Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 27, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 27, 1845 Page 1
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W YORK. HEfiAL voi. xi>, No. i**?wi?o.? Mo. 4006. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 27, 1845. * >? THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?-Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every d?y. Price 3 eenta per copy?$7 25 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price cenU per copy?$3 1JJ cent* per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prioes?always cash in advance. - PRINTING of all kind* executed with hearty and despatch. J Qtj- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaorRir.Toa or the New York IIerai.d Establishment Northwest corner of Fulton And Nassau street* TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. EXPRESS AND PIONEER PACKET LINE, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh vis the Pennsylvania Rail roads and Canal?through in 3V? dayj. The above line is now in full operation and offers great inducements to persons who wish a pleasant mode of travel! iug to the west. The cars are buijt in the most approved modern style, the boats are fitted up in a superior manner, and every effort is made by the proprietors to couduce to the comfort snd convenience of travellers. Tht scenery on this route is unrivalled, and the great chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well wor thy of being seen. By this route passengers avoid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upou stage travelling, and it the same time make an ex peditions trip. The cars leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passenger* are ad vised to engage their places at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. E. corner or Chesuut and Fourth streets, and at Nos. 13 and 13 South Third sts. A. CUMM1N08, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17. 1845. For information, in the rity of New York, apply te B. H. KNISELL. Agent lor D. LEECH fa cti.'s Line. 7 West st, N. R. my 17 6ni rrc CHANGE OF HOUR. UNITED STATES MAIL LINES TO BALTIMORE. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINNGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Cluster, Wilmington, Newark, Elkton, Havre de Grace, fac. Through in Six Hourt?^Fare $3. On and alter Monday next, tVlay 12th, .the Cars will leave the Depot comer of 11th and Market street, daily (except Sunday) at 0 o'clock, A. M.. the lines leaving st 4 P. M, and half past 10 P. M., being discontinued alter that date. This Line will leave Baltimore for Philadelphia, at 9 o'clock, A. M. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCHTOWN RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. Through in Seven Hourt?Fare $2. On and after Monday next, May 18th, the steamboat ROBERT MOllRIS, Capt. Douglass, will leave Dock street wharf daily, (except Sunday,) at half past 3 o'clock. P. M., instead ol GA. heretofore. This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore, for Philadelphia, at 7 P. M. SUNDAY MAIL LINE. The only Line for Baltimore on Sunday leaves the Depot, corner of 11th and Market streets, at 4 o'clock, P. M. FREIGHT PASSENGER TRAIN. Fare to Baltimore 50 cents. A P.Lsse:iger Car attached to the V reight Train, will leave the Depot corner 11th and Market street, daily, (except Sunday) at 5 o'clock, P. M , and reach Baltimore at an early hour next morning. G. H. HUDDELL, Agent at Philadelphia, Pa. For further particulars, app" mylO lm rc ',<,PP<$EO. P. FISHER Agent, No. 17 Wall street, or 6 West str FROM BOSTON TO PHILADELPHIA IN A DAY. ?gsfia flaa?i THE TRAINS upon the LONG ISLAND RAILROAD are now arranged for passengers to leave Boston at 6 o'clock and arrive in New York at 4, as was the case last evening; and tsks tbe Philsdelphia train at quarter before 5, and arrive there at 11 P. M. _ my83tf SUMMER JtRlUttf OB KENT. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS : From Broo'Uyn Depot? Boston Train?8V A. M. daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train?9JW A. M and 4 P. M. for Hicksvillt and intermediate places. And on Tuesdays, Thursdays and S?l tii rdays, through to (Jreenport at 9X A. M, J'Yoni Green port Depot? Boston Tram, daily, Sundays excepted, at 12}? o'clock P. M., or oil the arrival of thesteamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train?At 9'? A. M., on Mondays, Wednes days and Fridays. From Hieksi ille Drpot? Accemnv^lition Train for Brooklyn?At 7 A. M. andl}?P. daily, Sundays excepted. The Boston Trains stop only at Farmingdalc and St. George's Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at the following places on the road, going both ways to receive and deliver paasen rers. vix: _ _ . Jfdlord 18X Deer Park 87 East New Vo-k 12*2 Thompson ... 1 00 Hace Cnurso 18J1 Suffolk Station. ...1 12 Trotting Course I874 Lake Road Station 1 31 Jamaica 25 Medford Station 1 30 Briishville 37,l? Milleville 162 Hyde Park, 17 miles 44 St. George's Maner 1 75 Clowsville, (during ses- Riverheaa 2 00 sion Court,) 44 James port 2 06 Branch 44 Mattetuck 8 0S Carle Place 50 Cutchogne 2 12 Wesibury 50 Southold 8 18 Hicksviile 56 Greeuport 2 25 Farmingdale .56 my82tf rrc SEW YORK AND IIARLEM RAILROAD CO ? SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. SBQm 1 l I On and after Monday, April 14th, i8,13' ^can **"mu u ? Javc TSt y HaHftw^Teave City Hall for Leave City Hall ITorkviil e, Harlem Fordham and Wil- for White Plain*, Morrisiara. hams' Bridge. 7 00 A. M. 6 00 AM. flOOA.TVl. ?? u 7 nn 7 00 2 00 P. M. 8 00 10 00 i 00 9 M S 00 P. M. 10 00 l# 1 no P. M. 5 00 2 00 3 00 3 30 5 00 5 30 _#euvi' Morrisiana Leave Williams' Uaw Whit* and Harlem for Bridge lor fJ.VHu n City Hall. City Hall. Lity "?"? f 40 A. M. 7 16 A. M 7 0 A. M. n nil 7 40 I? q (K) MM 2 10 P. M. 10 00 11? 5 10 I, 00 4 nn 2 00 P. M. ? 411 3 1*1 4 no ft 20 ft 30 ? 00 6 30 7 30 , The Freight Train will leave White Plaint at 7 A. M., and the City Hall at 1 1ft P. M., for the present. a!2 I in m NEW YORK, ALBANY AN1) TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROV DIRECT. ?Tlvr steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R. B , |? M?cy, will If iv rlie foot "? Courtlandt itp?t, mi THIS (Saturday.) EVENING, at 7 o'clock. Tlte Empire owing to herlight draught of water, will ne ma iled at til times to piss the bar, and reach Albany and Troy in imple time to take the morning train of can going east or west !? or Paaaage or Freight apply on board, or to C CLARK, a? the o(l*ire nn the wharl my24 re NEW FERRY FOR STATEN ISLAND. Tile fut sailing steamboat WAVE, Captain ? ?Vandrrliilt. wilf, on and after Sunday, leare I MKimW "i-r No. 1 Kaat River, foot of Whitehall itreet, Itery day at 9 and It o'clock, A. M., and 3 and 6 o'clock, P. M. Leave Stnteu Island at 8 and 10 o'clock, A. M., and 1 and 5 rfloch, P. M. Fare _0>4 cents. Freight in proportion. Landing at rnin|il>!iisvillt' and Stapleton each way. On Sundays the boat will leave every hour. N. II. ? By patronizing this boat the public will have the fare t a price tn proportion to other Feme*. Forfurther informa jM, inquire on board the boat, or at 19 West at myl7 lm*ec NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT UP WHITEHALL STREET. FARE REDUCED TO? CENTS, The Steamboat! SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will ive as follows until further notice LEAVE NEW YORK: 8,9, 10, II ami 12, AM.;!, 1. ik. i and ?, P.M. LEAVE STATEN ISCAND: (, 9, 10, 11 and 12, A. M.; 1, 2, 4, J, and ? P. M. myflm SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK, DAILY. FARE ONLY 12* CENTS. Changt of flnur. On and alter Saturday, May 17th, the steamer PASSAIC, Captain John Gaffy, will ran as ^-^?