Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAL'D. Vol. XI., No. 131?WhoU No. 4093. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 13, 184?. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price a cent* per copy?$7 20 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HEKALD?Every Saturday?Price 8} cent* per copy?$3 12} cents per annum?payablo in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and despatch. (fij- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will bo deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor or tiii: New York Herald Establishment Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets rrav^ftiE ok PackeTs LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK. Rt&itltr. Burthen. Ship. Captain. tun*. ton*. HE A.. . W. Edward 8U7 1400 LI BERTY P. P. Norton 692 1300 CORNELIA K. M. Krvnch ... 1040 1700 MEMPHIS C. H. Coffin 798 1400 OHIO H.Lynn 783 1370 TAROL1NTA J. G.Smith 004 1100 REPUBLIC J.C.Luce 676 1275 tiEN. PARKHILL... A. M'Kown 574 1150 Tliey are all first class New York built shins, of the choieest and In-st materials, and well known ai remarkably aat sailers. Their commnndrr. art- men of long experience and aautical judg ment, and well acquainted in the trade. The cabins are fitted up hmdtomely and commodiously for cabin passengers. who are found witli every thing except liquors and wines, ana the rates are lised at sixteen guineas ?ach. The second cabins and stor ages are lofty and airy, and every way adapted to promote the comfort and health of passengers st a cheap rate, finding tiieir own provisions, except breadstuff's. The apiwinled days of sailing will be strictly adhered to.? Freight of line goods by this line 20s. |vr ton. Apply to C. GRIMSHAW It CO., 12 Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. Persons who may wish to hare their friends come out 6y any of the above named favorite ships, can secure their passage by applying to SAMUEL THOMPSON, Old Established Passage Office, nlO lm*rc 273Pearl street UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. MORNING LINE. aaa^-3 CONSt'totIOV b,y %*ir* '?FSw,V?MtWr ,? ArTjp.R!??oi* a!?d Niciht Lines. r/irough by Rati Road in Six Uouri.. iff "slsS ufi&szsisgi fcsttaft-Kftas- ?%?i v VS,?-?P- F'SHKR, Atent, V n r. . , , Wo. 7 Vvall street, or 6 West street ^'gHt taken at 6 cent. per 100 lb.. Yny lt Imrc notice. V , STATION ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET ti c F-ARE REDUCED TO GV CENTS The Steamboats 8YLPII and STATIN ISI ANnrn ii W e as follows until furthernotice-- ISLANDER will . ? ?F M mj-9.n ' ' *"d 12, A" M>; '? *? *' S<"d6 p- M. ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD xt ? OFFICE, No. 59 COUHTLANDT STREET t T&0Zi?E ?2 IMMIGRANTS. " -- - rv^k f^Mteb'7> Sol<' AKrnu t? n*w?M^ ??XLJ8?^cond^j&>. 'n'Ai^sny'^o"Uu jr*Io" $2 92: Auburn, $3 3C; Rochester, $4 61; 'Buffalo $i ^ ir?>in 2 to 12 years old, at half price* u.ider 2 v^TfJrL^ !i ??Wth.Uth instant. ?U1 CWfeteti^ All information at to different route, siren irrati. and num *ers forwarded to every port on Lake OutariSanJ ^itrTaTJL at the r.uea. 1 h.-subscribers would call particular ?> ;^b?tIR TU!;Flt0K^"^ J*. ,"'d? FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL" m and BllPTA WlvT'i?"^|11|?','p,_H,BKBNIA ^ B?StOU fo' BnS;jn?!,Ki5%Comrd'r May 16th. Paa.aKVtoLivJ;{^oL,M. Sunday June 1?. Pa??iKf to Halifax " "2 P sJ4rf.,?L,.? uD- BINOHAM. jr.; A?ent,? Wail at. til, ff ! Wl?hin?[ to embark are requested, in all case. berUu^^Vj"1 bA,? *""* c"d""X report that "all ? mIOrc NEWARK AND NEW YORK. __ FjyjK ONLY lis CENTS. >*^?3 a?l . The faronte .teamboat PAS8AIC. ^=5gFE^?John Oaffx, win. commence lier trina ft,, .hi! ?kZ.Mmni on Thursday, April ?|, ISO and run >?, ?'..May. ,,ic'uded, until funhern,>ti?, m:-? " NLWARK LKAVK NKW vnpir ??% a"*"?- F??otBV^?22. Tlie Passaic has iw*n lengthened 35 feet, and Is now two han dr.<1 and twuaty leet long. She has anew boiVr *nd ? nnw frr^r n"d "?m?*hed deck saioon, CO feeTTn fcfthV a"|d " con?l'lrtr ord"- He, accommodation! for fieitht and passengers haw been very much improve.! twinht carried at mluccd rates. ' ,m.ra .^?T^'-fular 0,)p?.itio? ^ lt..ea .onth and west from Baltimore Ct wlth a" th' ftw Ill ract the accommodation by this line both f,? _i ?j ?&'W."ten5.'55;,,~ w-~ .ST1 ?*' """ssate. ofji n..-rs?&,K ~i)^3rahs?t .bSSS.MS.T"'"??< 1 he 1' erry Bo?u from B^rcUy, Cansl and rhria*tnk are completely fitted np with Aw?i??'.*'?,t^t0ph'r o'tfofk1. "Hoboken to Barclay .treet. until u Kerri.iKe.6U-cent.- my||?wi..rh NKW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE /3SL, ?OR ALB AN V AND TROY niH^r-r & T"k_jqrf?from the Pier, foot of CouRlandt ttrtjt-TiL i* r.TT t>. team boat LM PI It L, Capuin R B "w, I'm feil1" ,uotCourtl*"dt street. .veo^.M ? i.i3s ""iter "SpA'Si? ,rd"of -? - ",|>l>r 0,1 h"*"1' w ,0 c- CLARK. ,? Plall^i' SJ.IN m I'm ?T^AMB?AT8 FOR ALBANY ^l, -pt A' ?-Vr,8"P'l2y? Kicept?J-ThrotiKh Di rr?t, ?< 7 o clock P. M.. from the Pirr l^??? .1 ? "? j .Courllandt aud l.ibertv Ureei. wiween ???li*iiniui>at KOC'IIKSTKR f'aw?l? B il i- .. j .. leave on Monday, UV,lne.d.v'andTrwl. A L"<?"n'1"''? wil1 Hti-amhomt K Nl<: K KRBol K K H ! "l 0 C',>CV leave on Tuesday. Thm.dav aiid H.;, r5.. : """"shton will At 5 o'clock I' . 7"do/k of Barclay .trcet. ' Pl?w, from th- foot noons, at SoVlock y' *r,d*>' Sunday After St.nmbo.n (;OLUMBIA, Cart. W ll p. l ... Tiie*day. Thursday and Saturday Aftenio^. ?'i ?>'i itV" ?n P.-w-sviiKim takinu ei tlier of the above Lin*** wii? ? tinie for .he MorX? Train ten fifcS%^.7 '? TIh. B.Mla are n. w amiI substantial, an- Airniali??|Wkh . elrirant state rooms, and for .peed and acrnn.rlTCi^'^'"new and rivalled on the HutUon. ?ccommodatioos an un Freight taken at moderate rates. ussssss, asMr?-?t!r ftK""* wictiA'Si," m lire ? WANTED?Good and suitable ve.wla t? /?__? , lmVH fr"m Philadelphia anil Bristol to Boston PrUl!' mzt pne'w,n ^satirkgtsi rsi*? .. 6 Wall street,'or lm*rr E. 8AFFORD & CO., - - Jl Dodtatrert, Pliiladrlphia. Mnitn, will iHisitively.ail tomorrow. "^^'NTA, Capuin v ^^pTo^'lcA tlri" s?h^ - ,-;.r M in ? (.?' ?*;irly application on board the ship, at Murrav^ w1?J7 ' foot ol w all street, or to JOHN HtlRDM AN* I ?l ?outhsot*. ' vvn -WW* At 7 o'clock, A. M. 25 cents " 8 " 9 " " 9 15 " " 9 41 " " 10 30 " UBKAT MATCH FOR l^o ooo. OVER THE LONG ISLAND COURSE. FASHION AND PEYTONA. North Against the South. MAV THE 13th.?LONG INLAND RAIL ROAD.? Schedule of Running for the Day? Trains will leave the Depot and Tunnel, South the following HOURS AND FARES. At 11 15 A. M. 50 cent*. ?? 12 ?? " " 12 45 " " " 1 30 " " After this hour, and uutil 13 minute* before the starting the Hsrses, Train* will be iu rea diness to take 3,000 Jiertons at an advanced wire. T7~ RETUR N ING?The entire force of the Road, consisting of upwards of 100 Car*, and Nine powerful Locomotives, will be in readiness at the conclusion of the Race, to take passengers to Brooklyn; and Train* will coutinue to run at *bort interval* un til all are taken. Passenger* are earnestly desired to obtain ticket* for both ways at the several office*. No. 56 Merchant'* Exchange; Hanover st; Ticket Office, South Ferry, New York Side; ditto at Brooklyn Side, and at the Ferry Boits. niyll 2t is?rh A DOLLAR SAVED fl IS A DOLLAR EARNED. GENTLEMEN who make it a role to lav out their money to the test advantage, are reapectfully notified tliat tliey can pur chaae Hat* and Can* at ROBERTSON'8 PHQCNIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, No. 103 Kulton itiwt, between William and Nassau street*, much cheaper than at any other establishment in tlie city. An inflexible adherence to the system of large sales, small profit*, and cash on delivery, enable* the proprietor to offer the different articles in his line at the following reduced rates :? Hath First quality Nutria Fur $3 50 Second do 3 00 Moleskin... 