Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 138?Whole No. 4000. Price Two Onta. frilK NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. (Circulation? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price a cent* per ^0|>y?$7 a.i per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Prico 6} cent* ^>or copy?U) centi per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the uiual pricei?alwayi cash in advance. PUINTINO of all kind* executed with beauty and pespatch. OQK All lcttera or communication*, by mail, addrened to tlio establishment, must be port paid, or the postage n ill be deducted from the mbicription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, !*aoprikton or the New York Herald Establishment N'orthweit corner of Fulton and Naiiau street* TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. jflfe JfeiS EXPRESS ANu PIONEER PACKET LINE, r rom Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via tlie Pennsylvania Rail road* and Canal?through in 3>j days. The above line is now in full optfration and offers great inducements to person* who wish 1 Pleasant mode of travelling to the west. T he cars art*, built in the most approved modern style, the boats are fitted up in a superior manner, and every effort is inade by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenience ol traveller*. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, and the Sreat chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well wor iv ol being seeu. Bv this route jnsseugers avoid all the fatigues and dangers afr tendant upon stage travelling, andat the same time make an peditious trip. The cars leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passengers are ?#? I vised to engage their jilaces at Philadelphia. Office in PhiladM- | phi i N. E. comer of Chesnut and Fourth streets, and at Noa. 1J and l.'i South Third sts. A. CUMM1NOS, Agent. l'hiladelpliiat May 17. 1845. For information, m the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNISELL, Agent lor D. LEECH & CO.'s Line. 7 West st, N. R. myl7 fim rrc DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Persons wishing to remit mo ney to their friends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can he supplied with drafts |>ayable at sight, without dis count, lor any amount, Irom ?1 upwards. Im England?O.i the National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J. Barned & Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. James Bult Sl Son, Loudon, and branches throughout England and Wales. In iitei.aNn.?On the National Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and branches throughout Ireland. I r. Scotland?On the Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. The steamship Britannia sails from Boston on the 1st June, by which all drafts can be forwarded free. Apply to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT. my III m 76 South st, cor. Maiden lane. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Royal Mail Steam Ships HIBERNIA and BRITANNIA, will leave Boston for the above ports, as follows:? Hipmnia, A. Kyrie, Esq., Commander Friday, May 16th. Britannia, Jno. Hewitt, Est)., " Sunday, June 1st. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 2(1. Apply to D. BINGHAM, Jr., Ageut, 6 Wall st. P. S.?Persons wishing to embark are requested, in all cases, to apply to the Agent before giviug credit to any report that "all berths are engaged." mlOrc FARE SI XI.?Regular Opposition Line be ween Philadelphia and Baltimore, from tlie side of Cliesuut street Wharf, every Mui s. Ou.nluys excepted, at 7 o'clock, through in 9 hours, via Chesa|ieake and Delaware Canal, and connect with all the lines south and west from Baltimore. On the Delaware, On Chesapeake Bay. Steam r PORTSMOUTH, Steamer THOS. JEFFER Capt. J. Devoe. SON, Capt. Phillips. And through the Caual, a distance of 13 miles only, are first rate packet boats. In fact the accommodntion by this line, both for speed and comfort, is equal to any ether hue between the two cities. Philadelphia, April 17, 1845. MORRIS BUCKMAN. Agent, al7 tin*in Oltice No. 30 South Wharves. '^w?0"4ll THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL fe?- J* EXCURSIONS.?A sail across the Hudson ?KmmS&mJL. River to Hoboken, and then a walk to the Ely.Uu t leiOa, along tlie exceedingly beautiful and picturesque shores of the place, will prove the most easily accomplished and attractive of all rural excursions that can be made irom the city. The Grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees being in leaf and the soil covered with a rich turf. The Walks are in excellent erder, having been considerably embellished the present spring. '1 lie Ferry iioats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher streets, are completely fitted up with Awnings anil scats. Night Boats run from Hoboken to Barclay street, until 1] o'clock Kerriage, 6V cent*. myll 2wis?ra PEOPLES' LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Through Di 1 reel, at 7 o'clock I*. M., from the Pier between ?Courtlaudt and Liberty streets. Sii iiinuoat ROCHESTER, JL'amain R. G. Cruttendon, will leave on Mond iy, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at7 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday even lugs, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P. M., landiug at intermediate place, from tha foot of Barclay street. Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. W. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Aileruoons, at 4 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Braiuard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 ?'clock. Passengers taking sither of the above Lines will arrive in ample time for the Morning Train of Cars for tlie east or west. Tlie Boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elen >>it slate rooms, and for speed and accommodations are uu rivalleil on tlie Hudson Freight taken at moderate rate*. All ih-isoiis are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a written order from the Captains or Ageuts. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Sclitilt/.. at the office on tlie wharf. ml9rc STATE^L^ND FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. FARE REDUCED TO 6M CENTS. The Steamboats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will leave as follows until lurther notice LEAVE NEW YORK: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, A. M.: 1, 2. 