Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HE A JL D. Vol. XI., Mo. 11V-WhoU Ha. *080 FtIm Two CMtft TI1E NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES CORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price a cent*p?r copy ?f>7 ib per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6} ca.U per copy? (J cent* per annvm?pa; able in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices? alwayi catb in advancc. HUNTING of all bind* executed with beauty and de j patch. Qtj- All letters or communication!, by mail, addreiaed ti the establishment, mutt be po?t paid, or the pottage will be deluded from the inscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaerniKTOR or the Nkw York Hkbald Estabmshmknt Northweot corneer of Fulton and Naaaau atreta. V NEW LINE OF PACKETS ? LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK. llr'iitrr Hurthm Ship. Captain. torn tout. SR \ .....W htltvard C..7 1100 1 1HEKTY P. P Nm 11,11 <92 1300 C' 'It% ELIA F. M. French .. 1040 17 0 ME ?1.111S C. H. C?.ffiu "98 1400 <) 10 M. Lyon 7 a 13/0 T.VUt'LlNTA J.G. Smith.....MM 1IU0 Rk.l'U LlC J.C.Luce 676 l'7i GKH PtRKHIuL.... A. M'Kown S7t HM 1!i;v ure all firs. (.Has Mpw York built ship*, of the choicest mi I b?!t. H'aterVs, aad well known a* remarkably fait a tilers. 'J heir commanders arc, men of ling experience and uautictl jud^ni 'HI. and well a<s tu.iu'ed iu the tr*de. The cabius are fitted u;> hanl-Oinely and commodiously for cabin passenger', whia'e found with every thing except liquors and wines, and th? run are lix-d at sixteen gaiu'a> va li. The ?ec Dd cabins Hid ft. era.e. arc lofty ?ad a.ry, and every way adapted to pr? ru ile the c imfurt aud hea'tli of piuengeis it a cheap rate, find IuST th-ir iwu pro*ij ons, txc?p'. bread stuff.. I h.i appointed days < f nailing will be strictly adhered to.? Freight of linegocd* by this line Mi. per ton. ripply to C. UKIMSHAW dc Co. IS Gone Pintu, Liverpool. Penonx who may with to have their friei iU c me ont by any of the above named fivorite *hips ein seenr* their pusage, by applying to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, alO lm*rc 173 Pearl street.? NEW-ifORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, tin au<lafter Monday, April 14th, IMS, tlie ears will ruu <?* follows .? C ty Hail for Leav; City Hall for Leave City Hall cvijfe, H.irletn Fordham aud Wil- foi white Plain*. Morrisi'nua. liama' Bridge. 7 00 A.M. Z7T Yoikvil and Mo..... rs M A. M. I 00 A. M. I?[00 7 oo 17 ro a oo P. M. s oo 10 00 5 00 9 00 a 00 P. M. 10 00 3 SO 100 p. M. s oo 2 00 3 00 3 39 S 00 S 30 8 30 Leave Morrilianie Leave Williaina' Leave White und Har'em for Bridge for l laiua for City Hall. CitvHill. City Hall. 7 <0 A. M. 7 IS A. M. 7 10 A. M. 8 00 7 40 10 10 * 9 00 10 40 * 10 P. M. 10 00 SI 40 4 10 i 11 00 5 00 S 00 P. M SHI 3 00 4 00 5 20 s SO 6 no 6 31) 7 30 . .. The Fieieht Tra;n will le^ve White Plain* at 7 A. M., and the fit* H'll at i IS P. M.. for the present. a!2 lm?m Freight to Baltimore 5 cents rer 100 lbs. NO TRANSHIPMENT AND NO SEA RISK. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BAL TIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. The 1 h;la<'e1phia, Wilmington and Baltimorellait'oadCom pany have mode extensive and rermanen' arrangements to trins |>>rf Kreight between t hiUdel) Ilia and UsUimo'e. Freight for Halti?^re, Wheeling, Va.; Pittsburgh, Pa : Rich limit. I etertburg1. vu.,orany point *ouih <.r we?t, will le re r iced at the l>epot, cormrof El"*enrhand Maikrt streets,daily, (ekoe.-t Sunday) nntil I o'clock,P. M , a-d delivered at an ear I er hour in Baltimore than by any ether line Goni's des'tned lor any point Sonth or Wnt, will he forward ed immediately cu a rival in Baltimore, and frej from com height only five casta per 100 lb*. For fuiiter rarticulara at ply to GEO. P. FISHER, Ag*nt. No. 7 '.Vail street or 6 West au^. UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. MORNING LINE?By ?t?amer MOBT. ? MOKR18, which le<?e* Dock st-eet wharf .rfaily ( und ys excepted) at 6 A. M. for Nino stir, ami tht nee by railroad to Frenclitown, and steamer CON<i rrUTl'?N to Baltimore. The-ibuve is the ou'y line the.t connect* w ith the liuej fur the South and West the * ir.e afternoon.xfr'are SI tO. AFTERNOON a"nT> NIGHT LINES. Thioiigh by Unit Road in Six Houri. Fa:? 83 OO. 7 he ca-s have i he dep -t, corner r.f I th ai d Market itreeta, d ily, at 4 o'ch ck, P. .?l., and d:i|y (racept Sunday) at 10>4 P. M.. or on tlie ?rriv <1 of ihe train from Aew York. Passenger* leaving >?? \or!?at4^ P.M..for rhil-.delphia.cin reach bal tiinore pi'X* moruii-.g in ample time for any line le-viug lor the South or We*t Tirkeucnb procured at the IX-pot., or on hoard tlie Moat at D'Kk street wharf. Philadelphia, rare to Wheelirg, $13; toPituburg. $U. . A p.useutrer Car wilt be attached to the frreieht Train, which leaves tlie Dtpot dsily (except Sunday*) at')? o'clock, t. M. and xrrivr* m Balhtnore early next morning, fare SO centa. lT>~For far.her pa'ticula:* apply to GEO. P FISHER, Agent. No. 7 Wall, or 6 We*t itreeta. N. B ?F'eight taVen *t S cent* per ItiO lb*. m2l ltn*re_ ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD OFFICE. No H9 Cott(ti?nf*t Streeti NOTICE lO IM V1U,RANTS. The Subscrilier*. Sole Agents in New J York, for forwudiiiR pa?eng*n bv *e-J cond cl in cars fr?.iii Albany ;o Butf.lo,. lienuiib ed to send them per People's Line Sten<nboots to At la.iv, anJ th'BW, t>*r railroad, to Utiea, for tt.M ; nyrjcuse, t' 9-'; Auburu, il.S#; l'oche?ter, ti 61; Buffalo, $S^?. Chil dren I rotii 2 to 12 vein old. at half pries Hide; t year* free;and rO-r the 1 '.th icstaut, all ba;iiag* on the Railroad i* entirely Im. , _ , , All information a* to different root'* given gratia, and pa* ?euxer* mrwnr 'e I to every port on Lake Ontario and upper L ilea, at h - lowest rit *. Tlie subscribers would call pani cuUr attention t > the fact that THEIR TICKETS O.lLY are recognized at the office at Albauy. W?>Ll It R1CKERS, Sole Agta Albany k Buffalo Railroad, ad clau can. No S9 Conrtlandt stmt. New W.rk. 8th Auril. 1HS. iDlm?ee jgA KAtlE Si M.? Opposition Line ?L~?3* "jTrf* betwcea rhiladelphu mid Baltimore, from the ~iar~tm i -- aide ol" Clu-suut atieet Wharf, every %i6nnnu, 8uuday? excptrd, at 7 o'clock, through in 9 hours, MX.: ? h?Mprike and IVhwure C?ui', and connect with all th* lines fouth and ?r?t from Baltimtite. On tic Del iware, On Chesa|>eake Bay. Strain* i OUTSViOUTH, Et&iner THU8.JKKKKH Capt. J. Devon. hON. Capt. Phi'lipa. Aud tli ou*li ili- Caua), a diitaocr of 13 mil a only, are fint nte p >ckit bo< ts Ju lact the accommodation by this liar, both for speed and coiftfort, 'a equal u> any other line between tue two citiie. Pi ila<Mphi.i, April 17, 1145 MORRIS BUCKM AN. Agent, a 17 lm*m t'lfir.e f^o. 30 Wmith Wharves. MORNING LINE. AT 7 O'CLOCK, K<>11 ALBANY, TKOY, and immediate landings. iha lowvrraance steiinhoat TROY, Captain A Gnrham, if Hi le.iee !N?w York Iron the pier at the foot of Barclay itr et nt 7 o'c.ock, A. M.. tirri Tuesday, Thnraday and Si iird"/. Returning, fill fea'-e Tt*y at sn o'clock, A. M. aud AlHny at ieri ? o'chjrg, A. M.,emy Mord?y, Weduee dav. and I'ridr.y. The loir munnre sfambo-- ALBANY, |c\ves New York at 7 o'eloeh. A. M. Mouthy. Wcdnrstl ty ana Friday; at Troy at # o'clock, A. M. Alb<-ji> m 7 o'eloeh, A M. Thariiay guj Satnrihy For Pie'siftr Freight, apply on board the bo^ti, or to F B. Hall, at the oTtce on thn trliarf. alJ PKOPL' 'fl I,INF, IITKAMBOA.TR FOR ______ A LBAN V?Daily, Ptinday!?rae.etn?fl,thioagh ajntflKSEBdirret, at 7 o'clock, P. M?Fron the 1'ier he tweeJ uourtliiiiUt and LibertT streets. The steamboatKNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave on Morday, Wednesday and Friday eveuingi, at 7 o'clock. The Stcanihoat ROCHESTER, Captain R. O. Crnttanden, will Ic-rr on Tneadny, Thursday aud Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock. _ ? At 3 o'clock, P. M ? landing at intermediate places from the loot of Bvclay s'.rtet. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Trues* rf.