Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1845 Page 4
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MOVBT MARKET. Tuesday, June 3?0 P. M. Quotations for nearly all the fancy itock* are gradual y but steadily working down. The sale* from day to day show a decline of a fraction, and the market 1* get tii g heavier and heavier, notwithatanding the ifTort* of aome of the atrongeit operator* in the ttreet to luatain paicea. Stonington fell oil' ? per cent., Norwioh and Worcestor J, Erie Railroad J, Morria Canal Canton 1, Long Island J. Farmers' Loan cloand firm at yea torday's price*; while Pennsylvania 5'* improved i per cent., lllinoi* J, Ohio 6'* J. There ha* been, within the past week or two, a very great decline Stonington Railroad ttock, and it i? *tated that some of the operator* engaged iu bearing the itock, are in the direction of the company, and that efforts are being made to change the preient board of director* However true this report may be, it cannot have had in fluence enough to create the depro**ion in the stock. The uttraction of travel from the road i* the principal cause of the decline in price*, and if the outcide line of steamboat* between thi* city and Providence i* sua tuinod, the stock of the Stonington Railroad will find a lower level than yet reached. The other fancy stock* in the list are falling from their own weight. There are not operator* enough in the street to carry them, and they daily change hands, at a decline of a fraction every transfer. The existing itate ol the stock market has been produced by a variety of cuuses, among which the most powerful ia tlie want of outside spe culation* : Aien come* the unsettled condition ol our foreign affairs ; the inactivity of buiinei* gene rally, and the *tate of the money market. T'ue value of merchandiie exported from thi* port in the month oi May, 1845, exceed* the value of the export* for th e same month in 1844, by several hundred thousand dollars. Commerce or the Pobt or New Yoax roa May, IM* ird 1843. Shipments ia American vessels $3,691,424 57 Shipment* in foreign vesiel* 017,780 43 Value exported in May, 1846 $3,309,203 00 Value exported in May, 1844 1,771,017 00 Excess of value in May, 1845 $437,188 00 This is a much more favorable (tatement than we anti cipated making early in the month. The increase in the value of the export*, and decrease in the value of im. ports, are rapidly regulating our foreign trade, and bringing it more in our favor. The value of the export* for May, 1845, from thi* port to Britiih ports, wa* $1,440,* 377 94 ; of which $1,053,233 53 were to Great Britrin in American vessels, $184,676 54 to British possession* in American venels, and $'111,468 87 to British ports in British vessels. The valuo'of the exports to Canton was $173,016 56, of which $33,848 was in specie. It will be seen by this statement, that nearly one half of the value of the exports for the month, from thi* port, in May, 1845, was to Great Britain and Britith po**e**ion*. The amount of revenue from customs received at this port in May, 1845, compared with the corresponding month in 1844, shows a falling oflT of about thirty per cent. There must, therefore, have been a corresponding reduction in the value of the imports. Revenue from Customs?Poar or Nbw Yoax. Total amount of duties for May, 1844 $1,868,574 66 Total amount oi dutie* for May, 1845. . .. 1,306,362 30 Decrease in revenue in May, 1845 $661,191 26 The importation of merchandite into thi* port in May, 1844, was valued at $6,106,127, yielding a revenue Amounting to $1,868,574 56, being about thirty per cent on the aggregate import. At the same rate, the value of the importation lor May, 1845, cannot exceed $4,600,000 j a decrease, compared with last May, of $1,600,000, at least. Counterfeit fives on the National Bank, Providence, R. 1., are in circulation. They are well executed, and cal culated to deceive. The Hartford Fire Insurance Company have declared thoir usual semi-annual dividend, payable on demand. The North American Fire Insurance Company, of this city, has declared a semi-annual dividend of five per cent., payable on the 10th instant We annex a table giving the quantity and value ef To bacco exported from the United States for nine month*, ending June 30, 18-13, and for the year ending June 30, 1341, distinguishing the quantitv and value exported to each foreign country. U will be observed that the value of exports of 1844, was nearly deuble that of the oxport* for nine month*, ending June 30, 1843. We ahould judge from this fact, that the exportation of thi* article i* usual ly very active from June 30th to September 30th, of each year. Quantity a*d Value ok Tobaccs Extorted raosi the United States. 18<3??) mo*. 1841. Hhd*. Value. llhds. Valw.. Russia 20 $1,504 55 $3,759 Hwcdcn and Norway 82 6,103 1,830 91,113 Swedish Welt Indies 5 484 25 1,063 Denmark 247 9,480 262 13,500 Deiiiah W?t Indies 120 7,530 264 11,393 Haiisc Towns 24,504 1,024,851 40,602 1,611,337 HeUnd 19,519 816,469 29,814 1,269,683 Dutch Writ Indies 51 2,315 94 3,744 Dutcli Guiana 16 849 <5 2,264 Beleiu in 6,855 338,169 4,108 145,347 England 21,029 1,260,525 38,584 2,816,1^6 Scotland 21 2,051 581 83,160 Ireland ? ? ? ? Oibraksr 4,771 143,149 10,439 37?,898 MultS 58 2,622 142 6,123 Cape of Good Hope II 910 33 1,681 Dritish East indict, ? ? ? ? Honduras 15 1,318 37 2,458 Urir-'sli Guiana 44 2,789 36 2,516 British Went indies 508 31,953 648 36.885 British American Colo.lies,. 269 13,301 ?S7 19,355 France on the Atlantic 7,193 471,261 15,457 815,*3S Do do Mediterranea I, 4,213 2,1,074 6,29! 311,332 French West iudies 455 19,508 1,337 58,156 French Guiana "3 4,208 63 5,002 Miipieloii and French Fish eries.... ? ? ? ? French African Ports ? ? ? ? Spain on the Atlantic ? ? 2,576 123,698 Do do Meditev-aneaii, 339 18,099 ? ? Cab* 252 13,905 493 23.874 Other Spanish Weit Indies,. 73 4.7S5 67 3,990 Fayal and other A tores .... ? ? 12 G30 Cape de Verd ? ? 18 1,333 Italy 865 11,232 1,459 77,412 Sicily, 15 1,400 f$ 5,308 Trieste and other Austrian Adriatic Ports, 968 72,748 3,386 192,505 Turkey, Levant, fcc, 30 1,248 28 1,219 Hayti 131 9,602 158 10,385 Testis 179 5,180 118 3,296 Mexico...... 48 2,009 10 4S4 Central America ? ? 11 948 New Grenada, ? ? ? ? Venezuela,.. 120 8,088 74 5,240 Brazl 131 9,626 158 10,540 < isplatiue Republic, 71 5,475 163 10.280 Vr.'entine Republic 26 1,583 15 1,088 Chili 42 3,051 287 6,411 South \merica, (fe i?rally... ? ? ? ? Weal Indies, generally, .... ? ? 19 952 .Africa, geuen lly 1,129 72,027 8,j79 186,407 Total 91,454 $4,630,979 163,0?3 $0,397,255 The average value was greater in 1844 than in 1843. In 1811, the average value of each hogshead exported was about $51.60 ; while in 1843 it was but about $49.34. In 18-i'i tho average value was abont $00.13. The quantity and valuo of tobacco exported from this country for tho past ten yearsw oil as follows s Value ok Touacco F.*po?tko raost thh Umitkd Statbs, raoM 1835 to 1844, both irclvsitk. Qtinlily. falite. Quantity. Value. 181), hlids... 'll,3.iI $8,350,577 1840, lihdt.lU,484 S9.8J13.957 1336 109,412 lll.M58.G40 1811 147,828 12.576,703 1837 100,232 5,7?5,647 1812 158,710 9,540,755 18*1 108,503 7,392,109 1843 94,454 4,650,979 1839 78,905 9,812,943 18*4 163,043 8,397,25a The exportation in 1843 was for only nine months, which is tho cause of the small quantity and the great difl'eranc* between that and the year before or after. The fluctuations in tho value of this staple have, within tho past ten years, been cnoimous, varying from one year to another from three to Ave millions of dollars. Wo cannot satisfactorily account for theso extremes in prices, us tho production has been quite uniform. The unuoxed table, showing the quantity produced in this country, tho quantity exported, and the average value of aach hogt head exported, will give a better idea of the trade in the aiticle than anything else. PaoDt/uTion or Tobacco in the Unitku Statks, with tin: Exportation akd Avkbaob Valve or bach Hhd. Exroni i:d. Average flue Production Exportation iitr hhd. in I/. 