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May 1, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD Vol. XI., No. llU-Whola Ho. 4U8I. j*rU? *?? utiu. THE NEW YORK HERALD JAMES G0RD0?l BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 3 centi par copy ?$7 J!> per annum?payable in id??nc?. WEKKLY HERALD?Every Saturdny?Pricc 6J cectg per copy?$3 l Jj cent* per auuam?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always cash in advance. PRINTING of ail kinds executed with beauty and despatch. Qtj- All lettors or communication!, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be poit paid, or the postage will l>e deducted from the subscriptiou money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PuepaiKTOa Of the Nsw Yoke Hfrald Establishment Northwest cornwr of Fulton un.1 Naasuu stretn. NKW LINE OK PACKETS L1VEK FOOL TO NEW YORK. Register Burthen Ship. Captain. tons tons. SEV.. W Edward 8o7 1400 LIBERTY P. P Norton H92 1300 CORDELIA F. M. French .. 1040 17 0 MEMPHIS C. H. Collin 198 1400 OHIO.. H. Lyon 7-8 1370 TAROLINTA J. O. Smith 604 1100 REPUBLIC., J.C.Luce 676 1275 ? GEN PARKHlbL A. M'Kown.... .574 1150 The, are all lint class New York built ships. of the choicest and beat material*, and well known a* remarkably fast sailers. Their commanders are men of Inug experiance and iiautictl judgment, and well acquainted iu the trade. The cabins are fitted up hand omely and commodiously for cabin passenger., who are found with every thing except liquors and wines, and the rates are fix?d at sixteen guineas eaeh. The second cabins and st-eraite< are lolty and airy, and every way adapted to pro mote the comfort and health of passengers it a cheap rate, find ing th*.ir owu provisions, except bread stuff's. I hi- appointed days of sailing will be strictly adhered to.? Freight of line goods by this line 201. per ton. Apply to C. GRIMSHAW It Co. 12 Goree Piaxias, Liverpool. Persons who may wish to have their friends come out by any of the above named favorite ships can secant their p usage, by applying io SAMUEL THOMPSON, Old Established Passage Office, all lm*rc 873 Pearl street. ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD OFFICE, No 59 Oonrtlannt Streets NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. JSSSjSk The Subscribers, Sole Agents in New^^^HMt jRRBB York, for forwarding passengers bv >e V V cond class cars from Albauv to Buffilo, JQE are enabled to send them per People's.Line Steamboats to Al hany, and thence, per railroad, to Utica, for $2,06; Syracuse, $2,92: Auburu, $3,36; ttocheater, $4 61; Buffalo, $5,50. Chil dren iroin tl to 12 years old, at half price; nader 2 years free;and after the 15th instant, all baggage on the Railroad is entirely free. All information as to different routes given gratis, and pas senger* forwarded to every Port on Lake Ontario aad upper Lakes, at the lowest rates. The subscribers would call parti cular attention to the fact, that THEIR TICKETS ONLY are recognized at the office at Albany. WOLF It R1CKERS, Sole Agts Albany It Buffalo Railroad, 2d class cars. No. 59 Courtlandt street. New Y>>rk, 8th April, 1845. l9 lm*ee NOTICE. >"L STATEN ISLAND ^St*sjr FERRY. Foot of Whitehall Btrert^^^^ On and after Thursday ^ May the 1st, the boats will leave as follows, until further notice:? LEAVE STATEN I8LAND : 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 A M.; 1, 2, 4 5 and 6 P M. LEAVE NEW YORK: 8 9. 10 II and 12 A. M.; 1, 2, 3X, 5 aad 6, P. M On Sundays?Leave every hour, from ? A. M. until 6 P.M. Leave L'Ultoii at 7>f A. M., and New York for Clifton at 3X P M a30rc NEWAhK ANO NLW YORK. Fare only 13} Cents. /Of The favorite steamboat PASSAIC, Captain John Uaffy, will commence her trips for the season on '1 hursday, April 24, 1845, and run as follows ii ? 11y, Sundays included, entil further notice, vix:? LEAVfc NEWARK. I LEAVE NEW VORK. Foot of Centr' street. Foot of Barclay street. 7* A M. I 4 P. M. The Passaic has been lengthened 55 f?t, and is now two hun dred and twenty feet long. She has a new boiler, and a new, commodious and elegantly furnished deck saloon. 60 leet in length, and is in complete order Her accommodations for fieightnnd passengers have "'eeu very niach improved. Freight carried nt reduced rates. ap26 lm*m MM FARE $i 50.?Regular Opposition Line amnJ&LmJpbetween Philadelphia and Baltimore, from the XaUOLlower side of Chesuut street Wharf, every Morning, Sundays excepted, at7 o'clock, throagh iu 9 hours, via.: Chesapeake aud Delaware Canal, and connect with all the line* south and west from Baltimore. On the Del iware, On Chesapeake Bay, Steadies i ORTS.ViOIJTH, Steamer THOS. JI-.FFEH Capt. J.Devoe SON, Capt. Phillips. And ihiough the Canal, a distance of 13 miles only, are first rate picket l>o..ts Iu fact the accommodation by this line, both for speed and comfort, is equal to any other line between the two cities. Philadelphia, April 17, 1845 MORRIS BUeKMAN, Agent, a!7 lin?m "tfice No. 30 South Wharves. _arn mM MORNING LINE. AT 7 O'CLOCK, ^'(>k ALBANY, TROY, and immediate JK?jMajE. landings. The low-pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A Gorham, will leave New York from the pier at the foot of Barclay street at 7 o'clock, A. M., every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Returning, will leave Troy at six o'clock, A. M. and Albany at seven o'clock, A. M., every Monday, Wednes day. and Friday. 1 The low pressure steamboat ALBANY, leaves New York at 7 o'clock, A. M. Monday, Wednesday ana Fridav; at Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M. Albany at 7 o'clock, A M. luesday, Thursday | and Saturday For Passage or Freight, apply on board the boats, or to ? B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. a>2 PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOAa-S FOR 1 ALBA N V?Daily, Sundaysexcepted,through ^.hakm^lirect. at 7 o'clock, P. M?From the Pier be tween Courtlandt and Liheny ttreets. The steamboat KMUKkKBiiCKER, (.apt. A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, *l'l'h'eCs"famb>>at ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Cruttendeu, 1 will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock, P. M ?Landing at intermediate places from the foot of Barclay street. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Cautaiu M. H. Trues dell, will leave ou Monday, Weduesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoous, at 5 o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, will ; leave on Tuesdny, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 | o'clock r.isviigeTs takiug the above lines will arrive ia Albany iu ample time to take the morning train of Cars for the East. or West. Freight Uken at moderate rates. ..... All iwrsons iRe forbid trustin^wiy of the boats of this line, without a written order from theXaptains or Agents. Hor passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schul.z, at the office on the Wharf. a28rc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, J*I FOR ALBANY AND TRO* DIRECT, f>. 