Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1845 Page 1
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* Pro L f THE NEW YORK HERALD. Tol. XI., No. 149?Whole No. 4091. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 11, 1845. Price Two Cents. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Evary day. Prica a Mnta p?r copy?$7 35 per aanum?payable in advanc*. WEEKLY HERALD?Erery Saturday?Prica 8] cent* per copy?$3 13) cent* per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prica*?always cask in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and despatch. CC- All lettors ot communication*, by mail, addressed to tne establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor or the New Yor* Herald Establishment Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau stnaeta LIVEHPOOL TO NEW YORK. Rtfitter. Burthen. Ship. Captain. tont. tons. SEA ... W. Edward ?7 1100 LIBERTY P. P. Norton 692 1300 CORNELIA K. M. French... 1040 1700 MEMPHIS C. H. Coffin 798 1400 OHIO H.Lyon 788 1170 TAROLINTA J.O.Smith 604 1100 REPUBLIC.. J.C.Luce 878 1273 (JEN. PARKHILL... A. NfKown......174 1130 They nr *11 first class New York built ship*, of the choicest and best materials, and well known u remarkably ut sailers. Their commander* an' men of longexparicuc sand nautical judg ment, and well r.cqaaiuk'd in the trade. The cabins art fitted up hand-omely and commodiously for cabin paaaauger*. who are found with every thing except liquors and wines, and the rate* axe fixed at sixteen guineas each. The second cabiuaand steer ages are lofty and mjt, and every way adapted to promote the comfort nnd health of passengers at a cheap rate, finding their own provis-ons, except lireadstuffs. The appointed days of sailing will be strictly adhered to.? Freight of fine goods by this line 20s._per ton. Apply to C. OIUMSHAW It CO., IS Ooim Piazzas, Liverpool. Persons who may wish to have their friends eome out by any of the above named favorite ships, eta secure their passage by applying to SAMUEL THOMPSON, Old Established Passare Office, alO lm*rc 273 rearl street. ' UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. MORNING LINE. y steamer ROBERT MORRIS, which leaves Dock street .rf daily, (except Sunday,) at 8 o'clock, A. M., for New tie. ana thence by Railroad to Freuchtown, and steamer INSTITUTION to Baltimore. The above is the only liue it conuects with the Line* for the South or West the same af ternoon. Fore $2. Atternoo* *m> Nwht Limes. Through by Hail Road in Six Hour*.. Fare ?3. The Cars leave the Depot corner of Uth and Market streets, daily at 4 o'clock, P. M., and daily,!excett Sunday) at half-past 10 P. M., or on the arrival of the Train rrom New York. Pas se igers leaving New York at i\ P. M., for Philadelphia, cm reach Bilcimore next morning in ample time for any Line leaving jt the 3outl> or Weit. Tickets cm he procured at the Depet or on hoard the boat, at F'ock street wharf, Philadelphia. Far* to Wheeling, (13?to ittshurgh, $12. A Passenger Car will be attached to the Freight Train, which leaves the Depot daily, (except Sunday) at 4ci o'clock, P. M., and arrive in Baltimore early next morning. Fare SO cents. For further particulars, app" , apply to GEO. P. FISHER. Agent, No. 7 Wall street, or 8 West str , __t street. N. B.?Freight taken at i cents per 100 lbs. mylO lmrc aaa- tfaa FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. FARE REDUCED TO 8* CENTS. The Steamboats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will laave as follows until further notice LEAVE NEW YORK: ?, 9, 10, 11 and 12, A. M.; 1, 2, 3K, J and 8, P. M. LEAVE STATEN IstAND: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, A. M.; 1, 2, 4, S, and 8 P. M. myftn ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD OFFICE, No. 59 COURTLANDT STREET. S NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. Tile Subscribers, Sole Aleuts in New York, for forwarding passengers by so cond class curs from Albany .to Buffalo. W to send them per People's Line Steamboau to Al bany, and ilience, |ier Railroad, to Utica. for $2 06: Syracase. S3 !G; Auburn, $3 3f.; Rochester, $4 61; Biilfale, $3 50. Chil ren from 2 to 12 years old. at half price: under 2 years free-, and after the lith instout, all Luggage on the Railroad i* autirely free. All information as to different routes given erst is, and pasaen ~rs forwarded to every port on Lake Ontario and upper Lake* .. the lowest ntee. 1 hi subscribers would call particular at ? ition to tie fact thit THEIR TICKETS ONLY are recog .?d at the office at Albany. WOLF It RICKER8, No. 39 Couitlandt street, S-ile Acent* Albany It Buffalo Railroad, >d class ear*. New York, 8th April, 1813. a9 lm'ec FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Royal Mail Steam Ship* HIBERNIA and BRITANNIA, will leave Boston for the above ports, as follows:? Hiliernia, A. Ryrie, Eso., Commander Friday, May 18th. Britannia, Jno. Hewitt, E*q., " Sunday, June 1st. passage to Liverpool $120. Passiae to Halifax 20. Apply to _ D. BINGHAM, Jr., Agent. 8 Wall st. P. S.?I arsons wishing to embark arc requested, in all cases to apply to the Agent before giving credit to any report that "all berths are engaged." mIOrc NEWARK AND NEW YORK, FARE ONLY 12* CENTS. The favorite ateamboat PASSAIC, Captain >hn Oaffy. will commence her trips for tl .season on Thursday, April 24, 1(45, and run i follow*, d uly, Sundays included, uiitil further notice, vix:? LliAVE NEWARK LEAVE NEW YORK. Foot of Centre street. Foot of Barelay street. 7* A. M. ? 4 P. M. The Passaic has been lengthenedH feet, and is now two hun dred vid twentj'feet long. She his anew boiler, and a new, commodious and elegantly furnished deck, saloon, GO feet in length, and is in complete order. Her accommodations for freight end passengers have been very much improved. Freight curried st reduced rate*. >26 1 m * m _lFARE $1 30.?Regular Opposition Line be ii i **'u?j.^?tween Philadelphia and Baltimore, from the .tl VfaJK-lower side of Cliesnut street Wharf, every Morning, Sundays exceriti-d, at 7 o'clock, through in 9 hours, via Clie-sapeake a:id Delaware Canal, and connect with all the lines south and west from Baltimore. On tlie Delaware, On Cheeapeake Bay. Steaim-r PORTSMOUTH, Steamer THOS. JEFFER Cnpt. J. Devoe. SON, Capt. Phillips. A-id through the Caual, a distance of 13 mile* only, are first rnte packet boau. In fart the accommodation by this line, both for speed and comfort, is cuual to any other line between the two cities. Philadelphia, April 17, 1843. MORRIS BUCKMAN. Agent, *17 Im? m Office No. 30 South Wharve*. PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. DAILY?Sunday* Excepted?Through Di >rect. at 7 o'clock P. M., from th* Pier batweau m ?Court! an ill and Liberty streets. bUMUiuoat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, will |*:i?e on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, *t7 o'clock. Strambost ROCHESTER, Captain R G. Cruttendou, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'alock. At 5 o'clock P. M., landing at intermediate place, from th-> foot of Barclay street. Hum m boat COLUMBIA C*pt. W. H. Pack, will leave on Mo'iday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoon*, at 3 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Troesdal*, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Aftarnooas, at 3 o'clock. Passengers taking sillier of the sbove Lines will arrive in ample time for the Morning Train of Car* for the east or we*t. The Boats are new and siihstantisl, are furnished with new and elegit ?tste rooms, and for speed and accommodations are un ri\ illi d on the llmUou. Freight taken at moderate rates. All i^-raomi nre forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a nritleu order from the Captain* or A<mt*. l*'or |>i.??n?re or freight apply on b'-ard the boat*, or to P. C. Schultr, ai ih? "ffiee on the mliarf. m3rc NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY I.TNE /?3L ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT Om?-**?!?#from the Pi", foot of C.onrtlandt *?tret?The ?te-\ml,n-i? EMPIRE, Certain It B. Maey, will e* r- . in KK>t "f Cnnrliiidt itrvet, (hi?, Kiturdav evening, tt 7 , e f?ek. Th-EmpiT*,owing to herlirrlit dranght of wnter, will he ena .edat all tinws to passthe bar, and r?