Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1845 Page 3
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Strand Bnutft 10000 I Van 5'? 1000 Kentucky 8's " shs IC'it iiuatou ?0 do - ?a a? 1 <lo Farm ?T rust ' do i do Krie UK ?*W Stark Kxolmngt. 100 Ohio 6's '60 b30 <Kik 50 shs Farm Trust ?h' >ry Dock Bk #?i 68 Sulci ofSlocbial Boston? "*Arltii. 22?100 K Ronton Stuck 15; 75 do bo 15 days 15},'; 25 *AmJu.|f l( It to im 2lk; 5 Western B R 101: 1 Slat- Bank 01; 5 , iiston it War Kit 117; 100 Wilmington IIR so 2m 20??; 50 do Jk;2j do 2#S; 50 Nor Ic. Wor bo Hid 7ik;70 do7l; oil dj ho In 71k; ill b > 2m 72; 8 do 71; 125 do do bo 1 in 72; 25 do bo Ji7l\\ 25 t.jstern JK. R HI. ' State of Trade. Ash k*?Pots are firm at $4 18J a 1 26; Pearls aro steady .1 Sl 61} $4 B2J. ' Cairo*? Ai.-aier tone had boen given to this wierk?t v the fcdTio<>? from Liverpool, tut no miterial im ? uvemeat in (irica has y at been reslized. Toe sai< a to il .V reached about 1(00 bales at prion current previous to or arrival ot tha CiMoi>ia. Fi?n~Dry Cod sails is wanted at $3 a $3 06}. lUr?S'-uje at 36 a 40o according to quality. Th3 de lsud is principally fer shipping Oils awd Bonk?Whale ail letches 33 cent' for export; Ja'tnwast eoa::t 34 c.nls for homa conaumpt.on; crude perm sails at 91 eants. Sales of South Saa whalebone av.i been made at 40} cents. Tha dtmand for Sperm in New Bedford has improved, n i tha kales last week amounted to J87? bbls, 400 bbls ol irhich sold at SS cants, and 2676 bbls, in lota, at 90 cents er gallon, cash, at whioh lattar price holders ara firm.? it H'hala we hava only to report a sale of 400 bbls hand me N W Coast, at 34 casts, cash. The transactions for La weeb, in whalebone, hava been large, at a further im invement. We notice sale* of 26,008 lbs. N W Coast at ' cants; 49,000 lbs. do at 85 cents; l&.Ot'O do at 36 cents, h 11 on Saturday, 12,009 lbs. South Sea, at 41 cents, ash. In Warren, we understand, sales have been made with i the laattan days, of M.OtO lbs. N W Coast, (part to aj ive,) at 83 cants; 16,000 lbs. do at 84 a 35J ct?; and 7,000 outh Sea at 36 cants. Tkas, at Jluction?Imported in the ship Cincinnati. Good ?icta were obtained, particularly for the inferior qualities.? Juoratioua show an aa'anca of 2 centa per pound on those rur f ut at the previous sale. The terms of this sale were similar to lie others made this Mason. Hysen?18 half cheats 83 cents per lb; 29 do 72k; 78 chests 5*?; 224 121b boxes 51k; 448 6 lb do 52 Vonug Hyson? 8 half chests 88, 9 do 8?, 31 do 82, 52 do 77k, 5 do 77, 28 do 74, ?5 do 52X, 24 de 72, 130 do 71, 59 do 61, 40 do ?>*? 11* do 55k, 51 do 48, 98 do 47, 105 do 45k, 2M do 45, 65 do 4. 54 do 43, 40 do 41, 20 do 40k, 20 do 39k, 60 do 39, 1555 de 38. G do 24^i. 19 do 11, 59 do60, 21 cues each 4 boxes $1 03?607 half (bests withdrawn. " Twaukav?20 hid f chests 50, lOdo 49Xi 10 do 48K; 74 do 48, 71 do 28?434 de "ithdrawn. . Gunpowder?49lbalf oe?ets 80, 8 do 76X. 29 do 75,10 do 73, 12 Ie72>?. 115 do?B5,65 do S4}?, 100 do 64,5 curs each 4 box s >1 t Gonpo la 72>?. I _ r x, 210 13 lb boxes 48k, 660 do 40, 9S0 6 lb boxes 45, 100 do II, '80 ao 40k. 65 cases eaan 12 2 lb cans 50M. 73 do 50; 25 do 48, 25 In 47, 150 12 lb bxs 40k, 282 do 40. 1 Imperial?6 half cheats 78, 22 do 75k. 10 do 74, 57 do 61. 65 do ?2>? IliO 131b boxea4l, 335 121b boxes 41, 150 61b do 41, 712 de 2S, 41 caus, each 12 21b cui 51,37 do 5%, 50 do 49}?, 29 half >e.?ti w thirawu. Ilyiou Ski*?3 half chests 71, 12 chests 47, 51 half <to 43k. 20 hesis 42k. 15 do 42, 49 half do 32k. 30 chests 29k, 10 do 29, 25 Mo 2Ilk, 10 do 28 Coaaeu?'60 chests 20, 347 do withdrawn. ' Bonchosg?25 e heats 20, 18 do 14,15boxes49?347 chests with Irnwn. PotichoBg?IIS half cbeats 18. Cassia? 8M mats at 19 cents per lb. Sugars- Sales in small lets of New Orleana at 6 ? 6Jc; .^ortoRioo at7| St. Croix at 9 a 9}c. The market |.i heavy. ; Whiskbv?Drudge aaaks are inactive and sell as want ad at 31 cents.Western and prison bbls as wanted, we quote 23 a 23jc. Corn Trade. j There is a little better demand in this market for flour, ?nd prices are, thereiore, a trifle firmer. Gonesee flour tanges from 4 62J a (4 683; Kiehnend ce. $6; Gcorgo >own 4 76 a $4 87 j; Alexandria $4 76; Braady wine $4 76; New Orleans $4 62}; Rye Flour $3 a $8 12|. Tbare bis been very little wheat otfisring and none now for sole Geneeee fetched $1 09 a$l 12}; Rye is dull at 6< a ti7e: cam 46 a 48o. Ocr advieea from the west de not exhibit an active de maad for either fleur or grain. In Bulfblo, on the 21st iutt thcrs were no sales of wheat, and four was dull of sale. Tbe Miles, Obie, Tribune, of the 17th inst aays :?The receipts of whaet, taking the fine condition Jot the r>)?di into account, are quite moderate. So far this week tbu street price baa been 76 cents, with a strong disposi tion to buy. The largest proportion arriving is stored on termer's aeeosat Ne etlee hy tha cargo; it is held at 82 to t>a r?et* ?? beard. In fleur there is not much doing, theiebeing leea than the usual quaatity offered; the be?t brsads are worth $3 76 from wagons. Twe or Ureo weeks siaoe the Stuthpoit American sta ted the quaatity of wheel in stereat last place for ship ment In tound aamhers at 46,0M (bushels. Since that, however pains have boon taken to ascertain the preoise tai un> in tho warehouses there wbioh will geek an ea<t [iia market. The aggregatee ara aa follows : Waeat bush. 87,490 Bsrley..., " 1,000 Floor bbls 600 Of * heat in the Kicine warehouse!, there is from 25 to 30 9o0 huikels, and but little coming into market?it rea dily cemmaads tliera 76 cents Died, 03 Tuesday afternoon, 1aad imt., after a lingering ill re.?, Elihiitr, wife of William Bennett, printer, in the 3Ut y**i af bar an. Tea frieada and acquaintances of the familf, and those of her Father, Thoaaaa Ilsnnsssy, are invited to attend the iunerai (ram No. !? Franklin atreet, tbia afternoon, at 4 o'aloek P. M. Latest Dates RECEIVED AT THE NEW VORE HERALD OFFICE. Aujier Nov. 27 Macao Jan. 14 A/rica Feb. 30 Mauflla Dec. 18 Anturua Mar. 2(1 Malaga I?q. 24 Ami ho ....Mar. 17 MaiHra D?c. 17 Aui Ctrei... ......Feb. 14 Mauritius Dec. 12 AaguatineBay May 16 Montevideo Dec. 24 Batavia .....Oct. 31 Maracaibo Jan. 23 Bay of Islands, N. Z..Nov. ? Mauaanilla Mar. I B.fmmla ?<>"' s Matantas April 3 Btoaos Ayres Feb. 11 May&gnez April 1 Belize. Hon.... ... ..Mar. 29 Malaaionu An*. 30 Harlvtil'xa. Mar. 1C M on tare y Dec. 13 Bogota........ Oct. 11 Nassau, N. P.. April 6 floaaire Dee. 16 Neuvitas April I Bah.a Mar. 6 Oaiiu, S. 1 Nov. 20 Bombay........... .Mar. 1 Para Feb. 12 Cai?' Town, C. O. li..F?b. 9 P&ria April 3 Calcutta.......... ,F?b 2.1 Port an Princa...... April 4 Cardeua*.. April 9 Porto Oabello Mar. 24 Chagiva . Mar. 6 Point Petre, Cinid.... Feb. 14 Cieiitiu'ffOS.*. Mar. 30 Peruainbuco Mar 6 ?'.(,?> Haytien Mar. 13 Panama Feb. 20 ('?iracoa. .?. Mar. 23 Payta... Jar. 11 Caj-css Nov. 12 Rio Janeiro Mar. 4 ('artlM(ana... Mar. 25 Kio Oraode Feb. 12 Casnpeachy Jan. IS Hon Juan Aug. 9 Coonimbo July 27 Ban Diego Dec. 17 Callao Dee. 30 San Francitco Dec. II |)?tni*rarn .....Mar. 16 St. Helena ..Feb. 21 Ktrnl ....Jan. 20 8t.Thomas April 4 (fii.nlur. Mar. 2 St. Jago de Cuba Mar. 3 (fiuy:itna, P. K. Mar. 22 St. Johns, P. R. April 1 (i.ilvstou April 9 St. (.'roil Mar. II Ooimives Mar. 21 St. Domingo Mar. 23 Guayaquil April 23 St. Ubes Dec. ft < lajhpagos Islands... May 4 Surinam Feb. 16 llnvre .....April 1 Singapore Jan. 30 Havana ..Apul 10 Sycbii-v , N. S. W. ... June 18 Hiliua April 20 'I rinidad de Cuba... .Mar. 28 Hin irt Town,V.D.L. Ang. 24 Talcahuana Dec. 4 |,lc >.f France Sept. 27 Tahiti Dec. 21 Jvremii-. Mar. 11 Tombez Nov. 4 hi. ouiu, Ja. Mar 26 Tampico Jan. 23 Loitooa April i Tobaaco July 1J l.mipool April 5 Tobago Jau. 2 I(iaayra ..Mar. 13 'Purka Island Mar. 15 I..:muim Mar. I Valparaiso Dec. I I.inn.............. Dec. 23 Vera Cm* April 2 Magadan Dec. I Zanzibar Jau. 5 Passtngtri Arrived. I in:aeaoL?Ship Pair irk Heury?J C Delano and servant, Mi<? l'fl.iuo, J B Smith, J Bulkley, C C Nukerak?320 in the - rage. I tu Unkiiio via St Thomas?Barque Braziliero? Francs D"wiiogeaa, feolon. Sum, J Menmd-n. V>.b?<'ri'??Brig Heterabarg?VV Clare, Madame Maria L ( I re, F?-li* Clare, G W Murray, W Jamisou, C Fagart, 1' M kelparh. ^raLaCHinot.A?Brig Aimed<?Mrs 11 P Campbellatid child, K IMontaina, K W Hale, J Clark, C VV Lelaml, Mr Clay, A h. Merrill. Mra C P Rowland %!?,nam?Brig Savannah?Vr? Sergent, Misi Delmotte, J Fty, ladv. child and nnr-e, Col J M Mackintosh, Henry l.o'k w.M.d l)U ?? intriughain, C fttevens, A Stevens, Cce, Terry, Trowbridge?1? in stearsga. farslgn, I mportMtlona. l,m Rpaot,?Ship p*trick Haury?3 ca<ea mriie A Watson? 