Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1845 Page 3
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German Coi.u.nv in Tennessee.?An enterprise u on foot for establishing a eoiony of (rt*niiau emi grants in Morgan county, Tenutmec. About two hun 3red thousand acres of land have been purchased, ami two or three hundred emigrants aro daily expected to arrive. Other* will follow from time to time as fast ?? preparations can bo made for their receptiou. Manufac tures and agriculture will eugage the attention of the i olony. For the tormer thorn is water ]>ower in the ?greatest abundance. The agricultural operations will lave reference chiefly to the cultivation of the vine and fruit trees generally. Spccial attention will bo giveu to the raising of sheep and the growth of wool. In view of the last mentioned object, the coni|>a?y have already sent over a few of the finest Electoral Saxony rams, whose original cost was over $.'>00 a piece. Anothei company, with similar objects in view, have purchased ubout sixty thousand acres in Perry county, Tennessee Movements of Travellers. The number of arrivals yesterday were unusually li mited. i'oets, painters, and horticulturists, have all con tributed their imaginative powers to give this month the attributes of vernal, refreshing, and invigorating beauty, but all must " hide their diminished heads," when we announce, and that feelingly, too,j that a worse than No vember blast has visited us-retarded or deferred the progress of travelling ? rendered our spacious hotels comparatively desolate, and converted the establishments of the summer-arranged fireplaces into all the essentials of winter'* indispensable! to comfort Wo found at the American?A. A. Foster, Harrisburg; T. A. Hammond, Orwell; Chas. P. Wood, Auburn. N. L. Hitchcock, Vir ginia Astor?Messrs. Hale, S. W. Tappan, Boston: Trow bridge, Buffalo; Sylvester, Bader, and Clarke, Philadel phia; Schoolcraft, Saut St. Marie; S. Meader, Ohio; E. B. < irant, Philadelphia; ('has. Brooks, Boston; It. A. Taylor, Baltimore; 8. M. B. Sovell, Savannah. Citv?A. O. Dolan, Washington, D. C.; W. Scanlun, Ohio; Oreen, Mich.; J. H. ('rant, Va.; James I'etrie, Buenos Ayres; 8. H. Pierce, Boston; Abbott and Baxter, do; T. Caldwell, Phila. Franklin?The book of registry at this hotel was again monopolised by a "Drummer." Howard?W. Irwing, B. Mooro, B. Ashley, Auburn; 8. Earl, Howard, Vt.;J. P. Howard, Phila.; James Baxter, Boston; Judge Lawrence, Hudson; C. L. Morell, do; W B. Doe, Saratoga; Benjamin Ilonloy; Boston; A Grey, Phila. Olobf.?Mr. Canada; Va. ; J. Fennimore Cooper, Cooperstown; John Krusler, Malaga; Charles Homer, Boston. Waverlv?R. II. Lummis, Sod us Bay; L: Richmond, Prov.; A'Stevens, Roltimore ; Morgan, Ohio; 2 Pratts, Phila. |H. B. Wilson, Canada. Amusements. Ethiopian Serenaders?Palmo's.?The present week will commence with, perhapa, the rarest and riahest entertainments ever announced by the Ethiopians. Their programme for to-morrow is, perhaps, the most at tractive that has been ever produced. Beautiful Teeth?Siveet llreatli?Preven. lion from decay?removal ol'the Tartar?restoration ofdiscolored teeth to a nearly whiteness?|>erl'ect preservation of a handsome setot teeth. All these objects may be fully attained by the use of Dr. Sherman's Orris Tooth paste, one of the most delicious articles ever offered to the public in the way of a dentrifice, and which is not only warranted to be free from any and every dele terious material which is productive of injury to the enamel or to the stomach if swallowed, but also to be the most agreeable article of the kind, and one that will ill all respects answer the expectations of the purchaser. Dr. A. C. Castle, that celebrated Dentist; Dr. Elliott, the Oculist; Professor Ward and a host of persons, among the number of which are some of the most .ta lented men, unite in the recommendation of this article as being the best they have ever seen or used. And the ladies who have used it are so delighted with it that they will not have any other. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is IOC Nassau street. Agents. 110 Broadway: 10 A*tor House; 227 Hudson street; [88 Bowery^ 77 East Broadway; 86 William street, and 89 Chestnut st., rhila delphia. Medical Notice.?The Advertisements of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Suppression of Quackery, in the cure of all diseases, will hersaner appear on the fourth page and last column of this paper. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D.. Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 95 Nassau ts Or. MeNair's Acoustic Oil, warranted genu ine, SO cents a bottle, at 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. Oldrldjfc's Balm of Columbia, for the growth of Hair, and preventing its falling out, at 67 Walker St., lirst store from Broadway. MONEY MARKET. Saturday, May- 11th?6 P.M. There was quite a falling off in the quotations for ttoclu to day. The sale* wero not large, and the failure in the street yesterday having fallen so heavily on some of the operators, prices of stocks were suffered to droop. Stonington declined | per cent.; Norwich and Worcester J; Erie Railroad 1; Reading Harlem J; Canton J; Long Island j-; Farmers' Loan i; Penn. 6's Illinois J; Indiana]; Ohio 6's J; United States Bank improved], and Kentucky 6's J. Vicksburg and Morris Canal closed firm at last quotations. ^ Kecent advices from Havana confirmod the anticipa tions of many in relation to a short supply of sugar, it is estimated that the production will he about fifty ]>er cent less than in 1844. The exports from Havana a ad Matan. zas from January 1st to April 19, this year and last, have been as annexed : Exports or Si'gar from Havana and Matanzas. Havana. Mat am a*. ? . , 1044. 1815. 1844. IMS. United States 33,919)? 4,328 31,263 C,078 Great Britain 7,413 190 2,960 1.380 Covrei 35,884 10,154 29,0(18 3,753 Baltic 8,431 1,010 1,322 ? llnmburcand Bremen 18,183 10,925 8,207 4,879 Holland 2.R54 2,172 751 ? Belgium 3,704 ? ? ? Prance 3,401 2,152 1,110 ? gpain 35,595K 30,121 5,660 3,838 Irieste and Venice 3,G0I,S U13 10,198 ? Italy 2,4(12 1,302 ? ? Other ports 3,018>i 1,492 4,407 133 156.547 71,31(7 96,676 20,061 These exports show a falling oil'of more than fifty per cent. The following table exhibits the quantity of su gar exported from Cuba in 1844, and ttie estimated ex port for 1846 ; the export for 18-15 is put down at just one half of 1844 : Exports or Suoar from Ci'ba in 1844 and Estimated Ex ports for 1845. Havana. Matanzas. Trinidad. St. Jago. Itoxes. boxes. boxes. taxes. 544,922 312,079 74,281 28,170 Deduct 50 pr. Ct. 272,461 156,039 37,140 14,089 K?rHM5.0rt,Di 272,461 li6'W0 37,HI 14,089 The total export for 1845, from the four ports, is put down at 479,731 boxes. Of this amount the north side of the Island sends 438,501 bxs. The south side of the Island *end? 51,M0 " 479,731 ' It is estimated that this quantity of Sugar will pro duce at least 77,083 hhds. of Molasses, averaging 15 hhds for every 100 boxes of sugar on tho north side of the island, and 36 hhds. for evory 100 boxes of sugar on the south side. The crop of Molasses in 1844 averaged about 16} hhds. for every 100 boxes of Sugar. Exports of molasses from tho Island of Cuba llhd*. in 1844. 161,33!) estimated exports of molasses from tho Isfand of Cuba in 1845 77 083 Decreaso, 1845, 74,167 The exports of the three great staples from Cuba, ac cording to the official returns for 1843 and 1844, and tho estimates for 1846, will, for tho three years, stand as follows : ? _ , 1043, 1*44. 1815. ??r' Tc? 1137,460 959,4M) 479 711 Coffee, arrobes 1,633,738 1,296,196 1,1A0.'0?M Molasses, hhds ? 151,239 77,0(12 To givo some idea of the effoct of the shert crop upon prices, we annex quotations for sugar, current in Havana about tho middle of April, this year and last Quotations for Hitrar in Havana, 1844 and 18(5. . ? ^ipril, 1814. April, 1845. Half aod half 4 a 8 to 5 a 9 rls 8 a 12 to 10 a 14 rl?. White 7 to 9 " 14 to I5)i Yellow 4)?to" 7.Sto 12 " Brown 4 to 4*4 " 6?ito7li " Cucurucho 4.!?to3k " 6to6X " The distress caused among the small planters by the destruction of so large a portion of their sugar crop, is not, we fear, the only thing. It yet remains to bo seen whether the roots ofthe cane have not been injurod, so as to require re-planting-^-if so, tho next crop must also bo a short one. Old Stock Exchange. *2*100 U B5'a 1853 coup 103^ 400 ?h? Canton Co 45 50ISI 1/ H Htate 5's 1853 tOO>.. |D0 ,|? ,10 45 7000 Ohio 6'? I860 bCO 99';, 325 ijo liCO 45< , 2000 do 99'J 50 do 1.15 4AW 5000 do W0 99 100 Harlem Hit .10 7 1000 do 99 25 do ??w 1 20000 do slO 99 100 do b30 74U .KK)0 Illinois Rpl Bonds 39 150 Erie K R 311, 40000 Penn 5's 72!.' JO i|o I16O 31k 10(100 do 72?i, 25 do j|C lOCftO do sJO 72'4 32', l.OME lalaml R R 71C 6000 Kentucky G'? 