Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 155-WhoU No. 4017. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 7, 1845. Price Two Cents. THE NEW YORK jiERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor, Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every <lay. Price 3 cant* pei copy?$7 25 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Evory Saturday?Price 6f cents per copy?$3 12? cents per annum?payable in advaace ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. W7- AU letters or communications, by mail, addressed to tne establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will bo deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaorRiRTon or thi Nkw Yohk IIkhalu Establishment Northwest corner of Km I ton and Nhskrii strenU . LONG ISLAND RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOUR. SUMMER ARRAOEMENT. On and after the 22d iaac, a train will leave the depot, at Brook lyn, for Boston, via Norwich and Worcester, every morning at IK o'clock, Sunday's excepted. Passengers will leave the foot of Whitehall st. at 8J{ 'oclock. Far* through .$3 25 Second class passengers 1 S8 myl7 lmis rc TU WESTERN TRAVELLliHS. sssflfciS EXPRESS ANU PIONEER PACKET LINE, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Rail roads aud Canal?through iu 3diyj. The above hue is now in full operation aud offers great inducements to percous who wish a pleasant mode of traveiliug to the west. The cars are built in the most approved modern style, the hoits are fitted up in a su|N-rior manner, and every effort is made by the proprietor* to conduce to the comfort and convenience of travellers. The scenery oo this route is unrivalled, and the Si-eat chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well wor iv of being seen. By this route |>aueugers avoid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upon stage travelling, and at the same time make au ex peditious trip. The cars leave every morningat 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to engage their Places at Philadelphia. Office iu Philadel phia N. E. corner of Chesuut an<l Fourth streets, and at Nos. U and 15 South Third sts. A. CUMMINGS, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17, 1845. For information, in the city of New York, apply to it. H. KNlSELL. Agent for D. LEECH ?i CO,'.Line. 7 West st, N. R. myl7 6m rrc CHANGE OF HOUR. UNITED STATES MAIL LINES TO BALTIMORE. PHILADELPHIA. WILMINNGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, Newark, Elkton, Havre de Grace, &c. Through in Six Hours?Fare $3. On and alter Monday next, May 12wi,_the Cars will leave the Depot corner of 11th aud Market street, daily (except Sunday) at 0 o'clock, A. M.. the lines leaving at 4 P. M, and half past 10 P. M., being discontinued after that dare. This Line will leave Baltimore for Philadelphia, at 9 o'clock, A. M. _ NEW CASTLE AND FK.ENCHTOWN RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. Through in Seven Hours?Fare $'J. On and after Monday next, May 12th, the steamboat ROBERT MORRIS, Capt. Donclass, will leave Dock street wharf daily, (except Sunday,) at hall'past 3 o'clock. P. M., instead of 6 A. heretofore. This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore, for Philadelphia, at 7 P. M. SUNDAY MAIL LINE. The only Line for Baltimore on Sunday leaves the Depot, corner of 11th and Market streets, at 4 o'clock, P. M. FREIGHT PASSENGER TRAIN. Fare to Baltimore 50 cents. A Passenger Car attached to the Freight Train, will leave the Depot corner lltli and Market street, daily, (except Sunday) at 5 o'clock, P. M., and reach Baltimore at an early hour next morning. G. H. HUDDELL, Agent at Philadelphia, Pa. For further particulars, apply to GEO. P. FISHER, Agent, mylO lm rc No. 17 Wall street, or 6 West street. FROM BOSTON TO PHILADELPHIA IN A DAY. Tub TBAIN8-... .1,. I nxo ISLAND RAILROAD are now arranged for luusengetl to leave bosiu.i at o o'clock and arrive in New York at 4, as was the case Isst evening; and take the Philadelphia train at quarter before 5, and arrive there at 11 P.M. myZltf SUMMER JRIUINGEMENT. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. rnrnmimmm TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS : From Brooklyn Depot? Boston Train?IK A. M. daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train?9>?A.M and 4 P. M. for Hicksvilh and intermediate places. Audon Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat turdays, through to Greenpfllt at 9% A. M, Frvm Oreenport Depot? Boston Tram, daily, 8untiays excepted, at 12>? o'clock P. M., or on the arrival of the steamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train?At 9M A. M., on Mondays, Wednes days and Fridays. From HicksL-ille Depot? Accommodation Train for Brooklyn?At 7 A. M. and 1% P. M-. daily, Sundays excepted. The Boston Trains stop only at Farmingdale and St. George s Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at the following places on the road, going both ways to receive and deliver passen flmliord 12K Deer Park 17 East New York 1K}? Thompson 100 Race Course 18U Suffolk Station. 1 12 Trotting Course 18)4 Lake Road Station ,131 Jsinaica 25 Medford Station 1 50 Brushvills 37}* Milleville 1 62 Hyde Park, 17 miles 44 St. George's Manor 1 75 Clowsville, (during ses- Riverheau 2 00 sion Court,) 44 James|K?rt. 2 06 Branch 44 Mattetuck 2 06 Carle Place..* 50 Cutchogne 2 12 Westbury.... 50 Southold 2 12 llicksviile 56 Greeuport 2 25 Farmingdale 96 mv22tf rrc NOTICE.?On mid after Monday, the 9tli in st*iit, the car leave* City Hall at six o'clock in JnSH the morning for William's Bridge, will leave Ht JSBHELhalf pant five: returning, will leave William's Bridge at at-ven o'clock. The car that leaves City Hall in the evening at half past six o'clock for Harlem, will leave at six o'clock, and will rnn to William's Bridge ; returning, leave Williain'a Bridge at seve:i o'clock and twenty minutes. ju5 rrc NfcW YOKK, ALBANY Ai\U TKOY LJiMt.. JOI FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRKCT. A .!IW, . Jp ?The ateamlioat EMPIRE, Captain R. B ZJL__?CI_JE_ Macy, will leave the foot of Coartlandt street, on SATURDAY EVENING. at 7 o'clock. The Empire, owing to her light draught of water, will be ena bled at all time* to pass the liar, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of can going east or writ. Hor Passage or Freight apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at th" office on the wharf. ju6 re ~<jiifl ggm FOR NEW BURGH, l?ndi.g at Cald 0. jIHIj ?> well's. Wait Point. Cold Springs, and C'orii 9SKZ.W..II, the steamboat JAMES MADISON, CapUtin Curries Halstead, will leave Warren street every Mon day at 3 o'clock, and Tuesday and Friday at 4 o'clock, P.M.? Returning will leave Newburg every Tuesday moronic at hi past 7 o'clock, and every Wednesday and Sat-irday at 3 o clock P.M. All baggage, packages or parcel*, bank bills, or specie put on boird tin* boat, without being entered on the book or receipted for, mu?t be at the risk of the owners thereof. ju6 FS<tM*rrc EXCURSION AROUND STATKN ISLAND. The Steamboat R. L. STEVENS, Captain ft rH?^-J?H. L. Maby, wiil leave the f.?ot of Amos street Suuda\, June 8th, at 2 o'clock, P. M.. Ca n il sne.t *,'ij Chambers street, IX; Delancy street, 2X; Pier No. 1 B nery, at 3 o clock; returning the same afternoon, giving p.usengers an opportunity to view the Forts and Scenery around ilie B iy. Pin for the excursion 50 cents. m8 3t*m FOR SALE?The Steamboat Richmond, of 227 tons, of a light draft water, 1W ft length, 'M feet beata. 8 fret depth beam engine, 35 inch c\ In dci, k leei ktroke, in good order and tit for immediate use; copper Mstened; would answer for a tow, freight or passage boat, having finished cabins with berths. If uotsold before the 10th initmt, will then be sold at public auction, at the Mer. rlianta' Eschnnge, on that day. For further information, apply to Messrs. Dougherty, 7J South street. jui lw'rh PEOPLES' LINE Of STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY AILY'?Sundays Excepted?Through Di , ?t 7 o'clock P. Si., from the Pier between r K7\. ..Pli!i!v.l.?lld l''l>erty strreU _>.iini>oat ROCHESTER, t aotan. R. O. Cruttendon, will l?wrc on Monday. Wednesday and Friday F.venltigs, at 7 o'cloc k. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, wili leave on Tuesday. 1 hursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o clock P. M., landing at intermediate place, from the foot of Barclay stieet, Hte.imboat COLUMBIA Capt. W. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Suuday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA* Captain L. W. Brainard, will leare on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 6 o'clock. l'aAsenff^rs taking either of the akore Line* will arrive in AJba ny in ample time far the Morning Train ol Cars for the east or WP*t. The B?ats are new and substantial, are famished with new and tWtf nit state rooms, and for i|ieed and acconiinodalious are uu riTalled on the Hudson. t reight takeu at moderate rates. All l<ersons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, I ,1 itliout a written order from tlie Captains or Agents. Kor passage or freight, apply oil board the boats, or to P. C. at the office on the wharf. ju2rc (TlEAP AND PLEASANT EXCURSION TO THE LOWER DAY. The Steamboat WAVE will, on and after 1 ? Saturday, the 7th instant, leave Pier No. 1 E. w ? ? " *t 9 ?nd II o'clock, A. M., and 3 and (IX 1'. ivl.; le ive ht Iten Island at II and 10 A. At., I and JX P. M.? 1 Fare it1.i cents. N. B.?On the 3 o'clock trip tlie Wave will make an exenr siou ill the Lower B?y, passing Fort Hamilton. Telegraph and Coney Island, giving passengers a full view of the Ocean. For tlie whole excursion only ItK cents will be charged. (L7-Refreshments, of the best qualities, provided on board. myl Ini'ic FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Iloyal Mail Steam Shipa BH1TAN NIAand CA.V1BMIA, will leave Boston for i tlie above rorts, as follows:? Bntiuiuia, Jno. Hewitt, Esq., Commander.. .Sunday, June 1st. Cambria, C. H. E. Juilkiiu, Es<|., " Monday, June 18th. Passage to Liverpool ... 9120. Passage to Halifax 20. Koi freight or )>assagr, apply to 1). BRiOHAM, Jr., Agent, ? Wall it MAKl'S ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND? Persons wishing to remit mo ney to their friends in miy |>art ol? England. Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied with drafts payable at light, without dis count, lor any amount, from ?1 upwards. I* Km.i.and? On tlie National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J, Banted & Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. James Bui t It Sou, London, and branches throughout England and Wales. Ik Ikki.a.xd.?On the National Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and branches throughout Ireland. I r. SooTi.Awn?On the Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. The steamship Britannia sails from Boston on the 1st June, by which all drafts can be forwarded free. Apply to W. JtJ.T. TAPSCOTT. my 18 in 76 South st, cor. Maiden lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail lUih uutaut?The .elegant and very fast sailing packet ship SHAKS ?PEARE, Cant Cornell, having most of her cargo en gaged and on board, will sail as above. For freight or passage. having elegant packet accommoda tions, apply on board,at Orleans wharf, foot of Wail street, or to j7ec E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., ttSouthst. J. HEROMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, 61 SOUTH STREET. B PASSAGE from Great Britain and Ireland, via. Liverpool, can always be arranged at the lowest rate, rod Drafts furnished for aiiy amount, payable at all |utl Banks in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on application to J. HERDMAN, jQrc 81 South street. FOR SALE-FREIGHT OR CHARTER-The .very last sailing packet ship, MISSISSIPPI, 640 tons, I'jiiilt in thU city by Brown & Bell, salted on the stocks. .md resalted every year, live oak and and locust top, live oak apron, semson stem lrame, and forward and after cant frames?newly coppered and in perfect order for a three years voyage?lias accommodation* for 26 passengers. Apply on board at Orleans' wharf, foot of Wall sUeet, or to E. K. COLLINS It Co., X South street. juGm FOR LIVERPOOL-The New Line-Regular >.Packet21st June?The superior fast sailing Packet ship ?HOCII '.STER, 800 tons burthen, John Britton, mas ter will sail as above, her regular day. II or freight or passage, having excellent and superior accom modations, apply to the Captain on board, or to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, 87 South street. Price of passage (100. The Pocket Ship Hottiwnier. 1040 tons, Capt J. Burster, will succeed tiie Rochester, and sail on her regular day, 21st July. je6 FOR GLASGOW-Regular Packet.-The last ? sailing British Barque ADAM CARR, Scott, mas ?ter. 350 tons, will meet with quick despatch. h or balance of freight, or passage, having excellent accom modations, apply to captain on beard, at foot of Dover st, or to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, 87 8 nith street The regular packet bark ANN HARLEY, will succeed the 4dam Carr. je6 FOR LIVERPOOL-The packet ship OXFORD ? sails ou the ICth instant, and the packet ship GAR ?1UCK on the 26th iust. For passage, having splendid ?ccominodatioiis, apply to J. HERDMAN, 61 South street. N. B.?Those sending for their friends residing ill Great Bri tain and Ireland, can have them brought out with quick de spatch via Liverpool, and drafts can as usual be supplied, paya ble throughout the United Kingdom, ou application as above. jn5 rrc PACKEl 1*OR MAR&EILLt.S, oq the lllrii June ??Tlienew packet ship PRINCE DE JOINVILLE, ?Capt Wm W Lawrence, will be unavoidably de tained until Uie above date, at which time she will positively sail. The accom modations for passengers by this ship, are not sur passed by any of the European packet shi|>a, and afford an ex cellent oi>portuuity for those wishing to go to any port of the Mediteiranean, for which or freight, apply to CHAMBERLAIN & PHELP8, 103 Front street, or to , BOYD ?c HINCKEN, Xgeuts, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, corner Wall and Water streets. jirc PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Secoml Line-Tlie packet ship ONEIDA, Captaiu J as. Funk, will sail jon the 1st of July. ight or passage apply to BOYD b HINCKEN. Agents, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water streets Jul rc LONDON LINE OF PACKETS-Packet of the , 10th June?The splendid and elegant fast sailing pack get ship SWITZERLAND, E. Knight, master, will positively sail as above, being her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin andstecrage Jiassengers,persons about to secure berths should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street corner of South street. The packet ship Quebec, T. H. Hebard, master, will succeed the Switzerland, and sail 20th June. in29m FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet ?of the 26th Jun?The elegant fast sailing Packet Ship M?MriiGARRICK. Capt. B. J. H. Trask, of 1100 tous, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodation unequalled for splendor and comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to B K. COM.INS It CO., 36 South street, rrlce ol passage $100. Packet Ship Roscius, Capt. Asa Eldridge, of 1100 tons, will succeed the Garrick, and sail 26tli July, her regular day. m27 ec PASSAGE FOR HAMBURG?With Desj.atch A__.m^The splendid new packet ship SILAS HOLMES, apt. C. C. Berry, will sail as above, and can ver> comfortably accommodate a limited number of of passengers in cabin and steerage. This ship having been built expressly for a New Orleans packet her accommodations are of the best and most costly description. Persons wishing tosecure berths should make early application ou board, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, my?6 rr comer South street and Maiden lane. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE .OFFICE, 61 8outh st.?Passage from England, Ire ?land. Scotland and Wales?Those sending for their friends would do well to svail themselves of the opportunity of makiugtlieir arrangements with the subscribers ou very mode rate terms, by first class packet ships, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Drafts can as usual be furnished for any amount, payable liroughout the United Kingdom. Appjy to ^ JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. The mail steamer Hibernia sails from Boston on the 16th iust, hv w nich letters can be forwarded qu ickly. mv23 rh BURDEN'S PATENT HORSE-SHOES BEING NOW ON SALE by the principal dealers u hardware in the United States are all warranted per fect in form and made of the very best refined iron, and sold at a fraction over the price of iron in the bar. Every shoe which may be found not iu accordance with the above recommendation will be received back and the money refunded, with all expenses from the most distant paru of the country. H. BURDEN. Agent, my 18 lm*rrc Troy Iron and Nail Factory. m WASHINGTON COTTAGE. MTO LET?The above commodious lummer residence, situatr in Clarkstown, Rockland County, about 9 miles from Piermont, aud 29 inilcs from New York. To the Utter city there is the facility of travelling twice a day, per the New Vork and Erie Railroad. The House consists of a draw nig-room, dining-room, six bed-rooms, a kitchen, with the ad viut isc of having pure water Wid on therein, a cellar adjoining, excellent stabling, together with ten acres of fertile laud (il needed) which aajoics the premises. The house was built in the gotliic style, by the celebrated self-taught artist, MR. JAMES THOM, whose " Tain G'Shunter and Souter Johnny have immortalized him. The locality was selected with that taste peculiar to the architect?it is iu the midst of the most pic turesque scenery, wood, water, fcc. The justly celebrated ltockland Lake?the most splendid sheet of watt r inthe couu try?is in the immediate vicinity; and in front of the house, Mr. Thom has added, to this already romantic spot, an acquisition dear to every American, a statue, from his own chisel, of the Immortal Washington. [C7~For further particulars apply at 606 Hudson street. j 3 ,1t*ec TO LET?Part of the House No. 56 Amos street, con sistiug of two parlors on first door, a bedroom ou the sc _,couil floor, two attic bedrooms, and kitchen in basement, xc. r'osse.sion df it can be had immediately, at alow rent. Enquire at the premises. jnS lw*rh LEASEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE, consist ing of the premises Nos. 189 and 193 Twentieth street, N7Y. Upon the former lot are a frame dwelling house in the iear, and in front a substantial brick dwelling house, buill last year. Upon the latter lot a frame dwelling in the rear, and in front a brick building used a shop. The property is in good repair, and lorms a profitable investment. Apply to Janu s Ca meron. 319 Hudson street. ju4 lw*rrc ?ijfrt FOR SALE?A property situated in the Village 04 JKWNorth Orange, Essex county, N J., within 20 minutes ol o?lla?.Ncwark, N.J., and one hour of New York City?Rail road communication. The premises consist of a new twostor\ double house, with a finished basamejit, a cistern, a well of excellent water, a stable, a garden of nearly an acre, well stocked with fruit, together with other conveniences suitabk for thg accommodation of a family. Application may lie made to John Whitehead, Esq. Attorney and Solicitor, Newark,N.J or to S Sitnson, on the premises, corner William and llillyei street:;. jut fw'rre -fjif FOR SALE?A beautiful Country Residence, one miU ?5qkfrom Rossville Lauding, on Staten Island, a !? arm of ? ^JLkicres of first-rate Land; a large House and good Barn, ajg other Buildings; good Onrden, with plenty of Fruit Trees?wtll be sold reasonable and on good terms. Enquire of myT lin*rc KAM'L. HAl.L. 369 Broome at FOK. BALK CHEAP, A COTTAGE AT .SOUTH AM BOY. TH E house is of brick and rough cast. In the first story then is a breakfast room, library-, draw ing room, diuing room and pantry, together with a kitrlien and servants'hall. In the second story there are Ave bedrooms, with four over the kitchen for servants. The Cottage is in the Elizabathian style and lias six pointed gables with overhanging roofs. The Piazza extends round three sides of the house, and is ornamented with Oothic Arches. It is new and has never yet been occupied. Though wilhin walk ing distance (from a half to a quarter of a mile.) of the Rail Road and Steamboat Landing, the house is entirely secluded.? With the exception of the lawn and wood and the opposite shores of New Jersey and Staten Island, there is little else to be seen, save the waters and the vessels that navigate them. It is surrounded and densely shaded by trees Oil the lawn there are fifteen or twenty trees, varying in extent IVom two acres to a common <ixed clump. 1 he situation is high and perfectly healthy, and commands a view of the sea, the light houses at Sandy Hook, Princes Hay and theRaritan River. I here is a fine gravelly beach for Salt Water Bathing. The Rail Road cars ami Steamboats leave and arrive at such hours as to enable a man of business to breakfsst at home and be in town at half-past ten?to leave town at three and be at home at five. He may be in New York in two, and at Philadelphia in four hours. The purchaser may take ten, twenty, thirty or mote acres with the house. For further particulars apply to >> u ? .. ? ? JOHN C. STEVENS, 14 Barclay st.' I. S.?A short distance from the above, theieis another hand some situation, with a house thirty-Ave or forty feet square. 1 will dispose of either or both. For a view of the house and grounds, apply to Mr. Abraham Everett, Superintendent,South Amhoy. my?4 tf rc "THJ .M AN'1>.R BUILDERS?Proposals will be received for J banding a number of small wooden tenements, in the vici My of New York. A line with real name, addressed to " Vil l?(!e, and left st the office ol this paper. (Herald.)stating where an interview may be had, will be attended to and the plans exhi bit"1. jel Iw'm / 1 F.N BR A L B3Up REPAIRS. 18 Nassau st." corner vJT of Msidcu Lane.?All orders immediately attended to for Mason. Slateing, Plastering, Flagging, tin roofs repaired and painted, and all other repairs and alterations done in the best manner. Also, furnaces, ranges, kettles, steam hollers, ovens, and every kind of Are works put ap. None but good workmen employed. Kxpeditieus and moderate charges. Chimney tops for curing smoke. Up town orders left with J. (ininn, Plumber, M4 Broadway Di?T-l?*rh E. H. QU1NN. BlfOK SALE?A beautiful bay PONV, IS hands high, suitable for a lady or lad, well broken and i>er fectly kind and geutlr. May tw hhui at Disbrow's hool, 1O8 Bowery. js 3i*rc KOULSTONE'S HIDING SCHOOL, 13T and 130 Mercer Street. MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONE ha* the honor to ?inform his friends and the public iu genera], that hi* .School for Instruction in Horsemanship i* now open yandeveiiiug, as follows .? Hours for Gentlemen from. ? to t A. M. " " Ladies 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr. I Roulstoue. Mr. ft. has just received from the counory several fine and stylish Huddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rea | sonable price. my7rc HISBROIVS RIDING SCHOOL, 408 Downy, on A a tor and Lafayette Places. MR'? W. H. D1HBR0W has the honor to anuounce, that his School is ojien d lily, (Sunduys excepted) for Equestrian ; Tuitiou and Exercise RidiiiK Ilours for Ladies from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Hours for Gentlemen from 6 to 8 A. M. and 3 to 7 P. M. (ty-Terms made known on application as above. N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Horses, for tha Road and Pa rade, to let. myfi lm?rc LOOK AT THIS. JUST RECEIVED by the packet ship Duchess D'Or Jeans, from Paris, the best article of geutlemen's French Boots ever seen, and now offer, wholesale and retail, at the low pi-ice of $3, and the best of French Calf Boots made to Older for $3; and the greatest assortment of all kinds of Boots and Shoes and Gaiters. Ladies, in this store you will find tha greatest assortment of all kinds of Gaiters, Buskins, Slii>i>ers, Tics, and all other kinds Misses and Children*, from the largest to the smallest; an don't mistake the No. 367 Broadway, cor uer of Franklin street. M. C AH ILL inyI6 1m* rc ~~TlNE~FRENCH BOOT8 for $3 30 ; City Made, and for IW style and durability they are equal to those sold for $3, at JM Young & Co.'s Imperial French Boot and 8hoe Manufac turing Depot,at No. 4 Ann street,one of the most Fashiona ble Boot Manufactories in rfiis city. Fine French Dress Boots, made to order, for Si 30 ; equal to those made in other stores for S6 and $7. Boots. Shoes, 0:iiteis he , made to order iu the shor test notice. Mending. Sir., <loue in thestore. Win. M. Young 8cCo., Wholesale anil Retail Manufacturers, No 4 Ann street. Sew York, uear Broadway. W1V1. M. YOUNG, and mT 1 in* re H B JONES CHIP OF THE OLl) BLOCK. MAJOR FANCHER St YOUNO BOSS RICH ARDS, No. 3 Bowery, stick to it yet and know that they can sell a splendid article of French Stitched Boots for S3 _ and S3 30 Ladies' Shoes at wonderful low prices. So stop yourclack, ye lovers of Bootological imposition. my8 lm*rc J TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. BOOTS AND SHOES. E. JOHNSON, (late Wilson Si Johnson) has ou hand, in store 142 Chatham street, di reetly opposite the the tre, one of the best assorted -.Cocks _ _ of Boots and Shoe* tint can lie li id in the city. Gents Kip, _alf, Gmin and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots and Shoes, pegged and sewed, I'rom the Easreri; manufactories; Ladies Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, Sic., of every description. A greater variety of Children's Uioes than any other store in this ? . ? Vkho ? ? city. Gentlemen*? fii'e GaiteM twenty different kinds. Gents Buckskin Shoes; Spoilsmen's,Tishermen'sand Seamen's Boots. Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country mer chants an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure, my 13 lm?ec HOWE'S SUPERIOR STYLE of G^itlemens' Summer Hats are J^?well worthy the attention of those about supplying them selves with a pleasant, light and durable 8ummer Hat, possess ing the richness of a Leghorn, and warranted uotto be affected by wet or damp weather. The assortment consists in part of, Pearl Cassiineresat $3 30 Silver Pearl do 3 30 Smooth white Castor 400 Long nap white Hocky mountain Beaver 6 30 to 8 Together with an assortment of Panama and Bohemian Straw Hats, all of tile first quality and most fashionable shape. ROWE, Sales Room 40 William st, my24 lm*rh Merchants' Exchange. ECONOMY AND FASHION a ELEGANT SUMMER HATS. fl PRICE S3. J*, liOBERTSON, determined to maintain the reputation ol the PHffiNIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 103 Fulton st, betweeu William and Nassau, East of Broadway, as the cheapest in this city or any other, begs leave to introduce to the pubfic a very s^rior^e of^ which for lightness, beauty and durability, are not surpassed? and for cheapuess unequalled In addition to being very plea sant and genteel, these Hats are warranted to stand all ordinary exposure to rain without injury, which it is well Known Leg horns, Panamas, Sic., will not do without losing shape and color. For business more especially it is important to keep the head dry and cool, a desideratum which has not hitherto been attained. These Hats cannot be injured by perspiration, owing to the peculiar style eftrimmingwnichthesnbscriber has found by experience so very cleanly and popular. Their weight ranges from to 3H oz., being much lighter than substantial Leg horns and Panamas. ROBERTSON, 103 Fulton st., m!4 lm*ec Sign of the Phoenix. MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROADWAY, _ (HOWARDS' HOTEL,) fV INDUCED by the flattering success ne has met with in J^^the manufacture of Silk Hats, in imitation of die French, to call the attention of the public thereto, does so in the full con fideiiceof rendering perfect satisfaction to all who may honor him with a call. First quality French Moleskin (M 30 Second 4 00 First " Nutria i 30 Second " " 3 30 Iu addition to the above, there may be had at this establish ment an elegant article of Nutria Hat at $4. which for elegance will rival many that are sold at $3, and to which the attention of the public is respectfully invited. A few cases of Cassimere and Silk Hats, manufactured for the country trade, on hand, and for sale low. J. D. Totten, (late of the firm of Alvord St Co., land R.J. Tiffany, (late of Albany,) would be pleased to see tlieir Irieuds at the above place. "27 lm*ec fl| GENIN'S GOSSAMER HAT, WEIGHING FROM Jpfc>2T? oz. to 3*6 oz . price S3 SO ?Two years ago tlie Gossa mer Hat was introduced to the Ne?? York public as the lightest and most duraable article of summer wear heretofore ui um. The success which i!u attended them, as evidenced by ail ex tensive sale, and the univ?rsal spp-ohation of the many who have worn tnem, induced the subscriber to labor diligently in the improvement of tlie qualities U|>oti which he bases their claims to a liberal patronage. Fully warranted by e*i>erietice and the conclusive testimony of his patrons, he repeats his de clarations (notwithstanding the recent " novel improvement" so called) of the two preceding year*, that the Goss.mer Hata arc lighter and mora pleasant th ui any other, are not liable, 1 ke Leghorus, Panamas, tie., to Jose th.-ir shai*'and color by expo sure to rain; and last, not least, they are the cheapest, genteel summer hat, and may be worn two seasons. The style of trim mings ori.uniting with the subscriber,effectually prevents them from beini$ soiled by perspiration or hair oil, extending to the outer surface, as i* commonly the case with hats differently tiimined. This advantage alone entitles them to a preference over all others. john N. genin, 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. N.B. The Gossamers are made without holes in the top, and without tin, unless especially desired otherwise. a 25 Imrc LAD1K.S* FASHIONABLE HATS. Oy) CARL. KING, the well known and celebrated first premium Straw llat and Lace Neopolitau.^^^ Manufacturer, 17 Division street, informs the public that his Straws and Lace Neapolitans are of asuperiorquality, and war ranted to clean, made in the most faskiouable shape, cjjjeil Ike Cottage Gipsey. N. B.?Lace Neapolitan Hats $2 each. Milliners supplied by the case or dozen at reasonable prices, at the Lace Neapolitan Manufactory, 17 Division street. m28 lm*rc CARL KING. MT?8 MADDEN res|>? ctfully informs the ladies of Sew York and its vicinity, that tier French Millinery and Dress Making establishment, 108 Canal street, is now opoi. Spring *nd Bummer Fashions, consisting of silk, crease, ribbon, fancy Neapolitan, straw, braid and gimpBonuets, of the newest Pari sian and London styles, just received i<er last steamer. Country Milliners and Dress Makers supplied with the newest Patterns at the shortest notice. Dresses ana Robes of the latest fashion made to order at the shortest notice. Southern and We.tern orders promptly attended to. All descriptions of Bonnets cleaned and altered in the newest ityle. a34 lm*m GALVAMZbU IKON AND TIN. Galvanized sheet iron and tin, a very su periorarticle, warranted not to rust. ,Also, Tin Plate, Shee Iron, Russia Sheet Iron, She jt Copper, /iuc, Scotch and Amet ncan Pig Iron, lor sale by CASS It WARD, myl3 3m?ec No. 71 Broad street WANTED?For one ofthe most extensive Publishing houses in the United States, a few active young men to act as Vgenu for the sale of new and ixipular works. The proprietors will insure each man $HJ0 over his board per year profit. A wri ting to that effect will lie given them; they will have besides ipportunity of clearing SI.UUO per year, and more if they are ac tive. Everyman will liav< Ins district. There axe about a lialf a dozen places that are BM filled. It will lie necessary foi hem to hi<v? $23 to #.Mi at le*?i to obtain a good fitting out. No me need apply unles* he has that sum, lor it u the oluect of the Publishers to tstnl'lisl, good igents, and give the in such a chance u no one else can tfei tle-ni. For full particulars tnpiv to 9S Dinne street. iny< lin*ec2i? CHARLES PAUL DE KOCK COM PL KT I . 'PIIE Werks of Charles Paul de Kock, Illustrated Edition. JL with Portrait and Btograrti> complete in one volume.? Krice one dollar. Tlie pit 'lie a >?< now an opportunity of pos <essing themselves ol I lie com) leti woiks ol the renowned Paul .le Kock in one magnifice ,t volutin, containing twelve hundred oid eighty Urge columns of reading matter, and at a price which places it within the reach ol (arsons lit the most limited circumstances. This volume contain* all tlie novels, etc., which were ever actually written by this most witty, laughter loving and far-famed of modern authors. And the publishers pledge themselves that llie translations have been laithliilly iriad', and that the work will be found the most care-killing, fascinating and exciting that Il ls ever tieeu issued from the press of this couutry. For sale 41 Ann street, New * oik. The work is mailable, anil may be sent by post to any part of the United States or the Canadas, at an expense varying from ten to twenty cents, according to the distance. All orders for one complete copy must contain one dollar, be franked or postpaid, and directed to Holland It Glover, New York City. Mix copies will be forwarded to one address for five dollars. m28 datwlm'm IF ESTHER COHEN, who formerly lived with Mr*. Hughes. Board!up-house keeper, Uuion street, Liverpool left England about nine years ago to lis* in New York?will write to her father. No. 14 New Bailey street, Snlford. Manches ter, in England, she will hear something greatly to her advan tage. mylO 2m dykwy're CONNOR WARD. Information WANTED of Connor Ward, late of I Springfield, Mass. Any person who will give any informs- ' tion respecting him will confer a favor on his wife, Ann Ward. 1 Address W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. South st, my20 rrc cor. Maiden lane. lIFe preservers, ! OF GOODYEAR'S PATENT GUM ELASTIC COMPOSITION. ARRANTEl) to withstand the greatest extremes of heat and cold, and not to melt or soften in the sesms, (tlie great (Meet in Preservers made of the common rubber preparation. )? Also, a general assortment of goods manufactured under the above patent. Forsale, wholesale and retail, by GEORGE BEECHRR. alO lm#rc 100 Broadway, between Pine and Wallsta. NEEDLES AND FISH HOOKS. ~ It J. BATE have removed their Establishment to No. _ ||I2 Ma;den Lane, where tliey have on salealarge and well assorted stock of very superior Drilled Eyed Needles; Limerick, , Salmon, Trout, Bass. Hock and Black Fish Hooks: Fishing Rods, Rents, Grass Silk and Flax Lilies, Silk Worm ( Jut Flies, Hnel Is, and every description ol Fishing Tackle, which they are able to sell on tne most liberal terms. (?"