to put down the prac tice of duelling than anything that has been done lor a century. Gamma. Philadelphia. [Correspondence c f the Herald.] Philadelphia, April 14, 1846. Tin- excitement caused by the new* from 1'ittiburg ia intense. The blow will (all heavily upon the merchant* of this city, seme of whom have branches in Pittsburg wkich have been burned out, and by tar the greatest num" ber have largely credited those oi that city who have been Utterly ruined by the recent calamity. New York, too, presume, must suffer both directly and indirectly. Our citizens have begun to move upon the subject of reliev ing the sufferers. A messenger is is .supposed, to obtain Legislative aid. The insurance offices in this city, it is said, will feel the effects of the disaster in this city to an extent not anticipated by most people. One of the transcribing clerks of the Senate, named George M Luuman, made an assault on Saturday ufter noon with a rawhide upon Mf. Martin, the correspond ent of the Pmmylvanian, from Harrisbutg, for his course in regurd to the r< cent etloi ts to resuscitate the insolvent Girard Bank 'i his* creates considerable talk, and some indignation, as Luuman is a regular six-looter, and stout in proportion, while Martin i?J a small man, with very little physical strength, and utterly unable to cope with so formidable in antagonist. \ aken altogether, it was a mo?t cowardly proceeding. The people here are waking up at the course of our Le gislature, in regard to the unwarrantable extension of banking capital which has characterized its present ses sion. Tbat most corrupt influences are at work, no one can deny, and consequently a ineethg is to be held this evening, to advise the Governor to put it down by the in terposition of the veto. This conservative power is the only one that can now save us from a deluge of paper money, gumbling speculation und final bankruptcy. You cannot conceive th?i indignation which the probable suc cess of the Girard Bank bill begins to excite among the people. They at lirst did not deem it possible that the le gislature would dure to galvanize this rotten carcase, but as the truth became apparent, their amazement mtiy be imagined. "Is it possible !" is the exclamation you near on every side, "are we forever to he cursed with these swindling institutions 7 Is our labor always to be the prey of unprincipled gamblers and currency linkers I Is there no means by which these operations can bs anest ed ?" It is to the Governor of the Commonwealth that people now look for protection, and if he neglects to in terpose the veto, you may expect to witness pretty con siderable oi a muss in the politics oi Pennsylvania for tli i n- xt three /fears. He has i-xercieed the veto pretty freely rec -Titly. and with the approbation oi the people, and it is an indication that he v/ill use it again when necessary. The weather is. wutm, but windy and dusty. The draught in thiB neighborhood is severe, vegetation is suf fi ring, and we havf, on every side, gloomy forebodings as to the crop. And indeed the country must be in a parch ed condition, if we may judge from the clouds oi du*t with which the atmosphere is loaded, giving the sky a retiish, misty, and smokey appearance. We have several military parades to day, ;uid barring the brown appear ance which the dust givesito th?ir uniforms, the compa nies look extremely well. There is no change in theatricals. Fashion is produced to-night nt the Walnut, and from present indications thsre will ba a crowded house. Burton brings out at the same time two burlesques?"The Boliea-Man's Gal," and "Beauty and the Beast." Welsh also repeats "Mad An thony Wayne." The Hutchinson family give their last concert ot the Museum to-morrow evening. Rev. Henry Giles is drawing large audiences to hear his liter?ry lec tures, and to-night he delivers a critique on tbenezer El liott, the English corn law rhymer. The lecturer cxciUs considerable interest, end his subject to-night is more in teresting than ordinary. Stocks arc down to day?particularly Wilmington Rail Itoad, <iira:d Bank, and State 5's. The market closed heavy at the same prices as indicated by the quotations at second board. Thero were some sales afterward*,when Giiiud Bank sh.res sold as I'.'W as OJ, with a downward tendency. Sale* of Stocks at Philadelphia. Board, April H.-tiOOO Suite ys, 7Vk , 10000 do 72; 5000 do 72; ftl000do72; 8000 do 717,,'; 2101 City 5'*, '50, 104; 165 Couu'y 5'i, '80,90 ; 800 U 8 Banknotes. 10; 78(1 .iiare* Girard, i iL4#2.<1?, L?\,47i, Wllminetou KK, 2I>?: 150 d?. 2I&; 100 do 2l>i; 36 U 8 Bank,6J?; 5 Camden and Ainiiov, 111; 10 Hiilad'a Bank, 111; 5 Union ok, Tenn, 58^; 50 Vick*burg, 10. Skcord Board-$I5000 Slate Vs. 5d, 72; -000 dn, rw, 71ji; 510 City <Ja, 6'*, '63. H2>?; 500 Wilmington HR, 5<1. Sl>4; 100 dp, rw, 21M; 3?0 d i 21V; 1#7 do, 5d, 21M; 75 Girard Bk. 10; 30 Norristowu Ktt, 7}?; 55 U 8 Bank, 6>?. t WANTED?AT WO STOltY COMPACT HOUSE ?Suited to the accommodation of a snull family, either within or in the neighborhood of tlii* city or Brooklyn t'er place, i' uot too distant from the Fnltou ferry, would be preferred. Addie?? M. K., at this office. all lw?rc M WANTED?In Brook'yn, within ten minute* walk of the rultoi Ferry, half of a two *tory house, or two or ih-ee good rooms. Address J. F., Herald Office, *tai tmr terms &c. _- al2 tfjf jgPji WANTED?Wanted to hire from the Iir*tofMay, two_Konmi and two Bed-rooms, with fho requisites for 4- '"r fuel, &. ., in a two story house, not over a mile from the Mty Hill, i'ent not to ex?eed $170. Addre.?* J. E.. Herald Office. a9jg FURNISHED APARTMENTS. WANTED?Two or three Furnished Apartments, f from the first of May, suitable for a small family. Lo _ Lcatiou within ten minute'* walk of the City Halle [Vrms moderate. Addres* X. Y. Z. at thi* odioe. m2S istfre Jgl IIOUSK AND LOT FOR SALE?The House aud Lot No. 73 Nauau street, Brooklyn, for sale. 'J he pro J??PkPerty is situated in one of the most respectable neighbor hoods of Brooklyn; is in thecentre of a f.'-iiuonable ?nd ele gantly constructed block of buildings; and is not more than five minutes walk from the Fulton or Catherine Ferries. Term* will be made ea*y. For further particulars, apply to (4 ?.?( ? HENRy WILSON, Proprietor of Wilton'* He tel. 5 Gold ?tjeet, alO Swrc New York. FOR SALE L'JW?A moat desirable Country Keti TTTjV denee and Fioit Farm, at Madison, New Jersey, about XitfL38 miles from INew York. The Houie i* furnished ard faun 'tock-d 1 lie whole will be *old togsther, or separately. There is a Farm House on the premises, independent of the Mansion. It is only one mile from the Kailroad Depot. Any one Wishing to view it cm take the car* snd retnrn in three hourri. ror Inither information, apply to a9 3taw2w*ec K H. LUDLOW & CO .23 Broad ?f. lO LET, THE Modern Built Two Story Brick Dwelling ' House, No. 467 Broome street, corner of Ureepe street? ?a most desirable residence for a private family The louse is 25 feet by 50?the lot 110 feet deen, with a *ood brick stable in the rear, on Greene street, which will be rented with or without the home. For terms, apply to WM. & JOHN O'BRIEN, No. 16 Wall street, a9 I wee under the Mechanic*' Bank. MTO RENT?ON 8TATEN ISLAND?Those two splendid VILLA8. situated at Sylvaton Terrace, com inanding a beautiful view of the Bay and Ocean?each having a Stable, Coach, Ice and Bathing House. The Houses are finished in a superior style with every convenience, each house having more than leven acrra of lard. Apply to J. D. PHILLIPS It CO.. 133 Maiden Lsne, corner of Water street. N. Y. Alio to Let?The Thrre Story Buck House 55 Stanton street. Enquire a* above. mlillj lm*ec 'JO LET AT MODERATE HE NTH-The two ?tory brick Houae No. 2t Barrow street, will bs pot in complete order, paceied and painted, at $330 |ier year. ?o, th* principal part <>f the modern thiee story brick house No. 125 Hammond afreet, near Gre;r.wi<h street, 10 Rood roomi, w.lli kitchen, pantr'e: aud clr-set, all newly painted, large yard, and i ow in complete order. Possession of tne prin cipal part miy be taken at once. To a gerteel private family, the rent will be (230. Apply to LAMBERT SLVDAM,45 Wall street alO >t?m TO LET < 'R LEASE, iu St. John's Hall, two large Rooms on the serond and third stories of the building, -admirably adanted for the n.e of associations, or as ar mories for military companies?the Third Company National Guards now occupying the fourth on lease as an armory. Those wishing to hire for such purposes should atail themselves of the opportunity and secure the in, as they are desirable from their location, aud the facility of ingress and egress. Terms made jnowit and rooms seen, by applying at the bar of the Hall, from 10 o'clock A. M. until 2 P. M., to mhlO Im-rc THOMAS A. LYNCH. WANTED?A Small House in the npper part of the [ city, ou or before the 1st May. Also, a furnished house .Lfor two or three m intlis. ise leave terms and location iu the Poet Office, addressed to bos 678. aB lw*ec LECTURE ROOM TO LET?To Let. the Lecture Room of the Welsh Baptist Tabernacle, Chrystie street, .between Uroome and Delancy. A good location for a ?lay School, or Evening Lectures. The same will also be let for holidays. Enquire o< C. Richards, on the premises; or, Thomas Lloyd. 