Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1845 Page 3
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Common Crandt. Jvmc 9.?Board *r Aldbrnes.?Thlc Board met laat evening at half past ? o'clock. Aid. Bcnso.i was nominated Chairman in the absence the I'leaident. The minutes or the laat meeting wen read and approved. Petitions?Tk? Park?4th July.?Krom inabitauts pray ing the adoption of the neccjsary steps to prevent tlie election of Booths around the Bark (not including the rm saucepans about the Fountain) on -1th July. Lunatic Jltylun.?A communication wai received front the Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum relative to certain improvement! in that establishment. Kelerred. Common Schools.?Report of Committee on Finance in favor ol appropriating a sum of $32,307 04, for the u?e ol tho Common Schools. Accepted. Police Inspector.?Much to the disappointment of fa large concourse of persons, who jammed up the entrance and blocked up the space outside the bo*, no action on the subject of the appointment of Police Justice waa hod. The following communication from his Honor the Mayor was received on the subject ;? Mayor's OrricK, June id, 1840. To the Hon. the Board of Common Council : Gentlemen: Since my communication of "J3d May, nominating to your honorable body a chief of Police, us required by article 3d of the act for the establishment and regulation of the Police of }he City of New York, passed May 7th, 1844, 1 have been informally notified that some legislation on your part is coutemplated, which may eil'cut my own, as well as the duties of the Chief of Police. Under this state of things, and consideiing the embar rassment that may arise from nominating a Chief of Po lice, until 1 become fully acquainted with the nature of all duties to be imposed upon him, I must postpone a further nomination until 1 have the advantage of the sug gestions affecting this matter, contained in such ordi nance as you may adopt. ( The importance of an early organization of the police department must be appreciated by all, but the public in terest demand that in adopting a new system, we should deliberately consider by what mean* it* efficient admin istration mav best be secured. W. F. HAVEMEYEll. Communication, complaining of insubordination on the part of Captain of the City Watch, named Decker, in *i ?iting grogshops. Referred. , City Prison?Report in favor of repairing the City Prison. Accepted. Chitf Engineer?Report of Chief Engineer in relation to appointment);, hose company, 8tc. ,'lnniversary?The Board of Assistants amended the re solution in favor of appropriating a sum of $1300 for the celebration of the National Anniversary by adding $4000. The Board of Aldermen non-concurred. A committoe of Conference was appointed. Papers from Board of Assistants?Some papers from the Board of Assistants were received and coucurred in. Marine Court?Communication from Judge Smith, re lative to rqpaira of this Court. Referred. Police?A Committee was appointed to report an ordi nance in relation to the new police. The Streeti?Resolution in iavor of paying tho Street Inspectors. Concurred in. The Board adjourned. Board or Assistants?This Board also met last eve ning, the President, N. Pearce, Esq. in the chair. Hie minutes of the last meeting wero read and ap proved. Petitions Referred?Ot sundry persons to extend Alba ny street to Broadway; of sundry persons for free hy drants at the corner of Gold and Fulton streets; of C. Al lison, to be paid salary for services rendered Mr. Sam mons while Coiroration Attorney; of Philip Backer, to be inspector of firewood for 9th ward?granted; of Ed ward Duncan, to be appointed city surveyor; of Samuel Mercor and others to erect a hydrant in ivlercer street; to remove remains of Albert Swan, son of Judge Swan? granted; to remove manure on ground near tho 6th ave nue; of Butchers in Catherine market to remove the old shed and build anew one; of T. C. Ruggles, to be ap pointed city surveyor. Papers from the Board?Petition* and Resolutions con curred in.?Of Henry E. Davis to remove remains of his children. Of James Cot, to be appointed inspector of lime. Of L. Stewart, to remove remains of his family. Of J. D. Smith, to bo appointed inspector of wood. Ol Patrick Donough, to be appointed inspector of wood. Of Mathew Sayer, to be appointed measurer of marble. That the Finunce Committee be directed to par all expenses for crockery and refreshments, and all ex penses of the tea room. That a committee be appointed to make arrangements for celebrating the 4th or July, and to appropriate $1600 to cany this into effect. An amenchnont was offered, that the sum expended should be $3,000, which was adopted. Of Comptroller, in reference to removal of street ma nure. To appoint David Kiely inspector of elections, for third district of first ward. S. R. Harris, second district fourth ward, and J. B. Brewster, fifth district, fourteenth wnrd. To accept the resignation of J. Cudder, inspector of elections in first district, eleventh ward. To appoint William T. Stoutcnburgh, city ? or. To apj oint < ieo. R. Rexford, inspector of lum accept iic resig nation of Thomas Williams, as tor of elections. That the Superintendent of Strc o directed to adver tise for sale, all manure lving al vharves. The amendment of this Boaril iff <600 to the op propriation for celebrating the of July, was non concurred in by the Board of .1. on, and Assistant Aldermen Groy, Gilbert and Waste -it, were appointed a committee to confer with the other Board on the sifb ject. To appoint a Joint Special Committee to report an or dinance for the regulation of the New Police. Messrs. Purser. Oliver and Westervelt were appointed. To authorise the Comptroller to pay the late Street Inspectors the amount due their laborers for cleaning the streets?neglected by the contractors. Petition of John Florence, for permission to erect a lamp over the door of his saloon in Broadway, near Canal street. Referred. The 'trdinance for re-organizing the Alms House De partment wAs now read by sections, and with some un iir.?*rtont amendments concurred in. ^ffiourncd to Monday evening. Movements of Travellers. The hotels yesterday were peculiarly deficient in the number of arrivals. We could not find, up to i? o'clock, the names of any of the passengers by the Cambria. There were at tho American.?C. W. M. Keller, Washington; H. J. Sed vick; H. J. Beekman, Kinderhook; Jos. Sutherland; Hudson; J. Dyer, l'liiladelphia, nnd ten others. Astor.?A. Faber, Boston; B. Powell, Morristown; Geo. Williams, Philadelphia; A. W. Peirce, Boston; Goodridgo and Morgan, Hartford; Norcross and Harris, Boston; Chas. W. Borup, ILake Superior; Jno. Tod hunter, London; Dr. Ross, Philadelphia; Thos. Barclay, do; Leflin and Stevens, N. B.; and twenty others. 