Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW FORK HERALD. Vol. XJ., Ho. Ill?Whol? No. 4070. NEW YORK. SATURDAY MORNING. APRIL 26, 1845. Mm t wo CanUM THE NEW YORK HERALD. JA)1ES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulatldn-?Forty Thouaand. DAILY HERALD?Every d-iy. Price ^ cents per copy ?f>7 -.o par annum?payable in edv Alice. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6J ceutj par copy?J13 l ifj cents per Qsirmin?pjj able in udvuuce. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always cash in a avarice. PRI.VTINO of all kinds executid with beauty and despotch. Cry- MI letters or communications, by mail, ad-ireserd to iu? ? ,tab.i<hi'ieot, must ho pert pmd, or the postage Wili !;o dciuc'.od from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROraiCTCR OP THE NlW YOKK IlSIUl.U EsTAM.IIUMiHT NorthTMt A?rn?er?(Fult?n rn'l Nnss-iti ktiets. Freight to Baltimore 5 cmt* per 100 lb*. NO TRANSHIPMENT AND NO SEA. RISK. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BAL TIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. The Fhilwlelpliia, Wilmington tad Baltimore Rsilro.idCorn pa.iv have mtdt'extensive si'd i wrmaueu: arraugeniruts to trans port I'V-iiihl between rhil-idelfhia and Baltimore. J' tV?r Uakimrre, Wh.-aiing, Va ; Pittsburgh, Pa : Rich m* ml, I ttnuhurg, Ya.. oral v point sonih or west, will be re Cr ived Ht the Or pot, corner ol' ftil-venthend Maiki t s'ret-ts,daily, (t tce;: Sundayi nutiJ 4 o'dock, P. M , a-d u?iivered at an ear I er l our wi Lalcimore than by any other line Ootids destined lor un) point Sooth or Went, will be forward ? il immediately in a rival in Baltimore, Si'd free from com mission. Shippers will bear in mind that thers is no sea risk by this Line. )? leiyht only fivr c?nts per 100 lbs. tor tu:tuer iatticulors applv to OEO. P. FISHER, Ag-nf, No 7 Wall street or > W'eat str?ef, UNITED STATES MALL LINES FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. MORNING LINE?By st?amer ROJBT. ?MORRIS, which leaves Dock street wharf .Haily (bundsys excepted) at 6 A. M. lor N?wc ?tl<?.aiiii theme by railroad to Frenchtown, and CON ^TlTUTI'?n to Baltimore. The above ii the only life that counscia with the lines for the South and West the s:ine aiierocon. Kate $2 liO. AFTERNOON AND NIGHT LINES. 2'ArougA by Rail Road in Sue Hour*. Face 93 OO. The cam leave the depot, corner uf I iii at.d Market (tracts, daily, at 4 o'clock, P. M., and da'ly (except Sunday I at 10X P. M. o- on the arrival of the train from New York. Passenger* le viv-i i\ew York at 4Si P. M.,for Philadelphia. can reach fcal ti iiore r.ext morning in ample tiuie for any line leaving ler the South or West. Tickets can be procured at the Depot, or on l>ot?rd th? Boat a* Dock street wharf, Philadelphia. Fare to V'.iHisi.. $13 ; to Pittsburg, $12. A Psswoirer Car will he attached to the Frei?bt Train, which leaves tie Depot daily (except Sundays) at ?>4 o'clock, P.M. and arr-vra mi Baltimore early next saorniDg. rate M cents. ULy'Foi further particulars apply to OEO. P. FISHER. Agent, Ne. 7 wall, or 6 West streets. N P. ?F-eiaht taken at 5 cents per 1M lbs. mil ln?*rc NEW LINE OK PACKETS LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK. Register Burthen Ship. Captain. tons Inns. UK ? W Litward Iki7 1400 LIBI'KTY. P. P. Norton 192 liOO COR ELIA F.M. trench ..1040 17 0 c. H. CiAui :a8 noo OHIO H. I,yon 7U 1370 TAROL1NTA J. O. Smith ?04 1100 HKPUHLIC J C. Luce C76 1*75 (JiN. P VKKliluL. A. M'Kown 574 1150 1 hev are a'.) (inc. clus New York built sl.i|?.of the choicest bii'I lieit ir.aterialii, au'l well k'low u a? remarkably fait sailers. Th-ir commander* a-e me'i of l..i>|( rx,trie3ce and nauticil jud.'in'ut. and v eil aujuiintert in thx trade. The cabins are Ci;. a u,11' nd omily ana r<>mmodionsly for cabin passenger;, who are found with ever; tiling ex-ept liiinors aud wraes, srd tli* rates are fix-d at sixteen guineas each. The n-c-d cabins aod rt er?i.ei aie laity ..od auv, and every wey uaipted to pr. - inj:e the cointrt ana health ot |Mssenger< it a Ljtcap rate, find iii,: t!?.ir own priivUiou:, ?xcfp' bi.<bd siufi. lli* a.ioim.d Ja)?<f sailing w:ll be *fict!y .il'i-red to.? Fieiahi of lUegmids bi this line gOs. iw ton. apply to C. UitlMbHAW Sc Co. , li Owree Piixrai. Liverpool. Per*ons who may with to have iheie friei-iL ome out by any ofth* anovn nained iaVoliU' ships, cau stcur- thei' puiu-ce, by spplyiug.o HAMUKi. THUSiPsUiJf. OliiEsUbl :ihed l'i s?ijie OlRre, el* lm*rc ITS revl atreef. \ ~ ALB AN Y AND JILT FA LO~Ii A fLnTOAlT OFFICE. No. 59 Com fian^t Streets iN JTICE TO IMMIlj RANTS. i T'ie Si'hfcriheri, S..)e A.r;i:? in N- w. \kirk, for forwnraing i.aswng'-ri hv se . ? ?? coud rlvs c-rs l'rom Albam to ? ? a-etiu ibied to ?eno them per l eople's Liue Steau.boais to AI I a'iy, an ! th-r>.ce, i?*r railroad, to Cues, for #2 3G ; Syracuse, $'.9'; AubuiJ, J",3ti; tiorheuer, Slbl; Bullaio, $5/0. ('hil tlrru trom 2 to 12 rears oi l, at ball; tinder 1 yean fre. ;u..1 sfo rthe 15th instant, all bsggagsouthe Railroad is entirely it". Ail informa'-on os to d Berent rout's given gratis, and ras seng?rs for.varoel to rve.ry puit oa Leke Ont-uio aril u[]*r LaU'S. a: he I nvest rat-?. TKf ?ui<scrit>er? wneld call I'aru cul.r attfiiiir.ii t> the I act that THE1A TICKETS 0.NLY ace recagnir.?d atthe oRlreat Albai y. tVi'LFk RICKERS, Sole Agts Albany U Culfal<< Railroad, ."J clati cars. No. j9 Louillandt >tiect. N'-w York, Sill April, 1^*5. a'J Im'ee \Kr. ? VJ ? V gal ir Opposi'inu Line - ^'fcjlbicym Phil iU' '.phi> i u.l Bslttmoie, from ihe iJtiiii .Jit,, lower tide of Chesiut ?t>*ei Whatf, every Woniu g. Nu-idays excepted, at T ?'.Wock, throngh in 9 hours, viz : Cnesa eaknand Drlaw<re Cm- 11, aid couuect with all the line* south <u.d west from tialtimoe. Oil I lie Drhtrtn. Od CK-sipeake Bay, StPiaier < OHTS vlOIJTH, Itean ir TtlOa. J- FFER Capt. J.Devoe. fcON.Capt. Phi'lips. And tli oujh ill ? Canal, a diitanca o<"13 mil.? only, are first rate |i rkt'C bo is In tut th' accommodation by this line, both for sreed and comfort, equal to any other liue between tLe two cil -s. Philadelphia, April 17, lSl'i MORRIS BUCKMAN, Agent, al7 lm*ia l Mice No. 30 8out.Ii Whatvrs. mia MORNING LINE, AT 7 O'CLOCK, F'*K ALBANY, TROY, and immediate loading*. 'J. lie <o?-j r<-i.ui.-?ieiml>nat TROY, Captain A Gorham, will leiv* ISew Yoik lrom the pie? at th? foot of Barclay atr.-et at 7 o'cock, A. M., every Tuesday, Thnnday and Saturday. llatn.nitK, wi'l leave Troy at in o'cloct. A.M. and Albany kt seven o'elocK, A. .*!.,every Monday, W'eduei dav, and Kiiday. The low pie sure steamboat ALBANY, leaves New York &t 7 o'cl tk, A. M. Monday. Wednesday an.! Fritfav; at Troy at 6 o'clock, A M. A'liauy at 7 o'clock, A M. l'ufsday, Thn.s-'ay uirt Saturday F r l*a ?*?>?? or Freight, apply on board the boats, or to F. D. Hall, t the > lfic.' cm the ?l?rf. n!2 iNEVV iOllK, A 1,11 AiN ? AND I ROV LINE, At 7 o'clock, jP. M mM FOR ALB V.N Y AND TROY DIRECT, ? from the rier, fool of 'Jonrtl. i dt itrrct.?Tlie - I, -*'??"? Bui: EMPIRE, Captain K. B Macy, will letv* ilie loot of Courtlandt stren, every Monday, Wed nesday and h riday evenings, at 7 o'elock. ('?tas.-u 'e s by ihe above boat will arrive at Albany and Troy in ifni'le ti re to take the can going east or west. Freigl t taken it low rates. tor I'a..ige or Freight, apply on board the boat or to C. 'h? office oil me wharf. ?pl6tfrc PEOPLE'S LINE8TEAMBOAT8~FOR ALB AN V?Daily, Hnndaysexcepted.throngh Tff ? i** -i;?? at 7 o'clock. P. M?From the 1'icr be tween Oouitluudt and Liberty ?treets. _ _ The hteamboat ftN ICKfcKBOCKER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday aud Friday evsningi, at 7 o'clock. The Jveainboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. O. Crnttenden. will le ive on 'Aaeeday, Thursday and Saturday evening! at I o'clock. A: j o'rloek. P. M.?Landing at intermediate place* from the loot of Ba clay strvet. *1 he r-unntwat COLUMBIA.Captain Wni. H. Peek, will lea*? on Monday, Wednesday, Fride.y, and Sunday aftexiiouiis, at 5 o'clock. The *?