Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 17, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 17, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 134?.Whole No. 4090. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 17, 1845. PrtM Two Cents* THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS CORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. ' Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 3 cenU per copy?f~ 25 ]>er annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY IIERALD?Every Saturday?Prico cent* I per copy?$3 12} cents per annum?payable in advance. | ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?alwnys cash in advance. PRINTING of all kin da executed with beauty and despatch. (ff/- All letters or communication*, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subsaription money remitted JAMES OOKDON BENNETT, Propriktor or thk Nkw York Herald Estahlkhmrnt Northwest comer of Kulton and Nassau streets TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. , KXMAN" nONKKH PACKET LINE, _ T' n I to . ?UUbur*h via the Pennsylvania Kail r?M ,.al Laud?through III 3), days. Tin- above line in now i.i I ill operation ftud offers mat inducement* to persous who wish modi'-of travellingto the west. 1 lie can an? built in the most approved modern style, the Do its are fitted up in a superior manner, and every effort is made \ tne proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenience JriJL1!1 i ?B,#o *c?oery on this route is unrivalled, and the treat chain of I euii*yl vunia internal improvements is well wor tnv ol being seen. By tlii.H route passeugen avoid all the fatigue* and dangers at tendant upon stage travelling, and at the same time make an ex peditious trip. The esr.i If'.rp every morning at 7 o'clock. Passenger* are ad \ to engage their placet at PhiU-lphia. Office in Philadcl pi"-1 IV. E. corner of Chesiiut aud Fourth street*, and at No?. 13 and l > South Third ?t,. A. CUMMIN^S, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17. 181i. ' B ror iniormatiou, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNlHELL. Agent lor ,, H. LEECH & CO.'s Liue. 7 Writ xt, N. R. niyI7 inn rrc h ARK Si JO.?Regular Opposition Line he ??'tween 1 hiladelphia and Baltimore, from the :f-?-*-*-luv?<-r side of Chesiiut ?treet Wharf, every IVJoruiug, Suudays excepted, at 7 o'clock, through in 9 hours, via hesaiienke and Delaware Canal, and connect with all the lines south and west from Baltimore. On the Delaware, On Chesapeake Bar Steamer PORTSMOUTH, Steamer t/iOS. J eWkR a i 1*^- Dj'voe. SON. Capt. Phillips. Anil through the Canal, a distance of 13 utiles only, are first rate packet boats. Iii fact the accommodation by this line, both for speed and e0m ,>rtl ri1"41 to !t>7 Mher llne l^twean the two citiea. Philadelphia, April 17, 1845. ? , . MORRIS BUCKMAN. Arent, . 2'_n "? Office No. 30 Soutn Wharves. A Wfev /SOI THE MOs'i1 DELIGHTFUL OK ALL EXCUR8IONS.?A tail across the Hudson , ? "? , , Hiver to lloboken, and then a walk to the ,1 > ?, Lit '' i along the exceedingly beautiful and picturesque shores oi the place, will prove the inost easily accomplished and attractive ol all rural excursions that can be made from the 'l iie Grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees being "'I?11 ?; I'll the soil covered with a rich turf. i t, , ? iare in excellent vrder, having been considerably embellished the present spring. U he !? erry Boats from B irclay, Canal and Christopher streets are completely fitted up with Awnings and seau. Night Boat* ruu from Hoboken to Barclay street! until 11 o clock Ferriage, 6*4 Cents* myll 2wis?ra PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS KOR ALBANY a'WKJ fiG1 DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Through Di 3 at 7 o'clock P. M., from tile Pier lietween -(.'Oiirtlaudt and Liberty ?tieets. ,, ~7,,V.:' ?u 1 41111 "lueny streets. Steamboat ROC11KS1 Kit, Cantaiu II. (i. Cruttendon, will leave ou Mo <1ay. W ediimsday and Friday Kveiiiugs, at 7 o'clock. Steimboat hNlCKLltBOCKJLK, Captain A- Houghton, will ave o I Jl uesday. Thursday and Saturday evenings, at7o'clock. At j o clock r. M., lauding at intermediate place, From th* foot vs v utri) aurcfc. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain L..W. Brainard, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday After noons, at 6 o'clock. steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. W. H. Peck, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons. at i o'clock. Pdrfseiigers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in ample time for the Morning Tram of Cars fer the east or west. The Bolts are new and substantial, ?re furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed aud accommodations are un rivalled on tlie Hudson. Freight taken at moderate ratea. All iiersons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. Kor passage or freight, apply on board the boata, or to P. C. Sehultz, at the office on the wn trf. ? ml2rc .M AV FERRY FUR STATEN ISLAND. > /a?l,T The fast sailing steamboat WAVE, Captain C^i: ---"Si- I nf Vanderbilt. will, on aud after Sunday, leave telniiir I'ier No. 1 East Kiver, foot oi" Whitehall street, every II-v tt 11 and II o'clock, A. M., and 3 and 6 o'clock, P. M l.eave Stat en Island at > aud 10 o'clock, A. M., and 1 aud i o'clock4 P. M. ff /' Fare cents. Freight m proportion Landuig at rouipkiusville and Sta|>lelon each way. On Huudiys the boat will leave every hour. N. B.?By patronixmg this host the public will have the far< e t a price in proportion to other Ferries. Kor further inform.i liun. i i' uire H I hoard the boat, or at 10 West St. my 17 lm-er \LW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. AA I-Plt ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. &? \ i ?- ?The steamboat EMPIRE, Cat>tain R. B ? 'III r Mary, will leave the foot of Courtlandi stn-et, on this, ^arurdavevening, at 7 o'clock. The Empire, owing to her light draught of water, will be ena bled at all times to pass the bar, and reach Albany and Troy it ample time to take the morning train of cars going aaat or wnt. hur I'usage or Freight apply ou board, or to C. CLARK, at tli - ollice on the wharf. nH7 rc 4&6T .. NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New Jr<3Kyy,ork, Lme?Ppaitively first Regular Packet, to sail ?MMMM.^Iooaay, lJth instant?Tlie elegaut, fast sailing Packet Ship SaiITKLlE, Capt. Taylor, will positively sail as above, her regular day. f'ur freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo dations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st? or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 36 South at. rositively no goods received oif board alter this (Saturday) evening, 17th instant. Passengers will please be on board, at Orleans wharf foot of Wall street, Monday uiorniug, 19th instant, at 12 o'clock, at w hich tune the ship will sail. Agent in New Orleans Mr. JAMES E. WOODRUKK, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. ml7ec 44j? NEW LINE OK PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL KryjV?Pncket of 21st May?'Thesn|?ndid and favorite pack Sfcf ^.et ship UL EEN OK THE WEST, 1100 tons buAheu, J apt tin Philip VVoodliouse, will sail on Weduesday, May 21? her regular day. The ships or this liue being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons about to embark for the old country will not fail to see the ad vantages to be derived iroin selecting this liue in preference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient thau ships of a small class, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin, aud steerage passen gerj, it is well known, are superior to those ol an^ other line ol packet*. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Burling Slip, or to W. Ht J. T. TAPSCOTT At their general passage office. South street, rol.lrc corner of Maiden Lane. LONDON LINK OF FACKKT8?The splendid ?ffd fate sailing packet ship NORTHUMBERLAND, ?It. H. Onswold, master, will sail on the 19th May.het day. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, iiersons about to embark should make early application to the subscriber. JOSEPH M".MURRAY, ? ? . , , lMPine street comer of South. P. S ?The favorite packet ship Gladiator, Captain Bunting nviiter, will succeed the above, and sail on the 20th of May' her regular day. r>4 rc ,u4,Yki,m^rLLl^Ka(!.K PAJ KETSt-l'acketol sltiveiy * ill as above; her regular day. Having very superior acconimodationa for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, iiersons desirious to embark by this sn perior packet, should make early application on board, foot ol Mmle.i Lane, or to the subacriber, JOSEPH McMURRAY, ... fine street corner of South ?i*et. 1 he packet shin Independence, I". P. Allen, maater, will sue CI III tlie I strick Henry, anil sail on the flth of July. mire 1"VKRl'OpL?New Line?Regular Packet JVof the 86th May?The elegant fast sailing Packet Ship atSIIERI DAN, Capt. A. K. De Peyste" of 1100 tons, ?til as above, her regular day. r freight or |<as?age, having accommodation une?]aalled for ;lor and comlort, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot all stieet, or E. K. COLLINS It CO.. M South .treat. Price of passage Slim. Packet Shio Oarrick, Capt. B. J. H. Trask, ol 1100 ton?, will succeetl tlie Hherul-u,, jun, d?y. KTKL'H..,'l.yK?L'.>,?L-The New Line?Regulai I alL'l wW-"f.rr.T?*'.*1 "T.r",r ^ '"ill"* Packet Shil UIIEEN Ol' I HE WEST. 1260 tous burthen, Capt rninp vy oodhousr, w ill sail as above, ner regular day. for In iicht ?>r passage, Kaviu^ splmdid, large and comfortable jif?f?j rooui* auu cabin, afip y to tlie Captain on board, west sid* ltwiliug Slip, or to VVOODHULL li MINTUrtNS, Price of passage ?IOO. 17 8o?"' *"*? The Packet Sinn Rochester, IWO tons Canmin Ink. Drin?. tTil'lr'^-w^of ,he w^' -J .."Ch^^uijr;; second cabin passengers can also lie accommodated at I lie u.u.i steemge rates. I desirous ol securing lierths shoulil IT immediate application 011 board the ship, at pier No fi N It?. . loot ol Rector street, or to JOHN HERDMAN ?l South street. PACKKT KOR .\1ARSEILLk*.-The new shi'i ? rH MCE DE JOINVlLLFj, Captain will sail on the 1st proximo. The accommodations I cngers will he equal to those of any or the Packeu o( Ibr port, hor freight or passage, cabin or steerage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN it I'HFM'S, or to "'V'""- BOV I) Si IIINCKEN, Agents.' and suitable veasels~t~o freight Mf Jj!V . * hijadelphia and Bristol to Boston, Provi jaMMfc-'leuc. .Saco, Norwich, Allen's Point, On-enport, Mart lor", .New Mjddleton. Albany, Troy and other p.^. I liehighest price will and constant employment givm. Apply to raCOSRICK TYLER k CO., ? _ 6 Wall afreet,'or , . . E. SAKFOIID It <:o!. aifi lni_re ?? IWfcMwe. Pl..l?A.|nki. FOR U L A8< JO W.?Re^?i?HPafir? ?^The~weH MrfV known, fast sailing Britiah Banine ADAM CaSh fWAf Hcott master, daily eipected.*?,M ^withqmck despatch, ror Ireight, aiiply to quica invtsee WOODHULL It MINTURN8, _!LT 15T: WW ?.,h WtA. KoR LIVERPOOL?Kirst ParkeT xT,.;_^Tr ^>;l'l"?,l"ln'^t "'IIIlug packet ship YORhAiRK T" 'I'1"1'1 ""'n ? Wl11 I'ositively sail on the 16th Mav l or passage, having unsurpassed accommodations in eah... and steerage, apply to JOHN MERDMAn . mlr? 61 South st'reet. , ftl; .?'??. HAVRE. - The French Brig OTIIII.IA ' adne, has the major part of her cargo going *???? f ; l"'lW,n ?}' (le,T"'h*<' on or ?*"?" the for freight ol light goods, apply to Til ec BOYT5 k H1NCKEN, Agenu. 14 lin*ec Mni.liad'to jrntkmr"i!!!i rUir^'00"1' T<,ry "??!/ fur ? 117 "?"*'"?? <>r nii({l^ Kpntlimeo, A MKCtoiM^n11 LEA8E. ?!2!2L ?tn*t containing about 12 ?,?i??hnf>ii||!ith ?renne ??<"M .premie, a Fri^e Dwdlf? -d J&? U ?" <>? ?..^,F| - ? itt Naaaau it. ?. r.;.AKCe??,lS?l<i "r??w enmnce ^r^giiiihar'?1 sssn f"i*~s ?? -jj r.ciSiras?a ""?'?! iw^ss "XsrHtor/v'. ? l-'OK SALE" M?~ nrw Uulonr/<k' ~Ne w*J?Lli? mj'M Morri*. half hour. rid. from tlw-Titv T!" " thre*M,d ?Ui TilR SITl?ari7Tin7^7r-s *" **ery description ; ciiuire double fiahft.? r*n booae Pljnta of do.e.i orb each, am one? X>h wHI h. m. *3 f" the firnt premium* and li??? n!\Jj h?1ma"y that hare taken by any Krower in thi. >?.?iu,l|.d them fresh every dav dtirinir ?L' nave s|>ecimeits of Will be Ideaied to hire thoae who .rV?f" V ''i? ?**"? ''"re, and flowers, call at either nlm. ... i ? ?2? these charmiiiL' queu tastefully arranged at all ithcIIVle,Ve* ISOO plant* will taienface^l ,U.?t ?Ur Dal.lia Sale ol "?%??'?%DUNLaP &*('VrmAN,du* 6^3 Broadway. Sy.tem. Term* moderate Aaalyiintf ?nd luductire <l!,^,,ln,'?rrtirAccordron f"r.ale. I '.MMd?te,,i? ?u WUMtioQt No. Si Chryitie day andereninK, aa follow.._ "emawhlp la uow open Hour, for Gentlemen from 6 to 8 A M Rmil"tone."^ **? ^own o^'app^tfon^o Mr aSfiS??S5UX ft - iioR8tsr~^~~ ^ /0/{ SALE. to, Hot J "???M . street. ' ,,*rUcu'4r?. enquire at Jone.' Stable, 297 Fourth SCHOOL ~ YTK w. Hr^ISBROWU?!hmiI L,,lfar,'tte Place., ^iou8Mi^M^ <8u^^?fora?i^!^ Hours for Ladies c _ . m. Hour, for Cmitleman'from R ?? j i to 3 P- M. d^.nn.,^Tow,,"to7 P" M rade, to let. * V trained and quiJt Hmw. fo^Sw Road and Pa t meouwitirjlru';. Whole ?ea?iMi or for* shorter for The ? the Paril ion erery day frot^UTn ?^;?r*2c*rd,w,l1 ^ ,0?">d Hotel at all other b?..?y " 12 t0 1 o cluck. "d ? the Glooe Z^^TERS- HOTEL ^ rPHE SUBSCli 1BKR'^?T*T*:n ISLAND. A public, that he i. now^e/ifv !* '?orni*fr'>,,d*and the cuu-Fr.i.S.'v'KE'; VSSSiS"""1''"'1 1 tt??,Kl1i!r" ????.'? "Kter 'lent, and Mraniters. The Cottuv fa of " south of the r. rli siin v.V?,u*f " 'I'Kibly aituated. a few rr t>rand atiWt Ferri? F-err> '"*d. eotlv?u'f"t to the l/oult",? new of the R .y, Srw VoriTand B^intl ?Dl1 ntend tached to the COTTAOK a hT?i. ?" i j f f h*T* ?',0 1 "lent PromeiMdea, lira., PlanT fi ^U r four mo,t delightful aimm" retort to whne .w.T.'r f. '11* the refreahinc brreze. of the B?v Th.. * . our* *""<1 U richly worth . vi/it. bein^ tl? be.t nw^ MP8,CAL CLOCK fc'X'd'*''''''' R r_ .? ... ' nirniscMHl. "" ?"?r* oe promptly iftgVwfrffifcB SALT'WATKR' b'at'iI's-ik'Y hllr,' finpe" mi-u-a Hou" | mm urw i.i ; HANDHELD It HO?l-T. T rrcVptioo of pupiU^iT^^^^P'^.rejdy forth.' I from the c. lebrated watering Pu? fMr ?Tl "f0'' m''??? Where .teamen ply daily from th^' ? ?'t*, from Hed Uank, calculakd to gire a .ound practical ^due?,i u >B it u dfnt to purine any hu.iiie.i 1'*?l"c?t,on1 qualify the ?tq. Terma, per annum, tlOO, inclu'diiikr all inHUL C. C *"*'*e ?ud atationerv. ' U1"K ?" mcideataU, except bed. fe^^cuT^ ,!??*?? Al?, . M 131 .treet W w,,h ">? ???cher may be had ' a!2 !m*i II a Q nr. J?R BRADSHAIV N OlSce from 300 B ro^Vw^y'toh"^ ln?11,?