Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1845 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., Mo. 10ft-WHoIo Mo. *067. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY MORNINCf, APRIL 16, 1845. Pvteo Two ContK THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 3 cents p?r c?py ?$7 36 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD-Every Saturday?Price ceuts per copy?$3 13} centa per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual pricea? alwayi cash In advanco. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. Otf- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must b? po-t paid, ox the pottage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PiteraiETOa or thc Nicw Yon* Herald Establishment, Northwest corneer of Fulton and Nassau r(reta UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. MOIININO LINE?By ? teemer ROBT. MOKfllS, which leaves Dock street wharf daily (Sundays excepted) at 7>? A.M. for Newc stle.aml thence by railroad to b renchtowu, and iteamer CONSTITUTION to Baltimore. The above i> the only line that counects with the lines for the South <iu 1 West the s<me afternoon. Fare $2 00. AFTERNOON AND NIGHT LINES. TArough by Rail Road in Six Houri. Fare 93 00. The cart leave the depotTcornerof 1 > th acd Market streets, laily, at 4 o'clock, P. M., and daily (except Sunday) at 10>? P. M.. or on the arrival of the train from New Yotk. Passengers leaving New York at 4\ P.M.,for Philadelphia, can reach Bal timore next morning in ample time for any lias leaving for the South or West. Tickets can be procured at the Depot, or on board the Hoar at Dock street wharf, Philadelphia. Fare to Wheeling, $13 ; to Pittsburg, $12. A I'asseuiier Car will be attached to the Freight Train, which leaves the Depot daily (except Sundays) at 5 o'clock, P. M. and arrives in Baltimore early next morning. Fare SO centa. or farther particulars apply to GEO. P. FISHER. Agent, No. 7 Wall, or 6 West streets. N. B.? Freight taken at 5 oenta per 100 lbs. m2t lni*re^| ?NKW YOltK, bCHOOLKY't*^ MOUNT A_1 Nj. BELV1DKRE/ m ? llV/tjll AtKjAU V MMJC AN D _ EASTON.?Leave Joo fnni of Courtland street daily, Sundays excepted, at 9 o'clock, A.M., by Kailroad from Jersey City to Morris town, thence by post-coa?ies through Mendham, Chester, Ger man valley, Schooley's Mountain, Andprsou Town, Post Cal den Washington, to Belrideie and Eaaton. For stats, upply to J.Hal, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court land street. , , N B,~Kxtrns furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to Cbarl s ' uloath. at Morris town. m4 lm?m TATEN ISLAND Si "if FERRY. li'oot of Whitehall Street. On and after Monday, March 17th, the Boats will run as fol lows, until further uotice:? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND : *, 10, and 13 A M.t 3 and 5. P M. "NEWYORk: LEAVE NE\ 9. and II, A., _ - __ , N. B.?All frsight at the ris> of the owners thereof, mh 14rc WAtVi'&D?A ?TEAM TUG BOAT? ? of about eight foot stroke,36 to 42 inch cylinder ??nit?hl? to be tax aged to tow between N?w York and Albany. Applications to be made on board of the R. L. Stevens, eu Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. ' ali 3t*rc MORNING LINE FOR ALBANY and ^_sftan3*>,1<>'r,n*diatr Places.?The steamboat UT1CA, jE3CK>Cspt. G. W. Carman, leavea the Pier foot of Hare.ay street (uorth'side.)'on Monday, Wednesday and Fridsy Momirir, ..t seven o'clock. Leaves Albany for New York and intermediate land'sg, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Morning, at seven o'clock. Forjusiage or freight, apply on board, or to P.C. Schultz, at the offer. an the wharf. al4 tfec PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS"FOR ALBAN V? Daily, Sundaysexcept'd,through .direct, at 7 o'clock, P. M?From tha Pier be tween Cuu.-ilauitt and Liberty streeU. i The : teauibual KNICKERBOCKER, Cant. A. Hoaghton, ill te<*ve on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock _ The Si can,boat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Crnttenden. wilt le we ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock. At S o'clock. P. M ? Landing at intesoiediats places -.?from the tout of Baiclay street. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Trues d"li, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. 'i'tie Sir ainboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. P?ok, will leave 011 l uesJay, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 0 I'a'isenKers taking the above lines will, arrive in Albany in ample tune to take the morning train of Cars Tor the Eas. or West. (?'might taken at moderate rates. , , ..... Alt ixtsons are for' id trusting any or the boats of this line, Without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board tlie boats, or to r. C. Schultz, at the office on tbe Wharf. alSre I'ACKF.TS FOR HAVRE?8econd Line ?The ship UTICA, F. Hewitt, Master, will sail on the 1st ' >I#y' BOYD ItHINCKEN. Ajsents, No. 9. Tontine Buildings. PACKET FOR MARSEILLES?To sail first May?The barque MISSOURI, Captain Sjlvester PHELPS, or to BOYD <t HINCKEN, Agents. FOB. LONDON?Kejular Packet ol20ih April ?Tlie splendid, Ant-clan, fait sailing packet (hip a'l'ORONTO, Capt. Tinker, will positively ?ail as, lit r regular day. Having must superior accommodation* for cabin, second ca bin in<J steerage passengers, person* wishing to embark or secnre beiihs, should make early application to the subscriber JOSEPH McMURRAV. a9rs 100 Pine street, corner of South. FOR OLA8UO W?The tine fast sailing coppered --Barone ALABAMA. C. K. Kanlett, master, SM tons will sail m a few days, haying most of her CAigu 11 Kaxfd. For freight, of bulk of 260 bales cotton, apply * mMt" 00 b04rd- ?'tvOoSMt' MINTURN8. aUec 87 South st. ' LONDON PACKET?Paeket of the 30th April? b?fflPVTIies|i|eudi(l and fast sailing packet ship l OHON jHlflhTO, Capt. O. Tucker, will positively sail as above, be< r-.uiar day. Persons about to eaibirk for the old country, should uoi fail to make euly application to W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT, 76 South street. apl3?c corner Maiden lane. MJK OLAflOOW?First Packet, to sail on the lflth Apiil?The fine fast niling coppered bark ALA faBAMA, Capt. C E. Kanlett, will positively sail as hu.n.- uuving handsome accommodations fora few cabin and second caitin passengers, those about to proceed to Scotland shoo IJ not fail to make early application on board, foot of Bar ling slip, or to W.kJ.T. TAT SCOTT, 7# South street. ?|.|Vc corner Maiden lane. FOR NEW ORLEANS. ? Louisiana and Nsw )MfW York Line?Poaitively Fint Regular Packet, to tail Wednesday. 18th inst?The elegant fast sailing packet snip ARVUM, Capt. W. Smith, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Fur t'remht or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO., 36 South St. I'uirugen will please be on board, st Orison's wharf foot of Wall street, to-morrow (Wednesday) morning, 16th instant, at 12 ..'clock, st which time the ship will sail. fly Positively no goods rteaived on board after this, Tuesday ?vfoini. 