2 50 CAPS. r irst quality men's and boy's $1 50 Second do do 1 00 Third do do 75 These articles ore not only quite equal, but in some respects (especially in the style of trimming) superior to any in the city. A comparison of the qualities and prices, with those of other establishments, will show a deduction of $1 to $1 50 on custo mary prices. .<11 Hat* warranted of the most fashiouable Broad way pattern*. N. B.?The proprietor's extensive arrangements enable him to offer very advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers and coun try merchants. alO lm*m MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROADWAY, ? (HOWARDS' HOTEL.) \ ? INDUCED by the flattering success he has met with in J^^the manufacture of Silk Hats, in imitation of the French, to call the attention of the public thereto, does so in the full cou fidenceof rendering perfect satisfaction to all who may honor him with a call. First qua! ity French Moleskin $4 50 Second " " " 4 00 First " Nutria 4 50 8econd " " 3 50 In addition to the above, there may be had at this establish ment an elegant article of Nutria Hat at $4. which for elegance will rival many that are sold at $5, and to which ihe attention of the public is respectfully invited. A few case* of Cassimere and Silk Hats, manufactured for the country trade, on hand, and lor sale low. J. D. Totteu, (late of the firm of Alvord It Co.,) and R. J. Tiffany, (late of Albany,) would be pleased to see their Iriends at the above place. a? lm*ec GENIN'S WELL KNOWN HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 214 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ST. PAUL'S. THE SUBSCRIBER, being desirous of maintaining a repu tation for the superior quality nnd style of his Hats, rather thau for the ostentatious ana costly magnificence of his store, bos diligently confined his attention to improving tlie material qualities of the article in which he deals, considering such a course much more conducive to the interests of his |>atrons, than labored attemi tsto daxxle their eye* with expensive ornament* to tlie store he occupies. By these means he is enabled to offer the following articles, *ix :? First Quality of Nutria Hats $4 50 Second " " " 3 50 First " Moleskin " 4 50 Second " " " 4 00 Third " " " 3 00 Tlie subscriber recommends with peculiar confidence a very su|ierioriiuality of Silk Hat, manufactured by him for city cus tom, with minute attrition to style and durability, equaling in texture and beauty the finest Parisian Hats. JOHN N. GENIN, 214 Broadway. N. B.?Just received per ship Utica, a lot of French Hats, as sorted sizes, to which the attention of fashionable gentlemen is solicited. Geutlemen's, Youth's, Infants, United States Nary and Army Cap* constantly on hand and made to order. ?24 lm*rc LADIES' FASHIONABLE STRAW HATS. J^C ( CARL KINO, the mil known and celebrated3^^ Straw Hat Manufacturer, kt?? Inn to inform the Ladies that he has tor sale a splendid aiiu fashionable assortment of Straw Hats, of every description, at his sturf. No. 17 Divisiou street, tie particularly calls the attention of the public to examine his new shape called the Bohemian Oipaey, which for beauty and taste stands unrivalled. N. B.?Imported Lace, Neapolitan Hats, fashionable shapes and warranted to clean, at (2 60 each. i2( lm*rc C ARL KINO, 17 Division street. MARTELLE to HOLDER MANN, No. 37 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. MANUFACTURERS and Importers of Ornamental Hair Work, Wig*. Toupees. Bands, Curls, Beams, Bandeau H nr. and a new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B.?The trade supplied on reasonable terms, all lm*ec NEW LINK OK PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL -Packet of 21st May?The splendid and favorite pack t ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1100 tons burthen, t'iipiHiii I'hilip Woodhouse, will sail on Wednesday, May 21? her retfular day. The ships of this line being all tDOO tons and upwards, persons about to einbark for the.old country will not fail to see the ad vantages to be derived I'rom selecting tthis line in preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small class, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passen gers, it is well Ituown, are superior to those of any other line of packets. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Burling Slip, or to V W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their general passage office, South street, mttrc corner of Maiden Lane. LIVERPOOL LINE OF PACKET!*?Packet of .the 6th June?The splendid and favorite packet ship (PATRICK HENRi, J.C.Delano master, will po sitively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, persons delirious to embark by this in Hnor packet, should make early application on board, foot of aiJeu Lane, or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street comer of South street. Tlie packet ship Independence, F. P. Allen, master, will suc cecd the Patrick Henry, and sail on die 6th of July. m#rc black ball or old link ok liver, ? POOL PACKETS?For Liverpool?Only Regular jl'aeket of the 16th of May.?The new, magnificent and celcuruted fast sailing favorite packet ship YORKSHIRE, bur then 1130 tons, D. O. Bailey commander, will sail positively on Friday, the 16th of May. For terms of passage and to secure the best berths, early ap plication should lie made on board, foot of BeekmMi street, or o die subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO.. myll ec 33 Fulton street, next to tlie Fulton Bank, N. Y. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Regular Packet .of the 26th May?Tlx' elegant fast sailing Packet Ship ?SHK.R11)AN, Capt. A. F. De Peyster, of 1100 tons, win sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having acrommodation unequalled for ?plendor and comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or E. K. COLLINS It CO., 36 South stiver Trice of passage $100. Packet Shin (Tarrick, Cnpt. B. J. H. Trask, of 1100 ton*, will succeed the Sheridan, and sail 16th June, her regular day. a27 ec FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New .York Line?Positively first Regular Packet, to sail [Monday, 19th instant?Tlie elegant, fast sailing Packet snip saKTELLE, Capt. Taylor, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For Wright or passage, having handsome furnished accommo* dations, apply on board, at Jones' wharf, foot of Jones lane, or to K. K. COLLINS It CO.. M South st. Positively no goods received on board alter Saturdsy, 17th instant. Agent in New Orleans Mr. JAMES E. WOODRUFF, who will prompdy forward all goods to his address. ml3ec FOR MVERPOOL?The New Lim^?Regular . Packet 21st May?The superior fast sailing Packet Ship I'M OK THE WEST. ISM tons burthen. Capt. i'liiiip .Voodhouse, will sail as above, iter regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable ?tate rooms and cabin, apply to tlie Captain on board, west side Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, 17 South street. Price of passage 1100. The Packet Ship Rochester, 800 tons, Captain John Britton, will succeed the Qneeu of the West, and sail on her regular day, die 21st of June. *24 ec LONDON LINE OK PACKETS?The splendid and fast sailing packet ship NORTHUMBERLAND, iK. H. Onswold, master, will sail on the 19th May, her regumr Uay. Having mperior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and Steerage passengers, persons about to embsrk should make early applicatiou to tlie subscriber. JOSEPH M'MURRAY, 100 Pine street corner ol South. P. 8 ?The favorite packet ship (iladiator, Captain Bunting, muter, will succeed the above, and sail ou tlie 20th of May, her regular day. n4 rc ""Packet for Marseilles.?The new ship PRINCE DE JOINVILLE, Captain Lawrence, will sail ou the lit proximo. The accommodations ioi iMMCiigcn will be equal to tlioae of any of the Packets of the port. Vor ? myll ec BOYD k. HINCKEN, Agents. FOR OLASOOW?Regular Packet-Tlie well , known last sailing. British Barque ADAM CARR, jHcott, Master, daily expected, will meet with quick ue.