83 Chrystie st. *9 ]w*ec ? KOH SALE OR TO LET?Kour Cottages at the riue mile stone and Kingsbridge road, with gardens and fruit trees,well laid out, where the Manhattanville Stages urn rveiy hour in the day, from the Park. Twoof said houses will tie let for four hunilred dollars each |ier annum ; and the other two tor two hundred dollars each. Enqnire at 635 Broad way, or in the store near the premises. ?9 lm*rc JL F. CARMAN. JML TO LET?One of 'lie most desirable country residen ;? ces on this island, situate within half hours ride of the JialflLCity Hall, consisting of a spacious and convenient dwel ling, with stable an.t other outhouses attached, with a large garden, containing every variety of fruit, aand ornamental trees and shrubbery. h or particulars enquire in 23<1 street, first house east of Id avenue. mhl3 lm'rc GERMAN GARDENER. ?A YOUNO man wha h s been nine years in this coun try, aud understands his business iu every <1*i ailment, whether vegetable, gieenhou?e or any foicing, wishes a situation He is married, but will go single if more convenient to Ins employer. Unexceptionable references from gentlemen near this city; his terms are very reasonable; ? *ak* English tluently. Plea>e apply at the stole of Mr. Thorburn, iu John street. ?13 3t*m NEW SEEDS. THE SUBSCRIBERS have received by Steamer tfatk' ambna and ship Northumberland, all th* new and ^J^choice annual, bienninl and iierennial Flower Seeds, with tlguied iilates ot many of them, in order that our customers and the public may select with fncility such as they may be pleased with. We also oiler thein in small or large packages, each of which will contain some of the most lieautifui kinds, an low as they can lie pur chased elsewhere. We have also a large stock of the most choice Vegetable aud Grass Seeds, together with a large assort ment of l< rnit and Ornamental 1'rees and (shrubbery, Green House and Herbaceous plants of every description, lor sale on ihe lowest terms, and all warranted as represented. Those in want will please call and judge for themselves, at the new Seed store and Conservatory of DUNLAP k GASMAN, a? 2w*ec 635 Broadwy. FOR SAL IS. Jtfji A SMALL FARM?Situated si* miles from Morris S^Wown, n-*r Baskinhdge. N. Jersey, and within three and halt hours ride from the city, daily, containing twenty acre of Land, in a high state of cultivation ; and improvements, 'uasoine Two Story House aad Kitchen, good Barn, Ike.? J here is also on the premises a good variety of Kiuits. For in formation apply to James Barkley, corner avenue C aud Secnd St.; Harrison I'ricr, .to. 22 Coenties Slip; or, to Robt. Barkley, at tlie premises. alllm*ec JUM . K <)H?8AL''? OR EXCHANGE, AT LOWPBICE. MmAii excellent Harm of 200 acres in W estchester comity. N *<-sIrom this city, one inile from H R R depot at W ilnam 's Uriitge. in oisi ii large and new, coach houses, stables, shed , large fa. m house, line Iruit, splendid views of simiid, Long Island, fkc.f very healthy, hugea daily near public landing. Immediate posmmioo. Apply at No. 1&6 Kaat Broad way* *6 lm"m TO HE SOLD, : I A STRONG, well built Maronche Carriage, in good order, and well sidapted for family use, with or without a double harness lo be seen at Ron Is ton's Riding School, and Livery ?tables, 1(7 Mercer street. ml istfrre LODGINGS TWKNTY-D'IVK CENTS, AT rUK HJlO'S HEAD No. S Barclay Strki.t, near Bhoad at. The Subscriber, having fitted up and aewlv fornuhed several rooul* connected with thii Esinb'ishuieal. solicits a call (ram his friends uJ tee pabl<c. JAMES BYRNES. Vi.RY VMLUAH^E WATER POWER, 1K.ON WORKS. OK 1ST MILL, AND LANDS FOR SALE. MB V virtue of a power of Attorney, the undersigned of fer for sale " Ridgely's Forges," conlaiainr 1040 acres of Land, situated on the Urea Gunpowder Falls, 14 miles altimore by the Baltimore and Havre de Urate Turnpike. The improvements consists ol a spacious stone Rolling Mill, fixed for rolliug Bar, Plate, Hoop and other descriptions of Iron, with furnaces, lathes and rollers enough to make a hundred dif ferent descriptions of bar iron, exclusive of plate, sheet, Sic.? This Mill is under a slate roof, and contains machinery and fix tures, and stands within fifty 5 ards of the Balt:more and Havre de (irac^ Turnpike load. There ,is also another stone Kollinr Mill wiih slate roof, and is about 200 yards from the other, and w<<s built for tliejiurpoie ' f rolling hoops, similar to those made from pig iron iu refining forges into sizes and forms suitable for bar mill*. The making and rolling of these hoops has teen the regular bisiness of this Mill for many years during the time it wa.i earned on. It contains four fires and is cpable of contain ing twelve; to the rolling lodges made by them this Mill is qui' adequat'*. MSB Iu addition to these Iron Mills and situated between them, are a three story Oris* end Saw Mill. The (Jrist Mill is calculated for thrre run of line atones, and impasted by none for run of bu siness. These works are on the Ureat Gunpowder Kalis, a large and powerful stream of water, always nffordiug a plentiful snp> ply of wat*r for all ths Mills. The extensive works of Messrs. Pattersons aie driven by the same stream, standing on tide water, and about three-quarters of a mile distant. Beaiues the Iron and other Mills, there are a stone 1 oal House, a stone Smith shop, a large two story Brick Dwelling House, witi kitcheu and out houses, four large two story Stone Dwelling Houses, (one of which is double )'for the accommodation of workmen. Together with several Log Houses used for the same purpose, wi nin a mile cf the works; and belonging to the tract is a splendid seat on the same stream suitable for wnter worka of any kind, having upwards of twenty feet head and fall. There is here a natural fall of 4 feet over a bed of grauite rock, stretching from one side ol the str-aiu to rl?- otherv affording great facilities in the erec tion of a dam. And to this with a trilling cost a good road can be made to the turnpike. The ore of the need waters of the Che sapeake, so justly celtbrated for the goodness of its iron, both wrought and cast, may be had in great abundance and maybe convey<d by water to witiiiu 2 % miles of the \toiks. Though in a corn try abounding in iron and woo^ yet the site and great water power (never fiiliug iu all seasons) are suited to the erection of large cotton works, or works for any species of manufacturing. Mr. William Kuight, on the premises, will show them to hose disposed to purchase. Terms of sale of the above pro?* rty?Forty thousand dollars; ten thousand in cash and the balance in ten equal instalments, w ith interest thereon, payable semi-aucually. Title indisputable. Apply to GEORGE H WILLIAMS, Attorney at Law, Court House Lane, Baltimore. E T- J. WOODWARD. 6!^ miles on the Harford Turnpike Road, a!4 3t*ec Baltimore County.