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May 13, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Addrcii to the Hniiahluc. ? r A liDT. ? Blest powers of sunshine! genial cljy, Wti .i balm, what life arc in thy ray ! To feel thee ia such real bliaa, That had the world uo joy but this,? To ait in ?unsliiue, calm anil sweet, It were a world moat exquisite. But yet thin sunshine raises pimples, And frerkles that obscure my dimples; What remedy can rive me hope? Italian Medicated Soap ? That blest iuventiou ol Gourami's, Krom which a cleansing virtue (lows. And Blanc d'Esuagne or Lily White, That makes one lovely to the sight. Or it superfluous hair annoys, His roudre soou the curse destroys! Or if my sallow cheek looks sickly. ?Jis Huugr will beautify it quic kly ; And then the Doctor's so polite. His graceful manners must delight; V ou 11 Hud a visit mtite a treet, _. ? To Sixty-siren Walker St'eel, _ , The first store from Broadway, the only Dei?otiuNew York where (lie above articles are lo be found genuine. Agents?74Chesuut street. Philadelphia; Jordau, 2 Milk street, Boiton; Carleton k Co., Lowell; Myers, New Haven-Bull, Hartlonl; Peirce, t Stanwix Hall, Albany; Backus It Bull, 1 roy; iousey, Rochester. A Common Cold. It should be remember ed that a C^fgh is always an evidence that some impurity is {(Mixed ill the lungs, which, if not sueedily removed, will so irritate those delicate organs as to produce inflammation of the lungs?a disease which we all know is the high road to con sumption. . Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are a most delightful medi cine for carrying off a cold; because they expel from the system 'ill morbid and corrupt humors, (the cause of every kind of dis ease.) in so eiuy and natural a manner, that the body is relieved ol all it.H sufferings a* if by magic. > our or five of said Indian Vegetable Pills, taken every mgnton going to bed, will iu a short time remove the most violent case olcold; but if used occasion al! v afterwards, will keep the system so completely free from all bad humors, that disease in any form will be absolutely impos sible. Beware of Cnunteifeite.?The public are cautioned against an imitation article, boiled in sugar, and culled Improved Indian Vegetable Pills. Tlieoiily certainty of getting the right medicine, is to purchase at tlierigAt place. No.888Greenwich street. New York, and, in all case*, be particulars ask for WR1UHT'8 Indian Vegetable rills. N. B.?Beware of all Sugar-coated counterfeit Pilli. Great Excitement?W lint a tremendous ex citement Dr. Hmith's sugar-coated Pills have created ! All the old pill-venders are out, claiming to lie first and cautioning the public against' these "go-ahead Pills; and the consequence ia they arcgoing down fast, and always give relief when they are down. The demands for these Pills multiply twice with every succeeding opposition. Their popularity is beyond the reach ol competition. Sixteen imitations have been discovered, and it is absolutely necessary that Dr. BF.NJ. SMITH'S written signature be on the bottom of the box, in order to protect those who wish the genuine. Office 179 Greenwich st, near Kulton; Mrs. Hays, 13!) Kulton at, Brooklyu. Mind the number?not 289?but 279 Greenwich st. Bad Breath, Grinding the Teeth daring sleep, mid restlessness, are indicative of Worms, and are symp toms that should be immediately attended to. Shcrtnau s Worm Lozenges will give immediate relief. The number of rases which have occurred within a short time, where the Worms have been brought away in immense quantities, and perfect health restored to the sufferer, places the Doctor's Lo zenges far above every other Worm Medicine which has ever been discovered. They are pleasant to the taste, easily admi nistered to the most petulant child, and rau always be depended "BOHWhen given according to the directions. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 10G Nassau street. Agents 227 Hudson street; 188 Bowery ; 77 Hast Broadway ; 139 Kulton street, Brooklyn ; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, and 8 State ?treet, Boston. jDalley's Magical Pain Extractor, at his Agency, VI Walkers treet, first store from Broadway. Oldrldge's Balm of Columbia, at 67 Walker street, first store MOM Broadway. Seal's Hair Restorative, at his Agency, 07 Walker street, first store from Broadway. Medical Notice?The Advertisements of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Suppression of Quackery, in the cure of all diseases, will hereafter appear on the fourth page and last column of this paper. W. S. RICHARDSON. M. D. Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 93 Nassau ts. All Philadelphia Subscriptions to the Herald must be paid to the only authorized J!gent t, Zieber It Co, 3, Ledger Buildinc, Third street, near Chestnut Terms?75 centa a mouth, including the Sunday paper; or 65 cents without it; de livered free of charge, in any part of Philadelphia. Single copies for sale as above, daily, at 1 o'clock?Price 3 cents. The WEEKLY HLRALD is also for sale every Saturday morning?Price 6l? cents, or $3 per annum, delivered in any part of Philadelphia, free of postage. in-All the new and cheap Publications for sale at their es Jabljilnnent, as soon as issued, wholesale and retail. (?7" With the exception of one paper, the "Herald" is read as much, perhaps, in Philadelphia, as any paper, published in that city, affording a valuable medium to advertsers. Advertisements handed to the agents at half-past 4 o'clock, will appear in the Herald next day. mt 1 z MUHEV J11AUKKT. Monday, May C4?G P. M. Thero wa? a alight improvement to-day in the itock market. Harlem wont up J; Stonington, f; Norwich and Worcester, Erie Railroad, Canton, J; Long I (land, i; Morrif Canal, J; Farmers' Loan, Penn'a 6's, J; Indi ana, J; Ohio 7'a, j; Ohio 6'i, J. U. S. Bank cloied firm at luit pricei?j per cent advance was asked for Reading. There is a very great ozcitemont in the street, in relation to the approaching race, and considerable buiinoss was done, as to the result. The value of the exports from this port for tho first ten days of this month, was $1,078,666 66, the shipment o^ which was as annexed. Commerce of the Port or New York. Krportt from 1st to 10M of May, inthirire. Shipments jn American vessels $939,763 10 Shipments in Foreign vessels Ha,667 HA 8j>eclc exported 63,346 60 Total amount for ten days $1,078,666 Of The roceipts front Customs at this port for the first ten days of May amount to $496,978 68. The receipts for the month of May, 1843, amounted to $943,366 ; in May, 1844, to $1,863,874. The receipts so far this month have been at about the same rate they were last year, for the cor responding period. The total receipts of the Tona wanda railroad during the month of .April, were $9,731, of which $639 was for up freight, $733 for down freight, and $7,731 for passen gers. This shows a slight falling off from corresponding period last yoar. We annex atablo olaborately compiled from the ship ping list, showing the quantity of certain articles expor ted from this district, for the first four months of tho past three years. It will be observed that tho increase pre dominates, and that the aggregate exportation of these items for the first four months of 1846,exceeds that of the first four months of 1844. The exports in 1844 woro much larger than in 1843, each year showing a steady increase on the previous one. There has been a falling off in the exportation of agricultural products, such as Beef, Pork, Flour, Lard, Rice, and Wheat The demand abroad for these articles is very limited, which is one of the prime causes of the reduced exportation ; but the principal cause is the falling off in the supplies at the ports of ex |M>rtation, in consequence of tho low prices ruling for tho staple agricultural products of tho country. Wo can give another reason for the reduced receipts at tho principal ports from the interior, and that is the increased demand for consumption in tho immediate vicinity of the produc tion. There has been within the last two years such an immense increase in manufacturing and other mechani cal pursuits throughout the Western and South ern sections of the country, that the number of consumers has rapidly increased ; laborers ha ving been called from tho tillage of the soil to tho workshops. The returns made up at Now Orleans ?f tho movements of agricultural products down the Mississipi, and tho returns made at Albany and Troy of the receipts of produce from the West, via the canals, show a falling off in tho extent of roceipts, com pared with the corres)K>nding period of last year. The crops in every section;of ftho Union were last year im. mensc, larger than ever before known since the settle ment of the country. The roceipts of the new crop last fall were not unusually.large, giving us to suppose that thero wero enormous stocks in the interior, in first hands, waiting tho opening of navigation in the spring, and an improvement iu prices, to fonward the surplus to market. Our anticipations thus far have not been realized, and we aro induced to believe that the receipts have been reduc ed by the causes given above, which wo sum up as fol lows Reduced prices for agricultural products at the seaport markets ; increased consumption in the interior', and tho contiacts made by many of the producers of the West, to hold their supplies until* certain time in the season. We annex tho tablo of exports from this port. KiroHTS Kkom thi Por. '_?? New YoHx.? Fibst Koiia Mouths or 1843, '44, '45. 