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June 7, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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BrronofthePmi. ... . n ,plr|ee happy h? whose name ha* been wall spelt In the despatch ; J knew a matt who<e loss Was printed Grove, although his name was Grose." (iron as was the mis|>riut quoted abu\r, typoKTa"hicalcrrors occur quite as frequently uow-a-days, aa the* aid during tin life-time of Lord Byro.i. Perhapn no person has suffered jgreat ?r vexation, in this is |>ect, than Dr. Jelix Oof baud. It Is cer tainly mortifying to imve a fine poetical sentence, or nicely rounUed period, Knocked intu jste liy tlie drvil, hut fortunately Ihe pstrons of Dr. GouRaud are too well pleased with his iues tiniable Italian Medicated Soap, to piy much attention to the smoothness of his advertisements. Smoothueti of Skin is all they require ; und this they hive to their heart's content. No longer smarting with the pain or mortification of Salt Rheum, ringworm, erysipelas, scurvy, eruptions, blotches, tan, freckles, sunburn, sallowueta, redness and roughness, they can well af ford ts laugh at a few misprints. The Italian Medicated Soay is a delicious article for sharing ; can be used in either hard or tall water, and floats on tlie surfice like a cork Ooi'RAl'D s roadves Sub tile t possess the surprising merit of instantly anu completely extirpating superfluous human hair! 'L/~ Be careful and get Got baud's Italian Medica'fd SOaji. J>oi:e of Dr. Felix Goihaud's preparations unless purchased at his depot, 67 WALKER STREt-T, first ?toro from Broadway. Bear this particularly Hi mind. Boston Subscriptions to the New York HE H ALD received by the Authorised Agents, Redding It Co. 8 State street. Terms?SI 95 |>er quarter, or three ceuti for single copies. Weekly Herald, every Saturday morning, pries 6 cents, or S3 per aunum. ... All new and cheap publications for sale as soon as issued. Boston Publishers of Thiers' Napoleon. All Philadelphia Subscriptions to the Herald must be paid to the onl? authorized Agents, Zis ber&Co., 3 Leuger Buildinx, Third street, near Chestnut.? Terms?74 cents a month, including tlie Sunday paper; or 65 cents without it; delivered free of chirge in any part of Phila delphia. Single copies for sale as above, daily, at 1 o'clock Price 3 cents. The Weekly Herald is also for sale every Saturday morn ing?Price 6,Si cents, or $3 |?r annum, delivered iu any part of Philadelphia, free of postage. If/"" All the new and cheap Publications for sale at their es tablishment, as soou as issued, wholesale and retail. IE/*" With the exception of one pai>er, tlie " Herald" is read as much, perhaps, in Philadelphia, as any paper published in that city, affording a valuable medium to advertisers. Advertise ments handed to the agents at half past 4 o'clock, will appear in the Herald next day. Erysipelas, or Saint Anthony's Fire.? Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are an easy, safe nnd certain cure lor Erysipelas ; because they carry off by the stomach and bowels those morbid humors which, if deposited on the lungs, are the cause of the above dangerous complaints, From three to six of said Indian Vegetable Pills will make a perfect cure of the most obstinate attack ol Erysipelas; at the same time the digestion is improved, and the blood so completely purified, that new life and vigor are giveu to the whole frame. Caution.?As many unprincipled persons are industriously engaged in selling Counterfeit rills, the public should be ex tremely careful to purchase from none except advertised Agents, persons of known integrity, or at the Office and Gene ral Depot, No. 288 Greenwich street, New York. N.B.?In all cases, be particular to ask for geuuin* Wright's Indian Vegetable Pilli. Medical Notice?-The Advertisements of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Suppression of Quaekery, in the cure of all diseases, will hereafter appear ou the fourth page, and last column of this paper. W. S. RICHARDSON, M.D.. Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 95 Nassau st. MONEY MARKET. Friday, June Oth?G P.M. The Stock market was rather heavy to-day, and prices were quite feverish. Some went up, some down, and some closed firm at yesterday's prices. Stonington de clined j per cent; Long Island ?; Harlem}; Farmers' Loan Penn. 5's J; Norwich and Worcester advanced ? per cent; Canton 4; Ohio 6's i; Erie Railroad 1J; Read ing Railroad, Morris Canal, Illinois, Indiana and Mo hawk, closed at yesterday's prices. The sales of some of the fancies were large, and the market appears to be drooping again. The Merimack Manufacturing Company of Lowell hare declared a semi-annual dividend of 10 per cent Ths total receipts of the Portland Railroad for the year ending May 31, were $131,404 18. The total expen ditures, excluding interest, were $61,822 36. The inter est paid was $17,410 0. The net profits were $62,171 86. Of this $51,694 have been paid in dividends. The net earnings have been 7 2-10 per cent. Those of the pre ceding year were 4 63-100 per cent. The Commissioners of the County of Philadelphia have unanimously agreed to anticipate, if necessary, the collection of the State taxes, and place at the disposal of the State Treasurer, fifteen days before the 1st of August next, a sum equal to the amount of the probable net pro ceeds of the tax in the city and county, about $300,000. The report of the Bank of the Metrot>olis of Washing ton, D. C., for May 30th, 1844, shows the amount in the leading departments to be as annexed. Bank of the Metropolis. Jlneti. Liabilities. Loans and discounts,. .$832,007 Circulation $163,870 Specie 260,459 Deposits. 392,203 Due U. 8. Treasurer.. 628,336 TreasurerU. S 630,871 Negotiations have been for some time past pending be tween the Reading Railroad Company and the Schuyl kill Navigation Company, for the regulation of charges lor transporting coal, and for a more equal distribution of business. The Railroad Company have refused all ?vertnras from the Cnnnl Cnjnpnny. nnd hnve p*nrp*s?ri their determination to make the business of the road in dependent of any and every other work of public im provement. The increase in the quantity of coal trans ported on the railroad, and the increase in the re ceipts of the company are sufficient to satisfy all that the productiveness of the work will ultimately be much greater than anticipated. The road cost an immense amount of money, and the debt of the company is large but the receipts are largs enough already to provide for the payment of the interest on its liabilities, and the same rate of increase realized thus far this year, for the remainder of the season will actually give the company a surplus. The weekly returns of this company since the 1st of Not. last, show an increase in the receipts com pared with the previous season of about one hundred per tent The weekly receipts are now greater than any other road in the country, and the stock must, if the in crease continues to increase as rapidly as it has, soon rank equal to any in this market. An increase in the charge lor transporting coal on the Reading Railroad of ten cents per ton, will be made on the 1st of July, and a further increase of fifteen cents per ton will be made ou the 1st of August The business for June upon this road was some time since estimated at 76,000 tons, but it is supposed now that this estimate will be increased, as the actual transportation for the past two or three months has exceeded the estimates. In the early stages of the construction of this rood, it was predicted it would never be able to competo successfully with the Schuylkill Ca nal. The immense sum expended ia completing the road and in furnishing the appurtenances, induced many to think that it was ono of the wildest speculations of the day. These predictions came very near being verified* ?nd until the road fell into the hands of its prosent ma. uagers, it bid fair of becoming a dead weight. It is now controlled principally by eastern capitalists, and under their administration, will, without much doubt, soon be one of the most profitable roads for its length in the coun try, a* it is already one of the most productive. The ?uccess of this road alongside of tho Schuylkill Canal> both bringing coal from the same vicinity, ii one of the strongest evidences in favor of railroad transportation. A great competition