Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 16, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 16, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 134?Wkola Ho. 4090. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 16,E1845. ~d THE NEW YORK HERALD JAMES GORDON BBNNBTT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY IICRALD?Every day. Price 3 centa per eopy-~$7 -16 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Prico 6J cent* per copy?<5 1'Jj centa per annum?payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual pricei?always cash iii advance. PHIN TINQ of all kind* executed with beauty and despatch. (Jlf- All letters oi communications, by mail, addressed to the estnblishmont, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor or thi Nbw Yorr Hkbald Establish si kist Northwest corner of Kulton and Nassau streets UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. MORNING LINE. By tteamer ROBERT .MOHKld, which leaves Dock siren wharf cliilv, (except fiuud.ty,) at 8 o'clock, A. M., for New C'-tle, :nid the ce by Railroad to Freuchtown, and steitnei CONSTITUTION to Baltimore. The above i? the only line that connects with the Lines for the South or West the same af ternoou. Fare $2. AFTKnwoo* and Nujht Lines. Through by Rail Road in Six Hourt.. Fare $3. The Cars le^ve the Depot comer of 11th and Market street' diily an o'clock, I'. M., aud duly .(except Sunday) at half-pas in P. M., or o:i tlw arrival of the Train from New York. Pn? k urn le.ving New York it 4% P. M., for Philadelphia, c. reicli Bitimore next morning iu ample time for any Liueleavim for ilir South or West. Tickeu he procured at the Depot or on board the boat, si Dock street wharf, Philadelphia. Fare to Wheeling, $13?1< Pittsburgh, $12, A Piiieutfer Car will be attached to the Freight Train, whic. leare? the Depot daily, (exrept Sunday) at 41 o'clock, P. M., auil arrive in Baltimore early next moraiug. Fare 30 euits. For fui ilicr particulars, apply to GEO. P. FISHER. Agent, , , No. 7 Wall street, or 8 West street. N. B.?Freight taken at 3 cents per 100 lbs. mylO lmrc notice. STATICN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. FARE REDUCED TO 6? CENTS. The Steamboats SYLPH aud STATEN ISLANDER will leave as follows until further notice LEAVE NEW YORK: 8, 9. 10, 11 and 11, A. M-i l.t, 3%, 3 and 8, P. M. LEAVE STATE!*! ISLAND: >, 9, 10, 11 and 12, A. M.( 1, t, 4, 3, and 6 P. M. mvOm NEWARK AND NEW YORK, FARE ONLY CENTS. x5l The favorite stmmlioat PASSAIC, Captain Py- ^?hn Gaffy, will commence her trips for the ?S^_JflE2?-<en*on on Thursday, April 24, 1843, and ran as follow ., uaily, Sundays included, uutil further notice, via:? iilAvri NEWARK LEAVE NEW YORK. Foot of Centre street. Foot of Barclay street. 7* A. M. 4 P. M. The Pastaic has been lengthened 33 feet, and is now two hun dred and twenty feet long. She has a new boiler, and a new, commodious elegantly furnished deck saloon, CO feet in length, and is iu complete order. Hot accommodations for freight and passengers have been very much improved. Kreight carritd at reduced rates. a28 lm*m NEW VORK, ALBANY" AND TROY LINE. 0A FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. E? ..rtJ-.. Je ?The steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. 3CJKE. Macy, will leave the foot of Couitlandt street, ou Thursdav evening, at 7 o'clock. The Empire, owing to her light draught of water, will be ena bled at all times to pass the bar, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cars going eest or west I-or Passage or Freight apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at th? olfice on the wharf. a 14 re j 00L FARE SI 30.?Regular Opposition Line be fl- ? W*-?^etwe*n Philadelphia and Baltimore, from the ?i ? if 1 ii side of Chesnnt street Wharf, evsry Morning, Sundays eccepted, at 7 o'clock, through in 9 hours, vis Chesa|>eitke and Delaware Canal, and connect with all the lines south and we?t from Baltimore. Ou the Delaware, Ou Chesapeake Bar. Steamer PORTSMOUTH, Steamer THOS. JEVFER Capt. J. Devoe. SON, Cape Phillips. And through the.Canal, a distance of 13 miles only, are first rate packet boats. In fact the accommodation by this line, both for speed and comfort, is equal to any ntlier line between the two cities. Philadelphia, April 17, 1843. MORRIS BUCKMAN. Agent, al7 lm*m Office No. 30 South Wharve "THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS.?A sail across the Hudson River to Hoboken, and then a walk to the Elysiau t leltU, along the exceedingly beautiful and picturesque shores of the place, will prove the most easily accomplished and attractive of all rural excursions that can be made from the city. The Oronuds now present a charming aspect, the trees being in leaf and the soil covcred with a rich turf. The Walks are in excellent order, having been considerably embellished the present spring. The Kerry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher streets, are completely lilted up with Awnings and seals. Night Boats ran from Hoboken to Barclay street, until 11 o'clock Fernsge, 6Vf cents. myll*wla?ra PEOPLE'8 LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY OA DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Through Di fl.?? st 7 o'clock P. M., from die Pier butweeu 3E^2EuK>Courtia.irit and Liberty streeu. Me.nui.ou nOC HESTER, Captain R. G. Cnsttendon, will |e?\e on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at7o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER Cataain A. Houghton, will leave o? Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At 3 o'ch>ck P. M., lauding at intermediate place, from th? foot of B (relay street. . . , hu-atnloat NORTH AMERICA, Captain L.W.BranumJ, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday After noon*, at 3 o'clock. _ steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. W. H. Peck, will leave on Tueiday, Thm -day and Saturday Aftenioona, at 5 o clock. p iv-AMiuers taking sither of the above Lines will arrive in ample time lor -he Morning Train of Cars fer the east or west. Tie- Boats are new and substantial, sre furnished with new and elegi it state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are an rivailed on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. , , _ ..... All prisons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, Willi, ut a written order from the Captains or Agents. For paa.age or freight, apply on board the boats, or to r. C. ScliullT., at toe ollice on the wharf. rUK HALIFAX AMU LIVfcKrOOL. THE Ror>l Mail Stnun Ships HIBERNIA iihI BKITANN1A, will leave Boetou for the 1 above ports, u follows;? Hiu?rutii, A. Itirie, Esq., Commander Friday, May 16th BnUiima, Jno. Hewitt, 1'.-"]., Sunday, June 1st Pasvige to Liverpool $120. Pu> toHalifax 20. Apply to 1). BINGHAM, Jr., Ajprnt, 6 W all at r. P.?11 rsoos wiahiug to emliarit are requested, in all cases, to an ly tn the A Kent before giving credit to any report that "all btrtlu are engage'!." mIOre NEW LINE OK PACKETS FOH LIVERPOOL IvfSRrV-Packet ol' 21st .Mar? The splendid and favorite pack '' ?lup (jUELN Or THE WfcST, 1100 tout burihe,, i , i iulip Woodlioiue, will sul ou Wednesday, May 21? be. . e*n! j day. Tlie ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, persoi. about to embark for the old cou>itry will not fall to see the au Ta |. it* to be derived from selecting this line in preference to B,,)- other, as their great capacity renders them every way more cornlbitalle and conreuient than ships of a small class, and then t.ccnrnin<'d uious for cabin, second cabin, and sterrace pass*., gera, H is well known, are superior to thoee ol au<4 other line ol packets. I'eraona wi.hiug to secure berths should not fail t& in ko early application on board, foot of Burling Slip, or to W.kJ. T. TAPSCOTT At their general passage office, South street, ml3rc eonier ol Alaiden Lane. BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OfLIVER MTTVl'OOL PACKETS?Kor Liverpool?Only Regular atatitHEa'>ackrt of the 16th of May.?The new .magnificent and CeiVwa .i> ll fast sailing favorite packet ship YORKSHIRE, bar thru 1130 tons, D. O. Bailey commander, will sail positively on Fuday, the lk' li of May. For terms of passage and to secure the best berths, early ap plication should he made on board, foot of Beekman street, or o the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO., myll ec IS Fulton street, neit to the Fultoa Bank, N. Y. ~ LONDON LINE OF PACKETS?The splendid and I'ut sailing packet ship NORTHUMBERLAND, ill. H. tins wold, master, will sail on the 19th May, her rt^Ui.j u?y. Having superior accemmodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, nnrsotia about to embark should make early application to the subscriber. JOSEPH M'MURRAY, 100 Pine street comer of South. P. S.?The farontsi packet ship < Mediator, Captain Bunting, mnstrr, will sricceod tlie above, end sail on the 20th of May, Ih-i r-Hjnlxr day. rc 7.fVEHP<>OI. LINE OK PACKETSk-l'acketof nfinuIten8!