'Mi, J and 6, P. M. LEAVE STATEN ISLAND: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, A. M.; 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 P. M. myflm NEW FERRY FOR STATEN ISLAND. The fast sailing steamboat WAVE, Captain ?Vanderbilt, will, on and after Sunday, leave .Pier No. I East River, foot of Whitehall street, evei > uay .it!?and II o'clock, A. M., and 3 and 6 o'clock, P. M. Leave Staten Island at 8 and 10 o'clock, A. M., and 1 and 5 o'clock, P. M. ? . . . . ... it f" Fare GVj cents. Freight in proportion. Landing at Toinpktnsvillc and Stapleton each way. O.i Sundays the boat will leave every hour. .V It.?By iwtronizing this boat the public will have the fare at a price in proportion to oilier Ferries. For further informa tion, inquire on board the boat, or at 19 West St. my!7 lm*ec LONDONLINE OF PACKETS-The splendid ?and fast sailing paclu-tahip NORTHUMBERLAND, ?11. H. Griswold, master, will sail on the 19th May, her u.?y. Having superior accemmodations for cabin, second cabin and Steeragi' passengers, persons about to embark should make esurly application to the suMcriber. JOSEPH M'MURRAY, 100 Pine street corner of South, p. S.?The favorite packet ship Gladiator, Captain Bunting, master, will succeed tlie above, and sail on the 10th of May, her regular day. n< rc LIVERPOOL LINE OF PACKET?-Packetof .the Ctli June?The splendid and favorite packct ship ?i'AI'H ICK HENHv, J.C.Delano master, will po nnneiy ?.nl as above, her regular day. Having very su|>erior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage |??sengers, persons delirious to embark by thia su perior |?rket, should make early application on board, foot ol Maiden Lane, or to the subscribers^ McMURRAy> 100 Pine street comer of South street. The iwcket ship Independence, F. P. Allen, master, will suc ceedjhePatrickllenry^jsnd_ssiljm_?|yeJiUMjliii!y^___m?Ic_ FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet ? of the Iffith May?Tlie elegant fast sailing Packet Ship jiSHERIDAN, ( apt. A. F. De Peyster, of 1100 tons, >vni as above, her regulsr day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodation unequalled for splendor and commit, apply on boerd, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or E K. COLLINS It CO., M South street. Price of passse* >100. Packet Ship Gamck, Capt. B. J. H. Trask, ol 1100 ton*, will ancreeil the Sheridan, and sail 28th June, her regular day. ?27 ec Ft1H LIVERPOOL?The splendid packet ship ? CALEDONIA FIRANDKH, Captain Deaean, will B.HKitively sail on theg&l of May. .nperior vessel has elegantstate room accommodation loi cabin passengers, who will be taken at a very moderate rate, second cabin passengers can also lie accommodated at tlie usual Steerage rates. Those desirous of securing berths should make immediate npplicstiou on board the ship, at pier No. 6 N. River, loot of Rector street, or to JOHN HERDMAN, in lliec | II Bouth street. WANTED?Wood and suitable vessels to lreighi Coal from Philadelphia and Bristol to Boston, Previ deuce, Saco, Norwich, Allen's Point, Greenixirt, Hart .New Haven, Middleton, Albany, Troy and other part* Tlie higliest price will lie paid ami constant employment given Apply to FREDERICK TYLER li CO.," 8 Wall sum, oi E. SAFFORD k CO., a3f, Im'rc 81 Dork street. Philadelphia. LONDON LINE OK PACKETS-Packet ol th. ? 20th May?Tlie splendid and fast sailing Packet Ship .?GLADIATOR, Cs|it. Bunting, will positively sail ?u, u,.ie, herrrgiilur day. Persons about to embark for the old country should not fell to make sarly application to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, in IS m 78 South street, comer of Maiden Lane, f KIR (JLASOOW ?Regular Packet.?The well known, fast sailing B. itish Barque ADAM CARR. Scott, master, daily expected, will meet with quick ileseaii ll. For height, apply to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, mvin m 87 S mth street. FOR HAVRE.?The French Brig OTHILIA, Captain ('adne, has the major part of her cargo going , on b'l.ird. and will be despatched on or about the 22d nisi, roi freight of light goods, apply to nu ll ec BO\ 0 It IIINCKKN, Agenu. FOR LIVERPOOL?The Ifew Liw-IUnUr I'ackntaist May?The suivrior fast sailing Packet Shin BBbsIJU.KN OK TDK. WEST. I2M tons burthen, Capt. Iiini' it oodhouse, will sail as above her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having splendid, larg* and comfortable state rooms and cabin, apply to the Captain on board, weet aide Burling slip, or to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, (7 South street. Trice of passage (100. Tin-racket Ship Rochester, 800 ton*. Captain John Britton, will succeed the Queen of the Weet, ana sail on her regular day, the 21st of June. tfie? i GANS' SEGA It STORE, ' * a n xi RE-OPENED. - a S/OTteSr! A large assortment of Hegalias Plantations of various brands. ranetelas of (uperior quality. fclSar* S"' tete ?!%r fete fc London and .mail site Senrs^of variou. brands, Principe. the\?b?f^Vn^tU.rn^ !kU ,?cfre tlunl'? to hi, cuitomen for himselft?L? hU5'. *h'r,? ''"tow.d to hnn, and pledget my 13 1 m? re ' ' 10 de,erTe the ?ain?>('"r the future. m it ?^StHFa AND F1SH HOOKS. 1 . iVmSj t haTe rrmoTf(1 tl>eir *jtabliihment to No. ? * '5J2 Maiden Lane, where they have on tale a large and weli ??? S^ ,?CTery superior Drilled EyedNeedlw; Limerick 1L7 102 Maiden Lane, fcip stairs) near Pearl stre?t. my? lm*rc 1> AOiPaoo Dates 8 F F H 8 ~~ ' ,3? Bales No. 3 Leghorns. ISO Bales Smyrna Rags. 5000 lbs fine White Domestic. 4000 Deep Blues?For sale by -u? FER8SE fc BROOKS, - mUec, No. 85 and 67 Nassau street. It JJuB, BOOTS for $3 SO ; City Made, and for as? *-?" it i'n m /v,?ndinf. itc., done in the ?tore. Win. M Voumr Vew VlSJlt n^ i Manufacturer., No.Tajui strSit n Mr--' VHIP OF THE OLD BLOCK. ARdV N? CHJ?I} ? VOUNO BOSS RICH TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS v muw,9&rT? AND SHOES. J E. JOHNoON, (late Wilson fc Johnson) ; | Buckskin s?TsVo^^n's^SVherm^n's^'dSeam'i^i's W? TI ?? .the "THORN CHAMPAGNE." ?DERS1GNED will hereafter have constantly on hand, for sale, an article of Champagne Wine of au ua&ur P*?aed, and probably unequalled quality. U"lr" 9tJ^te,&.clXr,,'POiUtWl ,0,e A"nt in the United Psrii "hwlluirri0' '** *uI*r'?ri,y.Colonel Herman Thorn, ol hnnt TkJ r.M jmpeass,0" of his seal to be affiled to each 5 0 18 ^V,,,e W1" t,e J?re??rv<-a in all future ciate U0 c,rou,n?w?c? be allowed to depre Res|>ectinf this wine, Col. Thorn thus writes:?"It is of a Po^anpM " metw,th America; I have drunk no other Ho*'?-d "? P.&n.^"?-^ ,hSUlLviNOiSTONMe ,"?""re No. 10 Wall street. PORTER. " ~ ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT N ?^??b STREET, next door to the American' Museum returns Ins sincere thanks to his friends and the nublic generally, for the very liberal share of patronage alreadv re UnuMCe ^ y Itrlct"tentlun w business tTmeritacon m >? . ? | . FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter Newark Cider, o ' . a , Loudon Brown Stont, n , r , . . and Scotch Ale. Orders for shipping attended to with despatch. mhll ec PCRCE'8 First Premium new Patent two Oven Ranee* "K ec?JK>Fn>'..c"u?enience and durability, 1'fese Ranges are warranted superior to any ever offered They are ? onier w'for J" "J1"0*1 i"1P?"'ble for them to get out of Thlv hlwM i l at " to (> fo common to all other Ranges ''"e been in use for the last 18 months, and in every stance given tlie utmost satisfaction, and in no one instance i... 