Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ?. n? ?... NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 4, 1845. <??" *?? <*??. 4 THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 3 cents pel copy?$7 3A per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Prico 8} cent! per copy?$3 lit cents per annum?payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual price*?alwayt cash in advance. PRINTING ef all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. 0&- Ail letter* oi communication*, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be i>ost paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoratEToa or the New York Hkmald Establishment Northwest comer of Fulton and Nassau streets LONG ISLAND RAILROAD. Mtfi flia0 CU.1SOE OF HOUR. SUMMER ARRAGEMENT. Ou and after the 22<1 inst., a traiu will leave the depot, at Brook lyu, for Boston, via Norwich and Worcester, every morning at o'clock, Sunday's excepted. Passengers will leave the foot of Whitehall st. at IX 'oelock. Kuni through $3 21 Second class passengers 1 08 myl7 lmis re TO WESTERN TRAVinLiLtiito. -SisPlPSki? EXPRESS ANU PIONEER PACKET LINE, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Rail roads and Canal?through in 3!^ days. The above line is now ii full operation and offers great inducements te persons who wisl. a pleasant mode of travelling to the west. The cars are built in the most approved modern style, thf boats are fitted up in a su|ierior manner, and every effort is mad< by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenient or travellers. Tim scenery on this roate is unrivalled, and the Seat chain of Pennsylvania internal improvemeuts is wall wor v of being seen. By this route passengers avoid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upon suge travelling, and at the same time make an ex peditious trip. The oars lenvo every morning at 7 o'clock. Passengers art- ad vised to engage llieir places at Philadelphia. Office in Philndel pliia N. E. corner of Chesnut and Kourth streets, and at Nos 13 and 1} South Third sts. A. CUMMINGS, Ageut. Philadelphia May 17, 1845. For information, in the city of New York, apply te B. H. KNlSELL, Agent lor D. LEECH k C6.'s Line. 7 West st, N. R. myl7 6m rrc CHANGE OF HOUR. UNITED STATES MAIL LINES TO BALTIMORE. PHILADELPHIA, WILM1NNOTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. ViaChsster, Wilmington, Newark, Elkton, Havre ds Grace, Sic. Through in Six J fours?Fart $3. grsfflgjl jMtec ^?*(21 A>L On and after Monday next, May 12th,ithe. Cars will leave the Depot corner of 11th and Market street, daily (except Sunday) at 9 o'clock, A M.. the lines leaving at -t P. M, and half past 10 P. M., being discontinued after that date. This Line will leave Baltimore for Philadelphia, at 9 o'alock, A.M. NEW CASTLE AND FftENCHTOWN RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. Through in Seven Hourt?Fare $3. On ami after Monday next. May 12th. the steamboat ROBERT MORRIS, Capt. Douglass, will leave Dock street wharf daily, (except Sunday,) at half past 3 o'clock. P. M., instead of 6 A. M. as heretofore. This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore, for Philadelphia, *t? r' M' SUNDAY MAIL LINE. The only Line lor Baltimore on Sunday leaves the Depot, corner of llth and Market streets, st 4 o'cloek, P. M. FREIGHT PASSENGER. TRAIN. Fare to Baltimore 40 cents. A Passenger Car nftached to the Freight Train, will leavs the Depot corner llth and Market street, daily, (except Sunday) at 5 o'clock, P. M., and reach Baltimore st an early hour next morning. G. H. 1IUDDELL, Ageut at Philadelphia, Pa. For further particulars, appl^to p ? ^ my 10 lm rc No. 17 Wall street, or 6 West street. FROM BOSTON TO PHILADELPHIA IN A DAY. WOP THE TRAINS unoti the LONG ISLAND RAILROAD are now arranged for passengers to leave Boston at 6 o'clock and arrive in New York at 4, as was the case last evening; anil take the Philadelphia train at quarter before5, and arrive there al II P. M. my?tf SUMMER jiRRtUNGKMEMT. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS : From Brooklyn Dtvol? Boston Trniii?M. daily, Sundays excepted. Aceommod.-tion Traiu?9>? A. M and 4 P. M. for HicksvilU and intermediate places. Ana on Tuesdays, Thursday* and S?| turdays, through to Greenport at 9)4 A. M, >Y?/it Qrfenjiorl I)rpot? Boston Train, daily, Sundays excepted, at 12)4 o'clock P. M., or oil tlie arrival of the steamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train?At 9 Si A. M., ou Mondays, Wednes day* and Fridays. Vro?i Hicksville Depot? Accommodation Train for Brooklyn?At 7 A. M. and IX P. Mm daily, Sundays eicepted. The Boston Tnius stop ouly at Fanningdale and St. George > Manor. The Accommodation Trains atop at the following places ou the road, going both ways to receive and deliver passen gers. viz: Bedford 12)4 Deer Park 27 Ka*t New York 12'4 Thompson 1 00 RaceCourse .... I"'i Suffolk Station. t 12 Trotting Courie 18.1* Lake Koad Station...... I 31 Jamaica. 25 Medford Station 1 50 Brusliville 37X Milleville 162 Hyde Park, 17 miles ? St. Oeorge's Manor I 7.1 Clowsville, (during ses- Riverhead 2 M sion Court,) 44 Jamesport 2 06 Branch 44 Mattetuck 2 06 Carle Place 50 Cutchogne 2 12 Westbury 50 Soutliold 2 12 Ilicksville 56 Oreeuport 2 25 Karmingdale 56 rmiugui iy22M r _<hW LINK OK PACKETS LIVEKPOOL TO NEW YORK. Rrfitter. Hurthen. Ship. Coptain. ton*. font. SKA..... W. Ed ward 8B7 1100 LIBKRTY P. P. Norton 692 130* CORNELIA K M. French... 1010 1700 MEMPHIS C. H.Coffin 7f>8 lion OHIO H. Lyon 788 1370 TAROLINTA J. O. Smith 604 1100 REPUBLIC J. C. Luce 676 1275 (JEN. PARKHILL... A. M'Kown 574 1150 They are all first class New York built ship*, of the choicest and liest materials, and well known aa remarkably ast sailers. Their commanders are men of longeiperieuc eand nautical judg ment, and well acquainted in thetrade. The cabins are fitted up handsomely and commodiously for cabin passengers, who are found with every thiug except liquors and wines, and the rates are fixed at sixteen guineas each. The second cabins and steer ages ari> lofty and airy, and every way adapted to promote the comfort and health of passengers at a cheap rate, finding their own |irovisions, except hrpadstuffs. The appointed days of sailing will be strict!v adhered to.? Ereight of fine goods by this line 4(1 JiflfjJj'gjj\ W^'co 12 (Jorw Piazzas, Liverpool. Persons who may wish to have their friends come out by any of the above named favorite ships, can secure their passage by applying to SAMUEL THOMPSON, Old Established Passage Office, alO lm'rrc 273 Pearl street. PEOPLES' LINE OK STEAMBOATS KOR ALBANY DAILY? 8undsys Excepted?Through Oi ? rert, at 7 o'clock P. M., from the Pier between ?Court!a_ndt_aiid Liberty streets. Main R O. C Kriday Evenings, at7 o'clock n'siinxmi Captain A. Houghton, will l*?v? oil Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. O. Cruttendon, will leave on Monday. Wednesday and Kriday Evenings, at7 o'clock Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, will letve on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P. M., landing at intermediate place, from the fool of Barclay street, Steamboat COLUMBIA. Capt. W. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Kriday and Sunday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 ?'clock. ? Passengers takiuu either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ny in ample time for the Morning Train ol Can for the east ?r west. Tlie Busts are new and lubstantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are nu rivalled on tlie Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All pewsare forbid trusting any af the Boats of this Liue, without a written order from tlie Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apn'y on board the boats, or to P. C. Scnuitz. at tlie office on tlie wharf. JU2rc <C3&g ? FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. On and after Sunday, June 1st, the Steamers SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will leave aa follows until further none LEAVE STATEN ISLAND : 2, 9, 10, II and 12, A. M.I I, 2. 