has existed from the commencement between these two works, and the result is an increase in the receipts of the railroad company larger than in any other company in the States, and a falling off in the receipts of the Canal Company of about the same per cent. Tho Canal Company have for some time past been carrying coal for the most trifling toll, and it is stated, have, in some instances, opened tho canal for the free navigation of boats loaded with coal, notwithstanding which, wo see a steady increase in the receipts o f the Railroad Company, and a decline in business on the Ca' nal. The rapid improvement in rail road transportation must monopolize the carrying trade of the section of country in which they are located. We have at least two instances in New England where canals have be come perfectly useless after the construction of railroads in thoir vicinity?the Middlesex Canal running from Boston to Lowell, and tho Hartford and Northampton Canal. These works are nearly useless, and it is by no means improbable that similar works in other States will eventually, unless especially protected by legislative enactments, become as unprofitable and useless. Canals cannot la this country competo successfully with rail roads, when both are placed upon an equal level, and the experience of the past few years must havo been sufficient to satisfy any closo observer that it would tie folly to make onynew expenditures upon the formor.with the hope of enabling them to draw business away from the latter. Expedition being the life of business, rail scads must secure tho bulk of the carrying trado, until some more rapid mode of transportation is invented. On come routos the transportation of freight on railroads is preferred to steamboats, and the advantage* cf railroads particularly in the transportation of coal, where frequent changes are attended with loss, are much greater than in any other mode of conveyance. The recent decision of the Supreme Court of this State in relation to the general banking law, is anoth er evidence of the gro ? ignorance of the legis' lators of our assembly, and another instance of the many errors committed through the desperate, headless movements of party loaders. We find in nearly every legislative body in tho country, leading politicians igno" rant of the etl'oot of nearly every law passed, and totally unacquainted with tho requirements ol the constitution, upon uny question they may act upon. are passed affecting tho interests of thousands, and in volving in their operations millions upon millions of dol lars, without giving the first moments reflection to the legality or illegality, without any reference to the Con stitution of the State, and without the least regard to the ruinous consequences that may result from the hasty la gislation so general in all our legislative bodies, l.nw* kr? sent in to the world half mad* up, with every impor tant elauM to confuted that they will admit of half a dozen construction*, and 10 defective that a repeal i? required before a fair opportunity hoi been allow od Tor their operation. The grou ignorance so .requently exhibited, ii by no mean* confined :o our State Legiilature*, but we find it equally ii palpable in Congro**, and tho continual changes made ,u the law* of the country, are produced more from thi* cauie than any other. The docision in the 8upreme Court of the State of New York, referred to, declares the general banking law of the State, passed April 18th, 1838, unconstitutional, and endangor* the exittence of contracts and property amounting to millions ol dollar* The decision grew out of a trial of an individual for Uaving in his posseision, with an intent to pa**, certain forged and counterfeit note* purporting to be of the Bank of Warsaw, a bank established under the general bask ing law of this State. The defence argued that the Bank of Warsaw waa not a body capable of being defrauded? that the act under which the association was formed wa* unconstitutional and void, because it wa* not passed by a vote of two-thirds of the member* of the legisla ture. Upon the trial the defendant was convicted and sentenced to the State's Prison for five yeara It was upon an appeal from thi* verdict that the deciiion of the Supreme Court wa* made. The deciiion states that the fundamental law says "that the assent of two-third* of the members elected to each branch of the Legislature shall be requisite to every bill creating, con. tinuing, altering, or renewing any body politic, or cor porate." The general banking law waa not pasied by a two-thirds vote, and the question arise* whether associa tions formed under that law are bodies politic or corpor ate or not,for if they are,the law wa* not pasied injiuch a manner a* to give it validity. The Supreme Court de cided that they are corporation*, and the Court of Error* decided that they are not bodies politic or corporate.? The whole queition turns upon this point, and upon this ground the question must be decided. By a vote of 23 to 1, the Court of Error* decided that the general banking law was valid and constitutionally enacted, and by a rote of 22 to 3, it decided that the association* organized in conformity with the provision* of that act were not incor porated within the *pirit and meaning of the conititutien. Thn Court of Errors is now in session, and tho decision of the Supreme Court will, without doubt, receive imme diate attention. A settlement of this qnostioa is of the most vital importance, a* the oxistence of nearly one half of the banking capital of the State depends upon a favorable deoision. Should the Court of Error* confirm the docision of the Supreme Court, and (he general bank ing law be pronounced unconstitutional by the two high" est courts in the State, it will create a vast deal of em barrassment among the companies doing business under that law, annul an immense amount of contracts, derange every department of trade, and produce bankruptcy among many who have embarked their property in this business. The enormous amount at issue, and the terri ble consequence which will result from a decision un favorable to thi* law, might well have influenced the Judges of the Supreme Court in mahing their decision' and the Court of Errors must feel and will no doubt be influenced by the tremendous respomibility resting upon it. We want the question settled once for all. The Court of Error* has once decidcd upon it, and now they have the samo thing to do again. The law ha* been in operation more than seven years, and it* consti tutionality is not yet satisfactorily settled. In the event of the Court of Errors reversing its previous decision, and confirming that of the Supreme Court, the Legislature will have to pass a law legalizing existing contracts, and amend the bill so that the institutions now in opera tion, will be permitted to continue their business. . It will not be just to allow individuals to suffer through the gross ignorance of the member* of previous legisla tures. These free banks have increased very rapidly within the past three years, and now number sixty-five| in the State with a capital of $12,337,147. According to the last report of the Comptroller of this State, the loans and discount* of these sixty-five free bank*, amounted to $16,620,740; the circulation to $5,689,697 ; deposits, $8,412,551. The aggregate liabilities of the free bank* amounted to $31,644,421, and of the chartered bank* to $87,763,926 ; a little more than one-third of tho bank movement of this State, is carried on by the free banks The safety fund banks upon the expiration of their char ters, continue in operation under the general banking law, and eventually?if this law i* sustained?the bank ing business of this State will be monopolized by these banks. Of the two systems uow in existence, this general banking system, which i* declared unconsti tutional >? ?? much siinorinr to the Safety Fund as a dollar in silver is to a dollar in paper promise*. We trust tho dangers and diflicultie* this question threat ens to produce in financial affair*, will have a good effect in future legislation upon important matters, and that the representatives of the people will have some re gard for the constitution so long as we have one. Old Stock $5000 U 8 6'*, '62 112 300 N Y State 5'*, '58 101 2000 III. .pel bonds 39 281100 do s6m 38 10000 d<- sim 38 12000 Ohio fi'i, *60 99% 30000 do *3m 99 3000 Alabama 3'* 73 20000 Penn'a 5's 74% 3000 do ?60 74 '4 CflOO Indiana bonds 333% 73 shas Farm's Tr 30 do 230 do 130 do 123 do 23 Cantou Co 100 do 100 Reading RR 100 do 75 do 100 do 130 73 100 30 100 30 50 b60 U5>, 35 *30 35 33% 43 42% 30 blO tflj,' 4M 50% Second $10000 111. ?ncl bond* 60d 39 5000 do s30 38 150 shas Nor and Wore 73% 50 Morris Canal 32% New Stock $1000 Ind. bonds, 25 yrs tyr 32% 50 shas U 8 Bank 25 do 25 Canton Co 100 do 50 do 50 Harlem RR 25 Nor and Wore 25 do 25 do 300 do 100 do 50 do 25 do 25 do 25 do do a3 6 blO 43 sGO 42% liCO 43% b60 iJ j $ 25 b3 74 c 73% c 73% b3 73% c 73% ? 