Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1845 Page 4
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BV THE SOUTHERN MAIL} WuUHgton. [Currei|K)udenre of t^ Herald. J Washington, May 31, ltM5. An Intending L-ittlt Chapter. Saturday Night, Cool as u Ciuumbrr?Great tiiul Fnihionaic Attend tine* in the President's Grounds fkit E renins, to Hear th- Music of the Marine Bund?flfUglUfvd He. reation for Ymmg and Okf. Very current rumor in town to-day of the remov al of Peter <>. Washington, Sixth Auditor. Mo such thing; and we believe, whatever may have been bis political heresies heretofore,hewill stand fast upon the tuigle reitanCeof his abilities for theoffice which he fills. It is to be one of the features of this adminis tration cipable aud faithful men are to have and to hold is far as is consistent with a due regard to the rule oi rotation. Mr. TilJen, of the Morning News, is among uh ? Do? 1 he come to interfere for the removal of Collec tor-Van Ness ! bo tii y say ; but nous venxm. lion. John M. Botts is at Brown's. "Head him, ordi-," said Butts ol John Tyler on the occasion of ttv tirst hank veto, but we are glad to find that the Captain ha - not been headed, and that, also, the honorable iriember who hwore to die in the event of a failure, i< ^till alive?after having been defeated in the very Gibraltar ol the Virginia National Bank men. Can't t<ay positively that Mr. Botts is after an o:iict*. but d nibt whether even a recommendation from John Tyler would curry him through. The queftion of annexation appears to be settled. We now insist that you set the California ball a roiling It is only necessary to give the project a fuir start before the |>eople, and before two summers are past, we shall have long lines of caravans moving southward from St. Lotus via the "American desert" to the lieniu 1 plains and smiling valleys of Califor nia. Hurrah! We see that a delegate or two of the Chippewa fudi his are in town. All the Indians like Contain Polk. ">uee man?no proud? free?shake hand good? "iv it shiill all be ri-iht. He, a good father to Die red man, say he shall atop white man cheating us?good. White man cheat much." The Chippe wa was right?brief,ana u> the point. The cloud of war is dissolving?peace is in the ascendant. We shall h ive peace till the next ses sion, then John Bull will hear thunder, if he don't Muell gunpowder. W. COMMKltCIAL. Hi?? w York, Monday, Jane 2. Aihii?A vorjr fair enquiry exists for both descrip tions. We quote poti at $3 7ft a 3 81^, iirm, and pearls steady at >1 a 4 08}. I'or-rov?1There wore no transactions in this staple to duj. Oilers were freely made at three-eighths of a cent decline, and tunic at one-quarter cent, but no Keller*. The majority of holders seem indisposed to otter their samples, except at about previous rates. We annex quotations now current, but would remark that they can not be considered otherwise than nominal:? Lm.iipuoi. Classification. Upl. 4' Flor. Mobile N.0. Inferior ft a Si ... ft a fij Ordinary ;">}a 61 . . . 5.?a ti Middling, <> a Hj ... tifa 6V Goad nufdliug, 61a 0} ... C.^a bj Middling fair, G;]r 0' ... 6ja Oi Kair. . .t 6ja 6i ... 7j|a 7 J Fully fair 7 a 7| ... 8 a 8| liood fair 7}a 7i ... b^a 9 fine 8 a 8} ... 9ja 9J Kism?Tlio supply of dry cod is moderate, and the mar ket quite firm. We quote sales at $2 76. There is a fair enquiry for mackerel, and sales are made at our last quotations. N'othing doing in herring. Hat?North ltiver bale is iu moderate demand. Com rnon qualities, for shipping, sell at 37J a 40c; prime, for city use, at 00c. Oils?Very little doing in this market in whale, the (tales not being of sufficient importance to establish prices. American linseed sells, as wanted, at 70c. PaoTinuM?There is vorv little doing in articles un der t'ii head. Old prime pork wc quote at $>9 23 a 9 31}, and wld mess nt $12 37}; new, of both descriptions,is dull, and priccs unsettled, lleef is very inactive, and quota tions merely nominal. Lard, in bbli. is firm at 7Jc. and kct;s at 8c.; but the sales are limited. Butter and cheese are in moderate demand. Cheese, in boxes and calks, is held at 6 a 8c. Sur.aui ?The market is quiet. Wc notice small sales ? of New Orleans at ft} a 6c; brown Havana at 7^ a 81; white t'o. p.t 9} n 10. Touacco?'1 his market is inactive, and some descrip tions scarce, particularly leaf Kentucky. Cattlk Maiikkt, June 2.?At market, 1,300 beef cat tle (960 from the south); 1,000 sheep and lambs, and 120 cc \vs and calves. i kkes?Beef Cattle ?The unusually large offering last week has caused uncos to recede, and holders have been compelled to submit to a reduction of 37}c on the ).rices of last week. Wo quote, as the extreme range of the market, inferior and middling qualities $.5 a 6 ; prime and extra ' ti 7ft a 7. Unsold, 100. Cow* and Calves?Prices range at from $16 to $30, as in quality. Left over, '2ft. Sacep and Laiuba? All at market ware taken nt last week's prices, viz: $1 2ft to ?l 60 lor sheep, and for lambs tl 26 a !J3 -2j. Hay? Sales to-day at ft6 a 6-2tc. per cwt. Tile I ro]M. T he Notchitoche* Chronicle, of the 17th in?t., mentions that ttie crops on Red river are very promising, and that no four of un overflow need bo apprehended by the plan ter* this spring. High up the river the water row very iiik'h a lew da> s iince, but soon subsided. The Petersburg (Va.) papers, of the 30th ult., says: We have received irom Col. (iilham, of City Point, a few stalks of red May wheat, grown on the Island opposite the Point. Tliey commence 1 cutting this wheat on the 20th ult., and to'judge of the whole crop hy the specimen in our puste.sion, tlie farmer will he well repaid for his Jaiior, We know of no patt of Virginia in which there has hoen a greater improvement in agriculture than tlie County ol Prince (ieorge. Within a lew years past, by the use of marl, lands which were well nigh exhausted, and in imtny instances given up as worthless, have been completely restored, and now pioduce ample crops. Sale* of Stturki ?t fliliadclphlai First Boaimi, Monday, June 2. ?vWO old nnnual ft's, 1816, ?0{; ;MWOO ( incin. G's, IBM, 90; $2307 60 new an nual Stale c'M, 70); V>0 3,> State 5's, 1343, 731; *1000 Reading Kl! tJ's, 6?^j $50old annual State 6's, 70]; $.>3 7o uew i o, 70;; 17 shares Union Bank, Tetin., f-7; 'jiOO Lehigh Mo;t;;nge Loan, 76}; 100 shares Wilmington K II, Hi Sr.cowo Board,- Haturdny.?$.800 State ft's, 72}; <.(300 C.'ie-iapeake anil Delawuie 6's, 7ft; $10000 do do, 75J: *16000 State 0's, 72j; J1000 Cincin. Bonds, 96. Died, On Monday morning, 2d inst. Corey Taocr, in the 59th year of hi-, age. Tlie Irieuds of the family, and of his son, Charles C. Faber, are invited to attend his funeral, from his late re silience, 147 Tenth street, to-morrow afternoon at half past 3 o'clock, without further invitation. On I'onday, CJ Inst. suddenly. Ri.iiwcca, youngest daughter of Michael and ltebeccn Riordan, ageil 2 years. The fiiendi of the family are invited to attend the fu neral, to-morrow alternooh at 4 o'clock, from 31 Bayard street. On Sunday, the 1st instant, Mary Ann, Wife of William P. Miller anil daughter of William Kevan, in the 36th year of her age. Tlie relatives and friends of the family, and those of her father and her brother-in-law Thomas F razor, aro respect fully iuvited to attend her luneral, without further invi tation, on Tuesday afternoon, at i o'clock, from the houte of her father, No. 604 Broadway. Pnearnsrero Arrived, Lirr.Rroo!.?Steamer Cambria at Biston?For Halifax? Bishop Medley, W Spngue, J Cooldridge, Chjplain, 5 cliil rtr? l, and guvi-mc is, Schmidt, linn let, L> mm, and nurse, t )apt Baylictd, 11 B Fellows, Byers, Mrs Bytieldsnd servt; C Hoii land, Sluw, liodjuisoti, audi children; Miss Andy, Levi t?ar reil. liu.ign riper, Lusign II ,rik , Rev K Machen, Mr Wm Parks, W Cr.ighton, W Rogrrs, Mrs linger., A H Oilman, W Cirvelle, A McF'arland, Col Kirby, Miss Minchire, Mrs ,\lin chire. Miss Hopkins, l)r Kelly. For Boston?Mr Bsrnstale. vra B trnsUli, cJild and mtrse; Mrs Wia^in, Mr Kingatoa, Col Loring, IJ Y'.tt, Messrs Par In r, Fowle, J Fovsle, CoTP 11 innt-i F. V Asliton, r. Shsrpe, J S Dickson, C Miltors, B Wiggiu, Dr Mason, J I Wild, 1 C Mayer Jioutield, B C Caulsou, R h liry >-?>11, I J Stewart, Charles Brow mail, fl M Meade, Bvlnall' it \V M n.itain. Peine, C ?pt B'i.v, Maine}',2B A Ansell, L Hal, tnntall jr. A S| ,ter. Rouge, H liarpnu, I) .Marble, Ponnald Sc clulJ, M id /Coubell and d iuu-hter, Miss HoiiIk-II, J Fiazor, Rus sell, Mr R Story, Mr. Cooldridge and servant, Michael Fax? 61. Havrk ?Ship Zurich?Mrs. Alei wider J. Hamilton, Miss F.uiily Viiireat Hamilton, New Vork; J. <i. Tappan and lady, Bo 'on; Win. Rraml, Mis. Anna Br.uiil, Frederic B. Brand, U. b. N , .V'w Orleans; Mrs. Juhn Johnston, New Vork; Cept. I S Mini, Brooklyn; t>eor<e H. Weston, New York; Mr. M! ud. Franc; Msuam>- Pltana l'ico, Italy; Madame bansav, Hi v. Peti r Peuueprot, Hev. Prejectus Machbrtif. John B.-iki yen . M ,rr Vntouions, Daiaroeque, France; Julia Chitlirld, ? Jinii r f-ittt. Matild i Duuil, Kngland; Marie Oftdral, Pauline Liuner, >Mrn- Bonret. Adline DemoUa,Cecile Loulier, Mithell Bouyon. il vrie Boiiuet,Christine Veyswin-,(Uursuline bisters) r i tucr. 3112 in the steerage. ai^v-'V'"i ' t J*"1-b~-Briir Napoleon?W. L.Nichols, O. W. Nichols, F. ImLer. W B irker, of Jain Amu s-Bng Mrdia-Mri. Mary Oruwold, of tlie A. B. C. F. M. miwoiih; Mri. KJuabeih i*homio?i, ol' ti?^ Eniacopal Mtuion, and two children. PaMrngtri Knllrd. KAvnr?Ship St Nico!u?A 8 Prrrott and Udy; (J Ham l.idjr and ion; J A OBilh nnd l*dy; .1 A Stprninler My i.ivl Cwo chijdreu: Thoi Hmmond, Tho? II llutrhuou' V c.desm, .1 S Lahore. A Bulley. J N, f"li, pi ' letief, jr, J t' Hlieimer, Dr Flagg, ( harli-ston, HC; J ( ..inpar flfn J L.eese, Mobile; Mr Quackeaboss.Udy. child and imrsc Ir Liy, n Mageno*, and 16 in the steerage. Pnssrnj(er? to Arrive, 1 IARLr^TO'S? (iiirleston ( fron Charleston)?Mrs roi'-e, \|rs A Iiddlrton, clnlil nid rinrse; Mrs H Middletoii, ''"rand, Mrs O II inimond, Mrs Northrop, lour s.1 ,7'!' '"r** and s.rvt; Mrs F M We.ton, Mra Thompson, Mr. "*> rrt, Mr., Mr.Hotie, Mrs Styles, Miss Styles .J ?? Siinins, Miss Gilbert. Miss Marshall, Dr Hcmt, Mesars II M.djlleton, <1 Hammond, F M Weston, <i ?ri, mnL r"v"l 1 !