Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Haziran 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Haziran 1845 Page 4
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The prowrtbtd Boak I tenth ?dlUom The Qviitl CrTT : on Movgror Mora II all !?U just i-sued iu O.'W volume, complete. ?r ten uuinbers complete. price $1, sin g la. timber* 12S? OCUti, for s Je by alt CBNH publication agents. No American novel has ever niet with such aaiouitning suc cess as "The Quaker City," ol whichV),000 numbers have al ready been sold. , . . . . .. . "The Iragediee from which the foundation of una work is drawu, were thrilli.ig and horrible, ret the forcible pea Of the author ha* heightened the subjects into a fearful iuterest. ? Western Literary Review. . "This u a bold book. It it the first American work which, written with the intention of illustrating the secret life 111 oju large republican ci(]es has met with a decided approval from the public The work will live in the record* ol our literature, a? clie tint American novel, describing life aadgwy. and manpew, not only as they appear, but as tbey are.I hiladelphia Home Journal. " What a Beautiful Set of Teeth you have," said a young lady a day or two siuce to her friend. " How do you muiage to keen them in such Perfect order f ?V by, said she iu reply, "I w ? up to Dr. Castle the other day, harms before suffer.tI with rliem very much ; he cleaned them for me, nud told me tint it I would use Dr. Sherman's Orrts roQCh Paste altogether, and never meddle with any trashy washes and deutrifices, I not only would liaje a beautiful set ol teeth al ways, but also would preserve ihy teeth from the collection of tartar, which so often em-rusts tliem, and brings on premature decay, but also avoid bad breath. I have followed his directions and Jo not resret it; and I am persuaded that if you would do as I have done, you would soon perceive the difference in your own teeth, winch are naturally good, but literally ruined in aapear .nice by the use of trash, or what is worse than trash; for the ar ticles you use destroy the enamel, and will soou destroy the teeth altogether." Dr. Sherman'!, warehouse is No. 106 Nassau street. Hissgents, 110 Broadway: 10 Astor House; 227 Hudson street; 188 liowery, 77 Kast Broadway; 3G William street; aud 89 Chesuut street, Philadelphia. All Philadelphia Subscription* to the IIkhald must be imid to the ohlt ai thorized Aokkts, Zie her It Co.. 3 Ledger Building, Third street, near Chestnut.? Terms?7.) cents a month, including the Sunday paper; or 65 reins without it; delivered free of chtrge in any part of Phila delphia. Single Copies lor sale as above, daily, at 1 o'clock? .Price 3 cents. The Wkkki.t IIf.bai.h is also for sale every Saturday morn ing?Price 6'a cents, or 33 per annum, delivered iu any part of Philadelphia, free of postage. if/*" All the new and chrap Publications for sale at their es laldishmeut, as soon as issued, wholesale and retail. I[/*" With the esceptiou of one paper, the " Herald" is read us much, perhaps, iu Philadelphia, as any paper published iu that <-ity, affording a valuable medium to advertisers. Advertise ments handed to the agents at hall' past 4 o'clock, will appear in the Herald next day. MONEY MARKET. Sunday, Jane 1?6 P. M. The stock market has not been for yean in a more de pressed state than at present. Prices for all the fancy etocks and for some of the good securities are gradually sinking and we see nothing in, the prospective likely to produce the slightest favorable change; but on the con. trary, many things threatening to create a still greater depression and a further decline in prices. It it impossi ble to discover all the causes for this state of things, when money is plenty and there are no speculations of consequence going on in any of the stapla articles of commerce, but we think one of tho principal causes of the steady decline in prices it the absence ot outside ope rators and the great quantities of stocks upon the market Among the many kinds of stock daily od e red or sold in Wall street, there are very few that are really of any ^lue, or holding out any inducements for investments. Several of tlie fancy Railroad stocks are losing ground in the estimation of speculators, at they do not increase in value so rapidly as anticipated. Mauy operators thought a year ago, that long before this time such stocks as Long Island Railroad and Norwich 8t Wor cester, would have reached par and have been good divi dend paying sccurities;wherean they are several percent lower than they were last May, without the most remote probability of reaching par, any time within the present year. Other fancy stocks in the list are not actually worth a fraction more than they wcro last June, while the market value is from Ave to ten per cent bolow prices then current. Ohio 6's aro four or five per cent lower now than on the 1st of last Juno, and Kentucky 6's are five per cent lower. It is true that the value of capital is greater now, but the difference in the rate of intorest is not sufficient to produce so great a decline. Theso stocks have rather improved in value than otherwise, but still they arc heavy at onr quotations. We cannot anticipate any improvement until fall. The inactivity of summer is upon us, and until business becomes active again in other departments, wo cannot expect any advance in stocks. We annex a table giving tho quotations curreat each day during tho past week, with those current at the close of the week previous. It will be observed that prices have been very uniform. Quotations for thi Principal Stocks in the New Yorr Mahxet. Sat. Mnn. 7Vy. Wti. ITi'y I'Y'u. Sat. Long Island 72), 70>j 71 72 72 72'., 71W Mohawk 59% 50 50 50 5!) 6(1 ? Harlem 71* 70? 71 72 71% 71% 71 t.i.itoii.. 42% 42 42 42'4 42U 42% 42 Farmers'Loair 34? 31 31 31 3l>a 31% 34 Nor. and Wor Til. 71% 71'4 71?* 72 73 72% Ohio Sixes 98% ? 98 ? ? 98% Illinois Sixes ? 3B'l{ ? 38 ? Indiana ? 33% 33% ? ? Kentucky Sixes 101 101 101 101% I01'4 ? ? Penn'a. Fives 72% 72 72 73 73 73% 72 Stqninrton 35% 35 35 35% 35% 35 31% trie Railroad 30 30 30V 30% 30 30 29', Vicktburc G% 6% 6% 7% 7% - 7% U.S. Bank.. ? ? 6 6 ? ? 6 Reading RR 49', 49 4$% 49'* 49V _ _ Morris Canal 31% 31% 31% 32 32 32 31% Last Boston J|% 14# 14% 14% H 13% _ A comparison of the quotations ruling at the close of the market yesterday with those current on the Saturday previous, show a decline in Long Island of 1 per cent; Harlem J ; Canton J j Farmers' Loan } ; Norwich and Worcester } ; Ohio 6's 4; Penntylvania 6's j ; Stoning ton J ; Erie Railroad J ; Morris Canal J. The only ?took that advanced was Vicksburg, which closed at an advance of j) per cent. The Patapsco Bank of Maryland, at Ellicott'i Mills, has declared a dividend of three per cent for the last six The enforcement of the itamp act of Maryland in pro ducing quite an excitement in Baltimore, und several points have been rained by legal gentlemen in relation to some of its provisions. In order that its true construc tion may be ascertained as soon as possible, the Executive has addressed a letter to the Attorney Cieaeral of the State requesting him to have a case brought before the Court of Appeals, for its decision at the June term, which will embrace all the points of doubtful construction. The Governor specifies the following points 1st Whether official bonds, or any bonds with colate ral conditions, are within the act ? '.id. Whether certificates of deposit issued by banks, are embraced by the act ? 3d. Whether a bank in this State can draw a check on a bank out of the State without a stamp ? 