Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Mayıs 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Mayıs 1845 Page 3
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When I met you the oilier (lay, you appear* *u to Le almost choking with *?thrua. 1 thought you could oof liveloui;, your difficulty of breaOiiiiffaiMNMUcd so (mat. An J now jroo appear to be pearly well. WHnt lias produced lliU Km ?i ? *" ?r i? "plied llie person, "I have found a remedy. 1 _?*? ?Vn?;?d for vearw beyond coin eption, and never yet nnrt wiot iflief liki'tliac produced by Politer'* Olosaoniau, or A 11 'i ' ,1"" W??ni.,ltrill?with? breathing immediately? checks .V!L.V ?OU?l?, and enable* lue to fall iuto a uuiet iro.n ?Inch I awake refreshed. The remedy ia worth its wcijftit i>i Bold to auy person who suffers as 1 have suffered." onctt are the accounts giYeJi of the wonderful effact* of this re !!1^# '' ' " uot Pu'y >cu well in Asthma; but in cases ofd?s peptic consumption, coughs, colds, bronchitis, pain* in Ube cnc?t ami side, and all affections of the lungs or windpipe, it is beyond comparison. One trial will convince the most sceptical of lU virtues. n P Nassau street, one door above Ann, and at Mrs. "*y ? 139Fultou street, Brooklyn. MOSEV MAKKKI'T Wednesday, Maj r 6 P. M. The Stock Market revived a little to-day. and prices improved a fraction?Vicksburg went up 1 por cent; Canton,]; Long Islam', Stouington, J; Norwich and Worcester, j; Heading Railroad, J; F arm en' j; Penn sylvania 5's, J; United Btatoi, 6'*, 1; M orris Canal, J; II linola, J; Kentucky 6's, J; Housatoni c, 1; U. S. Bank, Erie Railroad and Mohawk closed fii m at yesterday s prices. The transactions were much larger than they havo been for sevoral days past, an id the advance in prices seems to have had a very good e ffcct upon opera tors in the street. Wo are afraid t he improvemen1 will not be sustained. The Howard Insurance Company ha^re declared a di vidend of five per cent, payable on the 3d ?of June. The Merchants' Bank has declared a semi -annual divi dend of four per cent, payable on the 2d of Ji ane. B'The receipts of the Reading Railroad l Company in crease as the season advances. We annex a compara tive statement of the business on the roa< ] during ono week in 1843, '44 and '45. Reading Railroad. Week ending May 27, 1843. May 25, 1844. M jty 24, 1845. Business $7,618 86 $11,188 10 $10,103 03. Coal tonnage,tons 4,155 14 8,867 12 15,090 18. The reduction in the amount of the debt of tho city of Boston, has been about one hundred thoi isand dollars a year for the past five years. It was at ita highest point, on the first day of May, 1840, and the reduction has been as annexed L)kbt ok the City or Boston, 1946. Amount of Debt May 1st, 1840 $t,69t?.,232 50 During the financial years subsequent to the above montioned date, the debt was reduced as follows :? In 1840 '41 $34,432 56 1841 '42 69,100 00 1842 '43 76,000 00 1813 '14 03,000 00 1844 '45 262,433 38 Making the entiro reduction of the debt within the last fivo years $534,965 04 And leaving the amount of the city debt on 1st of May, 1845 $1,163,266 62 It is possible tho debt of Boston will be increased in the course of a year or two very much, as several pro. jests are on foot to introduco water into the city from * some of their neighboring ponds or riven, upon a scale aimilar to the Croton here. The personal liability law, which passe 3 at the recent session of the Legislature of New Hampshire, is likely to prove a sourco of trouble and great disadvantage to the incorporated companies of that Stato. Several banks in the State are closing up their business, and as fast as the charters of others expire, they will go into liquidatiop. Incorporated companies intending to do a just and <egiti' mate banking business, have very little fear frora tj,e per" aenal liability law. It is only those institutions that wish to extend their operations, and upon a nominal capital to do as much business and get out as Krge a circulation as their credit will permit, that are effected by any ad ditional responsibility this taw may put upon the stock] holder*. The citizen* of New Hampshire, or any other State, having this law upon their statute books, need not feel the least alarm. Thiere will be plenty of banking in stitutions glad to do business under this restriction, and those that ? jo conti'aue, must be considered sound and safe conce rns. There is no good reason why partners in banks, an A other incorporated companies, should not be personally liablo 4as much as partner* in private mer cantile Ijouses. They have privileges enough without having the power to tkrow upon the Market their promi ses to -pay to a large amount, and not be held responsible to the public for their redemptioa. The introduction of this clause in the law regulating incorporated companies and in the charters of these companies, will compel them to pursue a more legitimate business than they have heretofore, and institute more minute investigations into their operations than usual. It makes it necessary for stockholders to look more closely after their own inter est, and by frequent examinations satisfy themselves that the business of the institutions, with which they are con nected, and for the soundness of which they are indivi dually responsible, are not deviating from a legitimate line of operations, or endangering in any way the credi derived from the public. This personal liability clausc in the charters of banking institutions, will do more to. wards keeping the banks in a solvent condition, and more uniform in their operations, than all the laws requiring monthly or quarterly return* the legislatures might per. feet. A suit tins lately been decided in the United States District Court, sitting iu Boston, of considerable impor tance both to collectors, and master* of vessels arriving from foreign ports. A, vessel arrived at Boston sometime since from a port iu the West Indies, with a cargo sub ject to duty. The manifest was duly deposited in the Custom House, ar jd sworn to by the captain as contain ing a true and p erfcct list of the articles comprising his cargo. Subse quently it was discovered that other arti cles were on, board, entry of which had not been made on the manifest, and the captain was accordingly prose cuted in '^e District Court for perjury. In the course of the trrj jt came up in evidence that as the captain had not ? jgned the manifest with his own name, previous to Administration of the oath, he was entitled to an ac. '.{Uital, which was granted, and the master discharged.? Jt appears that in a majority of cases, masters of vessels do not sign their manifests, and this decision will cause this to be done in all cases by the Collectors of the Cus toms throughout the Union. The Monroe Railroad, of Georgia, and all the property, equipments and effects therewith connected, are to be ?old at auction. A special decree to the effect has re cently been made, with the written consent of parties' without any interposition or instruction from tho Court. Five Commissioners have been appointed to su perintend the sale, receive the proceeds and deposit them in the Agency of the Mochanics' Bank of Angusta, at Macon, Geo. It was also provided that the creditors should be publicly notified to file their claims in the Clerk's office by tho first Monday in October next. It was further decreod that the purchasers of said road should succeed to all the obligations of the company, in respect to the completing, equipping, and keeping the said road in operation, but that these obligations should not extend to a liability of debts contracted prior to said sale ; that alter said sale, the entire road, stock, Sto' should be transferred to said purchasers. It was furthe r decreed, that in tho interim, until the day of sale, the re* ceipts of the road should be applied to the keeping of tho road in operation. Wo annex a tablo showing the amount of duties which accrued on imports aud tonnage, exclusive of drawback paid, for tho years 1813 and 1843, so compiled as to exhibit the amount of duties upon imports and ton nage by States nnd Territories respectively. The gross amount collected on imports in lM4i was more than twice as large as in 1843, and in tonnage more than four times as large. The decrcaie in both can be traced in the table, to New York, Massachusetts, Maryland and Louisiana. The duties on tonnage were larger in South Carolina in 1813 than in New York, and in 1849 the du" ties on tonnage of Louisiana were greater than all the other (States put together. Statement r.xmiiiTina tii* Amount of Dtrrirs o* Im rsnrs, ?m? Tonr?Aar., or each State, ro? the Yeans 1842 and 1813. _ iB i2. , 1 mi.? impnrti. Torigr. Import*. Ton'nr. Mam* 115,085 iso 7! ,oi i New Hampshire, 22,933 ? j,{j| Vermont 11,41.1 ? Massachusetts 2,960,101 327 1,370-536 319 lihoile Island 60,734 ? 