Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Mayıs 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Mayıs 1845 Page 4
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I-,r 1. '<ri;crt? ecuie iiOHitii"! fur themselves with the I o'.K .timiuistralio.-i, hiui vuh >o the loaves and tubes, they succeeded,by dint of jirui>iiie? and deception, in gelling uim? ul lucir avj'.u.o uuxuiualtJ for Congrest by ii majoritj of onf vote in the democratic convention and l(M' re: 'Ut ui>, that the democratic Jwrty wan beaten by the native*. The notorious Levin, who, under other circwMUui'c, Mould have obtained a large vote to be sent to the ; enl'.entinry, wa? elected to Congress by a large majority. They in fact sacrificed the democratic |>arty of the first Congressional district to their lust ol ofltre. H'hfn, therefore, these men again presented themselves upon the political stage, an d claimed to he the friend* of Mr. Buchanan, you may conceive ol the iiK.ign :tion which seized upon tlie minds of the people, and the revulsion which must have taken place in their (eeling* towards Mr. B. Although I have a high opiu ion of the Secretary of State, vet I do not consider him stiong enough to hear upon hi* shoulders the w eight of public scorn which cling* to this cliqui- II ho allows it to fasten upon him.ho will inevitably be overwhelmed. Humor has been active to-day in tilling the national oflices. She has appointed James I'age. Postmaster, and Henry Horn the Collector of the port. Hon. K. Knease has been uamud as District Attorney. Benjamin II. Brewster, Ksij., was spoken of some time since iu con nection with this offlc, but the wild and reckless course pursuod by him yesterday has effectually killed him otf. I am sincerely sorrj for this, as he is a young man of ; talent, but lie want"-, judgment, and having fallen into rhe hands of Mct'ully. Cummings t Co., they have made | u tool of and driven him to destruction. I do not believe ? l)r Lehman, who was prominent for the Mint, will be 1 appointed, for the same reason. Iu fact, considering the I fierce contest going on between the Citizens of Phiiadol- 1 phia, I should not lie surprised if Mr. Polk should throw 1 them all overboard, am! take tho oliicors from the in- ! terior. Anderson concludes his engagement by a benefit at , the Arch to-night, in the character of Claude am) oi Pi- j truchio. He lias drawn excellent houses, and will be | succeeded by a .Mr. Dunn, from youi city. Fashion begins to fiag at the Walnut. John R. Scotl | commenced an engagement there last night. At the Chesnut the Seguins are anxiously expected, ? where some novelty in the way of tho operu is to be produced. Connor continues the star at the National. Sut<- of Storks at Pliiludclpliln. Kirst Bo.ird. May 3-100 slis tiirard Bank, Sj|; $1,145 76 State fi'9, 72; $7 IW do 5'?, 70; $1701 do 5's, 70; $3,000 do 5's, 72; $3,000 IT S 6 per cent, 1H53, 104; $350 Lehigh ti'i, 1845, 14; 325 shs Wilmington UK, 21; 15 do Bank Pennsylvania, 25!>j; $250 New County 5's, 1H60, 931; $5,000 State 5's, til Wilmington JUt, 20J; So sales at Second Board yesterday. " CONGRESS COLLAR. BEAUTY OF STYLE anil elegance of finish unequalled be lure ?Our uew style of Collars, which have long been want ing, an' now issued, and ari' to be found at the manufacturer's oily. hi tho old stand of MARSHALL'S only Troy Shirt Uepot 'Jtl Chatham street, New Y ork. All orders should be sen! at the earliest date, as tin* pattern will in all probability revolutionize any stylee ?vr before got u|> in this market. Remember, at the ! olu stand of Marshalrs, _ 90 Chatham street, N. Y. No second price, on any consideration. N. B.?We have also manufactured a l?rge quantity of those new style 47 Pleat Slnrti, which cannot be found in the city. As the pleats ur- all (owed down, it will obviate the difficulty in ironing them. a4 lin'oc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FL( > WL' RS, A N D M A T !?: R I A L S F O It FLORISTS. BRl'N LAROSIERE it COURT, ll(i William i" street, have just received by the last Havre packets, a large 1 -ortment of fashionable sprint Flowers, of the I T3"*&nio.t eleg.uitimd latest style;, and will continue receiv ing them by eve: y WCCei; packet. >11 Im ' re FRFNCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, fc . HKNRY" & KA11N, 73 Liberty street, up stairs, have just received and otter lor sale a complete assortment of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, In bunches, spnirs and single. Materials for do do, and all kinds of WATER COLORS, for flower manufuetuiers' use; amoiiK which is a liquid pink color of very superior quality. Also an invoice of I PARIS CAl'S, for Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair Pins, of I late-st styles, and a lot ci splendid Knuravingi, plain and colored. 1 nihil gni'ic TIMBER AND STONE FOR THE NAVY YARD. I PROPOSALS will \<r reci*ive<l .it this office, properlyendorsed and sealed, until Tuesday;, the 13ch day <>1 May next, at 3| o'clock, P M., for the following; 111 -.tenuis, to be used in the con suuciioii of i wharf; the delivery to t#e mule in the usual man- I her, it the N*vy Yarn, free of exjwvise, viz:? j2j0 ffrcvn, round, ll? .nlcck or White Tine Log*, with the hark j on, lit>in JO to ii*et l?>ii?, to average not lei* than 35 feet in I length, 9 niche- 1.1 diameter ..t the larger end, and 7 inches at the miller *iid. 750 rou ul White Pine Loss, Jl to 4? fi-et lonp, to average 12 inclew diameter in the middle; if 42 l'eet loug, each log to count as two logs. 18,750 cubic feet White Pine Logs,# hewed square of straight and parallel width, to measure 11*10 inches, and from JO to CO W t I ivei ? ft I MIC* iJ.000 tons, luit r > exenrd 1^,000 totm, of Mountain Stone for the above The atones iiot to irt"-**ure more than two feet in di am- ' r auU to K* delivered .is lequirod, and to !>?? inea*up'd, j> irkril in b'nu- as solid, illovvjn^ 11 cubic feet to the toil, sub ject to tl?e inflection of the \ urd The timber to be delivi r?-d subject to tin- inf ection uf t?e Navy \ ard, and to be in all re *ivct? u rfecti/ *ati>ldCtory, as follow* One naif of th?- lound lo o*i or before the 15th of June, and the rem tiudi^r, toKvthei with all tlie square timber, by the 1st August, in c:is" of failure, to be delivered by the time specified, [ Timber or ^ton? -to be purchased, and the excess of cost to be deducted from bi!l< Two ?nir*ties will be required in one-third the eitinnti-d amount of supplies. for furthei information, apply at the Navy Vard, Brooklyn, Navy Agent'* Oflice, New \ ork, April 12, 1845. PROSPKR M. iVETMOKE, al4l'..v. i?"r Navy Atcent. FASHION. PHALON'S FASHION FOR SPRING 1845, FOR HAIR CUTTING WITH CLEAN BRUSHES FOR EVERY PERSON. (211 Broadway. Op|K?.?ite Si. Paul's.) PHALON begs to inform his t Customers n-;d the Public that he is prepared to Gal Hair in the most appropriate style for the season, being a decided improvement (o the cout.iur of tlx person, and combining comfort with elegance. Remember, it is Phalon who introduced the system of clean brumes, bv having a lar^e number, w that none are used a ??* coud time without churning. Every body fi-els the necessity of it?and they Hock to I'lialon's Saloon, iilt Broadway, when ever)-attention is paid to the art of Hair (Jutting, Wig Ma king, lie. in:inlin*in PORTER, ALE A N I> C I DE R . JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTL1NG ESTABLISH MEN T, NO. 2 ANN 8TRKKT. neit door to the American .Museum, returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already re ceived, and hopes by strict attention to business to merit a con tinuance. FIRST QUAL1TV? Philadelphia Porter Newark Cider, Croton Ale, London Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale. Ordef. for shipping attended to Willi despatch. inlill ee | soda mscriT and sr< ;ar crackers, i Tilt SLTBS(. RIBKK wishrato make known to the public, that the Biscuit inide at his Bakery are entirely different | from the SO HA BISt LIT ANU 8UOAR ('KACKERM made ! in imitation of his; they have been used by invalids for more j than twenty year.-., with (he best re-mlu. The above BISCUIT, i also BUTTKR AM) WATER CRACKKRB, WINK. BUTTKH, A.N'D .MILK BIStTIT, PILOT ANU NAVV BR KAU. all of the first quality, are constantly for sale at the well known establishment, 27S WASIIINOTON STREKT, Corner of Warren st. a 19 Im're KI'HH AIM Tltl.AUWK.LL S SON._ t'ENTlNE I.M1H >RTED HAVANA SEGARS. rpilj'. SUBSCRIUh.K offers lor sale, at wholesale and retail, 1. the Allowing choice brands of S?-^ars; in point of quality there is nolle su|?-rior in this city L'ttnez liegali'a.. Yngenmdad, do Panetelas, ~ , do Small sixes, Palma ( elehrada. Ka Kragancin. t amines, (for the Southern Norma, _ market.) Venus, Panetelas, (ofvariousbrands.) t abana, (suitable for Loudon llcvpliM do do market.) Trabwusoi, Eatrella, do Esperania, Noriega, (of superior quality.) Strangers, citizens, and the trade generally, would to well in calling and examining this splendid stock of Segars previous to purchasing elsewhere, as all the above Segars are genuine I in- I ported Havanas, and contain nothing but Tobacco of the first | uud liest quality . U. M. HKNRH^t'ES, mil lm*rc it William street. | F A B E R S E G A R F A C T O R Y , 71 DIVISION STREET, NEW YORK. THE UNUKR9IGNKU have established an extensive Segir Factory, at 71 Division stmt. New \ork, under the direc tion of .Mr. J. W. BKOWN, who has been Superintendent of one of the largest Factories in Havana for nineteen years. The following kind* of Kegars, manufactured in the Faber Se gar Fart.irv , M of which i large stock n WW on hand, Will be found equal to any Havana Segars of corresponding style and age Imperial Kegalias, Trabucos, Common Sin-, Regalia, Paueti las, Loudon 8i/e, Ca-adores, Can one-,, Principe, I All boxed in the Havana style The III -? riliern have setiled the Son of their Srnior in Hav a na, for the express ptirposeof selecting Tobacco for their Facto ry, as alto for [lie pur|s>?e of selecting Segars suitable for this market. They have now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Havana He. gars, entitled to debenture, of the following brands :? La lndig. Woodville, La Cabana, Noriagf, Fraganxa, La Norma. Ur '"V i, Cnbrey, Ei|?