4 5. 6 and 7 P. M. LEAVE NEW Y'oRk: I, 9, 10, II and 12. A. M.J I, 2, 3X.5. 5 and 7X. P- M. Fare b>4 cents. On Sundays?The Boats will leave every hour from 0 A. M. until 7 P. M. my)lrc SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK, DAILY. KARE ONLY UK CENTS. Chnngf of Ilnur. On and after Saturday, May 17th, the steamer PASSAIC, Caiitsin John (faffy, will ran si ?Callows, until further noi ce, viz: ? .KWARK LEAVE NEW YORK. Foot of ( entrestreet. Knot of Barclay street. 7', /*. M. and l)i P M. 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. ON SUNDAYS. Leave Newark. I Leave New York, 8 A. M. and 2 P. M. I 10 A. M. aud 4 P. ,M. The Passaic has been lengthmed 55 feet, and is now two hon- I dred and twenty feet long. She has anew boiler, and a new, commodious and elegantly furnished deck saloon, (0 feet in length, and is in complete order. Her accommodations for freight aud passengers have been very much improved. Hreiglii carrivil hi reduced rates aMIm'm i HAPPi N (J PAP E H-7,OUOi earns (lap and Crown Wrap, ping Pk|ier, for sale by PERHSE it BROOKS, Pawr Warehouse, 65 snd?7 Nasssn st Also, Kt reams Tuna various colors. mytlrh 1 CHEAP AND PLEASANT EXCURSION TO THE LOWER BAY. TW Htnmbotl WAVE will, on iud ifttr ?Saturday, the 7th instant, Wave I'ier No. 1 E. n .. , B.. at !? and 11 o'clock, A. M., and 3 audCK P. M.; leave Staleu Island at It and 10 A. M., 1 and P. M.? Fare 6'4 ccuti. N. B.?Ob the 3 o'clock trip the Ware will make an excur ?ion in the Lowrr Bay, passing Kort Hamilton, Telegraph and Coney Uland, giving passengers a fall view ol'tlie Ocean. For the whole excursion only It1, cent* will be charged. It7* Refreshments, of the beat qualities, provided on hoaid. my 17 lm*rc FARE $1 SO.?Regular Opposition Line be ? tweeu Philadelphia and Bnltimore, from the slower side of Chesuut street Wharf, every Morning, Sundays excelled, at 7 o'clock, through in 9 honrs, via Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, and connect with all th? lines south and west from Baltimore. On the Delaware, Ou Cliesai>eake Bay. Steamer PORTSMOUTH, Steamer THOS. J EVFER Capt. J. Devoe. _ SON, Capt. Phillips. And through the Canal, a distance of 13 miles ouly, are first ?ate packet boats. In fact 'he accommodation by this line, both for speed and lomfort, is Aiual to any other line between the two cities. Philadelphia, April 17, 1845. MORRIS BUCKMAN. Agent, ?17 Office No. 30 Sim ill Wharves. KOR 11ALIKAX AND LIVERPOOL! THE Royal Mail Steam Ships BRITAN NIA aud CAMBRIA, will leave Boston for the above potts, as follows:? Britannia, Jno. Hewitt. Esq..Commander.. .Sunday, June 1st. Cambria, C. H, E. Judkins, Esq., " Monday, June 16th. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. For freight or passage, apply to m29in D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, 6 Wall st. BKfiON OREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Persons wishing to remit mo ney to their friends in any part of England. Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied with drafts payable at sight, without dis count, for any amount, from ?1 upward*. In England?On the National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J. Barned It Co., Exchange atid Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. James Bui t it Sou, Loudon, and branches throughout Englaud and Wales. In I he land.?On the National Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and (tranches throughout Ireland. I sr. Scotland?On the Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. The steamship Britannia sails from Boston on the 1st June, by which all drafts can be forwarded free. Apply to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. mylfl m If, South st, cor. Maiden fane. PACKET KOR MARshlLLkS. oil the iOth June .?The new pocket ship PRINCE DE JOINVILLE. iCapt Wm W Lawrence, will be unavoidably de tained until the above date, at which time she will positively oil. The accommodations for passengers by this ship, are not sur passed by any of the European packet ships, and afford an ei eellent opportunity for those wishing to go to any port of the Mediterranean, for which or freight, apply to CHAMBERLAIN & PHELPS, , 103 Front street, or to ? - .... BOYD It HINCKEN. Agents, No. 0 Tontine Buildings, coruer Wall and Water streets. j3rc PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Second Line-The MfflfVpacket ship ONEIDA, Captain Jai. Funk, will sail tfHni"! the lstuf July. For freight or passage apply to BOYD & HINCKEN, Agents, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water streets ju3 rc union line of packets for liver mBmIV POOL.?Packet of to-morrow.?The splendid, new MKMnHslast sailing and favorite packet ship EMPIRE, 1150 tons burthen, Capt. J. G. Russell, will sail to-morrow, liri regular day. This magnificent ship, now on her second voyage, has tin most comfortable accommodation for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, of any ship about sailing for Liverpool. Her cabin is elegantly furnished, her second cabin is also fitted up in the most approved modern style. Her steerage is all that can be desired for comfort and convenience. Persons about visiting or returning to the old country, as well as all others, are invited to inspect this splendid ship, at her berth foot oI Gouverueur Lane. For passage, which is very low, early ap plication should be made on board, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. m27 rrc 7i South street, corner of Maiden lane. FOR LONDON?The spleudid packet ship ARE THUSA. will positively sail ou the 4th June. Ha? ivery handsome accommodations for a few cabin pas seugers, who will be taken at less than the usual rates, by apply iug on beaid, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERDM\N.61 South street. LONDON LINE OF PACKETS-Packet of the IOth June?The splendid and elegant fast sailing pack letship SWITZERLAND, E. Knight, master, will positively sail as above, being her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin andsteerage passengers.persnns about to secure berths sheuld make early application ou board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Tine street corner of South street. The packet ship Quebec, T. H. Hebard, master, will succeed the Switzerland, and sail 20th Jnne. m2*.)m FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet of the 2Bth June?The elegant fast sailing Packet Shii ?OARlllCK, Capt. B. J. H. Trask, of 1100 tous, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodation unequalled foi iplendor anil comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS It CO., M South stmt. Price <M passage $100. Packet Ship Rosciua, Capt. Asa Etdridge, of 1100 tons, will succeed the Oarrick, aud sail ikith July, her regular day. mS7 ec PASSAGE FOR HAMBURG?With Desimtch Tlie srleml? new packet ship SILAS HOLMES C. ('. Berry, will sail as above, and can ver> comlortatily accommodate a limited number of of [*ssengers in cabin end steerage. This ship having been built expressly for > New Orleans packet her accommodations are of the belt an' most coetly description. Persons wiahiug tosecure berths shouK make early application on board, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, my26 rr corner South street and Maiden lane. LIVERPOOL LINE OF PACKETS-Packeto) the Gth Juue?The splendid and favorite packct sliii . iPATRICK HENRY, J. C. Delano master, will po titively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabii tnd steerage passengers, Persons devinous to embark by thissn perior packet, should malte early application on board, foot 01 ? laiden Lane, or to the subscriber, J08EPH McMURRAY, ? 