'hi-I'mpnetorbeencaHtdoii to repair one. ?"??"<* has All Ranges put up by the subscriber are warranted to rive en the l*Mt eVpense to tt^urch^r'^" ^ tlke" "W,y w,th,,ut "K0RQE 'Iv?8UUB8CRnstRR?TEfU "AVANA SEGARS." there ia none superior in this citywuoiuy Nonejas, Florinda, La India, Ksculapio, La Cabana, jrjf Regalias and Principes, of MuLrva, * t^ou. brands/ myU lm*ec Directly opiKMUe SwHendd'BuUdSngs. I mHE SPRING FASHIONS: I T"i^ 8VBSCRIBUIS have received by late arrivals from I X their Agents in Paris and Loudon, their assortment of rich Crsvau Oloves, 8carfs, Suspender,, S.Ik Under C^menu % w?th SffSKS'S ?{f ,bjTe *rt'c,e? have been selected Till "? and comprise not only ihe richest ?llwf'i? j ,ITe "50rtmerit to be found in the city. The deamT^Lining Wr^S*10" '2>e manufacturing of Oen f!2Il ?er *ndJv,u*1"' Shiru. The article manufactured bv fn? ir^u" a ter ,he m,?,t ?PPr<>Ted French method, to suit the form of the wearer-well and faithfully made-aiid mav be <le* notonly for the beauty of their finish, but lor their lait*seveiTte.?^ve ,en,?r p*rtj^r ?[ firm liaving been for the k^owledie n m th,f"me line of business, his r?iT * ' " . only in the science of cutting, but in the nualitv U" W onr m,nu f?c'ory .gives us a decided */? vantage, and guarantees to our patrous a fashionable and well fiiushfd garment. Our assortment of under garments of all de scriptious Hosiery, Dressing Robes, Pocket-kerchiefs Niirht ^?l'''.L'uen Collars, and Dress Fronts, Stocks, Stock Ties (Ira vat Stiffenen, Purses, Money and Riding Belts, fcc. fcc will be ttotd^uter'0" ot"^h'nUi Vavorwltli^ visit PARSELL3 fc AGATE. N n P v a ^ 1 Bro,dw?y. Corner of Park Place. El""c'. 8houlderf tTrace andVidjng1 Bglt?re ?f C?UNTRYC MERCHANTS city EXTJ?A fine tea si M . 163 Greenwich Street, A tou?TLAi*DT St., ato otpositc thk Pacific Hotkl, W^efves^h A)fE 10 ,l"form?**1'I ^ we established our - above place, priucinally for the purpose of rSe &Tj?Te,,?sX '4 '"*? family cuMamers h??. ;.V.? i u "Pn?tit manner in which we .^jr.k L L0t,r business for several years past in this citv iwSs havi wrntn fr ' and moderate rrice of o^ .Kewin'H ?lLt 'V '?r ?}* ????*'?? Of reputation and renown far beyond that of any similar house in the United States and w* insider these th. best r^sons we cu'.^oto'yt ^ We have, however, much pleasure in statin* thiir ?? u..A $elroriIl,^1c?2!Le^5 ??r selections from all Vou?? I&217 i?" ?nd ^b'c" compose the finest specimens of Ninevnn. T ' Hy,?J> Gunpowder, Imperial Oolong Pekoe thi?^on^h?hUifti! kc'' wh,?h h*Tr ""ircd here Qu.iiti,.r;:5^.T^M.7nraev.^ 2ou'ndX.n; J"' Md 0*hw usual, ro?sted and Che'tnut *nd 44 t1fth street. THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK N^CK-T^ Stockholder, of will , ,1* 5" f'.'ection for Councillors and Directors Pnlla wlif k at ,he B">king House on the 4th day of June ,"7t inv4 te!v>MRl> " W 1 o'doek. By order ' y IUwtoJ< rc j, j K|8J{i caahier. .. JULIAN HARPS. N^ r^l having iwrchased the patent right for entire United"sii A,u!chmr"t to the Pianoforte,"for the ThiTulVhr .1..?^ ' (',c*pt,,,? Massachusetts.) announce to tlie public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or to attach thi sarnVfiTinv moX? SnJentlSju'^r'fc P'anolortes. lu regard to the durability of this invention, N. fc C. are prepared to satisfy the most prejudiced mind, their own critical examination and experience warrom them in the assertion, that the "AColian" wilfremain iii anv climste, and it will not he a/Tected by transitions of at instVumwit. rooil ?atisfactory warranter is gbn with each The public are invited to examine the "JEolian Pianofortes" at their ware-room, No. 140 Broadway, opposite the Park where ml " "f ?. f'S and 7 Octave Piano. tortus, l?oth in rosewood and mahogany casrs. m36 6m? rc P"~ THK Ua:IJM FLUTh. HILLIP ERNST, Teacher ofthe Flute and Guitar, would . inlorm the lovers of Music, that he has now for sale one of * * , T'" celebrated Instruments, constructed in every reapect in 4^J* ce w,i.h ,,ow "se at the Paris and Loudon Boyal m fcZT.j0 I>HIL,,> KHNST-8 Music silmfn, Mroadway. near Walker street myt |m?rc A WHOLE BLACK SUIT OF OLOTHES FOR fourteen DOLLARS. AT D. OWEN'S BIG OPPOSITION STORK. THIS ?*.? "rand street, cornet of Essex. his C^8B>r?'u ,ml>?s?'nlr, lint such is goods'raflLraM..*1* profits ?U V<o"t oftce aiiI? n',:.r M"?rt,nent of those fashionable of stvl?.."'?Se?T.?S2? Co*'?.?f ""V possible varisty ..v.... the effect of profits charged on .. patroniae sufficient Roods that it 111* kl **^1 snd :he n?\l| profits ch is establishment ? g'Mw'arrii' ikt"7V ,my"10 guarautee ofthe above ftcu Ii", ?f ''H'*" * * TS-oTAt ofece any m*n' of those fa of style and fabric vnrviMi' ^oats.of every possible varitty A splendid lot of FrookXf BLSL1?!^ ' t ?'H ? ?'? 00 woolnlved English DntK "C?"* .8*IO"y A I Milored Cassimeret, Tweeds, Drab l- l Plaid and Figured (Kxmis, fcc. Ike., from.' |7 JO fcT'iTrii Any quantity of Satinet Panu......... *11 J? {? W Th* greatest variety of veau ever O^Uri. .''' 7? ,? 2? S ^Also, a complete assortment of Boy's (Jotiilng,'chea|2r thw N B ?Country Dealers would find it a great . purchase at this establishment, as the greateat attention ia moS 1? Drptrtmn,t- whitl? " ?ll-wpoitwta^ Come one, come all, drop in and try them, II they are not cheap, then don't buy tham ' ^ D. OWEN'S, WILLIAM A. SMETS IIMLLop? hi. New 8t?re^ nil'*"Vo,. THL'H8UAY 0K oool)a 01 U%SbSrTMKNT* OF EMBROIDEBIM ? ?? ?? Duclu'st! (1 Orleiiii. ? h " Hochell*. EMB'D COLLARS CANEZOUS " M.ryStn*^, .. alavaille .. r,ote " sn"oU ?? .wle Bruiwlle ? ^ Tulle ? aBordure ? Valencienne ? eMim sc'aRFS EMB. FICHUS k OIM/ES. EMBpSCAMHj. .. Hjct-ly^embM :: fc?&uleDI ;; " Plain Bordrui L1NF^vS7 Very nch a 4 Barguette Begnette and Ouerlande nhri&BBL Ladies' Rich Straw . .. ? Deutelle ? te!?rec?*. ? *48VTstbaw CMWBgU-. Cosquettes neerilea . .. -f?osc?ne RTc?kC8TLKPATl^DRM| gilksPekiu Chinou 8 Kou|?d 1'"/1.,,rur " PoudeSoic . " PekinBroche Taffetas PARASOLS. Ombrellaa with ivoryhandles OmbrdU. M^?? " with fringes with rich gold ?jn^W?m^un?ip.T0IL E Poudre d Amondes B, ^ Rj& r?mn Otto of Rows Perfumed Sj.chetx,MEg FQR HANDKKRCHIEKS. Eau de Portugal fcLence Marerechelle Rose Mousue ? . iil..kiM and a large assortment offeyffirCSllich Wilf be offered at ? ""families AND GF^LEMEN visitinu ' j? barton' c?Mnt. a36 lm*rc Button Square, London. PATENTS, SPECIFICATIONS, AND DRAWINGS. THE Drawing, may be lithographed without additional ex unite. Inventors would find it much to their, advantage to 1 call ou the subscriber, and obtain hundred* of copies of their in I ventions, at the pricea uaually paid for du?