-.ranza, Lord U/ron, Lpniau, Rioudo, Eseulapina, Minerva, La Fama, K* "alma, Victoria, (Columbia, DosHermauo., Lal'.x Mao. Principe,lie. , . JOHN H. FABER & CO., f27 3m*re ... r nir.rt ? i (i _No. 1 .New street, corner of \Val|. ^V HOLkmLK SK( i A If F M I't ii< iTTvr THF. HUBSCKIBtRh offer fo 'ab-i'l M' gar?, m-,i|e of be^t s -Ir ele.l ]i ?,'f ' ""Onmentof S. b?*ji msnitfMCtured ?i* months *rt> .'ni ?|.nccu' a"d having """ ^ wAVted' T Justs Hrmcipr-v, '.V*.,,"l <"ol"'l'e"", ?17 im*rc KENNETH ?t LAVERTV, ^O.OO^lIiW " ' I .em w.fl lie lot' ,d (...l,;,,, ' ' 400 BBI a. Sail, A x'7 f [23ST0" f,; J,rt I bis. Bin, ! ,,1, ' Uld 3 "i 3m*rc i JOfl hbj> s\o?i. I, f ii 3* i l<>' do Ni J Mess Sh nl ljnn h.lfdo do do do. X) h'llf Mils Mo, 1 Mnviirofklf ui, i W llbl ( VkI ami Seal, |. j.?, M''vl' toil do No. I Uili'd Herri. U, iniii ke^j i Du'rh do ***> lb* Sin. J.mI S-1mon. *5 fc;t, Sons.d do ?^nn do S-niMih anu Tongue*. ??gH ltls Co4 r'nh, iiitahle for shipping. Mill ?i, li \.Mo i ? Ssll. yi l, .i( and JO quarters mess Mackerel. J0t?l noxe. lligby Herring. 11*1 qusiter b irrel, Ssluiop. ^VmC,0W '"nK^OnT^eLlS k CO., ?l Dvy .t SPHI-VG WITH ALL ITS CHARMS THE 8IUN OK THE QOLDEN FISH, an Broadway, corner of Chamber* itrwt. gentlemen will find a uiost splendid assortment of the uuder mentioned .articles, just rp (vivftl from Pari* and Loudoi. of the newest fashions, calcula ted for the present and approaching season, which he offers at such price.* a* will ensure the patronage of those who favor him with i call. Cravats of every variety, Handkerchiefs, Silks, and Cambric Hemmed, or not Hemmed?Stocks and I'ies ol evsrykind?C ollars and Bosoms of ail the new styles, for standing up or turning over. Gloves?a very extensive assort ment; Hosiery of every description; Under Shirts and Drawer* lor Spring and Summer wear, consisting of Merino, Silk, Thread, Cotton, and Ciauze, or made to order; Russian Belt*. Money Belts and Shoulder Braces, SttsDenders, Umbrellas, Bathing Caps, Morning iiowns, Purses, Brushes, and Combs, and in fact every article that is required for a gentleman for an entire outfit for his wardrobe. Particular at tent iuii is paid to the manufacture of Shiru. of j which u splendid Assortment will always be found on hand or made to measure in the best possible manner. Also, Silk Shirts I and Drawers made to order. N. B.?The Golden Fish will ?wim from 271 to 207 on the 1st of May. in30 lm*oc i FISH HOOKS, Arc. I JOHN CONR.OY. 62 Fulton street, corner of Cliir street, | importer of Fish Hooks, ulso imjiortcr aud manufacturer of I Fishing Tackle iu every variety. City and country dealers suj>- | plied in small and large quantities, on the most libera! terms, and j the lowest |H>ssible prices. A large assortment of K as tern made llax Fishing Lines, all sizes, at the manufacturer's prices. 400 Bamboos, and 75,000 silk worm gut, of various qualities, for sale al lm*ec i TO LET.?A Parlor and Bedroom, very ucatly fur- | uished, to gentlemen aud their wives, or single gentlemen. it 117 Franklin street. a20 lm*ec A PAKLOK AND BKDHOOM, handsomely fur- ! lushed, to let, with or without breakfast and tea, at 113' Liberty street. m3 3t?rc I TO LKT OK LKASK. ; MA PI LC K OF LAND, on the Kighth Avenue andttfd ; street, containing about la acres of land. There is on the premises a Frame Dwelling, which would be repaired for < a good tenant. Apply to ANTHONY CARROLL, i& lIn*ec r _ 25 Nassau st. JgfL TO LKT?Possession given immediately?A three sto |'*!W ry Brick House, handsomely finished, No. 101 1st Avenue, im'iow occupied by Wm. W. Campbell. It is admirably calcui ited for a genteel private residence, being a very commo dious house, and possessing most of the modern improvements, marble mantels, grates, mahogany folding doors. The Crotou Water will lie introduced, aud the house tainted both inside and out, and otherwise improved. Knquire of Walter Kreler, 98 1st Avenue, or 25 Piue street, Evening Post Buildings. m3 lw*rc TO carPenteks, CI LAIR MAKERS, caw nktmakerw, \-c. \-c. TO LET?A row of Crick Lofts. or Shops, suitable i for Carnenlers, Chair Makers, Cabin. I ^lakr.-., &c.. Sic. j ___i8itu?teu in the retrof Watts street, between Varick ,111(1 Hui|?on streets. Possession can be had immediately. Also, to Let, three or four Brick Stables, with Lofts, 4cc., ill th? rear of No. 2U Sullivan stnnt, near Grand street. Apply at No. 175 Hudson street, a29Ct*rc BURNIIAM'S MANSION HOUSE,1 BLOOM1NGDALE, JML IS now rebuilt and open for the accommodation of vi MJW sitors. A new story has been added, containing severil JaJHL delightful rooms, suitable for small families or single Ken There is a large stable on the premises, and good grooms to at tend any horses kept then by the boarders. For n summer residence, this house, from its healthy location, and proximity to the city, offers (mat inducements. Stages stopat the door every thirty minutes during the day, and convey th.' passengers to the City Hall for the fare of I2>j cents. ml 3teod PI E KMONT HOUSE. THE PROPRIETOR, having leased for a term of year*, of Eleazer Lord, l-.sq., this establishment, which will be open in June next, I beg to call your attention to its advantage*. This house, which stands on an elevated position, twenty-four miles from the city of New York, at the termination of the New York and Erie Railroad, commands as fine a view as any place on the Hudson, including the whole of Tappan Bay, and the river for twelve miles, the village of Tnrrytowii, Sing Sing und Nyack. The place is proverbially healthy, ana the scenery in the adjacent legion is diversified aud highly romantic. The va rious rides aud walk,-., one leading to the mountain, afford beau tiful views of the E ist Hiver, Newark Bay, fcr., fce. The Kail road affords great facilities to parties going fishing, fowling, and to view the far-famed "Viilley ofRamapo. The subscriber is determined that no effort on his part shell lie wanting to make this house a quiet and comfort tble country resort- To the invalid seeking a restorative, ?s well as the mail of business, who wishes his family to enjoy the benefits of conn try air, while he is compelled to itu .id to business in the city, there are lew places possessing the (nine advantages. A steamboat will ply daily between this place and New York, to enable the man of busiuujs to be in the city at 9 o'clock, A. M.; returning, leaves the city at I and fi o'clock, P. M. The house is newly and neatly furnished?rooms large and airy. Several cottages will be in readiness lor the accommoda tion oi large families who desire to be still more retired, and to take their meals at the hotel. Families wishing to hire these cot tages for lite season can have them furnished or unfurnished. The subscriber trusts, with proper exertion on his part to please, that he will gain for the "Punnout House" the appro! a tiou of its guests. H. D. RICE. ?2!) lweod*rc FOR SALE. ? A SMALL FARM - Situated six miles from Morris town, near inrid^e New Jersey, and within three and a half hours ride from rhe city, daily, containing twenty acres of land, in a high state of cultivation; and improvements, .1 handsome Two Story House and Kitchen, jrood Barn, Ste.~ There is also oil the iiremises a good variety of Fruits. For in formation apidy, to James Barkley. corner Avenue C and Second st.; Harrison Price, No. 22 Coentie* Slip; or to Robert Bark ley. at1 the premises, all lm?ec REAL ESTATE MARKET, Basement Office, 37 WaU street, New York. A very beautiful Farm of Thirty-Two Acres, A|X ^highly cultivated, an abundance of the choicest ]?|h .kinds of fruity a good dwelling house and outbuild iugs, situated near Llizabethtowu, New Jersey, sixteen miles i,y railroad from New York, is offered?a great bargain?at $3,000. City property will be taken in excitant ? a28 4teod?ec ARNOLD BUFFUM 8t CO FOR SALfc OR F.XCHANOK AT LOW PRICK.? fcAn excellent Farm of <M)0 e < in Westchester county. 14 .miles from this city, o. e mile from 11. 11. R.depot at \Vil liams' Bridge, mansion large and new, coach houses, stables, sheds, large farm house, fine fruit, splendid views of Sound, Long Island, Ike., very healthy. Stage* pass daily neirintblic landing. Immediate possession. Apply at No. 185 Kast Broad ABOUT SWE TONS OF GARDEN SEED for |sale on moderate terms, and in quantities to suit purchasers *at T. BRIDGKMAX\S permanent family establishment, No. B7f> Broadway, viz: 2,500 lbs of radish; 1,000 lbs of beet, in cluding mangel wurtzel and sugar beet; 000 lbs of turnip; 7'K) lbs of orange aud white cattle carrot; 500 lbs of onion; .'<00 lbs of st iiinch; 200 lbs of cabbage, together mitli celery, cucumbrr. grerti corn, leelc, lettuce, melon pusby, iwisnip, salsify, seen beai>cas, flower seeds, See., of all the choicest sjiccies and va rietiv'i. A o, by his son Alfred, on Jo* rmp premises, a general as sort e it of GRKKN IfOUSK PLANTS, embracing about JJ0 of tli 'most celebrated varieties of geraniums; all of the best kim'. of monthly roses; togeth* \ with azaleas, camel las, carna tions. cactuses, verbenas, ai.d other flowering and ornament il plant>. including the I:est double dahlias, 6te. Uc. AM RICANSTANDAHI) HORTICULTURAL BOOKS ?contniiiiugthe results of JJ5 years' practice in the vicinity of New York. "The Young (Jirdeners Assistant," the Uth edi tion. improved, 510 pa gen * "The K i t r hen ( hardener 's Instruc tor: 1 "The Florist's Guide." and the "Fruit Cultivator's Man- j naif' for sale, wholesale aud retail, by the author, 870 Broadway, corner of 18lh street. a22 2w*rc i father bkix VIffii.iSfT an"0 bedsteaf) r WAREHOI SK. 1JC AND lifi 'JREENVVH'H STREET, Corner of Cowrtlaudt street. Feather* from I* to 1s per lb Hiir Mnttraivs, from S3 to SZi Mou do 2 to 10 Palm Leaf 3 to 8 Com llusks 2 to H Bed, 3 to Zj Blankets 1 to B Comforters, from I,.'Ml to2,30 Toilet Tables ? ? ? 