^ BANK FOR SAV TINGS, Wo 43 Chambers Street VTOT1CE?The depositors, and the public generally, are in formed'that this Institute will be removed on tne 30th April instant,to ti e New fire proof building, No. 10? Chambers str-et, west of Church st'iet, where the business, on that day, and thenceforth will be traniactwl. all to30re. R. C. CORNELL, See. DAUGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. T F. Tit AC Y his taken Rooms at No. 2i" Broadway, up J ? stairs, second tioor, where he is executing some of the most lieautift'I specimens of the Daguerrian Art 111 this city. The prices are according to the style of finish, from ONE TO THREE DOLLARS. Those in want of perfect Pictures are reqnested to csll and ex amine his specimens. Mr. T. is happy to announce that he has engaged the prr fessional service* of N. G. Dingers, for a short time, and tho.e who wish Pictures in his peculiar beautiful style would do well to call soou. Plates, Cases. Chemicals, &c., always en hand, and instruc tions given in the Art on moderate terms. al4 lmec LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 149 and 151 Broadway, corner of Liberty at. rpHlS ESTABLISHMENT, founded the let of December. -L 1843, as a public store for the sale of every description of Staple and Fancy Goods, will be enlarged the 1st of May neit. The subscriber having rented the upper part, of the building, 151 Broadway, will put in complete repair and fit up in a muni ficent manner, two large galleries, where the traders, minufac lurers and importers, will bejable to obtain at a cheap rent, a fine and convenient (tore; and the ladies and gentlemen a splendid place of resort and a public and fashionable promenade. MIIS. H. SHANK LAND, Daguerrian Artist, has already rented the front part of the two galleries aa a Daguerreotype Sa loon, where she will continue as before, to give the most perfect likeness for ONE DOLLAR. including the beat kind of Morocco Csue or Frame. [Cr" Several Counters to let, with glass cases?enquire in the Ba zanr. T. A ARTAULT. mh!7 I ill* in DAGUERREOTYPE. TOHN ROACH, (taticiin, 82 Nassau stsert. New Vork, is *? constantly manufacturing^ and has always on hand, all ar ticles of the best quality used in the Daguerreotype process.? Hi* Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior preparation, and is now iu general use. He has also on haud the Hungarian or (ierman Accelerating Liquor. Cameras of Ins own manufacture as well as French and Ger man oues. The German Camera* sold at this establishment will be warranted genuine. Orders from the couuiry for any articles used in the art will be promptly and ear-fully attended to. m6 lm*rrc PLUMBK DAGUKRR1AN GALLKRY A.-ND PHOTO GRAPHIC DfcPOT, 2il Broadway, corner of Murray st. (over Tetmey's Jewelry Store,) awarded the Medal, four first Premiums, and two ?' highest honors," at the Exhibition at Bos ton, New York and Philadelphia, lespectively, for the be*t pic tures and apparatus ever exhibited. Suiierh likenesses, of all sizes, taken in any weather, on satis factorv terms. mS7 lm?rc LADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOTYPE INSTITUTE, MRt>. H. SHANKLAND, ? DAGUERRIAN ARTIST. AOUERRKOTYFE PORTRAITS, including the beet style of Morocco Case or Frame, for ONE DOLLAR. Apply at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, or ?35 BROADWAY, THIRD STORY, FRONT ROOM, No. 1?opposite the Park Fountain. mhl7 lm*m A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. PRICES REDUCED ! PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESS, combining all the perfec 1 tious of a painting. with the truthfulness oT a Daguerreo type, at very reduced price*, by A. K.Thompaon, No. 11 Park Row, apposite the Astor House. Operation! in all weather, Instructions in the Art and every requisite far the proiecation of the business furnished. m7 I in *ec ~ VOIGTLAENDER'S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. ARRANGEMENTS recently made with their brother-in il law, Mr Voigtlaender, Vienna, enable the tubicriben to sell those Apparatus at redueed prices, viz :? Largest size Apparatus, with three inch lenses for full size plates, at $143 Medium six* Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half size plates, at $78. Small size Apparatus, with one-and-a-half inch lenses for quarter size plates, nt $50. Gentlemen sending remittances in accordance with the above prices, may depend upon receiving the genuine Voigtltender Apparatus, and not a worthless imitated art.cle, they having procured the sole agency f<>r the United Stater. Plates and Chemicals, of their own importation, as well ai all other aiticles conuecU-d with their art, for sal* at lowest market prices. I hil.u'elphi v Exchange. W. A K. LANGENHEIM. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inform the Dagnerrean Arms in general tint the abjve Apparatusand ot"er materials can be procuied to tha stated prices, at.their Da guerre.111 Attelier, No. 201 Broadway. New York. a7 Itn'm LANGENHEIM fc BECKERS. JAMLS LACY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO 154 William Street, corner of Ann. New York, LIAS always on hand a select assortment of the mostjathion LI able style of goods to be found in the market, consisting of CLOTHS?English, French and American, of almost every color, from i medium quality to the finest. CASSIMERES? Wool Blacks, Plaids, Stripes, Figured and Ehsiic. in great variety. VESTIN OS?Silks, Satins, Marseilles, Cashmeres, Vel vets. be. Also, white Satin, figured and plain, rich light silk Velvets, lie., for balls, and parties, with a great variety of other goods, too numerous to particularise, suitable for every season. Geatlemeu patronizing this establishment.may rely upon hav iuK tliri.r garments made up to order in the best possible manner; and ev?ry satisfaction as to quality, fit, ana workmanship given. LC?*"The Lowkst Cash Paica will be asked, from which no abatkmkist will, bk madk; and in order to insure against bad debts, by which some would be obliged to pay more to make up for tli<* non-payment of others, Cash on Dklivkbv will in all cases be required. Also on hand, a srlect assortment of Ready Made Clothing, Office Coats, Pants, Vests, Dress and krock Coats, Ike., lie., at reduced prices. Gentlemen furnishing their own goods, can have them made and trimmed in the best poss'ble manner, (a good fit warranted in all cases, or the price of the goods returned,) at the follow ing prices:?Pants and Vests $1,75 to $2; Dress Coats $7 to $10: Krock Conn $8 :o$l2; other garment* in proportion. mh!6 lm*ec ' THE GASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT op Wm. Hnttlilrxaen, and AI. B. Manfurd, 1S*7 FULTON STREET, IS THE PLACE for all those who wish to supply their ward I robe with ?ood fitting garmeuts at reasonable price*. The subscribers rm Assure I heir friends and the public that they will let no one surpass th-m in the tailoring business, as regard* the newest style, the neatness of thfll lit* and lowness of prices, having on handa well mdected assortment of Cloths. Cassi meres and Vesting* of every de?irat|b style. Also, gentlemen*' outfitting, comprising even" article that is usually worn. We hare the ronfid?nee that we can (|lea*e the most fasti dions. Great pleasure will he taken to show nnr style* of fashion and good* to all thoae who will favor ns with their patronage. Re collect the plnrr, 127 Fulton street. WM. MATTHI ESSEN, in ha I lm*rre. M. B. SANFORD. ARCHITECTURE. FRED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friend* and the public, that he ha* removed his office from 1M Broadway to II Wall street, where |ier*on* detiron* of building are iuvited to examine a selection of origins! and tiuteful design*, from the Cottage upwards to the extensive Villa or Manaion, in all the various styles of architecture; and where he is prepared to fur nish Man*, Drawing*, Specification*, Estimate* and Contract* for Building* of every de*cnr?ion,aiid superintend* the erection hereol in23 lm*e? LIFE PRESERVERS, Of (ioodytar't Patent Gum Elaitic Composition IITARRANiED to withstand the greatest extreme* of heat ? v na(i cold, and not to melt or (often in the s.-ams,(the great defect in Preservers made of the common rubber preparation.)