^?Befcllows, until further notice, viz:? ~,,vV r, NEWAlllt LEAVE NF.W YORK. Knot of Centre street. Foot of Barclay street. 74 A. M- and 1K P M. 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. * ON SUNDAYS. Leavo Newark. I Leave New York, 0 A. M. and 2 PM. | 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. T! " <?.iie has been lengthened JS feet, and is nowtwohun ,i nventy feet long. She haa anew boiler, and a new, 1,1 MS d elegantly furniahed deck saloon, ?1 feet in mki id i* hi complete order. Her accommodationi for ewlit il p.i>? iigww have been very much improved. Krei^i.t ctirrivd at reduced ratea. a36 lm'm FARE f 1 SO.?Regular Opposition Lin* be iween lliiladelphia and Baltimore, fro-n the limi t side of Cheanut stsr,t Wharfs every ,,iiiiiik. Sundays MfM at 7 o'clock, through in # hours, a I ht-sapeake and Delaware Canal, aud connect with all the w* south and weat from Baltimore. Steamer Pti'hTHa" otjTH, ieaimwrSos' Jp^FER. CantT Devoe. SON, Capt. Phillip*. And th ough the Canal, a distance of U miU* only, are first !n5?et X'accommodation by thla line, both for speed and Iinfnit IS equal to ;'ny *ther line between tlte two cit e*. Philadelphia, April 17, . ? . MORRIS BUCKMAN. Agent, >17 Oflca No. N South Wharf**. FOR HALIFAX AND LIYERrOOL. THE Royal Mail Strain Ship. HIBERNIA and BH IT ANN IA, will leave Boston for the 'above ports, as folio w?:? Hibeniia, A. Ryrie, Esq., Commander Friday, May 16th. Britannia, Jno. Hewitt, Esq., " 80inlay, June 1st. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to _ D. BINGHAM, Jr., Ageut, 6 Wall at. P. 8.?ri-rsous wishing to embark are requested, in all cases, to apply to the Agent before giving credit to any report that "all berths are engaged." mlOpc LONDON LINE OK PACKKTS-Packet of the 1st June?The Packet Ship MEDIATOR, Captain iChadwick, will sailasabove, her regular ilay. Piuisage, having superior accommodationsiucabin, second cabin and steerage, apply to W.&J. T. TAPSCOTT, at their General Pasaage Office, 76 South street, comer of Maiden Lane. Persons wishing to send for their friends can have them brought out in the above packet, or any of the line, on favorable terms. Those desirous of obtaining Drafta, can lie furnished with any amount, payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, in aft the principal toWus throughout Great Britain and Ireland. m26rr PASSAGE FOR HAMBURG^ With De.jmtch For ikuss ? The splendid new packet ship SILAS HOLMES, JMMItaCapt. C. C. Berry, will sail as above, and can very comfortably accommodate a limited number of of passengers in cabin and steerage. This ship having been built expressly for a New Orleans packet her accommodations are of the best and most costly description. Persons wishing tosecure berths should make early application on board, or to W. Sc J. T. TAPSCOTT, my26 rr corner South street and Maiden lane. FOR LI VERI'OOL?Only Regular Packet of the 1st of June.?The magnificent and celebrated fast sail mg, favorite packet ship CAMBRIDGE, burthen lOUOtuns, W. C. Birstow, commander, will sail positively on M?nday, 2d of June. For terms of pissagn and to secure the best berths, enrly ap plication should lie made on hoard, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO, iii26 ec 35 r"niton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. LONDON LINE OF PACKETS-Packet of the 1st June?The splendid and fast sailing packet ship iMEDIATOH, J. M. Chadwick, master, will sail as above, lier regular day. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to secure berths should make early application to the subscrilter. JOSEPH M'MURRAY, my22 100 Pine street comer of South. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New MRx9RVYork Line?Regular Packet, to sail Monday, the 9th elegant, fast sailing Packet Ship&T. MA R V, Capt. Foster, will positively sail as above, her regular day For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo dations, apply 011 board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall St., or to E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South st. Positively no goods received 011 board after Saturday aveuing; Juna 7tll. Agent in New Orleans Mr. JAMES E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to lii? nd>|WI in 20 m PACK ET KOR M ARSEILLES.?The new ship PRINCE DE JOINVILLE, Captain Lawrence , will sail on the 1st proximo. The accommodations lor pas*eugers will be equal to those of any of the I'.icken of the port. For freight or passage, cabin or steerage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN 81 PHELtoT or to myll ec BOYD & HINCKEN, Agents. L1VEKPOOL LINE OF PACKET#?Packet of .the 6th June?The splendid and favorite packct ship ?PATRICK HENRY, J. C. Delano master, will |k> litively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin <iid steerage passengers, persons desirious to embark by this su perior packet, should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to the subscriber, J08EPH McMURRAY, 106 Pine street corner of South street. The packet shin Independence, F. P. Allen, master, will suc ceed the htrick Henry, and sail on the 6th of July. mtrc WANTED?Good and suitable vessels to freight Coal from Philadelphia ?nd Bristol to Boston, Provi _T___jdence, Saco, Norwich, Allen's Point, Greenport, Hart ford, New Haven, Midilleton. Albany, Troy and other parts Tlie highest price will be paid and constant employment given Apply to FREDERICK TYLER It CO., 6 Wall street, or E. SAFFORD 8t CO., Im*rc 21 Dock street, Philadelphia. FASHION AND PEYTONA AGAIN. PHILADELPHIA AND CAMDEN RACES Will com mence on the Camden Course, N. J. TUESDAY, XItk May, and continue three dayt. Tuesday, May ?7th, Plate luce, $500, three mile heats, four year olds and upwards, to cany 101 lbs. Entrance 10 |ier cent. Same day, purse $100, mile heats, entrance '0 per cent added. Wednesday, 28th, purse $1000, $200 to second horse, four mile heats. Same day, purse $100; entrance 10 per cent, added?mile hears. Thursday, purse $300, $50 to second horse?two mile heats. Same day. purse $500, $100 to second horse?three mile heats [?7* On the four mile day, withoat some sccident happens to Fast lion or Peytona, they will again contend for the purse of $1000, four mile heats, and the championship of the turf. The following stables will be iu attendance:?Mr. Laird with Fashion, Stanley Eclipse, Pelawan, tic. Mr. Kirkman with Prytona, Janueteau, Liatunah, kc. Mr. Hare, with Patsy An theny, and three.others. Mr. Ten Broeck witli Maria Peyton and Martha Washington. Mr. Pucket with Miss Robinson and two others. Mr. Van Mater has four- Mr. Loyd three, and Mr. Conover, Dunvegan and Livingston. Mr. Shaw two. Mr. Town two. Peyton R. Johnson, the Colonel, Victor, 4cc. All horses running in the Plata Race will be permitted to start in any other race. ?? Entries to be madee ach day at 2 o'clock, and deposited in the box at the Judges stand with the entrance money. I11 the event of bad weather tlie races will be postponed until the first fair day. I11 all cases two or more to make a race. . Should there be no second best horse the winner to receive but $250, $100 and $800. The purses will he hnnc up in gold. JOSEPH H. HELLINGS, for the proprietors. my20 9t*rrc U. 8. Hotel, Philadelphia. GENTLEMENS LEFT OFF WAKUKUiSK WANTED. GENTLEMEN anil Families can obtain the fall value for all supertlous affects they wish to diapoie of, (either gentlemen or ladies,) by seudiiiK to tne subscriber, who does not pretend to give twenty per cent more than any otli?r person, but will give a fair price for all articles offered. Gentlemen leaving the city will find it to their advantage to send for the subscriber previous to selling to any other person. J. LEVENSTYN. N B?A