1.12 to 1,40 Waslixtaiids. ... .. 1,12 to 1,40 Bedstead., of mahogany, black walnut, curled maple, plain m iple, all the different pattens in u*e, ar.d ill price from $3 to S3(l, according to the style and finish. The attention of the public is ,e?iiecially called to the Patent Premium Right aud Left Screw Mrdstead. This bedstead must be examinedbefore iti qualities can he known. They caniiot wi ll l>e stated in an advertisement. Tlier lure been in use about four yearn?have tiken the premium (a silver medal) at the Fair of the American Institute, and over 11,000 have been .old? better evidence is wanted of the value of the article! Every hotel and boarding house in the United States should have this bedstead?private families cannot do without them. Old Feather, dressed and renovated, and \1attrasnes made over M ? ?uew, SAMUEL S. PAHKKK. ail lin'ec CAHPETIXG. 434 I'K.iKL STRIiTST. Til E SlT BS( Rl BKIIH hivejuw otwticd the lar^e and .tiacious CARPET WARE ROOMS, No. O, Pearl ?tre?t, former ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt Jit t. o., and are now ready to offer till- pub) if an entire new .toekof Carpeting, bought expressly for tlie spring Italic some ol which are exceedingly rich, of new de signs ami color*. Aiii/mr them ni u lie found? j 94 NEW SETTS KIJJMINSTLR BRUSSELS, Entirely Hew. 1U PS. KIDMINSTER THREE JM.Y, i llich Shading. Sl'PK.RFINE FINK AM) COMMON INORAIN CARPETING, Of every variety and description. ! Rugs, Druggets. Table and I'jumi Covers, Worsted, Tufted I anil.Jute Mats; Oil Cloths, very heavy _;nil in great varieties, from 2 to 21 feet wide: together w ith all other articles usually found ill the trade. The public are requested to call and examine stock before purchasing. PETERSON Si HUMPHREY, m20 2m*m 14>1 Pearl street. ours G HOJii-'sT'ATh' VT | K X T EN8I o N 1)1 N I N* <i T A H L ^ WITH METALLIC- SLIDES, long known as the Mrist d? ralile, convenient, and elegant of extension Tables maun* fact ured; warranted to run easy constantly, and not to he affect ed l?v dampness ur warp inm of the wood. A large assortment of choice natterus. suited tor private parlors^ hotels, steamboau, lie., together with a general assortment ?>i Cabinet Furniture, alwa>^ou liand, at the Ware-rooms, No. 110 Grand strr*?t, cor ner of Kim, wh? re tlie public is res|iectfully invited to call and ' xatnine. i2 i Im' <-r PURGE'S First Premium new Patent two Ov?u Ranges, combining economy, convenience and durability. These Ranges arc warranted superior to any ever offered. They are so co'istmrted that it is almost im|>o*sihle for them to get out of order, or for the plates to crack, so common to all other Ranges. They have been in nw for the lart 18 months, and in every in* stance given the utmost satisfaction, and in no one instance, has the oronrietor been called on to repair r>ne. All |Jan?re? put up by the subscriWr are warranted to give en tire s,)tisf?< Hon; if they do not, they will be taken away without the least eipena* to the purchaser. OKOHGK PUKCK, Proprietor, Imebt Broadway. FINE NI'.W'TITaH, iV . IUST RECEIVKD, from the late sale., a ve<> Jarre and ex cedent ftssortmeut of fine new Oreen and Bl.iek Tea, sjl of which are offered at reduced prices. Hood fresh Young liysou, at Is per lb; fine do at is: superior at 0s; Oolong Souchong and Powcho it:, of the finest fcinn, from 3s to tier lb; (Irivn and Black, suitable lor kitclien use, at 2s and '/* W. Purchasers are invited to give the aliove Teas a trial, as tliey are clfcerd at least I2!j |>er cent less than can he had in tne city. \l-o, while and brown Sugnrs, at very low prices; Btunrt's and Woolsey's refined whit* and yallnw Sugar ami Molasses Sy* run; with i l.r^e s.sortment of Kamilyfirooeries, &c. Deiders .ind limilie, from the country ml inyileil to call and examine the above stock previous to purchasing. J. O. I'OWl.ER. Orocer ami Tea Dealer, ?''32wis*ri SLjO < rreenw ieh r r ? ? r Vlurray. XT' MIS' WATCHES \.M? .JEWELRY -fl who w ish to purchase (Join pi Sll.e,- Watcle s, Hold t h tins, Gold I'-'iieils, Keys ^e., will find it gre.uiy t? tlieir .()? , e t to C ill (Hi tli- iiilMcrilx'i wno is sellinunll desert|Kio'.is r?f the nbove at retdil llllich lower th in any other house III the city. Oold Watches as low a? $4> and $14 each. Watcliesand Jewelry exchanged or bought. All W itches warranted to keep good tim" or the money refunded. Watches aud Jewelry repair ed in the. best manuer mid warranted, at much less than the nmal price. ? >. C. ALLKN, lnn*>rterof Watches and Jewelry, slJ lia'e*! Whyltsaje and Retell, 3# WaJI ?t., up stain. w MRS. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS, M 326 BROADWAY. AN V t?nuu? luxe hevti ui. the ojttkiCT ut' Mr*. Carroll'" IWMM ikl rmvdv for. ?nd u a preventative of, colt)-', iiinueiixu, rlieuinatic affectum., kr Itc. Although it. Mm its ut iiuh cmm ciuii'ot tie overrated; it.hould not be forgot ten t ist ii? > luxury the Vapour Bath i? univer.nlly ireleiied to ??e> f other modi- of bithlng. Many are detarreu irotn trying it l?>m the erroneoua iilea of Ita being a formidable.gyration at tanked with inconvenience in till* MOmmt.terinf?.No bath can be more .unfile, safe and pleaaant than the Vapour B&th J. UIV.I1 at Mrs. ( irroll'i eitabli.hment Some, contrary to the principle* of iihyaioloKV and common u-nae imngiue tluii rl?i.' i? uaimt'i of tilting colli after a bath, the circulation by the ef fect of tin* buth i. ivndered more active uiid the .km it better en abled toresiM the influence of the atiuoaphere?hence the idea ot' catching cold after n boili i? almuril. Open from ?it in tlte morning till nine at uight. Portable BjiIu acnt to anv oait of the city. Sulphur 11 it lis require one hour's notice. ? ? * The Butlu w ill be removed lit of May to 114 Kultou at. a4 I m rc ~~ To the public. DALIXT8 MAGICAL P.M.N KXTKACTOK.-I11 offer ing this most valuable remedy for the following complaints the proprietor feels confident th*t the intrinsic worth of the Paiu Kxtractoi will of itself be a sufficient recommendation. In no instance liajft it failed to cure the following diseases Headache, Tic Doloreaux, Felons, VV punds, new or old, Rheumatism, Inflammatory Itheu Paiuaof all Iciiida, Bruises, inatism Swolen Joinu, Chilblain!, Black Tongue, Sprains, Burns, Scald Head. Fever bora, Erysipelas, 8ore Throat, Salt Rheum, Piles, Frozen Feet, Broken Breasts and Sore Nipples. Pleurisy, Son* and Inflamed Eyes, fitc. See. flic. 8?Jd wholesale and retail at No. 128 Fulton street, (Sun Build ings) New i ork. None genuine without the written (not print ed) signature of H. Dal ley on the wrapper of each bo*. All orders to he addressed to H. DAL LEY, (care of Ansel V rost) No. 128 Fulton street, New York. al2lm*m FOR TIIE PILES. UNIVERSAL COMMENDATION.?From every city, i$???i where Dr. Upham's VEGETABLE I'lLE ELEi TL ARi has heeii introduced, the most gratifying intelligence of itsexcelleut effects have been received by the pro prietor. In hundreds of instances it has triumphed over cases which were deemed incurable. READ THE FOLLOWING REMARKABLE CASES.? A gentleman from Brooklyn. Lonir Island, after using two botes of the Electuary, gave me the following account.?Wlien 1 ob tained the medicine I was suffering severely from an attack of the Piles, and for two months had been afflicted with severe head ache, accompanied by a distressing sensation at ehe stomach. There was a perspiration about the head, but the body, legs and arms, were always dry and hu ky. The medicine removed the Piles, cured the headache and distress at the stomach, and created a natural perspiration over the whole body, and 1 am now in let ter health than I have been for years. A gentle mm who had long :> en subjected to Piles, suffering iuteusely from their continuance, informed Mr. Mitchell. 2M Bowery, New York, thattheii complete removal was effected by the use of the Vegetable Electuary*. This individual had tested all the celebrated external applications, each being attended with but very slight benefit. This Internal Remedy, however, speedi ly manifested its happy adaptation for this complaint, and most satisfactorily convinced the sufferer that the liigh reputation which the Electuary has attained is based solely upon the great and lasting benefits attendant ui?on its use. This certifies that I used Dr. Upham's Pile Electuary more tlinn a year ago, for Piles, of which complaint it cured me. I still use it when occasion requires and prefer it to anv other medi cine to obviate costiveness, remove morbid accumulations is the stomach anil bowels, .and to purify the blood?and after having used a great variety of inediuiue, I believe this to be superior to allothers. THOMAS WALL, Grocer, No. 37 Broad street. New York, March 10, 1844. Sold iu this city by the Proprietor only, a regular educated Physician, confined to an office practice for the treatment of Chro nic Diseases, No. 106 Bowery. Medical advice in relation to the above or any other complaints gratis. Price of the Electuary Si. IC/*" Remember that the Electuary is an Internal Remedy, and not an external application, and sold ONLY at 196 Bowery, four doors above Spring street. Office hours from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M jy28 3md&w *m __ ?? DR. MARSHALL HALL'S CORDIA L R E N O V A T O R . DR. MARSHALL HALL, one of the most celebrated Physi cian* in Europe, is the discoverer of this valuable medicine. It is now used in his practice among the nobility of England and through the continent of Europe, and in every instance where used according to directions, has produced tdc most h:ippy re sults. It not only restores the functions of life, but is exclusive ly directed to the cure of such complaints as arise from a disor ganization of the generative organs. It is a gentle stimulant ai d renovator of the impaired faculties of life, whether constitutional or acquired loss of sexual power and debility, arising