0 it v.?J. F. Bechwood, Tarrytown; Hon. B. A. Bid lach, U. 8. Charge d'Affairs to Bogota; Messrs. Living ston, Harris, Aulich and Ureon, V. 8 Navy; Franco ao Atosta, Habanna; and ten others. Franklin.?H. Richards, Syracuse; W.JR. Simon, Bos ton; h. Grant, N. Haven, K. L. Mallory, Montreal; C. T. Chambers, Alabama; Dr. Burns, Middletown, and ten others. Uiohk.?A. K. Soloman, Halifax; James Werder.Ohio; W. Wilson, Philadelphia, D. Mason, England; Geo. R. Gliddou, Kgypt, and six others. ?t> Howard.? Col. Wilson, Niagara^Falls; Gen.J. P. Menok, Ohio; Judge A. M. Lawrence, Hudson; Col. H. Quacken boss, Hon. B. R. Wood, Albany; A, Garrctt.Chicago; Job Pierson, Troy. (Senators;) Col. T. Cahill, Boston; Major Gardner, Troy; Major VV. Hunt, Salina; and twenty others. Wavi islv,? K. Cummings, J. W.Potter, St. Albans; J C. Marion, Albany; E. C. Uardwell, Illinois; Geo. Win coll', Baltimore; Mcintosh, and Brighton, Philadelphia; and six others. American Atlantic Steam Navigation Com pany. CAPITAL $2,000,(NX), IN SHARES OF $100 KAC'H. Directors. Hon. James Harper, Robert Schuyler, Esq. Jas. Dcpeyster Ogden, Esq. Thomas W. Olcott, Esq., of Klihu Townsend, Esq. Albanv. Henry Smith, Esq. Geo. R. Davis, Esq. of Troy. Joseph Fowler, Esq. Junius Smith, Esq. With liberty to add the names of three more Directors, Notice is hereby given, that Books of Subscription for the Capital Stock of this Company, agreeably to the act of Incorporation of this State, will be opened at the Merchant*' Kxchange, and at the American Institute, Park, on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of June, from 10 o'clock, A. M- to 4 o'clock, P. M., each day respectively. Five per cent upon the amount subscribed, to be paid at the time of subscription. The remainder of the stock will be called in as the wants of the company may re quire, by instalment not exceeding ten per cent upon the amount subscribed, and at intervals of not less than three months. Books will also be opened in Charleston, South Caro lina, at tho oflico ol Col. James Gadsdtor. !? Washington, D. C., at the Bank of Messrs. Corco rnn U Brifgs ; in Bnltimore, at the office of Dr. James Hull, ( oloni/ntion (J/Hco ; in Philadelphia, at the office of Ilenry C. Corbit, Ksq. ; in Albany, at the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, Thomas W. Olcott, Esq. ; in Troy, at the oftice ol Coo. It. Davis, Esq., and in other places At all of which, prospectuses of the company may bo had on application. Also, at 68 South street, in this city, where communications for the directors of the campany, and orders for shares from gentlemen residing in the country will bo received. New Yoik,'31st .May, 184S. Amuscmiiits. Vai xhai.l Garden Saloon opened last evening to one of the hou^*h that ever assembled within its walls. Tho doncing of Miss A. Sloman was graaeful in the ex'reme; she is a young lady of great beauty and tiro miles to be a good card lor the management. Tho Ktliio nian Operatic Brothers and Sisters are cortainly tho best band of the kind in Yankccdoodledom?they must be seon and heard to be appreciated. New Bowery Theatre?Mrs. Phillips' Bene fit.?The performances at this establishment will be very attractive. The farewell benefit of the gilto<| actress, Mrs. l'liillips, will take place this evening, and for tho oc casion an uncommonly attractive hill is ottered. In ad dition to the regular faro, Mrs. Phillips will recito an ad dress to the firemen of New York, composed expressly for her by T. HofHand, Esq. Ethiopian Srrenaders?Palmo's Opbba House. The reception of these distinguished vocalists last night, was t.s numerous and enthusiastic as almost their first appearance. The attendance was as fashionable, the performances as novel and attractive, and their gene ral selection of the highest order. A few nights more concludes their engagement. GltUlltx nnd Dlxzlnenis? Wright'* Indian V?*etiltle ('ills are one of the most extraordinary Medicines in I lie world, for the enn" of Oiddiness: because they purge from tJie boil)- those stagnant mid corrupt humors which, whe.i Dost um in the KenTfll muss of the rircu!ntioii, are the csiise of a de termination or rnsh of blond to the head, giddiness, headache, loi> of memory, dimness ofsight, drowsiness, pain of the heid, md many othei symptoms of a loaded and corrupt state of the blood. VY rip Ill's liulisn Vegetable Tills are also one of ths ?rrv lieat medicines in the world for the cure of indigestion, and there fore will not only remove all the unpleasant symptoms, and en tirely preve.itnuy evil consequences resulting from a rush of Mood to the head, tint will most assuredly restore the body to a state of sound health. Ca 'ti*rw?\s many unprincipled persons are industriously engaged M selling Counterfeit Wu?, tint public should be ex tremely careful to purchne from none except advertised Afuntl, perso is of known integrity, or at the Office and Gene nl l>?pot, N'o. Mil Orewwich street, New York. N.ll.?lu all 0 iset, lie partlcnhr to ask for genuine Wright's Indian Vegetable fills, Jt A PROPHECY. "Ten years from this tima no ui?u will think of using othai remedies, whan sickness assails his frama, (bail those wtiioli cleanse and ?mr5pjj'g BRANDHKTH PILLS cleanse and pnrify and cannot injure. The weak become stroaw while they,are used. We may use "bark" or any "tonics; what is their '{??<* ' They bind toe disease, tlie "foul humors' in the body, which ultimately become 10 great iu quantity tliai apoplexy or I*raly?u is the result. The patient then finds Mo late his mistake. How different are tbe consequences whei. the simple method of purifying the body with Brandreth's Pills is a''qp<rd. Experience, that tonch-stone of all human knowledge, lia* proved beyond doubt that this celebrated medicine and tlie hu man body are naturally adapted one for the other. By their aid the whole mass ol the fluids, and even the solids (lor are not the solid* made and renewed from the fluids ?) can be entirely evacuated, altered and completely regenerated; and in a maimer ?osimple a* to give every diy ease and pleasure. rlie lact i.i, that hundreds of thousamls have been cured ol the most inveterate diseases by the use of these Pills alone. It is not well to enumerate the dueasus by name. Let tlir afflicted with any pain, whether of internal or external origin, give this medicine ONfc OR TWO WEEKS' trial?there will lie uo necessity for an* further persuasion afterwards; he is sure to continue it until a perfect cure i> effected. I have often found prrsous desirous to know how soon this mrdiciue will cure them. It i( impossible to say?it altogether depends upon the state of tlie blood and humors. One thiug may be relied upon-Hhat if the Hills are persevered with according to the printed direction which accompanies each box, the cure will be effected much soouer than the patient could have ex pected. The many lingering chronic diseases we daily see, sn owing either to mercury or bleeding, or to not having been pro <erly purged in Fevers, Inflammation*, Colds, Measles or Small 'ox. It is utterly impossible for us to attain or keep health without sound purging?. SCRIPTURAL PROOF or THK FHOrRIETV OF USIKH PURniNO MEDICINES* The allusions to purging may be said, by many, to be spiritu ally applied iu the following texts. But I would ask?Wliat af fect would they have in a figurative seuse, unlass conformed by practical experience in the body of matter ? Psalms 51:7?Purge me with nyssop and 1 shall be clean: wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. i'salms 65: 3?As for our transgressions thou shalt purge than away. Psalms 79: 9?Deliver us, and purge away our sins for thy name's sake. Mai. 3: 3?And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: am>he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver. Matt. 3:12? He will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner. ' * 1 Cor. 5:7?Purge out therefore the old leaven, that you may be a new lump. 2 Tim. 2: 21?If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto heaven, sanctified and meet for the M?ler'? use and prepared unto every good work. * , lieb. 9: U?How much more shall the blood'of Christ who, through the Eternal Spirit, offered himself without spot to God, Purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living (tod. Heb 1: 3?Christ when he had by himself, purged our sins. Prov. 16: 6?By mercy and truth iniquity is purged, and by tl>e fear of the Lord men depart from evil. lsa. 8: 7?And he laid it upon my mouth and said, Lo! this has touched thine lips, and thine iniquity is taken away and thy siu purged. Isa. 27: 9?By this therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob be purged. Ex. 24: 13?In thy Althiness islewdness; because I have purg ed thee and thou wast not purged, tnou shalt not be purged from thy filthiness any more, till I nave causad my fury to rest u|>on thee. 2 Pet. 1: 9? But he that tasteth these things is blind and can not see afar off, and hath forgotteu that he was purged from his old sins. John 15:8? Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he tak eth away; and every branch that beareth fruit he purgath it, that it may bring forth more fruit. 47: 18.?And the fruit thereof shall ba for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine. Peter II: 19? Hath forgotteu that he was purged from his own sins. Now. these are not all the texts which prove that pulling and internal medicine are recommended in the sacred writings, but they are sufficient to establish the fact beyond all dispute, ex cept to the man who would endeavor to make the world believe that by rubbing ointment all the good possible can be done to the human body that can be done by the use of internal medi cines. The people can judge and act for themselves. DYSPEPSIA OF TWELVE YEARS' STANDING CURED RY BRANDRETH'S PILLS. This is to certify that 1 was taken ill during the season of the cholera, in the year 1632, and continued thus until the spring of 1842, during which time 1 was severely troubled with dyspep sia. and all its various train of suffering, so that life itsell seem ed burthensome. I, in the meantime, applied to a uumber of the hestphysiciaiis, who prescribed for me, and many was the bitter dose of medicine 1 took, but all without avail. At last, 1 yielded to despair. The idea of taking the physicians' prescrip tions longer was useless, and 1 was utterly opposed to taking pills. My friends became alarmed?often solicited me to try Brandretk'i Ptill, asserting that they had derived great bene fit from their use. At last Iwas tempted to give them a trial, and it is but just to aay that, after using them a short time, 1 be gin to recover, and soon was eutirely restored to health, and 1 think it a duty which 1 owe to the world, and to Dr. Brandreth, to make this public acknowledgment. N. BLIS8 Bushwick, King's County, L.I., March 1, 1845. FROM AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS. The New York Evening Star says : "Brandrcth's Pills are a mrilicine which their own intrinsic worth will always secure lor them a large and ready sale. They have deservedly a high I ' imtation ; and as a family and anti-bilious remedy, it would be iniHciiIt to eoual them amoug all the patent medicines of the present day.? The New York Commercial says : " They remove all mor bid humors and purify the blood." The New York Sun says : " Brandreth's Pills have been used among many of our friends, and in our owu family we have used them nearly four years, wheu we required medicine. I n that period no Doctor save Dr. Brandreth has crossed our tlireshhnld, and no mrdiciue besides the Doctor's Pills used. Our belief is, "keep your bowels and blood pure," and every kind of disease will be prevented or cured. The Brandreth Pills are eminently calculated to do this, and thereby much lesseu the sum ofhnman misery." The New York Transcript says of Brandreth's Pills : " One of our carriers some time since gave notice that he was not able to attend to the duties of his situation, in consequence of violeut pains in his back and side. We recommended him not to de spair, but to use these Pills. He did so. and they cuied him perfectly. This is no puff. It is au actual fact. We know the medicine is good. We s|ieak from experience." The Jllbany Jlrgus considers the Brandreth Pills a medicine well worthy the confidence of the public?that the principle on which they cure the disease is the same as tint of Le Rov, ol Paris, and Swedei>eux, of Germany?that all the variety of dis ease proceed from, or are nearly allied to, disorders of the sto mach and bowels, and by Using those remedies which restore to r?r nii|M>rutiii organs, mr uiseaae will vmitsli. 1 lie Brandreth medicines profess to carry out this important princi ple We have heard them strongly recommended." [From the (Jlobe.] Brandreth's Pilu.?We were for a long time among the sceptical as to the efficacy of these justly celebrated Pills. We believed that they had got into general and uuirenal use more by the numerous newspaper puffs than by any virtue they possess ed. A recent trial ol them upon a friend of ours who waa at tacked with a most violent bilious cholic, has removed all doubts in our minds as to their being the very best cathartics that can be administered ; and, believing so, we think we do the public a benefit in saying wliat we thuik of them. [From the Mi souri News.] The Brardrkth Pills.?This medicine has been made a subject, of much merriment throughout the United States, while its utility luu been extensively acknowledged. The impression seems to be gaining ground that Braudreth's medicine may be employed with safety and effect, as a remedy for ordinary infirmities. There are many sensible persons in this city, as well as in other parts of this country, who with great propriety testify the good effects of Brandreth's Pills, from frequent experiment; and no evil ni-ed be apprehended from the use of them, according to the direc tion. In directing public attention to the Brandreth medicine, we only express our honest conviction that the Brandreth Pills have none more service to the present generation, than all the patent medicines which have everbeeu introduced into gene ral use. Over FIVE HUNDRED EXTRACTS from the spnctsble newspapers could be inserted, but the above, closing with the following from the New York Argus, of March (, 18-16, must suffice for the present?so says our space :? [From the New York Arcus.] POLITICS *s. TILLS. There has been, ever since the election in November last, a continued |>olitical excitement,_ aud if we were to form our oni niou from the excellent article in Thursday's Herald, of their do ings in Washington, it had now reached its climax. But such appears to be any tiling but the caae with Dr. Brandreth's Pills. 