Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1845 Page 4
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Political Excerpt, \o. 1.?Huron. The httio* should lie deeply dved to nuke '1 he tkui islieved appear more fairly for , She hid no need of this?dsy ue'er will break O i inou it mi tope more heavenly white than tier. . The eye might doubt, if it were well awoke, She wvs so like a visiou; I might err, But Shikapeirr alio sayt, " 'tit very (illy To gild refined gold, or paint the lily." In thus panting the chi.-ns of Haidee, Byron aaeuined a large shire ofw'.,ti? tinned "poet's license." The fact is, lhaia art but few natura beautiea. fciiher the face la disfigur ed by pimilei, worm>. ftecklea, tin, sallowuess. roughness, tic , or eji* an u'isiglitiy growth of supertluou* hair covers the flpl *r liu or forehe id. I, the handmaideu of beauty, 'a there lyre evoked; and the hat lo.ig aincc determined that to rure the diaiigureuie U ol tlie face above spoken of, thei* it nothing ex thaut at all to be Compared with Oouraud'l wonderful Italian Jd* lie tie i Souft. It u equally a settled question that ^9UJ raid's SuAtiiri art tlie only article tliat can be relied o;i for the immediate and inialtive eradication ol superfluous hau Oour lud's .icom'ic m. v> should be ui the hands ol eve ry perao i afflicted with de They will cure the disagree able -*e.isatio.i of buzzing orsingiug in the ear, remove earache, dizziness, See., and restore the aural organ* to their natural function*, even if the derangement datet at far back a* tittceu or twe ity y?ar*. , . It is in tlie highest il*gree necestary to remember that Dr. FkXIX (JOUR ALU'* depot for the tale of hit inestimable toilet r >mpou ids, it at 67 H'alke stieet, first store fro m Broad way \ are genuine except purchased aa above. ? 71 Cheauut street Philadelphia; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boatuii; Caiietou bi Co.. Lowell; Myers, New Haven; Bull, rl rll'ord, P.'irce, 4 Stanwix Hall, Albany; Backus Ik Bull, Troy; Tousey, Rochester I{riil's flair Restorative, at hla Agency, 67 Walker street, first store riou Broadway. Dalley'e Magical Pain Extractor, at hll Agency, G7 Walkers treet, first store from Broadway. All Philadelphia Subscription* to the Herald must beiwid to the i>n/y authmizrd Jlgcnli, Zieber (fc Co,, J Lwd?;rr Building, Third street, near Chestnut. Tci ina?-75 cents ? month, including the Sunday paper; or 65 ceaits without it; de livered Iree of charge, iu any part of Philadelphia. Siugle copies for sale a* above, daily mi l o'clock?Price 3 cents. Tbe WKKKLV HlRALD is also for sale every Saturday morning? Price 6 Hi cents, or S3 per amium, delivered ui any part of Philadelphia, free of postage. w?-All the new and cheap Publication* for sal* at their es tablishment, as aoon aa issued, wholesale and retail. XT* With the exception of one paper, the "Herald" is read as much, perhsps, in Philadelphia, a* any paper, published in that eity. affording a valuable medium to advertsers. Advertiaementa handed to the agonu at hall'-|iaat 4 o'clock, will appear iu tlie llerald next day. mt lz ???i??? 9IU.\KV MARKET. Thursday, May 8?0 P. 91. Within the past two or three day*, the stock market has been very heavy, but prices have undergone no very material alteration. At the old Board to-day, Stonington fell off f per cent; Farmer's l.oan, J; Reading Railroad, i, Long Island, J; Ohio 6-a improved J, and Harlem, Norwich and Worcester, Vicksburg, Morris Canal, East Boston, Erie Railroad, Illinois, Pennsylvania S'?, and Kentucky 8's, closed Arm at yesterday's price*. The transactions at both boards were to a very limited ex tent, and the appearance of things in the street i* any thing but flattering. Business generally is very dull for the) reason, both in merchandise and in stocks. It is ?omething very unusual for the lower part of the city to be to quiet as it is now. Everything is stagnant, without the slightest prospect of a revival, until another season lets in. We have in fact the inactivity of mid-summer upon us in the second week in May. The money market i* comparatively easy, but there is a great want of opera tors, who have nerve enough to purchase in the face of the external difficulties that surround us. The advices from Europe by the Hibernia have had no other effect upon our markets than to weaken quotations for cotton, and as they spread over the south, will probably have tho same effcct on the markets of that section. The warlike movements of the government of (Jreat Britain do not have the effect upon commercial matters that ii perhaps Intended, or that they havo upon the minds of the com mercial c lasses at home. The Miniitry of England are, without doubt, perfecting a deep laid plan, which may burst upon us at any moment. The calm that im mediately followed the stormy debate in Parliament on the Oregon question, is portentous, and filled with mystery. To tho eye of tho world, the subject may aeom to slumber, but thoso that are deceived, little know tic spirits that wiold the destinies of the British ^oveni. nient. The very silence in Parliament upon the ^o.t.on. of Oregon and Annexation is daugerous, while the detar mined, steady and secret preparation and concentration of force at certain points, are sufficient to create a arm. The Guardian Insurance Company have declared a dividend of five per cent, payable on the 15th ,n?t. Five dollar bill, of the Tenth Ward Bank of New Tork altered to fives on the Northumberland Bank, Pennsylvania, are in circulation. Th. * w? skillfully effected except that in some of them the w o .. Northumberland" where it was introduced had a muddy, indistinct appearance. They were dated,January 18th and July 26th, of various numbers, and signed John Taggart, president; and 3. ^ - Priestly, cas ier. Tte Madison Railroad Company have advertised fo contractors to put the remainder of the road to '"diana polis under way by the 24th of May. If the road be finished to Indianapolis, it will very probably be ftm.hed in a few years to Lake Michigan, and thus make another great railroad route from the Ohio to the The receipts of tolls from the canals ol this State, to the 1st instant, from tho opening of navigation, this year * !d last, beirg for this season sixteen, and for last thir teen day*, have been as anxexed Canal Tolls?8tat* or Nrw Yom. ]MJ 18 h to 30/ft lith to Xtk Ap il. Avnl. 11 day I. 15 "y.n i S221 260,849 On *11 the c*n?l* 90,347 At All>*ny a?<1 Troy, on up freight.. 170,102 At all other offices, on down freight. 140,715 The daily average of the receipts in each year for the time given, is as follow. . ? *17 "joi 16,303 On sll the canal. 6179 ?'i W7 On up freifht... 10 g21 10,656 Chi down freight 1U'~ .i-t-.n This shows that the decreaso, equal for the sixteen days to exactly $1000 per day, is on "P frci^t or mer" chindise, $832 per day, and on down freight. $108 per dBThe Message of Oov. Baldwin, of Connecticut, to the I ?islaturc represents the finances of the State to be in a TCiy flourishing condition. There was a balance in the Treasury on the 31st of March of $29,300. The iun K nnnentiy invested in stocks and applied to the civil list i. $400 000. The earnings of the prisoner, m the State prison for the year were $19,281 68, and the expenditure. $10 982 63, being a .urplu. of $3,302 03. The receipt, of the Western Railroad Company do not compare so favorably with la.t year', bu.ines. a. could be wished. For the weekending April 26, 1845, the re ceipt. from pa.scngcrs were less than the corresponding week last year. The receipts from freight were enough larger to affect the decrease in passenger, receipt., an show in the aggregate an increa.e for the week. For the week ending the 3rd inst., compared with the same week laat year, there has been a decrease in the receipt, from freight and passenger.. WiiTr.a* Railroad. . Rtcttpf ?f Vtk ending May 3rd, 18U- > yj teric:v. v. :::i? ?? $11,919 15.4? . ** Frevioasly since Jan. 1st WW InC Total 171,715 213,129 41,774 Notwithstanding the decrease in several weeks, tho ?g_ g regale increase in eighteen weeks reaches about twen. ty-fivc per cent. The increase in the receipts of the West ,rn Railroad Company would have been much larger than it i. so