1843. I (Ml. 1845. 1845. 181V Jon. I Jon. I. Jan. I. to ATy I'fo H'ij 1 to M'y I Incr't. Dtcr'e. Apples. Obis 830 J ,ro7 1,176 I,<17# ? Ashes, Pot, l)bl I.IJftn 4,017 7,532 3,515 ? , Pw'iH'1 32 *.7o j,ii? i,ton ? Bert, pirkled, do 5,865 27.628 14,832 ? 12 906 dried, cut 4,319 :taj wi I4!? ? Beeswax,do. 1,766 2,402 2,043 ? 369 Brandy, half pipes. ... 41 21 C9 48 ? ,, quarter casks... ? 30 17 33 Butter, firkins 12,918 7,198 16,133 2,'in _ Cassis, mutts 4,191 2,829 |j|J Mil Candies, sperm, hoses. . 6,*11 1,964 4,872 1 7is ' _ " tallow, do., 7,481 1(1.192 13,241 j',74# _ Cherse, casks ?,?.9I 6,287 4,189 | 09R " hoses 9,618 13,772 20,042 ?,(J7fl ? Clover seed, tres 964 1,125 4,898 3,671 ?, ceroons.... 31 it 81 29 ? Coffee, bags 7,316 9,550 16,400 5,860 Cordate, coils 427 1,1(1.1 932 ? 171 Corn, bushels 14,642 47.871 59,404 11,733 ? Corn Meal, hhds 2,285 911 2.729 1,818 ? bbls 9.097 9,139 6,338 ? BI3 I'otton, biles 83,175 14.1,017 1(10,164 ? 48,883 Domes c. Cotton Goods, bales and cases 9.930 3.627 7,719 4,092 ? Dyewoodi, logwood, Ins 1,857 2,836 2,40# ? 227 " fustic, do 282 522 273 ? 249 " Nicaragua, do.. 12 32 39 7 ? Fish, dry cod. cwt 11,4537 lf.,272 14,195 ? 2,077 mackerel, bbls. l,i?a (131 1,319 688 ? " herring, do. ... 858 2,275 1,532 ? 743 Flaxseed, trcs 3,775 2,131 5.3(19 3,255 ? Hour, wheat, bbls 50,911 108.50(1 51,482 ? 55,0111 " rye, do 1.971 2.2*5 1,223 ? 62 Gunpowder, kegs l.nM 3,9Mi 4,101 158 ? 11.11111 and llicoii.cwt.. . I .KM 2,367 1,950 ? 417 Hides, No 39,V>8 21,671 18,714 ? 3,930 Hops, bales 1,063 316 1,860 ? ? Indigo, ?a?e< Ik cer.... 117 33 ? ? 33 l.ird, keci 49,913 38,859 28,.VII _ |ft jy Lead, pigs..... ? ? 4,190 < |.M _ Lumber, shks, hhds and pi|IM, No... ........ 5,1(0 19,082 14,8.52 ? 4,430 boards It l>lk?, M ft. 1,480 2,0Wi 1 <*?? _ sg " staves k heading,M 329 911 iMf jtt ? hoo|?,M 481 1,353 8*9 ? ?74 ?linik'lc*. M 401 tiM 620 ? 36 Null, culu 4,INI 4.082 3,074 ? | mm Naval Stores, rutin, libls. 11,814 30,628 17.116 ? n'm " Spls. Tur., bbls. . . 610 671 1,302 631 " Tar, 1.1.1s 3.179 3,731 11,370 0 Oi " Terpentine, bbli... 11,463 67,186 71,161 3,174 Oils, Olive, bskts kcaHi 297 239 |aj " l.iiuerd, casks 10 3} vj ?? I; Whale, Kalls 767.13B 380,414 903,971 123,117 Sperm, gulls 94,963 29,416 222,211 192 791 Pepper, bus 130 270 jJj '55 Plinento, bags 3,729 77 1 ton j wi Pork, bbls 13,102 23,189 17 801 ? 5 081 S4"'?" 11,403 J iS _ j'wi Rum, loreign, pun. .... 41 m . American, bbls.. . 2|? m , '" .3^ 1,3 ug ??? ~ < ?farts,'u-- ?" ? '?? 1 *?> Tal I OWfulrj _ <? ?? 12,227 11,781 - J3>? ?? " ??*.'t'Vi'."' 1 "'?9BU 19.138 10,871 ? 8 263 " Ouif^ liin ?"'Vf ?,S4? 98,628 1 '8,91ft 16,228 ' ? ? fco, leaf, hhds l,39i l',283 1^ - 270 ? bale* widows.... 4,139 3,199 3 201 98 Itn. m*!'"'fctd, ke|fs... 3 |68 4,138 7 M2 2 964 ? Whf?'bUifc; 3 09' *"? I.5? - 21,147 S ? ?g 5 " There hat been an increase in the quantity of apple*, ashen, randies, cheeie, corn, lead, naval stores, oiU, su gars and teas, exported. The ihipmenU of whale and ?perm oil thia season, compared with last, ?how an in crease of about one hundred and forty per cent in the former, and about five hundred in the latter. Thia is an enormoui increase in the trade of this article in the face of high prices, and has, no doubt, been in a measure pro duced by the favorable change about being made in the tariff of Groat Britain in relation to it. Considering the large cargoes of tea which have been sold in this market within the past three months, there has been very little increase in tho exportation. This is the principal depot for this article, and East India vessels clearing from other ports in the country, are ordered to this port with their ? eturn cargoes of tea. The Bostonians are making desper ate efforts to get this trade back again to their city, but when wo see the merchants of that city entering the cargoes of their own ships from China at this port, it does not appear probable that the course of the trade will bo soon changed. The fact is, the natural advantages of this city?for we have very few artificial ones?mus' ever give it the commercial ascendancy, and it must continue to be the focus of all mercantile and financial operations. Itn rapid growth, geographical position, a>d the immense amount of capital employed in every de partment of business, must make it tho regulator of trade and commerce for the whole Union. Neighboring cities may build all the artificial means of communication with the interior they may deem proper; efforts mar be made in every way to reduce tho business of this city, but they will make but little progress towards the accomplishment of their object. The very lndiflereuee exhibited by tho merchants and capitalists of this city, in relation to the attempts made to reduce their resources, shows how in vulnerable wo are and how little they fear the result. Old Stock Exchange. Sff&Sft. 5SL ,SE"t5ronCo I}* 2000 Ohio 6*s, *60 My\ JO L Island R R ,?# 2000 Indiana bonds 33V 10 do ,ty' 70' S $ I; smw "? J* IS ? ?S f* do bnw 31 100 tlo s6o 37 9 Morris Canal 100 do 1,10 J7V un A? ^ H* li0 d,> >>30 172 'S? ?? *60 33 236 do styr 36* ? <Jo blO 33 175 do 37.' 40 do (10 33 191 Nor k Wore R R 73^ JcantJco S g do SgS }JS 1? ,,3? ? 100 do bnw 73'i? SO Harlem R R ? 7I M Housatonic R R .20 31 Second Board. 50sliasErieRR 29 1 Morris Canal 33 V 10 do 29V 10 do s3n n? 100 Stonington R R sGm 37 10 do h3 33>* 10 do b30 37V 30 do s30 33,S ?"0 do 37}J jo do 33=lJ New Stock Exchange, $2000 hid D bds, 21y b30 33V 21 East Boston 1000 Ohio 6 s, '60 s30 97 V 100 do 26 shas VicksburR Bk c *< " 21 Farmers' Trust b3 21 Cautou Co b3 fi do btw .. 21 do Thursday 44 10 Morris Canal ? do 10 do 21 do 21 Erie R R 21 L Island R R 21 do 50 do Trade Report. Ashes.?There is a very moderato demand for Pots and^ we still quote $3 76 a 3 81 J. J'earls aro steady at aMUHiD/Tlrr,? f'ommon hl*nd? of Uenesee are dull Lottos.?The enquiry to-day was good, and the sales amount to '2000 bales. Prices continue steady. Coal.?The demand for Coal, says the Pottsville Jour nal of the 10th instant, is very brisk at, present, particu larly for large White Ash, and the price has advanced. Ar ? Schuylkill Valley and the whole or the Mill Creek Region, remains cut off from tho mar ket, in consequence ol the Roads being taken up to widen the tracks between the Reading Railroad and the con nection. The Mill Creek Roan will bo ready in about throe weeks. The Little Schuylkill Railroad at Port Clinton, has been completed, and the first train of ears departed from that place on Thursday last. Vessels are very scarce at Philadelphia, to carry coal ?.R,te.rn f>ort'' an<1 freights have advanced. The Commercial List gives tho following rates l?To Salem, v!0 to a 30 per ton; Boston, 1 18 to 4 JA do; Port !*nA- nV0; N?w Bedford, 1 U4to'-? do; Providence and Fall River, 1 10 to 1 SO do; Charleston, Q 76 to 3 871 ? Nantucket, 1 AO to 1 76 do; New York, 1 00. Freights to Philadelphia, 70c; to Now York, $1 80 Sales to some extent of Dry Cod have bcon made at $3 87J, at which holders are firm. Mackerel is >ery inactive; we quote nominally No. 1 at $11 60 a 11 No. 2 $10 78 a II; No. 3 $A 50 a 6. Pickled Cod we quote at $3 16 a 3 SO. City Smoked Salmon at 9 a 10c per pound. t-ommon qualities of North ttiver Bale sell at 40 a 43c; Prime is held at 45 a 47c. The receipts are to a fair extent and the demand moderate. Lead.?Small sales of pig we notice at $3 37i. IWisiofrs.