Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 8, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 8, 1845 Page 1
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sees THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 1 Oft?Whole No. 401 H. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 8, 1345. f*rl<-e Two Cents. THE NEW rORK HERALD. JAMES CORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. D MLY HERALD?Every day. Price 2 cent* pel copy?$7 'ti per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?fricobj centf per copy?$3 l*it cent* per annum?payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always cash in advance. PRINTING ef all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. 0ij* All letters oi communication!, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnorniKTna or thk Nicw Yon* Herald Establishmkivt Northwest corner ef Pulton nnrt Nassau LONG ISLAND RAILROAD. ssss Jilfe ^33 -WW H'B1 9 ID CHANGE OF HOUR. SUMMER ARRAGEMENT. On and after the 22d lint., m traiu will leave the depot, at Brook lyu, for Boston. via Norwich and Worcester, every inormngat 8>i o'clock, Sunday's excepted. Passengers will leave the foot of Whitehall st. at IK 'oclock. Fare through ..{]? Second class passengers 188 my 17 I mi* rc TO WUSTliKN TKAVLLUl'.RO. fNft KXPRESS AN.> PIONEER PACKET LINK, Krorn Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Kail roidsand Csnal?through in 3^? dayj. Tlie above line is now in full operation and offers great inducement* to person* who wi*h a pleasant mode of travelling tn the weit. The car* are built in the most approved modern style, the boots are fitted u|) iu a superior manner, and every effort is made by the proprietor* to conduce to the comfort and convenience of traveller*. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, mid the Seat chain of Pennsylvania internal improvement* is well wor v OT being seen. By this route passengers avoid all the fatigue* and dangers at tendant upon stage travelling, and at the same time makeau ex peditious trip. The cirs leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to engage their place* at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. E. corner of CWsnut and Fourth streets, and at Nos. 13 and 15 South Third ets. A. CUMM1NGS, Ageut. Philadelphia, May 17, 1815. For information, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNISELL, Agent for D. LEECH tc CO.'* Line. 7 West *t, N. R. my!7 8m rrc CHANGE OF HOUR. UNITED STATES MAIL LINES TO BALTIMORE. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINNGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. ViaChester, Wilmington, Newark, Elkton, Havrede Grace,icc. Through in Six Hnuri?Fare On and alter Monday next, May l-'tli, the Car* will leave the De;iot corner of lltli and Market street, daily (except Sunday) at 9 o'clock, A. M.. t*?e line* leaving at 1 P. M, and half past 10 P. M., being discontinued after thatdxte. This Liue will leave Baltimore for Philadelphia, at 9 o'clock, A. M. NEW CASTLF. AND FRENCHTOWN RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. Through in Seven Ilnurs?Fare $'2. On and after Monday next. May 12th. the steamboat ROBERT MORRIS, Capt. Douglass, will leave Dock street wharf daily, jexcept Sunday,) at half pa*t 3 o'clock. P. M., instead of 6 A. Thi* Line leaves Jowly's wharf, Baltimore, for Philadelphia, at'P,M' SUNDAY MAIL LINE. The only Line lor Baltimore 011 Sunday loaves the Depot, corner of lltli and Market street*, at 4 o'clock, P. M. FREIGHT PASSENULU TRAIN. Fare to Baltimore M cents. ... . A Passenger Car attached to the b rei^ht Train, will leave the Depot corner 11th and Market street, dally, (except Sunday) at 5 o'clock, P. M , and reach Baltimore at an early hour next morning. <*. H. HUDDKLL, Agent at Philadelphia, Pa. For further particulars, .P.^^o p FISHER, Agent, my 10 lm rc No. 17 Wall street, or 6 West stieet. FROM BOSTON TO PHILADELPHIA IN A DAY. THE TRAINS upon the LONG ISLAND RAILROAD are now arranged for passenger* to leave Boston at 6 0 clock and arrivein New York at 4, as wa* the case last evening; and take the Philadelphia train at quarter before 5, and arrive there at 11 P. M. mv23 ,r SUMMER AJULANUEHKXT. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. TRAINS RUN AH FOLLOWS : From Brooklyn Depot? Boston Train?8V A. M. daily, Sunday* excepted. Accommodation Traiu?A. M mid 4 P. M. for Hicktville and intermediateplacet. And on Tuetday*, Thursday* and S?J tiirday*. through to Greeu|>ort at 9){ A. M, from Qreenport Depot? Boston Twin, daily, Suuday* excepted, at 12% o'clock P. M., or on the arrival of thesteainers from Norwich. Accommod itiou Tr im?At 9'* A. M., ou Mondayi, Wedue* dayaand Fridays. J"\om Hickirille Depot? Accommodation Train for Brooklyn?At 7 A. M. and IX P. Riy daily, Sunday* excepted. The Boston Train* slop only at Farmiugdale and St. George's Manor. The Accommodation Train* stop at the following place* on the road, going both way* to receive bid delirer paneo ger*, viz: Bed lord 12)1 Deer Park 17 Ea?t Nrw Vork 12V. Thompson 1 00 Race Course 1814 Suffolk Station 1 12 Trotting Course 18* Lake Rojd Station 131 Jamaica 26 Medford Station 1 30 Brushville ... 37}( Milleville 1 C2 Hyde Park, 17 mile* 44 St. George's Manor 1 7J Clowsville, (during s<ss- 2 M siou Court,) 44 Jarneaport 2 IM Branch 44 Mattetuck 2 <*> Carle Place SO Cutchogne 2 12 Weatbury 60 Southola 2 12 Hicksville S6 Green pert U'i Farmingdile M my22tf rrc NOTICE.?On ami after Monday, the 9th in ?taut, the cur that leaves City Hall at six o'clock ill the morning for William's Bridge, will leave at half past five : returning, will leave William's Bridge at >fM'.i o'clock. Tne car that leave* Citv Hall in the evening at Inlf past si* o'clock for Harlem, will leave at six o'clock, and will run to William's Bridge; returning, leave William's Bridge at seven o'clock and twenty minutes. juA rrc ML.W YORK, AL.HAN* A.\U H(U1 IJAt. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. ?!C T , T ii H i'*~ Macy. will leave the foot of Courtluidt .tivrt, on SATURDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock The Empire, owing to her light draught of water, will be en a bliilat all times to pu*the bar, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train ol car* gout/east or west. hor Passage or Freiijlit apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at th-office on the wliai l ju6 rc FOR NEWBURGH1. landieg at Cald C*?SHi, well's. Wuat Point. Cold Spring*, and Corn 3C^JS?3Lw.-ll, the *1 earn boat JAMES MADISON, ( III t lurles Halstead, will leave Warren street every Mou d iy at \i ..'clock, and Tnesdiy and Fndt}' at 4 o'clock, P M.? Returning will leave Newburg every Tuesday morning at >? past 7 o'clock, and every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock P.M. All baggage, packages or parcel*, bank bill*,or tpecie put on bo ird this boat, without being entered ou t!ie book or receipted for, mint lie at the risk of the mv ien thereof, jufi FS&M'rrc I'.XCU ItSION AROUND STAl'EN ISLAND. j*a The Steamboat 11. L. STEVENS, Captain ftii'. J?R. L. Maby, will leave the foot of A mo* street 3?^|^aSEL>B^?oii Sund tv, June Rtli, at 2 o'clock, P. M., Ca iial siiet I ~*a; I hamtier* *treet, 2X; Delancy street, 2J4; Pier No I Bitteiy, at 3 o clock; reluming the s.une afternoon, giving pas enger* an opportunity to visw tlie Fort* and Scenery around the Bay. Fare for ihe excursion 50 cent*. m6 St*m > aO\ FOR SALE?The Steambont Richmond, O^I-^tjLv^ts I) I' 277, of a light draft water, l!fi ft length, feet beam, 8 feet depth beam engine, :i5 inch r\ 11..ilei, bieit stroke, in good order and fit for immediate use; cop|ier fattened; would answer for a tow, freight or passage bust, having ftuisheil cabin* with berths. If not sold before the 19th instant, will then be *old at public suction, at the Mer chant*' Exchange, oil that d iy. For fuitlier information, apply to Messrs. Dougherty, 74 South street. juS lw*rn PEOPLES' LINK oV HTEA.vl BOATS FOR AI.? V > DAILY?Suuday* Excepted?Through Di ?rect, *t 7 o'clock P. \1., from the Pier between 'onrtl unit and Liberty streets. i-mi no it HOC-HESTER, Captain II. G. Cruttendon, will leave on Monday. Wednesday and Friday Evening*, at7 o'clock. sieamlioat KNICKERBOCKER, Caj>Uin A Houghton, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At 1 o'clock P. M., I Hiding at intermediate place, from the foot of U irelay street, Steamboat COLUMBIA, ('apt. W. H. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoon*, at J o'clock Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain L. W. Brainaid, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoon*, at 6 v'clock. PiueufOT* taking vither of the aho"e Line* will arrive in Alba ry in ample time fur the Morning Twin ol Car* lor the east or west. (I'll- B-iat* are new and substantial, are furnished with new and eieg > <t state rnotns, and for *|>eed aud accommodation* are un rivalled on the liudison. h reight taken nt moderate rate*. All persons are forbid trusting any of the Boat* oftlii* Line, without a written order from the Captain* or Agent*. For passage or freight, apply on board the boat*, or to P. C. Hi .i the office on the wharf. ju2rc CHEAP AND PLEASANT EXCURSION TO THE LOWER HAY. The Steam bo >t WAVE will, on and after ? Saturilay, llie 7th iiM nit, leave Pitr No. 1 K. ? st 9 ami II o'clock, A \L,'1 and 6X -lUcon Island at 8 and III A. M., 1 and P. M.? Fere U'a Cents. N. B.?Oil the 3 o'clock trip the Wave will nuke an excur sion in the Lower Bay, passi.g Foit Hamilto n Telegraph and Cotiej Island, giving paaeengers a full view of the Ocean. For tile whole excursion mly It,'* cents will be charged. >1 r Refreshment*, of the be*t qutilitie*, providtd M board. my I lin'ic fUK HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL THE Royal Mail Steam Ship* BRITAN NIA and CA.MUHIA, will leave Uiiaton for i tlie above port*, aa follows:? Brir.tiiiu.i, Ji.o. ilewitt, Esq., Commander.. .Sunday, June 1st. Cambria, C. II. E. Judltiiu, E*q., " Monday, June loth. Passage to Liverpool $120. Parage to Halifax 20. For freight or rat**?e, at'ply to mWm P. jIkIOHAM, Jr., Aleut, ? Wall *t. ?The *teainboat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. DKAKTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Persons wishii.g to remit nu> ney to their friends in a;iy part of England, ] Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied 'withdr?IU payable at sight, without dis count, lor any amount, from ?1 upwards. I* r..M.!.*M>?On 11 i?? National and Provincial Bank of Hng lanu; Mews. .1. Barned St Co. Exchange and Discount Batik, Liverpool; Messrs. James Buf t St Sou, Loudon, aud branches throughout England and W le. I* Ik el and.?On the National Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank aud branches throughout Ireland. I r. Hcotlanu?On the Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, aud brain ,ies throughout Scotland. The steamship Britannia sails from Boston on the 1st Jane, by which all drafts can be forwarded free. Apply to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT. myl8 m 7r", South st. cor Maiilen lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?'To sail lOch untaiit?llie> ? elegaut and very fast sailing packet ship SHAK8 ?PEARE. Cain Cornell, having most of her cargo eu _ 1 on board, will sail as above. For frriuht or |>usaage. having elegant packet accommoda tions, apply on board,at Orleans wharfYfoot of Wall street, or to j8ec K K COLLINS St CO.. M South st. J. HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, til SOUTH STREET. PASSAGE from Great Britain nud Ireland, via. Liverpool, can always be arranged fit the lowest rate, ? Old l)r?fn furnished for any amount, payable at all the prin('i|<al IJauki in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on ^plication to J. HERDMAN, jfirc CI South street. FOR SALE?FREIGHT OK CHARTER?1The .very last sailing packet ship, MISSISSIPPI,fiM tons, I'juilt in this city by Brown St Bell, salted on the stock*, aud reunited every year, live onk and and locust top, live oik apron, semson stern Irnnie, aud forward and after cant frames?newly coppered nud iu perfect order for a three years voyage?has accommodations for 26 passengers. Apply on board at Orleans' wlmrf, foot of Wall sUeet, or to E. K. COLLINS St Co., 10 South street. ju6m FOR LIVERPOOL?Tht New Line?Regular Packet list June?'The superior fast sailing Packet ship KOCH - 8TEH, 800 tons Imrtheu, John Britton, mas t*T^ will sail a? above, her reKularaay. & or freight or passage, hat, g excellent and superior accom modations, apply to the ('apt mi on board, orto WOODHULL it M1NTURNS, 87 South street. Price of Passage S KM) The Packet Ship Hottinguer. liiiO 'oiis, Capt J. Bursley, will succeed the Rochester, and sail on her tegular day, 21st July. jef. *Avt- FOR GLASGOW -Uegular Packet.?The fast saiking British Barque ADAMCARR, Scott, mas MjaUtfater, 3J0 tons, will meet with ipiick despatch. For balauce of freight, or passage, li iving excellent accom modations, apply to captain on board, at foot of Dover st, orto WOODHULL St MINTURNS, 87 8 mth street The vjrnlar packet bnrk ANN IiARLEY, will succeed the Adam Carr. j?-G FOR LI VKllPOOL?The packet ship OXFORD 111* on the lfith instant, mid the packet ship GAR jRICK on the26th inst. For passage, having splendid1 accommodations, apply to J. IIERDMAN, 61 South street. N* B ?Those sending for their friends residing in Great Bri tain and Ireland, can have them brought out with quick de spatch via Liverpool, and dralls can as usual be supplied, paya ble throughout tlieUnited Kingdom, on application as above. J ti 6 rrc PACKET FOR MAR?EI l.Lfc.8, on the lOtfi June ?The new pocket ship PRINCE DE JOINVILLe, jCapt Wm W L iwrence, v. ill be unavoidably de tained until the above date, at which time she will positively sail. The accommodations for passengers by thii ship, are not sur passed by any of the European packet ships, and afford an ex cellent opportunity for thoi? wishing to go to any port of the CHAMBERLAIN Jt PHELPS, Mediteiranean, for which or freight, apply IN it liKt Front street, orto . BOYD fc HINCKEN. A#euts, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, corner Wall and Water streets. j3rc PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Second Line-The packet ship ONEIDA, Captain Jan. Funk, will sail /mi the 1st of July. t or freight or passage apply to BOYD fc HINCKEN, Agent*, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water streets ju3 rc LONDON LINE OF"PACKETS-Packet of tlie lOtli June?The splendid and elegant fast sailing pack j.-t ship SWITZERLAND, E. Knight, master, will positively sail as above, being her regular day. Having very su|ierior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin aiids.'eerage passengers,persons about to secure berths should make early application on Doard, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street corner of South street. Tlie packet ship Uuebec, T. H. ilebard, master, will succeed the Switzerland, and sail 20th June. m2!trn KOR LIVERPOOL?New Line? Regular Packet of the 26tli June?The elegant fast sailing P icket Ship ^GARRICK. Capt. B. J. IL Trask, of 1100 tons, will ijove, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodation unequalled for splendor and comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot : of Wall street, or to i E K. COLLINS fc CO., 56 South stmt. Price of passage $100. Packet Ship Rosciua, Capt. Asa E'dridge, ol 1100 ton*, will succeed the Garrick, ai d sail 26th July, h< r regular day. mZ7ec "PASSAGE KOR HAMBURG?With Desimtch The splendid new packet ship SILAS HOLMES, :apt. C. C. Bern-, will sail its above, and can very couifortiuly accommodate *' limited number of of passengers in . cabin and steerage. This ship having lieeu built expressly for a New Orleans packet her accommodations are of the best and most costly description. Persons wishing tosecure bertlis should mako early application ou board, or to &'. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, mv26 rr corner South street aud Maiden lane. G OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, 61 South ?t.?P.usage I'roin England, Ire land. Scotl ind and Wales?Those sending for their friends would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity of m iking their arrangements with tlie subscriber* on very modi rate terms, by first class packet ship*, sailing from Liverpool waakl/. Drifts can as nsual be furnished for any amouut, payable throughout tlie Uuited Kingdom. Apply to JOHN HER DM AN, 61 South *t. The mail steamer Hiberniasail* lV?m Uostou on the Itjth iust, by w nich letters ran Iw forwarded quickly, nn&irh BURDEN'S PATENT HORSE-SHOES 0 BEING NOW ON SALE by the irrincipal dealers in hardware in the United States are all warranted per fect in f?rm mid made of tlie very best refined iron, and sold at a fraction over the price of irou in the bar. Every shoe which may be fonud not in accordance with the above recommendation will be received back and the money refunded, with all expenses from tlie most distant parts of the country. H. BURDEN, Agent, myl8 1m*rrc Troy Iron anil Nail Factory. MTO LET?Part of the House No. 36 Amos street, con listing of two parlors on first floor. a bedroom on the se cond Ilour, two attic bedrooms, ami kitchen in busemei t, Sic. 1'ostension <<" it cau be had iinuiediately, a' n low rent. Enqnireat the premises. jnS lw*rh m LEASEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE, consist ing of the premises Nos. 189 anil 193 Twentieth street, N.V. Upon tiie former lot are a frame dwelling house in tlie rear, and i.i front a substantial brick dwelling house, built last year. Upon the latter lo' a frame dwelling in the reir, and in front a brick building used a shop. The property is in good repair, anil forms a profitable investment. Apply to James Ca meron. 