far this season, had the competition on tho Hudson river been lc... The price of passago from Albany to Boston on the Western road is $6, which with thr?inciden tal cxpcnsos'on the road, make, the cost full $7. The p*s-a-o from Boston via Albnny in New \ ork can be made very comfortable for five dollars, by leaving Boston in the morning by the Long Island train, passage three dollar, and fifty cents, which arrives here in .ca .on for passengers to tako the .even o'clock boat up the river, arriving at Alhany by dnylight the next morning passago fifty conts?toinl passage four dollars, which with the travelling expense., would bring tho charges up to five dollars. By this route there is n saving of two dollars, and tho expenses of one night's lodging. In the summer season the passage from Boston to Albany, and ?ct vet,a. via New York, would bo preforred to tho other There i. not so great a difference in the charge, tor the transportation of freight, but the carrying trade between Boston and Albany is principally monopoliied by our propeller, and schoon-r.. It i. a great question among the stockholders of the western railroad, whether a reduction of fare would increase the receipts of the company or not. Tho high fare party are in the as ccn lancy and have the effraction, bat wo ore inducod to believe that the decrease in the receipts will prodace tome revolution in the affair, of the company, and compel them to adopt the low fare sy.tcm. Incvoryca.o where the experiment has been has succeedod ad mirably. Most of the other railroads of New F.ngland have from time to timo reduced the fare each time attend el with increased receipts. The Western is the only com. pany which has made an advance on the first established price, or upon any reduction once made. While the re ceipts of every other company from week to week .how an incrca.e, thi? company i? compelled to show a da crease. The receipt, of tho Reading {Railroad Com piny exceed tho most extravagant estimates. The trans. porution of coal is much greater than anticipated, and in- j creates from one week to another much more rapidly than expected. The receipts for the past four months of 184A, compared with the corresponding period in 1843, ahow an increase of more than one hundred per cant. Should future year, pre.ent the same raault compared with this, it muit be one of tha moat productive piecea ot property in the country. Railroad* must take the prcce. dence of (anais in the transportation of merchandise. It would be almoet impotuble for a canal company to lire, had it a railroad company to compete with, unless the le gislature secured advantage! to it. We annex a itate meut of the buiincss on the Reading Railroad for the week ending May 0, 1843 ; May 4, 1844, and May 9, 1S44. PHILADELPHIA and Readikiu Railroad. H'ttk tnd ng Hay 61 A, Mau ilk, Mai id, 1143. 1844. 1845. Passengers, freight, tic $7,106 03 11,020 61 15,Hi 42 Coal Manage, tool 3,117 00 1,300 00 11,513 00 Tlie whole quantity of coal transported from January 1, to May 1, waa 141,AM ton*, which exceed* the e*ti mate* 4,500 ton*. The estimated receipt* of coal by the road for the year 1845, was as annexed. Estimated Rxcxiris or Coal ar Reading Railhoad, 18)5. January tons 15,000 July tons 90,000 February " 27,000 August " 100,000 March " 35.000 September ?' 100,000 Al'ril " 50,000 October " 160,000 M?y " 60,000 November " 80,000 June " 75,000 December " 58,000 Total tons 800,000 According to thi* the receipt* for the fir?t four month* ihould amount to 137,000 ton*, whereas they exceed it 4,536 ton*. If the increase goe* on in proportion to the amount received, the aggregate receipts for the year will be nearer nine hundred than eight hundred thou *and ton*. The transportation of thi* amount of coal, with the passenger* and local freight, will give the company a gross income of [about eleven hundred thou sand dollars. This is a moat extensive road, and it* faci lities for the transportation of coal are sufficient to bring to market any quantity that offer*. The capital of the company is necessarily large, but the immense business of the road, and the large receipt*, will give the (lock holdors?mor ethan an average dividend?much sooner than expected. Its receipt*, even at thi* season, ore much larger than those of the Western Railroad, which road co*t more than the Reading. Old Stock Exchange. SJ000 U S 6's, coup i#m 112V 50 Raiding RR *30 20 10000 Ohio 6's, '50 50 Stonington RR b30 37 6000 Kentucky 6's 100 50 do *30 36 10000 Pennsylvania 5's 72,^ 50 do 3RV 8000 Reading RR Bonds 67 25 do rr/C, 10000 Illinois Spcl s60 38 25 do blO S7 7 shs Baa It N York 121 50 do *30 36V 30 Union Bank 114 50 do 35V 10 North River Bk 99 100 Nor & Wor RR 12m 75 50 do 100 325 do 72V 50 Illinois Bank 16 50 do >60 72 50 Vicksburg Bank 8V 150 do 72V 200 N 14 50 do *60 72S. 50 do 13V 100 do e6m 71 550 Farmers'Trust 34JJ 50 do l>60 72V 400 do >30 34 50 do b 10 72 V 100 do 34Ji 75 do s30 72'? ; 275 Morris Canal 31V 25 do 72% 75 Canton Co blO 43S? 200 Harlem RR s30 70 V 1 100 do *60 43V 300 do 70V i 50 do 433i 50 Erie RR 29 ! 300 East Boston 15 25 do 28% M <lo _ >30 15 100 L Island RR 72 V , 25 N H & Har R R b60 93>? 50 do *60 72 Second Board. 100 Morris Canal 32 25 Stonington RR S7 1 100 do 32 50 do b30 37 I 50 do b30 32V 50 Nor & Wor R R bin 72V I 50 Farmers' Trust 31V 25 do blO 72V 50 L Island RR 72ja 25 do sfiO 72V 1 50 do 72.^, 25 do Saturday 723* I 50 do 72>? 5 East Boston 15 ! New Stock Exchange. $1000 Pcnn 5's s3 71V 100 L Island RR lOdi 72V 1 50 shs US Bank 6^ 50 do bnw 72V I 50 do s3 6V :o do b 10 72V 275 Vicluburg Bank s3 llV 25 do cash 72.V ItO do cash 8>? 25 do s3 72?* 300 East Boston s3 15 225 Nor k Wor RR cash 72V 100 do nw 15 75 do b3 Ti% 100 do nw 15X 50 do a3 72 100 do cash 15 100 do 72 25 L Island RR sl5 72"< 50 do 72V 100 do SCO 71;; 50 do 72S 25 do slO 73 Sales of Stocks at Boston. Mat 7.?80 Hast Boston dividend* 7); 65 East Boston Stock 14J; 100 do b o 10 di 14]; ISO do b o 20 ds 14j; 3 Boston k Providence Railroad 109]: 2 do 1091; 50 Long Island Railroad b o lm 74; 100 do d o 10 d? 73); 100 do b o 16 ds 73); 60 do b o lm 73]; 100 Norwich and Wor R | R b o lm 73; 150 do b o lm 73}; 36 do s 0 lm 721; 160 do b o 2m 734; 26 do 724; 50 do s o 3 ds 72]; 25 do I o lm 721; $2000 Reading RR Bonds, 1847, 76. At Auction?3a shares Kitchburg Railroad, 24] per cent advance; 31 Lowell do, 18 a 18] percent adv; 9 Bos ton and Maine do, now stock, 16) adv; 6 do do, old do, 16) adv; 37 Eastern do, 9] per cent adv; 60 Portland, Sa co and Portsmouth do, lj a 2 adv; 6 Union Bank, 4] per I cent adv; 6 Boston and Providence Railroad, 9] adv; 55 Mass Fire and Marine Ins Co, bal due $71; 22 Boston Marine Ins Co, do, $2 30; 14 New Englanddo do $10); 7 Great Kails Manufacturing Co, $325 a 328; 6 Merchants' Bank, (5 per cent adv; 6 North do, $95) per share; 60 American Insurance Co 33] a 36 per cent adv; 50 Boyls ton do, $94 per sh; 42 U States do, $53{ a 54) per sh; 7 Middlesex Canal, $85. Trade (Report. Asm:s?There is a very limited demand for cither de scription. Pots we quote at $3 81] a $3 87V. Pearls at I $4 31j a $4 37). Breadstuff?Genesee is firm at $4 76; Ohio and Mi chigan we quote at $4 68]. Other brands remain as last quoted. Wheatis very dull. Northern Corn sells at 46)c, and southern at 45c. Beeswax?Prime yellow of all descriptions sells at I 30} cents. Cotton?The market to-day is again comparatively in active, and the sales to-day reach 800 bale*. Prices are without decided change, although a small concession | has been made on some parcels. LivEirooL Classification. Uplands !/? Florida. Mobile 4* AT- Orleans. Inferior 4j a 6 5 a 6] Ordinary 6} a 5) 61 a 6 Middling 5] a 6 6] a 6) Good Middling 6 a 61 61 a 6? Middling Fair 01 a f>J 6? a 6] Fair 6) a 6j 7 a 7} Fully Fair 6] Gooa Fair 7] Fine 8 Hat?Common qualities of North river bale are held 37 j a 42c. The receipts are large, and the demand mo-1 derate. Provisions?Old prime pork is held at $9 60; new do do at $10 50. Old Mess sells at $12 62); new $13 37). Lard is active, and sells at 8c. Wiiisket?Drudge casks are inactive, add we quote 23c. Western and prison barrels sell as wanted at 23 a I 23) cents. Brighton Cattle Market. Mat 5.?At market 660 Beef Cattle, 16 pairs Working I Oxen, 1400 Sheep, and 2026 Swine. 