Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 133?Whole No. 4007. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES flORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 3 cents per copy?$7 36 per annum?payable in advance. WKEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6j cent* per copy?(3 13| cents per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?alwaya cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. (t&- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to tho establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the suhssription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor ok thi: New Yor* Herald Establishment Northwest corner of Kulton an<l Nassau streets I.' V P? L'WC i %.? . ... ? . . " i? HWWANl> I'lONKKK PAfKFT I IMF"' roaxUand Cmiaf-t hrouj, 1,'in 3' -"djy, "''J1'". /V"n">lval"? full one ration and offer? ur!L?f i 6 above lm? u now in a pleasant mode of travefii^\o^^?U lo *?non* w,"> up!,' ?PPW??d modern ?y|e, great chain of IVuiuv?^n!7i? thl*. r"ute " ""rivalled, and the fty of being .een y , ltern?l improvements i. well wor acrraat "?mS3#?r "2*Mwisa* myn cm rrc D" LK1:CH 1 CO.'i Line. 7 Wat at, N. H. fi,ir;JMSn0rS (JRl;AT BRITAIN ANI) ,1 D?lVrsciiis wishing to remit mo , " ..1 ? tihiiiiik io remit mo I SS!i.ifn j,<b "i,W part of England, ? ?A? j ' Scotland or H ales, can be supplied any 'i?ht? Wit,'?Ut di" land- lhrtN1t.lon".1, a',d Provincial Bank of KnK L^eV^MJ;.?^Ji/^E?.c'yn??. ???} Discount Bant, throughout England and Loudon, and branches ciarB4Ltnd'bTaQngheh,et^^W^.0L'fela"d' "d P?>? Bank ofSco^M.r?!1 B Ba"rU of Scotland, National throughout Scotland! e ' Co,n|>an>r. ?nd branchea which *n'jn"r ip Br'ia?>1'? sails from Boston on the Ut Juno, by winch all drafts can be forwarded free. Apply to mria W & J- T- TAPSCOTT. myl8 m 76 South st, cor. Maiden jane. #62Q3L^?, KAKrn.?' Opposition Line be &hpriK"Mf?tWeen Philadelphia and Baltimore, from the =TGlTcLd: hSS? ?nd cou,,Mt with 111 th; w.^o^obTH, jeJ'fer ra^iacket'tfau."" V"?*' & dUtance of1F mil?* only^'fot ?he accommodation by this line, both for speed and in. 'i l i* JNua' to any ether line between the two cities. Philadelphia, April 17, IMS. tfsa milF1?*". Hirer to Hoboken, aud then a walk to the shores oftlfi1!?!' o 8 n" *xi;eelliuKly beautiful and picturesque Wl ' iPr0Te ?he "!oat '"'ly accomplished city ? excurslon? l,'at can be made from th, ? ',he Oronnda now present a charming aspect, the trees beinr in w ,^e ,0'! c???ed with a rich Turf * emhe"Iishe'uh"p^ent spring?"*"' U""" b"" COUiiderabl'r The l-erry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher streets completely luted up with Awnings and ... ? P o'clock Hoboken to Barclay street, until 1J Ferriage, 6* cenu. mrU PEOPLE'S LINK OK 8TEAMBOAT3 FOR ALBANY ffi53SL?5?r^? t1?i "Ed?yM K;?pud-Through Di f J? 'fi ? dock M., from tlie Pier between *MwBfcJLtoiirtlaiidt and JLiberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R O. Cruttendon will leave on-Monday. Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at 7 o'clock ?Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton'wili leave on ruesday .Thursday and Saturday eveniugs, at 7 o'clock. ofBfir<S*y?treet 'ani',llK ?t intermediate place, iromtlw foot Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capuin L. W. Brainard, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday After noons, at 5 o clock. COLUMBIA, Capt. W. H. Peck, will leave on Tuesd ?>, 7 hursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Tn,;Ir\lfk"l,i: "^r ?rthe above Lines will arrive in ample "5? '** the Morning 7 rain of Cars for the east or west. I he B.uu are new and substantial, are furnished with uew and elegant state rooms, aud for speed aud accommodations are un rivalled on tlie Hudson. Freijrht takeu at moderate rates. All persons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line without a written order from the Captains or Agenu. o | "f'f'Kht apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schu'u, .It the olfire on the wnarf. m!2rc - ^i:w FER1{-y for STATEN 1SLAMD. steamboat WAVE, Captain % ? i^"i^ VandeAU^ w,|? 0? and after Sunday, leave J*, ,T, , ' n1* R'7?. foot of Whitehall street, ?.cloc^ \ M.. and 3 and 6 o'clock, P.M. o'clock P M ?" ?dock, A M., and 1 and i n-4 Cj'iu' i ''re'fht in proportion. Landing at Toinpkinsville and Stapleton each way. Si1 ,?""?*>?? "he boat will leave erery hour. IN. b. By patronuing this bont tlie public will have the fare nt a |.rice in pronortion to oth?r Ferries. Forfurther informa tion, i .<piue onboard the boai. opt 19 West st. myl7lm*ec NhW YORK, ALlijlHj AND TRUY LINK. ""i?11 ALBJBt and troy direct. Of ? ???* wT'" "????? EMPIRE, Caj>tain U. JB Macy. will leiwr the foot of CounLalt 't>L ??" tw,u?av evening, at 7 o'clock. II l ,, K17,,"re'<,w,"K,0,h*rl,K',l taught of water, will be ena bled at all times to loss tlie bar, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cars goiug vast or west. ^orffi,;ea3.orw,h,:;){ht*",ily ou board' ?r to c- cL^7Krv?' MKi SW. LJ?,K.9,K PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL I 21st 1 he splendid and favorite pack Mlfl'ifc tsinnOtEEN OF THE WEST, 1100ton. burthen, her reguU day oodhoiue, will sail ou Wednesday, May 21? ih,'* li,!e b?!,K 1U00 tons and upwards, persons vr country will not fail to see the ad IJC mSSJ . b',<l?nv<'d fr?m selvtiiig this line in preference to min^ui l jlr * capacity renders them every way more convenient than ships of a small class, and their accommoditifliu lor cabin, second cabin, and steerage paaseu gen, it is well known, are superior to those ol anx other line of packets. 1 ersons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application on lioaptl, foot of Burling tflip, or to W. Hi J. T. TAPSCOTT At their gener'J passage office, South street, m,3,,c comer of Maiden Lane. LONDON LINE Ol* PAC/KETS?The splendid S ii ,',"|I|'JIpacketship NORTHUMBERLAND ill. 11. (iris-wold, master, will sail on the 19th May her reguiru uay. '' Having superiov accemmodatious for cabin, second cabin and Steerage passengers, aersous about to embark should make early application 1% \he suVscriker. V JOSEPH M'MURRAY, p a tv r . . 100 Pine street comer of South. I I ne favonte packet ship Gladiator, Captain Bunting muter, >ilj succeed tlie above, and sail on the 20th of May. hwre?;i,|arday. n< rc LIVERPOOL LINE OF PACKET?-Packetof MfepA^IC^ni^Rf'^^e^^^tr^U^ sitivei) sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin anil steerage passensers, persons desirious to embark by this su perior |xicket, should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMURHAY, 100 Pine street comer of South street. 1 lie packet slim Independence, F P. Allen, muter, will suc cecil the Patrick Henry, and sail on the 6th of July. inSrc hAfiL y,KKP.yPLrNew, LinrrR*?l?r Packet fg^aV"1.The elegant fast sailing Packet Ship JBBBSbHHERIDAN, ( apt. A. r. De Peystej, of 1100 tous, win sail ts above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodation unequalled for "r *2! IT *"d comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, or Priw. nfn. '' COLLINS It CO., M South street. I rice of mssasre $100. ilE Capt- B. J. H. Trask, ol 1100 ton*, will ?uccted the Sheridan, and sail 26th June, her regular day*. a27 ec ' P^L'K ^(JjfklRPOOl^The New Line?Regular ?j!?> '.?c|<ft?'