10 73% styr 72 i>3 73% *3 73% Kxchange. 150 alias .Morris Canal 125 do do do do do do do do 100 Harlem RR 130 Erie RR 300 do 30 Mohawk RR 50 do 30 do 25 L Island RR 125 Stouington RR 100 do 50 Nor and Wore 200 do ?30 do Board. 150 shas L Island RR 25 do 30 Stonington RR Exchange. 50shas Farm's Tr 150 do do do do do do do do 50 L Island RR 50 do 1.50 do 225 do 100 Stonington RR 100 do 100 do li60 32% 32's 33% 32% 33% 32 32 32% 32% 70'i 30 30% 58% 58% Wi 71% 33 33 73's 350 175 100 100 50 50 *60 35 *3 35% c 35 C 35 b3 351' s3 35'* s3 31 l> 10 35i b30 35 71% *30 71 C 71% ll'-a styr 31 32% s30 32% Sales of Stocks at Boston. BnoKKR'f Boaro, Jtm*5?7 shares Cheshire RR, 102; 25 do Charlestown Branch RR, slm, 75%; 20 bhawmut Bk, 95%; 30 East Boston Co, 13%; 23 do dividcida. 8; 150 Long Island RR 71S; 150 do 71%; 50 do, 3d, 71%; 100 Norwich and Worcester RR. 73; 50 do, blm, 73%; 75 Reading RR, 21%; 25 do, bljd, 23; 50 Wilmington RR, blm, 18%; 130 do 18%; $1000 Reading RR bonds, I860, 72; $5000 do, 1850, 87%. TO Til!-; PUBLIC. THE Public in New Tork are cautioned against harboring or trusting my wife DEL ANIA, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting, she having wilfully, maliciously and with out any just cause, deserted my bed and board. She is known in New York by the name of Miss Freeman. ? C. H. BRAINARD. Boston, June 3,1145. j7 2t*ec 470(H) WANTED on a superior farm in Westchester w county, at 7 per cent per annum, for five years property worth more than double the amount. A very liberal commission will be paid for this loan, if procured immediately. Apply for description to T. A. FOWLER, Je7 It'rc 10 Jones Building, CO Wall 'st. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OP DRILLINGS ?The most desirable style* we have had to offer, will be made up loorder at our usual moderate prices. WM. T. JENNINGS It CO. Tailors. je 7 3t is ec 231^ Broadway. UUMMER CLOTHS?Just received, black, olive, brown V and green; for dress andfrock coats, particularly desirable lor the pre*eut seanon. je7 3t is-ec WM. T. JENNINGS k CO. PI Broadway. LINEN AND MUSLIN CRAVATS?In new and hand* some patterns, at 231 Broadway, Americau Hotel. Je7 Jt is W. T. JKNNINOS lie CO COPARTNERSHIP. THE subscribers have entered into a copirtnership, uuder the firm ot Strong 8t Prevost. in the mumfactnre of Print in v Cloth* iinu other Cotton Goods, at Krankfort, Pa. Peraont winning to make contract* for Rood* in their line, will apply to George D. Strong, 31 Beaver street. New York, or to Charles M. Prevost, at the manufactory at Frankl'ord. Or'.O. D. STHONO, , , ?? CHARLES M. PREVOST. Philadelphia, June 4,1815. jr7 |t?m DR. ROSS WOULD call the atiention of Physicians to his ABDOMI NAL SUPPORTER, which for three y.a/s ha. proved so efficacious as to be satisfactory to thnae who have tried il, as well aa gratifying tohimself. Many eminent men in the Profession approve ot it, some of whom are the following? Prof. V Mott, I A H Stevens, M D. R K. Hoffman. MD. Prof. W. Parker, J. ( Bliss, M D. K. E B'rger, M. D Prof. J. B. Beck, I A. ('. Post, M. D. A. N. Ginn, M. I). nro? Ai^ee, A. L. Co*, M D. f?. VVilkes, VI. D. r/vJ" P. Wwui? J-H. Borrowe, M D. A Clinton. M D. h U.Johnsoii.MD. | R. S. Kissam, M. D H. I). Bulkiey.Vt D. A.E.Mo?ck,M.D. I G. A. Sabine M. D J. Beakley, M. D. J. A. Swett, M I) J. Linslev, M. D. W. P. Buel. M. D. W^C. Roberts, md. | B. W. M'Cready,M D A. Smith, M. D, lie. ' r'c! $5.?28 Amity street, June I, 1845. ju7 lm*m DENTI8TRY?VALUABLE DISCOVERY. ... PRESERVE YOUR TEETH. W ,,,, l7, Pyauik! toothache, when by calling can hail i. . il ? Broadway, yon new pren rationhfJV "-VJ1 "'"T'v. "'red. He has an entire pain or iiiroiit tsnUiiri H 11 M? * frW minute* without mi" atter, he",11^' ntr*" * vi"' ving it extracted. It is ee^i dy ,*,!f fl I m,d ''."J1'" "f ^ of Ale age, and never fail.? tK-SsiPed eff^.7 nn iler teeth filled without anyTinldea^, , .. ?! ,? M"'J"!1 teeth insi'rted in the most api.r.,v,.,| mi'i'ier 'j .t Vm'''0,. FOR TUKT'Lis BAY ?~~ IV HERE are you going on Sundav Harr*!" " uri. " I'm going to Turtle Day, tos./'Tovi Lav UfllL a delirious plate of chowder and a refreshing shetrv ' termingled with a fine breete and lovial!?!^ Tint's't'h, Ift? ?ll to, between It audi o'aiock, by tlw Harleti Railroad or Atmos Sta?M. ' ' ' p GREAT CONFUSION IN NEW YORK CITY. THERE arc in the city of New York a vast number of per sons afflicted with diseases of the lungs in ill its varion ?'axes, who are constantly ou the search Tor tome remedy t' <lve tliem relief or effect their cure. TliU great desideratun was obtained a number of yrari since by the discovery of valuable Indian recipe bv J. H. Schenck. from which wa manufactured Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup. For years ]*st con sumptives hare uied scarcely any remedy but this Syrup which lias obtained for itself a reputation in all parts of the Uni ted States unequalled by that of any medicine ever before th> public. This medicine is still eatterly sought alter, and the In tense anxiety mauifested by the alflcted to obtain the genuin) Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, is the strongest proof of the eificac) oi the medicine. Like every thingelse valuable, attempts have beeir-made t< couuterleit the original, and introduce spurious imitations, and the author feels it to be a duty he owes the community at large to exuose these impositions, and place the public upon then guard. I will now notice a man who has uutil lately been employed by the proprietor as agent in the city of New York. 1 hi Srnt was suppjied with Syrup from my laboratory in Philadel launtil within a few weeks post. Complaints were made ti me that the Syrup sold (n New Vork was adulterated with spu rious imitations, and. upon i.vestigatiou, I found the agent was manufacturing anil imposing upon the public a fictitious article ill the name ol Schenck'* Pulmonic Syrup. Of course, I imme diately discontinued his agency*, and 1 now see by the public journals that lie has had the unblushing effrontery to endeavor, by insinuation, to induce the public to believe that he wa< identified with the origin of Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, and Willi the same disregard for truth, sew up a claim to possess the old Indian ltecipe which cured him of consumption, iu common with thousands of otheis. Public safety, and justice to the af flicted, requires of me to expose this agent, that impositious Irom this source shall cease. He is charged with an effort to deceiv e the citizens of New York by endeavoring, by insinua Hon, to induce the public to believe that the Syrup which lie offers for sale is the same as tin- genuine Schenck i Pulmonic Syrup, which is a falsehood, and lie dark not assert it indirect terms. 1 charge him with ins inuatiiig to the public that the syrup which he offers for sale, is maue by the same receipt as that which cured him of coomiminion, which is equally false. 1 charge him with endeavoring to prejudice the public against me, by creating distrust from want of the experience ol age, by calling me a "young man," "a youth," knowing at the same time that I am his equal, if not senior in age, with a large fa mily. 1 charge him with solemnly swearing before the Hon. Judge Oastou, that Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup cured him of a disease of seven years standing. If he possessed the old original re cipe, why did he not cure himself? Why did he take twenty four bottles of 8chenck's Pulmonic Syrup, and then go before the Hon. Judge Gaston, and solemnly swear that it cured him I He is now arraigned before the bar of public opinion to an swer to these charges. First, that he has no knowledge wliat ?