100 Pine street corner of South street The packet shin Independence, F. P. Allen, master, wilt si<c eeed the Patrick Henry, and sail on the Cth of July. m8rc WANTED?Good aud suitable vessels to freighi ( oal from Philadelphia and Bristol to Boston, Prnvi idence, Hum, Norwich, Allen's Point, Greenport, Hart Jew Haven, Midilleton, Albany, Troy aud otlier paiU The highest price will beiiaid and constant emjdoymint given Apply to FREDERICK TYLER St CO., 6 Wall street, or E. SAFFORD It CO., *38 lm*rc 81 Dock street, Philadelphia. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAG* OFFICE, 61 South st.?Passage IVom Kngland, Ire land. Scotland and Wales?Those sending for thei> friends would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity ol inakingtheir arrangement* with the subscriber* on very mode rate terms, by first class packet ships, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Drifts can as usual be furnished for any amount, payabh throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN, CI South st. The mail steamer Hibernia sails frem Boston ou the ICtli inst by w 'iich letters can be forwarded quickly. mv23rh BURDEN'S PATENT HORSE-SHOES BEING NOW ON SALE by the principal dealer in hardware us the United States are all warranted per fect in forin and made of tlie very best refined iron, and sold at a fraction over the price of iron in the bat Every shoe which may be found not in accordant with the above recommendation will be received back and th< money refunded, with all expenses from the most distant part of the country. H. BURDEN. Agent, my 18 Im'rrc Troy Iron and Nail Factory. jym FOR SALE?A beautiful Country Residence, one inili ySMkfroin Rossville Landing, on Stareu Island, a Farm of 2S *JkasJieres of first-rate Laud; a large House and good Bani, ai* other Buildings; good Garden, with plenty of Fruit Tree*?w*t be sold reasonable and ou good (erma. Enquire of my7 I in? re SAM'L. HALL. 359 Broome at I FOR SALE CHEAP, A COTTAGE AT SOUTH AMBOY. THE house is of brick and rough cast. In the first story th?r* is a breakfast room, library, drawing room, dining room ami pantry, together with a kitchen aud servants' hall. In the wcoud story there are five bedrooms, with four over the kitohei. for servants. The Cottage is in the Elizabethian style and has six pointed gables with overhanging roofs. The Piaxxa extends round three sides of the house, and is ornamented with Gothic Arches. It ia new and has never yet been occupied. Though within walk ing distance (from a half to a quarter of a mile.) of the Rail Road and Steamboat Landing, the house is entin-ly secluded.? With the exception of the lawn and wood and the op|>n*ite shores of New Jersey and Staten Island, there is little else to be seen, save the waters and the vessels that navigate them. It is surronuded and deuaely shaded by trees On the lawn tlwre are fifteen or twenty groups of forest trees, varying, in extent from tws acres to a common sited clutnp. The situatiou is high and perfectly healthy. and command* a view of the sea, tile light houses at Sandy Hook, Princea Hay and llieRaritan River. Ttiere is a fine gravelly beach lor Salt Water Bathing. The Rail Road car* and Steamboats leave and arrive at such hours aa to enable a man of business to breakfast at home and be in town at half-paat ten?to lean town at three and be at home at five. He may be in New York in two, and at Philadelphia in four hours. The purchaser may take ten, twenty, thirty or mote acre* with the house. For further particulars aeply to JOHN C. STEVENS, 14 Barclay st. P. 3.?A short distance from the above, there is another hand some situation, with a house thirty-Aye or forty feet square. I will dispose of either or both. For a view of the house and (rounds, apply lo Mr. Abraham Everett, Superintendent,South Amboy. my24 tf re GENERAL BUILDING REPAIRS, M Nassau St.. come, of Maiden Lane.?All orders immediately atterded to for Mason. Slateing, Plastering, Flagging, tin roofs repaired and painted, and all other repairs and alterations done in the hesi maimer. Also, furnaces, ranges, kettles, steam boilers, ovens, and every kind of lire works put up. None but good workmen employed. Expedition! and moderate charges. Chimney top* for curing smoke. Up town orders left with J. Quinn, Plnmher, Mi Broadway mf7-lm*rht E. H. QUINN. INFALLIBLE BED BUG POISON. WATSON'S BUG DESTROYER needs but one applica tion and the bed bugs will shun their former abode for ever. Proprietor* of hotels and steamboats, and private families who wish to keep free from these vermin, can do it at a small et(**nse and in a tew minutes. Owing to the great popularity ol this prevention, several worthless imitations have been imposed niwii the public. The genuine is sold only st Apothecaries Hal!, '# Catherine stnet; 127 Maiden lane, and in Brooklyn by Mrs. Hays, 139 Fulton street. Price M and SO cents per Dottle. iB lm*?e _ NEEDLES AND FISH HOOKS. Tit J. BATE have removed their Establishment to No. ? 102 Maiden Lane, where they have on salealarge and well assorted stork nf very saperior Drilled Eyed Needle*; Limerick, Salmon, Tiout, Bass. Rock and Black Fish Hooks; Fishing Rods, Heals, (trass Silk and Flax Lines, Silk Worm Gut Mies, Sue!Is, and every dearriptioa of Fidiing Tackle, which they are able to sell on the most lilwral terms. Apr- 102 M inJeu Lane, fcip stairs)near Pearl stree*. myC Im*re ACKKT 8HIPJANE fc.WILLIA.MB, from New Orleans, is discharging wast side of Barling slip Consignees will pleaae attend te the receipt oi thtti goods immediately- mytl KOULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, 13T and 130 Mercer Mtreet. ft,.-. MR- JOHN 8. ROULSTONK ha* the honor to / M'toi-nn his friend* and the public in geueral, that hi* I I f il aclioel for Iu*tniction in Horaemanship is uow open day and evening, as follow* .? Hour* for Oentlemen from ( to ? A. M. ? " Ladle* '? 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr. Rouutoue. Mr. R. hit* just received from the country several One and stylish Saddle Hones, which he is authorised to sell at a res emble price. myTrc D1SBROWS RWINQ SCHOOLZ 40S Bowery, on Aator and Lafayette Places. MR. W. H; DISBRO W ha* the honor to announce, that hi* School I* open daily, (Sundays excepted) for Eque*trian Tuition and Kxercis? Riding. Hours lor Ladies from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Hours l<?r Gentlemen from 6 to I A. M. and 3 to 7 P. M. Terms mude known on application as above. N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Horses, for the Road and Pa rad*. to let. my6 im?rc L.OOK AT THIS. i, JUaT RECEIVED by the jwcket ship Duchess D'Or trans, Irom raris, the best article of gentlemen's French 'Boot* ever seen, and now offer, wholesale and retail, nt the _ low price ol $5, ai\d the best of French Calf Boots made to order for $5; and the greatest assortment of all kinds of Boou and Shoes and Gaiters. Ladies, in this store you will Hud the Ireatest assortment of all kind* of Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, les, and all other kinds Misses and Children*, from the largest to the smallest; an don't mistake the No. 367 Broa lwnv, cor ner of Fraukliu street. Ms C AH ILL my 18 lm*rc J, INK FRENCH BOOTS for |)N; City Made, and for style and durability tlioy are equal to those sold for $5. at Young U Co.'a Imperial French Boot and Shoe Manufac turing lVpot.nt No. 4 Ann street, one