Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1845 Page 3
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JttOMKY HAltKRT. i Bandajr, April SI??? P. IS. [ A comparison of the qilolfttioaa for Cock', at the jlwe j of the put three weeks, dies not show sny material al* ttrjdoain prices, although throughout that period the fluctuation* have bjen quite large. Many operator* in tha street are expecting a very great decline some day* similar to that of the 12th of Jane last) but prlxs are too low ior such a fall. There ii not so great a margin for a decline, and we think there is very li'.tla probabili 17 of another panio day, similar to the one referred to, being realized for sometime; not until we have cape rienced a long period of speculation, or prices become very much indited Instead of there being any very, sudden depreciation in the market value of the fancy stocks, it appears probable that a gradual, but steady de cline in priees will be experienced Or the next month, when a speculative movement of soma extent will, with* out doubt, be made. By that time prices, at the rate they ar? now falling, will have rcached a law point, aad there will be a larger margin for an improvement. This change in tbu market, cannot, however, be expected, un'.il some ot tho heaviest speculators, who arc now bearing the msiket, become bulls, and operate as extensivelv for a risu. Th i Wall street organ ot the stock Jobbers, self, stylcd the ?' Timet of Jtmirita," has, within a week or two, been vury loud in its war articles, diligently la boring to convince the public that war with Mexico was inevitubla, and tbat reptitals butt already been made.? It it stated that a certain stock jobbing and sporting club of Broidwny is deeply interested in these articles, an 1 that the object in creating a panic in tha market, is to advance the interest of certain membera of ssid club. Some little time ago, tho bulletin of the organ al luded to, contained a notice that the Secretary of the Na vy hfid ordered all the Rnvernment vvssels to pre pare for sea, snd rendezvous at Pcnsacola. This notice urns posted up just previous to tha meeting ef the board of brokers, and take n down before the board adjourned. The efleet intended was realized ; stocks went down, and we have lie doubt some of tho operators made use of tho slight panic, to purchase. Wo annex a table of comparative quotations for sote o! tbe principal stocks used lor speculation in this mark it, for each day cf the past week; also the quotations cur r'-nt at the close of the week* ending the 6th and 13.h in ttart:? ? Uuotatiors ron thk riuncirti. Stocks lit the New Yoaa NUrskt. Sat. . Sat. Man. 7Vy. WVrf'y. 7Vy Pr'y. Sat. M. L. Island 72'< 72 V 72 72% 72jif 73 7J 78 Mohawk HV 60'4 60 ? 59 ? ? 62V Htrlein liS>4 ? ? 68 69 68 V 68% 70 Cnjitnn... ... .J42>j 43 41X 41% 42% 42% 42 46 V Farmers' Loan,. 36 35 35 36 Si 35 38% > or and Wor... 67 65 ?6% 67 67% 62 69 Ohio Sixes... .? 91% ? 96% 96% 96 96 98 llhuoimSixes... 38% ? ? ? 38% 36% 37% 40% Iudiniia ? ? ? 33% 33K ? 33% ? Kentucky Sixes. ? ? 100% 100% 10(1% 100% ? 1(1 Feun kitea... . 72% 71% 70% 6934 71% 71% 71% 73* Brouinaton... .. 37% 37% 36% 36% 36>5 :?% 3fi* 39% Erie Kail road .. 27 V 27% 27 27 % 28 28 27 X 29 V Vicksburg 10% 9M 8% 8 8% 8U #2 10% U. 8. Uaun... C% 6% 6X 6W 6 6% ? 6% Keadina ltH.... 49 ? 49 48% 48% 48i, 48 51% Morris Canal... 30% 30% 29% 29% 90 29V 30% 32% Kast Boston... ? 13 13% 14 It 14$ 15 14% The quotations current yesterday, compared with those ruling at the cloae of tho week previout, show a decline in Canton of J per cent; Farmers' Loan 1; Ohio G's li: Illinoisfl>s J; Pennsylvania 6's J; Stoniugton 1; Vioks burgll; Riading 1; Morris Canal Tne bears of the street have made a great deal oi capi tal out of the Texas and Mexican affairs, and when it be came necessary to depress the market, the organ of that clique of operators has given arank, gunpowder, mahog. any-stock statement of tha relations ot the two countries, invariably arriving at the conclusion that it was impossi ble to esuape a war, a war not only with Mexico, but with one or more cf the powers of Europe. Recoct advices from Mexico have dispelled whatever feara timid operators in stocks might hsve had, and are sufficient to aatisty tvery one that there is more smoke than anything elso in the movements of the government of Mcxfco Speculators witbii'g to depress the maiket, must invent something else to influence prices, or the hulls will become too strong to be controlled. There are numerous looal ond temporary causes for the present heaty sta'.e of the market, but a short time will suffice to remove them, when, if no others ariae, we may expect a iavaiable change in priccs, and a short period of speculo tion. One of the temporary csuaea alluded to, is the speculation going on iu sugar. The object of this excite meut in relation to this article, is to relieve a few exten sive operators of large stccks, and to stimulate, if passi ble. large exportation!! to Ergland. The change in tha sugar duties of Great Britain, will no doubt have a very pr*at influence on the price of the article in the United Kingdom, but the supply at the principal points, and the ciops in all parts of the world, are sufficient to satiafy any demand the wants of consumers may create, al though a speculative demand may for a time exist, that will advance prices, but an illegitimate and fictitious de maud cannot last long in tbe face of full supplies. Tne firet impor'ant thing to look at and consider, in connection with the movements going on ia this article, is the extent oi the production. The prospects of tho crop in Braail are generally admitted to be as favorable th is yeor pa last, and tne average yield will no doubt be real ised. The cropa In Java end Manilla aro expected to be as large as usual. The crop of Cuba will be somewhat less than that ol laityear, and the supply will be later ttiau usual in coating to market The extent of the defi ciency aannot yet be ascertained, but the impreation is tiiaiii will not fall much bolow the average. Last year tho supply ot sugar at Havana for European countries, vca 'reduced by the demand from the United State*, in consequence ct the short crop in this country. This ytwr uiir crop la very large, compared with last, and tbe demand for Havana sugar irom this coun try will therefore ha rather limited. Aocording to tbe re,-?rt of tho commissioner of patents, tho production of sugar in Louisiana in 1843, uniountcd to 37,173,&M pounds, and In 1644 to 160.0C0 000 Bjunda. Tlie crop for 1846 Is estimated at 300,000 hhds., oi Joublolhatof last year Tho attention ot the plan ter* of Louisiana hi* recently been turned to the cultiva tion of sugar, in consequence of the low price of cotton, mid large plantations htretoforejdevoted exclusively to the cultivation of rot ton, are this year exclusively devoted tothu cultivaticn ol sugar. The receipts and exports of sng'ir ut New Orleans, this season, csmpared with the coiie'pondmg period hut, ihow wnat an increase there nvnt Mve be?n in t'.o production. The receipts irom th? Is', ol Stpt., 1841, to the 9:h of April, 1849, amounted to hnt*, aga'nst only 41 020 for the correa pondiua i ericd the previous season. This Is en increase of nearly one hundred per cent this season. The expoits el Migiir front Vaw Oi leans, from the 1st of September, 1841 Uth''9lho( April. 1S45, amounted to 85,910 hhds., unci 4,-iid bbU., sgainst 27,818 hhds., and ?7i bl>ls lor the same lima the previous seascn. The increase in the ctep in the Usi;cd States will mere than offset the dtfioiency in tbe productions of CuM Tlio crops in otht r sugar growi'.g islands of the West Indies, are confidently ex pected to be ample, and the yield in Braz-1, Java, Manilla, ur.d other niijar districts, will be full ss large as usual Thatxtent ol the production txing settled to be full an average, the next thing to be crnsi-lered is the conaump tion. This orticla being considered a luxury among tbe lower classes, its use is in a very great degree influenced by the price, the prosperity of all classes, and the act i ve employ men t oi laborers in the commerci <l, munu lecturing b.iu mining districts of Europe,the low price of all the prin cipal necessariea of life, tad the improved condition gen erally ef the lower oiders, are in f*vorof a large con sumption of this article, in conucction with many others, with n the resources of the laboring classes to obtain.? On thi) acceunt, it ia the general impression that the con sumption will be larger than u<ual. I: beioglprctty con ciutively proved that the supply of sagar will be as full as usual, and that the consumption will be oa large, nod perhaps larger than last year, it becomes necessary to ?h. w the stoek in the principal mukctsthls season, com pared v. i'.h last: - 8TATF.MXNT or THI STOCXf OF SUGAR in THE principal six Markets or Kuaopi. Mtrrh 1. 