11th inst Agents in New Orleans Mesais. HULL1N It WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to their address, ali ee PA88AOE FROM OALWAY, DIRECT TO NKW VORK?1The superior, fast sailing BritisL Brig VICTORIA, will sail from Oalway on the 1st ol >i?y. Tim offfn an excellent opportunity to penons wishing to send tor tlieir friends, residing in that part of Ireland, precluding the trouble and eipeuse of going to i iverpool to embark. Con tracts for passage, which will be at a moderate rate, must be mtdf previous to the Slst inst., in order to be m time for the steamer of the Istof April, from Boston. For further par.iculan. apply (if by letter, post paid) to mhgl rrc JOHN HkRuMaN, 61 goutfr street. If FOR LIVERPOOL.?Hegulai Packet of the llth .of A?ril?l'he well known, splendid, first class, last Biailing Packet Ship ASHBURTON, Captniu Henry luinoion, will positively sail as above. Having most splendid and elegant accommodations for ca bin, second cabin, and steerage paseeagen, persons wishing to sniliark or secure beiths in the above magnificent lVket.should mike application on board, loot of Maiden Lane, or to tlie sub scriber, JOSEPH McMURKAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. 'Ill* above will he succeeded by the new and handsome Pack dShip HENRY CLAY, Captain Nye, to sail on 6fh May. FOK NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New ? York Line?Positively fint Hegnlar Packet?To Sail -O" Wedneeday, ltth insfnt?1The elegant Inst sailing pa. I. tsnip ARVUM, Capt. W. Smith, will positively sail on the above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid furnished accommo dations, npply on board, at Orleaaa w harl', foot ol Wall St., or to E. K. COLLINS It CO., M South St. Positively no goods received on board aftar iaeaday, even ii*, 15th April. AgenU in New Orleaas, Measn. Hullin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their addyses. all BLACK UALL, OK OLU LIN fc. OF U1 V f.K, .POOL PACKETS.?FOR LIVERPOOL.-Ouly ^Regalar Packet ol the 16th of April. Tilie m.tgniticent and celebrated fast sailing favorite packet ?hip NEW YOHK, burthen 1050 tons Thos.B. Cropper com mander, will sail positively on Wednraday, the 16th April Having unsurpassed accommodations for Cabin, 3d Cabin, ?n<l Nteera** Pasiengers, tho?e returning to the old country, or seiid .ng lor their friends, will And it to their mtaieau and com fort to (elect this anr<iualled line of packets. For (.this of passage, and to secure the best berths, early aoidiralion should be made on board, foot of Brekman st, or to the anbscriben, ROCHE. BHOTHER8 It CO., I J1. Hniton street, neit door to the Fulton Bank, New York. ifcalOCtrc . W ANTED?A hhi^ to^load for a Southern Port. Apply to K. K. COLLINS It CO., 46 South st m qTfllAM POWER TOILET, at M Gold street, with light *t> 41 ?tr?rt N#w York Ma iU LSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL. 137 AND 139 MERCER STREET. ^ MR. JOHN ? ROUL8TONE has the honor to lj? v Stuloriu his friends, sad the public in general, that his r> \ School for liistmction in Honemansnip is now o|>en day mi.I rvening, as follows Hours fo' Gentlemen, from 6 to ? A. M. " " l.adies I A. M. to 3 P. M Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr. Ronlstone. ... . Mr. H. has Just received from the country several Ane and stylisb Had die Horses, which he is authorised to ssll at a rea sc sable price. mttm n . ? A DOLLAR SAVED fB I 8 A DOLLAR KAHNKD. jJL UKNTLtMtN who m>ke it a role to lay oat their money to the beat advantage, are respectfully notified that they can purchase Huts and Caps at ROUERTSON'S PHOCNIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, No. 103 hulton street, between Willi, m and Nustn its., much ctieaper than at any oth*r eilabl -linieut iathecitj An intlexi ble adherence lo tne system of lar?re tales, ?rp?|l profits, aud cash on delivery. enables tt-e proprietor ro offer the different articles in hia line at the following reduced rates :? HATS. First quality Nutria For S I 'Ji Second do J (A) Moleskin 2 50 CAPS. First quality men's and boys' Si 50 Second do do 1 oo Third do do ............. 75 These articles are not only quite equal, but in some respect* (especially iu t>>^s,yle of trimming) superior to any in the city. A coiniarison of the qualities iir.d pr.Ci, with thnv of other establishments, will show a deduction of Si to$t 50 on custo mary prices. All Hats warranted of the most fashionable Broadway patterns. N.B ? The proprietor's extensive arrangements enable him to offer very advantageous bai^ains to wholesale dealera and country merchants. alO lm?m HATS?SPRING FASHION. J. M. TICE & CO. No. 9 Bowery, New York, m ARK now ready to supply their customers with their Jpkgprini; Style of Hats, which are equal, if not superior, in point of elegance, durability, nnd economy, to those sola at any other store in thi. city. m8 lm*m NEW rASHION. BROWN fc CO.'S ONE PRICE STORE, 17B Chat J^^hain square, corner of Mott street. Imitation Beaver aud Mole Skin Hats, of the Hpring Fashion, for the low filed price of S3. A large assortment ofCaps, some new patterns, inueh admired, sold at moderate prices, wholesale and retail. m8 lm*m _ SPRING- FASHION. fl WM. BANTA, No. 13* Chatham street, (opposit* J^feChatham Theatre,) and M Canal street corner of Wooster street, offers for sale and inspection, a large assortment or Hats and Caps, of the Spring Fashions, at extremely low prices, vix: Nutria Kur Hats, S3) Superfine Moleakia Silk| Hats, S3; Fine Silk Hats, $3,50. Also, a fall assortment of Caps, at the lowest city price*. mhlt lm*ec THE FISHING SEASON HAS COMMENCED. "Let those now fish, that never fished before, And those that always fished, now fish the more." rPROUT TACKLE for tne present season: also. Tackle for J- all seasons and all kinds of Railing, in great variety, at the lowest cash price. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN J. BROWN Si CO., mhlg 1m?rc 125 Fulton street ?p?lSH HOOKs, hc.-JOH ? CO * RO V, 52 Fultou, corner of Cliff street importer of Fish Hooks, aUo importer and manufacturer ol l<ishing Tackl* in every varietr. City and country dealers supplied in f mill and lar*e quantities, on the most liberal terms, and th-< lowest possible prices. . A large assortment of Eastern made tiax Fishing Lines, all *?"?. at the manufacturer's prices 400 Bamboos, and 75,000 stilt worm gBt, of various qualities, for sale ap4 lm?ec SPRING WITH ALL ITS CHARMS^ 'PHE SIGN OF THE GOLDEN FISH, *71 Broadway, A corner of Chambers street, ?t ntlemea will find a most splendid assortment of the under mentiened articles, jest re ceived from Paris and London, of the newest fashions, calcula ted for thi present and approaching season, which he offer* ?t such prices as will ensure the patronage of those who favor him with a call. Cravats of every vriety, Handkerchiefs, bilks, and Cambric Hemmed, or not Hemmed?Stocks and Ties of every kind?Collars and Bosoms of all the new styles, for stand ing up or turning over. Oloves? A very extensive assortment; Hosiery of every description; Under Shirts mid Drawers for Spring and Bummer wear, consisting of Merino, Silk, Threid, Cotton, and Gauze, or made to order; Itussian Belts, Money ll hf.nud Shoulder Braces, Suspenders, Umbrellas, Baihing I'ii * ,Vornirg (Jowns, Parses, Brushes, and Combs, aud in ftc: every article that u required by a gentleman for an entire ou.t ifor hia wardrobe. iVrticular attention is paid to the manufacture of Shirts, of which a splendid assortment will always be found on hand or made to measure in the best possible manner. Also, Silk Shirts and