101)2 5# do sfiO 7 3 5000 Ken I.arpe Bonds 101 250 do ><>0 73c (iOOO Indiana Bonds 34 100 New Jersey RR [H i ? 5000 do h!5 34\< 25 Housatonic Hit t|3 55 alls Bank of Com full 99 25 do 31 50 Vickabuix Bank fl'-? 25 StouiiiKton a30 37V 200 1 f 8 Bank r.'a 300 do b 10 37V 50 Union Bk 114!% 125 do J7V 25 Manhattan (laa 90 50 do 37 ?? 300 Farmers' Trust 30 2.5 do )>G0 58 50 do. 35X 50 do 37H It; Ohio Life & Trust 95!* 100 Nor ?c Wor 1.30 THi 'ill Morris Csnal 35*4 150 do >30 74 50 do b30 33k do 74 >4 fill do 33S 250 do 74 50 do a30 33S 50 Readmit RR bfll 51 too New Haven Canal 2( Second Itoartl. 28 aha La Kafay Bk fin 75 20 Ohio Life k Trust 95'? 25 Kaat Boston I4W t5 Morris Canal lit.'i 33)2 lim Farmers' Trust >00 x>\ 50 Vicksbtirn slO 8', i Nor Sc Wor nw 731, New Stock Exchange. 125 ?h? VickslmruBk cash 8Si 25 ihs Farmers' Trust blO 30 50 . do bnw as 25 do ?3 353/ 25 Morria Canal lOds 33'n 50 do 1,3 :*i 75 do c*?h 33'n 100 do raali tl57? 50 do blO 3:0, 75 do 1,20 311 15 Ksst Boston ro ItS .'j0 do csah 3JV 200 Lonit lalsnil RR a30 7:0, 50 Stonington RR cash 350 do >30 ?:i'? 25 do .90 J7 50 do a30 7SV 25 ? do blO 379i 50 do bnw 7:i\ 100 NorJt Wor bnw 71 50 do caah 73', 75 do snw 7lSi )00 do 1.10 73\, 75 do blO 74'. 50 Ifsrlrni RR s3 7l 15 do 7I'? 50 do 73 W 10.1 do cash 74 50 do Tuesday 73V 2} do uw 74 ^ 50 do cash 73;t [M1E Muuwn of the THISTLK BkNKVOf kV'r iw ?r !?,ub,nit ,he 'oiiowu,? '/Venturer's Report. Cash received for Ball Tickets, Fees, f)uns fnr y ears 1?44 to I Ml Xc' r?r ,h' ^ ,, Kx|*nses of two Mails, Room Hire, fa fcHui *1,30!' 1 Donation., fcc Balance oil baud New York, M?f Hih, l?l5OKO- H V?RI3ON. 'Treasurer. Wecliou of Oflem, held on Thursday even I !iw euiulili'yrw:' W"1K wereduly elected for Mr. JAMF.8 CURR, President ROBEltT DOl;GLA8S, M D V Pres't ALKX. CAM Kit ON, Secretary. Wm. McLauuiilin, 1 James EsriE, John S. St ott, } Managers. mv in it ft JOHII PATTKRSOPV, I m> 18 u?m Barn A HI. Rick, j *-? l- lNi'*s PATENT I10RSE-SII0ES b Wa7?iu^? Llai^ h,'V'K ,,y l,r'?C'P?l dealer, in hard rnd m^.l ,r , ^ States are all warranted perfect in form be fiZd not ::,ery \'"1 ^"r1 ,,ro",- may hirer.. V.,I I "'.?eco1rJ?",r with thealwve recommendation will be receited bark and the money refunded with all evn??iuf? from the most distant part, of the country ' mv to im* h. Burden, Agent, ? * 111 lm "c Troy Iron and Nail Factory. EYES, EYES. EYES A^JKa'v'nL no BKS mvV"dt ''""ted I'y Dr. J. tiie Homui Artifleiij ??W?ryi.NirV- ' ,??"ly manufacturer of Artificial in the United Stales. myl9 lm*m NEW YORK HORSE BAZAAR, Titl' n ? Not. 31, 33 and 35 Crosby it. . ; J roptietor of tin* Establishment beg* leave to inform Ins friends and the public Rent-rally that there is now in his siaoles from 75 to 100 Horses for skle-amongst which are a number of very line pairs of Carriage and Saddle Horses. Horses taken on I.iverv and on Sale. Every care and atten N *n Tn.'"! to. them careful and experienced grooms, t .hli.i . iUCt'?" 8?ilt's having been discontinued at this es meitTeeVfeoi^TOe^ dMirab'r P'aC? f?r ^"ll N YUM New Y ork. May 18. 1845. iiiyl8 2t?m W ANTEO-Korone of the most extensive Publiahing houses A^nri'fn^' * J** JF" 'o ?.? a. Agetits for tho sale of new'end wcX'l^nropSoS will insure each man $300 over his board per year profit. A wri ting to that effect will be given them; tliey wift hav. bUd? opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year, and more if they are ac HI? ,* ury "OX'. *,i?ave,,,,, d"trict. It will be necessary for , V?,!2i f I V '"J110 obtain a good fitting out. No one need apply uulns he has that sum, for it is the object of the ?nooter?oflW trm.,,r',u,? thrm suc'' a ch*"" For full particulars apply to 95 Duane street. my6 lm*ei2is rSJl?* juj?E?AND K( )R,Z PORT WINES. 650 ,n<lian Barrels "PURE ^fi v V)U'CV a,,d "HORIZ" Port Wines, cargo of Brig Henry Leeds, just arrived from Oporto, ami expressly im iwrtedV Alexander btdtan, will be sold at auction by L M. Hoffman fc Co., on Tuesday. 20th May. at 11 o'clock, in front of their Store, No. 831 Wall street. (4mples and Catalogued sue"?* fC V " th" 0ffice ?f Alexander Soluu, No. 115 Wall i '} IS? e'1?nic,,r wh'<jJ> the Wines of the Importation of the Subscriber have generally had m this city, and throughout he country, being shipped to him by respectable and old esta blished houses, makes it unnecessary to enlarge anymore about tlieiqualities of the same. p, 8,V',,"?hr '""rerring to a certain advertisement about lort Wines- which has lately appeared in some ol the pubha papers, begs to add that lie leaves it entirely to the better judgment ol Wine Merchants and Grocers, who,for years bave |?.u supplied wuh PURE JUICE, RORIz, RKOINA, faction " 0 Ini|)ortatioii, to their entire satis . , 1* |^'o willing to produce to any of his customers who should desire to see them, not only the Invoices and bills of shipment, as also tl>e letters received from his ^ "f t. a""ual I'stsof shipments of Port Wine Irom the city of Oporto, so that they may become acquainted with the connections whieh he has teen able to fWm during a residence of over ten years in Oporto and the country. my!7 ltis&2osM&T?ec 115 Wan'sfrVe^'.'upVt'ai?. NB.?Private House of Refreshments by D.W. TELLER ? 206 l< ront street?Breakfast, Dinner and Supper. Is 3<i each, preaklast from 6W until 9; dining hours from a quarter before 12 until 3; 8up|ier from 5 until o'clock. Also, 26 Beds, all in prime ordar. Lodgings 25 cts. All gentlemen wishing to resort to afine cool dining apartment, will do well to call and satisfy themselves. The proprietor also keeps the old stand corner of h ultoii and t> ront streets; 7, 8 and 9 Fulton Market, where he will continue to serve up all the delicacies of the season. Also. Wines, Liquors, and Segars of all kinds and of the choicest brands, direct from the importers. m!7 Im-rli rpHE UNDERSIGNED amiS Jth^'biic^d r 'Y'y to the watch merchanu, that from this day they have &rr\t25ne*"?c,?t,?.n u.ud,r the name of DELACHAUX & M AlKfc, for the trade of importation of watches, and that from this said day they have on hand and shall receive irom their cor respondent manufacturers every description of Watches and Movements. DELACHAUX b MAI RE, anit. .1 w No. 127 Falton street, N. Y. A. Delachaux?H Maire. a22 lm*m LOOK AT THIS. TUST RECEIVED by the packet ship Ducliesse D'Orleans, " frH'n Paris, the best article of geiitlemeu's French Boots ever seen, aud now offer, wholesale and retail, at the low price of $5, and the best of trench Calf Boots made to order for S5; and the greatest assortment of all kinds of Boots and Shoes and Uaiters. Ladies, in this store you will find tlie greatest assort ment otall kinds of Gaitera, Buskins, Slippers, Ties, and all M. CAHILL COLT'S PATENT RKPEATINtr PIRKAKMS mwvrVlaTE8iT ?Mf'ROVEMENT OF 1844. P UK'H,OI for the sale of the Colt's PistoU, Rifles, Car X hmesaiid Fowling Pieces, has been removed from No. 171 groadway to No. 2 Barclay St., near Broadway, under the Astor Mouse, where a general assortment of these suiwrinr Fire-Arms iS JP Mle at reduced prices. They also can be had at W. H. Horstmann gt Co's, Maiden lane, Mulford 8t Wendall, Broadwav- Albany, Lyman P. Knowlas: Dalhi, Delaware co. W. Y., Hyde b Goodrich, and H. E. Baldwin k Co., New Or leans, at New York price*. Pistolsat from $16 to &? each in a case with equipmenls. Great imipsitions are practised upon the public ini representing and: selling the self-cocking and revolving six barrel Pistol for Colt's repeating Pistol, which is acknow ledged to be superior in every resect to any other Pistol manu factured in this country or Europe. The Em|ieror of Russia, the hmjieror ?f Austria, the Kinjf of Priusia, Prince de Joinrille or Prance, the Imauinor Muscat, all have them and s|>eak in the !di?r2it>!!7k* ? '^1 "u H % Army and Navy are sii|> plied with them, aiid the U. S. Navy lias been supplied with them to Mime extent, and the officers have given the most favorable re l?>rt on Colt's repealing fire-arms. a20 |m?ec lamps, girandoles, hall lanterns AND CANDELEHHAS, _ FOR the SPRING TRADE. TV^T/,. BROTHER & CO, No. 13 John street, are manu ?