'Vtl J' r the Pier, foot of Couitlandt street.?The SCSHOLSteam Boat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macy, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street, Tuesday evening, at 7 o'clock. Tli- Empire, owing to her light draught of water, will be en abled at all timet to pass the bars, and reach Albany and Troy in a nple time lu take the cars going east or west. Freight taken->t low rates. h'or Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at the officii ou the wha-f. a29 I.OINDON LINc. OF PACKETS?The favorite ?,i r..> ...i:? ?? ?? ~ .and fast sailing packet ship ST. J AMES* Kin regular "ay W po,lt,Tely Ml' on the 1st of May, Iter ?Jiving superior accommodations for abin, second cabin ?ud steerage passengers, |?riom about to embark ,h? d make early application on board, footi f Maiden Lane or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMURRAY put. . .... I#? Pine street, corner of South. i- 5i~" ^ *boTe "'.'J >e succeeded by the splendid racket ship Nerthumberland, R. H. Griswold, master, and willToti lively sail on the 10th of May, her regular day. ..PACKET FOR MARSEILLE8?Of th. i.r of May-1 he packet barque MISSOURI. Capt Sylvw jMMfa'er, will be despatched lor the above port on tne 1st proximo. l?or Ireigntor passage, apply io BOYDIt HiNCKEN. AgenU, 9 Tontine Buildings, or to CHAMBERLAIN 8t PlilCLPS. alMoMlee 10, Kront ltr^t LIVERPOOL LINK OK PACKKTS.-Hegulai __ lU_?rack,-i ui the 6th of May?l lii" u?w splendid, gad ' Sfc^afEar legaut 1'iek tShip HENRY CLAY. Eugene Nye, I . l burthen 1400 tone, will positively util a? above, her ? rvgniar d.ty. H'iviok superior ecaammodations for cabin, second cabin, and alrrMK' i"uaM>&ert, persons about einbarkiug by thi? an- ! Cri'ir aud aplendid Packet, ahonld make parly application on j i\td, foot of Maiden Lane, or to the subscriber, JOHfcPH McMURKAY, I 100 I'ine atreet, corner of Houth. Th? favori it and well known packet Hhip 1'alrick Henry, J. C. Urlauo, ui.-.ater, will succeed the Henry (>lay, and aail on the l.tli I~r JIIn?*. her nnular day. al8w I *?1 *** I-IV KRPOOL?The New Line?HegulM I nckei. Slat May?1 he auperior laat calling packet (Ai|>gUtfcN UK -nit. WEST,itM^vUSn. )ai>t. I'nilip w oodhouie, will ami a* above, her regular day Kor freight or Manage, having aplrndid, large and corafoitahle itw rroms and calnn, apply to the Captain on board, weat aide Burling slip, or to woOmilK.L & MlNTURNtt, IT Houth street. 1'iice of Fiuaaiie. S100. I he lutckri ahip Rocheater, IJO tona. Captain John Britton, will aneceed the (Juten of the Weat, aud aail on tier regular dav. the Jlat of Jun?. aS4 ec KOK UALtZK, Hondurua. to aail with deywich? ? The barhue JOHN H. GARDNER, Jamea Pederaeii am?__? a<fr r e i p si.iRe only, having superior accommodations, apply to th t'apiain on board, Pier 11 Eaat R ver, or to K. ALEXANDER, r 20 I w * rh 28 Squill atreet. LONDON PA< KE1 ? Packet of the 10th May? ? 'llic apli'iidid and fa at aiiling picket ahip NUR ? l'lUIMUf.RbAM) i M l mi Oriawold, will poai tivei> ? ill ?a above, her rean'ar day Persons all >nt to embark lor the old connlty ahould not fail to make e*rly a -plicauou to VV Ik J. T. TAP8COTT, aX6m "> South atieet, cor. Maid?n lane. Sit BLACK BAM.. OH OLD LINE OK LIVER POOL PACKETS.?KOIt LIVERPOOL.?Only Heitular Packet ol the lat of ,Viay. II, ?plei did indwell known ?ery fiat aaniug packet ahip COLUMBUS, Oeoige A. Cole, coin nauder, will aail positive II iviug uuaU'pnaard atcoiuumiluions for Cabin, td < abin, an i Mte? im1" I'aweiigers, tnoae retnriii.g to the old country, or aeiid n* for the.r frienda, will find it to their interest and cam fori (0 teleci this mi-qiiallt-d line of pac.keia. tor irrma ol iMa?.?*e. and to aecurr tlie heat bertha, early anolicattoa aho*l? fc Wade ou hoard, foot of Bewknan at, or *!'! i iiin 1 lj L' uuii'nib'iia i. i the I ii ihe aiihscr.hew, IIOCHE. BHOTHERM ft. CO., aW Knln.u atreet, neii door to the Knlton Bank, New York. _ _ , SCOTT'S BAZAAR SJJgygJJ^betwean Broadway and Greenwich' .SANDS SCOTT returns his moat iiaeer* thuks to hi* friends and th* ptblic at large, for ike liberal support received since he opened tho above house, and hopes, by the same itriet att'ntion, to merit a continuance 'hereof The qualities of his Alee, liquors, and Srgaes, an to) well known to need comment. The beet Oysters the market can afford served np in evervstyle; likewise a (arse assortment of refreshments to be had at all hoars, nntil 12 at night, such as Beefsteaks, Welsh Raiabitt, Matton Chops, Sardines, Fried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Ham and l?ggs, Bnckwheat Cakes, Poached Kg*s, Tea & Coffee, fcc. A good dinner of roast and boiled meats for one shilling, every day from It to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown 8tout always on draught. Families supplied with the beat Scotch and Irish Whiv _ key. PNo house better a- pplied with English, Irish, Scotch,Welsh, aud city papers?always the latest news by the steamers. Good Rooms for Private Parties, at all times ready?free gra tii for nothing a4 im ec FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. BRUN LAROSIERE fc COURT, lit William street, have just received by the last Havre packets, a large assortment of fashionsble Spring Flowers, of the most elegant and latest styles, and will continue ra ceiving them by every sur.eeeding racket. all lm*re FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, toc. UENRY h KAHN, 73 Liberty street, up stairt, have just is| " ceived and offer for sale a complete assortment of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWKR8. in bunches, sprigs and single. M aerials for do do, and all kinds of WATER COLORS, for flower manufacturers' use; among which is a liquid pink color of very superiorquality. Also an invoice of PARIS CAPS, for Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair Pins, of latest styles; and a lot of splendid Engravings, plain ana Colored. inhll3m*r* E. LIPPOLD& CO _iNo. l08 William Snurrr, near John.) H8ALK?the following Ooods, of ' TAPESTRY WORSTED*, iJest manufacture and most extensive assortment I Cotton, Lineo, Silk, Worsted, Gold'and Silver. of all widths _ and (ims. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Of all Makers and Numbers. I _ .. J ? CHENILLE, rot working and Ornamental Trimming, plain and shaded: r lower Chenille, fcc. SILKS Plain and shaded, and Chinee, Sticks and Spools: Twist rloMido. _... _ , frin6es. Silk, Worsted and ^Couon, of the la^st style*. GOLD AN^81L^RCOkDrai)^,Dg, TA8. gfcLS, lie. STEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, rarse Tnminiugs, Steel and Jet Buttons, Hair Pins be OILED SI I KS. . . Assorted Colors. PERFORATED PAPER. ? .CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Galloons, Itc. al lm?m MARTELLE <fe HOLDERMANN, _ _ . _L._ *o. ST Maiden Lane, H. Y. MAvwf Aw??VK'p KS Porters Ornamental Hair . W'**' 7?opeM, Bands, Curls, Seams. Bandeau hJ J'w^i? ITi? f1,* of Everlastii* Curls, and all kinds of M Work, wholesale and retail. IH. .p.?The trade snpptied ou reasonable terms. a!3 lm*ec OPENING OF SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE MAOA81NDE MODE, Canal Street. u:BEHRA1AN begs leave to inform her friends tJjat te J"11 ??*?