1 nit they have been before the public for years is most true, and they bear out the character^)! good wine, ("the older it gets the belter it is,'') for the longer they are known the more tneir beneficial effects seem to be appreciated by the great mass of the C'ople. We have, it is true, been constantly in the habit o( ?aiing them spoken well of in private society, but have seldom lieard their good effects upon the system more ably descanted on, or more clearly proved to the satisfaction of all present, than we did a lew evenings since at the Shades, in our sister city ol Brooklyn, and by one so fully competent to the task, being no less a personage than the well known and respected Alderman of tile 1th. He alluded during his ivmarks to the benefit he him self hud derived from the use of them, as well as numerous ca ses that had come to his knowledge, aud suggested, in conclu sion, tint his hearers would for the future, when they felt unwell, first try Dr. B.'s Pills, and he would venture to assert they would in every case supercede the necessity of applying to anM. D. From our exi>erieiice we most cordially agree with the worthy alderman. Sold at 23 cents per box at Dr. B. Brandreth's Principal Of fice, No. 241 Broadway. Also, at Dr. B.'s retail offices, No. 211 Hudson street and 274 Bowery, and Mrs. Booth, i Market street, Brooklyn. T. Jonea'i Original Poetry-No. 3. O, what a world of glory, of happiness aud bliss? If man was honest, this might be, indeed, one lengthened kiss. How pure, how full of holiness, 'twere like a face you see, When wash'd with Jones' Soap, and made, of blotch or freckle free. 0 what a world of beauty, this world, indeed, might be? Wlut hair they'd luve, what lovely skin?juch skin yon sel dom see I Unless it be some dirk brunette, or one with yellow neck, That Jones'Soap has inuke like snow, and I'ree'd from tail or speck. O, what a world of noble heads of dark, soft, silky hair. \Y e should soon hive no grey, or rt d, or heads so bald and bare, If all would do, as here lliey are bid ; and go at once and give Three shillings for a bottle of Jones' H.iir Restorative. Who can have a disfigured face, neck, or skin, aud be so silly as not to try a cake of Jones' Italian Clieinical Soa". Its effect is miraculous, it immediately removes tan, sun bun, freckles, he., and changes dark sunburnt or yellow skin to a fine health) clearness. But mind, always ask for Jones' Sosp, and buy no where else iu New York, but at tlie signoftlw American Kagle, 02 Chatham street, or 321 Broadway?Price .VI cents. Sold at same place?Jones' Coral Hair Heatorstive, which will make the hair grow, stop it filling off, cure scurf or dandruff, and make light, red or grey hair grow dark. Nothing can ap proach this for drc-iing the hair. It makes and keeps it soft, clean, fine, dark, silky and beautiful?price 3, 4, or 8 shillings. Agents?3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 8 Stite street, Bos ton; 13!) Fulton street, Brooklyn. The proscribed Book t tenth edition i The Qi A*rR City : or Moiks or Mor?R Hall t?Is just issued ii. one volume, complete, or ten numbers complete, price $1, sin gle numbers 12)* cents, for sale by all cheap publication agents No American novel has ever inet with such asioiiisnmg sue cesl as "The Quaker City," of which 30,000 numbers have al ready heen sold. "The tragedies from which the foundation of this work is drawn, were thrilling and horrible, yet the forcible pen of the author has heightened the subjects into a fearful interest."'? Western Literary Review. . ' . . "This is a bold liook. It is the first American work which, written with the intention of illustrating the secret life in oui large republican cities, has met with a decided approval from th> public. Tlie work will live m the records of our literature, a? the first American novel, describing life and men. and manner*, not only aa Uiey ap>iear, but aa thay are."?Philadelphia Horn* Journal. All Philadelphia Subscriptions to tht IIkrald must be paid to the omlt authorised Aokwt?, Zie her H Co., 3 l.edgar Building, Third street, near Chestnut.? 1 erms?7J cents a month, iucluding tlie Sunday paper; or IK cents without It; delivered free of chirge in any part of Phila delphia. Single copies for sale as above, daily, at I o'clock Price 3 cents. The Hcrai.d is also for sale every Saturday morn ing?Price fi*ii cents, or $3 per annum, delivered ill any part Ol Philadelphia, free of postage. II /** All the new and cheap rublicationa for sale at their es tablislnueiit, as soon as issued, wholesale and retail. t! /" Willi the exception of one paper, the " Herald" is reai as much, perhaps, iu Philadelphia, as any paper published in lha> city, affording a valuable medium to advrrtisers. Advertise incuts handed to the agents at halt' past 4 o'clock, will appear ii the Herald next dair. Mcdlcnl Notlcc.?1'I'lse AUvi i flitiurnls of th< New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established ft/ tlie Suppression ol Quaekery.iu tlie cure of all diseases, wil hereafter appear on tlie fourth page, and last column of thi in per. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M.D.. Agent. Office and Consulting Hoomi of the College, M Nassau M. Do rou hear that lady talk, See lirr face destroyed by chalk, Once 'twas white, but now 'tis yellow, Coarse aud rough, aud dark and sallow. Beware?Laillea Toncli not Common Pre pared chalk. It will ruiu vour akin; u<? that beautiful vege table preparation, the Jones' Spanish Lilly White?It will Jl?e Sour skin a natural life-like whiteness and impiove your akin.? old only at 82 Chatham street, 321 Broadwav, 139 Fultou street, Brooklyn, and 8 State street, Boaton. A Delicious Portable Summer Drink. "Behold this cordial Julep here, Which flames and danci-a in ita crystal bounds ? ? ? ? Tia of such power to stir up joy ;uid blias? To health ao IV lendly, and social to thirat." Jones'Citrated Lemon Nect.r, one spoonful of which, with a glass of water, forma a beautiful refreshing cool temper wee W-verage. A two shilling bottle contains enough to form ten or twelve glasses. Bold for 2,4 or 8 shillines per bottle, at 82 Cha. tham street, 321 Broadway, N.Y., or 139 Fulton at, Biooklyn. Cortn till an Braaa?Till a Metal, ao famous in antiquity, ia a mixture of gold, ailver, and cornier, and itsup poaed to have been produced by the fusion of theae precious uetaW, in which Corinth abounded when it was sacked. But ?> ? .? I. . >.i >?.?, .t attained not a tithe of the celebrity which tioi HAt ii's ptveimis Italian Medicated Soap lias ac ilim di'i di ??;??<... ? i! v<, for its virtues in removing Salt Rhpum, Erysipelas, Scurvy, 1'nnplea. Blotches, Tan, Krvckles. Sillow nesa, Sunburn, Morphew, Redness, Roughness, or other disti gurements, leaving the akin beautifully transparent and white Tills delicious Soap will also immediately allay the smart re sulting from musquitc bites, kc. It can be used in either hard or salt water, is perfectly buoyant, and is exquisite lor shaving. Gopraud's Poudret Subtilei possets the astonishing proi>er ties of instantly eradicating human hair, without injury to the most delicate skill. [t f Caution?A notorious dispenser of " Bud Bug Poisons" and " Procreative Elixirs," in Courtlandt street, having got up a spurious article which he haathe impudence to term Got'baud's Italian Medicated Soap?this is to give notice that no genuine preparation of Dr. Fcui Oodiaud'i can he purchased any where in thii city except at his depot, 87 Walker itreet first stnre/rom Broadway. As a further caution, observe that each cake of the genuine Soap is pressed in an oval mould, aud has the words?'Dr. F. Felix Gonraud's Italian Medicated Soap, New York"?distinctly raised on the surface. The Soap it alto put up in a white enamel led wrapper, lylographed in pur ple, with a richly embossed border of gold. Remember 67 Walker street. Agents?78 Chesnutstreet, Philadelphia; 2 Milk street, Boston; Carlton, Lowell; Green 1c Co., Worceater; Bliss(t Co., Spring field; Myers, New Haven. Joseph W. Hoxlc, Esq., who was bent near ly double witmUieumatiam, waa enabled, after wearing one of Sherman's Poor Man\ Plasters twelve hours, to get up and dress himself. In two days he was perfectly well-bit