#,,W Md favorite peckct sllip . irAlBIOK HENRl, j. C. Delano master, will po siti?ri> sail as above, her regular day. Having very su|>erior accommodations for enbin, second cabin and steersge passengers, persons desirious to eabwk by this su perior packet, should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to the subscriber, ? JOSEPH McMURRAY, lOO Pme street comer of South street. The I>acket ship Independence, K. P. Allen, master, will suc ceed lie Patrink Henry, and aail on the Bth of July. mlrc M)R 1.1 Vfc.ltPOOL?New Line-Uugular Packet of the 2Bth May?The elegant fast sailing Packet Ship jSWMUDAN, ( apt. A. r. De Peyster, of 1100 tons, win ?.?i as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodation unequalled for splendor and comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or E. K. COLLINS It CO., 3$ South Mraet. Trice of passage $10(1. racket Snip Gsrrick, Capt. B. J. H. Trask, ol 1100 toni, will succccd the biM-ridau, and sail Mth June, her regular day. afTec t EOK I.I VKRPOOL?Tlie New Line? ReguUr Packet 2l?t Maj^?Tlie superior fast sailing Packet Ship KEN OK THE WK8T. 1150 tons hurtUn, Capt. _,ip w uoilhouse, will sail as above, her regular day. k or fit'iitlil or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable state room* and cabin, amily to the Captain on board, west side llurlmg slip, or to WOODHULL It MINTIjANS, 87 South street. Price of passage 1100. The Pe.cket Ship Rochester, 800 tons, Captain John Britton, will succeed tin* Queen ol tlie West, mu sail on her regular dsy, tlie glut Ol'June. a24 ec WANTED-Oood and suitable veeecla to freight ? Cow from Philadelphia ami Bristol to Boston, Previ -fence, Sato, Norwich, Allen's Point, On-ennort. Hart JTto^ew Haven, Mlddleton, Albany, Troy aad oilier past*. Tin iH^hest price will E. saf^ord' a2ij lm?rn ?l Dockstrert. Philadelphia. t KOR ULAHliOW.-Heguler Packet-The well known, fast sailing British Barque ADAM CARRt Scott, master, daily eipected, will meet with quick" O.V., atcn. For freight, apply to WOODHULL k MINTURNS, my 13 ec tl S mth street. M TO LET.-A Parlor and Bedroom, Terr neatly fur- I niahed, to gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, at 117 Franklin street. *M lm?ec TO LET OK LEASE. A PIECE OF LAND, on the Eighth Avenue and33d ?tract, containing about 13 acre* of land. Titer* is on the .premises a Frame Dwelling. which would berepaired for ' _ rtmiant. Apply to ANTHONY CARROLL, 16 lm*ec 2J Naaaau at. M WANTED?A amalt comfortable House or Cottage, or a part of a home, for a family of fir* persons, no chil dren uudertwel re. West of the 4th avenue would be preleired. Addreu B., at the office of E. H. HuiUou,Attorney, No. 191 Broadway, up stiirs, with terms, Icc mil 3t?ec OFFICE TO LET. BASEMENT ROOM to let, with separate entrance? fine large Basement Room with a separate eutrance, suitable for a professional gentleman. Enquire at 4ti iutisou street. ml3 lw*rc Ty* FOR SALE?A beautiful Country Rendaucr, mir mile MUfrom Rossville Landing, on Statan Island, a K .rmof U *4Lk<cres of first-rate Laud; a large House and good Bam, and other Buildings; good Garden, with plenty of Fruit Traes?will be sold reasonable and on good terma. Enquire of mi lm*re SAM'L HALL. 3M Bmnmrit SEi lay and era ?tousi(j MDUMSDAY. Profi-ssorof Guitar, Singing at Sight. Ac ? cordeon, Violin, lie., contiuua* to teach ladiea and geu llrtneu of New York (at their residence) the above Instrument*, *c., ui a rery short time, by his new Analysing and luductive System. Terms modrrnte. An improved Accordeon for sale. Good city reference* given on application at No. ii Chrystie ?lrwt, aliove Walker. lm*rc THE M-EilM fLUTt. PHILLIP ERNST, Teacher of the Flute and Guitar, would uiform t!*- lovers of .Vlusic, tlut he has now fur sale one of .lie above celebrated Instruments, constructed in i-very respect in iceordance with those how in use at the Paris and London Royal Academies. To be seen at PHILIP ERNST'S Music Saloon, MS Broidwny, near Walkerstreet in>8 lm*rc KOliLSiUiNk'S KlULNG* SCliUUL, 137 and 130 ftlerecr Street. MR. JOHN 8. ROULSTONE has the honor to 'inform his friends and the public iu general, that his ? School for Instruction in Horsemanship is now opau lay and evening, as follows .? Hours for Gentlemen from...- ? to I A. M. " " Ladies " 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr Roulatone. Mr. R. has juat received from the country several fine and 'tylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rea sonable price. my7rc Fast trotting matched horses. 4l_ FOR SALE?The fastaat well matched Pair of ZMOTiottint Horses in the country, known as Hardware ,l_L?jL>*a<l Apology. Apply to JOHN J. MESSENGER, mil 4t*ec Lumber atreet near Rector street. DISBROWS RIDING SCHOOL, MS Bowery, on Aator and Lafayette Place*. VT R- W. H. DISBROW haa the honor to announce, that his lrJL School is open daily, (Sundays excepted) for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. Hours for Ladies from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Hours for Gentlemen from S to < A. M. and 3 to 7 P. M. !17" Terms made known on application as abore. N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Horses, for the Road and Pa rade, to let. my6 Im'rc PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. THE PAVILION, at New Brighton, is now in full opera tion, and the proprietor will ha glad to enter into arrange menu with parties who who wish to engage a pertinents for the whole season or for a shorter period. Mr. Blancard will be found ?the Pavilion every day from IS to 3 o'clock, and at the Gloor otel at all other hours. myl 3wrc MISS MADDEN respectfully informa the ladiea of New York and its vicinity, that her French Millinery and Dress Making eatablishment, 108 Canal street, is now open. Spring and Summer Fashions, consisting of silk, crease, ribbon, fancy Neapolitan, straw, braid and gimp Bonnets, of the newest Pari sian aod Lon4au.atyles, just rrceired per last steamer. Country Milliners and Dress Makers supplied with the I Patterns at the shortest notice. Dresses and Robes of the latest fashion made to arder at the shortest notice. Southern and Western orders promptly attended to. All descriptions of Bonnets cleaned and altered iu the style; lm*m """FAMILIES and gentlemen visiting LONDON, ON business or pleasure, can be accommodated during their stay with a pleasant and desirable home, iu the house of a lady of respectability, where ther will meet with every attention. Apartments with private tables if preferred. Apply at M BURTON CRESCENT, Eustou Square, London. NEW YORK, April <1, IMS. THE UNDERSIGNED announce to the public, and particu larly to the watch merchants, that from this day they hare farmed an association under the name of DELACHAUX It MAIRE, for the trade of importation of watches, and that from this said day they hare on hand and shall receive from their cor respondent manufacturers eftry description of Watchea and Movements. DELACHAUX It MAIRE. No. 117 Fulton street, N. Y. A. Delachaux?H Maire. a22 lm*m REMOVAL. |R. BROWN, Occl*t, successor to