|j^f JONES. aI5 lm*m 1M Fulton street, N. Y., Sun Buildinga. to COUNTRY MERCHANTS. A LMONIX Windsor, Rose, Variegated, and every descnp Cologutf Water, ki tlie'most beautiful style of fancy bottles. itefes SS".SX."?3rt.KS * ,CvJi|nu?0ilTMilit2lM^*i?I Soap, lj* mctmnMiwSmp ever invented. It makes a perfect cream lather, which does not niTFaLy Washing Soap, of excellent quality; Patent I c?p ssn^ksbssss *" No. 3 Courtlaiidt st., next door to the *17 lm*m new National Hotel. W~"aTCHE8:?WATCHES JEWELRY.-Tlwye who wish to purchase Gold or Sliver Watches, (??ld Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, lie., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all inscriptions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city Gold Watches as low as *20 and $25 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep itood time or the money reluuded. Watches auil Jewelry repair ecTiu the^best uiauuer and warranted, at much leas thau the usual price, lmpolter ?f Watches and Jewelry, . a 13 lm*ec Wholesale and Retail, 3D Wall St.. up stairs. fkencii artificial FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. BRUN LAROSIERE k COURT, 116 William .street, have just received by the last Havre packed, a .large assortment of fashionable Spring Howers, of the ^??Jimost elegant and latest styles, and will continue receiv ing thorn by every succeeding packet. mil lm rc fhenWartificial flowers,&c. HENRY & KAHN.73 Liberty street, up stairs, have just received and offer for sale s complete aisortment of FRENCH ARTIHCIAL 1-LOWfc.KS, in bundles, sprigs and single. Materials for do do, and all kin<Uof WATER COLORS. for flower manufacturers' use; among which is a liquid pin* color of vejysuperi?rqualjit^igA^soM uivoice ol for Ladies and Children, of very rich Embroidery; HwhMl latest styles- and a lot ol' splendid Engravings, plain an colored. mi>H 2in*rc CARPETINI*. 454 PEARL STREET. THE SUBSCRIBERS have just (Wned the law and spacious CARPET WARE ROOMS, No. 454 Pearl street, former ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt k Co., and are now ready to offer tKe public an entire new stock of Carpetinjfc the spring trade, some ol which are exceedingly rich, ol new de Ucolora. kTdMI N ST ERBRU SSELS, 18 PS. K1DNil NST^.U't 1 IREK PLY, SUPERFINE FIN^ANlTccflviMON INGRAIN CARPETING, . Of every variety and description. _,if. . Rugs, Druggets, Table and Piano Covers, Worsted, Turtrd and Jute Mats; Oil Cloths, very heavy snd in from 2 to 24 feet wide; together with all other iuticles araajly found in the trie. The public are requested to call and examine ourstock before Purch"^ERSON k HUMPHREY, 1m*m 454 Pearl street. FARER segarfactory, 71 DIVISION STREET, NEW YORK. . THE UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive 8j*ar Factory, at 71 Division street. New York, under the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who has been Superintendent of one of the largest Factori? in Havana for nineteen ye*rs. The following kinds of Sugars, manufactured in the FaN-r Se gar Factory, and of which a large stock is now on hmd, will be Found equal to any Havana 8egars of corresponding st> le and ^WiURegJi-, Trabuco., Common^, Casadorea, Cauones, Principe, All boxed in the Havana jtyle. . ? ^ The subscribers have settled the Son of tTieir jnHavt na for the express purpose of selecting Tobacco for their Fact^ as also for the puVpose of selectiug Segars suitable for this "ThJy have now on hand, for .ale a large ?toekofHavana Be |U1, entitled to debenture, of the foIlowiug ^rands,. La ludia. Woodville, La Cabana, Nnriago. Frag an xa, L*N<mn?, De Moya, Cubrey, feSST ' Lord Byron. Vvmtn, Riondo, Esculapius. Minerva, Lal-ama, I ? pnima Victoria. Columbia, # Dos Hermanoe. La P^ KAB^O^f fZ7 3m*rc No. 1 New street, corner of Wall. B1CtCtAR|S_REPOSITORY OF FINE ARTS, 67 Canal Street, 18 doort IVett of Broadway.' COLLECTORS OF ENGRAVINC38 visiting the city will Jff.ecPw2S55* '^e choicest collections of RARE OLD ,nrt l VJ . MODERN Engravings in the country at less than one-half the usual prices. N. B.?Grate Aprons and Drapery for Looking Glasses in great variety and of the neweet designs mil lm*ec Feather bed, mattrass and bedstead WAREHOUSE/ 156 AND 15S GREENWICH STREET, Corner of Courtlandt street. Feathers from Is to 4a per lb Hair Mattrasses, from $3 to IS Moss do 3 to 10 Palm Leaf 3 to ? Corn Husks 2 to ? Beds 3 to 25 Blankets 1 to I Comforters, from 1,50 to 2,50 Toilet Tables 1,12 to 1,50 Washstanda. 1,12 to 1,50 Bedsteads, of mahoganv, black walnnt, curled maple, plain maple, all the different patterns in use, and in price Imm $3 to t30. according to (he style and finish. Tlie attention of tlie public is especially called to the Patent Premium Right and Lift Screw BwMtMO. This bedstesd must be examined liefore its qualities ran be known. They cannot Well be stated in an adrertiaemeut. Th^y have been in use about four years?have taken tlx- premium (a silver medal) at the Fair of tlie American Institute, and over 14,000 have been sold?what better evidence ia wanted of the value of the article ? Every hotel and boarding house in the United States should have thia bedstead?private tamiliea cannot do without them. Old Feathers dressed and reuovated, and Mattraasee made over as good as new. SAMUEL 8. PARKER. a21 lm*ec LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, HALL LANTERNS, AND CANDELEBRAS, FOR THE SPRING TRADE. DIETZ, BROTHER It CO, No. 13 John atreet, are manu facturing, and have always on hand, a complete aasortment of articles in their line, of the following descriptions, which they will sell at wholesald or retail, at low pricea for caah: Improved Chemical Oil and Csmphine Lamjie. Solar Lampa, Gilt and Brouxed, in great variety. "Cornelius It Co.V celebrated Patent Solar Lard Lamp*. Girandolea, various patterns, gilt, silvered or bronzed. Suspending Holers, Doric Camphene Lampa, Bracket Solara, Side do do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do do Patent Lard Haud Lamps, Stand do do Britania Hand Lampa, Camphene Chandeliers, Superior Chemical Gil, Pure Hperm Oil, _ an Campheo*. Solar and Lard Oil, do Burning Maid, Refined Whale Oil. mhl63md"ee HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC SLIDES, long known as the most du rable, convenient, and elegant of extension Tables manu factured; warranted to run easy constantly, and not to be affect ed by dampness or warping or the woon. A large aaeortment of clioice patterns, suited lor private parlors, hotels, steamboats, Itc., together with a general assortment of Cabinet Furniture, always on hand, at the Ware-rooma, No. 140 Grand street, cor ner of Elm, where the public ia reapectfnlly invited te call and examine. a25 