*u? L - ? \TOTI('K._Thi^lN r -OHTsAmc^^ ^ " now t. No In HAVE REMOvS ^IAJ LLAKD <Sc CO. H srrEET, (h^JSsmi 98 to No' "* PKARL j myi 2w*ec M %%WSikl MU>|CATEd'VAPOUR AND 8UL ,1M Fulton .treet, we.t of"Brl^a'dwlv'0?! No <.'EtJ Br0il<iway to Lhru?.r:?eul,#o'c,ock ?se '^jr, m3" lm ce MONEY LENT. THK Subscriber has removed to 423 Pearl, comer of Rose street, where he continues to low money on any amount ou dry goods, gold and lilver watches, nlate, jewelry, diamonds, fur niture, wearing apparel, and erery description of persmial^iroper Licensed Pawnbroker, 423 Pearl, corner ol' Rose strrat. N. B.?Persons may be received in the pnrate office by rmg inn the ball at the half door. a30 lm'rc MONEY TO LEND. ABRAHAM J. jackson, Pawn Broker, M Read* street, near Broadway, loans money, in large or small sums, as may ue required, on gold and silrer watches, diamonds, silver plate, jewelry, dry goods, furniture, wearing apparel and merchuiiliie, of every description. a30 lm*rc BOARDING AT 27 COURTLANDT STREET. GOOD BOARDING, with pleasant rooms, for single gentle men. Likewise, a handsome furnished parlor with bedroom ?djoining, suitable for a genteel family?by my13 lm*rc MKS. OEKE. 27 Courtlandt street. BOARDING. 'PO LKT.?Splendid uewly furnished apartments, compris J. ing llrd roams and Parlours, with Inlt board, for families. Also, single and double bedded rooms, with Breakfast and Tea, for single gentlemen. References required. Apply at 411 Houston street, near Broadway- myll lw*rrc QUART ERMAN & SON, PAINTERS, NO. I* BURLING SLIP, Nr.w Yoa*. Hovsic, Stos ahd Sitir PAiHTiKfi, UlAiMlta, MiliUKO tss 0 Latino ALSO?LEAD HASHES. Ko* ('huhches sun Oothic Butuoinos, mads to ordbk. n>4 lm*ec GALVANIZED IRON AND TIN. Galvanized sheet ikon and tin, a very su ptfiorirtklf, wimiHcd ihk to nut. MMi Tta PlUi. shee Iron, JfliiMin Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, Zinc, Scotch una A met ricw Pig Iron, for atle by CA8S & WARD, myl3 3vn+ec No. 71 Broad ?tr#et IlO HUH AX MANUFACTURERS. BORA* FIXTURES FOR SALE-A Complete apparatus for manufacturing Borai, Boilers, Vats, kc., and a receipt to manufacture the same with tlie latest improvements. Also a Manufactory to let. Enquire of ml? lw*ec JOB JACKSON, 113 Water st. IRISH BLACK MARBLE. O(U) TONS Large site Blocks, entire cargo of British .bnr'ut Victoria, eipected daily toarrive from (1*1 way, and for sale by TEH-shr. fc BROOKS, No. ? ami <7 Nassau street. BLACK OXIDE OF MANGANESE. 10,000 *npe,ior j"" r PERSSK It BROOKS, wiHec No. 63 and 67 Nassau street. in (UUt LBS. old FILES, but little used, for sele. 1 Also, a lot of Hie Steel and Tools for Kile making, worthy the attention of manufacturers and smitha. Ap ply at No. 166 Water steet. my!3 lm*rc HANGING PAPER. 12,000 LbBys-Brown ml4ec No. U and IT Nassau street. Morton. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Boston, May 12,1845. Ft ret in Button?Incendiaries Plenty and Bold? Negro HiU in Flames?Great Scarcity of Water? Argument for Pure Water?How the Money-bags view it?'ilieir Projected Meetings?A Boston Trait Exemplified?Mr*. Barrett'? Benefit?No vel Introduction of lur Portrait?Great Movement in Phonography?Benefits of Early Rising?John Q. Adam? Examjtle? Caleb Cushing's Prospects ?Matrimony, Politics and Religion. Ding, ding, ding, ding, fire, fire, fire, fire, is the order of the day here now, and of the night too, for that matter. Incendiaries are at work in Boston; the city is beset with them, and the boldness of their exploits surpasses all that we luve ever had of the kind before. Yesterday, just before the hour of the afternoon service in the churches, a carpenter's shop at the South part of the city, near the Providence and New York Railroad Depot, was set on lire by some rascal or other, and by that means some thirty or forty hotlBs, including one church, were burned. It is ?j? id that the chap has been caught. Lnstnight the bells were agoing pretty much all the time, and tires took place in various parts of the city. Several unsuccessful attempts were also made to Bet tire in stables and other places. At day-light this morning, a lire was set in Garden Court, at the west |?rt of the city, which burned several valuable .brick houses belonging to the estate of the late Governor Win throp, and quite a number of old wooden tenements occupied by negroes. The locale of this conflagra tion is in the centre of the former Five Points of Boston, Negro llill, as it is called. The neighbor hood is very much altered from what it used to be, and a large portion of the present inhabitants are highly respectable. The site is a high hill at the western part of the city; and tor pleasantness of situ ation, goodness of water, salubrity of air, A;c., it is decidedly the pleasantest jwrt of Boston. It opens to the westward on Charles River and the pleasant country beyond. The occurrence of these fires has illustrated with great force the very general want of water in many parts of our city, and so far will do good in enforc ing the necessity of adopting the water act at the town meeting on Monday next. The season here is uncommonly dry, the wells being very low, many of the cisterns exhausted, and the streetsasdry as pow der. All this is very unusual for the spring of the year with us, as we generally have a superabundance of moisture at this time of the year. Vegetation around Boston is absolutely suffering for the want of rain, and the faces of the gardens look blank. But we shall have some soon, in all probability. In the meantime our thirsty cits are clamorous for pure water, and their parched mouths are continual ly in action, advocating the necessity of adopting the water act. Some meetings were to be held in op position to the scheme during this week, but it is now thought that they will not be held, as the move ment would be most odious in the present excited state of the public mind, and might provoke personal violence upon the gettsrs up thereof. Old Money bags is a great coward, you know, and will shrink from an act when personal consequences are to be apprehended, though no promptings of conscience, or considerations of public good would produce any molifying effect. So bent are these pampered em bodiments of dollars and cents in coining money out of the drops wanted to slake the thirst of our citi zen;', that they even resort to slander to carry their objects, and absolutely assert that the numerous fires now taking place in the city, are set by the instiga tion of the friends of the water act! O, tempora, O, mores! The Boston folks are a funny set of people, any way. All of a sudden they will start up some fami liar affair that has been among them forever, and aye, unnoticed, and get up a perfect fever of excite ment upon it. That is the way they have done with temperance, anti-masonry, pure water, and last, though not least, with Mrs. Barrett, the actress. Just now she is almost deified among the theatre iioers, and at her benefit at Kimball's Museum, on Thursday evening last, the theatre was thronged to its utmost capacity, by her enthusiastic admirers, while hundreds were turned away from inability to accommodate them. The play was the Lady of Lyons, which she did well, considering the m diocre abilities of her Claude. In the portrait scene, a most beautifuj and accurate jikeness of Mrs. Bar rett was unveiled to the astonished gaze of the audi ence. This new feature was hailed with rapturous applause, and for a few moments the firm set walls of the Museum seemed to quake with the tumultu ous manifestations of approbation. Young Ball, an artist pf great merit, iminted the portrait, and the flattering reception which the work of his pencil re ceived, must have sent such a thrill to his heart, as only toiling genius can know, and that but Reldom. He is thus, by this fortunate incident, placed on the full tide of fortune, and I would say to him?Dum mvimus, vivamus ; that is, "go it, while you're young." This morning, at six o'clock, Messrs. Andrews and Boyle opened the first of their new classes in Phonography, and with good success. There were some hundred pupils present, who took hold of the new science with great avidity. This idea of morn ing classes, before breakfast, is rather a new one among our sluggish cits, though it is common at Universities in this country and in Kurope. It is a first-rate plan, for it induces early rising, and in the morning the mind is fresh and strong, and better able to grapppie with the difficulties of a new science. The celebrated John Quincy Adams is a noted instance of the benefits of morning study. I am told that he rises every morn ing before day light, and after a wholesale ab lution in cold water, studies until breakfast time.? The immense amount of lore, sacred, profane, po litical, philosophical, material and mental,with which he has thus crammed his brain, should be a stimu lus to our young men "to go and do likewise."