of the most Fashions loot Manufactories in this city. Fine French Dress Boots, made to order, for |4 30 ; equal to those made in other stures for K and $7. Boots. Shoes, Gaiters tic , made to order in the shor test nonce. Mending, lie., done in the store. Wm. M. Young at Co., Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers, No. 4 Ann street, New York, near Broadway. WM. M. YOUNO, and ?"7 lm*rr H B IONK.S CHIP OF THE OL1) BLOCK. J MAJOR FANCHER It YOUNO BOSS RICH ARDS, No. 4 Bowery, stick to it yet and know that they aui sell a splendid article of French Stitched Boots for Ki and S3 50. Ladies' Shoe* at wonderful low price*. Sn stop your clack, ye lover* of Bootological imposition. my8 lm*rc TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. BOOTS AND SHOES. JE. JOHNAON, (late Wilson It Johnson) lias Oil hand, in slore .142 Chatham street, di... rectly opposite the theatre, one of the best assorted stock, of Boots and Shoes that can be had in the city. Gents Kip, , Grain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots and Shoes, pegged and sewed, from the Easrern manufactories; Ladies Gaiters, Buskin*, Tie*, Sliiw, lie., of every description. A greater variety of Children's Shoes than any other store in this city. Gentlemen's tine Gaiters^ twenty different kinds. Gents Buckskin Shoe*; SporUmen'*, fr ishennen'sand Seamen'*Boots. Store open till 10 o'clock in the eveuing, giving country mer chants an opportunity of examining the good* at their leisure. mylS lm?ec _ ROWE'S SUPERIOR STYLE,of Gentlemen*' Summer Hat* are J^*>well worthy the attention of those about supplyingthem selve* with a pleasant, light and durable Summer Hat, possess ing the richness of a Leghorn, and warranted nut to be affected by wet or damp weather. The assortment consist* in part of. Pearl Cassimeres at (3 30 Silver Pearl do 3 30 Smooth white Castor 4 00 Long nap white Rocky mountain Bearer 6 50 to S Together with an assortment of Panama and Bohemian Straw Hats, all of the first quality and most fa*hionahle shape. HOWE, Sale* Room 40 William it, my24 lm*rh Merchants' Exchange. ECONOMY AND FASHION, rl ELEGANT SUMMER HAT8. fl J0L PRICE $3. JJL ROBERTSON, determined to maintain the reputation ol ' * PHffiNIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 103 Fulton *t, between Williamaud Nassau, Ea*t of Broadway, as the cheapest in this city or any other, begs leave C* introduce to the public a very superior style of SUMMER HAT8, which for lightness, beauty and durability, are not surpassed? and for cheapness unequalled In addition to being very plea sant and gentrel, these Hats are warranted to stand all ordinary exposure to rain without injury, which it is well Known Leg horns, Panama*, &c-, will not do without lo*(ng shape and color. For business more especially it i* important to keep the head dry and cool, a desideratum which has not hitherto been attained. These Hat* cannot be injured by perspiration, owing to the peculiar style oftrimmingwnichthesubscriber has found by experience so very cleanly and populir. Their weight ranges from i% to 3X or.., being much lighter than substantial Leg horns and Panamas. ROBERTSON, 103 Fulton st.x ml4 lm*ec Sign of the Phaenix. MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROADWAY, _ (HOWARDS' HOTEL,} INDUCED by the flattering success he ha* met with in J^?the manufacture of Silk Hat*, in imitation of the Franch, to call the atteution of the public tliereto, doe* so in the full con Adenceof rendering porfect satisfaction to >11 who may honor him with a call. First quality French Moleskin $4 50 Second " " " 4 00 First " Nutria.. 4 50 Second " " 3 30 In addition to the above, there may be had at this establish ment an elegant article of Nutria Hat at $4. which for eleganci w iH rival many that are sold at $3, and to which lit* atteution ol the public i* respectfully invited. A few case* of CasMniere and Silk Hats, manufactured for the country trade, on hand, and for sale low. J. D. Totten, (lata of the firm of Alvord It Co.,)and R. J. Tiffany, (late of Albany,) would be pleased to see their friend* it the above place. a27 lm*ec fl GENIN'S GOSSAMER HAT, WEIGHING FROM ox. to 3*i oz. price $3 30.?Two yean ago the Go**a mer Hat was introduced to tlie New York public m tlielig htest and most duraable article of summer wear heretofore in use. The success which *ias attended them, as evidenced by ai ex tensive sale, and the universal app-obation of the many who hive worn them, induced the subscriber to labor diligently in the improvement of the qualities upon which he bases their claims to a liberal iwtrooage. Fully warranted by experience and the conclusive testimony of his patron*, he repua:s his de clarations (notwithstanding the recent " novel improvement'" so called) of the two preceding yenrs, that the Gossamer Hats are lighter and more pleasant than any other, are not liable, like foghorns, Panamas, lie., to lose th^ir shape and color by expo sure to niu; and last, not least, they arc the cheapest, genteel summer hat, and may be worn two seasons. The style of trim mings eri. inatiug with the subscriber, effectually prevents them from being soiled by perspiration or hair oil, extending te the outer surface, as i? commonly the case with hatsdirfereatly trimmed. This advantage alone entitle* them to a preference over all others. JOHN N. GEN IN, 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. N.B. The Gossamers are made without hole* in the top, and without tin, unless especially desired otherwise. a 23 Imrc LAD IKS' FASHIONABLE HATS. ^ QU) CARL KING, trie well known and celebrated0^2) +rs. first premium Straw Hat and Lace Neopolitiui Vlauufacturrr, 17 Division street, informs the public that his Straws and Lace Neapolitans are of a superior quality, and war ranted to clean, made in the most faskiouable shape, called the Cottage Gipsey. N. B.?Lace Neapolitan Hat* $2 each. Milliner* supplied by the c**e or dozen at reasonable price*, it the Lace Neapolitan Manufactory, 17 Division street. m28 lm*rc CARL KING. LAD I KB fashionable STRAW HATS. i5*r _ 3^ caul kino, the well known and celebrated.. ? ft raw Hat Manufacturer, beg* leave ti> inform the Ladies that ?? ha* for tale a splendid ana fashionable assortment of Straw Hats, of avery description, at hia atoi*. No. 17 Diriaion Krrft 'ie particularly calls the attention of tne public to examine ht? tew shape called the Bohemian Oipsey, which for beauty and a*te stands unrivalled. N. B.?Imported Lace, Neapolitan Hat*, faihionabla ihapef md warrentea to clean, nt $2 50 each. ium lm*rc ('AHL KINO, IT Division street. MISS MADDEN n?i?-ctfu!ly inform> the ladies of New York and its vicinity, that her Krench Millinery and Dm Making establishment, 108 ('anal afreet, ia now open. Spring md Summer Fashions, consisting of silk, creaae. ribbon, fane) Neapolitan, atruw, braid and simp Bonnet*, of the neweat Pari sian and London atylea, juat received per laat steamer. Country Millinera and Dreaa Makers supplied with the neweat Patterns at the shortest notice. Dresses ana Robe* of the latest fashion made to order at the shortest notice. Southern and Weatem orders promptly attended to. All descriptions of Bonnets cleaned and altered in the neweat style. a24 lm'in GALVANIZED IRON AND TIN. Galvanized sheet iron and tin, a very *n perior article, warranted not to rust. Also, Tin Plate, Shee Iron, Russia Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, Zinc, Scotch and Amet rican Pig Iron, for sal* by CASS ?t WARD, mylJ Sm*ee No.71 Broad street WANTED?Forone ofthe moat extensive Publishing house* in the United States, a few active young men to act as Agents lor the sale of new and popular works. The Proprietory will insure each man *300 over his board i>er year profit. A wri ting to that effect will be given them; they will have besides opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year, and more if tin y are ac tive. Every man will have liis district. There are about a Imlf a dozen places that are not filled. It will be necessary for them to hart $23 to tM at least to obtain a food fitting out. No one need apply unlets he has that sum, for It is the object of the Publishers to establish good agents, and give them such a chance as no one else can offer them. Kor full particulars apply to #J Dnane street, myt lm*ec?i? CHARLES PAUL DE KOCK COMPLKTE. THE Works of Charles Paul de Koek, Illustrated Edition. with Portrait and Biography, complete in one volume.? Price one dollar. Tlie public have now an opinirtunity of pos sessing themselves of the complete works of tne renowned P.iul de Kock in one magniAcent volume, containing twelve hundred