*eh Albany and Troy iu ample liin* to take the morning train of cars going east or we*t. F rviuht t*k*n at low ratea For I'.issage or Freight apply on board, or to C. CL ARK, at "S? ofliee on the wharf. ml m. n.ios,LH\s, l'J5'rK.,'/1V*rl,nl .ol l0th M*r \Ti"! A?i?ti rfL'ei r"/'"t1?bip NORTH KaaU.MKr.RL AN L>, Capt. Onswold, will posiiirelv sail, her regular day. ' I' about to einliark for the old country should not fail to n lie (..trly application to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT a26 m 7C Sonth street, corner of Maiden Lane. WANTED?Oood and suitable vessels to freieht riafvCoal liom I hiladelfhia and Bristol to Boston Provi MHIsi? ice, Snco, Norwich, Allen's Point, (ireenport, Hart urn, iS?*w Haven, Middleton. Albany, Troy and other parts Die highest (nice will liepaid and constant employment civM Apply to FREDERICK TYLeA k CO., 8 Wall street or E. SAFFORD li CO., *38 1 m * re 81 Dock street. Philadelphia. LIVERPOOL LINE OF PACKETS.?The fa ?vorite and fast sailing Packet Ship STEPHEN ????WI1ITNEY, W. C. iTiomson, Master, will positive ly ??il o.i Uth May, her regnlar day. Havi ig very superior aenominouationa for cabin, second cabin and steersge passenger*, persons about embarking by this first rlus picket, should make early application ou board, loot ol l ine street, or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McNHJRRAY, , ,r l?? Pine strut, corner of South street. L F0R4 ^LA?H)W-Reg.|ar Kcket-fhe wTll ?gf?H""w;yt aailing, British barque ADAM CARR, M*ster, daily expected, will meet with quick Ucy lcn. For freight, sprI v to i?i?.? WOODHULLk MINTURNS. r South street. tM i' V-j4 r^'VERPOOL? f irst Packet M?II>?The J^fysplendid fast saililing packet ship YORKSHIRE JMMIJIm*1- iptain Bailey, will I'osnively sail on tlss- 16th May ? r (image, having unsurpassed accommodation*! in cabin at., e r ige, epply t6 JOHN HERDMAN. m*fC . 81 South street. ? tfc&T . WAWTKD?A Ship to load for * southern now? MWVAl'P?y ?<? E. K. COLLINS It cdT m8m 38 loath streisc NEW YORK AND HARLEM KAJLROAD CO. ?UMMER ARRANGEMENT. fSRV^^UIc ? Ou and after Monday April 14th, 1 ' "" w J' run u follows;? v7 -UY i^T? Cil* Midi for Leav* City Hall j I ? H#rIe? Fordham and Wil- Cor White Plains, aud Morrisiana. 1 isms' Bridge.. 7 00 A M ? 00 A. M. tOO A/M. 10 00 7 00 7 00 2 00 P. M. 8 00 10 00 J on 9 00 I 00 P. M 10 00 I 30 1 oo P. M. t oo 2 00 3 00 3 30 i 00 i 30 6 ? Leave Morrisiaiia Laava WilliaJBa' Luvt Whin for Br,d?,?or Plain, for C,,yU*U- M CityHalL City Hill. 7 40 A. M. 7 IS A M. 7 10 A. M. ? 00 7 40 10 10 ,? 00 10 40 2 10 P. M. 10 OO 2 40 i 10 11 M? w ?oo 2 00 P. M. i 40 3 00 4 0U i 20 i 30 6 00 6 30 7 30 cKffifV WvTy Whit. Plain.* T A. M., andtfce City Hall ?t I 45 P. M., for tlx ptwot. ,12 im ? JK. uTjC-!fwD Up?south gut of the tfff>Und' Ww?wi"k, a SLOOP, abandoned and full of HrifllKawater. called the hxchange. All persons interested in the above vessel, are requested to call at W. J. RomerV 179 ? JAMES MITCHELL. ' m9 3t*ec - FOR LI VERPOOL?New Liue? Regular Packet ?*8V- The elegant fast filing Packet Ship jaBabSHERlDAIf, Capt. A. ?. Do Peyster, of 1100 toiu, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or jwsiage, having accommodation unequalled for ?rlwjdor anil comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot or wall (tract, or _ . . 1\JF" COLLINS it CO., 56 South street. Price of paaaace $100. Ovrick, Capt. B. J. H. Trask, of 1100 ton?, will succeed the Sheridan, and sail 26th June, her regular day. a27 ec v44^,hLjyfiR['0?ri LIP?EP/ PACKET!*?Packet of MMbPATR ic K^ENR*$* j! C. D?lno?mut?r,C wUl'pol 'I'ii / " M ^>ort, her regular day. Having very auperior accomodations for cahin, second cabin ind steerage passengers, persons desirious to embark by thia su perior packet, should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMURRAY, ?._i, . ? ? , . 100 Pine street corner of South street. .'"'C.Ind'PgndeBee, V. P. Allen, master, will suc _ i Henry. and sail on the ath of July. m?rc For freight or peasage, having splendid, large and comfortable B^CTp^r"bW,^^DHULrfc MINTuKn?1 ,Mr Price of passage $100. 87 South .treat -2?!l!^^K,chrtrslPD tOB,l C>Ptail? John Britten, will succeed the Queen of the Weal, ami sail on her regular day, the 21st of June. a21ec I flgg- _UNlffED LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKKTaZ MCTlVracket of the 10th Mar?The well known, favorite, iiiMbvid fyst sailing Packet Ship TAROL1NTA, Captain nl J Wl*lsail Pp'i^VilvM above, ner regular day. Persons about visiting the old Country will find It to their ad vantage to select ihu ship in preference to any other, as they will rMdijy perceive on inflection. Those wishing to secure berths ihould not fail to make immediate application on board, foot ol Dove* street, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, m* South street, corner of Maiden Lane. "frfcig- LONDON Lirsr, OF PACKKTS-Th? splendid I Mid fat, sailing jacket ship NORTHUMBERLAND. MMKjiR. H. Oriswold, master, will sail ou the Itch May, Iter regular d.-.y. ' Having superior accommodations for cabin, second oabin and steerage passengers, persons about to embark should "l-1" early H'plication to the subscriber. JOSEPH M'MURRAY, b a to r ?. , '00 Piue street corner of 8outh. i The faronte packet ship Oladiator, Captain Bunting, tauter, will succeed the above, and sail on the 20th of May regular day. rc'' OKLKAN8?Louisiana and New York Line?Regular Packet to sail ICth iustant?Tlie Jpcabelegaut, fast saning Packet Ship SARTELLE, Capt. 1 jylor, Will poaitively sail as above, her regular day. r or frJight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo dations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or s? ... , E. K. COLLINS it CO.. * South st. Positively. goods received on board alter Thursday evening, 15ih instant. Ageuts in New Orleans Mr. JAMES E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. mIO NEW FLOWER AND VEGETABLE SEEDS. jagTROI'KOLUM PEREGRINUM, Can^ Bird flower, WS a native of Peru, well adapted for covering trellis of va noas forma. Cilandrina Orandiflura, a native of Chili?well adapted for rock work, it requires a warm, dry soil. Agrostemma Cocli Rosea, RoMrof Heaven, a native of Sicily? low III clumps, in a moist situation. Lathyrvs Odoratus, Sweet Pea, a native of Sicily?eow in *ood loam, placing stake 4 feet high iu the form of a coue, to lupport them. ' Nolana Atriplicifolia, Artipler leaved Nolans, a native of Peru?sow in patches, in rich sir.dy loam, its large and handsome flowers of light blue, clear white and yellow will repay any lit tle care bestowed upon it. Convolvulus Alba and Tricolor, white and three colored Con volvulus, a native of Spaii^-eow in patches in rich sandy loam, these beautiful and varied colored flowers grown ou moulds hss the sweetest effect. Phlox Drummondi, Drummonds Phloi, a native of Mexico sow in clumps or patches^ the variety of colors displayed in s bed of these pretty little flowers exceeds any (inscription we can Septosiphon Androsscms, Androsace like Septosiphon, a na tive of Cslifoma?sow in a cool situstion in msears or clumps pretty little *owers of lilac fllue and white. Astor Sinensis, China Asters, a nalive of China?sow in clumps, and transplant in moist or cloudy weather, to the dis tanceof 6 orl inahea in good rich loam, in rows or circle*, their varied tolored flowers have a beautiful eflect and remain iu bloom a long time. Hauvitalie Procumbens, Trailing Sanvitalia, a native of Mexi co?sow in rood soil ui patches, a pretty littls plant with orange ana purple flowere. Lousa Nitipa and Hacei, Chilian nettle plant, natives of Chili 70W in clumps, and place sticks in a conical form to attach the Plants to as they progress in rrowth, produce beautiful yellow ! llowers, hut must he handled cautiously as tlie sting is as severr u that ol the common nettle. Mitliiola Annua, Tan Week Stock, a native of Europe?sow m clumps or rows snd transplant one foot apart wlian three inches high, their various colored and frsgraut flowers will amply re ward your care. The subsoribers offer the above desirable collection of flower seeds for 4d, neatly put up in tin cases that they may be trans ported with the greatest safety to any distance, with directions for preparing ground, lie. They also offer 2J varieties ol pretty flower seeds in cases, with directions, for 8??30 varieties II iO?100 varieties $X Tbey also offer one of the largest sssort ments of Vegetable Graas Seeds to be fonad in this city?all warranted genuine. Bulbous and Tuberous flower Seeds.? D0"'1'' Dahlis, with schoice ssaortmnit of Exotic and other Hants on the lowest terms. Bouquets composed of tlie most delieata and fragrant flowers, arranged to plena.- the roost fas tidions. DUNLAP It CARMAN, C3S Hrosdway. m6 it*m ORXAMENTAL GARDENING. iSbtt THE SUBSCRIBER attends to Ikying out Gardens, Poland all kinds of gsrilener work. He has also for sale s ? general assortment of Garden snd Ureen House PlanU of ail 1.