22,675 Conneclirnt, 39,009 ? 41 073 New York, 10,079,638 <,323 4,467,J20 965 New Jersey 114 46 608 Pennsylvania 1,317,029 ? 573,465 Delaware 1,479 27 625 ? Maryland, ? '>90,512 621 278, <;30 819 Diitiict of Columbia,... . 13,398 ? 4,025 Virginia, 100,293 ? 88,101 Norllil ?o!ina......... 33,844 27 20,326 South Carolina 305,608 716 158,405 994 (taorgia, 80,924 ? 72,795 Alabama 68,044 1,037 60,131 Mississippi HA ? 607 Ltmmann 820,900 12,113 2l9,U59 1,(81 Kentucky 2,8113 ? 2,113 Tennessee, 757 ? ? Ohio 3,421 ? 2,168 Michigan 3,712 ? 8)3 Missouri 3,880 ? 2,351 Florida 33,360 17# 14,888 58 $16,686,396 19,733 7,509,150 4,4641 19,73:1 4,166 Total $16,706,129 $7,3)3,816 According to official returns made up In the Treasury Department, thf value of imports in 184'J, paying duty, wns $63,003,33ft, and the gross duty, $16,933,770, average rato per amount ad valorem, 36.8 per cant. The valuo or imports in 18-13 paying duty, was $39,170,315, and tho gross duty, $I0,A4-I,13A, average rate per amount ad val orem 30.13 per cent. There appoars a discrepancy in thnso return*, particularly those ler 1813, Tho gross duty receiv ed on the.import* and tonuage of each State, is given ia the above table, which is official, having been compiled from a report iisued by the Treasury Depart ment. The great difference in these two reports we can not account for, and wuiU suggest to the head of the department from which these returns emanated, the adoption of some measures preventing the inconsisten cies that have heretofore frequently appeared in the official documents. Old Stock Exchange. 50 shas Canton Co . 50 do $50000 U SG's, '62 12m 113 1700 N Y State 5's, '58 101 " 101 6000 Kentucky 6's .0000 Ohio 7'? 2000 Ohio G's, '36 5WJ0 Peun'a i s 10000 do 10000 do 16000 do iOOO do 10000 do 10000 Illinois special 35 a Was Dk America 10 do 15 Bk Com. full 10 do serin 45 Am Exc Bk 25 U SBk 100 Vicksburg Bk 100 do 25 do 10 N Y <>?, 100 Farriers' Trust 101 97>i 73 hJO 73 bM) 73 s:U) 73 s60 73 25 do 175 do 2i Morris Canal 100 do 350 do ?10 N Am Trust 15 trie HK 50 Stoninglon RR b00 73* 125 Nor and Wore I 38 I00>4 100! 25 50 25 08*2 25 '.*7 Si 200 ?*L' 75 250 25 100 'u0 50 2na 2(l? do do do do do do 50 East Boston 125 do $500 Penn'a 5's 50 shares Vicksburg 50 do 50 do 50 Reading RR 50 do 25 Nor and Wore 25 do do do do do do dn do 25 llousatonic RR 25 do 25 do 200 Harlem RR 200 do 100 do 150 L Island RR 50 do 250 do ?H 25 do 31M 200 Reading RR U<1 300 is',.? iui 116 34 34 1J1 b!5 34 >? b30 :M-? b30 34^ S60 34'., Hi. ? do 14?a 450 Mohawk RR Second Board, 73 :75 shas Nor 8c Wore blO 72W 50 do sfifl 72 150 do b30 72.14 100 do 72 50 Morris Canal 32?,' 50 Farmers' Loan -r" 50 L Island RR 100 Canton Co 42?s 1>30 43 1 32 b30 31',i 11'4 30)4 35>J slO 71!, , 714" blO 71* 71^ 7lJs 72 slO 72 b30 72,'4 29 30 sl2m 73 stim 71 72 72 slO 72 s30 72 7 i'A 49)t htm 50 59 50 shas Vicksburg 100 do 50 do 50 do 50 do 25 Canton Co 50 Nor & Wore RR New Stock Exchange. 50 100 50 225 125 do do do do do sfiO 34? s30 72'< b30 43'4 25 shas Farm's Tr do do do do do do do 25 Morris Canal 25 L Island RR 100 do 75 Stoningtou C JI b 15 34 U s3 31C 34'a tw 31;'; b 15 34 U l>C 34H s30 34% 32 72 b3 72 C 35* Sales of Stocks at Boston. L??iVll2HH30mllaor,v E."nRHA boMd' "3: '5 Nashua and i-owellKK, 123. 9 East Boston Co, 14:50 do. botw 141.- V) JftiPHStt ii 18?\P Heidin* Rk, U)l; 50 do. .Sim I?R- boJu-e": XT ? POST OFFICE, V T?fv STEAMER BRn^S^^rC"? Bn^ L closedMtKpZ'n* l3t o'xJuna- Th? Mail Euroi* will be -J J* * * o?t Office in Nassau street, on Saturday 31st inst ce^T^V1"' f .?'tlock' M. P ostage to Bos ton, of 18*4 cents 011 each single letter, must lie paid. m29 3lm ROBERT H. MORRIS, P. M. o : Railroad is closed POST OFFICE, , IV .?,t ,n .? . , .. New York, May 28th, 1815. < V/.utmK in?Cr,l ' until further notice, an Extra Mail Troy and a??n ?l>?i "C'ioa officVs 2? fhe Hudson River to and i 1PrKC??Pe#0llfhe Ra,lroad between Albany 8^d.yJJ0;t(6,,^0d^> "ill be closed daily, (except daMver?*riLVi* B,ridK?P?rt aad Housatonic ] m*? S?Cept 8nildaVs] at 10 o'clock, P. M. ?? ^ec ROBT. H. MORRIS. P.M. THE PROSCRIBED BOOK! "? TENTH EDITION. THE QUAKER CITY; OR, MONKS OF MONK-HALL! ? S JUST ISSUED in one volume, complete, or ten numbers J. "umbe"cenu-for^b" "T^he tragedies from which the foundation of this work is ?. .H"1' ]?eIV,ttmjliiig and horrible, yet the forcinle pen of the w . V-. * *?? . tbe subjects into a fearful interest."? Western Literary Review. "This is a bold book. It is the first American work which, written with the intention of illustrating the secret life in our large republican cities, has met with a decided approval from the public. The work will live in the records of our literature, as the nrst American novel, describing life and men, and manners not only as they apoear, but as they are."-Philadelphia Home Ju"r";l1- m29 3tgbr THE ALLKGHAN1AN, No. 2. TO BE ISSUED ON SATURDAY, the 31st instaat. Of fice, 11 Sprucc street. CONTENTS?ORIGINAL. The Poe-dom of Poetry and the Poetry of Poe-dom. ^'otlhfcSed1*&? bY Henry * Scl'?0,craft An Alleghanian at the Park Theatre. Continuation of the Memoirs of a Journeyman Printer. The Fourth Esute. Novel Reading. Mexico and the United States. The Grumblers. The Italian Opera at Castle Garden. SELECTED. Madam Water's Story. The Beauty of the West. Ladies' Pace. With the usual variety ef Miscellaneous News, See. lie. m29 2t*m MISSING?A Letter, addressed to Messrs. Almy, Patterson Ic Co., (Boston,) containing our notes, payable to their order, of the following dates:? No. 100, March 10th, 1845, 8 months, $350 00 101, 102, 103, 101, 105, 106, 107, 1(8, 109, 110, 12th, 15th, 17th, 19th, $&, 17 th, 31st, $350 00 $350 00 " $350 00 " $350 no " $350 00 " $161 93 6 months, $300 oo " $300 00 " $300 00 $232 44 The public are cautioned against negociating the same. wi29 lt?rc LOAN OF #400,01)0 FOR THE STATE TREASURY. CJTATE OF NEW YORK, Comptroller's Office, Albany, ^ 22d, 1845.?Notice is hereby given, that sealed proposals will be received at this office until Thursday the 6th day of June, 1845, at 4 o'clock iu the afternoon of that ilty, for a Loan to the Treasury, under the 4th section of the act entitled "An ?ct to provide for paying the debt and preserving tha credit of the Stcte," passed May 29. 1042. Offers will be received for the whole sum, or for any por tion thereof, not less than five thousand dollars. For the sums borrowed, certificates of stock will be issued, transferable at the Comptroller's Office, and bearing interest at the rate of six Ssr cent per annum, payable semi-annually on the first day of uly and January, in each year and the principal reimbursable on the first day of July, 1852. The interest will be made payable at the Treasury or at tne Manhattan Company in the city of New York, at the option of the bidder. The Comptroller will beat liberty to decline the offers, or any of them, if they are not such as in nis opinion are favorable to the interest* of the State. The act before referred to authorises the Comptroller to pledge the Uith of the State, make the certificates issued for the money borrowed under it a lien on the half mill tax, and this lien will be expressed on the lace of the bond. The money to be deposited in such bank in the city of New York or Albany as the Comptroller may designate, and the cer tificates will carry interest from the date of the deposite. iny2UtoJu5 rc A. C. FLAOQ, Comptroller. Ct ALL at the Old Flatbush Hotel on your road to Uatli ' and Coney island?you will find good accommodation for Ladies, aud good liquors for the Gentlemen?a novelty [on that road.] Dinner on Sunday, tickets 50 cents. m? 3t?rc JAS. HICKMAN. ENTERPRISE GOING AHEAD! DO you wish for a healthy or cheap and interesting ride? Go to corner of Pell street aud Chatham Square, and be conveyed iu a first-rate Omnibuss to Yorkville, H&rlcm Heights ami the great thirty aere Reservoir of the Croton Aqueduct? and all fur six rciicl. Let families improve this opportunity ?their patronage is deserved. m29 It'ec SHARON SPRINGS P A V I L I O N~, SCHOHARIE COUNTY, NEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Mr. LAN DON, of Congresi llall, Albany, has associated himself with Mr. Gardiner, and thnt this establishment will be con ducted by them. The Pavilion will be opened for the reception of visitors on the first day of June next. The subscribers have made many improvement* in the grounds and bathing-house, and pledge themselves to use their oest exertion* to render this establish ment fully equal to any watering place iu this country. L. k O. Stapes will be in readiness on the arrival of the cars at Cana joharie, to take paascngers to the house. Mr. L. will, as heretofore, continuethe Congress Hall, which will, during the summer, be under the superintendence of Mr. Joslin. my2!) lm*ec SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AND the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothing and good second hand furniture. Persona wishing to dis pose of the same, will do well to call on the subscriber, or ad dress a line through the Pest Office, which will l>e punctually attended to. B.LEVY, 4flX Chatham street, New York. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tl"men's clothing, cneap for cash. my29 Im'rc (1 PIRCE'S First Premium new Patent two Oven Ranges, ?T? combining economy, convenience and durability. These Ranges are warranted superuirto any everoffered. They are so constructed that it is almost impossible for them to get out of order, or for the plates to crack, so common to all other Ranges. They have been in use for the last 18 months, and hi every in stance given the utmost satisfaction, and innooue instance haa the proprietor been called ou to repair one. All Ranges put ui> by the subscriber are warranted to give en tire satisfaction; it they do uot, they will be takeu away without the least expenae to the purchaser. OEOROE PIRCE, Proprietor, m?) Im'm _ ^ 292 Broad way. _ TO ENTERPRISING BUSINESS MEN, Hotel Keepers, Importers, Dry Goods Merchants, Grocers, Sfc. frc. ? FOR SALE?The Lease of one of the most eligible Establishments, in the very heart of tbe business part of the large and flourishing city of Brooklyu. The premises occupy a portion nf two lots, and are in depth, (running from one street to another,) upwards of one hundred and sixty feet. In addition to a Store, Dwelling House, Workshops, Cellars, tic.?there is, connected with the premises, a Bowling Alley, which could either be used for that purpose, or covered over, if desired, for a continuation of the Store. The rent is low. For particulars, enquire at No. 103 r ultou street, Brooklyn. m2!> lt*rc ? BL OENTLEMENB' HATS, THE 8UMMER STY LE, NOW RKADT AT _ ROBERTSON'S PHOCNIX H AT AND CAP MAN UP AC TRY, , m? 3t?m 1(13 Fulton street. HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, MS Chestnut Streets ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, mv29 lm*in PHI L A D E L P H I A . TO HARDWARE AND CUTLKIIY ,MKill 'HANTS, Sic. A GENTLEMAN who his been long connected with one of the first Hardware batablishments in England, is desirous of making an engagement, to taka the management oi' a similar concern in New \ ork, or any provincial city. The Advertiser is intimately acquainted with all the ramifications of the busi MSI, and from his knowledge of the best markets in England Would prove an acquisition to any establishment. References ot the higliest respectability would be given, a... any communication addreased D. ?., at the office of this paper, will meet with prompt attention. nitty it ? m A. THE celebrated Coat Renorater, has returned again from .London in the Victoria, where he has been selecting a faahiouahl* assortment of Trimmings for gentlemen's clothing T SIXTH WARD. At a meeting ok the democrats of u* sixti. Ward, culled pursuant to regular usage, held at Dunn'*, Sixth Ward Hotel, ou W?dnesdn< . eveniuir. May 88th* Dr. HUGH SWKRNEY, w is nominated as a candidate for School Commissioner. fclNOCH K. CAMP, for Inspector, and KDWARD LOGUK, lor Trustee. m29 It*in WATER CASKS?200 iron bound300 gallon Water Casks? for sale at a low rate by JOHN HERD MAN, mWrc^ 61 South street. REFINED IRON?40 tons best ?juility O F. Company's assorted sizes, round and squire?for sale by WOODHULL St M1NTURN8, m29rc 87 South street. "A. COX, " Renorater, )ria, where 1 ? Trimmings t?. , Two or three journeymen tailors wanted. HOARD, 135, 137, 1311 Broadway, MRS. O. FISH, NOW has several pleasant airy rooms unoccupied, and very desirable for Single <ientlemen, or Gentlemen and their wives, (without children.) Also, a limited number of Gentle men can be accommodated with full or partial Board, on moder ate terms. Transient Boarders handsomely entertained at $1 Pgr day m29 6t4m A CARD. HE subscriber respectfully tenders his sincere and heartfelt thanks to those numerous, kind and intimate friend*, who nave so liberally supported liitn since his rc-establishment in bu siness. alter being plundered by a Villain of all he possessed; and though taken a;, midnight without the shadow of a claim, the law protected him. He takes this method of returning thanks not only to his numerous intimate friends, but to the multitude of purchasers of Books, Prints and Paintings, that he has sold in such quantities since being re-established at No. 102 Nassau street, and invites them not only to examine his fine stock of Prints and Paintiugs, but to inspect the Scrap-Books, Fancy Boxes, Portfolios, Writing Cases, rocket-Books, Razor Strops, Chess and Back-Gammon Boards, Fancy Signs, See. &c., that are now in the window, all entirely of his own workmanship throughout, and see at least that thv y have not patronized a slug gard. TALBOT WATTS, General Agent for the sale of Works of Art, 4tc., m29 lt?rc 102 Nassau street near Ann. | THE PA TENT GALVANIC RINGS. DR. A. H. CRISTIE respectfully informs the American public that he has lately arrived from England, lor the purpose of introducing in this country, the novel application of Electro Galvanism discovered by his brother, Professor Her man Cristie of London, in October last. The discovery his received the universal approbation of the medical profession of Great Britain, who have pronounced it among the most im portant of modern scientific inventions. The Patent Galvanic Riii|(s have been found to answer all the purposes for which the ordinary galvanic battery, or electric and magnetic ma chines are used, but are without any of the injurious shocks which always accompany the application by these iustrn meuts, and in many other respects are more safe and certain in accomplishing thv desired object. The Galvanic Rings have now been several months before the English public, and the universal reputation they have ac quired are sufficient evidence of their extraordinary power in the prevention ami cure of the diseases for which tliey are re commended. They have been used with perfect success in all cases of rheumatism, gout, lie doloreux, sick headache, indiges tion, paralysis, stiff joints, general debility, deficiency of ner vous energy, and all nervous disorders. The ralvauic power which they possess is gradual and constant, and the beneficial effects they produce upon the system must be witnessed to be believed. The Galvanic Rings are iu every way perfectly harmless, and are sold at prices that are within the reach of ail desirous of testing their efficacy. Dr. Cristie warns the Am, rion public from the beginuing, to beware of spurious imita tions. The only agency at present in the United States is at 134 FULTON STREET, a few doors from Broadway, in this city, and from the secret process by which the metals are pre pared to be rendered sensitive and efficient, all imitations must ?e entirely devoid of any galvanic effect. Criitie's Magnetic Fluid, used in connection with the Rings, in more chronic dis orders, and to accelerate the galvanic actiou, is only to be pro cured at the same place. m28 3tis*rh PLANTERS' k MERCHANTS' BANK OF MOBILE. GTOCK of this lustitutiou wauled by O WM. k JNO. O'BRIEN, m28 lw*rc No. 33 Wall street, under Mechanics ' Bank. IlITbFpUB L IS ilE D ON SATURDAY neit, at 293 Broadway, a new work entitled RED RUPERT, THE AMERICAN BUCCANIER. A Tale of the Spanish Indies, by Lieutenant Murray. m2ll 3frh _ C. MERRIF1ELD, Publisher. POTATOES?liu bushels very superior English Potatoes landing ex ship G irrick, from Liverpool, and for sale ill lots to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS & CO., mZflrc 56 South street. BEESWAX?J barrels Pure Missouri Wax, well selected? for sale by E. K. COLLINS & CO., m28rc M South street. HEMP SEED?140 bushels clean Missouri seed?for sale by E. K. COLLINS & CO., m28rc 56 South street. w CHARLES PAUL DE KOCK