line through the Post OSes, directed to IG6 Broad way, will be promptly attended to. iny2l lm" m IK ESTHER COHEN, who formerly lived with Airs. Hughes. Boarding-house keeper, Union straet, Liverpool left England about nine years ago to live in New York?will write taher father. No. 14 New Bailey street, Sal ford. Mandies ter, in England, she will hear something greatly to her advan tage. my 10 2m dykwy're HARPS?REMOVAL OF WAKh-ROOMS To No. 281 Broadway, opposite Washington Hall. JF. BROWNE, Maker and Importer of Improved Patent ? (fraud 6}? and 6 octaveDouble Action Harps.begs to inform bis frieads and the musical world, he has removed his ware rooms to the above commodius premises, and would call their special attention to a new, uniciue, and beautiful specimen of grand 6)4 octave double action Harp he has just completed. J. K. B. is constantly receiving the most nattering testimoni als from the first musical talent, regarding the superiority and great brilliancy of tone, touch, and perfect finish of his Harps, and has received the Kranklin medal of the Philadelphia Socie ty of Arts, for his improvements in this very delightful instru ment- Harps repaired. 8trings, Music, kc. J. F. BIIOVV NK, London, 281 Broadway, and 7) Chambers street, New Yurk. my 17 lmditW*rc Established 1810. CAST OFF CLOTH IN (i AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN having any any cast off or superfluous Clothing to disoose of will find it to their ad vantage to send for the subscriber, who will pay the highest cash price for tlie same. M. S. COHEN, 69 Duane st. N. B.?A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will be promptly attended to. m20 lm*ec GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OKF WARDROBE GENTLEMEN or Families going to Europe or elsewhere, wishing to disencumber themselves of their superfluous wardrobe, either ladies' or gentlemen's-, also, JEWELRY, KIKE ARMS, kc. kc, will obtain from the subscriber twenty per cent more than from thoae who pretend to pay rhe highest caah prices. H. LEVETT, Office No. 2 Wall street, New York. Families or gentlemen attended at their reeidence by ap pointment. And all orders left at the subscriber's office, or sent through the post office, will he piinctnally si tended to. m 17 Im'ec OLD CLO'? OLD CLO'! OLD CLO'! THE SUBSCRIBER pays the higheet prices for Second Hand Clothing. - Clothing altered, repairs leaned in a superior style. Remember the No., 130 street. GEO. LEVIE. ?2? Im'rt HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC SLIDES, long known as the most du rable, convenient, and elegant of extension Tables maun t'artared; warranted to run easy constantly, and not to be affect ed by dampness or warping of the wood. A large assortment 01 choice patterns, suited for private parlors, hotels, steamboats, Sir., together with a general assortment of Cabinet Furniturv. always on hand, at the Ware-rooms, No. MO Grand street, cor. ner ot Elm, where the public is respectftilly invited to call and examine a2i lm*ec OOL'rs PATENT REPEATING FIREARMS, WITH THE LATEST IMPROVEMENT OF 1844. TH E DEPOT for the sale of the Colt's Pistols^ Rifles, C'ar bines and Fowling Piece*, ha* been removed from No. 171 Broadway to No. 2 Barclay St., near Broadway, under the Astei House where s general assortment of tliese superior Fire-Arms is kept for sale at reduced prices. They slso can be had at W H. Horstmann k Co's, Maiden lane, .\lulford fc Wendall, Broadway. Albany, Lyman P. Knowlea: Delhi, Delaware Co.. N. Y., Ilyde kGoodrich,andH. E. Baldwinkf o., New Or leans, at New York prices. Pistolsat from $16 to $28 each, in a ease with equipment*. Great impositions are practised upon the public in representing and sailing the stlf-cocking and revolving sii barrel Pistol for Colt's repeating Pistol, which is acknow ledged to be superior in every respect to anyother Pistol manu factured in this country or Europe. The Emperor of Russia, the Emperor of Austria, the King of Prussia, Prince deJoinville of France, the lmniirn of Muscat, all have tliem and speak in the highest terms of them. Tile Texan Army and Navy are sup plied with them, and theU.B. Navy ha* been supplied with tliem to some extent, and the officers have given the most favorable re port on ('nit's repeating fire-arms. a20 lm*ec G. PURGE'S First Premium new Patent two Oven Ranges, ? combining economy, convenience and durability. Theae Rangesare warranted superior to any ever offered. They are so onstructed that it is almost impossible for them to get out of rder, or for the plates to crack, so common to all oilier Ranges. They have been in use for the last 18 months, and in every in stance given the ntmoat satisfaction, and in no one instance has the proprietor been called on to repair one. All Range* put UP hy the subscriber am warranted to five en tire satislkction; if theydonot, they will be taken away without t i. least expense to the pnrrhaser. GEORGE FURCE, IWietor, aM imeht 8M Broadway. IRISH OATMEAL. A QUANTITY of this article, in excellent order, >uat re and for sale in loU to su i^^hsse^ by ^ ^ rpo BOATMEN, AND OTHEBS.-Paving Stone or firs 1 rate quality, wanted -^Ij^'VoROAY, al41m*r No. tl Norfolk smi NEW SUMMER GOODS. I JAMK8 BECK k CO., 3i9 Broadway, are now receiving the riche*t assortment of STL ICS. Silk Damas Pekin Sillt Diamante " Damns Moire " Mogadore " Pekiu Broche " Jardin*r? " Poult de Soie Armor* " Chant illy " Africaine " Uly " Algerieiine " Mazurka " Damas Blanc " Odalisque " Damas Rayler* " Jicomsn Moire " Prkin Ctuuoi* " Haiii Poult de Soie , " Bajmdvre Black watered,yard wide " Pekin Moire 40 iu. TiffeUa, high lui " Quadrille Cameleon tre " Pekin (' ashmen " 36 in. Parisian do da " Quadrille Arc-eu-Ciel " Mouruing Silk* " Marquise " |>lain black and white " Douauiera changeable. FOULARD SILK AND MUSLIM DE SOIE. INDIA FOULARDS of entirely new and elegant designs.? Also, Paris plaid and ombre striped Foulard and Summer silks. Also, two rases of Silk Muslin, plaid, strijied and very rich printed, tirst imported, being newly out in Pans. GROS ODIER, DOLFUS MIEGE AND KEOK LIN'S FINEST JACONETS. Mourning Jaconets Pink and blue emb'd Organdie Printed Tarlatans Shaded and Brash* Muslin " Cambrics Satin striped Chintz BALZORINES, BARAGES, BLACK AND PRINT ED GRENADINES. Plaid Barag* Black Cashmerien Striped do Grey and Mode do Ombre shaded do Black Grenadine Hicli embroidered do Bich printed Ualzorine* Black and Mourning do White, pink, blue and black do SHAWLS. SCARFS. I Algerine Cra|ie de Chene Maroiam Echar|w* Mogadon " " Cf rito Embroidered Silk Embroidered Silk Ccharpes Taglioni " Cashmere " Ialy " Barege " A Palmre Satin Plaid do " Crepe de Chine Silk Cravits. Oanfrirs, Impemieres, or CHILDREN'S DRESSES. A large lot of remnants of Muslins, Jaconets, Bareges, Ginghams, Foulards and Muslins de Laines, of ?Tery length, cheap. WEDDING DRESSES. Thread Lace Dresses AleuCon emb'd Musliu Dresses Emb'd Silk do Point d'Arm do do PAIU1SOLS AND SUN SHADES. Omhrelles Douarieire Ombrelles Americaines " Cniuoisrs " Marquis* " Anglaiscs " Otaire BELTS, BUCKLES, SASHES, fc. Narrow Shaded Belts Buckles, pairs, gold " Fancy " Steel " Plaid " Argentee* ALEXANDER'S PARIS MADE GLOVES, Of the most recherche colors, Printems, Clairs, demi Clairs, Bon tons Bievete. , . The above, with a great variety of novelties and handsome goods, will be found to be superior to anything ever before ot tered in this city, having been selected by us in Paris, with great care, and which we now ofTer at a small advance, either whole sale or retail, at 339 Broadway. my!9 lw m | WILLIAM A. SMETS WILL open his New Store. 