> " 102 Maiden Lane, (sip stairs)uear Pfcarl street. m \-H I m ? rr _________________ O BOATMEN, AND OTHERS.?Paving Stone ot firs 1 rate quality, wanted 'm^'^]i;u^VoROAY, l?41m*r No. 41 Norfolk street 1 w T. West Point. [Correspondence of the Herald.] West Point, June 6, 1845. Annual Military Examination?Military Evolu tions?Appearance of Went Point. West Point, ever a beautiful and attractive spot, is more than ever bo at present. To-day began the annual military examinations for 1815, and many are those who have arrived from parts near and remote, to be spectators of the interesting exercises. It must happen but seldom that as great aconcourse oi stran gers assemble here ; indeed, if such were not the case, a little more accommodation would be a desi deratum. Last night?no longer ago?there was an inordinate demand for quarters. Those who were lucky enough to be booked early were free to laugh, and laugh tney did; but the last batch were disposed lo look upon the state of things more gravely. The landlord, whose solicitude to serve all was naturally keen, at last became overpowered with melancholy, and was, lifter laying down his pen in despair, only aroused to fresh eifort by a facetious suggestion of one of the guests, that he should apply to the commissa riat or quarter-master for assistance. Had Rip Van Winkle been there in the same drowsy mood as when he resigned himself to the sale keeping of the Catskills, he could not have been a more eager ap plicant for a dormitory than the gentleman spoken of. At last ingenuity surmounted all difficulty, va rious devices were resorted to; mutual concessions were made, reciprocal overtures were met in a spirit of friendly negociation?the night was passed over without any grave incident; but as to how many slejit in one bed, or in one room, is not yet revealed. It were needless to give a description of this loca lity, and well known retreat; yet 1 cannot abstain from expressing my admiration of it, as one admira nbly adapted for the enjoyment of good air, and all those objects sought for in a country residence. Last night the military band played for an hour on the green adjoining the hotel, and will probably fa vor us nightly with a repetition, which would be desirable, juding from the enlivening and hilarious effects it produced on the crowds who listened to it. As to what is the composition of the hundred dwellers in this populous habitation, I could make no nearer approach to its description than mere conjecture. The usual complement of ladies, comme on dit, are found among tnem. The hedges are charmingly green; the Howers are bloom ing in the parterre in front, and every thing is so laughingly verdant that my regards may have been pre-occupied with them, and so have overlooked the individuals around me. Be that us it may, I would not like to swear how many handsome faces I saw ?perhaps one or two. Of military men we have any number; cocked hats, plumes, epauletts, and brass spurs, arc plenty as strawberries. Of this class there are not a few magnates here now. Among the rest may be mentioned Major General Scott, Briga dier General Brooke, Brigadier General Gibson, Commissary General; Paymaster General Towson, Colonel G. Bomford, Ordnance Bureau; Surgeon General Lawson, and Major Levi Whiting. These constitute the Board of Examiners. In addition to these. General Sandford, General Storms, General Lloyd, the Marquis de Talarue and suite, the Hon. W. L. Marcy and lady, and many others, are here, on account of the military exercises. The Hall of examination was o|>ened this morn ing, and the Board took their seats at 9 o'clock. The Cadets now in the academy, number 204. These are divided into four classes, of which the first, consisting of 41 members, was examined to day, on military and civil engineering. From the readiness and clearness of the" definitions and ma thematical solutions given, it is evident that the system of instruction instituted here is a comprehen sive and sound one. All the young gentlemen ac quitted themselves with credit, and with one excep tion, there did not appear to be any loss for a proper answer. It ia not practicable to report the questions and answers; the first being frequently repeated, and the latter often; indeed, mostly consisting of explanations of diagrams, and mathematical theo rems. Maj. General Scott reviewed the mounted ar tillery this evening consisting of 6 brass field pieces. All the world, as the French say, were out looking on. and it seemed to be much more attrac tive to the lad ies than the dry cross-questioning of the examiners. It is expected the duties of the board will not end here for at least two weeks; and as each day will have its review of Artillery, Caval ry, Infantry, or Engineers, there is likely to be a large expenditure of gunpowder. Baltimore. [Correspondence of the Henld.] Baltimore, June 4, 1845. The Lovely Ladies and like Weather?Jl Hint about their Dresses?Death of Natirtism?The Spring Business? Our l'oung Lawyers?the Seduction Case?.Stamp .Jc<? The Steamhoat Explosion. Summer has fairly let in at lout in a manner quite op pressive to tomt of our more lusty citizens. It has, however, drawn the ladies out in their brilliant and ethe rial attire, whilst the gentlemen have donned their grass coats and straw hats, and the ragged urchins are com mencing to scorn both stockings and shoe leather. The ladies dresses are much admired, being unusually neat and olegant, though some of our most fastidious critics think that they are cut rather lower in the neck than strict modesty would have guided the scissors?in short, they think them rather too " Onderdonkish" to please tiiat portion of their male admirers whose admiration is worth having. However, it is all very pretty to the eye, and if the ladies have no objection, I am sure 1 shall find no fault with them. The spring business in this city has been unusually good, a large number of Philadelphia and New Y ork uoalers having been prevailed on to try the advantages of a market nearer home. That they will ever deal any where else hereafter, is thought to be a settled question, as they have received good bargains, besides saving the expense of further travel. It has tended also to arouse the dormant energies of our merchants, and the prospect of a great improvement in our commercial prosperity is confidently looked lor. Union Hail was a perfect glare of light last night for the reception of the Native American Convention. 