Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1845 Page 3
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[(orretpcmdeac* at the Herald.] Boston, May 9th, 1846. ijJeamnt Incident? on board the Hibernia?Ame ?ci'/ig Refute a Vote of Thank*?Evidence* of j ?r Feeling?John Bull IVant* Another Lick Rumored Cuttom-Huuie Change*?A Princt 'utton Maker?Advantage* of having a i .*d at Court?How to make money out of the 1ii ? '?Grinding the Poor for a great name?The I %hionable Church?yeio French Book?Exhibi ?. in Phonography?It* Merit*, tire. " 'here is something of a war feeling engendering I wards this country in England, as late advices j lainly bhowJand upon the principle that "a little hows what a good deal means," I am inclined to liink that the Johnny Bulls really do feel pretty sa iiL'e. The letter that I refer to now, is the state of ?Hinir that existed among tlje passengers on board !<? Hibernia on her late trip front England to this lountry. I levrn from several of the passengers that V most bitter feelings of hostility prevailed during He whole passage between the Englishmen and Americans on board. So bellicose were the two jurties that not even the usual courtesies among gen lemen were exchanged, and for the greater part of Tie passage,scarcely a word was spoken between the British and American passengers. ] The state of political relations between Great Bn a in and the United States was the sole cause of this eud, the subject having been introduced soon after he steamer put to sea, and treated in such an aggra vated manner as to produce the estrangement spoken ' If. At the close of the passage, the British party got I ip a proposition for a vote of thanks to Cant. Ryne, f the Hibernia, in which the Americans refused to )in. This was all very silly, and reminds me of the i-tty quarrels of school boys, who "get mad and vont speakbut it shows that John Bullfeels rather | wolfish, and may need another sound thrashing to out his temper. The old fellow has been rob bing and plundering, East and West, for the last twenty rears with such a perfect looseness, that he ha* forgotten lie war of 1812?when Jonathan brought him up with a ound turn. No change* have been made in the Boitom Custom louse thus far; though the people who play bo-peep at | 'no Post Office, say that Oov. Morton has sent on the , amcs of three or four prominent democrats for appoint-1 nent to first class offices. If thia be so, we shall hear the he ttfory in a few days, just as soo.i as Mr. Secretary Walker has time to write "approved" under the list, and end it back again. I rather think there is truth in the j itory, as 1 have seen fltrnl. C. Allen, of Northfield, one of heboid stagers of the party, about the city for a day or wo, and lookinsr as smiling as a basket of chips. Alien put In for the office of Naval Officer, to which Gen. Mc Neil has bean appointed, and being disappointed in that nd withal a first rate man, lpresumo he will get a good ortli under Gov. Morton, who the other nominees may e, 1 cannot say, but Jossclyn, formerly of the Bay State )emocrat, is to be amor? the number. Some of our papers have lately been making a great Inss because the Hon. Samuel Williston, of East Hamp on, has given $30,000 to Amherst College, to establish a professorship. Williston is an extensive button ^auufacturer, who has grown very rich within two or iree years, by reason of the present tariff. Through the gency of the late Hon. Senator Bates, a clause was in erted into the tariff,admitting stuffs for covering buttons, !uch as lasting, ailk, velvet, lie., at a duty of five per ent, when the same i* torn into strips for making but ons, whereas the duty on the same atufh, when not torn nto strips is fixed at thirty per cent and over. This ilausc was fixed on purpose for Williston's benefit, and te has been heard to make his boasts that the tariff, as it tow is, makes a difference in hi* business of some thirty tiousuiul dollars a year in hi* favor. No wonder hat he can afford to give $20,000 to make his name cele brated in the papers, and as little is it to be wondered at, nat certain great men should receive handome pensions, nd an occasional present of a suit of clothe* from him. Ve have never heard, however, of hi* giving any thing k>i'the benefit of the poor and needy, or for any purpose ?' a charitable nature, except where it would be heralded Tth through the press. In his ordinary dealings, he is le of the most exacting among the lordly manufacturer* I f Massachusetts, screwing his laborer* down to the I iwest rate of wa$es; ana if he find* them earning I sir wages, by dint of extra toil, he cut* them llown again to starvation point. We have other* of the tame kind of philrnthropist* in this State, whoso names fire constantly the theme of eulogium in the papors. nong them are the Lawrence*, who make immeme for ?s out of the present tariff, cut down tho wages of operatives to the lowest notch,and then give a round j dome rich college or the like, and get he-puffed a* - of princely genero*ity. Away with such humbug I ery, I say '. Let the operatives employed by these law iadc nabobs speak out, and they will tell a different sto y about their generosity, from what the recipients of ?eir ostentatious charities do. Mr. Church, the French teacher upon the new system, f whom I made montion some weeks ago, has just got jut a book of instruction upon his system, which is all khe rage here just now. The plan of instruction pursued {by htm is most ingenious and tuccessful, and he is more |n vogue than ever. More and more of our fashionable eople are " going to church," and his book sells like hot bakes. Krom spme little attention paid to his system, I am satisfied that it is an excellent one, and that for once, tlie public have shown good *enso in following a new guide. Last evening, the Thonographic teacher*, Andrew* and Boyle, gave an exhibition of their pupils, whom |thcy have heen instructing about six week*. The place, Jwns tho Tremont Temple, a very ipaciou* building, that will hold rather more than your Tabernacle. This wa* well filled with ladies and gentlemen, who take an inter est in education, and a very large class of boy* and girl* were ranged alon? the front gallery. The exhibition was conducted by Mr. Boyle, who explained the princi ples and merits of the system, and then gave illustrations of the proficiency of hi* pupil*. Boyle i* an English man of iittclligcncc, and completely master of hi* art, and exhibits great capacity a* a teacher. The remit of the exhibition, was an univerial conviction on the part of the audience, that the science of phonographic writing was a most useful one, and capable of easy acquirement, nnd many indulge the hope that it will, ere long, be Laught at the public tchool*. It wa* most astonishing to i novice, to hear boys and girls, with only six weeks in struction, reading aloud with fluency, and understand Iiugly, sentences writtsn in phonographic character, thon Tor the first time presented to their eyes. Sentences written in French, Latin, and English, were sent up to the master by the audience, and he transcribed them in characters upon the black board, where they were read aloud by the whole class in unison. Books printed in ^hc character were put into their hands for the first time, and were read aloud with the utmost facility. All this marvellous, to be *ure, but it i* literally true, and to ny mind, *how clearly that phonography should be de a part of education at our common school*. Your* amazingly, GUY FAUX. t'onitanUnr, Mo. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Cokstantink, April 29, 1H15. Terrible Hurrica nc?How the Winds Blow in the Far fVett. One of the most terrible storms of wind and hail that ever swept any country, passed over our village on the 21th instant, (one of Miller's prophetic days.) About 5 P. M., the clouds in the west began slowly to rise, being crowned with a green fog or smoke, which rolled and curled in the heavens, as it drove on before the hurricane. The clouds split apart near our village, one wing of the storm rushing north of us, and the other south. Its truck was from west to east. When raging at its height, it seemed as if the earth was to be torn to fragments, and washed awiiy by the deluge that followed. Hail stones fell from the siae of hickory nuts to that of hen's eggs, mid drifted under the fences over two feet deep, where they still remained imbedded three days after die storm, and were brought in the village as a cu riosity. The hail stones in the main track of the storm, have stripped the bark as clear from the tops of all kinds of fruit trees, as though they had been peeled by a knife, while that on the bodies is |K)iinded loose. Fences, houses, nnd every other thing exposed, are seamed and mangled by hail? glass all broken, and sash driven in?lambs, geese, mid birds of all kinds were beat down, and scattered through the " openings"?horses and cattle, mad with terror, were found the next day miles from home, stiff nnd sore from the effects of hail?fences were scattered "broad-cast"?houses unroofed? forest prostrated, etc. etc. Uelow our villiage, one mile, a gentleman in a plea sure wagon was overtaken by the storm, and, taking his horses by the hend, clenched thetn firmly us long us he could, when they broke away, loosed them selves from the wagon, and the wagon was swept by the water through the fence, and carried ofl into a vacant lot, where it lay keeled up, high and dry, for two flays, to tell its own tale. The.storm was unparalleled, and surpasses any thing that histoiy records?certainly so far as the size and power of the hail is considered. Wc have specimens of oak trees, or tall bushes, where the side exposed is perfectly clear of bark, and there is noth ing harder than the bark of our bushes of that kind. You will see. by the papers, that its sweep was a mighty one, having stretched front the Mississippi to Lake Krie; sometimes tearing down by winds sometimes by hail?and sometimes sweeping away by floods of water?and running out from its main track in ramifications carrying annihilation in its path in every direction. Parisian Fashions. mr>\i thf. Monr.A r?snn:xr?rs or 12th Amu.. Dn esses.? Almost all the dresses are trimmed with flounces of satin ribbon, three Inches wide, plaited en linaiir, from two to threa inches apart; five to nix rowi on n dress. This trimming has a freshness of appearance Which Iibs made it dcciilcdly fashionable. Fluid and plain mode and light stone colored bartpti of a very line quality, trimmed in thii manner, are quite dittlingiw for walking dresses j the same in light colors for evening were very much worn at the last concert at the " Tuil leries,t where all the Italian troupt iang. The royal family were present?the invitations were very limited, t.ady Seymour, the Queen of Beauty, wore an cmbrol 'ered crape bat with feathers. Nl'lle. Dcca/.cs n plain 'hite harige trimmed as above with satin ribbon*. M'lle. ititsin, daughter of tho Admiral, pink barige with pink 'ton trimming. The toirtn have bean much more mated than the previous winters, as ths airs of aris ? mrj havo been laid asido for the gay and ntlurel Harseter for which Kreneh soeioty was always distin I Oil. Straw halt of the fanrv straw*, diffbrinr in but very little from those of Inst voar, and made so now the ringlets and hair on the back and sides of t;v such as worn by the Dutchess of Nemour, are ve fashion, trimmed h ith a profusion of Ao#er>< and .it, Vera Crna. [Cftrreipondeno* of th? Herald.] Vera Cruz, April, 1845. The news of annexation comes quite unexpected. The idea of its being carried |during Tyler's administration had been given up. It was looked upon i here as a matter of necessity, that you should have | Texas; but not to take it so unceremoniously with- ? out attempting to get the consent of this country. : You have luughed at her protests?challenged her to do her worst?and it appears to me, you have oj>ened their eyeB to their future duhger. You have raised a great smoke here. There is as yet nothing known as to what will be done. Congress is in secret session u|>on the question. It is proposed to stop all com munications with the United States, and not to ad mit propositions from the United States; to prohibit all her produce and manufactures, and at the expira tion of six months to pack us oil'beyond the civ ilized conlinesof Mexico, and send all the troops of the Republic to Texas to rid the country of the ex pense of maintaining them. As yet, I do not see any thing but smoke. All power is at present in the Congress, and from the fact of so many voices, nothing of consequence will be done. The most perplexing question is, how can we save our honor (among Mexicans) 1 The United States has declared that Mexico is but a weak and despicable people, thereby forcing this government to suspend communications, and shut ting the door to any overtures you may wish to make. But after all the insults, I believe Mexico will pocket them. As yet, it is not known if this government intend to issue letters of marque. It u generally thought they will not. A committee of merchants have been appointed to reform the tariff. It has been concluded to take Santa Anna to Mexico to try him. As you have gone so far, for the interest of the few Americans that are here, let us know soon how much you wish to rob this gov ornment of, or if you would be satisfied with the whole, in case England would forgive the debt her citizens have against what was Mexico. Our inte rests demand that the matter should be settled forthwith, and the American Consul will be obliged to you by re-annexing the whole territory, and allow ing him the privilege to maintain himself by some other occui>ation. City Intelligence. Destructive and alarmino Fires.?Wo are again called on to record the great destruction of property which has taken place by fire, within thirty-six hours, in this city. About one o'clock on Thursday night, a most alarming Are broke out in the edgo tool manufac tory of a Mr. Conner, in Attorney street, the origin of which we could not trace ; but if report speak truth, it has been the work of an incendiary. Mr. Conner was as hard working and industrious a man as any in this great city of " Gotham," having from his great perseve rance and industry, as we have been informed, amassed a considerable sum of money, and which he a short time since had converted into property on those pre mises. Shortly after the alarm was given,we proceeded to the scene of destruction, and there found engine com panies Nos. 6 and 6, also Empire and Southwark playing away at railroad pace; still tne fire raged with unremit ting fury from one end of the building to the other, and continued so for the space of nearly an hour, beforo the flames could be got under. At length, by the great per severance of the different fire companies, the flames be gan to subside a little, but not until the destruction of a large quantity of property had taken place. We are fiven to understand that the premises are insured. The amage will be about ten thousand dollars. Another.?About four o'clock yesterday morning, a very destructive fire broke out in West Seventeenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, by which no less than ton houses have been reduced to ashes.? Anumber of fire and hose companies were at the scene of conflagration, almost immediately after the fire bells sounded: still, with all the exertion and ingenuity that man could use, they did not succeed in staying the fiery element, until a whole block of houses paid the forfeit by the neglect of a careless servant, who, it appears, left a candle lighted by her bed side, which is supposed caus ed a window curtain to ignite, which was just hanging over it. Amongst the sufferers aro a Mr. Williams and a Mr. Rust. Williams having allowed his insurance to cease only two days previous to the fire, and neglccted having it renewed. Mr. Rust will bo a considerable loser also, not only as regards the fire, but the loss of a very fine young l?