from sy philitic disease. It will afford decided relief to those who by early indulgence in solitary habits, have weakened the power of their system, and fallen into a state of chronic debility, by which the constitution is left in a deplorable condition, and that nervous mentality kept up which places the individual in a state of anxie ty during the remainder of life. The consequences arising from this dange rous Practice are not confined to its pure physical re sult, but branch to moral ones?constitutional weakness, sexual debility, biought on by a secret habit indulged iu by young men. This is, when too frequently indulged in. the greatest evil that can befall man. Dyspepsia, weakness of the limbs, and small of the back, confusion of intellect, forgetfulness, palpitation ol the heart, aversion to society, consumption, emaciation, are tpe symptoms of this disease. Gleets, whites, irregularity, obstruc. tion of certain evacuations, total impotency and barrenness are effectually removed by this invaluable medicine. PHILLIPS & BOYNE, Agents for the United States. Price $2 per bottle, 6 bottles for $9. Sold at 14 Duane st. a21 lm*rc ESTABLISHED 1822. PETER ROSE, Manufacturer of Fine Cutlery, Surgical and Dental Instruments, has removed to No. 412 Broadway, near Canal street, New York. P. R. would respectfully call the attention of Physician*. Surgeons, Dentists, and Country Merchants, to his general assortment of Instruments and Cutlery, of the most approve.I patterns, which he will warrant not to be surpassed in quality and workmanship by any manufactured in this country or im ported. ? Hatters1 Shears, Knives, Rollers, &c., Bank Hammers and Shears, constantly on hand, and all kinds of Instruments and Cutlery mode to order, or repaired iu the best maimer. al7 3w*m JACKSON, STACY ,V SMITH. MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS of Pen, r.?cU et and Table Cutlery, Razor's, Scissors, Flies, Saws, Tool*, anil other description! of Sheffield Goods, ja.1l :im*m No. Ifi PLATT STREET, Up Stair*. M. WISE, 0 P T 1 CI A N , F 11 O M G E R MANY. Most respectfully informs the citizens of New York, *id iIm* public in general, that he has located himself in this city, and o|iens to-aa y at 137 Broadway, a Imp* A"d most complete assoit ment of Spectacles and Reading Glasses, in Gold, Silver and Ster! Frames. He would also remind the public, to whom he is partly known by his annual visits to Saratoga Springs since the lost nine vent, that by his knowledge of the optical science Ik is enabled to determine the glasses suitable for any eye. Persons with Wock eyes can be supplied with pluses which will greatly he.iefit and not strain the sight. Particular attention is called lo a li>-w style of perspertivr ground glasses of the finest ttint, which, through their hifh polish and true ground, produce tlie purest vision, and have been highly recommended as the best ii, their effects upon the eye for preserving and improving tlie sight in continued writing and reading. Snort-sighted persons, and such as have been operated upon cataract, can also lie suited, lie inserts likewise new glasses of superior quality in old frame and solicits the |iatronage of all in want of his articles. Pleiu call at M. WISE, Optician, f 11 3m*ec -137 Broadw HJ. LUGS, IIANUS, AH MS, Arc. THE LOSS OF KKKT AND LEGS NO HIND HAM K. TO THK ACT OK WALKING. JOHN K. THOMAS. Cork Leg Maker, See., 131 Grand street, comer of Madison street, New York, respectfully informs the public that he continues to manufacture ARTIFICIAL LIMBS, on a plan tie most correct and less complicated, having through necessity, i>iv ited, made and worn an artificial leg for forty years, and lieen a manufacturer for thirty five years, feels confident of giving satisfaction to all who call on Inm for Legs, Hands, Arms, or tha com mon Wood Leg. N. B.?All letters must be post paid. mlilS 3m*ec MR. SAMUEL ROTIIKOPE, (Native of Lyons, in France,) OPERATOR OF CORNS, No 151 DI.'Y STREET. MIL KAMTi .L ROTIIKOPE, (native or Ly ons, ill France,) a first rate hand in cutting Corns, legs to announce to the public that h- will un dertake lo extirpate Corns, w hether in the shape of Onions or Eagle's Eyes, from between the toes or any other callositices, as well as incarnated nails, by the simple menus of an Elixir, his own ?mention. The operation is performed in two minutes, without tlie least pain, or danger of hurt ing the toe. ^ Mr. S. Rothkope's invention is quite new, and differs very much from all other operations of thi? kind, as the Corn is t ike i from the very root. After tlie operation the patient may immediately put on his shoes, and walk as easily as if he hnu never suffered from corns. Operated persons may have the ? atisfactiiinto take in their hands the Com. look at it. and keep it. The operation will be performed at Mr. R.'s residence. Pu tietits attfiid-d at their own residence if nmiired. Ladies and Gentlemen will find it Mr. Rothkope's residence a book containing thousands of ivrtific.ites, froin the highest no bility, as well as from the most distinguished medical gcntlOme.i in Europe, on whom he operated to their greatest satisfaction. ui3 15t*ec TO T11K INDIES. DR. HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS. THIS new instrument for the radical cure of Prolaiisu" Vt' ii, or Falling of the Womb, hy external application, su|iersetling the u?e i of the ohiectional Pessary, is confidently r> ? !commended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration to health, it never having tailed of performing a cure, even under the most aggravated circumstances. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe as well aa in this country. It is adopted to the entire disuse of Pessaries, and all other paia lul surgical eniiedients. in the Lying-iu Hospitals of London and P.iris, and is i,iiii,e?snlly recommended in Kurnpe by medical men of the highest rank. Jii this country it is sustained by the leading members ol the faculties of Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent private practitioners. Rooms have been furnished exclusively for ladies at No. 4 Vusey st., having a separate entrance from the business depart ment, where a lady is in const ant attendance to apply Trusses and Supporters to female patients. all lin re HULL'S TRUSSES! NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with Rupture may rely f ^. ^^ttpon the le-st instrumental lid tlie world affords, I IP I?b application at the office, No. 4 Vesey street. to eiilu:, ol" the Agents in the principal towns in the flniled Slatea, Be careful to el amine the back pad of Hull's Trusses, to see if the, ar" endorsed i>y ur. tlUII, in writing. None are genuine, or to he relied upon us good, tvUnout his signature. Many persons i^ate undertaken to vend imitations of Hull's eel, orateci 1 riisses; and ttioi^aii'1 are imposed upon in conse quence. I hese imitations cannot l> . iKI upon; tlioy are made by unskilful mechanics, and are r.o better than lli< ordinary Trusts. Rooni<. haee Ijern fluej ?p No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively lor ladles, bar ing a separate entrance from the husineis depart ment. where a female is III coiulaiii at tendance to wail iiikmi leinale patients. all III) rc . ~ ~ READ THIS. A it Surgical and Medical line, esjiecially tliose of long standing, can n C"iye adyice and medicine gra ?i" "V.'Sf . ' Application, neither MOM or residence required, at No. 57 R. nle ,tn-et. ft. HEINE, M. D. I^O BOATMEN, AND OTHERS.?iVhig Stone of first 1 rate quality, wanted immediately. Appl> to WILLIAM FORGAY, ,r No. 41) Norfolk street. |>RI N'l'j NG PAPER? KNtfi reams News and Book Printing ? Paper, of aires usually renuired. Vat sain by ? . PER8SE ? BROOKS, *10 Iwrc Not. ?J and 47 Nassau street. 1 I HEAD WHAT SCARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL HAS DONE. THE UKF.ATK.8T CURE EVER YET PERFORMED BY ANY MEDICINE-IT NF.VF.R KAILS. ASTOUNDING KACT8! Phii.adixpmu, Jauuary4, 18Jj. I hereby certify ilut when I was about twelve yenrs old, I ?r idually became (leaf iu both ears, to that iu a few mouths I nund it almost impossible to hear uuless iu the vary loudest tones of voice. I remained iu that situation until last summer, a period of eighteen yean, wliru I heard of Scarpa'* Compound Acoustic Oil. I immediately obtained a bottle which I have liked, and am happy to say it nan acted like mafic aud quite cured me. Any one winning further information of my case, which 1 think a remarkable one, will fiud me by calling at my residence, Concord street, first door above Second street. MRS. REBECCA BAXTER. [From the Albany Daily Knickerbocker.] Whit Tr?v, June 3, 1844. This is to certify that I, Willard Jeuks, Proprietor of the West Troy Exchange Motel, having been afflicted with deafness iu one ear for tlie last twenty years, and iu the other for the last year, so tlut it was impossible lor me to h?ar the loudest voice, aud after trying various remedies without improving my hearing in the least, I was induced to try Scarpa's Acoustic Oil, for the cure of Dcnlness, and it is with gratification I am enabled to state that it has perfectly restored my hearing, and will be happy to see any |>ersoii who wishes for information in relation to my case, at uiv place iu West Troy. WILLARD JENKS. The following certificate was addressed to Messrs. A. B. Ik D. Sands, to whom the parties are known New York, Oct. 10, 1844. Messrs. Sands?