> f?' *?son on Mon .7 yj1' 'h? J1,t March, instant,; when she will exhibit a splendid assortment of ladies' Paris Silk Hat., just received from Fans in every variety, and in a style unprecedented. ?r? M entire new style of Ladies'Hats, fall ARTOIS HAf8." which from their peculia and lady like style may rank at pre-eminent. ,.>m ?' S.I*r,ety of Pn^white fancy Straws, fine double Dun n ? Tn,can split Straws Pans Ribbons and >lowers, of the choicest styles, and in i ?re*t *?"*ties. mliM lm*ec S*WANT^nAAIi SL<s!FfiiNa AJVU SCRNITURE ???? ?? ?-i i the highest price gives for all kinds of cast off Clothing and good second hand Furniture. Persons ?r wel110 call on the sub puu?aaTlyatten^Ud to.' ^ ^ Po,t "b'iLkv^ W'U * ni ? . . Chatham street,'N. Y. Crl S? Ti.on *. ??Monable assortment of gen tlemen's Clothing, cheap for cash. mjj im*rc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT^fFwXrMoBET k PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen d<*,TOM 0f eonTerti?? a ili?!.18* ?01 Gentlemen quitting the city or changing resi I ma' *"7 rtperfluous effects to dispose of, will find it Iu?7l ? aavantaee to send for the Susaciiber, who will attend at theu residence by appointment. J. LEVIN SPY IV, ?roLniDt,?tolrf0<",il ^ ro*' SBti&MSSh. prompt attenfms. mfT Im'rf ^?yLL) GLO*? OLD OLO' ? OLD OLO'! (j?,!thing P*y* highest Prices for Second ,uperior ,t,U ap24 lm?rc OEO. LEVIS. TO TAILOKS. 'T'HE Second Edition of Stinemet's celebratad work ou cut -T-.Vi^5 **rtne,,u er*??X ?I??cription in a style of elegance un equalled, is now published and re.dy for delivery. Those who desire to avail themselves of the great advantages to be derived rrom the use of the in.traction, it conuins, would do well to obtaiu a copy without delay. The book is 12 to 17 inches square, and contains 17 elegant diagrams of all the various styles ? WOm ^ ^ prr*'ut with full and ample in structions for cutting in an easy and scientific manner. The S. T ?r't* "ighly respectable names who testily to the menu of the books -rl.d,J*'n* Poetically acquainted with Mr. Stine V. . 1l on ^"'ting Garments, with pleasure recommeud it as a work complet* in its arrangements, and in iu t 'actical iPfV-Jfinl9 to cuttI',?> ??P*nor to any heretofore published, 811her in Europe or America. ? ??n, Daniel Cutter, Staau k Banker. Charles 1 he above can be obtained of the author, No. IIS Broadway. fllcw York. all lm*se I FAMILIES AND GENTLEMEN VISITING , LONDON, f) N business or pleasure, can b- accommodated during their I J "t"/Willi a pleasant and desirable home, in the house of a lady of resiectability, wnere they will meet with every atten apw Im re Euiton Square. London. L1FK PRESEKVERa, W.?oW^' Patent Gum Elaitic Compaction ~T , I 1 tD to withstand the greatest extremes of heat and coin, and not to melt or soften in the seams, (the great defect in Pteservers made of the common rubber preparation.)? Alio, a K'urral aiiortment of goods manufactured under the above patent. For sale, wholesale and retail, by , . ? OKOROE BEECHER, alO lm*re 100 lir"' " betwern Pine and Wall sts. SALT and fish store. 400 BBW.* Salmon, No. 1, land I. >00 bbls. Blue Kish. ll!S b!fU S0*; <">? * Mackansl. 600 half do do do U >10 do No. 1 MnssShad. .f? Jiiif bWs No. I Say brook Shad M0 bhls Lod and Scale Kish 400 do No. 1 (Jib'd Herriagi S00 kegs Dutch do MOO lbs Smoked Dnlnioa. MS kits Reused do M0 do bounds aad Toskuos. IPC# qtls Cod Kisli, suitable for shining "!? ,"c)" Ash ton's Salt. ij h.Mf and .40 quarters mess Maekeif t MM boxes Digby Herring IN qnarter barrels Salines. *2! !*'V" ,01' *" J?'* ??'cliasers. by mM Im'M NKI.HON. wfel.LH k CO., H Pey si. slifiL tu OR, L'Vr1|,'KP00.L-Packet of the 1st .,f Msy WWV"8 plendid fait sailing packet ship COLUMBUS, MMBBnCapt. Cole, will poiitively sale as above. ror passage, having superior accommrd^tions, apply to *? _ JOHN HEHDMAN. ?l Sbnthst. US' f'OR LONDON?Packet of ihs 1st of Msy?The gUKVsplicdid la?t ssi ing packet shin NOK1 HUMBK.H JHHfc IND, ^*5" ff" "? GRISWOLD, will positively ssil ss above, her r-gultr day. r or passage, having unequalled accommodations in cabin, se cond cibin and steerage apply to f**91? JOHN HKRDMAN.8I Southst. ?' OH LI VKRPOOL?To sail in a few days-'l he Mk'NeTOrk^i.rilil'p' SO^I^^irTfc^ mer, master, will sail as above. For freight of 3M bales cotton or the bnlk thereof, or passage, haviu* excellent accommodations, apply to the Captain on board at west side Bulling .lip, or to alOrc WUODHUI.L k MINTURNS, 87 South st FOR LIVKRrOOL?To sail in a few days?The JflbsSCTJKSfe S3B?fl8m? mer, master, will SHil as above. For freight of 4 0 bales of cotton, bulk thereof, or passage ap ly to the Captain on board, or to WOODHULL k MINTURNS, aiOc 117 South .treat. WANTED?Oood aud smtahle vessels to freight Coal from Philadelphia and Bristol to Boston, Provi MNMpfaOence, Saco, Norwich, Allen's Point, Oimnport, Hartford, New Havsn, Middleton, Allnnr. Troy and other ports. The highest price will be paid aad cnustantemployment giieu Apply to iFREDEKlt. K TYLKR k CO , tf Wall street, or E. BAFFOKD ?t CO., _spM lw?re >1 Docs street, Philadelphia. FOR Na,W ORLKANS?Louisiana >nd New mVVVork Line? Resular Packet to sail Stn May?The flP?pag'?*ant, fast sailing, packetship MARTHA WASH l?l?r ihy' pt' Stevens, will positivefy sail at above, her i* ?', PA"^, having handsome fumi.hed accom modanous, apply on Board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall Til", ?" v K K- COLLINS kCO.. M South sl nriuArufw rA?Mk?j Orleans JAMES WOODkOfF, who will promptly forward all goods to his address inlrc ..r*! 'QL?New Line? Begulsr Packet tons, Will .ail sa above her ie?altr day ' For freight or pi?->?e having accommodation ueeiiualled for o? Wal|rst?t?0o'? w"' **"> y "" bu"d' ?' "'"an. wSJf foo Price of oaasagellOO10 K' COLL,;>"' * CO., J6 South St. tztttsisi r ? ?? TO .OATM.N, AN0 (H-liK.Ka rate quality, wanted immediately Apply to .a. . WILLIAM KOROAY, ?M !?*(? No. 41 Norfolk street SPRING WITH3ALL ITS CHARMS. THK SIGN OF THE GOLDEN FISH, 271 Broadway, corner of Chamber* street, gsntlemeu will find a most splendid aasortment of the uuder mentioned articles, just re ceived from Pari* aud Loudon, of the newest fashions, calcula ted for th-present and approaching season, which he offer* at such price*as will ensure the patronage of thoae who faver him with a call, Cravats of every variety, Handkerchiefs, Silks, and Cambnc Hemmed, or not Hemmed?Stocks and Tie* oi ?vary kind?Collar* and Bosoms of all the new styles, for stand ing up or turning orer. Glove*?A wry ei tensive aiaortment; Ho*iery of every description; Under shirts aud Drawers for Spring and Summer wear, consisting of Merino, Silk, Thread, Cotton, and Gauze, or made to order; Kussian Belt*, Mooey B-is.fud Shoulder Braces, Suspenders, Umbrellas, Bathing C ? k .Morning Gowns, Purses, Brushes, and Combs, and in fac every article that i* required by a gentleman for an entire ou I Ifor his wardrobe. i'articular attention is paid to the manufacture at Shirts, ol which a splendid assortment will always be found on hand or made to measure in th* best possible manner. Also, Silk Shirts and Drawer* made to order. , N. B ?The Golden Fish will swim from 271 to 297 on the 1st of May. m30 ln*ec TjMSH HOUKo, ?tc.?JOHX COMROY, 52 Kulton, corner " of Cliff street importer of Fish Hooks, also importer and manufacturer ol Fishing Tackle in every variett. City and country dealers supplied in small and large quantities, on tlie most liberal terms, and the lowest possible prices. A large assortment of Eastern made flax Fishing Lines, all sizes, at the manufacturer's prices. 