# most esteemed varieties. Ornamental Shade Trees for streets will be planted in a proper manner in any part of the city. Also a select assortment of "tape V ines of larpe sire, which bore aliuiidantly last year: Boquets ol the most choice flowers tastefully put up, ready at ali seaaons of the year. The subscriber respectfully solicits the patronage of the ladies and gentlemen of New Vork and vicinity. Orders lelt at the office of the New Vork Former and Me chanic, 115 Nassau street, Clinton Hall, wiU be promptly attend ed to. Boquels should be ordered the day before they are wanted.? They will be delivered at any place in the city a* directed. ? . , _ wm. Laird, Oardeuer and lorist, comer 17th street and _ ? . , ? . 4th avenue, Union Square. Railroad tin pass the Garden every i minutes. ml 3t?od* m md> i FOR SALE. A SMALL FARM-Situsted six ailes from Morris own. uear Uukinridge, New Jersey, and within tluee and ? half hours ride from the city, daily, containing twenty acres of HUid, in a high state of cultivation; and improvements, a luodsome Two Story House and Kitchen, good Bam, lie. Then is also on the premises a good variety ol Krnits. For in formstion spply to James Berkley, corner Avenue ('and Second sC; Harrison Price, No. & Coenties Slip; orto Robert Barkley, at the premises. all lm*ec jQse KOR SALE?A beautiful (,'onntry Reeidnuce, one mils 0O^frnm Rossville landing, on Ntafn Island, a h'srin a ^?JL^acrea of first-rate Land; a lanrr llonse and good nam, aid other Buildings; good Oarden. with plenty of Kruit Trees? ivfl! be sold reasousbls snd on gooa terms. I.ii'iitir* of mv7 lm*re S AMI 11 ALI., X.9 nr?'ome st PIERMONT MOI'SK. THE PROPRIETOR, hsvmit lea?-d for a *rm of yean, of Kleaxrr Lord. K?q., thii e.?ablishmeat, whleh , will be open in June nevt, I liegtoesll >oar attesitiou toils ^uvu,laces. This house, which stands on an elevated position, twenn-f^nr mile* from tlie city of New York, ..I the termination of the New Vork and Erie Rnilroad, rorom-.rd* na f"ie a view as any r'see on the Hudson, including the whole of Tappaii Bay, snd the river for twelve miles, tlie villaee ol Tan > tow,i, King Sing and S'yack. The place is proverbially hevltl.y, and tlie scenery in the sdjacent region is diversified hvlilv romantic. The va rious rides and wslks, ene leading to tlf mountain, afford beau tiful views of the t'.ast River, Newark Bay, gee., fce. The Rail road afford) great facilities to parties going fishing, fowling, and to view the far-fim<d "Valley of llsni.ipo. The subscriber it detc i mined thst no effr.t-t on his part shall ba wanting to make :lii-. house a quiet and comfortable eonntry resort. To tlie invalid aeuking a restorative, as well as tlie man of business, who his family to enjoy the Ix'neflts of coun try air, while lie is comjelled to attend to business in the rity, there are few places possessing tlie same advantages. A steamboat will ply daily netween this place and New i ork, to enable the man of txisiness to lie in tlie city at 9 o clock, A. Mfi returning, leave* tlie city at 4 and 0 o'clock, P. M. The honse is newly and neatly furnished?rooms large and airy. Several cottages will he in readiness for the accommoda tion ol Isrge families who desire to be still more retired, and to take their meals at the hotel. Families wishing to hire these cot tsges for the sesson csn have tliem wmished or unfurnished. The subscriber mists, with rro[>er exertion on his part to please that he will gain for tins "l'lermont House" the approba tion of iu guests. H. I). RILE. a2!t lweod*re TO LET.?A Parlor and Bedroom, very neatly fur ];:!? nished, to rrsitlemen and their wivea, or single gentlemen, JjJMfcst 117 I-rsnklin street. ,20 Im'ec TO LET OR LEASE. MA PIECE OK LAND, on the Eighth Avenue and Md street, containing about 12 seres of Isnd. Tliere is on the premises a Frame Dwelling which would be repnired foi aguuutenant. Apply to ANTHONY CARROLL, U Im'ec U Nssssu st. JH FOR HALE OR TO LET?A naat Cot tags 1* miles from the llnilrosd l)ei>ot of Rahway, New Jersey, on Jiai^the Blaxmg Mtar Rosd?with Oaiden. Barn, Stable, and suout nvs seres of meadow. The Cottage is handsome, spacious snd replete with eveiv convenience lor a genteel family. It will either be sold, or let furnished or unfurnished. Apply to MR. BLOOMFIELp. near the premises, or to JNO. B. CAZEAUjC, m? Jt*m 9 Whitehall street, New York. ICO LTLSTONE'S HIDING SCHOOL, 137 and 130 Mcrcer Street. MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONE hu the honor to , i inform hi* friends and the L ublic ui general, that bia I - ? - - for Instruction ill Horsemanship i* now open day and evening, as Hour, for Gentleineu from 6 to 8 A. M. " ? lilies ? A. M. to 3 P. M. Termi of instruction made known on application to air. ^w'r" has just received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to s?U at a rea sonable price. '"y7lrc D18BROWS RIDING SCHOOL, *08 Bowery, on A a tor and Lafayette PIaee?. MR W. H. DISBROW has the honor to announce, that his School ia open daily, (Sundays excepted) for Equestrian Tuition and Eiercise Riding. Hours for Ladies from ? A. M. to S P. M. Hours for Gentlemen from 0 to 8 A. M. and 3 to 7 P. Al. [T/^Terms made known on application a* above. N; B.?Highly trained and quiet Horsea, lor tlie Road and Fa rade, to let. niy6 lm?rc LAUIK.9' rfS FASHIONABLE STRAW HATS. Cfcr MM' CARL KINO, the well known and celebrated Straw Hat Manufacturer, begs leave to luform the Ladies that he has for sale a splendid ana fashionable assortment ol straw Hats, of every deacription, at hia store. No. 17 Divuioii street. He particularly calU the attention of the public to examine his new shape called the Bohemian (iiptey, which for beauty and taste stands unrivalled. .. ? . ?? ? N. B.?Imported Lace, Neapolitan Hats, fashionable suajwa and warren ted to cleau, at $2 50 each. . . a24 lm*rc_ CARL KING, IT Division street. BAJilKNNE It CO.. , wrmu 114 Grand Street, Corner of Broadway, , Have the honor to inform the Ladies thai they wjll^ make a Hummer Opening ou Monda\\ the Mn ol Mav^ hat I in# received from ParU, by the packet ship Saint Nicho las, the last arrival, an elepant and entirely uew assortment oi j new articles, and Gipsy Hats, new styles. m4 lwisrc NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. ^ THE UNDERSIGNED, Patentees and Manufacturers t OJ2)ofthe Neapolitan Bonnets, respectfully inform the trade jZJW that they are now ready to supply the above article oi tne | latest style and of superior quality, ui quantities to suit pur Tbey warrant that they can alter and clean the Bonnets to liuyejTi *re cautioned agaiuit an inferior article of the kind in the market. The genuine article, for which we received the su rer medal at the last fair of the American Institute, has our t ick et upon it. Apply to VY8E k SONS,172 Pearl .treet or at the manufactory ol' PATT1S0N, NOEk CO., myi Imis'ec No. 25 De.lancy street. GENIN'S | WELL KNOWN HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 214 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ST. PAUL S. THE SUBSCRIBER, being desirona of maintaining a repu tation for the superior quality and style of his Hats, rather | than for the ostentatious ana costly magnificence ol nis "ore. Uas diligently confined his attention to improving the material qualities of tne article in whiah he deals, considering such a course much more conducive to the interests of lui patrons, than labored attemi ts to daizle their eye* with expensive ornaments to the store he occupies. By these means he is enabled to oiler the following articles, vil. ? First Quality of Nutria Hats ? 1 S con? " " , . " 3 SO First " Moleskin Second " " " J JJ Third " " " -. ? ? I The subscriber recommends with peculiar confidence aver} sui>eriorquality of Silk Hat, manufactured by him for city cus tom, with minute attention to style and durability, equaluig in texture and Wuly the finest Parisian HgJ^ ^ OF.NIN, 214 Broadway. N. B.?Just received per ship Utica, a lot of French Hats, as sorted sixes, to which the attention of fashiouable gentlemen is '"(JeJitlkmen'a, Youth's, InfanU, United State# Navy and Army Cai>s constantly on liand and made to order. lm*rc _____ ft A DOLLAR SAVED ^ ^ ft ijk IS A DOLLAR EARNED.. GENTLEMEN who make it a rule to lay out their money to the beat advantage, are respectfully notified that they canjrnr chase pnCF.NlX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, , M No. 103 Fulton street, between William and Nassau streets, much cheaper than at any other establishment in the city. An inflexible adherence to the system of large sales, small profits, and cash on delivery, enables tlie proprietor to oner the dincreut articles in his lina at the fo 11cmini^reduced rates Firet quality Nutria Fur il? Second do 3 00 Moleskin 8 M CAPS. Firat quality mau's and boy's Second do do Third do do 75 These articles are not only quite equal, but in some respects (especially in the style of trimming) superior to any in the city. A comparison of the qualities and prices, with those of other establishments, will show a deduction of SI to SI 50 on custo mary prices. All Hats warranted of tlie most fashionable ^ady ?