-** ibott SOUT'J AMERICA,>tain M. H. Tines in II, will leave on 1'nea lty, Thunday and Saturday ofWruooiif, at i o'clock. ra<i?n ?;"? taking th- aliove ltii ? will errive m \ibnnj in am;le life to lake lbs noffins tfun of Cir? for the En ir V-'mt. Freight token at mo<l*rata rsfee. All |?"!On? ar* fort id tiTMin* any of the NwMof thia line, wifn wl a wutvee ordir from the CaplKiav or Af??r*. , ot "*?are or freight, apply oa bvtiu thr tni, rrto P. C. Behalf, s' the uffue on tho Yvberf. ?21rc NEWARK AND NEW YOHIV. Frire ?nly 1K| Centa. The favorit* xte-inLioat PASSAIC, Capto'B ? John Ualv, will comititnce h*r trips for the .season on XhnrBday. April St, lIM/v md run as toiio'ts. ilanv, fsmidav" melnded, anttl further ujt're. vjii I.EAV^NeWaKK, I LEAVE NEW VoRK. l>ootof Csatn itr?t. Foot of Baiclay street. 7XA M, I * P.M. Tl ? Passaic hai been lenrheuedSSfett, and is tow two hun drrd rnd twenty le t l ?rg. She I'an a n-w boiler, and * new, eomm dious and elegsntlv faraiihed >l?ck a,loon, Ml irat in length, ..i d is in comple'e order i>r nrccmmodntiona for Citu! t rod ia?seuger? have 'een very much improved. Fi'ight r irnei) at rtdncrd raus^ ?|2C lm*m FOR NEW OR'iF.ANS ? Louisiana and New .York Line?Positively Fust Reiijlif Packet, to .nil in?t ?The elegant ftut inimg packet barqif (tli' >AlkE, Cnpt. Barstaw, will poiii.vely sail asabtve, her w?-i iir <i?y. .... , . ^ . Fo- freight or portage, having h.inds^me fnraiched accom ?Mdatious, apply on boatd. at Orhans wharf, loot of Wall atreei, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 36 Sonth su Ageuts in New Orleans Mess's. HULL1N ii WOODKCFF, who will pramplly forward all poods to th"ir address aSJrc ~KOR LIVERPOOL?To soil in - f tr dsys'-llie tsaperi I, ml sailing, eoprtred ^nd e ioper fastened -New Yatk Imiii ship SOUTHERNER, '!'? D. I'al tiK i, ni ter, wilt sail as alisvi-. Tor ft igl>t ol'iolt bale* cot.on or Ihe balk th-reof, or passage, liavii .rKffll ill to ;!ic Captain on bo^rd at vveit side Bulling >n>, or to ai9<e WWUHUI'L It VINTTTRNP, *7 Konth st 'TP LIVERPOOL LINK or l'A(rk^TS.?ileg?Iar ;?* Pick'l ^l tie- 6I'"> ol May?''1 h. nexr si,|e .<1id an.! mPi*n' ?' - o>t Pack-1Ship FENK7 CLAY, t.ugeue Nye, !\i7?t<-. Wu.tnea IKK1 tins, will positively sail ae above, ber rc7P%r diy- . . , ilaviag sapsri.r aetanniocitiou tor mid. eeeoim cabiu, ?"d st?erege iiaskergers, persons about euifc? kiug by this sn )vii*rand spleadml'ajk*', should iiiaL,'esrly applieatiiia on W.d, lootof Maiden Lane, or lo the nubterilirr JOAEPH McMURRAV, 1(10 etreei, eorr" of Month. The favorite and w?ll known paekn 8Uip Tatriek Henry, J. C. Delano, master, will lucteed the Henry Clay, and tail oa th* ?th of Jims, htr rtgular 4ay. allM PROPOSALS FOR WROUGHT IRON BUOYS. CUSTOM HOU8K, New Yorfr,> . Collector's Offic*. April II. IMi. J pHOPOS VI.S will be received at this office until 12 o'clock * nn [lie 1>C May wit, for delivering ai any pori iu the United States^ where they may be required, Ten Wrought lrou l!uo)s, with I'h ains and Sinkers complete, with the privilege of taking u in my more fioin time (o tune, as may be wanted, of llie I'ol lowing dimensions aad description, viz'? '1 h? l!uo>? to t>e made of plate ,iron 3-16 of an inch thick,to 3e 7ft Ciu. long, acd ift diameter. The lower part of the buoy will be a cone, five feet diameter at the base, and five feet liigh, the aiiex formed of i JiH iron, with an eye, to which the moot ing chain will be (hackled The upper nurt of the buoy will he a hrmikpheMof five feet diamrte:, which will be rivi'^d to the base of the cone, tliesidei a fair curve; a man hole must be forced iu the lop of the nuoy, xud a strong iros ticket will also b* fined to tlie'fp, iu whicn will be insert'ds* tl-K or vane staff, eight feet loug; the srall' will have a copper vane 10 by 20 inches. moving ou *a cooper spindle. '1 tie Buoy wheu complete will weigh abou'. I0C0 i> uuJa Each liu iy awill alio be provided w ith a cast iroi anchor, a s?<uieot of a apere. hi itfhii'g !20'J rounds, and li.iriv feet of chfin, with sn.uble swivel etc! shackle- Tl>f liuoy and ch.u j to hate two coats of mineral t r, t'.e first eo\t to be burnt in 1 he whole to be c"iiil>irt<? ana r ady for p!a. i. s in thrir prn|~ r litua iom. and to he<!e!ive-*d at pll'61 to bed->'wnattU iy t'a 5th Auditor of tlie Treasury, on or b.?fo!c iiie 16th day of July next. , . The rrf,P"?til miut he for each hnoy po.oplrte, consisting ? f bui.y, anchor, <li kin swivel, rh.i'klr, il-'S St IT *iui van '. .All the materials t i b-*i>f the be?; /uality, ?uJ 'H? wotk to te done in a wot!,in mli' e manner, sub.ect to i ? e in?|?Ctiou of a feiaou to he app^ime l by it * i'h auiiicit ?<< the i r - miiry. A drawi; _ ?l't?,e buoy vtill be rxhis.tad at li'i? elBceto any peraen Jeiirous of ae-intr it. a23 itic C. 1\ VAN NEH8. GENIN'S WELL KNOWN f.'AT AND i,AP E8TA3DISIIM2NT, 5414 llroadw"y, oj p uito St I'aul'i. rPHI''. SUliS1' HIBb'.R, dtsioas ot maintaining ? vent A Ution fur the stiperio-?,??slit* and s?yl? of l?ii 1! than for the cate^tiuoai ..ud coitiy ma^uifi^tuee of his ?t'<n, luia diligently coi.tiue.1 his ac entioa to i.eproTinc <h? nn4? ir! qualities of the article in which he deals, consul.-; icg inch a comae much more conducive to the luiereata of hia p arous, ihau labored attempts to tfazzle their eyes w..h e?p?nsive orna nieuta to the store he occupies. 13 y iiu:c metes be is enabled lo otl'ei the following armies, viz.? First Huilily of Neuiaa H?u $i .'.0 Second " " " .. 3 '.0 First " Molfa''.iu " IM Second " " " * 01 Third " " " 3 00 The lubacribar recommenda with ,'rcn'i rooufidei ce a rery superior qnality of bilk Har mauulacturi d hv him ror cit v cus tom, with mii.ute attan'icn in at) le and duiab'lity, k4u. Iii.k iu textureaud beauty t.'.e tiuest Parisian 'I <'s. JOHN N. OEN1N, 214 Br'&dw.iv. N. B.?Just received per ship Utica, a lot of K'ecch Hats, tr? so-ted sizes, to which the alteutiiiii of J'cuhionable ia aolieited. Oeutlemen's Yonili'a, Infant'a, United States Nary and Army Caps comtantly on hoi.d aud made to order. of'.'i lin*i'3 HOME'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, Wi'lli METALLIC SLIUjilS, long IrnoTn aa the moat dj -nhle, cjnveiiiert e.nd elegant of Extension Tihles manu factund: ? "rn I lo run caay coustiully, aud not 10 be r.ffto-d by a *mpnesn or warpiuf of thew^od. A lar^e assort ment of choice pattern*, suited for private parlora, hotek.sieam boau, kc., tfri-.ther with a general assortment of Cabinet f>'ur ui'ure, rJwaya on hand, at uut Wareiooms, NoUO G.and atreet. corner of Kim, where th>^ public is rejpoctully invited to call aud examine. u2i lm?ec MHS ^1\DUEN lespectfully informs the laditi of New York and iu vicinity, that her French Millinery and Dress Making establishment, 108 <Janal street, is now open Sprinc und summer Fashions, consisting of silk, crease, ribbon, lancy Neapolitan, s'raw, braid and vimp Bonuets, of the newest Pan siau and Lord n styles, just received per last steamer. C- uttry Milliners and Dreaa Maker* supplied with the new est Pntterns at the shortest notice. Ureases and Kobe* of the fashion nude lo older at the shortest notice. Southern end Western orders promptly attended to. IC7- All descriptions of Bonueta cleaned and altered in the newest ityle. a24 Im'm GENTLEMEN'S SPRING FASHIONS 'T'HE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE RECEIVED BY LATE arrivals, from the r agents in Paris aid Lindon, their assort mj.t of rich Cravats, (Jloves. Scarfs, Suspenders, Silk Under U iriieuts. Nc &C. Th 'ir aasortmei t of the above articles have been relen'd with much care and attention, rfiid comprise not ouly the richest, but the most extensive assortment to be foend in this city. The Suhfcrb-rs devo'e cea. atieotiou to tlie mauufacturiiig of Gentli men's Linen and Muslin Shirli. The erticle manufaciu.ed by ihem are cut aft-r ti e most ai proved French method, to suit the form of the wearer?wr 11 aud faith fully made?aud may be depended ou, not only for the beauty of th.'ir finish, but for their durability. l"he senior pvrtnerotthe firm having bfeu for the last seventeen years encaged in the same line of business, his knowledge, not only in the science of cutting, but ia the quality of the uateiiala used in our manufac tory, gives ua a decided advautage, and guaru,c??a toourpa troaa a fastiiouable aud well fmiih.n garment.