is, a so vereign remedy for pains and weakness in tne'bacK loins, side, breast, neck and limbs, and'is acknowledged-to be the l>est strengthening plaster in the world. So great has its reputation become, that one million a year will uot supply the demand. Dr. Sherman'a warehouse is No. 108 Nassau street. Agents, 110 Broadway; 10 Astor House; 127 Hudson street; 188 Bowery; 77 East Broadway; U6 Willism street; 129 Fulton st, Brook lyn; and 2 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. MONEY MARKET. Monday, Jnne 2?0 JP. M. The stock market opened to-day quite firm at Batur" day's prices, but before the adjournment of the board, prices fell off"a fraction. Bale* were very limited, and the European advice* seem to have had but a slight in fluence upon the market in any way. Stonington fell ofl 1} per cent; Erie Railroad 4; Norwich and Worcester, J; Long Island J; Illinois J; Canton, Morris Canal, Far. mers' Loan, Penn. 6s, Ohio 6s and Mohawk closed Arm at Saturday's prices. Sales of East Boston at j below last prices. By the arrival of the steamship Cambria at Boaton from Liverpool, we have advices from all parts of Eu' rope, three days later than those received by the Graat Western. In a commercial point of view, the news is of little interest, as there had been no material alteration in the markets. The cotton market was a little heavier, and the tendency was towards a further decline, hut no actual change had been experienced. The London mo ney market was the same as previously reported. The Mechanics' Banking. Association have declared a semi-annual dividend of three and a half per cent., paya ble on the 11th instant. The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company have de clared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent, payable on demand. The Commercial Bank of Manchester, Miss., at the May term of the Yazoo Circuit Court, obtained a vcrdict in her favor in a trial under the quo warranto act, on ac count of legislation relative to her charter being con strued into a waver of the right of the State to enforce forfeiture. The books for subscription to the stock of the Erie Railroad Company opened in this city on the 37th of May, and only fourteen shares have been taken ; four individuals subscribing for three shares each, and one for two shares. We learn that capitalists stand ready to take the balance of the stock required to make up the three millions of dollars, provided certain changes are made in the direction of the company; and it is absolutely neces sary for those interested in the success of the work, to make the removal required. If the present opportunity of filling up this stock is suffered to pass, the company will linger along, and eventually go out of existence. The variations in the quantity and value of our princi pal staple products exported in one year compared with another, do not depend upon the demand that may exist in foreign countries,any more than upon the extent of the production. The quantity produced regulates prices full as much as the demand, consequently a short crop falls severely upon consumers, and is, in fact, more profitable to the producers than an over production, the advance in value in the first instance more than counterbalancing the increased quantity in the latter. We annex a statement showing the quantity and value of cotton exported from the United States, and the coun tries to which the different quantities were sent. Cotton Exported from the United States durino nine MONTHS ENDING J?NE 39, 1843, AND THE TEAR KND1NO Jt'NE 30, 1814. 1843, nine month*. 1844. Pounds. Value. Pounds. Value i Hussia 3,428.721 233,222 2,767,760 213,451 Prussia 38,350 2,167 ? ? Sweden U Norway 112,736 10,174 1,198,332 100,293 Denmark 41,011 3,126 23,236 1,613 Holland ami depen dencies 8,173,712 481,691 3,077,637 228,120 The Hansc Towns, 11,211,181 881,061 6,289,167 432,687 Belgium 11,143,766 934,316 9.881,181 760,391 England and her de pendencies Ml, 124,127 30,801,222 488,127,813 39,191,311 France and her de pendencies 136.814,641 8,908,126 120,001,942 9,900,039 Spain and her de pendencies 8,498,082 618,944 10,163,844 899,161 Portugal and ner de pendencies. ? ? ? ? Italy 7,109,103 441,362 2,172,409 140,721 Sicily 123,933 8,061 172,729 12,188 Sardinia 1,912,112 108,091 827.969 71,828 Trieste and other Austrian uorts,.. 6,011,711 310,116) Turkey, the Le- [ 12,240,012 1,009,421 vant, fcc ? ? ) China, : ... 2,719,664 169,341 ? ? Mexico ? ? 1,948.996 112,710 Texas ? ? 177,940 11,200 ? 791,297,106 $49,119,806 673,633,411 $14,063,101 This is a very extraordinary table. It is a very valu able return, ai it shows the enormous increase in the value of this great staple, compared with previous year*. The fluctuations in the production, exportation and va lue'of this article, are, perhaps, greater than in any other staple production of the country, and the average price is greater, when the exports are reduced, than the reduc. tion would seem to warrant. We annex a condensed statement showing the movement in this staple for the past four years. Quantity and Valvk or Cotton F.iroRTCD from tiii U.NITKD StATRS. Average Quantity. Value. price. 1811, III! 130.204,1(10 $14,330,341 10V 184', lbs 184,717,017 47,193,464 R l-7c 11M3, lbs 75*2,297,106 49,119 806 6 1-ic 1841, lbs 617,134,379 14,063,101 8*4c From 1841 to 1843, inclusive, prices fell off nearly fifty per cent, the large exportation of 1848, running prices down to the lowest point. In 1844, the falling oil' in ex ports stiffened prices, and the average advance brought back prices to about tl.e average of 184'J. The large ex portation of 184.1, must again reduce the average value, we fear below that of 1843. The average price or aggre gate value of our exports of cotton is made up at the home valuation, which is regulated from time to time by the staU of foreign markets and of prices abroad. While the production of this staple has fluctuated in all parts ol the world, and prices have cliRnged almost daily, there has been a steady increase in consumption in Great Britain Import, CoiseoMrrioii and Stocr or Cottrn in Great Britain. Weekly con- Equal to sump- Total week's Impart. Cons'tion. tion. stork, rons'n. 1837, bales,.. 1,174,193 1,077.963 20,730 2X1,490 12 183 8 1,430,660 1,218,140 24,200 321,100 13 183 9 1,113,347 1,014,187 20.280 261,130 13 181 0 1.600.740 1,381,140 24.691 464.130 18 181 1 1.342,801 1,149,931 22.112 .139.770 21 181 2 1,397.241 1,193,220 22.927 164,134 24 1943 1,746 271 1.403,477 36,988 781,912 29 1844 1.681,133 1,414,161 77,303 903 , 0CO 33 This table shows a steady Bcrease in the stock on hand at the close of each year, notwithstanding the increase in consumption. The increaso in the importation is greater than the increaso in consump tion, and the supply on hand at the close of 1844, was large enough to meet the demand for consumption for nearly two-thirds of the year following. This fact, in the face of the increased exportation this year trom the United States, must depress prices to ? much lower point than ever before experienced. We annex a table giving tho quantity produced in (lie United States, and the quantity of the raw material con sumed in this country'and iu Great Britain. Production and Consumption or Cotton. Total Consumption Consump'n Total eon. eonsnmpt'n. in V. S. in (}. H. rountr's 1837, bales,,. . 1,422,930 222,140 1,077,963 1,300.101 1,801.497 216,963 1,218,140 1,101 603 '"39 1,380,132 276.018 1,014,187 1,330 60.') 