<",rk ? M J t i .1 land, t B Notthrop, 6 M Ho^trLi'Mii if;V,"S,n,,h. J ? hale.-, (i M lldtch, A J. Is. y, 14 rJli<?l, 11 D -mpsfy, and 2T? in theateeMye. Fuiei^n li?|Mirtotlona. Catton?SWnp Na*i?ilej-I? lif chesis young hyson ten I iraer fc Delano-il do 9 do hy.on 8 r..,|kS?< l(M_77 hi en' t' S roaijg hyson Minat Ic Hooper, of Boston?:ij half chts *1?tW cs sdk A A Lew?6 do C and J H Irvin?I do K \ Sil, . r. of ! ,l.m?I do 81 pkg, fire cr,ck-r. J T? of Ssie.n I - Ol silk T T Luring and CO-2 b? ,M W H Neal?77/7 hf teia Ij Ij-m bote, young hyson m cht. hyson skin 311 hi iiiVi" ! c',t*,"U,'hoog 201 III do 23.ithree-<|uartt-r do 1VW lislfdo 10. I'll I.. co igou jl) hall do l"koe--:M do oolong200 IHlilns !"1 'f"v ls,7 c,ht' POuehongJMa ptn, .lo 70 hf do iN<"l c. of pkgs 4 bts silk 2 do china 7 do t.a in o ne i rattan. J pkus laquereil ware 4 pkga silk 1 rase do 1 H6 In chti young hyson 50 hf do mi|>?ri <1 80 hfdo gonpowder 9t rolls ?I .11, t II bis to* 3 do ditea to order. ' V , 3 rkgs milie Oay, La.?ac k Ni.l?J in ikarU k llutton?I A Legoux?3 J Blunt?I B A.tor?I M i j =garag=g=^ ward* k Stoddard? 1 W H Smith k CO-?2 C Decay?3 Derail me* k Bound?3 C W' Lilieudiihl?-1 Colnell k flwing? lip MarHsoo?t Moriatt It Badoie? 1 C B Strauue?l'IVi<pemoqfc Dulac?4 Bnlltn It Lander?I O Vou Baur? t Perriu k Braclter -6 S Haskell?I L E Low?1 D C Dsvi*-4T Maillard-10 8 Douner?I E M Davi*?IJ R Herriek? 1 Cumnung Ml*"' J f Hheppird?1J E Hyde?1 Storm k Dubois?3 Soloewni k Hart??C Paztn?I L B Bimmkco?4 Sill k Thom|U".d?1C Oi/unux?1 Cuilleux, Fill IkHolijc?1 P Murray?6 JI)upi??3 \ H Ward?3ip Veret? 1 Fellow*, Judil V Scadder?1 L A Bret?J VV 8 fhipjis?2089 linn (tone* I' Morru?1 E Berthoud ?1 Piatt Brothers?( J P Price?1 J Magniu kco?2 E Koupe ? C Alirenieldt?3 F Cotteuet Sc co?20 Booueu Grave* k c?? 2 Burn Ik l.umslere?3 hVlii Houdeiiuin?3 Virek Sou?11 A R Walker?I Becnet k Loret?1 J M Shaw?I E Bopange?1 Mile* k Putnam?i C Engler?1,CF lloger-2 Maliajrn.Gouid? co?1IT C Calderou De La Batv.i?8 Febrcuuettes, FiltkMorra 6 R K Raleau?I Schmidt k Andrea?I Monui k lsellii?2 L Homme-2 Bergen k Walter?3C A F Henries?I C N Robin ?on?2 L J Cohen?1 F (liadwi^k?8 A Seigneur?1 Borecw k Ruali -I Umber k Dambinann?1 Scharfi-uburK Lewia?1 L 1 Tinelli?330 baske's wine Kennuld k Franei*?185 do Schmidt k VoiH?300 do V B wsalow?26 cue* O Davis?*49 O W Engs St Co?4UU basket* wiite Barcl ty 8c Livingston?13 case* M Re ?iard?8 R H II light St co?2 Reed Taylor k co?1 Tiffany, Fining Ik Smith?1 k t'.rer*?1 Mills?1 K Duboi* kco ?181II irper?t J t! Eruenput*h?7 8tii?>? Chriat k Co?2 8 He pe iterg?2 Chart laud, Kcliluiiipt It Dieher?3 J A Voiring?3 I' A Bnthiupt Ik Chum?3 b F Meyer?5 E RuUpel?1 L llts keil?I FBe.iuer?1 H Frerie?I P M I'eyrer?3 Toby k Tiw iil?5 Loechi.le k Wiaendo ick?8 O Sager?10 H Bodrnt r k P Patonjkc?2 Ely k Harrlaoii?2 Teterel k Blair?1 E LtdTan?1 M C ffe?1 Meyer k Poppenuuseu?304 Stone, Fox k Living* ton?2 c.uss 1?8 ba*ket? wineCazct k A*toen?131 do A Plen d.-r?130 VB ininger?t peks md> ScluMjie, Roop k Co?T Cotte uett k Co?M bikket* wine 13 ca*e* inu*<' to order. MAK*r.iLLE>?Barque Morcella?U00 Imaket* oil, to catks mad der, J00S biukeU oil, i bale* corkwood aole, II bale* cork Uu tilh k C ueny?1000 baaket* oil, 100 bag* almond* Chimberlaiu k Phelps?M bale* cork J Michel?19 caak* madder E Fiedler? 37 bale* ludtr Ayinark co?tilO basket* oil Muou kThompson ?7 pkipt ?ilk* J McC ult?CO ball* cork J Augur?15 hale* do Catet it Aatoiu?1 trunk 1 box ?\v re lineal* Mr* J Whalex?4 boxe* eaxnice 237* wine 100 lusketa oil 1 box orange flow er water, 31 cask*, i bale* mdze, i cask* verdigri*, 3 case* cream Uitar. MARZTZXS HERALD. PORT OF irew YORK, JUNK 3. ?UR HI*C< ...1? 37 I MUO.l B1IU 3 34 M ? UN *KT* 7 23 I HIGH WATER 7 42 M Cleared. Ship London, Baker, Liverpool, Cook k Co. Ship Joh.i Minium, Clark, New Orleans, Stanton k Froat. Ship Isaac Newton, Spalding, Savannah. Bmpie Ro*ini, Uoty. Cape de Verila, W W Dc Forest. Barque Ann Louisa, Marshall, Vera Crux, Hargoes k Co. Brig Crusoe, Cliace, Aui Cayes, 8 W Lewis. Schr Rekiulus, Cole, Wilmington, N L McCreadv k Co. Schr E S Powell, Murcii, Wilmington. Schr I'hebe Elixa, Osborn, Alexandria, Sturges kCo. Schr Fancy, Chase, Boston ^Foster k Nickerson. Schr Tu*carora. Mathews, Richmond, Allen k Paxsoni Sloop James L. Long, Jones, Providence. Arrived. Ship Nevirator, Graves, from Whampoa, Feb 2, Macao, Fob 7, and Java Head March I, with teas, kc. to Neil k Co. of Sa lem. Left at Wbampoa, J O Coster, and Hamlet, NYork in all March; Maraposa, do >d*. At Macao Pactolus, forNYork an me day; Henry Pratt, and Stephen Lurman, ar 7th fm U 8? The L report* seeing Dart, fin Baltimore for Canton, off the Cape of Good Hope, At Hon;; Koni;, 3th, Congress, coppering for NYork March 1; Peruvian, recruiting, and Aretu* ana Bel videre.juit ar fm Vlouilla. April II, lat 33,7, Ion If 17, E spoke La Belle, (Br) for Table Biy CGIi. April 13, lat 30 S, Ion 13 an, E. spoke Grace, (Br) fm Saldauha Bay for Dundee via 8t Helena. April 26, lit 13, 5, S loo II 47, W exchanged signals with Merchuit, of Baltimore, fm Cauton, Jan 28, for NYork ? May 28, lat 31, 30, N, Ion 69, 18 W. spoke Helena, 13 day* from NOrleans for Liverpool. Same day, lat 35, 5, N, lou69 30 W, passed Emetine, of Portsmouth, bounds. Packet ahip Montezuma, Lowlier, from Liverpool, May 5th, with, to C H Marshall. Br. ship Mertoun, Keen, 43 days from Belfast, with253 pas sengers, to J Mc.Murray. The M i* bound to Quebec. Snip Zuric, Johnson, from Havre, 4th May, with mdse, to Fox. Livingston k Co. Spoke, 19th ult. loug 44 ship Albany. Barque Marcella, Hagar, from Marseilles, 16th April?passed Gibraltar 2d May, with mdse, to Chastelain k Phelps. 30th inst 80 miles E of the Rock, spoke George k Henry, from Pa lermo for Baltimore?at the same time saw Manto, from Paler mo for Boston, and Sarah Sheafe, from Palermo for Pliilad. Barque Medina, Lawlin, 34 days from Cape Mount, West Af rica, with palm oil, kc. Garretsou k Joues. Left April 25, at Monrovia, U S flag ship Jamestown, bearing the broad peuant Com Skinner. 29rh at C Mount HBM sloop of war Lame, all well on board bpth ship*. H M brig Lilly, took possession of colonian schr John Jay, lying at B&ssa. supposing her to be a slaver, and *eut her up to Sierra Leone, for trial. 31st, lat 37 , 30, long 74 20, (ignalized Jacob S Wain. Brig Overman, (rrportted yesterday) Davis, 10 days from Ponce, PR, witn 164 lihdssugar 115 do molasses, to P Harmo ny? 36 do sugar Millard, Comrie k Co. Left Richmond, NYork 9day*; Trinidad, NHaven, wtg cargo; Portland, for Portland, June lit; Forest, Newport, wtg cargo; Caroline, and Cadmus, justarr. Brig Ava. Chase, (of New Castle) 3 days from Laguno,with hides, io Badger k Peck?3700 qts logwood 300 hides C H Todil. Lel't Smyrna, for Boston, next day, tne only Am vessel in port. May 20, eff Florida light ship, spoke Lowden, 16 ds fm Boston for Mobile. Br brig Napoleon, Caleff, 22 days from St Ann's Bay, Jam., willi 1037 bags pimento, to Aymer k Co. Left brig Alfred, M;<soii, of N Yarmouth, for Campeachy, 13th May. Brig Citizen, Brown, 7 djys from Mnchias, lumber. Schr B H Field, Van Gilder, 16 day* from Franklin, La, with 97 hlid* sugar 73 do molasses to Peck k Sayer. Tne Oscar, for NYork, sld 6 days before. Schr Fidelity, Chamber*, Virginia. Schr Curiosity, Allen, Swansbora, with naval stores. Schr Champion, Drew, Nantucket, oil. Schr Nathaniel, Dalton, Philadelphia. Schr H P Havens, 2 days from Snowhill, with com. Schr Dove, Williams, 2 day* from Berlin, with corn. Schr Harriet, Smith, 10 days from Baracoa, with fruit. Below. One ship and two brigs unknown. Hailed. Ship St. Nicola*, Havre; Cambridge. Liverpool; Mediator, London, and J Mintiirn, NOrleans. Miscellaneous Record. The U. S. ships Columbus and Vincenues, have not sailed yet from the Lower Bay. Launch?A fine copper fastened and handsomely modelled schooner of about 86 tons hurthen, was launched by Messrs. Wiliiams and Wilson, of Warren, Maine, 29th ult. Sue is in tended for a packet ret ween Thomastou and Boston. Her name i* the " 1 O of O F," She was built by an Odd Fellow, is to be commanded by Cnpt. General C. Dow. also an Odd Fellow, and her first trip will be on the 17ih ot June, when she will c irry a load of Oud Fellows to the celebration iu Boston, on the lOtn of June. Naval. Ordi'.ks?May 30.?Lieut Richard Bache and Lieut T A Jenkins, ordered to report to the Secretary of the Treasury for ipecial duty connected with examination of light-houses. May 31?Lieut John Manning, detiched from the naval ren drsvous, Norfolk; Lieut Richard L B ige ordered to the ren ilezvou.. Norfolk; Lt Wm Green, detached from naval hospital near Norfolk; Lieut Charles H Poor, ordered to the naval nos pital near Norfolk; Lieut B F Shattuck, ordered to the navy yard, at Boston; Midshipman A J Mitchell, detached from the Potomac, with [eave three months. r on'i^ii i'orx*. Awtwerp, May I?Arr Tremout. Charleston; Syl Jenkins, NYork; Dutchess, New Bedford; 3d, Cameo, New York; 13th Glasgow, New Orleans. 