- oinnier giimei ts, of all deacnptious? Hotiery, Uiesiing Kobes Pocket-ke/chiefa, Night Caps, Linen Co'lara, and Dress Fronts, Stocks. Stor.k Ties, Cravat Stifienara, Parses, Mouey and Rid i,.g Belts, tic 4tc , will be found worthy the a.tenti jn of all who will favor with a visit the old esiabusnmcu' of IV RSKLl.S & AGATE N- B.?P. It A. continue the mannfactare of iheir celebrated Elastic, Shoulder, Brace nil Hiding B its. ap21 lm? dh 2>7 Broadway, corner of Park Place. CELEBRATED CuMPOSU ION FOR THE HUMAN HAIR THE exalted repu'ition acquired by GR^NDJEAN'S HAIR COMPOSITION having cbtaia-d for almost rxtlusive preference in Frurce, Grest Britain and ? ther perls of the continent, th?- United StMea and the Spanish would ba altogether unnecessary for the e.uthor of thii great tis covery to puhlish a lung and extravagant advrrtiiej.pnt iu rrla liontoit. He will, thereloie, only respectfully remind the public at Urge, that tlie principal Vitfice for its s-.le, vhc lesale a id r'tsit, is No. 1 Bvclay street, New Vork, where Mr. Urandjein gives advice Orevery disease of the human hair. a21 lw*rn LONDON PACKKT-Packet of the 10tU May? Tl? ?pVnilid a>i<l Tut aailiuy picket ?Hip WIN jTHUMfll-.H.LAND, ( arum Uii.-ivvold, will poai tiveli aul k> ubovr, h r Mwi day. Ptrjoca about to embark for tbe old country aho'ild no*, fail to make early application to W. It. J. T. TAP8COT C. niOm 76 3onth ttieet. cor. Maid?n lace. W A N TiT D?Oood and toitaMe viaaeli to lr< isht Coal fioni Philadclphii and Bristol 'o Buton, Pnvi _ (truce, 8 ico, Norwich, Aller'u Point, t'resuport, iiH.i or t. Ne?' Hav?n, Mlddletrn, Albmv, Trov and other i? rti. The higlnat price will be piid and con?f<n!'UiploTHient guru. Apply to KKfcDfciU1 K l' k CO , G Wall timet, or E. SAKKOHD ?c CO., *l>25 lm*rc F1 Doc t ttreet, Pliiiat'eiph-.a. OLD KSTABLlSHbD EM1UHANT OFKICF., 6! Sonth tlr?et, No w Voi'i. P*r*oui tending for tVir ?friend* leiion.;: lu.Ur-at Britain o. lreaiid, can make arr*.g>mefti for patrage with tne tubicribr, on very moderate 1.-1114, by liist <:Ia?s pMMt aliipt anliug wncklv from Liverpool. iLu<1 1-rafia ou at u?ual, ? e luruuhed fir .my ajionut, payable Uiioughout the UuiUrd KagJura. Apply t-i J <h,\| HKhUX.iN, CI South it-ect. N. B.?The itearoer C?l. doiii t .'alia from Uj?i.u on the l?t May, by which vm?l thote ttuJicg for their f.imdi tluocgi. the vibtcr.brr, cau have tbei. Uttet Milt ftio of postage. aSGm 4*^ .\ t. w bIMi cK i" *l'Kr. i.-> 1'UK Lit Ml aJNRSfVPOOL?^WVeti-f l.lie S-h li *.j>ril?'!><? tpUuuid end packer ilup :JlL,L)'J.i3,!",i'1 to.ia tsr'.hea, Capt. Cobb, will ( Ou Saturday, April liuui, her tegular dav. 'A'1-? tliipa of ih:? line l>ei>* ?'l 'O-JOKmaan np^ardi, |?hm ahont t? < ir h rlt I. r the old c.mmry, will not tail to ??e 'Se ?d vantages I" be deit a l"' om Hkctln| tbia Lite ij i iel'?n a - to imy i fiet Rii'ui me ic p ciiy ic.i (era tl-em tTerr w y in -r? comfnnub'e a-d come irnt tinr t'lipt o> a nmall ?..'?it. thfir accomir .d in.a. f or u'un, te -end ce.h'o and i,?erage - teugen, it ii Aril k?o*u, ate aej .rt&i ui ihoa* -I' uiy oU..r line of packet*. I'erioua wishing to lerure lierlUa (hmil 1 not fril to nuke early application ou boarj, loo', ol' vVall ativef, ur io W I. V. l Al'SCOTT. At tb-'ir (ieueral P^ta.^- OJlue, a36m 71 Hoi'h str?^t. < orbe"- of "vi ?!leu laiir. K'jll L'VKUiOOL?To tail i.iafewda>??Iih ?up>ri?r, fa?t smIh'K, co prre.i aud copper timrurii ,New York hoi!: ?h.? HOlIi'MiLllNtil., T. O. Pil mrr, uianter, will a til aa above Kor freiaht of 4'fl balei of cor.toa, balk thereof, or pMtage, ap ly to lha Captain ou Oo.iiu, or to WOODMULL k MlNTUIliNS, a24rc 8rnlli ?tr?er. (42^ BLACK UALI., OK UL.U l.l.NK, Ol- L,lVI-;?t tfWVPOOL PAC K LTh.?* OH LI V tttPOOL.?Ouly juyifatWular Packet of the lit of May. Thr iplendid and well known very f"., aailinf par.ket ahip COLUMBUS, Oeorte R?Cole, c^iu-nar Jrr, will tail |>o>iii?e ly on Thuraday, the lat of May . Having umu'paaaed acci,uimo<1iitiona fiirPnWti, id ' nbiu, and Mteeraite Paiseiifcrra. tluxe r*?nrti * to lUe rid conn' y, . r ?end ng f,ir llwirfrienda, will liiid ii to ilKir iblrreal uil llor tort to aelect thia on. q ?ullid liueof i ickeil. Kor teruu of paasrjie. aud to . cure il-.- beat bertlia, early tpl licatiou ahould be ninile on boa;d, l?-ji of Beekmaa it, or io '.he aubicribcra, KOCI1K, UKOTHM'S U ( ?<)., j.'? Kultou itreet, next door to 'Kk K niton H.-n ., ."Vuw Vnrk. aZIrc ; I.ONIKIN LIN. >. K !? : K ??; TB-The ftvoriti and l ut aaihnu pa^Vet >)uti!llT. J('tttfiiu iMjetf, will poiit.vtly iwu! on the lat of May, her regular day. Il.tvioK *-'pe?i?>r 1-ecmmcdntioni for abin, aecr.d onhin ?lid iu?iaa^ kMuiarnKiri, wrtom abont to embark, thould in ike early application on Voard. foot of Maulaa Lane, or to th? inb?crihe?, JOSKPH McMl'HH VV, 190 I'ina aoeet, comer ofSonth. I' 8.?The above will he nuccrwled by tha aplundirt packet ?hip Neithuiaberland, K 11. Oriawold, maa-er, aud wul poal ti?e'y tail ou the 10th of May. her raimar day. a'Jre >S~ KOH LIVfcHPOOU?The New Lm?~H??olar fV r^clifi Jl?r Vlay?The aaiK-ri'ir liat ?-ilina packet (tih!!. QijI-?-.N OF l f'K. Wf'.ST, PSO ton?* iinhvn, Tlnlip W ooilhonie, will tail ai above, h<"r regular day. Kor freiKhtor pauute, navlin-, sp'er-lid, larce aid "o-nf'-rtabla a'ate room< and cabin, apply to the Captain onboard, aat tide BurLnj jlip^o^to^^ MINTURN9, n Booth atreet. Trice of Pa>*H*e. HOO. ?J he paeket iliip Rotheater, Bid tona, Captain John Britton, will ?o"-,,ed ?l-e l^n en of tlie We?t, and aail oa her r>vular day, the JIM of Jade. a24 ec Xff- K<?H BAL'/K, Hondnraa, lo aail with deipalrh barbae JOrlM H. OAKDNKK, Jainea I edrraeo only, bavirg ?nperior a?commrd.ttion?, apply to the Capiain on board, Pier 11 ICaat H vrr, or lo K. ALfcXANDKH, ?J0 Iw'rh 28 B. n'h atieet. ?? PACKKTS KOH 11AVHK?Second hip UT f May. ?hi^LTlCA, K. Hewitt, Master, will aail ou the l?t p,oai i.o BOYD It HINCKEN, Agent*, No #. Toniine Uuildingi. PACKKT KOk MAR8K.ILLKS-Of the lit of ?May?The packet barque MISSUUHI. Capt Sylve? l'er, will be deapatched lor the above poilou tne lal rot Iteigiit or [Muaace, applr io lJOVDli HiNcKKN, Agenta, .... 9 I online liiiildinca, orto CHAMBKHLAIN k Plf-'.Ll'S, a!9taMlec 103 Kront attret. h i - H OL^UO W?- I bf line laat aailing cii'i-errd r,lfirtj'ir AI.V AMA.I. ??. IUu|e-.t, matter, jid t.,i.a ,l.nrtlien. will mi in a few d.iya, havm4 moat - I h r rj ga^'d. For Irfignt, of bnlW cf 260 Kiir? cotton, 4pi*ly to luster on board, Wftt ?id?? of klvrluiB Slip, or M WOODliULL k MINTUBNB. ?34 ?" *7 Houil. tt WANTKD?A Hhip to load for a Soatheru l or' Apply to K K. COLLINS k CO., S9 SouSi ?? i allee H*.MP?sw.ualet tuperior Dew Kot. lor tale by 'K * coi.i.iivi. fc rn ^ot^fatmea^ny garCeut, fot tala. t-nqa^iBjy tt SMOKEY CHIMNEYS GOODWIN'S ROMAN CEMENT CHIMNEY POTS Atl ths Bkit r?CTi>rir:vu for Smokcy Chimpi vvs Slat* Hoof. repaired ir.u warranted ti<ht. Gothic andJOrna menUl Chimney Po'.s from DrawitiK*. inc. tflUiman Ceniea:, IVe?ii, in luu to iit t purchasers. If /- U VVcitBroadway ? nnar Chambers ctreet. atg 2tawim*rc N KAl'C) LITAN HON NETS. #THE UN0E1U!1G.\EU, 1'atentees and Manufactnr of the Neapolitan Bcunelt, retjieulfully inform ? lie trad- that th-v are now ready to supply the above article of the lutejt style and of superior quality, in quantit es to sail purchasers. '1 nev wimr.t that they can alter and clean the Bonnet to ap pear egn:il to new F?vera aie eiutioned actinic an inferior article of the kind in t'..- market. ( The c-'ui ine article, lor which we received the t>l?ei iui"lal at lair Di tt* American Institute, has our ticket upon it ) Applrto VYbE Si SO \ j. 173 Pearl street, or m the in^iiif?cioryof PATT180N, NOE h CO., fi* ? taw Jin* ri: So. 25 Deliucy street. SAJKr\CK.VS HEAD J? No 12 !>eyuieet (adjoining the Fr.inklin Hotel.) 