? What fools fojks are to sit up until midnight, and then lay soaking in bed until seven or eight o'clock in the morning, thus losing the best portion of physi cal and mental existence ! Give me a morning sun, fresh breese, and clear head, rather than me lamp smoke, foul air,and turbid brain of" midnight study. There is a rumor in town that Caleb Cashing is to bo sent Minister to Mexico in place of that thick headed pork-eater, Shannon, if the latter has not cut off all communication by his bungling course.? Cushing's appointment would be a good one, for he is an able diplomatist, a sound state.-man, and a man of strong common sense. The ladies, however, would regret it. for he is a first-rate marriagable man, and they would hate to lose his society. But if ru mor is to be credited, Ohleb is not now a Celebs, for he has fixed his affections upon a sweet Harper of Maryland, whose notes have a golden tinge to add to the charms of her mental and personal accomplish ments. But, mirabile dictu, she is a Catholic, while Caleb is a straight-laeed PuriUin, and unless he for swears the laitn of "fader-land" and migrate to Ma ryland, he pannot have her. A sojourn in Mexico might facilitate the transmigration, and, doubtless, Caleb's efficiency as a diplomat in the city of Monte zuma, would be increased were he a faithful son of mother church. I hope he will get his wife and his mission. Yours, Guv Fattx. Difficulties in Lincoi * County.?The difficul ties Itelwcen the H emulators, as they are railed, and a not of obnoxionn pei aon* in Lincoln county i* becom ing a sellout affiir. The difficulty ha* now extended to a portion Of the citir.em of St. Charle*. Two of the Reg ulator* were rccnntly wounded in an attack upon tho Tnrnbulla. The two Turnhull*, who were *oriou*ly wounded in the itme affair, were removed to St. Charle* and are "aid to be racovering. A man named Callaway, one of the persona who had been ordered to leave the connty, win found on the road loading from Troy to Cap-au-Ori*, a few day* a^u, killed, with three ball* through the body. The Circuit court for Lincoln coun ty ?it? thin week,but It i? doubtful whether even the pow er of tho court can put a atop to these outbreaka. The sheriff ha* been threatened with violence if he attempt* to execute procea* on certain persona, and If the grand jury should undertake to inve*tigate tho ?uhjeet, it i* doubtful whether the attendance of witnesses can t>e en furred. A number of the most resectable citlr en* of the county are enliated upon the aide of (he Regulator*.? The difficulty originated in the detection, laat winter, of an organized band of counterfeiter* and horaa-thiove*, and the persona whom the Kegulatora hare ordered oil' are supposed to b? Identified with the?e.?St. l.ouii Hrr. May 7. Kiot on the Mounts Canal.?There have been painful rumors within a day or two of a serious not among the laborer* employed in enlarging the Morri* ( annl in tha vicinity of l)over, in Morri* County. Tho "Jersey man"received thi* morning',aupplie* uawitli what appear* to be a correct report of the outbreak. The Company into whose hand* theCanal ha* recently paiaed, contracted early in tho aeaaon with certain perion* to re pair and enlargo it. Tho Contractor*, it appear*, under let the work in section* to nib-contractor*, who employ ed some two thounand hand* on the whole line, and the riot wa* commenced toward* tho cloae of laat week by that portion of them at work in tho viclnitv of Dover.? In ooataquence of the unexpected delay, the opening of the Canal will be neceaaarily deferred some daya beyond the appointed time, probably to near the middlo of June. I'TiTSRrRrt ^npFKRKHK.?The total amount of mo ney received by llenry Karl, Kan., the Treaaurer of the lie lief Fund, for tho luflerer* at Pittiburg, wa?, on lues day laat, *113,307 01. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judgo Kdmonds, and Aldermen Henry and Sea man. M. C. Paterson, Esq., District Attorney. May 10 ?Case of Murder.?John M. Jones, a native of Wales, a rather respectable looking man, well dressed with a mild expression of countenance, was placed at tho liar, charged with tho wilful murder of William Liv ingston, (a colored man) by stabbing him 'jn tho neck 18*4 B ln Cnnul streot, on the night of lHth August, Messrs. Brady and Warner appeared for the prisoner. Mr. oHADr.--Bt,f(>re we proccea to swear the jury. I wish to havo it understood that wo intend to chaliougo each juror who presents himself, to the favor ; and to have it also understood, that the District Attorney will follow a similar course, in order to save timo. Mr. Paterson.?Wo havo no objection at our side to get a Jury as easily as wo can. Several jurors were set aside, on the ground of enter taining religious scruples as to finding a verdict of guilty in a case of murder, whure death would bo tho penalty ; and, also, on tho challenge for favor, and on the ground of formation of opinion. The following jury were then sworn Lewis Doty foreman; Kreeinan Darby, Phillip Bush, Josiah Dodge, Nathan C. My, Simeon Baker, John Duff, Stephon More house, Charles Hatfield, John L. Smith, Robert Curtis, William M. Ely. ' Tho prisoner wns hereupon duly arraignod. r . ^"Im opened tho case, detailing tho facts that will bo found in evidenco. Tho prisoner at the bar stood charged with having followed the deceased on tho the night of the murder, 18th August last and camo behind him, saying, " this is tho d-ned scoundrel, that raised up the muss with us on Sunday night last; and so, I shall fix him"?upon which ho stabbed him with' a knife in the neck, from which wound ho came by his death. ^ He was a light colored man. Sarah Smith, (colored,) sworn?Examined by Mr.

1 ATTtBio.i-1 remomber tho night of tho murder: I went to a porter house in Centre street, right opi>osito Canal ?treet; I saw Livingston standing at the door of the por ter houso ; I saw threo men come round tho corner; ono of them said, "That is the damned son of a bitch that was mussing with us on Saturday night :? Livingston then walked oft the stoop, and I folio wad him ; he was stabbed in tho neck: I think Jones was the man that stabbed him; I saw tho knife glitter; ho (Ihe prisoner) misod his arm; at tho timo prisoner Jkickod him first; it ? as after twelve o'clock a considerable; he had a red shirt on, with tho sleeves tucked up; lie had on panta loons which I cannot swear was white or dark; he had no coat on; I saw no man after this, until I got to tho corner ol Orange and Orand; Livingston was a barber Cross-examined by Mr. Brady?I am about 26 years old I cant say how long I havo been rin Now York- I earn my bread to get a living; 1 now work for tho State during the last two months. ' Mr. Brady?Did you not, Sarah, live inhouse? of pro stitution for the last five years I Witness?I think that a very ungentlemaftly question to put to any folk of susceptibility. (Shouts of laughter) I'd have you to know, that colored folks havo suscepti hie feelings, well as other folk. (Renewed roars of laughter.) Mr. Paterson?What hns this to do with the case 1 A witness is not bound to mako any disclosures that mav criminate himself. Mr. Brady?That may be very true ; but it is anestab lished principle, that tho fact of a woman o< bad charac ter, being in the habit of living in and fre.iueutimr houses or ill fame, it goes a good deal to impeach her cre dibility. Cor rt?That is very true. Mr. Paterson?Do you decide so, your Honor ? Coiht?Certainly. Mr Paterson?Well, I shall send to my office for au thority to show, that the witness is not bound to answer anything to criminate herself. i'n a flu"T)?I'd have yes to know, that if I was itself; do von think that any ono would come here and swear to what was not true '?