126 Beef Cattle un sold. Prices?Beef Cattle?Last week's prices were hardly sustained. Extra $6 75 a $6; tint quality $6 60; second quality $6 a $5 25; third quality $4 a $4 75. ^Working Oxen?8oles at $56, $70, $87, $95, and $110. ^ Sheep?Sales from 1 60 to $3; a few fine wethers at $5. Swine?Lots to peddle, 4)c for Sows, and 51c for Bar rows; two lots selected, 4j and 6j; old Hogs from 4) to 6c. At retail 6 to 6)c. Foreign Market*. Mavaouex, April 22.?Sugar and Molasses were scarce and in good demand. Common sugar was 3 a 3) to 4 a 4) per lb. Molasses $17 a $19 per 100 galls. All kinds of American produce abundant, and difficult of sale.? ! The sugar crop is estimated at one third less this year than last i y rton 4] a 6 6| a 6) ?] a 6 t a 61 Si a 6} 61 a 62 6] a 7 7] a 8" ' a7| 8) a 9 a 8) 9] a 9) Died. On Thursday, 8th instant, of pulmonary consumption, Mr. Stephen Dolbeer, ia the 62d year of his age. His friends and acquaintances, and those of the family, aro respectfully invited to attend his funeral thia after noon, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, 389 Broome sL, without further invitation. Boston papers please copy. On the 8th instant, Walteb William, only aon of Ed win R. and Sarah L'Amoureux, aged 8 months and 13 days. i'he relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from 89 Leonard street. The members of Hinman Lodge No. 1 107, I. O. of O. F., and of Lebanon Encampment No. 19, are also invited to attend. On Wednesday, the 7th instant, in the 31st year of his i otfc, William L. Locbwood. His relatives and friends are requested to attend his fu neral, from his late residence, 124 Cedar street, this after noon at 3 o'clock; and the members of Fidelity Lodge ? No. 87, I. O. of O. F., are likewise invited to attend. Foreign Importations. ' k'zwiyi1;hip ,"*c V'"-7 H winkier-* rus ?ell Ic Marsh?1 Lawrence k Phelps?1 Taylor It Merrill?i P ! II Vanilevoort?C2 Wilson It Brown?S G Duibnry?4 Wl.C I Mcintosh?91 W Chauncey?Ci B A Mum ford?J A H Waters? \ f! Thompson It eo?39 R Csuldwell?136 tons eosl 73!) d? s?it 2 bis mils* 25,400 slates 8 Thomson?U bales to order. Matanxas?Ship York?(Reported yesterday>?1100 boxes sugar John J Taylor?107 Moses Taylor?iii Grinncll, Mintum k eo?1 box arrow root Geo Dicky. Porter, PR?Sehr Lebanon?136 lihds sugar II casks molasses South wick k eo. MARITIME HERALD. Movements of the Steam Ships. Steamers Leave Due in Ltmee ' lAveipool. Jimrice. America. Hiheriia, Ryne ... ...May 16 Britannia, Hewitt, May i... Msy II... June I G. Western, Matthews,.... May IT... Msy 30...Jnne II Cambria, Judkia* Msy 19... June I... Jane IS Shipmasters and Agents. We shall eatedVi it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Robert Silvkt, Captain of onr News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed?(he vessels spoken on their passage?a list of their cargo?and any foreign newspapers or news they may have. Agents and Correspon dents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office any marine intelligence they may recelre. PORT OF 1BBW YORK, MA?~ol strw rises 1 .17 I moon sets in At Ittt StTS 7 03 I HIGH WATEB 10 31 M Cleared. Rhips Northumberland. Grissvold, London, John Griswold; Albany. Crawford. Havre, Win Whitloek.?Barques Amelia Mulholland, Smith. Rio Janeiro, Siffkin, Ironsides k Co; Beaver, Edmunds, Marseilles, Dunham k Dimon.? Brigs Cer vantes, Taylor, Rio Orande. Foster k Niekerson; Pensacola. Ilallett, Pensacola, Badger k Peck; Port Leon, Curtis, Wil mington, NC. Avmsr k Co; Geo M Soule, (Br) Mann, Wind sor, NS. Thos Winniett; Emerald, Babson, Boston, Bunker k I'l lee ?Sebrs Patriot. Purchase, Port an Plstt, Bunker k Place; Orbit, (Br) Davison, Windsor, N8. Thos Winniett; Alarie, Purnell. Wilmington, NC. N L McCready?. Agenona, Herriek. Kredencksliurg, John Elwell k Co; Zion, Field, Philadelplns, Wm J McKee k Co; Ben) Bigelow, Baiter, Boston; F.llen R'xlman, Kllia, New Beaford.-Sloop Empire, Smith, New Haven.?Barge Middlesex, Wilcox, Philadelphia. Arrived. Ship Isaae Newton, Spalding. 37 days from Liverpool, with am =. Hi hhdt 2 bbls sugar 64 hhds 14 bbls molastss t pun* rum to Alsop k Chauucey. Sicilian brie Anna, Castiglia, M days from Pal anno, with SMO boiu snugs* sad lemons aid U too* sulphur to J. Robi??oe It Co. Brig James Wilson, Field, from Mayaguet, PR- April M, with 111 hhds 20 bbla autcar 30 hda molasses 7 do coffee to Mason ?t Thompson. Spoke 30th ult. lat 17 JO, Ion 71 40, brie North Beud, 9 daya from Uuayama for NYork. Brig George, Harding, 12 davs from Calais, with lumber, to matter. ' Schr Lebanon, (of Salem) Brown, 16 daya from Pooce.PR with tug ir, to Brett It Voae. Left 21st ult. brig Perto Rico, Cottrell for NYork, next day, and other* not recollected. Schr Wm Young, Summers, 7 day* from Darisn, with lum ber, to muter. , . Schr Dirigo, Hardy,) daya from * rankfort, with granite, to matter. Schr Two Mary*, Elliott, * day* from Boeton, with granite, to master. _ Schr J. Cooley It Co, Eldridge, from Boeton, with mdie, to master. _ ... Schr Trio, Taylor, 4 daya from Boeton. with mdae. Schr Victor, Ilallett, from Boeton, with mdae. 8chr Homer. Kent, from Bolton, with mdae. Sclir Copy, lrom Nantucket, with oil. Piopeller Eudora, Browu, from Fall River. Below. Brig S man Spofford, Spofford, from Weat India*. Alto, 1 brig unknown. Sailed. Barque* Amelia Mulholland, Rio Janeiro; Hecla, St Kitt*; Edward, Chirlettou; brig* Cashier, Campeachy; Almeda, St .Ylarlu, and others. Mlscclln neo unBKccord. The Channel Work at St. Georce'*, Bermuda.?We have unfeiuued pie is lire in announcing that the work of deep ening the channel entrance into St. George'* harbor ia proceed ing r.ipidly, and in a manner which give* promise of complete inrceti. The work i* under the superintendence of an able officer, Capt. Hope, R E., and the operaliug engineer, Corporal H mi*, is a man of great experience and energy. There i* every probability that this important and very neffuary undertaking will be ftnithed much sooner than was originally supposed.? When completed, it i* estimated that there will be sufficient depth of water to allow any vessel to pass is and out the harbor The galvanic battery ia employed upon the work; and aa a proof of the effective havoc produced through the agency or this powerful instrument, we may remark, that Mr. Lightbourn, an experienced man, from St. David's, state* that he wa* present on Thursday last when a blast was taken, and, after the water be came clear, he found that where before there was water to the depth of only 13 feet, it had fully XI feet. In a similar ratio bad every previous blast in other place* doue service. Hitherto, tin canisters have been used for holding the power? is sup posed if strong iron bound casks were u?ed instead, much great er execution would he effected. Every well wishsrto ourlittle country will be gladdened by this gratifying information. The harbor of St. George's, pronounced ai one of the finest in (he world, is rendered unavailable for the ingress of vessels of the lariteu class by the huge bar situated a short distance from the ?ntrance. The removal of this natural obstruction, which has commenced so auspiciously, will eventuate to the great benefit of St. George's ana the country generally.?