(^eutlemen?The following statemeut of the beneficial effects produced by tlie use of Scarpa's Acoustic Oil on my daughter, I send you as an act of justice, that others may have positive facts to couviucethein of its value and efficacs. She was nearly deaf for two years, and could only be made to hear by speaking very loud. I purchased one bottle, w hich was used according to the printed directions, and before a quarter part of lib' bottle was applied, a hard substance was discharged from the ear, aud soon after the lie.iring iu both ears was completely re st,mil. It is now almost ayear siuce the cure was effected, and it is now proved to he n perfect cure. Further particulars can be obtained by those interested by calling at my house, No. Jl Essex street. B, T. WARING, This valuable medicine is for sale bv A. B. Ik D. SANDS, aole agents for the proprietor*, No. 7W Pulton street, tfi Broad way, Granite Building, corner of Chaiubers street, and 77 East Broadway. a!3 iin*m THE INVISIBLE WIG QO clotely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics and ?3 connoisseurs have pronounced it the most jwrfect and extra ordinary invention of the day. The great advautageof this novel aud uuique wig is its being made without sewing or weaving, which causes its ap|>earaiice? so closely to resemble the natural hair, both iu lightness and natural appearance, as to defy detec tion, its texture being so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all cases of perspiration evaporation is unimpeded and the great evils of other wigs entirely avoided. The skeptic and couuois seur are alike invited to inspect this novel aud beautiful Wig, and the peculiar method of fitting the head, at the manufactu rer's, A. C. Barry, 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, up stairs. a!3 lm*ec Ask for Ring's Verbena Cream AND take no other, if you would enjoy that greatest of all luxuries, ease aud comfort in Shaving. It is recommended iu full confident)*, as lieing the very best Shaving Soap in exist ence. Then' never was any thing that approached it in virtues peculiarly its own. It is now made by the original inventor, much improved both in appearance and quality. To merchants it will afford a better profit and give better satisfaction than an other which they can sell. All are requested to call and see the article as now prepared. Those who purchase at 392 Broome st. or U0 Maiden lane, cannot fail of getting tlie ne plus ultra of mo dern inventions. Kor sale by the inventor, C11AS. H. RING, at 3!K! Broome street, a8 lm*rc between Broadway aud Bowery. HAND'S SARSAPARILLA. THE human body, in this climate, always warmer than the air, i? continually throwing off heat. When the proceu ii is not performed fait enough, the consequences ore fever and in flammation. Erysipelas and all eruptive diseases, are. the results of an unnatural condition of the blood, of which too much heat is one of the cause*. The surplus of caloric, unable to escape by its natural outlets as fist as generated within, frequently causes angry eruptions 011 the surface, varying in their character with the temperament of the individual and other modifying and predisposing conditions, it is obvious that the first object in such cases should be to restore the blood to its natural state. There must be something wrong 111 the great laboratory within, some unhealthy ingredient, or an undue proportion of some na tural ingredient, is present in the blood, and what is required is n medicine that will purge that lluid of a morbid and acrid matter, and restore (if destroyed) the just equilibrium af its constituent parts. This is the peculiar function of SANDS' SARSAPA RILLA. It regulates the secretions, and restores the disor tiered glands and oryaus that supply the lluid, of which the blood is composed, to their uatural slate, to that each contributes its proportion to the stream of life. The following letters, just rqme to hand, furnish additional testimony of the intrinsic virtues of the Sarsaparilla. They speak for themselves :? Nrw York, March 17, 1WS. Messrs. Sands?Gents?About the middle of August, being out on a gunning excursion, I had the misfortune to scratch my leg with a ihjisouous weed or brier, which shortly afterward, became much swollen and inflamed, and which continued to grow worse, notwithstanding the use of various remedies usually lirescribed ri such c&sei. In the fall 1 was taken ill with the bilious fever, which, in consequence of ini|>r>>lM >" trcauniait, settled in the leg injured as above. The sore on my |rg, which had hitherto been confined to one spot, now spread all over tin leg, until the surface, from inv ankle to the knee, became one continuous ulcer, which discharged large quantities of virulent matter. During all this time, 1 w;u under the treatment of seve ral of our best physicians, without receiving any benefit from tlieni; when, oj a last reeort. 1 procured a lew bottles of your Sarsaparilla, the use of whicn has entirely cured me. 1 used only four hottlea and a half in all, and my health is uow perfect ly restored. Kesjiectfully yours, J. 8. JONES, 1J9 Chyristie street., Ky., Veb. 22, 1846. Messrs. A. B. k D. Sands?Having used your Sarsaparilla in my family, and w itnessed its beneficial effects on one of my cbildreu, 1 feel it to be a duty I ?we to the community to make the case public. About two years ago, my little son was at tacked with Scrofula, or King .1 Evil, which broke iu eight or nine places around the neck and jaw, and which filially affected 1 his eye*, rendering him entirely bliud. During the first year, I from the time he was taken, he was attended by several physi cians, but continued to get worse, until I de*|>aired of his ever getting well. Having seen your Sarsaparilla advertised, with certificates of its cures, 1 concluded 1 would give it a trial, and accordingly seat to Cincinnati and procured a few bottles, and now, after haying used in all nine bottles. I have the gratification of saying he is well. The sores arc all entirely healed, and his sight nearly as good as it aver was; and I have 110 hesitation in saving, that he has been solely cured by the use of your Sarsapa rilla. Yours, truly, E. BA88ETT. Prepared andsold, wholesale and retail, by A. B. 81 D. Sands, Druggists, 79 Fulton street, 273 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. Sold also by Druggists generally throughout tlie United States. Price $1 per bottle?si? bottles for Si. a6 lm*m KNAJ'FS INDIAN STRENGTHENING- PLASTER. THESE PLASTEllS prepared for pains and weakne-s in the back, breast, side or limbs, bruises, sprains, kr , and for asthmatic affections, and croup in children, will in most eases give immediate and soothing r J Iff. They will also be found highly beneficial for complaints of the Liver, Lungs and Kidney. Persons of sedentary habits, whose business requires them to sit or stand much, who may be troubled with weakness in the client, or |.iain in the side or breast, will nml great relief by wear ing one ol these Plasters. Willi regard to tin' efficacy id' these Plasters, nothing need lie said, as tle y c.:rry w ith tliein their own recommendation, and the price being so remarkably low, is a sufficient inducement for those afflicted to gi\e them a trial. The proprietor is confident that by the great and increasing de maud lor these Plasters, the popularity wliich they have obtain ed solely by their own merits, and the universal satisfaction which they have given, that they are decidedly superior to any others in use. No pains is spared in making tliew as adhesive and pliable as possible, and iu rendering them free from all those objections which is a source of coinplaiut to the ordinary plasters of the day. These Tlasters need but one trial to give every satisfactiou de sired. Be sure and ask for Knapp's Indian Strengthening Plaster, ami see that his signature is on the back of each. None others are genuine. Made only by P. B. KN'APP, and sold wholesale and retail at his Medicine Warehouse, No. 362 Hudson street, one door below King street, New York. Also for sale by the Druggists gene rally. Price 12 1-2 and 18 3-4 cenU each. mJ2meod*rc DR. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, The Orrat Panacea for all disease* of the Lungs and Breast. all the medicines of the day, and there are a great variety which profess to be or great value to the human family, we hesitate not to pronounce Dr. Swayne's Com pound Syrup of Wild Cberry as ona ?1 the greatest discoveries of modern sci ence; of all the many compounds put forth for tlie cure of diseases which afflict human nature, not One remedy can be named, which has ill as short a space of time, acquired such unbounded confidence with the public, and has performed such miraculous cures, ami which has merited and received so mnch eulogium from the faculty and others, as this justly celebrated remady. Daily we learn from 1 sources of respectability, that cures have been effected iu Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Influenza, Bronchitis, Spitting Blood Liver j Complaint, Pain iu the Side and Breast, Rising or Tickling id the '1 hroat, Palpitation of the Heart, Nervous Debility, Broken Constitution, from the abuse of Calomel and other causes, and Consumption; which has baffled the skill of eminent medical practitioners, when invalids were given up as hopeless, by hn ving P ennine to, and i>erseveriiig in that powerful remedy, have lieen radically cured. There is now in the hands of tlie proprie tor numerous certificates of cures which would astonish credu lity itself were they made known to the world. To those who are afflicted with the above diseases, we say give this medicine a fair trial, you will then be convinced this is no inis<%able com pound, but a safe and powrrl'nl remedy, and that its curative powers stand alone and unequalled by none. , I AUTION.?From the great popularity of this medicine, per- ' sons have been induced to offer a siitirions article, with tlie name of WILD CHERRY attached. Therefore be cautious to ask for the original and only genuine preparation from this valuable tree. Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, Principal Office N. W. corner of 8th and Race streets, Philadelphia. n. w u M.i...? ?? 1 . ? ?* PRP I .*1 r-jiu, u. u. s wan anil J M. Winslnw, Rochester, New York; R. k J. Adams, and E. Kleine, St. Louis; Win. Thorn, Pittsburg; E. B. Hiuman, I'in ciiiunti; Pierson fc Harrison. 