400 Bamboos, and 75,000 silk worm gut, of various qualities, for sale ap4 Im*ec DAUGUERREOT ?PE PORTRAITS. JF. TRACY has taken Rooms at No. 233 Broadway, ap ? stairs, second floor, w.iere he is executing some of the most beautiful specimens of th* Daguerrian Art in this city. The prices are according to the style of fiuish, from ONE TO THREE DOLLARS. Those in want ol perfect Pictures are requested to call and ex amine his speciir ens. Mr. T. is happy to announce that lie ha* engaged the pfiessional services of N. G. burgess, for a short time, and tho?e who wish Pictures in his peculiar beautiful style would do well to call soon. Plates, Cases. Chemicals, kc., always on hand, and instruc tions given in the Art on moderate terms. a!4 lmec TJLUMBK DAGUERRIAN GALLEHY AND PHOTO f GRAPHIC DEPOT, 251 Broadway, corner of Murray st. (over Tenney's Jewelry Store,) awarded the Medal, four first Premiums, and two '* highest honors," at the Exhibition at Boa ton, New York and Philadelphia, respectively, for the beat pic ture* and apparatus ever exhibited. Superb likeneues, of all sizes, taken in any weather, on satis factory terms. m27 lm*re VOiGTLAENDER'S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. A RRANGEMENTS recently made with their brother-in -**- law, Mr. Voigtlaender, Vienna, enable the subscribers to sail thou Apparatus at reduced prices, viz;? Largest size Apparatus, with three inch lenses for full size plates, at $145. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half size plates, at $78. Small size Apparatus, with one-and-a-half inch lenses for 1 quarter size plates, at $50. Gentlemen sending remittance* in accordance with the above price*, may depend upon receiving the genuine Voigtlaender Apparatus, and not a worthies* imitated article, they having procured the sole agency for the United Stater. Plate* and Chemicals, of their own importation, as well aa all other articles connected with their art, for sab at lowest market P Philadelphia Exchange. W. A. F. LANGENHEIM. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inform the Daguerrean Artists in general that the above Apparatus and other materials can be procured to the stated prices, at.their Da guerrean Atttlier, No. 201 Broadway. New York. a7 lm*m LAINGENHKIM k BECKERS. EOR SALE. A GRAND PIANO FORTE known as one of the most per fect of the celebrated manufacture ofERARD in Paris.which has already been tried in America during the winter seuon. The price is S700, instead of $1100, which it would cost if it was imported directly from Paris. With the Piano, will be Given music by the beat ancient and modern composers, valued at upwards of one hundred dollars. Apply at MADAME PILLKT, 400 Broadway. al2 lm*rrc ORIGINAL PUBLICATIONS. HKLEN HOWARD; or, The Bankrupt and Broker,byProf. Aahby?Price 12)4 cents. 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The above BlSi HIT, also BUTTER AND WATKh CRACKERS, WINK, BUTTER AND MILK BISCUIT, PILOT AND NAV * BREAD, all of the first quality, are constantly for sale at the wall known esiahlisniiieni, 374 WASHINGTON STREET, Comer of Warren street, api9 Jm*rc EPHRAIM TRfcAD WELL'S bON. Boston. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Boston, April 29, 1845. Another tlreat Man in Israel? Burning a Heretio in Boston?A Dangerous Character? Levin the Se cond?Gas for the Ladies?How they take it Custom House, Post Office, tfc.? The Pittsburg Fund?War Fever Rising?The Old Tories of Boston?The next Steamer for England?Spirit of the Herald, Ifc. Old Malvolie said that some men had greatness thurBt upon them, and of a truth this is the case with one Hover, who is for the hour the Magnus Apolla of this notional city. He is the man whom Brownson hauled over a hot stove the other day, in a bookseller's shop, in the heat of a wrangle as to the merits or demerits of Catholicism. Hover, though a German by birth, is a most rabid "native American," with a mind stuffed to repletion with the crude bigotry ot the Beeches, Harpers, Davises, and others of that ilk. These ideas he was pour ing forth most copiously r the especial edification of Mr Philosopher Brow, son, who was somewhat nettled at the closeness i t their application to his own position, and so put torth his hand and snaked Mr. Hover over the stove. Somebody or other has said?I dont know but it was the celebrated Roman Consul, who was immortalized in Gen. Harrison's Inaugural?that it is remarkable upon what trivial circumstances the destinies of empires often de pend. Well, the remark of this celebrated some body is just as true now as ever, and has been most pointedly illustrated in the present case. By the stove squabble in Green's book store, Brown son has been made the leader of the "anti-na tive," and Hover the leader of the " native" party. The moment that Hover's coat was singed, the "natives" caught him up, engaged a hall, and set him to work lecturing against Catholicism, Jesuits, foreign influence, and all that sort of stuff. Hover goes it with a perfect rush, drawing crowds after him, and riling up the evil passions of the multitude with almost as much success as the Hon Lewis C. ! Levin of Philadelphia. Hover is just the man to net up a gang of church-burners?ranting, hot headed, bigoted, ignorant, and vain of his babbling powers, and may yet, though a dreadful small man, be the cause of most serious mischief here I be lieve it was a gnat that got into the lion's nostril and caused the royal beast to kick up such a fuss, as is described by iEsop, and this German gnat is just about competent to make as much mischief with that raging lion, an excited populace. The i d?1 take such pestilential fellows, say I; they are | alwavs making more trouble than their heads are < worth. "Laugh while you may." There is a Mr. Col ton here, from your city, administering laughing ens to "the ladies only " He has taken a large Hall here, and has given several exhibitions of this character in the afternoon. It is said that the ladies have not the least hesitation in taking it, and that they do act queerly sometimes. This is to be expected, and hence ladies only are admitted. The lecturer, or administerer, amuses his fair au dience by infl-iting and sending up balloons to the dome of the lecture room, and with various other experiments. Hon. Marcus Morton goes into the Collectorship on the 1st of Mav, and Williams, the non compos, goes out. Mr Morton will cleanse this Augean stable by turning the river of strict principle and good judgment through its midst. Brimstone can t>e burnt here to advantage, and the ma ch will be lit 'ere long. Nothing will be done hastily, but that which is done will be done strong. Nat. Greene, Postmaster of this city, has gone on to Washington, ostensibly to get an allowance of extra clerk hire, under the new bill of cheap postage, but in reality to look after?his own inter ests The fact is. Nat's