10 Stone kc ?I J Smith k co?:i ST Jones?24 H Auchinelosa .V son?5 tt.itea k Coa s?58 , kg* Naylor It co?1 E II inison?'7 I'iMii k *t"War?20n 1 lokfs, Gillie t k. co?100 tons iron W Me <1?.'?<> pltiis H Winkley?17 J VV Taylor?4 Fallows k Van Ar?iUle?11 Ht achat) k Scott?6 Am'-rtcau Fnr Co?I Harmer Jm Hays?17 Snydam, Sage It r?8 Bird It (iillilan?3 INeviiu ;* e ?1 D Haddi u Hi ?on?7 J Oibbs? 2 Hunt Bros?3 C Hay dn,.; 8t I'Mon & "ttewnrt-400 W Merd?10 Saltus Ik. co?t Sauda, Fuller It CO?100 tons coul Urinntll, Miuturn it ro?167 >n k* ??lt W ? li ( VV i ov?t?5 Huaaell h Marsh? :t \V Sloine?I I Van Neat?1 VV H t-ary #tci.?3 J l^atferta?I K 1 Wood, Folg.-r Ik Messer? II KggleatoD k Bat tr11-?'I Davi? Si son ? I F Tnm?a It s?u?i Cornell Bros?5 VV W ( .,i-?i?r?Hrant It ilart'iu?8 T HumllCo? I Barilettlt W#Kord?dK vlnrshall?2 * Hoberfs?30 1 U Platt?2 E W I'eniliei toe?1 Huilbut k Howa'd?4 J It J Stewart ken?2 Bar rv V Way?4 Platt Br>a?2 A F Kemp?17 John A Newbold? 9 Warn n. 'all k Leiiie?I Oillea>>ie k Shipwell?1 J C Berrien ?in F <i ilfiih?2 Hnaluek k co? it r. Hunt?964 piwra copper I7?5 b?? till 1'belpa, Dodge k c ?139 ca 31 pkga indse 40 ca eop l .? to order V?a* ' m i?"n/ P?ter?hurg?f477l Meyer k Stncken?3 I t Moil k P.'llil*?$J50 A I'atrnllo?(I13l I'arl.lee k co-$71.'> 1 II rmony?4?W Set m .It k V'oKel-*iM H C Waring?411 II I i'lii'r-?tl00 < ? M?rah?$'720 I De La (J anga?$1278 Goodhue kc ?Ulllllii F. ' av?nsiadl-4 cases A C Boas ere? 1 li? le ?kira F Pet'ti ?195 do 20 Cutes gum sopal I I n k 9 bil, ja'ap S3t 00 ilh tr' us, Biotbers? $IU7 L I eirot?210 hbda $2000 H Le Hoyo I Ca is F hi.op, _____________ UouiMtlc importations. \'gw''m.unt?Ihip Sultana?<Hamtrtad yesterday) ?I0B r? I- "I A Ave'ill k co?^1 hhls seeils .) VI I'horbura Ik co?VI 1,1,., nt i ? offiirl, Tilea onk eo?80il Stuwes ? eo?51 J G '< I il i 825 pi* lea l 16 puu* mm <? P Lev rich?3 boars ' tli 4 c ' I Fr.mee?I l)r < laik?1 cheats Work k k" ~l lif bhl shot J And'e as I hbl sugar De Peyaler k * ,i 11 n!i?tj bss iHl'Hiriea I'a t? P J Fraucia?4J hhds sugar , ,. ,v. begging A)?l?*ri k Williams?13 boxes aunar M.iann k I, ilitili uh< pigs l-a I tl wiaii'l k AspinwAll?2 i iilo' k Le tiarnier?8 Htr^ei Bros?2 K Wiencke?7 Mc Uwg? ? Wise It Morris?44 bales liemp Newbould k Cruft?I n VV F Albora-dfl bh<U lohai co 1 bis J T Faiish-4 4o Trow I.ridge, Dwight St co-l Ubl NHI1 dotnol?AA?s H Bnller-Jbxs CArms-2 casks 1 trunk 21 Ride. 13 bs skins 1 do fur Tncker Ooop'r <k co?113 bbU 0 hf do giwue Carpenter on board?1 saf. M bales 30 pkgs to ordT _ , Ai-ahchicola? Briir Aimed*?116 bales cotton 8|>offord, Tilntou Ik co?J O W Ashley?252 Pilot St Le Barbier?67 h MARITIME HERALD. .loTamtnti of tbe HttanuhtM. Steamert. Leave Liv'l. DuenJime a. Leave Jimt O.Wrat'ni, Matthew*.. C iledonia, Lott Ilibernia, Hyrie April 19 Britaunia, Hewitt... May 4 U. Western,Matthewa. .May 17 Cambria, Judkiu*... May 19 .. .April 24 May ] . May 2 May 1(> .May 18 June .May 30 June 11 .June 1 June 16 Packets to Arrive. LIVERPOOL Cambridge, Barstow. Mar. 19 P. lleury, Delano, Mar. 23 Portsmouth. Mediator, Chadwick, Mar. 20 Switzerland, Knight, April 1 HAVRE. 8t. Nicola*, Pell, Mar. 21 D. d'Orleans. LNvi?, Mar 21 Bnrguiidy, Vvotton, April I Iowa, Liues, April 8 Packet* to Sail. LIVERPOOL. Siddons, Cobb, Apr. 26 Columbus, Cole, May 1 Hanry Clay, Nye, May 6 PORTSMOUTH. Ht. Jam*.*, Meyer, May 1 Northumberland, May 10 HUll. Silvi* de Grassa, /nr. 21 Utica, Hewitt. May 1 Albany, Crawford, May 8 SIH|unaatern and Amenta. We (hall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Korkrt 8iL?ty, Captain of our News Boa's, a report ot he shipping left at the i>ort wlieuee tliey sailed?the vessel* spoken on their passage?a list of their cargo?and any foreign 'iewipapei.1, or news tliey may have. Ageuts and CorrvsiMiu ients it home ?r abroad, will also confer a fav?r by sending to his oflice any Marine Intelligence they may receive. TOKT OF NPuW YORK, APRIL. It*. SUN RISKS 5 111 MOON RISEI 9 54 K ?l'N SETS 6 46 | HI<1H|waTER 10 22 E Cleared. Steam ship Great Western, < Br) Matthew*, Livernoel, Itichd lrvin.?8h:p Silvie de (Jrasse, Thumps'n, Havre, Fox Ik Liv* ii.giton.?Barque Loret'u Fiah, Buckman, New Orleans, Joint Klw?ll St Co ?Brig* Henry Newell, Drummond, Trieste. Du tilh St Cousinerv; Pocahontas. Wade, St Thomas, Aymar Ik Co; Diadem (B-) Cahill, ?ud Jos H?m,(Br) Wind tor, N$ Thos Winniett Emily, Hnbinsou, Charleston, Dun ham 8t Dimon.?Si hrs Swallow, Robinson, Swansboro, NC. (iager St M liller: Ann. Hopkins. Petersburg, J Huutsr; J?mes St Samuel, Som.-rs. Kichmoud, N L McCready St Co; Conriar, Couch, do. Allen It Pazson; Eunice Hose, Gaines, Philadel phia, Win J McKeeltCo; 'ncrease, Erricksou. do, N LMc CreadyStCo; Marietta, Berry, Boston; r xcel, Lovell, do, Foster St Nickersou; Harvest, Presbrey, Taunton.?Sloops Helen, Perry, New Bedford; Kadient, Hawkins, Providence; Amphibious, Smith, Philadelphia. Arrived. fPacket ship Patrick Henry, Delano, from Liverpool, 23d ult. with mds*t to Mrinnell, Minturn St Co. 31 inst lat 46 49, Ion 26 50. was in co with ship St Nicolas, Pell, from Havre for N York. Barque Braziliero, Williams, from IliJaneiro, via 8t Tho mas Jo day*, where she put iu leaky, w ith 1948 bigs coffee to S Bantow St Co; 931 to order. Briit Peie-sburg, Shipley, from Vera Crnz, 29 h nit. with spe cie. Sic. to Hargous Brotheis 11 Co. Brig Osceola, Davey, 13 days from 8t Johns, PR. with 148 I hds molasses 79 do 40 bbls sugar to J B Lasala. Left brigs Aurora, Smith, for New York; Lubec, disg; Water Witch, and Frances Jane. unc. Brig Teazer, <?re*n, II days fr"m Mayaguez, with 190 hhds sugar 28 bbls molasses to Mason St Thompson Brig Emily. Perkins, (before reported) 18 days from Maya gnez, with I9S hhds sugar to B De Forest St Co Left barque Edward Preble, just arr; brigs Haidee. fm Boston, do; X. ilu?, do. Brig Susan, Pittee, 33 days from New Orleans, with 32,000 gallons molasses to Crocker St Warren. Spnke 9th inst. off Cape Florid i, British barque Watting, from Jamaica for Liver poo1. Brig Abby Amelia, Colburn, 22 days from Attakapas, with 168 hhds sugar 218 bbls molasses Peck St Vanbergen; 40 hhds sugar Sontter Bros. Sid inco with schr Pacific, Weeks, for N York. Left biigs Meteor, andTampico. Spoke 9th isst. lat 27, Ion 87, schr Sarad St Mary, Bailey, Attakapas for NYoak. 21st inst. off Cape May, saw a schr. name uukuown, from St Do mingo for Boston, mainmast gone, under jury mast?did not wnut assistance. Brig Almeda, Howlaud, 22 day* from Apalachicoli, via Key West 16 days, with cotton, to E D Hurlbot 8t Co. Br>g Savannah, Hawley, 8 days fiom Savannah, with cotton, to 8turges St Clearman. Schr Delaware, Park, 19 day* from Mayaguez. with mo'assra, to inas'er. Schr Kichmoud, Sravey, 22 davs from New Orleans, to Brett St Vo*e, with 244 hhds 270 bbls sugar Howlaud St Aspinwall. Below. Barque Backus, S'otesbnry, from Savannah. Also, 4 brigs unknown. Sailed. Brig Wm Neilson, Port au Piiuce, and others. Ship Liver pool, Eldridge, for Liverpool, is at anchor at SW Spit. Correspondence of the Herald. St. Thomas, April 4. In port?Wampanoar, Conlson, Georgetown, dischg uncer; Patriot, Knowles, Boston for Quadtlonpe, to sail soon, with coal; Orleans, Long, Baltimore for Porto Ricn, unc dischg, 9 ds passage; Architee, Gray, Philad, unc, disch, 10 ds passage; Palestine. Sturdevant, Demerara, unc; Annawan, Suaraz, Wil mington, NC, unc. iust Inr, frying the market; Aurora, Mar tin, Wilmington, NC. do do; Mabell, Heed, Washington, NC, dischg, uuc; L 1. Sturges, Dory, Georgetown, l?C, forMaye guez, to sail on the 6th inst, 9 ds pasaage; Two Brother*, Kaen, Antigua, just arr, unc. Slil?2d, Luzon, Goodrich" London for Boaton; Slat March, Dunlop,Tlioma., for Wilmington; 21 April, Archibald Grey, Barbadoes. for Alexandria; 3d. Pres.dent, Simons, on a cruise, out 8 most} s, with 550 bbls oil; 3d, Detroit, Anderson, NYork 8t Croix; 31st Match. B L (wan, Monugna, Demerara for Ponce, P K; 3d April, Baltic. Airey, Barbadoes for Cuba; Adams, Porrington, Wilmington for Jamaica; 3d April GH Wright, Hauton, Baibadoes. unc; 4ih, Browne . McGuire. Bt Kitts for Jamaica, to load for Bremen; 1st, Haidee; Flottner, St Kitts for Mayaguez; 2J, Martha Kinsman,Dennison, Detre rara, for New Orleans; 4th, Caspian, Anthon, Barbadoes for Matanza*;3d, W J| Watson, White, Maitwique for Turks'Isl and; 1st, Caxpartera' Son, Graves. Mertinque Tor Turks' Island; 3d, Xuloda, Cud worth, St Vincent fordo: 2d, Mary Pauon. Mu'ssr, Antigua, for do; 3d March, Bowditch, Emery. Guada lonpelor Bangor, ley* off anil os; 3d April. Pamplico, Fuford, Guadalaupe lot Washington, NC, in ballast; Washington, Gaskell, do