and eighty large columns of reading mutter, and at a price which places it within the reach of persons in the most limited circumstance*. This volume contains all the novels, etc. which were ever actually written by this most witty, laughter loving and far-famed of modern authoru And the publishers pledge themselve* that the translations have been faithfully mad', and that the work will be found the most care-killing fascinating ami exciting that has ever been issued from the prcs* of this country. Kor **Je 41 Ann street, New York. The work is mailable, and may be sent by post to any part of the United States or the Canada*, at an expense varying from ten to twenty rents, according to the distance. All orders for one complete copy moat contain one dollar, be franked or postpaid, and directed to Holland li Glover, New York City. 8il copies will be forwarded to one address for fire dollars. man ilSmlni'm IK EM I'll EH COHEN, wlio foisnerly lived with Mrs. Hughes. Boardlny-houae keeper. Union street, Liverpool ? left England about nine years ago to li# in New York?will write to her lather. No. 14 New Bailey street, MaHord. Manches ter, in England, she will hear something greatly to her advan tage. my 10 2in ilyfcwy ? re CONNOR WARD. Information WANTED of Connor Ward, late of Springfield, Mass. Any person who will give any informa tion respecting him will confer a favor on hia wile, Ann Ward. Address W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. &?nth st, myJB rre cor. Maiden lane. I JFK PHKSKRVKKU, OF GOOD YEAR'S PATENT GUM ELASTIC COMPOSITION. WARRANTED to withstand the greatest extremes oflieat android, and not to melt orsoltrn in the seams, (the gn at defect in Pn servers made of the common rubber preparation. )? Also, a genersl assortment of goods manufactured under the above patent. For sale, wholesale and retail, by oeoroe BELCHER. aM tm*rc 1*0 Brosdwny, between Pine and Wall at*. A OS-200 Hates s FV Tl H M Hales No. 3 Leghorn*. 1M> Bale* Smyrna Rags. NHM lbs fine Wliite Domestic. tf.00 Deep nlnef?For sale by b< ERSSE It BROOKS, ?un Ne. 66 and 67 Naisaa itnt CONNER'S UNITED STATICS TYPE AMD STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY, COHNKR or NASSAU AMD AWN STltEKTS, NK.W YORK THE UNDERSIGNED respectfully inform the Old Patrons of the Ayi>e ami Stereotype Foundry, formerly knowu as Jamki Conner's, and more recently as Conweh StCoocE's, and tlie Public in general, that they are prepared to execute , orders for PRINTING TYPES, Presses, Casks, Imposing Stones, Ink, Frames, and every oilier article necessary to form Complete Printing (establish ments, on as favorable term*, and of us good a quality as any other establishment in tlie United States. The Type cast at this Establishment is, both in the style of Face, and the Material of which it is made, particularly adapted for service in Newspaper Printing, as may be seen in lliis min. my6 Imrc JAMES CONNER fc SON MULHAUSEN PRINTWORKS. TO R ENT or for sale, on exceedingly moderate terms,those snlendid Paint works, Dye and Bleaching Houses, Appa ratus, Machinery and Fixtures thereon and therein, situated in Southwark, Philadelphia, below the Navy Yard, known as the Mulhausen Printworks. These works are posseised of ani|)|e water privileges, and contain steam enriue.boilers and drying cans, and the premises are peculiarly well adapted either lor calico printing or for a rolling mill. Apnlv to JOHN R. WILMER, No. 20 8. Front st. JAMES PATT1SON, No. J Church Alley, n\2B StawJwz Philadelphia. NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE'aSSW RANCF SOCIETY OF LONDON. Empowered by Jict af Parliament. CAPITAL ?500,000 STERLING, OR $2,500,000. <toneral Agi"it for the United States, J. LEANDER STARR, 74 Wall st, New York. Physicians?Dr?. Hosack and J. Kearney Rodger*. Solicitor? Wm. Van Hook, Esq. Eaamplet of Ratet?for the Assurance of $100 on a Single Life. PREMIUMS PAYABLE ANNUALLY. Jig e. next For one year for Jive birth day. only. years. Without profile. With do. 15 M 77 $0 81 $1 47 $161 20 Otti 0 90 1 08 1 87 25 0 98 1 05 1 93 2 14 30 1 *1 I 30 2 a 2 46 35 1 46 I 54 2 54 2 00 40 I 61 I 64 2 93 3 26 45 1 72 1 7# 3 47 3 85 50 1 94 2 00 4 21 4 68 55 t?K*M 2 96 5 28 5 80 _ 60 . 3 73 4 25 , 6 68 7 4J Preinmm* v|or m*j> i>ayabU yearly, half yearly, quarterly or 'As paRHc ate Vwfcectfully requested to examine the distin guishing prinoipj? qf this Institution?their tallies of rates? their distribatiuu of profits?and the facilities afforded by their Loan DeimrUHtitMMJbre deciding to insure elsewhere. Pamphlets ?Q,it|u?ii>i|c the last Annual Report, and the Socie ty's rates, ?e.,tmay h^obtained u|>oii application. m23 lmiiuw'irc J. LEANDER STARR, General Agent. i TO MERCHANTS ~~ VISITING NEW YORK CITY. B. M. 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Persons of sedentary habits, whose business requires them to sit or stand much, who may be troubled with weakness in tht chest, or rein iu the side or breast, will find great relief by wear ing one o> these Plasters. With regard to the effieecy ef these Plasters, nothing need be said, as they carry with them their own recommendation, and the price being so remarkably low, is a sufficient inducement foi those afflicted to give them a trial. Tlie proprietor is confident that by the great aud increasing de mand lor these Plasters, the |>opularity which they have obtain ed solelyty their own merits, and the universal satisfaction which they have given, that they are decidedly superior to any others in use. No pains is spared in making them as adliesive and pliable as possibly, and in rendering them free from all those objections which is a source of cosnplaint to the ordinary plasters of the day. " These Plasters need but one trial to give every satisfaction de sired. Be snre and ask for Knapp's Indian Strengthening Plaster, and see that his signature is on the back of each. None others mr geAuine. Made only by P. B. KNAPP, and sold wholesale and retail at his Medicine Warehouse, No. 362 Hudson street, one door below King street. New York. Also for sale by the Druggists gene rally. Price 12 1-2 and 18 3-4 cents each m5 2ineod*rc r?? PA I E 1S T GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. DR. A. H. CRI8T1E respectfully informs the American public tint lie has lately arrivea from England. for the purpose of introducing in thin conntry. the novel application of Electro,Galvanism discovered by hit brother, I'rotessor Her man Crist ie of Lendon, in October laat. The discovery- hat received the universal approbation of the medical profession of Great firttaiu, who have pronounced it among the most im firtant of modern scientific inventions. The Patent Galvanic ings have been found to answer all the purposes for which the ordinary galvanic battery, or