? Alio, a general assortment of goods manufactured under the above patent. For sale, wholesale and retail, by GEORGE BEECHER. alO lm#rc 180 Br"' >< between Pine and Wall st* MRS. CARROLL'S medicated vapour BATHS, 3*8 Broadway, JV/i AN V persons have heard of the efficacy of Mn. Carroll'* "1 Vapour Baths iu a remedy for and a* a preventive of cold*, influenza*, rheumatic affection*, lie lie. Although it* bene fit* in Mich case* cannot be overrated, it sht,aid not be forgot ten that a* a luxury the Vapour Bath i* univeraally preferred to every other mode cf bathing. Many are deterred from trying it from theerroneoo* idea of its being a formidable operation at tended with inconvenience in ilie administering?No bath can lie more simple, safe and pleasant than the Vapour Bath a* givrii at Mrs. Carroll'* establishment. Some, contrary to the principle* of physiology end common sen*e imagine that there is danger of taking cold after a bath; the circulation by the ef fect of the bath is rendered more active and tire *kin i* better en abled to resist the influence of the atmosp.iere?hence the idea of catching cold after a hath, is absnrn. Open from six in the morning till Vat night. Portable Bath* sent to any part of the city. Sulphur Baths require one hour's notice. ThelBaths will bo removed 1st of May to 184 Falton street. at lm rrc Ml. OKHTIHTHTi WE, tht undersigned. having had numerous opportunity's cl examining hii of ArliSRal Teeth, u made and adaptflJ tu the mouth by Dr. M. LEVETT, Deutist, corner of Broadway aijd Warren it, and beinf fully satisfied that he possesses a r? markable tact in the delicate and exact adjustment of bom whole a>;d partial sets to the gums, uvoi an original and ingeni ous application peculiar to him, of the philosophical principle of Atmospheric Pressure?ilo therefore, in consideration of duty to the artist, and to the public, cheerfully recommend Mr, Le rett to the patronage of our Cltiieus. New Vork, 1844. (Signed.) ISAAC J. OHKKNWOOD, Doctor of Dental Surgery. JOHN NEILSON, M. D., I'.H TOWNBEND.M. D. H. McLKAN, M. D., Just published?Observations ou the beat means of preservuig tha Teeth, founded on long and very extensive practice, by M. Le.velt, Dentist. Persons who have lost Teeth, will be informed, in this little work of the best means for replacement and preservation of those remaining. May be had at some of the principal bookstores in the city aud of the author, 260 Broadway, corner of Warren st i?hl4 lm*rrc. . TEETH! TEETH !! TEETH!!! TS Centa Only. T^HE Cheapest Operating Office in the city?Decayed teeth J- tilled anil .^reserved so a^ to be useful duting life, with the celebrated Mineral Pi.* r, price 71 cts. Teeth lided with superior Tin Foil 10 cts. Teeth tilled with Gold, from 71 cts. to 9100 All operations warranted at this office, N. TAYLOR, Surgeon Dentist, mhlS lm*rc 62 East 11 road way THORN'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF COPAIBA AND SARSAPARILLA. DOSStSS a few advantages not enjoyed by auy other me f diciue Tor the cure ef all sexual diseases, and which must, with nn enlightened public, retder it assuredly highly popular, and a desideratum long sought for in the medical world. It needs no confinement or change of diet. In its approved form, that, of a paste, it is entirely tasteless, and causes no unpleasant sensation to the patient, It has acquired the utmost fame in almost every part of Eu rope; it has beeu examined, approved of agd ssnctioued by th? faculty of medicii.e, and recommended by the most eminent of the profession. Prepared by J. B. Thome, chemist, Loudou, and f" r sale wholesate and retail, by JAMES TARRANT, 266 Greenwich sL, corner of Warren street. Also, at 2 Park Kow and &81 Broadway, 1(3 Broadway, 399 Broadway corner of Walker st. mhl4 lm*ec JUDGE FOR YOURSELF IJUNTER1AN DISPENSARY, No. J Division stseet, es tablishid A. D. 18S5, by the present proprietor, for the suc cessful treatment of a disease of a secret nature, and for tbe sale of DR. HUNTER'S RED DROP. This medicine is the on ly remedy on earth that can safely be relied ou to thoroughly cuhk thin horrid disease without injury to the constitution,auu without diet or hindrance from business, even when all rise have failed. A comprehensive treatise accumpanies eacli vial, (with full direcu'ins) which is warranted to effectually cure in all cases, no matter how long standing, or how deeply sealed in the system, with less trouble to the patient, aud in a shorter si>ace of time, tlian any other medicine in the world, or no pay will he taken, l'rice $1 rer viM m24 lm*tc Medical Advice. T\OCTOR LAMERT is still confidentially consulted, at his old office, 61 Oold street, between Fulton and Beekinan, oa all diseases oru delicate nature ; his treatment being mild and judicious, requires neither asercury, restraint in diaf, or hin drance from business pursuits. Recent cases cured la 1 or 4 5'ebilitv, NERVOUS OR CONSTITUTIONAL, vising from a too frequent indulgence of the passions of indis creet youth, and thereby causing nightly emissions, aad event ually confirmed impotency. engage the Dr.'s strictest attention, his ehject being to restore the system, mentally and bodily, to that state of vigor nature originally designed. STRICTURES, a disease frequently existing without tta patient being the least aware, sometimes caused by mal treat Bent of uninitiated medical pretenders, and sometimes by the neglect of the parties themselves, are, by the Dr. effectually cured, without pain or inconvenience. The Doctor beng on?, of the fnw qualified advertising Sur geons in -he city, nuarantees a perfect cure, or no charge made. Letters, postpaid, tticloiing a fee, immediately attended to, and medicine, with aiir.ce. sect to mar part of the United Stats*. Office, 61 Gold JUttet. Open iom 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. mhli lm*rc Medical Aid. OECRET HABITS ?Dr. Benjamin Bell, superintendent of the Asylum at Charlestown, in alludiug to the subiect of this, says " there is a foul plague iu our midst, cutting off amongst the young, the beautiful, and the prpmising of our land." Respecting the habit above alluded to, if those who in dulge in this delusive and desolating habit, could be made sensible of the half, or even a tithe ?>!' the evils to which they are rushing with such fearful certainty, how many, very many, that are now wasting consumptives, would otherwise beir die impress of pure health and manly vigor. Dr. Gregory, 66 Oold street, has devoted much time and study to this subject. The Doctor uow devo'es his whole at tention to the tteatmentof that class of maladies called private, which also includes those resulting from secret titbits?icdi gestion?palpitation of the heart?tieuibliug of the hands?di z ziness, or psiu of th* head?great nervous, or general debility of body?great weakness, or impairmedl of memory?confusion of the intellect, tic. These are a few of the ills arising from this hedious practice; but they are those which may be relieved by the use of Dr. Gregory's invigorating Tonic Cordial. It is a remedy that may be implicitly reliej ou in all cases of the for going , as also great gentf&l debility, or coldness of the or gans procreation. Price (2 per bottle, or in cases of half a dor.-u for $10; and may be sent to any part of the country. Dr. Oregory is at home, and may be consulted at all hours of the day orevening All interviews perfectly confidential. Letters must be post paid, and addressed to the Doctor's re sidence. is above. mh!4 'm*rrc ABERNETHY'S BOTANICAL PILLS A RE the most unrivalled remedy for diseases of a private na il- ture, a positive aud speedy cure, without the restriction of diet, or hiudiauce from business. The many advantages which Abernethy's Pills possess over Balsam Copavia, Cap sules, and other nau>eating mixtures, canuot fail to give them a decided preference, besides being entirely free from any un pleasant smell, they do not affect the bieath or sicken the sto mach in the least, aud may be taken any time in the presence of the most intimate friends, thus enabliug the patients to cuie themselves without any fear of suspicion or discovery. They are equally effectual in either sex. in all complaints such as Rouorhoea. obstinate gleet, seminal weakness, and all otner dis eases of the um>?u? and urinary organs. Tney give tone aud energy to the generative organs, rarely if ever experienced from other medicines. They are composed entirely of vegetable in gredients, which invigorate the systetn. One box, which lasts a week, geuprally cures. M?ny are cured in two or three days. For sale, wholesale and^eUil, by Wm. Watsen, Apothecaries Hall, 36 Catharine street, and at 127 Maiden lane. Price tl per box. They are conveniently sent by post. m2 lm*ec ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. QJOME POOR, MEAN DKVIL< who ii too lazy to work. O and too cowardly to go . t the high road to rob, has itsued a spurious imilatiou of PETERS' VEGETABLE PILLS, ana the above named reward will be promptly paid by the pro prietor, at 126 Fulton street, for such information as will en able him to convict, in a court of justice, any person or persons who may have been guilty of making and vending the counter feit article The labels, directions, and boxes are so closely copied, and the signatures such perfect fac similes of the original, that it is very difficult to detect the forgery, but on opening the boxes, which contain the pitls, the deception will be apparent. The counterfeit pills are composed of soap, aloes, and a variety of drastic sibstancss^ they