Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1845 Page 3
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shipments of the pracioui metals an unprofitable operstior. The French packets alyays take more or less specie, no matter wh*t the rate of exchange may be. Nearly every packet nailing from tbl* port for Havre, takee oat from 9ft to 60,000 dolljr* in fire fia*p piocea Tbe importation* of foreign mauiitacturis mto tbia port.this *40*011 bave been nearly aa large u lor the corr?aponltag period last year, While the exporta have thi* aeaaon been more limited than la?t, notwithstanding whicb the ruling rate* for foreign exchange are much Tower now than thuy hare been with in the past fix or eight monthi. The value of the aggre gate export* cf the couutry at large, ha* been larger lor the first quarter thia year than la?t, while the aggregate v.ilue ol the imports into the country has been las* for th? fi ~st quarter this year than last A very lsrge qu?nti'y cf cotton wont from this poit to Liverpool last spring,whi rej* this spring the cotton hat gone direct Irom the southern ports, thereby swelling the valuo of the exports from there ports, while the exporta Irom thia port ore full a* large thin season without this cotton, aa they were laat aessonwithit This ahowa an eotuil improvement in the ioieign trade of the country, which does not appear in the official returns of the trade of this port We| annex the semi anaual report ef the Central Rail road anil Sinking Cempaay. Si Mr a* Ihc Banking op< rations of the company an concerned, there has been very little change within the past six monihi, but 'he affairs of the railroad appear to be in a most flouti'bing state It Is tbe intention of the comp iny to reduce it* banking busi ness a* much as possible. Central*!> and Bambino CoMraitv. Oct. 1841. Jlpril 18-15. /net. Derr. Loans and discounts, 193.829 176,747 ... 18,081 Hpecie 1,53:1 2.508 975 Dt-pontes 57,417 T7.I65 ... 10,352 Circuit'i., 11 31,915 29.085 7,140 HOf the note* and discounts $16 !W8 are considered good. Under protest and in *uit, t($d3,905. Under protest and not in suit, $11,463. Lying over, not protest ed, $13,451. Balance in bond* of the city of Savanl nah, bet ringstven per #ent interest. The railroad, with appurteuauens, cost up to the 3d of December, 1944, $1 653,201. The amount actually receive 1 In cash Irom the road for the year endicg Dec. 3.1844, was $327,847 79 Total expense ol repair of road machinery, and ef transportation lor fame period.... 147,719 63 Net receipt for the year $180,138 37 The grois receipts cf the road for the year ending Dec. 8, 1843 were $301,464 46 Ol the receipt* for 1844, $.167,003 from freight.$40,841 fr>m pisicoger*, acdj$'JO,6bO Irom mail. More thun tbre<.fouith? of the total receipts for 1844 ware 'rem freight*. The aggregate recuipta of the company during the year e iding aa above from ail aouicea was ai follows:? From Railroad profit* $337,867 70 Bank profit*, principal Bank 6,913 81 Braneh at Macon 34,688 36 Discount line, principal bank 14 036 71 City Bond* sold 30,000 00 Bill* receivable 339 16 Loon for motion power 336 00 Caah ar.d Railroad bond* counted a* caah, on hand at the beginning of the year 63,1*3 66 $466,319 88 Thi total debt of the company cn the 7th Inat. amount ted to $006 949 aa annemd. Debt er thi Cbntbal Railboad and Bamboo Com fawv, April 7, 1846, Liabilities?Circulation $;o 086 Road ticket* 7,839 Depoaitei 19,103 Due other Banka 106 Uoolaimed dividend*.; 4,638 Bill* payable 196089 Railroad Bond 440,097 Total liabilitiea $896 948 Thia will he reduced by Dec. 1S46 46,948 $660,000 Interett to Dec. 1848 60,000 $700,000 From Doc. 1846 to D?c. 1846, the roa-1 can pay $300,000, and the bank $60,000 360,000 $460 000 Interest to Dec. 1847 86,000 $486,000 Frcm Deo. 1, 1840, to Deo. 1, 1847, the railroad and bank con pay 360,000 $236,000 Interest to Dec. 1,1848 17,000 $362,000 FromDrc.'l, 1847, to Dec. 1, 1848, theroadand and bank can pay 362008 In the above estimate the nett rccoipt* of road are placed only at $300,000 per annum for the next threo year* fol lowing Dec. 1846, when even for this year the nett re ceipt will be over that amount, nnd no allowance in favor of the company in made, either for prcgreaaive increase of busine**, or for reductions of interest to be occasioned by payments running through the respective years And only $162 000 of tho assets of the company (Indepen dent of the road) aro allowed to be realised in three years. II the debt of the company be paid from the earnings of the road by 1st December, 1848, then the stockholder* will own a road at a coat of $3,061,000, yielding, it may fairly be stated, at least 10 percent per annum. The amount of earnings given above was for the year endicg December 1,1844. The earnings lor the four months ending April 1st, 1846, have keen as fol low s CflPfTBAL HaILBOAD, UEOBOIA. Pa.t*g? 4" Unlet Total Date. Mail. cotton, eami'nc*. 1841?l)ec'r 4,476 88 12 517 34,886 71 1845?January 4,754 05 14,207 11,415 21 February 4,619 75 18,898 38,787 40 March 5.351 13 15,260 39,148 67 Total 19,333 21 60.883 142,337 93 113,384 59 Increase in tho four months over tbe corresponding pe riod last year, $29,763 S3, or 26J per cent. At this ra e the grots receipt* lor the year ending December lit, 1844. would amount to $437,011, from which deduct the current e xpenses, the tame at last year, $147,719, and tbe net re ciip'i of the road for the year would amount to $370,394, which ihowR that the eatimatea made above of receipt* from the road to pay off the debt, are far within limita. The dutance run by all tbe train* during the year, waa as follow* Passe nge.r tr? in? 119,666 mile*. Freight do 91,398 " Total 316,804 In performing thii diftance, 3,606 cord* of wood have bean couttimed, which i* one cord for every 69 milea run. Tho amount of tonnage transported during the year, i* equal to 1,056,198 total hauled one mile. It mutt be borne iu mind thtt for u considerable part of the year the traina go very lighl in one direction, lu the fall, when the up ireigbt greatly exceed* tho downward, and before the cot ton erip begiui to eome to maiket, tbe dewn train* run nearly empty. Tb?> reverie ii tho eaie a few monthi l*te , when the up freight fall* cfl', and the cotton preue > forward; and there i* a short period in tbe summer that thore is very little freight iu cither direction. Old Stock Kxchang*. $0000 U 8 5's, '53. epn 103<< 50 shas Morris Caoal 19V 2600 NY Htare7'?,'48 103){ 56 do 297* 9000 do '49 105 50 Canton Co alt 42W 1000 Ohio 6'*, '60 % 25 do 42j? 90IMI Illinois tpcl 38 50 do *10 42M 5000 Penn'?5's h60 72 50 do *30 42\ Men ?fo >60 7IK 100 N Am Trast I2)J 10000 do 7IK 50 do b30 13 10(00 d > 72X 50 Harlem RK 68V 54l'0 do 73 50 Wilmington HR s30 43j. 3' no Indiana bonds 50 AnbaniTHoch RR 1051 21 t'O do 300 Htoningion HR 31!* 10 this C>k A merica 98 100 ISor ana Wore RR 67K 5(1 l.?* her Mnf bk 105 100 do b)5 67* 27 Bk Com fall 50 do s30 67)2 35 lliaos Bk 17 150 do 67V 150 Vickibnrir Bk 8l? 75 Erie RR 28 50 harmrrs' Tiait 35 50 Reading RR t8>. Second Board. $;000 Kentucky 6's lOd* 300 this Farm's Tr sl3m 32K 35 shas Morris Canal 30 150 do 35 25 L Mind HR 73 50 Fa?t Boston s36 HW 100 Canton Co *30 4]!. 35 Vicksbnrg (i, 25 i'o biO 43 50 Stoniugtou RR 36>? 3> OO h3J Haw Stock Kxcfeange. $10060 Penn'* 5's 7I? 75 skas Farm's Tr 35 7j ?h*? U 8 B?nk c tt>4 50 do b20 M Vicksbnrg Bk c 8 25 d.> 1>I5 35S, 50 do c IVi 50 do *3 35 :0 do c t? 150 do (30 35 10 do t>3 75 Nor and Wore c 67 t50 do slO 8 50 do c 67!* 110 do c 8? 35 do bn* 67S 25 Kast Boston hl5 U1, 25 do b3 67? 3) <to bl5 le'a 75 do c 67>? 50 L lsltnd RR c 72j< 50 di bl5 67,\ 3<>0 ds bJO 73A? 25 do b!5 67^ lit) it l ? 73 50 do a36 67 50 da ?30 72J< 35 do *30 67}, Ht?to of Trade. Ashes?Tota aru dull at $406] a 4 13). Peails aie itefc* dy at $4 66} a 4 63) There it very little doing in either cle'criptiun. Bckswax-Piime yellow, of ?U d icription*, *ell* as wanted, at 39 J a 80;.. BsKuDSTiirr*? All sort* of flour remain unchanged. ? 'oiton? 1'he n.arket remain* quiet The sales, which tmtint to 1,3<'0 bales, nre alight 1> in favor oi the buyer. Spinners have taken 300 bale* of the above, and It portion 4>i the purchaae* were on speculation. Hay- Miles arc made oi common qualities at 37) a 41c. Tiimu stlls at 4Ac. Ilica?Hale* of ordinary are made at $3 lij a 3 34 pnaie we quote at $3 37) a 3 63). W'HisKr.v? D.udge cusk* nre dull at 33c. We*lfm nnd prison barrels are held at 33) a 34f. The demand for both description are limited. Canal Tasna?Tho number of clenrance* on Wednc* d iy. ki tlie Collector's office in Albany, Wk* 63; arrival* 18-one Ircin Fuitonvilie. Psovlalon Harkit,' We can fay but little this week different frcm our lor m?T weekly reports Kulion market will exhibit to-day some extra floe beef O. fldl wo haveihe ususi supply. Shad begin to come iu more freely. B unt, black duck', and other wild game, arc not so plenty. Vvgetabli * are without change. The late cold weath er 1.. o(h luck ukputagiis, young sallal, and ra.!iihes. Kggs been tattwr toaiou. iJHllndel|ibln Cuttle Market. Ai mi. 17.?At mirket, 8v0 beif cattle, mostly from Peiinsy.vaii.1, it eluding 3?U taken to New York; 300 cows mid etnlvea, 100 swine, nnd H00 sheep IVicc Beel Cattle ?tv in go< d demund, an I all in mar ket were t?k?n within 'he range of $.? a 6 60 n lew ex n .i i iirotigut i"> o ?r>fe t' e ion l?