1842. 1143. 11)14. 1S45. i rwtn. cwts cwli cwti. Holland' 3t 1.000 62 #00 126,0110 312,Odd utwsrp 81,1)00 40.000 86.0111 if,COO ll><nl>uijC 135.000 7?,000 17(1,000 1!#,K?0 "Irlele SMfO 19,"00 129,000 50,t Oil Havre 62.000 140,0n0 70.CD0 05,con 639,000 391,000 580, POO 617,000 VI!*lar.d 860,000 870,(00 736 4>10 1,399,000 ToUl 1,499.000 1,261,000 1,316,000 2,016,0(0 Toul in (J'eat Bri-> ti n of Col. Hug^r) 364.010 629,000 463,500 939,000 fortipn Form... 93S.000 612 0110 853,5( 0 1,077,000 * In unl hands only; in all other plncrs in ft it and second. It is stated that the obstructions to navigation in the liDith of Europe have preven'ed supplies liom reaching many places in the interior, and is one of the chief causts oi tt-c great increase in tb? stock of sugar in England on the l>t Mnrch, 184ft. The stacks, at the points ennmerat ed in ih- above (able, wete much larger than at the *am? date in either of tbn pr. viout three yrars, and although causes which may have produce 1 this can be tracod. y? t tbe lact of there nctnally Veing on band a larger stock would act as n ae rioui check to any advance in pi ices, and prwvent speculation fr^m reaching * very great height. The excitement produced by the alteration in the duly, and the speculation! which fjrew tut of that rx-i'ement and change, hid a favorthle ?AVct on prices in London, as will be seen by the annexed statement I? VAU'E It the FIRST HALF OF thr NOISTII OP MARCH, in London, psr csvt., without dutv. Miiico, K. and \V. India prewt. 35? 3.V 37j. 30s Havana, white Jii30s 2Ca35? 23a30s 2J.i32s Hevan', iftllow tad brewo 17422s I9a24s 18a22s I8?2's Brazil, unite... 20.i2l? 22n*s 2fli2ls JU24. llr?, yrllow and brown Ifimfli IR?2l? ItaPs 16sl?s Java ....... |f.?23i 17x26* 16?2ts 26ii7s I'aknt, ercslwd. in lond 29s. 27t28s 2t>?. 31s. Wilh ihis til le of pries corr nt in London in the ear lyp itot March, wa annex a comparative statement ol prior s ia this market at seveiol ptr.ods withi i the past le v months :? Trices for BtoARs in %bw Yorx 114} _ .. . ,, s!?n V. l8- Man hi. Jpril 11 St. Croix, |ier lb MsiK 6Wa t,*i gU rvrw ?*-?aoa 3U? 4K <>ti?X 6 a 7H Cniwt Mn?c ivadJ 4 <i 5K 4s* 6 ? ? O'tw 1 ieo Mfa 7S 6 a 7- 7 a Ik lliva-a, white 8 a !)? (t a 9k?io Hjv ni I) nwn e^a 7^4 "Hal B', white 8 a- 8 a- -* * Urj/.il, brown ? a? ? a? ?. Ma ilia, brown fi.'a* 0\ 6H* f,\ ? a? O i sobs ditctiptions the RHvauce has brin a large pri cent,j?hiti-n'.ot 1> o.i New Oilcans and Bt Croix, 'thi lacrvaie la tho price ot Now Oi lcans can hardly be ?e cuuntcd lor. A dem.ind for expsrta inn ia anticipated by h'l.len nhich in h groat m-amre iofluencus prices; but ator?.gn demand is very doubtful, ^nd spooBHlora Hold ing witli tuch unt.citations may suflur tevern losses, b.-. foicihty And out their naietak.'. 1 bo ron.arksof a Lon don | u,i r, in rt viewing tho poai'iou of the scgar mar kets of Oie t Btitain, meet our idecs exactly, and w? p;ivc (hem in t'.ii lsngnsgn ol thn authoiiiy allnde<l tj "Taking h wide view Ol nil thi cir iiTH?.Knc>*s afTectirg the pi i sent arid Ittiure condition of this impottunt article considering tho existing Ktock* in first bands, but also, eoiisiderirgtiie i>?ealiarrircnmstanc>'s which influence t.'se sincks in the vsnous deelers hands, not only in this C UM ty, but tlirooghout Europe; looking at alithecii oiitiis aoci wM#h are :ilt? ly to influence consumption t .r.'iighout tn? year, milking due nllawancn for the eff'C> oi i < rnluctio i of O'lr duties, arid somn for the genera sm:"' v m n< >n Ihc n n iltion nl the work'ng population '? ti:i(Coitu>r>, as w II as In tbe minufaoturlDg dlalricts 4ke continent-looklag at ail tho circumstances whloh t preint known, connootod wiu produoUoa of iu gar during the yui: taking it for (ranted that the do j niestic beetroot nro<!ac? wriHremai? abou < the *ame, al lowing lor a Might reported falling of if . Brasil. and ? "try large falling off In Cnba; duly **f?' ding tttekaowr increase in the Unittd St4tes, aba plar j0g oqr colonial ^roductiou on ground* that we know approximate yen d??arly to the truth; carefully and d' ily considering eli tbe-'e various element*, end ?arefuiljr balaucing their el facta on th? future, we do not see any eauae to expect any important change in the value of i ugar of any descrip tioo doling the present year. Thr ro are many complex and disturbing feature* connected with existing stocks and the i uiure supply, which o ar. lead to some conside rable ??!<%' ustions in the course r f the year, especially in loreign at gars, but they wil'. be more accidental than permanent-- The relative prlr now existing between foreignaud colonial sugars ar tf) as nearly as may be, wha> the relative a uties will juatil f 3nd maintain: nor, in oth er respects, da we see good reason to look lor any mate, rial change of the genera', valueoi sugar, either oolonial or fcreign, during the ye u. Olil ?? jck Kxcbsuaf ?. $1000 trj ?'s, *3 113 35 share* Morris Canal 30 7700 NT Brut* T's, '? 10JW 175 do MX 24600 Obi?*V t0 W'l 50 do 3?% 10000 ?*? , 96 25 do al5 30?t 50U0 111 8| ' Ma. 37K 125 d'> 3d), 5*00 fnu 5's b60 72 50 Kaat Uoaton 15 10000 d> 71% 400 Harlam Kit 68% 5000 do s60 7Ik 100 do t>30 6Sl? 15000 do bOO 72% 150 do b60 69l? 5000 Indiana Bds 72% 150 do 68S 27iliares Am Ei fik SI 75 gria KK rv 100 V icksbnrg ?k 8% 25 do s60 27X 100 do 8% 50 <<o 37% 525 do 9 50 do *30 28 50 Farmers' Trnat 35 50 do b60 2SU 50 do sl2m 33 100 N Jersey RK ?60 98% 500 (to 35% 50 Stonington HR 36 200 d> bW 35% 100 do ?30 36% 54 Canton Co s30 42 200 do 16O 36>4 575 do 42 50 do s30 36% 100 do 60d 43 175 do 36% 100 do b60 43 100 do b60 37* 25 do blO 42 75 Nor &. Wor RR 67% 75 do 41? 375 do 6* 50 do 41 % 50 dn 160 69 100 do b?& 42% 100 Reading RR 48 50 1. Inland RR 73 50 do 413^ 25 Wilmington RR 42% 5* do ?6m 45 f iecond Boardi 25 shares Nor h. Wor?_ k 68% 50 that Nor & Wor s30 f9% 100 Canton Co 4IH 50 do 1)30 70 50 _ do 44% 25 do b30 70 25 Nor 81 Wor 69 50 ('anion Co 41V 25 da 69 50 L laland 74)2 125 Erie RR 28 200 Nor k Wor 69H 125 Jifor k Wor 69 150 Ptonington 38 50 Viclukmr 9% 50 Morris Canal 30 V 50 Hr.oniugton alO 37 AO Farmers' Trust 3ii Tib Nor Ik War b3# 70 50 Long Island 74% New tttoclc Bichanga. 60 shares U S Bank ' c 6% 25 shares E Boston s3 14X 50 Vickstwit Bk e 8% 75 do a3 14% 50 do btw 8)2 75 Canton Co 42 100 do suw 8)2 50 do 41% 150 do b3 9 25 do slO 41* 150 do >3 9 25 do 41% 50 do 9% 50 L Island RR s3 73 375 do 9)2 25 do c 73? 100 do b3 9)4 50 do C 73% 100 do s3 9)2 25 do snw 73% 10? do s3 9V 50 Harlem RB c 68 50 do blO 9)2 150 do c 68)2 50 Farmers' Tinst snw SIX 25 Eiit ltR c 27J, 1C0 oo bnw 35 75 do 28 50 do b30 35% 75 Nor h Wor s3 98 25 do e 34% 100 do a30 68% 50 N A frost c II 50 do a 10 68 25 Moms Canal snw 30,V 35 do c 68 Sal?8 of Stocks at Boa ton. AraiL I#?S schs Boston It Wor RR 117%; 5 Granite Bank 98,'i; 50 E Boston Stock 14^; 5 Weat-rn KK 1000%; 50 do b | o Im 101%; 50 L laland KK soln 73%; 25 do 73%; 25 do so 5ds 73H; 50 do so 12m 73: 100 N Si Wor RR b 0 Vm 68%; 35 do 67%; no Wilmington MR b o lm 31%; 350 do 31%: 100 do b o 3m Btat* of Trade. B*KAD*Turrs ?The market i* not at all active for any article under that head. Tho prices of flour range for Oeneaee from $4 6?| a $t 7ft; Southern $4 78 a $4 871 Ohio $4 63}. In Orain there ia but httledoing, and prions are not very ftrm. Corn ietchea 47 a 49 cents; Barley 60 a 64 cent*. Rye 66 a 67 cent*. Southern Oat* 36a 37{nor thern <lo. SO a 81 cent*. A* near at we can learn from seuroe* in which we place implicit crodit, the itook* on hand on the 13th in*t. at the following point* were aa follow* : Oswego ..bbla. flour 33,000 Rochester. 