Im'ec QUARTERMAN de SON, PAINTERS. NO. II BURLING SLIP, Ntw Yorb. Housk, 8t?n am SHir Paintino, Oaamino, MiHura and Glaxino ALSO-LEAD SASHES. Fob Churches and Gothic Buiuomos, mads to euu. m4 lm*ec Farther extracts from the EnglUh Paper*. Dreadful Accident at Yarmouth.?A most dreadful accident occurred at Yarmouth, on the 2d inst. Mr. Nelson, the clown, belonging to Mr. Cook's circus, now at Yarmouth, announced the performance of being drawn by four geese in trie North River. The suspension bridge crosses this river, and about 518 |>eople were on the bridge, when, between five and six o'cjock the bridge fell in, and about forty jiersons perished. The utmost consternation prevailed ; special trains started; the telegraph was beset by hundreds anxious to obtain news of relatives and friends. How to Prevent the Diseases which arise PROM THE USE OF LEAD IN CERTAIN Tit AUKS.?This treatment is extremely simple, and only requires the ? workmen to submit to the following precautions.? | They are to take two baths of soap and water every . week, occasionally adding a little sulphur, and are carefully to wash the uncovered parts of the body with soap and water at every interval between their working hours. They are to drink one or two glasses of lemonade, made with sulphuric ucid, every day, according to the greater or lesser quantity of dust, or poisonous vapor with which the surrounding at mosphere may be charged, At the same time they should be more careful than the followers of any other trade, to abstain from the use ot spirituous li quors. The efficacy of this preventive treatment is easily explained by the fact, that the mineral poison absorbed, is thus converted into a soluble,and there fore, innoxious salt, (sulphate of lead.) and the sa turnine particles de(?ositeu on the surface of the body are taken away.?Pojwlar Record of Science. Liabilities of an Editor.?Lord Denman has laid down the law recently, that an editor has no right to insert any paragraph before he has ascer tained "that the assertion made in it is absolutely true." So then, in the case of the late discoveries made by the Earl of Rosse's telescope, an editor ought to have proceeded to theditlerent planets men tioned before ne inserted any statement respecting them. According to Lord Lfenman, the Man in the Moon and Orion would both recover swinging da mages from almost every editor in the United King dom lor the reflections cast by the Earl's telescope on their characters as planets.?Punch. A sad accident occurred on the Ashton branch of the Sheffield and Manchester Railway on the 19th. Nine of die great arches fell in and burisd a number of persons in the mines. From eighteen to twenty persons were killed. The arches formed the via duct over the river Thames, and the span of each was thirty feet. The Rev. Mr. Ronge, the founder of the new " German Catholic Church," has adopted a still later and further improved creed, which is said to be " plainer and more comprehensive than that of Breslaw." Wagon Load or Gold.?A St. Petersburgh paper, under date of March 11, mentions the arrival of a train of fifteen wagons from the mines ot Kolywan, in West Silesia, laden with 30(> poods of gold, which was immediately conveyed to the mint. A pood is about 35 English lbs. The celebrated writer Frederick Adolphus Kram macher, author of the Parables, died on the 1st of last month, at Bremen. A correspondent of the Mining Journal (Eng.) says that steam-boiler explosions may be prevented by the very simple plan ot having a small hole dril led in the plate immediately pver the fire place, and filled with a leaden rivet, which will melt only when the water gets below the proper level. The Countess de Survillicre, the widow of Joseph Bonaparte, died suddenly at Florence on the 7th ult. C. C. Biddle, Esq., of Philadelphia, has transmit ted, through his friend Thomas Tliornely, Esq., M. P., ot Liverpool, ?10 towards the funds of the Anti Corn-Law Bazaar, shortly to be held in London. Price of Cheese in England.?About 150 tons of cheese were piled at Chester fair on Wednesday se'nnight, and prices ruled from 63s. to (i7s. per cwt. for very good dairies, and troin 50 to tiOs. lor com mon.?Lnglisli paper, May 1. Theatricals, <M> Mr. Hackett Iv s been playing in Dublin with great success; us had also Mr. H. Betty. Mr. Edwin Forrest fulfilled a short engagement at the Bristol Theatre. Mr. Macready rented the Bath Theatre for an evening when Mr. Forrest made his appearance before a Baui audiencc. Mr. Vandenhoti and his daughter are engaged at the Manchester Theatre for twenty-lour nights, where tli. \ are likely to be much more attractive than tli 'V w- re at the Norton Folgate Theatre. Mac ready Wdo aoout to appear in Edinburgh, and Mr. and Mrs. Kean in Birmingham. Mr. Templeton gave the first of his new and popu lar entertainments, entitled "The Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock," in the City Hall, Glasgow, on the 2fith ult. Mr. John Parry launched two new romances at his concert on the 30th ult. written and comjiosed expressly for the occasion. Mr. Braham and his sons, Mr. C. and Mr. Hamil ton Braham, have been giving concerts of sacred music in die Assembly Rooms, Glasgow. Monsieur Philippe, a conjurer, who appears to be quite unrivalled in his art, has commenced a series of performances at the St. James Theatre. It is said of him that the teats of Herr Dobler and "the great Wizard of the North" were surprising enough, but Monsieur Philippe beats them hollow. There is a Mons. Phillippe in this country said to be lately from France, astonishing the people with similar tncks. Which is the real Simon pure 1 A subscription has been opened for the celebrated vocalist, Mrs. Salmon, who is now in the most indi gent circumstances. Her Majesty, and several per sons of distinction, have come forward on the oc casion, and Mr. John Oxenford has been appointed treasurer of the fund. A Clever Fraud.?A novel trick has been played off in various towns in England, the result of which has been to relieve a portion of the amusement-lov ing public of some of its superfluous cash. A person styling himself Mr. Charles Russall, announces a grand musical treat to take place. At the time ap pointed the audience assemble, when, after waiting for some time, it is found that the only actor in the business (who had taken the precaution of having all moneys paid at the door,) had decamped, having left on pretence of making enquiry at the railway station after the absent performers. The bill of en tertainment, which, of course, is plentifully distnbu ed, states that it was to be an American treat. Miss Charlotte Villiers, of the principal American con certs; Mr. T. D. Rice, the celebrated American com cdian; Mr. H. Ford, and Mr. C. Russell himself, the great American mimic