Dr. Child, has re ' moved his office fromn Chambers street, to 163 Canal at. near Varick, where ha continues his successful treatment ou all diseases of the eye. mti St"ic D1 N DR. BRADSHAYV HAS REMOVED HIS OFFICE TO Mo. 0 Barclay street. myll lw"ec ^"OTICE?MR CLARKE has removed hi* Intelligence is Office from 330 Broadway to ti)4 Duane ?t, one door from Broadway, where he continue* to provide protectant help, both white and colored, of *0*4 character, at $2 a rear. At 9i>* Duane street uncurrent money bought and exchanged. my4 lm*ec MINIATURE PAINTING. J A. McDOUGALL haa removed from No. 11 Park Place ? to M> Broadway, fourth hou*e above White (treet, ea*t lide. mv4 lin*ec BANK FOR SAVINGS. OTICE?T*ii* limitation i* now removed to No 107 Chamber* (treet. m3 lmrc TiilRlON, MAILLARD fit CO. HAVE REMOVED from No. ? to No. 113 PEARL STREET, (Hanover Square.) my4 2w*ec REMOVAL. IVfl RS.CARROLLfl MEDICATED VAPOUR AND 8UL ivl I'HUK BATHS are removed from No. 3X6 Broadway to IM Fulton atiret, weat of Broadway. Open from 6 o'clock in the laoruing till 9 o'clock at night. Sulphur Bath* require oni hour's notice. mi I tn cc MONEY LENT. rpHE Snbacriber ha* removed to 413 Pearl, corner of Roe* X street, when ha coutinue* to loan moue> on any amount o. dry good*, gold and ailver watche*, plate, jewelry, diamond*, fur uiture, wearing apparel, and every diucn^ion <y^raonay?0|ier' Licenaed Pawnbroker, U3 Pearl, comer of Koae sueec N. B ?Peraooa may bereceived IB the private ollice by ruig jig the bell at the half door. *10 lm?rc MONEY TO LEND. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawn Broker, M Reade a treet. uear Broadway, loana money, in Urge or amall auma, aa ma) oe required, on gold and ailver watchea, diamouda, ailver plate jewelry, dry good*, furniture, wearing apjiarel and mere hand lie jl every description. *30 lm'rc BOARDING AT 27 COURTLANDT STREET CI OOD BOARDING, with plaaaant room*, for aiuglegeutle W men. Likewiae, a handaome furmahed parlor with bedioon. djoiniiig, auiuble tor a genteel Umily?by my!3 lin*rc Hti (ir.KK, XI Courtl.indt a treet. EoaIcDImT 'I^O LET.?Splendid newly furmahed apartment*, coaipri* A ing Bed roe ma aud Parlour*, with full board, for (Vmiliea Alto, *iugle and double bedded room*, with Breakliut and Tea, ior aingle gentlemen. Kel'erence* required. Apply at 411 ilonaton atreet, near Broadway. myll lw*rrc TEXAS LANDS. PERSONS wiahing to purcha*e Ten* Land*, Patented and * Title* perfect, will Hud it to their advantage to call at the lexaa Agency Oihee, 71 Cedar atreet comer ol Nanau (treet, third atory, and ezamuie a few choice aelectiona, in (mdl aui veyi to (uit purchaser*. For aale low for trade or ca*h. by ihH 3t*ec J. F. HANDEL. ? PLANTERS' MOTEL, TOMPKINSV1LLE, STATEN ISLAND. THE subscriber respectfully informahia friend* and the public, that he i* now ready to receive boardera for the sea son, and hope* to merit a continuance of their favor*. A good Bathing Houie i* attached te this eatebli*hment. And the Boat from the New Fernr, Pier No. 3 North River, (at half the former charge* ) stop* at Planter*' Hotel Dock?Fare 6)4 cent*?Freight* cheap in proportion. P. WOLFE, Proprietor. |L7~ Several House* and Cottage* to let?apply m above. M*y 13th, IM}. myl4 lw*ec UUvuAft'a itbi'OSJTORY OK FINE AKTS, 67 Canal Strut, 18 doort lVr*t of Broadway. Collectors of enoravinot> vsiting th* city win here find one of the choicest colleetioua of RARE OLD and FINE MODfcKN Engraving* in the country at lee* than one-hall' the uaual price*. N. B.?Urate Apron* and Dranery for Looking Olaaeee in treat variety and of the newe*t deaign*. m!4 lm*ec QUARTERMAN & SON, PAINTERS, NO. II BURLING SLIP, New Yon*. Hortr., Start a*d Snir Paintiho, Ounima, Miuuxa in 2 Latino. KAD SASHES. Foa CirrncHc* and Oothic Bt'iuima*, nam to omii. m4 Im'ec GALVANIZED IRON AND TIN. Galvanized sheet iron and tin, * very *?? periorarticle, warranted not toruat. Alan, Tin Plate. Mhee Iron, Ruaai* Hheet Iron, Hheet Copper, /inc, Hootch and Amet ncau Pig Iron, for aide by CASS It WARD, myl3Jm*ec . No. 71 Broad atreet " TO borax mam;kactureks. DOR AX fixtures FOR SALE?A complete apparatu* " for manufacturing Bonn, Boiler*, Vat*, lie., and a receipt to manufacture the aame with tlie lateat improvement*. Alao ? Manufactory to let. Enquire of m!4 lw?ec JOB JACKSON, 113 Water at. IRISH BLACK MARBLE. 0(W~l TONS Large aiae Blocks, entire cargo of British ,, barque Victoria, eipected daily toarrive from Gal way, and f<>r aale by PERSBE It BROOKH, ml<*c No. fti and 17 Naaaau atreet. BLACK OXIDE OF MANGANESE. 10,000 ^W-^-^'iorquality,J?trt I'ERSSF. It BROOKS, No. ftj and 67 Naaaau atreet. |() 000 OLI) !? 1LES, but little uaed, for aale.? AVjl/Vfl/ Alao, a lot of kile Hteel and Tool* for File "I Hi of """"fwturera and amitha. Ap ply at No. I?t Water ateet. my|j ira*re' HANGING PAPER. 12,000 "t","""jSSCkTWBiSif' m!4ec No. M Myl 87 Naeeau atreet. ?1 AOS-MO Baiee 8 F F 11 8. ' AV jo Bale* No. 3 Leghorn*. IM lUlea Smyrna Rags. MOOlbaAne White Domestic. 4000 Deep Bine*?For aale by PERUSE It BROOKS, No. Oft and 17 Nan Presentation of Plate. Amidst the general selfishness and bitterness of feeling that is displayed by office holders, more par ticularly when the guillotine has been applied, it is refreshing to find one instance of liberal ideas and spirit manifested. The occasion to which we al lude is the presentation of a handsome silver pitcher to Dr. Joiin McClelland, who has, for the last year filled the place of Resident Physician to the Alms House, by the various medical assistants who have been attached to that institution during his regime. The aff air came off at the Carlton I louse, and the pitcher which bore the following inscription: PRESENTED TO john McClelland, m. d., By hia Medical Assistants in tlie Alma House citabliah ment ol the city of New York, aa a testimonial of regard for hia professional attainments, and social virtues, May 13, 1S45, Was presented to the Worthy Dcctor by Dr. Tilden Drown, in a most appropriate speech, which was re plied to in a feeling manner by Dr. McClelland. This part of the business being concluded, the com pany, which included some of the mott eminent medical and surgical talent in the city, adjourn ed to the dining room, and partook of an elegant supper With the greatest zest. The cloth being removed, some most excellent remarks were made by Dr. Wood, complimentary to Dr. McClelland in reference to the activity with which he had peiformed his duties not oiily to the patients of the Institution, but in his endeavors, by means of the great medical school which he had hud control of, to udvance clinical instruction, which is of so much importance to the student. He staled that the Doctor had always been most anxious to throw open all tlie resources of the establishment to those seek ing to advance themselves in their profession, and he regretted more had not availed themselves of tlie opportunity, lie was followed by Dr. McClclland, aiid Dr. llasbrouck, the present incumbent of the oltice. Dr. Francis gave an excellent speech, in tho course of which he adverted, in tha most impres sive terms, to the great attention that should be paid to clinical instruction, and concluded by proposing as a toast?" A generous intej course among the members of the Medical profession." He called on Dr. Parker, who called on the profession to en deavor by the cultivation of good feeling, one with another, to do away with all that might lead to the common complaint of tlie jealousy that was said bo frequently to be fouud among its members. It was by the means of such social meetings aa the present that much was done to do away with such ideas. He was glad to hear that diplomas for services were bestowed to the as sistants of the medical department of the Alms Houst by the Board of Commissioners, such testi monies of approbation proved a stimulus to the young men, and were of much service to them. A spin; of emulation was to the last degree important in medical education, and he was glad that the esta blishment of anew medical