*T Iscturing. and have always on hand, a complete assortment of yt.c ea In their line, of the following inscriptions, whTchThey will sell at wholeaald or retail, at low prices for cash: Improved ( hemical Oil and Camphuie Lamps, fr,. Gilt and Bronzed, in great variety. Cornelius k Co.'s" celebrated Patent Solar Lard Lamps. Ulrondoles, various patterns, gilt, silvered or bronzed. Suspending Solars, 1)oric Camphene Lamps, Bracket SoUrs, Side do do Solar Chandeliers Bracket do do Patent Lard Hand Lamps, Stand do do Britonia Hand Lamps. Camphene Chandeliers, Superior Chemical Oil, Pure Sperm Oil. do Camphene, Solar and Lard Oil, do Burning Fluid, Refuted Whale Oil. mhI63md?ec HOUE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC SLIDES, long known as the most du WV rable, coiiveuient. and elegant of extension Tables manu lactured; warranted to run easy constantly, and not to lie affect ed bv damiNiess or warping of the wood. A largo assortment ol choice patterns, suited for private parlors, hotels, steamboats &c., together with a general assortment of Cabinet Furniture always oil hand, at the Ware-rooms, No. HO Grand street, cor ner ol r.lm, wliere the public is respectfully invited to call and a25 lm'ec Feather bed, mattrass and bedstead WAREHOUSE. 156 AND 158 GREENWICH STREET, C orner of Courtlandt street. fathers from . Is to 4s |<er lb llair Mattrasses, from $3 to (25 Moss do 2 to 10 Palm I*af 3 to 8 Coru Husks 2 to 8 3 to 25 Blankets ) to 8 Comforters, from 1,50 to2,50 Toilet 1 allies 1,18 to 1,50 W ashstands I,U to 1,50 Beilsteads, of mahogany, black walnut, curled maple, plain maple, all the di ft went liattenis in use, and in price Irom $3 to ?30, according to the style and finuh. i ha attention of the public is (specially called to the Patent Premium Right and Left Screw Bedstead. This bedstead must tiu B,,n j ? ?re 't? qualities can be knowu. Thay cannot wall be stated in an advertisement. Tliey have been in use about tour years?have taken the premium (a silver medal) at the Fair oT tlia American Institute, and over 14,000 have been told-what te'T.Ti r"C'i" wanted of the value of the article I Every hSSuLS ^ h0!85 ,,M> "nlt,'<1 States should hava this bedstead?private families cannot do without them. .. i^Li l,,,rs dr,'"*d *nd naiovated, and Mattrasses made over 3Tlin"ec'W' SAMUEL 8. PARKER. THE INVISIBLE SWIG O closely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics and connoisseurs have Pronounced it the most perfect aud extra ordinary invention of tlie day. The great advantage of this uovel and Iiiuque wig is iu being made without sewing or weaving hair both'in'til-ViaPI**raIil''?* *? ,cl"*, l'r 10 wsemble tlie natural hair, both iu lightness and natural appearance, as to defy deter ll?0.',beautiful, s.i porous and so free, that in l*'n'Plr"tl0!' evst>oratii>n is unimpeded aud evils of other wigs entirely avoided. Tlie skeptic and eoiinois sear are alike invitedinspect this novel and beautiful Wig andth. wenhH-nMhodI of l.tting the h?dat the manufactSl rer s, A. O. Barry, 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty street up ? UJ m*ec SCOTT'S BAZAAR. Si a iwnJ)?JwTT? between Broadway and Greenwich. JAN DH S( OT1 returns his most sincere thsnj,, to his friends 'and the public at large, for the liberal support received siuce he opened the above house, aud hopes, by file same strict attention to merit a l onliniionre thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Segars, are too well known to need comment. 1 he he?t Oysters the market can afford served up in every style; likewise a large assortment of refreshments to he hail at all hours, until 12 at uiglit, such as Beefsteaks, Welsh Rabbits Mutton Chops, Sardines, Fried Kidneys, ('old Cuts, Ham and Kggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached Kggs, Tea and Coffee, Jtc. A good dinner of roast anil boiled meats for one shilling, every 'i 'r."m to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout always on if?."". families supplied with the best Scotch and Irish ?> htskey. No house liettersupplied with F.nglish, Irish, Scotch, Welsh, smlI citv papers?always the latest news ny the stesmers. r. .1 .ro"m* for Private Parties, at all times ready?free gratis for ""thing. ; stJm ec fw ? ., IKON AND TIN. fl^LVANI/KD SHKK.T IRON AND TIN, a very su .Trr"'LVl notrM,t- Also, Tin Plate, She, f r? V" lri'"V Sl"" Copper, Zinc, Scotch and A met nc.ui I ig Iron, lor sale by CASS It WARD, my 13 ?m?ec N? 7, Broad street TO IK Ml AX MANUKACTURKRS Borax fixtures fc?k salic-a eomnieti ???n,iu, lor inanufactnring norax, Boilers, Vats, See., and a receipt to manulactiirc the same with the latest improvements Also a Manufactory to let. Enquire of ">H lw*ec JOB JACKSON, IIS Wsterst. IRISH BLACK MARBLE. TONS Large site Blocks, entire cargo of British ?yvr barque Victoria, expected daily (oarrive from Gslwsv s?d for sale by PERSSK It BROOKS, _ wiHec No. M 67 N'wMuin street. hl.AVk OXIDE OF manuajsese: 10 OOO ''"S. Ground, of very superior qualify, J#st re eelved and lor sale by PKRSSF. k BROOKS, ^*c No. 05 aud 67 Nassau street. CLIFTON HOUSE, AT THK NARROWS, STATfcN ISLAND THIS Delightful Hummer resort U now o|>eii for the ?ea*on During tl?* receta the house and icrouudji have been placet! in complete onW?the houae newly furnished. There are yet. few pood rooms uueuiraged for the summer season. Kamilie* or sinule gentlemen wishiuK a contiguous summer residence, will find the Clifton House all that can he desired. UlLMNiiH, BROTH K&8, Proprietors. W Tlie Stateu Island Boats leave Clifton Dock at 7^ A. M. and 3*4 P. M. in 17 3tis?rc OENTLKMEN* LEFT OFF WARDROBE. C"i ENTLEMEN or Families goiug to Europe or elsewhere. 3T wishing to disencumber themselves of tneir suwrtluous wardrobe, either ladies' or gentlemen's; also. JEWELRY, FIRE ARMS, lie. &c, will obtain lroin the subscriber twenty per ceut more than from those who pretend to pay the highest cash prices. H. LEVLTT, Office No. 2 Wall street, New York. Families or geutlemeu attended at their residence by a|> pointment. And all orders left at the subscriber's office, or sent through the post office, will be punctually attended to. ml7 lui*ec RE LA 'VIVE OPINIONS OF THE PRESS iUK EDITOR OF THE EVENING POST ?myi?"Dr. - Castle's Paste for tilliiiK drciyed tender teeth i? admira bly adapted for nervous persons, am I Dr. Castle o|>erates with ease and ability." Tin- New York Sun?" Dr. A. C. i Castle has obtained an enviable celebrity for liu escellent Paste, with which he atops hollow ion- teeth. The N. V. Aurora?"It makes tlie teeth in all respects jierfect for life." The Sunday Atlua ?"Dr. Castle's mode ofinaerting artificial Useth bv atmo?|>heric pressure, is the iierfection ofilental mechanism." Tlie Journal of < 'onimerce?" Dr. Castle's origiual method of inserting artificial teeth by atmospheric pressure ia as perfect as it iabeautiful."? The Courier k Enquirer?"His method ia original, and displays i science and skill." A. C. CASTLE, M. D., Dentist, ml7 2ti?8tlcM*rc 381 Broadway. ? REMOVAL. THE Warehouse of tlie Jersey City Glass Company is re moved to No. 105 Liberty street, between Broadway and Greenwich street, wlien- orders for all kiuda of flint and colored (.Mass, will lie received and promptly attended to. A complete assortment of Glass constantly ou hand, for wholesale or at retail. m 17 St TufcThJt * itc II All PS?REMOVAL OF WAR EROOMS To No. 2H1 Broadway, opposite Washington Hall. Jl1'. BHOWNK, Maker and Importer of Improved Patent . Grand 61 j and ti octave Double Action Harps,Legs to inform his friends and the musical world, he has removed his wan rooms to the above coimnodius premises, and would call their apecial attention to a new, unique, and beautiful apecnneu of Kraud 6>j octave double actiou llarp he has just completed. J. F. n. is constantly receiving the most nattering testimon ials from the first musical talent, regarding the superiority and great brilliancy of tone, touch, and perfect finish of his Harps. ! and liaa received the Franklin medal of the Philadelphia Socie ty of Arts, for his improvements in this very delightful instru ment- Harps repaired, Strings, Music, tic. J. F. BROWNE, Loudon, 28lBroadway, and 73 Chambers street, New York, iny17 lmd(kW*re Established 1810. CURE FOLLOWS CURE. FURTHER EVIDENCE of the efficacy ofThompson'sCom pouud Syrup of Tar and Wood Naptha in Consumption.? Mrs. H. P. Warner, now rasiding at the house of Michael C. Fisher, Esq., Woodbury, N. J., was