[Bermuda paper, April 36. Notice to Mariners. Regulations por Vessel* Passing the and BosruoRus.?Foreign Office, April 16, 1WJ.?Sir? I am directed by the Earl of Aberdeen to transmit to you herewith, for the in formation of the committee at Lloyd's, an extract of a memoran dum received by her Majesty's Ambassador at Constantinople, from the Turkish Minister (or Foreign Affairs, on the subject of the regulations under which the passage of merchant vessels through the Straits of the Dardanelles ana the Bosphorns is to be effected. And I am at the same time to state to you, that the result of some communication* which Sir Stratford Canning has had with the Porte, since hi* receipt of this psper, ia that mer chant veuel* will be allowed to come within the Strait*, both of the Bosphoru* and the Dardanelles, in such manner as to ob tain shelter from accidents or weather, but that in all other respect* the regulations will be carried into effect in the manner announced. I am, air, yocr most ob't humble senr't, (Signed) H. M. Addinoton. Wm. Dohson, Etq., Secretary the Committee of Lloyd's. (C<y>y?TranslatuB from the French.) Extract of a Memorandum, communicated by Chekib Effen di, to hi* Excellency Sir Stratford Canning, on the 37th of Feb. 1&I5:? " It is known that merchant vexel* in geoerel, neither Otto man or belonging to friendly nations, are permitted to pass the Straits after sunset, nevertheless, merchant vessels, unwilling to observe the regulations, are ssen from time to time endeavor ing to pass; and although attempts have been made to stop them, by firing cannon, merely tor the purpose of signalising the same to them, and without any intention of touching them, as they know that the firing will do them no injury, no real advantage has been the result. Now this ancient prohibition with regard to merchant vessels became imperative, merely from the impos sibility of discovering whether the vessel which may be passing during the night was a merchant vessel ur a vessel or war. But the authorities have written and represented to us that, ? tk? attribute ts a tpecict of tolerance the fact they have not lilth erto lired cannons at the vessels which have passed, with any iuteiitiou of injuring t lie in, the greater part of the vessels endea vor to elude the regulation in question. " It is lor this reason that it has been definitely dccreed to put into execution, with regard to all vessels which may attempt to pass Ihe Straits after sunset, this absolutely prohibitory regula tion, a regulation which must bs maintained inviolably, as part of sn ancient system of government of the Sublime Porte, and at a necessary cousequeuce of that which has been established by the treaty which has been concluded a short time since with the Five Allied Power*. " In consequence, the authorities have been informed, that a term of three months, calculating from the first of March, in the current year, 1261 (ISO), has been fixed upon, and that at the expiration of this term, they must, in the first place, give notice by signal to the vessels which may insist upon entering the Straits, of the prohibition there is in force, that if they do not pay attention tliereto, they shall fire two or three blank cart ridges, and that if they do not pay attention # this also, they shall employ all mean* of endeavoring to prevent them, by firing at them with ball. " Consequently, we address to your Excellency the present Official Memorandum, requesting you to have the goodness im mediately, and in the manner most efficient, to bring the mea sure* in question to the knowledge of the captains of British merchantmen, so that they may become aware, that if in conse quence of the system above alluded to being put ?n practice, tnere should be any damages or injury done, they can make no claim nor complaint thereof; ana lastly, in order that your Ex cellency may have the goodness to isrue llw orders and injunc tions ueciwsarv, and analagous thereto. " The 15th Saper, 1261. VESSELS PKOIUBITED ENTERING CAHTIIACI:*A Dl'RINO THE Nioht.?An order haying been issued by the governor! of tiiis city to prevent vessels from entering this port during the night, excepting when compelled through stre?s of weather, when they can anchor to the North of port Navidad, I beg to apprise you of the same, that it may be communicated to the authorities of those porta which clear tor the Mediterranean. C. W. Turner, Agent for Lloyd's. Unknown Hoc*, North Hatcook.?On the 28thDecember, the Plilcgethon (a) fell in with an unknown Rock, ?unbounded by a large reef, on which there were 4)4 fathoms water, and the position of which by observations was found to be lat. 3deg. JC min. 24 sec., long. 107 dec 52 mm. 38 sec., bearing N. by E., dis tant 20 miles from North Haycook. Wreck oft the Spurn Point.?Notice is hereby given, that a Green Buoy, marked with the word " Wreck," na* been placed about two fathoms 8E of a sunken vessel off the Spurn Point. The Buoy lies in six fithoms at low water spring tides, with the following mark and compass bearings, viz:?-The Spurn Point High Lighthouse two sails1 breadths open to the North ward of the Spurn Light Vessel, NW by W; Saltfleet Mill, SW by W. Deal Bane.?The depth of water on the Northern and Southern parts of the Deal Bank having so considerably in creased as to render the Buoys at those stations no longer neces sary. notice thereof is hereby given, and that the said Buoys have according!v been taken away,and in lien thereof one Bad Buoy, marked Deal Bank;" haa been placed npon a projecting part of that Sind, in aix fathoms at low water aprihg tides, and with the following marks and compass bearings, viz:?Upper Deal Mill in line with the Sonth End of Deal Barracks, WS; East Hill Semaphore, in line with the North End of Old Stairs Bay Sooth Cliff, S.W. Whalemen. Arr at Nantucket Rth inst. Norman, (new) Mattapoisett, to lit for Pacific Ocean. The Cyrus, Mvrick, for Pacific, dropped into the stream, to be taken out by the camels. A letter from Capt Bailey, of the Citizen, of Nant, reports her at St Carlos, Jan It, 30 bbls wh and hlkfish, would leave in 4 days for Sindwich Islands and NW Coast. Barques Eleanor, 301 tons, and Highlander, *70 tons,have been purchased at Mystic for the whaling business. Brig Kmma, 181 tons, haa been purchased at New London for a whaler. Spoken. D?nl Webater, from Gonaivei for Boston, May 4, lat 35 SO, Ion 73. J W Paige, from Boston for Baltimore, May 6, off Nantucket 5 Shoal. Talleyrand, from Cardenas for Boston, 1st inst. lat 34, Ion 75. Foreign Porta. Hamilton, Bermuda, April 19?Arr Falcon. Pitt, New York; 3(th, Tangier, King do; Eclipse, Bell, Halifax; 2Jth, Emily, C rowel I. de. Matanzas, April 28?In port. Verona, Howes, from Mar seilles; Cartilage, Knapp, from Trieste; Patuxent, from NYork, and others. Chutan, for Boston, and Sea Klower, for Philadel phia, sld d?.y before. Mataouez, PR. April 36?In port, Geo Loral, Oonld, wtg cargo; Financier, Sargent, for Boston, 4 days; L L Stupes, Dor* H-, for Philadelphia, 4; M M Klots, Warren, for do. wtg cargo; ope, Mitchell, for NYork, 6. 3Jd? In port, Seboois, Hopkins, I from New York, just arr; Henry Woodis, Chamberlain, for Arecibo, next day; F.olus, Hiller, for New York, ldg; Haidee, Flitner, for do, do; Congress, lliggina, for Boston, do; Julia Telfair, Burns, for St Thomas, 5 days; Oallant Mary, Evans, from Baltimore, nnc?and the above. St Gforoe, Bermuda, April 33?Ait Harriet, Brown, New York, and eld 35th for Bangor. Trinidad de Cuba, April 18-In rort, Saranae. Carlton, ldg for Philadelphia, to aail} days; Oak. Foster, for Boston, 10 ds; American, Adie, for Portland, 8; Harriet, Gardner, for Boston, 8; Gen Brooks, Peko, for do, 3; Cordelia, Snow, for do, 8. Lake Porta. Buffalo, May 8?Arr Burlington, Cleveland; Cambridge, I Monroe; Betsey, Pt Dover. CW] H Calvin, Milan; Amazon, Detroit; Merrick.Michigan City; Cadet, Ashtabula. Cld Cobb, F Trader, Adelaide, ana Biddle, Cleveland; Lucinda, Dunkirk; I Farmer, Ashtabula; Mitchell, Pt Clinton;, Webster, and San dusky, Detroit; Baldwin, Sandusky; United States, Grand River, CW. Home Porta. Banoor, May J?Arr St Pierre, Wilmington, NC. Salem, MayS?Cld Holla, Ropes, W Coast of Africa; Oa* xelle, Lander, Cayenne. Boston, May 7?Arc Franklin, (libbs, Trinidad; Martha, Parker, Baltimore; Lion, Baker, Philadelphia: A Marshall, Mayo,NYork. Signal for 1 barque and I brigs. Cld Speedwell, Wilson, Jeremie; Diana. Howes, NOrleans; Edw Koppisch, n?y|ey, Newbnryport; Swan, (newpacket, of Boston. IJ7 73 Mth? tons) Bray, and Oik, Ryder. Philadelphia; Cancaasian, Watts, Thomaston; Chariot, Jonkine, Frcderickabunt^ Wm Wilson, Baker. Philadelphia; Glide, Lovell, Albany; Niagara, Lovell, do and Troy; S A Appleton. Nickrrson; Viola, Tntlle; Splendid, Crowel 1, and Southerner, F.ldridge, NYork. P M? Art Oberlin, Bra), NewOrleans; Nirms, Mtsnry. Manaanilla: Home, Crowe.ll, niitadelphia; Grecian, Chase, NYork. fllo Tenucssee, Mary Stanton, and Dirigo?wind SE to S. Nr.w Dr.nronn, May C?Ait Jane, Hates, Philadelphia. PROvinr.frrr. May r>?Arr Colnmhia, Knapp. Savannah; Snr revor, llotick; Opera, Molt, and Miami, Tooker. Philadelphia. HI3 J L Long, Ariel, and Empire. NYork. New Haven, May ?? Arr John Eatell, Smith, Philadelphia; Albert Thomas,Thomas, York River. Sld Albert Perkins, Clarke, St Croix; Louisa, Hoover, Brandywine; Celeste, Wruht, Albany. Philadelphia, May7?Arr North Bend, Felt, Lomlondeiry; Liliiis, Gilchrist; Lincoln. Pressy, nnd Martha Maria, Smith, New York; Emerald, Hodgdon, Boston; Woodlanda, (Br) Mc Clean, St John; Senate, Miller, New London; Romer, Haw thorn, Lubec. Baltimore, May 7?Arr Maria, Atwell, St Angnstine. CM Abo, Jones, Rio Janeiro and a mkt. Richmond, May 0?Sld Henrico, Tainc, and Narragansett,