school in this city added to th?t feelin. He concluded by proposing the memory of Dr. Wm. Pitt Canning, a young surgeon of much promise, who had served a term at Bell vua, but on being transferred to the naval service had unfortunately fallen a victim to the yellow fever on board the Vandalia in her late cruise. We were at this stage of the procceedings, obliged to leave, much to our regret, as the delightful commencement of tlie evening promised to ripen into one of delight ful and dignified enjoyment. Affairs tin Canada. Our latest advices from Montreal are of the 13th inatant. Then all was quiet in Canada. The Pro vincial Parliament stands prorogued to the 17th proximo. The Welland Canal wu opened on the 10th instant? Betwoen forty and fifty vessels wero waiting at ths en trance. There it was expected they would all pass the locks by noon of Monday. It is mentioned despatches were lately received by the Govornor General from the Colonial Office, stating, in reply to the addreu of the House of Assembly, that her majesty's government bad no intention of imposing a tax upon colonial built vessels. Owen Sound, on Lake Huron, C. W., has been created a port of entry, be., for vessels arriving or departing therefrom. The weather at Quebec on the 8th instant, continued rerv cold. During the night a huavy frost set in, and early on the 0th much ice of considerable thickness re mained. The proposed meeting at Hamilton, in relation to a railroad from the Niagara to St Clair rivers, was held oh the 16tli inst The Buffalo Courier says :?The measures agreed upon by the United States, to allow drawbacks on the duties upon goods passing through New York, destined for Canada, is rendered nugatory by the Inspector General of Customs in Canada, who has decided that full duties must be charged on all articles entering Canada that have pass ed through the United States, even if they were imported from England. The Onotgo Advtrliter of the 10th inst states:?Up to last evening, twenty-one invoices of merchandise, ship ped at New York for Canada, under the provisions of the drawback law, have reached this port. The parcels con sist mostly of West India goods, with some Cantdn and Smyrna. The first importation iato this port, say* the Kingston Newt, nnder the provisions of this bill, took placo yes terday. The importation consisted of foreign fruits and cigars, and was made to the order of Mr. Carruthers.? The lot consisted of 117 boxes Malaga raisins and 36i M. cigars, the American duty on which amounted to ?49 0s 3d ; the imperial and provincial duty, ?69 Is 3d. The first duty, with the exception of 3^ per cent upon its amount (nearly ?1 As,) is remittod under the provisions of the new bill, and consequently on this order the impor ter saves upwards of ?47, of which advantage the con iumer ultimately shares the benofit The Sherirookt Gazttlt givos the annexed : About fifty C anadians passed through this town last week, on their way to the frontier, to assist in setting up the monuments on the boundary between this Province and the United jtatos. The party are now at work near the head of Connecticut Kivor. Thar* has been a report in circula tion, that the Surveyors on the part of the United State* claim that Hereford and Clifton lall into New Hampshire under the lato treaty; but we can hardly be lie vo that mch an absurd claim is now to be set up. Since the beginning of this week, says the Hytown Go of the 8th inst., a good deal of timber has arrived ?ibove the Chaudiere, pone of which has yet passed the (alls Neither of the Slides are at present in operation ; duchanan's Slide on the South side of the river, is im practicable at the present height of the water; Wright's ilide on the North side, has been undergoing some ex ?eusive alterations and repairs, which are not yet com pleted. The water on all the rivers haa bean unexpect edly high; the Ottawa in particular, is at this time higher than it has been known tor many years. It is believed that very little timber will be left in the smaller streams, as was at one time apprehended. Theatricals* The Park has been doing a splendid business this season. The Seguins will close their engagement this weak. The Bohemian Girl has drawn excellent houses. At Castle Garden, Italian Opera is succeeding re markably well. Oreat houses have filled this magnificent theatre every night since its opening. Pico, Aiajocchi, Valtellina, and Antogaini are here. We are also to have French Opera this season. The New Orleans troupt will open at the Park in the early part of next month. Niblo's Garden will be under the management of Mr. Chippendale assisted by John Beftoa. New vaude villes, and a variety of interesting novelties are in prepa tion. The New Bowery Theatre is in the full tide of prosperity. For the fifth time a theatre is to be reared on the opposite side of the street, on the site of Hamblin's last eenrisgration. Anderson is in Baltimore closing a very success ful engagement. He will be at the I'ark next week and play a farewell engagement. He has cleared upwards of fifty thousand dollars during his twelve months tour In this country. llenry Phillips has gone to Canada. On the ISth iastant he was at Oswngo and gave a concert there. He returns to Europe in the latter part of this month, and in tends proceeding to Dublin to get up a series of grand musical entertainments in conjunction with other emi nent artists, on occasion of the Queen's visit to the Irish metropolis. Mr. Phillip's is quite delighted with his tour in this country. Maywood is also about to proceed to Canada. He haa prepared a very attractive mtlangt and will doubt lass be very successful. Ole Bull is on his way from the South to this city. He will soon after his arrival return to Kurope. The new eomedy of "Fashion" had an excellent mn in Philadelphia. At the Walnut, Jamison, Scott and other native "stars" are doing tolerably well. At the Baltimore Museum vaudevilles and farces havo been pretty well patronised. Walrott ami Miss Gannon have been the chief attractions here. Holland, Miss Shaw, Mrs. Hardwick and others are playing at the Albany Museum. Signor De Begnia and Miss Mary Taylor have been giving concerts in Boston with much success. Dempeter, the popular ballad singer, is giving con certs in this city. At Palmo's the "Ethiopeans" are as usual drawing good houaos. Miss Julia Northnll who made her debut at one of Ole Bull's concerts here, is giving concerts in Phila delphia. Mr. Booth the great tragedian was playing lirutus at the National Theatre, Boston, at last dates. Mr. Thome the ex-manager was also at the same establishment enacting Titus.

Mr. Eddy is doing a flourishing business with the reonle's Theatre at Cincinnati. The Borghese troupt are on their way to Vera Crua. Supreme Court* Before a full Bench. May U.-Jaimi Fenimort Cooper VS. Ortelty 4" Mc Elrath.?TKi? wai an action of libel brought up from th? Courts below on demurrer. The caso has been argueel by Governor Seward, and concluded thii day. The al leged libel was published in the IVibunt dated Novem ber 39, 1841; as follows : "At all events,having published the letter excepted to, ai a matter of iatclliponce, without any tort of feeling toward Mr. Cooper, but such as his conduct in the case seemed to excite, we have at all times stood ready to publish cheerfully anv correction or cuiitration he might choose to send us. He chooses to send noue but a suit for libel instead. 