08EPH S.VI ill, U r\ Worcester, Engird, bent leave t>'"st repeal I'y ti infonn hia fnemls Hud the public, that he li.u leaded .he nb ivf MtdMighnrunt, at.d fitted it nti in a ?t\L:are'"id to rore. II- liu a'to ukvu care to provide the creature comforts lor ihe in" .id wan. At II o'clock there >...1 uhvavt lie a sandwich ready, and at ?-ay tiii.e(!unu s the inv the fr'lowir.j a'ticUa ? ill be prepared anil served up iu a ?tj le suitable tu the p .Ute of the inoat fasti dious e pic. ire:? iioef Steaks?MnVoa Chops?Veal Cotlere?Broiled Ham and Eggs? "riiiled Bacon? Welsh Rarebits?Poached Eggs? Sardine*?Id Cuts?Crvaia ( l ieie. J. S. will stall limes kepp on hand the choicest Winea and 8piriU, lelecud withthdt t^ste peculiar to on old end experienc ed wine-bibber; bottled Porter, Cider, and a rparkl;i,? plans of Ale, accompanied with a pure Havana, allot which will be terved on inch terms and price* as will ?<|turt with the timet. mh'J 4w cow*ee jrRENCli ARTIFICIAL KLOWEtvO LOW1TZ & BECKER, No. 34 John Street. TJ AVE Received by the last Havre packets, Utici and Arro, i 1 an eleif ?:t "riortnunt of the latest and n:o.l :'.uhi?uible ttyles ol trench ArtiUcial Flowers, which ti;ey o"-* lor *a I li uic.delate prices. mhX lm?m STRAW OOODS, <fcc. FLORENCE, BRITISH STRAW, AND LACE BRAIDS AND BONNETS. of t!ie abovi of the best fabrics and of th? uevest led taost ia.hiouable de?cr>pt'ons are conitvn.l. i nporuBf, i* d oftminc for sale on ihe mot: detiraM* terms, by THOMAS REYNOLDS, ALL taoi inhtt lm"m 16; IV rt itreet ARCHITECTURE. lAttETl. St:H>* 1) be~s leave to inform hit fri-nd* and the J- public, that he luu removed bit office l>?iu 191 Broadway to 18 Wailslreti, .viicf- u.a i! .iroui o!" bnildinif are intiudto examine a telccunn oi oripiua' in* t isv lul (lea.nut, from ihe Cottage upw-T>'t to the ctt. u?ae Vina or Miumou, ir. all the various stylet of architect'!'*; anil where he it prepared lo iur uish Maiik, Urawiagt, lipeciflc tiont, Etlimaws and Coutracu for Buildings of every dcsc;ii.liua.and superintends the erection hereof m23 lm*ec BRONZE POWDERS '"PHK very bei: .-.ud chi^pes: Br^.ze, in all shades and qa&li A ties, are con'taucy !mport"d direct from Germany, and of fered for sale by Lb iPOLU KUH <k Co., mhai lm?rc i'X Wall street. New York. AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF BRONZE POWDERS. subscriber has been rppoiQted Wholesale Anent for a lions.- in Europe, vrho poste. 3 the uiott exrraordiuary facili ties for the a*ae.r.fut 're of Bronze Powdert, by which they are enabled to ctf<r the tnott beintiful and splei.did Bronzes n SO T'HE I hot per ci-nt hiwe- than former prices, and to defy all competition lu this ar?ici.*. Their Bronzes have been used ny the larKett l onsameu in this country for upwards of two years, who con cur in rtcomi ieuding U?m as tupericr to auv oui mailt nc tliem as tuperi The subscriber has er for btillian ie arrangements te hive a lariie :usortnwut e.N. iryt oa hand, and is prepared to sap ply importers and dealer* with the article, in any qnaniitT, at the mtuiuinttnrer't pricej, thus savins them the trouble and ex pense of importation. J. B. *ICKETT, Wholesale A?-ent, liii*ec [hie Kozclt k Co.] 61 Wairrtirctt. IjADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOTYPE INSTITUTE, MKS H. SHANKLANI), DAOUKKBIAN AUTIST. DAOUEl!RrOTYPE POUTKAITS, including the best stjle ot Morocco C??e or Frame, for ON K UuLLAIl. Apply at the Lafayette Bizuar, 149 Broadway, or ?35 BROADWAY, THIRD STORY, FRONT ROOM, No. 1?oi>pc?ite the Park Founuia. mhlT lm*m LAFAYKTTjS UAZA.AR, 1411 and I5t Bruwlwuj, r.?rncr of Liberty at. rpHIS ESTABLISHMENT, founded the 1st of December. -L )8li, as a im'olie ?lore for the sale of every description of Staple au<1 Kaucy Goods, will !*? en'-nrged the Ut of Mty urn. The luiv.criber haviug renU-J the uppor pa/t of ih* bnil<iiov, Broadway, will put in comni'te repair and lit t*J? in & man::* ficent minner, two larg? galleries, where the trader*, mui.iac turv-rs nud importers, will b'^abl- to obtain at a cheap rent. * fine and couveuu-at s'pre; and the latu?* and geurlem"u a splendid plane ol'ftort and a pnblii- and fashionable promenade. J\1 itS. II. 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Plates, Cases, Clif^icols, lie., always nn hand, and instruc tions given in the Art on moderate terms. , aU Irrec pTJf^YDjTD AUUK It HI AN GALLERY AN1) PHOTO l GRAPHIC Dr I'OT, 2M Broidway, comer ofMnrravst (over Ttnney'i Jewelry 8r?re,) iw.ird. d th? MeOdl, four first . rtiui.tins, and two ?' ''. honors,'' at the Exhibition at Bos ton, New York and I'h hrt-lpiii i, respectively, lor the best pic lur-s aad aip,iruu? ever Kxliioitc-1. Superb liVeatsses, o> nil sixes, t?Jien in any weather, on satia f'Ctorv :.rn>s, m27 l?n?rc VO.OTLaENDER'S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. \ KR WOEM?1.* T.H recently made wi'h their brother-in it- '.I*, Mr. Voigtloender, Vienna, entitle the subscribers to .ell Appa**tM .u r uced prices, vi7.:? Larpett * re Apparatus with Uiree inch lenses for fall nze |ddP v $lo. Medimn * i: Apparatus, with two inch lenses for hali site . Utei, at 178. 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Tiiicc " M be asked, frotn e hlrh no %?\Tt'Wi ^i mu ik Mini; sid n o.dfi t" insorr f.iinft bad lebt?, by which some would be obliged to i>ny moi? to .n*^ ni< f?r tSe noti-i'vmort of othin, C*?n ot< DtLtvFPr will in si' ca?ea be requiiiM. Ai-o on bind, ? srteet astortment of Re.uly Mai'e Clnhini. Offira Coat*, P ints, Ve*'?, Press and Frotk CcaO, t"t., tu>., at radncif' pr>r??. O-utletfer. famishing their own r'?ods, cm have them and iriirm^d in tliu bt^r po?e>Mt: manner, (a cod fit wa:rant?d in all earn-*, rrr ihe pries "I U<* (rpida retum-d.J at the follow ipf? pnees:?Pants a?n Vests fl,7# to 12; Ureas ( O'ts ST to $10: rrrck Costs M to$13; other rsrmenta in proportion. rnhu lm*ec THE CASH TAIJdOiUNO ESTABLISHMENT t ?F VVm. ItlRtthleancn, ami N. B Man ford, \%1 FULTON STREET, TS THE PLACE for all those who wish to supply their ward * robe with good fittinc iiaraianti at reasonable prices. The svbsenbees can assort their frieuds aud the public tnat they will let no cue surpass tSem in th? tailoring bnsiness, as r'uards the newest style, Hie itejitneas Of their lit* r.nd lown?,s of prices, having ou h.<ud a well select-d assortment of Cloths, Cassi mer-s and Vesiings of every ilrairabk style. Also, gentl-mens' ?uNitt'nK, compiisiua every article that is usually worn. We have the confidence tluit we can ideaae the most fiisti dions. Oreat pleRMr* wjl be taken to show our styl.'S of fuhien and Koods to all those who will favor us with their patronage. Re collect the place, 1*7 fulton street. ... , . WM. MATTHIK8SEN, mhil lm*rre M B. SANKOBD. Sw'il-ni'l?*?11! CLOTHiNW AND Kl.'BNl PUKE ' WAN 1 ED?And highest pri?* given lor all kinds of eaatofl I lotmug and good stcond Kutnitnre. Peraons wishinc to dispose of the same, will do well io call on the snb senbar, or addnrss a line throogh the Post Office, which will be pnnctoally attei.ded to. II. I.KVY, ?. M ,, . , . 49^ Chatham street, N. Y. N. S.?1 oust oitly on huid, a seasonable assortment of gru tl *mi nV 'lotliikic, chfap for <vsh. ni!9 lin're GENTLEMEN'S I .EFT OFP~WARl5R\ )De7" The HIGHEST PRir;.8e?n obuin-d by Usntlemci. or vamiliei whe are c -suoas of eoavertUj th*ir left off ffraring apparel into cas1'. r'aitiflies or C.tntlem*a anittaig toe eityor cbanginc re?i tlence, basing any laperfloorwfieeU to di-i ?s^ of, willTiJ it ainch to 'heir advantage to lend for the Sihicribrr, wto will ittaad r.t their residence by appointmeat. jTlV.vinstyn, 4M Un.adway, t p itslr*. A line throagh the fM Oflw, M otherwise, wil.ncairt MMMtMMdmi. mtt im*N Disgraceful Squabble in the State Legislature. The Fierce Democracy in a Snarl. Assembly, April '23, 1845. Mr. Bailey called for the cou.uleratiou of themoiioa lo pri..t fifteen timtM the unual number of copies oi the report cf Mr Comstiek, against aConvntiou Mr. Bulky sai<l lie regretted tue' he felt culled upon, on tiie question of piiniing, to reply to some thiugii thut full from gentlemen yesterday on the pas? igo ot i::c couvrn lion bill, llii regretted il the more, net be:. u.e these re nuiiu were directed ot him, bui at others with wlicm ho wu prcuJ to be associated politically. 