Baker, Boston. (iroROETOwN, SC. May 3?Cld Fanny Coit, Baker, NYork; John O Ireland, F.ldridge, do. Savaitvah, May 3?Sld Lagrange, Winchell, Glasgow; Zr nohtv Remington, Boston; Zenobia,Brown, Baltimore; Ameri can Eazle, Philadelphia. Monit.r, April 3n?Ait America, Trcdwell, Boston. Cld Rockingham, Penhallow, Liverpool; Floridian, Hopkins, New Nf.wOrleaws, April 29?Arr New York,Wright, Galveston; Corsica, Deverenx, and Denealion, Allen, Boston; Scotland, Merrytmn, Liverpool; Parthian, Allen, Norfolk; Bachelor, Horton, Richmond; Uncas, Wihon, Palermo; Draco, Crowell, Galveaton. Below, ship New England, and brig Attakapas.? Cld John S McKim, Lewis, Galveston; Middlesex, Orozier, ! Gibraltar and ? mkt; Dunbarton, Pendleton, Liverpool; Pow hatran, Watson, NYork. Towboat Panther towed to sea on the ' 76th, Jas II Shepherd, Enphrasia, and Pirrington. By Last Night's Southern Mail. Philadelphia, May ??Arr Isaac Jackson, Tobey; Grecian, i Long, and Exi edition, Robinson. NewYork; Columbia, Perry, I C'lais. Cld Adeline Sc F.liza, Hopkins, Bsrbadoea; Vulture, I Walker. Ht Jago de Cuba; Castro, Bearae, Port Spain, Trin; ! K.mily Cuinmings, Sage West Indies; Lucy, Harding, and | Rodolph. Flinn, Boston; John W Taylor, Stokeley, Rio J*. I ne'ro; Julia fc Nancy, Pinkltam, Weyirourh; Hector, Willis, Baltimore. May 7?Arr Harriet, Jarvis. NYork; Oen Pinck ney, Hobbs, ' harleston; Isabella, Cla/k, Savannah. Cld Pinta. Ponce, PR. Sld Medemseh, Eaton, Rotterdam; Freighter, and Ellen, Boston. ? , _, Elixabbth ClTT, NC. May ?-Ait Wb I Watson, White, and Belle, Jomb, Wast ladiaa. AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATRE. BENEFIT OF MR. FRAZER. FRIDAY EVENINO, May 9th. will be presented for il>e35th time, the fraud Oper* of THE BOHEMIAN GIRL? Thaddeu*, Mr. Fraxer; Devihhoff, Mr. Seguiu; Arline, Mil. Inrtiecoiirse of the Oner*. Mon*. Martin and Miaa Julia Turn bull will introduce LA POLKA. To couclud* with the Fare* of THE JEW AND DOCTOR Changeable, Mr. Fraxer, Mr*. Changeable, Mr*. Abbott. First Tier, 7i Cent*?Buiuj, %1 and 3d Tieri, 40 Ceuu?Pit, St Cent*?Gallery, 25 Cents. Doori open ?t 7 o clock, and til* Curtain will rue precisely at half-past 7 o'clock. BURTON'S THEATRE, [ ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. THIS IJVENWG,.'Friday, May 9th, 1815, will be performed 2nd time, the grind original Drama in 5 aets. dwiominaud THE WANDERING JEW?Ahaaueru* The Accuaed.? Isaac Aliaaueru*, the Wanderer and Accuaed. Mr HU'teua; The Spirit of Good, Miaa Kirby: Barabba*. Mr. AJteiaua; Naomi, Mra W H Smith; Rachael, Mia Hughe*. Prcvinu* to wliich will be preaented the muaical piece of THE 8WISS COTTAGE?Natx Tick, Mr. Johuaou; Corporal Max, J. Duun; Liuette, Mra. W. H. Smith. PALHO'9 OPERA HOtlE. THIRD NIGHT. On Friday, JMay the Oth. THE ETHIOPEAN SERENADERS, MESSRS. GERMON, STANWOOD, HARRINGTON, PELHAM AND WARDEN, Having obtained poaaeaaion of the Opera liouae of Mr. Palmo, respectfully announce to the public, that they will give their third INIMITABLE ENTERTAINMENT On the above uight, and continue OPEN EVERY EVENING until further notice. O-For particular* see small bill*. rr Admission Tweuty-Five Cents ouly. Boxes and Seats can be secured at the Box Offioe, from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M. Doors open at 7?Concert at 8 o'clock. An Efficient Police in attendance, to preserve order. my# rc CAHTliE OAllDEai. So long and favorably known to the public, will be epened on Monday, Slay 14th. Proprietor* Messrs. French and Haiatt. FIRST NIGHT OF THE ITALIAN OPERA, MONDAY, May 12th, will be presented 8EM1RAMID?? Semiramu, Signorm Majocchi Valtellina; Araace, Sigiiora Ro sina Pico; Edrenus, Sig. Antognini: Aaaur. Sig Valtelliua; Azxuma, Miaa Deluce; Oroe. Big Mayer; Mitraues, Sig. Be : Niuo's Ghost, Sig. N. N. Price of Admission Fifty Ceuu. Between the Acts of the Opera an uitenniasion of Fifteen inutea for Promenade and Refreshments. O" Doors open at half-post 6 o'clock, Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. MR. GEORGE KEXSETT, WELL and popularly known to hundreds of our citixens has opened an establishment at No. 473 PEARL STREET, (a few doors from Chatham street,) where he has provided for nis friend* and for the public generally, "any quantity" of the choicrat Liquor* and other refreshment*, that can be procured. Mr. Kensrtt ha* alio furnished an up-stair* Room for the ac commodation of ritiYATK raKTics; sua we art glad to learn that on Monday Evening next, at 8 o'clock, his friends intend to give him a >i<dstantial benefit* in the way ofan orEKino srrncn, the charge for which will !?? fifty cent*. m9 3t*je neiu: Minute; RACES. The Regular New York Jockey Club Sprier Meeting will commence Tueaday, May 13th,and continue lour days. Tuesday, 13th?Oreat Match, North against the South; Fashion v*. Peytona, for 990,000, four mile heat*. Same Day?i'urse &M, ent. $10 added, mile heata. Wednesday, 14 th?Plate Race, $AC0, ent. 10 per cent for all agee, to carry 104 lb*., three mile heats. Same Day?A Sweepstakea or some other race will be ran. Thursday, 14th?Jockey Club Purse, $300, $50 to second beet horse, two mile heats. Seme Day?Jockey Club Purse, $500, 9100 to second beet hone, three mile heats. Friday, 18th?Jockey Club Purse, $1000, $200 te secuud boat horse, four mile lieats. Same Day?A Sweepstake or a purse for mile heat* will be run for. Entrance to the F.nclosed Space for the Mnetinf... $10. " " GrandStana 1. " " Stand or Track ..50c. . A new entrance is made for members and gentlemen intending to go in the enclosed spece. All persons wishing to go ou the track with horses and carriage*, will enter from the turnpike.? Those goine to the grand stand will enter from the gate opposite the stand. Two small gate* will be left open between the track and atand*. for person* on foot only. For horse* and carriages then- will be no communication between the track and stand*. m9 FStfcM F RED HOUSE PLEASURE GROUNDS. A PURSE for 30 dollars?Mile Heat*?best three ia 4v*?to come off on Friday ^Ma^9tl^at 4 o'clock. J. Bridges s. h. Ephraim Smooth. L. Rogers s. h. Little Falls. C. Brook* b. m. Dutches* Maid. C. Bartiue g?m. Nelly Grey. Jackson g. h. Stockton. m9 lt*rc centrevilEE trotting course, L. i. / GREAT FIELD OF TROTTING HORSES?Three Mile Heats in harnese?A Purse for $11}, will coma off over the above course on Tuesday, May 13th?the following are the en trie*:? D. Bryan enters a. g. Mingo. D. Smith " ... s. g. Bill Harrington. Mr. Whitson " s. m. I'oe*hontii*. W. Whcelan " ... b. g. J a men K. Polk. Centrevile, May 9th, 1844. JOEL CONKL1N, m9 lt*rc Proprietor. w TWO young Women or respectable character, are desirous to obtain a amnliont one aa Cook, Waaher and Ironer? the other aa Chambermaid and .Fine Waaher. Can be highly recommended from their laat employers, and hare no objection to town or country. Any communication left at 218 Moll street, for C. C., first floor, will be carefully attended to. m!> 1 w*rc FRENCH TEACHER' ANTED IMMED1 ATELY-For a Boys'School .near the city. A native of France preferred. Application, statins real address, directed to "Calais" at this office,.will be attended to. m? lt*ec. WANTED?By a respectable Toting woman, a stiuation aa nurse, plain sewing or light chamber work. Bestofeity reference given. Please coll at ,119 Mulberry street, on the se cond lloor. mf lt*m UGHKS, WARD 6t CO. bee to return their wartneat thanks lor tbe very efficient aid rendered by ihe Insarance Witch, as well iu to No*. 