319Hudson street. jul lw*rrc KOIl SALE?Aproperty sitnitedin the Village ol INatthOnocx, Essex comity, NJ , within 10 minutes of .Newark, .'and one hour of New York City?Kail road communication. The premise* consist of a new twosti ry double house, with afiuiilied basement, a cistern, a well ol ncelltat water.a stable, a garden of nearly an acre, well stocked with fruit, together with other conveniences suitable for the accommodation of a fitnily. AppMc itiou may be made to John Whitehead, Esq. Attorney and Solicitor, Newark,N.J ortoS Sim., on, on the premises, corner William and llillyer streets. jut lw*rrc FOR SALE?A heviiifnl Country Residence, one mile ?from Rossville Lauding, oil Staten Island, a K Tin of 22 acres of first-rate Laud I .^e House and good Darn, and other Buildings; good Uardei wilt plenty of Kruit Trees?vrtll be sold reasonable and ou gone iivu. Enquire of tny7 lm*rc SAM'L HAUL. M Broome st ENERAL BUILDING K> 7TlkSTiS Nassau St., come, of Maiden Lane.?All orde; iin nedintely attended to for Masou, Sluteuig, Plastering, ('lagging, tin roofs repaired ai d painted, and all other repairs and alteration* done in the best manner. Also, furnaces, ranges, kettles, steain boilers, ovens, and every kind of fire works put up. None but good workmen employed. Expeditious and moderate charges Chimney tops foi curing smoke. Up town orders left with J Quiiin, Plumber, 644 Broadway in27-lm?ih K H (jt'lNN AL.EXANI )EK'S TRICOBAPHL. Anew and invaluabe discovery, being a liquid Dye, which instantaneously changes the color of the hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injury to the hair oi skin. The great superiority of tliis Dye consists in its easy mode of application, and instant.oieous effect?all othisr dyes requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce any change. It? superior excellence will be apparent to every our upon a single application. Extractfrom the " Philadelphia Daily 8nn."?Alexander's Trscohaphk.?The effect of the above on the hair is truly as tonishing. It was tried yesterday in our office, and the change from gray to black w is instantaneous. Extract from tlie " Philadelphia Daily Forum."?Several o( our acquaintances have recently applied to their hair the valua ble liquid Dye known as Alexander's Tricobaphe?a new and valiutile discovery ; it has in no case failed to produce the denned effect. Immediately after applying it to gray hair oi whiskers, h impart* a bvnutiuil brown or black color. For sale ,by Hushtp.i Si Co. druggists, 110 Broadway ; Aspin wall, 86 William street: Job ison, Aloore h Taylor, 111 Maiden |.uie ; J. W. Wright 8c Co. 8 C ednr street; and of the principal druggists throughout the United States, or of sole agents, R. & G. A. WRIGHT, 21 South 4th street^ myl< lm*jc I'hil 'delphia. LEATHER Ul-.D, MATXRASS AM) bTdSTKAD I1 WAREHOUSE. 130 AND 1M GREENWICH STREET, Comer of Con rtlandt street. Feather* from Is to 4s per lb 1 lair Mattrasses, from $3 to S? Mils do 2 to 10 Pelm Leaf 3 to B Corn Husk* 2 to I Beds. 3 to V) Blanket* 1 to 8 Comforters, from I .So to2?1fl Toilet Table* 1.12 tOl,S* Wasnstnmla. ... LH to 1,50 ocdsteads, of mahogany, black walnut, curled map!'", plain maple, *11 the different pattern* in use, and in price front S3 to ttfj, according to the style and finish. 1 lie attention of the public is es|ieciilly Called to the Patent Premium Right and 1*11 Screw Bedstead. This bedstead must be examined before its qualities can lie known. The} cMUiot Well be stat' d in an advertisement. Till \ have heen in use about four years?h ive taken the |ircminm (a silver medsl) at the V ?ir of the American iMtituti . and over I4.WKI have been sold?what l? tter evidence is wanted of the value of the article f Every hotel and boarding house in the United Stales sin>uld have this bedstead?private families cannot do without them Old Feathers dressed and renovati d, and Mattrasses itirnle over a* good a* new. - SAMUEL 8. PARKER, all lm*ec riuliE\s PATENT tEXTENSION DINING TA11L li S, \MT ITH METALLIC. SLIDES, long known as the most du ?v rable, convenient, and eh gaut of extension Tables man** fai tared; warranted to run easy constantly, and not lo be affect ed by dampness or warping af the wood. A large assortment of choice patterns, suited for private parlor*, hotels, steamboat*, kc., together with a general assortment of Cabinet Furniture, alway s on hand, *t the Ware-rooms, No. 140 Grand street, cor ner of Kim, where thr public i* respectfully invited t* call and runint. ali lm*ec FABER SE<rAK FACTORY, 71 DIVISION STREET, NEW YORK. THE UNDERSIGNED haveestablishedui extensive Segar Factory, at 71 Division ?tr?et, Ntw York, tinder tlx-direc tion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who has bwu Suiienutendeut of Oaf of the largest Factories in Havana for nineteen years The following kinds of Segars, manufactured iu the Faber 8e K?r Factory, and of which a large stock is now on hand, w ill be found equal to any Havana Segars of corresponding style auil age Imperial Regalias, Trabucos, Common Size, Regalia, Panetelas, London Bile, Cusadoreg, Caiioiies, Principe, All boxed in the Havana style. The subscribers have settled the Bon of their Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of selecting Tobacco for their Facto ry, as also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for this market. They have now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Havana Re gain, entitled to debenture, of the following brands La India, Woodvilla, La Cabana, Noriago, Fr:.ganza, La Norma, De Moya, Cubrey, Fspemnza, Lord Byron, Upmau, Riondo, Esculapius, .Minerva, La Fama, La Pal ma, Victoria, Columbia, Dos Herinanos, La Paz. Also,Principe,kc. JOHN H. FABER it CO.. f27 3m* re No. 1 New street, corner of Wall. OANS' 8EQAR STORE, RE-OPENED. J 8. (JANS, No. 41 William street, informs his friends and ? the |.Hblic in general, that lie has re-opeued his Store, and offers for sale, wholesale and retail, the following ciioice Segars .? A large assortment of Regalias. Plantations, of various brands. Pauvtelas of superior quality. Common Sice. La Fraganzia, Woodville, La Palma, La India, La Cabana, Ln Esperanza, De Noevego, La Rionda, LaNorma, Werners, Jupiter, La Espartero, Lord Byron, Li B tyadera, Trabncas. Napoleons, Asculapia, Cauoues, ETC., ETC. London ajid small siae Segars, of various brands, Principe, Stc^ kc. 'I lie advertiser return* his sincere thanks to his customers for the liberal patronage hitherio bestowed to him, and pledge* hiui>elf to use his best efforts to deserve the sainefor the future. myl3 !m*rc /iflO (Win HAVANA SEGARS, imported by M.AN V/ ?l/UU OULO, for saleat 27 Lilierty street. Among them will be found Cabauas, do Imperiales, Regalias, Pmietelas, Cubrey Wenier S-gars; do small sizes; Nupoleons, Normas, Urraca, San Reman, Drlisics, Colonas, do Panetelas, and vari ous other brandi. Also, old Tobacco, from the above well luiown house, just unixiited by the Christoph Colon and the Rapid *3 3m * rr GENUINE 1M FORTE L) HAVANA SEGARS. 'F E SUBSCRIBER offers for sale, at wholesale and retail. 