head sits very uneasy on his shoulders, and he has gone on to look to the ! sitting of it. He is one of the old Hunker clique, who have laboured to keep the party "convenient ly small," but they are tit the last gasp now, and must, ere long, kick the bucket. You will remember that 1 spoke to you in my last letter, concerning the fund that was being rais ed in this city, by contribution, for the sufferers by the great fire at Pittsburgh. To the honor of our liberal citizens, I am able to say, t\fat ?20,000 has already been contributed to this worthy pur pose, and it is thought that the sum when complet ed. will nearly double this amount. Put this down to the credit of our Yankee city. I see that there is considerable of a "war spirit" raging over the country, and that the people do not appear to be willing to lose any more of our con tinent to the nation robbers by treaty, a la Web ster. What propriety is there in England's holding one inch of ground on our Western frontier 1 I will tell you?just as much as there would be in her claiming, and perhaps getting by her blustering, the State ot New Jersey, because, forsooth, they want a port on the Atlantic coast. The Washing ton Olobe (the government organ) talks "like a book" upon the subject, and it does seem to me, that we have got to whip the English once more, before they will stay whipped. Do you know, sir, that the Americans took 2425 vessels ol various classes from the English during the last war T It's a round number, and yet we could do a more ex tensive "job" than this at the present day, and not "sweat a hair." The country was never so well prepared for war as at this moment, and if Englaud earnestly desires it, why "give her some." Boston is particularly dry of news just at this mo ment, all eyes being turned to Washington, to Texas, and to Mexico, to see what the prospect is of peace or war. During the last war with Eng land, old Boston was for the most part atory colony of Johu Bull, and so far as the ipse dixit of Abbot Lawrence, or the other great bugs that assume to be Boston, will go, she would in the event of another contest be as much British as ever. There is among this class of people the most intense and narrow selfishness you can meet with in any part of the whole Union. They think the whole Uni ted States is Massachusetts; all Massachusetts. Bostou; all Boston, Beacon street; and all Beacon street in their breeches'pockets. With such en larged views it ia not singular that they spurn Texas, would give up Oregon, and would not ob ject to bring the whole country again under the British crown. The steamer Caledonia, Captain Lott, will sail hence for Liverpool on Thursday ihe 1st instant. She will take out a full complement of passengers, and among them the celebrated dentist, Dr. Hitch cock of this city, who intends to make the tour ot Europe. By this boat will go out your late files of the Herald, which will give John Bull the true sen timents of us Yankees upon the subject of Oregon. The fearless independence and patriotism of your views upon this subject, suit well among the great mass of our people; and we are thankful that there is at least one pre^s that dares to speak out true American sentiments, without (ear of losing ad vertising pitronagc, aud unchecked by the clink ing of British gold. Youri, See. Guy Faux. Varieties. According to a statement in the "Western (Mis souri) Journal," about 7000 bales of hemp, the crop of last season, will bo shipped trom that place thi* spring. The same paper mates that the aggregate amount, if Ihc season had bi en favorable, would have reached ill),000 biles. It is thought that JO,000 bales will !>e raited in that neigh borhoo i this year. Cincinnati is " going ahead" steadily. It is es timated that 1800 hausoH will be < reeled during the pre sent season, among which are included eleven churches, Houses of Correction and Refuge, Sec. The Pittsburg American corrects an estimate now going the rounds of the papers, which givrs the i?s? by the fire in that city at $3,476,000, and ?dds ; " Our es timate ol the whole less was $9,000,060, two-thirds of which was personal property " The collections for Pittsburg in Philadelphia have reached over $36,0(0 We see it stated in the Pittsburg papers that the Monongahela House is to be rebuilt with greater magnifi cence than ever. The truit crop of Maryland has not suffered by the late oold weather as severely as was at first repotted. It is said the crop of peaches will be, in all probability, au average one, and that other fruit has sufiered but com paratively little There was no choice ot member of Congress on Monday, in the Ninth District of Mast. The votet stoad about the same as at the last trial. The largest tree known in Mexico, and the one on which De Candolle made his estimate of the age of this continent, t? a cypress (Taxodium distichum) and it llHIeetin circumference. The celebrated rhesnut on Mount .tttna is 168 fe?-t in clrou?ierence,but ii evidently com peped ol five trunk'. The Miscellaneous Papers of the late 8ir James Mack intosh, ate announced in London for speedy appea ranc e ; also i new woik by Capt. Marryatt, under th?; title ol Mission, or Scenes in Airlca. The linen manufacture ol Oreat Britain was estimated, in 1733, as being ol the total j early value ot ?i ? 10,000, in I 1843 Mr. Me' ulloch < stimates it, including Irelai <t, at the value ol ?10,000,000 or ? 1 J,000.000. A gentleman el Baton Kauge, La , h?s invented an oltice or parlor stove with a gasometer attached, by mians <:f which > nough gas can be extracted in day time to make night as brilliant as day, without the aid ot oil or candle The gasometer can be placed In the same room, or at any sun able distance, by the means of tubes or conductors.? The plan is vet y simple, and in the opinion of those who have seen the plan, cannot fail to euccesd. THeatrtcall, to. Ole Bull Kan been highly successful at Louis villa. One ot the editor* say* t?The per*onal sppesr- | ance of Ole Bull i> preposessing. He is none 01 those ue whiskerod, uioustachfd, goat bearded Londeacrip'*, come here with "foreign airs," but a modest Looking ?MO. Mrs. A. Knight is to have a complimentary ben efit at the Chesnut Street Theatre, on the7th May. The Campanalogians are "ringing" in the good people of Vicksburg, Natchez, fcc. Mr Ne wton, late ol the St. Charles Theatre company, is about to open a theatre at Galveston. Miss Fanny Orville is engaged at Niblo'a Garden, for the ensuing season. She is now in Bo*ton,and ? accepted an invitation of several friends te sing on Thursday evening next The new domestic drama of 1B and Tears," was eminently successful on Monday - ing, at the National Theatre, Boston. Thursday evening next is set apart lor the benefit of Win. B- English, author. _ It ia stated that De Begnia haa received the ofier of a most liberal engagement, made an4 signed by the Borgheiei, and guarantied by Signor Martinex del Cam po, a wealthy merchant of New Orleans, (as we learn) to induce htm to go to Mexico, with that company ! hi*, the "Signor" declines, being compromised by arrange ments uready entered into lor the production of opera* here, ia the fall and