8. from V. S. exported. 1832, hlids 133.507 106,806 $56 18 1833 103, 941 83,143 69 29 1B.M 109.971 87,97!) 74 96 1835 117,941 94,353 87 01 1838 136,802 109,418 91 .VI U137 125.180 100,232 57 82 1838 125.741 100,593 73 48 183 9 98,744 78,995 124 47 1811' 119,355 119,484 81 85 1811 184,785 147,828 86 09 1842 194,695 158,710 60 12 1813 185,731 94,454 49 25 IBM 141,705 163,043 60 12 The highest point touched was in 1839, when the pro duction did not reach a hundred thousand hegshoads. There has, within a fow years past, been a steady in crease in tl-o exportation, and the eft'oits made by our government, in tending out special agents to arrange with foreign governments, for the entering of this article within tlieir limits upon more favorable terms, have, in a measure, been successful. The restrictions placed upon i .< importation into most of tho European ports, are ye* mi onerous that the production in the United States is kept very low. Our tobacco ptanters leel the want of markets, and until new commercial systems have been per looted between this country and the nations of Europe ho that tho products of one will be received by the other upon more lavorable terms than now enforced, the culti vation of thin and many other staples of this country will be confined for years to the present limits. Tobacco sectM to be selected by the governments of Europe a* article deserving the infliction of tho most onerout ieductions. Tho rate of duty placed upon it by most of the tariffs of other nations, Is not enforced Tor the purpose of proieeting the production* of a simi lar article within their own territory, but principally for revenue, and the effect of theie restriction* i? to check the production of an article in the United State*, which ia, notwithstanding the drawbacks, the second great staple of the Union, the cultivation of which would in a few year* be nearly as extensive and productive as cot ton under the same circumstances. Our limits for the the production of this staple are unbounded, and it i* highly important that thi* government should at once turn its attention to the regulation of all treaties and ta riff's, for the express purpose of opening markets for this and some of our other great staples. The principal poit of shipment for this article; is New Orleans. The cultivation ef Tobacco is being monopo lized by the West, and within the past few year*, more than ouo half of the quantity exported, has been shipped from New Orleans. The western country low produces nearly a* much a* the consumption of Europe demands, and the cultivation of the leaf i* rapidly extending over the whole of that section of the Union. Western Tobac co is rapidly taking the place of the Virginia, and must soon supply it* place entirely in the foreign markets.? The export* for tobacco from New Orleans for several years past confirm this statement Ei?or rs or Tobacco rnou New Orleans, fob Ten Ycn?. Hhdt. Hhds. 1835 33,801 1840 40,436 1836, <1,634 1841 44.667 1837 34,821 1842, 08,058 1838, J|,Ji5 1843 89,891 1839 30,780 1844 81,249 The exports from New Orleans to domestic ports now, are not so large a* they were ten year* ago. In 1835, 10,588 hhds. were exportod from New Orleans coaitwise and in 1844, only 13,098 hhds. were exported in a similar manner. Exfobts or Tobacco fbom New Orleans to Foreign Ports. 1836. 1838. 1841. 1844. Great Britain, hhds 4,934 9.9U9 20,664 22,423 France., 1,4 SO 4,878 6,812 11,104 North of Europe 4,943 2,438 8,040 20,174 South of Kurope and China... 1,881 2,860 4,6i4 14,349 The quotations for Tobacco in New Orlean, now regu. late prices in all parts of the Union. It being the great focus of thi* trade, we annex price* current in that mar ket, for several years past, for the purpose of showing the decline in value, with the increased receipts and shipment*. Pricks kor Tobacco at New Orleans. Oct. 1, '41. Nor. 2, '42. Nov. 4, '43. May 1844 1st quality, 8 a9 4%s 4% l'4a 4 4),a 4 2d do 6 a6% 3V 4% 3%a 4 3%a 4 Crossed, 3)4*4 l%a 2*4 2S,a 3 2?'a 3 Bala 4%a8 3 a 3% 3 a 3% ? a? Cuba, , 24 a30 24 a30 24 a30 ? a? Old Stock Exchange. $1000 NY State 6's, '62 108 100(has Morris Canal 31% 4000 Ohio 6's, *60 styr 98V 160 do 31% 1000 do 98,'.? 24 Canton Co 41 4000 Penn'a 4's s30 73% 74 do 41% 24000 . do >90 73$ 4* do 160 42 1000 Illinois special 37? a 24 do >30 41 40 shas Bk America 101 40 do slO 41 43 Mechanics' Bk 106% 200 do 41,'i 40 City Bk 108 300 Nor and Wore 72 440 Farmejs'Trust 34 124 do slO 72 200 do s30 34 100 do blO 72 ICS do s60 34 24 do slO 71% 40 do 34% 24 do . 71% 23 Ohio Life and Tr 98 24 do 72k 43 do 90 24 <V> .30 71% 100 L Islsud RR 70% 108 do . sCO 71% 40 do 70% 24 do 72 % 40 do slO 70% 24 Erie RR 48% 300 Stonington RR 32% 140 do s60 28'4 40 do 32% Hccond Board. 100 shas L Island RR b3 71 24 shas Nor & Wore 72% 200 do styr 70 40 Harlem RR 70 40 Farmers' Trust Sl% 40 do 70% 24 Stonington RR 32% 40 do 70S 140 do 33 40 Canton Co s60 41% 40 do baw 33 40 Morris Canal 31% 24 Nor and Wore 72% New Stock Exchange. 24 shas US Bank c 8 f 10 shas Esst Boston b3 14% 04 Farm's Tr btw 34 24 Nor and Wore b3 723? 24 do b3 34 100 do b3 72% 100 do c 34% 40 do s3 72% 40 L Island RR b30 71 24 do Friday 72 % 50 do s3 70% 24 do Friday 72% 40 Stonington RR 32*? 24 do >3 12. * 24 do s30 32% 24 do tw 72% 24 do b3 32% 400 Hud and Berks c 12 40 do slO 32% 40 do c Sales of Stocks at Boston. Brorer's Board, June 2?1 share Merrimack Manuf. Co, 2m, u, ju Tf unililKivu iw, .witu, ij, juv tiinnivu wii cester RR, so3d, 73; 440 do, bolm, 73%; 300 Long Island RR, so2m, 71%; 300 do, so2m, 71%: 40 do, soSd, 71%; 200 do, bo2m, 72%. __ _ MX COMPOSITORS WANTED-This Morning, at 28 * A'ln street, 4tl> story. Apply to the foreman. j4 lt*ec A RESPECT ABLE Young Womsn wants a situation in s private family, or to travel with a family. The best of re ference can be given. Apply at 77 Forsyth street. j4 lt'ec WANTED TO TRAVEL?A youug man, shaking both French r?d English, having slresdy traveled in the United Statea, to accompany a gentleman, for two months, in a tour north and south of New York. Apply, with rhe best references, at 93 Greenwich street, and at the office, from 12 to 2 o'clock. j4 3t? m WANTKD?A ate.idy, active single man, to take wi interest iu a Summer Retreat, pleasantly situated, and can do an excellent business with proper management. Terms ess);, the right kind of meu the main object. A note left at the. Wright House, Nassau street, near Fnlion, directed to "Retreat," will be attended to. jl 2t*rc WANTLD? A young man 17 vears of a;te, wishes lo learn the machiniat's or brass rounder's trade?is of stesdy hahits, and would be attentive to his business and the interest of his employer. Has a fair English education, and caugive the bejt of city refereucea. Address L. S. D., at the office of this paper. 2t*rc IO. OF O. F.-HANCOCK LODGE, No. 49,-The ? Members of Hsucock Lodze are requested to be punctusl in their attendance, on t!.ia, Wednesday evening, June 4ih, rs business of importance will be brought befor' them. By order of WALTER VAN DERZEE, N. O. HENRY AKED, Secretary. j4 lt'rc isUal, PROM the deck of the Steamer Great Western, on Sunday, the 1st instant, two Carpet Bags, containing a few old coins, two pair of boots, and some clothing. On the largest bag is the initials J. P ?the smallest was cloaed by a brass pad-lock. A liberal reward will be paid to any person who may have found the said carpet bags, and will lei?ve them with their contents, at the oflS'.e of the subscriber, No. 97 Water street. j4 3c?ec JNO. ALEXANDER. MFIVE DOLLARS REWARD?Lost, from 23d street, third door from 4th avenue, a large Newfound land Dog', black, two white forefeet, bruidle color be ill at 37 John street, up stairs. j4 3t*rh HORSE AND IVAGON FOR SALE. Oue of Parker's best made Wagons, complete in yXSX^erery respect, I -.