>rsc, which was consumed, and also a large sum of money, which, wo have boon informed, a clerk in his employment had been detected (whilo the fire was raging) in taking from a placc lie had it concealed in, an outhouse, by one of tho M.P's., but on being arrested, he threw it into the flames, which, as a matter of course, was consumed before it could be recovered. Tho prin cipal part of the iiouses were frame-work, and not a vest age oi them remains. Twenty families have been re duced to beggary by this dreaaful occurrence, anil tUe 103s of the whole, it is said, cannot be far under $30,000. Abothf.r.?At four o'clock yesterdav afternoon, a lire was observed on the premises of Messrs. Green and Ruckell, corner of Washington and Oesbrosses streets, which had been occupied as a coal yard, and bofore it could be abatod, took with it two other buildings, one oc cupied as a blacksmith's'shop, the other a grocery store. As these houses were of frame work, and rather small dimensions, |the loss will not exceed $800. Several fire companies were up in a vory short time, and succeeded in keeping the fire from making further progress. The inmatos of the grocery establishment saved part of their stock, and nearly all their furniture. The premises are not insured. Robbery?Yesterday morning about 10 o'clock, a wo' man by some means got into the tailoring establishment of Mr. Lowrie, 193 Church street, and took therefrom a black dress coat and some wearing apparel belonging to his daughter, and though pursued almost instantaneous ly, she continued to elude the vigilance of her pursuers. We are informed she is an old olio tide r. We hope the M. P's will soon have the "honor" of the delinquent's acquaintance. Police Oflce?May 9.?Nothing of interest or impor tance transpired to-day, the all important proceeding of the day being the execution. Coroner's Ofllee.?May 9?Found Drowned.?The Coroner held an inquest upon the body of John Cake, who was found drowned. Amusements. Our citizens have now an opportunity of visiting the most extensive Menagerie ever exhibited in this country ; it in located at the corner of Kighth st. and the Bowery, and i* owned bv Messrs. Ogden. Week*, fee. This menagerie arrived tn this city on Thursday, and marched through some of our principal streets, previous to their arrival nt their depot Home idea may be formed of the magnitude of this collection, when the fact is made known, that they give employment to about one hundred men ; and that about seventy-five horses, and thirty-six carriages of various kinds, are necessary for the trans portation from place to place, of the various specimens of Zoology, and Ornothology.of which their exhibitiontis compoteo, comprising as it does, almost every species of the animal and feathered tribe. There is one animal never before exhibited in this country; we refer to the Black Tiger. This is the only black Tiger ever brought here. It was caught on the shores of the river Amazon, and in a very short space of time has been brought into complote subjection by the all-conquering prowess of Herr Dries bach, the most celelebrated Lion-tamer in the universe. The view of the performance of this wonderful man, is alone worth the price of admission. He enters the cage with seven of the most ferocious animals of the brute creation; enough, in all conscience, to destroy a dozen men, yet by his indominitable courage, and almost super human prowess, he has obtained such power over them, that he hondles and fondles them like so many kittens. His performances can only be appreciated by- being seen. This exhibition can be viewed by the most fastidious and modest. Tho clergyman can recommend it to his flock ; fathers of families can take their wives and children there, in the confident assurance that nothing immoral or vicious will meet their view ; and we think they wlil perform an act of duty in thus giving their families an opportunity of seeing this splendid collection of animals and birds. Oriconal Ethiofean Skrkwadkhs?Palmo's Opt ha Hotjsk.?Last night was the third since the occu pancy of this house by tho Ethiopeans, and from the ap pearance of the multitude that crowded it, might be sup posed to be the first There is a novelty and freshness In these perfermances that must command universal at tention. Their programme for this evening is rich?and for next week the attractions will be still greater. Testlmonlnm-Th? following certificate, netting: forth the surprising valne of (tOURAUD'S Ita lian .Vedira ed Soup in the curst ion of Puitulet and other mi sightly skin diseases, it selected for publication, from ?thou sand others, im account of its brevity. It is only necessary fur ther to state that Mr. Bloom will be nap|>y to state oral If/ to any skeptic who may doubt the genuineneas of his ham? writing. "New York, April in. IMS. "Da. K Moi'BAi'i>? Sih? During the last winter, whil> pursuing my studies, owing to sedentary habits, my face and neck become puatulnut, presenting an unsightly appearance. Remedies were tried in vain. I had almost despaired of being freed from the loathsome poatules, when, o'l my return home, 1 heard of your celebrated I'd/uiii Medicated Soap?of its wonderful power of curing skin d seises. Skeptical though I was, yet I determined to try it, for hope whispered in my ear and said Try it before you decide; If virtueless llm deride. I tried it, and what was the result? .4 clear face, and neck, free from pimplet-imooth and toft as a new tarn bahe't.? AfWr using it five days, nearly all tfie pimples had disappeared and my fact became * month anil Irantpartnt. Von have my money, receive also my sincere and grateful thanks. Your most obedient, MORGAN L. BLOOM, No. I Twenty-eighth st.'' O- DR. OOURAUD has otlier equally valuable testimo nials of the efficacy of his {'nudirt Sutitlei, in eradicating sn perllnous hair, and just as much commended are his tjipiid Vegetable Honge for tinting pule cheeks with a splendid and permanent rose rolor; l.ily White, for adding softness, white uess and brilliance to the completion; Grecian Hair Ih/e. for coloring light hair, brown or black; and Jlcouutic Ihopt. for restoring the blessed sense of bearing to persons who have been unfortunate enough to lose it in consequence of a disarrange ment of the oral organs. > '.wV.r?, Procnre tliese valuable articles at Dr. FE LIX QOURAUD'a well known depot, 67 WAUKfcRST. first stored/row Broadway. Noue are genuine unless I'urchased as nbovementioned. Age'its?71 Chesnnt street, Philadelphia; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Bosto'iiCarlatoii 8c ( o., Uwell; Myers. New Haven; Bull, ll irtford: Peirce, I Htaiiwu Hall, Albany;Backus k Bull. Troy; Tousey, Rochester. Pnln In the Hide and Breast, Headaelie, Ilc.?Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are a certain cure for eve ry description of pains, because they purge from the body those morbid humors which sre the cause, not only of the above dis agreeable complaints, but from every malady incident to man.? l*rom three to six of said Indian Vegetable Pills, taken at night oa going to lied, will, in a short time, give relief, even iu the most inbeise suffering and perse Venice, according to directions, will certainly restore the body to a state of sound health. llewan of Counterfeit!.?public are c.iatioaed against an imitation article, boiled in sugar, and called Improved Indian Vegetable Tills. Theonly certainty of getting the right medicine, is to parchaae at than**' place, No. 2At Greenwich street. New York, and, in all cases, l>e imrticulaitoatk for WRIOHT'8 Indian Vegetable If. IWers or-sorted cotmUrftU Pill*. ?It woold gladden the heart of any philan thropist (o visit the consulting and operating room* of Dr. Wheeler, the Oculist, at No. 29 Greenwich street, ou any morning during his business hours, when his establishment will lie Too lid crowded with patieuts from every part of the Uuited Satti, afflicted with various disorder* of the eye, submitting to the doctor's celebrated mode of treatment, by which scores hive even been restored from total bliudueas to perfect sight. We earnestly recommend all persons hating diseased eyes?no matter what may be the nature of the disorder?to place them selves under the charge of Dr. Wheeler, whose long ?ape rience and extensive practice have giveu him a popularity as an Oculiat not enjoyed by any other profeasor. Songs for the People?No. Face iif clear and healthy skin, face or youth ana Deauty, All should know whose face is tann'd, that to use Jones' Soap is thy duty. 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Sebastian Streeter, of Boston, more than all the remedies ever made use of, and they will continue to cure all who are not beyond all hope. If you are sick, try them, and be sure yon will not regret it. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nassau st. Agents, 227 Hud son; 188 Bowery;77 East Broadway; 3 Ledger Buildings, Phila delphia, and 8 State st, Boston. Seal's Hair Restorative, at his Agency, 07 Walker atreet, first store rloM Broadway. ?alley's Magical Pain Extractor, at his Agency, 67 Walkers treet, first store from Broadway. MONEY MARKET. v Friday, May Oth, 0 P.M. The stock market ii steady, hut very much depressed Stonington improved J per cent; Norwich and Worcester ] ; Illinois b's, |; Canton, 4 ; Long Island, }. Reading) Erie, Farmers' Loan, Pennsylvania o's, Indiana, Mohawk, and East Boston closed Urm at yesterday's prices. Morris Canal fell off ]. Quotations for the past few days have been very uniform, and the market appears to be as much ; depressed, as it is possible for rumors of war and the ab sence of operators to make it. The transactions seem to be principally in fancy stocks, and in those requiring the smallest amount of capital to carry. The in* activity of businoss generally affects the stock mar' ket injuriously, and we do not see the slightest possibility of getting up any speculative movement likely to improve prices or give activity to the market. | There have been so many things, within tho past six months, bromght to bear upon the stock market, and pri ces hnve for such a length of timo tusen steadily declin ing, that it is the prevailing impression that quotations have nearly touchcd bottom, and that very little altera tion in prices either way,will for a time be realized. The operations in the market are mostly in railroad stocks, such as the Long Island, Norwich Ii Worcester, Stoning ton, and Harlem. The sales of Vicksburg are very small. Holders of United States Bank seldom offer their stock in the market. The first bank established in Ohio, upon the indepen dent banking system, is tho Bank of Dayton. The sjie cio capital of the bank is $60,000, and tho amount of stocks upon (which the immediate circulation is to be based, is $110,000. The demand for foreign exchange is very limited. Good sterling bills are held at 9 a 9J per cent, premium. Bills on France 6f. 36} a it. 38. Domestic .exchange is very inactive, and quotations merely nominal. Wo annex the rates current. Domestic Exg-haxce, May 9, IMS. Bostor par a ^ dis. Apulachicola.... 3 a 2)? dis. Philadelphia .para It du Mobile, specie... Ii >? do Baltimore >?' a '< do Mobile,St Bk nts,6?Z a 7'4 do Virginia I a l'? do Montgomery... . 6>Z a 73* do Nonh Carolina. .IV a 111 do Tuscaloosa if* a 7*4 do Charleston J* a ii do New Orleans... dis a par Savaunah >5 a X do Nashville 2 a 2V dis. Augusta it a \ do Louisville I'4 a l}? do Columbus IV a do St Louis... 2 a 2V do Macon... ......LU a do Cincinnati 1 a IS do Union, Florida.. .70 a75 do Safety Fd notes.. % a \ do South L Ii T Co.75 alio do Eastern notes... *4 a \ do Ql'OTATIONS kor U."?cuanE>?T Mowet. Uncunmt Money. Broken Bank Money. Ea?t'n, hnk'ble in Bos'n a X Bank of Oswego 10 Albany,Troy, Sch lie.. a V Commercial, Oswego 25 Jersey a ?s Clinton County 25 Philadelphia a ,'4 Watervliet 25 Baltimore a V, United States, Phil 26 Safety Fd it Red Back. Ha 5i tiirard Bank, Phila 1 Virginia al.'i Phenix, Charlestown 45 Ohio a2>^ Newburyport Bank ? Indiana *2}a Bank of Lyons 25 Michigan..., 2.'?a5 Illinois State Bank 35 North Carolina al\ Bk of III, at Shawnetown.. 40 South Carolina al'? Commercial, Buffalo 20 The amount of uncurrent money offering for redemp tion, has fallen off within the past few weeks, and the quantity now offering is very limited. The spring busi. ness is about over, and the customers from the country are thinning off. The importers and jobbers have been much disappointed in the season's trade, the sales not amounting to near as much as anticipated. The stocks of dry goods in first and second hands in this city, are large, and the supplies now coming in are to much greater than the demand from the trade, that the quantity in the market is daily increasing. The decrease in the importations into this port this season, compared with the last, has not been so great as the decrease in the trade. This would leave on hand a larger stock than we had st the same time last teasen, while our foreign trade would be placed on a better basis by the reduction. The movements in specie are so limited, and the demand for any purpose *0 moderate, that the premium i* very much reduced. Wc annex quotations current in this market Qcotatioiob roa Specie. Per cent. Value. Ainer. gold, old. .106 a 106)? Carolus dollars.*! 06 a 1 07 do do new. 100 a lOOl* Five francs... . !M a 94X Half dollars par a IOOI4 Doubloons. . . .16 20 al6 35 Portuguese gold. . 100 a 100'4 do patriot. 15 80 a 15 00 Spanish dollars. ..104 a 105 Sovereigns .... 4 85 a 4 87 do quarters.. 99 a 100 do light... 4 82 a 4 85 Mexican dollars. .100 a 101 Heavy gulneaa. 5 00 a ... do quarters.. 9!) a 100 Napoleons 3 83 a ... The receipts of the Reading Railroad Company, for the month of April in the past three years, havo beon as an nexed. PHILADELPHIA 1>D HKiDISO 11*11.BOAO. Jtmil. 1813. 1814. 1845. Receipts $32,633 75 $42,585 93 (68,176 17 Coal transported, tons... 16,300 30,099 17-20 52,735 8-20 The receipts for April, 1846, show an increase on those of April, 1844, of about sixty-lour per cent; and on those of April, 1843, one hundred and twelve percent. The increase in tho transportation of coal has been greater than the increase in receipts. Last year the receipts in the fall months averaged about sixty-five thousand dol lars oach;; add to that amount the increase this and the increase for the corresponding months this year should be Fmore than one hundred thousand dollars , each. The transportation of coal for April, IMA, was ct timatod to bo 50,000 tons ; the amount carried was 64,735 MO. The monthly report of the banks of New Orleans for April,compared with March, (hows a very slight increase in the aggregate movements in the institutions of that city. There has been a decrease in the amount of specie on hand, and an increase in the circulation. The increas in circulation is undoubtedly causcd by the decrense 1 n the specie on hand. The business of banking in New Orleans, has been much more limited this season than last, and the bank* exhibit a determination to be govern ed in their operations by the actnal demand for facilities from the legitimate commercial classes. Nkw Oblkars Banks. Sped'- Circulation. March 29. Jlpril 36. March 29. Jlpril 26 Back of Louisiana.... 3,306,(78 3,745,646 936.000 066, 140 Canal ami Bkg Co... ? 358,413 Cltf Bank 619,418 Louisiana State Bank,. 1,535,597 Mechanics' and Tra ders Bin k 1,2.10.983 Union Bank of La.. . 163,16.', Non tptciV paying? Citizens'Bank 44.3m Consolidated Assoc'n. 3,456 462,111 600,709 1,576,656 1,429,194 211,230 36,307 1,874 429,175 447,075 370,720 910,110 30,(30 941,(44 202,160 ifcnk of Louniaaa.... Bank City Hank Louisiana Hute Bank. Mechanics' and Tra ders' Bank Union liank Son tp'fir patfin^? Cittte lis' Bunk Coisoliilatrd Assoc'n. (7,m 319 7.173.790 Cash liahihtin. 4.815.309 1,359,771 010,309 984,943 1,533,108 1,W?,952 1,501,438 1,872,200 2,121.771 39.259 2,837,020 37,702 043.960 431.960 361,015 811,470 30,760 960,168 211.Z55 4,158,595 4.398,062 ? 1ueh. 5,124,688 1,741,464 1,332,211 1,350,699 2.068, OW 2,157,3.13 2,118,560 1,137,072 3,198,455 3,324,098 610,716 754,700 7.9GO,OfiO 7,701,226 2,109,913 t,000,M1 111,513 3,436 103.687 1,672 *21,772.004 11,420,235 11,577,(130 11,571,443 Tho lending features of those banks compare as fol low o 1844 March 10. . 8,878.951 . 3,689,615 . 18,534.809 12,578,307 Specif Circnl ition Caali liabilities.. Asset . 1845 f'th K. Jim 7.5e13,806 7,173,790 ? 3.790,377 1,300,062 590,665 20,507,(119 21,426,235 838,578 12,850.617 11,571 143 1,712,1 Tho amount of deposits in these banks on the 30th of April was f6,mfl,034 ; real estate $9,RM,'M7 ; loans on stock $8,171,068; on mortgages, pledge, Ice. 9A,A00,AA3. Other discounts on capital $l,3W,08T. Protested paper $3,#40,49rt. Capital paid in $17,M#,(W0 Liabilities ex elusive of Mpttel #80,000,787 Aooets MA.4M.M9 The receipt* and export* of produce at New-Orleans this season have been lea* than hut. We anise*. a table showing the quantity of certain article* received at New Orlean* front Sept lit to May, lat, thi* year and laat. Spt.1,'43, 9ft. 1, '44, ? . l?Mayl,'44. lnc" *>? Bacon, hams, ldid?. k bis. 77l7,3BI 6,014 ? 11.27 Beef, bbls 47,134 r,?W ? Com, hi ears, bbl* 131,338 114,010 ? Corn, shelled, sacks 247,391 2?8,3?5 41,0?l Hour, bbls 176,477 412,756 35,379 Hay. buudlrs 2S,X17 36 300 ? Lard, kefs 335,420 *17,130 ? barrels 1U.M0 55,3*0 ? , hhda 212 107 ? 369,1(19 370,303 1,034 Pork, bbls 3W ,296 194,534 ? hhds 6,701 ? Sugar, lihds. 46,406 40,401 Molasses, bbls 58,409 99,141 30,732 Wheat, bbls. and sacks. 31,362 21 821 Apples, bMs 41,00*1 24,154 ? Cotton, bales... . 817,402 076,360 59.101 Butter, kegs and firkins io.jsj |6 6i44I _ This show* quite a diminiihed trade in theie article*. The receipt* of *|?scie at New-Orleans from Sept. lit 1844 to May l*t, 1843, were only 93,037,001, against $# 745,033 for the same period the year previou*, being a falling off of $4,717,973. Notwithstanding thi* great de creuse, in the receipt* the amount of ipecie in the banks varie* very little from what it was last year. Old Stock Exchange, W00j/?i'?.'43 104 5 Ohio Lit Trust Oil' I000N YState S'i,'62 !07>i 100 Cantou Co 44)5 .274 1#,?35 16,711 3,119 118,290 39,740 45 190,761 2,099 9,741 16,944 2000 Ohio 7' 3000 Peun S's 10000 do 13000 do