4th. Whethor bills of exchange, drawn by banks char tered by this State, require a stamp 7 The Bank of Baltimore, although disposed to comply with the law in its most enlarged construction, has agree to make a case to test the question. By the arrival of the steam ship Ureat Western, we have advices from all parts of Europe thirteen days later than those received by the Britannia. The commercial news is highly interesting and important. The move ments in the cotton market have been very extensive and ruinous to speculators. Trevious to the arrival of the steam ships Oreat Western and Caledonia from this coun try, very large sales were made in Liverpool, in antici pation of difficulties with this country. The sales ranged from twelve to twenty thousand balos per day, at prices current on the 4th of May, the day of the Britannia's de parture. On the arrival of the fJreat Western, on the 8th of May, speculation nearly ceased, but prices remained firm, until the arrival of the Caledonia, when the market broke down and prices fell ofl' full one-quarter of a penny per pound. The decline was very sudden, and it is pos sible later accounts received from this side, confirmed the decline and produced a depression in the market equally as great as the previous advance. In connection with the favorable accounts from this side in rela tion to political affairs, the reportj of larger re ceipts of cotton at the principal ports of this country than in any previous?even the great crop year ?hadn very unfavorable effect upon sales and upon pri ces iu Liverpool. The speculation in this staple, which has heen so suddenly checked, w as founded entirely upon the possibility of a rupture with the United State*; operators concluding, from the reduced state of prices, that no material decline could, under any circumstances, fake place while the possibility of the misunderstanding between the two countries leading to some difficulty, Was so great that the risk was worth taking. It is a very remarkable fact that the excitement of speculation and the large sales, between the fth and the ftth of Maj , pro duced no improvement in prices. Holders having no faith in the belief that the amicable position of the two countries was to be so suddenly destroyed, were anxious to realize and meet the speculators freely with supplie* at prices current on the 4th of May. The advance was very favorable for American interests as the loss falls upon second hands, who were principally local specula tor*. Tho London money market was in a very easy condi dition and the rate of interest rules at about two and a half per cent. Tho falling off in the railway excitement had thrown upon the market capital seeking employ ment in some other channel. The railway ex citement has reached its heighth, and was steadi ly but gradually subsiding, and it was suppo sed, would come down to a very moderate level, without producing ? revulsion in the money market or any unfa vorable or injurioii* effect upon commercial affair*. The decline In thi* speculation has rcduced the price of iron, as the anticipated demand for rail* ha* been very much reduced. Holder* of American aecuritie* were very much alarmed al the movements of the British government, in relation to the miiunderatanding with the United States, and were much relieved by the complexion of the advice* from thi* country. The demand for State stocki wo* unusually limited. Pennsylvania had become almost unmarketable, and the depreciation ii full ten per cent on the highest previous quotations. The last quotations were nominal ly GO a 61. The prospect of a non-payment of the August interest had an unfavorable effect upon this stock, inde pendent of the efl'eet of the anticipated difficulties be tween the two countries. The weekly reports of the Dank of England show a very great regularity in the movements of that inititu tion. Accon|jng to the last report there appears a de crease in the amount of notes issued, and the increase in the amount on hand shows that the actual circulation is lass than before. Bank or Enoland. March 15. March 29. Jlpril 26. May 10. Notes Issued ?29,118,060 29,471,410 29,233,945 20,222,935 Oold coin It bullion IS, 102,753 13,380,953 13,180,672 13,124,113 Silver bullion 2,045,307 2,090,457 2,073,473 2,098,822 B'king Drf't. Rest. 3,579,429 3.581,034 3,176,289 3,183,822 I ublic deposites... 6,451,283 7,321,855 2,643.44 8 3,391,477 Other de|<o>ite?... 9,994,572 10,713,052 10,781.637 10,0(15,488 Seven d^y and other bills 930,378 1,023,977 17,181,547 1,106,626 Govern t securities 13,474,379 13,589,379 13,921,966 13,416,966 Other securities... 11,06,377 13,126,189 9,680,272 10,104,614 Notes 9,141,385 9,717,280 8,101,770 8,140,050 Oold fc silvnr coiu 796,251 732,810 631,913 638,751 We annex a table showing the actual circulation of the bank at the four periods named above : Circulation or thk Dank or Knolanu. March 15. Marc'' 29. *1prit 26. May 10. Notos issued ?29,148,009 29,471,410 2^253,945 29,222,935 Notes on hand 9,451,385 9,747,280 8,101,770 8,140,330 Actual circulation. ?19,696,675 19,724,130 21,152,173 21,082,585 There had beon no material change in the movement* of the bank between the 26th of April and the 10th of May. The falling off in the amount of deposits shows an active demand for money, but the operations in rail way shares are so extensive and arc so mixed up with the business of the bank that it is impossible to tell whether any change in the operations have been caused by the complexion of commercial matters or not. The report of the banks of Scotland and Ireland made out in the old form, exhibits the annexed circulation on the 2?th of April Promissory Notes or Provincial Banks. SCOTLAND. IRELAND. Chartered Private and Joint Stock Bank of Private Sr Joint banks. Ireland. Stock Banks. Total. April 26. .. ?3,001.240 4,036.400 3,016,231 10,053,871 March 29. .?2,950,870 3,946,625 3,105,562 10,003,047 Increase,.. ?30,370 89,775 ? 30,824 Decrease.. ? ? 89,321 ? The Provincial Bank of Ireland has approved of the measure of Sir Robert Peel for the future regulation of banking m Ireland. The Bank of Ireland has not at tempted any opposition to the bill, and it is supposed the new arrangement will go into operation without any op. position from any quarter. Old Stock Exchange. $5000 Ohio 7's 101'vi -00 .has Harlem RR 71 1000 Ohio 6's, '60 9?% ]25 L Island RR s30 71% 500 do '36 98 375 do 71X 10000 Penu'a 5's t60 72?* 200 do *2 b60 72 25000 do 73 100 Erie RR 60d 30 5000 III. spcl bd? blO 37*4 15 do 29% 100 shas U S Bank 6 50 do 29% 100 do b60 6 65 do 29la 40 Ohio Life StTr *6in 97 100 do ?90 28% 50 Farm's Tr 1)30 34% 125 Patersou RR 89 50 do b30 31 75 do ** 90 50 do blO 34*4 25 Stoniugtou RR b30 34% 250 do b60 34>4 50 do 34% 175 do 34 100 do 34 300 Canton Co 42 25 do slO 31 50 do >10 42 100 Nor and Wore 72'i 60 do >30 42 300 do >60 72% 75 do liGO 42>i 125 do 73 25 Morris Canal 32 Second Board. 50 shas Nor and Wor !>3 72V 25 shas Stonincton >10 33>, 50 do blO 72% 100 do b30 333, 25 Stoniugton RR 33% New Stock Exchange. 50 shas Vicksburg c 7% 50 ahas Nor and Wore c 72 100 Farm's Tr June 9 34 125 do c 72% 25 do c 34 150 do ) bnw 73 200 do bl5 31 50 do c 72T? 50 do sl5 33% 25 do >30 72>; 273 do b3 34 25 do b3 72 yA 100 do c 33% 25 do * s3 72^ 400 L Island RR stvr 71% 25 Stonington RR c 34% 25 do d3 72>4 25 do c 34 50 do styr 71 75 do b3 31 25 Nor and Wore buw 72?* Sales of Stock* at Boston. Exchange Board, May 31.?5 >baras American In> Co 38; 25 New England Worsted Co 101&; 25 do, bolm. 101%; 1 Trstnnnl Ins Co 103; 30 East Boston Co 14; 5 Nor it Wor RR 73; 100 do 73V, 300 Wilmington RR 19)*. Baltimore Cattle Market. Mat 30.?There have been no fresh arrivals of bee: cattle. The supply offered at market on Monday was larger than for some weeks past, and sales were made al prices which show a decline from former rates. The of ferings at the Scales comprised 400 head ; of these 80 re main unsold, 100 hoad were driven to Philadelphia, and the balance, amounting to 270 li-w.d, were sold to butch ers at prices ranging, according to quality, from $2 60 to 3 28 per 100 lbs. os the hoof, equal to $4 50 and 6 28 net The overage is $3. On Thursday, the balance remaining unsold was again offered, but only 10 of them were tak en at $2 78. There is a fair supply ef live hogs in mar ket, but not so many as last week. The demand is li mitad, and prices less firm. Tho rates asked by holdori range, according to Quality, from $o to d 12} per 100 lbs Holders still demand $6 28 for small, select and prime lots. EIGHTH WARD, PUBLIC SCHOOL ELECTION. THE following Ticket is presented to the Electors for their support? For Commissioner, GERARD US BOYCE. For Truster, HENRY T. KIER8TED ju2 lt*rc Far Inspector, WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN. GUARD DAHLIA SALE. THERE will be a grand sale of IKK) Double Dahlias at JrcjogThorburn's Saloon, 15 John stn-et, on Wednesday, Jane ^JL?.4th, at 11 o'clock. They will be sold in baskets contain ing 1) plants each, every one of which is warranted beautiful,and all raised at the garden at Astoria. Now is the proper season for planting out. Also, 20 baskets, each containing 8 handsome Oarden Flower ing Vines, among which are the Ipomea Learii, a splendid run ner, tlowrriiig profusely all summer; Maurandia Barclayana, &C Catalogues ready on Monday alternoon, and the plants on view froin Tuesday morning till lime of sale. J AS. M. THORBNRN k CO.. 15 John street. J. B. Glover, Auctionher. j2 3t?ec jiAL/iTEUKS OF MUSIC, JiTTENTION. 