-tlier top, &c. Also, Harness and ' ' * ' H""' The wagon and liruesnare new, haviug beeu used out two mouths. The Horse, a handsome bright bay, perfectly sound and gentle, a first rate saddle horse, and can go his mile in three minutes. Theowjer's going to Europe is the only reason that he dis poses oftliein. Apply to BONNAFFE & CO., ju4 lw*rc No. 1 HanoTer street. AMERICAN EAGLE HORSE SALE ESTABLISHMENT. *ft Corner Christie and Delancy streets (one block -UEr^east of Bowery). The regular public s*le at this es 1 s ^^..,, W,11 take place on Thursday, Jth in?t., commencing at U o'clock, with Carriages, Harjeja, icc., botli new and second hand; and at 12 o'cleck a catalogue of very su per lor Saddle and Carriage Horses, suitable forT.'inily use; to Sther with a number of good Draught Horses and Road Nags, entleinen in want of good horses are invited to call aiid exa mine tlk* !(i?at variety at private sale at this establishment; also a large rssuriment of new and second hand Carriages, Harness, fcc; JOHN WILLIAMS, Proprielor. ror sale cheap to close a concern, a second hand Carriage. To a Hackney Coachman in wont ofa Coach, this is a d-sirsble baignin. If not sold at private Hale, will be offered at auction on Thursday, II o'clock. j<M lt*ec FOR SALE?A property situated in the Village of orth OrtMige, Esses county, N J., within 20 minutes of ewark, N.J., and one hour of New York City?Rail road communication. The premises consist of a new two story double house, with a finished basement, a cistern, a well of excellent water, a stable, a garden of nearly an acre, well stocked with fniit, together with other convenience! suitable for the accommodation ofa family. Application fnay be made to John Whitehead, Eaq. Attorney and Solicitor, Newark,N.J. or to S Simsou, on the premises, corner William and Hillyer streets. jn4 lw*rrc m LEASEHOLD PROPKRTV FOR SALK, consist ing of the premises Noe. Itt9 and 193 Twentieth street, N.Y. Upon the former lot are a frame dwelling bouse in tne rear, and in front a substantial briek dwelling house, built last year. Upon the latter lot a frame dwelling in the rear, and in front a brick buildiug used a shop. The property is in good repair, and forms a p.olttable investment. Apply to James Ca meron, 349 Hudson street. jut tw'nc IP OR SALi.?K or oue half the value, one of the oldest fie Bakeries in the city, with three teams, and all the fixtures belonging to it, now doing a cssh busisess averaging from forty to fifty dollars p^r day. Address a note to M. N., leaving it at this office, stating where au interview can be had, and it will meet with attention. j4 3t*ec tllRST MATCH OF THK ANGOLA AMERICAN SHOOTING CLUB for this season, will come off on Thursday next, at Fort Green. between 1 and 2 o'clock, a match lor $200 a side. Further particulars eon he knowu by eu<|uiriug at the Sportamans' Hall, 293 Adam street, Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Tuyaday, June 3, IB4S. jt 2t*rc TUITION. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a graduate of the University of Paris, is desirous of fludisig in some school or private fa mily, a situation aa instructor?through the means of the English, which he speaks fluently, or of the French and German languages, e.iually his own. in any of the different brandies ol athorugh and liberal education, and also drawing and painting ol either landscapes, heads or flowers. The best references can be had, and hia name and residence known, by applying to the Rev. A. .Verrau, Rector of the French Protestant Church of this city, No. 99 Franklin street. iu4 lm'rc NEW ARRANGEMENTS RABINEAU'S DESBROSSKS STREET UATIIS TO THK LADIKS?The Large Swimming Bath, formerly located at the Ba tery, north side of Came Garden bridge, is now open at the foot of Desbrosscs street, N. R. This exten sive bathing establishment, the largest in the United States, comprising both Hot and Cold Shower and Swimming Salt water Baths, has, during the past season, been improved, much to the convenience and comfort of viaitors. The Ladies will, in addition to their larga Plunge Bath,( which is niien every dsj in the week, for their accommodation,) have the use of the Large Centre Swimming Haiti on Mondays and Fridays, until 4 o'clock P. M. This arrangement will afford them more room Ihr the healthful exerciae of swimming, than any other hereto fore offered, and at half the usual charge. Ladies' Season Tickets, for Mondays and Fridaya only, until 4 P. M., half-price. 7 A Band of Music is engaged to play every pleasant evening. ju4 lwis'rc PRIMITIVE PHVS1C, OR TMB COLD WATER CURE. MYSTERY, Mischief ai)d Misery neutraliisd, by Hydro pathy, being a popular view of the system as practised b) Vincent Prinsnit*, of Oreefeii berth, a sale, natural "id tried remedy for disorders incidental tnfhe loim i i frame. Her* art Kifrauds, no quackeries, no uostruini to allure and miste.d.bui i simple natural, curative, within the reach and under standing of all. Header, tail not to study and to this glorious dis covery, which God and Nature have sent for jrour preservation. in it you will And a treasure, like the Scholar or Salamanca, profit Mingled with pleasure. New York, published and sold ?? 157 Grand street, anil may be had of the booksellers?price 6k ceata. my!7 lm'rc T1 A GRAND REGATTA! THE Plauara Boats But* Claus, Kip Van Wiiklt, Win Croliua and Sir Henry, all builc by Mr. (Jrolius of this city will uukt- an excursion on Friday afternoon, June >tb, startup at 2 o'clock, from liter erst aide of Catharine market, to tail around Fort Diamond and back, the boat first returning to he pre tented with a suit of Silk Colors. j4 tt*?c GALVANIC RINGS. HE Galvanic Electric Magnetic King ia a new article, high ly esteemed in Europe for it* peculiar efficacy iu removing ail rheumatic aud nervous affection, tic dolorous,.gout, head ache, palpitation of the heart, and all complaints arising from ? morbid state of the system. It is perfectly harmleaa, and may be uaed in all caaea with the greah'it aalety. Iu efficacy ia in disputable, it never being known to fail iu accomplishing the desired purpose. It has received the approbation of the medical profession. who have pronounced it to be tlm moat important ol scientific inventions. The charge is so low as to be within the reach of all. The grexl influence it exerts on the nervous sys tem is truly astonishing, and inuat be witnessed to be believed. For sale buly by A. C. HALLOCK fc CO., Druggists and Apothecaries, d *> ... tm 149 Fulton street, near Broidway. N. a.?Wo Fluid is required with the above. j4 ll*rc THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND CH1ST1K3' MAGNETIC FLUID. AN ADVERTISEMENT will be found ou the outside, iu relation to this uew and extraordinary discovery in medical science. The object in relerinu to it is to warn the public against sourious imitations, which are eutirely devoid of a gal vanic influence, and consequently without any beneficial effect. The MAGNETIC FLUID is always iu connection with the GALVANIC RINGS to promote their more effective action, and to direct the galvanic curient to the particular portions which are affected. The only Agency at preseut iu the United States, ia at . 