*er of the recipe for the Syrup which has been sold iu New York for years past as Schenck s Pulmonic Syrup. Second, that he has never acted in any capacity other than agent, which, if he denies, we will prove from his letters to me at I hiladelphia, where lie subscribes himself agent. We chal lenge him to answer to these charges, and his failure will at puce satisfy the public who is the proprietor of the old genu ine Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup. Mark the slv cunning of this man?he will not come to the point?he will not a'iswer the ouestion which the public de maud1 ol him?tosay that he holds the old origiual recipe which cured him of consumption, and to which he swore; no, flexi ble as his conscience is, he dare not say it. He has been chal lenged assert iu unequivocal terms, tliathe possessed the recipe of the Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, which he as ageur has sold for the last two years. If he is not an imposter?if he does not wish to deceive the public, why does he not come out in d'rect termsf Because human nature, howevermorally de praved, still dreads the lash of the law. Notice.?P. 8. BeeUman, 4ilJi Courtlandt street, is no longer my agent for the sale of the genuine Schenck's Pulmonic Sy rup. Office No. 4 Courtlandt street, opposite the National Hotel, exclusively for the sale of the Syrup, and also W. Burger, 59 | Courtlandt St., authorised agent. je7 3t*ec J. H. SCHENCK. LOST OR STOLEN?A black Newfoundland Pup. The finder will be suitably rewarded by re turning the same to No. 84 Greenwich street. j7 lt'ec IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. RECEIVED from Switzerland, by packet ship JZurich. an assortment of Watches and Movements of 'every description and of first quality, ready for the wholesale trade, at moderate prices. DELACHAU8E It MAIRE, ju7 tm*rc No. 187 Fulton street. New York. jtaA HOTEL TO LET?One of the best and" must re spectable locations in the city, with a lease of 5 years he fixtures [nearly new] and part of the furniture,will lie sold with the Hotel. Possession about the 1st of July next. The proprietor does not deem it necessary to give particulars, as those wishing to purchase, will, of course, examine for themselves. Address Hotel," Post Office, or may be lelt at 132 Nassau street, office. Ju7 tt*rc TROY HOUSE, 1ROY, N. Y. COLEMAN k ROGERS, Proprietors.?This House, so long and favorably known to the travelling public, is now open. A new story has been added and extensive alterations made; among which are the extension of the Dining room, to a length of ninety feet, and, by folding doors connecting, can Be extended to one hundred and thirty feet; thirty new parlors, with bed rooms attached: pleasant and airy rooms to the number of sixty have been added?affording accommodations for 300 persons.? The house hss been painted and papered throughout. The cars for Boston, Buffalo and Saratoga, startfrom the frout of this house. It is also but a few steps from the steamboat landing. ... The proprietors trust, by their personal attention t o their bu siness and guests, to receive continued and increased patronage. .CHARLES 8. COLEMAN. Late of the Astor House. CHARLES M. ROGERS, ju7 lm*rc Late of th?Steamer Empire. WARREN IIALL. No. 3 Warren street. THE SUBSCRIBERS having fitted the above house us a Hotel, in a style of comfort and convenience, for the ac commodation of citizens generally and visitors to the city, would respectfully solicit for themselves a portion of tlieir pa tronage. Their larder will be at all times well. stocked with tlie best the markets can afford. The Wines, Liquors and Segars are of the best quality. The bedrooms neatly furnished, spacious and airy. While from its central location. Iieiug near the City Hall, ana in the centre of business, it will afford great inducement to those visiting the city. DIUTTOtf, C. McCORKLK. N. B.?The usual relishes served npat all times. je7 lm*ec .SARATOGA, NIAGARA, QUEBEC. &c PERSONS intending to visit these places, will do well to provide themselves with the Travellers Hand Book, just published and for sale at the map store. No. 237 Broadway, op posite the Park. This work, which describes every town along the leiding routes, with the objects of interest in each, is illustrated by a large sheet map of New York, and one of the Hudson river, and is just such a work as travellers to the north require?Price 75 cents. je7 !t*m GREEN TURTLE SOUP. JL. POULETT respectfully inform* hi* friend* and the ? public. that he will serve up a sniwrior Green Turtle, of 100 nnnnds. into Soup and Steaks, on Thursday next, June 12th at BURN'HAM'S, on the Bloomingdale Road, at 4 o'clock, P. M. J. L P feels confident that epicure*, who may wish a fine Steak and rich Soup, will endorte, unon trial, the pood opinion the 'ommti'iity have long entertained concerning hi* abilities to prepare tho*e article*. A Pigeon Shooting Mitch will come oflT on the lime day, and 300 Pigeons will he on the ground. A great Chowder will be ready on Suuday. j7 It*re SUMMER AND WINTER EFFERVESCING LEMON AND GINGER BEVERAGE, Prepared and Manufactured by J. IV. KELLY, And (old wholesale and retail by A. C. HAL LOCK fc CO., 149 Fulton direct, near Broadway, New York. And Retail by Dr. Milnor, corner of Broadway and John street; Win. Orahiin's Book Store; Jansen 8c Bell, Tribune Buildiugs Nassau atreet, and J. Man.haein, No. 6 Spruce street. j7 lt'rc NOTICE. That the Office for the Sale of SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP Has been removed from No. 493s Courtlandt street, to NO. 4 COURTLANDT ST. O"P. T. BEEKMAN, of 49}?, isno longer an Agent for the genuine 8ciikx<:k's Pulmonic syrup. jT 3t*ec SUCH BLUE FISHING a* has been aeen at HAMMOND'S Port Washington Hotel, on the North Shrewsbury Hirer, for the past several days was never known before. The steam boat "ORUS."recently lengthened, will leave the Fulton Mar ket, Sunday morning at 8 o'clock, and return at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, thus giving visitors an opi>ortunity to enjoy t beau tiful anil up and down the bay, a splendid Kish Dinner at "Ham mond's" and all other et-ceteras. Hundreds will enjoy this first opening of the season to-morrow. j7 lt*rc ASTOR HOUSK LITERARY BULLETIN. ALL the new anil cheap Publications of the day are for sale, wholesale or retail by W. TAYLOR, No. 2 Astor House. JUST PUBLISHED. No. 20 Harper's Pictorial Bible, for 25 cents?all the back numbers. Nrrman. or the Privatpenman's Bride, by Ingraham?a splen did set novel.' Price I2W[. The Eventful Life of a Soldier. Price 25. ?Jems from the Bohemian Oirl, seven favorite piecea, for only 12!. eta. Cheap, certainly. The Crescent and the Cross, forming Nos. 11 and 12 of Wiley St Putnam's Library of Books which are Books, for SI. Mrs Caudle's Curtain Lectures ; price O'-j. The first edition is nearly all told. Call early. Time Works Wonder* ; price 12,'i cts. Every one should PAPERS OF THE WEEK. Weekly Herald I'* The Saturday Emporium 6'? " Sun 3 Rover, with plate 6'.t " Tribune fi't Phila. Saturday Courier... 6'4 " New* 8% " " Po*t Broadway Journal 8\s Neal'* " (Jazette... Anglo American 6'.t Boston Notion .. 3

Alleghauian R' t " York fc Uncle Sam 3 The Mirror 6l.i Living Afe No. 56 12)* Loudon Punch, Illustrated News, Pictorial Time*, anil all the principal Piper*. Slagaiine*, and cheap publications, issued in this country or Europe, fors^le, wholeiale or retail, bv je7 ltVc WM TAYLOR, No 2 Astor House. A BUSINESS MAN, who has some $12000 at his command, would like to become interested in some well established and regular business, and wliere th? transactions are at a fair profit and considered safe. Such as may wish a partner and money?persons who may wish to retire very soon, or if any regular and well known estsldished Manufacturing business, miy address M. C. A., at the Post Office, and communications will be held confidential. j''7 2ti<*rre USEFUL BOOKS. This day is published-the home >ind TR.1VKLLEHH' r.tBMHY. No. VII., containing DONALDSONS EVENTFUL LIFE OF A SOLDIER. Thi* is the personal narrative of a Serjeant in the Ninety-fourth Scots Brigade, and details the varied incidents of service in the WAR IN THE PENINSULA, and adventure* iu other part* of the world. Perhaps a more vivid picture of LIFE IN THE RANKS ha* never appeared. Forthcoming immediately. No. VIII. of the Home and Tra vellers' Library, containing Dunn's History of the Oregon Ter ritory and British North American Pur Trade No. 1?Contains Texas and the (Julf of Meiico?Price 