Drawers made to order. N. B ?The Oolden Fish will swim from 271 to 297 on the 1st of May. m30 lm?ec E. L1PPOLD&CO (No. 103 William Street, near John,) TAPESTRY WORSTEDS. Best manufacture and most extensive assortment. CANVASS. Cotton, Linen, Bilk, Wonted, Ooiu ana stiver, vr<ut mums and CHENILLE, For working and Ornamental Trimming, plain and shaded; Flower Chenille, he. SILKS. . _ . Plain and shaded, and Chinee, Sticks and Spools; Twist, Floss, do. FRINGE8. Silk, Worsted and Cotton, ?f the latest style*. GIMPS, And Gimp Cords, in great variety. GOLD AND SILVER CokDS. AND BRAIDS, TAS SELS, be. STEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, , Parse Trimmings, Steel and Jet Buttons, Hair rins, he. OILED SILKS, Assorted Colors. PERFORATED PAPER. CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Galloons, fcc. al lm.m COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. TJAUER It BODEN respectfully inform their friends and the D public, that they continue to manufacture Colored Paper and Fancy Paper Boies, in all varieties, at the old stand of the late firm of Blanc It Boden, 74 Fulton corner of Gold street. He is fully determined to manufaetaie a superior article, and to put the prices so as to satisfy his customers. Orders will be punctually attended to. N. B.?A good assortment of Colored tapers and Fancy Paper Boxes always on hand. jaJO 2m*ec JET AND HORN BUTTONS, AK all litw-Biiln, Bnuli; Hair, Shawl and Breast Pins, V/ Bracdoti, Bnl Bags, Hair Ornaments, kc. Daguerreotype Plate* and Instruments, Krench China Vasei Also, Plain White China. For sule by EDWaRD HEN. Importer, mh? lm'm 18 and X Liberty street. ~~ FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO MO. ?? LIBERTY STREET, (UT STAIRS.) A DALESME, Importer and Agent far Manufacturers, hat .1. always on hand a b.r^e ancrtmret of dinner and tea sett, ia plain w Kite and gilt rr? Porcttain, as well as Dinntr aid '.'esnert Plates, of sll nvs. asjortril Dishes, Seup Tnresas, Covesed Dirhes, HsUotf Uowls, Frr.:t Baskets. Castards and Also, Fancy Tm Sett, aad Rich Decorated Diane? Sen. Alto, Tea and Cfeoco'.aM Ware, Greek, If reach and Aneriaaa All the articles ire warren tr* of the beat tnaliry, and ?? be Did on liberil ttrMt, and ia lots to scit*parchaaera. ? U ??*?* T AMPS, CHANDAI.1KR8, GIRANDOLES, fcc.-The Lj subscribers hare made such arrangements with the manu facturers, that they will, after the Uth ilay of March, be leady to exhibit by far the best assortment of House Furnishing Goods in the Unif I States, at very reduced prices. They are now opening a compete assortment of entirely new ana beautiful goods, sach as Solar and Lard Lamps and Chande liers, a great variety of patterns, suitable for piirate honsea, churches, hotels, aud steamboats: some new ana beautiful Oas and Candle Chand .lien, Oirandolea, Mantel Lights, Braekett, Pendants, Lint0roi.kc. A great variety of new styla English Ooods, received per ship Europe and now opening, snch as fine quality plated Baskets, Waiters. Castors, Snuffers and Trays, Tea and Coffee Una, i iahea, etc. Itc. Rich fancy and plain Tea Trays ia variety, fine Table Cutlery in sets aad dosens, and every variety of rich cut and Main Olassware?in short, almost erery article required for housekeeping, may be found at the subscribers' show rooms. WORAM It HAUOHWOUl, mhli lm*m 561 Broadwsv. WARRANTED THE CHEAPK8T AND THE BEST IN NEW YORK. J. STOUVENEL & CO., MANUrACTUREnS OF GLASS AND LAMPS 'or nvgay DgscnirTiorr, D ESPEC rKULLY call the attention of Country Merchants, " Hotels, Steamboats, Ship Masters and Families, to our as sortment, at s great deduction,twin?- manufactured by ourselves, and which cannot be surpassed in quality and workmanship, comprising a complete assortment of new patterns of Cnt and Plain Glass Oiiiuidoles,. Solar, Lard and Camphine Lamps, Brackets, Candelabra*, Hall Lamps and Lanterns, with Rich Cut Olisr. Astral and other Lamps altered to Solar and Wd and retimshed equal to new. Glass and Lamps made to order and to match any pattern. Ooods leaned for Parties. Factory 29 < fold street. Wholesale and Reteil Store No. Jehn street, near Broadway. mhl9 lm?rc LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, HALL LANTERNS^ AND CANDELABRAS, FOR THE SPRING TRADE! DIETZ, BROTHER It CO , No. I] John street, are m-mu faeturing and hare always on hand, a complete assortment of articles in their line, of the following descriptions, which they will sell st wholesale or retail, at low prices for cash:? Improved Chemical Oil and Campheue Lamps. Solar Lamps, Oilt and great variety. "Cornelius It Co.'s" celebra.ed Pat nt Solar l^rd Lamps. Girandole*, various patterns, gilt, silvered or bronzed. Suspending Solars, Done Camrhcue Lamps, Bracket Solars, Sids do do Solar Chandeltan, Bracket do d? Paient Lard Hand Lamps, Stand do do Brittania Hand mi, Camphene Chandeliers, Superior Chemical Oil, l'nre Sperm Oil, do Camphene, Solar and Lard Oil, do Burning rinid, Refined Whale Oil. mhl? lssd? te HA R K K L* SELF-COCKING ANDRE VOLV1NG PISTOLS. _ BLUNT & SYMS, Wo* 44 VhMfian itrMt* M A!*V^ACTURERf of the above article havs now a com pleyaaaovt^?tmdyforthe.Spring trade, which they of ? at reduced prices. They woald invite the attention of mcr *?'! ^* t?1 t ,r sasortnient. to t)?e manufacture of which, they hare paidjwrsonul attention, and from tlie increased 1851 "* ?*" "?? them lower Mian before of A ho?Guns of their own manufacture, as well as every vari ety ol imported Oans and implements, ia quantities to sait nur e.hasars, nt eaceedinalv low prices K trn'm MACHINE FOR SALK. ' A MACHINE constructed for cutting, with a plane, lam slips of wood for making roiud or oval boxes, for which l urposa it has been for some time dvantageoasly used, on sa cpant ef its rapidity in cuttisg. . is supposed It might be an. essur tni~ ltwci^VL&i?:M"t,on s??w*ee itr WUiiamstrast. Spirits, selected with that tuts peculiar to on old and experienc ed wiue-bibber; Bottled Porter, Cider, and a sparkling glass of Albany Ale, accompanied with a pure Havana, all of w hich SCOTT'S BAZAAR 37 Dey street. between Broadway and Orrenwirhl SaNDS SCOTT returna hit most Sincere thanks to his friends and the ptblie at luge, for the liberal support received since he opened tho above noose, and hopes, by the same strict attention,to in-rit a coutinnance ,i??reo , ^'le qualities of his Ales, Wine*, Liquors, nod Mr gars, are to J well known to need comment- The best Oysters the market can afford served up in everystvle; likewise a Uree assortment of refreshments 10 be had at all hours, nntil 12 at night, such as Beet steaks, Welsh Rarebits, Mutton Chops, Sardines, pried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Hatn and Eggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached Kg:., Teak Coffee, he. A good (l'nnerof roast and boiled m?ata for one shilling, every dav front . <2 to 4 o'clock. Dunlin Brown Stout lalways on dr night, families i applied with the best Scotch and Irish Vfhiv ?: key. No house better supplied with Engliih, Irish, Scotch,Welsh, ani city papers?always the latest news by the steamers. Good Booms for Prnate Prrties, at all times ready?free gra tis for nothing a4 Im ec SARACKN'S HEAD. No. 12 Dey street, (adjoining the Franklin Howl.) JOSEPH SMITH, la'e of Worcester, England, begs leave " most respectfully to inform