1.1 OR SALE?A splendid Spanish Guitar, an unusual rich JT and loud toned instrument Also an excellent eight-keyed coro-wood Klule, both of which w .1 be disposed of cheap. Enquire of C. H Rv.mmv, Engraver, corne, of Chatham Square and Doyer street, up stairs, entrance in Doyer street. j2 3t?m TURTLE SOUP ~1ND STEjIKS. A FINE GREEN TURTLE will be served up in Soup and Steaks. to-day and to-morrow, (Monday and Tuesday,) at the Bank t offee House, No. 15 Nassau street, one door from the corner of l'ine street. j2 lt*m BOARDING. ONE or two gentlemen can be accommodated with board in a respectable private family, on moderate terms, where there are no other boarders taken, in an airy healrhy situation, within two minutes walk of the rail cars or omnibuses. Can also have the benefit ofhot and cold baths. A note addressed to X. Y.Z., at the office of this paper, will be punctually attended to. ju2 lw*r? PA VILION HOTEL, ELIZA BE TUPOR T, NFW JERSEY. THE subscriber begs to announce to his IViends and the pub lic. I hat the above House (lately kept by Mr Moore) hav ing undergone a complete aud thorough repair, is now open for the reception of visiters. The table will be furnished with every delicaey the market affords, and every attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment or visitors, will lie promptly and cheerfully bes towed. The near proximity of Elinbethport to New York, renders this adesirable summer retreat for persons engaged in business in the City, as the Cars and Steamboats run nearly every hour during the day. GILBERT B. GALE. Communications can be left at 57 White street, New York. j2 2t*rc _ _ LECTURES" ON ANIMAL AND MEDICAL MAG NETISM. R. STRONG would announce to the public thathe will give a Course of Lectures upon the science of Magnetism at the two following places, vix on every Tuesday evening, commencing May 27th, atthe Franklin Hall, Chatham square; every Friday evening at St. Luke's Buildings, corner of Hud son and Grove. The object of these Lectures are to elicit truth, and place the science upon grounds that will be out of reach of thecharlatans who so numerously thrust themselves before us, el liming attention to then feats of falsa powers and deception. Various experiments will be tried in the course of these Lec tures in applying Electricity in different forms to the magnet ixed subject. Lectures will commence precisely at 8 o'clock. Admittance I2*< cents. Je2 Iw'm D! Twine and shoe thread. 5, #. 8, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36 lb Seine Twine, 2 a :i cord gilling do 2 H'id 3 thread India do ''Hopewell" cotton seine do ol every site. Wrapping and Manufacturers' Twines of every description. Shoe 1 lir-ad of every description, including Tit ley, Tathim and Walker's. For sale by CEBRA k CUMING, j? It*en 106 Pearl street. SHIP ST. NICOLAS?If the wind should he favorable, will sail to-day. Passengers are reqtiesled to be on board the steamboat Hercules, at Whitehall, at 12 o'clock?June 2d. j2rc ST. DOMINGO COFFEE AND HAVANA SEGARS. G1 ROSIIEIM k CLAPHAM, 79 Pearl street, offer for sale? f 200 bags orime green St. Doiningo Coffee. 150 mille weil selected Havana Segars, of the most approved brands, such as Regalia*, Woodvifle, Small Regalias, Lord Byrons, (kc. j2 3tis?ec IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. .... " GALVANIC PINGS," IMPORTED and for sale by Mark Levy It Brother, 49 Maiden * i.ane, This new article is highly esteemed in Europe for its emcacy in all viatiug the excruciating pains of Tic Doloreux, Rheumatic Affections, Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, kc. kc. It is perfectly harmless, and may lie applied in all caaes with safety; lUifficacy is undisputed, lie/er being known to fill in accomplishing the |>iirpose. It has received the appro nation ol the medical profession, who have pronounced it to he tlie most important modern scientific invention. The charge is so low as to l>e within the reach of all classes. The great influence it exerts on the nervous system is -ruly astonishing and must be witnessed to In- believed. N. B.?No Liquid is needed with the above. m\-3l Iwis'm REFINED IRON?50 tons best quality o. F. Company's assorted sixes, ronad and square?for sale bv WOODHULL k MIN*TURNS, mWrr 87 South street. / ^ AS1 IRON WATER PIPES, of different sixes, constant ' ' ly on hand. Also, American Pig Iron, for sale by WARRINGTONk RICHARDS, my 23 lm'rh HI Water at. AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATRE. MONDAY EVENING, June H, willbe performed the cele brated Comedy of LONDON ASSURANCE?Sir Harcouri Courtly, Mr. Placide : Lady Gay Spanker, Mr*. G. Barrett. La I'olacca, by Mus St Clair. To ronclude with the Drama of GRANDFATHER WHITE HEAD?Grandfather Whitehead, Mr. Placide; Louisa, Mi Abbott. First Tier, 7) Cent*?Boxea, M and 3d Tien, S$ Cants?Pit, M Cent*?Gallery, 24 Cent*. Door* o|>eu at 7 o'clock, and the Carttin will viae precisely ai halT-put 7 o'clock. > IHLO'S UA1U)EN. WILL RE-OPEN ON Wednesday Evening, June 4Ui, With a gorgeous Fairy Spectacle, in the production of which uo expense hat been spared, called the SEVEN CASTLES OF THE PASSIONS. Scenery by Measrs. Hillyard, Isherwood, and Grain. Miss M. Taylor, Mi?* H. Matthew*, Miss Partington and Celesta; Mr*. Watts,^le*srs. T.Placide, (J&llagher, Nickiuson, 8cc , <cc. will uppaar in it. Mr. John Sefton, Mr. Davenport and Mr. Anderton will also appear on the sunt- evening. . SPLENDID FIREWORKS. At 9 o'clock, MR. EDGE will Bite a Display of the most Brilliant Fireworks. Many of tha colors ara entirely new, and known only to this artist. [17* An efficient Police will always be in attendance to main tain good order and keep all improper persous out. l\ckets hifty Onto.-Cf) A limited number of Season Ticket* will be diapoeed of. m31rc MCW BbWEKY THEATRE. Leasee... Mr. J. Try on. | Acting Manager. .Mr. W. Dinueford Stajje Manager Mr. J. Anderson. O" Boxes 35 cents-^Pit 12>? cants. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Curtain will rue at a quarter before I). Benefit of Mrs. Charles, _ Formerly Mrs. Hamblin. MONDAY EVENING. June 2d, will be presented the Comedy of BELLE'8 STRATAGEM?Doricourt, Mr Charles: Letitia Hardy, Mrs Charles. After which tha laughable Interlude of the HUMORS OK N1PPKRKIN; or, The Rival Soldier*?Nipperkiu, Mr W Chapman. After which the MANIAC; or a Scene from a Private Mad House?The Maniac, Mrs Charles. Clog Hornpipe, Mr Goodwin. The whole to conclude with the Irish Farce of HIS LAST LEGS?O'Callaghan, an Irithman of Geniu* ou hi* la*t legs, Mr J S Charles. [t. A" To-morrow evening a favorite Coinedy, with other enter tainments, for the Benefit ol Mrs Phillips. j2 ltVc PAL.MO'8 OPERA HOUSE. Monday Evening, Jnne Sid, POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK OF TIIE SERE NADERS, MESSRS. OERMON, STANWOOD, HARRINGTON, PELHAM AND WARREN, On which occasion will be introduced a variety of NEW SONGS. GLEES. CHORUSES, fee. Admlsaloit ?5 Cents. For particulars sea small bill*. __ Boxes and Seats can be secured at the Box Office, from 10 A. M. until 4 P. M. Door* open at Tri?Concert commence at 8.<i o'clock. An Efficient Police in attendance, to preserve order, under the direction of officer Steven*. VAl'XHALL GARDEN SALOON. P. DE LA REE... MANAGER. Monday Evening, Jnne the 2d, CHASTE AND ELEGANT PERFORMANCES IN THE GRAND SALOON. An Entire Change of Performance each Evming. The following ladies and gentlemen will have the honor of appearing:? Madm'selle Pauline de La Grand, the graceful Danaeuse, from the Paris Theatres. Miss A. Homer, the graceful Dansuase. Miss H. Roberts, a charminir Dan*eu*e. Mr. J Hyall, the well-known Comic Dancer. Mr. W. J. Hamilton, the favorite Ballad Singer. Mr. D. Gardiner, the humorous Comic Singer. Also, the Celebrated Band of E THE OP LIN OPERATIC BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Known as DAN GARDNER, the celebrated Neqro Wench: SAM JOHNSON, that old rouxh Nigger; C. WHITE, J. MYERS, 8. COLE and MASTER BRYANT, forming to gether the best baud of Etlieopiana in the1 world, each playing an instrument, from the Banjo to the Bones. O5* For particulars see small bills. ?Xf* Ail mission 25 Cents.-4Ji) rCT"No postponement on account of weather. Docrx open at 7}? o'clock. Performance commence at 8)4 o'clock. An efficient Police in attendance, under the direction of officer Histin. j2 lw*ro m CASTLE UAHDEN. Proprietors Messrs. French and Heiaer. 'An Entire Change of Entertainments. CONCERTS A LAMUSARD. Admission 25 Cents. Monday Evening, June 2d, Tha entertainments will commence with a Grand Operatia Overture. Mademoiselle Desjardines will dance El Jaleo de Xere* ! Yankee Hill will give a Humorous Entertainment. After whice Miss Pray will dance La Tyrolienne, and Made moiselle Desjardine* La Smolensk*. To conclude with Herr Cline on the Tight rope. .n-7- Between the Entertainments an intermission of Ten Minutes for Promenade and Refreshments. 0 / Doors open at half-past 6 o'clock. Performance to com mence at (o'clock. BURTON'S THEATRE. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA Mr. CONNER'S BENF.FIT. MONDAY, June 2. 