do: 1st, Kenduikeag, Bangor for St Croix, lays off and ou. iTiiscci ;uneons iiecora. Brio Oneco, Smith, of Thomaitou, from NOrleans for N York, with + cirgo of molasses. sogar and rum, got ashore 26th "It. at North Key Reef. Stove deck Lad, and remained in great frit uutil relieved by wreckera, when ihe rai got "IT and uk, a into Key Wtst, It&ky, &c. She will be hove out for examina tion. Brio Rebecca O. Fishier, from PortoRico,aahore on Lotg Island, ?u got off on Thursday last, bnt from parting cables or some other accideut, went on again at high water, abont a ?nile from the spot where she was first ashore. Nearly all the cargo had be*n taken out, and a considerable part ol it has ar rive) here. Accident at New Orleans.?As the towboat Caledonia whs taking down the river, on the n-ght of the lOtti inst. the brigs Ariel, Calcutta and Nancy Jane, and ihe schrs Ticonic ana Wacamaw, she iau ashore abont seven miles below th' city. All the vessels in tow were seriously injn-ed, and th* Waccauiaw wna left fast agronnd. and app ehenaions were en tertained tha' she had sustained snch injuries as wonld make her a total loss. The three brigs returned at once f> town for repairs.. The towboat Southerner went alongside the Wucea maw, ligh>ned her, and brought her np to t' e Point, where sh? now lies. Two of the brigs hive beea brought np to the Point bv the Caledonia, and the tow bo it shark is trying to get the oiher brig off, and will bring her up alsj.?[N. O.Tropic, 14th April. Naval. Mr Ironsides, the mate of the brig Racket, recently castaway on the rcast of South America, called yesterday to say, that the portions of tha wreck alluded to in our last could not have h?eu those of the Rocket, as they wee discovered before the ttocket was Io?t, and tliey consisted ia o?rt of articles used mistly on btard skips of war. or s'averi, such as gratings, kc. Mr 1 thooght that h Ne<? Grenadi-ri vessel of liau leeti castaway, perhapa the St Jsgo; though there were circum stances to leak (o a belief that a slaver might have beeu lost on the coast, es one or two blacks had been seen on the shore, wh<. made their rscap* into the woods as soon as they saw some of the inhabitaMs of the coast.?[Philadelphia U. S. Gazette, 23d April. Orders?April 22 ?Surgeon Daniel S Orern, detached from the Vandal ia, leave for 3 months; Lieut F S Hsggerty, dtt iched from the Coast Survey; Lieut J K. Goldsboro, detached from the Vandal is, and ord'red to the party uuder th? command of Lieut Char-ei H Davis; Pasted Mid L> IzirJ, detached fiom the Coa?t Survey aud waiting orders. notice to lllarlnera. Wreck in the Gull Stream ?Notice is hereby given, that a Green Buoy, maiked with ha word " Wreck," has been piiced about 2'J fathom* NW of a bir<ine sank in the Gull Str. am. '1 hJ I'uoy li-s in 7>% fathoms at low water spring tides, and -*-ith the fallowing marks ?ud compass hearings, viz: ILimigate Pier Lighthouse. on with Ramsgate Church, N K. Kiogwold Mill, its length on the North End of the Trees at Walmer Castle, W by 8; Gull Stream Light Vessel, NE by N, distant abeut 3 miles. Wreck in the Shipwat.?Notice is herevy given, that a Green Buoy,'marked with ihe word " Wreck," has beeu placed in the stream, about 13 f .thorns to th ? eastward of a vessel snnk between lb* shipwash and Baudsey Sand. The Buoy liei in 9 fathem* at low water spring tides, and with the following com pass bearings, viz:?NE Shin wash Light Vessel. NE by E; aW Shipwash Buoy, 8 by W; NE Bsudiey Buoy, NNE northerly. Bhfakwater Light, Plymouth Sound?Notice it hereby giien, that the Red Light the I'leakwater in Plymonii, ?ou ,d has beeu exteuded ? i a North-Easterly direction, and now continues te the live < f !>? .iring of the Melampus or Spile Ruoy, orto NE H E from the said Lighthouse; ami masters, p. leia and other persons are to ob<eive, that vessels coning within the Breakwater by t'? Western Passage should not an chor until they hare crossed that line and oixned the White Light. Whalemen. f'ora, of New Bedford, was spoken uo date, Ike. 38k mot ont. with 1000 bblispoil. Spoken. Newark, Loyal, 8 days from Boston for New Orleans, by a Key Welt pilot. Stambonl, from Boston for Smyrna, 23d ult. Malagi bearing N 16 III leu. Cato, Curtis, 40 days from Liverpool for Haven... 5th inst. off Or.inge Key. Ooodwia,49 days frotn Liverpool for NOrleans, Ith inst. off Cape Antonio. 'Anna Panlinn,' 14th ult. lat 24 N. Ion 29 K. 'Trueg barque,' of New Yoik, 15th nit. lat 28 6 N, Ion 3# 50 West. 7. noni, Liverpool for New York, 25th nit. lat 50, Ion II. (?'urelgn Port* ADr.nDv.KN, Mar 10?Arr Spring, Ham'lton, N York Antwkrp Mar 25?\rr Winnegauce. Perry, Matanza*; Nile, Sin'th, Vobile; 27th, Hy h.whai.k, Carter, Sumatra; 19,h, Di antha, Williemt, Vobile; 31st, Maicia Cleaves, Chadboume, N Or'ens; Apr I, Wallace, Y"Ung, and Damamcotta, Howes, I harletten. Sid 26th, Hull, Putnam, Sumatra; 1st. Oresnni, Higgin', NOrl-ans; Potomac, Bears*, N York; Lsda, Ruark, H v ma; 2d. Ellsworth, Lang. do. AoiR, Mar 4?Arr Emily Wilder. Ward, Ba'beri. IIomh*', Feb IJ?81d Aurelius Kelly. Calcutta. Cadir, mar 10 ? \rt Panther,CI pp. NYork Calcutta, Feb 23?Sid Brunswick, M'lcher reported mas ter, NYork (i ot Boston). In port 17th. Virginia, Cotting, for Boston, Idg Cld I5th, Amazon, 11 ichrlder, Button. _ Deal, Mar 28- Arr Aintrican, Charleston for Bre nen; 31st, France. Marshall, Mobil for Amsterdam. Kalmooth. Mar It?Arr Vernon, IJisbee, Matanns. Off Ton Apr 2. Hollander, P.wer, (New Bedford lor Hotterdain. Ghent, Mar 2t?Arr Mary Phillips. I'ratt, N Voile. Gibraltar, Mar 21?Arr Chas William, Keating, Malagi for Boston; Kelipse, Archer, Palermo for do; Independence, Trieste for Philadelphia; Suwarrow, Slarseilles for New Ur leans. .^alMst 2J?Arr Ville de Lvon, Sturms, New Orleans; Osceola,Child, Mobile; 18,h, Oneida, NYork Mar 26?Arr (4en Wash us ton, Lowe, NOrleans; Ii'| .ii|1C Jarman, Mobile; VVaslnngton, Uaitlett, do for Liverpool, Mar 31?Arr Superior, Allen. Mobile; Arr 3, Borneo. O'Donnell, Charleston hi,i Mar 31, Issae Newton, Spalding, NYork; Apr 3, P.ul Jone., Watkins. Cauton; I artir. Lockwood, B"n?hay. ( Id 1st, D Walker. Ccndrv, Philadel phia; 2d, St I etersbnrg, 1 rise, Boston; B Ay mar, Nichols, do. ou or prev to 4th, Andrew Scott, Emery, New Uileans. lu Don Idy, Huron, Marengo and Trenton, lor llottou. London, Apr 2?Knt inwards, Robt Kulton, Davis, NYork; Mary Kranees, Jewett, Boston. In port idg. Hwi?s Uoy, Blais dell for Boston (commenced Apr 2); Brouts.^. urtu, (or New York, MtRsciLi.Es, Msr 22?Sid Orozimho Foote. NOrleans; Os mauli, <4ardner, Boston; 28th, Griffon, K>llv. Palermo Palkrmo Mar 13?Sid Minerva, Brown, New \ ork; Albion, [Sir] do. In port, Altorf, Snell, for NYork, 7 days; Senator, 'e, per, for Boston, do; t ;arlotta, [SicJ for do, not commenced Idg; (ten Warrrn, Welth, for Philadelphia, soon. SarooR, Feb 7?Hid Gentoo, Mollis, Boston. Singapore, Jan 3D?Arr Zephyr, Johnson, Calrutta. Rid filh, !? rank I in B.issett, Boston; 27th, George IL, an, Wellmau, Coves. Santa Clti, Tenenffe, Mat??Bid Bnrmah. Margeat, New York. T*1 iiti. Mar 19?Art Juno, Dickt, NOiltuu; Columbia, Iruisell. Philadelphia. Teikl, Mnraa?Arr.V?>iachuift'?. Pritchatd. Charleston. Horn* Porta. Eastport^ m*? to April Ifi?Art Splendid, Sharkford, 8 'ohn, N B ? Zelrci. I arkin. Wilmingtrn. Del. Sid Flora, M' NVar.and Dr Hitchcock, Douglass, Barbajoes. Boston, April 2??Arr Maid of Orleans. Wiswell, Palermo; Wiuipiac, Mitchell Liverpool. Cld Angelo, Clarkson, Hong Kong and Manilla: Miawmut, Hiygins, Rio Janeiro; Waldo, Mew, Gonaivra; B ishaw, Myers,aud Marcia. Harward, Ne Hems; Baltic, Allen Savannah; li?tte, llarrnu. Salem: Wal lace, (of Bn?ron, lite of Snllivan, Sle) Smith, Brunswick. Gv democrat. Berry, and S*ven Sisters, Blanchaid. Philadelphia: D?m?rk. (of Bn?