-!l, vi nl leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, *n<l Sunday nftrrno<uis, at i o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Piaek, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 i'jji-.enirers taking the above linea will arrive in Albany in ample tune to take the morning traia of Care for the Kmc or V* >>st. Freight taken gt moderate rates. All i<ersona ftrr lor1 id irnstinMUty of the boats of this line, w ithout a w ritten ordar from the\5aptai?e or Agents. For |.,naage ot freight, ai>ply on board the boats, or to P. C. Scholic. at lite office on tha Wharf. ?2flro NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, 0* K?U ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the l i?r, (hot of Comtlandt street.?The SmILk.^<*'>'<i Boit EMPIRE, Capuiu R. U. Macy, will leirr the lo9t of Courilandt street, Tuesday evening, at Th; Empire, owing to her light draught ?>f water, will he en abled at all timci to pass the bats, and leatli Albany and Troy in i ntle ti li' to take the cara going east or west. KrriKtit taken at low rates. For Passat* or l>reight, apply onboard, or lo C. CLARK, at the rffii ii on the wha'l. nail _ TAPSCoTl'rt tKNEKAL EMIGRATION ?OKfll'E, South s'reet, corner of MiidenUn*. 'lhe l^ubacrihers have constantly #n stledntfta for any am mim II tn I II iM. payable on demiiul, without dia A nt, throughout Von 1 mil. IreUid. Scotland, c.r Wa es. Per sona wiihiiiK to sar.d rmtlei' f'ienda, cau reenre their passage. a nil have them tnnght one, iu urat class packet ships, upon ret suitable terras, by applying to W k J. T. TAPSCOTT. Bain ee . South street, cor. Maiden lag*. INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO. MlNWRlGHT, Professor of Mosia, informs hi* friend* ? md the public in that he has made axrtwgeineuls for giving instructions on the Piano Forte. His style of im parting instruction is peiftctly simple uid easy, Aud is not sur passed, if f(|u illed, by any outer style at present taught, com bining all the grace and elegance of execution capable of being imparted oa that iustramnit. He has already turned out several very proficient scholars, and the public will be satisfied a? 10 his abilities on giving him a trial. His Urms are reasonable, and we advise all those in want of a teacher to embrace the op portunity now offered. Terms, and all other information, made known on application at ITS Grand, comer of Mulberry street. mh2l I in? rrc .dSOLIAN PIANOFORTES. VTUNNS It CLARK having purchased the patent ris;htfor l-'l '? Coleman's Lilian Attachment to the Pianoforte, Tor the entire United Slabs, (excepting Massachusetts ) ann< u?c? to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianoforte* with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard to the durabili. ty of tliis inventiou. N. k C. are prepared to satisfy the most prejudiced mind, their own critical exarniuation and experi ments aval rant litem in the assertion, that the ' iEolrin will remain iu tnne in any climate, aud it will not be affected by transitions of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is given with each instrument. ,. _ ,. _ _ The public are invited to examine the JColnn Pianofortes at their wire-room. No. 140 Broadway, opposite the Park, where nl*o may be fonnd an assortment of 6,6Js aud 7 octave Piano fortes, both in rosewood aud mahogany easas. mZ- hm rc TO BROOKLYN mbLlARL) PLAVfcRo, r?RO?SI>a HJL I ON FERRY?A very Seloon ha? O just been Cued up at the Uuited States Hotel (entrance ^n Water street, joining the b*i of the Hotel,) w:lh three first rate Tablet, irou taglf IrdD^i aud marble bedi-wtter lablrs man anv in thi* con ?i try, except Itasford's old rooms in Ann stiert, entrance 149 Pulton flayers uear ft ultoa iVLirkeC, and down town, on the ea?t side, will find the IX- 8. Hotelaloon well calculated for tlieir accommodation, lhe proprietor p.elites himself to have it kept respectable. *or exercise only. m2H lm*ui UAUOUERUEOTtfPE PORTRAITS JF. TRACY hu taken Rooms at No 2iJ Broad *ay, up ? stairs, secoud floor, w.iere lie is eiecu:iu? some o the most btMutiful specimt ns of the Daguerrian Art in this city, lhe prices are according to lhe style of liuitli, from O.ili t'O 1HRBB DOLLAH8. Those in want ot perfect Pictures aie requested to call and ex amine his ?jieciir ens. Mr. T. is happy to duuounce that he has eugaged lhe of tessional services of N O. Burgess, fora short time, and lh > e who wish Piciuies in his peculiar beiutiful style would do well to call soon. .... Plates, Cases. Chemicals, he., always ?n hand, aud instruc tions given in the Art on moderatejerms. al< lmec PlIjmbFdAOUkk"r 1AN OALLKHY AND PHOTO GRAPHIC DEPOT, SM Broadway, corner of Murray st. over Tenney's Jswelry Store,) awarded the Medal, four first Premiums, aud two * highest honors," at the Exhibition at Bos ton, New York and Philadelphia. respectively, for the best pic tures and apparatus ever exhibited. Snperb likenesses, of all sizes, taken m any weather, on satis factory terms. m77 lm*re VO.GTLaENDI?;k.'sJ DAGUERREOTYPE APPARA'lUS. A RRANGEMENTS recently made with their brother-in A law, Mr Voigtlaeuder, Vieuua, suable the subscribers to sell those Apparatus at re-'ueed prices, viz Largest size Apparatus, with three inch lenses for full sice f lates, at $U?. ... , . ,, . Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half size plates, at >78. Small size Apparatus, with one-and-a-half inch lenses for quarter size plates, at $30. .... Gentlemen sending remittances in accordance with the above prices, may depend upon receiving the genuine Voigtlsender Apparatus, and not a worthless imitated art cle, they having procured the sole agency for the United Stater. Ptates and Chemicals, of their own importation, as well as all other articles connected with their art, for sal' at lowest market ^frhflaifelphi* Exchange. W. A. F. LANGENHEIM. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers luform the Dagierrean Ar ists in general tlist the abive Apparatus Mid other nn'erials can be procured to ths stated prices, at.their Da guerrean Attelier, No. *11 New York. ?7 I in* in LANGENHMM ac By.' KlMta. frOR SALE. ~~ A GRAND PIANO FuRTE known as one of tiie most per fectof the celebrated manufacture of Erard i i Paris.which has already been tried iu America during the winter setson. The price is *700, instead of JI10?, w hich It would cost if It was imported directly from Paris. Wnh the Piano, will be given music by the beat ancient and modern composers, valued at upwarda of one hundred dollars. Apply at MADAME P1LLET, 400 Broadwav. al2 lm?rrc ORIGINAL PUBLICATIONS f*AUtl HVLEN HOWARD; or, The Bankrupt asd Bioker.byl rof. Ashby?Price 1>X cents. .... . _. The Kuights of seven Lands, by J . H. ingrah?m-Price 12)?c he<rl't Feather; or The Y? ung Chitf of the Abenagries, 12Hc. The Nua of St. Ursula, hy hairy Hawil,. ? ? ? .. . !?HC The ^lidihipman Vikc. The Spanish Galleon.. .12><c The Bell of Bo-too l?>4e Edith Vernon l?>ic. Li uise Krupton l2Hc. Abeit Simmons rrore^e of tn* Grand Duke .... ?. ???; 12*; Al??. a ?ar;ety of other publications, that will b.* sold low to tlie trade. All o.ders will meet w ith prompt Utent on. C. ME.Rikl.MKLD, Pnblisher, a;il 2w*ec 2<>3 Bioadway. WILLIAM A. SMET3 WILL open his New 727 Broadway, (n.iderthe New W York Hotel, corner of Waverly Pace.) on'THURSDAY the 17tli instant, wit'i an entirtly NEW S1OCKof GOOD5, received by ths latearriva's from Eiauce? A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF EMBROIDERIES Rich Embroidered Khiwls aud Mantille*. " " Pelerines a la reite. " " " Duchrse d'Oileans. " " " Rochelle. EMB'D COLLARS, CANF.ZOUS, " Mary^tuart, a BacW " Colonne Point " ?la veillf " fr. Demi " Espa^nole " apple Brunella . 