COMPLETE. THE Works of Charles Paul de Kock, Illustrated Edition, with Portrait and Biography, complete iu one volume.? Price one dollar. The public have now an opportunity of pos sessing themselves of the complete works of the renowued Paul de Kock in oue magnificent volume, containing twelve hundred and eighty large columns of reading matter, and at a prion which places it within the reach of |<ersous in the most limited circumstances. This volume contains all the novels, etc., which were ever actually written by this most witty, laughter loving and far-famed of modern authors. And the publishers pledge themselves that the translations have been faithfully made, and that the work will be found the most care-killing, fascinating and exciting that has ever been issued from the press of this country. For sole 41 Ann street, New York. The work is mailable, and may be sent by post to any part of the United States or the Canadas, at an expense varying from ten to twenty cents, according to the distance. All orders for one complete copy must contain one dollar, be franked or postpaid, and directed to Holland & Glover, New York City. Six copies will be forwarded to one address for live dollars. m2B datwlm'm CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Office for the sale of the Original Genuine PULMONIC SYRUP, At No. 40 1-i) Cortlamlt street, New York, at usual. fmera r un. the people. SOME YEARS AOO I wu cured of a severe and danger ous illness by a Syrup made from an old Indian recipe, and beiiiK strongly urged Dy my friends as well as by the considera tion tint mucn good might he done through the extensive intro duction of the Syrup to tlx* public, I entered into an \rraiige ment for that purpose, and located myself at No. 49,l? Courtland street, in the city of New York. Having confidence in a young man by the name of Schenck, I had a verbal understanding with him, and the medicine was sold in his name, and a true state ment of my cure by the Syrup iu his name, in the form of a cer tificate, was published and widely circulated. 1 continued this connection until 1 had reason to believe this person was deviating from the understanding. Complaint alter complaint had come in to me relative to the variability and strength of the Syrup. Thinking that a written agreement might be more effectual, I requested one, but it was declined. I could overlook and pardon auy merely personal matter, but my repu tation was too completely iuterwoven with the reputation of this valuable medicine: I, of course, felt that whatever affected the one would extend its consequences to the other. I had encountered large expenditures in establishing and con ducting this business. My time and attention were devoted ex clusively to it. These influences, based upon my well known character, and the certificate of my cure, with my advice to nu merous patients or their friends, who called at my office, as well as to others whom I visited both in the city and country, and the gradually increasing and now wide-spread popularity of my treatment of consumptiou, colds, coughs, diseases of the organs of respiration, as well as the liver complaint and dyspepsia, have caused great numbers to make application to me, most of whom I have been the means of benefitting aud restoring to health.? Results like these were truly gratifying, and I diunot feel wil ling that the advantages thus arising to all should be lost; nor could I conscientiously permit my sphere of uselulness to be narrowed through the neglect or variation of any other. To those who know ine personally, and the history of my Sy rup, it is unnecessary to say that I hold the old original receipt, and have the most accurate knowledge of the only correct me thod of preparing this medicine through all its different stages. And ill order to render it free from all impurities, as well as to insure its lull and uniform strength, without the use of that kind of heat which tends to destroy the medical properties of some of the most effective ingredients. 1 have the aid of a discovery and the application of an imporved and only suitable apparatus by whicli these objects can be successfully attained. Complaints of inefficacy, blackish color, and variable strength can never arise from my process, the knowledge and employment of which are confined exclusively to myself. The young man whose name has been incidentally mentioned being no longer interested in my business, has, I am told, set up for himself, or at least opened an office in this city ^ I wish him all the success that he may justly deserve. He invites the pub lic, 1 am informed, to come and buy his genuine Syrup, and

wisely enough cautions it againstadulteratedcompounds. The Original Genuine Pulmonic Syrup prepared iu this city exclusively by myself is for sale in New York, oni.v at my old established office, I9,1. Courtland st, one door below Greenwich street. P. S. BEEKMAN. my28 lm*m DINING OR OYSTER SALOON TO LET. POSSESSION given on the fint of June. It i* one of the best locations in this city for either of these, being in the immediate neighborhood of the City Hall. For particulars en quire at the bar of St. John's Hall, between dwhours of 10 A.M. and 3 P. M. mZ7 3t*rc A. SPRING DRY GOODS FOR CITY TRADE P. FORREST 8c CO., 11 Cedar street, have received direct from London per Britannia and other late arrivals, a beautiful assortment of embroidered goods, consisting of new style Coronation and Reviere Robes, Chemisettes, Collars, Sleeves, Infant Dresses. 8tc. Also,a full assortment of Seerhand. Nainsook, India Mull, Swiss, Drapery and other Muslins, all of which will be sold low and wrll be found well worthy tint attention of dealars. my27 3t'rh A SECURED BY LETTERS PATENT OF THE U. S. CLIREH UGH' S PATENT TRICOPHEROUS. N imitation of "The Tricopherous" for the human hair is at present advertised and the public are cautioned against be ing deceived by such imposition. Observe, that "Clirehugh's Tricopherous is secured by Letters Patent, and thus protect ed, no one dare infringe the patent right by using any of the in frredients of which the genuine article is composed. The popli arity of "Clirehngh's Tricopherous" has tempted this person to rail his preparation by the same name, while ladies and gen tlemen who have used it hf mistake under tne impression that it was the genuine, have had their hair entirely destroyed. If any doubt existed as to "Clirehngh's" being the "Trico pherons," the following respectable wholesale houses in the city will speak to the fact, vir. Aspiuw.ill, Druggist, William street; Iladley, Phelps ti Co., Pearl street; Ward, Maiden Lane; Alcott, & Co., Maid en Lane; Chapman, Dmggist, Fulton street; Wm. Milnor, comer of John and Broadway; J. U. Dodd, corner of 8th street and Broadway. Observe Clirehngh's Principal Office is 205 Broadway, up stairs, where he may be consulted at all hours on the disesses of the skin connected with the growth of hair. inyZ7 3l"re BIGGAR'S REPOSITORY OF FINE ARTS, 07 Canal Street, 18 doort IVntof Broadway. COLLECTORS OF ENGRAVINGS visiting the city will here find one of the choicest collections of RARE OLD and FINK MODERN Engravings in the country at less than one-half the usual prices. B.?< Jrate Aprons and Drapery for Looking Glasses in great variety and of the newest designs ml4 lm*ec MONEY LENT. THE Subscriber has removed to 433 Pearl, corner of Rose street, where he continues to loan money on any amount on dry goods, gold and silver watches, idate, jewelry, diamonds, fur niture, wearing apparel, and every description of Personal proper ty. , . A. ADOLPHUS, Licensed Pawnbroker, 4JJ Fearl, corner of Rose street. N. B.?Persons may be received in the private office by ring ing the bell at the halldoor. a30lm*re MONEY TO LEND. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawn Broker, 58 Reade street, near Broadway, loans money, in large or small sums, as may be required, on gold and silver watches, diamonds, silver plate, jewelry, dry goods, furniture, wearing apparel aud merchandize, of every description. a30 lm*re GALVANIZED IRON AND TIN. C1ALVANIZED SHEET IRON AND TIN, a very sn T perior article, warranted not to rust. Also, Tin Plate. Shee Iron, Russia Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, Zinc, Scotch and A met rican Tig Iron, for sale by CASS Si WARD, nn 11 jm'ec No. 71 Broad street ACKET Silll'JANE E. W.IlI? I AMP, from New Orleans'. i? dischaiging west side of Uutlinit slip Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods immediately. my3l AUCTION NOTICES. WM PUMONT. Auctioneer. EMALE OUR.ANO-OUTANG?Dumont & Ho?ark will sell this tJ'iy at auction, at 2 o'clock, on bo^rd the barque Adario, from Afrit*, lying at the foot of Ml,any street, North River, a Female Ourang-Outang. of the kind moat resembling tlie human s|H'cie*, two year* old and ill fine health. 