-The market is not active, and prices are without alteration. Old prime Ohio we still quote at $9 43J a 9 60j. Old Mess do at $13 62*. Very littlo doing in Beef?we quote new Mess at $8 60 a 9 36- new prime at $6 60 a 6 36. Ohio Lard is held at 7] a 8c for prime. 1 Wmsxrv. Drudge casks are in good demand and we Si " at Mc' VVc,l?rn ?"d Prison barrels sell at ?*3 a '23jc. New Yoax Cattlb Market, May 13.?At marknt? 800 from the 8o?"',780 Cows and Calve, and 1000 Sheep and Lambs. Prices Beef Cattle?Considerable spirit prevailed in tho market last week, caused, in a measure, by the un usually large number which arrived from the South some of which wero sent on to Boston?and buyers were more active than for several weeks past, all at market having been taken. Holders, however, failed in obtain ing any advance on the quotations of last week which we resume, viz.: $6 to 7 as in quality. Cows and Calves?$18 to 3A a 30, we quote as the ex tremes of the market. All sold. *?"J Lambs.?Sheep $1 73 a 3 76 to 4 60. Lambs $1 60 to 3 76. All sold. Birth. On Saturday the 10th initaiit, in thi* city, the lady of Mr. Geo. Inubam, of a ion. Died. On Monday morning, the 13th imtant, at rt o'clock, after a long illnen of consumption, Ax* M. Aavukk, wife of Henry E. Saugcr, and daughter of Abraham 11. and Susannah I'otter, in the 34th year of her age. The relative* and friends of the family arc invited to attend her funeral on this afternoon, the 13th instant, at 3 o'clock, from 143 Duano itreet, without further invitation. Albany papers please copy. On Fridin-, tha 3rd instant, of *rar!et fever, Wii.i.iim, only son of William and Hman Nealy, aged 9 yeara and I? days. On Monday morning, l'Jth instant, CoarticLiA Lmxos toi, only daughter of Joseph C. and Cornelia Totter, aged U0 months and I day. " Rest, bright spirit, rest; F.arly thou art called, God1* time is best." The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from No. 43 Fourth street, this day, (Tuesday) at 4 o'clock, P. M. At Stamford, Ct., on the 10th instant, William H. Hott, of the dmpty, in the 39th year of his age. PasMngfrs Arrived. Ct'llAi'OA?Brig August?II F Wingale, U W N*vy; O T Sea rnanf J A Da Veer, A T Brandon, M I) Meehenerjr. and ser vant. OroaiiKTOwn, SC?Brig Fanny Colt?Mrs .limes K Stevens, Miss M McNiilty, Miss Louisa Dugaril, K Barton, Thomas Stevens Passenger* Mailed. MtaACAiao via B?*?ai)o?s?Bria J L Richardson?Thomas McDonald, British Ariny, l anadi; Roht Hswkworth and Isdr, of New York; W Smitten, of Philadelphia; Miss Oill, Barba dor* Karelin Importations. Canto*? Barque Pioneer-3362 lif chu 800 Itlb his *00 81b do young hyson 70 hf chts hyson 62 clits hyson sksn *0 hf chts impe rial 26 do gunpowder SO chests souchong 200 hf do oolong 198 do sonehoiw 95 cs chinawore 91 do camphor 1920 mats cassia Oel richs It l.nrmnn?43 caaea silk* Holit P Brown?28 cs do 10 rolls matting Wm C Mayliew- MO do 100 bis 1760 mats cassis 6 cases chinaware II Miller jr?167 hf chests young hyson Mi do guniKiw der 74 do imperial DC Wright?100 chts souchong 1111211) bis do 230 III chests young hyson t chts oolong 25 cs chinaware 20 do tans 1 do silks 20 do mdse J Cook?205 chests souchong 230 hf do young hyson II do hyson 4 do imperial 4 do gunpowder 10 chts hyson skin 41 cs 10 pkga indse O C Tiffany?45 bis oolong 20 do imperial 13 do gunpowder I do silks 2 rolls matting B C H inders ?12 lif chts imperial II do gunpowder C W Armistad -90 hf chu young hysou A A Low-6 bis mdse 8 Hoffman?25 cases chins ware M do silks 493 hf chts young hyson 10 chts hyson skin 22 hf do hyson 4 do imperial 3 do gunpowder 128 I2II> boies soueliAig lames ( ooke-? cs Wm H C onklmg?27 cs silks Fisher. Miller fc co -20 bis fans 1 cs silks 6 cs gincer I do india ink I do china wsre 2 rolls matting R K Clarke?480 do to order. Br ('*oii?Brig Carolina?175 hhds sugar J puns rum Aymar k co?48ck* molasses Clark fc co. MARITIME HERALD. POUT OF HBW YOIUC, MAY 13. (UN *I1EI 4 17 I MOON BETS 13 0 M ?UN SETS 7 03 | HIOH WiTLR 1 3 E Cleared. Ship Shenandoah, W?l, Liverpool, Dunham It Diinon. Ship Sultana, Dennis, New Orleans, Wm. Nelson. Htii.i Powhattan, Stone, Charleston, Dunham It Dimon. Birijue Mandarin Colley, Antwerp, Win. Weisser. Barque Apthorp, Blake, New Orleans, Unnham it Dimon. BriK Wetumpka, Fowler, Genoa, Sturges k Cleartnan. Brig Marian < ? ige, Head, Belize, Hon.. B. Blanco. Brig Tasso, Riley Norfolk,-Bunker it Place. Steamer Kudora, Brown, Fall River. Arrived. Bar<|ue Pioneer, (of Baltimore) Clark, 109 days from Canton, with teaa, lie. to Oelriclu Ik Lurman, Baltimore. B 'ruue Baltic, Gregory, 21 days from New Orleann, with pro visions, to master. Brig Frances, Conn, from Tunta de Arenas, West Coaat C America, Jan. 18, with 912 utls Nicaragua wood 030 hides 69 bg? colfee jO ceroona indigo 12 deer akilu to H. St D. Cotheal. Left barques Leoueaa, Metcalf, from Liverpool and Valparaiso. of and for NYork, soon'Prompt, of and from Boston, line; Albert Henry, llallet, from Val|>araisot of and for Boston, soon. The Leoueaa waa lying at Rialaao, iliag. Spoke Fell 8, lat 13 8, Ion 91 30 W, whale ship Margaret Scott, of and from New Bedford, 5 moa out, 110 hills; April 8, lat 18 S, Ion 31 W, hoarded whale ship Orozimbo, Bartlrtt, homeward hound, with 3810 bbls oil, who very kindly gave us some water anil other necessaries, we having loat part of our's while doubling Cape Horn. Spoke 4th inat. lat 28 N, Ion 66. Br. brig Otter, for Halifax; 6th, lat 31, Ion 68, srlir Mogul, of Boston, from Wilmington. Brig August. Doane, from Curacoa, 24th uli. with 400 bbls salt U0 Ihiies goat skins 3000 sticks cora wood to J. Foulke It Son.? Left no Americans. Spoke sclir Curlew, bound in. Brig Ale 'iius, Schofiehl, 11 daya from ronce, PR. to Nesmith it Walsh, with 291 hhda 147 bbls sugar Howland & Aspinwall.? Left brig Porto Rico, forNewVork, May 2; Ducamin, for Balti more, in 2 days. Spoke May 1th, lat 29 19, Ion 71 11, schr Mary Wilks; same day, lat 30Jon7ll6, schr Keuduskeag, Mitchell,! d, ys from St. Croix for Boston. Brit N. F. Frothingham, Beardsley, IS days from Guayama, with 166 hhds 16 tea 14 bbls molassea to Brett Ht Vose. Brig Eolus, Hiller, 11 days from Mayagitez, PR.with 100 hhds sugar to Meyer It Stucken; 300 cocoa uuts to master, lat lust lat 72 12, Ion 2836, signalized an American sloop of war standing East; 4th, oft Cape Hatteras, passed brig Duncan of Warren. Br g Carolina, (of Cainden) Gilkey, 14 days from St. Croix, West End, with sugar, to master. Left, 27th ult. brigs Casilda, Crabtree, for New York, J daya; schrs Melvina, Pierce, do, 2; Kenduskeag, Mitchell, for Boston, 3; Kxchauge, of Haruswell. disg. Spoke May 7, brig Orion, 2 days from Philadelphia for La Guayia HrigHyder Ali, Disbrow, 10 daya from St. Croix, Bass End. w th 228 cks molasses 42 hds sugar to Alsop It Chnuncey. Left brigs C. H. Appletou, Bradford, for New V ork, 8days; Monitor. Sni th, for Midilletown, Ct. 4t Mary Adelaide, disg. Brig Saliue, (of Thoinaston) Singer, 23 days from New Or leans, with sugar, to master. Brig Fanny Colt1 Baker, 4 days from (icorgetown, SC. with cotton, to 11. Coit It Co. Left brig Caroline E. Piatt, waiting for a wind to get over the Bar. Schr Cocheco, Porter, 22 daya from Mobile, with 108 bales cotton to & Brooks?2 passengers. Spoke off Cape Ho rut*, brig Mobile for Boston. Schr Tuscarora, Smack, from Richmond, with tobacco, to Allen It Paxaon. Schr Bergen, Cole, i days from Petersburg, with cotton, to J. Hunter. Schr Maria, Latourette, 1 daya from Baltimore, with flour, to Johi io i it Lowden. Schr Direct, Briggs, from Baltimore, with indse, to J. It N. B':t*s. Schr Amelia, Strong, from Baltimore, with mdse, to Gager ft Maillar. Schr Volant, Harding, 4 daya from Norfolk, with mdic, to mi ster. Schr Lady of the Lake, Lumkin, from Virgiuia, with mdse, to master. Schr Authracophora, Parker, from Virginia, with mdse, to master. Schr Saml R. Painter, Johnion, from Milford, Del with corn, Two brigi, unknown. Sailed. Ships Northumberland, Griswold, London: Steplieu Whit ney, Thompson, Liverpool; Sultana, Dennis, New Orleans, and other*. Correspondence of the Herald. Boston, May 11, 1IM4. 