(Laughter.) Mr. Brady?Well, we shall leave this part open and proceed with the examination. Where did you eo wit ness, after you saw the man knockod down ? ' Witness?I went down to corner of Orange and Orand streets; I could distinguish the faces of the men by the light from the store; it was quite bright; I never saw Jones before that night, but his faco I am not sure of; I think Jones was in his shirt sleeves; I am not mistaken about it; 1 saw a man in the gas house, and also a watch man, after the occurrence; I was in the prison; I saw Jones at the police office; I can't swear he had on at that time a red shirt. Jambs Manga* examined byMr.PATERsoN?I worked at ?<JU,e a the ft-1 ni,,? >carH' 1 ^collect the night of tho murder; this occurrence took place about half past ono o'clock; the deceased came to the door of the gas house, with his hands leaning at each side of the doorpost: I think he said ho was stuck or struck- 1 saw something glittering about his person: I think it was the blood; he elevated both his arms, and then lell upon the floor; I put him out upon the sidewalk, and some of the watchmen came up; 1 gave a bit of cloth to stop it; the wound was inflicted on the neck. John Oaltin examinod by Mr. Paterson.?This wit ness, who is also emploved in the gas house, testified he was present with the lust witness when the deceased rushed into the gas houso; Livingston asked for a doetor and said some person stuck him; I went for Dr. Sweeny ffft t!? . J ? H""br??k; 'he man was not dead when l' ji ' traced the blood to tho north west corner of Elm hnnfi 8'ro?";.an<1,t?'? Public hydrant which i* oppo site houso No. 18 Canal street; 1 saw near the hydrant a largo quantity of blood there; the man was taken away from the gas house, and was alive; Dr. Hasbrook and the watchman accompanied him. Cross-examined hy Mr. BaADT-When the deceased camo to the gas house he said distinctly tome person or persons stuck him; and not struck him. I believe this is what I swore to before the Coroner's jury. I dont think I said that he used the word "struck" instead of "stuck."' Dr. Hasbrook's written deposition, taken before the Coroner i jury, describing tho appearance of the wound upon the deceased's neck, and attributing his death to that wound, was put in and admitted. Dr. Rawsom, Coroner, examined?I held a post-mortem examination on tho body; the wound was an inch in length cut in the carotid artery. A large quantity of blood flowed from the wound. The wound appeared to have been made by a sharp instrument. The cut was deep and had penetrated ns far as the cervical vertebra Officer Cockakair examined by Mr. Paterson?I ar rested the prisoner in the North Liberties of Philadel phia in Decomber, 1844; he went under a false name, as Lewellin Mavtin; 1 saw this man and came back to New York and commumcatod with the Mayor; I was sent back again and took another officer, Mr. Beeman with me; on getting to Philadelphia, 1 got an officer of that city to accompany me; we made tho arrost, and brought him before the Mayor to his office: be said Mr. BaADY?1 object to any declarations made |by the prisoner in the presence of the Mayor, aa it was a iudi cial proceeding. Havo you done, Mr. Paterson ? Mr. Pathhson?1 have. Mr. Brady?Was there an examination before the Mayor t Witness?Yel. Q?Did the Mayor hold an examination T A?He did not Q?Did he make any order 1 A?He did not. <i?Upon what ground then was Jonei detained 1 A?I detained him. To Mr. Pater.on?Jonos was detained as a fugitive from justice; and he camo to this city with mo under ar r*? . without tho order of the Oovernor. Jones said m. r'i T ? ?bjccl decidedly to any declarations made by tho prisoner whilst in duress with the officers. Such testimony, I contend is quite illegat, and would establish a dangerons precedent; and, as to any declare ( uons made hy him until he arrived in this city. I oijrt?I must allow it, Mr. Brady. k w,""',to^r rATt",?J,-^henintheMayorVofflce 1 he said that he had anticipated mo. and that the ("anal ?treet artair had troubled him a good deal; I told him to OP talking, as I did not want to hear his slang; I then searched him and found a small bowie knife on kin per son and a pledge ticket; he gavo an order for his cloths; the ticket was for a second knife; both knives were pro duced. r Mr. Brapv?I want to know which of those knive* it is intended to put in as the ono with which this allege.) murder was committed. This is tho dramatic part of the performance. It has of late been customary to make these dramatic exhibitions of burned boards and pieces of cs-rpet, and sometimes of pieces of skulls on murder ca ?os in order to excite the sympathy of the jury. Now. 1 call upon the District Attorney to say which of theso knives it is intended to apply to the case. Theso two knives are here paraded and will servo before the eves of the jury as silent witnesses. 7 dif1 not w,nt t0 make any dramatic exhibition. fhoTtnivos were found in;his possession or on hi, person, and another that was pawneA; and, upon the common principle of law that the public prosecutor was bound to introdueo nny fact that may form part of the corpus delicti. tJtiL n?w see my way. I now object to the introduction of the knife that was pawned in Phi [fdolphia. on tho ground that there is no evidence to show that the pawned knife w as ever in the city of New V ork. 1 he introduction, therefore, of the second knife is irrelevant. . ?/'?"T.-rndoubt.dly, that must have some weight; but then, let the evidenco go for what it is worth. The fact, however must diminish the strength ofthe testl mony a good deal. Mr. Brady.-Well the Court will note my objection. f oi-R r.?Very well. 7 ({n continuation)-to Mr. PATr.Rso*.-Thi? Ihrt !j'.7of , i,WR.\ ,'nd amonK?t his things; [The WM of P"* s,r'P?'l cotton.j I also K?t pieces of new?papera in his trunk; we started to New \ ork alter ! V.VbH h 6 *?'. i? New Brunswick, wo/had some con \ etsation he said he was glad ?? he was gomg back;" he old me, without my asking him, after he was commit In V.K., ..?' *>'f knife In Broadway," ?'Ih! . ?- u kn"W "M' " I)on't talk to me about it. He said he had to do it in self-defence, ho wns attacked by two men, one of them took him ..round L t?^.rpUt hl* hMdi ^ his pocket and sto e his pocket hook, containing one dollar in money, and some pledge tickets ; he got either. He saifr he went up to a watch-house and told the watchman he was robbed. He went to the pawnbroker's olHco the next morning and gave direction, to have any person that went for the articles pawned, arrested. Ho told mo he was ?orry for his tickets. I understood him to refer to tho night of the murder as the same night on which he was robbed. " This witness underwent no cross-examination. Daniei, Hiixton,,eramined by Mr. Paterson.?The pri- I .oner boarded with me and came in on the morning of the 10th of August, the morning after the murder, in a Mate ol drunkenne... We lived at "Ml Kenwick street. He slated that he had an affray with some darkoys , that he stabbed one of them ; that he had a basket of clothes ^ 7?b^,hlm i ,nd n,"?