? Mar?Tlie superior fast sailing Packet Ship oh JH,K west, um t..,.. burti?n.c?Pt L- .' r-i '?~hou??. will sail aa above, her regular day. state romnsiT**'' k"?,n? ?WfJ"!. large and comfortable state rooms aud cabin, amdy to the Captain on board west side Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL ?c MlNTURNs! Price of i>essage 1100. " 8outk dSSS"?9?*? aaaa*. r ? a24 ec jfgk< AKL "donja 1 branBkr, ^ JMnHMttaPotiiii t>|y sail on tlieJ2d of May. ?**?' Wl11 l lu? .ulterior vessel has elegant stale room aceommod itin. Inr cabin jiassengers, who will be tak.wi at a very modmVeTsta second cabin passengers can also I,e accommodated at thi us.Hl steerage rates. '1 hose desirous of securing berths shm.M ? I immediate application on board the shin, at mer No r> N ltTv ?* foot of Rector street, or to JOHN HER DM AN " South street. ,'' V.,Kt;T. KOK MARSEILLES.?The new shin wafy P? NCE DE JOINVILLE. Captain UwTence JHMfa will sail on the 1st proximo the accommodations hi- noVt ^T.r fvl. T f'1'" tf> "i "f ,M,r of ,l,r Jackets of the port, hor freight or passage, cabin or steerage, apply to 11 .e . aWiu.AIN ^ PHEiJ'S.or to my'"c BOYD k H1NCKEN, Ageaw. I V)| } N 1 suitable vessels to'freight ffiSy.oal ,r!jm I hi adelphia and Bristol to Boston, Preivi Norwich, Alio,,', Point, Oreenport, Hart Thehiglieat DriS'wiJI hlTi""^ ' TroV other pails. K.sAfifoHt'V'a:' . ** Dock street. Philadelphia. j?||^ ?. splen il i d las^'t^V ?aV|! 1^1 '.V '('we^k'e"'. h'ip' U) R1KslTl^ill" m< aptain B?ley, will 1?.1,v.. 1^ ,",'i for passage, having unsarpasse<l accommodation? i.Y to JOHN HERDmAn S,?||, ,,'reet. LON |)()N LINK (>| r\< Kh TN pnri . , , -5?tsjsa? Vi nrosfflR." - u m 7? strert, comer oi Maiden L^ne. be it Ur^ !r.m!ny dSTn.'e,,t ?f anew.paper I he would make aVeffLw, ? *" ?'. M l,e " * Practical printer, drev, out-paid) "wTuW l"" w00""^ 1,aper Ad New York." M u Wurd ? New.-office, Bowory, TUK AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANtf" i&xtsmsx will It h**M ar rkA Election for Councillors and Director* L .is , r'""U"U' ,he will hear som.tlung greatly to Ur advau ? . mylfl 2m dyfcwy*rc patolt ri hlfor entire iVnir"?''^ Attachment to the Pianoforte "for the mind, their own critij ei^nlLn'IS ti'S them in the assertion tli n th. " ,i ; .. ?> t/ 'c* warrant at fhTir1lhe "iKolian Pianoforte." forte,, both in rosewood anS^y ? THE HCKIIM KLIJTl Academies. To lie seen at PHILIP FItNSt'1 London Royal *? Broadway, near Walker *"NST 8 A W"?^FO^TEEN^DOLLAtta11^8 F?R AT D. OWEN'S BIO OPPOSITION STORE muta Grand street, consr af '?'i*** T"!. c asVi18ystHS l3TJu*:,lff i# tlr ***? of goods, that it has become the . V Pjufita charged on hii establishment. A glance listT/n V",0 guarantee of tlie above lacts. pr,CM " ? ?uflicieut D'oTs^y oLe* Ii"VBlu.rLs?(0n,?",V0f tho,e f"h">n*ble Any quant.tyof Satinet Pant...7?.' . . ? f # " 5? ?? AI,Krt variety of vest, erer offered.. . w to *4 M im! cemplete assortment of Boy', Uothing/chea,**,? Com* one, come all, drop in and try them If they are not cheap, theii don't Inoy! ar lm*ec Wholesale and Retiil Clothing'Store, Corner of Grand and Essex sts T*HE SuVsCRIBER8 h SWt1^ ^ASAoNS. " iSSSSSSsi SSfeSSSSStisg^BI fiS?.hS^5l^fr*ne"? 100Ur"?trolf, ? ^hionabfe I,d W.II fr0?3S N.B-PliA continu/th?roadw?^?'"'rn"<tfPwk" Pfaee. EIMtic,8houldeVXc'e"l!!ieR^r^r^ft''ei^'.''br?,tcd ~~ TO CITY AND FI*Z Til AS! m ? Ifl3 Greenwich Street " 0U*TLA,"JT 8t'n\? Yom"? TH' Pac,f,c Hoti:i" W MUe.1 atLtheA.WetopUcerrnn>0"? ^ Wf? c,tabli'hed our have carried on our busine.s (!fr ??? i manaer which we together witli the very hiirh nii?lifv ? years pa?t hi thi. city, good., have earned lor us a Ci! r moderate price of our beyond that of any similar houseinf reputation and renown far -onsider these the be" ^ons w? e.n''. Un'tfd ^atea' ,nd w* tronage. reatou. we can urge to obtain your pa mad'-' witjfgreat* care C,t!,/l<'MU,r<'in that we hav? the spring cargoes and whirii jfcSJ" ?i?r *.e^fCt,on* .from all Voung Ffy.on, Hyson Guunnwl? "f ?' /"?' "P^cimen. of ground daily. eth'r CoffeM' ? n.ual, roa.ted and ttNew York?121 ChaU^^ 3& ffl^eecker am'Sf Ch<"tnnt ?"<> O Fifth .treat. TOSS5ISrrd' ? passed, and probably unequalled qual^ ^" Wine of an uasur Stat^fo^th"'^MWac^r,PPOi,,t'd '?le AB'nt in ^ United jimpj-u, ?a^a-.ffisjaiir rz'j;1 &? traJe,'i.^;.t^00^ri^,r,tlem'U' H0"1 ke"*"' ??d ^ "!s5-r*""?""""^ "? lently nlhxed, tlie .aid BranJmark havi.V. . li ? >? fraudu ! ^6St?oritr^X?tedbVLhv;Bmhen '?er, and according t* universal ,b?V"V 0,tl'r P"??" wh.tso party possessing the right to U.e ^Jam^U"!?' "" consent. same without their that"wHHjnprove'*tor^any' num'ber metamorphosed into vinegar in .it montlE, JSll ,k! "r" ^om' "wK"" "? "Vo^lo&te:"ku'* *" wall street, over Pell'., T PORTER, ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 2 ANN STREET, nut door to the American Mntrnm, returns hit sincere thanks to lii> friendsMS the public generally, for til* vcry liberal share of patronage already re ceived, mid hopes by strict attention to business to merit a Con titiuance. FIRST CiUALITY Pliiladelnhia Porter Newark Cider, Croton Ale, Loudon Brown Stoat, and Scotch Ale. Orders for shipping attended to with despatch. mhll ec CI PURCES Kirat Premium new Patent two Oven Ranges, * ? combining economy, convenience and durability. These Ranges are wsrranted superior to sny everoffered. They are ao conitructed that it ia almost impoaaible for them to get out of order, or for the platea to crack, ao common to all other Ranges. They hare been in use for the laat It months, and in (very in ttance given the utmoat satisfaction, and in no one instance ha* (he proprietor be?u called on to repair oue. All Ranges put un by tbe subscriber are warranted to (ivean tire satisfaction; if diey do not, they will be taken away without [he least eipense to tne purchaser. UEOROE PURCE, Proprietor, a26 lireht 282 Broadway. GENUINE IMPORTED HAVANA SEGAHS. HE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale, at wholesale and mail, the following choice brands of Segars ; in point ol quality there is none supsrior in thi* city Noriegas, Florinda, I,a India, Eaculapio, La ( abana, lria, La Norma. Rag alius and PrincipM, of lu^eniiidau, various branda. Minerva, N. EZEKIEL, 92 Nassau streeet, my (J lm*ec Directly opposite the Herald Buildings. UAOH-200 BaieiTs F F II S 50 Bales No. 3 Leghorns. IK) Bales Smyrna Rags, .'lOflfl lbs fine Whit# Domestic. 4000 Deep Blues?Kor sale by PERS8E It BROOKS, m14te NO. Ill and II Nsiuu street. ~~FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 JO ; City Mada, wdlbr jt styla and durability they are equal to those sold for |i, at J* Young &. Co.'s Imperial French Boot and Shoe Manufae turing Depot,at No. 4 Ann street,one of the most Fashiona ble Boot Manutactories ill this city. Fine French Ores* Boots, "ude to order, for ft M ; equal to those made in other stores for ? ? and $7. Boots, Shoes, Waiters &<?., made to order in the shor test ootice. Mending, hi-., done in the store. Win. M. Young * ? o .Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers, No. 4 Ann street. New York, near Broadway. WM. M. YOUNO, and m7 Im're H II I ONES _ CHIP OF THE OLlt BLOCK. J major FANCHER k YOUNO BOSS RICH AH 1)H No. 5 Bowery, stick to it yet and know that they rani *1, Vjrlendid article of French Stitched Boots for 1.1 una $3 M. L.nlics Shoo* m wonderful low prices. Po ?top yourciAok, ye loyert of Dontolovirai imposition. myB lm*rc # t o c 6 It n t rTy m e r c h ants. HOOTS AND SHOES J. E. JOHNSON, (late Wilson U has on hand, iii store 142 C hatham street, di-^?H6 rectly opposite the theatre, one of the be.t aasoi?stocks ol Boots and Shoes that can be had in the city. Unit* Kip t all, Orain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots and Simps' pegged and sewed, from the Eairern manufactories: Indies' (Jailers, Buskins, 't]jfs, Slips, Jtc., of every description. A greater variety of (Tiildreii s Shoes than any other store in this city. Gentlemen's line Oaiters, twenty diflerent kinds. Cents Buckskin Shoes; Sportsmen's, Fishermen's and Seamen's Boot*. Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country mer chants an opportunity of essminiug the goods at their Icinire. ?y 13 lm?ec WILLIAM A. SMUTS WILL opau his New blurt-, 727 Broadway, under tlw New York Hotel, corner of Wavwly Place. on THURSDAY | tlie I7tli iiuunt, with an entirely NtW STOCK UK GOODS, j received by the late arrivals from Krance? -A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OK EMBROIDERIES. 1 Rich Embroidered Shawls and Mantilles. Pelerine* a la reine. " " " Duchese d'Orleaus. " " " Rociudle. EMB'D COLLARS, CANEZOUS, " Mary Stuart, " a Rachel " Coloune Point " alaveille " fr. Deuil " Espaguole " apple Bruuelle " Garni " a Bordure " eu Tulle " grain Cape " a Valeucienne EMB'D SCARES, EMB. KICHUS h GIMPES, " Extra Rich* " Richly emb'd " Brod ieu Couleur " a Revers " Extra Riche " Josephine " Plain Bordeur " Celine " Extra New " Valiere RICH EMBROIDERED LINEN CAMBRIC HDK'KS. Vary rich a 4 Barguette (iarnide Valeuciene " Vigrelte Begnette and Guerlande " Point Noreaai Plumetis WEDDING DRESSES, LADIES' CAPS. Extra emb'd Muslin Dresses Thread Lace Caps " Thread Lace do Einb'd Muslin do Emb'd Silk do Tulle Lace do " Bobbinct do do with flowers " Tliulic and Tharlatint Bolibinet do with raivltya LADIES'STRAW HATS, YOUNG LADIES'CAPOTTES. Ladies' Rich Straw " Guimpure Consu Disers " aDentelle " Bois blanc It Cordon " Toscanes " a Agreinent " Grain D'orge BOY'S STRAW COSQUETTES. Cosquettes peeriles Straw Caps Tyrol lens " Berrets Crin " Toscane RICH SILK PATREN DRESSES. Silks Pekin Chiuois Silks Pekin Brocke " Paris ienne " Koulard " Watered " Pou de Soic " Taffetas " Pekin B roc he PARASOLS. Oinbrellas with ivoryhandles Ombrellas Marquise " with fringes " Plaiu with rich gold and silver mountings. PERKUMERY DE TOILETTE. Of a very superior quality, imported to order. Poudre d'Amondes r arine de Noisettes Pate do Blanc de Niege Cold ( rum Otto of Roses Perfumed Sachetz Toilette Powder PEREUMES KOR HANDKERCHIEKS. Eau de Portugal Eglantine Rese Mousue Essence Marerechelle Paris Kid Gloves, Bijouterres, Buckles, and a large assortment of Kancy Articles, which will be offered at a very reasonable price. a!6 lin'rc or FAMiJaWi AND GENTLEMEN VISITING LONDON, N business Of pleasure, can be accommodated during their stay with a pleasant and desirable home, in the house of a lady of respectability, where they will meet with every attention. Apartments with private tables if preferred. Apply at 34 BURTON CRESCENT, a36 lm*rc Euston Square, London. PATENTS, SPECIFICATIONS, AND DRAWINGS. THE Drawings may be lithographed without additional ex pense. Iuveutors would find it much to their advantage to call on the subscriber, and obtain hundreds of copies of their in ventions, at the prices usually paid for duplicates. EDWARD JONES, ali lm*m 128 Kulton street, N. Y., Sun Buildings. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. ALMOND. Windsor, Rose.YV&riegated, and every descrip tion of Eaucy Soaps:? Cologne Water, in the most beautiful style of fancy bottles. Handkerchief and Toilette Essences iu very great variety. Hair Oils and Pomatums of the first quality, with every de scription of Perfumery and Cosmetics. Walnut Oil; Military Shaving Soap, tlie most exquisite Soap twer invented. It makes a perfect cream lather, which does not dry on the face. Also. Kamily Washing Soap, of excellent quality; Patent Crystaline Candles, &c., manufactured by and for sale at the de ?>ot of JOHNSON. VROOM St KOWLER. No. 3 Courtlandtst., next door to the al71m*m new National Hotel. Watches:-watches and jewelry.-tiiosc who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, be., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descriptions of tlie above at retail much lower than any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low as $20 aud $25 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good time or the money refunded. Watches and Jewelry repair ed in the best manner and warranted, at much less than die usual price. al3 G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, lm*ec Wholesale and Retail, 30 WaJl St.. up stai WANTED-CHEAP JIMMY'S Wholesale and retail va riety Arcade, No. 231 Grand street, corner of Korsytlist. The subscriber wants to remind tlie ladies that if they expect great bargain* acd wish to be dealt with honorably, that his es tablishment st.uids pre-eminent to any in the city. There is but oue price asked, and that is tlie most reduced price practica ble, a'.d Many articles are sold for half, some for not more than one quarter the usual retail prices. The proof of this assertion is well subst j.-fibred by the extensive run of ouatum it lias sus tained since the subscriber commenced pursuing this course of dealing. Another great advantage is. that when a person has to buy a v iriety of articles, there is such a great assortment to be found here, consisting of all descriptions of hosiery, gloves, tntlls, laces, edgings, silk and cotton netts, plaid, sprig and plain fancy muslins, knitting cotton, xephyr worsted, suspeuders, sciss>\rs, buttons, combs, brushes, thread and needles of all de scriptions, whalebone for diesses, gimps, fringes, hat ribbons, tailor's and dress maker's trimmings of every description, and embracing nore than one thousand different articles. City re tailers, country merchants and pedlars that wish to purchase cheap lor cash will find this one of the most desirable places in [lie city. ... N. 11.?No advantage taken of persons not acquainted with the value or quality of articles. JAMES SU YD AM, ml36t?rc __ 231 Orand St. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. BRUN LAROS1ERE It COURT, 116 William ^street, have ju?t received by the last Havre packets, a . large assortment of fashionable Spring Klowers, of the most elegant and latest styles, and will continue receiv ing them by every succeeding packet. all lin*rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, &c7 HENRY Si KAHN, 7I Liberty street, up stairs, have jost received and offer for sale a complete assortment of KRENCH ARTIKICIAL KLOWERS in bunches, sprigs and single. Materials for do do, and all kinds of WATER COLORS, for flower manufacturers' use; among which is a liquid pink color of very superior quality. Also an invoice of PARIS CAPS, for Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair Pins, of latest styles- and a lot of splendid Eugraviugs, plain an colored rnlil 1 2m*rc CARPETING. 