11 a Bordnre ' en 1 ulle " grain Cape " aValencienne EMB'D SCARE# EMB. EIGHT'S fcGlMPES, Extra ltt'che " Bichly emb'd " Bi. d len Coulear " ?Hever? " Kitra Kiel* " Jowphine " Pla n Bordiin " V,ellu* ?? j? itfa I^<?w 1 Valtere RICH EMBKOJDERED LINEN CAMB1UC HDK'FS. Very rich a 4 Barnuette Garni de Valenciene " Vigiette B goetu and Uu'rltnde " Point Nonveans Pluinetis _ . __ WEDDING DEKttSCd, LADIES' CAPS. Kxira emb'd Mnilin Presses Thread Lace ^ aps '? Thread Lace do Kntb'd Muslin do Emb'd Pilk do Tulle Laee do "Bo?binet do do withfiowers "Thnlic b Th.arlatine Bobbinet, do with cupettes LADIES' STRAW HATS,YOUNG LADIE"'CAPOTTES Ladies' Rich Straw " Gmnipure '* Consu Divers ? O. ntelle ?' Boi? blanc k Cordon " Toscinea " & Agremeut " Grain D urge BOYS' STRAW COSQUETTES. Cosnue'tfs r-eeri'es Straw C'|is Tyroliens BerreuCrin " Uoscane RICH SILK PATREN DRESSES Silks Fekio Cr inois Bilks Peklu Brocke " Panslenne ' S"nl"du . " Wlfcrer.-d ' Pou drSoie " Taffetaa Pekin Broche PABASOLS. Ombrrllas with ivory handles umbrellas Marquise " with fringe* rUw with rich gold and silver mountings. ____ PERFUMERY|DE TOILETTE. Of a very superior quality, import rd to order. Poudr* a'Amondes h *rine de Noisettes Pate do BU'jC de Niege (;old Cream Otto of Roses PerfnmeJ S-acheU Toilette Powder PERFU.vlES FOR HANDKERCHIEFS. Esn de Portugal Eglantine Rose Mrnsoe >.sse?c? Mare^chelle Paris Kid Gloven, Bijmterres. Buckles, end a large as sortment of Kansy Articles which will be ofTered st a very re.aso?nble price. alt 1m rc FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st of Amv? JSWWTlie iplrtiilid fa t sailing packet ship COLUMBUS, JMfijHfaCait Cole, will rui'ivelv sale as abi;ve. Sor passage, having sapeji^acc^m^oioijs. arr^o ^ tail ?* ?l? KUK L' >iNPi ?i\?P. cket of ihe lat of May ? 1 he aplwadid fast i.nliuu packet ship NOR'l HUMBKR. LAND, Capt R. H. liUlSWOLD, will poikiiely s abnre, her r guljrday. K.>r postage, having unequalled accrmmodationa in cabin, se cond cibin aud iteeragc, apply to yaiWic JOHN HKRDMAN.6I Southat. KOR LfVKRPOOL?To sail in a fr?r diys-Th superior, fast nilme, eomvml and copper fastened ,New York built ship SOUTHERNER, T. D. Pal trier, muter, will sa I as ah,>ve. Kor fr.ight of MO bales cotton or the bulk thereof, or paaaage. havuift eirtflUut accommodation), apply to the Captain ?n board at w est nee Bnriiug ?lii>, or to *19rc WOOITHULL It MINTURNS, ?7 Sonth it KOR LIVERPOOL?To Mil in a few dav??The ? uperior, fa?t sailing, coppered and copper fastened .New York bmlt ?hip iOUi'HEHNtR, T O. Poi nter, muter, will u above. Kor fuiRht cf 4 0 bale* of cotton, bulk thereof, or pnsaafje, ap ly to the Cap! tin on board, or to WbOUHUI<L k MINTURNS, |MH !!7 South > I reft. JTS&- KOR NiW ORLlSXJJiJ?Lomvana nd J?e!w Kt9VVYork Line?R?et?lar Pecltet to till #M? May?The JH0Kw-letant, faat aniline, packnship M ARTIIA W A8H I.NOI ON, Capt. Sir reus, will roiltlnly anil a? abovr, her re U'.il r day. Kor freight or paaiace, harlri* handsome firiij!>e'l arrom modatione, apply on board, at Otleans itliarf, foot of Wrtll street, or to E. It. COU.'NHkCO.,MSofith at. A Rent in New OrleaaaJAMKB WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods t" hia lidrtrr.i a3(lrc^ YVANTEO?Good anil suitable vrisels to freight Coal from Phi'adelphi. and Drhtnl ro Beaton, Provi ammmmmcence, H.eo, Norwich, Allen's Point, Oieenport, Itanium, New Harm, Mirldleton, A lb mr, Troy and other i> rn The lnsli<*at price will be paid and constant einploj meat Li,en. Apply to KREl/ERl K TYLER it CO, 6 Wail atntt. or E. 8AKFORD K CO., ap28 lw*rc '1 Hock atreet, Philadelphia. KOK LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet of the 36th May?The elsnnt, last failing, packet __^_nhit) SHERIDAN, V apt. A. f. L'e Peyiter, of UM ton., ill aail aa above herte/nl ir day. freight or paaaige. having accommodation unomil ed1 for splendor And comfort, ipply ou boaul, at Ofloiioi wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to ^ K COLLINS k CO.. * 8.0th Price of msiun tlOO. ... I acket snip Oirrick, Capt. B.J. H. Tratk, of 1 00 tori, w ill aaccred the Sheridan, and sail 26th Jane, her tegular day. a27 r? ? LONDON PACKET?Packet of the 10th May Th?> splendid and fat aailintr p%ck*t ahip NUIl* ruifviBorland, o* um o.Uwold, will post* t??m> imiI aa ?bo?f, h*r racu'ar day .. ... 1 ciianna about to a.rhnrk lur the o!d country ahoald not fail to make early application to W fc J. T. TAPriCOT P. aiffl-n 7ft Houth at; eft, Cor. Maid 'n BLACK BALL, OK OLD SANK OF LIVfcK POOL PACKETB.?VoR LI VlCKl'OOL.-Only .Hegnlar Packet or the lat of May. ^?Tlf?.(1'd^ndrmi tailinf packet ?hip C'OLUMBUH, (i?*orgf A: Cole, coinnander, willaail poairift ly nu I hutaday, ihe l.t of ,*lay llaviuK'paas.-d accnmmodationa for Cabin, 3d Cabin, and Btfi-rage Pauengera thoie retnnilag to ihe old country, or aeuding for the.r Iru-nds, will And n to their interMt and com fort to aelect this nn^qualled line of packeta. Kor terns of paasage. and to awsnre the b?M bertha, early applieation should be made on board, foot of Beekinan st. or tatbe, ROCHE? BROTHERS k CvT, ^ kij Knlton street, wit door te the v niton Bank, New York, ?wre SCOTT'S BAZAAR. ST_P*V bctweeu Broad*ay ?u?l Orrenwirh' " . 8ANd8 SCOTT returns hit moat Sincere thinks t > hit fri?nds and the ptb'ic at large, for the liberal suP!>ort received since lie opeurd tho above hou; h, ruid lio[*i, by tlie ume strict att-i.l.ou, to m-rit a coutiunacce ftwwf. , V,ift qualities ol' Ins Ales, Liquors, 211J Hegars, are toj well kiKivMi (o iifxl comin-nt The bos' the iraihft c.iu afford seivrd ui> iu everysryle; likewise a nrpe diioitmrnt tilVmilnneuls 10 be h-.dataJl houis, until 12 at night, stun u Beefsteaks, Welsh Hart-bits, Mai ton I hops, 5arilines, Fried Kidueys, Cold Cut*, H.iro and Kggs, BucLwlirat Cakes, Poached Kg g, 'lea & (JoffV-e, dcc. A good u in cr of roast and boiled meats for one shilling. every dav from i 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin B.owu St;>ut lalwavs on draught. F. milies rupjdied with the b< it Scotch and Irish W'his key. ffNo houirbetur s ppliel with Kngliih, Irish, Scorch,Welsh, and citr pipers? Mw?ys tte lat si m ws by the steitinrrs. Good Room! for Prmate Parties, at all times ready?fr?e (ra ti i for nothing at l>n re FRENCH ARTIFICIAL Fi.OWEKS. AND MATERIALS FOR KLOKISTB. BRUN LAROSIERF. & COURT, 116 William Street, hive just received by the !a<t Hsvr* pscl.ers, a largv assortment of fuhiouable Spting Flowers, of the most elegant and la'i-st styles, and will cmitibuera ceiviug them by every sncc eiling racket. all lin'rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, Jr.c HKNRY ti KAHN, 73 Liberty sfreet, up stain, have just rei ceiveJ and offer for sn'e a complete ass irtirvnt of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS in bnnches, st rips md single. M aerials for do do, and all kinds of WATER COLORS, for flower manufacturers' use; among which is a liquid pick color of very superior on ilitv. Also an invoice of PARIS CAPS, for Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair Pins, of latest styles; and a lot of splendid Engravings, plain >ui?l colored. mhll 2m*r" E. L1PPOLU&CO (No. 103 William Street, t ear John,) /"VVKErf_* Oil SALIC, the following Goods, of theiroivn im v/ uortations, by the package. r>r iulnts to suitj>urchai?rs .? REAL BERLIN ZEPHYR WORSTED AND GERMAN TAPESTRY WORSTED*, Best minu'.acture and most extensive assortment. CANVASS. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Worsted, Oold and Silver, of all widths and sii?s. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Of all Makers snd Numbers. CHENILLE, For working and Ornament il Trimming, plain and shaded; Flower Chenille, be. SILKS. Plain and shaded, tud Chinee, Sticks and Spools; Twist, Floss, do. FRINGES. Silk, Worsted and t lotton, of the latest styles. GIMPS, And Gimp Cords, in great variety. GOLD AND SILVER CORDS, AND BRAIDS, TAS SELS, tic. _ STEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, Purse Trimmings, Steel ai.d Jet Buttons, Hair Pius, lie. OILED SH.KS, Assorted Colors. PERFORATED PAPER. CORD3 AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Galloons, he. al lm*m MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, No. 37 Plaltleit Lane, K. Y ]M"ANUFACTURERS and importers of Ornamental Hair AM Work, Wigs, Tonjieea, Bands, t urls, Seams. Bandeau Hair, and a u?w styl* of Everlastiic Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesnlennd retail N B.?The trade supplied ou reasonable terms. a!3 lm*ec OPENTNtTOF SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE MAOAS1NDE MODE, 50 Canal Street. AfAD'ME D. BEHRMAN begs leave to inform her friends i*1- aud tlie public, that he will open for the season on Mon day next, tli.' 31st Marcht instaut,; when she will exhibit a splendid assortment of ladies' Paris Silk Haf, just received from Parts i.i every variety,and iu a style uupre edeuted. entire new style of Ladies'Hats, called "AUT01S I1A1A," which from ti.eir peculia and lady like style may rank ai pre-i miLt-nt. Als:>, a variety of pure white fancy Straws, fine doable Dun stables, Tuscan eud split Straws Par-s Ribbons and Mowers, of the choicest styles, and in great varieties. mh28 lm*ec SK.COND HAND CLOTHING AND FURN1TUKF WANTED?And the highest prica given for all kinds of cast off Clothing and good second hatd Furniture. Persous wishing to dispose of the tamr, ? ill do well to call on the sub scriber, or address a line thrccgo the Post Office, which will be punctually attended to. B. LEVY, 49)( Chatham street, N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tWmi-n'sClothing, eheai> for cash. m29 lm*rn GENTLEMEN'S LEFT^OFFwARUROBE, ?T^HE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Usntlenm A or Familira who are desirous of converting thnr left oB wearing apparel into cash. Families or (Jenllemea itutimg the city or eksM^inx :?i irac-, h?- ing any superfluous effects to dispose of, will fk-1 i: nacii to ihetr advantage to srad for ths Sujic/iber, n'..o will ?tea* t.: the:r tcsidence oy ajpoin:;.'?rt. J. LKVINSTYN, its Bioadway, np itaiia. A line throagtj tne rost Office, < r otherwise, will rfceirr ??nrnrt attention. m87 lm?r? ULL) t LO'! ULDCLO'! OLUCliU'! rpHS SI'HSCIUBER pays the highest prices for Second J- I! ind Clotlin g. Clo'hing altered, repaired and cleaned in & su)?rior style. [("/*Rrmember the No., 130 Nassau street. ai>21 lui*rc GEO. LEV1E. \A GENTLEMEN'S SPlUiNtf FASHIONS nHHE SUB^CllIStHS HAVK HKCKIVt.D BY L\TF. arrivals, fr-im the r au'nrs in t'.iria ard Lund 111, their assort ment of itch Crava:a, Gloves Scarfs, Sm-peiders, S.Ik L nder Uiments. Sic Sic. Tn?ir assortment of the above articles have been se>ct"d v iih much care and atient.oa, ?nd compri'euui only the ticheit, but ill - most extensive asiortmecl to be lonnd 14 thin civ. i he Sub?crib-r* dnme era. attention to the manufacturing of tJctuliniea'i Lintn awl Muilin Shirtt. The irtic'e insuufiCtnied by'hi m -re cut al'fr die tnosi approved Krme.h method, to suit the lorm of th: wearer??. It and 'aith fully made- and iniy he d-pendrd on, not ouly for the beauty of th-ir finish, but for their durability, ihe senior putner of t'le firm tiariLj teen for the last seventeen years engaged in t) e time line of business, hi* knuwlidge, notouly in the ki-hc o cutting, but iu the quality ofthe muteiialsused in oar manufac tory, ijivmi a decided advantage, and guarantees toourpa trona a lastiiansble ami well fiuuh d garment. Our assoitwent o' un lei gtrme ts.of.ill descriptions?Ho>ieiy. Mtessiug Kobe* Pockel-kerchitrfs, Night Caps, Lineu Co lors, and I'ressKrouts, Sticks. Slock Ties, Uravat Stitfrners, Purses. Money and Hid ; Belti, be. he. will be found worthy the attention of a I iO will favor with a visit the old rstab:isiiment of P/.RSELI.S St AOATB. N- B.?P. h A. continue th? mannfarture of their ce ?b rated Elastic, Shoulder, Bruce and Hiding Belt*. ap2l lm* i.h 2*7 Broadway, corner of Park Place. CONGRESS COLLAR. BKAl H wh hi V nuil tiegaaoa cf 111.itn uuiq ailed before.?Onr new style of Co-Urs, hich have lung b"cn wantiug, are now is-ucd, and are to be lonud .-i the mmnlactii' er's only, at the old stand of MAKSHALL'S onl) Troy feliiii Depot. 90 Chatham street, New York. >11 order* should be sent a-the earliest date, an th,s pattern will in all probability revolntionixe i ny style erer b?foie got np in this market. Re member, at the old s'and of Marshall's 90 Chatham street, N. y. No second price, on auyroiisid'ration. N. B.?We hire nlso maiiuf ctured 4 large quanHty of those IMW style 47 I'leat Shirts, which cannot be found in th? cii>. At t!ic pleats are ail sowed Jown, it will obviate the difficulty *n i o iinr th?in. ai>4 lm?ec MltS mToDE ? respectfully informs the ladi's of New Yolk and its vie uity, tint her Kreueh Millinery and Dress M\kiug establishment, 108 ? anal street, ia now rieu Soriun and summer Fashions. consisting ol silk, crrine, ribbon, fancy Neapolitan, craw, braid and ?imp Bnui.ets, of the neweit Pari sian md Lord n styles, just received per last steamer. C mntry Milliners aud Dress Maktrs supplied with the new est Patterns at the shortest notice. Dr.--?e* and Kobea of the latest fashiou made to Older at the shortest notice. Southern and Western ort'era ptoinptly atteuded to. (IJ7" All desetipuona of Bonnets cleaned aud altered in the newest atyle. ^ ?24 Im'm TO TA1LOK8. rPHK Second Edition of Stinernet'* celebrated work on cut A ting gaime its of evety description in a atyle of elegance un e<]t>a)led, is now published anil re dy for delivery. Those who d site to avail themselves i.f the great advantages to be derived from the use ?.f the in.t ruction, it contain*, would do well to oh'ain a copy without delay. The bonk is 12 to 17 inches iquare, and c<>ntaiu* 17 e r-gan' diagram* of all the various style* ol garments worn at the pi amtday, with full aud ample in ?tractions for coitiog in en easy and scientific Banner. The following are a t?w of the rimy highly respectable nunc* who testily to tlie merits of th" books The undersignid being pMe-jcallya'-'inainted with Mr. Stine met's Treatise on Cnitinp Onments, with pleaaaire n-commend it a* a work romplet iu its *"'ci'ftT"-iiis, anW iu i'a ura^tical application to cnttit:/, snperior to any h"retofote pnl liahed, eithirin K.n'op* or A*r-riea. P. H?nry H inn, D.'t'M Cntter, 8t?at* *1 Hank-r. Charles Co*, K, W. T'Von "k R. K. Ilirner, Jnrnea Daily, John I1av:lan1,j. 11. Uantrer. Thrnbor- i-r be obtained of tt.e arthor, No. Ill Broadway, tew Vork. alJ 1-n'ee PICKLES! PF.PPKR. SAUCEt! CATSUP3 ! ! MUSTARD, ff.n. NOTTCKTOSOUTTIKHN'-. ^ ItSTFUN MKUCHANT8, FLO k n ?TAHIN, No. PI \^'atei- Blre-t,off r for aa'e a rtne ataortment of TVklen, Pre erves. Catsnpi and Mnstard, pat nil eapmssly i?r the *oui|iern and ivtsteru maiket, and wo'iltl rail the attention of count:) and city t'ealerc, b-fore ptir ch>sing elsewhere, ns the qwrlitV and ftrirt of their goods ? ill make it an object for a puicbaaer to give them a call, s2i tw*re GriF.RCR'8 l-'ir?t Premium new Patent I wo Oven Ranges, ? comb ning economy, roii^euieree and durability. Ti esi Hinges are wairintrd superior to a' y erer tillered. Th y a-eso cors.iucted lha: it is a most impossible for t^em to gat out of order, or the p ateatn crack, so common to alt other Hanges. They hare Ixen 111 use for the last II mouths, and iu rver> in stance given thontmost satisfnetion, and iu no one instance hat the proprietor heen called on to icraircna. All Itauges pat a,i by ti e subscsiber aw warranted to give en tire satisfaction; if th.-y dt not. they will be taken away with out tl e least txiantse tj the pnrchairt, UKUHUC PIKRCK, Proprietor a2# 'm*m 29' Bioidway. FAMlLlbS AND GENTLEMEN ViolTlNU LONDON, ON business or pleaanrr, ran b- accommcdated during 1 heir stay with a ple.iaant and desirable home, in tl e house of a lidy of te*| ectsbility. where they will meet ?iih eveiy atten tion. Apaitments with private table* ifp-eferred. 31 BURTON CHBdCKNT, arOT Im're Kinton Vimare. L"niion. LIFE PKE^KHVEHS, Of Gontlymr\i Patfnl Gum Kliulie C<mporiHon 'AHRANTKD to withstand the giriteit extreme* of heat and Cold, and not to melt or *olten ia the sans, (the great def-ct m Preservi rs made of the common rubber preiiarntir n.)