1815. THE LAST DAYS OF POM PEII?Lydon, Mr. Conner : Arbaces, Mr. S. Johnston; Glau cus, Mr. Myers; Mydia, Miss Kirhy; Saga ofVesuvius, Mrs. Knight. The farce of DEAF AS A POST?Tristram Sapnv, Mr. Bur ton ; Capt.iiu Templeton, Mr. Conner ; Sally Maggs, Mrs. W. H. Smith. The drama of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER-Tom Go-a-head, Mr. Conner: Captain Madison, Mr. Dunu ; Rose, Mr*. W. H. Smith ; Julia, Mrs. Altemus. unt/S.n ur sthkui' thi1;hthis. Fry'i Grand 0|>era of LEONORA. Messrs.Pratt & Wemyis announce to the citizens of Philadel phia, that this Grand Lyric Opera, the first work of the kind ever written in America, will be produced On WEDNESDAY EVENING, June 4th, HIS. Mr. Seguin, Mr. F rarer and Mr. Seguin hare been engaged?and arrangements have been made with upward* of oue hundred vocal and instrumental performers. A? thia Opera, in every department, will be placed before the public on a more splendid scale of stage illustration than any thing heretofore attempted in America. Th* prices of admission will be, Boies 7} cents ; Pit 50 cents. H/3" Boi book is now open. jel 3fjht RICH CONCERT RARE AND BEAUTIFUL GLEES, SONGS, DUETTS fits. &c. THE UNDERSIGNED having formed an association for the purpose, will give, during the month cf June next, at the Coliseum, 430 Broadway, a series of THREE SECULAR CONCERTS; The music to consist of the Gems of Celebrated Authors, writ ten for three, four, and five voices, together with Songs, Duetts, Itc., most of which have never been performed in this country. The first performance will be given On Tueaday Evening, 3<1 of Juno, 1845, at 8 o'clock, P. II., With the foH<) winjt^Programme: Glee?My laddie is gone far away.. Harmonized by W. Knyvet. Quartett?Oft in the stilly night do by 8. Pen-son. Trio?The merry Gipsies do... by Thos. Welch. Glee?Turn, Holy Father, (Solo and Chorus of Nuns)..._ J. Clarke, Cambridge. Glee?Hail, Memory, hail, (Prize Glee of 1839) J. B.ittyc TART II. Glee?Descend, oh'. Show ny J. Battye. Dueit?Love's sweetest flowers by C. E. Horn. Glee?Once upon my cheek Dr. Calcott. Glee?Sleep on, [German Serenade] C.M. Weber Glee?Come o'er the hrook, Bessie. Arranged by H. R. Bishop. Mr. H. C. Timm will preside at the Piano. MRS. STRONG, MISS PEARSON, MR. W. D. COMES, MR. J. PEAR-ON. Single Tickets, fifty cents each, may he obtained at the Music Stores of Firth It Hall; Firth, llall It Pond, 239 Broadway; At will's; at the store of Saxtnn & Miles, 209 Broadway; O. F. Nesbitt, comer Wall and Water streets. Subscribers lor the course, or for two performances, will he entitled to three tickets for one dollar. Subscription lists will be left at the stores above named, and with H. Mei;;gs, 446 Broadway. New York, May 30th, 1845. m3l 4t'rc NEW BOWERY THEATRii. THIS establishment is now being erected on the ground oc cupied by ilia late popular Bowery Theatre, and will he ready for theatrical performances, by the 1st of August next. The subscriber will receive propossls for engagements from ladies and gentlemen of acknowledged taleut. Letters in all cases must be post pain, aud directed to the subscriber, No. 50 Bowery. A. W. JACKSdN, m!9 iw'in Manager and Proprietor. TO MASTER BUILDERS?Proposals will be received for building a number of small wooden tenements, hi the vici nity of New Vork. A line with real name, addressed to "Vil lage," and left at the office of this paper, (Herald, )stating where an interview may be had, will be attended to and the plans exhi bited. jel lw*m TO THE PUtfLlC. I NOTICE THE PUBLIC that Doctor JOSEPH HEINE, No. 20DUANK STREET, is my SON?win not ABSA LOM, DAVID'S SON? See Book Samuel. SOLOMON HEINE. M. D. je I 2m'ec No. 57 Reade street, New York. G1UANO?Recently arrived direct from lchiboe, tier Slink s' S|ieare. The various experiments made from tnis cargo has proved its quality equal, if not superior to any other Guano. Great care has been taken to put it in tight casks, that It may he kept any time without losing the ammonia. For sale, in lots to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS & CO. jel ec 56 South st. BEESWAX?5 barrels Pure Missouri Wax, well selected? for sale by E. K. COLLINS It CO., mttrc 3# South street. I'IRCK'8 First Premium new Patent two Oven K:tnge* ? combining economy, convenience and durability. Tliese Ranges are warranted superior to any ever offered. They are so constructed that it is almost impossible for them to gel out of order, or for the plates to crack, so common to all other Ranges. They have been in use for the last 18 months, and in every in stance given the utmost satisfaction, and iu no one instance has the proprietor been called on to repair one. All Ranges put u|i by the subscriber are warranted to give en tire satisfaction; il theydonot, they will be taken away without the least expense to the purchaser. GEORGE PIRCE, Proprietor, m29 Im'm 292Rrnadway. PEOPLES' LINK OK STEAMBOATS FPU Al.UAN V fiGA DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Through Di r*'r'? ?f 7 o'clock P. M., from the Pier between jBMaaAHsrfEaCoiirtlatidt anil Liberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Cruttendon, will leave on Monday. Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at7 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at7 o'clock. At 5 o clock P. M., landing it intermediate place, from the foot of Barclay street, Steamboat COLUMBIA, C.ipt. W. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at J o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 ?'clock. Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ny in ample time far the Morning Train ol Cars for the east ar west. The Beats are new and substantial, ire furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for s|>eed and accommodations are un rivalled on the Hndson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All l-ersons are Ibrhid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a written order from the Ciptains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Scnuit/.. at the office on the wharf. jujrc NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT ?The steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R. U XmHL Mary, will leave the foot of Coiirtlandt street, on TUESDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock. The Empire, owing to tier light draught of water, will be ana bled at all times to pass tlie bar, and reach Albany and Troy i? ample time to take the morning train of cars going east or west. For Passage or Freight apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at th- office on the wharf. Jtl2 re G H '.Ml'SEED?20 bids and 51 sacks Hemp Seed, just re reived and for ule by > 21 E. K. COLLINS It CO M South it. THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. DR. A. H. CRJ8TIE respectfully inform* the American l ublic that he Uai lately arrived from England, for the purpo?e of introducing in thin coBBtry, t lie novel application ol Electro 1 ??lrmii?ni discovered by his brdther, Professor Her nan (ristie of London, in October last. The discovery has received the universal approbation of the uiedical profession of Great Brttain, who have pronounced it among the most im portant of mode ii scientific inventions. The Patent Galvanic Rings have been found to answer all the purposes lor which the ordinary galvanic battery, or electric and magnetic ma chines are used, but are without auy of the injurious shocks which accompany the application by these instruments, and in many other respecta are more safe and certain ia accc~ plishing the desired object. The Galvanic Knr;s have now been several months before

the English public, and the uuiversal reputation they have ac quired are sufficient evidence of their extraordinary |x>wer in the prevention and cure of the diseoses for which they are re commended. They have been used with perfect success in all cases of rheumatism, gout, tic doloreux, Hick headache, indiges ti, n, paralysis, stiff joints, general debility, deficiency of ner vous energy, and all nervous disorders. The galvanic power which they |>ossess is gradual and constant, ami the beneficial effects they produce upon the aystem must be witnessed to be believed. The Galvanic Rings pre in every way perfectly harmless, and are sold at prices that are within the reach of all desirous of testing their efficacy. Dr. Cristie warns the Ame rican public from the beginning, to beware of IP rious imita lions. The only agency at present in the United States is at 134 FULTON STREET, a few doors from Broadway, 111 this city, and from tlie secrct process by which the metals are pre pared to be rendered sensitive and efficient, all imitations must be entirely devoid of any galvanic effect. CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID, used in connection with the Rings to accelerate the galvanic action, ia ouly to be procured at the same place. m31 lw*m NEW EMBROIDERIES. PETER ROBERTS respectfully calls the attention of his friends and the public to some splendid goods of the above description, received by recent arrivals, which, being imported direct from the Etiro|iean manufactories, will be solu at a trifling advance on the original cost. He would also call atten tion to several lota purchased at auction, at an immense sacrifice, which will be found well deserving an early ius|iection. The following are very desirable, being 25 per ceut under the usual retail prices? High-neck Chemiaetts, richly embroidered, from 14s to $3,50 worth $2,23 t"jS5,50. 