>*. morn. Cows nnd Calves told n' $13 a $1H Swiae m"?t!y brought $ij n $5 the 100 lb*. Sh t|> We quote s? $1 70 a 4 35 euch, as in quality. lla> - There is ,i *uatcity oi gooJ 1'imetky in market, nn I ?-les r 76 to P5o. tho cwt. Straw bring* $6 a $7 Ida 100 :>ui die*. Korrtgii Murkcll. Mats'.at*. April ft. - We Irani ironi a ccnametoial house thut holders weie asking 7 an rial* tor molaaisa. Died, OaFriday afternoon, is b inst. Mn. MaryCoohlan, relict oX the late Daniel Coghlsn, in the GOth year of bcr are. The CriepfeeLtbe family are respectfully invited to at tend her funeral, from her late residence, 27 Front street, Brooklyn, to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 3J o'clock, witLom further invitstron. On Friday, l&th inat. Alice Euoiisa, youngest diugh ter of Hunry J and Maty Bulliuger, axed 4 mouths. Tho friend* and acquaintance* of the family, and the member* of Kuicketb icker Lodge No. 23 I O. of O. F are reapeotftilly invl'ed to attend ttfe funeral, on Sunday afteixoon at 4 o'clock, at 801 Monroe street. On the 18th instant, of consumption, Mr*. Eliza Ives, widow of Mr. John Ives, deceased, aged 03 years and 6 months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited te attend her fnneral, without farther invitation, at her, No- 60 Willat [street, on Sun lay. the 20th instant, at 4 P.M. The Newark and Alhany papers picas* copy. Passenirsrs Arrivm LivERrooL?Packet ship Sheii Ian?Mr Dow Jig, Udy and son ?345 id steerage. Gojcaives?Brig Woleott?C Dealencour Savannah?Brig Mary?W H Bradbury, F W Lewis, Ml Ahlmayer, Mr Asbeureis H P Carter, O Caswell. Foreign Importations. Liverpool?Ship Sheridan?100 tons coal 1040 sacks salt E K Collins * c<>?10:6 bars iron Eggelatou Ik Battelle? I pltge Gillespie & hhedwell?J6 t'haiimey k co?5 Coop? k L?ign?1 A Jourueayjr?1 L W k F A Mill.<r?3 Kusaell k March?I O Hastings Ik co?1 L F de Fgi imll? 1 L 8 Fello -s k Scheil?I J AkBS Lagurc?1 J LeBerts?1 Holdon k (iardrn?1 Shaw <k Carter?2 Tiffany. You?g k Kills?3 Dana ?oi s k co?1 Hi' mer k Hayes?3 W Sloan?1 J J L< ot?3 Hy Andrews?76 J C Jackson?#00 Phe'ps, Dodge k e1?I Whie Ik Sheffi Id?6 Edw Marshall?1 Hector Grace Church?5 Nevins k co?1 D Had deu 6c sou?31 anvils Walsh k Mallury?1 pkg Cornirg St Hor ner? I Vau Antwerp hen?3 A Van Nest?1 J Spawforih? I H Hyslop Si sod?6 >andi, Fuller k co? 2 ''.ornell Bros? 1 W C Thompson?2 Viu Lm, Smith kci?I F Tomes k son?3 J J Woodward?7 Harnden k co?4 Strachan k Scott? 4 Thomas Lowndes?50 John Gihon?5 <J H Swords?35 Smith, Thu'gar kco?4 Cameron k Brard?1 AT 8te?art? 4 Heialttn k Cask in ?1 A W k 8 'I liorp?I C H K? ll-g? k co?J Armstrong k son ?26 Toukrr, Mead k co?4 I Van Wart?2 Thos Hunt?2jAl len Hazen k co?4 W M Luirmis k co?6 J Beauville & co?10 Jk J 8 ewart-38 Bird, Oillilau k co?12 Buttcilirld Brothers ?7 O liursh? 0 Buckley, Graham k co?6 Paton k Stewart?5 K G Wilsoa?93 Grant Borntoc?20 1 L Piatt?2793 iugots 103 cases copper sundry pkgs to order. 8t < roix?Shhr Kmpiie?6 hhils sugar 167 casks molasses a quantity of ram B De Forest k co?10 hhils sonar Mason k Thompson?20 do 60 cka syrup N L McCready?20 melius mm Cartwright k Harrison. Domestic Importations. ArALAtiucoLA?Brig Natahois?<*7 bales cotton SpofToid, Tileston k co?>70 sticks cwlar Wm Barnes. Savankah?BrigJVlary?55bal"s cotton Parm?lee k Rogers? 453 J T Patten?35 D Lester?51 cks E D Morgan?1 do 3 Das 2 pkgi J H k W 8 Ellis. MARITIME HERALD^ Bhlpmsstsrs and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Robert Silvev, Captain of oar News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whenee they sailed?the veasels spoken on th".ir passage?a list of their cargo?and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. Agents and Correspon dents nt home or ahroad, will also confer a favi#r by sending to his office any Marine Intelligence they may receive. POUT OF HklW YORK, APM1L 19. SUn RISES 5 20 I MOOR SETS 3 28 M SUI? SETS 6 40 | HIGH WATER 6 54 E Clssrsd. Shin Aahburtin, Huttleston. Liverpool, Onunell, M in turn k Co.?Barque Amphion.fSw) Trapp. Stockholm, W Weisser? Brigs Dorothea, (Sw) Gehm, Ste tin. do; Wm H Talman, Hall, Tobaaco, Neamiih k Walsh: G B Lamar, tfacnemann, Fall Kiver.?Sloops Proof Glaas, Blydenburg, and Empiie', Dayton, Providence.?Barge Orb, Yapp, Philadelphia. Arrived. Packet ship Sheridan, Cornish, from Liverpool, March 13. .vilh mdse, toE K Collins k Co. 4th inst. lat 45, loa 46 30, at 3 p m, saw a barque and b'ig fast in ice; slso, 2 br as laying to on the edge of it. 6th, let 44 30. Ion 47. saw large icebergs?had to steer South 14 hours to avoid it. The S has had a succession of westerly gales aince 21st ult. ? Brig Woleott, Owen, (reported yesterday) It days from Gon aives. 8; Domingo, with 475 logs mahogany 12 bags coffee and 2 tons logwood to De Peystsr k Whitmarsh. Sailed in co. with schr Nahant, of Plymouth, lor Boston. Brig Mary, Richardson, 7 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Dunham k D mon. British brig Gleaner, Beckwith, 7 days from Windsor, NS. with plastrr, to master. Brig Natahnii, (of Pittatoa) Rollins, 17 days from Apalachi cola, with cotton, to H K S'evens. 'J he Georgia, and Alme da, for New York, sld same day Spoke oil Cape eloriJa, ship Glasgow, Lambert, of Bath, 9 d.ys from New Orleans for Antwerp- ... Brig Baltimore, Howes. 3 days from Boston, with mdse and plaster, bonnd to Philadelphia. On Thursday morning, at 3 o'clock, the Highlauds bearing WNW.was ran into by bng Peatl, Harding, from Philadelphia for Boston?stove in the Baltimore's bow?cut her down 3 streaks, carried away all he" stays, forward bulwarks, ataucheons, Ike?tore tho foresail, fore toi'sail. staysail, at.d caused the B te leak bad ly? bad to run the brifc on before the wind, aud shift her cargo aft, to raise her bow ont of th* water. Did uot learn what damage the Pearl had re c-ived. The next morning found ihe figure head of the Tearl on the deck of the Baltimore. Capt Haiding ie?|uested us to lay by him, which we could not do, owing to the condition of our vessel. Schr Empire, Clark, from 8t Croix March 31. with sugar, to F Wood. Left brigs Alexisder. Robinson, disg; Port Leon, Curtis, ready; a brig from Philadelphia, Idg. British senr Grbi', Davidson, 24 dars from Cornwallis, NS. with potati es. to H D Hill. Schr Wm Wilson, Baker, from Philadelphia, with flour bound to Boston. Schr Baltimore, Seavy, 7 days from Lubee, with plaster, to Brett Ik Vose. Schr Watchman, Butuian, from Portland, with lumber, to master. Schr Hope k Susan, Beach, from Portland, with molasses, to m*srer. Schr Maine, Alcott, 6 days from Thomaston, with lime, to master Schr Granville, Sleeper, 6 days from Thomaston, with line, to master. 8c r Coral, Drinkwater, 6 days from Thomiston, with lime, to master Schr Two Brothers, Hinckley, from Maiblehead, with fish, to master. Schr Banner, Lewis, 4 diys from Boston, with mdse, to the master. Below. A ship snpposed to be the Kersington, from Mobile. Also, 2 brigs unknown. WindSE. Correspondence of the Herald. Coviiei OrricK, > Charleston, April 1J?3 P. M. J Arr Seaman, Scull,; H A Schroede.