? Alto, a gem ral assortment of go-xls manufactured under the above pateut. Kor sale, whole*al? and retail. Uv 1 UKORUK liKKCHK.R, w t ?It lm"rc IM B>"' " between Pine and Wall *ts r^UPPKR?IJO ceTKn?liah ?heating Copi>er, of very sti u perior qaalitv, comprising a complete as* >ri ment from 14 to JO on., just received gnd lor sale in lot* to rait purchMers. by aSSec K K. COLLINS k CO., M Sooth *t. Theatricals, tfec. The Hannoneon Family are at Halifax, and at ti acting nr.ich attmtion, and meet with the highest ap plause. Mrs. Birrett has been rc-cngaged at the Boston Museum. The Hutchinpon Kimily gave their first conccit at the Melo 1> on, Bottoi), on Monday evenii p. Signora Pico, says tli-* New Orleans Picayune, mnit not h-* permitted to leave the Uni ed Stitei, before visiting New Orleans. Mr. John God one, son of Mr. Godone, ef this citv, and for reveral j vara a cu^il of Mr. Rapettl, is gone to Naples, to perfect himself in his pro'eMion, and will remain in I'.rly (or one or more yeara, un ler the tuition of the beat musicians there. John Mason announces his celebrated represen tations of Napol on, for h>3 benefit in Cincinnati, "Semiramide" drew ihe most brilliant house cf the season at New Orlettn*, on.its first representation. The Orphean Family are in Savannah, singing U tollhouse*. Some of the Nativists tried to raise a disturbance at the Arch street Theatre, Philadelphia, ou Saturday tvrning ; but the house rout tn ma -it. and deaianded the expulsion of the rioteri. After that, the proceedings were quiet enough. Sig'tora Bo'ghese had a bumper benefit at the American Theatre New Orleans, on the 33rd instant. The residents of the Crercent city are quite in raptures with her. Thf Rivels were performing with great success a' Nassau, nt tbe last accounts. The Fakir of Ava terminated his engagement in Philadelphia, last evening. Mrs. II Hunt had a complimentary benefit given her, in Albany, ou Monday evening, iu which she play ed ' Julia," in the "Hunchback." Tbe committee, calling attention to the fete, consisted, we see, of some cf the first aud most influential gentlemen of Albauy. Among other tbiogs, they award to Mrs. Hunt the honor ot having given, by her peisonatious, a new and high tone to the atrical entertainments in that city. Proctor, the traaedian, with a dramatic com pany, is starring (starving!) in Apilachicola, Florida. Oa Saturday week last be played "Virginius." Personal movements. lion John B. Ashe, whig M. C from the Mem phis District, Tmn., is compelled by ill health to decline a re-election. Mr Elmore of South Carolina, who has refused the mifsioo to England, is President of the State Bank of South Carolina. Tite h tnd6ome turn of $335 has been contributed by the workmen on the Columbia rii road to the Pitts burg reliel fund. J. Heron Foster, of Pittsburg, has annruaced his determination to publish a book, containing a full descrip tion of the la'.e fire in that city. Prof. Sillinun has returned home from his South ern tour, taken lor the benefit of bis health. The Mobile Daily Advertiser say a A deputation of l'onr and suit*, from New Orleans, pasted through this rl'.y on the'lid, on their way to the new State of Florida. Among the party we make honorable mention cf Col. Lurr.sden of the Puayune, Col. Bradbury ol the Crrtcent, Dr. Saunders of tbe bee, and A. S. Merii field, Kjq , of thfl Tropic. Lieut. Freemont, with u detachment of fifty men, starts next month for the Rocky Mountains, to be e."g<:g ed ihree years in explorations. It is stated in the Newport (N. H) Spectator, that Hon. Edmun f Burke, Iste member of Congress from New'Hatrpshire, has been appointed by the President Cemmii-siooer of Patents, has accepted the appointment, and will immediately enter upon the discharge of its duties. Mrs. Col. Benton, who tias been alarmingly ill, is greatly improved in health, according to the jast ac counts from Washington. The following persons from the Cherokee Nation arrived in Cincinnati on the 25.h, ou th-dr way to Wash I i or ton, viz John Ross, David Vann, Joseph Vann and lady, Miss F SMpleton, Richard Taylor, John Looney, Jclin Spears, J Rojs, C. Vann, T. Walker. Varieties. The. hodv of the little son of Jud?e Mather, who was lost at the stranding of the Swallow, was found en Frid iy last on the west shore, * short diaiacce below Catslill. IIis body was found jnst at the edge of the water at low water, and from appearances must have laid there some time. A respectable young woman named Blips, for merly of Edaartown, was found dead in her bed at her hourdtud house in New Bedford, on Sunday morning. From appearances, it is supposed she committed suicide by taking laudanum Died in Ilan.-on, April 221, Isaac B. Barker, Etq , rged 91 years acd 6 mouths. He was a revolutionary sol dier and p&tiiot. The Portsmouth Journal states that two dollars eighty seven and a lalf cents were paid into the Custom House of that town, on Monday last, being tbe first and only money received there for Unties since Jan. 1, 18-15. The majority against accepting the Constitution of Iowa will be two or three thousand. The Mount Sftvage Iron Works in Alleghany, Md , low give employment to upwards of a thousand per sons. These ate the only woiks in the United States where the T rail ia rolled. The extensive clock factory of Chauncey Je rome, Esq , at Bristol. Conn., was destroyed by fire on S-.turday ufternoou. Insured at the AStna ?Hurl ford C<>ur?nt We regret to learn, s.iys the Selma Free Press, that the little village ef Perry, was entirely consumed, with the exception of one house, during last week. It was visited with fire two consecutive nights. The Tuscaloosa, Ala , Monitor, announces the sudden diath of Frofesror Sims, if the University cf Ala bama. There is a rumor in this city, says the Arkansas Intelligences, of the 5th inat., that the Kichve Indians hi*e cross.; ? R-d river in large numbers, for the purpose ol (depredation, and that Major Beall, commanding Fort Washita, had lent an express to Fort Towson for troops to be in readiness to march for the purpose of checking any outbreak. The St. Louis Ripubliran of the 12.h, says that t'i#re is an immense nurnbt r of emigrant* arriving from rhe Cistern and Middle States, bound to seek new comes on the rich and uncultivated soils of Mitsouti and Iowa. "Ruffilo Bill" is reported to have died in Ar kansas. Before he diid, it is said, tint he madoconfer ?ten in relation to tbe ninrder cf Malar Floyd, in August, I81J. In substance, that Johnson, who was hung in June, 1613. was ir.nucent, acd t^at himself and McLean, (who ivH* acquitted,) were the principal actors in the tragical affair. The Journal says there is some probability of tie ting at LottUrlUs a City College The Council has itt'hSriz >d the sjle of certa n lo'a, und directed the avails to he applied to the erection of suitable buildings. Mr. Waterliouse, of Sc.irbor*', Maine, died at that place aged 00 years, in tbe house in which he was born, having never occupied any other. H? never owed more than two dollar* at ore lime. H? had 16 children, 10 are now living; 75 grsnd children, 51 living; and 113 great graad children, 97 living. Mr. Doughty, ihe distinguished American land scape painter, has his studio in Regent's Park, and has copied several nt the best pictures ia the National Galleiy. He exhibits at the Aca lemy.and is creatine an imprest ion in England, where nobody in his line can possibly vie with him, at present. The Charlottesville JefiVrsonian states that th?