25 cent*. No. 2?The Englishwoman in Egypt?25 cent*. No. 3?Nighlsof the Round Table?15 cents. No. 4?Sketche* of Imposture, Credulity and Deception?25 cent*. No 5?The Op'iim War in China?25 cents. No f> ? Impressions of Ireland and the Irish. Bytheautl.or of 'The < Jreit Metropolis," fcc?25 cents. These books are .'so neatly bound for 37W cent*, and form a valuable collection for librariesand others who wish good books worth preserving. Kor sale hv BUR< JESS, 8TRINOER k Co., and other bookseller* in this city. j? 2igl>r. " MLOCK TIN WARK MANUFACTORY. A GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planished Tin and Common Tin Ware, Cntlery, Hard and Hollow Ware Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, Shaker Seives ami Brooms?in short, every variety ol house-keeping article*. N B.?A complete assortment of Coffee and Tea I fro*, Table Dishes and <'over*, lie., He., for hotels sod steamboats, on hand and ma inf (Cfuied tt the shortest notice. )*4 la*r? JAMES Y. WATKINS, 14 Catharine itnet, New York. AUCTION NOTICES. ANCIENT ENGRAVINGS AT AUCTION. A LEVY will sell cmi Baturd -y_ Evening. at 8 o'c oek, at No ? K)3 Br??dway, an invoice of R?re ?nd Ancient Engr.v ius, by old Masters. Collector* are invited lo call ana exa niue thrin Al'o, various article* of fancy Lara Ornaments, Sic. ju6 2l*in 3URGL.4RV, ROBBERY AND EIRE INSURANCE rHE following gentlemen, on (tie 2d instant. were unani mously fleeted Directors of the New York Equitable lu mrauce Compiiy, for the eusuii.g y<t?i? Lambert Suydam, Henry \ ates, A. P. Halsey, Shepherd Kn.ijui, A. (i Thompson, J. W. Duryee, lot u P. N-smith, Harvey Weed, R. A. Robert ton. 1'aul Spofford, Henry Rowland, Jauies E Cooley (J. H. Stud, (ieorge Rapel\e, Gardner A S;?ge, Joseph Bouchaud, Robert L. Smith, John Huthven, I ipif. O. Ward, P. A Hargous. John C.Clarkaon Vnd yesterday, at a meeting of the new board, Lumbrrt Suy tUni, Esq., was unanimously re-elected President for the eusuiug year. This Company insure* against lois and damage by Burglary tnd Hobbery, duri' g the absruce of the occupants aud closing of iheir houses; and also, insure 'gainst fiie risks, at tlieir office. 5t? Wall street LAMBERT SUYDAM, President. JOSEPH STRONG, Secretary. jS 3tis*rh PAPER WAREHOUSE. PERSSE & BROOKS, Noi. 65 mid 07 Nauoa Street, HAVE always on hand a complete assortment of every de scription of l'a|* r to be found iu a paper warehouse. They own the large Piper Mill at Winas< r Locks, Conuecti cat, (formerly the Windsor manufacturing Company )oiieratiug ?line Engines and two 02 incliFourdrinirr Machines, which en able them to supply all orders for Paper, on the most reasonable terms, and with the utmost despatch. jug Iwrc BOOKKEEPING, tec. No. 88 CEDAR STREET. CI C. MARSH, Accountant, author of the popular works '? on Bookkeeping, and long established in this city as a teacher and practical r.ccountant, continues to give thorough and practical instruction in Bookkeeping, Commercial Arithmetic, and mercantile writing. Prospeciusses with terms, hours, re ferences, Sic. Sic. obtained at the rooms. jefi fwis*rc NEW ARRANGEMENTS ~ KABINEAU'S DESBROSSES STREET BATHS. TO THE LADIES?The Laige Swimming Bath, formerly located at the Battery, north side of Castle Garden bridge is now open at the foot of Deshrnsses street, N. R. This extern sive bathing establishment, the largest in the United States, c?inpri>ing both Hot and Cold Shower and Swimming Salt Water Baths, has, during the paat season, been improved, much to the convenience and comfort of visitors. The Ladies will, in addition to their larg? Plunge Bath, (which is oiien every day tu the week, for their accommodation,) have the use of the LargeCeutre Swimming Bath on Mondays and Fridays, until 4 o'clock P. M. This arraiigemeut will anord them more room for the healthful exercise of swimming, than any other hereto fore offered, and at half the usual charge. Ladies' Season Tickets, for Mondays and Fridays only, until 4 P. M., half-mice. A B md of Music is engaged to play every pleasant evening. jul lwi?*re RELATIVE OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. THE EDITOR OF THE EVENING POST says-".Dr Castle's Paste for filling decayed tender teeth is admira ablv adapted for nervous Persons, and Dr. Castle operates with ease and ability." The New York Sun?" Dr. A. C. Castle has obtained an unviable celchrity lor his excellent Paste, with which he stops hollow sore teeth." The N.Y. Aurora?"It. makes the teeth in all respects perfect for life." The Sunday At las?"Dr. Castle's mode of inserting artificial teeth by atmos pheric Pressure, is the perfection of dental mechanism." The Journal of Commerce? Dr. Castle's original method of insert ing artificial teeth by atmospheric presture is as perfect as it is beautiful." The Courier St Enquirer?"His method is original, and displays science and skill." A. C. CASTLE, M.D., Dentist, je 6 FSatitMisdh 381 Broadway. THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the subscribers, i* hereby dissolved by mutual consent this day. E. A. JOHNSON, I. W HUNTER. New York, June 2d, 1845. I- W. HUNTER will continue the sale of Oil. Lamps, Cam phene, Burning Fluid, Sic.. Sic., at tlie old stand, 559 Pearl street near Broadway, (Sign of the Whale,) and solicits the co itmu ance of former favors. ju6 >t*rc FOOT RACE ON THE BEACON COURSE, For $1,300. THE following Purses will be given for Foot Races to take place ou the Beacon, as follows :? A Purse of$200, for a Foot Race of one mile?$30 to the se cond in the Race, to take place on the 30th of June. Same day?A Purse of $200, for the greatest distance walked in one hour?$50 to the second in the race; the walk to be i fair heel-and-toe walk. A Purse of $800, for a Foot Race of 10 miles, to take place oil the 5th of July? SfiflO to the first; $150 to the second, and $50 to the^ third in the race. Entrances to be made ten days before the race, with the pro prietor, or at R. Smith's, Park How; except persons that are now out of the United States, or more than <00 miles from this city?such persons may enter four days before the race, in all of the above, three or more to make a race. hurdle" race. A Pur^e of 3400 will be given for a Hurdle Race, to come off on Thursday, the 3d of July, l'a mile heats; four hurdles,each 4 feet high to the mile; SI0< t o the second; $20 entrance. if however, any person should enter a horse now in Canada, onlv half entrance will be charged, the third horse to receive back his entnnce, provided there is four horses start; eich horse to carry 168 lbs. Entrance to be made ou or before 30th June. FOOT RACE. Same Dav?\ Purse of StOO will be given, for a Font Race of 'i miles, S'lffl to the first; S75 to the second, and $!.'> to the Vnir?ne? tn h? made nn or before the 30th The Races have been delayed a few days in consequence of the rebuilding the public stand. There will be a great number of Pedestrians present, who will compete for the prizes, as there hive late arrived a number from different parts of tlie world including Jackson, the American Deer; George Seward. late from England; and an Indian of the Iroquois Tribe, from Canada '1 here are also many others here or on the way, including Major Henry Stannard; John Gilder^leeve; Stephen Mack, the Scotch Bantam, and several others. Hy Should there be a stonn on either of the acove days, the races to take place the first fair day therealter. j7 6t*ec C S. BROWNING Proprietor RED HOUSE PLEASURE GROUNDS. A PURSE for $30, mile heats, best three m five, to come off on Tuesday neit, at 4 o'clock,, free for all horses that n ever won a purse over SAO. Entries to be made at the Second Ward Hotel, on or before "Saturday. The Proprietor hi* on hand a lot of fine Birds for Trap Shoot ing. Parties can be accommodated every fair afternoon. j7 lt*ec FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. FARE 6'., CENTS. On and after Saturd-iy. 7th lutie, the Steamboats SYLPH and STATEN ISLAND KR will leave New York every hour except S P. M., commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 P. M. Leave Staten Island every hour except 4, commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 P. M. ju7m NEW KERRY TO FORT HAMILTON, YELLOW HOOK AND NEW YORK. The steamboat HAMILTON, Captain H. 'Mallan, will run between New York. Yellow ?