winter. He has positively given or ders in London for the sale of some property, to enable him to carry out hi* plans with vigor. The Holiday street Theatre, Baltimore, opened on Thursday night under the management of old Jo? Cowell, with the Ethiopean burlesque company. It is said that Mrs. Jones will visit New York at the close of the Walnut street Theatre. Mrs. Vernon played at the Mobile Theatre on the 33d ult. for the benefit of her brother, Mr. Charles B Fisher. Wm E. Burion has entered suit against Messrs. Baker &. Elliott, of the American Advocate, for an alleged libel published in their paper a day or two since, relative to the Arch street Theatre, Philadelphia. ! Yankee Hill ia playing at the Chestnut street | Theatre. ... . . . , A Mr Elwart, in Paris, it ia stated, haa out-done Ole Bull, in the composition of "Nisgors." The cataract It celebrates is the Great Deluge. Tne curtain is raised, the music repretent* the scene?Noah's ark -the passen gers embark?the various cries of the animals are distin guished?the orchestra spreads over all nature the dark ness of the night?the storm growls in the biass instru ments : and at last a deluge ol notes drowns the universe General desolation is then represented, soon followed by the sweet appearance of the dove, who flutters about in a flute solo. Personal Movements. The Hon. Timothy Buel, jr., the member of the I House from Outario, was compelled, by ill health, to re- | i turn to his residence several weeks aince. His illness continues, and is of such a character as not to.leave any hope that he will be able to resume his seat during the The'late Hon Charles Hunt, of Gardner, Maine, has bequeathed $1600 for various religious objects. Dr. Breckinridge, President elect of Jefferson College, Pa., preached his farewell sermon in Baltimore on Sunday. . . _ _ u t It is rumored in Baltimore that Dr. Johns, 'I i Christ Church, in that city, has received a call fiom Dr. i Milnor's church in New York. I The Grand Sultan of Turkey proposes to establish a bank at Constantinople; to facilitate the financial opera tions cf his government. Eleetro-magnetic clocks, which never require winding, have been invented in Englaud by a Mr. Brain A rencounter took place in the street of St. Louis, on the 30th ult., in which F. Kennett, Esq , inflict ed personal chastisement on the Rev. Mr. Linn, the pa? tor ol the Centenary Church, in that city. The Legislature ot Rhode Island will meet at Newport on Tuesday, the6th of May next. The question of liberating Gov. Dorr will come up for decision. John S Bagg has retired from the editorship cf | the Detroit (Michigan) Fret Press, having been appointed Postmaster of that city. Mrs. Wilkuis, the lady who was so badly hurt on Friday last in Baltimore, by being fallen upon by a horse, is recovering I rom the effects of her injuries Legislative Nummary.?In the Senate ?Peti tions were presented againi>t restricting masters in '-han cery in the sale of real estate, fer the completion of the Mum and Hamburg ttreet basin at Buffalo; lor a railroad from Seneca Lake to Elrnira. Mr. Lott reported against the petition from Dutchess county, to reiuce the rate ol 1 interest. Mr. L.also reported ihe bill to authorise J. I llorseiy Palmer to hold real estate. Mr. Wright reported 1 iigainst the bill to compensate district school librarians. \rreed to, and the bill rejected- Some time was spent in attempts to make special orders, or to move bills lorwaid. Pbe special order was at length taken up, the flrst bill being to incorporate a mutual insurance company in Sherburne, Chenango county. The personal liability question again came up, on a bill to extend the charter ol ne New Hartiord Manufacturing Association; and, on this occasion, the motion to stnke oat the " Oriikany provision," for the purpo?e of inserting the personal lia bility clause, in its fullest extent, was lost bv a tie vote? 11 toil. The report ot tho committee oi the whole was , laid on the table. The Senate held an executive session. I In the afternoon, the Exciso Bill was taken up, in com mittee of the whole, and the motion to stiike out all after the enacting clause of the Kill was carried, 19 to 13. Mr Lott'a amendment abolishing all tees for licenses, was then udopted, 14 to 12. In the House, by consent, several bills were intro duced?amonir them, one by Mr. Titus, to incorporate the New York and Richmond steam ferry company. On motion of Mr. Thompson, the Senate bill relative to the Marine Hospital, was ordered to a third reading. The ?lay, according to the rule was devoted to the general or ders. After au ineffectual effort by Mr. Fellows to get action on the bill to erect ihe new county of Unadilla, the heuse went|into committee, Mr. Hkeltou in the chair, on the bills in their order-subitiiuting, or> motion ol Mr. Russell for one of them, the bill to equalize taxation This bill which contemplates the taxation of the rent charges on the manor lauds, was discussed at much length, by Me*?rs. Morrison, Oakley, Harri*, the Speaker, ! Van Schoouhoven, Belt*, T. R Lee, and Comstock?st t'ie close of which Mr. C. offered a substitute for the whole bill, amending the R. 8 ,?to as to declare these rent charge* personal property, and taxable in the *ame manner ai other personal property. Pending thli ptopo I sit ion, the committee tose and reported progress. 1 ne [ bills relative to a road through the Onondaga Reservs tion (the $800 appropriation being struck out)?to change the name of Edwin Lucien Cady (to Lawrence)-and for the relief of Hubbard Burdick-went through the com mittee and were ordtred to a third reading. The house then took a rece**. In the afternoon, the mialitia bill was taken up?being the inecial order, and wa* discussed at great length, un i!er a motion by Mr. Sweeney to *ubatitute the minority for the majority bill After a long debate, the minority billjintroduced by Mr. Sweeney, abolishing all parade* except ono each year (independent unilorm corps being required to parade a* now) was substituted for the ma jority bill?but without going through its details, the committee (Mr. 8 Miller in the chair) rose and reported progress AdJourne<l?