Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1845 Page 1
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is THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 31, 1845. HE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor, irculation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 3 centa par py?$7 Ui por annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price ij centi r copy?$3 l'Jj cents per annum?payable In advaace. ADVERTISEMENTS at the Uitlal price*?alwayi sh in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and ?pitch. Gt?- Al( letter* o> cotnmunicutioni, by mail, addreiied the establishment, muit be |>o*t paid, or the postage ill be deducted from the uibacriptioa monjy remitted JAJdES GORDON BENNETT, OrRIKTAR or the Nkw Yorb Hkbald Establishment Northwest corner of Kulton and Nassau streets TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. SS&gJ J9B& EXPRESS ANi-> PIONEER PACKET LINE, r foin Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via, tl+e Pauitaylvania Rail ads auil Canal??thrbngh jn days. Tl?e above line ia now in II operation and otters Kreat inducements te persona who wish rieuaut modi' of travelling to the west. Die oira are built in the moat approved modern style, the oati ire tilted up in a ?ui>erior manner, and every effort ia made ' tin- proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenience travellers. The acenery onthis route is unrivalled, and the eat chain of Peuuaylvaiiia internal improvements is well wor r of being seen. h this route passengers avoid all the Ifctigaes and dancers at udaiit upou stage travelling, and at the same time make an ex sditious trip. .The cars leave every morningat T o'clock. Paaaengers are ad sed ro engage their places at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel hia N. E. corner of Chesnut and Fourth streets, and at Nos. I and 15 South Third sts. A. CUMMlNGS, Agent. Philadelphia^ May 17, 1845. For information, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KN1SELL. Agent lor D. LEECH It cd.'sLine. T West st, N. R. my 17 6m rrc CHANGE OF HOUR. UNITED STATES MAIL LINES TO BALTIMORE. HILADELPHIA, VVILMINNOTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. ia Chester, Wilmington, Newark, Elkton, Havre de Grace, (cc. Through in SiVfc Houri?Far* $3. On and il'er Monday next. May liitii, the Cars will leave l _ pot comer of 11th and Market street, daily (except Sunday) a o'clock, A. M.. the liues leaving at 4 P. M, and half past 10 .VI., being discontinued after that date. This Line will leave Baltimore for Philadelphia, at 9 o'clock, M. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCHTOWN RAILROAD AND 8TEAMBOAT LINE. Through in Seven Hour$?Fare $4. On and after Monday next. May 12th. the steamboat ROBERT HOH R1S, Capt. Douglass, will leave Dock street wharf daily, except Sunday,) at half past 3 o'clock. P. M., instead of < A. heretofore. This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore, for Philadelphia, 7 P. M. 8UNDAY MAIL LINE. The only Line lor Baltimore on Sunday leaves the Depot, >rner of 11th and Market streets, at 4 o'clock, P. M. FREIGHT PASSENGER TRAIN. Fare to Baltimore 30 cents. ... A Passenger Car attached to the Freight Train, will leave the Jepot corner 11th and Market street, dally, (except Sunday) at o'clock, 1*. M., and reach Baltimore at an early hour next morniag. G. H. HUDDELL, Agent at Philadelphia, Pa. For further Oculars, appl^^ p KI8HER Agent. mylO lm re No. 17 Wall street, or S West street. FROM BOSTON TO PHILADELPHIA IN A DAY. *WWU W IP aa HE TRAINS upou the LONG ISLAND RAILROAD are now arranged for |iassenger* to leave Bostou at ( o'clock jid arrive in New York at 4, as was the case last evening; and taka the Philadelphia train at quarter before i, and arrive there at IIP. M. my?tf SUMMER JlRR.i\QEMEtTT. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. eaaga e<xm HB&Wbt TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS : From Brooklyn Depot? Bortou Train?A. M. daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train?9)< A. M and 4 P. M. for Hicksvillr and intermediate places. And on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Set tnrdnys, through to Oreenport at 9>? A. M, From Greenvort Depot? Boston Train, daily, Sundays excepted, at 1 o'clock P. M., or on the arrival of the steamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train?At 9>? A. M., on Mondays, Wednes days and Fridays. From UicktvUle Depot? ? Accommodation Train for Brooklyn?At 7 A. M. and 1)6 P. Mm daily, Sundays excepted. The Boston Trains stop only at rarmingdale and St. George's Manor. .... The Accommodation Trains stop at the following places on the road, going both ways to receive and deliver passen gers. vix: _ _ Bedford 12? Deer Park 87 Kuit New York I2'? Thompson 1 00 Race Course I8?i Suffolk Station.( 1 12 Trotting Course 18/4 Lake Road Station 1 31 Jamaica 2} Medford Station 1 50 Brushville 37? Milleville 1 62 Hyde Park, 17 mile* 44 St. George's Mano.- 1 74 Clowsville, (during sis- Riverliead 2 00 siou Court,) 41 James port 2 0G Branch 44 Mattetuck 2 08 Carle Place SO Cntchogne 2 12 Westhury 40 Southolu.*. 2 12 tlirkaviife 56 Oreenport 2 25 F.irniingdale 96 my22tf rrc NKW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO. JNbW YUKiv Anu 8UMMisr arrangement. Oh and after Mond iy, April 14th, l&IJ, the can will run as follows:? Le-Av buy lot Vorkville, Harlem and .Niorrisiana. 6 00 A. M. 7 00 8 HO [(?" 9 no 10 00 D 1 ro P. M. 2 no 3 uo ] M 5 no 5 3d 6 ? Leave Momsiana and il irleui for C ity Hail , A'avr City Hall for Kordhain and Wil liams' Bridge. 6 00 A. M. 7 00 10 00 1 00 P. M. 3 30 i 00 Lnn City Hall for White Plains. 7 00 A. M. 10 00 2 00 P. M. 5 00 Laave Williams' Bridge for City Hall. 7 IS A. M. 7 40 10 40 i 40 .1 00 3 40 Leave Whit* Plains for City Hall. 7 10 A. M. 10 It 2 io r. M. J 10 7 !(? A. M. r. on 9 00 in no " a. 3 no P- M. 3 oo i on s M 110 k no c 30 Tlx-Vwight Train will leave White Plains at 7 A. M., and the t ?t> 11 ill -it I 4J P. VL lor the present. all lm w SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK. AND NEW YORK, DAILY. KARK ONLY UK CENTS. Change 'of Hnur. On and after Saturday, Mar 17th, thy steamer PAHSAIC, Cai*niR John liaffy, will ruu as ?i_\ until <?rth*r notice, vi*j~ vno? uT\ r Mkwai4k L AVt NKWYORK. K.h.i oC Cmli* str^t PW of Barclay street. "? A "? '* 'o^ iUNDAl'V M "V * * , I teSIA The P,..?ie ha* lteen le??thened ? fe*. and IS now two h?n dr?l awl twe-.ty f.w l,m< She has anew holler, and a new r.iiiim'?'!?>?? and .Irfaitly furnished deck saloon, ? leet in |. ,tli, and is iu roini'lrte order. Her accommodations frr'.l.t II d p?.??ras li.vel.een veiy much improved. KftiM f >rri?*l ?t PEOPI ?.H' LINK OK HTk'.AM BOATS KOH ALBANY mH DAILY?Saadays Eicrptrd-Throa?h Dn ^?lfli??l, M 1 ? dockT. M.. from the Pier between Tir Ml f ? ? rtlJ dt Mill Liberty stre?u. V I |t(>4 HtKTER. Certain R. 4) Cruttcndon will l i Mo> day, W, .1 . ??l*y ind Friday Even nup, at 7 o eloek. K.e?m>'<*i KNl? K> RB4>< K? ft.4 .pt*in A. B<m?hto?. Will U**r on TmimI fWi?rd*y fVwUli.M7o clock. \t 5 oVIorV T. N-, l.unlmi fit lulrrmriUaU plan*, from In* foot ' ,%.^!,?J|rNOHTII AMERICA. C*f*a* L. W Bmnard, will leave ou Mondty, Wsdarsdsy, kriday and AlWr '"mT.ihV ^VoM'MBI A, 4"?r*. W H Peck, will leave on \ -| > l,? .1 *"nid.? Air at J a'clock. r..?? ,*r? ftkias either of the above Lme* will arrive m Alba ii ?'ni le'inw '*? 'If Mimiin* Train ol 4 ?j? for the eait at WT!? n ats ?f? new *a-t .aUtantial, see famished with aew aad .In mi rot inv ?ad U* s|wd aad acrummodatimis ai* an r,r .llrd OB thr IUJ-<.i?. | ...i'i1 t le? J m drnlenlw. , ., \ili-. .?V i-rind tni-iir>? aay ?f the Boata of tfcw Lw?, ??l, at a wnltea order from ihe ? a-.i?s a. Ajeiits V."-1 "V -r aildT,1" U-ifd the kr?U, or to r C. ?. a??V. at tW afce oa 4m mXlrr KARK VI * llegitlar 4>ii?aillua l-iae l? mr*m PI..lad. Ifbia and II Jl more fp>m the .,?rr side "f t ... ?. hi Street W harf, every \V^T?*.H?.d~"...r??rd. .t 7 o'eledt. Uuxmgh m ? hrmn, ,,a I Ii. aiid l>l<a?i? I wsl, and crmnect with all the li.j>s attttlk Mtd wnt fttwa BaitMMuae. O.i it. Oa 4 IwMpeske Bay M> utter I\?lt r?M4?