1 dropped in about nine o'clock, and the President was in the chair, whilst two members of the Convention occu pied the floor at once, both leaning over the front of his desk, occupied in a low whispering conversation with their presiding officer. The remainder of the members were not there, whilst 1 was the only spectator. It might perhaps have been the Council of Three, who were ruminating over the Anancial condition of tho Asso ciation, but supposing that it was a private assemblage, 1 withdrew without taking a seat. Tho precincts of our Hsdis of Justice, like those of New V ork, are infested with droves of young lawyers, nineteen and three-quarters out of twenty of whom will never make anything over athird rate pettifogger. They stroll in and out of the Court House, with all tho con sequence of a Judge of the Supreme Court, quarrel and dispute most learnedly about the beauty of ladies, the flavor of Baruum's julips, and sometimes descant on the merits of the great legal question, as to whether "Oliver Cromwell was a greater patriot than Aaron Burr," or some other equally important subject relative to the latest lashions for lawyers coats. Although there are some bright stars among them that will prove an orna ment to tne profession, still at the present time they are lost sight of among tho rubbish, which should be re moved by their kind friends, or relatives. Ho to work, gentlemen, you were never intended to make a living by your wits. The last seduction case is still much talked of, and an examination of some sort relating to the matter is expec ted to come off to-morrow afternoon. The friends of the injured party owe it to the community, now that the facts of tho case are so generally known, to bring to punish ment the offender, as a warning to others possossed of the same inclinations and desires. If the particulars of the transaction were made public, it would lie found that the family and friends of the lady used every exertion to revent the parties meeting together, commencing by icking him out of tho house, and using every means that love and paternal regard for her welfare could dic tate. They consequently met clandestinely, he denying to her all accusations against the purity of his intentions, until love gained the mastery over mind, and led the way to the catastrophe which has overwhelmed a worthy and respectable family in sorrow nnd mortification, ana for ever blasted the character of an innocent girl. But if there is no punishment for such systematic villainy in this world, there certainly will be in tho next, and that is some comfort at any rafo. The new stamp law appears, since it went into opera- j tion, to be more popular than it was before. In twenty days it has brought into the treasury nearly $0,000, whilst its operation has been scarcely leltby the commu nity. Tho desire, therefore, to pay tho interest on the State debt has withdrawn a great deal of opposition to it, in view of the handsome revenue which it bids fair to . yield to tho 8tate. Repudiation is rapidly taking its leave ' from the escutcheon of good old Maryland. Tho wreck of tho Paul Jones, with the four dead bo- ! dies in her is still lying ofl North Point. No means have yet been had of ascertaining tho true causo of tho explo sion, as those who might have thrown some light on the subject, have unfortunately fallen victims to the catas trophe. Judge Hoath, in tho District Court yesterday, churged tho Grand Jury to inquire into the causo of the accident, but to arrivo to any result, they will be com pelled to go " down among tne doad men." VINDKX. The CitrcEK CotTWClL.?A gentleman just from the ( reek Council, informs tin timt a large number of ("reeks are In attendance. Deputations f rom the < hoc taws and Chic kasnws are also present. No business of a public nature has been as yet transacted. Several other tubes arc expected in about this time. Cherokee tide. May Id, Partslenne Fashion*?For June. FROM THE MODES PARISIENNE8?PER CAMBRIA. Swiss embroideries, Tarlatanne and muslin Scarfs ; shawls of barege printed in bright colors ; stone colored plain aud white plaid bareges, made high in the neck, but open to the waist so as to show the elegant embroi dered chemizettes and guimpet, tho lower part of the sleeve rounded, to display embroidered tarlatanne and muslin sleeves, liright ribbons with a profusion of flowers are worn in fancy straw hats, which are very fashionable ; on some are worn straw, blue and pink fea thers. The fancy straws are universally worn, the dis tinction, difference of appearance in tho shapes from those last year it,they are made so as to show the hair on the back of the head, and ringlets on the neck and side of the hair. Thore was a great display of these articles worn at the Fete Champetre, of the commencement of the Ilosiere at Nanteme, which was attended by all the nobility and fashion of the neighborhood as well as of 1'aris. The modistes are ovorburthened with orders of the latter for hats, as well as the Magazines de Modes,for the former by the monde elegante that intend to intend the ('hantilly races to the Fetes, of which are invited the dittingut uu<l elite of the fashionable world. Important to Naval Officers.?The following changes and modifications in the uniform prescribed for officers In the United States navy, are hereby author ized to take effect on the 1st day of January, 184tt :? Captains, commanders, and lieutenants, only, are to wear epaulets, and they shall wear one on each shoul der, over the shoulder strap; yet never without swords, wiien absent from the ship. The bullions of the epaulet shall be of silver gilt: thosv of captains and commanders to be in two rows, tne outer row to be half an inch in diamenter, and three incheB long, and twenty in number; those of lieutenants three-eighths of an inch in diameter, and three inches long, in two rows, with a proportionate number in the outer row. Straps of all epaulets shall be of navy gold lace, with a worked edge and crescent, according to the pattern. On the strap of each epaulet, a captain commanding a squadron anil entitled to wear a broad pendant, shall wear a plain silver anchor and eagle, two inches long, and above the eagle a silver star, tive eighths of an inch in diameter; other captains the same, excepting the star; commanders the anchor only. Every officer entitled to wear epaulets, shall wear, on each shoulder, above the shoulder seam of full and un dress coats, a strap from three to four inches long, and from five-eighths to three-quarter* of an inch wide, which shall be made at follows :? For captains and commanders, of blue cloth, with gold embroidery on each edge; for lieutenants, of navy gold lace. Captains who are authorized to wear a star on the strap of the epaulet, shall wear an embroidered star in the centre of the shoulder strap; other captains, a plain silver eagle. In summer, or in tropical climates, commissioned offi cers and passed midshipmen may wear dark blue sum mer-cloth frock coats, of the same style and pattern as the frock coats at present allowed, with medium size buttons. Passed midshipmen and midshipmen shall wear round their caps a band of navy gold lace one and a half inch wide, instead of the present anchor and star. In summer or in tropical climates, officers, when in undress and without epaulets, may wear, on ship board, white straw hats; the body of the hat to be six inches in height, and the rim three and a half inches in width. Belts are to be of black glazed leather, one a half inch wide, with tlings of the same leather, three-fourths of an inch wide, with swivels, and a hook in one of the rings to suspend the sword; the mountings must be of yellow gilt. Belts shall be worn under the coat. Swords are always to be worn with uniform, when ab sent from the ship on duty; 01? when on leave on foreign stations. Swords and belts presented to officers for public services, may be worn in full dress instead of the regula tion sword and belt. GEORGE BANCROFT. Naw, June 4, 184a. Second Great Court of 1846.?Our unnoune ment, says the Philadelphia Gazette, of the 5th inst., yesterday, of the presence of another remarkable comet, seen by the Hampton Road Pilot 011 Saturday, and by Captain Silliman and the Moyamensing Watchman 011 Monday, is confirmed. The comet was regularly ob served yesterday at the Washington, and this morning at the High School Observatories. Prof. Hubbard at Washington, reports the nucleus to be as bright as that of a star of the second magnitude. This morning, at the High School, it appeared as bright as Jupiter. The tail was broader and brighter than that of the great comet of 1843, after the first week in March. It was onlv teen in intervals, when the clouds broke away, and the length of the tail, which must have been some ten degrees or more, could not be ascertain ed. It was near the star called/Pertei, and moving ra pidly in the heavens. Tne approximate nlaces of the comet as observed at Washington and Philadelphia, at mean time of the res pective places, were at follows :? ComtCs R. A, Der. .V. Washington, Juno 3, . . . lfth 13m 27s 3h '2.0m 61.66? Philadelphia, " 4, . . . Idh 11m 8s 4h 2m 41.02" This is probably the tame comet that was seen in 43d of south declination, as mentioned in the late arrivals from Europe. The Observers at Cambridge, Boston, announced it on'Tuesday, and the Wathington Union hat this bulle tin HrnRoonAPHicAi. Oprice, June 3, 1845. Sir : I have the honor to report, in the absence of Lt. Maurv, the approximate position of a comet, as seen this morning, by Professor Hubbard,United States Navy, in the N. and E. at 20h 4m sid time : its R.A. was 3h 25m, and Dec. SI deg ?