8o bo it then?Walk in Mr Sheriff'. "There is one comfort to sustain us under this ternblfi dispensation. Mr. Cooper will have to bring his ac tion to trial somewhere. lie will not like to bring it in Now York, for we are known here. Nor in Otsego, for he is known there." The second alleged libel went as follows :? "Knowing what we positively did and do of the severe illnfcss of the Xvife of Air. Wcdd.and the dangerous state of Lis eldest daughter, at the time of tliti Fonda trials in question?regarding them as we do?the jokfes attempted to be cut by Venimore over their condition?his talk of the story growing up from one girl to the mother and three or four daughters?his fun about their probably having the Asiatic cholera among them, or some other contagious disease, See. kc., however i: may have sound ed to others, did seem to us lather inhu?Hallo there !? We had like to put our foot light into it again, after all our tuition. Wo mean to say that, considering that just the day before Mr. Weed had been choked by his coun sel in surrendering at discretion to Kenimore, being as sured by said counsel that, as the law is now expounded and administeied by the Supreme Court, lie had no earthly choice but to bow his nock to the yoke, pay ail that might be claimed of hiin, and publish whutever hu miliation should be required, or cImi prepare to be imme diately ruiued by the ?uits which reniiuore and Kichard had all cady commenced, or were getting ready for him> considering all this, and how much Mr. V\ eed had paid and must pay towards his subsistence?how keenly VV. has had to smart for speaking his mind of hi in?we did not think that Kenimoie's talk at this time and place of Weed's family and of Weed himself as a man so paltry that he would pretend to sickness in his family as an ex cuse to keep away from Court and resort to trick alter trick to put oil'his case lor a day or two?it seemed to us considering the present lelations of the parties, most uu gen ?1 iieie we go again ! " 1 he third alleged libel was in the following words :? "Keuimoie clo.ed veiy effectively with an appeal loi his character, and a picture of the sufferings of his will and family?his giown up daughters ollen suffused in tears by those uttucks on their lather. Some said this was mawkish, but wo considered il good and think it told. We have a different theory as to what the girii were crying for, hut we want state It, lest another dose of Supreme Court Law be administered to us." The defendants put in several pleas, and in relation to the first alleged libel aver that plaintiff on :16th Nov., 1841, caused to be printed in Albany Argus a notice charging on the defendants the publication of false state ments: that said words published by tliein were in reply to and commenting on said notice; that plaintiff for ten years was known to many good citizens ol Otsego coun ty, and had the reputation there of a proud, captious, fee. man, wherefore, he was in bad repute; thatby means of plaintiff' being in such bad repute there, plaintiff'would not liko and did not like to bring action against defend ants for words, kc, in county of Otsego. They also aver in relation to the second alleged libel that plaintiff' ought not to maintain action, kc. because they say de fendants wore editors, kc. and words constituted part of ?n article giving an account of Plaintiff'? suit against de fendants, tried at Ballston Spa., on 0th December, 1813 and aver that on such Uial plaintiff in presence of Judge' Wlllard, kc. spoke words as doscribed; that at the time of such trial Weed's wife and children were sick, not of Cholera, lie., and that Weed was in consequence detain ed, these thing^xsing known to plaintiff'. That previous to said speaking, plaintiff had brought three actions against Weed, one against Hoffman ?i White, and two against all?in one or whieh (Weed defendant) plaintiff recovered $56 on 30th April, 1843; in another against all, $87 on 14th September, 1843; another noticed for trial as above; that plaintiff' had on 1st December. 1843, sued out three writs against Weed, White, kc., all prosecuted by R. Cooper, attornoy, kc., who had them in his posses sion, and showed them by plaintiff's direction to H. Hammond, counsel for W eed, who insisted that Weed should compromise, kc.; who did submit matters between himself and plaintiff to O. Cady, and agreed to sign and publish what ho should direct; all which was known to plaintiff'when he addressed Jury, kc.; wherefore de fendants published. To the third alleged libel defendants aver that plaintiff' ought not to maintain action, kc., be cause,they say that defendants were editors, kc" and aver that at Circuit Court on 9th December, 1843, at Ball ston, Spa, in a suit between them, plaintiff' addressed Ju ry, and did say words [to same effect us charged] and defendants published true account That it is not true that family were suffused in tears for reasons stated by plaintiff, but say that before that time plaintiff had com monccd various actions on frivolous giounds; on 1st Ju ly, 1840, procured indictment against J. W. Webb?on 1st November, 1843, com me need throe actions against T. Weed?on 1st December, 1843, two against Weed, White k Hoffman, and one against Hoffman k White; and had on 1st December, 1843, sued out five capiases against Weed?and these things being known, kc., plain tiff fell into disesteom, kc?and these proceedings and disesteem were, to wit: on the day plaintiff' addressed Jury, known to his wife and family?and his wife and ?daughters and family were for this cause grieved, as well they might; wherefore defendants published. Plaintiff demurs to the different pleas on the following grounds : In relation to the pleas as to the first alleged libel, the grounds of demarrer stated that the matters therein are not a justification of w?rds in first count. Plea does not specify any acts or facts which show that plaintiff was ever justly held in bad repute. The aver ments in regard to reputation of plaintiff are improper and insufficient to show that it was bad. Not certain that reputation as alleged was a consequence of his be ing known. Plea does not sufficiently aver the facts sub stantially alleged in libel that plaintiff was in bad repute, and that such was a consequence of his being known. The causes of demurrer on the socond allegedlibel sets forth generally, that tno matters in the pleas do not show justification, nor specify the several matters intended as a justification; and that somo of the pleas establish other charges against the plaintiff than those in the libel. The grounds ol demurer go on to state that some of the pleas were informal and repugnant, after avorring suits, kc., without averring attorney, kc., refers to said suits which plaintiff'and his attorney had already commenced. Alter avorring, all of which was known to plaintiff' does not state what facts he intended to aver were known to plaintiff'. In relation to the third alleged libel, the causes of de murrer set forth that the plea professes to answer'part only of words in 3d count, and is not a justification of that part, it sufficiently appears from portion of libel lous words which the plea professes to justify, and from other portions ol publication in 3d count, that deliendants in charging plaintiff' with being the cause of affliction, kc., dm not txean or refer to matters set forth in plea, and that reader would not so understand charge. It does not appear that disrepute, kc., and plaintiff's proceedings were known to wile, Stc., at the time when tiiey wept, kc., but the time is evened to lie the day plaintiff'ad dressed the Jury alter tiie alleged sufferings, 't he aver ments that suits and capiases tested on ui^just and liivo lous grounds, and for pretended libellous words are vague and uncertain, and piea should have stated facts winch made tliein so. The acts of plaintiff'alleged in plea are not sufficient cause for suffering, kc., anu aver ments of the ill opinions of others do not meet the charge, such not being ol a character to aff'ect and grieve family? and also tnat acts of plaintiff can not make imputation of them libellous. The plea does not sufficiently designate persons intended by lamily of plaintiff. Gov. Sewaru argued the cause at considerable length on part of the defendants, and cited several authorities which defined the character of libel at considerable leugth. The Court was crowded to excess, when the case was concluded on argument. The decision will be given at the end of the term. Common Plcu. Before Juuge Ingraham. Mat IS.?Libil.?David M. Magi* vi. Levi D. Slamm.? Thii wai an action to recover damage* for a libel, which wa? publiilied iu the late Plebeian newapaper, on the ltfth October, 1?44, reflecting upon the character of the plain tiff.,. The article wa* headed :?"Horace Greeley and Vhur low Weed, Irish Mietionary paid by the Whig Central Com mitt**.?Adopted citizen* look out for the Informer, David M. Nagle." The article proceed! to state that leveral yearn ngo, when the iriih peasantry were oppreued by the tithe lyitem, and ground down by their landlord* and the minion* of the Britiih Government, tho " White boyi," under "Captain Rock," would have *ucceeded in throwing off their ihackjei, had not Nagle, the "ipy," joined them, and betrayed them, and thu* went to Dub lin Cattle and informed againit them ; letting them to tho villainou* " Major Hirr," and hi* equally notoriou* friend, " Swain." Meveral of the poor confiding lriih were iub*oquently pioaecuted by the informer, Nagle, and were tran*ported?