^TH, leaner THOU. JM-KER - a* J l>.v.?. (MIN.4 apt. Philhra. ,Il ill* I 1.4*1, * distance of IS milas naly, an lint At hiSMisUtirm V) this liar, both for speed aad it ??? mhrr lm Man* the two cities Atxd f>. tMt VU)BHI? Bl ? KMAN \?'?' "" "i|t \"'K Tvire Sn W * ?l? rvea . A, M . aad 1 and ? ?'rlttek, P m! and M -t'clvck, A. M , aad I aad i hit. Kail atrret, r m N Star lioa RTTW KKHKV KJ?R ?TA1 KNM.AMU Thr faat aatlln?>tM<aU<M WAVE. 4 *|?na Va.iderl?lt will .as ifd aftyf fcsal*a?? t,IV r v 1 l.i-t Hirer. 4<<W at W I Rt,r .1 ? and II "VIorH ,r. (State.. Ula.d at i li P V kan t'? rents Kre*U ta profvftMB. '?kinsvillt* and Htajderoa each waf f?'i td?va lite boat will leave every he?r. B. ?B> I'air.atisirtf tkn ha* jlir l?hli? wjdl hava the fara ,(ice la protawtstm IS rtksr karssaa, Istftnlksr Masry the koa?, I?r al It Weal s( my!7 Im*m NEW KERRY TO FORT HAMILTON\ YELLOW HOOK AND NEW YORK. >ial _.The steamboat HAMILTON, Captain H. 'TV M* \ ? """ ? Kt? York, Yellow Ho?k, and Kort Hamilton. till June lac, aa fallows, every day, leaving Pier No. 1, Eut River:? New York, 7 o'clock, A.M. | Fort Hamilton, 8 o'clock, A. M. ? 10 P. M. I 7 " P. M. ? SUNDAYS. Will leave rier foot of Pike street. E. R.,at 1H o'clock P. M., Pitf S?. 1. E. It., at 2 o'clock P. M., and Pier i'oot of Canal at., N. R., it 3}i o'clock; P. M. Returning, Will leave Port Hamil ton at 5 o'clock, P. M. EKafe 1>M cent*. glit taken ou reasonable terms. m30 2tis*m NhVV YORK. ALHANY AND TROY LINE. jMQ /g? rOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. &CT&S1 ?The steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R. H Macy, will leave the foot of Courtlandt strwt, onSATUJRDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock. . Tlw Kmpire, owing to her light draught of water, will ha ena bled at all timea to imaal.M! bar, and reach Albany and Troy in east or weat CLARK, at ample time to take the inoniing train of cars going I*or Passage or Freight apply nu board, or to C. ULAIIK, . th? office on the wharf my3fl rr STEAMSHIP BRITANNIA FOR LIVERPOOL, gnv "K ADAMS It CO. beg to inform the Mer chants of New York, that Packagea, Parcel, and Lettera, for transmission to s"y part of Knrope, if left at their Express Office, 17 ??^^^????Wall Street, to-morrow, will be punctually > forwarded by the above Hteam Ship, leaving Boston on Sunday, No delay takea |?lac? hi Ltveriuiol,. oiy the arrival of the ' Steemer there, aa.the Paicela go immediately forward through OUT Agenta, Messrs. Wtflmer It Smith. , B.igt close to-morrow afternoon at a quarter to i o'clock. ADAMS It CO.'S Express Office, m'JO 2trc 17, Ibte 7, Wall atreet. ROYAL MAIL FOR LIVERPOOL. letter Bags tot the Royal Mail Steamer BRITANNIA, will eloaa at HARNDEN It Co.'a Foreign Letter Office, No. I Wall atreet, on Saturday, the Slat instant, at a ?quarter before 3 o'clock. Poetise to Boatou, ll>| centa. Single Letters 30 cents per ox. m*? ttia'rc HARNDEN It CO. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. JBESSS rnJBSSmSSm THE Royal Mail Steam Ships BRITAN NIA and CAMBRJA, will leave Boeton for the abote ports, aa lulloWa:? Britannia, Juo. Hewitt, Esq., Commander.. Sunday, June 1st. Cambria, C- II. E, Judkina, Esq., " Monday, June 16th. Paasage to Liverpool... 9120. Paatage to 20. For freight or iwssue, snply to m29m D. BRlOHAM. Jr., Agent, I Wall at. ? FOR LONDON ?I he spieudid packet snip ARfc THUSA. will positively sail on the 4th June. Has very handsome accommodations for ? few cabin pas sengers, who will be taken at less than the usaal rates, by apply iug on board, foot of Wall atreet. or to wWer JOHN HEROM \N. SI South street. LONDON LINE OF PA?'KETS-Packet of the 10th Jane?Tin* sHcmJid and rlegwt fast sailing pack i-t ship SWITZERLAND, E. Knight, master, will positively sail as above, being her regular day. Having very superior accommodationa for cabin, second ca bin andsteerage passengers .persons sbout to secure berths should mgfce early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street comer of South street. The picket ship Quebec, T. H. Hebard, master, will succeed the Switxerland, and sail loth June. m?iin FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail on the 10th instant bJEjk*VThe ship CALEDONIA, Brandon, will positively JaSpBsadil as above. A few more cabin and steerage naeeeiigen ran yet be accom modated, if early application is made on board the ship, at pier 6 North River, or to J. HERUM AN, m29rc <1 South street. FOR GLASGOW-Regular Packet.-The fast sailing British Barque ADAM CARR. Scott, mas , iter, 360 tons, will meet with qnick desimtch. or balance of freight, or passage, having excellent accom modations, apply to captain on board, at foot of Dover st, or to WOODHULL fc MINTL'HNS, ?7 S >nth street The regular packet bark ANN HARLEY, will succeed the Adam Carr. ? my27 rc FOR LIVERPOOL-l'he New Line-Regular Packet list June?The superior fast sailing Packet ahip iROCH ? STER, 100 tons burtheu, Joliu Brittou, mas ter will ssil as above, her regular day. I1 or freight or passage, having excellent and superior accom modations, apply to the Captain on board, orto WOODHULL It MINTURNS, 17 South street. Price of passage $100. Tl'e Packet Ship Hottinguer. 1030 tons, Capt J. Burnley, will succeed the Rochester, and sail on her regular day, list July. tn!7rc BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS-FOR LIVERPOOL-Only ?Regular Packet of the 1st of June.?The munificent .... celeurated fast sailing, favorite packet ship CAMBRIDGE, burthen 1000 tons, W. C. Barstow, commander, will sail jiosi tively on Monday, 2d of June. Having unequalled accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and iteeroge passengers, those returning totlw old country, or send ing for their friends, will Hud it to their iuterest and comfort to select this unequalled line of packets. For terms of passsge and to secure the best berths, early ap plication should be made on board, foot of Be<-krnau street, ot to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. tn28 33 Kultou street, uext door to the Fulton Bartkf N.Y. UNION LINE OK PACKETS FOB LIVER POOL.?Packet of 1st June.?The splendid, new (fast sailing and favorite packet ship EMPIRE, 1130 tons burthen, Capt. J. G. Russell, will sail ou Mo.iday, June 2d, her regular day. -tThis magnificent ship, now on her second voyage, has the most comfortable accommodation for cabin, secoud cabin and steerage passengers, of any ship about sailing for Liverpool Her cabin is elegantly furnished, her secoud caliip is also mtesl up in the most approved modern style. Her steerage is all that c in be desired for comfort and convenience. Persons about visiiing or returning to the old country, as well as all others, are invited to inspect this splendid ship, at her berth foot oi Gonverueiir Lane. Kor passage, which ia very low, early ap plication should be made ou lioard, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. m27 rrc 73 South atreet, corner of Maiden lane. ft FOR LIVERPOOL?New Liu*? Regular Packet _ _>of the elegant Tut sailing Packet Shir IhOARRICK, Capt. B. J. H. Traak, of tltt tout, wilt above, her regular 017. For freight or passage, having accommodation unequalled for tplendor and comfort, apply ou heard, at Orleaua wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS 1c CO.. St South atreet. Price of passage $100. Packet Ship Hose ins, Capt. Am Eldridge, ol 1100 ton*, will ineceed the Garrick, aiid aail Nth July, her regular day. mJ!7 ec FOR LI VER POOL?The ele gant and vary fait iMytVsailiug packet ship 8HAKSPEARE, Ca|K < oniell JflpMp^i tving part of her cargo engaged, will have For freight or pusage, having elegant accommodation*, ap ply ou board, at Orleans wharf foot of Wall street, or to nilT7 E. K. COLLINS k CO.. M South ?r General building repairs.? Nassau .i., tome of Mnideu Lane.?All order* immediately attended to foi Mason. Slateing, Plastering, Flagging, tin roofs repaired and painted, ami all other repairs aua alterations done in the lirsi manner. Also, furnaces, ranges, kettles, steam boilers ovens, and every kind of nre work* put up. None but good workmen employed. Expeditions and moderate charges Chimney top* for curing smoke. Up town orders left with J Quiun, l'lumher, 544 Broadway m27?lrrt*rh E. II. QU1NN. TO LET.?A Parlor and Bedroom, very neatly lar uished,to