111?!) It'in LARUE SAI.K OF PLANTS AT AM TION! A LEVY will sell on Friday morning. at 10^o'clock, at ? No. 203 Broadway, Lafarpe Building, a numerous collec tion of Plants,of every description. Tney will lie sold in suitable loti. Those who are dealing in plants will find it to their advantage to attend. Wale |H)?ltive. m29 2t*m ~ BY 8NIFFKN He CO. AUCTION NOTICE.-Thi* Day, at I0o'clock, at 115 Ful ton and 32 Ann street, by catalogue, the entire stock of a manufacturer of cabinet ware, comprising ill part of nineteen Sofas, varying in style and pattern; eleven pair Divan*, assorted pattern ; thirteen )>air Ottoman*, 25 mahogany and rosewood rocking and arm Chairs, Voltair do, (4uartett Sofa and Loyd's Work Table* of the mo*t beauti ful *tyle, P. and C. tea, card and other Table*. 5 rosewood and mahogany, Egyptian and white top centre Table*, 12 doz. maho gany Chairs , all of the latest pattern*, tewing and nur*e do., mar ble and mahogany top dressing Bureaus, bedroom do., marble and mahogany top VVashstanus, Letter Case. Also, for account of whom it may concern, 3 rosewood and mahogany cue Piano Fortes. Also, the unfinished work not enumerated above, togeth er with a quantity of Handscrews, Patterns, Benches, Cheat* of Tools, Ike. Sold without reserve. m29 It*m MINERALS, SHELLS AND LAVA ORNAMENTS AT AUCTION. A LEVY will *ell on Thuraday morning, at 11 o'clock, at ? No. 203 Broadway, (Lafarg* Building) a quantity of Minerals and Shells, American and foreign, being the collection of thirty years of a person retired from tne trade. Also, various Lava Ornaments, mounted ill silver: Filligre Silver Ornaments, for ladies. Sale positive. With various other articles. m28 2r*th TO TIIE PUBLIC. IT IS TRULY CONTEMPTIBLE to see the mean and truckling expedients some will resort to when they find themselves going down hill,'' to prop up their falling reputa tion ; even that might Ik; tolerated to some extent, ana sympa *hy extended bv the charitable portion of the community when truth is adher d to, but when thev descend to falsehood, it is high time they were exposed ami held up to the justly merited odiuin they deserve. The subscriber is accused, by a person. V descend to lai*elio?U, it 1* held up to the justly merited of vending a spurious article called Tricopherous, and that it lias materially injured those who have used it. Now, can there be any thing more flagrant than this ! The subscriber throws back the foul assertion, and calls ill on the thousands who have used his Tricopherous to say if it has not, in nine cases out ol ten, far exceeded even that which A. C. Barry warrants it to perform. A highly respectable gentleman from Racine, Wis consin territory, at present residing at one of the hotels in this city, whose name and address can be seen by any one who wish es it, called upon the subscriber the other day and stated that his lady's hair had been entirely resto-vd by the use of Ins (A. C. B's)Tricopherous, she having nearly lost it by some cause or other, and at the same time to give an order for a large sup ply to his uumerotis friends in that section of the country. This is only one of the thousand instances that could be given of the wonderful cures effected by the use of Barry'* Tricopherous.? Away, then, with such miserable and abortive attempts to pre judice and put down an article that lias been upheld and patron ized for the last two or three year* by some of the moat dis tinguished physicians in and out of this city, and by a discern ing and enlightened public. A. C. Barry, until recently, had no intention of extending the sale of his Tricopherous beyond hi* atore in Broadway ; hut having been *olicited time* with out number to establish it over the Union, he has at last taken theiradvice: and intends to do so as soon as practicable. It is I no proof of the superiority of the other article over hit, that a I few respectable ageuts are brought forward to vouch for it* respectability, for A. C.B. ha* in no instance requested agents, until the other day, he did so by advertisement. He therefore leaves his Tricopherous to be tested by the community at large, and by their fiat will heitand or fall. A. C. BARRY, m28 2t*m Arti?t in Hair, 1)6 Broadway. WANTED.?A young and healthy woman, of good habits, with a fresh breast of milk, is desiorous of obtaining a situation as a wet nurse in a respectable family. Would have no objections to go in the country or travel. Apply at 126 Wal ker street, at the Grocery Store. rri27 2t?od*rc TO PRINTERS. WANTED?A good second-hand Doubl Medium Press, capable of working a sheet 29 by 43. Application to K. D. C., fourth *tory, Herald Buildings. in27tf rh I NURSE WAN't III). AN unexceptionable English or Aim in m woman wanted, to take of children \i,!> it V Market street, be tween tl r* of 10 and 12 o'clock. m2f> Iw'ec CLA iCAL ACADEMY FOK GENERAL EDUCATION. NEW BRIGHTON, ST \TEN ISLAND. W. H. DUFF, A M., Principal. AT this Institution, *o agreeabl ud conveniently situated, young gentlemen can ontain a nigh Classical, Mathe matical, and Commercial I luc under nl 1e and expe rienced masters, while at the s rn n delightfulgrounds for recreation, sea bathiug, and i n-h are in troduced in order to turn to s portion of the time usually wasted at I to those desirous of engaging in th'm urn. . or physical developments. The French langu illy spoken by the pupils, and the teacher, a French gt. , . . hi, always resides at the Institute. The building is spacious, having a front of 150 feet, and the arrangement* for the comfort of the pupils, such ns an experience of ten year* has suggested. Further in formation can be obtained from W. H. DUFF, at New Brigh ton, or at the book store of Messrs. ROE, LOCKWOOD St SON, 411 Broadway. my27 3t is?rli UANO?The cargo of ship Shaks|ieare, from Ichahoe, of very superior quality.?It has been well ascertained that this Ouano i* superior to any other a3 it bring* forward crop* earlier, and i* equally laating. For general farming it will increase the crops from 30 to 50 per cent. ; and for market will enhance its value at least 200 and in some instances 400 per cent. 300 lbs is sufficient for an acre. For (ale in lots to suit pur chasers, with books directing how to use it, by mZ7 E. K. COLLINS & CO. 56 South st. ENERAL BUILDING REPAIRS, 58 Nassau st., comer of Maiden Lane.?All orders immediately attended to for Mason. Slateing, Plastering, Flagging, tin roof* repaired and painted, and all other repairs and alteration* done in the be*t manner. Also, furnace*, range*, kettles, steam boiler*, ovens, and every kind of fire works put up. None but good workmen employed. Expeditious and moderate charges. Chimney tops for curing smoke. Up town orders left with J. Quinn, Plumber, 544 Broadway m27?lm*rh E. H. QUINN. G PRIMITIVE PHYSIC, OR THE COLD WATER CURE. T^TYSTERY, Mischief and Misery neutralized, by Hydro ivi pathy, being a popular view of the system as practised by V incent Priessuilz, of Graefeuhergh, a safe, natural and tried remedy for disorders incideutal to the human frame. Here are no frauds, no quackeries, no nostrums to allure and mislead,hut a simple natural, curative, within the rench and understanding of all. Header, fail not to study and to practise this glorious dis covery, which God and Nature have sent for your preservation; in it you will find a treasure, like the Scholar of Salamanca, profit mingled with pleasure. New York, published and sold at 125 Fulton street, and may be had of the booksellers?price 6,l4 cents. my77 lm*rc TEETH! TEETH! TEETH! WONDKRfUL IMPROVE viE NTS. DR. BROWN, DENTIST, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 280Si BROADWAY, three doors above Chambers street, next to Stewart's new building, continues to insert Premium Artificial Teeth, from one to a whole set, on the Scientific Principles of Atmospheric Pressure. Also, his cele brated WHITE CEMENT, for filling decayed teeth, and warranted useful for mastication LOOSE TEETH. arising from medical treatment, or other causes, effectually fastened by the highly recommended Latio Odonta. TOOTHACHE cured in one minute, without pain. Teeth extracted with less than half the usual pain. PRICES LESS than any other Dentist in this city. Referenecs