*ome to Botany Bay. The article went on to *tate that the plaintiff wa* obliged to (tee to thi* country, and *old him*elf to the whig*. The plaintiff brought the action, alleging that thi* publication wa* a perfect tiuue of falsehood, from flrtt to lait, and obtained judgment, by default, for $500 dam age*, anil six cent* co*t*. Edward Dalian ?*. H'illiam Joyce.?Thi* wa* an action to recover damage* for ilander, uttered by defendant on the 'JOth January, 184ft, againit tho plaintiff. The ilan derou* wordi were ai follow* i?" He (Dalton) itole half a case of linen, and 1 can prove it 1 am the man that told Beat and Leach (two merchanti) that Dalton itole tho money." The word* aa alleged were fully proved on part ol the plaintiff. The dofendant made an effort to allow that ho did not use tho word*, The jury rendered a verdict for plaintiff of $60 damage* and <1 cent* co*t*. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kdmond*. May 1?V?Samuel S. Dougherty v*. Thomat Hop*.? Thi* wa* an action for ejoctment to recovor certain property *ituated in 130th (treet, which was (old under the assess ment. The jury rendered a verdict for plaintiff, subjoct to the opinion ot the Court. General Sessions. May 16.?In consequence of tho sudden illness of His Honor Recorder Tallmadge, and {the imposiihility of getting one of tho Common 1'lca* Judges, there was no Court of Sessions held yesterday. Should the Re corder or one of the ( ommon Plea* Judge* be able to attend tu-day, a Court will beheld. V? S. Commissioner'* Office. Mat 10. ?A aeaman named Charlea William*, ha* been arretted on the charge of endeavoring to create a mutiny, ou board tho barquo Superior, on the 3d February lait, whilst on her peiiage to this pert. Cltjr Intelligence. Mat 18.?Cofi Section.?The individual arrested by Officer Ira C. Smith, named Van Cott, who has assumed the alias of Capt. Pratt, and lin i figured somewhat under J tnfif title, ha# been confounded, from his taking that title, with Capt. E. W. Pratt, of 14 Nassau street, muth to tl?? dissatisfaction of the latter gentleman, as he happens to bo an honest man, and is touch respected in the com munity. Citt Prison?The Ins and Outs.?MaJlehi Fallon, the netfly appointed keeper of the City Prison, took posses sion yesterday, having been duly qualified, and received from the hands ot Mf. Co*, the keys of office. He im mediately appointed his kefcpers, and when it was known by the prisoners that Mr. Co* was ntf more their keeper, they cheered in their cells with the gretfteit enthusiasm. ttftJt fould it mean i Mr. Cox is a very human# man, and certaiiJy he cannot have been a very strict disci' plinarian, for all thu fttles he made have been disregard ed, and the most glaring af)fs??s have certainlv oeen practised during his term of office, although he has ex erted himself to the best of his abilities, w reduce his keepers to subordination. With some he litis succeededy but the records of the Court of Session* show that the jL have not all been so. The following appointments have been made by Ma lichi Fallon:? Wrn. 8. Roberts, First Deputy : Robert Dooncll, Krnrtlt OP Donne U,Robert Mclntyre, M. Ditchell, John Robbins, LdWard Fiernan, Robert Campbell, Robert 8. Lamorce, Abraham Bogart, and Isaac Edwards; Clapmar, keeper of the Lock-up House at Harlem : Bernard Conway, night watch City Prison. It is hoped that nontj of .Mr. Kallon's deputies will introduce any female into the cell of ony prisoner convicted of u capi tal offence to spend the night with him, or lake liquors and refreshments into his cell and ?tfoM?e witli other felons in the dead hour of the night.?and thai !hi nixtit watch will he watchful?and that good discipline wilibe introduced throughout the prison. i Fiat.?About 6 o'clock yesterday evening, a fire broke out in the house No. 8 Hester'street, but was extinguish ed in the cour e of a few minutes, aiid #Hh?ut doing scarcely any damage Fire Companies No. 11, ll, and several others, were on the spot immediately, it is sup posed the fiie took rise from the effects of a dirty chim ney. The building being frame work, the room ignited instantaneously, but, as usual, the C rot on iu a very short time put an end to its progress. No insurance. Theie have been sevoral false alarms ol lire latterly The City Hall bell rounded for fire in the first district last nigut, but we could not make out thef locality,so wo conclude it to be as above. l*otl?e Oflfloe?'.Ut IS.?The uti Murdkr of Ma. ?ci'i>nr.K at II imoken ? Ahhkst or the Nephew uk the Mukdkhed >Iav, aid the of Virs. 1'ennover.?Our leaders have olready been ap prised of the murder of Mr. Kcudder, at Hohokeu, by fioisouing witii arsenic?of tue arre t of his own sisti r, Mrs. Pensioner, charged with the mur der, and of her havi.ig committed suicide in her ceii by hanging. The first event we announced in advance of all the other city papers, and gave the ful' particulars in relation to the examination.? Althougii investigation was mad* into the mysterious and dreadful murder by Justice John G. Spear, of Hud son county, aided and advised by Mr. 8cudder, the prosecuting attorney, from which sufficient evidence was obtained to induce the belief, that Mrs. I'ennoyer had been aided and abetted by two male accomplices, consisting of her own son, Theodore I'ennoyer, and her son-in-law, William Dean. Justice Spear and Mr. Scudder having received information that the two young men were in this city, yesterday morning came over, and employed officers Relyea and Lalor to search for and arrest the two young men accused of being parlicept criminit with the suicide, Mrs. Pennoyer, in ttie murder of her brother ! After diligent and prompt search, the officers succeeded in arresting Pennoyer in the 8th ave nue, with his carpet bag in his hand ready for a start, and at a house in 8th avenue near 34th st, Win. Dean. D.'s wife was in the room at the time of the arrest, and when informed that her husband was arrested upon the awful charge of murder, she immediately swooned away. The two men were removed from this city to Hudson county jail yesterday afternoon by the officers. Grand Larcent.?Mr. John Elton, from Orange Co. resigned himself to the embraces of Miss Eliza Clark, last night, and while in a state of somnolency, Miss Clark left him to hia slumbers, and is said to have taken with her $50, which was in the pocket of tho slumberer's breeches. She was arrested to-day, by officer Wm. II. Stephens. ? Another.?On the 12th instant, two men named Jo soph Cox, and Patrick McGerkin, entered the store of Mr. James Harrisson, No. 197 Washington street, and while Mr. Harrison was engaged with McGerkin in the office, at the back of the store, Mr. Joseph Cox took a watch worth f30, which was hanging opposite the counter and retired with it. McGerkin soon alter left, and it was not until they had both gone, that the watch was missed. Cox was arrested, and committed by Justice William Wain Drinker, at the Tombs, and Mr..McGerkin's affida vit was taken against him. Bi rolart.?The store of William Adams, No. 198 Chatham Squaro, was