500 Embroidered CollAs, finished edges, for Bs., usual price 10s 6d. 150 Embroidered Capes, at $3, usual price$5. 50 do do very rich, from $6 to 200 prs Embroidered Under Sleeves, from 4s to $3,50. 1 case Embroidered Dresses, from $3 upwards. 500 doz Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, from 6d. 50 do do extra large size, for gentlemen's use. 45 do do hemstich do. from 3s 6d. 30 do do Rivierd borders. A choice assortment of rich embroidered Handkerchiefs, which are offered unusually cheap. 5 cases of various styles of Swiss and Flench Muslins, in stripes, plaids, figures, &c. &C. A lot uew Muslin Trimmings, baces, Veils, Hosiery,Gloves, tec.. &c., all of which will be sold dpciued bargains, my31 lm?rc No. 373 BROADWAY. B USTLES SUPERSEDED. THE CIRCULAR 8KIRT, combining comfort with ele gance, is a sew article, peculiarly adapted for the present season. No lady of fashi n will be without it. To be had, and orders received, at MRS. KOETHEN'8 Dressmaking Establishment, m31 3t*rc 128 Spring street. I8S MADDEN respectfully informs the ladies of New . York and its vicinity, that her French Millinery and Divas Making establishment, 108 Canal street, is now o|>en. Spring and Summer Fashions, consisting of silk, crease, ribbon, fancy Neapolitan, straw, braid and gimp Bonnets, of the newest Pari sian and London styles, just received i?r last steamer. Country Milliners and Dress Makers supplied with the neweat Patterns at the shortest notice. Dresses and Robes of the latest fashion made to order at the shortest notice. Southern and Western orders promptly attended to. All description* of Bonnets cleared and altered in the newest style. ? a24 lm*m VAUTIO& TO THE PUBLIC. Office for the sale of the Original Genuine PULMONIC SYRUP, At No. 40 1-2 Cortlnn<lt street, lew York, ? as usual* FACTS FOR TIIE PEOPLE. OME YEARS AGO I was cured of a severe and danger ' ous illness by a Syrup made from an old Indian recipe, and being strongly urged by my friends as well as by the considera tion that much good might be done through the extensive intro duction of the Syrup to the public, 1 entered into an \rrange ment for that purpose, and located myself at No. 49X Courtland street, in the city of New York. Having confidence in a young man by the name of Schenck, I hid a verbal understanding with liim.and the medicine was sold in his name, and a true state ment of my cure by the Syrnp in hi* name, in the form of a cer tificate, was published and widely circulated. I continued this connection until I had reason to believe this person was deviating from the understanding. Complaint after complaint hsd come in to me relative to the variability and strength of (he Syrup. Thinking thata written agreement might be more effectual, 1 requested one, but it was declined. I could overlook and pardon any merely personal matter, but my repu tation was too completely interwoven with the reputation of this valuable medicine: I, of course, felt that whatever affected the oue would extend its consequences to tne other. I had encountered large expenditures in establishing and con ducting this business. My time and attention were devoted ex clusively to it. These influence*, based upon my well known character, and the certificate of my cure, with my advice to nu merous patients or their friends, who called at iny office, as well as to others whom I visited both in the city and country, and the gradually increasing and now wide-spread popularity of my treatment of consumption, colds, coughs, diseases of the or&ans of respiration, as well as the liver complaint and dyspepsia, have caused great numbers to make application to me, moat of whom I have been the means of benefitting and restoring to health.? Results like these were truly gratifying, and I did not feel wil ling that the ad/outages thus arising to all should be lost; nor cojld I conscientiou.ily permit my sphere of usefulness to bt narrowed through the neglect or variation of any other. To those who know me personally, and the history of my Sy rup, it is unnecessary to say that I hold the old original receipt, and have the most accurate knowledge of the only correct me thod of preparing this medicine through all its different stages. And in order to render it free from all impurities, as well as to insure its full and uniform strength, without the use of that kind of heat which tends to destroy the medical properties of some of the most effective ingredients. I have the aid of a discovery and the application of an imporvea and only suitable apparatus by which these objects can be successfully attained. Complaint! of inefficacy, blackish color, and variable strength can uevei arise from my process, the knowledge and employment ol which are confined exclusively to myself. The young man wfuue name has been incidentally mentioned being no longer interested in my business, has, I am told, set uj for himself, or at least opened an office iu this city; I wish him all the srccess that he may justly deserve. He invites the pub lic, I am informed, to come and buy mis geuuine Syrup, and wisely enough cautiona it against adulterated compounds. The Original Genuine Pulmonic Syrup prepared in this city exclusively bv myself is for sale in New York, ohlv at my oh: established office, 49K Courtlanint, on* door below Greenwich ?treet. P. S. BEEKMAN. my28 lm#m M1 S PRIMITIVE PHYSIC, OR THE COLD WATER CURE. Tl/TYSTHRYj Mischief and Misery neutralized, by Hydro 1" pathy, being a popular view of the lyitem as practised by Viuceut Pnessnitz, of Graefenbergh, a safe, natural and tried remedy for disorders incidental to the human frame. Here e-e no frauds, no quackeries, no nostrums to allure and mi.ilead.hul a simple natural, curative, within the reach and understanding of all. Reader, fail not to study and to practise this glorious dis covery, which Ood and Nature have sent for your preservation: in it yon will find a treasure, like the Scholar of Salamirca, profit mingled with pleasure. New York, published and sold at 126 Fulton street, and may be had of the booksellers?price cents. my27 lin'rc Health and strength. DR. S. O. RICHARDSON'S CONCENTRATED SHERRY WINE HITTERS. THE PROPRIETOR of this Medicine offers to the [nihlic the result of an extensive practice and a thorough inves tigation of tlie laws which govern a human system. It cannot be denied by those who have become acquainted with the singular virtues of tliese BITTERS, that they possess a lire-emi nence over all others now in use for tlis diseases which they pro fess to cure It is a well known fact that most diseases arise from a de rangement of the Stomach and Bowels in youthful, adult and de clining life. The stomach cram'd with every dish, A tomb of roast, and boiled, and flesh, and fish; Win-re bile, and wiud, and phlegm, and acid jar, Au-t alt tit* man is one intestine war." The eitensive sympathies which exist between these and every other jinrt ol'tlie living body, is the foundation of nervous dis eases of all kinds, irregular appetite, drowsiness, wandering pains,headache, Idwness of spirits, &c.; and these, in their turn, give birth to dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, shouiiess ol breath, jaundice, pilea, fevers, inflammatory humors, coughs, and a host of diseases, which embitter life and poison all sources of enjoyment. , Tlie distinguished character of these Bitters is most striking! their operation being more or less powerful, according to tlie vio lence of tlie disease. When used in appropriate quantity in case; of slight derangement of the stofcacn and bowela, caused by costiveness or a slight bilious difficulty , and tlie like, where na ture needs assistance to prevent more serious consequences, they will be scarcely felt. On the contrary, in obstinate cases, they frequently operate more powerfully, causing two or three evacu ations daily, until the circulation fluid becomes purified. This eccomplished, they act upon the system in connexion without food, each receiving mutual assistance, until tha constitution is restored to a state of health and renewed vigor. Sold wholesale and retail by A. B. It D. SANDS, Agents, No. 79 Kulton street, 273 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway. a!3 lm*m _____ COLT'S PATENT REPEATING FII! HARMS, WITH THE LATEST IMPROVEMENT OF 1M1. THE DEPOTforth* sale of the Colt's Pistols, Rifles, Car bines and