454 PEARL STREET. HE Sl'BSCRI BF.RS have just opened the large and spacious 1 CARPET WAKE ROOMS, No. 154 IVarl street, former ly occupied liy Smith, Hewitt & Co., and *rr now ready to offer the public an entire new stock of Carpeting, bought expressly for ihe spring trade, tome of which are exceedingly rich, of new de sign* and colors. Among them in n b*found? JJ NKW SETTS,KIDM1NSTER BRUSSELS, Eutiiely New. lJTS. KIDMINSTF.R THREE PLY, Rich Shading. SLTERK1NE KINK nND COMMON INORAIN CARPETING, Of every variety and description. Kugs, Druggets, Tub I* and Piano Cosers, Worsted. Tuffrd mil Jute Miits, Oil (iMhs, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide: together with all other articles usually found in the k*s4*. The public are requested to call and examine ourstock before purchasing. PETERSON fc HUMPHREY, m20 2m* m 464 Pearl street. GANS' SEOAR STORE, RE-OPENED. J 8. OANS, No. 44 William street, informs his friend* and ? the public in general, that he has re-opened his Stort* and offers for tale, wholesale and retail, the following choice Segart A large assortment of Regalias. Plantations, of various brands. Panetelaa of superior quality. Common Sizr. La Krajtaiizia, " Woodville, La Talma, La India, La Cabana, La F.speruiza, l)e Noevego, La Riouda, LaNorma, Werners, Jupiter, I .a Espaitero, Lord Byron, i.a Bayadere, 'J'rahiicas, Napoleons, Asculapia, Canones, ETC., ETC. London and small size He gars, of varioui brands, Principe, kc, lie. The advartiser returns his sincere thanks to hi* customers for the liberal patronage hitherio bestawed to hun, and pledges himself to use hit belt efforts to deserve the samefor the future. my 13 Im? re FABERSEOARFACTORY, 71 DIVISION STREET, NEW YORK. 'I^HE UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive Segar X Factory, at 71 Division street, New York, under thedirec rton of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who haa lieen superintendent of ooa of the lar|rcat Kactone* in Havana for nineteen years. The folio wing kinds of Sugars, manufactured in the Faber Se ra/ Factory, aiid of which a large stock is now on hand, will lie fouud equal to any Havana flagart of corret|>oudii^ st) le and Imperial Regaliat, Traburos, Common Size, Ragalia, Paaetelas, Loudon Size, Caaadorea, Canpnes, Principe, All boied in the Havana style. The subscriber* ham settled the Son of their Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of selecting Tobacco for their Facto ry, aa alto for the purpota of selecting Segart suitable for this market. The) have now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Havana Se gars, entitled to debenture, of the followuig brands La India, Woodville, La Cabana, Noriago, Kraganza, La Norma, De Mora, Cubrey, Es|ierauza, Lord Byron, Unman, Riondo, Esculapiut, Minerva, La Faina, La Palma, Victoria, Columbia, Dos llermanoa. La Paz. Also,Principe ,kc. JOHN H. KABER it CO.. 127 3m* re No. 1 New street, corner of Wall. notice! Sj II ARRIS & CO. beg leave to announce to their friends, |wtroiis, and the public in general, that they hiving lately returned from Europe, have resumed business again at their old stand, lyj Water street, comer of Maiden Lane, hi their usu al line, of Tassels, Oimps, Kringes, Silks, Fnrs, t ap Clotlu, and a general variety of Trimmjngt, whereof a good assortment will be found at tha above place. Cooiitry merchanta will lind it to their advantage to call. ?ly l!i Jt**c T. NEEltLES ANl) FISH HOOKS. Ik J. HATE have removed their Establishment to No. 1(V Maiden Lane, where they have on tale a large and well assorted stuck ??f very superior Drilled Eyed Needles; Limerick, Salmon, Trout. Bass Rock and Hlaclt Fish Hooks: Fishing Rods, Heels, Grass Silk and Flax Lillet. Silk Worm Out Fliea, Snells, and every description of Fishing Tackle, which they are able Jo sell on the most liberal terms. (?/ inJ Maiden Lane, pip stairs)near Pearl street. rnyS "TuOt'.AK'S REPOSITORY OF FINK ARTS, ^?b7 Canal Stirrt, 1H dorrrt If'tut of Broadway . vi i i.i'T/tDu ml' L<u/iu ii/iMnta-..:.:*:... .1.. ...'J COLLECTORS OF ENGRAVINGS Visiting the city will here find one of the choicest collecaons of HARE OLD and FINE MODERN Engraving* in the country at I eta than nue-li .11 the ii in .1 I i ires. N. B.?Orate Aprons and Drapery for Lookiug Glasses in great variety and of the newest design*, mU Im'ec SMALL STORES FOR THE NAVY. PROPOSALS, sealed and endorsed "Small Store*," will ba received by the Nary Agent, at lii? olfitt*. No. M Water str**?t, until Monday, the 2d ol* June next, at 3 o clock, I ? M. for tl?e supply of the following articles, for the us? of the Naval Ser vice for tne yeurcouinieiiciiig ou the lirst of July next and end ing ou the 30th of June, I84tt, in such ifuantities as may be re quired, to be of good quality, equal to the best of those generally used iu the Service, to be delivered at the Navy V ard free of all expense, and subject to the lnspectiou of the Yard, viz:? Brushes Shavinp each do Scrubbing each *&do Shoe each do Clothes each Buttons, Navy, Vest per grot* do do Coat do do Deudeye do Blacking per dozen boxes Beeswaz in >4 lb cakes per lb Com I is, Coarse per dozeu do Fine do Cotton, spools of do Haudkerchiels, cotton each do silk do Looking Glasses do Knives, Jark do Kettles, Mess do Mustard, in >4 lb bottles I?er dozen Needles, Sewing, assorted per M Pans, Mess dozen da Tin do Pots, Tin 4? Pepper, black and red in V4 lb bottles do Razors, iu single cases each do Straps do Ribbon, Hat per piece Soap, Silt water ..j?erlb do Slaving, cakes per doz cakes Scissors each Silk, Sewing t per lb Thread, black, white aud blue .. ... do Tape per dozen pieces Thunhles each Spoons each Bond, with two sureties, iu sufficient amount for the faithful performance of the contract, will be required to be entered iuto according to law. ? . ? Navy Agent's Office, New \ ork, May 3d, 1845 PROSPER M. WETMORE, myU ltaw4w ec Nary Agent. riRKSH BEEFAND VEGETABLES FORTHK NAVY, J ?Sealed Proposal*, to be endorsed " Offers for fresh Beef, See." will lie received by the Navy Agent at his otfice, 85 Water street, until Monday, tfie 2d day of June next, at 3 o'clock, l\ M., for the supply ol fresh Beef aud Vegetable! for the use of the Navy on the New York station during the fiscal year com mencing on the 1st of July next, and ending ou the 30th of June, 1846. ........ " They must be of good quality and the best the market af fords, and each article must be offered for by the pound." Bond, in two-thirds the estimated amount, with two sureties, will be required to be executed by the contractor. Navy Agent's Office, April 30, 1845. PR6sPER M. WKTMORK, my 14 law I wee Navy Agent. DR. W.M. TURNKR has removed his office lor the treat ment of Chronic Diseases to No. 518 Broadway, a few doors below Spring street. Dr. T. practices according to the Chrouo Thermal System of Dr. Dicktou. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 2 P. M. ml6 3teod is?rc life-preserve rs, OK OOODVKAR'S PATKNT GUM KLASTIC COMPOSITION. WARRANTKD to withstand the greatest extremes of heat and cold, and not to melt or so I ten in the seams, (the great defect in Preservers made of the common rubber preparation.)? Also, a geueral assortment of goods manufactured under the above patent. For sale, wholesale and retail, by | GEOROE BEECHER. alO lm*rc 100 Broadway, between Pine aud Wallst*. MONTHLY REPOR'l OP THE New York Medical and Surgical Institute, No. 75 ChambkhsjStrket. CASKS SUCCESSFULLY TRKATKD. 