his friends and the public, that he has leased the above establishment, and fitted it up in a style second to none. H? has a'so uksu care to provide the creature comforts for the inward man. At II o'clock there will always be a sandwich ready, and at any time during the day the following article! *> ill be prepared end served up in a style suitable to the palate of the inostfaaii dious epicure:? Beef Steaks?Mutton Chops?Veal Cutlete?Broiled Ham and Eggs?krizzled Bacon? Welsh Kartbits?Poached Eggs Sardines?C< Id Cuts?Cream Cheese. J. S. will at all times keep on hand the choicest Wine* and ^erienc llass of . _ AHUM will be served on such terms and price* as will square with the times. mh> 4w eow?ec UUAKD1NG. MRS. O. FISH, 135, 137 and 139 Broadway, NEW YOKK. Th? Public and Strangers visiting thecity. are respectful ly informed that the above premise* have been fitted up in a su perior manner, for the entertainment of Permanent and Transient Boardert. The location i* pleasant and central to business?the apart ments spacious, light and airy, and handsomely furnished throughout with new furniture, beds, bedding, he. The table will be abundantly supplied with the best the market affords. Transient Board $1 per Day. m26 1 in * rc HOUSEHOLD FUK NITURK WANTED, "GMTHEK NRW or second hand, suitable for a Boarding -L* House, as the advertiser ha* just taken a spacious, commo, dious house near Broadway, and not possessing turniture suffi cient to fill the house, would like to make arrangements with some person or persons disposed to relinquish house-kteping, Rnd receive good and geuttwl board as payment. Auy commu nication addressed wilh real name nnd residence will receive prompt attention by addressing A. B C., Herald office Alio, a few rente el boarders wanted. a!4 3t*m NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. rPHK Schuylkill Navigation Company heieby invites Propo *? sals f'om Contractors, for the new work required for the improvement of the n ivigation. The principal part of the work will be the cons truction of a new tier of large locks throughout the line, which will require a large amount of heavy meuonry and carpenter work As it will be vigorously urged to an early roinpletiou, it presents a fine opportunity for ene-getic and en terprising contractors. Plans and siecifications may be seen at the office of the Company'* Engineer's, No 7 Sansom street, Philadelphia, on and after the Uti ol April, 1845, and proposals may be addressed to Edward Miller, Civil Engineer, at that place. By order of the Board of Managers. SOLOMON W. ROBERTS, President. Philadelphia, April 8th, 1843. a!4 3t*?c VTO 1'ICE is hereby given, that Pioposals will be received at ? ' ihe o + ce of the i\ew York and Harlem Railroad Company until the 10th May next, for the delivery of from One to '1 hrre Thousand Cords first quality Virginia < ine Wood, to be de livered monthly from one to three hundred cords. WM. 8. CARMAN, apl2tomyl0 Secretary. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, '"PHE HIGHEST PRICES cam be obtained by 4ientlemea or Families who are deiirout of converting their left off warm* apparel into cash. (?'amilies or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing rtii ?V ice, having any superfluous effect* to dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to send for the StiMcribeT, who will if; -sd rt their mideace by eppointcaen;. J. LEVINBTYN, 4M Lroadwiy, up stair* A lime through the Post Offiee, or nrhernriao, willi<eei*a promptatteauor. m27 lm*rc SKCOND HAND CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED?And the highest price given for all kind* of cnMoff IJIothinc and good second hana Furniture. Persons punctually attended ^ ^JTW*. N y N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen's Clothing, cheap for cash. m? lm?rc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE. rpRB HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen L or Families who are desirous of converting their left off wearing apparel into cash. Familie* or Gentlamen quitting the city or changing rati d"nyr, having any superfluous effects lo diapoae of, will find it ni|)K to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will at loa at their residence by appointment. R LEVETT, * Wall street. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. mrl lm*rc TO TAILOKS. rPHE Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated work on cut -L ting garner ts of every description ia a style of elegance un equalled, is now published and rejdy for delivery. Those who desire to avail themselves of the great advantages to be derived fromtheuseof the instructions It contains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. The book is 12 to 17 inches square, and contains 17 elegant diagrams of all the various styles ot garments worn at the present day, with full and ample in structions for cutting in an easy and scientific nanner. 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Further Particulars and Incidents of th* CrREAT Firs at Pittbbuio.?The Governor of Pennsylvania transmitted a special message to the Legislature on Monday, relative to this file, and immediate action was had upon it; a bill was introduced nuking au appropriation of #50,000 as relief to the city. Alresdy ara men busy at work in recovering from thn ruins, iron and other article! worth digging out; and we taw mauy busy with hatchet* cutting the plaster lrom the fallen bricks, preparatory to re-building'.?Such in domitable energy is worthy of all admiration; it ii a pro minent trait in the character oi out citizens, and gives cheei iog evidence that wo shall soon regain our pro?peri ty, in spite of the terrible calamity we hare endured. J A breach had occurred in the acqueduct near Pittsburgh, Just lieluie th? great fire, and in consequence a large fleet ol bca's losdi d witii merchandize were detained on th" north side of the Monongahela river. Had they been ab.e tti pa*?, much of their contents would have been fctoied and consumed. Of the 1200 Louses which were estimated as a number lost, about 700 were dwellings, and we suppose at least 4 Ooo persons have beenthruwa out of house and home. The whole l?ngth of the burnt district is about one I mile?the average breadth about one hundred and sixty yards ? malting an area of about sixty acres The A?e says:?"We can give no idea, on paper, of the I distress which prevails?thousands are left destitute?men who yesterday were worth thousands, are now bankrupt. It hoi been estimated that the burntdistrict contains sixty uciea! The total loss, in dollars, canno: be arrived at with any kind of occuraey-say guess at Twelve Mil lions ! Thin is probably near it. All the insurance offices are broken up - they will not be able to pay two per cent. Oaly about $15,000 were taken in insurance compinies in other cities. The Oazett* of Saturday, although printed only upon a half sheet, is almost wholly occupied with the disaster ? The Oaa Works escaped with but little injury. Councils had met, and had autnoiized the appointment of a police to protect the ruins, and had also called a Town Meeting for the reliei of the sufferers. Several Churches had been off red to the houseless, as places of temporary shelter.? I The agent of the Delaware Mutual Safety Insurance Company has announced his ability to pay all