electric and magnetic ma chines are used, but are without any of the injurious shocks which accompany the application by these instruments, and in many other respects are more safe and certain in accom plishing; the deairea abject. The Galvanic Rings have now been several months before the English public, and the universal reputation they have ac quired are sufficient evidence of their extraordinary imwet in the prevention and cure of the diseases for which they are re commended. They have been used with perfect success in all cases of rheumatism, gout, tic doloreux, sick headache, indiges tion, paralysis, stiff joints, general debility, deficiency of ier vous energy, and all nervous disorders. The galvanic power which they possess is gradual and constant, and the beneficial effects thevjiroduce upon the aystem most be witnessed to be believed. The Galvanic Rings are in every way perfectly harmless, and are sold at prices that are within the reach of all desirous of testing their efficacy. Dr. Oristie warns the Ame rican public from the beginning, to beware of tp n'ons imita tiont The only agency at present in the United States is at 134 FULTON STREET, a few doors from Broadway, in this city, and from the secret process by which the metals are pre pared to be rendered sensitive and efficient, all imitations must he entirely devoid of any galvanic effect CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID, used in connection with the Rings to accelerate the galvanic action, is only to be procured at the same place. n?31 lw?tn WILLIAM A. SMETS WILL open his New Store, 727 Broadway, under the New York Hotel, comer of Wtverlv Place, on THURSDAY the lTth instant, with an entirely NEW STOCK OF GOODS, received by the late arrivals from France? A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF EMBROIDERIES. Rich Embroidered Shawls and Mantillea. Pelerines a la reine. " " " Duchrae d'Orleana. " " " Kochelle. EMB'D COLLARS, CANEZOUS, , . " Maryntuart, " ? Rachel " Colonne Point " alaveill* " fir. Denil " Espagnole ,r aijple Rruntlle " Oarni " a Oordure " en Tulle " grain f'ape " a Valencienne EMB'D SCARFS. EMB. FICHUS It G1MPES, " Extra Riclie " Richly emb'd " Brod ieu Coulenr " ? Revert " Extra Rich* " Josephiue " Plain Bordenr Celine Extra New " Valiere RICH EMBROIDERED LINEN CAMBRIC HDK'FS. Very rich ? 4 Barguette Oami de Valenciene " Vigrette Begnette and Owerlande " Point Noveaus Plumetis WEDDING DRKSSES, LADIES' CAPS. Extraemo'd Muslin Dressea Thread Lace Caps " Thread Lace do Emb'd Muslin do Emb'd Silk do Tulle Lace do " Bobhinet do do with flowers " Thulie and Tharlatine Bobbinet. dowithcaiwttes LADir.8'8TRAWHAT8,YOUNO LADIES' CAPOTTES. Ladies' Rich Straw Ouimpnre ( onsn Disers ?Dentelle " Bois blanc k Cordon " Toscanes a Ag re mint " Qrtio D'orge BOY'S STRAW COSQUETTES. Cosqortcesneeriles Straw Cane Tyroliena Berrrta Crin " Toscsne , _ RICH SILK PATRF.N DRKSSES gilka Pekin Chiuoia Silks Pekin Brocke " I'arisienne " Foulard " Watered " Po? de Soie " Taffetas " Pekin Broche PARASOLS. Ombrrllss with ivory handles Omhrellaa Marquise " with fringes " Plain with rich gold and silver mountings. PKRFUMERY DE TOILETTE. Of a very superior quality^ im|>orted tp order. Pondre d'Amondes r arine ile Noisettes I'ntc do Blanc de Nieg* Cold Cream OttoofRoaes Pi rfumeil Sschet* Toilette Powder PERFUMES FOR HAN UKERCHIEFS. Ean de Portugal Eglantine Rene Mousui! Ksseuce Marerechelle I'iris Kid (Jloves, Bijouterres, Rncklea, vid a large assortment of Fancy Articles, which will be offered at a very reasonable prire. 4 Ifi 1 in ? rc PACKET IBHIPOENESE E from New O r I can si i s d TscPiT gingat Pike street wharf, foot of Pike st. ConsigiMes will lease attend to thereceipt of their goods immediately. m*l BKESWAX?!> barrels Pure Missovri Wax, well selected? for sale by ,K. K. COLLINS k CO., m28rc M South street. New Haven* i [<'orreipondence of the Herald.} "City or Elms," May 29, 1HI5. theatrical Exhibitions Forbidden?How Evaded? | Private Theatricals?A Great Desire for Places of \ Amusement*. Never before, I think, have I taken pen or pencil, to give to your paper the shortest communication from this?the "City of Elms." Yet some things have transpired within a few days of so novel a character, that I can do no less than send you a short | account, and let the gude people, an well us all uc- | tors and actresses, know that "a duel's amang them takin notes." You rmist know that it is directly spooned to ull i Connecticut law to have any theatrical exhibitions within the confines of this State, either on land or water. But the theatre going spirit of New Haven has become so aroused, and is now so eager, that it can and will no longer brook this "bluer," and plea sure preventing law. You must also know that there is in this place, " The Young Men's Institute"?an institution esta blished for the praiseworthy object ?f improvement. This Institute has been accustomed for several years to ?ive exhibitions winch ought to be entirely private, and exclusive of both sexes. Such, how ever is their idea of their dramatico-comico talents, that they frequently convert the Exchange Saloon into an illegitimate theatre?issue their hand-bills, and attempt to gather an audience. To collect an audience is the part the most easily accomplished, for as 1 intimated, the people are tiger-fierce for ex hibitions, which oavor, however, little of a regular theatre or circus. Last evening (.Wednesday) they gave one. It was the benefit of no particular individual; but for the benefit of all. At half past 7 o'clock, a respectable number of the theatre going population of the city were assembled in the Exchange. They were im patient lor the curtain to rise, and the boys, who al ways occupy the front seats at all public meetings, here gave signs of their unbounded curiosity to see what there nn?ht be behind that painted mountain, by hissing, whistling, and other sounds, familiar to frequenters of such places* ef amusement ? What do you suppose was the play 7 lie not astonished! 'Twas no other und no less than the "Lady of Lyons," by Sir Edward Lytton Bulwer. Such was the presumption of these youthful aspi rants for theatrical reputation and,honors! Oh! Hulwer! Bulwer! an evil night for your shade was this! Better had it been for you, that you had never written this! piece. Well, the curtain did rise, and upon the astonished audience burst the stage, with all its rich and splendid scenery. There was to be seen snow and grapes, water and animals, stoves and fans, promiscuously daubed about. But what called forth the admiration ot the audience most, was two specimens of nature seated on a damask sofa, which seemed altogether out of place ; and I now believe it was a hair bottom sutlused with blushes. These beings were none other than the representatives of Pauline and her mama. You ran suppose no less than that they were ladies, even though ugly. But they were not?they were men in a would^je woman's shape. But why attempt to describe them ! They surpass description, and none but a house painter could have painted them. But just imagine for the beautiful Pauline?an ugly, un couth, gauky youth, of about five feet eight inches, with hands so large and red, that a pair of white kid gloves would have blushed to cover them, but which were partly covered by brown linen. Her feet! oh Venus ! Oh, Muses! if ye had feet, what a pity! Her dress is easily described. It was glazed pink muslin, with, I should think, a black painted herder round the bottom. Oh, ye gods, what a form! what a neck and shoulders! Header, did'st ever see a female fish-seller 1 And oh, what a voice! Its tones were bewitching?and, oh, the looks she gave him! The character of Claude Mel