'the \xords ttei ?on, traiior, and loul coalition, wero -pplied on thut occa sion io u portion of tho democratic on tuat floor ?itnd that too by gen Hemlq that he siioul 1 think wouid bo the last to resort to KUeh language, undertlio c ileum stansi*. The gentleman from Oneida. who muae this ra mark (Mr. Comstocb) seemed modified to find thai ixpe diency end management had not availed him, and th it men would follow the dictates of their conscience in spite if the drill of psny. Mr. L H. B.ows did not understand the gentleman from Oneida as u?ing any such language. Mr. Bau.>v p?id the gentleman from Oneida was of ago, and could answer iur hiiuaelf Mr. Comstock said, if tho gentleman desired an answer he wou'd state that ho did not use that language. Mr. hAii.T y alluded totho gentleman's report. Mr. Comktolic?Do?? the gentleman say the word trea son Is used 1? tho report 7 Mr. Bailky?Abandonment of the democratic party werethe word* u<nd. Mr. Comstock aid say that. Mr. Bailky said ha gave tho spirit of the remark though perhaps a little too sensitive in his cans: ruction ol it. He told us he was not oppose I to a Convention, if one point had been yielded. Anl yet, sir, the wholo drift ot his report shows that he is a bitter enemy to a Convention. If it is democratic to ask lor amendments totho Constitution, and by means of a Convention?if they cannot b? secured otherwise?I ask who have prov ed themselves traitors to the principles of democracy 7 He made the remark that the gentleman from Liviugiton said that I was his blushing bride on this occasion. Sir, the gentleman fioin Oneida has so long acted as the bride of the gentleman from Livingston, that he has lost nil his modesty, and long since ceased to blush at all. He ha* picked (lie age ol blushing. 11a chnrgrs as a sin thut one thirl of the democrats on this floor refiu.-d to concede tho point asked lor, and to go with lam. Sir, has ho the consciences of these democrat' in Uis keeping I Should k mmilorego the ua'h which heha.ltakku at that d?nk to -ubruit to ihat t; ntlr m iu'.i dictation ? 11 he think* so, he :i mistaken. lie hi s ioi *uu? fouiui Uo?e wLu win not consent to fc'lo m Lu-.d.y tho dictate o. u-ae eipcdi ency. i?ir. W?ii."n_y?What did the gra' think about theconseienccs of lh?r* that he hob. to yesterday and a>Kbdtoi{0 lai Lis bill I Mr. Bail?-I asiem ;thcmto vote for it if their con sciences ni>proviid of it. ? ^ Mr. \/iut.iky ?Thare was flLing said then about conscience. Mr. Bail, v?5 h>r(> no man's conscicnce in my keep ing. But, Mr. ^ciker, who hi e those who accuse others of treason to thn democratic party 7 The very men, sir, who in the >--rIy part of this uo-sion defeated Samuel Young, e man beloved by the whole people. 1 am willing to place that act by the side of mine on the question of a t'cnventiou,and let the peoplu decide who ara the traitors. I knew a g. nti< man who at the br<<;imiag ol this sesi.ion was found railii'g d^siust cot porta oos. and particularly against one in tha Southern part of toe State Air. S. A. Brcww rose to a point of order and asked what was tho question betore the House ' Cries of " go on" were heord from oil parts ofthe Hou?? ' Mr. Comstock hoped the gentleman from Putnam would be allowed to proceed. Mr. Baility continual.?That gentleman denounced this bill a* anti-den- ccratic. Then, sir, he denounces every mr.n who voted for that bill, and also lh. ee who voted f^r the law of 1821, as anti democratic. I prefer to go to those who voted for the law of lfrll, for my demo cracy, rather tb ;n to those who sought to restrict the ac tion of the p?ople, und the resolution of the gentleman proposal that. I regretted also to hear him assault an in dividual, one who is beloved by the mosrea. Noon* could mistake his allusions, for he spoke of a gertlrtran living in !lerkim*r, who had once been a member of this House. Sir, the gentleman ia welcome to all he can make by his ovaults upon Michaal Hottman Mi. Nivki* said if the gentleman had got through with his eulogy, he would inform him that he never occe al luded to Michael Hctfman, nor to any one living in Heiki mer county. Mr. Baii.kt.?1 have loft speaking' of him, if thf gentle man [i!eesrs. Mr. Coshtock re^rrtt'd that any thing h<s said yester day should have disturbed his very wotthy friend fiom Puawtn Hirejrotted th*t that gcntl. man's feelings on this occasion were not mere in harmony with the lovt-li nets o( nature. There is one' other charge of treason, to which I plead puil'.y. He cays I dcie.'.ted Col. Young. I plea I irailty to the charge. I did do what I could to bring about tnat rcc?!t. 1 tak* bicU nothiuq of my actian oi, tliat occasion. And I believe the gentleman from Putnam, though be dona i>ot alway.t udhere to regular nominv tions, will admit that 1 then did nothing but whtt waa in s'rlr t accordance with party usages. Mr. Bailky.? I did not charge that you did. Mr. Comitock.?1 find by looking at the journal, the name of <h* gentleman from Pin:,em vo'ing for Nathaniel a. l??ntou, as the xurcoiKir oi 8<mu?l Young. Mr. B'ilky ?Dot* the gentleman refer to t ne Journal of the ca icus 7 Mr Comftoc*?No! but to the Jovrnnl of tho Ilrmse. Mr. J. You nu.?That other Journal ought to beprioted. Mr. Coii?Tora ? I then happened to be in the maj.irl'y, and tho gentbmnn from rutram B>-to.l as h? always s'i-ou*d. 11-i submitted to the will of the m. jority. I hope lhe?-e wis no treaaon in that. Mr. Vonaifo*?Then yon claim to be tho bluthUig brid i en that ccnaiou J (Lauqbt r) Mr. CoM?Toea ? I hav?. hoard ol v? hi'pi rs of treasrn bo fore tola, in relation to the doing* ot th?t csinui I Tiil a?l". the gentlemen irom Pu'nam, if he kne #s whe'.her it was not seriously agitated by no try MlMVt to t?ke up the very individual then de'e^Ud, and by ^oi. gin with the whig', elect htm to tha U bt. i'o I Mr. B*ilkv ? Not at that tlmo. ?ir. i^om tock.?1 aon'c urs w any tsing aDc'it the jen tl'.!man'? distinction as to time. Mr Bah r.r ?There were two c,.?cu-"*. P3 the pent' mnn ii probably aware, one of wuich we cijiau'd v il legal. ?.!r Co-iitock ?I believe thi* House if not thtpo.ed to go into the trial of the illegality of any caucus. Mr. I hope the inqniry will go on. I want very mu'h to learn what art* the usages ol the democratic par ty in caucuses? (Laughter.) Mr. S. A. Brow*?I hope not, but that thia kind of de bate %?ill r'o,! Mr. Comstoce?I hopi the House will excuse me for goi;,g in?o this question at all. I think the gentl?m*n trora Putnam was very unfortunate in aiming hit shaft* at me. He nay have meant to hit hit friend* from Horki mor, end Tioga, and Onondaga. But if he doe*, I hop* he-vill rot mm at meinio doing. If he did not mean to hit the.a, he i- a very dangerous sportsman, for he has Ared into a crowd, and has thereby endangered some ot bis liiends. 8.r, the remarks submitted by meyesterday, did cot apply with their toll force to the gentleman from Putnam He does not occupy a position in which he could he appealed to observe the usage* of party. He was elided to this House in opposition to the regular da rn -cratic candidate, and it would not be right to appeal to him to support party usages. He ha* the right to be er ratic in hia course. Mr. C concluded by saying that hi* report wta now on the flies ot the House, and he waa willing to stand by ita doctrines, and on them go to the people. Mr. Bctirs moved tho previous question, but it waa not sustained Mr. McCarthy regretted the necessity that compelled him to take the ilnor at this time. Nevf.r until yestrrd ly had there been a necessity for gentlemen to Jeliof their pontion a* partizans, lor the votjs which 'hey guv- ? The gentleman Irom Orarge (Mr. N v uj who ha* been most liberal this se*?inn in hK ciargrs ct loc-roll ng and libhy i"ilucccc, <n (utir cr five inatancts, after staitn;g o.i" u 1, oil a bill, h 11 fr?>r.e cut, ar 1 attt-r IoMij in rnencf" !-:vt b,en h.'