the policies ; of that company. The Gazelle gives the following mel ancholy list of sufferers:? The Olobe Cotton Factory, owned by J. Wood It Co.; the Fireman's Insurance Office; the Fire and Navigation insurance Office; the Penn Insurante Office; Mayor's Of fice, Tombs, Merchants and Board of Trade Beading Rooms, its files and valuable library, Philo Hall?all in one building. The Bank of Pittsburg; the Chronicle of ffice; the Exchange offices of Messrs. Sibbett and Jones, Alien Kramer and William A. Will; the Merchants Ho tel, Woo J street; The Monongahela House; The Glass works ef Bakewell 8c Pears; the Foundries of Messrs. An derson It Son; J. Livingston (and Scale Factory also); the new and extensive steel works and coach spring ma nufactory of Messss. Jones 8c Quigg, just about going into operation; the rolling mill and nail factory of Messr.i. Freeman 8c Co., Kens ngton. called the *' Dallas Iron Works; "the glass works of Messrs. Miller 8c Co.; the American Hotel, corner of Third and Smithfield streets; tins Smithfield Hotel, corner of Second Ic Smithfield; Mur i<.ock&', Hughes' Hnd Wilson's taverns, and the William Tell tavern on Water street; the Associate Presbyterian church on Fourth street; the Baptist Church comer of Orant and Third; Ihe Western University; Wood's Brew ery; Robertson & Reppert's oil mill; the African Metho dn.t Church, Second street; the Scotch Hill market house; Fulton's Bell and Brass foundry; the Monongahela Bridge; the Custom House; Gwynne 8c Eley's lard oil fact cries; india lubber factory of J. O Morgan. Commission, Forwarding and Wholesale Grocery Houses?Allen & Co., At wood, Jones. Ic Co., A. Beelen, J Bull, J. W. J Butler, Wm. H Campbell Ic Co., George Cochran. A ,Gordon, King & Holmes, L. Hutchinson & Co., S. Kellar, W 8c J F. Kelley, Pe er Peterson, Poin dexter 8c Co , J. W. Burbridge 8c Co., Church 8c Carothers, I. Dickey 8c Co , Hailman, Jennings <c Co. Wm. Holmes 8cCo.,Wm. J. Howard 8cCo., M. B Rhey 8c Co., Robert son 8c Reppeit, 8. F. Von Bonhurst 8c Co., L 8c J. D. Wick, Williams 8c Dilworth.JWm. Wilson, Jr., George A* Berry, Black 8c McKee, O. Blackburn, Vankirk 8c Co., English, Gallagher 8c Co., P. C. Martin, Rank in and Coltart, Thomas W. Scarfe, H. Lambert, Tac sev and Best, R. D.Miller 8c Co, Wm. P.Young. Druggists and Chemists? Ogden 8c Co, E Fenderich* J. Kidd 8cCo , J. Schoonmaker 8c Co , R. E. Sellers, H. H. McCullough. % Dry Goods Jobbers?Arbuthnot 8c Stewart, Wm. Bell Ic Sons, Semple 8c Barker, Jones, Murphy 8c Co., Wm. McClintock, (Carpet.) Hardware Merchants?James M. Cooper, A. Henderson 8c Co , Clark k Cameron, Nelsons 8c Morgan, shovel man uucturers. l^ueensware Houses?H. Hisrhv. James Park lr 8c Co.. Book and Periodical Stores?C. H. Kay, Johnston 8c Stockton, J. W. Cook, Luke Loomis. Paper Warehouses?Holdship 8c Browne, J. Howard 8c Co. Iron and Nail Warehouses?Spangle Co., James Ander son, Bailey, Brown 8c Co , Biasels 8c Semple, Freeman 8c Co. (at Church 8c Carothersj Edward Hughes, (Browns ville work ) Lorenz, Sterling 8c Co . Lycn, Shorb Ic Co , G. 8c J. H. Shoenberger, Woods, Edwards 8c McKuight, J. A. Stockton 8c Co., Franklin works, Pa.) Foundry Warehouses?J. Anderson it Pod, W. T. Mc ( lurg, Robinson Ic Minis. Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Manufacturer? Howard Ic Rogers, Kane Ic Keller, J. T. Kincaid, John M'Williams, Wm. Scaiie, Sheriff Ic Shirk Glass Warehouses? Bakewell Ic Pears, Curling, Robert ?nu Ic Co., M. Ic R. H. Sweeney Ic Co., (Wheeling,) 8. Me lt ee It Co., C. Ihmsen. Boot aud Shoe Stores?G. Albree Ic Co., M'Curdy It Loomis, J. Bates, W. McCowan, B Perry. Tobacconists?E Day, G. Wilson. Livsry Mtables?Two?R fc R H Patterson, H Fene lcn, Merchants'Hotel, and several others. Cabinet and Chair Makers?James Woodell, A. Bulford, Davitt 8c Aspera, J.K.Hartlev. M.Kane, Lemon 8c Pow ers, Lowrie 8c Barbin, W. Milliken, J. McFarland, A. Mc. Curdy, N. Young, G Singer. Auctioneers?P McKenna, Lynd 8c Bickley. Merchant Tailors and Clothiers? D. Brucklocher, Coo ley 8c Laird, J Green, Wm. Leonard, J. Shipley. 8. Schov er, s stoner. Wire Worker*?K. Townsend St Co , J. Wickerham. Upholster*.?Wm Noble, E Edmundson. And a Urge number ol other minor establishments, and other branches of business. The Gmxettr alio rays: "Our large mannfactorie* are untouched; the only mill* ot any importance which are burnt being the Globe factory, which i* the smallest in the city, the Kensington Iron Work*, and B ikewell It Pear*' glnss work*. V. ricn* other sm':ll e;taMi*hments were d st-oy d, hut It is with gr?r>t sati: firiion wc an nounce, ihsiihu^n at lead tig branches are comparative ly untouched, and that business, so far as I hey are con cerned, will go ou as uaual. A* (or our wholesale mer chant* in the grocery, queensware, and dry good* branch es who were bumt, some number of them will commence forthwith. Some are wholly rainod, many much erip pled, but we believe the majority can goon a* usual, and yesterday they were busy getting place* of buiine** and otHcea. It is with heartfelt pleasure we observe the forti tude with which they bear their losses. There i* no re. pining, no despair, no sullennesa; but a calm, determined ipirit, which must carry them up again. Mo*t of the dry good* Jobbers are untouched; to of the hardware merchant*, and a number ot the heavy house* ate out of the limits of the burnt district. And it fortu nately happen*, too, that'a large amount of groceries from ihe eaat, for the city, had not arrived. Kensington ia well nigh annihilated In the morning, and at noon, the atieeta of this ward were thronged with a crowded and buay population, numbering some six thousand aonl* !?in the evening, not a single inhabitant was lelt on the dasacratod streets and square*, and rain (talked supreme. Nearly all the good* and houiehold property in thi* ward were lo*t The Are raged with such uncontrollable fury, and the distance necesiary to move waa so great, that the frightened and flying inhabi tant* had only time to depart with one load upon the'r l.acks, or in such conveyance a* they could procure at a moment * warning, and to return and And their houiea in flame* and inacceasible! The Oiztlir give* the following additional itema ol In terest : A ft i em an had hi* f*ce burned *o raw, the blood ran fnm it. Mr. Malcom F.eech was on the top of hi* warehouse, looking at the flre, and when coming down, wa* injured pretty severely by a fall. The only life lo?t that to heard of, wo? a poor woman in Third street Amidst all the distress, there were those around who added to the calamity by stealing. Among others, the Pev. <?eo 8. Holmes had about $S00 stole, which he had gathered up, by great economy, on o Methodist preacher's t alary. He also lost a large numbi r of valuable menu aaripts, the labor of twenty years. To show the rapidity of the flre, we may mention that a gentlman of our acquaintance arrived at the American hotel, abont one o'clock, and leaving his trunk, walked cut to see the flre, which waa then nearly a quarter of a mile oft". In a short time he returned, and found the ho tel in flame* He loat hi* trunk, with nearly all hi* cloth ing and paper*, and a considerable mm of money. One reason of the rapidity with which the flre spread, is to be found in the extraordinary dryneaa of the weather for two weeks past. We have not had a shower