notte was much better supported; and, indeed, I may say, very veil acted. It was played by Charles Ramie, an old stager, and who, we think, did him self great credit in acting, but much dishonored in being caught in such company. I imagine he thinks it better to be at the head of a mouse than the tail of a lion. At any rate he was at the head of a mouse last evening, and a very small one, too. In a word, the whole affair was despicably mean, and reflects much dishonor upon a city, whose popula tion can pay live hundred dollars for music to be played upon its green twice a week. We admire, however, the spirit that prompts the young men to attempt something of the kind, although tliey have altogether mistaken their abilities. What!?prac tical clerks and shoemakers conduct a theatre 1 What would a Macready. Forrest, or Anderson say to this ! On the whole, there is an allected spirit ol opposition to theatricals in this city, that cannot much longer resist the spirit of the young for inno cent amusements ; and why oppose it 1 The young will have diversion of some sort, and if they cannot get it one way, odiers will be devised. A place ol amusement ought to be founded here; and,judgine from the way exhibitions of all kinds are attended, it would meet with a good and hearty support. I had intended to nave given you some other news about town, but let it be reserved for a future communication. Very truly yours, Axons. Iowa. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Iowa City, May 10,1845. The Legislature of Iowa?(treat IHssatisfartion at the Proposal Limits?Mr. A. C. Dodge?Office Seekers?7V Appointment of Surveyor arui Gov ernor of Winontin?Mr. Pinion's Object?7V Evil of Narrow Boundaries?Dangerous to this State, fyc. The Legislature of Iowa is now in session, and will probably continue in session for some weeks. Theirgessions are limited by Congress to seventy five days j and whether there is much or little to do, they sit out the limited period, and no longer. The narrow limits assigned by Congress to Iowa, as the terms uron which she might be admitted into the Union, nave produced general dissatisfaction, and defeated the excellent constitution formed by a con vention last year. The late delegate, Mr. A. C. Dodge, is much censured for consenting to the boundaries as fixed by Congress. He might have obtained tiie Missouri as the Western Boundary, if he had so chosen. But he was anxious for a seat in the Senate of the United States, and was there fore impatient for the admission of Iowa. And as he had partizans at the north, whom he did not wish to throw into a northern territory, he request ed the Missouri us the Boundary. He will hardly be re-nominated again. But it nominated, will be b?aten. lie has given much offence by encourag ing a host of applicants for the offices now, with few exceptions filled by democrats. They all flock ed to Washington, at the 4th March, but instead of finding a friend to urge their claims in the delegate who invited them to come on, he gave them the cold shoulder. He had his peculiar proteges, whom he intended to recommend from the start?men without merit, except their services to Mr. Dodge. But he desires no appointments made until he se cures his re-election. If none are made till then, the present worthy incumbents, with few except ions, will hold on. The applicants, after besieging Mr. l'olk a month or more, nave returned indignant at the duplicity of the ex-delegate. The appointment of Mr. Jones, Surveyor ef this Territory and Wisconsin, gives satisfaction, as that also of (Jen. H. Dodge, as (iovernor of Wisconsin. I think Iowa will insist on her boundaries as pre scribed by her convention. She does not relish being the first victim to the policy of making small States, In case of a rupture of the Union, she would be at the mercy of Illinois and Mis souri. The argument made by Mr. Vinton as so cogent and lucid in the opinion of the late del egate, when dosely scanned, amounts to nothing. His proiiosition is for the sake of gaining votes in the Senate, to cut and carve up the west into numer ous small States. Now, it is obvious that fifteen large States in the Mississippi Valley, would be vastly more likely to control tne action of the gene ral Government, than thirty small ones. Experience proves that the large States, by facility of combining in the House of Representatives, and by their power over the Presidential election, have more than the proportionate weight which any number of small States with an aggregate of the same number of votes. Suppose Ohio, Indiana and Illinois had been divided into six or nine States, would the great works they have completed and hnve in progress have been ho soon unaertaken! The statesmen of the old confederation Congress justly foresaw the consequences of no cntting up that terri tory. They gave those new States great natural boundaries, the lakes and rivers. Iowa desires that the same great natural boundaries which nature in dicates,the Missouri on the west, the Mississippi on the east, be giveu to her. The plan of two tier of States between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, is ridiculous; and in mv opinion, the people of Iowa will never submit to having any State inter |x>sed bciween her and the Missouri. The proximi ty of vast hostile tribes ol Indians on our west, is another cogent reason why Iowa should ben large Stale. But enough at present; I will resume tne subject, and tfive you the views of the people of this territory on tnis subject hereafter more at large. VuMm. Truly, ways the LcmtvilU Journal, Cincinnati in a wonderful city. In forty-five year* her }>?|ialation has increased from tire hundred to seventy thousand soul*. Kortv-five year* ago Cincinnati wan a village of log ca bin*,'in the centre of a va*t wilderne** ; now it in a city of immense commercial and manufacturing importance, with a lurfre and enterprising population, noted for de votion to all the arts that adocn society and ueculiari/.e modern civilization. The records of the Old World can not furnish an instance so wonderful, and so honorable to human euterprize. Joseph Osgood, says the Button Traveller, who was sent to the House of Correction last week for hav ing stolen two homes and ehaise, one of them belonging to the City Marshal, committed suicide at that institu tion. One of the prisoners, who was sick, was preparing a solution of arsenic in a bottle for medicine, and hap pened to turn away for a moment, when Osgood seized the bottle and swallowed tho whole contents. A iiiuii was found dead on the 29th ult. in Cincin nati. He had been laboring under the effect of mania a pntu. He fancied, while in his delirium, that he wm choking another ; his hand was upon his own throat, ho held on till he ceased 10 breathe, and all efforts to revive him failed. The editor of a paper, animadverting upon the manner in which one of 8hakspeure's plays was lately performed, seriously cautious his readers against sup posing that he has "the least intention of detracting from the well-earned reputation of the great dramatic author." The mother of the late Sumner Lincoln Fairfield, a name somewhat distinguished in the literary world, is at present in Columbia, for the purpose of procuring subscription!! for the writings of her son. The l^ewitburg Whig announces the death of late Senator Shinn, who died at his residence in Clarksburg, on the jflth ult., in the 36th year of his age. He has left a wife and four children to mourn his loss. Kentucky has a gross population of 800,000, of which only 31,490 are slave-holders ; one in twenty-five a slave-holder. All persons interested in slavery in South Carolina, amount to only 33,700, out of a population