turn black when rubbed in the hand, and emit an odor different from the genuine, while they are not so round, and somewhat lirger. Instead of being a mild and gentle aperient, like Peters' Pills?they are conwosed of sub stances calculated to produce inflammation of the bowels, and aggravate the diseases they are sold to cure. The scoundrels who have fabricated this base imitation, seem to h.ive had uo more compunction in endangering the public health, than in robbing a private individual, New York and Philadelphia are flooded with this infamous counterfeit, and many respectable druggists have purchased the imitation unwittingly, and in good fiith of the swiudlers who manufactured it or 01 their ageuls. There are others, however, who have purchased the spurious Pills with a full knowledge of the circumstances?careless if their customers were poison ed, so that they could make an extra profit by buying the dile terious trash under the market price of the legitimate article.? The uames of those individuals will at the proper time be held up to the execration of the American public,unless they prompt ly desist from their uefauous course. ?As a means of detecting the imposition, it may be well to stat* that no quantity under 100 gross of Pktkh's Vegetable Pills, can be obtained of the proprietor or any of his authoriz ed agents, for any thing less than Thirty Dollars i?r gross for tne large size Pills, and eighteen dollars per gross for the small size. Small quantities by the dozen boxes, or from one to five gross are always sola at a higher price. We repeat em phatically for the information of merchants and druggists, that under no circumstances whatever can.Peter's Pills be bought for less than tlie above named prices by any person legally author zed to sell them. iliese Pills have now Deen eleven yean before the public and have become established as the most valuable aperient me dicine in use. As a remedy for Bilions Complaints, Cholic, Dyspepsia, obstructions in the alimentary (..anal, Habitual Costiveness, Hummer Complaint in Children. Diarrhoea, Dysen tery, ludammation oflntestiues, and all other diseases of the Stomach, Bowels and Secretive organs. Tiunr have no rival in the field of Pharmacy. Composed eutirelyof vegetable gams, juices and extracts, Uiey may be taken by the child a* well as the adult with perfect safety. The public will please take notice that hereafter, in order to guard them against imposition^ the written signature of the pre sent proprietor, M. A. K. Harrison, will appear on the wrapper of every package containing one dozen boxes, the counterfeiting of which will be a felony, subjecting the perpetrator to impri sonment in the penitentiary. The only authorized agent in Philadelphia for the sale of the "genuine" Peter's Vegetable Pills, is J. 8. Murphy, 9C North Sixth street, and any other person, whether stranger or resident, offering to sell then in that city at a reduced price, is an im postor engaged in the double rascality of cheating the proprie tor and endangering the health of citizens. The above remarks apply equally to N.York. Baltimore, and toother citin?and in conclusion, let it1>e distinctly understood that any individual in any part of the Union, who shall sell, or attempt to sell "an article purporting to be Peters* Vegetable Pills lor prices less than those named in this advertisement are swindlers and impustors, and will be prosecuted as such if de tected by the proprietor or his agents. Take notice, that the only authorized agents for the sale of Peters' Vegetable Pills in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia. Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee, are Ueorge W. Burr and Benjamin Arnold,and a gentleman named Brainerd, in their employ. No other Persons than the above named, are authorized to sell Peters' Vegetable Pills in the Htati-s mentioned, nnd therefoie any individual offering to sell the name within those limit1), at less than the foregoing prices is in impostor, and the public are rantioned against liim. Principal office for the ?ile of the genuine Peters'Vegetable Pills, I3.i FVton slreet, New York. m!3 lm*m TO PREVENT THE USE AND ABUSE OK MERCU RY, and the dreadful effects of a secret disease, call and get the advice of the physician nnd proprietor of the Hunteiian Dispensary, No. 3 Division street?the greatest remedy and on ly thorougn cure that ever was discovered for these terrific dis eases, is to be obtained at this place only, viz: Doctor Hunter's Red Drop?cnms withont injnry to the constitution or any res triction in the habits of the patients, in from three to eight days. Knll directions and a little treatise on these disease*, accompany each vial, which if followed, is guaranteed to cure, or no pay taken. Price $1. Beware nl counterfeits ia2t lm*rc TO THE LADIES. UK. HULL'S VTERO J1HDOM1NAL aWfOHTKHH 1 HI Knew instrument for he radieM cure ol Prolapsus Uteri, or Palling of the Womb, external application, superseding the uw the objsctioual Penury, if confidently re / ^?commended to the afflicted as the means of W 1*7feet restoration to health, it never having (m failed of performing a care, even under the most aggravated circumstances. The supporter has attained a very high . . diameter in Europe as welJ as in this country. It is adopted tofthe entire disease of Pessaries, aud all other painful surgical expedients, in the Lying-in Hospitals of Loa dou and Pons, and is universally recommended in Europe by medical men of the higheat rank. In this country it is sus tained by the leading members of the faculties of Collagen and Haapitals, and br nil the eminent private practitioners. Roams have been furnished exclusively for ladies at No. 4 Vesejr street, having a separate entrance from the business de partment, where a lady n in constant attendance to apply r-uif-? ?nd Hnrporten to female t>Miem? mil tm-?e .tlULtlj'O l M.IJS3liS. NOTICE TO IWPTUIUCD "KHSOtiH. PEHSONS afflicted with Ruptures any rely (f ^ ^apon the best initrummtnl aid the world affords, |i>. Bin application at the Office, No. 4 Venoy street. VriGVorto either of the Agents in the principal towns in the United rtia^n. Be careful to ex amine the back pad of Hull's Trasses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr. Hnl, ia writing. None are gsnnine, or to be relied npon an good, withont his signature. ...... Many persons have ander taken to vend imitations of Hull ? celebrated Trnsses, and thousands areimpoeed upon in consfi quenee These imitations eannot be relied upon; they are made SyanskilAd mechanics,and or* no setter than the ordinary JUoais have boon fitted up at No. 4 Veccy street, exclusively fer IadUe. having asfxnrun entrance horn the business depart ?cut, wnm n tannic is la constant! attendance to waitnpon ?ante paMantn- *11 lata Ask for Ring's Verbena Cream. A no yon would enjoy that imlnt of all lnt; /Jf ? ud comfortjn Sharing. It ia recommended in full confidence, u being the very best Shaving Boap in existence.? rhete never wu anything that approached it in virtues peciuiar ' j?'i It ia now made by the original inventor, much im PJC'J' both iu appearance and quality. To merchants it will aflorda better profit aad give better satisfaction than iny other which they can sell. All are requested to call ana see the arti c'a now prepared. Tnose who puichase at 391 Broome street or SO Maiden Line, cannot MI of getting the ne plus ultra ol m< deru inventions. r or sale by the inventor, ? . . CHAB. H. HINO.n 398 Broome street, >8 lin'rc between Broadway aud Bowery. CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION, WOH CLEARING AN1) BEAUTIFYING THE COM " FLfcXION.?Church's Vegetable L< nou will effectually removf from the skin all offensive blotctwa, pimples, tan. su born and freckles, whic|i detract from br>otyaud s fan com plexion. i'his valusble Cosmetic has We*. ? ? use for many yesrs, and is now cousiderrd an ?> ' ? ?>i?.i.U ?m<endage te the toilet. Hold iu bottl.