attacked eighteen mouths siuce with a violent disease of the lungs, pronounced by her phy sician, Dr. Win. Harris, of Philadelphia, congestion of the lungs. Tie; pain in her breast wns violent, with difficult respiration, to tal inability to raise the phlegin, precluding the possibility of repose, and rendering it necessary to be propped up in bed, and for three mouth? her voice was gone. Her physician pronounc ed her cose hopeless, and she ceased to indulge the hope of re covery. About this time she heard of tlie numerous cures per formed by Thompson's Compound Syrup of Tar and Wood Naptha, and commenced using it. In a very short time her health improved, and by stoady perseverance in the use of this valuable remedy, she has been literally rescued from the grave. Tlie above statement in regard to my wife's restoration to health is true, and the result is solely attributable to the use of Thompson's Syrup of Tar and Wood Naptha, every other reme dy liavini failed in her casr. 11ENRY P.WARNER. Philadelphia, May 10, 1843. Prepared and sold by S. P. Thompson, Druggist .Philadelphia, i and sold wholesale auu retail in this city by A. B. SANDS St Co., Chemists and Druggists, 273 Broadway, corner Chambers street. Sold also at 79 r ultou street, and 77 East Broadway.? Price 50 cents. inyl7 lm*ec nan worth ok cheap carpetin ? <5>fc'Vf?V/v7vf?t the Cheapest Cabi-et Estarlishmen in i the United States, No. 99 Bowery?ANDERBON it DOBBS have just received a large assortment of New Patterns of English Carpeting, ordered expressly for city trade which they offer for 25 per ceut lower thau any other establianment. Also, just received? 20,000 yards Coinmou Carpet 3s per yard 25,000 " Fine do 4s to 5s 30.000 " Double Sutler Gsto7s " Three Ply Carpetiug 9s " Floor Oil Cloths 4s " Tuttejl Hearth Hugs 20s piece Canton Matting 2s per yard ANDERSON & DOBBS, No. 99 Bowery, my 13 2wis*rc tlie first establishment above Hester st. oTtkJnon'S gymnasium. (HAS. F. OTTIGNON respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has recently taken the large and commo dious rooms, Nos. 15, 17 and 19 Canal street, near Broadway, (formerly occupied by J. P. Rogers,) which have been thorough ly cleaned, and fitted up in a manner that cannot fail to give sa tisfaction to tlie most fastidious. Connected with tlie Gymnasi um, is the Sparring Room, where Mr. O. i* always ready person ally to give instructions in the noble Alt of Self Defence, and lie will likewise state that his pupils enjoy tlie reputation of being the most skilful amateur sparrers in the city. Wrestling taught by Mr. WM. PRICE, who will warrant any pupil perfect, after a course of instruction. Fencing taught by an experienced Professor. ! Mr. O. would respectfully inform those pupils who have for merly exercised at this Gymnasium, and whose terms have not already expired, that satisfactory arrangements for the continua tion or their unexpired time, will be made by calling ou him at tlie rooms, in Canal street, which will be o|ien from sunrise un til 10 o'clock, P. M. Mr. O. would also state that tlie Gymnasium and Pistol Gal lery, corner of Broadway and Chambers street, will lie open uu til further notice. a9 lin je Ask for Ring's Verbena Cream AND take no other, if you would enjoy that greatest of nil hwuriea, ease and comfort in Shaving. It is recommeuded I iu lull confidence, as beiug the very best Shaving Soap in exist. [ ence. There never was any thing that approached it in virtues peculiarly its own. It is now made by tne original inventor, much improved both in appearance and quality. To merchants it will afford a better profit and give better satisfaction than an other which they can sell. All are requested to call and see the article as now prepared. Those who [wrchase at 392 Broome St. or 80 Maiden lane, cannot fail of getting tlie ue plus ultra of mo dern inventions. For sale by the inventor, CHAS. H. RING, at 392 Broome street, a8 lm*rc between Broadway and Bowery. INFALLIBLE BEL) BUG POISON. WATSON'S BI G DESTROYER needs but one applica tion and tlie lied bugs will shun their former abode ever. Proprietors of hotels and steamboats, and private families who wish to keep free from these vermin, can do it at a small ei|Kinse and in a lew minutes. %Owing to the great popularity of this prevention, several worthless imitatious have been imposed upoll the public. The genuine is sold only at Apothecaries' Hall, X Catherine street; 127 Maiden lane, and iu Brooklyn by Mra. Hays, 130 Fulton street. Price 25 and 50 cents per bottle. *25 lm*T PLANTERS' HOTEL, TOMPKINSVILLE, STATEN ISLAND. THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he is now ready to receive boarders for tlie sea son , and hopes to merit a continuance of their favors. A good Uniting House is attached to this establishment. And tlie Boat from the New Kerry, Pier No. 3 North River, (at half tlie former charges) stops at Planters' Hotel Dock?Fare cents?Freights cheap in proportion. P. WOLFE. Proprietor. Cv"Several Houses and Cottages to let?apply as above. May 13th, 1315. myl4 lw*ec WILLI AMSB URG COTTAGE. THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform the citizens of New York, Brooklyu and iu vicinity, that they have re cently owned large and splendid mansion known as the WILLIAMSBURG COTTAOE, and furnished at great ex|iense for the accommodation of resi dents and strangers. The Cottage is eligibly situated, a few rods south of the I', ck Slip Ferry,and convenient to the Houston and Grand street Ferries commanding a beautiful and extended view of the Bay, New York and Brooklyu. They have also at tached to the COTTAOE a large and splendid Garden, conve nient Promenades, Grass Platts, Shade Trees, fisc.. making a most .'eliglitful summer resort to while awav a few hours ainid the refreshing breezes of the Bay. "Ilieir MUSICAL CLOCK is richly worth a visit, lieing the beat piece of mechanism of the kind that was ever imported to this country. It will play fifty different tunes with remarkable harmony and accuracy. The choicest variety ol refreshment will at all times be promptly furnished. N. B.?In connection with this establishment, they have WARM AND COLD SA1.T WATER BATHS? known as the Washington Baths, 'i he water is at all times clear and pure. The Ferries run from Peck Slip, Grand street and Hous tou street every fifteen minutes. Ferriage four cents, my 18 lm*ec llANDr'IELD 8t HOEFT. THE SOCIAL INSTITUTE, now completed, ready for the reception of pupils, is situated Hi Shrewsbury, three miles from the celebrated watering jilaoe, four mile* from Red Bank, where steamers ply daily from tlie foot of Fulton street. It is calculated to give a sound, practical education, qualify the stu dent to pursue any business, or enter any class iu College. Terms, per annum, $100, includiug all incidentals, except beds and stationery. WANTED?A classical teacher, native of > ranee. Also a female. Circulars and interview with tin teacher may lie had at 131 Nassau street. alllm'n I)R. BRAD SHAW HAS REMOVED HIS OFFICE TO No. ? Barclay street. my It lw*ec NOTICE?MR. CLARKE has removed his Intelligence Office from 336 Broadway to 953% Duane st, one door from Broadway, where he continues to provide protestant help, both white anu colored, of good character, at $2 a yey. At95H Duane meet uncurreut money bought anu exchanged. niy4 lm*ec _ MINI A TURE PAINTING. J A. McDOUOALL has removed from No. 11 Park Place ? to 1M Broadway, fourth house above White street, eaat ?ide. __ mv4 lm?ee BANK FOR SAVINGS. NOTICE.?This Institution is uow remeved to No 107 Chambers street. mSlinrc TTTIRION. MAILLARD & CO. HAVE REMOVED from No. 96 to No. Ill PEARL STREET. (Ilansvar Square.) my4 >w*?c REMOVAL. MllS CARROLI.'S MEDICATED VAPOUR AND SUL PHUR BATHS are removed from No. 315 Broadway 184 Fulton street, west of Broadway. Open from 6 o clock the morning till 9 o'clock at sight. Sulphur Baths iwiuire n hour's notice. in3 Im rr MONKY LENT. THE Subscriber has removed to 423 Pearl, comer of Rose street, where he continues to loan money oil any amount on dry goods, gold and silver watches, plate, jewelry, diamonds, fur niture, wearing apparel, and every description of yersonal |*roper Licensed Pawnbroker, 413 Pearl, comer of Rose street. N. B.?Persons may be received in tlie private office by ring ing the bell at the halldoor. a30 lm?rc MONEY TO LKNU. BRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawn Broker. M Reade street, near Broadway, loans mone), in large or small sums, as may be required, on gold and silver watches, diamonds, silver plate, jewelry, dry go<ids, furniture, wearing apparel and inerchindizr, of every description. ajo |m*re HOARDING AT 27 COURTLANDT STREET. (1 OOI) BOARDING, with pleasant rooms, for single gentle * men. Likewise, a handsome furnished parlor with bedroom adjoining, suitable for a genteel family?by my!3 Im're MRS. GERE. 71 Courtlandt street. A r|H> BOATMEN, AND OTHERS.