727 Broadway, under the New York Hotel, comer of Waverly Place, on THURSDAY the 17th instant, with an entirely NEW STOCK OF GOODS, received by the late arrivals from France? A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF EMBROIDERIES. Rich Embroidered Shawls and Mantilles. " " Pelerine* a la reine. " " " Dvichese d'Ortaani. " " " Rochelle. EMB'D COLLARS, CANEZOUS. , , ?' Mary Stuart, " a Rachel " Colonne Point " alareille " fr. Deuil " Espagnol* " apple Brunelle " Oariii " aBordure " en Tulle " grain Cape " aValencienne EMB'D SCARFS, EMB. FICHUS fc GIMPES, " Extra Riclie " Richly emb'd " Brod ieu Coulenr " tRevers " Extra Riche " Joiephine " Plain Bordeur Celine M Extra New 14 Viliore RICH EMBROIDERED LINEN CAMBRIC HDK'FS. Very ricl. a 4 Barguett* Garni de Valenciene " Vigrette Begnette and Gnerlande " Point Noveaas Pluineii* WEDDING DRESSES, ^ ^ADIES' CAPS. Extra emb'd Muslin Dresses Thread Lace Gapa " Thread Laca do Emb'd Musliu do Emb'd Silk do Tulle Lace do " Bobbinet do do with flower* " ThulicandTharlatine Bobbinet, do with capette* LADIES' STRAW HATS,YOUNG LADIES' CAPOTi tS. Ladies' Rich Straw " Guimpure " Cooau Disers aDentelle " Bois blanc fc. Cordon " Toscane* ** a Airremeiit *l Orain 1) or|i BW'S straw COSQUETTES. Co*quette* neerile. Straw Can* Tyroliau* " Berrets Crin To*cane RICH SILK PATREN DRESSES. Silks Pekin Chinoia Silks Pekin Brock* " PsriaieniM ? roulsnl " Watered Pou de Soic " Taffetas " Pekin Broche PARASOLS. Ombrellaa with ivory handles Ombrellas Marquis* " with fringe* " Plata with rich gold and silver mountings. | PERFUMERY DE TOILETTE. Of avery *uperior quality, imported to order. Poudre d'Amondes 1' ?rine d* Noisette* Pate do Blanc deNiege Cold Cream Otto of Roses Perfumed Sachetz Toilette Powder PERFUMES FOR HANDKERCHIEFS. Eaude Portugal Eglantine Ruse Mousue Essence Marerechelle Paris Kid Gloves, Bijouterrr*, Buckles, and a large assortment I of Fancy Article*, which will b* offered at a very reaaonable price. >18 1 m* rc NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE ASSU RANCF SOCIETY OF LONDON. Empowered by Act of Parliamtnl. CAPITAL ?500,000 STERLING, OR $2,500,000. General Agent for the United State*, " J. LF.ANDER 8TAHR, 74 Wall *t, New York. Phy*iciau*? Dr*. Hosack and J. Kearney Rodger*. Solicitor? Wm, Van Hook, E*q. Examples of Rates?for the .hsuranct of $100 on a Single Life. PREMIUMS PAYABLE ANNUALLY. J}ge next For one year For five for life. birth day. only. years. Without pro/Ut. H'ith do. 15 $0 77 $0 81 $147 $164 20 0 86 0 90 1 Wl 1 R7 ?> 0 90 1 05 1 93 2 14 30 1 21 1 30 2 23 2 46 35 1 46 I 54 2 54 2 80 40 1 61 1 64 2 93 3 26 45 1 72 1 78 3 47 3 85 50 1 94 2 06 4 21 4 68 ? 254 296 5 28 5 86 _ 60 . 3 73 4 25 , 6 68 7 48 Premiums "for life" payable yearly, half yearly, quarterly or monthly The public are respectfully requested to examine the distin guishing principles of this Institution?their tables of rates? their distribution of profits?and the facilities afforded by their Loan Department?before deciding to insure elsewhere. Pamphlets containing the last Annual Report, and the Socie ty's rates, &c., may lie obtained npon application. m23]m3taw'rrc J. LEANDER STARR, General Agent. BOARDING AT 27 COURTLANDT STREET. GOOD BOARDING, with pleasant rooms, for single gentle men. Likewise, a handsome famished parlor with bedroom adjoining, suitable for a genteel family?by my!3 Im'rc MRS. GERE. 27 Conrtlimdt street. SUA HON SPRINGS PAVILION, GCIIOHARR1E COUNTY, New York-The public are re spectlully informed that Mr. Landon, of Congress Hall, Al bany, has associated himself with Mr. Uardiqer, and that this establishment will be conducted by them. The 1'svilion will be opened for the reception of visitors on the first day of June next. The subscribers have made many improvements in the grounds and bathing-house, and pledge themselves to use their best exertions to render this establish ment fully equal to any watering place in this country. ^ ^ Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the cars at Cana joharrie, to take passeiiKers to the house. Mr. L. will, as heretofore, continue the Congress Hall, which will, during the summer, be under the superintendence of Mr. Joslw. my2l8mrrc PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. THE PAVILION, at New Brighton, ia now in foil opera tion, and the proprietor will be glad to enter into arrange ments with parties who who wish to engage apartments for the whole season or for a shorter period. Mr. Blancard will be found at the Pavilion every day from 12 to 2 o'clock, and at the Globe liotel at all otlier hours. my8 3wrc 'WILLIA MSB URGH~COTTAQE. THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform the qjtixens oi New York, Brooklyn, Williamsburg!) and its vicinity, that they have recently opened tlie large and splendid mansion known as the WILLI AMSBURGH COTTAGE. and furnished at great expense for tlie accommodation of reii denta and strangers. The Cottage is eligibly situated, a few rods south ol' the Pock Slip Ferry .and convenient to the Houston and Grand street Kerries commanding a beaatiful and extended view of the Bay, New York and Brooklyn. They have also at tached to the COTTAGK a large and plendid Garden, conve nient Promenades, Grass Platts, Shade Trees, tie., making a most delightful summer resort to while away a few hours amid tlie refreshing bieexes of the Bay. Their MUSICAL CLOCK is richly worth a visit, hemic the best piece #f mechanism ofthe kind that was ever importea to this country. It will play fitly different tunes with remarkable harmony and accuracy. The choicest variety ot refreshment will at all times be promptly furnished. N. B.?In connection with this establishment, they have W ARM AND COLD SALT WATER BATHS?known as the Washington Baths. The water ia at all times clear and pure. The Ferries run from Peck Slip, Grand streot and Hous ton street every fifteen minutes. Ferriage four cents. mylfi lm'ec HANDHELD k HOF.FT. NKW IKKSEY HOTEL?MOKhlSTOWN. THE SUBSCRIBERS respectftilly Inform their friends and the public generally, that the new and commodious house erected lor a Hotel, at Morristown, New Jersey is open for the entertainment of all those who will favor them with their com pany, when they hope to furnish them such accemmodations as to entitle them to public favor. D. W. NOE, m25 3t.?w2m?rc DAVID CREWEL. NB ?Private House of Refreshments by D.W. TEL1.KR, ? 206 Front street?Breakfaat, Dinner and Supper. Is 6d, each. Breakfast IVom 6K until 9; dining hours from a quarter before 12 until 3; Supper from 5 until 8>4 e'clock. Alao, 16 Beds, all in prime order. Lodgings 25 cts. AD gentlemen wishing to resort to a fine cool dining apartment, will do well to call and sitisfy themselves. The proprietor also keeps the old stand corner of Fulton and Krontstreeta-, 7, 8 and 9 Fulton Market, where he will continue to serve up all the delicaciea of the season. Also, Wines, Liquors, and Segars of all kinda and of the choicest brands, direct from the importers. m 17 tm-rh PORTER. ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. I ANN STREET, next door to the American Museum, returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already re ceived, and hopes by (trict attention to business to merit a con tinuance. FIRST QUAL1TY Philadelphia Porter Newark Cider, Croton Ale, London Brown Stoat, and Scotch Ale. Order* for shipping attended to with despatch. mhll ec Interesting from Africa?Recapture of a Slaver?Sea Fight?Horrible Piracy, ?tc. The barque Adario, Captain Brown, arrived yes terday moming, in thirty-six days i<assage from Sierra Leone. The kindness of Captain Brown has placed us in possession of the Liberia Herald and Africa't Lu minary to the latest date. We have also received a letter containing the particulars of the capture and re-capture of a slaver, and the horrible butchery of the English prize, officer and crew. This letter.; gives an account of the attempted re-capture of another slaver, by the same bold and inhuman slave-crew who perpetrated the above mentioned butchery on the high seas. It is gratifying to know that the murderers are now on their way to England, to expiate their crime on the gallows. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Sik.rra Leonk, April 17, 1846. On the 26th ult. the Tnixton anchored off the Pongo, whither she had been dispatched by Commodore Skin ner, who had received intelligence of a slaver being there under American colors. On arrival, they found H. M. steamer, the Ardent. The commanders immedi ately entered into an agreement of co-operation. Six boats ascended the Pongo?four English and two Ameri can?the former commanded by Lieut. C. H. Johnson, the latter by Lieut. Blunt. About 25 miles up the Pongo, in a small creek leading from the river to Kaber's (slave factory,) two vessels?the " Dos Ilermanas," Spaniard, and " Spitfire," American?were discovered, both se curely moored. All the boats carried English colors, until the Spitfire showed her flag, when Comd't Blunt hauled down the English and hoisted tlio American. The crew of the Spitfire informed against the vessel the moment she was boarded, and made no opposition to her being seized. The vessels were captured at the top of high water, and were carried down with the next ebb, Lieut. Johnson's boats assisting in towing the Spitfire, notwithstanding ho had the Dos Hermunas to manage. The most perfcct co-operation existed between the two flags during the whole of the expedition. The Spit fire is a handsome clipper schooner of 95 tons burthen, sails remarkably well, and left on the 6th inst. for Bos ton, for adjudication. On the 11th inat. a slaver with 460 slaves on board en tered this port under the command of Lieut. Stupart of H. M. S. Wasp. This vessel, supposed to be a Brazilian, and called the Echo, was on her way to the Brazils when captured by Lieut. Stupart, who had just captured in the "Wasp"an empty slave schooner. Lieut. Stupart trans ported himself and some of the crew lie had with him to the Echo, leaving a young midshipman, Palmer, with ten men, on board the other. Scarcely had the transfer taken place when the schooner bore down on Lieut. Stupart and fired three rounds of grape into hiin. Lieut. S., not withstanding, got away from her, and his fears respect ing a recapture on the part of the slavers has been but too certainly corroborated. Lieut. Morris of the Ardent arrived here on (he 15th inst. in the steamer Albert, from Ascension, and gives the following intelligence:? Three days after the capture above alluded to, H. M. 8. Star fell in with and recaptured the schooner. The Captain of the schooner and another volunteered (on the discovery ofsundry articles which were soon recognized as having belonged to some British men-of-war's men,} to, give information of the circumstances that had talcen place. They deposed to the following The deponents with some more, did not take part in any part of the pro ceedings, but the whole was planned and canied through by the commander of the Echo, who was ably seconded by the cook. He, the Captain of the Echo, promised the crew ample remuneration if they would join him in mur dering the Midshipman and the Englishmen, and that they were certain of recapturing the full slaver as she was a dull sailer, and that he had agreed with the Boatswain oi his own vessel and those of his crew left on board the Echo, to mutiny the moment they saw the peak of the schooner's mainsail lowerod, which would be the signal of their having recaptured the schooner. The details are too horrible to relate; suffice it to say that none of the captors, twelve in number, had arms, and that the twenty-five pirates overcame them and butchered them all without an exoeption. The instant the cook discover ed that information was given; he jumped overboard and drownrtl himself. Twelve of his companions are in irons and awaiting at Ascension the arrival of the Rapid, which left this port yesterday afternoon with Lieut. Stupart on board, to convey the prisoners to England for trial. [From Africa's Luminary to March 16.] His Excellency the Governor returned on tho 7th in stant, from a visit to the leeward settlements. While at Sinoe he completed the purchase of the whole Sinoe country. The commissioners appointed by the Governor to set tle a dispute between the chiefs of Little Bassa, and to complete the purchase of the whole country, succeeded fully in carrying out their instructions. Tho whole Bas sa country is now the bona fide property of the colony. The chiels also agreed to have no more drril palaver. Not long ago, a deer was killed at Cape Palmas of an unusual color, and very singularly marked, being white from the top of the fore shoulders backward, including the fore and hind legs. Forward of that point, the head, neck and ear* down to the brisket, were all perfectly black ; in appearance, at first sight, like a black cape thrown over those parts. The horns were smooth, and dangerously sharp, as some of the dogs pursuing him had sorry experience, two of them being killed. On being started, he betook himself immediately to the wa ter, trom which he could be dislodged only after death. A brig with 475 slaves, prize to H. B. M. ship Wasp, arrived at Sierra Leone April 11th, and a arge Brazilian brig with more than 600 slaves on board, prize to H. B. M. Albatros, arrived 15th April, and over 100 of her slaves died after their cainu.e. The U. S. ship Jamestown, Commander Cunning ham, arrived at Monrovia on the 1st of March from Port Praya. The U. S. brig Truxton, Commander Bruce, had left Monrovia for the coast. The Liberia Herald says that the U. S. sloop of war Preble has been most unfortunate as regards the health of her crew. The last intelligence from her S'ves seventeen as her loss by death, and seventy on e sick list. News from Caw ad a.?Livingston & Co. have furnished us with the following letter, giving the state of affairs in Canada. Montrkal, C. E., May 34, 1846.?Tho pait week hai produced little of commercial and nothing of political importance. There are rumors of ministerial change*, but we can trace them to no authentic source. We have heard of no alteration in the health of Lord Metcalfe. The province enjoys an unusual share of political tranquillity. The news bv the Knglish mail involved tho flour market ia a still deeper depression and hope seems fairly to have abandoned the holders. A few days before there was a little local speculation of which but a few took ad vautage, and escaped with a shilling or so of less loss. About 30,600 barrels of flour have come down since Saturday morning last; to-day's quotations are '.Ms. 6d. to ?J.Ho. 6d.:a sale of superfine is reported at -23s. ad. Wheat is in tolerable demand at 4s. a. to 4s. 10^ per 60 lbs. In Ashes, pearls are worth 34s. 6d. to34s. 9d.; pots are down to 23s. 3d. to 33s. and 6d. ** Freights do not maintain the high rates expected.? Flour to the Clyde has fallen 6d. per barrel, being now at 4s. To Lonaon and Liverpool it is still at 4s. 6d., but with a downward tendency. For Ashes 37s. 6d. to the above ports. The dry goods merchants are very busy sorting and piecing; and there has been a very fair demand at some considerable auctions,both for them and for groceries for local consumption. There areas yet very low tipper Canada buyers in the market. The prevailing opinion is that thoro will be a bad business done, nut many people think that very opinion will tend to prevent its being realized, by checking credits and speculations and fall imports. It is believed The stock of last fall's imports on the shelves of