3000 do 1000 Indiana Bonds 1000 llliuois spl lids <1000 do 100 shas Del k Hud 9 Bank of Com, full 7 Am Ex Bank 30 N A Trust 100 Farmers' Trust 100 du 130 do 130 do 25 Morris Canal , 101 30 do b?0 72.1? 75 do 1)30 7JV J50 East Boston 23 po 100 do 75 Erie 11 R 50 do 2no Long Island HA 100 do 30 do 100 do 15 Mohawk R R 130 StoniiiKton R R 30 do 30 do 72 blO 72V 33K 38)5 38'4 b90 137 93),' 81!* 13 , 35 t>30 35 Ii60 33 do do do do do do do 31! b30 32! b45 33 32} 34V, 130 Nor k Wore R R 17 Reading R R 100 do 50 Morris Canal 23 do 30 do b>? 33 l>60 33 Second Board. 100 Nor k Wore R R s30 72 30 Last Boston R R 28 $3000 Ohio fi's,'60 s30 07 1000 do s3 97 3000 Ppnn 5's s30 71jr 1000 I nd Dol bds25 >? s30 33>? 30 shas Fanners Tst blO 35 30 do 100 do 30 Morris Canil New Stock Exchange. 30 25 330 50 25 23 30 75 do do do do do do do do 30 Morris Canal 30 do 25 do 25 do 30 Canton Co 25 Erie R R 75 Harlem RR 30 Long Island R R sl5 72); 100 do slO 72>? *i do blO 72)2 30 do c 72^ 25 Nor k Wore R R c Ti ,22 3? ,J 100 do 725i *> do .10 72 Nairn of Stocks at Boston. Mat 8.?19 ihi Western Railroad 103J; 23 do 103; 139 Eastern Railroad 109}; 100 Ea?t Boston Stock 14J: 8 Bos ton k Worcester Railroad 117|j 100 Long Island Railroad 731- as Norwich Ic Worcester Railroad so lOds 72j; 8 do ial; 300 WilmingtonRR31}; 100 do b o lm 31|; $1000 Albany City Bonds 110. State of Trade. Ashes.?The demand for Pots is limited, and we quoto *3 81! a 3 87k. Pearls are steady at $4 31J a 4 37$. Beeswax.?Prime yellow of all descriptions as wanted | at 30tc. The demand is moderate. Breadstlkks.?We have no alteration to report. We quote Genesee at $4 75 a 4 81}; Ohio and Michigan are firm at $4 634 a $4 76; Georgetown and Brandywinc aro held at $4 871. There is very little doing in Wheat, our last quotations of $1 8 are still current Northern Oats soil at 39$ a 30c. Corn, Northern we quote at 46 a 47 "co'tton.?The market remains quiet, and the sales do not exceed 700 to 900 hales ; previous rates appear to be paid as yet, although buyora demand a concession of one quarter cent, at which rate some large parcels would change hands. LivEsrooL Classification. Uplands * Florida. Mobilt <(? If. Orleans. Inferior 4? a 6, a 6J Ordinary a 6J ??) ? jj Middling *1 a 6 6} a 61 Good Middling 6 a 61 6J a 61 Middling Fair 61 a 6} 6] a ?1 Fair.... 4 a 6* 7 a 7} Fully Fair ?3 It * 2 | Good Fair 7* a 7} olio. Fine ? a 8i ? 1 ? 'I Hat.?Common qualities of North River bale sells at 37J a 42c. The supplies aro more than equal to the de mWHis*EY.? Drudge casks are lair, but inactive at 33c. Western and Prison barrels sell at 23 a 23$c. There is very little doing in either description. Pro visions.?The demand for Pork is moderate. We quote small sales of new prime Ohio at $10 80; old do at $9 60; new Mess ia held at $13 37J; old do at $12 62). Bcof is very dull. Lard is not ?o active as usual. We quote prime at 7]a0c. Cheese, in bones and casks, is held at 6 a 8c. Teas at Auction.?Imported per barque Ronaldson. Terms?Notes at 6 months, payable in this city, to be made satisfactory to aellers. Hyson?10 cheat* W cents; 15 h cheats 66; 6 chests 64; 18 do 631; 30do 98: 88 do 63$; 300 13 lb boxes 47. Young Hyson?W half chests 80; 83 do 71; 40 do 70; 100 do 69; 36 do 661; 9do 63$; 46 do 49; 37 do46; 49 do 45; 50 do 431; 183 do 43; 34 do 41; 73 do 38: 18 do 37; 30 do 35; 10 do 34; 60 do 331; 65 do 324; 166 do 33; 803 do 31$; 333 do 31 ? 78do 39; 30 do 38$; 68 do 38; 500 do 10; 360 13 lb. boxes 26; 30 half chests and 6 13lb boxes withdrawn. Gunpowder?10 half chests Mj 9 do 86; 33 do 71 J; 13 do 66; 25 do 39; 36 131b boxes SO:!** do 41; 360 do 38: (Is do withdrawn) 2j 6lb do 48; 76 7;200 do 40; 300 do38J. Imperial?10 half chests 81; 11 do 72; 5 do 71; 13 do 70; 27 do 66; 38 131b boxes 68$: 38 do 68; 100 do 39$; 200 do 39 (l2do withdrawn) 300 61b do 40$;300 do 39$. Tonkay?100 half chests 28. , Hyson Skin?30 chests 51; 34 do 48; 36 do 42; 39 do 43$; 38 do 37; 10 do 36$; 30 do 35; 41 do 31; 76 do 37. Oblong Powchong?30 chests 70. Mohea Howchong?10 chests 39; 31 do 28; 37 do with Chuian Powchong?100 half chests 3S$; 200 do 33$; 300 do 19. Powchong?36 half chesta 37$. Koken Souchong?lOO.chests 36, (43 do and 148 half do withdrawn.) . ,, Ningyong Souchong?30 chests 29; 30 do 28; 166 hall do 24; 200 13-lb boxes 321; (40 ] do withdrawn.) Oolong Souchon?80 hall chests 38$; 10 chest 23; 35 13-lb boxes 33$. Cassia?1600 mats 18$ cent*. Real Estate at Auction.?Three lots in Allen street, Nos. 78, 80 and 83, between Grand and Broome streets, each 25 by 87$ feet, at $2,976, $8,935. Twenty lots at Harlem, in vicinity of 4th avenue and 131st street, at $190, $3,800. Six do do at $160, $900. Cotton Market. New Orleans, April 30.?A report of the Caledonia's advices, and an advance in the Liverpool market of Jd though not full credited, produced a certain effect, as was apparent in the improved demand which prevailed, and the transaction* of the day comprise 5,500 hales, but as the enquiry was met in a corresponding spirit by hold er* there wa* no change in prices. Mobile, Mhy 2.?The active demand prevailing at the close ol' last week, was continued into the present?*alcs on Saturday amounting to about 4000 bales, at rather ?tiffer prices, the market closing at 6?c for middling. On Monday there was less enquiry, sales reaching to only 15 a 2000 bales, prices steady. Yesterday buyer* wore again disposed to operate freely, and from 3,600 to 4,000 bales changed hand* at full prices. Liverpool middlings may be quoted 6jc. and good middling* 6c. The grades above and below middling are relatively cheaper. lie ceipts since Friday eveniag 1803 bale*?total thi* season, 605,535 bale*. Stock 83,306 bales. Provision Market. Our great markets, and most of the meat shop*, for the week past have, as usual at thi* season of the year, been fully supplied with beef, veal, mutton and lamb, of the finest quality. Good poultry is rather scarce?young ?nring chicken* aro in market. The fl?h market exhibits every variety that our water*, or tho*e at a distance can produce?fresh salmon at 4a per lb. Vegetables of all kind* very plenty? radiihoi, asparagraas, and all green or kitchen garden articles, abundant, with green pea* from the South, and ?trawberrie* of delicious flavor,?upe rior to the honey, from Washington City. Pklladelphln Cattle Market. Mat 8th.?Beeve*?1085 head offered, including 700 Ohio and Kentucky. Demand good, and all but 40 *oId at $6 ? $6 10 per 100 lb*.?460 head for New York. Cow* and Calve*?380 brought?Sales of Dry Cows at $6 a $13; Springer* $10 a $lg and Milch Cow*. $16 a $36 each.? Sales of Jersey Calve* on the Delaware at $4 a $4 60 and Tenn'a do at the yard*, $8 60 a $4 per 100 lh* live weight. Swine?-660 offered?Sale* at $4 50 a $6 200 over. Sheep and Lamb*?1070 offered. Sales of Sheep at I 50 a $4 80, and Lamb* at $1 35 a $3 each. Foreign Markets. St Jaoo de Ciba, Apnl II.? Some heavy transactions have taken place in the Hupr market, at from 3% to 2V for Muscovs does and3ii to 3?