17" 134 FULTON STREETl a few door* from Broadway, in this city. Dr. Cristie intends establishing one autno.ized Agency iu every city iu the Union, and all imitatious of his disa overy sold elsew here, will be worthless and of no ef fect. Due notice will immediately be given in this paper of the respective Ageucies which are now being established. J4 ttis'ec PATENT AWNING. THE SUBSCRIBER havi.ig patented an important im* provement iu Awninys, has left the model for public inspection in the Park, lrout of the City Hall, where it can be seen all this day aud Thursday, aud at the Merchants' Exchange between 9 A. M. and J P. M. By this improvement, awnings 24 or 26 feet long, can be taken dowu and put up in from 25 to 30 seconds. Persons desirous of putting up such an Awn iug in any public place, would do well to aee the subscriber, who will promptly attend. It has been exhibited ui Philadelphia, where it gave universal satisfaction. j4 2t*ec JOHN SEBO. TO JOURNEYMEN BARBERS. WANTED?At Ridgway's European Hair Cutting and Dressing 8aioou, 25 Wall street, opposite the Custom House, a first rate workmanimmediately. One who understands the wig business preferred. j3 3t*rc WANTED?Two Teachers, one well qualified to instruct youths in the principles of the Mosaic religion; the other to leach the English branches. Apply, in writing, to EML. STERN, 215 Division street, or to 13 3t rh PH. LICHrENBERG, 74 Essex street. TO AGENTS GOING WEST OR SOUTH. AN opportunity presents itself to Ageuts going West or South, to sell a work of established reputation. A liberal allowance will be made. Noone need apply who is not prepared to deposit half of the value of the property entrusted to them.? Apply at the Legal Observer Office, 41 Ann it. ju3 3tis*rc TwWhUNDRED ANI) FIFTY~DOLLARS REWARD. THE UNDERSIGNED, Proprietors of the Empire Line of Omnibuses, will pay the above reward to any person or per sons who inav cause the spprehensiou and convictiou of the in ceudiary who set fire to their Stables, in 18th street, between the 6th and 7th avenues, on the morning of June 1st. 1815. j3 3t"je PALMER it PETERS. PONY AND HARNESS FOR SALE. A BAY PONY, five years old, 10W hand* high, warranted perfectly sound and gentle in harness orun ' ' '\ .l..r the saddla. Enquire at Hawk's Livery Stable, in Murray street near Broadway. j3 3teod*rc /~l ON SIGN EES by the shijToNEIDAT from Harre, will please send their permits on board, at Pier No. 4 N. R. All goods not permitted by the 7th instant, will be sent to the public store. j3rc DR. ELLIOTT, OCULIST, ITAS REMOVED his Office to 683 Broadway, corner of XI Amity street. His hours of attendance at the office are from 10 to 4 o'clock, ou Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. j3 itis're COAL?100 ton* lint quality Pembe.'tou Coal, afloat and for sale by W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, j3rc South street, corner Maiden Lane. JUST PUBLISHED?At the Head quarters of the United v States Publishing Establishment, 293 Broadway, a new novel, entitled RED RUPERT! THE AMERICAN BUCANN1ER; A Tale of The Spanish Indies. By Lieutenant Murray. For sale at all the Periodical Depots Price 12^ cents. C. MERR1FIELD, ju3 3teod*rc Publisher. THE INVISIBLE WIG CO closely resembles the real head of hair that sceptic* and O connoisseurs have pronounced it the most |ierfect and extra ordinary invention of the day. The great advantages of this no vtl and unique wig la its being made without sewing or weaving which causes its appearances so closely to resemble the natura] hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as to defy detec tion, its texture beiuy so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all cases of perspiration evaporation is unimpeded and the great evils of oth'r wigs entirely avoided. The sceptic and connois seur are alike invited to lusiwct this novel aud beautiful Wig, and the peculiar method of fitting the head,at the manufacturer^, A. C. BARRY, 140 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, up stairs. ju3 lm'ec HEMP 15 tons clean water rotted Hemp?for sale by E. K. COLLINS It CO., j3rc 56 South street. MUSIC. A LADY, under pecuniary circumstances, wishes to devote her time to the instruction of young ladies in Music, on moderate terms. A note addressed to H7M., at the office of this paper, will be attended to. ju3 lw*rc AMATEURS Of MUSIC, ATTENTION. FOR SALE?A splendid Spanish Guitar, an unusual rich and loud toned instrument. Also, nu excellent eight-keyed coco-wood Flnte, both of which will be disposed of cheap. Enquire of C. H Remmv, Engraver, corner of Chatham Square and Doyer street, up stairs, entrance in Doyer street. j2 3t*m GRAND DAHLIA SALE. , THERE will be a grand sale of 800 Double Dahlias at kThorbnrn's Saloon, 15 John street, on Wednesday, Jane .4th, at 12 o'clock. They will be sold in baskets contain ing 8 plants each, every one of which is warranted beautiful,and all raised at the gardeu at Astoria. Now is the proper season for planting out. Also, 20 baskets, each containing 8 handsome Garden Flower iug Vines, among which are the lpomea Learii, a splendid run ner, floweriug profusely all summer; MaurandiaBarclsyana, (kc. Catalogues ready on Monday alternoon, aud the plants on view from Tuesday morning till time of sale. JAB. M. THORBNRN fc CO., 15 John street. J. B. Glover, Auctionher. j2 3t*ec NEW EMBROIDERIES. PETER ROBERTS res|>ectfully calls the attention of hi* friends and the public to some splendid goods of the above description, received by ivcent arrivals, which, being imported direct from the European manufactories, will be sola at a filling advance on the original coat. He would also call atten tion toseveml lots purchased at auction, at an immense sacrifice, which will be found well deserving an early inipection. The following are very desirable, being 25 per cent under the usual retail prices? High-neck Chemisette, richly embroidered, from Us to 83,50 worth $2.25 to $5 50. 500 Embroidered Collars, finished edges, for 8s., usual price 10s fid. 150 Embroidered Capes, at $3, usual price $5. 50 do do very rich, from $6 to ?10. 200 prs Embroidered Under Sleeves, from 4s to $3,50. 1 case Embroidered Dresses, from $3 upwards. 500 doz Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, from Cd. 50 do do extra large size, for gentlemen's use. 15 do do hemstich do. from 3s 6d. 30 do do Rivierd borders. A choice assortment of rich embroidered Handkerchiefs, which are offered unusually cheap. 5 cases of various styles of Swiss and French Muslius, in stripes, plaids, figures lie.. &c. A lot uew Musliu Trimmings, Laces, Veils, Hosiery,Gloves, Sic., lie., all of which will be sold decided bargains. my31 Im?rc No. 373 BROADWAr. GUANO?Recency arrived dircct from Ichnboe, per Shxk spnare. The various experiments made from this cergo lias proved its quality equal, if not superior to any other Ouauo. (treat cere Ins been taken to put it in tight casks, that tt may be kept nny time without losing the ammonia. For sale, it lota to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS It CO. jel ec M South st. BLACK OXIDE OF MANGANESE. in LBS. Ormnd, of very superior quality, just re 1U.UUU ceived and lor sale by PERSSE It BROOK8, mMec No. S5 ami 61 Nassan street. SHIP ST. NICOLAS?If the wind should be favorable will sail to-dav. Passengers are requested to be oil board the steamboat Hercules, at Whitehall, at 12 o'clock?Jane 2d. jgrc WASHINGTON COTTAGE. MTO LET?The above commodious summer residedce, situste in Clarkstown, Uockland County, about 9 mile* from Piermont, and 2!) miles from New York. To the latu-r city there is the facility of travelling twice a day, per the New York and Erie Railroad. The House consists of a draw jut-room, dining-room, six bed-rooms, a kitchen, with the ad vantage ofnsving pure water laid on therein, a cellar adjoining, excellent stabling, together with ten acres of fertile laud (if ureded) which aaiont* the premises. Tlie house was built in the gothic style, by the celebrated self-taught artist, MR. JAMES TIIO.M, whon? " Torn O'ShaiUrr and Souter Johnny," l'?ve immortalized him. The locality was selected with that taste |<eculiar to the architect?it is in the midst of the most pic turesque scenery, wood, water, Sic. The justly celebrated Rockland Lske?the moat splendid sheet of water in the coun try?is in the immediate vicinity; and in front of the house, Mr. Thom has added, to this already romantic spot, an acquisition dear to every American, a statue, from his own chisel, of the Immorl al Wash ingf on. 0~For further particulars apply at 506 Hudson street. j3 5t*ec BLUE LICK SPRINGS, KENTUCKY. THE PROPRIETORS of this well-known watering- place, Mke pleasure in informing the public, that their establish ment will be i)|>enedfor the reception and accommodation of vi sitors ou the 10th June proximo. Invalids accommodrted at any season of the year. This watering-place being situated on the turnpike road leading from Mayaville to Lexington, about equi distant from each, makes it more scceptable than any other i i ihe weat. Public and private couvayancea can be procured at all times; at either point, lor the accommodation of visitors.