the dealers in Upper Canada is very heavy anil the indebtedness to the merchants here is large. The low price of flour will materially cripple the means of paying. Money continues very light and im practicable except in the best paper and to a limited ex tent. We continue of opinion that the real amount of discount is as large as ever, and that its scarcity is com. parative,arising irom the extension of business beyond capital. There are a few failures in the Upper rrovince, but none of any consequence here. The comer sionc of the new ( ongregational Church in Radegotido will be laid this afternoon, (Saturday.) It will be uuder the pastoral charge of the Itev. H.Wilkes, and will be a verir elegant structure. The annual meet ing of the Baptist Union is fixed for the 46th June, at Beamsvillc. A Baptist congregation has been formed in London, C. W. To-morrow being the ?roat Catholic commemoration of tho " Fete Oieu." the celebrated annual procession of the Host through the streets will take place. A purse of about $400 is to be presented to-day to Capt. Swinburne, of tho Great Britain, as an acknowledgement on the part of the merchants of Montreal of his merit and skill as a commander, in having been the first to arrive for three years in succession. We have just heard that a aumber of Upper Canada buyers have arrived iu town, which will, of course, iuluse more spirit and activity into the market Mormon Murders.?The St. Louis New Era of the 16th says?We learn from the clerk of the steam er Lebanon that the perpetrators of the murder of an old Oerman and his son near Fort Madison, a few days since, are Mormons. A sheriff and a posse* of fifteen men came down from Fort Madison, to Nauvoo on the Lebaaon, for the purpose of arresting them and carrying them back j when the boat left they had been arrested, and were un dergoing an examiaation before a magistrate. P. S. The men arrested are two brothers bv the name of Hodges, one of them said to be an elder of the Mormon church. Health of Savannah.?Our citizens, at the pre sent moment, are in the enjoyment of that greatest of all blessingR, health. By reference to the report of the Board of Health, it will be seen that but one white, and three colored persons died during the past week?of whom tlireo were under two years of age. When wo consider the rapid growth of our population within the past year, and the number of unacclimated persons or strangers residing in our city, the report speaks volumes for tho health of Savannah ? Otorgian, May 33. To Ole null. Ti? thine, great master of the how. With magic skin thine art to ihow ! No heart but owns thy sweetest tone* Descended from the spheres, Ahove this vale of tear* ; Such then thy mien Upon the scene? Bo calm, serene, thy placid brow, A demi-angel seemest thou Again, amid the Carnival, The market place?the nobles' hall;?' The dancers float to joyous note, While folly gibes and jeers Tale melancholy's fears ; Thou seem'st I ween, Upon the scene, His sable majesty, Old Nick, With Paganini's fiddlestick! Hut when, dear Bull, again, That sweet and plaintive strain, "The Mother's Prayer" Floats on the air, Thou seem'st to me no other than A kind and gentle hearted man ! Literary Notices. Wyomino, a Novel.?We are always gratified to receive any new emanation from the pen of native authorship; aml,as in this instance,where its claims to our notice are so deserving, the pleasure is propor tionally increased. The title designates the locale of the story, and that alone is almost sufficient to excite attention, from its well-known interesting associations; but for the rest we leave the curious reader to learn for himself. The work is anony mously issued, hut, coming from the press of the Harpers, we could not supjxise it to be unworthy of the fame it is destined to receive. Harper's Illustrated Bible, No. 27, is this day issued by the same firm. So much praise has been lavished already upon this splendid production, that we need do no more than simply announce its appearance, that its fifty thousand subscribers may be apprized of the fact. Democratic Review, May, 18-15: Langley, N. York.?This journal comes to us this month, em bellished with a tolerable engraving of Governor McDufiie, taken from a daguerreotype. Its tables of contents comprise an able article on the Mexican question, and the usual varieties. Littell's Living Age, No. 51: Burgess, Strin ger & Co.?This periodical contains a choice selec tion from various European Reviews. Price 12J cents. Zok, The History f>v Two Lives : Forms Har per's Library of Select Novels, No. 52?just out. Mount Sorel, or The Heiress of D. Nekes, part 2 : Harpers.?The first part of ihis work has already been noticed; with this, it is concluded. The Covenant, for May: Taylor, N. York.?A Magazine devoted to Odd Fellowship. The Jewish Chronicle, May, 1&15: America# Society for meliorating the condition of the Jews.? This makes No. 2 of the 1st vol. of New Series. Harper's Illuminated Srakspeare, No. 49?50. This number contains Love's Labor Lost. Harpers' Illuminated and New Pictorial Bible,No. 23: Contains the great part of the book of Psalms, and maintains the high character of the previous engravings. Bridgman's Flowrist's Guide, and Fruit Cul tivator's Manual: Bridgman, New York.?Two extremely valuable works to the FlowrLst and Fruit Cultivate, by an old experienced hand?one who has studied the two branches for years. Horrible Murder.?We have received informa tion that a most horrible murder was perpetrated yesterday morning a short distancejrom West Chester, upon a lad named Wesley Patton. The murderer, Jabez Boyd, a young man of about 23 years of age, camo yes terday morning, shortly after 10 o'clock, to the house ol James Patton, a respectable farmer, residing about a mile and a half north of West Chester, and found his son Wes ley, a lad of about 14 years of age, at home ill company Willi a bound servant girl, who was attending to Mr. Pat ton's youngest child, the rest of the family being at church in West Chester. The villian immediately fasten ed the doors, and then seized the tongs and attacked the hoy, whom he beat upon the head so dreadfully as to fracture his skull suid cause death. The affrighted servant contrived, while ho was doing this, to put the ohild out el the window, and following after herself, escapcd to n neighbor's, where she gave the alarm and procured as sistance. On arriving at the house, it was found that the villain, after murdering the boy, had thrown his body into the fire, which burned on a large open hearth, anil then robbed the house, which he succeeded in doing by forcing the closets, in one of which he obtained in Sold and notes, and with this booty he decamped. The ody of his victim, when discovered, lay partially in the fire, and the flesh was entirely burned from a great por tion of his head and shoulders. Search was in stantly instituted, and finally Boyd was arrested at the house of his father, about a mile from the scene of the murder. When [taken into cus tody he denied the commission of the crime ; but the lin en pantaloons.that he wore had evidently been partly washed in the endeavor to eradicate the stains ofblood stilj visible upon them, and a clot of blood lay upon one of his boots. He was immediately conveyed to West Chester, where he is now in confinement. Boyd is re presented as being a man of bad character, and was im prisoned three years ago in tho West Chester jail, from which he escapcd. He denies having been at Patton's house for two or three weeks, 'uut was observed to be loitering about the premises on Sunday last by Mr. Pat ton himself. A great excitement has been created in West Choster and its vicinity by the perpetration of the revolting