34,600 Baltimore .V 36,000 ?against 100 000 last year, which will probably account (or Southern flour keeping up. There ore <0 be niuety-?ix run of (tone at Rochester this season. Coal?One hundred and thirty-nine ton* of coal have been thipped from the Pennsylvania mine* to last Thura day. Freight* Iron Pottsville to Philadelphia 70 cent*; to New York $1 80. Tho following are the rate* of Freight* from Richmond and the Schuylkill to Eastern port*:?To Salem $3 to 3 13. perUn; Boston $1 67to $3; Portland $2; New Bedfoid $1 St to 1 46; Providence and Fall River $1 40 to $1 60; New York 96 cents to $1. Cotton?To day the silcs amount to 1300 bales. Price* are firm nt a decline of }th of a cent *ince tho arrival of the Great Western Tbo market thia week ha* general nerally been quiet; and the transaction*, which have been small, have been at rate* generally in favor of the buyer, although not to an extent to authorise us to make a material change ia our quotation*. Yes terday and to day the demand wa* better, but no ge neral di*po*ilion shown, either by holder* or buyer*, to operate. The sales have been cbirfly*to Li verpool, and,a small poition for the Continent; with a lait demand from spinner*. We annex the quotation* : LirKRrooi. Classification. Upldt.frFlorida. N.Orl. f Mohilt. Inferior, 6 a ei . i a 6J Ordinary, 61 a t\ . ?. 6] :a 6 Middling 6] a 6 . .. 6| a t>l Good Middling. ( a t| ... fij a 6| Middling lair,.. 6} a 6| . ? 6} a ?} ^.r.. 61a *| 7 a 7] ; fair,.. 61 a 6| ?j a Fully Fair 6} a 7 ... 7] a 9 Good fair, 7} a 74 ... 81 a 9 Fine 8 a PJ ... a 9} Stock, 68,000 bale*. Freight* to Liverpool dull at 6>16d. To Haere dull at ]c. Antes?'There ha* been an improvement in Pot*. We now quote old at $4, a - d new at $4 95. Pearls are rather inactive, and sale* are m ide a* wanted at $4 5>iJ a $4 611 Export* from Ut to I6ih in*t ? Pots 1418 bbls. resrIs 381 bbl*. PaoTiiioK*?Ohio Pork i* in moderate rcqur*t. New prime we quote at f 10 621 a $10 76. Do Mesa at $IS 60 a *18 6JJ; old prime i* held at $9 63} a $9 76; do mess at $13 62} a $13 76 Beef i* in limited demand, but holder* are Arm We quote new Mess at' $8 93] a $9 60. Do Prime at $6 a 6 60. Lard, new Ohio, kegs and bbla, tell* ?t 73 a 8 cent* lor good and prime. Extra commands 8ifc?nt*. Fish?We quote *alei to some extent of dry Cod at $3 061 ? $3 12} WHisatv-DrodgA sell as wanted at 2>:-t Western and prison bbl* are dull at 93}c. Baltimore Cattle Market. April 19.?Theie were 830 bead of Beef Cattle were of fered fur tale at the icales on Monday, and 311 bead sold to tne batcher* in the city. The pricea paid ranged from $-2 35 to $3 is per 100 lb*. on the hoof ai in quality, equal to $4 60 a $? 26 net. Of the balance 99 were driven to other maiket*, and 30 left over. There haa been but a li mited aupply of live Hog* at anaiket thia week, and the price haa ruled generally at $6 per 100 Iba. filed, On Sunday, 30th inat., auddecly, Jamea Willi ami, aged 34 veara, of thia city. Hit frienda. and thoae of Henry B. ???nn, and alao the membera of Columbian Engine C o No. 14, are rnanectful ly invited to Ltti-nd bit luneral thia day, at 4 o'clock P.M., irom kii lute i evidence. 13 Ann atrect Pauangan Arrived. Mnnii.r?Ship Cotton Planter?A Parker, J Parker, Mr Bib cock, 11 Buckingham. Foreign Importations. Lchdon?Ship (lladiator?{Re|>or?ed yeaterday)?4 rkga Bar lan?? J P King ft ? I Main ft eo?9 Sherpard ft Mnijin-I M?rk Levy ft Brothera?3 her Brothera-9_C O (Jnnthfr?101 W Harriman?t J M Opfen Cnmmin(, lieim ft eo- Si Barber Broa?8 C King ft CO?I* R >lker ft Mollmaun?It Phelpa, Dodge ft co?2 J W Laaak?2 R M Leckie?2 H P Freeman?2 O Hawkea-8 O Loewie?7 W II Cary ft ro-l K Fiedler-1 Schmidt ft Vog?|-l O Oriflin ?I W D Cuihhertaon?I It N Tin?on? I J L?ff?ru?I H Cohen ft eo?3 K ft O W Blunt?I C Bs'dwid?1 J Bidwell?I Carey ft Hart?1 Heaty ft co?I U J "tewart ft co? I Colliaa Brothera ? 1 Mr* Jackaon?5 Tiffany, Young ft It Ilia? 1 J Sheaf*? 1 V Cnilleux ft aon?1 Urinnell Minium ft co?I Wilaon ft co?1 D Walker? I R '? Orerton?I R Bel aa? 1 T Char It "n?It Chn Ahrenfe'.d'?3 M J ft M A King?8 Farr, Power* ft Wrightman ?2 Sione ft cn?4 Lawaon ft Broi?1 C Thomaa?10 Burritt ft Johnion?1000 bxa tin 90aliba do Phelpa, Dodge a co?2062 bar* ir -n fieraon ft co?403 loga wood ? iffken ft IroBaide*?175 c>k< a. 11 J Lee ft co?3122 |ea dyawood R Sand ford?13 ca 27 pkga 52 baga to ord-r. Poncr?Brig L'Orient?235 hhda mgar How land ft Aapin well?<0 do molaaiea to order. M*taooiu>a?Biig Modney?105 hale* cotton It llrLdrick? 34 Blower ft NeU ju?170 Bouiaary ft co. Domestic Importations. Monn.r?Ship Cotton Planter?*84 balra cotton Boorman. JoMiaion ft co?1| Smith, M ilia ft eo?31 C P Grannie?lit () Collini?45 Fox ft Livingatnn?31 Center ft co?115 8 Bronton ?2 boxe* tobacco Parmelee ft Roger*?3 bale* hide* Spoffoid, Tileaton ft co?I cte?t S C Herring. MARITIME HERALD POUT OV 1SICW YORK, APRIL Ml. ?Hi* *ia?* 5 It I moot* 4 33 M ?UW IgT* 8 Hi HlflH WITH I II 1 ArtlVM. Ship Or'goa, Olidden, 37 daya from Liverpool, to Netmith ft Watrh, with 200 tnna aalt toor ier?257>leeragepaeeeiiger*. 31m u't. lat 44, Inn 41, ia a gale from NW, loat orerboa d from the j ihboom, J Lamar, aeunan. Ship Saitelle, (of Bmton) Taylor, 12 day* from New Or Uaoa wilh cotton and proviainna, to order. Ship Hogarih. Pendleton. from Mobile, March 28, with 1000 balea cotton to Farring ft Hall Ship Noimiu, (of Bolton) Spavin, 17 daya from Mob le,with coiion, lo inaaler. .... Ship ('niton P ante-, Pratt, from Apalichicola, 2d iuat, with cotton, to K D Harlbut ft Co. IJari|iie Apthorp, (ol botton) Blake. 27 day* from New Or leara, with ind?e, to nuater. Brig Cmtis. Bluo^y, from Linwrolti, fin oUtfttniSi Can* ry lalanda, in billaat, to m?t?r Left at former, brig Bnrmah. to nil for Kueruvcuiara to !o*d wi h barilla for York.? At Cmaiy, U Sulimpof war "r. ble. all well. fpoke 7th mat lat 'it 00, ion 59 30. nchr J?ie, from New Y ork for Ven Cm* ? I Ith, I .t 36 7. I.mi 64, >aw ship Kngland, wilh a black hill in fore topaail, at ?ring but, anppoaeil her to be an Jtngliah aliip. 16th ?aw achr Cheater, ateeriiitf SiUth. Brig C()ri-nt, Knight, 14 daya from rimce, PR. with augar, to Buck ft a. ,'?*,J'-"'-- Mill*, 15 day* from Ca'denaa, to muter, with 5*, i00 gallon* inolu.r, F u Thnraton. Veaaela lift before re ported. Brig Ri dney, Smith, from Matagorda, Texaa, 25th ult. with cott';ii, to inaater. Hri i-li brig uamibB, McNaughteu, 16 daya from St John, Ml wuh fiih, in maaier 0riy>8 day* from Mayaguez, PR. with W 4 fcbU "**' 1coff"to N?r'w??h p.i,^TM.7: D"i*-20 Schr Benj Ituih, Young, 6 daya from No folk, with mda#? bennd to boaton. ?chr Ann Deninan, Simonaon, 3 daya from Thomaaton wilh lim*. to roaater. nlir Richmond, Tackatd, 3 ila>? fron Tliomailon.with lime, '"(!?li* VVtwhmM, Smith, Sdtyi.from Thootutea, with lime. 1 OMMtr, ' Selir Hechabite, Sawyer, 5 (lay* from Poit'&nd, with mo'aaaea o Baker k Co. ^Sclir T lua, Doane, I daya from Marblehead. with full, lie. to mau-r. Schr Couatitution, Kummeis, 3 day* from Kill Kim, with ndse, te master. Strain propeller Seneca, Wilcox, 24 day* from Hag iford, witti ndse, to order. B?low. fcliip ('ispian. Toreey, fiom New Orleans. , A bright ? ded (hip supposed to be the Uncas, Latham. fram Mobile A barque aupi cseU to be the Vazeppi, Millington, from New Jtltui British brig Mary Jaur, of St John, NB. Brig Abeoua, from Ne * Orleaus Mlsceiiuiieona Kccordi Foreign Letter*.?A letter bag for Chagres, I'aoama, and ih: Pacific, will be made up at the Eicliange Heading Boom and Kereign Letter Office, thia day, at 6 r M. Packet Hhipi Aih hurt orv, for Liverpool, aud Toronto, for Loudon, will fail thia day, at 12 o'clock. Letter bag* clow at half-patl 11. Columbia, Bany, of Denuia, repoted 18th mat on Black Ledge, near iV?w London, has been gotten off after die charging i art of her cargo, conaiatlng of picket*, she leak* some, but the punipa keep Tier free. Ham One hundrrd and thirty-six aeameo, under charge of Lieuts Sherburne and Beverley, from the receiving ahip at Boatoo, for the Columbus, arrived line yesterday. Notice to Harlneri. Information haa been officia'ly received from the Sardinian government of the establishment of two uew lighthouses at. the extiemmes of the Sttait of Bonifacio, which aepa ate* Sardinia from Corsica One of theae lighu ii on lha North Weat point of the IaU of Razxoli, at the r.astern entrance of the Strait, in latitude of 41 degrees 18 miuufs and 15 aeconda North; and in longitude of 7 deg 20 sac East of Pa: ia corresponding with 9 deg 20 min 41 ?ec h<ut of Greenwich. 