-Psving Stone of firs L rate quality, wanted immediately. Apply to 1 wiLliam forgay, al4lm*re No. 41 Norfolk^treet QUAK fEHMA N iO N, PAINTERS, NO. l? BURLING SLIP, New York. Hoi se Siok A*n Smr Paintino, 0*Ai*iwn, Marpuno and Gi.acifm ALSO-LEAD SASHES. For CHt'KcHM and Gothic Bcii-mens, MAnr. to orukk. m4 lm*ec HANGING PAPER. It) 1UWV I.IIS, Brown Haneing Paper, well sired, for sale 15&.UUU by I'ERSSE It BROOKS,. niMec No. 65 and 67 Nassau sttvet. 'AUCTION notices. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENT REAL ESTATE EicciTToaa' Public Salt?Estatk or Jamii ?, ccaskd.?WOLBERT It HKRKNEKS will 3l L lS,b flak,on Thursday, the 29th <>l May, itu, at 71 ?yi,,, k theevening, at the Philadelphia Exchange. . . No.- I?? ifth street, between Race and V inr streets. All that certain two itory 11 , in, um,? ix inirnmi !;;;? with brick back building, aud hit or puce ?f gr.wiu.1 T. 'hereunto belonging, situate No. 71, uu the rutiidr,! i'|)iWi";' , street, between ttirf and Viuriimu, in 1!.. 1 01 riiiladrlphu, containing in front or breadih on said Fillh <i 1 1 9 inches, (including u inches in breadth, |> in of .1 J fe*< wide alley, li lt open for the cominou uae of thia and the adjoin Mg tenement to the uortli,) and 111 length or il- |Kh east ojid ? .1 ii iiicIim. Clear ol all incumbrance. Nn. S-Hourtii itmt, l>etween Raceand Vine atm-u. -VII that certain three itory brick store and dwelling house and lot or piece of ground thereunto belonging, situate ion lite weat aide of Delaware Fourth atrert. between lUce and \ 11.. atreeta 111 the city ol I'hiladeluhla, containing 111 front or breaihh on said Fourth street 17 leet 7}, mclies, ( including ... alb , J if l7,WI n' hy * fwt V ??d -ilao I lie aole and * a c Iu ? n ** right .(building over and uuder the aaid alley, to the diM j-r. . 1 5-iiru,il *" ,,r iou ??' An?U.3T|,,lbert ?"**? between N|?'I| and Tenth atrew. All that certain three atory brick dwelling house. and ilie I. 1 or piece ol ground thereunto belonging, aituate No vi .... ?(>.. rc.WM ? ,liT1Mwrti -N";'h ifr.,c"| ol "hlladelphia, containing in front or breadth on aaid Filbert street 16 leet 6 inches, (including Qua-half of the II. > 10 tin) w'eatward)atid ill length or depth north .oid .. nil, U, le.t , b?.?, ' "IW ( "< all uou.,, No. Kilbert street, adjoining the above. All that certain three atory brick dwelling liouae. and the lot piece ol k'round thereunto belonging, situate No. ii. oalhe aouth li^il0 I* ll V?1' ?**' adjoining lite herein U l. r. de !if,l U-ilflr"!'' ^,">" i -'c"""*1' C"VU""UK in front or breadih <>11 said I" 'lliert street, 16 leet U inches, (including Cleartifidl hicu^ibranees! " d""h7(i "'^Uair ?? AN H iTK".Urtl' *'*etweeii Race and Branch streets. All that certain three story brick dwelliug house. and the I.X eL!i.t .WiT'U "'erei'H'o belonging, situate No. y., ..nil,, east aide ofDelnwaie {-mirth street, l*twe. n Itsce and Hian, I, atreeta, in the city of I hiladelphia, coutaiuiiig in front or breadth 011 said fourth street 21 leet 21-, inchea, an/ ule^oVd^th east and west about U) feet, more or le-v witf. Uii n^lit m wnl'lliTl0 "^^' "urt1, oft ft el 11', mete, tit width. Clear ol alt incumbrances. W ? e BUILDING LOTS. ti * I following Building l.?u will he iold agwable to the plan. "OW on file at the Exchange?copies of which uia> be had at Market street, vu ' Ilace stre?>t.?Six Building Lou, Not. I, 2, 3, 4, 4 and C, situ l-Vl- ",*uo,t', ,,de KsL'e street,lietween .\shtonand Scliml denth.r0Ut'treeU,e*ChS< ^ fr?"' by 111 0 '"X? Vu Buildiug Lots, Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, II, u, IJ, It, 15, It) and 17, situate 011 llie e.v.1 aide of Ashtou aLni t, ^?tweo?? Il?ce and Vine streets, each 22 feet 9 inches front except No. 17, which is 2a feel in front, and the whole IX! feet U) ueptn. ai8'^'"^1"?! "iUt'?_KI|,i.)'o" D"ildin? LVU. Nos. 18, 19. I J1 audiO. situate on the wewt aide of Schuylkill I1 rout street, between Knee and Vine streeti, each 22 ft! ii,M? m rfro!11* ?c?Pt N?- 13, which ia 23 feet Trout, and the whole 132 foet lu depth. Schuylkill Front street.-Two Building LoU, Nos. 29 and JO, situate OH the west side of Schuylkill Front street, between Race and Vina street*, No. 29 havinua Iront of 22 feet 6 inches feet'iVjf1".!1 ^ il**" 30 ,lavl"* a fr?ii' of 20 feet, by 132 leet III depth, along Race street. ' I llacS.,tr,'et.hetweeu Schuylkill Front street and Aspen Al 'ey -Tei, Budding Lou Nos. 31, 32, 33, Jl, 3J JT? M and 40, situate on the south side of Race st, between Schiiyl h,"?r?Ut5,rei!t ?"<? Aspen Alley, each 18 feet 8 iuches front m!. 1^ . I1" d,elH1l1' e*cei< No. 31, which is 20 feet in front by 100 leet in depth along Schuylkill trout street. VM.V'% a ' i'"1.1"^''1' between Race and Cherry streeu - Elght Building Lots, Nos. 41, 42, 13,41, 4i, 46. 47 and 48 situ i?rV eMl 1"<l<, of.Schuylkill t'rout atreet, between Race and Cherry streets, each 20 leet 9 iuches front, by 124 feet in iiTdepth" winch is 20 feet 10 inches front, by 12i ll Aspen Alley, between Race and Cherry streets, and between M M si MrM ?C?"1 ?tr?,? -TenBuilding Lots, Noa. 4rt A2, 63, 6*1, j5t 56, 57. aud 5H, situate on the west jiile ol Aspen Alley, between kace aud Cherry, and Schuylkill Front aud Second streets, each lot 16 feet 6 inches iu front, by ?yf? f"etWel,rhCePt ^ wKiC" " 17 7 ? '<-? Bchuylkill Fro.itstreet is60 feet wide, curbed and pared. to view the premises. Terms at sale. By order of Executors. mii wr?,? , oo WOLBERT & HERKNF.SS, WFgtSato29rc Auctioneers. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEWA11K AND NEW YOKK, DAILY FARE ONLY I2?? CENTS. Change of nnur. ^?^31 Pti,u\n!l/?%Satur,1?y, May 17th, tlie steamer gk. TOkfrjrPASSAIC, Cairtajn John Gaffy, will run as i KfL Tl'"?'?!'Uglier notice, rir.:? LEAVE NEWARH LEAVE NEW VORK. ,J ??( "f Ce5trL,t5*Ji of Barclay street. 7H A. M. and l>i P. M. 0 A. M. and 4 P. M , ON 8UNDAY8. Leare Newark I Leare New Vork, m, p M. and 2P. M. ) 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. .V* 'a"'llc h" b?Tn NM ? fea t, and is now two hun dred andtwenty feet long. She has anew boiler, and a new commodious and eleKantly furnished deck saloon. CO feet in r a l# Ul con?*,|et^ order- Hex accoiumo<latious for treipht and |iaaseuR?M*s have been very much improved. Jhreiglit carried at reduced rates. a261m*m DAY LINK TO BOSTON. LONO ISLAND NORWICH RAILROADS EVERY MORNING AT TEN O'CLOCK. ' rrom tlie De|iot at Brooklyn?Sundays excepted. tare $3 40; Second class SI 88. ml7 lmisrc ~ NEW BOWERY THEATRE. TO THE N E W YORK P U1$ LIC !!! T'HE Subscriber having obtained from Thomas 8. Hamh!in Jl.i-h .f'"Jj n"um,u'r of. veara, of the ground on winch the old Bowery 1 heatrr was situated, proposes to erect a spacious and e egaut edifice in erery way superior in comfort and accommodation to the late Bowery Theatre. The build nig to be ready lor theatrical l>erformances by the 1st of August next?arrangements hare been made, and tlie work will com mence immediately. An office will be oiieued at No. 40 Bow ery, (iu the house of Mr. W. Mathews) <or the sale of Tickets to be redeemed on tlie opening of the Theatre. The partiality and strong feeling in faror of rebuilding the old Bowery bv its countless number ofjiatrons, is well-known to tlie subscriber and duly appreciated. Tlie Ticket office will open this day?at ouce affording an op|>ortunity to those who feel desirous of aid "igtheundertaknig. A. W.JACKSON, my!2 lw rrc _ _ Proprietor aud Manager. PACKET SHIP RO(;HESTER, from Liverp7.?d^C<m?g,|. ' "?? P'-r.'h'a ?essel will please seud their permHa on board, west side Burling Slip. without delay. All goods not permitted in lire days are liable to We sent to public store. uil6ec WOODHULL fc MINTURNS, ?7 South st. 'nr?? ^orto Ric?.'