1. the follow intr choice brands of Segars; iu poiut of qu xlity tliere is none su|ienor iu this city Noriegas, Florinda, La Iudia, Esculapio, La Cabana, Iris, LaNorma. Regalias and Principes, of Ingeuuidad, various brands. Minerva, N. EZEKIEL, 92 Nassau streeet, inyl2 lm*ec Directly opposite the Herald Bniblniirs CI P1RCE'8 First Premium uew Patent two Oven Ranges Tf ? combining economy, convenience and durability. These Ranges are warranted suiierior to any ever offered. They are so constructed that it isnlmost impossible for them to get ont of order, or for the plates to crack, so commoH to all other Ranges. They have been in use for the last 18 moutlis, and in every in stance given the utmost satisfaction, aud iu no one instance has the proprietor been called on to repir one. All Rangesputup by the subscriber are warranted to giveeu tire satisfaction; if they do not, they will be taken away without the least eviiense to the purchaser. GEORGE P1RCE, Proprietor, m29 lm*m JQSBmadwav UE.NTiihME.N't) SPRING FASHION o. THE SUBSCRIBERS have received by late arrivals, from their Agents in Paris and Loudon, their assortment of rich Cravats, < Moves, Scarfs, Suspenders, Silk Under Garments, Hcc. Sic. Their assortment oftltf! above articles have been selected with much care and attention, aud comprise not only lhe richest, but the most extensive assortment to lie found in the city. The Subscribers devote great attention to the manufacturing of Gen tlemen's Linen and Muslin Shirts. Hie article manufactured by them are cut after the most approved French method, to suit the form of the wearer?well and faithfully made?and may be de pended on, not only for the beauty of their finish, hut for their durability. The senior partner of the lirin having been for the last seventeen years engaged in the same line ol business, his knowledge, not only iu the science ol cutting, but in the quality of the materials used in our manufactory, gives us a decided ail vantage,and guarantees to our patroua a fashionable and well finished garment. Our assortment of under girmenrs of all de scriptions?Hosiery, Dressing Robes, Pocket-kerchiefs, Night Caps, Lineu Collars, and Dress Fronts, Stocks, Stock Ties, Cra vat Stiffeuers, Purses, Money and Riding Belt*, Ike. Sic., will be found worthy the attention of all who will favor with a visit the old pstablisluneut of PARSELLS & AGATE. 273 Broadway, corner of Park Place. N. B.?P. & A. continue the manufacture of their celebrated Elastic. Shoulder, Braoe and Riding Kelts a21 lm*dh 41-2. FASHIONABLE DRESS COATS FOR TWELVE DOLLARS. W. II. DE GROOT A: CO., OPPOHITK THK DUTCH CHl'HCH, ma Kill ton Htreet, Kant of Broadway, ANNOUNCE to the Public th.-"t they will make to ordera Fashionable black Dress 4 'oat tor Twit* Dolhirs. Clothing ready mid.\ *ii: Over 500 Coats of every rut, shape, or material in use?such ax fine Broad Cloth, Drapd'Ete, Merino. Bombazine, Linen, Cashmeiette, Tweeds, Jeans, Checks, Cassi mi pes, all kinds of Mummer Cloths. Prices range from SI 1500 PAIR OF PANTALOONS, Of all grades, quality, colors and cuts. Prices from SI to $S tier pair ; many are extra fine and usually sold .,t from S7 to $3. 2500 VESTS OF VARIOUS MATERIALS, Sitins, Valencia*, S Iks, Marseille.'!, rich figured Stri|>e?, and Plaids, he. Ike., from 75 cents to Si Also, we liave a very large stock of French, English and Ame rican BroadCloths, Casstnieres ai.d Vesting!., ofthe most desi rable and fashionable pattern.-., which we w irrant to make and lit equal to any other establishment iu the United States A full suit made to order from $20 to S35, and, if necessary, fur nished in It hours complete. We buy for cash and sell for cash only, and invite buyers to call and etamiue our stock before Purchasing elsewhere. \V. II. DEGROOT St CO. 102 Fulton st, mO lm ec New York. A WHOLE BLACK SUIT OF CLOTHES i'Oil FOURTEEN DOLLARS. AT D. OWEN'S BIO OPPOSITION STORE. 332 Grand street, corner of E?sel. THIS may appear almiut impossible, but such ia the eflVrt ol his CASIl SYSTEM, and :iie si-:ill -profits charged on floods, that it has become the i'iter>st of erety buyer to patronise lis establishment. A glance at the of price* is a suificieut Suarantee ofthe above (acta. ust made ito a very large assortment of those fashionable D'Orsay Office and Business Conta, of every possible variety of style and fabric, varying in prices from.... 31 25 to $10 00 AspI'M.iliil lot of Frock a.ui I>n*ss Coats, made of fine Ssxooy wool-dyed Enulish Cloth, a .d cut and trimmed iu the most elegant and fashionable style, from ....... S9 to S18 A beautiful selection of Pants, consisting of plain Black and Colored Cassimeres, Tweeds, Urab d'Ete, French Elastic Pl.itd and Figured Goous, &c. See,, from Si 50 to SG 06 Any quantity of Satinet Pants Si SO to S3 50 Th* greatest variety of vesta ever offered......... 75 to $4 00 Also, a complete assortment of Boy's Clothing, clieuper than ?ver. N. B.?Country Dealers wonld find it a great advantage to purchase at this establishment, as the gre .test attention is paid to the Cutting UeiHrtinent, which is all-nn|iortant iu tlie selection of sizes. Come one, come all, drop in and try th*m, If they are not cheap, then don't buy llwm ! D. OWEN'S, Wholesale and Retail Clothing Store, a27 lm'ee Corner of Grand and Essex sts. SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AND the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothing and good second hand furniture. Persons wishing to dis po?e ofthe siime, will do well to call ou tlie subscriber, or ad dress a tine through the Post Office, which will lie punctually attended to. B LEVY, 49>? Chatham street, New \ ork. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of geu tlemen's clothing, cheap for cash. my29 lm*rc GENTLEMENS' LEFT OFF WARDROBE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and Families can obtain the full value for all superHousvffects they wish to dispose of, (either gentlemen or ladies,) by sending to tlie subscriber, who does not pretend to give twenty per cent more than any other perso i, but will give i fair price for all articles offered. Gentlemen leaving the city will find it to their advantage to send for the suhscrilier previous to selling to any other person. J. LEVENSTVN. N B?A line through the Post Office, directed to Ifiti Broad wsy, will be promptly attended to. my21 Im'm ~CA?T OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN havine any any cast off or superfluous Clothing to dis|iose of will find it to their ad vantage to ?eud lor the subscriber, who will pay the highest ca?hprice for the same. M. S. COHEN, 69 Dismest. N. B ? A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will be promptly attended to. n?20 lm*ec GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WAKDROBE. GENTLEMEN or Families going to Europe or elsewhere, wishing To disencumber themselves of ilieir superfluous wardrobe, either ludies' or gentlemen's; also. JEWELRY, FIRE ARMS. kc. Jtc, will obt no from the suhscrilier twenty par cent more than from those who pretend to pay the highest cash prices. H. LEVKlT, Offii e No 2 Wall street, New York. Families or gentlemen attended at their residence by ap pointment. And all orders left at the subscriber's office, or sent through the post otfire. will be piiictu illy attended to. m!7 lm*er W T. JhAMAua M \ u , DRAPERS AND TAILORS, 1 MPORTKRS of Cloths, Cessimeres, Vesting!, Fancy Dress Aiticles, lie., No. 231 Broadway. American lintel, offer for inspection hii extensive assortment of seasoiishle goods, com prising Cloths, Caasimervs, Vestings, he. in all the new aud va nous styles. Tlie aid of as efficient a corps of Cutters, a* can be found in tlie country, warrants us iu the belief that tlie style and eliarac terof our Garments, will be such is to merit a continuance ol the liberal patronage heretofore elicited.