'ihe light ii conatant; it staids at the height of 250 feet above lha level of the aea, and i* visible at tha diatanct ol 13 milea. The other light is placed on Cape Teats, at the Weatern en trance of the Strait, in latitude 41 deg It min aud 12 sec. and longitude 6 deg 48 min aud 48 tec Kaat of the meridian of Paris, oprreapoudiog with9 den 9 miu and II aec East of Greenwich. The light ia a repeating lignt, alternately riaible aud invisible for tltiee iniuutea on each occaaion. It stands at the he glit of 210 feet above the level of the aea, and way be leeu at the dia tance of IS miles. Hpoktn. Henry, of Portsmouth, hence for Livtriwol, 16;h mat. lat 39 19, lou 60?by the Oregon, at this port. l'runeaaee, 9 day ? from New Orlaars for Boston, 8th inst. off Tortugas?by ilia Cotton Plautar, at this port St Lawrence, of Providence, 20 days from Liverpool for New Orleaus, 3d inst. lat 27 4, Ion 71?by the I'ixarro, at thia port. Malabar, from Bristol, Eng. for Nam Orleaus, same time?by the same. Foreign Porta. Cardenas, April 3?In port, Hy Kelsey, Gray, disc; Orand Turk, for Providence; Pomfret, Moore, dug; Alpine, French, from Boston, do; Oenoa, Lampheir, from Belfast, do; Aurora, Johusou, for Boston?others reported later. Ponce, P. U., April 5?In port, Cordelia, Hatch, Idg for Naw York; Girard.Gilpatrick, to sail next day; Pinta, for Baltimore s-mediy: Sidney, Montgomery, Idg; Hudson, Jenkins, for N York; Adel tide, fir Newburyport, iu 6 day a; Vulture, Walker, fin Philadelphia, disc; Arixene.just arr; Brilliant, to load for N York. Lucy, iiardiug, for Philadelphia, aid 2d; Col Tayloe, Brown, for Boston, 3d. Home Porta* Portland, April 18?Arr Almira, Keazer, Cardenas; Lima, Higgius, aud llochambeau, M'Gilvery, do. Halem, April 18?CM Northumbsrland, Story, West Coast of Africa. Boston, April 19?Telegraphed, brig Brutus, fm ?. Signal far a brig. Cld Harbinger, Brown.Oib'altar and amkt; Viigin, Wasgatt, Bt Domi go; Coma, Eldridge, Charleaton; Dover, Percival, Baltimore; Narragansett, Baker, Norf. Ik, City Faint and Richmond; Commetce, Dorothy, Norfolk; Charleston Packet, (of Boston, late rf Providence) Thatcher, Fredericks burg; Wn H Tamer, Hinckley, and A bany, Coleman, Alba ny; Grecian, S.wrrow, and Mystic, Churchill, NYork. Providence, April 18?Arr James Barbour, Bush, Not folk Hid Osage. Hall, narannah; Henry. Burt, North Carolina; Opera, Motr. Philadelphia; wn H Hawkins, Hawkins, New bur*; 17th, Albany, Mason, Albany. Richmond, April 18?Air A B Cooley, Camp, NYork. Sid Oraon, Henderson, do; Perseverance, Denight. Boatoo. Wilmington, NC. April 16?Arr Gardner H Wright, Ken ton, Barbadoes; Jans Yates, Tolman. Havana; Mogul, Moore. Matanzas: Ann, Perkins, Guadeloupe; St Pierre, Bryant, Ber muda. Cld E Churchill, McGilvery, Demerara; Jabez, [Br] Hinith, Savannah; 1'rojan, Davis, Havana; Four Brothers, Ro binson, Martinique. Charleston, April 18?Arr Gertrude, [Br] Chapman, from Neuvitas for Swansea?in distress, leaky, havii g experienced heavy weather in the Sautre-ne channel. Cld Paul T Jonea, Taylor, Philadelphia. Sid H Allen, WiUon, NYoik; Tenia, Johnson, aud Montana, [Br] luglis, Liverpool. Norfolk, April 12?Cld t inland, Symonds.Tr'este; Oceana, Booneytnan; Margaret Pollock, [Br] Pie, aad Fay, [br] Lang well, Liverpool; Victory, Elweli, Boston. New Orleans, Apiil 12?Arr Metamora. Weeks; Croton, Soullard, aud Patriot, Crockett, Apalachicola; Ventura, [Mex] Dnrautes, Campeachy. Cld Gertrude, [Br] Brown, Liverpool; Chateaubriand, [Fr] Laborde, Havre; Ii is. Merryman, Balti more; Nauvoo, Burnhau, Philadelphia; Northeiner, Davis, St Thomas aud a mkt. TIT ANTED?For one of the most extensive Publishing houses vv in the United States, a few active young men to act as agents for the sa e of new and popular works. The proprietors will insu'eaach man $300 over his boaid rer year profit. A writing to that effect wnl be given them; they will have teaide* opportunity of clearing f 1000 per year, and more if t< ey are ac ute. Every man will nave his district. It will be necessary for them to have (25 to $M at taut to obtain a good fittiog out. No one need apply unless he has that sumjfor it is the object of ti e publalurs to establish good agents, and give them such a chanre as no one e!se csn oner them. For full particulars apply t) 424 Broadway, at Hall's office. aptl 2w*ec llf ANTED?A place by a young Woman, as either Cook, " Chambermaid, or to sea alter Children?the beat of City references given, inquire 159 Madison street spll 3t*rc IXT ANTED?In the neighborhood of Hudson, Greenwich or '* Washington streets, between Canal street and the Battery ?TWO or '1 HKEK ROOMS for a small family. Address, stating terms. Ike , J. F., Herald Office. ap2l WANTED?A Doctor's Office, on or before tha 1st of May One or two oomi suitable for a doctor's office, in or near Broadway, between Leonard and Brrome s.ieets. at the office door, 77 Wt'ite eject e2P 2t?ec 117 ANTED ? A youkg man who understands Job Tress "V woik. None but a strong boy need apply. Also, a Roller boy. A ppty to E. D. C., fouith story Herald Buildings, from 9 to 12 o'clock >20 2t ec UACKf.l SHIP SHERIDAN, from Liverpool?Consignees 1 by. this ship will please have thsirjemiu leans wharf, foot of Wall stieet, immediately. All goods not permitted in five days mast be sent to public a tore. allec TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. 1XTHEREAS, ihis day, tome dastardly scoundrel went about ?* this city destroying the Billi of Announcement of the Performance at Palino's 't heatre, this eveuiug. 1 hereby offer the above reward to any person who will prove aatiifactorily the prrfe'rator of this dithoneat and unprincipled act. ? , W. D1NNEFORD. Pal mo'a Theatre. April 30, 1844. aptlic tlffW) -THE Arivertuer. a respectable, ateady, midd'e axed man, will five the above amoant to any peraon who may b'th? means ofh's being appointed as watchman in the Custom Hons*, or any place of smilar amoant of salary. The airicteat lecreay may b* re'ied on alt communication!, and sa tisfactory re'ereuces from eminent gentlemen. Letters address ed 10 Mr. o' Mr. Donimead, No. 601 Pearl street, will receive ittmrdiate attention. a^l 3teod*ec ORIGINAL PUBLICATIONS. HELEN HOWARD; or, The Bank rapt and Broker,byProf. Ashby?Price 12)* tenia. The Kuighls of Seven Lands, by J. H. lugrahsm? Price 12)^c. Scarlet Feath?r; or The Young Chief of the Abenagries, 12>?c. 1 he Nun *f St. Urania, hy Harry Hazel,. ? ? ? 12>?c. 'J he Midshipman II3ic. The Spaniah Galleon... 12kc. The Bell of Boston !2l,c. Kdith Vernon l>Hc Louiae Kenpton 12)<c. Abeit Simmona 12sc Protege of the (Jrand Doke 12)< . Alio, a variety of other publications, that will b? aold low to the trade. All orders will meet with prompt attention. C. MtLRlUiMELD, Publiaher, Bat 21 2w*ec 293 Broadway. SCANDINAVIA. IN conformity with the conatitntion of this Society, the Elec tion of Oncers lor the eusniog term will be held at the So ciety's Hall. ltlK Fulton street, sn Monday evening, tat int ?taut, at 7 o'clock. By order, WM. FELL, Secretary. ?19 2teod?rc TO CANADA SHIPPERS. rpHK UNDERSIGNEL) is prepared to receive goods at this pore, and tiansmit the same to Canada, for the benefit of drawback. He will attend to the necessary Custom liou?e bu siest heie. and dsewhera oa the rentes, and return the debentuie money to the shippers. For further particulars, apply to C. LIV1NGBTON, np!9 Iniistc No. 10 Wall atieet. XTOTICE ? lhe subscribers having purchased the interests i-'l of their former partneis, George E. 1'oireroy and Thaddeus Pomerny, in the Eiptess Lines of Pomeroy h Co., and Livings ton. Wells k Porceroy, hereby announce thit the Express, For warding and Comnoiaion business will be continued by them under the nametnd firm of" Livingston (It Wells." CRAWKUR1) LIVINGSTON, HENRY WJCLLS New York, April 9th, 11(5 No. 10 Wall street. apIT Iw is rrc VALUABLE BOOKS. q^HE ARTS AND MISERIES GAMBLING, by J. H. 1 Green?This valuable ami interesting book should at once lie plaerd in t^e hands of every youth ia this country. ' It is hiffh time the whol* community was arouked to the de solating evils of gambling. He who can read tihs book snd be coir.e a gambler must be a fiend. this book til hers and teach lU truths to your >ons.'' Price 50 cents. ANCIENT EuYi'T. A series o( chapter* on early Eg yptian History, Archaeology aud other sublets connected with Hieroglvphical Literature, h\ (J. R. G.iddon, foimerly Uniled Mates Consul at Cairo.? Thia i? a new and mmh enlarged edition of this work. t-very m mi of science. and lover ol th? antique, will find this the miyt comi <ete woik on Kgyptian antiquity which haaever been pub liahed. Price 25 cema. Sol I by JliDD fcTAYLGH. No. 2 Aator Home, anl >?0 3t ins ? ec SHUHTZ fc TAYLOR, Baltim ? bargains in hardware and cutlery, to Iit MAY. 