will be given to numerous families and to the medical faculty in this city, by calling at No. 280^ Broadway. m?27 lm'rh NOTICE?The late firm of Archer ti Carpenter, Lumbe. Merchants, being dissolved bv the death of William (J Archer, all persons indebted to said firm, are hereby requested and notified to settle with the subscriber, and all persons having demands against said firm, are requested to present the same to the subscriber, without delay. Dated New York, MayKth, 1815. NATHANIEL H. CARPENTER, Survivor, tic., m27 3t*rh West street corner of Watts street. NOTICE?1There will be a meeting of the Retail Grocers' Association, on Thursday Evening next, instant, at the Howard House, corner of Broadway and Howard street, at 8 o'clock. Afull attendance isdesired, as there is unfinished busi ness of importance to transact. N. B We do hereby res]>ectfiilly invite all the retail (Jrocers of the ritT Co be present, as the business that is to be submitted is tor the benefit of all. CHESTER DRIGGS, HI26 4t*ec Chairman. ^1^ WELFTH STREET.?Public notice is hereby given, tliat X a petition has been presented in the Board of Aldermen to pave 12th street from 1st to 2d avenues. All persons interested in the above proposition^ and opposed thereto, are requested to present their objections in writing, to the undersigned, at his office No. 4 Hall of Records, on or be fore the 8th day of June next. ELI AS L. SMITH, Street Commissioner. Street Commissioner's Office,) May 26th, 184}. ) m26 Iwis ec WATCHES !-WATCHES AND JEWELRY.?Those who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, (Jold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, tic., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descriptions of the above at retail much lower than any oilier house in the city. Gold Watches as low as $20 and $2i each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good time or the money refunded. Watches and Jewely repair ed in the best maimer and warranted, at much less titan the usual price. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, m2.'? lin*ce Wholesale and Retail, 30 Wall st. up stairs. BURDEN'S PATENT HORSE-SHOES BEING NOW ON SALE by the principal dealers in hard ware in the United States are all warranted |>erfeet in form and made of the very best refined iron, aud sold at a fraction over the price ofiron in the bar. Every shoe which may he found not in accordance with the above recommendation will be received back and the money refunded, with all expenses from the most distant parts of the country H. BURDEN. Agent, my lfHm*rrc Troy Iron and Nail Factory. PRINTING PAPER. AfU\ REAMS2#x?6PRINTING PAPER. <*1/1/200 do 28x12 do. 700 do 26x37 do. 200 do 21x36 do. 400 do 22x32 do. 100 do 20x30 do. 700 do 24x38 do, for sale by my23rh PERSSF. k BROOKS, 65 and 67 Nassau at. W. T. JENNINGS Ac CO., DRAPERS AND TAILORS, IMPORTERS of Cloths JCaasimeres, Vestings, Fancy Dress Articles, tic., No. 231 Braadway, American Hotel, offer for inspection an extensive assortment of seasonable goods, com prising Cloths, Casaimeres, Vesting!, tic. in all the new and va rious styles. The aid of as efficient a corps of Cutters, as can he found in the country, warrants us in the belief that the style and charac terof our Garments, will be such as to ment a continuance of the liberal patronage heretofore elicited. Whilst an assurance of the continuance of the system of Small Profits and Quick Returns, cannot fail to be appreciated by those who would effect a saving of the extra per centage le vied under the credit system. We would refer in particular to the Pantaloons we are ena bled to furnish?than which there is no garment so trying to the skill of a Gutter?and solicit a trial from those who appreciate a fit, combining ease and elegance. In addition to the usual assortment of goods kept by the traile, we have always on hand Ready Made Dress and Frock Coits, Pantaloons, Vests, tic. to answer the requirements of those who, in cases of emergency, may require a first-rate suit. Also, Fane* Press Articles in great variety; Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Suspenders, Hosiery, Under-Vests, Draw* rs, Linen and Muslin Shirts, Collars, tic. tic. in 13 linisrrc _________ LECTURES ON ANIMAL AND MEDICAL MAG NETISM. R. STRONG wonld announce to the public that he will give a Course of Lectures upon the science of Magnet ism at the two following places, vir.:?on every Tuesday evening, commencing May 27tn, atthe Kra.iklin Hall, Chatham soayre; etery Friday evening at St. Luke's B'lildings, corner of Hud son and Grove. The object of these Lectures are to elicit truth, and place the science upon grounds that will be out of reach of the charlatans whoso numerously thrust themselves before us, clajmiue attention to their feats of false powers and deception. Vnrious experiments w ill be triad in the course of these Lec ture* in P.pplying Clectricity iu different forms to the magnet ixed subject. Lectures will Comme .cc precisely at 8 o'clock. Admittance U,'? cents. nitW Iw*ec D1 AMUSEMENTS. PARK THRATHK. l.ant Night bul One of the Engagement of Mr. Andaman. THURSDAY EVEN (NO, May XKh, will be performed the Tragedy of GISIPPL'S?4>iai|>(>?*, Mr. Anderson; Sophro ni?, Miss (.lara Kills. La Polacca, liy Mi?n St. ( lair. To conclude with the HOI SE DOG?('apt Harry Haurd, Dyott. Kim Tier, 73 Ceuta?Boxes, 3d and 3d Tieri, SO Cenu?Fit, SO Cents?Gallery, IS Cent*. Doors open at 7 o'clock, and the Curtain will rue precisely at half-past 7 o'clock. NUW BOWEHV THEA'rHE ?... Cr'Boie, 25 ceuta?Pit 12H cents. THURSDAY EVENING. Msy 29th, will be presented the Comedy of Silt; STOOPS TO CONQUER- Young Mar low, Mr. Charles; Mi?? Hardcastle. Mrs Charles. A Musical Extravaganza by Joe Sweeney and Frank Brower. Sylvester's Hornpipe, by Miss Cohen. T" conclude with STATE SECRETS-Gregory Thimble well, \V Chapman. CASTLE GAKURN. Proprietors Messrs. French and Heiser. Entirt Clianee of Entertuinmentt. CONCKltTS A L A M U8ARD. Admission 25 Cents. Thursday Evening, May UMtb, The entertainments will commence with a popular overture. Yankee Hill will give a Humorous Entertainment. After which a variety of Dancing, Sinking. Sic., by Mademoi selle Oesjardiua, Miss Pray, Miss Rosa Garcia and Mr. Deunison. To conclude with a Grand Concerted Piece, by the Company. \Xv~~Between the Entertainments an nuerinissiou of Kilu-en Minutes lor Promenade and Refreshments. Doors ojieu at half-past 6 o'clock. Performance to com mence at (o'clock. BUKTUN'K THHATHE. AR( II STREET, PHILADELPHIA. THURSDAY EVENING, May 2mli. 18-15, will be presented the Tragedy of VENICE PRESERVED?Jaffier. Mr. J. R. Scott; Piere, Mr. E. S. Conner; Belridera, Mrs. Sloman. To conclude with the laughable Farce of JOHN JONES? Guy Goodluck, Mr. Burton. 0*To-bk*tow J. R.Scott and Mrs. Sloman will appear. PAhMO'M OP Kit A HOUSE. NO CONCERT ON THURSDAY NIGHT. n consequence of the Philolexian Society of Columbia College holding their Anuaal Anniversary on Thursday night, at the above establishment, the next CONCERT OK THE SERENADERS, MESSRS. GERMON, STAN WOOD. HARRINGTON PELIIAM AND WARREN, Will take place on Friday, May 30tli, And continue open every evening until further notice. NEW SONGS, GLEES. CHORUSES, Sc. EVERY NIGHT. Admlaalon a.? Cent*. For particulars see small bills. * /"Boxes and Seats can be secured at the Box Office, from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M. Doors open at 7W?Concert commence at 8'.i o'clock. An Efficient Police in attendance, to preserve order, under the direction of officer Stevens. VAUXHALL GARDEN SALOON. P. DE LA REE... MANAGER. (L/-This favorite place of Summer Amusement having been thoroughly repaired, iwiuted and decorated, will open for the season on Monday Evening, Jane the !4d, when the following ladies and gentlemen will hare the honor of paring:? iss A. Homer, the graceful Dansuese, her first appearance in this city. Miss H. Roberts, a charming Danseuse, pupil of Mous. Checini. Madin'selle Pauline de La Grand, who will make her first ap pearance in this country at Vauxhall, in all of her well-known dances. Miss C. McGloiu, the charming Vocalist. Mr. J. W. liyall. the celebrated Comic Dancer. Mr. W. J. Hamilton, from the American Museum, a Voca list of the first order. Mr. A. Gardiner, the Comic Vocalist, together with his Iiifiut Sou and his celebrated Learned Dog, which does every thing but talk. Also, the Celebrated Band of ETHIOPIAN OPERATIC BROTHERS St. SISTERS, Messri. Johnson, Gardiner, White, Myers and Mast. Bryant, forming together