|*ucii. For freight, apply to WOODHULLk MINTURNS, m!3 ec 87 South street. &?? FOR OLASOOW.?Regular Packct.-The well rtWV known, fast sailing British Barque ADAM C ARR, MOM, n-. ister, daily expected, will meet with quick ueapaicn. ror freight, apply to WOODHULL it MINTURNS, mTla ,r m South street. ?OR 1IAVRK.-The French Brig OTH1LIA, I -adiie, h?n the major |wirt ol* h*r cargo going on board, and will lie despiitched on or about the 22d ror freight ol light goods, apply to HOVO fc HINCKEN. Agenu. ? FOR LIVERPOOL? First Packet Slip?TV splendid fast saillllug iwcket ship YORKSHIRE, Captain Bailey, will positively sail on the 16th May. Vor passage, having unsurpassed accommodations, m cabin and steerage, spply to JOHN HERD,MAN, _ m4rc (1 South stivct. iaa wanted?A ship to load lor * snutiiem i.<*t? Apply to K. K. COLLINS It CO., MNh Ml M South street CONNER'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, l'OR>ER or NAflAr AMD AM.1 STREETS, NEW YORK. rr HE UNDERSIGN ED respectfully inform the Old Patrons A ol the Type and Mtereotype Foundry, formerly known as James Conner's, ami more recently as Conner &.Cooce's, and the Public iu general, that they are prepared to execute orders for PRINTING TYPES, Cast*, Imposing Stonkj, In*. KliMEl, and every , other article necessary to form Complete Printing Establish ments, on a, favorable terms, aiid of u good a quality u any Other establishment ill tlie United States. Tl>t Type caat at this Establishment is, both in the style of1 race, and the. Material of which it is made, particularly adapted lor service in Newspaper Printing, as may be seen in this iNtper. inyii 1 in re JAMES CONNER & SON. WILLIAM A. SMETS WILL njieti hi* New Store 727 Broadway, under tlie New \ ork Hotel, corner of Waverly Place, on THURSDAY the 17th mstant, with an entirely NEW STOCK OK GOODS, received by the late arrivals from France? A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OK EMBROIDERIES. Rich Embroidered Shawls and Mantillea. Pelerines a la reine. " Duchese d'OrUan*. EMB'D COLLARS, CANE.20U8, ?' Mary Stusrt, " a Raeliel " Colouue Point " alaveille " fr. Deuil " Kspinob " apple Brnntlle " Uinn " a Bordiire " en Tulle " grain (wi|<e " a Vnlencieune EMB'D SCARES, EMB. K1CIIUS & G1MPES, Extra Riche " Richly einb'd Brod ieii Couleur " a He vers " Extra Riche " Josephine Plain Bordeur " Celine " Extra New " Valiere RICH EMBROIDERED LINEN CAMBRIC HDK'KS. Very rich a I Barguette (ianiide Valenciene " Vigrrtte Begnette and Guerlande ' Point Noveau* Pluinetis WEDDING DRESSES, LADIES' CAPS. Extra einb'd Muslin Dresses Thread Lace Ca|i* " Thread Lace do Emb'd Muslin do Emb'd Silk do Tulle Lace do " Bobhinet do do with flowers " Thulic and Tharlatiiie Bohbinet. do with capette* LADIES] STRAW HATS,YOUNG LAblES'CAPOTTES. Ladies'Rich Straw " Guimpnre " Consu L)i?ers " " vpsntelle " Bois blanc Ik Cordon " Toscanes " a Agrement " Oram D'orge BOV'S STRAW COSQUETTES. Cosquettea peeriles Straw Caps Tyroliens " Berrets Crin " Toscane , RICH SILK PATREN DRESSES. gilks Pekin Chinoi* Silks Pekin Brocks " Pariiienne " Koulard " Watered " Pou de 8oic " Taffeta* " Pekin Brocha PARASOLS. Ombrellas with ivory handle* Ouibrellas Marquise " with fringe* " Plaiu with rich gold and silver mounting*. PERKUMERY DE TOILETTE. Of a very superior quality, imported to order. Poudrc d'Amonde* * ariue de Noisette* Pate do Blanc deNiegu Cold Cream Otto of Roses Perfumed Sachetz Toilette Powder PERKUMES KOR HANDKERCH1EKS. Eau de Portugal Eglantine Rose Mousue Essence Marerechelle Paris Kid Gloves, Bijouterres, Buckles, and a large assortment of Kancy Articles, which will bo offered at a very reasonable price. a!6 lm?rc ?. LIPPOLU&CO (NO. 103 WILLIAM STREET. NEAR JOHN ) OFFER KOR SALE THE FOLLOWING GOODS of thei r own importations, by tlw package, or in lot* to auit purchasers:? Seal Berlin zephyr worsted and german TAPESTRY WORSTEDS. B?*t manatacture and most extensivvasaortmwt. CANVASS. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Worsted, Gold and Silver, of all width* and size*. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Of all Maker* and Numbers. CHENILLE, For Working and Ornamental Trimming, Plain and Shadad; Flower Chenille, Sic. SILKS. Plain and Shaded, and Chinee, Slick* and Spool*; Twist, Floss, ao. FRINGES. Silk, Worsts an oCotton. o ftha latwt styles. GIMPS. And Gimp Cord*, in great varisty. ?OLD AND SILVER CORDS, AND BRAIDS, TAS SELS, tic. STEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS. Turw Trimming*, Steel and Jet Button*, Hair Pin*, lea. OILED SILKS, Assorted Colors. PERFORATED paper. ? . CORDS AND TAS8ELS, Braids, Tape*, Binding*, Galloou*, lie. al lm*m FOR SALE, A GRAND PIANO KORTE known as one of the most per lect of the celebrated manufacture of KMAKU )u Pari*, which ha* already been tried in America during the winter sea son. 1 lie price is $700 instead of (1100, which it would cost if it waa imported directly from Pari*. With the Piano, will be given music by the beat ancient and modem composer*, valued at upward* of one hundred dollar*. Apply at *12 Im'rc MADAME PII.LKT. 400 Broadway. TWO Mahogany and one Rosewood Grand Action Piano r ortes, for sale cheap, al No. 66 Woo*ter street, or at No. 18S Elm street. Also, for sale, at 20 per cent below the market price, at No. GG Wopster street 30,000 feet fresh cnt Mahogany Crotch Veneers. 10,000 feet Rosewood Veneers. 40 Rosewood Logs, and fi I ante size Zebra wood Logs. myll 3t#nr JULIAN HARPS. NUNNSIt CLARK haviug purchased the patent right for "Coleman's iEoliati Attachment to the Pianoforte,"Tor the entire United State*, (excepting Ma-sachusetts,) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianoforte* with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern insde horizontal Pianofortes. In regard to the durability of thi* invention, N. It C. pre prepared to satisfy the most pri judicml mind, their own critical examination and experience warrant them in the assertion, that the ".Eolian" will remain in tune iu any climate, and it will not be affected by transitions of at mosphere. Tlie most satisfactory warrantee i* given with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the ".Eolian Pianoforte*" at their ware-room, No. 240 Broadway, omioaite tlie Park, where al*o may be found an a**ortmenl of 6, 6h and 7 Octave Piano forte*, both in rosewood and mahogany cases. ni2R 6m*rc MUSIC. MDUM8DAY, Profe**or of Guitar. Singing at Sight. Ac ? cordeou, Violin, lie., continue* to teach ladie* auJ gen lemenof New York (at their residence) the above Instruments, he., iua very short time, by hi* new Analyzing and Inductive System. Terms moderate. An improved Accordeou for sale. Good city references given on application at No. ii Chrystie street, above Walker. a261m*rc THK BtEHM FLUTE. PHILLIP EHNST, Teacher oftheKlute and (.hi i tar, would inform the lover* of Muaie, that he lia* now for sale one of tlie above celebrated Instruments, constructed in every re*pect in accordance with those now in use at the Paris and London Royal Academies. To be seen at PHILIP ERNST'S Mnaic Saloon, 395 Broadway, near Walker street. my# 1 m? re UTTIGN UN *S GYM NASI ILM. Cn AS.