5 and 8 City Companies, during the late fire in their premises. Also, to their several friends and whose timely aaaiatanca so large a portion of their stock was saved 34 P1NJC STREET. May 8th, IMS, m9 lt*m FINK1WATCHES, JEWELRY AND SILVER WARE. Rat L. S. ROCKWELL, 4 IS Broadway, a few doom aonth ? of Canal street, have a good assortment of fine Qold and vi vMwi aiicri. iaa w a |uwu ommiiiiivih ui iiiic ' *viu uu Silver Duplex. Detached Lever, Lepine and other Watches, which they will warrant first rate time-keepers and sell at very low prices. Watches and Cloclu carefully repaired by skillful aad ex perienced workmen. Old Silver and Gold wanted, at ita full valne. Bit St*re TANNER'S GENERAL ATLAS?COMPLETED. THE ATLAS OF MR. H. 8. TANNER, containing Mara of every Empire, Kingdom and Stale in the World, togeth er with one of each of the United Stat**, ia this day published, and may be had at the Map Store No. 137 Broadway. Alao, large Mape of tbe World and Quarters, Traveling Mape, lit ml 1t*m ENGLAND AND OREGON. BRITISH CLAIMS TO OREGON! WM. TAYLOR, No. 1 ASTOR HOUSE, VVUl Publish on Friday, THE OREOON QUESTION, or a Statement of the British Claim* to Oregon, in oppoaition to the Pretensions of tbe Government of the United Statee of America, with a Chronolo gical Table, and MAP OF THE TERRITORY. By Thomas Falconer, Esq., Barrister at Law, Lineolne Ion, Member of the RoysJ Geographical Society, lie. PRICE 12X CENT8. XT" la Press A Reply to tna above, showing and proving American CUima to Oregon, by Thomas J. Isrnham, Esq., which will also soon be published by m8 2tis?rc WM. TAYLOR, No. ? Aator House. ONE CENT RE WARD. uwu RAN AWAY from the Subscribers, on or about the IOth of March laat, a Boy named Patrick Robert Hughee. Any person giving information of hi:< wbereabouta to the aubeeribers, will receive the above reward and no charges mid. T. N. NEVIN It CO. P. 8.?It is (apposed tliat he is at work st some stone yard is the city of New York. Newnnrch, Mff 1, 18)5. m8 St*re TO CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS. HOTEL AND STEAMBOAT PROPRIETORS, CITY AND COUNTRY FAMILIES, U-. EXTRA FINE Tli A S! 163 Otreitwlch Street, N?:*n CouRtlamut St., avt> orrodTg the Pacific IIotc.l, Ntw ^ ORE. WE BEG LEAVE to inform yoa that we established our stive at the above place, principally for the purpose of meeting our views of our wholesale and large family customers on the North River SidK The upright manner in which we have carried on oui business for several year* psat in this city, together wiih the rerv high quality and moderate price of our goods, bsve earned for nn a degree of reputation and renown far beyond that of any similar house in the United States, and we consider these the best reasons we can urge to obtain your pa tronage. We have, however, much pleasure in staling, that we hate made, with pieat rare and judgment, our selections from all the spring cargoes, and which comprise the finest specimens of Yonng Hyson, Hyson, Gunpowder, Imperial Oolong |Pekoe, Ningyong, Congou Sonehong, tcc., which have arrived here this season, which, with an immense variety of Fine and Good Qualities, we offer at wholesale and retail. We haveslsotrae Government Java and other Coffees, aa usual, roasted and ground dally. We continue r,?r operation, si ,,nr other places as heretofore particularly at 121 f huham st. We are jour obedient servants xt ^ , ' ANTON TEA COMPANY, New York? It! ( hatham at; r.l Grand st. snd 318 Bleseker stree. Philadelphia?(it Cheatnut street, and (1 FlftJi street. myp 2in*m ORNAMENTAL GARDENING. JMI THE SI BSC RIBER attends to Laying out Gardens, kinds of gardener work. He has alao for sale s assortment of Garden and Green Housa Plants of ' all the most esteemed varieties. Ornamental Shade Trees for streets will be planted ill a proper ; manner in any part of the city. Also a aelect assortment of ; Gra|ie Vines of large site, which bore abundantly last year: I Boquets ol the most choice flowers tjtcfully put up, ready at all ! seasons of the year. The subscriber respectfully sol icits the patronage of the ladies andgrntlemen of New York and vicinity. w Orders left st the ullice of the New York l-ariner aad Me chanic, 136 Nassau street, Clinton Hall, wiU be jiroinptly attend- ( ed to. Boquets should be ordered the day before they si* wanted.? They will be delivered at any place to RD* Gardener aad Florist, corner lTth street and 4th avenue. Union Square. Ryhoed c|js pees the Garden every 5 minutes. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. WadUagtM. [CoiTMpondanca of the Herald.] WASHraoTOM, May 7,1846. Offict-beggart and Committtoner of Patentt?Mr. Bancroft and the Decorations of tlu Naval Ofictrt Drtu?Hit Ordtrt to Commander I of Shipt and Squadron,i?Major Lewie, Ex-auditor, going to Trimmee?Mr. Blair'$ Portrait?Fair?Mr. Morte't Magnetic Telegraph. The office-beggars her* have at last found a new subject upon whom to practice their importunitiea? no other than th? Hon. ?. Burke, M. C., and now Commiaaioncr of Patent*. Mr. Burke has arrived hers and assumed the duties of his office, and he is, therefore, besieged by those who have not yet been supplied with office to induce him to turn out the "ins" and put in the "outs." How far this course will ba adopted, I know not. In the meantime, the Examiner, an officer whose duties are very arduous, and require a thorough knowledge of the Depart ment in all its branches, and has a small amount of scientific knowledge and skill, has resigned his of fice, because he don't get salary enough. Mr. Bancroft, the talented and gentlemanly Secre tary of the Navy, I understand, will issue, in a few days, unorder relative the decorations on the dresses of officer* of the navy. He is at present considering whether he shall accede to a request, which is very earnestly preferred by the Lieutenants, to allow them to wear a stripe of gold lace down the outer seams of the pantaloons, when this knotty point has been finally determined, the order will be issued forthwith. I learn also that Mr. Bancroft has issued orders to commanders of vessels and squadrons in the navy, to make their reports to him much more comprehen sive than they have hitherto been. They are to ac quaint themselves as fully as possible with all sub jects coming within the range of their objK'rvation, which will tend to throw light upon and aid the ad vancement of inquiries into the customs, habits, characters, die., of the people of the ports where they may cost anchor, as well as prosecute such research es as will aid the prosecution of scientific enquiries, and add to the stock of our knowledge, and tney are to make full aad ample reports to the Secretary at stated periods. A report has been spread here by some of th?! quid nunct, that Mr. Polk was about to give Major Lewis, the ex-Auditor, an office superior to that of which he has been recently deprived. This ia not the case.? Major Lewis is preparing to depart from this city for Tennessee, where he formerly resided, and will probably there commence operations in opposition to Mr. Polk's administration, and as a necessary con sequence, I suppose, in opposition to Aaron Vail Brown, the democratic candidate for Governor of that State. We shall see next August what influence he will be able to exert in that State. It is said here that General Jackson entirely disapproves of the re moval of Major Lewis, and will back him up in Ten nessee. Now venom. I am informed that the handsome Mr. Blair, who, as the fiscal Editor informed us in ihis valedctory, went to Philadelphia on businese, has been prevailed upon several days longer, in order to have his portrait painted by J. Tulley. Only think of that! " Beauty and the Deast," &c. The ladies of Mr. Oillis's Church (Episcopal) of this city, are now holding a fair at the Concert Hall, on Pennsylvania Avenue, in order to raise funds.? There is a plentiful supply of knick-knack-ery, with cakes, ice creams, conee, &c., &c., and a post of fice, where every one who enquires will find a letter remaining for them. To ensure plenty of calls tor their wares, all the stands are attended by two or three handsome young ladies, and those who are not encaged in that capacity are quite willing to converse with you, and point out the excellence of the vari ous articles, for looking at which and conversing with their pretty selves, they charge you nothing, and only 12| cents for admission. I learn that Mr. Morse, the inventor of the