'pHK subscriber offe*s his stock, previous to removal on the ?1 1st tony, at the reduced prices, via: White Boee Table Knives and Forks,...... ti SO per fross Surtri r Round Stag do do It 0} do Sing'e blade ten and pocket Knives, 7} per dox. Hand Maws 5 75 do Hand Saw >ilea, 45 do And all other goods at equally low prices, (with a discount fer cash.) Purchasers will consult their own interest by takicg rr srams micas before baying. Also, Mes of all kinda, '1 race Chains, Curry Comba, Carolina ltoei. Brass Candlesticks, Sposns, Pad and Knob Lorks, Bed Screws, Tea Ketles, Sauce pans, he. he. itr. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, ?H 6tins?ec MWhK Hi .lohu street, up atai'S. FANCY HA I* EH. AND PAI'KR K"XK--, yVIIOl.F.SJlLK . IS'I) RETAIL. PUBLISHERS, b'atiorers, Bonk-Hinders, I'iinters, Paper * Bcxmakers, Trnnkmakars. Drugghtt, and othera, wtio tiae I Fancy I'aptr, will find it to iheir mlereat to call and eiamine the subscriber's la'ge aaaortment of American, English, French, German and t hina l ap r?. He ia ronatanlly receiviug fresh supplies of gold, silver and copper Pap. r; plain and emboaaed morocco, German muble, finry printe.l ctlico and other Papera; all of which he aeila at meat at manufacturer's prices. He wi uld a's> call the atten tion "f manufacturers and dealers in Fancy Hardware and other ?Fancy Woods to his Paper Boi Manufactory. GEO. J. KRAKT. apH i?1>w4w*ec 121 Fulton atievt. sji stairs. SUG TKMI'OrtE, or Every Ttiiug in Season?W a'tinted All '.?The tledtiiiii Poison and Preventive, sure and safe, 'lii- Firghoilly Compound for l)*stroyiug Mouminrerii tlamwls, iiji!:olatery nml hlifWXilli will be IQtM ittrvmely useful, and I *a been much unproved. '1 lie Rat I'oisou, for ships, tWlds, turns, hotels, warehouses, he. rroves the surest destroyer, and will he applied forasmill consideraiiuu, if successful, or none, if the contr.iry. Tne Flv l'H|*r ani* Cockroach Poison, as wtll as Mosquit* Pai er, are to., well known. A'io, the Iota pound Chemical Whate Oil Soap, and the Ar. 'ificial M ? nnres, snch as Sulpnate of Ammonia, Sulphate of Soda, N itrate of Soda, and Bourdust. For fnll and s|iecitic di reC'ioas, apply personally 11 Dr. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGICH. ap2 dlmeodis*ee M Waiden lane. A. SEICtNK I TE BRANDY. NOW LANDING. TN HALF PIPES. Quarter Caaks and Eiahths, of tlie old and A geuuine brand, an.l of very superior quality, high proof and Htvor, tl e rargo of the bertjue Wm. Kennedy, juat arrived from Hociteile, discharging ftt pier N(>. 9 E. R. andjfor ?aif^u^ ill Mt*m mM n riw?? ?Wwt. AUCTION SALES. PACKAGE BALE OF Slfefe'^XVic'tfeTLER* kc Jacob R I'Uu'i 23(1 Sinu# I'rvle/J 111 il *?,c bafe Will &kr plaee this d*y ano o'clucI,U tne salei ro' m.No. 2? Piatt iirJl tnd cnmpri'i 350 Packager, Cases and Lots of Birmingham ?,hetfi-ld and American Hardware, Staple and Fancy Uoods Also, with which the tale will commence, part of a?t>ck of a reta'l fancv haul wars stora. Also, 210 lots of TsMs and Pock-t Cutlery, just landed, bring the ba?t asioitmeut offered at auction this season, and comoriies irory balance huidle and Waterloo balance Knives and Forks, in sets of ' I pieces: fine seel tip, star, whi'e bone, cscoa and hltck tip Tobla and Dessert Kbini aud Folks, Caners, St?h. Scissors, Shears, Pen and Pocket Knives, lie. Also, Hhrffirld Brifci and Bitts: hand, pannel and brass back 4awa; ki'es, Hasps, Hindostou Oil Stune, Cotton Cards,Locks of every description Stetlyard*, Itc. N. B ?This s"le is worthy tlieattention ofccuutry dealers as well ns the city haidware trade. all It'tc A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer. A UCTION NtiTICK?Handsome Kornitur*?Jacob S. Piatt -la- will sell this day, Monday, April 21, at 10 o'clock, at No. 2S Irving Place, the entire Furniture of a ftmi'v breaking up housekeeping, consisting of Brussels and Irgraii Parlor and Stair Carpets, ma^oeany Chairs, Sofis, Divans. dining and tea Tabhs, Mantel end S'oltr '.amps, Giiaud jles, Hat Btard, ma hogany trench Bedstead. Bureau aud Wdshstuds with rnirbl* 'op, Oil Cl?th in hills, Window Curtains China Dinner and Tm ??ts. plated Castors, t ake Baskets, Waitera, Ivory Knives tad Forks, steel Fre Irons, Tel Trays, Book Shelves, Towel Hacks, Mantel ( lock, Beds, 'Bedjing, Mattraises, Pillows, Nin lit Stands Cut Olais, Ware, kc. Also, a large assortment of Kitchen Utensils, with which the tale will commence. s2l lt*rc OKO. B. KOLL1N8, Auctioneer. ELEGANT FU NIIURE. VXTILK1NH k ROLLINS will sell on Thursday. April 24th, at 10 o'clrck, at No. ? 14th street, near University Pla<e Elegnnt Furniture, rnnristing of Royal Wilton, Biuisels aud Ingraiu Carpets, waling tuy Couches Sofas, Divau", Ottom-us, Ch in, easy do, K' rkers, Centre Tables. Pier do, ret* a tele, silver plated G-raudoles and Candelabra*, bronzed, gilt Mantei ('locks. Vol'aire Chairs, Hall Lanterns. Kuglish Oil Cl'th, tiat Stair Hods, Steel Fire Sets. French China, Cut Gin**, Cut lery,etc. Mahogany F'rerch Bedsteads Hair Mattrassea. Wi'n dow Curtains. I ressitg Bureaus, Washstaud with irarble top. Hat Stand, etc Also, an assortment of kitchen Furniture, wrli which the sale will commence. Catalogues at the office of the Auctioneers, 17 Broad street. ai 2l U?ei: WM. W. SHEHLEY, Auctioneer. OTOCK OF CHINA. OLA8S AND EARTHENWARE k- Tuesday. Ap il 2?d instant, at 10^ o'clock, at the Store 607 Broadway near Houston street?Positive sale, in lots to suit retai|ers aud families, ell the Stock, Shelving*, Counters, tic.: couiistii g of China and other Diuuer, Tea, Coffee t>nd Toilet ware. Hall, As.ral, Solar and other Lamia and Oirandoles, cut and grouud Shades, cut and plaiu Glass ware. Sale positive, for cash, the owner closing his business and the s'ore to be pulled down and rebuilt. ap21 2t*m BY SNIFFKN k CO., Aucunnrers AUCTION NOTICE.?FANCY OUODS. HOSIERY xV AND FIXTURES.?THIS DAY, at 10 o'clock, at 637 Broadway, the entire Stock cf Uoods contained in said store, comprising in ptrt of Jewelry, fancy Brushes, Hair and Tooth do. Shaving|and Fnncv Soaps, Cologne, Toeth Powder, large Quantity of Hosiery, Glove*, Under Shirt*, Cravat*, Button*, Tot*. Ivory Combs, assortment of Toys, Counters, large Show and Sliding Case*, Sashes, Glasa Doors, kc. tic., worthy of at tention. a|<21 lt*ec THOMAS BELL. Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE.?GENTEKL FURNITURE ? THIS DAY, ar. !0J{ o'clock, at 219 Madison street, the en tire Furniture of a Gentleman leaving the city,compriiing large Mirror*, III by 30. pure white Freuch p'ataa; elegant thrible Girandolu and Lamps, mantle Clock and Ornaments, choice Oil Paintings, Sofas, Tete-a-tete, Divaus. Ottomans, Hall Clock, Carpets of every variety, Hat Racks, with excellent Bed room Furniture, French S<netaryand Book Cases, with a ?reat variety, for which see Catalogues. Can be examined from o'clock till the hour of sale. gW lt*ec H~ OUSKHOLD FURNITURE BALES-E. H. LUDLOW k CO., will sell on? Monday, April 21st, at 10X o'clock, at No ? Twenty-first St., (Chelsea), near 9th avenue, faahionable Furniture, Silver, lie., by caulogue. Monday, April 2lat, at 10K o'clock, at No. IS Whitehall St.. a large assortment of Cabiuet Furniture, be., made to order by St. John k Camp, by catalogue. Tuesday. April 22d, at 10 o'clock, at No. 29 Fifth avenue, near Ninth street, elegant Rosewood Mahogany Furniture, Mir rors, kc. he. Wednesday. April 23d, at I OK o'clock, at No. 63 Amity street, a genrral assortment of fashionable Household Furniture, by catalogue. Wednesday, April 23d. at 10K o'clock, at No. 257 West list St., near 9ih avenue. (Cnelsea,) fashionable Mahogany Furni ture, Carpets, Mirrors, Piann, kc. Thursday, April 24th, at No. 53 Barclay atreet, corner ef Col ledge Place, at 10 o'clock, iplendid Rosewood and Maho gany Furniture, Mirror*, rich Silk Curtain*. Milton Car pet*. Nunn'* Piano, Sic kc. Thursday. April 14, at 10X o'clock, at 63 FranklUi St., Houae hold F urniture, kc. kc. Friday, April 25th, at No. 4 Ffate itreet, elegant Furniture, splendid Mirrors and Cnt Glaas, Silk Damask Curtains, Chickering Piano, kc.. kc Monday, April 28th, at 10)g o'clock, at No. 28 Second St., (con tinuation of Bond street,) elegant Furniture, by invoice, particulars in time. Personal attention will begiren by E H. Ludlow to House hold Furmiture sales this Spring. Civil attendants are engaged, and all the arrangement neceasary will be a'tended to by the subscribers. E. H. LUDLOW k CO., alOeodJw* m corner of Broad street and Exchange place. JJANDSOMK1 HOUSEHOLD iVuHSirrURkrrA ,h between the ?th iu?d 9 h ,?7A?V. 2' . ,l ,,th "??t Si^?|SsiS Catalog, on the <>ay ofM|e. ' *C *C >M ? ^ s^^^^ssxer&jssisit SS0?S533SSi3aSa5 Sheffield Plated Cutnr Tou7l?k fc?,' 7',thjfM,He ???*. ,arSH:Si^-7te spli^3SSH?S22 tel?^PinlvT.,NU8~AeoU'cUoBofehoiee 0il Paintinr., ^'glf^SES?' C?ulo^? m" V U." l^dWonh MW,li^h the llfcf Hafts#'*? ?? Anctioneera. i7 Broa4 atraet. | TaAwSCSi.r' ?"'s ^ssaascsssc i to^'JS^rrautKaa; A H PAKk'?^ASJI?, JAPONAlS A. between R'ii^AEfl''j??1 Am?terdam) 69 Duane it, his fr>n>ls, and the public in mrS ^SflJhlf Imt' n,inform LacVJed Bifd c J^lhi*?!: P?,re*Uin T*bl?. and a J* pan ??"??: ap 15to24 ? re *"pSR'Tm m* ^eS^^A'bkhTld pro chant.'jEicWit:JR,IVi:?,k."l'-A " " ?M?ek, ? '?* Mer. tS?Si .'X s??,h -Isr ~?tPSfirft w>~^i,Ai>,rfd>"?fersa' - -safflar GENTLEMEN'S sprino FASHIONS T'lK subscribers HAVK RKCKIVED BY late I rn.-f j'hfr th* ' If,""" '" Plr,? "rd London, their Mw<rt nv nt of rich < raTAta, Ulorea Ncarfa, Nm ponder*, Silk Under HarnenU. Ue ke. 1 heir assortment of the above aitielo have ^tt.'d w"h mneh care and attention, and eompriae not in Sn?'ri'^v Vhi' H 'hn0*L"t'!l"iTe ?"or,">ent to be foand in tilia cifv. The Mnbscrib*rt d*?otp frreat attention tn th? manufacturing of Gentlrmen's Linnx mnd Muslin Shirts Thu article'manufactured by them nr* cot ???<?tIt?V22 wKo will favr witk .''".iTof *" P jj 1 1 ?? * m> iitfrre TAucrur'fh^, HOK8E F'W sale. Iisr> WM^rdlT^V.^V.'' t ,bUck Trotting H.rae ?T2Jl. m"~mlem? " N"wMV0nf,k*0iM,',,C0T,tv- Pj ? brut he lo the one i0|J, J yeira old n ImtL. ? V' Hor?*' .* and ran t.ot a mile in thrrl micnlei, U f^aU bv " t"i*d' ? . _ , jac6b rkik. wvskvj?heu APARTMENTS. aHLwiv47' ?*?? <iar? Mn, tWiTkv^CHINOgd T"T 36 John .t?,Bg,,Ct??',yy^fc, hill ^il?il!?idfn ^ ?" <"'<"??*?? niav be Wrtlon!^^^ will meat with^rom^t at AMUSEMENTS ? ft*AltH. TIIKAIUK Seventh apt raraune of Mr. Aa^noa. MONDAY EVENING, April 21, ^kVill be pPM'Ud tli* Coutr4y in 5 tell of MONLV? Kvrhu Andeisoo: Sir John Vuscy.Bait, Mr Chippendale; L.? jf Fiankliu, Mr* Knight A New Pat Seal, by M'ss 8t. Clair. . To cone lade with the Karce of SOMEBODY ELSE?Han* Moritz, W H Crisp. Bom, 1m tier 75 cenu, 14 tier 50 cent*? Pit 50 cents?Gallery 15 cents. Doora open at 7 o'clock, cartaiu riae precisely at half-pail 7 ')'clock. PALDIO'S UPtiHA HOUSk. Ltssn W. DINNKKORD. i j ,rt hai great pleasure in announcing that he is now en abled to admit the public at the following p'icea:?Dress Boies and Parquetl* 50 cents?Second Circle 25 cents? Private Boxes <4. MR. BOOTH Is engaged for Kiv? Nights, and will make his 2nd appearauoe t"1*: evening, iu Massincer't Comedy of T(J I'AY OLD DEB 1*8. MONDAY EVKNINO, April 21st, 1845. will be pre sented \ NEW WAY TO PAY OLD DEB'rS-8ir Giles Overreach, Mr Boolh: MaiK<tri?t, Miss Clwrdou. To conclade with the Diamtrtllrd B1BBO; or, The Pata gonian Ape?Bibbo, 8>g Hen io Nano. There ui no Free List to tins Theatre, except the members of the Press. Doors open at 7?Performance to commence positively at half-past 7 o'clock. The Box Book is now oren, and places may be secured. TKinPLK OF 'I'll K nilSKS. FLOATING THEATRE, AT THE FOOT OF DELANCY STREET. PRICES REDUCED. Admission to Diess Circle 25 cents?Faninette 12>? cenu. MONDAY EVENING. April 2# Thn entertainments will commence with the EVIL EYE? Demetri, W G Jones. Medley Dance, Mr Goodwin. Comic Song. Mr T G Booth. The Petite GUMBO FAMILY?who will fire a variety of original Negro Peculiarities of singing and dancing To conclude with the JACKETS OF BLUE-Jack llud derly, W O Jones. CIRCUS. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE, The additional attractions of the week ire Mr. WHITTAKER, as the BRIGAND. WALTER AYM AH. in two acts. EDWARD KINCADE, the juveni'e rider. Mrs. GARDNER, ss the hose of the Vuiley. tMr.,D. OAKDNKll, Mr. D. RICE aud Mr. JOHNSON, in the laughable biiiletta of the BOLD DRAGOONS, Or the Grand Army in Trainings. Boxes, 25 cents?Pit, 12)4 cents. Performances to conmenc; at half-past 7. a2l It*re BOHIOJI'S |r UK AT KB?Arch Straet, PHILADELPHIA. MONDAY. APRIL 21st, 1845. The Play of LOVE'S SACRIFICE, in five acts? Mathew El more. Mr. Wallaek; St Lo, Mr. G- Barrett; Paul Lifont, Mr. Thompson; Jean Ruse. Mr. Burke; Margant, Mrs. W. H. Smith; Herminie, Mrs. W. H. Smith. Dancing by Mr Smith and Miss E. Moore. The successful Burl-sque of BKAUTY AND THE BEAST ?Sir Aldgati- Pump, Mr. Bu ten; Pnast, Mr. Johnsfn; Beauty, Mrs. Burke; Drestalinda. Mr?. Hughes. EVENINGS WITH SHAKSPEARE. THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH, IN READING AND PERSONATION, DY J E. MURDICH, ?.n Tuesday eroiing, 22d instant, at " the Society L'br?ry. Lady and genie man'a Ticket for the Coarse, $1 50?Single Tickets 25 cents. To cotnmeuce at a quarter before 8 o'clock. a20 2t*rh EXHIBITION -pllE GRAND ORIGINAL TABLEAU, pointed by F. A Anelli, in New York, on an area of 23 by 19 feet, repre senting a grand catastrophe, THE END OK THE WORLD, (the idea was suggested oy adream,) is now and will be exhi bited at the Apollo, 410 Broadway, (which is entirely separa ted frnm the Concert Room, in the same building,) fora short time, previous to its removal from the city, Mr. Anelli having disposed of it for the preseut. Exhibition open from 10, A. M., to 10, P. M. Admission 25 rats a5 re NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. THE TWENTIETH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the A Works of Living Artists, uever before exhibited by Academy, is now open at their rooms, corner of Leonard street and Broad nay, from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. dally, Suidiys ex cepted. Admission 25 cants. Season Tickets 50 cents?Catalogues 12>? cents. al9 3tis*rc COLMAN'S OALLKRY OF OIL PAINTINGS AND Literary Exhibition, No. 203 Broadway.?Just added to the Exhibition, a very beautiful Picture by G. Cole?iu size about 6 ft 4?being a Landscape view in Cumberland, England, filled in with a wonderful group of Cattle, which have received the finishing touches of Thomas Sidney Cooper, of London, with whom Mr. Cole studied. It was vdued in the Kxhibition in London at 400 guineas This is probably the most delightful effort of art which has been exhibited here in many years. To see which, and about 200 Oil Paintings, 12)4 cents only i* charged. Entrance through the Book Store, where no charge is made, nor to (he extensive Print Room, when Eugrarings of every variety may be had, at reduced prices. N. B.?Mr. Colin an, wishing to close up the Book Depart ment of his establishment, offers bargains to purchasers. al2 tf re NEW YORK SOCIETY OF LITERATURE. D EGULAR MEETING, Monday Evening, April 21st, at " the Society Room, adjoining Dr. Hardenbuig s Church, Franklin street. EXERCISES. | Address by the President N Quackenboss. Oration?Deitiny of the Jews J. Sheldon Norton. Essay?Bathelors J. Fowler, Jr. Oration?Influence of Science A. W. Lea gar. Es ay?American Enterprise R. G. Campbell. DEBATE. Resolved?" That the City of New York should be exempt from the present licrate law, now before the Legislature." Affirmative. Negative. J. C. Uoble. I Alfred Wheeler. J. W. Pearsaoi I E. 8. Jacqiei. Exercises to commence at 8 o'clock precisely. Hon. Mem bers, an u the public iu general, ?r? ie?