-s, at 7J eei." ? S. at iM Bowery, corner of Spring strict im*m READ WliAT M'AIU'A'S At I ? TnC HAS DONE THE GREATEST CURE EVER YET i KRFORMED BY ANY MEDICINE-IT NEVER KAILS. ASTOUNDING KACTK Philadelphia, January 4, 1845. I hereby certify that wheu I was about twelve years old, I gradually became deaf in both ears, so that iu a few months 1 found it almost impjssible to hear nuIrM in the very loudest toi es of voice. I remained in that situation nntil last summer, a period of eighteen years, when 1 heard of Si'ARrA'sCoMrot-ND Acoustic Oil I immediat-ly obtained a buttle winch 1 have used, and am happy to say it has acted like mwic and quite cur ed me. Any one wishing further information of my case, which I think a remarkable one, will find me by calling at my residence Concord street, first door above Second street. MRS. REBECCA BABTER. [From the Albany Daily Knickerbocker ] _ West Trot, JuuaS, 1944. THIS IS TO CERTIFY, that 1 Willard Jeuks. Proprietor of the West Troy Exchange Hotel, having been afflicted with dea*ness in one ear, lor the lut twenty year*, and in the other for the last year, so that it was impossible for me to hear the loudest voice aod after trying various remedies without impro ving my hearing in the least, I wan induced to try Scarpa's Acoustic Oilt for the cure of Deafness, and it is with great gratification 1 am enabled to state that it has perfectly re stored my hearing, and will be happy to see any persou who Wishes for information in relation to my ease, at my place in v/estTroy. WILLARD JENKS. The following certificate was addressed to Messrs. A. B. It D. Sands, to whom the parties art known :? New York, Oct. 10, 1944. Messrs. Sands?Gentlemen?The following statement of the beneficial effects produced by the use ol Scarpa's Acoustic Oil on my daughter, I send you as an act of justice, that others may have positive facts to convince them of its value aud effica cy. She was nearly deaf for two years, and could only be marie to hear by speakiug very loud I pnrcna?ed oue hottli, which was used according to tne printeU directions, and befure a quar ter part of the bottle was applied, a nard substance was dischar ged from thfe ear, and soon after the hearinjtf in both ears was completely restored. It is now almost a year since the cure was effected, aud it is uow proved to be a |>erfect cure. FurUier par ticulars can he obtained by those interested by calling at my house, No. 34 Essex street. B. T. WARING. This valiable medicine is for sale by A. B. tk D. Sands, sole agents for the proprietors, No. 79 Fulton street, 77 t ast Broad way. a!3 lm?m TO THE PUBLIC. T"\ ALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR.?In offer ing this most valuable icmedy for the following complaiuts, the proprietor feels confident that the intrinsic worth of the Pain Extractor will of itself be a sufficient recommendation.? Iu uo instance has it failed to cure the following diseases:? Headache, Tic Doloreaux, Felons, Wounds, new or old, Rheumatism, Inffamm'tory Rheu Pains of all kinds. Bruises, matism, Swolen Joints, Chilblains, Black Tongue, Pprains, Burns, Scald Head, Fever Sores, Erysipelas, Sore Throat, Salt Rheum, Piles, Frozeu Feet, Broken Breasts ?nd Saw Nipples, Pleurisy, MSt Bore ai JhAammed Eyes, (kc. die. be. Sold wholesale aij retail at No. 128 Fulton St., (Sun Build ing) New York. NBhe genuine without the writteu (not print ed) signature of H. Dallty on the wrapper of each box All orders to be addressed to H. DALLEY, (cairof Ansel Frost) No. 128.Fulton.sL, New York. apl2 I in * in HEALTHAND STRENGTH. DR S. O. RICHARDSON'S CONCENTRATED SHERRY WINE BITTERS. THK Proprietor of this Medicine offers to the public the re suit of an extensive practice and a thorough investigation of the laws which govern a human system. 11 cannot be denied by those who have become acquainted with the singular virtues of these Bitters, that they posses a prominence over all others uow in use for the diseases which they profess to cure. It is a well known fact that most diseases arise from a de rangement of the Stoma :h and Bowels ia youthful, adult and declining life. "The stomach cram'd with every dish, A tomb of roast, and boiled, and flesh, and fish; Where bile, and wiud,and phlegm, and acid jar, And all the man is oie intestine war," The extensive sympathies which exist between these and every other part of tl>? living body, is the foundation of ner vous diseases of all kiuds, irregular appetite, languor, drowsi ness, wandering pains, headache, lowness of spirits, Ike ; and these, in their turn, give birth to dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, shortness of breath, j lundice, piles, fevers, inflammatory humors, coughs, and a host of diseases, which embitter life aud poison all sources of enjoyment. The distinguished character of these Bitters is most striking; their operation being more or less powerful, according to tl.e violence of the disease. When used in appropriate quantity in cases of slight derangemeut of the stomach and bowels, caused by costiveness or a slight bilious difficulty aud the like, where nature needs assiitanceto prevent moie serious consequences, they will be scarcely felt. On the contrary, iu obstinate cas?s, they frequently operate more powerfully, causing two or three evacuations daily, until the circulation fluid becomes purified. This accomplished, they act upon the system in connexion with out food, each receiving mutual assistance, until the constitu tion is resto'ed to a state of health and renewed vigor. Sold *t wholesale and retail by A. B. It D SAIN D8, Agents, No. 79 h'ulton street, 373 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. apl3 !m*m MEDICAL. NOTICE. OTKANOERS AND CITIZENS afflicted with uy font U or vaiitty of 8jph:li;ie, Mercurial or other diaea ?, or who have been only half cared by quacks, had better carefully perus the following letter Or. Coonct?SirLast Jnly 1 contracted a certain privsts disease, and immediately applied to a doctor, who premised to con me in a week. I continued with him two months, bat was rraduallv getting worse : I tried one after another, all the advertising doctors, and eacli oae promised positively to can me. I at length discovered the object of these men was mo ?y. and that they were not doctors. 1 concluded to go into e hospital, where the doctors kept me ander a course of mer cury for eigut weeks ; my throat and nosa were ulcerated, paias ia ail my Joints, and my body covered with ulcers. 1 was a complete skeleton ; the doctors 'considered it dangerous to rive me any more medicine, and advised a southern climate, l lefi the hospital, and by advice of several friends, placed mysell ander your care on the first of January last. I am aow well aad restored to perfect health 1 wish this published. THOMAS OR KEN, Carpenter aad Joiner, Harlem, N.Y. l)r. Cooper warrants to cure every case, no matter how long standing, of Oleet, Slricturo and Seminal Weakness, and mild eases of private maladies cured in 41 hours without interfering with the patient's habits. Dr. Cooper's Office, 14 Duane street two doors from Chatham st. No cure no pay. mhl5 lm*ra DOedical Card. DOCTOR MORRISON, WORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, 2#4K Ealton attest ?L" Doctor Morrison continues to be consulted eooMcatially, on all private diseases, which he cures without mercury, or re straint in diet or pursuit. Receat eases, particularly Oonor rbjsJ' tie cure* in 3 to < days. STRICTURES OK THE URETHRA are cured by Dr 45. an improved principles, without paiu or inconvenience to the patient As the symptoms of Stricture are analogous with those of other affections of the urinarv apparatus, none but ei perieneed Surgeons should be allowed to make the necessary ex amination, as those affected with enlarged prostate glands, taa? suffer much injury from awkward practitioners. Nrrvoiu and Conititvtimal Debility.?'This affection, aad the train of evils resulting from a secret, destructive habit ia youth, inducing nocturnal emissions and ultimate ineotency, are radically cared by Dr. M.. on pathological priacsfir*, by restoring the system to a healthy tone and reinstating in origt sal vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed, or no charge, N.B.?Dr. M. holds no communion with luedival pseteoJers who claim to be surgeons, as he is. perhaps, the oqly natitked advertising Surgeon in the city, pee his diploma* m Ml olice. t04H Kulton street. Letters post-paid and conuipiag a fee will insure medicine and advice to any part of the I Inson. Office, ?4KKultoii. near n-w *ont. <?!>bb firot* 7 A. Mjto I0P. M ?