of rain in that time, with one trifling exception. Every particle ol wood in the hoasea of the city, waa as cry aa tinder. We regret to learn tkat Samuel Kingston, ha* been missing since the flre waa raging on Thuraday afternoon. Ha was last seen going into his burning oAce f It is leared he is lost The losses of some individual* and houaea are enor mous; ranging from $6,000 up to $900,000. Thus, one firm of wholesale grocers, the heaviest holders of sugar, molasies, kc. in tke city, and also owners ol the building in which they did businesa.cannot have loat less than from $80 to $100,090. There 1* the Mouongahela House, also, which cost $300,000, including the furniture. In many instances merchants not oulylost stock a worth $40,#00, imt'alio thwir dwelling housea and every dollar's worth offurrituresnd clothes they possessed. Said one, 1 have lost $30 (KX) and have now but one dollar in the world. The Exchange office*, fMhfiett fc Jones lost sompara tively little. Allan Kramer'* safe preserved his books, papers and money. Wm. A Hill, we understand, had all liia valuablea in the vault of the Exchange Bank. The Insurance Ollicea, we believe, are totally ruined. Wo learn from a reliable source, that the Fireman's In surance ??ce has loat $J4? 000, and will pay about forty cents on the dollar. The Klreand Navigation Company hava lost $;00 000, and will pay the whole amount. The Penn Office we have heard nothing of, but believe It is ruined, and will pay only a small percentage on the dollar. The Mutual OSoe, we understand, will pay all its risk*. Losses $44,000. . Withtwo or three exceptions, eveiy merchant belong ing to the Third Presbyterian Church wa* burnt out. The demand for house*, stores and office* ii immenw. , F. i-ery vacant room was taken *p, and the cellar* ate in in any instance* rented. yesterday afternoon, an attempt was made to fire wii p. jrth k Reynold"* Board Yard, on Irwin *treet. The dviblo-dyed villain had placed a bundle of matche*, limited in a heap of shavings, and thrust the whole ma** into a board pile It had begun to blaze when it wa* i providentially discovered Let the police olthe city be on the watch. The*e devil* in the shape ot men among us, would destroyed the whole city il they could. Trial ot Nicholas S. Gordon for the Murder ot Amu* Spragu?. MonDAT Moaismo, April 14 n may as well sta?o here that the stain--s_iid to be a blood stain- on the sleeve of the shirt found In Oordon * chamber, has been submitted to a chemical analy sis, the r.-sult 01 which was stated Saturday aternoonbytheAt torney General to be not unlavorable to the prMOner.j On the opening of the Court thi* mornirig, (or the prisoner, resumed and concluded hi* opening ar K^ment. He dwelt for some time on the character 01 the e vidence which had been presented b? the goyemmeut. It wad purely circumstantial, and on thi* account would require a greater degree of careful scrutiny on the pa of the jury. In making this scrutiny or examination, the jury aiu*t bear in mind certain admitted truths; the first, that each circumstance must stand alone, and depend, not upon the other circumstances, but the testimony bearing directly upon itselt; the second, that'each cir cumstance must be fully established before any infe rence can be drawn from iti the third, thnt th? circum stances must not only tend to the establishing of the fact charged, but they must positively exclude every other hypotheii* which might be presented. ,, Mr. C. then p issed to an examination ot the evidence in relation to the guilt of Jehn Gordon, the record of whoie conviction had been ottered o* prima/acta ev idence that he committed the murder. He thought that heahould be able to *how that John Gordon did not and could not have committed the murder. The Governmenthadnot offered a particle of po?itive evidence to show^at John Gordon wa* any nearer the place of murder when it wm committed, than hundred*ol other* residing in |hevici nity. He was Been going toward* hi* home Jthtlf PMt a o'clock ; he must have been at home at 3 o clock. Mr Sprague was la*t seen at half part 3 o f minutes walk ol the place ol murder. John ^H (?/he again seen at hall past 4 o'clook ; at neither time did he have a gun, or a coat resembling the ow toand swamp" It wa. for the jury to judge whether John^Gor don could have exchanged h? clothe* alter 3 o clock, ' went to the place ol murder, killed Mr. iprague, secreted the gun and coat, returned to his home, again exchanged I h is clothes, and called on the Kingston's, three quarter* I of a mile distant, at half past 4 o'clock. Mr. C next glanced at the evidence relating to the gun found in the iwamp. The chief witnes* who identified it vis having belonged to either of the Gordon s, was Abner Sprague, jr. Ho saw a gun very strongly resembling; it, i.i th? possession of John Gordon, the Friday befoire th murder was committed Ho met Gordon in the road, locked at the gun a few minutes, and tne two then separated. Mr. Haskins and his ? ? seen Gordon's gun the day before, the jr had previously had it two orthr.e week* in hu poiie - sioi.; and had examined it with the view of purchasing it, mid both cf them swear this is not the gun they saw. Mr. C. went over the other evidence in relation to the gun?that given by Mr. Almy and bis clerk was only to the fict that a gun, as appear.*! by a pmcil mark in their book, was sold to *' N. Gorton" Neither of them reco^ lect or pretend to state any thing farther than tbi*. That given by the negro Francis, that he left this gun with Almy for sale, was not sufficient?ho only identified the eun from its general appearance, and from the fact that ! screw was missing from the lock, and that a 'crew, not properly a gun screw, was now in that -place. Mr. cur ry ft ere took the gun, and showed to the jury that two screws, neither ot them gun screws, were now in the lock. Mr. Curry also showed that there wa* a mark about the gun by which any person who had ouce exam ined it, could i'Jentily it. The stock was in twopieces, and one portion was much darker colored than the other. '1 was strange Francis and the other witnea*e* made no mention at this. The ramrod of the gun wa* only t. aced to Nichola* Gordon through the testimony ol Benjamin Waterman, or Ben Kit. Mr William hn"^e,'^d ed that he did not think Kit a competent witness, and Gen. Carpenter had sworn that Kit told him he was brib ed to swear as he did. Mr C. did notbelieve h r8p?gue had bribed Kit.but the tact followed that told ? slanderous lie to Carpenter. The jurycouldjudgo what reliance, in a case like this, should be placed upon his ?Mr. Curry next passed to the coat found in the ?