1 here are now in thi* port, barque La Grange, Porter; brigs Alfred Hammond, Spear; Canonicus, Cowpland; and sclir Fair, Smith?all belonging to New York. Bllacellaneou* Record. Commerce of New Yore.?Clearance* from the 3d to the 10th May, inclusive;? No. Tonnage. American 24 7,630 Foreign 14 2,994 Total 40 10,624 Of the 14 foreign clearance!, 12 were British vessels. SmrptNo at Philadelphia.?The river Delaware presented an unusually cheerful and busy aspect on Saturday. A favora ble wind brought a very large fleet of vessels, and for some hours, the various craft, working their way up to the wharves, crossing and recrossing, and all laboring ahead with greater or less degree of speed, presented* picturesque and exceedingly interesting view. Forty-five vessels reported at the Custom House as having reached their berths opposite to the city front, whilst u many more passed up to the Coal Depot at Richmond, where they are much needed. Others again diverged into the Schuylkill. Many of the arrivals were from foreign ports, and their incoming is a good and substantial index to a chapter of brisk business for our merchants. At Richmond, the operations have been very active, and vessels arrive and depart with un usual celerity, and many orders are yet unfilled because the scarcity of vessels prevent* their fulfilment.?[Philadelphia Gazette, May 12. Spolccn. Havana, from Philadelphia for Boston, May It, 40 miles East of Barnegat?by pilot boat J E Davidson. Echo, Smith, from Wilmington, NC. for Rhode Island. May 7, lat 37 44, Ion 74. Amelia, Charleston for Philadelphia, May 6, Cape Hatter* W B0 miles Marcia, Boston for New Orleans, May 3, lat 36 40, Ion 71 40. Foreign Porte. Cafe Haytien, April 28?In port, Belize, Dawes, for Boston, loading. Truxillo, April 23?In port, Sally Ann, Tucker, for Omoa. 2 days. Qi'eiiec, May 7?Ait Caledonia, Oreenhom; Albion, Allan; St Andrew, Wylie, and James Campliell, Miller, Glasgow; Lady Sexton, DuAil, and Pearl, Douglas, London; Britannia, Hamilton, and Bellona, Auld, Liverpool. Lake Port*. Buffalo, Mar 10?Arr St Clair, Pheatt, Detroit; Cumber land. Seymour, Mich City; Illinois, Phillips.Detroit; M Freme, Smith, Cleveland: Walbridge, Salisbury, Chicago: Navigator, Snow, . Cld Illinois, Blake, Chicago; Marcy, Harris; tieu Wayne. Perkins, and Buffalo, Allen, Detroit; Waterloo, Lew is, and Emerald, Willoughby, Chippewa; Lumberman, Win chell; Clay, Downs, andSmead. Ziminerly, Erie; Huron, Con nolly, and Columbia, Sprague, Cleveland; Constitution,Curtis, Detroit; Leander, Weeden, Sandusky. Home Port*. May ft?Cld Redwing, Hick*, Baltimore. Bucksport, May 4? Arr Amazon, Hancock, NYork. Auousta, April 30?Arr Juno, Hall, NYork. Hallowell, May 1?Sid Mary ti Susan, McClintock, Phila delphia; 7th, Geh Warren, Ames, and Juno, Paul, NYork. Portsmouth, May 6?Arr Eagle, I.awry, and Clio, Wil liams, Baltimore; Franklin, Crockett, New York; 7th, Lurana, Wilson, Baltimore. Gloucester, May 6?Arr Hydaspe, Hallowell for NYork; ('oral, Smith, Thomaston for do. Boston, May 11?Arr Caroline, Lane, NYork; Anne It Julia, Pratt. Maracaibo; Tecumseh, Hanson, Havana: Persia, Chan dler, New Orleans; Androscoggin, Patterson, Baltimore; Mary Chiltod, Rogers. St Marc, St Domingo, 20th ult?left no Ameri can; Harvest, Neal, Cape Haytien; commerce, Dorethy, Nor folk; Glendower, Reed, Fredericksburg; Sun, Holbrook, Dela ware; Mexico, Tomlin; Denmark, Crowd); James P LoMand, Clark, and Caroline, Studley, Philadelphia: Two Brothers, Snow; Elizabeth, Baker, and Cinderella, Coleman, Albany; Fancy, Chase, NYork? got on Georges Island Hocks in coming in, but got off at high water; Cornelia, Faulklin; Angeline, Howes; Rnbicon, Doane; Challenge, Foster, and Leo, Fierce, NYork; Jupiter, Kirby, Albany. Below, Carib, Nickerson, Omoa 7th ult, Truxillo 23d?2d inst. off Cape Carnaveral, signal ized ship Scotia. Telegraphed, Norfolk. Irom New Orleans, at anchor in Light House Channel. Signal lor 3 barque* and a brig ?one of the barques supposed to be the Elk, from Philadelphia. Sid 10th, wind W in the morning, light, afterwards F., and to wards night SSW, Rajah, Gleaner, Triton, Thetis, Caucaaian, Lewis Bruce, Emeline. Radiui, Siroc, Dirign, Capt John, Do ver, Troubadour, (ralaxy, and other*; and from the Road*. Car lo*, Rienzi, and a fleet of roaster*; llth, wind W to WSW. fresh. Gardiner. Diana, Milton, Carolus, Ann, Saxon, Charles William (not 9th), Delaware. Gen Scott, Gondolfo, Com Hull, Chickasaw, Swan, William, Cyclops, and others. Philadelphia, May 13?Arr Fanny, (Br) Ouin, Londonder ry; Anna Reynolds, Matthews; Antares, Hallett; Benj Frank lin, Flinn; Vincenne*. Smith: Gen Bolivar-Goodwin; Inde pendence, Dow, and Telon, Hatch. Boston: France*, Wyman, Cardenas: Couriere de Teneriffe,. |Sp) Rodriguez, Teneriffe; Sidney, Montgomery, and David Coffin, Smith, Ponce, PR; Demrist, (Br) Tattcrson, Barhadoe*; Abbathula, ('ram, Port Isnd; Aldrich. Scales; Majeatic, True; Lexington, Van Gilder; Charity, Smith; Susan, Conklin; George, Bird; Zion. Field; Matilda, Spates: Martha, Patterson; Henry, Carter; Thos Ed ward, Field, and Rival, Brown, NewYork; Sea Flower. Noyes, Havana; Adela, Watson, Charleston; Baltimore, Tredway, Cape Haytien; Ariadne, Smith, Frankfort; Financier, Kean, Bermuda; (Jeo Washington, Raynor. New Haven^ Retrieve, Burnham. Gloucester; Harp, Besse, N Bedford; Cairo, Means, Portland; Boston, Scout; F A Seward, Ro**,and Holder Bonleu, Rhode*, Providence; Olive Elizabeth, Yates, Lubec. Norfolk, May 9? An Flor del Mar, Kinnear, Boston; Avoca, Hilliker, and J C Demarest, Nathans, New York. Sid Bolivar, Bunker, Alexandria; Spy, Hawkiiu, Boston. By Last Night's Southern Mail. Philadelphia, May 12?Arr Mary Hurst, Johnson, Hartford. Baltimore, May 11?Arr Iris, Merryman, NOrleans: Her mitage, Fry; Tweed, Hands; Geo Gardner, Walker: Millisent. Cole; Ann Smith, Wheeler; Ladv Warrington, Stevens, and Elizabeth k Rebecca, Giren, NYork; Baltimore, Brown, and Ocean, Eldridge, Boston; Gallant Mary, Evans, Mayaguez, PR; John, Hauna, Porto Cabello 22d ult?left no American; John Randolph, Jaquel, Albany; Mariner, Niekeraon, Nantucket; Wueen, Howland, Providence. Shi Somerset, (Br) Demerara; T hos Hooper, West Indies: W T King, Bath:, NYork. Cld 10th. Victor, Bartlett, Rotterdam; Sarah Elizabeth,Hooper, West Indie*; Virginia, NYork. Ch?ri.e*toi. May 9?Arr Washington, Monro, Philadelphia: Tom Paine, Anderson, and John Hill, Rowe, New York. Cld Panthea, Lane. Liverpool; Eliza, Sawyer, Boston. Sid Catha rine, Berry, NYork. Arr 8th. Hellespont, Crosby, Boston. Savannah, May I?Arr Ca tharine, (Br).Williams, Mobile.? Cld Herculean, Holmes, Glasgow; Charles, (Br) Brotchie, Li verpool; Peter Ormill, Lewis, NYork: Ahisha Jenkins,Hawe*, ApalacHICOLA, May 3?Arr April 28. Snbattii^ Cox, Boston; 29th, Tallahassee, lladley, Liverpool; Empire, Baxter, NYork; 10th, Dyron, Russell, do; Uro Saolfield,Skolfield, Boston; May I, Ceylon, Cook, Alfier*. Cld 2flth. JuniatU, Blanchard, New Orleans; Paragon, flrayton, Philadelphia. 29th, Sir Howard Douglas, (Br) Ogilvie, Liverpool; Timoleon, Bliven, Boston; 30th. Oneco, Drew, Liverpool; Ann B Holmes, Williams, New York; Mav I, Element, Turner, NOrleans. Mobile, May 4?Arr Sardinia, Foater. Liverpool; Orbit,Tra il, King-ton, Ja. Cld Hannah Kerr, ( Br) McKinlay, Quebec; Berry, Liverpool; Rowland, Blanchard, Libourne; 8arail Hand, Bailey, and Grecian, Benedict, Philadelphia: Diadem. Liicomb, NVork; Enrotu*, Baker, Boston via Key West; Mary, Talbot, Matagorda. Afl*ceIlaneou* Record. Drhi Moon, Knudson, from New York for Charleston, was ashore on Nag'* Head previous to 9th inst. No particulars. Ashore.?Capt. Robertaon, of the Elliott, at New Orleans, reports?April 27 , 30 miles East of Sand Key, saw two barqnes on Florida Reef, one English the oilier American. The English barque appeared to be afloat and at anchor inside the other, with her sail* flyiiur?two wreckers alongside?had painted ports and Baltimore. Sid Elizabeth, Hasty, Liverpool; Levant, Smith, Philadelphia. a monbey rail, supposed to be white. Spoken. Roswell King, NYork for Darien, May 6, off Cape Fear. Belle, NYork for Wilmington, May 4, off Cape Lookout. 9 Caroline E Piatt, (Georgetown, SC. for New York, May 8, off Georgetown. Korrlgn Port*. Mataouez, PR. April 30?hi port, Sebooi*. Hopkins, for N York. Ida; Cambridge, Chaae, from Philadelphia, disg: George Loyal, Gould, for New Haven, Idg; Haidee, Flitner, for New York, do: Hope, Mitchell, for NYork, do; M M Klotts, War ren, for Philadelphia,3days; Julia Telfair, Burns, for St Tho mas, ldg; Com Warrington, Whitaker. from Norfolk, dug; Sea Mew, Holbrook, disc; John Kendall, Robinson, just arr; Taaso. Howe, from Ponce for NYork, put In to repair a leak, would probably sail next day. Sid Mi, L L Sturgea, Dairy, George