Mag netic Telegraph, has commissioned Mr. Fleiscn man, of this city, as his agent, and he is about to make a visit to Europe, and to attempt to set forth Mr. Morse'* claims to the invention, and its superi ority over Mr. Wheatstone's of England, in Germa ny, where he will endeavor to bring it into use, be ing fully authorized by Mr. Morse for that purpose. Mr. Fleischman will, at the same time,be instructed by the Commissioner of Patents, to procure valua ble information, See., for the use of the American government. I understand he is to leave this coun try on this journey on the 1st of June. Washington, April 29,1840. Futhionable Movcmentt at IVaihington?Chevaliff Wikoff-?Beau Hickman?A Fashionable Mar. riage. Can you inform me what the redoubtable Cheva lier WikofT, Fanny's ex-man of business, wants in Washington"! la it to sell teat I should like to know, because his claims should be attended to. A man of his parts should not go unnoticed, and I have no doubt but that the President would gladly em brace any opportunity of winning over to the demo cratic ranks so distinguished an individual. At pre sent he is in the goodly keeping of the equally cele brated Beau Hickman. Do you know the Beaul Then I will introduce him?Mr. Hickman, Mr. Ben nett?Mr. Bennett, my friend Mr. Hickman. My friend, as you will perceive, is a distinguished look ing individual, usually travels behincT a very fine mustache, wears a nat, brim measuring |th of an inch wide, latest Paris touch: black frock coat, ra ther venerable and respectable, usually buttoned up to the chin when the thermometer is ranging be tween 90 and 95, as in warm weather. My friend is subject to sore throat, some people have insinuated; but this is a slanderous world, you know, so let it | not detract from the respectability of my friend, who I is a most useful member of society; he kindly takes i charge of all strangers as they arrive, and introduces them into the mysteries of Washington life, and should they wish to take a julep, or a dozen raw, my friend ifl always on hand, to save them the disagree able necessity of eating alone. Last evening the beautiful Mips II , was mar ried to an officer of the navy; and being invited to pay my respects to the happy pair, to-day at twelve o'clock?the appointed time?I p?ia my re spects to the bride, who looked as beautiful as the morning, and reclining against the window, stood ready to note the passing scene. In the groom stood celestial happiness personified on eartn; and well might he be nappy, lor in her he got fortune, beauty ana virtue, all combined. If he ever causes her a pang, I hope that he will be condemned to chew at one of Brown's beefsteaks for two hours, without stopping to rest his grinder*?that will be punish ment enough for him. But what beautiful young creature is that entering the door, and looking bri dal-like herself 1 It is Miss 8.. the daughter of a gallant officer of the army. I know one poor fel low who would go into servitude longer than Isaac did, to obtain her hand. But 1 must not slight the other distinguished personages in my admiration of this one, for they come pouring in thick and fast.? Then entera the joyous Miss B., escorted by a train of good looking beaux, Capt. Jack D., leading the van; who but Jack, "vot owes no man." Close after them, followed the charming Mrs. H , on the arm of her husband, Dr. H?, much too?. but I have no time to specify each individual beauty, for the room is full of them?there was the sweet and accomplished daughter and adopted daughter of old General T?,who everybody loves? the charming and lovely Miss P., who laugna so joy ously?the glorious Miss G., and pretty Miss W., passable Miss J., and agreeable Mise L. P.; but I must look towards the door, for there is entering it, a stately looking lady; a friend tells mr it is the lovely Mis* C., of Boston, and, as I'm a live quill driver, there is with her that same old lady that has been haunting me like Banquo'a phost ever since the night of the inauguration ball, when I had the pleasure of dancing with her ? m?Ihen I came av.av. Polities! nnws nonr?dismi?"n!s three?all poor clerks dependent on their pay for (heir surtwrt: their nameH are Mount, Randolph and Brindfey. Yours now, if not lonr^r. TiOisn J?t,Arn>. WAsnrvcrro*, May 7, 188. The Opposition May Ball. Last night the opposition May Ball, coronation and all, came off at the Aaacmbly Rooms opposite to the Unitarian Church. This was given by Mr. Labbl, who has for his pnpils the children of the $10 aristocracy of this city, who think themselves so much better than other folks, because they receive more, money from Uncle ,Sam. Mr. Labb6 s ar rangements were much superior to those at Mr. Carusi's baO. The room is larger, the music was better, and the arrangements superior. The decora tions were more numerous, and the arrangement of the evergreens and flowers reflected great and de served credit upon the good taste and judgment displayed therein. The company was alio larger than that at Mr. Carusi's; and while there were fully ns many, and as beautiful ladies there as at Mr. C'a., truth requires the fact to be stated, that there were many more ugly persons?absolutely and irretrievably ugly. The coronation ceremony was very similar to that doucribed as having taken place at Carusi's on the 1st May, the difference being that neither the Queen nor her attenduita were so beautiful. The Queen on thisoccasioapowever, was a very intercatinggirl, named ViolettaL. Carroll, a descendant,I believe, from some collateral relative of CRarles Carroll of Carrollton, and her maida of honor ware two young ladies namad Randall and Keyworth. Immediately after the coronation a feature was introduced which wan not practised at Mr. Carusi's?i. e.?the per formances of some very interesting fancy dances by some of Mr. LabM's young female pupils, which they performed with very great grace, and much to the delight of the aseeaibled spectators. Among these fancy dances, was one bv a little girl, a little more than three years old, who excited the most lively interest in all the company, by the astonishing accuracy with which she performed her portion W the programme, though it really was u wonder how she ever managed to perform it, and then after she had triumphantly acquitted herself, and had been ap plauded by the company, it was very amusing to witness the air with whicn she put up her face to be kissed by her elder school companions, with whom she seemed to be deservedly a favorite and a pet. All the dances by the pupils of Mr. LubbA were admira bly iierformed, and reflected great credit upon his skill as a teacher, and it was easy enough to see from the interest he manifested, that he was indeed an enthusiast in his profession. These danceB being over, the company prepared to enter into the enjoy ments of the evening, and the music struck up for a cotillion, and the floor was immediately crowded with the devotees of Terpsichore, there being twice as many desirous of whirling in the dance, than there was room to accommoJate. The ball was graced by the presence of the lovely Queen, crowned at Carusi's 011 the ltt May, attend ed by her maids of honor ; and there were also a great number of the beauties, and also of the gentle men present, who had attended the previous ball. It was also graced by the attendance of Mr. dc Bo disco, the Russian Minister, and his beautiful ludy, about whom so muny superlatives have been used to describe her charms, that it would be in vain for me to uttempt to find any new terms wherewith to write of her. Mr. Paged, the French Minister, and his lady, were also there, as she professes to be one of the leaders of the ton, and iB said to have been the first one to graduate the aristocracy of this me tropolis according to the amount of salary received from Uncle Sam, whereby the recipient of $1400 annum considers himself quite above keeping com pany with the recipient of $1000 per year, and he who receives $2000 is too aristocratic to know those who only receive $1100, Arc. dcc. There whs Cave Johnson, the Postmaster General, also, with his wife and daughter; and, indeed, he seemed most heartily delighted to watch the pranks of the youngsters, and he laughed and