and caricaturist, were to be the performers. Mr. C. Russell was to assume se veral different disguises, and Miss Villiers was to be equally versatile, the disguises being perfecdy im penetrable. The fellow's pleasantry is seen all through the programme. His first song is " 1 calcu late there'll he a row here." Then follows "The Music Lesson," " I guess you'll say you've seen me now," and "The Absent Man." Mr. T. D. Rice sings, with banjo accompaniments, " Dinah dear, him go away," "Tarnation Strange," and after wards gives a lecture on heads (phrenology)! The conclusion is Mr. Charles Russell's comic monopo logue, with " Jonathan's Trip,"" Always too Late," "Coach Waiting," "Right slick awav I went," " A trip proposed," " O dear, he's gone," " Change your room. Arc.; and it was gravely announced that the laughable and rapid change of character was to keep the audience in one continual roar of laugh er from beginning to end. Mons. Daprcz, has been engaged for ?100 a night at the Theatre Royal, Liverpool, and was to make his first appearance there on the 9th inst. The inauguration ?f the Beethoven monument is to take place at Bonn towards the close of July. A grand musical festival is to be given on the occasion, which is to last several days. Strand Theatre has been opened with an enter tainment illustrative of the life and songs ?f Burns, by a Mr. Ormonde, assisted by several vocalists. A new piece, entitled the " Gipsey Farmer, or Jack and Jack's Brother," has been produced at the Surrey Theatre, with .mrtial success. A serious casualty occurred to Mr. Somerville, of the Mary-le-bone Theatre, while playing one of the characters in the Fox Hunt, at the Liverpool Am phitheatre. Mr. Somerville was in the act ot draw ing a loaded pistol from his belt, when the tngger. which was on f ull cock, caught one of the buttons of his waistband, and the entire contents were lodged in his abdomen. At the latest accounts he was in a fair way of recovery. The London papers state that Mr. Canheld, the American Sampson, has been making a painful ex hibition of his herculean powers, at the Surrey The atre. Leaning backward from a chair, he litts a heavy rod of iron, bends another of a decent size across his arm, lifts himself with his hands only to the top of the stage by means of two ro|ies, and stands the rebound of a cannon, which is fired off on his shoulders. He next breaksa rope, two inches thick, and we fancy some day he will also break a " blood vesiiel." The Colosseum was to open on the 7th of May, with a grand panoramic view of London, grottoes, fountains, waterfalls, Jcc. ' Truii slut ton* from the Fi-tnch Paper*. Statistic* of Deaths and Suicides ix France. ?In the year IKK} there were 7,7b7 accidental deaths; of which 3,506 were by drowning;, 14 by railroad accidents. 175 died from hunger, want and exposure. &c. Tne number of deaths by suicide amounted to 3,4)20; of which 2,291 were men, and 720 iemales. Among the causes that led to suicide, we remark 154 attributed to general misery, 238 to the effects of drunkenness, 116 t<) a disgust of life, 805 consequent on cerebral diseases. One little child of nine years of age was among the number, who killed itself in consequence of gnei at having lost some favorite birds. The works for the completion of the railroad, on the atmospheric plan, from Pley to St. Germain, are actively progressing, and will be concluded in eighteen months. The first trial of the Electrie Telegraph,established on the railroad between Paris and Rouen, took place on the 25th ult., and was perfectly satisfactory. Tom Thumb.?The Theatre de Varietes having announced a vaudeville for performance, under th title of " Tom Ponce,"?his French cognomon?thai person procured an injunction to prohibit the use of his name, and accordingly it was issued under the name of " Tom Poufl." Now, inasmuch as Tom Thumb is not his real name, we are surprised at this verdict, and may look next for an order forbid ding the name to be used in the History of Tom Thumb, a children's book, published some years ago by Wetzel. The Minister of Public Instruction is occupied in devising laws for the better organization of the medical profession, and is aided in his labors by some of tne most eminent members of the faculty; but it is doubtful if their arrangements will be sub mitted to the Chambers for some time. Considerable preparations are being made at the Palais Royal, it is supposed for the reception of the Neapolitan Princes, who are expected in Paris. In consequence of the late disturbance in the Poly technic school, a meeting of the Board of Discipline had been held, and four of the most culpable stuaents expelled. The Iowa Indians, accompanied by Mr. Catlin, wer? in Paris, and had been presented to I. mis Phillippe. A mental calculator, in the shape of a boy six years and a half ola, had been presented to the French Institute, by the distinguished savan, M. Arago. A third edition of Thiers' History of the Consulate and Empire has been called for, in consequence of the great demand for this work. Captain Stoddard, of the Havre packet Ville de Lyon, has just invested, for the benefit of the widow ot a sailor named Bresne, who was lost in his en deavors to succor this vessel when in distress, the sum of 2,000 francs. The whole of this amount was made up by collections made among the captains of the port of Havre. WMRvfsTtiSRhvI? AufcjHKyY City.?Our sister city morninir 17th ?/.? m?8tudestn'ctive fire on Saturday H0t'P &??k? Sarcd re'n"VR' 5& safe.?' about 100 hh/io Warehouse, (Lnion Line,) containing a ouaiitiK iIf U of tob?cc?, 60 bbls. fi,h, 100 hhds. In,con a quantity ofloose moat, tome coffee, hemp 8ce ami a vU J^n"^10?*^ to Mr- SSSSon of New mq -il/' Book* out of safe removed by the watch ford fc Tnfi ? U? wcre m"ch damage.". Walling 4WbblSfliu?rM^Th,t,US0' Line. ?,t3g 5ore"a" irss'sfd 1.0.,.,.: .?d'?z,u ,Sv mSl tosrvss1":* SSmSsS"**??? wLonC SSUm i5,L?rs?"'? of Morel .Iroot, saved hv the a??rtiil f i!" intense heat, but was quantities of weSp Xe U wHlTe^een"^^16 troyed in the warehouses, and tatfcwiEE'JT1? as the aqueduct was totye in hip in <> ?L^ goods ; quantities of roods had been brought to this "side an*! were saved. Ve understand that John B. ButleHost se S .""deS^d TO,ef R.SS?5ttiS?K;_ "" "?m"?-v~ Kx^.Hvi'r? B,'?^ tl'ne aB?. that those member, of the to H?i i,T? ?UnC< o d tendered their resignations Mr Readi^to th p cons?11uonc? of the appeintment of i?v'? iH ? }? Provlncia' Secretaryship .were airain to faccentr!hem,??rthtKC?UnCn- H" M^sty X",? 0 the roa,oni ?tated, and also disn, - proving of the appointment of Mr. Read. His Excellency the Lieutenant (lovcrnor, upon receivrnR these instru/ t'hftnd??mm,!inuated themto tho Hon- Messrs. Johnston at Krederi'rtnn teVtn als0L ?ummoned them to meet WllSint!