Fowling Pieces, has been removed from No. 171 Broadway to No. 2 Barclay at-, near Broadway, under the Aster House, wnere a general assortment of tliese superior Fire-Arms is kept for sale at reduced prices. They also can be had at W. H. florstinann fc Co's, Maiden lane, Mulford & Wendall, Bro.dway. Albany, Lyman P. Knowles; Delhi, Delaware co., N. Y., Hyde St Goodrich, and H. E. Baldwin ItCo., New Or leans, at New Ynrli prices, rialallat from $IC to $28 each, in a case with equipments. Great im|K>sitii<ns are practised u|khi the public in representing and selling the ? If-cocking and revolving six barrel Pistol far Colt's repeating Pistal, which is acknow ledged to he superior in every _ respect to any other Pistol manu factured in this country or Euro|ie. The Emperor of Russia, the Emperor of Austria, the King of Prussia, Prince deJoinvilk of France, the Imaumof Muscat, all have them and s|<eak in the highest terms of them. T<le Texan Army and Nary are sup plied withthein, and tlie U. S. Navy has been supplied with tl>?m to some extent, and the officers have given tlie most fsvorable re |iort on Colt's repeating fire-arms. a20lm*ec KNAPP'S INDIAN STRENGTHENING PLASTER. THESE PLASTERS prepared for pains and weakness in the back, breast, side or limbs, bruises, sprains, lie., and for asthmatic affections, and croup in children, will in most cases give immedinte and soothing relief. Tliey will also be foaud highly beneficial for complaints of the Liver, Lungs and Kidney. Persons of sedentary habits, whose business require* them to sit or stand much, who may be troubled with weakness in the chest, or pain in the side or breast, will find great relief by wear ing one of these Plasters. With regard to the efficacy ?( these Plasters, nothing need be said, aa they carry with them their own recommendation, and tha price being so remarkably low, is a sufficient inducement far those afflictedto give them a trial. Tlie proprietor is confident that by the great and increasing de mand for these Plasters, the popularity which they have obtain ed solely by their own merits, and the universal satisfaction which they have given, that they are decidedly superior to any others in use. No pains is spared in making them as adhesive and pliable aa possible, and in rendering them free from all those objections which is a source of complaint to (lie ordinary plasters of' the day. These Plasters need but one trial to give every satisfaction de aired. Be sure and ask fbr Knapp's Indian Strengthening Plastar, and see that his signature is on the back of each. None others are genuine. Made only by P. B. KNAPP.and sold wholesale and retail al his Medicine Warrhouse, No. 3BI Hudson street, one door below King street, New York. Also for sale by tlie Druggists gein rally. Price 12 1-2 and H 3-4 cents each mi 2meod*re TO CANADA SHIPPERS. 'HE UNDERSIGNED is prepared to receive goods at this X tKirt, and transmit the same to Canada, for the benefit ol dr iwliack. He will attend to the neceasarv Custom House husi iieis lien- arid elsewhere ou the routes, and return tlie debentun money to the shippers. For farther particulars apply to C. LI-V1NG8TON. al? Imiare No. 10 Wall st. WRAPPING PA PER?'7,000 reams ( ap and Crown Wrap ping Paper, for sale by I'ERSSK It BROOKS, Paper Warehouse, _ _ Ai and 67 Nassau st Also, 300 reams Tissue Paper, various colore. mytt rh BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. WaihlRfton. [Correspondence of the H?ral<l.] Washington, May 81, 1845. A Capital Good Hoax?Father Ritchie and the I Al ter Writers?Jackton Hall?Old Building Removal ?Profit and Ims? The ('awe of Temperance and the Sabbath?Great Excitement?A Rejxnier Pro motetl by Sctrelary Walker?A good Word for Mr. Blair, Mr. Walker, and suid Reporter?Ro. tation going forward, 8fc. Great thanks are due to Colonel John Rogers, of Tennessee, for the manner in which he relieved the administration of a mass of its visitors yester day. He was waiting for an interview with the President, in reference to certain claims in connec tion with late duties in behalf of the Cherokees, when a dozen persons simultaneously entered, and enquired of the Colonel "where the President was]" The answer given was, that there was a special cabinet council on the subject of the late news from Mexico?that the President, of course, could not be seen, nor any of the Secretaries, and that there would be a called session of Congress. The crowd left the President's house at once?the news was passed into the Treasury department, and the muss of visitors thinned out as if by magic. In less than an hour, the rumor of a spccial council, and an extra session wasdiHu6ed over the city?the very hackmen chuckling over the idea ef an extra ses sion?" Ha ! ha! ha ! dat's de way." Thanks to father Ritchie for his courtesy to the letter-writers. He is a gentleman and a \ irginian, and as such it is but natural to be courteous, resjiect ful, deferential and polite. Good lor you, old friend; we owe you one or two, don't we 1 Blair & Hives &: Co. occupy two columns in this morning's Union, in specifications of proposals for contracts for the crection of Jackson Hall. The building, it will appear, is to be a very respectable one. For several days a number of persons have been occupied in removing the shell of a small frame building from the site of Jackson Hall. Value of the Building. $5 00 Expense of labor in removal 35 00 Cost of whiskey to men engaged. . .34 00 Money lost in the enterprise $45 00 The temperance people, who held forth so elo quently opposite Brown's and Coleman's lastSabbath have appointed their meeting for to-morrow (Sun day) in the immediate neighborhood of the United States Hotel, and Jenkin's Refectory. As we ex pect something of interest, we shall be on the ground, and report. ? The greatest excitement prevails among the office holders to-day. They are all trembling as if the Wolverine ague had got among them, various re movals in the Treasury Department. Last ol the month, you know. Sundry removals reported for the post-office, of all of wnich, however, our col league will apprise you. A good old friend nnd fellow reporter of ours in the Senate, Mr. Thomas E. Browne, of Kentucky, has got a berth in the Sixth Auditor's Office,through the interposition of Mr. Blair, in whose oflice he has been engnged for several years. He is a good scho lar, an excellent scribe, a steady, upright man, and as to political services, he has done more for hie party than nine out often of our Members of Con gress. We say this without disparagement to any man, but in justice to Mr. Browne. It is a feather in the cap of Secretary Walker, that the modest manner in which an old friend presented his cluims (which he presented only because he lost his situa tion in the transfer of the Globe) was considered as his very best recommendation. We are afraid, from the general rumor to day, that Mr. Lawrence will have to go. The ladies will ge nerally recret this removal; but if he has been care ful he will have laid up something for this dreadful emergency of rotation in office. Seriously, the administration are going to work in the right way in the duty of rotation; and by next July it is contemplated that most of the changes in tended in the departments here will have been made. For two or three days past the weather has been af cold as a reasonable November. Fires and overcoats in the evening quite comfortable. W. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Horald.] Philadelphia, June 1, 1845. This is the first day of summer, and the weather has changed to warm and pleasant, as if to accommodatc itself to the date. It has been unseasonably cold for the last two or three days. i It is feared that one death, at least, will result from the j. late accident on the race course, Camden. I Sharpe, whose thigh was broken, now lies at the hos pital in a critical situation. Mortification has taken place, it is said, and the physicians do not think that am ' putation can save the patient. He is a printer, and work I ed in the office of the U. 9. Gazette. There is a thorough dearth of news, and I scarcely > thought it wortli while to write to-day. . 