the best Band of Ethiopians in the world. As the Manager has spared no expense in refitting the Saloon, or engaging a talented Company, he feels assurvdliis eftorts will be appreciated by those wishing a genteel place of amusement in the upper part of the city. The entertainments at Vauxhall will cousist of Music, Dancing, Singing, Ballet and 1'antoinine; also, Negro Extravaganza, all ol which shall be of a character calculated to please the most fastidious. The best of order will be observed, as an efficient Police will be in attendance. Doors open at 73a'?Performance commence at 8't o'clock. Admission to the Saloon, 2S cents?to the Garden free. m29 3t*m THEATRICAL WARDROBE FOR SALE. THE complete Theatrical Wardrobe, of a gentleman leaving the country , of the richest and most cost] y materials : com prising appropriate and elegant Costumes for Tragedy and Comedy, with Swords, Hats, Feathers, &cv and almost every kind of Theatrical Property. Will lie sold in separate lots, by private contract, on Thursday Morning, the 29th instant, at 10 o'clock, at Palmo's Opera House, iu the Wardrobe Room. En trance from Readc street. m28 2t*rh NEW BOWERY THEATRE. THIS establishment is now being erected on the ground oc cupied by the late popular Bowery Theatre, and will be ready for theatrical performances, by the 1st of August next. The subscriber will receive proposals for engagements from ladies and gentlemen of acknowledged talent. Letters in all cases must be post paia, and directed to the subscriber. No. SO Bowery. A. W. JACKSON, m 19 2w*m Manager and Proprietor. FIRE WORKS?FOURTH OF JULY! NEW YORK LABORATORY. M BENNETT, 196 Krout street, two doors south offrnl ? ton. Tile most extensive and brilliant assortment of Fireworks are now offered at the above place, consisting of Honary and Signal Rockets, with gold and silver Rain, Suns, Fans, Palm Trees, Pyramids, Peruvian Crosses, Octagons, Tri angles, Verticles, Mines of Serpents and Stars, Maroons, Ben gola Light. Roman Candles, Serpeuts, Pill Wheels, Grasshop pers, Port Fires, Blue Lights. Scroll Wheels, Torhillions, Line Pigeons, Torpedoes, Pufliug Crackers, Double Headers, Fire Crackers, Canton Rockets, See., &c. Country merchants and dealers in general are requested to call and examine the above stock. N. B. Committees for city and country displays, military and private parties, can be supplied on the most liberal terms with the above mentioned articles WARHA.tTKD?the materials having been selected with the utmost care. lm m27*rk OENTREVLLLE COURSE?TROTTING. PUESE $50?Mile heats, best three in five, in harness, will be (riven to come on over the above course, on Monday, June 2<1, free for all trotting horses that never Hon a purse over $50, to close on Thursday, the 29th instant, on or before 9 o'clock P. M., at Jones' Second Ward Hotel; three or more to make afield. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor, Centreville, May 28th, 1845. in?8 2t*rc HUNTING PARK COURSE, PHILADELPHIA. THE SPRINO MEETING of the above Association will commence on the first Tuesday, 3d of June, 1M5, when the following premiums will be given, free for all trotting horses. First Ray?A premium of $J00 will be given, three mile heats in harness, two or more to make a rare. Second Day?Premium S200, free for all trotting horses, two mile heats, under the saddle. Same Day?Purse $200, mile heats, best three in five, iu harness. m>8 lwrc JOSEPH H..HULLINOS. Proprietor. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Royal Mail Steam Ships BRITAN NIA and CAMBRIA, will leave Boston for ? the above ports, as follows:? Britannia, J no. Hewitt, Est]., Commander.. .Sunday, June Cambria, C. H. E. Judkins, Esq., " Monday, June Passage to Liverpool Passage to Halifax ? $120. 20. 1st. 16th. For freight or passaye, apply to in29m D. BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent, 6 Wall st. LONDON LINK OF PAt;KKTS-"a<-ket of the 10th June?The splendid and elegnnt fast sailing pack et ship SWITZERLAND, E. Knight, master, will I positively sail as above, being her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin andsteerage passengers.persons about to secure berths should . make early application ou board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to ! . n JOSEPH McMURRAV, 100 Pine street corner of South street. | The packet ship Uuebec, T. H. Hehard, master, will succeed I the Switzerland, and sail 20th June. in29m FOK LIVERPOOL?To sail on the 30th instant? Mf**yThe ship CALEDONIA, firandou, will positively JlnpiMsail as above. | A few more cabin and steerage passengers can yet be accom : modated, if early application is made on board the ship, at pier C North River, or to J. HEROMAN, m29rc fil South street. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD. AsctAfCi JiJMtLit Jlfct Wwfgwllg. CHJINGE OF HOUR. SUMMER ARRAOEMENT. On and after the 22d inst., a train will leave the depot, at Brook Ivn, for Boston, via Norwich and Worcester, every morning at o'c 1 ock, Sunday's excepted. Passenger* will leave the foot of Whitehall st. at 'oelock. Far* through |8Ii Second class passenger* 1 88 my 17 Imis rc FOR GLASGOW ?Regular Packet.?The fast ?saiNing British Barque ADAM CARR, Scott, mas ?irr. 350 tons, will meet with quick despatch, .for balance of freight, or passage, having excellent accom modations, apply to captain on board, at foot of Dover *t, or to WOODHULL fc MINTURNS, 87 S mth street The regular packet berk ANN HARLEY, will succeed the Adam ('art. my27 rc FOR LIVERPOOL-The New Line-Regnlar ?CTqfVPacket 21st June?The su|?-rior fast sailing Packet ?h?r XBHNiiiRO('HKSTER, 800 tons burthen, John Britton, mas ter, will sail as above, her regularday. For freight or passage, having excellent ami superior accom modations, apply to the ('aptain on board, or to WOODHULL fc MINTURNS, 87 South street. Price of passage $100. ' The Packet Ship Hottingner. 10S0 tone, Capt J. Biirxlrv, will succeed the Rochester, and sail on lier regttlar day, 21st July. m27rc LADIKS'FASHIONABLE HATS. CARL KING, the well known and celebratedQU) first premium Straw Hat and Lace Neopolitan Manufacturer, 17 Division street, inform* the public that his Straws and Lace Neapolitans are of a superior quality, and war ranted to clean, made in the most fashionable shape, called tlx' Cottage Gipsey. N. B.?Lace Neapolitan Hats $2 each. Milliners supplied hy the case or dozen at n?ason*ble prices, at the Lace Neapolitan Manufactory, 17 Division streel. m28 lm*rc CARL KING NEAPOLITAN BON NETS. ^ THE UNDERSIGNED, Patentees and Manufacturers ^Kljof the Ne*!>olitan Bonnets, respectfully inform the trade thatthey are now ready to supply the ab?vf article ol the latest style and of superior quality, in quantities to luit pur chaser*. _ They warrant that they can (liter anil clean the Bonnets to appear equal to new. , . , ,. . . Bayer* are cautioned against an inferior article of the kind in the market. The genuine article, tor which we received the sil ver medal at the last fair of the American Institute. h*? our tick SL'J"'? MM 'ct?ry myt lmi**ec No 3A Del.hii y (treet. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Waihlnnu>n. _ [C'orre*poudence of the Herald.J Washington, May 27, 1H15 A Phdadeljihiu Penny Paper, and the Curreipoiulent ?The New Rule of " Decencies of the^Pnu" laid down by Mr. Ritchie?The Duties of the Prem. j 1 |)erceive that one of the Philadelphia penny lepers, in search of government patronage, insinu ates that I am one of a lured corps of writers in the employ of the leader of one of the factions, into which the great political parties are divided, and that the developments which 1 have made, are made out of a spirit of opposition to Mr. Polk, and as sumes to itself the possession of an immense influ ence, with which it will come to the aid of Mr. Polk against my attacks. This miserable imbecile of a newspa|>er sheet, which is in the regular habit of stealing intelligence from my letters, without giving credit, will never forgive the HeruJd f#r its superior enterprize, energy, ability, and independence, which have made it the most influential paper in the United States, and can not conceive of an honest, independent spirit, stri i ving to disembarrass the truth from all entangle | aients of party, and present facts to the minds and I understandings of the |>eople. It has been accus tomed to ex|>ect a <piid pro quo for its support, and cannot conceive nor understand that sincere friend ship to the administration, which desires te nee it succeed on principle, and therefore