Whilst an assurance of tlie continuance of the system ol Small Profits and Quick It? turns, cannot fail to be appreciated iy those who would eff"Ct a saving of the extra per csutagr le vied under thecreilit system. We would refer in particular to the Pantaloons we are ma ided to fnrnisli-? than which there is no garment so trying to the skill of a Cutter?and solicit a trial from those who appreciate a lit. combining ease and elegance. In addition to the usual assortment of goods kept by the trade, we have alwavs on hand Ready Made llress and Vtock Coats, Pantaloons, \ esta, Ike to answer the requirement* of those who, iu cases of emergency, may requite a first-rate suit Al>0, I" Micy ? ress Articles in great variety; Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, I Moves, Suspenders. Hosiery, Under-Vests. Drawers, Lineti aud Mnslm HhirCs, Collars, he. kc. ml3 lmittre REFINED IRON?SO tons he?t quality o. F. < ompany's assorted sizes, round and square?for sale by WObUHULL U MI NTl ?R N8, mWrc 17 South street. KI.AlUVAiT MRS.C AIIHOI.L'S MEDK ATED VAPOUR AND SI L I'HUK BATHS are removed from No. Jl5 Broadway to 181 Fulton street, west of Broadway. Open rom ( o'clock in the morning till 9 o'clock atuight. sulphur Baths require our hour's nof ire till lm M "I /I Wl LBS. OLD FILES, but little used, for ?ale? AvJjUUvr Also, a lot of File Steel and Tools for File making, worthy the niteuliou of manufacturers and smiths. Aje ply at No. IC6 Water street. my II lm*r? WILSON'S HOTEL AM) DINING ROOM, 5 Gold Mtrect, ncnr .Kalilcii I,nne. C1QUNTRY MERCHANTS will find this a desirable Hon.e / bring eoinenie.t to the business part of the cit y. Tins establishment l* fitted tip with entirely new furniture t (Jood and sub<tanti?l dinner, 18% cent*, lodgings 25 cents For con venience and comfort tlu? hou r i< equal to any hotel in the city, and st MUtln price. nraaaMl bo ran ctu be accommodated on very reasonable term... jni 3m*rc CATSKiLL MOUNTAIN HOUSE. r|MIIS well-known and delightfully situated Hotel, at the A Pine Diehard, ii now open IVr the reception of visitors, un der the superuitanuance of trie subscriber, wins will he pleased to extend a welcome to the travelling public St ive* run regularly to and from the morniug and evening busts, finding at Catskill. The House and premises have been materially im proved lince the reason, and now present attractions unsur passed at any watering place ill the country. WM. 8COBIK. June 3d, 1115. jui Iwrc BOARDING. ONE or two genlleuien can be accommodated with board in a respect ible private family, ou moderate term*, where there are no other boarders taken, ill an airy healrhy situation, within two minutes walk of the rail cars or omnibuses. Can aUo have tile benefit ofliot and cold baths. A uote addressed to X. Y.X., at the office of this paper, will be punctually attended to. ju2 >w*rc EPHRAIM SWEENY'S DINING ROOMS, No. 06 CHATHAM STREET, N. Y. TO THE NEW YORK PUBLIC. THE SUBSCRIBER WILL OPEN ON MONDAY. June 2d, 18(5, ou the second tloor of his highly celebrated and popular rooms, one of the most novel aud elegant saloons iu the country ever intended for public business, where gentlemen or private parties may be served in the best manner with Break fast, Dinners aud Supiwrs ; as comfortable and quiet as in their own private parlors. The extensive arrangement made iu the cooking department, will insure to those who prefer this mode of living, one hundred and seventy-eight Dishes served up in a style surpassing any thing yet attempted, aud at prices to cor* ? espoiid wi^h reason, as every thing ha* been got up iu my own peculiarstvw. I would most respectfully invite all those who would encourage the inarch of improvement, to call and be sat isfied to what perfect ion the most humble business may, with perseverance, be elevated to. m:w Im*rc EPHR AIM SWEENY. Sti AitUiN ?t It 1 N U 8 P A V 1 L 1 O i\ , SCHOHARIE COUNTY, NEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Mr. LAN DON, of Congress Hall. Albany, ha* associated himsel! with Mr. < Jar (liner, and that this establishment will be con ducted by them. The Pavilion will be opened for the reception of visitors on the lirst day of June next. The subscribers have made man} improvements in the grounds and bathiit-house, and pledge themselves to use their best exertions to render this establish ment fully e<|ual to any watering place iu this couutrv. L. ft G. Stages will he iu readiness on the arrival of the cars at Caua joharie, to take passengers to the house. Mr. L will, as heretofore, continuelhe Congress Hall, whicl will, during liie summer, be under the superintendence of Mi Joslni. mi8 Im'e THE " n'HIGUi" HOUSE, HI Kamau Strut. WILLIAM WRIGHT, formerly of th* Ram's Head, Ful ton street, begs leave to inform his frieuil* that may be unacquaiiiled with the fact at a distance, as well as those of the city, that lie his ope:ied a public establishment at 81 Nassau street, uikiii a sc lie of comfort that cannot lie surpassed by an> in the Union. His bar is furnished with the best of wines ol every class, Ale. Scotch Whiskey of the purest brands, Porter, and every other article necessary for a well stocked bar. Inde pendent of which, he has two splendid room*, furnished, on the second floor, tptciully adaptrA for private aud public meetiugs, courts martial, or any geueral purpose; besides which he ha? provided ^rommodutiou for permanent and transient lodgers, in extensive ar.d well ventilated bedrooms, the funiiture new and well assorted, and every attention will be paid to the ai range menu of the lods:ers, as well a* the visiters of the "Retreat,' on all occvtfious. WILLIAM WRIGHT, m>8i lm?ec 81 Nassau street. bOAKDLNG at 27 (JOUKTLANDT STREET GOOD BOARDING, with pleasant rooms, for single gentle meu. Likew ise, a handsome furnished parlor with bedroom ldjoiuiug, suitable for a genteel family?by inyl3 lin^rc MIW, flKHI1!. W tTwmbnHt?frMt WIL1AAMSB UtiGH COTTAGE. THE SUBSCRIBERS resiiectfully inform the citizens ol New Yoik, Brooklyn, Williamsburgh aud its vicinity, that they hare recently opened the large and splendid mansion known as the WILLI AMSBURGH COTTAGE. and furnished at gn at ex|>euse for tlie accommodation of resi dents and strangers. The Cottage is eligibly situated, a few rod south of the Peck Slip Kerry,and convenient to the Houston am, Grind street Kernes commanding a beautiful and extender view of the Bay, New York and Brooklyn. They have also at tached to the COTTAGE a large and spleudid Garden, conve nient Promenades, Grass Platts, Shade Trees, kc . making r most <!eliijhtful summer re?ort to u Kile away a few (lours arnn the refreshing of the Hay. Their MUSICAL CLOCK | i? richly worth a visit, being the best piece of mechanism of tin kind that was ever imported to this country. It will play fift> different tunes with remarkable harmony aud accuracy. ? The choicest variety ol refreshment will at all times be prompt!) furnished. N. B.?In connection with this establishment, they havi WARM AND COLD SALT WATER BATHS?knowu tile Washington Ballis. The water is at all times cleir and pure. Tlie Ferries run from Peck Slip, Grand street aud Hous ton street every fifteen minutes. Ferriage four cents. iny!6 lni*ec HANDFIELD St HOKFT NB ?Private House of KelresliilienU by D. \V. TKL'.kK ? KA Fr int street?Breakfast, Dinner and Supper. I* Ed each. from until 9; dining hours from aqtr<cte> before 1^ in til J; Supper from .'i until 8^ o'clork. Also, 2i. Uiids all in pMaoruet. I minimi D i ts ABgent] eneu whlattti resort to n fine rool dining apartment, will do well f.i call six satisfy themselves. Tlie proprietor also keeps the old itand corner of Fulton and Front streets; 7, 8 aud 9 Fulton Market where he will continue to serve up all the delicacies of tlit season. Also, Wines, Liquors, and Segars of all kind* and ol the choicest brands, direct from the importers. m 17 Im-rh BkHiAR'S repository of fixe arts, (>7 C'nnal Street, 18 doori Wttlof Droaditu y. COLLECTORS OF ENORA VIN08 visiting the city will here And one of the choicest collections of RARE OI.C mil FINE MODERN Engraving* iu the country at less thai one-half the usual price*. B.?Orate Aprons and Drapery for Lookiug Glasses it (rent variety aud of the newest designs mil 1 :ti "ee IMtOHiANl NOTlCfc'iO DAUUKiUttyO'l VPS AH T 181*8?The nnderaigned have made application to gei Ifttert Patent for their new process to color IJiguerr-otj Pictures. Thi* process produces an effect uot known before, and changes the apiieaiance ol'the Daguerreotyi e to that of th. finest painting. I his coloring process is done by nature itself, guided only by the hand of tin* operator, and machinery. It can be reformed by every one not skilled iu the art of pointing, and will bo perfectly understood at one glance. It also con be com municated iu writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for a City or County, can make pre-eugagements therefore, by addrcaiiua (post paid) to W. lit F. LANGENHEIM, jel Im DfcW*eC Exchange, Philadelphia. LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 141) and 151 UroMlway, cor. of Liberty street, NEW YORK. The Cheapest and Most Jit tractive Store of the Cihj. OR the convenience of the buyers, $10,0(10 worth of Fancy Goods, Toys, Perfumery, Cutlery, Jewelery and other va rieties ol goods, ure displayed on the counters, and sold ON AN ENTIRELY NEW PLAN, At il-.e following Prices Counter No. 1 12H cents each article. Counter No. i 2} do do do Couute, No. 3 M do do do Counter No. 4 75 do do do Counter No. 3 $1.00 do do do All the Good* are warranted to lie goiminc; the prices are fifty e I cent below the market prices, and by this new plan you can buy the goods at