^^proprietor's extensive arrangements enable him to offer Ten- advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers and coun try m?eWs__ ?"> MILLS, HATTER. 178 BROADWAY, (HOWARDS' HOTEL,) L ... ra INDUCED by the flattering auccess lie has met with in J|P?the manufacture of Silk Hats, in imitation of the French, to call the attention of the public thereto, does so in the full con fidcnce of rendering perfect aatisfaction to all who may houor him with a call. ...... ?? ,n First quality French Moleskin Second " 14 1 , VJ! First M Nutria J JJ Second 11 44 In addition to the above, there may be had at this establish ment an elegant article of Nutria Hat at $4. which for elensnce will rival mauy that are sold at $5, and to which ihe attention oi the public ia real* rtfnlly invited. . . . A few cases ot Cassiinere and Silk Hata, manufactured for the country trade, on hand, and for sale low. _ . J. D. Tolten, (late of the firm of Alvord fit Co.,) and R. J. Tiffany, (late of Albany,) Would be pleased to see tneir triends at the above place. lm*ff CHIP OF THE OLD BLOCK. MAJOR FANCHER k YOUNO BOSS RICH JARDS, No.5 Bowery, stick to it yet r^ti know that they con sell a splendid article of I ranch Stitched Boots lor S3 and *3 50. Ladies' Shoes at wonderful low prices. So nop yonr clack, ye lovers of Bootological imposition. my8 lm*rc Tine"FRENCH BOOTS for $3 50 ; City Made, and for style and durability they are equal to those sold for $5, at Yaung fit Co.'s Imperial F reuch Boot and Shoe Mannfac turing Depot,at No. 4 Ann street,one of the most I1 ashiona ute Boot Manufactories in this c.ty. !? u.a V rench Dress BooU, made to order, for S< * i eoual to those made in other stores for S6 and S7. BooU, Shoes, Usiters kc., made to order 111 the shor test notice. Mending, kc., done in the store. W m. M. V .mng k Co , Wholesale anil Retail Manufacturers, No. 4 Ann street. New Vork, near Broadway. mT lm*rc H. B. JONKS. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWEKS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. _ BRUN LAROSIERE k COURT, 11# William street, have just received by the last Havre packets, a IHEKlarg,' assortment of fashionable Spring Flowers, ol the HSImost elegant and latest styles, and will continue reviv ing them by every mcceeding packet. all 1m re FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, fee. HENRY k KAHN.TS Liberty street, up stairs, have jnst received and offer for sale a complete assortment of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL tLOWERS. In bunches, sprigs and single. Materials .lor do do. and all kind, of WATER COLONS, for flower manufacturers' use; among which is a liquid pina color of very superier quality. Also an invoice of PARIS CATS, ? _ ., for Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair PinSjOf latest st)"lea- and a lot of splendid Engraviugs, plain an colored tnlill 2m*rc - FINE WATCHES, JEWELRY AND SILVER WARK. Rk L. S. ROCKWELL, 413 Broadway, a few doors south . of Canal street, have a good assortment of fine Oold and Sliver Duplex. Detached Lever, Lepine and other Watches, which Uiey will warrant first rate time-keepers and sell at ver> '?Watches and Clocks carefully repaired by skillful and ex '"ofd SiIv^"an'iS"Uold wanted, at its full value. mO 3t?rc WATCIIKS!?WATCHES AND JEWELRY^?Thja? who wish to purchase Oold or Silver Wstches, (>o J Chains, Oold Pencils, Keys, kc., will find u greatly to theiir. ad vautag' to call on the subscriber, who I* selling all descriptions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city. Oold Watches as low as S20 and S25 each. Watchea and Jewelo' exchanged or bought. AU Watchea warranted to keep good time or the money refunded. Watcliea sndJewtlnirpair ed in tlie best manner and warranted, at much less than the usual jiric . Importer of Watchea and Jewelry, all |m*ee Wholesale and Retail. 30 WaJI at., up staira. ivfusic. w A MDUMtDAY, Professor of Onifsr, Singjn* at Sight, Ac . mrdeou, Violin, kc., continw-i to teach ladies and gen tlemm of New York (at their r<ulenee) ??>o?e I ke., in i very short time, hv his nsw Anslyruig ami Inductive System. Terms mndrrate. ?? Ail improted Accordeon for sale. . _ .? n,?.,;. (kiod city relerenwapiven on apr'ici'ioB?t No. W ? street, almve Walker. oXim'rc /KOLIAN HARPS. NITNNSk CLARK having pnrchaced th^ pat?mt right lor 'Toleman's /?>ll?n Attaehm. n't" the Tianolorte, for the entire. United States, (etceptins; MasiaehnaetTSj.) the politic, that th-!T are now prepared to supply ? lanolortes with this improvement attached, or to at'ach the asm'- to anj modern made horirontal I'taaofovtee. In regard to the tlnraliility ol tlii ^ invention, N. k C. am prepared to .ati.fy Iht moat prejndicsd mind, tb?ir own critical evamination and experience **rrai,t thtm in the assertion, that the "jttolian'' #iU remain ui tune in anv climate, and it will not he afferted by transitions 'fa? moipliere. The moat satisfactory warrantee ia given witn eacn instrument, _ ,. _r Tlx' pnhlic are invited fo examine the Aeolian rianolortes at their ware-rooin, No. 240 llroadway, oitposite the! arK, where also msy be found an asaortmeut of R, 6 Ji and 7 I'clave i jano fortes, both in rosewood and mahogany cases. m2ti I'm re THE IKE MM FLUTE. , PHILLIP ERNST, Teacher of the Flute and Onifcir, wonld inform the. lover* of Music, that he has now for sale one ol the above celebrated Instruments, cointnict.d in every resect in accordance with those now in use at the.Parisand London Hoyal Academies. Ttt be aeen at PHILIP ERNST N Music Saloon, 3M Broadway, near Walker street. myII 1m rc " "For sale, A OR and PIANO FORTE known as one of the moat rer lect of the celebrated manufacture of ERARD in Paris, which has already been tried in America during the winter sea ,on. The price is S700 instead of SHOO, which it would cost if it waa imported directly from Paris. With the Piano, will be given mnaic by the beat ancient and modem composers, valued at upw.ird* of one hundred dollars Apply at I al2 lm*re MADAMT. P1LLKT. 400 Broadway. HORE'S PATENT I EXTENSION DINING TABLES,

WITH METALLIC SLIDES, long ki own as the moat du rable, convenient, anil elegant of extension Tables manu factured; warrant'd to run easy constAitlv, and not to be affect ed by dampness or warping of tlie wood. A large assortment of clioice patterns, suited for private parlors hotels, steamboats, kc together with a general assortment of Cabinet r urmtiire, always on hand, at the Wan-rooms. No. 1,0 Orand street, coi ner of Elm, where the public is reapectlully invited in call and examine. L! Al. \I> OIL?100 cases, ofsu|*rior quality, in fancy brtties, O put np rapnwsly for family ,use, now landing Irom 1 hoi* Pew, from UeglKun. and for .ale in lots Jo b' mtlWm "0 Paarl atreet JgA TO RENT IN BROADWAY, nsu Franklin street, tttjV a Suite of Rooms on the ground floor, handsomely fumish J^ULed. Alio, sundry Furnished Rooms in said house, suit able l".?r gentlemen ami their wivei, or single gentlemen. Ap ply at 306 Broadway. m8 4t rc DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. JF. TRACY ha* takrn Rooms at No. 233 Broadway, up ? atair?, second floor, where lie is executing some of the most beautiful specimens of the Daguerrian Art in this city. The i pricua are according to the style of finish, from ^ ONE TO THREE DOLLARS. Thoaein want of ptffcel Picture* an* rvqu?*&u?d to call and ex amine his specimens. Mr. T. is happy to announce he luu engaged the professional services otN. G. Burgess, for a short time and those who wish Picture* in his peculiar beautiful style would do well to call soon. Plates, Cases. Chemicals, Stc., always on hand, and iiistruo tions given in the Art on moderate terms. al l lin cc DAGUERREOTYPE. JOHN ROACH, Optician, 82 Nassnu street, begs leave to in form Photographists, that he lias just received;, direct from Vienna, an invoice of Voightlaeuder lit Son's celebrated German Tubes, which he is now ready to warrant geuuine to purchasers. Price* as follows:? Tube with 3 inch lenses for full size plates, camera and stand, $H5. do 3 do half size do do do 711. 