11th, sl'd Lady Arbells, Gottenberg. Adkft, April 0?Arr K Wilder, Mocha, and (Id 7th lor Bum bar. Bombay, March 28.?Frolic, Baltimore, (Cape*about Decem ber 9. ? Batavia, Dec. 23?Arr Chile, Boston, Aug 6, and aid Jan 10 for Chiim;3Wt. Echo, (of New Vork,) Sill, Amsterdam. Sl'd, Jan IS, VlClorii, China. Aprf 29?Ar Lnlrobe, Galveston; Grace Brow I Baltimore; .flSolus, NYork; 30th, Ocesnus, James Hirer; 1> | Louiae, 11 dtimore; 3d, Clarissu Perkins, Cienl'uegos; Allantul N York; 4th, Si eta, Baltimore; 9th, Carl Willielm, NYork. Belfast, May 14.?Sid Perseverance, NYork. Copevhaoei*, April 27.?Ar Colmnbus, Charleston; May 4 Emma Isadora, Boaton. Clyde, May 13.?At Woodatock, Charleston; 14th. ChHar riaon, NOrleans. Sid 5th, Ann Hurley, NYork; 8th. Cahawba do; lUth, John Kerr, Boaton. In port, Jupiter, for Boaton, ldg Khviui, for NYork, do. Deal, May 3.?Ar Mary France*. London, for Cardiff and Bo* ton, (nnd ?ui posed aid5th;) 4th, Hazard. Hedquist, NYork for Stockholm; 7th; Athens, London, (and aid for Matanras;) 10th, Bi-rtnud, Antwerp for Bangor; 17th, Catharinu, NYork; Robert Kulton. London,(and aid for 8iugapore and Manila. Dover, May 14.?Ar Her*chel, Irom Bremen for Baltimore; rjih, Hwei. NYork for Hamburg; 15th, Agnes, Bremen, for NYo?k; Win. American, NOrleans for Amsterdam Dartmouth, May 1G.?Off, Toronto, from NYork for Lon don. Kin-win, May J?Ar Wild roil, Harre lor Stockholm; Bor deal, a, NOrlean* fordo; 6th, Clarissa Androi, Harre lor do; Sim|Mt|>p, NYork for do. K.?i siot'TH, May 9.?Ar Salrator, ria Portsmouth and sld f NYork, OoTit*M'U, April 28.?Ar Washington, NYork; 4th, Mon son, Boston. HAMri'kn, April 29.?Ar Omen,Charleston; 30th, Brarena, N York; 1st. London Pkt, do: Cumberland, NOrlean*; 3d, Char lemagne, NYork; Skjold, NBedford. Hi ll, May 3.?Sld Panama, NYork. Liverpool, May 4.?ArSherbrooke, Savannah; 11th, Arabian. Chieftain, and Lord Wellington. NOrlean*; Couuueror, and Constitution, Charleston; 18th, Knglaud and Asia, Mobile; Lord Canterbury, Saraunalr, Portland, Charleston; Catherine, New York. Sin (ith, Hottinguer, Jessie, John Oarrow, and Orineco, NYork: Macao, Staten Island; Sarah Ann, mid Tiberius, Boa ton; 1 Ith, Lancashire, do; Concordia, do; Lehigh, Philadelphia; 18th. Europe, fl Hicks, and Adirondack. NYork; .Asia, Boston; 19tli, Genesee, NYork. In port, ldg, Epaminoiidas, and Wm Ooddard, for Boston; Independence, McCappin, and Indepeu ileuce, (pkt) Allen, NYork; Sheffield, Knglnna. and Sea, do; Pocahontas, Grindlay, Urania, Tam O'Shanter, and Isabella, for Philadelphia. Lonhois, May 5.?Ent Jessore, fm NYork; 8th, Westminster, do. In port, log, Jetsore, Prince Albert, and Westminster, for NYork; Ellen, for Boston. LottDo<ior.Rnr, May 8.?Hid Eben Preble, Philadelphia. Newport. May !2?Ar Washington, Ghent. Portsmoi i ii. May 5.? Ar Wellington, London, (and ?ld for NYork;) 12th. H Hudson, do, (and sld 13th fordo.) Sw^saiis, May 12.?Off, Fame, of Boston, from Antwerp for I NYork. Stockholm, May 29.?Ar John Johnson, and Caroline, New York. Hwinemunde, May 3.?Juno, Charleston; 4th, Cecilia, New York; 10th, Echo, do. Tor hay, May 4? Sld AikjIIo, (from Rotterdam,) NYork. Sa*?or, March 10.?Sailed. Virginia, Boston; and put back to'Calcntta 13th, leaky. Maiii iha, April 19.?Arr Albertma, N York, (and aid for Cs dix;) M iy 1, Ganges. Ciidif. for N \ ork, leaky; Odd Fellow, do (and sld for li 10 Grande.) Siisoapore, Keb 26?Arr Chilo, (from Boaton, Oct 36th) Ba taria. M? rtt.LA, Jsn 20.?Arentus, Hong Kong. Litf.rkiol, May 12.?A vessel of about 500 tons, painted 'trim color, clean, and apparently new, was paased bottom up, lat 17. Ion 20, by the Hudson, at this port. Havre, May 9.?Pru* brig Otto, froin Sunderland for , was abandoned 18th ult, lit 38 N. having been diamaated, and in a sinking state?crew taken to Harre, by brig Harre, from Sarannah. Girlaltar. May 0.?Fjoti 250 to 300 sail, which had been de tained hi this nay, at Algetiri*, lie, by strong westerly winds for several weeks, passed the Straits to the wesljrard on the Kith ult. St. rr.TKCTHURiiH, May 6.?The ice began to more on the 4th. and this morning the passage is free for boats. I'remains fast between the city and Cronsudt, and arrirals here cannot be looked for before 13th. Havak, May I?Arr Jas Caakie, Charleston; 3d, Edgar, Sa vannah; 9th, Harre, do; 11th, Naahrille, New Ocleans; Diadem, Mobile; Tuskina, Charleston; 15tli, Rob Roy, do. Olf port I3lh, Ilochall, from Mobile; 15th. Alabama, from do. Mtb, sl'd Tecumseh, New York; 30th, Almade, Charleiton; id, Pouliac, N Vork; Ith, Zurich, do; tith, Belridere, Charles ton; Oth, Fortitude, Cadiz; 10th, Rnritan, New Orleans; Caro lina, New York; llili, Harre, do; Monmouth, and Windsor Castle, New Orleans; J3th, Medl'ord, do. B?? ?t, May 2?Arr Boakica, N? w York. Marseille*. May 8?Arr Gaston, NYork. Ltsnoi, April 25?Arr Ohio, NYork. 1st, sl'd Magoun, Rio < irande. Cams, April 24?Sld Panther. Clapp, and Camilla. Rio Gr.ode; Gingea, do (tee Madeira.) ttfi, Fortnni, NYork. GirraltaH, Aitu 21?Arr Theo Korner, NOrleans; 27th, ireline, Boston? 1st .1 no Kraucis. New Orleans; 4th, Picolo, Trieste for NVork; Nshant, New Orleans; fith, Plato, Algiers. 9th, sld Huntress. C?dt* and Boston, 1st, Coosa, Leghorn. Tevf.L, April 25?Arr Hope, Mobile; lot, Caroline, do; l.'?lh, Hermann, Baltimore. . Hklvokt, May >?Arr Herald. Baltimore. Malaga, April 23? Arr William and James, Gibraltar. Tiriiawona, April 17?Arr Roarer, New York. Gkvoa, April 4?ArrHanorer, NOrbans. l.r'iiioRw, April 24?Arr Harmony, Genoa. Triri i r, April 26? Arr Borneo, Sumatra: 29th, Gondola, A|mlseV,ltoh; 1st, Strafford, Mobile; 5th, Gnstara, N York 28'''. tld Sharon, Smyrna. krt, April II?Arr Stsmbool, Boston; 34th, Cbluithia, Tnst??. jf Hallowm, May 17-Arr heroes*. N York. Haco, May*--Arr Gerard, Philadelphia. In the Rivtr, Norway, fm Wilmington. ,J""? I?Cambria. (Br) Lirerpool, May 20. its PH. .l* *. ,'>e.M itlUA M) 3IM, noou, warn taWraphed at 7 16 P M, and ar ui the inner harbor at 9 30 P M; Medora, Pa lermo. &poke ftth ult I at 42 30. Ioii 6410. Pauline, hence for Cape da V erda; Edinbury,Mobile;Choctaw. Charleston: Mary Stanton, Baltimore: Mauomet, L'Anse d'HaiiuaUlt, Hayti; Cheater. St Jago, I4tn nn. Sid in 6o Witn aclir Aan for Tnoi daa. Left, Juu Odiiu, Hanover, hence for Cieufuegos 15th; brig Eastern Stat, Mruc cargo, Bounty. Newbern, Emerald. RipH l^nock; Lion, Delaware citviOlidfc, Albany; Grecian. and lurk, N Y ork; Cordelia, do; Waldo. Gouaivea, Sigimlfur mi ua#yrvbaj?nuar? rigged veesel. Sailed, Saturday, wind NW to BE and a. Iran ton; Protection, for : anil at night, I Palest me;Sunday, wind BW at ttoru and eve SE moat of the day, steamship Britannia (at 2 PM:) barque Baring Brothers; brig. AVood point, Henrico, Dorer, Wm Pitt, Wm renn, T I* Hart, M^eatic, destination unknown. Barque Liliua, which &ld on V riday, is bound to Philad. Portsmqi tii, May 27?Ar Geu Warren, Philadelphia: Chas Henry, do for Durer; Montino, NYork;??ch, Oen Bolirar.Phi DC Below 27th, Charlea, tm Eaatpert foe Georgetown, Nfcw May 31?Arr Haidee, Maya sue*, PH; Induitry, St Croix;VV illow, Porto Rico: EJuabeth, and Reaper, Alba ny Bid Tantivy, and Olive. Albany. I hiudiljhu, Jane 2?Arr North Star, Th*ddeus, Arisen*, W" Sink. Heroine; Mirror. C C Zahriskie. Will, and J Wain wnght.NYork; Lucy, Portland: Amity, Albany; Mary St Kli xabelh, New Haven; Had <ssah, Portsmouth, NH; Cinderella, Boston; Nidus. Frankfort, Mb. Wo?r?LK, Majr 30?Arr Aid, Boston; Charles, Fall River.? The Alert, which had been on Hampton Bar several days, was gotten off last nigh, and anchored uuder Seawall's Point. (--haklziton, May 30?Arr Theresa, Havana, leaky, bound j?1 JJ'?. having experienced heary weather during the | assage. Cld Preuccton. Londou; Salisbury, Boston. Savawnaii, May 28?Arr Oregon, Ciurleston. Cld Voltaire, Boston; A R Thompson, Philadelphia. Bid Denmark; Espeti dola, and Hebrew, Liverpool; Celia, and Robert Bruce, New York; Baltic, St Petersburg; Voltaire, Boston. Mouii.k, May 24?Cld H W Tyier, Providence; Republic, N York; President, Bolton. New Orleans, May 1?Cld Chatham, and Nonantum, Livei> pool; Hope, St John, NF; Attakapas, and Titi. Havana. Arr NewYork, Galveston; Alkmar. Boston; Wm Ivy, Matargoria. lu Ronds, no date, Tno, from Marseilles (and slu 30th for New York); Suviah, Palermo (and sld 30th for New Orleans.) By Last Night's Southern Mail. Philadelphia. June'2?Arr Aurora, NYork; Milliuket, Boston; Abaco; Wm Benton, N York; Cyuocure, Portland; St Croix, Calais, Superior, and Balloon, Providence. Baltimorc, June 3?Arr Pioneer, Maria, and Amanda, New York; Henry Kelsey, Boston; Lawrence, do; Cosmopolite, Arecibo; Virginia, Salem. D &00 REWARD-CROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE? Por the cure of UonurrhOM, Gleets, Strictures and analagons complaints of the organ of generation. Of all-remedies yet discovered for the above complaint*, this is the most cettain. It makes speedv and permanent cure, without the least re striction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to bu siness. a We give no long quackish recommendation to deceive the public. If the medicine does not speak for itself, no one shall speak for it. Our object is to notify where it can be had, and the proprietor challenges a single esse of recent Gonorrhoea to be brought in which the Mixture will not effect a rapid cure un der a forfeiture of V00. This is a disease that unfortunately pervades all ranks of so siety?high, low. rich and poer, matrimonial and single. They are here presented with a remedy by which they c in cure them selves without the least exposure, in the shortest time possible. Further, the dietase connot be contracted if a dose ol the Mix ture is taken at night on going to bed when expoeed. It is put up in bottles with full directions accompanying it, at $1 a bottle. One bottle lasts a week, .which generally cores? many are cured in two days. For sale only at Wm. H. Milnor's, 192 Broadway, corner of John st., opposite Franklin House, New York; Mr. Barry's, comer of Chestnut and Seventh streets, Philadelphia; and at J. M. Smith's, 133 Washington street, Boston; 24 Canal street, N. Orleans; and96 Maiu street, Cincinnati. ju3 lm'ec THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. R. A. II. CRISTIE respectfully iuforms the American public that he has lately arrived from England, for the Srpoae of introducing in this country, the novel application of ectro Galvanism discovered by his brother, Professor Her' man Cristie of London, in October last. The discovery has received the universal approbation of the