> magistrates, sitting in the capacity of a county court, aud n Jury, have bcn.i investigating the h" University, and will mako a publication of the fact?. Wc further learn from It that order bad been restored, and that tbe lectures vcnld h* resumed yesterday. The Board ol Visitors won in reaslon Wednesday.?Ptchmnnd Cc*wjs/'*r. The fishermen abtvu Wentchester appear to be reali'irif th i olJad.gc "that all i* fi<h that romejto tho net." l'hcy hive ba?i for the last frir day* fine drafts ot fi?h, s'tchns shad, bass. fcc., and that between 5000 and |0 OtiOsh*'! have been tahen within the limits of the Tap pan Zee. The vain" ef the fl 'h taken probably exceeds )l!W, Bl>r. Mackenzie, nrbo rometimo age arpropropri.ited a tale in O idey *s N'ur.iriim ond publi'ned 'tin Enghnd as his own, has Jnst Ven rt> tested in publi"'alng as nriginnl, somevtrses entitled the "8ea Shell's Mnrmer,''in Ack erman's P'orget-Me-Not, for 1812, which are a gross ,ila' glarism upon Lines to a " 8ea-9hell," which were pub lished In the JLnufnlltt Joutnnl of 1838 or ^7 ; and were writWn by " Aw ells," (vlrs Welby ) Effects of ms TnonoxK Storm on Friday Evkniixo last ?The House ol Mr. Quigly, at the Mavy Yard, rhilsdelphia. was struck by ligh.ning. A ?on and daughter ot Mr U'ticly were s'ruck?the former recovered in a ft.w ho trs, and the Utter next morning ? A cow at a short dis ance from the house wss instantly killed. A shed at York, Pa , was struck by lightning, and a y ung man named Wm Wilson, who had taken shelter under it, was kills d instantly. The storm was a perfect tornado at Alexandria, D C ; chimneys, trees, ft nets, fcc. were prostrated, bnt fortunately no livts lost. The bain of Henry Line, near Car!i?lc, Pa., was struck and consum ? d, together with a valuable horse, four cows, f00 bushels ut corn, and a large quantity of Iny and ors. It was in ? ured a lew hours previous for $700 The dwelling ot Mr. Reale H Richsrdson, on Muntinxnt street, near Howard street, Baltimore, wks struck by lightning. Th fluid en ?mcd a chiiiir.^y, passed down through tour stories, and out at ? window, d dngbut slight Injury to the house.? One chimney was firrt b> the fluid, wnd almost every aptirtment)ln the house filled with soot, dust, and smoke. A ?iiirse, having m charge on irJr.nt, who was in an upper apartment, was slightly shucked. Patrfd re Humanity.?Tin- Daltimore Sun states that inform ition l as tx>en received In that city rl a negro set v >nt girl, belonging ts Mr. Benjamin ll?ss, -vhe has been missing for some time. It appears from the facts that have transpired, that shs had been salely delivered in York, Pa., as per invoice, snugly packed away in a good sixe box adapted to her dimensions Mokk Anti-Rent Outrages.? In our last, we gave the particular* in relation to the d Bpoeseesion of Abraham I. Vosbtirgh, by one of the deputy Sheriff's, and the tnliing of the pri miies bv Mr. Bognrdus,who had purchased them, and ?t n, the depredations which hud b< en committed upon hvi premises, and the destroy ing oi his piough*, harness, fcc We have now to record another giosj and cowerdly attack maie upon Mr Bo fHtdlM ou Moi'djy evenicg las',by a party cl armel men in disguise, who bril;e into his house in the night, fhiew out all of his furniture and t fleets, ami then tore down hi-i house, leaving Iwmsel, wiie, au I lour small children, without a shelter or a place to lay their hendi. When t'lese li'nda, for wo we will "Ot call tlum men, broke into the house, they commanded Mr B to move his things out, as they wens going to pull dawn the house.?M:. bo girdui declared that he would not touch a single article to remove it, and they could cot or.cke i.ini, although they threatened v ry hard. Aftec the/ got the things run oved into the street they commanded h,m to take an t<xe and cutdorn the pout-; trill he resolutely refused. The la dians Aiding threat* of no avail, cut c If the corner posts themselves, aad then went to work in demolishing the house, which they did effectually.?Hudson Gazette, Jjpiit an. On Tues'ay of last week, the Sheriff and his OeputT, Pa: mer, together with I wo of our citizens, went to the town ofiliasdal*, for the (.u-p'ii of executing a writ of podsessirn again.-t Jacob Learn. This is one of ihe rame cases far which the posse and military were called out last January. This Mr Learn at that timn made a strong promise that if the Sheriff would tbeu forbear the execution of the writ of posses ?ion tli Jt he would go to Mr. Johnson's office at Kllicott ville, and enter into a contract for the land in bis pacsi s ciou wi hin ten ilaysfrcm that tim^. The laud he to have at the otigitial csu'rast price, ai ling interest and the costs ot the ejectment suit. This agreement on the part of L^arn has tan totally disregarded, except that he sc.nt v. 01 d to Mr. John-ou that he should rot fulfil it. As he insisted upon continuing in possession ot the land without pay ir.g any thing to the owners, und refused to make any pio.nises even?the writ was again delivered to the Sheriff, who went, as ubove stated, lor the purpose of doing his duty by executing the process. The Sheriff and bis deputr first went to the preciiscs alone, and maJe known tlielr business. As soon as they had dune so, horns were blown and messengers dispatch ed lor the purpose of assemblirg a force to oppose the She riff. A considerable fjree was soon assembled, far mare than sufficient to overcome any assistance wleich the Sheriff could ih'in command. The mob were resolutely determined that th? writ should not be executed, end sc proclaimed tojthe Sheriff. A ftw well disposed persons present were willing to assiitthe Sheriff, but as Mr. Learn waj absent and it beirg near night, it was conclu fed to postpone the attempt till the following moruiag. The pe son who came on to the grouud alter the Sheriff, to take possesion, was brutally mil treated by the mob. Tar anu feathers and a rail were got in readiness, but through the intervention of the Sheriff an l well disposed incurs, ho was finally extrica ted from the hauds of th: rabble, without ar.y wither in jury than (hat done by seme cowardly miscreants throw ing small quantifies of tar upon his clothes from behind his back. Covert threats were made to intimidate him from coming the following morniug. On Wednesday morning the Sheriff went again to the premises to exe cut-) hi* process. A large force, numbering at least 100 men were already Hfsem ded, the house was fastened and the Sheriff distinctly informed thnt he would not be per mittej 'n execute the prrcess. Afxr much talk on bo:h ?ides, the Sheriff was obliged to leave the field iu the pee session of the mob ?Cat tar*ugus Whig, -April 23. The same day, Deputy Sheriff Sedgwick, accompanied by two or three persons, went down to Gallatin, to cell some property belonging to Jeremish Knickerbocker, which he had kvied upon under a distrain warrant, and advertised for sole on that day. Oa arriving at Ihe pre mises, he found seventeen " Indiana" fully armed at ihe house, a short distance off he law seven more, and on the hills and in the woods adjoining, a large number of per sous ha J collected to see the sheriff m -Urealed, and the laws of the land trampled under foot. The "Indians" de manded of Mr. Sedgwick hi* nusicesss; he frankly told them he had come there to sell lora? property belorging to Mr. Knickerbocker, on which he had levied for rent. They told him that he should not ?<:ll, an I that they were determined to defend the property at the sacrifice of their lives. Mr. S finding that ne could not sell, adjourned the sals ur.til the next day. Alter tli is was done, they t'e mjaded his pnvis; these he refused to give up, and warned them to keep their hands olffh m Mr. 8 was then surreuudei by the "Indians," who declared that he should not go until ho had delivered up his papers and his arms. 11a informed them thltthat he never would do. Tbey tben threatei e1 to tar and feather him if he did not comj ly. This had no effect whatever upon Mr 8edwick, and niiiiOugb they brought thi i." tar snd frnthers iu'o the ling, i o one had thetemt rity to undertake the task of apply ir git Kit d iig they could not get his papers er his arms kom him, they then off.-rcd to 1-t bim go, if he would protr.i e revet to ccme iiilo that section of the county cn like bu.-ine s again?(his he would not do. but told th-m that he should go wherever his businiss called him During the whele ol this scene, th"se "Indians" flourished tleir ruus and pis'.oU about and tried everv way iu their power to in timidate him. but without effect. Me Stdgwirk w?s de tained about an hour, when they brcko up assuring Mr 9. that they should be ready to meet him t e next day with a force ol two hundred- On Wednesday morning, rifpHty Sheriff Sedgwick took about thirty good resolu'e fellow.