>? min N. In the large tcloscope, the nucleus was as bright as a star of the second magnitude ; but to the naked eye, simply a bright elongated nebula. I have the honor t? be, very respectfully, your obe dientscrvant, TH. J. PAOE, Lt. U.S.N. We believe this Comet was first discovered by Pro fessor Stephen Alexander, o 1 the College of New Jersey, at Princeton. Synod of the Reformed I)itcii Chtrch.?What a day of dust, and heat, anil excitement. The first day of the session of the Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church, has just closcd. The Synod convened at 2 o'clock, in the 1st Reformed Dutch Church, at the call of Dr. Van Vechten, the for mer President. There was n very large representation present, from every part of tho church. After the roll was made out, the Mouse proceeded to the election of officers, which resulted in the choice of the following gentlemen For President?Rev. Maubick W. Dwiuht, of Brook lyn, N. Y. For Assessor?Rev. James B. Ten Kvck, of Buroa. For Clerks?Rev. S.H.Fisher, ol' New York city, and Rev. Cornelius Van Santvoort, of Saugerties. Rev. Mr. Kennedy, of Albany, and tho Rev. Ransford Wells, formerly of Newark, addressed tho Synod during the hour?-which was a season of deep into rest to the whole Synod. In the evening the synodical sermon was preached by Dr. Van Vechten, the former President, from John 20: 22, "And when he had said this, he breathed on them and suid unto them, Receive ye the Holy tihost." It is impossible for a stinnger to look around him here without l>eing reminded of other years and of other lands. The very name Brunswick, is historic. It is as sociated this moment in my mind with Protestantism at the Reformation in Europe, and with liberty in the stor my days of James II. Byron's song, too, of Waterloo, is reverberating in my ears, in which ho sings of the ill fated Duke.?New Brunswick (AT. J.) Letter, June 4. Bishop Klict of Pennsylvania.?We learn au thoritively thut Prof. Potter on the 5th trans mitted to the standing committee of Pennsylvania, his acceptance of the Episcopate of that Diocese, to which he had been so unanimously elected. In answer to many inquiries as to the apparent discre pancy between the announcement of this acceptance, and of the fact that during the absence of his brother, Prof Potter is to supply the pulpit of St. Peter's church in this j city, it is proper to explain the proceedings necessary before his consecration can take place, The standing ! committee of Pennsylvania, upon the receipt of the accep- j tance of Prof. P mast transmit an official account of their . proceedings to the standing committees ol each of the 27 Dioceses of the Union. W hen a majority of these com- j mittees have forwarded to Philadelphia their assent to the nomination of the Bishop elect, then the Pennsylva nia committee aro to forward hi* credentials with proof j of the canonical minority assent, to the presiding Bishop. t (Chase, of Illinois,) who is to forward copies to each of tho 24 Bishops ol the Episcopal church in the United State*. As soon as 13, oi a majority of throe, have sig nified their approval, theu the oonsecration may take : place at any tune designated by the presiding Bishep. It 1 will readily be seen that some month* must thus neces , sanly clause before that contingency occurs. Bishop Potter will probably be consecrated in the month of Oc tober or November next.?.tlbany Erg. Journal, June 0. Great Firs at Lafayette, Indiana.?We have the painful duty to perform, says the Lafayette Stand ard (extra) of tlu- 27th nit, of recording the most des tructive and devastating fire that has everbeen witnessed in Lafayette. The entire block of buildings on the north side of Alain, between Ohio and Wabash streets, with the exception of those occupied by Webster'* book store, Oti* St Co.'* grocery, the Mammoth store, and Meeker h Co.'s, i* in asho*. The lire originated about 12 o'clock last night, in the stables of the Americnn House, the flame* immediately extending to the hotel, and from thence spreading almost over the entire block. There was quite a number of horses in the stables, *i\ of which were burned to death. The principal sufferer* by thiscalamitv are: -Mr. Catherwood, of the American house; Dr. Halliday, drug store; J. B. ( ongle, saddlery; Fry k Jack?on, book andjob printer*; J. 8. Jk. A. Cnsad, hotter*; J. < tnnnold, boot and shoe maker. The buildings destroyed were owned chiefly by the heir* of Col. John- | ion, of this county, and those of Simeon Ayre*?Tho*. S. | Cox and J. S. ( osad. But an inconsiderable amount of good* was consumed, though in the confused effort* to protect them from the devouring element, thousands of dollar*' worth were destroyed. There i* little doubt | but that it was tho work of an incendiary. The entire loss is variously estimated at from ten to twenty thousand dollars. Insurance $2,000 on the furniture of the \meri can House. Attempt to Kill.?A man named Joseph Purring ton, a native of Swanaey, hut lately residing at < entral falls, attempted to take the life of his wife on Monday last, nt Olney ville. He first endeavored to shoot Mrs. P. in the back, but the pistol flashed; he then pre sented Ihe same weapon to her breast, and again the I pistol ff.issed fire. Tim wife, after tho second attempt, ran from hi i and raised an alarm, when Partington en deavored t hoot himself with the other pistol which discharged without injury to any one, although many {icrson* by this time were near. He was immediately arre*ted.? Providence Herald. Varieties. A meeting was recently held in the city ofCharles ton, to take into consideration the belt meant of pro moting moral culture and religious improvement among the slaves of the South, at which the Hon. Daniel H. Huger, U. 8. Senator from South Carolina presided. Ad dresses were delivered on the occasion by the Kev. Charles Colcock Jones, of Georgia, and the He v. Dr. Fnller, of Charleston. The Macon Meanengrr of the 29th ult. says? " The treasure which we have mentioned as found in Tattnall county a short time since, all turns out to be counterfeit, being principally copper and zinc, plated or washed with silver. After all the speculatiocs about it, the great interest expressed for the widow who was to share in it, by some, it is really distressing that it should turn out thus. As nld metal, however, the coin will be worth several hundred dollars. Judge Vickery met with a serious accident while on his way to Court. His horses became restless about five miles from Herkimer, and in attempting to hold them, the reins broke, the horses running off at full ! speed. At this juncture the judge jumped from his wa gon, and in so doing broke his leg. Extract of a letter received in this city, dated Ha lifax, N. C., May 30.?1 am writing by a tire, which is really comfortable. To-night I think will finish the cot ton crop in this region?it lias suffered extensively here before?this 1 think will settle its fate. P. S. 31st May?The thermometer at 43 deg. half an hour after sunrise, and trost reported." Jiitnes Smith, the negro who attempted to kill the chief mate of the barque Carlisle. Reuben Frethy, in January last, was on Monday condemned to death at Norfolk. Mr. J. E. Tuel, the young poet turned out of the U. S. Treasury, has issued a prospectus for a whig paper. Mr. T. pretended to be a democrat until turned out of of fice.?Phila. Spirit of thr Timet. Saml. 13. Wylie, D.D., has resigned the professor ship of Greek and Latin in the University of Pennsylva nia, at Phila. The Trustees have voted to continue hi* salary until next January, Col Charles J. Jack, quite a prominent member ' of the Philadelphia Bar, has been indicted for altering a marriage certificate in order to obtain a pension. Tree, who was lately shot by Bridges, in an affray at Evansville, Ark., has since died of his wounds. A young man mimed William Johnson, who was recently wounded by the discharge of a cannon at New town, Pa., has since died from the injuries he ieceived. No Licenses.?The late Court of Common Pleas in l.oraiue coumy, Ohio, refused