- K. OTTIGNON reapectfully inform* his friends and the public, that lie has recently taken tlie large and commo dious rooms, No*. 16, 17 and 19 Canal street, near Broadway, (formerly occupied by I. P. Rogers.) which have been thorough ly cleaned, and fitted up in a manner that cannot fail to gi<e sa tisfaction to the most lastidious. Connected with the Oymna*i iim, i* tlie Sparring Room, where Mr. O. is always ready person ally to give inatruetions in the noble Art of Self Defence, and he will likewise state thai hi* pupils enjoy the reputatiou of being the most skilful amateur stirrers in the city. Wrestling taught by Sir. WM. PRICE, who will warrant any pupil perfect, after a course of instruction. Fencing taught by an experienced Professor. Mr. O. would respectfully inform those pupils who have for merly exerrised at this (iymiiasium, and vilio*e terms have not already expired, that satisfactory arrangements for tlie continua tion of their unexpired time, will be made by calling on him at the rooms, in Canal street, which will be open from sunri*e un til 10 o'clock, P. M. Mr. O. would also state that tlie Gymnasium and Pi*tol Gal lery, corner of Broadway and Chamber* atrevt, will be open mi ni further notice. a9 lui je M' KOULSTONE'S HIDING SCHOOL, 137 nnd 130 Mereer Street. MH. JOHN 8. ROULSTONE ha* tho honor u> inform his friend* and the public in general, that hia ? School for Iiutraction in Horsemanship i* now open ly ami evening, a* followi:? Hours for Oentlemon from ? to I A. M. " " Ladie* " 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Terma of instruction made known on application to Mr. Roulstoue. Mr. R. ha* just received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Horses, which lie is authorised to sell at a rea sonable price. my're MSB ROWS HIDING SCHOOL, ?ON Bowery, on A a tor and Lafayrtte Places. MH. W. II. DIHBROW has the honor to annonnce, that his School ia open daily, (Sundays tlcepted) for Equestrian Tuition and Eterciae Riding. . . ., lloura for l.adira from ? A. M. to J P. M. Hours for Gentlemen from # to 1 A. M. anil 3 toT P. M. rC7*Terms made known on application as above. N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Horsea, for the Road and Pa rade, to let. myfi Im'rc 188 MADDKN respectfully informs the ladies of New York and it* vicinity, that her French Millinery and Drvas Making establishment, 10# Canal street, is now open. Soring and Mummer Kashious, consisting of silk, cressc. ribbon, fancy Neapolitan, straw, braid and gimp Bonnets, ol tw newest Pari sian and London styles, Just received per last steainrr. Country Milliners and Dress Makers supplied with the newest Patterns at the shortest notice. Dresses anu Robe* of the latest fashion mwle to order at the shortest notice. Southern and Weatern order* promptly attended to. All description* of Bonneta cleaned and altered in the newest style. *21 1m*m ^TrEwcly^iNBTmTtTr now completed, ready lor the A. reception of pupils, ia situated in Shrewsbury, thrre mile* from the celebrated watering place, fonr mile* from Red Bank, j when steamers ply daily from the foot of Fulton street. It is B" -ulsled to give a sound, practical education, qualify the stu t to pursue say business, or enter any claas in College. Terms, tier annum, $100, including all incidentals, eicept beds WANTED?A classical teacher, native of France. Also a female. Circulars and interview with the teacher may he had at 111 Nassau street. a 12 1m* m WATCHES :-WATCHE8 AND JEWELRY.-Those who wish to purchase (jold or Silver Watcheo, (fold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, fcc., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who i* selling all descriptions I of tie- above at retail much Iow<t than any ouier house in the I city. (Jold Watches a* low a* $20 and f2.*> each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Walclie* warranted to keep good t line or the money refunded. Watches and Jewelry repair- , ed in the best manner and warranted, at much lass than rfii '}). C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, all lm*ec Wholesale and Retail, 10 Wall at., up staira. ~ OLD CLOv"OLD CLO'! OLI) CLO'!

THE SUBSCRIBER I>ay* the highest price* for Second Hand Clothing. * , . , . , Clothing altered, repaire leaned in a ? "I?ri?T stylo Remember the No., 130 stmt. U4.U. LIlVIJl ?M lm*re City Intelligence. . There was a false alarm of lire in the fifth district la?t aiirht about 10 o'clock. . , \lpper Police?M*t U-Bi iol???.-A man named John Kenney wu found secreted in the cellar of the liouse of Ambrose Parish,No. 334 Grand street,last night. It was found that the front door had been broken by forcing the latch off. .. . , Coroner') Officc?Mat 12?A man supposed to be named Bryan, was found drowned in the Last River, at the foot of Walnut strset. Verdict an abovo. Common Council. Board ok Aldermcn, May 12.-Tliis Board met at twenty minute* out eleven o'clock, A.M. Aid. Semap- | kklin in the ( hair. . , Pounded Porkers.?A petition was received from Aid, Wheaton, Pound Master of the 16th Ward, praying that , the Corporation Attorney might be directed to defend him on a suit brought against him by Bartholomew Smith, for keeping in pound a lot of swine, in accordance with the Corporation ordinance. Resolution in accordance with tho prayer of the peti tioner adopted. Making up for a Reduction of Salaries.?A petition was received from Stephen Mammons, late Corporation Attor ney, setting forth that inasmuch as the salary hau been reduced, and the perquisites taken away, the expenses of the office had been greater than the salary, and accord ingly for the sum of $1,071 for the time of two clcrki, and cleansing office, Sec. Referred to finance Committee, with power. , . ,I Cleasme Station House*.- Bill* of C apt. Morton, of the Third Municipal Police District for tf.e cleansing hi* station house, and of John 1. Morrell, for $10, for the same duty. Referred, with power. More Corporation Tin -Sundry bills which have pre viously lieon referred to tho Committoe on Police for re muneration, were handed to the Chair by the Chairman of that Committeo, and referred to the Committee on fi nance, with power. ? , . . .issesiment W.?The assessment list for opening, grading, 4tc., the 7th avenue, between 21st and 40th street, j was presented. . , . . . .. I Pavinti Up.?A number of reports were received in ta ?or ?f paying certain small deniauds against the Corpo ration. and were adopted. Contractor's Suit.