-, Deshea, do; Sar?h Ann, [Br] Wright, Nassau, NP. Georgian Office, ) SavANNaHt April 14?6 P. M. ( Arr Sterling, Saund'n, Li?rrix>ol; Pleiades. Collin*, Piovi denrr; Energy, Krisbee, NOrleans; P'xport, Swasey, Matanzas. Cld Kockthire, [Brl Evans. Liverpool 8!d Queen Victoria, [Brl Letter, and Parmelia,[Brl Attrick, Liverpool; Backus, Stotesnury; .Vlacon, Hayden.nud savannah, Hawley, New York; Larch, Abbott, Kingston, Ji; Sarah, Rey nolds, Philadelphia. The Br. barque Clio, Cant Kelly, from London, via Deal, for this port, went ashore on Hnntiof Islands ou Friday evening 11th inst. ai.d will b* a total loss. She wa? in ballast. A ichr hai been sent to her assistance. We have not learned whether aha nr* insured or not. fllKtllucou Record. Packet Ships Ashburton and New Yo?e, for Literpool, will sail to-day?weather permitting. Chit Enterprise.?Date* from Nassau, NP. to the 5th init. sta'e that the whole of thia Teasel's cargo, except a beat 100 balee had been aafely brought into port Ship Oakland, wrecked near Liverpool, ia insured in Boston for $30,000 on vessel, 55,000 on cargo, and 7300 on freight mouey ?total $91,500. Sloop Marv (t Hannah. Taylor, from New Ymk for Bos ton, parted both chains, and weut ashore at Chatham,Ca|w Cod, Sth inst?was expected tu bj got off after discharging deck load, without much damage except loss of cables aud anchors. Naval. Orders, April 16.?Commander Th?.ma? C Selfridge, to the Columbia; Parser E T Dunn, to the Vincennes; Lt A J Bald win. leave renewed for three months; Boatswain J Bryant, re instated; Engineer Wm Lace, leave two months; Surgeou J W Plummer, detached fiom the Union, aud wai ing orders; Lt 8 Swartwout. to the Vincennes; Lt 11 Ingeraoll. order to the Vin ceunes revoked. Notice to Mariner*. Gednev's Channel, leading across r n?: Bar off Sandt Hook ? As the official statement recently rnbliahed in relation to the buoys iu t*is chanuel, is calculated to mystify a naviga tor hound into New York, we publish the following more ex plicit description of their mailu, tic for the benefit of those interested:? '1 here are three spar buoys on the bar of New York, to mark out Gedney'sCha net, (Minted black with white tops; the first buoy, marked G C Wo I, is in 26 ft water, on the South side of the ehtnnel; the second is G C No 3, Sic. O C stauds for Ged nev's Channel. In mnning in, bring the bl'ck buoy of tVe bar in range with Sandy Hook light; steer '.V by N. if fl"?od, WNW if ebb, leav ing iliespir buoys on the larboard html until you drop into lix fathoms water, when the lighthouse will range, lie. Ike. Spoken. Liverpool, from New Orleans for Liverpool, 3d init. lat 17 40, lou S3 2u. ?las V Lollard, of Milford, Del. hove to off St Jago de Cuba, J6th ult. Havre, of Providence, from Savannah for Havre, (th 33 3", Inn 74. Watchman, Clark, Anx Cayea for Georgetown, SC. Apr lt, 40 milt* rs W df Loo Key. Levant, for N Yoik, I3ih inst. I?t 19. Ion 78. J Cohen jr, for Philadelphia, off 'lo tugaa. foreign Porta. Nassau, NP. March36?Arr November, Ellis,Boston. Sid Apr 5, K'it Effsndi, Liverpool. Matanzas, Apul I?In port, Cyclops, Mountfort, for Bos ton, Ids; Cardelia, Crockett, for Portland, do; Ceres, Sawyer; H'bernia, P lliott, and Exrh.<iigc, Letvitt, nuC; Benl.h, Little John, and Galen, Sweetser, disg Cie"> riJEQus, March 37?Hid Hlanchtrd, Sargent, Portland ? ? l'? J1, 4-5 from Bust n disg; Eiixa Buigeas, for do, 3 days; hmeliue, Joidan, disg. to commence Idg molasses for York in a few days; Burliu.ton, ready to load for Hostoi. MiRAfJOANK, hi Domingo, March 30?In pott, Th >mas, We-ka lor Boston, I days. Heresies, [Una] fur Copenhagen, sld 39 h. Home Ports. Boston. April 17?Arr Saxouy, Scudder, Mobile; Georgia, Collins, Savannah; Oacel.i, Pierce, aud Laf.yetie, At wood, Wilmington. NC; Mary Sianton, Hearse. Baltimore; eagle, Gregg; Boiij Franklin, p'linn, Gertrude, Girdhrr, and Escort. Bryaut, Philadelphia; Kent. Hamilton, Smyrna, Del. fur Med or.l; Victoria. Sinill.Wiliningtui, Del; Pelnj, Haich, Havana; Ui-mond, Hallnck, Sfewben.NC; Samuel, Stoddard, Hich moid; Frances llallett, Small, Norfolk ; Snsan It Phebe, Has kell, and Regulator, Parker, N York. Cld Koituna, [Danish] Olsen, Puenoa A\res; Acadian, Eldridge, H?lif?x, N?; Snila, Bangs, Philadelphia; John Cro,by,Wheeler, Hampden; Riei:zi, (of Bostou, late of Kss*x) Howes, Ktedericksburg; lied Hor.-r, Bacon, Albuiy and Troy. Air !6ih, Zulette, Killey, Mira goane; Falconer. Denmson, M.itanias; Aurares, llallett, Phila delph'i; Pennsylvania, Kelly, ilaletn, NJ; Gondolfo, [Sicilian] Culotta. N York, to load for Naples, fcc; Brave, H illock, Hirli mond. Emerald, Snow, Norfolk; Kowms, Yciiiib, fredericks burg; Hy Cuitis, llallvt, Albany; Renown, Lovell; Benj Bige low, Baiter, a d Utica. Bearse. N V ork. _ , , Holmes Hoi.i , Aptil It?Arr !'? lias. Aikm, New York for BucksjNirl; (ieu Warren, Davis. Philadelphia for PoiWmou h; Wave, llopkiua, St George lor NVoik. Wsve, Patty, Norfolk [,?r riymoulh 13th? No artiv I this Tl>* abjve hav* all sailed. No\< ?ael in port ai9 a m. WindSW. rRotuiKNcE, April 16?Arr Eleciro Packard, Charleston;, U .ker, El sabviti City, N< ; Mary Caroline, Nichols, Scuienoog Itiver, NC; Yautie, Staples and Motto l-.rnier, >Otfolk; Mary ^nu & Caroline, hhroiishiie, I'hilidelplna; Sn perior, Wicks I roy; Advance, Clifford, and James Bennett, Smith, Albany; Hmiiii Durfee, NYoik. PiiiLADki rniA, April II? Arr V. jca'lus, Means,( ieufuesos; Jas fattoiiJr. fymrnes, Mobile; Elizabeth, Watson, Maian/.ia; hiNtit, NOrleaai) Acorn, liuwei, fioitun; MeiiC), J oflilin. rrofidcoct; Jwe Hpii ffmon, llinioa. and Cathnnu* J uie. Pi lie, NYork. Cld Aim Heyuolda, Matthews; Itienxi, Sucknev, and Lexington, Wass. Boston; Milllaolut, Gordon, .Nantucket; H<iuink Brothers, Price. Wilmington, NC; V A Seward, lloss I rovidence; Patriot, fcltlrid^e, Albany; Com incic , Johuton, Hirlem; Sui e b, Thompiou, and VulCRn, .N V-nk. | III! IIMONU, A piil 17?Arr J A Lancaster Lovelaud; Thus Ireland, Comers, Arrival, Jones, Eclipse, Willis, and kraaci* f. ? Sim??oD, N York; Richmond, Thoindikc, 'I homas 'ou; Mariner, Snowies, Boston; J BudH Budj, Newark. Bid Manchester, Cum P Bruno, and Bound Brook, NYork. tMULMT(i?. April 15?Arr Verssilles, Haul, Bostou; (ingstoii, [Br] Ht'l'neut, Liverpool Cld Thetis, [Brl While, |o^Chwl?iioi, Brown; H Alien,WiUou, and Moon, Knudson. Mobile, April 10?Are Remittance. Silsby, Bostm: K<ek 'ughaui, Penhallow, Apalachicola; UloMHler, Pollard, Balli nore; Marchioneis of Bute, [Br] Scqit, Kingston, Jain; Phi o mntai, [Brl Whitcoinbe, lchiboe; P?arl,l[ltr] Barrow;, 8l Helena; SimIi Brown, Norton,N York. ? lil Biikenhesd, [Br] K'twick. Liverpool;- Nicholas Biddle, Tiunun, New York; Bl <ke, [Br] Skart>, Quebec. Vermillion Bat, March 2f? la port, Pero, l'aiker, for New York, Ids. New Orlkaos, Afil 10?Arr Lenuidas, Snow, Liverpool; Vledore. Crockett, Thorasion; Henry, Noyei, Marseilles; \li rt, Faraliant, Kingston. Ja; Agnes,[B'] Cobb, I'ernambuen; Piti, Brown, Havana. Below, coming up, Wm Bayard, [Br] irom Liverpool; Washington, Mary, and a Br ahipaod naique unknown; Water Witch, from VeraCrax. Townoot Giraffe towed to tea 7ih, Mary, and on Ith. Carol us; same day, aaaiited iff llie har and to sea. tievern. C:d Htepheu Baldwio, Urtwuj Ylatson, Galveston. By Last Night'H Southern mail. ^ Philadelphia,.April II?Arr Aurora, [Dan]Trobe,Malaga; Erie, Baxter; Lew i> Bruce, Studley, And Meiamora. Fiinn, and Boston; Gazelle, Springer, Atukapas; Mary Wilis, Wilks, Apalaclncula. Oueco, Keed, New Brd'ord. Alexandria, April 16?Arr Gen Harrison, 8n>itS, Ballim'e. 3 d lith, Mon t, K-iit, Boston. Walthall, April M?Arr Corneli i. Young, N Yoik. Norfolk, April 1C?I u Hampton Koadi, Hiding, Johnson, froin Boston, for orders?first Light out, in a heavy gale, John Colliua, of New Yoik, seaman,Tell from aloft and waa s-iious ly injured. CUSTOM HOUSE, New York, > , ,, . , Collector's Office, April 17, 1M5. S rpHE following information touching the localities and bear A ings of llie Buoys iu Gedney's Channel, ii commuuicated for the benefit of those whom it may ronceiu C. f. VAN NESS. Collector. NOTICE ro MARINERS. QEDNEY'S CHANNEL LEADING ACROSS THE BAR OFF SANDY HOOK Three Spar Buoys painted black, with wnite tops, are placed in (lie Channel; the lirst Buoy ou ih* Eastern or outer ri<* ge; the secoud about half way ihrongh, and llie third placed ou the innrrnr Western ridge of the Channel. In s ? iliur iu from fea, steer W. by compass, leaving the Buoys on the larboard hind clos? ab iard, until up wilh lh* in ner Buoy, when Sandy Hoik Light will bear 8. W W : then iteer for the I'oiut Beacon, deepening into 7, B, and 9 fathoms?Whip Channel off the Hook. *19 lire SCANDINAVIA. IN conformity with theconstitution of th;s Society, the Flee a. tion for the choice of Officers for the ensuing term will be held at the Society's Hall, 11IX Fulton street, on Monday even ing, Slst instant, at 7 o'clock. By order, WM. FELL, Secretary. ?19 2tecd*rc TO THOSE ABOUT TO VISIT EUROPE. A YOUNG MAN, who understands the French and Ger man lingii'ges passing well, and has a gre>t desire to see Europe, but whose means thereto are limited, would like to ac company any gentleman or svntlemen abtut to visit that put of the world, who would consider the use of his aboveuientioned qualifications as an equivalent (or his travelling expenses. He would also engage to give, en rsute lessons in the aforesaid timgnM. Address ''lorick," Herald office, sta iug when and where an interview mar be had. a!9 3t?rc Tli-E NEW BRIGHTON COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, T8 SITUATED at New Brighton, Ptalen Island, six miles 1 from New York, between which places there is an hnurly communication by rteamboars. The building occupied is the ? pacious and elegant chateau erected by the Broth'rs Josephs, at an t xpease of (50 000. The School possesses facilities and ad vantages over any ott'er; the location s elevated, retired and healthy; ths prospect by land and water is nnrivalled. A foil corps of teachers is employed for the various depirtmenJs, and thorough courses are imparted in Mathematics and general English, in the Latin, Greek, French aud Spanish Languages. litrM are Music, Dancing and Fencing. Circalirs and full information may be obtained in person or hyletterof E. A. BlGfcl.OW.eastcornercf Broadway and Fulton street, entrance 136 Fulton stieet. Letters or parrels left at the Ductoi's office, will be forwarded daily to the School, t"re? of expense. The next term commences on May 1st, 1845. al9 It*re GEO. L. LE ROW, A- M.. Principal. TO CANADA SHIPPERS. THK UNDERSIGNED is prepared to receive eoods at this J- port, and tiansrait the same to Canada, for the benefit of drawback. He will attend to ih* necessary Custom Hou.rbu siiess heie, and elsewhere oa the routes, and return the debenture money to the shippers. For further particulars, apply to C. LIVINGSTON, apl9 lmisre No. 10 Wall street. ? THE s, thorn CHAMPAGNE." 