1 do inch leases for Quarter do do M. ; Persons at a distance upon lo warding a remittance, with order, > may deneud upon having an excelleut instrument sent them J. R. Keeps constantly on hand an assortment of plate*, chemi- ! cals, cases, and all articles used in the Daguerreotype process, of the best quality, and at tu low prices us they can fie obtained ; any where else. my8 lm?rc j LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 149 and 151 Broadway, cor. of Liberty Arret, NEW YORK. The Cheapen and Most Attractive Store of the (Sty. FOR the convenience of the buyer*, SIO.OOO worth of Fancy Goods, Toys, Perfumery, Cutlery, Jewelery and other va rieties of goods, are displayed on the counters, and sold ON AN ENTIRELY NEW PLAN, At the following Price* Counter No. 1 12,'i cents each article. Counter No. 2 2} do do do Counte, No. 3 ,'0 dii do do Couuter No. 4 73 do do do Counter No. 5 $1,00 do do do All the (roods are warranted to be genuine; the prices are fitly per c<-nt below the market prices, and by this new plan you caii buy the goods at retail price* a great deal cheaper than at auc tion. You will also find in the BAZAAR, the most complete as sortment of Sugar Plumbs and Candies, from 25 cents to $3 i pound; Jujube Paste, Chocolate, lie. Two large Saloons have beeu fitted up in a magnificent style, as ICE CREAM SALOONS. A competent |>erson. from a Philadelphia establishment, has been engaged to take the entire management of the Ice Cream Department, and ladies and gentle men will obtain at the Lafayette Bazaar, a real Ice Crem, Phila delphia style DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MRS. H. 8IIANKLAND, Daguerrian Artist, has fixed the front part of the two galleries of the Bazaar, as Daguerreotype Saloons, where she will continue, as heretofore, to take the most perfect LIKENESS FOR ONE DOLLAR, including a neat Morocco Case or Frame. For further particulars apply to F. A. ARTAULT, myC lmrc At the Lafayette Bazaar. BUILDING. JOHN JOHN8TON It ROBERT KERR. Architect*, have ? entered imv partnership as Architects and Builders, lor the practice of Architecture as before, and the connectiou there with of practical building in the execution of their own designs. Designs for every kind of Building sent to all part* ofthe Union. No charge made unless adopted or approved. Working Man* and Specifications, Estimates of Cost, Survey ing of Buildings and Sujiermtendnnce in the usual manner. ControetM for Building entered into. In this case no charge made tor plans, lie., and employers m*y rely upou the work being performed in the best manner and to their entire satisfac tion, witnout extra bills, sub-contracts, Itc. Office 141 Macdougal street, corner of Amity street, where a ollection of designs may be seen, and abundant references had. my7 lm?ra LIFE PRESERVERS, OF GOODV EAR'S PATENT GUM ELASTIC COMPOSITION. "VET ARRANTED to withstand tlie greatest extremes of heat vv and cold, and not to inelt or soften iu the sea ins, (the great defect in Preservers made of the common rubber preparation.)? Also, a general assortment of good* manufactured under the above patent. Fortale, wholesale and retail, hv GEORGE BEECHER. alfl lm*rc 100 Broadway, between Pine and Wall?t?. MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, No. 37 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. Tl/TANUFACTURERS and Importer* of Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bands, Curls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, and a new style of Everlasting Curls, andail kind* of Hair Work, wholesale and retHil. N. B.?Tlw trade supplied on reasonable terms. al3 lm*ec GPURCE'8 First Premium new Patent two Oven Ranges, ? combining economy, convenience and durability. These Ranges are warranted sti)ierior to any ever ofT"tvd. They are so constructed that it is almost impossible for them to get out of order, or for the plates to crack, so common to all other Range*. They have been in use for the lost 18 months, and in every in stance given the utmost satisfaction, and in no one instance has the proprietor been called Oil to re I Ml i r one. All Ranges put ii|i by the subscriber are warranted to gi ve en tire satisfaction; it tliey do not, they will be taken away without the least MPeuie to the purchaser. GEORGE PURCE, Proprietor, a26 lmebt _ 202 Broadway^ GENTLEMEN'S SPRING FASHIONS. THE .SUBSCRIBERS have received by late arrivals, from their Agents iu Paris and London, their assortment of rich Cravats. Gloves, Scarfs, Suspender*, Silk Under Garments, lie. Sic. Their aaaoitment of the above article* have bean (elected with much can- and ntte ition, and comprise not only the richest, but the most extensive assortment to be found in the city. The Subscribers devote great attention lo the manufacturing of Gen tlemen's Linen and Alusliii Shirts. The article manufactured by them are cut after the most approved French method, lo suit the form ofthe wealer?well and faithfully made?anil may he de Sruded on, not only for the beaut;; of their finish, but for their urability. The seuior partner of the firm having been for the last seventeen yearn engaged in the same line of business, his knowledge, not only in the science of cutting, but in the quality of the materials used in our manufactory, gives u* a decided ad vantage, and guarantees to our |iatrons a fashionable and well finislied garment. Our assortment of under girmeut* of all de scriptions?Hosiery, Dressing Robes, Pocket-lterehiefs, Nislit Cap*, Linen Cedars, and Drvss Fronts, Stocks, Stock Tie*, Cra vat Stilfeners, Wrses, Money anil Riding Belts, Itc. &c., will he found worthy the attention of nil who will favor with a visit the old establishment of PARSELLS it AGATE, 273 Broadway, corner of Park Place. N. B.?P. & A. continue the manufacture of their celebrated Ela*tic, Shoulder, Brace and Riding Belts. a21 lm'dh TO TAILORS. THF. Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated workonVcut ting garments ol every de*crii>tion in a style of elegance un equalled, is now published and rwidy for delivery. Those who desire to avail theinaelves of the great advantages to be derived from tlie use of the instruction it contain*, would do well to ob tain a copy without delay. The book is 12 to 17 inches square, and contains 17 elegant diagrams of all the various style* of gar ments worn at the present day, with full and ample instructions for cutting in an e;i*y and scientific manner. The following are a few of tlie many highly respectable names who testify to tlie merit* of the book* TJie undersigned being practically acquainted with Mr. Stine met's Treatise on Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommend ?' V a work complete in its arrangement, ami in its practical ap plication to cutting, superior to any heretofore published, either w Europe or America. P. Henry It Son, Daniel Cutter, Staats It Banker, Charles Cox, E. W. Tryou It Co., B. F. Horner, Jame* Daily, John Ha viland.J. H. Banker. The above can be obtained of the author, No. US Broadway, New York. *13 lm*ec G. B. CLARKE, FASHIONABLE TAILOR. 132 WILLIAM STREET. THREE DOORS WEST OF FULTON. THEgreat secret of the success of this establishment is, first that every thing i* bought for ea?h, and by whole pieces; se condly, that the rent is low; thirdly, that the Proprietor i* content w ith small profits. Gentlemen ordering garments at this esta blishment will hare thcin finished in a style similar to that of Brimdage, Tryon It Co., with whom G. B. Clarke was for a long period connected. General Scale of Price*. Fine Cloth Dress Coat*, from $14 to 20 000 Caiaimere Pants 4 to 8 JO Satin Vest* 3 to S 00 Making and Trimming. Dre** Coat* $7 to 9 00 Pant* I JO to 2 00 Veets . 1 30 to 2 00 Military and Naval Uniform* as jwr late regulation*. A specimen ("oat always to be seen. Office coats of every de scription, and all articles usually found iu large establishments, always on hand, at very low price*. a28 lwislt3wos*rc TO CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS. HOTEL AND STEAMBOAT PROPRIETORS, CITY AND COUNTRY FAMILIES, Itc. EXTRA FINE TA S ! 