geutlemeu and thtir wive*, or tingle gentlemen at 117 Franklin street. i? Im'w Sm FOR HALK?A beautiful Country Residence, ou* mill Okfrom Ro**ville Landing, on Stateu Island, a I1 arm of B nacres of first-rate Land; a large House and good Barn, ai*l er Buildings; good Garden, with plenty of Fruit Tree*?w*ll be sold reasonable and on good terms. Enquire of myT lm*rc SAM'L. HALL, 310 Broome st FOR SALE CHEAP, A COTTAGE AT SOUTH AMBOY. THE house is of brick and rough cast. In the first story there is a breakfast room, library, drawing room, dining room tnd pantry, together with a kitchen aud servants' hall. lu the second story there are five bedrooms, with four over the kitchen for servants. The Cottage i* in the Elixabethian style and has six pointed gahles with overhauginf roof*. The Piaxxa extend* round three side* of the houie, and i* ornamented with Gothic Arche*. It is new and has never yet been occupied. Though within walk ing distance (from a half to a quarter of a mile.) of tlie Rail Road and Steamboat Landing, the house is entirely secluded.? With the exception of the lawn and wood and the niipoaitr shores of New Jersey and Staten Island, there is little else to be seen, save the waters and the vessels that navigate them. It is surrounded and de.isely shaded by trees On the lawn there are fifteen or twenty groups of forest trees, varying in from two acres to a common sixed clump. The situation is high and perfectly healthy, and commands a view of the ses, the light houses at Sandy Hook, Princes Bay and theRaritan River. There is a fine gravelly beach for Salt Water Bathing. The Rail Road cars and Steamboats leave and arrive at sucn hours a* to enable a man of business to breakfast at home and be in towu at half-past ten?to leave towii at three and be at home at five. He may be in New York in two, and at Philadelphia in four hours. The purchaser may take ten, twenty, thirty or mora acres with the house. For further particulars apply to JOHN C. STEVENS, 14 Barclay *t. P. R.?A short distance from the above, tliere is another hand some situation, with a house thirty-five or forty feet square- I will dispose of either or both, tor a view of the house and grounds, apply to Mr. Abraham Everett, Superintendent,Mouth Amboy. mytt tf rc 1; A NO?The cargo of ship Shf'topeare, from Ichaboe.ol very superiorquslity.?It has been well ascertained that this Uuano is *ui>erior to any other ss it brings forward crop* earlier, and is equally lasting. For general farming it will increase the crops from 30 to 30 |ier cent. and for market purpose*, it will enhance it* value at least 200 and in *oine instance* 400 per ceut. 300 lb* i* sufficient for an acre. For *ale in lot* to *uit pur chasers, with books directing how to use it, by ?nZT E. K. COLLINS & CO. MS Booth at. NEEDLES AN J J FISH HOOKS. Tli J BATE have removed their establishment to No. ? 102 Maiden Lane, where they have on aalealarge and well *aanrteil stock of very superior Drilled Eyed Needle*; Limerick, Salmon. Trout, Bass. Rock and Black Fish Hooks: Fishinx Rods. Ret Is, Grass Milk and Flax Lines, Silk Worm Gut Flies, Snells, and every de*criptiou of Fishing Tackle, which they air able to sell on the ino*t liberal term*. (LT 102 Maiden Lane, top stair*)near Plrarl itreet. >?)? Im*rc rAST IRON WATER PIPES, of different *ixe*, constant ly on hand. AI*o, American Pig Iron, for sale by _ WARRINGTON k RICHARDS, mytl Im'rh 218 Water St. (fAtVANIZED IRON AND TIN. /"GALVANIZED SHEET IRON AND TIN, a very *u \ ? I eri Of article, warranted not to nut. AI*o, Tin Plate. Bhee Iroa, llnssia Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, Zinc, Scotch and Amet nrvi P.g Iron, for sal* by CASS (H WARD, No. 71 Broad street HEMt SEEP?20 Mils and 51 aacka Hemp Seed, juit re ceived and for sale by E. K. COLLINS It CO 30 South st. IAKE PRESERVERS, OF GOODYEAR'S PATENT GUM ELASTIC COMPOSITION. ?***' WARM ANTED to withstand the giratest extremes of heat sml eold, and not to melt or sulten in the seams, (tlie great A I <1 ui fr'sirvers made of tlie common rubber preparation. )? Ala ?. a v neral assortment of good* manufactured under the ahote imirnt. For sale, wholesale aid retail, liy GEORGE B EEC HER, tOla'n 100 Broadway, between Piaa and Wall Ma. RACKET Sllir JANE E.WILLIAMS, from New" Orlean*. J is discharging weal side of Burling slip Consignees will please attend te the receipt sf their good* immediately, mytl NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE ASS& RANCF SOCIETY OF LONDON. Empowered by .let of Parliament. CAPITAL JMOO.OOO STERLING, OR #2,500,000. General Agent for the United State*. J. LEAN!)EH STARR, 74 Wall st, New York. Physicians?Dr?. Ilosack and J. Kearney Hodgers. Solicitor? Wm. Van Hook, Esq. Examples af Ratet?for the ultturance of $100 on a Single Life. PREMIUMS PAYABLE ANNUALLY. Age next For one year For five roK urr.. birth day. only. yeart, Without profits. IVith do. IS $0 77 $0 81 $147 $161 20 0 86 0 fy 1 S3 1 87 25 0 90 1 0} t 03 111 30 1 21 1 30 2 32 2 46 35 146 1 54 2 34 1 61 1 64 2 93 45 1 72 1 78 3 47 3 83 50 1 94 2 06 4 21 4 C8 55 2 54 2 96 3 2S 586 60 3 73 425 668 742 Premium* "for life" payable yearly, half yearly, quarterly or monthly The public are respectfully requested to examine tile distin guishing principle* of this Institution?their tildes ol' rates? their distribution of profit*?and the facilities afforded by their Loon Department?before deciding to iusure el*ewliere. Pamphlet* containing tl* last Annual Report, and the Socie ty'* rate*, he., may be obtained upon application. m23 lm3taw*rrc J. LEANDEH STARR, General Agent. TO MERCHANTS VISITING NEW YORK CITY. D. M. PEYSER. ~60~JOHN sfREfiT, (BETWEEN WILLIAM AND NA8SAUSTREETS,) NEW YORK, IMPORTER OF GERMAN AND FRENCH FANCY GOODS, Offer* for sale, by tlie package or to auit customer*, at the matt re aaonable terms, WORSTEDS. e hyr, German. and Tapi**eiie Chine and Ombre Wonted*. silks. low, Twisted, Plain and Shaded Silk*, in Stick* and Spool*. chenilles. Embroidery, Flower and Trimming Chenille. Berlin Embroidery Pathfn js ^0,t 'P^did (election. ranch and German Canvas* fbr Embroidery, of Cotton, Worsted, Imitation til' Silk, and Silk, Silver and (sold, of all width*. BEADS. Gold, Silver, Steel, and Glass Bead* and Buglet. Needles. Embroidery Needle*, Steel, Wooden, Ivory, Ebony, and Whale bone Knitting and Crochet Needle*. ...... . , EMBROIDERIES. All kind* of commenced and finished, such as Suspender*, Shoe* and Ottoman*, kc. &c. ...... . KANCY goods. All kinds of Pari* Fancy Good*, Slich a? Purse* and Purse Trimming*, Head Ornament*. Bracelet*. Hair Pin*, Comb*, lie.; Necklace*, Gold and Silver Braids, Tin*el Cord*, and Silver Bullion Ta*sel*. FRENCH MILITARY TRIM MINGS, tic. Wire* Goods.sueh as Basket*, Watch Holder*, lie. lie. German Rustic Willow Chair*, Baakets, Work Table*, and Sofa*, lie. . ?... OILED felLKS. Oiled Silk*, different colors, the beat French. ? , ? FRINGE^. Fringes, Cords, Gimps, Tassels, all colors and qualities, im ^ domestic (of his own manufacture.) Wl TO CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS. HOTEL AND STEAMBOAT PROPRIETORS, CITY _ AND COUNTRY FAMILIES, lie. EXTRA FINE TiiAS! 