medical profession of Great Britain, who have pronounced it among the most im Sirtant of modern scientific inventions. The Patent Galranic ings have been found to answer all the purposes for which the ordinary galvanic battery, or electric ana magnetic ma chines are used, but are without any of the injurious shocks which accompany the application by these instruments, and in many other respects are more safe and certain ill accom plishing the desired object. The Galvanic Rings have now been several months before the English public, and the universal reputation they hare ac quired are sufficient evide ice of their extraordinary power in the prevention and cure of the diseases for which they are re commended. They have been nsed with perfect success in all cases of rheumatism, gout, tic doloreux, sick headache, indiges tion, paralysis, stiff joints, general debility, deficiency of ner vous energy, and all nervous disorders. Hie galvanic power which they possess is gradual and constant, ana the beneficial effects theyjiroduce upon the system must be wituessed to be believed. The Galvanic Rings are in every way perfectly harmless, and are sold at prices that are within the reach of all desirous of testing their efficacy. Dr. Cristie warns the Ame rican public from the beginning, to beware of tp riout imita tions. The only agency at preseut in the United Btates is at 131 FULTON STREET, a few doors from Broadway, in this city, and from the secret process by which the metals are pre pared to be rendered sensitive and efficient, all imitations must be entirely devoid of any galvanic effect. CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID, used in connection with the Rings to accelerate the galvanic action, is only to be procured at the same place. m31 lw*m NEW EMBROIDERIES. PETER ROBERTS respectfully calls the attention of his friends and the public to some splendid goods of the above description, received by recent arrivals, which, being imported direct from the Euro|>ean manufactories, will be sold at a trilling advance on the original cost. He would also call atten tion to several lots purchased at auction, at an immense sacrifice, which will be found well deserviug an early ins|>ectiou. The folio winjf are very desirable, being 25 per cent under the usual retail prices? High-neck Chemisetts, richly embroidered, from 14s to $3,60 worth $2.251'< $5 60. 600 Embroidered Collars, finished edges, for Is., usual price 10s 6d. 160 Embroidered Capes, at $3, usual price$6. 60 do do very rich, from $6 to $10. 200 prs Embroidered Uuder Sleeves, from 4s to $3,30. 1 case Embroidered Dressej, from $3 upwards. 600 dos Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, from Gd. 60 do do extra large size, for gentlemen's use. 46 do do hein*tich do. from 3s 6d. 30 do <lo Rivierd borders. A choice assortment of rich embroidered Handkerchiefs, which are offered unusually cheap. 6 cases of various styles of Swiss and French Muslins, in stripes, plaids, figures. Sic., Sic. A lot new Muslin Trimmings, L*ces, Veils, Hosiery,Gloves, Sic.. Sic., all of which will be sold decided bargains. my31 lm*rc No. 373 BROADWAY. B USTLES SUPERSEDED. THE CIRCULAR SKIRT, combining comfort with ele gance, is a new article, peculiarly adapted forth* present sen*on. No lady of fishi u will be without it. 0 BEING N ill hardware feet in form and sold at a Rvf?rv iIwm> To be had, and orders received, at Mils. KOETHEN'S Dressmaking Establishment, m31 3t?rc 128 Spring street. . BURDEN'S PATENT HORSE-SHOES BEING NOW ON SALE by the principal dealers iu the United Suite* are at I warranted per _j and made of the rery best refined iron, a fraction over the price of iron iu the bar. Every shoe which may be found not in accordance With the above recommeudatioii will be received back and the money refunded, with all expenses from th* most distant parts of tke country. U. BURDEN. Agent, my II lm*rrc Troy Iron and Nail Factory. GENERAL BUILDING REI'AIRS, 68 Nassau St., conier of Maiden Lane.?All orders immediately attended to for Mason. Slateing, Plastering, Flagging, tin roofs repaired and painted, and all other repair* and alterations done iu the belt manner. Also, fomaces, ranges, kettles, steaa boilers, ovens, and every kind of fire works put up. Non* but good workmen employed. Expeditious and moderate charges Chimney tops for curing smoke. Up town orders left with J. Qiiinn. Plumher, J44 Broadway m27-lmVh' E. H. QU1NN. 'rytJ FOR sAl.t:?A heautilul Country Residence, one mile yArrom Rossville Landing, on Staten Island, a I1 arm of 23 ?JL*?acre* of first-rate Laud; a large House and good Barn, aiid other Buildings; good Garden, with plenty of Emit Trees?WW be sold reasonable and on good terms. Enqnir* of myT lm*re SAM'L. HALL. 369 Brooac it FUR SALE CHEAP, A COTTAGE AT SOUTH AMBOY. THE house'is of brick and roiuh cast. In the first story there is a breakfast room, library, drawing room, dining room and pantry, together with a kitchen and servants'hall. In the second story there ar* it* bedrooms, with four over the kitchen for servants. The Cottage is in the Eliznbethian style and has six painted gable* with overhanging roofs. The Piazza extends round three sides of the house, and is ornamented with Gothic Arches. It i* new and has never yet been occupied. Though within walk ing distance (from a half to a quarter of a mile.) of the Rail Road and Steamboat Landing, the bouse is entirely secluded.? With the exception of the lawn and wood and the opposite short's of New Jersey and Suten Island, there is littl* els* to be seen, save the water* and the vessel* that navigate them. It i* ?urrOHiuled and densely shaded by tree* Oil the lawn there are fifteen or twenty group* of forest trees, varying in extent from two acre* to a common sixed clamp. 1 he situation is high and perfectly healtiiy, and commands s view of th* **at the light houses at Sandy Hook, Prince* Bay and theRaritan River. ThHre is a fine gravelly beach lor Salt Water Bathing. The Rail Road car* and Steamboat* leave and arriv* *t sncn hours a* to enable a man of business to breakfait at hom* and lie in town at half-paatten?to leav* town at three and be at home at Ave. He may be in New York in two, and at Philadelphia in four houra. The purcti#ser may tike ten, twenty, thirty or mor* acrra with the hous*. Kor further particulars apply to JOHN C. STEVENS, 14 B.rcUy st. P. 8.?A short distance from the above, tlier* is another hand tome situation, with a house tliirty-fiv* or forty feet square. I will dispose of either or both' For a view of the house and grounds, apply to Mr. Abraham Everett, Superintendent,South Amboy. mv24 tf re HARPS?REMOVAL OF WAREROUJV1S To No. 281 Broddwny, oppomte Wnwhington Hall. JF. BROWNE, Maker and Importer of Improved Patent ? Grand 6H and 8 octaveDouhle Action Harps,begs to inform hisfrieud* ana the musical world, he ha* removed hi* ware rooms to the above commoditi* premise*, and would call their special attention to a new, nuiiiue, and beautiful specimen of grand octave double action Harp he has just completed. J. F. B. is constantly receiving the most llattering testimoni als from the fmt musiifil talent, regarding the superiority and grest brilliancy of tone, touch, and perfect finish of liis Harps, and has received the Franklhi medal of the Philadelphia Socie ty of Arts, for hi* improvements in tliis very delightful instru ment- Harp* repaired, Strings, Music, Icc. J. F. BROWNE, London, 2111 Broadway, and 73Chamber* street, New York. mylT ImdfcW're Established 1810. THIrTWEfTM FLUTE. PHILLIP ERNST, Teacher of the Elate and Guitar, would inform the lover* of Music, that he has now for sale one of the above celebrated Instrument*, constructed iu every respect in accordance with those now in use at th* Paris and London Royal Academic*. To be seen at PHI LlP ERNST'S Music Saloon, ?.'i Broadw*y, near Walker street. my8 lm?rc /EOulAN 11AKPS. NUNNS Ik CLARK having purrliased the patent right for "Coleman sVEolian Attachment to the Pianoforte,''for the entire United States, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to the public, that they arc now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or to attach the stun* to any modern made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard tothe durability of this invention, N. k C. are prepared to satisfy the most pre judiced mind, their own critical examination and experience warrant them in the a*sertion, that th* "Lilian'' will remain iu tune in any climate, and it will net be affected by tranailion* of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee i* giv*n With each instrument. The public are invited to examine the"?V>li*n Pianoforte*" at their ware-room. No. 240 Broadway, opposite the Park, where also may be found an assortment of 8, <H and 7 Octave Pianofortes, both ill ro**wood and mahogany ca*e*. mK6ti*rc MUSIC. MDUMSDAY. Profi ssor of Gaitar, Singing at Sight. Ac ? eordeon, Violin, lie., continue* to teach ladies and gen tlemeu of New York (at their residence) tlieabove Inatrumtnta, he., in* rery short time, by his new AnalysiagaM Indattiv* System. Terms moderate. An improved Accordeon foraale. .ull1' j.Ui'-"I jjSlij*" *'T'n ** No. ^Chrj-.u. ?M, TNo. 31 Wall itrret, opposite the Exchange. HIS COMPANY continue to rnyui against lou and ila mace bv Bra on good*, warn and merchandise, and also, against loss by inland nariiration on vessels ami their canoes. DIRECTOR*. Thoaaas W. Thome, Klisha Rir?s, Thomas T. Woodruff, Antuu Baker, U. K. ltobjun, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thoinsou Price, Joseph AlUn, Motet Tucker, James E. Hoi in Joliu R DaVison, John P. Moore, John H. Leo, Wua. K. Thorn. Ualeb C. Tunis, Thomas Uorrell, Francis P. Hjge, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merrltt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THOHNK, President. UloOge T. Horn, Secretary. aS rc NEW YORK, Ami II, ISO. THE UNDERSIGNED