-The Conimittco on Finance report ed that the suit of Sherman against the < orporatiou had resulted adverse to the city, and judgment for thei orgi nal demand, cost* and intere?t allowed, and that the | counsel had advised its being paid, without contesting tho matter any further, especially as Mr. K.had aer^dt0 settle the matter by taking the sum originally demand ed, $4,600?Adopted. Paperi from the other Board?A number of paper* were received from the other Board, all of which were adopted in concurrence, except some unimportant ones. Vagrants?A resolution directing the Special Justices of Police to send all vagrants to tho Aim* House, instead of Blackwell's Island, wa* adopted. Deficit?A resolution paying tho contractor on Ran dall's Island the further sum of $600 was adopted. Question for the Mayor?Aid. Hasbrouck offorcd a re solution to inuuiro of the Mayor whether lie has given permits for the disinterment and removal of any bodies from anv burying ground in this city?Adopted. Estimates?Ala. Hasbrouck rose and hotiod the Com mittee on Charity and Alms House would report their doings this evening He stated that he had received a communication from Jacob P. Bunting, stating that he had sent in his estimates for the mason-work on theAlms House at Randall's Island, and that the work had been Kiveu to a person who was to reccivc some o or $8,000 more for the work. Tho communication stated that ho had made and sent in two estimates. . Aid. Miller and Aid. Bunting both stated that they did not receive the second estimate until after the con tract had been made and concluded. A report wilt De made to-night. ...... i >. ? .l At 1 o'clock the Board adjourned till 7 o clock in the evening. Board or Aldermen.?Last evening.?Aid. ScHiErncJ lin in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting having been hadly read, but as well as could be expected,under the circumstances, they were approved. Resignation of the Head of Police.-A message was re ceived from his Honor, Mayor Harper announcing that Col. B. W. Benson, Superintendent of Municipal Police, had resigned his office, and in this predicament the Mayor nominated John B. Morrell in his place. Resignation accepted, and nomination confirmed. Quarterly Jlccounts.-TUc quarterly accounts of the City Treasurer were received,showing the sum, m bank, to the credit of the city to be $334,956 17. ,. _ Another Draftt on the Treasury ?A communication wa* received from the Comptroller, stating thai not^lia\ ine sufficient money in his hands to meet all the appro priations, and asking for $10,000 for county conUngen cies. was rccoived, and a resolution making the ap propriation, and directing the Comptroller to draw upon the City Treasury for that amount, was adopted. KorXut an hour after making tho abovo appropria tion, the Aldermen took a sort of tacit recess, the Presi deut remaining in the chair. rharitv The Sale of the Farms, fr._The Committee on Charit) Mid Alma Houm presented n report in "^''M^to the'r proceedings in connection with the sale ot the BeUevue property, the Long Island Karms, Sic., the Committee reported that the farms sold for $49,841 11; tho BeUevue property, $176,180. The last of the Nursery buildings upon Randall's Island, -ncluding tho pav of Su^nntend euts will be $42,990; the cost of the Aim* House build ing at the same place. $117,19ft. Thu* it will be *een that over the cost of the erecUon of the two buildings capable of accommodating in both departments treble the number now accommodated, the sum of $W,800 re mains on hand out of the sale of the farms and BeUevue property, which sum will probably be employed in im I>r^?Use?aou?""contended that this report, although it was very satisfactory as far a* it went, did not comply with the ordinance. A pretty brisk cro*. fire waskept up lorsomo time by Alderman 11., ami some jority members; Aid. H. suggesting that the members have their heads taken in wax, and hung up in the tea The Dumping Grounds.?The Committee on Cleansing Strcctsreported that in compliance with the^rdinance re cently passed, they had purchased the steamboat and barges for the removal ol manure, lie., at a price about $3,000 less than the appropriation. Another delay of half an hour, caused by the Board waitinir for papers from the other Board. .1pp?intv,ent-A resolution was received from the other Board, appointing Sidney H. Stewart, C lerk of the Lower Police.?Adopted. Twenty Minutes oj Ten.-No quorum being present Alderman Hasbrouck moved that the Sergeant-at-arms be sent for some of the absent member*, and that the Board then take a rece** for 20 minutes. ^ Alderman Buntinu opposed it. Alderman Hassroucx?Had nt you better send icr? some of the great singers of your party, andjet them sing a funeral dirge. (Ronrs of laughter.) Where s De Le Ree : (Renewed laughter.) At 11 o'clock, a call of the bouse was made, when it was found that a quorum was present. ^ Alderman Dbax* moved that when the Board adjourn, thoy adjourn to meet at 11 o'clock to-morrow, (I ues dav ) The Board then took a recess for twenty minutes. \lter the recess, nothing was done of any interest, and at 20 minutes of 12 o'clock, the Board adjourned. Board or As.isxANTs.-The last meeting of the " Na tive" Board of Assistants was held last evening, and was attended by all the members of the Board. Jh? appear ance of the out-going members wa* any thingbutcheer ful. Long before the hour of meeting, were to be seen, in detached group* about the hall and avenue oftheCity Hall, small cliques of per*on* discu?*ing ?Ctoofth# the out-going t orporation,?and vehemently declining against some of their acts. A large crowd was almo in attendance outside the bar. There was a settled gloom hanging about the visage of most of the Assistant Aldermen Johnson Horn and Ward, in parti cular. looked sadly dejected. It was indeed,:a truly mournful exhibition. At about 7 o clock, a file-and drum were heard outside, near to the City Hall, where were assembled a crowd of boy*, who cheered loudly to com memorate the event. ,? ? , \t 74 o'clock, the meeting wa* called to order, when amotion to suspend tho 14th rulo was made and nega '' Mr Ward moved to re consider the vote. Mr. Charlicx wa* of opinion that it was Bnmnn y in the Board in their la*t ga*p, to try to choak down de b*TM? President called'tho attention of Mr. Charlick to the fact of the passage of a resolution at their late meet Ung, which confined each member to ten minutes in de b*An ordinance in favor of appropriating Comptroller, for county contingencies, wa* taken up 7,MtnpRE?iDENT asked leave to suspend the order to take up some resolutions and paper*. The vote stood ayes 9, noes ft. One of the rules of the Board require* that /,? mem ber* should vote in favor of suspension; *o the rule* were ??A message was received from his Honor, th? approving of sundry resolution* and ordinances which have passed both Boards. n?.?i worn Several of the papers which passed (^*n,k *he taken np, but objections being read by Mr. < harliek. the rules not being suspended, they were laid on the table and choked down. This caused considerable amuie m Report in favor of paying J. Sherman, of Station House No 3 $12 for services. Concurred in. Drunkenness no Crime.?Resolution directing the spe cial Justices to commit all drunkards to the Alms instead of the Penitentiary, in all case* where no criminal act ha* been committed. .... ,v,? Mr CHABLtct wa* glad to find it laid down by the Board of Aldermen, that drunkenness was no crime The resolution wa* concurrod in. Aye* 9, . Resolution in favor of paying $10 to < alvm Baker, mm! wouldb. happy to allow the claim if they could show that service* were rendered, wow, n wm said by the member of the Tenth Ward (Mr. John ?on) nt their late meeting, that the democratic party would not pay the expenses of the funeral of one of he Natives in the Board if he died; but he could assure them that the y w ould be happy to pay the funeral espenscsof their entire partv, provided their bill , om. of laughter.) Mr. C. moved to refer back tolhe^ o miltee on Finance, and to strike out these words, now er " which was inserted in the resolution. Mr. Taylor moved Uie previous question. The resolution was concurred in. .i.senco The Board took arece**, and returned after iin ab*ence of thirty minutes ; during the rece**, however, *ome i a, brousht up before the Board. Mr Charlic* on returning, took occasion to comment n|>on the ruse of the out-going members through business. Mr. C. entered a pr?toatfcg?iiniit any business that had been transacted in the absence members, during the Ume ofrecess^ . A resolution u> favor of appointing r. B. Whitney, tne | present Clerk of the Board of Assistants, Clerk to the Police olllce, Franklin Market, which had been passed | daring the recess, wai taken up. I Mr. Chahuck protested against ita adoption, and en ' tered Uia protest on the ground of the resolution being ! paiied during tho recess. He was alio of opinion, that Mr. Whitney could not be oppointed to the ollice in question, during hla tenure under the Board. He moved that it be referred to the Committee on Salaries, l.oit. Ayes 6, noei 9. The reiolution was adopted. Aves V, noei 6. Mr. Charlicb hereupon enterpa the protest of the mi nority member! agaimt the appointment, on the ground already itated. Mr. Joh*iom moved the proteit be laid on the table.? Mr. HrwBv moved that tho protoit be entered on the minutei. Lost?Ayei H; noes 9. The paper wai ordered on tpe file. Proposed .'Appointment?Nicholas Ilaight, Clerk in tho , Police Office at Jefferson Market. Mr. Divvkk,previous to tho passage of the resolutions, . moved that tho House go into committee of the whole, upon which , , I Mr. Charlick rose and stated, that as he w'as entitled nou> to speak as long as he pleased, he was determined to spin out the time half an hour, it being now half past eleven o'clock. ... ? i Mr. Johnson?This is disgraceful -I move wo ou- j 1 ^?Mr. Charlick?We can now talk as long as we please | ?this gag rule of ten minutes is gone?(Hoars of laugh ter.) Mr. C. here proceeded to talk against timo, amid , much laughter, when I Mr. Johnson protested against the course pursued Dy the Alderman of the First Ward, (Mr. C.) A scene of indescribable confusion and laughter here l followed, when several of the native members rose from thoir seats, and were about to retiro. . Mr. Charlick hereupon requested they should take | their seats, and continued his remarks in opposition to | the appointment. Ou motion of Mr. Divver, the name ol Mr. ilaight was stricken out; and Justice B. was selected in Committee of the Whole, in which the Board COFrom about half past 11 o'clock until the fatal hour of twelve, when the native party breathed their last, a larg<. number of the Board of Aldennen were in attendance, and a vast crowd of persons jammed up tho entry and space within tho outer bar. It was a scene of merri ment on the one hand, and sad despair upon tho other. Among %e crowd outside were to be seen the merry faces of a group of expectants, or nominees of the new Corporation, who seemed to enjoy the scene a good Mr. Charlick talkod down the resolution, when the | fatal hour having arrived, Mr. Johnson rubbed his clun, Mr. Charlick tittered, Mr. Baylis looked grave as a mu? tard pot, Mr. Ward placed his legs npon his desk, | Messrs. Henry and Divver laughed in the highest spirits; | and the Nativo Board of Assistants breathed their last : precisely at 12 o'clock, when Mr. Johnson, in the words of an eminent Judge, " evaporated with his hands in his j breeches pocket, like a crocodile," beariug some twelve dozen " oil contracts " under his arm; und so the Board adjourned, line die. < Board or Supervisor*. This Board held a special meeting last evening, His Honor the Hecorder in tho Chair. The minutes of the last meeting wero road and ap PrpVe*itiioiii-Of John Do Boyce of 7th Ward, asking ro lief from taxation. Referred. Of Jacob L. Finn, asking for tho sum of $90 for oxtra services as assessor. Referred. Bill of Thomas M. Lyons for oxtra services as police officer. Referred. ? , Bill of County Clerk for $697 94?Referred. The Comptroller?Report of Committee on annual tax es allowing the Comptroller compensation for extra ser vices in collecting taxes, amounting to $2134 MO, in the year 1842, he being then an officer. Mr. Haibhouck moved tho report be laid on the table. The motion was negatived. The report was udopted?Ayes, 13; noes 1. Resolutions?In favor of pa>mg John Leveridge $500 for services as Counsel to the Board. Adopted. In favor of paying Jonas B. Phillips $600 for profession al servicos as Attorney to the Board. In favor of paying Benjamin W. Benson $3W 43 for ex tra services as superintendent. Adopted. In favor of paying Samuel L. Luscomb $12 60, tor expenses incurred in carrying prisoners from Harlem. A<ln'favor of releasing from personal tax, F.Austin, lath Ward; Oeorge W. Oedney, Sd; J. L. \ anbusker 16th; (reorge P. Morris and A. O. Parmelly. Adverse to the releasing from personal tax J. D? Boyce, R. H. Karuus, and others. Polly Bodine? Mr. SciiiErrr.Li* moved that the claims against the State on account of the trial of Polly Bodine, be paid, if the payment thereof should not intorferc with the rights of tho State. Laid ou the table. The Board adjourned. Common Pl???. Before Judge lngraham. Mat 12.?Electioneering Extraordinary?Mark Hart ri. .1?a B. Perkins and Benjamin F. Penniman.?'This was an action of trespass for false imprisonment It appeared that at the time of the fall election in November last, plaintiff went to vote in the Second District, First Ward, and took the preliminary oath. On being challenged, stating that he lived in Washington street. The partv who canvassed the Ward in which this street is located, reported against, and opposed Hart's right to vote, on the ground of his being a non-resident, upon w hich plaintiff stated he lost his papers. The defendants were both acting in this capacity of what are called majority in spector*; and defendant (Perkins) warned Hart not to tako his second oath, threatening that he would arrest him in the event of his doing so, and have him commit ted. The minority inspector, a Mr. Cole, hereupon in vestigated Hart's right, und ruled in favor of hi. record ing his vote; upon which plaintiff* took the second oath, which was administered by (. ole. The delendant drew (Perkins) immediately his warrant, nnd had Hart placed in the Tombs, whence he remained from the 6th until the 11th November, when he was discharged. It was further put in on the part of the plaintiff' that Perkins had no right to arrest him save lor disorderly conduct or breach of the peace.? The plaintiff hero rested his case, when the jury found a verdict in tavor of defendant, Penniman, who could not be held responsible for the acU of his associate ; and de fendant, Perkins, pleaded his right to make the arrest lor the alleged crime of perjury, on the ordinary grounds which authorise the citizen to arrest any party for a fe lony. The case stands adjourned over. lVm. Lunch ft. FMneitr Walsh This is an old owe. which was tried once before, it was an action brought to recover the amount of certain notes which were made on the sale of a grocery store In West Broadway, and which, on coming to maturity, were not taken up. V ei diet this forenoon. Superior Court. Before a full Bench. Mat 12.?Decisions.? George C. De Cay vs. the .h/antir Insurance Company.?Judgment lor the defendant, on the demurrer to the first count, with liberty to the plain tiff to amend; and for plaintiff, on the demurrer on the third count, with liberty to the defendants to plead de