'T'HE UNDERSIGNED will hereafter hare constantly on ?I hand, for sale, an artiele of Champagne Wine of an unsur passed, and probably unequalled quality. The subscriber hss been appointed sole Agent in the United States fcr the Manufacturer. As a guarantee of it* superiority. Colonel Herman Thorn, of Paris, has allowed an impression of his seal to be affixed to each bottle. Thequality of the Wine will be preserved in all Intore shipments; aud undar no circumstances be allowed to de preciate. llesp-ctingthiswite, Colonel Thorn thus writen?"It is of a quality rarely to be met with in America; 1 have drunk no other for years past." The attention of private gentlemen. Hotel keepers, and the trad* is inrited to this aiticle. Patties demicg a summer supply should make immediate ap plication. C. LIVINGSTON. an 19 Imrc No. 10 Wall street. A. SElGNEiTK BRANDY. NOW LANDING. P4 HALF PIPES, Quarter Casks and Eighths^ of the old anil genuine brand, and of very superior quality, high proof and tlavor, tbe cargo of the barque Wm. Kennedy, just arrived from tiochelle, discharging at pier No. 9 E. R. and for sale bv J. T. N1COLL, a 19 3tis*m 67 and 69 Front street. SODA BISCUIT AND SUGAR CRACKERS. '"PHE SUBSCRIBER wishes to make known to the rnblie, that the Biscuit made at his Bakery are rmirely different from the SODA BISCUIT AND SUGAR CRACKKKS ?nade in imitation of his; they have been used by invalids for more than twenty years, witn the b?st results. The above BISCUIT, also BUTTER AND WATEK CRACKERS, WINE. BUTTER AND MILK BISCUIT, PILOT AND NAV * BREAD, ?U of the first quality, are constantly for sale at the well known eaiablisnment. 375 WASHINGTON STREET, Corner of Warren street, ap!9 lm?rc EPHRAIM TREAD WELL'S SON. FIR SALE?The Stock and Fixtures of the well known Grocery and Segar Store, 112 South street. The store has a good ran of custom, and wonld be disposed of on good terms if applied for immediately. N. B.?The Subscriber having bosiness at the south is naable to attend to it. Apply to A. H. PAHKEK, a!9 Si*rc IU South street. ELEGANT BUILDING LOTS at private aale, by E. H. LUDLOW 8c CO?I lot oa the 5th avenue. wat side, 25 fe-t 9 by IU> with a lot joiuing on 13lli street. The adjoining lot on 5th avenae. 25 feet 9 by 100, can alio be hid. A lot 50 feet on 5th avenue and 50 leet on Broadway, >19 feet on one aide, 140 on the other; 2 lota corner of W?at Washington Place and Washington Square, U feet on the Square aud 128 feel on the (Drift. Apply to apl ltaw 3w?ec B. H. LUDLOW 8t CO., 23 B.oad st. UAHMH AND COUNTRY HEATS AT PRIVATE " SALE, by E. H. Ludlow fcCn.?A beautiful Farmat.Va diiou. New Jersey, known as the "Souillard" liace, with two homes, ona lurui hed, stock farming utrmils, he. 'J wo farms adjoining the vil] v* of Jamaic, L. 1;; 50 acres of 1 tnd at*j lining the Village cf Saugerties, on the North river; a (aim and buildings at Sluyvrsant Landing, about 200 acres; 1 do at Jamiiea, near the bay, 71 acres; 2 on Staten Island, a splendid country residecce an I farm on the Kaat river, in West Chester. Apply to E.H LUDLOW It Co., al Iaw3w?ec *3 Broad street. M'OTICE?The subscribers having purchased the interests 1' of their former partners, George E. Poneroy and Thaddeus Pomeroy. in the Express Linn of Pomeroy 8i Co., aud Livings ton, Wells It Pomeroy, hereby announce thit the Expresi, For warding and Coamiasion business will be continued by them under tha name and Arm of" Livingston It Wells." CRAWFORD LIVINGSTON, HENRY WELLS, New York. April 9th, IW5. No. 10 Wall street. apIT Iw ia ire TO BE SOLD, A STRONG, well bnilt Barouche Carriage, ia good order, and well adapted for family sm, with or withoat a double harness. To be seen at RoalitooV u iding School, and Livery Stables. 117 Mercer street. mRiiifrrc POTATOES?2700 bushels Price Nova Scotia's, on board schooner Orbit; will ready for sale on Monday Apply to HENRY D. HILL, >19 3t*rh 85 asd 87 Broadstren. THE IMITATION TRICOPHEROUS IS not offered to the pnblic as if it were made of the isme in greilients as the genuine, made by Clirehngh The msk-r of this imitation is aware of tha risk he rui.s were he to do so in the fact of Cliralngh's patent. The whole af the outward ap pearance, however, is nude to represent the genuine article, in cludirg the printed labels and diiections for use on each bottle ?always excepting Clirahugh's name. In making such au imi tation as this, the mske.- cannot see tha he ia infringing I he rights of any one. OVIMt he is dereiving (he public. True, it may le said that the name Tricopherous is borrowed from Clirehugh. Well I admit it is so,?what of that I Clirehuhgh's Tricopherous has become popular from its own merits, and been m-de known by a large outlay for advertising. All this ex pens* and trouble is saved to me, and I have cnoseu ihe name because it was popular, and because no other article was so well known, or so genera'ly used, as Clirehugh's Tricopherous. I have so doubt many have purchased this imitative from its name, and from ra b'ing offered so cheap What the effects of this imititiva Tricopherous may have nn the hair, I do not pre tend to say, never hating studied the subject, but if the publ c ate t'l ceii'd it is their o*n fiult, for the article is not recom meuiled asl*ing the fame, but merely sn imitation, which can be sold for 50 cents, while the genuine, by Clir. hugh, ia sold, at oue dollar. apl9 3t ec A BLESSING T?> MAN AND WOMANKIND. r|,HE decrepid, (he old, the ilt-lookiug, and the disfigured of ea'h ?ex, may hope 1'ow to good looking, by ex pending 50 cents ?There is an article that will give ronth to age, aid beauty to homeliti-ta. One cake of Jones' Italian ? he mical Soap will cliang- the color of auuburnt, freckled, or wrinkled akin, to youthful smoothness, clearness ard beauty? ic lermanently cur?a pimples, freckles, blotches, salt rheum, slurry, sore heads, btrber's itth, or any cutai eovs ri option. I'ersoua who have been di-criveJ with counterfeits of tlie genu iue Jones'Soap, would scarce believe its wonderful powers. Let such giva it one trial, aud they will be graiifiel. Be sura to ask for Jonas' Soup, and take no other. Sold at ire sign of (he American Eagle, 82 Chatham street, 321 Broadway; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn ; n State street. Boston; 3 ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 57 Stare st>a*t. Albany. a!9 'gi*ec JACKSON, STACY & SMITH, A/fANUKACTURERS AND IMPORTERS of Pea. Pock rtand Table Catlerv. Ilar.ors, Scissors, Hiles.Saws, Too s, ard other descriptions of Ph.ltielH Goods is?! 3m*m No. 16 PLATT STREET. Up Stairs. ESTABLISHED 1822. PETER ROHK, Manufacturer of Fine Cutlery, Surgical aad !)? rt il Instrumenta. has removrd <o A n 411 Hmaivay, near Canml ilrtel, Niw Yurk iTil 1*. U. wo id respectfu'ly call the attention of Physicians, Surgeons, Drntista,*anil Country Merchants, to his general as sortment of Insttumeuts and Cutlery, of tha moat approved pat ems, which he will warrant not to be surpassed in quality and workmanship by any, manufactured iu tins country or imported. Hatters'Shears, Knives. Rollers, lie . Bsuk Hamme'S and Slirais, cons! tally on hand, acd all kinds of Instruments and Cutleiy to order, or repaired in the best manner. >pl7 3w*m HlEaCHINO i'UWllliR. 