T. It L. P. HOLLADAY, Proprietors. Bhu /Ark Wafer. The enviable reputation of this Watar has induced persons, st various points, to attempt to sell water from other springs re presenting it as Blue Lick Water. To prevent this imposition, as far as possible, every barrel that is shipped from our springs has the brand "Holladay's Blue Lick Water." j3 3trc . T. k L. P. H. BOARDING. f\NE or two gentlemen can be accommodated with board in V/ a respectable private family, on moderate terms, where (here are no other boarders taken, in an airy healrhy situation, within two minutes walk of 'he rail oars or omnibuses. Can also have the lienefit ofhot and cold baths. A note addressed to X. Y.Z., st the office of this paper, will be punctually attended to- jui lw*re LECTURES ON ANIMAL AND MEDICAL MAG NETISM. DR. STRONG would announce to the puhlie thathe will give a Course of Lectures upon the science of Magnetism at the two following places, viz on every Tuesday evening, commencing May 27th, at the Fra.iklin Hall, Chatham square ; every Friday evening atflt. Luke's Bnildings, corner of Hud sou and t trot e. The object of these Lectures are to elicit truth, and place the science upon grounds rtwit will be out of reach of rhe charlatans who so numerously thrust themselves before us, claiming attention to?heir feats of false powers and deception. Various experiments will be tried in the course of these Lec ture i In applying Electricity indifferent form* lo the mignrt ized subject. Lectures will commence precisely at I o'clock. Admittance 1IH cents. jal Iw*? ?_ Dressing mid Bedroom Bureaus, card work tJ? j ' rh?!e,'?6 Y"drob" *nd Webowda, 4 readme aiulvol'tailf mahS' /*l0?*,,y a"d ""I'1" tuPe?cloird Wa.lutjfd.-i iir tr 4 ?*h<*?ny trench iWd.u-.u Tco'uch^ Imm j;? f ?tteilt;?" of Housekeeper. end other*. ^ ^er the above, iu the Ann etreet ?tore the *n nr,,.. ! r Bursaoa, Engraving., .plendtd Wilton s;a^?r0r.,?vs3: kTsk^,^: iwice of j Kherson insurancec^T THIS com/as^ccn'iZ1,l fcSr P'^: teE^w Frtcii'VISUi"J' Tl?m? Mo??!!, Jnhn / m52.".' Kukeiw Burnt, . Merritt, Robert Smith. U>:or?K T. Hop.. Jr"?,1AS W THORNK, tn"^ \ twa^ssgs SfflF ?s ^of DELAyCRft/Xk thia aaid day tfwl ?k ?iC watch??. """d that from s~?"uf,cture" A. Pehthm-H Maim. No W Fulton '^N .Y. THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK. po";.wa^x.?,.r"" "'-1 ??"'a'l,>yAw?r .J**"*" m"ermS'ecU,1CU"e,,t"0ner b??*ht an<l "chuied.' * XTOTH k- t?A?* f UK SAVINGS. N^^T^n,ut?u?o i, now remTed toJVo W LOAN Of V4W,000 FOR THE STATE?" ' TREASURY. "hi Treaa u n u nruT IS of that Say, fqr.L'o^ the Co,,u.trolK^.COffice &?,"?' K^f'," ???>?' annam.' Payable >emi-annnally on the firtt day of York JtX ^ of the bid^rc?ml'anylu thb c"y ?^new *n v nT ?{>iorn1'''V"?ki*;r* beat liberty to decline the offer., or to tte te.ll tesC ,UCh ?pioion are f"?rake u?id"?,'i.vlr?f5XS'mi" "?? ""?"?wiS 'tear' 1HV ? w K? ^onky lent. ? nfs Subscriber has removed to 433 Pearl, corner of Km. j.v w,jj^re he coutinues to loan money on any amount on _ _ Licen?ed Pawnbroker, sffjssrrtd>Aeo^^:^ 7~~ MONEY TO T.KN|i ' A iSJBi^mr''ilCK80N| p*win Brokrr' ? Reade strcet, J5S5 dgcSfc^"*"*"' ?n-*1 ?i "sftsft*' ST. DOMINGO COFFEE AND HA VAN A SEOARS. ^ CLAPHAM, 79 Pearl street, offer for sale lM^Il^w f|r,"ie^!fnu8t- Doml"S? Coffee. 150 mille well .elected Havana Segar., of the moat annrnvxl fct Z " Regali"' WoodviCfemall RTJiaSf?^ - . ? - j2 3tis*ec ? ", ,, r:orK: A line with real name, addressed to " Vil laf e, and left at the office of thi. paper, (fierald,).tatins where Sited. m*y *'U ke ,tteo^ed 10 ""f the plan, eihi jel lw*m TO THE PUBLIC. I N?Io'dUANE 8TRK KT^*' DocJ?rjOfSEPH HEINE, LOM^AvWsONJ4-^'BoXS^r" DOt AB8A" je 1 2m*er 8^OMON HEINE. M. D. je 11m ec No. 57 Reade street, Siew YoA. . removal. M MEDICATED VAPOUR AND 8UL mVESoTB^O^' %nBtT7,fcl iS w.?SuU 9 ?'clock *lui,ht- Z"1*"" Bath* rp vAH.m:?_LKE?,OVAL of warerooms I MMwtt'/1 opposite Washington HaU. 'moved his ware I would call their Tf? f "Te a.0u.0," ,c"011. H"P he haajnit ?' if' *. *a COtl.tartly receiving the most Uattrrinr tutimnni da from the firit mn.iritl r,l~.? .t*'"10* .teatimoui room. to the above commodiu. wmfaJl" apecial attention to a new, umque, and beautiful .ne"cimei'*oi grand6>. octave doable actionHarj) lie haa ju.t completed J. F. B. u con.tantly receiving the moat it musical talent, regarding 'Of tone, touch, and i>erfect jd.the pranklm medil of the nia improvementa in thi. very String.. Mo.ic, lu. J. I1. BROWNE, London, ItlBroadway, and 71 Chamber, .treet, New Yerk. ^ i tone, touch, and perfect finish of H>a Hama ?vnfhaj:ccerivcudthe Krinklin ?*d7of?e ^iladelphute: me?nt-AHde,i?h^1 mvl7 lm.l?rw*?. *"u ',^namDer?.treet, New York. datW*rc _ E.tabli.hed 181*. ? THE bceum FEUTE PHILLIP ERNST, Teacl^ofthe Hatetd OuiUr, wo.ld the ab^e?^Jh? ?f Mu,ic> ^ haa ?ow for aale one oi ehnnr. M.j.fchS! jEOlJAN harps. XTUNNS Ik CLARK having purchased the patent right for "Coleman's jEolian Attachment to the Pianoforte," for the entire United States, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern made horizontal Piauofortes. In retard to the durability of this invention, N. It C. are prepared to satisfy the most pre judiced mind, their own critical examination and experience warrant them in the assertion, that the ".Eoliau" will remain in tune in any climate, and it will not be affected by transitions of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is given with each instrument. The public an invited to examine the "jEolian Pianofortes" at their ware-room. No. MO Broadway, opposite the Park, where also may be found an assortment of 6, 6X and 7 Octave Piauofortes, both in rosewood and mahogany cases. m26 6m*rc MUSIC. MDUM8DAY. Professor of Ouitar, Singing at Sight. Ac ? cordeuu, Violin, continues to teach ladies and gen tinmen of New York (at tneir residence) the above Instruments, kc., in a very short time, by his new Analysing and luductive System. Terms moderate. An improved Accordeon for sale. Oood city referenda given ou application at No. 55 Chrystie street, above Wnlker. aS31in*rc ~~ NEW MUSIC. F RILEY k CO., 297 Broadway, publish and keep o.i hand ? an extensive assortment of New and Fashionable Music, which they offer for sale at wholesale and retail at the lowest possible prices. They manufacture Instruments of superior qua lity?wsrrnnt ef*ry article tl?ey sell, being practically acquaint ed with the different branches of their business. Military Bands supplied at the most reasonable rates. my22 lm'rrc r?io BOATMEN, AND OTHERS.?Paving Stone of tirs I rate quality, wanted ??^{fc^,&ROAT, No 11 Nnrfr.l* it'*#: HEALTH AND STRENGTH. DR. S. O. RICHARDSON'S CONCENTRATED SHERRY WINE BITTERS. THE PROPRIETOR of this Medicine offers to the public the result of an extensive practice and a thorough inves tigation of the laws which govern a human system. It fess to cure It is a well known fact that most diseases arise from a de rangement of the Stomach and Bowels in youthful, sdult and de clining life. ? "The stomach cram'd with every dish, A tomb of roast, and boiled, and flesh, end fish; Where bile, and wiud, and phlegm, and acid jar, An. I all tlw in an is one intestine war." The extensive sympathies which exist between these and every otlier part nfllie living body, is the foundation of nervous dis uiraui, jiunuicr, )'iirsf tr?rr?, luiiainiiwiui? imuiviii vvh|i?