<>>al lm*rc THE PRIVATE TREATISE A LITTLE VOLUME by Dr. RALPH, designed to enable individuals to undertake successfully and privately; the cure their own complaint?and also to give a clear and faithful de scription ofseveral innocentdisorders thst are consuntlymistaken for venereal and thus prevent the deceptions that are practised on the iguoraut by that unprincipled class of people who infest the city. The author's rank as graduate of Edinburgh, lie.; his letters of introduction from Sir A. Cooper, of Loudon, to Dr. Mott, of this city; Dr. Physic, of Philadelphia, and others, and his permission to refer to almost every physician of eminence in the city, must be considered sufficient ground of confidence hi the work. To behad ouly at M Greenwich st. Price f 1.? It may be sent by post unbound, inh21 lm'ec THE INVISIBLE WIG. vO closely resembles the reel h-*H of hair that sceptics and ^ connoisseurs liave pronounced it IK. -?o?t perfect nod extrs ittdinary i"vntio* of llii day. The grept advantage o( .hit sovel and um<i"n wig is its being mnd? without sewing oi weaving, whieh reuses its appearances so closely to reserabls the nature! heir, b?th in lightness and natural apnea ran'", as to defy deletion, r's tfTtnre bein* s" fc?a<Uif'nl, so pomn* and so free, that in all e??o* of |?eis|?{ration evaporation is nnimjrded, ind the great evMs of other wir* entirely avoi'M. The s*eptis snd council*? ar- alike invited lo insoect this novel and bean tifnl Wif, and the p?enllir method o" fitting the heed, at tlx manufacturer's, A. C. Btitj, HI Bro?<lwny, corner of Liberty itreet, up rnirv. M3im"r* __________ ITNIVEftSAL COMMENDATION.?H>om every city. U town and village where Dr. Upham's VEGETABLE PILE ELECTUARY has been introduced, the most gratify ing intelligence of its excellent effects have been received by the proprietor. In hundreds of instances it he* triumphed over cases which were deemed incurable. _ READ THE KOLLOWINO REMARKABLE CASES. A gentleman from Brooklyn, Long Island, after using two boxes of the Electuary , gave me the following aoconnt:?Wliep I obtained the medicine I was suffering severely from an attack of the Piles, and for two months had beeu afflicted with severe headache, accompanied by a distressing sensation at the stomach. There was a perspiration about the head, bu'. the body, Ines and arms were always dry and bu?ky. 1 w medicine removed the Piles, cured the headache and distress at the stomach, t,nd cre ated a natural oarspiration over the whole body, aud 1 am now in belter health than 1 have been for years. A gentleman who had long been subjected to Piles, suffering intensely from their continuance, informed Mr. Mitchell, %3 Bowery, N. Y.. that their complete removal waa effected by the use of the Vegetable Electuary. This individual had tested all the celebrated external applications, each being attended with hat very slight bsnefit. 1 his Internal Remedy,however, speed ily manifested its happy adaptation for this complaint, and most satisfactorily convinced the sufferer that the nigh reputation which the Electuary has attained is based lolely upon tne great aad lasting benefits attradaut upon its use. This certifies lhat I used I)r. Unham's Pile Electuary, more tlun a year ago, for Piles, of which complaiat it cured me. I still use it when occasion requires and prefer it to anv other medicine lo olivine costiveness, remove morbid accumulations in the stomach aud bowels, and to rt? ;fy the blood?and after having used a grrat variety of medicute J believe this to be su perior to all others. THOMAS w ALL, Oroter, No. TT Broad street. New York, March 10,1144. Sold in this city by the proprietor only, a regularlv educated physician, confined to an office practice for the treatment ol Chrome Diseases, No. 19S Bowery. Medical advice n rela tion to the above or any oAer complaints gratis. Price of the Elrotnary. One Dollar. BC7~ ttemember that the Electuary is an Internal Remedy, and not an external applica tion, and sold ONLY at IM Bowery, four doors above Spring tt. Office hours front T A- M. to* P. M. )v*? Imdfcw'm ,"ur^tabk'.co.. PHA X hd I ?mil k Su?V?d ?' By li*.l C<*; 10 I TH. UU.1.? iaiUuubu stvU i ? UN 1 M I TABU-. E HAIR CUTTE R, (Late of the Pearl itrut Houu,) Takee this ma thud of informing hi* friends sad the public generally, that he has tilted up that light and pleasant room on the northwest Corner of Pine and Natsau itreeti. (immediately under Bird's Hat Store.) with* decree of neatness to suit even the most fastidi ous; and mfIter* he is now prepared to wait on all who may patronise him in the various branches of the 1 ouaorial art, in his usual skilfal style, at ths following mode rats THW. Hair Cutting uftceKu y*" ? ? ? ? ??1JHoa?U Shampooing .IBS " Superior Shaving.. .?>< Whiskers neatly Trimmed. ?)< cents. N B ?All regular cu?toiner? can have, ou application, a pri vate Cap and Bnuh, without any fitra charge. m23 lm?m WIGS AND SCALPS. Beautiful specimens of the art of Wigmakiag, by WM. BATCHELOR, No. a Wall street.?Strangers are particularly invited to examine for^themselves, before purAas !ng elsewhere. All city residents koowthatUw best Wigand Tonpee Manufactory in the world is Batchelors, No. 2 Wall stree., New York, nea.'Broadway. N. B?Wigs and Scalps cleaned and restored, inside and oat, sqma to nsw. n"34m*fa FASHION. phalon'3 fashion 'for spring 1845, FOR HAIR CUTTING WITH CLE4N BRUSHES FOR EVERY PEBSON. (214 Bhoauwav. Opposite bt- Paul's.) begs to inform his Customers and the rnblic that 1 is prepared ta Cut Hair in the most appropriate style for the seaion. being a decided improvement to the contour oi the person, and combining comfort with eleganM. Remember, it is Phalon who introduced the system of clean brushes, by having a large number, so that none aie used a se cond time without cleaning. Every body feeils the necessity or t?and they (lock to Phalou's Saloon, 214 Brand *ay, where very attention is paid to the art of Hair Cutting, Wig: Ma ins, 8tc. in 30 1 m m SPLENDID AND SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE FOR THE GROWTH AND RESTORATION, TO BEAUTIFY, DRES8, CLEAN AND SOFTEN THJb HUMAN H AIR , . And otherwise improve and render it a Splendid Ornament to both sexes, FOR THE LOW PRICE OF THREE SHILLINGS. TJ EADER ! we sell three shilling bottles, that you may know -TV this is not ou* of the hair humbugs of the day at $1. Ws expect you to buy it mo* than once, as we warrant it to possess the followiug qualities:? It will force the hair to grow on any part where nature intended hair to grow; stop it falling off, cure Scurf or Dandruff, and make light, red or grey hair grow dark. For dressing ths hair soft and silky, nothing exceeds this. It is indeed, the most economical, yet superior article made for the hair, it is cheaper than the trash called hair oils, and it will keep the hair in order with one application twice as long as any other article made. Sold?price 3, 4 or 8 shillings a bottle?at thesign of the Ame rican Eagle, 82 Chatham street, New York; 139 t ultou'street, Brooklyn; 8 State street, Boston: 3 Ledger Buildings, Phila depllfc; and Pease. Broadway, Albany. mhl4 lm*ec WALNUT OIL MILITARY SHAVING SOAP. QURPABS1NG every other preparation, infinitely superior to O any Cream of Soap; being possessed of such a rare emollient substance, it pnducet a perfect cream lather which will not dry on the face, and from its softening properties renders the operation of shaving doubly easy. It ha* be?n uied by a large number of the most reipeotable citizen*, who pronounce it tne best article they ever uied. It is sold at less than half the price of other pretensions. Prepared onl; by ..I JOHNSON, VROOM St FOWLER, Wholesale Perfumers, No. 3 Courtlandt street; and sold by t> e most respectable Druggists and Perfumers throughout the United States. apIO lmeod?re ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHE. ANEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being* Liquid Dye, which instantaneously changes the color of the hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injury to the hail or skin- The great superiority of this Dye consists in its easy mods of application, and instantaneous etlect?Ml other dyes requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce ar.y change, lis superios excellence will be apparent to every one upon a ringle application. Extract from the "Philadelphia Daily Sun."?Alexakdkk's TaicomrHE.?The effect of tie above on the hair is truly as tOLishing. It was tried yesterday in our office, and the chaage from grey to black was instantaneous. Extract from the " Philadelphia Daily Forum."