1 < liA CASKS L'oyi'? snpedor Ularhiug rowtler, f. r laleby 1UU I ERSBE fc BHut)K?, No*. U aad (7 Naaaau street J AUCTION SALES. QEO- B. HOLLINH, Aoctionfff Elegant kuknitukic. W*!k and mantel ULAS?ES, IlANO-KOHl't. OlL PAINTINUS, kc - Will be*old on Tnr?.lay,Ap*)I ?2nd, life, ,t tf,o'clock, at No. Ill (TianirBlrtteet, the h uri. ittire contained i? ka'd house, con ?istinic of Briwel* and Ingrain Carpet* English Oil Cloth, Grecian and Frtn'ch Mahogany Chain, 8oU*, t louche*, Hock era. SewingChain, Divan*, Ottoman*, Dining, Te\,ard Litra rv Tables, Sideboard, Roiewood and Mahogany Work Tablet, Mantel, Astral, Sol ir and Mechanical Lamp*, Oirandole*,Cen tea Table, with while marble U)|', aett of alenut Silver Kruit Knives and Forks with ague handle* and gold bang*, in inlaid raeewoori cate, elegant Silver Tea Hen, with mubl* atand, HIipffieM Plated Cast ir, Tout Rack, Malta, Candl-sticks Cake flasket*. Coasters end Bu'ter Cooler*, Hilver Halts, Cut Olaaa, French China, Cutlerv. Secretary and Bookcaaa, laige Library B >?kca<e, French and High Poat Mahogany Bedat-ada, Hair vl'ttreasej Feather Ueda, Diea*iug Bureaus, Willi inaible top), Waslistand wit.ditio, Wardrobe. Turkey Bed and Cambric Wiodow Curtain , Window Hiadea, French Plate Pier Ulaaa, 2*>? by 100 inch'*, Ditto 29><j by 100 ircbea, Mantel U'a**,48 by 70 inche*, Uih Mantel Cloclt, Uilt Muaical Ditto, Hall Lan tern, flat Stair Koda, Hall Stove, dtc ? PIANO-FORTE,?An elegmt Mahogany Piano-Forte, mtde by Browu arid Hallett, of Boaton, with patent pedal and recep taclta f ir mus:c, &c ; m tone and wo.kmanthip not anrpaaaed by "iiv i> strumeit known. OIL PAINTINGS.?A collection of choice Oil Painting*, ?elected iu Paris /\l.i 1, an assortment of Kitchen Furniture, with which the ?ale will commence. Catalogues may be had on Monday, at ihe-rtKeof WILKINS & KOLLINS, a!9 4t rrc Auetio"ee a. 17 Broal atreet E. H. LUDLOW, Auctioneer. LTAND8OMt FURNITURE?E. H. Ludlow It Co. will aell at auction, I n Saturday, April 19th, at 10>^ o'clock, at ?tore 23 Broad atiett, Fu ni'.ura remaining over from sales, cou 1 nil unci mah.gany burraus. aofaa, bedsteads, pier tables, mu ble top card tables, mahogany and otber chain, pier gfasaea, window cuiuuns, brd* and bedding, cliina, glau aud crockery ware, ttc fee. al9 lt*m By K. J. OEK\KD, Aaetioneer. TUESDAY at !0 o'clock, at No 1 Stone street, all lite HOl/SKHOLD and KI l'CHEN FURNITURE contaiued in aaid House, namely iu part, Bruarela and Ingrained Carpeta, mahrgany Tables and Chairs, Looking Glasses, girand lea, I'iauoiorte, pier and centre Tables, mahogany Solas. Otto mans, Lamps, Candlesticks, dining and tea China, earthen and glu> ware, Sic , withau excellent a&soituieiit of B'd Ro?m Furniture, almost new, and a variety uf Kitchen Furniture, wi li which the sile wjlj commence a 64t*ec IVIAGASIN JaPONAIS AH I'AKKKK, Agent, (from Amsterdam) 09 Duaue at, ? between Broadway aud Elm atreef, beg* leave to inform hia friends, and tlie public in general, that he haa received a moat precious collect'ou of Antiquit'e*, consisting of Japan Lacker ed Jan and Vases. Flower Bottles, Plates, Dishes, Cups aud Saucers original Japan Wooden Lackered Tables, rich in gold figure* and inltid with mother of pearl; Ancient Dreaden Por celaiu Figurrs, Cupa and Sauctu*, Ancient Fans of the 16th er.ntury; oiiginal Ked Japan Porcelain Tables, and a Japan Lackered Bird Case, the greateat curioiity ever seen in tbia country; which collection ahall be aold at public anction, at the above mentioned place, by AARON LEVY. Auctioneer, on Thursday, April 24th, at 11 o'clock, A-M , and can be aeen from tliia day, with catalogues, until the day of a ale. The public are mp'ctfully invited to call and e>amine thi* magnificent collection, which ii a rare chance seldom to be met with. ap!5to24 * rc HIDHARD VAN DVKE, Jr., Auctioneer. SALE WITHOUT RESERVE OF LEASEHOLD PRO PERTY IN IOth STREET NEAR 8th AVENUE situated on the South *i<le of 16lh street, commencing 66 feet Kaat of the 8th avenue, with the Aator leaxes of tha Lot*, each 1? feet 9 inch** by 103 feet 3 inches, at a ground rent of $80 each for 63 year*, from May, 1841, each home 16 feat 9 inches by 38 feet, finished with marble mantel*, sliding doon and tub-cellar* were built last year in the best unit, and every way conveni ent for small families. The premises can be examined any day until the sal*. $i3 5 of the purchase money can remain on mort gage on each honse. [No. 1801 al4to21 insrc Household furniture sales-e.h. ludlow & CO., * ill *ell on? Thursday, April 17th, at 10 o'clock, at 93 Liberty street, a large assortment of Household Furnitare, Picture*, Iu., by cata logue. Friday, April 18th, at 10 o'c'ock, at No. 85 Amity st. House hold Furniture, by catalogue. Saturday, at 10 o'clock, at store 2) Broad street, Honiehold Fur niture. Monday, April flat, at 10X o'clock, at No ? Twenty-fint it., (Chels?a), uear 9th avenue, fashionable Furniture, Silver, he , by catalogue. Monday, April 2l*t, at 10J< o'clock, at No. 15 Whitehall *t.. a large assortment of < abinet Furniture, Ik.c., made to order by St. John &. Camp, by catalogue. Tuesday. April 22d, at 10 o'clock, at No. 29 Fifth avenue, near Ninth street, elegant Rosewood Mahogany Furnitare, Mir ron, 81c. Dtc. Wednesday. April 23d, at 10K o'clock, at No. 65 Amity street, a general assortment of faahionable Household Furniture, by catalogue. Wednesday, April 23d, at 10K o'clock, at No. 257 Weat21*t it., near 9th avenue. (Cnelsen,) fashionable Mahogany Furni ture, Carpets, Mirror*. Piann.&c. Thursday. April 24th, at No. 53 Barclay street, corner ef Col ledge Place, at 10 o'clock, splendid Rosewood and Maho gany Furniture, Mirrora, rich Silk Curtain*, Milton Car pe,s. Nunn'a Piano, 8tc Stc Thursday, April 24, at 10Jf o'clock, at 63 Franklin it;, Hotue , hold Furniture, fcc. Stc Friday, April 25th, at No. 4 Ftate *treet, elegant Furniture, iplendid Mirror* and Cut Ulaaa, Silk Damask Curtain*, Chickering. Piano, &c., tic. Monday, April 28th, at 10)? o'clock, at No. 28 Seeond at., (con tinuation of Bond itreet,) elegant Furniture, by invoice, particulars in tiiae. Personal attention will be piven by E H. Ludlow to Home hold Furmiture aales thi* Spring. Civil attendant* are engaged, and all the arrangement nececiary will be attended to by the ?ubictiber*. E. H. LUDLOW fc CO., alO eod2w*m corner of Broad atreet and Exchange place. GRe-A r SiVLli ur lMl'OKl e-D PLANTS, from London, in the last packet, to be sold by auction on Tueaday, S2d April, at tlie auction room of Win H Fraukina, Broad stieet. The cjllection comiata of 3000 Mo** Roses, and other fine London and French Ro*e* of 300 varieties; Camelm: Rhodon drona 1000, of all varieties, in flower bud, in pot* and packages, at green ns when they left England ; np iglit Yews, 6 feet high; purple Beech, grafted; Ecubia Jeoponcas, standard Roaes, Uooaeberrv Buahea of all kind*; Orange Aate ine Ro*e<; prize Dahlia U ota, Doable Carnaiioca, Flower Seed* in pack age*, of fire different va ietie*. This i* one of the largeat aalea of impoited Plants that hai been in tbia country for some time. Oentlemi-1 are invited to attend thi* sale. Catalogue* ready the day before. apl9 2t*rrc AUCTION NOTICE. OALE OF BILLIARD TABLES AND FURNITURE.? ^ '1 his day, at 12 o'clock, immediately after the sale of valua ble Farniture, in the sale rooms, 11 Spruce street, will be sold at No. 21< Broadway, uear Fulton street, up stain, will be sold without reserve, 3 first-rate Billiard Table*, with all the appur tenance*. Alio, fitting* up. Same time, a number of excellent articles of Furniture. al9 lt*m THOS. BELL, Auctioneer. A UCTION NOTICE?Lrrge Sal# of Valuable Kurnitnie? ^ On Saturday, it 10X o'clock,fin.the Sale Rooms, It Spruce steer, will be ?old the entire handsome Furniture i f a family giving up housekrepiug, comprising a desirable assortment of article! in ihe line. Alio, the Stock of an Upholsterer,including first rate Mattnu ses, beat live grese feather Beds.Bohters and Pillows, Curtains, Window Shadrs, sofas, Ottomans, Divans and Couches. Also, Ti .no Fortes, large French plate Pier Glasses, ?miller do, Sideboards, Wardrobes, Parlor and Rocking Chain, French Bedsteads, Mantle Clocks, Lamp*, and Ornaments, beautiful Paintings. Also, part of the stock of a Cabinet Maker declining the busi ness. THOS. BULL, Auct. N. B.?1The sale of elegaat Furniture on Monday, at 219 Ma dison itreet, will be found worthy particular attention, all 2t*ec A TROTTING HORSE FOR SALE. ABOUT three years ege, a black Trotting Herse was sold by K. Hoc'-anan, of Lancaster county, Pa., ^ to a gentleman in New York. Another Horse, a or other to the one sold, 5 years old, who has never been trained, and can trot a mile in three minutes, is for sale, by JACOB RK1F, At the Broad street Hotel, Philadelphia. Any person wishing to pure hue, will apply as above, on Sa t urtl ty next. SMS FLOWER GARDEN AND NURSEhV. on Ave WM| n ie A. and Fifth street?A la ge and choice assortment kh. of Flower Plants, Hoots and Shrubs, large Moss, and other fine Hosts, Orape Viues, Alianthus Trees, for side walks, choice Dahlia Hoots, well spr. uted. Camellia Japonica, of large and choice kinds, Greenhouse Plants, in floe order, Bon Suets, Flowers, Roses, any time well-crown plants of Cauli ower, Cabbage, Tomatoes, and Egg rhnt N.B. Gardens laid out and plan'ed. ai9 3t*r WM. PHKLAN k SON'S. FURNISHED AFARTiVlKNTS. B WANTED?Two or thiee Furnished Apartments, from the first of May, suitable for a small family. Lo cation within teu minute's walk of the City Hall.? moderate. Address X. Y. Z. at this office. mB istfrc PACKET FOR MAH9KILLE8?Of the l?t of ? May?The packet barque MISSOURI. Capt Sylves iler, will b? despatched lor the above port on tne 1st proii.uo. For fieightor paisaxe, apply to BOYD k HiNCKEN. Agents. 