_ai>M_Ho?k, and Fort Hamilton, till further notice, as follow*, every day, leaving Pier No. I, East River:? New York, 7 o'clock, A. M. I Fort Hamilton, 8 o'clock, A. M. in " " II i " P. M. I J " P. M. 6 " "I 7 " SUNDAYS. Will leave Pier foot of Pike street, E. R. ,at in o'clock A. M., mid IK PM.; Pier foot of Canal at., N. R, at 10}, o'clock, A M. and 2 P. M.; and Pier No 1, E. R, at II o'clock A. M. and 2'j P. M. Returning, will leave Fort Hamilton atI2'iand<i o'clock, P. M., land at all the above places. ir ^"Fare cents. Freight taken oil reasonable terms. j7 3t*cc KXCl RsldN TO 11ARLEM, on Sunday ? afternoon. 8th June. The newand favorite Tr kg t ..steamboat RICHMOND, ('apt. Richd. Yates, will leave the pier at Slontgomery street. ? R, at c|narter past 1, Pike street at 2, and Delancy street at half past 2 o'clock- Re turning, leave Harlem at half past 5 o'clock. Fan-each way SHI cents. 1 1m-above trio will afford to passengers a fine view of the East river, Hurlgite, and the various public buildings at Black well's Island and the Long Island Farms, lie. je7 It'm FOR boston, VIA?NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. jxTi 'The Steambort TELEGRAPH, Captain ft. . JeW. J Wiswall, leaves Pier3 N. R . between SbZJbuL Morris street and Battery, on Sunday, Wed nesday and Friday, at J o'clock, P M., arriving at Boston in time tor the morning Cars to Boston. Fare to Newport and Providence, $1?Deck, 7J cents. To Boston, $2?Deck do, $1.63, j7 It'm FOR LIVERPOOL-To sail on the 15th lune .The splendid, fast sailing ship SUSAN C. HOW jELL, Captain Bailey, can accommodate a few more catnn passengers in a superior House on Deck, at a very mo derate rate. For passage apply to JOHN HERDMAN, j7re 81 South street FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York Line?Positively First Regular Packet,to sail on Monday, the 9th iust?The elegant, faat sailing Packet MARY, Capt. Foster, will positively sail as above, herregnlar day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo dations, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall st., or to E K. COLLINS It CO.. MS South st P-asengers will p'ease be on board, st Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street on Monday morning, 9th instant, at which time the ship will sail. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday evening, 7th instant. Agent in New Orleans Mr. JAMES E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all roods to his address j7ec _____ !? IlK S ALE?The beautiful last sailing Pilot Boats CHARLOTTE ANN and ZENOBIA. from M to jl>0 tcinji burthen. Thev are well found in rigging, sails aud ballast, and ready for immediate use. Apply to Messrs. John W. Avery JcCo., 309 Waterstreet, or to Buck ram tk Trussed, 243 South street. The Xeuobia may be seen at the floating dry dock, between Pike and Rutgers street. je7 3t"m FOR ANTWERP-The splendid ship DEVON .SHIRE, Capt. , will meet with quick despatch l i<"or the above |H>rf, or passage, having handsome furnished sccommodations lor cabin passengers, ana also for second cabin passengers in the house on deck, apply to je7 J. HERDMAN, 81 South street. WHALEMAN OF SAOHARBOR.?Notice, if ?not sold at private sale, one thirty-second pirt, or ?h ilf a share of the barque CONCORDI il will be ililat auction on Tuesday rent, at Sigharhor, by order of NEH. DODGE Ic CO. 638 Broadway, N Y. je7 3t is"ee Agg- NEW LINK Of PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL Packet of 2lst June?The splendid and favorite JlMMEB.'acket ship ROCHESTER, lOOfi tons burthen, Capt. J, Britlo.i, will sail on Saturday, June 21, her regular day. The ?l)i|>? of this line being all lMH) tons and upward*, persons shout to embark for the Old Country will not fail to see the advantages )o be derived from selecting this line iu preference to any other, as their great capacity ronton them every way moie comfortable and convenient than ships of a small class, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passi ng, rs, it is well known, are superior to those of any other line of packets. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to rmlre ? arh pplication on hoard, foot of Burling Slip, ni io W. .V I. T T U\?< OTT, At their l icneral Passage Ofllcs, J' i ic 71 South street, corner of Maiden Lau*. i r or ptMfl AMUSEMENTS. PAKK THKATHK. iATUKDAY EV'NO, Jiiot 7 will he informed the Come dy of TIME WORKS WONDt*R8?Goldthurnb, Mr Pi* cide; K!orw<tiw, Mrs Abbott. ?lis* Julia Turuhull mud M? us Martin will appear in La Polka, lighlaid Fling by Mis# St Clair. ? U couclode with ibe DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM?Mr Dol ciiner Pipe*, Mr PlaciUe. First Tier, 7J> <.t nu?-J?oxrs, 2d and 3d Tiers, M Cent*?Pit, 50 ents?Oallery, Cents Door* open at 7 o'clock, and the Curtain will rise precisely at 7 o'clock MBLO'S ?i AKUK.V Saturday Evening, June 7tl?9 'l'he Enterttttuifirut* v% ill commence With a gorgeous Fairy Spectacle, in the production of which no expense has been spared, callt-d the SEVEN CASTLES UK THE PASSIONS. Scenery by Messrs. l-i ill yard, lsherwood, and Grain. Miss M. Taylor, Miss H. MtttWi, Miss Partington and ' ele.te, Mrs Watts, Messrs. T.PIacide, Gallagher, Nickiusou, Sic., lie. Will a|aie..r III it. SPLENDID KIRKWOIIKS. At 9 o clock, MR. EDGE will give a Display of the most Brilliant Fireworks. Many of the colon aii entirely new, and known only to this artist. Previous to the Spectacle ,the Overture to "La Syrene," Auber ft_/~liitermission of half an hour. i| Overture to "Les Diun ins deUCourue e?'Auher. A Characteristic Dauce?The Pa? de Deux L) Oat>off, by the juvenile dehuantes Deloriel and Natalie. To coucludr with the very popular Vaudeville of the CHASTE 8 -YLUTE. Thibeaut, Mr. John Sel'ton, I Baroness, Mrs WatU Col Demile, Mr Davenport Emily, Miss Mary Ta>lor Phillippe, Mr Anderlon I Mad ThlDeaut, Helen Mathews \?y*~Au efficient Police will always be in attendance to main tain good order and keep all impro|ier persons out. {jtj- Tickets Fifty Cents Alimited nutnlier of Season Tickets will be disposed of. Q/"Performance to commence at 8 o'clock Doors open at lialf-past 7. POSTPONEMENT. PALMO'8 OPERA HOUSE. THE SERENADERS beg leave to inform (he Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, that in consequence of the continued indisposition of Mr. Germou, who ii suffering severely from the brouchitis, that the Concerts are necessarily jiostpoued uutil some future time, of which due notice will be given. N. B.?Those persons that secured seats on Tuesday, will please present their certificates at the office, and the money will be relundtd. CASTLE GAllUE^ Proprietors Messrs. French and Heiser. An Entire Change of Entertainment*. CONCERTS A LA MUSARD. Admission 25 Cents. Salnrday Evening, June 7th, The entertainments will commence with a Grand Operatic Overture. Grand Gymnastic Fete by the Klssler Brothers. A Concert and Promenade by the whole Orchestra. Mr Hill will give his inimitable Entertainment. Grotesque Pas Chinois Mr T C I'arstoe. To conclude with a Comic Ballet entitled the TRIBULATIONS OF VOL AU VfcNT. Justin,MrT C Parsloe; LiPere Boniface, Mons Gustave; VoJ ' au Vent, Mons Louis; Louise, Miss Louise. Between the Entertainineuts an intermission of Teu Minutes lor Promenade and Refreshments. \.Jr Doors ojieu at half-past 6 o'clock. Performance to com mence at (o'clock. V AlAHALL UAUUUN SALOOK. P. DE L A REE... MANAGER. Saturday Evening, .1 a lit the 7th, CHASTE AND ELEGANT PERFORMANCES IN THE GRAND SALOON. An Entire Change of Performance each Evening. The following ladies and gentlemen will have the honor of apiwaring:? Madm selle Pauline de La Grand, the graceful Danseuse, from tlie Paris Theatres. Miss A. Homer, the graceful Dansuese. Miss H. Roberts, a charming Danseuse. Mr. J Hyall, the well-known Comic Dancer. Mr. W. J. Hamilton, the favorite Ballad Siuger. Mr. D. Gardiner, tlie humorous Comic Singer. Also, the Celebrated Baud of E THE OP IAN OPERATIC BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Known as DAN GARDNER, the celebrated Negro Wench; SAM JOHNSON, that old rough Nigger; C. WH1TK, J. MYER8, S. COLE and MASTER BRYANT, forming to gether the best band of Ethiopians in the world, each playing an instrument, from the Banjo to the Bones. (jyFor particulars see small bills. (KJ-Admission 12$ Cents. |T7" No postponement on account of weather. D<>ors open at o'clock. Performance commence at 8*4 o'clock. Au efficient Police in attendance, under tlie direction of officer Hastin. }2 lw'rc BURTON'S THEATRE, ARCH