? discharg at Central -a-? w hart, K. It. Coiuicnees will please send their Permits ?Ml board, without delay. WOODHULL St MINTURNS J?.1** ti South street. BA THING?HEALTH?COMFORT. pHE PUBLIC are informed that Dr. Rabinenu's (IreatSea ? Bath is uow open, both for Ladies and (ieiitlemeu, erery day in the week fmm sunrise until 10 o'clock at night, at his old stand, south side of Castle Garden Bridge, in fine, imre wa- i tcr, where all who appreciate Health, Cleauliuew and Comfort are invited, and offered advice and experience ol nearly forty )ears to tne invalid, almost without money, withoutprice: come and see for yourselves. my 16 Shi* re TO CANADA SHIPPERS. HE UNDERSIGNED is preiwred to receive goods at this j \ i ""J.1?11."111 tlie same to Canada, for the l>ene6t of drawback. He will attend to the necessary Custom House busi ness here and elsewhere on the routes, and return the debenture money to the ship|iers. For further particulars apply to ,OI C. LIVINGSTON, >191mlire No. to Wail st. FANCY PAPER AND PAPER BOXES, I WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. | PUBLISHERS, Stationers, Book Binders, Printers. Pai>er Jl Box makers .Trunk makers, Druggists, and others, wfio use hancy I aper, will find it to their interest to call and examine the subscribers laree assortment of American, English, French German and China Pa|>ers. ' He is coustautly receiving fresh supplies of gold, silver and copper I aper; plain and embossed morocco, (n-rmaii marble j raucy printed Calico and other Paiiers; all of which lie sells al most at manufacturer's prices. He would also call the attention ol manufacturers and dealers in Fancy Hardware and other Fan cy Goods to his Paper Box Manufactory. .... . _ GEO. J. KRAFT, a!4 is3aw4w?ec HI Fulton stiwt. up suirs. W. T. JENNINGS Ac CO., r?r,,^J?KApEfiS AND TAILORS, IMPORT ERSof Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Fancy Dress M. Articles, Itc., No. 231 Braadway, American Ifotel, offer for inspection an extensive assortment of seasonable goods, coin prising Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestiugs, &c. iu all the new and va nous styles. The aid of as efficient a corps of Cutters, as can be found iu the country, warrants us in the belief that the style and charac terol our (Jarmenu, will besucli as to m?nt a continuance of tne liberal patronage heretofore elicited. Whilst an aasurance of the continuance of the system of Small Profits and Quick Returns, cannot fail to be appreciated by those who would effect a saving of the extra per centage le vied under the credit system. i m? r*"1**', P'?'cular to the Pantaloons we are ena b'fd 10 luriHSh?than which there is no garment ao trying to the skill ota C utter?and solicit a trial from those who appreciate a lit. combining ease and elegance. In addition to (he usual assortment of g<x>ds kept by the trade, we have always on hand Ready Made Dress and Frock ? oats, Pantaloons, Vests, lie. to answer the requirements of ihoae who, in eases of emergency, may require a first-rate ?"'f*! ""??? Artiejes in great variety; Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Suspenders, Hosiery, Under*Vests, Drawers, Linen and Muslin Shirts, Collars, ic. lie ml3 Imisrrc Dr, Wheeler, Oculist. No. 29 (i.ate 38) Greenwich SrREKT, hkar thk Battery, Nkw York, DEVOTF.S his exclusive attention to Diseases of the Eye and Ophthalmic Surgery, and assures the public that there are not, amongst the numerous diseaaes to which the human eye is subject, any disorder of that orvsu which cannot he es aentuUly relieved or entirely cured by him. The vast number ol undoubted testimonials which can be seen at his office will satisfy the public, that his Practice is not exceeded either in extent or sueceu by that of any other Ocnlist in the United States. Dr. Wheeler has made an arrangement with the most emi nent manufacturer in Paris for a constant supply of ARTIFICIAL EYES, which so nearly resemble the natural organ, in appearand*, as to bear the closest scrutiny and observation without the differ ence being detected. Dr. Wheeler will insert and furnish them on moderate terms. C/" Office hours from fl A. M. and I o'clock P. M., after winch he visits nut door patients. my 17 lm* je SODA BISCUIT AND SUGAR CR ACKKKsT" TIIK. SUBSf HI BER wishes to make known to the public, that the Biscant made at his liakery are entirely different from die SODA BISCUIT AND SUGAR CRACK ERS made in imitation of hii; they have lieeu used by invalids for more than twenty years, with the best results. The above niSCI'IT also BUTTER AND WATER CRACKERS, WINE BI TTER, AND MILK BISCUIT, PILOT AND NAVY* BREAD, all of the firat quality, ar* constantly for sale at the well known establishment, J7i WASHINGTON STREET, _('ornar of Warren st. al9 Im'rc F.PIIRAIM TREADWELL'S SON. SIX BARREL, SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING PISTOLS BLUNT iV SYMS, NO 44 CHATHAM 5TI?EET, MANUFAI TI REM of the above article have now a co m plete assortment ready for tlie Spring trade, which they of fer at reduced prices. They would invite I lie attention of mer chants .and dealers to their assortment, to the manufacture of which they have |mid personal attention, aud from tlie increased quantity they are making, can sell them lower than b?f*re of fered. Ab?-Ounso< their own manufacture, as well aa every variety or imported Gnus and implements in quantities to suit purcha aers, at exceedingly |bw price*. fj lm*in AMUSEMENTS. PA UK THRATHK. AWfiriii Kngmgemrnt ?] J#r .fadsr ?#a. MON DAI KV N(i M?| l?h ?(ll k? Tiafnlt ui MAI BKTII?W?fc. Mr Aa4rfwMi U<r4( Dyull. Lady Mar mi. Miw I Un rlW To c. .elude with, 6..? t?ate. tk? ?ew lim ?f lt.? HOI *K |)OU~Mr < li..k.r.l~ Mr * M.laan. Mr* Bum Kim Tm, 1> I M M I an, M ? ni?-hl. V t. ?a OaHscy. 8 1 <ala boon H|?a *1 J u'ckKik, aad tW I artiua w it I rtm | <ia?hf a* hail-patt 7 o'clock IMIMKNV THKATMK. Jon* T*vaa Mtatotl * >- fcof~ t> cvata? I'M ItS "?U ALL TIIK OLD lioW I IO ? OMP\M l? f NUAOf.D AT Till* THI ATRI ?OH TIIK til ?MiN MON ll AY MIMSli, Mit l*k~ ?.III wkJ. iU ?fl>%MI>N <M> It Till AH D*a*ua. M. M ..... fill.... ? lark. IU, v?a. Mr. | Hi. I.) I After wind. A INt nm mm ?i w *1* ? variety '4 ft?p Stun*., fee. Alier whirl*, thr p.i?*la. .Iram, ./ Vli TOKINr.-lrln M I l.rke, V* Mr. IV,||.? To r.mrlM.U- villi the VlKlilMt Ml MM) Iimti II.' MilWIn. PAi.Ntr* ?????? ?? * ii<?< .? (M"I.N i.vmi Ml.Ml 7\r Irtf Kea#ii<*/ed llr.i. ta |Ar I Vy admikwion twi nti nr> i inIh MmmU) . May l*lh. LAW I W Ilk ill , THE E TM/l 'ft: A A s/ M A V .1 /?/ ALV MK--IO IrlKMllN ?l IMIUIIi I|?NHA'.|H> I'M.MAM AKli W AKfcl N Changr of PnumiaMlr Sight!? IP" Fur lanicl.n irr *a.ll bill* 5V-B. Ir. *ad V?u ? aa V. a rm< as Ikr I- ? OArr ftnm 18 A M aatil ? P M l>.M>n ..|*a at 71,?4 .mttM al IS "'rhtrk Au l.ll. iri.l ratrr m airwliarr u< yriwwt ?'4r. a*4ai th. riirrrllia ??f ..ft.-, r Ihrtr*. Pro|.rtrtori ... i a . Mrw* lir.rli aJ Haataf An E ( hiinv ' / '? trm*irn/$ >lon<t?jr KfmiN||, May IVtfc. IL II \HHI> M?. Im ?t Vlot.U K-U.I s,t III,. . II ( uiilr V)Maii?4 K?k ? ?** 1 | r*?, Hi* V *11. lima. II . Mm mNM.iH ? H .-? llo. S.? I" Mr..' ?i.r. I ft. BS KiHM 11.1III 11 "?a I rn ? "I A<Iiiiu*i??ii f"ifn ? rut Cr Brl?rr? th? KlrtffUjMMli HI MMflinMM *4 HAmi 1 Mi ui*-* i ? !'r ii.- ?. i |(. ? . .. i, . U D<N?r? o|???i ?! I??M-|?mH % o'tl?.?k NH iwwfi !??<? ?MMMln'florii. | lAvruB kambC A O R A N ll ? I: L I i TION Of HAVRE!) MUSIC. On NuNilay Kirnliif. Nay IMIi. r7~AI)\1IHHION ifS * \ST* U THK Hltal.riWI.N4f VI *l< hat kra arranaM f??r L* TNUR'i Nrw Vori Iiin 94H, m Mr J j No*l?er is Lpadrr. Condvcioi... ... Mb N Uvhu? PART I. 1?Thou art, oh! Lord, Hupmn*- BlomVI . 2?How swp??t&t tvpiilidr I'r 1 l*rfc~ liiirn'iit of l)?*?d . Nrtik mm 4?V ital Sjurk of lle??*i*l\ Hann H?v ?* I >-ChorU4Aiid Airlroin Judu MifciUn HjH?hr PARIF n I I?How oft on fiti*am Ipattiawood 2?Why Miiiirnr%r 'I Iti.n ' ?MMil 3?WHn backward through dp|?rti*d yean Il.?*ui j I -Chorua from thf H* mia*M?ti of Hiti ? I 11 ? 6?Why liaat thou toraakrn mr '?from lH?- t nr? (iiioo Ht? ?br | m!7 tt?c ^ MH DKMrSTK.H luiN tlir ll ft Mint HOUR WITH BURNH. At the Socirty Library, on Tu*-ad*y Kin i?if ,M?\ V*h, ?lir? | h?r will sing:?n*?* Pi>ai?: Waaderiug WilliTi lli?liU*ul M?rv, Mary in Hrarrn: THua ii?* Irl't mr ????. Irnnir, **.<1 l>ai,? **. (rmv. Aft. r wliirli Ih- will .nin hi* owu r.'*iii??m..