retail prices a great deal cheaper than at auc tion. You will also find in tlie BAZAAR, the most complete as sortment ol' Sugar PIulabs and Candies, from 23 cents to $3 a pound) Jujube Paste. Chocolate, &c. Two Urge Saloons have been lilted up iu a magnificent style, as ICK CREAM SALOONS. A competent person, from a Philadelphia est ahlishmeni. has been engaged to take the entire management of the Ice Cream Department, and Indies and gnitle DRen will obtain at the Lafayette Bazaar, a real Ice Creiu, Phila delphia style DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MR8. H. SHANKLAND, Dazuerrian Artist, haslixedthe front part of the two galleries of the Bazaar, as Daguerreotype Saloons, where she will continue, as heretofore, to take the most perfect LIKENESS FOR ONE DOLLAR, including a neat Morocco Case ?r Frame. For further particulars apply to F. A. ARTAULT, my6 linrc _ _ At tlie Lafayette Bazaar. DAGUERREOTYPE fOHN ROACH, Optician,(t Nassau stieet, begs leave to In form Photographists, that he has just received, direct from Vienna, an invoice of Voighdaendi-r & Son's celebrated German 1'ulies, which lie is now ready to warrant genuine to purchasers. Prices as follows:? Tube with 3 inch lenses for full size plates, santera aud stand, $141. do 2 do halfsize do do do 78 do l.SJ inch lenses for yuarter do do SO. Persons at a dt t uice upon Awarding a remittance, with order, may depend upon h wing an excellent instrument sent them J. H. kttep.1 constantly ou hand all assortment of f I ate*, chemi cals, c??es, and all articles used III tlie Daguerreotype process, of the b<>ati|uality, and at as low prices as they can be obtained any where else. mvll lin'rc VOlUTLAENDKR'S UAGUERKEoTYPE APPARATUS. 4 HRAN0EMENT8 recently made with their brother-in /* Sw, Mr. Voigtlr.ender, Vienna, enable the subscribers to ?i II ..lone Apparatus .it reduced prices, viz :? l.srgest size Ap|?rutus, with three inch lenses for full size Plates, at $1-16. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lanaes for halfsize plates, at f78. Small Kize Apparatus, with one-and-a-half inch lenses for quarter size plates, at $50. Gentlemen sendii.g remittances in accordance with the above prices, may depend upon receiving the genuine Voigtlaender Apparatus. aMuot a worthless imitated article, they having procured the sole agency for the United States. IMates and Chemical*) of their own importation, as well as all other articles connected with their art, for sale at lowest market prices. W. A. F. LANOENHEIM. Philadelphia Exchange. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inform the D.igneirian Artists in general that the above Apparatus and other materials can be procured to the stated Prices, at their Da guerreau Attelier. Nc 101 Broadway. New York. m 13 I in ' in 1. > ENliKl.M St BECKERS. DAGUERREOTYPE. LB BIN'SSE St CO., 83 VVilliain street, up fairs, respect ? fully inform Photograph! ;ts tint they hue now On hand | a full supply oi their Plates of different Nos. andsi/.es of the | "L. B. B. dt '"o. m irk" so favorably known thriMwIinnt the Uni ' teilwtites They have constantly on bind the chemicals and j nreparations wed in the Daguerreotype process, as well as Kre.ich Tubes of vetT superior quality. < a t lion Mercury 1 I) >ths, Plate Polishes, Conling Boxes, anil Head Rests of the best 1 e ; \ make. ml) Im* rc 7i/.\ ia 7 ckj4 paTntisg I A AlelXIl GALL ha.s Mtovnl IVoin No II Pirk Place ' ? to IU Broadway, fourth Wwe ?bo\ e White street, east ? nde. mvt lm*ec o LJ A R t E K M AlP J6 S O N PAINTERS, NO. U ISL'RI.ING SLIP, Nkw Voak Hovsr, Sntr Paifstihi, Gfaisiho, MAHm.nti a%d Outitro ALSO?LCAD SASHK8 Fo* Cmurchm and Gothic B01UMMM, m?hk to oriivr. I m4 lm*ec C1 i Asi IRON WA'l'h.ti PIPES, of dilfereut sizes, constant / |y on hand. I Also. American Pig Iron, for talc by WAKRINOTONk RICHARDS, I my23 lai'rh ill Water H. Philadelphia. [t orrespondcnce of the Herald ] Philadelphia, June <>. Dear Sir?As it may be interesting to you toknow something of the political decapitation in thisquar ter, I give you the following list of those heads were shortened on th? 1st inst., together with that of their successors. Joseph Hall, ( Weigher,) formerly a violent John son man, then strong forTyler.issucceededby Ben jamin Mifflin, (Old Hunker,) one of the proprietors of the PenntyIranian. Salary, ft 1500. H. Christie and Amos Holahan, {Murker*,) the latter, well known as the keeper, for many years, of the llemocratic Head Quarters, both Democrats, ? succeeded by K. C. Watmough,a lawyer, biotlicr of the late Surveyor, an (Old Hunker,) and Thomas J. Donelson, of Tenessee, also (Old Hunker)?.Salary of each, $1500, The lnsi>ectors removed are?S. Phillips, (whig) Win. C. Hancock, (Tyler) L). J. Khoades, (Tyler) G. W. Guthrie, (Tyler) 15. Graves, formerly con nected with Duane in the Aurora, (dem.) J. C. Doyle, former Secretary to Democratic Association, (dem.) S. H. Tyson, brother of .1. Washington Ty son, Ex-Assistant P M. G., (Tyler) J. H. Sher burne, of Florida notoriety, (Tyler) Win. 1'. Harri son, (Tyler) Caleb Pierce, (Tyl?r) Dr. Heintzelman, formerly a democratic candidate tor coroner here, (dem.) and M. M. Tulley (dem.) ; and are suceeed ed by C. F. Kneass, (old hunker) R. Simpson, son of the Postmaster at West Philadelphia, (youn'x dem ) Enoch Carter, J. H. Hutchinson, former can didate for Sherill, (old hunker) Joshua Donaldson, (old hunker) James Greer, (old hunker) O Streep ?r, (old hunker) John Pascal, (old liuuker) D. K. Miller, (old hunker) John Hiil, (old hunker) J Iv Scott, (old hunker) Amos Hollahan, (Tyler dem.) ?ach wiih a salary ot $1086. Wm. J?. Whitccar (Tyler) and Thomas Stewart, (V. B ) Appraisers, succeeded by Wm. Little and Vlexander llenry 'o d hunkers) with a salary of $1200. .Limes Toomey yier and Henry Cooper (dem.) a Packers, succeeded by J- Taylor (old hunker) uid Snydrr, (old hunker) with a salary each -f$500. 1 believe the above to be a tolerably fair return of he killed, wounded and missing, in the last engage ment. Nothing further, except that the new opera?a very capital pasticcio?rather succeeded than not. It is 1 very heavy; but one or two gems, from the first Italian composers, have been intioduced witli much effect. Your's, certainly. Monsieur de Gt.'tLr.ori>. Literature. Sklv, by the author ok Cecil?Harper &r Bro thers i New York.?We have not been able to read this new work;but gather from the English literaryno tic.-s ofit, that it is exciting even more observation h*n its predecessor "Cecil;'' and to which the nre sent work forms a sequel. As wo suppose,it will be read generally by such as read for amusement, we need only announce the fact of its publication this morning. Copland's Medical Dictionary, No. VIII.?Har l>er Brothers: New York.?This valuable work -eems to be advancing; rapidly onwards, and if we may pidge ofits merits by the sample before us, we should not doubt that its popularity is advancing in the same ratio. The Wandering Jew, No. 12?Harper Bro thers:?This new issue, so long looked for, has made its appearance. Its narrative of the cholera times in Paris, is fearfully interesting. Sin>Rfi.ME Court?Ji:ne Special Term?Friday, Tune (>.?la the matter of the application of John C. Peck for a common certioraii law, granted, ex. parte ? Fish inipd., ike., ad*. Otman?Motion that defendant lie al lowed double costs, or that the suit be discontinued; de lied, with costs. Snyder vs Olmsted?Motion to vacate irder ol' Circuit Judge; denied, with costs Wilcox v* loses?Motion for attachment against defendant to col ect costs; granted. Loud ads Austin?Motion to change venue; granted by default Thompson va. Oulick, impd , Sic.?Motion to set aside judgment,io .granted on terms !,ewis ads. Robbing ?Motion to set aside judgment?Or Icrcd thai a feigned issue be tried, to find the trim con. ? iteration for which said judgment was given. Judd ad: t',o(lat?Motion for judgment, n-iin ease of non suit; de lied with costs Blanchard ads. Burhnns. survng , ltc?? lotion for judgment, as in case of non suit ?granted, unless plaintill'stipulate and pay costs. Owen idds. Owens?Motion tor judgment, as in vase of noi <uit; granted, with costs, by default, fsime ads Same, .o do. Gosling ads. Center et. al.?Motion to set aside aquest,; granted on terms. Zuller ads. Wagner?Mo ion for judgment of lion pros?granted un less plaintiff serve further biil of particulars, ipooner vs. Frost?Motion to set aside precept ; granted with costs, with leave to defendant to amend. llinde ad' >ireen