^. ,omo Persons, that the resignation of Mr others, t h a t'h?s?Lx'cellencjr* refus?* t^JThJm Cd by talnPUh ed a confidential letter last winter jifceer* tain, how ever, that he did not meet with the other m?m h Friday 'a,t> tho Council met, but aoon separat !&" ? hu"y,. and on Saturday the mombe?left Aede thJt * theirreturn to their homes: it being reported that none of the above named gentlemen would take ieir seats unless his (?Excellency would lay before them stcntL'll0'''?!, ,! re,ative lo view' oVthe Colonial Secretary, und the reasons of their conduct beinran proved by the Homo Government. We learn tliaf his Excellency did not condescend to do so, and that h? Hirl not even inform them if the resignation Cf Mr, WHmot had been accepted! Upon these grounds the retiring counsellors refused to accept their seats, and, it is s?i,f given e ?' unti',he requisite information be Important Arrests and Recovery of Goods In the early part of last month a mercantile h-mae in wr defrauded of an amount of go Jsv^ I Wm H "ince.which time Henry J. Uhlman and ?r"?'?C?T' imPlic?tod in tho transaction, have an^ ,. '?1-Mnd a ^rt.,?n of the ?ood? recovered. It ?n Eft . v hlman had been entrusted with the iroods o?erk*b.?tV???H,c,,r ?n company with a olerk, but that they took them to St. Louis where tim OH?n! f 11, g??j"i WOrc ,old; and ono of the firm at N ?ri We. CrOI,Vlp0n thom' succeeded in recov^ had ^n thoam??n k The other portion of the goods ?f,k'nihTe"n tlm6' been ,ent olf elsewhere. Some ni.i? goods wore traced to Pittsburg,others to Philadel phia, where four boxes had been sold, and ono box was ..covered in New York; and also foiir ?>xeS and five H*0 1! ,lo""cman was arrested fn^Jk ,e..!,acK t"c officers, while pass g ! ?';? a" a P?rtJr to thi" fraud. nnd hel.l to itk^. l??qU 1 v m e ,,overnor of Louisiana? I hlman has also been arrested in Charleston,,8. C wher donWaVT'nS U^'cr the assum?d name of James Claue don.?Baltimore Clipper, May 19. ,:^n?R Anti-Rknt Oot^.-A short time since a Mr. Widerwax hired a farm in Tachkanic NCCRnrH^y?^r Rockefe,lor- ^ho had also allowed M. Thnr iJv H. u.uCUpy # JPortlon of the premises. On Thursday the 8th, we un<ferstand, Mr. Widerwax moved into the house Mr Burdick still retaining poisession of wJr? vU?.?[ ?n ,h? ni?ht of the 9th the premises Tf his nln!r?h ? T* P*?0"!1 who "nwe'l off the handles plough, and committed manv outrafres of a like m?n,rt a 1 following night, the 10th, about twenty men armed and disguised, broke into tho house : threw tmk v^ wT/ otherthings about the premises, and inH Widerwax aud a Mr. Van Etten, his hired man and tarred them and otherwise maltreated and abused them. They then commanded Mr. W. to leave the n? teIu*he,tiltieh?hi?haKreCd L? d0, havin"f no disposition to Hudson Tj,,rMayW b7 Lynch Law. Three Si.aves SKrrmcBn in Virginia to he '.reat Firk a.vd Destruction of Life?A Wil c ? P"Per of the 2d inst., nays: As we of the 2Hth u/t^fronTvi^8^ be?" "hown a private letter state! that lh?'lI^T l>Kton' thil Sta,e- w hich ik.X? . ai*? *wamP* in Beaufort, Tyrrell and '** Wer" 00 flre The 'ctter goe. on to say ?? <,!! f?'r' ' W? whole burned up in Tvr' dren iL th ?n"i,tcd ?f/ man' hl" wife, three chil "'SP?"' \of the other f"mily,wys the WhoUwJi:.? oiei?.?h?W mW,r W,r" M,rned Th# Special Mr ??Ions. Before Hon. Daniel P. Ingraham, Associate Judire of Common Pleas, and Aldermen Compton and -Me?erole. v?'n Assault and Haltery.? James Sulli van John Ketchum, and Hugh McCaflry, were charged with an assault and battery on Thomas Doyle, at the If""? election, in the 3<J dutrict. when one of tlie partie. truck him on the buck of the neck, and pulled him off hl* neck being on the "I" of the window and van! rnnL f Kr0UniJ- Tl"y the" kicked hlm- W"1 S?l in u f r,, . ? ' wying ho deserved it for running an ?d'f"cn democratic ticket. A number of witno.M. frnvV ' 0 108,1,16(1 that the affair was a mere af [r?,y common at the polls, in which nobody was hurt place" T>r,l?H Kt.rUck? but that much I'u,JllI1K took place. I he defendant. were acquitted. I charged 8",'ford tt,ld Edward McOowan were ?n Hhm? 1. T? an a"iault on Harman Bordolph gas lamt,?& POv t0e", iat?,hii "lore' doing damage to t?e I lnotn,r-^n'an\ U1*ty?sentence suspended. ; at'tli.i bar 'b' 1 ' U Wack woman, was placed hlid on Wednlr2ung a ?y. With a knife and cutting hi. nead on Wodnebday; on which occasion she swore aha would have some boy's Ufa before night"PeStenU^ ?Another Martha Ann Williams and Robert William* SS^?'SS!,T!?5?5?sSS? 5^th?,b?''" ^ k?' s???? * oitr Sleeping in the Market?Edward Price was chareed bv ? u Mar\U8V|.d M; 0ak,ey wi,h ?leei'ins^n theTultoS ted sV^ffln1"8 swears the prisoner was intoxica ted. Sentence suspended?prisoner discharged. Peltt Larceny?Eliza Johnson, a very pretty little Kir I. BootS nf 1l b,?r ?,n 8 charge made by Mrs. Mar* fh,?,!/ shawl, fcc., worth $16. The child la mnrh H ye,aT? ?u age' and came weeping to the stand much affected. Sentenced to House ol Kefuge. tr?nl fr??. Hi'ling? was charged with taking ? trunk from the steamboat without leave from the owner fa?>r?,?.0ih.0n- lflliin?8 ,aid he did not intend steaUng t tentiary for ??xCmonthsf ?? ^ h^"?fAerrMary ^nn IlaK?erty was tried for stealing a bonnet and some other articles lrom Mrs. Caroline Brown. t?,eJro/ery V 'J- 011 her Pcr,on while on the war to the pawnbrokers. .Mary said she was walking alonir the ?treet when she met a woman who wanted to sell her tn pf^i? Bn<! she bought them for a dollar. Sentence to Penitentiary for three months. ?J?hn K,eH^TO?'<*iarged with stealing a Brit a" a r James Van Voorhies, worth about five nrtwitf.ii h?,ookod at 'tvery particularly and walked on with it. Sentence to City f'nson ten davt. J' witnesses appear o'clock Court adjourned until Friday, at II Circuit Court. w r, Before Judge Edmonds. Mat 20. Barnabas IV. Osborne vs. The Mayor. *e fnl"SvT88 an a.ctlon of assumpsit to recover compensation Seiv71Ceu ren<1ered by plaintiff as clerk to the police m March, 1843. No defence was offered. The ?UJy gendered a verdict for plaintiff $888 88 damages and !nTi' k ' aul|ject to the liquidation of the Court, and also subject to the opinion of the Court on a case to bmm?afUrUt'|With liburty t0 either party to tS?n it iS?o 2 excePtlons <>*" a special verdict. Thomas Lockyer vs. Eliza Lockyer?Jidulterv.?Thiu was a feigned issue sent down from Chancery to try the ?orkv?r 1* 'k alleged infidelity of the defendant, Mrs. f?,n J, i. u marnaKe. The plaintiff imputed the of fence to have been committed in the years 1841 and 1843 n M.iih? .'er" nanie'l John and James Cottrell, at No! tinier iKF7 J. * and No' 17 Pitt ?tieet. The deposi ? Stewart, the daughter of the defendant, be tfnn fnlir?