*>* HirJ >?l tlir \Vililrrin'*.: I t unna lo'a him Int. L?t u* loir our au.Hliri Tlir Death of Warrrn, ami ill* " May (jutrn A l.'anlaU, in Thrre P*rt? Pv" Atlmit?ion Kifty ("eiiu. Book* of tlir word, of tlir Bong* to br had *t thr door To cimnwiirr ?t 8 o'clock. M,. DEMPSTER will mien Ilutirr.' Inatitatr on Mo>idat EreuiiiK. May 19. i"!7r* MUSIC. MDDM8DAV, Pnifrworof Ouitar, Biunina at Bmhl. Ar ? conlrou, Violin, Ito., coulinur* to tr?ch ladir* uid pn tlt-mru of New Vork (at tlieir mitk-ncr) thraborr ln.tninn-i u tkc., in a very ahort timr, by III* urw Anal) ?.iiik and Inductive System. Term* moderate. An improved Accordeon for tale. (rood city reference* given on application at No. ii Cliryitw ilrrel, above Walker. a36 Im'rc LONG ISLAND RAILROAD. GREAT TROT-UNION COURSE, MONDAY, May 19th, between Lady Suffolk, Amrnrii* and Columbu*. ("ar* will leave the, 8.iuthlern. Brooklyn, at 2 o'clock. Fare 25 cent* each way. mV" " UNION COURSE, L. 1.?THOTT1NG. M ONDAY. May 19th. at J o'clock. P. M.-Pur*r $400, three mile beat*, in Imrne**, $100 to ?o ?ecoud br?t. Geo. Spirer enter* i'j oS'S.1, D. Bryant ... gr. m. Lady Suffolk. H. Woodruff " br. g. t olumbu*. m!6 iti**rc _____ _ - KOLTLSTONE'S RIDING SCHtX)L, 1?7 and IB Mrrrrr Slrrrl. MR. JOHN S. HOl'LSTONK. h? the honor to 'inform hi* friend* and the iiublic in ijeurral, that hi* .u-a.School for Inatruction m Honeinanihip t* uow upeu ay and evening, as follow* .? Hours for Gentlemru from 6 to ( A. M. " " Ladie* " 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Term* of iiutructiou made known on application to Mr. RouUtone. Mr. R. ha* ju*t received from the country *everal fine and ?tylidi Saddle Honrs, which he I* authorued to ?ell at a rr? ?ouable price. iny7rc FOR SALE. A PAIR OK HORSES, IS* hand! high, well ^matched, have trotted together in three minute*. Thr ^L^Uiiwnrr i* about leaving tna city. If uot *old w ithin a week, he will take them with him. 5 For further particulars, enquire at Jones' Stable, 297 Konrth ?trert. my 18 Jt*rc NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE UNDERSIGNED, Patentees and Manufacturers the N?a|iolitaii Bonnets, respectfully iuform the trade ^: that they are now ready to supply the above article of the latest *tyle and of tnperior quality, in quantities to suit pur chasers. They warrant that they can alter and clean the Bounets to appear equal to new. Buyer, are cautioned against an inferior article of the kind in tile market. The genuine article, for which we received thr (li ver mrdal at the last fair of the American Imtitute, ha* our tick et upon it. Apply to VY'SE k SONS. 172 I'earl street, or at the manufactory of PATTISON, NOE k CO.. myl lmis*ec N" IS DeUncy street TO LET.?A Parlor and Bedroom, very ueilly lur nishad, to Bentlemeu and their wive*, or single gentUmaa, ,at 117 Kranklin atreet. a20 lm*ec TO LET OR LEASE. A PIECE OK LAND, on the Eighth Avenue and 93d ' street, containing about 12 acres of land. There is on the kpremises a Krame Dwelling, w hich would lierepaitvd for agiMxitenant. Apply to ANTHONY CARROLL, 16 lm*ec 25 Nassau *t. OFFICE TO LET. BASEMENT ROOM to let. with **parate entrance? fine large Buement Room with a separate entrance, li.aitalde for a professional geutlemau. Enquire at 4S7 jon ?treet. m 13 lw*rc jeuM KOR SALE?A beautiful Conntry Re*idence( onr mile IKwtfrom Hoasville Landing, 1*1 Btaten I * land, a I' arm of 22 offirtt-rate Land; a large House and good B o . aitd other Building*; good (larden. with plenty of Km it Tree* will be sold reasonable and on good term*. Enquire of inv7 lm*rc SAM'L. IIALL. 3B9 Brooi ?t KOR SALE. aisd} A SMALL FARM-Situated sii miles fmwi N.orns Iri^Sbtown, near Baskinridgr, New Jersey, and within tiirea and ?M^.a half hour* ride from the city, daily, containing twenty acre, of .and, in a high state of cultivation; and improvements, a ImImIH Two Story Housv and Kitchen, gixnl Bam, lie.? There is ; nn tke premises a good variety ol Km it*. Kor in formation apply to Jame* Barkley, corner Avenue ( and Second *l.;Hmi*ou Price, No.22CoeutieaSlip;orto Robert Barkley, at the premises. all lm?er THE SUBSt Rl BERS ofter for sale one of thr large*! ifvQk assortments of Flower, Vegetable and (Iras* seeds to lie found in this City, all of wliich will be warranted genu me. Bulbous and tuberous tlower roots, green house plant* ?f every de.cription ; choice double Dahliaa from S2 to $1 per dozen or 2s each, ainougat which will be many that have taken the first premiums anil have proved with us first rate tlower*. vit! Charles 12th, Alba purpurea, l.sdy > atharine tiermyn. Bride. Antagonist, Oakley'* Surpri*e, Blue Bonnet, Emma Noke. Beauty of Kent, Ansell* unique, Pickwick, We have also one of the fined collecBon* of choice Tea, Mos?, and perpetual roses, growing and in flowrr, at ilarlarm, ou the 8th Avenue and llfitli street, wliich cannot be surpassed il M|iialled by any grower in thi* country ; we will have *pe?-iiiirn? of them frr*li every day during the season at the seed ?tore, and will be pleased to have tho*e who are fond of the.e charming tlower*, call at either place and examine for themselves. Ilou inets tastefully arranged at all times. Our laat Dahlia Sale of lAOfl plant* will take place early the ensuing week,of which due notice will be given. DUN LAP ti CARMAN, mvIfi I w?re Kit llroadwav. KOR (ILA8(IOVV.?Regular Packet,-Th- well known,fast sailing British Barqu. ADAM < ARR. Scott, master, daily ei|iected, will mwl with quick patch Kor freight, apply to WOODIIULL k MINTURNS, invl" m 07 8 11 ih .Irert. FOR NEW ORLEANS?I.o ana and New Line?Positively first Regular Packet, to *ail JpttjlM^loiid.n . 19th in*tant?The elegant, l ist sailing Packet Ship SARTELlE, Capt. Taylor, will po*itively sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo dations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall *t., orto E. K. COLLINS k CO., 36 South *t. Passenger* will please be on hoard, at Orleans wharl'foot of Wall street, This Day. Monday, 19th instant, at 12 o'clock, at which time the ship w ill sail. Agent in New Orleuis Mr. JAMES E. WOODRUFF, who will prominly forward all riwxls to hi. addres* ml8 m T<IR 7iAVKK.-Thi French Brii" OTHII.IA, TOJaV Capuin t ' ldue, has the major iwrt of her rargo going JMINm on hoard, and will be despatched on or about the 22.1 inst. For freight of light good", apply to mrll ec HOVD k HIN* KEN, Agents. | DISRROWS RIDING SCHOOL, 40H Bowrry, on Aalor and Lafayette Plans. MR. W. II DISBROW has the honor to announce, that Ins HJ School IS open daily, (Sunday* esceptml) for Kqueatrian Tuition and r.*erci*e Riding. Hours for Ladies from 9 A. M. to 3 P M. Hours for Oentlemen from 6 to 8 A. Si. and 3 to 7 P M. (!_/?"Term* made known on application a. above. N B.?Highly trained and quiet Horse., for tlie Road and P* rade, to let. mv< lin*rc PAVILION, \h.H BRiOHTOfi THE PAVILION, at New Brighton, i* now in full opera tion, and the proprietor will be glad to enter into arrange ment* with parties who who wi.h to engsgr ipartmeuts lor the whole sesaon or for a shorter period. Mr Blancard will be loniul at the Pavilion every day from II to t o'clock, and at the Glon. Hotel at all other hours. mv8 Iwrc 1|i LBR. OLD FILES, but little nied, for wle - Also, a lot of Kile Steel and Tools lor Fil making, worthy the altrntiou of manufacturers and sinilha. A| ply st No. 16# Wster iteet. utyl] lm'rc BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Waahlntfton. [I orretpoixlence of the Herald.] Washington, May 16,1*45. Phiktdelph m, ll'i/tnintrf m and Baltimore Railroad Co , thru m/rntrm* unrl aifiont with relation to thr fMfMMMwn qf thr .Hulli?Will the Corporation yhm ifxJie* bt ablr lii iw i rnl in riding rough thod arrr the PenpUf?Scutet ami Balanreifor the use <4 thr f'mt t Iit parimeni?Rrport of the Com mute* of Examiners?Ditmuutalt? The Circula tion "I thr Ihttrul Paper* ami the Court fool Jour nal TV " fin hm >ml Em/uirrr," thr " IVutAiug Im I num." ami the Slarithnrtt of Party Preue* i under* m<t that the Philadelphia, Wilmington, umI lltiltimnrr Km I road Company, lo whose high i ot.leil ml mitr attempts to control the Poet ?rti. - |>. f*rtiiM-nt I have referred in iny lam two ? iters, im not rnnmi with itsdelaying the mail some ten ..r twelve hour*, during which it lira in Phtladel >*i ?, hot in the same letter, in which they gave no ih r to ili#* dt |?rnient that they should revert to the ??ill (nix-* of rfrimrtnre from Philadelphia to Balti iii.>rr il?o gave notice of u intention on their part u?|.*v- Hullnii'ivr for 11uladcl|ihia at 7 o'clock in the iii-i. .?i| of t't^hi, thuM milking their per fannaacea mm Ii * ium- .mil miiir unsatisfactory tnan lfi> > wnr ,'f vi u? iii < ?vr Johnson's effecting the ?JirratioiHiwhi. il huvejUMt been nullitied by the ac ii>hi uf IIi.* I ..iii. Hiy II tli?*v were to persist in thia intent i.| their*, to leave Baltimore at 7 o'clock, ii ? out.! r< pure ili?