9 Tontine Buildings, or to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS, a19toMlee ItS Front street OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE mQMWOFKICK, 61 South street.?Passage from England, JflMBfelrelsnd. Scotland and Wales, via Liverpool?Those ?ending for their friend* would do well to avail themselves of the opiantuoity of making their arrangements *in time for, the steamer Wesrern, sailing for Liverpool on the 2<th inst. Krom the subscribers arrangements, no detention whatever can take place io L.verpool Drafts can, as usual, be furnished for any amount, piyable throughout the United Kingdom. Apply, if by letter, poet paid, to aP-o J. HERDM AN. 61 South street. KOR LI VKRPOOL?To sail inafe* days? 1 he snperi r, fist sailing, coppered and copper fastened .New York built ship BOrTHERNER, T. D. Pal mer, mi ter, will sa l as absve. For freight of .WO bales cotton or the bolk thereof, or passage, having ?tcell?nt accommodations, apply to the Captain un board at west side Burling slip, or to al9ir WOttDHVLL Ik MINTUHN9, 87 South st. "ti?- UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN tflMPWiuid Ireland?Old Established Emigrant Office. 61 jpHCelouth st'eet?Arrangements fur 184A ?l\?stsge from Grrat ttriiainand li-land, via Liverpool. The subscriber is pter>are4 to issue certificates of passage from Liverpool by any of 'ne ships composing the regular liue. sailing every five days, anil ats > hv first class American ?hips, comprising the com mercial line, sailing neetly. From his present arrangements, having aent a clerk from the home here to superintend the em barkation of all the passengers, those sending lor their friend may inly that they will havn quick despatch. Drafis can a usual bsfaraiihed for any amount, payable throughout th United Kingdom. For further particulars apply, if by letter post-paid, to aio ec. JOHN HEHDMAN.SI South st MORNING I.INK, AT 7 O'CLOCK. ?.FOR ALBANY, TROY, landing at Cald , Jfc. wells West] point, Newburgh, Hampton,Pong lr ketpsie. H> tie Park, Rhinebeck, U. Red Hook, Kinderliook. Bristol, Caukill, -tin Jam, Cossaeki*. The low-pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A Gorham, will leave New York Irom the pier at the foot of Barclay street, at 7 o'clock, A. v|? every Tuesday, Thnrsday and Saturday. Reluming, will leave Troy at sis o'clock, A.M. and Albany at seven o'clock, A. M.,every Monday, Wednesday, and Krtday. The low pressure st-amboat ALBANY, Monday morning, April list, nt 7 o'clock. For Paisage or Krright, apply on board the boats, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. al(t TEN CENT* PER HUNDRED POUNDS. FREIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. FAH8AGIC Si M ERICSSON STEAMBOAT LINE BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. The Ericsson cine will re-. 'ceive Freight for baltun ieV .and for the South and w??i" generally, which they will forward at th' low raie of teu cems per 100 lbs. All the freight heretofore forwarded from New York to Baltimore, has been carried by this line, and shippers will iherelore be careful to consign and mark their goods to A. Groves, Jr., Agent. The Depot of the Ericsson Line ia near tne freight olfice of the New York Line, almoat adjoining it. 'ilie Boats of this Line will leave the up|>er side of < lies taut street wharf daily, (eicept Sunday) at 3 o'clock, P. M.,or im mediately the arrival ol the New York Line. The accom modations for Paasengers are eicellenl, berths b-ing provided for them, and every effort will be made to promote their comfort and convenience. Paasergera receipted through by this Line to Wheeling and Pitusbnrgh, via Baltimor aud Ohio Railroad and National Road. [[/"fare to Wheeling til?Te Pittsburgh 911?Meals Si ets. Hi? Ho its compose the Ericsson Steamboat Line, and the ar rangements are ample to forward every pound of freight u ceiveil. A GROVES, Jr. Agent, Match l<Hh, 184!) No, 19 South Warns, Phil*, mhll Itsu'ec AMUSEMENTS. JTAJtM. 1'HKATHJC Sixth appearance of Mr. Anderson. 8ATURDAYr'.VENlNG, April 18. Will be Imeatcd the Comedy of the lLD?H BROTHER -I harlrs. Mr Anderson. To conclude with the ui> lo-drama of ROBERT MACAIRE ?Robert Macaire, W H chip; Jouues Strop, Skeurett; Msrin, Mra Abbott , Boxes, lit tier 75 cents, 2d tier 60 cents?Pit JO eaiti?Gallery IS cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock, cumin rise precisely at half-put T o'clock. PALMU'H OHKKA HOUSE. ? Lkssek W. DINNKKORD. 1 he Lessee has treat pleasure in amiouocinK that h? it now en abled to admit the public at the following p> ices:?Dress Boies aud Parquet te 60 cent*?Second Circle 2j tiuU Privata Boxes $4. MR. BOOTH la engagrd for Five Nights, and will make hia first appearance this, Saturday evening, iu bhakspeare's Tragedy of RICHARD 111. BVTURBAY EVKNING, April 19tb, 1845, will be pre sentedRICHARD Ill-Duke u{ Gloster, Mr. Booth; Lady Anu, M'Si Clarendon. To conclude with the luteriude of THE HAPPY MAN? Ram Rutti, Mr Hamiltou. There is no Kree Cist to this Theatre, except the members of the Press. Doors open at 7?Performance to commence positively at half-i>ast 7 o'clock. The Boa Book is now open, and places may be secured. TUflPLU OP fHK MUSES. FLOATING THEJ1TRE, AT THE FOOT OK DELANCY STREET. PRICKS REDUCED. Admission to Dress Circle 26 <-ents?I'arqaette UW cents. SATURDAY EVENING, April 19 Thi entertainments will commence with BLACK-EYED SUSAN?Willi ?m,W G Jones. Comic Soug. Mr T G Booth. Dance, Mr Goodwin. The Petit* UUMBO FAMILY?who will give a variety of original Negro Peculiarities of singing and dancing. To conclude with the ALPINE MAID. BUftTUN'S THEATRE?Arclt street, PHILADELPHIA. SATURDAY, AI'RIL 19ih. 1843 ROB ROY-RohRoy Mr Wallace; Bail lie Nieol Jarvey, Mr burton: Diana Vercou, Mrs. Smith; Helen Mcliregor, Mrs. Wallack. T" couclade with the succcstful burlesque of THE BOHEA MAN'o GAL.!?Thadv, Mr Burke; Harnlieim, Johnston; Hoopincough, Bowers; Arliue, Mrs W H Smith; Mrs Queen, Mrs Stevens. THE COLUUCtl, BROADWAY, NEAR GRAND. rPHK. Public is respectfully informed that three new and spa *? cious rooms, comprehending? 1. The Grand Musi--. Hall, containing an area of 3826 rquare feet, splendidly illuminated k.y til superb (iu Luities, with nn Orchestral Stage of a new censtructiou at d of ?u r|>assing be inly; I. The grand Promenade and Refieshment Room, eighty feet i n length. illuminatetUwith equal brilliance with the Music Hall, with which it communicates, and affording a promenade of 160 feat and upwards ; 3. The Ladies' Room, occupying the whole front of the pre mises on Broadway, arranged with appropriate elegance, and every other convenience? Will open for the Bummer Season on MONDAY, the 28th day of this month of April, with A GRAND CONCERT, Inters per sed with Recitations and a variety of Entertainments, as will be expressed in future bills. ADMISSION, TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. The Coliseum will be open nightly, with a variety of Musi cal Entertainments in an endless chain of variety, after th? manner of the Promenade Concerts of Pars, Vienna, be. lie. with the distinguishing characteristics of the Ranelagh Rooms of former celebrity in London, and the Bath Rooms, th? favor ite resort of the fuhion iu England. Artistes of the greatest celeority will b: engaged, and no pains or expense will be spared to ensure public ]*tronage. Ladies and gentlemen wishing for engagements, an requested to apply, either personally or by letter (post paid), to Mr. John Parker, at the Coliseum. apl7 Jt*rrc EXHIBITION. rPHK GRAND ORIGINAL TABLEAU, painted by F. A Anelli, iu New York, on an area of 23 by 19 feet, repre senting a grand catastrophe, THE END OK THE WORLD, (the idea was suggested by a dream,) is now and will be exhi bited at the Apollo, 410 Broadway, (which is entirely separa ted from the Concert Room, in the same building,) for a short time, previous to its removal from the city, Mr. Anelli having disposed of it for the preseut. Exhibition open from 10, A. M., to 10, P. M. Admission 26 ents aJ re PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. SHIRD SKASON, 1844-46. Last Concert of the Season, will take plac? A at the Apollo Roosas, ou Saturday,.April 19th To com mence