*??P Oae or two witnesees think Kletd l\IS?rs IflmhosVften"thn Gordon'iTJnvo and w??r very coat: but it had been proved that Susan Field had acknowledged she had sworn to what she knew nothing about: and the witness who was colled to show that she had described Gordon'* clothes, before the clothe* were taken, admit* that she said nothing about the color of what she termed Nicholas's old coat. Beside* thi*, the two 8'one*, the very necre*t neighbor* of the prisoner, and two or three other near neighbor*, had sworn that ' they never saw him have this coat. ' The pistol, Mr. Curry said, had not b?'en identified by | any witness. Susan Field had seen a putol in Gordon s store, but no one pretended that any pistol had been seen 1 iu Gordon-* possess on directly resembling thi*. | Tho evidence in relation to the foot pnntt was tho roughly gone over by Mr. Curry, and the conflicting testimony on thi* subject completely sitled. He showed to the jury what everyone of them must have maiked from the testimony to the point, that the tracing and mea suring o( the foot-print* so near the house as had been sworn to, wa* imaginary, to say the least ol it. [v our readers, who have read the rvidenco on this point, can not help agreeing with Mr. Curry in thi* con-lu*ion J? Ho afterward* referred particularly to the fact, that the measure of the width ot th? track did not correspond with John Gordon'* boot He also dwelt upon the lact that a great many pei*on* had pa**ed over tho very ground of ??ie*etracks, from Gordon's house to Hawkin s Hole, on the. Monday after the murder. They must have Inter crpted and crossed these tracks?but they did not *ee them; and the men who traced them the day after, pro fessed to have seen no other track*. reteired to the man *een in the vicinity of Dyartbridge, ho wa* undoubtedly the murdeier, bnt ho was not John G >rdon; he. wa, a larg.r and taller man as had been worn to by four witnesses; and besides this, John Ojr .ton's bent would not fill hi, track i width, by an eighth Mr"cuR*Y concluded his argument at 1 o'clock P M Ot course tho brit f sketch I have given J* ? w'" 1??* tor a full outline, even, of what occupied four hour* in the delivery. Thi* afternoon, Mr. Rodgert, also lor the prisoner, will mske his closing plea. ?. . There is a strong probability that Gordon willac quitted. The wor*t that i* much feared by hi* friend* i*, tbat the Jnry will not a^ree.^ c ^ Legislative Summary, <fec. ?The usual prepa rations tor opening the canals have imparted some what of a busineas appearance to our streets. Still they have not the busy appearance of some former year*. The working of the luw allowing railway companies to carry freight, manifests itseli strongly, and the forwarding houses are loud in their complaints Previous to the last election, (his law, and the policy of us adoption, were thrown into the political cauldron, and every Httcmpt was mado to conciliate the canal interest by showing thnt ihis er thst patty was responsible for its passage it ap pens to have been lost sight of in the multifarious mat ters pressing the attention of the Legislature, for little herd appears to be given to it. This wan general order day, and of course almost a blank day in legislation. But few petitions were presen ted: among them, one for tbe holding of three of the spe cial terms of the Supreme court at Syracuse. A bill waa passed restoring the distinction between town and coun ty poor in certain counties of the 8tate it occupied tbe Legislature abeut two hours, and would have been more sn'isfactorily|arranged by the supervisors of the coun ties. The bill introduced tome tim* since by Mr. Morri son, of your city, empowering th?- judge of the first cir cuit to hear non-enumera:ed mctiooH (except incases of prohibition and mandamus), where the attorneys of the parties reside in the first circuit, was favorably consider el, and committed to the judiciary committee to report on the expediency of txtending it to other circuits. The bill for a convention was spoken tn t y Mr. ftailey, ot ru'.nam, who conclude) hi* speech The commit'e then resumed the consideration of the general orders On this quistion of n convention there is 10 doubt of an nn dvrstdnding having been come to brtwe^n the two sec tions of the Democracy. Tho question in difference be tween them was whether the convention was to bo limit ed or unrestrsined. In the Senate a report wo* made by s majority of the bank committee against the bill tor n pur redemption in New York or Albany Mr. Lester, of Ontsrio, is opposrd to the reports. A bill was passed to provide for paying the debts of the ins^lveet safety fund banks.? Albany L*lttr,J)pril 14. Oreoon Emigrants.?On Monday last our city waa in quite ?n excitement, by the number of emigrants about leaving for Independence, Missouri, on their way to Oregon riveor six wagons were in com pany, and about sixty-five emigrants. They left this city on Monday night en their long and perilous journey They appeared to be very comfortably fixed, having strong, light wagons, well covered.? Sprinttirtd (lit) R'K&rril*. Number of Houses Latily Erected in Boston ?It ia computed that the whole number of build ings erected in Bowton daring the past year, is not less than two thousand. The number put up in some parts of the environs, particularly Charlestown, Chelsea and Cam biiege. is much larger even then this, taking into consi deration the proportion to the previous population, and the improvements heretofore made in those places. Firk at Zanksvillr ?The fire a? Zanetville, mentioned in Saturday's paper, consumed the dwelling house of Psrke ai.d kastman, Mrs Prints and ti>e business rooms rn Main street of Briton and Gibbon*, Williams and Greenland, Clements and Warner; >13,(no lost, and 9I,inmi insurance. The most melancholy fact connected with the flrn is the death of John Cooper , sen of Juilirs Cooper, one of the associate Judges. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick ?We are in debted toourcorreepondentsatHalilaxsndS' John for papers of the two provinces, by the Acsdia and the Herald and Boston The Legislatures ot both provlncaa are in session, and engaged in matters of local intereat and some of which betray a considerable, want of harmony of feeling between them and their respective executives B?ton. [Correspondence of the Herald 1 Boston, April 14,1845. Ureal Increase of Manufacturing ? New Mill Building?Old Onet Enlarging? Steam vs. Water ?Another Cantunman Arrived?Eltction t? the 9th District? Sketch of the Daily Papert of Bos ton, tfC-t fyc. There is a great rush among " our first men" in the manufacturing line about these days. One would think by the movements that Clay was Pre si.lent of Alleghania, and that a full-blooded whig Congress was to meet at the capital on the firs'. Monday of December next. The cries of ruin to the manufacturers, in case Polk was elected, are all forgotten, and the tariff seems, to all appearance, to have got a lile lease ci a thousand years. The present taritt gives the cotton and woollen manu facturers a great advantage, which is constantly kept from the public eye by the. ingenious expedient of adopting high prices, and putting a moderate per centum thereon. By this means many import ant foreign fabrics are entirely kept out of the coun try, and the monopoly of our markets at their own prices, given to the American manufacturers. Encouraged by this state of affairs, which, by the way, has poured the money into the coffers ot the manufacturing companies almost without stint or measure, our capitalists are preparing to go the v. hole figure on these branches or business. Four ot the wealthy companies at Lowell are making very extensive additions to their mills, two very liirge mills have recently been erected, and five new ones are to be built as soon as possible, be sides a new establishment for making cotton and woollen machinery. These new projects, as you will see, must involve a very large investment of cnpital, and add greatly to the immense