720 Broad street, Newark, N. J.; Benjamin Olds, 278 Broad street, Newark, N. J.; John 8. Harri son. Salem. Mass.: J. H. Pierce, 4 Stanwii Hall, Maiden Lane Albany, New Yorlt; Backus k Bull. Troy. New York; Spald ing and Harrington. Worcester, Mau.; James Green k Co., Worcester, Mass.; E. Hollidge, Buffalo, New York; Grant 8t Bockee, Poughkeepsie, New York; O. O. Woodman, Vicks hurg, Miss.; I!. 8t J. Brewer. Springfield, Mass.; J. P. Hall It. | Co., Boston, Mass.: E. S. Holden, East Boston. Mass.; Ransom ' St Stevens. Boston, Mass.; P. M. Cohen k Co., Charleston, S. (.'. jaA3m*irc REWARD?CROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE? 7Kor the cure of Gonorrhrea, Gleets, Strictures and analagous complaints of the organ of generation. Of all remedies yet discovered for tlie above complaints, this is the most rettaiii, It makes a speedy and permanent enre, without the least re striction to diet, drink, eiposure, or change in application Jo bu siness. We give no long^ qnackish recommendations to deceive the 1 bis is a disease that unfortunately pervndea all ranks of soci jr?high, low. rich ami poor, matrimonial and single. They e here presented with a remedy by which they can cure them ?*yr * .iUt , "*P|WMrr, in th? abort eat time potMblr. rurtmr, the uiifife cannot contracted if a dove oft hi \Iii ttire u t.ikmi a{ night on Kiting to bed when exposed. It ia put up 111 bottle* *yith hill dirfrtionx Accompanying it. at $1 a bottle. One l>??ttlasts a wirk, which generally curt**? many aifi cured in two day 9. Kor sale, ,nlv at Wm fl. Milnor's, 192 Broadway, comer of John St., op|H, Site Franklin House. New York; Mr. Bam, corner ' ofCjiesnilt and Seventh streets .Philadelphia; and at J M Smith s, 1.12 Wuhinglon street, Boston; 21 Canal street New I Orleans; and 95 Main street, Cincinnati. ?1 ltn'rc I tWdesirraU-cases of every variety of secret disease, old ot atliinU- ulcers. concert In the throat, strictures, fcc., eausedby nial-prat'Licc. It 1* of the greatest importance for the unfortu nate to cWau ?mrn?.ced phy,}ci?u. Dr. E. i. tlie oldeit ??"?P"'",ICJJ? '"this city; In, practice jireat. his laccS. astonishing even after tin y have been ex|*lled ifotn the HoaritS i? I" brsl'- i i1 " urr w, ir?r?J>*ed for privacy. Call at U Peck blip and be convinced, flu cl?ar?? an. nio?t reasonabfe aud all eu*es are guaranteed. HEALTH AND .STKENGf H. 1> II . S. O. RICHARDSON'S C( >NCENTKATED SHERRY WINK BITTERS THE PROPRIETOR of thia Medicine offera to tha public the result ofaii extensive practice and a thorough inves titration ol the laws which govern a human system It cannot be denied by thoae who have becom* acquainted with ih? lingular virtues pi theae BITTERS, that tliey poaaeaa a pre-emi nence over all other* now iu uae for tlie diaeaaea which tier uro feaa to cure. It i> a well known fact that moat diaeaaes ariae from a de rangement of the Stomach and Bowela in youthful, adult and de clining life. The stomach cram'd with every diah, A tomb of roast, and boiled, and flesh, n:id fiah; When- bile, and wind, and phlegm, and acid jar, And all t!w man is one iuteatiiie war." Tlie extensive sympathies which exist betw ocn tliese and every other put of the Itviug body, is the found t ion of nervous dis ease* of all kinds, irregular appetite, drowsiness, wauderinr paiua, head ?che, lowness of spirits, Sic.; in ;l these, in their turn give birth It dyspepsia. palpitation of il.e heart, shortness ol' breath, jaundice, piles, fevers, inflammatory humors, coughs, and a host of diseases, which embitter lite and |wuou all sources of enjoyment. Tlie distinguished character of these filters it most strikinjgs their operation being more or less powcrfttl, according to the vio lence of the disease. When used 111 appropriate quantity in case; of slight derangement of the stomach and bowels, caused by cosrnenessor a slight bilious difficulty and the like, wherena t""* ???*?' to prevent more se. ious consequences, tliey will be scarcely felt. Ou the contrary, iu obstinate cases, they frequently o|?'rate more powerfully, causing two or three evacu ations daily, until tlie circulation nuid becomes purified. This accomplished, they act upon tlie system iu connexion without food, each receiving mutual assistance, until the constitution is restored to It state or health and renewed vigor. Sold wholesale and retail by A. B. &, I). SANDS, Agents, No. 79 Fulton street, 273 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway. al3 1m*m DVSPEI'SIA, OR BLUE DEVILS. A SAFE, speedy, and effectual cure, for those that am afflict ed with this obstinate and tormeutiiig disorder of the di Wl" i? TURNER'S Dy8PEPSIA RE MhlJY. *1 hi* remedy hu been used successfully in private iractice, by a Physician of eminence, for years, and has never failed in a single instance. Ow'Mfe'' ,ud "Uil* th? rr?P"?or. ? E. W OWtN S, 330 Bowery, corner of Bond street. Price $1 per bot. [ ? *27 lm*ec D1SKAS.ES OK THE. URINARY OROANS-Such as mr(jj &ll<* ^Cute Diseases of the o!eet,00n0rrh#8*" I Prostrate Gland, Strictures, Kidneys, and Seminal weakness, ijOiiiKf Diabetes 2cc 8cc are.speedily and effectually removed by Abernet'hy's"Botanical i i r' without onrparticleof mercury. Tliey are equally suita ble lor females. They give tone and energy to the generative or gans, rarely, if ever, experienced from taking other medicines. J. m*. WatJ0li' -^L,,0,hec<u'if" Hall, 36 Catherine st., and 127 Maiden l-ne; and in Sag Harbor, L. I., by Shipman, Druggist. Price $1 per box. ail lm"ec ABBOT may he consulted confidentially at his office, n " "" persons afflicted with delicate disea ses, old Synlulitic Diseases of the Bladder, Urethra, and Pros I".1,'. 'r1." tolt'"; Several years experience in tile . hospitals ill Europe, beside* sixteen year's practice in tlie city of New York, entirely devoted to the treatment of d.TicaU diseases, enable him to warrant a speedy and radical cure in the r?A.Cre-uWlthtr thu. u" "f mercury. Ur. A, feels confi dent tliut he has informed more cures, and a-lieved more suffer ing humanity from the above diseases than any other Physician in New York. Beware of imposition, and do not mistake?16 A medicine may be had to prevent the above diseases in all their varieties. Attendance from 7 A. M. till 10 P. M. Charges rea ""lrU'le- m3 lm*rc " ON THE CURE OF STRICTURE. 1 N A FORMER ADVERTISEMENT ON STRICTURE ?l much pains was taken to explain iu nature?tlie diseases which were mistaken for it?its consequences and its cure; also !i ft that Stricture frequently exists in those who are not iu the least aware of it. Those, however, occupying too much space, the following remarks will be coniined to oertaiu circum stances, which will enable oue to judge whether be has this complaint or not and its proper means of cure Among other things it wiu remarked, that it was by no means necessary that tlie stream of urine should be obstructed or ever much diminished, in a cose of stricture; this, indeed, occurs in bad and long established cases, bi?t stricture may exist for months and eve.! years without producing any striking change in this respect. Neither is it necessary there should benain, or any thing; directing the attention to the seat of this disease. Pain certainly is now and then complained of. but, but it is onlv when inflammation happens to be superadded; and, with regard to other effects, especially of early cases, these are observed to fall upon the mind and nervous system, rather than the part it i: *"*> however, three circumstances which most pe culiarly belong to stricture, and, especially when they meet t? , gether,should never be lost sight off but lead to immediate means I of cure. Many other symptoms might be mentioned, but most of these belong to other maladies as well or relate to Stricture | ii its more advanced and settled form, while the following three belong to stricture in its early stage, and when it is so easily and """loved. The first of these n-latjs to THE MANNER OK URINATINO.-It has beeu already said the stream not be much diminished or impeded, but what is \ to be observed n the peculiar way in which it finishes, if it should happen, after the clothes are readjusted, that a drop or two should steal away so as to wet a little, this, trilling as it may seem, would afford a strong suspicion. Not that this drop or two can proceed from no other cause whatever; but, certainly UOn?5T.1?tilJT?c.V.1 M,,t without it. The next is THETIME A FORMER OONORRHQE MAY HAVE REMAINED UNCI,RED.?A Oonorrhoe, though not the only, is by lar the most frequent cause of Stricture. It is nol iu severity, so much as tlie length of time its gleety stage may have n*niaiued, that is to be considered. Neitlier is it possible in even case to state now long this may continue without producing Stricture, tor one is naturally more dispo*ed to Stricture than another. If. however, it should have continued from six to eight weeks, this length ol time at least would strengthen auy other T11 In*tances. The third is Mivn STRICTURES HAVE UPON THE MIHU.-Nothing is more certain than that the effect of Stric ture is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental energy. Not ii ? 11 romP'a*ued of in the same degree by every individu al, but it is sommon, iu one degree or other, that the writer rore Iv sees a cas. of Stricture iu which tlie patient does not observe that he is not so active, or capable of business as formerly. This rio.'.VhK. though little un.lerst.wd, but it is unques J ,n,r Whoever considers the natural connection mJ}. I "T'!"?1 organs, Will evily imagine that, as there is a medium by which the mind so powerfully act* upon these or ,h?,'luKh 'he same medium the sexual organs re-act upon M This, however, is better explained in "The Private r .k? ,*,l"h?r' *. Il,tlr volume which is sent to many parts of the world. As tlie cure of Stricture proceeds, the acti v'ty of mind invariably returns. ' " With respect to the cun;.of Stricture?this, it is gratifying to state, is generally accomplished in very little time, and without pain or inconvenience. Nothing can exceed ihe improvement of L f*'1*?1" tha treatment of this complaint. Indeed, in the lands of pro|ier and experienced persons, the cure of Stricture mn.