1810 3,177,831 391.193 1,281,140 1,579 JS3 181 1 1,634,911 297,288 1,149,911 1,44" 2lq 1913 1,683,574 367,810 1,193,320 l,46007ii 1813 3,378,875 325,139 1,401,477 1,728 601, 1844 3,030,109 346,744 1,414,Ml 1,761,30, Tho increase in the consumption of this material in cach country has been about the same per cent. The consumption in the firs! four years of the period includ ed in this table, in proportion to the prodoctioa in this country wu very neaily the (ini u lu Uii lmt four years. The supply and consumption of cotton for the year 1845 ,are asjet unknown, but from the belt data we have at command, we estimate them at follow a : Total supply for the United Staler?Bale*.. . ,'i, IMJ.IKKJ Total supply from all other countries " .... 3JO,Out Total Bales i.tjoo.oot Stock on hand December 31 at, 1844 000,00*' Bales 3 409,000 Consumption in the U. States?Bale*. . . 4'>0,000 Consumption in Great Briiaiu " ..1,510,000 Consumption all other places " . . .750,000 'J,710,000 Excess of aupply over consumption.. Bales 690,000 This excess, it will be seen, will not be much larger than it was at the close ol 1844, notwith standing the increase in the production in the United States this year. The estimated increase in the consump tion is very moderate, while we have estimated the sup ply very liberally. This shows a much more favorable state of this trade, than a superficial view might give ? and induced us to hope that those interested in the pro. duction, sale and consumption of this great staple, may find the business of this year much more productive han anticipated. Price* this year must rule low, but it ii possible the additional quantity produced may swell the'aggregate value to an amount remunerating those engagod in its cultivation. We annex quotations current in the Liverpool market at the close of the past four years. Prices in the Liverpool Market, Dec. 31. Fair to good fair. Fair to good fair. I#41, Bowrd 5J? a 6'jil Orlturf 6 a 6)?j 1Q4'> Arv KkZ m KlZ A* g a _ Orlcarf 6 1812... do 5)2 a 5*4 do 1813.. . do 5)4 a 5)4 do... 1841 . do 4>* a 4S do 4)? a 4)4 Prices throughout 1845 will doubtless rule lower than in 1844, and from present indications we should judge that this year would close with the cotton market heavier than in any of the preceding years. When the actual extent of the crop bow coming .to market is known, there must be an unfavorable change in prices, and should the pros

pects of the crop now in the ground continue good up to the close of the season, nothing likely to happen can prevent a depression in the market It cannot tfo ex pected to be otherwise, but we look upon a great crop or a small one, as making very little difference with the producer, and the effect of such a state of things ii favor able to the manufacturer, without benefiting the con turners. *1200 NY City 5's, 'M M00 Ohio 6's, '60 5000 do 5(100 Ohio 7's 10)0 Indiana bonds 7000 Peuu'a5's 5000 do 1000 do 13DO0 do 5000 Illinois spcl bd> 100 shas Viclubuif Bk Old Stock Exchange. 09u 50 shas Erie RR ml 20 do 98^ 125 L Island RR 101?? 100 do 33 130 73 75 s30 73 100 73* 50 73*4 100 37 7X do do do do do 26 Housatouic RIi 20 N H It Hsrtf RR 100 Farm's Tr blO 34 125 Stouington RR 850 do 34 125 do 50 do b30 34 25 do 9 Ohio Life and Tr 97^ 30 do. 175 Morris Canal 100 do 50 do 2C0 Canton Co 225 do 100 do 25 do 50 East Boston Co 6 Mohawk RR 31)* 100 Nor and Wore b60 32 225 do 31*. 50 do blO 42 OS do 42 3D do s30 42 25 do b30 42 100 do 13% 25 do 59 50 do Second Board. 50 shas Farm's Ln 33V 25 shas Canton Ce 50 do b3 334? 100 L Island RR 25 Nor and Wore 71)? 50 do 25 do b3 7l2 100 do 25 Morris Canal 31s 100 do 50 do 31*, 150 do 50 Reading RR 49.,? 125 Stonnitfon RR 50 Canton Co 41k 25 do 50 do 41)2 Now Stock Exchange. s30 29 29 70V 7,2 71 l>30 71 slO 71 sl5 71 S* 33 b30 33*? 321. 32>4 723J 72), s30 72J4 72^ b30 721, 72)4 s30 72 72? b30 72)J 10>, bl5 70',. s3 70 bl5 70 70 32 s3 32 $1000 Ohio 6's ,'60 100 shas Farm s Tr 50 do 50 do 25 do 25 Morris Canal 75 do 25 do 50 L Island RR 150 do i do 200 do 25 do 98),' 125 shas Nor Sc Wore c ' tw 34 blO 34 btw 31 c 337a c 31 s3 31! s3 31VJ styr 70*4 s30 71 tyr 70% 25 slO 71 50 C 71X s30 72)4 e nv. s3 72k c 72)2 C 72'.. S3 72), tw 72!, tw 72'4 blO 70), s3 72 C 72)4 A DECENT BOY WANTED. OF respectable parents. He must be able to read and write well, to boardand lodge with hit employer. None need ap ply over or under 13 to IS yearsof age. Apply, between'J and 10 tills moniiiiK. at 82 Chatham street. j3 lt*rc TO JOURNEYMEN BAliBEAS. WANTED?At Ridgway's European Hair Cutting and Dressing Saloon, 25 Wall street, opposite the Custom House, a first rate workman immediately. One who understands the wig business preferred. j3 3t*rc 1T|7"ANTED?Two Teachers, one well qualified to instruct vT youths in the principles of the Mosaic religion; the other to leach the English branches. Apply, in writing, to t.ML STERN .211 Division street, or to j3 3t*rh PH. LICHTENBERO, 74 Essex street. TO AGENTS "GOING W EST OR SOUT H. AN opportunity presents itself to Agents going West or South, to sell a work of established reputation. A liberal allowance will be made. 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This new article is highly esteemed in Europe for its efficacy in all viating the excruciating pains of Tic Doloreux, Rheumatic Affections, Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, tic. iic. It is perfectly harmless, and may lie applied in all cases with theureatest safety; it.sefficacy is undisputed, never being known to fail in accomplishing the purpose. It has received the appro bation of the medical profession, who have pronounced it to lie the moat important modern scientiiic invention. The charge is so low as to be within the reach of all classes. The treat influence it exerts on the nervous system is ruly I astonishing and must be witnessed to lie believed. | N. B.?No Liquid is needed with the above. my31 lwis*m RErlNED IRON?30 tons best quality O. F. Company's assorted sizes, round and square?Tor sale by WOODHULL & MINTURNS, m29rc 87 South street. CAST IRON WATER PIPES, of different size*, constant ly on hand. Also, American Pig Iron, for tale by WARRINGTON fc RICHARDS, my23 I m*rh 211 Water at. CHEAP AND PLEASANT EXCURSION TO THE LOWER BAY. _ The, Steamboat WaVE will, on and after M (*l1 ? M* S??iril?T- 7th instant, leave Pier No. 1 E. XmB^LR., at !) and 11 o'clock, A. M., and 3 and P. M.; leave Staten Island at 8 and 10 A. M., 1 and 3*? P. M.? Fare 6'4 cents. N. B.?On the 3 o'clock trip the Wa?e will make an excur sion in the Lower Bay, passing Fort Hamilton, Telegraph and Coney Island, giving passengers a fall view of the Ocean. For the whole excursion only liU, cents will he charged. ttJT" Refreshments, of the best qualities, provided on board. my!7 lm'rc PEOPLES' LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY dSI DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Throogn Di Gm?rJMhj rect. at 7 o'clock P. M., from the Pier between 3E<MH^^E_Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. O. Cruttendon, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A- Houghton, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At J o'clock P. M., landing at intermediate place, from the foot of Barclay street, Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. W. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afleraoous, at 3 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Braiiiard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday ana Saturday Afternoons, at 5 ?'clock. Passengers taking either of the above Linea will arrive in Alba ny in ample time for the Morning Train ol Cars for the east ?r west. The Busts are new and substantial, err furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations air un rivalled on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. AH persons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a written order from the Cnptains or Agents. for passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Scnuitz. at the office on tlie wharf. ju2rc NEW YORK. ALBANY"ft.NI) TROY LINEr" FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. &??The steamboat EMPIRE, Captaiu R. B. SaiBJEJK- Macy, will leave the foot of Courtlandt Street, on TUESDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock. The Empire, owing to her light draught of water, will be ena bled at all times to pass the bar, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cars going east or west For Passage or Freight apply on board, or to C. CLAIIK, at th- office on the wharf. ju2 rc FOR GLASGOW ?Regular Packet?The last .sailing British Barque ADAM CARR, Scott, mas ^ iter, 330 tons, will meet Willi quick ilespatch. "or balance of freight, or passage, having excellent accom modations. apply to captain on board, at foot of Dover st, or to WOODHULL k MINTURNS, 87 S mth street Therrgular packet bark ANN HARLEY, will succeed the Adam Carr. je3 ??&? FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line-Regular ldHWVPa<-ket21st Juiie?The superior fast sailing Packet ship ?HBaailOCH" STF.R, 800 tons liurtlien, John Britton, inv* ter^ will sail as above, her regular day. {?or freight or passage, having excellent and superior accom modations, apply to the Captain on board, or to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, 87 South street. Price of passage Sinn The racket 8bip Hottingner. 1030 tons, Capt J. Biirslev, will succeed the Rochester, and sail on tier regular day, 21st July. je3 UNION LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER ?POOL?racket of to-morrow.?The splendid, now, afast sailing and favorile packet ship EMPIRE, 1130 tons burthen, Capt. J. G. Russell, will sail to-morrow, her rcgulsr day. iThis magnificent ship, now on her second voyage, has the most comfortable acrommodation for cabin, second cabin anil steerage passengers, of any ship about ssiling for Liverpool. Her cabin is elegantly furnished, her second cabin is also fitted up in tbe most approved modern style. Hit steerage is .ill that Can be desired for comfort and convenience. Persons about visiting or returning to the old couutry, as well as all others, are invited to inspect this splendid ship, at her berth foot ot Gonvernenr Lane. For passage, which is very low, early ap plication should be made on board, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, m27 rre 73 Smith srreet, corner of Maiden latte. ???- PACKET FOR MARSEILLES, ou the 10th June MTTjfV?The new packet ship PRINCE DE JOINVILLE, apt Wm W Lawrence, will lie unavoidably de tained until the above date, at which time she will positively sail. The accommodations for passengers by this ship, are not sur passed by any of the European packet ships, and afford an i t cedent opportunity for those wishing to go to any port of tin Mediterranean, for which or freight, apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, 103 Front street, or to w m ? BOYD li HINCKEN, Agents, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, corner Wall and Water streets j3rc PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second l.ine-Tlir packet ship ONEIDA, Captain Jas. Funk, will sail JKfil&mi the latof Jnly. h'or freight, or passage apply to ? ^ BOYD It HINCKEN. Agents, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water streets ju3 rc FOR NEW ORLFANS-Louisiana and New V ork Line?Positively Firt Regular Packet, to sail <m JMNPfib Monday. the 9th inst?Tlie elegant, fast sailing Packet Ship ST. MARY, Capt. Foster, will positively sail as above her^regular day. ror might or passage, having handsome fumislied accommo datioaa, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall ?t or to t. K. COLLINS It CO., ? South st. Positively no goods receh ed on board after Saturday evening 7th instant. Agent in New Orleans Mr JAMES E WOODRUFF who will promptly forward all goods to his addn-es iJec AMUSEMENTS. PAitK T11KATHB. IUE8DAY EVENING, June 3 will be jurformed the Come dy of TIME WORKS WONDERS?GuMilmmb, Mr Pis cide; Klorentine, Mrs Abbott. Miss Julu Turubull and Mens Martm will appear in La Polka. Pas Seul l.v Miaa Si Clair. To couciuda wuli SOMEBODY ELSE?Hans Monti. Mi W H Crifp. Cult Tier, 74 11 |m 24 aaJ JU Turn. St Ceot??Pit, 58 Cents?Gallery, Cj Ceui*. Door* open ?t 7 o'dlock, ?nd the Cart*id will riie pree-seiy it fiall'-past 7 o'clock. HbuFiTga rdk sr. WILL RE-OPEN ON Wodntuduy Kvniliij;, Jnnc Ilk, With a gorgeous Fairv Spectacle, in the production of wh;ch ?0 expense has lieen spared, called the SEVEN CASTLES OF TiiE PASSIONS. Scenery by Me-ssrs. Hillyard, Isherwood, and Grain. Mu< M. Taylor, Miu H. Jtefhtwi, Miss Partington and l ele?te, Mrs. Watt*, Messrs. T.PIacitle, fialUnber, Niekinsou, kc, fcc. will appear in it. Mr. John Selton, Mr. Davenport and Mr. Andeiton will alao appear on the same eiroiiis. SPLENDID FIREWORKS. At 9 o'clock, MR. EDGE will give a DiapUy of the most Brilliant Fireworks. Many of the colora are entirely new, and known only to this artist. , CT'An efficient Police will always he iu attendance to main tain good order and keep all improper persona out. Tickets Fifty Cents.-4X1 A limited number of Season Tickets will be dispssed 6t. m3trc PAIsMO'S OPEKA HOUSE. Tnesday Evening, June 3d, POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK OF THE SERE NADERS, MESSRS. GERMON, STAN WOOD, HARRINGTON, PELllAM AND WARREN, On which occasion will be introduced a variety ol NEW SONUS, GLEES. CHORLSES, fcc. Admission <5 Cents. f?7?"For particulars see small billa. Boies and Seats c ui be secured at the Bo* Office, from 10 A. M. until 4 P M. Doors open at 7>4?Concert commence at 8>4 o'clock. An, Efficient Police iu attendance, to preserve order, under the direction of officer Stevens. VAUXHALL GARDEN SALOON. P. DE LA REE... MANAGER. Tuesday Evening, June the ad, CHASTE AND ELEGANT PERFORMANCES IN THE GRAND SALOON. An Entire Change of Performance each Evening. The followiug laaiea and gentlemen will liave the honor of IShdmfelU Pauliuc de La Grand, the graceful Danseuse, from the Paria Theatres. Miss A. Homer, the graceful Dansuese. Miss H. Roberts, a charming Danseuse. Mr. J. Ryall, the well-known Comic Dancer. Mr. W. J. Hamilton, the favorite Ballad Singer. Mr. D. Gardiner, the humorous Comic Singer. Also, the Celebrated Band of ETUEOPIAN OPERATIC BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Known as DAN GARDNER, the celebrated Negro Weuch; SAM JOHNSON, that old mush Nigger; C. WHITE, J. M VERS, 8. COLE and MASTER BRYANT, forming to gether the beat baud of Ethoopians in the world, each playing an instrument, from the Banjo to the Bones. OCT"For particulars see small bills. QCf-Admission 25 Cents.-Cd [TT^No postponement on account of weather. Doors open at ?