quantity of cotton and woollen goods now turned out daily at Lowell. There are not water privileges enough for all the new mills contemplated, and some of them are to be worked by steam, which, after all, is but little more expensive than water p >wer, when we consider the many uses for heat in these mills, and the wonderful improvements that have of late years been made for economising best. I would mention also, en passant, that a very heavy company has been started in this city for the manufacture of cotton goods by steam across the bay at Chelsea, at the head of which is that princely merchant Robert G. Shaw, Esq. Tnis company is going ahead fast. The ship Heber arrived here yesterday from Can ton, in 93 days, with 10,427 packages of teas, and some other China aoods. This is a made up voy age, by several Boston shippers, and the cargo will probably be sold here at auction. This arrival is the apt occasion for another glorification on tha part of the Boston i/uid nuncs, who love to prate atiout the wonderful race of rivalry with New York that the city of notions is running. There is to be another trial to elect a member of Congress in the ninth district of this State, on Mon day, the 28ih inst. There have already been seve r;il unsuccessful trials in that district, tne principal candidates being Henry Williams, ot Taunton, the late representative, known by the sobriquet of "no meat Williams," and Artemas Hale.Etq., a wealthy manufacturer of that district. There is a demo cratic majority in the district; but it cannot be cen tered upon Williams, and it is a piece ot folly for liim to run. He will be run down, but there la no great chance ot Hale's election, the abolition vote not coalescing with the whig. Williams is a man of some talent, but so diffident that he appears to gr-at disadvantage. He is a single man, and it is said, because he never had the courage to. pop the question. I have been thinking upon a pressing theme, and p> rhaps it will not be uninteresting io your readers, if I speak out touching the daily papers of this same c. y of notions. 01 the sixpennies, the Daily Ad' vertiser takes the lead in matters ot respectability, bat not of circulation, or actual influence. Tne d lily edition does not exceed eighteen hundred. In politics, it is a<j you are well aware, an old hun ker whig, viewing even the most trivial improve ments or enterprises through political specs, which me besmeared all over with bigotry. So much for rlic " resectable daily," as it is universally called here in lioston. Next comes the Morning Pent, 4 paper that goes strong for democracy, but not so much for democracies sake, as for love of the fislies. The Post is edited ostensibly by Charles O. Greene, who can write an excellent six line paragraph, while men of greater calibre do the I' auers Circulation about twenty-two hundred. Next comes the". Courier, with its old practical printer for an editor, J. T Buckingham. He w rites well, and generally with a good deal of judgment, but he is a twattler, and has not'got the confidence of either teds or locos. He tried to come the " native" business, but it was a flash in the pan The Courier circulates nearly two thou sand, and enjoys a large advertising patronage. It is u fast friend of the Hon. Daniel Webster, and "Through the furnace unshrinking, hi* iteps would purine, To shield him and guard him, or periih there toe." The Atlas, the acknowledged head of the Whig pHrty in Boston, is ihe largest paper'published in t'11s city, iand the most hasty and inconsiderate and foolish in its course; without tact or judgment; often leading the party where they are loth to fol l'--.v?yet it is conducted in many respects, as re gnrds lis various departments, with liberality and judgment. It has heretofore depended more upon donations from liberal men in its party than on its o<vn resources for support, having never proved a profitable or even paying concern. Circulation n'lout two thousand. Of evening papers, there's the Mercantile Journal, a real old maid of a paper, seven columns deep ia whiggery, moral reform, re ligion, humbug, &c , and is mainly supported by n e saints. It is edited by Capt. Sleeper, the man that writes those eternal nothings over the signa ture of "Hawser Martingale." Circulation about sixteen hundred. Then there's the " Little Tran script," which it will be the height of rudeness to speak against,inasmuch as it is edited by a lady,and shea Miss. Well, to say the truth,iti^&pretty little evening paper, and has ever been a favorite with tnmilies. It serves up a light dish suitable for a gt-nfeel tea-table. Circulation about three thou stnd copies. Next is theEvmin% Traveller, anew p per, about the size of the Transcript, ot good ap pearance, and neutral in politics. 1 havemy doubts ot its long continuance, the ground being alreadv well improved. At the head ct the penny prean. and the pioneers of them all, stand the Daily Mail, and The Timet, the best newspapers in this section of Alleghania. These two papers circulate thirteen thousand daily. Tats I learn from good authority. They may t( II larger stories for effect, but this is probably the circulation. The Timet supports the present ad ministration ; the Mail is neutral. Then there's the Bee, an excellent penny paper, published and e<lited by practical printers, neutral in politics? cir rt'latton five'to seven thousand. Last comes The Chnmidt, Jthe abolition paper, which don't circu late at all, but is supported, tor the good of the cause, by<donations. 1 had almost forgotten the American Eazle, a little " native" penny, lately surfed, with snout two thousand circulation. It is conducted with a sprinkle of spirit. So much tor Boston papers; and what 1 have told you is very n-nrly correct in all particulars. Thus we have twelve daily papers published in Boston, with an segregate circulation of 42,<100 copies per diem, wuh .i population ot 120,001). Quite a readme pub h" th's. e.-perially when you consider that ten per "??'rf n. p^per ror every one who buys. Gtnr Far*. Waw London. fl ""reapondcnca o( the Herald.] Nkws Office, New London, > April 14,184ft. $ Reimlt of the Election. Sim,? I give you below the result of the election in this place to-days? Dmnrrat. fVhif C C. Comstaek 3!Hi T. Fitch, Jr 4M A. f? l.ippitt 4( 0 K. ( happcll ? ? ....... . .S#fl Abolition ?" Scattering M The whigs are rejoicing, a* tliey have gained some in iheir number of votes Dartiam, [Correspondence of the Herald.] Di'rham, Green Co , April 14, 184ft. Pertrwtion of a Tannery. The extensive tannery in Cookenburgh, Rensse lierville, Albany county, owned by Hyde Bella rry was yesterday entirely consumed by fire ; also a store, it* contents, and about 1000 cords of bark. The total loss is estimated at $HMW0 to #15,090 ; nbout half of this was insured. Wkstfrn P*lt*i?s fc A. O. Whtttemore received by the Julia Ctioteau, fourteen tons of d er ikin?. which are a part of a nurchaw recantiy niM by them in Athan.aa. Tha balance of th* which Is nxtj tonn, i* eapccud by tfc*?a In */**."* 7* We understand that tha average wMfkt sf UMMisklMI is about threa pounds, and thn. dear hava bean killed to wppfr ty tha Ann forward thair lur. and patokM t?.Um Ciller for a mir&e', we W'U protltublv ranaid Si ' ???<? RfMlemt, April n

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