^/*?ny Argue, April 29. Trial of James Sherky for the Murder of J Hhinedollar.?This individual was arraigned before tho Court of Nisi Priu*. in Philadelphia, Judge Roger* on the Bench, charged with the murder ol We*ley J. Khinedollsr, on the 6th May last, in the Dii trict of Ken*ington, during the riot* which occurred there. The trial wa* commenced on Monday la*t, and in consequence of tho entire panel of jurors having become exhausted, the Court adjourned to Tue?day at 10 o clock, when the case was ngsln pioceeded with The Deputy Sheriff proceeded to call the jurors, who were challenged | Iqi* cause, by the counsel for the Commonwealth, snd ny the prisoner alternately. The entire psnel, consisting of one hundred and twenty persona, became exhausted nine who had passed were sworn. At three o'clock, s ull jury having been obtained, the court adjourned to meet again vesterdsy morning, when the case wa* to be opened by the Attorney General. Horrible Accident in Havkkhill ?An acci dent ol a most distreshiiu character occurred in Haverhill on Monduy slternoon. Mr. Thomaa Gaffield, ot Boston, and Mi- William Edward*, Jr.. an exten.ive leather drc**?, were riding together, and when about a mile fiom the villsge, it l? supposed thst their horse took fright and Jumped off the road down sn embsnhment sbont twenty-ttve leet deep, killing both of them instantly. The hor?e and vehicle must have rolled over snd over in the descent, a* when they were discov ered both wei e *tone dead with the horse lying on top ol thrm. Mr. Edwards had his neck broken, snd Mr Gar field's chest was entirely broken in ; snd when found, the bodie* were perlcctly*c.old. The horse wa* not sppa rently much injured, a* he got up and ran oft without difficulty when released from the ?haft?. lhey havs both left families. Mr. GaAeld was year* of age, and Mr. Edward* about 40. Statistics of Lowkr Canada.?We gather the following information from a report ot the legisla tive Council commitUe on the population sndpropeily nf Lower Canada. The total population is 691.29# Of Deaf sn i Dumb there are 7'M, of Blind .VIS, of Idiots 980, of Lunatic* 308. The proportion of the?e rl.iSStt to the whole population i* extraordinatily groat far greater, we believe, than In the United State* The proportion of Deaf snd Dumb it only rxcetded by the solitary case* of Switzerland and Bsden. These physical di? abilities are Fomewhat unusual in a comparative.) new country. Wa *boulil look for them rather in old over populated countries, in the *qualid en* of gn at cities, where want snd wretchedneo cen jrregati'. The ntrmher of occupied acres of land u 7,MO,460. of Which 3,083,941, or neaily one hall, ure under culiva'ion. The produce In wheat, barley, rye oats, peas, lodianoom, buckwheat and potatoes, lor the year 1843, was 31,?!k,91S, Winch.-?t. r bu*hel? - Potatoe* wss by far the Urgent crop n? xt eat*, then ba> ley, peat, buckwheat, lie. Of wheat th?* pri duct wss BM Ot* bushels. There aro in the province sixty tlm< colleges, academies,convents.fcc., and one thousand live hundred snd fifty-six el-mmtsry school", making s total of 1,#19 educational a?tahlWh,meat?, attended by ft6 .V7 pupils Of wool 1.909 78J pound* were produced in 184* and J,i64 M7 yards of fnltad cloth, flannel, lineu aud cotton were manufactured. City Intelligence. Police Office, April 30. Akhui of ? Biihglsr Agieat number of burglaries were committed a shott t.nie since at Albany, and the parties supposed to be cc n ctrued fled to this city Dodge ar.d Hughes, two ot tin Albany officers, ckidh to th.s city yeMerdsy, slid in con. - far,y with Hungerloid and ' hickering, two of ?.ur uttic> r -, succeeded in tmcitig the gang to a place in Water at i cut, where they la-t night made a descent upon them and suc ceeded in arresting one individual iibm> ! Henry Cuius the rest escaped. The business must have been hadly mauaged, or more could have been arrested- Try again. Grand Larcepk.?Antonio Williams, a notorious Por tuguese thief, was yesterday arrested again tor stealing several pieces of calico worth $24 50, from the store of Bussing b Co., 187 Pearl street. Petit Theft.?Louis Rogers s*ole a watch and a pair of suspenders from 8. Shropshire. Committed. A Writ of Eaaoa ?It will be recolltcted that Come lius Driscoll was sent, or rather sentenced to the peniten tiary tor 4 months lor keeping a disorderly houae, on Sat urday last, at the Court of Sessions. Seeing him in the street of this city yesterday, the Reporter deemed the cir cumstance singular, and enquired as to the cause of his liberation. He was informed that betore the adjournment of the court on Saturday, a writ ol error was procured from one of the Judges of the Superior Court, which, being endorsed by the Recorder, according to the ptovl sion.-. of the statute, stayed all proceedings, and Driscoll war, of course, allowed to walk out ol the Tombs upon the same bail lor his future appearance as before. What fun ny loopheirs the law makes. Coroner's Office, April 30.?The Coroner held no inquest to-day. Common Pleas' Before Judge Ulahcetfer. April 30? Wm H Millet vs. Wm Q. Sttrling and Jan. Normand.?Magisterial Jurisdiction.?This waa an action brought to recover damages againat the defendants, for an illegal aTicti n from premises situate . t No. 1SS William street, It appeared that tbe plaintiff occupied the above premises, as tenant under Normand, one of the defend ants, in the fall of 1844; and in November last applied to the Juatice of the Fourth Ward Court, Mr. Sterling, for a warrant for ericlion, alleging he (the plaintiff,) had not paid his rent. In the meantime plsintiS, it was alleged, put in an affidavit, stating he had paid mp his rent, which affidavit was filed in the Cotirl, and also asked that the i?, sue should be tried by a jury. The clerk demanding a fee, which the pleintiffdid not deem legal, he consented to try the case before the plaintiff alone. A day er two sub sequently, his counsel came into Court, and the attdavit referred to appeaiiag to be lost, the counsel drew another affidavit, upon which he demanded a by a jnry. Tbe clcrk o the Court, it was alleged, hereupon cried out, "If y ou put in a dozen affidavits, it will do you no good, for 1 want a judgment" Thi Court told the counsel to go on, which he declined doing for bis client (Millet,) who was defendant in the cause; w hereupon the Court granted a warrant to diipotiexs, and the plaintiff was evicted. The plaintiff brings suit against the landlord, and includes the Justice, on the ground of the alleged irregularity in the proceedings on the part of the Justice. The Court charged that the first question the jury had to decide was, if the Justice was liable. No Magiatrate could be held liable for an error of judgment?but the prtaant was a proceeding under a particular statute giving power I to the Justice to act It appeared by this testimony that 1 theso proceedings commenced on the 27th November, from which day tbe adjournment took place to the 99th, ? nd on the39th the Justice iasued his warrant for which this action of trespass was brought. Was it the intention cf the parties on adjourningon the 37th to the 39th to con - tioue tbe case? Then, of course, in that event it wsa understood that a hearing of the case was to have takex place. But it was said, on part of the defence, the plain tiff had withdrawn his affidavit and abandoned the suit. It was for the jury to determine from the evidence, wbe ticr or not the plaintiff in the suit had withdrawn his affi davit. There was, however, no evidence to show that iue Justice was aware the suit had been withdrawn ; and as to the motion of corruption, which was essential to the Hading of a verdict against the Justice ; they had it that >ne clerk of the Court acted a^ counsel in the case, and if 'liey carrie to this conclusion that the Justice was lending himself officially to us to act with the clerk?they were to determine from this whether or not the Justice was act ing coiruptlv and lending himself to the landlord, and if ?3 they should find for the plaintiff. They had it, how ever, established that the plaintiff was a young man, a carpenter, who took these premises, and having exhibited, in the street in front ol his place some of hii seemed to give offence to the landlord. Whether or not, under these circumstances, a presumption existed as to the landlord's entertaining a desire to get rid ol the tenant, and that the Justice lent himself te aid the landlord, it wis for the Jury to decide under all the facts and circum stances of the case. The Jury rendered a verdict for plaintiff of $100 dam ages and six cents costs against the defendant, (Justice St rling,) and in favor of the defendant, Normand. IT. ?. Circuit Coui t. Before Judges Betis and Nelson. April 30.?Arraigned?The seamen, named Halltck and Potter, whose arrest we noticed a lew days ago 0 i a charge of endeavoring to create a mutiny on bjard tbe American schooner " Portia,,' whilst ljingat p >rt in the Island of Cuba, were both arraigned on an in dictment by the Grand Jury. The former, (Hiileck,) waa Liso arraigned on a separate indictment, on a charge ol as. f-.uit with a dangerous weapon. Both pleaded not guilty. I'beir trial is set down for Friday. W. R. tfivrnu vs. Henry McCulUugk.