< for browns, and 4H a lor whites; st these rue* the market remain* firm, with every appearance of being I'ully supported. Of Mnscovadoes, the stock on hand small; ami of" Bo* Sugars, none on hand at all, as they are bought up a* soon as they appear. Molasses scarce, bnt held firmly at $17 per 101 callous, casks included, la Coffee no change whatever. For the last two weeks we have bad heavy rains, which prove injurious to the Tobacco crop, but it is still generally eiwcN-d that it will result larger than the la?t in this district. Fresh supplies of Provisions have come in since our last, and have beei' sold within the range of our quotations. The present stock of most articles ia moderate, the only exceptions are Hish (in,l Kice, which are abundant and dull. Beef, $10'# per hbl; Jerked American per 100 lbs, sales; Duller, yellow, 15, sales; Candles, tallow 10s and 12 s, 11V a IS. sperm long ?'s, 40; Cheese, American, 13 a IS, sales; Kish, Cod, small, J a 3)i, abundant; Hake 3Si for 10 drnms ?ii|ie rior; Herrings, smoked,80 a 80 per box, sales; Mackerel No. 3, 7 ii..r lilil ??ales; Flour, Spanish, 10V per bbl, abundant; Hams, Imalllia 18 Sr .00 ll^Tgle.: Larl it* a IIV, Whale Oil tt per gallon; Onions, per hbl. IWfor^.prouted: Pork, clear 17 per hbl; Mess 11; Bac.n lOper 100 Iba; PotatoesM a 4 Per bbl.Riee S Vl* i>er 100 lbs, ahnndaiit. $<?? for Porto Rico; Soap, yellow, 7K aTBosrd?, W. P. 24\per\l feet; P. P.Lumber UW, plen ty; Hoops K a(0per M00;HM . Hhooks and HsUs IKal each; Sngar Box Shooks 87 a 98. Coffee, washed and pulped, 1st, $12 per 100 lbs,2d. 9's >11* Jd. 7*0; ordinary to beat.unwashed 7; triage and half triage 4* a 6; Sugar, anaorted 1 white and^f brown 3* and 14* to 5* and 4<? while alone lK a J; ?|on?3W*4; Mnscovado 8'* aJj(; Molaues, includim $17 per 105 gallons; Tobacco 16 a 17. Married. On Thursday evening, Msy 8th, by the Rev. T. G. Sawyer. Mr. Cmasi vs Roi.limon, to Ml** SaRAH Omves, tit of thi* city. On tin eveing o( ths *h instant, by tho Rev Oeorgs Coles, Mr. Andrew R. Trottm, to Mi?? Ma?t Wil liams, mil of this city. On Thursday evening the lat instani, by the Rev. Dr. Dewey, Mr. John J. Wh iituu to Miss Marv Clarb, all of this city. Died. On Friday evening the 9th instant, Charles C. Camf bbll, in the 36th year of hi* age. Hi* friends and those of his brother! Collin and Dun can P. Campbell are respectfully invited to attend his fu neral without further invitation ; also the Caledonia Di vision No. 31, Hons of Temperance, of which he was a member, and the Order iu general, aro invited to attand, on Sunday afternoon, at 6 o'clock, from his late residence 231 Third Avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. On Thursday evening, the 8th instant, Mr. Samuel, 8. Mookk, in the 33d year of his age. The friends and relations of the fnrnily, and the mem ben of Mount Vernon Lodge No. 73, I. O. of O. F., and the order in general, arc invited to attend his funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, lrom his late residence, No. 137 Elisabeth street. On Fridav morning, 9th instant, of consumption, in the 25th year of her ago, Jane Kuia, wife of John Harpell. The relations and friends of the family, and those of her father, Charles Baker, are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from her late residence, 286 Houston St., on Sunday afternoon at half past 4 o'clock. How beautiAil the Jpsve Where virtues reRcs lie ! How sweet the sleeping dust Of early piety. Then, well approv'd the work Of pioty below, Thy God will on thy head The crown of life bestow. PasMngers Arrived. Charleston?Ship Anson?Mr Dickenson and lady, Mrs Welles, Mrs Baldwin, Mrs Hermann, Miss Hopley, Mix Bur ritt. Mr Tucker, lady and child, Messrs Terrell, Finch, Crane, Aitkens, (iuirey, Burrows, Kermes, Sacly. MaRacaibo?Brix Cardaux. Foreign Importations. Livkbfool?Ship Susan E Howell?1J0 torn coal D Colden? 830 sacks salt Saml Thompson?2213 bars iron Kinney, Breese it Sampaon?1416 Bleeckerftt Oothout?7 pkgs W Whitewriicht?1 J Dean?1 J B Meluett?103 K F Sanderson?SO E J Thnmaa?5 E Ellimore?12 D Coleman?9 J Foraythe?91 11 It E Alcock? II Whitaker It Foster?11 Slate It Butterlord?1 J tiilion?4> D Hadden?8 Smith, Thurgarfcco?13 R Speddiuc?116 E Cauld well?IA Haskell?2 Lndluin & co?i R Patrick?74 Reiss Bros It Co?5 8 C Watts?78 J W Harris?37.tons iron 880 boxes tin plates 2C70 ingots copper 19 cs 22 cks to order. Mahacaibo?Brig Emma?04 bass coffee B F Dawson?08 E Pavenstedt?iO O Domiugues?lii F W Schmidt St Voge 1?1000 Graves It Holford?1 case Wright St Fowler. St Jaoo dc Cuba?Brig Adele?286 hhds80 bxs sugar 84 hales leaf tobacco Dunscomb It Beckwith?76 do Richd Irvin?3 bxs mdse to order. Domestic Importations. Charleston?Ship Anson?107 tcs 49 hfdo rice C Buckmey er itsons?<ifi bbls Roche Brothers It co?72 do D Hinds?M C Meyer?1 chest tea Canton Tea Co?2378 hf tiercs rice 20,5 bales Cottou 20 pkga mdse to order. MARITIME HERALD. Movements of the Steam Ship*. cuamm Leave Due in Leave Liverpool. America. America. Hihernia, Rvrie, ... ... May 16 Britannia, Hewitt, May 4... May IS... June 1 O. Western, Matthews May 17.., May 30... June 11 Cambria, Judkins May 19... June l...June 16 PORT OF NEW YORK, MAY 10. ?UN RUES 4 SO I MOON (ETI 10 49 E ?UN IKTS 7 04 | HIGH WATER 11 6 M Cleared. Ships Zenobia,(Sw) Beekman, Gottenburg, Schmidt &. Bal chen; Sullivan, Waite, Charleston, George Bulkley.?Baxtiues Backus, Stoteabury, Savaiutah, John Ogden; Oeonfia. Otis, Richmond, Nesmitii 8c Walsh.?Brigs Tuscany, Hull, Hull, J. K. Gillespie; Selim, Diiuham, West Indies, Mason Ik. Thomp son.?Schrs Portia, Culver, Baracoa, (J. L. Meacliain: Mary Parker, Parker, Abacn, by the master; Rival, Ogdeu, Philadel phia, Wm J. McKee It Co; Colorado Church, South Amboy; Talisman, Pratt, Boston, Cook & Taylor.?Sloops Jus Gorham, Vail, Norwich; Proof Glass, Blydeuburg, Providence.?Barge Albany, Nave, Philadelphia. Arrived. Ship Susan K. Howell, Bailey, 37 days froui Liverpool, with mdse, to master?280 passengers. British ship Douglas. Brewster, 40 day. from, wilh 228 tons coal .'WOO slates to order?216 passengers, W. Ac J. T. Tapscott. The D. is Iwund to St. John, NB., put in here to land jiasseiigere. Ship Anson, Barkmau, G days from Charleston, with cottou, to G. Sutton. Brig Kmma, Wait. 20 days from Muracailio, w ith coffee, to Bouchaud Ac Thebaud. Left baripie Cora, Warner, for Phila delphia, soon. Brig Adele, Steele, from St. Jago de Cuba, Aiiril 2S, with sugar, to Dunscomb Ik Beckwith. Left brigs Gazelle, Church ill, fm Porto Rico, dixit; Ursula, Bernard, fin NYork, do?only Americans. Baruue Danl Webster, Cole, for Trinidad, sld day before. Brig Susan Spofford, (of Thomaston) Spofford, 14 days from Turks Island, with 9331 bushels salt 5000 lbs old copper to Mid dleton &.Co. Sailed iu co. w ith Br. brig Isabella, Paysou, for Westport; Br. ?chr Sisters, Bingay, Yarmouth, NS. Leu no Americans. Brig Andrew Ring, Thurlow, 26 days from New Orleans, to Brett St Vo.e, with 319 lihds sugar Howlaud (k Aspinwull; 3*3 sticks cedar to order. Schr Jonas Smith, Collett, i days from Wilmington, NC. with rice and cotton, to ?. S. Powell?4 jiasseugers. Schr Hume, Mills, from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to M. Piatt. Schr Olivia & Virginia, Rollins, from Fredericksburg, with flonr, to master. Schr Lydia Ann. Crane, 2 days from Tuckerton, NJ. to R. Lewis Ik Co. Lelt schr John H. Dutton, of Norfolk, put in in distress?took on board 4000 staves from her. Schr Mary, Chase, 8 days from Machias, Me. with lumber, to master. Schr Mary Maria, Hicks, 6 days from Tliomaston, with lime, to master. Schr Cornelia, Bumpus, 2 days from New Bedford, with oil, to master. Schr Triumph, Williams, from Providence, with domestic goods, to master. Schr Jabel L. White, Coreen, from Providence, in ballast, to master. _ . ? Schr Director, Park, from Virginia. Schr W. C. Kiddy, from Virginia. Telegraph reports no vessel in sight at sunset. Sailed. Ships Albany, Havre; Zenobia. (Sw) Gottenburg; Sullivan, Charleston; brig Cervantes, Rio Grande, and others. Notice to Mariner*. Yahmocth Roads.?Notice is hereby given, that, in pursu ance of the intention expressed iu the advertisement from Trinity House, dated the 6th March, the Light Vessel in the Cockle Gatway has heen mured one half mile SW by W >4 W from her former position, and now lies in eight fathoms at low water spring tide*, with the following mirk* and comnass bear ings, vie?Wiuterton Church Tower, in line with the North side of Wiiitutou Lighthouse, NW; Gorleston Church Tower, in line with the middle of the New Houses South of Yarmouth Jetty, SW >? 