\ircifally invited to at tend. N. qUACKENBOSS, President. A. G. FOR8YTHE. Rec Secretary. a21 lt?m NEW COURSE UF ASTRONOMY. TAKE THE SUN FOR THE MOON. A YOUNG Man of good understanding and abilities, is de si'ous of giving instruction to carious persons, in this new, amusing and entirely origiual discovery in the Planetary Sys tem. N. B ?His attention is particularly directed to the Ladiea. Terms moderate. Addrrss H. A. J., this office. al8 FStfcM3t*oc THE LAST TIME . DR H<>LLICK'S SELECT LECTURK8 FOR GENTLEMEN ONLY. ON THE ORIGIN OF LIFE, Tuetday, Wtdnetday and Thwrtday, April 22d, 13d, and 24th. FRANKLIN HALL, Chatham Square, nut to the Traces *? man's Hank. Doors open at 7M, Lec urt commence at t. Illustrated by Seventeeu perfect, rail sized, life like Models, representing the Mai* and Female 8rstems complete, the de velopment of the man being from the mere germ of four days to the full period he., lie., the only models of the kind in this country Admission 23 cents. a!9 4tis*rc DKOKK88UK RODGKRS has been invited to Lecture at ?I the Presbyterian Church, 23d street, near Third Avenue, this MONDAY EVENING. To-morrow Evening, ia Pater son. Several persons will be Magnetised. To commeace at quarter beto:e I o'clock. ? Tickets 25 cents, admitting a gentleman and lady. a|<21 2t*ec T'HK FIFTY-NINTH ANNIVEK8AKY DINNER of 1 the 81'. GEORGE'S SOCIETY of New York, will take place at the Astor House on the 23d inst. Tickets, the number of which is limited, may be had of the stewards. J. R. WALTER, 296 Broadway. WM. HINDHAlfGH.l Vesey atAator House. F. DIAPER. 31 Wall stiwt. EDWARD WALKER, 1M Fulton, and a>t23 dh 121 Nassau street. OTTIGNON'S gymnasium. pHAS, F. OTTIGNON respectfully informs his friends V and the public, that lie has recectly taken the largeand com modious rooms, Nos. 13, IT, and 19 Canal street, near Broad way, (formerly occupied by J. P. Rogers.) which have been thoroughly cleaned, and fitted up in a inaaurr that cannot fail to give satisfaction to the most fastidious. Connected with the Gymnasium, is the Spabbimu Room, where Mr. O. is always revdy personally to give instructions in (he noble Art of Self Defence, and he will likewise state that his pupils enjoy the reputation of being the most skilful amateur sparrers ia the Wrestling taught by Mr. Wm. Paici, who will warrant any pupil perfect, after a course of instruction Fencing taught by an experienced professor. Mr. O. would respectfully inform those pupils who have formerly exercised at this Gymnasium, and whose terms have not already expired, that satisfactory arrangements for the continuation of their unexpired time, will be made by calling on him at the rooms, in Canal street, which will be open Irom sunrise until 10 o'cloek. P.M. Mr. O. would also state that the Gymnasium and Pistol Gal lery, corner of Broadway and Chamber streets, will bs open un til further notice. a9 Imje i\/fK. HAMILTON, Teacher of American and Frsnch Broad i*s. Sword, also the Infaotry Small Sword and Musket Exer cise, most respectfully announces to those who [feel inclined to become perfect in the above exercise, that they will do well to call st his Drill Room, Harmony Hall, No. IT Centre street. Mr. H has hsd an experience of seven years as teacher of the above in the army of the United States, and will guarantee ta complete his papils in twelve lessons. Terms, twelve lessons, N. B?Mr. H. can be' seen from 9 AM. till It P.M. at his Drill Rooms. Private lessors taught at anv part of the city. alfi lw??e UNION COURSE, r ?TROTTING. T"J MONDAY, April 2Tth, at 2 P. M., P-irs- $230, two mile heats in banters, free for all trotting hor es. D. Bryant enter* g ? m Lady Suffolk. G. Rpicrr b g Amencus. H Woodruff... " ...... br g Columbus. W Wheelon " br in Dutchess. Same diy?Sweepataae for tIM, two mile heats in harness. Vaoriper...... enters b g B<>h Logic. C. Bertine. ... ?' bg Daniel Webster. H. Woodruff... " bgWm.Tell. N. B ?The following Purse and Stake is offered to come off about the l!),h May?Purse $191, mile heats, be.t three in five in harDess free for borses nevr won a purse over $100, with an in side stake of ? IW), h f. Entries for this pure* and stake to oe made on Wednesday evening, April 23d, by 9 P. M ., at Green U Loeey's. Three or more o make a raoe. a20 ttis'ec PI.INTERS?1 he own?r of an old estsblished Jib Office in the lower p^rt ol th? city, wishisg to if "ire from the bu siness, off?r? the estab' iihme-1 for sal* oi accosr modaling wrms. To an active business man it off'rs ? chance rarely fo be met with. 8uchar?" n, in coir mandof $Tnn to $IOCOcash, (balance may remain on good seo.nritrjby arplying to R. H. ELTON. II Division street, may learn all the partitulan. To sai s trc uMe none need epplv that are not prepared to ent*r im mediately, and comply with 'he al*oee terms a20 Mii'm tfMENCIl LEATHER AND'SHOE STOCK.?MIEGE, " BROTHERS, are ronatantly r~tei?mg direct irom the best (?'reiicti manufacturers, complete i'sort menu of Fieuch Calf Skins, I'm rt Leather, Op ra Leather Black and Colored Mo rorcos, Kids, Latlims, Sa- in Kranceirs,'nd Fancy Staffs. for la 'tee' spring gaite's . also, ?om? Embroidered Kid and Satin Slipper P? terns, men a and women'* Lasts, of the l-test Paris fashions, for tale on reasonable t*rirs, in lotatosuit purcha er>, it No. 1011 i .ld street, corner of Fr<nkfort. s2l U*ec TO lMi)>E aHoUt To VbIT h.rKol'h A YOUNG MAN, who understands the French *nd On mau langll K'l passing well, and has a gre\l desire to see Kairojie, but whose meant thereto art limited, would like to ac company any gentleman or nntlemen about to visit that part oj the world, who would consider the use of hi* abovementioneo qualifications as an equivalent for his travelling eii'eiisc" would also engage to give, en riutc. lessons in the aforesaio t nines. Address '?Yoriek," Herald office, sta mg when and where an interview mav he had. all ? rr TJOTATOttS?2T9Q bushels Prime Sova Seotial, oni board 1 sehoouw Orbit; will ready for sale^on Mi'^dajr,, APPlT to i?aadl?m ' Broad straw. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Important from Washington. (Correspondence of the Herald ] Washington, April 1?, 18-45 Owr Relationt with Brazil?Important JJetpalchet? Extra Stttion of Congreu?Mexican Affuirt ? New York\P<Ailici?Ttu Collect orthip, tfc tfc. Important despatches have juet been received by the Department of State from Mr. Wise, our Min ister at Brazil, relating to the recent insult given by that government to himself, our Consul at Rio, and to the Commander of our frigate Raritan, who it will be recollected had seized upon the slave ves sel Porpoise, with her cargo of slaves and specie, but which from the threats of the Brazilian govern ment, he was forced to relinquish. The case is certainly a very novel one, and while the acts of the Brazilian government can in no way be justified, as both the usuage of nations and the existence of treaties have been violated in this open support of the slave trade, the conduct of the American commander, ou the other hand, in quietly surrendering hia legal prize does not appear to have met with much I lavor at the seat of government here. Hia instructions upon this subject were as clear and as explicit as they could nave been; besides, he had the laws of Congress before him, and his detention of the slaver under any circumstance, would have met the prompt support of our govern ment, and have been justified by every civilised na tion in the world. It was one of those very few plain cases in which there could have been no mis taking the proper course of action to pursue, and the error, to call it by no harsher name, .cannot now be rectified, but must