1. Pain in the loius. 5. Costiveness. 3. Rheumatism. 12. Primary chancre. 4. Oleet. 6. Great debility and loss of appetite. 3. Secondary veuereal. 9. Whiles aud Purulent dis charges. 2. Eruptions of the ikin. 5. Difficulty in making watar. 14. Seminal weakness. 3. Measles. 2. Dysentary. 3. Scrofula. 2. Erysipelas of the face. 5. Dyspepsia. 8. Sore throat. 4. Irritation about the neck of bladder and urethra. 8. Vaccinated. I. O|ieratiou for hydrocele. G. Hemorrhoidal tumors ru moved. 1. Operation for hare lip 3. Operations for deformities. 2. Curvatures of the spine. 1. Injury of kneejoiut cured. 2. Bursa Mucosa of luiee joint. Prevention is better than cure. Kxamiued the chests of nineteen persons, and fouud thirteen of them primarily af fected with Consumption.? The disease in these cases has been arrested; one out of th. remaining seven, that was far gone, and bad been confined to her bad three months before I visited her, died. Karly and | judicious treatment will usu ally cure the first affections of the lungs. All those then,who have reason to believe that there is any thing the matter with their lungs, delay not a moment, but employ some ex perienced physician. 3. Palpitation of tile heart. 5. Sore eye*. 2. Midwifery. |. Gonorrhoea. SUCCKSSKUL SURGICAL OPERATIONS & CURES. J. Ulcerated legs. I 2. Operations for squinting. 3. Operations for Phyinosis. 3. Uvula*,removed. 19. Strictures in urethra,cured | 3. Fistulalin ano. without catting or burn-] " ~ nig. 3. Tonsils removed. 1. Dislocation reduced. 2. Fractures of arm. 1. Operation for dropsy. 4. Piles and itching. 2. Retention of urine. 1. Small tumor removed. 2. Polypus removed. N. B.?Females attended to. The i>oor attended to without charge, every day, between 3 and 4 o'clock. DR. ll. BOSTWICK, myl7 lw*rc Attending Surgeon and Physician. MARTELLE Ac HOLDERMANN^ No. 37 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. MANUFACTURERS and Importers of Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bands, Curls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, aud a new style of Everlasting Curls, aud all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B?The trade supplied on reasonable tnrms. al3 Im*ec 4AA lUWi HAVANA SEGARS, imported by M. AN '-xV/v/.WVr GULO, for sale at 27 Liberty atreet. Among them will be found Cabanas, do Imperialea, Regalias, Panetela*, Cubrey Werner Segars; do small sizes; Napoleons, Norma.*, Urrara, San Reman, Delisics, Colon**, do Pauetelas, and vari ous other brands. Also, old Tobacco, from the above well known house, just imported by the Christoph Colon and the Rapid. a3 3m?rc WHOLESALE SEGAR EMPORIUM. THE SUBSCRIBERS affer for sale a large assortment of Se gars, made of best selected Havana Tobacco, and having been manufactured six months, are now in fine order, andean be sold 33 per cent lower than the same quality of imported Se Havana Regalias in 8ths and lOths, Cazadores, Washington La Norma*, Esperanza, La India, La Recompensa, Justa San7. Principees, I'auetela, 8tc. lie. Together with a large assortment of Imitation Segars of every quality and price, for sale in lota to suit purchasers by KENNETH & LAVERTY, al7 lni'rc 78 Wall street. ^ LADIES' FASHIONABLE STRAW HATS. 23^ CARL KING, the well known and celebrated^ _ Straw Hat Manufacturer, liegs leave to inform the Ladies that he lias for sale a splendid and fashionable assortment of Straw Hats, of every description, at his store. No. 17 Division street. He particularly calls itie attention of tlie public to examine hi* new shape called the Boliemian Gipaey, which for beauty and taste atnnU utirivalbd. N. B.?Imixirted Lace, Nea|*>litan Hats, fashionable shapes and warrented to clean, at S2 50 each. a2i Im*rc CARL KINO, 17 Division street. MISS MADDEN respectfully informs the ladle, of New \ ork and its vicinity, that her French Millinery and Dre?* Makingctaldishment, 108 Canal street, is now open. Spriii? ind Summer Fashions, consisting of silk, crease, ribbon, fane) Neapolitan, straw, braid anil gimp Bonnets, of the newest Pari sian and London styles, just received per last steamer. Couutry Milliners and Dreas Makers supplied with the newest Patterns at the shortest notice. Ureases and Robes of tlie latent fashion made to order at the shorteat notice. Southern and Western orders promptly attended to. All description* of Bonnets cleaned and altered in the newest style. a211m,m OLD CLO'! OLD CLO'! OLD CLO'! THE SUBSt HI HER pays the highest prices for Second Hand Clothing. Clothing altered, rapaire leaned iu a superior style. Rememlier the No., 130 street GEO-LKVIK. a24 Im'rc GENIN'S WELL KNOWN" IIAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 214 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ST. PAUL'S. THE SUBSCRIBER, being desirous of maintaining a repu tation for the superior quality and style of his Hats, rattier than for the ostentatious and costly magnificence of Ills store baa diligently confined his attention to improving the material qtialKles of the article in which lie deale, considering such a course much more conducive to the interests of his |>airoii>, than lalKiMnttemi tato dazzle iheir eyes with expensive ornaments to th&tore lie occupies. By these means lie is enabled to offer tlie lolowiiig articles, viz :? First Quality of Nutria* (4 50 Second " " " J M l<ir*t " Moleakin " 4 50 Second " " " 4 00 Third " " " 3 00 The subscrihar recommends with peculiar confidence a very su|<enorquality of Silk Hat, manufactured by him for city cus tom, with miuuta attention to style and durability, equaling iu texture and beeaty the finest Parisian Hats. JOHN N. f JEN IN, 214 Broadway. N. B.?Just received p?r ship Utica, a lot of French Hat*, as sorted size*, to which the attention of fa*hiouable geiitiemeii is solicited. (tmitleinen'a. Youth'*, Infanta, Unite<l Statea Navy and Army ('a|w constantly on hand and made to order. a25 lm*rc ECONOMY AND FASHION rl ELEGANT SUMMER HATS. fl PRICE $3. jJL ROBERTSON, determined to maintain tlie reputation ol tha PIHKNIXHAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT. 103 Fulton at, between William and Nassau, Eaat of Broadway, as the cheapest in this city or any other, begs leave to ml onlin e to the public a vary superior style of SUMMER HATS, which for lightness, beauty and durability, are not surpassed? and for cheapness unequalled. In addition to being vary plea sant and genteel, these Hats are warranted to stand all ordinary exposure to rain without injury, whirh it i* welianown Leg horns, Panamas, ttc., will not do without losing shape and color. For hiiamcsa more especially it is important to keep the head dry and cool, a desideratum which ha* not hitherto been attained. These lints cannot be injured by perspnalion,owing to the peculiar style of trimming which thesubserilier has found by esperience so vary cleanly and popular. Their weight ranges from to IX ox., being much lifhter than substantial Leg herns and Panama*. ROBERTSON, 101 Folton al.t m!f Im'ee Sign of the I'bmnix. MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROADWAY, _ (HOWARDS' HOTEL.) INDUCED by the flattering success tie has met with in J^kthe manufacture of Silk Hats, in ,imitation of the French, to call the attention of tlie public thereto, does so in the full con lidenceof rendering perfect satisfaction to all who may honor him with a call. First quality French Moleakin $1 50 Second " " " 4 f* First " Natria 4 50 Second 11 41 3 50 In addition to the above, then- may lie had al this establish ment an elegant article of Nutria Hat at $4. which for eleganc will rival many that are sold at $5, and to which Ilia attention of the public is resiiectfully invited. A lew cases of Caasintere aud Silk HaU, manufactured for tlie country trade, on hand, and for sale low. J. I). T otten, (late ol the firm of Alvord Si Co., land R.J. Tiffany, (late of Albany,) would be pleased to ?