103 GreenWien Street, Nbab Coubtlajvdt St.,^wd orrotiTt the Pacific Hotkl, E BEG LEAVE to inform you that we established our . selve* at the above place, principally for the purpose of meet"'*our view* of onr wholesale and large family customers M the North lLver Side. The upright manner in which we iave carried on our bnsines* for several year* past in thi* city, ti>geiher with the very high quality and moderate price of our <oods, have earned lor n* a degree of reputation and renown far uayond that of any similar hoose in the United State*, and we consider these the best reasons we can urge te obtain your pa tronage. We have, however, much pleasure in stating, that we have inade, with great care and judgment, our selections from all Jse spring cargoes, and which comprise the finest apecimens of Young Hyson, Hyson, Gunpowder, Imperial Oolong Pekoe, Ningyong, Congou Souchong, lie., which have arrived here ?Jfiis season, which, with an immense variety of Fine and Good Qualities, we offer at wholesale and retail. We have also true Government Java and other Coffees, as usual, roasted and <round daily. We contiuue oar operation* at our other place* as heretofore, narticularly at 131 Chatham st. We are your obedixnt lervant*, ? ? . CANTON TEA COMPANY, New York?III Chatham *t; Ml Grand st. and 318 Bleeckel ?tree. Philadelphia?Chestnut street, and 45 Fifth street. my9 2m *m TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. ALMOND, Wind*or, Rose, Variegated, and every descrip tion of Fancy Soaps:? Colojnie Water, in the most beautiful style of fancy bottles. Handkerchief and Toilette Essences iu very great variety. Ilair Oils and Pomatums of the first quality, with every de icriptinn of Perfumery and Cosmetics. Walnut Oil; Military Shaving Soap, the most exquisite Soap ?ver in rented. It makes a perfect cream lather, which does not dry (Hi the face. Also. Family Washing Soap, of excellent quality; Patent Crystal ine Candle*, he., manufactured by and for sale at thede <ot of Johnson, vroom & fowler. No. 3 Courtlandt st., next door to the ?l?lm*m new National Hotel. REMOVAL. The Pullir ii notified that the Office for the tale of SVHKNCICS PULMONIC SYRUP, HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM No. 49J4 TO No. 4 t'ourtland street, North side, a few doors below Broadway, opposite National Howl. tlf E CAUTION THE PUBLIC TO BEAR IN MIND. ?T that P. 8. BEEKMAN, of 49)? Courtlandt street, ia NO LONGER AN AOENTfor the sale of tlie genuine Schenck'a I'ulmonie Syrup. Beware of Counterfeit* !?Beware of Snurious Imitation!!? l'o obtain the pare genuine, unadulterated Schenck'a Pulmonic ?lyrup, go directly to the Proprietor'* Office, A'o. 4 Cvurtland street. Thia medicim- is the only one ever discovered, that can be re lied u|>oii with aafety, for the cure uf Pulmonary Consumption It liai cured when every thing else lias failed?tlie author affirms Ills, without the fear of contradiction, and does it upon the :learc?t convictions of truth. If taken, and used according to lirectioos, it seldon fails of effecting a perfect cure. Its principle of operation ia easily explained. It soothes and 'alms the troublesome cough; ri|ieiis the abscess, facilitates ex ?ectoratioo, *ud ?oou frees the lung* of the matter which col ?rctM in the air tubes. It regulates the bowels without the u<r ?f other inediciue?strengthens the system, and purifies the ?lood. It contains uo mercury, opium, or other poisouous in tredient, but is made exclusively of roota and hertis. In Scheuck's treatise, to be had (gratia) at his office, No. 4 Court luid street, the early history of this Syrup may be seen. It originated from its curiugthe author wlien in the lowest stage af ,'ulmonary ronsum|>tion. This medicine, as a cure for jxilmonary consumption, haa iow become permanently established with the publi<y* The ?umber of cures of pulmonary consumption made in this city, whichare brfore the public, are sufficient to prove that the Syrup will cure cooauniption, and ia the only medicine that can be relied upon with aafety in that frightful disease. To the consumptive, nothing can be of more intereat than the "aseofMra. Tucker, Na. 41 York street, Jersey city. She was ?o far reduced in consumption as to be unable to leave her bed. She took Sclie.ick's Pulinuic?tlie diseaae then began to ri|teu, the abscess came to a head, and she discharged nearly anuart of yellow matter, her lungs healed, Iter flesh returned, ana she is i*w in tlie eijoymeut of good he alth. M. Lusk, Pastor of the R O. Church, Jersey city, states that he ia acqustntcd with Mrs. Tucker, and believes her statement aa ?iven in Schenck's treatise of consumption to be true. We have only apace to mention the names of Mr. C. Van Nest, New Bruuswick, late merchant of New York, No. IS William street, who waa restored to health hy the use of this Syrup. Also Mary E. Van Burru, No. II Christopher atreet, ?Vrw York l Charlotte Evana, H Montgomery street, Jersey city, daughter of Mr. Peter Delaney, No. in Market street, New wark, N. J., who were all victims to consumption, and cured by the use of this Syrap alone. We just add, in conclusion, that il any person wishes further satisfaction than is furnished in Schenck's treatise, by calling at the proprietor's office, they will be furuislied with refrreuce to persons of the highest standiug, who have been cured by Schenck's 1'ulmoi.ic byrnp. m? Imec. KATS, MICK AN1) COCKROACHES. THIS is to certify that we have used Solomau Levi's Extern minator for Hats and Cockroaches, and it haa given thr greatest satisfaction for the purpose* intended. H. S. DLT^NINO, Uunmng's Hotel. 63 < ourtl it d st. W. MOREHEAD.4I t'ourtland st. D. URAHA.M, It CourtlaiM st, and a boat of other*. For sale st RU8HTON k CO's, No. II* Broadway, l# Aator House, and IN Broadway, New York. mil lm*rre PORTER. ALE AND ClDEl. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. t ANN STREET, next door to the American Muaeam. return I his sincere thsnks to his friei.ds snd the public generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already re ceived, and hopes by strict attentum to business to merit s con tinuance. FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter Newsrb ( ider, Crotou Ale, London Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale Order* for shipping attended to with ?le*nilch mhll ee THE "THORN CHAMPAGNE." THE UNDERSIONRO will hereafter have constantly on hand, for sale, an article of Champagne Wine of an uasur passed, and probably unequalled quality. The subscriber ha* lieen ap|>ointed sole Agent in the United Statea for tlie Manufacturer. As a guarantee of its superiority, t'olonel Herman Thorn, nl Paria, haa allowed an impression of his seal to he sfflied toearh bottle. The quality of tlie Wine will lie preserved in all liitur. shipments, und under no circumstance* be allowed to depre ciate. Respecting this wine, Col. Thorn thus write*"It is of a quality rarely to be met with in America; I have drunk no other lory-ears past." Tlie attention of private gentlemen, Hotel keeprrs, and the trade is invited to this article. Parties desiring a summer supply should make immediate ap plication. C. LIVlN'tiSTON. alt Im rc. _ No. Id Wall street. COLT'S PATENT REPEATING FIREAKMS, WITH THE LATEST IMPROVEMENT OK IM? TIIE DEPOT for the sale of the Colt's Pistols, Utiles, Car him** and Fowling Pieces, haa been removed from No 111 llroadway to No. 2 Barclay sr., near Broadway, tinder tlie Aster House, when* a general aanoitment of tn**e supe'ior Fire-Arms iskijn for sale at reduced price*. They also can be had at W. H. llorstmann li Cos, Maiden lane, Mulford It Wendall, llro.idway. Albany, Lyman P. Know li s: Delhi, Delaware Cm , N. V., Hyde k Goodrich, nil H. E. Baldwin li Co., New Or leans, at New York prices. Pistils st from SIS to St>each, in ? i*a*e Williequipments. Ureat iin|Hnitioiis are practised U|a*i the public in representinjt and selling the self-cocking and revolving six barrel Pis.'ol l?r Colt's repeating I ntel, which is acknow* ledged tobesu,ierior in every ie*|iect to anv otlier Pistol mans lectured in this country or ElNff. The Emperor of Russia, tin Emperor of Austria, the King of Prussia, Prince dejoiuville of France, the ImaumOl Muscat, all have them and s|?ak iu the highest terms of them. T<le T,''1""1. AMn'r B*!1* plied withthiin, anil theU- 8 Navy has been supplied With them to some extent, and the officer* have given the most favorable re port on Colt'* repealing Ar?