at 8 o'clock, precisely. Subscribers can obtain their extra Tickets, by applying tc Messrs. Bcharfenberg & Luis, No. 361 Broidway, on ana beion April 18th. By ?rder. all istol9th*m WM. BCHARFENBERG, Sec'y. NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. HPHE TWENTIETH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the J- Works of Living Artists, never before exhibited by the Academy, is now open at th-ir rooms, corner of Leonard street and Broadway, from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. daily, Sundays ex cepted. Admission 26 cents. Season Tickets 60 cents?Catalogues 12)tf cents. a!9 Stis?rc pOLMAN'S GALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS AND v Literary Exhibition, Mo. 203 Broadway.?Jnst added to the Exhibition, a very beautiful Picture by G. Cole?in size about 6 ft 4?being a Laudscape view iu Cumberland, England, filled in with a wonderful (roup of Cattle, which have received the finishing touches of Thomas Sidney Cooper, of Loudon, with whom Mr. Cole studied. It was valued in the Exhibition in London at 400 guineas. Tnis is probably the most .delightful effort of art which has been exhibited here in many years. To see which, and about 200 Oil Paintings, 12)s cents only is charged. Entrance through the Book Store, where no charge is made, nor to (he extensive Print Room, where Engravings of every variety may be had, at reduced prices. N. B.?Mr. Coin-an, wishing to close up the Book Depart ment of his establishment, offers bargaius to purchasers. al2 tf rc THE LAST TIME . DR. HOLLICK.'S SELECT LECTURES FOR GENTLEMEN ONLY. ON THE ORIGIN OF LIFE, Tuetday, Wtdnetday and Thurtday, April *2(1, aid, and 24th. I7RANKL1N HALL, Chatham Squire, next to the Trades *? man'* Bank. Doors 0|>eu at 7X, Lee are commence at I. Illustrated by Seventeen perfect, rail sized, life like Model*, rapretent'os the Male aod Female Systems comnlete, the de velopment of the man being from the mere germ of four days to the fu1! pericd, tic., Sic., the only models of the kind in this country Admission 25 cents. al9 4tis*rc DR. BEACH'S LEC IURESOW ANATOMY, Physiolo gy, Midewifery, and the Reformed Practice of Medicine, will commence at the Hall corner of Broadway and Oraud st, on TUESDAY, Arri' 22d, at 3 o'clock P. M., and be continued at tliesame hour on each day during the week. The first Coarse will be delivered exclusively to female*. These Lectures will embrace a descrittion ofthe various organs of the system, their functions, and the diseases to which they are subject, wit*! ap propriate medicil treatment; also. Midwifery, under which branch will be given the Orgin of Life, from its first germ, through all ita developments, including the diseases iwculiar tc 'emales The whole of these interesting subjects ot .vital im portance to every human being, will be illustrated by a UranC Anatomical Figure of the Human by stem, imported from Eo rope expressly for the purpose, and which will be diss cted frou the brain to the extremities. Also, by a series of transiwrenciaa platea. models and wax preparations; the last of which will b< explained by Mrs Haynee, graduate of the Lyiug-in-Hospital London. 1 ickets for ihe course $1; single tickets 25 cents. Tc be had at Mr. Raynor's bookstore. 78 Bowery, and at the door. al> Urrc? NEW COURSE OF ASTRONOMY. TAKE THE SUN FOR THE MOON. AYUUNO Man of good understanding and abilities, i? de si-ous of giving instruction to carious persons, in this new, amusing and entirely original discovery in the Planetary Sys tem. N. B ?His attention it particularly directed to the Ladies. Terms moderate. Address H. A. J , this office. all FStfcM3t?ec SOCIALISM I7RANKLIN HALL, 175 Chatham Square, to-morrow, Sua r day, at I A. M., the members will meet on important busi ness. Afternoon, at 3? Publie Debate on the question "Whxt Re form is most needed in Society?" Evening at 7?Several 8pexkers will adilreasthe meeting. Vocal and Instrumental Music ?s usual. a!9 It*re EV. B. F. BARRETT, will deliver his Seventeenth Lee ? - ture next Sxbbath (to-morrow) ev-niug, in the New Yoik Society Library Builaicg, corner of Broadway and Leonard streets, at 7H .o'clock. Subject?The Connection of the Spiritual with the Natural World, and its iatluence upon it. Should the weather be aanle&sant the Lecture will be post poned. N. B.?Preaching in the same pi ice every Sabbath morning. *16 3t*rh LIBERAL LECTUHES, National Hall, (anal street.-Mr O VALE will lecture, oo Sunday, at 3k P M., on Orxl'i (imputed) rhaicr of a people, involving Abraham and the Jews, the early C hristians, Mahomet and his holy followers, the Catholici, Protectants, peculiar sects, the ELECT, ike Methodists [white ?nd colored) attending Camp Meetings, ate. Afier which, a Dehatr-Q..?" Did the Supreme Power eter elect a pemile for hit or their benefit 1 N. B?The Committee of Arrangements for the proposed Liberil Convention will please attend. Particulars at the Bea con office, 91 Roosevelt street, where liberal works are for sale. a!9 It'rc MR- HAMILTON, Teacher of American and French Broad ?"1 gword, also the Infiutry Small Sword and Musket Exer cise, most respectfully announces to those who|feel inclined to become perfect in I lie above exercise, that ihey will do well to call at his Drill Room. Harmony H*ll, No. 17 Centre itreet. Mr H haa had an experience of seven years as teacher of the above iu the army of the United States, and will guarantee t? complete his pupils in twelve lessous. Terms, twelve lessons, $6 N. B ?Mr. H. can be! seen from 9 AM. till 10 P.M. at hia Drill Room*. Private lessoni taught at auy part of the city. a!6 lw*ec OTTIGNON'S GYMNASIUM. pHAS. F. OTTIONON respectfully informs his friends ^ and the public, that he haa recently taken the large and com modious room*, Noa. 16, 17, and 19 Canal atreet, near Broad way, (formerly occupied by J. P-Kogera.) which have been thoroughly cl?ined, and littej up in a manner that cannot fail to give satiaf.ietion to the mint futidiou*. Cot oected with the Gymnasium, is the Sraamivd Room,where Mr. O. is always R ready personally to jrive instructions in the noble Art of Self Defence, and l.e will likewise state that his pupils enjoy the reputation of being the most skilfal amateur apanera iu the dreading tatwht by Mr. Wm. Pair*, who will warrant any pupil perfect, after a course of instruction fencing taught by an experienced prolesror. Mr. O. would respectfully inform those pupils who have formerly exercised at this < 'ymnssium, and w''oee terms hare not alrev!> expired, that satisfictorv *-ra"?ements for the continuation ot their unexpired time, will b? made by calling on him at the rooms, in Canal atreet, wh<ch Will be open from snnrise until 10 o'clock, P.M. Mr. O. would also 'tare thatthe Oymnaaium and Pistol (Jul lery, corner of Broad wry n-d C^aml^r streets, Trail be open un til further notice. a9 lmje FIFTY-NINTH ANN1V EhSARY 'blNNER of A the S V. GEORGE'S SOCIETY of New York, will take place at the Aator Hons* on tlie 23d iast. Tickets, the number of which is limited, may be had of the Stewart's. J. k. WALTER, 396 Broadway. WM. HINDHAU(!h,1 Vesey at.Astor Honse. K. DIAPER. 3* Wall street. EDWARD WALKER, 114 Kulton.'and a?t33 dh IS (Nassau street. 1 O HE WARD? Lost last evening, Thursdiv, about -ix IV/ o'clock, in itoing from Pearl atreet te the llowery through! list ha in, a brown Wallet, contaiaiag rbout forty dol lars, thirty in citv m< ney. Also, a paper of some value to the aili ertiser, who is a poor man with a large family. The finder wil receive the above reward, with the thanks of the lo*er, hv leaving it at 30 Centre street, next to the corner of Duane nr. al8 3t*ec BOATMEN, AND OTHERS-Paving Stone of first J- rue quality, waated immediately. Apply to WILLIAM KOROAV. a!4 Im'rc No. 40 Norfolk street. DOARU WANTED?Two gentlemen are desirous ot ob y taining a Room and Board in tone small family within a few minutes walk ol this office. Address H. ? R *' this office, 'w ewh inn HKAMS FINE Mtjsic PAPER.