burglariously entered, last night, and about Oo gold breast pins, 10 fiuger rings, 3 sets gold studs, 4 pair of earings, ft breast pins, 1 silver guard chain, and other property stolen. Petit Larcent.?Mary Ann Hogarty was arrested and committed, for stealing from Carolinu Brown of No. 70 Chatham street, a bonnet and some other articles of wearing apparel. Symptoms of a Riot in Johnson,?This morning, a rumor reached us that considerable excitement existed at Dry Brook, in Johnson, among the workmen in the print work* of Messrs. Hunt St Taylor, and that a riot was anticipated. On inquiry we learn the following facta:?It ?eem* that one of the owners has gone to |>art* unknown, leaving an amount due the workmen, together with a number ofother debt* unpaid. Yesterday after noon, or this morning, the workmen took possession of the works, being anxious to securo themselves from loss, or supposing that by so doing they would stand a chance of receiving a share with other creditors. From a person who came from the spot this morning, we learn that the greatest excitement exists in the neighborhood, and some fears are entertained, that when the sheriff enters upon his duty of attaching tho property, there will bo an out break. The sherilt'lcft the city about 11 o'clock, for the scene of disorder, accomjianied by officers, for the pur pose of placing an attachment on the property, at the instance of some of the creditors.? ProviHenctTrarucript, May 14. Swindling Operation.?A young man named Williiim Manhein on Monday called at several Market street houses, representing himself as being from Richmond Va., and had come to the city for the purpose of purchasing a stock of goods. He said that his father had recently died, and that he had succeeded him in the prosecution of the business. He laid aside goods to the amount of $5,000, besides purchasing a suit of clothes at a store in Chesnut street, and a trunk of shoes, which he ordered to bo sent to Congress Hall, where he had taken lodgings. Having promised to pay cash for the goods, they w ere accordingly packcd up, and ready for transpor tation, when a circumstance occurred which excited a suspicion, and it was ascertained that he had no funds to settle the bills which he had contracted?but was mak ing a bold attempt to obtain the pro|>erty under false pre tences. The tlrms whom he l>ad serve* jn this manner accordingly had him arrested and taken before .Mayor >lct all. Two heatings of the case were had, but the Mayor not deeming tne evidence of the deiendant'* in ability to pay sufficiently strong, he was discnarged. His conduct altor ar:est was such as to confirm the suspicion which had bee.i a rousod?and while at the police office he attempted to strangle himself with his pocket hand kerchief.?I'Sita. Pott, May 10. Adjournment op the Legislature.?The sixty eighth session of the Legislature?a session of more than usual interest and importance?was brought to a close at four thii afternoon. The whole number of acts passed wa* 367. The act in relation to the canals, passed both houses by considerable majorities; but was returned with the cfcvernor's veto. It was then rejected for the want of the constitutional requirement, a majority of two-thirds of the members present. This bill appropriated the as certained surplus revenue of the canals $17? 000,) after complying, according to the language of this act, with the pledges and guaranties of the act of 184J, and paying $'iOU,OOo to the general fund, lor the preservation or completion of unfinished portions of the ttenescc Valloy and Black River canals,for bringing into use such works on the Knlarged Krie Canal aa the Canal Commissioners shall decide will best promote the interests of the State, and for the reconstruction of certain locks, kc. kc. Much of the legislation of the session waa compreaaed into the closing day a and nights. Such waa the fart in rolation to the railroad bills. All. or nearly all, pome sixteen or seventeen in number, except, we regret to say, the New York and Albany Railroad, became lawa on the last day; among them the bill releasing the New York and Krie Railroad from the payment of the ?3,000, 000 due the State. One of the moat important billa of the session, is tho excise law, which authoriaea the submission to the peo pie of each town, of the question of license or no license, excepting, however, the city of New York. Two bank bills, one for extending for two years the charters of the Commercial Bank of Albany, and the Bank of Rochester, became laws. These bills fully re cognise the individual liabilitv of the stockholder*. Not the least among tho acta of importance, is that "re commending a Convention of the people of this State."? Such ia the title of the bill, although we are not aware that it recommends the measure, further than to provide for taking the sense of the people on the subject, and to direct the time and manner of holding llie Convention, if the decision of the people shall bo in the affirmative.? Upon thia aubject a diversity of opinion and coune pre vailed among the democratic members in both brancne*. While many believed this an inauspicious time for the re organization of the government, and were lusniciou* of a movement so warmly and nearly unanimously urged by the whiga, all were content to submit the question to the preliminary decision of the people, and to be guided bv such decision. As the bill was Anally paaaed. the sense of the people is to be taken at the next annual election, ami if in tho affirmative, the election for delegates will be held on the last Tuesday in April, 1846; the Convention will assem ble on the first Monday in June; the amendments to be submitted to the people at the election in November; and *uch aa are adopted take cffect from and after the 31st Dec. 1846. Among the public bill* which became laws, wore, the act to reduce tho number of town officers and town and county expenses; in relation to the contracts or debt* of railroad companie*; to authorise tho Canal Aoard to grant a re-hearing in certain cases, and to regulate the New York and Brooklyn ferrie*. The Militia Bill was lost.-vf/A?"y gut, May 14. Court r*le?irt*r?THI? Day. Common Pi.xsa?Nos. 9, 57. 68, 90, SI, 63, 44, 66. Ciacuit C?oit-N?i. 71, 78, 7# t? 88 Savjr of the United State*. j Smim or the Lire?10. Pennsylvania, three decks, in commission m a recoir lug shiu at Norfolk. Franklin, two decks, in ordinary at the navy yard, Boston. Coluinbui, two decks, in commission [at 'New York, destined for the East Indies. Ohio, two decks, in commission as a receiving ship at Boston. North Carolina, two decks, in commission as a receiv ing ship at New York. Delaware, two decks, in ordinary at the navy yard, Norfolk. Alabama, two decks, on the stocks at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Vermont, two decks, on the stocks at Boston yirunia, do do do do If o w Vork, do do do Norfolk.1 Rasee?1. I > i f cndence, in ordinary at the nary yard, Boston^ 1 Fbioates, First Class?12. ' nited States, in ordinary at the navy yard, Bolton ' onstitution, in commission in the East Indies. Potomac, in commission?home squadron. Brandy wine, in commission, on her return from East Indies. Columbia, in ordinary at the navy yard, Norfolk. Congress, do do do Cumberland, in commission in the Mediterranean. Savannah, in commission in the Pacific. Raritun, in commission on tlie coast of Brazil. Santee, on the stocks at Portsmouth, New Hamp ?hire. ?Sabine, on the stocks at New York. St. Lawrence, on tho stocks at Norfolk. Fkiuates, Second Class 3. Constellation, in ordinary at tho navy yard, Norfolk. Macedonian, just returned from coast of Africa, and pi iced in ordinary at New York yard. Si.oors or War, First Class?17. Saratoga, in commission. John Adams, preparing for sea at the navy yard, New York. Boston, in commission, coast of Brazil. Viucennas, in commission, destined for tho East la dies. Warren, in commi??k>n, in the Pacific. Falmouth, in commission?home squadron. Fairfield, in ordinary, at the navy