8eeuin took a benefit at the Chesnut last evening, on which occasion the Postillion was playeJ to a crowded house. Leonora, Fry's opera, will bo produced on Wed nesday. Booth drew a crowded house last night at the "Walnut. Anderson was expected at the Arch to-morrow. Con nor is still at this establishment, which is doing a good business. Married. On Sunday afternoon, June 1. by the Rev. Dr. Stull man, Mr. Joseph Conrad to Miss Armenia Rooke Rvck man, daughter of Samuel Ryckman, Esqr., all of this city. Died. On Saturday, 31st ult. after a long and painful illness, Rosebt John Hann, in the 44th yoar ef his age, a native of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, and for a number of years a resident of this city. liis friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his lata resi dence, 10 York street, Jersey City. His remains will be brought to this city for interment, and those of his friends to whom it may be inconvenient to cross the ferry, arc requested to meet the funeral procession at the foot ol Conrtlandt street. (t&- Baltimore papers will please copy. On Saturday evening, 31st ult. William Bowie, in the 66th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 4j o'clock, from the residence of hi* son, John H. Bowie, 78 Frank fort street. At Brooklyn, on Saturday, 31st ult. Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of the late Thomas Collins, in the 03d year of her age. Her friends, and those of her family, are requested to attend her funeral,on Tuesday,3d inst. from the residence of her son-in-law, 7ti Stanton street. On Sunday, the 1st instant, Maht Ann, wife of William P. Miller and daughter of William Kevan, In the 36tl. year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family, and those of her father and her brother-in-law Thomas Krarer, are respect fully invited to attend her iuneral, without farther invi tation, an Tuesday afternoon, at 6 o'clock, from the house of her father, No. 604 Broadway. 'it Passengers Arrived. Liverpool? Steamship Great Western?Marquis de Talarne, Mr P A Stockton, Lady, Child and 2 Servants: Mr J S Mrcau ley.Mr A Craig, Mr W Hiinerkork, Mr A II Lowery, Mr C W Faber, Lady and I Childen; Mr J Kock, Mr E W Scliur hardt, Mr W 1) Cromwell, Mr J Jones, Mr J Park, Mr J Jac ques, Mr E Oiilney, Mr A Dudley, Miss J Roberts, Miss L Walker, Mr J Gebliard. Mr J G Gregroy, Mr J Walter, Mrs N ull srnl servant, Mr D Oriscom, Mr C WhitteUey, L)r Chase, Mr F Punnett, Lndy and Child; Mr Montois, Catherine Ilarke. Mr ERotton and Lady, Mr H Malibran. Madm Malibran, Mr Lady, Mr K Meichael, MrW M Richards, bearer of despatches: Mrs W M Richards?65. Rio de Janeiro?Ship Courier?Mrs Llewrllin Jones, Miss Catherint Jones, Miss Froderica Jones, Mrs Sarah Jenkins, Miss Susan Jones, Mr Llewiliu Jones, Mr A Foster Klliott, Mr Janrics M Pitearon. New Orleans?Barqne Montjvleir?B Robinson, H Pore, J H Etarronk, M Eagnr. Mobile?Barque Margaret?A. Norton. Rio Grande?Barmie Stephen Brewer?Geo Savory and lid ward Allen, H.sqrs. ot Salem; Hobt H Dixey, Esq. of N York, and Capt W E llandy Pnisengrrs Called. ..klTlc.,!r00fcr-''t.p.*!P,'r,P Britannia, (from Boston)?Rev I McMi llan, Rev H Patton, Rev I Reynolds, Rev Mr Sullivsn, Rev PC CamiilMll, Cipt Rrodusan, Lieut F Shortland, RN, l)rJacot, II McMasler and lady, F W Kufking and lady, W Chainnin, F Hamilton, J B Ruthcuford, H (J Ellsworth. Thou W Evans, M Samuel, I M Leslie, 8 Wallheins, M lurton, T Holt, Judge Friilerichsou, RobtOwen, A W Pon Seht, Jules Gleanger.V Vireourt, Aiiuin, W L Wisman, Jas Buck ley,_A Kirdler, TB Bradford, A Christie, Robt Wade, G 11 W bitrhoiiv . P H Knowltim, A Post, A Hunt. Y S Stewart, L Java! Holphani, A D H Famarig, I A Clark, W H Selby, N I' Wil I us, 11 Hayes, G W Whistler, R McDerrut, M I Monsonto, E Gavallette, EW Pembi rton, F W Roberts, Revere, Guua, D Beclier, J M Shepherd, A Thorndike and ser vant. Thos Ferm, T Snow, W Cockrroft, Hy Sims, H Levy, Tl Briekett, and l)r Hoy, 67. For Halifax, Mrs 8 Smith, H Boei:< and S Small, 3. Total 70. Foreign Importation*. Rio Gil ANnE?Bsrqae Stephen Brewer?10,G60 hides 10,000 oi horns Harbeek ll co?345 cow hide* .WOO ox horns G Savory, of Salem?0 bales wool 2 do hair B Richard*?2 baits do order. Domestic Importations. Moblie- Brig America?335 bales cotton N C Pratt?I case milse B Sauxer?2 cs B bales H Waldo?2 bbls 2 tierces Wood house fccO. M ARZTXM B H B R ALP. FORT OF NKW YORK, JUNK ft. SUN RISES 4 37 I MOON RISES ? ?? M stm sets 7 23 I Hioa WAT?a 8 ?" M Arrived. Steamship Great Western, B R Liverpool I7te May, st 4 30. P.M. Arrived off Sandyr Hook on Su.idHy.Junelst, a 9 30, A.M., making the passage in 141 days 22 Honrs. IRrh, stR 15, A. M,.passed the ship WiHiam and Mi , , of i.irerpool, off the Tnsear, standing to the SW. 21st, Ht rn, A.M., in latso %loa ?3 II, eschsnifed colors with the Bri. I. hf Marry, from Mobile to Hull.running to the ewt ward: Kth, at 4, Ai. in Ut 46 40 N, Ion 47 M W, fell in with a great quantity of drift icaoi ieebargs, whiah detained the ship or Mvvrml hour*. Weather, generally, on the puu|r no te i*tr. Skip Courier, Wolfe, from Rio de Janeiro, April 14, with AW ben* of coffee to Andrew Foster It aoua; ailed in company vith the Britiah frigaU- Canrysfert bound to England. having two nillion* of dollar* ou board. Left at Bio. United State* frigate Raritan, Capt Gregory, bearing the bread pendant of Conno. lure Turner; brig Brainnridge, Pennington; brig Poipoiae, 8 W liordou, prixe to the U 8 Frigate Karitan and the U 8 Conaul; lame*. ; Mount Vernon, Coleman; Eunome*, Manafleld; Madeline, Nhankland; Alto. Weat; Caspian, Pea body; Globe, Kuliug; Johd A Robb, Caterton; Maciuillan, Smith; Leader, Dewing; Argo, Read; Brothers. Maghen. Barque Moutpeleir, Suckpole, 17 daya from New Orleans, with mdx to master. 21it May, lat 21 Ion 81, apoke brig Noble ofl.uhec, for New Orleana from Kingaton. Genoa Doniue Orbita, Perplmos, for Nice, in Gibraltar, 31 daya. with I IKK) brls lemona 4000 cases of oil 100 brl* sweetnie its toValnierie, 26th May, of Savannah. Spoke brig Scotland, from Glasgow for 8n tuinah. Bariine Stephen Brewer, Farran, 43 daya from Rio Grande and SB daya from the 1 at i tune of the bar, with hidea and home to llarheek it Co. Sailed in co. with brig Oaeeola, Morgan, for Riode Janeiro; brig* Sylph. Snow, and Bridgetou, for Parana ijiia, all in ballast. Left brig Venezuela, just arr from tlie Cane de Verda. Capt Wm K Handy, late ol aehr Emma, sold at Rio Grande. apoke, on hi* outward passage, Feb 22, lat II 22, south longitude, :il 10 weat, barque Allioth, 47 dayi from New Vork for Sandwich Islands?requested to t>e reported. Tne Stephen Brewer made the run from Martinraa Island in the very ahort time ol 21 day*. IIrig Overman, Davis, 10 day* from Ponce, PR, with molass es. to maater Brig Amerioi, Tredwell, 16 daya from Mobile, with cotton, to N C Pratt. Br brig Cwlock, Donal, from Dublin, April 9th, with 110 Siasenvera, in balh st. to matter. 22d May, lat 48, Ion 44, (poke vin Solway for Quebec. Brig Margaret Burke, 15 days, frm Mobile, cotton to master, with 26 bales cotton 22 tons iron 117 bales cotton to order. Srhr Caroline Blithan, 13 days, for St Juan Remedia (Cuba), with 3!) log* of mahogany andeedar, 444 piece* of rope, 19 bale* 42 brl* honey G Douglas*. Left brig Tover for Charleston. Br *chr Friendship, Mnrrsion, 15 day* from Windsor, NS. Schr Roe, Dodge, 4 day* from Baltimore, with mdse. Below. A ship, supposed to be the Avalanche, from Canton. Miscellaneous Record. Packet Ship St. Nicola*, Pell, for Havre, will *ail at 12 o'clock thi* day. Packet Ship Meteor, for London, will sail to day. The U. 8. ships Columbus and Viucenne* atill remain at the 8. W. Spit. Barque Martland.?Thi* elegant barque, of 200 ton*, wa* launched at Medford on Tuesday. She ii intended far a regu lar packet to the lina of Baltimore and Bostpu Packets, to be commanded by Capt Samuel Davis, by whom she is owned,with Messrs Scudder and other*. Spoken. Cumberland, Philadelphia and Pernambuco, April 23, lat 21 N. lou 39 W. Krauklin, of NBedford, 20 month*, with 1020 bbl*, bound to Sydney to reflt. Hottenguer, Liverpool to NYork, May 7, off Youghall, has 141 passengers. Washington, Feb 28, off Cajw Horn, all well. Ann Jeffrey, NOrlean* to Liverppol, 22d April, lat 38, Ion 63. Foreign Ports. Aloesiras, April 30?Arr Trio. Marseilles, andsld for New York; Suviah, Palermo, and sld.for NOrleans. Antwerp, May 13?Arr Glasgow, NOrleana. Bordeaux, May 6?In port, Talma, for NOrleans, soon: Na ples, do, lOih May; Aigle. NYork, soon; Sun, do; Catharine, do; Tagus. Quebec, 10th May. Ronne, (Island of Bornholm) May 3?The Chicora, Holin, of Boston, from Mobile for St Petersburg, got aground about a mile to the Northward of this place to-day, but has been assist ed off, makea no water, slid has proceeded. Bremen, May 9?Arr Carl William, NYork. Clyde, May 10?Sid John Kerr, Boston; Ann Rankin, Que* bee; 11 tli, arr Jupiter, Charleston; 14th, arr Charlotte Harrison, NOrleans; Otis, of Loudon, do; Romulas, Charleston. Calcutta, Narcli 13?Virginia, for Bo*ton, ha* put back leaky. Dovek, May 13?Arr off. Swan. NYork for Hamburg. Dartmouth, May 13?Off, Herman, from Baltimore for Am sterdam. Gibraltar, April 27?Arr Caroline, Boston, 26th, ar Cabot, Palermo, and *ld for NYork; May 1, arr John Francia. NOr leans; 4th, Picolo Oscar, Trieste, and sld for NYork; Nahant, NOrleans. Havre, May 10?In port, Havre. New Zork, aoon; Balti more, N York, May 16; Venice, do do; Argo, do, May 24; Mo selle, Boston, June 12; Verseilles, do, soon: Raritan, N Orleans, do; Medford, do, June 12. 