announce to the public,and particu lariy to the watch merchauts, that from this day they liave formed an association under the name of DELACHAUX & MAlRE for the trade of importation of watches, and that from this .said day they hare on hand aud shall receive from their cor n-si>ondeut manufacturers every description of Watches aad Movements. DELACHAUX k MAI RE. _ No. Iff Fulton street, N. Y. A. Delachaux?H Mnire. nil lm*m r|*WELFTH STREET.?Public notice is hereby given, tlsat X a petition lias been presented in the Board of Aldermen to para 13th street from 1st to 2d avenues. All persons interested in the above proposition k and opposed thereto, are requested to present their objections in writing, to the undersigned, at his office No. 4 Hall of Records, on or be fore the Slh day of June next. ELJAS L. SMITH, Street Commissioner. Street Commissioner's Office,) May 26th, 1845. J m* lwis ec NcT1. THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK. New York, May 9th, IMS. MOTICE?The Stockholders of this Institution are hereby notified, that an Election for Councillors and Directors, will lie held at the Banking House on the 4th day of Jnue next Polls will be oi>en from IS to 1 o'clock. By order, m\4 lt*wtoJ4*rc J. J. FISK. Cashier. NOTICE?MR.' iLAllXi has removed his Intelligence Office from 330 Broadway to Duane st, one door from Broadway, where he contiuues to provide protestunt help, both white uiii colored, of good character, at $2 a year. At 95X Du uie street uncurrent money bought and exchanged, my4 lm*ee BANK FOR SAVINGS. _ _'ICE.?This Institution is now remeved to No 107 Chambers street. mS lmrc PLANTERS' k MERCHANTS' BANK OF MOBILE. QTOCK of this Institution wanted by O WM. k .WO. O'BRIEN, . m28 lw'rc No. 33 Wall street, under Mechanics ' Bank. LOAN OF 9409,000 FOlt THE STATE TREASURY. GTATE OF NEW YORK, Comptroller's Office, Albany, 0 May ad, 1845.?Notice is hereby given, thst sealed proposals will be received at this office until Thursday the 5th day of June, 1845, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon of that aay, for a Loan to the Treasury, under the 4th section of the act entitled "An act to provide for paying the debt aud preserving the credit of die State," passed May 29. 11142. Offers will be received for the whole sum, or for any por tion thereof, not less than live thousand dollars. For the sums borrowed, certificates of stock will be issued, transferable at the Comptroller's Office, and bearing interest at the rate of six percent per annum, payable semi-annually on the first day of July and January, in eachyear, and the principal reimbursable on the first day of J uly, 1852. The interest will be made payable at the Treasury or at the Manhattan Company in the city ofNew York, at the option of the bidder. The Comptroller will be at liberty to decline the offers, or any of them, if they are not such as in nis opinion sre favorable to the interests of the State. The act before referred to authorises the Comptrollerto pledge the faith of the State, make the certificates issued for the money borrowed under it a lien on the half mill tax, and this lieu will be expressed on the face of the bond. The money to be deposited in such bank in the city of New York or Albany as the Comptroller may designate, and the cer tificates will carry interest from the date of the deposite. my29toJu5 rc A. C. FLAGO, Comptroller. MONEY LENT. FTtHE Subscriber has removed to 423 Pearl, comer of Rose M. street, where he continues to loan money on any amount on dry goods, gold and silver watches, nlate, jewelry, diamonds, fur niture, wearing apparel, and every diascriiuoji o^>Msmal^>roper ' LicensedPawnbroker, 423 Pearl, corner of Rose street. N. B.?Persons may be received in the private office by ring ing the bell at the hall door. a30 lm*rc MONEY TO LEND. I street, . is may , _ . silver plate, jewelry, dry goods, furniture, wearing apparel end merchandize, of every description. a30 lm*rc GOLD LEAF. GILDERS, Bookbiuders, Sign Painters. Pocket Book Makers, Jappanners, Druggists, Lamp Makers, Gold Leaf Makers, and all consumers of Gold Leaf?The best quality aud largest size Gold Leaf, manufactured in the Uniteil States or Europe, at the very lowest prices,at J. L. WAUGH'S Gold and Silver Leaf Factory, No. 92 Read street, near Church street, in the rear first floor, (not in the basement.) Alto, superior Dentist's Gold Foil, at $26 per ox., less ^quantity in proportion. J. L. WAUGH, Practical Gold Beater, my232w is*rh 92 Read* street. WANTED?For one ofthe most extensive Publishing houses iu the United States, a few active young men to act as Ajrents for the sale of new and popular works. The proprietors will insure each man $300 over his board per year profit. A wri ting to that effect will he given them; they win have besides pjiportuuity of clearing $1,000 per year, and more if they are ac tive. Every man will have liis district. There are about a half a dozen places that are not filled. It wilt be necessary for tliem to l ave $25 to $50 at least to obtain a good fitting out. No one need apply unless he has.that sum, for it is the object of the Publishers to establish good agents, aud give them such a chance as .iO one else can offer tliem. For full particulars apply to >5 Duane street. my6 lm*ec2is CHARLES-PAULDE KOCK COMPLETE. THE Works of Charles Paul de Kock, Illustrated Edition, with Portrait and Biography, complete iu one volume.? Price one dollar. The public nave now an opportunity of pos sessing themselves ofthe complete works of the renowned Paul de Kock iu one magnificent volume, containing twelve hundred and eighty large columns of reading matter, and at a price w hich places it within the reach of persons in the most limited circumstances. This volume contains all the novels, etc.. which were ever actually written by this most witty, laughter loving aud far-famvd of modern authors. Aud the publishers pledge themselves that the translations have been faithfull) made, aud that the work will be found the most care-killing, fascinating aud exciting that lias ever been issued from the press of this country. For sale 41 Ann street, New York. The work is mailable, and may be seat by post to any part of the United States or the Canadas, at an ei|*'nsc varying from tei< to twenty cents, according to the distance. All orders for one complete copy must contain one dollar, be franked or postpaid, and directed to Hollaud k Glover, New York City. Six copies will be forwarded to oue address for five dollars. m28 ilitwlin'm 1 F ESTHER COHEN, who formerly lived with Mrs 1 Hughes. Boarding-house keeper, Uuion street, Liverpool left England about nine years ago to Hv* in New York?will write to her father. No. 14 New Bailey street, Salford. Manches ter, in England, she will hear something greatly to her advan r?rv. mylo 2m dyfcwy'rc UUiNiNUrO WAKD. INFORMATION WANTED of Connor Ward, lata of Springfield, Mais. Any person who will give any informa tion respecting him will confer a faror 011 his wife. Ann Ward. Address W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, South st, inySO rrc cor. Maiden Ian*. INFALLIBLE BED BUI* POISON. WATSON'S BUG DESTROYER needs but one applica tion and the bed bugs will shnn their former abode for ever. Proprietors of hotels and steamboats, and private families who wish to keen free from tliese vermin, can do it at a small eipense and in a few minutes. Owing to the great popularity ol this prevention, several worthless imitation* have Men imposed upon the public. The genuine is sold ouly at Apothecaries Hall, % Catherine street; 127 Maiden lane, and in Brooklyn by Mrs. Mays, 139 Fulton street. Price 26 and SO cents per bottle. s2j lm*ec TEETH!"TEETH! TEETH! WONDERFUL IMPROVEMENTS. nil BROWN, DENTIST, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, O. 280,BROADWAY, three doors above Chambers street, neit ta Mew art's new building, continues to insert Premium Artificial Teeth, from one to a whole set, on the Scientific Principle* of Atmospheric Prassijre. Also, his cele brated WHITE CEMENT, for Ailing decayed teeth, and warranted useful for mastication LOOSE TEETH, arising from medical treatment, of other eaaaea, effectually fastened by the highly recommended Latio Odonta. TOOTHACHE cured in one minote, without pain. Teeth extracted with leea than half the usual pain. PRICES LESS then any other Dentist in this city. References will be given to numerous families and to the medical faculty in this city, by calling at No. WH'i Broadway. my27 lm'rh N( TEET1I, TEETH, TEETH. 79 Only. ALL KINDS of Denteal Operations performed in a superior style and cheaper than any other dentist in the city. City or country dentists can hare plate-work done by applying at the office. Instructions in any single branch, or in tne whole sys tem of dentistry, will be given on the most reasonable terms. N. TAVLOR, Surgical and Mechanical Dentist; my24 lm'rh 62 East Broadway. THIRD EDITION. THE PRIVATE TREATISE. BY DR. RALPH. DESIGNED to nnahle individuals to undertake successfully and privately, the cure of their own case, and also to give a clear and faithful description of several innscent disorders fre quently mistaken for venerea], which afford a wide field for the estortions and deception* of a certain boiuting class of people. Tlie author's rank as graduate of Edinburgh, his letters of intro duction from Sir A Coo|ier of Louden, to Dr. Mott of this city, Dr. Physick, of Philadelphia, and others, and his permis sion to referto almoetevery physician of eminencein the city, must be considered sufficient ground for confidence in the work. To be had only at 18 Greenwich street. Price SI. It may be sent by post unbnnnd. myl5 lm*ec RE A if THIS. ALL CASES in the Surgical and Medical line, especially those of long standing, can receive advice and medicine irra tis on (lie fir>t application, neither nam* or residence required, at Na.57Re*de street. S. HEINE. M. D MEDICAL NOTICE. GTRANOERS AND CITIZENS afflicted with any form or 0 variety of Syphilitic, Mercurial, or other disease. or who have heen only half cured by quacks, had better carefully |>eruse the fallowing letter Dr. Coojx r?Sit?Mat July I contracted a Certain private dis ease, and immediately applied to a doctor, who promised to cure me in a week. I Continued w ith him two mouths, but was gra dually getting worse; I tried one after another, ail the advertising Doctors, and each one promised positively to cure me. I at length discovered the object ol these men was money, and that they were not doctors. 