noi-o on paymeut of costs, within ten days alter nouce of this rule. _ _ .. Langley and Istngley ads. James Jl. Ifals/i, hy his next friend.?Judgment of the Court below reversed. J)e Forrest IMonier vs. Giorge S. Meachan.?Motion for a new trial denied. Circuit Court, Before Judge Kdmonds. Mat 12.? Thorn vs. Bell.?This case, which stood ad journed over from Tuesday in consequence ol the illness efa juror, was resumed. It was an action on two pro missory notes, which we have already noticed, that were drawn and forged, it was alleged, by defendant s nephew, the late li. W. Tyson, who, it appeared, obtain ed money on various notes, similar to the ones in suit. Tho defence put in was fraud and forgery. The Jury will render a sealed verdict this forenoon. (7. m. Circuit Court. Before Judge Nelson. Mat Id.? United Statu va. William Ha fan, Jidminie tratov oj Michael Higan, deceased.?This caae, which he<l adjourned over from Saturday, waa reaumed. It <tu an action brought to recover from the catate of the deceaaed Hagan, the sum of >'iw49 0ft. it appeared that Ilagan was appointed in the jear 1 HMO, United Htatea Consul at Vai paraiao, in South America; and was alao appointed agent tnere, to diacharge certain dutie* in relation to vosaela of tho United Statea, in which capacity, it waa alleged, he waa to furniah supplies for veaaela of war, and render general aorvicoa ; having made certain disbursement*, and drawn hilla of exchange on the government,without, however, any specific agreement a* to the compeuiation ho waa to receive. The action arises out of a question of diaputed account between the parties. On investiga tion of the accounta in tho Navy Agent's office, at Wash ington, a balnncc to tho above amount waa atnick in favor of the i'nited States. The oaso stand* adjourned over to thia forenoon. Moke A.vri-k knt djsitebawcm.?An attempt wan made, a few nights since, by a hand of men, to null down the dwelling, (a board shanty.) of Andrew van slyke, who reaidca in the north part of thia town, com monly known aa tho Beaver mcadowa. Tho prcmiaea were'a? manfully defended by tba occupant and one of his neighbors, that alter receiving six shots from a mus ket aim rides, the aaaailing party were compelled to leave liefore the talk waa completed. It ia icported that two were severely wounded. The difficulty arose about the land on which Mr. Van 81) ke now lives ? the exact particulars of which we are not informed?but it appear* there waa a plan to drive him ofl? the premises. This ia club law or gun law, whichever people may chooae to call it. Several arrests have been made, and we truat the public authorltiea will see that tho guilty are punish ed to the extent of the law?the safety of community re quire it, and the sacrcd right*of individual* require it. If it haa come to this, and our dwelling* are to bo pulled down over our heads, it ia high time that juatice, and that without stint, should bo dealt out to tho guilty. -Catarnu gut Republican, May 13. Prrnmmn stffkrkrs.?Ninety-seven thousand dollars had been received hy the sufferers at the lust accounta. Over $60,000 more are mbacribed, but not yet received. Appointments by tiik Governor, May 10.?nkw York?william C. Neilson, Trustee of SVaman's Fund and Ketreat, vice Henry lloldredge, resigned. Ja bot N. Clubman, Maater in chancer), re-ap[>ointment. Thomaa w. Clerkr, Maater in Chancery, vice Thomas A. F.mmet, term expired. William P. Waterman and Nelson I. Waterbury Justices of Marine! ourt, vice al 1 phoui Mhermaifcaud l>avid Naudall, term* expired. FURTHER PARTICULARS OF THK FlttS 11 Cath arine .Street.?The following are the parti culars of the tire mentioned in yesterday'# paper as near <u> we could collect them: About un hour previous to the fire being observed (say 4 o'clock) a man was observed sauntering up and down the street, op|>osite the door ol the store (and occasionally standing at it) by a lady who resides in a house, opposite, and it is verily believed that he must have uecn the founda tion of this doleful transaction. A watchman who was on duty was the first who observed the fire,and gave the alarm instanter; and m trying to force in the door wakened a brother of Mr. Towle's, who slept along with others in the establishment for the protection of it. Mr. Towle made a rush down stairs towards the basement : but his progress was arrested by the flames for a moment; but on making it second rally suc ceeded in gaining the bottom of the store, ana there by saved himself from inevitable destruction. Ha had his face and whiskers burned u little, but for tunately escaped without further injury. A brother in-law of Mr. Barker 'succeeded 111 rescuing all the books and other documents of the establishment, who heroically rushed up stuirs to the oiiicc which is kept on the second storv, and <|<nte fear less of the consequences which might have ensued. Silks, shawls, linens, and all kinds of goods have fallen a prey to this devouring element, and the loss to Messrs. Barker Ar Towle will not be less than $30,000. The tire companies, as usual, exert ed themselves to their utmost skill and judgment.and indeed much praise is due them. Nearly the whole front of the establishment is destroyed, together with a good part of the rear; but notwithstanding, Messrs. B. having much enterprise, will, it is hoped, soon re cover this great loss; and we confidently hope the mifnreant who is supposed to be the means of this catasti oidie, may speedily meet the ends of justice. Destructivr Fire in Boston.?Yesterday after noon, the carpenter's shop of Mr. Geo. Nowell, at the foot of South Cedar iitrect, took fire, and the wind being fresh from the westward, it speedily communicated to the adjoining buildings in that street and the foot of Pied, mont street, and was not arrested until upwards of twen ty-five dwelling houses, chielly of wood, were destroyed. Home of tho furniture of the occupants was removed several times, and some burnt in its last place of de posit. The loss will not probably fall short of $30,000, and the amount of insurance is probably not over $10, 000 or $12,000. The building next Mr. Nowell'* shop, was a small stable, occupied by Mr. Stephen S. Andrews, sexton of Rev. Mr. Skinner's church; his horses were got out. Both sides of South Cedar street to Church street were destroyed, with the exception of tho dwel ling of Mr. Alfred Morgan, printer, on the corner, which was injured in the roof and upper part, and his furniture was damaged by removal. The Methodist Church, oc cupied by the Society under Rev. Mr. Raymond, on Church street, and between South Cedar ana Piedmont streets, was considerably injured in the roof and tower. Fortunately, the fire did not cross Church itreet, or the damage in the narrow streets beyond, would probably have been very great. All the buildings on the south crly side of Piedmont street, to the Church were des troyed, and several on the north side of the street, com mencing about midway, and extending to the large brick dwelling house ut the corner of Church (treet, which was badly injured. Several of the housei were occupied by two or more families, chiefly poor per sons, who have lost all or nearly all they possessed. The following are some of the names of the sufferer* On South Cedar street Mr. (>. Nowell, who lost his car neuter'* shop, with a valuable stock, and three brick houses, on which he had insurance for $1000 each; Mr. Chas. A.Bodge, dwelling; Mr. Hiram W.Whitney, school teacher, dwelling; Mr. Asa Stearns, who lost three dwelliug