*, well armed, and proceeded to Uulla'in ; when he got within about n mile of the place ol sale, he baited the men, a; d proceeded with only two or three to the house On arriving iher<?,they lotin 1 some five or eix men stand ing round. Mr Knickerbocker was elf in the lots at wo:k a d wji svnt for. He expressed much rtgret tc Mr. 8 that h? was resisted the day before; he was uway he said, and did not know that the "Indiana" v. re poin^ to be there to racist, and that H" w is willing to >lo a'l ho conld to pay up. This story, how<ver, did not look very plausible It was hi:d,y to be supposed 'hat a mau would uPsent himself from home on the day his pro perty tv.?s alvertised for sale, ft therefore looked as it Mr K. aVented hinself becaune he knew the officer would bj resisted iu the sale. Ai Mr. Knickerbocker wjs now very humble and willing to settle tbe matter, the attorney, who was present, cgrecd to tnke a good ei> dorsi d nofe which wis iirmedia'> Iy given for thu whole amount ofju 'gnientand co^ti. Two " lodians" were dis covered a shert distance < if, and two of the posse immedi ately gave chase but were unable to overtake the m. Lrqielattvk Summary.?Id the Senate, Mr. Den niaion reporttd against 'he Assembly resolution au th iri/.inirih"Cans! Commis inner* to complete the Main sod Hamburg atreet basin in tho city of Buil'alo .Mr Faulkner reported in favor of tit'bill to authorize tfcc Long I land Railroad Company to connect with the Fill River Railroad bv steamboat ; and on his motion, it was ordered to a thud reading. Mr. F. also reported a bill to amend the chart< r of the Goshen and Aloar.y Riilroad Company. Mr Smith n bill for the preservation ol smnll b*r!a. Mr Bckm-'n r* pitted the bill in relation to the Nov Yotk and Harlem Riilroad Company, tor tho consi deration ot the Senate On motion of ?:r. Sherman, the btfl was referred to the scm* committee ol tho wholewiih that in relation to the New Ycrk an<l Albany Railroad Company The riaidue of the day was devoted to private claims. Vhesecond bill taken up involved the qi:ea'.ion of grantirg a new hearing before the Canal Board, and led, incidentally, to a discussion cn the principles of the "certiorari bill.'' home personalities, or rather a nott if defining of positions pa*?ed between Messrs. Johnson, Sedgwick, Porter, Wright nod Clark, wheu the debate was suspended Several bills were teceived fiora the As sembly, among tbim the bill making apprcptiaions for the proieiutioa of the public works. Mr. Dtaniston mov ed it? reference !o the Committee en Financc?\v wes lout, 10 to IS. and the bil! was referred to the Committee on Canals The Senate then adjourned. In the [lon e, the third readir.g r.f mils occupied nearly the whole of the morning, an a large number passed.? Mr. llanis had leave to introduce a ion devoting Friday next to the conni (oration of the Bridge bill, and providing tor takiug the vote on it oa Saturday. Mr. Van Pc.o nhovcn objected to it, in its original sha,.e though he had no obj n't ion to the hill's being taken up on Fridny. Mr. Frit bee moved the indefinite postpone ment of the bill?but after debate, withdrew it. and Mr. Harri>'resolution, modified, r>? suggested ty Mr. V S., wa? adopted. So the hill comes up on Friday, ar.d haa the preference tor the djy. Among thebills pasted were theseIn rilation to the Nor;.ml School; to ei.abie resident aliens to hold and convey real citato ; to reu> w the charter of the American Atlantic Seam Navigation Company; to amend the charter of the city o. Reeht ster ; to incorporate the BufTilo and Lancaster plank rend com rtajr j to compensa'e dUtilct ftcbool librarians , to incor porate the Hudson Orphan r*"l 1'Rllrf association. Th> I'ouse then tock a recess ?>r>til h"!f p"et three, r. M. In the afternoon, the third readln??ofl<!lli wti re-timed, rnd the lolloiving, amonft "then, pasaed ? For supply, lop the Slug Sing Prison ~lth vnter, nnd for o'her pur poses . in relation to tbn' npi'oi; relative to t)w I'ntffi s liednBt.?Mbtny Jirg"' ? Stealing PbadHod'** ?Pr Sonthworth of Ro cheiter, Mass , and Mr Fnnrrow. n medical atu der.t, have been arrested, and held to bs>ll, or a eharre of unlawfully disinterring the body of I.'ike Hall, a town paurer, lor the purpose of direction. Dr. Jones of Ro chester, wnsalfo i.rrestid cn the ?"tnc charge, and re cognized to appearior examination, I nt forieited his re Two medical students one rr?idin<j near Tal'nyra, the other near Brockpott, were discovered, a few n'Rhts sro, attempting to rob the grai cof a young lady In Clarkion, Monroe county. The yotmg r< s^iirectlonUts, when die Covered, got 'uto their boggy and lied. They were pur sued on horseback, captured, and brought before ? jus tice at ClarLaon Cornera. It appeared on examination that they had caly tust commence digging, and as there had been no actual violation of the gravo, aa laid down in the atatute, they were discharged. Citt'ET/tY in tut? Navy.?The Old Dominion states that Cap'ain Voorhees, of the U. S. fiignte Con gress, is chaig.d with tlie grossest cruelty totvarJs the men ond-.r hit charge It la said that on leaving the Capes of Virginia, be had the whole crew assembled, a; d made to turn the following proclamation1 ?i'h every ma<? to undetitan.l, that if he is reported, I will ponUo him, whether right or wrong-for I believe that I enn dace cord lence :n my clHcer*, that thry will not r<; ort a man withi.ut cause." " ITr.di r thi* brutal policy?&y* the Old Dominion, "punishment w*? perpetual, and ti e charge is boldly made thit more than oneisilor tt in ferior peisnn was whippet to death! This we do know, that the othcen of that nhip did not date to stay lo mingle with the men, but hurrie.i themselves ill at the earliest moment; for threats if vcrgeanre were loud nnd deep against them, and we li t ve no doubt bad the men been discharged, serious scenes would have been witnessed In thia town" (Portsmouth ) Rational Acarfrmy of Design. No 118 Grovp of Children, by C. C. Ingham ?There are many point* ot exquiaite beauty in itaii eroup, yet, although their occupation is natural tor children, it is wot, in our opinion,at all practical ? Mr I'spictures do not generally no him lull justica wlieu hung up at au exhibition? they are too tru'h tul to stand the proximity of gaurfy painted loll1/ that so frequently surrounds them; ana although their extieme carefulness of detail will, many snu aiion, hint ol the bard of a master, yet they mva rinbly lock lees beautiful in bad and ganen compa ny. " Evil communications corrupt good man? ners," and, in such instances, good pictures. No. 119 Captain Errickson, by C. L LUtott.? One c.f tlie nn?&t modeled head? in the exhibition, andlrerly and richly colored. \V> have never be tore met with the works of this artist; never nesra of him; and if lie is not yet in the "?ere and yeliow leal" already, we predict a brilliant and eminently succetFf'il career for him. No 121 Portrait of an Artist, by P. Stanton ? Hand very pood, vallance very baa. No. 122 Hilt Works at Sahna, by S. Thayer? Commonplace. No. 124 Portrait of a Gentleman, by W. O. William* ? If knew under what peculiar lati tude this unique complexion was formed, we would with all the energies of our nature, endeavor to keep the " white folks." away from its influence. It must have been painted during an eclipse ol the *un, in a room illuminated with tar smoke. No 125. Landscape, the Outskirts of Windsor Forest.?Foliage well touched, aud perspective good; but the peculiar tone ol greenneea is not agreeable, or, in our eyes, true. . "No. 12T) The Parting of Lddy and Llgiva? by E. G. Untze ?This is a sweet little gem, the. production ct one of the most remarkable young artists of the age. Though interior, in leeling, to some ol his later works, (.it was sent tiom Europe about two years since,) it is still a story powerfully told. The female, in the distance, is delightfully voluptuous. , ? ? No. 127. Stolen Child, by C. G. 1 hotnpson.? A paintrd doll, with an appropriate background. No. 130. Sketch cf a Design for a Statue of Washington, for .lie city of Mew York, by Henry Hillvara.?A bold iketch. We hope that some ot Hie tupeifluous wealth ct New York will, in some luture dav. be expended in the erection of a monu ment to Washington ; and if so, the design betore us should be thought of. No 131. View of Neiu York from Greenwood Cemctry, by R Gignoux.?A beuuti ul burlesque of sun-set. . . _. No 132. Ijindtcupe, Composition.?V\\Xo. No. 133. 