etui.?Motion lor a commission ; granted on term-, mtlio matter of application of Joseph Kee for a certio rari ; granted ox parte. The l'cople ex. rel. Cook et ol vs. The Judges oi Niagara Common Pleas Motion for p peremptory mandamus ; granted. Snow et al vs Fish mip'd. ?Motion to set aside judgment, Stc ; granted on crms. Stevens vs. Dunston?Motion for n certiorari granted. Tucker ads. Thompson?Motion to set aside ?apias ; granted with costs, with leavo to amond. Val entine vs. CrowwelL Motion for leavo to amend aii .intended declaration ; granted on terms. Johnson ails Rexford?Motion to change venue, denied. Simpson vs simpson?Motion to refer, denied, without co.;ts. The People ex. rel. Oeortner vs. Crosby?Motion for an ordci for deft, to show cause why an attachment should noi issue ; granted. Ureen et ai. ads. Alexander ot al?Mo tion to change venue ; denied with costs. Miller vs Miller,e\r ,Sic?Motion for reference; granted by consent | The People ex rel Donohoe vs Wright?motion lor at tachment ; granted, ex parte. Mclntyro et al impld ails, vs Livingston?motion to set aside inquest, Jtc.. granted on terms. Mclntyre et al impld. ads Livings ton, do, do. Burrell et aUids. Wier?motion ordered to stand over to next spocial term with leave to serve fur tlier papers. Haight ads. Main-motion for judgment ol non pros granted, with costs l>y default. Horton ads Mil lard?motion to quash writ of error; denied, with costs Sears ads Wendell?motion for commission; granted, bj default. Davidson ads Dermot et al?motion for leave to strike out the name of deft. Owen, from the declara tion; denied, pill's, to ]?y costs. Jocsbury ads Hull? ntotion to set aside declaration; denied with costs. Rice vs Uardiner?motion ex parte to confirm award; grante I The people vs Mc Henry?motion by deft, to change vonue; denied, with costs. Same vs Rtimsey, do, do, do. do. Van Renuelaervs Secor?motion ex parte to cor rect judgment record; granted. Diokerman ads The People?motion for judgment as in case of non suit ; granted, unless plaintill stipulate and pay costs, Corning et al vs Brown?motion to refer; granted. Hadin ads Percy?motion for judgment as in case of non suit; denied Heath, jr. et al. ads, Dungan?motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit, granted, with costs. Fowler ads Pitch er?motion for judgment as in ense of nonsuit ; granted, unless plaintill stipulate and pay costs. The People vs Oakes, Coroner?motion for icfaxation ofcosts ; denied, with costs, without prejudice. Crosby vs Tanner? mo tion for commission ; granted, on terms. Buck vs. Bin ninger?motion for certiorari ; granted, ex parte, lias king, imp'd, &c., ads. Mead et al?motion for judgment as incase of nonsuit ; granted, unless plaintiff stipulate and pay costs. Scott ads. Washburn?motion for judgment a^ in case of nonsuit, grnt'd by default. Merritads Lewis vs. Barnes et al.?Motion ex parte for sheriff to amend his return to the ca. sa issued in this cause Bax ter et al. ads. Kroase?Motion lor judgment as in case ol nonsuit; granted by default. Van Mchoonhoven ads Comstock ot nl? motion to change venue denied. 8pen cer vs. t anal Bank?motion cxp irte lor a precept; grant ed. Huntington et al. vs. Foikson?motion for tetnxa tion of costs; granted, with costs. Pike vs. Power-mo tion for leave to serve papers for a motion to set aside de fault, lie.; denied with costs. The People vs. Learn et al.?motion for attachments against each defendant; | granted exparto. Crotoot ads. Crane?motion to have | the facts drawn up in this cause under the direction of I the Chief Justice or 0110 of the other justices of this Court; denied with costs, without prciudice NewUnd | vs. Rogers?motion to set aside detail It, &c.; granted [ without costs, plaintiff has twenty days to notice the cause.?Jllbany Jhrgut. Robbkry?A Rauk Advento**??A Nroro Orr wrrnMO hi* Pt.'Rsfitas J""-The ftorc of Ward in Montague, was broken open on Friday night last, and a small quantity of goods money taken therefrom. A negro was suspected and pursuit was Immediately made. He was followed to Hinsdale and from thence t the state line, where lie was ancstod and returned to the hotel of Mr. Tuttle in Hinsdale. An examination was here made and the gonds .ind a pint of the mono} found. The examination was succeeded by daring foats and thefts. He w as lashed in bed with a chain During the night he broke the lock of the and made his escape from a window. lie was heard and i Ujwi'J, but tiotn the darkness of the night he elude 1 his put suers. Hia clothes were taken from hmi ! > the officers when left in the room, ami of cootsft I.. exit in i state of nudity. He broke into the #rst ?? he cum* to, and obtained an ovetCOOt Ho next en' < shoe shop, and took a knife to defend ' msH I . next hou e was that of a n inister, ihe to u j ? 11 .> *f.ieh lie en toted and took some overshoes. 1 tn> m-xt and la i place he entered was a tailor'* shop whore he fitted nlmieli up in good style and fashion with a broil ! h suit The last our Inforwnut board of him he was !i Windsor, travelling with a knife in one hand ami i pitchfork in the other. The fellow is a fall i>! ied black, about six feet high. ? AorlAump'nn Couri r, 3rf. Amkiik an Factory Onu.vr; m?Vr cut fit ? above imragMph to a (????...!?? opi'ti tive worth yJOOO.) from tlie LtnglU OsiinVr of Tt .?faj . and it may be well enough for n? to appoa I to it two lacts which came to our knowledge yesterday. The flist is that one of the new houses now ?;? i ,* up near the centre of tfeU town U owned by two young women,who w.ik in one of our mills, and the othei on ilm subset p tmn paper for a now mill, circulating yesterday fore rtton, wasaw the names of several manufacturing ope ratives, prudent industrious, and calculating won, put down for one or two shares, ol each.?Anrjy<?rt I Hrrali, June 6. Varlt-tlfH. On Sunday last, a corporal of tlie 1 ith Ke-jt., cock swain of the garrison host, lost his life in the attempt to save his child, who had fallen overboard, whilst about to cross to St. Helen'f Island. The unfortunate fellow at tempting to grasp his child, fell overboard, and was not, we believe, seen again. An Artilleryman, with better success than the parent, jumped alter tho child, and brought him sale to the boat, and wished to dive lor the lather ; but, from soino cause, the man was refused per mission. The man has left a wife and a family of live children, and his body has not yet been found.?JCingttbn Timti, M inst. A man '*out West," hearing that ''post office bal ances" woro to be adjusted in Washington on a particu lar day, wrot? to the 1'ostmaster General, informing him that J F ??, the postmaster, who had absauatulated from his town and gone to Texas, was in his uebt $160, being the balance of an account for work done for the postottice. He begging of him to adjust it with the other balances.?Pic. Tlie first gun, it U said, which was discharged at the British during our revolutionary war, is inpoaaedion of .Mr. John Huttlck, of Massachusetts. It was u?ed by hi* grandfather, who commanded the minute men aaaem bleu to oppose the British army which marched out of Boston on tho 12th April, 1776, forthe purpose of destroy ing the stores at Lexington and Concord. The Franklin Institute of the State ol Pennsylva nia, for the promotion ol' the Mechanic Arts, will hold an exhibition of American manufactures in Philadelphia in October next, which will probably rival those of for mer years. A slave named Torn was hanged in Lexington, Kentucky, on Friday se'night, for murdering a Mr. Cur tis. He confessed his guilt at the gallows, and attributed his fate to that enemy of mankind, drunkenness. Thk ittcs who were recently committed to the workhouse at Portland, Me., have had a new revela lution, since their confinement. It has been revealed to them that they did wrong in refusing to work, and they told the overseer they would reform in that respect If they were let out, and advise their friends to do so. They were discharged. Mr. Green, the Reformed Gambler, arrived in Buft'ilo on Tuesday evening, and proposes to spend some time in that city in efforts for the eradication oi' tho vice to which he has so long been devoted. All the locks ci' the Lehigh Canal were closed on the last Sabbath of May. by order of the .Manager*, and those of the Delaware' Division of the Pennsylvania Ca nal, by agreement of the lock-tenders, with the approba tion of t!io Canal Commissioner*. Very good. Mr. Chase, his wife, and u Miss Nichols, ol Taun