STREET. PHILADELPHIA. SATURDAY. June 7, 1815?Will be performed, the Roman tie Dnuna of the BRONZE HORSE?The Prince, Dunn; Ping Sing, Burke; Tcheil Po, Thayer; Cloud King, Russell; Margelia, Mrs Burke. After which theFarce of the CAB DRIVER?Frank Kreeling G Barrett; Dick, Burton. To conclude with a new Pictorial Dramatic Sketch, called OREGON; or, The Emigrants' Daughter?Sheldmi, Mr S Johnston; Jacques Baltisle, Mr Stevens; Peter Whetstone, Mr T Johnstone; Mrs Smith, Mrs Hughes; Little Thunder, Mr Jervis; Doves Eyes, Mrs Dunn. PAKK THEATRE. MR. It MRS. DYOTT respectfully take leave to announce their FIRST BENEFIT IN AMERICA, which is appointed to take place next Tuesd ly Evening, June 10th, 1815, Oil which occasion tiley will have the aaaial IMS of 1 Gentleman of New York. of acknowledged histrionic lalmt, who will make his first public appearance in the character of RICHARD THE THIRD. Dancing and other entert<iurrents. To conclude wi'h a I tuiihiblp^ Farce called Prudence Mrs. Dyott I Ellen Mir,den... Mrs. Skerrett. -^"Tickets to be had of Mr. Dyott, at 475 Pearl street. j7 2tSt4iVl*rc GRAND AND IMP OSIN G PROCESSION B WELSH AND MANN'S CIRCUS, Tills Day, 7tli June, Through the City of New York! r At 10 o'clock, This Moriiing, this Grand Spectacle will dUemU trk their immense Train of Kquestnans, at the foot ofCourtlandtstr et, iu Fall Costume, Horses most gorgeously caparisoned, with a BAND WAGON. Most Brilliantly Embellished, Drawn by Eight Beautiful Cream Colored Horse*! And will, from that point, t<ke up a hue of PROCESSION, From Courtlandt up Broadway to Union Square, from Union Square down Bowery to Chatham >trtet. Irom Chatham street down Broadway to the Batteiy, where the impo*iug pro cess of embarking the Men. Horse*. Wagons, Sic., will uke place, previous to the fi nil departure of the Company fur Alba ny, whetc they will make their first Nortiiern Exhibition Oil Mondny Next. (ty"TW? will be the grandest Equestrian Procession that ever passed through this city. j7 lti?rc SECULAR CONCERT. MRS. STRONG. MISS PEARSON, MR COMES, and MR PEARSON, RESPEt TFULLY inform their friends and the public, that their SECOND SECULAR CONCERT, Consisting of rare and beautiful Glee*, Songs, Duets, Ike. will Be given on Tuesday Evening. Illtli June, instant, at the Coilirtim, 4-.W Broadway. Commencing at S>4 o'clock. Single Tickets 30 cents, or three for $1?urn be obtained at Mulie Stores of Firth K Hall; Firth, Hall &. Pond; Atwill; Schaifenburgh Sc Luis; Saxon St Miles; at the store of O. F. Nesbitt. cor Wall and Water streets; ol H. Meiggs, 446 Broad way, and at the door of the Coliseum, on the evening ofthe perlorm ince. ju7 It'ec LEC'i URES ON ANIMAL AN1J MEDICAL MAG NETISM. DR. STRONG would announce to the public that he will give a Course of Lectures upon the science of Magnetism at the two following places, viz on every Tuesday evening, commencing May 27tti, atthe Franklin Hall, Chatham square ; $very Friday evening at St. Luke's Buildings, corner ot Hud soil and Grove. The object of the.e Lectures are to elicit truth, and place the science upon grounds that will be out of reach ol tliecharlataus whoso numerously thrust themselves belore lis, claiming attention to their feats of false powers and deception. Various experiments will be tried in the course of these Lec titles in applying Electricity in different forms to the magnat iaed sul ject. Lecture* will commence precisely at 8 o'clock. Admittance cents. Je2 lw*m II.LI AR I) TABLES KOR'sALE?Four second hand two of Penn's and two of Bassford'* Premium Billiard Ta bles, in gook order, with fixture* complete: chean for c.uhOf approved paper. Emiuireof r. O CONNER, )6yin Billiard Table Manufacturer, No. Ann afreet. TO LET, ~ iill'RNISlIED ROOMS in a genteel house occupied by a private family. References exchanged. Apply at 31 West Broadway, tint house north of Murray street. j6 3ti?*rh SJIRP HOTTINGUER from Liverpool ?Consignee*perthi* " vessel will please lend their permits oil board, at w est side Burling Slip, a* all good* not permitted within 5 days, are liable to be sent to the public stores. j6rc THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS CRISTIES' MAGNETIC FLUID. AN ADVERTISEMENT will lie found on the outside, in relation to this new and extraordinary discovery in medical ?cience. The object iu refering to it is to warn the public against *iiurion* imitation., which are entirely devoid of a gal vanic influence, and consequently without any beneficial effect The MAGNETIC. FLUID is always in connection with,the GALVANIC RINGS to promote their wore effective action, and to direct the galvanic cuirent to the particular portions which are affected. The only Agency atpreient in the United States, is at y ~ 13-4 FULTON STREET, a few doors Iroin Broadway, ill tM city. Dr. Cfistie intend* establiahiig one authorised Agency in every city in the Union, and all imitations of his discovery sold elsewhere will be worthies* and of no ef fect. Due notice will i m mediately be giveu in thia paper ofthe respective Agencies which are now being established. jl 4tis*ec DR. ELLIOTT, OCULIST, HAS REMOVED hi* Office to 681 Broadwiy. corner of Amity street Hi* hours of attendance at the office are from 10 to 4 o'clock, on Tuesday*, Thursday* and Saturday*, jj 1fis?rc IMPORTANT TO THE i'UBLlC. " GALVANIC RINGS," IMPORTED and for *ale by Mark Levy It Brother, 49 Maiden Lane. This new article i* highly esteemed in Enrol* for it* efficacy in all viating the excruciating pains of Tic Doloreux, Rheumatic Affection*, < ough*. Colds, Asthmas, fcc. lie. It is perfectly harmless, and may he applied in all caaea with the?reatest safety ; itsefficacy is undisputed, never being known to fall in accomplishing the purpose. It has received the appro bation of the medical profession, who have pronounced it to bt the most important modem scientific invention. The charge is so low a* to be within the reach of all claaaes. The great influence it exert* on the nervous system is rnl) astonishing and must he witnes?ed to be believed. N. B.?No Liquid i* needed with the above. my3l lwis*m NEAPOLITAN BONN K'l'S. THE UNDERSIGNED, Patentee* and Manufacturer Qj^iofthe Naapolitan Bonnet*, resprctfnlly inform the trad, r"* that they are now ready to supply the above article ofth. litest style and of superior qaality, in qjantities to suit pur chaser*. They wan ant that they can alter and clean the Bonnet* t< ippear equal to new. Buyer* are cautioned against an inferior .rticle of the kind n the market. The genuine article, lor which we received the sil ver medal at the last fair oftlie American Imtitnte, has oar tick -t upon It. Apply 10 VYSE k SONS, I"* I'1 "I or at lie manufactory of TATTlSdN, NOE Si CO., mv4 lmis??e No HlWawvtlWI (JIUANO?Recently arrived direct Irom Ichjlxie, per Stvik * speare. The various e*|>erime?t* mide from this carg. IS proved iti quality eon a I. if not superior to any other (luai.o re at ore Ins been take i ?o put it in tight casks, that tt may ? P' itif time witliogf I '?ing ^lir rm.'io ii? /?<??, 1* lot*t< it purchaser*, by E- K. COLLINS k CO. jet ac * Booth (t. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. WaatUngtoii. [Corraipon !ence of tlie llertld ] Washington, J urn? 5, 18-16. The Newt?the Herald?Mexican Indemnities?Ca l(ft>i~>i ia?Eimland and Oregon?Preparations for War, C' nd lleunims fur the Preservation of Peuce?Another Marriage?Pic iVic?, 4~c. "Good morning, doctor; what's the news?what's the news?we expect you always to have the news," is the invariable queotiou asked of us by not lees than one hundred persons every morning Eveiy body exacts ua, from the simple f.ict of our con nection with the Herald, to know, by intui tion, what is going on Well, it does seem that any one connected with the Herald ought to be pos sessed of this supernatural faculty of divination. But we are a plain, blunt man, like Murk Antony, and come at facts in the ordinary way, and like him, "speak right straight on that which we do know." In regard to the payment of the April and July in stalments of thV Mexican indemnities for 1844, a gentleman interested ill these claims, and fully ac quainted with all the transactions in the premises, assures us that it is nerfectly absurd to attempt to build up a conclusion that Mexico has not redeemed those inst ilments. As we stated in our letter of yes terday, there is something in a state of decomposi tion, in