to grant any licenses to liduor-selling taverns. Thirty thousand dollars have been subscribed for the erection of a large central additional building for the College at Marietta, it will be commenced lorth with. The thermometer in Chesnut street, Philadelphia, at noon on Wednesday, stood at 93 degrees, in the shade. Theatricals. i On the 3lst ult, Ole Bull gave a concert in Cin cinnati, which was crowded to excess. The papers aia extravagantly laudatory of hit performances?tliey say they are quite at a loss to express their feelings on hear ing him, &c. He was assisted by Mr. Duftield and Mr. Peters, both of whom come in for no small share of praise. H. Blake, the Ethiopeau delineator, made his first appearance at the Pittsburgh Theatre on the 3rd inst. Signor Martinez is giving concerts in Cleveland. Miss Chapman had a bumper benefit at the Cleve land Theatre, on Monday evening. The Infant Sisters are drawing good houses in St. Louis. Mr. Sutton, the Necromancer, made his third and last appearance in St. Louis on the ?JHth ult. The "Fakir of Ava" has been at Carlisle, Pa., and has had the good people of that place open mouthed in wondering admiration at his skilful mystification. The Swiss Bell Ringers are delighting the folks at Louisville. The London Timet, in noticing a recent appear ance of Miss Cushman, in a new play called the Infatua tion, says that "she was, as usual, called on after the fall of the curtain." Sui'Ueme Cor kt ?June Term?Thursday, June 5. ?Wells ads. Grilfith?motion to quash writ of error, granted with costs, with leave to plaintiff to file new cer tificate. in the matter of 30th street, New York? appli cation to nay money out of court, referred to clerk at New York. Soule ads. Bump?motion for judgment as in case of non-suit, granted. Davis, Surveyor, lie. vs. Corning?motion to refer, granted. Tisdule vs. Corn stock et al., two causes?motion to set aside execution, denied, with costs. Boyd vs. Comitock et al., do. do. do. Milligan ads. Wcscott?motion for judgment as in case of non-suit, denied, with costs. Osiuun ads. Wescott, do. do. do. do. Maginrtus et al. vs. Moras?motion for leave to amend declaration, granted, on terms. Horton ads. llogeuoora?motion to set asi'le inquest, fee., granted, with costs, by default. Cliamplin et al. ads. Tonnele et al.?motion to change venue, granted by default. Shepard ads. Brotherson ana wile?motion for judgment as in case of non-suit, granted, unless plaintiff stipulate, tec. Monroe ads. Loomis?motion to set aside inquest, tec., granted, on terms. Humphrey ads. Smith?motion for judgment as in rase of non-suit, denied with costs. Cole ads. Stacy motion tor judgment as in case of non-suit, granted by de fault. Josebury ads. Hull?motion to set aside declara tion. granted, with costs, by default. Spencer ads. Camp bell?motion to set aside report of referees, granted, with costs, by default. The people ex rel. Ledynrd vs. Alter, lato Sheriff?motion, cx parte, for leave to prosecute of ficial bond, granted. Fry ads. Alvord?motion for judg ment, as in case of non-suit, granted, by default. In the matter of the application for a mandamus to the justices of the Superior Court. New York, granted, alternative. In the matter oft be application for a mandamus to the Justices of Schenectady Common Pleas?granted, alter native. Wharton etal. vs. Northrop?motion for refer ence?granted by default. Chrysler, et al., ads Fuller ?motion for settlement of bill of exceptions and amend ments?granted, on terms. Baldwin, et al., vs. Smith? motion, ox parte, to amend Sheriffs returns to fi. fa., granted. Wolverton ads. Burroughs?motion for judg ment as in case of non suit, granted by default. Bush vs Fifield?motion to refer,granted by default. In the mat ter of the application for a mandamus to the Judges of the Marine court, New York, granted, alternative. Martin, admx., he. ails. Baker?motion to change venue, denied. In the matter of 3oth street, New York, application to pay money out of court, referred to clerk at New York. Adams ads. Wagner?motion to set aside bond, Sic., de nied, without costs, with leave to except, tec. Van Rensselaer vs. Parks?motion of ex parte for a new exe cution to be issued in place of one destroyed, granted. Jermain vs. Dubois?motion to refer,granted,by default. Tucker ads. Glass, and one other cause?order" that the motions noticcd at this term, in these causes, stand over to next special term. WardeU ails. Mather?motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit, granted, by default. Quin ct al. vs. Applebee?motion to confirm award of arbitra tors, granted by default. Foigcretal. ads. Brewster? motion to change venue, granted, by delault. Raymond ads. Williams?motion by plaintiffto set aside assessment of damages, tec. denied, with costs. Harris et al. ads. Bosher?motion to set aside inquest, tec., granted on terms. Conant et al. vs. Vedder?motion to vacate an order of relercnco, denied with costs. Bogardus exr. ads. Bogardus -motion to stay plaintiff's proceeding un til 1st August next, granted on terms. Miller ads. Hail ?motion tor judgment, as in case of non suit,denied with costs, without prejudice. Yosburgh ads. Keith and wife ? motion to sot aside default, tec., granted on terms. Bab bit et al ads Bull?motion to change venue, denied, with costs. Manchester imp'd. tec. ads. Stocking. Motion to set aside default, tec.?granted, with costs, with leave to plfftorepl to special plea in twenty days. Bartlett, stiff, tec. ads. Downer. .Motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit, granted unless plaintiff stipulate and pay costs, Kllison vs Katharine at al. .Motion to refer, granted. Hamilton vs The Chenango Co. Mut. Ins. Co. vlotion to reler, granted by default. Defrance vs. Bar ber, and two other cause*. Motion for a commission, granted, by default. The People ex. rel. Clark vs. The Judges of Kssex Common Picas. Motion for peremptory mandatius?granted. Sternberg)! ads. Fellers et al. Motion to change venue-denied ?.?llbani/ .Irjiix. A St.aver not Caught ?There was a little hub bub at. Boston on Thursday morning, owing to the supposed arrival of a certain <. n plain Douglass, formerly of ttie brig Kentucky, which vessel he is alleged to have ?old on the coast ol Africa, to be employ e I in th? slave trade. Captain Douglass went froin Africa to Rio de Janeiro, and departed thence, as was supposed for the United States, via Pernambuco. The United States con sul at Rio wrote to the Marshal at Boston to be on the look out for lum; and on the arrival of the barque Anita, yesterday morning, at Boston, trom Pernambuco, the Marshal hoarded her with a warrant for Cant. Douglas*. Butthvic was no such man on boord?onlj a Captain Brace, late of ship Maaaniallo. It is intimated, however, that Bruce may be an alias for Douglass. A notour Firk in Portland-?Expreas Office, Portland, June 5. 1A.M.?A lire broke out about half past 11 o'clock, last night, in a joiner's shop on Plumb street, occupied by Benjamin l.arrabee, 'id. and owned by Thomas Mcl.elian, Ksq. which was entirely destroyed with its content*. A quantity of shooks, lum ber, tee., stored in an adjacent yard, owned by Messrs. J. M. I oolbroth te Co. was destroyed. The dwelling house ol Reuben Mitchell, Ksq.; and the store of Major AT. Dole, contiguous ware saved. The loss of property will not exceed ? thousand dollars. The origin of the (lie was evidently the work of an incendiary. Tiik Mormon Trials?On the 21st ultimo, the irialsof persons charged with the murder of Hiram and Joe Smith, commenced at Carthage, Illinois. The prisoners, J. C. Davis, late an Illinois Senator. T. C. Sharp, editor of the H'ar$aw Signal, Mark Aldrich, Wm. N. Orover, and Col. Levi Williams, complained b\ affi davit of the partial manner in which the )iirora had been selected, and prayed the court that Rliton be appointed to (elect a jury, which the court grunted. '1 he jury wa* not entiroly empanncled at the last accounts. A notour Mi'RnnR.?At Maysville, Arkansas, a foul murder was perpetrated in that village on the. nightofthe 10th ult., by sotao unknown assassin Tho name of the murdered man i* K. (leorge, a Cherokee. The deoeasod, III company with some other Cherokee*, had gone to Maj sville ou Saturday, and there got into a drunken frolic, and is supposed to have been in a state of intoxication ?t the time lie received the fatal blow. HI* body was found on the following day.

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