smiled till his face fairly shone and glistened with good humor. There was Mr. Ban croft, too, the polite Secretary of the Navy, with his wife, whom he solemnly averred would despise him if he could not, or would not. or did not, admire all the beautiful ladies present, declaring it to be one of the happiest nights he had witnessed for a long, long time. Mrs. Walker, the wife of Mr. Walker, the Secretary of the Treasury, was also there.? So was the gentlemanly private Secretary of the President, James Knox Walker, and his beautiful nod accomplished lady, and their inte resting little daughter, who looked as pretty and charming ns any of the, youngsters in the room. Numbers of the officials employed at this seat of government were also present; and the whole assem blage wore a bright and brilliant aspect. And yet, though there were all the materials for enjoyment?a beautiful room,elegantly decorated?a large company, with much beauty and grace comprised in it?a good company of musicians and excellent manager?yet? with all these requisites, the ball was not equal in the amount of enjoyment to that on the 1st of May. This was the aristocracy ball, and therefore there must be that everlasting stiffness?that division into cliques which, wherever it is introduced, infallibly destroys enjoyment. There was Miss wanted to dance, but her vis-a-vis was Miss ; and of course she could not think of recognizing her stand ing (!) by dancing opposite to her, because if she did, (horrible thought) she would probably have to touch the tips of her fingers in the course of th? evening, and it was altogether too much to expect her to demean herself by so doing, and therefore sho sat down without dancing, contenting herself by the loss of the enjoyment, if it were omy to be pro cured by so tremendous a sacrifice of position as dancing, opposite to once made of the same clay as herself. Had it not been for this spirit, all the muterials of enjoyment were there in the great est profusion, but this codfish aristocracy would de stroy any thing and every thing like enjoyment for fear of "compromising" their position. " Can such tilings be, and overcome us like a summer cloud without our special wonder 1" For those, however, who do not possess there joy-dispelling thoughts of would-be-aristocracy, there was plenty of enjoyment during the evening, though witnessing the display of such a feeling acta as n drawback to sonft extent on the pleasures of the others. So the evening progressed?the music played, and the company danced?the gentlemen were gallant and attentive, and the ladies, or some of them rRther, coquettish and flirting. Flirtations progressed?in cipient courtships were commenced?and some suit affairs were hastened towards a denouement?time advanced?midnight passed?the room thinned of its company?the last dance was commenced?and I sloped. The Other Arikl. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, May 8, 1849. There ii little or nothing to communicate to-day. Poll ticiani, except the disappointed, have made up their minds to be satisfied with the appointments, and they are now busily at work, like a swarm of beas, about the sub ordinate offices. Henry Horn haa gone to Washington about his sureties and his commission as Collector. Dr. Lehman, the newly appointed Postmaster, has not yet taken possession of his office, though it is expected he will in the course of a week or so. Among the appoint ments, there is none which gives such universal satisfac tion as that of the Hon. Thomas M. Pcttit as U. 8. District Attorney. Henry Welsh, the Surveyor, has not y*t come to town. There has been no appointment aa yet for Treasurer of the Mint Mnjor Roach is the pre sent incumbent, but rumor has pointed out Hendricks B. Wright as his successor. Though probable, I deem this, from the delay which has taken place, as doubtful. Thero has been a considerable case on trial in the Quarter Sessions for this two days. A man named Eames, a partner in one of our most wealthy and respec table houses in Front street, is charged with an assault, with an intent to commit a rape on a little girl betwei a ten and eleven years of age. The girl swears positively to an actual rape, the physician swears that this is impos sible, and the Judge has charged that the probabilities are against the present defendant being the guilty man.? There haa been a difficulty in identifying him as the per son who made the attempt?an attempt made in open day and in the vicinity of a crowded business thoroughfare. The jury had not agreed when this was written, and there is great excitement among the crowds who have witnessed the trial. Our literary people are active in their labors, and pub lishers are up and doing. Du Solle is preparing his vo lume of poems, and it may be expected shoitly. Henry B. Hirst is also bringing out a volume of his poems to be issued simultaneously in Boston, N ew York and Phila delphia. Zeiber !c Co., your agent for thia city, have now in press a work which is looked for witn some anxiety by the literary and scientific circles, and to which I alluded in a former letter. It is metaphysical in subjoct though illustrated by examples drawn from the physical sciences, and in character is similar to the " Fossil Oata? ology" of Lord Brougham?the " Evidence* of Creative Wisdom," (I believe it is called) by Wheeler, and the "Vestages of Creation" by?no matter who. It discusses the necessity of moral evil, and is by one of our clearest writers. The prospect of its appearance excites consi derable interest. Anderson closed his engagement at the Arch last night in the old insipid play of the '? Elder Brother." The house was crowded frqm pit to dome, and at the conclu sion of the performance, the beneficiary waa called oat and made a speech. Last night, at the Walnut, " Othello" was played to a crowdcd pit, but a slim set of boxes. Jameson's Moor exhibited some excellent and original points. Daven* Krt's ltoderigo was good; and Scott's Iago was not <o. It was John It. Scott. Connor and Freer are drawing good houses at the Na tional ; nr.d some excellent pieces are being performed nt the Chosnut. Wo had a heavy rain last night, which did not tell well on thnntricals. Tho stock ronrkct wa? flat yesterday airain, and the tendency is still downward. State fl's fell off, though this was pretty much tho only stock in whloh any trans net ions took placo. At the second board, the only salea mado were $10,000 State 6's at Tl|. Sale of Stocks at Philadelphia* M/? v P.?ft I^OO Stnte 6's 73; $9000 Texas notes 11}. BEEF? !(t Parrels Missouri Dried iuid in Pickle, for sale by E. K. COLLINS k CO., * Bonth strut V A CUT-SLOOP FOR SALE. A BEAUTIFUL and fast sailing SI nop, of about .ten tons, nearly new. with Rood cabin, and scrommo iiationt, well adapted for pleuure or business. Apt Iy to i imnuiyMason, boatman, pier No. 1 North Hirer, or at the har ol the Philadelphia Hotel. m'J It'ee PICKED UP? Fifteen miles south east of the High raJCTVlsnds or Neversink, a SLOOP, abandoned and full of fMHbswater. called the Kichange. All persons interested in tne auore vessel, are requeued to rsll st W. J. Homer's, IT# Sonth street. JAMES MITCHELL. m9 ?t*?c _ FOR SALE OR TO LET?A neat Cottage IH miles ffTTw from the Railroad Depot of Rahwny, New Jersey, on JidULthe Blsr.ine Sur Ro-id? with Oarden. Bsra, Stable, and about live arret of meadow. The Cottsgn is handsome, spscious and rrnlete with every convenience for a Ken teal family. It will either be sold, or Jet fnrnijhed or unfurnished. Apply to Mil. BLOOMFIELD, near the premises, or to J NO. B. CAZEAUJt, m9 jt'm 0 Whitehall street. New York. ' W A?<TED?A Ship to lond for n southern poi?^ Apply to E. K. COLLINS a COT ra8m 36 South street. FAST TROTTING MATCHED HORSES. FOR SALE?The fastest well matched Pair of Trifling Horses in the country, known as Hardware Apology. Appjjy t)HN J. MESSENOF.R, ml 3tis*m Lumber street near Rector street. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. MA YOUNG NEWFOUNDLAND DOO, nrnked with brown spots, and brown hmd. Ten Dollars will be given to any penon who will return him to No. 233 10th street. m< lt*je ?u l rtiaLisHrD av JAMES OORDON BENNETT. Neara Wasv Ceanaa or Fwltoh abb Nassau Branny*.