- rfS.'ivjd,?nd for IV/VJ ** ptRME L ?ROOKS, al9n KaadO? Naasau strMt4i BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [Correspondence ot the Herald.l Washington, April 17,1848 Appointment of Mr. Sparkt Contul to Nnplet- Mr. Iytbranche Naval Officer at New Orltant? Con iuUhip at Havre and Grumbling Respecting it Senator Fairfield and the Maine Appointment<? Mr. Ritchie, Mr. Blair, the Organ, tfr The Prudent, I understand, has appointed Mr. Spark* as Consul to Naples in the plac? of Mr. Hammet now there, who has been stated to be a brother of Dr. Hammet, the M. C. from Mississippi, but I understand that this is incorrect, no relation ship existing between these gentlemen. Mr Sparks is from South Carolina, and 1 believe is an accomplished scholar and linguist, and has been appointed to this post as he will be ot great service to Mr. Polk's brother in his post of Charge to Na ples. I learn that Mr. Polk will sail in company with Mr. SparkB, probably about the middle of next month, in a merchant ship. I have also been informed that Mr. Labranchs, late M C. trom Louisiana, either is or will be ap pointed Naval Officer at New Orleans. This will be another member ot Congress provided for, and will not, I believe, add to President Polk's popular ity in New Orleans. Various persons, who were seeking for, and ex pected to be appointed to, the Consulship at Havaaa, are very much dissatisfied that Mr. Polk will not remove Mr. Campbell, who is, as they say, a whig, and a la"wyer, and ought not to be there. Some New Yorkers, who think that the Commercial Emporium is in justice entitled to one or two of the large consulships, feel very indignant that all their representations should be unheeded, and be gin to say that Mr. Polk had better take care not to strengthen the Van Buren clique too much, by re fusing to give any appointments to the young de moeracie of that State?they might be tempted to join the regency in fighting against the administra tion. Senator Fairfield, of Maine, is doing his " best est" here to have all the old officers in Maine re moved, and appointees selected from his own clique, or those of his recommending, which, if carried out, those who profess to know say, will be the destruction of the party in that State.? Some individuals from Maine, who came here on business and have since gone awav home, told me that they never knew how Mr. Fairfield got into Congress; that it was only by accident, he was elected Governor in consequence of some adventi tious popularity he acquired by movirg for an en quiry into the " Cilley affair," and that he waB on ly elected Senator as a stop-gap, as he was expect ed to go into the Cabinet to take care of the Navy, (and the fact of this expectation is said to be a cause why Polk is desirous of yielding to bis wish es in regard to these appointments.) When the Cabinet was formed without him, there was some understanding that he was to resign to make way for his competitors, and he is said to be now trying to induce Mr. Polk to appoint these persons, in or der to stop their mouths. We shall see if ne suc ceeds, Mr. Ritchie is expected in his prospectus to soft soap Blair pretty well. He first ot all refused to come while Blair was at the head of the Globe, and now that Blair has been " kicked out," he will say all sorts of sweet things. 1 presume he will endeavor to make it appear that Blair's telling Mr. Polk he would write to General Jackson and Mr. Wright, was an evidence of " high-minded ness," and that his sending to Albany to obtain leave of the clique to retire, was v(ry " honorable," and that Mr. Dix's supervision of tbe " organ" un der Mr. Ritchie's charge will be very gratifying, Jcc. dec. <fco. Nous verront. The whole concern I will be an utter failure, mentally, morally, and pe cuniarily. Washington, April 17, 1846. Anxiety for the fVettern't Newt?Marriage in Town?Proceeds of Blair tf Rivet't Election Bett ? Tammany Hall No. 2?Mr. Bancroft't Bar m in?The E litor of the Richmond Enquirer, fyc. Tlv late of those three unheard of packet ships, at a unwonted delay ot the return of the Great W rn, had excited some little apprehension for h safety. But we find by the London Newt, Timet, and Punch, upon the counter of Shurta 61 Taylor, that the brave old ship is safely up into port. The report of her arrival came in by the 11 o'clock train, and great anxiety prevails for the news from England. The administration are not the least curious to see the returns by the Great Western. Young Abert. the priva e secretary of Hon. R. J. Walker, of the Treasury, last evening took the oath of matrimonial allegiance with the beautiful and accomplished Miss Bache, a sister-in-law of the distinguished Mississippi advocate of annexa tion. Hon. Thomas H. Benton and family. Hon. James Buchanan, Hon. R. J. Walker and lady, and others of the "upper ten" dozen of Washing ton, were present. It is said that this family alli ance was paramount in securing Mr. Abert hiB de sirable and confidential appointment. The thirty-five thousand dollars won by Blair and Rives, of the Globe, upon the late Presidential elections, are to be consecrated to the erection of a Democratic Hall in this city. The appropriation has been wisely bestowed ; the edifice proposed will at once stand as a monument of the liberality and the orthodoxy of the founders of Tammany Hall No. 2 It was a stipulation insisted upon by Blair and Rives, that the name of the "Globe" should be changed with the change of the pro prietors. George Bancroft, Secretary ot the Navy, rents the house ot Mr. Blair, opposite the Executive De partments of the War and Navy, at S800 a year. Such a residence, " up town," in New Yoik, would bring an annual dividend to the owner of at least two thousand. The venerable editor of the Richmond Enquirer, in answer to a late declaration of ours that Mr. Cal houn furnished the lunds for the purchase of the Globt establishment, positively denies that the said John Caldwell is interested to the amount of a sin gle red cent. Now, we tell the respected editor of the Enquirer that wc are glad to hear it. Hon. Alcee Labranche, of La , is to be Naval Agent for the port of New Orleans. Mr. Elmore, ot S. C., goes to England. This appointment will be very satisfactory to South Carolina, no doubt, but Mr. Buchanan scratches his head. Before the expiration of the week it is expected that the Cabinet will take up the removals tor the State of New York seriatim. Bon. P. S.?Meeting of the citizens this evening for the benefit ot Pittsburg. Meeting called by Mayor Seaton, by order of the Board of Aldermen, and Common Council. Washington, April 17, 1845. It is understood that Mr. Henry Welsh is to be appointed Collector of Philadelphia. This will be a very popular appointment in the State. Mr. Welsh is an intelligent, honest, aad industrious gentleman. He was formerly editor of the Harris bttrgh Reporter?it one time a Van Buren elector ?and afterwards engaged in mercantile pursuits for a few years at Philadelphia. He is at present residing in York. Mr. Welsh has numerous triends throughout the State of Pennsylvania, and the Pre sident haa made a wise selection. Mr. Henry Horn, and others, were prominent candidates lor the office. Judge Shields, of Illinois, the new Commissioner ot the General Land Office, has arrived. He is represented, by those who knvw him, an a man of sterling worth, and of good qualities. No new* from Mexico. Com Biddle is to command the Oolumhus, with Car'- Wyman. __________ Z Philadelphia. fCorreepond-nco of the Herald ] Philadelphia, April M, 184ft The went Mr i* unsessonsbly cold, the iky is overcest with cloud* from ths northeast, but there has not been yet lufflcient rain to make impression* of the seanty drop* in the dnit. There is every reason to fear that the hopes ? and expectstioas of the agriculturist in this quarter will meet with another orael disappointment. To-day wa* flx?d for executing the extreme penalty ot the law upon Z?pphon, the colored mnrderer of old Cnty Tod, and he may now, while I am writing, be In the last agonies of death. There if something ae horriMy demo, rallying in this cold-blooded pasaionleas butchery of a human being, that my Mood freeses a art crawls st the bsre thought of what may st this moment be going on within the nnoioinre of Meyam?n*ing pri ion yard. It ia no! the murderer lor whom I care, for the atrocity of hi* act does not entitle him to pity, and deprive* film of oil right to cempisln ; but it is the moral Umage done to aociety ? the b.-uteliring exim pln ol legal murder aet te the man ol mankind, hardening and preparing each individual for daeda of dire import, atiouVi occasion be preaentad, which Alia me with pain Inl and diaguating aenaationa. Society demand* protec lion from the murderer, and isolation for life, within so litary walls, sad beyond the reach of executive clemen cy, aeema to preaent the readieet and only m*en* of at fueling thia object. By the present la we we destroy one murderer, bnt know not into how many other breaata, uow innocent of crime, we may not, by this vary act, have iniused his diabolical apirit. ' ' it ia all o?er. Before one o'clock Samuei /epphon was launched into eternity He we* attended by the Re^ John Chambers snd o colore! clergymen, and ?PP**J? penitent He prctiotnly confewed his crime to Judge tersona, and today, on the SOaBoM, he reiterated the t? uih ol ha lormer .letemeat. The flr.t attempt to hen, him failed, ires# the rope being tao long, a&4 ha Wvf* I ?

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