*on, late of Biookhaven) Crowell, do: David Oox Nickeraon; Fancv, Chaw, and Jew, Ho?n, N Vork. Kali. Kivfr, April 2fl? ^r Eudora, Brown, NYork. Phovidkncb. April 21?Sid Nicholas Brown, Andres, 8a ?nnah; 20th, President, Wilbour, Norfolk Chapman, o' Warren, from , wai at anchor at Newport thia mo'ning ? A barque and a brig, from sea, were at anchor in the Weat Bay hi* morning. New Haven, April 21?Art Pacific, Preaeott, and Reaper, Hofchkiss Albany; President, Kriabee. and New York, Jonei, N York. 81d Black Hawk Frisbie, Wen Indie*. Philadelphia, April *2?Below. Avon, 'J'odd, NOrleans: rtokt Bruce, Cloaatn. Lubec Cld Delaware, Fisher; Metamo ra. Flinu, and Boundary. Shackford, Boaton; L) O'Donnell. Metcalfe; J Horrocks, Mills, and Oen Scott, Hoover, NYork; Star, Racket!, Bridgeport; Moaea Brown, Nickeraon. Provi dence. Baltimore, April 21?Arr Lawrence,Howes. Boa'on; Henry. Look, Darieo, On; Try *11, Gibbs, Providence; Fox, Stewart, N Vork?waa in co outsids the Caies with Louisa, Gait, from N York for Baltimore. Richmond, April 21?Arr Radius, Johnson, Boston; Henri co, Paine, Boston; Henry Lee,Green, Newport; John Simmons. Small, Boston; Lexington. Vangilder, NewYork 8ld 8atnl it "aint'r, Merahon. Wfat Point; Gal?na, Leeds. Trov; J Budd, RiidL and Thoa Ireltod, Soiners, NYork; A B Cooley, Camp Diihton. Savannah, April 16?In port, ships Leaader, [Br] Kaitrav; Howard, C?llan; Tamerlane, Thaobold; Clyd-, Throbold; Eli Whitney, Drer; S'erlinir, Saunders; Klizab th. Hasty, and *r Mark, t'ave, for Liverpool; Herciil*an,H<'lnt<-s, and 1 aGrante Wiuchell, (_}'a?gow ; Celia, Thatcher, NYork; .Merchant. Jor 'an, Havre; Br barques Ja* Dean. Campbell, G'asgow; Helen. Ilich, Gieen^ck; Charles, Brotcliie; Lesmihag'iw, Perry, and socate? Williams, Liverpool; K A Parke, Kenn'ug, dis ?: h?rque Gaze'le. Allen, wrg;b'iits Wilsnu Fuller, Cobb: F-xa" Johnson, and Excel, Smith, NYork; Hollv Bush, Hi-chc ck. wig; Siroc Osbofe, aud Prince de Joinville, Gardner, Boston; Havana, Gilpatrick. Philadelphia; Energy. Frisb?e, W Indies; Pleiades, Collins, Kington, Jam; schta Rambler, Merithew Boston; Isabella, Clark. B Itinrore; Export, Swasey.acd Tea zer, Gliddru, disg; M Shields, Stevens, Galveston; Columbia. Kuapp, wtg. St Marks, Much 31?Arr Ann Eliza, NYork; Apr B, N G Bume do. Cld 14th, Samson, Galveston; Billow, Lawrence, NYork. Kev West, April 4?Arr Rudolph (ironing, F.ldridge, Bos ton; :td, Powhattm, Watson, 8t Heleua via Matanzas, seeking freight; 2d, Achilles, Burrows, Havana. Cld 1st, Andw Gray, Dnkehart, Nassau. Mobile, April IS?Arr Portsmouth, Glover; Pactolus, Hard ing, and Crowu, Fletcher, Liverpool; Frauconia, Jones, Havre; Hermi'age, Badger, Glasgow; Kennebec, Smith, Pravidence; Lien, Henry, Apal?chicols; Artikapas, Sartelle. Havana Cld Susan Drew, Paige, Havre: Sir Chas Napier, [Br] Johnston, Amsterdam; Neuvo Tigre, [Sp] Pla, aud Del Carmen, [Sp I Pa ges, Havana. New Orleans, April M?Arr Tyrone, Spear, a?d Maguolia, Gray, Havre: Antwerp. Gardiner. Amsterdam; Compton, [Br] Chapman, Ichiboe; Lantaro, [*I>1 Bertram, Barcelona: Louisi ana, F.ddy, Havana. Below, Washington, and Splendid Cld Colombo, Conn, and Persia. Chandler, Boston; Wm Gray, Crosby, Rio Janeiro and a mkt; Canada, [ Brl Adams, Liver pool; JS Wain, Philadelphia; St Patrick, Williams, NYork; San Miguel, [Sp] Havana. By Lut Might's Southern Sail. Philadelphia. April 33?Below, Jane, New Bedford; An nnheila, New York. Baltimobk, April 22?Below, a shir supposed the Susannah Gumming, from Liverpool. Cld Ida, Hallet, Boston. Alexandria. April <1?A<t Favorite, [Br] Masters, Bermu da: Petrel, [Br] Moitimer. Turks Island. Savannah. April 19?Arr Java, Perry, NYork Cld How ard, Callau, Liverpool, Siroc, Osborn, Boston; Mary Shields, Stevens, Galveston. | i^LUTE LOST?In going from {3 Franklin street, up Broad ? way ta the Colisieum, on Wrdnesdav evening, a N)cholson ..i?de Flute, silver mounted, "H Cotier Fecit"engraved on one of the bands. The finder * ill te liberally rewarded by returning it to the subscriber, 91 Crosby St. W. P. BENSEL. a24 2t*rc T1TANTED?By areipectable young married woman, wi h a fresh breast of milk, a situation in a respectable private family. Would have no objection to go in the country or travel Please enquire at '26 Walker street, tne corner of Orange street, entrance in Orange street. a2t 2t*ec WANTED?A Situation by a young atariied man. wha would make himself useful as gar lener, or take charge of horse*. Hns no objection to the country. Gcod references given. Apply at 48 Marrion street. a23 2t*rc VITANTKD?In the neighborhood of Hudson, Sreenwich or '* Washington streets, Between Canal street and tne Battery ?TWO or THREK ROOMS for a small family. Address, stating terms Itc.. J. F., Herald Office. ?p21 TITANTED?For one of the most extensive Publishing houses '? in the United States, a few active young men to act as agents for the sa e of new and popular works. The proprietors will insure ?<ich man $300 over his board rer year profit. A writing to that effect will be given them; they will have besides opportunity of clearing $1000 per year, and more if they aie ac trte. Every man will nave his district. It will be necessary for them to have S25 to $50 at least to obtain a good fitting out. No una need apply unless he has that sum.ffor it is the object of the publishers to establish good agents, and give them such a chance as no one e'se can offer them. For fuil oarticulars epply to 421 Broadway, at Hall's ofEce. apll 2w?ec GARDENER'S SITUATION WAN I ED, DY an experienced hand, who has a practical knowledge of L> the treatineut jf Green aud Hot House Plants, Vegetable Gardeuing. raising of hoc honse Grapes and other fruit.. Re ference will be given to his present employer, with whom he has bee? ten jean. Adrtress W. F' X., care of John Rob'iison, Seedman and Florist, corner of Niblo's Garden. a23 3:rc BOARD UP TOWN. rp WO ROOMS, with large paut'ies adjoining, may be en 1 gaged and ent red upon before the 1st of May, by a party of fiur, or twogantlamen and their wives, with good board, end the co-riforts of a home, either furnished or unfurnished. The house is p'easantlT located, in Fourth street near Amos strest, within two minutes walk of two otrnibuss routes. For terms fce . apply at No, 309 Bleecker street. a?4 2 fh M1 BM> KUOil and Ureaklast wanted, by a gentleman. in Greenwich or Hndaon streets. close to St John's Park T?-ms most be moderate. If liked they will kept for a consi derable time Address J. P. D. this office. a24 lt*rc DR. DETMOLD HAS REMOVED from 316 Broadway to the New York Hotel, 721 Broadway. ?24 lt*rc REMOVAL. VTATHL. JOCELYN, PORTRAIT PAINTER, 26 Park i-v Place. a?3 2ti??ic SHOULD this meet the eye of MARV DAY,of English Bicknor, England, sh* is requested to call at the office of Middleton & Co.. No. 54 Broad street. n22 3t*m PACKET SHIP SHERIDAN, from Liverpool?Consignees by this ship will please have their permits on board at Or leans wh<rf. foot of Wall stteet, immediately. AilgJoiU uot i-eruiitfd in five diys mast be sent to public store. a21ec 1*9 MADDEN respectfully informs t^e ladire of New ? York and its vic'uity, that her French Millinery and Dress Making establishment, 108 fanal street, is now oi>en Spring <nd summer Fashiois. consisting of silk, crease, ribbon, fancy Neapoli'au, straw, braid and gimp Bonnets, of the newest Pari sian nnd Lot.d n styles, just received l>er l*?t steamer. C' Urtry Milliners and Dress Makers supplied with the new e.t Patterns at the shortest notice. Dre<s*s and Hobea of the Imest fashion m?de to Older at the shortest notice. Southern ?nd Western orders promptly attended to. [?7*" All descriptions of Bonuets clt&ced and altered in the newest style. a24 Im'tn PAVILION?NEW BRIGHTON THE improvements and repairs which have been undertaken in this establishment, being now completed, ih* propre toi begs to iuf irm p> ties who ate desirous of tiking rooms there, that the\ are ready for their inspection. Hav'ng heard that it has been currently reported tint all the best rooms at the Pavilion are engaged, tlu: proprietor begs to su e that this rumor must have originated in his having de clined making enja^'inentsfor specific suits ofapaitments with p.u'ies who have wished to take hem only from July. He begs therefore to state that there are still as many good rooms disen gaged as taken, and that he will be happy to enter int > arrange inenia with parliei wishing to occupy ihtm from the eirly part ? f the season. F. BLANCARD has, at the same tior.e, the honor to inform those families win have already engaged apartmeuts, that the Pavilion will be open on Ihurrday, the first of May. ap2l toM 1 rrc MARINE PAVILION, ROCK A WAY. rpHK above well knowu sea ba'hing esiablishment will he 1 ready for the reception ol visiteis early in Juue. Families d sirous of obtaining rooms, will please address the subscriber, at the Aator House, N. Y. HIRAM CRANSTON. ail 6ti?*rn TEXAS LAND PATENTS. '"PHE mbacrilirr offers his services iu the locating and perfect i ing land tit'es in the republic of'J exas, He will give strict atteitioe to all business entrmted to him. He tnav he found at the I1 uro]Tiii H'-tel, No 8 Broad street, until Wedneidav, 28th insfnt, on which day he will leave for Phladelphia, where he will remain unt I the 2d May. during wheh titre he may be found it F. Stowe's Counting Riom, South Front street near < heanut. F'om his long residence in Texas. a'id intimate ac qnaiutance with the laud busiuess in that republic, he is coufi il-nt that he will give s?ti?f?rt ou to those who may e itrust bu siness to him. J. DF. CORDOVA, Houston, Texas. ap24 It* in HEATHER BED. MATTRASS AND BEDSTEAD r WARF.HOU8K, ISO and IAS Qreenwiclt Street, Corner of Coortlandt street. Feathers from Is to 4s per lb Hair Mattiassts, front $3to $25 Moss do 2 to 10 l'alm L??l" ? ? ??? 