respect of these indemnities, in which we are apprehensive the agents of the United States and their supernumeraries will be ultimately held to the responsibility. It it should turn out otherwise, we shall certainly have occasion to*rejoice; as in the event of the delinquency of Mexico, she will be the better disposed to surrender all claim to California, and recommend its annexation to the United States, a consummation indispensable to the full advantages of the acquisition of Texas. And we now confident ly predict, that before three summers shall have passed, California, as woll as Oregon, will be an ac knowledged territory of Uncle f?am by Great Bri tain. A long disquisition might be written upon this subject, but it is superfluous for the present. The furs of Oregon having been nearly exhausted, Great Britain will scarcely regard that territory as worth fighting for. But if she should maintain the position assumed by Sir Hobert,and arrogate to her self the prescriptive and pre-emptive rights belong ing to us, are we prepared for war 1 Certainly. We have been assured, from a gentleman in the secret, that at the different Navy Yards, and along the Lakes, one hundred additional vessels of war to our navy could be fitted up in sixty days. We are fur ther assured that this gentleman (from Massachu setts) has a secret contract with the government for the manufacture of a number of most destructive cannon, upon a new principle, in the event of hostili ties with (ireat Britain, and for a smaller number in anticipation of such an event. And let not our trans Atlantic friends imagine that Colt's sub-marine bat tery is abandoned. If they attempt, in the event of war, to enter any of the ports of the United States, they will discover their mistake in their utter de struction. But we shall have no war. Science has carried the invention of instruments of destruction so far, as to make the issue of war the most dreaded of any alternative. The army and navy desire war because they are idle, and because, in this idleness, they are exciting the jealousy of the iieople on the subject of the cost of sustaining these two defensive branches of the government at such an expense as at present incurred for the peace establ ishment. The non-pay ing States would probably like war, in the hope of drubbing Great Britain into the exigency ef a treaty of peace, by which she would assume the payment of all the State stocks due to her own citizens. The abolitionists would like war, in hopes of an insur rection of the slaves of the South, in which tliey would fall very far short of their reckon ing. The whole people of the United States, especially the Dutch, the French and the Irish, would like a war, from the simple conviction that we could lick John Bull, and that we ought to doit. The idea of war with any other nation than Great Britain, is, of course, ridiculous. Brother Jo nathan would scorn any other combatant than John Bull, where he is certain of finding metal worthy of the anvil. But we shall have no war. Commerce forbids it?the interests of the world forbids it?the interests of the United States and of England for bids it?the spirit of the age forbids it?common sense forbids it?every thine rational is against it; and there will be no war. Sir Robert will cool down, and Oregon will be conceded, as not worth any further contention. And this will be done, not because John Bull is afraid of war, but because it is his interest to remain at peace. That's all. Miss Waid, of Westchester, New York, the helle ?v uiv ?*_ti uviiai luuuguiauvii 10 tu utf lilalTleCl very soon, to a young planter of the State of Mary land. Long life to 'em. Picnics und Arlington, the hospitable house,across the Potom.ic, of G. W. P. Custis, Esq , one of the last of the Washington family, are now all the fa shion. Indeed, during the summer months at Wash ington, we have nothing else to do, except to go on pic nics.orget married. We have not been up to the departments to-day ; but of these, and of the progress of the Court Mar tial, in the case of Captain Voorhees, U. S. N, our colleague will doubtless advise you. w. Washington, June 5,1846. The oflicial organ of yesterday announces a co met in the skies in the neighborhood, and leads its followers to believe that it id portent of war, is too glaring to be misunderstood. The appearance of this stranger no doubt accounts for the very warm feeling for war which bus been fticrcusing in the inner circle of the While House for the past week Mr. Polk himself speaks very decidedly and plainly 011 the subject, and they (the Councillors) say, there must be war somewhere, and at no late day with Great Britain. And as the President and sonic of the cabinet intend going to Fortress Monroe, at Old Point, early in July, there surrounded by the irmaments of war, they will have many advantages of concerting operations. In relation to movements on the southwestern frontier, eighteen companies of l". S. trcops have bf-en ordered to assemble at Fort Jessup, to act in case of an expected invasion of the border of Texas by the Mexicans, under Arista. In addition to the names of the several American ministers I see stat ed in the papers ijs having been robbed while in Mexico, may be added that of Mr. Poinsett, who was subjected to a great many vexations, in the en deavors of the Mexican agents to rob him of his pa pers and etli-cts. The month of June has been heralded in by a number of removals of clerks in the various public offices, but a larger number will take place in the course of a few weeks. An entire re-organization of the clerks in the General Land Office will take place on or before the 30th of Jane. This department, of all others, it is said, mostlv requires reform. One j of the responsi!- le clerk* had lately chargee preferred ; against htm to the President, for bribery, which I hear, is now undergoing examination. There are seventy-five clerks in the Land Office, which, by law ot Congress, are to be reduced to sixty, before the first of July, and in effecting this regulation, a considerable change will be made in the several branches of the otlice. The Naval Court Martial for the trial of Cautain Voorhees is getting slowly under way. A large number of officers are to be in attendance. The President, accompanied bv the Secretary of State, this morning, visited the Patent Office, anil National Institute. This is the great resort lor all strangers and others, and in a few years it will be the grandest museum in the western world, if not so already. Second Nli(ht of the Slew Philadelphia Opera. Philadelphia, June t>, lxio The second night of the performance of this piece was not so well attended as the opening evening: in fact a great tailing off was perceptible. The dress circle of the first and second tiers was tilled, but the boxes in the rear of them, which had been reserved unlet during the day, remained so during the eve ning, and the pit was by no means so crowded as before. The performance generally went off with I more spirit, and the singers were evidently more at home in their parts, and, probably, more satisfied with them, as n considerable curtailment had been made of most of the pieces; but it is yet too long, and we are certainly surprised that so little tact has been evinced by those concerned, as thus, night ifter night, to weary out the audience with their in ? terminable choruwea and accompaniments. Why was not a proper regard, in the first place, had to the lime it would take in representation .' and why was it not put on accordingly ? As it is now, to e\ aect people to sit for four nours of n hot night to listen to one opera, the story of which is as old as tiie hills, i-. certainly asking too much regard for ni^re musical composition. The many go to a theatre to see and be seen; and much us musical t iste and feeling has advanced, it is scarcely strong enough to hear such a stvt r * t<'*t as calling on it to listen solely t<? music for such a lengthly period as tour hours. .... The acting of Mr. Seguin is inimitable, and goes far to sustain the piece : his by-play wbs excellent, i irtienlatly at tin- close of the second act, where Leonora is (breed from Julio : the look of triumph thai Hegnm give i-- Mohttelv beautiful. The t - i mii at tin end (.1 tins net Nva* we'! in ina red, and was verv effective Mrs. Seguin played her part

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