<,'rh.iC(i?im| " """Y " formerly it demanded months. Many Persons consult the writer who come on busi ness to this city l<>r a short time only, but return perfectly cured though it has been a source of trouble and anxiety for years To iirY Ti!'' this opimrtunitv of saying that he mav be ran suited on the various diseases rvlerred to in his "PrivIteTW |l?-"-?t us dwelling house No. ?8 (Jreenwich sWt .t ^v hour; and, in consequence of the number of pretenders and books of quackery which mfest this city, he deems it proper u. mSk^ tlie following statement, as a satisfactory ground of coiifidenee to strangers. Besides his (Jradnat; of EdinbuJghke I ' !?? has bew engaged in the cureof tliese diseases, both in hospital and city practice for more than thirty years, and has published three editions of a work expressly ?n them. Also, that he has letters froin the most eminent physicians iu Euroiie from the most eminent men in America?as Sir Astley Cooiter of Lo.idon, to Dr. Mott, of New York; Dr. Physic, of I'hila'del f"1,' ,lmt lVT ?? permuted to refer to almost every Phj sician of nninence III this city. "The Private Treatise" is i ?, ** R*il'h, senr., 88 Greenwich street. mhza lm*m VICTIMS OF INDISCRETION. A REMEDY FOR SECRET DISEASES A BERNETHY'S BOTANICAL PILL'S .re .he'most sue rr.m^|y. rrrr discovered fpr the rure 0f gonorrhffia, of T? ITl' "i 4,1 ^ "imilar disorder of the organs o generation. The high, low, rich and poor, married and sin ?t fhleUtTm?''mThV''" w"tout l'**texposure, in theshort est i>ossibletime. 1 hey are free from mercury, and invigorate the system generally, es|vcially the generative organs. They are ^?blrit,r T.1''or T hew Fills were foryears p^crT bed bv the celebrated Dr. Abernethy in all stage* of the above complaints. Reader, remember that thousands fall victims and EvesawS>theml,t|0B? rU,l">d' wh?" one ho* of these Pill, would llS?ri*r '.T^2!!,t *nd ""V'1' by Wm. Wstson, Apothec.rits' "tJ'? * i *tharine street, and at 127 Maiden lane. rncc SI per box, with directions. t17 ]m?m MEDICAL NOTICE. Dr. Cooper?Sir?Last July I contracted a certain private dis ease, aifd immediately applied to a doctor, who promised to cur* me in a week. I continued with him two months bi^wai ^ dually getting worse; I tried one after another, all the advIrtJin. ul^l'i Ji! each en* promised |>ositively to cure me I al length discovered the object of these men was money anil thai -0r4- . lco?cl?'Wtogoi.,tothe hospital, where ! ^ i kept ine under a course ol mercury for eight weeks ui> throut ai.u nose were ulcerated, pains iu all mv minr* . J my body eov, r.-,l will, ulcers. I was a complete .keleJ<^'- M e doctors considered it dan^eruns to give ine anv rnons me i ' ? and advised a southern climate. 1 left the hosuita? SSa* vice of several friends, placed myrt f'n..?r ,n, M,' ?f January last I a,n now well and restored to iwfici h??kh I wish tin. pnblished. THOMAS oSeEN ij /? ' "rpenter and Joiner, Harlem ^ V Ur. Cooper warrants to cure every case no L _ i standing, of (Hr. t, Stnetnre and Seminal 'We.K ,, 71?,1,1 onjy ynaHfied Physiciiu, who EXT. COPUVA, (MBS, &C. THIS is (he most speedy, tlie most certain and effectual r?nf dy for the cure of (Jonorrhina, Uleet, Semin?| Kmisiions, ami all disclnrurs from the Un-thra. This medicine i? pleasant to take, free from smell, and in imrtable form, being a concentra tion of all those remedies that have been foond mon efficacious ill curing those diseases. Price $1. DR. OLOVKB i? consulted, aa usual, in thoae difficult and protracted c<i*es of Primary and Secondary Syphilis, Venereal Ulcere, Nodes, and Mercurial Diseases arising Irom unskilful treatment, (kr. Persona who suspect the existence of venereal taint should cpnmltDr- 0.,?l|Osee?tensivr tactical ciperience and regular medical acquirements, enable nim to cure those complicated ruses that Mare baffled the skill of those who have devotud less attention to this class of diseases. has confined himself to an office practice for the last fourteen jrear? in this city, and is well known as a successful Physician and Surgeon. lfis offices are in No. 2 Ann street, a few doors fmm Broadway. Trivale entrance fourth door from the Museum. Lamp at the iuner office door in the evening. letters confidential addressed to Boi 411, Lower Post Office, New York, willj^duly attended ta. a? lm*re (Uriu irs VK( iKTAHLK l.t >fl<>N FOR OF-EA1UNO AND BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION, piltTRf IPS VF.OKTAtlLK. LOTION will effectually re VV m?>?e'From the skin all oftniftm* blotches, pimides.tan, sun burn *nd fn rkl^. nltirh detract from hoaiify and a fair com plexion; llii* vnlnsMe I ^osmetic h*w bceen m e*t<*n?ive us* for miny yesrs. and is now conaiderrd au indispensable appendage to the toilet. Sold in bottles, at 7J cents each, at lllfl Bowery, cor ner of Springst- ? i. mvi Im*m Infallible bed bi <; Poison. W ATSON'S IH'O DKSTROYKK need, but one applies tion tind tin- bed bun* will ihun their former abode for ever, Proprietors of hot**)* and steamhotLs, and prlVlte families wlm wiab to k^rp free from these vermin, can do it at a small eifieiife and in a few minute*. Owing to the ftvet popularity of this prevention, several worthiest imitations bare been imposed upon the public. The genuine is ?old only at Apothecaries' M ill. r. < itherine strf*t; 127 Maiden lane, and in Brooklyn by Mrs. Hays, Kulton street. Price ? and cents per bottle, a26 lm'ec D Medical Aid. N R., GREGORY, tie Gold strest, is at home a* usuaLday and night, attending to the duties of hi? i>rofe?aiou. Stranger* and other* who may chance to need professional semoes private formed some extraordinary cun-?, but he never expoee* hi* p? tients' unm. by publishing their certificates. All iiittnunwi strictly conftdwtial. Dr. Gregory, besides being ? regular Physician aud Surgeon, i> the author of a treatise on diseases of a private uature, called "The Hubicou"?the umith edition of tlie book ia now ready. The work i? intended for tin' benefit of the invalid who may for certain rufous desire a private cure, and would therefore be hi* own doctor. If ila instructions are attended to, which by tax way, are very plain aud comprehensive, it will euable the patient to cure htutaelf with aa much facility as though lie were himself really a Physician. The price of the book >1. Sold by the author, at his reaidence, aud at tlia following Drug Stores:? .... . 16 William atreet, near Maiden lane. 79 Kulton street, corner of Goldstreet. 61 Bowery, corner of Walker atreet. 146 Delancy atreet, corner ol Suffolk atreet. 77 East Broadway, corner of Market street. 10 Kulton atreet. corner of White atreet, and both oornera of Broadway anil Chamber* atreet- a23 lta?rc Medical Card. DOCTOR MORRISON, . ORTH R1VKR DISPENSARY. 204X Kulton street.? - - Doctor Morrison continuea to be consulted confidentially ou all private diseases, which he cure* without mercury, or re atraint in diet or pursuit. Recent cases, particularly ' Gonor rhoea." lie curea in I to 6 days. , , _ STRICTURES OK THE URETHRA are cured by Dr. M. on improved principles, without pain or inconvenience to the |>atient. Aa the symptoms of Stricture are analogous with those of other affectious of tlie urinary apparatua, noue but ex perienced Surgeons should be allowed to make tlie necessary ex amination, as those affected with enlarged prostrate glands, may suffer much injury from awkward practitioners. NERVOUS AND CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.? This affection, aud the train of evils resulting from a secret de structive habit in youth, iuducing nocturnal emissions aud ulti mate impotency, are radically cured by Dr. M., on pat. ological principles, by restoring the system to a healthy toue and rein stating its origiual vigor. A perfect cure guarauteed, or not *B.-Dr. M. holds no communion with medical pretenders, who claim to be Surgeons, as lie is, perhaps, the only qualified advertising Surgeon in the city. See his diploma* in his office. 204)< Kulton street. Letters post paid and containing a fee will insure medicine and advice to any part of the Union. Office 204% Kultoii street, near Greenwich, New York. Open from 7 A. M. ty 10 P. M.. daily. i2 lm?rc Medical Advice. DOCTOR L AMERT is still confidentially consulted at hi* old office, 63 Gold street, between Kulton and Beekman, on all diseases of a delicate nature; hia treatment being mild and judicious, require* neither mercury, restraint in diet, or hin dranae from business pursuits. Recent cases cured in lor4 Debility. NERVOUS OR CONSTITUTIONAL, ari sing from a too frequent indulgence of the passious of indiscreet youth, and thereby causing nightly emissions, and eventually confirmed lmpoteacy, engage the Dr.'s strictest attention, his object being to restore the system, mentally and bodily, to thai state of vigor nature originally designed. 8TRICTURE8, a disease frequently existing without the pa tient being the laast aware, sometimes caused by mel-treatment of uninitiated medical pretenders, and sometimes by the neglect of the parties themselves, are, by the Dr. effectually cured, with out pain er inconvenience. ... , , ? JBt Tne Doctor being one of the few qualified advertising Surgeons in the city, guarantees a perfect cure, or no charge made. Let ters, post paid, enclosing a lee, immediately attended to, and me dicine, with advice, sent to any part of the United States. Office 83 Gold street. Open from 8 A, M. to 9 P. M. mhl3 lm*rc D MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE. OCTOR JOHNSON, 17 Duone street, so well known to the victims of Syphilitic diseases, as the most successful practitioner that New York can boast of, in tlie treatment of this destructive and almost unmanageable malady, is still to b<t fonnd at his old office. Dr. Johnson can satisfy any one that he is legally qualified to practice Physic aud Surgery?that he pos sesses a knowledge of general disease superior to three-lourths of your general "Physicians"?and that his skill in the treatment and proper management of ever)- variety of Venereal Disease aud Stricture of the Urethra, Is tire-eminent. My patients are not only from every part of the United States, but they come from tlie West Indies and Canada. 