2 to 8 I'nrn Husks 2 to 8 Beds 3 to 25 Blai kets 1 to 8 Comforters. from to 2 50 Toilet tables 1. 2 to I,JO Waahstands 1,12 to 1,50 Bedsteads, of mahogany, black walnut, cnrl?d miple, plain maule, all the different pattemss. in use, and iu price from $3 to $30, according to thestvl* and finish. The attention of the public is eswcially called to the Patent Premium Riihtand Left Screw Brdstead. This bedstead must be examined before its qualities can be known. They caarn t weM be stated in au advertisement. They hive been in use about fonr years?have tAkeii the premium (asilver medtl) at the Fair of the American Institute ami over I400n hare been sold? what better evid nee I* want"' of the value of the article I ry hotel and boarding house in the United States should have this bedste-d?private families cannot do withont them. Old Feathers ilrested and renovated, slid vtattrataes m?de over as good sa new. SAMUEL S. PARKER. ? p2l lni*ec PICKLES! PEPPER SAUCE! I CATSUPS!! MUSTARD, See. NOTICE TO SOUTHERN fc W EST F.RN MERCHANTS. T^LOVD U 8TARIN, No 191 Water atnet, otf.r for aale a " tine assortment of Pickles, Pre.erves Catsups and .Mustard, put ui> expressly lor the sonthern and western market, and would < all the nttenti >n of count y and city dealerr, before I ur ch*sing elsewhere, as the quality and pricr of their goods will make it an object for a paicliaaer to (ite the in a call, a2i lw*rc TO BE SOLD, AS PHONO, well built liarouche Carriage, in good order, and well adapted for family use, with or without a double harness. To be seen at Uonlston's Ridiug School, and Livery HiaMes, l** Mercer atnset. mft is'.frre TH) Pi INTERS?The ows?t or an eld established J b Office l in the lower p<rt ol th- city, wishirg to retire from the hu ? ineis, off r? the establishment for sal.' in accixtnoditing terms To au active hnsiiifss man it offers ? clianc? ra-elr'o e n e. with. Such a | ers n. in command of $700 to $IO?n cash, (ba'l mce m?y remain on good aecuritrjby arplying to R. H. I- I,TON, 18 Diviaion street, may imm all the particulars. To sa?? IrouMe n ne need applv thit are not prepared to enter nn m? 'iitelv, ''nd comt'lv with 'he above terms. a?0 litis* m NOl'l'-K ? Ihe svi^ci.oers bavin* i urchueii the inierejts of their formei partners, Oeorge 10. t'omeroy and Thaddeua Potrerny, in the H'.xpreas Lines of Pomeroy It Co., and Liviuga ton, Wt lis It Pooteroy. hereby announce ihu the Exoreas, vardiUE and Commission business will be continued by thrm under the name and firm of" Livingston & Wells." ( HAWFORD LIVINGSTON, HENRY WELLS. New Vork, April 9th, IA4^ No. 10 Wall street. apIT I w is ire CiOAl,? I'll Tons I'emberton Coal, caiefullv |nw< ied into the ' hold, daily expected, for sale in lets to suit rurchaaeis, by W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, i Wte South itrwt corner Mtitta Lu? AUCTION SALES. AUCTION NOTICE. rpOYB, FANCY GOODS, k'.-Thos Bell will sell at auc I- lion, on Friday, th- 25th instant, at 10)4 o'clock, a Urge ?? lortmentof Toy? and Fancy Goods, the property of Mr Bowie* 60J Broadway, who iiaboat to remove (in confluence of the building down) hit Cors't Manufacturing Establishment. or. the lit of May, to No* 37 and 39 Cedar street, up stairs, where country merchants and a'oie keepers can be supplied, at whole iale, with hia celebrated fitting CorseU, Shoulder Bracei, Belta, Truses See , kc. The Faucy Stock consists of Toys. Pla'ed Ware, German Silver d?, I'utlery, Die line Cues, Writing Desks, Work Boies, Toy Bureaus. li'aii Cases, Counter do Glua Doors, a splendid Snow Window for a store, with shutters, ioor, lie., all complete Alio, an Iron Safe, and many other articles too numeroui to mention. The whole will be pat up in small assorted lots for th* accommodatip i i f families. Mrs. Bowles will also, on the first of May, remove to 303 Broadway corner of Duane street, where she will constantly krep on hand a lame assortment of Iter fashionable and well fitt inr Corsets, with every other a'ticle in her line of business. P. S ? Any person wantiug * handsome stoie window, woald do well 'o attend this sale. *21 2t*rc BENJAMIN MOONEY, Auction*?. A UCTION aNOTlCE?Furniture?Moouey Ic Aaron will sell this day, at 10 o'clock, at No 101 Liberty street, the furniture of a family giving up house keeping, consisting in part Ingrain and Stair ( aroets, Diniug and Centre Ta lea, Sofa, curl maple Chairs, Girandolvs, Beds and Bedding, kc. Also, one large Refrigerator. Also, one. Urge Sideboard Also, the Kitchen Furniture, with which the tale will com mence. a24 lt*m WM. W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneer. HOUSE FURNITURE SALE?Friday, April 25th, at ten o'clock, a teiieral assortment of Furniture, routained in the tine* story house 13 Bond street, near Broadway, consisting in part of Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; English Oil Cloths; rtofa?; c?nlre and pi>-r Tab'es and Glasses; mahogany and other I. h-irs; Tables, dining Tables, mantel Lamps, Girandoles,plat ?d Ware, Cutlery; rich Glass, gilt and other China Diuuer and Tea sets. Also, B?dromr> Furniture of several rooms. Also, 2 P ano Fortes, one Stodaid, Wonster k Dunham, mak ers?cost $325?in perfect order. a24 lt*rh fcTH LUULOW, Auctioueer. HOUSEHOLD ? URNITU HE, remaining over from the sa'e of the 21st instant, and l'r?m other sales ? E. H. Ludlow St Jo. will sell on Friday, Ap-il 2"ith, at 9>4 o'clock, at No. 15 Whitehall street, all 'lie Furui'ure in the ah >?e house, not call ed fo , consisting of Biir-sus, Dressing Table. Chun, Sofas, B usseU and Ingiain Carpets, Bed Lmen. Bedstead, C'ntr* Tables, Cut GUvs Ware, Sideboards, Hall Lanterns, MauUl Clocks, Beds, Bedding, die., kc. Sale peremptory for csh. 1391] *23 Stis'rc FOREIGN FlNK PLANTS AT AUC 1 ION A LEW will ?ell on Thursday Morning, at II o'clock, at ?_ No. 1'>I Broadway, an extensive collection of Plants, just landing from Europe, consisting of Roses of every description, Rhododendrons in puts and packages; large Yew Trees; Carna tions; Camelias, Hawthorrs, with various other Ornamental Plants. Also, Garden and Flower Seeds, pat np in neat packages, the growth of last season. a22 3t*rc GEO. B. ROLLINS. Auctioneer. ELEGANT FURNITURE. XXnLK'N8 k KOLLINS will sell on Thursday. April 24th. * at 10 o'clock, at No.? 14th street, near University Place Elegant Furniture, consisting of Royal Wilton, Brussels and Ingraiu Carpets, mahogany Couches. Sofas, Divans, Ottomans, Chtirs, easy do, Rockets, Centre Tables, Pier do, tete a tets, S'lver plated G;randoles and Candelabras, bronzed, gilt Mantel <'locks. Voltaire Chairs, Hall Lanterns. English Oil Clcth, tlat Stair Rods, Steel Wire Sets, F:ench China. Cut Glass, Cut lery, etc. Mahogany French Bedsteads Hair Mattrasses, Win dow Curtains, I ressing Bureaus, Washstand with trarble top, Hat Stand, etc. Alto, an assortment of kitcheu Furniture, wrh which the sale will commence. Catalogues at the office of the Auctioneers, 17 Broad street. ai>2l 4t"ec BLACK CEYLON EBONY. WILL be sold at auction, on Wednesday. 30th, at 3 o'clock, ? * in Burling Slip, 331 logs prime Black Ceylon Ebony, to be sold in lots of one ton each. a24 It*a S. C. k W. PELL fc CO. MAGASIN JAPONAIS. AH. PAKKER, Agent, (from Amsterdam) 69 Duane st, ? between Broadway and Elm street, begs leave to inform his friends, and the public in general, that he has received a most precious collection of Antiquities, consisting of Japan Lacker ed Jars and Vases. Flower Bottles, Plates, Dishes, Cups and Haucers. original Japan Wooden Lackered Tables, rich in gold figures and inlaid with mother of pearl; Ancient Dresden Por celain Figures, Cups and Sauceis, Ancient Fans of the 16th century; original Red Japan Porcclaiu Tables, and a Japaa Lackered Bird Cage, the greatest curiosity ever seen in this country; which collection shall be sold at public auction, at the above mentioned place, by AARON LEVY, Anctioneer, on Thursday, April 24th, at 11 o'clock, A.M , and can be *een from this day, with catalogues, until the day of sale. The public are respectfully invited to call and eiamine this magnificent collection, whicn is arare charce seldom to be met with. By particular request, in consequence of the sailing of steam ship Great Western on Thursday, April 24, the sale of Antiqui ties, at 69 Duane street, will be postponed until Friday morning, April 25, at 11 o'clock precisely. aplSto24*rC OLD CLO'! OLD CLO'! OLD CLO'! rpHE SUBSCRIBER pays the highest price* for Second A Hand Clothing. Clothing altered, repaired and cleaned in a superior style. [C7~Remember the No., 130 Nassau street. ap2t lm?rc GEO. LEVIE. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. 'T'H E SUBSCRIBERS hive associated with them in business J- Robert H. Osgood, John W. Fenno, and Isaac C. Kendall. HARNDEN k CO. Boston, Arril 4. 1814. a24 lw?rh iLLUS 1'KATED LONDON NEWS. TUST RECEIVED per Caledonia, a fall supply of all the J numbers of (his beautiful paper, up to April. 5th. Forsale wholesale at 117 Fulton street. a24 2tis*rc ixxiw jiuun.. WILL BE ri'BLUHED OW SATURDAY NEXT. MARY KALK: or, BIG THUNDER! CHIEF OK THE ANTl-RENTEHS. By C. MERRI FIELD, a24 3tis*ec 293 Broadway. LITTELL'S LIVING AGE, No. 50-Mth APRIL. CONTENTS?CORRESPONDENCE? 1?The British 8'ttm Navy. ? 2?A Passage in the Life of Rubens and Rembrandt. J?China. 4?The Sandwich I (lands. 5?The English Oentleman. ??Policy of the Biitiah Ministers. T?A Chocolate Plantation in the West lndiea. 8?On Piusiic Acid a* a Poison. S?Cooking and Living in Paris. 10?Universal Salvage Company. 11?Life of Joseph Lancaster. 12?The Ute Mr. Laman Blanchard. 13? Hreat Telescope?Possible Discoveries. J* ?The late Mrs. James Gray. Poetry?Verses to an Old Kiiend, be. For sale at WiLLIAM TAYLOR'S, 2 Astor House. SHURTZ St TAYLOR, Baltimore. TAYLOR He CO , Washington, D C. a24 lt*m A. HEAD, Charleston. 8. C. BY JOSEPH UOCCH1ETTI. Why a National Literature Cannot Flourish in the Unitfd States of North America. At WM. RADOE. Bookseller, 311 Broadway, New York. '"PALENTED American writers praised the above work ; A scrisblcrs, who d > not kuow how to wiite their own lan gunge, misrepesented ii; editors of newspapers, who felt the lash of criticism, thought it orudent not to mention it, and many of these did appropriate the very ideaa of Mr. Rocchietti aa their own Not only printers can rob now the copy right from the hands of authors ; the crows stiut Broadway j jurcey with the feathers of i eacocks. Tiie honest citizen, in perusing the above work, will find that, rot only it gave the first movement to ward* ad-cmt American Theatre: we are happy to ray that the fashionab'e writers of the day had checked, in great mea sure, iheir wicked propecsiies ; that the politics of this ciry assun ed a more liealthv toue. and triat the newspapers are now more humane when a ciiminal, or supposed criminal, is unde* trial. Not ouly the above work demonstrates that the preju dices and the fear of trlliug th* truth, are a greit lundrauce to National Literature . Mr. Hoccbiet'i demonstrates, sl?o, that ? man cannot write well unlets he b.* virtuous. ai>2t lt*m TO SPOK ISMtN MKOR SALE-A splendid Spaniel and 8ett?r Dog, goo I for game, water dog, likewise a great trieu dog. Wi" walk 500 fe^t on his hind legs, Sic , Ike. ? an be seen at ?V. Cl>rk's Exchange Office. 'J he owner griog to htnnjn, would like to dispose of him a2l It* rl <1 FOR SALE?A l air of excellent Family Hots s Jjaia o close an estate, for sale low. Also, a Middle l'ony ' ' y ? tniialiU for a lady. Apply at No. 7 Trinity Place. a2i Iw're LADIES' ?*** CKP FASHIONABLE STRAW HATS. 4SB CAHL KINO, the wall known and celebrated'l^^ Straw Hat Manufacturer, begs leave to iuform the ladies that he has for sale a splendid and fashionable aisortm'Dt of Straw Hats, of every description, at his store No. 17 Division street. 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The splendid Htidw?ll known very faat sailing packet ship COLUMBUS, Oeorge Jt Cole, commander, will tail positive ly on Thursday, the 1st of May Having unsurpassed accommodations for Cabin, 2d Cabin, and Steerage Passengers those returning to the old country, or send ng f >r their friends, will find it to their interest and com fort to select this uu*<iualled line of packets. For terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early application should be mad* on board, foot of Beekman St, or to the subscribers, ROCHE. BROTHERS b CO., V) Fulton street, next door to the Knllon Bank, New York. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Itegulaf Packet 21st May?The superior last sailing packet >sl>ir (JUEEN OF THE WEST, 1230 tons burthen, Capt Philip \V oodhotise, will sail as above, her regular day For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable state rooms and cabin, apply to the Captain oa board, west Capt Phili side Burlinjsli^o^ L It MINTURNS, 17 South street. Price of Passage. $100. 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Cold V."*"1, W H Crisp; John lronbrace, Barry; Lady Chtitterbu-k Mn Dyott. Boxes, ut tier 75 cents, 2d tier 50 cent*?Pit 50 cents?*Gallery 15 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock, curtain rise precisely at half past 7 o'clock. BU RTOS'S T i IK .VrillC?A r c li Street, PHILADELPHIA. MR. BURKE'S BENEFIT. . THURSDAY,APRIL 24, 1845. Tt.*, V.0n!edjro0L,he KENT' DAY-.Vlaitin Heywood. Mr WaJlack; Bullfrog, Mr Korton; Silver Jack, Mr Thayer; Hyssop. Mr Stevens;, Mr Thompson: Ti>by Hey wood. Mr G Barrett; Rachel Heywood, Mrs Wallack; Polly Mra Altemus. Tl-e second act of Bucks'oue's Dram* of GREEN BUSHES ?Giiuuidge, Mr Burke; Miami, Mrs Burke; Oeraldine, Miss Ki'by; Connor, Mr Howers The first act of PUTNAM?Mesopotamia Jenkius, Mr Burke, with the souk of "Independence Day." PALMO'S Of Kit A HOllslt. Lkbsce W DINNEVORD. The Letsee has great pleasure in announcing that lie is aow en abled to admit the public at the following p ices:?Dress Boxes and Parquette 50 cents?Second Circle 25 cents? Private Boies S4. Fifth Night of the Hiigairement of MR BOOTH Third Night of ibe engagement of SIGN OR HER VI NANO. THURSDAY EVKNINO, April 24th, 1845, will be pre sented the APOSTATE?Pebcira, Mr Booih; Flormda, Miss Clarendon To conclude with the Dram* called B1BBO; or. The Pata gonian Ape?Bibbo, Sig Hervio Nano. In rehearsal, and will lie produced urxi week, a new Play, wrilt'n by Geo. Vandeuhurf, Esq , called PASSION?Or, You'hand .Au->. Th-re is no Free List to this Theatre, except the members of the Press. Doors open at 7?Performance to comuieuce positively at half-put 7 o'clock. The Box Book >s now open, and places may be secured. TKHPLK OK THK H1U8EH. FLOATINO THEJlTRE, AT THE FOOT OF DELAN4.Y STREET. PRICES REDUCED. Admission to Dress Circle 25 ? enu?Parquette 12)4 cents. THURSDAY EVENING, April 24-a The entertainments will commence with the GOLDEN FARMER?Golden Fanner, W G Jones. The Petite GUMBO FAMILY?who will give a variety of original Negro Peculiarities of singiug and dancing. A Song by Miss M inning. Dance by Miss Dearing. Comic Song, Mr T G Booth. To conclude with the LOAN OF A LOVER?Peter Spyke, T G Booth. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY" COM CERT, KOU THE BENEFIT OF MADAME OTTO, TO be given at the Broadway Tabernacle, ou Tuesday Eve ning, April 29tn.under the patronagsof various charitable so cieties of this city, (for whom Madame Otto has sung gratui tously,) and a large committee of gentlemen. Ou which occa sion the following eminent talent have kindly volunteered their valuable aid:? MAUAME R PICO, MISS MARV TAYLOR, MISS WINDMULLKK, MADAME BUKKHART, 81GNOR HANUUIKICO, blGNOR UAPETTI, MR. U. C. HILL, MR. J. A. KVLE, MR. GROENVELT, MR. P. MAG" R. MR. A. P. KENRICH, MR. H. C. TlMM. MR. C. W. BEAMES. SIG'R DE BEGNIS. And a Grand Orchestra tf over Fifty Perlorme's." Tickets $1?To admit a lady and gentleman. Ladies' single tickets fifty cents?to be had at all the principal music stoies and hotels, aud of the undersigned Committee :? James L. Hewitt, 295 Broadway, Dr. James M. Quinn,475 Broadway, Martin W. r.minons, 14 and 24 Spruce St., Aud at Madame Otto's, 67 Warren street. a23 3trc D. MAJOR'S LtCTURE. IRISH IN AMERICA. 