act.?Phila. U. S. Gazette, May '26. Important Decision.?Judge McKinley has de livered a judgment in the U. S. Circuit Court, which is of importance to persons engaged in commerce and to revenue officers. The case which called forth this deci sion, was the United States vs. William Pitcher. it ap pears from the pleadings that the defendant's vessel had entered this port from a foreign one, and was boarded iu the usual way by an inspector of the Customs, who took charge of her so far as pertained to his duties as a reve nue officer. Before leaving her on a certain night ho fastened down the hatches with a tape and wax, sealed? the general way. When he came in the morning, he found tho seals had been broken, and suit was entered in the U. 8. District Court against the captain for the penal ty, in sucli cases, prescribed bylaw. Judge Mccaleb, the District Judge, found for the United States, and this was an appeal from that decision. In presenting it to the Circuit Court, however, the only question put forward, by consent of parties, was, whether tape and seals?as the William and Klizabeth had been fastened?are a pro per fastening, within the intent and meaning of section 64 of the statute of 17*9 of tho ltcvenue Laws, which go verns the cise. The Judge decided that they are not. ? The act says tho hatches in such cases shall bo secured with " locks or other proper fastenings that is, as he interprets the act, with locks or some other fastenings as strong and ell'ective.?N. Orleans Pic., May 16. Emigration.?A party of 150 emigrants from Lon don have arrived at Keokuk via New Orleans. Se veral of them have from one hundred to five hundred pounds sterling. They intend making a settlement, as agriculturalists, in some one of the new counties, and will purchase at once, if an eligible location presents it self, some two or three thousand acres of government land; alter which, if successful, more will annually fol low. Most ol the individuals composing this party are members of the British Mutual Aid Immigration Society, riding of Yorkshire in 1843.? There are now existing branches of this society in a thorough organization in London, Manchester, Birming ham, Nottingham, Leicester, Leeds, and elsewhere, like wise the British Tcinpcranco Immigration Association, or ganised at Liverpool iu 1843. The latter socioty made tlieir selection ol lands in Wisconsin territory, on the waters of the Wisconsin river, near the site of Helena, and auout twenty-five nules north of Mineral Point. The first party of emigrants, belonging to this society arrived in May 1844, and their last semi-annual report represents theii success and prospects in the most favorable light. Immigration.?The population of our Territory is at prestiiit receiving a very considerable accession in tue number of immigrants who daily and almost hour ly land upon our shores. The boats come tip filled with passenger*; deck and cabin, who stop at all tho various towns upon the river?more landing at Burlington than at any other point. There is evidently a great improve ment in the class of this immigration over that of lormor years?a result not unlook?d lor; and us gratifying as it is natural. The new comers, generally, are from Penn sylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. They are men ol intelligence, enterprise and thrift?men not fit to he the pioneers of a new country, but admirably calculatcd to follow in the lead of the pioneer, anil to perfect what the adventurous frontiersman has loft unfinished.? Coming among us, as many of them do, tolerably lull handeii, they will he able to purchase improved larms, and will cultivate them to much g.eater advantage than many whose places they will take had the means of doing.? Hurling:on Iowa Gazette. The Canal.?We learn, not officially, however, that the following reductions of toll on the Wetland t anal have recently been made On flour the toll had been reduced three-eights, or Irom 8 cents to b j and on lumber, staves, and other down freight, the reduc tion is 334 lM,r cent. On up freight rates remain as they were. We have no extended comments to mako to-day on these reductions and the motives prompting them, but would simply lecall to the public mind the lact, that our legislature at its late session refused even to enter tain seriously a proposition designed to put the Krie and Wclland Canal routes on an equality.?Buffalo Commer cial. Appointments by the President.?Thomas N. Carr, of New York, Consul of the United States tor Morocco, vice John r, Mullowney, recalled ; Simeon M. Johnson, Consul for the port of Matanzas, in Cuba, vice Thomts M. Rodney, recalled. Hamburg Cowsul.?Henry Ludlam, of R ichmond, Virginia, has received his exequatur as < onsul (rem Hamburg, lor Richmond and the harbors of James river. Vwltlti. One hundred and twenty citizen* of West Spring field have publicly avowed their intention to withdraw their business from the Post office in thut place, in conse quence of the appointment of a Postmaster there, morally disqualified for that important trust. They are going to do their Tost office business at Springfield. Every thing is ready to proceed with the new state prison, at Clinton, in the western part of this Mate. A party of prisoners from Sing Sing will be forwarded, by the Champlain canal next,week, to take posseuion of their new quarters, and at once commence mining and manufacturing iron. ? A colored woman is to be executed at George town, Del., on the 10th of June next, for the murder of her own child?she having been tried upon the charge and found guilty at the last April term of the Sussex county court. The weather yesterday, was almost wintry. It deserves to be called the cold Sunday. Snow fell in the morning on the Helderbergs, and their summits weje white during the forenoon. Such weather on the '2/>th of May is extraordinary, even in our variable climate. We fear that we shall hear of a sharp frost in all direction*, on Saturdey night.?*ilhany virgin, May '26. Gov. Jackson, of Rhode Island, was in our city on Saturday. He visited independence Hall and the State House. He also went up into the steeple. There is a celebrated bell (e) there that all the gentlemen pay at tention to.?Phila. Spirit of the Times. Gen. M. B. Lamar, Ex-President of Texns, has been sojourning in Columbus, Ga., for several days, in exceedingly fine health. Robert Tyler, Esq., has met with a misfortune in the death of a little daughter, 4 years of age. Dr. Eaton, late editor and proprietor of the Colum but {Ga.) Emjuirtr, died on the '20th inst. The settlers from Duchess county, New York, who went to Fairfax county, Virginia, are said to be doing exceedingly well with their Tarms, and are making mo ney, two dollars for one formerly made in New York. It is said thut the Baptist missionaries in China are quite successful. They baptised eighteen natives last year, some of them men of high rank and attainments. Thirteen native preachers are at work, and one of the idol temples has been surrendered to the mission. Troy, New York, contains about 20,000 inhabitants, with '2-2 houses for religious worship, 19 clergymen, 36 physicians, and 76 lawyers. A little girl seeing a team loaded with bags of cotton waste, from the factory, called out to her little brother, " Charley ! Charley ! there goes a load of bustles." Recently, a person in the book trude had occasion to travel extensively in the South, and on his return stated the remarkable fact, that ef four hundred teacher* with whom he had interviews, three hundred and ninety five were from the New F.ngland States. In Mexico there are 7.000,000 of Indians and Cre oles, ignorant and slothful; and a hundred thousand per sons of Spanish descent, wealthy and of military