1 cure, on an average, 600 patients a year. I discountenance quackery in any form, and, thereflM. take this method of informing strangers, and persons in tlie coin try where they can find a physician skilled in the treatment of their disease. Every case I undertake I cure, or make no charge. No matter how long you may have Gleet, Stricture, Ulcere upoit the body, or in the throat, or nose, pains in the head end bones of the legs, 1 will and CM" cure you, if your case is cura ble. Constitutional Weakness, Kpnetime* called Seminal Weak ness, brought oil by a secret habit indulged in by young men. I have paid much attention to tlie treatment of this malady. Many an unfortunate victim of this utinatural vice has experienced my salutary treatment. Dyspepsia, weakness of the limbs and small of the back, confusion of intellect, forgetfulness, palpitation of the heart, aversion to socictv, are only symptoms of this com plaint. If my directions are followed I guarantee a cure. Post paid letters, with statement of case, containing $3 for advice, at tended to. With the exception of Dr. Cooper, of 14 Duaue St.. Dr. Johnson, ol 17 Duaue street, is the only regular educated Physician and Surgeon who advertises in this street. a29 lm*rc A BLESSING TO MAN AND WOMANKIND. THEdecrepid, the old, the ill-looking, and the disfigured of each sex, may hope now to become good looking, by ex pending M cents. There Is an article that will give youth to an aud beauty to hopicliues*. One cuke ol Jones' Italian Chemical Soap will change the color of sunburnt, freckled, or wrinkled ?kin. to youthful smoothness, clearness and beauty?it perma ntly cures pimples, freckles, blotches, salt rheum, scurvy, soru ad, barber's itch, or any cutaneous eruption. Persous who ve been deceived with counterfeits of the genuine Jones' Soap, nenti. head, would scanie beluve its wonderful powers. TUet such give it ono trial, and they will be gratified. Be sure to ask for Joues' Sosp, and take uo other. Sold at the sign ol the American Eagle, 83 Chatham street; 323 Broadwsy; 139 Kulton street. Brooklyn; 8 State street, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 57 State street. Albauy. sl'J lm*ec TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN. A I'ROCREATIVE ELIXIR CORDIAL. THE greatest discovery in medical science is that of M. M. Desoineaux, of Paris. He has entirely exploded the gene rally received opinion of tlie existence ol incurable sterility or barrenness, except indeed in cases of malformation, which are extremely rare. The invariable and universal success of his Elixir Cordial, in every instance, of producing that state of heal tit which results ill the wife becoming blessed aa a mother, who for years pined in childless loneliness, has fully established the fact, that what is usually termed barrenness is curable by the use of the Procreative Elixir Cordial. R is infallible iu se minal weakness, lluor albus, debility, incontinence and the va rious train of complaints arising from excess, illness, or impru dence. Its and invariable success is iu recommendation. Tlie fune of this wonderlul Elixir Cordial is well established. A sale of more than fifty thousand bottles anil packages is suffi cient evideuce of its excellence and the estimation in which it is held. It is pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Tlie nndersigned is the only authorised ageut in this country. Price $2 a bottle. Kor tlie convenience of those residing out of the city, the in gredients composing the Elixir Cordial are put up in package* for transmission by mail, with full direction lor preparing. Price of package U, inakiug three bottle*. All letter* must be i?stpaid and directed to Dr. r. MELYEAU, box 1224, N. York city. Office 129 Liberty street. N. B.?Ladies calling for the "Elixir" will be waited on by a lady in attendance. al2 lmDkW*m PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS, INVENTED AND PREPARED BY M. DE BOUDELOQUE,. M. D., LISBON. PORTUGAL. THE scientific combination of iugredients of which these Pills are com[io*ed, have made iheut tlie wouder and admiration of the world. They an- known all over Europe to be the ouly preparation ever discovered that >|as proved invariably certain iu producing regular menstrations, or monthly turns. The directions are translat.'d into English, and are enveloped rouud with tlie seal of the importer, stamped. Each box con tains the signature of M. de Boudeloque, and the English direc tions have tlie signature of Dr. K. MELVEAU, authorised agent | for the Contineut of America. Tin y can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United States. Sold by Dr. K. MELvEAU, agent and importer for the United States. Office 129 Liberty street, near Greenwich street. Price ti?half boxes $3. No half boxes sent by mail. Sold in Boston, at 9 Salem street. Letters directed to Dr. K. Melveau, box 1224, New lork, will meet with immediate at tention. All letter* mnst be postpaid. all lmdltlw*ec READTHEFOLLOWING ADVERTISEMENTS > or THE OOXdUSCfrS or Medicine and Pharmacy 95 NASSAU STREET. MEDICAL ADVICE in PRIVATE DISEASES. THE MEMBERS of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery, continue to direct their particular attention to all di*ea*e* ol a private nature, and can confidently promise to persons requiring medical treatment, a safe aud permanent care without iujury to 1 the constitution or confinement from businrs*' Invalid* an par 1 ticularly requeated to make application to tlie College on tlie tint appearance of those di*ea*e*, as a vast amount of suffering and time may be thua avoided. One of the members of the College, for many jt*n connected with the principal hospital iu Europe for tlie cure of those complaiuto, atteuds for consultation daily from 3 A. M. to 7 P. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine ti?a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS.?Pereon* living in the country, and finding it inconvenient to make per sonal application, can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicine* requisite to perform a radical cure, by statiug their case explicitly, togetlier with all symptoms, time of contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any, and enclosmg ti, post paid. ____________ ? CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED. THE TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by tlie College of Medi cine and Pharmacy of the city of New \ ork, is coufiMntly recommended for all cases of debility produced by secret indul gence or excess of any kind. It is an iuvaluable remedy lor impotence, sterility, or barrenness, unlesa depeuding ou mal-for msVngle bottles $1 each; case* of half a doxen ti, carefully packed aud sent to all part* of the Union. VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS. I J OR the radical cure of gooorrlun, gleet, seminal emissions, and all mocopurulent discharges from the urethra. These I',Hi, the result of twenty year's experience in the Hospital de ( lisrite in Paris, are pronounced by their celebrated inventor, I'rol'essor Velpeeu, as an infallible remedy for all diseases of tlie urethra. They effect a cure in a innch shorter time than any other remedy, without tainting the breath, disagree ing with the stomach, or confinement from busmeaa. Price, $1 per box. RICORD'S ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, FOK the permanent cnnr of primary or secondary ?yplniis, venereal ulcers, nodes, <,r any complaint Produced by an inju dicious nse of mercury, or unskilful medical treatment. All |htsoiis Nii?|x-ctiiiK ? venereal Mini remaining ui their ?yiti m should use this powerful purifier without delay, as no person cmi Consider himself sale after having the yenereal di*esse, with out thoroughly cleansing the system with thii justly celebra te?l alterative. Sold in single bottle* at $1 oach; in cases of half a down at $5; carefully packed and aeut to all part* of the Union. CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SARSAPA RILLA, GENTIAN AND SASSAFRAS, PRKPARED by tl* New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppn-asionofquackery. Thi? refuied and highly concentrated eitract, possessing nil the puri fying qualities and curative powers of tlie above herbs, is confi- ? dently recommended by the College na infinitely superior to any eitract of Harsaparilla at prra<?it before the public, and may l>e ri'lied on aa a certain remedy for nil diseases arising from an im pore state of the blood, such as scrofula, salt rheum, ringworm, Idothcfs or pimples,ulcer*, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cn taneons eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disnase arising fYom the secondary eft'ecta of syphilis or an injudicious nse or mercury. Hidd in single Bottles, at 71 cents each. " in case* of half a dozen Bottles, $3 .H) " " one dozen " V 00 Ca*es forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. B.?A very lilieral discount to wholesale purchaser*. dIDrc W. S. KICH AltlmON, M. D , Aftent. MADAME RESTELL, KMALE PHYH1CIAN, Office and residence Ml Greenwich m. street, lietwn-n Courtlandt and Liberty streets, where she ean be consulted with tile strictest confidence oucomplaints inci dent to the female frame. Notice.?All letter* (post paid) addressed to bo* New York: Bottou Office, No. 7 fcasez street. N. B.?M ADAMfc HKSTKLL would inform ladief residing ont of the city, whose health would not admit of travelling, that *he would devote her personal attendance upon them in anr part of the United SUM within reasonable distance.

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