*rtn?. eJ0lm*e? HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, ?43 Chestnut ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT T0 THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. (L/- Baths just introduced?Warm and Cold?in fine apart meuU?lor both ladies and Gentlemen. my29 lm*in EPHRAIM SWEENY'S DINING ROOMS, No. 66 CHATHAM STREET, N. V. TO THE NEW vqkk PUBLIC. THE SUBSCRIBER WILL OPEN ON MONDAY, June 2d, 1815, on tlie second floor of his highly celei,rated and popular rooms, one of the most novel and elegant saloons in the country ever intended for public business, where gentlemen or private parties may be served in the best manner with Break fast, Dinners and Suppers ; as comfortable and qrtiet as in their own private parlors. The exteisive arrangement made in the cooking department, will insure to those who prefer this mode of living, oue hundred and seventy-eight Dishes served up in a style surpassing anf thing yet attempted, and at prices to cor respond witn reason, as every thing has been got up ill my own peculiar stvle. I would meat respectfully invite all.those who would encourage the march of improvement, to call apd be sat istied to what perfection the most humble business may, with perseverance, be elevated to. m36 lm*rc EPHRAIM SWEENY. GENTLEMAN,.WISHING TO PROCURE delightful summer residences, can do so by applying at 168 Duane Street, three doors west of fl-Vson street, (Hotel Des Deux Frares) The situation is not surpassed by any jmhe city?af fording every advantageto strangers. Superior Billiard Tables, the best of Wines, Segirs, See. JULIUS S. SEIONETTE. m30 3t*rc AR/AC P. SEIONETTE. PAVILION HOTEL, ELIZABETHPORT, NFW JERSEY. THE ?iftycrjb?r bees to announce to his friends and the pub lic, tfcat the above ^louse (lately kept by Mr Moore)hav ing undergone a cobiplete auu thorough repair, is no* open for the reception of visiters. , The table will be furnished with every delicacy the market affords, and every attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment or visitors, will be promptly and cheerfully bes towed. The near proiimit* of Elizahethport to New York, renders this a desirable summer retn'at Cor persons engaged in business in the City, as the Can and Steamboats r*m nearly even- hour during the day. GILBERT P.'>ALE. m30 2t?m /"I ALL at the Old Flatbush Hotel on your road to Bath Vy and Coney Island?you will find good accommodation for Ladies, and good liquors for the Gentlemen?a uovelty [on that road.] Diuner on Sunday, tickets SO cents. 1H29 :it?rc J AS. HICKMAN. PROSPECT IIALL, YORKVILLE. CONRAD AoELMAN respectfully informs his friends and the public, that the above well Known ayi favorite place of n-sort has racently beeu refitted, and is no* optn fi receive vi sitors or boarders, who may wish to escape the dust, noise and inconveniences of a city life during the heat of summer. Prospect Hall, one ol the most beautiful country seats in the neighborhood of the city, is situated directly over the Harlem Railroad tunnel, and can be reached from theCity Hall iu thirty minutes, either by railroad or by tlie Harlem stages. The beauty of tlie house and a", the surrounding scenery is too well knowu to need an extended description. The attention of military companies is particularly directed to the excelleutconveniences for target-shootiug. drill and parade grounds, tenpiii alleys, quoit grounds, be. lie. The present pro prietor ,at a very great expense, has built out houses Tor all these purposes and he trusts that his endeavors to please will procure tor him the patronage of a geuerous public, and particularly of his military friends. He pledges himself that refreshments, Hi. shall at all times be of the best quality and charges moderate. myS ttneod'm S HA RON~SP RINGS PAV I LI O N , SCHOHARIE COUNTY, NEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Mr. LAN DON, of Congress Hall, Albany, h is associated himself with Mr. Gardiuer, and that this establishment will be con ducted by them. The Pavilion will be opened for tlie reception of visitors on the first day of June next. The subscribers have made many improvements in the grounds and bathing-house, and pledge themselves to use their best exertions to render this establish ment fully equal to any wateriug place iu this country. ^ ^ Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the cars at Cana johane. to take passengers to the house. Mr. L. will, as heretofore, coutiuuethe Congress Hall, which will, duriug the summer, be uuder the superintendence of Mr. Joslin. m> ? Im'ec BOARD, 133, 137, 130 Rrnadwny, MRS. O. FISH, NOW has several pleasant airy rooms unoccupied, and very desirable for Single Gentlemen, or Gentlemen and their wives, (without children.) Also, a limited number of Gentle men can be accommodated with lull or partial Board, oninoder ate terms. Transient Boarders handsomely entertained at $1 per day m!29 Gt*m THE " WRIGHT" HOUSE, 81 Nassnu Streets WILLIAM WRIGHT, formerly of the Ram's Head, Ful ton street, begs leave to inform his friends that may be unacquainted with the fact at a distance, as well as those of the city, that he luu opeued a public establishment at 81 Nassau street, UJIOI1 a scale of comfort that cannot be surpassed by any in the Uuiou. llis bar is furnished with the best of wines of every class, Ale, Scotch Whiskey of the purest brands, Porter, and every other article necessary for a w ell stocked bar; Inde pendent of which, he has two splendid rooms, furnished, on the second floor, specially adapted lor private a:;d public meetings, courts martial, or any general purpose; besides which he has provided accommodation for permanent and transient lodgers, in extensive and well ventilated bedrooms, tlie furniture new and well assorted, and every atleutiou will be paid to the arrange^ ments i*f the lodgers, as well as the visiters of the "Retreat," on all occasions. WILLIAM WRIGHT, my26 lm*ec 81 Nassau street. N. HOTEL DES DEUX FRERES. THK Subscriber* having opened the above establishment, which has been completely renovated, at 168 Duaue Park, and are now prepared to receive visiter*. They respectfully so licit the favor of their father's friends, (the late P. E. Seiguette) and the community at large. The most approved brands of wines, liquors, aegars, Itc. Ice., selected by a ronuossieur. Billiard Tables made expressly for the subscribers by Bass lord, superior to any in tlie United States, and equal to any in Enrdlw. Supper Rooms at all times of the day and evening, with every requisite attention. Clubs of gentlemen desirous of a suite of Rooms can be. always accommodated at the shortest notice. JULIUS S. SEUJNETTE, and m24 1w?rh ARZAC P. SEIONETTE. SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY ST. JOSEPH SMITH, late of Worcester. England, takes this method of informing his friends and tne public, that having recently become the proprietor of the above establishment, is now prepared to supply all Refreshments usually to be found in tu English Chop House He can also accommodate a few gentlemen with comfortable Lodgings at $1 50 per week, or 25 cents per night. N B.-Mr, SMITH haa now; on hand and is daily manufac turing an article little known in this City, called CreamChee?e, wliic n isconsidered by epicures in Engl uid a great luxury.? Hotels and private families can be supplied at the shortest no tice, and at all hours customers to the house car be attended to. m24 lw?rrc iNfc-W JUKSIiY HOTEL?MORU1STOWN. THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform their friends and the public generally, that the new and commodious house erected for a Hotel, at Morristown. New Jersey, is upeii for the entertainment of all those who will favor them with their com pany, when they hope to furnish them such accommodations as to entitle litem to public favor. D. W. NOE, m25 3taw2m*rc DAVID CROWKL. B.?Private House of Refreshments by D.W. TELLER, 206 Front street?Breakfast, Dinner and Supper. Is6d, each. Breakfast from 6>p until 9; dining hours from a quarter before 12 until 3; Supper Irom 5 until 8>4 o'clock. Also, 26 Beds, all in prime order. Lodgings 25 eta. All gentlemen wishing to asort to aline cool dining apartment, will do well to call and satisfy themselves. The proprietor also keeps the old stand corner of Fultou and Kront streets; 7, 8 and 9 Fulton Market, where he will continue to serve up all the delicacies of the season. Also, Wines, Liquors, and Segars of all kinds and of the choicest brands, direct from the importers. m!7 Im-rh ______ BOARDING AT 27 COURTLANDT STREET. GOOD BOARDING, with pleasant rooms, for sinclegentle men. Likewise, a handsome furnished parlor with bedroom adjoining, suitable for a genteel family?by my 13 lm*re MRS. OF.RE, 27 Courtlandt street. PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. THE PAVILION, at New Brighton, is now in full open tion, and the proprietor will be glad to enter luto arrange ments with parties who who wish to engage apartments for the whole season or for a shorter period. Mr. Blancard will be found it the Pavilion every day from