town, DC; 30th, Financier, Sargent, Boston. BOARDING AT 27 COURTLANDT STREKT. CI OOD BOARDING, with pleasant rooms, for single gentle t men. Likewise, a handsome furnished parlor with bedroom adjoining, suitable for a genteel faintly? by my 13Tm*re MM. GLUE, 17 Courtlandt stmt. AUCTION NOTICES. ROYAL GURLEY, Auctioneer. SPLENDID BOOK&?On YY edu??d*y morning half-past 10 o'clock, will Ixr sold by Gurley It lfill, at the New York Look Hnom, 169 Broadway, a rich and rare collection of elegant Illustrated Book*, including many of the most costly descrip tiou, of great interest and importance; valuable Architectural Works, IlluM rations of the Scenery, Costume*, Maimers anil Customs of different uarts of the World: Kurd Architecture and Ornamental Gardening, Travels, Voyages Biography, Theology, Ike. Many of the volumes are embellished with a profusion of ricbly colored Engravings. in 13 If rc <M| THE following new aud choice Dahlias, with mauy MM|"'li<'rs equally line, will be sold by auction, on This jaJk^Mominu, at 10 o'clock, viz:?Anseles Unique, Bedford Surprise, Blue Bonnet, Bride, Charles XII., Dowager Lady Cooper, Duchess of Kichmoud, Lady Catharine Jermyn, Pick wick, Striata Forinosmima, Standard of Perfection, F ulgen's New Scarlet, lie., Sic. Also, 1000 choice Greenhouse Plants. in 13 lt'rc DUNLAP lit CARMAN, 635 Broadway. GRAND SALE OF DAHLIAS. mm J- M. THORBURN Ik CO. beg respectfully to iu y(!m|lorm their customers and the public in general, that tliey will have a grand public sale of Dahlias at their Saloon, No. 13 John street, on Friday, May 16th, at 12 o'clock, 150 bas kets of 111 plants each, will be disposed of, and it ia needless to say the qnalit) of these Howers ia not equalled by any other growers in this country. Several of the new sorts will be inclu ded ill this sale, and not a variety but what ia beautiful, none other being retained in their collection. The liberal patronage they receive encourages the importation of every choice sort cultivated in England and on the continent. The lota are made small for the accommodation of those in the city who have not much room. The plants are vigorous aud healthy, and may be turned into the ground immediately. Catalogues on Thursday morning. A sample of the plants now on view, and the whole ready for examination on Thursday. Sale by Mr. J. B. Glover. m!3 3t*ec TO PRINTERS. WANTED?A stout, active boy, who has been at the busi ness for some time. Apply fourth story, Herald Office. ml3rc WANTED?A situation, by an experienced Cutter?one qualified to take charge of a custom shop. Good re ferences given, to persons addressing Cutter, Herald Office, stating where an interview may be had. ml3 3t*rC w ANTED, two young meu of respectability to Board in a private family, where there are no other boarders Those wishing a comfortable home, within ten minutes walk of the City Hall, may address X. X., Herald office, stating where an intermw may he had. my 12 2tis*rrc EOST?A Pocket Book, containing the following Draft, the second and third l,508f. at sight on Paris, drawn by Messrs ( am man, Whitehouse & Co., order J. F, C'lew; the 2<1 and 3d 10691 at sight, on Hamburg drawn by Messrs. Cammau, White house 4c Co., order J. F. ( Tew. Draft $50, Richmond, May 7th inst. at sixty days, order C. J. Ferdinand Ic Co., on the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, drawn by E. F. Martin, of Richmond. $50, a Bank note of the New York bank: $4 in country money; sun dry papers and a small letter from Lyons, France, addressed to the undersigued at the Postoffice. A liberal reward will bepaid to the person who might find it and take it to the office of J. F. Clew, No. M9 Nassau street. ml3 2t*ec INVITATION TO L1OU0R SELLKRS. THE REV. THOMAS P. HUNT, who lias held debates in several cities with liquor sellers, invites all who are enga ged in the trade to meet him on Wednesday night, the Hth inst., at 8 o'clock, at the National Hall, Canal street, to debate the question, "Ought Liquor Selling to be made a Penitentiary of fence r" The public generally are invited to attend and hear the debate. To defray expenses cents will be taken at the door. ml32t?r? WANTED?CHEAP JIMMY'S Wholesale and retail va riety Arcade, No. 2S1 Grand street, corner of Forsyth st. The subscriber wants to remind the ladies that if they expect great bargains and wish to be dealt with honorably, that his es tablishment stands pre-eminent to any in the city. There is but one price asked, and that is the most reduced price practica ble, and many articles are sold,for half, some for not more than one quarter the usual retail prices. The proof of this assertion is well substantiated by the extensive run of custom it has sus tained since the subscriber commenced pursuing this course of dealing. Another ifreat advantage is, that when a person has to buy a variety of articles, there is such a great assortment to be found here, consisting of all descriptions of hosiery, gloves, nutts, laces, edgings, silk and cotton netts, plaid, sprig and plain lancy muslins; knitting cotton, zephyr worsted, suspenders, scissors, buttons, combs, brushes, thread and neeales of all de scriptions, whalebone for dresses, gimra, fringes, hat ribbons, tailor's and dress maker's trimmings of every description, and embracing more than one thousand different articles. City re tailers, country merchants and pedlars that wish to purchase cheap for cash will find this one of the most desirable places in the city. N. B.?No advantage taken of persons not acquainted with the value or quality of articles. JAMES SUYdAM, m!3 6t?rc _ 2il Grand st. DAGUERRKOTYPE. LB. BINSSE k CO., S3 William street, up stairs, respect ? fully inform Photographists that they have now on hand a full supply of their Plates of different Nos. and sizes of the "L. B. B. Ic Co. mark" so favorably known throughout the Uni ted States. They have constantly on hand the chemicals and preparations used in the Daguerreotype process, as well as French Tubes of very superior quality. Cast Iron Mercury Baths, Plate Polishes, Coating Boxes, and Head Rests of the best city make. ml3 lm"rc VOIGTLAENDER'S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. A RRANGEMENTS recently made with their brother-iu ?if- law, Mr. Voigtlaender, Vienna, enable the subscribers to sell those Apparatus at reduced prices, viz :? Largest size Apparatus, with three inch lenses forfullsize plates, at $145. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half size plates, at $78. Small size Apparatus, with one-and-a-half inch lenses for quarter size plates, at $50. Geutlernen sending remittances in accordance with the above prices, may depend upon receiving the genuine Voigtlaender Apparatus, and not a worthless imitated article, they having procured the sole agency for the United States. Plates anil Chemicals, of their own importation, as well as all other articles conneetcil with their art, for sale at lowest market prices. t W. A. F. LANGENHEIM. Philadelphia Exchange. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inform the Daguerrian Artists in general that the above Apparatus and other materials can he procured to the stated prices, at their Da guerrean Attelier, No. 101 Broadway-, New York. mI3 lm*m LANGENHEIM It BECKERS. \V. T. JENNINGS Ar (T)., DRAPERS AND TAILORS, IMPORTERS of Cloths jCassimeres, Vesting*. Fancy Dress Articles, tic., No. 231 Braadway, American Hotel, offer for inspection an extensive assortment of seasonable goods, com prising Cloths, t assiraen-s. Vesting*, lie. in all tha new and va rious styles. The aid of as efficient n eon* of Cutters, as can be found in the eountiy, warrants us in the belief that the style and charac terof our Garments, will be such as to merit a continuance of the liberal patronage heretofore elicited. Whilst an assurance of the continuance of the system of Small Profits and Quick Returns, cannot fail to be appreciated by those who would effect a saving of the extra .per centage le vied under the credit system. We would refer in particular to the Pantaloons we are ena bled to furnish?than which there is no garment so trying to the skill of a Cutter?and solicit a trial from those who appreciate a fit. combining ease and elegance. In addition to the usual assortment of goods kept by the trade, we have always on haud Ready Made Dress and Frock Coats, Pantaloons, Vests, Ice. to answer the requirements of those who, in cases of emergency, msy require s first-rate suit. Also, Fancy Dress Articles in great variety; Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Snspenaers, Hosiery, Under-Vests, Drawers, Linen and Muslin Shirts, Collars, lie. Itc. m!3 Imisrrc B GANS' SUGAR STORE, RE-OPENED. J 8. WANS, No. 44 William stTeet, informs hit frieuApnd ? the public in general, that he ha* re-openrd his Stortpand offers for sale, wholesale and retail, the following choice Segars .? A lance assortment of Regalias. Plantations, of various brands. Panete las of superior quality. Common Size. La Kraganzia, Woodville, La Talma, La India, l.a Cabana, La Eaperanza, DeJNoevego, l.a Kionda, La Norma, Wenien, Jupiter, l<a Espartero, Lord Byron, La Bayadere, Trebucas, Napoleons, Asculapia, Canoaes, ETC., ETC. London and small size Segars, of various brands, Principe, lic^kc. The advertiser returns his sincere thanks to his customers for the liberal patronage hitherto bestowed to him, and pledges himself to use his best efforts to deserve the samefor the future. myl3 lin*rc ttOO OHO WOKTH OK CHEAP CARPETIN - jJAl/.VA/vii the Cheapest CaartT Establishment in THr. United States, No. 99 Bowm-ANDERsON & DOBBS have just received a larve assortment of New Patterns of English Carpeting, ordered expressly for city trade, which they offer for 25 ner cent lower than any other establishment. Also, just received? 20,000 yards Common Carpet 3s per yard 25.000 " Fine do 4s to 6s ' 30.000 " Double Super 6a to 7s " Three Ply Carpeting 9s " Floor OU Cloths 4s Tufted Hearth Rugs 20* piece Canton Matting 2s per yard ANDERSON ?c DOBBS, No. 99 Bowery, myl3 2wi?*rc the first establishment above Hester st. the teeth?the teehh. EST MINERAL TEETH. 20 per cent below the former prices, daily inserting single teelh, also sets and parts of sets warranted useful and durable and any shade required, by J. BUSKEY, Dentist, f7 Murrey street, oue block west of Broad way. Also, filling, cleaning, and separating decayed teeth, as usual in the best manner. Children's teeth sttended to. Tooth ache cured. Also, an easy mode of extracting ulcerated teeth, and roots of teeth. Charges moderate. ml3 2t#rc TO CANADA SHIPPERS. THE UNDKRSIONED is prepared to receive goods at this iHirt, and transmit tli.- same to Canada, for the benefit of drawback. He will attend to the necessary Custom House busi ness here and elsewhere on the routes, ana return the debenture money to tlie shippers. For further particulars atml yto T. LIVINOtrrON. sl9 Imisrc No. 10 Wall st. IVE DOLLARS REWARD^!.out yesterday ning, in the vicinity of John street near Broadway, small black and white Spaniel. The above sum will his being returned to No. 11 John street. ml3 lt*ec i I mm; LOST?$10 RKWAKD. M LOST?about a month ago?a large Pointer, white, with liver colored spots ; about ? years old ; the hair on the head and ear* thin ; on the body thicker. The above reward will ba paid on the return of the dog to No. 64 South street. myl2 2t*rh HOUSE, WAOON AND HARNESS FOR SALK?Together or separate.?A great Bargain.? The Horse is a black Canadian, sound and kind in .larness, and believed to he one of the lastest pacers in this country; light Waggon, with top nearly new. The whole is very valuable for any petwn wishing to ride fast, and is only offered for sale as the owner is leaving the city. Enquire of myll lwis'rh H ARRISON li FLEf.T, 21 Rosevelt ?t. OFFICE TO LE'l\ BASEMENT ROOM to let. with separate entrance fine large Basement Room with a separate entrance, .suitable for a professional gentleman. Enquire at W ludson street mlU lw*rr TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. HOOTS ANI) SHOES. J E. JOHNSON, (late Wilson It Johnson) has on hand, in store 142 Chatham street, rli-j rectly opposite the theatre, one of the best assorted stock of Boots and Shoes that can be had in the city. Oents Kip, j Grain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boota and Shoes, pegged and sewed, from the Kaarern manufactories; Ladies Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, lie., of every description. A greater variety of Children s Shoes than any other store in this city. Gentlemen's fine Gaiters, twenty different knulv Dents Buckskin Shoes; Sportsmen's, Fishermen's and Seamed Hoots. Store open till 10 a'clock in the evening, giving country mer chant* an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure, myl3 Im'ec FANCY PAPER AND PAPER BOXES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. PUBLISHERS, Stationers, Book Binders, Printers, Paper Boimakers, Tmnkmakers, Druggists, and others, who use Fancy Paper, will find it to their interest to call and examine the subscript's large assortment of American, English, French, German and China Papers. . He is constantly receiving fresh supplies ofgold, silver and copper Paper; plain and embossed morocco, (terman marble, fancy printed ( alico and other Papers, all of which lie sells al most at%nan?fact?retJs pricea. He would also call the attention of manufacturers and dealers in Fancy Hardware and other Fan cy Good* to his Paper Bo? Manufactory. . (1EO J. KRAFT, ?14 i?law4w**e lit nwM streat, up suirs. 5i$kri be paid on hii AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATRE. TUESDAY EVENING, May 1 J, will be presented for the 3Stl time, the grand Opera of THE BOH KM IAN GIRL Tliadtleus, Mr. frraxer; Devil.hoff, Mr. Seguiu; ArJine, Mr Be gain. Id 0* count of the One?, Moaa. Martin ud Mis* Julia Tan. bull will introduce LA POLKA To conclude with the K?rce ol MOTHER AND CHILT ARE DOING WELL?Lieut O'Scupper, Dyott; Emily Kate Horn. Kirat Tier. 7J Cents?Boxes, 2d aud 3d Tien, 50 (wit.?Pit, H Cent*?Gallery, 23 Cent*. Door. u|ien at 7 o'clock, aud the Curtain will n?e precisely ai half-past 7 o'clock. BOWBHY THEATIUC. John Trton Manager. . _ _ 25 cent*?Pit 12W cesjiu.^/Ji ALL THE OLD BOWERY COMPANY llT.NGAGED AT THIS THEATRE FOR THE SEASON. TUESDAY EVENING, May 13th. The entertainment* will commeuce with i H YANKEE LAND. Lot Say Sago Mr. J. 8. Stl.bee. Josephine ...... .... Mr.. Phillip.. ?ff^,TO!'lle Ihince, Mi.. Cohen. DON CjKSAR i)E BE2AN. Don Cesar Mr. Clarke. Marintlua Mi*. Phillip.. w''h p .. born to good luck. Paddy O Rafferty Mr. B. Williams. BURTON'S THEATRE; ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. TUESDAY EVENING. May 13th, I84.V will lie iierformed THE INNKEEPER'S DAUGHTEli?RicharJ^a you ne h i.liermsu, Mr Steven.; Moiickton, Bower.-, Trek.ey Tliayer; Mary, the Innkeeper'. Daughter, Mr.. A. Knight'. Dancing by Mr. G. Smith and Mis. E. Moore. After which the new Drama, called THE SEALED SENTENCE?Captain La Roche Girard, Mr. Steven., Valentine Dournay, Mr. Bower*; Jacquot, Mr. John.ton; Laurette, Mrs. A. Knight. To conclude with THE l.OTTERV TICKET?Capia., Mr. Thayer; Wormwood, Johustou; Mrs. Corset, Mrs. Hughes; Suun, Mrs. W H. Smith. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. OPKN EVERY NIGHT. ADMISSION TWENTY-FIV- CENTS. Tuesday, May 13th, THE ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS, MESSRS. GERMON, STANWOOD,_ HARRINOTON. PELHAM AND WARkEN. Beg leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, that they continue their CONCERTS With a chance of Programme nightly, at the above establish ment, introducing New Song., Gle*.,, lie., lie., which have been received with by crowded and de lighted audience*. i 7~ For particulars nee small bills. uT" Boie. and Seats c ui be secured at the Bo* Office, from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M. Door, open at 7V?Concert at I o'clock. An Efficient Police in attendance, to preserve order, under the direction of officer Steveus CASTLE GARDEN. Proprietors Maisrs. French and Heiser. An Entire Chunge of Entertainments. Tuesday. Evcnliig, May 13th. A GRAND VARIED CONCERT AND MUSICAL PASTICCIO. Alter which Les Freres Ellsler will presents series of Clas . ?ic and Gymnastic Exerci.e.. M. Lorn will perform a novel and original Pantomime des Bouteilles. Hum Cline.will then appear on the Tight Rope. Price of Admission Fifty Cents. I)w/r" Between the Acts of the Opera an intermission of Fifteen Minutes for Promenade and Refreshments. ' It /' Doors open at half-put 6 o'clock, Performance to com mencc at lo'clock. GRAND ZOOLOGICAL EXHIBITION. OGDEN, WEEKS & COMPANY, A FTKR the Great Procession, headed by Four Elephants, on Thursday Morning, the 8th instant, will open their celebra ted MANAGERIE for Exhibition, For <"a ? Week Only?fu ture engagements precluding a longer >U-A At the head of Lafayette Plate, Kth street. . Thi.s is the only extensive collection of Living Zoological Ca rio.itie. in the United States, and contains the finest and rarest specimen* from every part of the Globe. ^ . HERR DR1ESBACH, Tlie Tamer of Lion*, Tiger, and leopards, will give hi* aaton i.hing exhibition, at U o clock, A.M., and 4 and 9 o'clock, P.M. Hour, of General Exhibition from 9 o clock, A.M. to 13; from 2 to 5, P.M.;and from 7 to 10. Admittance a cent* ; Children under ten yean, lt>? nt m7 ttm NEW YORK SOCIETY LIBRARY. M Corner or Broadway and Leonard Street. R. DEMPSTER has tlie honor to announce that he will give hi* SELECT MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT, Thursday Evening, May 15th, ENTITLED AN HOUR WITH BURNS. After which he will ling several of hi. mo.t popular composi tions, iiicludingthe " Lament of the Irish Emigrant," AND THE " May i^teen;" , ? . A Song, in Three Pait*. T. rt iculars in small bills. It/" A'1 ssion Fifty C. nts. Bock .ft e w ords of tlie Song* to be had at the door TWoiinn ice at 8 o'clock. inp.ter will repeat tli* above entertainment at Hutgei ltute, Madison .treet,on Friday evening, May 10th. An n. md intelligent colored young inau wanted imme diately my 13rc ! IV BOWERY THEATRE. TO HE NEW Y OK K PUBLIC!!! THF, Sutiscriber having obtained fionu Tlioma. S. llamhlin, Esq., the lease, for a number of year., of the ground on which tlie old Bowery Theatre was situated, propose, to erect a spacious and elegant edifice, in every way >u|>erior in comfort and accommodation to the late Bowery Theatre. The build ing to be ready lor theatrical performance, by the l.t of August next?arrangements have been made, and the work will com meuce immediately. An office will lie opened at No. .V) Bow ery,(in the hou.e of Mr. W. Mathews) lor the .ale of Ticket., to be redeemed on the o|>euiiig of the Theatre. The partiality and si rone feeling in favor of re-building the old Bowery, by it* counties* number ofpatrons, i. well-known to tlie subscriber and duly appreciated. Tlie Ticket office will oneu tins day?at once attorning an opportunity to those who feel desirous of aid ing the undertaking. A. W. JACKSON, myli lw*rrc Proprietor and Manager. TITIAN'S VENUS] THIS celebrated Painting i. now cm exhibition at the Gallery, No. 449 Broadway. In London it was viewed by upwards ol" one hundred thousand persons. It is justly considered one of the greatest works of Art?unsurpassed in color and resemblance ol a perfectly formed woman. Open during tlie day, and brilliantly lighted in the evening. Admission 2S cents?Season Tickets 50 cents. m7 lw#rc UNON COURSE, LONG ISLAND?Tuesday, May 13th, at 1 o clock?Great Match?The North against the South, fashion v.. Peytona, for $20,000, lour mile heats. Immediately Aftei^Purse $50, ent. $10 added, mile heat.. D. Toms ents. gr. h. by Monmouth Eclipse, dam Moss Rose, J years old. Ch*. S. Lloyd ent*. ch. h. by Monmouth Eclipse, dam by Oscar 5 years old. Wm. Shaw ents. gr. m. by Duane, dam Jewess, 5 year. old. m!3 lt?rc ' CENTREVILLE course?trotting and FOOT RACE. THIS DAY, Tuesday, Msy 13th, Purse of $125, three mile heats in harness, will come off over the above Course. The following horses are entered:? D. Bryan enter. ,r. g. Mingo. p. Sm'th " g. Bill Harringtou WhiUOU m. Pocahontas. Wm. Wheland........... . b. g. James K. Polk. Immediately After?Purse of $30, for a Foot Kace.mile heat., be.t three in five. The following persons sre entered:? Ambrose J*ck*on.. . .of New York. S. W. Romer of Hudson, N. Y. Wm. Barlow of Williamshurgh, L. I. Isaac Wilkins. .... of New York. A. O. Ketiworthy.. . of Canai< Edward Brown... . ..of New Y> k. There will be a distance of HO yards. The ab<s*s>ort will come off immediately after the Great Match Race ov , the Union Course. JOEL CONKLIN, PropiMto . m 13 It'je THE GREAT RACE On Tueaday, 13th Inatant. THE QUICKEST ROUTE IS BY THE HELL-GATE FERRY, Foot of 8tKk Street. THERE will be two fast Boats running on Tuesday, so that there will be no delay in crossing the river. m!0 4tis?rc LONG ISLAND RACES. THE PLEASANTEST ROUTE to the Long Island Race*, via Flatbush and New Lotts, passing Mount Prospect only a few minutes longer drive, and avoiding the dust and heat. mIO 4tis*rc w i l b j a m v* iv 11> ii i, Ml Nassau street, FORMERLY OF TH? RAM's HKAD, FUI.TON STREET, WOULD inform his friends and llw public, that in conae nuence of the dissolution of his connection with the lUm'a Head, he luu rented an extensive building, for the puhlir accom modation, at the above addresa, between Kulton and John sts., where the best Wines, Ales, unl Liquors will he pwrkW for hitfrtt ndi Airy and s|wcioua public and private apartments? and accommodation for transient or permanent l.idg. rs, upon a ?rale of comfort and cleanliness, that cannot he surpassed. Wm. Wright take* thi? opimrtuiiity alto of announcing, that on Monday, the Ifth instant, lie will he pre|mred to open his es tahliahment, and reoueaLtfw |>leaaure of a riait I mm hia friends between the hours of 11 and i o'clock. my 12 Jtii*e< SUO TEMPORE, or every Thing in Season?Warranted All '.?The Bedbug Poison and IVventive, aurr and safe. The Patchoully Compound for Destroying Mollis m Furs, flnnri. il, Upholstery, and hairseating, will be found extremely useful. ana has been much improved. The Rat Poison, tor ships, Aelds, barns, hotels, warehouses. Itc., proves the surest destroyer, and will I* applied for a small consideration, if successful, or none, if the contrary. The Fly Paper and Cockroach Poison, aa well as Mo?|Uito Paper, are too well known. Also, the Compound Chemical Wliale Oil Soap, and the Ar lilicial Manures, such as Bilphatr of Ammonia, Sulphate of So da. Nitrate of Soda, and Bonedust. For lull and s|*-cific diree tions, apply personally to DR. LEWIS FEUCHTW ANGER, a?dlmeodis?ec M Maiden lane. BOARDING IN THE HIGHLANDS. A FEW G?NTEEL FAMILIES can he accommodated with board at one of the most delightful situations en the Hudson Hirer, about 60 miles from New York, where the boats land both to and from the city, every day. morning and evening. All that can make a summer residence desirable, will be found at this place?fruit, milk, ice, vegetables, lie. For further par ticulars enquire of W. A. Smith, Bank State of New York; A. D. Sands, 79 Fulton street, and R. Sinclair, 433 Houston st. mft 3tia eod*rc (JALVAN1ZKD IRON AN1) TIN. GALVANIZED SHEET IRON AND TIN, a very .?? If |>erior article, warranted not to runt. Alto, Tin Plate. Sh*r Iron, Hn??ia Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper. Zinc, Scotch and Ainet rican Pig Iron, for Mile by CASS It WARD, my 13 3m*ec No. 7! Broad street. i n (UWt LBS. OLD FILES, huTWe i^T for sale. J."jVF\rVf Also, a lot of File Steel and Tools for Kile making, worthy the attention of manufacturers and sinillis. Ap ply at No. Iffi Water ateet. myU lm*rr links DUSTERS AN Indispensable garment as a protector from the dust, to which those who attend the Races will be subjected- For ??le at 231 Broadway, opposite the Fountain. ?U Ms re WM. T. JtNNlNOS % CO. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. 