of 600,000. The Cincinnati Chronicle warmly compliments Mr. Giles, the celebrated lecturer. O'Blennis has been indicted for murder, for kil ling Frank Coombs last fall. Sharks have appeared in the harbor at Baltimore. I am happy to sav to vou that Bishop De Lancy is still improving, and nis friends entertain little or no doubt oi hi# entire recovery, and consequent restoration to usefulness in the church.?Cor. of Jllhany *1rgui, May 31. * The Fire Department of Boston was called out forty-two times during the month of May. On the 11th, thirty-five buildings were destroyed, causing a destruc tion of property valued at $60,000. On the 12th eigut house* were burned. On Friday a man in West Utica stabbed his bro ther, who wa* attempting to separate him from hi* fa ther, with whom he was quarrelling. It was said yes terday that the wounded man had died. The other* we understand, was arrested soon after the act. The men wcro Dutch, and lived in West Utica. ? Utica Gaz. We observe the following notice in one of the London papers : His Royal Ifighne** Prince Albert, on Saturday last, visited the establishment of Messrs.llenry Grave* & Co. of Pall-Mall, to view the marble statue of the Greek Slave, by Hiram Power*, an American,which has lately arrived from Klorenco. The death of Schlegel, the eminent German au thor and critic, at the age of 79, is announced. Bnglllh Theatrical*, &c. Mrs. Kemble, widow of the late celebrated John Philip Kemble, died on the 13th ult., at Leamington. Mrs. Kemble bad survived her husband upwards of 22 years, during which she lived chiefly at Lea mington. The admirable full length portrait, which she possessed of " Kemble in his Study," by Sir Thomas Lawrence, and always considered one of the chef d'ccuvre* of that great master, has been be queathed, it is understood, to the noble fnend of the eminent tragedian, the present Earl of Aberdeen. A rival to Van Amburgh, in the nerson of a Mr. White, has recently arrived in England. lie is ac companied by a numerous assortment of lions,tigers, Arc., which ne has in complete subjection. Jerrold received 500/. for his new comedy, enti 1 tied " Time Works Wonders." Douglas Jerrold is the writer of Mrs. Caudle's famed "Curtain Lec tures" in Punch. On a recent visit of this gentle man to Birmingham, the working jewellers present ed him widi an elegant gold ring, with an onyx stone in the centre ; and in an address expressed their ad miration of his talents, and their gratitude for his li terary advocacy of their own class. Duprcz is engaged at Liverpool and Manchester, with a French opera company. Duprez is also en gaged by Mr. Culcraft for a few nights in Dublin. Personal Movement*. Colonel Thorne will return to this country with his family on the 1st of August next, and has taken lodgings at the New Vork Hotel. The Hon. C. B. Penrose is now located at Lan caster, where he is engaged in the practice of hi* pro fession. Mr. Francis E. Hives, in attempting to get into his gig at Petersburg, Virginia, made a false step, fell, and broke his arm. Mr. Foster and Mr. Brown, the two candidates for Governor in Tenncsiee, have reviiod their appoint ment* and agreed to make only :27 speeches between the 9th of June and the 38th of July. Warm time of th* year for *uch work. Th? long expected work, " The History of Wy oming," by the Hon. Charles Minor, is announced a* nearly ready for the pres*. The subject i* classic and consecrated ground. Mr. J. H. Green, the reformed gambler, has been presented with a handsome silver cup and twelve va iuablo silver ipoons, by hi* friesds and admirer* in Ro chester. Henry Clay had arrived nt Louisville to attend a law suit there. The Troops at Fort Tessup.?We extract the following judieiotis remarks from the Natchez Free Trader:?" We learn that some twenty-five companies of infantry have been ordered to, and are now quartered at Kort Jessup, Louisiana. These companies we pre sume are held in readineas for action in case of any dif ficulty with Mexico on our Texan frontier; but it i* the opinion of ma*y with whom we have conversed on the subject, that they are in the very worst possible location for prompt action, a* the Red Kiver ii generally rendered unnavigable from the commencement of summer to winter by low water, which generally prevails during ?hut time. Should the river as usual become low during the early part ol the summer, and the services of these companies bo needed in the neighborhood of the Rio Grande, they would have a march of from three to five hundred miles through an almost uninhabited country across the head waters of all the streams that flow from the highlands of Texas into the Gulf of Mexico. This would be a thirty day's job?a longer period than we ought to suffer the war. in case there be one, to be pro tracted with .Mexico. Fort Jessup is a very good point for cavalry, but it it, in the opinion of those who know the country; the very worst point in the Sonth-west for infantry to be stationed during the summer, with the view of operating either against the Mexicans on the Rio Grande or the rammanches on the west." I^kath?Thk AnvKivrrRKit.?Mr Williams, of Can ton, Mississippi, Mr. Jones <i. Pitt*, of Kentucky, and a negro man, were drowned on the 3d inst., near Mississippi City.?They wcro in a canoe, on the river, when a squall struck, and upset her, nnd they were all lost. I'ltts had been a bold actor and a wild adventurer, and had had many narrow escapos, as well as witnessed many wonderful scenes. A letter speaks of him thus wiae. Mr. ritts was a native of Kentucky, at one time an attor ney, than editor and publisher of the Hopkinsville Gu/.ette He ran the first line of stages between Louis ville and Nashville, and afterwards built several steam boats. He was once in the Senate of Kentucky, and, when a lad, was attached to Gen. (or Doctor) Long's expedition to Texas; was wrecked near Rarataria, t>u managed to reach Galveston with only one man out of one hundrod who started w ith him. lie there came near being massacred by pirate*, and afterwards had n narrow risk of being sent home on a false suspicion of piracy by a United States revenue cutter, liut upon examination, he was entrusted with the command of a piratical prize, and made his way to N. Orlenrns. where, in 1H4I. he published a city directory. Thus has terminated his adventurous life, and I am now in search of his body to five it burial. He has left a brother, the Rev. f. K. itts, of Nashville. Silk Trade or Franc*.?A meeting of the prin cipal silk manufacturer* ol Lyons took place a few days ago in iliat city, to consider the propriety of petitioning the Chamber ol Peers against the intro duction of Chinese silks into France. The petition was accordingly drawn up, and has just arrived at Paris, bearing 300 signatures. It states that the Lyens nianulacturers consider the importation of Chinese silks ascertain to cause the Complete ruin of their business, and contains tables, showing .'<o to 40 per cent diiference in favor of the-Chinese in all the markets where the silk goods of the two eoun iries enter into competition.?GaliKnanCiMrurnger. Frost in Massachusetts.?The Irost was quite severe on Friday and Saturday mornings, in whole country north and east ofits. In Lynn, ice formed nn eighth of an inch in thiefcnw*. Fruit has fluttered fle verely. To-day it is fine and very warm ? RrWon Tran itrijit, June i. ________ Hi'ssian Skawkn.?A proposition has been made by the Russian government, throu?h its consul, to a large commcK'iafflrm at Liverpool, to allow young men, Russians, to lie placed under the care of the command ers of their respective vessels, trading to all parts of the globe, except the Baltic, Mediterranean, an* Southern