yard, Norfolk. Vandalia, in ordinary, at Norfolk. St. Louis, in commission, on her return from East In? dies. Cynne, preparing for sen at the navy-yard, Norfolk. Levant, in commission, in the Pacific. Portsmouth, in commission, in the Pacific. Plymouth, in commission, in tl.e Mediterranean. Albany, on tho slocks, at New i ork. Oormuutown, on the st icks, at Philadelphia. St. .Mary s, in commission. Jamestown, in commission, coast of Africa. SLOOrS OF WAR, SECOND CLASS?4. Ontario, iu commission as a receiving ship, Baltimore Decatur, in ordinary, at ths navy yard, Norfolk. Preble, in commission, coast of Africa. YorLtown, do do. Marion, inordinary, at the navy yard, Boston. Dale, in ordinary, at the navy yard, New York. urius?8. Dolphin, preparing for sea at the navy yard, Norfolk. Porpoise, in commission. Somers, in commission?home squadron. Truxton, in commission, coast of Africa. Bainbridge, in commission, coast of Brazil. Perry, in commission, on her return from East Indie*. Lawrence, in commission?home squadron. SCHOONERS-?7. Shark, in commission, in the Pacific ocean. Boxer, in ordinary, at Boston. Experiment, in commission as a receiving ahlp, Phila delphia. Flirt, in commission as a packet, running between Nor folk and Chagrei. Wave, in commiinjon, on coast survey. Phenix, in ordinary, at Norfolk. On-ka-hy-e, in commission -*s a packet, running be tween Norfolk and Chagres. steamers?9. Mississippi, in ordinary at Boston. Fulton, in ordinary at New York. Union, in ordinary at Washington. Princeton, in commission. Michigan, in commission on Lake Erie Poinsett, in ordinary at New York. Iron Steamer, on the stocks at Pittsburgh, Tn. Water Witch, wator tank at Norfolk. Engineer, tugboat at Norfolk. Store Shits?4. Relief, in commission, Pacific. Eric, in commission at New York, destined for the Pk cific. Lexington, in commission, Mediterranean. Southampton, repairing for sea at Norfolk ; destined for the coast of Africa. Movement* of Travellers. The great impulse in travelling hai so far subsided aa to limit the announcement* of yesterday to far ihort of thoso we have at tho early part of the week recorded.? There are, however, sufficient to show that the South is still contributing to swell the catalogue of visitors to the city, and for whose special comfort we found many of the Hotels reviving those comforts that a sudden tran sition of weather renders indispensable from the varia bleness of a northern and a capricious climate. Many of the Hotels bad to give their stoves and fire places the appcarance as well as the reality of their winter's furni ture. At the American?Dr. Gray, Virginia; M. Case, Philadelphia; A. t'oxe; J. Philu, DaJton and Ooodwin, Boston; 9. F. Sloan, Judge Corston, Js. Duncan,"R.A. Luke, Manches ter; Drake and Oray, Melburn, and 10 others. Astor?Redmond, Boston, R. Blake, George War ner, Troy: J. Campbell, Philadelphia; Charles Mason, Virginia; T. B. Macey, Boston: N. R. Robinson, do; W. B. Clarke, Hagerstown; J. C. Wetmore, N. O.; Bryant and Battey, .Mass; two Dal tons. Boston; Daniel Camp bell, W. B. Kessing, Washington, D. C; Lurman and George Cooke and family, Baltimore; John Barton, Al bany, and 30 others. Citv?Dr. McDufTy and family, Fayetteville, N. C.; C. Briefs, PeekskiU; John Crean, Philadelphia: Hill and Drake, Stonington; J. J. Mathews, Lexington, Ky; Chas. Bars tow, Philadelphia, and 10 others. FRswRt.iit?C. Gregory Niel, F. Gothert, Dayton; H. C. Storms, Philadelpha; D. Griffins, Norwich; Mrs. Hamil ton, Louisville; Mrs. Smith and family, Cleveland; A. G. Styles, Cincinnati; Cherry and Boston, Rochester; W. W. Kelly, Maryland; Buller, Columbus, and IS others. Globe?Thos. Bridges, Boston; W. Walsh, Baltimore; James Brown, Philadelphia, and six other*. Waterlt?Sweet and Parmley, Providence; R. Arai< strong, Mobile; J. L. Storm; Boston; Ed. Robinson, New Bedford. LOST. SAVINGS BANK BOOK, No. 73,64)7. ABOUT the first of the mouth, while moving. The looser is spoor man, but will reward the Under aslibsrally us he e*a. inquire for Dsrul Thorpe, 143 Norfolk street. mU 3t*rt TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD. STOLEN?From the basement hail of No.Hi Houston stieet, on Monday evening, a dark claret Frock Coat. containing a memorandum book and sundry papers, valuable only to we owner. W hoerer will return the lame and said papers, shsll receive the above reward, or whoever will return the memoran dum book and coutents may keep the coat and receive ia addi tion ten dollars reward. The peters can !.? lett at Mi Houston street, or sent through the rout Office, Boi 1806. sstS X'rc G. KENSETTS HOUSE OF REFRESHMENTS, NO. 473 PEARL STREET, new Chatham .treat, New V ork. Harmonic Meeting every Thursday Night. Private Lessons in the Art of Self Defence. jg A FEW Respectshle men (mechanics) can be accommodated with hoard, at 61 Church street. ell >*m WANTED. ONE HUNDRED enterprising Firmer* and Tndssmso, to ?u bscribe tii each, to i>urch*?e a tract of ten thaesead acres of laud, iu oue of the inost pleasant and healthful locations ia America. This land ia of rmy acres* and in the midst of a thriving population. Enterprising men who would like to sr cure a warrantee deed for 100 acres of good land for (Si, are ia vited to call at the Real Estate Market, V Wall *treet. myM3f ec AH NOLI) Bl'FFtTM It CO. TO HOTEL KEEPERS. WANTED?A Situation aa Stewart or Barkeeper, bye young man who Ins had m"iy years siperienea in some of the principal Hotels in this country. Address A. H. M., this office. m!4 Jt'ec T O NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS TnaouoHsfr all ("uKA-rio*.?A person fully qualified by education, and ky lone exjierience iu different |>art* of the United States, Wishes to obtain a suitable situation in any department of a newspaper establishment, be it large or smsll. As he is a practical printer, he would make an effective associate on a roan try P*?r- Ad dress (post-paid) "W. D., at Axford's News-office, Bowery, New \ ork." mli **rc TOBACCO AND SEGARS. 6110GSH EA DS of Havana Srraps, just received per bailee Mudara, suitable for maaufacterers. Alto, a general assortment of choic* rfegart of nrwnn tie*, selected by A. A. 8. oa his last visit to the Havana. Alio, a aew brand of Settsrs, just received per Rapid, com prising of new styles, kc kc-, worthy the attention erthetrade in general. For sale by A. A. 8 AM AN OS, mlfi 2w?rc No. 94 Broadway, up stairs. THE SUBSCRIBER, Sole Agent in the United State* for the well known Wine, received from hi* corveepoedaau at Oporto, nnder the brand* of "TRASH" and TUREJUlCE? liega lenre to caution 'he trade that a quantity of Wine ha* been recently imported into thi* country by soase unprincipled par tie*, to winch the Brand-mark of "PURE JUICE" i* franda lentlv affixed, the said Brand-mark, having been ir*t used and appropriated many yean *mce, by the hoase of Osbora Brother* of Oporto, before it was adopted by any other persoe whatao erer, and according to universal commercial custom, ao othtf party posstasing the right to a*e the same without their consent. 1'urt.hssers of this description of Wine, who desire an article that will improve for any number of vears. and not become metamorphosed into vinegar in six months, will ihjwore pljsas* roticethat the genuine article bears the brand of TTvASH m addition to that of "PURF. JUICE," sml may mly that the quality will continue to maintain that envied superiority which ha* invited a dishonorable imitation of the b~d-thetnhete which rice pay* to virtue. 'JJ N OMlORN, myliJt'm ^ Wall atreet, over Peir*. N()T1CJ> S HARRIS ?c OO. heg leave to aancnnce to their friaed*. ? patrons, and the |>u?ilic in general, that they having lately returned from Europe, hare resumed businees against their old stand. LW Water street, comer of Maiden Lane, tn their usu al line ot Tassels, Gimps, Fringes, Silks, Fors, Cap Cloths, and a general variety of Trimmings, whereof a good assortment will be found at the above place. Country merchants will nad it to thsir advsntags to sail, mylift'eo -