ton, Mass., were'attempted to be poisonedf few day* since, by arsenic put in their bread by a pauper of the Aim* House, of which Mr. Chase was keeper. Hon. Joseph Grinnell, of New Bedford, was re elected President of the Boston and Providenco Railroad Co. at the annual meeting of the stockholders, held in lloston on Wednesday. On Tuesduy last, Wm. Goldsmith, charged with the wilful murdor of George W. Hildreth, in Stow, in September last, was put upon his trial in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. The trial lasted two days, at the end of which the prisoner was found guilty of manslaughter. Goldsmith was then sentenced to three . duys solitary and seven years hard labor ia the State ! Prison. The Dorrite Liberationism of Providence held a meeting on Thursday evening on the old jnii lot, Colonel ' Franklin Cooley in the chair. Tho Providence Journal says it was a Dorrite meeting of about fivo hundred man and boys, all told. .Some Dorite resolutions were passed and some Dorrite speeches were made. A strong desire for tho liberation of Dorr was expressed, the Governor of the Stale was abused, the "eternal principles" were proclaimed, and not a little pent up enthusiasm had free vent in very noisy applause. The Tobacco Fair, which was to have taken place on the 18th of June, in the town of Farmville, Va., has been postponed indefinitely. George Ornish rry has been arrested in Baltimore for attempting the life of his mother. Mr. McDulfie's health has blightly improved since his paralytic attuck. During the year 1842, there were 517,739 children born in England. There were 128,890 couples wedded in h'.nglan.l in the F,ame year. Of these 26,198 had been previously married, viz. :?16,619 widowers and 10,570 widow n. Tho deaths in F.ngland in the same year amount ?.I to 349, .'>19?or nearly one in every forty-six of the po pulution. 1 tie Low*// Courier says the School Committee in their recent examination in the number of children ia that city, between the ages of four and sixteen, found lour or five boys who had no homo. They slept night* in staples and shed*. The census of children of Lvnn has been taken by order of the school committee, which Rives the num her between 1 anil lti, to be 2,913, and the entire popula tion is found to be 10,&D1 l\TKLf.niENc:n from the West.?Mr. Tliarp anil several other peAons arrived lien- yesterday on ihe teamer Niinrod from tho Missouri; they are "from the Iiead waters ol the AiUansus, and came in by the w ay of Uent's Kort, taking from thence Uu> Santa Ke trail to west port. Six wagons come in company, bringing 1617 packs of furs and Buffalo robes. We learn from Mr. I'harp that the weather had been unusually mild during the j/nst winter, and no snow of consequence had fallen jii tho mountains; in consequeucc of the mildness of tho ivi.iler the trade with the Indians had not been very pro fitable, and hut few robes comparatively speaking have leeniaktn by them. '1 he bufl'alos hare confined them selves to the plains, where they are difficult to take.-r t'he number of robes collected at Dent's Fort this year is ? aid to be about one third in amount of the quantity iiually collected. This is the largest trading post in that section, and the quantity that may he expected from that point will not exceed i(Mi packs; in former seasons as high as tHX) packs have been brought in from that post. When Mr. T. left, tho Fort Bent's company was prepar ing to start in; it will in all probability arrive with Owing's company from Santa Fe, which is expected to trrive at the fort about the 10th of this month, and will reach Independence about the 1st of June.?Two mein tters of the bar, I.ore as Spencer and George W. Taylor, rjiqs., were summoned to testily before the Grand )ury in relation to the duel betw een Messrs. Barr and Colt. They refused to testify, and complaint was made totlio Criminal Court, and upon their persisting to refuse to testify, they were ordered to be committed to jail for ton day* for contempt of Court. Thus lawyers ire imprisoned tar refusing to tell the truth.?We are informed by the officers of the War F.agle, at this port yesterday from Galena, that Johnson L. May, who was -uspecteil of setting lire to tho St. Croix! has been arrested on board the Lynx, caught in the very act of applying the match to her. May arrived in Galena under pretence of going to St. I'etcrs, and hung round the city with the excuse of waiting a boat forthat place. In the meantime Capt Bcrsie 'ot tho St. Croix, had written a letter to a friend in Galena describing May and detailing circumstances of the lire on his boat; the contents of this letter were made known to several others, and a close watch was kept upon his movements. The Otter, a re gular trader betweou Galena and St. Peters, arrived there, and upon her .May applied for a passage, but the officers refused to let him go up in her; he then waited the arrival of the Lynx, in tho same trade, and on her he engaged passage for St. Totcrs. Before she started he deposited in the clerk's ofHce a box, which he stated con tained silver, an I upon which he hail effected an in surance to a considerable amount in Galena. The enptain and clerk of the Lynx, having been informed of his conduct on the St. Croix, determined to let him have i chance to play his game out, in order to arrest the career of the villain if possible; accordingly several per sons were appointed to watch him. At a late hour on the first mglit out M. was seen to leave his state room and go below into the smith's shop, to a can of spirit gas, and take a bottle from his pocket and fill it. and then re Hire to his room; those watching on the outside heard >im draw a match against the board partition, and the in stant they saw the light the door was forcedo|>en, and he was caught with every thing pieparcil to set the boat on I .ire. Between tlio muttra*scs of his berth he had placed a quantity of oakum well saturated with the spirit gas,ami witn the match the ignition \\ as to have tak : on place,but fortunately he was prevented from carrying into effect his hellish purpose, and secured by the officers of the boat. Alter his arrest, his box or silver wee opened, and found to contiin a quantity of mineral.? May is know n to persons engaged in running boats to Galena, and is termed a trader, passing frequently up and down speculating in various articles, he is said to be a single man. and has generally been looked upon as a suspicious character.?St. I.auin Era, May '26. Another Mlrdrrer Convictep.?-The Superior Couit of Law and Chancery for the City of Norfolk, commenced its session on Monday. The Grand Jury brought in true bills against Wm. llardison, for murder; and Win. '?'milli (colored) for an attempt to kill. Smith was put on his trial the same day, and the Jury returned a verdict of guilty, tho punishment of which is death. He was, however, recommended to the mercy of the Kxocutivo. Smith was the cook of the barque Calisto, who attacked the mate, Mr. Frothy, with a hatchet, mangling his head in a shocking manner. Mr. F. has since recovered, though dreadfully disfigured. \E.\K NlJW OhI.EAN >?A lllilll II8111 f'd Maiureau was killed at Algiers on the 39th ult under thefoilowi '* ( iii-nr !:irices. While on his way home, or elsewheie, he passed tho house of a person named ' Peter Keen *\, who*dog lan out and barked furiously at him; he turned roud and struck the dog, when Ken I ned* inii iisdhiiely came out, and acting on the old pro verb, -inkc me -trike my dog, struck Ma7ureau ,viiii ? pi'ce of wood, frwt the effects of which Ma* u tom'i ! ed voty soon afterward*. Kennedy had not been I mi cited, bnt the Police were on liis track. < \ o.i riorr Statk Prison.?-Tin* numbefol per inris mm m ronliiieinrril is IM7. ~>7 hive been re ceived during thi past year; 11 have been discharged by i'\ ,i ijoti of entonce, ?' pardoned by tho Oeneiai As ! sembU , and 4 havo died. The profits of the prison for | the unit) months of t!>e year en m .^arch .list, IrttA, Hint ii v. as under the charge ol >ir. I illsbnry . were, 6 173 ."V1 ;iltd lor the three nionths that it w as under the Charge of the new Wanlen, ??, making the profits of tiio j ear V ilOl !>:!. _ Pfe\cnit? *111 Corn?The editor of the Colum bian (S i' i Ca liviun swyss?"Mr. HtMwell Ima inn sent it > beautiful present of? doton tine ripe Nut mea Peaches id half ado/on ears of Mutton lorn." Green Corn and peaches ! Uc are luxuriating here in stiuw hcnies, plcntiiul, large, lipe,and good.