- Action to recover damages for infringement oi patent right, for the inven t .on oi a machine tor makin? and markiog bread crackers cr biscuits. Adjourned over. INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO. VT INWRIUHT, Professor of Music, informs his friends * 1 ? sud the public in general,that he has made arrangements f r giviug instructions on the Piano Forte. His style of im l> .rtnig instruction is perfectly simple and easy, and is not sur r 'ssed, if equalled, by any other style at present taught, com puting all the grace and elegance of execution capable of being imparted on that instrument. He has already turned ont several very proficient scholars, and the public will be satisfied as to hi* abilities on giving him a trial. His terms are reasonable, ?.nd we advise all those in want of a teacher to embrace the c,p iN>rtunity now ofTered. Terms, and all other information, madr known on application at 173 Oraud, corner of Mulberry street. rnhis ! m ? rrc AEOLIAN PIANOFORTES. MUNNS J, CLARK hating purchased the patent rightfor "Coleman's Aeolian Attachment to the Pianoforte "forth# entire United States, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianoforte* with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard to the durabili tv of this invention. N. h C. are prepared to satisfy the most Prejudiced iniud, their own critical examination and expert menu warrant them in the assertion, that the " AColian" will remain in tune iu any climate, and it will not be affected by tr ns it ions of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee ia given with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the " AColian Pianofortes ' ? their ware-room. No. 340 Broadway, opposite the Park, where ilso may be found an assortment of ?, ?X and 7 octave Piano loites, both in rosewood and mahogany casas. nH 6m*re TO BROOKLYN BILLIARD PLACER**, pROSSINO FULTON FERRY?A very neat Saloon has V> just been fitted up at the Untied States Hotel (entrance on Water street, joining the- bai af the Hotel,) with three first rate T ibles, iron Eagle frames and marble beds?better Tables than in v in this country, except Ba'sford's <jdd rooms in Ann street, entrance 149 Fulton Players near Fulton Market, and down town, on the east side, will find the U 8. Hotel Saloon well calculated for their accommodation. The proprietor pledges lumself to have it kept respectable. For exercise only, in 21 lm'm WHOLESALE fc'EGAR EMPORIUM. I'HK SUBSCRIBERS offer for sale a large assortment of 8e ' gars, made of best selected Havana Tobacco, and having Ken manufactured six mouths, are now in fine order, and can 1 - sold 33 per cent lower tfwu trie same qtfelily of Imported gars. Havana Regalias in Iths and lOths, Cazadoras, Washington La Nomas, Eaperanza, La Irdi.i, La H if pit, nasi as Justa Sanz. Principe**, Panedoajkc. fcc 1' igethei with a large assortment of Imitation Wars of ererr liiality and price, far sale in lota to suit parchaaers bv apl7 1in"?rrc KENNETH h LAVERTV. 71 Wsll st GENUINE IMPORTED HAVANA ShUAKS. rP^ SU B8('RJBP,H offer* for tale at vvholrulr and retail the following choice brands of ftegari; in point of jalitv t -re it none ^prior in this city Ugnet Regalias. Yngeuiudad, do lanelelas, India, do Small sues, Palms Celebrada, La Kragancia, Cauouea, (for the Southern .Norma, market.) SV , . r . . I'aueujlas, (of various brands.) C&baua. (auitab.e for London itafalkf, do do market.) TvMbnPr>i, Kurella, do Kapprauia. Noriega, (of inferior quality.) Strangers, citizens, and the trade generally, wonld do well in railing sod examining this splendid stock of >>egars previous to purchasing elsewhere, as all the above Secsr: are genuine l'iii>ortedHataiias,aud contain nothing but Tobacco of the fbst ana best quality. D M HENRIOUES, ?n*1 JI Will, an? street tABtK StiGAK FACTORY, 71 Division Stmt, NKWYORK 'PHIL UNUiRSIGNKD haye established mi ettensive|i>?ira A Kactory, at 71 Division street, New York, under the direc t tin of Mr. J. \V. RKOWN, who hni bffu Vuperinteuckini our of the largest factories in Hnvann, for nineteen i vs. The following kinds ctfHfiM, manufactured in lihe Kabw Be gat Kactory, and of which a litrue stock it now on hand, will b? found eqn&l to any Havana 8o*ar? ol' corresponding style and Imperial Ut k'&li.", Traboo t, Common Bin, Ketcalia, Panetelas, London Sire, Csaadorea, Cumn, Priocipa, All box^d in the Havana style. The subscribers have sealed the Son of their Seniar ia Hiu i>n, for the npmi puriotr of irleetiRC Tobacco for ui*ir Kacto ry, aa alio for the porpose of selecting hegart satiable for thia n.arjwt. l'hey ha?e now on hand, for sale, a larje stock of Hava tih li.-rs, entitled to debenture, cl the follow m* brands>? La India, Noriogo, Ue Vloya, I ord Byioo, h aculapiaa, l,a Talma, Dot Ilermanos, tm*rc 11II) Mllij'HAVA.NA SKOAR*. imioTied h, M AN 4UUj\7VAJ HL'LO, for sale at V Liberty ttrre!. ^mong diem will be found < -abating, Do Imperial**, He,:*li.w, Pane flu, Cihrey Warner H?ta.a; do ?mull nm. Napoleon.'. Nor mas, I'rrac.i, Han Roman, Dt-lisict, Oolonaa, Do Pauatalaa, ?. il va lona other braudt. Alto, I Mil robacen.froin lh? above 'ell-hr.owu hootrt, juit imt>ort?d bv ihe CKriatoph Colon tnd tl>e Rapid. a? Im'rrc ~?J Ali-Jlf.R.-WAXcttKH A.XJ ll".VV f.LKV -Those * who with to (?o!ci or Watch#!, <3ol?l hains, Wold Pencils. K?vs, See . will find pivally to their rtvnniM(e to call ro trie tnbtcriber, who it *? iling all desetip -, i.? ofihe above at retail mue.h lower than ar: other home in .* ?>. y. tJold Watch't at low it tJii .aid tSi eich. Watehet d lewetrv ?sctian.?ed or houehi. Ajl \\ ?U.S*i war ? uted to *?' P Koad l,n!' "r 'he iMoney rciurii" u iVatchut, id lewelry rapairrJ in the but raanne ami wJrrarted, ?t ma. !i leaa than t,i? usual prices. H C ALiifoNi Iniportrlnl w.un >n > Irrelrf. all iin'ec "Iwa and reiai., M \\ ail ti, ?i t.eui. WooflTilIe, Lft Cabua. Kragrauxia, La Noma. Conrey, Ksptraou Upman, Riondo, Nhnerva, La Kama, Victoria, Columbia.! La Pax, Alio, frincii*,tc. _ Jl)ftN H. KAUK.k Ik CO ! No. 1 ?tr**t. corner of Wall

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