| and a host of diseases, which embitter liie ana poison all sources of f.ijovment. The distinguished character of these Bitters is most sinkings their operation being more or less powerful, according to the vio lence of the disease. When used in appropriate quantity in case; of slight derangement of the stomach and bowels, caused by costiveuess or a slight bilious difficulty and the like, where nn ture needs assistance to prevent mors serious conseopences, they will be scarcely felt. On the contrary, in ohstinst* case*, they frequently operate more powerfully, causing two or thrxe evacu ations daily, until the circulation fluid becomes purified. This accomplished, they set uikmi the system in connexion without food, each receiving mutual assistance, until the constitution is restored to a state of health and renewed vigor. Sold wholesale and retail by A. B. k D. BANDS, Agents, No. 79 Fulton street, >73 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway. a!3 Im'm COLT'S PATENT REPEATING FIREARMS, WITH THE LATEST IMPROVEMENT OF IM4. THE DEPOT for the sale of the Colt's Pistols, Kifles, Car bines and Fowling Pieces, has been removed from No. 171 Broadway to No. 2 Barclay at., near Broadway, under tlie Aster House, where a general assortment of these superior File-Anns is kept for sale at reduced prices. They also csn be had at W. H. Horstmann k Cos, Maiden lane, Mulford k Wendall, Broadway. Albany, Lyman P. Know lea: Delhi, Delaware ce., N. Y\, Hydi* k Goodrich, and H. E. Baldwin k Co., New Or leans, at New York pricea. Pistols at from SIC to $tteach, in a ca with equipments. Great impositions arr practised upon the pulilic in representing and selling the self-cocklfig and revolving six barrel Pistol for Colt's repeating Pistol, which is acknow ledged to be superior in every respect to any other Pistol manu factured in this country or Europe. The Emperor of Russia, theKmperor of Austria, the King of Prussia, Prince de Joinville of France, the Imaumof Muacat, all have them and apeak in the highest terms of them. T<4e Texan Army and Nary are tup plied with them, and the U. 8. Navy has been supplied with th>m to some extent, and the officers have given the moat favorable re port on ? -oil's repeating fire-arms. aWlm*ee PRINTING PAPER. 400 REAMS?x?PRINTING PAPER. JOt do Mitt do. 70* do IBxfT do. do MxM 400 ds Mil do. ino do 20XJ0 do 7M do MxM do, I'cr sal* by m>? rh PER8SE k BROOKS, 16 and ?f Ntaami st. AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATRE. WEDNESDAY EV'NG.Junet. will b? wrfurnwl theCome dy of TIME WOKKS WONDKRS-Goldthumb, Mr Pla cide; Florentine, Mri Abbott. Miss Julia Turubull ami Mum Martin will appear in La Polka Piu Seul by Misa St Clair. To conclude witli i he DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM?Mr Dul cimer Pipes, Mr Placidr. First Tier, 7} Centa?Muxes, Id and 3d Tien, 9t Cents? Pit, SI Cmi?GaSary, a Centa. Doom open it 7 o'clock, and the Curtain will rise precisely al half-past 7 o'clock. BIIBLO'8 GARDEN. WILL RE- OPEN ON Wednesday Evening, Jane 1th, With a gorgeous Fairy Spectacle, in the production of which no expense haa been spared, culled the SEVEN CASTLES OF THE PASSIONS. Scenery by Mmri. Hillyard, Uherwood, and (train. Miss M. Taylor, Miss H. Matthews, Miaa Partington and Celeste; Mrs. Watts, Messrs. T.Plaeide, (iallaglier, Nickinson, *?., ate. will appear in it. Mr. John Sefton, Mr. Davenport and Mr. Anderton will itlao appear on the same evening. , SPLENDID FIREWORKS. At 9 o'clock, MR. EDGE will give a Display of the moat Brilliant Fireworks. Many of the colora ara entirely uew, and known only to this artist. [C7"Aii efficient Police will alwcya be in attendance to main tain good order and keep all improper persona out. @CJh Tickets Fifty Centi -Cfl A limited number of Seaaou T'ckets w'll be dispased of. m31rc PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. ETHEOPIAN SERENADERS. 5^In consequence of the illness of Mr. Germon, one oftlie priucipal performers, the eutertainmenta by the Ethiopians, at Palmo's, are unavoidably suspended for the present. Due notice will lie given of rheir re-opening. VAUXHAU GARDEN SALOON. P. DE LA REE... MANAGER. Wednesday Evening, June the 4th, CHASTE AND ELEGANT PERFORMANCES IN THE GRAND SALOON. An Entire Change of Performance each Evening. The following lauies and gentlemen will hafi the honor of iladm'selle Pauline de La Grand, the graceful*!) an sense, from the Paris Theatres. Miss A. Homer, the graceful Danauese. Miaa H. Roberts, a charming Dauseuse. Mr. J Rvall, the well-known Comic Dancer. Mr. W. J. Hamilton, the favorite Ballad Singer. Mr. D. Gardiner, the humorous Comic Singer. Also, the Celebrated Band of ETHEOPIAN OPER.iTlC BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Known aa DAN GARDNER, the celebrated Negro Wench; SAM JOHNSON, that old rough Nigger; C. WHITE, J. MVER8, 8. COLE and MASTER BRYANT, forming to gether the best band of Etheopians in the world, each playuig an instrument, from the Banjo to the Bones. ? O3"For particulars see amall bills. Admission 25 Cents.-CQ ITT" No postponement on account of weather. Doors o|>en at 7>? o'clock. Performance commence at 8,4 o'clock. An efficient Police in attendance, under the direction of officer Ilastin. jl lw*rc CASTLE 6AROKA. Proprietora Messrs. French and Heiaer. An Entire Change of Entertainments. CONCERTS A LAMUSARD. Admission 25 Cents. Wednesday Evening, Jane 4th, The eutertainmenta will commeuce with a Grand Operatic Overture. Grotesque Pas Chinois Mr T C Parsloe. A Concert and Promenade by the whole Orchestra. Mademoiselle Deuanlines will dance La Smolenska. To conclude with Herr Cline on the Tight Rope [?7* Between tlie Entertainments an intenniaaiou of Ten Minutes for Promenade and Refreahmenta. O" Doors open at half-past 6 o'clock. Performance to com mence at (o'clock. BURTON'S THEATRE. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. WEDNESDAY, June 4, 1845?Will be performed, for the 1st time this season, PAUL PRY?Paul Fry. Mr Burton; Col. Hardy, Mr Thayer; Withertou, Johnson; Phoebe, Mrs W H Smith; Eliza. Mi*s Kirby. _ To conclude with the Farce of the RACE COURSE Flat Horker, Mr Geo Barrett; Aaron, Mr Burtou; Mrs Culpepper, Mrs Hughes. CHESNUT STREET THEATRE. Fry's Grand Opera of LEONORA. Messrs. Pratt & Wemyss announce to the citizens of Philadel phia, that thia Grand Lyr?c Opera, the first work of the kind ever written in America, will be produced On WEDNESDAY EVENING, June 4th, 1815. Mrs. Seguin, Mr. Krarer and Mr. Sequin have been engaged?and arrangements have been made with upwards of one hundred vocal and instrumental performers. As this Opera, in every department, will be placed before the public on a more splendid scale of stage illustration than any thing heretofore attempted in America. The prices of ad mission will be, Boxes 75 cenM ; Pit SO cents. O*" Bo* book is now open. jel Jt'jbz FIREWORKS. CRACKERS, &C. FOURTH OF JULY, 1845. f*OUNTRY and City Dealera in Fireworks, will find it to vy their advantage to call and examine an extensive assortment of the best quality, at R. AYLIFF'S old establishment, 76 Chatham street. A large quantity of Fire Crackers just received. Remember the sign oltheTwo Mammoth Sky Rockets. Mind, we have remov? J from 86 to 76 Chatham. jeilm*rc FOURTH OF JULY, 1845. FIREWORKS FOR THE PEOPLE. THE subscriber ofTers for sale a complete assortment of py rotechnic articles, manufactured exclusively for hi* own tales, by the best maker in the country. Cities o. towns, public or private exhibitions, supplied at the .lowest prices, ana the quality warranted. Wholesale buyers of small fireworks will find their advan tage in giving a call. Prices as low as a good article can be af forded. and the best article warranted to be the cheapest. Chinese Firecrackers and Fireworks at a reduction of 50 to 60 per ceut from laat season prices. J. W. HOLBERTON, 75 Maiden lane. m31 tjyl *m below William street. FIRE WORKS! FIRE WORKS.'! MR. EDGE respectfully informs the public that hit ar rangements this season are on the most extensive soale ever attempted in this country. He is now fully prepared to furnish Cities, Towns, Public Gardens, Theatres, Parties Su.