'Die Mountain Stream, by J. F. Aen sett ? Like the, last wfrk ol Mr. K.'s that we no ticed ; the foliage is line, but a dccided failure in color. City Intelligence. Dikoer ok Kite Flyiso ih the Street*.?Yesterday afternoon es Mr Neibitt, of Williamsburgh, wu driving a young atid spirited horse through the Bo wery, the ani mal took iright at a group of young urchin*, who were flying a kite through the ?treet, imd dnshed along at a i tiemendJU* pace, until he came near Fourth street, when Mr. N suddenly Rave hi* horse a pull to the right *ide, which caused the ai'imal to bolt, and turned quite short, staking the wheel cf the wugtii against the curb *tone, which nearly capsiz< d the vthiclo He w*i stopped im mediately afterward* by eome men who were coming "P Fourth s'reet, and Mr. Nesbitt proceeded en his business wi.hout nctiving any damage. Surely, somo of the proper auihoriiits ought to lock after ?uch nuisances.? Brat* ol hoys are permitted to go about ail day long com mitting depredations to the detiimcnt ol the community at large. ? Police Ofllee - April 39?A Garstv 8isj?:ct.?John Jone* and John Fi-zgerald were arreted to day upon a charee ol having stolen a barrel ol greate from the ship Sultana lying ai the foot ot Pike street, the property, not rf ihe piiip, but the grease ot James Anderson. Tnetwo mi?e:abie rogues were committed to the Tombs toleam roguery through the water pipes. Aw Ancient Jor..-Charles Van Carman, a fair laced vi utli, stole a fowl worth about 24 cents, the property or Joe?ph K Togarty. He wns detected ''winging the fowl "says the deposition, but cj to hew Charley was per forming this operation, the witne** either did not state, or th? icintilatug voung gentleman behind the bar did not hear. Perhaps the lewl wa* fly in* high inai , and the bov br> ught him down by a Mitt d action. Whether it was a biru ol prey or a bantam rooster, the clerk has failed to chronicle; and it must he lull to the lively ima gination cf everv reader to 6* upon the specics and tae manner of acquit ition. Coroner's Office.?Aran. 99- Fatsl Accioeht.?A lad 7 vear? of a^c, named Charlca Reti, parenta resident No. 101 Cfcrwtis atreat, waa inatintly killed yea terdoy alteraeon in the following manner: He was ridiig ur>on a large stone swung upon a thtec-horse trucfc, which v. as D;ing drawn along the Bowery, last evening, about b o'clock. When near the corner ot Grand street the bry att?mpted to jump c 11, or leil off, and the hind wheel passed ever Lis thigh and fcesd, crushing bnn dreadfully, and depriving him instantly cf life. The driver was busy attending to his horses at the time, and did not know of the accident until the by slanders celled his attention to it. Whether he was aware that the boy waa on the cait, the reporter is unable to ssy. The Coto n?r heN ?n itsue-t today, end the jury returaed a ver dict I.ccordins io fact*. P.rects should be cautions about let?in* thtir vhildr.n, eip?cially small ones, tun at large in the streets and ciowded thoroughfare*. V S. Circuit Const. Before Judge* Belts atd Nelson. Aran. 19l?Cast 0/ Veil,tht suypoted Wt?*ftr. tht Pirult. ?Mr Bi-Ti.ka.U- s Uhtnct Attortey, ajipeared In his place ai.d stated that in ihe casa ot the prisoner, (Veil,) who had been detained in custody, under the supposition thut he wa* implicated as (Webster) the accomplice ol, he, (Mr B.) on the most minute investigation bad reaton to believe that the man under arrest, *u ?ot the Webster who was indicted as the sccomplice of Bsbe and Mathews, and would then-lore conssnt to his dU charee, in so far a? the murder and piracy on the ?arah Lavinia"was concerntd?but the prisoner iboafd be de? uioed on another charge, ncmclv, an ati^pt tocreate a mutiny on board the ship ?? Nstchei," on her la*t vovsge from China, the Grand Jury having icund a bill "f^BSt him on this charge The prisoner was accordingly re minded on the minor charge of endeavoring te create a mT!"yOrand Jury *ub?equently apreared ands?nt in a true bin cn the latter charge against Jhe prisoner After the diiposal ol some unimpirtant argument cases, the Court adjourned over to this (Wednesday) lorenoon . Common Plena. Aran. This Court met, and no Jury reaity, alter taking one or two irqu'st*. the Couit ad jouuieJ over to this (Wednesday) lorenoon. In Chambers. Before Jud?e Daiy. Arr.11. 29.?Tnmrs Smyth ?>? Patrick Haffcrty.? Stt ofi of Juif"mrnls. Tli-' piainiid, Smjth, it sj?t*ared, recovered a vent Ct Ol tAO (iswsuii, an 1'ft)3 COlts in sgainat the deten.lant, R?lrty.fcr.nM?lfcmdWt?y, and docket -1 hi* jud*mei t. Rjlt.rty, with th?iview of evading payment .t the damages by wof? " appear, d, prosecuted Smyth lor ten. 1.. the Marine Couji, rt,, l r. covered ftn 81, and now setks to setett jud| rn.-nt for rent again't Judgment lor(. ",d ry U Mojor, (of counsel for Smyth,) objected, on the around that if the doctrine of set offs were allowed in nuch a cue. It would establish the Uct that a land lord could ?? lick" his tenant, and then ??"?? !?* amount due for rent, sgaust the vet diet ol ?jnryfor the oeisonil injuries sustained by the tenant. Al*o, that the judgment in the assault and battery case was hmN tore tte Isndlotd h.d cb-aiacd judgsncnt In th. MarlM Court,and, therefore, that the tight of, at the time of the alignment. Tho Court decided in vor of the plaintiff, de.o-.ngthc.pp.cst.onlora set oft. with co*t*. O. M?i?r, tor plaintiff, II 8 >UcKsy, lor <ie lendsnt. _______ tptclal Sessions 20 _rrotni-.i*eoceurrodheretod?y of any im rortsnce. Not ore out ot the many pos'e.??tng either pa the* or htirror, or any thing else than place and every-dsv occnrrecces-Musbsnd v* Wite Wife v* Husband?watchman v* Irishman, kc F A B E R SKGAR FACTORY, 7* JMrlrton k NKW YORK 'TMIK UNPK.UflONKD h*-?"-H-blithed??eite?iaiT?|S?*?* X Tl Di-:?ioi Nr-? YorV, nn'ler the diree tion of Mr. J. '.v. BROW If, yr^o haa brrn Snirnnfendent ?f rpnl to any ?US'? Imperial P-r*li*t Trnbncoa, /".ommon Hiw, ... IWftfM, I .melon Bite, CtfMroRIi I anniKt, Priacij*e, AH bo*H id the lla-an\?tyl*. . . The mb-crib-ri ha?e iettled the *on of tnttr Senior 1a Hiti nft, for the oxprrai pnrpoae ol wlff n* TnMr-o lor the?r facto ry, a? alio for t^e poMoae of ??Ifi"* Herara suitable for thm rhoy hA"? now on hand, for >il?, ? larn<- atoek of llara g-.n. entitled to debenlEre, of th.- followirg braid*:? U Indii, Wood? in-, La Cab**,' Noriifo, Fm?rarria, UNotm, L* Mora, Vi?brey, Kaperania. Led Prion, Lpman, Hiondo, Kiriilapini, .VJiuerra, La Kama, 1,4 1'alma, Victoria, ('?olnmbia,>*r """! Dos I If tir.acoi. La Fa*. AI*o. Principe, lie. JOftN H. FAUKR k CO.. f*7 tm*re No. 1 !Ney? atreet. corner of Wall. ANKAnl'lkL) THfc CHKAfK^ACiD THK BK8T IN NKW YORK. J. STOUVENhL Sc CO., MAWfVACTUEKItl or _ ^ GLASS AND Is A MPS R lor E?ni?y DMcairnow, .. KfVKCTKULLY fall the atteatiM cf Cooatrj Merchants. ?j Hotels, Steamboat*, Ship Vl*?ter? and ff.imutei, to onr ?? iortn>*Qt,n * *reat deduct ion,beiu# m%??nfaf tnrtd by oartelTW, an<* which cannot I* surpa?*e<i in qnality and workmanship. Compn??nK a comi !??e allotment of new PMWfBiol til PI am Ulaaa UiJandolea. folar, Lard *ad lamphine Lamp., Bracket*, CandHabms, Hall Lamp* and LanWrwa, wrth Ruh Cot Olaat. Astral and other Lamp* altered to Solar and Laid "gum aJi^n'am?"'rTi?H'<- to order and to match aay patwrr. factory?l? 'oSld'str^"^Whole*al? and Retail Btore No John street, near Hr,w.?, * mhlt !??*?

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