11th, arr Nashville, N Orleans; Dres den, Mobile;Tuskina, Charleston; SI'd Monmouth, N Orleans; Wi.idsor Castle, do. Liverpool, May 10.?Arr Carroll of Carrolton, Mobile; Paw hattan, do: Evening Star, New Orleans. In the river, outward bound, Adirondack, New York; Aria, Boston. Sailed, Wil; liam and Elizabeth, N Orleans; 15th, Muskingum, Cincinnati, via New Orleans; Liverpool, New Orleans; Alhaiiia, Mobile; Cornelia,do. Sld, Montlcello, N York. llth.?Sailed, Virginia, N York; Saranac, l'hilad; Kalamazoo, N York. Roseius, do; Olenview, Staten hland. Arr Wallace, Mobile; Aun Arm strong, N Orleans; Ellerslie, do. 13th?Arr Caledonia, (*.) Bos ton. 12th?Arr Hudson. Mobile; Ashburton, New York; New York, do^Coa*brook, Charleston; Standard, N Orleana; Dun can, Mobile; Agnes Gilniore, do; Pocahonta*, Apalacnicola; Janet, Charleston. 9th?Ar Constitution, Charleston. 7th?Arr Sea, N York. Sld Liberty, do; Ocean, do. !th?Arr 8herbrooke, Savannah. Portsmouth, May 13?Sld Hendrick Hudson, for NYork. Shield*, May 5?The Eagle, from Dublin for North Ame rica, put back to Cork ou the 30!h of Aprii, from Ion. 14, in consequence of her ballait being bad, which *he will ducharge, and take in 50 ton* of luperior quality. Waterkord, May 8?Off, Liberty, Liverpool for NYork. Havana, May 11?Sld Zebra, Boston; Chas L Vo*e,, New York; Lydia, do; 19th, Dexter, Boiton; 21st, ar Corcair, Bos ton; sld Ceres, Oowes. Home Ports. Boston, May 31?Ait Leonidas, NOrlean*. Spoke, off Cuie Fluridn, Boatonian, from Galveston for Antwerp. 27th, lat 34, 40, Ion 76 30, Exchange, (w) of Plymouth, 1 mo* out, clean.? Alio ar Janet, (new) Portland; Angola, Mansanilla. Cld Br steamer Britannia, Liverpool via Halifax; Flavio, Calcutta; Barnstable, Liverpool; Palestine, Hnll, Eng; Baring Brothers, Pictou; Lucy, Port au Pcince; Alpine, Surinam; H A Schroe der, Miragoaue, St Domingo; Norfolk, NOrleans; j-dary Smith, do; Henrico, Norfolk; Dover, Baltimore;'Phenix.Philadelphla: Phebe Baxter, do; European, do; Angerctta, Lawrence, and Splendid, NYork. , , Portsmouth, May 29?Arr Bolivar, Philadelphia. Gloucester, May 29?Arr Cadet, Suriuam. New Bedford, May 39?Arr Monitor, Smith, 8t Croix, via Middletown, Ct. , Edgartown, May 30.?Arr Bolivar, Norfolk for Nantucket. Fall River, May 30?Sld Lewis Spioer, Norfolk. Providence, May 39?Arr Proof Glass, N\ork; Emigrant, Troy. Below, n fore It aft schr.j Sld Juan J de Carthagena, Da rien; Gladiator; Berry, and Benj Harrison, Norfolk; Otter, Havre de Grace; A W Leeds, Indiana, Waldo, and Ligonia, Philadelphia. . ...... New Havev, May 30.?Arr Gazelle, Virginia. Sld Lion, and Morning Star, Philadelphia. Richmond, May 30?Sld Orlean*, and Mancheiter, NYork. Charleston, May 29?Cld Swntara, Liverpool; Brazo*, N York. Sld Charle?ton, and Edward, NYork; Kimball, Phila delphia; Zephyr, WIndies. ... , ? ,. ? Savannah, May 28?Cld Denmark, Liverpool; Celia, New Y ork. New Orlean*, May 24?Arr Isabelle, (Sp) Matanza*. Cld Essv, Meteor, and Bengal, Liverpool: Louisiana, Hilah, and Laurens, NYork; Helen McLcod, Baltimore; Addisgtoa, (Br) St John, NB. UHIHEES PAUL DK KOCK COMPLETE. THE Works of Charles Paul de Kock, Illustrated Edition, with Portrait and Biography, complete in one volume.? Price one dollar. The public nave now an opportunity of pos sessing themselves ef the complete works of the renowned Paul de Kock in one magnificent volume, containing twelve hundred and eighty large columns of reading iralter, and at a price which places it within the reach of persons in the most limited circumstances. This volume contains all the novels, etc., which were ever actually written by this most witty, laughter loving and far-famed of modern authors. And the publishers pledge themselves that the translations have been faithfully made, snd that the work will be found the most care-killing, fascinating and exciting that has ever teen issued from the press of this country. For sale 41 Ann street, New York. Tiie work is mailable, and may be sent by post to any part of the United States or the Canada*, at au expense varying from ten1 to twenty cents, according to the distance. All orders for one comnjete copy must contain one dollar, be franked or postpaid, and directed to Holland St Glover, New York City. Six copies will be forwarded to one address for five dollars. mI8 d&vUni*m HARPS?REMOVAL OF WAHEROOMS To No. 281 Broadway, opposite Washington Hall. JF. BROWNE, Maker and Importer of Improved Patent ? Grand 6>? and 6 octave Double Action Har|>s,(>egs to inform his friends anu the musical world, he has removed his ware rooms to the above commodius premises, and would call their special attention to h new, unique, and beautiful specimen of grand G>? octave double action Harp he has just completed. J. F. II. is constantly receiving the most nattering testimoni als from the first musical talent, regarding the superiority and great brilliancy of tone, touch, and perfect finish of his Harps, and has received the Franklin medal of the Philadelphia Socie ty of 4rts, for his improvements in this very delightful instru me-.1- Harps repaired. Strings. Music, lie. J. F. BROWNE, Loudon, 2tlBroadway, 0 and 73 Chambers street, New Yerk. myir lmdltWre Established 1810. b I F ESTHER COHEN, who formerly lived with Mr? * Hughes. Boarding-house keeper, Union street, Liverpool left England about nine years ?go to liw in New York?will write to her father. No. 14 New Bailey street, Salford, Manches ter, in England, she will hear something greatly to ner advan* t*?e. my 10 tm dyfcwv* re ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHE. Anew and invaluabe discovery, being a liquid Dye, which instantaneoualy changes the color of the hai r to a beautiful brown or black, without injury to the hair or skin. The great superiority of this Dye consists in its eaay mode of application, and instantaneoua effect?all other dyea requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce any change. Its superior excellence will be apparent to every one upon a single application. Extract from the " Philadelphia Daily Sun."?Auiahdii'i Tkicobaphk.?The effect ol the above on the hair is truly as tonishing. It was tried yesterday in our office, and the change from gray to black was instantsneous. Extract from the "Philadelphia Daily Forum."?Several of our acquaintances have recently applied to their hair the valua ble liquid Dye kuown as Alexander's Tricobaphe?a new snd valuable discovery ; and it has in no case failed to produce the desired eli'ect. Immediately after applying it to gray hair er whiskers, it imparts a beautiful brown or black color. For sale by Rualiton It Co. druggists, 110 Broadway ; Aspin wall, B8 William street; Johnson, Moore li Taylor, 81 Maiden lane ; J. W. Wright & Co. 2 Cedar street; and of the principal druggists throughout the United States, or of sole agents, H. It G. A. WRIGHT, 23 South 4th street, myl4tm*je Philadelphia. .LEATHER BED, MATTRASS AND BEDSTEAD WAREHOUSE. 15# AND 1M greenwich STREET, Corner of Courtlandt a tree t. Feathers from la to 4s per lb Hsir Mattrassea, from $3 to $25 Moaa do 2 to 10 Palm Leaf 3 to ? Corn llusV*.,. 2 to ? Beds 3 to 2) Blankets 1 to ? Comforters, from. 1,50 to2,50 Toil. t Table* 1,It to 1.50 Wash'lands 1,12 to 1,50 Bedstead*, of mahogany, black walnut, curled maple, plain miple, all the difTereut patterns in use, and in price ftoin $1 to f:i0. according to the style and finish. The attention of tlie public is especially called to the Patent Premium Richland LeftScirw Bedstead. This bedstead must be examined before its qualities can lie known. They cannot well be stated in an advertisement. They have been iu use about four years?have taken the premium (a silver medal) at the fair of the American Institute, and over 14,000 have been sold?Whst better evidence is wanted of the value of the article f r very liotcl and boarding house in the United State* should have thia bedstead?private families cannot do without them. Old Feathers dressed and renovated, and Mattrasses msdeorer as good a* new- SAMUEL S. PARKER a21 lm*ec THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 9 cent* par, eopy?$7 '25 per annnm?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Prico flJ'conU t per copy?$8 l'JJ cents per annum?payable in advance.] ADVERTISEMENTS at the uaual prices-always cash in advance. . PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and! despatch. (BJ- All letter* or communication*, by mail, addressed! to the establishment, mu*t be post paid, or the postage/ will be deducted from the iiihacription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiCToa or thk Nrw Yoaa Hrasi.n Eitsbi.ishmkist Northweet oorser of Fulton and Nairn (treet*

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