\, with pyrotechnic displays, varying in price from $20 to $5000, comprising the most urilliant and variegated fires and appropri ate designs. Mr. E. will also add to his display this season riur entire new colors, never before exhibited t? the public?ACar miue, Royal Purple, Maroon and Mazarine Blue, unknown to any other Pyrotechnist. N. B.?No agents. ISAAC EDGE, Jr., Pyrotechnist. my20 lm'ec Jersey City. FIRE WORKS?FOURTH OF JULY! NKW YORK LABORATORY. BENNETT, 196 Front street, two doori south of Ful S '?n- The most extensive and brilliant assortment of fireworks are now offered at the above place, consisting ol Houary and Signal Rockets, with fold and silver Ram, Sons, fans, Palm Trees, Pyramids, Peruvian Crosses, Octagons, Tri angles, Verticles, Mines of Serpents and Stirs, Maroons, Ben gola Light, Roman Candles, Serpents, Pin Wheels, Grasshop pers, Port Fires, Blue Lights. Scroll Wheels. Torhillions Line Pigeons, Torivdoes, Palling Crackers, Double Headers, Fire Crackers, Canton Rockets, tic., Icc. Country merchants and dealers in general are requested to call and examine the above stock. N. B. Committees for city and country displaya, military and piivate parties, con be supplied on the most liberal terms with tlie above mentioned erticles warranted?the materials having been selected with the utmost care. Im m27'rk NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. .Mft ** FOR ALB AN Y AND TROY DIRECT. ?*TTS -i J* ?The steamboat EMPIRE, Ciyuain R B. XJCZ. Macy. will leave tlie foot of Courtl&ndt street, on THURSDAY EVENING. at 7 o'clock. The Empire, owing to lierlight draught of water, will beena bledat all times to passthe bar, and leach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cars goinv east or west. For Pasaage or Freight apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at th? office on the wharf. jut re FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail lOtli instant?The elegant and very fast sailing packet ship SHAKS iPEARE, Caiit Cornell, having most of her cargo rn T on board, will sail as above. 'or freight or imssage, having elegant packet accommoda tions, apply ou board,at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to j4ec K. K. COLLINS <1 CO., V South st. FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail on the I4th instant? The splendid, new, fast sailing ship SUSAN C. HOWlLL, Captain Bailey, will be despatched as aoove. For iMusage, having superior cabin accommodations, apply to JOHN HERDMAN, j4rc #1 South s.reet. FOR GLASGOW-Regj|ar Pccket.-The last MH^uilini British Barque ADAM CAJIR. Sco t, mas JBpBlB>er, JiO tons, will meet with quick despatch. For balance of freight, or passage, having excellent accom modations. apply to captain ou board, at foot of Dover st, p.- to WOODHULL k M-NTURNS, 17 8 w.hstreet The regular packet bark ANN HARLEY, will si*cc.>ed the Adam Carr. jel FOR LIVERPOOL?The New L^ne-Regi-lar Packet 21stJune?The superior fast sailing Packet ship JHiBbROCHbSTKR, tOO tons burthen, John Britton, mas terv will sail as above, her regularday. t or freight or passage, having excellent and superior accom modations, apply to tlie Captain on hoard, or to WOODHULL k MINTURNS,?7 South street. Price of Passage $100. The Packet Ship Hottinguer, 1050 tons, Capt J. Brrs'ey, W# succeed the Rochester, and sail on Iter regular day, 21xt Jj'v. je< _ FOR NKW ORLF.ANS?Louisiana and New York Line?Positively Firt Regular Packet, to sa l on fcMonday, the 9th inst?The elegant, faat saih'i* Packet IP ST. MARY, Cant. Footer, will |>ositively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or p>aaag?, having handsome farr:abed accommo dations, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, foot of Wa'l St., or to ^ L K. COLLINS It CO., M Sooth st. Positively uo goods received on board after Saturday evening, Agent in N?w Orleans Mr. JAMF.8 E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all ir.ods to his addiess jtec NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE UNDKRSIGNED, Patentees and Manafactbrers ^^Djofthe Neapolitan Bornets, respectfully inform the tnde that they are now tevdy to supply the above article of the litest style and of soper.or qu.i'ity, in quautitiea to suit pa. chasers. They wsmnt that they can alter and elean the Bonnets to appear eqoal to new. Bayers are cautioned against an inferior article of the kind in the market. The genuine article, lor which we received the sil ver medal at the laat fair of the American Institute, has oar tick et upon it. Apply to V Y8K It SONS, 171 Pearl street, or at tlie nuuiafaetary ol PATTISON, NOK It CO., my4 Imia "ec No 2i De1 nicy street. IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. " GALVANIC RINGS," IMPORTED and for sale by Mark Levy k Brother, 49 Maiden Lane. This new article is highly esteemed in Kurojie for its efficacy in all viating the excruciating pains of Tic Doloreux, Rheumatic Affections, roughs. Colds, Asthmas, kc. kc. It is perfectly harmless, and may he applied in all caaea with the areatest safety; its efficacy is undisputed, never being known to fail in accomplishing the pnrpose. It has received the ippro bation of the medical profession, who have pronounced it to be the most im|>ortant modem scientific invention. The charge is so low as to be within the reach of all claaaea. The gre..t inflnence it exerts on the nervous system is rajy astonishing and must be witnessed to be believed. N. B.?No Liquid ia needed with the above. mySl lwis*m REFINED IRON?00 tons best quality O. F. Company's assorted sixes, round and sqaare?for sale by WOODHULL k MlNTURNS, m2trc K7 South street. ANT IRON WATKR PIPES, of different sires, constant ly on hand. Also, American Pig Iron, for sale by . WARRINGTON fc RICHARDS, mv?3 lm'rh 21* Water st. GOLD LEAP. GILDERS, Bookbinders, Sign Painters, Pocket Bool Makers, lappantiers. Druggists. Lamp Makers, Gold Lea Makers, and all consumers of Gold I-est?The best quality am' largest sin Gold Leaf, manufactured in. the Unit?l States o S.urope at the very lowest prices,at J. L. W AUGH S Gold anr. ilver Leaf Factory, No. 92 Read street, near C hurch street m the rear first floor, (not in the basement.) Also, superioi Dentist's Gold Foil, at i* per or., less 'quantity in proportion > L WAUOH Pv ictK* <1 (told U>atrr, my23 2w i s? rh ? Heada ?">?? BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [? orrespoudence of the Herald.J Washington, June 2, 1H45. The War* from Texas regarded favorable?Presi Jmus aifi the Proclamation, in favor of a Conven tion to frame a State Constitution?The PeojUe of Texas and Annexation?The Removal? of Clerks on Saturday?Mr. Simpson, a Cleric in the P. O. Auditor's Office, removed?The reason why?Peter O. Washington'sSystem of Registers?Nand Court Martial. The news from Texas by last evening's mail is re garded here as unexpectedly favorable. The intelli gence that Anson Jones, the President of the Tex an republic, has issued a proclamation recommend ing the election of delegate* to a convention, with out waiting for the action ot the Legislature of Tex as, to meet on the 4th July, and proceed at once to the formation of a new State constitution, is con sidered as good evidence that Mr. Jones has sin cerely repented of his opposition to annexation: and that being fearf ul of the result of the awakened feelings of the Texans, when they learn of the at tempt to sell them to British ana French intrigue and diplomacy, by Mr. Elliott and his accompany ing commissioner, who have been to Vera Cruz and Mexico to make a treaty with the Mexicans, he is desirous to atone lor his share in that discreditable business, by pushing as actively as he possibly can, the compjetion of all the steps requisite tor the com pletion of the annexation of the lone star to the con stellation of the United States. It is thought that this action will most completely and irretrievably defeat the scheming and plotting to defeat annexa tion, as it is giving the matter into the hands of the I>eople themselves, who, with all their feelings and sympathies in favor of the United States roused to their utmost extent, will go ahead with that perfect looseness which will put everything out of sight ex cept the nearest and