1 concluded logo into the hospital, where the doctors kept me under s course of mercury for eight weeks; my throat and nose were ulcerated, pains 111 all my Joints, and my body covered with ulcers. 1 was a complete skeleton; the doctors considend It dsugirous to give me any more medicine, and advised a sonthern climate. 1 left the hospital, and by ad vice of several friends, placed myself under your care on tile first *f January last. I am now well and restored to perfect health. 1 wish this published. THOMAS GKEEN. Carpenter and Joiner, Harlem. N. Y. Dr. 1 ooper warrants to cure every rase, no matter how long standing, of Oleet, Stricture and Hminal Weakness, and mild cases of private maladies cured in 48 hours without interfering with tlie patient's habit*. With the exception of Dr. Johnson, of 17 Duane street, pr. Cooper, of M Da an* street, is the only qualified rhysician who ndvertise* in this street. *M lm*rc HUNTERIAN DISPENSARY, 3 Dlvtalon New York. ESTABLISHED A. D. 1805. BY THE PRESENT PROPRIETOR, for the succcuful treatment of* disease of .1 accrd nature, and for the s de of Ur. Hnnter a Red Drop. Tliii nwtlicin# is the only remedy 011 e*rth Iwt can safely l>? relief! on to thoroughly rare this horrid disease without injury to the constitution, snd without diet 01 hindrance from business, even when all else have failed. A com piyleMiaive treatise accompany each vial (with full directions,) whit ,- is warranted toeffectuallycura in all cose*, no matter how long standing, or how deeply seated in the system, with less trouble to tlie patient and in a shorter ipaceof time than *nr oth er mtdiciiw in the world or no pay will betaken. Priceflpet vial. Albany,} Division *tr**t. ap stairs. No agent in Buf falo- _ my 6 lmus*rc 11T (WWl L?.B OLl5Tli.ES, but little, used, for sale J.v/jvvf\7 Also, a lot of Fil* Steal and Tools for File making worthy the attaution of MHaiutwanand smiths. Ap. f*r ?tNo. in Wtmtmm. my 11 i Medical Card. Philadelphia; Uto, author of i> work embracing the loUowuik iubjeeu, ?tz:?Mmtriinouy, Impoteucy and Sterility, anato mically. physiologically, io4 Medically iiplainrd, with a com wreiMtiaiTe exposition of the nature and modern treatment ol Srphlll*, Secondary gym, ton.*, Oonorrhma, Gket, Stricturwr Nocturnal J?mi**iou*,and aII tbe oonsoouonces arising firomMli* pollution. Doctor Fawcrtt continues nis private consultations on the above-mentioned diseases, at his long *stablMh*d office. l#ti ? ultra Street, where the most aggravated forma of all affec tion* of twa generative organs will yield to his mode of treat ment, without restraint in diet or exercise, and without mer cury. Even when the j>rocrertiv* energies become torpid er paralyzed, from excessive indulgence, er from masturbation, he will be akle to restore tko parts to health and vigor. Per sons at a distance, enclosing (1, can have a copy of the work. All letters Blurt he post-paid, and directed to Dr. H. Fawcott. 19* Fulton street. Nmw York mvM Im'rve ~ Medical Advice. DOCTOR LAMERT is still confidentially consulted at his old office, <3 Gold street, between Fulton and Beekman, on all diseases of a delicate nature; his treatment being mild and judicious, reunites neither mercury, restraint in diet, or hin drance from business pursuits. .Recent cases cured in J or 4 "Sebility, NERVOUS OR CONSTITUTIONAL, __ jing from a too freqnont indulgence of the paasious of indiscreet youth, and thereby causing uightly emissions, and eventually confirmed imiwtency, engage the Dr.'s strictest attention, hit object being to restore the system, mentally and bodily, to thai state of vigor nature originally designed. STRICTURES, a diaeaae frequently existing without the pa tient being the Wast aware, sometimes caused by mal-treatmeiil of uninitiated medical pretenders, and sometimes by tlie neglect of the parties themselves, an, by the Dr. offectually cured, with out jiaiu or inconveuieuce. The Doctor being one of the few qualified advertising Surgeons in the city, guarauteos a perfect cure, or no charge made. Let ters, post paid, enclosing a fee, immediately attended to, and me dicine, with advice, sent to any part of tha United States Office t>3 Gold street. Open from I A. M. to 9 P. M. mya lm*rc Medical Aid. T\R. GREGORY, 66 Gold street, is at homo as usual, day and U night, attending to the duties of his profession. Strangers and otlieis who may cliruice to need professional services private ly, and who may desire tlie best treatment?s prompt and effec tual cure?should apply as above. Dr. Gregory lias lately per formed some extraordinary cures, but he never exposes his pa tients'names, by publishing their certificates. All intanriews strictly confidential. The work is intended for the benefit of tlie invalid who may for certain reason* desire a private cure, and would therefore bo his own doctor. If its instructions am attendedto, which by the way, an very plain and comprehensive, it will enable the patient to cure himself with as much facility as though he were himself really a Physician. Tlie price of the book u (1. Sold by the author, at his residence, and at the follow iug Drug Stores j? 86 William street, near Maiden lane. 79 Fulton street, comer of Gold street. 63 Bowery, corner of Walker street. 14$ Delaucy street, corner of Suffolk street. 77 East Broadway, corner of Market street. 30 Fulton street, comer of White street, and both comers of Broadway and Chambers street. a23 lm*rc Medical Card. DOCTOR MOltlllSON, lyORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, 204X Fulton street. il Doctor Morrison continues to be consulted confidentially on all private diseases, which he cures without mercury, or re straint in diet or pursuit, lleceut cases, particularly Gonor rhoea," lie cures in 3 to C days. STRUCTURES OF THE URETHRA are cured by Dr. M. on improved principles, without pain or inconvenience to the patient. As the symptoms of Stricture are aualagous with those of other affections of the urinary apparatus, none but ex perienced Surgeons should be allowed to make the necesury ex amination, as those affected with enlarged prostrate glands, may suffer much injury from awkwardpractitioners. NERVOUS AND CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.? Thi* affection, and th? train of evil* resulting from a secret de structive habit in youth, inducing nocturnal emissions and ulti mate impotency, are radically cured by Dr. M., ou pat. ological principles, by restoring the aystem to a healthy tone mid rein stating its original vigor. A ]terfect cur* guaranteed, or no charge. N. B.?Dr. M. holds no communion with medical pretenders, who claim to be Surgeons, a* lie is, perhaps, the only qualified advertising Surgeon in the city. Seo hi* diplomas in his office. 204X Fulton stmt Letters post paid and containing a fee will insure medicine and advice to any part of the Union. Office 204k Fulton street, near Greenwich, New York. Open from7 A. M. to 10 P. M., daily. my!6 lm o*?rc VACCINATION TO PREVENT Small Fox A T THE MEDICAL PANTHEON, 68 Gold st.-Thi* in xl stituuon is well supplied with pure and wholesome Vac cine Matter. Those wishinc to avail themselves of tlie advan tages of vaccination here offered should apply without delay.? A physician is in attendance at all hour*. DR. H. GREGORY. Resident Physician and Surgeon. DR. A. B. COOK, Assistant Surgeon. mv23 lm*rh Dr. Wheeler, Oculist No. 29 (late 33) Greenwich Street, near the Battery, New York, T^EVOTES his exclusive attention to Diseases of tho Eye mJ and Ophthalmic Surgery, and assures the public that there ?ire not, amongst the numerous disease, to which the human eye is subject, nay disorder of that organ which cannot be es sentially relieved or eutirely cured by nim. The vast number of undoubted testimonials which can bo seen at his office, will satisfy the public, that his practice is uot exceeded either in extent or success by that or any other Oculist in tho United* State*. , ... Dr. Wheeler has made an arrangement with the moot emi nent manufacturer iu Paris for a constant supply of ARTIFICIAL EYES, which so nearly resemble the natural organ, in appearance, as to bear the closest scrutiny and observation without the differ ence being detected. Dr. Wheeler will insert and furnish tliem on moderate terms. O"" Office hours from 8 A. M. and 1 o'clock P. M., alter which he visits nut door patients. my!7 lm* je THE EYE. DR. POWELL AND DR. DIOSSY, OCULISTS AND OPHTHALMIC SURGEONS, HAVE removed to the premises lately occupied by Dr. El li i t. No. 261 Broadway, corner of Warren street. Theii practice is exclusively confined to Disease* of the Eye, opera tions upon that Organ and its appendages and all Imperfection! of Vision. Dr. Powell formerly studied for five yesrs with the oelebr ited Dr. Jacob, of Dublin, the discoverer of tlie "Mem brann Jacobi" in th* Eye. Dr. Diossy was a pupil of Dr. Elli ott'* for a similar |>erioa and subsequently acted as asiistaut ii his extensive practice. Terms moderate?The poor treated gratuitously from 4 to 6 P. M. Artificial Eye* inserted. Entrance tfi Wanen street. ml4 lm*ee EXES, EYES, EYl'.S. A HTIFICIAL EYES made and ii.serted by Dr. J. xX GRAY. No. lit Bowerj'- N. V., tlx- only manufacturer ol ttir Human Artificial Eye ill the United Bute*. myl9 lm*m LEGS, HANDS, AjKJVIS, Arc. THE LOS8 OF FEET AND LEGS NO HINDRANCE