'T'HE above Lecture will be given at Niblo's. on Friday J- h'.veiling, 25lh instant, at 1% o'clock. Lothian's celebrated Brass Ban* is engaged, and will inter sperse the Lecture with the choicest Irish Music. Tickets 25 cents each, to be had at Casserly's Book Store,and at the door on the evening. a24 2tis*rc DR. BANNING f)N DISPFPSIA and its Attendants. Local and General De bili'y, and Affections of the Heart and Lungs Dr. Ban ning will deliver Free Lectures on ' ihe ebove afflictions, in Dr. Adams' Church, Broome street near Centre Marset, at a quarter before 8 o'cl ck, on triday Eveuiug, of this week. Ladies and gentlemen are invited. a2l 2tis*rc ]\/T AGNETISM, Terrestrial and Human, the grand supporter 1,1 of all forms of life, and the instrumentality of all the vital functions of motion, and of all mental action, iucluding the philosophy of life, and the application of Magnetism to the cure of diseases, in a Lecture ar Clinton Hall, by O. 8. FOW LER, this eveniuit at 7i? o'clock. Seats 6d. a24 COLMAN'S GALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS AND Literary Exhibition, >o. 203 Broadway?Jaat added to the Exhibition, a very beautiful Picture by G. Cole?in size about 6 ft 4?being a Landscape view in Cunberland, England, filled in with a wonderful group of Cattle, which hare received the finishing nuches of Thomas Sidney Cooper, of London, with whom Mr. Cole studied. It was valued in the E xhibition in London at 400 guineas. Thia is probably the most delightful effort of art which has been exhibited here in many years. To see which, and abont 200 Oil Paintings, 12% cents only is charged. Entrance through the Book Store, where no charge is made, nor to che extensive Print Room, when; Engravings of every variety may be had, at reduced prices. N. B.?Mr. Colman, wishing to close up the Book Depart ment of his establishment, offers bargains to purchasers. a!2tfrc. OTTIGNON'S GYMNASIUM. pHAS. F. OTT1UNON respectfully informs hi? friends vv and the publ(c, that he has recently taken the large and com modious rooms, Not. 15, 17, and 19 Canal street, near Broad way, (formerly occupied by J. P. Kogers.) which have been thoroughly cleaned, and fitted up in a manner that cannot fail to give satisfaction to the most fastidious. Connected with the Gymnasium, is the Sparring Room, where Mr. O. it always ready pertonally to give instructions in the noble Art of Self Defence, and he will likewise state that his pupils enjoy the reputation of being the most skilful amateur sparrert in the city. Wrestling taught by Mr. Wm. Price, who will warrant any pupil perfect, after a court* of inttruction Fencing taught by an experienced profettor. Mr. O. would respectfully inform those pupilt who have formerly exercised at thia Gymuasium, and whose terms have not already expired, that satisfactory arrangements for the continuation of their unexpired time, will be made by calling on him at the rooms, in Caual street, which will be open from sunrise until 10 o'clock. P.M. Mr. O. would also state that the Gymnasium and Pistol Gal lery, corner of Broadway and Chamber streets, will b? open un til further notice. u9 lmje TVfADAME ADULLAM, the greatly celebrated Fortune Teller, who hat been so highly applauded in many parts of Europe ana America, for her known knowledge and ex Eerience in all arts of fortune t iling, he., can be consulted at rr rerideuce, 79 Washington street. Mad*me A, feelt pleasure in announcing to the ladies and gentlemen of New Yorlr, that the is extremely obliged and greatly thankful to them forthe liberal patronage and kindness thev have bestowed on her heretofore. N. B ? Madime A. is in her 18th year of age and th? seventh twin, a-d is willing at times to use her exertion and skill to sa tisfyall rersmiswho cortult with her. a22 3t*m CENTREVILLiE TROTTING COURSE, L. I. A Purse for $?50, two m'le heats in harness, will be given, to come off over the above Coarse, on Monday, May the 5th, free for all trotting horses. Also, a Purie to come off the 1st day of May, for $25, mile heats, best 3 in 5 under the saddle, for lioises thit never trotted for money. Both Purges to close April 25th, by 9 o'clock, P. M., at Jones' Second Ward Hotel, three or more in each trot to make a fte'd. N. B.?A match will come off on the 1st d?y of May, between James K. Polk and|John Anderson, two mile heat* to wagons. JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. Centievile, April 24th, 1(45. a24 2tF FOR. SALE, A SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE APPARATUS FOR OPTICAL EXHIBITIONS, /"CONSISTING of Lanterra with 7 inch lent, fit'ed for tin ^ Drummond Light, or oil lamps, as may be required. All the necessary apparatus for exhibiting Dissolving Views, capa ble of representing the Pictures upwards of twenty fe-t square, beautifully illuminated by the Drumwond Light?Phtntaama goria and other optical illusions; together with a set of small Scenery .Green Curtain, Mediums, Jtc.lkc. A c llection of about I"i0 Slides, embracing Dissolving Views, Portraits, Natural History, Comic Sketches, Artificial Fireworks, Sic. A Lecture on Astronomy with Astronomical Slides and Diagrams. A m ist magnificent D ummond Light Apparatus, manufac tured in Londn" ou aa improved principle; it is constructed with 4 i owerfnl burners p'av ing on one stick of lime, emitting the moat brilliant lightever exhibited; withgas reseroits, retorts mirili-rs, el ittie tubeing hid pipe, and all the necessary gas fixture* complete. The 1 interns are made by the firit Opticians in London. The paintings by the celebrated artitt Child?the whole lie;ng a most complete ?nd extensive apparatus requisite for optical exhibitions. Co", upwards of $3000?price $800 cash. For further particulars address (pott paid) W. MITCHELL, Esq., Olympic Theatre, or enquireat the Box Office. a23 3tis*rc TUST ? Celler FINE NEW TEAS, &c. _ RECEIVED, from the late tales, a very la'ge and ex* - cellent assortment of line new Gieen and Black 'leas, all of which are offered at reduced prices Good fresh Young Hyson, at 4t per lb; line do at in; superior at 6s; Oolong Souchoi g and Powchoug, of the finest kind, from 3s to 6? P?'r lb; Green and Black, suitable for kitcnen use, at 2< and 2s6a. Purchasers are invited to give the above Teas a trial, at they are offered at least I3M per cent les? than can lie had in the city. AI?o, white and brown Cngan, at very low prices;. Stuart's and Woolsey's refined white and \ellow Sugar and Melasses Syrup; with a large assortment of Kimily Groceries. Ike. Dealers and fam lies from the country are inrited to call and examine the >.bove stock previous to purchasing. J. O, FOWLER, Grocer and Tea Dealer, a23 lwia*re 2Mt Greenwich st. ror. Murray, TO "CANADA SHIPPERS. rPHK. UNDERSIGNED is prepared to receive goods at this A port, and transmit the same to Canada, for the h'titfU of drawback, lie will attend to the necessary I mtoin House bu siness heie, and elsewhere on 'ho mules, and return the debenture money to the shippers. For further pamcularj, apply to C. LIVINGSTON, apl9 lmitre No. 10 Wall street. MEDICAL PARTNERSHIP. A PHYSICIAN, of long stauding and good practice, intend ing to withdraw from the pro.nssion. it desirous, before to doing, of forming a connection with a well informed, active and reapectable young practitioner. A line, with real signature, ad dressed to A. B., and left at the Drug Store o IT. Y. Green, 399 Brnndway, will meet with immediate attention *7.2 ln>?*m __ PRINTER'S INK. rPIlE hi' BSC 111 B Ml offers for sale, on .he molt reasonable * terms, ar the New Y ork Printing lok Manufactory, No. 2# Rev n^ar Duane street, Newt, Book, Fine, Evtra Fine and Fancy Colored Inks, which he warrants equal to any manufac tured. Keeps constantly on hand a large tupplv. _ . . . . . JOHN G. Lf .HTBODY , Th* above new Ink has been uted on thit paper for the latt three vea's. ?2T film* r A. SE1GNETTK BRANDY Now landing. TN HALF PIPES, Quarter Cask* anoKighihs. of the old and *? genuine brand, hign proof and flavor, and of very superior quality, now landing at piex No. 9 North Kiver, from the barque Wm. Kennedy, just arrived from KocheiK and for salehy S. T. NICOI.L, 67 and <?!