?Several ef our acquaintances have recently applied to their hair the valua ble liquid Dye kuowu as Alexander's Tricobaphe?a new and valuable discovery; and it has in no case failed to produce the desired effect. Immediately after applying it to gray hair or whiskers, it imparts a beautiful brown or black color. For sale by Rushton Ik Co. drugguts, 110 Broadway; Aspiu wall, 86 William street; Johnson, Moore St Taylor, 81 Maiden lane; J. W. Wright k Co. 2 Cedar street; and of the principal druxifisu throughout the U. S. or of sole agents, R. St. G. A. WRIGHT, 33 South 4th street, m34 lm*ro Philadelphia. TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S HYGEAN RENOVATOR. PI all those eases where manly vigor is impaired, where the mental and physical powers are prostrated by an unrertrained indulgence of the passions, particularly by those solitary and destructive habits of early youtn. inducing nocturnal emissions and debility, the Hygean Renovator will be feund on infallible remedy. It restow the organs of reproduction in both sexes, u a healthy action, and removes impotency, by infusing new energy into the sytem. In many instances the effect is instan taneous. It never fails to cure chronic gleets and whites, and removes sterility, by restoring a healthy uterine action. Refer ences can be given to many imysiciaus who have prescribed the Renovator with success in those affections, as also in Dyspep sia, weakness of the back and loins and affactione of the urinoiy organs. Sold only at the "Importing Agents," 2MX fult.u street, New York. Price S3 per bottle of 16 ounces, and foi w-rded to all pnrcs of the Union. fcN. B.?Copious directions accompany each bottle. m26 lm*rc MADAME RESTELL. UEMALE PHYSICIAN, Office and residence, 148 Green A wich street, between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, where she can br consulted with the strictest confidence on complains incident to Die female frame. uNotice?All letters (postpaid) addressed 10 box 2,3J?, New York. Doe ton Office. No. 7 Essex street. N. B.?Madame RESTELL would inform ladies residing out of the eity, whose health would not admit of traveling, that she would devote her personal attendance upon them in any pan of *Jie United States within reasonable distance. a3'lm dltw*rc _____ TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN. APROCREATIVE ELIXIR CORDIAL. rpHE greatest disoovery in medical science is that of M. M. A Deaomeaux. of Paris. He has entirely exploded the gene rally received opinion of the existence of incurable sterility or barrenness, (except indeed in eases of malformation, whieas re extremely rare.) The invariable and universal success of nis uixir Cordial, m every instance, of producing that state of ,'ralth which results in the wife becoming blessed as a motner. who for years pined in childless lonelinss, has fully established the fact, that what is usually termed barrenness is carahle by the use of the Free native Elixir Cordial. It is infalliable .in vnunal weakness, fluor albus, debility, incontinence and the <anous train of complaints arising from excess, illneee, or im prudence. Its great and invariable success is its recommenda tion. The fame ef this wonderful Elixir Cordial is well esta prudenee. Its great and invariable success is its recommenda tion. The fame ef this wonderful Elixir Cordial is well esta blished. A sale of more than fifty thousand bottlee and pack ^is is sufficient evidence of its excellence aud the eatimatioa whieh it is held. It is pleasant and agreeable to the taits. The undersigned is the oaly authorised ageat in this ooaauy frice $2 a bottle. F? " gred for ft Price of package |6, making three bottlee. All letters must be postpaid, and directed to Dr. F. MELVKAU, box)1224, N. York eity. _ Office in Liberty at . N. B.?Ladies calling for the "Elixir" will he waited on by lady m attendance. al2 ImDfcW'm PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS*, INVERTED AND PRKPARKD BV M. DE BOUDELOUUE, M. D., LISBON, PORTUGAL tain in producing regular menstrations, or monthly tunu. 11k* directions ere translated into r nKliih, una ate eloped roud with tha Mai of the Importer, stamped. Each box cob ??>?? the signature of M. de Boudeloqoe, aad the English di rection* have the signature of Dr. K. ME LVEAU, authorised agent for the Continent of Amrnca. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United States. Sold by Dr. jf. MELVEAU, agent and importer for the Uaited States. Office, lit Liberty street, near Greenwich street. Price $5.?half boxes, ft. No half boies sent by mail. Hold in Boston, at ? Salem stmt. Letters directed to Dr. V. Melvesu. box 1134, New York, will medt with immediate stten tion. All letters must be post paid. all lmdfclw*ec ITT" READ THE KO LLOW1NU -fn ADVERTISEMENTS! tor THE. OOXJUESCHB OF Medicine and Pharmacy 99 N a sax u Street. MEDICAL ADVICE PR1V ATE* DI8 EASES. THE MEMBERS OK THE NEW YORK CQLLEU A of Mediciue and Pharmacy, etlgbliihed for (Ac tup] prtttion ?J >ntackery, continue to direet their particular attention to all diseases of a private nature, and can con fidently promise to pereoas requiring medical treatment, a safe and permanent care, without injury to the constitution or confinement from business. Invalids are particularly requested to make application to tha College on the first appearance of those diseases, as a vast amount of suffering and lime may be wo make application to tha College on (he first appearance of those diseases, as a vast amount of suffering and time may be thus avoided. One of the members of the College, for many years connected with the principal hospital ia Europe for the core of those complaiatt, attends for coasoltation daily from I A.M. to 7 P. M. ITerme?Advice aad Medicine 16,?a care guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY IN VAL1DH.?Person' living in the country, and finding it inconvenient to make per sonalspplieation.can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicines rrqvisite to perform a radical enre, by stating the ? mm explicitly, togethei with all symptoms, time of contraction aad trentneat rec-ared elsewhere, if aay, aad enclosing $6, post ?aid. Constitutional Debility Cured. T'ME Tools Mixture, prepared by the Collega of Mediciaeaad A Pharmeev of the city of N.Y-,is confidently recommended for all cases of debility produoed by secret indulgence or excess of aay kiad. It is on in ralpable remedy for impotence,sterility, of barrenness (unless depending on mal-formatioa.) Single bottles $1 each; cases of half a doxea 16; carefully icked aad sent to all parts of the Uaioa. ?? Velpwtn'i Specific Fills, I -X 'l _ POK the radical cure qf gonorrha, fleet, teminal enii$umi, A aad all inecopuruleat discharges from the urethra. These pills, tlie result oltwenty years experience ia the Hospital de Charite in Paris, are pronounced by their celebrated inventor, Professor Velpeau, as aa infallible remedy for all diseases of the urethra. Tliey effect a ctire ia a much shorter time than aay other remedy, without Hunting the breath, with the stomnrh, or confinement front business. Price, $1 i>er box. Hlcord'a Alterative Mixture, UOR the pei asanent cure of primary ?r tccondary ryykilii, P venereal ulcers, nodes, or any complaint produced by an inju dicious urn of mercury,or unskilful medical treatment. All per sons suspecting a venereal taint remaining in their system should uss this powerful purifier without delay, as no nerson can consi del himself safe after having the venereal <1 sense, withou thoroughly cleansing the system with this justly celebrated alterative. Sold in single bottles at $1 each, in cases of halfdotea at I) carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Uniou. Concentrated Kxtract of ttaraaparllla, (Jen tlan and Haiwfraf. PHEPARKU BV THE NEW YORK COLLEGE Or Medicine end Phaimacy. established for the suppression ol quackery. Tins r?fined and highly concentrated extract, pos sesions all Vi? ;?:ir:fving qualities and carauve powers of the sbovc herbs, is con Aden tly recommended hv the College as ia* >lnitelv superior fa any extract o( Sarsaparilla at present befon the public, and may be relied oa as a certain remedy Tor all discuss aririns from an impure state ef the blood, saeh ss ifula. snlt-rheu ... i in the bones o sore throat, or any disease arising I syphilis er eu injudicious use of mercury. Bold in single Mottles, at... Tiesats ?s?h " ia eases of half a doxea Kettles.. ^.iTswr*?" ' scrofula, snlt-rfteum, ring-worm, blotches or pimples, ulcere* paia in the bones or Joints, nodes, c a tan eons eruptions, ulcerates I iv diseasu arising from the secoadary effects ol

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