^ugLi Ui bur on has rt.umittrd to thou, at d c m? LtvU. .0 tin* IK u;c ; n-1 voted tLf ether way. ,\.r- Vi* -t?Will th" -.nllcman rpciify the bill* on w h oh I tn>M ?hus ac.e<i? Vir arr lit ?1 ht> cerliererf bill 1* one Mr. Nivri? rM gentl- m:w Mate* what is false. Mr. Mrr?RTHV?The Heme w ill judge on that point. Mr I.. II P*o,c vr** vary h^ppy 10 say that hi* con sclen?,. w us net ticubiidin this uiatii-r. A* to our cau r*i'.e?, it wii im:o??iMc that mmi thing* that transpired theic should rot *e*ch whig earn, and possibly fall frem whig liju it. twenty four hour*. Hut these things were not r proper *i;b)-ot of remark bera. fie voted lor this convent.'on lull with reluctance, but with conrlctions ol duty Mr. Chase said that rpestion never cante np in cauaus at all. Mr. L. H. r.aowt* would not co inta tho e tieu* procecd Ing. Mr. McCabt'it?Who voted ajjainrt that amendment 1 Mr. L. II. Bitowi-1 did. Mr. T It. Lrk?I did. (And icverai other* aniwered the samo way ) Mr J. Youmi isouired if it would be proper to answer seriatim I (Laughter.) TkeSriciKER i aJVd tootder. Mr. L H. Urown?It is enough for me that I voted against it. But I will not continue my remark's, for I see that 1 havo succeeded in calling tin the gentlemxu from Livingston, and for fear that he will again tread ut en the bridge of Lodi, or swing upon the old farm gate, 1 will sit down. Mr. moved tho previous question, but the House refused to second it?ayes 43, noes 4ft. Mr Bi o<s said, for 0 mare pacser-by to meddle with a quarrel which did not belong te him, was like taking a Jog by the ears. Theie were cases, however where not ouiy dogs hu'. m?n were qtmirt lling, when it was right to intr tit re. and he could only hope he should not be bit. Thl* (said Mr. B ) might be viewed as a great moral qoer ttnn?wf to kow lar the conscientious view* ot a man can bi swa'liwed up by caucus dictation Sir, the evils of this aa?cui sys'em are gieat. They are pregnant with dang* is to pop'ildr rights in r republican counliy The ?yttrm Sip* the meral virtuu ol the ation. Af:er bavin i a. on its mighty ifT ct*. not on thnpla.n* of Thermopylae I.ut at H .Itimuie. I am row glad to see symptoms of hreal - ii>g awa.T from the diota'knol ceuco* It app> ar* from this delate, that thure are two bride* on tkii iloor, and trial the whigs can tnke their choice of the two. Oi.e day the one oilers heraelf with all her blandishment*, and the next day the other. But the whig* walk along erect in open day, and are only coq leMtag with both. They don't intend to mkiiry tilher. a. Mr. L. H. Browi? roae to a point o< order. The gentle man ?a> * th3 whirfs walk a'.oug erect. Now, that gentle- I mar. and the gentleman from Livingston don't walk at I ail, but ride tho hUfk poney. I .nr. Bum ?Well, it appears that whether we walk or ) ride our company la very much sought, in every direc tion ! (<iten luiighter.) Mr. Whitney.?W hat i* the question before the IIousa 7 Mr Bloss.?We have not decided which bride to take yet '/he gentleman from Suffolk ueed uot be uneasy, lie may have hi* chance as a candidate Mr. Whitukv.?I will inlorm the gentleman that I am not a candidate. Mr. Blocs was proceeding, when Mr. Whitnkv again called him to order for not speak ing to the question. ..... , , The SrEAa&a explained why he had allowed this de bate to proceed thus iar. He should now feel bound to re quire gentlemen to confine their remarks to the question before ihe House. ... , .. Mr. Bums ? I was cumins to that. 1 will say, in the language of the Poet, " No goose so gray, that swims the lake, But, soon or luto, will tind Som; honest gauJir for its mate ." Now, whatever may be said by one of theaa tribea of geese against the other, the gander will alter all do just ad he pleads. (Loud laughter, accompanied with ap plause.) Mr. Cha*k repelled the idea thiown out by Mr. Yorno, that the democratic parly settled matters ol legislation in caucus? an 1 ie:ortei that charge upon the whigs. He accepted, also, that gentleman'* challenge?says that at the proper time, he would find the democratic patty iii the ti-ilif, shoulder to shoulder, and, as heretofore, victorious. Mr. Fonda here moved the previous question, when Mr. J. Young withdrew his motion to reconsider. Mr. Nitih saying that he was mortified that the '? old man's daughter" had been cast into the street, after one short night's alliance. (Laughter.) The House then took u recess. Key West. [Correspondence of tho Herald.] Key West, April 6,1845. Court Martial?Fortifications, tfc. There is nothing new here, to relieve the mono tony of an island life, sive the presence of several military gentlemen from neighboring ports, on duty before u military cour'. The trial progresses slow ly, and when ihs opinion is made up, lutwli let you know. Tiie Engineer chirked with the surv-y ol the Reef, is h<-re, and uuiveiy epg.-tgtd ?n the duty assigned hint. It io net anticipating too much to say, that u baitery or fortieast-p, wi.l in a IVw year3 present their iron teeth from ihis Key, which ah.ill throw the comma' do! the Gull under its gui.a This is full of interebt, to us of the Key, and tire coumry in general. Appointments bv urn Governor, April 22.? New York?Ab-x. WatB"n, commissioner of dec da, vice George L Keele, re.igned. Henry D Loomis, inspector of domestic distilled spirits, vice Joseph Flynn, term ? xpired. Tbecdorns Von Tine, director iu the Phenix Bank in the city of New York, re-appointment.? John Targeeanl Wio. W'.inoik dirtctjrs in the Bank of America in the city ot New Yurk, reappointments.? Abraham Tarnure, JamesgB. Nicholson, Jonathan 0 Wi!?on and Charles Mills, haibor masters, ro-appoint mer.ts. Charles H>.ijry Smi.h, notary public, vice reiei A Van bt"!?ea, ieiui tx.urts aOh Au,ju?t nrvL John An? us Manning, notary p?t' ':c, vice Juiiu il'gjarnon, term expired a'Mh August near, CiPd declitits a re nppointm -"it. V.'alter it. Jones, notary put lie, vice Eugene Valentine, Jreiigned. Jo!:aa Christian ~oec? 'l, notiry public, vice Jokn E. Devertx, jr., term ex pires May 1st. Wm Corp, notary public, vice J Brice Smith, term expires August 16tb. Henry B Livings ton and Asa P Taylor, notaries public vice John B l'ur roy and John Howland, teims expired. William C R English, Garrit HStrykur, Jr., and James G McAdnm, notaries public vie? William P Powers, Mortimer Pot ter and Lucien Curtis, resigned. George W McLean, Wm H D'i'onberry, John W Goin, Charles J Ryberg, Thomas Postley, Daniel K Sickles end Moies L Beach, notaries public, vice Richard B Kimball, Charles 11 Forbes, Geo A Brown, Thomas N Cambell, Edward Da vis, Wm H Taggard and Kichard A Tooker, terms ex Simeon Baldwin, notary public, vice George W. Qu-iCkenbusli, resigned. Archibald Hiltcn, Joseph C Albertsori, James H Brady and James 8 Sauferd, notaries public, vice Thos G Greaslcy, Daniel Van Anderson,!' Harrison and Solomon Melvin, terms expired. Joseph Wallace t.nd William Poole, notaries public, vice Nelson J Waterbury and Wm McCoun, terms expired and de clined re-appointment Alexander H Robinson, com missioner r.i <ieeds, vice CK'crge C Baldwin, term expired. Edward Duffy, notary public, vice Knmuel Crockcrolt, term expires l-:h of August next Robert J Dillon, Wil liam O Brim, William Dloo.ritit Id. Morris Franklin. John H. Tent/, George 8 Still, Alexander Wells, Samuel C Cockc-oft, llkcSard B Conoley, Thomas W Smith, Pascal W Turnev, Sylvester Spencer, Wm T Horn, Hainan C Wr.-tprvelt, J imeaP Morarge, Walter Kdwards, Ktfing hnm H Y/jroer, Laioy Holmes, John H Lyell, William Van Hoo'', Charles J Cannon, Adam P Pent*, Edgar Lor??, IVvid J Chntfield, Augustus Scheli, Robert B HoyJ, Jol.n MeCrbil!, Jacob B Wood, Jos'ph S York, Edwir* H Setlev, Bayard Boyd, John T Irvine, Sim uel F ' owdrcy, franci" R Tillon, Harman T Tallman, Joseph C Lawrence, Kohraim B Chaffee, Pster T Mirce lis, Wilium Y Clark, George W Stevens. Richard J Pari s-n, Elijah A litker, Charles T Cromwell, Silas DeWitt, Wirinrn^in, Pierre M Irving, John C Nlebkur.John IToppor u"d John Bissell, notaries public, re-appoint mrnts. Edward rattc.son, Edmund J Porter, Henry Kichardson, John R Br?dy, .Michael Weyants, Henry H Byrne, Tho mas Harrison. Neil Gray, Joseph E Palmer, Elijah Ward, | James Prnndtt, Charles W sand ford, Jas B Grcenman, Kdward W Bishop, Franklin Brown, Frederick E West brock, Thomas S Henry, George B Sherwood, Philip MiUeaugh, Rensselaer Ten Broeck, Jonathan 1 Codding ton, jr, Samuel Oseood, Itichard S h mmett, Henry C Towuer, Allen M Snitfen, John R Flannegan, Cornelius R Di osway, Jonas B Phillips, Wm S McConn, Cornelius J De Witt,Tkeo:!ore B Myers, Peter Vau Antwerp.Jacob uirascv, fccmunn Mmenaori, jr, jonn m i- rencn, tnm f. Shi-a, Archibald O Montgomery, Wm C Wetmere, Henry P Wanmnker.Charles O Havens, William M Allen,Bray ton A Campbell, Andrew Warner, Henry ODe Forest, Florence V'cCurtliy, commissioners of deed*, re-appoint j m*nts. George G Sickles, Henry C Dorr, Thomas JI (?lover, Maurice Leyne, Kngeno Valentine, William J I Sinclair, Timothy A Howe and Hobeit W Andrew*, commissioners ol deed*, vice Daniel ? Sickle*, Loren. zn B Shephard, ??