TO THE ACT OF WALKING. JOHN F. THOMAS, Cork Leg Maker, he., 531 Grand street O comer of Madison street, New \ ork, respectfully iufornw the public that he continues to manufacture ARTIFICIAL LIMBS, on a plan the most correct and less complicated, having through necessity, invented, made ami worn an artificial leg foi forty years, and seen a manufacturer for tliirty-five years, leek continent of tiring satisfaction to all who call ou him for Legi Hands, Arms, or tne common Wood Leg. N. B.?All letters must lie post paid. mh!5 3m*ec DEAFNESS. DRS CASTLE tf EDWARDS, AURISTS, qoi BROADWAY.?Extract WOl " I cheerfully comply with tlie request of Lieut. Mc intosh, to testify that he was invalided home as unfit lor duty, in consequence of total deafness and discharges from his ear; that while in New York, on his way to England, he placed himself under the professional care ofDrs. Castle and Edwards, Aurists Under their treatment he recovered his bearing, snd has returned to his miliury duty. H. McNEVEN, M. D., Surgeon to H. B. M. Forces, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC DROPS. A sore cure for incipient Deafness, Ear Ache, Pains, Buzzing* or siting sounds in the ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated secretions of the organs. Their Acoustic Oil has been a populai remedy as a curative in all diseases of the ears for upwards o; twenty years. Offices removed to 381 Broadway corner of White street. mt lm*dh VERRE Y'S TINCTURE AND LOTION OF IN VIGO RATION. IMPORTANT NOTICE.?Monsieur VERREY, of Lyons, has appointed DE LAUNEY St GRAY sole agets for the sale of his Tincture and Lotion of Invigoratiou in the United States and the Canadas. The great reputation of these unrival led pre|?rations, leaves it scarcely necessary to say that they are certain remedies for UBpotMM, sterility, aversion to an in sapability of connubial intercourse, flour aluns, general prostra tion of the system, and all tlu- diseases produced by masturba tion. The Tincture is an internal remedy, and is highly printa ble. The Lotion is used rxtornally. They act immediately, the vigor and warmth they impart being felt in a few minutes after they are applied; and they may be used separately with ad vantage, but arc most efficacious in conjunction- Price two dollars a bottle, or three dollars for a bottle of each. They are also made up in powders, and are sent by mail, folded up in the form of a letter, with full directions for use, Sic., at double let ter iKistage?price three dollars for a letter package, containing two imwders, one for the Tincture, and another for the Lotion. Five dollars for double package, or ten dollara for five powders of each. Their effect is warranted. Orders by mail must be franked orpost paid, contain an enclosure, anu directed to De Lauuey It Gray, New York city. For sale 41 Ann street, back office. my2a lm*m ISEA8E8 OK TI1K URINARY ORGAN8-8uch ss Chronic and Acute Diseases of the Bladder, Also, Gonorrhoea, Urethra, Gleets, Prostrate Gland, Strictures, Kidneys, and Seminal weakness, Loins, Diabetes, be. Ike., si* speedily and effectually removed by Abernethy's Botanical Pills, without oneHarticle of mercury. Tliey are equally suita ble fog females. Tliey give tone and energy to the generative or {ans, rarely, il ever, experienced from taking oilier medicines. or sala by Win. WatMMi, Ajiotliecitries Hall, 3# Catherine st., and in Maiden lane; and in Sag Harbor, L. I., by Hliipman, Druggist. Price >1 |ier box. aSii Im'ec MEDICAL NOTICE. DOCTORS R. It J. BLAKE, Consulting Surgeons esta blished in 1828 for the treatment of all diseases of the Uri nary and Genital Orgaus. have removed their private office to No. 25 Dcy street, first block from the Franklin Housv. An extensive practice in several thousand cases enable them toeffect remarkably quick cures in every stsge of tlie disease without confinement, restriction or mercury. Syphilis on its first ai> pearance, as well as in its more aggravated form, permanently cured in an incredibly short time. Oonorrbooa ana Gleet in a few days or hours. Stricture* of long standing in a week. Pa tients may rely on bein* tiented with kindness, skill, integrity, and strict secresy. Sufferers from early imprudence will meet with especial attention and an infallible remedy. Terms moderate. mH lm'ee OFFICE 25 DEY STREET. MEDICAL anu SURGICAL OFFICE. DOCTOR JOHNSON, 17 Duane street, so well known to the victims of Syphilitic diseases, as the most successful practitioner that New York can boast of, in the treatment of this destructive and almostonmanageable malady, is still to lie found at his old offii ?. I)r. Johnson enn satisfy any one that he is legally qualified to practice Physic and Surgery?that he jios sesses a knowledge of general disease superior to three-fourths ol your general "Physicians"?and that his skill in the tiestment and pro|ier management of every variety of Venereal Disease and Stricture of the Urethra, is pre-eminent. My patients are not only from every part of the United States, but they come from the West Indies and Canada. I cum, on an average, 800 patients a rear. I discountenance quackery in any form, and, therefore, take this method of informing strangers, and persona in the coun try where they can find a physician skilled in the treatment of their disease. Every case I undertake I cure, or make no charge No mntter how long yon may have Gleet, Stricture, Ulcen u|hiii the body, or in the throat, or nose, pains in the MM *nf) bones of the legs, I will and can cure you, if your caae is curs ble. Constitutional Weakness, sometimes called Seminal Weak ness, brought on by a secret habit indulged in by young men. I have paid much attention to the treatment of this malady. Man) an uufortunate victim of this unnatural vice has experienced m) snliitary treatment. Dyspepsia, weakness ofthelimbs ana small of the back, confusion of intellect, forgvtftilness, palpitation ol the heart, . version to society, are only symptoms ol this com plaint. If my directions are followed I guarantee a curs, lost paid letters, With statement of case, containing fJ'foe advloe, at t. rderlto. With the mception of Dr. Oooi^r, of 14 Dyne st. Dr. ( of IT Duane atraafe i?. tha onfo regular educated PhjsiciM and Mf 11 who advertises in this Street CUKE FOLLOWS CUBE. Mr*. H. P. Wwofr, now residing u die house of Michaal C. r isher, Esq., Woodbury, N. J., wu attacked eighteen month* tiace with * violent diseaae of the lungs, pnaowMt by ha* phy sician, Dr. Wm. Harris, of Philadelphia, coMestioo of th? lungs. The paiu in bar breast was violent, with difficult respiration, tor tal inability to raise uge phlegm, precluding the possibility of repose, and rendering it necessary to be propped up in bed, and for three months her voice was goue. Her physician prouounc ed her case hopeless, and she ceased to indulge the hope of re covery. About this rime she Itrard of the numerous cum per formed by Thorapsou's Cotnpouud Syrup of Tar and Wood Naptha, and commenced using it. In a very short tune her liesQth improved, and by ?toady iwiseverance m the use of this valuable remedy, she ha* been literally rescued rom the grave. The above statement in regard to my, wife's restoration to health ia true, and the result is solely attributable to the use of Thompson's Syrup of Tar.and Wood Naptha, every other reme dy having failed in her ease. HENRY P. WARNER. Philadelphia, May IB, 1113. Prepared and sold by S. P. Thompson, Druggist . PWIadelnliia, and sold wholesale anu retail in this city by A. B. 8AND8 & Co., Chemists and Druggists, 273 Broadway, corner Chambers street. Sold also at 79 Fulton street, and 77 East Broadway.? Price 60cent*. wyt7 lm*ec IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE. r|OCTOR EVANS, No. II Perk Slip, near Water saeet. U New York, has been more than forty YMfi in tne successful practice of phytic and surgery, particularly in curing perfectly those (leap*rate cases of every variety of seen* disease, old ob stitiate ulcers, eoncers in the throat, strictures, Itr., caused by mal-practice. It is of the greatest importance for tlm unfortu astouishins, even alter they have been er,*lled from lm Hospiti as incurable. His offices are well arranged for privacy. Call U 12 Peck Sup and be cdiivinced. His charges are mo?t reasonable and all case* are guaranteed. a1i !m*re DR. MARSHALL HALL'S CORDIAL RENOVATOR. T*\R. MARSHALL HALL, one of the most celebrated Physi mJ cians in Europe, istlie discoverer of this valuable inrdicuie. It isnownsed in his practice among the nobility of Euglandand through the continent of Europe, and in- every instance where used accordiug to directions, ho* produced tde most happy re sults. It not only restores the functions of life, but is axclusiv*. ly directed to the cure of such complaints m arise from a disor ganisation of the generative organs. It is s gentle stimulant said renovator of tlie impaired faculties of life, whether constitutional or acquired loss of sesusl power and debility, arising from sy philitic disease. It will afford decided relief to those who by early indulgence in solitary h:ibiu, have weakened tlw power of their system, and fallen into a state of chronic debility, ny which the constitution is left in a deplorable coudition, and that uervoua mentality kept up which places the individual in a state of anxie ty durhig the remainder of life. The consequences arising frem this dangerous practice are not confined to its pure physical re sult, but branch to meral ones?constitutional weakness, sexual debility, brought on by a secret habit indulged ii) by yonng men. This is, when too frequently indulged iu. tit* greatest cvfl that can befall man. Dyspepsia, weakness of tha limbs, ami small of the back, confusion of intellect, forgetfiuMss, palpitation of the heart, aversion to society, consumption, emaciation,are tha symptoms of this disease. Gleets, white*, irregularity, obslruc. tiou of certain