houses, which we understand, were insured; he occupied one of the houses; Mr. Andrews, as before stated; Mis. Davis, widow, dwelling; Mrs. Phoebe C. West, whow, dwelling; Mr. Davenport, carpenter, dwelling; Messrs. Thomas and Isaac Adams, father and son, caninen, dwelling; Mr. O'Neill, painter, dwelling; Mr. Tuttlc, enrpenter, dwelling; Mr. Aaron Brown, car penter, dwelling; Mr. John Nance, carpenter, dwelling; Air. Flisha Atwood, fish dealer, dwelling. On Piedmont street?Mr. Samuel H. llayward, printer, dwelling; Mr. Moses Carr, carpenter, dwelling; Mr. Charle* P. Phill brook, baggage muster on Providence Railroad, dwelling, lost his watcn and $A6 in money; Mr. Joseph C. Wheel er, paper hanger, dwelling. Among the sufferer*, also, were John .VlcGuirc, laborer; Mrs. Fisk, and Mr*. Pike, the latter lormerly of Billerica. Seth Hall, sexton of the Methodist church, who resided under the church,had his furniture badly injured by hasty removal.?Boston .id v. May 12. Criminality and Mi-rder.?There was a horrible tragedy enacted in the town of Otselic, in Chenango co.. on Tuesday last, between James C. Griffin of tnis town, and a man by the name of Coit of Otselic. The circumhlanccs, as near as I can learn from witnesses, were as follows. It seems that Griffin had resided in OV sclic until within a year past, for some ten years. Some time in April, 1S44, Coit seduced Griffin's wife, and com pelled Griffin, w ho is an ignorant and harmless man, to let him have his farm, and return to this town, Coit re taining Griffin's wife. Griffin had endeavored by all le gal means, during this time, to rescue his wife from her disgraceful situation, but on account of threats from Coil, Giiffin dare not go there, and even here (30 mile* from Colt's) he has been constantly armed, being in con stant fear from Coit. Some days since, Griffin received a letter from his wife professing penitence, and a desire to return to her family in this town. I'pon the receipt of this letter, Griffin, in company with his wife's brother, w ent to Coit's upon the errand, but Griffin was afraid to venture into the house, except upon the strongest urg ing of his brother-in-law ; and when he did so, he was prepared with pistol ready loadel and cocked. As soon as he entered, Coit said, "Jim, 1 understand you have been armed for the last year, now, d?n j^ou, "leave the house." Griffin hastily obeyed him, and after leaving the house, in endeavoring to let down the hammer of hi* pistol, which was in his pantaloons pocket, It discharged the ball eutering his thigh just below his body, and lod ging in his knee. All who were in tho house, hearing Griffin hallo, went out and found him running round! crying. " Dont let him hurt nic." Coit said " Jim, hare you killed yourself.'' When Griffin coming round him caught up a whiffietrce thut lav naMby .dealt Coit a blew upon the hack of the head, whin^piterally smashed hi* skull to atoms. And alter Coit^Bll, struck him twice more before the spectators int^mered. Coit lived only about two hour*. Griffin did not attempt to escape, but remained there till the sheriff came and took him in to custody. These are the simple facts of the case.? There arc various opinions in reference to Griffin. Most who are acquainted with him, think that after the acci dental discharge of his pistol, he supposed Coit would immediately kill him. To saythe least, it i* a strange affair, coming from so harmless a man. ? Urookfitld Ltt ter, May 9th, in ./irgus. Legislative Affair*.?The certiorari bill, as It is known here, being a bill to remove claims sub mitted by the contractors from the canal board to the Supreme Court, will probably be lost, the Senate having for the House bill substituted a new proposition, that the Canal Board, in assessing the damages claimed by a con tractor, shall be |iermilte<l, to offset, on the part of the State, any surplus which the same contractor may have been fortunate enough to make upon any other job he may have executed tor the State. This is a queer way of administrating justice to claimants, but it finds favor with many.. The bill Is now before a committee ofconfer* ence. The excise bill was reported to the Senate y otter day, as it passed tho House, except that New York City is excluded from the provisions of the bill. In tho House the bill to equalizo taxation, by (ubjecting to taxation reserved rents, w as reported complete. Tho bill as re ported, provides that occupants of land* subject to these rent charges may pay the tax on such rent charge* and deduct it Irom their rants. It also provides that in cases where the taxes on the lands subject to these rant charges have not been paid, the Comptroller shall not advertise tho lands for sale it the owner of the ront charge* prove* that the rent* have not been paid for two vears. 1 he re port of tho committee was agreed to, and the bill order ed engrossed for a third rending. The Senate met at 7 to proceed with the debate on the convention hill. This sat until half past 19 on Sunday morning, without accomplishing anything, except agree ing to meet at 8 o'clock on Monday morning, ana proceed to vote on the proposed amendments to the bill at T in the evening. The scene enacted in no way tendod to raise the character of the Senate. To many of that body it afforded an opportunity to settle some old scores, whicn had been accumulating during the session, to the great amusement of the by-itnudcrs. The proposition which called out so much discussion in the Senate at this night session was a proposed nmondment to the convention bill, that the convention should submit their proposed amend ments to the constitution n* distinct propositions. Mr. Senator Wright avowed his determination to oppose the bill in the event of this amendment being rejected, and declared it his opinion that incase it was not incorporated in the bill, "the dissolution of the great democratic party was inevitable." Thi* threat gave rise to mutual charges as to the political standing of Senators in former days, during which, as the saying is. "the fur flew." Every thing betokens a stormy close to the session?C'eTsspee dence lAringnton and H rlU. CflNriJOT with a Wiiai.k?A Man Kii.lkd.?We learn by Captain Charles A. I ook, ol the packet David Crockett that Mr Seth S Snow was killed Instant ly bv a whale, off ?*<"'? P?'nt Provincetown, last Tues day, in the following manner As soon ns tho whale wa* discovered tn o boats, one containing five and the other four persons, made in pandit, and each boat succeeded 1 in fastening their irons, when the whale turned upon them and coming upon one boat head foremost, utterly demolished it, killing instantly Mr. Snow, leaving the other* afloat in the water. The other boat severed their line, and succeeded in rescuing the drowning persons, *w hen the whale made for them also, but by hard pulling they reached the shore in safetv. the whale following close in their wake, as far as the depth of water would permit. This is said to be the first instance in which s whale has attacked a boat in this manner, upen our shore*. __ _ _ Amusement*. Ethiopian Skrknahkbs, I''s Opera IIoitsr. ?These vocalists, with their iwculiar attainments, have given a feature to these entertainment* that cannot be equalled by any similar Company. They, thi* week, furnish a programme ol Amusement at the Opera, that must command universal attention. The order and regu larity of thi* establishment exceed* anything that any public place of entertainment could sustain. The bill to night it well worthy ol attention.