103 Urcenwlrh Street, N'ttl CoURTLAIfDT St., AHI) orrCSlTE THE PaCIHC HoTKL, New York. WE BEG LEAVE to inform you that we established our selves at the above place, principally for the purpose of meeting our views of our wholesale and large family customers on the North River Rid". The upright manner iu which we hare carried on our business for several years past ill this city, together with the very high quality and moderate price of our goods, have earned for us a degree of reputation and renown far be\ oii'l''vat ol any similar hum# iu tlie United States, and we consider these the best reasons we can p<ro to obtain your pa tronare. We har#, however, mueh pleasure in stating, that we have made, with rreat care and judgment, our selection* from ali thn spring ran?oes. and which comprise the finest specimens of Young 11yson. Hyson, Gunpowder, Imperial Oolong: Pekoe, Ningyong, Conjtoti Souchong, *te., which hate arrived here this season, whic h, with an immense variety of Fine and Good Qualities, we ofTee at wholesale and retail. We have also true Government Java and other Coffees, as usual, routed and ground daily. We continue our operations at our other places as heretofore, particularly at 121 Chatham st. Wc are your obedient servant* CANTON TEA COMPANY, New York?121 Chatham St.; 301 fJrand st. and 31R Bleecker tiee. Phil idelphia?09 Chestnut street, and 45 Fifth rtreet. mv9 2m* m CARPETING. 464 PEARL STREET. THE SUBSCRIBERS have just opened tlie large and spacious CARPET WAPE ROOMS, No. 4* IVarl street, former- 1 Iv occupied bv Smith, Hiwitt It Co., aijil are now ready to offer the public an entire new stock of Carpeting, bought expressly for | the spring trade, *ome of which are exceedingly rich, of new de- j signs and colors. Among them max be found? 5} NEW SETTS KIDMINSTER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. 18 PS. KIDMINSTER THREE PLY, Rich Shad int. SUPERFINE FINK. AND COMMON 1NORAIN CARPETING, Of every variety and description. Rugs, I'rug rets, Table and Piano Covers, Worsted, Tufted and Jute Mats; Oil Cloth*, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 21 feet wide: together with all other articles usually found in tlie trade. The public ape requested to call and examine ourstock before purchasing. PETERSON It HUMPHREY, m?0 2m*m 4,M Pearl street. ~ ' NEW YORK," April 21." WI.V " TIIK UNDERSIGNED announce to the public,and |*rtici|. Inrly to the wstch merchants, that from this di\ thi y have formed an association under the name of DBLACHAUX It MA 11; E, for tlie trade of importation of watelies, and that from this >.iid d ly they have oil hand and shall receive IVom their cor- , respondent manufacturer* every description of Watches and Movements. DEL AC H \IX It MA IRE. No. 127 Fulton street, N. Y. A. Pclachani?H Maire. *2/ tm*m I'ANK FOR SAVINGS. OTICE-?This Instituticn is now removed to No I0T Chambers atrset. ml lmrc N Circuit Court of tiic LMstilct of Columbia, for Washington County. TltlAL OF CAPTAIN WlI.KiS. Concluded. Tin; md at, May 1,184 j. The space occupied with tho evidence in this cause, forbids evoii the must meagre outline of the addresses lu Uie jury to-day by tlie two able attorney*. On tiie meeting of the Court, Mr. May, for the plain tiff*, (poke for two hour*, with a clearness of argument, upon tlie metiiodicul arrangement, ol the law and the tes timony, seldom surpassed. Captain Wilkes wan not pre sent, or ho would have trembled, il he never did belore. The learned counsellor pieseuted a most levelling pic ture of tho miserable fort?the chains?the liltli?the tai o and rotten tisli?the vermin?the savage companions anil masters?all the details of the cuniineuieiit at Oahu, ol the plain tilts. He contended that ihc law was foundod upon humanity?that it was designed for the protection ol the weak against tho aggressions ol the strong?that it lor bade the treatment oi brute beasts as those prisoners hail 1 been treated. The case of .Viostin and tabricus, in which a native of .Minorca recovered ol an English captain XoOOO damages, was cited and dw elt upon. The punishment ol Caius Verres, for scourging a Homan citizen, was refer* red to as exhibiting tho lugii obligation of the law s to tlie rights of tho humblest citizen. The delendant was de nounced as tyrannical, malicious and disregardful of the rights and comlorts ol tho plaintills?he liad detained without authority?lie had imprisoned them with out the jurisdiction of his flag, and had consigned them to the tender keeping of cannibals, #tc. It was the duty ol defendant to keep Uis ship iu a state of discipline?it was his duty not only to observe a humane regard for the comfort of his men, but to prevent their maltreatment b) others. No evidence hail beeu adduced that the pluiutitl werc Mutinous or disaffected, not a single expression had escaped them to warrant such an assumption. Thoy had been scourged with three times twelve stri|<?* in stead of twelve, the limit of tho law. If their offence had been disobedience oi orders, as complained of, the plain tills were subject not to the discretion ol the Commander, but to the decision of a Court .Martial. There was no exigency for tho detention of these men?uo cxcusc. When these and similar representations from the law and the evidence, and from the acknowledged obligations ol humanity, the learned advocate for the plaintitts relerred the jury to the first series of instruction from his Honor, the Juuge presiding, and appealed to them as they valued the rights of the citizen iu ail situations, to render a ver dict accordingly. Mr. May is a young man; but his tact, sagacity and watchfulness, and the evidences furnished of industrious research and application, independent of his natural gilts and abilities, w ill ensure him, if he continue laithlui to himself, an ultimate position of high distinction in his profession. Mr. Bradley, an older lawyer, one whose reputation as such secured him the conduct of this cuuse for the <le fendaut, followed next, alter a recess, in a masterly argu- j ment ol live hours durutioiilur the delendunt lie main- . tained the justice of a discretionary authority with the defendant?the necessity of confining tho plaintiffs on shore to prevent the collision ol disauection iu tlie ship. He complimented his learned friend on the disgusting picture of the prisoner* and the fort, which he had so skilfully drawn ; but insisted that the sufferings of the prisoners were of their ow n seeking, and could have I been euded in a moment on their return to duty, llo I defended tlie conduct of tho commandcr, and represent I ed, from his journal, his firmness, devotion to duty, ] and indexible resolution to carry it out Ho silted the discrepancies in the testimony of 1'euuyl, as compared with that ol'Carr and others. He left no stone unturned. He showed the necessity of the retention of these ma rines, from the lact that on tiie discharge of a number ol seamen, whose term* of service bad expired, titty island ers were substituted, tut there was no substitute to be had for marines, and their services were indispensable to the objects of the cxpediticBi. Mr. Bradley argued for the supremacy of the law?of discipline?ol order?iu the iiavi'l service, as paramount considerations, lie con tended that theic plaintiffs held out against their duly from a mistaken notion oi the expiration ol their terms of duty ; and it was this distinction which made them subject to the discretionary authority ol tho delendant: as they would have only been subject to u couit martial for llagraut disobedience of orders. He enfoiced upon the jury tiie latter clauses of the instructions under which they would be discharged to return a verdict, fee. .Mr. M*r made a general reply, in removing the legal impediment* thrown in his way by hi* learned adversa ry, when, at 7 o'clock, P. M., the jury were discharged, with the following instructions, with permission to ad journ and meet in the morning. INSTRUCTION* TO THE JURY IN BE HALT OK TIIE rLAI5. TIKE* IN THESE CAUSE*. 1. That if the jury believe, lrom the evidence afore said, that the defendant could liave securely kept and coutincd the plaintiffs Kinsman and Baab on board the said ship Vincennes, or on board the said ship l'eacock, with salety to the said ships, their olliccrs and crows, then tiie defendant had uo right to imprison them in said fort on the island of Oahu ; and the jury may give such damages thorefor, a*, upon the whole ovidence aforesaid. they may llnnk the suid plaintiffs entitled to ; provided the'said jury shall find that the said ships Vincennes and Peacock were together at tlie time of said imprisonment in the said harbor of Honolulu, aud were under the com mand oi the defendant) aud that said imprisonment in said fort wa* caused and continued by orderof the defendant. 