- ? pocket-book. He "rd t0l<1 mo thi" 01 h" own *?* CroMftxamintd by Mr. Biiahy.?The prisoner is a ma chinist ami engineer; he worked for the Phoenix Foun dry. Mr*. Condit it the lady that used to keep the houso in which we boarded, in the fi'h Avenue. 1 wan present at supper on the evening of the l?th ; the prisoner was there ; I think he paid hi* board. 1 understood him to Hay that tovcrul niggers attacked him and followed him down Centre street and robbed him. When he went out on tho evening of tho 18th, he carried a basket with him. When he lett his boarding house, he left his trunk there. Ho said, he had killed one of the damned . He called on the watchman, and the watchman would take no notice of him hecausc he was tipsey. He was in the habit of going every week after his clothes. Sootmhki.l D. W. L>ati?, examined by Mr. Paterion.? I resided at 30 Itonwick street, and boarded there while Jones wa? there ; can't tell when Jones left; ho was there at 10 o'clock on the morning of the l!Hh August; 1 never saw him after that night; I wont up to hi* room and woko him that morning at half past nino o'clock. Jones ccased to tioanl there after that. Jamks Kino, sworn.?I had conversations with Jonei on this matter tho second day after he was brought to New York to the cell. Jones said it wui a terrible thing of his; that ho was glad it had come to a close ; he began ? peaking about it, and I desired him to keep it to himself I went to his boarding house and brought his trunk and nntaloons ; 1 went to his cell nud asked him wero these is clothe*, and he said they were. He said he sat on the ?toop with the basket, and these negroes came up and took his pocket book ; he went there to get his clothes. Ho told me lie stabbed the nigger at the corner of Canal and Hanover streets ; lie dill it, he said, with the largo knife in self defence ; said ho went, altor ho stabbed the nigger, to a watch-house up town, and told them all about it, and they would not take any notice of him or what he said, as he was drunk ; am not certain that ho said he told them he stabbed the nigger ; he statod that he ha l pawned the things and for what ; went to Mr. Simpson, and he told mo the thing* wero there. He said ho guessed he had not stabhod the wrong mau ; thought the nigger whom he stabbed had robbed him, when he wa* returning from O'Meara's ; articlos wore found in tho chest ; old whito shirts and a pink, shirt; I know Sarnh Smith. Crott-eramiiialion postponed. Sarah Robinson, colored?I know Livingston well; I saw him on Monday night; he was killed before ten and eleven, sitting on a hogshead; he was sober; did not see him after that; 1 did not hoar Livingston quarrelling that night with Cisco; not suro Cisco was there, but saw a man with him; saw some person talking to Cisco as I passed, in a friendly way. E. Cisco, colored?1 was acquainted with the deceased; 1 saw him on the evening of the murder; I was arrested on the charge; 1 am waiter in the family of George C. Minturn for eight years; 1 never had a quarrel with the deceased. John N. Low, colored?Brought up prisoner'* bundle from the police office. John O Clancev?I keep a porter house atNo. 170 Cen tre street; Jones was at my house, and left the basket there until the following morning. When lie came to my house he was tipsy, was very quiet, was taken sick, aud discharged his stomach; I left hiin at the door, and thought he would come back; he did not; he cume the following morning and asked if he had left an umbrella; I said he left a basket; he told me his pockct book was taken, and he was robbed; he said he had stabbed one of the robbers; 1 told him to keep still, and called him aside; 1 observed his dress that night; he had a straw hat, and a lummer round about; 1 did not observe his shirt; it was remarked that he must be a very quiet mau; he said he was attacked coming from Kim street. The case lor the prosecution here rested. The Defence. The witnesses for the defenco being nearly all absent, it was intimated by counsel that it was intended to at tach them for non-attendance. Tho trial was hereupon adjourned over to this (Saturday) forenoon, ut half past ten o'clock. Court of Common Plrna. Before Judge Ingrnbam. May 10?Middlelnn Goldsmith ri. Edmund G. Rawton This was an action brought by plaintiff against the de" fendant, for compensation for services rendered by him (plaintiff) as Surgeon, in performing operations and dis sections on certain dead bodies, from trie 8th of January last. The amount claimed by plaintiff was f-'ild, and de fendant admitted his signature to the certificate of the at tendance of plaintiff in his capacity of Surgeon. The plaintiff failing to call any evidence, Dr. Archer was sworn and examined by Mr. Leveridge, in behalf of defendant, who stated that ne had foimcrly been a Coro ner of thi* city, and that it was the practice and also that the law made it compulsory to suixjcna physicians and surgeons as witnesses in cases of inquest, but that it was not customer) for them to receive any remunera tion, except in a special case. Defendant's Attorney then addressed the jury, after which the learned Judge summed up the evidence, anil explained the law of tlie case to tho jury, who retired for about fifteen minutes, aud rendered a verdict for de fendant, with costs. When tho jury were uliout to re tire. the plaintiff's Attorney asked the Court what inter est his client was to be allowed in the case. Cohen.the de fendant'* attorney, answered him by saying thnt ho had better wail awhile until he saw how much principal lie would get first. (Laughter.) There were several other cases then called, put the parties failing to appear, were marked down on the list. The Court then adjourned until 12 o'clock to-morrow. Supreme Court. During tho May term of the Supreme Court of this State, now in session in this city, the following gentle men were, after due examination, admitted as Counsellors at Law, viz Samuel Blatchford, Clifford liolcher, Jos. W. Brackett, Folker T. Heck, Henry W. Bcckwith, Wnl tor L. Cutting, Wm. Coit, John M. Cooper, W. H. Cleve land, E. R. Carpontior, Smith Clift, Jona. I. Coddington, jr., Hiram Cuming, John C. Dimmick, Edmund S. Derrv, Isaac Dayton, John T. Doyle, Thomas E. Daniels, Wm. M. Kvarts, Jordan D. Ferguson, J. Henry Ferris, George GifTord, John F. Havens, Charles B. Hart, Henry P. Hor ton, Henry P. Hodge*, John K. Hackett, Alexander Ha milton, Philip Jordan, John Jay, John M. Knox, Benjamin T. Kissam, John S. Lawrence, John J. I.atting, Kleazer W. Lewi*. John O. Lamborson, Henry W. Merrill, Hen ry M. Morri*, Anthony Mc.Artliur, Goorge W. Niles, Wil liam H. Paine, Kobert L. Rowley, Wm. G. Sterling, Har rison Sudam, Riley Saunders, S. R. Sanxay, Thomas S. Sammcrs, John E. Taylor, Ambroo Wager, Wm. Wick ham, John A. Weeks. The following gentlemen were yesterday admitted as Attorneys of the Supreme Court of this State, viz ?John Aitkin, Robert W. Andrews, Charles H. Adams, Franci* Adams, John F. Brady, Thomas H. Burch, Wm. B. Black well, Beqjamin L. Billingc, ( has. J. Bushnell, Roswell C. Braincrd, James H. Brush, John P. Brown, Gamaliel J. Baker, Latham A. Burrowos, jr., Mcrvin R. Brewer, Silvester W. Barnes, James F. Cuppoidge, Kugene Cas