shortest mode of doing what is required on the part of Texas to be ready to come into the Union next winter. So let it be. The dismissals on Saturday were not nearly so numerous as the reports which said that fifty or sixty clerks had to walk the plank. The total number dismissed, so far as I can learn, is twelve. Four in the office of the Register ot the Treasury, Mr. Gil lett?two in the office of the Commissioner of Pa tents, Mr. Burke?and four in the office of the Post Office Auditor, Mr. Peter G. Washington. One of these latter is a clerk named Simpson, vfho has been in the office, I believe, some fourteen or fifteen years, and is one of the best?if not the very best in vhe office. This gentleman is a whig, but no more of a whig, nor as much, as Peter G. Washington re presented himself to be, when he went round to the whig Senators seeking certificates and recommen dations for promotion from them. The real fact re specting Mr. Simpson's discharge is the fact, that he on one occasion expressed himself to Mr. Whittle sey, the late [vost-omce auditor, in very derogatory terms respecting a new system of Registers forkeep ing accounts, invented by Mr. Peter G., and which were, on his recommendation, introduced into use by Colonel Gardner, the former Auditor, and pro duced so much confusion and irregularity in the of fice, that Colonel Gardner got dismissed on account thereof. Peter G. heard what Mr. Simpson said to Mr. Whittlesey respecting these registers, and has nursed his wrath, and kept it warm until the present occasion offered to give it vent. The Naval Court Martial for the trial of Captain Voorhees, met this morning, pursuant to order, at the Navy Yard. It is composed as follows : President?Commodore Stkwart. Members?Commodore Ridgely, Commodore Cassini, Captain Ucisniger, Commodore Aulick, Commodore Dowm, Commodore Kearney ; Captain McAuley, and Captain Korreit. Judge Advocate?Benj. F. H&llett, of Boston. The court was duly organised, and the requisite oath administered, when, without proceeding with the trial of Captain Voorhees, the court adjourned to meet to-morrow at Coleman's Hotel. Washington, June 2, 1845. Sundry Particulars of Interest, of which a Specifi cation would he a Supererogation. The city is comparatively quiet to-day. The differ ent Secretaries, however, have still a fair propor tion of visiters, especially Mr. Walker. Only half a dozen with the President at one o'clock. Health of his Excellency very good?says he is afraid he shall not have time to enjoy the luxury of thafvisit to Old Point Comfort, assigned him by the newspa pers. Mrs. Polk as pleasant and lady-like as ever?a very agreeable lady, and a very intelligent one, is Mrs. Polk, und you can't help but like her. Some of the ladies think it was cruel that Beau Lawrence was turned out. "If I had a beau Who would always show, Tolitoness to the fadies, high or low, Do you think I'd have him turn'd out 1 Oh ! no ! no !? Of course not?but still the beau bad to go, and what can't be cured must be endured, you know, I Reuu, heyI j Hon.Horace Everett,of Vt.,waited upon the Presi I dent last week. Horace, we believe, was the first mover, in the House of Representatives (?7th Con gress) in favor of the Bankrupt Law, and the first also, who moved for the re|H".il of that same law of private repudiation. Impossible to tell what Horace wants. Can't ceitainly be after an office; and ke would hardly go to the ex|*nse of a mere visit of pol'teness. Perhaps, however, he came to ascertain "who ia James K. Polk?" Secretary Alarcy left this morning on an official visit to New York. He will attend the annual exami nation at West Point, and with this and other duties, may be absent a couple of weeks. Mr. Bancroft, Secretary of the Navy, will discharge his duties as Secretary of War, daring his absence. In my letter of yesterday, (entrusted to a friend passing through, begging pardon of Mr. Cave John | son,) we stated to you the rumor and the excite ment respecting the ejectment of Mr. Peter G. Wasli 1 ington, sixth auditor. We are now infofmed that on Saturday afternoon last, on the report of the dis | charge of Mr. Washington, the local democracy 1 were in such ectacies as to elevate the "star spangled ! banner," to the top of the hickoi7 pole, (upwards of a hundred feet high,) in front of tne Union office.? We are assured, notwithstanding, that Mr. Peter G. will stand fast; but, (and these buts are hard to get over,) but, that he must never again promote a whig over the head of a democrat, as he has, in two in 1 stances recently done, or he must surely die.T The temperance meeting in the street, near the ' l*nit?d States Hotel and Jenkins' refectory, passed I oir very quietly. We had several terrible, (but not j |iersonal, as on the previous Sabbath.) tee-total speeches, with sonirs to till up the intervals ; and the party adjourned, satisfied that they had done their ] dutv ; while one-third of the audience dispersed to look up a julep. Eloquence is harmless against the charms of a julep, in the month of June, and we arc sorry for it. I took a short excursion, yesterday into Prince. Grcorge's, the great tobacco growing county of the State of Maryland. Planters complain of tne bugs, and the worms, and the cold, and the drougth, and say that thev are vary backward with their crops this year. One of said planters told us that they "had a smart frost on Saturday night last, which stained the com right smartly, and bit the kurcum bers short otrto the ground, many of the vines being just ready to spread themselves for a run." Never theless tne planters are busily employed setting out, or pr?|?ariiig to set out,in the first shower,their usual crop of tobacco. Tiiere are some interesting and pretty girls among the homesteads of these tobacco planters of Prince George's. We had a fine time among these hospitable |>eople, and feel quite poeti cal since our return. Hope they'll have a good sea son. Did you evrrsee our worthy Post-master General, Cave Johnsoo, on horseback 1 It is impossible to have a correct idea of the length of his legs, until you see him on a thin-bellied norse. He sits, how ever, as firmly in the saddle as he does in his offi cial chair, in the marble palace, in E. street. More anon. liAstbeU. W. Philadelphia [Correspondence of tho Herald.| Philadelphia, June 3, 184fl. Several of our volunteer corps paraded yesterday for target practice, and tho Newcastle Light Dragoons en tered the city on a >isit, and were received by the first City Troop, ( apt. Dutlor. Tho ranks of the different Companies were fill!; they h?d excellent bands of music, and made quite a brilliant display. Nothing, ? conceive, so completely exhibits the feelings of our people in rela tion to hostilities with any foreign power, as the alactity with w hich they have rushed into the ranks of our volun teers. The legislation of Pennsylvania has been direct ed, it would almost appear, with a view to discourage this arm of our defence, in favor of the wretched tag rag and bobtail militia system, which gives a ludicrous importance to a few badly uniformed ami worse drilled colonels and majors, and yet the ranks of ?ur volunteers are as full, comparatively speaking, a? those ol any oth ei State in the Union. Wo numbered a short time since, #o,000 well nrmed and well drilled men, iind the acces sion to our ranks since the first rumor ot war with Bri tain, from the best portions of our citizens, has been in the city and county of Philadelphia, three brigades alone, about twenty percent. In the first brigade, commanded by <Jen. Cadwallader, we have two excellent regiments of volunteers One is artillery, under < ol. Pleasanton, numbering about six hundred men, with a battery of six nieces of prass ordnance, two of iron, and two bomb mortars The other is a regiment of infantry, uuder Col. Murray. miml<ering about eight hundred men, well arm c I ah,I equipped. In addition to the ordnance above wen. tioned, there are a number of brass pieces not yet moun.