U to 1 o'clock, and at the Glone Hotel at all Otlier hours. mvl 3wrc FAMILIES AND GENTLEMEN VISITING LONDON, ON business or plaaanir, can In- accommodated during their my Willi a pleasant and desirable home, 111 tlie house of a lady ol' irspectability, where they will meet withevery attention. A|>artinent? with private table* il preferred. Applyat U BURTON CRESCENT, aJtlm*re Kuston Square, London. WILUAMSE URGH COTTAGE. THE 91 HM'HIBERS respectfully inform the citizens ol New\otk, Brooklyn, VVtlliam.biirgh and its vicinity, (hit they have recently opened the large and splendid mansion known as (hi WILLIA.M8BURUH COTTAGE. sad furnished at great expeaee for the accommodation of resi dents and sir nigers. The Cottage is eligibly situated, a few rods . ?iilli ni the 1\ rk Klip Ferry,and convenient to the Houston aud Oraiid street Ferries commanding a beautiful and extended view af the Bay, New York and Brooklyu. They have also at tached to the COTTAOE a large and splendid Garden, conve nient Promenades, (iraas I'latts, Shade Trees, lie., making a most delightful summer resort to while away a lew hours ainid the ivlri-shuig bier let of tlie Bay. Their Ml'SICAL CLOCK is richly worth a visit, bring the best piece of mechanism ofthe kind thai waaever importedto thiaconntry. It will play fifty different tunes with rennrkable harmony and accuracy. Tlie choicest variety ol refreshment will at all time* be promptly Mm N B.?In coauectiou with this establishment, they have WARM AND ( OLD SALT WATER BATHb-knnwn as the Washington Bath*. The water i* at all time* clear and pure. Thr perries run from P< rk Slip, Grand street and Hous ton street every Afteen minutes. Ferriage lour cents. mylt lm*ec HANDVIKLD kHOEFT. KOULSToNti'fa UID'NG SCHOOL, 137 anil lllll Mtreer Stint. MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONE has the honor to ISOiurursi his friends and the public in general, that Ins School for Instruction in Horsemanship is now opeu lay and evening, as follow! .? Hours for (Gentlemen from 6 to I A. M. " " Ladles " # A. M. to 3 P. M. Terms of instruction mad* known on spplication to Mr. Houlatone Mr It has jut received from th? country several fine and stylisli Saddle Horse*, which be i* authorised to sell at a rea ,,,.,?1.1. iTiee. my7rc UlSHHOlV'S HIDING SCHOOL, 4AN Biiwrry, on Aator anil I^afttyette Plarn. Mil. W. II. DI8BROW h is the honor to announce, that hi* School i* open daily, (Sundays excepted) for Kajuestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. Ilours for Lidie* from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. I lour* for (Jentlemen from 6 to 8 A. M. and 3 to 7 P. M. il ? Term' made known on application a* above. V B?Highly trained and quiet Horses, for the Road and Pa ruh . !? t. mv6 Im'rc REMOVAL. Ikf RS.C ARHOLL'S MEDK ATKD VAPOUR AND 8UL ivl I'llUR BATHS are removed from No. 325 Broadway to 184 Fitltor. stn-et, west of Broidway. Open rom 6 o'clock in the morning till 9 o'clock atnight. Sulphur Bath* require onr hoar's notice. tn3 Im cc . Messrs. tcilch, Brothers <V Co. We are glad to find, in the followint; notice, which we copy from the government [wner of Monday night, evidence of the disposition of the Executive !o repair, where it can, injustice done under the late administration to higlily respectable and faithful public servant, Mfeti ire the firm whose name heads this article.?Nat. Int. [From " The Union" of Mtfndoy.} LATE MAVT AGENTS AT MARSKlLLOT. " EKROH COUUEC1ED." Messrs. Fitch, Brothers & Co., late Navy Agents for the Government of the United State* at Marseilles, were deprived of the agency by the late administration, on the suggestion of a discrepancy in their accounts, from which malversation was inferred. An investigation of the matter was made under the direction of Mr. Secre tary Upshur. It was ascertained that the imputed dis crepancy was a mistake, and Mr. Upshur reported the truo statement to the President, with thia brief endorse ment :? Endorsement by Mr. Upshur/ Secretary of the .Vary. " This statement will show you the error* into which a man may suffer himself to be betrayed when he is looking out for means to turn another man out of office, in order that hS may get into it. Fitch, Brothers 11 Co. are ofteacr in advance to us than we to them, over and above the sum stipulated to be Advanced by us. A. P. U." nder Mr. Henshaw's administration of the Navy De partment, Mr. Samuel A. Allen was omployed to examine into, and mifte another statement of tho accounts of the Marseilles agency. He reported it with a different as pect, again exhibiting Fitcn, Brothers He Co. as indebted to the government for a sum greatly exceeding the amount admitted by them. This statement, upon scruti ny, was shown to be erroneous; and when Mf. Allen was made sensible of the detection of this mistake, he addressed a letter to the Secretary of the Navy, admit ting it, and closed his explanation by saying :? "Permit me to assure you, sir, in tile most sincere man ner, that I am equally astonished and mortified to say that this statement is apparently wholly void of founda tion in truth, ami I rejoice in contradicting its spirit.? This I do with the utmost readines*, and hope that any unpleasant effects which tho nature of the paragraph ?? perhaps calculated to produce may be removed by this recairt Mion. "I have the hcAiertn be, sir, very respectfully, Vtrur obedient servant, 8AMUKL A. ALLt'.S^. "lion. John V. Mason, Secrofffrr of the Navy." We are authorised by the present Secretary of the Navy (Mr. Bancroft) to say that he has also WUed into the transactions of the late Navy Agents, Messrs. Ffteh, Brothers & Co., and it gives him pleasure to express the opinion that their original statement of their transactions with the Government was correct, and that in all res Eects their conduct, as agents, has been just, liberal, and onorabid. Naw Dei-Art May -27, 1840. Gentlemen :?I learn this day from th? Fourth A udi tor, that your account, as late Navy Agents, at Mar seilles, has been stated in his office, revised in that of the Second Comptroller, found to correspond exactly with your statement to this Department in your letter of the :26th instant, And is closed. I communicate this result to you with the greatest pleasure ; and am gratified to find that, while the officers of the NaVy have ever been pleas ed with your official conduct, the financial officers report your account as closed in a manner entirely creditable to your promptness and integrity. Very respectfully, yours, GEORGE BANCROFT. Messrs. Fitch, BnoTH^uf ft fie. Washington, May 21, lH4o. Sir I forwarded to A. O. Dayton, Esq., Fourth Audi tor of the TreasAy Department, a few days since, Fitch, Brothers k Co.'?letter to him of the '24th ult. giving cover to Purser A. T. Watson's receipted requisition, approved by Commodore Smith, at Toulon, under date of the ?2'2d April, and paid on the :24th idem, for '24,914 Spanish dol lars, for the use of the United States squadron in the Me diterranean. This payment enables me to wait on you with Fitch, Brothers ScCo.'s account current with the Navy Depart ment, up to this data, with a certificate of deposite in the Exchange Bank of this city, payable to the order of the Treasurer of the United States for $1^812 09, to balance this account?both of which you will find enclosed ; and, if found correct, please causo me to be officially advised of their duo conformity with the books and accounts of tho Navy Department. This account current, you will pirceive is brought down from that of the 1'ith December, 1843, and credits the Department with $107,97*2 30, as stated by me in Senate document 39-2, first session '28th Congress, page 33. The interest account stated on same page, and en dorsed on the face of it by your predecessor, Mr. Secre tary Mason, "as furnished by Mr. Fitch in illustration," although subsequently claimcd, and justly duo, 1 have re linquished, desirous of giving the department this further proof of Fitch, Brothers & Co.'s liberality, as well as their faithful and honorable compliance in every other respect with the contract entered into as temporary Navy Ageuts at Marseilles. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obi servant, A. FITCH, Senior partner of the firm of Fitch, Brothers & Co.. Late Navy Agents at Marseilles. Hon. Gkorue Bancroft, Secietary of the Navy. Treasury Department, ( Fourth Auditor's Office. May '27, 1840.) Gentlemen?1 have to inform you that your account as United States Navy Agents at Marseilles has been this day balanced and finally closed. I avail myself ol this opportunity to observe that, from the commence ment to the termination of your agency, as the records and files of this office show, your accounts have been rendered with remarkable punctuality and correctness, evincing the most faithful observance'on all occasions, and in all respocts, ef the contract eutered into by you with the Navy department. I am, gentlemen, very respectfully, your obedient ser vant, A. O. DAYTON. To Messrs. Fitch, Brothers k Co. Late Navy Agents, Marseilles. [From the Union of Tuesday night.] TREASURY Df.PA KTMtfIT, > Foirth Auditor's Office. May 17, ISIS. ( Sin?It might naturally bo interred, 1 think, from an editorial article in ) our paper of last evening, headed "Lnte Navy .Agent at Marseilles?ErrorCorrected," that a mistake hud occurred at this otiice in respect to the accounts ol those agents ; which is by no means the fact. I am satisfied that such was not your meaning, but I am apprehensive that a person not previously in formed upon the subject might understand, from the languago of that article, that .Messrs. Fitch, Brothers X Co. presented an account which was correctly stated; that, upon examination at this office, a supposed error or " discrepancy" was lound in it, but that upon a subse quent investigation, made by direction of Secretary Up shur, " it was ascertained that the imputed discrepancy was u mistake and that still another statement was made by Mr. Hamitel A. Alien, under direction of Secre tary Heiishnw ," again exhibiting Fitch, Brothers & Co. as indebted to the government in a sum greatly exceed ing (he amount s-(nutted by them." Now l In t? are these. There was first an official ltat*nicui ? ?<j this office showing that tho account in quexi ? presented by Messrs. Fitch, Brothers k Co., was >1, ii specla correct; and it was upon a sum mary, whu ii . iiM to Secretary Upshur, of that offi | eial statement thai Ins endorsement which you have pub lished *??? plated That statement being impeached by I some individual "looking for means," as Judge Upshur ! expresses it, "to turn another man out office," three sev I oral statements were subsequently made by direction of 1 the President, under tho supervision of three several I Secretaries of the Nary, by persons not connected with this offico. Two of these confirmed the official statement, and the recantation of the third as erroneous, by the per son who made it, you have published. i The truth if, that tho account presented by Messrs. ! Fitch, Brothers It Co. was correct in every particular. 1 It was so plain and so well sustained by vouchers, that it was scarcely susceptible of misunderstanding. It was not uutil, by au order of the lato President, it was re moved from this office, where it properly belonged, to be examined elsewhere, that the supposed error or " discre pancy" was discovered, which has since been so fully shown and so humbly confessed never to have had exist ence. 1 am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant. A. O. DAYTON. To the Editor of the Union. California.?'The revolution is progressing in Upper California, and the Mexican authorities have been driven from that portion of the Hepublic. The Revolutionists were about organi/.ing a republican f;overnmeut, with a President and a representative egislaturo modeled after the Legislature ot the United states. The revolution in Upper California is said to have been commenced without the loss ot a single life.? The people informod tho Governor that his exactions were cruel, oppressive, and contrary to thoso principles of enlightened government which prevailed among the most intelligent and prosperous nations. They asked a withdrawal of certain proclamations and laws istued by order of the Mexican government. They had no part in the enactment of those laws, and could not acknowledge the right of any bod) ol men to impose laws upon them without their knowledge or consent. The Governor treated the people with contempt, and threatened instant death if they persisted in their demand. Alarmed for their personal safety, tho settlers resolved to risk their lives at once in a struggle for independence. The govern ment herds, cattle, horses, *cc., were driven from around the Governor's dwelling or fort; scouting parties were stationed at a distance of some miles to cut off all supplies, and alter a lapse of a few weeks messengers were dispatched to the fort to ascertain the disposition Governor Michcltorena and his army. The armed settlers number two to one of the army. Resistance was useless and the Governor withdrew with his forces, leaving the country in possession ol the settlers, who had proclaimed it inde|>endent, as the " Republic of California."' Lndian Cottmcil..?The Council of the neighbor ing Indiana called hy the Creeks, convened an the 30th ultimo, at the Deep Kork, and will probably con tinue in session three or lour weeks. The Council was brought about by the late difficulty between the I reeks and Pawnee Mahat, and has for its object, we imagine, the adoption of such measures as may Mem best calcula ted to prevent a recurrence of any depredations amongst tUo different tribes, and the preservation of good feelings betwc on them. As the objects ol the < reeks in conve ning their brethren around the council lire, aio alto gether pacific, we hope the effect may be salutary, and the paths leading to and from their respective homes be kept open.? Cherokre .1ilr. May H. Special Sruloim. Before the Recorder and Aldermen < ompton and Misse role. Mat 30.?Staling a Wife.?An old man, 70 yean of are, whose white hair fell loosely down liii brawny tnauldors, was charged with abusing her whom lie had promised to lore, honor and protect. He declared, how ever, that he would never do so again, and the old lady begged he might be forgiven. The Recorder, after be stowing a well merited rebuke against so grave an of fence, discharged him ; and the old gentleman, placing his arm around thoold lady's waist, left the court room? kissing her in token of repentance. Petit larceny ?Adeline Farrington was charged with stealing a bundle o( clothes from Mrs. Carey, who Mid Adeline h?<l boarded with her for eight weeks and never paid for it. '.flic watchman called said he arrested Adeline* with * bundle of clothes, at half past 1 o'clookjat night, which Mrs. Carey recognised as her own. Sentenced to i City Prison two months. .Inother.?Rose Watson was charged by Dora Griffin with stealing several dresses from her. Rose said she I didn't steal them, but went to the pawn office at Dora's request, and pawned them for three (hillings. Sentenced ' to one month in the City Prison. Pocket Picking.?Wm. Timpton, an escaped convict, was charged by watchman Andrew Rogers, with picking the pocket of a sailor, on the steps of the Tabernacle. When Timpson saw the watchman approaching, he ran, and threw the money away. Sentenced to Blackwell'a Island for six months. ^istaiUt and Battery.?Ferdinand L. Hall was charged by S. L. King with making an assault on him. It appear ed both were captains of small vessels, and the dispute occurred about the place their vessels should occupy at the dock. King alleged that Hall struck him with an axe, and seized him by the throat while pulling in hia sloop. Case postponed until Tuesday morning. Stealing a />? ?