}j o'clock. Performance commence at 8'4 o'clock. An efficient Police in attendance, under the direction of officer Hnatin. jl lw*rc CASTLE UAHOEA ? Proprietors Messrs. French and Heiaer. An Entire Change of Entertainments. CONCERTS A LAMUSARD. Admission 25 Cents. Tuesday Evening, June 3d, The entertainments will commence with a Grand Operatic Overture. Grotesque Pas Chinois Mr T C Parsloe. * Grand Gymnastic Fete by the Elssler Brothers. Mademoiselle Desjardines will dance La Smolenska. A Concert and Promenade by the whole Orchestra. To conclude with the Gymnastic Scene of La Lutte by the EUsler Brothers. It!?" Between the Entertainments an intennissit n of Ten Minutes lor Promenade and Refreshments. " Doors open at half-past 8 o'clock. Performance to com mence at 80'clnck. BtRTON'S THEATRE, ARCH STREET. PHILADELPHIA. TUESDAY June 3, 1813. THE LAST DAYS OF POM PEII?Lydon, Mr. Conner ; Arbices, Mr. S. Johnston; Glau cus, Mr. Myers; Mydia, Miss Kirby; Saga of Vesuvius, Mrs. Knight. The farce of DEAF AS A POST?-Tristram Sappy, Mr. Bur ton ; Captain Templeton, Mr. Conner ; Sally Maggs, Mr?. W. H. Smith. The drama of THE STAR SPANGLED B ANNER-Tom Go-a-head. Mr. Conner; Captain Madison, Mr. Dunn ; Rose, Mrs. W. H. Smith ; Julia. Mrs. Altemus. CHESNCT STREET THEATRE. Fry's Grand Opera of LEONORA. Messrs.Pratt it Wemyss announce to the citizens of Philadel phia, that this Grand Lyric Opera, the first work of the kind ever written in America, will be produced On WEDNESDAY EVENING, June 4th, 1845. Mrs. Seguin, Mr. Frazer and Mr. Segmn have been engaged?and arrangements have been made with upwards of oue hundred vocal and inatruineutal )>erformers. As this Opera, in every department, will be placed before the rublic 011 a more splendid scale of stage illustration than any thing heretofore attempted in America. Tne prices of admission will be, Boies 75 cents ; Pit 50 cents. (C7** Bo* book is now open. jel 3t*jbz RICH CONCERT OF RARE AND BEAUTIFUL GLEES, SONGS, DUETTS, &C-, kc. 'I^HE UNDERSIGNED having formed an association for X the purpose, will give, during the month of June next, at the Coliseum. 450 Broadway, a series of THREE SECULAR CONCERTS; The music to consist of the Gems of Celebrated Authors, writ ten for three, four, and five voices, together with Songs, Duetts, lite., most ol which have never bet 11 performed in this country. The first performance will be given On Tuesday Evening, 3d of June, 1S45, at 8 o'clock, P. M., With the following Programme: PART 1 Glee?My laddie is gone far away.. Harmonized by W. Knyvet. Quartett?Oft in the stilly night do by 8. Pearson. Trio?The merry Gipsies do.,, by Thos Welch. Glee?Turn, Holy > ather, (Solo and Chorus of Nuns)... J. Clarke, Cambridge. Glee?Hail, Memory, hail, (Prize Glee of 1839) J. Battye. PART II. . . Glee?Descend, oh! Shower by J. Battye. Duett?Love's sweetest flowers by C. E. Horn. (tier?Once upon my cheek Dr. Calcott. < ilee?Sleep ou, [German Serenade] C. M. Weber. Glee?Come o'er the brook, Bessie. Arranged by H. H. Bishop. Mr. H. C. Timm will preside at the Piano. MRS. STRONG, MISS PEARSON. MR. W D. COMES, MR. J. PEARSON. Single Tickets, fifty cents each, may he obtained at the Music Stores of Firth ft Hall; Firth, Hall ft Pond, 239 Broadway; At will's; at the store of Saxton ft Miles, 209 Broadway; G. F. Nesbitt, comer Wall and Water streets. Subscribers lor the conrse, or for two performance*, will be entitled to three tickets for one dollar. Subscription lists will be left at the stores above named, and with H. Meiggs, 448 Broadway. New York, May 30th, 1845. m31 4t*rc NEW BOWERY THEATRE. THIS establishment is now being erected on the ground oc cupied by the late popular Bowery Theatre, and will be ready for theatrical performances, by the 1st of August next. The subscriber will receire proposals for engagements from ladies and gentlemen of acknowledged talent. Letters in all cases must tie post paid, and directed to the subscriber. No. Ml Bowery. A. W. JACKSON, m!9 2w*m Manager and Proprietor. FIREWORKS, CRACKERS, & 0. FOURTH OF JULY, 1*4A. COUNTRY and City Dealers in Fireworks, will find it to their advantage to call and examine an extensive assortment of the liest quality, at R. AYLIKF'S old establishment, 76 Chatham street. A larjte quantity of Kire Crackers just received. Remember the sign oftheTwo Mammoth Sky Rockets. Mind, we have removed from 86 to 76 Chatham, jel lm*rc FOURTH OF JULY. 1845. FIREWORKS FOR THE PEOPLE. THE subscriber offers for sale a complete assortment of py rotechnic articles, manufactured exclusively for his owu tales, by the best maker in the country. Cities o. towns, public or private exhibitions, supplied at the lowest prices, and the quality warranted. Wholesale buyers of small fireworks will find their sdvan tage in giving a call. Prices as low as a good article can be af forded. and trie best article warranted to be the cheapest. Chinese Kirecrackers and Fireworks at a reduction of 50 to 60 per cent from last season prices. J. W. HOLBERTON,7i Maiden lane. m3l tjvl *m below William street FIRE WORKS! FIRE WORKS !! MR. KDGK respectfully informs the public that his ar rangements this season are on the most extensive soale ever attempted in this country. He is now fully prepared to furnish Cities, Towns, Public Gardens, Theatres, Parties ftc., with pyrotechnic displays, varying in price from $20 to (5000, comprising the most bnlliaiit anil variegated tires and appropri ate designs. Mr. E. will also add to Ins display this season four entire new colors, never before exhibited to the public?A Car mine, Royal Purple. Maroon and Mazarine Blue, unknown to any other Pyrotechnist N. B?No agents. ISAAC EDGE, Jr., Pyrotechnist. myM lm*ec Jersey City. I FIRE WORKS?FOURTH OF JULY! NEW VORK LABORATORY. 71/1 BKNNhTT, lfl6 Front street. two doors south of Ful irJL ? ton. The most cxteuifve ami brilliant assortment of Fireworks ar* now offered at the above place, consisting ot Honarv and Signal Hoc kefs, with g old ana silver Rain, Sunt, I uts, Mm Treea Pyramids Peruvian < rosses, Octagons, Tri angles^ Verticils, Mires of Serpents and Stars, Maroons, Ben I gola Light. Roman Candles, Serpents, Pin Wheels, Orasshop I pera, Port Fir'**, Bine Lights, Scroll wheel a. Torbifl ions, Litis rigeons, Torpedoes, Pulling Crackers, Douule Headers, Kirs I rrackers, Canton Rockets, ?c., Sic. Country merehants and dealers in general arc requested to | call and examine the above stock. I N. B. Committers for city and country displays, military and | private parties, can be supplied on the most liberal terms with the above mentioned articles WAHRAirTro?the materials having been selected with the utmost care. im nn27*rk REl) HOUSE I'f.EASl'RF UROlWDS. A PURSE for $:*i. mile heats, best three in five, to come off this day. Tuesday, aM oYb*k.^ c. Bertine ??? ?*? K- Stockton. . Bertine , mocuog. Rogers s. Ii. r.phraim Smooth II. Jones b. m. Nell Gnin |1 It"!* . HUNTING PARK COURSE, PHILADELPHIA. rpHF. SPRING MEETING of the above Association will JL comrence on the first Tuesday. 3d of June, liwj, wnen tns following premiums will be giren jVee for ^11 trotting horse* First Day?A premium of f^00 will be given, three mile heata in harness, two or more to make a race. Second Da "-?Premium $800. free for all trotting horses, two mile h'-ats, under the saddle. ? Same Dav?Purse $S00, mile heata, best three in five, in harness. |Wrr JOSEPH H HF.LL1N<?S. Proprietor SHIP ST. NICOLAS?If the wind should he favors bis. will Si.I to day. PaasenserS are ^nested to be on hosnt the steamboat llerrulfs, at Whitehall, at li o clock?June id jfrc

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