1. That if the jury believe, from the evidence aforesaid, that the floggings ami imprisonments of the plaintiffs, on board the said ship Vinceunef, alleged in tho declaration* in these cuuse*, were immoderate, excessive, unreason able in degiee, and aisproporlioued to the alleged of fence*; and that such punishment was severer in degree than the rule* and regulations for the government ol the navy of the United Mates, or the laws and custom* in sucti cases at sea authorizes, then the plaintiffs may re cover such damages therelor, as upon the whole evidence the jury may think they ought to have; provided the jury shall lind that the said floggings and imprisonments w ere inflicted by order of delendant; which instruction the court gave as prayed; to which instruction the defendant, by his counsel, excepts, and this bill of exception* is signed, sealed, he. 3. That if the jury believe, from the evidence aforesaid. that the detention of the plaintiffs, as alleged in tlie de clarations in these cuusos, or cither of them, after the term ol their enlistments in the marine corp* had fully expired, was not essential to the public interests, then inch detention wa*lunlawful,,and the plaintiff* are enti tled to recover *uch damnge therefor, as in the opinion of the jury, from the whole evidence, they ought to have, provided the jury shall find that the said plaintiff* were detained by order of defendant; which instruction the court gave'as prayed; to which instruction the defendant, by hi* counsel, excepts, Sic. TOR THE D*VENnANT. 1. If, from the evidenco alore*aid, the jury should not find that the plaintiff* respectively made the contract, and received the said bounty, but that they wero, previou* to the laid alleged grievance*, enlisted marine* on board the said United States *hip V'incenne*, a public vessel of the Cnitcd btafc* navy, employed on foreign service, under the command of the delendant, and that the defen dant was the commander of the expedition on which she was employed, and the time anil times of service of | the said plaintiff* respectively enlisted as afoiesaid, ex pired while they were on board the said ship on foreign service, and their detention respectively was, in the opin ion of the jury, essential to the public interest,then it wa< | lawful for the said defendant, commander as aforesaid, to detain the said plaintiffs respectively ou board the said ship; and the sa:d plaintiff* wero thereby made subject to the law* ami icj ilations for the government of the navy of the C'nitcd Mute*, [(iruuted, hut exception made by Mr. May.] 3. If from the evidence aforesaid, the jury shall be of opinion that the plaintiffs respectively signed the said contract, so as aforesaid marked (A,) and received tho bounty thcreiu specified, and remained and icrved on board *aid ship Vincennes, under the command of the de fendant, and received wage* therefor until their return to tha United State*, and while at the island of Oahu, in the Pacific ocean, during the laid cruize, tho *aid plaintiffs respectively and with other marine* collectively refused to uo duty ; and, if they shall further tlnd that at the time of the *aid refusal by the said plaintiffs, it would have been dangerou* to the vessel, the master, tho crew, in the object* of the voyage, to have kept the *aid plaintitts i on hoard the said ihip, then it was the duty ol said de | fendant, commander as aforesaid, to exerciic a sound dis cretion in regard to the placo and mode of imprisonment of tho said plaintiff* ; and if the defendant had reasonable or probable cauke to apprehend tho said spirit of insubor dination might spread among the crew or marines of tho other ship under his commend, he wm authorized to ini prisou them on shore in the fort on the island; and il I the jury shall further find that such imprisonment in said i fort continued only so long as 'he said ra'isrs of appre hension continued, and they were then ngnin brought on board tho said ship, then in tho absence of all evidence i of malice in tho said defendant against tho said plaintiff*, j tho defendant is justified, end too plaintiff* are not en j titled to damages for such imprisonment j [3. Instruction mislaid in the files of tho Court.] 4. If upon tho evidence aforesaid, the jury shall be of opinion that tho said plaintiffs respectively, on the [ day of ? enlisted ns marines in tho S'aval service of l th United States, and being *<? enlisted, they wero during their term of service ordered on board the Vincennes, a United State* ship-of-war, under tho command ol the de fendant on foreign sortice, and w hile on board the said vessel on such foreign service, their terms ol service ex j pired, and if from the said evidence, the jury shall furth er find that the detention of the said plaintiffs respective ly on board the said ship was essential to the public in terests, then it was law lul for tho said defendant* to de tain tlieui, and they being so detained, were thereby sub ject to tho rules and legulation* of the Navy of the United States. [Granted?but exceptions taken by Mr. j ?May .J I pon these instruction* and the exceptions thereto, (too voluminous to cop)) tho jury retired at 7 o'clock on Thursday evening, the l*t instant, and on the next day at a quarter pa*t two, returned a verdict of $400 damage* each in the cases of Baab and Dinsman against tho defendant, for imprisoning plaintiffs In tho fort and neglecting them there acquitting defendant find justify ing him iu the detention and floggings of the plaintiff*.? In the case of Owen Roberts, who was not imprisoned in tho fort, and who, in other respects, suffered l-?s* than the other two of the plaintitts, tho jury justify defen dant in all hia act*, and award no damages whatever to this plaintiff. The case of Peniyl, one w lio suffered ?ith Dinsman and Uaah, and who waived his complaint in or der to act as witness for his shipmates, the plaintiffs, has yet to bo tried, and will come oft most probably, during the present term of the Court. Seldom has there been an action before any ? ourt in which tlie parties, the witnesses, and the counsellors pre sented such a body of intelligent, scientific or distin guished professional incn ns have participated in the conduct ol these causes. Captain tt ilkcs could not but feel proud, though arraigned a* an offender against the laws of humanity, in turvering the learnod and talented men collectsi|about him, with the reflection that they, witli many other such, were of the corps under the Cap* tain of the Lxporing Expedition. There may, in theie actions bo a new trial, upon whiofc we understand, the counsel for the defendant has deter* mined, should it meet the concurrence of his client, who is now absent on a visit to New York. We return our thunks to the learned counsellors te s this prosecution, Messrs. May and Bradley, and to th? officers of the Court for the>*courtesy and assistance is link report. W. Lkuisi..uive Synopsis.?In the Senate yesterday afternoon, the convention biii was again under dio? cussion. The question was upon adopting the amend ment ot the minority of the select committee, relative to the niu.iner of ascertaining the wishes of the people in r^ gard to a convention. The amendment, after along dis cussion was negatived?17 to 10. To-day, after the port of a vast number of bills, tho couvcution again cam* up and was debated until the hour oi recess. The que* tion under discussion was the amendment proposed by tb? majority of the select committee, to strike out from tho hill the restrictions concerning the election of delegates and the ineligibility of officers of the federal government to the convention. No question wan taken, and the bill w us mude the special order for this afternoon. In the Assembly yesterday afternoon, the Speaker clnred the bill for the re-organization of the New York Alms House to be a two-thirds bill,and ns such lost The vote was then rcconsidcre.l, and the bill, being amended so as to 1 imit the term of otnee of the commissioners to one year, was passed. An effort to reconsider the vote by which the House agreed to receJo from its amendments to the bill to reduce town and county expenses, was prevented, from the fact of the bill being in possession of the Senate. A lull wan introduced to amend the charter ol tiie Albany and Goshen Kail road. A number of private and local bills were read a third time and passed. , This morning the concurrent resolution was adopted, ' ruling the bill to reduce town and county expenses in relation to the collection of taxes. Mr. Chase reported adversely on the petition to oblige the Long Island Rail road Company to clear a space of 20 rods ea each side of their track. A bill was introduced to provide for the ap> pointment of an additional number of Commissioners of Deeds in the city of New York. The bill to improve the militia was rcterred to a select committee to report complete, as was the bill to equalize