*.?George Cisco, a colored man, waa ?laced at the bar, charged with offering a dress for sal* to Mr. Philips, of Chatham street,which he had previoua ly stolert. George said he got the dress from a colored woman, who asked him to sell it for her. City Prison three months. Stealing Clothetf~~W m. Bumpier, was charged by Wm. Jones with stealing clothes from him in Washington streot. It appears that Sumpter is an Englishman, who has been but one monlh in this country, and is an engra ver; that he slept in tlie room with Jones, and during the night stole the articles and unscrewed the lock of the door to escape. Feaitentiary six month*. Jlnnther.?Wm. Smith, George Howard, and William , HarmaiJ, three boys, were charged by Mathew Whit* with stealinga ceat, vest and pantaloons from 58 White hall street. The pantaloons were found on them, and the | parties gave sucli information as led to the recovery of the property, in consequence of a promise made by White that he would not appear against them. Smith j sentenced to penitentiary for six moths?the others dis < charged. Supreme Court. May 30.?Polly Hotline?Mr. Graham concluded the argument in this case, when the Court adjourned over for the term. The decision in this case will not be given until July. The following decisions were given :? New Trial Denied?Wood vs. the Utica and Shenectadjr Railroad Co.; Thompson ads. Parmelee ; Moxon vs. An nas: Cromwell vs. CollinH et al; Wheeler et al vs. Mc Farland ; The Champlain Transportation Co. ads. Cook et al; Selden ads Ward et al; Lower vs. Smith Bull vs. Ketcnum : Hodge vs. Gallup et a] ; Van Alstyne et al va Richmond, sheriff; Foote, executor, ads. Whitmore ; Wlcfcham vs. Bartram ; Peters vs. Sandford et al; Ved der vs. Veddir ; Heard and wife vs. Horton et al; Van Den Burgh ads. Havens and wife ; Laraway ads. Hug Eins ; Canlield vs. Bernard ; Wharton et al ada. West ; yness et al vs. Noble. Judgment Reverted?Dishow et al vs. Saunders ; Ho man et al vs. Brinckerheff; Haywood vs. Miller; De Bow 7s. The People ; Miller etal vs. Davis ; Lewis et al vs. Mull: Legg vs. Olney et al ; Copley vs. Usher; Smith vs. Farnham ; Jackson vs. Morris et al; Olmsted vs. Husted; l'aine vs. Peck. 4- Judgment Affirmed?Gilbert vs. The People ; Doon vs. Cowing ; Howe vs. Wilton ; Hicks et al vs. Van Scoy ; Lester vs. Crary ; Stanton vs. Stanton: Masson vs. Booet; Conway vs. Starkweather, Senr ; Carter vs. Mil ler ; Palmiter vs. Clark ; Vosburgh vs. Cliolwell; Odbert vs. Potter et al ; Wilbur vs. ltumsey ; ('helps vs. Tayler etal; Burr vs. Clark ; Fitch vs. Humphrey ; Saciavs. Clark ; Babcock vs. Lipo : Randall vs. Smitn et al ; Vin cent vs. Cooper et al ; Godfrey vs. Morris et al; Fish vs. Newton; Sluudler vs. Houston ; Gibbons vs. Gouveneur; Marsh et al vs. Shute etal; Rogers vs. Gilman ; White vs. Sherman ; Peck vs. Hastings. f>ew Trial Granted?Costs to abide the event.?Hoytads. Boyntonet al; Van Buskirk ads. Doremus ; Judson ads. Slocum ; Miller ads. Emery ; Barry ads. The Bank of Orleans ; Collins et al ads. Seymour et al ; Harrison ads. Vs# Kps ; Itawkon, impleaded, ads. Butter; Schermer horn ads. The Scncca County Bank ; Reeve ads Terry ; Nichols ads. Hewitt; i.ittlefield ads Isaacs et al; Gillct ads. Brown ; Bcreton ads. Wright ; Rutherford ads. Ru therford ; Halt ads. Thorneet al. Judgment of the C. P. Reverted and that of the Juttice affirmed.?Peck vs. Cowing ; The Trustees ot the Village of Syracuse vs. Sherman; Matthews vs. Lawrence ; Hornby ads. Shumway ; Hilton vs. Dunlay ; Thompson et al vs. Sayre ; Klliet vs. Thompson ; Fairchild et al vs. Benham ; Miller et al vs. Butts ; Higbee vs. Leonard ; Ilinmln vs. iiapgood ; Carman vs. Newell; Kellogg et ed vs. Boardman ; Bigclow vs. Miller; Newcomb vs. Clark. Judgment reverted, venire de novo by C. P.?Bay et al vs. Gunn; Stuart vs. Weaver; t^uackenbush vs. Danks; Tompkins et al vs. Browu; Bennett etal vs. Burch; Hast ings et al vs. Belknay; Whitcomb et al vs. Green; Bur rows vs. Cook et al; Perrine vs. Hasbrouck; Young vs. Whiteside. Judgmeut for Defendant on Demurrer?leave to amend an the usual termi?Bieieton vs. Hull; Capron ads. Van Tassel; Marsh et al vs. Brace; Ryerson vs. Merrill; Hal* et al vs. Townsend. Judgment for Plaintiffs on Demurrer?leave to amend en the. usual terms?Strong et al ads. Boyd et al; Stanlow vs Dairs; The People vs. Sterling; same vs. Ross; Biak halter ads. Bogart; Muzzy vs. Snattuck, impld; Ford vs. Babcock. Report of Referees set aside?ro?t$ to abide the event.? Wood v?. Wilcox; Travis ads. Travis. Motion to tet aside report of referees denied.?Sadler at al ads.| Martin Same ads. Seymour. Hockman vs. Di mon et al. Report of referees set aside.?Wcstervelt et al T?. Wells adm'r. h'ew trial denied, and proceedings remitted to Columbia General Ses?ions, with directions to proceed and render judgment?Call ads. The People. Judgment reversed and judgment for Defendant on de murrer.?Jones vs. Curtis. Judgment reverted and new trial ordered?Walker vs. The People. Mctieeads. The People. Judgment for Defendant as on a report that nothing it due the. Plaintiff.?Trotter vs. Hickman. Judgment Arrested.?Dillingham Kxr. ads. Thorn* and wife. Report set aside unless l'laintiff deducts $9A '17c.?Sto ry ads. Hkidmorc. Conviction Reversed.?Alkinhack vs. The People. Mew trial granted unless the Defts. consent to amend the verdict, so that fltf. will recover three-fifths instead of one fifth of the premises in i/uestion.?".Veitnig vs. Kesler. Judgment for Deft, on Demurrer.?Muzzy, Shf1?. ads. The People. New Trial Granted.?Costcllo, impld. Icc. ads. The People. Motion in arrest of judgment denied.?Siter ads. Morris. Judgment for the Defendant.?The Medical Institution of (Jeneva College vs. Patterson. Judgment for l'laintiff on Demurrer to first replication, and for Defendant on Demurrer to second replication ? leave to amend on usual terms.?De < iroot, Kxr. ads. Ben jamin. Common Picas. | May 30.? Thomas Trumhle vs. Andrew Gilhonly and : John J. Gilhooly.?This was an action of trespass, for ' forcible ejection, and alleged cruelty, on the i>art of de 1 lendants, who hired out apartments to plaintiff, who, it appears had been formerly a commissioned officer in the I British service. Having arrived iu this country via the , Canada^*, it appeared he took up his residence on certain premises belonging to defendant?, situated on William ' street, some time about last fall, with an interesting i and evidently respectable family, who appeared in court, consisting of a Wife, and several daughters? and was forcibly ejected by defendants ; the wife and daughter's furniture, and all his household property were thrown out on the street, after remaining in possession some three or four weeks, and were left houseless. Th? defence set up was, that plaintiff failed to satisfy the landlord in relation to the rent. Verdict this forenoon. Marine Court. M*v 30.?John Habahkul vs. , Samuel Allen.?Action to recover damages lor assault and battery committed on the high seas, iu April last. Doth parties are seamen. Ths assault was committed on board the ship Sarah. Verdict this forenoon. IT. S Marshal's Ofllcc. May 30.?Ashhurton Treaty.?The seaman Warr, ian Knglishman) whose arrest we noticed yesterday, will be examined this forenoon under the provisions of the \sh burton treaty, on a charge of forgery, before the U. t>. Commissioner. Ilia son (an interesting lad' voluntarily remains with him in prison. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kdmonds. May 30. ? Kinney vs. Wnfer-Tho Jury, in thil case, rendered a verdict for plaintiff, f471. Another Vti.t.auk Bhkxkd.?Pans, u small vil lage about seven miles lrom Stf ubenviile, on the Pittsburgh road, was nearly consumed a few days since. The village consisted of 17 houses - 13 of which werede i stroyed. Among the four remaining arc a tavern and ! the Associate Reformed Church. The ffteuhenrille Herald j says "this little town was the seat of considerable trade with the neighborhood in which it was located, and was steadily increasing Its population and wealth. The blow it lias now received will <|uite prostrato it. [?'irk at N'kw Lkpanon ? I regret to communicate the intelligence of one of the most destructive fires that ever visited this place. The loss of the dwelling house of Mr. Sandy, Baptiit clergyman at the Springs, and the Navarino House, owned by Mr. Rich, also his dwelling attached. It was formerly a boarding house 4urmg the watering season, but now occupied by Mr. Hubbard as a boarding school.?- I.ehanon letter, May '1H. Mormon.?An uncommon Urge audience likened to ii dipcotirfts from ICIder \V. Smith, ?n Sunday forenoon. And who could hear without reflecting that he was the last man ot five brother* who had carried this kingdom in their arms when it was a child' Nauwt Aeifkbor.

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