profes sion. The estimate of the Mexican government of the population of their country, (for it does not appear to have ever had the energy to obtain an actual census,) was in 184'2, as follows :?Indians, 4,400,000; Mestizos, 1,SO.'),500; Europeans and white Creoles, 1,000,000. The Louisiana Convention adjourned tine die on the 16th inst. In Cincinnati, on the 21st inst. Rob't Bland was not with a pistol in the abdomen, by Samuel Powell. He was not expected to survive. Female Energy.?We recendy met with a poor woman, a native of Connecticut, who had emigrated to Ohio about a year ago. where her husband died, lea ving her with three small children and in a state of ex treme want. She managed to get to Pittsburgh, thence she crossed the Alleghanies to Philadelphia on foot, car rying her youngest child a great part of the way. At Phi ladelphia, being penniless, she asked to be allowed to cross the Delaware on the Camden ferry boat, intending to pursue her toilsome journey through Nevf Jersey.? Her manner interested a number of gentlemen on the wharf, and the interest was not lessened by her story, which bore on its face the very stamp of truth. Captain llinkle, of the New Philadelphia, generously gave her a passage to New York, and a line to insuro a conveyance as fur as steam can curry her homeward. A contribution of upwards of fourteen dollars was made up, which she gratefully but diffidently accepted, for it was ovident she was no beggar. She was wending her way to the homo of her childhood, in the little village of Woodbridpe, on the banks of the Connecticut.?Trenton Sheet Jlncner. Anti-Rent War in Chili.?Dsy before yesterday, Ex-SheriffPond went to Chili for the purpose of dis possessing a man named Widner, at the instance of the Uank of .Monroe, to which the title of the place on whicl . he resided, is transferred by due course of law. Having cleared the house of the furniture, Mr. P. was proceed ing to shut it up, when he found his entrance barred by several sturdy fellows, who refused either to let him in, or go out themselves. In this position matters stood till yesterday morning?Mr. Pond having remained on guard all night exposed to the drenchings of an unrelenting storm, when Sheriff Sibley, apprised of the state of the war, hastened to the scene of strife, for the purpose of bringing the garrison to a surrender. This is the first case of unti-lawism of this chaructcr developed in thi* county for a long time ; and gave rise to not a few "prac tical jokes," serious as the matter appeared to be. P. S. The Shcrifl and his poste have returned, and order reign* again in Chili!?Rochester -icir., May '24. Fremont's ExrEDiHoit.?The Rejmbliran of yes terday gives, it says on authority, the following as the route of Captain Fremont's expedition : " They "will proceed to the Arkansas river, follow that river up to it* source, thence they will cross to the Kranci* Drake ri ver, following that down to its mouth, they *re to pro ceed to make a thorough and minute survey of the Bay of San Francisco." The line of travel, through nearly it* entire extent, lies within the Mexican territory, and tho "Republican" does not understand how, or for what pur pose our government sends out an expedition to surrey rivers and harbors not belonging to our country. Dr. McDowell, tho agont of the expedition, during his itay in this city, informed us that he could but conjecture a* to tho probable route which would be taken by them.? St. Louit Reveille, May 16. Attempt to evade the Revenue Law at Key West.?From u gentleman, i list arrived from the above place, we learn that the American ichooner Oleanor, Capt Rogers, had arrived there with a cargo of 300 barrelii ot flour, under pretence of being leaky, that she afterward* sailed again, at the same time that a Spa nish schooner, which for several days hnd been in the neighborhood of the place, also disappeared. The reve nue cutter Lcgare, Capt. Day, followed, and on the 14th instant fell in with them, the Oleanor having already transferred 100 barrels of flour on board the Spanist schooner. Both vessel* were brought into Key West by the cutter, and fined by the Collector?the Gleaner with $00; and tho .Spanish schooner with $.">00, besides the usual port and other charges. From Matamokas.?The Equity, Captain Frnncis, arrived here yesterday front Miitamoms, whence she sailed on the ttth instant. She brought neither let ters nor papers, and her verbal intelligence is unimpor tant. The war fever to oppose annexation is said to have subsided. In fact, the inhabitants of that city were be coming infeeted with another description of fever?ter rible alarm lest the United tates should bombard that port. It is positively asserted that some of the passen gers of the Kquity enme over here in consequence of such apprehensions.? AT. O. Pic, May 18. Court of Oyer and Terminer. M*v 26.?John M. Jones, lately found guilty of the murder of William Livingston, on the 18th August, 1844, was placed at the bar to receive his sentence. Cot rt.?Jones, you have been indicted for the murder of a fellow-creature, and found guilty upon the evidence by a jury, of having taken the life ol' a fellow creature. This has been brought upon yon, in consequence of your evil habits of intoxication. The jury, however, nave found you guilty of manslaughter iu the second degree. Our duty, in awarding the judgment of the law, is, to sentence you to four years confinement in the State prison. Sentence of Kleim.?Rule of Court.? L'pon the hearing of the trial in this case, the prisoner has been acquitted on the ground of insanity, it is, therefore, ordered, that the prisoner be sent to the lunatic asylum, until ho be discharged according to law. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kdmonds. May 28.?Randolph J. Kinney Vi. .tfnrfr*sp Winter.? This was an action to recover $340, which it was alleged was deposited by plaintiff as indemnity for the defendant, to go bail for hint. It appeared, that in IM0, Kinney was contractor on the New York and Krie Railroad, and con tracted a debt with .lame* A. Wanmaker, residing at Kama**. N. J., near the line of railroad, for necessaries, 4tc., supplied. The debt, it appeared, whs not paid, and the contractor iaiucd a writ, when plaintiff was ar rested, and in lieu of bail deposited the above sum with defendant, to enable him to answer. Having settled the case on a Sunday, defendant refuse* to pay back the money, on the ground of it* being illegal. The case stand* adjourned over till Thursday next Common Pleae. Before Judge Daly. Ma? 26. The People, ex rel. Hiram Walworth, < lerk of Court of Chancery of Xfw York, Firtt Circmt. vs. John Jhttdrll, (ieorft H. Thorp* and *tlpheui Stetrman, nrrvivor of Oftgl U'ilion.?Tlii* waa an action brought to recover the amount of a Master's bond, which it was alleged was forfeited, in consequence of the nonpay ment of a certain aum of money into Court. The bond* were executed for $10,000. The defence *et up was, that the money wa* duly paid by a bank check, which was accepted, upon which plaintiff rejoined that ?aid check was not honored- no money being giren upon it. Verdict for plaintiff, $1,347 6 damages, amfflcents costa ( Superior Court. Before a full Bench. May 26.? Theophtliu Oliver Jarntt ?. Oliver, hy S?. muel E Vnderhill.?Molion for judgment, as in case ot non-auit, denied, with $7 costs of opposing the motion. Char It i JV. Mill* p?, 8mtm .<> I*?y. Motion to amend granted, upon payment of all costs subsequent to the nling of the declaration Court Calender. Ciaecit Coi BT, May 27 Nos. ft. 7, 8, 10, 22, 82,6ft, 66, 68, 340, 341 Commos Pi.r%??- Nos. 2f\ 114, 31, 110, 1, 3ft, 111, 37, 10H, 113.

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