-o C Anthon, John T Doyl", lVt<r I'inckney, Addison M Romeyn, L> Dillon and Edgar Scheitl'elin, terms expired. William G Barks andDanUl r Piker, ccmmiRSionero of deed*, vice Alansen Nash ar.d Shethngton Sanxay, terms expired. John Hegemsn, com missioner of deed*, vice Tlion-as Ap Thomas deceased.? James L Phelps, Jr , Augustus L Cowdrey, Giitlith W Griffiths, Edmund Grt>ss,~John E Devolen and William H Oriswold, commissioners of deeds, vice Richmond M Harrington, David M Cowdrey, Willlsm I Roome, James Loxier. Cornelius Neagle and Duncan F Curry, term* expired. State.?Thome* H BubbarJ, T Romeyn Beck and Daniel Buel, Jr., managers of frtate Lunatic Asylum, re appointmentu. Milit*rt?Andrew Beers, brigade major, and inspector of 1st brigade and 90th division of infantry, vice John Kennard, resigned. Gabriel 8 Mead, brigade major and inspector ol 25th brigade and 6th division of infantry, vice Jetur Gardiner, resigned. The F.oxbury Fiee.?The ropewalk was entire ly consumed, with all its contents. The walk was seven hundred and twenty teet in length, and nil but ene hundred knU twenty feet was consumed. A block of Ave two story dwelling houses, inhabited by ten familie*, a Urge three-?torv dwelling, nearly new, covering three hundred feet i f Ism 1 and occupied by eighteen lamilie*, and a small huild.D? used tor storage, were alio entirely destroyed, n-i'h most ol the contacts and furniture All the above belong-d to Mr Wotb r, whose lo s isia'iana t. d a? rising upon which Le has ap insurance of $13,000 The iifd'*o '?m"!nr.' 1 three sn.i.11 wooden tene ment* belonging to Wi low l.rwit, ai.d coatainicg tei, or twelve limni'j. Th. so were insure ! for about f*Oo it thu ,\ircha..i<-?' Mutual eflce. *'??>, a shop and hour* b.longing tc the Boston .fnpau Leather Com pany. No lives weie lost A poor Irish womnn, Griffin, a widow ^'th live children Jcmped Irom the'hlrd story ol the large house, and was .tau^eransly lnluied. nltheugh no hi-ces were hrok u. Her recovery is doubt ful. The building* were mostly occupied by the work men of Mr. Web' er, who etnp ored about seventy bands, all of whom ire thrown cut ?,f employment by tne catas trophe, beside* having lost most ot the.'r effhetr,?Bc-f?n Cescrier, Jtprtt 26. Th* ChkiU'Fsk Country.?Th^ delegation ap pointed by the- National Council left Tahlequah for Washington on the 1st ic?t It consists (f lotn Ross, Jtieph Vsnr, David Vann, and ether*. Col Washington anJ Col. ^ misiea i. of the board of commisstoner* on the part ol 'tie Uii'fd St iten, brought their labors to a olos* and left T.hlrquslj foi Fort Gibson on the '<?'h o' The cialsns examined by II em amotiutrd to more th?n three millioL* of dollars, whi< h, t L <- "fhcrokee Advocate" hopes wi'l be speed! Ir settled for by the government A Isrge meeting was held at Tshlrqush on the !M;h el March,*at which It was resolved thai measures bo taken to obtain from the United States gcv. rnmr.ut a speedy abandonment of Fort Gibson end r-mcve.lot the Unite J Ma'rs troops from th? Charokec tenitor" Th* Unitbrhity Riot.?VV? underotand that subsequent to the proceedings which we stated yesterday, the students held aptivate meeting?those who were still at the college?and passed resolutions similar to those which had beiore been ilf>rcd to the Ft culty, to which the names ol all were signed A copy was Kent to the faculty, but no answer being rrceivxd, another copy was subsequently sent, to which reply w; s made reltuing to receive the resolutions as satUUctorv, or to agree to I nbear lurtlur proceedings, and calling for the n?mes ol thepeipetiatoia of tho late outrage. This ended all negociatiou, the students, with the except&n of a few, park<dup and left the place, and the military were then withdrawn. Thus stood the matter at the !*st accounts We wsre in error In saving that the Han. Wm C. Rive* addressed the faculty and stud-i ts It ws<s his brother H ? his, howttver, gone up to the University. ? Richmond Star, Jlprt' 24 Fipk at R a i hto i.. ? 1' h r Hurl ford Coumnt states that the . xtensive cloek fsctory of Ch uiacey Jerome, at Bristol, Conn , waa destrove<l bv Are on Wednesday cf ternoon. Ii.?uted at the ra ofttce. Kimatks of Mrh. Maolonk Foi'nd ?The body of N"ra. Maglonr was found ("ne of the vtctims'ol thoTi tsburg Are) in the oellarof Mr Arthur** store, ccr ??r o( SMond and Oraat streets, in that city. General SeMlona. Before the Recorder, tad Aldermen K an s and Mott. M. C. Paibmow, fcaq., Diatrict Attorney. April %b.? Sentence of William D?u??.?in this cue the prisoner watt brought into Court to receive sentenc ? upon a second conviction, for tiding end abetting the e s cape of Alexander lloag. The Court MStenced him te two years imprisonment at bing Sing, the minimum pun ishment. In pAscing sentence, the Recorder remarked that aince the trial, certain facta had come to the kno w ledge of the Court, which went iar to establish his inno cence; but the jury having found him guilty upon the evidence, his only recourse was an appeal to the Execu tive, and he hopud he might be rentered to hia family and friend*, and continue to deserve the character that he kid heretofore sustained in the community Receiving Stolen Gauds ? Patrick MXtuade *M acquit ted upon the charge of receiving the quarter cheat of tea. Jl>>auU and Battery, with Intent t > Commit a Rape.-? Andrew South, a ruffianly ioouing German, very rag gedly drefsed, with a grizxly beard?t six weeks growth, was tried arid convicted of an assault and batterv, with intent to commit a rape, committed on the iMk of March, upon .Mrs. Barbara Uosenbaum, of ManhottanviU*. The afsault was of a moat atrocious character. On the pri soner being arraigned for sentence, the following seme occurred:? r Rkcohukb?Smith, you ltcve been convicted here of a very grave offence. Prisoner?Watsh dat 7 1 don't korshtand yetiae. Recorder?You den't understand ! Well, wall en* deavor to make you. You have been ccnrict'd here of a viohmt and outrageous assault up n Mis. Kosenbaum, with intent to ravish her. Do you uaderstard tew 1 Prison, r-O, yes; I kmhtandrow. Bjcohukb?Very well, tntn we'll sentence you to the State prison at Sing, to f-1 out stone?for you say that's your trade?'or th < p v? ari>. Prisoner (grinning audsliakiLghis head)?Ah ' it's sot so in mine country. (Laughter.) Trial for burglary.?Jim Groves was tried upen an In dictment for burglary and grand larceny, in entering the storo of Messrs in graham and Coachman, in Fulton street, and stealing a ltirge amount ol property. The ju ry, after a protracted absence, tound the accused guilty of grand larceny. Sentence?3 y ears in the State prison. Burglary.?Peter Ruland and Joseph Jones, white lada, and Joi.nHyant, black man, were tried and convicted of a R- aid larceny upon an indictment for burglary, charg ing them with having broken int* the store of Crolius, Dug-in & Graham, of No 91 Water street, on the 8th or iith of Match, and stealing some duck, a vest, some mo ney, nud a check for $300. The two lada were sent to the House of Refuge, nud.Ifysnt to the state prison fer three years. Rsbitryin Hie Firft Depe'.?John Bennett and Charles ft'**?, were tried lor tho nhove named offence, in knock iuif down in a porter house on the Five Points, on the 0th ol December, u ptdlsr. Lamed John Closter, ef West chester county, aud lobbfng l\u\ of about $7. Closter was somewhat drunk at tlie t-me. His testimony, which W as taken de bene ttn, wan road in evidence, but as H did not set forth that the money was stolen, the complainant beirp un'jhle to ewear whether hi* money was taken I ron hita, or whether he dropped it, the jury convicted them of aa aggravatea assaulti'.ai.d battery only. Sen te.,oe, i mott..a in tS?e penitcr.tiar". At -1 o'clock, ibn court arfjournec till to moriow (Satur day) mori. ng, at U o'clock, when the r.ourt will adjourn for tne term, Sifter frjian the cave ol Susan Dowd and Sarnh Osgood, charged with burglary. Special Seeelor--: Before the Recorder, and 'wo A'doraien. AraiL i5.? \ fir .at number of cases of the usual com mon {.lien character, ware disposed of, most ol them sa tisfactorily either to the complainants or defendant?. .1 Public h.