evacuatious, total impotency and barrenness are effectuolly removed by this invalaable mediciue. PHILLI PS BOYNE, Agent* for the United States. Price $2 per bottle, bottles for S9. Sold at U Duane st. atl lm*rc VICTIMS OF INDiSCKLTiON. A REMEDY FOR SECRET DISEASES. ABERNETHY'S BOTANICAL PILL8 are the most rae cessful remedy ever discovered for tlie cure of goaorrhma, gleets, seiniual weakness, or any similar disorder or the organs of generation. The high, low, rich and poor, married and siu gle, may cure themselves without the least exposure, iu theshort est possible time. They ore free from mercury, and invigorate the system generally, especially the generative orgaus. They are suitable for male or female. ThesePills were for years prescri bed by the celebrated Or. Aberuethy in all stage* of . the above complaints. Reader, remember that thousands fall victims, and get their constitutions ruined, when one box of these Pills would have aaved them. _ ... For sale, wholetale and retail, by Win. Watson, Apothecaries' Hall, 36 Catharine street, and at 127 Maiden lane. Price >1 per box, with direction*. a!7 lm*m |"|OCTOR CORBITT. Member of the University of New mJ York, also Member ofthe Medical Society, ha* removed hi* office from 16 Duane street to 3 Oliver street, near Chatham a tare; may be consulted confidentially on all diseases of a irate nature. Strangers are informed that the Doctor has ex clusively confined his practice from being general to the treat meat of certain classes of diseases, (now over thirteen years in the city of New York,) which engage* his entire attention. The annals of medicine do not record greater success than is to be fouud in hi* practice. The Doctor cautions the unfortunate against the nse of mercury, as it has its thousands of victims. Keceilt cases are removed in three or four days from the system. Those protracted and mal-tr?ated case* that have been under the treatment of phy*icians les* exiwrieuced, will be*ure to find Eompt relief by calling on Dr. CT. A prnctice of many years s established the Doctor's reputation for skill *ud respectabili ty. Strictures engage the Doctor's profound attention. Aim ificine may be had to prevent a certain disease in any of it* form*. Open from 7 A. M. to in P. M. my!3 lm os*rc DOCTOR J. P. TAllBELL'S CELEBRATED PILLS. r|1HESK well known and truly valuable Pill*, ?ojnitlyce JL lebrated for their beneficial effects, are mow becoming the most popular family medicine of the day, as thev are war ranted as a specific for the cure or prevention of (not all the di sease* that tlesh is Iwir to) but for tlie following?Liver Affec tions, Dysnejnia, Piles, Rheumatism, Headache*, Jaundice, Scrofula, Bilious, and Discuses of the Chest; in short, they are unrivalled, and no family should be without them, as they can lw used a sure and safe remedy for persons of all ages, at any time. Directions enclosed iu each box, and uoue are genuine without bearing the fac siinNto of the proprietor on the wranper. For sale, wholesale and retail, at the principal depot,- Hall of Pharmacv, E. 1'. HASKELL k Co., corner of Broome and Mulberry street*. Dr. TAltBELL will be in hi* office, comer of Broom* and Mulberry streets, from 8 to 9 A.M., I to 3 and 6 to 9 in tb? even iv.B. Those wishing to obtain the sole agency for these Pill*, in any one county iu tha State, can make armngeaient* to that effect by addressing the proprietor a* above. A meral diaeount tllowalile. m3B lm*ec DR. ABBOT may be consulted confidentially at his office, 16 Duane iiwt. wherv tiersons afflicted with delicate disea se*, old 8yi>hilitic Ulcere, Disease* o! tlie Bladder. Urethra, and Prostrate Gland, are iuvited to call. Several years ey ' the best hospitals in Euro|ie, besides sixteen year's prv ."" city of New York, entirely devoted to the treatment of diseases, enable him to warrant a speedy and radical ctl worst cast s, without the use of mercury. Dr. A 14 dentthat he hasperfoimed more cure*, ana relieved niG>re inher ing humanity from the above disease* than any other Physician in New York. Beware of imposition,\ nd do not mistake?16. A medicine may be had to prevent the above disease* in all their varieties. Attendance from 7 A. M. till 10 P. M. Charge* rea sonable. m3 lm*rc "TO TI1E NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. I PROFESSOR B OERHAA VE'S HYGEAN RENOVATOR. N ail those cases where manly vigor is impaired, when the mental and phyncal (towers are prostrated by an unrestrained uidulgence ot the passion*, particularly by those solitary and destructive habit* of early youth, inducing nocturnal emission* uid debility, the Hygeau Renovator will be found an infallible remedy. It restores the organs of reproduction in both *?***,to * healthy action, and removes impotency, by infusiuf new energy into the system. Iu many instances the effect i* install taurous. It r.ever fails to cure chronic gleet* and white*, and remove sterility, by reatonug a healthy aterine action. Hefer ences cm be itiveu to many phyaicians who have prescribed the Innovator with success in those affections, as also in Dyspep lia, weakness of the back and loins and affections of the urinary ?rgans. Sold only at the "Importing Agents," I04){ Fulton st., New York. Price (3 per bottle of 16 ounces, and forwarded to all part* of tlie Uuion. N. B.?Copious directions accompauy each bottle. my27 lm os*ec READTliL FOLLOWING ADVERTISEMENTS ?r the ClOLLBaB I Medicine and Pharmacy 95 NASSAU STREET. MKHICAL ADVICE PRIVATE* DISEASES. THE MEMBERS or the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression ofquackrnr, continue to direct their particular attention to all diseases ol ? private nature, and can confidently promise to persons requiring medical treatment, a safe and permanent cure without injury to the (.onstitution or confinement from business. Invalids are par ticularly requested to make apulication to the College on the first appearance of thote diseases, a* a rait amount of 1011011111 and time may be thus avoided. One of the members of the College, for many years connected with the princi|wi hospital* in Europe for the cure of thoae complaints, attend* tor couaul tation daily from S A. M. to 7. P. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine Si?a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY IN VALID8.-Per*one living in the country, and finding it inconveuieut to make per sonal application*, can have forwarded to them a chest contain ing all medicine!'requisite to perform a radical cure, by its ting their case explicitly, together with all svmptoms, time of con traction and treatment received elsewhere, if any, and en closing $5, poet paid._ constitutional debility cured. 'PHE TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by the College of X Medicineand Pharmacy of the city of New York, ii con fidently recommended for all cases of debility produced by se cret indulgence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable remedy for impotence, sterility, or barreuuess, unless depend ing? mil-formation. Single bottle* $1 each ; case* of half a dozen #5; caretully lucked aud sent to all parti of the Union. F F VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS, OR the radical cure of gonorrhea*, gleet, seminal emiaiioni, and all mocorpurulent, diichargei from the urethra.These Pills, the result of twenty year's experience in tlie Hospital 4a Charite in l'.irii,are pronounced by their celebrated inventor. Professor Velneau, as an iufallible remedy for all dinaiaa ol the urrtha. They ellect a cure in a much shorter time than any other remedy, without tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement from buiineii. Price $1 per bo** RTCORD'S ALTERRAT1VE MIXTURE. OR the permanent cure of primary or secondary avphilia, venereal ulcers, nodei, or any complaint produced by an injudicious use of mercury, or unskiiful medicil treatment. All personssuspecting a venereal taint remaining ill their iy> tern should nse this powerful purifier without delay, a* no per son can consider hinivelf lafe afte| having the venereal disease, without thoroughly cleansing the system with this justly oele bra*-d nlterrstive. Sold in single bottles at $4 each : in cases of half II $6; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SARSAPA RI LLA, GENTIAN AND SASSAFRAS. REPAREU by the New York College of Mediciae aad Pharmacy, established for the suppression ofgnackeiy. This refined and Intrlily concentrated extract, possessiiw all the pnri fviiiK qualities and curative powers of the above herb* is conC OentTy recommended by the College as infinitely superior to sny extr irt of&<rv:p.irilln at present before the public, and may be relied on ai. a certain remedy for all diseases arising from an lm Sure state cl'tlie blood, men as scrofula, salt rheum, ringworm, lotches or pimples, ulceri, |>ain in the bones or joints, nodal, ciitaneoui eruptions, ulcerated lore throat, or any disease arising from the secondary effects of syphilis or an injudicious us* w mercury. , Hold in single bottle*, at 75 cents oaah " in cases of half a dozen bottle*, $3 50 ? '? one dozen 1' IN Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. v ? ? A very liberal discount to wholesale purehaMr*. Pf THE NEW YORK HERALD* JAMES CORDON BBNNBTT, Proprictf?. Circulation?Forty Thomwupd. D LILY IIERALD?Every day. Price a cants par ?opy?f7 Qh per nnintm? payable in ndvaneo. WEEKLY IIERALD?Every Saturday?Prica??cent* per copy?$3 13* cents tier annum?payable in adduce. ADVERTISEMENTS at the niual price*?al^ray* vasli in advance. PRINTING of all kind* oxocutod with bf?ty and laspatcb. SAll letter* or communication*, by mil, addrooood establishment, mnat bo post paid, or tko poatafa will ba deducted from tho (uhacription monoy r? Kitted JAMES OORDON BENNETT, Paorataroa or tub Nbw Tors Hanaro Establmmi Northwaat oornor of Fulton aad Nmom Mm

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