> Front it BOX, for ornamenting garden*, for tale, Enquire m 13d it. orst honssetMtof M tvsau*. aW |w*m BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald j Washington, April 22 J, 1845. I learn that the President has determined, for he future, not to submit his nominations to the vttbi?et, but to make hin appointments per se, ifier most mature deliberation and consideration, rfe has, I believe, been convinced by the represen ations of the "young democrat ie," that he has not >een in the right track heretofore, and, in tact, I mi informed that he acknowledges he has been ieceived in many of the appointments which he las made. The result of the election in Connec ticut is said to have been the first means of opening is eyes, lor the "young democracie"' say that JOO votes only given in New Haven, where, only 'our or five months before, they gave considerably aver 1000 for James K. Palk, is a pretty plain in dication that, however gratifying his nominations may have been to the "old hunkers," they were not at all satislactory to those who voted for and elected him. I understand that, to follow this up, and to show Mr Polk the real character of the generality of his nominations, something like the fallowing expot-e of his New York appointments was made to nim C?gN. Gould, Marshal of the Northern District of New York.?Ka old hunker of the worm kind, anu a rot'en conservative. Was a vice President of an anti Texas meeting hrld at Rochester subsequent to the nomination of Janien Polk ; was a member of the Syracuse Convention, and there opposed the nomination ol Wright, for Governor, and also the nomination of Gardner, and wanted to get the poet of canal commissioner for himself, but tailed. Obnoxious in the highest degree to the democrats of the State. W. F. Allen. District Attorney of the Northern District.?Another old hunker oi the very woret description, and a conservative in the bargain.? Has always acted in opposition to the "young de macracie," and when a member ol the Legislature in 1842, opposed the present financial system of the State?the stop and pay pystem. This post was ex pected to be given to George Clinton, son of De Witt Clinton, whose prospects were good until the arrival of H R. Smith, of Buffalo, in Washing ton, who, with Marcy, was a competitor toYoing, and another of the young democracie for members of the Syracuse Convention. Young and Marcy were sent as a compromise, and Smith indueed Marcy to go for Allen, who got the appointment, much to the distate of the young democracie. Dorsheimer, Postmaster at Buffalo ?A restora tion. he having formerly held tne office; an old hunker?rabid; carried hts commission in his pocket on his return to Buffalo from Washington, and flaunted it in the faces of his competitors, and all the young democracie, over whom he triumph ed in the most outrageous manner. So obnoxious to the democrats generally, that a requisition was got up for an "indignation meeting," which was signed by a great majority of the democrats, and it took the leaders and wire-pullers three days to quiet the fever, and to get them to relinquish the idea of the "indignation meeting," which they were fearful would be detrimental to Mr. Polk's administration. Elijah F. Purdy, Swveyor of the Port of New York ? An old hunker, and endorsed the democ racy of Curtis, the late Collector, in order to pro cure him the appointment from Tyler. Prosper M. Wbtmork, Navy Agent at New York?An old hunker of the worst kind, and a con servative to boot, belonging to Tallmadge's tail, the last which was heard of him previous to his nomination being the fact of his having presented a file of John Jones's Madisonian to the Historical Society of New York. Was never known to at tend a meeting of the party, many of whom did not know whether he had any politics. One of the breed known as " parlor politicians." Benjamin F. Butler, District Attorney of New Ymrh?He is an old hunker, but one of the most acceptable of the lot to the " young democracie," who, however, do not say much about him, as it is understood Mr. Polk appointed him to soathe bis disappointment at not getting the War Department, although they thought his Honor, ex-Mayor Bob Morris ought to have been District Attorney. ThU is something like the representations which have been made to Mr. Polk by the " young de mocracie," and the whole of which, except Mr. Butler's, is charged upon the advice and represen tations of the old hunkers. And from such state ments as these, it is said Mr. Polk has been brought to confess that he has been deceived, and to deter mine to exercise more caution, and act upon the appointments per se. From these factt and state ments, too, some thoughts may be drawn as to the probability regarding the New York appointments; and the clique which has been so busy respecting these offices, as even to parcel them out among themselves, ueed not flitter themselves that they are to succeed. They will be defeated, and, 1 be lieve, ignominiously, too. And Mr. Polk will not believe them either if they should tell him that they will lose the State if he do not their bidding, as they told him they would lose the city if Mr. Van Ncbs were not removed; for Mr. Polk has been put in possrssion of some facts relative to the late city election, which have been most decidedly inimical to them, and show how anxious they were to lose the election, to prove their prophecies true. The Cabinet had a meeting to-day, and it was in session for a very lone time. It is generally believed that they have had the state ot our foreign relations under consideration, but there are many contradictory reports and statements in circulation, without any authenticity apparent. Probably it a day or two 1 shall be able to give a correct Etate ment of the facts ae regards these matters The subscriptions, in aid of the Pittsburg suffer erj, are progressing very favorably. The Presi dent on being waited upon put down his name for $100 Mr. Buchanan put down $500 which is a very liberal subscription; but he is a bachelor, a rich man, and a Pennsylvanian. This will doubt less redound to his credit in the good old Keystone State. Mr Walker put down his name for $30 which appears to be a small sum when put in com parison with Mr. Buchanan's munificent donation, but the Secretary of the Treasury is said not to be overburdened with thio world's goods. Mr. Rives tin* late fiscal editor otthe Globe gives $2(J(),which is entirely in accordance with his well ltnown li berality and public spirited character. Success at tend nek men, say 1. I h"ard, by the way, an anecdote touching old Joe Gales, as he is familiarly called, which is very characteristic of the man. Both himself and his partner are well known for their liberality, amount ing in some cases to even prodigality, and Joe's baker has said to various persons ot late, that he hadkatagood customer, and when asked how, " Why," says he, " 1 warranted Joe Gales the other day tor a bill he owed me for bread, and Joe paid me at once, and told me he should make no more bills with me. And I'm very sorry tor it too," added the man, "for he was a very good customer and gave lots of poor folks orders for bread from me." So it is, Joe's liberal heart can not bear to see others suffer, and he supplies their wants frequently to his own detriment. Charles James Fox, the late British Minister, is still in this city. I am informed that he dreads the land journey to New York so much, that he has made a vow not to return to England till a ship sails direct from Washington to London,so that he will have no land travelling to perform, and s? here he Bticks, and is very likely to, unless esme kind merchant sends a vessel here for his special ac commodation He turns day into night and night into day as is his custom, and when he is to be seen in the streets, is just when the sun is setting instead of rising. This is the gentleman too who once wrote from Italy to Lord Byron that he was so changed by sickness that his oldest creditor wouldn't know him. 1 would defy any of his cre ditors now (of whom I hear he has plenty) to lor* get him or fail to recognise him the moment they saw him tor he is one of the most singular beings i ev-r saw Washington, April 22, 1846. History of Events? View in Prospective It is believed here that Capt. Polk cannotfget on much longer without an explosion of some sort. Dissatisfaction is showing itself in so manr phases and. aspects, and has become so extended, that it is impossible, according to his present line of ac tion, to keep down, for anv considerable length af time, the rising discontent. His affinities for old hunkerism, and unchaste longings for a second term, will destroy him. He ought not to forget the state of things which preceded his nomination, and the agencies by which he was brought i nto power. Let us consider them for a moment. The young politicians?em phatically styled the "young democracie"?seeing the situation into which the old and selfish poli ticians?the "old hunkers"?had brought them, ami the terrible defeat which awaited thnjv i f Mr. Van Hur^n were again started as the candidate ot the paity, determined to throw him off and to take up some ether man. These scheming old hunkers, however, had, throughthe agency ol their Caucus machinery, cause;! delegates to be appoint ed, in all the principal villages of the country, to the Baltimore Convention, who wera generally pledged to go for Mr. Van Buren. This scheme had gone on quietly, and the delegates had very generally been appointed throughout the country, whilst a general sense of Mr Buren'* sinking pop ularity and unavnilibity, was constancy impressing iuHf upon the minds and judgment of every body, except those who were no blinded mid in*atuaf?<i ihat they would liatea ta no couaaal, haar ao a4

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