~imple?Dont in Colors ?A ti ulemal". with a figure head built expressly for an easterly wind, chock bones hi?U and prominent, sharp gn>y *ye, long sharp nose, thin blue li s, a couple of fang* protruding (rum the mouth, u< eased iu a dirty calico I rook, end picid shawl, appeared at the bar in answer to a call of the clerk tor Mrs. Ellen Shaughnessy, irom which clreumltence it was opined that she was the lady. Aa the above nam ed lady appeared,a short, full faced, dumpy old Wutoaa, with her lace a mass of b uises, draased in r sycrkled straw h*:, of tearfully extensive dimeauoiis.and a brown clolh cloak, trimmed withlur, which, to judge from the streams ot peisuiration that poured tirwn her fnce, must have been selightlully warm and pleasant, v alked Uj> to tl e witness' stand, and iniormed the clerk that har name vas Catherine Moore. The Court, feeiirg a desire to kaowm-r^ot the transaction, desired her to relate her story, w hich she did as follows Mrs. Moore?Veil, air, last Saturday was a voek, ven I vent and borried a two dollar bill from a gentleman aa I vol acquainted with, vich made ten days iu I bad been bou' o'vork. Vtll. tny hidta was to pay my vay vith Hcllen,!.* is here, vich I ho wed a yelk's board to, tnd it vas m; hint) ntiou to depart .'rem Vr 'ouae. Veil, hi paid my vcek'a board te Hi lleii al'ore frttin' this here, and I vas hunciilin to let 'er know as I 'ad the money. Veil, your vorsbips, as I vas a lookiii' hout of the vindy, vet should fall ri.;ht hout ofjmy bosom, but this weny h iden tical money; l picks it hup, in courae, ven Mr* Hellen, as is hero, desires to rob me of tho same, vich I resisted, anil by tliat means she made a nublic example ol me. Rkcobder?A publfc example! HowT Mm. M.?Vith a rtick,sir, (laughter) vith a stick; look at my luce; iem.aik th?se 'ere t<'rr:ole appt arances bun der my heyes. (Laughter) Veil, my body is covered over like my laco. Defendant's Counsel?We have a witneas here?Miss Hunt, step here Mrs. Moore-Oh, your versbips, Miss Unt vas aa drunk as a bi ast in bed at the time. Court?Let that girl step tip h?-ri?. Biddy Hcnt, (n very ancient girl,) wit then sworn? Now, your worship, I'll be afther tellin yerouers the whole story, from the beginnin' to the ead. Misthrese Maoro hem was ifiher payiDg ICra. Shaughneesy, but declared that shu kad sorrow a idnny but a saxpenoa, and Mrs. Ellen to'.d her, " never miod, but just pay me when ye like." Well, tae next morning what does I do but I goes to my trunk, and what does 1 lind there but ju*t no thing at ail 1 (Laughter.) CofRT -Weil, what did vou expect to find 1 liiuDr?What did I expect ?o find? Surf, yer honor know* as wrll an 1 do what I wauted ; didn't I want to tind my ten shilling*, and wasn't it all gone? OS rooria it was ! Well, the next morning thif woman had the mo ney, which I belie re was mine. Mm -M., (rising indignantly)? Picase your rorship? Biddy? 1 krow ihe had. Ki.Li.t-80 i-ho did, faith. Mm M.?Oh ! you vorships; Ten I dropped it^hout, she aaw it, ar.d then vanted me to give it hup to '?r. Klleit?Oh, no ! Misthre?s Moorn. (Shaking her fiat) How can yon cay that *amR Miithrcss Moore? Mai. M.?Oh yeftir rorahip?. it* truth. Court?Well, she beat vou, did >he ? What for ? jMa?. M.?Vy, because I vouhlot give up the ssnneT 1 and every time as she (etched me a lick vith the stick, sao voul 1 ting houta nam-as vaa ditrcfpectful to ihe men-ory ol my mother, and reflected upon my character aa ? vir turui vompti. Pan.?I'll tell you what it was (or. Sure, didi.'i 1 catch holt of her an<' my Lusband together. Mai. M.?Oh! pleueyour vrr^hipc, don't hear that, don't hear thif; it's false" (Laugi.'er ) Pan? Oh .MiitliiciJ \ioore, don't My that, dent (ay that. (Laugh trt.) CoraT?we know yon pretty well, Ellen, you have been h' r? olt< n. Tan?All alcryo' Mrs. Mcore red my husband? all along of their? Max. M ? Don't hear that, your rorship. Couar?Elien, we are dcsiiou* of knowing you that vou mint control that terrible temper of yours. Ton nave given this poor old woman a terrible beating. aa4 we will sentence you to two months in the Penitentiary therefor. Superior Court. Before Judge Jones. Ai'Ril 25.? Griffin vs. the JiUtrmtn, ^-e ?Action of tree pass to recover o^maqef lor nuisance, at toot of Oensc voort street, by the Corporr.ticn, by depositing dnsg,filth, ko. in that vicinity, (ulrrady referred to ) The ce: up was, that all the offensive muter, consisting ol dead dogs, cats, lie. wore removed, and that any oflen.'.1 ve smell wet selduoi or never experienced, and certainly not to stich on extent us would have any (Act on t!ic I'Rsing ol the heose* 'n the vicinity. Al'<> that plaintiff allowed it to continue lor fonr year*. Verdict tor plaintiff f-W u Jstnages, and six cents costs. Jene *1nn f'imri e?. Jo'in Ptiitrt, Abraham free*rd and TTtnry Conkltn ? Tbis tut i>u notion of ejectment, to cover po*?e<sionot premise* situate at *07 Bewery. It appeu.i (1 the property in (juration was pait of the estate ot th? 'ate if'.u Ferrers, by wh"o l: was left in fe? to the plaintiff1 who l*? ted It for a term of twenty years to a third party. That tern L aving expired, plaintiff brings suit to recover pssiosslon TUc defence set up was, that a secon' lease was signed by plai itifT'u sgant.atthe expi riition cl the first, nnd that as it had not expired, action of ejfctnictit Cannot lie. Verdict for plaintttT. Before Judge Oa) lej . Willti v.' If Yerk on* Htrltm Roil'aad Co.?In this rase, already noticed, the Jury wilt reader a sealed ver dict this foronoon. Common P|?as. Before Judge Utahroffer Aran. 36.? Wrirht vt. Tont and Ma ? fn fMsoase, already notio?sd,tne iury returned a vt.uict lor lUoluttfT, $113 89 Pon^$, Ftrhords <? Plait r>> Wiflh* *'? Cr?liv$.?This wm an aation brotigut upon a y note made by defendant, for *.na 30, dated 9?th September last, and pay able In one day alter date. It oace tried beloio. The defence set up wns, thst the note h id be? n paid HotenJ? ant havirg consigned a nnmber of book* to p!?in; IF. who applied tue proceeJs ol the sale thertet in liquidation of the debt. Verdict for defendant. V. is. C'ommlsaloner'o OlCre. Ann. N.-^tnil.-Wilaa W Hallock and Kdwsrd Pati-a, two of the crew ef the Amorotn schooner Por ter, were errested on a charge of endeavor to create a irvott, on tho flth April, It41, nhilo said sebooner was laying at Baracao,in the island of Cev<a, Hallocfc Is also charged with wounding the mate with a dangerous wea pon. Beth stand committed in default of bail Abolition tn Mjssottri?t?u-"an E. B. Yates, ahau ^ua^in Reed, who was tried at this term ot the < ouri and found guilty 01 aisiiting ilnves to tscspf from their owner* io tnia vicinity, was yesteidsy turned ot lat go upon her own rrcognissnoo. A motion w <s maile at tLc tlbie cf tur conviction for a new trial, which has be n grant* d, md she is tow out ot the clutches ot the law, and upon such frail security that it is not prelum able slie will!undergo another trial. The vcrdict ol the Ju^r who tried her tnuy be virtually considered as set nuido, ant guilty as they hod said she wan, the will, deuttlese, nevertheless escape punishments -<9l .i.ow< Era, jtf tfl

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