*e tlieir Iriend* at the above placa. a37 lm*ec Hartford, Conn. [Correspondence ol the Herald*] Hartford, May 7, 1*45?H P. M. 1 Rev. Dr. Ha ices?Palestine?Restoration of the Jell'*?Jerusalem?Tyre mul S'ulun?(J-ratul Inl and?General 'IVaining?Election lkiy?Mili tary Parade?Meeting and Proceedings of the Legislature?Ow. Baldwin's Inaugural?Party Spirit, tfc.. tfc. Oil Sunday evening, Dr. Joel Ilawes, pastor of the First Congregational Church, who was last year i travelling in Palestine, gave his auditors a briet sketch of what canie under his notice ; which, as lie said, more and more confirmed him in the truth o! the holy scriptures, and in a belief ot the inspiration of the ancient prophets. He selected a multitude ot texts to fortify his positions ; citing among others, Deut. viii. 7-9; lb. xxviii. 15-25; Luke xix. 41-44 , Ezek. ad. lib. ifcc. Jcc., and proved, as tar as cir cumstances could prove, that all the prophecies rela tive to that portion ot the old world, had thus lar been literally fulfilled: and drew the corollary that the day ol its regeneration was near at hand,that the ' Jews would once more possess their truitful heritage, and the vine, the olive, and the tig tree, would again j flourish, where now all was waste and des olaion. 11c truthfully delineated a melancholy pic lure of Jerusalem, a city once containing about two million inhabitants, but now reduced to less than twenty thousand, comprising all creeds, colors, and conditions; and gave a vivid description of the revolting rues of superstition and idolatry which he witnessed in the church ot the ?? Holy Sepulchre," and which he could compare with nothing but the sickening orgies ot a host ot bacharials. Tyre, too?once the proudest city in the world, whose " merchant princes' were the envy and the admiration of surrounding nations he described as having become literally " a place tor tishers to spread their nets," while the site ot Sidon, the next known city ot importance, could scarcely be distinguished from other portions ot the dreary waste by which it was surrounded. But 1 know, from the manner in which the Herald was tilled yesterday, that you have not space to spare lor any thing like a detailed report ot this discourse, how ever much it might interest some of your reuders ; and therefore 1 forbear pursuing this subject any further, having many other topics which demand a brief notice, and which 1 shall endeavor to des patch accordingly. 1 cannot but remark, however, en pussant, u pervading thought which occupied my mind after the " restoration of the Jews' had been touched upon, viz: that it was a fortunate thing tor the " ancient people of Goil'' that the Grand Island specn lation of your quandam coadjutor, the " Grand Judge ot Israel," had been as fallacious as most of his political aspirations j for all the vines, or otivos, or fig trees they could propagate in the tropical regions selected by tho Judge, would sing small in an empty stomach ! '* General Training "was all out on Monday; and such martial maneuvering, such warlike weapons; and such imposing habiliments as were then displayed, if not well calculated " to fright the aouts ol learlul adversa ries," were at least calculated to produce great slaugh ter, minus the S. T. talk of your New York hantasticals ! Why, they're not a circumstance to the real Simon Pures who constituted the awful array on this occasion. Tho costume of every age or nation which has existed since the days of Noah, (1 do'nt mean the Judge, editor of " It shines for all," who can pay well, but him ol the big ark) or which will exist until the linal fulfilment of bather Miller's prophecies, was than and there duly represented, and that too, in a manner w hich could not tail to impress the most indifferent spectator with the vast importance (to fine collectors) ot the " militia system,' as now regu lated iu this State, aud in New Vork, Pennsylvania, Sic. During the alteruoon, some wicked wags mustered a company of gruutors, alias piggies, and alter decorating them en militaire, with as many scarlet scarfs, breeches, uud chapeaus as they could well carry, turned them out; when they took up their line of march through the Maine street, much to the gratification of those who delight in contrast. Considering that they had recived no previous drilling, (except here and there a few holes in their ears.; this unique corps acquitted themselves with as much credit as their biped compeers, w ho have been regularly '" trained" since they were " capable ol bearing arms. And now come we to the great event ol the week? " Election Day," as it is called, w hich is memorable tor the assembling of the Legislature, the inauguration ol the Governor, the mustering ol the unitornied companies from far aud near, and the concentration ol all the old anil young children for miles aryuud, within the circle ol this grand focus of attration. Long before " Aurora had mounted the chariot ol day' this morning, I was aroused from my slumbers by a furious bugle blast, which none but nervous men or men of nerve can justly appreciate; the repetition of which, sons intcrmitrion, plainly be tokened that it would be a bootless task again to "ail dress myself to sleep ;'' so 1 resolved to " forth and walk awhile," and endeavor to gather something for my own appetite and for tlio appetite ot your *200,000 readers. The weather was well suited for tho occasion, althougii rather coolor and cloudier than comported with tne wishes of those who had neither military nor any other wholesome exercise to keep their blood iu motion. At an early hour the troops turned out in goodly numbers ; aud during the day the various companies evinced a much higher degree of discipline than I had anticipated. There were exactly a dozen companies on duty, half of which belong to this city, viz.?Artilery, Capt. Kennedy; Governor s toot Guards, Captain Bacon; Light Guard, laptain Sey mour ; Light lulantry, Captain Sprague ; Cavalry, C aptain Soars ; and Grocers' Horse Guards, Captain Uoardman. There were two "crack companies from New Haven, viz.?Governor's Kooi Guards, Captain Prescott; and the Greys, Captain Tolles. The residue was composed ot the SpnulieUl Light Guard, Captain Thompson, a newly organi/.ed but perlectly drilled corps ; Glastenbury Lignt lulantry, Capiain Samson ; New Britain Greys, Laptain Strickland; and Kutield Rifle Corps, Captain ? W here all acquitted themselves socrertitably, it would be invidious to specily any particular company ; and therefore I will merely award them a bottle of praise, to be equally distributed along the line. The Legislature met about ten, and both branches were organized brfore twelve o-clock. In the Senate, Aaron N. Skinner was uppoiuted President pro Inn Nelson L. White, Secretary ; Chester Adams, Mes senger; Nathan M. Waterman, Assistant do; and W m. Russell, Doorkeeper. In the llouse of Representatives, William W. Uoardman was elected Sj>eaker ; James H. Ilolcomh, First Clerk ; W illiain 11. Bowers, Second do . Walter 1*. Chamberlain and Nathan Starkweather. Mes senger!; W estall Russell, Dooikcepei ; and John L, Boswell, State Printer. Alter the transaction ol some unimportant business?such as assigning seats tor re porters, inviting the attendance ot clergymou, aud ap pointing joint committees to canvass the late return ol votes lor Governor, 4tc.?both blanches adjourned, to meet again at three o'clock. Soon alter that hour the two bodies met in joint convention, when a committee (one Irom tho senate and two Irom the House; w as ap pointed to wait ou the Governor,and intorm him that the loint committe were in readiness lor any communication lie might liavo to make. In a lew minutes the Governor euteied, accompanied by several State officers, and after the oath ofottice had been administered by Chief Justice v\ illiums, he delivered lumsellot a mortal long message, a copy of which is herew ith transmitted, and tho analy /ation of which I cheerfully resign to your superior acumen Both Houses, thinking that " snrticient lor tho day is tlie evil thereof," then readily adjourned till to morrow at 10 A. M. There has been a small quantity of murmuring, both loud and deep, because the paratlo ol to-day was made to assume so exclusively a partisan aspect. Among all the marshals and other officers selected to take part in the proceedings, there was not a single democrat to tie ionnd -an omission said to be unparalleled in the history of " Election Day." Party spirit is well enough in its place, but it should never be allowed to obtrude itsell uiou such lestive occasions. My gatherings have swollen to such an Unconsionanle heap, that I nui>l again postpone a contemplated notice of the kind ol theatricals which flourish hereabouts; and also of the grand ball w hich is now going on in the City Hall and to which it is time 1 wag oil Von muy roly upon my being on the " kivy wivy" (as our immaculate friend Kx-Justice Bloodgood would say) for everything that is worthy your variegated columns, which shall be promptly transmitted as occasion lequires?daily, tri weekly, semi-weekly, or weekly. Yours, T. Tickl*. TKurtday morm'n/j.?Tho weather is most disagreeably cold and lowering, anil the clouds portend a long "north easter" to accompany many of our visitors el yesterday on their homeward bound journey. Wonderful K.nui\k.? It is alleged that a won derful engine, called the air engine, has lately been constructed by Professor Reinagle, who is securing patents in every civilized country of the earth. The power, which is self-produced in the engine, is obtained from condensed air, which, though easily manageable, begets an immense force ; the present engine, which stands on a space not exceeding two feet square, having a power equal to MS horses, f or pumping water out ofmines, it is giavclv proposed to use a 10,000 or *j0,000 horse power, in order to do the work promptly. It is stated that with tho present small engine, li'10 tons can be propelled at the rate of to :t0 miles per hour. The description of the action of the machine is very vague, but is said that several very eminent and scicntific men have oxamined it, ami expressed their astonishment. Professor Karady having seen tho drawing, and hoard the theory and practice of this invention explained, compli mented the Inventor by declaring that he had discovered perpetual motion of the most terrific description. Lakk Supbkior Coppkr.?The valuable l<ake Su perior Minerals will begin to yield their rich tribute the present season, and the prediction is ventured that ere long tho copper of tho world w ill be mainly supplied from tho mineral regions w ashed by the l-atherol Lakes. We learn from Mr. Memleuhall, the enterprising pioneer in Lake Superior explorations, tlmt permission has been obtained to transport 1000 tons of mineral to Boston lor smelting, and so rich is the ore that it commands fii per to? at tho works in that city. Mr. M. is en his way to Copper Harbor, to continuo the exploration and sur* voy?. ? -Cleveland Htrald. The Neapolitan Navy.?The pretence of the Neapolitan frigute, L'ranta. now in thin port, has turned public attention to the subject, and we tind that the present Navy ol his Majesty die King of the Two Sicilies, consists of the following vessels : Vesuvius, ship of tlio line tvl guns. Capie, Jo *4 " lteghia, frigate 00 " Parteuope, do . t>0 " Amuha, do .40 " Urania, do 46 " Isabella, do 40 " Loru, do 46 " 10 steam tributes, of 300 horse power each, arm ed with four 30 pounders, one Paixham of 117 on the poop, mid one oitM on the bow?6 guns each 00 1 corvette 3'2 " 1 bomb vessel, armed with guns and mortars,. 3J " 5 brig* ol 3-J guns each 110 " 0 surveying steam vessels, ready to receive ar muuieut, but now used in conveying the mails round the kiugdom. 10 steam frigates, now building in Naples and in Knglaud. The above six surveying steamers, and four ofths ten lrigutes before nuiued, have been built in Eng land, but 111 COUMqilelice ol the facilities afforded in the kingdom, and the improvement in the art of ship building, tile remainder were built in Naples. Some yearn ago, the Government established a National Foundry for the construction of steam ma chinery, which is now in active operation, upon part 01 the additional ten steam frigates, to complete the twenty vessels oi that class, for which thelaw waa passed. None are admitted as olficers or artilicers into the National Foundry, without being lirst thoroughly examined as to Uleir qualifications, and they must serve in tile establishment for a number ol years be l'ore they an: admitted as oilicers or machinists in the national steam vessels, by which means the go vernment are enabled to supply themselves with jiersons thoroughly competent m their several grades from their own country. Jt may not be improper to state that the "Urania," now in this port, has been sent to the Brazils, the River Plata, St. Helena, to this port, and will go to Boston; from thence to Knglaud and France, lor the instruction ol thirty young midshipmen,and twenty four young pilots, now on board her, under compe tent teucliers in all brunches of the naval service.? it is said that on her return to Naples, one of the ships of the hue will make u voyage round the world, taking the same young men ou board. Ufkick or the Solicitoh or the Thkasurt, { May 7, 1?46. J Sin?In ministering the atl'oirs of this ottice, it ofteu hap pens that the government is constrained tu purchase real property under its judgments at Marshal's sales, for iU own protection and salety. When this has been done, it needs careful and competent agents to take care of and minister the properties thus acquired?to prevent waste, collect rents, contract leases, Sic., until seasonable occa sions arise lor re-sales of such properties. While these duties arc devolved upon this olhce, 1 have deemed it important to obtain lists from the most accessible and re liable sources, in the several States and territories, of suitable agents to perforin these several functions, with sagacity, promptitude and lidelity, in order to enable me to guard the public interests lrom all avoidable detri ment in the premises. \ ou will, therefore, greatly oblige me, if you will fur nish me, at your earliest convenience, with lists oi tuck persons, residing in different sections ol' your State, whom, from personal knowledge or undoubted assuran ces ol character and qualifications, you are enabled tore commend lor the duties relerred to. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, S. BAKTON, Solicitor of the Treasury. A Divorce Case.?in the House of Lords on the 8th ult., the case of Boileau's divorce was brought torwurd. The facts ol this case, as detailed in evi dence at the bar, muy be thus shordy summed up : The petitioner, Maj Charles Lestock Boileau, seek* to obtain a divorce from Margaret Boileau, his wife, by reason of an adulterous intercourse carried on be tween her and Mr. Blood, a surgeon and apothecary, then Living in North Audley street, Grosvenor square Major and Mrs. Boileau were married on the 16th of August, lisiMi, he being at the time a widower. They were married by license at the parish church of Batheastou, in the county of .Somerset, and snhw quently resided at Castlenau, in die parish of Barnes, in Surrey. The lruitof the union is one girl, now about six years of age. They were represented as living happily together before the guilty intercourse between Mr. Blood and Mrs. Boileau sprang up. He attended her protessioually. No suspicion whatever with regard to any guilty intercourse ever crossed die mind ol the husband until she eloped with Mr. Blood. The adulterous pair quitted London in May. last year, by the railroad to Liverpool, and embarked ou board ol the hnepacket ship the Koscius, to New lork, where Uiey were traced, and loiuid to be liv ing in New York under the name of Mr. and Mrs. Blood, it appeared that she is now living in Great Coram street, haying returned from America. Ser vice ol ihe order of the House, with a copy of the bid, on Mrs. Boileau, was proved to have taken place on the &fth of March last. Miss Wenham, a governess in the family of Major Bodeau, stared that she attended to the young lady in that capacity, and she recollected die elopement of Mrs. Boileau. Ma jor Boileau was in the greatest distress. Since then she had never seen Mrs. Bodeuu. She had no rea son lor believing that an improper intercourse had ever token place between Mr. Blood and Mrs. Boi leau until the elopement. Another wiuiessalso spoke ol the great distress of die Major at his wile's disap pearance. At lirst it was thought that some accident befallen her, and search was made alter her. Ultimately she and Mr. Blood were traced to New 1 ork. Proceedings were taken in the Lcclesiastical Court ol this country by Major Boileau, but no action ol law was brought against .Mr. Blood, he having sold ius business, and not being now within the ju i isdictiou oi the courts ol law in Lngland. On the motion ol Lord Brougham, the bill was read a se cond time, and the parties withdrew. i'tie gallant, gay Lothario in this alfair, has re cently been giving concerts, under another name, in this and other cities ol the L uioii, and, we beheve, has now settled down in a sister city, to pursue hia professional avocations. A writer in the Charleston Courier is raking the garret ot antiquity tor curious dungs, that seem to huve been buried In tne dust ol time, And recently ha has ilnwu lor til the will ol U .iiiriuD, mentioned by vv com*. 1'he v, ill is given at length ia Provincial h rencti and in hugiish. The woithy man disposes ol hi* nog*, cuns, an.; negroes Willi much peculiarity, and mention* children ana grandchildren. 1 nc goon man, who dates lu* testament 13th Janunry, 1734, meationo hit son Ben jamin nail misused his |irojierty, and how he would set Lie matter* with him anil the grandchildren, and tnen he mention* Air*, .vianon, thus :?"Article With regard to my ileur wile, I give her papy Jenny and her two last cmldreu, namely, Isaac and tie, to dispose ol them according to her pleasure, but here is (uik rude article) a nice point?U my wile should happen to marry [again,) she must depart w ith what 1 have given her, her norses and her lurniture. N ould it not be an unjust thing that a stranger should (quainter property lie had not earned I lint 1 believe better Ihiugs ol my wile I believe that she w ill live a virtuous widow, governing hci lainily iu me lear ol i?od, as she always has done. It she does so, as 1 hojx), 1 appoint liur my admimtlialive executrix, and in\ son I'eter, and my sou James w lieu he shall be ol age. moreover, I give to my dear wile all the calves ami lambs ami olner provisions, [auh , i itndc, tue " pigs and poultry " ol W uems.J which she shall sell to the butcher [ /iour at air ?rt /jriihet ca/mnuiiiietj to have tier little con veniences. Above all tluugs, my dear son I'eter, 1 eu join you novel to lot any tiling be wanting, neither to your slater*, according to their conditions, nor your dear mother, who has reared you jptrri/ <> graniii tiouieurij with such great pains. 11 you dA so, the Lord will Idea* you nnd give you u good reputation in tlus world , and if you do not the youug ravens ol jhe desert will come aad pick out your ayes." Cotton Factory im South Carolina.?Mr. 1 ten id McCuilough, Jr. ol lilntltUn's Cirove, Fairiieltl District, lias commenced erecting, a suitable building lor a cotton inauulactory, Kor this purpose, he some time since, purchased l'rom the Mate the Mount Dearborn place, at the tails ol the i atawha river, in i hestar Dis trict. His intention, wo learn, is to manulacture Coarse cotton labrics, suitable for our country consumption.? The building is tw leet by ;W, ami will contain all the ma chinery for rt?0 spindle's, and iri case future prospects justify it, ho can enlarge the concern. In erecting hia building he is Ins own architect, sujicriiitoiidenl and overseer, and the labor is perlormed by his own negroes: the lumber sawed with " portable horse power saw mill under his ow n eye. The object he has in view, is to give emplo) inent to, and improve the moral condition of a class of people in that neighborhood, who are living now in compaiative wretchedness and vice; and another is to stimulate to enterprise the c.oruiant energies ot his fellow citi/ens, and prove that a part ol our capital ami labor can bo advantageously invested iu manufactures.? Columbia (S. C ) Chron. Ikishmkn in K no land.?The Dublin Sat ion say* that Mr. ttmythe, the Al.P. fori auterlmry, the original ( oningsby, is an Irishman, and, that at tlus very hour. Irishmen are at the head of ever) class and profession ia r tigland, lan I) open to intellect. " llor great tieneral t ellington), her great painter tVlaclisei, her great poet (.vioore), her great sculptors (McDowell and Moore), the greatest orator in the Hou-e ol 1 ommoni t*hiel), her great actor (Macready), her great dramatist Sheri dan Kuowies), nay, even her great caricaturist (H. II.), and her great comedian barren), are one and all Irish men." Factory Vii.i.aui.?The i>opulation of Manchefr ter, N. H., as appeal* hy the census just taken, i* \0|7 ; increase since last year, l,9nl M hesteris now the largest manufacturing town in the httuc, ainl at its present rate ol increase will; 111 a law ) cars, uval Lowell.

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