tellsthe truth and exposes intrigue wherever it is found. I advise the aforesaid penny paper to learn to be honest, to gire credit where credit is due, before it assumes the character of a mentor. I presume that according to the new rule of the "decencies of the press," laid down by father Ritchie in the "organ," that the exposure which 1 am about to make will be styled by him paying "no regard to the decencies of the press." But is it to be under stood that women shall exert their influence, power ful and effective as it is, in the di-bursement of offi cial patronage or appointments?that they shall in terfere so as to produce important political effects, and that they may thus exert themselves, and that forsooth because they are women th?y are not to be alluded to, nor the influence which they wield brought to light 1 Is this to pay regard to the "de cencies of the press T' I have a far higher concep tion of the duties required of those placed in the responsible position in which are all those engaged in writing for the public press! I believe it is my duty to show the influence which they wield, and particularly when it is wielded as is that of the lady to whom I am about to allude, and no taunts or sneers from Mr. Ritchie will induce me to swerve from the course I believe to be right. When femaJe influence is wielded to put relatives in office till fumilies become quartered on the public, and inter woven together, till one family and its immediate connections draw more than #50,000 per annum from the public treasury, and yet are not satisfied, but are continually crying for more, like the insatia ble horseleech, 1 think it is time for the press to interfere. * * * * # [Here follows the history, with the names, at length, of the influence and efforts of a most excel lent and worthy lady of a certain city, in combining interest enough, by her extraordinary talents, great beauty, splendid accomplishments, to give office to thirteen connections by blood or marriage, the ag gregate emoluments amounting to forty-three thous and dollars of solid money per annum.? We decline, altogether, publishing the list or the names, deeming it a matter of little moment to the public, further than the exis tence of the general fact. Indeed, we rather admire the clique, and all its influences, both in the male and female line. But the truth is, all j?arties, and all governments are made, more or less, of cliques, com posed of equal proportions of male and female. Why should it be condemned more in one than another. The social and political elements run into each other, and must always do so. We deem our cor respondent wrong, both in judgment and taste, in bringing forth such matters.?Ed. Herald.'] General Armstrong, appointed and confirmed Con sul to Liverpool, is now in this city, having arrived yesterday direct from Tennessee. When he left, General Jackson was much the same as he has here tofore been represented, and General Armstrong says he " should not be surprised to hear of his death by the next post. It is very uncertain. 1 saw a page of foolscap pa|>er closely covered with writing, in the old General's own hand, which was pennea en the 16th inst. The penmanship is as firm and dis tinct as that of any young or middle aged man I ever saw. Not a shake or tremor about it, but firm and distinct in every stroke. He is certainly a wonder ful man." Commodore Bolton has obtained a short leave of absence from his post at the Norfolk Navy Yard, where he is in command, and has come on to this city for two or three weeks, to see the President and Heads of Departments, and his old friends. I learn that the Postmaster General and his First Assistant, Major Hobbie, are actively engaged in making arrangements to facilitate the Great South ern Mail. When they are all complete, there will be a gain of something like twenty-four hours be tween Boston and New Orleans, from what there was a few weeks ago. May success attend the De partment in its efforts to promote the public good Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, May 28?5 P. M. Awful Cataitrophe at the Race Count?The Killed and t founded. A most awful cataitrophe has just occurred at the Race Course, the fatal consequence of which it is impossible, at present, to estimate. The pavilion, a frame building of three stories in height, having been occupied by a larger number than it was adequate to support, say 1600 or '2000, yielded to the immenso weight and fell to the earth. The accident occurred at the moment Fashion and Pcytona were brought on the ground, about half past one. The immense assemblage present, over ten thousand, was immediately thrown into the utmost hor ror, disorder and alarm. Nothing can as yet be ascer tained of the extent of injury sustained. The roof of the building, shook by the efforts of those upon it to get a glimpse of thp races, was the first to give way, aud sunk upon the lower loft, crushing a large number of those beneath, and pitching a still greater number from its surface to the earth, a distance of fifty feet?a large number of those also were maimed and mangled in a most awful manner. After an interval of about half a minute, the sides of the building fell out, aad the whole edifice tumbled to the earth, crushing hundreds in its fall. Had there not been a few second* allowed for those on tho first and second floor* to escape, thousands would have been instantaneously crushed to death?as it is, we fear that several will hardly survive, and hundreds have, without doubt,been wounaed in such a way as to disable them lor life. Humor has mugnified the number of the killed to sev eral hundred?this is an unnecessary and cruel exagge ration, and will, no doubt, be made capital of by the cor respondents of the New York press, severel of whom we saw on the ground, and one of whom we know to be base enough to take advantage of any accident, howev er fearful to concoct or agonizing. We therefore cau tiou the friends of those present?there were a large number of New Yorkers on the ground?to disregard those vile scribblcr*. and to rest assured, that though a very large number are terribly mutilated and mangled, not more than two or three are fatally wounded. No languago nordo/.ons of letters, could uepict the horrible scene presented by tho vast assemblage after tho occurrence of tho catastrophe. The shrieks of the wounded, tho screams of those buried under the fallen roof and timbers, and their cries for relief, the terror, sympathy, and anxiety of those having friends and rela tives in the building, combined to filfthe heart with an guish and horror. Will it be believed, that in the midst of scene so frightful ami affecting, not a few of the gam blers and pickpockets, who always congregate on such occasions, rushed upon tho ground where the unfortu nate victims lay stunned and senseless, and made evory effort to rob them o( such property as they might have upon their persons. Such, however, is a race coarse ? let every man that values character and safety avoid them. (treat praise is due to the promptness and assiduity of the medical men present, whoso humanity and attention to tho wounded aud suffering. demand our utmost praise and highest commendation. To Dr. Parish especially, i? the public indebted for an example of professional prompt ness, tenderness, and nkill, which words are inadequate to appreciate. No sooner was the rejiort of the accident carried to the city, than this excellent and worthy phy sician hurried to the forrv, by which the sufferers were brought to the city, and tendered them grati* hi* aid and attention. There is a rumor that the man who was leading out Fashion, was struck by one of the fallen rafters upon the head. This we know to be false, having witnessed the whole melancholy occurrence, and seen no such acci dent. The mail being about to close, we are obliged to post pone further particulars till to-morrow's mail, when we shall givo the ascertained number oi the killed and wounaed. Philadelphia, Y1?y 1*46. Philadelphia Bible Societv.?The Seventh Anni versary of this Society was cclobrated last evening in the Kirst Presbyterian C'hureh, on Washington Square ? .lames Bayard, F.sq,, the President, took the < hair, when the meeting was openod with prayer by the Rev. Albert Barnes. The annual report was read by the Rev. Wm. U.'K. Agnew, from which it appear*, that in the course of the past year there has been distributed l'JS6 Bible*, and 1710 Testaments making t WH? volume*.? The balance in the treasury a 01 the la*t fiscal