8; Newarp Light Vessel. NEbyEiiE; Cockle Fairway Buoy, NNW l? W ; Cockle Spit Bum, NW by W: Outer Barber Buoy, SW by W; North Scroby Buoy, S by W WW; North Cross Sand Buoy, SE by E >? L. The alteration of tlie color of tlie Beacon Buoy, at the North eud of Scroby Sand, as farther notified in the said advertisement dated the 6th March, has also been effected, and the color of that buoy is now Red. Notice is hereby also given, that the Red Buoy at the North end of the Newarp Sand has been removed one half mile further Northward, and now lies in about six fathoms at low water spring tides, with the Newarp Light Vessel bearing E J, N, distant about three quarters of a mile. Whalemen. Navigator, Fisher, Pacific for Nantucket, spoken iu Vineyard Sound May 7, with 2200 bbls sp. Medfora, of Provincetown, 10 days out, clem, spoken May 4, lat 35 20, loii 73 40. Arr at Mystic May 2, Hellespont, Rathbun, NYork, to fit for whaling' Port Adelaidk, New Holland, Dec. 10.?Tlie Sally Anne, whaler, [supposed of New Bedford] was totally wrecked at Portland Bay, during a gale at SE 17th ult. [No particulars given. The Sail) Anne was last heard from off C G H<ye Oct I, clean. There is insurance on her only to the amount of S7.VW, at an office in New Bedford. Vessel and outfits valued at 821, 000.] Spoken. Wm Bayard, of and for St Andrews, from New Orleans, with loss of fore and main topgallant masts ami fore topmast, had carried them away a few hours before?April 26, lit 2:1 li N, Ion ?4 30. Osmanli, (supposed) from Marseilles for Boston, April I, off ' Hafiowell , from Messina for Baltimore, April 2, in Straits of Gibraltar. Kazan, Leckie, from Boston for Copenliagen, April 29, lat 46 35, Ion 31 66. A steamei steering East, (probably Great Western, hence for Liverpool) April 29, about lat 16 35, Ion 31 66. Ticonic, of Augusta, 13 days from New Orleans for Wil mington, April 29, lat 23 211,Jon 79 30. Foreign Porta. Galwat, April 14?In port, victoria, for NVork, 2 or 3 days, with a fall cargo of marble, and passengers. Mai amias. April 2S?In port, Washington, Adams, for Cron itadt, Idg?others as before. Cardenas, April 26?In port, Confidence, Bailey, wtg; St Lawrence, of Bristol, Idg?and others not reported. Trinidad DC Ct nA, April 22?In i>ort, American, Adie, for Boston, (or Portland) next day; Harriet, Gardner, for Boston, do; Oak. Foster, fordo, 2 or 3 days; Cordelia, Snow, for do, do; Monaco. Gould, from St Jsgo, just arr, to load for Boston; John Hancock, for Charleston, next day. Gen Brooks, Peko, for Boston, and Arion, for Bremen, sailed 3 days before. Litke Ports. BrrrALO, May 7?Arr Constitution, Curtis, Sandusky; Atlas, Bigelosv, Ashtabula; Constitution, Waite, Cleveland. Cld J Porter, Cary. and Roanoke, Corlett,'do; Hercules, Wheeler, Chicago; Owanungah, Norton, Detroit; Windham, Sheppard. Sandusky; Marshall, Drake. Charleston; Betsy, Pt Dover; J k Porter, Hall, Ashtabula; North I aroliun, Abbott, Otter Creek, c w. Home Port". , Castine, May 2?Bid Pembroke. B.akeman. St Peters, Mnj Bath, May J?Arr Rowland, Coombs, St Thomas; Itli, Llewellyn, Randall, Giiadaloupe. Cld Mh, Selma, Marston, St Kitts. Boston, May I?Arr Susan Jane. Fletcher, Smyrna; Chnsan, Jenkins, Matauxas; Sulla, Bangs; Liberty, Townsend: Kquity, Edwards, Richard, Kelly, and Fame, Crowell, Philadelphia; l)anl Francis, Lecount, Gonaivea; Pilgrim, Dodge(Fredericks hnr*; Virginian, Nickrrson, Norfolk; Banner, Lewis; Clarion, Coleman, and Maty Jane, Hardy, Albany; Pace, Chamlierlain, and Velocity. Smith. NVork; Coral, Smith, and Antilles, Stan ley, Thomaston for no: Columbia, Arey, Frankfort for do, put in withloss of mainsail?on 3th inst. fell ill with a new brig on her beam ends, full of water, English bottom, in tow of two fishermen, who no doubt succeeded in getting her into Herring Out?Damariscove islands South 12 miles, picked up a small fishing boat?Several men and boats were missing at Townsend on Sunday Int. on account of s heavy squall from off tlie land, j Telegraphed, Talleyrand, from Cardenas. Cld Gleaner,Smith, Kingston, J?; Triton, Lucc, Plcton; Mariner, Kimball, Halifax; Carlos, Johnson, Savannah; ( has William, Keating, Camden, Me; Radius, Plummet. Philadi lphia;Cxardo, Berry, Bull, Me; Rii nxi, Small, Provincetown, to fit for whaling; Avon, Larry, Washington, Nc; Phelic Baxter, Crowell, Wilmington. Del ? P M?Ari Talleyrand. Se?v?y,Cardenas; Bold Runner, Swasey, Klixabr'h City. Sailed, ? md N to E, Oak. Returned, Uirigo, which sailed yesterday. Providence, May 1- Arr Alexander, Taylor, Mobile; Gips) , Velsoi, Rondout. Sid Error*. Brush, Albany. New Haven, May B- Vrr Valhalla. Iiaynes, Porto Rico; New York, Jones, NYork; Lawrence, Ferris, and Franklin,Thomas, Albany. Hid John Estell, Smith, Thiladelph ia; Monitor, ( urn ming. Amhoy. Hartford, |May 7?Arr Seneca, Wilco*; Lady Clinton. Smith; Cyrns, Jones, and Novelty, Smith, NYork. Sbl R T Skinner, Bennett, Baltimore; fch, Oregon, Crowell, Pluladel phi*. PHII.SDEI rniA, M?y ??Ajrr Harsnar, Carlton, Trinidad de Cnba; Harriet Thompson, Whipple, NYork; Pearl, Harding. Boston. Baltimore, May 8?Sid Abe. Jones. Rio Janeiro. Pints, Ponce; Albioi, Demerara. Richmond, May 7?Arr Wars, Rogers. Boston; Cordelia, Baker, NOrleans. Sid Maine, Babbidge. Boston; Mmira Ro gers, Norwich. Nokrout, May 6?Arr Lewis, Lee; Magnolia, Murray, and ?py. Smith. N York. Below, Henry Lee, Smith, Richmond for Sandwich, Mass. Chari estov, May 5?Arr Mar.eppa.Colaon, NYork; Kleanor. fortes' Baltimore. Cld Thos Bennett, Varnum. Liverpool, ?raa^le^Hont, Havre. Town. Lealie, Wen lata*. Foster Momlk, M*y T-Arr K??|>r, Millikm, tod Hiram W Tyler Tyler, Boaton. Cld John Cami>b?iMBr) Broomhead; 8t Leon, Babaou, uidCcimu. (Br) Klrtcorr, Livcruuol. N*w OuxiAi, Aiiril 3U? Arr New kotflaud, Lowell. and KolU, Giberaon, NYork' Mauran, William*, Mobil*; Attaka na?. Bajtelle, Mobile; Reindeer, (Br) t>oaiar, Kiu(tt>?i, Jam, nirkwood. Hayur, B.iltiin?iv, S*ltador, (ft1) Botit. Barcelona; Cor*. Reed, HaTaua; Madiaou, K.-llar, 4k Kltta rta St Tliuiuaa Below, Huwarrow, nnow Marteillea; Harkawav, and 'Meteor,' brig Dante. and achr Brilliant. < Id AraminU, (Br) Rofer?, S) John, NB, Whitten, Curtis, Kington. Ja. By Last Night's Southern Mail. Pmiladrlphia, May Arr Grempua, O'Neal, and Vulcan. Sleight, NYork. CU Nashua* jBkaatt, Kimrstou, Jam; Paul T Jonea, Taylor, Chan?top; William. Crocker: Wasniniftou Dyer; Baltimore, Howea; Edward. Haley; Wilder, Beutley Richmond, Kilhoru, and Emperor, Studley, Boaton; Shawmnt Farrer, Portland; Ann Elizabeth, Somen, and Martha Maria, Smith, Providence; Powhattan, Clark, Ka*t Greenwich} Herald, Fithian, and A Lord. Pitt, N York; Harriet Louiaa, Sunotuon, Newark; Swan, Halleck, New Haven. Baltimom:, .May S? Arr Traffic, Gardner, NYork. Below, at anchor inside the fort, *tt|?|?oaed a Bostou packet. Cld So merset, (Br) Williaina, Drinerara. AMUSEMENTS. Kr J\ A%AV A IlluA A AVJU* AT EV'NCi, May ltth, will be presented f<$r theSSth MS crand Opera of THE BOHEMIAN OIRL s, Mr. Fraxer; Devilshoff, Mr. Seguin; Arliaa, Mr*. PARK THKATRK. SATURDAY: SP'jj th* Thaddeus, Itfiiio. In the course of the Opera. Mont. Martin and Miaa Julia Turn bull will introduce LA POLKA. To conclude with the Farce of GONE TO TEXA^?Mr. SWellington, W H Crisp. First Tier, 75 Cent*?Boxes, 3d and 3d Tiera, 50 Cents?Pit, M Cents?Gallery. 25 Cent!. Doom open at 7 o'clock, and tlia Curtain will rise precisely at half-psst7 o'clock. BOWERY THEATRE. John Thvon .