^0' .u*" pUt in and admitted. The deposi tion fully proved the committal of the alleged offence law n"ei?i ? i named John Cottxell in November, publication? particulars, which arc too gross fop a cartman, who boarded with the parties in the vear 1842 and part of 1843, testified that he had seen Mrs. Lockyer and James Cottrell, on several occasions, locked up together in a room, between 7 and 8 o'clock in the moniing, and mentioned the matter to his wife : and, on another occasion, to the plaintiff himself. CAHQLrNK Hammons, a dress maker, testified she re > .!! I sa?10 ,1'remises with the parUes in 1841 and a"d -N|rs- Lockyer was frequently visited by John Cottrell; she testified also in relation to the alleged im proper conduct, the details of which are too gross for publication. I he defendant, .Mrs. L., was in the habit on such occasions ol telling John she had something to say to lum, and then giving him a glass of wine, and heard ner say, she had more regard for John's little finger than lor her husband's whole body. (Laughter) She had also known her to send lor James Cottrell. Thia witness, in her cross-examination, refused to tell the class of customers she used to work for, with a sort of naive air, and Icit the stand. John \V . Thohfe and Bkn. Ferris (a grocer) testified t? having seen the alleged offence committed defe"ce11'"1 in was, that the plaintiff having had a wish to get nd ol hn wile, got up a conspiracy, in order to procure a divorce in chancery. ,,?T?A?" Lo?V:n. dan&htcr of the parties, was pro acc.l on the part ol the delcnce ; she appeared to ue a o1- a,'out 11 or years of age, and seemed to leel her trying situation, under the circum ru^nni' i" S?rr * testimony had relorence to the various localities in the house, and went to show the im possibility of some of the witnesses being able to irive positive testimony on the subject matter before the Court ' ? position ol certain places and apartment* about the premises where her mother resided ? hJ! h if.V?-r?uK"K tes,t!tieri U,at h? wai' offered $100 by laughter ) * run ?a with his w^e. (Immense Lucima Robert., Mrs. OildEr.,.eevE. and Mr. Lett 1 the 'fefendant. K??* Cliaractel and generally in favor of dicn^pILuf ?Ut 'eavi"s their,eat'- ?Qdered U. S. Circuit Court. ,, Before Judge Belts. Mai 20?mhniled State$ v?. Executors of Henry Eckfori deceased This was an action brought by the General th? iV/i . ,u ' as sur*ty for Samuel Swartwouf Ii/rti ?0!,0' this port, from the year 1830 to 1834 un' dor the Jackson administration. It was alleged that f? bec.omo a defaulter to a large amount and the chief question to enquire was whether ho had received any money, as Collector, which he had not accounted lor : and by such delault rendered his surety l!? iSiraw ? ? "efa'cBtion amounted to upwards of Swartwout it appeared, was in the second term of his Collectorship, when Kckford became hi. ia?nnn i i i 5!? put in was that the payments of $2o0,000 into the Ireasury by Mr. Swartwout, after the second term commenced, balanced his account for.that te?' The jury rendered a verdict lor defendant, and certify a balance of $00,546 59. ' na Common Pleas. Before Judge Daly. Mav iO?Peter King administrator of Ellen Kint de. Vum.i'it'h T. McBirnie.?This was an action of aT for #80 nl'L a*r.?V*e maker of a Promissory note ceas^'Kll0nPiTn^1 hat ^e note was g'iven to the de ceased l-.llen King belore her marriage to the olaintitr in payment of moneys due her by tho defendant in whose employ she had lived as servantt Tho defence put in was that tho note had been paid to deceased person some time previous to her demise The i.,i5 rendered a verdict for plaintifl" $93 damage, and 6 cenU General Session*. Before Honorable Daniel P. Ingraham, Associate Judge of Common Fleas, and Aid. Compton and Meserole. M. C. Patterson, Esq. District Attorney. Mat 20.?7Yial for Grand iMrceny.?The trial of Hen ry Rage for robbing Captain Carson, on the 4th of March last, 01' a sum of money, watch, chain, he. was con tinued. Mr. Kox sworn?Was at Ruge's houae on the night of the 4th of March, with Captain ('arson; called for Deer; Huge1* wife was down stairs; finally they all went up stairs, and he shortly afterwards came down; heard a noise, of table falling, and Huge calling for a rope to tie the Captain; went up, saw Frederick and Rugc on top of Carson. When they went home the Captains watch and chain were missing. Wm. Drives testified he saw Captain Carson at Ruge'a house about 8 o'clock; he had then a watch,chain and ring with him; ahortly alter, he saw the captain coming down stairs, lips cut and bloody, and his watch and chain gone. Dirtsri: railed Bfsiahd Trsr?Lives in Water street; was at Kuge's houso on the night in question; it wm about half past nine when the watchman Drought Carson into the 'tore; Carson owes witness money Tor liquor; does not think the Captain had much money; Carton stat ed some days afterwards to witness that he did not think Rugc robbed him. but that it was some of his boarders; lias heard the Captain say he would have satisfaction for Ruge's language to him on a former occasion. The District Attorney now read the examination of Hugo. The Judge charged the Jury, who retired, and after an absence ofabout fifteen minutes, returned a verdict of Not Guilty. U.S. Marshall's Office. Mav 20?John Turner, a seaman, has been arretted on a charge of assaulting the second mate of the ship Iowa, on the 12th April last, with a knife, and also for a similar oll'ence against a seaman named David Lines. He stands committed for examination. Court t alnuinr?This Day. CmcviT Cot rt?Nos. ?*?, 7, 8, 10, 30, 34, 343, 6fl, 68, 340, 341. Common Plbas-Nos. 12, 17,18, 20, M, 23, to 37. Lakgk Voyamch.?The ship Ohio, which recent ly arrived at this port, from the Pacific Ocean, has turned out on the wharf 2H10 barrels sperm oil, and has sold on the voyage about HO barrel* sperm and whale, making >800 barrels in all, valuod at about eighty-one thousand dollars. The Potomao has also turned out <!? on the wharf 23.">4 barrels sperm oil, and has sold on the voyage 90 barrels of sperm, making 2444 barrels in all, valued at about sixty-nine thousand dollars. The Nan tucked is also at the bar, with about 1330 barrels spans (including oil sent home) and 1300 barrels sperm oil,end 13,000 pounds bone, valued at about fiity-six thousand dollars. This makes an aggregate of two hundred and six thousand dollars for the three ships. Nantucket In ftiirrr. The Compftnalo?<iaiii terminated their engage ments in Cincinnati on thirlMh instant. It appeara that ihey have, it seems stirred up some rivals in the bell ringing art We see that the " ( ampanalogian brothers" have been figuring in Albany, and are travailing through the western part of tnis state. Some of the journals say, that they are little inferior to the real Swiss brothers.

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