taxation. The bridge bill, and the bills to reduce interest, and for a drawback on coal, transported through the canals, were made special orders for this afternoon, and then, after passiDg a number of private and local bills, tlie house ad* journed.?viZAany .irgus, May 9. Forgery, Arc.?One of our citizens, hitherto sns? taining a high character for integrity, ,has been guilty of forgery,witu a view,p robabiy,ol covoring up a previous act equally criminal. George H- Pomeroy is the persoa referred to. It is ascertained liiat he drew a draft of five thousand dollars upon a linn in New York, and forged the acceptance thereof? offered it for discount to one of our bankers, and obtained about $3,000 upon it. This transaction, and other facts now biought to light, prove that Pomeroy. and him alone, is guilty of the lraud upon the Phoenix Dank of Hartford, in relation to the loan of $1'J,000 upon the pledge of a package of bills of th* Commercial Bank of UuU'alo, and which, on being opened, contained nothing but blauk paper. While we niiike this statement, it gives us pleasure to state, that no imputation rests upon the lamu of his partner, C. J. Woolson, touching his connection with said package of bills, as a member of the firm Woolsou & Pomeroy. Mr. W. lias been madu the victim of a long series of frauds and deceptions of his partner Pomeroy. Mr. P. left this city one week since, for the city of New York, as bo said, and has not since been heard from ; and it is sine* his departure that the astounding developments hare been made. A heavy pecuniary loss will tail upon Mr. W., but we learn that his business will go on without ea? barrassment,? Cleveland Herald, May b. -Murder at Dexter) Michigan.?A Mr. Pheip% a young blacksmith, of Dexter village, in Washte naw county?, was shot by a Mr. Rives, of the tame Vil lage, yesterday morning aboui 3 o'clock. On the pi? vious night an attempt was i.iade to destroy the mill of .Mr. .ViLlerd, w ho having procured assistance from the village, among whom was young 1'helps, attempted to arrest the trespasser*. When close upon them Rival levelled a riile and shot young ('helps dead upon the ipo\ the ball passing dircctly through his chest. Another i? dividual, with a musket, attempted to lire, but was pit*, vented in time. The guilty parties, we learn, were all under nrrest ai Dexter, when the cars passed.?lMtrnS Daily jidv. of YVtdnctday. A Bogus Canal Line.?There Were come person* from Buiialo die other day. m pursuit of property shipped at Albany. to their address, by a Line, which is strongly suspected to be of the Bogus character. Wa omit, lor the present, the pretended names of the flrnv simply remarking that rcloienccs were made to forward* ers 111 this city, w ho had no knowledge of the existence of tlio line by which the goods in question wcro shipped. If the suspicion of foul play snail be realized, it will add another to the daring frauds which reckless men seek to practice on the community.?Koekeiter Mcocatt. Execution.?Hardy Carroll, a notorious offend* er, was hung at Louisburg on Friday lasr, pursuant to sentence, in the presence of a large crowd. Perhaps there never w as a case whicli more strongly illustrated the wan*, ol' a Penitentiary than this. He had a monoma nia fur stealing, and had been convicted capitally, we be? lieve, three several times, lor horse stealing, but escaped each time, cither by craving the benefit of clergy, os through some defect in the rocord. lie was finally tmny for gtand larceny; the article stolen, we think, being A ;.air of suspenders from a store '. ?UultigK (A". C. Htgiiler England and Texas.?Any quantity, in bulk, of despatches for Mr. Elliott, the British Charge to Texas, arrived hero yesterday. They came out by the Caledonia, and will probably be forwarded by the New York on Saturday. It may be fortunate for the diple* matist that no " Sir James Grahams" are employed in re> publican post offices provided with false seals and stamps, and other instruments of a craft akiato a coun terfeiter's.?N. O. Pic., May 8. New Route to Chicago.?A few days since, a steam propeller was announced as having been fit ted up and ready to sail from Rochester, via tho Wellaod Canal for Chicago. Others were despatched from Oswego at an early day lor the same destination, and alter floun dering about awile in Lake Ontario and near the mouth of the Canal, in daily expectation of finding a passage through to Lake Erie, sonic of the boats put Into Lewi* ton and landed their passengers again. One of our pro pellers has just got up from Schlosscr (to which place the passengers were conveyed by railroad) withaftill detachment of emigrants, destined for Wisconsin and the prairies. Steamboat Collisions.?The Lynx and Ohio cams together on the 1st 111st., near the month of the Il linois. The Ohio had her starboard guards from near the bow back to the wheel-house entirely swept oil'. No one injured. The Bob Letcher and liard Times came intocjl Kiononthe aa:ne Jay, fifteen miles above Loui* ville, by which the former was immediately sunk ia twelve leet water. There were a large number of pas sengers on board, who were considerably frightcnc I, and some jumped overboard, but fortunately no lives ware lost. The Excise Laws.?Vice Chancellor Whitdesey, after aa examination of tho Laws and Decisions in rela tion to the subject, has given an opinion that Boards of Kxcise have power to grant or refuse Licenses to sell spirituous or intoxicating drinks. The citizens of Ro chester, acting, we presume, upon this opinion, held a meeting, which adopted resolutions urging the Commoa Council to grant no Licenses for the sale of aicoholia liquors. Calamitous Fire.?A terrible fire, the work of aa incendiary, raged in Newbern, N. C., on the 'id inst.. stroved to the amount of $50,000- Capt. Smith, Mr. Van Rokkelen.Mr. Justice, Mrs. Chad wick, Mr. Charles Shop herd, Uev. Mr. Hawkcs, and Mrs. L. Davis, were among the sufferers. Troitilk at Montreal.?On Tuesday night the Rev. Dr. Burns, of the Free Church of ScodancL proceeded to one of the public places in that city,to preach in the open air. While engaged in tho services of pufy lie worship, some 11 i?;'1 Kiuian Catholic iaOoren com* ntltted an assault upon him: and threw him down from the chair on which tie vas stai ling: some of the byitand. ers interfered to savo Km fnjm Their vlolenoe, among other' a young man of the n imi of Holebrook.^lio was Violently beaten about the hei 1 by one oi the ntflUne with a hrmmer. Home soi iio.? who were standing by drew their baviaati, fir! the a/I a. r was assuming a *ery serious appearance, v- iiea ' >.e -.*<1 o came up and ?u<** corded iti arresting foil.- of the >u Tien. i >!iio lias a population of iibout 1,800,000, and Vir* ginln has about I ,'J60,000. Tho former produce* ft,00ft 000 bushels more of wheat than the latter?more than twice as much harloy, and one-third more of oats. The skull and hones of a man have been disinter*, ed in Albany on n lot In Washington street, which from their appearance indicate that they are those of a man murdetcd many years a^o. The Unitra Neri'icc Journal nnnounces that Mra. Ann Stephens and Kichard Adams Locke, w ill hereafter be its regular contributor*. A Portuguese named Jerome Martinez instantly killed himselt at New Orleans on tho .toth tilt., by die chergini? a loaded pist< 1 into his mouth. The cause was peconlarv distress " Is tliis good money V said a man to a suspicioua looking wag, who made ?ome small purchase of him.? " It ought to bo pood, for I made it myself," was the re . ply. With that he took tho wag up for counterfeiting, but ho proved in defence that he made the money by Addling. Snow fro** it* Maine.?The Portland Advtrtu** l of Friday says:?"We learn by passengers in tha ' < 'hatter Cnk. which left Ba ilor > esterday morning, that thev bad a severe snow storm coming down the river, ami thai several inches of snow had fallen before they left the Penobscot." Rise in hie Mtssot nr.?The steamer Waniaw,ia yesterday from Boonvlle, report* the river rising hist at that place when she left, on tho "J6th ult. It had risen about eighteen inches. The impression Is, however,that the rise is a temporary one, caused by the rocent rains, and that it does not extend tar tip. The Hibernian, since in, reports a rise of three feet on Sunday last, at Glas gow. -.S<. Lout* liti itllt, .fjm'l 30. Ohio Hiver.? At Pittsburgh on Tuesdny after noon. the Ohio liver had tive feet of water In the e> nel. At Wheeling on Wednesday, there were seven feat of water in the ohannel. "Varli tits.

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