serly, Joseph Crawford, Duncan Campbell, Wm. C. Clark, George A. Curtis, Odle Close, Alanson C. Cowles, Horatio P. Carr, Matthew Campbell, Charles Donohue, George Defendorf, Frederick L. Durand. Edward A. Ed gerton, Phineas L. Ely, Elijah E. Ferry, Wm. A. Fitzhue, Anthony- J. Ferroira, John B. Frisby, Channing G. Fon ner, Calvin Frost, George W. Fitch, John M. French, John Griffith, Henry Gibson, David F Gid ney, Henry F. Greene, Augustus Haight, Felix S. Hart, Ward W. Hudson, Nathaniel B. Hoxie, Joseph B. Hamil ton, Waldo llutchins, Nelson K. Hopkins, Wm. Higbys, Giles M. Isham, F.den S. Jaques, Frederick N. Kon sett, John W. Kclsey, Jotham M. Knowltou, William L. Lee, Charles S. Leestcr, William E. Lansings, Daniel S. McVaster*, Benj.1,"5. Morehouse, Andrew McCrca, Wm. K. McAllister, Joseph Mac Key, Thomas McKiliock, Albert Mathcw*, Augustus C. Miller, Josiah Mitchell, Theodore Pomeroy, Albert K. Phillips, Johns. Pierson, H. D. Rosekrans, John W. Rider, Thomas W. Smith, Wm. B. Smith,.Ezra Smith, James S. Sluyter, Geo. W. Stevens. Wm. B. Stoeker, John D. Sherwood, Alfred Scott, J. Albert Stoutcnburgh, Wm. L. Stanton, John U. Stevens, (iaspard Tochman, Geo. P. Towiisend,.Henry P. Townscnd, John J. Townsend, Wm. Trowbridgo, (Jeo'rge Thompson, \sa P. Tavlor, Georgo Vandcrvcrg. jr., Ammiel J. Willard, Richard G. White, Andrew J. Wil, , kin, Jacob Wendell, Albert Wells, Georgo L. Wolfe Chas. E. West, Alfred Wheelor, Amazi L. Williams, Alfred Waite, James H. Weeks, Gilliert L. Wilson, Stephen Wheeler, Cha*. F. Wetmore, Chas. R. Webster, Circuit Court. Befoie Judge Kdmonds. Mat lfi.?Robert .ft. Carter v$. Jnteiih This wa? an action of trespass for assault anu battery, brought by n member of n lignt infantry company against the iio tiihlo Joe Qulick, tlie militia fine collector. It appeared that in the year 1843, Joe went to plaintiff* residence and arrested him, on his reinsaJ to pay a tine of $t>. imposed on him for refusing to attend n Court Martial, to answer a charge of neglect to perform militia duty. The plain tiff being a member of a light infantry company, coti<|. dered he had no right to perform militia duty, and on tho application of Gnlick, retused to pay the fine, stating he could havo it remitted on application to the (Seneral Jo seph hereupon seized Carter, the plaintiff, and was in the act of dragging him to Kldridge street prison, n hen, in order to free himself, and get rid of a troublesome cus tomer. he paid tho fih. The defence set up was, that (iulick acted in the dis charge of his duty. The Jury rendered a verdict for plain tift >7ft damages and six cents costs. Ofneral Srwlons. Before Judge Paly and Aldermen Compton and Messerole. Jonas B. Phillips, acting District Attorney. May 18.? Urn nit l,arcmy. - John P. Kdwarda, alias Evans, was tried upon an indictment lor stealing 100 sov ereigns from Robert C. Seahrook, of South Carolina.? The money was taken from the trunk of tho complainant at the Astor (louse, on the evening of the '24th of April last. Tho prisoner was acquitted oy the jury in conse quence of the previous statement, although the evidence was very cleai against him. (Quarter past I o'clock the Court adjourned till 10 o' clock to-morrow morning. OiTRaok.?We learn from the Springfield Rr/>ut> lir, that Chauncey Paul, of thai village, was called up about midnight, by two men, who stated that a negro man was lying near by dangerously sick The moment he got into the street, the infamous ncoundiels beat liiin with heavy bludgeons. His cries for help drovo them away. He received seven severe blows on his head and body, and is badly hurt. ? Cis. Oat., May lil. SrRAWiiKnniEs and Peas.?Then' was nn abun dant supply of finr strnwl?f?rries and xreen poas at the Hanover market this morning, the former at 194 a 1# cents per quart, and the latter at 37 J cents per peck. The strawberries were very large and sweet, and were culti vated in Anne Arundel county, near Baltimore.?B*U. Pat. May it, City Intelligence. Fire.?About half pant twelve o'clock last*night, a'liro of a very serious nature broke out in the feather itore of Mr. li. Mc Kinney, l.W Kighth avenue, bjr which a large quantity of leathern and curled hair wan entirely con sumed. The basement of the store was in a short time a complete wreck, and the shop and a back apartment were also much injured. A number of the lire compa nies with their usual alacrity were at haud shortly after tlio alarm was given, and were it not for their timely as sistance, the whole building and perhaps many other* adjoining would have fallen a prey to the devouring ele ment. The damage will, it is supposed, be about, mall, two thousand five hundred dollars. The premises and stock are secured by insurance. Police Office, May 16.?Gsand Larceny.?A man named W. Kelly was arrested this afternoon, charged with having stolen a coat worth about $15, in the pocket of I which was a wallet containing two notes of hand for about ?30, from the otHc" No. front street, the pro perty of Samuel 11. Sham., officer Millikin, on being informed of the burglary, and discovering the man drunk in the storo, endeavored to arrest him. He, however, succeeded in eluding his grasp by rolling into the gutter; but, after some difficulty, was captured by Mr. Millikin and taken^to the polico office by a zigtag route, and com mitted by Justice William Wain Drinker. Arrest for threatening to kill.- After the ac quittal of John P. Kdwards, alias Evans, in the Court of Sessions, he was heard by one of the officers of the court to threaten that when he got out he would go to the As tor House and give him " a done of cold lead," 6tc. Upon which Mr. Seabrook made affidavit that he foared his life was in danger; and Kvans w as committed to prison upon the charge, in default of $1000 bail. Anothkii cask op Grand Larceny.?A man named William Norman was arrested for stealing a watch worth $3.) from Joshua Selover, on board a sloop lying at the foot of Canal street. Burglary.?The houso of Richard P. I'errten, No. 12i> Thompson street, was entered on the 14th iast., and a considerable quantity of silver spoons stolen. No ar rest. Coroner'* Office.?Suicide at the Hospital.? This afternoon, about two o'clock, a man named James Dunn, about 40 years of age, was admitted into the City Hospital, evidently laboring under delirium tremens. Ho was searched and placed in a room, and soon after be came apparently more composed, and laid upon the bod. About 4 o'clock the nuno went into his room and dis covered him lying upon his bed with his throat cut, and a broken knife in his right hand. He was quite dead when discovered. The Coroner was called upon to hold an inquest, and will do so to-morrow. Found Drowned.?An unknown man was found drowned in the bay at the east end of Governor's Island, this morning, and the body was taken to the dead house. Intemperance.?The Coroner held an inquest at the City Hospital, upon the body of a man, named Michael O'Neil, 34 years of age, who' was taken into the Hospital yesterday while laboring under a fit of deliroum tremens, andMled this morning. Another.?A woman, named Julia Ann Taylor, about 40 years of nge, died this morning at No. 349 Madison street, in a fit produced by intemperance. Her husband is a sailor on board the North Carolina. Deceased was a native of Amsterdam. Another.?An unknown man, about '25 years of age, was found at the corner of 16th street and 6th avenue, in a state of gross intoxication, and after being taken into Bellevue Hospital died. Appointments by the Governor.?May 7.?Nkw York?W'm. Green, John J. Morris, Nathan Ro bert*, Alcxnnder