* Makai.k*. K7"Boxes 25 cents?Pit 12i? cents.?.Ol ALL THE OLD BOWERY COMPANY ITENGAGED AT THIS THEATRE FOR THE SKASON. SATURDAY EVENING, May loth. The entertainments will commence with THE MAID OF CROISSEY. Sergeant Austerlitz, Mr. McCutcheon. Theresa, Mrs. Phillips. A Pas Seul by Miss Cohen. THE ARTFUL DODGER. Tom Tinkle ? ? ? H. Chapman. To conclude with KISS IN THE DARK. Mr. Pettibone, W. Chapman. in 10 lt*rc BURTON'S THKATRK, ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. THIS EVENING, Saturday, May- JOth, 1845, will be performed 3d time, the grand original Drama in 5 acts, denominated THE WANbERINO JEW-Louis XV., Mr. Barrett; Isaac Ahaauerus, the Wanderer and Accused. Mr Stevens; The Spirit of Good, Miaa Kirby: Barabbas, Mr. Altamus; Naomi, Mrs W H Smith; Rachael, Mr. Hughes. Dancing by Miss E. Moore and Mr. (>. Smith. To conclude with the excellent Drama of THE LONE STAR ?Or, Troubles in Texas?Col. Davy Crocket, Mr. Stevens ; General Santa Anna, Mr. Altemus ; Joel Bigelow, Mr. Johnston; Mrs. Dickenson, Miss Kirby. . PAAiMO'8 OPERA HOUME. FOURTH NIGHT. On Saturday, May tlie lOth. THE E THIOPEA N SERE NADERS, MESSRS. GERMON, STANWOOD, HARRINGTON, PKLHAM AND WARREN, Having obtained possession of the Opera House of Mr. Palmo, respectfully announce to the public, that thay will give their fourth INIMITABLE ENTERTAINMENT On the above night, and continue OPEN EVERY EVENING until further notice. O" For particulars see small bills. Admission Twenty-Five Cents only. if/ Boxes and Seats can be secured at the Box Office, Croat 10 A. M. until 4 P. M. Doors open at 7?Concert at ? o'clock. An Efficient Police in attendance, to preserve order. mylO rc _ CASTLE GARDEN. So long and favorably known to the public, will be opened on Monday, May ltith. Proprietors Messrs. t reneh and Heiser. FIRST NIGHT OF THE ITALIAN OPERA. MONDAY, May lath, will be presented SEM1RAMIDE? Seiniiamis, Siguora Majocchi \ altellina; Arsace, Siguora Ho sina Pico; Edrenus, Sig. Antognini: Assur, Sig Valtellina ^Axzeina, Miss Deluce; Oroe, Sil- Mayer; Mitrama, Sig. Be I iietti; Nino's Ghost, Sig. N. N. { VCf Price of Admission Fifty Cents. ' JFs~' Between the Acts of the Opera an intermission of Fifteen Minutes for Promenade and Refreshments. (L>" Doors ojieii at half-past C o'clock, Performance to com mence at 8o'clock. GRAND ZOOLOGICAL EXHIBITION. OGDEN, WEEKS 6c COMPANY, FTER the Great Procession, headed by l our Elephants, on . Thursday Morning, the 8th instant, will CT- ?n their celebra ted MANAGERIE for Exhibition, For One \Vr.r.'' On; ? ?f. tore engagements precluding a Ij.iK" A t I he head of Lafay r 11 < i-iurr, 8th ((reft. .This iithe only extt-nriv-'1 1U ? ?? i f I >ing Zool n> ??! <.i - rioaities in the Uni' ISiM-s. ie finest '.-1 ure-' specimens from evi .1 p.nofi!. <j| HERR DRIKKBAm The Tamer of Lions,'I V f,. .|unK will give his ?? ton* ialiing exhibitions at II o i I el \.'.! mil I anil 9 o'clock, I. '. Hours of General Exhibition n i ,, A.M. to U; from to 5, P.M.; and from 7 to 10. Admittance 25 cents; I lulureu under it a yean, lt}? nt m7 8tm jjgjt FOR HARLEM?On Sunday Afternoon ffl. ? 11 tli May?The favorite steamboat RICH rKB?aiflEai2??MOND, Capt. Richard Yates, will leave pier loot of Monntomcrr itMl, Kvt River, quarter put I o'clock) Pike street, 2: Delancy str"ct half-past 2. Returning, leave Harlem at half-past i o'clock. Faro each way 12>t cents, in 10 lt'je ? THE GREAT RACE On Turiday, 13th Instant. THE QUICKEST ROUTE IS BY THE HELL-GATE FERRY, fool of 8fl(A Strret. THERE will be two fast Boats running on Tuesday, so that tlieiv will be no delay ill crossing the river. mlO <tis*rc LONG ISLAND RACES. THE PLEASANTEST ROUTE to the Long Island Races, via Flatbusli and New Lotts, passing Mount Prospect only a few minutes louger drive, and avoiding the dust and heat. mlO 4tis?rc BRITISH REVIEWS. Thit Day Published, The Apkil Number or the FOREIGN QUARTERLY REVIEW. Will be Published on Tuesday next, i The March Ni'mber ok j TI1E LONDON QUARTERLY REVIEW. And, mi Saturday next, The April Nimbkii ok THE EDINBURGH REVIEW. I PRICE OF TilE FOUR QUARTERLIES, (including | A those above named and the Westminster Review.) M per an ' uum. Blackwood's Magazine, $:l. The Four Reviews and I Blackwood, SIO. L. SCOTT lit CO., Publishers, ! m 10 Ifm 112 Fulton street, near Nassau street. Thit Day is Published, THE PRINCIPLES OF THE CHRONO-THERMAL SYSTEM OF MEDICINE; 11^ 1TH tlie Fallacies of the Faculty, liy Sami'EL Dickson, vt M. D.,of London?with ail Introduction and Notes by WILLIAM TURNER. M. I)., late Health Commissioner of the City ami County of New York. Adapted to popular use. I One volume?Price 7.'i cents. "Dear Sir:?I thank von moat sincerely for your valcasi.e Work. I.have not the least objection to being unchemical, if I ; can be useful; and I agree with you,, that the living stomach ia i not a wedgewood mortar. Yours, truly, I Dr. Dickson. AfcTLEY COOPER.*' " Losdoh.?My Dear Sir:?I have read with the greatest de light your Fallacies of the Faculty. Every word ought to ba written in letters of gold. Yours, faithfully, Dr. Dickso*. M. FOGARTY." " This work establishes the identity of Poison and Medicine, and proves to demonstration that attention to Time (Chronoa) and Temperature (Therma) comprehends the whole art of Physic. Favorable to Hydropathy, it deals tenderly with Ho inrepathy; While the Apothecary will find it a rich treat, heing a complete death blow to the drugg ing and drenching system. ? Loudon Medical Times. J. S. REDFIELD. mlO lt*rc Clinton Hall. QUART ERMAN * SON, PAINTERS, NO. IB BURLING SLIP, New York. Hoi ?e, Sic.* a>id Ship Paistimo, Orai!?i!*?, Marblixo and OLitltlll. ALSO-LEAD SASHES. For ChIIRI'KM AMD GOTHIC Bl'ILDIilUS, MADE TO ORDER. m4 lm*ec TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. BROWN SHEETINGS and Shirtings of every style and width, all the known brands, both heavy and fine. Stark Mills, Law rence C., Indian Head, Cabot A, Cnicopee D., Meri inack, Eveters, Unknowns, Ice., may lie had at manufactured Glees, on the second floors of No. IRandWt edar street, half a ock above Pearl street. Yard wide sheetings cents per yard. Also, Batts, Wicks,Twine, Warpand Wadding. Also, best Southern Cotton Yarn, Nos. 6 to II and 7 to 12. mtO li'm T. N. I N'DKRIIILL, IR and 30 Cedar at. WANTED?A competent Salesman in the Hosiery and Lace Trade. N<n?e not thoroughly aeunainted with the bnsi ness need apply. PETKR ROBERTS, in in 3t*rc 373 Broadway. IF ESTHER COHEN, who formerly lived with Mrs. Hughes Boarding-house keeper, Union street, Liverpool? left England about nine years ago to live in New York?w ill write to her father. No. UNrw Bailey street, Salford. Manches ter, in England, she will hear something greatly to her advan tage^ my 10 2m dyfcwy'rc BOA HI)?A single g-nth-man can lie accommodated with board, with a pleasant front room, by applying at 2t Fearl street , mlO 3tiseod*re NOTICE TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS. THERE will be a Meeting of the Trade held at Duan's 6th WardHotel, on Tuesday evening neit, the 13th instant, at t o'clock. Punctual attendance is requested, as business of impor tance will b elaid before the meeting. P. S.?The men who work for Messrs. Knock It Childs, Bean mont k Howard, Keeler It ScoAeld, are specially requested to be preseat. By order of the President. mlO ?tSt&M?rh GEORGF. C VMPBK.LL,#er'y SOCIAL REFORM ASSOCIATION. FRANKLIN HALL.Chatham Sunare-9unda> May llth Aftertioon?Free Discussion, in the eveninit. Mr*. Rose will address the meeting, with other i|ieakers. And on Wednes dn\ , May 11th, a GranoSochl Festival ami Ball in honor of the Birth Day o( Robert Owea, at the same place, when everylriend of Social, Moral and Intellectual Refcri will, it is hoped, honor the festival with their presence. Leader ofthe Hand. Mr. Hoffman. KL.!' m THE REV. RIDLEV H. IIEWSi IIKLI ,</Lond n. will preach Hvmorn w 1 .'[? lib m tint,in th- Scoicli Presbyterian Chirch. K ^McLi , s) corn* r ? -I *?rsud and Crosby streets. ">10 '.t ' in THE NEW BRIGHTOR COLLEG I A I K SCHOOL, 18 SITUATED AT Nl U BHTr.ilTOR. Ststen Island, sit miles from New \ < ? ? (wee* winch places there is an hourlv communication by am boats. Tlie building occupied is the spneions and elegant chateau eree'ed by the Brothers Jo sephs, .it an eipense of$9t,0W. The School |>ossesscs facilities and \n\ intages over any other; tlie location is elevated, retired, and healthy; the prospect by land and water is nnrivalled. A full corps of teachers is employed for the various departments, and thorough courses are imported in Mathematics and general English,in tlie Latin, Greek, French and Spanish Languages Fjttras are Music and Dancing. Fencing and Drawing, German and Italian, and ftirnished onlv when ordered by parents. The teachers all reside in the family. ?'jd all speak trench, and that language will be spoken at the me?h Courses of Instruc tion will lie imparted in the Natural Sciences, by familiar lec tures. illustrated by a complete philosophical apparatus. Circulars and full information may be obtained in person or by latter to Dr. E. A. BIOELOW east corner of Broadway and Fnlton street, entrance I.* Fulton street. Letters orrereels left at the Doctor's office will be forward'd dailv to th? School frae ofanpeiue. Th' press* term commenced May 1st. IW> mil* lt*re