- mail io be despatched from thia cm it 14 o'clock, instead ??l 54, as ai present, and an rli. n ntii.-rn Mill doea nol arrive here t ill 6 or 54, the ?iiik ? ii.'n *i>iild. consequently, l?e broken, ana 24 ( miifitional time would lie required for the mail Im-iw????!! tin- South and New I k I'ti " on the (mil of the Railroad Com wiiy fullv exemplifies ami mlorces the truth and jus .of .I: my renurk* relative to their rapacity, and ?ii ws now m-i-.-BBury it i? that a atop should be Ml b il tad Ui?y broiitflu M their senses.? M M a pUia prm4 that they imagine they have the Mm ? iii their own hands, and can eoerce the De l>artn.?at into their own term*, which would tie pay ment ut tin- raf "I three or tour timea aa much aais f id for a -miliar a.nouut ol service by coach orhorae. I remain* with the isjhho to ahow now whether after \ if aluorii Iniv* thr service can be performed, dley wiH aabmit to allow these soulless < to rule over them rough-shod, demand their own irnna, mimI eor?j*-| the payment out of the j*it>lir |"ir-r ola moat exorinthjM charge, and whether thev will sxnctiou a monopoly like this, which tiua t omjmny think it h..N got, and therefore threalena Hi. I k j?rtmrnt with a it. I.iv o| thr xxitheni mail loihe Norther* community of '?4 bourn; aupponing thai b? thii* creatiuK a public inconvenience tlu v can ? omt?-l the I'oai Maater t ieneral to accede t?> their e*ortutant chargrti, for fear ol the odium of the ilelay reaiing iifioii him Ttiere la, however, a a feeling ?>4 inatice inherent in tnrn'a tMitaima, and thi? Ci>iii|?ny will tlud (aa will alt other companies uwl nioii.?plie?) that the inde|>eiii|rnt preaa which ltu? demanded and enforced u reform of the old and exorbitant chariiea tor pot-titfe from ('onvreaa, will aupport the I'oat MaMer lieneral in an none?t en deavor to carry out effectually the ^oviaiona of the II. ? Ul* . .Uiii W III MM allow Ma OMMf to lie im paired, or it* aiHveae lo be rendered doubtful by tlie courae which railway corporation* have aeen (it to (Hiraue The indefa>ndent preaa forma and lead* public opi nion, by presenting facta to the people, and corpora dona which are ooioua in the Wat Iil'Iii in which they can l>e place,I. will lind that the |*il>hc are their maKlera, and had lietter not incri'iuie the odium which attachea to them, bv endeavoring to render in ellectual, and to defeat the cheap |>oalagr ayatem,? a ayateni which come? home to every man'a hearth, and main which public opinion can moat readily be hrougfit to l?ear, ao aa to allect legislation to the e* lent even of depriving them of pnvilegea which they exert, to emtiarraaa and annoy the people, inatead of benefitting them. The committee of examiner*, a|ipointed by the l'oatmiiater tieneral to teat and report to him upon the respective meriu of tie numerwn ^tOMM of acalea and balancea for weighing lettera which have lieen aent in, made their rejairt thia morning. They re|Mirt atfainat all the "spring" balunces, on account ot their not being sulticientiy delicate in detecting dilierencea of w eight, and their vibration, which re Huires some time to settle, ao as to indicate the weight. They reiwrt alao ig;ainst the " bent levera" and " ia*ndultims, ' for aimilar reasons. Tliey re |mrt also iitfiiiiist scales, which were conatructed on the principle of " liitini; anoeeaaive weitfliia" for eacti additional half ounce, as nol being sufficiently deli cate, liable to friction, and lo pet out ot order. They then ii|>prove, and recommend for ado|rtion, the Ro man scales, constructed on what IB called the steel yard princi|ilc, having a Hat |ilate on which to weigh ihe letters, mid a sliding weight to move tu> and down on tiie oilier side of the la-am Three oftheae scales are recommended, as first, aecond and third, as sti|ierior to all the other* in the required i|uahliea. They next recommend, as next to these, the acales on the beam, usually in service, with detached Weights, not with the scales dependent from the beam, but with the action reversed?the beam being underneath, and a supjiort standing perpendicularly from each end, on which the |Jateaare eel, to receive weights at one side, and substances to tie weighed on the other. Three ot these are recommended, alao in the order of lirst, second and third. I have not yet learned whether the Postmaster I ieneral ha* made his election as to which lie will ado}*, and who will have the contract lor the 15,(Mill balances required. 1 understand thai the "United Stales" have "dia ta-nsed with" the "aerviuea" of Messrs Tasiatroand Fatrchtld, who, I behave, have been engaged in the custom's service on the C.inada frontier. Mr. Ta aistro is the sentleman who distinguiabed himself in thia city a few weeks ago I learn that the Secretary of State haa issued a circular to the owners of the newsjis|>ers in thia District, requiring a statement of the amount of their circulation, with a view to enaiile turn to award the advertising of the lie|?rtmeni, aa ordered by the law nussed durinu the late acaeion <?f Coagreaa I see John Jones rrrftriraa, in anticipation hereof, or in relation hereto, announced last evening that he had an accession of seven hundred new subscribers, (!) and this, too, when only two day* ago he had a lugubrious paragraph about some of their s?iti?cri Iters discontinuing their i?aper, when he had not a word to say about thia immense accesaion to their subscri|>tion list' l'erha<s?, however, theae seven hundred new sul?ecrihcr? are thegalvaaiaed remains of the Chronicle, a pa|?r which has been dead about seven years' and which h? said a lew dsya ago had been added to their hat * O trm/iim ' O martt ' I suppoae that the philosophic mesinenarr has aader taken to "galvanue" these defunct remains, for it ia the only method by which he would be able to put any life into them at all?" Mesnierisio" m evi dently* not sullicienl. How long doe* nervoas motion continue in a galvanised corpae ' hrcaaar I imagine the condition ol tha . Cimrl-frmd Jmmat ia verj' similar. Have you noticed of late how the Ri< Pn ijuirer has tieen |>lastering iwaise on the II nsktrngUm Union t It has absolutely (teen laid ?? with a truwel?ail nnuteam And Irani snrh a aoarre, too ? It is absolutely nckeniag Wi.rae riUMI flL the H'nthington f'num ahaohwny WMW hM aotue laudations, under the head t4 " l-.tegant K? tracta." It ia to Ihe inde|iendent press ahtne we must Int* lor an iionesi and a l?>ld expresawm v4 ?H*ni?in Tha jiariy presm-s generally are the slaves, ahjeci stavea, of party and of men?not ihe exponent* ?radvocates of principles and truth* Waam Miroa, May H> HMt A Chapter about Men antl T\ing? in ll'.u?i?|t ? Xev and Stiungr. +r Hon. (ieorge llathhun is an?ong ua, the aame grw tlemaii who so distinguished himselt two seaa.ons ago, in the Mouse ol Kepresentativea, in? That redoubtable A?bl4 To the left audthe right. Iletween Hathbun of Vor^ Mate And Ka-Mpeaksr White Hilt he wishes it to be understood that he came m Inst evening and goes out this evening, or lo-mor row morning. Mc does not desire, therefore, to he represented in the Herald aa a loaler here, alter of fice; and therefore thiatmielv explanation The funeral of K M Whitney takea place thia af ternoon. His brother, who haa been for some time in town, has been awaiting thia event, and the da ties that would devolve upon him in consequence Cabinet Council to-day, regular or extraonh "a\}r, Kichanl 8. Coxa, an able and distinguished Attorney of this city, aad a wing, we believe, though perhaps like Mr Clay, so far from "having any per sonal objection to the annexation of Texas, he would he glad lo see it"?Mr. Coxe, we confidently say, w rites the articles for the Union, on Mexic.i. while Mr. I Ireenhow, another whig, does up the leaders on Oregon. A pretty fair start for the "Organ" of ihe loeofocos, with two leading whig* as the pj pounders of its principles. .Vrai <-rm father Kitchie is desired to explain. [Well, what if they are whigs 1 Are their views good 1?Ed. Her ] A Mr. Coleman, a brother of the inventor of the .Tlolian attachment to the piano, has brought on hare another invention, which promises the greatest re sults He is exhibiting at the Patent Office the working model of a train of cars u|>on a railroad tip hill and down hill, regardless of the degree of incli nation from the horizon. Briefly, on reaching a hill, the action of the locomotive is transferred from the

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