Denniston, Isaac Brow n, John Kinney Joseph Williams, Smith Hicks, W'm. C. Farley, James Davis and Rhodes G. Allen, inspectors of lumber, ro-ap pointments. Kdward Mahoney, inspector-general of staves and heading, re-appointment. John Van Cott, Charles E. Turner, John Coleman, Hugh Spicer, Jamei N. Young, Francis H. l'eckwell, l'eter H. Hyckman, Abraham Bogart, jr., and Lewis Lyon, culler* of staves and heading, re-appointments. Henry Keyser, Ira Losee, James >1. Arnold, Thomas \V. llinchman, William Snell, Obadiali Cooper, James W. Westervelt, Absalom O. Dix on, John Coddington, Robert G. Nellis, Wm. N. Smith, Wm. H Guion, Thomas M. McFarlen, John Peirce, Wm. H. Lcary, Win. T. Stoutenburgh, Benjamin Wood, John Demurest, John White, Cornelius Higgins, Lewi* Joachimson, and Thomas W. Garncsi, weigher* of merchandize, re-appointments. Wm. J. Carr. weigher of merchandize, vice Cyrus Riel), resigned. John Price, weigher of merchandize, vice Allen W. Hardie, resign ed. Wm. Tyack, master ? arden, re-appointment. An thony Moflatt, Richard H. Tittle, Wm. C. Neilson, and Wm. Ncwcomh, ]>ort wardens, re-appointments. Daniel S. Gleason, James I'. Howard, Isaac V. Fowler, and John K. White, commissioners of deeds, re-appointment*. Isaac L. Tompkins, measurer of grain, vice David W. Blair, term expired. John H. Bowie, Wm. Sherwood, James Gaffney, Knoch Dean. John J. Tait, and Loses Van Nostrand, inspectors of solo leather, re-appoint ments. Isaac 1. Birkwell, insjiector of sole leather, vico John D. hvcrson, resigned. May 10.?MiUTAnv?Samnel A. Mofl'nt, Brigade Major and Inspector of the .">0th Brigade of Infantry, vie* William W. Gregory, resigned. Nkw Vohk?VV in. Grandin, John Stark, and Joseph 11. Stewart, commissioners of deeds, vice Michael Burke, Nelson J. Waterhury, ai.d Wm. D. Waterman, who de cline re-appointments; Duncan F. Curry, commissioner of deeds, vice John Biglow, declines re-appointment; Wm. Corp, commissioner of deeds, vice Kdward Patter son, resigned; l'eter A* Van Bergen, notarynubiic, vice Wm. Corp, declines re-appointment; Wm. D. Wadding ton, notary public, re-appointment. May 13.?Wbstcmmtkr?John W. Mills, notary pub lic, new appointment. Kinoi?John Little, inspector of domestic distilled spi rits, vice David S. Strong, term expired; John Green wood, supreme court commissioner, vice Alonzo G. Hammond, term expired. Military?Philander Hartshorn, Major General of 30th division of infantry, vice Otto F. Marshall, resigned; George Graham. Brigade Major and Inspector of 4tn bri gade of riflemen, vice P. F. Bellinger, resigned; Nichota* P. Cassler, Major General of 1st division of infantry, vice Gay lord Campbell, resigned; Henry F. Storer, Brigade Major and Inspector of 6th brigade of riflemen, vice Oa* ton G. Curtis, resigned; Wm. J. Robb, Major and In spector of 11th brigade infantry, vice Norman Kimball, removed from bounds of brigade; Peter J. Van Vleet, bri gade Major and Inspector of 38th brigade of infantry, vice Samuel Gulick, resigned. May 14?New York?Robert A. Adams, commissioner of deeds, vico James Agnew, resigned; Jos. W. Wright inspector domestic distilled spirits, vice William Oaks, term expired; William F. Haveuieyer, Townscnd Harri* and James McCullough, commissioners to supervise the expenditure of monoy collected and received by the Health Commissioner and health ofHcer of the (Quaran tine establishment, or by any officer of the Marine Hos pital at Slatcn Island; the Seamen's Retreat, the New Vork Hospital, the State Hospital, in the city of New York, and the New York F.yc Infirmary, pursuant to the provisions of the act chap. 'iSO, of lnws of 1?40, vice John S. Bowron, Thomas O'Connor, and Simeon Draper, jr. , terms expired 14th inst. State?Cephas II. I.cland, attorney of the Senaca In dians, a new appointment; Chester 'Haydcn, canal ap praiser, re-appointed.?Jllhany .'itlm. Emigration to the Wot.?Three thousand emi grant* are said to be oil their way to Oregon city.? The Missouri Reporter of the l?th ult. remarks :? " Almost every steamer which arrives here from the Ohio, brings a large number of emigrants from the old States, who arc seeking homes in the now. The rich prairies and fertile bottom lands in the West are fast he coining settled, and now, we presume, full one-half of the American population are on this side of the Allcghaniei." From a gentleman who arrived here Inst evening on the steamer John <>olong, we learn that the Oregon emi grants were about to leave Independence for Council Grove, at which place the entire companies are to ren dezvous prior to starting on their long journey acros* the mountains. A man bv the name of Adams, an old Rocky Mountain hunter, nas been elected Captain, and is to lead ami pilot the expedition to the place of their destination on the wators of the Pacific. The number of wagons that will constitute the train is set down at one hundred and fifty The number of persons is variously estimated from .WO to 1000; they are to leave Council (Jrove on or about the 20th of the present month.?Mis souri Era, .Way 7. M ystkrloirs Murder.?John Griverson, of Pea Shore, New Jersey, who, during the fishing season, this Spring has hern' engaged as agent for the owner* ox the Fisheries at I'ennsgrove, opposite Wilmington, wai suddenly missing, when, as was supposed, he was in thia city attending to the business of the fishery. Hi* failing to return, however, as usual?incited various rumor*, among which was, that he had ran away with the funds? he having at the time from frtOO to $10<W in his possession. This rumor coming to the ear* of his widowed mother, who is in good circumstances, she offered to make up the loss if such was the case and with that instinctive feel ing for her offspring, which none but a mother nourish es - she could not lie led to believe it. Vnd time which unveils all things, proved that she was right. On Tues day he w as taken in a net hv some fishermen?his head fractured as though struck with an axe ?and hi* body bruised in such a manner as scarce to he recognisod.even by his most intimate friends. None of the money was found on his person. \s yet, the whole affair is en shrouded in mystery. He was 30 >ear* of age, and ha* lett a wile and child'to lament his untimely end. What renders thi* calamity more heart-rending to the bereaved wile. is. that while hearing the taunt* of the gossiping world on the supposed dishonesty of her husband, her aged lather wn? called to his Anal resting placc on the day the corpse of her mutilated husband was brought home - -Phila. .Sun, May 16 NKW YORK, April tl, IKv TIIF. I'NDKRSIGNF.D announce to the public. *nd parttcn Isrly to the watch merchants, that fro.n this dsy thoy h?Ye i min- 'i association nM the name of DBLACHAi X k M VIK!', for the trade of importation of wstches.and '{??? from this said day they hire on h.uid and ah >11 receive Irom 'hey cor respondent manufacturers every description of WMCfci* and Movements. DKLACHAl'X fc MAIRK. No. Ill Kaltoa st??et, N. V. A. Delachant?H Maire. "n?m LOOK AT TJI1S. JUST RKCF.IVKD by th-- iwk-t ship Ihtrbesse D Orleans, from Psris, the best article of gentlemen's French Boot* ever seen. Slid now offer, wl,..lesale and retail, si the low price of IV mid the best of French Calf Boots made to order for %i, and tlx* greatest assortment of sll kinds of Boots and Sse? sm Gaffers. Ladies, in this stow you will find the Vj-atest assort ment of all kind. of Gaiters Raskins, Slippers, Ties snd all other kinds Misses and Children!, I mm the largest lo thesmall est; an ' don't mistake the No. J67 Broadway, conwr of Frank lin ttrrrt. M. CAHILL. my 16 lm*rc