be regretted, as exhibi ting a lamentable lack of energy and discretion on the part ot our commodore. What would have been the course of a British frigate under like cir cHmstances, is very plain ; neither the threats of | the government, backed by the formidable display of a Brazilian squadron, and the certainty of de struction from the forts, would have prevented a British commodore from at least making an effort to carry out so plain an order ot his government. The despatches referred to from Mr. Wise call for definite instructions as te the course he is to pursue in his present relations with the Brazilian government. He urges the immediate appearance of a formidable naval force in that quarter, for the protection of our commercial and maratime inte rests, and the expediency of his withdrawal from that government, inasmuch as he cannot well see how the matter is to be settled amicably and hon orably to ourselves, as the insult was gratuitous on the part of the Brazilians, who refuse-to apologise, and continue to hold forth fresh menaces to him self, and of course to the government of the United States. It is said thatthera has already been a Cabinet meeting upon the subject; that the naval force in tended for Mexico will receive instructions to visit Rio; that Mr. Wise will not return until such time as our government is determined to act with effi ciency and force, regarding, as it does, the case as an exceedingly aggravated one. Without, howe ver, knowing anything ui on the subject of a posi tive character,it is probable that the President may be forced to convene an extra session of Congress to decide both upon the Brazilian and Mexican difficulties, which from recent accounts are far from being favorable to a continuance of peace between the two governments. I have obtained for you a short chapter of New York diplomatizing, which may be entertaining to politicians of your State. A few days since, as you will recollect, a report was suddenly put in operation that the President had removed Gov. Van Ness, your Collector, and Mr. Towle, your na val officer: and that the places of these gentlemen had been filled by Mr. Coddine'on, of your city, and the redoubtable Miohael Hoffman, of Herki mer. The history of this whole affair is truly amusing, as showing the devices which great men may adopt tor thepurpose of carrying out any set tled scheme by this system of warfare, when other and more reputable means are regarded as oat of the question. A few waeks since a distinguished Senator from your State made a visit to your capitol at Albany, and immediately left that place, in company with a Mr J?t, from Rochester, for this city, where they arrived about ten days since. While in Albany, the scheme for removing the two above nam ed officers, and for substituting those men tioned in their places, had been urged and and agreed upon, and to effect it these gentlemen were despatched to Washington. The point had been carefully examined there, that without this move could be effected, Silas Wright could not hope for the city of New York for 1848, and that consequently his chance for the accession would be very doubtful; the patronage and influence of these officers being no extensive as to be thought sufficient to insure this important object. Upon the arrival of theae gentlemen here, one of them forth with set about ascertaining "what was going on," while the other approached the President upon the subject of bis mission and urged the removal of these officers, advising hia Excellency at the aame time not to consult with his Cabinet upon the subject, but to tske the matter in his own hands. Charges of corruption, incompetency, the probable loss of the Spring election, by their retention, the good of the party, and many oth er reaaena, but the one that Silas Wright want ed the succeaaion ?nd hia fnenda the patronage of the office, were freely urged as aufficient reasons for the step advised. In the mean time fresh arri vals came in. each one having a part already learnt to play; the like statement was made to the Presi dent, a certainty of successfreely expressed; when, onfortunately, the real object of this patriotic visit was made evident, and the scheme, with the ache mera, were thrown back disappointed and defeat ed. It is now morally certain that Mr. Van Ness will be retained in his place of Collector, but fresh attacks upon him are daily threatened ? from ihia same quarter. An Alliohaman. Washington, April 19, 1845. The Cabintt and Foreign Relations?Mexico? Gar ham Parki appointed Consul at Rio de Janei ro?Mr. Leonard and the New York Post Ofice? Florida, and her Courts, and President Polk? Meeting in Favor of the Sufferers by Fire at Pitts burg. The Cabinet, I learn, had a meeting to-day, and it is believed that the foreign relations of the coun try were the subject of discussion. Mexico is sup posed to have been on the tapis to-day, and it is generally believed that important intelligence was yesterday received by the administration, though the purport of it has not yet transpired. I understand that Gorbam Parks, formerly & member of Congress from Maine, has been appoint ed U. S. Consul to Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Parks is, I believe, a very talented man, and will prove to be an acceptable nominee. John Jones redwivus I perceive, thinks itfvery shocking that the letter writers should, by their diligence and industry, ob tain the information of all the appointments as fast as they are made, while the aamiuistration won't go to the trouble of making out lists ta give them to print in this city without any trouble at all. brom all that I can learn here I believe that Mr. Leonard will be the fortunate recipient of the Post Ottice in New York. Mr. L. was one of the lew democrats in the last Congress from the ?mpire State who kicked against the dictation of the Ben ton, Van Buren, Wright clique in relation to Texas, and voted for the resolutions for annexation, and it is hardly to be expected that Mr. Polk will give the important office of Postmaster to one of the clique which would have defeated that great measure if they could, when one of those who helped t? carry it through is an applicant, and more particularly when it's said that Mr Polk is beginning to take these matters into his own hands, and not to sub mit to be led away as he now thinks he has been in some of ?his previous appointments in Con necticut and elsewhere. I learn that the authorities in Florida have made an application to President Polk, to ascertain his opinion as to the construction which is to be placed on the law for the admission of Florida as a State, as that act does not provide lor the continuance of the Territorial Courts during the continuance of pending causes now in course of litigation before them The State authorities, therefore, desire to know whether in the event of these causes being determined in these courts the decisions had therein will be legal and binding. The over sight in the law not making any provision for these things is s most extraordinary one, and I learn that Mr. Polk will decide that the exigency of the case is snch that the courts must be continued, and their decisions will be, doubtless, legalised. There was a meeting ?t the City Hall yesterday, to take measures for relieving the sufferers by the fire in Pittsburg. There wa* a very considerable attendance, and the meeting resolved to instruct the Common Council to vote 92(100, appointed a committee to wait on the citi/.enaand recommend ed the vnrious churches to take up a collection in their several places of worship. Mr. Hoban and other gentleman addreased the meeting in a forci ble ani eloquent manner. Washington, April 19, 1846 Com? EUsivorth and Son?A Neir Bureau and a Consulship?Visit to (iosport postponed?Mr Bu chanan and the difficulties btfwe him ? TV Pre? vdint and Mr. Wise?Daily Visiter* to the PThite House, See. tr<~. The official visit to the Navy Yard and the Wai ted Slates ahips at Oosport and Norfolk, and the adjacent lortif'caMon* has been postponed, as we learn, on account of the unf&Tortble aspect of

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