1UGHLY IMPORTANT HO* WASHINGTON. JOHN c. ( VLHOrit PROBABLY GOING TO BIOLAID. Oregon and a Commercial Trenty. We received from Washington last evening, by i private and well informed correspondent, who ha* the beat means of information, some intelligence on ihe movements of the administration of Mr. Polk, of rreat and increasing importance in the present criti cal position of our relations with England on the Oregon and other questions. We are informed that Mr. Polk has under advisement a project to appoint on a special mission to England, John C.Calhoun, of S.Carolina, with ex traordinary powers and large discretion, to treat with that Government, both on the Oregon territory and d Commercial treaty, on the basis of reciprocity and equal duties. We are assured also that Mr. Calhoun will certainly accept such a mission, although ho refused the ordinary mission a few months ago. It will be recollected that this mission?the ordi nary grade?has been succsssively offered to, and refused by, both Messrs. Elmore and Pickens, of South Carolina. The refusal of both these gentle men have been caused by the belief among the southern statesmen, that in the present crisis of the country, and particularly since the recent position of the British Government, as assumed by Sir Robt. Peel, has been announced, no man possesses the peculiar and happy characteristics for such a mission, in so eminent a degree as Mr. Calhoun. A rumor was in circulation some time ago in this city that Mr. Van Buren was to be offered such a mission. This rumor was, however, started by some of his parti1 zans here, who had an inkling that the President preferred Mr. Calhoun. It is well known that on the inauguration of Mr. Polk, the same mission was of fered to Mr. Calhoun?but the relations of the United South with England were not then in the menacing ondition that they are now, nor did they require such position and force of character in the Envoy that might be appointed to negotiate. The apple is now ripe. Mr. Calhoun is peculiarly fitted for this great mis sion. His sentiments on the Oregon question are known, and command confidence at the North and among the commercial classes. His opinions on the tariff and the principles of reciprocity, carry the whole South. The selection of this great statesman for such a mission would also seem to indicate that a iww light had broken over the councils of Mr. Polk. We hoi?e it may be so. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washington, May 10,1846. Richard Brodhead?President's Oardent?A Sug gestion to Capt. Polk to Come Out?Interesting Anecdote of Old Tip and the Countryman?Judge Meek?The I^ondon Mission?Mrs. Linn, and the Post Office at St. IAntis?Brown's Beef steaks, Src. Hon. Richard Brodhead, of Pennsylvania, who has been for several days in town, Bays that he came on to get some half dozen Pennsyivanians into of fice, and that he does not intend to leave until they are provided for?so that we expect the presence of our friend here all the summer. The concourse at the President's gardens this evening waH large, and as that good and honest old gentleman, Joe Gales,would say, "highly respecta le and select." The afternoon was clear, the air cool and pleasant?the view twenty miles down the broad Potomac, whitened the sails of numerous wood sloops and fishing smacks, beautiful and pic turesque?the music excellent?the gardens with their green sward, fanciful flowerbeds, gravel walks, groups of trees, and artificial hillocks, sweet as the breath of a dreaming bride; the company aufait. agreeable and chatty; Dut the President is desired to show his face among his fellow citizens now and then. He could not do a more popular act than to come out some fine Saturday afternoon with his amiable wife and family, ana mingle for hall an hour among the people. The frequent appearances of Queen Victoria out among the public nave made her sovereignty strong, and herself the most honestly esteemed little woman of the age . But how much more is it the province of our Republican Pre sident of a great constituency who are not his sub jects, but the sovereignty of the land, to show him self among the people on fitting occasions. During the single month that Gen Harrison was master at the White House, he had succeeded in winning the affection of friends and foes by the simplicity and republican familiarity of his manners with every body. Everybody could approach him?he was be loved by everybody; he was every day to be found on the streets or in the market, buyingcabbages, po tatoes, and such like. He was emphaticajlf the citi zen President. We will juet mention anttle inci dent in illustration. He bought one morning in the market of a i-ountrymau a milch cow. The man thought "Old Tip" was nothing more than a plain citizen, and chattered away without reserve. " Old Tip" invited him to his house to breakkfast; the stranger, who at once assented, and side by side they walked up toward the White House ; but on turning in at the gate of the mansion, the country man was struck dumb, and fell back in consterna tion. On recovering hjs speech he apologisod to the President for his familiarity?hoped no offence? didn't know him, or wouldn't have done so for any thing. " Never mind?never mind," said Old Tip; " you are a man, and so am I; you are one of tne people,and I am their servant,and their tenant of this house. I shall therefore regard it an honor to havo one;of my landlords as my guest." The country man went inside the gate a strong Van Buren man, he caine out without office ; hut with a warm break fast upon his Stomach, and the strongest sort of a conviction that Old Tip was a democrat. Now, that's the way to do it. Capt. Polk, we know to be a good plain and unostentatious American?a good man?an honest, and not a proud or aristocratic man, but he must come out now, and then among the people, and chat and laugh with them, and then, if he chooses to run for another term, he will be elect ed by acclamation. Our great men ought not to for get tneir origin?northeir relations in the sovereign ty to the country, or as Mr. Carey, of Maine, would sav. to the "honest yeomanry of the land." We are gratified to learn that Judge Meek, of Alabama, one of the most elegant and deservedly popular poets of the South, has been put into a com fortable berth in the Treasury Department. The fact is, if we w ant good music, we must take care of our singing birds. Therefore, in the language of Beau Hickman, we shall " wring in " upon tne Pre sident ourself, by and by, for something in his line. As there seems to be some difficulty among tha Cabinet, relating to the choice of a minister to Eng land, why not send Col. Butler of Kentucky, if Mr. Stevenson has declined; unless it is understood that the Kallant Colonel goes to Mexico 1 We do hope that Mrs Linn, (widow of the lat? Senator,) will get the Post Office at St. Louis. It is Gen. Jackson's desire, it is the desire of a large portion of the people of St. Louis, and of tne State. Mr. Churchill, the present Postmaster, we are told, has strong claims, because his father was a bosom friend of Captain Polk ; while the "hards," or Benton clique, have another candi date for the office. Hut, despite Mr. Weller's injunction to "beware of vidders, Sammy." we go tor the talented widow, out-and-out. Mr. Wicklilfe, late Postmaster General, says that among all the Postmistresses in ihe country, and there are a good many, not one dollar, dunng|his administration was lost to the Department. That tells handsomely for the widows, (k>d bless them, especially if they are handsome. "Long Islander" slanders Brown's beefsteaks. Gotham itself cannot surpass in good beef the steaks which our Metropolitan landlords get from the cat tle raisers of the Valley of Virginia, and Coleman, Brown, and Tyler, and Birch, and Fuller, buy wa believe, at the same stall. Allans, Ai-abicb. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Pllll *I>r.LPHt4, May 13, IMS. The day i? brilliant and warm, and a portion of the military of our city sn<l county have taken advantage of it to display their splendid uniforms. The streets are enlivened by the parade of Captain Tustin'* second City Troop of Horse ; Col. Florence's Independent RUUs, with n full band ofmuaic ; the Junior Artillerist*, ('apt. Drayton, and several others while Col. (toodman's Regi ment, (County Volunteers,) are parading, the flrnt bat talion, in the northern district, and the second battalion, under Lieut. Col. Small, in Hoxbnrou((h, * short dis tance north of the city. On the whole, our city and neighborhood present* quite a brilliant and warlike ap pearance, though not one-third of our volunters are out. And indeed the military ?pirit seems quite active in this vicinity. The ranks of the different companies an ra pidly increasing, and our regiment of artilleiy, ( olonel Heasanton, are preparing <?< ? "P?* Paradei previous to ft tour of camp duty, wnioh they hiv? resolved upon to commence on the third Monday In June, and continue one week , n . _ ... D, Lehman to" possession of tha Post aOcs th^

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